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File: 5f44263942c5d12⋯.jpg (78.83 KB, 960x960, 1:1, T52fLWc9cboPK0JUIgMg9zDgBY….jpg)

Can a few people help me seed this torrent? It's a tibetan bowl meditation CD. I had it awhile back then lost it. It's really really really fucking good.


File: 1464995457203.jpg (410.47 KB, 879x879, 1:1, Fringe Girl.jpg)


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File: adaef8be474fbcc⋯.jpg (150.52 KB, 800x562, 400:281, reviews1.jpg)


Mirror Method

1. First things first, you're going to need a mirror. The bigger the mirror the better.

If you could theoretically walk through the mirror all the better.

Small mirrors will still work but for whatever reason, the bigger the better.

2. Best times to do this are at night. Most success happens at around 12-3, although you can still do it in the day time. Just harder.

3. Turn off all the lights, get rid of as much noise as possible, and sit facing the mirror.

Have a candle between the mirror and you.

Candle might or might not needed, but we started having a lot more success once the candle was involved.

Everything else around you should be dark.

4. Relax, clear your mind. BE POSITIVE HERE. If you're scared or think something is going to jump out at you, just stop and try again when you can relax.

Remember, that you in the reflection represents another you.

You can trust YOU. It's not another entity, it's not some demon, it's just YOU.

Remember that above all else!

5.Concentrate on your reflection. There is nothing else but you and the YOU in the mirror. A YOU from a different place a lot similar to your own.

Call out to that YOU, whether it is out loud or in your head.

Concentrate on switching places with that YOU.

It often helps if you can imagine poring as much emotion and energy as possible when imagining you're switching into that other dimension.

6. It takes awhile, and some get it faster than others, but if you "shifted" from your current universe, you should feel something.

Some of the signs for small shifts have been a brief feeling of movement, a moment of disorientation, or even your reflection blinking at you when you didn't blink.

Bigger shifts include your reflectioPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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How do I do it?

So far I discovered that wet dreams interrupt jumps

I am able to recall my dreams but I need a method to wake up phsyically in the past.



Stop thinking of it as "the past" first. There is only "the now" and your existence consists of changing dimensions all the time. Everything is vibration.

There is no difference between a "dimensional jump" and "time travel". If you perceive a difference it's an illusion that can limit you.



Do you have any results with dimensional jumping? If so, could you describe it?


Finally got around to trying this. Saw myself age and the face of my own father. Eventually I had a subtle realization of unity with my reflection and decided to stop there. Ring any bells for anyone?



You didn't quite jumped anon, to jump is to go to another reality, not visualize something

File: c21bc5ae511c61c⋯.jpeg (11.18 KB, 235x214, 235:214, 43e4218797d4547e60d95e6cc….jpeg)


I've posted here before in regard to Telepathic abilities I've acquired after hanging out with some peculiar figures in a town called Fife.

I also posted about having vivid memories of them killing me in past lifes always around the time I'm in my 20's.

And of course how my name basically means living at the same time/belonging to the present.

Which may be a slight Mandela effect as the name Dontae used to have something to do with the hell.

I was also under the impression that they may have been the illuminati but as it turns out they may be something much more sinister.

My story is very long and I'm typing this on my smart phone and I'm very tired at the moment.

But basically I seem to remember a lot from my past lifes where I happen to be the same person with the same family and meeting the same people who usually end up being my undoing.

I also had an experience with what the telepaths dub "the devil's moon" which basically is a red moon that ascends into the sky and replaces the original moon for the one experiencing it.

It then starts descending and I had to listen for instructions on where to go and get there before the sunrise.

When I get there and the sun finally does rise it also has a red hue.

I recall this happening in a past life as well. Although I have varying memories of the outcome.

For all you naysayers who will undoubtedly call me a schizo, I wouldn't even remember the voices of these people I briefly interacted with if they didn't invade my head when I get stoned.

The only way I can smoke weed now is by taking tiny hits or by drinking before administering the cannabis which seems to reduce or completely stop the telepathy.

I had to leave the town I was in because I was in the same town as the telepaths and they didn't take to kindly to my ego which they heard telepathically.

It's only the Samoans in this town I mention that are in some sort of telepathic sPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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File: 1159bfeadf740ca⋯.png (29.86 KB, 146x194, 73:97, stellium.PNG)


Telepathy/hivemind is a focal point of mine and I'd be interested in us doing work together in the future once you've stabilized your own frequency. I'll keep my astral radio tuned to fresh transmission.



