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February 2019 - 8chan Transparency Report
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File: 7e2f52a5c05ad56⋯.jpg (47.4 KB, 216x296, 27:37, Evola.jpg)

0140bd No.2

1. Global Rules

2. Stick to topic ie politics

3. Funposting allowed as long as you don't derail threads that are topical or flood the catalog with funposting threads.

4. No raids, doxing, gore

5. Avoid porn as much as possible. If you must post it, post only vanilla porn and SPOILER it at all times. When it comes to porn if something is not allowed at regular /pol/ it will not be allowed here as well.

6. Anime is allowed. Pedo content of any type even drawn is not allowed

7. Age of Consent Threads are not allowed

Other rules will be added and removed as necessity arises

Post last edited at

97d718 No.4

Are fit- and book threads allowed?

74c984 No.13


Is shitposting okay? I started a Jeb thread and I hope I don't get banned for it

b297fc No.16


Can't post with my capcode but yes defenitely allowed

b0cc33 No.28

Make sure to sticky this thread so it doesn’t get buried

b64929 No.31


A certain amount as long as it doesn't derail threads and turn into repetitive "no u" tier spam.

8171b7 No.40




What’s with your ID?

3ce434 No.46


I use a VPN that cycles through IPs

ab4e23 No.50


IDs always bring the tards out.

f529c5 No.74




So these posts are mine. I apologize for the confusion. From now on I will try as much as possible to adhere to the convention of capcoding when its required such as when doing Board Administration duties and avoiding capcoding at other times when its uncalled for

b6b157 No.100


Whatever you do don't make the same mistake as other /pol/ alternatives and ban/limit Trump discussions/threads. Give people a place to vent about the kike and this place can easily overtake /pol/ for the top spot. This is why all the alternatives failed.

a86092 No.196


well, good luck anon, hope you to a good time shitposting and moderating.

d080ca No.253

Do I have to be a Nazi to post here?

3b016d No.266

Will Christianity be banned, seeing as it is a destructive ideology in almost the exact same manner as Marxism and destroyed Europe in the past?

For that matter, your mission statement doesn't explicitly state that you'll ban Commies, Kikes, and the like, just that the board stands against them. Are you going to ban /leftypol/ and their kind on sight?

333dbc No.286

File: edb9dab9f201d86⋯.png (122.28 KB, 500x666, 250:333, ClipboardImage.png)


Gnostics are alright.

3b016d No.294


Depends on what you mean by "Gnostic." Everything based around the Demiurge, Sophia and all that crap is just Semitic perversion of mystery cults from Egypt and Persia with Greek philosophical wanking thrown on top. This can easily be distinguished by the belief in the material realm being false, evil, or a prison, which is typical of Semitic spirituality rather than how it was exalted as a sort of training ground for the soul in the original traditions from which the Gnostic sects took the basis for their ideas.

b5acf5 No.303

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Jews are a manifestation of the demiurge. There's a reason they're always encouraging indulgence in base desires.

9b4a6e No.305

File: becd58778ee0016⋯.gif (481.39 KB, 792x538, 396:269, 147.gif)

How can we know this isn't another one of Imkomfy's tricks like /polk/?

5187f0 No.312


Well nobody has been called Shareblue and there is no word filters in place.

3b016d No.314


Plato described the demiurge as a benevolent creator of the physical world, it was only later, Semitic writers who cast it as a negative being. That sort of gnosticism is trash, more filth from the Semites like Christianity itself.

9b4a6e No.315


>Well nobody has been called Shareblue and there is no word filters in place.

/polk/ was cool for a second and then started bans and Lemon anime girl memes.

Can we ban fucking loli animes like old /pol/?

Not anime itself but the fucking loli bullshit

b5acf5 No.317


That must be why Jews worship the demiurge then.

5187f0 No.318

File: 1970d4863dbbd04⋯.png (81.38 KB, 697x906, 697:906, Wew.PNG)

I'm wondering when you are going to decide mods. We're going up pretty fast in both PPH and users.

1ccd3c No.320


Keep switching those VPNs. We can do it!

cb9816 No.334

Is dis de wey?

491f78 No.362


Holy shit, that jumped up quick. I just saw another pic a lil earlier, where it was lower than test and few others.

