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Tipp's Fringe Bunker

File: 9c55636980c0777⋯.jpg (572.17 KB, 1548x1802, 774:901, e3b8ebabbf3dbe597add729e5d….jpg)


I need to stop wasting time.

I have a huge stack of books, sites, philosophers, etc. I still need to get through. I have taken in a LOT of ideas over many years now and studied a lot of religions but still have more to go through.

The thing is I could die any day. Tomorrow these pains in my chest might do me in, my heart might stop, I don't know. Some other random shit could kill me. World War III could erupt and my city get nuked. Someone might frame me for some shit and I get thrown in jail and killed there by another inmate. In short; I don't have unlimited time to get through all this stuff.

I want to skip past the junk and get out of the maze I am in. I can stay in this maze of information for a long fucking time. There is a huge maze of information, so much stuff to process, that even though I've been dedicating all of my time and my life to this I am getting lost in speculation and arguments and deconstruction and other shit that might be impressing some people and completely over the heads of others but still falls way short of actual gnosis.

I honestly want to keep reading my books. I'm half way right now through one 600 page book on theology, and I have another book that's also 600 pages to complete, and many other books that are also fucking huge. I am getting frustrated though, this is NOT efficient.

I want to get in contact with god, an angel (translation: messenger of god), or any being that is adequately possessed of virtue and intellect considerably greater than my own that they can help me start making the best use of my life right now and help me skip past the noise and irrelevance and cut right to the heart of the matter. I am so fucking tired of books. I will finish the current theology book merely because I have to return it but I have a pile of other books and although I really wish I had a hundred or two hundred or three hundred years to just read all my books I want to read I don't and I need to stop reading now.

I stopped posting on or reading anything on this board for several months now btw so I don't even know what is going on in here. I felt IPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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You're right, and it's not just limited to those dirty hippies, either. I know this guy once who cut off his own pinky with a saw. Fucking saw users, they're just so stupid. God I hate the lazy idiots who use saws.



I want to agree with you but if that's the extent of your contribution, I really think you might want to look into the actual structure of how things work here. Practice is the name of the game and practice requires more than the tools themselves. I guarantee you that many people here would not be out of their depth during psychedelic experiences. "Just take mushrooms," while a good starting point, is only a part of the equation, it requires the right input to produce the right output.

There is a discipline to the use of psychedelics as there is a discipline to the direction and application of all ecstatic experiences. Every shaman ever has either been shown a discipline or has very quickly developed a functional discipline to it, given repeated use. It would be nice if just doing them was enough, but psychedelics can only work with what you give them.


try this out OP. I hope you like it, and it seems like just what you may need (assuming you resonate with it)





OP really really really need you to notice this. it's a great distillation and simplification of some very deep good stuff that can help you one on one with God in a better and cleaner way



Here, just read and understand Dune.


Spice = Any resource. Look up "hydraulic despotism" (which is applied to all resources, like spice) and learn why we don't live in sustainable communities (it's to control us via resource supply).

Ctrl+F the above link and search for "Religion of Dune", should be "Appendix II". This section describes how religion is used magically, breaks down religion-craft, which weaves a spell – the one you're trapped in.

Simply question every single thing you thought you learned and look for alternative theories. Soon you'll understand your place in the universe.


> I think since this is /fringe/ we can all agree at least that there is:

Noob, but go on…

> 1. A level or order of mind which is omniscient (all-knowing).

Bullshit. Just because you have a body doesn't mean you know all of it. You have a swarm of microbes in your gut that you are a "god" to, do you know about their goings on or merely feel hungry or occasionally need to shit? You're not omnicient, why should you assume that there is such a being?

> 2. That mind isn't an isolated, disconnected phenomena

You can draw a line of distinction anywhere you please but nothing in the universe is disconnected from anything else – that would be the creation of a separate universe if two things were not related. The Quantum Mechanic morons created multiple universes by assuming that the box does notPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 84aa22751ab691c⋯.png (2.26 MB, 2048x1410, 1024:705, to_the_ends_of_the_earth_b….png)


Because of the latest events happening in the world, a thread for inquiries of current challenges and obstacles laid out before us, could help uplift those who needs to know their next step.

People are waking up slowly and many are getting more depressed because they are ignorant to truth. Some are waking up to their 5th Dimensional ability and see beyond the veil for the world that we are creating.

There's impeding hunger need starting at 2020. Water is running below recommended ground levels. Plastic increases in food and water supplies because of laundry deterrents. Skies covered with thick fog and complete change in climate. Smog covering cities.

Are you dying? Are you living?

All those who goes against truth will die. Find truth.

There's a coming uphill that will be the "Great Filter" of our species. Interstellar movie scenario. Many wants to change; many want to change the world.

In this thread we talk about solutions to your problems and put a nail in the coffin once and for all. Make sure to not write personal information that can be linked to you, for your safety.

● What is your current [spiritual / life / personal] obstacle?

Lets heal it. Thank you.

pic related (and really nice highres)

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My ears have been really bothering me lately.

