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Under new management (again) as of July 5th, 2017

File: e82bfc6b6414a48⋯.jpg (320.22 KB, 1043x1027, 1043:1027, biz2015.JPG)

2dc8eb No.1659[Reply]

Is our board owner still active?

Currently the rules are lax, but I want to bring up the discussion of additional ones.

In one image is 4chan's /biz/ board in 2015, which is far different from current /biz/.



Here you can see a different topics related to business and finances being discussed. Some anons wanting discussion on job searching, investments, or starting a business. While we all have different opinions on how to make money, we can at least see some coherent topics.

4chan's /biz/ in its current state, is flooded with shills trying to influence buying and selling behaviors. Allegedly Indian pump and dump groups, and some discord/telegram group advertisements looking to recruit anons into market manipulation teams (exchange pump & dump, or FUD/hype). If it isn't what's previously mentioned, it's simply the image of a cryptocurrency and a one liner OP regarding speculation, or a meme and some day trader panic.

I'd like to gauge some opinions from this- to have the rules expanded to prevent 8chan /biz/ from becoming 4chan /biz/. For example, disallow begging threads and advertising.

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5659ab No.1922



Those would be finance, public (government) and personal (taking loans).

File: 1425351127571.webm (2.32 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, business.webm)

bfcb77 No.425[Reply]

Welcome to /biz/, a place for business and finance.


1.Follow Global rules

2. Post's must pertain to Business and Finance.

4.Keep threads on topic

Reading material/Self help:


•Common Sense Investing - J.Bogle (of vanguard)

•The Intelligent investor - Ben Graham

•Irrational Exuberance - R. Shiller

•Technical Analysis of the Financial market-John J Murphy


•Capitalism and freedom - Milton Friedman

•Wealth of Nations - Adam Smith

•The Bell Curve - Murrary

•Fooled by randomness - NN Taleb

•The Black Swan - NN Taleb

•Antifragile - NN Taleb

Have a nice day!

Post last edited at

a508c2 No.1685

Hello, I've recently claimed this board due to the past board owner's inactivity (roughly 30 weeks since).

A few things I will add.

New Rules

No advertising/FUD/hype

This applies to new businesses, cryptocurrencies, and pump & dump groups. It doesn't mean one can't bring exposure to a new thing, but if a thread or post is blatant promotion to influence investments or purchasing of products then it will be removed. Additionally, if it is the obverse, to attempt to influence selling off of an asset, the post or thread will be removed as well. To avoid misinterpretation of intent, please substantiate your claims.

Even on more respectable subjects, if everyone starts making their own thread for their new start up, offered services, or store, it becomes less of a discussion board for business and finances and more of a marketplace. However, if there is a clear community effort towards something business and finances related, it can be an exception.

No begging

These are effective now and I will be cleaning up the board, but will not be issuing bans.

Community Building Remarks

I advise/encourage the current niche of anons to create new threads as opposed to bumping old ones. This gives fresh content both at a glance and an idea of which prior respondents are likely active.

I also advise/encourage topics outside of cryptocurrencies and related assets.

Research, investigate and make your own decisions on what to do with your money and investments.


The board is very small and slow paced at the moment, but if there's growth and more moderation needed, I'll need volunteers.

Ideally, this should be tranPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

Post last edited at

File: 4f25bf25e04f598⋯.png (84.75 KB, 300x322, 150:161, scale.png)

edfdf4 No.1602[Reply]

What exchange sites does /biz/ use?

>Minimum personal information required for trading.

>Withdraw limits.

>Trade fees.


2 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

2c8c45 No.1607

I only recently started this game, at the moment I'm only using bittrex

edfdf4 No.1652



>not fully open source

>using a service that requires a telephone number for chatting

Go back to 4chan.

b2024f No.1928

Do any of these sites deal with BTC/NZD

59876e No.1934


I usually do crypto only trades. I used Bitfinex briefly, and they have a bank wire option- I don't exactly know because the markets are in US dollars for me. However, most sites ask for id verification if you are dealing with fiat because of anti-money laundering laws.

