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File: 45be0ca52041706⋯.png (57.58 KB, 186x230, 93:115, sad_vey.png)

987cb4 No.5653

Damn is this board dead or what?

Kinda makes me sad, as this board had some actual discussion going on in it and wasn't just an echo kike chamber like nu-pol.

000000 No.5654


Apparently nobody is willing to effortpost new threads, therefore there's no subject to discuss except low quality shitposts. Fucking shame.

77c071 No.5656


I've been noticing that too. There's been some good stuff here too like that National Socialism thread, the Strasserism thread with translations and even the Socialism thread. How can we fix it?

Also this: >>5654

9522d0 No.5657



a9cbc5 No.5663

Make new threads, at this point I'm the OP of nearly 1/4 of the threads in the catalog.


>Damn is this board dead or what?

The entire site is dying, everyone is getting sick of senseless posturing, do nothingism, and kiked mods. They either spread out to the other million alt pols or gave up on the internet altogether. 8pol has 1/4 of the UIDs it had two years ago.

77c071 No.5664


>I'm the OP of nearly 1/4 of the threads in the catalog.

I know this feel, I'm OP of probably five or six recent threads

000000 No.5672


Wasn't two years ago the Year of Trumpening though? It's obvious that in a hot season like that more faggots will shitpost at the same time.

00c7d4 No.5673


/pol/ is and always the superior board. This is why shill boards like this will die

2cef06 No.5674


>shill boards


Do you even know what that word means?

f4fa5d No.5675

File: 70df7c221418ee5⋯.jpg (6.82 KB, 250x250, 1:1, think of all the people we….jpg)


Imageboard culture has been in a downward spiral these last several years (some would say for the last decade), and it may have finally reached the death stage. There's no impetus to "effortpost" on an almost site-wide scale. The oldfags are sick of reposting their wisdom; sick of reigning in the constant influx of redditors and newfags out of their ignorant ways. The newfags come in from cancerous forums that like to share screencaps of "epic edgy chan posts", and think the image board experience is just meant for "edgy joke xd" shitposting. Posting a thread about something thought provoking is met with shills calling you a shill and retards misunderstanding the significance of the topic. /pol/ is barely still functioning, probably due to a small handful of anons who still give a fuck. The election was a small golden age, but it brought more new blood than the board could handle. If you want to see an example of absolute decay, take a peek in /tv/. The board is 100% shitposting and celebrity worship, both ironic and genuine. Yet even though it is knowingly trash, its users maintain the elitist "reddit get out" mentality without them even having the quality of conversation and taste to justify it. Beyond this worst case, and among the exodus communities of the old 4chan boards, the spark isn't there. Some of them aren't bad, but you hardly see even a glimpse of the autistic brilliance of the old days. Among them, there are those which have maintained their identity at the cost of speed and innovation, and those which have degenerated into something different and unremarkable. The internet as a wild west of small quirky communities with interesting cultures and content is a thing of the past. It's sad, but I'd like to think we'll live to see something similar emerge yet again.

062a54 No.5676

My own personal reasons for not contributing to most boards is a combination of shitty mods and shitty userbase. Why effortpost when some fag could just arbitrarily decide to delete it 5 minutes later for a dumb reason that doesn't even violate board rules? Why engage in discussion when most of the userbase simply repeats dumb lines about "stop playing video games and be a man!" "you sound like a socialist!" "shills btfo!"

I was enthusiastic about /zenpol/ in the beginning but it became clear very early that the BO was allowing obvious trolls to go unpunished while not giving any real leadership to the board (i.e. resources, promoting quality posts, etc.) For that reason I stopped posting.

9522d0 No.5679



I don't even bother in participate anymore.

The fun is gone.

Too many low and average IQ around.

a9487d No.5680


Looking at /pol/, the community completely lost it's rules. The group didn't yell at the assholes checking their own posts or rolling for shit. Things became a superficial game to fill in the lack of knowledge the posters had. So instead of running off the vacuous and unintelligent, they planted themselves in a community and called everyone else a jew with one line comments without contributing any information. After awhile, its useless talking to the pseudo/pol/. They mimicked a board in hopes to be accepted by it, but caused it's downfall in the end.

a9487d No.5681

Well fuck it. I'm going to make some kick ass threads. Give em shit if they suck. I'm not a pussy. I once broke my arm and didn't even cry.

