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(08/18/18) The rules have been updated.


Welcome to /zoo/, 8chan's zoophile imageboard.


1. Don't post off topic threads, spam, mass derail threads, etc. Basically just don't be an intentionally disruptive twat.

1.1 (New!) Don't respond to trolls. Please report them instead.

2. Don't post animal abuse, or dead animals. This should go without saying.

3. Spoiler all scat and other disgusting/potentially boner killing content.

4. Try to avoid creating threads that are excessively similar to existing threads. However, it is okay to create new versions of threads that have reached the bump limit (750 posts).

5. New threads should be started with at least three images, an equivalent amount of content, such as a video, or otherwise something highly unique. Discussion threads are exempt from this.

6. Add to the board when you post. Contribute somehow to a thread when bumping it. Don't try to organize secret content trades. Don't advertise your discord/telegram/etc group.

7. (New!) No commercial content involving women. 99% of that crap is garbage and is likely abusive. Exception is if it's something completely unique/unusual.

You can use this thread to discuss the state of /zoo/ and its moderation.

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File: 33e6831ea6e1028⋯.jpg (198.85 KB, 960x1280, 3:4, clit2.jpg)

One species thread at a time perhaps? Why the fuck do we need mare anal, mare pussy, mare tit, filly, and 500 other mare threads? Like what the fuck retards just post in the mare thread. Or at worst, a separate mare and filly thread.

Your idea about one rip thread only fits into this as well. We don't need 500 threads on every topic. Keep all mature mare vids in mare thread. All stalli vids in stalli threads. All bitch vids in bitch thread, and so on.


Please take action against users who make replies with the sole purpose of insulting people for liking something they dislike. Such posts derail threads into stupid arguments.


Another go to this idea is a master request/faq thread. Every fucking hour somebody post a "How do I jump a farm fence", "Vids of..." or "I cant type plz halp".

About the zoo other threads: Sorry about your fetishception but I don't think it's a good move allowing the contents there coming to here, before somebody says. This board have enough shit threads without even having any -real shit- on them (and some actually have). This also applies to furries, plushies or similar "related" zoo content. I don't want to open a thread and see MLP content that's available at every corner of the damn internet.

And I don't know how many mods are out there, but I think more harsh rules should be applied to lulz/insulting replies or posts not related to the board. It's an annoyance and waste of time to open a thread with 253 image replies and 90% of them are troll faces, nazis and "funny" memes. Like above, this applies to threads full of bullshit religions, "my fetish is better than yours", animal consentiment and alikes. If you want meaningless discussions, go to /pol/, /b/, /christian/ or any other board that rings your bell.



The lack of organization isn't good, but that's not what's resulting in the drop in quality you're seeing. That's the result of bad users running rampant.

What I feel is needed most is:

1) More board janitors. Or a first one, if the board owner is the only current moderator. Not to take the board in a new direction, but just to help clean up the trash more frequently.

2) Less hesitation about deleting posts and/or temporarily banning users for pointlessly negative or disruptive posts. (Like the violent idiot in >>41099 -- thank you for demonstrating what I'm talking about.) And feel free to delete posts which reply to them as well - they're just adding to the noise.


File: 477c292fe1c210a⋯.jpg (95.64 KB, 1125x1122, 375:374, tumblr_p58y1oUGmm1vk3ykco1….jpg)

limit one request/ripping/sauce thread and one meta thread would help, the entire front page is often entirely begging threads

@the psycho, lol how's it feel having all your posts deleted schizophrenic fuck, bye bye piece of shit


More generals would be nice, instead of 5 small threads about the same thing.

More janitors too



Make this board THE place to upload OC.

How you go about doing that, i have no idea. But this should be the goal.


I volunteer for janitor position, how can I apply?


Megathreads seem like the smartest way to go



I recently created a thread about plush bestiality. Do you think that it have a place on your board, or I need to move it elsewhere?

Thank you.


Note: I'm only waiting for board owner response.


File: 462754a27611055⋯.png (29.98 KB, 747x491, 747:491, 1519085590583.png)

Some kind of social thread or "official" chat room. I keep getting desperate and trying to go back to beastforum to chat with other zoos, but have to tap out every time due to being poisoned by one of the shittiest toxic communities I've ever seen.

Their "community" makes the rambling psycho we have here look normal.



*a pinned chat thread


there is no solution - this board is lost



It going to be a very small world.


File: ba17f17839cf4ff⋯.jpg (1.32 MB, 2448x3264, 3:4, 1437470718962.jpg)

how often do you ban users? it feels to me like there should be more bannings, right now the board seems like it is inhabited only by crazy people


Wait, reddit shut down SWD and the other zoo forums? Fuck. :-(

Other than banning the mentally-ill "kill everyone in sight" loon, I can't think of much else to suggest. Heavy moderation usually turns into censorship of everything that some single commie doesn't like.

I'd be willing to volunteer strictly to remove his posts and any of the anti-zoo posts that crop up from time to time ("you people are sick, why do you fuck animals, I refuse to listen to sickos", etc., etc.).


Way more moderation.

Even if it gets on the brink of censorship but this mess just keeps everyone worthwhile off this site.

We had so good megathreads just about a year or so ago. I really miss those.

Also it's a shame that most of the content is gone, that could be cleaned up as well.

I personally don't mind people adding images to their posts even if not super related. Although it should not make the impression we are /b/.

Who knows, with how things are /zoo/ might become an interesting hub if we don't let it go to waste.


This board is prone to shiatposting. Should be closed.

Illegal anyway and will get 8ch in trouble pretty soon if things continue the way they do.


It would suck for this thread to be closed just cuz of shitposters/bullshit

A non-toxic chat and better moderation would definitely be better.


Limiting threads on similiar topics and removing posts that add nothing to a conversation (calling someone an X just for the sake of being an X).


hey, more content means more content :P



Get rid of the toxic people. Enlist help if needed, and by god, ask about previous moderation experience.

I also like the idea of not forcing anonymity. It makes actual back-and-forth discussion pretty much impossible.


I think separate anal/vaginal/etc threads should be allowed, because some of us don't want to have to sift through 50 pussy pics to find one single anal vid. If they're separated into their own individual threads, it's much easier to find and will cause a lot less "MOAR ANAL" posts.

