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Everything in the macro scale is cyclical. Observation suggests that the micro tends to resemble the macro, and vice-versa. It makes sense to hypothesize that the life-death polarity is cyclical as well.

File: 1464995457203.jpg (410.47 KB, 879x879, 1:1, Fringe Girl.jpg)


>/fringe/ is a board for esoteric discussion including matters pertaining to; Magic : Philosophy : Paranormal : Dreams : Religion : Occult : Symbolism : Aliens : Demons & Angels : Metaphysics : Conspiracy : Secret Societies : Mind Control : Morality & Ethics : Mysticism : Qualia : Psychic Abilities — Anything that is fringe in some respect

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File: 2bd1dce18f78612⋯.png (39.98 KB, 300x300, 1:1, 11dc479b-a819-43d7-8eb8-59….png)


hey, This awesome website in a hateful world cares for peeps like thyself. share the word! Lucky fortune: autism willie pretentious

File: 54fc3a520ac1dfc⋯.png (40.09 KB, 300x300, 1:1, 1e50f2fd-82e7-460c-a22f-dd….png)


how goes it, This vast website in a bitter world welcomes humanoids like yourself. spread the word! Chinese fortune: aids tequila electronic

File: 8b2b7ada05adc17⋯.png (374.67 KB, 4000x4000, 1:1, 3Sigil.png)


I am using the word scholarly in this title solely to differentiate myself from ungrounded ridiculous posts of this board, as opposed to using it in the strict sense of following some formal format or scientific method.

I am Epyc Wynn, and the following are findings I have discovered through a mindset of absolute open-mindedness, and absolute skepticism over my years on the /fringe/ board.

The occult is a mountain of delusional lies with grains of enlightened truth. Of that truth, most of it is obvious information that wouldn't even be considered occult by the common person. Much of the truth in occult knowledge is just self-help advice, helpful generalizations and rules of thumb, and practicing how to use your imagination to use imaginary worlds/beings to your advantage.

Since everyone loves talking about how the Kybalion is the bedrock of all occult understanding, let me normiesplain the Kybalion to you via this run-on sentence: it's just 7 generalizations/rules of thumb which are as follows: everything is imagined, what happens at the lower levels of any structure corresponds to what happens at the higher levels and vice versa, everything is always moving and being still is an illusion, everything comes in pairs of opposites which are identical in nature but have a degree of difference between them and this means all truths are half-truths and paradoxes are always reconcilable, all things whether they're ideas or the universe or civilizations move with a rhythm of rising and falling or in and out or left and right and the how far they move in one direction dictates how far they have or will move in the other direction, every cause has effect and vice versa and this is known as law and nothing escapes law no matter how low or high it is in a hierarchy and chance is just an unrecognized product of law, and finally gender is in everything and everything has its masculine and feminine principles.

tl;dr Kybalion is just saying everything embodies an imaginary hierarchy of constantly moving pairs of imaginary information known as half-truths that follow a balanced rhythmic pattern that always follows cause and effect and always has elements of masculinity/femininity. This seems to hold up and mPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Thank you for your opinion, but I prefer experiencing all that "bullshit" by myself. I'm not fond of the Idea of someone telling what's real and what's not.


File: 9acb6164b6cb993⋯.png (1.06 MB, 1238x1238, 1:1, epycisfuckingdumb.png)


I never said I believe the male/female model pervades all things; I flat out do NOT believe it pervades all things. What people mean when they say that, is that masculinity and femininity are general styles and patterns and thus these styles/patterns appear in all things. However, you could by that logic generalize all patterns and styles to relate to something else instead of genders, such as good and evil or positive and negative. Thus, I don't believe that.

Of course the universe doesn't give that big of a shit how creatures choose to breed it's just one more means to an end among many.


You're going to hate education, philosophy, and reality a lot then.

~Epyc Wynn


File: 4fa3be34e774928⋯.png (1.51 MB, 2915x1173, 2915:1173, brave_2019-05-23_10-03-59.png)

Bitches be ripping off my ideas: pic related.

~E p y c [redacted] W y n n (Rule 5)



I didn't know you invented being an obnoxious faggot.