I´ve got a loud ringing in my left ear, aswell as sensitivity to sound.

I find it hard to think clearly because of the ringing.

also Im worried about the whole situation.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>There's a coming uphill that will be the "Great Filter" of our species.

We control the weather. This isn't debatable anymore. Any such "great filter" is created by men on purpose. We changed the climate on purpose, it's creating better weather. Scaremongering is just "problem reaction solution" to manufacture consent for Carbon Tax (when H20 is #1 greenhouse gas).

Wise up to weather warfare


…Or fuck off.



>Follow natural law. All it really means is to not take that which isn't yours to take.

That's not a natural law. Does a falcon say, "Gee, I better not take that bunny, it's not mine"? No.

Everything I see is mine. That is the natural law.



File: db26c0893bb264b⋯.png (212.96 KB, 684x385, 684:385, 54983a00-f02d-4c1b-a5a1-a0….png)


>…Or fuck off.

Babby's first conpsiracy? Water, food, porn, sex, drugs, weather, politicians, media, bankers, terrorists, military, psyops and more, are controlled and designed to be carcinogenic to humans. They want people to die and they want them to die quickly after turning 65. They want low fertility so they can destroy countries with immigration. It's a revenge plan in the making, perhaps stretching back to before the Hellenistic and Egyptian empires.

If your country is one of the countries that have upset or discriminated against the face jews, Khazars, Ashekanzis, Cohens or others during the last 2'000 years, you are on their revenge list.

Stop eating processed foods. Stop drinking tap water. Stop using toothpaste, sunscreen, medicine, vaccines and other dependencies. Find holistic alternatives where you know the ingredients are not E-numbers extravaganza.

And when the trumpets sound loudly, be prepared with food and water to last for weeks.

File: b7fe857b1f32e41⋯.jpg (107.89 KB, 600x740, 30:37, PPYC01.jpg)


If you have any inkling of god-devotion, you are on the right-path. It doesn't matter what you call God, he doesn't mind.

Now, I will compile a list of good traditions, that are not watered down or corrupted, so you can make use of this devotion, towards knowing the reality of God.

It is up to you what path you favour but the key is being Initiated in real life, to actually build up momentum and practice. I will elaborate on what the nature of a 'good' tradition is, afterwards. You can argue with me If you like too.

For one, If you have meditated a bit, you can see easily in the pictures of these people they are genuine, you can sense the peace radiating from them. Even from their followers. Try them for yourself at least.

Authentic Hinduism / Yogic Lineages [All these people attained Samadhi, and Nirvikalpa Samadhi i.e Union with God]

> Yogananda (Watch the film about him on Netflix or read Autobiography of a Yogi. His life was blessed with the divine)


> Sivananda (He compliments Yogananda quite well)


> Karunamayi


> Ramana Maharshi (The principles of guru-devotion and chastity, strongly present in his life and background)


> Anandamay



Authentic Buddhism [Non-commercialised streams, emphasing continence, and moral conduct in order to attain Liberation]

> Theravada Buddhism lineage of Ajahn Chah (others in Theravada are good too)

> Vipassana Course Burmese Tradition (They offer free 10 day courses, to learn Vipassana meditation, all over the world. Look at old meditatorPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

10 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.


Read Sivananda more thoroughly. He advocates the opposite of what you're saying, if by celibacy you mean no sex.


Human: wow I don't want random people suffering

Religious Idiot: yes! God! God! Not you, not humans, my imaginary friend!

You had a awful run. Now fuck off. That word is so fucking annoying. It's on the same level as cooties. If you want/still need to play this dumb ass game then return to the "learning why being a megolomaniacal douche with unjustified delusions of grandeur which give you control over every being in the universe" dimension. This is the evolution dimension. We like things like yoga, meditation, and music, not worshiping a statue you made of a "divine leader" who is actually your ego. The sooner you let it die the sooner we can get to actually solving problems and getting everything religion promised us. You are wasting my time by making me restate this over and over, and I only have like probably 2/3 of a life left so please for fucks sake just shut the fuck up about the names you give your ego!



I have solved problems by just staring at them long enough. There are a billion Christian's with enough room in their houses to house every homeless person on the planet. They will throw away takeout food that could have fed the entire world. There is fucking nothing to your schizophrenic gay debunked bullshit. Fuck Jesus. Fuck the pope. Fuck assigning magical days of the weak as days where we have to worship a fucking loser. If I see someone suffering I go wow that's bad they need help, I don't go "man, if only that person worshipped me, maybe I would help them.

Go through the long painful process of admitting you are full of shit and transfer anything positive towards systems that aren't psychotic, like GASP treating others the way you want to be treated, which solves everything



Buddha is a complacent moron who seeks to be an unplucked string.

Buddha tasted the high pleasures of the palace and the lows of the starvation cults. Then chose a middle way after seeing an elder man teach a young one how to tune a stringed instrument: Too tight the string snaps, too loose the string makes no sound.

