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File: 1423439536698.jpg (491.77 KB, 1500x865, 300:173, 1420151585981.jpg)

630783  No.3[Reply]

Welcome to /builders/! This board is for the creation and running of nation and hero builders. A builder is a game run by a single Gamemaster (GM), where various players design their own hero or nation (Hence, Hero or Nation builder), to participate in a setting of the GM's design. Rules past that very with each game. For your viewing pleasure, here is a community-made guide to running and playing builders. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1NZFX--5Hchy7wwVliYA8E8t5oNyec4zSC4yNStw4Oy0/edit?pli=1

As the board is now under new management, please review the following board rules:

1. No spamming.

2. No posting gore, animal abuse, bodily waste or other tasteless content.

3. Pornography is permitted ONLY in games that are labelled as explicit and adult-only. Please make sure that the TITLE of any such game thread reflects this. You are encouraged, but not necessarily required, to spoiler pornographic content within an explicit game thread.

4. No cheating. If you accidentally post twice or more, please delete the extra posts and KEEP the first one.

5. No salt, abuse or excessive banter in the threads. Memeing on a critfail/success or a particularly audacious action is fine, but don't go overboard with it; that's what the Discord is for.

6. For GMs: treat your players fairly. Do not play favorites.

Join the /builders/ community at:


Have fun, and be excellent to each other!

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File: 7361add4af340ba⋯.jpg (48.83 KB, 550x392, 275:196, gods of olympus.jpg)

474709  No.52298[Reply]

There is no time, there is no space, there is only one thing. There is the aetherial, the divine, the holy and unholy, the source, power. It is all and nothing, beginning and end, purposeless, chaotic. Where there is chaos there must be order and from the timeless beginning come the aspects of possibilities yet to be made; the gods. Great beings of power bound to aspects of possibility yet unmade. Their birth left a great void in the divine realm. A peaceful world of mortals? Shattered realms bound by threads of travel? A burning hellscape dedicated to a singular god? So many possibilites.


Please fill out:

Name -

Domains - 2 at start

Description/Picuture - Optional, but encouraged. Technically you can change your form however you please but this will be how you present yourself to worshipers. Worshipers may not always keep that depiction over time.

Power - 5

You will have 2 actions at d100 each. While you can never, technically, fail an action unless you are trying to use the domain of another without their permission your actions can have unintended results.

Relative good/bad results

100- Crit success (Every 20 over 100 is another +1

99-99- 3

60-89- 2

40-59- 1

20-39- 0

10-19- -1

2-9- -2

1 Crit fail


Domains are what you control as a god. This can rarely be expanded or changed in game, such as by killing a god, but it can only change one at a time. You gain either a +5, +10, or +15 bonus on actions related to your domain depending on how general/specific the domain is. This also counts if you use the domain in a metaphorical sense, such as a god of fire gifting a race burning passions. Using an unclaimed domain gets not bonus or penalty. Using a domain claimed by someone other than yourself, without their permission, will give your their Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

24 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

41e799  No.52334

Dice rollRolled 7, 37 = 44 (2d100)


Name - The Golden God

Domains - Nobility, Prosperity

Description/Picuture - An entity too bright to make out, sitting atop a golden throne

Power - 0

PPT - +1

1. His brother had crafted creatures of various attributes, able to weave the fabrics of reality. The Golden God too desired such a creature, however one that would be chained to his will. A massive golden snake, so large that under the right conditions it could be seen traversing the Sunmoon, diving through is molten gold surface. A vessel of incredible power and ability to guard the realm of the Golden God. Power -2 (Prosperity? Nobility for being a majestic creature?)

2. Finally the Golden God would craft 5 headgears in rememberance of himself and his four brothers. Whoever wore them would be imbued with extraordinary power. They would be the first Kings in this otherwise lawless society.

The first would be a crown, golden and bejeweled it would grant its wearer bountiful prosperity and success. Its bearers character would be noble and just.

The second would be a circlet, with a large gem shaped like an eye on its forehead. Its bearer would be blessed with wisdom, intellect and calm diligence.

The third would be a facemask resembling a skeleton, those who wore it would not be struck down by mere mortals, however paranoia and an unquenchable thirst for knowledge would come to them and rule their lives.

The fourth would be a two sided mask, one happy, the other sad. If put on with the happy side it would bring great joy and fulfillment to its bearer, however if worn with the sad side it would bring great emotional pain to its bearer howeverPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

ff036c  No.52335

Dice rollRolled 69, 29 = 98 (2d100)


Name - Akalantith

Domains - Death, Magic

Description/Picuture - A perpetually grinning skeleton. While Akalantith is fine with letting the dead shuffle off their mortal coil. He would greatly prefer to have them stay in the land of the living to the point where he has constructed grand challenges for many and few. Resulting in many undead wandering around the world trying to escape their cursed existence. It is common for the wealthy to spend a great fortune ensuring that their afterlife is secured in the event that they may catch his attention. On the other hand, he is also patron of mages of all sorts, offering a powerful way to manipulate the world that he seems so keen to keep people in. Perhaps this is why there is such a strong correlation between the dead and powerful supernatural abilities.

Power - 3/3t

1. It would seem that mortals are still having trouble grasping the possibilities of magic. Seeing as how dark much of the void is except for that golden glowing rock I shall open up direct portals in the void far away from the planets. I shall call these the stars and through them the energies of the planes may be made to manifest more readily. of course having them be still would be uninteresting, so they shall move and align with themselves in a grand pattern that will cover all potential alignments bringing forth combinations naturally that one would not think to immediately associate with one another. It shall also make the casting of specific magics when a mage's plane of devotion easier when it is in alignment of their world.

+5 spend 1 power

2. Another limitation I have noticed of mortals is that they cannot speak without air! Imagine that! Well language is rather conductive to the casting of spells so I shall aid them in this matter while also further spreading my influence. I will do this by bringing wind to the worlds and give it the ability to carry the tempest of energy that ePost too long. Click here to view the full text.

474709  No.52336


You bless your chosen with great psychic powers. They are the first to be able to communicate in the airless void. This also helps them avoid the now smart super predators. Worship of you increases. +1 Power/turn.


You give the beasts intelligence on par with humans. To balance this you give humans the idea of weapons. On every planet besides the one with the gold moon this isn't anything more than an increase in pointy rocks. The humans on the planet with the gold moon actually have some trees so spears are made. Your worship increases in a fashion that isn't always filled with cursing. +1 Power/turn.


You create more entities like Record to do the exact same job. This results in a lot of the same book.

You put the idea of writing into their heads. Since your brother created these Star things they actually can see the writing, and the horrible beasts trying to kill them. Writing quickly takes off, before air is created and they can just talk to each other. People worship you more thanks to your divine inspiration. +1 Power/turn


You place a great snake of gold on the moon of gold, which your brother then makes intelligent. It turns to be a violent and greedy creature, claiming the gold moon as it's domain.

You try to make some great headgear. However you spent so much time trying to get part of the divinity of your brothers, and getting nothing done, you decide to throw them down to the planet as is. The result is a bunch of fancy head gear with no magic properties and a myth of an even worse off lost civilization among the mortals of five various worlds.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

4a919b  No.52337

Dice rollRolled 13, 42 = 55 (2d100)


Name -


Domains - Theatergoing (Drama and Spectating,) Literature (Poetry, Fiction, ect.)

+10, +10


+Universal Record

+Mini Records

+The Grand Library

Power - 3/+1


1) These people still live hard lives, perhaps it is time that I should introduce singing to them.

2) As well as singing perhaps a variety of musical instruments would do, their lives are so short and painful, they should celebrate while they can.

26f97c  No.52339

Dice rollRolled 80, 3 = 83 (2d100)


Name - The Golden God

Domains - Nobility, Prosperity

Description/Picuture - An entity too bright to make out, sitting atop a golden throne

Power - 0

PPT - +1

1-2. The Golden God had failed in just about every way and now one of his own brothers had twisted the mind of his creation. In a fit of anger he banished the supposed Guardian into a cast of mountain crystal too thick for even the Snake to break. It would be trapped, unmovingly, as punishment for its greed and banished from the Golden God‘s domain, placed upon the world below, to at times gaze up at the passig Sunmoon. Perhaps some day a fool even greedier would set it free and unleash its rage upon the world. +10 prosperity -1Power

File: 8412fcd479efc54⋯.png (847.97 KB, 491x646, 491:646, Fortress1.PNG)

File: 621ffd5f461d2eb⋯.png (2.12 MB, 917x1125, 917:1125, Ghozal.PNG)

File: d4b18875affce5a⋯.png (3.32 MB, 1591x1033, 1591:1033, Space Marine Ork Combat.PNG)

0aaa48  No.51619[Reply]

(New Thread Created as the last one was getting laggy.)

Welcome to all Old and New Players alike, to a Last Stand builder game with the Objective of defending this planet, Koronam, from the enemies of the Imperium!

In the last thread, we fought off the Orkish Vanguard Forces and are now starting to face some more heavy duty Orkish Forces!


Organization Name:

Category (Imperial Guard, Adeptus Astartes, Adeptus Mechanics, etc.):


Troops (leave mostly empty, if you want specific kinds of troops please request them here, full troop numbers will be given) (Ex: As IG request that you have a detachment of armored vehicles/tanks support you, or artillery):

Lore (If you want your troops to be "special" in a sense, will be factored in as modifiers):




256 posts and 90 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

0926d2  No.52299


Organization Name: Order of the Cleansing Dawn Lead by Canoness Superior Luciana Veritova

Category: Adeptus Sororitas

Sub-Category: Orders Hospitallier

Troops:6,800 Various Medical Staff

890/930 Sisters of Battle with Combiflamers

100 Heavy Flamer Equipped Retributors

100 Heavy Bolters Equipped Retributors

50 Multimelta equipped Retributors

100 Melta Equipped Dominions

100 Seraphim

90 Sisters Superior Equipped with Power Swords and Inferno pistols with Phosphor Grenade

29/30 Sisters Superior Equipped with Power Swords and Inferno pistols with Melta Bombs

10 Seraphim Superiors equipped with 2 Hellpistols each, with Melta Bombs and Master Crafted Power Armor

500 Sisters Pronatus

500 Sisters Famulous

800/1000 Repentia

400 Rhino Transport Vehicles that have been converted into Mobile Ambulances (Can still carry troops and provide very light fire support)

100 Regular Rhinos

100 Repressors

100 Heavy Bolters

100 Heavy Flamers

100 Meltaguns

120 Power swords

140 Inferno pistols

50 Multimeltas

40 Melta Bombs

90 Phosphor Bomb

930 Combi flamers

10 Master Crafted Power armors

500 Medical Cherubim

Lore: https://pastebin.com/N24g24HU

Holdings: Convent of the Cleansing dawn (Stronghold just north of Olagas, has void shields, turrets, wall reinforcements and weapon defense systems), The scholas in Khe-Sanh and Olagas. Olagas annexed, Medicae uplink Worldwide. CaPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

0926d2  No.52300

Dice rollRolled 83, 3, 73 = 159 (3d100)


1.2 Since House Varuke is making a move to silence those damn guns, we're going to give them a window. Begin a campaign of hitting the Warboss's group in hit and runs just like we did previously. We will hit them from a thousand angels, saving our heaviest troopers and Repentia to obstruct the nauts if they turn to head House Varuke off. The more mobile units will hit the horde early and often, and should they turn in any given direction without cover? They will bleed the enemy's rear vigorously.

