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about creepypasta or SCP??

File: 1464995457203.jpg (410.47 KB, 879x879, 1:1, Fringe Girl.jpg)


>/fringe/ is a board for esoteric discussion including matters pertaining to; Magic : Philosophy : Paranormal : Dreams : Religion : Occult : Symbolism : Aliens : Demons & Angels : Metaphysics : Conspiracy : Secret Societies : Mind Control : Morality & Ethics : Mysticism : Qualia : Psychic Abilities — Anything that is fringe in some respect

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File: c711f92390e202d⋯.jpg (181.74 KB, 500x339, 500:339, 18971a16fe9df6d2ef31d64bfc….jpg)


We are imprisoned in a global system of mind control created not by conspirators but by emergent, self-perpetuating, and self-serving sociocultural structures that subvert all agency except for the most trivial choices and won't die out because these structures are constantly competing for mind share and evolving to better exploit it, and if one structure dies another will replace it.

Consider religion. Christianity hooks people by playing on fear of death and hell as well as desire for eternal life, salvation and truth. Once it implants itself it burrows in, into mental habit, hijacking emotion. Eventually the believer experiences God, loves God and feels God's love, literally. It has hijacked the most powerful emotion we can experience to perpetuate itself. Through a few years the totalizing belief system becomes a perception of their world. They then are compelled to spread this belief system to others and their children, to spread the good news. And so it is with all religion, in various ways and degrees.

But even if traditional religion died out, it wouldn't matter. We have recently seen the fresh emergence of technology-worship in the wake of Christianity becoming less popular. Gods are promised as super-AIs that are beyond the limits of all humanity, benevolent machines that will save us. We will live eternally by uploading our minds. We will have limitless abundance as robotic servants do every task imaginable for us. We will ascend to the very heavens themselves in shiny spaceships and live among the stars. We will make Star Trek real. This is the atheistic religion of the technology consumer whose appetites know no end.

Nationalism, globalism, political ideologies and parties, socioeconomic systems, just look at how the Believers of these structures act, the mechanisms of control that act upon them, and you will see the truth of this. The Enlightenment myth is that we are rational actors, able to judge claims and ideas by reason alone, that being in error is merely a matter of ignorance, not having enough information. The reality is that we are usually ruled by our emotions, especially when our beliefs and perceptions are deeply ingrained. Because we are immersed in these systems of control our entire lives, we do not know otherwise, the illPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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i think its like in the bible where it says 'man liveth not by bread alone'



>mind control created not by conspirators but by emergent, self-perpetuating, and self-serving sociocultural structures

These structures are the private properties and piggy banks of a group of conspirators, aren't they?


File: b9bedfccc5cb6b3⋯.png (1.21 MB, 736x1239, 736:1239, b9bedfccc5cb6b34237512dced….png)

The general claim in this thread that the elites do not have control and society just does it to itself are both true but ignore the material behind elites and society.

The elite CAN nudge society with enough knowledge and power. If, for example, government wanted to make the people more obedient, they can.

Of course that is a enormous undertaking which has failed in some places (https://wikileaks.org/podesta-emails/emailid/3599 - "The unawareness remains strong but compliance is obviously fading rapidly"" - a partial success in their side. That they can phase out awareness is already amazing, still)

I do agree society is fucked right now in all places. I want to read up on books but they're "too long" and "not entertaining" so its a fight with my willpower to not do that.


>accept things the way they are

buddhist globalist shill detected





>We are imprisoned in a global system of mind control created not by conspirators but by emergent, self-perpetuating, and self-serving sociocultural structures

nah, there are conspirators and they use technology to directly influence mind. Get on board. Greenpill man wears a tinfoil hat unironically. Though I should note that it is the ferrous metals which still block best this ancient "fairy magic".

The system has been here in various forms longer than our present iteration of civilization.

File: 46050c8e5fdd1c4⋯.png (30.33 KB, 900x699, 300:233, Interactive.png)


I'm curious if anyone perusing /fringe/ has any actual experience with the Mandela effect, and if so do you think its cause was by something you yourself did/believed?

I'm pretty sure I've altered my own timeline repeatedly since early childhood and continue to do so. Most of it seems to take place on an unconscious level but there always seems to be recollections of different outcomes.

not really, I just needed an excuse to post a sigil

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It's ok. Lots of people struggle with their sexuality anon. Just let go and let the AIDS take you.


I like that lateralus album


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I thought this would be a one off operation, but it seems to be continuing to reverberate. Definitely one of the best sigil workings I've ever done.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I've experienced some mandella effect but it turned out to be that there actually are printings of Snow White where the witch says, "Mirror Mirror on the wall" and not "Magic Mirror on the wall".

Had some near death experiences as a kid and a 20-something, a handful in total.

Then one day I was pondering over the circumstances of my birth, its lunar and astrological charts and all sorts of medical shenanigans that happened just after birth.

Anyhow, thanks to some help from some Lainists, of all people, I found the info on creating mind altering gear. Using the EM wave setup with some "Love" Magic I was able to sense some of my other selves in different time-lines.

The effect felt like deja-vu at first. A few of the things in my mind were parts of actual past memories, but there were many other "future-memories" or "present-times" (and now I get the joke in the OP of SEL).

I felt the other me's in their other times and they were feeling me. I could feel which decisions the others were making and chose to make a different one – Sometimes felt pulled towards a decision, to say a phrase, or some action, and I'd do something else then say, "See, the other me did X, but I did Y" – and sometimes even feel the other me saying the converse, "See, the other me did Y, but I did X".

