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A WARNING TO ALL NEW USERS IF YOU ARE NOT A HIKIKOMORI I WILL BAN YOU!! People who are going to work or school everyday are not Hikikomori There are many people on here who can not leave their home or bedroom. Please choose your topic with consideration. Also IF YOU HAVEN'T BEEN INSIDE YOUR ROOM OR HOME FOR AT LEAST 6 MONTHS OR MORE THEN DON'T POST HERE!.

File: 22c72a6e93f1759⋯.jpg (176.44 KB, 577x684, 577:684, 22c72a6e93f1759e9a1a98b4cd….jpg)

0fa9ba  No.6218[Reply]

Board owner here i decided to make a brand new meta thread because the other one was old. Feel free to leave any suggestions comments complaints criticisms or concerns you may have about the board.. I will try to respond to every post as possible thank you all once again for your feedback.

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c3c1f0  No.6559

File: 0b06fb77ec3c898⋯.png (151.86 KB, 347x474, 347:474, 1471033737980.png)

File: f477a73811bcd19⋯.jpg (67.44 KB, 393x293, 393:293, 1467081483262.jpg)


Neat, thanks.

File: 42831b3a7b864c2⋯.jpg (18.8 KB, 704x400, 44:25, satou.jpg)

52a28e  No.1[Reply]

Welcome to /hikki/ a place for reclusive adolescents or adults who withdraw from society.

What is allowed on this board? What is its purpose?

On this board you can discuss and request or give advice regarding the Hikikomori lifestyle anxieties and social or mental issues arising from these conditions of living and also post general hikikomori discussion If you're content with being a hikikomori that's ok, and you won't get in trouble for saying so.

What is not allowed on this board?.

Rule 1. Please do not encourage anyone to become a hikikomori

Rule 2. Do not bully or harass someone simply for being a hikikomori

Rule 3. Keep trolling to a minimum (No flames)

Rule 4. Do not help others to plan or commit suicide suicide threads are fine but it is better to give advice rather than to lead the person on.

Rule 5. No topics not related to this board please

Rule 6. Encouraging any kind of drug use

Rule 7. Giving or requesting advice on how to enter the Hikikomori lifestyle

Rule 8. No Shitposting please be respectful and be genuine with your post /hikki/ is a slow traffic board for true hikikomoris to have a place to talk and nothing more.

Rule 9. Always check the catalog before creating a new thread, do not create a new thread asking for things that simply don't deserve a whole new thread dedicated to them

And All 8chan global rules apply

1: Nothing illegal under US law.

2. No suggestive images of real children.

3. No flooding/spamming for the purpose of advertisement.

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52a28e  No.10


1. Hikikomori 引きこもり or ひきこもり by definition means in English pulling inward, being confined", i.e., "acute social withdrawal"

2. A hikikomori is someone who withdraws themselves away from all forms of social contact and stays at home all day ether in a bedroom or apartment they live in usually for about 6 months or more.

3. There is a difference between hikikomoris and neets neets are simply just unemployed people who don't want to work but still go outside and socialize but some hikikomoris are unemployed neets but unlike normalfag neets they stay inside all the time.

4. a hikikomori can have a job (But works from home only).

5. The only time a hikikomori would ever go outside is for hunger or if its a life threatening emergency

6. Going to your day job not socializing while out at work going home and staying in your room for the rest of the night is NOT AND DOES NOT MAKE YOU A Hikikomori being a hikikomori and a shy introverted person are not the same thing.

(Pretenders and normalfags will be banned).

7. If you are a recovering hikikomori that is okay.

8. While initially a Japanese phenomenon, Hikikomoriism happens all around the world.

9. While this is mainly an English speaking board both English and Japanese can be spoken on this board.

10. You must be a hikikomori or a recovering hikikomori to post here if you're not a hikikomori you will be banned.

New comers and outsiders please take these into consideration thank you.

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File: 05604783f3f4410⋯.jpg (55.87 KB, 222x277, 222:277, 0e0896867cc719ea18ed43f7cb….jpg)

b8421d  No.6497[Reply]

Sometimes I randomly get nostalgia for times as close as a few months ago, sometimes for years ago. 2016 was a really comfy time for me.

What time do you have nostalgia for?

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99b336  No.6568

File: f7ed029be9b2916⋯.jpg (73.54 KB, 403x578, 403:578, Aristotle_tutoring_Alexand….jpg)

File: 63192b3d291bd92⋯.jpg (261.96 KB, 579x1778, 579:1778, 63192b3d291bd92de11d41c28a….jpg)


>That's also probably one of the reasons I never got into philosophy very much because my head refuses to wrap itself around the words that are being said.