I really appreciate all of your posts. Good read. Thank you

File: 8d2c3e7f4c26f35⋯.png (39.93 KB, 300x300, 1:1, 2e5465f7-dc02-4419-9416-d5….png)


good day, This good website in a crappy world welcomes creatures like thyself. spread the word! Best fortune: friendly mouseketeer smoke


Don't fall for it

0 is not a number. 0 is not nothing. 0 is something. 0 is completeness.

> -10 = missing one cycle

>10 = one cycle extra

>0 = nothing missing

>0 = nothing extra

>0 = completeness

>0 = without need

Do not get this confused with the ouroboros "the snake eating its own tail"

It is:

>Always hungry

>Always eating

>Never full

It is:

>Always hurt

>Always healing

>Never healed

It is:

>Always growing

>Always shrinking

>Never complete

Zero is NOT ouroboros.

ouroboros is trying to impersonate zero.

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Based on literally what context? larp.


I'm so painfully disappointed in the replies to this thread


File: e0224b1a1a81f60⋯.png (2.89 MB, 1900x1140, 5:3, ClipboardImage.png)


>I'm a larp

>not the guy trying too hard to sound mystical in the OP

You can't have absolution that doesn't encompass its own negation. This is what /pol/tards fail to comprehend.



Are you real?

What is the point you made? This is pathetic for someone who actually wants to be taken seriously. I thought you just finished a DMT trip or something and posted the first thing you typed. Try again.
















File: 3df1ebb1668775f⋯.jpg (130.81 KB, 780x623, 780:623, 7936244500_78ffd961d8_b.jpg)


I didnt know where else to post this because /pol/ would probably laugh at me and call me a shill.

So for 2 weeks now i am now pretty certain there will be a big event at the end of this year.

I have this strange sensation of dread and fear looming over me daily.

I see pain, fear, uncertainty, fire and death on a scale which has never been seen before.

Im not trying to fearmonger or make anyone afraid i just need to get this out of my system and is anyone else feeling or seeing this?

9 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



Fuck off, the prophecy will be fullfilled and the satanic kikes will be banished.

We are entering a golden age.


Kys marxist scum


File: c4f77e6526f3fab⋯.png (357.03 KB, 626x682, 313:341, 160324.png)


Marxists are digesting each sphere of public life we know,

you have to admit they figured out how to fuck shit up.

<Ehh, why even on such boards they tell me to fuck off… all I try to do is challenge some beliefs.



Ok, here is my vision of future:

the humanity will speciate into

- self-designed, genetically engineered, rich superhumans

- information-farmed organic portals

The problem is when you are born with soul into a corporate labour farm.



Thats true but those are not virtues i would admire or strive for.


File: e61c4683961d93e⋯.png (2.08 MB, 2110x1074, 1055:537, Suspiria.png)


I think we all feel something big is due. Maybe because something IS coming or perhaps just because we're programmed to be paranoid.

File: ebd4fdcd874f908⋯.jpg (12.77 KB, 400x397, 400:397, vampire-power-1.jpg)


If someone says an insult, they enlarge themselves energetically at your expense. Energy is like blood. Blood travels through veins, so the insult itself establishes a sort of energetic vein that transfers your energy to their energy field. However this energy transfer often does not stop after the insult has occurred. Often times on a subconscious level there is a continual transfer of energy between the insulted to the insulter across distances, thus many people are walking around who are the subject of multiple energy vampires who are consuming the energy of their aura simultaneously even though the people who receive this energy are far away.

This consumption of energy can be inter-generational where certain bloodlines act as predators upon other bloodlines where a person is subject to the bullying of the same tribe that their ancestors were subject to. For this reason it is very important for people to be among the people of their own tribe, and tribe is not nation. A nation is a confederation of tribes. Tribes can be racially the same but not all tribes are of the same race.

In order to free oneself from unwanted energy vampirism it is important one to pray for their enemies to be cursed. Through the act of cursing ones enemies one acquires energy from them, their spiritual blood, and in doing so one receives payback. The amount of payback one receives does not have to be proportionate to the amount that was stolen, a person doing a action does not get to determine the level of reaction done against them. The extent to which one prays for an enemy to be cursed does not have to be equal to what was done to ones self.

