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File: 1462739442146.png (291.84 KB, 450x399, 150:133, RMS.png)


Welcome to /tech/ - ∞chan's technology board.

Please check the rules before you post:


Looking for hardware or software recommendations? Check out the InstallGentoo Wiki:


/tech/ is for the discussion of technology and related topics.

/tech/ is NOT your personal tech support team or personal consumer review site. We have stickies for that. Keep those kinds of posts in there.

For tech support, software recommendations, and other questions that don't warrant their own thread, please use the '/tech/ Questions and Support' sticky.

For consumer advice, please use the consumer advice sticky located below.

For meta discussion, please go to >>>/metatech/.

For desktop threads, homescreen threads and ricing, please go to >>>/rice/.

For tech support/issues with computers:

https://startpage.com/ or https://ixquick.com (i.e., fucking Google it)



If you can't find what you're looking for and still need help, post in the tech questions sticky.

Looking to switch over to GNU/Linux? Don't know where to start?

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>>>/agdg/ - Amateur Game Development General

>>>/cyber/ - Cyberpunk & Science Fiction

>>>/electronics/ - Electronics Engineering

>>>/emacs/ - GNU Emacs

>>>/hamradio/ - Amateur Radio

>>>/laboratory/ - STEM Discussion and STEM Shitposting

>>>/linux/ - GNU/Linux

>>>/lv/ - Libre Video Games

>>>/make/ - Make stuff

>>>/netplus/ - Networks and Plus

>>>/prog/ - Programming

>>>/rice/ - Desktop and Phone Ricing

>>>/sci/ - Science and Mathematics

>>>/t/ - Torrents & Trackers

>>>/templeos/ - The 64-Bit Temple Operating System

>>>/vape/ - Vaporizers

>>>/vir/ - Virtual Reality

>>>/wg/ - Wallpapers General

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File: 1469144535127.png (3.63 KB, 200x200, 1:1, questionmark.png)


Bring all your hardware, software and other troubles here.

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How do you access non-public files from a windows drive from another windows drive?

I can open them just fine in linux, but they're read only, in windows they don't show since they're not public and the windows on that drive isn't working anymore, so I'm kind of fucked here.

File: 1466812769372.png (5.82 KB, 200x200, 1:1, dollarsign.png)


Looking to buy something but aren't sure what to get? Ask here.

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Is the SeaSonic M12II 620 Bronze a good PSU?

File: c8ab2be7a16c721⋯.png (99.64 KB, 1280x376, 160:47, 7531_021f6dd88a11ca489936a….png)


Do logic puzzles help in programming? I'm shit at math but mostly because in class they always say I have to solve a certain problem in this specific way. But I like playing around with logic problems. Anyone ever heard of this one?

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File: 413c0b5684da4a2⋯.jpg (31.51 KB, 720x480, 3:2, 413c0b5684da4a2913f99302ae….jpg)


>they all weigh the same

>find the one that is heavier

Am I being trolled?


>Do logic puzzles help in programming?




Are those the types of interviews they give for programming positions that I keep hearing about?



You don't need Math for making a webpage in the same way you don't need a nuke to take down a wild nigger. But try to write OpenGL/DirectX without knowing the bare basics.

Same goes for logic and writing code that doesn't look like if(a==b) return true else if(a!=b) return false else return false.



Yes. You can find the answers to most of those questions online, but personally I like trying to solve them myself before I look for someone else's answer. They're primarily analyzing your thought process and how you might approach the problem and not necessarily if you get it right or wrong (unless you're interviewing for Google). I was allowed to ask questions like, "are the blocks in any sequential order" and stuff of that nature. They wanted me to go over my thought process aloud. Eventually they did offer me a position, but took another position with a different company.

File: d736c2eea8c88d9⋯.png (82.43 KB, 291x344, 291:344, IMG_0401.PNG)


Fucking Pajeets stealing my fucking job. Why isn't India on his travel ban list.

