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File: 2e0cc1f46b3da87⋯.webm (13.6 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Ghost Caught of CCTV.webm)


Last thread is on page 11 and most of the videos are 404'd, so here's another one.

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File: 543634ea090aaf3⋯.png (265.75 KB, 662x475, 662:475, 5.png)


File: d24a1edb66123ed⋯.webm (2.86 MB, 352x640, 11:20, d24a1edb66123edf32a90392f….webm)


So, any ideas, lads? I assumed it was some kind of strong current there, due to some machinery, but it seems like it is a metal cabinet used for storing a firehose or something?

Also, the current seems to be slamming the door way too fast. I would also have expected there to be the sound of air audible in the hallway.

A lever or something pulling the door seems like the most logical explanation, assuming it is not, of course, another hoax.



notice how the light goes out for a few seconds when they are approaching. that for the guy banging the door to run away silently. someone was standing behind it or inside the box banging the door by holding the inside with a rope or hook tool, then was allowed ample time to move away when the light was off. this is highschool level movie making.

had this been real shit going down, the guard would scream out at whoever is doing that to show themselves and stand at a safe distance instead of foolishly being within arm grab distance of the crackhead banging the panel.



What's the story behind that one? I assume she's the victim of some kind of flesh-eating bacteria?


The light only goes out for 5 seconds and there wasn't enough space for a person to stay inside the box anyway.


File: 3e84e3bf68be3dd⋯.mp4 (1.85 MB, 224x400, 14:25, LiveLeak-dot-com-715_14896….mp4)


I think you nailed it, Sir.


>The light only goes out for 5 seconds and there wasn't enough space for a person to stay inside the box anyway.

Five seconds is all that is needed to alert someone. They are either a rope or some other tool as >>43507 suggested, or they could have slid the metal panel to the side, and there could be an opening to a room behind it, or even a crawlspace.

>What's the story behind that one? I assume she's the victim of some kind of flesh-eating bacteria?

Indeed; it appears to have been posted at LiveLeak originally. Not much info on it, but it looks to be from Turkey.



File: dc56ceb284103e2⋯.jpg (2.3 MB, 3264x1836, 16:9, 15439590447191610119237.jpg)


Hi. Card flipper fag here

Keeping up my practice of tarot

Doing short reads here

Olde English deck circa 1500s

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File: 930eb7a1620d87e⋯.jpg (2.31 MB, 3264x1836, 16:9, 1544384592322-1635014199.jpg)


A 3 card time spread. Present.

The magician

A wizard, bare legged. A sword and wand block his walking. He touches gallows with magick force. A gold cup can also be seen

This card suggests entering another world. His tools of magick at his feet says hes leaving behind his flesh. Either learning through craft or a master success will be hard earned. The theme of magick suggests this earned success may come through trickery. The tools and skills are there. Use them.



I cant give you an answer. I do is as a hobby and not a lifestyle. I see occult stuff as social clubs. If you want to expand your mind try books and figure out what you like. I enjoy tarot cause its interpretation and storytelling and i think thats fun.




Thats moar a question for a fortune teller sorry


File: f28080b186c1bbb⋯.jpg (362.65 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, Opg.jpg)

Some crazy math tarot style

I did a personal read doing many reads with at least 1 reverse card.

I did a 4 card spread, all reverse.

78 cards.

Another. In less than 2 hours, pulled death and devil card in 2 separate reads

I make sure my deck very well shuffled


File: d3f38d8b0b7f9ee⋯.jpg (2.57 MB, 3264x1836, 16:9, 1544397371691474940282.jpg)

I did a 4 card story read. No question

Its about linking the cards to tell a story.

Heres my 4 card story

Ten or coins. A woman of wealth and food. Loved by her people

King of cups in reverse.

The woman becomes mentally imbalanced.

Seven of swords. The woman becomes evil and treacherous. Evil. Ruling her kingdom with evil madness.