I'm sure the silly fucks at CIA who study dissociative states would love to hear all about it, but they're too busy fucking around with sex fantasies and psychotic breaks to try and learn any of the secret universal truths surrounding Time Travel.

Nah, couldn't possibly be useful to send data through time… what fools.


Ya it happened to me as a child a lot, tbh I died and even murdered my little brother by accident, hard to believe. Since my early childhood, less significant things have happened until recently, where a spell caused the effect that indirectly lead to my dog losing one of his ears and almost dying. CERN coukd definetly have a hand in the mandala effect, especially for mundanes who experience it but I've realized that the mandala effect could be the butterfly effect caused by magic. Big part of the reason why I stopped doing spells for dumb reasons. Depending on your method and thought forms, magic can effect the past. Say I want to "find" a pack of cigs that I never even bought, I wanted to find them beneath my couch. I found them, a brand I don't buy, one of my brothers put them there, he was smoking which no one would really think he'd do. So I made him smoke indirectly by placing those cigs there with a bad magic method. For him to have started smoking things would have to lead up to that from the past. My dog lost his ear from getting outside and being attacked by a nigdog. He didn't really get out, I was just misplaced in a bad timeline. From a curse. I suspect that just some random magic some random person did somewhere sometime would cause the mandala effect. Makes a lot of sense to me tbh

File: c89327e87be4810⋯.webm (3.28 MB, 1272x531, 424:177, old suitcase.webm)


Has anyone on fringe really gone beyond calm darkness when it comes to meditating?

I've been reading Introduction to Magic by Evola and following his (& the UR groups) advice recently. I've meditated for longer than I have been aware of any supernatural consequences of meditation, and I have yet to go beyond being calm and then usually either falling asleep of feeling extremely awake.

The best experience I've had so far was one night I had extreme angst, the kind that manifests physically. From one second to another, once my breathing stopped being conscious, the angst turned to equally great euphoria, which I gave me a small insight into the things I've read on Alchemy (and Hermeticism).

But I've yet to see any colors let alone different realities.

Would the few of you who have experienced something beyond "normie meditation" be willing to share these experiences?

How did you reach these states of consciousness?

How do you discern dreams from delving into your mind?

Has anyone on /fringe/ gained the wisdom of the waters?

Is there any point in keeping this up?

I will expect a ban for asking questions, but hopefully someone will still provide some answers.

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>In the book Prometheus Rising, the author claims that there are Hindus who constantly and at all times try to retain awareness of this area in the head as a means of attaining enlightenment. I've personally not came across such a thing anywhere else in my studies, but the practice does make some degree of sense to me.

I've achieved this, it is absolutely amazing. Completely ineffable.


Once you attain it.. It is very hard to hold onto. I have not been able to figure out what it is that makes it slip away, at first I thought it maybe had something to do with the phase of the moon, as there was a window between several days after a full moon and several days after a new moon where it would tend to slip from me. But, I think it may also have to do with your conduct.. You need to have full fucking control of your emotions, never letting any negative energy in. And once you let too much in you will feel it slipping away over the course of a day or two and then its like fuck. Once you lose it all you will be able to think about is how badly you need to get it back. When it is gone you feel naked, much less powerful than you once were. And the worst part of it is that once you have attained it, you will know, because of you you attained it, that path can never be walked again. You already walked it, it is behind you, and the only way back 'in' is to pull out your machete and carve another path. Which is much easier said than done because the path is impossible. You need to find another impossible path and make that path possible.

>im currently slashing my way back.. been about 3 weeks out lost in the forest

Be warned about that, when you have it.. Nothing can compare.. When you lose it… Nothing can compare.



>A while ago, perhaps within the last year I've became very much aware of a sensation of pressure inside of my skull, in what feels like the dead center. To me it reminds me of a switch or button of some kind that I can "feel" in a very tangible sense just by focusing there for a moment, an action which calms and centers me a good bit. Do you think this could be the third eye you're speaking of? The idea has struck me before but I've never spoken about it.

><not sure if brain tumor

That means you are close. Read what I wrote above and, if you want to proceed… Focus on it. Pay attention to it with your eyes open. There is no need to close your eyes, if you need to close them then you are deceiving yourself. Mediate when you normally would, but when ever possible focus on this with your eyes open. Pay real close attention to it. It's just a feeling of pressure right? As you become more and more aware of it from focusing on it more and more, it will start to feel like pain. Not horrible/bad pain but just a sensation that could only really be described of as pain.. a painless pain that is very painful (will make sense in the future). It will start to feel like a combination of muscle pain and as if the center of your skull/brow ridge is growing. It's a blessing and a curse. It is a crown of thorns. The more intense the feeling the more hyper aware you will become, but the more painful it will get. Think of it like the difference between jacking off into a sock and grabbing your waifu by the tits and smashing her so hard that you can feel your muscles tearing. It's a good pain but it is hard to keep the endurance up. The second you lose the rhythm :^) its hard to hear the drum beat :^) again after that.

>why the music references

you are on stage the mic is in front of you and you've a guitar slung on your back stop picking your nose, get lost in the rock n roll and drift away


OP, First off, realize that the meditation whereby you clear your mind is just to establish a canvas. It's baby's-first-step tier.

Secondly, don't buy into dogmatic bullshit, ever. Meditation can be a means of scrying. Rather than dispel the thoughts that come to mind, dance with them and stitch a silver connective thread through them, collecting them and whirling them around until a meaning forms.

