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File: a4e88dc2a4a0118⋯.jpg (92.69 KB, 500x702, 250:351, patron_saints_of_fanfictio….jpg)


This is a thread for fanfiction.

Places to read fanfiction:

fanfiction.net (sort by follows)

archiveofourown.org (sort by kudos)

>An archive of fics compiled and shared by a kind anon


Post links to fics and discuss them and fanfiction in general.


File: ec2baff8964a5ca⋯.png (963.15 KB, 660x1100, 3:5, 9901043c8f745dd6500fe1a395….png)

Oh nice. Was gonna make this thread later myself.

I'm twiddling my thumbs waiting on the next chapter for As N Approaches Infinity. Latest chapter ended on a very ominous set of cliffhangers and the author should be updating again sometime in the next few weeks.



I still have that giant old list of fics (both fan fic and original) that needed to be archived that I never bothered finished downloading everything for and consolidating into a single download. Could always finish that now since this board might appreciate that more since a bunch of it was western and not just japanese in origin.


File: 63fbdcb59cb35a6⋯.jpg (67.53 KB, 500x413, 500:413, tumblr_og6klryUM81vveuxgo1….jpg)

Lately I've gotten back into Wicked fic. Here are some of the ones I've been reading:




https://www.fanfiction.net/s/5330421/1/The-Narrative-Strain (this one is really good but also dark)

I've also been told that this one is great, but it's abandoned so I'm hesitant to read it:



I always liked that one KiGo fic Alone Together.


File: cedbfc4a3f2d1c0⋯.jpg (132.98 KB, 1000x1083, 1000:1083, 1545367507183.jpg)

I read a bunch of Poison Ivy/Harley Quinn fics recently - could make a list of recs if anyone is interested…



Please do. The only Batman fic I've ever read is https://www.fanfiction.net/s/4362253/1/Psalm-of-the-Lark.


File: 3f4ad801e94c686⋯.jpg (74.47 KB, 600x861, 200:287, 1545367655710.jpg)


Haven't forgotten about this. I'll do it soon.


File: de309bbf246ada2⋯.jpg (706.76 KB, 1790x2048, 895:1024, 14c410bb305b545a15797326b9….jpg)


File: 19372a14bb83498⋯.jpg (74.45 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 7224ed510f7a02bae91133274b….jpg)



And the shit is finally hitting the fan. Right on March 15th to boot.



I've just been taking a look at the first few chapters of each of these, but some of them look pretty good. Thanks a bunch for the recs.


File: 11592f337a7d9c8⋯.jpeg (758.74 KB, 866x1501, 866:1501, 1ede298b7940ef1982829f5a1….jpeg)


Yea - one warning - in a few of these Harley has issues with Joker still so it's not always pure but all of these end for the most part with Ivy winning - one has a bad end but leads into another fic immediately afterwards with a good end for the two. But lack of purity should be expected considering the pairing at least as far as Harley is concerned. Ivy tends to be more /ourgal/.

I want a jap version of Ivy. She'd be perfect in a greenhouse as an oneesama type with her power set.


File: 69da1d40bd1a454⋯.png (260.06 KB, 590x580, 59:58, PleaidesPhotoChapter15.png)


I'm currently reading this Rizzoli and Isles fic. It's fairly well-written but feels a bit OOC at times. Then again I'm only on chapter 6 so that aspect of it might improve. www.fanfiction.net/s/9105301/1/Among-the-Dead



That is a shit ton of reviews.


That feeling when you have the entire complete plot of a fic and several important scenes already written down but can't actually find a good place to start it.














That feeling when something you'd really like to read fics for doesn't even have any



What series?


File: 1f84d7e413b0cca⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 2.59 MB, 2500x2000, 5:4, 58562736_p0.png)

File: f9540702b2dfff3⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 325.76 KB, 685x799, 685:799, Kanata.png)


Kagero Deception.

To be fair it has exactly 1 fic: a het fic of Deception 2's incest ending (all of Deception 2's endings were messed up in a way with the most decent one being where you don't side with anyone and kill everyone.)