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>I mean business when I say I’ll take anyone on who wants to fight me. You think you can take me, I’ll pay to rent a boxing ring and beat your fucking ass legally. Remember that I’ve studied enough martial arts to be deadly

Autistic enough for /tech/ this guy


if you can't get a job in software engineering you don't belong there. the bar is low as ever right now. muh regulation will change nothing as usual, as pajeet code is only marginally worse than your typical murica code



Is it so hard to believe that your fellow cocksmokers on /pol/ are retarded enough to do this? Or is everything that happens a conspiracy?

Fuck you guys are dumb.


Maybe if you're talking Twitter or your average hipster web-designer-turned-developer... but pajeet code is worse than anything I've seen in the Canadian government while contracting and that's not even that great.

Personally I don't really care about the pajeets: fixing their spaghetti has already scored me a few contracts. They're no threat to us right now.


File: ba97a07896b7aaa⋯.jpg (37.54 KB, 509x516, 509:516, _20170127_073159.JPG)


>How do you compete? Voluntarily lower your salary after spending X amount of dollars on degrees & certifications?

Don't be dumb enough to fall for the degrees meme, spend time making actual useful things and building industry connections. Degrees don't mean jack when there's a guy who's developed his own tools used by hundreds who's had good things said about him to the employer or the employer's seen his work.

Make a GitHub (yes muh SJWhub but this is what employers look at), make useful things, promote those things (/r/coolgithubprojects if you need stars, /tech/ if you need brutal criticism) and get to know people (conventions are great for this).

File: 4d45c5bff0c4ee4⋯.jpg (133.64 KB, 1322x428, 661:214, AMD-Ryzen-7-1800X-leak-1.jpg)

File: 2d602de3fed381e⋯.jpg (75.71 KB, 1314x370, 657:185, AMD-Ryzen-7-1700X-leak2.jpg)



AMD official slides using Cinebench scores confirming previous leaks

$489 cpu outperforming Intel's $1,000 chip

Intel shills on suicide watch

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Go lead the way.


File: 4b591d50c40a448⋯.png (15.21 KB, 232x265, 232:265, 4b591d50c40a448226c6fd296a….png)


> it's gonna be worth it.




Ryzen made me believe in jesus again. Allah willin'



Holy niggerfuck, that's way too much for just RAM



He's right, how much you can overclock depends on the motherboard

File: 04c08cb8231cc1c⋯.png (17.2 KB, 578x712, 289:356, exclusiveshit.png)


>macfags overpays for standard mid-range x86 hardware in a shitty tin can case

26 posts and 5 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.





>Macfags will defend this



File: 789bd3c8017df1c⋯.jpg (727.68 KB, 1800x3150, 4:7, Apple Sucks 2.jpg)



Nope, it's the desktop model, the one that looks like a big soda can.


File: 4896e5f6a7f0cd8⋯.jpg (255.02 KB, 1300x957, 1300:957, teenage-girls-laughing-159….jpg)


>Intel Xeon

>on a laptop



Even worse: my computer shop sells parts for pretty much the same price you get in my country for directly importing them from Amazon, they offer free assembly on the purchase of an entire PC, and their product lineup is actually great.

File: 2bb273abfe9c9bf⋯.png (108.77 KB, 773x920, 773:920, shakti.png)


The web should have never gone beyond this. Normies ruin everything.


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UTF8 only. scrap semantic tags, legacy tags, inline style attributes, inline scripts.

disabled users and web crawlers shouldn't require special consideration.

reference BNF grammar that is no more than 10 pages long.

web browsers should send death threats via an open source botnet to any non compliant webmaster.

I would design a safer, stricter, more compact language with a standard

specifically restricting the grammar to prevent JS injection.

Why allow script elements anywhere? just restrict them to the god damn <head>.

PHP programmers will always be retarded and use raw strings in their templates.



