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Board has been removed from index temporarily.

File: ce1d456346b058f⋯.jpg (59.6 KB, 736x677, 736:677, Average 8chan poster.jpg)

ff9865 No.6588[Reply]

Welcome to /girltalk/'s /boytalk/! The area of our board dedicated to males.

In here, males can ask questions, hang around and post if they so please. The only thing we ask is be smart. Coming to a female-centric board to complain about the female gender as a whole is tasteless.

Remember that males posting outside this thread (or /metatalk/) is NOT APPRECIATED. This is a mainly-female imageboard, and we would like to keep it that way.

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37bfce No.14894

File: f27d18733bfa90b⋯.gif (68.75 KB, 500x281, 500:281, ecks dee.gif)


My fault.

Digimon Linkz just came out and I have went full autistic addiction.

File: 0417c1b5901d715⋯.png (470.73 KB, 610x387, 610:387, Who really died that day.png)

b8fdd9 No.11832[Reply]

We have had too many threads turning into political arguments. Guys refuse to play nice, so this thread has been made for that.


Let's keep /girltalk/ clean. Do your part and keep the political discussion in this thread, and in this thread only.

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af7fea No.14891


>when it actually pertains to the argument

When you're straight up arguing to the characteristics to the person, you're not really arguing at all, you're just describing qualities that are irrelevant.

It seems that you're the same fucking retard who derailed the other thread and is hungry for replies. She's right, it was ad hom. Deal with it fag.

File: 500efd082670464⋯.png (790.2 KB, 1169x1194, 1169:1194, Board-pa and Salty.png)

6ed351 No.10000[Reply]

This is /girltalk/'s meta thread: /metatalk/

Feel free to post any advice, tip, suggestion, complain and critique regarding the forum in this thread.

All comments are appreciated and remember: There is no such a thing as bad criticism, just bad ways to deliver it.

Reminder the board action's log can be found here:


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6ed351 No.14803


This server is a potato tied with ropes, and that is giving it too much credit.

What I usually do is delete all the posts in one or two threads, then mass delete them.

File: a9df8f60feaa564⋯.jpg (472.38 KB, 1000x1412, 250:353, makeup_chan.jpg)

29bb33 No.14787[Reply]

ITT: Makeup Review and Reccs

What products do you use and what are the best ones?

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d16892 No.14893


Is this a joke or not. I might actually try it, I'm desperate.


Shiny as in yucky and gross. My nose isn't pointed at all.

b7a20e No.14897


Didn't say pointed. I said bulbed, like one on a real cute dune girl. You don't got a negro nose. Right?

83b53d No.14898


It's not a joke, the toothpaste actually dries everything out of your skin, it's a super good overnight lifehack if you feel that one is coming, too.

More makeup recc: NEVER get those tattoo brow things. The ones where you apply a gel that hardens and is supposed to fill in your eyebrows. I tried two different ones now and both have been utter garbage.

d16892 No.14899


I will do it then. Because I am desperate.

How much is too much? Just a bit on my finger?

Post last edited at

83b53d No.14900


Just a lil bit to cover the place you want to dry out. Like the specific pimple or if its an area a very thin minty layer. Not to close to the eyes of course though.

File: 87bac4146fb9675⋯.png (626.01 KB, 1280x718, 640:359, fb7b163f-e6b2-4861-b77c-cb….png)

83cb0c No.14324[Reply]

at first I was really excited about this place but now I see a critical problem: you don't (presumably can't) verify the sex of posters. BO, without being able to keep a check on the gender of your users I think you need to rethink the scope and direction of girltalk.

17 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

c7861b No.14887


And you could've just responded normally without nitpicking.

1dfc06 No.14889


What's wrong with nitpicking? I just want to help you, cutie. :)

c7861b No.14890


It's like you searched "how to piss of girls online".

You're a cliche. Go add another petname to the next post you respond on to get them really riled up.

eba6c7 No.14892

>tfw no aspie gf to piss off with a pet name that she hates

s-s-sorry for shitting up the board tbh

I've always worn my boyim star tho

1dfc06 No.14896


It's spelled "off", honey, now, promise me you'll stay on this board, with me. Promise me this will be the only board you'll ever post on. Promise? ;>

File: 560ae5d108530d0⋯.png (72.11 KB, 254x480, 127:240, I wasnt lying, you know.png)

673085 No.14895[Reply]

Discord groups are for faggots. Stop that.

