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Welcome to /zoo/, 8chan's zoophile imageboard.


1. Don't post off topic threads, spam, mass derail threads, etc. Basically just don't be an intentionally disruptive twat.

1.1 (New!) Don't respond to trolls. Please report them instead.

2. Don't post animal abuse, or dead animals. This should go without saying.

3. Spoiler all scat and other disgusting/potentially boner killing content.

4. Try to avoid creating threads that are excessively similar to existing threads. However, it is okay to create new versions of threads that have reached the bump limit (750 posts).

5. New threads should be started with at least three images, an equivalent amount of content, such as a video, or otherwise something highly unique. Discussion threads are exempt from this.

6. Add to the board when you post. Contribute somehow to a thread when bumping it. Don't try to organize secret content trades. Don't advertise your discord/telegram/etc group.

7. (New!) No commercial content involving women. 99% of that crap is garbage and is likely abusive. Exception is if it's something completely unique/unusual.

You can use this thread to discuss the state of /zoo/ and its moderation.

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You can only report three at a time. When the spammers make a pass through the board, they usually hit every post on the front page.

File: 4a12f35c03dcba6⋯.gif (1.99 MB, 320x240, 4:3, 4a12f35c03dcba618a1409ffa3….gif)


Like the Australian thread, but better.

Post general location, age, swap emails, that sorta thing

For people who want to have their animal fucked or fuck other animals, or just wanna fuck.

18, Christchurch, male

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reee didnt work


File: 23b241c8ff4c35a⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 3.79 MB, 1720x2452, 430:613, 23b241c8ff4c35a3eb4c03ad83….jpg)

looking for female in to dogs etc in chch


WTF all these foreigners posting ads. America fucking sucks they won't let us have sex with farm animals. Why am I the only america who is honest about freedom?


22, tacoma wa, male, looking to have and to provide my bitch. Bobthedestroyerofall#7040


Couple here... Could someone who has a doggie that can drop their contact in a reply.

File: 8aae267c8ce20a2⋯.png (652.75 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, Безымянный.png)


how to get membership access to http://goldstudservices.com ?

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Do you think the guy from goldstud is a zoosexual? Maybe closeted



Not even closeted. I've seen goldstud on some forums.



You've seen him on some forums? Zoosexual forums?


File: 66f8c12665de422⋯.mp4 (12.28 MB, 640x480, 4:3, dog pounds moaning girl.mp4)


Does anyone else share the fetish with the girlfriend / boyfriend?

It was quite natural for me to find out that my girlfriend likes a zoo, the minnie ex girlfriend also liked it, but I did not like it so much at the time.

Tell your stories.

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god damn how have I not seen this.

Also you're full of shit. Women that aren't revolted by this are less than 1 in a million. You're telling me you won the lottery twice. Fuckin lol.




asking for more of that girl too



>Women that aren't revolted by this are less than 1 in a million

lol not at all, go out and pick up girls. Turn them into fuck buddies and ask them about their fetishes. Slowly introduce the subject of dogs fucking girls, show them some vids. If you're good at talking to girls you'll be surprised how many of them are into it and how many of those ones are willing to try it.



You meant to say...

"You would be surprised at how many women are willing try it, but they are not willing to let you do it also"


File: 8131dd82c376dec⋯.jpg (2.05 MB, 3264x1836, 16:9, 20190331_023513.jpg)


Rate from a 1 to a 10 anon,what do you all think of my cat? I might post nudes if she wakes up and decides to rub up and purr all up on me with her cute ass in my face,but for now she's asleep

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How do you even penetrate a cat? Is your dick a pencil?



If you penetrated a domestic house cat and she didn't die then you either have a clinical micropenis condition or you are a female-to-male transsexual and you were using a CLIT not a penis.



If you don't want to fuck a cat, don't fuck a cat.



yeah! and if you want to fuck a cat, fuck a cat.


