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File: 8ca5773f94c1c90⋯.jpg (46.79 KB, 700x465, 140:93, 0-Intro-24 hour sign neon-….jpg)

2910f5 No.36876[Reply]

Hello /builders/, I'd like to invite you to blah blah blah

Please buy our stuff/join our discord/kill yourselves!

2910f5 No.36879




File: 1423439536698.jpg (491.77 KB, 1500x865, 300:173, 1420151585981.jpg)

630783 No.3[Reply]

Welcome to /builders/! This board is for the creation and running of nation and hero builders. A builder is a game run by a single Gamemaster (GM), where various players design their own hero or nation (Hence, Hero or Nation builder), to participate in a setting of the GM's design. Rules past that very with each game. Here is your complimentary guide to running and playing builders, have fun and remember to be excellent to each other! https://docs.google.com/document/d/1NZFX--5Hchy7wwVliYA8E8t5oNyec4zSC4yNStw4Oy0/edit?pli=1

630783 No.740

Join the Discord at https://discord.gg/vTZPD

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File: f5cb6f943e0e3f3⋯.jpg (108.54 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Gang builder.jpg)

c8de6a No.44182[Reply]

This is a continuation of the last thread. As of right now, I want all returning players to post their last stat block, and a link to their last action from the past thread. That way I know who to update. The link to the last thread is here; https://8ch.net/builders/res/34885.html

I would also like for people to give me a brief run down of what was going on with your gang before the thread died out.


Faction Name:


Faction Fluff: See Faction name


Leader & Heroes: Important Individuals

Henchmen: Your followers

Inventory: What items and resources you possess

Skills: What abilities you possess

Bonus: Determined by fluff

Connections: Relations to other factions in the city

– Other things may be added as necessary –

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eaac12 No.44451

Dice rollRolled 46, 92 = 138 (2d100)


Name: Ezekiel Samson (Peace)

Faction Name: The Troupe

Fluff: http://pastebin.com/VumB3xdp

Faction Fluff: http://pastebin.com/n5Hw4sCy

>Leader & Heroes:

Ezekiel Samson (Peace)[2.5][Fast]Resplendent Saber[+.2][Master Crafted]

+Pistol .15

+"Jester" Suit[+.15]

The Rose Masque[1.25][Luster][Charade] +Sword +.15

+ 1 Pistol .15

+"Jester" Suit[+.15]


2 Comedy Masque[1.2]

+(Assassin Blades[+.1][Concealed])

+(Assassin Blades[+.1][Concealed])

+"Jester" Suit[+.15]

1 Blank Masques[1]

+Swords +.15

+Swords +.15

1 Despair Masque[2][Slow][Resilient]

+GreatSword [+.5][Slow]

+"Jester" Suit[+.15]

1 Rage Masque[1.6][Berserk]



+"Jester" Suit[+.15]


1 Caravan Cart

4 Daggers[+.05]

3 Disguise caches


4 Assassin Blades[+.1][Concealed]

2 GreatSwords[+.5][Slow]

4 Axes[+.10]

1 Resplendent Saber[+.2][Master Crafted]

3 Swords[+.15]

2 Pistols[+.15]

3 Elites[If they survive the waves of undead, than you will get a larPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

6fe1be No.44463

Dice rollRolled 80, 49 = 129 (2d100)


Leader & Heroes:

Anziani Giovanni[2.75][Fast]


2 Remade Men[2][Classy]



2 Tommy Guns[+.2][Fast]


The Blood Sucker[+25$/turn]

2 "Call Girls"[+10$ a turn per girl]

2 Basic Drug Caches

Lady's of the Night[1/4]


Basic Vampiric Powers

Basic Loan Sharking


A lovely night, isn't it?: On every night(1st turn), you get a +10 to all rolls as your vampiric nature helps loosen some gears. You also get [.20] to your overall combat when engaged on those turns. But every other turn, you get -5 to all your rolls, and [.20] subtracted from your overall combat score.



Location: Archival, 1st level, 22nd street.

1) As night falls, Anziani sends out his men to scout out the lay of the land. Which gangs are operating in the same area, what do they do. Who can we ally with, and who will be our rival? The recent fight with the boneheads might have been easy, but it begs for careful action in the future. +10 Night.

2) During the night the Anziani notices his powers spiking again. He tries to feed the girls some blood again. +10 Vampiric powers, +10 Night.

4d2fea No.44478


Name: Kazuo Takami

Faction Name: Akatora-Gumi

Fluff: A poor immigrant from the east, Kazuo found himself lacking a job upon arriving in the Industrial District. Meeting with several fellow of his countrymen in this foreign land, they determined to make a living no matter the method. Forming a gang, these men honed their already remarkable fighting prowess, and set out into the world, ready to face anything.

Faction Fluff: Named to exemplify their ferocity, the Akatora-Gumi will stay loyal to their contractors, that is until the gold ceases to flow, of course. They will act as enforcers, guards, and have even been known to carry out assassinations. And to cross them means death, the authorities failed to recognize the corpse of the last man to make that mistake.

Leader & Heroes:

Kazuo Takami[1.35][Fast]


4 Shatei[1.10]

1 Kyodai[1.3]

1 Kaikei[.75][Assistant]


3 Knives[+.1]

1 Submachine-gun[+.25]

1 Ancestral Blade[+.2]


Basic Protection Racket[+10$/turn]


Basic Poisoning

Basic Legal ability

Advanced Assassination

[Basic Training][2/4]

Bonus: The Losing Hand- You come from a long line of cheaters, liars, and dirty buisnessmen. If you infilitrate a opposing gang in any way, shape or form, you may at any time after they have rolled and done their actions, re-assign their actions to their rolls. Essentially, you may pick which actions are paired with one of their rolls. If you do this, however, you will alert the faction to your presence.


[Yakuza]-Your last chance.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

4d2fea No.44479

Dice rollRolled 74, 91 = 165 (2d100)


Forgot rolls

d2cfae No.44533

File: e90877fd4babe98⋯.png (17.35 KB, 1191x670, 1191:670, blue_oyster_cult_symbol_wp….png)


Name: Priestess Farro

Faction Name: The Clergy Of The Priestess.

Fluff: Priestess Farro or by her real name Leontina Farro. An Italian women standing at 5ft7 with long flowing brown hair that goes to their back. Complete with brown eyes and priestly white robes.

Coming from the land of Italy and having connections to the mafia in big ways. It perhaps is not the biggest surprise then that she after having struck up a bargain for a lump sum of money. Found herself forming her own gang and her own mafioso cliche.

Disguised under the veneer of a harmless new age religion. With her as the prophet of the whole thing. A silver tongue willing to get dirty behind the scenes and always good at getting a deal that they need.

This false prophet could be a rather big player one day.

Faction Fluff: A church of sorts. The church of the priestess. Owning a small chapel with a small compound underneath it. Holding Mafioso roots and showing itself as a friendly face.

It hopes to recruit like a cult. Get donations from the common folk and in general lie and get whatever they can for as long as they can. Hopefully, one day spreading far and wide.


Leader & Heroes:






File: 6d1a887eacf9ffd⋯.jpg (58.93 KB, 611x465, 611:465, d7505852fc6eb0e9d2f2246fed….jpg)

File: 307b35cfe5e89b9⋯.png (361.84 KB, 1673x1166, 1673:1166, template.png)

7e6eb5 No.42595[Reply]


One thousand years ago, the gods of Order and Chaos declared war upon each other, using Earth as their battleground. Whole continents were devastated by the onslaught, as battle after battle turned the land into what would come to be known as the Void Wastes, completely inhospitable lands where death energy sucks the very life out of all who dare to tread upon it. One area of land that escaped complete destruction was the continent of Europa along with the northern tip of the desert continent of Africa and the frozen island of Grønland across the seas, along with various other islands such as Britannia and others. The lands that were spared gave life to many different civilizations, which slowly developed into proper nations, each with the knowledge of smithing bronze and having other related technologies. However, the gods have decided to make their return, and, seeing the industrious humans, have decided to use them as proxies in their wars to avoid more catastrophes taking place on Earth. Who will prevail and rule over Europe? Will your civilization find fortune and power and rise to greatness or fail and crumble? Only time will tell.

To get started with the game, please fill out the following character sheet.