Three of cups reversed. The woman is deeply lonely. The cruelty and madness are from her sad lonely heart.

File: 11acb92e52aa1cd⋯.jpg (314.97 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, indie-comics.jpg)


This is the creepy moment when a ghost is caught lurking inside a hospital in Honduras. The apparition appears to scan the hallway before exiting the room. The cameraman seems to run away in panic.



I've seen this before, of course. It is a really compelling video, and scary as shit. I wish the cameraman would've not chickened out so soon, though

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



>female (non-white) scientist

The absolute state hahahah

How does it feel to have created something nice and them have the normalfags steal and destroyed so quickly?


For fucks sake is it really that big of a deal? What a pussy, get a grip.



what ever happened with the alternative thing?

The something something Authority?



RPC Authority - Research, Protection, Containment



It seems to be alive and well.



did you see what they made to that broken manniquin that attacked only women?

it was pure trash



Let's not forget that they actually bothered to separate containment and lethality ratings, something that SCP never did for some retarded reason, at least as far as I'm aware last I even checked was back when the split happened

Real shame that it will never capture the classic SCP feel, but it's definitely coming along pretty well.

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Hey /x/, what's the last horror movie you watched? Tell us a little about it (no spoilers though!).

For me it's The Witch. I saw someone here on 8chan recommend it and the trailer looked interesting enough, so I decided to give it a try and for once I wasn't disappointed. This is one of the creepiest movies I've ever seen, and it made me understand why people used to be afraid of witches.

Basically it's about a family of devout Christians who are forced to move out of the town and to a rural part of the country, in the middle of nowhere. They're decent, hard-working people but unfortunately for them there's a witch living in the forest not far from their house, and she won't leave them alone.

It's a simple plot but very well executed. I guess you could say it's a character-centric movie because it focuses on how the characters try their best to deal with a shitty situation, and the actors are great. The witch never says anything and we rarely see her, and in my opinion that's part of what makes her feel so menacing. She feels genuinely evil, completely devoid of any humanity. You'll see what I mean when she makes her first appearance.

This isn't a "horror movie" to watch with your family. It's disturbing in more ways than one. At times it feels like the director wanted you to believe that this really happened, or could have happened, and no other movie has made me feel like that before (except maybe for a couple of scenes in "The entity").

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File: 3871444f5c03a64⋯.webm (2.98 MB, 1200x500, 12:5, how to ruin your childhoo….webm)

In case you were thinking about watching the new Jurassic World… don't.



this looks like a commercial you would see in the 80s or 90s, like that Alien one for Bugles


The VVitch is a good, modern, horror film.


Ended up watching 'A Quiet Place' recently. A family has to survive in a post-apocalyptic world where humanity and most life on earth has been wiped out by a race of monsters/aliens that hunt and kill everything they hear - and they have an incredibly sensitive sense of hearing. The few people left alive have to try their hardest to be very silent, and can only communicate through sign language.

So, did I like it? Yes. The creatures' design is not too original, but they're deadly and they look terrifying and that's what matters most. The special effects are pretty good. There are quite a few 'oh shit' moments, and enough horror to make most /x/philes happy. As a bonus, the movie is also free of leftist propaganda. The family is white and old-fashioned; the father is smart, brave, kind and competent; the wife is also brave, loving and supportive; the kids love their parents and support each other.

By modern standards, this is about as good as a horror movie can be. Recommended.


I watched A Dark Song weeks ago. It's an Irish movie that takes place in modern times, about a magic ritual that's loosely based off of real grimoire. It's not horror but suspense. I enjoyed it, both directing and plot. I thought it was unique in style, the plot builds up through the movie, kind of like Rocky if I had to compare it to something.

File: f1a17afce8517fb⋯.jpg (62.35 KB, 600x704, 75:88, Grettir og Glámur.jpg)


If you have heard or read about Icelandic ghost stories, then you might know about this ghost. If not, here is a brief rundown.

