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File: e05da341eabb1f6⋯.png (4.02 KB, 189x55, 189:55, Picture.png)


So yeah, lots of good video is in private, is there a way to like bypass it so we can download/watch it? it would be so wonderful.



so how do you find private videos?



go here http://www.x18.xxx/zoofilia/

It should show some private video and normal video



Grabbed a few great vids... Till I got an error on some of them... apparently, they're not working on all videos.



Does anyone know if there was a fuller version of this? I think I've seen one on Gaybeast, but I can't remember the title, nor how long it was... Love to have the fuller version. TIA




seems to be mostly men fucking animals.


Hopefully you guys don't exploit it too much so it doesn't get fixed.

But here, found it on my own accord.

Step one: Click the link you want to watch that is private.

Step two: You should get something along the lines of "¡Este video es privado!

Debes estar registrado y ser amigo de [username] para poderlo ver."

Right click the page and click "view page source".

Step 3: You'll see a bunch of junk. ctrl+F and find "var evideo_vkey = '[EMBED KEY HERE]'"

Copy the key without the quotes.

Step 4: Congratulations, you have access to every private video on the website. In the url, change it to: "http://www.x18.xxx/zoofilia/embed/[the embed key you copied]"

Step 5: Enjoy your zoo.



One thing I forgot to add, this works on literally every video. Haven't found an exception. The only thing it doesn't work on is galleries/pictures, picture sure those are impossible without an account/friendship with the person.



It works great!



I tip my imaginary fedora to you anon.

I could only ask if you could try to find a way to bypass gaybeast.


Hello, thanks for the tips.

Can you give us the tips for BestialityLovers.com

Thanks in advance.



Took like two minutes.

Functions nearly the same way, seems all these sites with this similar layout tend to.


To find the embed key, do the same thing.

1: Click on the video you want to view.

2: Right click - view page source.

3: ctrl+f "var evideo_id"

4: Congrats, you have the embed key. Plug it in to the link I showed above and your golden.



U know how acess gaybeast private video??



No, you can't unless it's on an external website. Gaybeast doesn't have any embed codes, not any public ones anyways.



I can't get that link to work man, have they fixed it already or am I doing something wrong?



Lmao, same anon here.

Alright, I figured it out. You guys better suck my dick for this.


If you don't want the explanation, skip down to the steps.

It's not convenient but it works to get private gaybeast videos.

First thing I noticed is that on the main website, the actual video isn't at all loaded or shown if it's a private video. Not if you're on a normal account, at least. What we need to find is the m3u8 file. It's not available on the normal site, but it IS available on http://www.men-and-animals.com/ . However they denied the access to the website; but it doesn't matter, because it still lists the m3u8.

However, if you've used men-and-animals.com before you'll know that videos over 3 minutes don't work. If you try, you'll just get a blank page with "ERROR". This doesn't give us any information, so sadly, we can't use this method for those. Anyways, as long as we have the link to the m3u8 file, you have the video.

So here's the steps.




1: Find the video on GayBeast.com that you want. For this method it must be 3 minutes or under.

2. Get the url. It should be https://www.gaybeast.com/movie/[numbers_here]/[video_title_here]. Only the numbers and video title matter.

3. Go to men-and-animals.com/gallery/[numbershere]/[video_title_here]

4. You should be brought to a webpage, and it should show "Cannot load M3U8: crossdomain access denied".

5. Right click the page, "view page source".

6. ctrl+f and find "file: 'http://streaming.gaybeast.com/[bunch_of_jibberish_here].

7. Copy the link without the quotes.

From here there's a video methods. Either find a website that can host m3u8 videos, or use a media player that can use a network stream. In this case I'll be using VLC as an example.

You might want to use a proxy for this, but it's your life.

8a.1) Find a website that streams m3u8 files. Just type in "m3u8 player" into google. The first "https://www.hlsplayer.net/" seems to work.

8a.2) Copy the link in the url bar, and you're set.

8b.1) This uses VLC in this example. Open VLC, and under the "Media" dropdown in the top left corner, select "Open Network Stream...".

8b.2) Under "Please enter a network URL:", put in the url you copied earlier and hit "play", and you're set.


You're doing it right. Just checked it, the method no longer seems to be working.

They mentioned they had an issue with the server, so there's a chance that either the method no longer works, there's a different way of doing it, or that the sever is currently migrating and there's some kinks in the website that they need to work out before the method works again. In the meantime I'll let you know if I can find anything.




After giving it another look it's definitely on their end, and there's no way it's intentional. Videos that are supposed to be public (and therefore are "allowed" to be embed) also don't work, so it's just their website is currently fucked up.


After some more work, I figured out how to bypass gaybeast videos larger than 3 minutes using the method I've shown above.

If people show enough interest I'll show how. Let me know. Otherwise I'll keep it private for now.



Yes please. There's a few vids over 3 minutes I've been wanting to check out for a while now.



I would also like to know how.


If you would be so kind and share it with us, please.


Alright, I'll share it.

It uses mostly the same method as above. I noticed that for the "http://streaming.gaybeast.com/[bunch_of_jibberish_here]", all of the links were identical except for one part.

Every link for every video on gaybeast uses this: "http://streaming.gaybeast.com/ae861865-7e59-48f5-ad4d-31ad3b19c4d5/_definst_/mp4:[NUMBERS_HERE].mp4/playlist.m3u"

I pretty quickly recognized the "numbers here" to be md5. And thankfully, they're not salted. And better yet, all the md5 hashes are is the post number of that video.

So here's how it goes.

1: Find the video you want to watch.

2: Look at the url. It should look like this: "https://www.gaybeast.com/movie/[Number Here]/[Video Title]"

In this case, all that matters is the number. Copy it.

For example, if the video I wanted was "https://www.gaybeast.com/movie/86664/real_dog_blowjob_dog_sucks_man", I would copy "86664".

3: Go online and find an md5 converter. Use whatever one you want. For this example I'll just use the one at http://www.md5hashgenerator.com/

4: Take the post number you copied before. Enter it into the box, and click "generate". Next to "your hash", you'll have the md5 fingerprint required for this method. Copy this.

If using the same video form before, "86664"'s hash is "8a844213f1ae29efaf836ffe63805fe6".

5: Use the link from before. "http://streaming.gaybeast.com/ae861865-7e59-48f5-ad4d-31ad3b19c4d5/_definst_/mp4:[NUMBERS_HERE].mp4/playlist.m3u"

For the [NUMBERS_HERE], input the hash. Make sure there's no brackets or quotes, and that you copied everything.

6: You can now watch this video using the method in my previous post. Refer to steps "8a" and "8b" in my previous post.

Congratulations /zoo/, you can now watch any video on gaybeast.com.



Whoops, sorry, 86664's hash comes out to be 064128ef59aebb59f1761c033f75bf93. That's just the example though, it doesn't matter.


Thanks for the instruction, but I did it all exactly as you said, but neither VLC nor hlsplayer works for me.



What happens when you try?




Thanks! It works with VLC. I tried some virds under 7 mins so far. I'm looking for some vids from last month that could not watch with the upload creadits.

The only downside is that I hoped it could play the "premium" caledonian ones, but it is not working for one of those 9715 / pounding the dog.

But thanks for the tutorial.




When I try using VLC it says:

"Your input can't be opened: VLC is unable to open the MRL 'streaming.gaybeast.com........"

The online method just says: Stream not found



Thanks, it works for me. It's not working for some video, maybe they are too old, i don't know.


It is because you need to put .m3u8 not m3u , he missed type



Incorrect, both extensions work.




Turns out that some videos have different hash functions. Not sure what kind of cipher they are, though. I need to look into it some more.



I'm a bit stuck here. The hash is 64 bits; following the "mp4:" on certain videos (namely the ones where md5 decryption doesn't work) you'll see a forward slash followed by a pair of numbers. Not sure if this is the salt or what.It seems to be exclusively on older videos.

I'm not a programmer nor do I work with cryptology or computer security. So if anyone wants to help out, let me know. Until then I'll look more into it.


The x18 trick made it extremely easy to download videos.

So... i wonder, is there a way to download videos from videoszoofilia.org?

The two sites kinda looks the same in my opinion, so i thought maybe there's a similar method to rip videos?



Okay never mind, it's the same thing... kind of.




It's been almost a month, and the embed still leads to a blank page. Would this have anything to do with how the site deals with Flash Player?




It doesn't work anymore. It was working for a while and soon after I released the method here, there was some more progress made in this thread: >>8288

In the same thread a person reported the method to the website owners and it has since been patched.


The embed just seems to be broken. There's sort of a lead I have with another site they host on. If you inspect element, public videos will be hosted on http://obiwan.megaxtreme.net/[some_hash].mp4

The hash does not seem to be plain and is probably salted.

If you view the page source you'll find: "http://megaxtreme.net/stream/view.php?id=[hash]

The first 32 digits are what I presume to be some salted md5, the last 12 digits are base 64. The base 64 (decrypted) is always four digits followed by ".mp4".

That's all I can tell you for the time being.


Any idea if a trick like this would work in a place like

http://pornscum.com/videos?c=25 ?



Will any of these tricks work on Thisvid? I've occasionally seen zoo stuff pop up in private and I'd love to grab it before it gets deleted.



Now the player loads, but upon attempting to access the video, the following appears:

"A username and password are being requested by http://www.bestialitylovers.com. The site says: 'what are you searching?'"



Now the website doesn't load at all.



Can confirm, this shit pops up even for non-private videos.




I found that bestialitylovers stores all of their videos as http://www.bestialitylovers.com/media/videos/flv/[NUMBER].flv but accessing the videos still requires password authentication.



