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Donald Clinton and Hilary Trump have servents. You stare at the sun trying to figure out how to fix your situation. You have fucking down syndrome. Come out of your psychosis. I'm sick of seeing attention whore faggots exploit the mentally ill so they can get a 2 second dopamine release. You are worse than religious faggots because you have supposedly done psychedelics. You people are so fucking pathetic you aknowledge gay debunked religions and keep their schizophrenic rituals alive. The lesser banishing faggot ritual of the numale coke addict is so fucking retarded. Nobody on this planet doesnt think you are a fucking child. Stop humiliating the entire species and start solving some of the worlds trillions of problems, or get the fuck out of my universe. Abraham is dead. Deal with it mental patient.

File: 1464995457203.jpg (410.47 KB, 879x879, 1:1, Fringe Girl.jpg)


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YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>ITT we discuss the numbers, their meanings, and where we can find those in context of that meaning

I make the start with some numbers I dug up, and be free to correct me, or add something.

1 means unitiy

2 stands for dualitiy

3 is symbolizing the wholy trinity, the masons use the 33 to symbolize with the 3 the pyramid (and thus the all seeing eye) and 2 times the 3 to symbolize the duality they believe we live in (black and white, good and evil, as above so below), while it also occurs often in the bible (jesus was crucified when he was 33, he was nailed to the cross with 3 nails and i heard it were 33 wonders he performed [that could be wrong though, have to check the last part]).

about the pyramid symbolism, the topstone is never placed, its always the all seeing eye hovering about it. the pyramid for once symbolises hierachy. but they are basically an homage to the zigguraths, like the tower of babel was. the idea behind the zigguraths was that gods are believed to live on mountain, so in an effort to become god you build your own mountain, the zyggurath where you throne over everyone else, like god viewing your realm with your allseeing eyes. you, or more (((they))) are the topstone standing above everyone else and totally unconnected to the ones below. 2nd pic related shows the pyramid in front of the IRS buidlin ind DC or washington (forgot which one) on the black part is written "we the people" and the american constitution. but the white stone is untouched from it. it doesnt is bound (((them))). they throne above the constitution other than the rest . also note about the picture the pillars are seperated in 13 parts, like the flag of the USA has 13 stripes, and the stars forming the seal of salomon in the US national seal consists of 13 stars. i come to the numer 13 further below though. but also again on top of the pillars they make the as above so below gesture symbolizing the duality again

4 is completeness, as the ogdoad representing the 4 primevil forces of createn, the primevil waters, darkness, air and eternety.

6 is tPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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76 is nombr on



Do yu lik wew budy?



File: 0abf53ffd1f9470⋯.jpg (19.81 KB, 480x259, 480:259, 0abf53ffd1f947041a648ae63c….jpg)


>spamming to force a get

How sad.



;) sage negated.

File: 87e083b40da31e3⋯.jpg (9.39 KB, 185x273, 185:273, yogi.jpg)


Siddhis seem like really awesome! Let's discuss ways of obtaining them.

So far I know that all chakras opened=Kundalini activation=siddhis. I think semen retention and cold water, plus meditation, are enough to go activating chakras one by one.

Even medium siddhis are really cool

> Yathasamkalpa: The power to get anything one wishes for, whether as a whim or some special need, such as a rare hard-to-find object. A Yathasamkalpa Siddha becomes a little like a dragon sitting on a secret treasure of unusual and prized things, books, etc.

>Swacchand Mrityu: This is the ability to simulate death in a deep trance through cessation of breathing and heartbeat. It also gives the ability to die at the time of one’s own choosing. It also gives the ability to do “astral traveling”, “lucid dreaming”, going about in the subtle realm consciously, and then return to the entranced or sleeping body when one chooses. The realm of dreams and death is completely available to the Swacchand Mrityu Siddha.

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siddhis are baits for the mundane to enter the path of spirituality and should all be considered as a passing gift at best.



Indians are degenerate subhumans and their spirituality is just as twisted as their racial makeup. Don't believe for a second that these demonic looking creatures have special knowledge that is not incredibly distorted Aryan tradition.



lmao you know aryan is sanskrit for civilized right?



no it means noble and describes the pure primordial human and its offspring


You easilty could have just called it a "Superpowers and how to achieve them" thread but instead you post Indian garbage. Why?