>Nation name:

(Self-explanatory, please pick something smart)


(Your color on the map, no black please. Also see the terrain tab)


(The characteristics and features that define your nation and make it special. Will be used to assign starting techs)

Do not fill out:



(If this hits zero, you die. Affects various things, such as your ability to passively defend your territory, the maximum size of your armies, and more)

>Food production:


(Number represents how many people are being fed with your current production levels, you can go above this but it will lead to hunger Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

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837e3b No.44523

Dice rollRolled 6, 57, 45, 95 = 203 (4d100)




>Food production:

17,750 (2 turns remaining)

>Population growth:






Troy (City)

Percote (outpost)




Industrial: Bronzeworking, Basic Masonry, Basic Shipbuilding, Shipbuilding (Triremes), Very basic Pickaxes (Bronze), Very Basic Slavery

Military: Very Basic Armour (Leather), Very Basic Exotic Weapons, Very Basic Clubs (bronze-ringed), Very Basic Slings, Shipbuilding (Triremes), Very Basic Shields

Economic and Agriculture: Very Basic Animal Husbandry, Very Basic Farming, Very Basic Pottery, Basic Selective Breeding, Very Basic Fishing (Nets), Very Basic Mills (Animal-powered), Very Basic Slavery

Infrastructure and Education: Very Basic Roads, Trojan Alphabet, Very Basic Caste System, Very Basic Code of Laws, Very Basic Religion (Poseidon), Very Basic Magical Training, Very Basic Slavery



The Forum of Troy, Pearl Adornments (Poseidon), Paved Roads, Stone Statue of Poseidon, Barracks, Harbour, Temple of Poseidon


Temple of Poseidon, Paved Roads

>Standing Army:

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

7027a4 No.44524

Dice rollRolled 44, 27, 15 = 86 (3d100)


>Nation name: skræl

>Color: Green

>Fluff: During the great cataclysm the native peoples of americas were quickly thrown into chaos and danger. great upheavals and migrations took place all over the continent as they tried to appease whatever god had gained control for the moment or were trying to flee the conflict outright. While the land slowly became the land of the dead many had begun to grow even more desperate and set out on the seas with primitive ships and with little navigation knowledge. Almost all died, but for the few that made it they reached greenland with those from Scandinavia who had already settled accepted them. Eventually even if they were small in number own their own, the sheer amount of different native groups reaching the land meant that they outnumbered the Scandinavians. Today, the current nation of skræl has homogenized ethnically, culturally, and linguistically with the original settlers forming core of all these things.


7 (ecstatic)





>Population growth:


>Food production:





Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

189363 No.44526

Dice rollRolled 37, 9, 85 = 131 (3d100)


Mediterrans (Tansen)



>Food production:


>Population growth:







Mediterra (capital)

Ferrumterra (Outpost) (Sardinia)

Nonameyet (outpost) (Corsica)




Food:Basic Farming, Improved Fishing (Mediterran Nets), Very Basic Animal Husbandry

Industrial:Bronzeworking, Improved Shipbuilding, Basic Clothmaking (Linen, Sailcloth), Ironworking

Military:Very Basic Bows (Mediterran Bows) Very Basic Mediterran Amphibious Assault Training, Very Basic Spears (Bronze Tridents) Very Basic Military Training tech

Science: Blessed Medicine

Cultural:Basic Brewing (Mediterran beer)


Mediterran court of the king and his people

Mediterran Temple of Salacia (Iron, Marble, Bronze)

Harbor (Mediterra)

Barracks (Damaged)

Taverns (Mediterra)

>>Standing Army:


10 Mediterran Triremes (+10 to combat for every 5 triremes, naval unit)


200 bowmen

100 trident/net

+11 to combat rolls for every 100 troops

800 Elite Soldiers (+14 to combat rPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

f3dee6 No.44528

Dice rollRolled 6, 69 = 75 (2d100)


>Population: 10,181.5

>Food production: 15,750

>Population growth: 2.5 - X2 (Surplus Food)





Loch Iarainn (Capital), Achaidh (City)


5 (Moderately happy) (+Basic Dyemaking, +Wool Cloth, +Clothes, +Down-stuffed Clothes +Sapphire, +Shrines)


Bronzeworking, Basic Animal Husbandry, Basic Farming, Basic Dyemaking, Basic Military Training - +8 to combat for every 100, Basic Swords - +6 strength for every 100, Basic Spears - +7 strength for every 100, Basic Clothing (Down-Stuffed Clothing), Very Basic Pottery, Basic Surveying


Loch Iarainn: Talla àrd (Capitol), Bronzeworks, Warrior's Lodge, Forge-Shrine, Farms

Achaidh: Wheat Farms, Potato Farms, Forge Shrine

>Standing Army: 250 Shortswords, 397 Spearbrothers. (+8 for every 100, +7 for every 100 Spears, +6 for every 100 Swords)


Food: Wheat+, potatoes, sheep+, Cabbage, Chickens, Mediterranean Potatoes+

Luxury: Dyes (from Basic Dyemaking), Wool+ Cloth

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

a81a2f No.44532


69 get ayyyyy

File: ea899f3d8052370⋯.jpg (169.96 KB, 450x321, 150:107, Clarent.jpg)

File: 572ed9dcd053799⋯.jpg (128.34 KB, 800x426, 400:213, Fortress Falling.jpg)

5c6d86 No.44488[Reply]

The Kingdom of Clarent, once a shining land, full of peace, prosperity before you and your masters declared war on it. Such a weak area, no strife, no struggle, nothing to keep them motivated and strong. It was the will of the Council of Five that Clarent would fall and it's land and resources taken, it's people enslaved, it's magics learned and it's false gods destroyed. Thus the Seventh Imperial Army Marched to war.

The Pass of Kargas fell within a month, the fortresses of the pass totally shattered. Their soldiers fell under the hordes of orc barbarians, kobold zealots, human soldiers, and skeleton walkers. Their mages killed before taking the field by Darkblade Assassins, Drow Shadows, and misty vampires. Their walls cracked by the sheer might of Rock throwing giants, Mighty Dragons, Drow Magisters, Demons of Grond, and undead juggernauts. The victory of the Seventh was absolute and total, in other words, perfect.

Normally, this sort of momentum would be celebrated, and it WAS celebrated, but each Imperial Army is a microcosm of the Council of Five. The Church of Grond and it's human supplicants, the Orcish and Greenskin Hordes of Great Chief Gundebax, the Bound undead of the Archlich Thrayze, the Progeny, mates and zealots of the Dragon Queen Svezen'la'hareth and The scions of the great ClanCity Mandozelan all struggle to progress their faction's agendas, and most importantly, themselves in various and sundry ways. With the easy victories they accumulated at the pass followed by taking cities and towns with ease, the army slowly became less concerned about forces of Clarent and more concerned with internal politics. This in turn made what followed even more damning.

The seventh took city after city, rampaging across the land and sowing despair and ruin upon the natives of Clarent as they went. Soon all that still stood bright and proud was the Capital, and the fringe cities too far away to levy an effective force to reinforce it in time. The Seventh march and broke the defenders on an open field with contemptuous ease. It was so easy that many forces broke ranks and charged after the retreating defenders, the wary either being forced to follow to not be caught alone in an easy to take fragment or forgetting themselves trying to gain glory. ThisPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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f6b2d1 No.44525

Claiming undead slot for my vampire dragon

f6b2d1 No.44527

File: 951767b29c1181d⋯.jpg (233.78 KB, 636x896, 159:224, vampire_dragon_by_isismass….jpg)


Name: Azaak R'kash

Faction: Undead

Race: Vampire dragon

Class: Necromancer

History: Azaak was an ambitious young dragon who thirsted for power and wealth. This thirst ended up with him in possession of a certain relic taken from what turned out to be the Lair of the Vampire Tarkand. Tarkand did not take this well and ended up turning Azaak to use him as an eternal servant and lieutenant. Plotting some kind of revenge Azaak never got to try his plans out as Tarkand met his end in the Ill-fated attack that turned the war. Now once again hungry for power and wealth Azaak leads his undead to bring him closer to the top.







0df04c No.44529

Capcha test

45478e No.44530

File: 6380a956a472f7b⋯.jpg (69.89 KB, 1230x1033, 1230:1033, Gold_dragon_head.jpg)

Name: Givad Gul'ried

Faction: Scions of the Dragon Queen

Race: Dragon (Gold)

Class: Warrior? Dragon Warrior?

History: Givad Gul'ried is a young, golden dragon of purer blood than some of the other hatchlings of his generation, born from a nest that did not accept anything less but peak performance and loyalty to the Queen. Givad, though a fervent follower of his Queen, is sometimes regarded by his brothers as being a bit more underhanded and sly for a dragon. Though he has yet to prove himself in the fields of battle, he's already done good work making a small following for himself within the Scions, speaking with a golden tongue and keeping in good communication with those who would further his ambitions - ambitions that may one day shift the balances of power within the draconic hordes. He has a natural charisma , majesty and nobility to him that beguiles the dark intent he has for his race.

But what could such a young whelp do? Only time will tell.







3405be No.44531

Name: Dipirahc Kenath

Faction: Drow

Race: Drow

Class: (only for those applicable)

History: Dipirahc, or Dip as he is known to the few associates he allows close to him and his wife, is the husband of a powerful priestess and clan leader in a somewhat unknown and not so great city of the underdark. Unlike many families he is not treated as little more than a muscle and breeding slave but is treated with with respect as an almost equal by his wife making him ferverantly loyal to her in contrast to most drow relationships. His wife sent him to the surface so as to bring more wealth and power for her from the council. His primary job and goal is not to “win” the war but to build riches and a powerful army to bring back home and wipe out the 2 families currently above their own in the city. His army largely consists of non drow preferring them over his kindred as he does not trust other drow. He will generally only keep other drow around for contacts and a few sub commanders for the few he does “trust” (and of course driders). This has hampered his ability to work within his faction but has made it a little easier to work with the other factions, since he learned from his wife to at least pretending to see other people as equals will make them less likely to betray you.







