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File: 1450426392643.png (121.21 KB, 1080x1081, 1080:1081, Screenshot_20151218-001013….png)



Is anyone able to rip this video?

Also premium video ripping thread.


File: 1450654877496.jpg (43.92 KB, 996x537, 332:179, 24067209347.jpg)


Wasn't there some site that automatically 'unlocked' all the videos from gaybeast/petsex/barnlove or whatever?




>Also premium video ripping thread.

le thinly veiled request thread




no. fuck off


What is ripping, and why not have a thread dedicated as a "how to" rather than a veiled request thread?


File: 1451005876018.jpg (137.28 KB, 800x595, 160:119, 1445123900219.jpg)



can we ignore the fact that this was, indeed, a thinly veiled request thread and instead talk about how to rip premium vids. fuck all this paywall bullshit


i know there's one that works on gaybeast vids that are under 3 minutes




search for


thank me later

I'm not sure if this magnet works for you




cut off the last >>8288


where can i find more like this?


Is anything Gunna become of this thread? Or does no one know how to rip. I'll do what I can if someone tells me how to, but I don't have a membership to that website.



I've seen that video before and its not worth the hassle. Doggy doesnt really enjoy it and spends the whole time trying to wriggle free :/



Can confirm, I saw it a couple years ago. The resolution isn't great either so you can hardly make out the cumshot. The dog spends most of his time squirming and panting.

The original source of the video is BeastForum, but you need those stupid forum download points to download it (just search 'german shepherd' in the homemade section).




Still, we are practically sitting on a goldmine of videos. Not all that desperate to see this one particular video. More so that there is a large amount of content on these type of sites, which so happens to be subscription only.



Or maybe someone could actually explain HOW to rip?





Here is how you rip videos from gaybeast/barnlove etc. keep in mind this doesn't work for premium videos unless you have a premium account. For this example i will use this video: https://www.barnlove.com/movie/83543/cute_horses_mating_video

Go into the page source and find this line: playerInstance.setup({

Below it copy that entire long url in the file:"..." section,


then download and open that m3u8 file in notepad.

In notepad, you will see a string at the end called chunklist, my understanding is that this is basically a playlist of the parts of the video. So what you need to do is copy (in this case) "chunklist_w2045954123.m3u8". Then, take your previous URL from where you downloaded the m3u8 file from, and chop off everything past the .mp4/, and replace it with chunklist_w2045954123.m3u8

So, the original url




Finally, download the m3u8 file listed in the above url, open it in notepad, and you will get a list of all the actual video files in .ts format, starting with 0.

In this case,










Are the associated video files. You then take each "media_...." string, replace everything after the mp4/ line like you did in the above step. So to download the first part of the video you would use the following url:


Each of these .ts files is like a 10-15 second section of the video, and they are viewable in VLC however I think you can join them together in ffmpeg to create a full video.

it's a super annoying process, and there may be a better way, but its the only way i know outside of just recording the screen.



Lol, this is a little more convoluted than how I do it.

These are instruction for Linux btw.

0. Install mpv-player and youtube-dl

1. Put the options load-unsafe-playlists and ytdl in your mpv config file

2. Use "View source" on the page with the video

3. Ctrl-F for m3u8, copy everything with Ctrl-C, including the quotemarks

4. In a terminal, prefix the command line with mpv, then paste in the URL, usually Shift-Middleclick or Ctrl-Shift-V

Enjoy, yo.



Sorry, I should clarify. When I say "copy everything," I mean just copy the URL of the m3u8 playlist in quotes, and nothing else.

Still doesn't work for premium. I think premium uses an encrypted login token, so it fucking sucks that you can't watch all the videos there for free.

You have to remember though, the same fucks running this Website are the same fucks running Beastforum, so yeah. They are just killing the bestiality community slowly.


Ok, all the links here that have not already been posted I have ripped and stored in one file.










The above method works for most. You just need to write a program to automate all of it and to store the whole thing in one file. Simple enough. Hardest part is automating the Cloudflare workaround - which really wasn't too bad.

