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The King Is Dead; Long Live The King!

File: 1423439536698.jpg (491.77 KB, 1500x865, 300:173, 1420151585981.jpg)

630783  No.3[Reply]

Welcome to /builders/! This board is for the creation and running of nation and hero builders. A builder is a game run by a single Gamemaster (GM), where various players design their own hero or nation (Hence, Hero or Nation builder), to participate in a setting of the GM's design. Rules past that very with each game. For your viewing pleasure, here is a community-made guide to running and playing builders. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1NZFX--5Hchy7wwVliYA8E8t5oNyec4zSC4yNStw4Oy0/edit?pli=1

As the board is now under new management, please review the following board rules:

1. No spamming.

2. No posting gore, animal abuse, bodily waste or other tasteless content.

3. Pornography is permitted ONLY in games that are labelled as explicit and adult-only. Please make sure that the TITLE of any such game thread reflects this. You are encouraged, but not necessarily required, to spoiler pornographic content within an explicit game thread.

4. No cheating. If you accidentally post twice or more, please delete the extra posts and KEEP the first one.

5. No salt, abuse or excessive banter in the threads. Memeing on a critfail/success or a particularly audacious action is fine, but don't go overboard with it; that's what the Discord is for.

6. For GMs: treat your players fairly. Do not play favorites.

Join the /builders/ community at:


Have fun, and be excellent to each other!

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File: 7371c85422cf1fe⋯.jpg (849.22 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, Map.jpg)

d1d557  No.53185[Reply]

The time has come, you've watched the lands of ebonheart and the skittering insects that think they rule it. You've bided your time in your lairs and now its time to do something this world shall be yours! You just need to figure out how to claim it.

>>>Stat Sheet

Name: What you wish to be called

Race:What manner of evil creature are you?

Fluff:Don't fill in if you're playing dumat or the sea serpent

Evil Lair Location:

Evil Lair Fluff: Self-explanatory what does your lair look like?

Troops:You will start with ten based on fluff and can recruit more as the game continues

Color:What color you would like your territory to be, note the coloring of tiles will be kinda half-assed and shitty deal with it.

Current Research:You start with things based on fluff

Current Resources: Also based on fluff

Current Territory:List villages,towns and other named things you've captured here

Villain Bonus: What you get based on your villains lore

Lair Bonus: Bonus based on your lair, bonus functions as a debuff to invading troops.

>>>Roll Chart Shamelessly stolen from TBR

actions are 3d100

100 - CRIT SUCCESS - GET OUT THE HOOKERS AND SMACK IT'S TIME TO PARTY HARD! Whatever you're doing gets done perfectly and you get something GREAT AND AMAZING.

99-90 - Great work, you get a gold star. Not really but you do get something extra that's a little bit good. Progress is half-finished, if it's already halfway completed or more then it's done.

89-60 - Good success - whatPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

6 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

459908  No.53192

File: 05a6e8c64e63ff1⋯.jpg (82.4 KB, 615x323, 615:323, Savage-Sword-of-Jesus-Chri….jpg)

File: 515f6beaf7dc19f⋯.jpg (90.71 KB, 300x360, 5:6, d279is-b41ae273-a589-4756-….jpg)


Name: Alaric

Race: Human blessed by the Dark Gods

Fluff: Long envious of the pleasant and well-ordered life of the many peaceful and prosperous people of the cities and villages of the world, the scattered barbarian tribes of Ebonhart, long divided by squabbles and wrongdoings more ancient then the very ground they walked upon, finally united under one banner under the rule of the hardest, meanest, darkest-skinned and crudest of their lot, Alaric the Shadowbane, slayer of a thousandscore men, Rider of the great flying serpent Dumat, who's gaze turns men to stone and black seed has blessed the bellies of young maidens of the civilized races the world over. In their great moot in the Goldshire hills, long reputed to be a nexus of dark power, the great horde gathers and beckons what remaining wildmen still wandering the world to its dark and foreboding crags and peaks. But the people are ever divisive, and with the proximity comes only the rekindling of conflict, and soon the would-be King Alraic finds himself embroiled in the petty politics of court. Casting aside his golden crown, he instead takes a beaten iron ring, spikes adoring it, and has his brother hammer it onto his head, the blood constantly flowing down his long brown hair and face, and swears to bring about the end of the world as we know it; for even in uniting the true humans of this world the disgusting decadence of civilization has turned his once mighty horde into nothing more then another gaggle of weak humans. Taking what loyal men remain, he left the growing Barbarian city, promising to burn the world, saving the new den of filth he had created for last.

Evil Lair Location: Goldshire hills

Evil Lair Fluff: A tent-city not unlike what you would see of any nomadic tribe, but sprawling and choked-full of people.

Troops: 10 Barbarians

Color: Orange

Current Research:You start with things based on fluff

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

d1d557  No.53193


Current Research:[Tier 2 Weapons] [Tier 2 Armor] [Tier 4 Stoneworking]

Current Resources: [Steel][Glass][Basic Forge][Wizards library]

Villain Bonus:

Lair Bonus: Castlevania- your castle is filled to the brim with monsters, traps and the occasional roast chicken hidden behind a candlestick. It's very structure is linked to your life if you fall so too does the castle..you just hope some vampire hunter with a magical whip doesn't get any bright ideas.

-10 to rolls to anyone assaulting the castle that isn't a NPC hero or carrying weapons designed to slay vampires and undead


Current Resources: [Mithril][Adamantite][Dwarven Forge]

Current Research:[Tier 2 Weapons] [Tier 2 Armor] [Tier 3 Metalworking]

Villain Bonus:Slumbering Ancient-You may be asleep and imprisoned but you still have influence many are susceptible to your whispers +5 to recruitment rolls

Lair Bonus: Mines of moria-Your lair is located deep within the heart of Dumats Throne slick with ice and cold beyond reasoning the dwarves dare not near your chambers nor could they for the labyrinthine tunnels are easy to get lost in even for a dwarf. -10 to all who assault your lair unless they can somehow procure detailed maps of the tunnels leading to your chamber.


Current Research:[Tier 2 Weapons] [Tier 2 Armor] [Tier 3 Jewel Craft] [Tier 1 Metalworking]

Current Resources: [Coral][Pearl][Platinum][Diamond][Deep-One Forge]

Villain Bonus: Leviathan-You are massive and your size and power is unfathomable. There is a reason EbonhearPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

f8dab9  No.53194

File: a5a021858428d15⋯.jpg (57.59 KB, 388x410, 194:205, imageeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee….jpg)


>drow builder


456ee1  No.53196

Dice rollRolled 3, 15, 85 = 103 (3d100)


Name: Vyrlenaeth the Devourer

Race: Sea-Serpent

Fluff: An ancient being borne of the deep, primordial ocean and without equal. For countless years Vyrlenaeth has dwelled in these waters, feasting upon other creatures and the vessels of humans.

Evil Lair Location: City of the Drowned

Evil Lair Fluff: lmao it’s a city underwater nigga what more do ye want.

Troops: 10 Deep Ones

Color: Purple

Current Research:[Tier 2 Weapons] [Tier 2 Armor] [Tier 3 Jewel Craft] [Tier 1 Metalworking]

Current Resources: [Coral][Pearl][Platinum][Diamond][Deep-One Forge]

Current Territory: City of the Drowned

Villain Bonus: Leviathan-You are massive and your size and power is unfathomable. There is a reason Ebonheart lacks port towns, all who go near the oceans fear you, and it is obvious you control them. +5 to rolls to expand anywhere within the ocean.

Lair Bonus: The drowned city- Your domain is located deep beneath the inky black depths a horrible maddening place equal parts beautiful and terrifying with strange and fantastical non-euclidean architecture. -10 to anyone attempting to breach the depths without some means of being able to breathe and navigate underwater

Action 1: Explore the area around the Drowned City for anything of note.

Action 2-3: Get more henchmen to serve me by any means necessary.

16b515  No.53197

Dice rollRolled 88, 27, 7 = 122 (3d100)


Name: Lord Solomon Dracul Variera V

Race: Vampire

Fluff: From the royal line of rulers of the land of Variera, Solomon showed a great talent for magic from a young age, and was trained in it extensively. Eventually becoming a mighty wizard, over many years, he had learned of many great sources of power all the world over, just waiting to be tapped into. He used his knowledge to turn himself into the progenitor of his own line of vampires, so that he may live for as long as it takes to gather all of the power he could ever dream of. He leads the people of Variera, perpetually in awe and fear of his strength, as the Vampire Wizard King.

Evil Lair Location: Castle Variera

Evil Lair Fluff: Castle Variera contains all the guards you would expect of a king's home, but the inner sanctum, off limits to all but the king and his apprentices, is rife with magic traps. It's patrolled by magic creations, the results of experiments from Solomon's many decades of research.

Troops: 10 Thralls

Color: Red

Current Research: [Tier 2 Weapons] [Tier 2 Armor] [Tier 4 Stoneworking]

Current Resources: [Steel] [Glass] [Basic Forge] [Wizard's Library]

Current Territory: Castle Variera

Villain Bonus: Lord of the night-What is a man but a miserable little pile of secrets? As a vampire you strike fear in the hearts of your enemies. +5 to combat rolls, in addition once every 3 turns you can impose a -5 to the combat rolls of an enemy.

Lair Bonus: Castlevania-Your castle is filled to the brim with monsters, traps and the occasional roast chicken hidden behind a candlestick. Its very structure is linked to your life, if you fall so too does the castle…You just hope some vampire hunter with a magical whip doesn't get any bright ideas. -10 to rolls to anyone assaulting the castle that isn't a NPC hero or carrying weapons designed to slay vampires and undead.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 3d2e0e0bea974b6⋯.png (435.95 KB, 3675x2350, 147:94, hero_builder_map.png)

193d3c  No.52532[Reply]

The end times are upon the United States of America, and soon upon the whole world. The country's greatest heroes and villains have fallen against an ironclad evil– a legion of robotic, laser-toting skeletons led by the insidious Skeleton Prime. Much of the country has fallen into its grip– few capable of standing up to this horrid foe still remain.

That is where YOU come in. You are a superhero, a supervillain, a super-whatever– and because of your pitiful, overlooked, D-List status, you were not targeted by the Skeleton forces nor asked to fly into battle against them. And so you have survived.

Now, with the League of Righteousness dead and most of D.O.O.M slain or AWOL, it is YOUR time to rise up, defeat the Cyber Skeleton Legions, and claim that sweet, sweet superhuman street cred for your own.


Name: The name the superhuman community and the news know you by. Secret identity optional.

Age: Approximate, as needed.

Origin Story: How YOU became a superhuman/alien/dog, and the basis for your superpowers and super-equipment.

Blood Type: Fill this out.

Signature Color: Pick a color. One that I can actually access in MSPaint. You may want to wait until the map-wipe for this.

Domain: Doctor Doom has Latveria, Batman has Gotham. You have your own domain, represented by your Signature Color. The bigger your domain, the more resources you can draw upon, but the harder it is to defend.

Superpowers: Determined by Fluff/Origin Story.

Equipment: Determined by Fluff.

Followers: Determined by Fluff.

Renown: Starts at D-List

PREVIOUS 4CHAN THREAD AND OTHER THREADS HERE: Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

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e7427b  No.53161

File: 011d8dfdb10d326⋯.jpg (209.97 KB, 1280x1280, 1:1, 5c6f717027a93a29623b1653c2….jpg)

File: 50ab3217744806f⋯.jpg (39.82 KB, 440x210, 44:21, 98204473_7cba97a6fa.jpg)

File: 622b75b96f6b32c⋯.png (114.86 KB, 350x173, 350:173, Leviathan-blast-Taris_6449.png)

Dice rollRolled 50 (1d100)


High above in low orbit, the DOOM STAR hung like a second moon, a visibly indicator to all forces in the eastern hemisphere that the MASTERMIND personally overlooked his three army groups as they surged across the continent.

The last bastion of Prime stood before them, the skeletal forces striking back with all the rage and fury of a cornered mechanical rat.

Army Group Center lay at the very door to Prime's final lair, and yet the MASTERMIND held them back. He was going to make one final, grand display for all the world to see. He picked up his hell-forged microphone and spoke.



The bombardment would begin, and the Mastermind would levely anything and everything that so much as looked skeletal, gigantic laser beams and hundreds of plasma batteries opened fired on the masterminds foes, as the fire superiority of DOOM would clear the battlefield before the great charge by the army groups.


