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File: 8237ae135462b95⋯.jpg (40.01 KB, 540x504, 15:14, goldieface12_11web.jpg)


So. I recently got this golden Labrador who's nearly 3. Hes licked the hell out of my gf, though she didn't enjoy it much as his tongue was rough. We tried mounting but he didn't seem to get it, he isn't neutered. Any help of suggestions would be awesome.


Yes, do a barrel roll.



Fuck off, dickhead.



You double nigger


Have her jerk him off a few times, until he learns to associate her with sex. But not a LOT; just until he humps into her hand and gives a couple squirts. Only do this in a certain location so he learns to associate the location with sex, too. Then, she will continue to bring him to that location, but stop with the jerking off — don't touch him at all. He'll want to have an orgasm, but she won't give him one. Just have her bend over and show her ass and tell him to come. After not too long, he's going to be horny enough to do what comes naturally.

Thing is, if you just jerk him to completion all the time, he'll get lazy. You have to make him understand that if he wants to cum, he has to work for it.



have your gf bend over and show tease with naked ass and push ass right into dogs face and body

keep doing this



Sex isn't work. You have to let them know if they want to cum they have to be on top. There's a difference between working and being a sexual top. They're not going to work for sex without getting pissed off and hurting somebody.

Also, if you make the dog work for sex then all the human slavery enthusiasts are going to make people literally work for sex.

Bro, if anybody makes you or anyone else "work" for sex, then they have to be shot in the head. Theyre no good. They're holding our ability to have sex hostage.

Big difference between being an "active top" and performing slave labor for a cookie. People and animals get pissed off because they're expected to be slaves in order to get sex. They have no problem having the sex unless they're fags... or they get punished for not being fags.



Causes problems for both dogs and people when people force and coerce us into being slaves in order to get sex.

They tell us NO we can't have sex unless we jump through hoops or cut our own hands off.

Some people are really bad, they say "Go beat up or bite this person and you can have sex."

That's called exploitation.

Eventually somebody is going to find out they're being played and they'll blow their masters head off...

Life isn't a game. They only live once.




I can hear the reeeee's from here.

To the OP, I would say, have you and your girlfriend get him somewhere nice, like your bed, and lay there naked, give him caresses, and maybe some kisses, all over, make him feel good.

Start messaging his junk softly, maybe let him sniff on your junk or hers, let him get used to the sensuality that you two are bringing to him. Tease him a bit by squeezing behind his knot and see how he reacts, or even, play his taint a bit too.

If he starts getting riled up and excited, see if either of you give him a little oral, but not fully out of his sheath, just some nice sensation on his head. If he's ready to go, then have your girl assume the position, and see if he smells the area, then maybe tap her ass to let him know where to go. Maybe he'll be interested in you too, who knows!

The main thing is, dogs are very alert to human emotions, and if you go in nervous, he will suspect that it's not okay. Go in full of sexual energy, with confidence, and make him feel like he's doing good through the whole experience.



You can't hear anything right, you're handicapped.

Sex isn't the same as calling a dog up to sit on a sofa... and I wouldn't trust the word of anyone who calls genitals "junk."

That's something a female neuter-nazi would say. They like to throw genitals away as if they were trash.

Now go take your meds and keep serving people from other countries. Your misplaced loyalty is why were not allowed to have sex in the first place.


Maybe she smells bad.



Let's see what you say about that in the next ten years when you're trying to live up to the social norms of the next generation of middle schoolers.

Maybe you can impress them by cutting your own "junk" out and growing a beard from the pubic hairs you no longer need to keep it warm.

You're just a poser.


I'm experienced with sex. Listen to me, maybe if your girlfriend cries before having sex, the dog will think she's a bitch and fuck her. That would make it obvious.

However, if you cry before trying to fuck the dog everyone will think you're nuts.



God you're a fucking retard.

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