Anyway, have fun y'all!

Feel free to message me on https://zoophilesforum.com/zooforum with any more requests.





Thank you!



There was a pretty good video of some shark mating on barnlove or gaybeast a while back and I cant find it anymore, did anyone happen to grab it? and no, its not on youtube








usually works






The following archive includes these videos:





NOT included in the archive as I was unable to download them. If anybody does have a method, I'd love to know...:






The heck are you trying to promote? That's a lot of data to download and I sure as hell ain't paying to do so. Find another host and try again... And next time tell us what we are downloading? Or was the goal to give us a virus or just to waste our time?



Of course this gets posted right after I've already fapped

Thanks anon





Back in 2012 I had another method that worked with premium videos on those sites using rtmpexplorer. A little tedious but the results were good.

Just remember that practically all videos there, free and premium, came from beastforum or somewhere else, and it's often easy to find better copies that aren't transcoded to hell and back.



I've tried to rip it but i wasn't successful. Could you try to rip this ? https://www.barnlove.com/movie/56815/self_sex


Anyone able to rip this?

Also anyone else not able to sign up for premium? it gives me no option to do so.




can anyone rip this one? i feel like it's amazing




Fair enough, but any idea why I can't buy premium?



I cant open the site. The page is opening but stays white. Any idea how to get the file without using the site or to fix this problem ?






Fuck off, zoosadist.



Would someone be kind enough to rip this?


Can someone rip this ? It's free now. https://www.gaybeast.com/movie/66863/cow_dild


File: 1471070368691.jpg (140.04 KB, 1080x677, 1080:677, Mare_Day_Thumbnails.jpg)





Since BF has officalically turned into a dick... Okay, they were before, but they went too far... I can't download the rest of these parts unless I upgrade... Can someone get these for me? https://www.beastforum.com/index.php?showtopic=234841&st=0&#entry9758833




Shit. I forgot the spell check first... "Officially" was what I meant...








this doesn't work :(






Any luck yet?



Could someone grab this one for me?







My method doesn't work with every video, but here's what I do:

1) Take the 5 number ID from the video URL

2) Encrypt the ID with something like this: http://www.md5online.org/md5-encrypt.html

3) Find a free video amd copy the playlist.m3u8 URL from the page source

4) Replace the string of characters between the colon and the period with the encrypted ID

5) Use your modified URL with something like VLC player to play the video

Merry Christmas

( P.S. If someone has PHP experience and is interested in developing an easier way to rip premium videos, contact me: iamaspy@hmamail.com )



So, I'll be accepting donations soon so that I can purchase an account and do a full site rip of gaybeast, petsex, and barnlove.

I am skilled in PHP, but I'm curious, do you have a way to rip the premium vids and just need it automated? Or are you offering the server space, etc, and want somebody to write the script?

I'm interested in discussing this, but I'd prefer not to use email as it is inconvenient for me to access on a regular basis privately and securely. A forum PM on a place like zoophiles forum would work better.

This goes for anybody really:

If you do have a method for downloading ALL videos on any of these sites (or have a premium account that I might be able to utilize for a site rip) please message me (Jedidiah) on http://zoophilesforum.com/zooforum . Either way, if you have a method that works, I can automate it. If you want to privately volunteer a premium account (or one with plentiful download credits), I can write I script to do the rip.





Someone upload this one again




Upon further testing, it appears my method works for all videos uploaded in the last few years, from any of the three websites (PetSex, GayBeast, BarnLove). My findings indicate that videos uploaded in the past 7 years are accessible by simply encrypting the video's 5 digit ID using MD5. Videos that are older, or have anything other than a 5 digit ID have a number and forward slash before the hash. I've identified the number to be the last 2 numbers from the video's ID, but I haven't determined how it plays into the URL. If we can figure that part out, we'll probably have access to any premium video by using the proper encryption.