File: 2d8ca421ea3f37d⋯.jpg (258.2 KB, 1434x1075, 1434:1075, 87a958771ffec646396d8284b2….jpg)

File: 8a4b9b3a0acab69⋯.jpg (300.19 KB, 1434x1075, 1434:1075, 308faf017a0ac86437ce6b73bf….jpg)

File: ca50563a8215cf3⋯.jpg (162.72 KB, 1434x1075, 1434:1075, da4a0e5a99cf67fcb07cb46717….jpg)


Fat puffy spades filled with lots and lots of cum.

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You kind of missed the point of the thread "-Bitches- dripping......" didn't you?



Haha you must live in a shit 3rd world contry, I get 500mbps avrage.



I 'm NOT that guy.

But I live in the rural midwest USA, and I get 0.5 Mbps. Or at least pay for that, it's often less. Rural internet sucks.

But I can see video, mp4, webm, etc. And video is way better than pics. Your claim to only want pics is your own defect, not the web.


File: 2ede844576339cc⋯.webm (7.58 MB, 400x300, 4:3, 1414820994001.webm)


What a pull out


File: 5ea9a2788553534⋯.gif (3.88 MB, 320x240, 4:3, lazydog.gif)


Post all video source requests here.

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File: 4e6615f51730eac⋯.mp4 (12.04 MB, 572x540, 143:135, ScreenRecorderProject1.mp4)


I got it with a free trial of a screen recorder but there is text over the video :(



Just use Video DownloadHelper plugin



i say this all the time but you cant help stupid people



Thank you, I sincerely appreciate your advice. That app had not shown among my search results but it worked perfectly!


File: eeffd574de4c772⋯.jpg (76.96 KB, 951x800, 951:800, post-10-1370149948.jpg)


Down for everyone or just blocked from my VPN?

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Yep. just as mentioned in another thread. I now manage the new beasttracker site. Trying to find something with a better design. unless someone is good with designing a template for a tracker. give me a shout. ghostdoge@protonmail.com

Stuff from the old beasttracker is moved in other locations off the server for protection. Soon I'll get some stuff that I got on my sandbox on there.


Good alternative torrent site besides beasttracker.dog?



No thumbnails, no preview, no download



Yea, there's one that's in Russian. Google it.


File: 1469515230443.gif (2.48 MB, 320x240, 4:3, 1469515065371.gif)


Post general location, swap emails ect.

For people who want to either have their animal fucked or fuck other animals.


Female, 18, Richmond, NSW.

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I’m a male in Bunbury too what’s your kik


19 M QLD mate


19 M Qld North Brisbane suburbs (near North Lakes)

Don't have any animals but would love to have fun with dogs or horses of either sex





Hey girls message me


File: 84c4674243f1dfe⋯.webm (7.53 MB, 384x288, 4:3, Big_steed_loving_man.webm)


thread of horses fucking men

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Don't talk about "us" when you are the only idiot without a partner and that want to fuck anything without doing anything for it.



Do not use ffmpeg without codec/quality flags!

You probably want to use "-c:a libx264 -crf 23 -pix_fmt yuv420p" as additional flags


I'm still pissed off about Mr. Hands and his crew. Before him, a super-suspicious person could maybe wonder about a single guy and a mare, but the only thing a stallion meant was a confident horseman. After, it's raised eyebrows: "like Enumclaw?" Ugh.

If you manage to get punctured, you're supposed to go to the hospital and say "I slipped in the shower, and my decorative silicone sculpture went right through me!" or whatever. Peritonitis is non-specific, so they can't treat you unless you point out what's wrong, but if you get treated quickly you'll likely live. Even if you die, there's no serious investigation since you told them a reasonable cause. Mr. Hands let it go until nearly dead (reportedly because of concern for his Boeing-related classified clearance), then his buddies just dumped him at the hospital and drove off. Of course he couldn't be saved. Of course police tracked down his friends, who caved instantly. Of course state law got changed to make all this illegal. Of course it's so salacious people bring it up 15 fucking years later in any horse-related thread no matter how innocent or far-removed.

