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File: fe23ed874bf2d3d⋯.jpg (13.11 KB, 300x231, 100:77, 1252629650405.jpg)


Hi, I'm the new board owner. I'm not sure how many have noticed, but /x/ has been almost 4 months without a BO. Anyway, we can use this thread to discuss the state of the board, rules, settings, etc.

To the person who reported the cuck porn thread: thanks, and I'm sorry that the previous BO banned you for asking a perfectly valid question. Thanks to everyone who has reported off-topic posts.

So far I've disabled "Require image for OP" (you can now create a thread without having to upload a picture) and "Require subject for OP" (does every thread really need a title?).

What do you guys think about "Forced anonymous"? Should it remain enabled?

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Just because wiccans do something, it doesn't make it /x/-related. It was a political event and thus didn't belong on /x/. Deal with it.

File: b138f1f10a0f4ad⋯.jpg (3.5 KB, 300x268, 75:67, ur dad.jpg)


post your local urban legend, no matter how shitty you think it is.

>over 40 around these parts years there has been talk of a 7 foot nigger called "purple acki" who drives a black transam and bum rapes you if you are alone. this legend was always talked about in schools.

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File: c20f356226f2148⋯.jpg (13.11 KB, 377x255, 377:255, bunyip.jpgderp.jpg)

All the old classrooms at my old primary school were built just off the ground leaving a gap underneath that was blocked off with wire mesh so kids wouldn't crawl under it. I told my friends in primary school that the wire mesh surrounding the bottom of the classrooms was there because a monster dog like creature was trapped underneath when the buildings were put up, and when some kids would get too close it would drag them under into the darkness and eat them.

About 6 months ago or so I was at a get together at an old friend of the families place who had small kids that went to that school and told us a story about that monster dog under the school.

mfw this retarded urban legend was some stupid shit I came up with to fuck with my friends when I was 8


File: 6a8750aa1658e4a⋯.jpg (2.58 MB, 2816x2112, 4:3, Willard_Library_from_south….jpg)

There's a library here in town, the Willard Library, built in the 1800s' with a Gothic style. The library, if I remember correctly, was funded by Andrew Carnegie and took quite awhile to build. The building is said to be haunted by the ghost of the Grey Lady and is known to move rocking chairs, books, etc at night, spooking the night cleaning crew. Some ghost hunters came in and even said that it's definitely haunted. I believe there's also a live camera online to watch the interior at night. spooky stuff

pic related, the library



If my city had such a beautiful library, it would be my most favourite building.



The library itself is really great and is considered one of the best in the US, our whole public library system is bretty gud. Although sadly, this image looks to be using image enhancements or it may have just been cleaned before the picture was taken, because the exterior and the park itself is really rundown and very gloomy looking. It definitely gives off a spooky vibe to it now. It also doesn't really fit in where it's at, in the middle of an industrial section (right behind the building, with the big metal silos, is Berry Plastics) of town. There's too many warehouses and industrial zones nearby the building.

Plus, the library is on the total opposite side of town than where I live, it's about a 20-25 minute drive. Hard to take the time out of my day to visit it when I have a library less than 5 minutes away.

If the thread is still up in a few days, I'll make a run by and take some pictures of it myself, inside and out.


File: d1fe81041824573⋯.png (19.05 KB, 247x239, 247:239, 1414034769447.png)

In my town we have a story about the retirement home downtown, before it used to be a mental hospital and one of the nurses used to torture the patients when no one was around, many of the patients souls are now forever in the retirement home as well as the nurses, some say if you drive by that same retirement home you can see her with the most threatening grin and scissors in her hand at the top right window

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Basically i think the premise of these old people transferring their brains or consciousness over to new hosts to be a reality

look at what the soviets were capable of back in the early 1900's

This idea of the elite dying off sounds nice but i think with the current tech they can transfer over their consciousness/brain to a new human host and live on ….

I think also having this movie show explicitly whats being done is used on the public to make them believe it can't be done because hey wasn't that in a stupid movie…

So maybe David Rockafeller however you spell it…he's not actually dead, he's living in some young black mans body


Consciousness isn't the same as a digital file, it can't be transferred… And if we really had this technology, Rockefeller wouldn't have had 6 heart transplants.


they transferred brains in the movie not digital life


wow what a shill thread totally not a surprise



how is it a shill thread? Basically gave away the movies plot, it was a decent movie but thats essentially the plot line, the elites transfer their brains to new human hosts…

File: 1445872829799.jpg (391.23 KB, 500x707, 500:707, distrust.jpg)


Hey goys,

Look I really need /x/'s help on this something is happening in my town, and I have no fucking clue what to do. To be honest I don't even know if this is real or not, but whatever is going on it is seriously out of fucking control.