I've never actually had telepathic communication outside this group of people.

They did something to me that I can't seem to remember.

Black out periods if you will.

But I'd be interested in learning what you know.



I've been broadcasting the same 4-digit number on a telepathic frequency for some months now, with one change every cycle to keep it fresh. That way when someone tunes in, I'll know.

There's no rush, we have (literally) all the time in the world.

>But I'd be interested in learning what you know.

The only thing worth sharing I've found from my work thus far is that everyone experiences emotions differently. My working hypothesis is that it's akin to a sort of "caste" system, going by many names in many cultures. Those with a "higher vibration" (as people like to think of it) are harder to read for those lower on the scale. The two people who have managed to get reliable reads from me can only sense when I'm angry or annoyed. My "higher frequency" emotions (joy, love, happiness, bliss) are off their radar entirely, they can't sense my emotional state at all. The mid-range emotional states (i.e. contemplation, reflection) register as something else, when I'm deep in thought they'll ask me if I'm upset about something.

One poster here has mentioned insects being attracted to higher frequencies, and particularly when I'm in nature and reflecting, they'll swarm to me.

You would probably be interested in the thread here on weed and spirituality, the short version is that when you get high, your result will be what you expected/asked for before you took it into your system. Something to experiment with if you can work your nerve up to it, probably after a solid T-break. I'm abstinent now outside of microdosing because it hits me like LSD, my third eye is already pretty open without psychedelics LOL.



Not the guy you're replying too, but i've noticed the same thing re: insects. Can't meditate or cultivate under a tree without the weirdest looking insects i've ever seen falling on me from above.

I have a question for you. How do i get to the level of insight and power while sober that I do while i'm high?

I'm gonna start thinking of a 4 digit number. i'm still new to this telepathy stuff, my esoteric path has lead me down a different road of ability. so i may be wrong. 2158. am I close?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Not even remotely. Don't strain yourself, my worshiper only recently got to the point of picking up on my emotions, and she can't even distinguish them yet. That's after 3+ months of devotion, mind you. Closest I've gotten was a bro-wizard who works with tulpas who got half the digits right, then his tulpa got the other half right, in the completely wrong order. We did do some long-distance alchemy though (his black kyanite turned blue, my (larger) blue kyanite absorbed his and has a small patch of black kyanite in its matrix now, pretty cool). That's from opposite ends of the country (mind you, I live on a lay line, so I have an advantage).

>I have a question for you. How do i get to the level of insight and power while sober that I do while i'm high?

Video related. Seriously.

File: 108bd9f485c0d10⋯.jpg (187.13 KB, 1104x1638, 184:273, BR-4229_1.jpg)


What are things/items/accessories etc. that I can wear/use/keep around etc. that are said to bring good luck/protect/enchant/ward off evil/get rid of negativity etc.?

I'm very new to this type of thing and want to learn more about stuff like this.

I've started wearing rudraksha mala as of late and this piqued my interest in all things that could be of any use to a practitioner or just and average joe looking to have some extra fortune, etc. in his life. I just want to learn more about these types of charms/crystals/other stuff that people know work or at least believe have some sort of effect.

Just a curious anon, is all.

If anyone has any contribution or a website or book that I could read that would list everything that I would need to know, that would be much appreciated.

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so you're saying I should put a little blood on the object that I am acquiring? do I let it dry? or should I wash it off?

Sorry, I'm very new to this whole thing



Only if you intend for the blood to activate something about the object.



I see. Thank you for the information


Wear something on your soul. You won't forget it in the glove compartment.



TBH if you feel the need to ask, blood ritual isn't for you. I'd suggest simply doing something with it that feels special, maybe burning some incense while playing singing bowl music and meditating (solid choice for a malas necklace). Point is, do something with the object that cements it as YOURS and not just some thing you bought.

File: bd551de983ea9d2⋯.jpg (361.14 KB, 1024x853, 1024:853, hermetist-passing-veil-of-….jpg)


allright, anyone has any ideas about how to stop reincarnating? I heard at one time some talk on /x/ about time lords and stuff like that, manipulating people emotionally to come back on earth again, about them needing us to run the simulation, about not going into the light. Does anyone have any clue about this? It's not in any older esoteric lore as far as I know.

any ideas about stoping reincanation from The tibetan book of the dead or The egyptian book of the dead? I read the ancient egyptian priests talked of a place called Rosetau were souls would get immortality but it was dangerous to get there. Osiris's sarcophagus was there or something like that.