If it works on the Mac the designer used to create the page, it should work for you :^)



Web 3.0 is now, it began in 2007 when Apple launched the iPhone, Facebook opened to the public and Netflix switched to video streaming.



what do you mean "when" we get gigabit

you should try stop living in a shithole



yeah good ideas,

File: 66128a9df18ba08⋯.png (23.7 KB, 640x256, 5:2, 1456818734ipfs-logo.png)




Last thread: http://archive.is/hPYvi

>Runtime performance has improved all over the place! Bitswap, Content Routing and Peer Routing, Datastore, Blockstore, you name it.

>Memory usage has improved as Provider records are now stored on disk.

>We now use Golang 1.7, which produces smaller and faster binaries.

>Connectivity between nodes is stabler than ever, as we fixed transport issues that were previously thought to be NAT-related.

>The go-ipfs daemon now automatically raises the limit of file descriptors if needed.

>The daemon now automatically runs fs-repo migrations.

>The daemon got new flags:

>1. ipfs daemon --offline can be used to disable all swarm networking.

>2. ipfs daemon --migrate automatically runs any pending fs-repo migrations.

>The Datastore got a few more config options:

>1. Datastore.HashOnRead allows you to verify data on read access.

>2. Datastore.BloomFilterSize tunes the new lookup cache.

We haven't had a new thread for over a month now. Share your new IPFS hashes.

314 posts and 48 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



Last time I checked IPFS insisted on downloading an entire file locally before it'd send the first byte to the browser. How do you get it to work?



Ah, my bad. I haven't used big enough files to determine their streamability (and nodes i've tested already seem to have full copy), just assumed they would since ipfs stores everything in even blocks, so maybe it would request the right ones in order when streaming.


File: 06970eb321d7e2f⋯.png (312.45 KB, 506x662, 253:331, INBvStO.png)

Heres some o'reilly books




Streaming videos works great in IPFS. I watched all the Touhou OVAs someone posted in the last thread with mpv. mkvs work just fine.



trickle-dag helps streamability, I think. Use the -t option when you add video files. Loading the files into mpv also helps.

File: a557e9c193e10f5⋯.jpg (182.87 KB, 800x600, 4:3, Clean-your-motherboard-reg….jpg)


How often do you clean the actual hardware of your components?

I personally wipe my entire laptop off at least once a week with a dry microfiber cloth. Microfiber cloths are fucking great, they clean all oils that accumulate on things like the mouse pad and can also be used to safely clean screens without fear of scratching them.

I NEVER use any kind of liquids, just a dry microfiber cloth, it will get all the dirt up without water and you take much less of a risk

Then at least once a month I clean the cloth itself by throwing it in a washing machine on "Hand Wash" mode (you can damage the microfibers if you clean them on a more aggressive setting) and then let it air dry

42 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.



1.) That image was a joke you moron

2.) Technically speaking the only reason why water kills electronics is because of shorting of various circuits. If you get a PCB completely submerged in water, AS LONG AS THERE IS NO POWER GOING TO IT, you can most likely still use it granted you wait for it to dry completely before plugging it into anything



>as long as it's dry

And there were no electrolytes/conductive debris in that water - meaning, it'd have to be distilled water.

Hm. I have some old computers. Maybe I will try this one day.



I use an air compressor once every month or two. I hit all entry points and any gaps, and it makes a big difference. I actually neglected my computer for many years before I started doing it, and the first time I blasted it, it was a freaking dust storm.

Instead of spending hours taking everything apart, I just hit it with the compressor, and it makes a huge difference.



Drinking isopropyl will fucking kill you. Drinking methyl alcohol will make you blind. Denatured alcohol usually ends up in the hands of undergrads that don't check how many ppm of isopropyl, methyl, and everything else is in there. One of the guys in a lab I was in almost killed themselves drinking industrial denatured alcohol. Even that stuff isn't safe to drink.


>prohibition and taxes

It all makes sense now.



>One of the guys in a lab I was in

ack that really came out shitty. tbh all of us almost committed a heaven's gate because we thought it was safe to drink.

