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File: 20305721a8d27ee⋯.jpg (9.67 KB, 275x183, 275:183, images.jpg)


I heard that @furpawsradio leaked a bunch of fursuit zoo content from a forum, then deleted her twitter. Did anyone grab them before they got pulled?



I'm male and it was just a few handjob pics, as if I'd upload full murrsuit content.



>not uploading full murrsuit content




The Pic are @DarkshadowFox on Telegram, a stuper asshole with a urgly half suit :D



hi what's your twitter I'll send them to you

also that's a dude



Post em here if ya got em.





File: 94effa5d033671c⋯.gif (3.05 MB, 320x240, 4:3, Trim - Zooskool Stray X Do….gif)


File: 6ea6f22e9f50025⋯.gif (946.25 KB, 280x210, 4:3, loop3.gif)


File: cee2259d250952b⋯.gif (445.51 KB, 265x215, 53:43, loop_2.gif)


File: bb4f91b37e6ca29⋯.gif (867.63 KB, 320x240, 4:3, loop_3.2.gif)


File: 784f5b2df6de590⋯.gif (679.09 KB, 320x240, 4:3, loop_4.2.gif)


File: 1fb65a107169796⋯.gif (414.51 KB, 320x240, 4:3, hump-1.gif)


File: f99d7af4c1f42ef⋯.gif (733.08 KB, 320x240, 4:3, hump-2.gif)








Heres the full vid from what I can tell. Is this it? all I've ever seen.






That's not a fursuit, that's a bitch suit. Fundamental difference.



He's a super emotional mega autist that acts like a 12 year old.


File: 00c2e8de82e9590⋯.jpg (89.92 KB, 853x1208, 853:1208, IMG_20170725_172257.jpg)

Yeah DarkShadowFox is a mega autismo. He's got a really gross dick and doesn't know how to trim his first nails correctly.





I don't know, that looks like a really nice cock to me. Super thick and juicy, and personally I couldn't care less what someone's finger nails look like when I've got their cock down my throat. Just sayin'.



All the scrumptious femboy twinks tend to be.



Fuck off DarkShadowFox



I'm afraid you have me mistaken for someone else. I'm just a guy who likes guys in fursuits and isn't picky about things like personality or personal hygiene as long as they don't have any STDs, their suit is cute, and they've got a nice cock and a tasty tailhole. Mostly the last bit, if I'm being honest. I would totally lick that femmy pup's butt clean if given the opportunity.



Not bad tbh 💖




I've been in several zoo groups with him (I guess her because they claimed to be trans, who fucking cares) and DarkShadowFox is one of the most cringeworthy, narcissistic, basic bitch furry you'll ever meet.


> isn't picky about things like personality or personal hygiene

It's easy to have low standards when you're desperate as fuck. That or you really are DarkShadowFox.



Only desperate in some ways. I am married and have a great sex life with my very open minded wife, but I am bi and have never gotten the chance to play with a guy in a fursuit before so I'd pretty much take it however I could get it. I know the misses would be fine with it as long as whoever I played with didn't have any STDs, so if I ever got the chance to play with any guy in a cute fursuit I'd totally go for it. And I actually find lax hygiene standards to be a major turn on. A smelly unwashed cock or butt is way sexier to me than a clean freshly washed one, but I'm weird like that. So there you go, you have your explanation. =P



Nobody cares



Well aren't you an angry one. What's your problem anyway?



File: 181fa146e35b43f⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 2.34 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Snapshot - 1.png)

You mean like this?



Please upload the video that's from.


yiff in hell, furfag


Oh wow, this is totally my fetish, but I haven't seen any vids until now! Does anyone know how to download this? https://www.gaybeast.com/movie/111333/fursuiter_dog I tried some vid-saving plugins, but they didn't find the clip



I'll trade a private video for that if you want. Telegram @amalgamousentity


Lol you all suck, im so glad I released those videos since someone used my content to start a zoo suits group and would let me in, so yeah fuck you all.

I hope you all burn.

have a few more photos because im apparently mega autismo and shit.

also ive fucked a dog and it was great and I hope i can go to aus like im going to sometime next year and get hot animal sex also good luck tracing this IP its not even my own owned internet, hope all you zoosuiters burn in hell and ill be releasing everyones name of everyone ever involved that I have pictures of that is in the zoosuit group.

im autisic and cringy?

whats autisic and cringy is a zoosuits group and the fact that you guys fuck not only people but also animals in them too.

Im cringy? my suit sucks. dude I spent 200$ on it and it was goggl3z 1.0 200$ not 1000, not 2000, not 3000 and all you guys do mostly is fuck in them.

also one of the members on murrsuit.info is tenkai husky and pretty much every famous murrsuiter on the site.

a guy called tenkai husky is one of the members.

as is a guy called Sazume Neox.

also 88% of furries are zoophiles.

and all murrsuiters who have a dog are fucking their dog or getting fucked by it and theres a huge zoo thing going on in aus where a ton of furries are going.

those guys who can take horsedildos in the furry fandom? their just training to take real horses its way bigger then you realize idiots.

and pretty much all that goes up there is con videos and videos we dont get to see and cringy shit like diapers.

no zoo content is allowed on the site

and its all on telegram

ask a guy called NEL, if it doesnt have his account deleted by now yet.

so yeah I guess im super cringy and my suits ugly as fuck and your all mad im female identifying or something.

Sephius is one of them.

*middle finger emoticon*


File: e2f83e059b37914⋯.jpg (429.44 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Picture 1.jpg)


nice job impersonating me shitstain, dont post my content again.


whos twitter is actually @DarkShadowFox

heres a picture nobody else owns to prove this is me.

fuck you, impersonator.



go away with this fuck Idiot!!!! Darkshadow are a idiot of fucking fursuitfuck. stop this guy before it the police!!! best,stupid,gut,ever!!!!!


No thanks, ill keep leaking people till you stop trying to ruin me for doing exactly what your all doing. so no fuck off.


ive also changed my twitter name gl finding me and harassing me on telegram will only lead to people leaking me content regardless.

so either way your all fucked.


like this,

wanna keep fucking me me ill keep leaking.



suiter is @ twinkpup or something like that hes a doberman so just single out all the doberman suiters and youll find him

accent is southerwestern from america, probably traveled for that and im sure you can ID the stable via just knowing people. so keep fucking with me go ahead, ill make sure the police do take you down or we can end this and I can not ruin your entire lives.


LOL this is so funny to watch. Also the dropbox video was here before, so get your shit together whatever furfag is posting.



You furries prove so often why i dont want to be with people.



Timestamp proof


LOL, fursuiters are all severely mentally ill, but this autist is also tranny.

That's like batshit crazy squared.







File: fdc495aa4214994⋯.jpg (174.41 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, photo_2017-08-30_22-01-10.jpg)


fursuiter is Sephius.


File: a46f7743db0bd59⋯.jpg (149.42 KB, 1070x1071, 1070:1071, photo_2017-08-30_22-01-11.jpg)

fursuiter is spottypup or pup1k


File: f0ed2005aa175ea⋯.mp4 (215.82 KB, 202x320, 101:160, horse murrsuit fun.mp4)



The Dalmatian is SpottyPup not Pup1k


Doesnt spottypup only have a partial tho??



are this private pics or online on toher Forums/Chats?

Please more thats so hot, better as Video


DarkShadowFox's twitter is @AapkWanoyOokc, after changing from @BuioOmbraVolpe which is just...those are synonyms you dense motherfucker


May be talking about a different SpottyPup.


New twitter is @RussianModel not joking.

I follow you, fucktard. You're never going to be able to change it to anything to escape this unless you plan on making a new account.

Also the guy he was talking about going to Australia for is @Vrillik.


lol okay? i have no animal interactions. gl taking me down will only make you get taken down dumbass as ill just leak my massive contacts list.


hope ive made your life harder since you wanna make mine harder.



Not that guy above, but I doubt it. How are you making anyone's life harder by leaking shit that's already public and making empty threats? lmao


okay some zoo fur twitters on my twitter are



































I can do this all day i have 1800 people following me.

so you can either stop or I can just keep dropping accounts.

















also any content like the sephius photo wasnt already public and was personally handed by me by NEL himself from the zoofurs group which I proceded to leak because I can.

because I


care :)


so I made that content public, it was not public and was confirmed by NEL so stop trying to downplay your PR issue like it was already there, it wasnt otherwise everyone would have shared it because nobody can keep things like that quite, did you see this 100 zoo furs would have said to me.












everyones removed the zoo squiggle but everyone pretty much following me is either zoo or murrsuiter or into both.


the only reason its not on my twitter is because I removed it just after long enough for all 1800 of my followers to see save and potentially reupload it and leak it around.



already posted in horses fuck furries


File: 0245c5c693a911c⋯.jpg (89.65 KB, 735x879, 245:293, 1457952896805.jpg)



>Oh shit, big man over here. Better back off.

lolol no one cares you dog fucking faggot. Where the fuck do you think you are?


Wow there's some hot stuff here. I wish it were not posted against people's will. How could I contact someone to ask for private copies? I don't think any of these are people I know (any NorthWesters?)


Wow there's some hot stuff here. I wish it were not posted against people's will. How could I contact someone to ask for private copies? I don't think any of these are people I know (any NorthWesters?) What group can I join?


File: 31f9fd4d4ad3432⋯.gif (864.31 KB, 290x211, 290:211, 1363104482762.gif)

...awww am I not on your list? I feel left out.

What am I doing wrong?


Can you plz specify any who are U.K? I will investigate them and report them to the police. This is too funny.


Stop posting your furry human problems to this forum.

Furry has nothing to do with zoo and people can go to die in their AIDS elsewhere.




Making Zoo friends, which can be a bit hard, depending on your circumstances and how good you are with talking to people.

FYI, I love that Dark hasn't mentioned this, he's banned from nearly every murrsuit group for his disgusting behavior and leaks :^)

Nobody likes you and because of this, you won't have your hand in anymore private chatrooms. You're so fukkin mental dude, kys.

Damn, I really wish I didn't nuke my screencaps on my phone to make space. I had a lot of spicy screencaps of this fuck



can confirm: not all of these people are zoo.

sorry you need validation you autistic dweeb


File: a55f3b7415ce2e8⋯.webm (1.75 MB, 1024x576, 16:9, ferals.webm)

/fur/ and /furry/ delete and ban zoo stuff all the time, so why can't we just get rid of these annoying furfags



Better idea, let's make an alliance with them and wipe anime and bronies off the net!



This is a zoo board, btw



You'll run out of content to leak eventually. Besides, people are gonna purposefully fuck with you now to get private videos.


lol lol lol all the ragelol

rage some more scum



None of that stuff is even leaked, it was posted publically by some regulars on zoophilesforum as thank you videos the last week before it shut down.


plenty of the things like sephiuses picture and stuff were not public before I leaked them.


Have these dudes not heard the cautionary tale of Mr.Hands? Getting fucked in the ass by a stallion is a good way to rupture your rectum. It only takes one slip while he's thrusting to cause a perforation. You might think you're in control or your ass is so stretched out that it doesn't matter; but if you're butthurt now, just wait until shit's seeping into your body cavities.



The media never talks about the thousands of successful accounts of equine-human anal penetration, because only tragedy sells newspapers. Don't let plane crashes dissuade you from flying, and don't let mr.hands' tragedy dissuade you from equine bestiality.


this is why you enema and you use a condom over the horses dick so if it cums into you you dont have evidence and can just say it was a dildo accident.

but yeah your all fucking dumb apparently


also shit in a bestiality video thats gay is fucking digusting, it shows your unclean and nobody cares about your shit fetish.


Leak more, you autistic manchild. Prove us wrong by showing everything you have



lol what's the sauce on this flowchart? Feel like I missed out on some juicy drama.


that flowchart is all the HIV positive furry fandom members and who the've infected accurate to a T. cause theirs a "risky bareback" group and they use it to spread HIV and stuff. its gross, i wouldnt fuck a famous murrsuiter if you paid me.



Mr. Hands did it with a REALLY big horse; that was his mistake. Horses come in all sizes from a few hundred pounds like the mini here >>28440, to one-ton monsters like the draft horse that dumb shit Hands thought he could take, and their dicks are roughly in proportion. What you're saying is like saying that because someone tried knotting with a mastiff and tore his asshole, you can't get fucked by a lab or dalmation without suffering the same fate.