You don't really need to play it, right click on the play box and select "save the link as..." as quick as you can.







these guys seem to be from some spanish/european network

we got /download_hd.php?id=*vid_number*

or /media/videos/iphone/#.mp4


uses .mp4 video from


which gaybeast uses so it's from that greedy jew owner

for flash video they use


only thing to do is find out how to get the link to hashed filename from private videos on bestialitylovers.

we still have a ton of gaybeast vids on


no way to keep any new exploit public since that fucking jew will find out anyway


you guys know any other websites?

i got



that lux-something site


In general the hash for the bestialitylovers videos is predictable. You have a bit that appears static (maybe associated with the domain?):


with [videonumber].mp4 encoded in base64 appended.

e.g. :

MTExMzMubXA0 is 11133.mp4 for video 11133 and the entire hash for it would be 248b40937873e4edb7b3e21719dd6b72MTExMzMubXA0

so the embedded iframe for it is http://megaxtreme.net/stream/view.php?id=248b40937873e4edb7b3e21719dd6b72MTExMzMubXA0

Works for like 90+% of the videos.


Anyone have a good script or auto ripper for pornsocket.com


Used to use the following Kodi addon to watch pornsocket videos but it stopped working.


Any help much appreciated.


Is there a way to bypass animalsexhost.com

Or would someone need to get a membership?



They fixed the method explained here #19679

Anyone knows how to go thru' now?

(Just in case i did it wrong, im talking about the x18 zoo source code thing)



No, it works perfectly. I just tried it.

For all the others: I made a small Firefox Addon which automagically shows the videos for private x18 videos (and soon to come for the other platforms too): http://www19.zippyshare.com/v/nZuHLR8o/file.html



Small addition: I am an Idiot. Currently only for the zoophiles part of x18


Works great, thanks man


Hi, is there even still a way to watch private video in x18.xxx? seems like all method i tried are failed



The method described in >>19679 still works. Try the Firefox addon as seen in >>25523 does this quite nice, but I am going to publish a new version very soonish.



The add-on won't install. My Firefox say NO.


Someone knows how to view and download private videos from bestialitylovers.com


Trying to get some videos from bestialitylovers.com and I have tried the methods described in:

>>19736 - Only brings up a save as for the player.swf

>>23523 - Getting 404 errors. IS this site still hosting the videos? Even the example is not working.


Pulling up the page source still shows the same megaxtreme.net address and path, but the videos on the site actually do not seem to be working either. Perhaps there are issues with the video host?



Shit site, thrown in the towel closing down or something its been like it for days already and shows no signs of improvement except all the phishing scams and malware filled ads they display and now with their content gone fuck them.

Plenty of other sites to rip from.

They had nothing unique or different from every other site anyway.


To get access to private photo albums on www.pornfay.com what you need to do it use the follow address


To get the filenumber first find the album you want to view, then find the nearest public album below the one you want. Open it and view the last photo in a new tab. From there count all the photo's from all the albums between the one you want and the one your looking at and add that number to the filenumber of the image you are viewing.

So say there are 3 albums between the two albums totalling 40 pictures and the number you have 52600, add the 40 and your good to go... Give or take one a few



This was posted on the pornsocket.com forum perhaps you would like to see how many sites that jew has all on the same server.

http://zoosbook.com IP = http://ipinfo.io/

All Websites hosted on that IP by the same person


http://bestialzoo.org IP = http://ipinfo.io/

All Websites hosted on that IP by the same person


http://bestialitytaboo.tv IP = http://ipinfo.io/

All Websites hosted on that IP by the same person


http://zoofilia.x18.xxx IP = http://ipinfo.io/

All Websites hosted on that IP by the same person


http://bestialitylovers.com IP = http://ipinfo.io/

All Websites hosted on that IP by the same person


http://animalsexfun.com IP = http://ipinfo.io/

All Websites hosted on that IP by the same person


http://artofzoo.com IP = http://ipinfo.io/

All Websites hosted on that IP by the same person


http://en.luxuretv.com/channels/76/zoophilia/ IP = http://ipinfo.io/

All Websites hosted on that IP by the same person




anny budy got more of this

hat jemand mehr davon


If anyone need, I've created a little PHP script that can deliver every video from bestialitylovers.com, private or not. You can also download all the video with this script.

You can found it at http://testimg.net16.net/2.php



You should post the source code on pastebin or someting.

Also do the same for other sites / domains.



What ever others was posted / mentioned in this topic.


26668 - I will give a try for some website, I've done the same for pornfay, but since was shutted down... (That the page /1.php)

For the source code, I think if I post it, there is a huge chance that the owner will change the security method to break my code




Thanks a lot you evil genius!! This is like the modern re-enactment of discovering the wheel!



I've just cheched, pornfay is back up again, with a new URL, .se, so i've updated my initial script to make it work again, and you can now do the same as bestialitylovers on pornfay.se, with the script at this URL : http://testimg.net16.net/1.php

For the other suggested website, I dont see the point of doing the same, as they dont have "private" videos, or pay to watch videos.



I've already spend tons of time on gaybeast, and they're using a paid streaming service, and it is really secured, all that i can done is to provide a way to download the video, but nothing more for "members" videos.

They're actually using Wowza Streaming Engine 4 with the addon Wrench, and the URL is salted, and also protected by IP, wich means that after the lenght of the video, you'll need to regenerate the URL.

Too much work for me, and I dont want to mess with a real and legal streaming service...



If you want to learn more on how gaybeast video system work, if you want to give it a try




That site is so shit and unreliable who the fuck still uses places that will offline for months like this.

Plenty of better places.

Can we get a ripper for sites that don't have the shitty pornfay etc logo on videos.



If you say so, I will try to add more website, but give me the one that you want to bypass !

Also, you guy's rock, in only ~19 hours, you've bypassed more than 1.100 videos, on both pornfay & bestialitylovers !





yespornplease, bestialitytaboo, pervertslut, luxuretv, madnessporn -> Not any hidden videos, and you can download them by right clicking -> download.

For porntopic, you even have a download link in the bottom of the page...

The main goal was to be able to view (and download) every videos from a website, not to make a list of website



Yes but the tool makes it easy rather than search through the page source....



You don't even have to search through the page source, you play the video, then you right click on it, and click "save the media" or something like that


You guys seem to like my lill' tool, 1400 videos processed in 24h, about a video every minutes, keep goin' !



Ok but will you stop looking, now? I'm trying to fap here.



Would it not be nicer to add a stats page to show number of downloads.

Also did you add the private videos from http://www.videoszoofilia.org/videos?o=mr&type=private&c=0&t=a



Done, that was very easy, and it's on :


This time, since this site use only flv movie (flash), I've used a flash player for the streaming of the movie. You can still download the movie, I've added a little link at the bottom of the video.



Would it be possible for you to add http://www.bestialitytaboo.tv/ when you get a chance? They seem to have a lot of different/good private content. Thanks for all you have done already btw.




Made your llinks show private only since it is more helpful too.




Done, also a very easy one, you can find it at http://testimg.net16.net/4.php


Can you link me a private video ? I can't find one


Also, I've add a minimalist main page, where you can find the link to the differents scripts, http://testimg.net16.net/



Will it be for just zoo sites or you can add other sites private areas too ?



I can add whatever you want, if the website security isn't too high :)




How many fappers now?



From the 21/07 to the 22/07, ~600



Done, you can find it at http://testimg.net16.net/5.php



And for today, 1100 videos processed (aka fappers)



AAAAAND for today, for the one who wanted some stats: 1900 videos processed.

Videoszoofilia.org - 2.8%

X18.xxx - 11.2%

Xrares.com - 23%

Bestialitylovers.com - 25.5%

Pornfay.se - 37.5%

You guy's are skyrocketting the numbers today !



Are you logging our IP numbers too, Mr. NSA?



Nah, on the free web Hosting service that I use (000webhost), you can't see a damn thing, so I'm creating my own stats. The work is currently in progress, but for now, you can see the number of videos processed per website here, and that is just to see the website usage:


(Each number represent the number of video processed, the first for 1.php, the second for 2.php...)

And as you know, IP is public, and I can bet anything that every website (especially the porn one) collect a way more data than you think :)




Can you do animalsexhost.com ?


File: aceefc2a91f11e0⋯.jpg (129.35 KB, 800x1005, 160:201, 130e822b1b34bfedb12d5a99ac….jpg)


Are you surprised? Men commit 90% of the rape while being 50 percent of the population. Not even animals are safe.



000webhost sucks... they managed to lose all of their user's passwords.



Uh, oh... leftard on the loose.

Check your manbun, murse and tutu at the door please.



But hey, they're free...



The only thing I can get you is the "preview" movie, the full content is available under a wordpress shop, not (at least easily) accessible "freely"...


2100 videos processed today, the number rises every days !




Thanks. Can you do thisvid.com ?



If you would be so kind. It seems to be separate from just x18.xxx. Thanks!



I will check that today, and if it's true, I'll make another script for it.

I'll also give a try on this video.com



You were right, they use a separate URL for zoo videos.

They've also changed their golbal URL, so I've made the update.

Since they dont use the same url for zoo videos, i've added a checkbox, you need to check it for the zoo videos, and uncheck it for normal video.



Works great, thank you! Only downside I can find is the check box unchecks every time you search for something. Other than that, it's awesome.



I was in a hurry when I made this, now the checkbox remember your last choise, have fun :)



For thisvid.com, they also use a paid streaming service, with all sorts of security features, and I'm unable to bypass them. If someone want to give a try, they are using KVS Player from the website kernel-scripts(dot)com. There is way too much unknow encrypted and salted keys to bypass their system, sorry.



Yep, that did the trick. Thanks a million!



