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The lorde returneth

File: 1423439536698.jpg (491.77 KB, 1500x865, 300:173, 1420151585981.jpg)

630783 No.3[Reply]

Welcome to /builders/! This board is for the creation and running of nation and hero builders. A builder is a game run by a single Gamemaster (GM), where various players design their own hero or nation (Hence, Hero or Nation builder), to participate in a setting of the GM's design. Rules past that very with each game. Here is your complimentary guide to running and playing builders, have fun and remember to be excellent to each other! https://docs.google.com/document/d/1NZFX--5Hchy7wwVliYA8E8t5oNyec4zSC4yNStw4Oy0/edit?pli=1

Join the /builders/ community at:


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File: 11feed2daa751bd⋯.jpg (77.29 KB, 1000x599, 1000:599, flat,1000x1000,075,f.u1.jpg)

ff8175 No.43686[Reply]

he Glorious Empire, once proud and mighty, has fallen on hard times as of late. With much infighting at home and disillusion with Imperial rule in the frontier colonies, there is no strong sense of pride, and the people turn to their regional cultures more than the overarching sense of loyalty to the Emperor and the Capital of Eurdan that once existed, but is now long gone. Word grows in the East, of a powerful warlord rallying the once divided tribes of barbarians and beasts to his banner, smelling blood in the water and the decaying corpse of the empire flounders. All that stands between the Lands of the Empire and the wilds and their hordes of people (and otherwise) who see this bloated corpse as no more than a sack of loot needing a little convincing to spill its treasures, is the Fortress of Lavius’s Spite, built at the spot where the legendary 5th Emperor Lavius ąl Adûnius fought a battle with a mighty dragon for 12 days, and on the final day cast his opponent down from the mountaintop and smote him upon the mountainside, his fall creating the valley where the fortress now lie. Farad himself was not seen since that day, and the resulting succession crisis between his twenty sons is partly to blame for the state of the empire today. Regardless, the Garrison at the Spite, as it is commonly called, has been vastly reduced as generals eager to carve up their own sections of the empire have recalled men more loyal to their leader then the crown, with only a single legion of the original 6 that manned the fort remaining.

The Fortress itself is a massive stonework marvel of engineering, composed of a giant wall/gatehouse as the front of the valley with an additional fortress about half a league further behind at the other end of the valley. The Wall, cut from the stone of the mountain with foundations of dragon-bone deep beneath the earth, is 50 ft tall and deep enough that 10 men can walk abreast its length. Towers dot the fortifications at equal intervals and atop these towers stand mighty onagers, with ballista also dotting the walls in several places. Small barracks also exist in the wall itself, so that the men stationed there will not have to return to the rear fort every night. The Rear fortress itself is intimidating as well, a citadel with room for 20,000 men, walls thicker than some of the nearby hills, and several barracks for the Griffin Calvary famous in the empire, but only a paltry 15 ofPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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737931 No.46794

Dice rollRolled 61, 3, 2 = 66 (3d100)


Name: Servius Silius

Fluff: Servius was a born slave, made to serve a foul cultist group, for years he was belittled, insulted and generally humiliated, he stole one of their tomes and learnt what little he could, he managed to learn some minor spells and made his plans, eventually he killed his master and escaped, now his masters corpse serves as a bodyguard, covered in full body armour so no one can figure out what lies beneath.

Class: Location: Front

Health: 6/10

Gear: Acolyte – Battle Wizards of the Army, as this is a new regiment it does not possess the truly mighty wizards of the older legions, but their skill in battle is nothing to doubt.

[Acolyte’s Cloak] – Provides no physical protection but is enchanted to enhance spell casting. 15 to casting rolls.

[Pugio] – A dagger, + 2 to melee rolls

[Spells] – Raise Dead: Allows you to raise creatures of human size and down, a maximum of 3 human-sized or 5 smaller creatures, and they last for 4 turns. 3 Turn cooldown.

[Minor Dread] - You instil fear into the minds of your foes, weaker willed ones, - 5 to all their rolls for the next turn. 1 turn cooldown.

[Drums of Doom] - Passive - 5 to enemy resolve tests near you, or you can focus it and apply a -15 buff to a single enemy, 1 turn cooldown for the latter.

[Minor Rot] - Quickly rot a small target into a pile of guts and gore, killing it. 2 Turn cooldown. Can also be used to target parts of larger creatures, but has a reduced effect.

[Undead Mine] - You can make the dead blow themselves up. 5 turn cooldown.

[Necrotic Drain] - By killing a large amount of people you can steal their lifeforce to shorten recharge times on your spells. 6 Turn cooldown, reduces the cooldown on all spells by "x" turns as related to the roll value according to the chart from 50 up (i.e. 50/1, 60/2 etc)

[MadnesPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

92081a No.46795

Dice rollRolled 61, 100, 68 = 229 (3d100)


Name: Vincentus Lucius Dedicatus

Fluff: A veteran of numerous campaigns, Vincentus has been hailed as both a stalwart servant of the Empire and a greedy gorehound. Notorious for prying gold and riches from the corpses of men he slays, Vincentus leads his men with an iron fist and an unshakable zeal, thirsty for greater glory and gold. He yet remains unmarried, and it's an open secret that he's quite fond of slave men, for if he got himself a wife he'd have to share his riches. He eagerly awaits his retirement, whereupon he has plans to retire in the capital and live as a decadent patrician for the rest of his days… if he survives the siege, that is.

Class: Centurion

Location: Front Fort

Health: 9/10

Gear: Centurion – A commander, leads men from the front.

+ [Scutum] - 5 to attack rolls against you

+ [Gladius] + 5 to melee attacks

+ [Lorica plumata] - 15 to attacks against you

+ [Vitis] + 10 to soldiers rolls near you, provided you use it to beat them


+ [Small Sack of Gold And Gemstones]

+ [Sack of Gold] - Even out here, men can be persuaded to do unthinkable things for the right price. 1 time use.

Bonus: [War-Dog] - Vincentus has seen more battles then years he has lived, he's slain more men on the field of battle then he has in the tents at camps. For men like him, war isn't a chore, but a way of life. + 10 to all combat rolls (personal).

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

b2381f No.46796

Dice rollRolled 74, 48, 91 = 213 (3d100)


Name: Manuel of Cappadocia

Fluff: Firstborn son of the late King of Cappadocia, Maurice II. Robbed of his birthright by his younger brother Sarkis, he launched an ultimately failed rebellion, and afterwards, he was sent to the backwaters of the Empire as a military slave. Distinguishing himself through exceptional leadership and physical prowess, he climbed the ranks to become a general, yet was met with misfortune when he was caught trying to raise an army to take back his throne. Demoted and sent to the fortress, Manuel has been disgraced, but certainly not defeated. He aims to begin climbing the ranks again after proving himself in the siege.

Class: Centurion – A commander, leads men from the front.

Location: Front

Health: 10/10

Class: Centurion – A commander, leads men from the front.


+ [Scutum] - 5 to attack rolls against you

+ [Gladius] + 5 to melee attacks

+ [Hit me!] - - 17 to attacks against you, negates projectile blows.

+ [Vitis] + 10 to soldiers rolls near you, provided you use it to beat them


+ [Ring of Cappadocia] - Your father's last gift to you, on his deathbed when he granted you his kingdom, before your brother stole it from you and doomed your lands to war. The ring is an ancient artifact, and in times of great peril will protect its wearer. When below half health defensive bonuses are doubled, and the ring will save you from death one time in return for its destruction.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

6d23c1 No.46797

Dice rollRolled 63, 92, 52 = 207 (3d100)


Name: Priscilla Laelius Aurelian

Fluff: Legate Laelius is the second legitimate daughter of the widely respected and influential Aurelian family, known for their proud and yet-untarnished military history and a long line of influential senators. The Aurelians are supposedly descended in the times of early Rome from a standard bearer by the name of Felix Valerius who was given high honorifics after single-handedly defending the standard of the Legio II Augusta from a Carthagian mob for three full hours. As a woman, it's only the pull of her father, Magnus, who got her a position as Legate in the wake of Braxios' disgrace, though Priscilla is by all accounts well-trained and capable for the role. Despite a few military successes on her belt as a Centurion, the twenty-eight year old woman is entirely untested as a Legate, and that - combined with a high-nosed aristocratic disposition - tends to distance her from the men as a whole.

Class: [Legatus Legate]

Location: Front Fort

Health: 5/10, Bleeding

Gear: Legate - Like a Fancy Centurion. Also Pouts a lot.

+ [Scutum] - 5 to attack rolls against you

+ [Gladius] + 5 to melee attacks

+ [Hasta] - + 15 to mounted foes, useless in CCQ

+ [Hardened Lorica plumata] - 18 to attacks against you

+ [Vitis] + 10 to soldiers rolls near you, provided you use it to beat them


+ [Sentorial Seal of Office] - Official Notice of your office, can be used to force NPC's of a lower rank to do what you tePost too long. Click here to view the full text.

ac772d No.46798

Dice rollRolled 37, 20, 36 = 93 (3d100)


Name: Gaius Namedsoonicus


Nobody is really aware of where Gaius came from. Quite frankly nobody around Braxios' Fighting 15th has seen the man before and nobody can recall fighting alongside him during the siege. However after the first wave he just kind of showed up ready to fight. Overall Gaius is an uninteresting character with conforming opinions and attitudes. Its unlikely that anyone would notice his death.

Location: Front Fort

Health: 10/10

Class: Legionnaire


+ 2 [Pila] + 5 to ranged attacks, 1 use unless recovered and repaired

+ [Scutum] - 5 to attack rolls against you

+ [Gladius] + 5 to melee attacks

+ [Lorica segmentata] - 10 to attacks against you


+ [Cloak] - Just a normal cloak, but for some reason you become even more unnoticeable when you put it on. + 10 to sneaking actions.

Bonus: [Unseen] - Enemies will not attack you unless you directly attack them, furthermore, people will not notice you unless you speak up or do something to make yourself known.

1-3. He could not stop now! It was so close! The goal of his journey!

File: d1c39f9913cff3c⋯.png (61.73 KB, 2955x1661, 2955:1661, 001.png)

File: 1f3bee373c3541c⋯.png (46.99 KB, 2000x1000, 2:1, Mudar.png)

26a946 No.46741[Reply]

between 1860 and 1940, the US acquired 8 "colonies": Panama, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Guam, the Philippines, Samoa, and Mudar. Mudar is in the Philippine sea and was once a Spanish colony but after the Spanish-American war of 1898, was taken by the US. Since then it was a military base, but deep underground, the US secretly had a testing facility underground for biological, chemical, and nuclear weapons. During the Cold War, the USSR began developing the same weapons that the US were working towards under Mudar. In the 60s, the US and the USSR came to the agreement that developing these weapons would only complicate the war further and, through the UN, development of these weapons were outlawed, however the damage was already done to Mudar. The military base was shut down and the island became dominated by civilians who drank the polluted water and ate food grown in the disturbed soil. It was only after 60 years that the effects of the testing were comprehended as third generation Mudarans began showing signs of super powers during particularly stressful situations.

