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Comfy feelings.

File: ce1d456346b058f⋯.jpg (59.6 KB, 736x677, 736:677, Average 8chan poster.jpg)

ff9865  No.6588[Reply]

Welcome to /girltalk/'s /boytalk/! The area of our board dedicated to males.

In here, males can ask questions, hang around and post if they so please. The only thing we ask is be smart. Coming to a female-centric board to complain about the female gender as a whole is tasteless.

Remember that males posting outside this thread (or /metatalk/) is NOT APPRECIATED. This is a mainly-female imageboard, and we would like to keep it that way.

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Post last edited at

61116c  No.18792

I present to you an event from life, take what you can from it. It took 20 years for this to complete. There are only 3 people (to my knowledge) that know about this. I have never spoken of this event, and those concerned will never see it here. One is no longer with us.

1. College: Notice hottie, make eye contact.

continue for several weeks without attempting to talk, greet or meet.

2. Several weeks to months later, hottie tracks me down. I do not know how she found me or whom she got her intel from. I was clueless. Go inside my place

3. Convo turns to something hotter. Deal is not closed, I am the reason it was not closed. (Had gut feeling then, and maintain that gut feeling today that had I closed the deal, we would be married today.)

4. No further contact nor knowledge of location between myself and hottie for 20 years.

5. Hottie moves to friend of mine within 2 weeks of our encounter. Hottie eventually marries friend. (I predicted this, even without contact or any direct intel. Gut feeling)

6. Hottie's husband is killed (recent)

7. When I'm made aware, I seek until I find hottie contact info.(within 1 day)

8. Hour long phone convo, hottie is shocked but happy to hear from me. Makes comment about no contact for so long and provides an assumed but very wrong reason.

8.5 Emails exchanged, only a few. Replies quick and informative on the first, subsequent replies, less info with longer return times.

9. Pain of loss of friend, pain in the knowledge of what I let go, Pain in the knowledge of her hurt, and whiskey until pain overcomes good sense and I compose a letter. This letter explains in detail all truth of the events of that one afternoon 20 years ago. (sent via email)

10. No reply, 12 hours. Likely no reply ever.

Result: She knows truth. Has enlightenment. I have nothing more than I did 20 years go.

Don't do this. Especially if you wish to maintain or restart that friendship.


Stupidity.Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 0417c1b5901d715⋯.png (470.73 KB, 610x387, 610:387, Who really died that day.png)

b8fdd9  No.11832[Reply]

We have had too many threads turning into political arguments. Guys refuse to play nice, so this thread has been made for that.


Let's keep /girltalk/ clean. Do your part and keep the political discussion in this thread, and in this thread only.

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f7f1bb  No.18770


If someone immigrates to my country, I want them to share the same values as me and what my country stands for. I am an immigrant. Sad to say, the country's values were not conveyed to me during my immigration process. 2016 helped wake me up to the rich heritage, opportunities and freedoms available to me. I am open to inviting ppl in if they have skills not currently available here. But likely would not grant citizenship.

Do you think anyone should be allowed to have two citizenships? What about a citizen from your country who hasn't lived there for years, should they still be allowed to vote?

File: 500efd082670464⋯.png (790.2 KB, 1169x1194, 1169:1194, Board-pa and Salty.png)

6ed351  No.10000[Reply]

This is /girltalk/'s meta thread: /metatalk/

Feel free to post any advice, tip, suggestion, complain and critique regarding the forum in this thread.

All comments are appreciated and remember: There is no such a thing as bad criticism, just bad ways to deliver it.

Reminder the board action's log can be found here:


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Post last edited at

be76ac  No.18458


Why do you have that picture.

File: 716790bcc7f3feb⋯.jpg (6.46 KB, 259x194, 259:194, baby.jpg)

dcb7c9  No.18774[Reply]

Let's talk pregnancy and babies.

What's it like being pregnant?

How to deal with morning sickness?

What's it like giving birth?

What are some fun ways to let your family and friends know you're expecting?

Baby name books - are there any that aren't filled with mohammed and pajeets?

4 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

df6670  No.18786

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

i don't know what's a joke or not in this


000000  No.18787

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Morning sickness is caused by eating too much saturated fat. Dial it back on animal products, processed oil, coconut milk, etc.

I've found Dr. Greger's videos on pregnancy are very informational.

No matter what you might believe because of movies and such, it's not normal to gain much weight when you're pregnant, unless you're underweight to begin with. Some women are even advised to lose weight. You still need to stay in shape, especially considering the fact the baby's going to need to come out at some point. Work on strengthening your glutes and abdominals, those are the muscles you use when pushing at the end.

Try planning for your birth. Some women want to give birth out of a hospital, vaginally with the help of doulas, maybe doing it squatting instead of lying down since the pelvis opens more that way to let the baby out easier, they'll do it in a kiddie pool full of water, supposedly water eases cramps and pain.