+9 to all combat rolls

"The Bolt Pistol of Saint Relotha." +2 general Combat, +7 in a duel

Morningstar of St. Relotha "The Emperor's Judgement" +12 to duels.

Pronatus maps of the tunnels +10 to all tunnel combat. (all of Eastern Koronam, some of the west too)

Ancient Banner of the "Order of the Indomitable Spirit" +3 to combat rolls where it is present

Chest Armor of Saint Relotha, +5 general Combat and +5 to Duels

Leg Armor of Saint Relotha +2 general combat, +8 Duels

Relotha Set Bonus: Front wide boost to all flame units, Flames get more than melta, also the person in the set is on fire like a bad bitch

Neural Whip - Gives Sister Repentia forces a +10 roll bonus. If equipped on other troops, reduces the likelihood of a retreat massively

3.The sisters Famulous and Pronatus return to cleaned Olagas of sigils, wherever they may be found.

ee688c  No.52304

Dice rollRolled 46, 80, 83 = 209 (3d100)

Organization Name:Emperors Middle Finger

Category Adeptus Astartes


Troops: 408 Space Marines

79 Scout Marines

1820 Chapter Thralls

48 assault bikes

Rakmaal Demicus


Heavy Bolter x1

Melta Gun x1

Assault Bike x1

Well crafted chainsword x1

Thunder hammer x1

Storm Shieldx1

1 Land Raider

4 Pred destructors

1 Pred annihilator


+10 to rolls when fighting alone.

send 20 marines over to gaulle infantry

1.Send our forces in to punch through the orks to make way for captain demicus to engage the ork boss


3.Continue repairs on the apothecary

0aaa48  No.52317

Dice rollRolled 64 (1d100)


Warboss counter-roll!


9a964c  No.52338

Organization Name:

1st Heavy Infantry Regiment of Gaulle


Tempestus Scions




>"type of Tempestus Scions known as Grenadiers because of their heavy weapons "


1 The Duke of Gaulle, Baldwin of Boullion

+[Blessed by the Grail]

FULL / (833) Knights Élite


>[Enhanced Void Armor]

+[SoB PA Components]

+[Extra Power Packs]

+[Hot Shot Volley Guns]

+[Boarding Shields]

FULL / (9167) Noblemen


>[Standard Void Armor]

+[Hot Shot Volley Guns]

+[Boarding Shields]

FULL / (90,000) Men-At-Arms


>[Heavy Carapace]

+[Hot Shot Volley Guns]

+[Boarding Shields]

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 5c8a2298b23fe36⋯.jpg (922.7 KB, 1707x1241, 1707:1241, ud0.jpg)

dd7511  No.52291[Reply]

> straight forward and aggressive approach! The game should end in about 12turns(+-4)

> Its not exactly a builder, its a "Game-y" game with competitive elements and strict rules, Civ-Board game hybrid

> Don't need to track your sheet after creation! I have a program that does it automatically

> Sociability is key, I need 8 active players who are willing to negotiate and talk in the discord channel too

Sheet to create a fantasy Nation(6 nations): https://pastebin.com/iEgbR6eq

* Please make sure you have not picked a location someone already took.

> Possible Actions: https://pastebin.com/5T7EgkKm

* This is the actions you can make each turn once the game starts. God rules (you can't pick god, reserved): https://pastebin.com/0Xyg5zBT

How to win

> "Ascension": If both of the gods reached 400 power, they both win the game.

> "The Chosen ": A god reached 360 power and two of his followers build a divine wonder

> "God Breakers": If both gods are broken(their holy land conquered), the two nations who committed the deed win the game.

Basic map information:

Forest: 1 wealth, 30 growth

Plains: 1 wealth, 20 growth

Cliffs: 2 wealth, 20 growth

Barren: Nothing. Attacking a nation from a barren tile causes double attrition penalty

River: You can't own river tiles

Grey tents on the map are Barbaric tribes. You can not start on barbaric tiles. Each tile is defended by a separate army of barbarians, their army strength is 4,000. You can take those tile by declaring "Conquest" war. "Raid" those tiles if you want to get a shPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

3 posts and 5 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

465050  No.52309

File: 0897e04ebb0feac⋯.png (4.32 MB, 1707x1241, 1707:1241, Bidd Map Spot.png)


Fluff: A Nation of dragonspawn. The Covenant of Ancestors inherited from ancient dragons has Three Tenets. 1 Obtain wealth. 2 Protect their sacred mountain nest. 3 Influence the affairs of others to these ends. The dragons once collected gold coins as a favored treasure as beds as they felt like the softest scales of a mate. Collecting gold will enhance virility, longer life, and strength. The Nest expands, but slowly. Rather they prefer that their vassals expand, shielding them from disturbance and harm, and exploiting the land into tribute. A leader has sprung from the brood, born with rare golden eyes which marked him for greatness. He has conceived the notion of developing the vassals into a super state capable of exploiting, protecting, and furthering itself in perfect harmony with The Nest. He has the Gold Tongue and can achieve this if anyone can. The words of dragons turned into rhymes had a great magic power, and he has inherited this through the Golden Tongue. It allows him to sway and strengthen those who listen to him. Some say he can even change a being into something more, or pour his words and will into objects.

Nation Name & Color: The Nest.

Gold Nation level:

3 Nation Perks: Imperial. Mediators.

Starting location:

Population: [Start with 1000. Population is used to generate wealth and create more armies]

Gold: 5000. (Population*wealth) per turn

Progress: 0/4000.

Elite Armies: [You start with 3/3]

Faith: 0

Gold Claws: [Scouts. Light Armor. Thrown Weapon.]

Moon Scales: [Scouts. Light Armor. Thrown Weapon.]

Tooth Tossers: [Scouts. Light Armor. Thrown Weapon.]

Rolled 71, 87, 86 = 244 (3d100) >>52283 (OP)

Following Auctorius

dd7511  No.52313

File: 964da88a1916e71⋯.jpg (904.22 KB, 1708x1248, 427:312, ud0-1.jpg)

3ad755  No.52316

File: 1ed7acbaf396fec⋯.png (2.09 MB, 1700x665, 340:133, Victoria.png)






Strength: 74

Upgrades: None

Army Type: Scouts

Armour: Medium

Weapon: Projectile

Name: "1st Rifle Regiment"

Strength: 17

Upgrades: None

Army Type: Scouts

Armour: Medium

Weapon: Projectile

Name: "State Militia"

Strength: 88

Upgrades: None

Army Type: Scouts

Armour: Medium

Weapon: Projectile

Name: "1st Clockwork Division"

3e3e3d  No.52326

File: bd7a199fc507e57⋯.png (1.48 MB, 878x793, 878:793, bleu.png)

Dice rollRolled 48, 21, 81 = 150 (3d100)


Fluff: A city founded upon liberated slaves, the Free Independent City of Bleu, stands out for its strange customs. After this city being founded no more than 30 years ago, many of its inhabitants still remember the brutality of slavery. Having that mental scar still deeply ingrained in their society, many of its citizens will participate in self-harm rituals such as being hit with a whip as a reminder of the importance of being free. Its people are known for its love and appreciation for this world, and for their quest to bring world peace.

Name: Free Independent City of Bleu

Perks: Mediators, Druids

3e3e3d  No.52327


[1st Army LOVE Division]

STR: 21

- Mounted

- Light

- Thrown Weapon

[2nd Army LOVE Division]

STR: 48

- Mounted

- Light

- Thrown Weapon

[3rd Army LOVE Division]

STR: 81

- Mounted

- Light

- Thrown Weapon

File: c597be13aaf183e⋯.png (436.73 KB, 3675x2350, 147:94, hero_builder_map.png)

eada8a  No.38078[Reply]

The end times are upon the United States of America, and soon upon the whole world. The country's greatest heroes and villains have fallen against an ironclad evil– a legion of robotic, laser-toting skeletons led by the insidious Skeleton Prime. Much of the country has fallen into its grip– few capable of standing up to this horrid foe still remain.

That is where YOU come in. You are a superhero, a supervillain, a super-whatever– and because of your pitiful, overlooked, D-List status, you were not targeted by the Skeleton forces nor asked to fly into battle against them. And so you have survived.

Now, with the League of Righteousness dead and most of D.O.O.M slain or AWOL, it is YOUR time to rise up, defeat the Cyber Skeleton Legions, and claim that sweet, sweet superhuman street cred for your own.


Name: The name the superhuman community and the news know you by. Secret identity optional.

Age: Approximate, as needed.

Origin Story: How YOU became a superhuman/alien/dog, and the basis for your superpowers and super-equipment.

Blood Type: Fill this out.

Signature Color: Pick a color. One that I can actually access in MSPaint. You may want to wait until the map-wipe for this.

Domain: Doctor Doom has Latveria, Batman has Gotham. You have your own domain, represented by your Signature Color. The bigger your domain, the more resources you can draw upon, but the harder it is to defend.

Superpowers: Determined by Fluff/Origin Story.

Equipment: Determined by Fluff.

Followers: Determined by Fluff.