784b01 No.1938

whats the best site to use if you want to purchase buttcoins using paypal

File: 9babe915760b3ee⋯.jpg (233.21 KB, 846x1200, 141:200, 4LZj2m8.jpg)

a67caf No.1892[Reply]

Is scamming idiots online considered /biz/? I have a little story. This one guy was asking on an adult chatroom for a hooker. I asked him what's up because I'm wondering why he wants a hooker so bad and he says he wants a girl to go on a business trip with him for a month. I give him a fake name, use fake pics, and all while using a username I've never used anywhere else. On top of that I use a vpn so I'm almost certain that he could never trace this all back to me. I tell this guy I'm a girl and that I'd do it for $5k half when the deal is made and half when the trip is over. He said he'd drive to where I live IRL (I gave him a city in another state) and meet with my "friend" (see: me) so "he" could check to see if the guy is safe. Upon confirmation, he'd hand my "friend" an envelope with half the money and then "I" would come out to meet him an hour later.

At this point: I started to wonder if this was a good idea and I started to wonder if I was morally ok with it. (I'm a fag, I know). I canceled the deal and said I was sorry but I wasn't comfortable with the plan. That said, it made me realize that people on adult dating sites are stupid, desperate, and have money to throw around on stupid shit. It would be extremely easy to convince some of these idiots to part with large sums of money and probably get away with it. Especially if they send you illegal content that could come back and bite them.

2 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

086553 No.1898

Is there much of a difference between a scheme and a scam?

000000 No.1908

I've had similar thoughts. It seems too easy to not at least explore it. Findom is big right now, and as pathetic as it is, I don't see any reason it'd be morally wrong to capitalize on it. They are, in essence, scamming themselves.

In fact, I have a number of ideas for easy money which involve fetishes, which have a decent payout if you can pander to them properly, but I keep running into the problem of "How do I get the money without revealing my identity?" Patreon is the go-to for things like that, but you need a real identity and payment information. I don't want this kind of shit tied to the real me. Would cryptocurrencies a viable method? I don't know much about them.


Although it's come to have a negative connotation, a scheme is just a plan. A scam is a scheme where the end goal is financial gain via deliberately taking advantage of someone.

ef7733 No.1911

if you're gonna delete illicit threads, ya'oughta delete the crypto shilling threads as well. at the very least both topics should be contained to one thread.

i've got no problem with lawbreaking material, it's interesting information. in the end though legitimate employment is the only real way you'll make money, most (individual, small time) scams aren't really worth the risk.

244a72 No.1913


Replied at the meta thread.


000000 No.1937

your plan was good, but instead of meeting with him exposing your face just tell him to send you some bitcoins small amount to make the date. A high % of idiots do it

File: 04735bf6656f170⋯.gif (508.55 KB, 700x827, 700:827, 1500583922073.gif)

6b22ff No.1909[Reply]

What do you guys do with your money when you get it? How much goes to rent, food, gas, etc, and how much do you invest/save? What do you invest in?

5 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

000000 No.1925


Nothing, really. Nobody ever taught me how to handle money, so I'm in a tight spot until I teach myself. >>1923 is even closer than he thinks. I make $12/hr, but only part-time, I've got a shit car that constantly needs maintenance, and I've got health issues that prevent me from working as much as I want but can't afford to fix them. Basically, the ground was falling out from under me, so I grabbed the first job that was available. It's really far away, (~50 miles each way) and gas and tolls eats into the amount that I make, not to mention the miles it's putting on the car. When it comes down to it, I need a new job that's closer. It might not even need to pay better. However, I'm hesitant to drop this one, because it allows me to schedule my own hours, which is great because of the health issues.

>if he's buying beer and weed though he deserves it.

About two or three times a month I hang out with friends, and buy a couple beers or coffee on those occasions. It's not a habitual expense.

You'd think that for all the useless shit we learned in school, especially high school, they would have allocated some of that time to basic personal finances and saving/investing instead.

053721 No.1930


>health insurance



>I want to, but until I figure out how to break the cycle, I'm fucked.

learn a technical trade, plenty of ways to learn online for free

be a patreon art or project fag

02e9ab No.1933


information on personal finance is purposefully kept out of public education for the sake of making it easier to control the population. what information is available is confusing and often plain bad advice.

it is a dog eat dog world. learn money and markets or perish. learning to read and understand a simple candlestick chart is probably the best thing you can do towards making prudent investments (buying at the right price). no investments = no positive exposure to central bank moneyprinting = wageslave for life.

silver between $8-15/oz is cheap. The timeframe to build a position I feel is between now and early 2018, the Fed raising rates will test the resilience of the global economy until it breaks, at which point all banks will have to print like mad to prevent a debt-default domino effect. We'll get serious inflation and metals will rise back to 2011 levels and further going into 2020 and beyond.

tl;dr get fucked goyim if you were smart you'd be doing this already.

000000 No.1935


where can i buy silver at $8 per oz?

