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File: 7250982aab7c7a4⋯.jpg (320.11 KB, 800x663, 800:663, post.jpg)


looking for someone to trade other videos for unimportantproduction ones please. let me know so i can give you my e-mail or the other way around please. thank you

btw the girl from my OP picture is maya by k9lady

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Would you like to pay me to send you dog and cat peeing and marking videos? I am write cat and dog erotica between themselves and humans..

Email: john.harrison.erotica@gmail.com


still looking for someone to trade unleaked movies for unimportantproductions (aka mr. unimportant) vixen movies. please. my e-mail: caraion@protonmail.com

thank you (OP here)



does someone have the newest lise horse movie by liseprivate for trade? if so send me an e-mail: caraion@protonmail.com (OP here)


File: 32ac5032917c672⋯.jpg (86.68 KB, 679x461, 679:461, 15151.jpg)

still looking for vixen movies by unimportantproductions (mr. unimportant) and also "playtime" with mariana by new aoz for trade(picture related). e-mail: caraion@protonmail.com (OP here)

File: ba948c30c644320⋯.gif (526.69 KB, 700x150, 14:3, 6b97f7af3035621dd4d77b8963….gif)


When I was looking to Beastforum.com i saw an advertising from Goldstudservices.

There is a gif where you can see a horse while cum.

When i was looking to the site, i saw that all movies where locked.

Is there someone who has some of this movies?

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Virgin fight.



Yeah I'm not reading that wall of text. Just kill yourself. Thanks.



this board is trash, those are reposts, and you got beasttracker's name wrong, way to prove you're a fucking idiot



>I've seen quite a few videos of it

Care to share?



Arg! Reading! My only weakness! Why am I not surprised that the shill faggot's weak point is literacy?

File: 22e2d710c13fe40⋯.jpg (42.89 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 7a9080893a08105bb18e67236b….jpg)




If the links disappear, add kys/(invitecode)

or t.me/(link thing)

File: 16b9085003cff7d⋯.webm (7.11 MB, 352x288, 11:9, 1464569104801.webm)


Bringing sexy back

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Not same anon

>Are you seriously comparing

No, he made an observation that the girl didn't seem to be under duress.

>pretending to be an intellectual human being and a morally corrupt fuck

Those two things aren't mutually exclusive, You can be both smart and immoral, More over he didn't claim to be either. Again he made an observation that triggered you.

-" I was merely reporting what was there, nothing else."

>you are on 8chan

Where do you think you are right now?

>Blah blah society, snowflake, waste my time

Is you venting just like the bitch he called you out for being here >>32780

Give it up and go back to fapping to girls submitting to a dog pounding

*On a site note, the vid was removed long before I got here



>...on a board that does NOT give a fuck.

I've seen a lot of logical discussion and good post dumps. There are now also a lot of ZP refugees here, most of which wouldn't tolerate such a video.

You and the others like you I suspect to be in the extreme minority, but have big mouths. You aren't alone, though; the world seems controlled by the 0.01% with big mouths and a lot of social media followers giving the illusion that the vast majority want the world this way or that.



There's a big difference between "tolerating" the video and "giving a fuck" about it. Unless you're a newfag, you know goddamn well that CP gets posted all over this site on a daily basis, same as gore shitposts and stale memes. Just report it and move on. Don't sit there and comment "Oh, that poor abused little girl, my heart goes out to victims of such depravity..." and then expect to win brownie points by showing off your fine moral fiber.

The "anyone who doesn't think pedophiles should be tortured to death and that CP is the ultimate evil in the world is definitely a pedophile!" shit has got to stop. It doesn't help anyone. You think I want to see little girls with dogs? FUCK YOU! I don't even particularly like WOMEN with dogs! I'm here for the dog dick, nothing more.




THIS. This is what I want to see, as often as possible. NEW Amateur content. What sites have new clips up like this the first and most often? Where it's NEW, AMATEUR stuff, right as it is available online? Haven't found any in months.



I just can't comprehend the idea that someone would give a single fuck. A girl filmed herself naked on the internet and it gets posted around and you think thats a crime against humanity. You probably wouldn't even have known she was underage rather than just petite. Seriously, why do you give a single fuck about something like that?

Its like banning a video of a dog fucking a girl because its animal abuse when the dog is clearly fucking the girl on his own. Do you think you are saving a child like some kind of white knight? I really just don't understand why someone would be such a massive faggot about this kind of stuff. Especially here of all places.

File: 1466176909228.jpg (183.9 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 6ac81d31.jpg)


What ever happened to her? I can't seem to find any news about her, and I can't find her on the artofzoo website.

