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File: e82bfc6b6414a48⋯.jpg (320.22 KB, 1043x1027, 1043:1027, biz2015.JPG)

2dc8eb No.1659[Reply]

Is our board owner still active?

Currently the rules are lax, but I want to bring up the discussion of additional ones.

In one image is 4chan's /biz/ board in 2015, which is far different from current /biz/.



Here you can see a different topics related to business and finances being discussed. Some anons wanting discussion on job searching, investments, or starting a business. While we all have different opinions on how to make money, we can at least see some coherent topics.

4chan's /biz/ in its current state, is flooded with shills trying to influence buying and selling behaviors. Allegedly Indian pump and dump groups, and some discord/telegram group advertisements looking to recruit anons into market manipulation teams (exchange pump & dump, or FUD/hype). If it isn't what's previously mentioned, it's simply the image of a cryptocurrency and a one liner OP regarding speculation, or a meme and some day trader panic.

I'd like to gauge some opinions from this- to have the rules expanded to prevent 8chan /biz/ from becoming 4chan /biz/. For example, disallow begging threads and advertising.

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05f89a No.3155


It looks even worse than that now. The only thing sadder is that this board is more level-headed and on-topic, yet sadly its completely dead. What a fucking horrible time to be in business…

File: 8ca224c9cae2789⋯.jpg (221.53 KB, 450x300, 3:2, 78489271-photo-of-cryptocu….jpg)

7d646b No.2362[Reply]

Direct all discussions regarding cryptocurrency here.

Remember to do your own research and take anonymous investment advice with a grain of salt.

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000000 No.3152


In order for smart contracts to gain adoption and provide use-cases outside of tokenization, there needs to be a way for contracts to execute on real-world data. Instead of trusting a centralized entity to provide external data, which has issues of trust and reliability, ChainLink allows for external data to be retrieved in a decentralized manner.

The concept really isn't that hard to understand. Once external data can enter a smart contract without trusting a centralized 3rd party, the use-cases for smart contracts could multiply ten-fold. ChainLink is still the biggest (if not the only) project that's looking at the oracle problem strictly from an API-to-SC perspective.

File: 1425351127571.webm (2.32 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, business.webm)

bfcb77 No.425[Reply]

Welcome to /biz/, a place for business and finance.


1.Follow Global rules

2. Post's must pertain to Business and Finance.

4.Keep threads on topic

Reading material/Self help:


•Common Sense Investing - J.Bogle (of vanguard)

•The Intelligent investor - Ben Graham

•Irrational Exuberance - R. Shiller

•Technical Analysis of the Financial market-John J Murphy


•Capitalism and freedom - Milton Friedman

•Wealth of Nations - Adam Smith

•The Bell Curve - Murrary

•Fooled by randomness - NN Taleb

•The Black Swan - NN Taleb

•Antifragile - NN Taleb

Have a nice day!

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Post last edited at

f4a666 No.2367

Cryptocurrency threads are temporarily bumplocked and will be unbumplocked later. Discussion is to go towards the sticky.

This measure was taken because of the catalog being dominated by multiple short threads and scattered discussions regarding the topic.

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

d03056 No.3158[Reply]

What do we do to prepare for a market crash, /biz/?

File: 0aaae8535dc3c86⋯.png (16.05 KB, 737x101, 737:101, ClipboardImage.png)

2f442b No.3156[Reply]

Little project of /just/. PLanning to invite /v/ and /agdg for this one

2a4754 No.3157


That requires people to unironically like Lawbreakers as opposed to being some shill meme.

File: 148d72bca3bbb6a⋯.jpg (80.38 KB, 850x400, 17:8, 1451843054403.jpg)

File: d0872c3f3d39820⋯.gif (132.82 KB, 890x890, 1:1, 1451844466168.gif)

File: 554f05ceee4a917⋯.jpg (276.17 KB, 800x1149, 800:1149, 1451844985545.jpg)

a85685 No.1857[Reply]

What are you doing to be the best you can be?

How are you currently investing in yourself?

General motivation also appreciated.