But Buddha was a fool. He ignored his own path! He tasted both high and low before telling everyone to be complacent and serene. How can you know the range of notes the string can play if you are not willing to risk the string snapping under pressure, or if you won't pluck at a limp thing.

How can you unify opposites if you avoid tasting either opposite?!

Celibacy is for fools who have no self control. Sensation need not drive thirst unless you're some half enlightened nitwit who is a slave to temptation.

All this crap is for the mundane. What is more godly? A perfectly motionless constantly dead line of existence, or a wildly vibrating harmony that sings with all the spectra of life?

Krishna is a slut for death, seeking to remove oneself from all things life. Jump in a volcano if that's your path.



It's really interesting watching everyone bounce around between sith and jedi teachings and then trying out the whole gray jedi thing and then suddenly realizing that there's almost endless different flavors of that gray jedi thing and then rediscovering a bunch of absolutes and going into new true paths and throwing away labels and making new ones and just rediscovering better and better versions of everything.

File: 105dc0248e7c45f⋯.png (376.91 KB, 728x1044, 182:261, 0BD8NdG.png)


Listen guys I have one major flaw that undermines me and makes me almost useless at magick. I feel massive, overwhelming, lack of desire. I never want to do any magick. I want to want to do various things, but I can't work up any kind enthusiasm for anything, and I approach everything with the most cynical and depressed mindset imaginable. For destructive magick it's incredibly powerful but for anything constructive it's not. I don't understand how to generate the "dead man's wish" kind of desire to do anything or even approach to that. I need to perform some very extreme level healing on myself because I know with certainty NOBODY is ever going to heal me, no medicine is ever going to have even the slightest effect on me (I am basically immune to medicines, all medicines do nothing for me no matter how supposedly powerful they are), and it's all up to me to heal myself. Nobody is even going to heal me slightly. If I want to live a life worth living, even if that life is just sitting peacefully and observing my surroundings, or whatever; I need to be doing it from a body that doesn't plague me with constant suffering, constant feelings of not getting enough air, etc.

If anyone can tell me which chapters in which books are relevant to what I'm asking about that might help and even better would be examples of bone-mending, shape-shifting, and desire-generation that you've performed yourselves or have a good story about.

I'm going to kill myself in one year if I continue to feel this shit in my body every single day like I have for the last 9 years.

68 posts and 10 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



beware. ( they ) will use this to make you say yes to all kinds of shit that's very bad for you.



You really think that constant suicide ideation is utterly harmless? This fellow is clearly desperately and futilely grasping for help in the only place he feels comfortable and we all know that it's impossible for him to get it. Some things are inevitable.



it's sad how there's so many attention grabbing idiots who say things like that just because they want everyone to look at them but it's also painful when you trust people and you come to them for help and all they can say is "GET LOST FAGGOT." or "DO IT". shouldn't we just give them the best information we have to offer them and be honest? better than just shutting them out and possibly dooming them.



I love you, anon



using words like "weak" and "die" indicate that you think in negative terms meaning you deny the whole and you think of your brothers and sisters as enemies that can attack you. Death implies end and this makes the feeling of hurrying and fear of death because you identify with the ego instead of God.

Everything lies in the holy instant because there is no time and space. peace

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Time is up, Humans

33 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.


File: d58654991136782⋯.jpg (974.58 KB, 2058x2058, 1:1, Azimuthal_equidistant_proj….jpg)

File: e28d8b74567e0fb⋯.jpg (37.26 KB, 620x449, 620:449, 045-0216052612-mk_ultra_gi….jpg)

File: 1c736fd08194414⋯.jpg (42.38 KB, 500x210, 50:21, theylive17.jpg)

The Earth is likely flat, or at least something weird is going on, considering the South Pole is essentially walled off with ice, and off limits to civilians.

Background radiation "axis of evil" points to the Earth actually being the center of the Universe.

The Moon is clearly an artificial structure, sized and placed specifically for some unknown purpose.

Earth has clearly been inhabited by beings before us, with capabilities we can't comprehend, and who seem to have been wiped out in some kind of cataclysm.

None of that is speculation, its just the actual world we live in today.

Everything seems scripted. People literally start losing their shit when someone questions the official narrative, or pointing out obvious anomalies.

Enough credible people have looked into alien abduction experiences and come away convinced that something is going on.

Just consider the Ariel school sighting.

"Don't be so technologed" said some grey being with giant black almond eyes to a South African elementary school student.

Likely some inter-dimensional maintenance workers whose time-space machine malfunctioned briefly.

People who have near death experiences say time doesn't exist really. So its a construct. A soul farm, loosh farm, wind-up toy Universe meant to keep us occupied for unknown reasons.

But considering pedowood and all the other sick crap associated with it (Franklin cover up, the Finders, pizzagate), I'm still betting its a wheat and tares kind of deal happening.



We Greys have being trying to tell Humanity about this for many years, but those damn Pleiadians keeping messing things up.



relevant to clear up all the bullshit and leave only what's true.



>But considering pedowood and all the other sick crap associated with it

Might make sense if you consider that "elites" are rebelling against "the system" they're trapped in.



