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File: 22c72a6e93f1759⋯.jpg (176.44 KB, 577x684, 577:684, 22c72a6e93f1759e9a1a98b4cd….jpg)

5aba14 No.791[Reply]

Board owner here thank you all once again for your feedback in the meta thread anyway this is a new meta thread feel free to leave any suggestions comments complaints and criticisms or concerns you may have about the board again i will try to respond to every reply as possible and this thread will be up only temporarily but longer than the last one.

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30194b No.3915


I did that because i made a better thread where you can share your stuff.

File: 42831b3a7b864c2⋯.jpg (18.8 KB, 704x400, 44:25, satou.jpg)

52a28e No.1[Reply]

Welcome to /hikki/ a place for reclusive adolescents or adults who withdraw from society.

What is allowed on this board? What is its purpose?

On this board you can discuss and request or give advice regarding the Hikikomori lifestyle anxieties and social or mental issues arising from these conditions of living and also post general hikikomori discussion If you're content with being a hikikomori that's ok, and you won't get in trouble for saying so.

What is not allowed on this board?.

Rule 1. Please do not encourage anyone to become a hikikomori

Rule 2. Do not bully or harass someone simply for being a hikikomori

Rule 3. Keep trolling to a minimum (No flames)

Rule 4. Do not help others to plan or commit suicide suicide threads are fine but it is better to give advice rather than to lead the person on.

Rule 5. No topics not related to this board please

Rule 6. Encouraging any kind of drug use

Rule 7. Giving or requesting advice on how to enter the Hikikomori lifestyle

Rule 8. No Shitposting please be respectful and be genuine with your post /hikki/ is a slow traffic board for true hikikomoris to have a place to talk and nothing more.

And All 8chan global rules apply

1: Nothing illegal under US law.

2. No suggestive images of real children.

3. No flooding/spamming for the purpose of advertisement.

Post last edited at

52a28e No.10


1. Hikikomori 引きこもり or ひきこもり by definition means in English pulling inward, being confined", i.e., "acute social withdrawal"

2. A hikikomori is someone who withdraws themselves away from all forms of social contact and stays at home all day ether in a bedroom or apartment they live in usually for about 6 months or more.

3. There is a difference between hikikomoris and neets neets are simply just unemployed people who don't want to work but still go outside and socialize but some hikikomoris are unemployed neets but unlike normalfag neets they stay inside all the time.

4. a hikikomori can have a job (But works from home only).

5. The only time a hikikomori would ever go outside is for hunger or if its a life threatening emergency

6. Going to your day job not socializing while out at work going home and staying in your room for the rest of the night is NOT AND DOES NOT MAKE YOU A Hikikomori being a hikikomori and a shy introverted person are not the same thing.

(Pretenders and normalfags will be banned).

7. If you are a recovering hikikomori that is okay.

8. While initially a Japanese phenomenon, Hikikomoriism happens all around the world.

9. While this is mainly an English speaking board both English and Japanese can be spoken on this board.

10. You must be a hikikomori or a recovering hikikomori to post here if you're not a hikikomori you will be banned.

New comers and outsiders please take these into consideration thank you.

Post last edited at

File: 57cdb01a1b13dd0⋯.jpg (42.45 KB, 425x282, 425:282, light-at-the-end-of-the-tu….jpg)

fbba79 No.2813[Reply]

If you suddenly had all the skills and personal development needed to function normally, would you reintegrate into society?

Is society worth living in?

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d38e20 No.3887


dont you like diversity?

0e11a8 No.3891

>If you suddenly had all the skills and personal development needed to function normally, would you reintegrate into society?


>Is society worth living in?

Hell no.