Try to keep feels to a minimum we are trying to improve not feel like crap.

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00ad32 No.2941


I know this is from nearly three months ago but whats wrong with bonds?

9f95bd No.2943

File: b2385100146cee9⋯.jpg (71.95 KB, 960x919, 960:919, 22886278_2010877802488305_….jpg)


Reducing or suppressing my addictions

Improving my condition of life by finally learning how to drive.

Improving my mental state as much as I can (e.g: forcing myself to read everyday).

Trying to be nice to others and trying to find my way to the top.

I know you said keep feels to a minimum and that could be a good advice. It's hard… Especially to know what I have to prioritize when there is so much I want to do.

I don't success everyday but I'm trying everyday.

1e62ae No.3113


How old are you anon? I too need to learn to drive. LONG past overdue.

dee4db No.3153

I'm spending around £200 a month on PEDs and nootropics.

If you don't have much to invest you can put your productivity quality of life through the roof just by injecting 250mg of testosterone once a week and taking 200mg of modafinil up to twice a week.

Research the effects of testosterone levels on trading success if this advice doesn't seem relevant to this board. I take it (at supraphysiological dosages alongside other compounds) because I'm a /fit/ fag with body dysmorphia and a superiority complex but most men (especially in the West where everything is so estrogenic) would benefit from it purely from a therapeutic standpoint.

11bf07 No.3154


I noticed a big difference just by taking the following:

Vitamin C (1000 mg)

Ginkgo Biloba

Fish Oil

Vitamin D

Vitamin B12

And to top it off I drink green tea instead of coffee. I feel a lot more alert than I did before, but I also feel sharper and more able to think clearly. Brain fog went away.

File: f4ff1d52ec97eb1⋯.jpg (225.47 KB, 960x1440, 2:3, 61ed0c302d4e5a9a97874f213c….jpg)

999f6c No.3103[Reply]


I have been thinking about learning to code.

At this moment I'm doing freelance work in a very saturated field with low paying jobs (graphic design). I do understand that coding is also over saturated AF, but at least people in that field are getting paid significantly more.

My goal is to be able to get some type of little job in the next 90 days.

Here are two strategies which came up with:

1. HTML + JavaScript

Why I even look in to that? Well, I do have basic knowledge of how to create a web page and most importantly it is something intuitive for me.

The biggest downside which I see is that this field is extremely competitive. Pretty much every third Pajet on Fiver and Reddit is offering his HTML and CSS skills.

2. Making Python bots.

I have done that type of stuff before then was playing RPGs. I don't see that many people doing that type of stuff. But on the over hand not that many people even want that type of service. Simply because we have plenty of automation software available for free or for small price.

Any anons who have learnt to code on their own? Do you work in house of freelance? Any suggestions?

8f509f No.3106


You sound new as fuck, so I'll keep my answer simple. Sure, if you think you know computers and can find someone to pay you to style their website or fix random bugs, or maybe even take on a small contract to add a feature, try learning HTML/CSS/JavaScript. Those 3 work together, so it makes sense to understand each in the context of web design/websites. If you manage to find work, expect minimum wage, because that's what you're worth (just be realistic, you aren't a professional right now). Start from there. You can use w3schools (google it) and lookup JavaScript MDN (Mozilla dev network) for JS documentation. There is always a need for web fucks, but your best shot is friends/family/etc. Just see if you can find work, take it seriously for a few months, and if it doesn't work out then just move on no big deal.

a060f5 No.3126

I have a listing on fiverr, but so far no bites. I think I'm charging way too much, but what I'm offering is basically to do your university projects, and those take time, so I'm not going to sell myself short you know?

Unfortunately it is very oversaturated with Indians, as you said, selling their poor skills for $5

People going to that website looking for help will have a hard time telling the difference between a competent person and a pajeet unless you present yourself better, I suppose.

7a941b No.3151



old thread but i'll bite.

Field is covered with foreigners looking to do the shittiest work for a green card. Many gov jobs require clearance that foreigners can't get. So there are openings there.