File: 11feed2daa751bd⋯.jpg (77.29 KB, 1000x599, 1000:599, flat,1000x1000,075,f.u1.jpg)

ff8175 No.43686[Reply]

he Glorious Empire, once proud and mighty, has fallen on hard times as of late. With much infighting at home and disillusion with Imperial rule in the frontier colonies, there is no strong sense of pride, and the people turn to their regional cultures more than the overarching sense of loyalty to the Emperor and the Capital of Eurdan that once existed, but is now long gone. Word grows in the East, of a powerful warlord rallying the once divided tribes of barbarians and beasts to his banner, smelling blood in the water and the decaying corpse of the empire flounders. All that stands between the Lands of the Empire and the wilds and their hordes of people (and otherwise) who see this bloated corpse as no more than a sack of loot needing a little convincing to spill its treasures, is the Fortress of Lavius’s Spite, built at the spot where the legendary 5th Emperor Lavius ąl Adûnius fought a battle with a mighty dragon for 12 days, and on the final day cast his opponent down from the mountaintop and smote him upon the mountainside, his fall creating the valley where the fortress now lie. Farad himself was not seen since that day, and the resulting succession crisis between his twenty sons is partly to blame for the state of the empire today. Regardless, the Garrison at the Spite, as it is commonly called, has been vastly reduced as generals eager to carve up their own sections of the empire have recalled men more loyal to their leader then the crown, with only a single legion of the original 6 that manned the fort remaining.

The Fortress itself is a massive stonework marvel of engineering, composed of a giant wall/gatehouse as the front of the valley with an additional fortress about half a league further behind at the other end of the valley. The Wall, cut from the stone of the mountain with foundations of dragon-bone deep beneath the earth, is 50 ft tall and deep enough that 10 men can walk abreast its length. Towers dot the fortifications at equal intervals and atop these towers stand mighty onagers, with ballista also dotting the walls in several places. Small barracks also exist in the wall itself, so that the men stationed there will not have to return to the rear fort every night. The Rear fortress itself is intimidating as well, a citadel with room for 20,000 men, walls thicker than some of the nearby hills, and several barracks for the Griffin Calvary famous in the empire, but only a paltry 15 ofPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

86 posts and 27 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

d7ddcb No.44052

Dice rollRolled 60, 93, 72 = 225 (3d100)


Name: Morg Gleiz

Fluff: Morg was part of a local tribe, one who had gotten wealthy and prosperous helping the Empire. When the drums were heard the shamans of the tribe made a deal with Braxios. They would provide their stockpile of food and the services of some of their warriors, in exchange to be let through the wall and retreat deeper into the empire away from the menace. Despite there being disagreements on the matter, Baraxios was no fool in this case and accepted the bargain, knowing the extra men and food would be a great help for the coming fight.

Morg being a younger warrior and without a woman was left with the Legion. He was set to serve as a scout for them, as he was a hunter as well as warrior. Having spent all his life in these forests to make his way and life. He knows them well, and he is hoping the legionary's will let him sue it to both their advantages.

Class: Auxillary

>Basic Training: + 5 to combat rolls involving you and your shield brothers. All 30 of them.

Location: Front Fort

>Tracking the Expedition: 3/3

+ [Boar spear] +8 Melee, +0 cc

+ [Bow and Arrows] +5 ranged attacks

+ [Axe/hatchet] +5 melee, +8 cc

+ [Hunting Knives] +5 in melee and cc

+ [Hunting furs] -5 to attacks on me


+ [Goat Horn] - From the tribe, its bellows can sound from miles away, can be used to warn of impending danger.

Bonus: [Like the Trees] - A life in the wilderness, tracking, stalking, and killing prey much more keen of sense then man has made Morg a silent killer, who can fade into the woods as quickly as he appears. + 15 to stealth rolls in woods.

>Health: 5/10

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

8819cc No.44072

Dice rollRolled 4, 73, 30 = 107 (3d100)


Name: Ugar Nebelson

Fluff: A dwarven geomancer who joined the legions to help support and defend his family. Believing that only the strength and stability can guarantee their safety for generations to come. His work has always been to shape the battlefield. Raising ramparts and blockades where needed. Making ditches to blunt enemy charges and trip up siege engines. Towers for our archers and spikes around them to protect them. Shoring up the defences and generally giving the troops an advantage

Class: Acolyte

Location: Front fort

– Do not fill in –

Health: 10/10


+ [Acolyte’s Cloak] – Provides no physical protection but is enchanted to enhance spell casting. + 15 to casting rolls.

+ [Pugio] – A dagger, + 2 to melee rolls

> Spells

+ [Shape Earth] - You can bend the earth to a shape you would see fit, however at your current level you can only manage to move dirt and lose gravel, no stone yet. 3 turn cooldown, earthworks last for 2 turns before returning to original shape 3/3


+ [Steel Shovel] - Your people are rare in the empire and without. Some say the dwarves are a dying breed, but you'd rather say they have better stuff to do then dwell on the surface. This is Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

6b96b5 No.44469

Dice rollRolled 58, 54, 74 = 186 (3d100)


Name: Agrobrigos Nantu Gallaeci

Fluff: Son of a Gallaeci Chief, ever since the Romans conquered our lands there has been relative peace in the region. Several revolts but relatively peaceful. The Romans let us conduct our affairs with little interruption, but they do when things don't go as they please, such as when certain clans attack other clans in their pocket. We were a powerful tribe before, but the wars took much of our power and playing by the rules have been hard. Agrobrigos partook in a raid deep into Roman territory with the Cantabrii and Asturii but, the raid failed and they were captured. His Clan's status allowed him to simply be taken as a hostage and he learned some of the Roman ways. After a few years, he realized that if he served in the army, he could gain land and send it home. This would give how clan the power it needed to become a dominant power, and possibly, free.

Class: Equites

Location: Front

Health: 10/10

Gear: Equites – Calvary troops, though not as useful when the actual siege is occurring, they will be useful for harrying supply trains and siege constructions.

[Lorica segmentata] - 10 to attacks against you

[Parma equestris] - 5 to all attacks against you

[Spatha] + 10 to melee attacks, + 5 in CCQ

[British Longbow and Quiver]

[Horse] – A mount which you must take care of, and if food runs out will most likely become food.

Inventory: [Clan Fetish] - A gift from your father, bearing the sigil of the clan and enchanted by the clan shaman. The Old Gods blessing's are with so long as it is close to your chest. + 5 to combat actions and 1 (read 1) saving roll for death per enemy champion you kill, you start with one.

[Troll Cock Stew and Tendies Recipe] - Requires 1 set of troll genitals, restores 2 health per serving.

Skill: ([Basic Cavalry Training]: + 5 to aPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

43f557 No.44487

Is this game ded?

3a080f No.44498

File: 6c50a6742cf8f15⋯.jpg (39.07 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 1458883123388.jpg)

File: a36644b10f70b67⋯.jpg (167.15 KB, 1260x787, 1260:787, download (1).jpg)

File: 0d7851c2a2e99f6⋯.png (1.28 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Plane builder map.png)

afdf2b No.44312[Reply]

For so long you have looked beyond what you have known to see what was possible. You have brought the primal forces to heel and forged weapons and tools to claim your kingdom. As kingdoms rose and fell you stood strong. Finally the world bows to your whims, but one world is never enough. The wizards speak of a multiverse, planes similar and yet so different from the one you now rule, so close and yet so far. At least, that was how it once was. You have taken the first step, a planar bridge has been made and finally you may stop upon new worlds and claim them as your own. Send your armies into the shifting wastes, let your armada claim the endless oceans, fight dragons for control of the skies, but know you are not alone.

Before you post fluff roll on the tables provided in the rules pastebin and post where you want your plane on the map. After that fill out the sheet below.

Rules and charts: https://pastebin.com/CCQKQBUj




Plane Name:

Plane Fluff:


—-Don't fill in———-


(Name here) [Home Plane] Infrastructure: 3,3,3,3

Buildings: (Player named portal building)(M)[Required to get off the plane]

Happiness: 3

Special resources:

Armies: 2 (Player named) +0 [Fodder]



Resources: 10 +3/turn

Special Resources:

Technology/Magic: Primative Planar portals


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460fec No.44484

Dice rollRolled 17, 12, 71, 2, 6, 45, 78, 89, 92, 83 = 495 (10d100)


Plane stuff

460fec No.44485

Dice rollRolled 4 (1d6)


direction actually

1fe66c No.44486

Dice rollRolled 77, 35, 42, 99 = 253 (4d100)

Name: The Illuminati

Fluff: https://pastebin.com/maPwCQVk

Color: Neon Green

—-Don't fill in———-


Xim [Home Plane] Infrastructure: 3,3,3,3

Buildings: The Hunting Path(M)[Required to get off the plane]

Happiness: 3

Special resources: +1 gold tree fruit/turn

Armies: 2 Infiltrated Cattle Scouts +0 [Fodder]


Control: 5/13

Resources: 10 +3/turn

Special Resources: +1 gold tree fruit/turn

Technology/Magic: Primative Planar portals, Beast Shape (Monster Shape, Humanoid Shape, Undead Shape)

Bonus: Sheeple - You have spent centuries infiltrating and manipulating societies to your advantage. You get a +1 to stealth, spy, and assassin rolls. As well if you fail a spy roll to the point that you are discovered but not caught you may reroll the spy check to make the enemy believe the spy or assassin was from another nation.