Renown: Starts at D-List

PREVIOUS 4CHAN THREAD AND OTHER THREADS HERE: Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

665 posts and 171 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

c4d2e5  No.52251

File: d654b0cd511825e⋯.jpg (112.75 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, crop.jpg)

Haha 666th post

76c604  No.52252

Dice rollRolled 28, 33, 30 = 91 (3d100)


9ed54b  No.52297

Dice rollRolled 30, 100, 89 = 219 (3d100)


Name: Alex "Dragoon" Walker

Age: Twenties

Origin Story: Was a Normal Guy until the Spirit of a very old and powerful(at one point) Earth Dragon possessed his body, Now He fights to become strong a retake the world, one rock at a time

Blood Type: AB+

Signature Color: Green

Domain: Northern Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Most of Lousianna including New Orleans, Southern Arkansas, Southern Tennessee, part of North Carolina, and Most of Virginia


[A-List Rock Manipulation]

[A-List Endurance]

[A-List Metal Manipulation]

[Maximum Dragon Rock Fusion]

[B-List Super Strength]

[B-List Dragon's Breath]

[B-List Physical Fitness]

B-List Spear Combat.

D-List Flying

C-List Flying 3/10

3 [Core Gems]


[Fortified Base.]

[Enhanced fortifications]

[Improved Infrastructure]

[Superhard Fortresses]

[Skeleton Alloy Ammo]

[Anti-air defenses]

[7 Radio Towers (can reach anywhere East of the Rockies]

[Advanced Training Room.]

[Alloy Armor]

[Masterwork Draconic Adamant Armor].

[Fortified Advanced Research Lab}

[Basic Skelescrap Forge!]

The Mantlespear

8 Skeleton Scrap

[Gilded Dampening Caster]

[Strange Adamantium Box]

>Followers: Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

76c604  No.52306

Dice rollRolled 34, 98, 71 = 203 (3d100)


76c604  No.52307

Dice rollRolled 8, 13, 62 = 83 (3d100)



File: d132bc49e25967d⋯.jpg (502.58 KB, 1500x885, 100:59, 282476.jpg)

File: ed01e54f13db919⋯.jpg (233.27 KB, 2480x1525, 496:305, bd8ec2b31d83bec9e3cc6df786….jpg)

File: 39da2bfcdfe8793⋯.png (4.67 MB, 6460x3485, 76:41, fantasy_map_1552853272294.png)

d6f58d  No.52259[Reply]

Long ago, when the universe was young and the gods of creation were just laying the foundations of what would be to come, the small ball of molten rock that would come be to known as Y’rvenia was much like all the other lifeless rocks floating through the void. It would remain so for some time, until by chance, or according to some divine intervention, life began. First came the simple lifeforms, the various types of plants and animals, but eventually a spark of sentience emerged.

The first truly rational beings to emerge on Y’rvenia is a topic of hot contention amongst the races that still remain from that time. Millenia has passed, and none remain that truly know of it, so these Elder Races, as they are known, all contend, out of equal amounts of arrogance and pride, to be the first. There are the oldest civilizations still extant on Y’rvenia, strong and wise, though long past their halcyon days. There is the Dawi, the Dwarves, short and stocky creatures who dwell under the mountains of the world; Strong enough to hew rocks with their bare hands, and as stubborn as the very mountains from which they claim to be born from, these hardy humanoids stand in stark contrast to their erstwhile rivals, the Quendi, the Elves. Tall and lithe creatures of unparalleled beauty and arrogance, who consider themselves the protectors of the natural beauty of this world. Considered to be perfect in all manner of work and warfare, they are outclassed solidly in only one area, much to their chagrin, Magic. The penultimate magic users of this world would be the Wei'lynn, large nomadic lizards of the southern deserts. A shamanistic and peaceful people, few venture beyond their homelands, and usually only do as a result of great calling or peril to their kind and the world. A usually peaceful people, but when roused to war one is reminded of their great power. Lording above all is the Vinod, the Giants, dwelling in mighty citadels on the highest peaks of the world, and rumored to be able to walk on clouds despite their immense bulk and statue. Gentle giants, they are few in number, even for the Elder races, but unlike many of them some of their descendants have prospered, though much to the anger of the Vinod. Degenerate Giants, known as Aslardi, roam the world, as stupid as they are powerful, they plunder and pillage without fear. Young Vinod often depart from their homes on journeys to disPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

12 posts and 11 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

ce7fe9  No.52273


Name: What you wish to be called

Background: The forgotten southern Kingdom of Nurdolian. A human kingdom of old, atleast by human reckoning, whose lessons are buried in the sands. It is said that the line of Nurdolian was wise and strong, but ultimately fell. The kingdom stradled a fruitful river, and was protected by bluffs carved out by the river in the distant past. Trade with the sand gnomes were profitable in spring and summer, but the threat of Snow Elves was present in fall and winter. Its circumstances served well to encourage social mobility among families with Merchants, Rangers, and Scholars. Merchants could trade in food, spices, raw goods, weapons, and relics. Rangers were desired to escort the merchants and protect the kingdom against the Snow Elves. Scholars to study the relics of the desert and clerk for the kingdom. It was good. Then great storms began to come out of the desert with force enough to break through the protective bluffs and cover the land in sand, disrupting planting and harvest. Matters became even worse as harsh winters are recorded where the Snow Elves invaded more deeply then ever before. The people desired salvation above all else. Order was needed to counter chaos, and new power to be the pillar of such a movement. An organized Monastic Order that had been growing within the kingdom was given a charter to expand. To begin with, it had merely been a mystery cult centered around those of the desert relic trade routes. They worshipped great primordial beings wreathed in imperishable flame, embodiments of magic, life, and death in continous cycles of renewal and destruction. Magic was the key to enlightenment, and all aspirants and devotees would daily manifest their magic in meditative sessions of prayer. Their practices yielded results. The Order of The Imperishable rose like a phoenix from ash and sand that would soon bury Nurdolian. Convents to house Chapters of this Order sprang up through the Kingdom to combat the increasing hostility that nature and knife-eared demons threw at them. Merchants invested in businesses centered in protected convents or in companies robust enough to travel abroad. Rangers became more heavily armored to man walls of stone in defense of the convents. Scholars searched forPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

ce7fe9  No.52274


Name: Bob, Friar

d02e8b  No.52282


Name: Balazar

Fluff: Taken from his family at an early age because of his magical talent, placed within the care of wizards and given a new name Balazar spent most of his early life studying the arcane arts. Running away when he was old enough, sparked by the many tales told to him by his caretakers, Balazar sought to pursue life as an adventurer, hiring on with a few bands and enjoying some menial success running errands for locals.

One day however when scouting ancient ruins for valuable trinkets to sell at the local market the young adventurer discovered an odd stone, lodged inbetween the ribs of a long perished hero. It was unlike anything he had ever seen, somehow beautiful and alluring and thus Balazar decided to keep it, wearing it on a string around his neck.

To the lack of his knowledge however this was a fragment of the evil black heart, long ago shattered by the Dwarven High King Alraic the Mad. Soon silent voices would come to the young adventurer at night, whispering pleas and commandments, granting him visions of unrivaled power and wealth. For him to become an adventurer greater than any before him. And as they whispered to him the voices slowly seeped at Balazar's life force and replaced it with something much, much darker.

>>Don’t Fill this in

Health: 10/10

Gear: All of your shit, confers bonuses to rolls and other mechanical benefits

Inventory: Everything of note that you are carrying

Bonus: Based on Fluff

Misc: A neat little spot for all your progression items

a761b6  No.52290

Name: Mathis Am'ariaalius

Fluff: The Belle Elves and the Bayou Elves are twisted descendants of the Quendi from Loo’uizi’ænaa. They differences are due to adapting to the swamps and lakes, and generations of both in breeding as well as interracial relationships. They are much more humble than their ancestors.

Belle Elves grow food and fiber crops, while trying to remain prim and proper. Manners are very important to them and they pride themselves on their hospitality.

Bayou Elves tame the swamp and lake animals, and protect the land. They are less judgmental than Belle Elves but also less well mannered. Many consider them slobbish.

Both the Belle Elves and the Bayou elves are essential in the smooth running of Loo’uizi’ænaa.

Mathis Am'ariaalius is a Belle Elf. His father is a preacher and his mother is the leader of the choir. From a young age he was taught to respect others but put the word of their god before all else. His god is a good god, one that balances retribution with forgiveness for those that are truly pentant. He has set out to convert the world to worship his god, for if everyone holds the word of his god true, there will be no evil in the world. He has been granted the gift of song by his ever-loving god for his steadfast devotion; his voice carries the power to punish evil and uplift the downtrodden. To harm and to heal.

Health: 10/10

Gear: All of your shit, confers bonuses to rolls and other mechanical benefits

Inventory: Everything of note that you are carrying

Bonus: Based on Fluff

Misc: A neat little spot for all your progression items

b7231c  No.52296

File: efa4a5070d01dce⋯.jpg (22.73 KB, 436x416, 109:104, Paper-golem1.jpg)

Name: Guan Zhi

Fluff: For all of his childhood, Guan followed his father on his travels as a merchant, selling ink and other goods in the nation of Xuzhou Guo. When he became an adult and his father passed, he took up the same occupation. For many years, this life continued. He never had any great ambitions, and the works of the Emperor were beyond his concern just as far as the workings of the supernatural. Yet both things would impede irrevocably on Guan's life. One day, on a delivery of ink to an imperial library, he was changed. On the order of an imperial sorcerer, he was tied up and brought to a secret underground room to be used for an experiment. The sorcerer used Guan's own ink to draw a magic circle of runes around both him and a giant mass of paper made in the shape of a man. Guan's soul was ripped from his body, and put into the paper man, making him a paper golem. For a time afterwards, he was forced into manual labor for the Emperor, but only as a test of his body's capabilities. He heard much talk of future insidious plans, to make an army of paper men just as they had done to him. After a time, he could not stand the fate ahead of him, and Guan managed to escape when he nest found an opportunity. Unfolding his paper body, then shaping it like a giant floating lantern, he rode the wind to wherever it would take him. He eventually landed in Eidolon, and scrounged up some clothes large enough to obscure his body, allowing him some measure of peace. Making his way to Loune, he questions what he can even do now with this life. He falls back to the only thing he knows, his life as a merchant. Perhaps he can even find use for this strange new body in his work. It is all he can tell himself to try.

