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File: 627d702c4dc828c⋯.jpg (57.2 KB, 400x388, 100:97, 1501942661435.jpg)


>tfw no vampire gf

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>he doesn't know he can get one if he looks hard enough




File: cefc2ac81679977⋯.png (235.53 KB, 333x744, 111:248, tmp_e33bd3ff2973b940c2f9be….png)

File: 02d697f6f6adc38⋯.png (428.82 KB, 426x665, 426:665, tmp_9f331dc6086105e5b4369f….png)


Use Anonfile instead.


File: 49348f48c337b90⋯.gif (1.84 MB, 294x212, 147:106, 1488942055674.gif)


Tfw no facesiting vampire gf


File: 02171521d047c91⋯.gif (8.63 KB, 241x156, 241:156, orig.gif)


>not knowing that the real way to kill a vamp is with triple shot holy water



The problem about Vampire gf's though is they are dead and will always be dry in the vagina

File: 022a386f137075f⋯.jpg (195.46 KB, 640x320, 2:1, astraltravel.jpg)


So, how does one astral project?

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So what can you even do while astral projecting besides flying and shit?




>So what can you even do while astral projecting besides flying and shit?

For the short period I did it, I could see through and into everything. Wires and pipes in the walls, masonry blocks, etc. It was like I had Superman's X-ray vision (but in full color).

When I get to do it again, I'm going to peep the dark side of the Moon.




git gud


File: 65376e6ce187e40⋯.pdf (3.05 MB, Astral Dynamics_ A New App….pdf)

The most effective method is in this book.

Lucid Dreaming using Galantamine is a great complementary practice as well

File: f8b3afc561559c2⋯.jpg (79.76 KB, 890x501, 890:501, MW-FW731_costar_2017102014….jpg)


Do you use any non-traditional divination techniques to see future?

Any protips?



sometimes i use randomized number generators to choose an I Ching hexagram.

i've heard of people making sigils with computer programs.

but really i'm just posting here because I want to know who the people in your picture are.

File: 082f2badd8bf199⋯.jpeg (125.98 KB, 800x1035, 160:207, yeti-statue.jpeg)


Don't know if you've heard about this, but there's a strange little story currently unfolding in Nepal and it's not over yet.

>Indian army announces that they found huge Yeti footprints while on an expedition in the Himalayas

>Nepal army denies that they belong to a Yeti, instead claiming that they were left by a bear

>India is not convinced and their Minister of Defence has requested an investigation

>Apparently this isn't the first time this has happened: 4 years ago a French expedition also found similar footprints, and the Nepali authorities dismissed them as bears

Could Nepal be hiding evidence of the existence of Yetis?


File: 004b29685a6e196⋯.jpeg (43.71 KB, 960x540, 16:9, D5h949_WkAMrh77.jpeg)

I dunno, from the photo released they do look like bear prints. I think this is just an attempt to distract from the Indian elections.







>i dont know how to suspend my disbelief to have fun



File: 81681eef570e883⋯.jpg (34 KB, 600x583, 600:583, 1557319536984.jpg)



my favorite thing about this is the idea that the Nepalese government is covering up the existence of Yetis.

I guess Yetis being real has never been a secret in that part of the world. Enough villagers have seen them there and in nearby areas in Tibet and Northern India it just sort of becomes part of the culture.

In "Jadoo" (fucking awesome book btw) John Keel talks about going yeti hunting in Darjeeling. iirc in 7 years in Tibet the dude talks about how at least one monastery has Yeti fur/pelt and I think a there's a legend about a yeti becoming a monk.

Anyway if you're into /x/ stuff or like John Keel, read Jadoo, it's great. It's his autobiography, about his years as a struggling freelance writer in Egypt and India and stuff.

File: d37e3873386ee5b⋯.jpg (108.65 KB, 800x378, 400:189, 1456902904435.jpg)


As far as I can remember in my life, I have had dreams that would later come to actually happen

Not all of my dreams end up happening, and I can only dream a week into the future

These only happen 4-5 times a year, with no real pattern to them

These aren't massive important profetic events either, just everyday life

I can only remember the dream for a few minutes after waking, after that, I get the same feeling when you forget a word, your mind knows the "blueprint" of what you want to say or think, but does not have the pieces

Does anyone else experience this? Could there be a way to "harness" this and be able to deliberately see into the future?