File: f12d51b17212eff⋯.jpg (65.07 KB, 453x604, 3:4, OdiwzF_8NQs.jpg)

bb0e38 No.4758[Reply]

How do you feel about friendships with boyos?

I never really put much thought into it but I have become friends with a group of about 6-8 girls recently, they are all about 2 years younger than me but like most girls act older, all with quite different personalities.

It's probably the most girls I have ever actually been genuine friends with ever and I started to think what they really feel about being friends with me, I understand I could just ask them but I'm just happy that i have people that I care about around me and tend to go with the flow socially anyway.

Anyway just curious of any experiences you girlies may have had being friends with a guy and what benefits and whatever.

57 posts and 17 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

3c36b1 No.14786


No no, I definitely mean friends, I have a metric fuckton of acquaintances But I only refer to these two as friends.

Admittedly I have to agree about the codependency part, when you're good friends with a girl (or girls) on a platonic level it's very easy to descend into "YOU DON'T PAY ENOUGH ATTENTION TO ME" territory, I was guilty of it as a teenager (I was a fucking faggot of a teenager), I think it comes from seeking an emotional connection but not being able for whatever reason to get teh GF.

I get what you mean, but I think I grew out of that as well.


9da467 No.14806

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>Originally 'The Four Loves' series was recorded by Lewis in London in 1958, prepared as 10 talks to air on the ‘Protestant Hour’ on American radio

1c4f5a No.14813

I stopped caring about the gender of my friends early on in high-school. I just hung around people who talked about dork shit all the time. Some were boys, some were girls. There aren't any real benefits from being friends with guys, except maybe that men don't bother you as much in public if you're already with one or two guys.

281c97 No.14821


Fuck off with the faggot reddit spacing, get your OCD under control.

cf9f28 No.14878


>fuck off with meme spacing

>meme spaces

File: dc5cccbbd7be494⋯.jpeg (114.55 KB, 670x959, 670:959, D63D26B0-7956-42A8-BE68-0….jpeg)

0065d1 No.12050[Reply]

Everyone needs to stand up for true Alpha American heroes. No woman want a little boy like this.

10 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

6bcf30 No.12299

File: 7e14c71510d2500⋯.jpg (104.71 KB, 600x800, 3:4, russia 34534.jpg)


That's the point, they are "protesting" dindu nuffins getting shot by cops. Also slavs don't kneel, they squat.

e9a251 No.12370

File: 9066f9b6b1707b4⋯.png (457.82 KB, 589x1080, 589:1080, blk mixed divorce rates.png)

File: 0fddae1b437aa99⋯.png (169.59 KB, 889x374, 889:374, blk mixed pregnancy.png)



Yeah. THAT'S the reason you shouldn't date someone like that.

ac96cf No.14874


>Yeah. THAT'S the reason you shouldn't date someone like that.

Loved how you dropped in statistics that supported your fetish. Which is hilarious, because you in particular will be cucked.

Your precious statistics would merely consider you as a part of that group that gets divorced, and the facts will declare you a faggot for failing miserably.

783db5 No.14876


Which is your favorite NFL bull?

929d5f No.14882


Careful. He might take that question seriously.

File: 32a5c61b9883c3f⋯.gif (212.85 KB, 400x300, 4:3, Powerpuff girls and Jared.gif)

165d59 No.14331[Reply]

This will be a nice thread with zero spam and salty raiders.

Hello there! What's your favourite Digimon? I love them all but my top three are KaratsukiNumemon, Lilimon and Syakomon.

15 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

5e2c23 No.14826


Too intellectual for you.

ac3f38 No.14858


If there is nothing worse in life, it is a female shitposter.

f7d924 No.14863


I'd say males coming to this board to complain is worse.

ac3f38 No.14867


Calling out shitposters is simply etiquette, for imageboards.

ae4c72 No.14872


So's not being a male on a female board, faggot.

File: 0640e76ecbeff6f⋯.webm (2.88 MB, 1000x562, 500:281, oi m8 just bloody ell pic….webm)

db7a18 No.11553[Reply]

Lets go.