Health: 10/10





File: fa2382e71cab810⋯.png (224.29 KB, 1295x920, 259:184, mymap.png)

a1a7ee  No.49937[Reply]

Everyone knows that elves (i.e you) are the best at everything, but those elves who are impure (i.e not you) are holding you back and ruining your image! The only solution to this problem is to eradicate the impure and reign supreme in the world as is intended. Shockingly everyone else seems to be opposed to your perfect vision and actually have the gall to oppose you! It is time to rally your kin and show your lessers why you are the best and most favored of them all.

Here are the rules: https://pastebin.com/z2nD36G4

Tell us your history and what makes you standout as a snowflake in a field of snow and give your objectively true account of the world. In the words of the first (real) elf "We must secure the existence of our people and a future for elven children"

Nation Name: [Name]

Subrace: [Decides a bonus]

Background: [Decides a bonus]


–Don’t touch—

Pop: 10 +2/turn [Cannot exceed food (Minus 2x #turns when above food)]

Food: 10 +2/turn


[Materials: 10]


[Starting Hamlet]






Society Bonus:

Race Bonus:

168 posts and 58 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

f13dca  No.52163

Dice rollRolled 21, 96, 27 = 144 (3d100)

Nation Name: Ceolanheim

Subrace: Snow Elves

Background: Long ago the ancestors of Snow Elves left the greater Elf nation to go to the far north of the known world, led by the profit Ceolan. Ceolan had received visions from great Frost-Father Thule who showed that the other Elves would fall by their own doings. Thus began the great voyage north. The journey was long and harsh, however those that did survive would find themselves gifted. The Frost-Father would bless these Elves who endured, enhancing their forms to better live in the rigid environment and bestowing knowledge of this icy land. Now the Prince of Snow Carnarel, heir of Ceolan, seeks to ensure the continuation of the Snow Elf people by any means necessary. Also the Frost Giants have been absorbed, forming one people wholly united under the Frost Father.

Location: Northern plains

Pop: 24 +2/turn

Food: 38 +4/turn

- Resources:

[Materials:5] +3/turn

- Settlements:

Tyr-Ceolan (Hamlet)

Hvíld bróður (Outpost)

Köldu vinir (Outpost)

- Infrastructure:

Communion Circle (Sanctuary)

Fishing Wharf (+2 food) [Tyr-Ceolan]

Ice Carver (+2 material) [Tyr-Ceolan]

Hunting Lodge (+1 food) [Hvíld bróður]

Giant’s forge (+1 material) [Hvíld bróður]

Hunting Lodge (+1 food) [Köldu vinir]


Base Defenses [1]


Magic: Frost V

Technology: Fishing I, Ships III, Swords II, Hunting I

Race Bonus: [Cold-Hearted]- The First Elf felt really cold! +5 to expanding on snow tiles and can build cities adjacent to one another, however you gain no benefit from tiles including settlements if not on a snow tile.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

af1f5c  No.52166

Dice rollRolled 45 + 5 (1d100)


Nation Name: Kin-Ova

Race: Samurai Elves

Background: The Kin-Ova are a proud elven people, who carry themselves with extreme dignity and pride themselves on cleanliness, orderliness, and precision. They were born when the Noble celestial goddess of order and clarity decided to produce a race of elves with the…less than noble elf god of the world. In the aftermath they produced the Kin-Ova, who have always dedicated themselves to the concepts they embody, though the concepts are as different as day and night. They are never seen in public without overlapping skin-tight garb that covers their entire body from head to toe, and whatever ornate weapon they so choose to use. They act politely, calmly, and dignified. In private the elves reveal their true selves, but none have yet to speak of what they truly possess under the garments.

Pop: 10 +3/turn

Food: 18 +8/turn


[Materials: 14]+4/turn




Shrouded Duality Temple (Pipon, Sanctuary)

Geisha House (Pipon, Materials)

Farm (Pipon, Food)

Hunting Lodge (Pipon, Food)


Base Defenses [1] (Pipon)


Magic: Eromancy III

Technology: Agriculture/Husbandry III, Hunting III, Swords III, Service III

Bonus: The First Elf was L͜͏̡-͟ę̢͘w̸d̸̢͞!̶ +5 to battle rolls and diplo-annexation actions for npc races (including dead elf nations) and gain a bigger bonus for backstab attacks.

1. The foul beasts attempt to attack us! Overcome them via a knife to the back, for it is the only thing such creatures deserve

af1f5c  No.52167

Dice rollRolled 99, 49 + 5 = 153 (2d100)


Build a force known as the "Staff Sages" to defend ourselves from the foe. They shall be equipped with sword-staves and our greatest eromancy arts, so that no foe can overcome them directly or indirectly

738b0b  No.52244

Dice rollRolled 4, 3, 2, 1, 3 = 13 (5d4)


Rolling for militia!


a1a7ee  No.52245

Dice rollRolled 4, 3, 3 = 10 (3d4)

rolling for slavers

File: b8476a9a0593d22⋯.jpg (646.64 KB, 1600x875, 64:35, Taskforce J.A.D.E.jpg)

1659f3  No.52118[Reply]

The year is 2079, technology and science as a whole have progressed to nigh unfathomable degrees, progress came at a cost though, the united states government as we know it was dissolved after the brutal riots of 2029. These riots came to be known as the "Red Rebellion" it came about after knowledge of the U.S government hoarding life-altering technology for the gain of government workers, everything from a cure to previously thought incurable diseases like cancer to things more minute like brain transplantation, teleportation and even mind-control technologies…the number of things being kept from the public was astonishing, so it was no surprise when everything was leaked the people of America reacted violently, soon the government was overthrown and in its place stood a new government solely on the ideals of a completely free market capitalistic movement. Suddenly everything had a price, there were rules in place though nothing completely degenerate was allowed and basic human rights were maintained, other than that most things were fair game barring drugs. Which brings us to the present, the unregulated use of technology led to several undesirable problems, most cities are now almost unbearably choked with smog and other noxious emissions, not to mention the much,much longer nights due to all the greenhouse gas emissions.

The new nights now lasted 14 hours with day lasting only 10, but we learned to adapt. What we weren't prepared to handle was the abominations, Feral Violent beasts created by altering human DNA to irreparable levels, this combined with the now unparalleled level of crime lead to the megacorporation that was now the U.S government to create a new task force to combat the countrys problems the Joint Allied Defense Enclave codenamed J.A.D.E

you are all fresh graduates of the prestigious academy you've all joined and went through it for various reasons. The academy has tried its best to prepare you for the horrors you will face in the world at large, however some things the academy just can't prepare you for. Regardless You've all been assigned to various squads within J.A.D.E its time to report to HQ for your first missions.

35 posts and 11 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

1659f3  No.52227


Derek keeps everything coordinated succesfully everyone is in on the loop and ready to light this sick fuck up.

2. You attempt to get a good shot on smiley with the e-bow but you whiff the shot.

a67d8a  No.52228

Dice rollRolled 27, 52, 49 = 128 (3d100)


Name: Musashi Touma

Ethnicity: Japanese

Age: 20

Fluff: Musashi was adopted as a child by a Yakuza boss, but rather than treated like a son, he was drilled into an extra bodyguard with more loyalty and less pay. Intense training with bladed weapons led to his skill in dual sword style, as well as with knives. Trained as a sniper as well, he was made into a tool to eliminate any threats to the Oyabun. He was primed to serve as his father's elite bodyguard, but by a stroke of fate, he was absent on an errand the day a rival yakuza family took out his syndicate. Intent on avenging his family, he set out destroy the perpetrators, but they were already destroyed themselves by the time he caught up. At that point, Musashi could scarcely make sense of how quickly everything he had known was wiped out in a pointless cycle of violence. He scrounged up some cash to head to America, if only to discover what he might actually want from his life. His skills were only fit for combat, but as he wanted to fight for something with meaning, he decided to enroll into the J.A.D.E. academy.

Health: 15/15

Squad: Alpha


Plasma Katana x2

Throwing Knives


Inventory: Everything you’re not wearing and can’t use to kill things

Bonus: Chance to gain one or more sometime during the game

1-3. I take the shot

09625d  No.52235

Dice rollRolled 52, 92, 87 = 231 (3d100)


Name: Bob 'Day Man' Day

Ethinicity: White

Age: 23

Fluff: Bob Day was an average, although stubborn, youth until he inherited a failing bar from his uncle. One day, loan sharks claimed the bar was in considerable debt and that he would have to cough up the money, perform services to eliminate the debt, or they would break his legs and organs, he refused to acknowledge their presence. They attempted a campaign of harassment until the day they came and tried to collect by way of his legs and organs. He pulled out the family heirloom claymore, bloodied them, and chased them away. In vengeance their comrades came back in strength but were met with firm shotgun resistance, a strong supply of homemade Molotov Cocktails, and championship throwing darts. The failed bar was defended against the criminal aggressors with mixed success. The bar, as well as several surrounding buildings and vehicles, had erupted into a massive fire which lit up the night. Luckily the ancient building had insurance which erroneously listed the building as a cultural icon of the district, and the court ruled that the criminal aggressors were clearly the ones who started the fire (as the criminals had seen to it that there was a lack of any video evidence prior to their assault). Using his substantial new funds he bought some identity protection, some enhancements, and enrollment into the prestigious academy that would refine his talents into J.A.D.E. material.

Health: 15/15

Squad: Alpha



Throwing Knives

Energy Fist

Cyber Shotgun

Inventory: Devils Fist

Bonus: [Refill Devils Fist every 5 turns]

1/2/3 Unload on him from cover

eaec3c  No.52240

Dice rollRolled 21, 85, 89 = 195 (3d100)


Name: Sergej Alexejew

Ethinicity: Русски

Age: 19, Доверьтесь мне


Born and raised in Russia Sergej migrated to the US when he became a legal adult and immediately joined up with JADE. He has short hair and a full beard, which is already greying, surely due to the many nights spent awake thinking whether his visa would be granted. Sergej seems extraordinarily tough for a 19 year old and his body bears scars which could be mistaken for old bullet wounds. Alexejew has a natural connection with other Russian JADE recruits and is very interested in making new American friends who have access to priveleged information.