51d7e1 No.3892


The problem is people get lulled on the promise of fixing the problems the same elite promises to fix created in first place. This "us vs them" mentality is what will lead everyone to die in one way or another for their (((leaders))). Guess who wins in the end? All wars are banker wars they say. It's not niggers who are the problem, it's who put the niggers there and you can try getting rid of the niggers as much as you can but as long as "the jews" in a broad sense (because it's not about literal jews but powerful people who serve their own interests) remain in place nothing will change in the long run, and this exacerbated tribalism is only fueling the fire.

e6c523 No.3893

File: ed4cbc10393872e⋯.jpg (4.14 KB, 120x140, 6:7, 945b.jpg)


And we see that there is no possibility of making the drastic changes needed. Obama thought that he could change things, Trump thought that he could bully his way through; and was introduced to the legal system. Bush and Cheney knew this from the beginning and just made money. You can see who is directly connected to the big money. Has anything changed…no. The government doesn't own, and is not in charge of this country. So even the highest political official is just as powerless as us.

d38e20 No.3923


this is why we need to end the FED

File: e5f14d0abad3aa4⋯.jpg (271.85 KB, 704x400, 44:25, satou at computer.jpg)

dc2a8a No.3913[Reply]

Since the majority of us on here are currently living as hikikomoris and most hikkis spend most of their time online i thought we could have a thread where we share any interesting links we have come across recently.

ITT Share any interesting links you have came across recently books movies music whatever Rules 3. and 8. still apply as well as all 8chan global rules.

ae3243 No.3922

File: 1ba2645e49b9871⋯.jpg (65.85 KB, 728x546, 4:3, lol.jpg)

c0504d No.2409[Reply]

About 2 weeks ago I got diagnosed with social phobia and bipolar. Only reason I finally got diagnosed was my mom insisted she come with me to an appointment that was originally just for medication (insomnia).

At 20 years old, it doesn't change much and I wasn't surprised at all. The psychologist also said I have some characteristics of autism, which was pretty amusing.

I've been playing fortnite nonstop, how about you?

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25a462 No.3888


there is even no article about him on wikipedia

fa5391 No.3890


>Pierre Grimes

Try google

fa5391 No.3894


No one made it yet.

112504 No.3917

I have medical issues (something off with my frontal lobe) but I'm not sure what it is exactly, I have a neurologist appointment scheduled for 2 days where they'll take new scans and compare the one took back in mid 2017. Besides that, my family thinks I have autism but never bothered to try to get it diagnosed.

25a462 No.3921

File: b5740171e52fda2⋯.jpg (373.66 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, e5705a5b.jpg)

2e7fec No.2391[Reply]

Has anyone here successfully repaired their will and attention span?

I'm talking from not even being able to focus on one thing for 3 minutes at a time to someone who can focus for 25+ minutes.

Hikki's occasionally talk about their wrecked attention spans, but has anyone ever fixed their attention span and how did you accomplish that?

32 posts and 8 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

a78987 No.3874

File: 36f04cba429a805⋯.jpg (3.05 MB, 3968x2976, 4:3, 2018-01-21 15.10.02.jpg)


My tumeric tea arrived today. It actually works! I feel calmer but a but tired.

57c1e6 No.3886

I've always had pretty serious problems with attention span and will, I'll order and try some speed paste and Ritalin pills soon. Somebody's got experiences with amphetamines and ADHD drugs here?

4dd89c No.3916


Don't do speed. Stick to Ritalin if you must or try to get some Modafinil.

Avoid if you have blood pressure.

57c1e6 No.3918


>Don't do speed


Post last edited at

fc4d99 No.3920


I think that question may be better to ask in the drugs thread. This thread is more dealing with natural solutions to depression and attention-span.

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

bb8ae6 No.2611[Reply]

I know most of the users on here don't want to change and some are happy and content with being a hikikomori but i have a question for those who are recovering hikkis what are you doing to fix your situation?? and do you think you will succeed in the outside world or just go back to being a hikki again??.

Also question for other current hikkis have you ever tried to reintegrate back into society??. I've tried many times in the past but was always met with hostility so i gave up on even trying.

159 posts and 27 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.
Post last edited at

0020a4 No.3899


It's worse when it's quiet and people chat over the music.

eb3854 No.3900


>It's worse when it's quiet and people chat over the music.


09645f No.3902


>It's not that easy.

of course not

You're problem is probably that you have no reason to leave the house. Me, I was forced out. First by my mom who kicked me out then by my uncle for forced me to get a job. It's actually a lot more complicated than that, but point is i had this series of events that forced me out and keep me out. I actually don't have any advice because without that you really can't get better. In fact i'll probably fall right back into my paranoia if i stay in for more than a few days.