From what I know, he was born sometime in the 18th century, and died in all likeliness after 1783 when the incident called Móðurharðindin happened, which were caused be the volcanic eruption Skaftáreldar. He was near Eyrarbakki in a biting cold blizzard. There was a farmer whom he asked for shelter from the storm. The farmer refused and kicked him out. The now ghost was but a boy when he was found a few days later dead in a ditch.

The boy then became a ghost and was called Skerflóðsmóri, and would haunt the farmers family for generations, and at that time he was also known for killing unsuspecting travellers with another ghost named Móhúsaskotta.

A few generations generations later, he followed the branch of the family that moved to new farm called Kampholt, and would then be known as Kampholtsmóri. It was at the 20th century that he then became facinated by automobiles, something other ghosts had failed to do, and began tinkering with various cars he could get his hands on. The farmer would then in his later years move to Þingdalur.

I spoke of this on another thread on here Þingdalur is the place I‘m visiting tomorrow. This is the last place he resided after it was abandoned. Although it has been abandoned by the living relatives of the farmer (as the mórar only follow families through nine generations), from personal accounts of family members and friends, the ghost still resides there alone.

I will be going with one of my childhood friends over to that place, as some of his close family members have gone to that place and encountered some of the ghosts handywork. I might write down his story in more detail tomorrow in green text format if there is demand for it. We will try to take a few photos of the place, both inside and outside. I can‘t guarentee that there will be anything supernatural on those photos, or that we will encounter the ghost to begin with, but atleast there will be a few hopefully interesting photos of a supposedly haunted place you have probably not heard of before.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: bbc37b144d3333f⋯.jpg (354.83 KB, 1600x1067, 1600:1067, Berserkjadys (the rectangu….jpg)

>>43311 CHECKED

I don't want to derail the thread, but the most common explanation is that people who die suddenly and tragically (accidents or murder), or people who have ‘unfinished business’ can’t pass on, or are stuck in this world when they die.

You have also the pseudo scientific ‘stone tape theory’ (named after the Nigel Kneale ghost story The Stone Tape made by the BBC in 1972), in which hauntings are non-interactive recordings of past events stored stones, and which can be replayed under certain conditions.

Spooky Rocks - CSI: http://archive.is/0v2QR



Not said to be haunted, but if you are in the area, this place might be worth checking out.

>The name Berserkjahraun comes from one of the Icelandic Sagas, Eyrbyggja-Saga. According to the saga a farmer brought two berserkers from Sweden to the Snæfellsnes Peninsula. He later gave the berserkers to his brother, Víga-Styr, who lived on the other side of the lava field.

>One of the Swedes fell in love with Víga-Styr’s daughter and asked for her hand in marriage. Víga-Styr made a deal with the berserker, he could have his daughter’s hand if the two Swedes could clear a path through the lava field, connecting Víga-Styr’s farm to his brother’s.

>The feat was considered impossible but the berserkers managed to complete the path quite quickly. Instead of keeping his promise, Víga-Styr had the two Swedes killed and buried them near the path.

>Four landmarks from the saga can be found in Berserkjahraun. Those are Berserkjagata, the path itself, Berserkjadys, where the two Berserkers are supposed to be buried, Landamerkjagarður, a boundary fence and Fjárrétt, a sheep den.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.



Why does he need to explain how ghosts work? Gravity and Hawkings Radiation aren't even understood. Is gravity just a fantasy? How is Hawkings Radiation powered? The particles just warp in and out of existence. How does a ghost decompose?


Well, this was unexpected.

Anyways I regret to inform you all that there was unfortunately a change of plan. The weather has been shit for this whole week and I was hoping that it might die down today. Unfortunately this did not happen. On top of that is the fact that my friend wasn't able to come.

Sadly, the trip to the farm must be suspended for now. Hopefully we will be able to go within the next two weeks. In the meantime, if you have questions regarding Icelandic ghosts I'd be happy to answer them.