Actual Spoilers ahead:

Only a few games from it have yuri potential anyway, Trapt has some yanrezu stuff going on with the MC and her meido, and the most recent game, Deception 4: The nightmare princess which interests me most has the MC turn out to be a doppelganger of a bullied school girl who's in a coma. Turns out she played the Deception games and wanted to be like one of the main characters from them and kill her bullies. The true ending is ambiguous and has the school girl get over her wish to kill everyone and wake up from coma despite the possibility that she might not have long to live in the real world anyway.

In my opinion maybe she could re-enter her nightmare world through having normal dreams after that? The game doesn't make the rules of the nightmare world clear, all what is known is that it was created from her idolizing all of the Deception "princesses" and her desire to kill everyone at school, and that the nightmare versions of everyone is separate from their real life versions.

Now that I think about it, I guess yuri goggles would be required to write a fic for it anyway. Oh well.

On an unrelated note

>Look up another series

<first results are kingdom hearts crossovers



OK, I got up to chapter 28, but I think I'm dropping it. Just way too OOC, and also the show is about two girls bantering and solving mysteries of the week but the entire fic so far has just been 100k words of Jane doing rehab and going to therapy.



That sounds pretty bad.

>and also the show is about two girls bantering and solving mysteries of the week

Huh. Shit I really liked that one ShizNat Sherlock Holmes series. And that sounds a bit like it but without the conspiracies & plot surrounding Natsuki to serve as the overall story arc. That and I really liked how it portrayed Natsuki as more the rogue knight to Shizuru's princess. Are any of the fics like that though.



I'm not super impressed with any of the fics I've come across so far. Still going to keep looking for something that's actually good since I spent so much time watching the show.

But if you're into the detective stuff, let me recommend this great RWBY longfic:




Never got into RWBY. I never actually checked how many fics it has tho. I've been limiting myself to an absurd degree by sticking to eastern works only for a long time.




This fic just popped into my head for some reason and I wanted to share it here before I forgot. It's for the movie Devil Wears Prada of all things. Extremely good.



>It seemed like a trillion tears cascaded from the distant dingy sky drifting aimlessly into the windows.

>'It's raining hard.' She thought whilst caressing her right delicate cheek from the lone tear absconded from her huge mocha tinted eye. 'I'm just like the rain…' She joggled her head as to clear her thought. 'No…I'm a storm. Fierce. Disastrous. Unfortunate.' She howled as she emphasized the latter. 'Very Unfortunate!'

I'm dying of laughter. There's 200k words of this. This is the second-most-followed Marimite fic on ff.net.



Fanfiction / story publishing sites should put up general writing guides and good practices on their front pages.

Does anyone know of any "original" works site? It might be more interesting and lead to more quality control (or any at all).



I've seen a few other than fiction press. Can't remember them atm.


File: 83aabc186af8762⋯.jpg (88.94 KB, 566x512, 283:256, tumblr_m7y591yrMG1rca1qbo1….jpg)


Chapter 79 is out:


Good day for Madoka fics.


What are some series you wanna see more fics in? Any fics you'd like to see written? Etc.



>some series you wanna see more fics in

Many. I wish there were some Claire/Moira fics for Biohazard Revelations 2. I wish there were more Amy/Victoria fics for Worm. I wish there were /any/ fics for Ramen Daisuki Koizumi-san.


That feeling when you found what motivates you writing wise after years of not being able to write. But you are now hesitant to post any of it since it's the darkest shit imaginable.



I love dark shit, please post your fic here when it's done.



People who describe their own works as the darkest shit imaginable write just shit. The lack of understanding for where a full stop should go doesn't speak to the quality of the writer either.



Seconding this >>1059 please post it and let us judge it.





I'm waiting on a beta reader to get back to me and then fix it up further before I post anything. I was gonna post it to 4/u/ instead of here for reasons. Like what series it's from. I'm not sure you guys want to be associated with this for the first yuri fic ever made by someone on /yuri/. It might set a negative trend.



Post a link to the 4/u/ post here when you do.