I vaguely remember someone debunking this foreverrrrrr ago in /furry/, this chart is pretty old.





>attention whoring gay sluts who are desperate for sex and are so autistic and ugly they need to hide who they really are and live vicariously through a fursona to get laid by other desperate autists.

Sluts like that are all AIDS riddled faggots. Even if they weren't oozing with STDs they're still not the type of person any sane person would want to fuck,


File: 71ec1d5b5647b8a⋯.png (9.44 KB, 239x211, 239:211, images.png)


>having sex with humans


Ive never had sex with humans and never will. This forum should be animal sex only.

furFAGS have their own forums where they can have their own human related social problems and diseases,.


lets keep posting suit stuff guys!



Kill yourself


File: a29e836bd6c641c⋯.jpg (90.58 KB, 599x799, 599:799, CXTIYpvUwAAm-yQ.jpg)

im gonna do it.



File: 4e9249925525c55⋯.jpg (129.26 KB, 680x1024, 85:128, CZbfyACVAAEk-gn.jpg large.jpg)

Oh god suit stuff.

everyone burn their eyes out.


File: 05b809230ab9186⋯.jpg (110.47 KB, 1280x853, 1280:853, photo_2016-05-30_10-47-01.jpg)

uh oh more suit stuff.


also FYI most fursuiters at cons just undo a seam in the front and rear and fix it later.

thats why their so hellbent on none of their private content getting out because its a suit that has a hole in it that usually does it.

hows that for a knowledge bomb?



thahahahaha whats tha for a urgly and stupit guy? thahaha so funny fucking pic XD the best shit ever XD



Maybe I'm just not familiar with the insecurities of furries, but that doesn't seem to be much of a bombshell. Why would they be embarrassed about that? A zipper in front and back would be ideal for full body suits and using restrooms.


because they dont want to be outed and potentially banned from conventions when the hotels find out their having sex parties full of 100's of fursuiters in the same room at a time or that a convention has sex toys running around in public around children and familys.


sorry I had posted a dalmation looking suiter with a rotwieler, im going to take a stab at it and say its a suiter named PadFox.


Fursuiters doing fursuiters have nothing to do with zoo, animal sex or bestiality. Just bunch of miserable people behind masks. Stop posting furfag content. We dont seem to have any moderation on this forum ?



Mods pls delete furfags



HOT would love to see more of these two. as long as it contains a animal it should be allowed



Only if the chinky anime garbage goes too!



Got ya, thanks for clarifying.


Hey @russianmodel what is your deal? Why do you think it's okay to try to slander random people? Because your online boyfriend broke up with you after finding out how shit of a person you are?




to those wondering this guy posting is op, was @russianbride but now going under the twitter handle @cykablayt he has 1700 ish followers now, and he believes anyone following him is a zoo, so just ignore this guy.



It looks like PadFox's spouse


File: b155f4b346895a7⋯.jpg (125.51 KB, 1280x853, 1280:853, photo_2016-05-30_10-38-37.jpg)



they say the last count of zoophiles in the furry fandom is 10-15% and that lots of zoos run major cons groups and the top popular group on the telegram group is zoophiles.

Just saying.

its way more widespread them people think.

lel. furries are all nice on the inside then you peel away more layers of the onion and the deeper you get inside the more rotten and depraived it gets.

its just a breeding ground for depravity and fetishes and anyone that fursuits for the kids is just trying to make a "public" image that is totally bullshit.

if you enjoy dressing up like a dog so much go make money from it.

thought so.


You know. I've never posted to one of these cute rant boards before. But I do so love watching them. All of this is so entertaining. Also these boards are very informative. I have learned so much today reading over this. It doesn't matter what's real or not. It gives me information to browse at my leisure.

One more thing. A person doesn't have to be zoo, or furry, or anything else, to be fucked up. All they have to be, is human.

Every furry, zoo, pervert, transgender, autistic, psychopathic, sociopathic, pathological anything human, is still just a dumb stupid fucking human.

You people need to learn to evolve. Fetishes are mental things your into because they make your biological urge to breed tick, for some reason. Who cares why? It's not the fetish though that makes you fucked up. It's being a human that makes you fucked up. Human's are murderous, delusional, monsters that have no rime or reason for that chaos they can unleash upon the world, at just the push of a button.

Meh okay said my piece. I'ma go back to enjoying the fun reads.



Am MFF staff, can confirm. Lots of zoos on staff here. Kind of something no one talks about but everyone knows.

Also, EF is COMPLETELY ran by zoophiles. You can look up some of the issues they've had because of it in the past.



[citation needed]



So can I just go to MFF and run into a zoo room party where people bring their dogs or what?



Dumb ass, motels don't allow pets.

You run it on the main floor of the convention center of course.


Furry = Mostly fatty loser in life gay guys. Please stop posting furry stuff to this forum.





I actually haven't heard of any zoo room parties at MFF in recent years. If I did I'd probably have to report it lol. Can't have that shit else the whole con could go under.

FWA and BLFC are better options for you afaik.


How does the whole furry thing go? like you just go to a convention and then in every hotel/motel room they are just fucking each other? Or do you just walk up to every dressed up guy and fondle their dick or something.


File: d214646f850f90d⋯.jpg (167.47 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, fdc495aa4214994f9d5fb4a500….jpg)



you meet online, talk dirty about your durrsona banging theirs, make plans to meet at con, finally meet up and are disappointed that fox o nine tails is actually fat O 900 pounds hairy greasy and dirty. go back to your to and cry.

actually don't go around groping fursuiters I'm pretty sure the way you get fucking fursuit you must meet up on a telegram chat and be accepted to the group of murrsuiters.



From experience, you don't have to be accepted anywhere if you know how and when to place a good grope, and actually you'd be surprised how friendly and willing-to-accept some people become when you give 'em a good grope.

Having a $2500 paper bag for yourself does help in many cases too, but it's absolutely not a requirement.


I see everyone's having fun picking on some person on the internet, furries, other people's porn preferences, and so forth...but can we get back to posting zoo and/or fursuit content? I for one have quite enjoyed it so far. Any more?






Rather you not post my friends on here. I know for sure they wouldn't want their pictures on this site. Please and thank you.


Welcome to the internet, nothing is private.


that and all your photos have already made their rounds all over all the private murrsuit groups and or twitter so, these are really extremely private photos just not available publicly


cause by the time you post your shit to your follows all those people have a likelyhood of saving it going oh thats hot and then they show their friend and they go thats hot and it spreads, theres always that one guy thats leaking so nothing is private at all. also every fursuits a murrsuit according to the they undoseams statement and fix it later so, your all a bunch of loser hypocrites


it really doesnt make sense for you to own a murrsuit and not make an amature xtube account and charge for your videos and photos, or you know make a porn site and charge a membership fee no you want to be shitty and exclusive and live in fear of "anti sex and oh I cant find out my entire fandom is a giant fetish' media bullshit.



Man, come on guys, I don't want to expose and embarrass people, I just want more of this awesome content. How do I join a group for it if that's necessary?



this is just a boring camwhore video with no animals or fursuits involved, don't waste your time



wow, damn


@28954 I do, I want to expose and embarass people its fucking halarious how many zoophile furries there are.


@29066 ok, but this is a zoo forum, so...why is that supposed to be embarrasing?


I just hope you fokkin' Furfags suffocate and die in your smelly vinyl rags.



Leftism is a disease.

You can fuck your life partner, you can fuck the family dog, you might even be okay with fucking other family dogs, but DON'T fuck other families.

Fidelity is paramount.



>It's leftist to fuck lots of people

Nah, fam, that's about as conservative as you can get. Look at all the groups that ever practiced polygamy: all hardcore fundie religious groups.



>take 10 wives


>fuck 2,000 men


allahu snackcrackbar

death to america.


lol fursuits are overpriced nich items that they can charge whatever they want because their is no regulation on it, its the labor that costs so much its not really the price of materials.

suck my dick, your getting played into if your buying a 3000 dollar fursuit just for sex.


File: c1900e3238716da⋯.png (222.18 KB, 576x448, 9:7, 1436745865117.png)

Why does it seem like fursuiters are always small-dicked obese retards? Every fucking time, it's the same shit.



I've always wondered about this whole "fags have thousands of partners" nonsense. Literally everyone I know, gay or straight, has had maybe four or five at the most.

It just sounds like one of those statistics that is completely made up, tbh.


its to spread awareness of people spreading fucking HIV. you dumbshit, that guy whos POZ, doesnt take anything lies about his shit and barebacks everyone.



Every time we have a pride parade here they have to set up tents so they can suck each other off without scaring the locals. I'm not surprised at all they have thousands of partners.



I've never seen anyone attend a pride parade who isn't both over 50 and a "bisexual". The latter is a secret code word meaning "I will fuck anything that moves". They're about as far removed from normal fags as is a pile of pig shit.



I'm flattered you mentioned me



AIDS didn't spread itself, anon.



Your point? If you're straight, the only way you could ever get it is if you fuck a bisexual. That would be your own damn fault, not the gays.




Who makes fursuits like these? They have a way slimmer fit and the head on the husky one looks nice. Compared to>>28519 >>28520 which like more like your typical fursuit, really baggy with a big goofy head.



>bi guy fucks AIDS faggot

>bi guy with AIDS fucks woman

>you fuck AIDS woman




Do you have more of Sephius and his husky? I think his suit his hot as fuck please tell me there's more.



looks like Sharpe made that suit.



I know there's more

So are you gonna post it or what?


Lisa is a nut, she has a rubber butt. Everytime she turns around it goes putt putt.



I figured he was probably letting his dog fuck him, but are there videos?



your all fags


your all pedos






Wait, I have fags and pedos?? Where? Are they hiding under my bed or something?



The fags are probably hiding in your closet.

The pedos, I'm not so sure.



yiff in hell furfags



why are you telling a fucking zoophile forum about your life story? you're insecure as fuck dude.



hang yourself



lol look at that lanky gross body.. they look exactly what I thought they would look like under those suits.. I don't even want to know what the face looks like if the body is so gross.


Considering how over the last 15 years as a zoo almost every furry I've met IS a zoophile, I can only imagine that those in this thread talking shit about furries (and thus other zoos) are those who are just voyeurs, jerking it to women getting nailed by dogs.



lol @ all the people who fuck animals but are upset by people dressing up as animals. That's some screwy ass logic right there.



It's just little chanboard kids who never learned to grow up yet trying to "preserve" the image of furries. Same ones are the ones that draw human genitals on anthros because being anatomically correct is a no-no. You can be both, there is no divide, only an imaginary one people create.

As soon as you become a furry, you are banned from touching dogs as per furry law ordinance 0001.5-2B. (sarcasm)



File: a921614ed8b45bd⋯.jpg (29.6 KB, 400x560, 5:7, 1223665418311.jpg)


Why aren't they posted here D:



Because I can't share them



ur a faggot

i already harassed him on facebook and sent his dog hump to a bunch of normies he had added on facebook. have fun getting any more out of that dude. post more please



no one is going to want to be associated with him anymore you know how furries are

not wanting people to think they're dogfuckers

i've been into the fandom for a decade I know how fucked he is now because I put his shit everywhere LOL so just post them already. he's already underwater anyway




Can you post screens of the damage/people's reactions?

I get off on that shit.



I know you said you can't share them, but if you are ever potentially interested in a trade, I do have quite the collection of zoo fursuiter material on me(Among other things). I am always looking to trade, so if you are interested, do message me on Telegram, the @ is: @Ralinen

That goes for anyone else as well(not just the person I'm replying to), if you have any fursuiter zoo material(or anything else rare and such, just tell me what it is) that isn't public whatsoever/isn't in circulation, do feel free to send me a message.



you faggots have the best opportunity to share rare shit with everyone AND fuck with furries. stop being faggots hiding on telegram and just post them already. everyone already knows furries fuck their animals.. even normies just automatically assume that. no harm no foul except you're being a greedy little shit by keeping them hidden from everyone.



I have the opportunity to share rare shit, but I will not share it out of nowhere. I will share it in a trade. Rare shit for rare shit. That is how it (should) work(s). I am not nor will I ever be a public leaker, I don't want to ruin people's lives, nor will I ever want to ruin anyone's life.

The people that post stuff up for everyone to see really kills it for everyone else trying to obtain(and possibly trade) said material.

You'll get your sexual high's for a lil bit off of publicly leaked material, but you won't know true satisfaction and enjoyment from material you get until you manage to get it fair and square without relying on the possible mental unstable-ness of public leakers to get your rocks off.