Zen meditation is for plebs. You can not master your lower self if you completely ignore it, thus such completely blank minded "Zen Masters" are merely half enlightened (in truth, the real mastery of Zen has been corrupted in popular occult literature. Here: "Act but do not think", now go be a Katana in the wind…).

If one wishes to query the all mind it is a simple act of preparation of the local space and personal mind, posing the question, becoming the form which can answer and awaiting a reply. This is a true meditative practice and has very little to do with being a blank minded fool.

I have zero experience with any farcical astral plane, and seriously doubt it exists. Instead, reality does exist and all is mind, ergo there's no "elsewhere" plane to travel – soon as I stopped ass-trail LARPing I gained the ability to ditch the local material realm and travel.

One thing that few people mention is that like all other initiatory rites a (great) deal of psychic stress may be required to break through. Consider using sleep deprivation and mushrooms or other hallucinogenics.

If you are able to remain in control of the mind as it is attempting to spin those dream worlds around you, then there is another realm of power you can experience – it is the opposite of lucid dreaming: Rather than being trapped in a fantasy world but able to control it, you can be free in the real world and in full control…

Meditation is one piece of the puzzle. The goal should be mastery of ones full self. Don't just stop at control of breathing, feel your pulse and actively change its rhythm. Try building a Post too long. Click here to view the full text.




typical bullshit occultist rant

File: 28de298313b6c87⋯.jpg (29.85 KB, 511x290, 511:290, ural-mountain-megaliths.jpg)

File: 4565bebc4b64199⋯.jpg (492.77 KB, 1000x664, 125:83, 2422302_original.jpg)

File: 07c46e14513cec9⋯.jpg (2.63 MB, 1928x2374, 964:1187, 07c46e14513cec9668ce3ba7d6….jpg)


Hello, /fringe/. First of all, I acknowledge that this subject is not directly related to "Esoteric Wizardry" but the implications of this being true or not clearly have an impact on our studies. Specially if we consider that many of today's esoteric knowledge comes from this man/being called Hermes Trismegistus (or Thoth in ancient egypt). So my whole point is, do you consider that we are the first form of "advanced" civilization to step on Earth? Or do you think that there were already high tech civilization (human or not) that lived here before? On my not-very-long research I saw that exists two main theories for the second hypothesis: one that is History-channel tier that "Ancient Aliens" landed on earth, made some genetic modifications, teach us some stuff and we grow. The other theory, which I found quite a lot of interessting material on, is about the Atlantis Civilization (and not only a city) that existed before and was destroyed by the biblical floods. So, I will start the thread by posting some pictures that are not famous at all and not even talked about in highschool/university history courses. Most of them of Megalitic structures and stone craft that clearly weren't made by nature of neolithic hunter-gatherers. I welcome you all to the discussion about the past of mankind!

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connecting two relevant threads (if only because of the atlantis and ancient silicone forests)




somehow forgot to include this part until now,


>Ancient pyramids and stone structures are found all over the world with similar architechture and impossible standards of perfection and all of these structures all over the entire world come from the same group of people. The globalist satanic cult was responsible for all the ancient ruins and pyramids we find all over the world because when they ruled at their peak they had succeeded in conquering the whole earth. They were in the process of making the tower of babel when God sent the great flood (noted as a factual event in all ancient texts and religions) to wipe the world clean from sinful corrupt people and start everyone over. The whole world had become the tower of babel, and the whole world became atlantis. A one world government. A globalist satanic empire that controlled the whole world. The resulting very similar looking abandoned ruins that are found all over the world are the remnants of the lost empire of atlantis, because the whole earth is literally atlantis. we can't find any one place that all on it's own matches atlantis because we are standing on it.


File: d905b54c6d00fec⋯.jpg (335.42 KB, 1208x950, 604:475, d905b54c6d00fecf6306776b2e….jpg)

File: ee698943253ef22⋯.jpg (11.73 KB, 215x190, 43:38, 1427509076080-0.jpg)

File: 9bdf6ccc0d692e4⋯.jpg (45.11 KB, 730x456, 365:228, 2425030_original.jpg)

File: 9ee87e4f5c8164b⋯.jpg (89.1 KB, 502x670, 251:335, 2444920_original.jpg)

File: 6445898591a0712⋯.jpg (82.84 KB, 597x397, 597:397, 2453197_original.jpg)



Thanks for the images. These are at the ural mountains right?


That's very interesting. This would explain all those strange megaliths with a "door" like structure but you can't open, it is just pure rock.


There are theories that state that the pyramids are giant devices for energy generation. Something like the stones transmittin energy from the magnectif field of the planet.


File: f9ba2b341cd2924⋯.jpg (31.71 KB, 480x360, 4:3, door to nowhere.jpg)

File: b7b74bbd0ea4393⋯.png (1.52 MB, 1366x768, 683:384, Screenshot from 2017-06-07….png)

File: 1bac5f11e524c8d⋯.png (1.29 MB, 1366x768, 683:384, Screenshot from 2017-06-07….png)

File: f2498a621983fd9⋯.png (1.14 MB, 1366x768, 683:384, Screenshot from 2017-06-07….png)

File: 51f6a23c583c5ff⋯.png (2.22 MB, 1366x768, 683:384, Screenshot from 2017-06-07….png)



The Devil's mountain is the main example on the thesis that there once were giant trees made of silicon. The explanation that these were just made by "volcanic eruptions" really doesn't fit. How would they make such structures that resembles fiber-tissues? They even have a thin layer which is like a membrane. I think researches should dig around to check if there is some kind of "roots" of this tree-stumps, this would definitely put an end to this discussion. I recomend this video on the subject:




First set is Ural or close enough. I can't remember where the second set belonged to.

