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Comfy feelings.

File: 235e18b0383320a⋯.png (28.66 KB, 733x248, 733:248, QTDDTOT.png)

5d6fab  No.19028[Reply]

This is the place that you post questions that don't deserve their own thread.

When in doubt, post here.

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f0686c  No.19650


It's better than being stupid.

File: 500efd082670464⋯.png (790.2 KB, 1169x1194, 1169:1194, Board-pa and Salty.png)

6ed351  No.10000[Reply]

This is /girltalk/'s meta thread: /metatalk/

Feel free to post any advice, tip, suggestion, complain and critique regarding the forum in this thread.

All comments are appreciated and remember: There is no such a thing as bad criticism, just bad ways to deliver it.

Reminder the board action's log can be found here:


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Post last edited at

f5965b  No.19625


Ask this outside the meta thread, thank you.

File: 4b637fa0f893983⋯.jpg (16.71 KB, 400x400, 1:1, STWi1AhQ_400x400.jpg)

9b1047  No.19697[Reply]

What has changed?

Is your personality any different as a guy? How did your hobbies, lifestyle and goals change? How does your relationship with your friends and boyfriend look like if they're the opposite sex? How do you treat girls? The shit that guys normally do that pisses you off as a chick, would you do it too? Would you be happier this way?

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0268d5  No.19746

File: d10ceaf3459654b⋯.jpg (108.25 KB, 1336x878, 668:439, sleeping.jpg)


Pls no bully, I don't know enough Kanji to write her name properly with them

75d046  No.19747


In English?

07e932  No.19756


Lurk moar fnd

75d046  No.19757

File: 288fb933024acec⋯.jpg (63.81 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Y51goDs.jpg)


I know her, name I just want to see you say it. Come on, anon: Ku_

9e3a46  No.19760

File: 23a21fd54f637c9⋯.png (1.86 MB, 992x2000, 62:125, kurisucolorful.png)

File: 7a0f7333cb3e855⋯.jpg (85.11 KB, 500x333, 500:333, these things.jpg)

3a83bd  No.10364[Reply]

think of a boy you used to know

describe him

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45746a  No.19753


First and only real boyfriend I ever had. Had my first kiss with him last year and we met because of 8chan. He was very tall and lanky and had a speech impediment. He would make the funniest jokes.

It didn't last though, but that's life

165a0b  No.19754


lol u get what u pay for

165a0b  No.19755


this is why we have the rule:


ebd0b4  No.19758


How do you meet someone because of 8chan?

517010  No.19759

File: 013aaa2dc8a802c⋯.jpg (118.05 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, image.jpg)


You play vidya with us. :)

File: b2bec0862a09d96⋯.jpg (387.3 KB, 736x1356, 184:339, French Roastie.jpg)

0a3330  No.18966[Reply]

How many of you are real, actual, biological women? I'm not lol.

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ff975f  No.19693

Not me

9b64cf  No.19694

File: 34f18e080e29c27⋯.jpg (14.11 KB, 480x345, 32:23, 1520411440821.jpg)

I'm a woman on the inside

f65a98  No.19695

File: ca46c4f9ea3643e⋯.png (2.59 MB, 2560x1440, 16:9, qx1u422yq2921.png)

f0f876  No.19751

I am very real, but I think I discovered this board too late. Seems kinda dead now

d10b07  No.19752

I– I don't know what I am.

File: 161cf79c9d85ffd⋯.mp4 (7.24 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, jayden are you kidding me.mp4)

82f29a  No.19120[Reply]

did your best friend ever steal your bf when you were growing up?

54d022  No.19153

did your best friend steal ur bf?

33af1d  No.19750

That can't happen when I don't have a bf to steal

File: ce1d456346b058f⋯.jpg (59.6 KB, 736x677, 736:677, Average 8chan poster.jpg)

ff9865  No.6588[Reply]

Welcome to /girltalk/'s /boytalk/! The area of our board dedicated to males.

In here, males can ask questions, hang around and post if they so please. The only thing we ask is be smart. Coming to a female-centric board to complain about the female gender as a whole is tasteless.

Remember that males posting outside this thread (or /metatalk/) is NOT APPRECIATED. This is a mainly-female imageboard, and we would like to keep it that way.