It's not supposed to be about reading, so it's not surprising that just reading my ideas doesn't work. It's supposed to be about creating (or recreating) ideas in your own head. It's about the essence, not about the words. Plato for instance was aware of the limitations of just telling someone what the ideas are, and that's (presumably) why he wrote dialogues instead of just writing down his own ideas. Socrates was so extreme when it comes to this that he basically refused to write because he thought it was a waste of time since the essence of the ideas would be lost anyway (it can be recovered, but only if the person reading can reconstruct it, and it won't necessarily be correct because language is very limited and doesn't express intent too well).

> trying to legitimately summon a succubus waifu through some weird ritual

I don't mind that. People don't admit it, but a massive amount of philosophers, scientists and geniuses in general, in history, were occultists and probably tried all sorts of crazy shit, because that's what people like that do (and some of these people couldn't adapt to society at all, don't forget that Socrates was basically a hobo, and then his disciple's disciple's disciple just happened to be Alexander the Great). Of course they like to experiment, that's how they achieve things. The Renaissance in particular had a lot of this. People experimented with a bunch of ancient mysticism and religions and some of them probably having crazy ritual orgies, and many of these people made huge contributions to humanity that are inseparable from their occult origins. It all came from the same activity a lot of the time. Hell, even on the Christian side of things, Isaac Newton was obsessed with prophecies. That was probably more important to him than physics, and no matter how crazy it is, you can't argue with the fact that his mentality still resulted in what it resulted in (he also died a virgin, so he was clearly not exactly your average normalfag Christian, at the time). Give people like that something crazy tPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

99b336  No.6569

File: 58c1da37f8ce097⋯.jpg (182.27 KB, 1200x839, 1200:839, 214.jpg)

>As far as thoughts themselves go I always viewed them as a process of the brain. In most cases it's not something we have direct control over, but they are determined by chemicals, hormones and however else the brain functions.

And just remove a tiny amount of cells from that brain and the emergent property is gone. You don't just lose part of it, you lose all of it. And it basically comes out of nowhere to begin with, it begins and ends the same way. A full circle. We can also do a lot of things thanks to our minds that aren't necessary at all to our survival. What is the practical purpose for natural selection to allow you to have the ability to read and understand text? Or have any recognition of images on a flat surface? Or being able to process 2D images at all (and thankfully be able to masturbate to anime, nature's greatest achievement and something that all the other apes would kill for)? Everything about it is pretty crazy. Nature is absolutely insane. Our world is absolutely nuts.

Consciousness is an emergent property of the brain, but where does the emergent property come from? Well, it already existed to begin with. The potential for it was already there, somewhere, and accessible to any vessel with the appropriate shape to contain it. It's all pretty nice and seemingly crazy as far as most people are concerned, as it should be. And that's why I like Plato, and reading about physics (deliberately avoiding talking about it or things will get weird and even longer), and saying things that confuse people and make them uncomfortable and then hope that they get it eventually. It's almost like I drug myself until pure thought.

>I think even animals are capable of thought.

Yes. You can even physically see them stop and think before doing something. They plan things as well, even involving multiple steps. Cats are perfect if you want to observe this sort of thing, because they are the best and they do a lot of pointless things just because they can, and because it's fun. Watch cats if you can, it's great fun. Also, I even argue that animals are technically more intelligent than humans, because they use a lot more of the intelligence that they have than humans do, and because lower intelligence also comes with a lower ability to be iPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

5b53ec  No.6571


I get nostalgic somet imes when I remember back to periods of weeks or months when I would binge on one tv show or play a rich-story video game with a long campaign, and I'm reminded of what I was doing then with life (and oftentimes whatever junk food I was enjoying a bit too much those days). Right now I've been sensing the shift to the intermediate season where people do seasonal things and I remember the good times I've had during this season. I look forward to the holidays as well. The spirit of holiday season I think is like a form of nostalgia for me.


As a human being who cares about the suffering of others I want you to know and believe that in the limited way that I can, given how little of you I know, that I'm sorry your relationship with your life doesn't bring you any joy. In the very limited way that I can, given the short information I know about you, I feel a kind of love for you as a fellow human being. Not in a creepy way (even if this sounds like it). Its in an empathy borne of much suffering on my part. I wish for you to have joy, 8hikki and I wish that someone will be there for you.


What is the practical purpose for natural selection to allow you to have the ability to read and understand text?

<humans are very powerful in the context of cooperating groups. the power that groups exercise over mate choice is by encouraging some couples to get together and some to not. The people who can read and understand text have valuable genes and epigenetic information to pass on AND the people who can't read and understand text as well place value on the ability that Tribeman Huk Chuk Readandwritingson's kid's will have. There's that social pressure that shifts value to the readers, and theres also the vastly greater ability that literate people have to learn and gain power.

