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File: eef93fc052d26c2⋯.jpg (415.36 KB, 1081x1600, 1081:1600, 757dabf7f7004ad08fadb0c634….jpg)

c829b8  No.3551[Reply]

Discuss personal finance and budgetary concerns

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7de374  No.4159


>I really don't want to get fucked on debt and mortgage for something I will probably sell in 20 years but I don't want to rent.

while owning feels better psychologically (which is an important factor), it's not necessarily better than renting or a mortgage in a strictly financial sense. not that it's worse either, just that it's not so clear cut when you consider all of the variables. also a 60 minute commute can really mess with some people.

File: 148d72bca3bbb6a⋯.jpg (80.38 KB, 850x400, 17:8, 1451843054403.jpg)

File: d0872c3f3d39820⋯.gif (132.82 KB, 890x890, 1:1, 1451844466168.gif)

File: 554f05ceee4a917⋯.jpg (276.17 KB, 800x1149, 800:1149, 1451844985545.jpg)

a85685  No.1857[Reply]

What are you doing to be the best you can be?

How are you currently investing in yourself?

General motivation also appreciated.

Try to keep feels to a minimum we are trying to improve not feel like crap.

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9ba2ca  No.4158

File: 7deaa56952676aa⋯.png (431.39 KB, 1920x1043, 1920:1043, philosophy.png)

File: 34fed6a63e20513⋯.jpg (1.02 MB, 1400x1050, 4:3, import_market-zirngibi.jpg)

5847e8  No.3693[Reply]

In succession of >>2362

Discuss trades, market fluctuations, et al.

Remember to do your own research and take anonymous investment advice with a grain of salt.

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4d693b  No.4155

File: 7357cd5decb55c3⋯.gif (1.69 MB, 363x372, 121:124, ebcfaac6f6e2442c776894a73f….gif)

a60905  No.1740[Reply]

>Can't get a drivers license because of poor eyesight

>All city jobs require a valid drivers license

>Never finished highschool

>No factory jobs because lol post-industrial America everything is outsourced

How do I make money /biz/?

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0d9227  No.4094


Also, there's a such thing as a non-drivers license ID and passports. Those are just as good as a drivers license for your purposes.

File: 23152920c730c99⋯.png (6.91 MB, 1600x1131, 1600:1131, economy_by_marko_djurdjevi….png)

ec4dd7  No.3857[Reply]

Welcome to /biz/ - a place to discuss business and finance on ∞chan

Check the board rules before you post:


Public board and moderation log:


ec4dd7  No.3860


File: 88afe176d224141⋯.png (27.76 KB, 622x659, 622:659, 1495111445365.png)

7233eb  No.4058[Reply]

So let's say you are a 5'6 manlet, white, 112 pounds(skinny as fuck), not that intelligent around 96 IQ. You dont have ANY skills, your boomer father taught you nothing about anything including how to be an adult or a man for that matter, and your mother coddled you all your life, your grandparents coddled you even more than your mother buying you whatever you wanted and many items of material value such as clothes and a car(130000 miles, 2013), you have never been in an intimate relationship with someone so you have no friends to get any opportunities if they would present themselves, you never had to work hard, you always ate, right now i have a shitty job moving boxes, the job pays 10 bucks an hour, i'm not getting anywhere, im broke ALL the time, i have a highschool diploma. Should i kill myself? What can i do to make money? i wouldn't be able to pay attention in college if i went, i am actually too dumb to do attend, so what do i do with my life, 20 btw?

Any tips or paths you guys could advise me to take would be great, i'm really at a loss here just staring at my stack of 612 ChainLink that i bought for 250 bucks, this obviously isn't going anywhere either….

de685f  No.4064


20 is way too young to be pessimistic about life, and none of what you described is a huge barrier. sounds more like you're dealing with depression. being an incel is definitely doesn't help.

I guess start by learning to budget save properly. if you're working full time and living with your parents you shouldn't be short on money.

f0109b  No.4161


Get a job that plays into your natural strengths. If you don't know what they are, then figure that out first (use trial and error if you must). Listen to some of Dave Ramsey's call in shows, and learn what NOT to do with your money. And most importantly, save as much money as possible from every paycheck and DON'T blow your savings on scratch tickets/shitcoins/any other get-rich-quick bullshit. The key to long term success is long term planning.

Oh yeah, and go to the gym. Or just do calisthenics at home to save yourself some cash.