On the topic of anonymity? I ain't using this board if you're gonna force me to use a unique identifier so you can "report" me to 8chan's admins and/or local law enforcement.


Can we get rid of the fucking trader idiots? Nobody wants to trade -- just fucking share.


1 thread per species

1 thread per sub fetish, especially to contain scat

Merge/clear up duplicate threads (x. 1 'cumshots' thread)



On a side note, what's this dog wearing and where would I get one?

This board is full of "how do I rip this video" and other useless posts. Just make a thread for each general need and have people fill them up



>board about fucking animals

>"the board seems like it is inhabited only by crazy people"

wew lad



<identify each other.


<Way more moderation.

<Even if it gets on the brink of censorship


<A non-toxic (where did we hear that word before, we wonder) chat and better moderation would definitely be better.


<Get rid of the toxic people.

<I also like the idea of not forcing anonymity

Reddit is here to take over



all the insane people have been anti zoo/porn, and they sound like street shitting indians with incoherent english, this was just the only board that let them ruin every single thread


If it were for me I'd either force spoiler the scat thread or ban it outright and tell them to take that degeneracy to /necrozoo/ or something, then ban any shitpost where the user clearly doesn't belong. 1 request/begging thread. Depictions of animals actually being abused an instant ban, I would throw dildogging and any sexually immature animal with that but whatever.


Get rid if the fucking stupid Google image search threads about lemurs and elephants and other stupid shit.

Permaban these fucking newborn and child animal rapists

Ban scat and piss. Jesus man. Instant boner kill. Do you really need us to tell you this stuff?

I stopped posting quality content here a long time ago. Barely even visit. This site is instant boner kill central except like 2 threads at any given moment.



basically this



Scat is boner killer, but why you against piss, peeing mare is the hottest thing in this world.


Source me on the pic used for the banner please



That's a pocket pussy, like a Fleshlight insert lol

And holy shit is that hot



Ignore the retards itt calling for arbitrary as fuck rules. One thread per topic is an obvious thing to enforce, so is the banning of shitheads who do nothing but drum up drama. Those two things will have an immediate effect on board quality if enforced well.

There's no reason to allow trips. There's no reason to outright ban scat or whatever the fuck, as long as those degenerates keep it to one thread. Asshurt anons can use filters if they don't want to see it.





>On a side note, what's this dog wearing and where would I get one?

I'm samefag as 41510, just checking in petting you know I found sauce, boss.




Do you know what the toy is called though?



>There's no reason to outright ban scat or whatever the fuck

t. scatfag



>Ban everything that's not my fetish

Just keep it contained to one thread if it's something niche like scat or "child animals" or whatever. That way all the whiny special-snowflakes like this fucker can hide the threads and be done with it.



This. All problems would be solved if the scat was contained somewhere else and it was heavily policed on this board.



it would've been fine but they were spamming it everywhere far beyond the demand



Most people think ALL animals are as children. There is no difference.

Besides, the only reason it's bad for human children to have sex is because of social reasons. There is nothing inherently harmful about the physical act; and it's especially meaningless with housepets which might be too small for safe sexual penetration even if they ARE mature.



Too fucking bad it's not used and scat fetishists love trolling.


Only a couple of days and the own board mod's thread starts to get bombed by fucking requests, idealist discussions and scat lovers.

There is no hope.


Better put this board down, like a sick dog.

Just bring it out of its misery.



Get the fuck out of here pedophile.



>1 thread per species

I propose instead two threads. Separate the faggots that want dick from the patricians who want pussy.



Pedofaggot kys


File: 5915585c8cc8184⋯.jpg (38.04 KB, 600x437, 600:437, 1451526409-0.jpg)


There's no way you can ask this here without getting a bunch of pussy answers.

It's inherently not your fault this board gets so many shit users. Essentially anything you do that's slightly little too far in any direction will only make the board a different color of shit. A very familiar color.

A high portion of the shit users are here to actively hijack the board. Meaning they will work around any rules. It receives a combo of non-zoos trolling, zoos trolling, non-zoos genuinely disgusted with us trying to hijack the board, but even zoos from other boards trying to ruin this one in favor of their own styles of boards (remember: Beastforum has a financial incentive to do this; from other places zoos hold grudges for life; there are a lot of hints; at least 1/3 of the corruption in zoo comes from within).

The only redeeming factor of this place is that it's located differently on the spectrum from other zoo sites. Meaning at least people have options.

I think you already know this. This is trying to balance out the predictable hilarity above. Which is a combo of ex-reddit, ZF, now Zoowg, and disgruntled imageboard users.

Also a couple still come from the preserving-the-zoo-image perspective which isn't all wrong but becomes draconian easily.

So what do you do? Same policy as it always should have been: try to draw the line between spam and non-spam. It's not completely objective but anyone browsing sites like this long enough can see when that's being taken too far. It's not your job to make up for people's inability to grow up and ignore shit and mean words. Unless you want to be a glorified unpaid babysitter. It just has to be browseable.

There's still nothing preventing people from making their own boards. It's damn easy, I made three.

For the sake of 100% disclosure, I don't browse this board more than once a week anymore. But I don't browse any zoo site more than I'm forced to by circumstances nowadays: ALL of them are incredibly depressing in their own ways, and I don't want to be depressed, you understand.


File: bbe51d37af85e30⋯.jpg (20.55 KB, 364x244, 91:61, Lone-Gunmen-the-lone-gunme….jpg)

So, for practical stuff:

One thread per topic is crazy fine, it's virtually mandated. Not doing that fucks up content and speech by bumping old threads off.

I don't have my admin login on this PC, but is there a Split Thread function? Can't remember from those lame one-letter mod actions. That solves a lot of problems on forums and if it's not there that's a damn shame. If it's there I'd tell you to use that more. It's the solution to 50% of forum problems.

I haven't checked in a year: how well does the archival work? Used to be archive.moe, there was a newer link, now it's gone again, while it was there it was awful. archive.is hasn't worked in forever (was is BF that sent a DMCA??) but obviously porn wouldn't last long there. These used to mitigate both censorship and flooding concerns.

You'll never be able to use the ban function to moderate users unless you disable Tor posting and ruin it for everyone. You have to assume you need to do it per-post, sorry. The only hijackers you can reliably do this for are the ones trolling with images and/or threadflooding, or way too stupid to download the easiest anon browser out there and too stupid to even read this.