As for hosting, I'd love to offer some space. I just need to determine where geographically would be best. I'd prefer to use the hosting I already have, which operates physically in South Carolina, Iowa, Belgium, Taiwan and Japan (and some other places I know are off the table). I can spin up any Linux flavor you like and provide access at any time.


So, I've just quickly created a simple website that using this method. Here's the link: http://beastfree.netlify.com

It's just my idea, maybe someone will do this better. But feel free to give me feedback on what to fix/improve.

It's working with these sites:




and the videos not older than 4 years.

I hope that the method won't get patched by this.



Nice work. I'll look at it more tomorrow to come up with some suggestions.




my night will be hot, hehe



I've been hunting after this and despite the new methods this one is 8 years old...






I've reported your exploit to the admins of those sites and have linked them to this thread.


File: ea8322330629da7⋯.jpg (7.96 KB, 174x200, 87:100, image.w174h200f3[1].jpg)



just getting a white screen



Seems the script was taken down.

Here's the browser extension (use with Greasemonkey or Tampermonkey):





Another mirror to the extension:



File: 63070c3506208ed⋯.jpg (16.36 KB, 233x280, 233:280, b60.jpg)




>"I'm with her!"



wow kek. "stealing their content" They don't actually produce content. Users do. It belongs to the people who uploaded it.



When I get redirected to beastfree, nothing happens. Has this been taken down already?




the whole site is stolen content, plus you're assuming the BF people aren't technically inept or give a fuck since their target audience is people willing to pay for poorly transcoded 10+ year old videos



A little funny seeing as they steal all of this from the people who make it.


File: 37c0fcc4ec5e729⋯.jpg (35.81 KB, 604x453, 4:3, 1838504-cant_tell_if_troll….jpg)




File: 376a2b8dd44f1de⋯.jpg (570.62 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, stuff.jpg)

File: 4d3b130f59e46e8⋯.jpg (349.83 KB, 1182x639, 394:213, stuff2.jpg)

So any news about the full site rip method?

Just sharing: after the great job that our fellow anon found with the MD5 hash exploit, it's possible to rip the videos using this method. Like he also said, -and I'm not a expert on programming and security analysis-, seems that any video >4 years are basically impossible to determine the 64bit encryption key used.

Anyway, I justing writing this now because I'm 80% on the way of having all the videos downloaded that are elegible with the exploit (premium and free). The only boring part was me having to click every single navigation page and then using Scrapbook X for Firefox to save the source code for later process, because for me it's too damn hard to circumvent the fucking Cloudflare CND. If someone have a clue on how to do this, please I want to know for reasons ;).

In possession of source codes I wrote a Powershell job-scriptblock to parse the links, calcule the hash and download the files with command line syntaxes for VLC. Except for the encrypted ones, I'm willing to upload all files when finished, just tell me where (3.5MB/s rate). So far I have:

Barnlove Animal Genitalia = 449 files (2.5GB), 656 encrypted [Complete]

Barnlove Animal Mating = 607 files (5GB), 970 encrypted [Complete]

Petsex = 3146 files (34GB), 2445 encrypted [Complete]

Gaybeast = 4240 files (37.5GB), +10K links to process (guessing 50%-60% of them are encrypted).

Sorry for any broken english + wall of text. AND AGAIN: I still have all the video links. If someone finds another decryption method = sucess ;)



The only thing holding me back is the premium account. I can get SOME videos older than three years, but it's not consistent. I can also bypass cloudflare.

Upon further investigation though it seems they require an account and routing number to purchase a premium account. I'm not giving them my information like that. It looks like we either go with your rip and call it a day or we get somebody's volunteered premium account and use that. I'd upload to some place like beasttracker.net if nobody is interested in volunteering an account.

Also: >>20499 >>20506 >>20465

LOL! Just keep in mind that if you can stream it to your computer, I can rip it. And judging by the other messages, many can too. So report all you want! You may be able to postpone the inevitable, but it's still the inevitable.



Can you up torrent of all videos you have to https://pornbay.org ?



The other anon is right. BeastTracker is made for torrenting zoo contact like this.


