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File: fc377e5260cb163⋯.gif (1.87 MB, 750x750, 1:1, 1430755316524.gif)


Anyone got some? Here's one from last September:

>get call from acquintance

>anon, our computer is insanely slow somehow, can you come speed it up?

>go there that afternoon

>find a prebuilt by some computer shop Sandy Bridge i3 computer with way to little RAM (2GB or something, don't remember) running Windows 10 and 9000 programs at startup

>start to turn off random shit in msconfig

>memory use drops like a brick

>computer slightly faster but still slow as fuck

>thank you anon!

>I get paid rather handsomely for helping them

Later that month:

>anon, we want a laptop, do you know anyone?

>tell them to "go to a computer dude I know, he has a boatload of ThinkPad T420's and those are very reliable, not too expensive and easily upgradeable"

>they buy that T420

>day later they call me asking why there is no internet on that ThinkPad

>go there

>apartment with thick walls, router in living room, so no WLAN signal in the kitchen

>ask if they happen to have a repeater

>yes but we couldn't get it set up

>set up repeater

>internet in the entire home

>they thank me and pay me again

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Serves you right for trusting a normie



the dude is my sisters fiance, his company pays for the food she eats, and the house she lives in, so even tho i feel like i got fucked pretty hard, its still not a total loss...



should have

A) signed a employment agreement so you can hold him accountable for not paying you

B) told your sister to marry someone else



well i already did B after the incident, and if i knew i was going do need A, i probably just would have stayed home that day...



Don't ever work for friends / family, that's a surefire way to cause bad blood. One party will assume they'll get loadsamone for doing nothing "cause we're friends", the other will assume they'll have to pay next to nothing "cause we're friends".

Money is where friendships end, if in a situation where friends are to pay you or vice versa, have a written contact to minimize any arguments. That, or try to avoid such situations all together.

File: 0fda2af0186f765⋯.png (15.18 KB, 523x226, 523:226, Untitled.png)


Is 8chan's javascript free software?

Do you allow 8chan's Javascript to run? Obviously since you're seeing this, I successfully made a thread with JS disabled.

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i know anon, i didnt wanna tell them,lol. i dont like making people look like fools


it better for people to notice their foolishness them selves cause id asume they would learn from it cause they wouldnt be mad someone else pointed out their foolishness

>im interested in phycology as well as physics


What the hell is going on in this thread? Why is everyone acting like retards in it?


Use youtube-dl


This website is a honeypot so of course I disable javascript. No CIA niggers will be getting to me today.



aren‘t you worried about cloudflare?

File: b62d2cd1ac6e035⋯.png (425.35 KB, 500x640, 25:32, 48623ADE-D58D-41F5-8127-BC….png)


Uh-oh, user-san! It seems you're not in the sudoers file! I-I'll have to report this incident

I-is that okay?

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literally just put something in bashrc to log the user's password when he runs sudo. yes it's that easy. and usernames aren't a secret, what are you on about?



>literally just put something in bashrc

You need root to edit someone else's bashrc.



>implying your average distro doesn't have %wheel ALL=(ALL) ALL in the sudoers and automatically adds every user to wheel

theres is zero reason for sudo at this point. The people who were going to use it correctly will just use doas anyways since its much less shit.



>hurr durr i run everything as non-root user and use sudo because it's secure

>hurr durr if someone hacks me it's fine because they can't get root

>hurr durr i sudo from this non-root account which got owned, oh my, how did they get root?

literally every faggot who uses sudo ^



What's your solution then? Whenever you need root Ctrl + Alt + Fx to a vtty? Use ssh?

File: a17b2ff6119e628⋯.jpeg (15.03 KB, 350x350, 1:1, 8385FADD-3903-48B3-803B-0….jpeg)


Take Debian as an example

>switched to systemd even though near half of the dev team said not to

>devuan is better in literally every way

Also take Xubuntu

>now becoming botnet in 18.04

>mx linux is systemd free and is better in literally every way

What happened to debian and its family distros? Why can't they all be as polished as MX?

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/g/tard spotted

youve clearly never used it



I run ubuntu gnome and the only time I ever crash is systemd udev trying to perform a memory dump when it's not working right



>ubuntu gnome

heres your problem



It does use systemd, correct



Not at all and I named more than one problem with it.

systemd is officially shit.

