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Will you please be more specific?

File: 1464995457203.jpg (410.47 KB, 879x879, 1:1, Fringe Girl.jpg)


>/fringe/ is a board for esoteric discussion including matters pertaining to; Magic : Philosophy : Paranormal : Dreams : Religion : Occult : Symbolism : Aliens : Demons & Angels : Metaphysics : Conspiracy : Secret Societies : Mind Control : Morality & Ethics : Mysticism : Qualia : Psychic Abilities — Anything that is fringe in some respect

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File: 868516af1aee772⋯.jpg (34.29 KB, 220x393, 220:393, 220px-Rossakiewicz_Prayer.jpg)

File: ce52bf47823dfd0⋯.jpg (16.16 KB, 220x157, 220:157, Human_eye_reflecting_the_s….jpg)


explain why you exist at all, beyond "two adults had sex" since adults have been having sex for millions of years and you never appeared before, and they didn't pick you anyway, parents don't design their offspring or know them.

You have 15 seconds to explain your existence, you can appeal to your /fringe/ beliefs of course.

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This exact question has bothered me since I was a child and is pretty much the first question that made me realize the inadequacy of the prevailing explanations and materialist doctrines to where I felt there could be no truth in the reality that was presented to me. I did not immediately become a theist then but reached a deep nihilism then after a long while I discovered gnosticism and since then I've been gradually gaining an understanding of just what the fuck is going on. This said I still have not answered the question and until I do, I don't know why the fuck I am here, and what is really going on, and what I am. Honestly OP once I'm able to actually answer your question in my opinion I will have effectively reached the highest degree of enlightenment or at least reached upon a point of understanding where everything is clear to me and death and incarnation will be no mystery to me.











See: https://mewch.net/fringe/res/1195.html#q1195

It's dealing with the exact same problem as OP is talking about. It's a convoluted way of saying "why the fuck am I here in this body and mind".


File: 45f62d45134eed5⋯.jpg (146.89 KB, 1024x630, 512:315, 1024px-Bronnikov_gimnpifag….jpg)

For me the only intuitive and reasonable answer is God. God designed me, for his purposes, out of his abundance of love, he was a treasure who wished to be known, he is my origin and my end purpose. He knew me before I was born, he shaped me and sustains me, nothing else make sense. No materialist answer is sufficient, no "expanding universe + evolution" makes sense without a divine law giver to shape its laws and parameters.

Samsara never made sense to me, no hindu/buddhist doctrine makes sense to me. Since if you are the "ultimate self" you would never, ever be deluded or mistake your identity with something you are not. If there is "no-self" you would never be under any delusion, for there is no one there to be deluded. If you were the "ultimate self" you should be omnipresent and all powerful and self-created, but clearly this is not the case…If you were the "no-self" then you shouldn't even exist as a conscious "bundle" of transient parts, you should have never appeared or experienced any suffering. The chain of karma and samsara would never have a real origin.

The greeks were closer to the answer than the hindus/buddhists. The Christians and Moslems are probably the most accurate.




the purpose of sentient life as far as I can tell is to gather and create knowledge

I can think of no other reason, all of our other functions could be done by something without sentience, but that specific function, the ability to gather and understand knowledge and create new ideas, is unique to sentient beings

File: e388c4f46f3099a⋯.jpg (90.32 KB, 617x391, 617:391, IMG_5149.JPG)


What is /fringe/'s take on addiction from a spiritual way?

I mean, what are the spiritual perspective when analyzing or dealing with an addiction? Drugs, attention, porn?


You are in the hands of the evil ones. You have no power over yourself but they have power over you. As long as even one single addiction has hold of you, you are chained to this shithole of matrix we live in and they feed of you and drain and use you. Most attachments count as addictions. To free yourself you have to free yourself of every single addiction and attachment first. "Eww but everyone I know is addicted to at least one thing, so that can't be a bad thing." That's why everyone is fucked and trapped here, including you. The claws of the demon that posesses you (metaphorically) are so deep driven into us that it is literally impossible for most of us to escape the grip of our addictions, dooming us forever. You should make it a top priority to let go of all addictions and attachments for good, no matter how boring and empty and bland your life will be.



What do I do then?

What is the point of living if life becomes so empty and bland?



I don't know what you do. You try your best and go cold turkey. I am in the same boat right now, struggle to get free of my addictions but life sucks a lot without them and I keep falling back every time. It's next to impossible.

>What is the point of living if life becomes so empty and bland?