This guy is right actually. It's not that dark. Just a specific character had a very very hard life.



If it contains het/ het rape don't bother posting it and just kill yourself instead.

Anything else is pretty much fine though but you'll be shit on if you're just an edglord.



That doesn't sound too bad.


File: 389058994cc72f5⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 98.08 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, ecg_image_08.jpg)


What if it contains rapists getting horribly and brutally killed? In a war?


You have no idea lol. So screw it. Here's some details:


Main pairing and characters: Olga/Chloe



I don't actually mind.

They had such fine designs, what a waste for them be on such a shitty source material.

The way how I see it, the point of fan fiction is to either fix something that's shit or to add something to the source material. Here you're doing the former.


File: 445b012cb731830⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 315.64 KB, 1280x1256, 160:157, olga and chloe.jpg)


Alright I'll give some more details then:

Canon VN Details: Chloe is actually in love with Olga and near the end of her route actually has a confession/break down scene and Olga basically picks her back up and admits to loving her back amidst both apologizing for their repeated failures. The entire route Olga keeps trying to help Chloe up till then and Chloe keeps pushing her away until the breakdown where they finally get back together. Chloe renews her vow to protect and serve Olga forever and Olga kisses Chloe and says she wants to be with Chloe for the rest of eternity. If it wasn't for previous events to the scene and after it - Olga and Chloe actually had some pretty solid yuri going on there. Also they both had the only halfway consensual sex scene in the entire VN together.

Olga wasn't the leader of the demon legion and not responsible for any of the atrocities committed by them.

I'm gonna be changing some stuff related to the Dark Elves and Olga specifically. Making Olga the leader of the legion but has been giving information about the legion's battle plans away to the Goddess Celestine as a way of explaining Celestine's prediction ability disappearing the moment Olga got captured in the original VN. Also Olga gets to keep her necromancy powers but the fortress was what giving her extra power so she could do some of her more ridiculous feats like the several hundred mile radius miasma field that killed all life in Garan for over a hundred years. Olga is the strongest character in the entire series by a massive margin. Even weakened, without her necromancy or even the scepter - she can still make Vult's heart explode killing him instantly. No one even comes close to her feat wise even in Kuroinu 2.

I will definitely be keeping the part about the Dark Elves being an all female race though.

The one thing I think most people would object to with this fic is Chloe's backstory not being changed. Chloe was an abused slave belonging to a pedophile (who might have been her father) prior to Olga rescuing her. Olga then named her and partially raised her and taught her how to fight to a point where Chloe was even stronger than Vult apparently. This is why Chloe loves Olga so much. And why Olga takes a while to respond back to Chloe's feelings canonically since Chloe is partially her adopted daughter.

Some side yuri pairings: Alicia and Prim - the two cousins. And Serafina and Iris from Kuroinu 2. Not sure on any others although I might let the straight girls be straight. Also I'm gonna be consolidating Kuroinu 1, Gaiden, and 2 into a single war potentially and so I could use the expanded casts and countries of 2 without having to create a ton of OCs potentially. This means I'll have to change some of the girls from Kuroinu 2 specifically since they were mostly all born a hundred years after the first VN.

There is actually a lot of plot and backstory for all the girls and the setting so it's surprisingly rich for this sort of thing. They put a decent amount of detail in for how each fortress fell, traitors, monsters, etc so there is a lot to work with plot wise.


Never mind, get out you idiot! I'll ship it! I'll ship it even if I have to burn down all of 8ch!


File: 693527c6d6463df⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 86.4 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, ecg_12_06_b.jpg)


>Never mind, get out you idiot!

>I'll ship it!

What did he mean by this? Seriously I don't understand.

Are you saying you want me to leave? And then following it up by saying you've been converted to Olga/Chloe and now want more yuri of them?


File: 2bec15c44b4ebf2⋯.jpg (1.33 MB, 3024x4032, 3:4, im in pain.jpg)


>All of that story wasted on girls who only end up getting raped by random men

My disgust for things like that is probably what made me not even be able to stand the sight of het hentai anymore



It was just an epic meme, pay it no mind. Remember to post your fic when done.