Secret Identity: (What appears on your birth certificate?)

Age: (How many years ago were you born?)

Race: (Which race do you belong to? Mudar has a 2/5th population of Hispanics and a 2/5th population of Anglo-Saxons, however, all other races exist within the 1/5th that hasn’t been covered)

Gender: (What do you identify as? This could vary from “male” to “female to mentally handicapped golf caddy trans”)

Origin Story: (What other fluff do you have to offer? Please include the stressful event that caused your powers to develop. It could range from a car crash to witnessing a robbery to being beaten by your dad)

Current Location: (Where are you? To begin with, you must be in Mudar somewhere. See the second image for a map of Mudar)

Powers: (What powers have you developed? Powers are divided into 6 lists: AAA, AA, A, B, C, D. An AAA list power will cost you 6 power points, a D list power will cost you 1 power point. You can choose your own powers, such as Super Strength [A list] however the specificity can only be determined by testing your powers and will be determined by me, the GM. Increasing a power by 1 rank requires you to spend 1 power poinPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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3187ee No.46787

File: 80f652cd38c35eb⋯.png (109.82 KB, 170x493, 10:29, neil crop 2.png)

Secret Identity: Neil Breen

Age: 17

Race: half white, half tibetian

Gender: guy

Origin Story: An unknowing superhero, Neil was always a prankster, always on the lookout for ways to put the egg on someone else's face. Whether it was the ol' bucket of jello on top of a door, or mayonnaise in the pudding cups, practical jokes were his life. But at some point in the past couple of years, he realized that he was a little too good. If his prank required someone to, say, open a spring-loaded can of peanuts, then they would be sure to do so when he was watching, almost as if he could will them to fall for it. Even when he was having an "off day", his marks would still fall for even the most obvious pranks, as if the piece of tape, or the water bottle was just…unnoticeable.

The turning point was when, one day, he was walking along the streets of Legazpi one say when he heard a scream. Turning to look, he saw a woman chasing a purse-snatcher–directly towards him. Thinking quickly, he made the circle on his thigh, and, even in the middle of his headlong dash, the robber looked, and Neil took the momentary pause to pop the thief in the nose, sending him sprawling. As he handed the purse back to the lady, suddenly the craziest idea occurred to him–what if he used his pranks to fight crime?

He started going around at night, and using various biats and lures (including himself, dressed as a girl), to entice potential criminals, then dispatching them one way or another–cinderblock to the head of a rapist, sticky handlebars and no brakes on a bike, firecrackers in a purse. The local superheroes even started to appreciate him as a minor, powerless superhero.

Current Location: Downtown Legazpi

Powers: mind control [D-list], telekinesis, [D-list], predictive ability [D-list] and disguise [D-list]

—- don’t fill this out —-

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

d8c897 No.46790


Secret Identity: Greg Goodman

Age: Sufficiently Old

Race: White

Gender: CIS White Male

Origin Story: Greg used to work with the coast guard. One fateful day during a test flight the helicopter Greg was in was hit by an unknown object sending it crashing into the sea. Trapped in the wreckage descending rapidly though gravely injured by twisted pieces of metal Greg managed to retrieve the pilot, make it to shore and perform life saving CPR. Afterwards Greg quit his job and is now inbetween things.

Current Location: McKinleyton


Health: Healthy [10/10]

Reputation: -

Power Points: 0

Skills: C-Healing, D-Resurrect, D-Endurance

Inventory: (Things of importance go here)

Team: (These are the people you work with. They could be sidekicks or simply just partners)

58a33d No.46791


Secret Identity: Grug

Age: 10,000 (Physically 20)

Race: Caveman

Gender: CaveMAN

Origin Story: Grug was discovered when a uranium mining accident melted the ice block he was trapped in. He was taken to Mudar for research but he escaped. Now, Grug does Grug things.

Current Location: Downtown Port Philips


-A Level Super Strength

Health: Healthy [10/10]


Power Points: 4


-[Improved Endurance]


-[Bone Club]


1. Grug hungry. Grug find food.

2. Grug need know surroundings.

58a33d No.46792

Dice rollRolled 50, 51 = 101 (2d100)


225d77 No.46793

Dice rollRolled 17, 50 = 67 (2d100)

Secret Identity: Pip Simon

Age: Mid 20s

Race: White

Gender: Male

Origin Story: Pip Simon was once an ordinary man from a small town in Wisconsin who joined the Army at 18 and served overseas for a number of years in the Middle East before eventually being assigned to recover some things from the abandoned military base in Mudar. However, as most abandoned sites go, the place had long since fallen into ruin, and as he wandered deep beneath the depths of the facility he was separated from his colleagues as the floor gave way from underneath him. That was the day Pip Simon "died", though it wasn't the end of his tale. Indeed, his fall was broken by a pool of glowing liquid that tasted very familiar…indeed, it was Pepsi! But no ordinary pepsi, it was magical pepsi, perhaps changed by all the testing done by the U.S., or perhaps it was magical all along, being some secret locked away power source left by some unknown precursors…either way, Pip Simon emerged a changed man, his DNA had fused with the pepsi, giving him the ability to create and manipulate Pepsi at will! In addition, the caffeinated kick of Pepsi surged through his veins, giving him increased speed like nothing seen before! Indeed, Pip Simon is no more, for now he is PEPSIMAN, Earth's Greatest Carbonated Hero, and he has a thirst for justice!

Current Location: The Sacred Pepsi Grotto deep below the testing site ruins

Powers: B-list Pepsimancy, D-list Super Speed

Health: Healthy [10/10]


Power Points: 0

Skills: Military Training

Inventory: Body Armor, Rifle


1. My Pepsi senses are tingling! There's crime afoot, and where there is crime caffeinated justice cannot be far behind! I'll find these evildoers and use my pepsi powers to subdue them!

2. I should train my powers as well, evil never rests and neither shall I!

File: 0e65915104364db⋯.png (302.8 KB, 1800x1157, 1800:1157, Lumea.png)

3d2839 No.41677[Reply]

The Empire is dying. Over 600 years of dominance over half of Lumea slowly coming to an end. The Empire of The Golden Rose has overextended itself, civil unrest and revolts close to the heartland have stifled imperial reach to the marches and barbarians raid and pillage almost unhindered. Bloated Aristocracy and corrupt Bureaucrats have made reforms almost impossible and central government is non existent because of a young, weak emperor. Emperor Alphonsus II inherited the throne three years ago, after the untimely death of his father. His father had suffered a wound and contracted an infection on the front, but he continued back to the capital after his doctors treated him and diagnosed him healthy enough. It flared up when he got back and he died two days later. Alphonsus II was only 15 at the time and inexperienced, totally not ready to lead the empire through the crisis. It's been three years since and things have only gotten worse. Alphonsus II rule is dominated by councilors and court officials who line their own pockets and effectively rule the country, Alphonsus II himself shielded from outside news and not fully aware of the dire straits his empire is going through.To make matters worse, he is not married, adding fuel to the talk that he is not fit to rule. Many of the Provinces and Kingdoms operate effectively autonomously, the Imperial armies loyal to their generals and divided, unable to reliably support the Emperor's vassals. The condition of the Empire has reach the ears of the eastern barbarians and typically divided tribes and clans have united into warbands that raid deep into imperial territory, past the marches and even into coastal core imperial lands. To the far east, there are talks of rival empires in the making, eager to tame the savage wildlands and lead the barbarians in dismantling the Empire.

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c49fe1 No.46612


Updated stats, also can I post yet, also yes continue you boob

Name: Esmeralda

Sex: Female

Age: Young Sexy Witchy

Race: Human

Culture: Germanic


Originating from Kassak Esmeralda is daughter to a minor noble House. Blood magic and other divine rituals have fascinated her for a long time and seen her try to refine and perfect the process of gathering magica.

Wanting to see her family prosper and retain their power within Kassak she seeks to first find the Emperor a suitable wife which will secure his claim to the throne at least somewhat, afterwards further consolidating his reign. Who knew perhaps once she had managed to support the Emperor sufficiently he would even elevate her family to a more prestigious position.

House: Kesseken


HP: 22/25 [-3hp / 1 more turn after this]

HF: 7/7


[1 Chests of Wealth]


[Masterwork Grimoire]; [Good Sorceroress Garb]; [Good Longbow]; [Alchemy Equipment]; [Average Eyepatch]


[Good Intelligence]


[Master Charisma]; [Good Bowmanship]


[Power In Blood]

Though relatively unknown in The Empire, there are less than a 100 people in The Empire who are better than you at matters relating to Blood. Your skill in Blood Magic is great and your knowledge of anatomy is superb. You get a bonus to Blood Magic and fighting non plant-based and elemental lifeforms.

c49fe1 No.46613



I'm a smart man who connects posts smartly.

5951c9 No.46614


Update you nigger.

3ca53a No.46780


continue :>

155f80 No.46783


if you update I will join

File: 8644bc0d9d2107c⋯.jpg (183.67 KB, 1024x744, 128:93, battle_between_2_gods_art_….jpg)

fcb24a No.46071[Reply]


One thousand years ago, the gods of Order and Chaos declared war upon each other, using Earth as their battleground. Whole continents were devastated by the onslaught, as battle after battle turned the land into what would come to be known as the Void Wastes, completely inhospitable lands where death energy sucks the very life out of all who dare to tread upon it. One area of land that escaped complete destruction was the continent of Europa along with the northern tip of the desert continent of Africa and the frozen island of Grønland across the seas, along with various other islands such as Britannia and others. The lands that were spared gave life to many different civilizations, which slowly developed into proper nations, each with the knowledge of smithing bronze and having other related technologies.

It has been many, many years since the first civilizations planted their roots and began growing, and indeed now they have grown into bustling and vibrant cultures. Most have conquered the art of working iron as well, sending the world into the Iron Age and advancing their military and industrial strength greatly. All but one civilization have forged pacts with the mysterious gods, and can now harness the forces of magic, which will undoubtedly prove to be useful. However, they know not what motivates such powerful beings to take such an interest in them.

New players please fill out the following sheet.