Water can travel through many types of rock. The space between atoms is a relatively vast distance as well. It's not even all that absurd to imagine being able to walk though stone or walls, aside from the fact of having the body broken up into a trillion parts in the process, but if the bonds remain constant than I could imagine the material passing through the body almost like how x-rays pass through skin. There was government experiments done before of attempting to walk through walls. It makes me wonder if the experiments were related to stone myths.

File: 1464983621770.jpg (94.66 KB, 1000x750, 4:3, s-l1000.jpg)


Previous /fringe/ Music Thread: http://archive.is/ZMwz1

You've never heard music like this.



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Post last edited at


File: ddc2878dad839e1⋯.jpg (705.59 KB, 1261x973, 1261:973, Spanish_Armada.jpg)

The Necessity of Reforming the Church, in Tracts and Letters, Vol. 1, pp. 219-220. This quote is in addition to those in the collection of quotes above

But to conclude this point in a few words: I deny that See to be Apostolical, wherein nought is seen but a shocking apostacy — I deny him to be the vicar of Christ, who, in furiously persecuting the gospel, demonstrates by his conduct that he is Antichrist — I deny him to be the successor of Peter, who is doing his utmost to demolish every edifice that Peter built — and I deny him to be the head of the Church, who by his tyranny lacerates and dismembers the Church, after dissevering her from Christ, her true and only Head.



File: 1f259fc75c100fb⋯.jpg (184.39 KB, 1469x617, 1469:617, ss (2017-11-07 at 12.39.37….jpg)

So why aren't you organizing your music by elemental/planetary energy categories?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

Donovan - (The Tale of) Atlantis


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

or hooktube link, for those delusional enough not to understand that trackers track anything they want:


This song reminded me of my early adventures in lucid dreaming. Next came progressively making dreams persist into waking. This is a prerequisite for certain kinds of spells and summonings…

File: afa6f816dcfeac5⋯.jpg (1.92 MB, 1600x2232, 200:279, occultist-alesteir-crowley….jpg)

File: 98750bf01b3893e⋯.jpg (124.12 KB, 900x598, 450:299, Syd Barrett Madcap Laughs ….jpg)

File: c6c2ed4feff8900⋯.jpg (43.64 KB, 784x315, 112:45, album 1700.jpg)

File: db03bbffeb6291c⋯.jpg (54.32 KB, 564x423, 4:3, hunter-s-thompson-depp.jpg)

File: cda6e51902f351e⋯.png (108.73 KB, 500x375, 4:3, Uriel.png)


Hello, guys. I'm comming back to ask how you thought the harvest moon was. Last year got very weird. I'm 20 years old and a virgin, first off. I have some kind of a minor problem from childhood where I force myself to jack off with my own thoughts.

Anyway, this last year was some major shit. I went up to the city of Corvallis and put myself under deep hypnosis thanks to home problems. I was finally an adult. Anyway, I ended up leaving in early spring and had to come back around mid-december, with some busts.

After this, I had to vegitate myself to help my family. I went deeply stupid, trying not to overstimulate myself. I thought about a lot of things during this time. It was very interesting.

It was then that I left to find things to do. For a moment, I veged out at the Eugene Library, then just walked around aimlessly waiting for guidence. I ended up succumbing to the Job Corps Program my mother wanted me to go to for the longest time. I ended up having to move back.

I had to repress myself again since this thing was taking so long, so I kept pretending that it'd take me a few days to a few weeks. Well, I got into a fight with my mother finally, and I went outside for a minute. "I want nothing to do with Springfield!" I kept saying. Oh well.

Finally, my mother started dating. Dirty people came to this home, seedy. She didn't realize it. But she ended up being so very, very strange.

Finally, her long-spoken friend came over on Sunday to be a friend and a fuck-buddy. I went full inane, then insane, then I became a full blown dog. I was jacking myself off on the couch, moving things around. Finally my mother got this.

I left on that Sunday, and walked aimlessly for hours under the moonlight. I continued on and on, getting off on my hidden gifts. I fucked my inner dog.

Now, I am at an insane level. I accidently hypno-fucked my family playing some hypnosis tapes loudly. I went full on Liquid Crystal Generation, the thing I invented and was jacking off wiPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Holy shit, all my neighbors are acting weird. They're synced up to me. They're trying to wear themselves out. They know I've controlled them and am trying to stop. There are people walking around outside and being funny. A guy is outside with his white van, slowly driving it back and forth, reving it. I'm going to sleep good tonight.

Sun, Pentacle, Challaces, Temperance.


king, queen, jack, Steve Miller's The Joker


holy shit my family is zooted

9452 Yellow The Sun The Moon whitered pink blie green

File: 1b3109bc188c16b⋯.jpg (337.5 KB, 1013x1432, 1013:1432, 91cf70c4808d7723ca2185d240….jpg)


(1/2)Looking at ancient history, in the Roman Empire and ancient Greece, there was no feminism worth mentioning. Women had little power and were only seen as mothers and cooks, whose place was in the back rooms or second floor of a home. Why did they have no power? My analysis of what components enables feminism comes down to two things:

>homosexual men

>a culture which shames homosexual men

Both of these are necessary for feminism to exist, remove either and it will collapse. Let me explain by using the example mentioned in another thread on this topic. Why do I consider Alice Cooper to be a symbol of anti-feminism or healthy masculinity? First off, to clear up any possible misconceptions; he is married, has 3 children and is an outspoken christian, despite what impression he may make he is tradional in his family life.