193d3c  No.53164

Dice rollRolled 29 (1d100)


54b61d  No.53177

Dice rollRolled 18, 98, 29 = 145 (3d100)


Name: The Hell-Rider

Age: 26

Origin Story: Douglas Green was just a simple biker before one day he was gunned down in by a member of a rival gang. His soul was sucked directly to help were he was tormented for all of his wrong doings in life. Douglas was however was no ordinary man and set about planning his escape from hell. Taking to ambushing and eating the lesser demon-kin he found himself twisting in both body and mind as he made his way towards the limits of Hell. How exactly he got out at that point not even he remembers is finding himself back in his hometown by the ruins of his old watering hole. Finding himself in the wreckage of the world now ruled by Iron-Bones he has set off to make things right and maybe redeem his soul on the way.

Blood Type: O

Signature Color: Purple

Domain: Northern Texas

Renown: C-List

Powers: [A-List Fire Resistance][A-List Demonic Transformation (gives A-List Super Strength, A-List Endurance and D-List Flight)][C-List Motorcycling][A+-List Guitar Skills][B-List Guitar Combat ][B-List Chain Combat]

Demon-Hog: [B-List Super Speed][D-List Intangibility]

Weakness: [Devil's Reject] - You fought your way out of Hell, but Hell wants your black soul back. Your critical failures can attract OTHER types of attention, you are harmed and repelled by objects of faith, and banishing magic is particularly deadly to you.

Equipment: Hellforged Chain, Demon-Hog, Demonhide Jacket, Wrathful Anointed Stratocaster, BONEZONE HAT

Assets: [Old Biker Clubhouse][Soulforged Cigar][3 Grenades][Tramkit]

[Pick Of The Purple Prince], which allows you to sacrifice a health level to give you the B-List Sonic Blast (Guitar) power for a turn, and improves normal guitar playing by +5,

[Soul-Coal Ring] is styled with a grimacing skull much in the way a silver biker's ring would, but when Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

193d3c  No.53178

Dice rollRolled 44, 82, 68 = 194 (3d100)


7b2424  No.53195

File: c98be071390bc03⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 93.99 KB, 324x213, 108:71, R wrap around head.PNG)

Dice rollRolled 92, 22, 57 = 171 (3d100)


Name: Lord "Dracula" Bob, King of Greater Wisconsin, "The Wisconsin Vampire", Once and Future King, King Crimson

Age: 30

Origin Story: Fell into a vat of high performance makeup designed for athletes who want to look nice. Which was place conveniently near a costume department store. The fangs make it hard for him to chew and his super powered body needs a lot of nutrients so he drinks all his meals with a nibble hear and there. His now pristine and flawless white skin is very sensitive to light. Before all that he was just a jobless actor who made bad poetry and puns and lived in closet of an apartment with no windows in the basement in a bad neighborhood.

Blood Type: D for Drinks A Lot

Signature Color: Blood Red

Domain: Transylvania Forest (Milwaukee), Greater Wisconsin, [Neo-Camelot], [Renovated Chicago Pier], [Skeletonized Detroit].

Superpowers: [A-List Super Strength], [A-List Super Speed], [C-List Super Stealth], [A-List Hypnotism], [A-List Swordsmanship], [Greater Psionic Resistance], [C-List Martial Trance],

Weakness: [Sorta Vampirish] - Being in sunlight causes pain and blindness. Most actions must be done during the night, or underground. You can more or less only eat liquids. Fire does extreme damage to you since the makeup is, apparently, napalm-based.

Equipment: [Excalibur], [Skeleton Alloy Pants],[Retrofitted Psiadamant Gauntlets], [Purple Crystal Globe](Flail with claw-machine-esque clutch)(Currently wrapped around my body as psi-chain armor), The [Holy Grail]

5 [Skeleton Laser Rifles]. 28 [Skeleton Scrap],[Skeleton Alloy Gauntlets],[Hang-Glider].[Ultra-Insulated Christmas Sweater]

Followers: 8 Teenagers, 2 Dr.Handymen (Dr. Richards and Dr. Frakensteen), 2 Vampire Apprentice [Pa'Trikk The EverCrispy], [Wisconsin Super-Governor],[Elijah "Dark Sanguinus" Blake], [Werewolf Tribe]

[Lasersteen], who has [A-List Lasers], [A-List Blade Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: d132bc49e25967d⋯.jpg (502.58 KB, 1500x885, 100:59, 282476.jpg)

File: ed01e54f13db919⋯.jpg (233.27 KB, 2480x1525, 496:305, bd8ec2b31d83bec9e3cc6df786….jpg)

File: 39da2bfcdfe8793⋯.png (4.67 MB, 6460x3485, 76:41, fantasy_map_1552853272294.png)

d6f58d  No.52259[Reply]

Long ago, when the universe was young and the gods of creation were just laying the foundations of what would be to come, the small ball of molten rock that would come be to known as Y’rvenia was much like all the other lifeless rocks floating through the void. It would remain so for some time, until by chance, or according to some divine intervention, life began. First came the simple lifeforms, the various types of plants and animals, but eventually a spark of sentience emerged.

The first truly rational beings to emerge on Y’rvenia is a topic of hot contention amongst the races that still remain from that time. Millenia has passed, and none remain that truly know of it, so these Elder Races, as they are known, all contend, out of equal amounts of arrogance and pride, to be the first. There are the oldest civilizations still extant on Y’rvenia, strong and wise, though long past their halcyon days. There is the Dawi, the Dwarves, short and stocky creatures who dwell under the mountains of the world; Strong enough to hew rocks with their bare hands, and as stubborn as the very mountains from which they claim to be born from, these hardy humanoids stand in stark contrast to their erstwhile rivals, the Quendi, the Elves. Tall and lithe creatures of unparalleled beauty and arrogance, who consider themselves the protectors of the natural beauty of this world. Considered to be perfect in all manner of work and warfare, they are outclassed solidly in only one area, much to their chagrin, Magic. The penultimate magic users of this world would be the Wei'lynn, large nomadic lizards of the southern deserts. A shamanistic and peaceful people, few venture beyond their homelands, and usually only do as a result of great calling or peril to their kind and the world. A usually peaceful people, but when roused to war one is reminded of their great power. Lording above all is the Vinod, the Giants, dwelling in mighty citadels on the highest peaks of the world, and rumored to be able to walk on clouds despite their immense bulk and statue. Gentle giants, they are few in number, even for the Elder races, but unlike many of them some of their descendants have prospered, though much to the anger of the Vinod. Degenerate Giants, known as Aslardi, roam the world, as stupid as they are powerful, they plunder and pillage without fear. Young Vinod often depart from their homes on journeys to disPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

123 posts and 59 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

c9e6d7  No.53176

Dice rollRolled 61, 75, 7 = 143 (3d100)


Name: Daimyo Nishimoto Ryobe “The Tiger of the South”

Fluff: A Quendi hailing from the shrouded islands of the Eternal Kingdom to the far west. An elf of honour and martial prowess he served under his shogun fighting against the monsters that assailed the Kingdom from blighted ruins in the south of the Kingdom. His skills are honed by years of combat against vicious beasts however it was on a rather routine raid that the current chapter of his life begins. The blighted ruins were found on the furthest southern island among a series of tricky tides and jagged rocks, it was here that his fleet with struck by a great storm tearing apart their sails and casting them far from home. Few of his men survived alongside him, being cast adrift in the open ocean. They drifted for what seemed like weeks before being found by a exploration fleet captained by none other then the second prince of the Eidolon Empire. Knowing that the powerful magics that shrouded his homeland would never allow them to return Daimyo Nishimoto Ryobe and his men swore an oath of service to their savoir in hope to find some honour and purpose as exiles from their homeland.

Health: 12/12


+ [Quendi Tatami] - Intricately-woven metal plates and leather, some of the finest armor available in the world. Though without being home you'll be hard-pressed to repair it properly. - 15 to all attacks against you, + 2 health when worm

+ [Quendi Ōdachi] - A excessively large, curved sword. Master craftsmanship and folded over a million times. Can cut through the densest steel but leaves you open on the back-swing. +20 to large targets, +10 to same size targets, and -20 to smaller targets.



+ [Eastern Wisdom] Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

f9d29c  No.53179

Dice rollRolled 90, 73, 90 = 253 (3d100)




>Health: 10/10

>Gear: + [The Claidheamh Mor] - A massive two handed sword that was left with you on the night you were seemingly abandoned. It is a good foot or so larger then you and weighs about an 1/8 of what you do. Until you learn to properly handle such a beast it will be more of a hamper then a boon to you. 2x Damage and + 10 against large targets, - 15 to Same or smaller targets.


>+ [Fire-Kissed] - Your scars are unmistakably burns, but their origin is unknown even to you. However you've always had a affinity for the flames, you swear you could even beckon the candle-fire to dance for you, at least it always seemed that way. + 10 Defense to Fire, magical or otherwise, + 5 to learning/casting fire magic



>Great-sword handling 3/18


1-3. "I-I am sorry sir. I was told that this was the place to go for training…" Alice bowed in apology. "I did not mean to disturb you, you have my sincere apologies!"

"But if this really is the right place than you must be Lachlan…" "Please help me sir! I-if it would not be too much trouble to you."

57329c  No.53182

Dice rollRolled 76, 63, 11 = 150 (3d100)


Health: 10/10


+ [Greatbow] - A bow as tall as a very large man, capable of draw strength's greater then the tension used to pull most small ballista back. Can also put what would grossly misrepresent as an "arrow" through a tree at 150 paces. -20/-5/+20 to smaller/similar/larger targets

+ [15 Great Arrows] - The human-length ammunition for your massive bow


+ Reading Glass - Allows you to read fine print.


+ [Degenerates] - You are seen by your elder cousins as an abomination, and will find no kinship in them. -45/-10/+5 to charisma actions involving giants/elder races/younger races.

+ [A Smith's Son] - Though your father is unfamiliar to you, his craft is not, and though hard, long hours in the forge you have gain a great understanding of the craft of metalworking. +10 to smithing actions.


1. Say no more. I am off to pick up a large sword from the illustrious dwarves. I shall return it immediately once I go pick it up for the blacksmith

2. Perhaps there may be a traveling scholar, a scribe, or a cartographer along the way who can help me read.

3. But before I go pick up the sword, go haul at the mine and get paid for it.

b81e3c  No.53183

Dice rollRolled 24, 57 = 81 (2d100)

Name:Quill (Literally the sound of a quill writing on parchment)

Fluff: Long ago in the time of the elder races lived a proud and noble race of winged avian creatures known as the Kenku, the kenku appeared as a race of ravens or crows and prided themselves on their culture and peaceful ways. The kenku lived for a time in a golden era of peace complacent and separated from the other races completely content to live out their lives in solidarity away from the prying eyes of all else. Their society flourished as all kenku lived as kings sharing the wealth and love between eachother, that however soon changed when an albino Kenku was born to King of Kings Goldfeather. It was seen as an ill omen, the white devil had made its mark upon their society. King Goldfeather vehemently denied that his family bore evil and accepted the albino as his son and brought him into his flock. Dissent grew larger and larger though, the kenku feared the unknown, they feared change and so in the dark of night, five kenku conspired and collaborated to murder King Goldfeather on the kenkus most holy holiday. The celebration of Yvth'rali the crowfather. During this night those five kenku stole away into the palace and systematically slaughtered everyone inside, the walls ran red with the blood of the innocent during this dark act, the crowfather watched on from his domain in horror at what his subjects had become and as the last drop of blood finally fell that night, the crowfather would enact his holy judgement. For the vile and despicable act of kin-slaying the crowfather stripped the Kenku of their voice and wings reducing them to a hollow shell of what they once where, now they could only mimic the other races, no longer having a voice of their own, no longer would they fly proudly through the blue skies. In his final act of judgement the crowfather destroyed the once proud civiliaztion sentencing them to exile in the foulest region known to the races, until such a time a champion would be born that could redeem the race for their despicable actions. And so it was that the prophecy of the Lightborn was created, telling the tale of a kenku that would be born to bring salvation upon the race.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

b81e3c  No.53184

Dice rollRolled 30 (1d100)


(forgot third action)

3.Keep an eye out for interesting things on the road.