File: 1242167c623ad75⋯.png (4.39 KB, 210x229, 210:229, 1293066590242.png)


>My method

Aw come on, man. I was even going through the process of figuring this out all by myself back in the previous thread here: >>>19513

Then again, I didn't give myself a name, so I guess I shouldn't really be expecting credit.




Glad to see you fine folks have done a lot more with it, though. Sorry I haven't been actively helping with it more. I got stumped after people mentioned that they couldn't watch older videos, and after spending a few hours trying to figure out what encryption the 64 bit hash used (and failing) I just called it quits.

I know nothing about programming so you guys are doing an extension of god's work.



Can you upload it to beasttracker or something like it ?



I hope you'll get cancer in 2017 :^)

Happy New Year






Please share and seed, because almost 140GB of material is overkill even for my upload speed: http://beasttracker.net/index.php?page=torrent-details&id=613231f268bc108c5ba58b4b4b5d4be9455f2a95

I'm also uploading to Mega and Cloud.ru, but these will be slower.


You did a good job for the cause ;)


File: 44fd1fc928daa2b⋯.png (7.46 KB, 191x234, 191:234, 125466257738.png)


Thank you.

Started download and will seed after.



ofc forgot to mention you >>20672


File: f40186a3b5f3a70⋯.png (397.44 KB, 1200x709, 1200:709, Przechwytywanie.PNG)

As for http://beastfree.netlify.com

I had some problems with hosting provider and the website hasn't worked for a while. I've made some changes and now everything should work fine without any further problems.

I've also updated the browser script. Changes:

- better availability checking of barnlove videos

- button is also added next to currently opened video

Download link:




Thanks for your contribution. If they do change their encryption method on newer videos, we'll need folks to continue working to decrypt them.


I'll be seeding on my box, dedicated 100 Mbps up.



Can you download the videos afterwords?

All these videos, must want ;-;



There's a topic on BT's forum about this. You could head over there and we can see about collaborating. Jedidiah seems interested.

I, too, tried my hand at determining what the hash was and failed. Really, it could be anything - almost literally...



Use the torrent. You can select which specific videos you want or just download them all.



I'll be seeding on mine once I get everything set up.



I may be incorrect, but my understanding is the files would need to be downloaded to the server and converted to a readable format. This could/would be more expensive to host, since right now the content isn't being stored anywhere, just streamed from the main website(s). If you want to rip videos, I would recommend you look back at the method myself and others use with VLC. >>20388

In addition, while poking around some more, I stumbled upon this: http://puu.sh/t8pMO/7831479203.png

"Wowza Streaming Engine 4 Subscription Edition 4.6.0 build 19395", this gives us more information on the back-end to find more vulnerabilities.



100% noob here, how do I?



File: 0ed8bf954f46b5a⋯.png (362.32 KB, 1133x478, 1133:478, ClipboardImage.png)


link down, cant view the torrent



Unregistered users can't access, you need to create an account and be signed in.


The method with md5 hash doesn't work anymore with any video. It has just been patched.



Not even free videos on their own site are working, they broke everything. ( ° ʖ °)



Free videos are working fine for me on their site. Maybe their brand new authentication method is not compatible with all browsers/devices



You're right. Works in Firefox, compatibility error in Chrome.



That's strange because I'm using Chrome and don't have any problems.



What version of Chrome?




I'm on 56.0, maybe that's it.



Sad to say it seems to already be fixed up, that was an amazing one night. Hope it can be made working again, donation link or is it a lost cause now?


Ripper here.

Yeah it was patched. Changes:

-The player link changed from "928afe90-4ea5-4042-9d86-15134f621c6d" to "secure-3d8441f6-2f6e-47aa-bc7c-5b9e0bc9c52e";

-The hash is the same between the colon and .mp4 for files <4yrs (MD5 calculation of videoid), the others are <last 2 numbers from videoID>/<unknown 64bit hash>;

-After the playlist.m3u8 file there is another string, consisting of <videoID>.<32bit hash>.<IP>

This new hash have a high probability of being salted, so it's very hard to decrypt (same chances for the 64bit hash). As I said before, I'm not a skilled programmer so maybe there is a way with a premium account. I'll leave this for the experts but I can try to help if needed.