5187f0 No.390

File: 4922f9081642553⋯.png (4.99 KB, 964x77, 964:77, wewewew.PNG)


look where it is now.

9b4a6e No.398

/pol/ mods are nuking and barely there. I think this is a last demoralization effort because they didn't destroy your zen thread on /pol/.

Why would they leave it up that long? They kill endchan threads right away

5187f0 No.403

Is BO still here or did he go to sleep? If he is, boy is he going to be surprised in the morning.

fb5913 No.414

File: 5090672f38ceb4c⋯.png (94.4 KB, 1329x617, 1329:617, Moonman Baleeted.png)



Evidently, moonman's mod account has been deleted.

28fbc7 No.446

Understanding the following (based on previous similar experiences):

>Plebs will not cease posting on /pol/ (very similar to 4chan rapefugees, it's actually the exact same group).

>Said plebs will complain about how slow this board is and contribute very little if anything. The low amount of activity will be their excuse to leave this board and resume posting on /pol/.

>The ones sticking around will proceed to shitpost excessively and eventually get banned. If too much shitposting is allowed, you'll have your content posters leaving instead.

Anyone reading this who fits into the "plebs" category, how about you prove me wrong this time and completely stop posting on /pol/? Just try posting content (not outdated 2016 alt-right memes) for once, it won't kill you. Finally, here's an EASY prediction on what will happen if this board really gets popular (still worth doing it): The 8ch staff circlejerk will discuss this and decide to shit on this board using every trick in the book OR simply do an hostile takeover without any sort of justification for it. It wouldn't be the first time.

tl;dr Get a proper SS /pol/ imageboard with a only a few boards up and running asap. This is only a temporary solution. Good luck to BO.

79a76e No.448


My permaban is in there. Banned for life because (((mod))).

cb20c5 No.503

I think that you need to start getting volunteers because the place is now getting fucked by shitposters and other /pol/ users trying to make this place look bad.

c2d1a3 No.508


Ban and outright censor rachposting. Nobody likes that cancer, but the faggot (learningchode/imkikey) posting it. I know you want to be lenient and that's a good thing, I hope it continues, but rachposting is worse than islam and communism combined.

a7213c No.536




I am not offering a pro or anti opinion against Christianity but large majority of Western Civilization is Christian PLUS there a lot of Christian Westerners who care about Western Civilization. If you think Christianity is wrong then I'll leave anons to redpill each other about that


loli porn is banned. Anime is NOT BANNED.

On this matter let me pre empt some questions

Age of Consent threads are banned as is an matter promoting pedo content

Anime vs Anti Anime thread - One thread is allowed at any given time. Make your points there and don't spam


I've told Rachposter and this is a rule that applies to all tripfag, avatarfags etc. The first post of yours in any given thread you can use your trip, avatar etc. After that you have to get rid of it. As of now Rachposter appears to be behaving himself. The day he starts derailing threads I will take action

Post last edited at

cb20c5 No.541


How long until you get moderators?

96acf6 No.550


This will have to wait. Anons will have to put up with some disturbances until I figure out which anons can be trusted. I don't want to give mod privileges to the wrong anon and have him power tripping and mass banning while I'm not there.

3b016d No.553


At the least, will you ban those who go on and on about "LARPagans" and especially those who call our pre-Christian ancestors savages?

cb20c5 No.558

File: fec7d4357a71916⋯.jpg (40.22 KB, 728x546, 4:3, aid2772-v4-728px-Stop-Laug….jpg)


Thats understandable, just don't give modding premission to the MEGApede faggot. He's shitting up the entire board

f894fe No.560


Depends on how the discussion is going. If you guys call them le kike on a stick can anyone blame them for responding in kind? I have to be fair. I am not in favor of arbitary moderation

3b016d No.564


The christcuck shills are the ones who use that phrase as a way to trivialize the fact that Yeshua is a fictional Semite.

Advertise your board again if you decide to actually try to curtail shitposting in the future, good luck until then.

1b98f4 No.566

Can we filter the word shill? Maybe to "dolo," latin for deceit. Simple enough?

68c207 No.581


I'm sorry no. I am not a fan of filters. That doesn't mean I will not be forced to use them some day for some specific unavoidable purposes. What I can assure you is that the admin of this board will never support gaslighting of anons by calling them shills with multiple proxies and then creating false consensus to ban those anons.