>Nation name:

(Self-explanatory, please pick something smart)


(Your color on the map, no black, white or grey please. Also see the terrain tab)


(The characteristics and features that define your nation and make it special. Will be used to assign starting techs)

Do not fill out:



(If this hits zero, you die. Affects various things, such as your ability to passively defend your terriPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

209 posts and 70 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

0f25ad No.46733

Dice rollRolled 25, 40, 48 = 113 (3d100)





>Food production:


>Population growth:







1 Capitol City


8 (+5)


Bronzeworking, Ironworking, Basic Forges, Basic Animal Husbandry, Basic Farming, Basic Mining, Very Basic Swords, Intermediate Religion ("God Below"), Very Basic Medicine, Very Basic Police Force, Very Basic Armor (Iron), Very Basic Terraced Farms, Very Basic Shields, Basic Spears, Superior Elsass Military Training II, Very Basic Elsass Patrolling, Elsässer Alphabet, Combat Medicine I


Schloss Graustein

Extra Housing (Free City of Elsass)

Iron Mines (Free City of Elsass)

Sapphire Mines (Free City of Elsass)

Temple of Mantus (Free City of Elsass)

Statue of Mantus (Free City of Elsass)

>Standing Army:

+ 900 Elsass Swordsmen (+14 for every 100)


Food: Wheat, lettuce, sugar beets, cows, chickens

Luxury: Gold, Sapphires, Silver

Industrial: Copper, tin, wood, stone, iron+, coal


+ Darkvision Spell

>Faith: 1

>Divine Favor:

+ Mantus (Earth, Metals, Darkness, ProtPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

e04560 No.46739


Spend 3 favor, and beseech Xi Wangmu for mercy from the evils of the world

da1bc2 No.46745

Dice rollRolled 68, 34, 40 = 142 (3d100)


>Nation name: Skræl

>Color: Green

>Fluff: During the great cataclysm the native peoples of americas were quickly thrown into chaos and danger. great upheavals and migrations took place all over the continent as they tried to appease whatever god had gained control for the moment or were trying to flee the conflict outright. While the land slowly became the land of the dead many had begun to grow even more desperate and set out on the seas with primitive ships and with little navigation knowledge. Almost all died, but for the few that made it they reached greenland with those from Scandinavia who had already settled accepted them. Eventually even if they were small in number own their own, the sheer amount of different native groups reaching the land meant that they outnumbered the Scandinavians. Today, the current nation of skræl has homogenized ethnically, culturally, and linguistically with the original settlers forming core of all these things.


8 (Ecstatic)





>Population growth:


>Food production:







Bronzeworking, Skraeli Metallurgy I, Armor III (Bronze Reinforced Bonescale), Trapping I, Clothing I (Wool), Animal Husbandry II, Farming I, Fishing VI (Spear, Net, Clamdigging, Line, Cage), Shipbuilding V (War Quadriremes), Carpentry I (Skræli longhouses), Medicine of Ataninnuaq V, Surgery II, Hygiene III (saunas, Toothpaste), Sewage I (Outhouses), Perfumes I, Skræli Alphabet, MPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

09d254 No.46756

Dice rollRolled 81, 5, 32 = 118 (3d100)


>Nation name: Cogotas

>Color: Gold

>Fluff: The Cogotasi are a strange yet industrious people. Natives to the central region of the Iberian peninsula they have lived and grown away from most of the strife and conflict caused by the gods and their proxies. Predominantly a herder people, having more cattle herders than farmers. They are known to the neighboring tribes for their black pottery, strange animal statues watching over their cattle fields, and necropolis. Since no god has approached them yet they believe in spirits of nature, animals, and people and seek to deal with or control them into doing what they desire. Now with the rise of a new warlord they seek to extend their dominance to those around them as well.



>Food production:


>Population growth:







Cogotas (capitol city)

Vindras (outpost)


3 (Content)


BronzeworkinPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

7f8b76 No.46778

File: af016d07c4389d9⋯.png (2.65 MB, 1920x828, 160:69, rome siege.png)

Dice rollRolled 89, 56 = 145 (2d100)

>Nation name:





It all started with one farmer (whose name translates to "By the grace of God, a Dragon") who would challenge travelers to fight. Nothing fancy, just a fistfight or grapple, typically with some stakes, like a day of work on the farm vs a bottle of kvass. Some stuck around and made their farms nearby, and the tradition of fighting was started. Fighting was entertainment, dispute resolution, bonding and even a method of courtship. A system of honor developed, and a physically strong and socially-cohesive group grew, whose life purpose was to win the next fight. Crime was almost non-existent, for self-defense was almost assumed, and, when threatened from the outside, they made up for their lack of strategy, and sometimes even weapons by the incredible physical fitness and hand-to-hand combat capabilities of these people.

Muzhchina Voinovna, a great-granddaughter of that first pugilist-farmer, and one of the city's most elite fighters, has recently earned the title of Nayagina, roughly "Princess", a title which places upon her the responsibility of taming the unruly city, and turning their vigor to productive ends. And there is much to be done! There is a great wide world outside the city walls, with many places to explore, sights to see, and faces to punch!


"Train and Fight!"



>Food production:


>Population growth:







Borbograd City




Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 55e78bb1329e2ce⋯.png (25.78 KB, 2000x1000, 2:1, Map.png)

e2699d No.41164[Reply]

Humanity is in its infancy, having recently understood the concept of Agriculture three Civilizations have emerged as of now.

The Suba (Purple) are a loose congregation of Tribes inhabiting the forests on the Eastern Continent's Far North.

The Ibiz (Green), inhabit the warm, yet fertile Central Lands, massive rivers supplying an ever increasing population in an otherwise inhospitable landscape. They are ruled by a Monarch chosen by the Gods themselves.

The Arami (Red), live even further South, they know little about Agriculture, however they are first to have mastered the art of Fishing supplying the relatively small communities which span along the coast.

Though humanoid in form and size you are by no means Human. What runs through your veins can only be described as Immortal Blood. When you were fashioned by the Hands of Gods Unknown you were little more than an empty Vessel. An emptiness that was filled by the deafening whisper of a Single Word. It is your existence, your essence, the very thing you draw Power and Life from.

(The Word of Power functions basically as Bello's Charm builder did with the exception that are the Charm in Humanoid form. If you are unfamiliar, you get to choose one word, I will give you the choice between three different abilities out of which you can then choose one. You can gain additional abilities through the course of the game. Note that some may seem stronger than others, if you feel like you're being treated unfairly, cry to me about it and I'll figure something out.)

Fill out the first two (Also tell me where you want to start)


>Word of Power:



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e29bd7 No.46740

Dice rollRolled 91, 57, 76 = 224 (3d100)





>Robert, a young man of 18 years, was born and raised within his tribe. He has lived a simple life with his parents and friends. He has enjoyed good times as well as pushed through hard times.

>>Word of Power:



>+ [A Hero's Sacrifice]

>You are one of the if not the Greatest Warrior this world has ever seen. Humans are but lambs to the slaughter even if they go up against you in large numbers. You are tireless, strong and fast. Ilness and poison, as well as pointy metals and fires have only little affect on you. If in combat with another Character you may choose to give your own life in order to kill them as well, removing you both from the game. You may also use this ability to save someone's life instead.

>+ [Guardian Spirit]

>You gain the ability for your senses to part ways with your body through meditation, observing from above little remains hidden to your new found third eye.


>+ [Spear] (Heroic)

>+ [Carving] (Trained Natural)

>+ [Farming] (Amateur)

>+ [Hunting] (Prodigy)

>+[Archery] (Expertly Trained Prodigy)

>+ Architecture (Experienced Prodigy)

>+Unarmed Combat (Expertly Trained Prodigy)

>+Trainer (Expert)

>+Stealth (Prodigy)


>+ [Spear]

>+ [Shield of the Comet Tree]

>+ [Masterful Cloak]

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

8f6f59 No.46748

Dice rollRolled 51, 81, 43 = 175 (3d100)


Name: The Pig

Fluff: The creature formed from the cries of rage and despair of every dead pig, it slowly rose through the bodies, It looked at humanity and the word echoed through its mind

Word of Power: Butcher

Abilities: [Werehogs]

You may turn pigs into Werehogs, at your will they will turn into pigmen and wreak havoc wherever they may be. Furthermore you may turn any mortal you touch into a pig. If you so wish with a touch you may turn them back into humans, Werehogs cannot be reverted into human form. Werehogs will not attack you but have only very basic intellect and will struggle with more complex orders. You may also take the form of a normal pig

[May contain traces of Pig]

You gain the ability to fuse other wildlife with pigs. They will follow very basic commands.


You may combine three survivors into one Abomination, they will be taller and stronger than the average human, though less intelligent.

Skills: [Sailing] (Trained)

Companions: Bird-Pig Pog 45 Arami-Pigmen, 1 Veteran Scorpig 1 Elite scorpig. CowPig 4 Arami - abominations 2 Veteran Arami´abominations, The Mad Abomination [Ever Vigilant Abomination], Scorpiggy 5 Pog

Action 1: Start making traps along the border, if we can't attack any weak spots then we must prepare for their attack.

Action 2-3: Attempt to turn myself into an Abomination, i am currently too weak to fight anyone. but if i could achieve the form of my brethren then perhaps i may gain the strength we need.

7771ef No.46755

File: 914d6aa80c38a82⋯.webm (3.56 MB, 640x360, 16:9, jamie xx.webm)

Dice rollRolled 97, 37, 70 = 204 (3d100)

Name: Soridul

Fluff: War, always war. Wherever Soridul went, he found the horrors of war to follow. Homes burned, innocents slaughtered, land rendered barren from foul magics and fire. Mankind was a violent race, Soridul realized this early on, when his small village was raided by a group of tribal savages from the northern waste of the world, and it was Soridul alone who survived, spirited away by his mother into the nearby hills. Soridul, at the ripe age of 4, could not understand why his mother then started running in the other direction, screaming loudly and causing a general ruckus, but he remembered her last words; "Run my son, run and live, live with honor and do right by the Maker's Will." He lived a life away from the people of the world, in the wilds of nature. He grew strong on his own, living off the land and facing every challenge he faced with stern determination and precociousness. Soridul wandered the world, from its northern reaches to the southern deserts. It was in his 23 summer that he first spoke to another human being, having stumbled upon a village much like his own in the midst of being raided by tribals very much like the ones that raised his home all those years ago. Compelled to act, he picked up a sword from a nearby slain man of the village and sought to cutting the raiders down to size. He found that war, for as much as he detested it, came easy to him, as he cut through the Northmen with relative ease. He found satisfaction in fighting the good fight, the righteous cause. Soridul found in himself a fire, a passion to defend those who could not defend themselves, and to inspire others to do the same. War was hell, but righteous war was glorious. He had at last found it, the meaning of that cryptic word his mother had told him so many moons ago. Honor. He would fight for Honor.