This whole thing started about a month ago when a friend of mine a horrible druggy said he had gotten a really bad trip where no one else in the entire town was around but him. He then showed me something really fucking weird, he said that he thinks he might have been in the "bad trip" for an hour, but all of the clocks in his house are about an hour and a half off from the normal time. Trick though, mechanical clocks. He has an electric alarm clock in his room that was at the correct time, but a Grandfather clock and a small antique clock that were off.

I then had a friend tell me about a week after, that his car had just randomly shut down in the middle of a road, and that he was pretty scared about what was going on, but his car kicked on eventually and he drove out. He doesn't really remember what happed before the car kicked on and kicked off, but he has a nice mechanical wristwatch that also happened to be a few hours off.

Now the shit has hit the whole town. I am not sure if this is hystaria caused by a few people (lets be honest, this sounds like it came from x-files, don't lie) but what ever happens, we are loosing time. Has anyone had anything similar happen to them?

Anyone know anything about what I am calling "lost time"? You have no idea how desperate I am for answers at this point, trust me I tried googling this shit.

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op here

I'm still waiting for the county to get back with the police reports. They aren't keen on letting me in on things. In the meantime, I went to where the third body was found. Some background on this place, it is an old SBC lab from before it got bought by AT&T. Been sitting empty ever since their merger, completely abandoned. I don't have the police report, so I don't know where the body was found here, so I just recorded everything I could.


This place is smack dab in the middle of town, hard to miss but most people don't know about it.



>What town is this happening in?

Shelbyville, IN

>Any further information that you can give?

none that wouldn't dox myself, but ill post everything eventually. I have to be somewhat careful, providing information on active investigations to the public is technically illegal, even for a contractor like me. I'll post all I can legally first, and then I'll post my supr sekret insider knowledge after the investigation closes.



>So time slips? I can't tell what's the problem, but I'm assuming its a timeline sort of thing? Does the town have any odd history? Is it on a specific ley line? Any local legends? Alien sightings?

We have none of these. This is a pretty average town. Recently the time slipping type events have been happening less, but I am still hearing cases of it 1-2 a month.


Kinda, but the blood wasn't entirely sucked out of him. He was missing a lot of it. I'm no medical expert so I don't know the details. There is purportedly a corners report, but I can't find it.



File: 917c3282aa0a46c⋯.jpg (426.53 KB, 2560x1536, 5:3, 20170323_191315.jpg)

Okay I am experiencing the same thing swear to my right hand. I live in California and recently we had daylight savings so time is put forward by one hour, if it's 3 now it 4. Anyway I have this electronic clock but it's not connected to the internet. Being the lazy sack of shit I am I don't fix it and just use my phone clock. Well everything is going fine and dandy until one day I go to sleep and time skips another hour. Like wtf. So now my clock is two hours before the actual time and I'm still a lazy shit for not fixing it.



Also one more thing to note is that after this two hour time skip I had like sleep paralysis and it had to do with the fucking ayys. It happened right before I went to sleep, I didn't see anything as I had my eyes closed but I heard English words like "no" "save…." save the earth? something like that idk, can't really remember . Although I think this episode had to do with the fact that I just watched an alien video. But I did really experience it though

File: 481e4de34c08bac⋯.jpg (245.43 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, 2346342.jpg)


>snowy afternoon

>driving to cooking class because It seemed like a nice hobby

>driving slowly to avoid becoming a bar of soap on the street

>got the windows rolled down because I'm hot

>cool air breezing past

>slow but quiet peacefull snowfall making it very difficult to see a few feet infront of the car

>kind of uncomfortable silence

>don't know why it's so quiet out

>saw one or two cars but aside from that the streets are my playground so to speak

>about to turn on radio to try and find one song that isn't shit

>notice woman walking slightly faster than the speed of the car

>gets closer to my window

>really don't like when strangers approach so quickly

>ballers clocked yah


>I'm sorry what?

>clockers bonked yah

>I can't understand

>she is shouting at this point and has an extremely worried look on her face and the tone of her voice is of pure terror

>blonkers talked yah!?

>colored bong longs!!!?

>I've unconcsiously sped up my car

>her tone is increasingly fearful and excited

>p-please colon blocked brack!!!?!?

>I'm shitting my pants at this point, struggling to keep an eye on the road and her to avoid crashing

>ten fucking cats dart out from between two buildings on the right and run leftways

>the lady stops dead in her tracks

>I slow the car down after I make a small amount of distance between us

>I look in the backmirror and adjust it quickly to find her standing behind some ways before the car

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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OP, how fucking high are you?

