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File: 28de298313b6c87⋯.jpg (29.85 KB, 511x290, 511:290, ural-mountain-megaliths.jpg)

File: 4565bebc4b64199⋯.jpg (492.77 KB, 1000x664, 125:83, 2422302_original.jpg)

File: 07c46e14513cec9⋯.jpg (2.63 MB, 1928x2374, 964:1187, 07c46e14513cec9668ce3ba7d6….jpg)


Hello, /fringe/. First of all, I acknowledge that this subject is not directly related to "Esoteric Wizardry" but the implications of this being true or not clearly have an impact on our studies. Specially if we consider that many of today's esoteric knowledge comes from this man/being called Hermes Trismegistus (or Thoth in ancient egypt). So my whole point is, do you consider that we are the first form of "advanced" civilization to step on Earth? Or do you think that there were already high tech civilization (human or not) that lived here before? On my not-very-long research I saw that exists two main theories for the second hypothesis: one that is History-channel tier that "Ancient Aliens" landed on earth, made some genetic modifications, teach us some stuff and we grow. The other theory, which I found quite a lot of interessting material on, is about the Atlantis Civilization (and not only a city) that existed before and was destroyed by the biblical floods. So, I will start the thread by posting some pictures that are not famous at all and not even talked about in highschool/university history courses. Most of them of Megalitic structures and stone craft that clearly weren't made by nature of neolithic hunter-gatherers. I welcome you all to the discussion about the past of mankind!

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The numbers seem to agree as well


>op woke af or am i posting in my sleep

Please come visit fringebay. For more discussions.



Fringebay? Where is it?



I think the Greek equivalent would be Prometheus, the God who stole the wisdom of Olympus to enlighten the humans with technology. Zeus was pissed as fuuuu



File: 935bbc72817dcf9⋯.jpg (180.16 KB, 846x457, 846:457, meditation 01.JPG)

File: a0019b2df790d42⋯.jpg (112.38 KB, 799x360, 799:360, meditation02.JPG)

File: b184d0a9247a00b⋯.jpg (89.02 KB, 795x314, 795:314, meditation03.JPG)

File: dd616e240c5c338⋯.jpg (152.62 KB, 795x420, 53:28, meditation04.JPG)

File: eba61919f9255f2⋯.jpg (99.13 KB, 798x315, 38:15, meditation05.JPG)


This is a re-creation of the Meditations Super-Thread back when /fringe/ wasn't shit. If you got any good meditations, slide that slippery wiener in here and we'll give it a go


Here, have some links:

/fringe/ library


/fringe/ archive


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First time I experienced that was before I got into meditation, I was pretty seriously hurt and knocked "unconscious" for a moment although I was very much lucid and aware.

When you were there did you notice anything? I noticed that even though I was able to see "forever into nothing but blackness" that somewhere between where I was and the infinite blackness there was a very vague shape that looked very much like an office desk. Also, while you were there did you experience the vortex of energy again? I experienced it several times while I was there, every time I asked myself a question I felt it and it felt like pure knowledge being beamed into my head.



Herpes Zoster (shingles)? Not the same as the STD herpes


Are you guys seeing a big eye while let the mind wander? I saw one golden, one purple one, any ideas what it is? Just letting wander witout any drugs, just observing the thoughts.



My memory is fairly fuzzy as it's been a few weeks since I've last experienced it. It felt like I was a single point of consciousness. I don't think I saw anything but it did feel like I was moving towards something at one point. I can't recall if I continued to feel the energy vortex but I do remember asking myself questions and thinking that it felt like the information was being beamed into me.

Unfortunately on the only 2 occasions that I can remember entering the state, I only lasted in it for what felt like 5 minutes before being jolted out of it by my cat. The last time occurred when I was just lying on my back in bed and the other was actually triggered when I became lucid mid-dream. Both times were spontaneous though and just kind of happened.

I really found the state to be quite comfy. I'm fairly good at putting my body to sleep but I just can't seem to snap away my awareness of it.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Do the Merger ritual from Bear Heart.

File: 0c785d1c7be9f5b⋯.jpg (864.3 KB, 1200x1666, 600:833, 1200px-Shadowman-3.jpg)


All over the world, people report having been visited by people that can be named as "Shadow People"

They are pitch black beings that have a mist, or fog surrounding them to a point and can be horned or without

Some have glowing red eyes, while others don't

There isn't much information on these creatures, merely speculation as to what or who they are and what it is that they want from us.

Incidents of these entities involve being watched, or surveillanced by these entities, suggesting these creatures observe humans.

Others report acts of violence committed by these creatures.

The golden rule seems to apply regardless: Do not provoke them.

There goes a saying that merely talking or thinking or seeing depictions can excite a visitation by one of these creatures, but this is extremely debatable.

(I've personally never had any return of a Shadow Person after thinking, talking about or looking at depictions whatsoever).

