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Tipp's Fringe Bunker

File: 2d60bb2c5063dcb⋯.png (428.3 KB, 490x519, 490:519, blowit.png)


This the only kind of shit I can read now, stuff from people who don't just summarize or try to explain or introduce the basics of occultism, but who actually were immersed in the phenomena and activities of occultism. I try to read books in my library and can't, it's too damned boring.




http://www.iapsop.com/ssoc/1918rhodes-wallace_sleep_as_the_great_opportunity_psychoma.pdf (already finished reading this one)


http://www.iapsop.com/ssoc/1922schubel_seeing_our_mental_pictures_through.pdf (this one might be basic bitch occultism)

It's not that basic bitch occultism doesn't have its place, everyone has to learn it, but I literally can't read another book iterating the same stuff I already know from the hundreds of other books I read. I find now the experiences of advanced practicing occultists more interesting, when I can be bothered to even read a book anymore at all.

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Difficulty really depends on the individual. There's no such thing as a standard case, because we all have different upbringings. Some people struggle to meditate for five minutes, I can easily meditate for hours at a time. But that's because of my upbringing, it's engrained in my pattern.

It doesn't always make rational sense, at least not that I've noticed. I can chill metal by pulling the heat into my body quite easily, within a few seconds, but to heat it requires much more effort. I can't tell you why. Levitation I did unconsciously, I was meditating and deeply under and my friend came out into the room and started freaking out and pulled me out because I was floating, I never observed it myself. Fire generation was tough, but I smoke a pipe constantly and have always liked the idea of it so I work at that regularly.

Telepathy (and before that, empathy) is the easiest in my opinion though. You just have to learn to read your own mind before you read others. Once you know the difference, you can start implanting thoughts. Don't be a dick, though. Karma isn't just about good and evil.



>I've been seeing a lot of anons flipping their shit about that lately and getting downright adversarial over it. Maybe it would be better if we referred to this by a different word.

Never. Words are sigils.

The most important hobby you can take up is etymology. The more you understand PIE, the more coherent your thoughts become, the more directed your intent becomes. Making up new words scatters your frequency.



>The most important hobby you can take up is etymology.

I agree, and chasing etymology and understanding of PIE is what opened my third eye. You have a very good point.. It just chaps my ass how many good posts get derailed because the anon spoke of belief and/or faith and the mundane retards automatically shut down as if the posts were calling for demagoguery



Consider it one of your first trials. Is your belief so weak that naysayers can rattle your conviction?



Absolutely not. My only concern in the matter is them deceiving themselves and others. I have much to learn but I have already seen far too much for me to be shaken from the knowledge of my faith. What exactly to make of it all, perhaps I know not, perhaps it is a source of confusion at times, but there isnt a word that could be uttered that would make me declare that it is not real.

File: 67817b2f7d69c5c⋯.png (28.58 KB, 512x512, 1:1, star.png)


I've been seeing this symbol around in random locations almost once a day now for the past month or two.

The main connections seem to be the ogdoad, creation, chaos, and freedom. One helpful anon said it represented the 4 creative forces in the universe. the primeval waters, darkness, air and eternity. I'd like to have more info though, so please post anything you think could be helpful.

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It's a variation of a swastika. Questions go in the question thread.



Questions actually can be posted in any thread.

What is not allowed is creating a thread just to ask a question.

t. BO



File: 18a0283fb99206e⋯.jpg (38.15 KB, 600x400, 3:2, Mel sign.jpg)


It is a commonly used sign of the Melchezadek Priesthood of Latter Day Saints. A similar symbol associated with "Mel" is the Cross of Salem used by templars, freemasons and the like. Latter Day Saints are similar to British Israelites, and belong to that hierarchy of British Intel control systems. Any senior person with the basic 12 tribes template can activate and use the signs of recognition for temporary assistance in an emergency.