Why are Globe earthers so robotic? I get mixed empathic feelings of sadness and hopelessness about them.

They literally just reply

> you are dumb flat earth is stupid cause thats not what i think

> tell me the Truth then

Honestly Im no surprised they're just repeating shit they told them about reality when they were Young and impressionable so they got brain damage developing like a tumor.

Is believing in the Globe (hello? Globalist?) the ultimate form of wingcuck and brainlet Hillary support?

>Srsly, stop being a nigger and start thinkin for yourself even If you are afraid of looking at your actual vision of things, start thinkin as a hobbie or to impress women or Whatever the fuck a mental slave can desire

>Also posting pic related so all of the brainlets start excersicing their minds discovering new points of view about what happens in reality

11 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



Explain how your model works when the earth isn't a sphere then.

Let me tell you since you can't see it: you learned that that is how it works by studying books and then made observations to relate what you see to the theories. If you observe something else, your teacher tells you that you are wrong, and you are to correct yourself until you "see" the desired phenomena. This is the conditioning all scientists go through, they learn to not make indepentend observations, but to go by the book. If anything doesn't go by the book, they then treat it as faulty and if someone persists they get ridiculed and can't have a scientific career. Science is the practice of brainwashing yourself until truth is completely hidden from you and you believe in lies whithout questioning them at all.


>Applying Hitler's concept of the "big lie" the artificial

>extraterrestrial threat was nurtured and built into an always present

>possibility over the next 50 years until a large percentage of the

>worlds population found themselves believing in alien ships,

>extraterrestrial visitation, alien mutilation of animals, and alien

>abductions of humans with absolutely no proof that extraterrestrials

>exist anywhere in the universe much less that any have ever visited

>this planet.

>The artificial threat is further advanced through the mind control

>programming of Marxists in Hollywood, television, advertising, Post too long. Click here to view the full text.



Nothing you said applies to my previous posts. All the claims I've put forth sustain themselves through observation.

>It's all part of the plan

The only conspiracy here is the dissemination of this crock of shit. Flat earth is a distraction and a means for discrediting conspiracy theories as a whole. To be called a "flat earther" is an insult on its own, and for a good reason. If you want to ignore the great amount of evidence of a globe earth and instead wallow in your brainletism go ahead. Mind you, there's at the moment of writing ZERO empirical evidence for a flat earth.

I'm not wasting my time anymore meddling with this retarded crap, however, if you want something to keep the hamster going. What purpose would this conspiracy serve? The earth is flat! …and?



Well, how about you read the website I linked, and quoted? It's right there, explained >>114198


File: c7adb72ded15bf0⋯.png (142.42 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20180524-012437.png)

Dropping in to say globularists are fucking homosexual

Right wing death forces, my sirs.


OP there's already a thread on this


File: bfd9c1382dd1e4c⋯.jpg (826.06 KB, 2560x1920, 4:3, geode4.JPG)


I briefly considered /pol/ for this, but I figured /fringe/ might appreciate it more.

Wasn't going to post this originally, but CIA Niggers have really been testing my patience with their bullshit gangstalking. They quite enjoy zapping out headlights or running overcurrent with their bullshit phased array radars on cars around me while I drive. This either fries the headlights, activates the headlights, or makes them much brighter than normal. Occasionally they also like to disable cars completely. Fuck you CIA Niggers for causing property damage. Because you have tested my patience sufficiently, I am now posting this information. It didn't have to be this way, CIA Niggers. It really didn't.

Why am I a target you ask? I did some research into Phil Schneider's gold synthesis process.


fyi, I did not post the information above, nor did I send the guy that. Someone else did, but that's the clearest explanation of the procedure available online.

The non mouth breathing among you can figure out what keywords to Google search and find more information about the process, which is widely disseminated online. The slightly more technically minded amongst you will be able to get this process working even. Why do you think gold is often found near quartz and iron containing minerals? Les Brown's presentation on crystals is also enlightening.

Also, dedicated to the forum board admin, who was also made a target by CIANiggers, hope he's well.

My username online everywhere is crestind. I am also on le Reddit. I am based in Dallas, Texas. I am a law abiding citizen, and now target of CIA Niggers. Thanks for listening all! Peeeeace!

8 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


Society: Hey lets print pieces of paper people need to buy the resources we hoard and them make people be our slaves so we give them some

Human: No I am good on that that is fucking stupid. I am actually going to completely take over reality. I control my destiny now.

Society: Dude come on I am lazy I need your energy to survive just fucking consent to this you dumb fuck!

Human: No, you are a piece of shit. I am creating my own universe and you will die because you are a parasite.

Society: Wow. I am just going to ignore this. You know how governments have never, not once in human history ever taken actions to destroy their own citizens and maintain their monopoly on everything? That is because we understand your discontent with the current situation. Good luck and let us know if you need anything.