In my experience, a small percentage of geldings are really into sex. They have no cum, mild flares, and often pretty short units, but you forget about that with a Thoroughbred up your ass. The main thing stallions have to offer is seducing you: nipping and prancing and just general excitement aimed your way is pretty overwhelming. Missionary isn't much fun: they're really heavy and smoosh your stomach.



Laws would have changed whether Mr. Hands happened or not. If it didn't, they would have found some other excuse, possibly something worse. At least now you can reasonably claim even to normies that it's not abusive to get fucked by a horse because, as demonstrated, the risk of injury is to the human and not the horse.


File: 1468705292105.jpg (152.39 KB, 1007x1357, 1007:1357, hevon vittu.jpg)


Could we have a mare thread

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Yes. You could just do it. The mare doesn't have to want it to tolerate it or begin to enjoy it.

The reason the animals move away from your touches is because your touch tickles them, not because it hurts them nor because they don't want it.

If you've ever tickled your own foot before you should know if you relax and tolerate the ticklish feeling eventually the touch starts to feel good.

If you've ever tickled a dogs paw before you'll notice how they push your hand away and kick their paws but after a while they will spread their toes and let you do it.

Mares and sex are no different and they do not have to be in season to enjoy sex.



in my experience once they trust you mares are sex hungry sluts


Any videos at all where you can see a guy fucks a mare after a horse fucked her?


There is a video out there somewhere called StallionSloppySeconds where a guy is fucking a mare supposedly after a stallion.. Can't confirm since they don't show the mating, but it sure is sloppy.


File: 692bbbe2af960e6⋯.mp4 (3.02 MB, 640x358, 320:179, 1962.mp4)


Would appreciate if we could get a human woman creampie thread going. Doesn't have to be strictly horses, I just wanna see women being creampied.

72 posts and 19 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



Any more of her?


hope so



where'd you find this?



it's on zooville.org - Equines


File: 24cebbec9478a2f⋯.jpg (823.96 KB, 1000x662, 500:331, shutterstock_566496745.jpg)


I really love animals especially when there pregnant I would be so happy if u guys can post pic or video of ur pregnant animals

65 posts and 48 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 4ad8ab5f610d27f⋯.jpeg (212.79 KB, 1045x1104, 1045:1104, 0FDC4A62-6798-4376-BD51-B….jpeg)






This one is great!



yeah these arent teats anymore these are tits for real!


File: 52c83e6d8399a9d⋯.mp4 (14.15 MB, 720x480, 3:2, sexo-na-roca-com-loira-e-m….mp4)


Post dog laying down and enjoying a good blowjob from slut.

Ps. Anyone know the name of the girl sucking the dog? Does she have more videos?

40 posts and 23 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: d0c5a6a6bebb63b⋯.gif (4.91 MB, 640x467, 640:467, SmartSelect_20190615-07063….gif)



they love sucking submissive dogs limp dick


File: a5afa1a80a576d4⋯.gif (1.83 MB, 640x379, 640:379, SmartSelect_20190624-03565….gif)



Who is this in the mask? So gentle.


File: a57b1cf0c1a067c⋯.jpg (749.87 KB, 1670x940, 167:94, Filly.jpg)


Just wanted to share the nice filly (3 weeks old in this pic) that i fucked several times this summer

260 posts and 47 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



Isn't that the guy from goldstudservices?


too much spamming, too little filly porn :(



Damn, now I consider myself to be reasonably lenient about the age at which animals begin sexual intercourse, however I believe this age should be related to the time at which, UNASSISTED, they would begin sexual solicitation and sex-play among their own species.

When the dog or horse has at least reached puberty, even if not full maturity (sexual and otherwise) I believe it can be acceptable to guage their reaction to courtship behavior... however fucking a THREE WEEK old filly, is like fucking a puppy that's less than 8 weeks old. Sure, it may be large enough to accomodate a penis (and no male pup is likely to die from having his tiny penis inserted into someone) however it still makes you a pedophile and honestlyanimals at that age are not even socialized and barely understand the first thing about interacting with their own species or with others yet, and they do not have the hormone levels to facilitate a desire of or enjoyment for sex... really this seems very unethical.



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