3 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

732728 No.14864

File: da93ba492a072ec⋯.webm (7.96 MB, 720x406, 360:203, john lennon is a pussy.webm)

732728 No.14865

File: ae130fe9bc20ede⋯.webm (9.9 MB, 500x888, 125:222, crazy lady vs fat scooter….webm)

d2a4e0 No.14868


I laughed hard at this one. Source?

a33e65 No.14870

File: 51cb3629b67a8a2⋯.mp4 (5.23 MB, 220x398, 110:199, 0002.mp4)

File: dc143e476398536⋯.mp4 (6.11 MB, 320x240, 4:3, PitbullvsCavalo.mp4)


a33e65 No.14871

File: f05694563b060db⋯.mp4 (7.96 MB, 400x300, 4:3, herb1.mp4)

File: f7ef4514af5f12f⋯.mp4 (7 MB, 408x724, 102:181, rapistgetsastickbeating.mp4)

File: a6c0e2560e9dbca⋯.jpg (38.43 KB, 641x427, 641:427, 1481291.jpg)

3b04e9 No.14866[Reply]

Any thoughts on the recent scandal? I have a lot I want to say about it, but wanted some GT opinions first before sharing.

File: 1c4d0c7f0ccc089⋯.jpg (98.65 KB, 800x800, 1:1, Eri.jpg)

3f60d1 No.9535[Reply]

>Meet guy

>Become casual friends with guy

>Don't really get close to him because I have trust issues

>Suddenly, one day he messages me wanting to know what's wrong with me

>I talk a little, but not much

>He tells me I can open up to him completly

>He's convincing enough that I end up doing it

>We become friends

>Actually feel okay with myself for once in my life

>He sends messages to me telling me he wants to commit suicide

>Manage to call the police and help prevent him from doing so

>We stay good friends for a while

>Suddenly, I get very disturbing messages from him telling me how obsessed he is with me, that he gets hard-ons when he thinks of me, and even once jerked off in his car while thinking of me

>Tell him that he's making me uncomfterble

>"You should be happy any guy is interested in you at all"

>"All men are obsessive."

>Come to painful realization that he was never interested in being my friend, only interested in my body

>Tell him to go fuck himself and block him

>TFW when I'm alone and miserable once again

I get the feeling that I'm destined to always be alone.

70 posts and 13 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

0fcabb No.14723


>They don't work.

Just to add up, yeah they don't work, and the LTR that end up working in the end are not LTR anymore, point and simple, and I say this as someone who met my girl in a online game (Ragnarok, I know, I'm a faggot)

054901 No.14731


stop being a nigger junkie

172d05 No.14778

For me, opposite scenario:

<Girl with trust issues falls hard for me quickly

<Probably competing with other nearby females

<Interested in my hobbies

<Asks me what kind of porn I like

<Tells me about a friend who is a stripper

<Asks me what my ideal vacation would be

>Inspire her towards self-improvement

>Develop a genuine emotional attachment to her

>Wouldn't mind being friend zoned at all

>Signal lack of interest in wild animal sex

>One day unexpectedly share a mild joke

<Accuses me of being a creep

<Tells me there's no way she could be attracted to me

<Sounds like the Romeo to a mysterious Horatio

>Go through phases of regret then anger then acceptance

>Not longer genuinely concerned about her

>Leave her to deal with her Facebook stalkers by herself

Moral of the story: she already had that cynical outlook suggested by other posters that women should expect all men to pursue sex. From the man's perspective I can tell you that it's a disheartening start to any relationship, especially a friendship. Her preferred way of dealing with men was to jump to the chase and use her sexuality to seize control from the outset. Afraid that she couldn't control my behavior, she shut me down completely. Her narrowminded cocaine-fueled masterplanning destroyed any chance of finding someone different.

>TFW when I'm alone and miserable once again

>I get the feeling that I'm destined to always be alone.

You need to be the change that you want to see in others. If you're interested in a man tell him why (besides his money, his social status or his hawt bawd). Try filling your time together with jokes, singing, voice impressions, etcPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

172d05 No.14779

>love is a fleeting chemical reaction to enable procreation

The love is there whether or not a sexual attraction exists.

0dc0f3 No.14820


love is your body giving into causality and attempting to create children to pass your burden onto and keep the karmic cycle going

>you did not break the cycles of life and death

>maybe your child will :^)

<t. demiurge

File: 2c4c52bb924a87a⋯.jpg (351.85 KB, 1280x1061, 1280:1061, image.jpg)

fa07a1 No.5870[Reply]

What is a good date ?

25 posts and 5 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

6f9565 No.6843


You remind me of myself back in the day. I would commit everything to page when I wrote anything. There are just some things which aren't necessary dude, and most people will just skim over them. I actually did read through the entirety of your post, but I guarantee not many people will want to because you've put so many minute details in there.

But whatever. If it works for you keep it.