– Do not fill in –

Health: 15/15

Squad: Alpha


+ Cyber Shotgun (14)

+ Streetline Special (6)

Inventory: Everything you’re not wearing and can’t use to kill things

Bonus: Chance to gain one or more sometime during the game

1-3. Shoot him with the bullets

defe56  No.52243

Dice rollRolled 91, 88, 53 = 232 (3d100)


Name: "Scorpio" Jack

Ethinicity: Minor Aberration (White)

Age: 19??

Fluff: There are many horrors that lurk unseen in the dark undercity of Modern America. With the police being too afraid to venture below what little law that now remained could not even enforce its will there. A safe-haven for the wicked, many foul activities and experiments were conducted with little retaliation from above. However accidents do happen and in such an environment they are often lethal. For example, a mad doctor who had built his lab underground found his subjects breaching containment destroying everything in their path. While he quickly met his end, the same could not be said for his creations whom still persisted and could perhaps even claim to be part of the reason J.A.D.E was founded. Not all of the subjects were mindless however as there was a child who had managed to keep his sanity intact. Knowing only what the pod had taught him as he was incubating, when it was violently destroyed he was forced into the world, already having to defend himself. With his hands growing into claws and his tail revealing a wicked stinger he was able to keep his attacker at bay long enough to find a way to escape. It took him a long time to actually find the surface however and even longer to attempt to actually socialize with people willing to associate with him, but the pod taught him well and when he heard of a group that hunted creatures like those that had threatened his life since the start he quickly attempted to join. The utter lack of documentation before hand proved to be a hassle however his unique circumstances allowed him access.

Health: 15/15

Squad: Alpha

Gear: Bionic Claw, Bionic Club, Bionic Blade, Goliath Sling, Plasma Spear

Inventory: Old Keycard

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 3358ffb3aa92c0e⋯.png (455.01 KB, 1446x1610, 723:805, FantasyHub.png)

9a6131  No.51553[Reply]

You stand before your people. For all your life the power of the world, mana, has been chaotic and shifting in powerful storms. You have seen lands shift before your eyes and the flesh of your brothers warp into something horrifying to behold. Your people have been transported far from your homes and back an uncountable number of times. The storms grew weaker, however, and your people were able to settle, rediscover lost knowledge, and rebuild their lives. Your sages say that this may be a sign that the storms have settled for good. You decree to your people a new age, an age of wonder an possibility. What will you make of it?

Please see the google docs for the full rules:


Nation Sheet: If it is between {} that means you name it.

Name -

Fluff - (Feel out whatever you feel you need to. The more you give the more I have to work with.)

Color - (What color do you want to be on the map? Check to be sure it is different from the other players please.)

Snowflake - (What snowflake options are you taking?)

Techs - Farming, Herding, Stoneworking (Please put Iron, bronze, copper, or nothing and how many techs you start with.)

Research - (What is your current research)

Spells - (If you take the snowflake option please put how many spells you wish to start with.)

Units - 3x {Guards} [Free Upkeep] <In Capital>

Settlements - {Captial} [{Government Building}] (S: 5)

Wealth - 3

Influence - 3

Resources - (Depends on starting location)

Bonus - (Given based on fluff and snowflake options)

Starting location: Where do you want to be on the map?

You start with 3 resource villages. Please decide where they are and what yPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

43 posts and 36 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

0659bc  No.51850

File: 5cab1d3d3ab14a3⋯.png (223.28 KB, 574x333, 574:333, magicsword.png)

File: 935151857d37046⋯.png (89.74 KB, 771x458, 771:458, claim.png)

Name - Phalites

Fluff - Wandering and wandering as long as they can remember, the Phalites had no place to call home but the harsh, barren lands they passed through. Searching for a promised land, the Phalites endure. Their strong faith in their god allowed them to. Stories and traditions passed down from mouth by mouth and parent to child. they are a very superstitious people who follow many traditions. Many unfriendly and deceitful encounters have shaped their stories and caused them to be very suspicious, even paranoid. In their minds the only one who can they trust is themselves, and everyone else is against them. And so they had learned themselves in the arts of trickery and manipulation, and became the kinds of people they so feared. Despite this, any deceit of their own is strongly frowned upon, their xenophobia has only served to strengthen their own bond.

The Phalites live in groups of clans each led by a leader, of which one is recognized the supreme leader who will settle any disputes and decisions should they arise. Religious authorities don't exist, and so every family has their slightly different version of the faith. They are not very hard workers, and their technology is somewhat primitive, often misunderstood through beliefs. They are a very stagnant people, prefering to sit in the comfort of their tents or sandstone houses instead of being productive, they work only as much as they need to live.

But this attitude of 'sitting inside' has sparked quite a lot of thinkers to sink into their own mental world, either imaging whole new tales or making magical discoveries; or an unconcious mixture of both. Somewhere along the line, the use of magic has become very widespread amongst the Phalites, usually as traditions or daily rites. Some Phalites go even further beyond, and learn from the elders how their complex magic system works and how to cast the advanced rituals, eventually becoming elders themselves. Commoners will cast a spell to increase their crop yield or to attract luck, whilst Mages go through extensive procedures to activate a ritual that causes every marked Sheep to birth three lambs, or enter a deep meditation to scry the future.

The Phalites use very few direct or spontanious spells, almost all their spells are based on rituals or enchantments. The ordinary Phalites might not look like itPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

e77f45  No.51855


Name - The Abolethic Hegemony

Fluff - The Aboleths are an ancient aquatic race with significant psychic and magical abilities. As their bodies are not well adapted for tool use, they instead alter the biology of other lifeforms to perform physical labor for them. In response to the devastating magical storms scouring the world, the eldest among the Aboleths have emerged from their deep-sea lairs to organize their race into a new state, the Abolethic Hegemony.

Color - Teal

Snowflake - Underwater, Sorcery, Lost Knowledge

Techs - Farming, Herding, Stoneworking,Tech: Infuse magic [Infuse spell ability, Imbue being], Medicine [Anatomy, Genetics], Slavery [Slave soldiers]

Research - (What is your current research)

Spells - Crossbreed [Two subjects, red quartz], Mutate [subject, Red quartz] <Guided mutation>

Units - 3x Guard Thralls [Free Upkeep] <In Capital>

Settlements - Soorn [Cavern of the Eldest] (S: 5)

Wealth - 3

Influence - 3

Resources - 2 Food, 1 Stone, 1 Quartz

Bonus - Will of the Ancients - The ancients of the aboleths are powerful and intelligent, but few in number. To compensate they have a large number of slaves bound to their will through genetic encoding and conditioning. Decadence actions cost less happiness.

Starting Location: Anywhere underwater.

1: Organize a scouting party of thralls under a pair of Aboleth controllers to search the shallow seas to the south.

2: Begin expandingPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

e77f45  No.51856

I put my rolls in the wrong field

e77f45  No.51857


lol I messed it up again

1360f8  No.52214

This game is going to be on hold for a little bit. The computer I had the maps on for this game broke, and this game is too reliant on the maps for me to update without them.

File: 9c2940fdb33fcd0⋯.jpg (78.7 KB, 588x331, 588:331, pokemon_mystery_dungeon_re….jpg)

d44a94  No.51893[Reply]

This is going to be a Pokémon hero builder in which you guys play as Pokémon… obviously. There will be multiple quests with full-fledged stories to complete, yet one must treat carefully, as if you enter a dungeon unprepared you will die. You will start off with being assigned a partner, but more difficult threats will require whole teams to complete. Though the adventure guilds are, at least officially, altruistic organizations, many Pokémon adventure for the gold, the glory, or for the hell of it. Many do have lofty ideals though, and those are the ones who are the most beloved by the people, and only known to legend. The world is a dangerous place, the swarms of rabid or just malevolent Pokémon threaten to end the ways of those who wish for peace. Ancient evils are reawakening, and in the end, only the heroic adventurers will stand between civilization and ruin.


35 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

d44a94  No.52202


Deciding to follow the Munchlax and Chikorita, the crafty Meowth sets out on his own, deciding to fulfill his natural role in hunting vermin. He scowls as he sees the other pick up the silver coins, but he will find more soon enough. He instead lurks in the shadows, searching for his future enemies. Eventually, he sees the unmistakable curl of a Rattata’s tail from behind a corner! He pounces on it and drives his long claws into the vermin’s head, ending its life. Unfortunately, he did not anticpate that the Rattata would have friends. Now, our Meowth must fend off two of these rabid rodents!

Fighting: Two Rattata

HP: 6/6 each


>Attack: 2

>Defense: 1


-Scratch (Does 2 base damage) 15/15 PP

-Tail Whip (Lowers enemy defense roll by 4) 6/6 PP

d44a94  No.52203




Our three unlikely companions venture into the quarry, where they will always be a stone’s throw from danger! They are initially wary, but seeing the empty quarry leads them to believe that perhaps the ferals had left this area. With minds on business, they decide to search for valuable loot. Charmander and Totodile search among the rocks, hoping to find some sort of shiny object. Suddenly, Totodile is able to find a brilliant gemstone embedded in the rock! Unfortunately, it is firmly lodged in the rock. Charmander comes to help Totodile. They heave together and the gemstone starts dislodging. One more pull and it comes loose! They fall on the ground together, slightly scratched but in possession of a great prize.

+1 Sapphire

It goes without saying, however, that success precedes trouble. Both Charmander and Totodile’s eyes widened as they saw the hole left by the stone turn into a frown, with two eyes opening above it. All around them they saw boulders sprout arms and reveal glaring eyes. Nine of them surrounded our poor adventurers, and all they could do now is fight!

Having split off from the main group early, Cubone is occupied searching the quarry for loot. He is pleased to discover that he had found a small gold nugget. Just then, he hears Totodile’s screams. He looks and sees them surrounded by Geodudes. He thinks to himself “this can be a great opportunity. With them out of my way, I won’t have as much competition for the loot.” He then realizes that if the Geodudes killed his fellow adventurers, he would be next.