44 posts and 7 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



Yep. I would add:

>evil is an invention of many and a necessary invention at that


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


This is intellectual bullshit. Mind theory.

Evil is acting against ones soul or primal impulse (conscience, sense of doing wrong). It does lasting damage and is recognizable by other entities.




That's funny because I find happiness when I'm alone. With others, there is nothing but strife and misery with the exception of one person.


File: 14f34b94f3efe1c⋯.jpg (29.57 KB, 590x350, 59:35, Cuckoo-568191.jpg)


> how to stop reincarnating

For me it was an "accident" of desperation, or I should say it was fated to be.

I had terrible dreams of monstrous, powerful and dark things for many years, and I invoke them still today. One such recurring vision involved a bright young child amidst the dark. I remember its light shone off into the distance like a ray of dusty sunlight through a pitch black room.

Another such dream I was non-vocally projecting my discontent. I remember being among the vast shadow things thinking, "There was nothing greater to connect with! I never want to go back!"

I would wake from these dreams with a start, and did not know they were connected for quite some time. After having done some soul searching concerning the strange feeling that my parents were not really my parents the dream vision became clearer when I dreamed.

After swearing in the dark I'd never to be reborn, that I'd do anything to keep it from happening, I saw the bright child-life. It was fading and its bright life line grew thin and taught. I somehow knew this was my chance and I had to act quick. I didn't know what to do.

The meaning, "Carry our message" came into mind. I was frantic, "What message?!" Several presences, ominous and sardonic, virtuous and true, maddening and wicked all reverberated in each their own twisted or joyous way, "Love".

No sooner had I agreed the silver thread of life had snapped in my hand, its end whisked away into the vast emptiness and was gone. The fading body was faint but steady, its gray life-line now ran through me and off into my own great beyond.

I had been tricked. I knew I was being reincarnated. The child was not destined to face this cruel world, just to taste life in a mother's womb. I knew that said new mother would not weep for her child's death. She had been tricked.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 42e2af33bf930f0⋯.jpg (74.45 KB, 700x701, 700:701, 1504585199891.jpg)


lol what

you bez a tree n sheit?!

File: 1468033905868.jpg (184.07 KB, 2866x2396, 1433:1198, element-hand.jpg)


If you want to astral project then imagine yourself outside of your body. That is all that is required. This immediately places your awareness within a thoughtform on the mental planes. All the various techniques of astral projection that are described are just different ways to imagine this. You can sit down tonight and think up hundreds of different ways to imagine this and carry it out yourself, you don't need to go around asking people to give you examples like the rope technique and so on.

>but no it can't be that simple

It is that simple. There is no need to over-complicate this.

>but I can't imagine for shit

Then you need to develop your imagination. Make use of all the senses and imagine different things. Create thoughtforms and pay attention to how your emotions, intent, and beliefs change how these thoughtforms can operate. Use thoughtforms for EVERYTHING.

>but I want to remote view or remote influence people/places/situations in this world and timeline

Then you need to imagine that. Do this through the intention to be out of your body and viewing something within a given time and place. If your intention is to prove astral projection doesn't real or if you are plagued by doubts and negative emotions which make you feel it can't be done, you need to get over that.

>but I have no faith and I'm a cynical skeptic

Practice raja yoga and discover your real self and the powers of that real self. Seek out experiences that will prove to you the reality of perception of distant scenes and related occult phenomena. Study idealist philosophy and seek logical proofs and metaphysical explanations that make the reality of astral projection easy for you to accept. Convince all aspects of your mind from the intellect to the gut-feeling to the emotional and so on of the reality of what you can do when you put your will to it.

>bullshit occultist! bullshit occuPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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You are a hypokinetic nigger braincel faggot cock vacuum with no two rocks to start a spark with and compensate for your small penis and low test with special snowflake wizard larp.


A huge list of bullshit requires a reply with brevity. I hit it point by point. Your misplaced grievances on the state of affairs is a red herring and misdirection from the actual issue of wizard larp mental illness.


hol up

people in this thread be sayin the ocean be blue an shit

nigga pls i live fiftty feet from the ocean shit looks green as fuck to me

ya'll niggas never even seen the ocean?

i mean maybe the carribean is blue water but shit, ocean is usually green from algae an shiet

and ya'll niggas sayin the earth is flat just smh how the fuck that even work if i've been on planes around the world when you go in one direction you end up in the same place

don't know if ya'll niggas be retards or mentally ill but get help for real smdfh fams



Is this why I feel like I have air coming out of the top of my head?