File: 8ea12f4df21f5dd⋯.jpg (141.7 KB, 720x411, 240:137, 5561.jpg)

ebc930  No.52810[Reply]

In August 2019 an asteroid was spotted on a collision course for Earth. It’s size suggested that a collision would plunge the world into a new ice ball age. The world governments, mostly, set aside old grievances for the survival of humanity; and ruthlessly put down any that didn’t. Projects were made to colonize the moon and mars, self contained vaults were created, habs that could hopefully survive the great freeze were built, and genetic facilities run by an AI was created to monitor these projects and create new humans through artificial wombs and stored semen and eggs in case of the worst outcomes. Of all of these projects the craziest was project Isekai, a project to colonize an alternate reality. Moving along a fourth dimensional axis it was believed that one of a few things could happen: the colonization of another planet through FTL travel, the colonization of an alternate reality, and horrible death. The project was completed just in time and the colonists were hurried through the portal. To your surprise you are alive on an alien world; but will that last?

Overall rules:

The rules will likely be bent or broken in some cases, and that is fine. I’m not perfect and I enjoy rule of cool scenarios.

While I will try to keep everything balanced I make no promises. I will do my best to give everything you try to do, within reason, to do something.

Use some logic. Bad decisions will not be saved by good rolls, unless they are crit successes, then the dice gods love you and hate me (as always). So giving your kids to the creepy guy in return for vague promises of something good will probably not work for you.

I am autistic about tech. This will not be avoided. To be able to research some things you will need to have another prerequisite tech, resource, or other such prerequisite. Such as for gunpowder you will need saltpeter, charcoal, and sulphur.

Bitching solves nothing.

Have fun. It is a game.

100- Crit success (Every 20 over 100 is another +1

99-99- 3

60-89- 2

40-59- 1

20-39- 0

10-19- Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

40 posts and 14 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

ba7bb4  No.53133

Dice rollRolled 10, 35 = 45 (2d100)


Name - Drakeknights

Fluff - Outside View- An order of doctors, medical scientists, martial artists, athletes, coaches, support staff, and their families. In assembling these people it was hoped that they could practice their arts in any world they went to, and by applying what their knowledge over the human body and what is it capable of, to survive and thrive. In order to acquire the resources needed to establish themselves it would be necessary to build trust with the human factions and the locals. Practicing knowledge, risk, and fighting always provide the greatest yields. With these conditions in mind, working together, pooling resources and skills needed to fight and survive, they have formed what could only described as a Knightly Order. It seemed obvious that since they all came from Earth that they should name themselves for that distant world. They hope to achieve enough resources to create chapters around the human inhabited lands. In practice the warriors of this faction are hoping to achieve a form of heavy cavalry or heavy infantry that will make the most of their medical, conditioning, and martial knowledge.

Interior View- Sports and martial sports tycoon Bob Bobadome has bought his way through the portal. He was a genius at selling sports and bringing people together. This new world was just the sort of opportunity he was BORN for. He would put the athletes and medical specialists he had brought with him to work fighting and servicing in any way that would earn them the money and reputation needed to survive and thrive. Luckily there were no intellectual property laws as far as he could tell and so he decided on the 'Knights of Terra' to try and capitalize on the people he knew best and what could hold them together. Hes brought his prized texas longhorns and his beloved collection of birds, but immediately after arriving the birds grew massive, shed their feathers for scales, and took flight as drakes! He is now the proud owner of some loving and hungry drakes.

Color - Green

Snowflake -

For Science!Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

ba7bb4  No.53134

Dice rollRolled 84 (1d100)


Reroll that scouting

c13307  No.53162

The South Will Rise Again -

A hunting camp is easily set up around that watering hole found down south. Starts bringing in some nice pelts, meat, and bone for whatever you guys would want to use them for. Unfortunately, though, the mining operation is a non-start. This is mainly due to the fact that one of your guys noticed that there was a vein to the SW near where the hunting camp was set up. While there is a large amount of copper around the city it appears there is a good bit of what they suspect is a nickel ore. Some say it may be better to just keep the equipment for now and wait until they find something more valuable or at least iron. Some of the boys have been comparing old world materials with new world materials of the same type. Considering the best you really have is stone, copper, and whatever decides to spawn around the pillar of light, with the tech you have now it is very hard to find any differences. People who deal with the copper say that all the base standards, melting point and all that, are within a good deviation of what it is back on earth. Putting the copper into the pillar of light for various periods of time, both earth and local samples, and it is found that the deviations shifted slightly in random directions for some properties. While some think it may be a fluke the common consensus is that materials on this planet should work the same as back on earth except those that have been exposed to some sort of magic for long periods of time. It should also be noted that married scientists had to remove their rings or get jumped by very angry spirits. Apparently they don’t like having gems around the pillar of light.

+1 Food, 1 Hides, 1 Bone

+Tech: Ambient Magic Theory (Base) +5 to studying local materials native to this world.

Dorf Fortress-

In true dorf fortress fashion you create a quick system of underground transit for the water to move from the southern watering hole to your home base under the city. You also decide to set up some filters along the way to help reduce the taste of copper and dirt in the water. It works alright, still tastes like copper and dirt though. During that endevor you also found out that there is a vein of nickel in the south west that you quickly dig a tunnel to along the same route and start a smallPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

c13307  No.53163

Modern Day Cowboys -

With some extra help with the spirits speeding up your horses to a ridiculous degree and allows you to round up quite a few of the goat creatures for hunting. Some think that they could do it again and try to tame the things. This adventure, and insane speeds, also brought the attention of a new kind of wind spirit. The thing looks like a pure white eagle with pure blue eyes. “Fast fuckers ain’t ya! Almost as fast as I am! Know what, you’ve earned my respect ya flighty fucks and probably the respect of my friends too when I tell them bout this.” It wasn’t long until the things started hanging around you and helping out the ones that regularly went hunting. Using your newfound friends and your normal, eight legged, horses you head south and reach the end of the mud fields, which ends in a mountain range and the same large coastal desert over the ridge. “Damn shame, them mountains ain’t fun. Old Mountain spirit Ghun lives there but he never wants to come out and play. Old bastard just isn’t lively.” You also notice some hints of Nickel near where you have already scouted and heading farther south until about half way down the mud fields.

Event: When out running around with your new spirits it seems that their own races seemed to have, accidentally, caused a small wind storm. It ended up blowing away a lot of the Partaker’s tents in their city. Woops.

+Spirits {Name} [Small, Wind]

+1 Food, +1 Hides, +1 Bone

Bird Fuckers -

You send some scouts south east along the edge of the watering hole or mud field, whichever the guys prefer to call it that day. This place is a bunch of empty nothing and it really gets on the nerves of the scouts. Reaching the edge of the mud field they find a few things. The first being a mountain range to the south that reaches higher than where you are now. The second is a ridge that they suspect is another edge to the plateau you are on, and the third is what they suspect is another pillar of light in the distance. Someone also says they thought they saw a group of humanoids in the distance, but everyone else says it was only rocks and didn’t really look humanoid. The scout was adamant that they were walking. Seeing this poor man crack you decide to create a hospital in the city. MorePost too long. Click here to view the full text.

a173e3  No.53181

Dice rollRolled 28, 39 = 67 (2d100)


Name - New World Pioneers

Fluff - When the looming threat of destruction was accompanied by the promise of a new world, some jumped at the chance. Among them were the New World Pioneers. Formed by a group of sportsmen and outdoor enthusiasts and their families, key members of the group included horse ranchers, radio operators, and the operators of a steel mill. Though they had no idea what this new world may hold, the members of the NWP knew that they wanted to see all of it. They loaded up carts of steel and supplies, pulled by their horses, and made their way through the portal. On the way, both them and their animals were changed. When they appeared on the other side, the horses had become sleipnir: stronger, faster, leggier. Perfect for covering even more uncharted ground. The humans of the NWP found that they were able to converse with spirits in this new world, opening up mysterious secrets for discovery. It has only convinced the NWP even further that they are destined to traverse every inch of this mysterious new world.

Color - Purple

Snowflake - Magic: Spirits, Mutated Stock: Sleipnir

Techs - Common Modern (See below)

Research - Air Spirits

Magic - Spirit Magic - Spirits: Sprites(Tiny, Air) Wind Eagles(Small, Wind)

Units - 1x NWP Riders [Ranged] [Cavalry] [Free Upkeep] <In Capital>

Settlements - None

Wealth - 3

Influence - 3

Resources - Horses(Mutated), Radios, Steel

+1 Food, +1 Hides, +1 Bone

Bonus: Curiosity hopefully wont kill you: +10 to scouting, prospecting, and study of new world items such as creatures, minerals, and ruins.

Spirit researchers back at camp latch onto what their new pal the Wind Eagle said about telling his friends. Spirit communication. Could their wind spirits go about and gather information Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1148d8b4eaba115⋯.png (37.95 KB, 200x200, 1:1, Crash Land.png)

File: a4fe652c1102fee⋯.png (26.83 KB, 200x200, 1:1, Sinking into Madness.png)

File: 0e7c3156284faa0⋯.png (39.61 KB, 200x200, 1:1, Hope.png)

842f90  No.52850[Reply]

your ship dun goofed in space and crashed into an ocean world, where it sank right to the deepest bottom this world has. congrats you dummies maybe don't all go into cryo next time yeah? well all's not lost yet. you're still alive, and you've got basic space stuff no don't question how space stuff works underwater it just does, you also have light.

-your dude no fill-

>health: 100/100

>sanity: 10/10

>equipment: (based on fluff)

>bonus: (based on fluff)

-fill out your dude-

>Name: (Mcfugger doop)

>fluff: (I suck dicks for a living)

>three personal items: (a dick that I suck for a living. my self worth. your mom)

>what you think your bonus should be:

rules and whatevers in here:


33 posts and 21 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

e503f4  No.53167

File: dcf3d768e08e70a⋯.png (14.14 KB, 200x200, 1:1, coon5.png)

File: 401964644991d3c⋯.png (34.27 KB, 2000x2000, 1:1, assumption map2.png)

Turn 2

>Coon storage

Supplies ???/100

General ammo 70/100

Spare parts 20/50

Materials 5/10

>character - Colour - location

Jonas Hale - Grey - Equipment Room

Ricardo Belmonte - Red - Equipment Room

Tabitha Sparkleshine - Blue - Control Room

Pvt. James Nellson - Green - Cryo

Degeneracy Correction Unit 177-ED - Dark Grey - Crew Quarter

Galo - Yellow - Equipment Room


1.Ricardo realizing the hunt is on, dons his SNORK in as dramatic as a pose he possibly can. He looks around the control room some more, yes it's pretty clear there's a definite trail leading out the Control room and into the closet airlock in Cryo.

2. Not wanting to step outside without the means to get very far, Ricardo heads down to the Equipment room. the place looks ran sacked, even before you enter it, however Ricardo meets up with Galo inside who tells Ricardo "you an officer too brah you're ripped as shit brah mad props. there's shit here brah checked most of it can't get those shutters open over there brah" he points towards shutters that're locked almost tighter then Ricardos rock hard abs but unlike his abs the shutters know when to quit after him and Galo squat that shit. the insides are pretty disappointing as it's only just spare space suits Friction boots and a half eaten rotten lunch. "fuck this brah" Galo says as he goes back to doing push ups, Ricardo takes another moment however and finds a space scooter. fucking sick brah.

3.While Ricardo is in the Equipment room he may as well get some equipment and the only equipment he needs is personal shields and sPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

e503f4  No.53168

File: e56ade398a2af42⋯.png (4.26 KB, 200x200, 1:1, Kawaii Amphibious Alien Fr….png)


1.Getting overexcited Tabitha begins doing what she(he) does best, trapping for boys, only this boy will be quite the catch and Tabitha is looking to bag it. however half way over to where she last saw it on the monitor, she forgets where exactly… she knows it did tell her right? anyways she's set her mind on trapping and trapping is what she's going to do. she arrives at the airlock in life support and puts down a simple net trap triggered by a trip wire. surely this was the right airlock. right?

2.Tabitha feeling very content makes her way into the equipment room for a quick bite of goodies. she's soon set upon by two burly muscle men after entering and is overwhelm by the hot sweaty musk they both reek of as they flex pump and pose one another between spouting "sick deadlift brah" "what's your squat routine?" "dude those hyper protein shakes are sick brah". Tabitha after many "u mirin brah" tossed at her she soon realizes exactly what she came here for, she thinks, she awkwardly goes over to where the space suits are kept and pulls two something outs so she doesn't look like she just stood there for 5 minutes staring at those Bulky biceps. then quickly leaves after looking at what she picked up.