File: fd00e2a7729dd3b⋯.png (38.63 KB, 1878x904, 939:452, lucifer.png)


This is the patern of the flower of death. You are already on the other side

File: ac189e9e221a847⋯.jpg (52.38 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 695fcdbf3c5aff03b98c0584ad….jpg)


I have a collection of papers with sigils on them from three years ago.

What's the safest method of disposing of them?

I don't want to disturb/reawaken any of the effects. Thanks.

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Whats that even suppose to do m8



It's an infographic for the subconscious.

It'll do what ever you want it to do, but I'm guessing you'll have some revelatory dreams from using it.

Most of what I draw and put on here is straight intuition and not specific to any goal. I'm a big fan of chaos.


File: 1b47d053a0bf8a6⋯.png (28.07 KB, 1174x600, 587:300, concatenate.png)

File: 8139779ce14f69d⋯.jpg (10.07 KB, 1174x483, 1174:483, concatenate.jpg)

Two separate from former but similar in purpose designs useful for abstraction of thought and feral purpose driving.

[word salad by intention]


File: 2cdcc0e92fcf570⋯.jpg (155.49 KB, 1092x636, 91:53, concatenate.jpg)

Revised the second one.

Also you really shouldn't trust anything I post, because it's just going to bypass your conscious mind and go straight into the unconscious where all the fun is.


File: e0972384d315117⋯.jpg (887.39 KB, 2700x1803, 900:601, cow of peace.jpg)


Hello /fringe/. I am a morally conscious individual, and I primarily intend to communicate my experience to other like minded RHP individuals who might be conflicted on whether or not they should eat meat and are of the mind to offer service freely to others with no expectation of repayment. Consider the concept of karma - you reap what you sow. This can be proven to be true in both the literal sense and also whether your actions result in an overall increase in the well being of other conscious beings, or the suffering of other conscious beings.

For the morally conscious individual who feels guilt from stealing things he/she didn't earn from others, it will weigh on his/her conscience and feelings of self doubt will arrive which can and most often does lead to inaction and stagnation. There are plenty of morally conscious people who were raised in a household of meat eaters. I was one of those people. I had a sense of morality but I just didn't give a flying fuck about the animals hundreds/thousands of miles away who lived through hellish conditions just to have everything they could possibly give unceremoniously stolen from them. I was basically blatantly ignoring the consequences of my actions. This was reflected in many ways over the course of my life as I kept stagnating and falling further into the abyss of self doubt and inaction. To put it simply, I was letting my loosh just fade away.

You too could be letting your loosh fade away without even realizing it. The most simple and guaranteed way to stop doing this is to make a constant effort to be consciously aware of the consequences of your actions in the here and now. I believe this is the essence behind the mysterious concept that people call "conscious evolution". It's conscious in that it not only increases your awareness, but it requires and active choice on your part. I'm not saying that becoming vegetarian will automatically give you loads of loosh, but that taking into consideration the truthful consequences of your actions will result in the loss of the desire to eat meat as long as you are indeed morally conscious. In my own experience, making the effort to be aware of the consequences of my actions in the present moment has resulted in a considerable increase in freedom of self, confidence, and plenty of unintended consequences that have been Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Gotta admit, by now I've expected someone posting the countless people who became younger and healthier by going raw vegan.

/fringe/ knows nothing.


File: a1fe54093e21551⋯.jpg (15.92 KB, 225x320, 45:64, 482575d52801c565044cb0a2cc….jpg)


universal morality is not possible. being vegan doesn't automatically elevate you to god status. there are cultures that dine on human beings. does that make them contemptible? no, only God can decide that.



>the countless people who became younger and healthier by going raw vegan

Donald Trump is the healthiest american president ever and he lives on burgers and other meaty fast food. Vegans BTFO :P


They're trying to cover this up by stealing his doctor's medical records and fabriacting lies. Typical of the jewish NWO vegan industry.


File: 8725239a49b83a6⋯.jpeg (358.41 KB, 977x1718, 977:1718, image.jpeg)


Thanks lad. Check out >>>/greenbreeze/ for more.