Shadow people can announce themselves in several forms, yet are always (or at least 99% of the time) appearing in a human type form.

Some have had these beings follow them for as little as an hour to years.

Always watching, never doing (besides those that become violent for whatever reason that may be).

The theories can be merely summarised as such:

1. Demons

2. Extra-terrestrial beings

There is not much information besides the above written.

This thread is to talk about them, experiences and most importantly; to learn more about them from each other.

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O.k, here is the deal.

I am in a circle of Rosicrucians in the political center of Europe.

Many of my friends are druids, spiritualists, healers and shamans.

In 2016 one of my friends had a massive heart attack and he died. He was only 47 years old.

In 2017 two more died (one in a car-crash, one got a heart-attack but he is an elder. He died on 17 April 2017 at the age of 77). They were druids.

In 2018 my best friend, Ralph, who is a spiritualist committed suicide but he job had a new job and he really loved life. I don't understand what moved him as suicide was against his spirituality.

The circle of enlightened people around me is getting smaller and I started to feel very uncomfortable about losing so many people in a short period of time.

I'm seeing signs everywhere on the streets and people on the internet say it's the word of God but at night they appear as demons. I'm freaking out and I stopped with the spirituality thing now that Harold, who was a friend of Ralph and a medium, died of kidney failure.

I sincerely believe the gates of hell have been opened and anyone daring to engage with spirituality is a target of demonic entities. I'm sharing this story because I know demons exist for millions of years but something happened causing their numbers to overrun humanity by factors of thousands.

I'm hoping to get info from people who experience the same. I believe there is a massive energy vortex, opened in 2016, enabling direct connections between the demonic astral plane and the earth's noosphere, possibility attaching to our very own biosphere (the human body). This means the demons are literally surrounding us now without us making effort to travel the astral realm or invoking spirits using special skills and known techniques. No need for ouja, they are watching me type right now and they seem to agree with me sharing this message here.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Did I neglect to mention Harold's kidney failure was acute and a surprise. He left a wife and 3 beautiful children. I'm left heartbroken after all these events.



I am not sure your hypothesis is correct. I've been here since the start of this body's lifespan.

I engage in all forms of spiritual curiousity and have only had a positive impact on my life. You sound bound by rules and by books. I can only say if more shadows cross over this place could feel incredibly welcoming for once. There are so many that fake their emotions and expressions. Sincerety feels like a rare trait. What baffles me is when people say they must protect this age and archsoul, something clearly hostile to it's inhabitants. What makes you think you are not the foreign archetype, and the world's soul has sent it's immune system after you?


File: ef06b3c42128889⋯.jpg (4.37 KB, 300x225, 4:3, 191073-131-0D844C57.jpg)



>I sincerely believe the gates of hell have been opened and anyone daring to engage with spirituality is a target of demonic entities. I'm sharing this story because I know demons exist for millions of years but something happened causing their numbers to overrun humanity by factors of thousands.

People these days treat everything like a shiny new i-phone. Not a guideline, but new tool or toy for them to fulfill their selfish monkey-brain desires. This causes psychic unbalance, even beyond the fucked-ness of the present world as it already is. Uncanny accidents can be the unconscious mind's attempt to correct for such unbalance, make less of a self-absorbed monkey out of us.

Magic engages the unconscious mind directly, and you should not consider it your toy. If anything, the reverse is closer to the truth. You should always seek guides and find out what you should be doing with your life. Don't use magic, technology, or anything else as an "enabler" or rationalization from protecting your ego from harsh truths or your life from changes you need to make, both in yourself and without. Most of all, don't use magic for that. A monkey with a gun will end up shooting itself itself in the leg. Then blame the gun. Before you get a gun, don't be a monkey. Don't use a gun as a monkey would, but use it as it should.

I hesitate to use this formulation because of how much hippies and self-absorbed lefties have distorted the meaning, but here goes:

"Don't use magic selfishly."

"Selfish" in its original meaning means something like "without regard to the Higher Order" .

You use the internet selfishly, you end up a neckbeard .

You use pain-killers selfishly, you end up an addict.

You use the economy/the country's resources selfishly, your children end up without a future.

Don't. Use. Magic. SelfisPost too long. Click here to view the full text.



The world is an organism. It has its own soul and being. In a microcosmic example, can you tell me what has the most influence on human bodies? Microscopic bacteria living inside the gut. They even go so far as to release small amounts of chemical which is mistaken as hormone by the body. The larger organism is thusly changed by the quality of it's microbiota.

The world is no such different organism, except it is much more fertile. Planets are inherently female energy, or the abundance of capability to create. Passing by essence is the masculine energy. Humans are egg cells of the planet itself, infused with the passing by masculine direction of outside forces. In short, every human exists to be filled and fertilized by the seed of these passing masculine directors before growing to adulthood.