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Post last edited at

e0d502  No.19732


Indeed lol. Try not to cut yourself on his edge.

f18e1e  No.19733

File: 2b710a0c0a5c173⋯.png (106.54 KB, 500x481, 500:481, overweight-german-man-who-….png)


Oh I'm bleeding to death over here.

a2c190  No.19734

File: f064eec64f7f085⋯.jpg (119.05 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, f064eec64f7f085921b33d1ddd….jpg)


>Do you believe there's non "modern women" out there

I don't live in the first world, but I study with many first worlders at my uni, that's where all the negative experiences come from. The local girls aren't great, but they're a lot better.

>How will you get her? What do you have to offer her?

I'm from a well-off family, finishing university in a very good field, effectively guaranteed to not have money issues in the future. So financial security, career, land, inheritance are checked. I don't have any mental or physical disorders. On the downside, introvert, not particularly /fit/, dislike spontaneity, and don't like bothering random women I barely know by trying to pick them up, hence virgin. Plus I don't particularly like conservative traditional women, which just makes it harder.

The nips have the right idea, even if their execution is lackluster. A competent, strong woman who has no issues being reliant or just pretending to be reliant on his man to humor him, that's the ideal. The shitty liberal modern women are the absolute polar opposite, traditional women are a bit closer to the ideal, but still quite a way off.

>From where I stand men largely reinforce and encourage all the things you criticize about women.

They do, men are obviously at fault too, it just wasn't in the scope of my other post. Hell, the way women act is almost entirely the fault of men at its roots, but on this level things start to get really complicated. It just boils down to people always painting with wide brushes - some men abused some women > society reacts by trying to protect women by laws and a shift in acceptable behavior > produces weak pussywhipped men and trashy women. The problem was caused by a too non-specific, one-sided approach to solving a problem, and now present-day politics is even more like that, people are even more likely to try to solve problems by one-sided approaches, dismissing or outright banning discussion of many of the details of the problem, see trannies.

5a3d22  No.19735


>I'm from a well-off family, finishing university in a very good field, effectively guaranteed to not have money issues in the future.

Congrats, so are most women nowadays. Seriously, it's like they want the sexes to bicker

d48e76  No.19749


I mean, I really don't believe in leagues. This may sound like virtue signalling but I really mean it when I say I don't care too much how someone looks if they are sweet to me and loyal and good hubby material I will marry them

File: 8d44d40efa3f942⋯.jpg (154 KB, 719x574, 719:574, If I had a guy....jpg)

640f40  No.19709[Reply]

>female prisons: inmates often form pseudo-families which provide support, bonds and relationships, 'like a traditional family would', and the 'parents' tend to act as mentors to other younger inmates.

>male prisons: inmates just rape each other

555314  No.19710

girls go to venus to get more penis

7074e2  No.19711

<all female and male prisons are alike

<doesn't depend on the demographics in said prisons, or the crimes commited by said demographics

32e1e7  No.19712

File: 391cdef4aaec977⋯.jpg (202.57 KB, 962x653, 962:653, the weak should fear the s….jpg)

>male prisons: guys form hierarchies of respect, spend time playing board games or basketball with their bros, working out and improving themselves, reading books and gaining wisdom

>female prisons: inmates act catty and secretly hate each other, while being dominated by high-testosterone "mother hens" in pseudo-lesbian relationships

3449fb  No.19715

File: a2d8bb2adcda5d5⋯.jpg (40.79 KB, 363x372, 121:124, 2547568254.jpg)

Yes, men and women are different. Welcome to reality anons.

bb6d45  No.19738


Different is a nice euphemism for that

File: 7d4e6998e0ae614⋯.jpg (190.58 KB, 610x610, 1:1, YeahDude.jpg)

ffb064  No.19611[Reply]


I see we have both a webm thread and a pics thread where people are dividing up all their cute stuff so I thought it might be nice to have one place to come to for all your cute needs when you're having a bad day or just want to GAWWWWW….

Maybe you just found something really cute and you want to share it but have no other context in which to post it. Now you do! And it'll be nice to just have a permanent feel good thread for a change.


ITT cute animals, cute people, cute arts and crafts, cute anything.. hell, even cute stories! Why not? Pics, gifs and webms welcome! and I suppose embeds IF YOU MUST

Have Fun!


( . .)

C(") (")

13 posts and 15 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

47cdbf  No.19678


Wahmen like to rearrange stuff and fix things that aren't broken.

ffb064  No.19686

File: ab39ad6ff4dec81⋯.mp4 (80.51 KB, 320x320, 1:1, fkhsDeh.mp4)

File: f7674daa767c636⋯.mp4 (5.68 MB, 640x800, 4:5, 9sbSjnm.mp4)

a74c59  No.19730

File: 98b1ea5c758eaf3⋯.mp4 (1.29 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, M (12).mp4)

11f722  No.19736

File: 4acb7c479dfc588⋯.jpg (20.58 KB, 495x493, 495:493, 10559727_740906739302549_6….jpg)

Happy Valenstimes day, anons and anonettes.