Hey man, well that's great. It was actually my thesis for a long time. I respect honesty and trust and the truth above pretty much anything else, and it actually got me into trouble quite a few times. After getting kicked out of my place for a bit among other things, I realised I had to choose my words more carefully in front of people whose sole intention it was to judge you, which was why I actually never got accepted into any of the job interviews I went to before I was 19, and probably also why I wasn't in my first real relationship until I was the same age, and even that was a travesty because I scraped the bottom of the barrel. A year or so later I finally met the girl who respects me as much as I respect her, but even so I had to get hurt before I did. I still try to remain as honest as I can though, and if I have to choose my words carefully sometimes I find that as acceptable losses.

6870b1 No.14762

The first date with my now ex was quite magical. At first we met at a coffeeshop and chatted for a while there and later went to the astral observatory and made up names for the constellations we saw.

af7928 No.14763

File: bd7871950a0acd4⋯.jpg (214.31 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, you dont need help, youve ….jpg)

Meeting for breakfast or brunch

Hanging out with some friends for drinks or a matinee or something cool like golf

Going to a park or driving out to the county and walking around old towns and villages or something, fishing

Or just walking around and hanging out in a park listening to music or teaching each other sports or whatever

Hanging out after dark on a river front, or walking around downtown, maybe grabbing another small bite to eat and a drink

Finish the night off with another movie and some real dinner, at my place perhaps, with some pizza, snacks, popcorn, and ice cream, playing video games and getting drunk, kissing and fucking then talking about our deepest desires until we fall asleep in each other's arms waking up to a blow job or her to breakfast.

I don't really know. Maybe playing music or doing some artsy shit all day, hanging out and working on a project getting something to eat and drink during breaks. There's always the shopping route, just going shopping at every place in town, hanging around the mall or some outlet strips. Swimming at a lake or on the beach. Camping? Just feeling good about being together and feeling like I have no other responsibilities to worry about.

103382 No.14818


heh reminds me of one of the first dates i went on

long story though:

>meet girl online through FUCKIN MYSPACE, we meet up at her house

>her dad was unironically loading a gun and smoking like a goddamn cartoon character as I enter

>we hang out in her backyard for about ten minutes before leaving through her side gate

>walk around the town, notice her dad is following us

>we decide to go to defunct train tracks to ditch him

>i had some smokes, we smoke one and she puts a flower in my hair(i had long ass girly hair at the time that i'd pull back and hide under a skullcap in front of other people's parents)

>we split up, agree to catch a movie later

>meet up at the mall in her town, i have never been to a mall before in my life(im from a VERY small town and grew up in a winery, had a very strange and isolated upbringing)

>act like a retarded tourist , first time seeing other gothbois IRL as well

>she shows me gamestop because she knows i like vidyas

>play star wars republic commando instead of talking to her

>movie time

>i sit there silently watching it, catch her looking at me at one point

<tfw she was probably trying to kiss me and i was too much of a sperg to do anything

>movie about 1/3 over

>she tells me she has to go


>try watching the rest alone, fall asleep because im tired as fuck and haven't gone out anywhere in a month

>wake up to some black fucker shaking me and shining a flashlight in my face

>glare at him, catch bus home

>schizo throPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

103382 No.14819

also was probably eb games not gamestop i don't remember exactly when the switch happened, story was 2004. mid-2000s was the best era of my life tbh

File: f7b48f50616f698⋯.png (72.18 KB, 663x455, 51:35, vomit.png)

c1b502 No.12303[Reply]

Hi /girltalk/. Not sure whether posting this is a good idea, not sure whether the BO and regular posters are actually women or just men trying to get female attention or nudes. but I feel really bad today and just had to talk to some sympathetic people.

So yesterday, my boss (who is a man) asked me to stay late at work to finish some paperwork. I didn't think much of it, but anyway to make a long story short, he waited until everyone else was gone and then he started groping my breasts and saying a bunch of sick shit. Needless to say I didn't like it one bit, he was really disgusting.

What should I do /girltalk/? I don't want to risk my job over this, I'm single and if I lose my job I'll probably have to move onto the streets. On the other hand I absolutely loathe Rapists and I can't go back to work again.

66 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

1fa930 No.14801


Imagine whatever you want, friend, an autist with with an aversion to bodily contact (to a degree) has had not only multiple (failed, admittedly) relationships, but isn't a virgin. I know what makes you angry about this scenario, but we'll leave it at that.

0543f2 No.14817


when you just spent half of the thread sperging out and focusing on someone's identity, and then tell them that they've focused too much on their identity, it's pretty clear that you lost the argument.

ecbfe4 No.14829


Why imagine? You've painted the picture, this whole thread.