The Earth, like a sand tiger shark, simply has those fertilized fight in the womb. This is the unfortunate reality. Those that do not mature at an acceptable rate are simply reabsorbed and converted back into usable egg cells. A human body sheds billions of cells a day, even eats itself when it needs yet the consciousness inside the body doesn't even feel it. These two principles are interchangeable. The Orobouros is correct for living in flesh, no matter what we are consuming one another less it be ideals, flesh, or even spirit.

Those that make it past this trial stage can be released from the amnionic layer of Earth's noosphere to roam the cosmos and the tides of the universe. Air is Water. We are released like spawnlings of a mother octopus, in the multitudes of millions, to the Great Sea.

There is intense competition as even small levels of perceptual I'm balance change the noosphere "chemicals" released by humanity, changing the mind and Archsoul of the very planet itself. Those that develop into viral organisms are bound to the great organism until they are reabsorbed by the great organisms own immune system.

Love or callousness. There are no absolutes to this life cycle. This is what it means to be human. Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: e1580625e9c1b25⋯.jpg (218.75 KB, 1200x797, 1200:797, 1501411164414.jpg)


Welcome to the Star Gate Academy

>Developed and researched by the C.I.A.

So you decided to become a student of the star gate academy, see this post as an introduction and a warm welcome. The focus of the S.G.-Academy is a successful higher consciousness through the research documentation of the C.I.A.

To achieve this we will train out-of-body mechanics. Afterwards introducing tools, developed by the C.I.A. for example 'Remote viewing'. I try to get as many information into the OP to kickstart the training smoothly.


First session; introduction into the field of star gate; presented by the C.I.A:


>This need to be readed and fully understood

It might be helpful to get a little understanding about;

>double slit

>Quantum entanglement

>Planck distance; 1.616229(38)×10−35 m


Now you are ready. From here on out the pace of the process will Speedup, thanks to the C.I.A.'s investigation. Keep in mind, there will not a 100% success on your first try but still you will get some results. As more often the out-of-body task is done, as more successful you become. This will take one or two week/s. In this S.G.-Academy we will use the Hemi-Sync audio

>read "7. (Frequeny Following Response)" from the CIA-RDP96-00788R001700210016-5 PDF again if not understood.

Here the audio file


as well a FLAC DL file

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

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File: 8c116162cf03236⋯.png (68.32 KB, 773x197, 773:197, patprice1.png)




Jesus, just alter your head space and focus on the third eye or your crown. Problem solved. You'll even hear others and are able to converse with them.


Fun fact:

The cia tortures people to the limit using their psychic abilities and then kills them.

What happened with the glass experiment


File: 2aa4554a632dcbb⋯.jpg (137.42 KB, 1160x629, 1160:629, nixon.jpg)


>February of 1974: American science fiction author Philip K. Dick is struck by a laser beam of information sent from an entity he calls VALIS, "Vast Active Living Intelligence System"; the entity seems to predict the fall of Richard Nixon, and correctly diagnosis a birth defect in the author's son

>August of 1974: Nixon resigns in disgrace following the Watergate investigation

>Autumn of 1974: Dr. John C. Lilly, while in a plane destined for LAX, is struck by a laser beam of information delivered by an extra-terrestrial organization Lilly calls "ECCO", "Earth Coincidence Control Office"; the message is from another entity, SSI, or "Solid State Intelligence", which demonstrates its power by shutting down all solid state equipment in the airport and forcing Lilly's plane to divert to Burbank

What other real/significant/strange events occurred in 1974? Do any theories exist as to why both Lilly and Dick were contacted in the same year?

6 posts omitted. Click reply to view.



!!! No shit! I have read Cosmic Trigger I but this was before I started to connect VALIS etc. to 1974. This is really incredible; thank you very much for adding this for me, my friend.

I am really very moved by all of this. I have a materialist partner; the other day, I was discussing the subject of the synchronistic connection between UFOs and owls as observed by Mike Clelland, and said friend scoffed and said, "Yeah, but if you're looking for that, you'll find it."

After I made my argument to him that while it was true that many such instances of this might be mere 'selective attention', especially with regards to the 1974 thing because I am deliberately seeking out these events, he told me about how his father and step-mother moved into a furnished apartment which the decorated had absolutely littered with an owl motif. He seemed to regard this, somehow, as evidence of the mundanity of owls, so I sort of encouraged him because I am non-confrontational with materialists, who are very defensive when their worldview is challenged. But then he gets quiet for a couple of seconds, and all of the sudden he pipes up and goes, "Actually, they bought their condo in 1974."

I am just so interested in this phenomenon. This seems so very deliberate. These are three very important cultural figures, not just to me, but to many people, and it is extremely odd for them to all receive 'contact' within the course of the same year. 'Earth Coincidence Control Office', indeed!