Other women schedule a C-section with their doctor because it suits their schedule better and they're afraid of the pain of vaginal birth. It's kind of a gruesome procedure and I find it disturbing that the rates of having it are so high. It can leave you with scarring, saggy belly skin, pain, and it has a higher infection risk, I mean it is a wound.

Whatever you decide for your birth, always have a back-up plan and be aware what the pros and cons are. Ask about side effects of medications you're being given. Many women are given labor inducing medication when they're "taking too long", whether it be because they can't fit you into the doctor's schedule if you don't give birth fast enough, or because of your own safety, and some of those medications speed up your contractions and have your body not producing pain killing chemicals fast enough, which will cause you pain, so they'll also get you on pain killers.

Also, please breastfeed. It's better for your baby and it's cheaper for you. Consider talking to a breastfeeding consultant maybe even before your baby is born, she'll be able to help you with latching problems, nipple pain, milk production, pumping. There are little tips and tricks to make sure you produce Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

6f0b52  No.18789

File: 2d1d3b402c8d546⋯.png (63.74 KB, 185x221, 185:221, nigoon.png)

fuck you for having children, there are too many humans and why are you even doing it? to make yourself happy? ever considered it would do the same thing? forcing a lot of lives into existence is immoral. children are disgusting and interrupt everyone around them. they are the reason i have to live.

search anti-natalism to free yourself from your genetic code.

000000  No.18790


Why not kill yourself then?

12ccee  No.18791


It's a troll, dipshit.

File: 219d9ba14c689d4⋯.jpg (10.3 KB, 244x206, 122:103, imagesUBPCA630.jpg)

3ca481  No.16967[Reply]

/fit/ here which parts of a mans physique do you find the most alluring?

10 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

3f8227  No.18029


>Come on now, the thread is specifically about what you like best about the physical aspects of men

Alright, I suppose you have a point (but mentality is still far more magnetic to me and the brain is a muscle sooo :^) ).

I really like when a guy has strong arms and a strong chest. In a hug you can feel the strength there and it feels very protective and it has a calming effect on me. I don't like bulging muscles just strong looking bis and tris.

6b3a47  No.18543


>Your brain isn't a muscle

Am I smart enough for you yet?

206b6d  No.18777



What is attractive about that?

With women bigger butt usually means wider hips as long as its not "big" due to excess fat. And wider hips = easier child bearing.

000000  No.18778


Strong glutes make for better pumps, anon. And a better life overall. Less backpain, less knee pain, stuff like that.

9812ff  No.18788

So, do looks matter?

File: e7afd174f91e053⋯.jpg (32.78 KB, 550x412, 275:206, olli.jpg)

3980de  No.17028[Reply]

Just wondering.

25 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

f1ee0c  No.18742


I really like your hair today, anon. Is that a new haircut?

1330f3  No.18746


Men are singularly focused while women tend to multitask. It's literally why men are more inclined to STEM fields while women work better with people.

The best piece of advice I can give to any woman is this:

NEVER NEVER assume a man knows how you're feeling or thinking

We as women are naturally overly empathetic and pick up on cues easily. Men do not. When you're being pouty and getting mad at him for not asking you what's up or fawning over you, you're just being a cunt. They literally don't know and even if they do are just not equipped to deal with it. Learn to deal with your own bullshit and life with men gets way easier.

973d2f  No.18781

when guys have belching and farting contests

because my brothers know it will make me leave the room

973d2f  No.18782

how guys can go days without talking to their male roommate, and it doesn't mean anything

or months without talking to their best friend

789294  No.18783

File: 6250d328533e3f1⋯.pdf (95.69 KB, send to Q.pdf)

File: 019278b4ba4d6cf⋯.jpg (92.62 KB, 960x720, 4:3, soyboys white knight.jpg)

282075  No.18717[Reply]

>The Birthing Creche,[1] or Farms,[2] were a series of breeding farms[3] where women were impregnated to help repopulate the Human race. Under the Fortification Act, all males were placed in the Armed Services and women in "war work". Some women could choose (or be forced) to go to the farms. Women who were impregnated were given extra rations over a non serving male.[4] Doctors gave girls hormones at age ten so they could begin menstruation and were able to be impregnated.

>t. GoW wiki

What will you do when the fascists start doing that?

000000  No.18719

Write incredibly lame video game lore fiction

2e5e19  No.18720


I'll be brave in a new world.

Oldous Huxleys version was better.

90e2a3  No.18723


What's the problem with this? It's our job, our reason for living to procreate.

faa863  No.18776


Are you trying to convert women into fascists with this thread?

File: 400f2f01cf928ac⋯.png (186.04 KB, 433x620, 433:620, gggg.png)

36ccce  No.18728[Reply]

Ask me anything, I'll be honest.