If you go by this scientifically, you generally only need a janitor if you can't keep up with a decent "max threads per hour" setting that would prevent someone from flooding off most of the board for the total time you're gone (calculate it); plus time to overview the last 2-3 pages when you login which isn't that much work or unless you're damn busy. It's not even a janitor I'd be concerned about, more getting some incorruptible backup admin that can be rigged to be given access to the board in case you die. Even that's not so urgent since the 8ch admins will handle it, but 2 weeks minimum is more than enough for someone to trash everything.

What else... I'm going to bed.


File: e6d08955a9f4144⋯.jpg (37.84 KB, 670x447, 670:447, shit-scully.jpg)


(I mean, a janitor would tide things over til the 8ch admins get around to it, but there's high probability they'll pick someone awful, they did that for another board I could name, so you want to get to do that)


File: 417c81764a2223f⋯.jpeg (3.77 KB, 301x167, 301:167, index.jpeg)


(Uh, I guess they would promote the janitor, that would make sense. Might want to clear that up, if you care)


File: efbb99aa4412ca6⋯.jpg (3.35 MB, 3648x2736, 4:3, CIMG1812.JPG)

just getting rid of that one naruto retard would be a massive improvement



Hello Board Owner,

I assume the troll is using a proxy or VPN with rotating IP? You may have to resort to premoderation for the first 10 posts or so, if this board allows you to do that.


File: 238d398e294eb40⋯.png (198.99 KB, 624x464, 39:29, krycek-anon-call.png)


That only works on forum software with registered accounts.


Hmph... calls zoophiles trolls for having an IQ beyond pornography.



Will there be an application process for Janitors?


File: 982733531d796b8⋯.png (195.43 KB, 720x400, 9:5, always_time_for_a_smoke.png)


Anyone on the planet who finds an imageboard titled /zoo/ - Zoophilia is going to assume it's made for porn images. That's common sense to most people. This isn't what's going to ruin our precious label.

You can make your own /cleanzoo/ board; the 8chan software even allows you to create text-only boards so you can force-emulate your beloved zoophilesdestiny.org on 8chan (Yeah, that's right, I went there).


File: 98a392c76df4eff⋯.png (209.92 KB, 624x464, 39:29, intellectual_curiosity.png)


That makes no sense. You might want to consult the popularized definitions of zoophilia most of the world abides by:



and then:


If you have a /gay/ board on 8chan, 7chan, everyone knows it's going to be filled with dicks. /str8/ a field of tits.

I'm going to stop now, I feel stupid



(that's not an endorsement of the second link, by the way, should be obvious)



I am a zoophile who happens to be an engineer in a technical industry. IQ doesn't seem to be a part of the issue. Emotional and ideological stability IMO is the issue of those involved in the disruption. Probably some rabid SJW.


It would be cool if there was a limit to 1 request thread at a time.


Start banning people who are incapable of using proper capitalization/grammar/spelling. I guarantee 90% of people banned will be old coots over the age of 50 who never learned to use a computer or socialize properly and the board would improve accordingly. Also, enforce thread limits on certain topics. We REALLY don't need a thread for every single professional camslut who fumbles around with a flaccid animal wiener.



Lol WTF you trying to steal text to write a book or something? Do the correction work yourself lazy nerd.



HEY! I'm an "old coot"! Most of the appalling spelling and grammar I see I suspect is from lazy basement-dwelling young idiots who grew up texting on a damn phone, and wouldn't know their first language if it bit them in the ass. But no, banning for that comes way down the list; let's get rid of the psychopath "kill them all", "nigger/jew", "people won't give me free sex" bunch first and foremost.


And BTW, Thanks! to whoever the admin genius is that finally got the "captcha" thing to work on the first try, instead of having to reload every few minutes. Much appreciated!


Animals diaper:





they're ESLs fucking idiots not old people or millennials


File: 86c8cf5e56564c8⋯.gif (302.62 KB, 200x140, 10:7, fe5.gif)

For this board to be successful it needs a clear defined goal. Usually this is perma-stickied.

1. /zoo/ focuses on unabused animal zoophile content. /zoocore/ or /necrozoo/ are clear alternatives.

2. We need a janitor or two. Shitposting is in our blood this is absolutely true. I'm sure we agree to fuck being politically correct or a SJW . That being said there's numerous shitposts which are no different than spam. They contribute nothing to the thread and are usually intended to derail the topic.

3. One thread to a fucking topic. Where is the "site ripping general" for example. This isn't rocket science. Mare anal, mare fisting, dog knots, dogs on girls. It is fucking obvious what goes in each thread.

4. Stop disguising request threads. Posting a new thread about dog feet means as OP you better contribute some fucking content. 3 image mimimum is an adjustable example.

5. Sticky a thread to teach newfags how to convert videos into webms.

6. Get a thread going with a bunch of links to known zoo video dump sites. If you're worried about catching computer aids from a link then get fucking good and learn to virtual machine or some shit.

7. All posting should be default anonymous, as long as an option exists to use a secure tripcode if we want. I'm not a tripfagger, but if some attention whore is uploading content and gets off on the snowflake status then fuck it.


could we do away with the threads dedicated to stalking women who fuck dogs? not even in an SJW way it's just fucking obnoxious that they threads are centric on the women themselves and not the zoophilia and it really doesn't fit here



Yep makes sense. I like how the mods here aren't total asshats but they don't moderate enough either.





Please, yes. Asking if there are any more videos by a performer is one thing, but stalking their Facebook and shit is just creepy.


Don't wanna see any more threads like

"Who's that woman and what's she doing now"

That would be great. And no more scat.



Malicious isp targeting zoophiles



Go eat broken glass.



scat really isn't my thing either but i still feel it fits. it's a form of zoophilia if it involves animals. there's hide thread buttons for this reason



Get your own board instead of forcing your double-degeneracy on degenerates.



Agreed. No more 'She blew a dog once and now I wanna know EVERYTHING about her'.

Not very zoophile, isn't it.


You should probably start with not alienating a majority of your users because they're from reddit. Platform doesn't matter, a zoophile is a zoophile. Getting upset because your little playground is being invaded by the kids from the other street isn't the solution.