I laughed at the part with Fred, however.

Not scary at all, but at least you're trying to learn English, I guess.


File: f23843930b3a626⋯.jpg (10.71 KB, 480x360, 4:3, 1490292759306.jpg)

>over 9000 lines of greentext

>not sure if any of this actually happened

>still read all of it because I'm bored

>nothing makes sense

>nothing can be explained

>all is chaos



this should be a meme




but more like some high perverted 12 year old kid written it to make it like a trollpasta


wow you don't like creepy pasta? that's probably because you're all actually shit. -8chan.

what are your criticisms? none of you made a good argument besides saying it wasn't good.

what are you favorite parts?

did anyone get it?

File: ea1c3448b62ead1⋯.jpg (23.79 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 3c726d13a43f17178d23530c40….jpg)


What the fuck /x/.

I go down the stairs every night into the basement to do laundry, and all I hear is something howling near the washing machine.

I don't know what it is, but god, please help me…

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File: 18a9de6c3bc365e⋯.jpg (12.73 KB, 370x229, 370:229, 18a9de6c3bc365ef8a4ab077f5….jpg)



I was expecting something like a werewolf but it's more like a small dog. Are you really scared by that?



Op all spirits are attention whores. Given that you didn't invite this nigger into your home it deserves what any tresspassing nigger deserves. But since this nigger has no body to harm all you can do is starve its attention span. In the event that this goes south please call a spiritual professional.



Basically. Spirits are usually either thoughtforms(entities created through powerful thought energy and emotion) or deceased peoples wandering earth because they are too fearful to reincarnate. In both cases, they are unseen and unheard by the majority of peoples, and if they find someone with open enough senses to perceive them, they'll linger around you and seek to get energy out of you. They cannot draw in their own energy without a physical body, for example like we do with the breath. This is where the phenomenon of poltergeists comes into play. These spirits/thoughtforms seek to get energy from you by causing strange noises, situations, or other ways of trying to scare you. You will find that if you change your perspective, if you start to ignore them, even laughing it off instead of showing any fear, then they will gradually leave you alone and search for easier targets.



>>Op all spirits are attention whores

True. You're really funny man.



Where did you hear this? This sounds like a pretty good theory until you said this

>>deceased people wandering earth because they are too fearful to reincarnate".

This part sounds like it was zombies.

File: c2606c57115bbc4⋯.png (252.2 KB, 960x612, 80:51, hmph.png)

File: 44f0988d4d6e500⋯.jpg (266.18 KB, 1260x600, 21:10, pentagram7.x59943.jpg)


Along the same lines as `pentagram of blood` (pic related pentagramofblood.com)

I started making a list of huge cities, with tunnels, reptilian sightings, and occult histories and rituals (and pedofiles).

This is fucky, this might be true, i doubt it but its still fucky.

Now after I connect the dots I notice two things:

1 most of those places have tunnels

2 are most of those places are the birthplace of christian soldiers, Kiev, Stockholm, (and spain for catholics), wtffffffffffff

3 (or home to the most violent religious fanatics)

4 traditionally home to executions, and executes anyone who challenges him

5 and of course our rulers

(disclaimer i think the reptos/cats are just digging veins?? if you inject an egg with die you get vains, pic related, so they are making a sun out of our planet!! and are not that bad (but militant))

Ok for example Saudi arabia, known to kidnap and sell women, tunnels, alien sightings, total Barbarian king who executes anyone who challenges him.

Connect that to london, home of the catacombs, and lots of pedophile MPs

and connect that to Spain, a huge catholic cult empire, full of executionists and pedophiles; just cuz theres nowhere else to connect it

SO Africa is the same thing, egypt has tunnels and reptos and niggers, israel has underground sacrifices, but israel is not a point, just a small station on the tunnel.

where do you think the Points lie in america?

DC - occult and pedos

Florida - Micky mouse swamp, not sure how i know this but it popped out any time i drew a star

Also worth looking at is Phil schneiders underground base map.

First pic is my guess, 2nd pic is pentagramofblood.com, third is vein+egg+dye

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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if this were in any way legit, you could just paint these symbols all over the map of the whole world and predict the next major bad events


File: a0cfd3e1104b72b⋯.jpg (56.29 KB, 907x661, 907:661, a0cfd3e1104b72b134720092b9….jpg)



Seriously though, OP if you just proofread what you sperged out into the post section it might have more credible/less like a schizo wrote it



sry its a lot of shit to fit into a tweet, let alone a tweet dumbed down enough so the average person could handle it, and its not safe to talk about reptos too. dunnoo man


Why must every poster on /x/ either be:

Non-english speaker with broken grammar/spelling


Typing like a schizophrenic?