Both of the replies you sent are completely irrelevant, but I'll answer your questions.

>If everybody doesn't become a ghost, why would anyone?

>how are ghosts powered?

You could think of ghosts as the manifestation of the willpower of a being. If said being has enough willpower, it might become a ghost. It can also happen if something happened to you, and if it creates a strong frame of mind you get at your death (hatred against your murderer for instance), you might manifest again as the personification of that mindset you had. In Icelandic folklore, with enough willpower sorcerers were able to make ghosts (not just resurrect spirits, but create them) as the manifestation of whatever frame of mind they had. As to how the ghosts are powered, they get created by the reasons mentioned above, but they also get powered by the same reason. The stronger willpower or frame of mind they had at their death (or if conjured by a sorcerer, the stronger willpower and frame of mind it's creator had), the longer they are sustained. But in the end it degenerates over time, and eventually fades away.

>And how long does a ghost exist before decomposing?

In Icelandic folklore, a ghost that haunts a family usually follows them for nine generations until he fades away permanently. This is not always the case since there is at least one ghost that has been around for a few centuries.



OP here again. Sorry for the lack of activity. I unfortunately got sick this week and haven't been able to do anything, but I'm good now. I'm going to the place at the moment I'm posting this update. I'll either update this post this night or tomorrow and say how it went, and send a few pictures if possible.

File: 27359c1f05c471a⋯.jpg (10.07 KB, 320x224, 10:7, 3515825_orig.jpg)


Recent events in my personal life are leading me to believe that ophanim are not only an undeniable real part of the universe, but also that they're indirectly either pushing me and some friends of mine into doing something I don't really grasp. I can't go into any more details about my situation for the sake of basic opsec but I was legitimately wondering if there's anyone else here that feels like something beyond their knowledge is leading them in a similar direction.

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File: aaf703ac38f51ee⋯.png (531.53 KB, 624x467, 624:467, la jinn.png)


You're a third rate duelist with a fourth rate deck!!


File: e453120c687f8c4⋯.png (582.33 KB, 800x600, 4:3, BeelzebubNoNipples.png)


Go back to /lefty/


File: 5e62f761375e2f0⋯.png (369.04 KB, 500x401, 500:401, I have crippling autism.png)

Okay so Origen says that angels can fall, and that angels are ranked by merit. Now psychopomps use birds to guide souls into the realm of the dead, meaning the stork that births us brings us to…. some kinda underworld? Would this underworld be the purgatory that Dante speaks of, and is that purgatory Atlantis?

Can anyone tell me why God is so angry? Does anyone even talk to the guy? Does he know about the flies-vinegar-honey thing? Like, for instance, what was it thinking with the Pestilence Angel?


I lel'd


a jpeg, a lone jpeg is my only response


File: 61e8669570dd2eb⋯.jpg (70.4 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, how the fuck does this tra….jpg)



Flies Vinegar False

Flies Honey True

But why would God prefer honey over vinegar? its a metaphor for the way we treat each other. Treat each other badly and you will get flies, treat each other well and you will not get flies. Now the Daoists say "the vinegar is sweet" which simply means that being facetiously mean (as I often am, for the purpose of personal growth) is the same as honey, as the Jewels of Ibeza will tell us. Its all about intention, and I don't mean intent.

If I look at Mammon, Malik, and Beazaelbub together they seem to guard deniers of the lord. No wonder the deniers think of them as Satans. Poor Malik is just keeping them company by telling jokes and they're to full of their own ideals to get the jokes.

Sorry for double post.



Stands are closer to the concept of the Genius, anyway.

File: d57089ec000984b⋯.jpg (101.82 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, d57089ec000984b807f79f7545….jpg)


Hey, /x/, I'm a faggot from other board and and never really posted before, but this strange thing happened to me and I have to tell someone. I can't make sense of it, but this seems like the best place to post about it.