A single moderator that did his fucking job would be great, may need a /zoo2/ or the owner to release this board because the current one is ass at running it.


This whole board is fucking garbage honestly. Whoever actually runs this place has no idea what they're doing or doesn't even care. There are no rules, no pinned threads or anything resembling a well ordered board.

Just say "That's rape place remove it :(" about literally anything and it will get removed, I highly doubt any of the content is actually reviewed. Just turn this place back to what it used to be, a straight up free for all with no rules regarding content. Appoint a janitor or two and make the only rule that anyone who bitches about content because they're too lazy or stupid to hide a thread gets banned, no questions asked.



What can you do to improve this place?

How about you get rid of that retard from beastforum that keeps posting here.

You need more janitors and you need to look into the system /fur/ uses. Over there you need to be added to the list first before you can post there, and since they've added that system there hasn't been any spam or bots.



This x1000

Also, why are you bothering to make a meta thread but not willing to listen to anyone's suggestions?


Definitely not the place to be.

And cut down on the horrid scat pics.



>pointing to furfags as a way to do things

>actually wanting an imageboard-antithetical whitelist to post

Please kill yourself.


This ain't no lifestyle of choice.

It's a disease.



What, are you afraid you're not going to be able to post anymore you dumb faggot?


Clean up threads already for christ's sake. A thread about a guy's first time fucking a horse shouldn't be derailed with some low rent troll spamming pedo accusations.


>please hide posting ability behind a defacto account as if this is a forum because furfags needed to do so to keep their hugbox


hopefully the owner fucks off for the full two weeks, it's only slightly less than he's doing now


Just shut that board down and do 8ch a favor!

Bestiality is illegal in some states already.


you really can't get this single basement dwelling furfag under control...



And it worked wonderfully for cutting down on spam and trolls.






agreed fully



This person saying "ok" is a snitch for the police. Was caught and now gets a break for giving up names of zoophiles.

They helped made bestiality illegal for more bargaining chips. Some of them ruin people's lives for fun and games.

Now they won't let us have sex with animals because they're not getting paid to snitch on us. They want to take our money and our time before ruining our lives. They needed the money to afford the animals in the first place. They get paid to ruin people's lives.

All we ever wanted was sex. They wanted to play a game.




By the OK guy.



I never said you were a guy. Maybe you're a woman who let's police fuck her animals for favors.




Go back to ok where you belong.



This is not a board any longer. It has become 'Shitposting Central'.



What do you expect? People don't let me do sex with animals so I have to do this instead.

They just want me to do nothing but work and work, and they want me to give them all my money and then die in jail.

Should be doing shooting them though the head but this is easier to shitpost I don't like sight of blood.



This place needs actual moderation.






Mod: Can you please fucking DO SOMETHING already? It's been nearly a month since you asked for advice.


and now you do the wrong kind of moderation

enjoy a dead board


File: e3a97327410b4dc⋯.jpg (16.05 KB, 702x336, 117:56, find-lost-memories_header.jpg)

Guys, calm down. The problem is in your head. The mod has trouble taking you seriously because you are all children.


If you created a wiki that told people how to rip vids from sites like gaybeast, you're probably lose a vast majority of the people here cause that's all their after. If you do want to get rid of those people, then just do that. Make it windows/mac/linux sections and there you go. If you wanna be a dick & keep the info for yourself, then yeah, of course you're gonna get people asking to rip vids, lol.

Anything that fucks sites like gaybeast is a huge plus. Can't wait to see em die out when they charge for shit that's not even theres & try not to let you DL.



>you're probably lose a vast majority of the people here cause that's all their after

big loss, what will we do without all those people begging for ancient low quality rips, make your own wiki



They are all chinese and indian they dont know the difference.



Maybe this site should be shut down then? Big loss, where will you go to trade boring pics & not help others? Maybe go to 4chan? Eh, this place will die on its own. I bet you'll be the last one here though, LOL!


File: 716b62f65925e99⋯.png (8.92 KB, 300x300, 1:1, 8ch.png)

This board....

Ban shitposting, solve much problems.


File: d93bd2b0c82a137⋯.png (8.35 KB, 300x300, 1:1, Graph.png)




as a lurker here is my perspective:

-mods and janitors

-scat/pissing either banned or forced to have every picture spoilered ( can you mark a thread to be always spoilered from the outside?).I think 50% of people get their boner killed by seeing that and that's a problem for what is mainly a masturbation board.The same is not true for any other fetish found here.

-delete duplicate threads and send warning to OPs.We don't need "exactly one thread per animal" rule ( dogs and horses need more spaces than dolphins and turtles), but " before creating a thread check if there is a very similar thread, even months old" rule.

-we need exactly one request/rip megathread. perhaps pinned.Not one for each site.

-we need exactly one "how do i fuck a dog/horse" thread.Definitely pinned and with pastebin links in the OP. Those questions come often and they are always the same.

-some people want a zoo chat. i don't, but maybe it's worth thinking about an official chatroom on a safe chat service and link it in one pinned thread.

-it's worth thinking about rules about requests: is it ok to request someone to upload a paid video link?is it ok to offer to upload something only as a trade (" i have that rare video, i will upload i only if someone post this other rare video i am interested in")? is it ok to offer links/uploads but only privately (by email/chat)?

i believe that " i will send this video by email if you send me your video" doesn't help the board. ask the content to be uploaded/linked on the board.

-zero tolerance on "troll" posts attacking zoophiles, you know...the ones that just wants 15 replies instead of talking about porn and how nice keeping an animal is.


Do vegans prey on human beings?


this thread is fucking stupid,,fucking tards


File: bb8246091dba209⋯.jpg (158.36 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, bb8.jpg)


One more week waiting for a response or this board is officially awol. Do something faggot, or we will be forced to make a new board with some fucking staff




Actually, the legality of bestiality depends on the state, region, or nation you live in. For Example, Canada, the UK, and some european nations have a nation-wide ban.

The US has no federal level law against it. The legality of the practice is legislated from state- to-state. Many states don't have a law against bestiality, although many do.

Some have an outright Bestiality ban, some may prosecute under "Animal Cruelty", (if it is determined that the animal exhibits signs of duress), and some don't at all.

It's only illegal in some places.