Forgot to finish my thought about the difference between 'selective attention' and 'synchronicity'. Sorry, I am sick this morning. (Radiation poisoning from VALIS's encroaching proximity to me? Hah, I am mostly kidding.)

The difference is the amount of emotional energy behind a synchronistic event versus a pattern noticed by selective attention. This is something beyond mere subjective significance being applied by an observer; if the basis of the universe is indeed information, rather than energy, then that makes it all the more significant that a surprise contains more information than something delivered to us in a mundane way. This is why zen Koans are effective at enlightenment, I believe; the moment they do click comes as such a surprise, and with such a sudden influx of information, that consciousness is almost forced open like a channel. At least, that is how I would describe my perception of the matter.


Nixon was the closest we got to Hitler on a economic AND social scale. post-modernist hippies hated him. free Market Trump is still far from Nixon. why did the aliens contact Hitler too? they only want to meet with truly intelligent people.



also most ballbusting politicians in the US are Scotch-Irish or Catholic Irish. look at Bannon, Nixon, Jackson, Kennedy, etc.



I want to add to this: in the preface to Cosmic Trigger, RAW mentions VALIS and says he corresponded with PKD about it. He says that although there are many parallels between their experiences, there are also many differences and he doesn't consider them to be coming from the same source.

RAW's experience seems to have been the result of his experiments with psychedelics and his immersion in conspiracy theories while writing the Illuminatus! trilogy. As far as I know, PKD didn't do many psychedelics but had had visionary/mystical experiences since he was a child and around '74 was experimenting with taking large doses of vitamin C. The experience may also have been triggered by an anesthetic used during a dental operation. (This is all from memory so I might have fucked up some of these details.)

I've only read bits of the Exegesis so there's probably a lot more to be said that I'm unaware of. I'll just also mention that Ubik seems to be relevant to PKD's interpretation of his own experience, so you should read that as well if you're trying to immerse yourself in his work in preparation for the Exegesis. PKD seems to have believed that in writing some of the sci-fi elements in Ubik he was intuiting a real phenomenon, namely that the retrograde force that caused the characters to experience their reality to disintegrate and move backward in time was eerily prescient of how PKD would experience his present day as 1st century Rome. And the opposing force that reintegrated reality, which in the book is Ubik, was somehow analogous to God or as PKD sometimes called it, Zebra.

I have yet to really immerse myself in this stuff and read the full Exegesis but when I do hopefully I will have more to add than just this handwaving in which I'm probably getting a lot of the details wrong or missing the nuances. But thanks for making this thread. It's good to know there are other people obsessing about this stuff. I feel like there are still a lot of things playing out in our 2018 reality that PKD predicted and/or experienced first hand and most people haen't even acknowledged. There is definitely a lot left to be explored.


A secret mindcontrol program exists that can be used to induce thoughts, voices, "demons" and aliens to combat dissidents.

But it's now used to feminize the alpha males and white men in the USA and Europe. Feminism is not about empowering women but about disempowering men. Noticed the 800% rise of trannies and crossdressers in the last decade?

We all know free porn is to keep the population down. They are now getting open about the transsexualisation of men (it's not a genetic thing or disease, it's mindcontrol and very refined). They are getting open about it now….

Go to Youporn, type in search "sissy hypno".

They target males age 25-35 to become agents. Engaging in sexual sissy activity can be used against them to commit criminal offenses on their behalf.

34 posts and 10 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



Feminization is disempowering to men? It's empowering to the men who desire it, and empowering to the men who reject it because they now have fewer men to compete with for women. There are malevolent forces conspiring to keep the population lower? Maybe it is just a natural result of the manifestation of the divine will within the human animal as more individuals awaken and shift from Hylic to Pneumatic states. Anything resulting in lower fertility or less reproductive pairing must be insidious, as it is a universal righteousness to create more human life on earth, is that the case? Physical life is the only truth to the Hylic who sees earth and not god.



As bad as shit can get for us, at least it's nice being a mammal. The insect and fungi worlds are fucked up.

We just have jews to deal with.



Accept most people aren't reproducing because they're trying to ascend. Most people aren't reproducing because they are lovers of themselves and are unable to forgive even their loved ones for offences. Fucking A, I was the only kid who didn't think it weird of family to stay together growing up and over time I understood why they all wanted to move out. Because they were lower than hylics. Same thing going on in relationshits. Less than hylics get together only to sense pleasure for themselves and the minute the relationshit seems different to them, they want to end it in order to preserve their pleasure. Hylics are higher than these people.


I'm sorry but I was never targeted due to having abnormally high T levels and a sadist streak comparable to Muslims.



they kicked ME out. I was the strange one.

I'd call myself a post-incel since women have fucked me over so much I'd rather date a self-hating muslim woman.