If anons find a so called shill I will leave the anons to BTFO the shill with arguments. If the so called shill starts derailing threads that is where a mod will step in

cb20c5 No.582

When will you implement banners?

68c207 No.585


I'm watching the banner thread closely. Keep posting your banners. Give me some time. In a few days I will select the best out of those

c2d1a3 No.599

File: c129bdfb8fdc5cc⋯.jpg (84.79 KB, 889x314, 889:314, cc1cb38cb931b4c64723311b65….jpg)





1b98f4 No.609

File: ef08f88de67eb12⋯.jpg (197.9 KB, 852x600, 71:50, c0ac06a192fd544e3bcaf6b914….jpg)


Yeah b-but, bolo is a fun word.

d080ca No.683


That's why police use it!

063cab No.728

Goons are already trying to tear the board apart.

1ec76e No.734


This was a nice board for about 12 hours.

cb20c5 No.856

File: 6a75d3453ad9171⋯.png (389.24 KB, 544x594, 272:297, 81d7a74556e9c7cb9eba7f1c82….png)

What are you going to do now that that /zenpol/ is in the top 25?

2bbfb9 No.872

why are board logs not public?

why is there no transparency?


54f5de No.930



e5accc No.932

I suggest you don't make any threads about whatever /pol/ is doing. They always suck the energy out of new boards until they just become /polmeta/ 2.0 spergouts.

ca4cdd No.962

What is good about this board that makes it better than the others.

If I want to post about NatSoc / Books / Lifestyle why should I post here instead of /polk/?

If I want to discuss Politics / Philosophy / Current Events. Why here instead of /new/?

Even if I just want just to shitpost is there any reason I should do it here not, say, /4chon/ or /rolo/?

These are the questions you have to ask.

What I'm getting at is your board has no niche, it's goals aren't original and spaces like it are already provided by existing boards with trusted admins and history.

I see this board dying very early if it is not able to find its niche. In that scope, I wish you good luck, Board Owner.

e5accc No.971


As a /pol/ alternative it can thrive to some extent by being what /pol/ isn't. /pol/ is a large board so there's always going to be a sizeable faction who aren't satisfied with it, especially since it became so turgid with American politics. Also people generally won't just go to this or that board but seem more drawn to offshoots.

>I see this board dying very early if it is not able to find its niche

Perhaps, perhaps not. /leftpol/ seems to be doing alright and has managed to maintain a consistent number of users.

I'm not the BO btw

3ff6d9 No.991


Whole lot of /intl/ posting going on all over this board. Goons are a living cancer. Just make sure you don't let them infiltrate your administration and you'll be fine.

2bbfb9 No.1026


thanks BO.

if you want help with the board you can email me at karl@8chan.co

free tip. copypaste this into the css stylesheet at the bottom of board settings on your account dashboard. it will remove 8chan hunger games announcements from your board.

.announcement {

display: none;


3b21be No.1036

Why is it called /zenpol/?

t. brainlet

12e7e6 No.1051


>What are you going to do now that that /zenpol/ is in the top 25?

I have no illusions about that. The board has enjoyed its 15 minutes of fame. This initial burst of activity is bound to taper off. Soon will come the time for the long haul patient waiting game. The one mistake I have seen other BOs make is lose interest in the board once activity tapers off. I don't plan on making that mistake.


Why is it called /zenpol/?

Its because of my interest in zen - the meditation component of it. I am not into the religious aspect of it though

From wiki

Zen emphasizes rigorous self-control, meditation-practice

Observing the breath

>During sitting meditation, practitioners usually assume a position such as the lotus position. To regulate the mind, awareness is directed towards counting or watching the breath or by bringing that awareness to the energy center below the navel.

Observing the mind

>In the Sōtō school of Zen, meditation with no objects, anchors, or content, is the primary form of practice. The meditator strives to be aware of the stream of thoughts, allowing them to arise and pass away without interference

I'm not deeply into this but some of it has helped me to a certain extent

So why did I put in the board name? Among our people especially the redpilled, I see a lot of them alternating between rage and despair while the Jew has a chokehold on our civilization. I wonder if many of them are even taking care of themselves in terms of their health, mental well being. Perhaps a little bit of calmness whether from zen or any other method they use in their lives can help. I mean when the opportunity presents to do something, do it but in the mean time take care of you and your loved ones to the extent that you can.