Nous problems dude, enjoy your content ;)


I've added a short text in the index page to explain how to use the site.

I've also added more info on the stats page, we can now see the average number on video processed daily ( www.testimg.net16.net/stats.php )



Please could you have a look at this one? Only the videos under 2 minutes are free



File: 1e89b61397c0911⋯.gif (1.91 MB, 300x228, 25:19, 1449095788007.gif)


ewww gross.

That's the bad kind of bestiality



Says that the website is sleeping.



Website doesn't seem to be working anymore sadly, says it's sleeping whatever that means. :(


since the general ripping site seems to be down here's the updated x18 link for the zoo section


same as the first post in the thread


Uh, 000webhost have actually suspended the website for "Violation of the TOS" and "cannot be restored"



Thanks, works great!



If anyone know a less regarding host, so I coud reupload thoses scripts, that will be awesome



I can give you space. Just need a way of giving you info.



I have managed to make the website up again, and I've made a fresh backup of the website.

If you want to contact me, i've just created a email for this purpose:


Anyway, thanks for the proposal !



000webhost say they "can't find any files that would have triggered the suspension" so they've unsuspended the website, but actually it has been reported by SiftScience for hacking activities, so it will happen again I think ;)


Also, who the f*k tried some SQL attack on the website... His purpose is to share my work freely, if you can try to not destory it, that will be awesome...


Added the website LoveHomePorn.com, it have "premium" videos that you can't normally watch. It's a "regular" website, but hey, I was able to bypass them !

Sorry for the lack of downloading option, but they're using some anti cross-scripting options, and i can't do much serverside (I dont want to start some .js programming, never done that before).

So, as always, have fun ;)




Someone get rid of this CP trash!



sent to you... its from a secure email, password is in ( ) 's on subject. Just remove when you reply back.



Sorry, but I didn't get any password on the subject, only "Confidential email from", and nothing more :/



its your domain name, without the .net or anything else. testimg



Thanks, replied.

I wasn't able to see the subject of the mail without the pw, so since you wrote it in the subject... ;)


I know it has no zooporn but this page is very good, hopefully they can find a solution to watch the private videos





Already exist someone will need to host it for you or run the scripts yourself.



I'm working on it, but what you gave me is the "old" bypasser, and isn't working anymore.

I'm not the only one trying to bypass them, but, like the website "thisvid.com", they're using KVS Player, a paid streaming solution, and this isn't easy to bypass them.

Active reddit thread for the one who want to help us :



Know if it's possible to rip from http://zootopiafs.se/ A lot of great videos locked behind 1 minute limit.



Sorry, but on this website, they only stream a minute of video, nothing more. I've checked, they dont host the full movie here, and since you need to pay to download it, I have not any example of downloading URL to work. :(



X18 but it's from gaybeast. It's an Emu, it's a free vid



anybody got a bypass for upstore or an upstore account?



Here is how I do it.

View page source :

Grab video file URL from HTML source.

video_url: 'LINK WILL BE IN HERE',

We only want this part of the video file url.


The stream outputs byte ranges so thats why direct link access does not work. Unless you provide it the range you want.


Full working example.


It is very simple and easy.



Could you set up a way to rip private videos off of pornspark.com.



Done for PornSpark.com, you can found it here:



Hrange wont work if the file is too big, and will return an error.

The major problem is to find out how to get the hash part for a premium video. You can get it for a regular video, but nnot for a premium video...



Thanks to him, we've moved the website to a more stable stable server, and it will no longer have "Sleeping website" and others !

I've setting up an automatic redirect, and the new website URL is now:




is this possible for the cam section of pornfay i have try with tool already build for pornfay but cam section video work difrently



10/10 bookmarked.



The cam part of pornfay is managed by highwebmedia.com, also know as chaturbate.com.

I've looked up, and I don't want to dig it up, it's a real mess to get all thoses chunks of file back, they are using private tockens for authentificating URL etc...



You do know that is just a advertisement.

luxuretv.com other sites has the same stupid cam section you are just clicking on a advertisement for chaturbate.com


Looks like pornfay has gotten their shit back together (Up until roughly noon my time today, the newest postings they had showing were from almost 2 months ago) but in the process, apparently broke your see/download script - *EVERYTHING* I've tried throwing at it from pornfay now gives the same results - an example using movie "30059" follows:

<copypasta begins>

Warning: simplexml_load_file(http://pornfay.se/media/nuevo/config.php?key=30059): failed to open stream: HTTP request failed! HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found in /home/testimg/1.php on line 15

Warning: simplexml_load_file(): I/O warning : failed to load external entity "http://pornfay.se/media/nuevo/config.php?key=30059" in /home/testimg/1.php on line 15

<copypasta ends>



video_url: 'function/0/HTTP://URL-HERE/'

Just grab it from the HTML page source.

They are either using KVS or AVS





They're now using the same player as camwhores.tv, and it's a mess to bypass.

Actually, I was chatting with a guy who have bypassed their system, I'll try to get his source code and adapt it to pornfay.se...

For now, I'll disable the pornfay.se link, since it don't work anymore.



Well just like Kodi and python apps do to scrap the videos out of web pages, You can always just grab it from the HTML by looking for the video_url function.

But what a malware infested shithole that site is.


Update for pornfay.se bypass : daymwk, from 8ch, will adapt their bypass for pornfay.se I send me the required files.

Feel free to thanks him for his work on 8ch !


Website is down for some maintenance on the server, please be patient, >>27313 is doing his best :)



If you don't want to wait, just add to your windows hosts file this line : testimg.ml

Direct IP access will not work, sorry


Ok so i just went to pornfay and when i opened private video, in bottom left corner i had option to download it without any problems ... sure it takes some time but you can still watch anything



the site is down... it was working great too. any chance you could fix it or did it get shut down?



The website isn't technically down, that just the nameserver.

I've posted about this just two message above, you can still access the website by adding this line to your windows hosts file if you don't want to wait any longer: testimg.ml


I've done some work to try to get the website back up, using another name server, we'll need to wait for the propagation of the DNS to see if what i've made work :)


The hosts file hack works fine (for those tech-ish enough to deal with it - expect to have to do a LOT of hand-holding for most, and worse, to hear lots of shrieks of "OMG! You made me break my system!" when the incompetent ones screw it up) to get to the "front page", but plugging anything into any of the various options you've got available results in a 404 in every case I've tried since the "hosts hack" post became visible to me. I have to assume that the script(s) you've got going to do the deed try to refer back to themselves in some way that my having the DNS info on my machine can't "fix". Can't see much of anything that's actually going on under the hood, so that's just my best guess from a distance... take it for what it's worth/intended to be - a report of what little I can see.

(Of course, now that I've said something about it, watch it magically start working for everybody else! Ain't that the way it always seems to go? :-P )



Nevermind, got the DNS fixed (Using another one, since the first one given by the host is brocken), everything shoud work fine for now



Everything shoud be good now, the DNS is definitivly working now

-> https://www.whatsmydns.net/#A/testimg.ml

Also, I've fixed the 404 error, since a part of the has broken with this.


so, i tried whatsmydns, modified the hosts file with matching dns, closed all web browsers, then typed your site: testimg.ml, and got "site can't be reached" message. what am i doing wrong, am I missing a step?



ditto here - as of 0900 PDT, I get nothing but timeouts trying to connect to testimg.ml - this is NOT a DNS failure - it resolves to close enough to instantly when I go looking using nslookup, but when I try a traceroute, it takes about 11 hops (from my ISP - all but certain to vary for others) with the typical 40-120ms delays, then as it leaves (This seems to be consistent - appears to be where it lands after a transatlantic jump from New Jersey to the UK) it goes wonky - a variable number of timed out jumps before landing at (which appears to be back in the USA) followed by another variable-count block of timeouts to get to, and after that, nothing but a wall of timeout stars.

pinging testimg.ml shows cnosistent 100% packet loss.

Best guess from here: The machine is behind some flavor of firewall that isn't permitting incoming packets to be seen. Probably works fine locally, but to the outside world, it doesn't exist except as a DNS entry.


Sorry for the delay guys, everything is now working, I'll explain shortly what was going on.

The guy providing me the host server has moved to another server, and was doing it in steps.

The first step broke the DNS server, and I've fixed it by setting up my own DNS.

The second step, where he was moving to another server, changed the website IP, and I was needed to update the DNS, since the 46. IP isn't is not the website IP anymore.

Short answer, everything shoud work correctly now




Man you're a legend. Thanks for the good faps



Any eta update on when the porn fay one will work? Also ty!



ETA for pornfay.se: Working on it, a guy send me a bypass for it but didn't seem to run on this server, I'm talking with him to see if I can get any help



Indeed - Aside from the expected "pronfay aint' working yet", it's performing fine for me now.


File: 525bb33b0d37c56⋯.jpg (172.72 KB, 1922x1035, 1922:1035, BthiPbp.jpg)

I'm quite happy to say that I've, with the help of daymwk, managed to bpass again pornfay.se !

It's working almost perfectly, only got two minor issues:

The video uploaded recently (~ a day) wont work, you just need to wait for them to be working.

The stream don't allow you to move the cursor on the video (You can always download the video by right clicking on it)

Have fun ;)



No sorry, I prefer to be at least a little anonymous here ;)



I think it might be down again. Keep getting redirected to a site that doesn't actually do anything. T_T



Again not "down", but a wrong server configuration after the guy who host the site updated the server. Already reported the error, waiting for his answer



Fixed, online again



Thank you. Also at least for me, Pornfay privates do not work (just black screen video doesn't play) however the other sites do. So ty.



I'm looking for that, it seem that the upgrade from PHP5 to PHP7 caused some issues with simple_xml_load, and also with the streaming method.