>Trump healthy


>vegan industry

Nigger tier bait but kind of funny overall. Have a (you).



I know everything kikes do is a blood ritual. I was talking specifically about one Rothschild who says he's a vegan except of course when playing dominos on cheese pizza. Here's a pastebin with a tl;dr some anon did of an AMA said Rothschild did.


>dogmatic veganism

Exactly this. Their cult is so busy one upping each other they lose all reasoning on top of what they lost through making soy the bottom of their food pyramid.

File: 99014d913ee9cc7⋯.jpg (907.85 KB, 820x1227, 820:1227, 913cccaab5283e31643e092d25….jpg)


One of my friends who I've happen to know for many years happens to be an intense, self-hating homosexual, to the extent that he's wanted to kill himself on numerous occasions because of his sexuality. Over the course of six years I've attempted to aid him in removing this hatred by various means. For example by repeating that sexuality is such a small part of who we are, and that there's nothing wrong at all with being gay. However despite this he's under the firm impression that he's a diseased, mentally ill freak for his attraction to other men. Last night he even expressed to me the belief that one isn't "a man" until they've "touched a vagina".

Please excuse the blogpost here, but does anyone know of a means by which someone can reprogram their sexuality for normal attraction to the opposite sex? He's not at all cut out for celibate asceticism. I've tried advocating that before, but he's very attached socially and sexually to the idea of relationships, and seems to want one very very badly. Also obviously him simply accepting his gayness isn't going to work either, hence the depression, suicidal thoughts, erratic behavior, etc.

The only realistic option I see left is pulling some wizard magic out of my ass and making him straight.

93 posts and 34 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.
Dice rollRolled 1, 4, 2, 5, 5, 6 + 6 = 29 (6d6)




Seriously though ya'll gay trying to turn this into some sort of psychological game, saying I've got emotional issues like an effigy made of all of your tear soaked tissues. Applying principles without cause is a great misuse.

Are you a man or a martyr? Dying for the cause of child mirth? Mother to all deserters?

Give me your fucking money.



So, suppose you're a degenerate who easily stops all porn/fapping for months at a time without really noticing, but whose sexuality doesn't normalize in the slightest, anyway?

Not a faggot, btw, but possibly worse, as my only form of "sexuality" is some obscure fetishes that have nothing to do with intercourse. It's been this way all my life and I'm no wizard, but sort of interested to hear the /fringe/ stance on outliers like me. Good, bad, neutral? What do?



no one actually cares about your lack of sexual normalcy. most of the 'wizards' on fringe probably have trouble getting their wands to work right in the first place.

Go outside, soak in the sun, meditate and learn to enjoy being in your own skin.


you charlatans are not now able to manipulate me nor have you ever been able to successfully manipulate me


for the "feminization thread" that i am being inappropriately blocked from posting in (a sin against internet innovation…….i say:

@ eastcourt village…where is your "house n1g1g1e1r"

(the general manager from mcdonalds on court st.)

File: 6164f62e2500bbc⋯.jpg (100.41 KB, 540x573, 180:191, f6783cf96f25d7634d4a211254….jpg)


Feel free to share your experiences with spirit companions, astral travels, teachings, tips to beginners or anything.

16 posts and 9 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



just be someone else


File: 104c818cc4f6c0d⋯.jpg (19.69 KB, 336x361, 336:361, fukudude.jpg)


If I sleep on my right side, I'm fucked. My left side, I'm fucked. But if I sleep on my back, I'm not. Also not sure if the voice in my right ear is mine, wish I could remember what it tells me more clearly.


Thread is already derailed and dead.





This dude reminds me of vampire-senpai albeit senpai didn't seem as arrogant/edgy as this dude. The larp is almost the same tho



Same flags too, makes ya think

File: 8bbe42bf5a81e58⋯.jpg (2.38 MB, 1588x1136, 397:284, circ.jpg)


Does anyone have an information on the effects on circumcision from a spiritual or esoteric point of view? I've always wondered what horrendous things I've done in a previous life to deserve this. Interested in any info even the crackpot theories. Can I ever attain enlightement, so to speak, after being subjected to mutilation rituals not even a day after birth?