File: 1471299826272-0.png (588.19 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, image.png)

File: 1471299826273-1.png (765.01 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, image.png)

File: 1471299826273-2.png (555.63 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, image.png)

File: 1471299826273-3.png (723.33 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, image.png)



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>Please be kind to Andrew Hussie

What does that legendary autist have to do with anything

Are you still having a mental overload


File: 771d0d0acae8079⋯.gif (126.08 KB, 748x1102, 374:551, astro_2gw_01_guy.25114.394….gif)

Can you help a nigga out here. Do you read charts? Someone?



Hope that nobody that can read charts is here or they'll build rapport with you.

Actually looking twice, it seems you've memed around your chart. Did you actually write "Guy" as your name?



Did I break etiquette? What's the common convention for these sort of things? Should I have put "Sage" or "Rich Dickard" or something?



To actually write your name, and then not show the chart.

Interpreting the chart is actually simple and there's a guide in the questions thread, but you'll have to do it yourself

Long things short its grabbing the name of a symbol and the putting it in. You've got your Sun in Cancer, so search "Sun in Cancer meaning". You also have Chiron in Libra, so search "Chiron in Libra meaning"

Then you go down and look at the charts. You've got a Trine(That's what the triangle is called) in Sun's first house, so also search that.

File: 1468115711043.jpg (84.63 KB, 500x667, 500:667, tumblr_modmj2eViU1rb44tmo1….jpg)


Is it just me, or is Protestant Christianity almost entirely devoid of all forms of mysticism or higher knowledge? Catholicism and Orthodox Christianity and obviously gnosticism all have much deeper traditions any aspiring wizard could dig into for the rest of their lives, but I can't find anything similar in any form of Protestantism.

Are Protestants always going to be limited to a simplistic literalist interpretation of the Bible? Which denominations are more or less receptive to esoteric knowledge?

30 posts and 6 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


It absolutely is.

There's not even any rituals that go on in a protestant service (unless the domination has ties to Rome). You sit down, you hear the pastor tell you why fucking another man's ass is bad, and then you leave.

I'm actually a protestant pastor's kid, and I can't think of a time I ever enjoyed it. The yelling, the awkwardness, the uncomfortableness is something I remember since I was 5 or so.

It's even worse than orthodox sunni Islam because at least it has daily ritual. Sunni Islam comes at a close second though because it prohibits all things needed to be esoteric. Hell, you're not even allowed to close your eyes when you pray.

Orthodox Christianity and Sufi Islam are pretty great traditions and you can get deep into them.

Why bother with any of them though…just become a practitioner of Hermes.



You probably aren't aware of what a lunatic Calvin was:

>It is therefore quite in keeping that Calvin constructed at Geneva probably the strictest theocratic society ever devised and treated with savage severity all those who held views opposed to his own. In this heaven, not only were fornication and adultery proscribed but even the mildest forms of spontaneity. The Registers reveal that bridesmaids were arrested for decorating a bride too gaily. People were punished for dancing, spending time in taverns, eating fish on Good Friday, having their fortunes told, objecting when the priest christened their child by a different name from the one they had chosen, arranging a marriage between persons of disparate ages, singing songs against Calvin, and much besides. (123) Pierre Ami, one of those responsible for bringing Calvin to Geneva, was imprisoned for dancing with his wife at a betrothal; his wife later had to flee the country.

>Attendance at church on Sundays and on Wednesdays was compulsory, and the police went through streets, shops and homes to see if anyone was evading his duty. On the other hand, it was a punishable offence to go to church except at the hour of service. Grant observes:

>"…. the dress of citizens, male and female, the mode of dressing the hair, the dishes served on ordinary days and on festivals, the jokes in the streets, the character of private entertainments — all were enquired into, and what seemed wrong was censured and punished."

>Such was the Genevan Utopia, which the admiring Knox called

>"the most perfect school of Christ that ever was on earth since the days of the Apostles".

>To impose such standards, Calvin had to resort, naturally, to wholesale violence, torture and execution: 150 of those who disagreed were committed to the flames in sixty years. Not for nothing had he been called by his schoolmates "The Accusative".

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.




Not a Calvinist nor a Christian, but I think Calvinism answers some of the fundamental problems with Christianity.

Christianity has always been black and white "he who is not with me is against me", "no one can come to my father except through me", "he who loves his family more than me is not worthy of me", etc.

Though I appreciate Orthodox and Catholic mysticism and traditions, Jesus spoke in a very black and white manner. Whoever does not follow Jesus will end up in Hell, no if ands or buts.

Then comes the moral question, "what about X people who never had the chance to learn about Christ?" Many Christians will say "well…they'll be judged accordingly and in fairness". But the truth according to the Bible is: tough shit! It states very clearly what has to happen to go to Heaven and Calvin saw this.