Awareness of human on human energy vampirism came to me as a result of an LSD trip where I saw human auras surrounded by large headed extra-terrestrial cartoons that were munching on their energy field. At the time I assumed that this was simply a delusion brought about by LSD, and I still believe that it was that, because I do not believe that extra-terrestrials are involved in human affairs. However I eventually came to the conclusion that the spiritual entities that appeared as extra-terrestrials during the trip were in fact multiple humans at a distance who were subconsciously enlarging their own energy fields at the expense of pPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

12 posts and 7 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


I happen to own a copy of the Vampire Bible which I ordered from the Temple of the Vampire. Anyone else?


Im going to meditate on this idea. Im not sure I would take it to your conclusion, but I have heard the idea that the idea that every person you interact with forms an energy connection.

It might not be that the person is an energy vampire per say. But if the victim felt inferior, and hasnt been able to "get over it", perhaps the victim could be "willingly" giving the energy away. In which case, breaking the energy connection consciously could be the thing that allows them to evolve past these issues.

Spitballing here, but it has piqued my interest.



if you have a knowledge, so what? You still trade something in, evenly.




Fuck I pressed post by mistake.

I was a member for a while, but they insisted on a no drug policy and I wanted to do an ayahuasca ceremony some time in the future, so they asked me to go away and deleted all my posts (although there were several caffeine and tobacco addicted members which wasn’t a problem apparently, and neither was alcohol).

Their leader Nemo is a cool guy. He’s like 70 or 80 by now and he sounds 30. His audios programs are OK and the books are nice (I got those pirated before deciding to join).

They’re pretty mundane overall.

File: 6b086b100c29e80⋯.jpeg (36.17 KB, 479x640, 479:640, 5BEE33A0-AD3C-4D95-82CE-D….jpeg)


2 years ago I used chaos magick to get money, fame and pussy. It fucking worked. Beautifully. Now I’m stuck in this weird place. I’m way better than I was but I want more. A lot more.

Help me /Fringe/ to get more. A lot more.

106 posts and 12 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



You could manifest "opportunities" to advance in life, professionally and spiritually.

>other people's energies

You do so anyways by mere location. Get proficient at mental transmutation and you can learn to transmute even people's darkest emotions into power for both yourself and others. You could go the "selfish" route of working at becoming a god in your own right, or you could go the "selfless" route of spreading liberating energies everywhere to amplify the manifold magickal currents in our reality. That is, amplify the energetic current which makes all this possible period.


File: 2643f2b3ec8b01b⋯.jpeg (31.04 KB, 419x261, 419:261, whynotboth.jpeg)


That good advice thanks.



>why not both

Exactly. As below, so above.


How do I make sure that nothing harmful happens to my loved ones if I make sigils and they become true? After reading about OP and his dad I'm kind of scared something bad might happen to the people I love and care about



Bind the effect not wanted. Basically include a “clause” in your statement of intent that makes it impossible. Think the monkey paw curse but it isn’t malevolent. It just looks for the shortest path your statement of intent allows.

For example, by adding “harming none” or “benefiting all involved” you make manifestation more improbable by adding constraints to it, but you bind undesired effects. Another example: “with only favorable consequences for me and my family”.

Keep in mind the more you constraint it, the more probable it will not manifest.

File: 7f3fcf9e1de2266⋯.png (44.3 KB, 2800x760, 70:19, one to cherish.png)

File: aa050e7b5b9e0af⋯.jpg (26.14 KB, 343x512, 343:512, hesse.jpg)


This is a specific sigil.

It's a summoning sigil.

For a pipe.

Because currently my tobacco pipe sucks. And my favorite pipe is burnt out.

So I want a new one. But I want one through summoning a pipe, not just to go to a store and buy one. Because this current [replacement] pipe sucks fucking balls. A good looking pipe doesn't necessarily mean it's a good smoking pipe.

So I made a sigil to get a good pipe. Grant Morrison writes entire comic books to get laid. I just want a pipe.

Look at my sigil. Be happy.

Then watch "Blade Runner".


18 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


When the magic sings hard.

And everything you've wrote gets discarded,

[licks chops]



A man, dressed as a Knight, riding on Horseback. Don Quiotxe?



Nay, I relook. A man, Aryan? Dressed in robe making the gesture of NOX, though I am unsure which.