Really kills the mood of spoopy shit. It's not much fun to read posts where someone posts 20 links and a few pictures then assumes it's 100% proof and anyone who says otherwise is a gubment agent.

What's the point of posting shit if you only believe yourself and everyone else is a figment of some higher power trying to dissuade you?


>if i remove a bunch of things that dont agree with my theory, i can prove my theory


Also, I notice a bunch of posters here directly link to or say they're from Reddit. I thought /co/ was bad, but it seems much more common on /x/.


File: cb4afeb6eb94139⋯.png (64.51 KB, 170x260, 17:26, cb4afeb6eb94139f144f7e1bc4….png)


>a couple of posters is 'every poster on /x/'

>Also, I notice a bunch of posters here directly link to or say they're from Reddit.

So what?

File: b8671188a71b2a5⋯.jpg (28.17 KB, 500x336, 125:84, 6ca.jpg)


Right guys. I'm a big time believer in extraterrestrials because the entire universe is fuck full of stars and planets and shit like that. Atop of that, I've been looking into some articles and news stuff based on E.T. Encounters. Or potential encounters in this case. Such as Shag Harbour, Phoenix Lights and other noticeable events. There are tons of witness reports, civilian, law enforcement and military personnel. Lots of incidents. Very little investigation. Considering there are some validity to these cases… why the fuck does the government just write them off as nonsense or cover em up? I.E. Project BlueBook and other such details?

9 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.


>Anyone who is not willing or able to submit to mindless economic, political and religious servitude as a tax-paying worker in the class system of the “Old Empire” are “untouchable” and sentenced to receive memory wipe-out and permanent imprisonment on Earth.

>The net result is that an IS-BE is unable to escape because they can’t remember who they are, where they came from, where they are. They have been hypnotized to think they are someone, something, sometime, and somewhere other than where they really are.”


I've seen an UFO before. I lived in a rural area of Southwest US. It was past midnight and I was walking home from a firiend's house. I was walking along the side of the highway, it was only a half mile to my house and I see a big flying saucer. It was massive, I'd compare it to the size of a doublewide trailer, with a big blue orb in the bottom center, the same colour as a xenon lightbulb. This thing could maneuver like you wouldn't believe, it could fly just inches over the treeline, or the road. It moved erratically. I was pretty terrified so my instinct was to check my watch because I had a fear of being abducted or never seen again (I used to watch X-files and they did that). The way this thing could maneuver was astounding. I don't know of any aircraft that it capable of zig-zagging around like that. In my opinion it had to be either extra-terrestrial or a robot, because no human could survive the intense G-forces of how fast this thing was moving.

p.s. I wasn't high or on drugs or anything

p.s.s. There was an Airforce training facility nearby, and I considered I may have just witnessed some sort of top-secret aircraft




That was an interesting case but when I watched him something didn't feel right, and the pictures he had were later found to be of a toy alien. Whether he was given the pic to show to discredit him, who knows




People seem to refuse to consider a toy might be based on something. Maybe they were right to hide it since people would rather write it off as fake or something else than it is to avoid having to face it as something more serious. That said, I don't know if its real or not either. Boyd clearly had the impression that there was something to it.

Also, another thing is that someone linked to a wikipedia page for Boyd Bushman from a forum in 2008 but since then the page has been erased as if it never existed.

Boyd also talked about cover stories which served as smokescreens for actual stories.

He was definitely in the know.

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Hey /x/, what's the last horror movie you watched? Tell us a little about it (no spoilers though!).

For me it's The Witch. I saw someone here on 8chan recommend it and the trailer looked interesting enough, so I decided to give it a try and for once I wasn't disappointed. This is one of the creepiest movies I've ever seen, and it made me understand why people used to be afraid of witches.

Basically it's about a family of devout Christians who are forced to move out of the town and to a rural part of the country, in the middle of nowhere. They're decent, hard-working people but unfortunately for them there's a witch living in the forest not far from their house, and she won't leave them alone.

It's a simple plot but very well executed. I guess you could say it's a character-centric movie because it focuses on how the characters try their best to deal with a shitty situation, and the actors are great. The witch never says anything and we rarely see her, and in my opinion that's part of what makes her feel so menacing. She feels genuinely evil, completely devoid of any humanity. You'll see what I mean when she makes her first appearance.