We need more Kangoku Senkan yuri. I'd also go for some Bible Black yuri. Throw in a dash of Taimanin Asagi yuri with some Hell Knight Ingrid yuri on the side.



How did I not remember where this was from until just now?



Isekai them. Bam, don't have to worry about stuff like this >>1074



Why bother? I'm just letting them wear normal clothing and not get mind broken or do retarded hentai things. The VN kind of implies they are supposed to be more normally dressed prior to getting captured. They were all fairly competent and understood to hole up in the fortress and shoot arrows/siege weapons at the Black Dogs. It's rather surprising since the OVA makes you think otherwise.

Thus I don't really have to fix them as commanders actually. A bunch of the battle plans wouldn't have actually worked and the fortresses wouldn't have fallen. I'm having the problem that the Black Dogs don't have the numbers for this at all. The Alliance is way too fortified and built up. No merc group historically ever managed to pull off something like this. Only one came close and that was the Catalan Grand Company and they only managed to conquer three city states. They had vastly better gear than these idiots did and training. They didn't have a small army of monsters but they also didn't threaten to rape every woman in the country and kill every man.



I'd prefer Angel Blade yuri and Moonlight Lady yuri.


Why are you on a yuri board if you enjoy seeing lesbians get raped?



This is about taking something where lesbians got a bad ending and giving them a happy one instead but making them fight for it. I want something different in my Yuri for a change. With a real plot, conflict, adversaries etc.


Also Chloe had a hard life and deserves some happiness. If she wants Olga then so be it.



So you're taking someone else's work and "fixing" it because you think you have a better idea of what that person's work is supposed to turn out like?

Seems both egotistical and disrespectful.



I already played the vns just so I could utilize the material/setting better and learn about the characters.


File: 55a270adc2dbfe9⋯.jpg (280.18 KB, 2048x1336, 256:167, Helena and Marie.jpg)


Maybe something with Helena from DOA.

I have a hard stance on her being a dyke because

>She has no major connections to any of the male characters

>She exclusively has connections to female characters

>Apparently has had an "18 year old" meido for the longest time

She has a few girls you can pair her up with, Marie Rose if you want a size difference though that might be banned here, Lisa since as of DOA6 it turns out she was always on Helena's side, Christie if you want to do EXTRA FORBIDDEN since she killed Helena's mother yet people commonly pair them up despite this, and most recently Kokoro since on DOA6 Helena finally tells her that they're half-sisters. It only took 14 years for this to finally happen.



I'm pretty sure Marie Rose is 18.



Don't bother responding to the trolls.



I was always partial to Christie and Helena myself. They don't really do much with that anymore though.



I don't think he's actually trolling.


There is yuri there it's just covered in rape. Anon is just extracting the precious yuri from the rape mines. Then he's cleaning it off and processing it so we all can enjoy it. It's a tough job. But someone has to do it.

Also the author wouldn't have given the girls so much personality and backstory if they didn't want people to build on their story considering the type of story it is.



>People who have different opinions are trolls


I don't think you should be taking a work in which the author specifically makes lesbians so they can be raped for arousal and turn it into something else.



Why not? Hentai artists on pixiv make pictures of prominent yuri girls getting dicked all the time. In light of this why can't we take a pairing that is canonically gay but trapped in what is essentially yuri hell and move them to yuri heaven?


I've wondered about making a Madoka story where Homura accidentally brings another back in time with her ala Mami getting a ribbon her at the end of a timeline and Homura never cuts it when she does turn back so Mami comes with her. Not sure where I'd go with it but I think it would be interesting to see Homura try to work with other magical girls and deceive Kyubey to protect Madoka and try to overcome the grief seed system. And see what effect having Mami and Kyoko come back with her specifically might have on the relationships.


Got a message back from my beta reader. Already started revising stuff though.


File: 149a0f43808741d⋯.jpg (237.15 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 74857750_p4.jpg)


>They don't really do much with that anymore though.

Could be because they don't have much interactions anymore past DOA4.