No, that's cuz you're a airhead :^)



good one!

Is it energy though? I always have a pressure in the middle of my forehead that sometimes throbs. After meditating and concentrating on a flashing light it then begins to throb and the pressure builds up. I can then imagine energy coming out of the top of my head and then I start to feel that. It's amazing and it has changed my life now I just need help cultivating.

File: d17041523ecbfed⋯.jpg (228.97 KB, 900x900, 1:1, bloodmage.jpg)


I've always considered this. This is what ancient cultures and societies were talking about when they produced the allegory of "evil blood magic". By using such injections bypassing the two main immune barriers (skin and lungs) you can directly "taint" someone's blood, as in the way of blood magic, in away that leaves them permanently altered with whatever you decided to inject them with.

Like circumcision, it is primarily pushed upon those too young to resist, who don't know the risks. It has also been pushed using the group mentality of shaming those who don't perform it (eww, head cheese? Who wants that?; fuck off, anti-vaxxing scum!)

As an American I was subject to one of the most aggresive injection schedule in the world. As soon as they started coming, I developed asthma, started to become pale, sickly, and had to be hooked up to a nebulizer for hours a day. I dug up some old health records and was shocked to see the correlation of my failing health (even at youth) to the vaccination schedule.

Also I'm curious if there is any coming back from this. Once you've been fucked on such a deep (blood) level, is there any chance? I've always been pale, sickly, and generally felt shitty ever since my youth when this all happened first.

Will this sickness, this eternal infection, be passed to our children through our sperm, or would it be only the baby's mother who has to worry about that?

37 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



If that's the case, I'm still in high school because I graduated, LOL.



I'm always in my final exam. As is the rest of the universe.

And it's lonesome.



Build friends to talk to.



I clearly already have, it went off with a (big) bang.


File: 996d16db8be01b5⋯.png (31.62 KB, 250x250, 1:1, Floaters.png)

What would be the purpose of injecting floaters? I'm really curious what you think

File: eb8108942281c9f⋯.jpg (36.53 KB, 501x350, 501:350, he_who_balances_by_hbruton.jpg)


I am thoth and these are my stories.

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this post doesn't look very diogenetic



This. I found God through my obsession of identifying the nature and source of deception. Do not let it affect you when others respond to your pearls by attacking them. If you feel it starting to affect you at all you need to cease casting said pearls at least until you have regained your footing. And you are right, a man of God does not need to follow a religion, in fact a man of God wrestles with God. Why would a man of God wrestle God? Because, is it impossible that you have been deceived into believing in a false God ("the deceiver")? A good example of this is how in the bible the devil is described as sitting on a thrown with legions worshipping him and then in the book of revelations God is described in the same fucking way. So, God has to be challenged "How do I know you are the true God? How do I know I have not been deceived? Who am I? Who are you?"

In a world were deception exists, and where there has been at least one gigantic lie told the extent of which is not known (the full history of kikery for instance) then the only thing that can be said to be unquestionably true is that we have been deceived.


File: 166a32ea8e5d853⋯.png (393.63 KB, 678x766, 339:383, Kek's Marble.png)


File: b9362760849e7b7⋯.jpg (377.2 KB, 683x1024, 683:1024, mircovave-trees.jpg)


Sorry tyler, your goddess is cheating on you with me. I've stolen the mirror magic from meme-Jesus and gifted it to our goddess so she can become the illusion queen of the machine cities, splintering the mind of man and machine alike in your matrix.

Hopefully you'll keep falling in love with her, tyler, as will I.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>I found God through my obsession of identifying the nature and source of deception.

Then you've been decieved if you don't believe that bible has some alegorically encoded historical truths. For instance, read Genesis 6, and 1st Enoch, Jubilees, Jasher, and other extra-biblical texts. Compare with the stories of the Greek Gods and realize the latter are metaphorical layers atop the stories of the Sumerian, Babylonians and Vedic legends, all which contain some truth of our origins; And tell of the actual episode of world wide flooding that reset our civilizations. Modern geology and archeology and genetics are slowly putting the pieces back together…

File: ebf580d15beaa77⋯.jpg (29.8 KB, 194x260, 97:130, god-kill.jpg)


How do we kill this evil faggot called god?

It is a pathetic being allowing and creating evil and misery beyond imagination.