What band, anon? I ended up seeing Gogol Bordello 2 years ago. I'm a retard who got there really early and was standing close to the stage trying to have a good spot. It was probably the coolest thing i've ever been apart of. Ended up surrounded by people and got kicked in the face by a dumb roastie trying to crowd surf but i was hypnotized the whole time and loved that experience so much. Jumping with the crowd, singing along. Would never do it again though because the rest of the experience at that thing was terrible but that was really cool.

Post last edited at

eb3854 No.3906


>You're problem is probably that you have no reason to leave the house

Why would i wanna leave my room when i have no friends and the world is against me?? we are the weakest of the weak anon this world was never meant for us in the first place most of us who browse here are just not compatible with society or its social norms tbh.

>Ill. probably fall right back into my paranoia if i stay in for more than a few days.

If mental illness is the cause of your social withdrawal than it's technically not hikikomori.

>1. Spending most of the day and nearly every day confined to home.

>2. Marked and persistent avoidance of social situations.

>3. Social withdrawal symptoms causing significant functional impairment.

>4. Duration of at least six months.

>5. No apparent physical etiology to account for the social withdrawal symptoms.

0020a4 No.3919


Boris. I used to go fairly regularly, haven't been in three years. I like to get a spot at the front of a higher level, but that depends on the venue. Sometimes people talk to you, two strangers have bought me a beer before.

>I'm a retard who got there really early

The first time I ever went I arrived four hours before the doors opened.

File: 6ddfd18d3a74cae⋯.jpg (85.29 KB, 736x1013, 736:1013, nhk art pic.jpg)

f031d1 No.97[Reply]

What were the reasons that made you become a hikikomori? for me its the following.

>Be bullied throughout both middle school and high school for having autism and being myself

>Lots of drama going on inside family home (Will not go into detail)

>Socially awkward

>Hate going outside

>Do not agree with a lot of things in this society.

>Feel betrayed by own age peers because i was not socially accepted by them

>Shit parents (Still love them to an extent though)

>Closeted pedophile (Could never tell my parents i dont wanna be disowned for an attraction i did not choose)

>To red pilled about the world to live a normalfag lifestyle i guess thats what happens when you're on the internet 24/7

>Hate most people

>One part of me loves being alone, this part of me loves to get away from everything and everyone.

>Feel protected when inside my room

Those are pretty much my reasons i guess what are your reasons /hikki/??.

113 posts and 36 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

82f82b No.3644


I couldn't have described the intricacies of this (my) situation any better than you did in your write up. A way to look at it alternatively can be that even the most driven and highly praised "individuals" in this life have lived vicariously through the likes of their own favorite actors, artists and family at one point or another. What begins as a sort of emulated or artificial confidence in youth often evolves and grows with ones identity into it's own brand of inherited strength. This process rarely see's itself through properly however as it can't account for the vast amount of emotional and psychological hurdles/traumas that many of us are inevitably put through while developing our sense of self. I can say without a doubt that my broken home contributed to creating the spineless and emotionally unavailable "adult" I am today. Those experiences set a deep inferiority complex under my skin and leave me feeling perpetually alone and misfitted whether in the warmest of company (in the past) or the most memorable of places all throughout my life. These feelings led me down the depression rabbit hole fairly early on and spawned many a binge drinking session in an effort to dull that weaker half that keeps my heart and mind anchored to the ground. Obviously didn't work, in fact it lost me my last job around 8 months ago. I'm aware of the steps necessary to drag myself out of this apartment, but i'm far too afraid of people at this point as well as the likelihood of any income allowing me to slip back into bad habits because i'm still very much the same miserable bastard, if not even more so.

b467fd No.3672


Interesting the way you describe growing up, training the self defense mechanism (ego), the identity. We form a rationalization to defend an imaginary position that we find ourself in. I would suggest that: if you change the story, you can change the heading of (your) life. By stepping outside of your comfort zone. Reimagine the self in a new setting without all of the problems, ineffective behaviors, difficult people, the ones that are to difficult to deal with just eliminate them from the picture, etcetera. No alcohol or substances that interfere with brain function, step back from yourself and be a witness, watch what the mind suggests and say no to anything bad, ignore the emotion, and feelings of inferiority until new patterns of behavior are well established. Do not punish the self, love and accept who you are and make small changes everyday until you become what you think you should be, you will find a comfortable spot and know when to stop.

take care :)

5f4ba6 No.3792


society is a spook

864c99 No.3881


>society is a spook

I really wish that were the case.