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>im not a cat behind a computer screen.

T. A cat behind a computer screen


polite sage for off-topic shitpost



sage isn't a down-vote and it's not off-topic you colossal faggot



sorry fam, my mistake

i should read more



This is horseshit. Really? Lottery numbers derived from quantum computers are more likely to win? That is horseshit. Even PRNG is influenced ultimately by temporally unstable quantum elements which in turn affect everything else. I know a thing or two about this.

As for OP's post, yes, I've absolutely experienced this. What I've noticed about dreams is that the prophetic ones tend to be very tongue-in-cheek and the operative details tend to be inverted. I have figured out why. Information flowing backward in time is received in reverse order from what would be logical. So everything in the dream is inverted.

For instance, I once had a dream that I surmised concerned a car accident I'd be involved in. The details were mixed up, but no so mixed up that I couldn't figure out what it all meant. I woke up and told my GF all about it so I would have a witness in case it came true. I assumed it concerned that very morning because there was snow on the ground and I assumed that would cause the accident. It would up happening the next morning, and the snow was gone by that point. My rear bumper got tapped and it was out of my control, which turned out to be a good thing because I made some money from the guy's insurance. By the time I had this dream, I was already exploring the concept of precognitive dreams because I had had them before, but I usually didn't recognize them as such until it was too late.

I believe that precognitive abilities (both waking and while sleeping) evolved as a survival mechanism. Even limited precognitive abilities could be incredibly powerful. But what ultimately powers these abilities? I believe that the human mind is capable of emitting and receiving tachyons, which are really just slightly greasy neutrinos. Tachyons literally function by breaking the light speed barrier, going out-out-phase with normal matter (thus, not interacting with 3D matter in transit) and then not interacting again until re-integration when speed (and therefore mass) drops to normal levels.

The reason why precog isn't consistent is that sending information Post too long. Click here to view the full text.



>This is horseshit. Really? Lottery numbers derived from quantum computers are more likely to win? That is horseshit. Even PRNG is influenced ultimately by temporally unstable quantum elements which in turn affect everything else. I know a thing or two about this.

You've completely misunderstood what was written, both here and on that page (if you even bothered to read it.)

Firstly, normal RNGs are NOT influenced by quantum mechanical effects - they are deterministic in nature. This is a MASSIVE difference in the context of the many worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics, because while both APPEAR random to a causal observer, a quantum "RNG" is anything but.

When quantum divergences are measured and mapped to bits you don't just get a 0 or a 1, worldlines diverge - one with a 0 and one with a 1. Typically these worldlines would just reconverge - as described in https://www.quatism.com/theory.htm the thing linking moments of time is morphological similarity - that is to say how "alike" two conformations of matter an energy are. We don't typically notice quantum effects precisely because they aggregate out. Every moment in time has both multiple futures AND multiple pasts. That theory page goes into this in a great deal of depth, but the short of it is: if you play the lottery with numbers mapped from a quantum "RNG" you are GUARANTEED to win in 1 and exactly 1 set of worldlines split based on the percentage at which those numbers map to the winning combination. This is still astronomically unlikely to be the one you experience, but it is still none-the-less guaranteed to happen. A normal "random" ticket will give you statistically random numbers, but because this is based on a deterministic algorithm it will be the same set of numbers on each worldline (that is to say that if it wins [still astronomically unlikely] it wins everywhere, if it doesn't win [far more likely] it wins nowhere.)

>The reason why precog isn't consistent is that sending information back in time causes the universe to be altered.

Wrong. The universe is infinite and all states exist, you can Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 35b6b7f6628a988⋯.png (698.12 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, no.png)


Sorry if it doesn't seem like this post has any sort of set point or theme, if it looks more like me rambling, but I'm just looking for someone who can "resonate" with me.

Lately, I feel as though my life suddenly had it's switch flipped and suddenly everything is being seen from a different angle, or tone. What do I mean by this? I've never been the type of person that gets frightened, sure, a movie will scare me, a jumpscare aswell, but I will usually laugh and brush it off, that is to say - I've never gotten scared past the point of entertainment, or triviality, that is until a couple of weeks ago.