This isn't a "horror movie" to watch with your family. It's disturbing in more ways than one. At times it feels like the director wanted you to believe that this really happened, or could have happened, and no other movie has made me feel like that before (except maybe for a couple of scenes in "The entity").

21 posts omitted. Click reply to view.



I thought house of the devil was great, incredibly atmospheric and nailed the all-around mood that something was off. Definitely a slow-burner though, but worth a watch anons



the only good thing about it follows was the first opening scene. the rest of the movie completely fell flat.



arrival was okay. not any better than okay. just okay.



NIGGA, why are you copypasting movie reviews from other websites onto /x/? do you think we are retarded?



When did 'atmospheric' become an excuse for being boring?


Actually I wrote that review myself… so yes, I think you're retarded.

File: 2cf47ef61ae87ed⋯.jpg (137.43 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 47780_screenshots_2014-06-….jpg)

File: 836b49ecf68ab4c⋯.jpg (127.02 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, needle-to-the-eye.jpg)

File: 020198fabadc6e0⋯.png (1.34 MB, 1600x800, 2:1, 020198fabadc6e05448a721ffd….png)


/x/ users need to become aware of the military abduction phenomena - MILABS.






and choose the format you prefer

Book is called "Fringe Knowledge For Beginners", read from page 92 to 96.

Basically, shadow government/military has insanely advanced tech, and insanely overblown resources, even Montalk doesn't mention the most unbelievable parts (like dimensional tech which allows them to shift operatives out of the physical range, and perform direct surveilance, operation and even abductions on people while being invisible and untouchable themselves, or view possible future based on people's choices and events, and even by that build algorithms to predict person's, and that of groups of people future behaviour). They abduct people using that tech during the night/sleep, and do shit to them, including post-hypnotic mind programming, often more direct by needle-to-the-eye tech (this is very visible in yourself and other people once you know of it, it's like getting redpilled second time, you'll notice those eyes in people you see irl, in the news, or anywhere else. Take a look at his eyes in first pic, it's funny how they actually managed to capture that look/feel in a game). The highest mistake people make by believing that they "aren't important enough" to abduct, while from what I gathered, they value every person and his interactions and influence much more than that person himself. Every person, literally EVERY single one thatPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

2 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.



Gibberish posts and senseless crazy images like this are prime examples of disinfo material posted here.


I've seen a pattern of posts like these and they always promote the same idea. Fear. Hey goy, the guvment has all these secret technologies, they are watching you at all times, there is nothing you can do! All this serves to do is to cause weak-willed subjects to become fearful and paranoid. Look, you moron. If they can actually do all that crap, what good is filming yourself going to do? Can't they simply disable the camera or overwrite the footage? Laughable ideas. Examine the possible motive of these kinds of posts. They serve to cause people to be paralyzed with fear, always looking over their shoulder, always freaking out over government interference whenever they spot a black car drive by their house or when they spill a glass of fucking milk. This keeps people occupied, chained to this paradigm of thinking, instead of making real effort and change in themselves, namely self-empowerment of themselves spiritually, and working towards reform in the real world.


File: badd67d8954c3a6⋯.png (246.91 KB, 539x488, 539:488, 265434523.png)

>The easiest way to protect yourself is to film yourself everytime you sleep, with a good enough camera for view to be clear and detailed and non-foggy. Fast scroll-review it in the morning, and if everything's good you can delete it.

okay so lets get things straight

>military and governments have tech way better than most types of shit people see in daily life

>they already spy on us with windows 10, facebook, google, iphones, PRISM (look it up) and everything is backdoored like INTEL chips (it's in the name, they gather INTEL on you)

>poison the water the food the chips the rum


>fluoride, chlorine, mercury in vaccinations (thimerosole? look it up) pesticide in the plant foods, hormones in the animal foods

>basically everything is dangerous, and it is the fault of the government for making it worse than it has to be, which makes peoples lives more difficult, makes people behave less civilized from all the stress and dead end job broken dream lifestyle, and gives the government an excuse to be even worse assholes.

now lets just say the obvious shit here. public tech like computers and cameras, they basically know how to use those.

what makes you think if they have interdimensional technology (that's pushing the bullshit that I believe) that they don't know how to hack a camera and make it appear "nothing" every single night? or make a very well photoshopped "ghost" show up and scare the shit out of you and make you even more paranoid?

listen bro. it's good to be an aware critical thinker but the best thing you can do is just believe in God. I'm not talking about any dumb religions. fuck those. just believe in and love God. don't do a religion. just believe in and love God. the bad people in this reality are not in control. God controls everything. who do you think made this place? they might have the backdoors to your computer but God has the backdoor to reality.