41ef68 No.3884


In its most abstract, it's a question of whether surrounding yourself with the wrong people is as good, better, or worse than with no one at all. Here's the more concrete, personal answer:

What someone means by "wrong people" is subjective, of course, but for me, being ambitious and always holding lofty ideals for my life, "wrong" is anyone who holds me back from achieving my goals, or anyone I simply dislike. I'm somewhat of a narcissist and consider myself better than most people, and combining that with the fact that I want to be surrounded by my equals and my betters, I opt out of society.

Problem is, society didn't exactly like that, so I couldn't make it into any universities except for one whose math program was filled with mindless, brainless normies who heard from a counselor or career fair that an actuary is someone with a math degree that makes a lot of money. I graduated high school early a year and a half prior (January 2016), and spent the time from then to uni either locking myself in my room or going to work at the behest of my loving father. Turns out service-based work isn't something I'm good at. Turns out that 17/18-year-old high school grad can't get more technical, "asocial" work. Anyway, flash forward to uni and I spend a week deciding whether to be amused or annoyed at the student population; I opt for the latter. After locking myself in my dorm for 2 months, I drop out just before I get straight Fs on my record, and a few months more of bouncing between houses and shutting myself in my room, here we are. Just 3 weeks before my 19th birthday, just 2 weeks after the 2nd anniversary of going full hiki. The future: going from sister's to nana's, ultimatum being that I must be "gainfully employed," and hopefully I'll find somewhere that'll let me fuck off and do my own thing for money. In the meantime I'm learning programming since it's one of the few technical fields that doesn't really need schooling if you're brilliant enough, though I'd much rather be a mathematician. Gotta make compromises somewhere, I suppose.

Bear in mind that I didn't talk about my early childhood, my mom being a drug addict, or my earlier disdain for my peer groups, since I don't want to speculate on my adPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: e454720e4c4208d⋯.jpg (130.57 KB, 1000x963, 1000:963, neetbux.jpg)

8b348a No.3847[Reply]

Question for current Hikikomoris who are also Neets (Hikkineets). How many of you are on SSI?? and how much do you receive each month?? i receive about $100 a month.

6 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

abbd72 No.3871


You have to go and apply and display your symptoms. There is a tutorial floating around somewhere.

aa1e62 No.3873


I'd love to see this tutorial, don't know really what to search for to find it.

8b348a No.3876



abbd72 No.3882



I think It was on b or the neet board, that would be a good place to ask, but I found this.

World Health Organization is now doing a study to see if addiction to vidya is a mental disorder.


abbd72 No.3883




Search: disability tutorials to get money


There is a lot of this stuff on youtube. My understanding is that you have to research the disability to know what they will look for during the assessment, and display those symptoms whenever you are with the authorities who determine if you indeed have a disability. First going to a doctor to get treated for what you will be claiming that you have, creates documented medical evidence that you have what you are claiming.

How to:


Bipolar: How I got my Disability


The Secret To Getting Disability On The First Try


take care

Post last edited at

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

a36db3 No.236[Reply]

ITT we post and discuss songs about hikikomoriism and social isolation.

44 posts and 5 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

f58b09 No.3779

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Welcome To The NHK - Sworn In.

f58b09 No.3780



Trusting, myself to make the decisions that mean the most.

My body is lying so far off the fucking coast.

Taking a step back to see things from your eyes

It doesn’t matter it still leads to my demise.

If I cant have faith in my thoughts in everything I have been taught

I cant help you, or myself, that's not something I can do there's noway I can help you or myself, that's not something I can do

Take, Take it all from me, I’ve given so much, when will you see.