6 gives them unique encounter lines to each other but I still haven't beaten the story mode to it yet, so I don't know if they interact there or not.

Even if they do, I don't think people will still pair them as much after how she gets Kokoro as an imouto.

Either that or it could simply be because it's not the 2000's anymore, so doujins and fanart of any vidya that isn't a mobile phone game is rare now.


Good to hear.



>Either that or it could simply be because it's not the 2000's anymore, so doujins and fanart of any vidya that isn't a mobile phone game is rare now.

This is most likely it but yea they don't interact after DOA4 at all really. They just drop everything with the two of them and forget it all existed.



They shouldn't be doing that.



>Anon just randomly out of nowhere shows up with his plans to write a Kuroinu yuri fic because he wants to save Chloe

I'm laughing right now.


Does anybody have requests for fics?


File: ce3724383dcb064⋯.jpg (461.49 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 46275778_p0.jpg)


>>939 and >>1088 can be seen as requests

But if you don't like them I can try thinking about something else.



The Helena Christie pairing kinda works from the pov of being completely fucked up so it's got a little bit more to write about than the other DOA pairings which are all varying degrees of boring shite. Just there isn't really any meat on why they still interact other than hot sex because it's DOA and a fighting game so the characters have little actual character or plot. That and there is already a decent fic for this pairing:


As for the other 'requests':

Read all the spoilers on that worm pairing. Apparently they both mind raped each other into liking girls by accident. And the whole deal with the failed healing attempt that ruined Victoria and made her hate Amy. Seems like it's not going anywhere at all with both determined to never see one another again.

Didn't play Revelations 2 and I'm not interested in Old Goblino Claire.

Ramen Daisuki bored me.



I'll try looking for a decent pairing that has no fics later.

>Didn't play Revelations 2 and I'm not interested in Old Goblino Claire.

Mods can fix that.

Though to be fair on my playthrough instead using any young Claire mods, I turned Claire into Rachael from Revelations 1 and Moira into Ashley from RE4. So from my PoV Revelations 2 was a game about some busty blonde agent lady and LEON HELP's strange journey on ruskie zombie island.


It's kinda sad that Olga/Chloe is better written than most modern yuri pairings. I read a bunch of those requests and felt I'd rather just go write a second Olga/Chloe fic and post that instead. If they weren't in fucking Kuroinu they both would be so fucking popular as a yuri couple. I didn't even play the VN to ship the two of them. I knew Chloe had gay tendencies and Olga might give in post mind break but did not expect Olga to willingly walk up and confess and to try to hug Chloe from behind and help Chloe throughout her route. She even shared her awesome cape with Chloe to cover her up. The conversation about how Olga is glad that one person still loves her and will always love her in this world was just so romantic. It had so much genuine emotion behind it and I just wasn't expecting that in a title like this. The ending of the route has them both getting their memories wiped by a potion and despite that they both still remember and love each other. It's as close to a Love Conquers All you can get in a setting like this.



>love conquers all


You mean rape



I'm not recommending this by any stretch. Just that it's a solid pairing trapped in absolute filth.



I don't think you should be idolizing "filth".



It's more interesting to write for tbh. The setting and plot has enough meat on it bones to move it completely away from hentai and have the Dark Elves escape and never get captured. There are tons of villains, sub arcs, revenge arcs, redemption arcs, politics, drama, war, sieges, spying, intrigue, raids, unlikely allies, racial tension, romance, etc it's got a ton of shit you can do once it's not a hentai and you tone down some of the hentai elements.

You can even do shit prior to the war and there is still enough meat there to write with. Or after. There is a universe there to work with and react to.

Compare that with something like DOA. There is nothing to write about there. A bunch of people fight over absolute jack shit and nothing ever happens. A lot of settings have that issue.



The material is not yours to work with and you are not writing in any way as an appreciation of the author's work.

Why don't you try writing something original instead of being lazy and trying to turn something into something else it's entirely unsuited for while leeching of off other people's writing?



I actually find some of the history pretty interesting. It's just some of it has to be changed because if you stop following hentai logic there is no reason the dark elves shouldn't march an army of a thousand war golems down and teach the humans a lesson they will never forget for all the slaving they've been doing.