File: b114ef93d270193⋯.png (10.65 KB, 215x212, 215:212, logo.png)


What does /g/ think about LynxChan? It uses node.js, but that's alright since it's a web service, right?

2 posts omitted. Click reply to view.



Last I checked, its front-end was a thousand times better than Josh's shitty ~vision~ for making imageboards look more web 2.0, and the back-end was just as fast. Their site was less buggy too. I haven't been in a long while, so if anything's changed I wouldn't know. It's too bad 8chan didn't migrate over to using Lynxchan software. At least infinity is working well enough now, no more issues with plain posting and browsing.




op is stephen lynx




>op is stephen lynx




It uses node.js but it looks like it was written in PHP 3.



>and the back-end was just as fast

I know it's slow at page generation. It likes serving you pages before the change you just submitted went through, making it look as if nothing happened unless you wait a few seconds and refresh.

File: 74000fde0e684da⋯.jpg (3.04 MB, 3600x2400, 3:2, numbers.jpg)


Tell your story.

My first hack was a typing speed test, 10 years ago. I didn't know about any tools back then so I just downloaded the website and modified it so that whatever you were supposed to type was already typed. It had a captcha that was retrieved after you've finished typing, but there were only like five possible answers, so you could just guess it.

I've also bypassed some poorly-made restrictions to some private streams to watch soccer matches. I've also made some forum-spamming bots, but it was just for challenge. I've never actually used it on an active forum.

How about you?

2 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: ea503662c07e454⋯.jpg (115.06 KB, 700x466, 350:233, hipstermodelm.jpg)

[email protected] the High School Sports Master's computer and deleted my name from his copy of the enrollment list on his office computer. Next semester they were handing out the sports acceptances in homeroom, and my name wasn't mentioned.

Teenager hacks his high school computer system for better grades? I already had good grades-- I made it so I could skip the rest of the year's half-day Sports and go straight home to play vidya. (And never got busted.)


I h4x0r'd a WEP protected AP at school once, so I could play MTA: San Andreas in class.



I hacked one 'MOBA' game to gain multiple free heroes instead of one.


File: bf3be1ed763e428⋯.jpg (64.09 KB, 610x813, 610:813, awa de uwu.jpg)


Encryption and Security 301 in college. The professor literally left us an assignment that said "1: Start Backtrack 3 on one of the lab's computers, and Windows on another one. 2: Send the computer an ARP poisoning MITM attack. 3: Connect to this public FTP server of mine while running Wireshark on the computer that booted Backtrack. 4: Analyze the FTP traffic and look for my username and password."


Even though this is probably a spook thread, I've received bug bounty payments from a few companies, found random exploits in different software, have broken I2P & Freenet, & more recently I found RCE exploits in a few torrent clients, those are pending fixes.

File: a5abb8e72a04f97⋯.jpg (166.22 KB, 960x960, 1:1, e6c73f783443444e3fb5da89d1….jpg)


I have noticed that a lot of people here who claim to be programmers don't know the basics of software development.

It is not enough to know the basics of program logic you need to know how to create software.

Anyone can make a 50 line script with basic logic statements. Not everyone can plan out and write a program.

Most people here could not sit down and write a 10,000 line program because they lack discipline and rely on learning new concepts to mask your lack of discipline.

Its cute that you know Haskell and Lisp. Do you know how to write software that could benefit someone?

Have you ever created a piece of software that people use? Your academic programming languages don't mean shit if you can't even

write something that is useful to people.

I propose people limit themselves to learning one language and using it for a few months before starting to learn more.

Can you apply your skills to create something of value? Do you have the discipline to sit down day to day writing software for one particular project? Do you have the discipline to stop playing your Vidya or watching your Mongolian cartoons? self discipline is like a muscle, use it or lose it.

There are millions of people on the internet that could benefit from a skilled programmer. Try to find communities online that need software and make it for them.