02e9ab No.1936


you are literally retarded

File: 8521d0c8593f297⋯.jpg (1.03 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ThinkBigger.jpg)

b2a762 No.1932[Reply]

Sup /biz/

Learnt a lot from you guys, made bank, wanna share the love. Here's some tips I used to supersize my Business, think bigger & get results faster.


> shameless self promotion but this shit is useful

File: c5441be173f63be⋯.jpg (16.51 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 1322615842122.jpg)

743668 No.1882[Reply]

Is this a viable career path?

380882 No.1887

Yes you're bound to find someone in your neighborhood that wants to open a website and also doesn't have the skills to do so.

392ebd No.1914

kinda what I do I'm my part time. the most important thing is socialising. join a bunch of clubs and societies check if they have a website or how does the current want look and show a prototype to few high places members . it's a more timid market compering to freelance Indians because what you should make per h is enough to cover 3-4 Indian developers that way they undercut pretty much everbody in the developed countries.

8d095f No.1931

File: c4b877d99efd997⋯.jpeg (17.71 KB, 240x240, 1:1, 2R_lcdhT.jpeg)

lean how to convert a PSD to a WordPress theme and then reach out to marketing agencies

File: 946469ba52fc035⋯.jpg (112.41 KB, 1001x519, 1001:519, Ohni.jpg)

c1bcb1 No.1929[Reply]

I started an ICO. Letting 8chan get first dibs if anyone wants it.

You can read about it on.


File: 11961d79a8fde72⋯.png (14.31 KB, 500x500, 1:1, opengraph.png)

f6eefb No.1924[Reply]

I'm looking for a crypto currency tradeing site that does not require id any advice is good

9f9c64 No.1926

Similar thread here (1 month old)


It answers what you're asking for.

File: 1426041182546.jpg (289.66 KB, 560x600, 14:15, ell.jpg)

ec9d33 No.445[Reply]

This sounds strange to people raised with the idea "do what you love and the money will follow." But we all know that's crap. The problem with doing what you love is, you'll have to do it within a capitalist framework. Obviously you hate this, and if you connect what you love to that you'll eventually hate what you love.

This is what happened to me and architecture. Don't make my mistake.

My solution was to find something where I'm at least proud of the result of my work. So I can say "At least I did something more than JUST make some capitalist richer. I also built a home for a family."

Alternately, find a job that you honestly don't give a shit about. One you can put down when the workday is over. And then spend the rest of the time doing what you really want to do, secure in the knowledge that your value comes from that and not what you do to earn money.

And yeah, avoid debts, be able to cut loose, and have an exit strategy.

If you haven't read anything by Ran Prieur, I would suggest checking out his "How to drop out" essay. It's a little old, but it's in the right spirit and might give you hope and a goal to pursue.
26 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

4e3b4f No.1876


So basically this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CVEuPmVAb8o


His point is do the job no one else wants to do because there is the potential to earn a hell of a lot more due to lack of willing candidates. Make your money, then go home and have your fun.

e71f61 No.1878

This board is basically the blog of some faggot with low self esteem

007a1b No.1903

File: f6914c9aaa02a5f⋯.jpg (5.74 KB, 165x120, 11:8, what the fuck is wrong wit….jpg)


>everyone knows this

Are you fucking retarded?

I make 100k a year being a sysadmin.

I love what I do, I've obsessed over technology

since I was old enough to shitpost.

The money followed.

Everyone else I know hates what they do and

are too much of a pussy to do what they love

because faggots like you tell them they won't

make money if they do.

75cc63 No.1915

File: 075e4439920e1a3⋯.jpg (34.53 KB, 700x394, 350:197, bd95139ad778706f1eed0b87d1….jpg)

Nice try, schlomo.

3c0d17 No.1917



Why bump a 2 year old thread? OP isn't going to respond to you.

File: b08da1bf3157d76⋯.png (2.66 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, IMG_2424.PNG)

6d5b1d No.1728[Reply]

9 posts and 7 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

842863 No.1767

File: 04b26ac3dbf4a48⋯.jpg (47.2 KB, 592x448, 37:28, 89374092gh0938hg2ih09384h2….jpg)



fea82e No.1776

The two coins I'm the most excited for are blocknet and mooncoin.