3c3e37  No.19737

File: 22eaa20f72a07bb⋯.jpg (73.57 KB, 523x768, 523:768, chimp.jpg)


You too ♥

File: 400f2f01cf928ac⋯.png (186.04 KB, 433x620, 433:620, gggg.png)

36ccce  No.18728[Reply]

Ask me anything, I'll be honest.

77 posts and 17 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

3a96db  No.19665


Maybe the people you surround yourself with are just trash? I don't have much of a social life so I have only 2 friends to go off of, but neither of us have ever cheated. No kissing, not even just flirting with others.

8dc0f9  No.19670


>your stuff sounds like generic incel meme-tier propaganda on women

This. I don't believe a single word said by 888cde, sounds like complete bullshit.

36ccce  No.19721

File: dbed3991f3973da⋯.jpg (31.67 KB, 500x332, 125:83, 22558844536.jpg)


Sorry I didn't see your post, I sort of stopped checking the thread after incelbait poster entered the scene.

So uh, thinking back the only time I ever really felt like I was missing out was when people told me I was. I mentioned in a previous post that in our early 20's we both went on dates with other people at the encouragement of basically everyone we knew. The experience was not a great one for either of us and didn't last long. As far as your situation I would imagine it'd be easier for someone who was a virgin to be less tempted, not more, by what they are supposedly "missing". You can't miss what you never had after all. To be fair, we didn't grow up in the same porn saturated culture that exists today. We sort of rode the cusp between being lucky if you found a dirty mag in the bushes as a kid and having to wait 7 mins for a jpg to load using our 56k modems as teens, lol. So yeah, I don't really know what it's like to have seen every sexual act by the age of 8 and then go and attempt natural sexual exploration and monogamy with someone afterward. We actually did experience all our firsts with each other undoubtedly solidifying the lifelong bond we have now. Not sure how often that happens today when they're teaching middle schoolers about anal in sex-ed. I'm off on a tangent.. excusez-moi.

>So OP did any of you ever had this sort of wish to feel the disappointment of incompatible partners before?

No offense intended but I don't know what you're asking me here.

1e00cf  No.19725

Whats it like to have been duped into that marriage shit? You didnt come up with the idea, so its best to abandon it.

You say a lot for simply stickin around.

36ccce  No.19726


>Whats it like to have been duped into that marriage shit?

Who are you even talking to? If it's me, I'm not married and have said as much in this thread already. I'd be happy to comment on your other 2 sentences but I don't even know what they mean or are trying to say so I suppose I'll wait for clarification.

File: 0ca2f3ae290c400⋯.jpg (323.35 KB, 850x1200, 17:24, じょろり@3日目西み05a ‏ @freeskect….jpg)

File: a98df7a9f7c37e0⋯.jpg (176.26 KB, 554x831, 2:3, Wheat weaved dress by Kath….jpg)

acdde6  No.19090[Reply]

post anything

43 posts and 40 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

8a0627  No.19688

File: d4387ed2b837ebb⋯.png (352.24 KB, 761x900, 761:900, 79907961-c764-4955-b785-df….png)

97a32b  No.19692

File: 1de5153dac76b0a⋯.jpg (34.23 KB, 418x352, 19:16, 1de.jpg)

Angry shaggy

102432  No.19696

File: 9eae011f5a00ca1⋯.jpg (339.95 KB, 1920x1200, 8:5, whatmenfindcute.jpg)

971dda  No.19698

File: b0d445c91ad5cdb⋯.gif (1.43 MB, 640x352, 20:11, 1534284849441.gif)



8dbeaa  No.19706

File: 445100cee35300e⋯.jpg (2.63 MB, 2343x3290, 2343:3290, e11fef583288218009c834f2f7….jpg)

File: 7ecad568e7ed903⋯.png (198.84 KB, 960x681, 320:227, 3cthpt41zh021.png)

153af6  No.19124[Reply]

Selling Sex and a segway into Vidya

So, halfchan started mass reporting camgirls and the like to the IRS for unreported income a few days ago after someone suggested it on reddit. It has spilled over onto 8/pol/ and there is new a board here (albeit sort of dead) for the operation as well. Apparently this is spreading far and wide with the emphasis being on Snapchat Premium memberships in which these women trade nudes and attention for money. It's been so effective that it's being predicted this will negatively effect Snapchat's stock prices on Monday.