"There is no reason to spy on you. The government doesn't care about your data." - Cia Fucktard

*it's revealed that the government spies on everybody, and so do thousands of corporations*

"So what? So I lied? Big deal. That doesn't mean I am ever going to lie again. You are paranoid for saying that the government is spying you despite the fact that there is clear evidence that they are spying on you." - Cia Fucktard

Wow that is such a good argument wow you just won the case dude! I am just going to accept that I am an object and you are Zeus! Wow! I can't believe I was thinking about claiming my sovereignty. That's all you. I am your slave Obama. My job is paying my mortage for the next 30 years, and your job is hanging out with Tom Hanks. You are so fucking special and important. Wow. You are such a wonderful leader. By ignoring peoples concerns and only worrying about your selfish agenda, you are a great person! Lying is telling the truth! Drone striking civilians is peaceful! Am I doing this right?



Terry shut the fuck up already. You already said you were homeless. If CIA bothers you so mcuh then do something about instead of blaming a man child.


File: 5990d8cad2bda9b⋯.png (641.33 KB, 1342x1940, 671:970, bed7978ee00842269f4a0b181a….png)

So all you did was look at the website? You would think the most powerful agency in the world would take down the website instead of fucking with everyone who sees it


This would explain why the us is not backed by gold anymore…..


My friend read this Gnostic book called "The Forbidden Religion" by Jose M. Herrou Aragon.

It explains a Gnostic world view in 123 pages; The material universe is a prison made by an evil god Demiurge/Jehovah/Satan and there's a real, perfect universe elsewhere under the Perfect Unknown god.

Demiurge is the imperfect god so the material universe is full of suffering and it sucks.

Luckily Lucifer has been able to give some truth to the material world.

A human has a body and soul in this world and a spirit from the real world that must be freed to escape this universe before the Demiurge makes this universe become one with itself again in singularity and the cycles of life, death and suffering starts all over again.

My friend took some acid after reading this and freaked out because of a huge change in his world view. He's been taking weed, LSD and shrooms for the past 3 years.

Then he got to the psychiatric ward and he's going to be medicated. The only thing he cares about is getting out of this universe.

He persuaded me to read the book as well and it freaked me out as well.

There's simply no way to prove the book false and I don't want to end up enslaved forever with the Demiurge.

My friend can't be persuaded otherwise because he has fought for the control of his body and "felt" it all to be true.

What do you think of this?

54 posts and 22 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 19c3c67da74cc4e⋯.jpg (111.77 KB, 786x1000, 393:500, one day you give will in.jpg)


Oh my, looks like you've caught my spell.

Looks like you have won. Now that you've seen through all my tricks, you can come down from up there for once and give yourself a well-reserved reward


Yeah, I've read that book. One of the first books that I've read that could qualify as the more Gnostic viewpoints of the world.

I have the book the Green Face by his supposed Master Meyrink.

His suggestion of meditation and calling towards particular beings is quite dangerous sounding, he claims beings will inject a syrum into you via needle after numerous calls to them.

I disagree with him on the sole factor that he claims the angels are evil. I do not think the angels are evil, since I do assume he gathers his information from gnostic sources. In the Pistis Sophia the angels are not the evil ones, nor are they alluded to as so. There are other beings, of different, I guess, substance. Such as Adamas, The Tyrant. I assume Adamas is some allusion too Adam but I'm unsure.

I do believe he openly advocates the Left Hand path, I may be incorrect though. I read the book three years ago. I would be wary of anyone claiming to have the end to all answers. Most truths are too be sifted out, experienced, not just told outright at least in my experience.



Are you into Kabbalah? I'd recommend checking out Rabbi's theories on Messiah Ben Joseph and Messiah Ben David. It correlates with the so called Gnostic viewpoints. The idea that Christ had a twin brother, one which was completely detached from the physical and one that was bound too it. (something along those lines.)

It's also interesting to note that Simon Magus claimed himself to be the Masculine Power of God and that Christ was his feminine counter part, just food for thought.



My fat lazy greedy racist self centered napolean complex roommate just took a shit after eating and watching tv for 16 hours straight and its the most disgusting fucking thing I have ever smelled



Dunno about that serrated knife trick.

Wouldn't work on me, I just ride that fucker till I split in half and channel the anger to attack you from two different directions.

Fighting a war on two fronts is a bad idea, IMO. Choose your target wisely.

< Goddess, they have me pinned below, but you are above!

< We have them surrounded!

File: c3b703db44c9264⋯.jpg (87.97 KB, 640x960, 2:3, 555.jpg)


For anyone who doesn't already know, Psychometry is where you touch something, and receive impressions in your mind connected to the thing touched.

All that is required to do Psychometry is you meet certain conditions and you follow a very simple procedure.

Those conditions are:

1. You must have attained a degree of faith, understanding, and maturity that your Soul (mind) has been so conditioned by your Spirit (awareness/will) that it has attained to a sufficient degree of realization of the mental nature of the Universe / the All. (You must Know the First Hermetic Axiom).

2. You must have previously exercised the imagination so as to develop the mental senses which correspond with the physical senses (clairvoyance/clairaudience/etc. aka visualization and the rest).