1fa930 No.14837

File: 1a8f29cbc29ca0d⋯.png (330.64 KB, 600x1081, 600:1081, fuck off.png)


>You've painted the picture

I've not really painted anything, I brought up an anecdote that you failed to understand because you clearly failed high school English, this entire thread has been you trying to paint labels on some anonymous poster because you didn't like they way they talked, and you couldn't refute any of the arguments that were made. So, you painted a picture, focused way too much on the anonymous poster instead of the arguments, and then in the end after you've failed multiple times you resort to "lol why do you have such an unwarranted self importance" i.e. why do you focus so much on yourself?

My question is how even is someone this bad at trolling?

ecbfe4 No.14859


>I've not really painted anything

You were going on about your trauma, the whole thread.

File: e7009c69a01ace4⋯.png (288.37 KB, 1023x511, 1023:511, CN2V3f9UEAEDFGv.png large.png)

f4b3ca No.5240[Reply]

I am curious what are some of the most cringy things you have had boys do or say to you or your friends.

Fellow males: Please chime in if you have any cringy stories as well, but let's keep this from being a thread about, "Girls not understanding the subtle art of the 'tism" when it reality it is (You) who are the problem.

I'll start with a mild one: A grill confessed to me once in middle school while we were standing in the middle of the huge open field we had to play in. I froze up and didn't know what to do. I didn't say anything, I just turned and literally ran directly away from her at full speed back toward the school and hid in the bathroom for the remainder of recess. Looking back, I really wonder how that must have felt for her.

70 posts and 26 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

7f9a53 No.14484

File: 3f0f5791daad399⋯.jpg (2.78 MB, 4288x3216, 4:3, 100_1797.JPG)

>around 11 years old, on the playground

>an envoy is sent to me, I'm told to meet the girl I like near the jungle gym

>she's stood there with the biggest chad in the school

>he says to her 'you have to choose one of us'

>I run at extremely high speed in the opposite direction

Thanks childhood for making me incapable of intimacy. I ran the 100m for the school so I really was fast.

<16 years old, in cafeteria during lunch

<classmate and I start fighting in a friendly way, we're laughing

<I put him on his back on a table, my hand around his neck and his legs either side of me

<look to my right and there's a table of girls, all looking at us

<we immediately stop and leave

I went to a boys only secondary school so I guess that saved me from losing more spaghetti - then again, maybe that didn't help. The reason there were girls in the cafeteria is because the cafeteria was shared with the neighbouring girls school. I'm pretty much resigned to my KHV status forever now. I've hardly spoken to anyone other than my mother in four years (not that I talk to her much), I'm 20 now, and I don't think I've spoken to a girl beyond a few sentences in my whole life. Thankfully being dead inside means I'm not as anxious anymore.

756c80 No.14485

>elementary school

>girl hanging upside down from playground

>i can see her bum heh

>bare feet too(birth of the 'ol foot fetish)

>go up to her and tickle her feet

>she falls on her head

>we both cry

>her older brother comes over wearing soccer kleets and and kicks me unconscious

and that's how i learned not to be a sperg

other story:

>high school

>go to the county fair with 2 qts, only one im interested in

>local druggie faggot latches onto our group

>gets with the one im interested in, other girl is hitting on me but im all sad now

>get up and walk away in the middle of a show, drink with some older kids in a porta-potty

>see the grill i ignored push the druggie kid into a bush

>kek'd hard, instantly regret leaving her

756c80 No.14488

final sperg moment

>in college

>decide i want to sell my computer to buy an iphone

>sell it to some grill down the hall

>don't wipe that shit

>she never even looks at me again, undoubtedly saw folders full of /pol/-tier memes and my extensive porn collection, and loonix partition that was full of animu and doom wads

>later on see she's sold it to some guy

>he keeps looking at me funny


9ab0e6 No.14733


>those numbers

>that post

I demand more entertainment. Get close to her, and do your best job at redpilling.

bb27c0 No.14755

> Freshman year, 14 yo. pudgy loner with assburgers

>Outdoor school festival before the annual rivalry handegg game

>Event winds down and I go out front to wait for my mom to pick me up

>Girl from my English class follows me and sits next to me

>Starts talking to me

>Scoots closer a couple times

>I pretty much ignore her and give her monosyllabic responses

>She eventually gets up and goes back to the festival

I didn't even realize what was happening until a few weeks ago, more than eleven fucking years later.

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