88b043 No.1084






42a93b No.1095


>Its because of my interest in zen

That's cool. I expected something lame like "zen moderation policy"

It's too bad /dharma/ is dead.

88b043 No.1097


>the day he starts derailing

his whole purpose is to derail

tripfags and avatarfags should be banned on sight for being cancer in the first place

7ef262 No.1111


>If anons find a so called shill I will leave the anons to BTFO the shill with arguments. If the so called shill starts derailing threads that is where a mod will step in

Excellent, I like that.

5cd05e No.1308


Is this a virus?

6d178a No.1315

File: 805790ba4b7ef00⋯.png (106.9 KB, 500x454, 250:227, image.png)




I'm in.

c50422 No.1391

File: a6847521d325152⋯.jpg (52.08 KB, 600x750, 4:5, loli_finds_a_way.jpg)


>masonic satanic shit

No. If Christcuckery is going then so is this.



Porn or the images of lolis itself. If the latter in non-spammed instances then dropped. Any number of basic bitch smugs can be considered loli. I hope porn posting of any kind goes though.


/leftypol/ uses large amounts of bots and shills newfag.

9b53a3 No.1396


If you want a mindless hugbox that bans everyone who hurts your feelings, go back to /pol/.

6d68c0 No.1411

Board Owner, your new inception is starting to fall apart. We already have shills and even a psuedo-rachposter trying to fuck it up. Get some mods, as a seasoned fuckface poster I'll be around at least once a day to ban scum and keep the conversations flowing. What are you up to anyway?

6d68c0 No.1412


Eh, you took namefagging down? Looks like you can only moderate as a Board Owner infrequently during day & some part of the night. Not including weekends. You need help.

6d68c0 No.1428

File: 08700f3de7bd1b7⋯.jpg (32.35 KB, 640x480, 4:3, Gene Starwind.jpg)

Hey BO if you need a mod I'll help you out…unless you are determined to do it on your own.

37a04c No.1431


>Porn or the images of lolis itself

I mean porn. Those are banned. Everything that falls within the conventionally understood definition of loli found in the wiki "A Japanese slang term which means "little girl" IS NOT a problem

I apologize for the confusion because I am an anime illiterate and once I saw some pretty disturbing images being spammed on /pol/ and those being called loli. I will edit that original post to clear the confusion

So just to be clear, Non pornographic non-vulgar cartoon depictions of children are allowed.

37a04c No.1432


I will not be appointing any mods in the near future. It looks like board activity is already tapering off and this board will settle down at around the 70-100 Active ISPs mark. That much activity I can handle on my own. I don't need mods for that

6d68c0 No.1458

File: 801e6cf9399eb3d⋯.jpg (45.49 KB, 736x552, 4:3, yusuke bang!.jpg)


Judging by some things you've posted plus this,


I'd say you need at least two mods who aren't "anime illiterate." But hey, it's your board my dude. Just know I'll back you up if you need it.

a79f25 No.1473


Thats ok. This is a politics board so I don't need to be anime literate. I don't ban much anyway at the most I might occasionally delete an image by mistake if it looks suspicious.

Most weebs are fun and have a sense of humor. I think they will bear with me and forgive the occasional mistake.

b7f787 No.1476

File: a7abe1ca9001435⋯.jpg (57.09 KB, 719x705, 719:705, Studying.jpg)

>Funposting is allowed as long as they do not derail threads. The occasional snark and witty repartee is welcome.

Nice, but I have some more questions.

How about OCs/memesmithing? The fun part of old /pol/ was taking the piss out of something (tumblr comics, news articles, etc.) I assume it'll be allowed, but will it be encouraged?

Secondly, will other political ideologies be allowed to post? They're wrong, but allowing them to be here will let us prove why they're wrong in debate. This will keep us sharp, as well as open up the possibility for OC.