3fcea9  No.4172


OP don't start with trying to make more. The problem is you don't

know how to save because you are used to being safe and having a very reliable safety net. You need to change your state of mind

I have had a similar situation in this context

>high school diploma

>parents teach you nothing or no skills

>make 10 dollars an hour

>be neet for extended periods of time

>no relationships


At one point recovering from neetdom I worked part time and made 800 a month. My rent was luckily very low but living conditions were awful. Learn to see what you can put away at your current job. Having a good safety net like you do means it is the perfect time to learn self reliance.



seriously it is a short read and fun as well, but also it literally spells out and makes it simple to do this.

in 2 years it ain't much but I saved 5k working part time. Living frugally as possible i was able to find a better paying job with great security. You could have a 100k a year job and still have no money if you can't manage it properly. My dad made 70k a year and then lost his job with no backup plan and living above his means.

Like dieting, see hownlittle you can spend or reduce your expenses. Put extra money not in a bank into a vanguard money market fund an buy VOO the sp500. It's better than nothing..Gopd luck op!

3b7bf5  No.4173

Get a motorcycle. Doesnt matter what you look like any dude with a sport bike gets laid. Your new found confidence will propel you upwards. Even the shittest companies have opportunity for advancement. Just work harder than everyone else.

File: 16aaaf42fbf49c1⋯.jpg (27.14 KB, 313x500, 313:500, 415qooJV19L.jpg)

5be9ca  No.4168[Reply]

I want ticker data accurate to 5 minutes. Where do I get it? I'm talking every publicly traded stock. for at least the last two years.

You fags wanna make money or would you rather jerk off to crypto charts?

5be9ca  No.4169

You dickheads have two options. Be one of the first to catch some new crypt news or follow basic patterns on stocks. Non of you have connections to be in the new on crypto. just play stocks instead. If you fuck with options you can get the high of 100% in a day too.

269da9  No.4170

This isn't 4/biz/.

File: a2d2dc19b7a3ab8⋯.jpg (69.91 KB, 600x600, 1:1, IMG_20180913_154946_746.jpg)

0bfca1  No.3337[Reply]

I need to get from 0 to 5000 in 5 days or else, i'm maybe dead or will be missing fingers. I got loan from loan sharks. I lost the money on every single thing i invested i have 0 skillz for business.. I'm only good with design. And now i have huge debt to dangerous people. Any ideas how can i get this kind of money? Can i legally sell my organs or something? I'm unther huge stress already got beaten by them when i was trying to repot to authority btw my country is shithole Serbia even cops are corrupted ed

16 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

aa39df  No.3877


Get some weapon and go ask that cash to peoples.

That's how you're supposed to do when you are in big trouble.

Or loan money to others peoples.

000000  No.3884

Sell your house or furniture. Or if you really have nothing more to loose go into hiding/inawoods or just jump the border and play it off as a Syrian refugee ffs isn't that what asylum seeking is supposed to be about? Steal a couple of coats if you need to. Or just steal stuff and resell. Get sent to prison where they (hopefully) can't harm you. Make a btc address and beg for coins with a sob story on the darknets. Hold a scam on the darknets like imitating a large site.

Why would your first impulse be to sell a kidney and keep the pc wtf

>Tfw op is dead.

>Tfw op's life cost a measly 5000$


People really are shit.

ad88e0  No.3887

Men I really want $5000 but for escorts


sorry cant help you op though you're probably dead

659fc2  No.3935

File: 14d787e1f9fdaf8⋯.jpg (6.47 KB, 512x384, 4:3, bill1.jpg)

1a7cb1  No.4167

File: a9f42c6e5add24f⋯.jpg (60.9 KB, 640x420, 32:21, gc1.jpg)

rip OP

File: 1e3a71b55eb1e35⋯.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 3.88 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, 1590ECD5-8546-4912-B186-E….jpeg)

54e161  No.4166[Reply]

Looking for ideas to transfer my Roth to bit coin/ African account account possibly any idea, or investment help.cudq

File: 9825b25b3dcd698⋯.jpg (235.46 KB, 1000x562, 500:281, 22e0995f3c742edc26201bbd98….jpg)

5515c6  No.3179[Reply]

You guys are buying silver, right?

16 posts and 5 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

8ac4d3  No.4096


Industry use keeps the price of silver down. Nobody would buy things like solar panels if silver was priced as gold is.

8ac4d3  No.4097


It can be hard to distinguish, but it does have a distinct look.

40$ in 2009 has depreciated. Holding it this long resulted in decreased buying power that you could have had in 2009 had you spent it back then.

Silver was 10$ in 2009. It has retained value. Heck it was a dollar less than 30 years ago.(I don't remember the exact year or two it was)

Yea in a shtf scenario your friends and family and skill set will be of more use. But you can't guarantee paper money will be accepted anymore than silver would be.