Blocknet is a PoS coin with a 4 million coin supply and 20 million dollar market cap. They have developed a working truly decentralized exchange that facilitates atomic swapping between two currencies. The currencies need to have BIP65 implemented CHECKLOCKSUMVERIFY, and you currently need a synced chain of the two currencies you wish to trade but they are planning to implement SPV in the future which will allow the wallet to handle lightwallets similar to blockchain.info where the synced chain is hosted elsewhere. One you execute the trade you need to pay transaction fees for the currency you are selling and the buyer will pay transaction fees in the currency they are selling, but they must also pay a small fee (0.1% I think) to the nodes who process the order book matching and hashing of the trades denominated in BLOCK. This creates a consistent buy pressure on BLOCK, but with such a low coin supply and 5k block needed to stake for a node (only 750 odd possible) there will likely be very few available on the market thus making the price per BLOCK soar. This will only increase as more volume is traded through their DEX.

Something that's really cool and could be realized through BLOCKNET is the problem of having liquidity locked up in buy and sell orders. Because exchanges need to account for where a coin is in their database, if you have a buy order for 1 ETH at 0.05BTC, you will have that much BTC frozen until the trade is executed. This means you can't use that 0.05BTC to buy something else. With the BLOCKNET DEX it should be much easier to have a list of open buy orders for ETH, DGB, BTS and whichever coin reaches your buy order first is executed and the others can't be if you don't have the balance to fulfil the trade.

This essentially multiples your ability to make money on the market. The arbitration opportunities will be very lucrative at first with any kind of algorithms employed to it, but eventually much of this could happen in the wallet and a internet of blockchains could arise where you could pay for an item for sale in DGB with BTC from your wallet through BLOCKNET's infrastructure. Similar to ARK, but not vaporware. Apparently ARK liftePost too long. Click here to view the full text.

1d5e8d No.1806

1d5e8d No.1807


It's an ERC20 token. So it's a part of Ethereum.

c169a1 No.1907

So swarm and edgeless were the main losers from the parity bug. I think swarm lost 20 million worth of ETH from ICO. Vitalik's dad is an advisor to that project. When I was in the slack channel for it, no one even seemed rattled… They were just kumbayin and all "I'm so proud to be part of such a wonderful community, swarm love, swarm life". I get weird feelings from them. I was holding a couple hundred because I thought it was a cool idea but I sold a bit after the top yesterday because I don't want anything to do with it. They're cheering the devs because they said they're gonna keep working on it regardless of funds and I feel it's all just a bit contrived.

I feel a bit iffy about holding any erc20 token now. I think solidity is a shit language for smart contracts and I'd be tempted to put some money on antshares/neo because they have lots of different script libraries but they're an erc20 token too and I feel they're just gonna be part of a new China chapter in cryptoworld. Will probably offload the last of mine if there's a pump before or after re-brand.

File: 09c7a2788a64bc7⋯.jpg (65.57 KB, 960x858, 160:143, From-Zero-to-Hero.jpg)

651dd7 No.1850[Reply]

I only have a total of 0.1 BTC. Are there any advantages to this?

If I had 1 BTC I'd spread it 10x across Cryptopia. Normally shouldn't I have an advantage by being able to trade with low amounts on low volume coins which anyone can raise the price of?

I need to find a way to consistently 2x my gain every day/night.

c1cc74 No.1889

File: d074bb2b1bfc569⋯.jpg (15.22 KB, 400x268, 100:67, a1230987098f87901345g9817i….jpg)

>Spending General

Hmmm. What a genuine idea.

How do you think other cryptocurrency values increase Anon?

People own them and they're in circulation. An investment isn't a get rich quick scheme. You invest in cryptocurrencies like those waaaaaaaay at the bottom of the totem pole, and then someday in ten years you pray to Buddha that someone like me told a bunch of other people the same thing this year.

c1cc74 No.1890


Or you can gamble what you've got on something that may (or may not) boom within the next year. Just saying, if I were President of some nation, I would invest in a shit ton of cheap coins and then manipulate the market to make it seem like to the rest of the world that the coins are actually worth something.

749eed No.1906

>doing +100%

>every single day

forget it brudder

I mean you could do big money but you would have to buy drugs or counterfit money and this will get your ass in jail in no time.

What you can do is to look out for the next ethereum

File: 3a330c18740a363⋯.jpg (10.39 KB, 300x252, 25:21, 0d5c39826b2029bca1547fbd92….jpg)

ffeac8 No.1491[Reply]

We can and we SHOULD use our own private virtual currency. I'm talking specifically about a mutual credit system called LETS. There's so much we could be doing with this.



The question of How is already answered. The tools already exist for this type of online virtual currency. I've already been evaluating them to see what would best serve our purposes.