Now what are the issues that I see him solve? He's a good example because it's very open and clear. On stage he is enacting the role of the witch Alice Cooper, a supposed real historical figure who was executed for witchcraft. He is known by this female name but it is a stage persona and kept that way as a form of roleplay. Because of the clear distincion between personal life and onstage life, he is creating an outlet for his feminine side while at the same time controlling it and putting it in its place. The show even includes the execution of Alice with a mock beheading of the character on stage, further showing that this symbol of extreme femininity cannot be allowed to run rampant and must be killed.

A man who cannot control his feminine side will be overrun by it, it will turn on him and he will become homosexual, assuming a degenarated form of the female sexuality. If there is no culture in society shaming him, it will not lead to feminism, as shown in the examples of ancient Rome and Greece. Homosexuality was not an issue brought up for discussion, it was accepted and normal. Women were only used for procreation and procreative sex was just seen as useful but nothing more.

Now what happens if women in this situation are allowed to organize and work together outside of the role of mothers? They may come up with this idea; women are productive and giving birth, but what about those men who Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

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>I can't think of why I would ever have to know how to maintain a living space, cook food, or clean clothes.

Go back to /r9k/ and take your Diogenes syndrome with you.

>Degenerate flag

That's about right.


File: 2d429ed95f9dfdc⋯.jpg (163.21 KB, 736x834, 368:417, ec0aa0225d275cdbc9dbfa484b….jpg)

the Greeks famously went around the mediterranean wearing tight-fitted little summer tunics …


Funny how "compassionate" and "romantic" are being bandied about as "feminine" when men are clearly the most romantic and compassionate, even so subdued as to allow women to run all over them and shame them as "brutes".

This thread is bullshit because "feminine" traits are actually the masculine ones. A woman or child cries out, everyone comes running because it's a biological imperitive. A man cries out – even has his penis lopped off – people joke about it on late night TV. Mutilate a female genital or breast and it's a horror story no one dare laugh at.

Who is more compassionate?


Who is more sensitive? The woman who NEEDS you to speak about your feelings to understand them or the Men who wordlessly intuit feelings of others in order to size up threats and make sexual advances at women?


Think: Women passively attract mates, the male must be clued in to subtle flushing of lips and cheeks, and small mannerisms which belie her availability.

In every case the male is the embodiment of all the bullshit OP et. al. has dubbed "feminine".

This /thread is shit.



Very well said. Also, women are instinctive energy vampires (in its less subtle variant known as "attention whoring"). Probably why they live longer on average.



If you thought this thread was shit why did you bump it?

File: 1467306660928.png (1.46 MB, 1600x900, 16:9, kindness-heart-image-orgsp….png)


I'm not joking. I think giving lots of compliments and genuinely meaning them in the direction of everyone on and off every day is the one true magic of influencing people.

Maybe we've all be overthinking it and the one true magic was in the gift of kindness all along.

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I think I found it!


http://lieske.com/5e.htm This is the index I think.



oh dang how did I not think to reverse image search.

Thanks g.



Excellent post & Great question.

I disagree with your sentiment but you're a beautiful person!



Disagree a lot op. I know too many people who talk to me only for the reason of compliments and affection, leaching off of me. Sure compliments are influencing, but they're ability to coax it out of me seems much more efficient



Maybe you should learn to resist their coaxing more effectively.

File: 8aac1964a1c5ad2⋯.jpg (6.76 KB, 413x307, 413:307, serveimage(17).jpg)


I have been wondering for a while, I thought I could find more information here. Forgive me if this isn't allowed here.

I noticed something really strange and noteworthy when I tried making a tulpa. And no this isn't a /x/ copypasta where it turned malicious. After a month when my tulpa was a hazy form in progress, I decided to draw her a second time after I first planned her out. A few months passed, and I lost free time, I had to take a break from working on the tulpa and she just kinda disappeared. I'm sure I would be able to start again anyways since she wasnt fully sentient or complete.

Eventually, I was writing some dreams down from when I was a kid, and all the sudden remembered that I had a dream about a woman that looked identical to the girl I forced myself into seeing.

In dream my mom got hit in the head with something (brick?) and my Dad ran away from home in anger and my mom started to cry and transform into this weird figure with just two black eyes, no mouth or nose. She looked almost identical to the tulpa. This was around 10 or 12 years beforehand.

So that lead me to wonder if these figures really live in your subconscious and aren't subject into our world until we allow it. Or is there more to tulpas? Are they archtype figures of a sort? I actually am starting to think they're familiar spirits as a possibility.

Is there any reading I where I can look into this sort of subject or concept? And is there any similar reports?

7 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



What you suggest possible is telepathy by means of an astral servant of some sort then yes? I have not progressed deeply down the path of astral projection, and mostly studied meditation and esoteric alchemy as part of my understanding of cognition and theology As well as some Ericksonian hypnotic techniques. If I were to perceive such an occurrence I would need to replicate it and perform it in another's presence to to verify whether it is real or delusional.



I did not think a mental construct could physically turn on a light switch.



Well I can't say I remember too Much about why the dream Happened, since I was young. But it might of been during a time where I didn't have many friends. And there seems to be a "mood" between occurences, emotional mood, if that makes sense.