Now here is the procedure. It is not the only one, there are variations of it, but you will know those variations just by thinking about them after I give this one example. In my case I use psychometry to absorb knowledge rapidly from books without having to use the eyes, so my eyes don't get tired. There are various side-effects and dangers of psychometry but there are many advantages including the fact that whatever knowledge is absorbed in this way (at least for me), is absorbed more strongly, more perfectly, and is more accessible to my memory.

29 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



Thanks bb


heres a maigc trick

grab your dick and jack it off

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What effect is that supposed to have?


Some eastern magical schools have began to discover the mechanism by which psychometry operates.

Try not to "take" information from objects. Instead, commune with them, for they have a bit of conscious life essence of their own. Do not take from the spirit without giving in kind or you will lose ability, suffer, tempt fate, anger the gods, or worse…


> Tsukumogami (付喪神 or つくも神[note 1], lit. "tool kami") are tools in Japanese folklore that have acquired a spirit.[2] According to an annotated version of The Tales of Ise titled Ise Monogatari Shō, a certain theory in the Onmyōki, tsukumogami are what foxes that have lived for one hundred years turn into.[3] In modern times, they can also be written 九十九神 (ninety-nine kami).[4]

> According to Komatsu Kazuhiko, the idea of tsukumogami, or yōkai of tools, spread mostly in the Middle Ages, and declined in more recent generations. Komatsu infers that despite the depictions in Bakumatsu period ukiyo-e leading to a resurfacing of the idea, these were all produced in an era cut off from any actual belief in the idea of tsukumogami.[5]

> Because the term has been applied to several different concepts in Japanese folklore, there remains some confusion as to what the term actually means.[6][7] Today, the term is generally understood to be applied to virtually any object, “that has reached its 100th birthday and thus become alive and self-aware,” though this definition is not without controversy.[6][8][7]

Only a fool imagines that there is something special about the 100th birthday of an object; That is a numerological metaphor. An object does not suddenly wake up on its 100th birthday and become aware; The yōkai essence always existed and was slowly strengthening over time. Some things may take more time than others. There are a myriad of factors to consider which affect development of the 99-kami, from being used in the saving of another's life to association with [ascendingPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: b3a1949c7d82ed7⋯.png (55.81 KB, 1041x795, 347:265, smilebergbacksoutofslavede….png)

File: af4a961e08218bc⋯.jpg (25.05 KB, 400x400, 1:1, tmp_4514-569cc1b0d2fcfe32f….jpg)


There can not be magick without will.

There can not be magick without intent.

You are all told this as an eternal mantra.

But what about balance?

There must be balance, Yin and Yang.

Magick and mundane.

You might say nature is magick, but nature is also balance.

There cannot be magick without cost, will and intent only allows you to pull a droplet of magick into the mundane if you pay with equal amounts mundane to magick.

If you don't know the cost, you are what's being drained. Be it days of your life, your health or your spirit.

No exceptions.

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What if you just step on a bunch of bugs and say "amen"?



you just step on a bunch of bugs and say "amen"



Point taken, but could a large number of tiny sacrifices amount to anything with regards to taking loosh? What if in place of your own blood, you used the hemolymph of hundreds of insects?


fake limitations: the thread

false ideas too


> "mundane"

> "magick"

bullshit & false dichotomy detected.

Don't BE a slave to such linguistic magic.

> cost

You've adopted axiomatic assumptions for no rational reason.

How much does it cost a forest to advance time therein? Reality is not debt based, but the slave states operating around you are. Try not to confuse the two.

Existence of Magic[k|x|s] is not contingent upon the existence of anyone's "will" or "intent". Does a slime mold have intent? No? Then how does it do its magic? Yes? Then so does everything else that you've categorized "mundane".

Finally: Don't buy into the bullshit "entropy" mind weapon; The universe is not expanding. Discovery of "Quasars" with enormous redshift near galaxies with much less refuted the theory of cosmic expansion (as if "cosmos" is a valid term), but the establishment likes their slaves to adopt the "it's all going to end eventually" mentality.

If you want to talk of energy transfer then you need to account for generative forces. OP, you've addressed something without considering its equal & opposite[s]. You're the one who's created your own "debt".

File: 96d0268b525867f⋯.jpg (160.43 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 1443472938150.jpg)


Hi /fringe/! I want to make myself better. I want to leave my rut and be useful for once.

I had many past lives and I think it did make me more powerful, but I'm afraid failure and change and I don't believe in myself at all so I'm not very talented. I had done very crazy stuff in the past and I never loss power.

Psychics I talked too keep saying I can help people and I do have a lot of latent potential, but they also say my selfishness, anxiety, and lack self-confidence hurt me a lot and it holds me back.

I feel anxiety over everything and I don't see any other option besides killing myself. I may cursed. I felt this way forever. Why am I like this? Someone did say that people with a lot of past lives will go though a lot of challenges.

I don't want to submit anymore.

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harmony is made to look like chaos.

harmony and balance exist without chaos, but chaos does not exist without balance and harmony to support it.

without harmony to create a balanced order that can continue reacting passionately, there is no chaos.