14 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

36ccce  No.18759

File: 21340cfc443a2ba⋯.jpg (196.72 KB, 1224x1632, 3:4, 15566872.jpg)


It has changed in a few ways.

Physically my pleasure centers have sort of migrated. Orgasm is less reliant on clitoral stimulation and I get greater pleasure from simple penetration. This is apparently connected to age, as the vaginal walls get thinner in your 30's and there's more sensation. Also, it's more centered around the opening, I'd say the first inch or so. Orgasms generally feel more intense, last MUCH longer and I can have multiple. I tried the multiple orgasms thing when I was younger and couldn't really pull it off. Now it just happens from time to time.

Around the time I was 33ish, I started to get insatiably horny. This is also an obvious function of age and biology. Literally a ride down a bumpy street in tight jeans would do it for me. So our sex life picked up significantly then. Kind of a renaissance but it's slowed down since.

Between us now, sex is just more relaxed. Don't really need all the kink and bells and whistles of youth but we still go through the typical courting, flirting and chasing.

Overall the sex is less frequent than when we were young, anywhere from 2 times a week to once a month, but more satisfying and I can see clearly the way it effects our bond. When you're young and fuck like rabbits you just don't see how much that intimacy actually cements the relationship in other areas. Sometimes when I think about it I wonder what the fuck we were even doing back then because it feels so much better now. But I generally think it's an age thing on my part. As for him, he's the same as ever performance wise although he does chase me around quite a lot more than he did when we were in our mid to late 20's/early 30's. Maybe it's a hormonal thing? Pheromones being splashed around and what not. :^)

I know I'm rambling a bit in my posts, but I'm using this opportunity for a bit of catharsis and self examination. Your questions help me to think deeply about this stuff. Please ask anything!

000000  No.18767


If you could improve one thing in your relationship, what would it be?

6b9d48  No.18772

The whole thread seems to assume that it’s always the woman’s fault that relationships fail. Even if a woman does everything right, the man can make mistakes too and fuck it all up.

What I mean is, even if you follow OP’s advice, you’re not guaranteed a perfect relationship.

68e1cc  No.18773


Alright, let me turn your whining into a question. OP, how do you react when he f's up?

How do you react when you f up? or he confronts you about something you've done wrong?

4c1724  No.18775


Nobody is "guaranteed" anything. Ever. If this thread seems to assume that it's "always" the woman's fault (protip: it doesn't), it might be a result of the fact that, in recent years, the feminist push for female supremacy has caused ever-increasing numbers of selfish women to fuck up their romantic and interpersonal relationships because it's "empowering". But what do I know; I have a penis. Hitler had a penis, too. I'm literally Hitler.

File: 2bd6dfeea4fe1b3⋯.png (381.17 KB, 697x572, 697:572, How To Know If Your Girlfr….PNG)

77f3c1  No.12607[Reply]

Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread Thread

A popular thread on the slower moving boards that have more in-depth topics (/tg/ for example), and often employed so anons (and femanons) can ask short queries that they honestly feel don't deserve their own thread or in-depth discussion- while avoiding the "embarrassment" of making a thread for it on an anonymous message board and mildly inconveniencing some neckbeards with a short thread.

But it works!

Ask away!

9 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

a18c65  No.14081


>wanting a ghost gf

807638  No.14114

File: b16b296fc5fc848⋯.jpg (17.04 KB, 233x265, 233:265, 20060726.jpg)


>not wanting a ghost gf

4625b5  No.18747

Why are there so many flag options on this board, and how can I select to not have a flag at all?

2c5aa6  No.18757

Would you have sex with Hitler?

8f196a  No.18771


Nah, he's a deadbeat.

I also wouldn't date someone who's literally hitler

File: a8cf7a6eff104c4⋯.jpg (41.42 KB, 500x735, 100:147, Mother.jpg)

175733  No.18546[Reply]

In a society where people define themselves by their occupation, how can we reshape the perception of Housewife in answering and asking this question?

The "Oh, I'm just a stay-at-home-mom" comes across as negative and unimportant.

7 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

daa4c0  No.18761


Nothing matters. Just do it.

271c6e  No.18762

File: f4d8909f099098e⋯.png (145.15 KB, 429x766, 429:766, male female steven pinker.png)


r8 youtube comment

000000  No.18766


Why would I do it if it doesn't matter?


That's an interesting view on things, I see some truth in the first part, but I'm no so sure about the conclusion. Women have always had part in building civilizations through their influence on their husbands.

333e82  No.18768


Because if you don't, you won't. Not like you can refuse to eat and drink, either.

47d262  No.18769


Anyone else wish they could have a pink oven and dishwasher?

File: d0cb60848af26ce⋯.jpg (368.16 KB, 1307x528, 1307:528, 1531711335924 (1).jpg)

fbf1fd  No.18764[Reply]

Name of that girl imageboard?