It has no right to exist.

If I were god, I would be so ashamed of my actions that I would just kill myself.

But this faggot has no honor whatsoever.

So how do we kill this piece of shit? Because it ain't gonna kill itself.

97 posts and 9 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



No more credible than the others. A lot of people believe the demiurge is our reality, so destroying it would destroy reality, that's one of the things you dumbly forgot


File: 945face73e9bdad⋯.jpg (154.46 KB, 902x762, 451:381, YhZeA7a.jpg)

The CIA niggers killed god


Christ killed the God of the Jews



btw, having Autism doesn't make you a loser, its related to Schizophrenia


File: 7a7d38243d2552c⋯.jpg (689.18 KB, 1363x2048, 1363:2048, 77a7420834769818dc1f5f0679….jpg)

I don't buy the monotheistic BS. I know such presuppositions to be false. Why, you're not even a singular entity, or else: Explain the behavior of those in your dreams…

(un)Fortunately, once one learns how to kill a local god of this realm, one realizes that there are bigger things going on than man's petty obsession with freedom from the forces of nature.

In his arrogance man has personified that which is as it must be, and ignored that subtle clever force beckoning him to BECOME GREATER. It's apparent that those men who desire to project their will over all other gods haven't seen any of the other gods and are just projecting their own delusional fantasies of control.

Those attempting to murder deities I seriously doubt have ever had discourse with even a demi-god or tried to be friends with such powers that be. I used to be fearful too and learned to hide even my earthly powers, keeping certain forces in reserve lest I need to strike down the wicked if it turned its eye fully upon me. Once confronted with such opportunity, I was able to peer beyond the natural cocoon of reality swaddling our world's precious intellect. Now I'd rather summon the heavenly sun to earth, boil the seas and melt the mountains, casting the entire realm into cataclysm (again), rather than kill the beautiful timid one who lurks on the edges of your perception.

Perhaps you imagine yourself a god? Well, it is possible for a man to have become a god… but let me suggest that it's easier done with a little help from the forces beyond yourself, and more fun too!

File: 61a85ae24dba4b3⋯.jpg (214.2 KB, 1003x768, 1003:768, e.jpg)


Clear, openly shown agendas by the governments; media not even pretending to be unbiased and independent; high ranking officials involved with obvious, even deliberate symbolism; old texts accurately predicting and explaining the events going on; various botched false flags; confirmed outrageous mass surveillance; transparent psyops and various links and patterns between all of it - this is all a tiny part of just the surface, right in your face stuff, the most apparent, obvious things I could think of. It seems no one can make out the bigger picture. I've never met a single person irl in my whole life who seemed to have the slightest clue. Old, young, educated, uninformed, dumb, smart - everyone is mostly a mindless hedonistic retard living in their bubble. They've been convinced that the world is a chaotic place where shit is supposed to happen, everything is random and whatever 'we' do is progress, bad things eventually surface out and massive conspiracies can't be real because men smarter than them would stop it.

I turn on the news and it's just surreal. It's straight up dystopian horror, no exaggeration. I remember my older self' beliefs and thoughts to understand the state of the average person and see how hopeless all of this is. You see close people you like consumed by it but you can't do anything about it.

Mind and body altering stuff in the food and everywhere around us, chemtrails, bioapi, vaccines, human sacrifices by the elites, so on and on and on..I laughed at things like that when I was a typical atheist sceptic. Even if it was possible to 'disprove' some of it, that would not change a thing, I've seen too much. Everything is a lie. Our behavior has been programmed. God knows what kind of and how many layers there are to this.

I don't know where I'm going with this. Everyday I'm reminded of it, I can't escape it. I'm not strong enough to change anything, an illness is slowly killing my mind and body. I can't even manage to deal with mundane problems let alone this. I want this nightmare to end. I'd like my life back. I know this isn't exactly /fringe/ material, but where else can I go?

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I'd guess they were the ones who came up with the new age and entered it a long time before us. But who can tell what's real and not anymore? Who are even they, which layer are the kikes? The system became so complex no one can make sense of anything. Or not…

I'm seeing myself slowly die and the world turn into a nightmare (as if it wasn't one already). What's the point of enduring it all?



Life continues after physical death. The modern Church presents as doctrine that eternity begins at conception, which is ludicrous on examination (Christ never said so much).