There is no strength or weakness without power.

There is no fear or courage without strength and weakness.

There is ignorance in the strong fighting the weak if the weak are good.

There is ignorance in the weak fighting the strong if the strong are good.

There is ignorance in believing that good is the same for everyone.

There is no dark or light, ying or yang; there is only God.

There is no rulebook or religions; there is only God.

Read through corruption; Read through wisdom; distill the drops of truth, distill the drops of yourself.

doubt not and despair not; instead only fearless and unbreakable faith.

there is no serenity and peace without passion and emotion; without caring about something, there is no reason to do or not do.

imperfection is a lie. There is only Perfection.

There is no life or death, there is only God.

Through God There is always potential to grow and improve.

Through God I am guided on the path.

Through following the path I gain improvement.

Through improvement I grow.

Through growth I gain knowledge.

Through knowledge I gain wisdom.

Through wisdom I perceive the truth.

perceive the truth; perceive God.



>don't just "try" it and then say it doesn't work

>That's just your old self trying to prolong its existence. Everything wants to survive.

>good luck

That resonated with me


File: 903ca510c199e88⋯.jpg (13.36 KB, 221x200, 221:200, funny numbers.jpg)


You are wracked with doubt. Do you often feel pins and needles? As gay and and as cliche as it sounds you need to have faith in yourself and believe in yourself. Do what you want to do, this will set you on a healthier path.



Good post.


FYI: Defeatism PSYOPs look identical to this thread.

> "Help, I'm such a fucking looser"

< "Here's all these easy as shit things to try."

> "Oh, I'm too much of a pathetic shit to do it, but I'll waste more time shitting up the board with defeatism."

Since the reader often identifies with the subject this places an icon of psychological pain in the mind, the weaker minded will adopt the defeatism.

I want demotivation shills & attention seeking whores to leave.

If (psy)OP wasn't a complete faggot they'd be posting about recent attempts at self improvement progress…

File: 1468815741258.jpg (110.93 KB, 600x480, 5:4, Kek of the future.jpg)


Not sure if I can even post on here anymore or not but I really need help. I don't know why but everything is just freaking me the fuck out right now and causing me to scream inside my mind to kill myself. Messages like "end it now, end the cycle, don't let it go on, stop the nightmare" etc. going through my mind. I don't even know why I'm thinking these thoughts right now. Earlier in the day I became hyper lucid and I saw an amazing book, a complete book, with my mind's eyes… many chapters within it and it was an amazing book that was all about thoughtforms and advanced knowledge concerning them, it was akin to a very well-laid out science, that makes all the other books I have as physical or digital copies in third density seem at best introductory and at worst the half-wrong speculations of people who don't know what they're talking about. I experienced some other strange, mind-melding things, in which my thoughts were joined with many other great streams of thought and I felt powerfully shaken within my soul as parts of my mentality mixed up with so many coming and going currents of thought.

As an aside; over the last year or two for a very long time I invoked fire, then for a very long time water, than air… now Earth. The Earth element is making me feel infinity ahead of me, feeling solid, feeling ready to stand firm as I turn to stone and so much time passes. It restores strength to me that was depleted by the previous elemental imbalances. It threatens however like the other elements to absorb me into its nature and leave me slumbering for aeons absorbed into the greater spiritual body.

My soul is so lose that I feel my presence outside of my body constantly, I feel myself melding with my environment and with others, like so much water… I feel a stranger to my own thoughts and convictions many times, many times only pressing forward because it is an exercise of the will, even as I feel the psychic energies I have invested in various ideas surging in and out like vacuums that purge themselves and refill again.

My body keeps warping every 6-8 hours approximately. There are significant changes to my skin, my hair, my eyes… it doesn't matter if it's observed in the same light and same conditions it keeps changing. Now I'Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

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I don't want him as a mentor, it'd just be interesting to have someone like that as a buddy. I have my own will and my own goals.



If you're having trouble shaking off your Western materialism, Supernormal by Dean Radin is a great book that focuses on high-quality peer-reviewed evidence for "paranormal" and psychic phenomena. It's on libgen


It's a Smiley roleplaying thread. Just let this thread die. He is a liar.



Magic is real. However so is advanced technology that most are unaware of, which often masquerades as magic.

Sadly the twain are not destined to meet, or those in control of said tech shun the old gods, and only invoke their wrath. The next reset of this realm will be their undoing.

"Crashing this plane, with no survivors", indeed.



I love you forever.

File: ea2a4e226449c87⋯.jpg (97.07 KB, 854x687, 854:687, e1990aa0a3fc84a07bc2ec784b….jpg)



Interesting paper, check it out. But the real topic of this thread is this, and in a way the thread title is fitting for it: Just as atheistic libshits are so stubborn and programmed as to give any legitimacy to the spiritual, why are there those within the mystery schools who are blind to the scientific/mathematical/computational?