Or have any recognition of images on a flat surface?

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

ce14ef  No.6574

File: c8f93a0c31b5d2d⋯.jpg (31.46 KB, 268x325, 268:325, c8f93a0c31b5d2d3386948a9ed….jpg)


>Rome was the pinnacle of human civilization, until it was destroyed by the Christians

That was the doings of the archfiends Baal and Ishtar (or "Judaism" and "Feminism" as they're most commonly known today, although Ishtar is also widely known as "Islam", and occasionally as "Thug Life").

If more people had heeded Jesus' warnings of false Jews whose synagogues are synagogues of Satan, the world would be a much better place. Instead, any random arab who calls himself a "Jew" is blindly accepted as such despite the religion of the Jews ending with the Second Temple's destruction, Baal controls almost every nation on earth, and Europe is being steadily overrun and destroyed by Ishtar's barbarian hordes.

99b336  No.6578

File: b7d28d633ffe928⋯.jpg (1.59 MB, 2864x3877, 2864:3877, Armor_of_Henry_II,_King_of….jpg)


Good response, but anime is the true miracle here. You don't seem to have a full appreciation of nature's greatest accomplishment.

>Its in an empathy borne of much suffering on my part

I know how it is to feel too much empathy for your own good, to the point that it becomes self-destructive. I kinda had to learn to control how much of it I feel, and only apply it to people that I think I could actually like, but not everyone on the planet. Originally I tried to suppress it completely and avoid those feelings entirely, but that doesn't work either. You can't just not feel anything, that's not healthy either. Now I try to avoid feeling it more than I should depending on the situation. I feel it here, but I won't necessarily feel it somewhere else on the internet. Not that I have mastered this, of course. Sometimes I still mess up.


I'm cool with your views, I don't care about debating these things anymore because it's clearly a waste of time (it was useful before I got to where I am now, but this seems to be the end of the line). But I don't believe that Jesus actually existed, not the one that Christians actually believe in, though there were many similar people all over the planet. So, in a way, there was no Jesus, but there was also a bunch of Jesuses (also some inverted evil Jesuses). Socrates was a Jesus. It's generic to say this, but Buddha was also a Jesus. Every single Jesus in history would hate Christianity (even some Christian versions of Jesus). A lot of people embodied that sort of archetype, and none of them were too fond of religion in general. Everything valuable about Christianity (and Judaism itself, and of course, there is very little of it) either comes from ancient religions (a lot of it looks like it came from the Sumerians, and that part of it is pretty neat) or isn't exclusive to it at all, to the point that it was everywhere from the beginning.

It has nice and interesting stuff, but it's an even worse version of Judaism that isn't even tied to race, iPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 098735cf12401ef⋯.jpg (94.53 KB, 487x390, 487:390, 2369115801_a1d80a677f_z.jpg)

ce62d7  No.6438[Reply]

Do you take photos from your window or in your room /Hikki/?

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525a45  No.6467


What's wrong with heavy curtains?

052ea4  No.6469


heavy curtains still let light in through the sides, top, and bottom, so i use duct tape and foil instead for a completely opaque block-out. sometimes i miss seeing the rain but the necessity of it outweighs any sentimentality for me

84f7b2  No.6530


Thats a nice picture anon. I would share my own picture but all you can see out of my window is a tree, it completely blocks anything.

030304  No.6538

Seeing the window in your picture makes me think. Does anyone else just look into other peoples windows at night? Sometimes from my balcony I can watch a neighbor playing fortnite. I dont like the game but its interesting to watch people do their own thing without the knowledge that you are watching them.

ca16ee  No.6577

File: d7e9517c01a1a72⋯.jpg (57.14 KB, 800x450, 16:9, TnT02.jpg)


Looks like I'm not alone in being a watcher, It's a little harder from my room as I'm on the first floor but sometimes I can see people fixing their car or drinking with a friend so that's nice aslong as they keep the noise down.

File: 4f1d3522a482911⋯.jpg (22.59 KB, 570x400, 57:40, hanging boy.jpg)

0b922d  No.2765[Reply]

Have any other hikkis here ever thought of or tried to commit suicide in the past??. It's been 10 years almost 11 and almost nothing i do makes me happy anymore and i have little to no motivation to do anything with my time spent in isolation anymore. I've tried asking people online about working from home but most people say that's not realistic and that i should just go outside and get over it. I honestly can't take it anymore and if i don't find anything to help motivate myself soon suicide seems like a good option i guess. But i would be a lot happier if i could just earn some money without leaving my room or having the motivation to at least do something instead of feeling like i'm completely drained of life to be honest i'm crying while typing this and i can't take it anymore can any other hikkis relate??.