File: 95f097b69af0857⋯.png (267.15 KB, 800x800, 1:1, A0F32B03-1A60-4640-B1BA-E6….png)


Post great software here and explain why you like said software

I like Xfce because it works best with the Whisker menu, which I've used since version 1.1 was released and is lightweight


<No distros, software only

<Must be open source for it to be good

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Are you using OpenBSD's on gentoo as well? Thats what I do because it is just so good. I love how easy it is to define completions as well take this for example

set -A complete_sysctl -- $(sysctl | sed 's:=.*$::')



I'm very familiar with the CLI but it's horribly enifficient to use. Would you rather spend hours typing in commands or easily just click something and have it over with?


File: e6a15821139a737⋯.jpg (77.8 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, dragonEdited.jpg)


btw this is my windows bg



<retarded wojack.bmp>

CL as in Common Lisp you brainlet. Your reply makes no sense in context considering that the WM being responded to also doesn't have icons.



Single monitor master race.

File: 9b9bc839c43aabf⋯.png (38.65 KB, 618x529, 618:529, Screen Shot 2018-02-18 at ….png)


So, it has been bothering me for some time. I am an appreciator of all things quality, and an archivist. Currently saving some music podcasts uploaded to YT only, and I want to know how their system works, regarding video splitting and audio quality.

Suppose I have a 720p video. Should I download that, with allegedly 192K AAC audio, or the sole AAC (no video) file in 128K? Which audio file is the original one? Does anybody know?

6 posts omitted. Click reply to view.



If you read the document, you would know you would just type in -f 'bestaudio', you fucking dip. Not only that the audio is usually re-encoded a couple times if you're autistic about quality.



ask the uploader for the lossless audio record.

anything else would be crap, obviously.

you can trivially test this if you upload something and try to get it back.



Thanks, got it.

No more questions, thread's done.


I contacted the uploader, but he is under contract to not do such thing. I'll stick with with youtube-dl Thanks anyway.



Let this be a LOL thread



Oh sure, you can make this into a League of Legends thread.

File: 614ee18aab44bf1⋯.png (51.36 KB, 1200x1290, 40:43, qubes.png)


How "good" is this to use?

I've been toying around with v3.2 and it doesn't require virtualization to work until v4.

My T500 has options to enable VT-x but for some reason it won't boot or install with them enabled.

It seems I've looked just about everywhere as to why that is, but have yet to find a reason.

I'm probably just blind or stupid.

Their "compatibility list" is such a mess of "yeah sure it will work trust me".

Their latest "Qubes Air" which is some cloud computing version of qubes even talks about how hard it is to find a compatible laptop to get everything working, especially since v4 is going to require virtualization.

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That blog post turned me away too, it is unbelievable how it seems to be made to use chrome, google docs and everything in the cloud. Why even bother with local isolation if you are giving away everything to remote servers? They even want you to access a qubes instance running on aws or whatever which is far less secure than any GNU/Linux distro running locally. The "Hybrid" thing still requires special hardware like the local version but also gives your data to Big Internet on a silver platter.



It's a crazy decision, anon, and in complete opposition to the principles that Qubes was founded on. The only rationale I can think of is that Invisible Labs intends to get into the hosting game; i.e. they'll offer a 'trusted' hosting solution for customers that can't run Qubes locally, due to hardware requirements or whatever. Even then it doesn't make much business sense, because the users that are most interested in an OS like Qubes are the very same users that will balk at having their personal data hosted on infrastructure they don't control. It's sad when a project has reached maturity, and the developers - not realising that fact - begin adding features for features' sake that detract from the original vision.



Whoever says that probably says it in order to antagonize anyone who says anything relating to security.


What processor are you using in your t500? mine only has an option for VT-d


Pubes are hot :3

File: caad10e4c7657ae⋯.png (8.02 KB, 200x200, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


So Google just shot themselves in the foot for some unknown reason. They made some deal with Getty Images to allow their images on Google Images in exchange for removing the view image button. For some reason, Google seems to believe that anyone at all gives a shit about Getty Images.

Is there any hope Google has reached the point where they begin to implode from being too big? Why would they make a deal with some irrelevant company that requires them to make such a big change to Google?

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Did you mean to reply to >>870662



nowhere near as bad as Google and others, so i still recommend DuckDuckGo



>are they botnet now too? since when?