I've reported thoses problems, I'm waitig for an eventual fix.

Also, I've made a quicker method to get thoses pornfay.se video, and I've finished a bypass for camwhores.tv, and their 550.000 videos !

As soon as I've fixed the PHP7 problem, I'll release them.



I've also made a bypass for femefun.com, allowing you to watch any "deleted" movie.

It will be available when we've fixed the PHP problem, and the same goes for pornfay.se and camwhores.tv



If you woud add sites like luxuretv.com and madnessporn.com

Aswelll as any other bestiality sites bestialitytaboo.tv etc would be nice and much appreciated.



So, I've fixed the issue with one of my pass method, the one who've brocken pornfay.se bypass.

Since I've fixed this issue, the bypass for pornfay.se is now available.

As Camwhores.tv use the same method, I've release a bypass for it.

I've also released a bypass for femefun.com, and you'll now be able to watch "deleted" video.

And as always, have fun ! ;)



For the new guys here

-> http://testimg.ml/


You are a god among men.


Is jimslip.com/ possible?


Manyvids.com !


Pornsocket perhaps?


Is a bypass for Pornsocket possible, perhaps?



I can't get pornfey and camwhores to work. Tried both firefox and chrome. Is there anything special we have to do that I'm missing?



Just tested on my phone, working like a charm.

I've forgot to say, pornfay, camwhore and femefun update their video content twice a day, so a video uploaded recently may not work, it must have been uploaded at least 12 houts ago in order to work.



Is xrares working? Can't seem to get the videos to load up



They do work but as a example here.


It says 403 forbidden because they are blocking all Referer Header requests other than those that say xrares.com So you need to set your Referer Header.



I see thank you



Just saying LOL, after ~1 min, I've found a way to bypass their system, easy as f*ck.

Ipdating right now the script.



Might have spoken too soon, Still investigating ;)




Found a way to break in again, the bypasser for XRares.com is now working again.

As soon as you find a broken bypass, let me know !


Have no idea the simple request threat I made last year would be this much


on camwhore can't make it work with any video for example


chrome looks like he doing nothing

firefox say MIME format unhandle

IE open media player and say error

all of them are up to date so no idea

i have tested on my phone same result and video was upload 11 month ago on my example



Just tested on my phone, and it worked ...

The bypass method make a list of every video hosted on camWhores every 12 hours, and I've seen, some time, he miss some link, and I don't really know why.

So it may happen for some video, but I dont really know why, and the strange part is when he analyse another time the video, he found a link...

I'll try to fix that, but I'm not sure to found a way


any chance petsex.com is workable?



petsex.com, like gaybeast.com and barnlove.com use Wowza Wrench plugin, a very strong streaming service.

They use a tocken system generated both by the server and the client, hash it using SHA-512, and then compare the two keys to see if they are identicals.

As the tocken contain the video path, the ip, a random salted number and the validity time of the link, there is no way to bypass it at the time.

Unless someone find a way to hack Wowza server (and/or the Wrench plugin), we'll not be able to bypass thoses websites...



Even if we were able to find a way to generate the tocken, as the server will refuse to generate their own (Not autorised account, for private vids), we'll get the usual error 403.

The only think I can do, and it will take some time, is to download "free" videos, something useless


By the way, with the help of daymwk, I was able to get the video controls to work !

For pornfay.se, camwhores.tv and femefun.com, you will now be able to use the media controls !





Tell me what do you want.. I can't see any private / blocked / premium video on thoses website...

Please provide a link to somethink you can't watch.

I don't know what you want me to do on a website that dont block anything..........



HD is one of the things,

http://www.pornsocket.com/ Has HD videos but only shows them to registered users unregistered users get 360p vids.

http://luxuretv.com/channels/76/zoophilia/ only show low quality 360p videos (regardless being logged in) luxuretv also puts logos onto the videos there must be a way to download the original untouched file the user uploaded, I am also very sure that luxuretv does not have any HD content and is only the 360p low quality shit but pornsocket definitely has HD 1080p vids but pornsocket requires you to login for it. And with their anti-adblock and things it would be easier to use something like your service for it. To make it publicly available.

If anything in my opinion you should add them just to allow us to access content without ads and problems of that sort as well as to provide the highest quality file without jumping through hurdles.

Maybe it is asking to much and maybe you don't even know how to obtain their uploads, But it is nice to make life easier. Rather than jumping through hurdles and hoops to get content out of sites.

Here is a list of all the sites I would rather use your service for than have to jump through hurdles and hoops just to get content especially HD content.

All of them either make you register or anti-adblock or something that is hassle. (Some also have private or logged in / registered users only)






http://www.bestialitytaboo.tv/dog-sex/ (Has private vids too)

http://www.bestialitylovers.com/zoo-sex-with-dogs.html (Has private vids too)










I am sure you can find more :


Don't focus on private only because there is HD content and other reasons that we would all like it done for.



Will give a try for some

-> http://www.pornsocket.com/

They've banned a range of server IP, and mine is in it (Cloudfare protection), not sure if I'll be able to do it



PHP file_get_contents or stream

and using some regex. you can search the HTML page contents returned for the MP4 stream link that is within.

Source tags.

<source src="http://media3.luxuretv.com/videos/5/9/9/4/9/59949c79ac533.mp4?md5=ENCRYPTED&expires=UNIX-TIME-STAMP" type='video/mp4'>

Every site either does that or in the case of some of the others their MP4 stream link in the HTML contents is within this.

Search for the Javascript tags.

video_url: 'function/0/http://pornfay.se/get_file/1/url-link-shit.mp4/',



Thanks you, but I know how to do it ;)

Just saying that I cant fetch info from pronsocket.com, cause they've banned a range of IP, and mine is in it



Also, already bypassed pornfay.se ;)



Oh okay, thanks for letting me know. I mean, I think you could try changing your IP address and see how that goes. I dunno how it all works tbh, I'm just wondering if there's a way around that.



He can still grab out of the sources of all the other sites.

Their HTML and MP4 stream links are obtainable, Even some sites are using HTML IFRAMES what you would have to get and then get the MP4 link from.

Bestialitytaboo.tv HTML <iframe example https://www.mujeresdesnudas.club/embed/1112/



Depending on how you connect to the 'net, changing your IP can vary from being easy as breathing to completely impossible.

Some providers give you a new IP (nearly always selected from a specific range unique to each provider - for technical reasons, they can't just pass out IP numbers at random - the 'net would cease working in short order if things were done that way) just by disconnecting then reconnecting. Others assign exactly the same IP every time you connect. In either case, you get what you're given. If the banned range covers the IP number you get, you're hosed.

Sometimes a range-ban can be worked around by using a TOR connection, but many sites are effectively banning TOR by refusing connections from IP ranges known to contain TOR exits. VPNs can work, but like TOR, can be clobbered exactly the same way TOR can be, and on top of that, they frequently cost actual money to use them at all.

Point being, in theory, bypassing an IP range ban is fairly simple. In reality, it's often either impossible, impractical, expensive in terms of either time and effort, real money, or both, or simply not worth bothering.


The hosted server have a static IP (Imagine if it was a dynamic IP, the struggle at every IP update, the need to wait for the DNS to register the new IP...)

I know, there is some way, with VPS / Proxy to get to their website, and I'll try that for layer (I'm quite busy this week and the next one)

For iFrame, i dont really know how to get the content (video) based on their ID system. There is no know table to link their ID to their iFrame, the targetted website change every time and since the goal is to get private video, where we dont have access to the video URL, that will be hard.




Not a bypassing problem, their video is brocken.

On their website it's even saying "The media could not be loaded ..."

Others video working fine


Anyone know how to get private videos from bestialitylovers.com? The method here looks like it would work but asks for a password when you try it.



Example :

This link : http://www.bestialitylovers.com/video/17646/amateur-doggy-deepthroat

Loads iframe :

<iframe scrolling="no" frameborder="0" src="http://megaxtreme.net/stream/view.php?id=248b40937873e4edb7b3e21719dd6b72MTc2NDYubXA0" allowFullScreen></iframe>

What loads in HTML video source javascript :

var player = new Clappr.Player({

source: 'http://obiwan.megaxtreme.net/77032db427edea4f0429e2add13636e4.mp4',

That is your video MP4 link.


Nothing working on pornfay??



That works on public, but what about private videos



Bypass working for pornfay, just tested.



Put the video ID here, it will bypass any video



18:15-ish local time on Sept-29: Pornfay bypasser giving me a box with a darkish-gray background, paler gray "X", with text "Video cannot be played because the file is corrupt." Same result for all files I've tried for the last day or so - old (as in months or even years old) new (as in hours old) public, private - they're all doing the same thing.

Clearly, something is borked. Dunno whether it's the bypasser, pornfay diddling things, or a combination, but it just plain ain't working at the moment.



requesting @guy who made testimg to add zootopiafs.se



You should also check out


Videos Publicos: 23601

Allot of content although allot of duplicate and people re-uploading the same shit but still worthy.


y be a longshot but thios site has some great content.. http://www.malade-de-sexe.com/categories/31/zoophilie/



Very strange, working fine here.

As you may know, this bypass (like the camwhores & femefun one) are based on a tatabase, updated twice a day.

When the database is bein updated, it break the bypass. The updating precess can take up to 10 minutes.

Also, I've seen that some times, the updating process break, and leave the database empty, but I still don't know why.

So this may happen...

I will add a text or something into the streaming method, so you will know if it's a bypass problem or a database problem



Renforced the error status for theses errors, to help users understant the problem:

- The video ID isn't found into the database.