Thirdly, while I know we probably won't be dealing with them for the time being, what is the stance on generals? They clog up the catalog, but I don't think having an "X thread" every now and then is so bad.

a79f25 No.1486


If there is a good OC Thread making some good memes that advance the Mission Statement of the board outlined in >>151 it will be welcome

As far as the other extracurricular threads (this includes eceleb threads, other ideology threads etc) my thinking is this

I want the first 5-10 pages of the board to be mostly filled with good threads. A few extra curricular threads here and there are OK. However if too many extra curricular threads fill up the first few pages of the board then they will cyclically get the anchor and de-anchor treatment.

What is the anchor and de-anchor treatment you ask? This means I will select a few of these extracurricular threads and anchor them for 24 hours then de-anchor and bump them. Then repeat and rinse with the rest of the extracurricular threads. This way such threads will get a chance to live in the board without disrupting the main activity of the board

Of course I haven't fully enforced this regime yet as these are the initial days of the board but eventually this is where I expect the board to be

A good OC thread will not be considered an extracurricular thread. It will be considered part of the normal threads on the board

6d68c0 No.1501


This board is already getting slammed by shitposters. Subtle or not. You need a mod broski.

2bbfb9 No.1526

The board is getting threads full of spam.

6d68c0 No.1531

Jesus BO…get a mod or two that have seen tens of boards already get trollspamfucked to death to help you. Otherwise, why the hell did you even make this board? Your demeanor almost makes it seem like you want this to be another shitposting paradise.

52387b No.1682

Are we allowed to support the president here?

5cd05e No.1684

File: bd86aa3a551545d⋯.png (261.91 KB, 724x1200, 181:300, ClipboardImage.png)



You know nothing.

1c5192 No.1697


You are allowed to support the president oppose the president be indifferent to the president. You can do all those things. The board administration itself will not enforce any consensus other than what is outlined in the Mission statement.

304124 No.1788


Is the BO going to address this?

ea5826 No.1797


I am the wrong person to be answering that question. That question would be better answered by the individual anons posting here. I would assume that at this point of time most are posting here out of curiosity. Over time as the board settles down into a smaller base of anons those anons can better answer what they see in the board.

In other words it isn't about me. Its about the users. They ultimately create the board and its culture. I'm just a mod no more or no less

Post last edited at

a78453 No.1883

Yo BO, make sure you login before every two weeks. Don't let what happen to /politics/ or /polk/ happen. BOs got lazy and the boards got taken over by fucking retards.

7346df No.1980

File: 2a3b3f6c1e2273e⋯.jpg (536.68 KB, 1000x687, 1000:687, murff copyy.jpg)



Did you kill the dharma? when did the dharma die?

88b043 No.2242

>5 posts about /pol/ in the catalog

>8 posts about shit trump said

this is really messing with my feng shui

c50422 No.2537


>literal masonic front

>durr you know nothing

Free masonry is absolutely philosemetic, kill yourself.

f58c7d No.2546

File: 75a07f3072259a4⋯.jpg (49.7 KB, 425x450, 17:18, 75a07f3072259a448b4c8b6380….jpg)

File: f0bc91a130e0820⋯.jpg (42.43 KB, 488x516, 122:129, funallowedspiderjay.jpg)

Since ive seen this version of /pol/ is quieter, ill ask here instead of autistic pol.

>be centrist right winger in a blue county

> theres a bonafied communist bookstore that has an anarcho communist flag in it and theyve been putting up signs around

> want to go to public documents office and document owners of said antifa cell.

Can i post the thread with the information here, or on regular pol and let the spastics have it?

6d68c0 No.2587


Why not both?

c50422 No.2596


Couldn't hurt to post it everywhere you can around here.

fe5475 No.2636


You are better off posting it at regular /pol/. It has 10 times as many people. Most of the anons into activism are most likely at regular /pol/. Here we have anons mostly who are into serious discussion. I am not shortselling our board but it is what it is. It would be cringey for me to suggest posting it here tbh.

83df7b No.2788



Can he post it here anyway? I'm afraid I might miss the thread over there.

fc8662 No.2802



Post it in /pol/ or /baphomet/ and post a crosslink to here. Don't post direct dox in this board. It attracts edgelords and the type of poster we want to avoid around here.

589446 No.2813

This /pol/ is identical to the real /pol/ so why the fuck would we bother to post here?

88b043 No.2848


smaller user bases are more comfy Unless it's constant fucking shitfling about "muh drumpf" and /pol/meanies banned me for being a goon

I hope they get bored soon enough.