You free your soul. Is this not enough for you? Fuck this single life, it's only a small step in your journey. You have to think for the future and work for it. Besides when you attain a certain state of development you will enjoy the simple, free life and it will not be bland to you anymore. You will be thankful not to be addicted. Think of a monk. A monk is happy and he is not addicted to anything.



Don't listen to the fag responding to you, he knows nothing about the true purpose of addiction.

Addiction limits the willpower not to subdue you but to test your limits and how hard you can push back. Try picking up an addiction, getting rid of it, and repeating. Cutting cold turkey keeps you from ingesting but does literally NOTHING else. You're still the same weak faggot you've always been except now you're just not indulging in your addictions.

Feed your demons, make them scared.



Gtfo out here with your terrible advice, go live. Are you afraid of your own potential? The simple "free" life is for plebs and definitely isn't free.



Dear degenerate mundane, please stop responding. Your enlightened replies calling someone "fag" and "weak faggot" will not be missed. You will also not be missed when the free people move ahead and you will be stuck in this shithole because you cannot let go your attachments/addictions to it.

"feed your demons, make them scared" that's what someone would write who only lives for the cheap instant gratifications and has no willpower, self control or higher aspirations whatsoever. What the fuck does that even mean, you think your demons will be scared? They will laugh at you just as I feel tempted to laugh at you too. They chain you and they devour you.

"Are you afraid of your own potential?" My potential to be addicted to useless shit? Makes no sense once again.

File: 16c435fb2518bff⋯.png (2.93 MB, 2598x1752, 433:292, 42134532523.png)


fair warning: this is a very very /x/ thread, and it's also heavily /pol/ related.

if you don't like /x/ and you really really don't like /pol/ then turn back now and don't read this thread.

I'm giving fair warning, so don't ban me. it is heavily related to religion, spirituality, and very fringe stuff, but I don't know if it's YOUR brand of /fringe/.

however. I can't just give you one piece of the story. it's all connected.

I hope that whoever does read this learns alot, and becomes a better person as a result. I really like the /fringe/ as well as /rel/ and a few other boards so please don't be like /pol/ and /x/ and all the other boards that ban people like crazy. I can't even post this on /pol/.

anyway, that's enough precautionary bullshit. I'm going to get on with this thread and hopefully change some lives. I'm just going to make the thread the way it needs to be made, and hope that someone really likes it.

>inb4 tl;dr

it's a big read. fair warning.

I did try to find a flag to follow the rules, but none of them fit or fit unironically. I'll be going flagless for this thread. sorry about that.

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File: 58a73d3c3a6d935⋯.png (10.32 KB, 525x480, 35:32, oc.png)


Check out my fresh OC



no, I think you misunderstood! not me! reeeeeeee



Explain the seasons.



thats bullshit its not round they use cgi for making you believe into its round

it was never a sphere


File: 95dcf7780e5ee9b⋯.jpg (304.56 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, simcity-wallpaper.jpg)


but if would would fly in noclip over azeroth you would see its


like nearly all 3D Games

File: c480c18cbc7657e⋯.png (28.54 KB, 1407x657, 469:219, Push.png)


Here is a sigil about fulfilling ones goals.

Its a mixture of both discovering what one really wants and finding the path to that goal.

It should be on fire, while resting. Ignoring it would be best because it feeds on silence.

Also it likes to break things.

Thanks and good luck.

23 posts and 8 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Previously stated here:


>My goal is an accelerated humanity beyond mediocrity through synchronicity.

My goals require an elevated humanity, not a subjugated one.


File: c1a181f1f1afce4⋯.png (4.49 KB, 233x270, 233:270, Screenshot_2.png)

Nice thread.





File: ed53138eecb95a0⋯.png (582.9 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, IMG_1437.PNG)


More info on The Bengston Method please


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Interview attached, long but best description of what he does and how that I've found so far.

Basics are that you create a list with a minimum of twenty things you want. At least twenty, but more is better. Be specific and include a context for each one. Build out each image/goal in your mind as much as possible. If you want a car, be specific about the type and have a scene where you are fully involved with the car, radio jamming, feel of the seats, stink of the air freshener, super model sitting next to you asking why you keep saying she has to eat all the eggs and then laughing maniacally, etc.

Once your satisfied with the image/memory, move on to the next goal.

Then begin cycling through the images. Practice cycling through the images faster and faster. The idea is to get it plugged into the subconscious so that its like any other automatic process, walking, blinking, farting, etc.

I'm not too clear about the healing part because I've only used it trying to heal the entire universe, then slept for about 18 hours (true story).