In the meantime what is available for now can be downloaded from the link some posts up.



It's hard to say at the moment, but I'll be trying to find another way.

As you can see, sharing details about workaround publicly is a bad idea so I prefer not to reveal any of my findings.


File: 6e0ee7fc04bda3e⋯.jpg (10.29 KB, 250x237, 250:237, 1277160831380.jpg)

Yeah, it's why I was skeptical of sharing it in the first place. But I don't use the site much as is, so I figured I'd might as well have let people know, after people said they were interested. Whatever, at least most were already ripped before it was patched.

That being said, where there was once a hole, there probably still is one. I spent another few hours looking into the <4yrs hashes. My guess is that they're salted sha-2, but honestly, who knows.

Let me know if you guys figure out anything else in the meantime. Probably a dead end for me, giving my incompetence in the field. But if I could figure it out before, anyone can.







please rip this one and you'll make my day



Could someone rip this one again?



File: b6d054457f4cc4a⋯.jpg (10.07 KB, 480x320, 3:2, male_dog_fucked_with_toy_a….jpg)



beasttracker.net is down, is it possible to add more trackers?






i have all rippet now :P

but i need the 2 premium vids :(



d-dropbox pls











who's willing to fuel our lust for bitch watersports?



File: c4ac6afae8f32a9⋯.jpg (8.09 KB, 480x320, 3:2, horsefuck.jpg)


please...I need more horse cock in my life











can someone pls post these back?, i missed the oportunity


If no one realized it yet or it's too lazy to search, just look your god damn requests (video ID) here:

Gaybeast - https://cloud.mail.ru/public/C2Es/mhsJodw5z

Petsex/Barnlove - https://mega.nz/#F!34N0xBaT!dlTg7Vfl36imfqYZju4idg

If it's not here, then someone have to rip it




This looks like a new one to me tbh. I don't think I've seen it anywhere else before.



Gaybeast - https://cloud.mail.ru/public/C2Es/mhsJodw5z

the guy who posted this, thanks so much you made my day.



Can anyone figure out how to download from sex-with.dog?

There are some videos that play using the bypass, but others give error or show blank page.



I thought that trick got fixed a while back?



I have tried for years to get this video... reverse image searched, looked through the source code, created an account and uploaded for credits (and never got them).

Can someone PLEASE rip this video somehow? Will love you forever..



search here: https://cloud.mail.ru/public/C2Es/mhsJodw5z it's there, the file name is 43512_fucking_my_bulldog.mp4

I'm sorry to say tho that the video is absolute garbage, 5fps, potato quality and no sound, if you can still jerk off to that more power to you.




Took 30 seconds.

Click on the video you want watch.

Right click anywhere.

"View page source".

Find something that begins with "<source src=[FILE]", there's your download.

Either right click it and "save link as...", or click on it. It'll either prompt for a download, or open the video, to which you can right click that and save it.


Just wanted to say that I'm looking into Gaybeast bypasses again. I found one for saving free videos currently. Not sharing any info yet because of what happened last time I did.

Let you know if I come across anything, though.



Seriously, don't share. I know a new way to rip and you assclowns killed the old method. So don't ruin it for those with half a brain stem.


I have that movie, but how to send it you?



Can you rip these videos please? I didn't find incloud.




btw, thank you for sharing all videos :)



if someone rips this i will literally love you



Can someone rip these?These are only from a month ago so they're not in the cloud link. They're also very long at 20 minutes each but I'd kill to see them







Anyone have a good script or auto ripper for pornsocket.com


Used to use the following Kodi addon to watch pornsocket videos but it stopped working.


Any help much appreciated.