I wanted to share my thoughts no pun intended on the entire thing, which despite my personal feelings about taxes has me sensibly chuckling to myself.

First, I wholeheartedly believe that collection of taxes under the threat of violence is fundamentally wrong, as is any forced redistribution of wealth. I also think that the free market should reign supreme and that if there are guys out there willing to pay $5 for a pic of some rando's tits, so be it. Supply and demand. There's exceptions and caveats but that's the general idea for me anyway.

That being said, there's something undeniably satisfying about seeing eThots getting audited and trying to defend why they don't pay their taxes. Of course most, including the white knights defending m'ladys honor, are employing the "I'm a chick so I get a free pass" excuse, as well as blubbering about how "it's an attack on all sex workers" - which btw I'd be happy to assure them the IRS gives not one single fuck about.

Twitch streamers who are there to sell the sexy gamergrrl image are also being reported. And it makes me smug af tbh, despite some guilt over condoning turning people into the shekel-grubbing machine that is the IRS. As a woman and an avid gamer for my entire life I've seen the huge shift in perception from girls who love games into "gamergrrls" over the last 10 or so years. Growing up we all just played games, boys and girls, and it was no big deal. There's always been less girls and that's always been fine. But this new sexy cam-gamer-girl thing has done massive damagePost too long. Click here to view the full text.

80 posts and 27 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

000000  No.19584

That's some hardcore reeing in this thread. I remember when I was an edgy teenager and reed that hard.

21aaf8  No.19631

File: 42e3cc918c6f346⋯.jpg (112.44 KB, 480x573, 160:191, 1546126946327.jpg)

>Two kikes masturbating their egos ITT

Tragic. I seem to remember girltalk under snailgrill getting ruined by estrogen infested faggots as well. Soy really is destroying mankind from within.

000000  No.19634


Yes we should ban everyone who has a different opinion, that would be so based and redpilled.

217d17  No.19687


What happened to snailgrill?

794fa3  No.19690


She just kind of left.

File: 8255b3bb127c2c6⋯.jpg (80.34 KB, 850x500, 17:10, 2c67490d413cd9ba6d8fd1120d….jpg)

6ed656  No.19640[Reply]

I'd like to share a topic of discussion with you all: fear mongering about the internet and its dangers, 2019 edition.

It's been a matter of personal reflection and perplexity how there seems to be a massive push to make the internet children safe in the last few years. More precisely, since the year of invention of the Iphone (2007) when the internet-accessibility potentialities of smartphones had been revealed and made a marketable product by Mr. Jobs.

Coincidentally, many tiny event bubbles started forming and wrecking havoc into the internet we all knew and loved at the time. If previously, owning a personal computer and working an internet connection was considered tech savvy, with the passage of time the user friendly interfaces has brought it to level with a wider, but despite that -adult- audience. But the toy-like shape of the smartphones, their bright colors and smooth edges made it simple and "safe" enough for parents to trust their children with it.

If any of you is a 4chan refugee, the year 2007 cca will be familiar to you as the endless summer, aka the time where the influx of new users made it impossible to preserve chan culture and instruct the newcomers with timely fashion, leading to the widespread decay of imageboards as a whole.

Youtube itself had to quickly adapt to this influx of children, which left to their own accord and with little supervision started exploring their sexuality to the pleasure of pedophiles worldwide, leading to the ever increasing surveillance (that today is culminating into AI-guided censorship).

And with those two big rocks conquered, the rest of the internet felt like adapting was the profitable choice. Facebook, Tumblr, and many others have since adapted to the playful, pastel colored & safe child-friendly standard, with many more social networks spawning from this seemingly unanimous wave.

Now, connecting the dots, where does this path lead us? Why is it so important to make this enviroenment child friendly when children are only a part of the equation and not the whole? Why should the adult internet adapt to the newfagPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

4 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

999e2c  No.19654

File: c2fcfeeec4e7fe9⋯.mp4 (5.3 MB, 720x1280, 9:16, FEMZIbRLhKi2tekq.mp4)

File: 733fdf4ced78651⋯.mp4 (1.43 MB, 202x360, 101:180, H7qeY65iKh7YknqE.mp4)

if there was a /girltalk/ youtube channel for kids

what videos would it have?

b081be  No.19661

If you wouldn't want your children to be accessing disgusting media, why are you digesting it yourself?

I wish I could go back to the days when I had more innocence. Frankly, I'm so sick of the world's immoral agenda, I yearn for a life within a community of like minded individuals who build each other up. I envy the amish.