As for why, I mainly wanted to create someone as a partner, I get lonely and wanted someone to talk to or spend time with. I also wanted to test my abilities of meditation and focusing. Also, maybe even get to know myself a little better. I know she's real in my plane of thought, and it's nothing bad, I believe it's just that I'm learning more about myself.

That's all I can really say for now, things seem a little fuzzy still.



Well perhaps one could. We are made in the image of god and as so we can create. This may mean that that we can create mental complexes capable of affecting reality via some kind of quantum entanglement mechanism, A prospect I have not ruled out. Nevertheless it remains a construct of your mind and exists by your will.


Rather than trying to draw a tulpa you intend to keep. try drawing the same image but while knowing it is intended to represent the anima. The anima must eventually "die" in order for a man to remain healthy. then maybe look for her in your dreams and see if there are more clues provided. My initial impression is that you, like many others who are affected by the control matrix, are suppressing emotions out of a learned defense mechanism, which causes a loss of of emotionally derived energy. Search yourself, familiarize yourself with the archetypes and let them guide you, but remember that they are a part of you. Do some contemplation in nature, away from the matrix.



Yes. Odin was my spiritual guardian. And indeed, The All Father rose up in a time of great need and commanded my mind, fighting off the enemy forces and revealing universal truths kept by gods which I could not have known.

There is a secret obscured in the mostly BS new-age "channeling" crap. Spirits and that is aspects of deities inhabit forms they match.

Create within yourself the pattern and form of the being you wish to summon, and you may become it. This is also part of the druid / animist shape-shifting magic… They use beasts or magic trees for their "tulpas" and summon external powers into themselves to increase their own influence.

Stop saying the word "subconcious" unless you're a "subhuman".

File: af7529c9424ae02⋯.png (8.3 MB, 5007x3060, 1669:1020, 9562227593.png)


The truth about religion, God, and exposing the false religion of the satanic globalist cucks

(Finally got a chance to make a thread for this, which I'm sure will make the /fringe/ BO and mods really happy. Thanks for being so friendly and understanding. I will be happy to cooperate with your needs so that we are all happy.)

on another related note the mewch thread 404'd mysteriously for no obvious reason so I just finished remaking it and decided that now was a good moment to finally make this one too. here's a link in case anyone cares about that.


trigger warning. you may be triggered. this pisses off atheists and religious fanatics alike.

you know you're doing something right when absolutely every single last person in the world gets pissed off at you, because it is no measure of good health to conform to an ill society. all sorts of stuff aside, lets look at the facts here. the image is meant to deconstruct the lies you have been led to believe for thousands of years. in all belief there sits a beLIEf. to simply only have faith and to only just simply have belief is to lie to God and to lie to yourself. instead you must know. KNOW GOD. do not believe. KNOW.

the rest of the text posted is for you to KNOW the truth.

This thread is the most recent and updated version as of XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX . (if you even beLIEve in time)

Please good people, if you know things that I don't know, please inform me so that the truth may be perceived from a better perspective than what I currently have.

>know about a good book?

tell me about it

>have some knowledge or wisdom?

help me learn

please don't leave me in the dark. I want to bPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

8 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.


>many religions are designed to get in everyones way and tie them up with tedious obsessive busy work that accomplishes nothing and gets them nowhere and entraps them in very limiting belief systems (just like schools and college and jobs in this world) (if you are too busy stressing out trying to do your homework and pass tests and exams and get good grades and figure out your taxes and pay all your bills, and worry about insurance, you can't stop and think clearly to improve on philosophy and wonder why you're doing any of this in the first place) bad people say what they say, but they really always mean- "there is no fun allowed, you are not allowed to wonder, you are not allowed to ask questions, you are not allowed to feed your curiousity, you are not allowed to learn, you are not allowed to have passion, you are not allowed to be free, you are not allowed to dream." so never listen to them.

>many religions are intentionally designed to trick people into thinking they need to go to a special building to worship God so that they don't feel as if they are being heard by God as well as if they were praying in the (((approved place of worship))) like churches, synagoges, and mosqs.

>the bible and all religious texts from most if not all religions are flawed and imperfect at the very least because of the fact that human people wrote the bible and human people are flawed and imperfect (many examples in the bible where both good and bad people had a chance to write/add things in while it wasn't done yet) "the love of money is the root of all evil" but "money answereth all things"

>human beings are imperfect, and everything they make, say, do, and so on is imperfect, including bible, scripture, stories, any religious texts, books, teachings, and so on. some things in life like a sturdy house are well built and good quality but nothing we do is perfect by the standards of God.

>the word of God doesn't come from the bible. everything here is a false idol including the bible, money, statues, kings, and so on.

Exodus 20

>"You shaPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


just as a note here: not trying to create a new religion. more like, trying to teach you how to distill the truth out of all the impure other religions so you can have some good spiritual vodka of only the most pure real good stuff.

someone replied to this thread once and said this:

>If you're smart enough to figure any of that out you should also be smart enough to realize that anyone else as smart would have also done so, and that posting it here is only going to make those that aren't smart enough further build their ego in rejection to the idea.

>"Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast. ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them. under their feet, and turn again and rend you."

>tl;dr retarded newfigs will never get it even if you tell them

this was my answer to them:

<I know anon. I know. but if it's pointless, if it doesn't matter because evil will always reject God then who am I to deny this wisdom to those who seek it but do not know it? just because they haven't found it yet? maybe they are smart enough but they havent been given guidance.