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d33cab  No.6381


If you're gonna shoot yourself, don't make your parents buy the gun. That's just fucked.

94f55e  No.6396

When I was in highschool, I meet my first girlfriend after a year of dating, she left me to focus and school and I attempted once that time, was trying to drown myself. 4 months later and we were back together for a solid year and a half of dating until she admitted she was cheating on me with some faggot from California, it was the worst fucking thing, tried multiple attempts within the year. Fuck that whore tbh though.

296d18  No.6481

So, here we are, second week of october and I couldn't even get things ready for my "last trip somewhere for my 30th birthday before offing myself in november."

Keep feeling like the world goes faster and faster while I can't even remember calling a phone number about passport renewal…. since March. Yay….

I tried, I swear I tried to "change", see if I could get something out of my sluggish "creative" mind in video forms. But no, because I don't use clickbait thumbnails, I'm not a cutie big tiddie grrrrrl, I'm just a fat slob and too self conscious/hating and refusing to show my face.

Spending days to gather footages in 2 languages, sometimes searching for japanese original meanings to see if the translations twisted them or not.

All those fucking efforts for naught, as I fucking can't just write 1 sentence without needing an hour of mindlessly "browsing/refreshing sites".

29fab6  No.6489


>(snip) as I fucking can't just write 1 sentence without needing an hour of mindlessly "browsing/refreshing sites".

Really, this is one of the things that seriously messes you up about this lifestyle. After a few years of this you can't even think straight anymore. You just do things literally automatically, like you were just an observer watching your robot self doing unhealthy things you hate. A decade of hikki life and my mind is broken in weird ways.

000000  No.6576

I have thought about suicide.

It is conforting to know the option is there.

File: f4cb8ea556e06d1⋯.jpg (429.15 KB, 987x724, 987:724, 20170908_031404.jpg)

e55ea3  No.208[Reply]

so what about making a thread under the topic of the day routine

can I start my fellow hikkis, the one true fact which we all share it together is that we have no sense of time or even the days all the days we live is one day repeat itself over and over for months now

my day starts with

>eat some junk filthy food or whatsoever I'm going to find in the fridge

>take a shit, and a shower only if I felt like wanting it

siting on my lap, before I sitting while I'm on the path I keep on telling myself that I will do something positive today, but eventually it turning out to be hours of surfing on image boards instead of learning a little of the language as I decided, watching anime might be the only positive thing since I watching it dubbed and subed into the language which I want to learn as well as surfing on imageboards in fact I'm able to write this thread due to my months of lurking here and there due to the language which I want and wish to start learning is English

>fabbing more than 3-4 times

>eat something

>sleep at at least 3pm and wake up again 12Am and repeat

If you want some help in your hobbies such as if you somehow want to start some thing but you struggling as me to know where and how to start you can ask about it here and wish the other hikkis help you including me as well they might give me some tips in order to help me improve this language, though since they're natives I will go fuck myself somewhere I'm pretty sure, also how can I know my level?

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cf7d6f  No.6435


>I spend my days just missing hikkichan.

Why? hikkichan.com was shit.

f9e848  No.6479


At least there was some anonymity and it wasn't on 8chan.

cf7d6f  No.6483


>At least there was some anonymity and it wasn't on 8chan.

Well better than nothing would you rather have a hikikomori community full of normalfags or a hikikomori community full of actual hikkis coming together to talk to each other?

f098e2  No.6494


>wake up whenever

I've had trouble sleeping for most of my life, childhood problems, so after I left the army, with noone in contact on a day to basis and no job, that quickly turned into a serious issue whereby my sleep "schedule" doesn't align with anyone. I was friends for about 5-6 years, in FFXI and later FFXIV with someone who was a neet at one point in their lives and I remember listening to them talk about because they enjoyed my reactions to it, but I guess my curiousity's satisfied now, having lived this way for a year, and declined into it a year prior. I just wish I could still talk to them. Our friendship ended probably because we were both at bad points in our lives.

>turn on the computer

>brush my teeth

>make tea

>get rid of AP in FGO

>browse the web, watch some documentaries

>make lunch sometimes, or just make more tea

>play with mmd

I try to do this later in the day, or when I'm more woken up, because if you try to animate when you're still sleepy, you'll just make garbage clunky animations that are typical of mmd.

>make dinner

>try to sleep

If I can't sleep, or I keep waking up, things get a bit too complicated to describe, but it's basically go back to step one.

I'm not on welfare, but I won't run out of money for a long while, but I know something has to be done, otherwise, I probably won't last very long mentally.