3.Realizing that the control room is still an absolute state but more so just wanting to kill some time. Tabitha starts cleaning the gunk up, hesitant to touch the stuff she finds some gloves a mop some buckets and cleaner solution in a wall locker, she soon sets to work and is very surprised at how easy this crap is to clean up, before she even gets bored the room is relatively spotless and more importantly the consoles aren't purple surprises any more. However, she was sure the map station was working just a few moments ago. oh well.

+Space Scooter(has two modes. inside and outside. inside mode lets you by-pass it's internal pressurized gas tank for a vacuum pump that sucks in as it propels anyone holding on around, it's slower this way but it doesn't run out of gas like this. outside mode uses the pressurized gas it stores for quick bursts to get around but this is limited to around 5 bursts till the gas tank needs refilling.)

+beacon(can be fixed to an Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

e503f4  No.53169

File: 736e64ca4a9852a⋯.png (21.44 KB, 200x200, 1:1, JELLO GOD.png)


1.Jonas tosses his remote drone into a airlock and flushes it outside, he soon takes control of the thing and drives it around the Coon. it's visibility is short and it's very difficult to operate the drone but Jonas handles it well despite being a translucent semi blob man. after just sheer pitch black he runs into what appears to be a structure not too far away from the Coon, he doesn't manage to see much of this weird place as the water currents pick up and Jonas is forced to pull his drone back inside. however the drone did take a quick snap shot of what the hell it just saw and as Jones examines the picture, he realizes he almost ran his drone into a ginormous sea anemone.

2.Sick of just sitting on his ass he goes to do what any sensible person should do, inventory check, making his way to the Equipment room Jonas doesn't realize the weird looks he's getting off of the people he's passing on his way, who now realize there's some awful looking monster thing crawling around the place. Jonas pays no mind to the stupid cat looking thing and heads straight into the Equipment room where he almost gets lynched by Galo and Ricardo who manage to get afew hits in before Jonas escaped into a near by air vent. still at least he managed to see the inventory, 20 Spare parts and 5 Materials, you figured. at the cost of 5 health.

3.While in the air vents Jonas sees alot of piping that goes throughout the Coon. he rests near a heater that's pleasant to him, he takes a moment to think just what in the fuck just happened, "they must have just been put on edge by something and I happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time" Jonas reassures him self with. Not too concerned about it Jonas rubs him self onto the heater wishing for his magic body to do something cool with and something cool it does…n't in fact something bad happens. Streaks of pain shoots through his entire body again, he wishes he was used to it at this point but that's alot of pain to get used to, and before he knows it he's suddenly very very cold. Jonas unsure just what in the hell moves away from the heater and soon finds it alot more warmer, he ponders for a moment and sticks his arm closer to the heater. yup that's freezing. hot is now cold to me, what in the hell is going on.Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

e503f4  No.53170


Temperature Reversal(Hot temperatures will cause hypothermia after three turns of contact.)(ten turns remaining)*

also update the turns left for your other mutations.

1d27b8  No.53180

Dice rollRolled 6, 3, 4, 5, 5, 2, 10, 9, 5, 10 = 59 (10d10)


>Name: Tabitha Sparkleshine

>health: 100/100

>sanity: 10/10

>three personal items:

Harpoon Gun, Pocket Pussy, Makeup bag


Retiarius molten slag thrower, named Richard.(shoots a white hot titanium aluminide foam that hardens on impact and traps targets. mid-ranged 3-burst weapon.)

Electric trap kit(a bunch of tools and mechanisms needed to build complex traps)

Padded aqua suit(allows decent movment underwater, twenty turns of air and 5 points of damage taken negated)


Hit or Miss(on a combat action, if rolled a 4/3 fuck up or a 8/7 well, reroll the combat action)

Cutie Hunter(on a stealth action, if rolled a 6/5 don't fuck up roll, gain +4 on a taunt action)

+1 Kawaii Amphibious Alien Friend

+Space Scooter(has two modes. inside and outside. inside mode lets you by-pass it's internal pressurized gas tank for a vacuum pump that sucks in as it propels anyone holding on around, it's slower this way but it doesn't run out of gas like this. outside mode uses the pressurized gas it stores for quick bursts to get around but this is limited to around 5 bursts till the gas tank needs refilling.)

+beacon(can be fixed to an object, set to follow a set path or just broadcast at a location of your choice. has three broadcasting setting low,doesn't broadcast far but is very hard spot without the right frequency encryption, medium, compromise of low and high, and high, broadcasts really far but is very easy to spot without the right frequency encryption.)

1-3: Oooo, these ripped boys are making my heart go doki-doki! I'll try to befriend them and see if I can get to Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: bfd8dc363194af5⋯.jpg (182.78 KB, 1024x705, 1024:705, age of sail ships.jpg)

File: cf8c34edc2338f0⋯.jpg (152.78 KB, 900x600, 3:2, SS - Aztec Temple and Volc….jpg)

File: 37badb94f9a398f⋯.png (204.45 KB, 1790x2080, 179:208, pirate map.png)

ddfc57  No.52836[Reply]

Seas of Blood and Glory - An Age of Sail Herobuilder/Crewbuilder

Fifty years ago, the brave explorer Saint Emmeric sailed westward in hopes of finding a passage to the Orient. What he found was an entirely new world, filled with beastmen, giants, vampires, magic, monsters and most importantly treasure. This launched an exodus by the great nations of Meridia known as the Colonial Powers, who travelled westward in search of new territories, new riches and new glory. The Castellonians were the first to arrive, seeking gold along with great and powerful artifacts from the mystical continent of Aztlan. Next came the Tortuguese, the Castellonians' neighbors and close allies, seeking to gain some treasure and territory for themselves. The Franciscans, Barthelonians and Hallandians would inevitably follow, all forming their own settlements and carving up parts of the New World for themselves. All the while, the original inhabitants of the New World struggle to cope with the onslaught of these new, powerful nations and pirates and criminals have taken advantage of the relative lawlessness of the New World and turned the seas into their hunting grounds to prey on the weak and lay claim to their treasure.

You are one of the people who has somehow ended up here in the New World, perhaps as a native of these lands or as a bright-eyed newcomer eager to make his fortune here. What role will you play in this new world? Will you be a brave native who saves his people from extermination and subjugation, or will you be the one that conquers them? Will you say "Fuck it" and rob both sides blind instead? It's all up to you.

Welcome to Seas of Blood and Glory! To begin please read the lore and rules pastebins found at the bottom of this post and then fill out this character sheet. (Note: I'm only accepting a maximum of 10 players, players who want to join after the 10 player mark has been reached will have to wait for an inactive player to be wiped before they can play)

—Fill out—


(Please pick something meaningful, no retardation/distasteful memes allowed)


Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
112 posts and 34 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

4d39e4  No.53127

Dice rollRolled 65, 52, 73 = 190 (3d100)





>Current Status:



Slavan clothing, worn elven chainmail (+1 HP), damaged Slavan shashka (+1), Fine Matchlock Pistol (+3)


180 Gold Doubloons


<Záznam> Medium ship (20/20 HP, ATK +4, ST 9/20, CREW: 15/20)

<Nesrozumiteľné Bľabotanie> Medium ship (20/20 HP, ATK +4, ST 9/20, CREW: 10/20)


25 elven buccaneers

>Special Crew:

None yet


Normal (+0)


3 Tribal rations

3 crates of hardtack

1 crates of regular rations

3 barrels of Slavan vodka

2 crates of old shashkas (+1 to combat for 10 crewmembers per crate)

4 crates of cannonballsPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

1eaa3e  No.53131

Dice rollRolled 59, 65, 20 = 144 (3d100)



>Current Status:



Merchant’s clothes, old Dwarven hatchet (+1 ATK), old matchlock pistol (+1 ATK)


100 Gold Doubloons -5/turn


HMS Commerce - Large Ship (HP 40/40 HP, ATK +6, ST 18/55, CREW: 25/50)


35 Camlann dwarves, 10 West Nopu-enlou Company workers

>Special Crew:

Doctor Albert Hobbes - [Medicine III] [Onondaga Translator] - Fee: 5 gold doubloons/turn



>Supplies 17/25

4 regular rations

3 barrels of Eldin Baragh stout

2 crates of old cutlasses (+1 ATK for 10 crewmembers/crate)

2 crates of cannonballs

1 bundle of lumber

3 bundles of sailcloth

2 bundles of live oak (hardwood)

Buffalo Spirit Cloak


Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

e542d6  No.53132

Dice rollRolled 78, 55, 33 = 166 (3d100)


Matías Xirau






Castellonian Empire



>Color: Orange



>Current Status:



Conquistador’s garb, old rusty iron cuirass (+1 HP), old cutlass (+1 ATK)


200 Gold Doubloons


Incendio del Sol - Large Ship (HP 40/40 HP, ATK +6, ST 27/55, CREW: 50/50) (25 for Sea Serpent Hunt only)


15 Santisma Madre survivors, 10 escaped Ixtlub slaves, 11 Scoundrels (Temp.)

>Special Crew:

None yet



Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

5cb33c  No.53138

Dice rollRolled 73, 86, 46 = 205 (3d100)


>Name: Garrett the Godless

>Race: Human

>Gender: Male

>Nationality: Free City (Dead Man's Anchorage)

>Fluff: Garrett is a lean and fit young man of average height with a head of scruffy black hair and a pair of cold green eyes. His face is handsome but hard, with numerous nicks and pockmarks marring his good looks. His beard is shorn down to a permanent stubble and his clothes are all heavily patched. In battle he wears a gruesome mask fashioned from a guardsmans' skull and etched with war-oaths taken from the good book of Solarianism, hiding his features behind bleached bone as he lays men low with cutlass and shot.

>Color: Dark Grey



>Current Status:

Bleeding Out: -1 HP/Round


Brigand’s clothes, worn out cutlass (+1 ATK), old matchlock pistol (+1 ATK)


100 Gold Doubloons


<The Dripping Knife> Medium ship (15/20 HP, ATK +4, ST 9/22, CREW: 15/20)

<The Red Maiden> Medium ship (18/20 HP, ATK +4, ST 9/20, CREW: 10/20)


Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

95a6ec  No.53141

File: 7ca58e342e8cd45⋯.png (1 MB, 772x525, 772:525, Brettonia.PNG)

File: 9f5025a73c38203⋯.png (1.4 MB, 857x579, 857:579, Empire Knights.PNG)

File: 940ba544be55519⋯.png (1.15 MB, 828x525, 276:175, Dorfs.PNG)

ed6620  No.52962[Reply]

Welcome one and all to Oldfag OP's New Game!

(Last one was put on Hiatus due to my own lack of motivation, it'll be back, but until then we will entertain ourselves with this!)

The rules of this game are pretty simple, and are outlined within this pastebin:


Before we officially start the game and enter into the lore, let's create your units.

To start off with, the base amount of units you start with is 400 of the most bottom level units your selected nation has. There are minor exceptions (those being, Brettonian Peasants. All the others adhere to this rule.) If you wish to start with stronger units than those, then please DM me or otherwise contact me. Alternatively, you can just put your own number in, if you feel it is fair, and I'll edit it later if I feel it is wrong.

As for Units, initially we'll start off using this wiki from the game, to keep things simple. I will be adding in units from the Codexes and lore as we go along.


We are only doing Forces of Order, with the exception of Vampire Counts, who will be permitted because muh necromancy.


Unit Name:

Nation/Race you are aligned with (Brettonia, Empire, Dwarves, Elves, etc.):

Troops(Please use this space to enter what units you want):

Backstory (Use this to fluff up your own little band of units, doesn't have to be a lot.):

867536  No.52972

File: 36207cfd4ded2c6⋯.jpg (37.54 KB, 680x383, 680:383, Brian-Blessed-680x383.jpg)

File: b9ed68a85b1bdfb⋯.jpg (50.22 KB, 625x833, 625:833, Lightning Scar.jpg)

File: fe1a39eab4a19ed⋯.jpg (590.94 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, liam-cullen-bretknightprom….jpg)


Unit Name: Bastien's Band

Nation/Race: Brettonia

Troops(Questing Knights/Grail Knight):

Backstory: Bastien le Bolt. The Hammerhand. As a Knight Errant his most perilous foe had been a witch who conjured storms from within a dark forest. Corrupted nature itself was her guard dog. Twisted forests fought him continuously for two days and two nights, but on the dawn of the third day he cornered the witch against a great oak. With lance coached approached ready to impale her black heart but she weaved lightning into her hands and into his path. It caught upon the tip of his lance traveling up the shaft and his arm rending them and bursting his chainmail with thunder. Unrelenting he went onwards, thrust his ruined palm and with the power of his charge burst the witch's skull upon the oak like rotten fruit. His horse stood up on its hind legs as the impact stopped them from going forward.