I followed a Catholic podcast called Catholic Answers for a number of years and they loathed Calvinist call ins and debates because to put it in their words "they're scripturally correct" and the Catholics had to respond with oral / passed down tradition.

To say Calvinism is inherently esoteric like the other guy though is pretty laughable



Spent a few decades as a cuckstian and got absolutely zero spiritual benefit from it. God never spoke to me, my prayers were never answered and solace was never granted.

But a few months of reading through the shitposts on a board created by the cataclysmic trainwreck that is smiley and I turn my life around with magick.

Christianity is a black hole that annihilates the spirit of man. It hamstrings you in both the physical and spiritual world.


whenever a religion gains political power the legalistic side of it will always strangle the mystical side. (yang n yin) look at literally any religion (except maybe tibetan buddhism, but they didnt have huge political power except over their own nation, were pretty much everyone believed the same anyway)

File: 1468955262097.jpg (305.8 KB, 627x871, 627:871, Woman_of_the_Apocalypse_(H….jpg)


Hey, /fringe/, I just wanted to swing by to link you guys to the first part in my multi-part series of essays about the Devil, which is long enough it would be a pain in the ass to post here directly. I'm going to be updating it every Friday starting next week and pretty soon I'm going to be getting into stuff about the devil in art and writing contracts with magical intent, so be sure to keep an eye out, though I'll definitely post it here again. https://delilahmywoman.com/2016/07/19/the-alchemical-devilry-series-part-i-the-temptation-of-christ-the-black-trinity-and-the-choice-before-the-children-of-god/

27 posts and 26 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 28670ce2e0b0aab⋯.jpg (54.69 KB, 600x340, 30:17, higher madoka.jpg)

All right, waifuists, here's the alchemical article for you. Also, for anybody who is interested in the methods of alchemy, magic and art as a means to fight depression.


DELILAH, MY WOMAN is also available for free for 5 days, so if you haven't had a chance to snatch it up and feel like having a depressing Christmas riddled with incest, death and one man's failure to achieve enlightenment, check it out on Amazon. Or maybe even buy yourself a hardback copy, they're really nice and have a special cover. https://www.amazon.com/Delilah-My-Woman-M-Sullivan-ebook/dp/B013CVY9NW


File: a9e2b6e38fe5ecf⋯.jpg (237 KB, 680x925, 136:185, kidnapping-in-progress.jpg)

Merry Christmas, friends. This week we look at "The Snow Queen", much to the disappointment of Frozen fans but much to the delight of alchemists. Hopefully you guys have a good holiday. Thanks for the support and knowledge you have all given me this year.




Thanks, keep writing!


File: 76cd0ea7099e476⋯.jpg (34.41 KB, 324x500, 81:125, storiesofyourlife.jpg)

File: 8ff6b4410789175⋯.jpg (1.45 MB, 1500x2340, 25:39, arrival-poster-venezuela.jpg)

Hello, friends, and Happy New Year! Celebrate this new year with teleological improvement–improve yourself because you're already improved in the future, and do it with the help of Ted Chiang's "Story of Your Life", AKA, the incredible sci-fi film ARRIVAL.



File: a39ccb4d0415a86⋯.jpg (661.55 KB, 1943x2490, 1943:2490, William_Shakespeare.jpg)

A fairly short essay this week, about a Shakespeare play which may be new to you. Enjoy, /fringe/. My next book is finished and I am shopping around for an agent, so send me good vibes.


File: a4fd465fcb865b5⋯.jpg (35.26 KB, 484x471, 484:471, 53382.jpg)


I keep having this symbol in my dreams, either on a wall, on an object or even on me as a tattoo in different places every time.All dreams are different, this symbol is the only thing that's constant.

Any thoughts?

(Rule 2 - Questions Thread)


ask yourself what it means to you, thats the only way to truly understand it, since its in your dream. squares and the number 4 usually represent physical reality or earthly life.

could be 4+4=8 like the square star, meaning transcendence of physical reality. but the inner cross has 2 parts to it, so maybe 4+4+4=12 (completion, spiritual attainment) the inner cross is also made of curves, which are feminine. maybe it means you need to enhance your feminine energy 2fold to transcend physical reality? idk these are just my musings



inner cross also kinda looks like a tibetan vajra

File: 1f5afa3f2d94b03⋯.jpg (265.08 KB, 1600x1203, 1600:1203, Heemskerk alch 17th c.jpg)


According to standard fedora theory about the origin of metals all of the elements comprising the Earth are remnants of dead stars.