+ 1 gold nugget

Wide eyed and more than a bit afraid, the Geodudes begin to enclose our adventurers. Totodile and Charmander are preparing to fight for their lives. All Pokémon are shocked to see one of the Geodude crack open, and behind it, Cubone! “Good grief, you idiots can’t keep yourselves out of trouble for one second.” Both CharPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

3ed759  No.52205

Dice rollRolled 77, 93, 83 = 253 (3d100)



Backstory:Totodile isn't adventuring for the gold or treasure surprisingly enough, he wants to do it to make new friends and have wonderful adventures while making fond memories, if he happens to save the world somewhere along the way so be it.

HP: 10/10

Hunger: 20/20


Attack: 5

Defense: 3


-Scratch (Does 2 base damage) 15/15 PP

-Leer (-4 ro enemy defense roll) 6/6 PP

-Water Gun (Does 3 base damage) 10/10 PP


Special Traits:

Goonies: You are a generally amiable fellow, and you forge strong bonds with your teammates, +10 to team based rolls

Naive: You aren’t really prepared for the real world. -10 on knowledge based rolls and you may falter when faced with horrifying events.




1. Quick charmafer use growl to lower the geodudes attack if we team up and use our moves together we stand a better chance of winning, you can do this charmander! +10 to team based rolls

2-3 Totodile draws in a deep breath feeling a familiar power errupting forth and gathering Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

de9b93  No.52206

Dice rollRolled 56, 52, 25 = 133 (3d100)


Pokemon: Chikorita

Nature: Calm

Backstory: Chikorita wants a peaceful world. Recently all sorts of bother has come from below into her forest. The other pokemon know that the dungeon is the place that spits forth these malicious beings. The others were too scared to go down and find a way to stop them, but not Chikorita. A cool head, protected from fear or anger meant Chikorita had no problem going into the dungeon and facing what was there if it meant a restoration to peace and quiet. She would clean things up for good.

HP: 10/10

Hunger: 19/20


>Attack: 3

>Defense: 4


-Tackle (Does 2 base damage) 20/20 PP

-Growl (-4 for enemy attack roll) 6/6 PP

-Razor Leaf (Does 3 base damage) 10/10 PP

Items: 2 Apples (Fills 5 Hunger)

+1 Escape Crystal

1 Silver Coin

Special Traits:

>Mah Swamp: You’re fighting to protect your home and bring order to the world. You won’t be shaken by what debilitates weaker minds. +10 to morale based rolls

>Mary Sue: You made your character literally perfect. Therefore, your character will have to go through some shit.


Partner: Munchlax


1/2/3 Keep Scavenging, Look for Key to the Locked Pantry Box. Munchlax would be getting hungry, soon he would need to feed. And who knows, they might have left some other things in there if they bothered locking it.

83fcce  No.52207

Dice rollRolled 99, 31, 84 = 214 (3d100)


Pokemon: Munchlax

Nature: Relaxed

Backstory: Munchlax spent his younger days lazing around, doing nothing of particular interest. He would snack on apples until sundown, then sleep until midday and do it all over again. However, one day he happened across an old Probopass that was being hassled by some ruffians for the package he was carrying. On a whim, Munchlax decided to try and defuse the situation. His demeanor proved so relaxing that after a while the ruffians decided that further pressing would be too much work. Grateful for Munchlax's help, the Probopass shared a sample of his goods. A golden apple. It was tastier than anything Munchlax had ever eaten before. When asked where he got it, the Probopass explained that they were growing deep in a dungeon. He also said that there were even more delicious things hidden out there in the dungeons of the world, such as a legendary fruit that grew out of the clouds in the sky. With his mind and stomach tempted, Munchlax made the decision to begin delving dungeons for as of yet unknown delicacies.

HP: 15/15

Hunger: 25/23


>Attack: 3

>Defense 3


-Tackle (Does 2 base damage) 20/20 PP

-Odor Sleuth (Allows Pokémon to circumvent an opponent’s evasiveness and makes enemy Pokémon vulnerable to normal and fighting type moves) 5/5 PP

>Defense Curl: (Every time you use this move you get +4 for Defense roll) 6/6 PP


2 Apples

1 Escape Crystal

1 Silver Coin

Special Traits:

>Calming presence: Your teammates feel a natural sense of tranquility around you, like everything’s going to be all right. +10 to resolve rolls for you and your teammates.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: ed613dfd1734500⋯.jpg (131.3 KB, 900x559, 900:559, Space Battle2.jpg)

File: 31a0865ec18cfcc⋯.jpg (108.05 KB, 884x525, 884:525, Star fleet massing.jpg)

f2939e  No.47850[Reply]

The Enterra Galaxy, home to hundreds of sentient races and even more worlds suitable for colonies, not counting asteroid belt, space stations, fuel stations, Starbases and more. Thirteen major Empires span the galaxy and dozens of other less important principalities and sovereignties exist in between them, used as proxy states, trading partners, strategic allies or more. Wars waged for the resources of a planet or two was commonplace, but in general despite the moments of war and strife, Enterra was peaceful.

That Changed a decade ago when first contact was made with not one, but two, trans galactic empires. The Domovoi Empire and Strelatyan Imperacy both coming from the opposite sides of one another. Both had seeded agents across the galaxy before hand and both had the same opinions of sovereignty of nations not their own. Namely that it did not exist and if the barbarian natives would not kneel to them, that they would beat them down into subservience instead. After both powers revealed themselves all hell broke loose across the galaxy as Ai projects were subverted, politicians bent to alien wills, and more. The major powers were broken from within and besieged by an enemy more numerous, prepared and technologically advanced from without. Thus began the decline of Enterra’s major player, and so too the decline of the lesser states.

Slowly even as the two powers fought rabidly against each other, the galaxy was worn down and beaten. People were forced to watch as planets, loved and nations were forced under the yoke of oppressive flesh shaping royalty or cold uncaring uploaded autocrats. Many nations still fought, but all knew that there was no future in it. After all the best the galaxy had to offer since the precursors was falling inexorably. So, the concept of Refugee fleets were introduced. Taking a colony ship, filling it with as many people as possible for a long journey and coupling it with a screening and support fleet. These cities in the stars would seek out a place away from the tyrannical outsiders, whether in this galaxy or abroad and rebuild the shattered societies and nations that managed to scrape them together. Obviously, this favored the industrial might of the larger nations as even though they were falling they had the might to create such fleets fully in the time allotted and vet the peopPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

722 posts and 112 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

6768fc  No.52037

Dice rollRolled 95 + 5 (1d100)

Hail Mary time, called shot to the fleeing ship's engines

6768fc  No.52038

Dice rollRolled 4 + 5 (1d10)


Rolling damage

a4a093  No.52039

Dice rollRolled 40, 56, 73, 26 + 5 = 200 (4d100)

Targetting the engines with all my weapons.

1d100+5 for each weapon, I have 4 weapons.

faf70a  No.52041

Dice rollRolled 72, 95, 18, 68, 87, 60 = 400 (6d100)

Yall see that coward? Fuck Em. Fire all missiles(+10 all rolls)

0174a6  No.52042


If you'd stop sniffing your own farts for 2 seconds you'd see oneman muted us to stop the argument, but that is a mighty fine order for you

File: 11feed2daa751bd⋯.jpg (77.29 KB, 1000x599, 1000:599, flat,1000x1000,075,f.u1.jpg)

ff8175  No.43686[Reply]

he Glorious Empire, once proud and mighty, has fallen on hard times as of late. With much infighting at home and disillusion with Imperial rule in the frontier colonies, there is no strong sense of pride, and the people turn to their regional cultures more than the overarching sense of loyalty to the Emperor and the Capital of Eurdan that once existed, but is now long gone. Word grows in the East, of a powerful warlord rallying the once divided tribes of barbarians and beasts to his banner, smelling blood in the water and the decaying corpse of the empire flounders. All that stands between the Lands of the Empire and the wilds and their hordes of people (and otherwise) who see this bloated corpse as no more than a sack of loot needing a little convincing to spill its treasures, is the Fortress of Lavius’s Spite, built at the spot where the legendary 5th Emperor Lavius ąl Adûnius fought a battle with a mighty dragon for 12 days, and on the final day cast his opponent down from the mountaintop and smote him upon the mountainside, his fall creating the valley where the fortress now lie. Farad himself was not seen since that day, and the resulting succession crisis between his twenty sons is partly to blame for the state of the empire today. Regardless, the Garrison at the Spite, as it is commonly called, has been vastly reduced as generals eager to carve up their own sections of the empire have recalled men more loyal to their leader then the crown, with only a single legion of the original 6 that manned the fort remaining.

The Fortress itself is a massive stonework marvel of engineering, composed of a giant wall/gatehouse as the front of the valley with an additional fortress about half a league further behind at the other end of the valley. The Wall, cut from the stone of the mountain with foundations of dragon-bone deep beneath the earth, is 50 ft tall and deep enough that 10 men can walk abreast its length. Towers dot the fortifications at equal intervals and atop these towers stand mighty onagers, with ballista also dotting the walls in several places. Small barracks also exist in the wall itself, so that the men stationed there will not have to return to the rear fort every night. The Rear fortress itself is intimidating as well, a citadel with room for 20,000 men, walls thicker than some of the nearby hills, and several barracks for the Griffin Calvary famous in the empire, but only a paltry 15 ofPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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fdf8ab  No.51879

File: e015d7ddb6741bb⋯.jpg (141.72 KB, 1024x575, 1024:575, 1523460237383m.jpg)

I quit this game.

156eaf  No.51894

Dice rollRolled 97, 68, 67 = 232 (3d100)


>Name: John of Cappadocia

>Fluff: Firstborn son of the late King of Cappadocia, Maurice II. Robbed of his birthright by his younger brother Sarkis, he launched an ultimately failed rebellion, and afterwards, he was sent to the backwaters of the Empire as a military slave. Distinguishing himself through exceptional leadership and physical prowess, he climbed the ranks to become a general, yet was met with misfortune when he was caught trying to raise an army to take back his throne. Demoted and sent to the fortress, John has been disgraced, but certainly not defeated. He aims to begin climbing the ranks again after proving himself in the siege.

>Location: Front

>Health: 11/11

>Class: Centurion – A commander, leads men from the front.


>+ [Scutum] - 5 to attack rolls against you

>+ [Gladius] + 5 to melee attacks

>+ [Hit me!] - - 17 to attacks against you, negates projectile blows.