File: bd551de983ea9d2⋯.jpg (361.14 KB, 1024x853, 1024:853, hermetist-passing-veil-of-….jpg)


allright, anyone has any ideas about how to stop reincarnating? I heard at one time some talk on /x/ about time lords and stuff like that, manipulating people emotionally to come back on earth again, about them needing us to run the simulation, about not going into the light. Does anyone have any clue about this? It's not in any older esoteric lore as far as I know.

any ideas about stoping reincanation from The tibetan book of the dead or The egyptian book of the dead? I read the ancient egyptian priests talked of a place called Rosetau were souls would get immortality but it was dangerous to get there. Osiris's sarcophagus was there or something like that.

59 posts and 11 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


OP is a CIA Nigger. I know these things



Reincarnation is unceasing. Even if all life were to cease in the universe, it is simply a numbers game as to which soup of amino acids and phospholipids would produce new life. At a certain level, alive and dead are no longer meaningful qualifiers.

The trick is to stop giving so much of a shit about whether or not you reincarnate. If you hate the idea of reincarnation, that's as much a fetter as loving the idea. Either way, you're going to be unable to approach it with equanimity. The idea of a need for the cessation of reincarnation is a causal goal, and anything causal or dependent is useless.

Buddhas are capable of instantly attaining nirvana because they aren't fooled into caring about leaving samsara.



>blackpilling this desperate

Why not just instantly kill oneself then, huh?




This is the conclusion I've come to as well. I entirely agree

File: 017076a6bcadb64⋯.jpg (748.31 KB, 1280x1280, 1:1, 5f7d133b391ddc77f57f891e5b….jpg)


I am an experienced psychedelic user and I am trying to use altered states to understand esoterics. Recently I underwent entire ego death whilst under the influence of 2cb. This was a very fearful trip for me as I am someone who has a very strong ego. One of the recurring themes as of late for myself and included in the trip, is embracing the divine femininity. I am a reformed porn addict who had a penchant for trap/trans. This makes it quite uncomfortable for me to accept this divine femininity as I have come a long way from the days in which I was addicted to that gay degeneracy. A few days after, I was with the friends that I had happened to take 2cb with and I started hallucinating. This is common for me as I had smoked weed and I frequently trip off of it. But one of the hallucinations was me talking to a part of my mind that was this yellow being of energy which seemed to be a reflection of the femininity of myself. It was very sexual in nature to myself and much like the pornography I used to watch, it had a penis. My initial thoughts were that my idea of femininity had been corrupted into a degenerate form of itself through years of porn. May someone please give me some advice as to how to approach such a deal so that I can keep myself balanced. Sorry for blogposting but I am not sure where else to turn.

8 posts omitted. Click reply to view.



Your vanity is bigger than your intellect it seems.



My hypothesis is that you're experiencing the maturation of a brain structure that had gone mostly unused. What you experienced was the analysis provided by this maturing structure, hence the externalized whatever. Where this structure would have been overridden and unnoticed when it was weaker.

You should drop the bullshit masculinity/femininity word games. I don't know how other people don't see that it is an obvious psyop. There is nothing to it other than the money you're throwing at it to make it go away.

I think the only thing for you to do is analyse and envision success. Then you know exactly what you should be training instead of looking at your dick. Then when your brain tells you somethings wrong, you can kindly teach it the right way. The so-called corruption is just what you had to work with after the abuse shut down your mind. It will help you if you treat it as the abused child it is. No need for drugs.


Honestly mate we all love going on the internet and talking about the wendingos and the sleeping annukai we found on Google maps but if you 'trip' on weed this board isn't for you, you will develop paranoid schizophrenia some time in the next 6 months. Sooner if you're a 2cb fiending clown.

The shamans of old had a saying "if a lad claims he can trip off weed he's talking out his arse"


Don't listen to anyone here that is negative. They are just trying to spread their negativity and small-mindedness.



I fear that you may be right. And I am aware that those states can be reached without drugs, I try both methods. Psychedelics are what lead me down the path in the first place and I feel they still have some knowledge to teach me. I've not yet seen the entity again so I think I am fine, I had a vision of it being locked in chains so I think for now it is dealt with. I do time restricted dieting but not quite fasting, I may give it a try for meditation.


I am not sure what you mean by money thrown at it to make it go away, if you're talking about psychedelics, I have been using them for far longer than this problem. You are right that I need to focus on my success rather than look at my dick, I am going back on my nofap which I slacked on this summer due to boredom. A grave mistake on my part. What exactly is wrong with looking at masculinity and femininity, I don't see them as entirely equal, but there is undeniably a difference between the two.


Tripping off of weed is only something I managed to do after a decent amount of psychedelic use, and I do not think schizophrenia is quite how you understand it.


I try to atleast digest some of the viewpoint of even negative people, but you are right that often they just seek to bring you down.

File: 1467141684155.jpg (207.22 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, w1.jpg)


Is there any intersection between programming and magick?