Word of Power: Honor


+[A Man's Word] - Any claim made in your presence will see the mortal who made it strive to fulfill it to his fullest. They will gain the feeling of an overwhelming force pushing them to make good on their worPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

d4b1e0 No.46759

Dice rollRolled 7, 55, 33 = 95 (3d100)


>Name: Lucius Augustus Aurelius


[The Dutiful] (Western Ibizan Garrisons)

[Pigslayer] (Ibizan Military)

[Founder] (Ever-Vigilant)

[Lord of The Red Rock] (Fighting-Ibizans)

[Demonslayer] (All Ibizans)

>Word of Power: Pietas


[Beacon of Sainthood] Allies close to you become overwhelmed with Duty and fight to the Death, they are filled with Holy Strength and Endurance an inspiring sight for their fellow soldiers. These effects grow weaker the further they are away from you. All friendly units within sight range receive a substantial morale boost if you are on the battlefield. Furthermore you gain the ability to deflect an otherwise lethal attack by a mortal on a friendly unit onto yourself, which will cause moderate harm to you. You may redirect an attack no matter its strength and origin onto yourself, negating any effect to surroundings and allies, this will however claim your own life, removing you from the game.

[Beacon of Fortitude] You and allies near you heal at an accelerated rate, as well as recover from fatigue more quickly.


[Swords](Veteran); [Leatherwork](Basic); [Leader of Men](Legendary); [Tactician](Experienced); [Agriculture] (Legendary)


[Crude Leather Armor];[Wooden Shield];[Ibizan Standard Bearer];[Good Bronze Sword]; [Good Bronze Shield]


[The Red Rock](Two Ring Walls)(Extra Siege Supplies)(Memorial Hall(Scorched Blade & Armor of the Red Rock))(Ever-Vigilant Chapter)

[6 Arami-Red Rock Biremes]; [2(4) Red Rock Bireme]

[Fishing Villages]

[Rockport](Wall)(Docks)(Ever-Vigilant Chapter)

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

1a825b No.46760

Dice rollRolled 18, 32, 87 = 137 (3d100)

>Name: Skeleton Jack

>Word of Power: Necromancy

>Fluff: Skeleton Jack is a friendly skeleton raised by the gods and the power of his Word. His favorite thing to do is spooking people, and he does it very well. However, he gets lonely, so he uses his powers to make lots of skeleton and zombie friends, which along with his spooping often gets him into trouble with the living. He dreams of creating a skeleton utopia where he and his undead friends can spook in peace.

>Abilities: [Master of Bones] - You gain the ability to infuse the bones of mortal humans with their souls. They will be bound to your will and follow your commands, while retaining their own consciousness they will execute your commands. This ability is restricted to mortal humans.

[Breaker of Chains] You gain the ability to return free will to those whom you have resurrected, however once you have released them you can never return them to your control.


10 Unbound Spook-Suban Zombies

10 Unbound Old Suban Child Zombies

40 Unbound Spook-Suban Skeletons

40 Unbound Old Suban Skeletons

30 Unbound Old Siban Skeletons

50 Unbound Old Suban Skeleton Warriors

25 Spook-Suban Warriors


Sir Argul the Strong



-Grand Temple of the Dead

-Shoddy Stone Wall

-Outer Stone Wall

-Kakarian Forge

Bone City

-Seat of Forgelord Kakar

-Kakarian Forge

-Kakarian Mines

Skull Bay

-Seat of Lord Wobart

-Kakarian Miines


Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 57a02f437dfe2e8⋯.jpg (176.5 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Andrew Ryan - Casterly.jpg)

File: 9cbc13652e06f6d⋯.jpg (226.68 KB, 1700x873, 1700:873, Andreas Rocha - Fields of ….jpg)

5e0ac1 No.46447[Reply]

Welcome to Lords of the Realm, a Nation Builder of Dukes, Duels and Dominion! In this you take the role of a powerful noble or influential person of rank, levying for power and prestige within the mighty Veldic Empire. Rules for building your domain and making use of it can be found below, but here are the basics you'll need to know for in-game play.

>Dice are 3d100, you can take up to 3 actions a turn

>Combat will be handled outside of usual turn structure in 'rounds'

>Progress occurs primarily through taking territory, boosting your stats and building holdings, but there are less tangible forms of advancement to be pursued

>Above all else, don't be a cock and have fun

— The Rules —

Chargen Rules: https://pastebin.com/hMjQeCFU

Combat Rules: https://pastebin.com/dXq8LxVh

— Optional Reading —

A History of Veld and its Neighbors


Ranks of Lordship


Ranks of the Faith


Orders Militant


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c99540 No.46674

Oreo come back

bc53d6 No.46675

This is why I wanted a faster pace

b8c52d No.46692

This was looking to be a good game

57cd7b No.46744

File: c597be13aaf183e⋯.png (436.73 KB, 3675x2350, 147:94, hero_builder_map.png)

eada8a No.38078[Reply]

The end times are upon the United States of America, and soon upon the whole world. The country's greatest heroes and villains have fallen against an ironclad evil– a legion of robotic, laser-toting skeletons led by the insidious Skeleton Prime. Much of the country has fallen into its grip– few capable of standing up to this horrid foe still remain.

That is where YOU come in. You are a superhero, a supervillain, a super-whatever– and because of your pitiful, overlooked, D-List status, you were not targeted by the Skeleton forces nor asked to fly into battle against them. And so you have survived.

Now, with the League of Righteousness dead and most of D.O.O.M slain or AWOL, it is YOUR time to rise up, defeat the Cyber Skeleton Legions, and claim that sweet, sweet superhuman street cred for your own.


Name: The name the superhuman community and the news know you by. Secret identity optional.

Age: Approximate, as needed.

Origin Story: How YOU became a superhuman/alien/dog, and the basis for your superpowers and super-equipment.

Blood Type: Fill this out.

Signature Color: Pick a color. One that I can actually access in MSPaint. You may want to wait until the map-wipe for this.

Domain: Doctor Doom has Latveria, Batman has Gotham. You have your own domain, represented by your Signature Color. The bigger your domain, the more resources you can draw upon, but the harder it is to defend.

Superpowers: Determined by Fluff/Origin Story.

Equipment: Determined by Fluff.

Followers: Determined by Fluff.

Renown: Starts at D-List

PREVIOUS 4CHAN THREAD AND OTHER THREADS HERE: Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

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b3c584 No.46730

Dice rollRolled 31, 46, 86 = 163 (3d100)


1. Scorpio took place on his new chair. Surely this was going to work marvelously. It would help him focus on the work at hand. The fact that a trail of sprinkles was leading out in the desert probably meant nothing anyway and there was much more important paperwork to be done. For example what was this? Super Heroes weekly ranked his Tool Creation at D level! D! Did they not know he had a gigantic living space station of his own design? Then again, perhaps they only considered smaller, more simplistic tools? He could probably just go ahead and invent a vastly improved version of a swiss army knife. A Scorpio Army Knife. All of his Living Metal soldiers would be able to carry one around with them and use it for whatever it needed to be used for. With new found energy the super genius went about the task.

-5 [Most Uncomfortable Chair]

2. Cracking his knuckles Scorpio looked around his office. The furniture and various trinkets had been hand picked by his most tasteful assistants with various otherwise useless degrees in interior design and the like and while he had made his own chair perhaps an entire interior design of his own making would be too much torture even for the man himself. He couldn't help but think of that trail of sprinkles leading out into the desert. What if something absolutely whacky and unexpected had happened with the sprinkles machine and it had not just blown up.. this was an unusual line of work after all. A good CEO would of course research any type of threat, even if he had to abandon his chair in the meantime. With a sigh Scorpio left his office to follow the trail of the sprinkles machine. Who knew what awaited him in the desert.

3. Scorpio had lost many useful compatriots throughout his encounters with the metal skeleton threat. Then again he and his men had sort of become living metal threats themselves. However due to how handsome and smart Scorpio was he had no need to dwell on the similarities any further, it was self evident that his side were tPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

75fa1c No.46734

Dice rollRolled 81, 66, 65 = 212 (3d100)


>health [Battered]

#1-3 an energy manipulator. I am not surprised nor amused. as Prime erased the mockery of law and order that was muggle society, this one gorged himself fat on the remains of the energy supply. even a gorilla does not need brains to win through nothing but strength, and true to muggle form the only tactics this one had was to throw bigger energy blasts at something until it went away. if he thinks his strength or threats will cowtow me he's a bigger fool than I thought. I have never backed down from a fight in my life and I won't begin today. they can cut off my head, plant stakes through my heart, burn my body on a pyre, riddle me with silver bullets or vaporize me in an atom blast and scatter my particles to the wind. but be it days, months, years, or decades I always return. death is but a doorway, and time a window. none but the boy may truly kill me. however, death now would be inconvenient. the boy has joined forces with Prime, if allowed they might destroy all of wizard kind. I will not be the last wizard and I will not allow a bloody skeleton to prevail over wizardom. I look about and see the destruction wrought by this one's ungainly blasts. I was here to destroy Porkblister's, what better use for this angry bull than to loose him upon the school. I make every effort to shadow step across Porkblisters, that he might wipe it off the face of the earth for me and save me the trouble. my lightning beast won't be of much use here, I hiss at it to return to V.U. as they prepare to teleport away with whatever spoils my deathbeaters have collected by now. I also test one final theory. no matter how much energy these manipulators had, often they instinctively draw some of it from the ambient. I can sow poison and death into earth air and water, why not energy itself. I cast curses and death into the very particles in the atmosphere to see if this one might draw it into his body as he charges another blast. he can manipulate energy, let us see him manipulate magical poison in his own flesh

+[A-List Super Sorcery]

+[C-List Electricity Resistance]Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

9ed54b No.46736


Here's a hint, read what Elias actual types dude. He's pissed at you for attacking his turf not because he's working with Prime. He's even letting you run off if you want.

75fa1c No.46737


>there wasn't something in my post saying Pulse was working with Prime. Waldough is working with Prime

>I don't think either of our characters would IC know for sure anyway. Vladimire had already said his enemy is Prime to Pulse

>I read what Pulse and others says to my character and respond. but I don't do things on meta knowledge by acting on other people's posts who don't say stuff out loud or I wouldn't know

c10bd1 No.46738

Dice rollRolled 7, 40, 90 = 137 (3d100)



>>Name: The Mastermind

>>Age: At least 100

>>>Blood Type: AB+

>>>Signature Color: Dark Red

>>>Domain: New Mexico

>>>Superpowers: [Super Intellect], [D-List Device Invention] [Awesome Scar] [B-List Entropy] [B-List Sonic Blast (Rock-N-Roll)][B-List Super Singing]

1. "What is this. . . 'I am the ghost of a dead King of Ghana. Please send money so I can-' NO! YOU LIE"

The MASTERMIND continues to surf the UnderNet, dodging Spam Seances and Popups for free get out of Hell Cards. He will find tickets to see BOB ZOMBIE and get his help to make the best Damned Speaker System ever for Hellrider!