They look at experience. Get a low paying job. Hop every 2-4 years for a salary boost. Never leave for a period of time or you'll be outed. After saving some cash (or if you got it) get a degree to boost your pay. Another tip, Learn a fucking NICHE language that nobody cares about (CRM/SOL). Name your price

File: f08689079b015a3⋯.jpg (2.49 MB, 2000x1339, 2000:1339, 13490850295.jpg)

9d30f3 No.3150[Reply]

I find it hard to believe that the inflation rate across the western world is 2-3%, based on my personal experience (ausfag) of buying stuff. 5-7% per year would seem more realistically.

Does /biz/ think this is true?

If so how long do you think It will be until regular people start to feel like the stats are false, and that they're actually getting poorer? It would make quantitative easing and moving away from the gold standard seem like disasters.

1. What sort of investments does this justify? If prices are increasing this quickly leaving money in a bank or any low-return investments is just loosing money. Given that it's hard to find a company growing this quickly without an extreme risk profile (any suggestions?), what assets would /bi/z recommend to avoid loosing money?

Real estate? How do you invest if you don't have a spare million? I'd think antiques and jewelry or paintings would be good, as it's hard to quickly make more of them. It would be a time intensive investment just to be sure you're buying a good piece?

2. Does this mean cryptos are a good investment? If people being to loose faith in a fiat do you think the masses would move to crypto, or something like gold or foreign currency?

Official stats:


Alternative stats:


File: 0df919277c723c5⋯.jpg (499.76 KB, 1536x2173, 1536:2173, 1411340913393.jpg)

023756 No.3133[Reply]

highest paying career 2 year program in canada? (associate degree)

radiation therapy? etc. thanks

ebc287 No.3149


radiation therapy sounds good,

but may require experience to get in the field, after two years you can take the abr which will give you access to a much higher pay especially if you work with radiation oncologists.

File: 9b990b0225b29e6⋯.jpg (56.51 KB, 680x421, 680:421, Ronnie-Radke.jpg)

1f35ee No.3122[Reply]

hi, i'm moving to canada in a few weeks through the working holiday visa.

i want to save up good money the first month.

i only have a highschool diploma, straight out of highschool what kind of job could i get which is high paying?

where should i locate?

thank you.

any advice on how to save up money (budget) would also be appreciated.

58371c No.3146


>I only have a highschool diploma

>high paying job.

Choose one.

As for the budgeting question, keep in mind that you're doing this trip for working and saving money. Try to get meals for free or cheap. Don't eat shitty food, get yourself a way to cook, buy rice and cheap pasta, don't spend money on trivial shit like cigarettes and weed, an save every single cent that doesn't go to food, transportation, and hygiene. How long does the working holiday lasts? What are your skills?

File: 198cba523a97f92⋯.jpg (93.19 KB, 960x960, 1:1, 1520102691187.jpg)

fa3ace No.2913[Reply]

any hobbies that i can turn into a business?


small engine repair

anything that is profitable.

please do not say coding or writing lol..

10 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

17d959 No.3134


literally anything.

17d959 No.3135


small engine repair

first, sell something; anything; why?

a business needs capital. use capital to invest in resources; buy old small engines; fix them refurb whatever and sell again higher. now yoyu an entreprenuer

d44dae No.3137


So you're the neet leaf from /pol/ that posted about the drones. You've got me interested in drone piloting as well and I hope to make it work out (at least as a side job).

I was thinking that driving for Uber with business cards regarding my drone business would be a good idea for marketing myself. I also do live near a few large factories that I could potentially inspect. A guy I found on YouTube says he just uses Craigslist, but that would probably only work in some areas. I dunno, I wish, that the pesticides in the US weren't so pozzed so I could do what you're doing without a guilty conscience.

d44dae No.3138


And to answer your question, you will have to "cold call" some clients and explain/demonstrate why drones can be an asset to their business. Don't give up Anon, from what I gather we're pretty similar socially and I want us both to succeed. Push your limits and make your dreams a reality.

971b7d No.3145


>any hobbies that i can turn into a business?