I get this is a really old post, and I hope you're well, but also consider pilates. Also, jogging on the spot is good cardio. If you vary and mix things up, you won't get bored. And the more things you do, the more parts of your body you hit, and you more likely you'll finish the workout. Being sedentary for long periods of Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

000000  No.6575

I do not keep to a strict routine but here is a representative day.

I shower around 2 times a week. Sometimes I need to leave the house to get groceries.

>Wake up around 11am


>Lunch around 12:30pm


>Do any chores


>Make supper for family

>Eat supper with family around 6:30pm



>Sleep around 2am

Writing down what I do all day made me think about how empty my life is. I do the say things every day. No change, no excitement.

I tried to start doing some exercise (in my house) but I can not get into the habit.

File: ae620b0f80ef637⋯.jpg (407.24 KB, 1600x1000, 8:5, maxresdefault (2).jpg)

d4dfa8  No.343[Reply]

What video games do you play /hikki/??.

208 posts and 46 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

ce1739  No.6448


i like to play Minecraft

everything else i end up getting bored of

5c653d  No.6459


>everything else i end up getting bored of

Ever played visual novels anon?

3eaa8b  No.6464

I play FF XIV. It's pretty fun for an MMO, found a guild full of people I enjoy, still don't really fit in with them but the idea that there are people there makes me feel better.

ce1739  No.6470


i dont have the attention span for visual novels, when i feel like reading i just read manga since i can lay down while doing that opposed to sitting up to my computer

cc195f  No.6573


If you have the means, you maybe could get a steam compatible VR headset and use their virtual desktop. You don't have to do desktop tasks, you can play games in a virtual cinema. It might take time and patience to get working, but you could play games in a cocoon if you set it all up right. Some have a mic built in so you could voice chat on games.

I haven't tried playing games lying down with the headset on, but if your headset has a high enough resolution to display the text in the game, AND if you can get the virtual screen centered above you in the direction of the headset, then you might have the coziest setup available.

Now I go see if I can do this.

File: 1ba2645e49b9871⋯.jpg (65.85 KB, 728x546, 4:3, lol.jpg)

c0504d  No.2409[Reply]

About 2 weeks ago I got diagnosed with social phobia and bipolar. Only reason I finally got diagnosed was my mom insisted she come with me to an appointment that was originally just for medication (insomnia).

At 20 years old, it doesn't change much and I wasn't surprised at all. The psychologist also said I have some characteristics of autism, which was pretty amusing.

I've been playing fortnite nonstop, how about you?

86 posts and 16 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

b30a30  No.6397

File: 7bdb066370eeaf2⋯.png (21.77 KB, 200x200, 1:1, R14kkDj.png)

Anxiety, manic depression and social phobia.

0d80a3  No.6510

A general anxiety disorder and clinical depression. When committed, the lead psychiatrist there said she thought I was likely to have borderline personality disorder but said she wasn't comfortable diagnosing me with it.

9a5def  No.6536

>diagnosed schizoaffective and bi-polar

>know i have dissociative identity disorder but refuse to let anyone diagnose me with that because legitimizing it will make it real

I hate doctors/hospitals and at this point I only interact with them enough to get the meds i want

e6a19f  No.6537


>he's talking to my mom daily and both of them think that I'm somehow cursed and I've to go to the church more


Is that what he said verbatim or are you paraphrasing? If he actually thinks you're possessed by some demon then that's crazy.

4a70d7  No.6572

I've got hysteria, consumption, and moral insanity. lol

Actually I've definitely (not neurotic about it, seen psychologists who agree) got 6 serious mental illnesses with some of them diagnosed. I love my pills. Keeps me relatively well balanced. the only untreatable one is the moral insanity :-P[|]

File: 70627452aea8b6e⋯.jpg (306.44 KB, 850x1140, 85:114, __kurumizawa_satanichia_mc….jpg)

4eb7ca  No.4120[Reply]

The worst thing for me as a hikki is that I am slowing but steadily un-learning my own native language.

English isn't my native language, it's German. I have no social contacts, no friends, no one, I don't even really talk to my family (rarely only). I don't have online friends either. 90% of all "conversations" I have are posting in English on 4chan (full of fucking normies though) or 8ch.

I can't say a full sentence in German without stuttering, and fucking up the tone and stress of the words. I also struggle remembering words, and sometimes I mess up the more complicated grammatical structures.

It goes without saying that the same applies to English, since I only ever write English and never speak it out loud.

I feel like a foreigner in my own country.

73 posts and 23 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

a46d96  No.6432



The standard would be to start with anon's anki 2k/6k deck, but I cannot recommend that from my experience.

Get Heisig's Remembering the Kanji I and II, as well as the anki deck for them, and Tae Kim's Japanese grammar.

Then do as much of them as you can per day. I do a chapter of grammar and 10 new Kanji a day.