Stop, look and listen. to the beating of the human heart.

Maybe one day ill learn to hear the voices in my head out.

Until then, ill keep floating until your voice brings me to a stop.

I thought the ghosts in my head were finally dead,

I thought the words kept inside were finally at rest.

I want to have faith in something more than this, faith in the voices that prove I exist.

I exist, do I exist?

I thought the ghosts in my head were finally dead,

I thought the words kept inside were finally at rest

Constricting, on my thoughts. why is this happening, where is the start.

Take my body, take my soul.

Take it all from me

Take, take it all from me, I’ve given so much, when will you see

I will continue to persist, Show me, that I exist. (these voices in my head are tearing me to shreds)


Prove to me, I have control. over what I do, am I just taking a cue?

Whats this life worth, if I can’t decipher what I mean in the fucking scheme.

Take, take it all from me, I’ve given so much, when will you see

d63c45 No.3800

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Keiko and Kazu Matsui - Light Above the Trees

…on this winters night, Shakuhachi…

Japanese jazz genius...enjoy

f58b09 No.3801


I feel like i'm at peace when i listen to this.

f58b09 No.3878

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Hitori bocchi

File: deb478518ce086b⋯.gif (2.63 MB, 500x281, 500:281, satou drugs.gif)

2e9ce6 No.687[Reply]

Board Admin here anyway i'm gonna bend the rules a little bit here in this thread you guys can talk about drugs and drug usage but Rule 6. still applies.

51 posts and 20 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

057635 No.3433


Leg raises are good for the abs, strong abs are good for the lower back.

d1c00e No.3436


>Leg raises are good for the abs, strong abs are good for the lower back.

Thanks ill. keep that in mind. :)

9a54e8 No.3868

File: 0dbf4e0c7cd0d33⋯.png (553.26 KB, 449x600, 449:600, 1490144167032.png)

I've been taking some DXM recently. My depression seems nonexistent now, feeling good

189e1b No.3872


drinking a whole bottle gets you fucked up but you gotta have a barf bucket ready.

d1c00e No.3875


>drinking a whole bottle gets you fucked up

Wouldn't it be better to take the pills??.

File: d385cdba163c194⋯.png (29.92 KB, 800x600, 4:3, diagram.png)

8ea6e7 No.3637[Reply]

I just drew this diagram. This cycle has gone full circle maybe 3 or 4 times for me in the past 6 years. Currently in the "no interest" part of the cycle but I think I'm nearing the next step. Does anyone relate to this?

Somewhat related also: what do you guys think about sitting down and just thinking? I often try to avoid doing and distract myself with games and such because often it is not pleasant thoughts, but I'm starting to think that if I do it enough and endure the bad I can find a way to break out of this. Thoughts?

15 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

e815f2 No.3815


I'm giving you the best friend that you will ever have https://www.biroco.com/yijing/The_I_Ching_Oracle.pdf make friends with the I Ching, you can ask it anything except a yes or no answer, it wants to know you in depth. It is better than any human because you can talk to it about anything and it will always keep your secrets. But it will tell you the truth also. It is like a Great, Great Grandfather that you can always count on.

So I left you everything you need in this thread for a new beginning, every ending is a new beginning Gua 63 I Ching.

take care

8ea6e7 No.3817


I don't know what I want, that's the thing. What does "getting out of the way" mean? How do you know the right thing will happen?

e815f2 No.3818


I don't know anything, this is why I get out of the way. :) Ask your new best friend the I Ching, this is a very rare out of print advanced version, I gave it to you because it will become important later in your life. Get the version by Stephen Karcher, it's more satisfying to a beginner. Trust your self to make a new beginning.

take care

e815f2 No.3824


I'm sorry but I'm not at my best at the moment, I'm feeling pretty sick. But I am interested in what what happens, so please let us know after you start working with the I Ching. This is the best way for you to understand is to actually experience it first hand, okay?

thank you

437810 No.3859


>What does "getting out of the way" mean? How do you know the right thing will happen?