>+ [Vitis] + 10 to soldiers rolls near you, provided you use it to beat them


>+ [Ring of Cappadocia] - Your father's last gift to you, on his deathbed when he granted you his kingdom, before your brother stole it from you and doomed your lands to war. The ring is an ancient artifact, and in times of great peril will protect its wearer. When below half health defensive bonuses are doubled, and the ring will save you from death one time in return for its destruction.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

0c4fcf  No.51931

Dice rollRolled 61 (1d100)

Health: 10/10

Gear: Acolyte – Battle Wizards of the Army, as this is a new regiment it does not possess the truly mighty wizards of the older legions, but their skill in battle is nothing to doubt.

+ [Acolyte’s Cloak] – Provides no physical protection but is enchanted to enhance spell casting. + 15 to casting rolls.

+ [Pugio] – A dagger, + 2 to melee rolls

+ [Spells] - [Blessing of Vulcan] - The craft God shines upon you and all that you touch, engines of war work better and mundane instruments as well. 2 turn cooldown.

[Hammer of Vulcan] - The wrath of the God of Crafts strikes down upon the enemy. 3 Turn cooldown.

[Cast Alight]


+ [Empire Machine manual] - A book (how futuristic) containing all the known knowledge of Imperial machines, allows you to repair and build any of them, given the time and resources.

Bonus: [Learned Man] - Octavius has attended the finest schools of war that Empire has to offer, and has been in a few sieges as well, behind the front lines of course. Still, he knows his way around a war machine. + 10 to all repair/building rolls.

+ 30 Scorpion Bolts

+ [Drow Crossbow Bolt]

+ [Black Blood Stained Rock] - + 15 Damage to foes without armor.

+ [Druchii Spellbook] - Light and Dark magic

+ [Amulet of Power] - Reduces cooldown time for advanced spells by 1 turn

+ Crossbow Magazine Plans

+ Ballista Magazine Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

0c4fcf  No.51932

Dice rollRolled 87, 63, 87 = 237 (3d100)



1. Work with Alerius. Where there are drakes, there are probably Wyrms. Pray to Vulcan, god of weaponsmiths, for insights how to kill the beasts, and to Minerva, for wisdom on how to aquire the scales.

2.Devise and plan on what we will need to hunt drakes and wyrms and gather any supplies we need. Knowing is the first step.

3. We might need my hand-cranked crossbow soon! Keep tinkering on the idea of it on the side.

+ Hand-cranked Crossbow 9/15

a17a70  No.51934

Dice rollRolled 14, 74, 65 = 153 (3d100)


Name: Otacilius Zeno

Fluff: Otacilius was orphaned as a child and raised by a mysterious man that called himself "Maximus Zeno" to be the mans protegee. Maximus later was revealed to be a Frumentarii, he raised the boy to be a well-oiled killing machine highly trained in infiltration tactics and molding him into the man he is today, a master at blending in with his environment and skilled in skulking and sneaking around he's truly a force to be reckoned with in the right environment and has clearly taken his old masters teachings to heart utilizing them to their fullest


Location: Front

Health: 4/8


[Shiny Pugio] + 8 to melee rolls

[Cloak] - 5 To attacks against you

[Bow] - Allows ranged attacks, + 5 to ranged attacks

[Shard of Death] - Provides a + 5 damage modifier to monstrous enemies, but takes a sliver of your life each time you use it (1 health per use).

x0 [Arrows] - Ammunition for your bow

x11[Poison Arrows]

x5 (Uses of) [Caltrops] - 10 to pursuit rolls against you when used (that immediate turn)


+ [Obsidian Stone] - The last gift of your master, allows you to temporarily become unseen. However, the turn immediately following your decloaking you are reduced to 1 point of health for that turn.

Bonus: [A blade in thePost too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: adcc408495463c0⋯.png (813.14 KB, 1332x839, 1332:839, cropped map.png)

1986e4  No.51860[Reply]

4000 years ago, humans dominated most of the continent. Their language spread so far and wide, it adopted the name common, and their people spread so thin, their culture absorbed aspects of all those they occupied. The Ancient Empire was not an entity most wanted to live under, and due to logistical restraints, revolts began appearing. More and more sprung up, faster than they could be quelled but they were no ordinary revolts of peasants. They were organized. The revolutionists saw a weakness that the Ancient Empire hadn't foreseen: magic. The Magic Rebellion remains an infamous, yet necessary event, even all these years later. It scarred the world and now coastal cities are far and few between. The civilizations that filled the vacuum the Ancient Empire left knew the paranoia that their neighbours held. Nobody wanted to be seen as the new oppressors for they knew how easily it would be to band against a common enemy. For 4000 years, the nations of the New Country have been at peace, the greatest threats being from dark and twisted monsters. That is why heroes are born: to bring balance to the universe, and once the forces of good tip the scales, villains are born to return them. So are you going to do what so many before you have failed to do, and tip the scales? Are you tipping them for good or for evil?

Lore Document:


Rules Pastebin:


2 actions per turn

d100 per action

Some things are easier to do than others, so there's no universal success rate. As a guideline, you may use this table

1 - crit fail

2-10 - something bad happens

10-35 - fail

36-90 - success

91-99 - great success

100 - crit success

1 post omitted. Click reply to view.

1986e4  No.51868


It's a game dude. Don't reee out about geological improbabilities

e60f64  No.51892


> Lakes dont drain into multiple rivers.

Not true at all. lakes have multiple outlets depending on their size. The rivers formed from their ourpour are usually small though with one two or at most three primary outlets and many many smaller outlets more stream like than river like.

>Trees dont grow on both sides of mountains

Again objectively wrong. Trees can grow anywhere on a mountain though they tend to be far less abundant on the leeward side of the mountain and the base can become so arid that depending on the size of the mountain can become a small desert usually surrounded by forest particularly as you climb the leeward side of the mountain.

> It's very close to the coast, so that coast must be extremely high to prevent it from going to the ocean. It must be massively high to prevent it from going to the forest in Peakbeck and join the other oceans.

I assume you mean rivers and once again you are extremely wrong. a river follows the easiest route flowing down and sometimes noteven the easiest just the one that happened to form (could be just because the soil was slightly looser and carried away easier forming an otherwise illogical route. And rivers don't sense oh hey ocean lets go east/west they follow the trail formed. there are a thousand cases of rivers being less than a mile from an ocean and running parallel to it because thats just how it formed. It doesnt need a massive incline and height difference less than a foot in height difference can keep it from going there.

>There must be massive rapids and canyon-like terrain in these hills for a river to be flowing through them and to loop up and through the middle is very, very odd

Nope just has to remain relatively flat where the river runs, like a gap between hills…..which guess what exist all over in hilly areas.

> It is extremely rare for a settlement to be on the coast at mouth of rivers

Jesus it isn't physicPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

654013  No.51900



hush tansen

46c554  No.51902



You both are stupid, you didn't even point out the most obvious fault in the map. That Red Snow or Dirt or whatever just randomly not covered in snow.

42efde  No.51904

File: d7663d0196b1a29⋯.jpg (40.83 KB, 640x620, 32:31, ced.jpg)






If you want to give feedback and argue about said feedback, use the Discord. Don't shit up game threads with anonymous shitslinging.

File: c6606fe2aaa5396⋯.jpg (108.07 KB, 1191x670, 1191:670, space battle.jpg)

File: fbcff35ba7b5e66⋯.jpg (47.8 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Space fleet.jpg)

cade08  No.47607[Reply]

This is the Preliminary thread for the space fleet game I am working on. While the rules are subject to change via fine-tuning right now, the core ship creation concept is sound. Thus people wishing to join can roll up their stats here and generate their fleet. so as to not clutter the actual thread.

Pastebin with rules here. https://pastebin.com/Sn4P8Xue

The actual game will come with story soon.

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10abe2  No.51684

Dice rollRolled 10, 5, 7 = 22 (3d10)


First roll

10abe2  No.51685

Dice rollRolled 3 (1d100)


10abe2  No.51705

File: b6cf08ad1f8162d⋯.jpg (53.13 KB, 590x310, 59:31, 8eebbec66a9a6d5175f4db2104….jpg)

File: d09f89efc4041c5⋯.jpg (40.53 KB, 640x360, 16:9, 1eb492e4d230d759fa080e5bcd….jpg)

File: 9e6d6d79caa6ded⋯.jpg (122.65 KB, 640x905, 128:181, a8ede37d871b732226f6ae63e9….jpg)


Nation Name: The Bellum Rexes(Translation: Reigning Kings of War)

Race(s): Ultanians(Subraces: Grand Makers[scientists/engineers], Overlords[Commanders/Captains], Slayers[Civilians/Soldiers], and further broken down into thousands of categories if not more if one focused on the prevalence of idiosyncracies and genetic differences)

History: The Ultanians are an exceedingly belligerent race of rapidly producing humanoids hailing from the Hastos system, which originally hosted ten other sentient and intelligent species that they wiped out or subsumed into their species genetics. Ultanians range from 6ft to 8ft tall, never shorter and only taller with extreme genetic quirks, and all are shaped like typical humanoids. They possess five fingered claws, powerful legs, a "skin-tight" shell, and are omnivorous. The race naturally creates soldiers that are both inhumanly disciplined and incredibly idiosyncratic in personality and appearance, further divided into multiple squads and units that each conform to their own way of fighting, forming an interlocking whole where soldiers fight both as one unit and individuals, similar to wolves. This coupled with other evidence leads many to believe the race was genetically engineered, even considering that evidence shows they existed in their system as long as their now extinct relative races. The species as a whole gravitates toward warfare, and when first taking the galactic stage they quite quickly embroiled themselves in conflict, notably adding the genetic benefits of their foes into their own code, with said benefits seeming to appear at random amongst the whole, but in accordance with other benefits. Scientists being not only smarter but having greater introspection, soldiers with both strength and greater reaction times, and so on.