UnderNet Search 1/3

2. "There's still more land out there now recently incinerated. Might not be anymore people in it. . .but I WANT IT. GO AND GET IT."

The Mastermind's troops move in to secure the rest of the incinerated former Shroud's lands, before any skeletons can move in on it.

3. "More crystals. I NEED MORE CRYSTALS"


[Science Lab]

3 [Science Teams]

Anti-Psychic Crystals 1/5

File: 979e107ebb0d81c⋯.jpg (128.39 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Fantasy City.jpg)

f937d9 No.46258[Reply]

>This is a test version of the system I'm going to use for my games. If something doesn't seem to be working expect me to change it if you don't think this is fair then don't join.

Game Lore: You are all located in or around a small coastal city surrounded by dangerous wilderness. You may play as whatever you please, including dungeons, freshly born gods or as normal people. I will only be allowing one of any one specific thing to be played, however.

If you wish to join then please fill in this character sheet:





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c84627 No.46410

Dice rollRolled 98, 1, 37, 48, 28, 16, 23, 34, 31, 63, 11, 37 = 427 (12d100)


>>Name: Sanana

Race: Fae-Boyuk

Age: 218


Health: 3/3:3

Stamina: 110/110:40

Mana: 13/13:6


+ [Racial: Fae-Boyuk]: One of the Fae tribes, the Boyuk were known on Tiesa for their small size and agility. [Grants Stats: Health [1/1:1] - Stamina [110:110:40] - Mana [9/9:2]] [Grants Traits: Immortal]

+ [Immortal]: You and your kind are not caught in the ravages of time

+ [Mutated]: Through science, you have taken hold of evolution and manipulated it. [Grants Stats: Health [2/2:2] - Mana [4/4:4]]

+ [Kinslayer]: Banished from Tiesa after your deeds all gates leading back to your home are closed.


+ Hunting - Warp flesh

+ Warp flesh [Level: 2]

+ Surgeon [Level 4]: You are skilled in sewing up wounds and amputating flesh. [Grants +3 bonus to related rolls per level]

2/5 until next level



1 - 2. I heard that the mortals of this land are peculiarly tolerant and accepting of different races. I will attempt to get a job as a surgeon, this way I'll be able to study the anatomy of many different races and creatures, will have an opportunity improve my skill as a surgeon and earn a few extra coins

3 - 4. I will continue my efforts to understand essence. I shall attempt to give the essence of the spider to the offspring of another pregnant rat


5 - 6. Using my newly acquired flesh warping magic I shall attempt to create a living flesh golem out of organs, bones and tissue of the deceased rats. Or in other words - an aberPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

0b63fb No.46425

Dice rollRolled 60, 57, 55, 57, 35, 100, 80, 98, 82, 25, 76, 68 = 793 (12d100)

Name: Gaius Iulius Caesar

Age: 55

Race: Roman

>Lore: "Et tu…Brute?" Then everything went black. Then he awoke, in a meadow..birds singing, sun shining. Pulling off his toga, he felt himself for wounds, but only old battle scars were left. Elysium? Perhaps….


Health [-6:-6:-4]

Stamina [-80/-80:-80]

Mana [3/3:3]


+[Racial: Human]: You are a member of the human race. [Grants Stats: Health [10/10:4] – Stamina [100/100:40]]

+[Realm Traveler]: You have come from another plane of existence, dowsed in the ether of the inter-planar gates. [Grants Stats: Mana [3/3:3]]

Trait: [River’s Wrath]: [Grants Stats: Health [-6:-6:-4] - [-80/-80:-80] - This Trait will expire in (2) turns]


+Command [Level: 7]: You are well verse in commanding military might and using it potential to greater height than other men. [Grants a 5% boost in damage per level to any companions or units under your command]



1-2. convince the mage to take me to speak to his lord

2-4. convince his lord to give me a high post befitting of my stature


5-12: learn more about the land I'm now in

62f7e1 No.46477


>>Name: Amalia Lancaster

Race: Human


Health: [18/18:4]

Stamina [120/120:60]


+[Port Clerk - Pays 10 Coppers per [Turn] for free, doing “overtime” will net you 2 coppers each time]


+[Racial: Human]: You "are" a member of the human race [Grants Stats: [10/10:4] - Stamina [100:100/40]]

+[Curse: Vampirism]: You are cursed with eternal life, as long as you sate your thirst for your own kinds blood [Grants Traits: Immortal] [Grants Skills: Blood Sucking] [Grants Stats: Health 8/8:0] - [Stamina: 20/20:20]]

+ [Immortal]: Your kind are not affected by the passage of time the same as other species


+Blood Sucking [Level 1]: Drains missing health from bound target, at a rate equal to one half your level.


+ Clerk’s Badge: A small golden pin that signifies you as a clerk for the city of Fynberg.

+ Anonymity Shawl: A stolen shawl from the wardrobe of your deceased master. While wearing it your Identity is concealed

+[14 Copper Pieces]

62f7e1 No.46478

Dice rollRolled 60, 62, 13, 41, 7 = 183 (5d100)



1; Amalia went out to feed, finding a relatively quiet bar near the docks. She smiled at some of the men, allowing them to buy her a drink while they bought two for themselves. After a conversation with a particularly drunk man, she was "convinced" to come with around the corner to a spot along the waterfront that was hardly used. He started groping her and moved in to kiss her, sloppily moving his lips upon hers and slipping his tongue inside. His breath smelled horrible and she hoped he would pass out before they moved forward or she would have to knock him out. He slumped over her as she finished her thought, conveniently allowing her to bite him and feed before dropping him to the ground and leaving for home, a dopey grin upon her face. Later into the night he would wake up, confused as to why he was laying down on the dockside and what led up to the moment. He rubbed his neck in concentration and felt a liquid, looking at his hand to see a bit of blood on it. He pondered why it was there for only a second before dropping it and heading home.

2-4; Amalia walked to her job place late at night, nervously twirling her hair and fidgeting as she thought of what she was going to say. She had asked Mrs. Buthe, her boss, earlier that day if they could meet after work to discuss their positions and what they could do to increase efficiency. She agreed, immediately understanding what Amalia meant and suggested a time that was good for her. It was strange seeing the building so dark, always being there during the day, and slowly navigated her way to her bosses office.There was a candle light glowing from her open door and she walked in to find her boss lounging on her desk, an expensive coat upon her shoulders, opened to reveal a lurid corset that enhanced her already impressive figure very well. Amalia gulped as she caught sight of her, drinking in the view longer than she would regularly be comfortable with before turning to close the door and slowly walk towards her. She watched Amalia walk towardsPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

62f7e1 No.46479




5; Continue going to work

6-8; Work overtime

9; Go grocery shopping once a week

10; Buy an Iron Dagger

11-12; Amalia stared at the dagger spinning in her grasp, stopping every now and then to notice her troubled reflection within the blade itself. Memories of her past came back to her, of learning about anatomy by famous priests, of etiquette training by her mother, balancing books and tea sets upon her head and hands while keeping a straight back. She even remembered training in some bladecraft, learning how to parry blows away and stay agile until a man could come to protect her. All these things ran through her head as she thought of the man SHE was going to kill. She couldn't mess it up, it had to be perfect, she had to be perfect. She stopped spinning the blade and grabbed the handle, shooting up from her chair as she did. She hurried outside and headed to one of the public training grounds allowed for adventurers and began slashing and stabbing at one of the dummies, envisioning the body parts and essential regions of the body and trying to target them efficiently.

File: a56c1dc7bddf067⋯.jpg (137.32 KB, 1429x583, 1429:583, Geo_map.jpg)

3f8e7d No.45792[Reply]

It happened without warning, the outbreak…we all thought it was just a mutation of the flu….we were wrong, so very wrong. The first cases popped up in Scotland, then reports of more in London, next it hit Germany then spread to Poland and France before making its way to the United States, none of us were prepared for what it did. In just under 72 hours 98% of the world's population was infected. The CDC scrambled to put up quarantine zones, but it was too late by then the virus had spiraled too far out of control and even still if they had been successful it had changed people, they weren't human any longer. They had become something animalistic reduced to a lesser bestial form acting out on their most basic survival instincts. The infected gained a horrible unquenchable thirst, they seemingly congregated around any form of water during the first week only attacking anyone that was dumb enough to get close to them, but then the thirst got worse….eventually the only liquid able to quench their thirst was blood. That's when the attacks ramped up and the death toll sky-rocketed as the infected preyed on the survivors for their blood. Which brings us to the present.

You are a member of a small group of survivors resisting the various infected, a day or so ago an announcement was made over your groups radio. A safe haven for uninfected had been formed in Iceland, the only country to remain uninfected, perhaps if you can all get there in one piece you can finally have some peace from the endless terror of the infected.

The only problem is, you are all smack dab in the middle of Ohio, it's going to be quite the trip to get there and…you have your doubts you can make it in one piece…your group has a decision to make one that is going to affect you for the rest of your lives, however long you may have left.

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b8d024 No.45924

Dice rollRolled 70, 16, 84 = 170 (3d100)


Name: Kaja

Age: 24


Columbus is no New York City, but it's still a city, and a city is a pretty shitty place to be an oprhan. Growing up in a shitty orphanage in a shitty part of the city with a shitty public school, Kaja never particularly though she'd be much, and, frankly, nobody else did either; the girl was never particularly smart or promising, and prone to frequent bouts of aggressive or depressive behavior at seemingly random intervals. The first years of her adult life were spent exploring the abandoned parts of the city, getting into fights, and occasional boring manual labor. None of which are useful skills in a civilized society, of course.

They're surprisingly useful now.


Furred Clothes

Pocket Knife


Softened Jackboots

Loaded Century Zastava (Cheap Handgun)

Spare Magazine

Welding Goggles


Scavenging x1

Stealth x2

Fighting x2

Athletics x2

Infection Rate: 0%

Health: 25/25

Hydration: 100%

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

3f8e7d No.46389


You are able to find several useful supplies, however you do encounter a close call with a few weepers, they are easily snuck past though and you manage to bring the supplies back to the base.

+gasoline + 2 weeks worth uncontaminated water +car repair kit


On your voyage with chad you find almost nothing, however you do manage to get sort of lucky when you stumble upon a few boxes of ammunition for what appears to be a hunting rifle. +3 small boxes of .308 Winchester munitions


You get lucky as you're out scavenging and stumble upon a small cache of food.

+3 weeks worth of canned food


Driving along with chad you make a big discovery, you stumble upon a hunting store that has yet to be looted, you manage to take away several useful items from it.

+5 MRE's +3 Winchester Rifles.