Explicit animal imagery and videos, provided there is no sexual contact from a human, falls under a different area, and is usually legal.


next step: appoint some janitors so this schizophrenic's posts aren't up for hours


Yippeee... Now there are rules. That are being ignored. Big fat hairy fucking deal.

Come on, board owner, take some actual ACTION before this place degenerates into nothing but that raving idiot advocating shooting anything that lives, moves, or breathes.

Or don't, and watch the place dry up and blow away the same way pretty much every other zoo/beasty site has over the years, and for exactly the same reasons.

Either get your shit together and do something, or it won't be more than a few months - if that long - before there's nothing left of the place.

If you can't handle the responsibility of keeping at least minimal order, then have the good sense to step down and let someone else take over. As things stand, you're not only "not helping", you're actually making things worse by permitting this shit to continue.


File: b8b673fb7c64410⋯.jpg (35.3 KB, 640x480, 4:3, your-resistance.jpg)


Just delete the board. It's polluted with spam and shitty users.


If we had actual mods this fucking raid would've been shut down by now.


So are all the mods sleeping?


Looks like this guy has nothing new to say or to offer.



you think?



If I were a mod, this wouldn't be a problem. Instead they pick the slowest ones possible.





Gotta go to have sex with my dogs now, enjoy the retard :)


Hooray the mods are fixing everything!




Mod, stop locking and deleting every new thread. Hardly anything new because of that. Boring board. Thanks.



Use the catalog.



Are you here once a year? Same shit as always. Look how many new threads are already locked, and you apparently miss all the 404d threads



No, im here daily.



Then you're either a retarded addict or a retarded detective who cant catch real criminals.



This is all "disgusting/potentially boner killing content". Why not shut down this board?

It's even illegal in some states of the US nowadays.



But you know what to expect from /zoo/. And US isn't only place to live.



somehow i doubt the anti-porn faggot spamming this board for 6 months wants an honest argument


But this board violates U.S. anti-bestiality law?

It should be closed asap.



Sew your asshole shut.




There is no "U.S. anti-bestiality law" in fact there are no federal laws against it.

Now, each state has their own laws or lack their of for bestiality. It just depends where you live. there are very few laws against sharing images or video of it as well. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Legality_of_bestiality_in_the_United_States



So this board _at least_ breaks some state laws in the U.S. (and Europe as well).

And that's reason enough to shut it down.


somebody call the internet police, there's a little bit of porn among the hundreds of death threats here!








What happend to the young and pretty girls webm thread? I can't find it anywhere in the archives.



There are no young and pretty girls doing bestiality.

Only whores.



I would like to see people get killed for disallowing bestiality. That would be cool.


File: 9cf21879815780e⋯.gif (1.11 MB, 480x270, 16:9, 1523415595178.gif)

Ban the retards who are just here to see pornstars get "debased". There are a billion threads up that focus on a single woman as if she's a celebrity. It's pathetic and those people are not zoophiles, they don't give a shit about animals, they are only interested in the girls.

This is /zoo/, not /beast/. They should not be welcome here.



I totally agree!




beast is fine but obvious doxx, revenge porn, "let's ruin this whore's life" things, requests for real names etc should be nuked >>41417 >>42912 >>42661



Could we please ban this bitch pig saying ok?



owner hasn't even moderated his sticky in three days, place is hopeless as long as this useless dumbfuck is running it


Can all these request threads be purged? They're bumping down threads that actually have the stuff they ask for or there's already a thread dedicated to it.



What the fuck happened to the crocodile thread?




Just wait until you get older and your daddy dies. Youll dig through his stuff and find out he had a child porn collection with your three year old ass in it. You will have nobody to murder so you become a cop, politician or a county prosecutor to make up for your rape and take it out on everybody who wasnt. No price for nothing will take that back.








hello FBI


Does anyone know the status of BeastTracker? It's been showing a 521 error for a while now.



there was no hope for this board the moment a thread of a post with a bucket of horse shit was made and the op didn't even have the decency to have shown the ass the shit came from



Wow the ass speaks :-O



we don't talk about shitgate



there was no hope for this board the moment a thread of a post with a bucket of horse shit was made


Can we get some quality control? Shouldn't /zoo/ be focused more on /zoo/phile porn and animals than some worthless whores that just happen to get banged by an animal instead of a human? I open up the catalog and most of the threads right there in your face are just that, some whore of a woman.



That's kind of what I want but it's hard to figure out a consistent rule that gets rid of that crap.

Maybe I should just ban commercial shit.



Most all actual zoophiles would love that plan. Just be warned you'll lose at least half the traffic because at least half the people here have no sexual interest in animals at all.



you don't do shit, who gives a fuck about your rules



I had just assumed they were paid ads for whatever ProPornBitch the thread was for, and their money helped support the board.

If not, they're just spam. Certainly no appeal seeing some passionless faker going through the motions.





Watch your step ;)


> 7. (New!) No commercial content involving women. 99% of that crap is garbage and is likely abusive. Exception is if it's something completely unique/unusual.

OK, Thanks. No argument here-- :-)


damn was someone able to claim the board


Then you should enforce those rules, at last.

But there are only stupid, good-for-nothing loser mods around here, obviously.



some people like pussies, not horse ass


> 7. (New!) No commercial content involving women. 99% of that crap is garbage and is likely abusive. Exception is if it's something completely unique/unusual.

But fat guys raping dogs anally is fine?!




Rule 7 is based as fuck. Good on ya OP.



>half the people here have no sexual interest in animals at all

>you'll lose at least half the traffic

Won't that be nice?


Why don't you just cut ALL that commercial crap?

There are enough places for that elsewhere.



Animal abuse from fucking a small dog pussy is fine, a woman sucking an erect horse cock is completely barbaric



if you just use your cock you cannot hurt female dog vaginally


is that testimg.ml site broken? No other ways to get past those stupid private video walls? Waiting for uploaders to accept friend requests is boring.


File: cf4cb77eef65966⋯.jpeg (123.16 KB, 900x300, 3:1, 62450020-2E32-4EBF-AA8D-F….jpeg)


>7. (New!) No commercial content involving women.

Alright. So this is a homo board now? Sorry to pop the bubble but few individual women #1 enjoy this stuff and #2 post well-filmed content. ban dildogging if you want but I can’t understand banning clips simply because someone is selling them and they involve women.