Stuff I've picked up from David Snyder videos is to be playful with it. Avoid ritual. Pretend it works. This helps bypass your filters.

File: 1fb99a09a904e6e⋯.jpg (8.16 KB, 400x200, 2:1, 347575.jpg)


I'm not sure why but I always hear a strange whirring or buzzing when I'm on /fringe/.

>if I minimize the browser, the buzzing stops.

>if I change tabs to another board the buzzing stops.

>sounds like a hight pitch "brrrrrriiiiiiii" with very small clicking sounds happening over and over again very quickly.


>sounds like it's coming from inside my computer, not from my speakers.

>doesn't happen on any other website or board of 8chan. only /fringe/

wat do?

1 post omitted. Click reply to view.



pls record it and show wave pattern

otherwise its only in ur head



That or he doesn't have a sensitive enough mic to pick it up also…

>in your head

This and your flag tells me you're very new here. The proper term is in your mind.


what I notice is when you scroll up to the top of this thread, or when you are on the catalog, you can here this high speed clicking that's so fast that it's like humming but high pitch.

It sounds like it comes from inside my computer, but not from my spearkers at all.

sadly I do not have any audio recording equipement but I'm sure if you test it out and listen carefully you will notice it too. unless my computer has something strange about it that is being unintentionally triggered by only some specific pieces of a certain website (no political pun intended) or something on /fringe/ was made to work like that on purpose?

but what could a website's code do to affect physical components inside a computer enough to create a noise that's not even from the speakers?



*you can HEAR



File: eb405b363e36bb9⋯.png (476.7 KB, 1600x1400, 8:7, most_transparent_pepe_of_t….png)

Oh that's just my brain! It sounds like a bugs inside it! Heheh.. didn't know anyone else could hear it! :^)

File: 430447edbeb8827⋯.jpg (119.47 KB, 746x746, 1:1, Apu Apastaja Cowboy and Ho….jpg)


What was your biggest mistake /fringe/?

Mine was being a loosh farmer for years and years who absorbed the immense negative energy of others and brought tremendous suffering upon myself, feeding off of their tainted energies in order to do stuff that at the time was amazing for me, but is not trivial.

I could not wrap my mind about the idea of the infinite providence of God. I could not accept that I could just tap into a bottomless pool of infinite energy, that God could give of his loving nature to me, without ever being depleted. I was under the delusion that I had to take from others. I was cut off from God; in understanding, in appreciation, and in faith.

Now I know better.

Being a loosh farmer caused me immense and prolonged suffering and a shitload of weird karma that I lived out over the last however many years. It created quite a lot of drama, a lot of disorder, a lot of strangeness. It was necessary for my development; but only because I was too dense, too sick, too ignorant and weak and low that I had to learn so much in such a brutal fashion.

Everything and its opposite exists. It's simply the law of polarity. The finite is with the infinite, the hot with the cold, the objective with the subjective, and so on. God, the absolute, and positive, infinite living mind… is right there, open to the mind which turns its way.

38 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



That's why you always put into the intention of your sigils, "Without causing harm."


OP's new mistake and new self limitation.

>Everything and its opposite exists. It's simply the law of polarity. The finite is with the infinite, the hot with the cold, the objective with the subjective, and so on. God, the absolute, and positive, infinite living mind… is right there, open to the mind which turns its way.

you made alot of progress but this is what the globalist cult of cucks teach you to trap you on the next step up the stairs of wisdom.

take what you said and just use this piece

>God, the absolute, and positive, infinite living mind… is right there, open to the mind which turns its way.

there, just use that.



>invoke false idol "gods" like zeus or jesus and piss off the real one and only God.

>"hue hue I don't know what happen I scare…"



you didn't miss out on going outside and socializing because you were at home doing things alone, you were at home doing things alone because you were missing out on socializing outside because society is a fucking mess that has got alot worse in the past many years. there's a reason that you stayed inside. everyone is shit.



Your first mistake was trying to evoke Hecate, for something as basic as a car, without building a relationship with her first. She'll fuck your shit up nicely if you aren't thinking ahead properly. I only know because I performed an incantation to Hecate during the recent full solar Eclipse. Within a minute I passed out. Within a minute of coming to I passed out again.

She is not to be underestimated or used for normie bs. You could literally go out, earn some money, and buy a car. Why ask a God/dess for basically money?