As with any investment or trade, one should never go all in.

b6c174  No.4099

File: 7f63ab15d7a6d8f⋯.jpg (231.32 KB, 1179x937, 1179:937, stock vs gold 10.jpg)

File: e50565af4126f99⋯.jpg (231.21 KB, 1175x939, 1175:939, stock vs gold 30.jpg)


>40$ in 2009 has depreciated

that's because cash depreciates by design, so people don't hoard it like it's gold or silver. it's supposed to be the interim between your paycheck and your groceries and any actual investments.

>It has retained value

that's an arbitrary standard when the value of everything is relative. the whole point of investing is to benefit from other people's work, not just retain the value of your own.

>But you can't guarantee paper money will be accepted anymore than silver would be.

it's fine if your doomsday prepping, but that isn't investing. at best it's just some expensive insurance for appeasing paranoia. if you were actually worried about the end of the world then that money would go towards actual prepper considerations like building out a bunker or learning how to survive post apocalypse. but I doubt the majority of people who buy gold are seriously worried about it.

1bd664  No.4100


Do you still invest in buggywhips?

6f96a1  No.4165

Silver has been historically priced at around a 16:1 ratio of silver to gold, this is also about the ratio of their respective geochemical abundances in the Earth's crust. Right now the market ratio is 84:1 meaning you can buy 84 ounces of silver for every 1 ounce of gold. Silver should be the big winner in the foreseeable apocalyptic future, don't be a faggot and complain about its weight

File: 3f23813c44d28ef⋯.jpg (205.13 KB, 900x658, 450:329, Cylinder_Exterior_AC75-108….jpg)

File: 282a1e9e17fdeca⋯.jpg (852.15 KB, 1920x1514, 960:757, Imagine a world without th….jpg)

0f436c  No.3758[Reply]

What economic developments would the establishment of a single, mostly self-sustainable O'Neill space colony with a small, highly educated population of white pioneers bring about?

Would earthen companies be willing to outsource Satellite manufacture and launching to a pair of rotating Cylinders out of the reach of most earthen authorities?

Could such a Colony end up as tax haven+special economic zone with 20% annual growth because Asteroid mining, positive birthrates and construction of additional colonies?

8c640a  No.3759


>Would earthen companies be willing to outsource Satellite manufacture and launching to a pair of rotating Cylinders out of the reach of most earthen authorities?

The other question is how long does it take and how much does it cost, with your hypothetical level of technology, to send a rocket to the asteroid belt and back to make each asteroid export trip worth it.

7bafaa  No.3772


Yeah, the Jews would start a war with the space nazis. Only good thing to come out of this is you would die in a robot instead of a fox hole.

4f6894  No.3779

File: 52c1c65ae951f8b⋯.jpg (55.51 KB, 960x720, 4:3, 1483163484654.jpg)




7f6af2  No.4164

File: 272d811f57ce558⋯.pdf (4.75 MB, SKYLON_Users_Manual_Rev_2.….pdf)


It probably wouldn't be very expensive as a colony-launched asteroid mining ship wouldn't need fuckhueg rockets to escape earth's gravity.

Such a ship could carry 6 gorillion tons of bulk ore mined from Asteroids back to either the Colony or a refinery station then ship the processed materiel to earth on transport ships which then either dump their cargo in reentry pods towards Iran/North Korea or have it loaded into pdf related at a LEO cargo terminal.

Transporting goods to the colony from earth would be substantially more expensive as the Skylon is limited to a maximum of 15t LEO payloads at a projected cost of roughly $1000/kg.

File: 7cbee40923c880c⋯.jpeg (32.74 KB, 313x470, 313:470, images (11).jpeg)

2a0747  No.4080[Reply]

I'm begging. Not for money but for knowledge. I want to learn how to start making money with crypto or other markets.

I just need a direction to start. Any book, website or just a clue and I will do the rest.

I promise I will persevere, /biz

1 post omitted. Click reply to view.

694d76  No.4083

6df4ac  No.4084


Invalid link

37e0bd  No.4086


Might be because thepiratebay is blocked at various ISPs.

967ed5  No.4105


Piratebays working but the file 404'd. What was the torrent name?

304a9c  No.4163

File: 46cfbe0f88e0698⋯.png (436.52 KB, 1143x596, 1143:596, ClipboardImage.png)


>went there

>saw that the sites hosts some quiz

>do the snowflake one

>get this

Shit nigger

File: f4221cb7f557534⋯.jpg (102.71 KB, 512x910, 256:455, 982385d70d4934cbd0fe5e0991….jpg)

1a74cb  No.4162[Reply]

>This is Angela Poole Elingsen

> She posts revealing photos on plus Size Nation and Plus Size Xtreme

> She is also a Senior Lead for Veritas in New York

> She is a THOT

> She doesn't think that you will know about this, nor tell her business rivals

> Don't be like Angela

File: e82bfc6b6414a48⋯.jpg (320.22 KB, 1043x1027, 1043:1027, biz2015.JPG)

2dc8eb  No.1659[Reply]

Board complaints, suggestions, contacting moderation.