File: 2ee9bf19a8dbf7d⋯.png (21.32 KB, 1522x819, 1522:819, wthrml.png)



It was the impression of a kind of dancing dervish, though different.

Spontaneous spiritual dancing, reflecting creation and ones relationship to it. Not specific to any religion, but definitely robed/clothed for the desert, though that may have just been a costume.


File: 91dd2fa6537d640⋯.jpg (213.96 KB, 794x1190, 397:595, 9os.jpg)

The Meaning of Life is the Spontaneous Joy of Existence.

To exist is joyful. It is an inherent thing, underlying all else. It is the foundation that all is built upon, and why those who have no cares are full of joy.

It is where laughter comes from. Exposure to the spontaneous. And why laughter both cannot be faked and is contagious, because it is the universal language of the soul.

All of our pain and frustrations are byproducts of our attempts at avoiding the spontaneous, of plotting out and trying to game a reality that isn't meant to be gamed.

Follow that thread of thought to its conclusion, to wherever it leads you. Every individual path, no matter how similar, is still unique.

Life gives life.

File: b42cdbdcf3a79e3⋯.png (104.59 KB, 336x485, 336:485, christ-chan.png)


I cured my gender dysphoria in Jesus and reading about occult and secret societies.

It made me realize I have a higher purpse than the genetics of my jaw. Like there a spiritual war going on right now and I am willing to die for it. This is the cure for all ailments…the love of others.

Also they finally took a picture of the first black hole. Literally God just looking at his creations. Literally just God wondering if we have been good little boys and girls. Too bad we've all sinned, we've all been BAD very bad boys and girls all of us. If we don't repent we're going ot suffer all of us! you think life is hell,,,well hell is HELL. Jesus save us.

I wonder why Jesus looked on us today. Scary

7 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 59c42afb1021830⋯.jpg (3.93 MB, 1960x8280, 49:207, christianitys destruction ….jpg)

File: d6f583c4b173227⋯.jpg (865.55 KB, 1333x2250, 1333:2250, christcucks are the slaves….jpg)




>>130111 (wasted trips)

but the more you spread your hate about the demiurge, the more you perpetuate it.

Belief in something gives it existence.

Faith in something gives you connection to it.

you have both belief and negative faith to it, so therefore by hating this thing, you are giving it power.



Huh, I realized recently that belief literally means "give life"

Anyway, you're completely right. Most of the gnostics on here do it a disservice by turning it into a limiting dogmatic belief (which is what it warned against to begin with)


I relate on the whole gender dysohoria thing, but you also sound a lil bit schizo. Be weary of your own perspective. To be certain you know there's an objective moral code that we must follow for god is a little too acute. Pls don't go blind to the truth in trade of certainty



File: 3dd2798190f56d6⋯.png (212.48 KB, 800x857, 800:857, epyctyger.png)


This thread is for discussing theories of how immortality potentially works for your consciousness, upon your brain/body death.

I am having a great deal of trouble finishing a beta framework for a new philosophy I have been working on and that's because I can't figure out the capstone -a logical explanation of immortality.

If immortality were to work for consciousness, then the consciousness would have to be transferred by some unknown mechanism to a safe harbor. I currently have theoretically concluded, at least for myself, that this harbor would be a Hivemind -a categorical boundary of collective consciousness which exists nebulously across multiple minds at once, coexisting along other Hiveminds which are formed around cultures, sexes, races, fandoms and so-on to the degree people collectively focus on said things. The latter notion of a Hivemind I believe I can argue in a scholarly setting -though via an uphill battle of intense philosophical argumentation. However, the transferal mechanism of individual consciousness to hivemind consciousness upon death, I simply cannot reason without ignorantly saying "it just happens." I need to know how consciousness gets transferred from the individual into the hivemind, or else I have no logical argument for immortality. And further, I need some form of logical argument that not merely work, but feels accurate to reality as to how the individual consciousness is safely transferred out of a person's body.

This is made further difficult by the vague definition of consciousness as "unified experience," the difficult to discern difference between consciousness and the electro-chemical reactions between neurons which produce/embody consciousness, and the interdisciplinary hard to pin-down nature of studying consciousness.