0a2774 No.5684

shills ruin nice things

that is all

a9cbc5 No.5685

File: eb98d24abcd9b30⋯.png (75.17 KB, 1976x590, 988:295, bda2b2508db533a4c45645d880….png)




Here's a comparison.

e35491 No.5697

The majority have moved onto other off the beaten path platforms. This place is too comped to bother with anymore.

000000 No.5699

The whole site is dead, fag. It's not restricted to one board. If the two most traditionally active boards /pol/ and /b/ are dead, it's dead, Jim.

Enjoy your FOSTA #MeToo Facebook friend feminist world, millennial snowflakes. The internet has been conquered.

80c7ab No.5700




Is there a place where an autistic newfag like myself can gobble down chan culture like nothing else? Whatever the internet in general has to offer is either a shitty YouTube video or years of lurking. And don't get me wrong, I love lurking and understand it's like 75% of this whole experience aside from OC you should generally generate and important to any internet community but a place where I could literally soak in this oldfag knowledge would just be great.

I can't wait for he day that I'm posting with you guys until then I'll be in other, more "beginner/newfag" chans to get a grip on things.

000000 No.5710


>The internet as a wild west of small quirky communities with interesting cultures and content is a thing of the past

no, you're just looking for it in the wrong place

tip: irc/jabber/skype have been keeping the flame alive for pretty much every anon community of the past decade, guess what have replaced it now

I can guarantee you that, and I've been around for what, 13 years now?

1e818b No.5712


yet another example of how Codegook's and the Dud's "create your own board" argument is invalid.

c8e4f8 No.5713


>Talking shit about /tv/

Everything you said was good except that, the /tv/ phenomenon is hard to understand for an outsider, but it takes its good bases for what it is/was

Was because like /sp/ some years ago, the vast amounts of ironic shitposting will bring real deal shitposters, in /tv/'s case some 4 to 6 months ago. If you think there's no quality posts there, you simply haven't lurked moar, newfag

c8e4f8 No.5714


Sadly, like IRL generations, one cannot re-live past atmospheres in a natural fashion, one can imagine and see glimpses of it, but it's ultimately gone. I remember when i went to /b/ and /v/ around 2007 (the original newfag wave, not the eternal summer one) that most anons would brag about the good old days of 2004 and 2005, how things were on topic and people gave a shit about posting, met with the usual but now vintage -"x" was never good- line.

The only thing we can do is respect that knowledge and the customs along with them, while adding your personal edge to it to keep things fresh. I always doubted but wanted to believe those old days, were things could be good, i felt hopeless at times but the reason why 8chan managed to stay up was that in the early days (september to december 2014) i and many others did actually see tons upon tons of effort posts, humbly i tried my best and enjoyed it, i did relive those silly times when you bingepost and don't even go to school or work to keep posting and making OC. No matter what they tell you about "things never were good", don't believe it that much, some of us saw it and build it for months until something ugly happened.

What scares me about our actual stage, which is very real and not really in the hypothetical grounds like we said in the 4, is that we could build this place only after a cataclysm, that one being our webmaster (m00t) kicked us while denying the one principle he always preached, mainstream media at all levels suddenly attacking and completely twisting the narrative against a small group of anonymous posters, hundreds of talking heads screaming, and the same userbase rioting. And we could barely do it because at some random stream Hotwheels appeared and offered the existing site for everyone involved in the bad side. What scares me is that only with that highly unlikely combination we could see better times, can they happen again? i cannot see it happening, we have faced similar calamities here and very few bated an eye (it did still made some people get out of here), and the one disadvantage about anonymity is that you can't pick the good folk from the shitposting one to try again somewhere far away.

We can still find similar atmospheres from early days:

/vg/ feels similar to the strange mid-2015 /v/, which is very good in the current context but mind you, at those dates we were already preaching about the fall of quality due to general apathy after the silly winter exodus.