If you want the rare shit out there, either wait months and months until some asshat leaks some stuff publically(which really should never be the case) or try to make yourself some contacts and friends, perhaps you'll get lucky and strike gold. Perhaps. Though with that attitude I do doubt you would.



Again with the e-penis bullshit. If everyone had this fucking mindset for everything in the past, we would be stuck with rocks and sticks forever. Congratulations! I hope that a fucking intergalactic EMP hit the Earth someday with enough force just to see things going wild for people like you.



Nobody cares about your pretentious shit here.



oh of course, you don't wanna ruin people's lives, you're not a public leaker. you're a trader, you only ruin people's lives for personal gain



The difference is I'm not the one posting anything publicly, and I'd hope the/a person I trade with, should I even trade with said person to begin with, doesn't do so/doesn't post anything publicly. If I wanted to ruin someone's life, I would publish everything I have in this thread. Yet, I won't do that.

Regardless of people's rather expected replies, if you want to trade, just message. That's all.



maybe it does so because something has been promised to him, that someone then eventually pulled back, however I do not justify his behavior I only hope this situation resolves


That is not the situation at all @226529


ps i will sign all my posts with unique signatures and you can ask me random information in chat and I will answer it because only I know that answer.


dont trade with @29675 they are most likely a guy called NEL or someone who was in the secret murrsuiters zoo group so dont trade with them and give them any new content at all.

all the private zoosuiters have already discredited them once the real reason why they were able to start the group at all. so dont fall for it and dont trade any new material till I resolve this situation myself.


Im not the enemy and this is a situation much bigger them me merely "leaking public stuff" so stop speculating and let me work on it.


a fox boy that thinks they are a fish.


PS: you shouldnt be trading secret zoosuit material or anything at all with anyone on 8chan not even me.


because thats how more shit leaks public and nobody needs that.

so stop



ps the fact that your trading zoosuit content privetly and wanting to actively give it out minus my public display of a few things that were already public to being with anyways.

shows that you have no respect for anyone thats a zoosuiter,

myself withstanding because the situation was much bigger then what is on the surface and there is a reason that happens.

outside of that if you have any more respect for zoosuiters or anyone that zoosuits you would hold your tounge and trade when things are safe again.


notice how I myself haven't released anything yet?

Because you know what.

those few things I released were part of the situation that was happening

I never have any full intention of ruining peoples lives and the fallout I caused I cannot control.

Disbarred or not I am working on the situation







Have you ever been on an image board in your life? Stop being a dumb ass and try clicking on the post numbers instead of looking like a complete outsider by going @#####

Also, holy shit no one cares about whoever the fuck you are, stop including a signature, it's cringy and autistic as fuck you namefag.

No one knows who you are

No one cares who you are

Start posting worthwhile shit or shut the hell up.


No I refuse to contribute to this board full of leaks minus the ones I already let public due to a situtation everyone is speculating and taking sides on it without knowing the whole story. so no I refuse you lazy fuck.


also plenty of people know who i am.


I for once would like to make ammends with something and some people for my harsh and rash behavior.


I will post how ever the fuck I want also Hope it pisses you off.

this thread is garbage and full of lazy people who cant get an animal in their life and want suiters to risk their suit just for the sake of fapping.

all of us zoosuiters say no to this thread and you can fucking go to hell we will never give you anything at all.



This thread is full of people who want nothing but easy content and want to do no work of saving up getting their own suit and doing the 7 years of fucking networking I did.

do your work and anyone who leaks in this group should be disbarred from any zoogroup themselves because your only contributing to a big problem of making peoples lives at risk and safety of individuals?

you dont give a fuck?

how would you like your identity public?

sucks doesnt it?


my big situation withholding.


ps you really dont know have the story of my own situation and anyone who speculates in not me or the people involved so stop sticking your nose in other peoples buisness and quietly fuck off.

I have deleted my SFWs and My AD's and my instagram so theres nothing you can find on me at all.



I aim to make things right and apologise for my actions regardless of what I have done in the past or not and hope to move forewards

it wont ever be an easy future.

it wont ever be the same.

but i can damn well try my best to fix it and apologise to the people ive unintentionally hurt.


NEl messed up (the guy who owned the zoo suit groups) my friend gave me that content who eventually got taken down by police and put in jail but luckily he was smart and deleted his account before the fact as I personally knew his name and will not release the information.

yeah because of that the content then became my own property and I was the rightful owner


I thought I could trust nel with the content and would assume under oath of secrecy and just general

cause thats what you fucking do.

he would not share the content and would keep it safe

low behold later on did I find out he shared the content

not only shared the content

but denied me into a group

he created

with the content

about my content

for the content

thats like steve jobs taking all of wozniacks ideas and then using them as his own in less lamens terms and then denying him into apple HQ


^ DarkShadowFox


PS: they were all guilty of leaking everyone I outed.



Nel was also notorious for pestering suiters in his own quest for new content to fuck their animals for the sake of content.

he would only use people just for that content and was pretty much labled a "user" by multiple people.


^- DarkShadowFox


Jesus fucking Christ. There are more drama on this thread than the entire history of mexican soap operas together.

And this furtard spamming posts like a fucking IM chat. Holy shit.



^ DarkShadowFox



Welcome to furry fandom, we're all retards :)



neither of these posts are mine at the bottom. I have since been understood by a few people including being let back into some zoo groups so. Ive fixed it and anyone who continues to leak is pathetic and angry.


Fishes Do Fly Sometimes.

Im done posting here anything afterwards is not me

A Guy called and im censoring his name BlaFlohs and SquidwardWolf have both seen this thread and realized im slowly in clear.



You're not a fucking zoosuiter you retarded piece of shit. Nor do you own an animal yourself. And if you keep up this full-frontal autism assault I'll take personal pride in ruining both you and the guy who had the misfortune of letting you with his dog.

I've sat here and read your unbelievably fucking egocentric, mentally challenged posts for nigh on a year on Twitter. No one trusts you. No one likes you. Go the fuck away already and admit you're the deranged, ill-tempered manchild that you are. Let the rest of us get back to our porn in peace.

Seven years of networking to the wind. Good riddance.

By the way, thanks for the two additional names. I'm sure they'll appreciate that.



>I've intentionally subjected myself to the words of a person I really don't like for over a year, and now I will dox this person that I don't like because otherwise I will never stop doing it

Are you actually, literally, a complete fucking retard, or do you just play one on the internet?



Concept one: Twitter.

Concept two: Amusement at someone's downward spiral.

Connect the dots.


Smelly, stinky, ugly fursuits.

Furfags on conventions soiling the hotel sheets.

Get your own board.



I want to smash you in your tailhole while in fursuit, you filthy animal you!



Between furries and animal fuckers we've managed to combine the two spergiest internet groups into one hilariously bad combo. I'm impressed.






Just a bunch of back and forth with this. Bunch of furfag hypocrites who do this yet try to hide it from the public, and the shitlords that call them out. I stay a lurker to all things furry mainly for this reason, especially when it involves public events (which I will never attend).




This elitest attitude and your lack of foresight is why shit keeps getting leaked. You think you're better than us but come here to complain about shit that you hypocrites share online and wonder why it gets leaked. Don't share it if you don't want it leaked, idiot.






I lol'd


nobody cares.


post more porn or shut up nobody cares


we want to fap post more suit porn.


Just p*ss off, furfags.


not in fursuit why is this here?


Interestingly enough, the owner of U18chan, LeonFox, is also confirmed zoo. He's a cool guy though.



>That is how it (should) work(s)

Only if you're a capitalist. The internet is for freedom, not for your intellectual-property bullshit.



>being a phoneposter



>get rare shit you have to interact with the most retarded people on the internet and be friends with them

no I've been in the furry fandom for a while and grew the fuck up when I realized the reason why no one likes furries is they're literally all autists. you people take everything so fucking seriously and bring drama wherever you go. you bring your elitist attitudes everywhere, but don't come down to reality and realize you're literally dressing like a fucking mascot, creating a whole retarded identity out of it, and fucking animals as said durrsona.. most people would call you a fucking degenerate, even other zoophiles want you to take your dramashit and leave or contribute. but you just want to sit here stroking yourself to your own ego and you don't even realize how ironic and cringe it is. and this whole stupid thread is a huge example of that.





I didn't even know who DarkShadowFox was, but after this thread, I gotta say...

Feel free to off yourself. You can get a .38 special revolver for around 120 bucks, maybe even less.



>You think you're better than us but come here to complain about shit that you hypocrites share online and wonder why it gets leaked. Don't share it if you don't want it leaked, idiot.

200 pages in a nutshell






Furry in real life is simply the physical embodiment of virtual social media.

It's like all the worst things about the internet, anthropomorphized as people, trying to get away from themselves.



That's what it used to be. Now people are trying to make it the other way around: bringing offline, normalfag style behavior onto the internet.


can we get some more porn please and thanks


Furries are the pest of the modern world.

That's all.



yeah so, where's the fucking porn, guy judging furries on a zoo board


File: da706dfa29305d3⋯.png (647.27 KB, 858x540, 143:90, ClipboardImage.png)


>He says this on a board for literal dog fuckers

Either this is the lowest quality bait or he's a moron.



my is ou Florida



You must be a brony?

There's old furries and this new-age furry. The latter are the scourge.



english please


No more content?



considering bronies have literal terrorist attacks and NatSocks locked up, I'd put my money on Paddy Power for odds in their favour


File: 0278158fa59c57e⋯.webm (6.64 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, webmshare_GGvza.webm)



>not :orig

newfag to twatter detected

I have nothing else relevant to post though.


That Doberman suiter in that one video alright? That horse went pretty hard in that clip


Fursuiters with animals is the porn I want more than any other. I wish this thread were active.


So how does one get involved in this zoo/Murrsuit community and stuff? I have a suit and I let my dog fuck me. In general I find it hard to find communities like this.

Are there groups or things on telegram?



I know you most likely won't trust a stranger on the internet, but, if you want to talk and hear more about this stuff, I can assist.

@Reline <-- Is my telegram handle. I look forward to your message, should you decide to send me one.


bump for goodies :)


back up ya go


Yiff in hell, furfags.



nice misconception pal


It's all about the fags and the pigs. Fags know best. Pigs don't share. Fags are fags and pigs are pigs.



The rhyme goes

Fags know best

Pigs dont share

Females are selfish

and men dont care



Just post here, retard.




god i never knew how many zoophiliacs there are in the furry fandom.



If any furry is not zoo, they're half-ass zoos.


As a furry and zoo, I wish you were right, but I know many furries and I'm pretty sure I'm the only zoo


I would have to say, the HUGE majority of the fandom does not consist of zoophilies



it's probably at 10-15%


If you're a furry and not a zoo then you might have a disassociate identity disorder. Being honestly attracted to animals and having sex with them is perfectly normal compared to people who dress up as something not themselves because they feel uncomfortable with themselves.

Why are we persecuting people for having sex with animals as themselves, when we should be focused on the people who commit identity theft?

Isn't it worse to skin a person alive to wear their skin to look like them? Isn't it worse to kill your own mother and dress up in her clothing to assume her identity?

This is the difference between the furry fandom and sexually active zoophiles. Nobody is killing you and stealing your stuff to commit bestiality.


File: 01b5f179d51f229⋯.jpg (288.25 KB, 726x784, 363:392, stormy.JPG)

> Brags about 'free' HIV medication from socialized medicine

> Barebacks half the fandom

> Complains about rumors of HIV

> Puts zeta symbol in public Twitter profile

> Brags about being fucked by a dog

> Has a fit when someone links his mom to his AD




Lol yeah... There's quite a few people online who have the two-faced thing going on.

They say one thing, then they say the opposite, then they completely deny it or blame it on you.

I think it's called megalomania and it usually occurs among forum, chat moderation and other leadership positions or people with some kind of assumed power.

They're all like their own little dictatorships and it really gets in people's heads. Next thing they know they have HIV because they could control everyone else but they couldn't control themselves.


The only problem with HIV is that only idiots want to bareback with a monkey.

Just do it with safe species and youll be ok.

And btw this is not a FURRY FORUM. So please STOP POSTING FURRY STUFF.



I don't think you'll get through to them. They know know the difference between furries and animals just like the public don't know the difference between animals and children.

They've all sort of lost track of their identities.


bumping for porn



These bumps make people want to stab furries.