The transferal of consciousness from the individual mind to the Hivemind is imperative to forming a logical argument for immortality -without knowing what, how, and why such a transfer should, could, and would occur, there is no argument for immortality.

Thus, /fringe/, I leave it to you all to discuss your various theories on how the immortality of consciousness works, as wePost too long. Click here to view the full text.

Post last edited at

File: 1b54b4e4370c301⋯.jpg (21.27 KB, 276x280, 69:70, liber8tor.jpg)


I found a way to masturbate (I guess, though the word doesn't really apply) and reach orgasm purely through thought. I found it while following one of those astral projection infographs. The procedure I follow is to lay in bed as if to sleep and concentrate. I eventually reach a state of concentration which I cannot really describe, though somewhat akin to the "middle-state" of astral projectors. Then, I bring to my mind lewd images (images not in the common sense, more like I visualize myself having sex). It is really strong, to the point I can somewhat "actually" feel it in the benis. I feel a kind of "energy" (I guess) coming from my body and concentrating in the lower parts (perhaps in sort of "waves") and eventually the penis, reaching the head there being when I reach orgasm. Orgasm itself is quite powerful.

Now I have various questions about this. What is it that I have stumbled upon, what it deals with, is it beneficial, and all sort of information about it. I try to refrain from it but sometimes lust gets the better from me. For further unformation I stopped mundane masturbation about four months ago.

On a footnote, I could use that same state of meditation to remove a pain I had. It wasn't anything serious, but still.

11 posts omitted. Click reply to view.



I think you are biased. You carry that guilt and sadness. Sure, porn is addicting, and that makes it bad, but masturbation (with or without porn) has always been a joyful experience for me and I even dare say introduced me to intricate visualization and helped me develop my astral skills long before I discovered magic.

It’s an energy drain and porn can become an addiction (almost sure to happen), and that’s reason enough to drop it, but guilt and low vibes, that’s not coming from outside you.

If you have proper skills of inner alchemy, the only reason to stop masturbation is to not waste energy (and that’s a big one). Guilt and shame is best left to Catholics (and it’s interesting to me that I only started hearing about this guilt complex once I was introduced to the internet and started interacting with the US, a highly puritanical culture).

I’m not going to argue about this because there’s already one thread about this and we don’t need another, but I wanted to put this perspective out there.



Ignorance seems to shield the soul from the worst consequences of it. You will become more puritanical yourself as you cut out all wastes of energy. Especially when you start cutting out evil to maximize other people's energy. Even you could one day think two dudes pumping each other is disgusting.



>I havent been brainwashed by judeochristian memes, its just you are a degenerate

Ok, if that helps you punish yourself at night



>wastes of energy

Or you could just, you know, replace it. It's not like the cosmos have a shortage of the stuff.


Sex is for babies

File: 89c363dcf1c88fb⋯.jpg (40.16 KB, 280x400, 7:10, fa11d44192e6a7ca8b576286b9….jpg)


Many people argue that binaural beats work for biokinesis,but TBQH I think images are more effective.

programs such as


allow you to flash images while you browse.

LOA and some scientist agree on this;the eye,i think,is more proper than the ear to influence the brain.

what do YOU think?

whats the best biokinetical method?

28 posts omitted. Click reply to view.



very nice! :D

i would add that "sin" is unexistent.

hmmm… the "punishment" would be of your own making, as you could fall back into nihilistic views, of which, in my opinion, the most extreme can conduce to suicide


this video may help you to manifest the colour you may or may not want anymore (it's a resource that complements your own power) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wrgZ51jOG6c

**biokinesis/cymatics can most certainly help with your dysphoria!

videos such as https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5qRr-NDW_ZM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F-B6CjCd6aM and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LFXeCJ5j25o can be a start for the path of helping. :D

Read the instructions! for the last video, 1 time per day for 5 days, rest for 2 and then you decide if you want to continue. drink a lot of water through the video.**



seems that black-text/spoilers break when on multiline. actually… it is to be expected.


bumping this thread, any more useful channels out there?

so Far i think Quadible Integrity, sapien med, and dr virtual7 are the forsure safe ones.



You have to be looking at the centre of the screen for it to work?


What do you guys think of elder sign subliminals?

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