I know this will sound like I'm trolling or this is a dumb story intro, but yeah, I was masturbating. It was like 2AM at this point, and I was out of my room to go get something to drink - That's when I heard someone whisper to my right ear, there was no denying it too, it wasn't a "Oh if I listen in closely it might be a neighbour or a tv or a noise that passes off as whispering". No, this was clearly a voice, a female's voice, and it was so fucking in my ear it might aswell had been inside my head. I couldn't make out what the voice said, but just the fact of some whisper on my ear was enough to make me shit my pants. I roamed my house for so fucking long, trying to find the source of the noise, then outside, then my brother's room and my parent's - Nothing was on, no one was awake, and no neighbours were doing anything. Nothing like this had ever happened to me, so as you might be able to figure, I was fucking distressed. I went to sleep holding a bat that night.

Ever since then, it's like my life had switched genre, I find myself constantly getting scared, at night I hear noises that frighten me to the point of me being unable to move. I constantly check behind me throughout the day because I swear someone is standing there, and I've been sleeping with a knife under my bed because I'm terrified at the idea of someone being there while I sleep, that combined with a bunch of other shit I'll do out of sheer paranoia that I've never felt before.

Anyone had an experience like this? Am I just being a fucking retard?

6 posts omitted. Click reply to view.





Anon, I've had weird unexplained things happen during sexual experiences. I suspect it's related to sex magick in that sexual acts help "unlock" some sensory capabilities or otherwise do something to your brain that isn't acknowledged by mainstream science. Unless your isolated incident becomes a recurring problem, I wouldn't worry too much about it.


Sounds like parasites. You radiate emotion and they stick to it and stimulate it. You must be absolutely fearless and accepting of whatever comes. Then you ask them what they are, acknowledge their response, ask them what they were before, and they usually regain their self-awareness and say "me" and disappear. Sometimes it takes a little more stimulation and you vigorously rub them while saying "HELLO" to get a response. This is all mental, of course.

I know it sounds like BS. I hardly believe it myself, but the most disturbing and intrusive thoughts will vanish like nothing, if they realize who and what they are. Just a bunch of lost souls tbh.



I fudged that a little. The idea is to establish what they are, what they've been, then who they are. Sometimes they vanish immediately upon recollecting their past. Sometimes they're a conglomeration and only partially vanish. It's all about inducing self-awareness and their freedom of choice by helping them think a little. They're stuck in a loop, overwhelmed by and reliving the same horror for eternity. They can't stop thinking about it and they can't directly face it. You must be fearless for them and yourself or they will never get past it and stick to you as long as you become part of their horror nightmare.



>Lately, I feel as though my life suddenly had it's switch flipped and suddenly everything is being seen from a different angle, or tone.

the winds of change are beginning to signal the calm before the storm.

can you smell the rain in the air?

File: 80903e460c60d4e⋯.jpeg (286.55 KB, 1512x1080, 7:5, serveimage (32).jpeg)


Is Nibiru a psyops? I'm being serious. You can't go on conspiracy videos on youtube without your recommendations being flooded by retarded predictions. Just look up Nibiru now, a dozen videos get uploaded every week about this bull crap and they are all at least 20 minutes long.

8 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



>Zecharia Sitchin, has a serious spook background

source(s) pls



background backstory



there have always been "prophets of doom" anon. usually, theyre wrong. if they actually were right, well, now you have much bigger problems to worry about, dont you?


Yes, they exist to mislabel and drown out any observed phenomena that fall into their delusion. Otherwise they'd present a growing catalog of properly categorized observations without the doomsday shit. The Nibiru scene has successfully blacked out discussion of all manner of shit if you look at their photos and fake photos. I think it is now impossible for a layman to make sense of any of it. It's impossible to tell what is real without being a pro.



>the crazy nutjobs spouting gibberish should only be taken seriously when they show you numbers and letters on a special piece of paper, in a world where no one wants to give them a pen to write with.

someone needs to take their meds, and for once, i dont think its me

File: b735cc108dc5bef⋯.jpg (46.32 KB, 284x400, 71:100, fluddcelestial_monochord1.jpg)


Does anyone know where best to read up on occult knowledge on music and how they effect people.

I. E. Wich scale has wich effect on the human mind and so on

1 post omitted. Click reply to view.


Isn't that the same thing as music theory?