Maybe God will protect the camera then, if you show that's it's clearly your will by setting it up?



bonus points for thinking about it in a nice way but you're missing my point.

if you want to set up the camera, go right ahead. a camera wont solve any issues because it is at a lower level than the problem that created it.

since God is higher than everything, I would personally say it doesn't matter, because the camera will always be rigged to not show the evidence that these so called gov spy assholes don't want you to see, while God might do something different all together.

you're more likely to go crazy dedicating the effort to doing the camera than you are to get a single result out of it, and you will probably be annoyed if you accidentally forget it one night and drive yourself crazy with paranoia.

part of the thing that the badguys do is make society on the theme of "fear based negative reinforcement"

>no privacy

>pay tons of taxes

>life is a chore

>everything sucks

>little mistakes are punished like crazy

>miss a payment, get bad credit, nobody trusts you, then you can't buy X then life gets shitty

it's all a shitstorm, and that's how they try to do things.

I have a theory that maybe, just maybe, they aren't as powerful as they want people to think that they are, (although they can definitely hack cameras, no doubt) and just want everyone to be afraid to scare everyone into the panopticon effect.

I personally believe it's definitely healthy to be a little paranoid, considering the way things are. I'll leave it at that.

File: 1436690553681.jpg (1.2 MB, 2592x1944, 4:3, 014.JPG)


Who here has any spooky stories to share? I have one involving a certain ghost cat,and a few others.No pressure at all on sharing.Pic unrelated.

108 posts and 29 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



I just said the dogs were with us upstairs.

But I've no idea why the fuck they didn't bark though.



Because for then, noting wrong was happening.



Ya probably right. im surprised dogs don't get spooked like we do.


my mother told me that the dogs really did bark when they heard it. I can't remember diddly shit


I've got two stories that both happened in the same house.

> be me 12 years old, decide to fuck around with Ouija board

> using it in the spare bedroom late at night

> nothing happens for a while, begin to give up hope

> suddenly the old TV that sits on the desk turns on

> ohshit.jpg

> ask if that was a ghost

> no response

> get up and turn TV off, just in case I switch off at wall

> sit back down and ask again if there is anyone there

> no response but room gets cold, not freezing cold but just enough to notice

> fuckthis.png

> next day i burned the Ouija board

The next story happened like a month or two after the Ouija board shit.

> am home alone cause mother is at work

> hear noise coming from back of the house where all the bedrooms are

> get kitchen knife cause why not

> creep towards the back of the house

> sounds coming from spare room

> ahfuck.jpg

> slowly open door and get scared by a daffy duck blow up doll

> stab the fucker multiple times before realising what it is

> laugh about it and throw it in trash

> about 2 hours later I realise that the doll had been moved from the corner of the room to the door, about 5 meters

File: c3de54ceb095537⋯.jpg (529.13 KB, 1019x995, 1019:995, elisalam4.JPG)


If you spell Elisa Lam backwards (mal asile) and translate it in French, you end up with "Evil Asylum."

Some suggestions were made that Elisa Lam was linked to the plot of "Dark Water" so I went and read the story. Sure enough, there's David Icke sneaking around in the story metaphorically complaining about the Jewish Bible.

Here's a decent enough video on Elisa Lam and Dark Water:


Some random guy stopped by my sub (/r/TheImperialCult) and showed me more "synchronicity" in the Elisa Lam case by pointing out this video:


I verified what the video shows myself - further backing up the case that this is, in fact, a verified "supernatural" (divine) murder.


4 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 149eb30321ee403⋯.png (1.73 MB, 1913x873, 1913:873, darkmatterkekring2.png)

File: f67f4af75057ab3⋯.png (70.52 KB, 657x353, 657:353, BartMoses.png)


>but it's way too much of a stretch to say that it's divine?


>extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.

There is some pretty extraordinary evidence assuming the video hasn't been tampered with. Even if you say she's crazy from meds it doesn't explain the odd behavior of the elevator.

"David Icke" is real and alive and not messing around so I am rightly spooked by that frog in Dark Water:


"I wonder how they came up with that recipe? Uh oh Marcel, we're out of snails! Quick! Grab that frog!"



Remember traditional (e.g. Greco-Roman) pagans believe the gods are alive and kicking all around us constantly, like animists:




No, you fucking retard. Occam's razor means "don't make the explanation more complicated than it needs to be". It doesn't mean the simplest answer is the right one. And in real life, who gets to decide what's the simplest answer, or what counts as "extraordinary claims"? You? Haha, no.


Well I got a story that involes Elisa Iam.