/film/ feels very much like the small niche boards from the old place around 2007 to 2010 (but oriented to movies) when they were still relatively untouched by the eternal summer (except /x/, of course)

/kc/ feels a lot like the original 2008 (or 2009?) /int/, before they went to their now-infamous antics of shitpost raiding big boards later on

/fit/ is a strange but natural combination of a mid-era /r9k/ (2010) with a classic but much tamed /fit/ (2011)

And the extinct but much loved past boards, /sp/ (with its 2 comedy gold alteregos) and the original and revived /new/, which never forget /zenpol/, the classic 4chan and 4chon /pol/ 's came to be after an advanced evolution of the userbase from the original /new/: post any kind of news and discuss them in depth with the wide range of knowledge from the anons in place.

84ef2d No.5719


/tv/ is a shithole comparable to /b/

c8e4f8 No.5720


>CP raids are preferable to BBC raids

Well, you might be right

ffa9e4 No.5730


apologies for long incoming post but I rarely post so wanna make the most of it

I thank you for your sincere and thought out reply and board recommendations, I shall be humbly lurking. I get this very comfy vibe from posters like you.

Now something that has always interested me as a newfag and got me into lurking in the first place was that the anons of the past had this form of communication that almost transcended words. You guys not only understood the world, but the internet as well. and then there's the whole thing that 'anon' can be anybody (which is what gives anon its power imo)

What I'm getting at is that you acted as a pivot in a societal, ideological even spawning your own mythology, so legendary, in a very real sense of the word sense not only online, but in the very real world too.

I know I'm a newfag but maybe I can breath a little bit of needed fresh air, think about this: what other small counter culture has really changed the entire planet to this extent in less than 15 years? Sure some people don't quite get it yet but then again, some people are slow, or hate us

You started online, but this counter culture has expanded from a small sub terrainian basket weaving board and has been placed into a far more powerful and complex place: the minds of the world.

>What scares me about our actual stage, which is very real and not really in the hypothetical grounds like we said in the 4, is that we could build this place only after a cataclysm, that one being our webmaster (m00t) kicked us while denying the one principle he always preached, mainstream media at all levels suddenly attacking and completely twisting the narrative against a small group of anonymous posters

This is what I'm getting at,

>a small group of anonymous posters

And in what, 15 years or so?

Like every marathon you need a rest after doing something so amazing, and personally I see these last few years as a resting period, with the American election being a nice reminder of what can happen when a few people get together to make wicker baskets on a weaving forum.

Anyway I'm shit at posts so again I apologise for being such a flailing newfaggot but I want a place where people have that connection that basically transcends words. I

Ugh, I making myself nostalgic for a place and time I have never witnessed first hand, I can't imagine how it feels like for you

ffa9e4 No.5731

I'm the same anon but my id changes frequently because I use my mobile as a hotspot for my pc. Polite sage for double post

3d66fa No.5739


>with the American election being a nice reminder of what can happen when a few people get together to make wicker baskets on a weaving forum.

You're fucking delusional.

c8e4f8 No.5741


>You guys not only understood the world, but the internet as well.

Well, i wouldn't be so sure about that in general, but there were certainly a bunch of old cats who did. They were around since the geosites and old BBS forums, which in core behavior it doesn't differ a lot from IBs if the mods are not banhappy

>you acted as a pivot in a societal, ideological sense, digital and physical

Vast majority of the popular antics were from /b/, circa 2006 to 2009, but it was more of a compilation place rather than a creation center, the goatse thing was from a foreign site for example, a bunch of jokes were from YTMND and so on, but i don't think anyone knew what they were doing in terms of the macrosocial scale.

I can tell you that if they knew probably they would've been more heinous to avoid popularity, and several anons do feel regretful for having popularized certain antics, if not all, template image macros being the biggest stone in their soul grave (advice dog to be namely)

>what other small counter culture has really changed the entire planet to this extent in less than 15 years?

Jews, beatnik culture of the big metropolitan cities, which in turn went to the May '68 wave (we are at the 50th anniversary) that showed they were hipster commies all along, i can think of some others but i get your point. Like i mentioned, from what i've gathered from other oldfags, i don't think anyone would've wanted that other than dangerous shitposters.