File: a0a2aa4401f8642⋯.gif (450.45 KB, 300x169, 300:169, 1516341422256.gif)



that's really cool!


File: 7a067b0a5938683⋯.jpg (221.9 KB, 1024x1280, 4:5, 1439591675619.jpg)




Projecting much?



Furfags and their fake ass cartoons. Everything they do is fake.


File: 6b8ac15231b8076⋯.jpg (1.29 MB, 1280x828, 320:207, 1515613447063.jpg)


You're apparently too young to understand what "projecting" means.

Stay mad kid.



Oh I know what it means. It means that you're projecting your minor age onto me. That's why you couldnt explain your position and instead posted a furfag cartoon.

Two-faced faggot.

Keep hiding behind your costumes and cartoons that's where you belong.



. You're just angry and you don't know why but I do. Your jealousy has turned into anger that you don't have a fursuit/ can't afford one so you lash out and call others faggots. Simple eh?



Who would be jealous about some fake costume while we can have sex with our beloved animals.

Go be a furfag at furry con with your wonderful costume and stop posting your shit here.



Damn :) you stole my comment !



I'm not ugly enough to spend that much money to hide it.



It's your fault I'm angry, just like its your fault you were molested as a child.

All I want to do is have sex with horses and cows and stuff, but you furfags have to advocate against sex with animals. You're ugly people and that's why you hide it in a suit.

Isn't much different than the other selfish fags, besides they hide behind their money and "the law" because they can't even handle being ugly people without the excuse for it. They don't want to share. They're ugly people and it's all their fault theyre ugly.

So they keep layering on the protections to hide that ugly. The hide it behind the money. They hide it behind their stuff. They hide it behind the law. Next thing you know they're all dressed up like an animal because everybody loves an animal. Nobody loves the ugly selfish motherfucker inside.

You watch. Keeping that in mind, even the toughest burly pig-ass farmer hoarding tons of land and animals, ain't sharing with nobody, might as well be dressing up in a faggot fursuit because they're ugly and it's all their fault.

The whole country might as well be fags.



fursuiting is all about faking it, getting it on with animals is just pure stuff



We're all going to be living under the pretentious, snobby iron fist of furfags and their henchmen in the next two years. Start investing in fursuits because all the ugly will be wearing them or working in a sweatshop making them.

"No" and "mine" will be the most commonly spoken words and sex will be reserved for the sweaty pigs hiding inside our hard labor.



I wasn't molested as a child even if I was I would've enjoyed it.

Careful with your blanket statement about furries against bestiality.

Also stop saying everyone is selfish. I honestly don't think you know what that word means.

Anyhow I'm out. I'm gonna go bang my dog while in suit just to prove you wrong. And I won't share images. Now that is being selfish.

Have a nice life! =)



Fuck you too you gap toothed snake



Furries are responsible for it. It's their fucking fault along with every other fag.



I'm not the person you responded to, I'm a different person. But, I'm curious. You wouldn't be willing to talk, would you?

Up to you of course. If you do want to, message me on Telegram. If not, that's fine, to. I do hope you message me, though. Same goes with anyone here I guess, feel free to message.




You claim you'd like being molested as a child huh? That's nothing new. It appears the trend is everybody who disagrees with me always happens to end up advocating pedophilia.

Trending shit always turns to shit it can't help itself.



Not really that's all anybody ever does is talk. Sex is illegal because somebody wants to give us no good choice but to talk about it.

When the hell are people going to let people have a fulfilling life and have sex with animals instead of just looking at it and talking about it like a boring conversation piece?

Garbage artists turn everything into useless garbage like Midas turned everything he touched into gold. Can't enjoy it now that the retard got a hold of it right?



Who cares if its not legal? Its illegal in my state and i still fucked my dog this morning.

and guess what, nothing bad happened after i finished in her. The cops didnt come to haul me away, peta didnt start protesting outside my door, and my boss didnt fire me.

Stop waiting for it to be legal, and start having sex with animals



Not everyone is allowed to own the "right" kind of animals because of the laws and regulations.

You don't understand the law criminalizing sex with animals is just another addition to all the other preexisting laws barring people from having access to the right type of animal.

It's a cash grab at an extreme expense to the Zoophilia and you fuckers are helping them profit from our struggling.

We have to jump through every hoop and pay everyone and their mother under the sun just so we can have sex.

What the fuck kind of scumsuckers are you?



Yeah it's like that workers union bullshit and abuse by medical practitioners.

Somebody has a broken car or gets sick, the "service people" keep passing you back and forth and down the line of all their buddies and by the the time you get what you need you can't even afford to live anymore.

You gotta pay this guy, that guy, you have to buy this and that and one day maybe once all the gold digging greedy fuckers have been paid you'll finally get to drive away in a functional car or walk on your leg again just to end up back at the service station or E.R.

Garbage cunts won't let you do anything even after you've given then everything they're worse than drug dealers.



Drug dealers make you pay constantly for fake happiness, and animal brothels exploit your sex drive.

Everyone else makes you pay for everything else and restricts most of your access just so you have to pay for all the expensive and disabling prerequisites in order for you to do it yourself.

They should be hanged.





This guy is having full conversations with himself now. You need help buddy.

All you do is call people cocksuckers or pigs, or tell people you want them to die horribly. Even people who agree with you.

You havent contributed a single thing to this board other than non sequitur autistic screaching. Go shit up some other board, nobody here cares.



You're right we need help blowing the head off the filthy triangle running this cycle of abuse.



You have enough contribution you fucking parasites. Maybe you should be giving something back.




Why are you here?



This is all you and your worthless porno board is good for. Nothing but worthless useless objects and objects are great for beating on.

You know what you supposed to do with scrap wood you throw it in a fire and watch it burn.



I'm not allowed to have sex with sexy animals so the only free fun I can get is flaming all over the trash responsible for it.

You're lucky I'm not beating those two faced dog breeders and the horse snobs with an iron pipe but that could always change.



Well, if you moved out of your mother's basement you could own any animal you want, and do whatever you want with him or her.

The rest of us have figured this out, why havent you? Although frankly, i'd be concerned for any animal left in your care since sex is the only thing you seem to care about



The fuck you'll leave animals under the care of drug fiends. At least I have the intentions of doing something instead of stuffing my pig face and falling comatose to overdose.

Nobody can move anywhere because you and your scuzball buddies probably been siphoning away their means to do it.

Thanks for being a part of the problem and the dumb fucks can't even let nobody have sex without leeching more ability out of once healthy people.

That's the difference between the in-group and the out-group, is that the in group are the nasty worms fucking more animals than they can own by sucking the life out of the out-group.

You want me to do what? Do it myself? I can't do shit while until somebody jams parasite poison up their ass.



Jesus, india sounds like a really fucked up place. Drugs everywhere, people shitting in the streets, boogey men running around preventing people from moving out of their parent's basement and owning animals.

You should write a book about your experiences, and use the money from sales to move somehwere better



Nobody would buy that because they're all buying sex and porn from the "service people". If anybody wrote a book some thieving caucasian nigger who doesn't want to work would plagiarize it and take credit for it anyways.

That's how it works here. All the parasites killing people and putting people in prison to steal their work and benefit from it tenfold.

Why bother working so hard and losing it all to the sex hoarding pigs?

I'd rather just get free sex.



Yes "Caucasian Nigger" is a real thing.

They're Caucasian because they act like they're better and more important than everyone because they have a college education and money hungry.

They're Niggers because they'll shoot you in the back, steal your clothing off your back, your shoes, or murder you for pocket change.

This is more of a stereotype. They might not even be white or black they can be any color as long as they fit the description of "White" and "Nigger"



Oh yeah and they make you pay for sex because white people make you pay for prestigious clubs while niggers make you pay for dirty disease sex.



click this link if u want a virus

dont fucking click it idiot




Honestly it mostly just sounds like he's off his meds. He'll probably an hero trying to stop a bus with his manliness pretty soon, or something akin to that.

Sadly most of these types never do anything interesting enough to make the news. Just some crazy guy, and he's dead now.


File: b87d74c097928af⋯.jpg (107.9 KB, 795x1200, 53:80, photo_2018-02-13_02-16-38.jpg)

File: 28e39a7c1d889f1⋯.jpg (140.58 KB, 1200x795, 80:53, photo_2018-02-13_02-16-41.jpg)



Well well well.. Now this is some quality content right here. Kudo's, poster!



That's awesome! Hopefully it's an untraceable dedicated self made fucksuit because you can bet your ass a bunch of rabid furries are already working hard on doxing whoever this is :(



I'm sure it should be fine, Anon! Glad you liked the pictures! Enjoy the content, I enjoyed posting it for you guys.



At least it's on topic. :-)

Not some loser that got caught fucking the community sacred cows, and they de-nutted him and now he spends his life ranting about the sex he can't have.....



Sacred cows are a form of tax evasion. In realization of a debt to society, the person who fucks a sacred cow belongs to an entire community of losers.

Those losers paid for the sacred cows home and didn't gain anything from fucking them. The cows should be grateful.



People can have sex, it's just nobody is letting them do it because people are too busy using the act of sex with animals as the basis to steal from innocent people... like stealing their balls to sell as fraudulant aphrodisiac potions to wealthy white schizophrenics.


File: 414379f07230f0c⋯.webm (8.8 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Leakyleakleak.webm)

Hey, you all behave. That's how you'll continue getting content! If I decide to share more after this, any way. <3


if you guys just leak it all, we can fap. :(



Can't see a damn thing.



Holy crap that's awesome, I hope there's more :3



I'm afraid not, anon! This is what you get. I'll send more if I feel like it.


Better than nothing, anon!


Glad to see someone appreciates this! I wish there was more to this particular suiter, but I do not have it if more exists.



>Better than nothing

Only the truly wretched will claim a scrap of moldy bread is more than trash.



I agree with you so much. The "better than nothing" excuse is the same excuse those slimeballs use to coerce us into giving up sex with animals.

They're like a gang of domestically violent parasites.




Still better without the fursuit.

Sexy bitch though.


this is the funniest fucking thread


Furries are sickeningly uncomfortable with themselves.



Don't listen to them anon, this is great! Would love to see more.



Hmmmm. Seems like you're the only one really keeping interest in my shenanigans. I'm glad you like the content! If you have a Telegram account, I'd love to chat you up. Once you reply in agreement I'll post my alt account here(for anyone to message).





I completely agree. Love the new stuff and I hope to see more rather then stupid bickering


Aw, sweet! Thanks for the new vid anon!



Sure thing! That'd be great. My telegram is @EnEuclid



Alright! Well, to everyone here, feel free to message me. Sorry for the delays as well.

@LeakyLeak <-- New alt account, in reference to the first leaked video I had posted above.


D'aww. Thank you, Anon! I agree. I hope more is shared, and I hope the bickering stops!


My pleasure, Anon! Thanks for the thanks!

And as a token of good will, I'm going to be posting another video down below. Hint: It includes a dalmation. So you know it's me posting it.



Having complications. Will post it up once I figure out how to get it up safely. File size is causing it to pause at 100%.


File: 2d4641c6bf4ac52⋯.mp4 (14.9 MB, 640x480, 4:3, Leakyleak2a.mp4)


There we go. Token of good will now able to be posted!


File: 11b2b568e47d6d5⋯.webm (14.63 MB, 640x480, 4:3, Leakyleak2b.webm)




Wow you're just great. Truly all of us here appreciate it more than you know!


That's awesome! Your yiff videos been the first I saw - very like them. And now you are here . Sweet!



I'm pretty sure you're too young to remember a movie featuring Richard Pryor and Gene Wilder that had the same plot......



we need more dogs and fursuiters!

post all :D

my dream are dogs fucking suiters <3


more suiters bottoming please



holy fuck he came in like 10 seconds flat.

That's hot.




>dogs fucking suiters

>dogs fucking




Amazing detail, esp the balls and sheath.

Not sure what's up with that tail though; it looks like a balloon or sausage casing. Is it supposed to deflate if you get mounted or something?

Nice bitch though, I'd fuck her in a second! Extra points for her crying out as you climax; how'd you manage that?



No, we need less jap retard stuff and more animal sex.


File: d7eb97cb948b75e⋯.jpg (85.7 KB, 960x720, 4:3, 3f25617fdd70a8e2a3a7c43cd5….jpg)


Most dogs get vocal like that when they feel you ejaculate inside them because they know that cleanup, lots of treats and snuggle time comes next. :)



not true



Jeez, what is this, the invasion of the prepubescent?