I was in the l/x/g talking with a colleague about the case, shooting theories, discussing angles. This is when the case was still new, and the outbreak of TB had just happened.

I have a sister who tried her best to get into the inner circles of the 1% of society. In fact, she was even seeing Erik 'the failed abortion' Schmidt for a while (cheating on him too).

I'm naturally not that close with her, but our encounters and phone calls are generally pleasant, and other then some philosophical differences of life, we generally get along.

So I'm talking w/ my colleague, and I mention my sister lives in LA, and I've thought about dropping her a visit, and checking out The Cecil, to see if I can notice anything unusual, ask around, do the general paranormal investigator stuff.

No sooner then 5 minutes, the house phone rings, and it's my dear sister, but something is off. She's distraught, and I can honestly say I never seen her distraught. So I ask what's wrong 'nothing'. She might be a wannabe actress, but she sucks at acting, she's lying.

So she says her and her roommate got into a fight (never mentioned a roommate before), and she needed me to come out for a few days (never just offered me a cross country trip before).

I'm getting red flags all over. So I tell her 'I'd love to, but let me call you back in a day or two, I got something going on right now'. She is silent for a few seconds, says 'ok, I need to go' and hangs up the phone. It's the last time I hear from her for a few months.

I did try to call her, but she didn't answer. I never quiet brought up the incident either, but next time I visit her, I think I will.

Anyway, just a first hand account of an incident involving the case (albeit loosely). It could just as easily be simple paranoia.


>If you spell Elisa Lam backwards (mal asile) and translate it in French, you end up with "Evil Asylum."

Only if you translate it in the same broken way that give us those funny mistranslated engrish signs.



OP I read your whole image from top to bottom and none of the images relate to any of the other images in the image. it's just a mess of random unrelated screenshots.

this thread is retarded.

can anyone make any connections between all the different evidence OP posted?

very confused.

File: ff3b9c220cc686c⋯.png (986.93 KB, 913x849, 913:849, 365434363.png)


we live in the matrix. search your feelings, you know it to be true

no no no anon, god created this matrix for us to live in before going to real reality.

israel isn't a place on earth like the political globalist cult of zionism would like you to believe.

the real original JEWS all wandered in the desert for 40 years being guided to israel, which was just right around the corner from where they were wandering. they were just retarded. or, really- they were being guided to their deaths, so that they could go to heaven. heaven = real reality. it's real. israel.

>it's real


look up on youtube "anti zionist rabbi protest" and you wll see that alot of the jewish people today are against israel and against zionism because zionism is part of george soros's evil group of globalists. look up the UN building. looks just like the tower of babel. many tongues one voice. globalism. israel was founded illegally by jewish rules. they didn't complete the three oaths. zionsim highjacked judaism and used it to break the three oaths and build a false idol, a false physical location of "israel" in the middle of the middle east just for shits and giggles and because it is a good strategic location to fuck with just about everyone.

anyways, god was guiding all the jews to israel but wandering them around the desert until they died so they could "go home" to real reality, since this whole universe we live in is a simulation created by the best computer that has ever existed and will ever exist. God.

that's why all the jews today are called "jewish" because all the real jews died back in the desert looking for israel. all the jewish people alive today are just "jew-ish" because they try to follow the religion. not dissing them or anything, just saying that's a fact.

one of the translations of the shema prayer says "god is eternal and the eternal is one" the defiPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

38 posts and 14 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



slid by what? I see no spam



>definative is now definitive

>definately is now definitely

picked up on this the other day during a post 1st I've heard someone else notice

Haven't seen any posts yet on Mandela=Mandala, the focus is off point



I don't think you understand what thread sliding means.



you don't know what it means, fuck off



are you embarrassed because you were called out on the fact that you have no fucking idea what something means?

File: 1be2358a0de2812⋯.png (780.25 KB, 1000x982, 500:491, 16 seconds of 19 minutes o….png)


Paranormal, religious testaments, mythologies, and parapsychology are records/influenced of humans, with technology to live eternal life, interacting with humans who were not possessing technology to live eternal life.

People who didn't have technology to live eternal life have explained their experiences, with humans who have technology to live eternal life, as religion, mythology, parapsychology, paranormal, and psi.

What I'm saying is texts of religions, histories, mythologies, and parapsychology are records or influenced of interactions with humans who had technology to live eternal life.

What I'm saying is humans have had technology to live eternal life since thousands of years earlier than now.

Basically, there is no way people believed in god, gods, religions, mythologies, parapsychology, and psi…AND NOTHING HAPPENED TO CAUSE THESE BELIEFS.