We did stuff, at least in my era, to simply past time among other fellows and have fun, and very often learning a lot from their knowledge. In my opinion that's what this was all about, soothe our social anxiety, have a laff and learn along the way, maybe the laff part went over the top at times, hence some mass interactions with the public, call it watermelon smashing, pool's closed prints in gated communities and the ill-fated (and i recall maybe even ill-conceived) Chanology. But ultimately we didn't want to move the world around us in significant ways, we just wanted a social recreative digest after a day from work, or school because there was a rampant amount of underages.

>I see these last few years as a resting period after a marathon

But how much resting is necessary and what did we marathon? i didn't mention something important when i mentioned the huge amounts of meaningful posting and OC we did in the early 8c days, at least some of us did it not because we were having tons of fun, we actually did it out of pure fear. If we didn't attract and make a good environment for the newcomers, this boat would've sunk and then we would've had 2 options in front of us: return to the place we were kicked and nobody wanted us or call it quits. Eventually it became addictive fun, but we only did it for 4 to 5 months, after that we lost pace and in the last 2 years, other than the election, we haven't produced anything as a community, most of the new "memes" are imports from either 4chan (and it's very notable) or the afro-american communities in whatever those chimps post.

The election, now that's a big schism in ideology akin to the GG campaign, and a mainly american phenomenon. If you meant the election as the marathon, well it could've been for some, i lurked /new/ and /pol/ for years, and i saw, like i suppose many here, the big movement and rapid degeneration of the community at least 6 months before the election. Some attribute it to shills or something but i don't think there was a direct foreign factor, people (mostly americans) simply went over the top with optimism, and bigger is better for some.

c8e4f8 No.5742



Personally i believe people partaking VERY actively in it was not a mistake, but reshaping the board's ideology, backstabbing plenty of users & figures and generally going bonkers after it was a deep mistake. Let's recall that this site was composed of half /pol/ users and half /v/ users in the late 2014 days, and the latter were notorious crossposters, so basically in the last year the powers that decide /pol/'s shape (call it the hivemind, the mods/admin or something else) have possibly ideologically alienated 50% of the people who came here in the GG days, and who knows maybe more than that.

The aftermath and current state is well known if we are in this board, and the general apathy that happened after is still around, we have been 2 years "resting", and one with several users feeling burned out. This mentioned apathy (which /v/'s administration has also fueled) is the reason why a lot of anons left in flocks, we are underestimating the amounts of users that have left us and called it quits. We still have similar numbers, maybe a little lower, than some months ago, but let's recall 8chan has been the official refugee (and seems permanent place) for many recently downed sites, namely Krautchan and Hispachan. Say we have -50 users in comparison from months ago, but the recent influx is around 250.

We have lost at least 300 active folks in less than 100 days. That's too much if we take into account we came here with 1500 to 2000 active users.

Various crackpot boards have risen for those who haven't given up and want to vent, hence /tv/'s arise as the official shitposting board, it's one of the few boards that still has classic moderation and makes you laugh at the inane exploits most people do, but recently it has gotten very out of hand, and i fear to the point of a burn out.

43835a No.5745


Board's dying because faggot Codemonkey won't fix the design of the site.


I don't know how to crosslink, so there.

000000 No.5746


Go to the best of pol thread on /polarchive/

8bb7e8 No.5747


Yeah as stated before, I'm a collosal newfaggot so I knew I'd get something wrong. What I meant to say that for a moment "image board culture" appeared to have a short golden age / come alive for a while again. It was just fucking funny every direction you went.


Cheers mate.

8bb7e8 No.5750


Ok final thought I'm gonna leave before I keep derailing OP is a faggot.

aaaaaaaaaand it is that image board culture will never really be dead because I'm sure gonna be using the chans 8ch and the like because in general there is way better atmosphere here with discussions going further than lol cats :)

(by that mean the people who parrot whatever is famous and relevant in the moment)

Also, it's a rare experience when a community of people on a website can help others mature and grow.

humbling experience for me.

especially /i/

i wish *chans had more /i/ boards. even if ya didn't do anything, having shittons of /i/ boards would open up the area to have a discussion about /i/t

>oh yeah you said something about the eternal newfag insurgents. it's sort of like a generation name(millennials, gen Z etc.)