<you hear me you good ones out there!? this is for you.


reply I got on /x/ and my reply

>But by attacking religion you are attacking the only thing which has protected humanity in history and you are attacking the very reason humans are allowed to exist!

>If you maintain your anti-religious views you are forfeiting your right to exist as a human on this plane and will face the karmic consequences of such acts!

>Religion did a great job of protecting humanity, becase humanity still exists! If there had been no religion you wouldn't be online typing that, because you would be extinct!

Saying that religion did a great job of protecting humanity is like saying that hardcore illegal street drugs did a great job of making many people feel better because humanity still exists. Lets just totally disregard how many lives have been destroyed by hardcore illegal street drugs (and the gang wars, drug wars, and actual wars it's created) as well as religion and the wars it's created right? Just because something bad existed and posed a challenge to humanity- and humanity survived doesn't mean that it was entirely beneficial or even good at all. because of religion, people were tortured in dungeons because their beliefs didn't line up with the beliefs of those who were torturing them.

Religion has been one of the biggest methods by which human beings have manipulated and controlled each other as well as one of the biggest reasons for almost every single war that has ever been fought up until and including modern history (2018 USA time for all those reading this a couple thousand years from now). Protecting humanity? Religion is a scam. It's a business just like war. "Hey be very afraid so give your church all this money because god needs your money and he loves you but you're going to hell forever so no killing, meanwhile go kill all these people because they don't believe what you believe! also, do whatever we say or god will be very upset with you!" Religion is a cucked up scam that distances people from God. why worship an impefect human created system when I can just worship God directly?

The only pure and honest founding reason in history for the creation of religion is to bring people closer to God. humaniPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


strange recent happenings on mewch.



While I have not fully read your thread and I agree with you currently religion is nothing but a sort of dis-info trap. I do want to point out that religion inst 100% wrong either. I think that religion, if used properly, is an amazing tool to explore reality and I think that is what its original propose was before it was corrupted over the ages. Or maybe it has always been corrupted? Anyways, the concept of religion if applied correctly can make a really powerful tool towards cultivating greater understanding of magic.

File: 6984d401128171b⋯.jpg (125.4 KB, 800x899, 800:899, 1502504292381.jpg)


>tfw want to be Christian

>tfw sometimes my magick ways kick back in

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>seeking power through religion

>but it's okay because of Eternal Life®

You die. All that matters is your actions. Serve the abrahamic masters who will grant you your Eternal Life®

You were close. Were.



>(((abrahamic masters)))


don't feed parasites.

You are Sovereign. You are Divine. You are Free. You are One and All in the Infinite Source as It is One and All in You.



fuk u demiurge



I was being sarcastic


File: 8ce360517028107⋯.jpeg (190.04 KB, 1000x877, 1000:877, Children-of-Amun-Ra.jpeg)

File: 50e7b8d72146c96⋯.jpeg (450.17 KB, 958x694, 479:347, those-are-suns.jpeg)

File: 597fd447daf913c⋯.jpg (43.78 KB, 400x266, 200:133, dagon-mitre-pope-hat.jpg)

File: c8bcc0c75955e0a⋯.jpeg (71.09 KB, 600x450, 4:3, Solar-Bark-Sky-Boat.jpeg)

File: 6140d4a99537511⋯.jpeg (68.11 KB, 282x205, 282:205, Nefertiti-Ra-Thoth-Khonsu….jpeg)


Checked double "42" - Top Kek! God is speaking! Open your Ears!

42 as in the 42 negative confessions given after Anubis guides you into Duat, the Underworld, and Thoth records the weight of your heart against a Feather of Ma'at (order / law) while Ammit, the Great Destroyer, awaits near a lake of fire to eat the heavy hearts of the unworthy and deny them access to Osiris and an afterlife.

The Pharaohs intercede on behalf of their people to ensure them an afterlife, so the masses must believe in their God-King (a King of Kings) with their hearts and confess this with their mouths (see also the "Opening of the Mouth" ceremony). Sound familiar? Yep, that's your Christian God.

Jesus is a pharaoh born of the masses and not the ruling caste, he intercedes on behalf of those who believe in him with their heart and confess it with their mouths, and thereby secures them eternal life.

Moses is the same legend as Egyptian Mises, and both names mean "from water", both rescued from a river as a babe and raised with royalty (same as Sargon of Akkad too). Moses was the one who allegedly transcribed the Torah (old testament) so if he is called into question then the whole religion is! Ah, but there is a way to save it. You simply realize that Christianity is the Cult of Amun-Re (AKA Amen-Ra), which subsumed all other aspects of the gods and became a defacto monotheism in Egypt once upon a time.

Amen is the god of Wind, Invisibility, and Hidden Power, whose name Christians invoke after each prayer, "Amen". Ra is the holy solar disk who remains occulted in the symbolism of the church, they place the sun prominently in many of their symbols. Those aren't halos they are Holy Sun Discs upon the heads of all the holy figures – Just as The Disc of Ra was placed on the heads of gods in the Egyptian Pantheon who were associated with Ra.