- The video ID is found into the database, but no link can be generated

Updated for Pornfay, femefun, Camwhores


Can't get anything to work on camwhores, most of it being id correct but can't find url



Any ID example ?

I've tried 5 random ID, got 4 on 5 working



I've just strengthen the way I'm updating the DDB for pornfay / camwhores /femefun, it shoud have less problems.

Please report here if you got any problems (On wich bypasser AND wich video ID you got the issue)



Also strengthen the searching method, you'll have less errors "ID is correct, but we can\'t find the URL..."


can you do petsex.com?

Wowza Streaming Engine 4 Subscription Edition 4.7.1 build20635



Wowza engine with Wrench plugin, actually can't be bypassed (like gaybeast and barnlove)




PornSocket added.

You can now watch videos easilty and in HD without desactiving your Adblocker




All 360p not 1080p.... Those are not HD.... We want the HD ones


this is interesting,some great content here as well.... http://www.perversionzoophile.com/porno/zoophilie-cheval



The pornsocket.com bypass I've made use the parameter "?quality=1080" for every video ID.

However, it seem to be useless even when watching the video in their website.

When you watch a video on their website and select the video quality to 1080p, when you inspect the element, it isn't 1080

If anyone got a video where this is "real" 1080p, put the link here, but I think this is just a scam, every videos are on 360p/480p on their website...



Logged in users get HD not guest users.

Also if you want a site where both guests and logged in users get HD content

http://yespornplease.com/search?q=Bestiality That is the only one I know of other than pornsocket that provides HD videos.



Perhaps it should of been a better request for me to ask for this site ( http://yespornplease.com/search?q=Bestiality ) over pornsocket since HD is available for guest users sorry for not pointing that out. Would of been better if we had excersized the preference of that more.





pornsocket does not work? I try to input every number I see, no video load actually...

what am I doing wrong



It is know they actively monitor places like this they probs changed something to intentionally break it. They have a habit of doing that. Not worth the cat and mouse game they like to play i feel.



I see man, thanks for the reply and explaination



Actually, the VPN I was using to bypass this site (Cause they've banned the server IP) got a banwidth limitation, and does not work ATM.

I'm fixing that, be patient






Meh, they've changed the way of encryption of their URL, the bypass is brocken for now for pornsocket.com



Like I said they will keep doing that they monitor this place and others they aint worth it besides we have Yespornplease HD videos from the grabber all we need :)


Is it possible to get www.camvideos.tv added to the sites available?



Thanks for all your work! uflash.tv has a private section, could you add this?


www.shesfreaky.com would be a niceadd


Camwhores.tv broken?



Confirmed broken


actually most the downloaders are broke, anyone know whats up?



OP here, just tested camwhores.tv & bestialitylovers, working fine, can you please provide a link to the brocken video & the bypasser ? Also, if you have an error code, please provide it.

I'm actually unable to add more bypassers soon, got too much work & no free time, but i'll at least try to maintain the provided bypassers.



Error CW02





you should put some ads on your bypasser to itleast get some cash out of it


can you add gaybeast.com


thanks guys for all your work!!!

Pornfay saying video type or MIME not supported.



>you should put some ads

How about no. Ads are already a problem on the sites being bypassed themselves. Don't encourage the spread of the neolib virus.



Error CW02-1771101

Camwhores video ID: 1771101



https://zoofilia.x18.xxx/ doesn't seem to work anymore either on the testimg site nor the handy download option posted here. Did they change their extention or something? Not using MP4 anymore? I'm not very savvy in this sort of thing so I'm at a loss. :(



Just press CTRL+U or right click and view page source and look for.

<source src="https://www.x18.com.es/x18z/media/videos/h264/30413_SD.mp4" type='video/mp4'

CTRLF+F to find

<source src="

That should help you find the mp4 each time.



Actually that site no longer is accessible to adblock users period. DIdn't work even with adblock killer. So the jew is already noticing and trying to destroy us with ads. And we all know that ads on porn sites often have viruses and popups that install malware. Which I will never disable adblock on. Sucks, but we can still guess with codes though.



They switched it again I guess


has worked for everything I've tried



>> help on bypass x18.xxx private video

There is a XML post search bro :)



This seems to work! Ignore the above post, thanks for the help, much appreciated! ^_^


File: 3345e424f34fd80⋯.jpg (195.6 KB, 1298x709, 1298:709, embed.jpg)


This same embed method I posted here almost a year ago still works, for anyone saying that it doesn't.



Error CW01-1653750

The video ID is correct, but we can't find the URL...

^error msg


i wish there was a way to see pictures. now that would be awesome.



>the jew

>implying everything is da jooz's fault

Wonderful analysis, professor. :^)

Also https://zoofilia.x18.xxx is still accessible. You just need to use uBlock Origin instead of shitty Adblock and block all inline scripts on the site. The "anti-adblock" feature is literally just a bunch of JavaScript strewn about.



File: b675563bdadd7ad⋯.jpg (4.87 KB, 247x204, 247:204, Roll Safe.jpg)


>Bunch of java scripts strewn about

Apparently one of them was an anti-tapermonkey script, since it overrides my anti-adblock killer script I had on it.

Also where the hell did this Jew found out about tapermonkey scripts? He is getting harder to take down. (and don't forget about them owning multiple zoo pornsites which may lead to a hefty punishment by the Parisian police if that person is caught)



x18 works for me with noscript, ublock, adguard etc but lately pornsocket is not how can i get it working on pornsocket ?



Yeah, they're a crafty bastard, honestly, but it pays to be one step ahead of 'em.


PornSocket's a little tricky. Sadly I haven't figured out how to circumvent their scripts without breaking anything. Blocking all inline scripts stops the "anti-adblock" functions, but it also stops the video from loading. Doing "Inspect Element" on that hideous red box that pops up shows some of the "anti-adblock" script that's nestled in the site's code. e.g. http://www.pornsocket.com/media/ads/site_ads.js

If anyone could let me in on a way to block certain JavaScript elements from working via uBlock Origin, that'd be greattttt.



doesnt work


someone knows how to download private videos from www.naughtymachinima.com/


testing.ml doesn't seem to get videos from https://zoofilia.x18.xxx/ anymore



I was going to say something when the occurrence started which was a week ago but completely forgot about it until now.





doesnt seem to work for 30571



Is there a bypass for




I tried several approaches described here. Nothing seems to work on those private videos.


http://testimg.ml/2.php doesn't work anymore, halp!



Was down for maintenance. Should be back up.



I need help!



I've been getting nothing but failed-to-connect type messages from testimg.ml for about the last 65 hours or so now. When I tried just a moment ago, I noticed pornfay is failing to connect, too. (As of the timestamp)



>>testing.ml for about the last 65 hours or so

Damn dawg I bet you got a callus dick.



Last time pornfay went down was for 2-3months and they was offline and never said anything then came back online as if nothing had happened they suck and are the most shit site i ever seen.



was they?



Look further up this topic or browse the board to see even search the net for the down time trackers on sites.


pornfay was offline for months earlier this year already it is a shit site.


testimg.ml is not working, I can't access it :(

Any fix?


can't get


from BL

Any ways to get to the DDL link ?


Hey everyones, i'm the creator of testimg.ml.

Since I haven't much time, I can't really update it or fix majors problems ATM.

I've seen that the daily update of the camwhore bypass / pornfay bypass and femefun bypass is down.

If you want to get lastest video, just go to that URL, it force the update of the bypass database.

It was done before via crontasks, but seem brocken.

!!!! Please dont refresh or run multiples tabs at once, as it might result in a loss of some links !!!

Update pornfay list :


Update camwhores list :


Update femefun list :


Just wait for the page to finish loading. At the end, you shoud just have a white page.

-> I've just actualised every database, it shoud be good at this time

And as always, have fun ;)


How about the best beastiality site www.petsex.com ??


Does anyone know how to download from www.camshowcloud.com? This website seems to have everything.. Anyone know a bypass?



Everything... Yah, right. Including wanting to install a bitcoin (or maybe it's one of the BC variants - I didn't let it get far enough to tell for sure) miner, wanting all adblocks disabled, wanting all javascript to run (and refusing to give anything at all until *AT LEAST* that much is done), never mind captchas seemingly everywhere - christ, the damned thing wanted me to do a captcha for every "next page" button I hit!

All of which totally ignores the fact that everything I managed to get to see looked like worn-out bar-fags jacking off 'cause they're too fucking shitty-looking to get even a drunk to give 'em a hand-job, plus a selection of the most god-awful butt-ugly skanks and soon-to-be (if not already) meth-whores I've ever had the misfortune to lay eyes on. Then the capper: not so much as a single dog, horse, or other critter to be seen (granted, I only waded through 4 pages worth) anywhere.

All in all, that site is a perfect recipe for "I won't be bothering to go for a second look. The first one was bad enough, thanks!"


File: 4eebd6abe0dd485⋯.png (16.71 KB, 691x450, 691:450, Captura de pantalla 2017-1….png)

Does the camwhores bypass work for someone? I can not play any video


testimg.ml appears to be broken again. Please can you fix it


Bumb the website is dead right now.. and nothing work to see Private vite on bestialitylovers :(



Yep, I can confirm that. testimg.ml has been giving back "Connection Timed Out" type failure responses every time I've tried since late sunday night/early monday morning.


the website is back on business !


Camwhores not yet!! :(


FYI: Z18 seems to have done a fairly major change overnight - Was working fine last night about 10PM my time. This morning, it's TOTALLY hosed - New domain name (zoox18.com), nearly no content at all, and what there is is mostly failing to load, nothing seems to work for bypassing - looks like they've changed the way the vids are organized and accessed - Even "going honest" by attempting to access the site directly is coming up with loads of "can't find..." and/or "video missing" type responses, for both private and public vids.