Yeah fuck yeah I hope I said something with this post


5711db No.5752


Just a matter of fact, /pol/ is the new /r/the_donald

Both are against antisemitism, both pretend to be tough and "high-energy" when in reality they're a bunch of white sissy coalburners.

3d66fa No.5754


The /pol/ board here is a brainwashing apparatus designed for people on the brink of waking up. A blue pill disguised as the "red pill".

f4fa5d No.5757


I would genuinely like to learn about the intricacies of /tv/ culture if you wouldn't mind.

6880d0 No.5758

I don't think imageboard culture is dying, but I do think it's transitioning away from the imageboard, and slowly creeping out into the larger culture. You can decide whether that's a good thing.

cb0a6d No.5759

What killed Chan’s for me is that none of us are in fact anonymous anymore.

Back when the cops could not keep up with all that was going on. File sharing was so big it even took president over CP.

Now file sharing is more or less dead. Everybody streams there content. And laws are put in place to track everything you do for decades.

So what killed the Chan’s? The lack of anonymity killed it.

Even Tor got cracked. The last haven for us now is gone!

43835a No.5771





What's the highest grade you gradeated from?

0cf6e6 No.5777

File: 51d57254e990d82⋯.jpg (361.22 KB, 1041x1509, 347:503, tumblr_p5k2z5rtHV1rf1yd3o1….jpg)

I am going to repeat what I stated on the /fascist/ board.

Gentlemen, this is my plan:

We form a loosely affiliated syndicate. There is no official leadership - we don't need one. Every member decides his own level of involvement. If you want to go public that's your choice. If you want to stay behind the scenes and fight the new 'cold war' against liberalism and degeneracy, you do it.

But if any man goes public we expect him to go all the way - no compromises with the enemy. No phony "civic" nationalism. No more "Jews look white to me." No cucking to the authorities. And no attacks to the right, meaning no attacks on someone for being "extreme." The left doesn't make excuses for their extremists and neither will we.

The goal of the syndicate is to pressure mainstream politicians and public figures into supporting our ideas. We use the same tactics as the left. If someone is soft on immigration we call them traitors, murderers, etc. If someone supports degeneracy we call them pedophiles or whatever we could make stick. The point is not to tell the truth or expose crimes. The point is to use rhetoric and media to pressure a shift in the public discourse. The real crimes of the enemy are 10,000 times worse than the lemmings even understand.

We have to make them understand even if that means twisting the truth on occasion to reveal the "bigger truth." Plato called this the "noble lie."

0cf6e6 No.5778

File: 79eb2ad4e95be7a⋯.jpg (22.37 KB, 327x400, 327:400, cigarette-smoking-man-21.jpg)

In human political and social organization the structure of any system is largely decided by decisions being made outside of that structure. So, for example, the mods who ran 8chan and 4chan didn't organize on the chans themselves. They organized on IRC and implemented this organization on the chans. The real activity was always happening behind the scenes. The same is true of political organization. The elections & primaries in the U.S. are largely decided outside of the specific political structures they use. This is why Ron Paul and Bernie Sanders never won the presidential primaries - the big donors and organizers made sure that the system was rigged against them. Most politicians aren't in office because they're intelligent or capable. If you listen to them talk off-script they literally sound like retards and are barely coherent.

So, when we look at a political organization what we're really seeing is a finished product. The real activity and organizing is happening outside of that… behind it… underneath it… The real organizing is never public. When the Afrikaners governed South Africa they controlled the political structures because they organized themselves behind the scenes. Look up the Broederbond.

But today even something like that is outdated. With modern telecommunications we can share information and organize events without ever meeting face to face. The real effect of membership organizations is to give our enemies an easy way of identifying us by taking our photos in public rallies. Plus, there's always the problem of every database run by nationalists seemingly "getting hacked" at the first opportunity and everyone's info is leaked. There's no reason to share info. The government has resources to identify all of us but their job becomes much more difficult if we restrict our personal information to an absolute minimum.