Its been awhile since ive visited this place

File: 2c4c52bb924a87a⋯.jpg (351.85 KB, 1280x1061, 1280:1061, image.jpg)

fa07a1  No.5870[Reply]

What is a good date ?

34 posts and 6 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

cda373  No.15849


Probably just depends on what he likes. My guess is he's not up for childish and silly dating shit. I have no experience with this myself though.

b49452  No.18356

Update from


Next month we will make a small trip to Croatia celebrating our two years together.

We made a lot during this time, helped her open her own business and I am doing pretty good in my career. Already talked about marriage, even search for engagements rings together. Kinda crazy when you think about it.

Just kinda wanted to share to anons around here that love is dedication and dedication starts with you.

fb5d17  No.18736

My best date was one where he gave me clues and teasers about the date. It was a cheap but fun date - we walked around downtown watching street vendors and performers while talking about world issues. He asked me to dinner after. I enjoyed solving the puzzles to figure out where we were going and what we were doing. Thinking back, he planned it really well. If he hadn't liked my company, he could've bailed after the walk downtown and not needed to spend a dime on dinner, since I had no idea what was coming next.

The worst date was one I thought I was going to just hang out, but he was trying to get out of the friend zone and he didn't realize I didn't respect him. I kept insisting that I would pay for my share of everything (so I wouldn't feel like it was a date) and he kept talking about what married life together would be like. It freaked me out. Anytime a guy gives me all the power in a relationship, I bail. He needs to have self-respect and earn my respect.

256c7b  No.18743


Don't hang out with boys you don't want to date.

You should date with the purpose of marriage in mind. If not, you're just attention seeking and you won't attract a man of any value.

20d6f5  No.18753


>remaining friends with someone you don't respect

>being surprised when you end up in a situation like that

This seems like a really common self-inflicted hell for women.

File: a9df8f60feaa564⋯.jpg (472.38 KB, 1000x1412, 250:353, makeup_chan.jpg)

29bb33  No.14787[Reply]

ITT: Makeup Review and Reccs

What products do you use and what are the best ones?

16 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

84a486  No.14963

File: 5751cea949aa4a4⋯.jpg (1017.79 KB, 2560x1600, 8:5, 1354867515722.jpg)


Same, my skin is breaking out insanely. I guess it has something to do with the autumn that is here now. But that's okay, because shifting seasons are always intense on the whole body sometimes.

a6bf54  No.15003

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I am not that much of an expert but what I can say is do not use buckets of makeup, people always notice and it also ends up being pretty expensive

Lisa Eldridge is a pretty good example on how to make up.

717630  No.15334

I started layering liquid lipstick under lip gloss for some mad deep red shades. It's mostly so I can leave huge obnoxious kiss marks on my bf, but I lile how it feels on top of a thick layer of chapstick. That said, my go to easy look involves some of that metallis liquid eyeliner by the Sephora brand.

f094b7  No.15335


>it's mostly so I can leave huge obnoxious kiss marks on my bf

The lucky fucking bastard. You give him a goddamn faceful of them, sometimes. Don't you?

5fded9  No.18738

How does one use fake eyelashes? I put a pair on the other day, but within two hours they were already coming unstuck.

File: 36444d085c8010b⋯.jpg (23.26 KB, 474x343, 474:343, nice.jpg)

12dfdd  No.18732[Reply]

I'll start.

He came and helped change my flat tire.

Also, boosted my car when the battery died.

File: a11b18246dc73f1⋯.jpg (279.81 KB, 2532x1657, 2532:1657, don't put lemon in me.jpg)

f9d08f  No.9917[Reply]

This board is looking angery lately, so I'll be the change i want and declare the first comfy thread on /girltalk/.

Imagine a room full of fluffy pillows and incense smoke.

Now tell me about tea.

>do you drink it?

>how often?

>what's your favorite taste?

>what's the best hour to have it and why is it 5pm?

>do you eat cookies or pastries with it?

And most importantly:

>why is milk so much better than lemon in black tea?

41 posts and 8 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

028eb3  No.15375


Can't answer for them since I'm from EU, i was on a vacation there when i found the store.

In my country tea is frowned upon since we drink a shitload of coffee, but i find myself enjoying it from time to time.

098173  No.15385

Coffee is for lazy degenerates. Water is the best drink you can get.

Cold water for the morning is much more refreshing and invigorating than any other drink.

The people I work with drink tea all the time. I don't understand it because tea tastes awful. This is coming from someone who lives in the UK.

8647f8  No.15388


I thought cokeheads did coke in cokeland?

780c1f  No.18705

>not drinking breast milk straight from your tap

9a3413  No.18731

English breakfast in the morning with some milk.

When guests come then in the evening some fancy rooibos with chocolate or caramel shavings.

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