Can someone rip this and other mistress beast scat videos?





if anyone could do this one I'd be really happy. I wanna save it before they lock it behind a paywall that happened to my last favorite video lol



File: e8e872453741cdb⋯.mp4 (4.58 MB, 480x270, 16:9, Brown Stallion Handjob Gay….mp4)


you're lovely! thank you for that!

Also, anyone have a more efficient way of searching on the cloud link rather than ctrl+f? I dont see a search bar...










File: 827d5aa5f98e8a2⋯.png (191.08 KB, 481x353, 481:353, Minimare.png)

Any of these would be greatly appreciated. They're other versions of the one in the Cloud.




Anyone have this? I found the second part of the whole video but haven't been able to find this one anywhere.



the videos are gone?

Also when i download from megaupload it only plays the sounds whats the problem?




What happened to this holy grail?? D:



It took some time, but got "taken down" (I can't share the folder anymore). Later I'll try to resolve the issue.





LOL It was easier than I though. Anyway, there is a great risk that my cloud.ru account get banned if I keep sharing there, so If this happens I can't help much:



The link for Petsex/Barnlove is the same: https://mega.nz/#F!34N0xBaT!dlTg7Vfl36imfqYZju4idg

Also, for the last 2-3 months I'm [very] slowly getting rid of the duplicates locally on my PC, so If I ever upload somewhere else it will not have some files, because there are better/bigger versions OR the only video had potato quality OR it was not for my taste (scat and bugs mostly). Just to compare: Original Gaybeast folder = 97GB / New folder = 48GB (~98% dupe files) - and there are 700-800 files to delete yet.

Lastly, if anyone found a new way to download the videos, let me know (I'll not share the code, just the files).


You know what someone should do? An updated, better set of rips for BeastForum. There's a torrent floating around for their "men and animals" section, but it's pretty old, and it missed files in some threads. (Like, in a lot of folders there's a thumbnail from a video, but no video file.)



if you are on a windows system you likely don't get a thumbmails image on thouse files and can't play them in windows media player/Movies & TV App

You can fix that with ffmpeg, just convert them back into a .ts file:

>ffmpeg.exe -i [file.mp4] -vcodec copy -acodec copy [tmp.ts]

and then convert them into an mp4 again:

>ffmpeg.exe -i [tmp.ts] -vcodec copy -acodec copy [file.mp4]

this has the added benefit of slightly reducing the mp4 overhead and saving ~1GB for all 10 000 files.>>25269


Anyone have a working bypass for bestialitylovers "Private" locked videos? There was an old embeded link you could plug a video ID into, but that now prompts for a login and password.



All ripped videos from gaybeast/petsex/barnlove are also available on https://beastfree.netlify.com




I want this video plz







File: e9e6365de7cedf4⋯.jpg (9.06 KB, 480x320, 3:2, cumming_in_mini_mare_2.jpg)

File: 0c4c858f952f8aa⋯.jpg (9.72 KB, 480x320, 3:2, cumming_in_mini_mare.jpg)


its in the 20,000 range, which means its not on any site rips out there

19983 and 20441



Is there a website in which one can access and download any video from Gaybeast.com? (A library of videos?) In this type of website, one goes to the website, sees a list of downloadable videos, and then chooses which ones to download.

Wondering if this kind of website exists for the following sites:




Pornsocket.com (Zoo section)

Beastforum.com (Men and Animals section)

Beastforum.com (Women and Animals section)

In other words, is there an online archive(s) of all the videos from each of these sites? For example, an archive of Gaybeast.com would contain a list of all the videos on Gaybeast.com (and one could choose which ones to download). If someone is aware of such a site, post a link to it.




nope. thats the 7:40 length video. its available in many places.

i need the cummmming one


no longer possible to rip from gaybeast I guess?



https://www.barnlove.com/movie/107685/horse_balls Could anyone please get this somehow, would appreciate it !






Came up in the Bonus Area, so I was able to grab it.