The Ultanians would likely have been culled for their extremely violent ways and rapid spread, but one of the great empires saw them as useful. They were inducted into an empire with supreme technology, but lacked natural aggresiveness, and quickly became that empires primary soldier race. The empires rulers lowered the races aggresiveness and breeding whiPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

10abe2  No.51782

File: ed9915ad72e278d⋯.jpg (98.64 KB, 1080x577, 1080:577, 4908ca613f6fc0bdea4c9930b4….jpg)

File: 97eac5cd3040304⋯.jpg (63.25 KB, 705x400, 141:80, fee0f193060430eacf07cfd6b5….jpg)

File: b3e094defb88c0e⋯.jpg (83.71 KB, 788x815, 788:815, d7fd6f41ffac1ada02196318ea….jpg)

Nation Name: Bellum(This fleet)

Race(s): Ultanians(Subraces: thousands of categories if not more if one focused on the prevalence of idiosyncracies, currently number only dozens)

History: The Ultanians are an exceedingly belligerent race hailing from the Hastos system, which originally hosted ten other sentient and intelligent species upon its large varied worlds. All of these the Ultanians killed over the course of a dozen wars. Ultanians range from 6ft to 8ft tall on average and are shaped like typical humanoids. They possess five fingered claws, powerful legs, and are omnivorous. The race is naturally fractious, proper discipline and true unity an alien concept to them. They have a mentality that is half individualistic and half collective, in that they are quick to form into cliques, gangs, and squads of incredibly varied sizes. Gangs as small as five and so large they numbered in the thousands were the range on average. This is notable in their physiology. Their natural skin, eye, and hair colors are pure grey, but when joining a gang will rapidly develop colors, markings, and patterns unique to the particular gang they are member of. In time this even leads to physiological differences of varying extremes.

The Ultanians would likely have been rendered extinct in time by their own hand or anothers, but one of the great empires saw them as useful. They were inducted into an empire with supreme technology, but whose member races lacked natural aggresiveness and through lengthy and incredibly difficult negotiations the majority joined the empire to one extent or another. In exchange for resources, weapons, ships, and pay, the Ultanians became that empires premiere race of mercenaries. Point them at a world, tell them what to do, and in due time they would have it dead. They fought the empires wars for countless centuries, utilizing odd Orb ships to travel the starts. This lasted until the galaxy was invaded. The empire they were under was targeted directly, as were the Ulthanians. Not given to cowardice, though their loyalty was always in question, the Ultanians fought a retreating war against impossible odds until eventually the empire they worked with was utterly fractured. The surviving Ulthanians, never given to dPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

cade08  No.51804


Bonus: Dogs of War: You have always and ever been a race of bloodthirsty brutes, War is not only your job, it is your life's calling.

Bonus towards shooting and combat actions. Low rolls are more punishing.

File: 3ab03b2bb1a4845⋯.jpg (25.55 KB, 400x565, 80:113, Double Sun.jpg)

File: ffd8ca2bc14b7d5⋯.png (89.12 KB, 2778x1706, 1389:853, map.png)

539f32  No.51690[Reply]

```Welcome to the planet of Linnaeus 5```

The planet of Linnaeus 5 sits almost two hundred million miles away from its twin suns, basking in their heat. It is one among ten different planets orbiting its suns and one of three planets within the binary system’s habitable zone. Orbiting around the planet is a sizable moon which pushes and pulls on the planet, driving its ocean’s currents. From outer space, the surface appears to be covered in a vast ocean with ice caps on both sides of the planet. It spins with a slight tilt.

Though there is no land, sheets of green can be spotted from the air. These are vast meadows of algae which blanket parts of the ocean, in some places thick enough to block out the sun to the ocean below. Feeding on these algae are schools of ray-like creatures that swallow them in clumps. In the shallow waters, are breeds of stationary predators which lash out at their prey while staying otherwise dangerously still, almost lifeless. Underneath, waiting to catch the detritus is yet another species of worm-like creature. These creatures have near global range due to the nature of the open ocean.

What awaits them is an unknowable but certainly grand future.

```Character Sheet:

Common Name: (Walking designation. I will use this to refer to the species. Example: Dog, cat, horse)
Species Name: (Optional. Genus and Species. Example: Canis lupus, Felis catus, Equus ferus)
Color: (Color on the map. Self explanatory. Does not have to be the same color as the species itself.)

Diet: (What the creature eats.)

Population: (The amount of tiles the creature takes up. Include starting position. When this reaches 0, the species has gone effectively extinct.)

Traits: (Both internal and external, including things such as sexual dimorphism and life cycles.)

Species Description: (Fluff.)

53 posts and 56 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

b29efb  No.51795

File: c0dbc2153f3e694⋯.png (23.43 KB, 471x408, 157:136, evogamerandom.png)

Dice rollRolled 7, 96, 33 = 136 (3d100)


Common Name: Malas

Species Name: Lacertus Malarius

Color: Grey

Diet: Carnivore

Population: 2

Traits: Grasping appendage (Longer), Whipping Appendage, big mouth, very weak jaws, sense of touch, stationary, Large size, Eye spots, reproduction by budding, migratory, mating season

[watchful] - +5 to all rolls involving predation or avoiding predators.

Species Description: The Gra are a species of stationary creatures that anchor themselves to any solid ground in shallow water. Though they will eat anything that floats into their big mouths, the Gra can also use the appendages growing off the top of their bodies to grab prey to feed themselves with. The Graphics reproduce by shooting both sperm and egg into the open ocean, with random chance determining whether they meet and also land on the ground on which they can grow. Jawed Gra are a mutant subspecies that have mutated muscles to close their mouths and prevent prey from escaping, longer grasping limbs, and a sensitive spot on the grasping limb.

Other: 1 time +5 to roll involving jaws

+15 on your next roll to move into the deeper water.

Expand into Grex territory.

1. Physical: Due to a strange series of mutations and chance breeding the Malas have developed a pair of tentacle/eye stalks similar to how they once had near the base of their body. This allows them to once again grab and whip at prey to eat them even while swimming instead of having to stop swimming to try to eat prey.

2. Behavioral: Many begin attempts to hunt their once hunters the Grex, using their new mobility and tentacles they attempt to grab the Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

d876f4  No.51796

File: ff20314e38c7fe4⋯.png (23.25 KB, 404x271, 404:271, TeethWum.png)

Dice rollRolled 60, 48, 38 = 146 (3d100)


Common Name: Scavenger Wum

Species Name: Erepos Wumus Olfactus

Color: Green

Diet: Omnivore

Population: The 3 tiles I have outlined on the map

Traits: Rapid regeneration, reproduction by fission, primitive olfactory glands

Species Description: The Wum are a species of bottom-dwelling worm-like creatures. They are primarily sediment feeders and will eat whatever detritus falls into their reach from the upper ocean. Despite their slow movement and lifestyle, the Wum possess remarkable regenerative properties. Their ability to regenerate also lends to their reproduction, where one individual will split itself in two, both halves eventually growing back into two separate but genetically identical specimens. A certain subspecies of Wum has emerged ahead of the curve, a random mutation giving them slits on the side of their headpart that contain primitive olfactory glands, letting them follow the food somewhat instead of randomly happening upon it. With natural selection in play, this subspecies becomes very successful.

Stored: +10 to social behavior, +10 to expand to non-shallows

1. Physical. The minerals that make up some of the Wum's diet has begun to manifest as teeth, which the Wum use to tear off tougher pieces of food, or to move rocks that their tongues are not tough enough to, in order to get to any trapped goodies.

2. Behavioral. Using these new teeth, the Wum start to get a habit of burrowing into the ground. Right now this is just a matter of comfort while resting, with a chance to find some hidden food, but it may prove useful for more later.

3. TerritoPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

397532  No.51797

File: 20060a87a759a3d⋯.png (417.06 KB, 2778x1706, 1389:853, Grax Grounds.png)

Dice rollRolled 71, 55, 23, 12 = 161 (4d100)


Common Name: Grax

Species Name: Lacertus Grakus Pax

Color: Purple

Diet: Carnivore

Population: 11

Traits: Grasping appendage, big mouth, very weak jaws, sense of touch, stationary, reproduction by budding, long minor appendages, carpet, mating season, holding food for reproduction, hibernation, carpet grasping arms, Ganglia (Brain Growth 1), Perception of other Grax through touch, Sharp Protrusions, Scraping, Algal Filters, Digging for calcium, Omnivorous, Algae Storing, [symbiotic algae], Longer Arms (allowing the algae to reach sunlight.), Exoskeleton, upright arms (to help the algae, and muscles, grow), Budding, Kills Invaders,

Species Description: The Grax are a species of stationary creatures that anchor themselves to any solid ground in shallow water. Though they will eat anything that floats into their big mouths, the Gra can also use the appendages growing off the top of their bodies to grab prey to feed themselves with. The Graphics reproduce by shooting both sperm and egg into the open ocean, with random chance determining whether they meet and also land on the ground on which they can grow. The Grax have improved upon the Gra by developing new appendages. Although these limbs are weak, their true purpose is to dance in the shallow waters to attract prey into the range of the strong grasping appendage.

+5 to the next roll involving nervous systems.

+5 to the next roll involving communication.

-10 to the next roll evolving weaponry

-5 on the next roll involving symbiosis.

Allow competitive species and add 1 tile as pictured

1 Physical. Clear Foul-Tasting Anti-Acidic Mucus. The Grax proximity to the volcanoes since their inception triggered an evolution where they secrete a material to protect their carpet skin, and the symbiotic algae, from damaging/acidic substances. As Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

397532  No.51798


oh right forgot the +15 to my next expand territory roll.

0dbef9  No.51799

Dice rollRolled 43, 67, 2, 19 = 131 (4d100)


Common Name: Sexus

Species Name: Volitares Sexus

Color: Orange

Diet: Herbivore

Population: 14

Traits: Fins, mouth, WZ sex determination, Taste, Lateral Line, Schooling, Notochord, motion sensing eyes, Mucus membrane

Species Description: The Flo are a species of ray-like animal which wafts casually throughout the ocean though are capable of bursts of speed to reach food whenever it goes scarce. They feed on clumps of algae and are plentiful wherever there is plenty of algae. The Flo reproduce by laying eggs through their mouths in large clumps which float along the open ocean until they hatch, at which clones of their mother appear, already capable of fending for themselves.

1. Physical. The Sexus begin secreting a mucus around their skin to keep it hydrated and protect it from outside elements. It also helps with movement outside of water.

+15 to the next roll involving being on land

2. Behavioral. With the sexus females being able to physically see the males perform their acrobatic stunts in and out of the water their mating dance becomes more attractive.

3. Territorial. The Sexus expand around the island.

4. Competition Roll

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