Since always you fucking mong.


File: 0922303d1f66b55⋯.jpg (136.71 KB, 625x790, 125:158, ABORT-origional.jpg)


>There's no confirmed proof that DuckDuckGo is violating your privacy

really made me think, switching to bing now



Nice cherry picking retard.

File: 077fa1fe0338284⋯.jpg (30.69 KB, 447x380, 447:380, 077fa1fe0338284296e3d08a09….jpg)


foo (bar)


foo ( bar )

17 posts omitted. Click reply to view.


op (fag )





**** COMMODORE 64 BASIC V2 ****

10 FOO$
20 BAR$



foo (((bar)))


baz ;
( bar ) foo ;

File: ef6adb9257f8732⋯.png (67.27 KB, 804x906, 134:151, 4073897D-B70F-4A08-AFC4-6B….png)


Been a CrunchBang/BunsenLabs user for 6 years, switched to ArchLabs exactly 1 month ago

>0 stability issues

>AUR support

>pacman is a lot faster than apt

>up to date packages

>i've finally fallen for the meme

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literally who?


literally who?


literally who?

>AUR support

literally who?



Damn you, cloverOS dev, I demand a version of clover with infinity logos and branding for /tech/, and I'm too lazy to do it myself.



Does it use X11? I can't stand a Linux distro that relies on that ancient piece of shit library. You literally can't programically move windows around the screen because X11 treats that as hints.



Do you often use FileZilla? Why?




File: 6fb9f6f775d3439⋯.jpg (369.21 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, Ibm-Thinkpad-1600-1200.jpg)


Old one hit 400 posts, again.

>tfw the seller of a highly modded X31 does not respond to my inquries anymore

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they were produced before the race to the bottom reached half-time



They're built to be sturdy, functional, sober, and expensive. Businesses buy them for their employees then sell them cheaply five years later, which removes the "expensive" part.

The same goes for other lines of business laptops, probably, like Elitebooks and Probooks, but Thinkpads grew a cult.



X20x don't even have a 3:4 screen, they have a 16:10 screen.



Reliable, easy to get parts for, relatively cheap, and in the case of Toughbooks: pretty much unkillable.


File: fcdc377c1c3d43a⋯.jpg (18.26 KB, 250x235, 50:47, 36101.jpg)


Let's say you made a recipe for (mom's) spaghetti for a very well respected restaurant and didn't want anybody else to know the exact ingredients in the spaghetti, would it be unethical to lock it away in a vault so nobody would steal it and make money off of your creation? No, of course not. The same thing goes for proprietary software. If you made a game that took years and hundreds of dollars to make and you didn't want somebody to steal all the code and make money off it would it be unethical to hide the code from the user? NO.

Proprietary software is only bad when it exploits the user or hides the code for malicious reasons, take Chrome for example.

Proprietary software also does not "control" the user, the software controls itself and protects itself.

Richard is wrong, it's time for us to realize that.

177 posts and 15 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



Tell that to my college, they literally got everyone to install Libreoffice cus of its database suite.



>Don't most use the catalog?

i cant speak for everyone, but i certainly dont, at least not usually, and considering it was off the front page for several hours before that reply, the evidence points to most people not using the catalog.


the number of bumps in this shit thread is too damn high!



>comparing software to recipes

A goddamn bowl of spaghetti is not going to upload 'telemetry data' (read: your information and related metadata) to the 'cloud' (read: someone else's server). It's also not going to get remotely hacked and leak information to other parties. And you can choose not to eat it, whereas people are often required to use certain software to accomplish a task.

Additionally, when you eat out you're paying for service, not just the 'recipe', and anyone can make their own spaghetti for like $2. Practically no one has spare time to make their own operating system/web browser.

>so nobody would steal it and make money off of your creation

<implying building on the work of others is not a good thing

<implying it makes any difference whether software is free or proprietary

If people want it badly enough, it's getting 'pirated' either way. If it's popular enough, you might even have people reverse-engineering it. The only 'upside' to proprietary software (for right holders, that is) as you said is hindering competition and impeding interoperability, both of which are at odds with the user's interests.

>Proprietary software is only bad when it exploits the user or hides the code for malicious reasons

And when...