48 posts and 16 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



/pol/ is Judaism for non-Jews. Every single /pol/ user is the thing they want to fight against.







>they are all x because i said so!


basically women who follow Zio-protestantism are possessed by Lilith and Eve's failures. too easy to mold, like Eve, and internally evil like Lilith


File: a2ec32eca84d013⋯.jpg (73.53 KB, 800x532, 200:133, 11390035_10205581106339310….jpg)

File: 7222559a02e5ca2⋯.png (838.19 KB, 667x875, 667:875, Osama.jpg.png)


The Islamic anon who became mod on MEWCH /fringe/ is trying to establish an Islamic caliphate for themselves.

They and their family are Arabic. We already divided them, me and my forces.

They are still working away at it in vain.

They have "French connections"… Might masquerade under "Islamic occultism"…

Perhaps it is retaliation for "The Templars" (lol) taking down the /islam/ board. A move that I thought was unnecessary and retarded.

5 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.



To be honest, the sandkikes are just the sword arm of the jews. Their destinies are as intertwined as a gordion knot.


A thread died for this.



only certain sects. Shiites despise kikes. and that's only because jews are gigantic pussies who can't fight without someone holding their hand or their circumcised peepee




It still doesn't change the fact that any muhamadean would rather team up with their semetic cousins to destroy the west. No matter how much they resent their brothers of the book, they seem to willingly work hand in hand to destroy any threat to kike domination. This is of course irregardless of sect.


File: 80f269324368eb2⋯.jpg (14.25 KB, 236x236, 1:1, ca006064c23004f069f6f45e17….jpg)


Big lulz

File: d57de0eaea44b73⋯.jpeg (178.75 KB, 730x1000, 73:100, 4E4D12D2-8D99-4EED-AC04-0….jpeg)


I wrote out a long winded melodramatic letter, but it was gay so I’ll just cut the shit. I have no aspirations in life, no dreams, and nothing going for me. I’m a fit 21 year old man with nothing to live for and a hearty belief in the supernatural and conspiracy theories. I want to do and see some crazy shit, and I don’t care if I have to risk my life. Any cool shit I find along the way I’ll document here. Tell me where to go and what to do /fringe/

12 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.



do you have any links for websites that show the plain text version of

>Ophiels books

>Evolas/Ur groups

>Evolas/Ur groups "Introduction to magic"

>The tibetan book of the dead aka "bardo thödol",

>robert bruces "astral dynamics" and

>"practical psychic self-defense" and from

>william atkinson "arcane formulas" and

>"arcane teachings".

>Also the Tao-te-ching by Lao tzu.

I just don't want to get some fake version, but I would like to do some reading on it. if you can post it it would be really nice. thanks for reading my post anyway.



I agree with a bunch of this but I believe in God (the one and only God) without any connection to any religion. just "GOD".

see my thread on this.

polite sage because I promised the mods I would if I link my thread.




yea it's one of the things I didn't agree with. here's some of my theories.

I am not a doctor but I have some interesting theories on nofap.

I seriously believe that the SJW's that invented nofap brainwashing are trying to get men to store up their fluids so that they lose their minds and fuck a normalfag woman and she gets all that stored up magic shot into her vagoo and steals all the energy for herself. maybe this is where the succubus and siren myths and legends come from? succubi steal your energy usually in a sexual way, while sirens are loud and annoying women who lure men in with their songs or whining and complaining and then they "GET THEM" sounds spooky right? succubi and sirens sound exactly like the ancient myths and legends and folklore version of feminists, sjw's, and gold diggers who try to pretend they are nice and then marry and divorce a man and take everything he owns. these types of predatory women are just as equally guilty of being "pump and dumpers" as some of the shitty kinds guys are. I'm not being biased here because of course there are good guys, and there are good women.