Well I know they do the Happy Dance after you do, so let's assume it's true. Why not? :-)


Fantastic! Thanks again anon!


bump for goodies


this whole thread is a dream come true, I was always a zoo in elementary school before the internet was a thing. I found furry shit in high school and thought being furry would be worse since beastiality invovled real animals and not imagined ones I resisted but got over it. Keep posting


furries are fucking disgusting, making zoos look completely and totally mentally fucking ill since the birth of the internet. I hope you all off yourselves.




that suit is fucking terrifying what the fuck, I feel bad for that fucking dog.



this is pretty much doggy rape. furries disgust me



all furries are shit, I am old enough to remember when chan websites actively purged you faggots from their websites something like 14 years ago. the biggest mistake in internet history is that for some sick reason they started letting you back in.



So. Freaking. Hot.


File: 7f2279d9de60845⋯.jpg (63.18 KB, 549x281, 549:281, 44.jpg)

>349 replies

Jesus christ



You must be a bronyfag or anime pedo lover. Either way do us furries a favour and jump off a cliff.


Oh, and I am a greymuzzle, gun-owning Trump-voter who is a zoo (as opposed to a bestialist) AND a furry!



I'm old enough to remember when there were no such things as imageboards, you newfag cuntsucker.




I'm not getting paid to try your shit.


Offtopic question: Why there are so many beastialists/zoosadists among furries? Most of them want to "fuck dog into the ass" or do other bad things against the animal's will. They are not zoophiles, they don't love animals and don't care about them, they don't care if the animal is enjoying it, they just want to enjoy it themselves. They are the biggest cancer of the zoophile community. Unfortunately, Telegram and other groups are full of these retards. Why?



Well just like you said most just want the "Fantasy" of having sex with dogs. They don't own animals so they don't know what it's like to take care, and enjoy the friendship that animals bring. All they see is porn, and telegram talking about being a Zoo, instead of owning a pet and having responsibility.



I propose three types of animal fucker

1. the mentally ill "zoo's" who wish they were wolves, living solitary lives with their animal "wives" and thinking humans are demons while romanticizing animals as angelic moral beings

2. the mentally ill people who view animals as mechanical soulless beings and take out their hedonism and masochism on them because they can't fight back.

3. normal fucking people who just so happen to want to fucking fuck a dog



anybody who would want to fuck a dog has some form of mental illness. this attracts all sorts of the worst fucking people, even the ones who claim they are zoo's who romantically love animals are often visibly raping the damn things because they are, as I said, mentally ill and can barely recognize human emotions and social cues let alone a dogs. they just project their feelings onto their animals and anthropomorphize them before sticking a huge dildo in its ass.



protip: bronies are furries.



Is there a point to this rant? We come in all combinations.

I am a greymuzzle, gun-hating Trump-hater who is a zoo and a furry. So what?



Yeah, it's mostly one guy pretending to be several, all over the board, bitching and whining because he's too fucking lazy to earn 80 cents a day to buy dog food, and calling everybody Nigger because the world owes him free sex.

Anotherwords some basement-dwelling psychopath blowing his hateful shit in all the threads.

His kind of scum is why we can't have nice things......



No, we are NOT the same guy. That N-word using bastard needs to be "recycled".



Omg! Are you really triggered by reading the "nigger" word?

I need you to hand over your man card and dog fuckery card as well.


File: 199ce7366c74d06⋯.jpg (159.02 KB, 1280x992, 40:31, 8df91acc33a5032f951a9e4fbb….jpg)


That's not a real question nor entirely true, and I hope you're not intentionally conflating the words "be[a]stialists" and "zoosadists", but it is true there are lots of furries (among others) who are thoughtless and careless.

THAT is the real problem with trying to 'advertise' or 'project' zoophilia onto furries... In reality, if you care about animals, you should be happier if there were fewer practicing zoophiles among furries, rather than more.

It's not the pool of people you most want approaching real animals. For most of them it's a very superficial love they have, at best.


either post porn or shut up EVERYONE in this thread is why we cant HAVE ANYTHING.


post dog x furry plox


File: 5932f6a17b411cb⋯.jpg (229.13 KB, 691x1024, 691:1024, insemination1.JPG)

File: 4a9d27ee1330542⋯.jpg (210.78 KB, 732x1024, 183:256, insemination2.JPG)

File: 143dfa62cacf934⋯.jpg (143.75 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, foxakita.jpg)

File: e4dcbde64380a6c⋯.jpg (100.42 KB, 1280x731, 1280:731, kennel.jpg)

File: 19b6589e967a273⋯.jpg (93.21 KB, 640x541, 640:541, rex.jpg)

Wait, furries have been doing this IRL...and I'm only now finding out about it?!


bump this glorious cesspool



Its good to have furries delete their accounts on social media over the fact that they have were actually loving animals.



You're telling us we should want more fake zoophiles running around dressed up, pretending to be animals and speaking nonsense about animals because they view themselves as the animals?

Uh no...

They're implying childish human traits on the animals and I'm not going to settle for a fake childish animal.

Zoophiles are attracted to real animals and want to have sex with real animals and there's nothing wrong with that. Real zoophiles are sincere. Real zoophiles are not trying to attract children with flashy colorful cartoon animal costumes.



Love, on it's own, is gay gay gay. You can love your mother, you can love your father, but if you're not fucking with you sexual attraction then you're probably a fruitcake.


39174 thinks all furries and op/ DarkShadowFox is a pedophile, cute. poster must be the cops or something.

DarkShadowFox is a zoophile but not a active practing one. sorry.

-confirmed from person themselves.

also if you want active zoophiles in his home state just look for the greek letter zeta or you know look on the zetafurs group or the discords or telegrams its so easy to bait.

39174 hes probably an insecure, extremist political party who is so law abiding hes afraid to wipe his own ass. and uses feminist and extremism to assume every furry is sick cuck pedophile to make their own raging homophobia heterosexuality feel more secure. what a troll.


can you also move on from ruining this fucking guys life. he leakes things you sit and bitch here to be proud about and want to be legal but leaking actual proof or showing it off is backwards? if you didnt want the material posted why did you make it in the first place did you expect it not to get out.

haha it will if not now, years from now. stupid to not know how the internet works. cucks. why do you think AOz went under. it all boils down to capatoilism greed jelaously or fear of muh cant fuck my dog dick or horsecock into muh ass baww boo hoo.


this thread is laffable that you continue to ruin someones life practing the same thing you do but want to jail and arresst someone while you continue and practice your illegalities in the background too. mental. lol fucked.


how about furries get rid of the nazis and pedophiles and zoosadists and include the real ZOOPHILEs like Dark IS. instead of being an Uninclusive shithole and mean to someone whos worth to engage in whatever you want no matter how annoying. who gives a fuck stop ruining the guys life. over what? so you can make zoophiles harder and this is why the fandoms going under or toxic or trash because you ruined someones life so they got mad and got back at you all for continually ruining their life and being fake plastic. who cares if their autstic and annoying. they cant help it. outside of that their a highly intelligent muti faceted nice. makes mistakes has a hard timet at life but generally tries and if you were friends with the fucking guy for once youd realize hes better then the toxicity you make them out to be but nah you want to latch onto one or two mistakes the guys made over muh security but you sit here and openly preach about how you yourself fuck dogs/ animals its so backwards

-their friend.


39210 nobody wants to see a 400/ fat/ ugly poud 40yo man under an animal. everyone wants to see a bright pretty colorful fursuit with a hot twink inside taking an animal cock up the ass.


sucks to be you. its gonna continue. good luck on that campaign.


according to that logic any sexual intercourse is considered real sex. whackjob. go on trace my ip and blow my head off. do it.


do it.


ragey mc rage cop with no balls threating me.


why did you hide the violent threat from the poser claming about how he wasnts to blow someones head off?


who are you talking to.


oh no guys I ejaculated into something thats not a child quick kill me please.


so whats funny is the guy who makes violent or stupid posts about how he should kill them is a cop because he keeps hiding them to bait people into posting things that make dark potentially look suicidial. grow up.



Keep tripping over that idea.


no one else but you bumps this thread. get a life. loser.


Can someone rip & upload? I can't figure out how to download this vid from the site: https://www.gaybeast.com/movie/111333/fursuiter_dog


File: 66d0838c60fc273⋯.mp4 (5.86 MB, 480x320, 3:2, out.mp4)


here you go




go ahead, stop posting. Like we fucking care.

That bitch didn't want it and is therefore rape. So please eat a bullet.



My god what a loser lol this is some funny shit, thanks 😂




Ah sweet, thanks!


File: a685f2a305dae0d⋯.jpg (690.56 KB, 1278x943, 1278:943, 2018-04-08 13.12.15.jpg)

Does anyone have the videos, or any other pictures of Sephius?


honestly, any content of suiters bottoming would be highly appreciated <3


Or topping...any content really


Furfag, brony, zoophile, and diagnosed autistic here.

Self-aware, though, and this thread is not only the best thing I've read all day, but also actually delivers on my surprisingly hard to find fetish!

And personally, I think being a furry makes this drama even more entertaining.



Yummy as heck. <3


if you message @sephius on telegram he has the content of him with his dog. or his discord or bug him on furriextreme he has a video of his dog licking the piss off of his fursuit on there.





I don't have any profiles on those and I'm too lazy to set them up.

Can anyone else do it?










anyone here anymore or is this ded already?




Any more content??


File: 1f572ea57e0c708⋯.webm (1.85 MB, 852x480, 71:40, werewolf moment XTube Por….webm)

Check out what he left open on his laptop. I think he deleted his xTube. Anyone got more stuff with this guy and his dog?


File: c15eb748cc4a326⋯.webm (3.18 MB, 640x360, 16:9, werewolf and dogs.webm)



Hold the camera more steady and fuck her harder. Best advice i can give. Make more




>I think he deleted his xTube

He was probably banned. Any implication of bestiality, much less actually showing it on camera, is against ToS over there.

It's also illegal to distribute it where he lived/lives, so depending on what happened, he might even be in jail.




More Sephius stuff please?



Wow. now THAT is what this board needs more of :) Thank you very much for sharing!



no, thats pes1969 or whatever. He's still around and still fat and ugly


I'd love to see more of that, pretty please



File: 33f22f1123282ad⋯.jpg (240.36 KB, 796x1280, 199:320, rockstar.jpg)

Does anyone have the videos my horsey waifu made down on the farm? I can't find them anywhere.



fuck off and die, furfags.

i hope you suffocate in your smelly dog suits.




And other people's fun hurts you HOW?

Go text yourself to death on a busy highway.

I hope your cellphone bursts into flames and broils your balls.



>people fucking dogs


Please commit suicide.



How can I not be in that list? It's bloody obvious by my likes and submissions, and I follow a good number of those in the list.



Certainly not.

>people fucking dogs


I'm having way too much fun.



...why are you on this board? Seriously, this board is for people who FIND SEX WITH ANIMALS FUN AND FULFILLING!!!

Seriously. If you're going to preach, make your own thread. Seriously.


File: 13f2e2add2194ca⋯.jpg (54.18 KB, 500x474, 250:237, gay nerds fighting.jpg)

>418 replies



please stop uplifting this retard thread that doesnt belong here


File: 742affaea9c165a⋯.jpg (1.74 MB, 969x1280, 969:1280, 1532503336789.jpg)



Bump early and often!

This is one of the best threads on here!


File: 6ff50ad44211398⋯.gif (2.57 MB, 375x210, 25:14, 7301F867-7462-4042-B2AD-11….gif)



Consider yourself lucky, I'm on the list and I don't post any zoo content





Can someone reupload this here

Unable to save from the site. https://www.gaybeast.com/movie/106618/furstuit_3_some



doesnt look like it contains any animals in it only suits.



Thus not zoo, or fursuits with animals--



What a beautiful pic



Wow. This is so hot. Please upload more like this.



My favorite



Can anyone identify this suiter? >.>>>36169



Why do you want anyone's identity? You FBI? Better serve a warrant then.



Honestly if you find out, let me know. Holy damn, that's hot.



Man y'all just a bunch of shittie people. Why leak people's content? Could lead to ruining someone's life. Because you feel the need to share something that was shared in private. It's stupid people like y'all. That ruin this community.