The grammar is sectioned between elemental/basic/advanced. I'd recommend you repeat one section until it's 100% fixed in your head and only then start moving onto the next since you need perfect basic grammar to get any given sentence.

0c4675  No.6495




Reading writing aloud helps, whether it's a book, or posts on here.

I did my best Steve Irwin impression for ozposter. I miss him, he was such a sweetheart


I used to love MMOs, but I haven't looked at them the same way since losing my e friend of 5 years three years ago.

Ironically, I played a healer to meet more people and get my friend stuff, but people tend to project blame on healers, so I never actually made any. Though, I did help my friend out, which was nice.

f380ce  No.6543

File: a49f6c5e5ca1513⋯.jpg (34.26 KB, 462x527, 462:527, C_EkuxkXUAAEgai.jpg)



Off-topic, but Is it just me or is that word extremely overused, especially by the likes of the media and normalfags? Life itself is a conspiracy if some kind of God is in fact real anyways if you think about it.

1cfdce  No.6546

File: e66c3425906d247⋯.jpg (68.32 KB, 550x347, 550:347, pavlovdog.jpg)


It's a control-word with a preprogrammed response. If you don't want the masses to believe in something, label it a "conspiracy" and they'll immediately reject it.

44c05d  No.6570

These days I can say that I know English much more than my native language and I think I'm a bit closer to mastery. However, I still can't write as fluently as I want to ( If anyone have any suggestions regarding how to write fluently Please leave a reply)

I don't have anything to look forward too and I don't have any hobbies either. English has always been my hobby and I always wanted to improve it, but now that I'm capable of understanding practically 95% of English I grew sick of it. It isn't as challenging as it used to be. I'm no longer studying the language I'm enjoying it but that didn't last long though. I'm getting bored of reading books and watching movies. So I'm looking forward to find ways to write more fluently since it will be a bit challenging and fun again, But I don't know how maybe you guys know a way.

I really need to find a new hobby. I'm bored out of my mind staring at the wall for hours everyday.

File: e5f14d0abad3aa4⋯.jpg (271.85 KB, 704x400, 44:25, satou at computer.jpg)

dc2a8a  No.3913[Reply]

Since the majority of us on here are currently living as hikikomoris and most hikkis spend most of their time online i thought we could have a thread where we share any interesting links we have come across recently.

ITT Share any interesting links you have came across recently books movies music whatever Rules 3. and 8. still apply as well as all 8chan global rules.

150 posts and 45 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

89c637  No.6374

I found this guide to being healthy as a neet on Sushi chan. This guy seems a little confused about what he's talking about at times but the list of resources he gives in the description offered me a lot that i didn't know. Did not know UV lights help with vitamin D.


17de80  No.6375


If I ever decided to go, I'm pretty sure only a couple of people would care that I'm finally gone. I haven't done enough to make a good impression out of the so-called online friends I have or at least I thought I haven't, that would make them miss me.

Post last edited at

325d22  No.6380


Thanks for linking me this person's channel anon he seems pretty intelligent for his young age.

325d22  No.6415

File: 5c79e8fdce3780d⋯.jpg (66.59 KB, 640x360, 16:9, web_tokushu_2018_0508_img_….jpg)

This Japanese article talks about how hikikomori in Japan can now work remotely at home.


922dd6  No.6534

Anyone want to learn to swear in Chinese?


File: 1d047939b8c85d3⋯.jpg (1.08 MB, 2981x2214, 2981:2214, 1d047939b8c85d30f48b34ce53….jpg)

4a1f9a  No.150[Reply]

>fresh board

>no room thread


273 posts and 104 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

6d6e66  No.6523


Nice room.

Is the chair IKEA?

If so, would you recommend it? Is it comfortable? I've had severe back pain recently and decided to change my chair.

1cdd6c  No.6525

File: 311eb069fa044b5⋯.png (113.39 KB, 695x600, 139:120, correct_posture_edited.png)


As someone witch back pain himself, based on how the chair looks I'd get something different. You'll want something that supports your back and shoulders well while sitting as straight as possible. That chair's backrest is at too much of an angle for that, it's also awfully low to the ground (probably due to the size of the desk) which makes for awkward sitting and posture unless you're tiny, and in the end your posture is the most important.

Here's an example of good and bad posture, as well as examples of chairs I'd personally get. If your tall, something with a slightly larger backrest may be more desirable.

Also don't forget to get up and stretch every couple hours. Taking a walk/pacing around your room is also not a bad idea.