Thank you so much :)



Please, please, please. This is my last resort here. I'm begging anyone help ripping or acquiring this movie and any of the other movies of this beautiful girl as well. I'd love to put together a tribute to Annika someday. Thanks. https://www.gaybeast.com/movie/33073/annikas_third_heat_and_a_vibrating_cockring


Would it be possible for someone to acquire this video? https://www.gaybeast.com/movie/114754/arrombando_o_cu_do_cachorro

If so, I'd be eternally grateful!

If not, don't worry about it~ Thanks!



Your link doesn't work anymore.

Could you or someone please upload it again? That'd be amazing


File: 03578228df964a7⋯.png (1.02 MB, 1366x768, 683:384, Screenshot (3353).png)



The mega link that anon posted doesn't work anymore. new one pretty please?






Fuck yes, thank you so much. Goddamn I miss that mare's pussy being pounded.



The elusive Aluzky videos, specifically this one: https://www.gaybeast.com/movie/34266/aluzky_showing_a_labrador_girl_butt

If there's already some archive of all of them I'm missing, someone be generous enough to help a man out.



I need a method that can grasp gaybeast.com





If there was, do you think we'd be doing all this fucking around?



Can anyone grab the vids from this site?



Can anyone rip



Please and thank you


Can someone please rip this for me, please?


Thank you, it would mean a lot. :)




second part:


Thanks so much!



can someone PLEASE, truly PLEASE, rip this?


if you do me that favor, i'll be PLEASEd , haha... seriously pls rip that :c



Is this it?


Does anyone else know where we can find vids like that?






can someone rip these two videos if at all possible




thanks ahead of time



Beastfree ,What's the status of the site? it says it's disabled...



Good thing i downloaded all the content with selfmade script.


File: 32372bd47ee9d8f⋯.jpg (18.12 KB, 480x320, 3:2, calf_grunts_loud.jpg)

I never ask anything from anyone on the internet, I normally figure it out or google it.

But like everyone else, I can't figure out getting gaybeast's vids.


I've been trying to find this for at least 2 years across loads of different sites.

Anyone have it? A way to get it?





Wtf are you talking about. Wont let you have sex with animals for free? Who's stopping you, exactly? I cant recall them spamming me with their shit either.



Holy cow! Yes, pun intended, this is the same vid I have been searching for since fucking ages! Pls kind Anon, deliver .



Also want this


File: c2e3d29a5eb9ae8⋯.webm (2.95 MB, 320x240, 4:3, calfBangCalfsFace.webm)

I have it, saved it a long time ago. Dont know if this is full video but its what i got



can you post it somewhere pls



Half the length of the original, but no complaints here. Thanks a load, m8.




the gaybeast rip might prove relevant to this thread http://rahlii.com/Petsex-Gaybeast-Barnlove_Siterip_01-17/




Kill yourself, you zoosadistic retards.







rip those vids yourself, cunt


i would love to trade for those. k9beast@protonmail.com in case anyone is interested



Which one? and what you have in return


I no longer need this one found it in my backup.


Fuck yourself men, if I got credits I would already have them.


File: 5fe768ad0ce5d7a⋯.gif (42.79 KB, 192x192, 1:1, 114932.jpg.gif)




Can you please reupload cat anal3 and cat anal4? Link does not work. Thank you.


this is not the gays but can someone rip and upload this? was unable to get access




needs an update as there are new videos on gaybeast and they aren't showing on the list.



unable to decrypt, program cannot determine file format. thank you though :(



Can someone try ripping this please?


http://rahlii.com/Petsex-Gaybeast-Barnlove_Siterip_01-17/Gaybeast/ doesn't work for me anymore... anyone else?


Please could someone rip the full version (12:20)of this movie please?




It's up for me. I'm currently archiving it to mirror elsewhere in case it goes down.


Old one that used to be free, but recently turned paid. Could someone please rip this?




This one is free, and under 3 minutes but I forgot the trick for changing the url so you can download it.





so this seems to be dead then right? no new rips no more?

rahlii.com/Petsex-Gaybeast-Barnlove_Siterip_01-17/ was last updated in jan/feb

no way to dl the newer stuff?


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