>forcing dog into a corner so it can't get away

>literally can't see anything anyway

>you're in a fursuit for some reason, it just looks dumb

this is fucking retarded, hopefully someone recognizes your fursuit so your dog can be confiscated



Well just dont wear your unique fursuit and fuck your gsd while filming yourself and youll be fine.


Bubblegum Husky never really existed, did he?



Yea i guess fake.




Kind of leak that no gives a fuck about. Who the fuck posts zoo forums about furry guys jerk off to internet? Leak your stuff and take your drama to furry forums. Were only interested in animals and not retards in here.




OK yah. Without animals it not zoo.



well there was zoosuit shit in it, sucks you guys are too lazy to read through it lmao



"zoo"suit - means faggotsuit with no animals



That could well be; the vids with fursuits and animals call them "fursuits".



Oh but there were animals, Retardo.

Don't worry I'm sure you'll get them via the grapevine in a few months. You just earned yourself some waiting time, is all. :)



Seems as though the link already expired



Lol what a creep you are. Just have fun with animals and stop posting because no one really cares.



huh? I only saw one video when I clicked the link before...

unless you're talking about the video he's watching at the beginning in that


File: ccf83d6992feb58⋯.jpg (207.65 KB, 1280x994, 640:497, photo_94.jpg)

File: 6625966c2cd07e8⋯.jpg (182.71 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, photo_141.jpg)

File: 8c602e158336e81⋯.jpg (127.58 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, photo_142.jpg)

File: 4aa1808735b8199⋯.jpg (63.62 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, photo_143.jpg)

File: 86db83ef2d7f73a⋯.jpg (118.75 KB, 960x1280, 3:4, photo_145.jpg)

From the Leak #1


File: ffc73c4841cef88⋯.jpg (161.91 KB, 1200x795, 80:53, photo_207.jpg)

File: b8a984cd08a33fa⋯.jpg (123.94 KB, 795x1200, 53:80, photo_208.jpg)

File: d8c276ae9bf763c⋯.jpg (85.41 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, photo_258.jpg)

File: 538de86e9cc492f⋯.jpg (78.87 KB, 1280x721, 1280:721, photo_261.jpg)

File: 8a0affcd179848c⋯.jpg (126.3 KB, 1280x719, 1280:719, photo_262.jpg)

leak #2


File: 4b36cd6423d58cf⋯.jpg (151.44 KB, 960x1280, 3:4, photo_146.jpg)

File: 4605606401d1035⋯.jpg (125.18 KB, 1224x826, 612:413, photo_169.jpg)

File: c50b02c9b1f9105⋯.jpg (12.94 KB, 371x225, 371:225, photo_170.jpg)

File: e8c851b9721cb09⋯.jpg (109.85 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, photo_178.jpg)

Last of what I got



can someone reupload?


File: 922c10c41fc9a86⋯.jpg (62.89 KB, 600x800, 3:4, FC06-038.jpg)


It's a pretty okapi suit.



Could you please reupload it? I didn't get a chance to see.





Glad someones curating some of the stuff. Based on whats being said about it, that's some legit disturbing stuff.



If it was what I think, you can get a copy of the archive from https://kiwifarms.net/threads/zoosadism-megathread.47973/

I'm not downloading that shit to confirm though, I value my sanity. Jesus fuck I hate that society doesn't differentiate between harmless dogfuckers and these demented animal abusers



>demented animal abusers

That's an understatement, like, these people are downright ghouls.

One of them just completely alright with having their fursona, the one they actively use to conduct these acts, to entertain kids on YouTube for example.

It's all so fucking sick.



Are you suggesting that people can't entertain kids and also have sex at some other time?





wow i havent visited my thread in a while. glad my leaking undid those fuckers i was chasing. now do you fucktards believe me or do i need to be more literally autistic and bite the bullet and bait somemore sick fucks.



Yes. That is exactly what I am saying.

The character Barney goes home and then violently rapes puppies after a hard day putting on a show entertaining kids.

Or what I am actually saying is this: The dude uses his fursuit, a character/persona he uses for entertaining, and does violent/necro sexual acts while using said fursuit/parts of the fursuit and that kids are also watching his content which makes all the pedo stuff even worse because on the side of all this shit that we haven't seen he might be grooming kids.


Does anyone have the videos of the whole Kero the wolf drama? Just want to do some research.



No body has videos. People just say they do. More and more people come forward saying they have seen the videos, yet no one is willing to show anyone the videos. It's all fake.



>The dude uses his fursuit, a character/persona he uses for entertaining, and does violent/necro sexual acts while using said fursuit/parts of the fursuit

What would you think if it were a stand-up comedian who entertained kids while wearing a polo shirt, and also wore the same polo shirt while doing sex acts?



The videos are real and the chatlogs too, the only thing that's false are the claims that Kero is starring in the actual video. He still participated in a big zoosadist communty for a long time and being tolerant of these fuckers is extremely damaging both to the furry community and to nonviolent zoophiles



Just look up the archived thread on kiwi farms, all the videos and pics are there.


>The videos are real and the chatlogs too, the only thing that's false are the claims that Kero is starring in the actual video. He still participated in a big zoosadist communty for a long time and being tolerant of these fuckers is extremely damaging both to the furry community and to nonviolent zoophiles.

^this too


Everybody already thinks Furries fuck animals, so this shit just Validates what some people already assume.

Damaging to the Zoo Community? Dude, you already fuck animals, they already deam it animal abuse, Zoos were never winning any points no matter how gentle and well taken cared of and loved their Sex Pets are.



Well if its so, the furry community needs to stop the loser furries coming here and making everyone in the furry community look bad while looking the zoos look bad. It could be very easily done if the furry community was true community where you could talk about everything with no drama.


haha i win. im so glad nelizar gave me photos of all those zoo suiters and i leaked them to my now lost and deleted twitter. haha. no ones gonna escape no logs were faked with kero the wolf incident and hes doing damage control and dfe. im so glad i planted the seeds of popufurs engaging in bestiality and baited you all into creating a beware about that white dog pictures being mine. fun fact. i saved and reblogged them and never touched a single dog. all my escapades. faked to bait you all into letting me almost everywhere. hope the police have a field day with all those popufurs including nel whos face is all over the net. -Dark. 👍🙄 🖕

haha shouldnt of stepped on me. glad your fandoms burning. :)



Nice LARPing, friend.



haha no one cares about a hand full of idiots that stupid to share stuff that easily can lead to identify them.

so whats now wanna be hero?



damn havent heard of neli in a long time, glad he's still around


so...someone gonna post more fursuit zoo stuff or not, it's really all I want to see don't give a shit about "exposing" people considering those who live in glass houses shouldn't cast stones. someone get more furries to film themselves with their animals cause it's way too rare.


the list is giving me quite A few connections now to other zoos thank you so much




Exactly. This is simple darwinism in action. the dumbest .001% goes down to keep the rest strong. Have fun with your game!


nah. were already dismantling your illegal operation as you speak . they already know everywhere you operate and theres plenty of moles willing to flip. :^) -Dark



This isn't your average every day autism


nah not really. your just trying to pin what you can on me to protect your precious little zoophillia scum ring. -Dark.




Yeah. I can see all the available intelligence. Would you like to borrow an apostrophe?



can i borrow a catastrophe.


dont know why but its kind of funny to see how these kids spend days and weeks to get all the information about they guys around kero. keep in mind we do talk about information everyone just need to read. they were looking for ice cream stores in carolina for days just to accidetial find out the pic was taken in havanna. just some little kids playing fbi. hahaha


>>51893 the fbi doesnt do shit because there overloaded, so the internet steps in and chases down sick fucks. -Dark :)


>>51897 hope everyone ive leaked and cow and fur has leaked has a good lawyer. so glad its getting dismantled and i can see my work come to fruition. so glad nelizar leaked those zoo suit images and i leaked them to my twitter. im so glad i show the world how much of rotten pedophillic, perverted fandom rotten to its core of deliusion easily bated retards. so glad i gave up 8 years of my life to bait everyone and gain the information i wanted. -Dark


>>51897 the FBI is an invetigative unit. they dont chase aliens but do a good job investigating. when they bust down a house in full gear its usually someone important like drugs or pedophile king pin. its nothing like hollwood. i should know. your dirty fandom sicked the cops on me to try to hide your evidence. -Dark



Zoo is a "crime" with no victim - also its not a crime at all. So why would one need to investigate while moral monkeys give their friends up for free.



Nice virus you have there, faggot


god the struggle to face change and responsibility for commiting a crime is halarious. -Dark. :^)



almost as tough as the struggle to use correct spelling and grammar.




Who's the okapi?



Right? People have no problem leaving animals on the streets, handing them over and killing them for food...and the people who rescue them cut the animals balls and vaginas out and treat them like children.

But they won't let us have sex? Wtf? Too busy abusing and torturing animals to let us have sex with the animals.

I guess when everyone is a monster and doing things monsters do, the monsters make good guys look bad.



Without me naming him. Just search "okapi fursuit"


Unika the opekai


File: 8296e2e4cd1f7b9⋯.png (150.21 KB, 446x455, 446:455, 1536599646506.png)

>tfw you missed out on the zoo-fur golden age and now everyone is either vanned or too paranoid to meet up anymore.

>tfw you will never be in furry zooporn vids


haha -Dark




Well duh, but I sure wish I could engage in one of those fursuit animal sex parties with other zoo furries. Getting leaked almost seems like it would have been worth it.


File: 9b78cf2dc0159b2⋯.png (348.71 KB, 680x512, 85:64, 6f8.png)




Repost please.


File: 1d971e1a5def569⋯.png (378.06 KB, 559x338, 43:26, 1.png)

File: b73b157aa9c24d9⋯.png (354.12 KB, 542x332, 271:166, 2.png)

File: 49759938a79f43e⋯.png (391.12 KB, 558x400, 279:200, 3.png)

Anyone got the video?


Less talky talky attentionwhorey more fursuits getting fucked by dogs



god those look so hot



no ones going to post. you realize the police are going after everyone. lmao -Dark.



fucking halarious. looool

so glad my 8 years of work of baiting and exposing came to frution. Now you have a bunch of moles and potentially police on the inside. you can run but you only get tired. :) lmao




Given that a large portion of my friends are into this, even my roommate, you'd think I would have heard something about your apparent apocalypse.

I think maybe you are experiencing some sort of hallucination. I suggest a trip to your mental health professional.



I don't believe you are -Dark

You look more like an anti-bestiality schizo who thinks you have the 1337 skills to speaks for other people and animals.



oh dear you really spend 8 years to get all that information you could get within a few hours easily? fun fact, there always were moles and possible law enforcment on the inside. so whats the news? you uncovered the dumbest of the dumb, guys that were that careless you will find all about them just by reading. what a great hero you are! bahaha! XD



This guy is pretty open about being a zoophile. Also, he shares his suit with lots of people.


you only found it in a few hours because you have shadowwoof leaking it. without him it would take you as long as it took me. that and i waited on it on purpose. nothings more damaging then someone who holds onfo things for year. ex: MeToo movement.



He is pretending to be important. Don't ruin it for him!



aw thats cute. have fun in jail -Dark :)



I'll be sitting right here......waiting.

Over the past 30 years of being in zoophile chats, I've come across a fairly large share of blow-hard twats like yourself. I've verbally abused and baited most all of them, and guess what, I'm still fucking here. As you can guess, I'm a LONG ways away from taking any of your childish bullshit seriously. I'm sure you are going to continue to make claims of how you are coming to get me, more threats, but I'm afraid you are just full of shit.

You see, I've been involved with some of the biggest zoo websites that have ever existed (excluding the shithole BF), and you don't even fucking know my pseudonym. You have NOTHING, so please, continue your shit-talking so I have something to laugh at. It's heading into winter and my mood always goes sour this time of year. I need the humor.


anyone who gets enraged over commiting a felony because they got played and exposed is a halarious piece of trash. still trying to scapegoat me. -Dark

also sour winter guy. maybe you should get a life youll be happier. nigger.



I really dont see why people are soo hostile aganist zoo. Its not wrong and its not hurting anyone or anything. So why butthurt ?



I have a house, 4 cars, 2 motorcycles, 2 ATVs, animals, a shitload of guns, money, job, friends, a zoo girlfriend and the free time to do most anything I want.