1. While the lesser species deal with the acts of contact we must ready ourselves to properly explore the other side of the portal and begin training some proper scouts to observe what's on the other side (Training Stealth units)

2. Have some of the engineers of the Asgardi begin constructing some extra mobile weapons platforms to occupy space on the other side of the portal and make sure some of our men are in charge of the units mobilization so we can compare our planes weapons to the dangers of another

3. The wizards of the Eternal Kings spend their time researching methods to control populations under the reasoning of what or whoever is on the other side of the portal needs to be either an ally or a tool against the Asgardi to prevent Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

460fec No.44495

Dice rollRolled 1 (1d6)



460fec No.44496

Dice rollRolled 89, 37, 10, 33, 92, 58, 3, 90, 58, 44 = 514 (10d100)


File: 669c6dd56f391dd⋯.png (30.29 KB, 813x813, 1:1, Base map.png)

e62786 No.43734[Reply]

Shattered earth NationBuilder

The year 2018 The earth collided with a magical singularity. Shattering the earth and settling in its core, enveloping the remains in a magical field. Now the earth consists of shattered landmasses floating around in the air. Occasionally crashing into eachother, connecting the landmasses or destroying them. Sometimes the islands also fall down into the hungering void below, never to be heard from again.

Each round there is a chance for a completely random landmass to fall down, taking everyone on it down with it 2 turns later.

Entire areas have had their people mutated into new races with magical traits and abilities. However for some any technology more advanced than a simple steam engine fails when they try to use them. Other areas have been spared the magic and can still use technology. Though they have still suffered greatly and their technological level has been greatly reduced.

The magical energies people have learned to harness have been mostly Elemental, Spatial and mutagenic. In that order.

It has now been 50 years since the event. Societies have stabilized a bit and new knowledge has been amassed. Now also islands have started to fall and there is impetus to save yourselves. Migration, conquest and prejudice is all around. Who will reign supreme and who will fall?

The larger the island the better the bonuses you can get from searching them or making projects on them, but the smaller the easier to defend. The largest islands even give an extra dice.

you each turn roll 4d100 for actions.

To make a nation you fill in the following and roll 1d100 to decide your starting island.

Nation stats:

Fill in:

Nation namPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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752231 No.44475

Dice rollRolled 96, 65, 74, 43, 94 = 372 (5d100)


replacing action 6-10 with:

Through turning conquered people or absorbing their blood, the blood court improves their ability to assimilate knowledge from conquered foes.

752231 No.44476


+10 from islands

368bf3 No.44477

Dice rollRolled 39, 67, 83, 30, 22 = 241 (5d100)


>Nation stats:

>Fill in:

>Nation name: The Ones of Equality

>Race name: Equal Ones or Changelings to some

>Racial traits: They look almost the same with some being more feminine or masculine, They came in a shade of different colors and different forms that they can change but they feel discomfortable when changing into something that they don't feel comfortable in long periods of time for it hurts them for so much they revert back to their own original form that they feel comfortable in, Humanoid but with no other visible gender characteristics for reproduction but however they can clone themselves instead in a what described as a blooming crystal that bursts out of them or a fungal like burst of many others if they ate enough when they die. There are some that have been reduced to animalistic and feral behavior. The changelings are well known for their ravenous hunger so they can fuel their change into other forms easily.

>Color:Baby blue

>Fluff:They are altered humans that have descended from their various pantheons. But the main deity, that they revere above all is Equality for they believe that their ancestors toiled hard for their their main deity so much that they changed themselves and others to look exactly like themselves or other races (some of which they believe are multiple humans in different shades). However the time of the change is forgotten and more or less there's different interpretations with the same thing occurring; Humans changing into gender-less formless forms, mutating into strange animalistic beings, or fusing with numerous racial forms from their ancestors. As such they are willing to spread their deity's devotion to all that can hear and hope to bring them the same miracle as the time of the change.

>Do not fill:

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

a85530 No.44480

File: 07a65b9f82dae2c⋯.jpg (80.24 KB, 400x600, 2:3, Urist.jpg)

Dice rollRolled 1, 33, 65, 74 = 173 (4d100)


Nation name:Kodshoveth Zustashosruthosh or in non dorf speak "Blotmystery the Ancient Certain Distance:

Nation name:Kodshoveth Zustashosruthosh or in non dorf speak "Blotmystery the Ancient Certain Distance:

Race name:Dwarves

Racial traits:Dwarves (singular, Dwarf) are "intelligent", alcohol-dependent, humanoid creatures They are well known for their stout physique and prominent beards (on the males), which begin to grow from birth; dwarves are stronger, shorter, stockier, and hairier than the average human, they are naturally gifted miners, metalsmiths, and stone crafters, and value the acquisition of wealth and rare metals above all else.

Well-trained dwarves are a menace in combat; they are one of the only races that can enter a martial trance when beset by multiple foes, granting them a major combat bonus, and their emphasis on mining and metalworking ensures access to the best arms and armor. They are incapable, however, of riding mounts, and will always fight on foot.

They are well known to be incapable of doing anything if they aren't drunk, speaking of which without being inebriated they become less intelligent and tend to get angry and go on murderous rampages.

They also seem to be incapable of casting magic, they just can't do it, as a sidenote magic seems to be unable to affect them because of their magiclessnes, so instead they rely on their technology and tools among all else.

Color:Obsidian Purple

fluff:Kodshoveth Zustashosruthosh is a large fortress of dwarves inhabited by almost all the race led by their king "Urist Mc Battleblood" all dwarves regardless of gender are typically named Urist Mc Something

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

49e3e0 No.44482

File: 470a1de3dcc8fa4⋯.gif (378.35 KB, 550x600, 11:12, 1462514008034.gif)

File: a917e07887abf4a⋯.jpg (80.95 KB, 1024x441, 1024:441, Blackwater Prison.jpg)

cd7681 No.44433[Reply]

Black water prison, located deep in the heart of Waterdeep. Some call it a stain on the cities image, others say it's a necessity. It's a maximum security prison dedicated to housing the worst of the worst and those unfortunate innocents wrongfully convicted. Most who obtain a sentence to it are never seen again, nor do they ever see the outside world again.

The prison itself is a fully functioning society completely separate from waterdeep and despite the occasional riot or the incredibly rare escape attempt manages to function smoothly.

Welcome to Black Water, your new home after your "Fair and just" trial, whether you did it or not doesn't matter because now your new life is here behind the cruel unforgiving bars of Black Water.

But who exactly are you?





Roll two d100 and check the rollchart for relevant info https://pastebin.com/uSdeu4iV






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5d4bf9 No.44439

Dice rollRolled 96, 8, 64 = 168 (3d100)


acb167 No.44440

Dice rollRolled 76, 40, 41 = 157 (3d100)


a74128 No.44442

Dice rollRolled 28, 84 = 112 (2d100)


42c02a No.44466

Dice rollRolled 9, 61, 87 = 157 (3d100)


42c02a No.44467

Name: Bazrabones

Age: Who knows


Even for a Goblin Bazrabones is deranged. Wearing the bones of his own family as a reminder of his own insanity Bazrabones is always looking to make new friends, who somehow keep ending up bleeding out in some gutter.

Most other Goblins avoid Bazrabones so the victims he seeks are newcomers of other races, coming to Black Water thinking they are tough they often end up dead quicker than anyone could predict.

Whenever he isn't putting on the front of a loyal servant or ally Bazrabones can be found skulking through dark alleyways, whispering of his visions and foresights, of muskets and automatons.


Race: Goblin

Crime/Class: Murderer +10 to combat



File: d25002549d6591f⋯.png (3.03 MB, 1620x1080, 3:2, Apoc Academy.png)

643821 No.44106[Reply]

It's been six years since the destruction of the Central-Euro Apocalypse Academy, and the world now sits in greater ruin and disarray than ever before. Within a few months after the academy's fall at the hands of the Artificial Angel, 'Colin,' subsequent angel attacks began to occur at an accelerated rate. Shortly after these attacks, bishop invasion rates proceeded to skyrocket across central Africa. Even with the improvement of anomaly detection equipment, the numbers proved too great to be handled and what little remained of Africa's infrastructure quickly collapsed in its entirety. In this newly barren African wasteland, large numbers of witches began to produce their lairs in a massive chain now referred to as 'The Nest'. The only threat to lessen in this time has been the daemonic incursion, which sits at a standstill as their infantry struggles to find proper foothold among much larger threats to humanity.

Today in the year of 2046, mankind's territories continue to shrink rapidly as it is made abundantly clear that despite its best efforts, humanity remains in decline. With limited resources and shrinking support from the public, several Apocalypse Academies have already proven unable to stay operational. Despite this, many of the brave souls occupying these spaces have been enlisted to assist in running a newly recreated Central European Academy and surrounding city built upon the former site of the old academy. This new facility now houses some of humanity's brightest and most talented in the hopes of training and properly equipping those humanity believes will be its salvation.

You are a first year student recruited to the academy's cause, enlisted to make use of your powers and to ensure mankind's future. You and your fellow students are the last line of defense in a dying world. Good luck.


To be filled in by the player:


Gender: (Welcome to the world of pokemon. Are you a boy or a girl?)