Is our board owner still active?

Currently the rules are lax, but I want to bring up the discussion of additional ones.

In one image is 4chan's /biz/ board in 2015, which is far different from current /biz/.



Here you can see a different topics related to business and finances being discussed. Some anons wanting discussion on job searching, investments, or starting a business. While we all have different opinions on how to make money, we can at least see some coherent topics.

4chan's /biz/ in its current state, is flooded with shills trying to influence buying and selling behaviors. Allegedly Indian pump and dump groups, and some discord/telegram group advertisements looking to recruit anons into market manipulation teams (exchange pump & dump, or FUD/hype). If it isn't what's previously mentioned, it's simply the image of a cryptocurrency and a one liner OP regarding speculation, or a meme and some day trader panic.

I'd like to gauge some opinions from this- to have the rules expanded to prevent 8chan /biz/ from becoming 4chan /biz/. For example, disallow begging threads and advertising.

119 posts and 27 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.
Post last edited at

d44ff8  No.4104

Applied ban and deletion for thread #4103 (reason: advertising). Archive is available for oversight.

d44ff8  No.4111

Applied ban and deletion for thread #4109 (reason: referral marketing). Archive is available for oversight.

618613  No.4137

There are 5 stickied threads. Maybe These could be merged into 2 or 3 threads to reduce clutter

d44ff8  No.4140


There is no thread merging capability.

I can unsticky the "finding a job" and the "investing into yourself" thread since those were spotlighted to set a focus of the board besides cryptocurrency.

But we could have a (Recent) High School Graduate thread so these one-off threads don't have to keep popping up.


d44ff8  No.4152

Deleted thread #4085, old bumplocked discord chatroom shill thread (where the link was edited out).

File: 1411242053798.jpg (7.27 KB, 422x119, 422:119, download.jpg)

9bf14b  No.6[Reply]

Newfag moved in from halfchan, let's get a stock market general thread going.
Post current holdings, shill companies (pic related), etc.
74 posts and 14 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

6eed41  No.4135


I need to build up some starting funds. I'm just a student right now, so my only money is reimbursement checks from left over Pell Grant money during each term. I was thinking of putting down at most $100 this summer into an index fund(s) but that's going to be too little for my age and see so little growth. Ideally, I should start with over $1000 at least. But the small earnings could be useful as a small start.

My plan was to begin with $200. $100 for investments in Ameritrade, $100 for trades in Robinhood. Like 1 share in AOR, 1 share in FZILX, and then use the rest for swing trading. Then as I learn more and gain experience, I'll adjust future distribution towards whichever is best for me.

Something else I wanted to do was look if I can find a temporary job for the summer that allows enough time for my classes. Some of my classes take up all of my time for homework assignments, which are quite extensive at times, so that's why I don't work and study at the same time. Last term, I barely found the time to cook and clean, all from just one of my classes too. I should have much more free time this term though, which would let me contribute more money into stocks.

6eed41  No.4136


Forgot to add, do you like this website here? https://www.investopedia.com/

6eed41  No.4139


I looked around a bit further at index funds and tried to calculate how much AOR would grow with one share. Assuming I did the math right, which I used a 10% tax rate as a rough calculation, I found that one share of AOR at $44.88 would become $1,011,504.84 after 36 years. I read some lists on websites comparing index funds but I didn't understand how they all differ much from one another as many looked very similar.

So I'm thinking of starting with 2 shares of AOR, 1 share of NOBL, and 2 shares of FZILX or some other international index. That's under $200. Then from summer to autumn, I'll use papermoney and/or little money to practice swing trading and day trading.

I actually have a question though. What is the best way to calculate compound dividend projections? I did come across one calculator on a website but it asked for some variables that I did not have. Is share times multiplier, minus cost on that, and then minus tax from that, the right way?

AOR Example:

44.88·1.79 = A

A - (A·0.18) = V

V - (V·0.10) = $

4f35a3  No.4143


replied to most of the stuff here >>4142 since most of it barley had anything to do with stocks

investopedia is fine for simple explanations of investing terminology. don't know about the rest of their stuff, I wouldn't pay for their courses and take anything else they publish with a grain of salt.

57d9c8  No.4146

File: c934b1e7d3c559e⋯.png (96.88 KB, 1082x278, 541:139, zero.png)

Zerohedge is being pessimistic.

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