So I would formulate the idea like this: We shouldn't encourage anyone to join membership organizations to promote themselves as movement "advocates" or spokesmen. But at the same time we can't stop them. If one of our own gets in trouble, like that boy James Fields, we can work behind the scenes accumulating information that might help in a trial. We can do all this without any "public" activity.

0cf6e6 No.5779

File: b6fa8a2597acfbf⋯.jpg (81.58 KB, 445x345, 89:69, the-smoking-man-001-445.jpg)

One last thing.

Worse is better.

The above statement is true but only in a certain sense. In this struggle the real enemy are those who control the system. Those people are always either social-liberals or kosher conservatives. They are both our enemy. And the enemy of my enemy is, for the moment, my friend. That means we avoid directly attacking our ideological opponents on the far-left. We can paint the antifa as thugs and terrorists but the point of every political statement is to accuse the system of generating this terror. The kosher conservatives and social-liberals are both to blame.

At any point if the far-left, antifa, or some radical group openly fights the system, we will simply stand back and let it play out. Only when the system has fallen can the enemy be dealt with. Under the current state of affairs we can not even begin solving the problems in society so there is no point in trying.

Finally, if possible we will turn our enemies against one another. They fight, we win. It's the oldest strategy used by the Jews in their eternal struggle against the other races.

20d0c5 No.5784


>Red Dead Redemption: Internet Post Edition

9522d0 No.5795


>Finally, if possible we will turn our enemies against one another. They fight, we win. It's the oldest strategy used by the Jews in their eternal struggle against the other races.

I see this all the time among our guys just for petty issues.

It is tiresome and discouraging.

d17720 No.5813


Old imageboard culture was vulgar post-modernism with the whole "nothing is authentic! nothing matters!" angle and then it evolved into post-ironic metamodernism which boils down to "it has meaning because I will it to be"– fake & gay into meme-magic to best summarize it. This cultural metaphysical shift has really turned off a lot of oldfags, the internet has become serious business.

I sometimes feel like the last dozen effortposters left on /pol/ but I realize that if my post and threads are internalized by a single person it was worth it. I've accepted my place in the world as a support character.


I should probably find a cozy chat group to join, but I was always of the opinion that it made imageboards feel too meta and spoils the magic of being anonymous. That or a secret society, they seem to get stuff done.

0cf6e6 No.5825

/sg/ is a good "bunker" for the /pol/ oldfags looking to reconnect. The board owner has kept that tiny board alive for quite a while now.

f938c8 No.5827


/tv/ is an acquired taste much like >>5713 describes. There is a certain quality of taste and conversation, cause you WILL be called out for liking shit-tier things such as Rick and Morty, being a waifufag, being a Marvel fan, etc. If there's anything at all to be concerned about for /tv/, it's that a good chunk of the board is basically being a dumping ground for /pol/ and /v/ refugees to shitpost and vent without being banned.

6984f8 No.5863


>believes he can change something

>believes change can come from entertainment media

>believes anything in the first place

Mate I’d don‘t think you understand the great game and even an inch of realpolitik. This is no fantasy, no children’s fairy tale this is reality. Accept that you won‘t change anything if you‘re not a person so far off humanity — any reason, any human bonds really: someone who‘s actually willing to act by himself — that you couldn’t possibly see yourself as human anymore. The lone wolf slipping in a sheeps pelt will in the end eat the herd, their guard dog and even the herder himself without ever feeling even a bit full or content. The great man dies unsatisfied and in agony as a martyr for his cause. Truthfully, you only need yourself, genius, charisma, sociopathy, funds, prestige and time to rule the world. It‘s quite the simple set of skills really but possessing then all is quite rare.

Fact of the matter is that you sharing your plans publicly thus hoping to gain support was your first mistake. During the entirety of humankind there’s never been a revolution by the people.