I'm someone who hasn't quite taken the greenpill, somewhere between mundane and neophyte. I see a lot of similarities between the two, using arcane texts to invoke a command on something is a huge parallel.

Most normies would consider programmers to be the wizards of the modern world. I'm in that boat for the most part, but as an aspiring programmer I've got to wonder if there is any way to channel the occult into my programs. Are there any books that discuss this at length? I've downloaded parts of the library and haven't seen anything that addresses this as a larger observation.

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic" - Arthur Clarke

153 posts and 33 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



he just told you it's lightspeed, that provides enough time to break down big things into little 0s and 1s which form bits to bytes and kilobytes to megabytes, and a program reassembles the code back together again

(the real magic is all the lines of codes that make computer architecture, the system that runs as a foundation to run operating systems, which even computer specialists with degrees will get a headache when reading it)



yes but how? the internet seems paranormal.



Only some interpretations of quantum mechanics are deterministic. Whether it's deterministic hasn't been definitively resolved one way or the other. I tend to think otherwise.



Computer engineer turned esoteric here. It's not really magic. Basically they turn info into an easily transmittable format and then turn it back into info on the other end. If you don't have the setup on the far end to interpret the info then all you have is useless highspeed gibberish. Computer processors work with billions of processes a second. 4mb internet can transmit 4 million ones and zeroes in one second. It's absolutely mind blowing but it isn't strictly speaking magic. You could probably conduct magic through the process. Similarly how alchemy is conducted via mundane chemistry at its core.



>different networking communication protocols

>different network configurations

>different system languages

>different business agendas for multitude of users, service providers and hardware manufacturers.

>Billions of transperent transactions per second that can shuffle the entire contents of the library of Congress, the Vatican, Hong Kong archives and the library of Bombay a thousand times in micro fractions of a second over a n+1 architecture built to survive a cold war nuclear strike of 21000 nuclear war heads.

Q: I'll take 'what IT eats for breakfast

A: communication issues, it's part of the business on information

File: 2b24d8a87e81ec6⋯.pdf (3.12 MB, Michael Harner - Way of th….pdf)



>Enter a fucking half-chub trance focusing on an element in the 5 elements, yin or yang, a power you want to have, etc.

>Don't sleep for a week, getting deeper and deeper into channeling and mastering this shit as you go full-trance.

>After a week you are initiated into "The Great Fire" or whatever the fuck you were learning.

This is my plan to learn the 5 elements, yin and yang, martial arts, electromagnetism, science, and everything else.

Thank you shaman initiations for such a great fucking idea.

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I have a job that with magic and brains let me work 4 hours a day, and then I can go home or do whatever I want and still be well paid… There is an anon over here that works full time with a job he got through magic that he is even more well paid than me and has a degree of influence as well…

>Isn't that what all this is about?

This is not the point but one of issues imo




I wish I didn't have a job.



Focus on martial arts.



Martial arts require refinement of physical techniques, as in, using your body very precisely, it's not just going to come to you in your visualisation of you being a master at some martial art in 4 days.

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Does Alex Jones not know WHY technologies are kept secret?

Most technology is kept secret because of three reasons. The first is that even though a lot of technology has many peaceful and practical applications, the same technology can be used as super weapons. This is why a lot of technology related to transport is highly expensive, regulated, or downright secret. Any technology that demonstrates a high mastery over matter and energy or which can accelerate something to very high speed is dangerous as fuck. For example a vehicle that can accelerate to extremely high speed can be used like a missile and cause tremendous damage to whatever it impacts. A teleportation device can be used to move entire blocks of stone and build homes in minutes, but also to kill and destroy in just the same time. With these technologies it is very important not to let it fall into the right hands and I also believe there is a big campaign of conditioning to try and make people think of these technologies are only being useable in one way and not to come up with other ideas, so that one day if they are introduced to public use, people don't get the idea to use them in other ways then intended.

The second reason and the one I personally dislike is that societies and governments want to suppress decentralization. They want to keep you in a perpetual work cycle just to keep a home or pay utilities and so on. They want to know everything you do and have control over it all.

The third reason pertains to our enslavement. These days we're increasingly moving more and more to a society where you DON'T OWN ANYTHING.

Ownership is key here. If you OWN stuff you are the master. You own a business, you own stocks, you own land, etc. then you are the master and get to make the serfs work for you and you get rich off of their labor and sacrifices. Right now we're moving forward in a way where we don't own anything though.

What are some examples? Phones. How many phones do people actually own? Unless you get an unlocked phone, you don't really own your phone. Even with unlocked phone, it's not like walky-talky, you have to pay for the servPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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The solution to dysgenics is always to the same: pay the underclass not to reproduce. Eg. sterilization grants access to welfare.Encourage productive members of society to reproduce. We've regressed so much because we're doing the exact opposite.