By the Lady's grace his arm and fist recovered though forever scarred with red branching lightning along the limb. While he recovered he had time to consider his life, faith, and destiny. It was surely a sign that his life was preserved in exchange for the perishing of his lance. He would take up the Quest, and leave his new forested domain in the stewardship of his brother. His journey would take him to the farthest lakes and sacred rivers eventually out of Brettonia to follow visions of the most distant vistas in the Old World, making comrades and companions along the way, and joining the Iron Company to venture even further.

Bastien is a big brettonian with a booming voice, black hair, and a chestnut colored charger.

867536  No.52977


Troops: 60 Knights Errant*

c75599  No.53056

File: d861e5a164085f0⋯.jpg (229.24 KB, 700x700, 1:1, The_Outlaw_III_by_kingzog-….jpg)

File: c176693725c2d83⋯.jpg (26.74 KB, 485x350, 97:70, commish_skaven_engineer_vo….jpg)

File: 7627e6d0cea0bfe⋯.jpg (143.91 KB, 800x778, 400:389, d3eno3i-4d9a8499-d9bd-42a4….jpg)

Unit Name: Geldert's Gunners

Nation/Race you are aligned with (Vampire Coast):


Lord: Gunnery Wight

Agent: Dawi Engineer (undead)

Agent: Warplock Engineer (undead)

1 Ratling Gunner

2 Warplock Jezzails

7 Gunnery Mob

5 Undead Thundrers


Many times a man finds strength in the pursuit of a goal.

But other times, the pursuit is stronger than the man.

Geldert was a former engineer of nuln obsessed by gunpowder and firearms, and would have made a fine engineer had he been complacent to follow the Nuln Engineer Schools rules. But it speaks of a man who is too radical for even the school which professes itself a haven for radical Dawi and guild expatriates.

For Geldert had heard rumours. There far, across the sea, tales of the great Vampire Coast reached him. Undead pirates, wielding shot and powder, living forever. What is one lifetime to an eternal unlife of research? Consumed by his own madness, he took to the next ship to Lustria. There, he sabotaged the ship's powder, leaving on a small rowboat just before the ship burst into a massive ball of flame and splinters, killing all aboard. The explosion and death attracted the pirates, and he offered the corpses and souls of his crew to them begging to make himself one of them and offering his skills.

Thus Geldert became a gunnery wight.

And for 5 score decades, he has been perfecting his craft. At great cost and effort, he has gathered a host of other undead gunslingers and marksmen under his thrall, rising through the pirate ranks. His greatest achievements being the defeat and capture of a Dawi Engineer. Dwarves might be resistant to magic, but if the legends of Chaos Dwarfs and Dwarven Ghosts are to be believed, not immune. And he proves this by raising the enginPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

2691b6  No.53057

Unit Name: Order of the Black Rose

Nation/Race: Vampire Counts

Troops: Order Knights/Reiksguard

Backstory: Despite the vampire's absolute rule over Sylvannia not all humans are peasants consigned to their backwater villages. Some are held as favored pets due to great skill enjoying luxury as courtiers who inflate their master's ego. One such vampire of the von Carstein line took this a step further and organized the best warriors of his domain and made a knightly order to put them in and have them swear fealty. While considered almost a joke to his peers and an insult to any empire citizen they had quickly proven themselves rather effective at carrying out their master's will. Able to freely go outside their territory without immediate backlash they were able to garner much prestige through their truly glorious charges. Some who witness them for themselves claim that only the supernatural grace of the grail knights and the unholy curse of the blood dragons is what keeps them ahead of these fearsome warriors. Alas success breeds envy and in this grim world it can only end in death, so when a group of blood dragons heard these claims they went to the Von Carstein's court and slaughtered him along with his most elite knights. Bitterly resentful and now having no lord to call their own they sell their services to the highest bidder. Hoping to rebuild their order from the brink.

File: fa2382e71cab810⋯.png (224.29 KB, 1295x920, 259:184, mymap.png)

a1a7ee  No.49937[Reply]

Everyone knows that elves (i.e you) are the best at everything, but those elves who are impure (i.e not you) are holding you back and ruining your image! The only solution to this problem is to eradicate the impure and reign supreme in the world as is intended. Shockingly everyone else seems to be opposed to your perfect vision and actually have the gall to oppose you! It is time to rally your kin and show your lessers why you are the best and most favored of them all.

Here are the rules: https://pastebin.com/z2nD36G4

Tell us your history and what makes you standout as a snowflake in a field of snow and give your objectively true account of the world. In the words of the first (real) elf "We must secure the existence of our people and a future for elven children"

Nation Name: [Name]

Subrace: [Decides a bonus]

Background: [Decides a bonus]


–Don’t touch—

Pop: 10 +2/turn [Cannot exceed food (Minus 2x #turns when above food)]

Food: 10 +2/turn


[Materials: 10]


[Starting Hamlet]






Society Bonus:

Race Bonus:

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0c7524  No.53050

File: d1da4d46cc9d1af⋯.png (1.06 MB, 1452x1620, 121:135, 009c2c81a4fa9ebaee0da4d7a8….png)

File: 4adc07a7b59b981⋯.jpg (62.65 KB, 564x779, 564:779, 370140e2206c26f0394cc2abed….jpg)

File: a00b04814b97528⋯.jpg (62.92 KB, 564x798, 94:133, fef67b5ac283da5190739ad618….jpg)

Nation Name: Vloc'Hut'Dor

Race: Parasite Elves

Background: "The stir of the world wakes the slumbering gods of the undergrowth." No one knows when or why this happened but the few remaining Proto-Elvanoids time forgot whose fate was to stagnate into an evolutionary dead end fell victim to an outbreak of parasites known only as The Becoming, However extinction wasn't the outcome of this event. Time passed and the parasites grew dependent on the cultivated Elvanoids, they bred more and more of them with their own that the distinction between the two was all but lost and anyone who viewed them would assume they're one of the same. However upon viewing anyone would find the now grotesque abominations they've become absolutely disgusting followed by a swarm of absolute madness which would consume them if they're lucky.

Location:Southern eastern swamps

a1a7ee  No.53052

File: 500ab9613cd5915⋯.png (907.21 KB, 1452x1620, 121:135, mymap.png)

Nation Name: Vloc'Hut'Dor

Race: Parasite Elves

Background: "The stir of the world wakes the slumbering gods of the undergrowth." No one knows when or why this happened but the few remaining Proto-Elvanoids time forgot whose fate was to stagnate into an evolutionary dead end fell victim to an outbreak of parasites known only as The Becoming, However extinction wasn't the outcome of this event. Time passed and the parasites grew dependent on the cultivated Elvanoids, they bred more and more of them with their own that the distinction between the two was all but lost and anyone who viewed them would assume they're one of the same. However upon viewing anyone would find the now grotesque abominations they've become absolutely disgusting followed by a swarm of absolute madness which would consume them if they're lucky.

Pop: 10 +6/t

Food: 10 +10/t


[Materials: 30]+7/t








Feederies (Jou'Hut)

hatcheries (Material Production)(Jou'Hut)

Exalted Nest (Sanctuary)(Jou'Hut)

Feederies (Food Production)(Hos'Dor)

Feederies (Food Production)(Fye'Dor)

hatcheries (Material Production)(Nex'Dor)

hatcheries (Material Production)(Axl'Dor)




Magic: Decay IV, Nature IV

Technology: Foraging V, Assimilation III

Bonus: The First Elf was CONSUMED! +5 to expansion and when you destroy a nation you get one of its techs.

0c7524  No.53053

File: 4cb89747e96eafa⋯.jpg (264.27 KB, 1571x1000, 1571:1000, aaron-nakahara-vilebirthe.jpg)

Dice rollRolled 8, 65, 92 = 165 (3d100)

Nation Name: Vloc'Hut'Dor

Race: Parasite Elves

Background: "The stir of the world wakes the slumbering gods of the undergrowth." No one knows when or why this happened but the few remaining Proto-Elvanoids time forgot whose fate was to stagnate into an evolutionary dead end fell victim to an outbreak of parasites known only as The Becoming, However extinction wasn't the outcome of this event. Time passed and the parasites grew dependent on the cultivated Elvanoids, they bred more and more of them with their own that the distinction between the two was all but lost and anyone who viewed them would assume they're one of the same. However upon viewing anyone would find the now grotesque abominations they've become absolutely disgusting followed by a swarm of absolute madness which would consume them if they're lucky.

Pop: 10 +6/t

Food: 10 +10/t


[Materials: 30]+7/t








Feederies (Jou'Hut)

Hatcheries (Material Production)(Jou'Hut)

Exalted Nest (Sanctuary)(Jou'Hut)

Feederies (Food Production)(Hos'Dor)

Feederies (Food Production)(Fye'Dor)

Hatcheries (Material Production)(Nex'Dor)

Hatcheries (Material Production)(Axl'Dor)




Magic: Decay IV, Nature IV

Technology: Foraging V, Assimilation III

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

449b56  No.53054

File: 6fb8044b47d2c6a⋯.jpg (137.36 KB, 613x726, 613:726, 1512883559965.jpg)

Dice rollRolled 17, 64, 46 = 127 (3d100)


Nation Name: Covfefe fhtagn

Subrace: Third Eye ElvesBackground: Long ago an elf was born with a third eye and his name was Rahnp Aul. He saw the world for what it truly was a dream of a sleeping god. All around him were locked doors and windows into the void of time. He could see the past, present, and future and he told the people what he saw and they were angry for he told them the truth. With his third eye he could see how to weave magic and how he could ever so slightly open the doors to the realm of God and pull something out. Manifesting His power in great appendages like that of an octopus or bring forth strange gifts in his followers. Eventually he led his people to an island where they could practice their magic in peace and contemplation awaiting the time when IT was happening. Now is that time that was foretold and now they martial their power to open all the doors of the world and pull the God into the dream.

Location: Bottom right island in the plains

Pop: 76 +6/turn

Food: 105 +8/turn


[Materials: 45] +12/turn (-5 p/t)

Living Mercury Fountain (+2 Living Mercury a turn)(-1 for Maintenance)

1 Living Mercury


[Cophis](Small City, +4 Pop)


Farm (Cophis, +4 Food)

Farm (Cophis, +4 Food)

Clay Pit (Cophis, +4 Material a turn)

Mine (Cophis, +4 Material a turn)

+Lumber Yard (Cophis, +4 Material a turn)

+Sanctuary(Cophis, Magic Unit)

+House of Memories (Settlement is immune to Crypt King bonus and is resistant to necromancy rituals)(Wonder Building)

+Teleportation Array (Cophis)

Xanzdria(Outpost, +1 Pop)

Memfis(OutpostPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

449b56  No.53055


2 Living Mercury*

File: 8412fcd479efc54⋯.png (847.97 KB, 491x646, 491:646, Fortress1.PNG)

File: 621ffd5f461d2eb⋯.png (2.12 MB, 917x1125, 917:1125, Ghozal.PNG)

File: d4b18875affce5a⋯.png (3.32 MB, 1591x1033, 1591:1033, Space Marine Ork Combat.PNG)

0aaa48  No.51619[Reply]

(New Thread Created as the last one was getting laggy.)

Welcome to all Old and New Players alike, to a Last Stand builder game with the Objective of defending this planet, Koronam, from the enemies of the Imperium!

In the last thread, we fought off the Orkish Vanguard Forces and are now starting to face some more heavy duty Orkish Forces!


Organization Name:

Category (Imperial Guard, Adeptus Astartes, Adeptus Mechanics, etc.):


Troops (leave mostly empty, if you want specific kinds of troops please request them here, full troop numbers will be given) (Ex: As IG request that you have a detachment of armored vehicles/tanks support you, or artillery):

Lore (If you want your troops to be "special" in a sense, will be factored in as modifiers):




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0926d2  No.52855

Dice rollRolled 83, 95, 20, 26 = 224 (4d100)

1. Task Force harridan attacks the orks streaming into the redoubt from the side attempting to break their flank and interrupt the greenskin reinforcements pouring into the redoubt. The Sisters can shift positions quickly if they turn and redeploy to keep ravaging them wherever they cannot properly respond from.