Archetype: (choose 1 from below)

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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5f2292 No.44215

File: 093566b18db0aef⋯.jpg (14.46 KB, 236x337, 236:337, Eddie Hetfield.jpg)

Name: Eddie Hetfield

Gender: Male



Fluff: Eddie was born the son of a famed scientist of some renown in Jolly ol' england, he was raised to be posh and proper and take up his dads footsteps, that changed quickly as soon as he hit 13, despite being a technical genius much like his father he had no desire to become a scientist and work in a lab, no eddie considered himself a virtuoso from the first time he saw a guitar he couldn't keep his eyes off it, it was like a nice pair of tits for eddy, something about the strings and shape…no something about the sound just grabbed ahold of him and wouldn't let go, from the moment he saw his first guitar, he knew it was destiny…and so he begged and pleaded with his father to purchase a guitar for him.

Eventually his father caved and shelled out an absurd amount of money for a top of the line electric guitar, that is when Eddies true passion and talent began to take flight, Eddie…was unlike anything anyone had ever heard with a guitar his skill was damn near unrivaled, as if he had been born not to be a scientist, but to play the guitar.

But merely playing the guitar didn't satisfy Eddies desires, no he wanted to use his guitar as a force of good, all the news about the less fortunate countries and cities struck a chord with eddie and with most of the apocalypse academies shutting down it looked like there was little hope for the world, thats when it hit him.

Eddie had the brilliant idea to turn his Guitar into an actual functioning weapon, he had seen his dads research, he knew where he kept the key to the lab, but this would take time the plans he had were grand this wasn't something that could be done in a month, and so it was that eddie began the process of slaving away at his magnum opus, for 6 years he slaved away at turning his guitar into a weapon. When it was finally complete though, his idea fell flat….it just simply didn't work…he played and played but nothing happened, so Eddie took out his frustration the only way he knew how, by playing his guitar.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

29a1c2 No.44272

Name: Sigmund Erlach

Gender: Male

Race: German


Fluff: In this day and age, most people fight to live. Sigmund, however, lives to fight. Ever since he was handed a gun at age 6 he's been honing his skills, preparing to fight the good fight. He was expelled from school for constantly fighting the other boys. The ever increasing threat to mankind was a dream come true for him, and he rushed to the academy to get his hands dirty. Despite his aggressive attitude, he is also a capable leader when he needs to be. Regardless, it is evident Sigmund will fight until he dies.

Archetype: Badass normal

to be filled in by GM:

Status: [Health: 10] [Ego: 10] [Edge: 10]



Equipment & Things: [Personal Quarters - Spartan]


c47100 No.44281

File: bcfa13f0c6a5c06⋯.jpg (38.65 KB, 424x600, 53:75, RMoJsf5rfBI.jpg)

Name: Großbürger Walter Berenberg, Prinz von Hamburg

Gender: Boy

Race: Caucasian

Age: 16

Fluff: Walter Berenger, Grand Burgher, and Prince of Hamburg. He has many other titles, quite a long list and not worth actually spending the time to mention in his opinion. In ancient times, the title of Grand Burgher was a special position, neither part of the German nobility nor aristocracy but above that, acting as a supreme Magnate over the kingdom states and subordinate only to the Emperor. The duties were akin to a Seneschal, and would provide to the Emperor all his magics and industry to help him run the affairs of state. Many of the Grand Burghers were legended for their ability as conjurers, some summoned up mountains of gold to fund the Kingdom in times of bankruptcy, others summoned mountains of Iron and Weapons to arm the soldiers of the Emperor, the greatest and most powerful even conjured up entire armies of men to fight for the Kingdom.

Empires and Kingdoms come and go, but the nobility remains. Indeed even in the modern age, the Grand Burgher was still considered a useful individual, though instead of mountains of Iron it would be rivers of Oil, fleets of Tanks and planes, divisions and regiments. The last Grand Burgher who served in the 2nd World War was said to have defended a whole region by himself and his own conjured soldiers.

Walter Berenger was born son of Karl Berenger, the previous Grand Burgher and pretender to the Throne of Hamburg, thus inheriting both titles as well as all the minor ones his father kept with him. From a young age, and due to the dire situation of the world, such high hopes were placed upon him, wondering if he would live up to the names of his ancestors. At the age of 14, he was asked by a group of soldiers to conjure up some great miracle. Focusing his all his untrained magical powers he thought very hard and created. . .hamburgers. Sodas. Warm food and cold drinks. It wasn't the reinforcements they were hoping for, but in consolation, the soldiers still appreciated.

This was Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

77d4d9 No.44437


Status: [Health: 10(10)] [Ego: 10(15)] [Edge: 10(15)]

Powers/Enhancements: [Skilled Mecha Pilot]

Reputation: Obvious Loner.

Equipment & Things: [Personal Quarters - Spartan][1st Year Uniform][CCCP Issue Plug Suit]



-Academy is Vacation - You survived the Gulag and those bastards after it. Reduce all damage to your Health by 1 per turn. Reduce all damage to EGO and Edge by 2 per turn.

-Victory or Death - You've been conditioned to win, and to fail is the ultimate suffering. You may freely enter a berzerk state in or out of a mecha, greatly increasing your attack power against a single target. In this state, you'll fight to the death and refuse to yield an inch.

-Back in the USSR - These fools do not know how lucky they are. They'll never understand you, and you'll never trust them. How could you? They're here to hurt you! Noticeable penalty to social interactions.

-Not The First - Ever since your arrival at the academy, things have seemed… familiar. While at the academy, certain actions may cause severe deja-vu inflicting EGO or Edge damage.


Status: [Health: 10(10)] [Ego: 10(15)] [Edge: 10(15)]

Powers/Enhancements: [Magebomb][Enhancement Spell: Target Lock]

Reputation: Unknown

Equipment & Things: [Personal Quarters - Spartan][1st Year Uniform][CAD Mortar Tube]



-Zero Fucks - You are literally unable to give any fucks. At all. You take reduced Ego damage and gain 1 additional point of Edge whenever Edge is gained.

-Class 2 Techno-Mage - You’re classified as a Class 2 Mage, be prepared to be looked down upon by those in Class 1.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

77d4d9 No.44438


Status: [Health: 10(10)] [Ego: 10(15)] [Edge: 10(15)]

Powers/Enhancements: [Honk of the Clown Style][Concentrated HONKWAVE Energy Blast]

Reputation: Unknown

Equipment & Things: [Personal Quarters - Spartan][1st Year Uniform]



-Disaster Artist - As a clown, you are a master of pranks and trickery on and off the field. You gain additional Ego when ‘pranking’ others. When rolling to prank you may expend your Edge to boost your roll or gain additional Ego.


Status: [Health: 10(10)] [Ego: 10(15)] [Edge: 10(15)]

Powers/Enhancements: [Shapechanging][Organic Weapon Formation]

Reputation: Unknown

Equipment & Things: [Personal Quarters - Spartan][1st Year Uniform]



-Invariably Inhuman - You were built with purpose, but are lacking in humanity the other students have. You gain Ego and Edge at a lower rate but take reduced Ego and Edge damage.


Status: [Health: 10(10)] [Ego: 10(15)] [Edge: 10(15)]

Powers/Enhancements: [Energy Wave Absorption][Energy Wave Expulsion][Soul Gem - 15(20)]

Reputation: Unknown

Equipment & Things: [Personal Quarters - Spartan][1st Year Uniform]



-Need For Release - You’re really good at holding everything in and letting out some at a time. You may release all presently absorbed energy at once to double the output power.

-Doom of Magical Boys - All MaPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: c597be13aaf183e⋯.png (436.73 KB, 3675x2350, 147:94, hero_builder_map.png)

eada8a No.38078[Reply]

The end times are upon the United States of America, and soon upon the whole world. The country's greatest heroes and villains have fallen against an ironclad evil– a legion of robotic, laser-toting skeletons led by the insidious Skeleton Prime. Much of the country has fallen into its grip– few capable of standing up to this horrid foe still remain.

That is where YOU come in. You are a superhero, a supervillain, a super-whatever– and because of your pitiful, overlooked, D-List status, you were not targeted by the Skeleton forces nor asked to fly into battle against them. And so you have survived.

Now, with the League of Righteousness dead and most of D.O.O.M slain or AWOL, it is YOUR time to rise up, defeat the Cyber Skeleton Legions, and claim that sweet, sweet superhuman street cred for your own.


Name: The name the superhuman community and the news know you by. Secret identity optional.

Age: Approximate, as needed.

Origin Story: How YOU became a superhuman/alien/dog, and the basis for your superpowers and super-equipment.

Blood Type: Fill this out.

Signature Color: Pick a color. One that I can actually access in MSPaint. You may want to wait until the map-wipe for this.

Domain: Doctor Doom has Latveria, Batman has Gotham. You have your own domain, represented by your Signature Color. The bigger your domain, the more resources you can draw upon, but the harder it is to defend.

Superpowers: Determined by Fluff/Origin Story.

Equipment: Determined by Fluff.

Followers: Determined by Fluff.