Almost every single one. Your hobby is also other people's hobby. Just grab a piece of paper, put your hobby as the title, and then do a list of things that people need to buy or to fix or to solve in order to practice the hobby. Finally, provide people with those things or services. Come up with a name for your entrepreneurship, brand it, market it, work hard and watch the money flow. Green is better than red.

File: a6f6c8c6c36560a⋯.jpg (74.4 KB, 970x450, 97:45, getty_473909426_129584.jpg)

c9c1a6 No.3091[Reply]

I want to be able to have a business, where I have a meeting, tell people what I want, people give me their ideas, decide which to implement, and then go on about my day in whatever way I please.

How can i achieve that? Is this too much of a fantasy? Am I too far from reality?

798958 No.3104


You need connections and friends that will work with you to get started.

2c04f6 No.3140


Work on your bullshitting skills and maybe.

d583d5 No.3144


It is possible, actually everything is.

What you want to become is, put simply, a boss. What you should do is get to know people that has the skills and the tools to achieve something, organize them, establish a base of what your company is going to do, and also you need money to pay these people.

File: c45f2aad826a285⋯.png (7.78 KB, 777x808, 777:808, dfsd.png)

95e3eb No.3088[Reply]

Hi /biz/, Long time no post..


I thought i'd come here for a little help since i know there is alot of creative mindst hat browse this board.

i'm opening a little tiny marketing company for the local businesses in my area.

i've been having a real hard time thinking of a good name.

Basically its going to be Social Marketing Management, Graphics, ADs and all that.

Does anyone here have some good ideas?

all i came up with is: Toubibrand, a little combination of Toubib & Brand… & Brandygo But i don't think it's clever enough…

Was thinking something like a name? i thought about Brandle at first which is Brand+Handle, but it's already taken…


f60de0 No.3143

You are opening a marketing company and can't come up with a name for it? Naming things is one of the most primitive and basic forms of creativity. Just brainstorm for a couple minutes, write some names down, pick your favourite and that's it. I wonder what kind of service are you going to offer if you can't do this little simple task.

File: 06d2c2c2cb329cf⋯.jpg (2.24 MB, 3042x2028, 3:2, 06d2c2c2cb329cf3a318a94dc1….jpg)

bdaf87 No.3128[Reply]

How do you protect your riches /biz/? do you trust your (((bank))) or you take more unorthodox methods when taking care of your money?

Over here banks bill you for for taking money out of the ATM so a lot of people prefer to have caches with cash money hidden in their homes.

1cefdb No.3141


I have some money in a savings account. Two checking accounts with two different banks. A stash of cash. A stash of silver. And a few other hoards. I only regularly use the money in one of my checking accounts.

How much do they bill you? Banks here charge a 2-4$ dollar ATM fee. My bank refunds all my ATM fees, so I don't get charged that.

What about safe deposit boxes? I have no idea whether they are actually safe in your country. Just an idea.

File: a99838fa960fc8a⋯.jpg (107.97 KB, 944x617, 944:617, IWM_IWM_16784_18.jpg)

6ec652 No.3123[Reply]

Im unemployed and need advice on saving money for buying food.

What can I buy for under 25-50$ at a local Publix that will last me a week or so and is generally not shitty in taste..?

No, i can't shop anywhere else. I currently live in a upscale part of the town and all the cheap grocery stores minorities shop at are too far away.

i'm a powerlifter fyi

936056 No.3124


a897c9 No.3127

File: a579866f6657e25⋯.jpg (3.25 KB, 296x170, 148:85, a579866f6657e25cea9f49e4c0….jpg)

Ask /fit/ tbh fam, they'd know more about food appropriate for a broke powerlifter than /biz/.

b0bfcc No.3129


Ramen noodles are dirt cheap

If you're concerned about sodium, use less than half the seasoning packet, or none at all if you're lucky enough to have other seasoning

Put an egg or two in it

Add some carrots and broccoli

This is a balanced meal that you can get for less than $25. If it's too bland I recommend sriracha or chili oil.

640738 No.3139


Rice, potato's and put some spices and onions on them.

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