However I have heard a different theory, that the Earth is alive, and produces within itself all the range of metals it needs.

Sure, some if not quite a lot of the metals come from deposits of asteroids and space junk, and a lot of the metal on Earth is very ancient.

…but I think some of the metals on Earth are generated here, are not ancient at all, and that out of the Earth comes gold and silver and iron and so on that forms very recently.

So if I do understand this correctly, you could strip Earth of all of its Gold (such as in those theories about aliens coming over and harvesting it periodically), and Earth could then produce more gold (without it having to rain down in the form of asteroids). There is some kind of alchemical (and maybe chemical too) processes going on in the Earth that form the various metals.

Would I be correct to believe this or do all metals have to be generated first in a star?

10 posts omitted. Click reply to view.



Nah. The Earth is hollow. There's another sun inside it.



Did we get featured on gizmodo? Link?


The ultimate key to alchemy: all elements are one element in different stages of transmutation or evolution. Just like the evolution of animals, there are different 'levels'. the metallic state is one of those levels. Stars are furnaces which birth all dense matter. metal is the most rarefied form of dense matter, gold is the pinnacle of that 'level'



very interesting you say that. one time i had a dream that planets were actually eggs for giant space animals, the sun was like an incubator, nature was like the sperm used to fertilise them. most profound dream ive ever had.




could be just metaphorical though, maybe planets are baby suns. gas giant stage is like embryo, which collapses into dense planet which is like a fully developed foetus. maybe a black hole is an adult sun. interesting concepts

File: 3635bc4cbbe2bef⋯.jpg (181.79 KB, 665x574, 95:82, ninkasi.jpg)


Long ago, a woman rinsed her yeasty puss in barley water as part of a mystic fertility ritual. she saved the drink and offered it to a man who then became intoxicated. this is how beer was invented. i know this to be true, how dare you doubt me.

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Time is up, Humans

15 posts omitted. Click reply to view.





Well, doing bad things to be good. The other was a paradox, I think?


Very creepy. What's your name, mate?


File: 38828db6031165e⋯.jpg (33.29 KB, 871x649, 871:649, Cu3LKqMWcAAuUu5.jpg)


FYI I think lil homie here works for the "hawk god", whoever the fudge that may be.



All Earth gods are just aliens larping.




Nah, I dunno, could be an easy-to-swallow moniker. Clearly nobody told the cunt Marvel already copped the name. But yeah, I dunno, keep an eye on bird-related shit, I could swear something wiggy is in the works (Then again, when isn't there?)

File: 3ab52db7663c4d4⋯.jpg (159.5 KB, 945x1200, 63:80, 1434181004581.jpg)


Many strive to transcend their ego. The awareness of your ego, what it causes, leads to, and so on is but a mere realization. You cannot act without your ego. You are an observer, you have no control without ego. Ego may be superficial, but that does not diminish that it has a purpose. In a pure egoless state, where one is devoid of desires, and only your true "self" remains, nothing can happen or will happen because you just "are". Doing anything is a product of ego. Regardless if it is feeling good, or bad. Your true self is essentially nothing, an observer that experiences. You won't experience anything by observing nothing. Your ego is a necessary medium and one must question why we incarnate in the first place. If it is to learn than ego is necessary, striving to be completely egoless appears to be reactionary. Yes I know this is my ego speaking, and I know all of this is a product of ego. But that's exactly the point. Without the ego there is no reason for ANYTHING. If one says they are ego-less they are lying, because that is their ego speaking. Your true self cannot even speak, it just "Is". Anything beyond that is a thoughtform. And many will say that perhaps even your sense of self is a thoughtform and an illusion within the all. And they may be correct, however that does not give reason to anything. That realization does not mean you should strive to become the nothingness from which you came. It does not mean anything at all other than it is what it is. Choosing to become nothingness because that is the state without ego, is itself, an act of the ego. These realizations leave us with more questions than answers, but it appears to be very simple. There is no point to anything, make it as you will. Do not be fooled into thinking that becoming nothing is inherently better than something. It's equal, and it's your choice. Feel free to share your opinions on this, I am highly interested in what everyone has to say.

3 posts omitted. Click reply to view.



If you think nhilism = schizophrenia then I pity you. Just because you can't comprehend that purpose - like anything else stems from arbitrary means.



>no point

You wish. Then you wouldn't be banished to the spanking universe after you lose in this one. I don't care how many times you've been mind-wiped, those were our terms.



Is this larping or something? What does that even mean? You only perceive spanking to be bad because you have been conditioned to do so.