Renown: Starts at D-List

PREVIOUS 4CHAN THREAD AND OTHER THREADS HERE: Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

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fe2ea0 No.44105

Dice rollRolled 37, 24, 2 = 63 (3d100)


Name: Mr. President

Age: 1 year

Origin Story: Mr. President is a cat that was used in the animal testing phase of the the Mastermind's super power creation program. Mr President was actually the first animal subject to survive the procedure although developed no noticeable powers at the time. What the researchers did not know was that Mr. President did develop powers, the power to biologically adapt and alter it's genetic makeup to the current situation. He used this power to survive the parts of the experiment that were killing other animal subjects. Now with the lab partially destroyed and him free Mr. President does cat things.

Blood Type: A

Signature Color: Brown (again)

Domain: Wherever in Mastermind's territory the super experiment lab was.

Superpowers: A-list Cat Allergies, C-List Adaptation, D-List Power Absorption, C-List Cat Combat [B at 9/15], D-List Purregenration

Equipment: [Collar] [Sunning Spot] [Strange Crystalline "Toy"] [Strange Coyote Corpse] 3 [Strange Glowing Cybernetics]


Renown: Starts at D-List

Weakness: [Cat] - You are a cat. A super-powered cat with a certain level of uncanny cunning, but… a cat nonetheless. You are unable to take many actions such as diplomatic endeavors, gaining followers, and anything involving opposable thumbs.

Health: OK

1-3. Go see where that leads.

88a9b0 No.44266

Dice rollRolled 21, 23, 19 = 63 (3d100)

Name: Old Hickory

Age: 250

Origin Story: Andrew Jackson - 7th president of the United States and definitely the most badass one. His name "Old Hickory" comes from his nickname that he got back in the 19th century because he was "better at cracking skulls than a giant baseball bat made out of old hickory with a couple of nails in it". Of course, he died a long time ago, but all the spooky shit happening around roused his ghost. Now he has new spooky ghost powers along with his superpowers he had in life (can take a million bullets and will absolutely annihilate you in a duel) and is now ready to kick these fucking skeletons' asses like he kicked the Brits' asses in the War of 1812.

Supplemental information: http://www.badassoftheweek.com/jackson.html

Blood Type: D for Democracy

Signature Color: Freedom Blue

Domain: Somewhere in the unclaimed area in Virginia

Superpowers: [B-List Cane Combat], [C-List Invisibility], [Ghost Invulnerability], [D-List Dueling], [D-List Wraithgrasp], [D-List Ecto-Regeneration]

Equipment: [Relic Hickory Cane], [Relic Dueling Pistol], [Relic Coat], [Relic Macaroni Hat]

Buildings: [Ghostly Mansion]

Weakness: [Who Ya Gonna Call?] - The irascible, injun-hating wraith of Andrew Jackson has risen from his rest in the Ghost White House to give Skeleton Prime a thorough drubbing. As a Ghost, you are more or less immune to any conventional attack, though such things will disrupt your form. You are vulnerable to holy powers and sorcery. You spook anyone who isn't PATRIOTIC half to death and you can only "use" items that exist on the Other Side, which are known as 'relics.'

Followers: 5 ghostly cowboys, 5 ghostly revolutionaries, 10 ghostly patriots, 10 ghostly neckbeards, Grover Cleveland (B-List Shooting), James Monroe, Richard Nixon

Renown: Starts at D-List

Current Status: Healthy as a ghost can get

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

e9d0eb No.44339

Name: Lord Vladimire

Age: 60

Origin Story: born to magically gifted parents who immigrated to texas from britain, he was taught the ways of magic, but his father abused both himself and his mother, leaving him with deep scars in childhood. he looked into black magic at an early age in secret, further festering the growing evil in his heart. when his father killed his mother by beating her, furious he killed his own father with his a forbidden spell, the death thunderbolt, which drains the life out of whoever it strikes.

from that day on he would grow to become one of the most notorious figures in magical society, taking the name Vladimire, and gathering an army of cultists and amassing in yet more dark magic. his trademark use of electromagic combined with black magic earned him the title of the "Lighting-DeathLord"

Vladimire is one of the few surviving members D.O.O.M. He was also notorious as being absent, missing very many meetings of D.O.O.M as he had been devoted much of his time trying to hunt down Waldough Whaters, the only person to ever escape him, and prophesied to be the Chosen One who will defeat him. this saved his life, as he was not there to be destroyed with the rest of D.O.O.M., but he also lost most of his followers to the skeleton attack.

he has returned to gather his strength again, and vows that no skeleton will get in the way of him finding and killing "the Child who Hid."

Blood Type: None

Signature Color: Lavender

Domain: somewhere in Texas

Superpowers: [A-List Super Sorcery], [A-List Electricity Control], [C-List Electricity Resistance][B-List Void Magic]

Structures: Ley Node, [V.U. Mobility], [Brineborn Nest] [Empowered Scrying Tower]

Equipment: [Dark Lord's Cloak], [Dark Lord's Wand], [7 Magical Batteries][Scuba Gear][Harpoon Gun][Brineborn Allies] [Nice Yacht][Small Boat Squadron][EVIL Wax][Strange Mermaid Trident][1 Jazzbarge Wreckage][5 Skeleton Scrap][Rot Siren P.R. Float][Pile of Stolen Wands].

Followers:[5 Elite Death Beaters][12 Death Beaters][4 Novice Death Beaters][Wendigo Tribe][Brineborn Allies][5 Rot Sirens][The Bokor][Beau LaCroix][6 Moroi Vampires][Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

e9d0eb No.44340

File: 13e649229936299⋯.jpg (287.67 KB, 1065x1600, 213:320, 100_7968.JPG)

File: c04d0692bd6900a⋯.jpg (272.16 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1401829629105.jpg)

Dice rollRolled 55, 95, 96 = 246 (3d100)


#1 the Order of the Manticore is dead. the last group of non-dark wizards capable of opposing me has scarified itself in vain, Whaters is planning on betraying all of wizards to a monster who would turn all of us into lifeless bones of steel. the remaining civilian wizards in hiding now have to make a choice, follow me as the sole power in the Wizarding World, or let Prime kill them all. send word by owl, into every crystal ball and every magic phone. instill the will of the Dark Lord onto the remaining Wizards in existence.

#2 with the Order out of the Way, Vladimire's castle heads east, with an old debt to pay. Porkblister University lay at the heart of the muggle amusement park, disguised in plain sight. for decades its wizards, students, and staff opposed him. now no one was left to defend it. its resources, artifacts, and perhaps even the smaller children unfit for combat would do well in his service, to be raised as the future generation of dark wizards. the magical academies were traditionally the great sanctuaries during times of crisis for wizarding kind. he would take the school, and make it his, and raid its stockpiles and hidden vaults. he himself is familiar with its deepest, darkest places having been a student there long ago.

#3 the Order of the Manticore Zombies were former wizards, many of high caliber and esteem. they were much better used than mere fodder for the fray. the Dark Lord calls upon his acolytes as they begin a ritual to turn them from Zombies into Shadow Wraiths, ethereal beings more of darkness than rotten flesh, whose powers in life now served them in undeath, launching bolts and missiles of dark magic at enemies. Wraiths could not be put down by axe, sword, or bullet which pass through them harmlessly, only by magic. and he and his followers were now the masters of all magic in the US.

f4dfad No.44432

File: 39b6768fd27ed90⋯.jpg (42.68 KB, 200x150, 4:3, medium.jpg)

File: be4ee2dcfb29320⋯.jpg (125.14 KB, 970x647, 970:647, download.jpg)

Dice rollRolled 24, 100, 18 = 142 (3d100)


>Name: The Mastermind

>Age: At least 100


>>Blood Type: AB+

>>Signature Color: Dark Red

>>Domain: New Mexico

>>Superpowers: [Super Intellect], [D-List Device Invention] [Awesome Scar] [B-List Entropy] [B-List Sonic Blast (Rock-N-Roll)][B-List Super Singing]

1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kw-_Ew5bVxs

Time passes by, and eventually, the MASTERMIND personally attends the first graduates and professors of the new DOOMIVERSITY. The first working, functioning college system since the Prime's invasion.

To the cheering throng he appears behind a window of thick bulletproof glass, speaking to them face to bullet proof glassed protected face.




File: 1426970099532.jpg (118.19 KB, 504x360, 7:5, Mappity map map.jpg)

91855c No.905[Reply]

Sup dawg? This here's gang builder. You should see a shoddy map of our fair city, New Jessica. What you're looking at is what'll soon be yours.

All gangs start with one province. Green provinces (Rural) are easier to hide your homies in, but provide less dosh. Grey provinces (Urban) provide tons of dosh, but the feds have a few police stations around that'll mess your shit up.

Blue squares are in a practical police state. Usually due to riots, gang warfare, terrorist strikes, the deal.

The river going down the center of the town is how the people keep eating, dig? It's how the Bugbears get their meat, the Elves their 'exotic spices', the dwarves their metal… Owning a province bordering it'll bring in extra money, but the feds are keeping their eyes on those places.