The testimg.ml site's tool for it is hopelessly broken by the changes, as are all "substitute the video number to get..." tricks that I've tried so far.

Looks like it's probably going to have to settle for a bit - As of right now, Z18 is essentially a dead site due to the changes. Maybe in a day or so it'll settle down to being useful again, but for now, it's pretty well toast.



camwhores is alive

camwhores dot biz is the new site

we need a fix for that bypass..



Yep I can't get anything private on that site to work through testimg.ml anymore, hopefully there can be a workaround!


testimg.ml OP here, camwhores.biz fixed, updating the database right now.

I'll look for x18 also, as you reported it brocken.



Still me, X18.xxx fixed for newest videos.



Also, if you want to know what is the newest video in the database, and if you need to update it, just check tosese .txt files ->




See the post >>31737 if you want to update the bypass database, as it isn't done automaticly anymore.



Error PF02-35773

Video ID not found !

If you put the right video ID, please try again later.

If this error is still here after a day, please report this error with the video ID here.

Getting this for all private videos on pornfay, noticed that it's now back to "dot com" and not "dot se", presuming that has something to do with it


Could you possibly add www.pornhub.com to the list that we can download from? I know its only human, but some of the stuff is hot as hell.



The bypassed website is camwhores.biz, not this camwhorestv.co...........


I'll give it a look



Yea, they've moved their website back to .com, and all theirs links.

Fixed, updating the database right now



For an unknow reason, I can't manage to get the link from this video, it may be deleted, because I can't even see it :/


Error CW02-1926580


Xrares seems to have done an update, none of their stuff is working currently.



Just change the number with the number of the video.



would you mind adding yourfreeporn.tv its like lovehomeporn.com but with more content.



Just tested, working.

To be clear, you may need to update the database for newest video to be working !

Simply go here, and wait for the page to stop loading.


The same goes for FemeFun and PornFay



seems to be down again?


Anyone know how to rip videos off this site?




Sorry, meant anyone know how to watch private videos off this site*




Copy the video number e.g. 12345 from the hyperlink and put it into the website, click ok, t will load the video on the website. Anon who made it lurks this thread


Dont work yhis id of cam whore

"Error CW02-1965011

Video ID not found !

If you put the right video ID, please try again later."


Error CW01-13351

The video ID is correct, but we can't find the URL...

Please report this error here.


Anyone know a Bypass for TwistedPorn.com?


Did Bestiality Lovers break the bypass? Doesn't seem to be grabbing movies anymore.



xrares no longer works


rec-tube.com would be killer. It's like camwhores but has a much larger selection and overall the majority of the videos seem to be in HD. Alas, if I was a betting man I'd say a bypass isn't possible, but who knows?


xrares still works, you have to use the "iphone"-Link.


Any news about bypass for gaybeast.com?


https://beastfree.netlify.com has free gaybeast videos but it seems to not be updated. The most recent ones are from more 5-7 months ago


moste of the beast-pages are rubbish cause the title is not related with the content..


how do you use the iphone link?


look in the description.. change the numbers



You can use a browser extension to download the videos. You get a short amount of time to watch them. Start the download as soon as can and stop watching. Switch to a new video until it says you watched too much. Should be able to get at least 3 or 4 complete videos before it blocks you for a day.


About gaybeast.com, if somebody can share a premium account name and password (lol I know its a lot), to watch premium/members videos of this site.



Possible to add gaybeast.com???



Hi can you add gaybeast.com?


i guys, i use testimg.ml/8.php andand it works with all the videos except with this one http://www.camwhores.tv/videos/2010641/cozmicgirl-flashing-on-christmas/. how can I do?



How can you guys watch the same thing over and over again? Worse than that there are people who pay for it.


Hi, testimg.ml guy here, I've worked hard to get thoses privates videos from gaybeast.com, but they use a strong secured streaming service, every parts of their streaming method use a security tocken, encoded in sha512, salted and with a short epiration time (~10 mins)

The best i've acheived is to remove their "free video left", so if anyone with reals skills want to try and/or help me, feel free to contact me here:




honestly, I never watched this video. Why do you say that I always watch it?



To the testing.ml guy, thank you for your hard work once again. I understand your point. The fact is recently there are many interresting videos but they are member videos (private) obviously. Uploading videos on gaybeast take an eternity (i did that like 4 months ago and nothing). Moreover, they add an upcoming movie section and my movies are not in it. Can't understand gaybeast policy.



It's just sex. If you're not actually doing it then what's the point? Same story, somebody gets fucked.


please add wickedfun.tv mr testing guy



Their policy is too simple to be confusing: Scam anybody possible into uploading content that they can then charge for. Promise them "credits" in exchange, then disallow those "credits" for any excuse they can dream up. Or better yet, just disallow them without explanation, and ignore/ban anyone who complains.

Long and short of it: Beastforum (and their "sell content" sites, Gaybeast, Barnlove, and others) are the equivalent of a ponzi scheme, where you get promised a big "payout" (AKA Access to all this great stuff we claim to have) for your "investment" (the stuff you upload) but when payout time comes along, there isn't anything for anybody except the privileged few that were there from the start and belong to the clique. Anybody else is out of luck.

How they manage to stay running is beyond me... Must be a massive shitload of suckers out there who "buy in" is all I can figure.


Error CW02-2021626

Video ID not found !

If you put the right video ID, please try again later.

If this error is still here after a day, please report this error with the video ID here.



Yup unfortunatly you're right. These guys make ton of money by forcing people to buy credits. I can't afford their subscription (don't want to be linked by bank bill to them, and im not into bitcoin payment). *sigh* cracking their videos is the only way and it can piss them off in same time :-p



What do you want from this site ? Everything is watchable, didn't see any private / paid / members only content



Updating & fixing the database, we'll see if it's better. CamWhore bypass may not work until the update is finished.



Just checking, the video can't be bypassed because it has been deleted by camwhores.tv...

The previous ID is, 2021625 and then 2021639, no 2021626 listed on their website.


hi guys how to bypass x18.xxx (zoo) private pics album?



don't work bestialytilovers


2027604 not working for cwtv



Yep, no longer working for bestialitylovers... sad day


Actually looks like all their videos just arent rendering. CDN issue...


pornhub & shesfreaky







This won't work for me anymore, keep getting redirected to ad sites, any other way around this?


x18 seems to be broken again


Probably because they changed the URL of the site again to https://zoox18.xxx/




Plz add thisvid.com to testimg.ml :) would reallyyyy appreciate it


Omg I need to be able to see this https://www.zoox18.com/video/31865/black-cat-love-memory

testimg doesn't seems able to show this video



fyi, the cats dead.




Fixed the bypasser, thanks for the info :)

Shoud work just fine now




>Fixed the bypasser, thanks for the info :)

>Shoud work just fine now



Done !

Added thisvid.com, you can find it here:


Since it didn't have a video ID, you must put the full URL into the field, then submit.

This bypass is also based on a database, like camwhores.tv, pornfay, etc, so you will need to update it for the newest video.

You can update it by simply going to that link:


Have fun ;)




2107077 fix pls



Well, you broke it again, testimg.ml isn't loading anymore. Can you do something about it?


I need testimg.ml please!!!


Can someone tell me what happend to zoofilia.x18.xxx/? I only getting a white site, nothing is loading.




Well, I didn't "broke it", but I have no news from the guy hosting testimg, and their own website are also down. I have no FTP acces also.

I have a backup of the site on my computer, no worries for that, but if you know a host with an unlimited bandwidth and not verry regarding, that will be awesome...

I don't know if the server just crashed, or if he just decided to shit everything down...



I've added a little message on the website, to notify the problem & don't left user with an "Host unreachable" error.

If any of you guys have a little room on one of your servers, feel free to contact me at bypass.website@gmail.com or even here !



Host it yourself stop begging and scrounging of others.

It's not difficult. You claim to bypass things then obviously rely on OTHERS for help and beg them to host your php scripts.

Buy a VPS or dedicated server or join a shared host and learn how to set it up and host yourself and stop looking like a lazy fucking lemonhead.



Initially I was making thoses bypass just for myself.

Yes, like you said, I relly on others for the servers.

I've made like 90% of the scripting job ans the manual analysis of every website I've bypassed, and many other suggestion, I've put like 40+ hours in it.

I just share *freely* my work, if you don't want it, I can just delete testimg.ml and use thoses bypass for myself, as initially planned.

I also dont want to pay (And so put my personals info) on something like that, because this is not so legal, I give freely something that website sell you.

If you can't understand it, i'll suggest that you start your own website, just to see that isn't so simple.



Then you will be dealing with the same unreliable people and frustrations manual interventions because the site is down constantly.

You say you share freely your work i do not see a download for the php scripts.



I share my work, yes, I coud simply remove my scripts from the internet, and only run them localy.

Haven't you learn that every bypasses are tacken down as soon as their source code is released ?

Cause the admin of the bypassed website can simply download the source code, look how we manage to get their files, and block the method.

This happen a lot with camwhores.tv for exemple, and since we've (With the help of daymwk form reddit) found a new way into, and didn't release the source code, the bypass is still running.



Well then you are not sharing your work and it is a lie.

You can't say you are then go oh no I am not because of sites blocking it.



You kids make me want to quit and delete the domain name...



Right now makes no difference you have no site or server anyway. Everything is offline it is already dead and gone.

Like was said stop begging and scrounging other to host if your not going to share the PHP scripts like you "claim" you are.


Dont share them and ignore the Haters prob site admin here....


Please ignore the trolls. I really appreciate your work!


Ignore the haters. thank you for your hard work and keep it up!