I know this is a strange concept for a lot of you but if you don't write at least a thousand lines of code a month you are not consolidating the knowledge of the programming concepts in you head. You eventually forget what you don't practice. Its not a matter of intelligence, its a matter of memory and practice. A smart person can learn things quickly but without constant repetition they eventually forget. This is why students forget most of the math they learned in school yet they retain silly information about their hobbies that they had as they where children. You remember what you practice and forget what you don't. Its simple. To getgut at programming you must learn thingPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

23 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



>I haven't written software

Scripts in C do not count.



You talk as if that's a difficult thing to attain.

Work in a real life project in a, you know, job, and you'll get a grasp for it.

Now, you'll find real life programming is fucking boring, tedious, monotonous, and ultimately depressing, and learning new things is the only cool thing about programming.



link your github


File: 31fcf100c1b61bb⋯.jpg (124.37 KB, 415x315, 83:63, p3.jpg)

Programming is a bad career path. There are clueless managers that can't tell the difference between a good or bad programmer. Then you have competition from every idiot calling themselves a programmer because they created a helloworld example. The low entry barrier and H1b abuse makes it an even shittier career path.

You should have chosen a career with a higher entry barrier. Even if you make it past all of the bullshit of programming you will eventually have to content with ageism, forced retirement by the age of 30. Best move you can make as a programmer is create a business that doesn't involve programming. Too much competition, competition is for losers.


My autism™ prevents me from writing anything past 1000 lines.

File: ab0a4c791c3e13b⋯.png (78.16 KB, 990x171, 110:19, shattered.png)


We have broken SHA-1 in practice

This industry cryptographic hash function standard is used for digital signatures and file integrity verification, and protects a wide spectrum of digital assets, ranging credit card transactions, electronic documents, open-source software repositories and software updates.

It is now practically possible to craft two colliding PDF files and obtain a SHA-1 digital signature on the first PDF file which can also be abused as a valid signature on the second PDF file.

For example, by crafting the two colliding PDF files as two rental agreements with different rent, it is possible to trick someone to create a valid signature for a high-rent contract by having him or her sign a low-rent contract.


78 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


So what are we using for our shit now?




one time pad ^____^



>So what are we using for our shit now?


or SHA3 if you don't mind it being slower.




We don't need to make it harder to use we just need to decouple mods from boards. Once we get this you can "choose your mod". You can have Autistic Andy or GNU/Linux Gabe moderating your posts and filtering out the shit threads for free.

We need decentralized imageboards where a faggot admin can't give mod powers to his reddit-tier buddies. Where the first person to claim a specific board doesn't get to stay Emperor for Life (along with his inability to effectively mod).



That's what I'm exactly thinking of.

I gonna base it on NNTP, however, all my current work is in draft stage.

I already started working on implementation though.

Basically, every board would be like its own CA, with BO being essentially root key.

All stuff would be moderated by signed messages from BO or moderators chosen by BO, and populated thru bit modified NNTP (with forced node signing and verification at every hop).

Every node owner would be allowed to pick any boards they want, board name would include public key, therefore it would be possible to add boards with same name, but different key simultaneously, thus node owner would be able to provide multiple versions of moderations for particular board.

Basically all moderation would be based on solid cryptography and decentralized.

I'm planning using whatever >>717165 mentioned at testing stages, though, to avoid unneded publicity untill it's solid.

If you want more info or help me with it feel free to join irc other anon mentioned.

File: d0513cabd6d915b⋯.png (133.58 KB, 659x609, 659:609, 1479855875001.png)


>using an int in a for loop that needs less than 32,767 or 65,535 iterations

35 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



Even TCC supports c99.



Why would you keep backwards compatibility with something that's 30 years since deprecated.




That's how it works in the world of real physical hardware. Experts from magical land of Equestria need not apply.



>that's just to avoid the repeated conditional check

Nope, it's also there to avoid the costliness of jumping so much, in fact that's the main reason for it (hence why some loops will be fully unrolled)


man, you must really know your assembly language very well.

16 bit ops require LONGER ENCODING on x86 and are slower.

using a char is also pointless as it will end up in a 32 bit reg.

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