Some of them are plug-ins that you can integrate into your own website if you want to host a virtual currency on your own server: https://www.drupal.org/project/mutual_credit

Others are online platforms where you can register a free account and start your own currency or join a pre-existing currency:




These programs were developed specifically as accounting systems for local community currencies. They were meant for offline local businesses like farmers markets, bakeries, car repair shops, yard sales, etc.

But we can re-purpose it as an online virtual currency for a virtual community. The developers probably wouldn't be pleased with having the Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

352b06 No.1541

File: 4fe6be78d1f09e4⋯.gif (785.67 KB, 357x256, 357:256, 4fe6be78d1f09e45eebbad10fe….gif)

Hello /biz/, OP here again. I'm disappointed by the lack of replies but I've created a site based on what I was talking about.

Come and see what you think.


16feae No.1580

welcome to 8 years ago. bitcoin already exists

e79538 No.1899

What would we call it?

Should we set up a poll after a few suggestions?

2d74a4 No.1905

>our own crypto currency

We should create "Shariacoin"

We will claim it is 100% halal and in compliance with islamic laws.

Then we will premine them with our ASICs and sell them to islamists.

File: b599b05235c3123⋯.jpg (22.5 KB, 347x248, 347:248, unclaimed-property-in-Pens….jpg)

bc257e No.1855[Reply]

How can I make some good money at home? im a ukfag and I'm good with computers, can program.

3 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

bc257e No.1891

wtf im rich now

0df5e9 No.1900


I found this reddit guide on halfchan /biz/ and I've been making around $30 a day (which is good for my country but not necesarrily in west?) using it.

someone with skills could probably program online, my friend does it and makes slightly more than I do. He uses freelancer.com but it's full of indians. Maybe you could email businesses directly for making them websites?

94a3e0 No.1901


$30 buck a day is pretty shit buddy. Min wage in the US is 7.25/hr and in a lot of states its even higher. if you're doing 8 hr days you're making ~60 a day flipping burgers.

cebcb0 No.1902


I dunno, 30 bucks a day feels like a dream here.

Working full time job in my town has a salary of 200 bucks a month, 6 times a week, 10 hours a day. (nurse)

So yeah, flipping burgers gives you maaaybe a buck a day.

Wish I didn't live in a shithole, buddy, but alas.

652b81 No.1904


Average wage in Serbia is $300 per month.

Normally a family lives for a month with this money.

His 30$ per day is decent.


bas je lepo sto nas ima dosta na 8ch

t. diasporanigger

File: 1453955140797.jpg (275.3 KB, 640x426, 320:213, Career-Crossroads.jpg)

8c70d2 No.974[Reply]

If anyone is willing to share important lessons that have contributed to their experience it would be much appreciated. I ask because I have recently begun a major in finance thus, I am young and ignorant.

17 posts and 5 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

4da137 No.1865


tradingview.com, best charting software on the web and its free. they have a paper trading mode that works nicely. good luck.

c3cf27 No.1866



I had a quick dabble, as a mega noob, my 1st prob when trying to buy paper stock was repeated error messages saying " some stocks can't be traded with paper because " …. reasons

but will try more later.

Trading on the open market is a bit kikey for my likely really. That's why money often prefer to make private investments, more control, less exposure to market swings \ shorting etc.

4da137 No.1874


well I guess I technically still mentally paper trade, since I've got some stocks on radar and watch their prices daily. Learn some basic TA, find some stocks that pique your interest, figure out what prices you want them at to buy and add a ticker widget to your phone. Just watching prices bounce around really helps you acclimate to volatility. You do kind of have to be plugged into a market 24/7 to trade it right, but at most you only have to check prices twice a day.

charting helps. I posted some of my TA in other threads around here, look for em.

3d6652 No.1877

Read the Capitalist Exploits blog, starting with his post about what he calls the Beach Ratio. Use your finance classes to learn to think about large macro trends similar to what Chris talks about in his blog. Ex) If the U.S. raises interest rates, what happens to Saudi Arabian currency?

64b691 No.1885


> I have recently begun a major in finance thus, I am young and ignorant.

Yes you are. Big money is in economics.

t. finance fag

Finance is all numeral calculations, infinite money if you know what you're doing (many lecturers can't even obtain this, it's very difficult to be wizard tier at the finance game). Economics gives you the full shebang - how to know what to buy, how to find markets, etc. It's more substantial, and can lead to starting new companies, etc. A true /biz/ path.


I've heard that governments have gotten good at doing this.

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