I don’t come here for animal x animal, I can find mating vids anywhere. I don’t come here for “new” content - I doubt hetero OC is ever shared here first. I don’t come here for generic man->mare clip #569. And I don’t come here for gay shit.



You come here for commercial porn. Or as succinctly put before: "I only come here to see women being degraded."

Fine. There are literally dozens of sites for that. You can't open a page at a porn site or Spanish site without being bombarded with it. So go there and fap to your heart's content. Buh-bye, don't let the internet hit you in the ass on your way out.



This is so basic fact I don't know why it's still a "thing".

Male dog's cock is so hard and tight it can't pull out. If human cock can go in and out it's not too tight.



many boorus have a no commercial policy, but the "involving women" part makes it dumb



Commercial content involving men and animals (or animals only) hasn't been an issue on the board, so it hasn't been banned. Simple as that.


File: 5ab94ca17ad8334⋯.jpg (935.59 KB, 3236x2429, 3236:2429, 7wgTvGi.jpg)


>You come here for commercial porn.

commercial porn happens to have more of what I like than amateur, but that is not /because/ it is commercial. sort of how correlation does not imply causality. I will gladly take amateur when available, but most of the random porn/spanish sites recycle the same ten clips and I have no plans to pay for amateur vids wrongly redistributed for money (petsex for example)

to set this straight, content that interests me here involves fluid expulsion from orgasm of the animal and must not include anal. anecdotally I don't see any female dogs squirting and the no anal rule means no guys getting fucked.

>Or as succinctly put before: "I only come here to see women being degraded."

because it's degrading if I don't like it, right? when men fuck animals everything is fine but women is a nono? also,

>implying there aren't uncountable non-beast BDSM/powerplay/degradation videos available

>implying anyone who likes females and animals is only in it for degradation



nice bear


>>49516Animal-on women commercial porn is so damn FAKE. Maybe if you know nothing of animals it would seem real.

But that "fluid expulsion from orgasm of the animal" is one huge fake. A really big dog delivers about 15cc of semen, in the first 15 seconds. After that a few drops of clear fluid every few seconds. If you see more than that, all that choking and running down the chin etc, there's a hidden tube running off camera to a guy holding an enema bag full of milk, mayonaise, etc.

And that sorry sound track, fake noises while a pencil-dick adolescent dog dry-humps, then cuts to closeup of something else entirely.

And then 75 versions of the same thing, on 75 different threads.

Maybe, just maybe, admin would allow it if they would be satisfied with keeping it to just ONE thread, total. But NOooo, every Porn Princess has to have a new thread for every video. So the board starts to look like just another Spanish board.

Save us from that crap!

And Thanks, Admin!


Just ban all that commercial crap we'll be fine around here...





why the fuck would you ban group advertisements and links and shit - they weren't spamming the board to begin with and this is one of the ONLY places we have these days, are you insane?



I mean sure, I can do that shit too, but it's annoying. Plus I was making sure to post new content to the board when I would bump it (not every time, but enough to be """contributing""")




I disagree with them not being spammy but I get where you're coming from.

If there's demand for it I could perhaps make a thread for people to advertise those.



A thread. I agree. I despise the industrial porn, but 1 (ONE) thread, if they kept it to that, yeah, sure.

But half the board being threads for every vid every pornbitch ever made? Nope. Delete any that spring up outside the single commercial thread.




That'd work for me. There's just not another public venue I can think of that actually allows contact info to be shared, so.



board owner, kindly look at these posts >>50367 >>50374

this is what is known as "off topic", when you see people shitting up clearly defined threads with this trash, you should do delete it, at least until this board significantly improves

i know one of these days you'll get the hang of this :^)



Done: >>50443


Perhaps instead of vague bitching you can help me out and use the report function.



there's no point because you're fucking worthless, i'd have to report half the front page after you wander off for 3 days and let the schizophrenic anti-zoo ruin every thread, appoint some janitors idiot


if anyone loves dolphins this website is for you




Someone has been posting dead animals to the board. Check the main page of this board and see. Have the mods really been lax lately?

(Although I don't know if posting SFW Anime pics are against the rules.)



Man leave it for the claim or get some volunteers because you can't react fast enough.



So what's all the bitching like ^ is doing about "commercial" porn? Like omg, I come here for porn not to be fucking preached to.

Anybody who is putting restrictions on legal content is a dirtbag.

Also thanks for banning me for a day when I posted a thread pertaining to a SPECIFIC TOPIC that there was not already a thread for. You told me to go post it in the sources thread, fine, but you had no reason to ban me for a day. Prick.



>I come here for porn not to be fucking preached to.

Maybe THERE's your problem. Go to professional porn sites. This is from the start "zoophile imageboard", not "porn advertising board".

And if you can't survive read-only for one day, apparently you come here mostly to bitch-post.


Who is this clearly autistic person that keeps making these posts?


two years of gibberish spammed daily and the admin doesn't do anything


didn't want to bother making a new thread, does anyone have the image with different sexuality types for different animals depending on gender

i.e it had ___philia/sexuality for male and female horses and then if you were interested in both

I've looked around fucking everywhere


this is not a fast board, there's no excuse for you to be letting all this junk through, if you're not even going to read the board occasionally can you just go away?



I check the board multiple times a day, every day. But it's simply not possible for me to be on every hour of the day.

All that is also is true of our janitor.

There's not much more we can really do.



So bring on more janitors. Easy peasy.



I would, but unfortunately getting them is not as simple as it sounds.

For example, if I recruit from here I don't really have a way to tell if they actually intend to wreck the board or such.



sadly you can't really know until it happens, not everyone here has good intentions

but good people are out there and willing to help, including but not limited to myself




make me a janitor and ill happily remove stuff like this :)



Fuck Watkins and his piglove.



in july content was removed by 8ch from this board

can you tell us what was removed?



If I remember correctly, it was a copyright takedown for commercial animal porn.



It was from the dolphin thread:



The True ҉A


File: ead3ed333f5437e⋯.png (1.2 MB, 750x1200, 5:8, 1504385865.taggz_feralychc….png)

Why do the posters of /zoo/ have to be so hostile and degrading to others all the time? I'm not saying this should be moderated more, but can you people stop making the community super shitty? Just like, out of goodwill, just stop being angry or a try-hard channer all the time? The community is unlovable, like an aborted fetus.