What part of life is it you feel I am missing? Kids maybe? If so, no thanks. Maybe I would have a life if I devoted 8 years of my life to some self-proclaimed witch-hunt that isn't going to accomplish anything meaningful?



be nice he is special. although thats a insult to special needs kids.


because i got stepped on and assraped and used and abused because i had enough and leaked information to my furpawradio twitter about seiphus and foxb being zoosadists to 1800 people in mid 2017 after getting it in 2016. then shadowwoof came alonf pretended to be more foxb pretended to be my friend then scumbag nelizar came along and started using everyone and invading all the groups and i got double doxed because of it. the cops going as so far as to raid my house in a setup attempt to hide there evidenence but thanks to kiwifarms shadowoof fur and the general internet everything i lost was pieced together and then some doing the work i took years trying to do. -Dark.

enough. leave me and my thread alone and give me my fucking life back.



You know, i get it. Shit happened, and you got shafted. There is even a chance you didn't deserve it, but if you become worse than your enemy, what has happened? There are lots of people in this recent zoosadist list that literally need to die, but all you are doing so far is pissing on the people that would ordinarily stand with you in the fight.


>>52210Hopefully you've learned a very valuable lesson, that other furries have also learned.

Being a furry is not illegal. Anywhere.

Being a zoo is illegal everywhere.

Keep these 2 things SEPARATE at all times. You go blowing off about zoo stuff on a furry board, at furcon, anywhere public, Very Bad Things will happen. Basically the same Very Bad Things that happen to any zoo who doesn't keep quiet about their private life.

You make a public spectacle, you have no one to blame but yourself.

And oh yeah, WE blame you too, for the blowback every zoo gets when someone gets stupid.



"Being a zoo is illegal everywhere."←Legal almost every where. What is illegal in many places (but not all places) is zoosex. Doing zoosex acts and being a zoosexual are not the same thing.



This is a pretty good point. The argument presented was that the public may stop tolerating the furry fandom if I got too strongly associated with illegal sex. Yoou made the concession that we could claim to be abstaining zoophiles and normalize our sexual proclivity as an identity within the fandom. While this may be more acceptable than the actual sex act, I'm afraid that the public will conflate the two. The furry fandom does serve as a good camouflage for zoophiles. It allows us to socialize and find each other safely. I would hate to loose that.



Furry fandom is a half-ass way to fuck animals, and any of them who hate on animal fuckers is a hypocrite.


if you guys are gonna post. post on a thread that isnt designed to attack me and be slanderous. aka please make a new thread and stop bumping this one. your killing my sanity >: -Dark



Kill yourself



welp. you just fucked yourself. i was gonna be nice but now im just gonna use my evidence and reveal more people. bye bye furags <3 -Dark



PLS stop making furry drama to this forum -> NO ONE FUCKING CARES !



Around 50% of the furry fandom are pretty much zoophiles (they get off to drawed animal porn) the furry fandom should be used as a stepping stone to educate the non-zoophiles about zoophiles, then spread tolerance from there to other places. Educate people about the difference between zoosadism and zoophilia.


i was trying to go after the zoosadists and pedophiled. this thread was started as an attempt to quash me from doing so. -Dark

also zoophillia will never be illegal it will only get more illegal.


this thread is no fun anymore. damn.

JUST FAP AND GO HAVE FUN. fucking furries.

and tbh, Dark should just fuck off. you started this shit so now let us have it



bestialitys not legal or a regonized moment by any means of the law. you deserve this. bye bye.

nobody likes it. there is no hate crime because your not a legal movement. your as legal as nambla. they only let you exist because they cant do anything about talking. but you furfags share content openly in states where its illlegal. so i hope they come down on you hard.

also no i didnt start this. Nelizar the leaker and zoosadists did.




Somebody just wipe the last month of retards from this thread, and get back to fursuits fucking animals.



We need more content and less bickering please!


File: 1ebe374983e2a77⋯.jpg (30.17 KB, 600x600, 1:1, dfg1.jpg)

ITT costume-wearing furries are surprised that a thread full of same immediately turned into a shitstorm of faggots whining about other faggots.


this is and never was a content thread. this was always a leak thread. any content you leak you only further mine and the polices cruscade. so youve pretty much done all the work ive laid the ground work for. -Dark.

you inadvertly fucked your fandom by playing into my well executed trap. :)



You are literally retarded. Go find an actual hobby and get off the internet.



Hey why don't you go fulfill your fantasy of fucking a kid in your suit, pedophile fuck



why dont you stop defending zoophillia and accept the fact that your all going to go to jail and get caught for fucking animals.


bye bye.



I hate niggers because they grow on trees. Gas the kykes, Hitler was right.

I was also fisted by a tranny by the name of Shamone who made me prolapse on her big tranny dick.



ok troll fag anon whos mad that there telegram and furry zoophiles are getting exposed.



Do not believe the charlatan above me who thinks is the real, one and only, Dark

I am terrified they're going to find my sado-zoo collection for I was the ringleader of the telegram.

Also I am the hacker known as 4chan.




Hey congratulations, you know how to deflect comments that attack your deepest and darkest secrets head on. You're still a pedophile, and you live in the US... mandatory 5 years minimum just for having the stuff last I checked. Bestiality's not illegal where I live so I couldn't care less. How about you stop trying to get yourself caught by signing your name. I know how self destructive you are, and it's only a matter of time before your comments suddenly stop appearing here because you've either been arrested or you auto-asphyxiated yourself to death like an idiot.

- An anonymous ex-friend


File: 900070575cf863e⋯.jpg (6.81 KB, 170x206, 85:103, 1489632767000.jpg)


Careful with that edge, you might cut yourself




Light-Kun, please get Dark to shut up.


Ima romantic zoophile that would never hurt an animal nor force them to do something they dont want .But these beastialist\zoosadist necrophiles & pedophiles are just sickening.


It also pisses me off when a beastialist claims to be a lving zoophile but they'll fuck a young animal but not be into kids. Your still a damn pedo only with animals tho



Young animals can't be told they are victims and end up with fucked-up attitudes toward sexuality when they mature. Human children can. There's an obvious difference.



Wan't to hang out later? -Moth


>>52834 >>52835

Well dont look into age too much since its not more about sexual maturity.

I've had several female dogs over extended period of time and once they first came to heat they all wanted sex. Maybe not all the time but most of the time. They are not children, and a true zoophile respects whether the animal is willing or not.



I have no friends. - Dark



Way to go. Keep stabbing people online.



boohoo, losing friends is part of growing up, if i did not keep you as a friend in my life then obviously you weren't worth/ wasted my time/ we didnt connect. Pick up your pieces and let go.




Let go of what ? My true zoo life with my two awesome dogs <3 Youre the loser here.



good for you. your bound to be arrested someday. leave my thread alone.

your as low as the zoosadists I leaked information about. your so pathetic you have to train your dogs to have sex with you.




"Arrested" - HAHA. Not going to happen even if you did whine your bitchy whines to a police. Its not because youre a bitch but because law is not on your side on this case.

Also furry stuff and thread doesnt belong to zoo forum so i suggest you take your bigot crap elsewhere and go cry yourself to sleep. No one cares about furry drama so youre playing empty handed here.



WOW ! Dark is a retard!



"your so pathetic you have to train your dogs to have sex with you."←Nothing wrong with training a dog to do sexual acts. You finding it pathetic is your subjective opinion and not a fact.



You DON'T have to train a dog to have sex! That's anti-zoo propaganda. To suggest that a natural and enjoyable behavior for a dog needs to be "trained" would be like suggesting you need to train them to eat meat or run around and chase a ball.


oh shit. damn someone posted the attempted leak that i was an animal abuser with my murrsuit photos and those ripped husky pictures i stole from a zoophiles twitter again. lmao. keep trying your still assraped by the police who knows all your major zoophile players.




>Yes actually you do have to train them to it appropriately.

No, you don't.


File: 34c4be29900d1a2⋯.jpg (188.89 KB, 1280x1707, 1280:1707, tumblr_opw2ynEUPQ1rxye79o1….jpg)


How do you expect anyone to believe you either way? Even if it's not true and you're not a zoophile, those claims were written by you and tied to your (presumably real) account, so how can anyone possibly know if you're telling the truth about some elaborate zoo hunt or you're just backpeddling hard to save your own ass any way you can?

I'm not sure why anyone would think it's ever a good idea to "pretend" to be a zoo. Now pretty much nobody on any side will "trust" you. Which is never a big deal online if you know what you're doing, except that these are "real" accounts!

I'm sorta glad you outed some sadists, it's a worthy excursion, but unfortunately you only got some of the most visible actors and idiots who fell prey to the clutches of furry social media.

My guess is these tards got caught the other way, because the zoosadist crowd chatter (I'm more intimate with this than I'd rather talk about) was always surprise at how many furries seemed to be into torture and vore, in art at least. So that was bound to draw in some careless psychopaths with poor self-awareness (nelizar - think Luka Magnotta, same type except more able to play the cutesy furry angle), and then the friends they drag down with them.

Whatever you are, if that's your real account, you're setting yourself up to be alone.




File: 6a713ba03817a25⋯.jpg (80.76 KB, 900x736, 225:184, DldiwtxXsAAqAZ7.jpg)

By the way, here's a tip from experience: if you really want to hurt someone, before leaking anything you need to be 95% sure the material is practically actionable legally in their jurisdiction.

Police departments in various countries have limited manpower so they don't a shit until a child is involved, which is traditionally what's turned zoocore fellas into godfearing citizens, through the crazy "hurtcore" scene with abducted and molested children and asian child slavery.

The Nelizar guy was a decent catch, but the others are not too impressive relatively speaking. eg Kero was just some idiot who no idea what he was getting himself into even if/when it went too far, was the impression I got.


File: 1440fef9a92aa02⋯.jpg (254.08 KB, 1656x1210, 828:605, 93321990db9d12df07b0581c2e….jpg)

I'm confused as to why so many people are surprised how easily this can devolve in the furry community. It's set up perfectly to allow this.

Most members in their late teens/early-20s get swept up in the "tolerate everything" culture which is what gets them to give both zoophilia and zoosadism a free pass, and all it takes is some peer pressure to cross the "art vs reality" barrier. Some of these dudes are literal autists (eg. Pakyto) and overgrown teens with no social experience so that barrier barely existed at all to begin with.

For guys like Kero it's even worse since furry is basically their religion and acts as a substitute for any moral guiding light in their life until they hit their mid-20s or 30s and realize how broken people in furry are.

That Kero guy had no idea what he was in for once that illusion got shattered, it's hilarious to watch him twitch in that interview. I think though he really realizes his mistake and what he's lost by letting himself get involved. Everything he does and doesn't do now will be fueled by that loss. It's sad because it's all so preventable and stupid.



He had nothing to do with this leak and is just trying to claim credit because he's a salty bitch who has likely been kicked from numerous groups or never even let in in the first place for being an absolute idiot.






actually the information was given to me by a contact over telegram who was based in the UK who was trading child pornography with furries and zoophiles on telegram in exhange for watching them fuck there animals in or out of fursuit so alot of this shit is wrapped in child pornography. i cant really give you the screenshots i had on my entire computer and phone before the police raided me in a sad attempt to hide the information and blow there whole investigation out of the water.

so yeah, keep giving me BS I just posted to kiwifarms and im going to let them ask me what they want to.

without me leaking fox b's zoophile videos to twitter. seiphius fursuit dog photo and rustys fursuit husky fuck video between a bunch of zoophiles, i would of probably never tracked neilzar down and his little gaggle of zoosadists.

also way before neilizar set up the zoosadists group he was running a fursuit zoosex group that included fox b sephius and everyone who i attempted to leak. I tried to get in and damn nearly lost my mind peeling back the rotten onion layers of the furry fandom.

so what if im alone, dude i dont fucking care, i dissolved my relationship with the furry fandom but i keep getting pulled back into this fight zoodsadism shit and keep finding little digusting outwardly fucked up people that come to me ever since i was arrested. oh man wonder how that got out? probably my old roomate who was a furry who was salty i was going to go get his little furry buddies and zoofriends.

ps: stop posting im an animal abuser, im asmatically allergic to dogs and cannot be around them. and most animals.




dont be mad that i snagged your little horder friend. hes gonna sing like a bird or kill himself regardless the police have all his evidence and are probably going to rip into him. man if only i could talk to those police somehow and tell them all the information i know and what to say and ask him, hed be done and roasted and over within 3 seconds if they had me whispering in there ear.