The video was the reason i started to search for this kind of stuff in the first place but thanks



Well basic music theory has nothing occult to it



Doesn't it stem from religious thought though? I thought monks were the first to create musical notes in written form among other things related to modern music. I never took music in school so I know very little about it.



havent you ever accidentally banged on something/things in such a way that you were pleased by the noises, for whatever reason? or listened to the animals/nature and been inspired? i find it much more likely that "music theory" is much less "occult" or "scientific" than most other people i have asked/talked with this about.

i could also be a cat right now, with you even knowing. so theres that, too?

File: 7385e223174f6ed⋯.jpg (9.66 KB, 240x160, 3:2, download.jpg)


Satan created Humans using a Worm which had the ability to manipulate it's DNA to form Humans.

It is unknown whether the Worms that created the Humans had the ability to manipulate DNA on a similar level to the Worms that created Humans.


That is essentially a worm. Once it came into contact to human DNA it could only be created using that human DNA, so only worm-humans and humans could reproduce, eventually the human was able to be manipulated by the Worm to form a parasite on mans head.

The Worm's new power was a new type of brain called the Human Brain, a type of brain which that could control. This was a very powerful tool, capable of modifying both sides of reality, internal and external.

The worms used this ability to get around in life by forming 'bones', which made them stronger, even though they had less intelligence than their original Humans.

If the parasite wasn't contained it could grow to become a large adult Humanoid, despite being contained in a form of human skin/ova which contained it.

In short, it can only be created using the DNA that isn't contained within it's own self, but that is contained within the human body.

If we look at the data from this worm then it is possible to estimate the DNA sequence needed to generate Humans. For unknown probability this yields a DNA sequence value of (undisclosed) for every true Human being.

They were an amalgamation of human genetics, so they're not a race per se but an imitation of their creators. The Worm created several Humanoids which did not fit the Worm's ideal mold.

Humans and Worms had a very similar DNA to each other creating a vePost too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 204f90a3b9b452a⋯.png (594.6 KB, 1685x577, 1685:577, lol2.PNG)

Meanwhile all of you are too stupid to understand the progenitor species created this purpose for the sake of making a giant farm.


They were paid to, by another species.

This other species thought they were tasty but that was unacceptable so this was a compromise where the only ones who get fucked are the people who think they are human beings and do not understand they are a binary life that is based on the Humans that made life here.

How shitty is that, enjoy that blackpill



then humanity, as a collective, must deicde to fight against the powers which contain them, for the only survival we can have is to become "one" with ourselves




life is what we make of it fam, why not make it that which we desire?

sage for double post


If anyone looked at the world through a Grimm's eyes , he would see everything as it is. Every creature, every soul type that dwell within eveyone, and others that exists throughout like Djinns and what not. You'll see the veils as you pass by them. The multidimensional realm that we live in. All will be reveiled. Levitation is BS. Lifted by Djinns. Curses/Poisons delivered by the same. Fallen souls. But many Others were safed by the same (Miracles), as most seek redemption.


soul does not exist




No, you, friendo.

File: badd67d8954c3a6⋯.png (246.91 KB, 539x488, 539:488, 265434523.png)


If you enjoy food, don't read this. You have been warned.


If anybody wants to hand this over to shane dawson who is currently in the middle of creating a conspiracy theory series I want to say that I would enjoy if he made a video about it. His current email is full or even abandoned and there is no way to contact him that I am aware of.

Have you ever had someone tell you that if you use a free website, that it's not actually free? Do you remember listening to someone explain how the websites were really only interested in collecting your data for advertising purposes or for more mysterious or possibly sinister uses? Often I would remember them saying that we're the real product. That we're all the animals on their farm and that our only purpose was to consume and produce for some faceless people that operate on a different set of rules from everyone else. I never really knew how close to the truth that actually was. I'm not really sure I wanted to know.

Let's start by going over the immensely out of control missing persons epidemic in the USA. You may also know this phenomena as "The Missing 411".

>650 THOUSAND people disappeared just in 2017.

Where the hell do they all go? Bodies take up space, so how can someone hide the raw physical mass, weight, and size of 650 THOUSAND FUCKING PEOPPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

28 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


Why would anyone do that? That seems like a whole lot of effort to disappear people. It's certainly not economical.


OP, they're not feeding us to us. They're kidnapping, trafficking, raping, ritualising and drinking us.



lookup Blood Passover

this whole thread is meant to cover it up and /x/fy it


Spirit cooking?


This is just sad. Even half/x/ is better than this, and they had an entire thread on "backrooms".