What is there to love about people who won't let us have sex with animals? Wtf they think we were put in this planet to praise them for doing it every day, keep them company and talk to them about it? Fuck the community if I want to waste my life I'll do myself. At least I'll be doing something. They want to talk theyre only going to get what they put into me. Shit shit shit where do you think the shitposting comes from? It doesn't grow on trees.


File: 2e7713e7ec6c331⋯.jpeg (237.38 KB, 1280x1280, 1:1, 1470477104.arcshep_arcshe….jpeg)


Those are just trolls. Ignore them. I'm talking about real zoos being shitty to each other nonstop like it's a contest.


File: 602c3322b54b464⋯.jpg (72.52 KB, 640x758, 320:379, hfx044myigi11.jpg)


People are mad because there's no new REAL content it's just like the rest of 8chan desperation has led to Lolis taking over the site; https://8ch.net/loli/res/83004.html

This boring crap is not in any way erotic all the recent zoo porn in at Kik it's just all underage, it's really a sad state. :(



File: f36b5b3d9a1164a⋯.png (5.18 MB, 1750x1239, 250:177, 265dee6859645478847766af10….png)


It looks extra to you like trolls "own everything" because people keep entertaining the trolls. People have to stop being so reactive to obvious trolling, wherever it's from. It's stupid silly.

There aren't that many zoos around to talk about zoophilia. You get a small pool of dedicated net posters and that's all you get, you have to make the best of it, believe me. If you're not gonna value them then you're right, you're better off alone, but then why are you here?

You already have enough enemies.



it's anti-zoos, you need good moderation to keep them at bay and this place doesn't have it


File: dc446cb6c2b5772⋯.png (1019.36 KB, 1200x1155, 80:77, 2cee2050591fa05374745f1d29….png)


No, it's not, I mean yes sure there are anti-zoos browsing and trolling, but I barely give a single shit about any of them.

What worries me is the actual zoos who can't discern any of this and end up hostile to each other nonstop for no fucking reason, which is the real plague in this board. The anti-zoos and jokesters want us playing against each other, you understand? It's your responsibility for how you react to anti-zoos and trolls, not the moderator's.



Ok, come on. Nobody gets paid to troll on a zoo board. There were reports of paid trolls from israeli and other governmental agencies on specific topics, but for the most part no one gives a shit about zoophilia. I almost feel like I'm being trolled right now. Overwhelmingly people troll for free because they love the "rush". It's just part of the human condition.



probably half the posts made here are trolls, too much for civility, i don't even read text only posts anymore, just look at pics


File: cc70beaf6a69cc5⋯.jpg (404.5 KB, 1200x905, 240:181, 53d24f676f090fc087d613736b….jpg)


There's no doubt an anon-friendly board without accounts is going to be full of trolls. I'm just disappointed if zoos in 2018 are genuinely unable to discern them from real zoo posters (you can see in the threads asking genuine zoo questions), and afterward acting like assholes toward real zoos either as a consequence of this trolling or because of chan culture.

It really appears to me like we frequently get genuine zoos asking real questions about zoophilia getting treated like shit on here because of channer culture and secondary anti-zoo influence.

I don't care about trolls or even their proportions. I just want zoos to be smarter than that and look out for each other. I know we can be smarter than this.

You gotta realize there is one serious problem here: these "anon" board, now that reddit is censored, are some of the most visible zoophilia resources searchable on the entire internet.

The only more visible board still present is BF, which is complete shit - especially because people running the alternate zoo resources - which are also shit - require accounts to login.

If you want zoophilia to mean anything you have to do your part here, even if it seems futile in the face of "trolls" or their proportions.

It looks bleak but it's really not, it's a mental construct.


File: 6e1e995cebbe7be⋯.jpg (140.26 KB, 1024x577, 1024:577, 32e27ecc1909fb63c41cb94cab….jpg)


I completely understand.

In my view, I can't tell if the admin is impartial enough at this point in time. I'd say I can't be a judge on that issue. In some ways I felt the mod was doing a good job, in others it was not so clear. I think some of the poster here have influenced him/her, lol (that was just my impression).

I've thought about hosting my own forum and board, but the truth is, I have very poor health and I'm not sure I can put the time in, and have no friends. I which guess why I'm doing nothing.



I like your illustrations btw.

I was going to respond to this post but I lost my train of thought. Had a couple responses lined up but I couldnt go through with any of them.

Probably better if you didn't create your own board though. You'll lose your soul.


File: 21db345f3d44d17⋯.jpg (579.02 KB, 900x675, 4:3, 1b1a419298563d2b74bcccdb7a….jpg)


OK hold on there -

I'm pretty sure nobody gets paid to troll here.

It's a combination of bored, undecided, issue-ridden and outright-mentally ill 15-to-23-year-old kids who do it of their own free will. On top of that, you get some very religious people, but those are relatively rare.

But seriously, the very large majority are teenage and twenties kids whose motivations are not relevant to the survival of your orientation. They do this because of insecurity and other reasons. How do I know this? Because I've been there, exactly. It's very hard to describe.

The bottom line is, most people posting against zoophilia are doing it out of their own demons.

I'm not sure why there is "so much " [space inserted] "scientific interest" in zoophilia either. There's clearly a media aspect, but as a genuine scientific question, it's rather low-priority. I suppose anyone with a Masters or PhD to fill might want in - but that's so few people it explains nothing.

I guess the point is, zoos are targets of just about everyone, so we don't need to make targets of each other. You know?


File: f66f2e4b383629b⋯.jpg (467.65 KB, 877x580, 877:580, bdb0916ba1d736c99788e276d0….jpg)


I appreciate the comment, but [lol!] don't worry about me. Anyone can make their own board: you just have to search the web for Tor-friendly hosts, and you can find zoo-friendly hosts that way.

I'm torn because I have poor health so I can't do more.

Yet, the truth is I'm not even sure the end result would differ much from this board, because I'm an extremely libertarian/objectivist/anarchist-minded person so, the only improvement would be technical features and account-based posting improvements.

It's extremely clear that board such as BF, zoowg, zoophiliesforum, elitezoo, etc., were extremely flawed, but if I made the effort host a dedicated board, I'd want it to be practically superior than those, not purely ideologically.