File: 23569fb5de47e70⋯.jpg (250.86 KB, 1500x1000, 3:2, dsf1.jpg)


lol it sounds like you're getting your just desserts




nah more like answering questions and reading information.




so please do - STFU and go do it



come one everyone who is reading through the countless posts on kiwifarm will see there are kids at play and nothing more. once again i tell you to uncover such stupid guys wont make you a hero. it really isnt that hard uncover people that show everything in pictures and clips they share and tell everyone private things about themself. best of all you kids on kiwifarm were spending weeks in try to find out things clearly written in the logs. yeah i know its hard to read when you still wear a diaper.


File: a88c5f66dc1295b⋯.png (244.58 KB, 800x786, 400:393, custom-design-logo-blank-t….png)



but zoo is legal and you have no leverage



hmm. i wear a diaper huh? yeah we know they were clearly written in logs. they were actually leaked first by a group on telegram and then kiwifarms caught wind of it, the whole idea behind kiwifarms was to austiscally verify the information.

yeah we all knew the logs were real the whole zoosadism thing has been real since i leaked the INFORMATION IN 20 FUCKING 17 on my defunct FURPAWSRADIO account BUT OK.

you dumb fucks dont want to let me have my credit, nobody cares you wanna know why because its a power struggle to be the big hero. guess what. im the hero, i always and will be the hero because i did all the work and the effort and the chatting and the screenshotting to have a little furry faggot and his pedophile landlord scapegoat me in an attempt for the little furry to run off to colorado and save his little zoophile friends and potentially get outed as being a furry. guess what, the police know your a furry and we know your probably a zoophile too so its best to start living with yourself.

you all did the work but without me starting it it wouldnt be anywhere, i got my cake, whatever happens afterwards happens and i really do not care.

ps I was working with shadowoof as far back as mid 2016 so your all late to the fucking party. i had seiphus just not kero i had nelizar just not anyone else. so go fly a kite.



File: cb7ce30bcdc305d⋯.png (83.89 KB, 349x642, 349:642, dark shadow fox meme.png)


y a w n



"ps: stop posting im an animal abuser, im asmatically allergic to dogs and cannot be around them. and most animals. "←Allergies can debelop over time, there is people who fucks dogs daily to later get allergic to their semen/fur/dandruff. You being allergic now doesn't prove anything. Heck, I know vets who are allergic to cats and dogs and they work with cats and dogs (they just need to keep chugging medicine to not die while working) what stops you from taking a couple of pills and fuck a dog?

Also, zoophile and animal abuser are not synonyms you moron. Some one accusing you of being a zoophile is not accusing you of being an animal abuser. Don't confuse zoophilia with zoosadism.

Also, FACT: those who are more vocal against something are usually very attracted into that something. Like those gay hater priest caught getting a gay blowjob in a public bathroom. Or that guy who rally against child molestation for years to get caught molesting children and having tons of child porn. You being a against zoophiles (considering that they are harmless and there is no reason to be against them) only shows that you are very likely a closeted self hating zoophile. You probably deep down want so badly to fuck dogs. I find that sad and hilarious.



Looks like what this retard is doing alright :)



You retard much ?



yes, you are retardo



retarded zoophile supporter using justifications to support why someone should be into zoophillia.

buddy ive been allergic to animals since i was about 5 years old and have been taking astmah medication since about then, i only recently got on an anti inflamation inhaler and pills because it has not only gotten worse but its nearly almost killed me alot of times. i dont need to justify myself on the internet.

i was stuck in a house with cats for like 6 or something months dying of allergies all the time, if thats not proof to where i was almost in the hospital or blue in the face to the point of where i need to live in a climate controlled house with special filters and care taken to my enviornment then your a retard.

also yes bud ive only hated zoophiles when people started justifying and poking there digusting little heads into the fandom.

if you had kept it private no one would of hated you.





fucking kek



no its just a reason to rape and hurt all these damn animals that bring you so much pain and suffering when you are around them



baww cry me a river and go rape more animals you sicko.



yeah yeah keep hiding your zoophile groups kiwifarms is outing everyone of them now and your time is coming, what you get for attacking and steping on me and trying scapegoat me.

you wont win, ha.

also i am potentially an informat to alot of people soooo yeah. your screwed.



This thread sucks.

Wheres the content?



"ive only hated zoophiles when people started justifying and poking there digusting little heads into the fandom."←Translation: I want to bone a dog so badly. I'm jealous that others can get away with it when I can not, so I'm going to rally against them because if I can't they shouldn't do it either.

"retarded zoophile supporter using justifications to support why someone should be into zoophillia."←You don't need to support why some one is into zoophilia just like you don't have to support why some one is black skinned. And people (gays, blacks, zoo) would not need justifications if bigos (you) din't come out of the forest to discriminate.

"if you had kept it private no one would of hated you."←Blaming the victim. Bet you also blame gays for being bullied, women for being raped, blacks for being lynched, etc.



i wont win? guess i already won! i am screwed? i dont think so. hiding my zoophile groups so you loser kids on kiwifarms cant outing everyone? never tried to hide anything its all public and cleary visible to everyone. says alot about you when you didnt found them already! :P



no ones a victim when you commit an illegal activity.


seriously, this thread needs more content



Anyone got this?





hey i forgot to leak dustys fox/ rusty fox's file of his zoo fursuit husky session

-DarkShadowFox :3



oops i put one with a key, looks like your going to have to contact me to get it from me :3




contact info? Haven't been keeping up on the drama in here.



nope unless you know how to contact me im not posting it publically.





>Is it natural for you to be a cunt or did you just grow into it?



may we should doxx you. so your fans can contact you more easy^^



"no ones a victim when you commit an illegal activity."←Your reply makes no sense. Yes, if a person does an illegal activity that has no victim like zoosex (they are called victimless crimes for a reason) then nobody is a victim. But if some one does something illegal that creates a victim (like raping a dog) then in those cases there is one or more victims.



The Mega link is not even what you say it is.






If you like leaking and outing people so much, why keep it password locked?



do you have mental problems GayEdgyFox?



So you're a horse rapist. You fuck animals even stupider than dogs. Does that make it somehow better?



I was able to get in, as it turns out it's nothing.


File: 8667d5c1fb93cec⋯.png (671.43 KB, 1100x768, 275:192, pkwbsoG.png)



Cause hes an imposter. Hes a furshit zoofag like the rest of em. We almost had him, but then he got scared and leaked everything to save his own ass and blew it before we could get dirt on more people. and now he parades around here and kf like hes a fucking hero, when he was on the list too. More zoo furfags would have been v& if it wasnt for him, so I guess you guys can thank him for that.

I'm pretty sure he struck a plea bargain with a few pro-zoo mods of a group dedicated to doxing zoosadist furfags.

DumbShittyFox, you are like a jew who sold out his own kind to the nazis to avoid being thrown in the ovens. Once the dust settles you better be a fucking ghost, because we're coming for you, and you're going into the ovens this time.



Okay Sebastion


people are stupid they really are all of you people on this darkshadofox thing really need to look at your selfs you have things to hide as well i love animals moor then people OK and if he is hurting animals then thats his prob and for the people that is close to him to deal with not people on the Internet and 1000s of miles a way its not your concern you people went and turned what could have been a harmless Bord of fun in to something that has damned the zoo community idk this darkshadofox not until i saw all this but its not him that damages the zoo/furry name its all you people that have 2 face back stabing no good people thats who you are and you are the reason that people hate the zoos because if it was not fore you people then no one would know you do moor damage by outing him (if he did any thing wrong to begin with still not 100% he did anything ot he would be sharing a jail cell with some one) by outing him you damage the zoo and furry community the ones you people want to protect your worse then the people that hurt animals for sexual fun you not them

because of you there is even moor hate flying around and a hole new group of people will hate us thank you you god damn fucking retards next time think and use your head




Wall of text the post!

What point we're you trying to get to?

Anyhow. More fursuit porn, less text



touches horse cock sexually-furry man bad

touches horse cock to extract the good stuff for breading-breader man good


thanks mods for cleaning this shit up, some of us appreciate the work you do



thanks for the threat. ill let the police know.



because its halarious to see people beg for it.



Someone who actually has a certain medical condition will usually know how to spell it properly.



post more of this guy. I need it for...reasons. Also the amount of asshurt when he sees someone share his stuff makes me kek


File: e58b685289cf5e5⋯.png (109.68 KB, 399x309, 133:103, pupper.png)




also idk if you know what ironic means



>go to kiwi farms in a fit of autism and pretend to expose zoophiles

>get exposed yourself as a raging zoophile

get fucked furfag retard


Anyone got a Mega of good vids? Hard to find decent material anywhere for this stuff



I'll see you in the thread kero 2.0 xdddddddddd


File: 8c602e158336e81⋯.jpg (127.58 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, foxb_dog2.jpg)

File: 4aa1808735b8199⋯.jpg (63.62 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, foxb_dog.jpg)

Does anyone have any more videos of Foxberance?



What's the source on these images?



a video of course!



Could you post it?



sorry dont have the clips i just can read and take a look to the resulution of the pics to know. may dumb shitty fox will be that kind to show you.



yay kero 2.0



i dont own them either lmao,



nobody will release these now that hes implicated with the zoo leaks, its ironic that it shows almost his whole suit so now everyone knows its him or alteast someone borrowing it.

there was a tweet that cropped up where foxberances murrsuit body got lost in some snow in a truck magically on twitter but i lost the origin of the post a long long time ago so he may have done a ditch and gotten rid of it with some furries "accidentially"



>he may have done a ditch and gotten rid of it with some furries "accidentially"

LOL ok, that would be a really stupid cover story to go with. Especially considering there's been a murrsuit video with him and Sephius the dead deer fucker floating around since late 2013.


Hell, you can even hear his voice at the end of one of the horse videos.

I don't see why he's even bothering to hide it. I'm sure he's surrounded himself with people who approve of what he does in the pup community he runs. ...Maybe he just got sick of friends trying to get him to take them to the farm?



Where did you find these pics though?


This thread is a perfect example of why people hate furries. Even among those who openly advocate having sex with animals, you still are hated because of your childish, autistic, damaged personalities that repel everybody except your own pathetic kind. You watched too many Disney cartoons as a kid and replaced actual emotional attachments with imagined ones.

Get some therapy and stop living in your own head. And stop bumping this thread while you're at it.



>stop bumping this thread

>bumps thread



Humps and bumps!




You're the one who bumped the thread not him. Learn what email sage means



a beastiality board is a weird place to preach on a soapbox



Dead deer fucker..?



But what he is saying is only true.


Any new content?


Hey, does anyone here have a video with Pakyto and dog?



Oh damn... that's messed up.

Think of all the people who could potentially be 'patient zero's but their HIV status was never disclosed...

Not safe to have unprotected sex with strangers... unless they are literally an animal. And even then you should know if they are vetted (or have your own rabies vaccine)...



were not interested in naked monkeys



humans are not animals, zoo sex is going to be illegal soon, i have signed the petition.



Good offer your name safety. We want signatures makes easier to find you. Everyone knows who wants legal leverage to hurt people.


good, my work has come full circle, soon PACT will be passed and my work here is done.

Karma has bitten you in the ass :^) had you been nicer to me, i would of been wayy nicer.




i actually already retain an attourney for legal leverage so, theres not much you can do to me.



Lol hiding behind the law like sadam hussein hide in a hole. All that have to be done is stuff a grenade down your lawyer and shoot when you run out



hi Sebastian, we don't actually need to do anything to you since you already halaled yourself on kiwifarms



>I heard that @furpawsradio leaked a bunch of fursuit zoo content from a forum, then deleted her twitter. Did anyone grab them before they got pulled?

didnt and i quote from the start of this thread, you attacked me for leaking the images of fox b, seiphus and a few others and then leaving your zoo groups, you've made up malicious lies and done everything you can to defeat me and you still go fucked for it. PACT act, double signing byeeee.


I got here from google

Are zoophiles really trying to pretend they're less degenerate than furfaggots?



We have glorious spiritual sex with animals, you normie filth, I bet you have disgusting normie sex with human vaginas and haven't even licked a dogs jizzm.



>Implying I'm not a fag

>Implying I'm not a furfag

I'm just saying, this is like trying to find a difference between weebs and furries



>I have a lawyer, therefore I'm untouchable



>implying you want to reveal yourself as someone who has posted on a zoophile board to go legal toe to toe with me. anyone who goes after me legally will be outing themselves, therefore i am untouchable.

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