If you didn't make it or build it, how do you justify your demand of ownership? Futhermore, how do you justify your access to the resources required to build or make anything in the first place? If you accept a product or service with all its contractual obligations from another, is it their fault? I just dont understand your entitlement. You came into this world owning nothing and you will leave it the same. Nothing youve been conditioned to construe otherwise will ever change that. All persistent continuity that you identity with in this world, is already gone taking your present with you. If you want to posess, it will only be satiated in the action of making or taking that which you desire, which can never be completely satisfied.



I'd rather kill them all. God blessed them when I wasn't born as a force of nature.



They can't justify it either, hence there is no sin in not paying back loans, credit, or insurance. Breaking the law isn't a sin either. Only brainwashed fools would think otherwise. Concerned people might tell you not to, but those self-righteous types are only going to wake up to being eaten and gone forever.



>but those self-righteous types are only going to wake up to being eaten and gone forever.

Not talking about the people being concerned, but those that DO take made up laws as God's law.

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


These are probably the most transcendental books you can find, though I would spread the knowledge. Y'all enjoy.


Free PDFs


“The three words, namely Hara, Krishna and Rama, are transcendental seeds of the maha-mantra, and the chanting is a spiritual call for the Lord and His internal energy, Hara, for giving protection to the conditioned soul. The chanting is exactly like a genuine cry by the child for the mother. Mother Hara helps in achieving the grace of the supreme father, Hari, or Krishna, and the Lord reveals Himself to such a sincere devotee.

No other means, therefore, of spiritual realization is as effective in this age, as chanting the maha-mantra:

Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare

Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama Rama, Hare Hare


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File: 5a590a3daadd5be⋯.jpg (844.34 KB, 1000x1347, 1000:1347, hitler_predicted_prabhupad….jpg)


>>As long as you use words, you aren't transcending.

You think silence is wisdom because when you talk you realize you don't understand shit. Actually once you transcend only then do you words start to have value and the real talking begins.

I'm not a realized soul this post is just a waste of letters, Srilla Prabupada is a realized soul.


I've been thinking about chanting this again, since it has helped me in bad dreams more than other mantras in the past. What do you think you have gained from reciting this mantra? How many repetitions do you think are needed to get significant results? 16 rounds seems a bit too much for me at the moment, though I used to do it.


File: 3e23c25e0d31c2f⋯.png (106.63 KB, 405x264, 135:88, 1.PNG)

File: 79f79b6e45bc2a9⋯.jpg (149.85 KB, 800x566, 400:283, Quotes-by-Srila-Prabhupada….jpg)

File: 1aed3453fbf1518⋯.jpg (113.13 KB, 800x566, 400:283, 26167951_10214869216145038….jpg)

File: 71a3319ee574dab⋯.jpg (100.78 KB, 800x566, 400:283, Quotes-by-Srila-Prabhupada….jpg)

>>What do you think you have gained from reciting this mantra?

Love of god, faith and peace of mind.

>>How many repetitions do you think are needed to get significant results?

A single repetition, Fear itself fear's any one of the names of god. I've had a hard time chanting aswell but I've found that there are faster ways to recite the mantra ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2cngeJZ5UE8 )


File: 70374695a9ebcab⋯.png (605.43 KB, 451x520, 451:520, 3.PNG)

File: 69e5a83dc63706a⋯.pdf (11.12 MB, The-Path-of-Perfection.pdf)

That "PLATE ONE" picture was an accident I was going to post it whit the image associated whit it aswell as the book it is taken from.


File: 18b73f9b7858abd⋯.jpg (134.38 KB, 712x720, 89:90, 11401111_701761589949427_4….jpg)

File: cd3dd33b7b5ec73⋯.jpg (147.98 KB, 445x590, 89:118, avtar10.jpg)

File: be97b31dde3bfce⋯.jpg (79.9 KB, 529x648, 529:648, main-qimg-3b52dd194ed360ac….jpg)

File: 535c4c0f445a4e9⋯.png (100.83 KB, 300x446, 150:223, St George.png)


Could we have a thread dedicated exclusively to Shadow Work?

I find myself constantly having negative thoughts. Not just negative — destructive. I am often feeling hatred, jealousy, a desire to just surrender to my most basic instincts and enjoy the fruits of my destruction. Ever since I can remember, I have always felt like if I was given the choice between becoming the Christ or becoming the Antichrist, I would go with the latter.

How do we fight these urges? I remember IIH has a practice to create a "black mirror" of the soul, to start listing the things that you consider are your worst traits and also quantify them to reflect upon these negative aspects of your psyche. Jung wrote about this too, but I haven't read him yet (and he seems a bit too dense for my thick brain)

I find that alcohol makes these feelings strong, while weed on the other hand makes them weak. I associate alcohol with male (yang) energies and weed with female (yin) energies. When I'm drunk, I wnt to destroy things, to do damage, to see blood. When I'm high on weed I want to laugh, embrace other people and just relax.