what about blood tests? nofappers are so afraid to lose their special energy but you never hear them talking about blood tests. If it's so bad to fap and "lose" your energy then do nofappers also never take blood tests to see if they might have cancer or something?

some mothers who give birth actually dry and encapsulate their placenta and swallow the pills to gain back their lost hormones/energy. this is actually a real thing.

would the same apply if people who are afraid to lose their energy from fapping just reabsorbed their own fluids? like, drank those fluids?

many nofappers talk about how you store large amounts of energy inside your fluids and that fapping makes you lose that energy. It's important for people to train themselves to store large amounts of energy everywhere else first as a priority and then allow it to fill the fluid energy store as a last priority after evPost too long. Click here to view the full text.




>Obtain a strong psychedelic drug

>a secure room (where you will not be interrupted or found if you OD)

>an easy chair, a full length mirror, small table, long burning candle and holder.

>Hammer a nail in the door so you can nor easily get out while your tripping the fuck out of your mind

>Take the psychedelic drug. sit in the chair, facing the mirror, the table between, candle in its holder on the table.

>When you begin to feel the psychedelic, light the candle. Close you eyes, center, begin to meditate until you feel the high stronger, and feel everything getting warming then open your eyes, and fix your gaze on the center of your forehead. Concentrate on nothing else. It may take a few minutes before you start to notice the whole fucking room is on fire and you can't get out because you nailed the door shut and knocked the candle over while you were tripping balls



>It is a shame that so many people are braindead to the point where they can only talk in memes and only see what is exactly designed for the stupid masses to see. A culture of mindless drones has arrived in fringe and is ruining it.

- everyone who doesn't agree with me


Do not start threads just to ask a question; post your questions in a pre-existing thread instead. Previous thread: http://archive.is/le7aQ FAQ: https://8ch.net/fringe/faq.html Mewch: https://mewch.net/fringe Fringebay: http://fringebay.com/fringe

746 posts and 129 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


>What happened to 4chan's memetic power? Does 8chan have the online memetic power now? Does Discord have the power? What about Facebook? The age of traditional natural memes was replaced with an age of modernist random lol memes which is now replaced by an age of postmodern meaninglessness and manufactured political propaganda. Where is the balance of information on the Internet? For that matter, where is the balance in our socially constructed world order or even inside our own minds?

Once again, contribute you vapid negro. There are people on /tech/ trying to figure out mesh networks and "powered by the people" internet with sovereign infrastructure, possibly funded by cities (rise of the city-state and district?) possibly by private individuals who build and fund both the hardware and software themselves. There are people on /pol/ uprooting actual fucking scandals and performing actual fucking operations to make the world a better place by uprooting corruption and maneuvering against scum fuck people trying to turn the world to shit. There are people on /fit/ and several other boards including /pol/ that are trying to get people to improve themselves, think for themselves, educate themselves, become healthy, build character and everything that one could call "better" with the best of intentions. Yet you still stand on your entitled pedestal whilst berating everyone around you for their moral failings, you snot nosed fucking brat. You don't contribute to the vitality of this board, you fucking leach off of it.

>All I'm doing is telling you jokes to pass the time because I can see the end is going to be one hell of a show.

And you even admit that you aren't trying to make anything better, you're just here to waste our time.

Someone ban this kid.


He's a troll through and through.


File: a5de51b2ac43fe1⋯.png (40.79 KB, 1039x175, 1039:175, Capture.PNG)


By the way, I'm >>120495

something I forgot to mention in my post there regarding orgonite is that with quote-unquote "authentic" orgonite (i.e. made according to the principles of Wilhelm Reich) is that it is manipulating the piezoelectric nature of quartz.

The basic idea (by my understanding, I've never used orgone) is that because resin compresses when it cures, the quartz is put under uniform stress and generates an electric current. This does create a measurable field of some description, so there is certainly something to it. Personally I've held off on looking into it further so that's all I can speak towards, but I can confirm there is something going on there. My understanding has been that most "orgonite" on the market isn't made according to any of his research and is functionally worthless in comparison.