6d68c0 No.2939


I hope at least 50 anons stick around who can argue on any level without crying.

50e789 No.2967

Well, BO.

I tried to offer help for this board and tried to encourage people to be optimistic, but the quality is still mostly shit, rachposter is still fagging up threads despite people threatening to leave over it, and the userbase is rapidly dropping.

What was the point of any of this?

6ca9bc No.3013


Well I like it. Needs more current happenings.

Someone bake a UK Novicok bread

I'm on my damn phone.

cbd8c2 No.3639


A lot of whites are Christians and the Communists banned Christianity.

No movement among whites will succeed by shitting on Christianity, and those who suggest that are completely out of touch or they are the enemy trying to disrupt and destroy a growing movement.

cbd8c2 No.3640


Because the mod at /pol is ridiculous and banning ANY criticism of Trump for the outrageous omnibus bill.

Any discussion that is realistic of how Trump may have failed and betrayed his base is completely suppressed. /pol is awful at this point. There must be a good alternative. zenpol seems like a good idea. just get rid of whoever is modding pol right now

cbd8c2 No.3683

An effort has to be made to move people from pol to zenpol.

The mod at pol is completely compromised.

8ead94 No.3733


Can you plz sticky one "/pol/ a shit" thread for (((mod))) bitching and delete the six gorillian identical ones?

2bddd3 No.3746


I was going to suggest this too but then I realized it's probably healthy for the board to allow so many whiners in these turbulent times.

d9973b No.3874

4th rule: why no doxing ? Activism against kikes is often done through phone call spamming and other similar things (mail, e-mail). In /pol/ there are regular dox (phone numbers, adresses, e-mails). Why not here ?

d9973b No.3875

I have just read


Never mind my question

711174 No.3896


>triggered by a font

>thinks BOTA = Freemasons

Case in point.

88b043 No.3941

Is there any way to just have one trump thread instead of 20?

643419 No.3999


No Gore? Why do such a thing?

Also, all pedo's must hang.

cf942a No.4119

>>3999 nice

6549df No.4162


>No Gore? Why do such a thing?

Because this board aims to be a red pilling board. This board is aimed at getting back to that period in the history of /pol/ where we used to redpill normalfags and wake them up to the truth. No normal fag is going to spend more than 5 minutes in this board with gore.

Let me take this post to clarify once again

/zenpol/ is not meant to be a REPLACEMENT for /pol/. It is meant to be an ALTERNATIVE to /pol/

Over here we try and take the good things about /pol/ remove the things that make /pol/ bad and start a new beginning. A replacement for /pol/ would mean a duplicate of the /pol/ board and that is not what we are doing here.


Also to elaborate further on doxing policy. While posting direct dox is not allowed dig threads are very much welcome if any of the anons here are good at it. By dig threads I mean threads like pizzagate etc where anons unearth information that the MSM will not investigate.

Lastly, this thread is a mess and in about a weeks time, I will reorganize this thread and mission statement into one sticky. I will put everything in place neatly in such a way that anons can find out more about the moderation policy of this board easily rather than having to go through 100 plus posts to find out.

b914d9 No.4166

One more thing I want to add.

I really appreciate the anons spreading the word about this board. However when you spread the word about this word please conduct yourself in a way that the anons you are spreading the word to want to come to this board. There are reports that /zenpol/ is being spammed on /pol/. I went to check this out. I saw some mentions of /zenpol/ but no spam. Perhaps the mods there already deleted it.

Whatever the truth of it, be subtle in your approach. If you see /pol/ mods deleting and banning what looks like legit /pol/acks in such instances mention /zenpol/ because then it means that /pol/ mods don't want those /pol/acks there and we here would be happy to have them.

We are not trying to compete with /pol/ or trying to catch up with it. We are here for slow sustainable growth with our own board culture which will be developed in due course by the anons posting here. There is no hurry. We will do this at our own pace.

5fb0eb No.4203


I'm visiting here because of a spammy post, granted I Already knew about zenpol and npol, but whomever it was also advertised 2 other sites, and used ==redtext= so it was breddy obvious it was spam since the poster did it over a few threads

57c4af No.4234

So far I enjoy the freedom to criticize Trump and the lack of "Kekistanis" or whatever faggot nation of Trump dick sucking is created next. Can we also get some moderation of imakikey's rach posting?