Externally (exoterically) Christianity and Gnosticism is about some savior, internally (esoterically) the churches knPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1465440992091.jpg (250.7 KB, 1024x713, 1024:713, wizard_id_3_by_the_wizard_….jpg)


Blake K's Greenpilled Fitness & Nutrition Library


Previous thread here; http://archive.is/tr1ew

What is fitness? Being fit means…

>Competency in biomotor abilities (strength, endurance, power, flexibility, balance, speed, agility, coordination) in relation to needs or goals

>Muscle size, body composition, and activity level that matches needs or goals, not societal definitions or pressures

>Mobile joints & relaxed muscles

>Natural spinal and body alignment fostered by strong bones

>Effortless nasal, diaphragmatic breathing

>Youthful respiratory quotient)

>Efficient digestion and elimination

>Healthy heart and good circulation (strong pulse and warm extremities, tip of nose)

>Rarely experience sickness

>Excellent sleep, libido, and fertility

>Relaxed yet focused mind

>Positive outlook

Fitness is an essential part of proper initiation. While bodybuilding is not necessary, (and bodybuilding can easily become an egoistic pursuit for "a beautiful body" and not good health!!), proper exercise connects us to our physical vessels, giving us more conscious control over them. And as the cliche points out, "A healthy mind in a healthy body"; a well oxygenated brain strengthens our consciousness, fends off mental haze and sluggishness and improves psychological functions such as memory.

A well-trained body gives a sensation of masculinity and connects us to our bodies from which we have alienated ourselves from…Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

338 posts and 57 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


What do I do if I have something like Hashimoto's Thyroiditis? I got diagnosed when I was a teenager with it and I haven't really figured out a diet. The only thing that works for me is fasting with just water (reverse osmosis water in bpa free container, it's pretty expensive). But I do need some nutrients, and the only diet I've seen aimed at people with thyroid issues that MIGHT work is AIP diet. Any other /fringe/ people with thyroid issues? I feel like my thyroid issues probably came from heavy metal toxicity as my mom worked in a plastic factory while she was pregnant and our old house had some lead around it.


I would go on hooktube.com and do a whole lot of research on these things:

>herbs good for thyroid

>foods good for thyroid

>herbs/foods good for hashimotos thyroid problems

>adrenal fatigue

>chronic fatigue syndrome

>and those same search terms with "diet" next to them

if you watch enough videos, eventually you will get a better feel for what some people are doing to help feel a little better.

I am Not a doctor.


Friendly reminder to prepare the cooking surface with the 5 elements prior to cooking:


Turn on the burner (fire) preheat the pan (made of earth / metals), sprinkle with water to reduce temperature and this will produce air / steam, which you may breathe or exhale one's breath (spirit) into.

Imagine the cooking surface as your own little realm which you are god of, and the infinite duration between the life you breathed thereupon and the death of the greater & lesser gods you are about to consume (the meal).

I've found I can healthily subsist on very little food, even a single bite per sol, if prepared properly…


This threads puts way too much weight on material illusion. In the end it doesn't even matter, we will all end up in the same place. What do you seek to gain from being healthy and fit? Temporarely ego gratification? Being a better workslave and consumer for the matrix society? Living longer in this material prison? Feeling fake pride about being "real masculine" and superior to others?

It's all void.


How do I source what I am escaping with my food addiction.

File: 27c753307aa5691⋯.jpg (178.24 KB, 640x360, 16:9, creation-16_9-640x360.jpg)


Reality Creation 101

I'm writing this thread because I see a lot of confusion and even worse, disempowerment floating about here. Thus, It might be time for a refresher on reality creation. Now, there are an infinite amount of models on how the universe works. We're going to leave that out of this because I have mine, and I'm assuming you have yours. What this inevitably boils down to is one question; How good are you at getting what you want? Magick can be thought of as "The applied science of manifesting your will into reality." So let's get real here. How good are you at it?

If you can shoot fireballs out of your dongus, but can't find a loving girlfriend… Then you have failed as a mage.

If you can levitate your balls off the floor with the power of your mind, but need to wipe your ass with a crusty rag because you can't afford toilet paper…Then you have failed as a mage.

If I were to ask you "Do you have limits?" and you were to answer with anything other than an immediate and empathetic "Hell NO" then…eeyup. You have failed as a mage.

We live in a universe where you really -do- get to have everything. You can think of the universe a …cosmic chef. When it asks you "How would you like your desert" you're more than able (and entitled to) say "On the sweet side please!" the trouble is that most mundanes (and even some of the neophytes here) say "Just deep fry some pig shit for me thanks." and then endure eating it with all of the stoicism of a cow standing in the rain. Is this you? Well no more. I know you. I know you are better than that. So we're going to set out to changing your order.

Heres a sample of what we're going to learn in this thread.

A. Why the law of attraction sucks donkey balls.

B. How to use emotional resonace to create the reality you want, along with two simple tools and a discussion of how to select the right one for the job.

C. A brief discussion of the energy source we're working with and how to goPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

246 posts and 30 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


well, i finally managed to do some magic for the second time. i got my hyperactive cat to fall asleep while there were constructionworkers busy outside.



update, he was waking up and i put him back to sleep again. i'm feeling quite sleepy myself now too though. but i also feel very accomplished.




Beings have Free Will too. Even though 2nd density Beings have not learnt about their Free Wills, they still are afforded that protection. You can ask your cat's Higher Self if it's okay with being made to sleep (rest-state).



i guess that's what i did, i was only able to do it while making eye contact with him. i figured that if i projected a feeling of relaxation with the visual of him falling asleep, he would accept it.

i tried doing this a few days ago without the emotion and he did not respond.



>I've heard about people changing their hair and eye color through hypnotic trances in the alpha/theta state

Has anyone here attempted this?

Where would I start?

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