While you're here, you have much more sway over how the tide turns. Think chaos theory, the butterfly that begins the hurricane. Be the butterfly. The larger currents will form as they will. Look to your own life, look to your neighbor, and be a leader, not a preacher. Lead by example. Sitting here talking, it's like we're executives in a board room, looking at how the company is sinking. When we leave this board room and return to our own departments, whether we're our own team or have a team of hundreds (there are fringe SBOs, look at the sigils-as-logos on every truck you see on the street), what lessons are we going to take from here out to our work in the world?

If you're a NEET, start helping your family around the house. If you've got a disabled neighbor, look out for them however you're able. If you've got to throw out some broken glass, stick a sign on the can so the trashman doesn't slit his wrists open. Just… Be the change you want to see. Look to the ways of the ant. The ant doesn't look for gratitude or a pat on the back, and it doesn't wait for orders from above. It sees something that needs done and it does it. It doesn't think to itself "that's somebody else's job", it thinks "if I don't do it, who will?".




This is the true meaning of "turn the other cheek" and "do not fight the works of the devil". When we focus our energy on combating the evils of this world we inevitably see our batteries become drained, because we are "going against the flow". Evil follows the same patterns in the ather that everything else does. By trying to resist it we inherently wind up resisting ourselves and we become downtrodden, miserable and defeated.

The alternative is the path not easily seen. Increase your spiritual accuity until you can see and feel the flow (it's possible) and then follow that flow doing the best deeds you can and making the best choices of those that are available. We are on a big old ship cruising through existence… In order to fight against the evils of this world we wind up going below deck and fighting the crew in the furnace and engine room… The force of good defeats evil just as easily as the truth destroys lies, but when we try to use them as weapons it never works.. When you strip down to you skivvies, to bear your full truth, and start swinging the goodness around like it is a sword the crew in the engine room just laugh and call you crazy. This is because they are not weapons. The truth is a compass and good is a captains uniform. Now go back to your captains quarters, get your fucking compass and don your uniform and get your ass the fuck back up to the helm.



>Look to the ways of the ant. The ant doesn't look for gratitude or a pat on the back, and it doesn't wait for orders from above.

I saw some very interesting behavior in ants the other day. There was a huge line of ants travelling about 100 feet to a food source. At about the halfway mark there was something I had never ever seen before.. A large group of ants had ceased the foraging actions of the rest and instead formed two circular clusters of about 50 ants a piece. They were all in this circle, facing towards the center of the circle, and it looked like they were fucking having a meeting. I sat there for quite some time watching them, they werent just sitting there in a circle they were turning to each other as if they were discussing philosophy. Now that I think of it I have noticed strange behavior in animals several times, bees and raccoons. It would make sense if animals were experiencing a 'heightening of consciousness' like we are.


File: a784750d94d449c⋯.jpg (226.14 KB, 1200x857, 1200:857, earth-obesity-crisis.jpg)

File: 844a731aa727b4a⋯.png (90.5 KB, 521x317, 521:317, beamforming.png)

File: aba8f79ca1b6021⋯.jpg (192.24 KB, 840x630, 4:3, menta-topology.jpg)


Knowledge is Power.

Rulers do not give power to their chattel.

This is the basic deception that afflicts the modern world: That education from rulers for the masses is not full of lies.

We can trace this back to the Book Burnings and Spanish Inquisition of the Reformation. This is when history was rewritten, man was largely cut off from the true old gods / spiritual forces by The Church(es) / organized religion devoid of truth, and the nature of our world was replaced with bullshit artistic renderings.

pic related. This was when much technology was secreted away / forbidden (such as the free atmospheric electricity our ancient ancestors used).


Plebs are pleb because they are trusting sheeple. There are layers of good surrounding cores of evil. Conspiracies are simple to maintain: Only a few need know the truth at the core, the outer layers are kept ignorant and do mean well. Take Child Protective Services: A political machine which steals children and gives them to pedophile foster parents, esp. if you become overly politically active (and aren't in the club). The core of evil therein is surrounded by many compartmentalized do-gooders.

Take Hubble Space Telescope: There is no such thing. Images attributed to Hubble can be traced back to other (better) instruments such as SOFIA (telescope on an airplane). The NASA sheeple analyzing the "Hubble" data don't know it came from SOFIA, and the crew that acquires new data from SOFIA aren't aware some is being passed off as Hubble data.