>Moralizing frequency is stupidity, and lacks imagination.

I'm seriously beginning to wonder if Epyc is a mask created to teach us how to deal with ego complexes formed by false enlightenment. His apparent stupidity strains credulity.




Fun fact about this while I'm on it, because I find it fascinating. An old-school use of black tourmaline is as an ash-catcher to clean a pipe out between smoking sessions. Holding a spur between your fingers generates an electric charge from the pressure of your grip, which then grabs all the ash out of the pipe as a static charge.

If you're going to smoke tobacco anyway, a pipe is a good way to do it because it stretches out the smoke session into a form of reflective meditation. It also can help impatient people learn mindfulness because you literally cannot smoke a pipe without being mindful, you'll pack it wrong and burn your tongue or choke out.


File: 9ccdbc27f6f3e67⋯.jpg (43.32 KB, 626x558, 313:279, quartzview.jpg)


>watchmakers lining their shops in the same way so as to improve precision

Ah shit I should've read all of your posts before responding, I only saw the bits about epc being a troll and didn't realize the rest applied to me. I think you misinterpreted that part of that person's post because that's not what they meant about the watches. They were specifically referring to this mechanism in watches: https://www.explainthatstuff.com/quartzclockwatch.html

Crystals are really a useful tool for understanding a lot of this "magic" stuff. That Nikola Tesla quote about "viewing the world in terms of frequency and vibration" applies too—quartz is easy to understand because it oscillates at a single, uniform, unchanging frequency—everything else is subject to this same pattern, but nothing comes to mind above the scale of atoms that is as regular and predictable as quartz.



I know that the mechanism exists but I thought the poster was referring to a second use of quartz by clock makers similar to the spider.

File: 6d398d12fc12c29⋯.jpg (174.8 KB, 927x733, 927:733, flyingobjects55_14.jpg)


There's a lot of information available on the NWO (bankers, secret government, royal bloodlines, industrialists, masons, "jews" et al) but what about the remnants of the third reich? The Thule, Vril and Black Sun secret societies that worked with the nazis until Hitler went down the wrong path of violence. Do they still have any power today?

94 posts and 84 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



>Without the ethics or ideological principles surrounding National Socialism

Those don't mean shit, they're only tools.



>ethics and ideology don't mean shit

And I suppose you're >implying that it's purely the control of the people that matters?

Won't the control of a people sustain better in turn when supported by ethics and ideology, or is it the control of the people that sustains? There is a term called 'Revolution'; it takes place when an oppressed people have had enough of their oppressors and decide that life under their rule is not worth it when given the option to fight against it. For this reason, I am convinced that ethics and ideology behind the means of control do in fact mean shit, whether or not they only be tools.



>There is a term called 'Revolution'; it takes place when an oppressed people have had enough of their oppressors and decide that life under their rule is not worth it when given the option to fight against it.

We live in a society where certain people can literally steal your kid and rape it to death whenever they want and the most anyone will do about it is write a blog post. People in the 30s were a lot different than now. Same reason Catholicism originally had a lot of generative morality but now you've got the pope encouraging fag sex.



>We live in a society where certain people can literally steal your kid and rape it to death whenever they want

And that's the reason I believe the ethics and ideological principles behind whoever is in control does mean shit.



>I never assume anyone is anything negative without proof.

Good goyim

File: c5bdf31c7a792be⋯.jpg (361.84 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20180606-031155….jpg)

File: 798c37c67e7078b⋯.jpg (324.67 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20180606-032124….jpg)


I took this picture from a still of a video I shot about mind control after realizing the energy was something divine. Stare at the right eye of the man. See God? Now look at the energy, going into infinity, the patterns on either side. Look at the top left and see the millions of concious beings coming out in a concentric pattern from the ALL in sacred spacing. I know it is just TV pixels, but the pixels create a grid for light which is energy which is God to come through. I think we are looking at something much deeper here. Possibly even the meta0hysical level my mind parses reality, or the matrix. Tell me what you think!!