File: fa47cd12321d9a1⋯.jpg (46.4 KB, 400x568, 50:71, 1505186574340.jpg)


So this one time me and my buddy were hanging out in my jeep smoking a joint when suddenly I got this weird feeling. I turned my head and saw what looked like a pinprick in the air (just a point, really) circling my buddies head in a quick, smooth circling motion, leaving ripples in the air as it moved like an insect sliding across the surface of a pond …

The flying point circled his head for about 2.5 seconds, picked up speed, and flew straight into his forehead, causing him to drop his head backward and let his mouth fall open as though he had been shot. I asked him "Dude, did something just go in your head?", to which he replied, "Yeah."

That was all that we ever said about it. What did I witness that night?



a yes saying demon



Is a "yes saying demon" different than any other old demon?

Perhaps a demon with a unique character? Or does this demon access the mind of an individual through some strange psychic mechanism that gives this creature its name?

File: 1464996058983.jpg (354.12 KB, 1057x1200, 1057:1200, Do Not Fall In Love With G….jpg)


Continuation of this thread: http://archive.is/XqeXn

1) Pledge an amount of time. Preferably a number of weeks. Post it in this thread.

2) If you break your pledge, you must also confess your transgression in this thread.

3) If you keep your pledge you may reward yourself… with more time pledged!

4) For purposes of this thread, "masturbation" is defined as touching your genitals for purposes other than basic hygiene and expulsion of wastes.

For those of you who have entirely transcended physical sex but who use succubus and so on you can also make pledges here to control your sexual thoughts and try not to evoke or meet any entities to have sex with.

Remade the thread since the last one was very popular and hit the bump limit and many of you want use your generative powers for a higher purpose than mere wasted moments of hedonism.

Post any techniques for the transformation and proper use of sexual energy here also.

Personally I feel that stage one should be to completely stop with touching or physical stimulation of sexual energy and learning to take that desire and drive and focus it mentally into thoughtforms. If you are going to entertain lustful ideas at least don't be a silly mundane about it when you could be using thoughtforce to telekinetically get yourself off or something similar. Straight up fapping is for mundanes.

564 posts and 92 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



Alright. Again, thanks for the input.


File: cb31bcaab5f282e⋯.png (99.71 KB, 657x527, 657:527, bd1b2018a33ede857548055fdb….png)

I just deleted all my porn. No longer will I waste my vital energy beating off to videos of whores having sex with other men.



Failed. Pledging until December 1st.


File: 7f6e6c17fe6e691⋯.gif (2.21 MB, 499x499, 1:1, 1459970462cb73321a4b9535b6….gif)


Well shit guys, I failed yesterday, but it was under highly unusual circumstances.

>A week ago my roommate asks me if I want to do "acid"

>Never done it before, I've only ever done mushrooms a few times, years ago

>He's very inexperienced himself and has only tripped twice, ever

>Go to erowid and do a ton of research on LSD and NBome, decide to go ahead with it

>The two of us buy five tabs

>Expecting it to be weak, we both do 2 1/2 tabs

>>Spend the next five hours lost in psychedelic maelstrom, periodically stumbling 10 feet to the next room where I'll just collapse again and stare off into infinity

That was highly irresponsible of me to take such a huge dose with no prior experience, and at one point I tried distracting myself with porn, porn being mundane, addictive, and attention-catching. It worked to some extent, but I found myself in an annoying thought loop reflecting on the futility of the whole porn experience.

Ended up squeezing one out after the drug had worn off, wanted to have a clear defined failure, rather than continue forward after having watched porn and played with my flaccid penis.

All in all though, it feels like the psychedelic episode was the death of my former life, with all of its failures, addictions, and limitations, and I am now more free to continue forward to new and greater heights.


<Pledging the rest of the month, last fap was Sunday, Nov. 19h



Damn anon. It didn't count until you rubbed one out. The orgasm is what we are abstaining from. I'm not saying porn isn't bad, just that seeing it wasn't worth dooming yourself like that. Good luck this time


What is /fringe/'s opinion on him or his work




Looks interesting but I have no knowledge of him. How did you hear about him?

File: 8dcdba28bb45c87⋯.jpg (50.15 KB, 380x380, 1:1, 1510499296983.jpg)


The succubi won't let me sleep at night


File: e4f2bdd8759dcb4⋯.png (121.19 KB, 265x396, 265:396, targets the wallet.png)




Odd, they generally want me to go to bed earlier for cuddles. You need to be specific on what you want.



>summoning demons


You brought this on yourself


I have been visited by succubi on 3 occasions in life many years apart. All 3 times during sleep paralysis

1) a headless succubus visited me and started riding my cock cowgirl style. I willed myself to break the sleep paralysis and swing my fist at the succubus. My fist passed through her and she turned into vapor and floated through the ceiling.