>gives you an opportunity to practice debating bullshit

The words aren't really the problem, the pictures of her are genuinely disgusting and I know it can't only be me

d60f53 No.4259

are self improvement threats allowed in here?

d60f53 No.4260


ill try my luck in this board

in /pol/ the mods are fucking soyboys that think the only place for those threats are only on /fit/

5746ec No.4270

File: 7183c2a2c4d6621⋯.jpg (153.47 KB, 626x548, 313:274, a3fedd049c9c183e98999abeee….jpg)



Only if you fight me

7f6d2c No.4316


Self improvement Thread >>894

Books/Lit Thread >>21

Music Thread >>931

Image Dump Thread >>746

So far no WebM Thread

5a44c5 No.4415


>So far no WebM Thread



There were two others but I guess they got deleted.

93f352 No.4566

Heil Hitler mein fellow white brothers/

a2fdea No.4572

Thanks for the forum BO. Its nice to have calm board to post in.

855b53 No.5497

>No raids, doxing

<don't engage in some of /pol/'s most productive work

fd7e97 No.5826

File: 49e0707430ad7fc⋯.png (18.84 KB, 174x258, 29:43, hippie.png)

am I allowed to acknowledge boomers as the golems they are here?

2234ca No.5931

Does Jim Watkins still own this website?

896860 No.5984


He must, since 8chan still promotes his goldwater site and shills trump.

a8a46e No.5991


Dont be, "that guy that spergs out about shit he can't clearly explain". Be honest about oneself (while identifing the causes for one's own degeneration in American society) and relate ones experiences in a manner that other /guys/ understand, and propose a more virtuous, less materialistic paradigm of living- with nuclear families. What I mean is we need more parents who take pride in their families'/peoples' histories (say the Greeks can take credit for Plato, and the Danes can take credit for Kierkegaard). America used to be a melting pot for culture, now it's a giant mall that within one's value isn't just based on monitary worth, but widespread social worth. Stop acting like we need an 8chan set of rules. Just redpill more people IRL, especially women (they're more sick of this cash'n'carry culture than one might think). Produce the next generation of /us/. And most of all, be better parents than the ones we had.

16c17d No.6040


What is this referring to?

caea25 No.6204

File: 52c08e0d41ef545⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 8.23 MB, 1248x4409, 1248:4409, ClipboardImage.png)

How does /zenpol/ explains this?

879724 No.6245

Fake and gay. Reported for faggotry

e1b531 No.6275

>>4. No raids, doxing

So much for being a faggot free alternative to jew /pol

>>6. Anime is allowed.

Not even surprised.

238ecb No.6443

Kinda sad /pol/ was fixed and this place never really took off. Maybe it's a blessing in disguise and all the faggy board drama will leave now.

d2970e No.6458


When dealing with with people, nothing is ever drama free.

7e4357 No.6468

Also slightly disappointed about /baph/ or activism content. You did say that we can link to threads on other boards though, so could operations at least be planned/advertised here only to be executed off-board? Avoiding the edgy is understandable, you could probably make exceptions for shit like "let's dress in all black, wear skull masks, carry rifles, and march on X with the CIAnigger-right so antifa, police, and media kikes can fuck our shit up and push more anti-white laws and gun control, come to >>>/controlledop/ to organize" and just delete that shit. Of course, it doesn't matter a whole lot if this board dies due to /pol/'s reassignment.


Fuck off, there's nothing wrong with anime as an art style or medium, goon. Individual works of art can be degenerate, artwork in itself is not. Of course, overconsumption of anything can be degenerate.


>/pol/ was fixed

Literally worse than it was, even without imkikefy. Good threads and posts that used to be banned have returned, but the cancer has returned also. Was it worth it? I don't know. It doesn't seem like it, yet. Reminds me of 4/pol/. It is too bad though, of all the alternate /pol/ boards, this one seems to have the most well-meaning board owner. What with the rules and mission statement, and not being a drama or attention whore.

346cbd No.6476


>You did say that we can link to threads on other boards though, so could operations at least be planned/advertised here only to be executed off-board?

If you have a board and you are doing activism please post a cross link to your board. I will edit the OP of this thread and post the crosslink to your board in the OP of this thread

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