And the humans will lose that war. Knights vs Mechs with heavy necromancer support. Basically 20th century army vs 10th century army. Olga for instance built and designed her entire fortress with golems over the course of several years. They even use them for mining and to build and defend their underground cities with.

In this world instead of Dwarf Fortress it's Dark Elf Fortress. Although Dark Elves are actually the original Dwarves to begin with IIRC.



That isn't even remotely the point though



Your problem is with people writing fanfiction to begin with. You just hate fun and people coloring outside the lines.



My problem is people like you who write fanfiction because they don't like the work of the original author and are too lazy to come up with something original.

You writing yuri fics about dicked girls isn't an expression of appreciation or an attempt to communicate with the author. It remains disrespectful and in this particular case is quite disgusting. Just write something original.



Even if I wrote something original I'd want to write about a pair of hot dark elves. One would be a cool yet caring 700 year old necromancer queen and the other a loyal and stoic 20-year old sworn knight. They would have one hell of an age gap romance.



Why would that be a problem though?



I don't want to write an original fic tho. I want to write a fanfic. And I don't want to use a knockoff but the actual characters.


Imagine being a dumb 8ch newfag who doesn't understand fanfic and hates everything he doesn't understand and feels the need to go into threads for things he hates and tell everyone about it.



Your attitude is exactly why places turn into shit.



No-one cares what you think newfag..



Is calling people newfag the only thing you can do?


File: f594afee6b0ad49⋯.jpg (1.7 MB, 1600x1080, 40:27, Konachan.com - 241015 ass ….jpg)


>One would be a cool yet caring 700 year old necromancer queen and the other a loyal and stoic 20-year old sworn knight. They would have one hell of an age gap romance.

From a story telling perspective that would actually be very helpful if you're going to make it be a world with unusual or crazy lore. Say for an instance if the two dark elves go to a town with a meteor floating above it or city built on a the back of a giant city size turtle, since she's been alive for so long and seen just about everything in the land, the Necromancer can explain these oddities to the 20 year old knightess and by extension the reader too. That would be a good way to get some world building established in a natural manner.



>Say for an instance if the two dark elves go to a town with a meteor floating above it

This is the end of you s'wit!

That's been my thoughts too tho.





No-one cares what you think newfag.



Finally got a commented version back the other day. Need to fix some of my grammar and word choices before I post it but it's good apparently. Still not happy with it tho. And I feel like I should change the order and some of the events around. I'm stuck at this point where the first chapter actually has a ton going on that has immediate and long term consequences depending on how I do it. Once I commit to any one choice on how I do it the rest writes itself for the next few chapters because of those immediate consequences.






I'm still working on this. Been trying to brainstorm long term plot for the war later. Got a better timeline for how this chapter will play out now.



One other thing. There is not enough male characters that are 'decent' or sane. I need a series I can rip a couple of men out of. Preferably something dark like Warhammer 40K, Bloodborne, Dark Souls, Sekiro etc - those all crossover fairly well with Kuroinu. It doesn't have to be a game though and I'd prefer something different from all of those. I need one of the men to have massive plot armor though.

No worries Olga and Chloe are for each other. And I'll be keeping the yuri ships purely yuri.


>I need one of the men to have massive plot armor though.

Chirico Cuvie. VOTOMS. But you have to put in Fyana as well.


File: 17c698e866bfafc⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 63.99 KB, 610x810, 61:81, Eldore.jpg)


>First spoiler

Let's see…

Following your theme of saving characters from shit franchises, how about Eldore from White Knight Chronicles?

>Soldier from ancient times sent to the present

>100% Loyal to his queen, his goal in life is to make sure that his queen's decedent is safe

>Time travel fuckery made him age into an old man, given this, he probably doesn't have much time left himself, but the actual game never acknowledges this.

>He was often the voice of reason when one of the party members was doing something dumb

<Even though he's a decent character, compared to the other party members, the game very clearly doesn't want you to use him as he's one of the two characters who never get a Knight transformation




>Everyone got the Morrowind reference

<No one got the WKC reference

That's probably for the best.