The image of Saint George defeating the snake supposedly represents our higher self conquering the animal which inhabits in our souls. What do you people do for shadow work? How do you face your demons and defeat them? How can we possibly become the buddha or the christ, when negative feelings are so powerful and strong? We all know how good it feels to get angry at someone. I mean, that's why we shout at people even when we love them. Because negative emotions are incredibly powerful and sometimes "positive thoughts" just can't even compare.

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This dream represents a complex from your parents. Images of piercing and penetration such as the knife, pertain to the great father. The image of the earth swallowing your shadow pertain to the great mother.


It's ok to do what you want and take what you desire. If you are the evil one, you are the evil one. In the end it shall not matter. The "right" path, the path of light, the path of right conduct, the path of love and compassion is not for everyone. It is impossible for most people to walk this path and that's ok. Maybe you will find enlightenment and the ultimate liberation between the guts of a protitute that you murder. It is still better to live as the shadow, to become the demon, the "evil" sith lord, the darth vader, than to be like the majority of people. Those lifeless husks, braindead zombies, lifeless NPCs. It is better to be the demon than to be the husk controlled by the demon. Go and live, there is only one path for you and you know it. Reclaim your power.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




It was my shadow self. This was an extremely vivid dream. It wasn't iconographic. I saw "me" as a complete doppleganger and thought, "hey, cool, its me!"

The fight started when I realized the other me, smiling away, was going to kill a lot of innocent people while I just stood there stupidly watching, thinking "he isn't actually going to do that!"

So I had to stop him, even though I didn't want to be violent. It wasn't until I finally accepted that he wouldn't quit until I killed him that I punched the knife all the way through. Kind of figured knifing him in the throat would have convinced him, but that fucker, being me, wasn't so easily convinced.

There were other dreams that followed related to other aspects of my life, equally intense.

I was laid up in a bed in a hotel for a couple of days at the time, and probably should have gone to the emergency room from the flu symptoms.

The idea of it being a complex from my parents doesn't fit. The piercing of the knife is more related to me having a serious interest in knives and knife fighting in general.



What do thunderstorms in dreams mean, if I may. They have been pretty frequent aspects of my dreams for my entire life. It's either thunder and lightning itself or the threat of it.



You are using the wrong part of your brain. You can feel which part is in use. You've already identified a few properties of your lower mind with alcohol and weed, Christ and Antichrist. That is simply how it processes the world. It's 100% social animal bullshit. If you eat the wrong thing, it feels bad and smashes or is overly friendly. 99% of people's problems is the food they eat. I can't eat even a little dairy or I feel hulk smash for days.

Try massive amounts of critical thinking and analysis. Read books on the subject. Play games that demand it. Eat food that enhances this process. Developing and leading with the rest of your mind will make this old behavior look stupid.

File: c8120286f33ade5⋯.jpg (63.33 KB, 318x430, 159:215, 6661516.jpg)


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File: dd5c8e515479e64⋯.png (51.67 KB, 1234x1144, 617:572, ending.png)

I made a sigil to destroy the Universe. I call it:

" She just wanted to keep her little brother alive. She asked for a used feed sack but was denied, so he froze to death in her arms." Universe Ender.

If it works we should see some pretty cool shit.

Thanks for the thread to tag this to, been waiting for it.



here it is completed



File: eb30ea382b99223⋯.png (56.75 KB, 1234x1144, 617:572, resolute.png)


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


accompanying soundtrack

w/o sage


I hope he has a backlog of fresh knowledge garnered during his absence and starts uploading his findings consistently.

File: 6a514e1c4c80f93⋯.jpg (3.49 MB, 3120x4160, 3:4, IMG_20180725_143515.jpg)


I can tell that about half of the people here are just beginning to learn magic, and about 30% are just larpers/role players, while the rest know what they're talking about. Why must Fringe be this way? Pls stop being gay and actually make this board good

8 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.


Show me the way /fringe/. I don't know anything and I have been lurking for about a year now. If you don't know what you are talking about and have no experience then don't lead me astray down the garden path.




> Learn how the original medicine men and mystics learned.

I'd prefer not to have to make the same mistakes. Better to have some guidance I think, training wheels before riding the bike. Getting hurt or doing things ineffectively is a greater risk otherwise.



Dank bracelet. You romani?




l2meditate, but then, ACTUALLY DO IT




You may observe others' magic, but if you're operating from someone else's magical system wholesale, that is, following in lockstep with them, you're going to derive only a fraction of the benefit. Creativity is the vast majority of a sorcerer's craft. Tradition is ultimately a series of prompts, and attempting to find some sort of 'solid ground' in a shifting network of mythologies quickly goes from a fool's errand to an excuse not to do magic at all.

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