+9 to all combat rolls

+3 rolls vs chaos

+4 Against Orks this battle

"The Bolt Pistol of Saint Relotha." +2 general Combat, +7 in a duel

Morningstar of St. Relotha "The Emperor's Judgement" +12 to duels.

Pronatus maps of the tunnels +10 to all tunnel combat. (all of Eastern Koronam, some of the west too)

Ancient Banner of the "Order of the Indomitable Spirit" +3 to combat rolls where it is present

Chest Armor of Saint Relotha, +5 general Combat and +5 to Duels

Leg Armor of Saint Relotha +2 general combat, +8 Duels

Relotha Set Bonus: Front wide boost to all flame units, Flames get more than melta, also the person in the set is on fire like a bad bitch

Neural Whip - Gives Sister Repentia forces a +10 roll bonus. If equipped on other troops, reduces the likelihood of a retreat massively

2. The Sisters within the medical uplink assign the new detachment to the house forces fighting in theatre here. Then begin building up another.

3.The sisters Famulous continue clearing the underhive of sigils and any possible Sign or worship of the great Enemy. They shall find no purchase on this bastion of the Emperor.

4. The sisters pray yet even more, the fires of faith fueling their destruction of the Greenskin filth.

917f4d  No.52870

Dice rollRolled 42, 42 = 84 (2d100)


Organization Name: The Carnelian Martyrs

Category: Adeptus Astartes

Sub-Category: 4 Companies: 2nd & 3rd Battle Companies, 8th Assault Company, 9th Devastator Company, 10th Scout Company


5 Favor


199 Standard Space Marines ("4" Companies)

90 Wounded Space Marines

107 Scout Space Marines (1 company)

82 Death Company Space Marines (1 Company)

30 Wounded Death Company Marines

1000 Chapter Serfs

>VEHICLES (and Ships)

1 Strike Cruiser Long Night of Solace

4 Thunderhawks

5 Stormraven Gunships

15 Land Speeder Tornadoes

0 Damaged Land Speeder Tornadoes

6 Rhinos

0 Damaged Rhino

1 Predator Destructor [Lascannon Hull Mounts] [Autocannon]

1 Predator Destructor [Lascannon Hull Mounts] [Autocannon] >Slight Damaged

1 Baal Predator [Twin-Linked Assault Cannon] [Heavy Bolter Hull Mounts]

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

d2be63  No.52883

Dice rollRolled 98, 90, 20, 60, 6 = 274 (5d100)

>Organization Name:

House Dissidia


Adeptus Mechanicus


Questor Imperialis


Knight Castellan 'Oculi autem Deus': Slight Damage

-Plasma Decimator

-Volcano Lance

-Twin Shieldbreaker Missiles

-Twin Meltaguns

-Twin Meltaguns

-Twin Siegebreaker Cannons

-Twin Siegebreaker Cannons

-Twin Siegebreaker Cannons

-Ion Shields

-Super-Heavy Adamantine Armour

Knight Castigator 'Dies Irae': Heavy Damage

-Twin-linked Castigator-pattern Bolt Cannon

-Relic: Inferno Warblade

-Ion Shields

-Adamantine Armour

-Knight Leader

-Relic: Omnissiah's Saving Grace

Knight Preceptor 'Ars Moriendi': No Damage

-Thunderstrike Gauntlet



-Ironstorm Missile Pods

-Ion Shields

-Adamantine Armour

Knight Crusader 'Aeternam Vale': No Damage

-Avenger Gatling Gun

-Thermal Cannon

-Heavy Flamer

-Heavy Stubber

-Twin Icarus Autocannons

-Ion Shields

-Adamantine Armour

Knight Styrix 'Vae Victis': No Damage

-Volkite ChiPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

57c6df  No.52896

Dice rollRolled 84, 18 = 102 (2d100)


>Organization Name: 2nd Koronam PDF Regiment, 'Mobwag'

>Category: Planetary Defense Force

>Sub-Category: Combat Engineers

>Credits: 200


+ Medal of the Black River (Highest Casualty Rate)


Colonel Steeljaw, Black River Elite

Major Kreibar, Black River Elite


>Mobwag HQ: (Stationed at: Citadel Sick Yellow)

200,000 PDF Soldiers

20,000 Black River Elites (Old Carpace Armor, Improved Lasguns)

25,000 Black River Veteran Engineers (Combat Engineers)

1,000 Autocannon Teams (3x PDF)

200 Lascannon Teams (2x PDF)

100 Thudd Guns

>Section Red River: (Stationed at: Vertun)

100,000 PDF Soldiers

25,000 Combat Engineers

>Ortal Fortifications Section: (Stationed at: Vertun)

100,000 PDF Soldiers

25,000 Combat Engineers


Standard of Wagmob 35th Millenium (+10 to fortification rolls on deployed front, bonus damage against armored units)

>Reinforce to:

PDF (458,255), PE PDF (250,000), CE (55,360), Agri (35,725), ACT (8,018), LCT (1,318), HBT (818), TG (1,350), BRVE (81,040), BRV (46,435), BRE (24,998), BRAV (3,775), BRAT (982), BRLT (482), BRHBT (182)

>Task Force Ceramite Wall

147,155 PDF Soldiers

32,500 Poorly-Equipped PDFPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

b242af  No.52940

Dice rollRolled 80, 81, 80 = 241 (3d100)


Organization Name: The Enterprisors

Category : Planetary Nobles

Sub-Category: Merc Focused

Lore: When Koronam first discovered the role that they were to play and more importantly the attack that was going to happen a great panic spread across the nobility. Some wanted to flee with their wealth, others wished to live in denial and host extravagant parties to take their mind off the incoming doom, and a rare few actually wished to fight to protect their home. Unfortunately for the later, much of the planet's manpower was already conscripted into the army proper leaving them only with their token household guard and a plethora of serfs whose value is determined by how high they can make a wall with their bodies. If they wished to secure their own assets then they must seek some "outside help", If successful then the newly founded "Enterprisor" faction can spread their influence to the rest of the nobility and therefore dominate the planet's future.

BONUSES: 50% cost reduction on ALL mercenary units, +10 to Guerrilla Warfare when using Kroot Units, +9 to defensive warfare when using Squat Units, +5 to General Combat when using Eldar Units.


20,650 Credits

Steel Pact (4,350)

Some Influence in Olagas

Total control of Hive Ortal and its Industries

Total control of Hive Khe-Sanh and its Industries

Total control of Hive Vertun and its Industries

Total control of Hive Karanas and its industries

Tunnel Purification Protocol

AWESOME TRANSONIC RAZOR (+10 to melee Assassination rolls)


Medic Detachment

1 Banehammer (HQ, 1.25 to hero's command bonus)

13,500 Khe-Sahn Arbites

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 7361add4af340ba⋯.jpg (48.83 KB, 550x392, 275:196, gods of olympus.jpg)

474709  No.52298[Reply]

There is no time, there is no space, there is only one thing. There is the aetherial, the divine, the holy and unholy, the source, power. It is all and nothing, beginning and end, purposeless, chaotic. Where there is chaos there must be order and from the timeless beginning come the aspects of possibilities yet to be made; the gods. Great beings of power bound to aspects of possibility yet unmade. Their birth left a great void in the divine realm. A peaceful world of mortals? Shattered realms bound by threads of travel? A burning hellscape dedicated to a singular god? So many possibilites.


Please fill out:

Name -

Domains - 2 at start

Description/Picuture - Optional, but encouraged. Technically you can change your form however you please but this will be how you present yourself to worshipers. Worshipers may not always keep that depiction over time.

Power - 5

You will have 2 actions at d100 each. While you can never, technically, fail an action unless you are trying to use the domain of another without their permission your actions can have unintended results.

Relative good/bad results

100- Crit success (Every 20 over 100 is another +1

99-99- 3

60-89- 2

40-59- 1

20-39- 0

10-19- -1

2-9- -2

1 Crit fail


Domains are what you control as a god. This can rarely be expanded or changed in game, such as by killing a god, but it can only change one at a time. You gain either a +5, +10, or +15 bonus on actions related to your domain depending on how general/specific the domain is. This also counts if you use the domain in a metaphorical sense, such as a god of fire gifting a race burning passions. Using an unclaimed domain gets not bonus or penalty. Using a domain claimed by someone other than yourself, without their permission, will give your their Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

106 posts and 26 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

49ca2d  No.52798

File: 50c26f1510ed718⋯.jpg (45.47 KB, 430x646, 215:323, 2e58357643080133bcc8a8fb32….jpg)

File: 62bc4c3a3d93589⋯.png (10.08 MB, 4961x7016, 4961:7016, dcm5jrd-7030d3aa-956d-4124….png)

Dice rollRolled 6, 28 = 34 (2d100)

Domains - Life, Horror

Description/Picuture - A horrific endless mass of writhing flesh and horrors, with a million smiling teeth.

Ub-Shoborg is that which brings divine pain and suffering to the mortal realm. Every act of cruelty and every moment of misery and horror brings a small smile to his face, the greater the pain and terror the greater the smile. For it wishes mankind to know this and this alone about it; man's pain, makes it happy. In the endless infinitesimal abyss, where countless things dwell beyond comprehension, one of them takes joy out of man's pain.

Why does it do this?

Some say, so that mankind is not too fond of life and should seek death. To punish those who seek immortality or refuse the afterlife. And yet others whisper that those who fall clutches to Ub-Shoborg will never see the mercy of death, doomed to live in an eternal nightmare.

All that is known is that the monsters which lurk in the darkness of the human psyche and in the shadows of the world, all come from Ub-Shoborg. Blood feeds the Destroyer of Worlds, Death brings glory to Akalantith, and in between those, when men know the meaning of terror, lies Ub-Shoborg, waiting with a grin.

Power - 7/+4 turn

Life: +10, Horror: +5

1. Life adapts. It finds a way. This is the golden rule.

The wizards imagine they can destroy the fleshscape, that they are invincible, gods upon the world. Their lack of fear offends me.

I create a new lifeform, "Binders." These creatures are created by the fleshscape in response to magical attack, and their sole purpose is to consume any magical creature or being who strikes upon the flesh scape.. The Binders flesh is crafted such that they heal quickly after magical wounds, and they can dPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

91e91c  No.52802

Dice rollRolled 99, 36 = 135 (2d100)


Name -


Domains - Theatergoing (Drama and Spectating,) Literature (Poetry, Fiction, ect.)

+10, +10


+Universal Record

+Mini Records

+The Grand Library

Power - 0/+4


1. Continue to write more stories for my followers and sending them out to the universe.

2. This Library was fine. But I do not like it being tied to something else. I shall try and make a Library independent of the other dimensions. A Library of solitude where I can relax and watch the universe from the distance. - 6 power.

ff036c  No.52803

Dice rollRolled 15, 19 = 34 (2d100)


Name - Akalantith

Domains - Death, Magic

Description/Picuture - A perpetually grinning skeleton. While Akalantith is fine with letting the dead shuffle off their mortal coil. He would greatly prefer to have them stay in the land of the living to the point where he has constructed grand challenges for many and few. Resulting in many undead wandering around the world trying to escape their cursed existence. It is common for the wealthy to spend a great fortune ensuring that their afterlife is secured in the event that they may catch his attention. On the other hand, he is also patron of mages of all sorts, offering a powerful way to manipulate the world that he seems so keen to keep people in. Perhaps this is why there is such a strong correlation between the dead and powerful supernatural abilities.

Power - 11/+9t

1. It is amusing how quickly these elementals have lost sight of their place. They confuse stewardship with ownership and seek to make it their own domain without honoring me. Well they are certainly welcome to try. As creator of both them and the domain they reside in they shall find that they have far less control then they can ever realize. A great curse I shall place on them where I shall give the secret of binding to all mortals, teaching them how to bind the elementals to their flesh similar to the genasi. It will be interesting to see what new variations may occur from this mixing. However for those that honor me and fulfill their task may be given protection from this technique and retain themselves. I will also control the winds of magic and render the pretenders impotent while the loyal viziers shall find their purview expanding. Of course With my brother's new binders it makes this even easier as they shall be all to eager to descend upon elementals who believe themselves underneath my notice.