The less people that were on that roller coaster ride into disappointment the better.

Greede is a very ironic name for the "capitalism ho!" nation. The steampunk architecture and comfy piano OST there were great though, probably one of the best towns I've seen in a jrpg, too bad it's in a shitty one.




I'm not gonna be responding to any suggestions. Just gonna pick one. Already had a few ideas running through my head.


Sunday Night

I'll let you guys rip me to shreds before I publish.


Page 49 done

All that's left is just commentary pages.



Oh shit, wrong thread.

Ignore this post, it's meant to be in >>1338



I hope I don't have to delay this but I might. It's aggravating the reason why. Every time I sit down to write some drama happens.



Now you don't even have to write the fics yourself!



Shizuru shoving a leak into Natsuki's anal box. Natsuki, too, shoves a leak into Shizuru's ass. But this time, Shizuru pushes his butt into Natsuki's asshole and into her rectum. Shizuru then shoves a load of cum into Natsuki's rectum. "Shizuru has fun trying to find out whether or not Natsuki likes it… so why would she like it, if it's to get fucked by someone like Natsuki?"


The following is in Japanese.

The following translated by NNJP

[F*ck] Shizuru-san! Are you a pervert [of any kind]?! Don't you know that the entranceway is just for men, right?! Well then, you need to go down first. Now stop looking at Shizuru. His butt is just a foot down from Natsuki's asshole. You just go down with her.

This is the beginning of "Shizuru Shiori". This time, we have Natsuki Shionji and Shizuru Shiori kissing passionately and then masturbating in front of Shien in the bathroom. Natsuki shoves Shizuru's butt in her rectum and shoves a load of cum inside Natsuki's rectum. Natsuki then shoves


File: bccf89b85f44bfd⋯.jpg (46.78 KB, 551x551, 1:1, madlax and vanessa.jpg)


Madlax and Vanessa were having lesbian sex until their son came to visit.

"When I called up, he was in his room and this beautiful blonde woman came into the room and said, 'I was just having lesbian sex while I slept.' I asked, 'What're you wearing? Your hair smells like gay leather.'"

"I looked over and I saw my dad and I asked, 'How did you know?' He said, 'I was having lesbian sex.'"

The video was uploaded by "Manny" to Instagram, where it went viral.

Although people can view the tape online, it won't be broadcast to the world for a while. While the teen is no longer living with Mom and Dad in Colorado, they don't see him having sex, even on the couch, as much as they do their wedding photo shoot, he says.

"I'm not gay," Madlax explained. "I still can't stand those movies, and I won't be watching them, but I am gay."

Watch the full episode of RuPaul's Drag Race in the player above.

What will you watch on RuPaul's Drag Race next season? Tell us in the comments!


File: 3981b47852e9a0b⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 660.21 KB, 1200x934, 600:467, read siege.png)

Shizuru was having lesbian sex with Natsuki and reading siege at the same time. When they realized she was still awake and started a conversation, they told her that she had to confess everything to her at that moment because they have to take care of their situation, because Yoko was going to take care of her too (in episode 3).

Episode 6

This episode begins with a small battle, between the two girls, as Natsuki was being attacked by Yoko. Yoko was able to kill Natsuki in a single shot, but not before Yoko tried to bite her to death.

After the fight, Yoko and Shizuru are in a waiting room waiting for Shizuru to show up when Yoko's phone vibrated.

Yoko and Natsuki are seen talking as they try to find the next thing to talk about, but Shizuru and Natsuki have a conversation about a book and the world around them, and Yoko asks why Natsuki doesn't like how I have grown up.

It was Yoko who revealed Shizuru's past (episode 2).

Episode 7

Shizuru and Natsuki get inside the kitchen of the library Yoko mentioned before, and Natsuki starts reading a book "Harmony of Souls".

They find that a couple are having gay sex in her living



This ai loves writing Naruto crossovers.



Yeah. Screw it. Give it another week. Sunday night of next week.

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