Years back, when I was still a teen, I used to go for nightly walks with my father, discussing the world at large and such. One night in particular stands out.

The night was clear and cool, no clouds in the sky, no people about. We wondered off talking down a lone bike path to the outskirts of out neighbourhood. It was here that we left the street lights behind and ventured into a darkened area that was surrounded only by silent sportsball fields and grassland. Then the strangest thing happened, a thing that I vividly recall and will never forget: A sound.

The sound was unmistakable. It was the sound of an object traveling through the air, extremely fast. The attention of both my father and I was drawn immediately to the sky, in the same manner as you look up almost instinctively when a helicopter or jet passes by at low altitude, eyes darting back and forth trying to pinpoint its location. However this incredible sound was no fighter jet and no helicopter, it gave no sound of an engine whatsoever.

Before continuing, I must include the strangest of details: Upon gazing up at what should have been a crystal clear sky we were surprised to discover that some sort of low patch of clouds seemed to have formed above us. It's difficult to call them clouds for they seemed more like mist, almost see-through but just dense enough to not be able to make up the details above.

THE SOUND. The sound of an object propelled through space by… nothing. Our eyes darted back from one horizon to the other, following the sound, moving at speeds not known by man, propelled by no engine. We saw not a thing.

The most remarkable of all things experienced that night is the following: This object, detectable only by the sense of sound alone, traveled across the entire observable sky (I should mention we lived on the prairies) AND TURNED ON A FUCKING DIME, switching to opposite directions without decelerating or accelerating! I can not stress this last detail enough. Picture it, just picture it: Following something moving from one enPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


I should have mentioned that it was also quite loud. Loud as in it had great mass (or area?) to make such a sound passing through the atmosphere.


How did you see it in the night sky?

File: 7d22f7095044cd5⋯.jpg (4.02 MB, 4128x3096, 4:3, 2018-11-18 20.36.11.jpg)


A man walks with his dog in the park, by the outskirts of the park there is a wood. During the day, the dog will fetch balls thrown into the trees. During the night, however, she won't retrieve the ball from the woods, even if it's only beyond a few foot of the treeline. This led to him trying to get the dog to walk into the woods after his lead. She would follow him when close behind, as deep as he would go, yet even after doing this, it didn't make her comfortable enough to go by herself. He would go back and throw the ball, but to no avail, she would not go into the woods without him. This time, he tried something different. "What if I went into the darker area, beyond where she could see me, and called out to her?", he thought that would be the first step to breaking that boundary of fear, knowing he was in the dark would lead to her maybe finding it not a place to be fearful. He walked into the woods, past the treeline, until the light mistook his silhouette. The moon was fairly large, and bright, so his figure shrank as much as it faded away. She sighed, and whimpered, she was only even more scared, now almost visibly shaking with anxiety. Her fears for herself now for him, a short while beyond the shallower dark. He called her name. Her eyes widened, was it a call for help? Her eyes outstretched throughout the night, until dawn came, and the woodland grasped an incandescent glow. She paced, then ran, precisely towards where she lost sight of him. She couldn't find him anywhere.

She did find something, however. Two shoes, and a hoody. He was wearing such the night before. They smelled different to his, and yet they looked different too. Even to the mind of a dog, this sparked a certain but unplaceable jitter. The smell of these new but worn clothes, and of her master, seemed to have come from and gone to the same direction. Except she could smell his actual shoes had been thrown a good ten metres in another place, she could even see the outline of them rising amid the mud and sticks from where the smell came. She could smell something different, too, within it's radius. She could hear something breathing as-well. Perhaps behind the tree by which they were thrown… Or maybe placed. Two seconds were too long a moment of ponderance. She ran heavily but with a lightness towards the entwined scent instead. She was running perhaps 40 seconds before the scent was spPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Did you write this yourself?