Time and time again, people get a taste of egolessness and believe they understand the life of living with control over ego while inadvertently failing to recognize the life of bliss when the individual stops the mind dialogue.

To be free of ego is to be free of artificial emotion and thought. It can be theorized that ego is either summoned from the astral or created with tulpaforcing through the individual's life. What brings suffering, is to identify with the ego and what it says, and so it brings fake emotions from the ego to the individual.

When you experience silence from ego for longer than 2 hours, your heart begins to be felt. First the heartbeats. Then the feelings. Then comes unconditional love and compassion. The true essence of who you are, can do anything it needs to do and it will find it's desire to do so, if you have the silence and patient to feel it.

We have gotten used to listening to ego for so long, we have forgotten how to actually feel. Ego is a book reader, reading the bold and italic comments, so that we can have artificial emotion and boost ego's self image. Ego emotion is not true emotion.

By speaking truth, and only in observable, objective truth statements, void of commentary and beliefs, you strangle ego's energy and movement and eventually it becomes easier to communicate without drama. When you are asked about a subject, you can define the sentence with the message you wish to include, without logical fallacies or drama inducing commentary from the ego.

What do you think about X?

"It's a popular held belief among a statistical majority that X is possible and applicable for subjective experiences. Whether or not it works is based on the individual's mindset."




"X IS SHIT TIER. YOUPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 6bd6334f62b6d79⋯.jpg (218.16 KB, 1680x709, 1680:709, golden_age_i_cap6.jpg)

fun things are fun is the secret of the universe

File: 9d8674b9d0b5efe⋯.png (171.07 KB, 220x325, 44:65, 220px-Hécate_-_Mallarmé.png)


It seems there is a close relation between these two deities.

>Kek and Keket are the raiser of light and the raiser of darkness. Hecate is likewise the bringer of light

>Kek is of the Ogdoad, a primordial group of Gods before the main Gods were on the scene. Hecate is a titan goddess, likewise a primordial set of Gods before the rest of the pantheon was around

>Kek is a god of ambiguity; frogs are beings that straddle land and water. Hecate is likewise ambiguous, being the goddess of crossroads and thresholds.

>One of Hecate's associations is the frog… duh.

Perhaps the Cult of Kek and Witchcraft aren't so different after all?



They're all the same

Eat their lies and feed them energy if you wish to remain a servant

File: 1471053159759.jpg (51.64 KB, 640x633, 640:633, 12122826_953785808027785_8….jpg)


Let's test this:

We are in a war for the womb. The spiritual intellectual energy is almost totally focused on divine masculine vs the divine fem… The war for the womb of white women in one way or a million others is the goal.

So I ask you for help:











20 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


Reminder that all developed beings are white yet not all whites are developed beings.



subjective truths and objective truths are not exclusive. I'd love to talk about this, I've spent a lot of time thinking about these things considering their immense significance.

But if you could stop talking so cryptically that'd be great; no one wants to decipher your pretentious pompous bullshit.

I get that an actual discussion would derail this thread so maybe someone should make another thtead about this

but don't be a dick about it




They aspire, without knowing, to become the full person: no drugs, prepping, spiritual, tech-savvy, and interested in human relations which culminates in a standoff between the family as the smallest unit of society and government as the largest unit of said society, with the Earth having a multitude of societies.

In a way, they are children who may or may not overcome all those who specialized in only one of the listed fields.



Yes. 14/88



File: f29548b29a5ebb5⋯.jpg (73.35 KB, 841x767, 841:767, saiki smug.jpg)

>obsessing over your material body

File: 1468341660000.webm (3.02 MB, 1402x1080, 701:540, underwear.webm)


This will be the official thread to ask Fringe Wizard/Smiley questions since /ask/ is dead.

163 posts and 36 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


David Wilcock mentioned PizzaGate on radio.

Someone on /pol/ was bringing up Antarctica.

Now Wilcock is covering Antarctica.

Something else he said reminded me of a /pol/ poster.

D a v i d / p o l / c o c k

C o n f i r m e d



Is there a way to learn a foreign language really fast? I found a HUGE amount of esoteric wisdom including practical appliance like martial arts and ancient history but can't properly appreciate its contents without understanding it to the fullest.


Can you check em?


File: bebe7c4693d882d⋯.png (49.39 KB, 205x167, 205:167, mfw nice mene.png)




File: 09e6da9cf668341⋯.png (743.15 KB, 1118x630, 559:315, koufuku.png)

Do you watch any anime?

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