Few even recognize the spiritual destruction of merely watching a 'conservative' youtuber bringing awareness of demonic teachings in the media, schools and culture. I'm at the point where I've unsubscribed to most of these commentators because their content isn't edifying, but rather desensitizes viewers to these horrors.

Children shouldn't have access to youtube uncensored. It is too easy to fall down the rabbit hole. Until a young person's abstract thinking has been developed along with a strong moral compass, everything they absorb should be supervised and discussed to help them become their own critical thinkers.

If there is anything children should watch, it should be educational and provide access to information difficult to reach otherwise. If you live in Australia, here's what a Canadian moose looks like, or if you live in Canada, here's what a kangaroo looks like. Here's a documentary on how cars are made. Here's what a remote African tribal song and dance looks like. Compare it to your own culture. Here's what some of the most powerful classical concertos sound like performed by the top musicians of recording history. Fill them with good and wholesome content so that it is easily recognizable when they see modern media.

But never unsupervised. It's too easy for anything to slip in, like a comment on youlube or a news article.

The longer you abstain from modern media be it youtube, movies, tv, vidja, the stronger of a negative reaction you will have when you introduce that media back into your diet. You'll realize even what you thought was 'tame' is repulsive. Go out, read a book, educate yourself, and learn a new skill or hobby.

And those children not in our communities, what aboutPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

000000  No.19662


Wow, you're such a hipster your children would come out with waxed mustaches.

ff52b1  No.19663

I'm honestly the most scared about how specific and user-targeted algorithms control every contentstream and how AI has the capability to fundamentally alter a user's mind

7fe20d  No.19685


I'm not concerned about this and I'd rather it wasn't raised at all. There's already enough censorship of the internet and the last thing we need is to give leftists and politicians more power over us by giving them another seemingly moral reason to take our freedoms away for our own good.

This is just a symptom of a much larger problem that should be dealt with first. You mentioned that there is an economy that prevents us from raising their own kids, and that's true, the government robbed us to the point where it is now necessary for both of the parents to work to support the family, while leaving our children to be raised by propaganda in public schools and by parentless hooligans outside of schools, either that, or for whatever reason you have single moms who unwittingly do much worse for the development of their children than anything the internet can throw at them.

It's just first-world-tier nitpicking at non-issues out of boredom while ignoring the fact that it is a blessing upon humanity.

File: f4678d3b7a5dfea⋯.jpg (66.51 KB, 1080x1182, 180:197, 1542812392321.jpg)

258bfc  No.19656[Reply]

I think I want to start taking anavar. I was working out for about two years. Got a little bit of progress and I definitely look better than before. Then my friend decided to join after half a year she started taking var. At first I thought she will start look manly, but there was basically no change in her face, voice etc. And she's looking a lot better than me now.

I think I really want to have better shoulders, legs and bicep. I also talked to some of my friends about it and they all said var is great for girls with basically no side effects if you aren't going for some crazy doses long term.

But I am still not sure femanons. What should I do?

1 post omitted. Click reply to view.

fc309c  No.19658

enjoy your four inch clit op

258bfc  No.19659

File: fd92dc37b476f49⋯.jpg (100.38 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 1533265062932.jpg)


Thank you femanon. I am researching already for quite a while.

Also I will still have to workout pretty hard to get the results I want. I just know I naturally don't have great genes and the effect I want to have is achievable through var.

I already checked my heart and done blood tests.


I know this won't happen on var this is not test.

dfe1b0  No.19660


>var is great for girls with basically no side effects if you aren't going for some crazy doses long term

Except you can become addicted to the primary effects of it, mainly the increased sex drive, which is a curse on its own. I won't advise against it as something "unnatural", because what is unnatural, to begin with? Also, I have a thing for excessively fit women, so there's that bias. All I advise is that you use it with extreme caution and temperance. Keep the dosage to a minimum, and for the love of god stop the moment you notice a change in your period cycles. Be careful, anon. Humanity doesn't need you to leave it behind.

a04a83  No.19674


Dont listen to >>19660 take var and leave humanity behind. 5 SCOOPS BABY

77107b  No.19682


I didn't say not to take it! Just keep the dosage to a minimum, or you'll become a horny clothes-bursting mess of muscle. Okay?

File: 228f07bb29c3cbb⋯.png (4.23 KB, 152x226, 76:113, John_Egbert2.png)

559da7  No.19681[Reply]

how do you wonderful ladies feel about smegma?


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