+10 with one power

2Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

6d827c  No.52804

440caa  No.52809

Dice rollRolled 81, 33 + 15 = 129 (2d100)


Name - Mortifer

Domains - Chaos+5,War +10

Description: Mortifier, The Destroyer of Worlds the great evil god of war, chaos and destruction he sits upon his great throne of skulls atop the boiling lake of blood overlooking all great battles revelling in the brutality and violence caused by war. For each violent and brutal act Mortifer grows stronger with the skulls of his enemies being added to the skull throne, their blood fueling the great lake. Soon the universe shall learn the hard way of the ruinous power that is Mortifer.

Power - 14

1.My child, these other gods are influencing my sweet boy far too much. I shall transpose more of my features onto him his undying bloodthirst and rage shall now know no end, in addition I shall bestow upon him the ability to travel the planes at will he shall conquer all in my name. 5 power

Lets try this once more, we shall build a great realm of chaos staffed by great demons were endless eternal wars will rage between the humans whisked away to it..the blood shall flow and my power will increase. 5 power

File: fc18567ea7510bf⋯.jpg (37.33 KB, 852x480, 71:40, World Map.jpg)

ddaed5  No.52706[Reply]

The year is 2019. You are an ordinary person, living an ordinary life. Until one day, without warning, a rift in space and time opens up beneath you, and swallows you whole. It lets you out in the distant past of 500 BC. You don't know why, but you somehow know exactly when it is. You can feel precisely how distant in time the future of 2019 is, and feel it creep ever so slightly closer with each passing second. Regardless of the how or why, you are now here, and begin to think about what to do.


This is Temporal Vagabond Builder, where you will be playing a person from the modern day that's been thrown back in time. You will be armed with your character's knowledge from the future, and use it to whatever end you desire. How you want to change the past is up to you, though players may come into contention while following their desires.

Fill this out:

Name: The name of your character

Languages: The languages that your character knows. All player characters must start with one language spoken in the modern day by default, and may choose to have more if it fits their fluff. Note that modern and ancient languages will be distinct, though if they are related, it may make them easier to learn

Starting location: Where in the world your character ended up arriving at when sent back in time

Fluff: Who your character was before being thrown back in time. Note any special skills or knowledge they had

Don't fill this out:

Skills: These will be given to you based on your fluff. Note that languages are a skill in a way, so taking more languages/languages tailored to fit your starting location will be balanced by lower skill bonuses. Balance will also be applied in that skills with wider applications will generally give lower bonuses than more specialized skills

Actions are 3d100. 1 is abysmal failure, 2-40 is varying degrees of failure, 41-60 is varying degrees of mediocrity, 61-99 is varying degrees of success, and 100 is resounding success.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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ddaed5  No.52787

Dice rollRolled 94 (1d100)


Adding a third die to your action. Remember that turns are 3d100

ddaed5  No.52790


You make your way into town and try to act polite and friendly. No one understands you, but you don't get anyone acting openly hostile. You eventually manage to get someone to put you up for a while, an old man gesturing you to follow him into his house. You stay with him while trying to learn to communicate with these people. In the meanwhile, you also try to find work. This village is too small to find any written work like you wanted, so you have to settle with helping out raising some goats. It does endear you a bit more to the villagers though, and after a while, they treat you warmly rather than distantly.

During your stay in the village, you test yourself to determine your new properties. It becomes evident quickly that you do not need to eat or drink, and if you do, it comes out mostly without getting processed. You also don't need to sleep, though you make a habit of doing it anyway for your own mental health. You don't become fatigued, and nothing from the past can hurt you. Anything you attempt it with gives way before you do, without any pain on your part. However, you can pinch or scratch yourself, or jab yourself with something you brought, like the corner of your ID card, and it will still hurt. On that note, you discover that the stuff you had on you is also just as immutable as you are.

After one year, your language skills have progressed, though slowly. You are still speaking in simple sentences, and complex ideas are impossible to get across. But basic communication is perfectly possible.



As you roll into the village, you put on your preaching voice and smile to try and offer help to anyone that needs it. You make a few villagers uneasy, but eventually find a man hauling a heavy cart and take it up in his place, which he seems to appreciate. After that you help out a handful of other villagers, and you seem to start being regarded less suspiciously. You notice in the course of doing Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

ddaed5  No.52791


You approach the concerned men, but they jump back. You seem to have unnerved them. One runs over a hill, and a bit later a few men with spears come to escort you. You follow their directions, all while trying to make conversation but failing. You are led to a village of thatched roof houses, and one larger house in particular. Once inside, you are told presumably to stay, and one guard remains standing outside. A man that seems to have some kind of authority eventually comes to the house, and tries to speak with you, unsuccessfully. This seems to be his house, and though no one tries to hurt you, you are made to stay here for a whole year.

During this time, you work very hard to be able to communicate. The man, the guards, and an occasional villager will come in to try and talk with you, and you gradually master this strange version of Japanese. During this time, you discover that you don't seem to need to eat or sleep, though you do so anyway. After the year is over and you've become friendly and capable of communication, you're let off from the house arrest and given more leniency.

>+Languages:Ancient Japanese


You decide to stay hidden from the men for now, opting to tail them for valuable info. Listening to them, you feel like you can hear a bit of Welsh in there. Or at least, a precursor to Welsh. You've heard plenty of Welsh in your own time, so you manage to pick up a bit of this language after listening in on several such groups of hunters, though without actual conversation practice, it's only the basics.

Beyond listening in, you also watch as they hunt. The most common way seems to be that they set snares and traps, drive the deer into them, then go for the kill with their spears. You watch a few hunts over the year, realizing over the course that you can go without eating indefinitely and don't even tire. you can't seem to get hurt, and even your clothes can't be damaged. You eventually make a spear and some trap of yPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

7043d1  No.52792

Dice rollRolled 75, 58, 74 = 207 (3d100)


Name: Richard Watson

Languages: English, Ancient Choctaw (Basic)

Starting location: South eastern north america

Fluff: Richard was a young contractor a few years into the workforce. Nothing was really special about his younger years but he did always have a go to attitude, creativity, and mild ADHD that lead him down tangents of learning new things to suddenly switching topics of what he wanted to learn. This only got worse as he got older and was able to actually create things. He was able to get land for cheap and started building his own house filled with all kinds of crazy improvements; although he always tried to make them look nice.

From an aquaponics system to a primitive furnace for metal working. He also has made roman concrete, black powder from scratch, clay pots, and a pretty good cake. He also enjoyed reading about various topics, although he usually moved on to other topics before having a full understanding. He never thought of it as anything more than a hobby, and certainly that he could stay on topic long enough to get a degree.

Skills: [Construction]+10, [Crafting]+10

1. Talk with the Choctaw. Tell them that I was brought here by something and I believe I am here to teach them. Ask for their help and support and they will benifit.

2. Gather some sea shells from the coast and work on that roman concrete. +10

3. Teach the Choctaw to make larger ships. +10

064ab8  No.52808

Dice rollRolled 15, 21, 15 = 51 (3d100)


Name: Father Donald O'Cros

Languages: English, Latin, Ancient Hindi

Starting Location: India

Skills: [Theology]+20, [Public Speaking]+5

1. Teach the villagers the true faith by tutoring both the young and old. By educating and catechizing them I can improve not only their quality of life but also save their immortal souls.

[Theology]+20, [Public Speaking]+5

2. I Shall converse with the travelers and merchants who come to this village so that I may gain a better understanding of the land around me both geographically and politically. Through this I hope to gain a better understanding of where to next spread my ministry.

[Public Speaking]+5

3. There has been talk of a monastery relatively nearby. If I am to convert this land then I must go to what is the opposition. I shall travel there and learn what this sect's beliefs are so that I may better convert them as well. Perhaps through dialogue and debate I may be able to convince them of the truth.

[Theology]+20, [Public Speaking]+5

File: 03fa05c14162b99⋯.png (748.08 KB, 1341x825, 447:275, ERI MAP.png)

813dad  No.52456[Reply]

In the year of 2235, the planet Earth was struck by the astral entity Nibiru. Predicting the destruction that would be wrought by this event, mankind escaped into the outer atmosphere of their homeworld aboard a collection of structures known as Satellite Cities. Over the next several centuries, Martian colonies established prior to Earth’s downfall flourished beneath their newly established Noble Houses as humanity aboard the Satellite Cities struggled to recover. In 2658, rebellion began as the working classes of Mars attempted to overthrow their Noble Houses in a bid for independence and formed the collection of states now recognized as Unified Mars. The planet quickly fell into a constant slog of war as these two powers each struggled for dominance over their planet.

In the present year of 2833, nearly six-hundred years after the Nibiru Cataclysm, Unified Mars and the Noble Houses remain at an impasse with no clear end in sight. While the pair has fallen into a Cold War, the planet’s military-industrial complex continues to surge as it capitalizes on both sides’ need for an edge over their opponent. In an attempt to claim new lands, the Noble Houses established The Red Court, a collection of colonies upon the recently habitable Earth’s surface designed to expand their power-base without conflicting with Unified Mars. In response to this, Unified Mars allied with the human Satellite Cities to establish their own settlements in a nation dubbed Neo Africa.

To reclaim their homeworld for themselves, Satellite City residents promptly began a program of their own: The Earth Reclamation Initiative (ERI). You are a member of the First Wave, a specially selected taskforce of mecha pilots and researchers who will lay the groundwork for future members of your cause. Backed by the major technology conglomerate GenTek and with support by the allied Unified Mars, your base has been fully outfitted with mecha for all pilots and state-of-the-art research and development facilities capable of fabricating new and experimental gear. There is great hope for you and your crew. Do not disappoint the ERI.


In ERI there are two types of player characters: Pilots and Nonpilots. There are pPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

103 posts and 25 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

2ea0c4  No.52741

File: dd9654ba2ab8e20⋯.png (1.05 MB, 1024x574, 512:287, boarding-officer-Johner-On….png)

Dice rollRolled 20, 48 = 68 (2d100)

-Name: Thaddeus Chadwick Thundercock

-Age: 23 (Biologically)

-Fluff: https://pastebin.com/2CEgTYZJ

[Thaddeus Chadwick]

[Gender: M][Race: Homo superior (Seraph)]

Health: [12/12]

Psyche: [13/13]

Esper: [0]

[Position: Pilot][Credits: 0 | +5/turn]


Augmentations: Neural Uplink Port

Pilot Abilities: [Unknown Physiology][Ascension Compatible][Seraph Sickness]

Skills: [Piloting IV][Rifles I][Spears I]

Gear: [GenTek Plugsuit Mk. V][ERI Jumpsuit (White)(2)][GenTek Handi-Pal (Net Disabled)]


>[Spears II] - 1/10

1. Chad enjoyed the bro-sesh at the gym with the other pilots, and the sparring session as well, however he couldn't lie in his minor disappointment in the sims. He would get Beto as ask him to set up his sim personally if he had the time. No one knew Chad's strength better, and no one understood his faults more.

2. Chad would then head to the firing range and work on his marksmanship, as the neural uplink would mean that his own skills would reflect in the mecha, and time spent in the sim could just as well be spent practicing in reality.

6da87a  No.52744

Dice rollRolled 22, 19 = 41 (2d100)


[Dreamer Marrow]

[Gender: M][Race: R'lyeh Seeder]

Health: [7/7]

Psyche: [7/7]

Esper: [0]

[Position: Tentative Researcher | Detainee][Credits: 0 | +5/turn]


Augmentations: [Detonation Implant]

Nonpilot Abilities: [Regeneration 1/-][Dreamer]

Skills: [Seed Engineering III][Seeder Biology II 1/15][Hardlight Shielding II][Harldlight Weaponry I][Genetic Engineering I]

Gear: [ERI Detainee Jumpsuit][GenTek Handi-Pal][R'lyeh Seed Sample][ERI F-Class Research ID]

1. Hmm yes, it does seem that it has become much more integrated than what was deemed "too dangerous to live" by my tormentors. Well I guess its a good thing that these fools really do know nothing of the past and can only gleam such things through me. Regardless I should experiment with finding what affects my connection to the hivemind whether it heightens or diminishes its impact on me. If successful I may be able to become a mind within a mind rather than be a pawn of the whole.