<it spies on you, collects, and uploads your data

<it's insecure and can't be fixed (e.g. hardcoded insecure settings) or replaced

<it can't be ported to newer operating systems (see Paris's 2 main airports collapsing when a Windows 3.1 machine crashed)

<it has malicious anti-features (e.g. forced updates, unwanted features (e.g. can't uninstall certain 'pre-installed apps' from your devices), phoning home, any kind of DRM, deliberately limited functionality (see Nvidia gimping double-precision float calculations on consumer GeForce cards)

<it doesn't allow you to have control over your data (see can't export messages from WhaPost too long. Click here to view the full text.



Still bait

>If people don't cook all their own food they don't have control over their life.

You don't need to cook to know how to chew a leg.

>The user has full control over every instruction their computer executes

obvious bait is obvious

> Just because they don't bother looking at the instructions does not mean they don't have full control.

True but not having at all the instructions means that they can't at all have control even if they wanted to.

>Where is that diable 3 hack then?


>The user control what software they run

They control the installation (at some level) not the execution.

>The instructions are in plain form for the user to inspect if they wish.

sure go read the full magic numbers of a network card from marvell you'll be sure to understand what it does without any manual or details.

Again bait you need to get out.



why the fuck are you bumping this garbage again?

every time its gone from the front page someone has to bring it back,


File: 9386184a4168b92⋯.png (97 KB, 1400x1050, 4:3, e8732382f759dde016d70dd5da….png)


199 posts and 15 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



w3m is a usable browser that displays all you need to shitpost.



>I need an initrd since I am using zfs for my root partition.

Same situation here. I've written my own initrd from scratch. Downsides are 1. I have to manually regenerate my initrd using cpio every time I update my kernel and 2. all tools inside my initrd only get updated when something breaks (virtually never), but who cares.



w3m will even DISPLAY THE IMAGES RIGHT INSIDE YOUR FUCKING TERMINAL if you set it up right, it also has fucking MOUSE support, and it can be used as a decent pager and file browser in addition to being a web browser.



I don't know why I didn't do this sooner. Genkernel takes at least a minute to generate the ramdisk whereas the script I wrote takes 1.5 secs (according to time). The initrd I generate is 30x smaller then the genkernel one (total size 1.8M) and it actually does its job way faster then the genkernel one since it actually uses the zpool.cache when importing the pool.

I'm not actually calling the usr/gen_init_cpio program and instead I'm just manually coping everything with my script into a tmp folder and then piping it through cpio and xz.


So is FVWM basically a less bloated openbox?

File: b5eef83743003d3⋯.png (66.47 KB, 1280x1055, 256:211, Void_Linux_logo.svg.png)


Why aren't you using void Linux?

155 posts and 19 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


Obligatory tutorial post regarding how to install gentoo for noobs.

Its very simple.



This next video is actually really helpful for people after they have the core system on how to get it up and running with all the needed tools





arch has been going downhill, lately.

Also RunIT is faster (and better overall) than systemD. i also prefer xbps over pacman. void supports musl, if you want to use it (musl is better for servers and old/low-end hardware). void is less bloated than arch.


Looks nice!


This video helped me to understand:: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0m6hoOelZH8&list=PLE18841CABEA24090&index=13&t=34m37s


Because it won't install my system properly with encrypted /boot. Kernel hangs after decryption



>1st pic

>Linux on a Gamecube

Why not the Wii? It's basically an over-clocked Gamecube with more RAM and actually has USB ports for accessories.


what partitioning do you have on your hard drive? And what folder structure?

How many partitions you have and what you store on each partition? what is size of each partition? what order of partitions you have (especially important for mechanical HDD's as they are the fastest at beginning of drive, slowest at end)?

One drive or more? Do you use external drives? For what purpose?

What is your folder structure on your hdd (root/main directories)?

What kind of things you store on your hdd? (like games, programs, music, movies, documents, books, virtual machines, porn, your personal video recordings, etc)

Are all of your disk encrypted? With what tool and method?

inb4 datamining - if you think it is, just answer questions that don't invade your privacy

71 posts and 13 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



If you don't care with compliance to what OS installers and tools such as fdisk expect, you're on your own. Don't complain if by any chance shit breaks or gets corrupted somehow. Good luck.





>While creating a filesystem on a whole disk is possible, I don't recommend it.


I have to create my zpool on unpartitioned disks because Solaris is 1970s technology where a partition table defeats their block cache.



Why use 70's tech then?

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