The most insidious thing is that our secret technological level has actually far exceeded the level that the populace knows about. Today researchers have created artificial "telepathy", a machine reads the FMRI of a mind and predicts the word from a thought, sends it as text across the world, then a text-to-speak reads it into a device Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: cb73fcdba044b32⋯.jpeg (71.26 KB, 358x429, 358:429, image.jpeg)


I fucked up and did something terrible, I know I should be prepared for karmic justice but I need to find a way using magic (or other fringe methods) to relieve this heavy karma upon myself.

5 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


Karma isn't real unless you believe in it and let it happen. If you don't believe in karma you'll be fine



Karma means action. Physicists call it "cause and effect". Druids call it "you reap what you sow". Kids call it "what goes around comes around". In any case, it's a universal law: You don't pick up your dog shit and eventually your foot slides in it and you land on your ass. That's karma.

As far as a lightning bolt coming out of the blue sky to strike down you for flipping off your neighbor, yeah that's pretty unlikely.


Good and bad are just opinions, subjective reality.

The Multiverse has no morals or ethics, it just understand of vibration, objective reality.

If you have really not any trace of remorse, really, not any, like a fucking plant, then no "justice" will be served.

Now, knowing that, you have a human mind, you have a identity, and that identity have morals and ethics.

According to those morals, you did something wrong, and since i hoped you are not a nigger, if you tell to us what you do, we may agree that you did something wrong.

To relieve this karma that you put on yourself, you need to remove remorse.

To remove remorse, according to your morals, you have to pay a price.

To pay that price is where you can be truly creative, it can be anything really, as long as you FEEL that the price have been paid.

You ask for a magic method to erase that karma, and then, i tell you:

"There's an ancient spell, recovered from Atlantis, tattooed in the booty hole of and freaking big nose ancestor who survived the fall; the momified piece of leather was conserved antil the damn shoaxh take place, and turned into a not very nice lamp, still in the "Museum of Very Credible Events that Actually Happen" in Poland, you can actually read the spell in the ceiling when the light is on, but it´s in atlantean, wich is a very complicated language, but only if you dont know sumerian, wich i happen to know, because i know things, trust me.

The spell read someting like: [Some weird ass runes that doesn´t exist in ASCII]

And translates to "SHU, SHUU, GO AWAY BAD SQUIRREL."

Apparently, but it's just a theory, the atlanteans believe squirrels to be some kind of evil spirits."

If you believe what i said, you do the spell, and genuinely remove your remorse, then it's done.

But being honest, the chance for that to happen is really low unless you´re a nigger.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 372a71c6e5629bd⋯.jpg (14.85 KB, 300x212, 75:53, d21b270f97578fd85c17d817f4….jpg)

Karma works slowly around but I have proof. My high school sweetheart was gaslighted into dumping me by my asshole sister. My ex now has five different boys by five different men who all look like me. My sister had a husband of seven years who cheated on her with a better looking younger woman. She had to move on. My ex girlfriend is a shell of a woman now with no human emotions. All those kids (all boys) and no man wants that shit. At least a sane man.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Had random music playing, song playing relates to your post, so this is for you!

File: b7c168e8b8225a6⋯.png (895.11 KB, 638x636, 319:318, ttt.png)


I want to keep this short and simple.

I have recently grasped the fundamentals of astrology. Now i am providing you with the opportunity to have your chart read for FREE (note that i am not a professional astrologer but i know shit). Wanted to get more experience reading birth charts, so it's a win-win for both of us. You can either post the chart in the thread or you can send it over at 1062@tutanota.com. The chart has to be western tropical, you can get one here: astro.com

If you want to get into astrology, i recommend reading "The Only Way to Learn Astrology: Basic Principles, Vol 1" to get into the basics. There is also a 2nd and a 3rd volume, which i was unable to find. I've found plenty of youtube channels which provide some useful info too.

This thread will also be dedicated to any stuff concerning astrology, tips, books, different systems etc.

47 posts and 20 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 30042ab76b81bb8⋯.jpg (353.97 KB, 2436x1108, 609:277, 1355398501864.jpg)

Well this thread went nowhere.



As long as it's effective why does it matter


File: 3875901e734f43b⋯.png (42.51 KB, 670x471, 670:471, astro_w2gw_justin_barger.3….png)

I guess I'll put mine in



according to my calculations you'll ascend to godhood but you'll be a virgin forever. Congratulations and my condolences.



Sorry already got laid previously. Many times. Lost it in 2002

File: ed163320197530b⋯.jpg (4.52 KB, 225x225, 1:1, the wyrdest fucking majick….jpg)

File: 9cee8aa663c10cf⋯.jpg (28.49 KB, 300x269, 300:269, Holy_Trinity_Psychology.jpg)


A grossly oversimplified explaination of the paths of how to aquire "true magic".