File: 2917b7e07a12f64⋯.png (99.16 KB, 720x398, 360:199, 1529306744239.png)


263 posts and 70 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 78d16c2df68b0ba⋯.png (15.52 KB, 502x135, 502:135, ClipboardImage.png)

Quality writing.


File: 698a0436abd8b22⋯.png (3.4 KB, 258x46, 129:23, ClipboardImage.png)


This one is literally a notebook dyke.



That's a thing I like from RPC vs SCP. The foundation is a fucking mary-sue. It can't destroy or research shit, but somehow, it always manages to contain them.


You could have made your own original thing and instead decided to copy everything from SCP Foundation.

Even going as far as taking object classes, item classifications and the concept of D-class. Come on now.



Its not a copy, its recovery.



0 is not a number. 0 is not nothing. 0 is something. 0 is completeness.

> -10 = missing one cycle

>10 = one cycle extra

>0 = nothing missing

>0 = nothing extra

>0 = completeness

>0 = without need

Do not get this confused with the ouroboros "the snake eating its own tail"

It is:

>Always hungry

>Always eating

>Never full

It is:

>Always hurt

>Always healing

>Never healed

It is:

>Always growing

>Always shrinking

>Never complete

Zero is NOT ouroboros.

ouroboros is trying to impersonate zero because it is jealous and no matter how much it tries, it can never make itself become zero without the help of zero. It is being punished for good reasons, because it is evil.

4 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.









0 is just the equilibrium in the overall cycle. if you pay close enough attention you can catch yourself at the peaks, troughs, and equilibriums of your own cycles.

0, and its counterpart, 1 (to infinity) are both pieces of the duality; nothing and something>>49772


Zero is just a number dividing two infinities equally.

The (-∞, 0] and the [0, +∞) group.

It's quite amazing, actually, because there's a infinite amount of numbers between 0 and 1, but there's also a "bigger infinite" amount of number between 0 and 2, and so forth.



your moma

File: b603103b351fb31⋯.jpg (77.73 KB, 400x500, 4:5, smile.jpg)


Has anyone saved the real pic?


File: bfe8900ad826474⋯.jpg (29.72 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)

you mean this one? This is supposedly the original picture.


Newfags. OPs picture except the blood spat was the closest to the original one. Supposedly the original jpg can change form, from OPs picture to something close to 2nd Anon's picture. The original jpg has lost. The last owner broke the curse and died


File: 0ecddaf896f26c6⋯.jpg (12.51 KB, 480x359, 480:359, gallery-1430159221-desktop….jpg)


Newfag you might not be but oldfag you are not.

The original Smile images was a old shock image spread during times when most people were new to the internet.

No curse but imagine being 5 and seeing the photo, some fucked up shit.

Reports vary but generally it's believed to be a still of a dog smiling menacingly over a corpse, and a little girl by his side.

File: 9a56c33ca1340ae⋯.jpg (349.94 KB, 3012x2026, 1506:1013, 00219706.jpg)


Why haven't you become a Vampire /x/?

>death is of no concern to you, allowing yourself to enjoy the pleasures of life forever

>prey on the Lifeforce of the human cattle

>laugh at the retards who will never experience the Vampiric Condition

>wise elders who could have centuries of knowledge available

>get disgusted at the disease ridden "vampires" who actually drink blood

>learn to play humans like a fiddle and exploit them for money, power, etc.

>gain friends who will stick with you for eternity

>qt Vampire gf to go on the hunt with

>roam the night as whatever form you please

I feel sorry for the humans that are unable to evolve to the Vampiric Condition, and there are lots of them. I don't think you want to make the same mistake as them, and I wouldn't either.


26 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


vampirism is viable but too expensive for normal cattle people, even "basic" placental erythropoietin and stem cell transfusions cost millions $ a year, and at older age you still require organ transplants

of course the true elite also has human clones of themselves for constant supply of stem cells, organs etc. (if you believe we have a sheep clone in 1996 but almost quarter a century later there's no human cloning going on, you are a fucking retard)



You don't need to mess with bodily fluids. Psychic vampirism is very easy to learn.



It's also very useless.



"very easy to learn" stuff is always stuff purposefully fed to cattle people to be sure their lazy cattle minds are satisfied with looking at the shiny wrapper instead of eating the candy



>sell books to schizophrenics with promises of vampirism

>turn them down saying they didn't pass the "screening"

Cool scam.

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