1cdd6c  No.6526

File: cf5fb19a28fd6e7⋯.jpg (255.96 KB, 708x496, 177:124, Dangers-of-Sitting-Disease….jpg)


bad posture

1cdd6c  No.6527

File: 9548bd0a45c2e40⋯.jpg (44.75 KB, 800x800, 1:1, swing-4__41331.1528500576.jpg)



1cdd6c  No.6528

File: 10307db7af11f8e⋯.jpg (17.95 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 77345-5193921.jpg)


chair 2

File: 70ffa5fdaa7c1f7⋯.jpg (22.21 KB, 350x464, 175:232, ce45e902eeb2d970f92ac38759….jpg)

2ff90d  No.6229[Reply]

This question is mainly for hikikomori who still live with their parents or another family member.

Have your parents or the other family member you live with ever tried to force you outside?

If yes what happened? and how did the situation end?

5 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

b6c65a  No.6260


Whats wrong with just saying no? If your parents arent used to you saying no you just have to start doing it a lot and eventually they just give up and say whatever and then they wont even try to push you into doing stuff anymore.

2ff90d  No.6261

File: 496116bf326ac7d⋯.png (64.32 KB, 405x400, 81:80, 2a45d790aee32b9f36d7f68a9e….png)


>What's wrong with just saying no?

I kinda don't have a choice a lot of the time because i'm not my own guardian also i already tried saying no and of course it didn't work.

>If your parents aren't used to you saying no you just have to start doing it a lot and eventually they just give up and say whatever and then they wont even try to push you into doing stuff anymore.

I've done this before as well but they continue to push me to do stuff.

7dba47  No.6262


Tell them you already had plans with us

000000  No.6522


>People would constantly comment on my appearance and they still do everytime I ride the bus.

Insulting strangers unprovoked is so low.

What do they say?

112a71  No.6524

>family forced me to fly to where they live because they think im going to kill myself

>all i have is my shitty laptop with me

>don't have any privacy or even my own bed out here

>constantly surrounded by yelling, crying children, and loud obnoxious cable TV

I am losing my mind without my nest. I can't live like this. Ironically the best place for me is sitting on the back porch because it's cold and windy so they dont want to be outside. That is until my mom comes out there to smoke and talks at me until i feel like crying. The worst part? I don't even have flying back to my nest to look forward to because it was a one way ticket. I have no idea when they are going to let me leave. If I had money i would go right now. I'm wound so tight I feel like i could just explode. At the very least i'm allowed to drink. I've been drunk for about a week straight and its making me feel physically ill now. But I don't have any other coping mechanisms. I have a Gabapentin script but i dont like the way that makes me feel.

For a while I calmed everybody down by going outside to ride my bike or pick up booze/junk food once or twice a day. But then I just couldn't hack it anymore and spent about 2 weeks in total isolation because why not. Which freaked everyone out because "he's going back to his old ways" and now im here. Thinking about calling my brother out on being a terrible father so he'll beat me up and maybe put me in the hospital. I would rather be in the hospital. I really wish I had the pension for suicide right now but i just don't for some reason.

File: 0c6a60b6cf83e49⋯.png (519.77 KB, 800x680, 20:17, neet_erasou.png)

2e50ed  No.5637[Reply]

Do you blame your parents for you becoming a hikikomori?. Or are you thankful that they are supportive in providing you with whatever you need in your isolation?.

For me i have mixed feelings on one hand i'm very thankful of them for being supportive in providing me with whatever i need in my isolation while on the other hand i'm angry at them because they pressured me too much growing up to follow society's rules and expectations and their own expectations as well and they still do it to this day . I'm also angry that they never took the time to sit down listen to me and hear me out and ask me how are you feeling?? or what's wrong?? and so on.

What is your relationship with your parents like? also do you communicate with your parents or are you completely withdrawn from your family as well?.

33 posts and 12 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

6953c4  No.6451

I don't blame my parents at all, they aren't to blame for the choices that I made. I do consider myself lucky though, me and my father have always been close and he's fine with the idea of multi-generational living. As I'm getting older though I get more anxiety about whether or not I should get a job.

I just can't do it, I'll get the motivation for it sometimes and then it'll just disappear as soon as it appeared. I don't think I'm built for this modern society. I just want to live in a hermit's hut in the middle of nowhere far from society. I don't want to become a debt slave just to end up working a middle management job. I just want peace and quiet. I don't need much to be happy, just peace and quiet.

6a4415  No.6454


>its their fault for raising me in isolation, but at least they recognize that and take responsibility for their failure so i cant be mad at them after all, they're all i have

What will you do when your parents die anon?

6a4415  No.6456


Do you ever see yourself recovering anon?