[Seed Engineering III][Seeder Biology II]

2. While I am working on personal projects I should do something that also has immediate results. Currently they have many gaps in their knowledge of hardlight in regards to its output making it much more brittle than it should be. I shall correct these errors to quickly increase its efficiency and therefore gain more control over this facility.

[Hardlight Shielding II][Harldlight Weaponry I]

8c87f9  No.52748

Dice rollRolled 46, 77 = 123 (2d100)


Ryosuke Takahara]

[Gender: M][Race: Martian]

Health: [13/13]

Psyche: [12/12]

Esper: [0]

[Position: Pilot][Credits: 0 | +5/turn]


Augmentations: [Nerve Implant]

Pilot Abilities: [Martian Resilience][Esper Potential]

Skills: [Pilot V (4/24)][Rifles I][Knives I]

Gear: [GenTek Plugsuit Mk. V][ERI Jumpsuit (Gray)][GenTek Handi-Pal][ERI Pilot License][Antidepressants][GenTek Tanktop & Shorts][Old Family Photo]

[Ti-BW Prototype Model - Juno][Ti-BW][Nerve][MOV - 3]

[GenTek Ti-BL Head [Head][BIO]] - [Integrity: 7][FRC - 2][DRB - 4][AGI - 2][Plate: GenTek Ti Heavy Plating][Mod: ]

[GenTek Ti-BL Torso [Torso][BIO]] - [Integrity: 18][FRC - 2][DRB - 4][Plate: GenTek Ti Heavy Plating][Mod: ][SL Gear: ][SR Gear: ]

[GenTek Ti-BL Arm - Left [Arm L][BIO]] - [Integrity: 11][FRC - 2][DRB - 4][AGI - 2][Plate: GenTek Ti Heavy Plating][Mod: ][Gear: ]

[GenTek Ti-BL Arm - Right [Arm R][BIO]] - [Integrity: 11][FRC - 2][DRB - 4][AGI - 2][Plate: GenTek Ti Heavy Plating][Mod: ][Gear: ]

[GenTek Ti-BL Leg - Left [Leg L][BIO]] - [Integrity: 11][FRC - 2][DRB - 4][AGI - 2][Plate: GenTek Ti Heavy Plating][Mod: ]

[GenTek Ti-BL Leg - Right [Leg R][BIO]] - [IntegrPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

74fc1a  No.52750



Grimbles wasn't getting anywhere with his readings and wasn't entirely sure what was going on. Defeated, he sat down next to a plant infront of two guards who were alittle worried to see the old man crumble down like that but were reassured when George started looking through his Handi-pai. One of the guards said "can we help you? you look abit lost there." "yes I'm yes, can you point me in the direction of the Nuclear reactor?" "Nuclear reactor? sir we haven't had that in afew decades, I was a child when those were all decommissioned, everything's those Particles right?" "Particles?" "yeah those Enchilada Particles" the other guard stepped in to correct his partner "no you dip they're Enochian Particles, not bloody Enchiladas, that's a food. you're always thinking with your stomach." "ah well my friend here is right" the guard leaves off with a grumble from his gut George offers the man his eggs but he politely declined, he wasn't allowed to eat on the job. thanking them again George sets off to finally do something productive.

1.[Propulsion Systems II] George knew the one thing that's always relevant is the one thing which he excels at the most, making big'ol rockets, this time however he needed something truly special something genre defining and that's where he looked at James again when he got back to his office. George realized he knows to come up with an alternative fuel source to cut back the weight of his rockets by tenfolds. he would design a system which allows a mech to directly fuel their rockets with whatever they could find, into a machine which compresses matter into a propulsive force

424f94  No.52772


"Doc, I feel like im wading through tar pits. Can't seem to make much progress on this spook stuff. Got any ideas?"

File: 4088477eb9b6e46⋯.jpg (11.41 KB, 268x188, 67:47, ss13.jpg)

8d6d63  No.52754[Reply]

Supplementary fluff video featuring a monologue from your captain


Welcome to the rusty slapped together piece of shit space debris that's masquerading as a high-tech state of the art research station, but who are you? are you a clown? A chef? A scientist? Tell me more about yourself.

>Character sheet

Name: What is your name?

Job:Pick one from this list barring captain which is already taken http://prntscr.com/nb7hnh

Ethnicity/species: Options that are not human Mothman, Lizardperson or Plasma man.

Lizardperson names are based on Verbs-The-Nouns. Plasma man names are based on Name-Roman numeral. DM me on discord for more info on the races

Age: Capped at 18 as per ss13 rules

Fluff: What is your story? Why are you on the station?

– Do not fill in –

Health: 15/15

Gear:Based on job

Inventory: Everything you’re not wearing and can’t use to robust things


8d6d63  No.52755


1.Don't be a dick, this should be self explanatory, if you feel I'm being unfair feel free to bitch at me in discord or alternatively we could have a civil discussion on why you don't like something I did

2.You will probably die, don't get pissed at me for RNG just accept it. This is a high lethality game, just take the motto of dwarf fortress to heart when playing. "dying is fun"

3.This is a game based on a setting that is byond stupid and nonsensical shenanigans are encouraged and welcome

Limbloss sheet :http://prntscr.com/mqm72b

(Limbloss is based on a d4 system to determine the category, with a d10 being used to determine the injury itself, except in the case of a 3 being rolled, which requires another d4)

1-5: You're going to die unless RNJesus intervenes

6-10: You're going to need to pray for divine intervention that you don't lose a limb or worse

11-19: You fucked up, but it's possibly salvageable

20-29: You did what you needed to do, but in the worst way possible

30-39: You did what you needed to do, but in a very mediocre way

40-59: Average, plain, boring, safe average

60-79: Delicious, like a nice plate of sashimi

80-95: Cool down, you're burning like a plasma fire

96-99: Something, somewhere has just had their limbs violently sail off in an arc

100: "Hey, who left the nuclear authentication disk here?"

Actions are 2d100

5fdd83  No.52756


Name: Greasy Greg

Job: Cook

Ethnicity/species: Human

Age: 58


Greasy Greg might not be particularly well educated, or trained, or skilled in anything in anything beyond the most basic operations, but god damn if he isn't the most average cook this side of the galaxy. He's also a chubby grubby and greasy guy.

– Do not fill in –

Health: 15/15

Gear:Based on job

Inventory: Everything you’re not wearing and can’t use to robust things


13f721  No.52757

Name: Stares-At-Distance

Job: Security Officer

Ethnicity/species: Lizardperson

Age: 29

Fluff: Once a warrior and hunter of great renown. Stares-At-Distance became afflicted with survivor's guilt after his hunting pack slowly whittled down until only he remained. With nothing to live for he joined NanoTrasen as a security officer and was then assigned to space station 13. Now he spends his time savaging trouble makers just under the point of where it can be said he is abusing his authority. Its a good thing for his fellow crew that right now nothing reminds him of the horrible events that transpired to his pack. Otherwise he might go into one of his legendary berserker frenzies and really let loose with his primal ferocity.


ae9868  No.52758


Name: Jim Bob Zeb

Job: Scientist

Ethnicity/species: Human

Age: 40

Fluff: Jim Bob is a graduate of Space Uganda -Kentucky University with a PHD in "Various science bullshit". He applied for an R&D position and got it because a higher up thought it would be hilarious.

– Do not fill in –

Health: 15/15

Gear:Based on job

Inventory: Everything you’re not wearing and can’t use to robust things


b6f9bc  No.52759


Name: Offoninout Openclose

Job: Lawyer

Ethnicity/species: Human

Age: 27

Fluff: Openclose is an overworked man, as he is tasked with the positions of both Prosecution and Defense due to a shortage of qualified personnel. He often has to do his own investigation as well. This has wreaked havoc on his mental state, but even less than sane, he's still always committed to his jobs. Even if they are in direct opposition.

File: 5c8a2298b23fe36⋯.jpg (922.7 KB, 1707x1241, 1707:1241, ud0.jpg)

dd7511  No.52291[Reply]

> straight forward and aggressive approach! The game should end in about 12turns(+-4)

> Its not exactly a builder, its a "Game-y" game with competitive elements and strict rules, Civ-Board game hybrid

> Don't need to track your sheet after creation! I have a program that does it automatically

> Sociability is key, I need 8 active players who are willing to negotiate and talk in the discord channel too

Sheet to create a fantasy Nation(6 nations): https://pastebin.com/iEgbR6eq

* Please make sure you have not picked a location someone already took.

> Possible Actions: https://pastebin.com/5T7EgkKm

* This is the actions you can make each turn once the game starts. God rules (you can't pick god, reserved): https://pastebin.com/0Xyg5zBT

How to win

> "Ascension": If both of the gods reached 400 power, they both win the game.

> "The Chosen ": A god reached 360 power and two of his followers build a divine wonder

> "God Breakers": If both gods are broken(their holy land conquered), the two nations who committed the deed win the game.

Basic map information:

Forest: 1 wealth, 30 growth

Plains: 1 wealth, 20 growth

Cliffs: 2 wealth, 20 growth

Barren: Nothing. Attacking a nation from a barren tile causes double attrition penalty

River: You can't own river tiles

Grey tents on the map are Barbaric tribes. You can not start on barbaric tiles. Each tile is defended by a separate army of barbarians, their army strength is 4,000. You can take those tile by declaring "Conquest" war. "Raid" those tiles if you want to get a shPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

36 posts and 33 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

289069  No.52498

Dice rollRolled 25, 92, 34 = 151 (3d100)

'Grand Khanate of Knyashevka ' Information:

Nation Perks: Imperial, Savages

1000.0 Population (+190/t)

5000 Gold(+5000/t)

2144 Army strength ( 3/3 Elite Armies. 3 Total Armies)

0/4000 Progress (+1100/t, Level 3)

God: Heathen

0 Faith

'Kara Boga ': 728 Strength (Elite, War-Clerics, Heavy-Armor, Two-Handed)

'The Harvesters ': 684 Strength (Elite, Mounted, Light-Armor, Thrown-Weapon)

'The Warbreakers ': 732 Strength (Elite, Mounted, Medium-Armor, One-Handed)

Free Action:expand southwards into the plains

Action 1: Take the left Forest tile that borders my southwestern-most tile

Action 2: Take the right forest tile that borders my southeastern-most tile.

Action 3: Construct a farm on plains.

dd7511  No.52504

File: e0a34adf84970a8⋯.jpg (962.6 KB, 1721x1248, 1721:1248, ud1-2.jpg)


You forgot to roll 3d100 c:


>Rolled over 90 on expansion

[Magical beasts]

This forest tile produces additional 6 wealth

You can spend this resource to create a magical fantasy army of your beasts, the base army is of 500 strength and has a special trait depending on your fluff.

'Grand Khanate of Knyashevka ' Information:

Nation Perks: Imperial, Savages

1000.0 Population (+280/t)

850 Gold(+17000/t)

2144 Army strength ( 3/3 Elite Armies. 3 Total Armies)

0/4000 Progress (+1300/t, Level 3)

God: Heathen

0 Faith

'Kara Boga ': 728 Strength (Elite, War-Clerics, Heavy-Armor, Two-Handed)

'The Harvesters ': 684 Strength (Elite, Mounted, Light-Armor, Thrown-Weapon)

'The Warbreakers ': 732 Strength (Elite, Mounted, Medium-Armor, One-Handed)

43bfc9  No.52505

Dice rollRolled 44, 65, 66 = 175 (3d100)


My bad,here are the rolls

dd7511  No.52506

File: 017df6241a76c82⋯.jpg (962.25 KB, 1721x1248, 1721:1248, ud1-3.jpg)


'Commune of Kalthor ' Information:

Nation Perks: Druids, Necromancers

1000.0 Population (+210/t)

1650 Gold(+10000/t)

1632 Army strength ( 3/3 Elite Armies. 3 Total Armies)

0/4000 Progress (+2000/t, Level 3)

God: Heathen

0 Faith

'Kalthor's Wraiths ': 712 Strength (Elite, Scouts, Medium-Armor, One-Handed)

'Forest's guardians ': 476 Strength (Elite, Scouts, Medium-Armor, Projectile)

'Waste dwellers ': 444 Strength (Elite, Mounted, Heavy-Armor, One-Handed)

dd7511  No.52574


Im kind of tired of chasing players down.

If I don't get those 2 last comments today I'm closing the game and starting off with different players.

There's a reason why i wrote active players only in the OP

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