With your knowledge in chemistry it's a trivial task to create napalm, hell you even manage to make some chlorine gas grenades

you also manage to make some normal grenades however as you're mixing you make a small mistake and it almost explodes in your hand you quickly manage to salvage it though, however you instantly drop the idea of making explosives after this mishap.

+4 chlorine gas grenades +1 Gallon of napalm

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

3f8e7d No.46441


(sorry for missing you in my update)

You luck out and come across an abandoned baseball stadium on your time scouting around, you thank the heavens above that it's not crawling with weepers or anything worse and manage to salvage several useful items from it.

+Full baseball kit including a jersey and several baseballs

+3 large coolers filled with Fruit punch flavored gatorade

628784 No.46442

Dice rollRolled 46, 90, 93 = 229 (3d100)


Name: "Batter Bob"

Age: Old Enough


Baseball Dad.


+ Jackie Robinson's Bat

+ Baseball Cap

+ Baseball Jersey

+ Several Baseballs

+ 3 Large Coolers filled with Fruit Punch flavored Gatorade


+ [Ascended Blunt Mastery]



+ [Batter Up] Your days of baseball may be long behind you, but by god your skills sure as hell haven't left, your a master when it comes to striking things with your bat and you've acheived a level of blunt mastery far above anything anyone could hope to match +[Ascended Blunt Mastery]

Infection Rate:

Health: 25/25

Hydration: 100%

Sanity: 100%

1. Bob was a bit out of shape. Its been a while since he had to run after his boys. He'd jog the way back to get back in shape. (Train Athletics)

2. It was probably best if Bob left the Coolers back at Motherbase. Surely not everyone would have been as lucky as he had been and running around with them served little purpose.

3. Back at Motherbase Bob had nothing to do but sit around and contemplate what he had done, something he really could not do for long. Instead he would go out once more to scavenge things he could use to reinfroce motherbase and make it a more secure location until they eventually decided to move on.

03042d No.46443

Dice rollRolled 45, 47, 25 = 117 (3d100)


Name: Johnny Slackjaw

Age: 29

Backstory: Johnny worked as a firefighter for most of his life, got introduced to it by his dad. Picked up climbing along the way.

Equipment: Fireman set, (Includes Fireaxe.) Blade Sharpener

Skills: Athletic.Climbing, Blades. Stubborn. Healthy, Firefighting

Bonus: [Firefighter] You've been in the business of rescue for as long as you can remember, you suffer no fire damage no matter what the situation (Within reason, I'm not having you survive a swim in lava)

Infection Rate:

Health: 20/20

Hydration: 100/100

Sanity: 100/100

Action 1: Sharpen my axe so as to make sure it doesn't fail me during one of the essential moments of the coming fights.

Action 2-3: Help Bob with his scavenging mission.

File: 1c731c3aa2f71fc⋯.png (42.62 KB, 800x600, 4:3, GarbageMap.png)

5888c5 No.45344[Reply]

The people of this valley weren't it's always here. Years ago, an accident in a small valley caused a tear in space-time, sending it back millions of years in the past. But the valley was not the only place affected, only it's origin, as many peoples were swept back in time from across the earth and beyond.

Even with much technology lost, as well as mutation affecting some, the inhabitants quickly rose to their feet and staked their claims in their new surroundings. Factories sprang up and produced arms, armor, and things thought lost during the accident. Many civilizations rose and fell, but a select few persisted and found on another. After much buildup, a war broke out. Many died to bullet, blade and even nuclear weapons. Then came the "Xenos". Humanoids with skin of blue and eyes a deep crimson. They claimed that they came in peace, but the civilizations of the valley knew better.

They crafted technological marvels like spacecraft and laser weapons and warred with the aliens up and until their colony on Titan. There, the aliens decided to preform their most drastic measure. In but a moment, Titan was gone and so were the brave defenders of the valley.

2 years have passed since titans destruction, and the nation-states have decided to send colonists beyond the valley's walls. Given but the bear essentials, the set off to the south with dreams of hope, which were dashed after all contact was lost with their governments. Many wondered the mountains and forests, some died, others, however did not meet such a fate. So that brings us to you. Will your civ be founded by those lost colonists, those who had been stuck in this new valley since the beginning, or something else?


Basic creation guidelines:

1. There is no magic in the setting. Only science and technology!

2. Playing as an alien species will be up to GM's discretion.

————————————————————Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

90 posts and 15 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

5888c5 No.45934

File: f05a72a8211717b⋯.png (49.66 KB, 800x600, 4:3, GarbageMap.png)


The ants finish up the room (+3 to construction). The New colony is set up. Nothing new for mutations though.


Iron has been located, The turrets have been finished (+2 to combat rolls) and the workshop is done! (+2 to construction rolls)

5888c5 No.45935

File: 9a6762b031b639e⋯.png (50.15 KB, 800x600, 4:3, GarbageMap.png)

1446d8 No.45989

Dice rollRolled 22, 42, 64 = 128 (3d100)


Nation Name: Formicidae Tempestus Transmutatio

Location: Eastern mountains near the jungle

Race: Formicidae Tempestus Transmutatio, a species of ants mutated by the temporal energies. Worker drones can reach the size of dogs.

Color: Light Blue

Fluff: When the time anomaly hit people, objects, and more were brought back in time. Some of the living creatures were affected by the energies of the time travel and mutated to something almost beyond recognition, or even beyond recognition, of what they once were. The Formicidae Tempestus Transmutatio, also known as 'Temporal Anomaly Ants' or 'The fuck are those!?' were the ants from a scientist's ant farm that were sucked in through the time anomaly. There were a few major changes that were noted in the specimens. The first was a rapid growth and the creation of a caste of leader princesses that could give orders to drones and even showed complex planning and even signs of sapience. The second is the ability for queens to change from a normal reproductive cycle to one that purposefully causes damage and subsequent errors to the DNA of new drones to induce mutations. The third, and most important, is the ability for queens to absorb and store the DNA of a drone and is even able to separate and manipulate segments of DNA to create new castes of drones with mutations from multiple drones. After the scientist was eaten by a dinosaur the dinosaur was subsequently stung to death by the ants and the ants moved to set up a new nest.

[Formicidae Tempestus Transmutatio]


[Stable Mutation]: Though mutants, the ants have a surprising degree of control over said mutation. Gains +10 to genetic manipulation rolls.

[Random Mutation]: Every so Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

293d8c No.45990

Dice rollRolled 38, 58, 14 = 110 (3d100)


Nation Name: Troy Ranch

Location: Grasslands east of the river.

Race: Human

Color: White

Fluff: With people being pushed or thrown from the walls of the old world Astyanax chose to leap forward. He turned his wealth into as many trucks, cattle, blasters and wide brimmed hats as he could transport. His cowboys moved the herd and kept them safe. They had to drive off a few desperate folk but those who were good enough to ask he fed and let join the convoy. Most of them were good folk who had been told to go colonize land with only the bare essentials. Some of them were grey hats with the skill and self interest to manage for themselves. All in all we've got enough cowboys and blasters to protect the ranch and our flowering little town.

[Troy Ranch]


[Cowboys]: These guys know how to use a gun. Start with 1 defensive army.

[Gunsmithy]: One of the colonists happens to know his way around gunsmithy. Gain +5 to wartech rolls.

Stability: Happy

Food: 2

Resources: Lumber: 52 su., Source of Copper ore, Source of Iron,

Buildings: [Lumber mill, +2 to lumber rolls], [Charcoal plant 0/13 +3 power], [Dairy Barn, +2 to food production],[Hydro plant 0/13 +10 power], [Houses], [Workshop +2 to construction rolls],

Wartech: (Blaster Turrets +2 to defense actions)(Mounted Turrets +2 to combat rolls)



Military: Cowboy ranch guards (Defensive army)


1 Harvest Iron and Copper 50/50 split in efforts. We need metal for for trucks and blasters.

2 Weak Artificial Intelligence. Some jobs on the ranch take a lot of work and not a lot of brains. +5 Gunsmithy

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

e2d634 No.46433


File: a81750adced90bc⋯.jpg (1.41 MB, 1920x1200, 8:5, Basically This.jpg)

cef155 No.46094[Reply]

It was Aprils 1st, 2018 and a normal normal April fools day. That was until the sun turned a royal purple and the world as we knew it broke beyond recognition. It was a cataclysmic disaster. Mass hysteria, floating buildings, infrastructure breaking randomly, nukes being launched and then vanishing, the electrical grid going haywire, calls from dead relatives, and you are pretty sure combustion stopped working for a moment there. As well, strange beings have begun to appear. Monsters with strange powers and mutant forms that seem to be a byproduct of whatever is going on, and many seem to be hunting humans. The world went to hell in the course of month. Now it is May 1st, you think, and things seem to be stable. Survivors have begun to appear but much has been destroyed from these phenomenons. You somehow survived in the ruins that were once Houston. The old world has been shattered and all that remain are survivors and monsters.

At start I will be allowing 5 monster and 5 survivors. You may reserve a spot if you post the reservation in thread.

Monster app:

Base: What were you before being mutated.

Description: What do you look like?


-Size- 1 How big you are 1 is a tiny animal, 2 is a small animal to a child, 3 is human, 4 is a bear or horse

-Body- 1 Strength relative to body size as well as durability

-Mind- 1 Intelligence. 1 is animalistic, 2 is monkey, ape, child, or very stupid human level, 3 is human level.

Traits: evolutions beyond base stats, such as wings or claws.

Abilites: Magical abilities. Base abilities are random.

Evo points: 10 These are spent on changing stats and gaining or upgrading Traits and Abilities.

Essence: 0/10

Health: Size * Body + Anything from traits. At 0 you will die without help. This is your current and max health.

Thirst: 0/12 +1/turn How long it has been since you last drank anything. You get a penalty to half this number rounded down, at the cap you die.

Hunger: 0/100 +1/turn How long it has been sPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

55 posts and 16 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

c0f060 No.46322

Dice rollRolled 82, 88, 51 = 221 (3d100)

Survivor sheet:

Name: Klaus Von Sturm

Fluff: Klaus had always wanted to go to America, not because he didn't love germany, but because he was a huge fan of westerns and cowboys, which were severely lacking in the Rhinelands of his youth. This is why when he finally managed to save up enough money he travelled west, crossing the Atlantic as a passenger on a cargo ship, arriving at the shining beacon of liberty that was new york. He was promptly mugged 30 feet from the debarking ramp of the boat. A true bowboy wouldn't be discouraged by such varmits, however, and Klaus decided to keep on his journey to the American Midwest, the land of the cowboys! It took him 2 months to hitchhike to Houston, arriving there on April 1st, 2018. He was just reaching the first ranch on the city limits when the world ended, and now all Klaus is a six shooter, a horse he managed to convince to let Klaus him, and a beaten duster he took from the stables.

