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File: c7b7bec55d082a5⋯.jpg (67.16 KB, 944x632, 118:79, Untitled.jpg)


Anyone have video of a woman describing having sex with her dog/getting knotted? Videos sort of related, but they're pretty tame.





Yea she's HoT if she only didn't fuck niggers. :(


I wish people would use the goddamn catalog >_<


hot lol no way shes a dog



Yea she have to know the difference between real animals and black people, because stupid white and black supremacists don't and they might get the wrong idea if she fucking both animals and other colored people. Supremacists are stupid because they don't know what a pet is.


>thinking she is hot

She's a repulsive human specimen.



agreed she is disgusting


File: 166fcccca309cda⋯.gif (679.41 KB, 200x100, 2:1, yourmom.gif)


looks just like her



Yea if she just hadn't fuck those niggers :(



Me thinks anon doth protest too much. I bet you secretly fantasize about feeling that big, thick, black cock massaging the back of your throat as you bob your head up and down, sucking and slurping loudly. I bet you wish you could smell the musty scent of that Mandingo's pubes and ball sweat filling your nostrils with a musk that you could taste, even if you didn't have that slab of cock meat sliding past your tonsils.

It's okay. You can just admit it. You're anonymous here. No one except you will ever know.



spotted the trained cuck



Cuck you say? Oh man. That's a good one. Never heard that before.



and not a singel video of her really fucking a dog!

She just did this to become famous!



Do you also have a pic of you with your autism at 14? That's something I'd click on.




Fucking niggers :-o


This girl did a few videos talking about sex with dogs. Her video clips and pics are under the name of Whitney Wisconsin. She's legal age so you can just download them on normal internet.

Her first one I think was '10 reasons to have sex with dogs', then she did another one called '10 more reasons to have sex with dogs', and later on she made a clip talking about different breeds of dogs and which ones are best.

I think you are right though there needs to be a clip that explains the dogs knot better with some good examples so girls can see.

Also maybe some better videos about different breeds of dog and which ones are best, there alot of different dog breeds. Whitneys video was good but theres alot more dog breeds than that, maybe girls can have a vote list for the dog breeds they do it with alot.

There are other clips too of her doing 3somes and doing things in public places, and also there was a video where she shows her sex toy collection and says which ones she likes best and everything.



You're a cunt.


she's a scam artist, stop bumping this trash



>>Dogs knot better with some good examples so girls

I guess dogs can knot better after HUGE nigger dicks stretch out that young pussy like wet t shirts.


I came to say fuck the stupid niggers; but apparently she already has.




Hot any videos ?


so hot



Who is she ?



Whitney Wisconsin. She doesn't have any actual content.


File: dde113321754635⋯.mp4 (1.02 MB, 360x360, 1:1, Mi placer secreto - Zoofil….mp4)


I think this is her



Nice find but her pussy is different, the ole girl has a youtube page among others somebody offer her a few bucks to do a porn vid I mean she fucks niggers what can be worse ?



What is with people's damn obsession with "niggers" in this thread?



It's just /pol/ leaking onto every corner of this place.



Her nigger boyfriend helps with her scams in threads exactly like this one, so you can understand the suspicion.



I'm convinced all the posts are from one pimple-faced retard who doesn't like pretty blondes.



>>Her nigger boyfriend helps with her scams

Putting a good foot of nigger dick in a young white pussy is criminal !





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