SOMETHINGS happened. Humans seem to do technology. Believers of god, gods, religion, mythology, parapsychology, and psi are living in a universe where humans have technologies to cause what an other human would experience as god, gods, religion, mythology, parapsychology, and psi.

Videos below are proofs of technology to live eternal life:





Most people have had paranormal experiences but a few people of society spend their entire lives trying to convince everyone that they didn't. Really makes life look silly.


I agree with the basic premise of your post. I think many mythologies and paranormal events start to make sense once you take into account the possibility that we're not alone on this planet, and we've never been. I'm currently reading Homer's Iliad and I can't help but think that the Greek gods were real persons or at least based on real persons. Their powers could easily be explained with advanced technology.

The only reason this opinion isn't more popular is because many people, who think they're smart, stupidly believe that humans have been isolated from other intelligent species all this time. That's why the official version of history makes no sense.

Where I disagree with you is when you say in order for a belief to exist, it must have been based on true events. Humans are perfectly capable of making things up, we do it all the time.



I might make a new version of the OP…since I'm trying to consider your text.


This is my new OP, "Paranormal, religious testaments, mythologies, and parapsychology are records/influenced of humans, with technology to live eternal life, interacting with humans who were not possessing technology to live eternal life.

People who didn't have technology to live eternal life have explained their experiences, with humans who have technology to live eternal life, as religion, mythology, parapsychology, paranormal, and psi.

What I'm saying is texts of religions, histories, mythologies, and parapsychology are records or influenced of interactions with humans who had technology to live eternal life.

What I'm saying is humans have had technology to live eternal life since thousands of years earlier than now.

Basically, humans are believers/workers of god, gods, religions, mythologies, parapsychology, and psi…AND A REALISTIC EVALUATION OF THE HUMANS IS SOMETHING HAPPENED TO CAUSE THESE BELIEFS…someone saw, heard, felt, smelt, and/or tasted SOMETHING great.

Generally, humans seem to do technology…so a realistic possible evaluation of believers of god, gods, religion, mythology, parapsychology, and psi?..they are living in a universe where humans have technologies to cause what an other human would experience as god, gods, religion, mythology, parapsychology, and psi.

Videos below are proofs of technology to live eternal life:




File: 1309d290f48fdeb⋯.jpg (39.75 KB, 264x416, 33:52, reptiles40_01.jpg)

File: 3bcaf085fbdbc67⋯.jpg (4.89 KB, 217x233, 217:233, images.jpg)

File: 30f926bed4cffbf⋯.jpg (16.62 KB, 235x596, 235:596, IMAG0003.JPG)


so wtf are these things?

I can't find any Wikipedia article about them. The only websites I found that were not conspiracy websites just say they were statues of gods. in my anthropology class the teacher just said they were reptilian goddess statue Sumerians worshipped at one point. Did not go into Any specific details.

also have u guyes noticed some news anchor a have really long necks? Like inhumanly long. And it looks like its morphing at the sides.


File: 911e685b0bac4f6⋯.png (619.41 KB, 2616x1552, 327:194, Ancient Aryans.png)

File: ddaf126f4561904⋯.jpg (105.04 KB, 900x643, 900:643, reeeeee.jpg)

Sulphur and weird bakery/vanilla smell around you/in your house/room means they are in it, literally standing near you, just shifted-out of the physical range, but smell passes that. Also buzzing in your ears/head and various weird random feelings and sensations (like some body part starts hurting out of random or random sexual arousal) mean something's being done to you by them. The tricky part is knowing who it is, reptilians, greys, shifted out MILABS operators


or somebody else. The sulphur smell and shady vanilla bakery smell is an indicator of reptilians. There are other factors of them, which you'll start associating when they happen with that smell present.

Here's a related redpill to ancient reptilians and Aryans. The second pic is from a Cosmopolitan article as a single source (try reverse image searching it), try figuring out the symbolic meaning in it after reading the first cap. I'm not sure if Aryans could also shift-out of the physical range in the past, but obviously the descendants of today have lost that ability completely, as most can't even perceive anything 4D.



It would be interesting to study the origins of the reptilian myth. As far as I know, the ancient gods were usually described as humans. We have to consider that in those times, anyone who possessed advanced technology would have been considered a god. So maybe those statues simply mean that the artist witnessed something that he thought was divine. I read a story, not too long ago, about a painter who saw two reptilians looking at him from their spacecraft, and they made such an impression on him that he decided to paint them so that anyone could see what they look like. Maybe the same thing happened 7,000 years ago.



tinitus and numb sensations often affects me, reptilians



may u elaborate on milabs


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