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you mean with the wrong audio track?


would kill for nudes of her before she was tatted, but i know those will probably never surface


File: cff19054efcfb7c⋯.jpg (99.92 KB, 500x564, 125:141, 0D0E49D.jpg)

Closest I got without tattoos


File: f648490904954df⋯.png (74.15 KB, 255x170, 3:2, ClipboardImage.png)

Anyone can send the link of this video ? thx


Anyone have her old photobucket pics?

File: b53a163768fa7e6⋯.jpg (54.75 KB, 400x400, 1:1, IMG_20171025_204918.jpg)


@Cupidthedeer the Fursuit Zoo

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Apparently there is a video. Hopefully it's out there somewhere. Would love to see it.


He wasn't in suit when he recorded it. So why bother


The video could be a good example of what not to do.




Just goes to show you. If you ever break up with a woman, make sure to beat her into a coma so she can't blackmail you later.

File: 3025af3002919ef⋯.gif (8.17 MB, 1080x608, 135:76, Albion The Enchanted Stall….gif)


What I am looking for are ANY movies that have animal genitals showing. It can be Male or Female just so there is a Clear View of it. For males I don't want movies showing just the sheath. No porno movies rated R and lower. Here is a sample of what I am looking for.

Movie is called Albion The Enchanted Stallion.

I'm wondering if I'm the only person that gets a little turned on when I see animal genitals in a movie you wouldn't think would have it. Sorry for the poor quality gif.

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You wouldn't happen to remember which western? I think he did a few.



More than "a few"... Prior to Star Trek, he was in dozens, maybe even hundreds, of westerns, on both the big and small screens. He showed up on the series Wagon Train often.

The one western that stands out in my mind for "best animal doings" was one that Clint Eastwood was in - I'm damned if I can remember the title, but the scene has Clint and a female doing the picnic thing, and partway through, their two horses get it on - on camera.



I did a search for some clips to hint me of a film title, but nothing stood out. The only other scene from the movie I remember was he was drawn on, turned his back so the other guy didn't shoot. Then he tried to spin-and-quick-draw and got himself shot. Game over for Kelly in that movie.


I think this comes pretty close to it. Classic scene.




Ohhhhh that sucks man stupid YouTube must have censored it cause I'm not seeing any genitals in your video link.

File: 4fe87ddec49faf3⋯.jpg (53.51 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, 8e16639d334eab83aca1bd23c3….jpg)

File: ef8ebf097d8b688⋯.jpg (62.51 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, 3295343a89cc34517fd9114c15….jpg)


where is seamless- flow?

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They should increase the bitrate especially when people are paying for content i think.

Look at tube sites even youtube and what they provide for free https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/2853702?hl=en

Surely for paying customers it should be the best quality it can be not cutting corners just to save petty cash on bandwidth.



And are you still waiting for videos to get leaked? Otherwise, if you know a magical way to get some new movies, we all would love to hear. K9Lady sells ID watermark-free stuff along with nice image quality (1080p +/- 5000 kbps bitrate) but unless good bitches like Vixen, Lise and Jenny move there, there's no other way. I don't mind about the logos on the corners of the videos. Sure, maybe you can buy some clean footage directly from the models, like buying from Vixen herself or something. But that wouldn't be cheap.


It's not the worse, but even a 1080p video can be crap quality if the bitrates are too low.


Is someone else having to pay insane Bitcoins fees? I need to buy like 6 Seamless Credits to complete enough Credits for a movie but the network is charging at least $32 in fees. WTF. I had to pay less than $2 in fees a month ago or so. Absolutely not viable.


anyone know how long we have to wait until all these movies from the new sites will get leaked?

how long did it take last time?



Hint: Don't use coinbase

File: 1414820994001.webm (7.58 MB, 400x300, 4:3, internal_husky.webm)


Happiness is a warm puppy
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File: 03499540d020bb3⋯.png (214.33 KB, 500x376, 125:94, screenshot.png)

Does anybody knows what movie is this?

All I know is that the original vid had a MMP logo and that the lab bitch is the same from those Petlust vids.





We need more video of guys fucking chihuahua bitches. There are a few on GB, but need more, and more we can download.






He is on the jail.

File: a24a0bcd08b66d7⋯.jpg (500.34 KB, 1900x1425, 4:3, 1469284090816-1.jpg)


While porn socket is down I stumbled upon pornfey.com

Little ads and lots of content.




Weird I know that's Lise (Eloa Lombard) but can't find this video, any link?


A site with no ads and no adblock is what we want not a clone of pornsocket where they are doing the same thing.

Also do they provide HD like pornsocket or no ?

From checking their site i see logos on the videos what allot of people really hate includding myself and i remember this site in the past it also had some anti-adblock crap i think my adguard extension might be removing it though.




aweosme pic, someone has sauce?