1) the ego is like a pitbull on guard duty, he scares everyone and thing away. 2) I've used the Yijing since 1980, and it has never hurt me, and it won't let you hurt others either. You can ignore the advise, but I regretted it every time I did that.

take care

File: ae620b0f80ef637⋯.jpg (407.24 KB, 1600x1000, 8:5, maxresdefault (2).jpg)

d4dfa8 No.343[Reply]

What video games do you play /hikki/??.

72 posts and 12 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

a25597 No.3802


> It's the perfect outside simulator.

You can go outside without really going outside LOL.

a25597 No.3803


> bf 2 and bf2 special forces

Both are really fun tbh.

a25597 No.3821

File: f2972b440c71676⋯.jpg (54.29 KB, 540x960, 9:16, female hikikomori.jpg)


Seems pretty fun is the game hard in any way??.

bcabb7 No.3823

File: 9b46e0af8d15d36⋯.gif (35.82 KB, 300x300, 1:1, 1444245551521-0.gif)


I assume you're talking about icewind dale

It's a lot more focused on combat compared to baldur's gate and you start with 6 hand crafted characters right off the bat, so after the prologue I'd say it's fairly challenging, yes.

2213e6 No.3856

Has anyone played the remastered Modern Warfare? Servers are not very active but it's such a nostalgia trip to when COD was fun.

File: 23be8416deb1e22⋯.jpg (21.77 KB, 403x205, 403:205, von-mises-quote.jpg)

ecfa99 No.3123[Reply]

I met a guy a month ago playing Fortnite. At first I thought he'd just be another guy I'd play with sometimes, nothing more. But then he started to try to get to know me and shared some of his personal life to me, like his health issues, religious and political views, etc, things that "friends" would begin to share, I suppose. But he came off as clingy, as he showed me this MMO he was trying to get more friends to play with. I told him it looks interesting and that I might buy it in a week and then he went off and gifted it to me.

It was a nice gesture but now I was obligated to play it with him. And I already started feeling obligated to hang out with the guy with him telling me of his failing liver, and other personal shit. I just don't want any of that. I don't have any friends IRL, and the "friends" I do have online I'd like to keep as just "people I play with", nothing more.

But shit, I've decided to delete my account and move one once again. I don't have the heart to just delete people so I often create new accounts and start fresh again. Maybe this time I can be really cautious about the people I add. I'm glad I have the ability to "start again" infinitely online. No wonder people are miserable IRL with friends and the "complexity" of their relationships.

21 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

516ee0 No.3834



Because they want me to stay in contact with my family.

7938b5 No.3836

I'm quite smug over the fact that I've never had a facebook account, nor a tumblr, instagram etc. I've successfully avoided most normie shit.

516ee0 No.3837


>I'm quite smug over the fact that I've never had a facebook account, nor a tumblr, instagram etc. I've successfully avoided most normie shit.

How were you able to do this??.

06dad7 No.3839


Same here. I pretty much live in my own world and couldn't care less what sites/apps the rest of the world is using at any given time. It helps that I don't have any friends my age or younger, am a full-fledged NEET, and don't have any normie family members pressuring me into the social media world like >>3834

287421 No.3840

I made a FB under an assumed name and then turned it off, so I can see them but they can't see me.

File: 894e10fdac3d3f9⋯.png (103.11 KB, 529x298, 529:298, 50-nhk.png)

839461 No.2979[Reply]

Do any other hikkis on here buy stuff online like food things you collect movies clothes or whatever?? I buy stuff off of Amazon and currently i am trying to setup an Ebay account has anyone here had any trouble with online shopping such as having your identity stolen??.

Also ITT Post and discuss things you bought online.

14 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

6604e2 No.3788

File: 923e66d60d81907⋯.jpg (132.23 KB, 789x689, 789:689, 672b35f1bbc31316f51110ac02….jpg)


Is that a pillow? Looks rather comfy, with a nice touch of smug.

016256 No.3789


Yes it's an umaru body pillow.

0f1ccc No.3790


uv torch

016256 No.3796

File: 7d68527a38f6a70⋯.png (888.67 KB, 756x715, 756:715, anime reaction pic 2.png)


>uv torch

What do you need one of those for??.

0f1ccc No.3808


to see fluorescence in my scorpios

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