Fuck you incest creeps



No, youre just a retard who pollutes this forum with your personal matters no one cares about. Post only straight up zoo stuff or stop posting.



Don't you ever get tired of everyone's backwash? I do. That's why I'm going to continue posting my personal matters, because it's what you asked for. I'm posting original zoo content. Be happy with everything I give you for free.


Are you fucking losers ever going to ban that retard?

You know which one I'm talking about.



i strongly suspect they don't know how to ban or operate the board



I strongly suspect there's nobody actually here. BO dropped dead or something and there are zero mods or janitors.



Board owner and janitor are both active.



is he posting from the tor side of 8chan, and if so can that be disabled if it's being abused?



retard much ?



Nobody believes you.


I've read just about everything here, and I'd say that BO and mods do as much as they can to try and herd the (whatever you'd call a group of) fuckin' cats, but that's sort of an exercise in futility.

I think some of the new rules are fine, the number one issue I had was 500 request threads about shitty abusive commercial crap from 20 years ago, so maybe there will be some better browsing.

If we all make an actual effort to report actual spam and off-topic posts, then we might get some order to this place. Self-policing may be the only logical solution to the problems, even if that does border towards BF-inducing retardation. We gotta look out for ourselves, because not many others can or will.

I wouldn't mind being a passing janitor, but don't expect me to be here every hour of every day, I got other interests. If I see an issue, I'll correct it, but everyone else needs to stop taking the bait the trolls leave and blowing a passing comment out of proportion and derailing threads.

I kinda get the impression sometimes that the trolls and the people reacting are the same ppl, and the denizens that actually want content and discussion are falling for these traps, and taking out on those that want to learn and contribute. Everyone's gotta stop doing that.


the tone will never get better because trolls are making the majority of the posts and often arguing with themselves, for the time i would ignore any post that doesn't have an on topic pic attached to it


Can someone please get off their ass and eliminate the fucking antizoo kiwifarm loser faggot niggers who keep saying they're going to "get" zoos.



Thankyou whoever cleaned up


Are bugs/non 'animals' allowed? I made an 'invertebrates' thread with snails as the OP, but it seems to have been removed.




Though, I'm open to changing this if most people here actually do want it to be allowed.



fucking no




I wouldn't mind seeing some different stuff.


please could someone delete takeshi the little pic fapper kid and his crappy mangas?


We need to have a lengthier delay time between posts to make it harder for him to entertain himself.

Also we could have users sign in with a valid email address, regular users would only have to do it once, but as he would get banned each time he would have to keep creating new ones.

And limit multiple posts from same IP and email address to maybe 3 or 4 per day.

Anyone got any other ideas?



ip block is not practicable because everyone uses vpn and many users share the same ip this way. email registration wont work because its just 3 clicks to create a new instant mail account.



a moderator bot would be nice, it should be doable to detect their posting styles and automatically remove and ban

i dunno if we have anyone with that kind of computer skills around here though



absolutely not those people are a plague, they post that shit everywhere knowing nobody wants to see it


8chan bots already exist



just have it under the same courtesy rules as shit thread

spoiler it and its fine


Can we PLEASE get a ban on that boomer retard? He's even admitted that he doesn't come here for porn or anything else except for trolling people. It's getting extremely tiresome listening to him prattle on about nothing in particular and appending every fucking post with smiley-faces.

If you do literally nothing else, do this. You'll make a lot of people happy.



Seconding. Honestly, I am surprised that this has not happend yet.


So are there actually some mods? Is there any contact to them?



>Is there any contact to them?

This thread.



in private?



Email zoo@8chan.co


And the sauce thread is where...?



Don't get your hopes up. A mod once banned me for telling people to take care of their animals health. Mods on this site are truly shit tier. Worse or the same as beastforum.



Well, then it will be up to someone who isn't a mod. Where's this vaunted power of Anonymous I've heard so much about. That old fuck claims that people he knows are okay that he fucks dogs, but I'll bet if you dox his Facebook and fill it with his posts, you'll find this claim is false.


Are you fucking kidding me, you just removed my thread about zoophile accounts on Twitter? Why?


We all should agree that one rule should be - NO RETARD ARGUING. We're all here for zoo stuff. Stop making degenerate threads and arguing people who make them. It needs to stop. Also moderation needs a big boost to clean up these more actively.


is mod still alive?



Probably busy watching pornography. You know what, they is probably buried six feet under in a burdonsome relationship and pornography is being used like a twizzlers straw to breathe air from the surface of reality. It might taste sweet but they're still suffocating. All you hear from them is blowing clogs from the spout like pitiful whistles but the hole is so narrow they're blowing their eardrums trying to keep me out.



You people moderate this board as fanatically as /christian



this board is not moderated at all for all i know



well mod ignores me on email for weeks so I am worried



The moderators are active, they're just not very talkative about it.




>tfw having all the new videos from Vixen and the retarded mod can't do nothing about it

just make another board or find me a safer way to share




check email, please



Because, Moron, social media is open to all. You are a fool of historic proportions to discuss zoo on those sites, and a bigger fool to link to them, visit them, leave record of your existence on them.



"This is your brain on drugs. Any questions?"


howdy moderator

i have not been on here for 6 months

can you give me a update on wat has happend here the last months?




Sorry. Andrew anglin is currently busy at therapy for his brittle bone disease.



just asking



.....it sounds like you haven't seen the videos about the NZ shooting. Spoiler, it mentions nothing about fucking animals.



Of course it does. The same people who shoot up mosques are the same people who use the law to shoot up people's constitutional rights in the USA.

Same people, different weapon, different target.



You got that one right.



But be sure to disrupt any thread about small cats. Might as well make the ban official. I'm tired of children shitting in my mouth.



Talking about your intentionally disruptive twats.



Well, that I can understand.




Cantwell vs. Connecticut

#3: any regulation unduly infringing on people's belief and practice of sex with farm animals is in violation of the constitution.



"welcome to the 8chan"

Laws have never stopped zoophilia, so people stopped caring about that a long time ago.

Focus on whats interesting and start acting like it.



ooh my fucking god - pls kill yourself



It sounds like you're in more distress to kill yourself than I am. May I link to you the suicide hotline number?

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