Ignore this absolute retard, fucker probably couldn't figure out a tor browser if his 3 inch dick was on the line. I appreciate your work and understand the situation. I hope you manage to find a host with your bandwidth needs.



Hey friend, I really appreciate your work and want to thank you for it. My guess is like others have said; that this person is very obviously trying to make you angry intentionally. Why would someone do that? Because they want you to quit because they have something to gain from it. So please, keep up the good work! We thank you from the bottom of our hearts!



I was using the site too, But am fed up of it going online and offline like a fucking yo-yo provide the files i will use it myself and the rest of us can use it at localhost level and be done with relying on someone who claims they know what they are doing but obviously have no clue how to even host a site.

It is lazyness and saying things like "I just share *freely* my work" he has not shared anything and with the site offline nobody can download a fucking thing we all suffer because of it.

Stop begging and scrounging and relying of others because this site is online for 5 mins then down again it is a a piece of shit and so unreliable.

He claims he knows how to host it then do so cut out these third parties and all this downtime and let us get back to using the site hassle free.




Hi you again, please leve this thread if you dont like it.

Also testimg.ml is back up, I've edited the DNS so you need to wait a little bit before you can access testimg.ml, or if you dont want to wait, you can just enter directly his IP address,

Have fun, lot like @Anon >>34865



Do what he do.




OP here, have fun, you found an ovh datacenter, nice 8)


Currently working on the batabase for camwhore.tv, it may be unstable for 2/3 hours


I cant load


from camwhores.biz



CF post above, working on the database


thisvid.com not workig



I've seen that many video are mission from the database, I'm building it again, but i'm not sure if the problem come from the bypass, of from the website, I can't find manually the vid URL, so neither the bypass... I'll try my best to fix that






Remember, you can check the last video added into the bypasser here :


And check the video publication date. Anything below the date isn't into the bypasser.

You can try to refresh the database by going to that link:



x18 is dead again, now getting errors saying the site is unsafe. Looks like the Parisian police finally caught the jew for phishing.

(Inb4 somehow they get away clean and puts the site back up)


Error TV02-https://thisvid.com/videos/ts-feet14/

Video ID not found !

If you put the right video ID, please try again later.

If this error is still here after a day, please report this error with the video ID here.


How can i watch private videos without being friends with the person that put it on the site on my phone?

(On zoox18)



hey OP, thanks for ignoring the asshat and doing what you do. It's appreciated and thank you very much! The only time your page has not worked that i've encountered was when this recent server mishap occurred, otherwise it has always been online and awesome. They are fishing for straws saying it's up and down, no problem here. Thanks again!



Testimg guy here, thanks you for your message, it is very much appreciated here :)

I'll try to keep up the good work :)



Error CW02-1953411

Video ID not found !

If you put the right video ID, please try again later.

If this error is still here after a day, please report this error with the video ID here.

Error CW02-2036322

Video ID not found !

If you put the right video ID, please try again later.

If this error is still here after a day, please report this error with the video ID here.

not working on camwhores


Error CW02-2108331

Video ID not found !



Error CW02-1466652

Video ID not found !


Error PF02-24642

Video ID not found !

If you put the right video ID, please try again later.

Error PF02-35773

Video ID not found !

If you put the right video ID, please try again later.

Error PF02-24782

Video ID not found !

If you put the right video ID, please try again later.

Error PF02-24115

Video ID not found !

If you put the right video ID, please try again later.


Dear testimg.ml founder, thank you for all your fine and FREE work. Appreciate all you've done!

I was wondering, is there any way that


could be added to the list? It contains almost every video from popular webcam sites. Don't know if the protection is easily circumvented though... Thanks anyways!













fix pliz



Pornfay.com seem to be offline, so yea, bypasser not working.


Downloading the database, i'll take a look



Yup, the database misses everything from 1952828 to 1956114, i'll try to see why it happen



No obvisous reasons why it happen, regenerating database, let's hope it will fix the problem :)


Is zoox18 dead?


Please add www.uflash.com to the list



It seems to be online now, but those videos still don't work.



Yup, back online, regenerating the database, shoud work soon


Error CW02-2180800

Video ID not found !










fix please !!!


Seems zoox18.com is failing on the testing.ml script again. They changed something between yesterday and today, because some icons wouldn't load until I allowed them on No-script again. Don't know if that will give you any clues. Thanks for all your hard work!


Seems zoox18.com is failing on the testing.ml script again. They changed something between yesterday and today, because some icons wouldn't load until I allowed them on No-script again.

Don't know if that will give you any clues. Thanks for all your hard work!


File: 17924ab623009ea⋯.png (344.82 KB, 774x532, 387:266, temp.png)

Can you provide me a video id or a screenshot when it's failing ? Can't reporduce the problem, seem to work fine for me



Oh yea I see, on recent video, 403 forbidden, they've improved the security. I'll try to fix it, the search for the breach in the wall continues !



Fixed !


Error CW02-102625

I would appreciate it so much if you could fix, thank you x1000 for your time


is there a way to get naughtymachinima added to the testimg site?


Error CW02-809178

Video ID not found !


2205506 plz!


It looks like Thisvid has been rumbled, vids that are 2-3 days old aren't working for me :(


It doesn't works in testing.8. Maybe the number (99248) is wrong. HELP ME PLEASE http://www.camwhores.tv/videos/99248/esperanza-gomez-with-marian-difiore-premiumvid/


Please make bypass for boundhub.com.


Add bestialitytaboo.tv for Private Videos






Error CW02-2231749

Video ID not found !

If you put the right video ID, please try again later.

Ty for your work!!


Error CW02-2240448

Video ID not found !

fix pls


want to see hot dog sex...kindly sms me pics...india number +91.9041578709 or email me a2apk.com@gmail.com

thanks kindly


can you add tokyomotion too? the good cosplay stuff mostly hidden behind private wall. thanks


Is the anyway to view the privates pics for BestialityLovers.com


File: b865a811b86952d⋯.gif (1.86 MB, 265x212, 5:4, QGrJEZA.gif)

Testing.ml person, regardless of gender, you are the eternally the man.

mfw all the videos I've found thanks to it


Shame bestialitylovers.com seems to have stopped updating.



XRares.com is not working anymore








please fix this on http://testimg.ml/8.php

tnx so mutch :)


It would be awesome to get this working on camsclips.com. They have a lot of good private videos that other sites don't have.


Would it be possible to add camvideos.tv to list of sites?


Do you think you can do a PornHub bypass?


Hi, any links for male bestiality JAV (Japanese porn)? Only found Japan women with annimals, looking for japanese guys with female annimals Thank you




Error CW02-2254067

Can I get a fix please? Thanks


2255746 on CW doesn't work. There's actually a ton of others, but I don't feel it appropriate to ask you to make a good thing even better by going out of your way to add a ton of videos that aren't being picked up for one reason or another.

On that point though, I do wonder why some things simply don't work with the CW bypass. I've been giving it a lot of thought, and it makes no damn sense to me other than A) The site is down or partially busted half of the time and that probably has some sort of effect on it, and B) Almost certainly they're using multiple hosting servers for the site and content itself, so maybe it's as simple as things just slip through the cracks from time to time. If it would be possible to create something where users can post a video ID and it just gets added to the database without any work on your end, that would resolve everything but I'm not a programmer and am not sure if that would be possible or how to go about doing it.

Further, it's my understanding that they removed private videos from the latest page listings once they found out you could bypass by using the site's XML, and I'm 1000% sure that's fucked things up to a degree. Anyway, that's just my thoughts, maybe something I've said can give you an idea or two to work with if you so choose to further improve upon what you've already done but either way, thank you so much. Fuck people around here that are trying to hate. You're doing fantastic work. Keep at it bro!


Error CW02-2266537

Video ID not found !



Hi, testimg guy here.

Basicly, to make you understant what's going on with the "database based" bypasses, the bypass fetch every video links on the website, and retrive an encoded video URL, specific to the bypass IP.

Because the retriving method is hasardous and very long (To process the entiere website, it can take up to 3 hours), I store the result into a database, and then pick up the right link when you post the video ID. So, when the database isn't up to date, or CW screw up for one video (sometimes, for no reasons, I can't get a specific link for a video), the link associated to the video ID is empty. So, regenerating the database MAY solve the ussue.

I havent found a way to directly and rapidly search the link without using a database yet, but I'm still searching :)



Actually, I'm working on another solution, without using a database, so it will be more reliable, but it may take more time for the bypasser to do his job, because i'm now sending multiples requests to their server to find the video.

Not ready yet, but in good progress.



New bypasser done, and don't need a database, but it might be slower than the oher (up to ~10 requests to find the video ID) but I can't test it, CW is down :(


Hey testimg guy, could you have a look at pornfay?

For example with PF02-41681 (3 days old; private)

or PF02-40348 (1 week old; private) or 40386 (1 week old; public) its not working.



Hi, I've just finished developping a "new" bypass for pornfay, without any databases.

Can you try it and give me your results ?




And yes, as you've mensionned, cant bypass video uploaded after 25/02/18 for the moment, they may have blocked the bypass method



It works. Sometimes there are timeouts, and the newer clips won't load (as stated), but I've got a number of private clips to play

pornfay itself is somewhat unstable, which seems to be part of the problem

As soon as camwhores is back up, I will test what I can there as well.

Thanks for all the great work



Hey, thanks for the returns.

Can you give me the video ID where you have the timeout error ? This shoud only happen when you give an impossible video ID (Like 0, -15...)

I'm also considering saving the result of every bypasses, so when a previous user already have bypassed a video, it will load much faster when you try to bypass the same one.

Thanks again !



Okay, I've seen why sometimes it get stuck and return a Timeout error.