File: dda06737cb133c5⋯.jpeg (291.17 KB, 1241x1908, 1241:1908, 7AF56BE4-F5BC-43A6-80F0-F….jpeg)


Can you see these?


File: 1f175927b502423⋯.png (304.4 KB, 545x559, 545:559, white stuff flying around.png)


where were these taken


I'm usually not the skeptic with this kind of stuff, but I think that's just pure pareidolia. I may be wrong, though.


What am I supposed to see? There's literally nothing there, just normal clouds.


File: 5e921102d3d23f6⋯.jpg (110.23 KB, 640x425, 128:85, vanishing-man.jpg)


Hey. How is everyone today? I think I'm being "erased"… For lack of a better word. This all started about a year ago, when I was suddenly, and without any explanation, "fired" from my job of almost 10 years. When I say "fired", I don't mean that management came to my desk, and told me to get out, I mean I showed up for work one day, and my passcard simply didn't open the door. I asked the security guard to manually verify my passcard, and let me in… But, my ID came back as not found.

I never received a "you're fired" notice, nor did any of the things I had at my desk ever get returned. I tried to file for unemployment, and was unable to, because my state's unemployment offices have no record of me EVER being employed by anyone, not just my last job.

I was able to get hired for a part time thing in a warehouse, but was fired when my I9 documents, specifically my driver's license and SS card came back as invalid. I went to both my state's DoL and the SSA, neither of them could/would help me at all until I could prove who I was.

At this point, I'm fucking terrified. So, I try one thing that ALWAYS shows up, my felony record. So, I do the first thing that comes to mind, I ask a police officer if I have any wants or warrants, and if my arrest record is current. The officer tells me that my name doesn't show up in their system.

At this point, my head is spinning. When the month of July comes around, I try to use some of the last money I have to pay my rent. My apartment complex, where I've been living for the last five years tells me that I don't live there, and they call the cops on me to evict/remove me for squatting.

So, I'm now on my phone, which only works on wifi now, mooching wifi off of a local coffee shop. My credit cards don't work, neither does the debit card for my 20 year old bank account. The bank says that they've never heard of me either. I can't get a copy of my birth certificate, my baptismal certificate, my confirmation records, or any of my school records.

So far, I've been holed up in a local homeless shelter, but even they're going to kick mePost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Hello again. I think this is the right thread, on the right site. I'm not 100% sure, since I'm having a lot of trouble reading the handwriting in this journal that I'm supposed to have written.

I'm the "OP" of this thread, or I should say I'm pretty sure that I'm the "OP". I've read through the tread, and some of it, especially the later posts. The doctors at the VA were able to remove the tumor, and they are "pretty sure" that it won't come back. Since then, I have been recovering, relearning a few skills, and trying to recover as much of my recent past as I can.

I don't remember a whole lot of what I did, and what happened to me, for the last almost year and a half. I apparently tried to keep a journal, but I can barely read the handwriting, which doesn't look like what my handwriting (as bad as it is) looks like now.

I'd like to thank you all one more time. I'm not sure if I will revisit this place again. I might, but I'm not sure.



It's frightening what a small tumor can do to our brain, even if it doesn't kill us. Are you living by yourself now, or with your relatives/friends? Do you know if your personality changed in any way during the time you thought you were being erased? Anyway, I'm glad you're still here.



I hope you're doing well, good luck



godspeed OP




File: 9720b3264c28201⋯.jpg (149.77 KB, 1000x667, 1000:667, Karl Wilhelm Diefenbach Tu….jpg)


Have you ever thought about doing some field investigations of your own? Visiting places that are supposed to be haunted, trying to summon a spirit, exploring a cave to see if you can find an entrance to the inner earth, etc? I'm getting tired of waiting for someone else to tell me the truth, and there's only so much stuff you can learn from books…

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He's known for physically attack people who provoke him, it happened to my grandfather once. In his early days (around the 18th century) he was known for killing people in violent ways not far away from where I live, although that hasn't happened for at least two centuries now (I think), he's still not someone to be messed with or to be underestimated. Nevertheless, I might go at night, but whether or not my friend wants to do that I don not know yet. I will make a separate thread and write all I know currently about him.