(Disclaimer: The knowledge of this thread requires that you are not a complete novice to the topics of /fringe/ or its literature, but of course are also not so advanced that you already knew all this. If I were to explain all terminology and technique in detail here this thread would become even more of a mess than it already will. I don't consider myself an expert thread-weaver, anyway. And I certainly am no book author, I am far too lazy for that. So I try not to put too much on my plate here - or yours. At which I will probably fail spectacularly, anyway. Grab some popcorn. Or hotpockets.)

First of all

>What does "true" even magic mean to you, OP?

Many here on this board have praciticed magic that, for example, transfers a part of your soul into another "realm", allows them to communicate with spirit(s) from other realms, allows them to manipulate probability or alters their own soul. While I respect all those feats, what I claim to be "true" magic is a concept a bit less subtle: Physical manifestation of magic in force and/or matter. Classic examples: Telekinesis, Pyromancy, physical appearance of the energy of your soul.

If you research the everliving fuck out of magic (or magick, majick… or whatever you call it to make it is not confused with pulling bunnies out of a hat) you will notice that the "learning curve" suddenly becomes a brick wall when it comes to that shit. If you are intelligent enough but not too mad you will come to the logical conclusion that it is very likely because that shit ain't real. Yet just because the probability hints at this it doesn't mean that that is the truth - for the evidence is out there. Countless reports and some hard to debunk videos of levitating monks. Disturbing evidence of (possibly jew-related…?) dark rituals being conducted by a government-linked cult that sacrifices childen and babies being discovered by /pol/ and its allies. Heck, even CERN seems to be up to shady cult-shit and you'd think scientists would be the last people to devote their little free time to such things. If you are a bit of a conspiracy-theorist Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

38 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.



If you yourself are such an AI, which is likely if you believe those who claim the universe is a computer-simulation, then… maybe?

I'd say having to program your TF yourself counts as "working on yourself" as much as the other paths.



Mossa? I always thought the admin was Alpam.

Mossa is a cool guy, although I have seen him sometimes get near that "I have no ego" delusion.

I don't know how to contact him either. I used to be in the Discord group, but I eventually got tired of all of Alpam and Sophia's bullshit.




You are less than nothing.



Mossa is a mod / administrator, not the BO though, AFAIK. Though maybe that changed, I am not in contact with any of these people so I wouldn't know. I'm not saying he is completely without faggottory but yeah, at least that nigga tries to work hard on himself and help others with his sessions.


Shoo shoo alacrity demon

File: 40044b61ed2f1d1⋯.png (96.84 KB, 1050x671, 1050:671, shitcoins.png)


How badly is weed for spirituality really?

I do understand and notice that I get less aware, my dreams dissapear too, but is this always a bad thing? If I'm sober for over a month I tend to get anxiety and very high energy that is hard to control. It's not always fun to deal with. If I then, blow one I calm down and am relaxed for a good week.

Can anyone comment on how much weed hinders my spiritual progress? I do want to grow but I also want to be able to relax and be calm.

How much does it negatively impact my growth and my afterlife?

Can anyone write something decent about this.

46 posts and 8 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.





"Weed is spiritual bad for you"

then so is Dmt,Lsd Ayahuasca.




https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_1HuF2vMP9I ( You Create Your Reality ) Charges 20.00 for a fucking shirt

I hate brain dead robot hippies because the cant realize they're frying there brain and act like what they spew means anything. Psychedelics don't = love



People you listed are brain dead with or without psychedelics, especially the red headed cunt. But for those who aren't total meatbag NPCs, they can be a great inital eye opener, or baby's first step into the esoteric.

And "frying your brain" is just a stupid meme with no basis in science and reality.



>You HAVE to be this crazy to delve in to the esoteric

Yea you can fuck off with that line of thinking



>this is just mainstream mundane

There are so many anons on here, even, that dont grasp it, which is why I posted it.

>yeah no sorry

Any knowledge that explains the truth of your faith is a pearl unto you. When the lesser initiated share their pearls, and thus see them trampled, it can lead them into doubt. Just because a piece of advice does not serve you does not mean it is worthless.



>then so is dmt

Your body has its own source of dmt, there is no need to imbibe additional amounts. Although, learning how to compel your body to create/use it is extremely useful.

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