7 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



Can you please explain that picture? What does it mean?



all this asshole does is roam /x/ and /fringe/ and call people schizophrenic.

it's the new

>take your meds

get banned you son of a bitch



It means that that crazy cat Garfield is about to perpetrate some mischief.



Implying "indirect".

Implying I am being afflicted by "indirect attacks" as if you folks were anything noble.

Perhaps you are confusing this term with "iniquity".

You may be familiar with the phrase "workers of iniquity".



I'm schizophrenic and even I can tell that's just retarded

File: b17463f7652ed0f⋯.png (226.18 KB, 1000x500, 2:1, arthur-schopenhauer-quote-….png)


Never love anything so much that you lose sight of God.

Explanation: God who is perfection of all virtues is the only love of the wise. The moment one loses sight of God and mixes up the love of the world (the manifestation) the soul becomes corrupt with impure influences.

If you ever love your wife or a woman more than God she will become a source of misery for you. It is the same for work, research, cultivation, your people and your nation. All these things fall short of the standard of god and the love of them is sinful.

However if you love only god then you have a love that can never fail, that is unchanging, that is present with you always, and that will be channeled through everything you do. If you keep god in mind as you go through the work of life then you will forever be living in his grace, blessed in all your operations, and in having sight of god in every person you speak with and everything your hand touches you will lend nothing of your strength to the wicked and the evil and the good will grow in yourself and all you influence.

Never do, think, or be moved by anything other than Virtue.

Take every opportunity to grow the good in others and they will become dominated by virtue. Waste your efforts in resisting evil and it will only grow. Like begets like; holy love sanctifies all.

The love of god is only for the things that are of God and nothing else. The love of god is not blind. We must leave behind the things that are not of God (aka Virtue). God's love is the only love that purifies and brings things into their correct order.

You must know yourself apart from your vices, apart from corruptible substance, apart from your thoughts; and knowing your self you will cease to be identified with anything other than the spirit (actual self) and be not subject to a false image. You are the image of God.

The love of God is corrective, it is the love of the father, who knows what is Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

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bump. no new discussion on this??



At least some of it is definitely shilling. Especially the shitheads going on and on about how 'everything is to be taken literally'. I have reached a new understanding of things of late. I spent the last about 2 years digging my ass off into the ancient religions and trying to piece together the "proto-european religion" i.e. the religion that existed in Europe before the vedics exodus'd to northern india. And in doing so I have come to the conclusion that the truth exists in all texts, not just religious… i.e. the Truth is everywhere, even within lies exists the truth. This is why the truth shall be revealed to he who seeks it. The truth is all around us, it is within us and without us, the Truth is God.


What if the love you feel for someone else, that is returned fully, is good?



*Is God



that was a beautiful way to put it anon.

File: c89327e87be4810⋯.webm (3.28 MB, 1272x531, 424:177, old suitcase.webm)


Has anyone on fringe really gone beyond calm darkness when it comes to meditating?

I've been reading Introduction to Magic by Evola and following his (& the UR groups) advice recently. I've meditated for longer than I have been aware of any supernatural consequences of meditation, and I have yet to go beyond being calm and then usually either falling asleep of feeling extremely awake.

The best experience I've had so far was one night I had extreme angst, the kind that manifests physically. From one second to another, once my breathing stopped being conscious, the angst turned to equally great euphoria, which I gave me a small insight into the things I've read on Alchemy (and Hermeticism).

But I've yet to see any colors let alone different realities.

Would the few of you who have experienced something beyond "normie meditation" be willing to share these experiences?

How did you reach these states of consciousness?

How do you discern dreams from delving into your mind?

Has anyone on /fringe/ gained the wisdom of the waters?

Is there any point in keeping this up?

I will expect a ban for asking questions, but hopefully someone will still provide some answers.