You could go a hour or two before sunset, so you can explore the place and take some photos in peace, then if you're feeling brave stay a little bit more, otherwise, oh well, you won't go back home empty-handed. Obviously don't do anything stupid like challenge him or insult him. Looking forward to your thread.





>a week has passed

>no update yet

A-are you okay, anon?





File: 4c1b9da844ac2bc⋯.jpeg (81.92 KB, 750x740, 75:74, 85CBB5B4-2D4E-4C90-A266-C….jpeg)


I’m not even a lizard and I don’t come close to his level of charisma.

ITT post other well put together reptilians.


File: c0e826b3317c40a⋯.jpg (74.41 KB, 705x960, 47:64, canadian cowboy leader of ….jpg)

I can't imagine this guy being a reptilian.


File: 68c0d6c75db1e44⋯.png (556.8 KB, 850x550, 17:11, anderson_cooper.png)

Charisma is just another word for beauty, but yeah, these reptilian guys can be quite 'charismatic'. No homo.


only if you have no character of your own to judge by



Are you talking to me?

File: f8bd96eb93c63e4⋯.png (200.62 KB, 1881x947, 1881:947, 155032505633ae94bc289c9e29….png)

File: c2a4756ac3775ae⋯.png (439.87 KB, 1420x764, 355:191, c2a4756ac3775aead2d7c88c65….png)


Looking for greentexted spooky shit like pics related.

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I hould further say I have other experences that lead me to this rational, but they aren't spooky just weird and off putting, leads to the conclusion of Freemasonary and which craft


>Be me in my teens

>Be from southamerican coastline

>Never see storms or get lightning or thunders in my region

>Go exchange student to Germany

>end up on a quiet village 1 hour away from some big city

>Host family consist of Father, Mother, 1 daughter my age and a 5 year old daughter.

>Suddenly, at night, Thunderstorm

>Theres a blackout

>Parents ask me to help put some things in order and check stuff

>Preparing to go to bed, still without electricity and emergency lights on some areas of the house.

>See little daughter staring through the window at the storm, shaking

>I go an tell her its just a storm, that lightnings are just electricity and blablabla

>She tells me shes not afraid of the lightnings or thunders.

>She tells me to stae at the clouds

>When the lightning hits, i see strange gigantic inhuman shapes, as if they were sitting among the clouds.

>She tells me " I am afraid one day they might come down and hurt my mommy and daddy"

>The mother comes in and puts her in bed, tells me to ignore her cause shes little and still believes in ghost and fairies and such.

>Couldnt sleep that night, remained staring at the clouds from my rooms window….

>I am 30 and never returned to Europe ever again, there are no lightingstorms in my region.





I still remember reading all this when it was posted over a year ago because its so horrifying. these have stuck in my head over the past year, why would this happen at a school?

it made me correct myself when I was at a friends house in the backyard.

>about 4 different famlies here

>its a cold night and we have a fire going

>someone accidently kicks their glass into the fire

>i reach through the flames and grab it

>little girl loudly ask how I didnt burn myself

>fire cant burn you if you move fast lol

>thought that would sound creepy if kids repeat this later and quote me

then i explained fire can totally burn you and yes, its stupid to reach into a fire even for a second

Id like to think thats the case. That these adults just said stupid shit and didnt wanna admit they are wrong and they arent backroom agents of evil, but that wouldnt even surprise me at this point.


File: d065dc8f898fa4b⋯.jpg (151.88 KB, 1079x832, 83:64, real charlie noonan.jpg)


That one has been debunked, the whole picture is edited, pic related.



>get the fuck out of my room i'm playing minecraft

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