6a4415  No.6458

File: 8eddd1d4c5d3ac2⋯.png (1.37 MB, 1231x664, 1231:664, 1536633931629.png)


>. As I'm getting older though I get more anxiety about whether or not I should get a job.I just can't do it, I'll get the motivation for it sometimes and then it'll just disappear as soon as it appeared. I don't think I'm built for this modern society. I just want to live in a hermit's hut in the middle of nowhere far from society. I don't want to become a debt slave just to end up working a middle management job. I just want peace and quiet. I don't need much to be happy, just peace and quiet.

That hit too close to home anon yeah i too feel like i'm not capable of functioning in normal society mainly because of all the mental issues i have and the fact that every time i've tried to fit in in the past i always get ostracized and my room is the only safe place that i've known ever since i was a small child but at the same time i have always wanted a place of my own that completely belongs to me away from everyone else.

21291d  No.6499


Absolutely. Without their abuse, I'd be able to sleep.


>ghosting people

I can relate to that. But as expected, I have literally noone to talk to now.

File: d3af1de52732c70⋯.jpg (109.59 KB, 907x907, 1:1, xgreek-mythology-dionysus.….jpg)

3b90e7  No.6416[Reply]

What do you think the point of no return is for us?

How long do we need to be in our rooms for it to be too late to rejoin society when our family dies? I can see no other path other than getting neetbuxs, if that's even possible for me. Otherwise being homeless is my destiny.

5 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

d44c5c  No.6429

File: 34f1a3bb3745d52⋯.jpg (48.2 KB, 640x640, 1:1, I want to sleep forever.jpg)


Whenever I think about the future and feel unsure I remember the notion that death is inevitable and I feel somewhat better. Because that seems like the only thing that is technically supposed to be certain at this point. I am a pariah everywhere I go and have this aroura about me that stenches like a curse to them. That would be fine since I like being alone but its literally impossible to live in a world like this without some kind of human interaction, you're forced to in one way or another. I'm basically a slave to the will and whims of other people materially speaking. All I can do is meditate on how bad everything is and get some kind of weird pleasure from that.

f33100  No.6433


It depends on when you started.

Highschool is where you really learn how to socialize. If you started your hikkidom then, even a couple of months would throw you far behind everyone else and make you the weird kid forever, making it impossible to properly get socialized.

If you for some reason became a hikki in your forties, it'd be much simpler to return as chances are that you're socially competent and therefore capable of at least getting some job at a warehouse or something.

3be57f  No.6482

I'd kill myself before trying to return to normal life, and couldn't be a homeless because I don't have any confidence to steal or beg.

My plan b, where I don't kill myself, is going to the south (in my country) and just try to live off the nature in a remote forest, I mean like an hermit. I shared this idea with a psychologist once but she told me it's "schizophrenic" to live alone like that.

79f205  No.6487


>I'd kill myself before trying to return to normal life, and couldn't be a homeless because I don't have any confidence to steal or beg.

I basically am the same way anon.

f66199  No.6490


>My plan b, where I don't kill myself, is going to the south (in my country) and just try to live off the nature in a remote forest, I mean like an hermit.

I've fantasized about that too, when I was still back in school (though I was ostracized even back then). Hermit life always looked so peaceful. Just you by yourself, no disturbances, sitting by a pond and watching the beauty of nature, maybe with a wooden cane or something and a cozy little cabin in the woods with a fireplace. I'd have a dog, maybe, and we'd go hiking together everyday.

I actually started thinking up plans, but there was the problem of just finding enough food to eat and having to hunt things, survive the winter when the animals are hibernating and the plants don't grow, and then there's things I'd need like medicine if I get an infection, and bullets to hunt with, I could never get that from nature. There are some pretty big animals out there too, and I'd probably get mauled by a bear or something if I tried it, especially if I was carrying fresh hunted game.

File: 15c84c545844457⋯.jpg (233.4 KB, 659x806, 659:806, 15c84c54584445783a05b9ae0c….jpg)

cd6cab  No.6436[Reply]

How do you not feel stress? I have been hikki/neet for two years last few months everything gets me mad I can't play games listen to music or even browse chan boards lately without feeling some sort of stress. It's getting to the point where I am more patchy than my father and just pushing my hands through my hair leads to hair coming out. I have even lost about eighteen pounds but eat without being conscious of health or working out. How to calm down?

732e54  No.6437

Whenever you wake up, stayed laid on the bed a little and take deep breaths. Walk outside in a non crowded area for like an hour each day and breath calmly.

Everytime you feel stressed, stop anything you are doing and have a constant breathing rythm. If you do that, you will be all set.

ffef06  No.6452


if your hair is coming out, and you have also lost that much weight, you might have a vitamin/nutrient deficiency, or perhaps a thyroid problem

3b8ee4  No.6480

I work out. I do pullups, pushups, that kind of stuff. Been here for like 10 years and these last 2 it's been pretty stressful because I can't stay alone at home anymore. It feels like prison.

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