And a bitchin' 12-gallon Stetson.


+10 Stealth

+5 Lock-picking

+5 Search


+ Remington MODEL 870 (6 Slugs), 15 12 gauge slugs

+ The clothes on your back you dirty vagabond.

+ Colt SSA, 3 Clips

Followers/Allies: None

Health: 10/10

Thirst: 1/12 +1/turn How long it has been since you last drank anything hydrating. You get a penalty equal to half this number rounded down and at max you die.

Hunger: 1/168 +1/turn How long it has been since you last ate. You get a penalty to all rolls equal to half this number rounded down, and at the cap you die.

+Bonus: More in common with a hobo - You spent a good bit of time on the trail, like a real cowboy! Sorta. You got from the east coast to here mostly without a dollar to your name and are used to survivinPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

c9e304 No.46341

Dice rollRolled 86, 92, 37 = 215 (3d100)

1/2 - Food n' water. Good. We've got enough supplies for a while, then. But that don't matter if we're all dead of course. Head out with my followers and that uh… Cowboy… and drill them on shooting. Bein' that I'm the only one with actual military experience, they could use the instruction. And I could use a bit of practice myself.

>+5 Pistols

3 - After the drilling session, figure I should go try to rummage up some possible parts for the plane. Haven't told the others 'bout it yet. Don't want to risk them trying to loot it for metal or some shit. Only once it's ready.


Name: Johnathan Mays-Kerry


he crash

>>46183 (You)


+5 Pistols

+5 Rifles

+5 Hand to Hand

+5 Piloting

Inventory: M18 Pistol (10), 30 9mm ammo, Swiss army knife, Canteen (Full:Water)

Followers/Allies: 4 Citizens (Armed: Pistols)

Health: 10/10

Thirst: 0/12, +1/turn

Hunger: 0/168, +1/turn

Bonus: A real shit soldier - While you are no doubt a military criminal you doubt it matters now. It also doesn't matter for this bonus! You get a +10 in combat situations with other humans due to actually having military training.

aa0c46 No.46354

Dice rollRolled 58, 58 = 116 (2d100)



Ironshell the Dragon Turtle


Snapping turtle


The beast they call Ironshell is a ferocious beast with a foul temperament that resembles a dragon but has a rock-hard shell that can block all sorts of attacks. Unlike the standard turtle it is quite adapted for speed, and moves much faster than the stereotypical turtle, and moves even more swiftly when in its home under the waves, its leathery, muscular limbs Thanks to its gills which are in addition to its lungs it is an amphibious creature, usually not straying too far from bodies of water because Ironshell likes to hide safely beneath the depths where no threat can reach. Its favorite prey are human sailors and those foolish enough to straddle the coasts, and with his power he drag those foolish enough to venture to the water's surface deep under the waves and to their deaths with ease.


-Size- 2 (child size)

-Body- 2 (a little bit strong)

-Mind- 1 (animalistic)


-Rock-hard shell 2 (Armor 2)

-Amphibious 1

-Snapping turtle jaws 1 (Bite attack, uses 1d4 for damage + size and body, currently +4)

-Webbed feet (claws) 1 (don't take any penalties for fighting underwater, can travel faster in water and can do a claw attack that uses 1d4 for damage + size and body, currently +4)


-Water Infusion 1 (Once a day you can infuse a bit of water into an object. This will hydrate living creatures and do other shit for non-living creatures depending on what it is. Can also overhydrate things causing bad stuff to happen, e.g. drowning)


Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

aa0c46 No.46355



7ce3bf No.46393

Dice rollRolled 23, 67 = 90 (2d100)


Monster app:

Name: Garm, The Unlikely

Base: Tiger Salamander

Description: Garm looks almost entirely like his base, that being of a fully mature and metamorphosed tiger salamander, scaled up to the size of a dog. The only truly notable changes in his limbs which are opposable and can be used to grasp things, and in his coloration, which instead of the Grey green and black typical of his kind errs more towards grey black and greenish yellow, signifying his body is mildly toxic. He is titled the unlikely due to his ability to blink and at times make metal strike like a bullet. Allowing him to harm enemies far tougher than a dog size salamander should be able too.


-Size- 2 How big you are 1 is a tiny animal, 2 is a small animal to a child, 3 is human, 4 is a bear or horse

-Body- 2 Strength relative to body size as well as durability

-Mind- 2 Intelligence. 1 is animalistic, 2 is monkey, ape, child, or very stupid human level, 3 is human level.

Traits:Opposable Thumbs


- Poisonous Body (Base) - Those that touch you will be mildly irritated and those that bite you will take 1 point of poison damage

- Webbed Hands and Feet (2) - Don't take penalties for fighting in water and can move faster in water.

Abilities: Magic Resistance 1, Blink, Magic gun 1x a day(3 turns)

Evo points: 10 These are spent on changing stats and gaining or upgrading Traits and Abilities.

Essence: 0/10

Health: 4 Size * Body + Anything from traits. At 0 you will die without help. This is your current and max health.

Thirst: 0/12 +1/turn How long it has been since you last drank anything. You get a penalty to half this number rounded down, at the cap you die.

Hunger: 0/100 +1/turn How long it has bPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: c1d5002bdef6207⋯.png (10.52 MB, 6000x3000, 2:1, Map.png)

7a5be7 No.46324[Reply]

In this world we know that empires rise and fall. Every society has collapsed and it's assumed that every society will collapse, be it in 10 years or 10,000. On a far off, Earth-like world, there are a people free of this cynicism. Only knowing the wilds until now. They are seeing the blossoming of civilization only now. Only now are they taking their stone tools to the resources around them, creating a budding society. You are their leaders.


name: (what your civilization goes by)

colour: (marks the map)

culture: (fluff)

starting position: (where on the map you want to start)

pop: (if your pop cap is greater than last turns pop, add your pop growth (rounded to the nearest second decimal)) 5

pop cap: ((outposts * 5) + (towns * 20) + (cities * 50)) 50

pop growth: (hygeine and medicine tech increase your pop growth while negative hunger will reduce it) 1.25

food: (determined by the amount of outpost, cities, and towns there are as well as agricultural tech and food resources) 10

hunger: (food + economy - population) 6

happiness: (Happiness of your people. Ranges from -10 to +10. Can lead to revolts which can lead to coups. Can also lead to bonuses on all rolls) 0

outposts/towns/cities: (outposts are the only ones that can be built from scratch, can be upgraded later. Building an outpost and upgrading them requires one time economy cost) player named capital (city)

buildings: (requires one time economy cost. May require certain techs) player named capitol building

public works: (public works have a name and 2 numbers associated with them. The first is the amount of happiness it provides, the second is how much it costs)

defences: (bonuses your outposts, towns, and cities get when being attacked)

army: (the amount of dice you Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

7a5be7 No.46325

Starting Bonus: when you are statted, your stats may be slightly different to every other player. You may begin with an extra resource or more tech. You may begin with another building or more units. This may effect other stats such as military expenditure. All starting bonuses are based off of your fluff

Tech: You cannot skip techs. For example, if you wish to develop a long ship, you must first develop both canvas and sailing.

Features: Forest/Jungle - defending from a forest or jungle, when the attacking player is not in a forest or jungle, gives you an extra dice roll on your combat.

River - defending from the other side of a river provides you with an extra dice roll on your combat. This stacks with the forest/jungle bonus. Rivers provide you with double movement speed if you have any watercraft tech. Rivers halve the required roll to upgrade an outpost or town.

Swamp/Marsh/Desert - swamps, marsh, and desert reduce your movement speed to half unless you are traveling by river.

Mountains - mountains reduce your movement speed to half however, if you are attacking or defending from a mountain when the opposing player isn't, you gain an extra combat dice roll.

Combat: Your combat roll dice is listed under your military strength stat (either army strength or navy strength). The amount of combat rolls you get is listed under the military stats (either army or navy). Your militaries are displayed on the map as small flags. If your military can travel to where you wish to attack or defend in a single turn (determined by army speed or navy speed), you can use those militaries to attack or defend. Distance is measured from the base of the flag. You may split your militaries to attack or defend as many times in one turn as you have militaries.

Rolling: We're using the Nimble Mechanic once again, which means you have unlimited actions per turn but every action you you make increases the needed roll for a success by 10. For example, if you roll 2 dice, you need to roll a 20 or higher to succeed. If you roll 3, you need to roll 30 or higher. Combat rolls go in a separate post to your regular actions however you muPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

2be03c No.46387

File: e037e2d1c7d92f1⋯.png (10.55 MB, 6000x3000, 2:1, map.png)

>name: Arrensol

>color: pink

>culture: Aroqqa is a small fishing village built on a great monolith overlooking a river delta. For generations they've enjoyed a simple life, hauling up fish from the river to their acropolis.

>pop: 5

>pop cap: ((outposts * 5) + (towns * 20) + (cities * 50)) 50

>pop growth: 1.25

>food: 10

>hunger: 6

>happiness: 0


Aroqqa (capital)


>public works:


>army: 1

>army strength: d1

>army speed: 100

>army expenditure: 1


>navy strength:

>navy speed:

>navy expenditure:

>tech: Wooden spears (d1), Stone tools, Animal skin clothing, Animal skin huts, very basic crop farming, very >basic animal husbandry


taxes: 10

trade power:

expenditure: -9

economy: 10

traded resources:

passive trading:

File: ea899f3d8052370⋯.jpg (169.96 KB, 450x321, 150:107, Clarent.jpg)

File: 572ed9dcd053799⋯.jpg (128.34 KB, 800x426, 400:213, Fortress Falling.jpg)

5c6d86 No.44488[Reply]

The Kingdom of Clarent, once a shining land, full of peace, prosperity before you and your masters declared war on it. Such a weak area, no strife, no struggle, nothing to keep them motivated and strong. It was the will of the Council of Five that Clarent would fall and it's land and resources taken, it's people enslaved, it's magics learned and it's false gods destroyed. Thus the Seventh Imperial Army Marched to war.

The Pass of Kargas fell within a month, the fortresses of the pass totally shattered. Their soldiers fell under the hordes of orc barbarians, kobold zealots, human soldiers, and skeleton walkers. Their mages killed before taking the field by Darkblade Assassins, Drow Shadows, and misty vampires. Their walls cracked by the sheer might of Rock throwing giants, Mighty Dragons, Drow Magisters, Demons of Grond, and undead juggernauts. The victory of the Seventh was absolute and total, in other words, perfect.