I've tried to fix it, rapidly tested it and it seem to have done the trick.

I've also added a loading indicator.



>Can you give me the video ID where you have the timeout error ? This shoud only happen when you give an impossible video ID (Like 0, -15...)

I didn't keep the numbers so I'd have to test from scratch

>I'm also considering saving the result of every bypasses, so when a previous user already have bypassed a video, it will load much faster when you try to bypass the same one.

This is a great idea. Some of the other bypasses from Reddit and elsewhere did this in the past.


>Okay, I've seen why sometimes it get stuck and return a Timeout error.

>I've tried to fix it, rapidly tested it and it seem to have done the trick.

I will have another look, after I test CW and report back.


Hey testimg guy,

you may want to change another thing:

on 2.php; 4.php; 5.php and 10.php you are embedding a video element before the user entered a video id.


File: 229805d77c1b21a⋯.png (319.64 KB, 783x511, 783:511, xrares.png)


>I will have another look, after I test CW and report back.

CW is still offline (Admin has tons of maintenance to do, half the site is broken), so I went and checked out xrares bypass (5 php). I couldn't get any private clips to load.

Tje 6 or 7 I tried all came back like this


File: 9a546e2ff923e6b⋯.png (7.18 KB, 601x262, 601:262, pf_notfound.png)

File: 3cb0830bb19b4ee⋯.png (352.98 KB, 805x530, 161:106, pf_36885.png)


>I've also added a loading indicator.

This is a good addition


>I will have another look, after I test CW and report back. (me)

So current (last couple of days) still do not work (as expected), seen in the first shot.

Every clip I test from about 1 week prior and back worked fine this time (second shot). I tested about a dozen


Anyone know what happened to beastfree?



LOOOOOL I've found a fu**ing huge way to get theirs private AND recents video... They've screwed up a lot on this one :D


File: f452aca17096b4a⋯.png (730.37 KB, 1793x605, 163:55, Sans titre.png)


Has shown here... :)



So, I've updated the pornfay bypasser with my last discovery, it is now working for every video, old, new, private, public, and without a database... :D

They really screwed up this time :D



Good job lets blow up their bandwidth!



Amazing work. Too bad the site itself is so sketchy and unstable.

Doesn't surprise me at all that are lax, it's definitely a low-rent operation.



Ok, so I've now tested about 12-15 clips on camwhores.biz, ALL of which I previously downlaoded using one of the older bypass methods approx. a week ago.

I couldn't get even ONE of them to show up on 8.php, so it will need a bunch of attention.

Hopefully you can get this working, It is the one I'm really here for.



Same for me. Every video I tried, even ones that worked on the old bypasser now give me no video with supported format and MIME type found errors, but CW has been so damn wonky lately I'm inclined to think it's something on their end. It's a shame the site has been so hit and miss lately. It's definitely the best repository for that kind of content.

To the testimg bro:

Even non private videos throw the same error that I said earlier in this post back now but if you did figure out a way to get your bypass working without a database, dude that's gonna be the best. I'm definitely hyped.



seconding this question. hope it's not gone, it was a good source of content :c


Error CW02-2216762

Video ID not found !

and 2117478 download 1byte file


fix download this 2 link please


i try again any video and all not download,give me 1 byte file(



Testimg guy here, during their "maintenance", camwhores seems to have fixed the exploit we're using to get thoses video links...

They're only letting pass the public video, every private video arn't pickables by the bypasser for now...

I'll try to find a new way, but for now, it's down... :(



I tested a number of private clips using the old cwbypass after I posted >>38354, and it was hit and miss, but I could get some intermediately old clips to bypass. It seemed as if very new and very old ones were definitely out.

This testing was done after Admin had the site back up and running, so I don't think it's all locked down quite so tight (but obviously the sitemap being gone has changed things).

Hope that helps.



It's because I've dumped the video url before, so the old bypasser just check into the database for old links, but the way I get thoses links is dead, they only provide public links, and before they were providing public and private links... You can still access the old bypasser by accessing 1.php, but it will not have new video and will slowly die :(


They've done the same for pornfay.com (same admin maybe ?) but they've missed a thing so I can still get thoses privates links, but I just checked to camwhores, no such mistake



I wasn't referring to your bypass. I tried using the old cwbpass by WK from reddit and there are still a large number (10s of thousands) of clips that are bypassable. But you're right, the new video will not show



yeah when I looked outside of the zoo section there's outright CP sprinkled on the site. Makes me leery as hell about using there even though they have a decent zoo section.


Would it be possible to bypass Avgle?

Thanks for all the hard work.


I've seen a couple people mentioning download the database for Pornfay. How does one do that? I'd like to see a list of the videos, etc.



Could always just hack them all that all these sites run is these scripts.

Pornfay and sites use this :


Bestialitytaboo.tv and others use this :


Adult video script admin example :




Is there a workaround for http://pornspark.com ?


Hi testimg guy, We need camwhores please!!! You are our last hope!!



THIS x10


Could we get zoox18.com listed?



Hrm. I didn't realize until looking that there was a special admin portal to login with KVS.

For instance: http://pornfay.com/admin/index.php

What's a good way to get a site using KVS to give DB access/list of video ID's, etc.?

I'll also share the manual bypass for Zoofilia x18 if anyone wants it. I like the script testim made, but I know from time to time it's good to know the manual bypass as well.





Enjoy :) <3

Don't forget to look around for other xml files that can disclose personal information like the version of kvs they run and certain folders on their server containing sensative files and scripts.




For more sites and admin areas and places for you to get streams from.

A huge list here :




Could we get mulemax.com listed?




testimg guy here, this was the old "bypass", but as you can see, they freezed it, and the last video you can have with the xml method is from 2018-02-25, a month ago. Same method for CW

I will try to fix CW, but not any clue at the moment on how to do it, sorry :(


Any luck with avgle.com


*Fixed 1.php*



Great job Testing...

I really wish we could figure something out for cw




Well, for CW : here is what I've been able to figure out from lurking the interwebs

A)You need to find a public video close in ID to your private video that you want to watch (sitemap)

B) Change the ID in the link to your private video ID

C) Download parts of the video

D)Stitch the parts together using a HEX editor


Wanted : http://www.camwhores.tv/videos/2361336/laceyl-nude/

Video IDs close (4 digits)

Public : http://www.camwhores.tv/videos/2361107/myfreecams-vivianishere-ariannasecret-premium-video-hd/

Public Link : https://zagent1009.h-cdn.com/camwhores/gen/www.camwhores.tv/get_file/70/07383284cfcbd184c0991df0069d96aa61b35a287c/2361000/2361107/2361107.mp4/?rnd=1523402708932&hola&req_id=13_0&player=flowplayer&tech=html5&method=progressive&cdn=single&rate

Link Replaced (Video ID) (Added range) : https://zagent1009.h-cdn.com/camwhores/gen/www.camwhores.tv/get_file/70/07383284cfcbd184c0991df0069d96aa61b35a287c/2361000/2361107/2361107.mp4/?rnd=1523402708932&hola&req_id=13_0&player=flowplayer&tech=html5&method=progressive&cdn=single&rate&hrange=0-50000000

Link 2 Split : https://zagent1009.h-cdn.com/camwhores/gen/www.camwhores.tv/get_file/70/07383284cfcbd184c0991df0069d96aa61b35a287c/2361000/2361107/2361107.mp4/?rnd=1523402708932&hola&req_id=13_0&player=flowplayer&tech=html5&method=progressive&cdn=single&rate&hrange=49000000-100000000

etc ...

Stitch parts using Hex editor , find where number 1 ends, paste number 2, full video (seems to only be 50MB pieces)

Hopefully this helps someone.



I tried this, but only the first part works. If I give u a link, you can do this to me?



any way to get gaybeast stuff


For the past month or so the file names are the number Plus either _SD.MP4 or _480P.MP4



Sometimes it's _HD.MP4

Also it can be _480p.MP4 with lowercase "p"



So, explain us why the second part isnt works... ALL vídeos that i tried give me the same error.


Could you explain more for those of us that dont understand? How do you get the public link from the public video, what do you actually change in the link?



On zoox18.com when you open any video, private or not, its link contains a number.

If it's 30358 or lower, then copy and paste it in this link, replacing XXXXX with your number: https://www.x18.com.es/x18z/media/videos/iphone/XXXXX.mp4

If it's 30372 or higher, then link can differ depending of video quality:

https://www.x18.com.es/x18z/media/videos/h264/XXXXX_480p.mp4 (30372 to 31609)

https://www.x18.com.es/x18z/media/videos/h264/XXXXX_480Pzx18.mp4 (31629 to 31704)

https://www.x18.com.es/x18z/media/videos/h264/XXXXX_480P.mp4 (31709 to end)



Just try your number with each of them, one of them should work.


What about CW? Is it different there?



You genius!


Seems like /2.php isn't working for private videos anymore.


Yeah, it's maybe because you show all these 'exploits' on a public board.

You moron kings.


Hey guys, the 1.php (Pornfay) does not work anymore for "some" videos.

Example that does not work: 35374 (free)




>On zoox18.com when you open any video, private or not, its link contains a number.


>If it's 30358 or lower, then copy and paste it in this link, replacing XXXXX with your number: https://www.x18.com.es/x18z/media/videos/iphone/XXXXX.mp4


>If it's 30372 or higher, then link can differ depending of video quality:


>What about CW? Is it different there?

He's answering a different problem here.


Don't let the dream die.

Cmon CW.



No need to stitch anything with a hex editor.

Just go from 0 to 50000000 and then start the next part with 50000001 and so on.

This way you can just cat all the parts and you have the full video.


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