2) a succubus appeared while I wasn't laying with my pregnant girlfriend and gave me oral sex.

3) 2 succubi appeared and gave me a hand job.

I have never intentionally provoked or invited succubi in my life.

File: adaef8be474fbcc⋯.jpg (150.52 KB, 800x562, 400:281, reviews1.jpg)


Mirror Method

1. First things first, you're going to need a mirror. The bigger the mirror the better.

If you could theoretically walk through the mirror all the better.

Small mirrors will still work but for whatever reason, the bigger the better.

2. Best times to do this are at night. Most success happens at around 12-3, although you can still do it in the day time. Just harder.

3. Turn off all the lights, get rid of as much noise as possible, and sit facing the mirror.

Have a candle between the mirror and you.

Candle might or might not needed, but we started having a lot more success once the candle was involved.

Everything else around you should be dark.

4. Relax, clear your mind. BE POSITIVE HERE. If you're scared or think something is going to jump out at you, just stop and try again when you can relax.

Remember, that you in the reflection represents another you.

You can trust YOU. It's not another entity, it's not some demon, it's just YOU.

Remember that above all else!

5.Concentrate on your reflection. There is nothing else but you and the YOU in the mirror. A YOU from a different place a lot similar to your own.

Call out to that YOU, whether it is out loud or in your head.

Concentrate on switching places with that YOU.

It often helps if you can imagine poring as much emotion and energy as possible when imagining you're switching into that other dimension.

6. It takes awhile, and some get it faster than others, but if you "shifted" from your current universe, you should feel something.

Some of the signs for small shifts have been a brief feeling of movement, a moment of disorientation, or even your reflection blinking at you when you didn't blink.

Bigger shifts include your reflectioPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

25 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


Do I really need the mirror or the candles? Can't I just make al the process entirely mental?


How dark does the room need to be? I have a fairly dark complexion so it's a bit difficult to keep myself in sight in the mirror. There's actually times where I lose sight of myself completely in the mirror and I swear there's just an empty jacket in front of me and I'm just looking at the curtains. Like I'm secretly some kind of vampire or something.



Yes. I can jump though dimensions by myself, but I'm not very skilled so I've only done it by mistake.



So is it hard but possible with practice? The mirror and candles are just an easy way to do it?


File: feb8a59e85a815d⋯.jpg (20.83 KB, 383x298, 383:298, chuck.jpg)


The only light in the room should be candle-light according to what I've read. You could probably use two candles if you really needed to… however… see below.


No you don't NEED to use a mirror and candles. The power that allows the phenomenon to occur is your own mental energy. The mirror and candles are merely a tool. The mirror, the candles, the ritual, etc. they all help you to increase your belief that the change will occur.

It's like asking… do I need to use a hammer to pound a nail into a piece of wood? No you don't but it's definitely helpful. I mean you could use your fist to pound the nail into the wood but it would probably hurt and take a long time…. unless you happen to be pic related.

File: 840414c171ca90d⋯.jpg (31.5 KB, 398x301, 398:301, 6 other mythology.jpg)


I've done a lot of research on religion, magic, the occult, and other related topics for the purpose of harnessing my own magical powers … As I see it now, there are several ways to do this, and they all have to do with the way one approaches magic and sees the world.

I've noticed that in the religious side, people submit to the will of god and "work their magic" through the power of a certain deity, attributing the effects of their works to the being they believe in. These people are usually quite selfless and never abuse the powers they have been entrusted with, aka never using it to suit their own petty human ends. They live their lives according to their religion, and essentially have no power of their own since they simply become conduits for the will of god - their miracles being manifestations of their divinity's power.

However, this is why I aspire to be a mage, and not a priest. I want to use my own energy, take responsibility for my own actions, and be therefore free to pursue my baser, human wishes like love, power, and prosperity. Not for all the power in the world do I desire to become a holy man … However, using belief systems, religions, and symbols as mere tools a la contemporary chaos magic seems evil to me - heretical, blasphemous, and dishonest. Should not true power flow from the heart, and be pure in its intention and manifestation? Working with a religion you don't really believe in sounds like a waste of time.

So are the gods really higher powers that deserve their supremacy, in the exoteric and esoteric worlds? Or are they just tools to be used in ritual?



Just do magic yourself, you don't need help from demons or other entities


File: dc33606a34efb71⋯.jpeg (84.31 KB, 356x355, 356:355, 200CAC43-7598-4BAE-B986-D….jpeg)


Imagine that the creation we inhabit is a massive wall of text, raw information everywhere.