Normally, this sort of momentum would be celebrated, and it WAS celebrated, but each Imperial Army is a microcosm of the Council of Five. The Church of Grond and it's human supplicants, the Orcish and Greenskin Hordes of Great Chief Gundebax, the Bound undead of the Archlich Thrayze, the Progeny, mates and zealots of the Dragon Queen Svezen'la'hareth and The scions of the great ClanCity Mandozelan all struggle to progress their faction's agendas, and most importantly, themselves in various and sundry ways. With the easy victories they accumulated at the pass followed by taking cities and towns with ease, the army slowly became less concerned about forces of Clarent and more concerned with internal politics. This in turn made what followed even more damning.

The seventh took city after city, rampaging across the land and sowing despair and ruin upon the natives of Clarent as they went. Soon all that still stood bright and proud was the Capital, and the fringe cities too far away to levy an effective force to reinforce it in time. The Seventh march and broke the defenders on an open field with contemptuous ease. It was so easy that many forces broke ranks and charged after the retreating defenders, the wary either being forced to follow to not be caught alone in an easy to take fragment or forgetting themselves trying to gain glory. ThisPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

72 posts and 24 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

5c6d86 No.46077

Dice rollRolled 98, 3, 33, 19, 93, 30, 100 = 376 (7d100)



Left Flank

Center Flank

Right Flank



Lord x2

238294 No.46084

File: 69ded835a8e8467⋯.jpg (144.34 KB, 700x414, 350:207, chaos_knight_speedpainting….jpg)

Dice rollRolled 68, 35 = 103 (2d100)

Name: Reynauld - The Hammer of Grond, The Apostate

Faction: The Church

Race: Human

Class: Frontline General and Shock Troop

History: https://pastebin.com/8ALBfTBy


+ [Brimhoof] - "Shall we give them mercy my umber steed?" NEIGH

Forces: 150 Men on Horses, High Morale

Lieutenants: Durax, Wizard

Abilities: N/a

Skills: Skilled swordsmanship, Skilled tactics

Reputation: Someone to watch carefully, for many reasons

Bonus: Fuck you, I'll do it myself - You doubt in Grond and his church's teaching. This strains your relationship with much of the church in general, but improves it with those who too doubt it, for good or ill. Additionally, instead of rolling for divine intervention you roll for (un)Heroic second wind in case of an emergency.

1/2. All this parading was tiresome and quite boring, and the people here won't stand for show and pomp. They must be shown power, and this shall be demonstrated by Reynauld and his men, as they ride out to quickly crush and decimate any enemy force they happen to find in the field, tactical sense used to spar up against a evenly sized, moderately even;y equipped force, for Reynauld was no fool.


Before leaving the city Reynald would stop by the camp of the other Gronnate in the city, and offer his welcome anPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

0df04c No.46085

Dice rollRolled 7, 23 = 30 (2d100)

Name: "General" Ugluck-Rokk Smasha

Faction: Great Horde

Race: Mountain Ogre

Class: "General of da Arty'"

Forces: 150 Goblins

Elites 10 Ogres

Lieutenants: Stabsquee, Goblin engineer.

Abilities: Great strength and endurance.

Skills: Basic siege, Basic tactics, Basic Smushing things

Reputation: It can Think?!?!

Bonus: It can Think?!?! - Gain bonuses on coming up with and training your brethren on simple tactics. Complicated ones still hurt your brain.

+Roks lots

+50 gold

+Woods Lots n lots.

+ Average machining tools

1. Good job Stabsquee, now make me some o' dose fine 'frowing machines me and me ogres can use. I want em big, and I want em mean and fast! Be sure ta paint em red too so deyz go fastah.

2. My boyz are dumb as da rocks dey be throwing. Da only cure is practice. Dey learn better by 'muscle mem'ry'. Get some o da boys ta start practisin throwin' da rocks at some targets. Dey need to be fast!

4a9de5 No.46093


Vangelis readily accepts the offer of cooperation and makes mention of another in the city who may be willing to join us.


Reaching the "laboratory" of the infamous Dr. Bartholomew Fenkelstein, Vangelis offers an opportunity to claim the bodies of the heathens so that they may repent the blasphemy they had in life. Such an opportunity would allow Dr. Fenkelstein to focus on his work while he lets the Grondites dictate tactics and have the fruit of his genius shown to all.

fd9ff5 No.46299

Dice rollRolled 21, 54 = 75 (2d100)


Name: Dipirahc Kenath

Faction: Drow

Race: Drow

Class:? Primarily a bow sometimes a bastard sword

Forces: 99 Drow women at arms

Lieutenants: Syrena, Drow Spellblade, Morena, Drow Cleric

Abilities: Night visions, stealthy stride

Skills: Skilled Archery, basic tactics, basic Diplomacy, basic daggery

Reputation: I didn't even know they had male Drow nobles….

Bonus- I am a MAN! - As a man in Drow society your are much more likely to suffer attempts to usurp your command, but they also have the atrocious habit of underestimating you.


+1 month of food

+10 slaves

+Underdark road (hidden)

1. How about instead you illithids come work for me. And in doing so provide great service to the underdark and the Seventh. But of course more importantly a chance to earn great riches and slaves from the upper world.

2. If the two illithids join us then resume construction of a base here in the underdark. If not then beat them into submission.

File: a917e07887abf4a⋯.jpg (80.95 KB, 1024x441, 1024:441, Blackwater Prison.jpg)

91214f No.45292[Reply]

Black water prison, located deep in the heart of Waterdeep. Some call it a stain on the cities image, others say it's a necessity. It's a maximum security prison dedicated to housing the worst of the worst and those unfortunate innocents wrongfully convicted. Most who obtain a sentence to it are never seen again, nor do they ever see the outside world again.

The prison itself is a fully functioning society completely separate from waterdeep and despite the occasional riot or the incredibly rare escape attempt manages to function smoothly.

Welcome to Black Water, your new home after your "Fair and just" trial, whether you did it or not doesn't matter because now your new life is here behind the cruel unforgiving bars of Black Water.

But who exactly are you?





Roll 1d100 to determine race ignore everything else on the rollchart https://pastebin.com/uSdeu4iV





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948211 No.45703

Dice rollRolled 38, 8, 63 = 109 (3d100)


Name: Nyloth Yril'Lysaen

Age: 119

Backstory: Like many drow dissidents Nyloth fervently worshiped Vhaeraun and had spent much of his life secretly rebelling against the drow matriarchy instituted by Lolth, but where Vhaeraun advocated equality, Nyloth was consumed by hatred for the opposite sex. Using his skills as a spellthief he had set up the demise of many a priestess and had greatly advanced the cause. Eventually however his superiors discovered the full extent of his anger and deeming him too great a risk had attempted to get him killed. Although Nyloth escaped to the surface near Waterdeep he went completely mad and went on a murdering spree that lasted over a decade before being captured.

[Bonus] Spellthief- You have access to a very special form of arcane magic, you can siphon magical energy from people and use it against them leaving you virtually immune to almost all forms of magic, the Magi of the prison have fitted you with Anti-Magic cuffs and consider you to be one of the larger threats to prison security.

1. These cuffs are m̷̢͇͍͙ͤ̒͒̃̇́a̶̛͚͖͉̮̙͖̭͕̪͌͛ͫ̔ͣ̃d̲̖ͩ̅̂͜d̢̟̜̽ͦe̱̥͉͕͛̒͋ͪ̔̍͑̓́͡ͅņ̠̥̦͚̏̈́̄̋ͩ͞͠i̴͕ͮ̊̋͂͘͠n͂̾̒̑̚͏̶͉̥̘̖̞̥͇̣g̛̲͔̥̭̙̞̺͋͘͢. I need to get them off somehow.

2. Now that I am here I realize that things have been s̢̕͢͠͡t̸̡͠r̛̕a͝͏n̷͘g̵̢̕e̢̡͢. Perhaps soaking in an elder brain's brine and swimming through an aboleth's lair had some unintended side effects. I should think on this more.

3. A place such as this must have some illicit contact with the underdark. I shall find someone that knows of the w̵͖̗̰͚͓͚̲̼͉̬̝̯̼̫͉̳e̸̕҉̝̗̲̩i͜͏̦̬͎̠̣̠̘̜̟̼̹̙̬̦̗͡ͅr̵̤̺͓̠̲̹̠̰̘̫̟͍̘͔͘͟d̳͖̦̳̪̩̱̟̺̜̘͈̰̭̺̥͇̩̕ and can give me the supplies I need for the future.

ae4986 No.45708

Dice rollRolled 90, 79, 46 = 215 (3d100)


Name: Jack

Age: unknown mid 30s presumably

Backstory: Jack is a serial killer. He has killed over four dozen men and women on the streets of Waterdeep in the dead of night. He seems to be able to turn anything into a weapon at the drop of a hat and is considered both extremely dangerous and a massive flight risk. He is not allowed outside with guard supervision and at least one magus on hand at all times.

Race: Human

>[bonus] Jack The Ripper- You have a knack for knowing just which area to cut to bring someone down and you seem to be able to fashion a blade out of everything. +10 to bladed combat[Equipment] Improvised Shank

1. Watch the guards for their schedules and proclivities.

2. Watch my inmates for the same.

3.Find some food that tastes not like shit. Maybe.. elf?

71d31d No.46014

Dice rollRolled 69 (1d100)


71d31d No.46019

File: 510e87de661909b⋯.jpg (119.46 KB, 870x919, 870:919, dwarf_portrait_by_owenrixo….jpg)

Dice rollRolled 54 (1d100)


bow chicka-bow-wow

Name: Digrvaldi Vigulfrsson

Age: hella

Backstory: A dwarf tunneling into someplace to rob it was supposed to be a cliché, a racial caricature that would be insensitive to put in a movie. And yet, here he was. A proud son of Vigulfr, in the slammer for thirty counts of breaking and entering, petty larceny, grand theft, vandalism, and assorted other things, accumulated from a dozen different heists. He'd been careful, but not quite careful enough, so by the time they figured out where, and how he was tunneling, they had enough to put him away for over a hundred years. Which, to a dwarf, is a slap on the wrist. But still. Hell, even being a prison wasn't too bad, not that different from a good cave or mineshaft. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad after all.

488830 No.46227

Dice rollRolled 23, 72, 37 = 132 (3d100)

Name: Randall Jerken

Age: 39

Backstory: Once Randall Jerken was mearly a small time crook who would get caught for stealing and causing a bar fight. Until one night, he killed an shop owner and stole everything of value after a robbery gone wrong. After a long manhunt and even longer chase, he is later locked up and thrown into the jail. Now Randall Jerken is behind bars and serves as muscle for others for a price.



Race: Human

Bonus:Jerken Off- You seem to have a knack for getting lucky when it comes to evading the law, as such you get a +10 to going unnoticed during roll calls and lights out.


1-2 Work out otherwise you'll become like fresh meat

3. See what else is there

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