This is by no means edgy bullshit or any kind of other unrealistic shit this is simply reality. Those who act first take it all and as long as you‘re working, sitting, writing you‘ll never achieve anything. You‘ll achieve nothing, I‘ll achieve nothing, none of us will — as long as we don‘t act, and honestly there‘s a reason why this place is called the arse of the web. I don‘t see anything here other than circlejerking, degeneracy, delusion and utopian dreaming. It is already dreadful enough to see myself here for any longer than the duration of writing this.


3d66fa No.5866


There has never been more insight and wisdom on /pol/ than in this little post of yours.

c4e66a No.5870

File: c812b2af0885679⋯.jpg (64.65 KB, 1152x648, 16:9, FUCK THIS PAGE IS AWESOME.jpg)

77c071 No.5871


Good post

0b92f4 No.5872




>let me post a bunch of guys smoking to be edgy

94ed53 No.5875


>not knowing who that -one- guy is.

You don't belong here.

0cf6e6 No.5876

File: 066c23f4bb2399f⋯.jpg (12.45 KB, 480x245, 96:49, gallery-1521677997-xf1.jpg)



6984f8 No.5878


Yea thanks a lot mates tbh I would have never guessed to get anything but „you fucking edgelore fuck off RREEEEE this is 8chan“ or well something similar but I guess that shows there‘s hope and you should never doubt that there is as people have recovered from much worse - this is media afterall - while still keeping communal and other societal structures of entertainment and socialization alive. It‘s really just about passion, loyalty and solidarity: nothing but will and knowledge my friends. If you want to „fight“ the „establishment“ and modern degenerate „culture“ you have to do it from the ground up and by yourself. Become a politician, a scholar of any kind or really anything which creates authority and do things you deem right and good and even moral if you‘re that type of guy. Create your Image, your character, your brand so to say through factual, moral and societal authority at best using all of them. If you believe in yourself while having a close and realistic but extremely critical eye on your actions you quite naturally develop the will o succeed. Relying on other people in that rather foolish as they always like you yourself foremost watch their own back and concern themselves only with morality and law they themselves deem to be true. Has anyone ever arrested you for crossing the street while the lights were red or stopped you because you didn‘t wear a helmet or drove too fast on your bike, do people call the fourth year old man sitting on his sofa after work drinking a beer a drug addict? These certainly look a bit like selfhelp „philosophy“ or something of the sort but truthfully that is all that philosophy - the most fundamental and general though hardest of all sciences - is: Interpretation and ones own thought and reconciliation of both the significance and meaning of such concerning life.

I hope somebody can take something from this and I consider my time truthfully at this point „worth it“ if even one person thought about his own life for a minute. It may be cliche but knowing of ones own ability is to win the most crucial battle that is the battle of the mind in accessing reality and reflecting from it upon onself to create strategy to win the „war.“


30431e No.5887


board isnt dead I just found it!

43835a No.5889

File: bc54e2414287b8b⋯.png (7 KB, 908x70, 454:35, ClipboardImage.png)

30431e No.5898


Well Fuck

b4e027 No.5899


All me tbhfamalam :^)

77c071 No.5900


It feels slower than that even tbh.

31f080 No.5955


All of life is a downward spiral. It's how the gods designed it. We were only created to be tortured.

Ashes and Echoes

31f080 No.5958


Nothing can be changed. It's all static because that's how the gods designed it.

77c071 No.5959

Today's been a bit faster than usual tbh

31f080 No.5973


That's because Kikefy is banning people left and right for everything and nobody goes to bunkers due to muh splitting the board.

d9643c No.5983


>muh gods designed it that way

Demotivational posting out the arse from this guy.

Let's keep this simple, for every anon: You want something done? Stop bitching about it and fucking do it (no shit you whisper in the background). Its as simple as that. Its can be hard as hell, but if you want ANYTHING done, you have to have the willpower to do it. I suggest starting small, with things such as personal hygiene and the organization of whatever decrepit hole you call a home. Keep improving, incrementally step by step, till good habits slowly replace the bad.


c99340 No.5992

File: 4be3c23cc29a2f9⋯.jpg (33.03 KB, 450x450, 1:1, BOX3_1.jpg)

I decalere this board dead. So it shall be…..

a90afc No.5998


This board relies on kikefy using the banhammer. I wonder if that is a good thing

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