Try to think of “gods” as chapter or paragraph breaks. Their area of influence is the text they encompass.

And then, understand that system is a set of metaphors. It’s a choice to accept that organization of information, it’s its own style of Kung fu.

Call it a Larp if you want. But what is the point? The point is to believe in something that allows your will to escape self sabotage. I personally look to the gnostic concept of the Demiurge as a model to understand self sabotage. The Demiurge is pretty much the Matrix.

There’s only one god, and that god is all encompassing and unknowable. Its body is the totality of everything. We’re cells in its body. We’re not separate from god, we exist inside of god.

Someone invokes “beings” or “entities” as a way around their limited belief in themselves, from all the psychic damage their existence has incurred. They need to attribute power to something other than themselves.

Your size is irrelevant.. you’re a consciousness existing in the same pool of energy that everything else is. How much you get to control of it depends on how much of your self sabotage you can avoid.

File: 1b3109bc188c16b⋯.jpg (337.5 KB, 1013x1432, 1013:1432, 91cf70c4808d7723ca2185d240….jpg)


(1/2)Looking at ancient history, in the Roman Empire and ancient Greece, there was no feminism worth mentioning. Women had little power and were only seen as mothers and cooks, whose place was in the back rooms or second floor of a home. Why did they have no power? My analysis of what components enables feminism comes down to two things:

>homosexual men

>a culture which shames homosexual men

Both of these are necessary for feminism to exist, remove either and it will collapse. Let me explain by using the example mentioned in another thread on this topic. Why do I consider Alice Cooper to be a symbol of anti-feminism or healthy masculinity? First off, to clear up any possible misconceptions; he is married, has 3 children and is an outspoken christian, despite what impression he may make he is tradional in his family life.

Now what are the issues that I see him solve? He's a good example because it's very open and clear. On stage he is enacting the role of the witch Alice Cooper, a supposed real historical figure who was executed for witchcraft. He is known by this female name but it is a stage persona and kept that way as a form of roleplay. Because of the clear distincion between personal life and onstage life, he is creating an outlet for his feminine side while at the same time controlling it and putting it in its place. The show even includes the execution of Alice with a mock beheading of the character on stage, further showing that this symbol of extreme femininity cannot be allowed to run rampant and must be killed.

A man who cannot control his feminine side will be overrun by it, it will turn on him and he will become homosexual, assuming a degenarated form of the female sexuality. If there is no culture in society shaming him, it will not lead to feminism, as shown in the examples of ancient Rome and Greece. Homosexuality was not an issue brought up for discussion, it was accepted and normal. Women were only used for procreation and procreative sex was just seen as useful but nothing more.

Now what happens if women in this situation are allowed to organize and work together outside of the role of mothers? They may come up with this idea; women are productive and giving birth, but what about those men who Post too long. Click here to view the full text.




With time, as all men are getting married to women, how can you see the difference between real masculine men and those who have externalized their femininity on women, and who are actually gay? You can't distinguish them. Over time the culture will be poisoned by cryptofaggots spreading weak feminine ideals to other men, until there are almost no real men left. Just look at the fashion of the 1700s? Men with long hair wearing what basically are dresses. In this situation, with a culture shaming homosexual men, and men externalizing their femininity and projecting it on women, what would happen to those who can't find a woman? He'd have no release for his feminine side, it can't fall back on him because then he'd be shamed for being a faggot and a loser. So he still has to find outlet with women, no matter what they are like or what demands they make. This will make these men further feminized and they will be under the control of women, who can demand anything from them. Denying the command of women means instant punishment in the form of an unbearable mental strain in trying to maintain the externalized femininity and not getting overrun by it. If men are basically faggots when they have no women, they just have to obey them to get one.

This is the current state of the western world.

The solution is to remove one of the two elements enabling feminism; homosexual men, or the culture shaming them. What is happening now is that a lot of men have actually taken control of themselves again. It seems to be somewhat related to online culture, and it's become the target of feminists because they are starting to realise they are losing control. I'll add some examples here:

>waifuism and worship of 2D girls

This seems like a legit method of taking control of your externalized feminine side. Instead of projecting it on a demanding real life woman, men can explore it by projecting it on drawings, until they now know it so well they no longer need to project. By worshipping their idealized image of femininity, they are assuming control of their feminine side and it is no longer allowed to run lose, at the same time they can'Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


So what's a non weeb or gay way to handle this?

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