File: d95363f160a6b85⋯.jpg (46.24 KB, 545x600, 109:120, bbf-bbq-double-down1_grand….jpg)


Bobby Brown has. Even in different flavors.

File: 5866fa03e7978f3⋯.png (574.42 KB, 802x421, 802:421, bnrtsr.png)


There's a 10-second teaser on Pornoscket. Anyone got lucky?


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At this point we take what we can get when it comes to pig stuff. Beastforums has a ton of girls claiming to have access to pigs/boars, but none of them post pics. Honestly, i think they are just fakes. They love to talk about that corkscrew dick, but then other people say that its impossible for it to "lock" into a human females womb.

At this point, id take any pics or videos of a good damn breeding and the mess afterwards. Ive seen pretty much all the pig-related videos available to the public, and they all end before we get to see the aftermath or any kind of expanded stomach.



>other people say that its impossible for it to "lock" into a human females womb

Not sure if it's possible, but it would result in screaming agony and probably lots of bleeding.



I wouldn't say it's "impossible", just highly improbable. What most people don't know (and really, who can blame them - most people into this stuff just like the fantasy of it) is that in pig mating it's actually the sow holding the boar via her cervical pads which swell and "grab" him, it's not the other way around. Humans do not have this anatomical feature, thus nothing that "holds" the boar. If they by any chance happen to go there (and not many things can "accidentally" go into a cervix, it just doesn't work like that) it'd probably be very painful and cause severe injuries.

Source: Me, F, farm girl, knows how a womb and pig breeding works.


File: 8df558ba490fc18⋯.jpg (84.88 KB, 405x405, 1:1, 8df.jpg)




how is paying by amazon giftcard anonymous?

crypto is the best option and even that can be traced

File: c7b7bec55d082a5⋯.jpg (67.16 KB, 944x632, 118:79, Untitled.jpg)


Anyone have video of a woman describing having sex with her dog/getting knotted? Videos sort of related, but they're pretty tame.



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Nice find but her pussy is different, the ole girl has a youtube page among others somebody offer her a few bucks to do a porn vid I mean she fucks niggers what can be worse ?



What is with people's damn obsession with "niggers" in this thread?



It's just /pol/ leaking onto every corner of this place.



Her nigger boyfriend helps with her scams in threads exactly like this one, so you can understand the suspicion.



I'm convinced all the posts are from one pimple-faced retard who doesn't like pretty blondes.

File: e05da341eabb1f6⋯.png (4.02 KB, 189x55, 189:55, Picture.png)


So yeah, lots of good video is in private, is there a way to like bypass it so we can download/watch it? it would be so wonderful.

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For an unknow reason, I can't manage to get the link from this video, it may be deleted, because I can't even see it :/


Error CW02-1926580


Xrares seems to have done an update, none of their stuff is working currently.



Just change the number with the number of the video.



would you mind adding yourfreeporn.tv its like lovehomeporn.com but with more content.

File: 120e7545cb720ef⋯.gif (2.74 MB, 200x200, 1:1, 46c.gif)


Full natural gay dog sex.

You're welcome


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male horse getting nailed.. full penetration .. bottom has hard on, entire time

After pullout .. cam pans back while bottom blows his load.



donkeys, bottom get frustrated he not getting nailed yet and back up farther under





THIS is the shit that we're all looking for. That's legit gay sex between animals.

If anyone has one for dogs, that's how it should look like.


Come on, someone post their secret stach of REAL gay dog porn.



Horses and especially donkeys seem to really enjoy being anally penetrated; dogs, not so much.

File: d5d98c3561b3d5f⋯.jpg (139.47 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, DCpgFZzXsAAR-G2.jpg)

File: 2e5b62e9d0102dd⋯.jpg (74.76 KB, 600x551, 600:551, DCSiZiuXgAAAqHw.jpg)


Yes, I know, super specific, but I may as well push it where I can. Due to the nature of the board I'm going to be pretty fucking specific as to who I'm letting in... I'm sure you can understand.

Anyway, if there's anyone in WI or who visits FREQUENTLY interested, message me on TELEGRAM @akelaz

Don't spam me if you're not please. :3

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>requires a phone number to login

Retarded phoneposter.




Yeah maybe put that in your original post you fucking sperg fuck, You post recruiting strangers but don't let them in, alright then. Retard Logic.



Muddy the waters of fucking dogs, lol the elite club, the few the proud the dog fuckers.


Always looking for more. Obviously given some of the sentiment shown in this thread you can expect there to be a bit more vetting required. If you've seen any of my posts elsewhere, I'd suggest going through those mediums for initial contact.



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