30 posts and 11 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



Big problem with the whole "you can control your whole reality" thing. Does that mean you're the nigger that allows oppression and countless Wars go on? You people forget what being in control means after a small success in the occult. If you were powerful in anyway youd be far from this board and hated by humanity for being a god amongst suffering men. Do you people that believe you're in control of reality ever consider you're the reason why hopeless mundanes suffer?


Follow this video from start to end. It will release the naturally occuring DMT in your brain.


45 minutes. Lie down. Breathe all the way in(ALL the way in, all air you can get in your lungs), let go(relax, let the air flow out, don't push it out - but don't let all of it go) - repeat this in a circular fashion 30-40 times. On the last inhalation go all the way in, let go and then stop. Hold your breath. When you feel the need for air hold it for a count of at least 10-20 seconds longer(push thru the fear), then inhale all you can, and hold your breath now for 10-20 sec.

Rinse and repeat.

You will see colors and/or geometries.



Was it jhana?


About two years ago, I listened to Hemi-Sync (courtsey of the Monroe Insitute's media page) and I immediately began to feel vibrations/pressure/fluttering in the centre of my forehead after a brief spell of "pain" which a poster described above; I can control and stretch this range of sensation. It automatically starts up when I'm even remotely relaxed. I can even see flashes of light and golden orbs, weirdly, when in the shower. It really feels like I just have to focus more on the right spot in my brain.



Like you wouldn't believe.

File: e45c9381e4174df⋯.jpg (342.48 KB, 843x1034, 843:1034, 1477957824269.jpg)


So, I decided to get into Corpus Hermeticum since it's one of the first things shilled by modern gnostics after the Nag Hammadi library (which I'm already familiar with).


And right in the second chapter I bear witness to this:

>Wherefore child-making is a very great and a most pious thing in life for them who think aright, and to leave life on earth without a child a very great misfortune and impiety; and he who hath no child is punished by the daimons after death.

>And this the punishment: that that man’s soul who hath no child, shall be condemned unto a body with neither man’s nor woman’s nature, a thing accurst beneath the sun.

>Wherefore, Asclepius, let not your sympathies be with the man who hath no child, but rather pity his mishap, knowing what punishment abides for him.

So, explain in to me please why the hell does the gnostic community approve of this demiurgery that basically spits on celibate/monastic lifestyle?

Or is it some kind of twisted "allegory" that I don't get?

61 posts and 16 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



Everything follows cause and effect. Everything follows the principles. If it does fix itself it'll have to have SOME sort of cause. But what with the collective opinion of the remaining world being "fuck whitey" and with the only potential magic users orchestrating the whole thing then I reckon we'd be fucked.


File: 6ce6ae419330844⋯.mp4 (5.7 MB, 480x360, 4:3, disney_Zeus_vs_the_titans.mp4)


>Do you think these things have a way of balancing themselves out naturally?

Well, yes. And no.

Good will win, in the end. But if you, yourself, don't strive to make it, then you'll eventually be absorbed by the Darkness that is to be defeated by the Good. Darkness is contempt to only exist and Consume. It's passive, and identical to the forces of Nature. Instinct without direction. Only Good strives and wills towards a higher Order, and only Good can will towards a higher Order.

When people say "yeah, things just balance out dude" , they usually mean it an excuse : "it's okay to smoke weed and don't do shit all day, Good will win anyways. then you'll get all the shit free without having done any of the work and effort. Like, effort is for losers man, chill."

Not so. You can see, it's not quite a lie. It's worse. It's a half-truth.



Fancy talk but makes no sense at all when you think about it from a wizards perspective. Please explain clearly what you mean by "Darkness" and "Good" and how it affects someone dependend on what he does.

Because without further explanation is sounds like another lame attempt at "do as I say and go to heaven, or disobey and go to hell" of which we had so many recently.


File: 35f2103a87e5938⋯.jpg (98.81 KB, 746x699, 746:699, 31958864_365720637253113_6….jpg)



So are you just defining good as that which strives towards a higher order then? Because I can be very evil and still strive for a higher order.

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