Now, about you and your gang…

Gang Name:
Primary Species:

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
30 posts and 10 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

91855c No.1145

Dice rollRolled 52, 37 = 89 (2d100)

Leader: SkyMother Demvila Centano
Gang Name: Sky Lords
Primary Species: Birdmen of all types
Fluff: The Sky Lords are one of the more…exclusive clans. They stick together, due to them all being Birdmen, and dont like any of them Grounders sticking around their parts. The SkyMother Demvilla is very loving and sweet to her gang…in a harsh mother kind of way. Give her what she wants your good, fail her and your not. Simple as that. The Sky Lords have few moral concerns, guys kill, girls Kill, everyone stays within the clan, and respect the Sky Mother, who rules everyone. Follow those rules and no harm will come to ya, dont…and they will see how well you fare falling from the highest building without wings. Most of the Birdmen races, even the grounded ones who are held as equals despite not being "true" birds, have at least 50% of their race in the gang, due to it being a large protective society with little care for anyone outside of the clan. The police hate them though, for they have commited some very notorious acts of narcotics dealing, murder, and arson. As such they are…less than welcome in urban areas to say the least, but when half of an entire racial group is part of a gang of flying, agile extremist its kinda hard to find them to say the least.

Gang Manpower: Low
Gang Heat: Nonexistent
Gang Strengths: [Spitfire] Who the fuck needs bridges? You're able to cross the river at any point. Just don't fly over police stations.
Gang Weaknesses: [Soarin'] You're a bit easy to spot when you fly, like some kind of aerial show. The popo'll be more active in places you've been seen flying over.
Leader Bonus: [Wonderbolt] Your flying skills are unmatched. Rumours abound that you could even outfly a military aircraft…

1) The mother has been hearing alot about the cops, how they shot down a few of her birds not too long ago. Well she aint too happy about some walkers killin her sons and daughters. She wants some men to fly to the nearby police station, fuck them up fast and furious, take their gear inside, and hurry back home. That will make them remember who the fuck rules around here.

2) Low members? Mother doesnt like the sound of that. Where are all her sons and daughters she ask. Well she politely asked us and a few grounders(after breaking their legs)until she fouPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

91855c No.1147

Dice rollRolled 6 (1d100)



You… want to… raid the COPS?

That's, uh…

That's real ballsy.

91855c No.1148

One hour, two news crews arriving far too late and a single broken femur later, you have a bag full of the GOOOOOOD stuff.

Military grade rifles, at least 8 different shotguns with assorted ammunition, and, get this…

A 6 barrel fucking GRENADE LAUNCHER.

Of course, the cops are pretty damn pissed.

[Gang Heat: SUPER HOT FIRE (They Spit That!)]

As for population? Yeah, you recruit a few new birds.

Gang Manpower: Low-Medium

91855c No.1149

Dice rollRolled 59, 34 = 93 (2d100)

(Leader: SkyMother Demvila Centano
Gang Name: Sky Lords
Primary Species: Birdmen of all types
Fluff: The Sky Lords are one of the more…exclusive clans. They stick together, due to them all being Birdmen, and dont like any of them Grounders sticking around their parts. The SkyMother Demvilla is very loving and sweet to her gang…in a harsh mother kind of way. Give her what she wants your good, fail her and your not. Simple as that. The Sky Lords have few moral concerns, guys kill, girls Kill, everyone stays within the clan, and respect the Sky Mother, who rules everyone. Follow those rules and no harm will come to ya, dont…and they will see how well you fare falling from the highest building without wings. Most of the Birdmen races, even the grounded ones who are held as equals despite not being "true" birds, have at least 50% of their race in the gang, due to it being a large protective society with little care for anyone outside of the clan. The police hate them though, for they have commited some very notorious acts of narcotics dealing, murder, and arson. As such they are…less than welcome in urban areas to say the least, but when half of an entire racial group is part of a gang of flying, agile extremist its kinda hard to find them to say the least.

Gang Manpower:
Gang Heat:
Gang Strengths:
Gang Weaknesses:
Leader Bonus:

▶Shambling Mound!bnmIAAtuWI  03/30/15 (Mon) 20:04:11 No.1142
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

000000 No.44310


File: f5cb6f943e0e3f3⋯.jpg (108.54 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Art Deco.jpg)

cec6cf No.34885[Reply]

The year is 520 A.C. and the place is unlike any other: Parties rage across the roof tops, technology continues to climb, and the city grows, as it dominates the entire world, thanks to the advanced military might of the once city-state. This city, of course, is the illustrious and vibrant New Moirai, heart of the whole world. It is in this city's streets and neighborhoods, that humanity has built itself a throne, worthy of all the splendor of mankind, and reflecting of our own greatness. Indeed, many consider New Moirai to be a testament to mankind, and in turn, those who say so could not be closer to the truth. For while the city of New Moirai does exemplify the heights of what humans can achieve, it does just as well to show to darkness that lurks within us.

Between the extravagant parties, and beneath the research labs of the worlds finest minds, lay the petty squabbles of power among those who dare reach for it. Gang wars run wild through the streets, as the rich party themselves to a slow, hedonistic death behind the finest guards that their never ending money can afford. Meanwhile, the poor eek out rough, violent, and mostly short, lives as they fight. And it can only get worse from there, as the city continues in what seems to be a inescapable downward spiral. Separated into four distinct districts, New Moirai city was once considered a paradise, but that is now clearly not the case. Never the less, the four districts are as following:

>Core District

The beating heart of the city, and home of only the most highest profile individuals, it is here that poverty is a non-factor. Indeed, it is rumored that only in the core, has no one ever gone to sleep hungry. Whether or not this rumor is true is uncertain, but it cannot be denied that the Core is the wealthiest of the five districts. It is here, amongst the Golden Spires and heaven scratching Skyscrapers, that the mortal gods of the city play, hosting unimaginable parties and, to their amusement, engaging in whatever entertainments that they wish. Although now steeped throughly in decadence and hedonist tendencies, it remains the base of the City Council, and the Core District Guards, the most powerful, and ruthless of the citie's protectors.

>Maritime District

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
267 posts and 113 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

ce4d5f No.44173

File: af3d9e93d951aac⋯.jpg (11.48 KB, 236x410, 118:205, ebb602a3bcf8d6b494d3a6a4c1….jpg)

File: f938e382e663e5d⋯.png (111.37 KB, 510x500, 51:50, LogoClanGiovanni.png)

Name: Anziani Giovanni

Faction Name: Giovanni Clan

Fluff: Charming but ruthless and cunning Anziani leads the small band of vampires, most like the last remains of the mighty giovanni clan. With the mafia critically weakened, he moves to fill the void of procuring all kinds of vices and services for the denizens of the core district. His charm and vampiric beguilement surely helping him dealing with the upper class.

Faction Fluff: The remains of the giovanni clan only remember bits and pieces from before new morai. Their clan decimated, their patriarch put to the true death, they were captured and put to sleep in sarcophagion board of prisonships. Washed into the city by the scourge their sarcophagi remained sealed and undamaged until someone foolish enough managed to open the one containing Anziani. While finding the rest of this brethren, a slow and ardous search, as they seem to be scattered amongst the districts, Anziani managed to take over a (relatively) fancy nightclub, the current base of operations of the giovanni clan.


Leader & Heroes: Important Individuals

Henchmen: Your followers

Inventory: What items and resources you possess

Skills: What abilities you possess

Bonus: Determined by fluff

Connections: Relations to other factions in the city

– Other things may be added as necessary –

613214 No.44175

c5732e No.44177


>Name: Jack

>Faction Name: Akumetsu

>Fluff: Jack once hunted the streets in the name of justice, killing any wrongdoer that might cross his path. That was until he killed the son of an important gang boss, as they started hunting him they started piecing his identity together, The hunt eventually caught up with his friends and family. Stricken with madness and rage he wandered the streets for days on end evading capture, until he stumbled into an abandoned cloning facilty. Spending several days making clones, They all came out eventually with nothing but rage against the world in hand.

>Faction Fluff: Made of clones of Jack, Nothing worth mentionting aside from the fact that the clones maintain the cloning facillity


>Leader & Heroes: Jack[2]

>Henchmen: 2 Jacks[2]

>Inventory: Basic Cloning Machine(+1 "Jak"[.5])

1 Axe[+.1]

>Skills: Basic Cloning

Basic Justice

Advanced Purpose

>Bonus: Undying Justice: As long as your Gang lives, Jack will return in 2 turns after his death. However, if Jack dies, he will no longer be able to produce any new clones.

>Connections: Relations to other factions in the city

1a038f No.44178


Name: Kazuo Takami

Faction Name: Akatora-Gumi

Fluff: A poor immigrant from the east, Kazuo found himself lacking a job upon arriving in the Industrial District. Meeting with several fellow of his countrymen in this foreign land, they determined to make a living no matter the method. Forming a gang, these men honed their already remarkable fighting prowess, and set out into the world, ready to face anything.

Faction Fluff: Named to exemplify their ferocity, the Akatora-Gumi will stay loyal to their contractors, that is until the gold ceases to flow, of course. They will act as enforcers, guards, and have even been known to carry out assassinations. And to cross them means death, the authorities failed to recognize the corpse of the last man to make that mistake.


Leader & Heroes: Important Individuals

Henchmen: Your followers

Inventory: What items and resources you possess

Skills: What abilities you possess

Bonus: Determined by fluff

Connections: Relations to other factions in the city

– Other things may be added as necessary –

1bb4a3 No.44187

For all players, please post in this new thread so that I may know to update you.


File: 55e78bb1329e2ce⋯.png (25.78 KB, 2000x1000, 2:1, Map.png)

e2699d No.41164[Reply]

Humanity is in its infancy, having recently understood the concept of Agriculture three Civilizations have emerged as of now.

The Suba (Purple) are a loose congregation of Tribes inhabiting the forests on the Eastern Continent's Far North.

The Ibiz (Green), inhabit the warm, yet fertile Central Lands, massive rivers supplying an ever increasing population in an otherwise inhospitable landscape. They are ruled by a Monarch chosen by the Gods themselves.

The Arami (Red), live even further South, they know little about Agriculture, however they are first to have mastered the art of Fishing supplying the relatively small communities which span along the coast.

Though humanoid in form and size you are by no means Human. What runs through your veins can only be described as Immortal Blood. When you were fashioned by the Hands of Gods Unknown you were little more than an empty Vessel. An emptiness that was filled by the deafening whisper of a Single Word. It is your existence, your essence, the very thing you draw Power and Life from.

(The Word of Power functions basically as Bello's Charm builder did with the exception that are the Charm in Humanoid form. If you are unfamiliar, you get to choose one word, I will give you the choice between three different abilities out of which you can then choose one. You can gain additional abilities through the course of the game. Note that some may seem stronger than others, if you feel like you're being treated unfairly, cry to me about it and I'll figure something out.)

Fill out the first two (Also tell me where you want to start)


>Word of Power:



321 posts and 80 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

c9b53e No.43924

Dice rollRolled 53, 7, 25 = 85 (3d100)





>Robert, a young man of 18 years, was born and raised within his tribe. He has lived a simple life with his parents and friends. He has enjoyed good times as well as pushed through hard times.

>>Word of Power:



>+ [A Hero's Sacrifice]

>You are one of the if not the Greatest Warrior this world has ever seen. Humans are but lambs to the slaughter even if they go up against you in large numbers. You are tireless, strong and fast. Ilness and poison, as well as pointy metals and fires have only little affect on you. If in combat with another Character you may choose to give your own life in order to kill them as well, removing you both from the game. You may also use this ability to save someone's life instead.

>+ [Guardian Spirit]

>You gain the ability for your senses to part ways with your body through meditation, observing from above little remains hidden to your new found third eye.


>+ [Spear] (Heroic)

>+ [Carving] (Trained Natural)

>+ [Farming] (Amateur)

>+ [Hunting] (Prodigy)

>+[Archery] (Expertly Trained Prodigy)

>+ Architecture (Experienced Prodigy)

>+Unarmed Combat (Trained Prodigy)


>+ [Spear]

>+ [Shield of the Comet Tree]

>+ [Masterful Cloak]

>+ [Bow]

>+ [Quiver andPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

d24d76 No.43929


dubz czeched

046418 No.43930

Dice rollRolled 55, 92, 83 = 230 (3d100)


>Name: Greg

>Abilities: [Master of Logs]

You may cast your mark upon any log. Said log will be able to see, hear and speak, albeit only to you. You may choose to see, hear and speak through the log. Should you decide to speak a face will appear on the log's bark. There is no limitation of range on said logs once you have cast your mark upon them.


[Axe] (Prodigy)


Woodcutter's Axe


1. Show them what I can do with the logs, talk though one to show them the power of these logs.

2. Place the logs evenly around the edge of the village, so that I can hear around the

villages perimeter.

3. Ask around to find out about any legends or tales the village people believe in.

d24d76 No.44032

Dice rollRolled 31, 15, 12 = 58 (3d100)


>Name: Lucius Augustus Aurelius


[The Dutiful] (Western Ibizan Garrisons)

[Pigslayer] (Ibizan Military)

[Founder] (Ever-Vigilant)

[Lord of The Red Rock] Fighting-Ibizans

>Word of Power: Pietas


[Beacon of Sainthood] Allies close to you become overwhelmed with Duty and fight to the Death, they are filled with Holy Strength and Endurance an inspiring sight for their fellow soldiers. These effects grow weaker the further they are away from you. All friendly units within sight range receive a substantial morale boost if you are on the battlefield. Furthermore you gain the ability to deflect an otherwise lethal attack by a mortal on a friendly unit onto yourself, which will cause moderate harm to you. You may redirect an attack no matter its strength and origin onto yourself, negating any effect to surroundings and allies, this will however claim your own life, removing you from the game.

[Beacon of Fortitude] You and allies near you heal at an accelerated rate, as well as recover from fatigue more quickly.


[Swords](Experienced and Regularly Training)


[Leader of Men](Legendary)


[Bronze Sword];[Crude Leather Armor];[Wooden Shield];[Ibizan Standard Bearer];[Armor of the Red Rock](Masterfully Crafted Bronze Armor)


[The Red Rock](Two Ring Walls)(Extra Siege Supplies)

[8 Arami-Red Rock Biremes]

1-2; Make more fortifications to the Red Rock. Create traps around the fort and along the trails to harry the armies

3; Upgrade the Biremes to be capablPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

d24d76 No.44033


wtf God wants me to lose this game

File: 01363b2099e6d2e⋯.png (21.53 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, World map.png)

File: 2cf369393067d1c⋯.png (33.59 KB, 1484x558, 742:279, The Known World.png)

2e2913 No.43366[Reply]

You are one of the remaining peoples of this world. A world ruled by the creatures of the dark, you and your family eked out an existence here among the remnants of civilization. To the West, the splintered remains of the Kingdom of Faldrun, In the north a young dragon conquers the fringe state of feldun and stops trade from entering from the Western states by sea. In the South, the two princesses fight over who should inherit. To the East the Guardians, Worshipers of the River goddess Elanduin push back the encroaching decay in a large scale military campaign against. Far to the East the Three cities of Balros continue to decay, their Splendor a beacon in the darkness now a ruin beset on all sides by beasts.

Give me your Name and tell me about yourself: (The Towns and villages are frequently lost and liberated many having no name other than a few major cities, if you want to start somewhere specific please inform me.

Given Depending on your backstory:

Health Points:

Stamina: (lowers max with carry weight)




125 posts and 22 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

2e7678 No.43656


better hope that demonic constitution saves you from shitting yourself in your travels.

fdc1ec No.43657

Dice rollRolled 38, 65, 25, 25 = 153 (4d100)


>Name Malacai Thredar

Health Points: 3/3 [3]

Stamina:40/40 [40]

Mana: 10/10 [10]


+ Mana Burn (lvl 1): A technique developed in desperation, strengthening the strengthen the body while destroying it from within [Cost: X Mana] [For the next [Cost] rounds all stamina costs are negated and damage is increased] [increase x1.5] 3% XP

+Unarmed Strike (lvl 1): A strike with your fist [Cost: 10 Stamina] [Accuracy: 90] [ Damage: 1] 15% XP

+ Dodge (lvl 1) A side step or roll to avoid an attack [Cost: 10 Stamina] [Accuracy 65] [Avoids all damage]

+ Hand enchantment (lvl:1) – [Cost: X mana] [For the next [Cost] rounds all damage is increased] [increase x1.3]


Bone Knife [4/5]

Wolfs Pelt


1,2,3) Try to extend the enchantment to the rest of your skin, making you tougher.

4) Time to go hunt again.

42c4c8 No.43658


Is it not possible because you don't want to or because you think it's not? Nevermind, you are a dumb dumb who didn't see to read my character sheet so I don't you with me anyways now.

2e3aed No.43954

Dice rollRolled 77, 6, 92, 9 = 184 (4d100)


Health Points: 6/6 [6]

Stamina: 140/140 [140]

Mana: 4/4 [4]


+ Spark of FIre - an enchantment gifted by the dragon, a spell that empowers your strikes. [Augments an attack] [ Cost: 1 mana / 2 Durabilty] [Damage: +1] can cause burn dealing 1 damage per "round" for up to 3 rounds

+ Veil of Ice - an enchantment that slows the foes you've struck. [Augments an attack] [Cost: 1 mana / 1 durability] [Causes the creature to lose its remaining actions this round]


<Strong Body>: You muscled body and years of work have left you fitter than most > Baseline [HP: 6] [Stamina: 140]

<Mana Affinity>: You naturally draw power from the earth, a talent you no doubt were gifted by the dragon > Baseline: [Mana: 4]


Iron Longsword - [Gifts the blade and longsword abilities from the chart] [Durability: 40/40]


8 small coppers


Missed turn

The training never ends for Draco. He begins to train his enchantments once again. Eternal practice under the eyes the dragon.

1. Fire 17.4% 2.ice 1.6%

3. Helping the farmers is personally rewarding but maybe it is time to move on to greater things. I will say thanks for the jobs and the dragons blessings be upon them all may they forever prosper. (Say goodbye to the farmers in a polite manner. I am a representatPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

2e3aed No.43955

Dice rollRolled 70, 32, 29, 3 = 134 (4d100)



Current turn

The training never ends for Draco. He begins to train his enchantments once again. Eternal practice under the eyes the dragon.

1. Fire ??% 2.ice ??%

3. The journey is proving to be traitorous already and draco’s ignorance shows but he is learning. He attempts to purchase a skinning knife, a small tent, and flint so as to be able to setup his camp sights regularly and not die to simple things like the elements or hunger while journeying to the mountains.

4. He continues to move towards the mountains.

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