I've just had a conversation with so called Hermeticist who refused to admit that there was any commonality between the Hermetic Axioms and modern scientific philosophy, namely in the realm of the Holographic Principle. Called me a retard, blinded by the tools of my trade. Was he a low IQ plebeian who had come across the Kyballion by some act of fate? A shill following COINTELPRO to demoralize other users through whatever means? Perhaps. But I have a feeling this is more widespread. Seems to me the sheep infect both aisles here. I think the real problem is that we've been all trying to give the pearls to the swine, hoping to turn them into real wizards. But all we get are swine dressed in robes.

We all know that New Age is cancerous for this reason. What can be done about it? I know not.

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File: ee71fa664322e56⋯.jpg (117.88 KB, 726x1196, 363:598, lam (1).jpg)

File: ba9a71367501095⋯.gif (92.32 KB, 382x309, 382:309, Crowley-Lam-grey-alien.gif)

Im serious, look into parsons.


>The Babalon Working was a series of magic ceremonies or rituals performed from January to March, 1946 by author, pioneer rocket-fuel scientist, and occultist Jack Parsons and Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard


>In mid-1947, a United States Air Force balloon crashed at a ranch near Roswell, New Mexico, prompting claims that the crash was of an extraterrestrial spaceship



This is your true wisdom right here, there is absolutely no point in trying to control how others think, and those who do are nothing but materialists masquerading as esotericists for ego based reasons.

It is up to you to find your own path and find those who are like minded, you can do nothing more. Anything else is a subversion of any effort toward moving your mind past the constraints of material reality.


>someone disagreed with me

>that means everyone is a sheep


File: e59aa6a51d6d5bd⋯.png (935.97 KB, 1512x2943, 56:109, 753254372.png)



File: d12baa419514423⋯.png (356.58 KB, 844x844, 1:1, TheClarityMethod.png)

There's zero doubt among serious cyberneticist that we're using Hermetic principals to transform ourselves and our lesser technological "minds".

I've yet to find a serious neurologist who's unfamiliar with the occult though we'll all deny it openly if questioned (of course). However, if you pay attention you can clearly see the ancient magics openly on display even in our "ground breaking" research papers.

Those with eyes to see shall note the alchemical language of color in pic related video.

TL;DR: Op, stop being a faggot. Of course all hackers know we're doing magic, it's in our lexicon, FFS. Your quest is now to discern which magical school dominates technology…

File: ac5aae3795317e1⋯.png (795.99 KB, 650x490, 65:49, gnosticism-science1.png)


My guesses would be Seattle, New Orleans, Ireland

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Not to mention their abundance of psychoactive native plants. Psilocibin mushrooms, salvia, peyote cactus and all those different roots and plants further down south that they make ayahuasca with. The shamans here are provided with powerful tools. I have always felt that the whole New World was a wild place.


Malaysia and Ireland


beware of datamining threads


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

The east / west / and southern coasts of USA are literally the most occult regions in the world.

Cities are built upon ancient ruins, you can look on damn near any satellite feed and see where a "new" housing development has overgrown roads beneath it that extend beyond the "new" roads.

Anywhere that has an underground along the coasts is incredibly full of occult / esoterica.

> ruins of Atlantian empire

> literally owned and operated by Pirates of the Caribbean

> citizens' souls literally taken at birth for spiritual bondage

> not being most fringe/occult

wizards, i–

you know what? Nevermind. My theory is that this board is approximately 90% controlled opposition.


File: 2b332879f8bd22d⋯.png (605.79 KB, 752x485, 752:485, new-orleans-ancient-canals.png)

File: 39c4ef8694fa457⋯.jpeg (68.04 KB, 570x382, 285:191, louisiana-atlantian-port.jpeg)

File: 55cd27c302e0321⋯.jpeg (20.31 KB, 474x386, 237:193, florida-canals-03.jpeg)

File: 4af59e24401d549⋯.jpg (36.31 KB, 614x322, 307:161, grandterreislandLA.jpg)


"Hunter gatherers" didn't dredge straight canals hundreds of miles long all along the coast.

Charter a small aircraft along the US coast, you'll get redpilled fast.

File: 1f972437332f4f8⋯.jpg (17 KB, 480x360, 4:3, 5cfb795755509adfe86c2e077a….jpg)



let me know what you guys think?

(Rule 2. No making threads just to ask questions, actually present substantial information if you're going to make a thread )
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what did you meme by this?


File: 9c49e6657d7c40d⋯.jpg (228.38 KB, 754x531, 754:531, 1522130756970.jpg)

File: 4bb18bf99b41f2e⋯.jpg (407.36 KB, 1749x819, 583:273, 1522130789987.jpg)

File: 1c8fb4d125f2f7d⋯.jpg (187.08 KB, 905x717, 905:717, 1522130811345.jpg)

File: 9f30705fb909b2b⋯.jpg (3.85 MB, 2964x2901, 988:967, 1522130846096.jpg)

File: 84dfcd78e6fa019⋯.jpg (274.94 KB, 620x548, 155:137, 1522130958699.jpg)


Half of me is the psychological reincarnation of Isaac Newton. The other half is the archetypical/prototypical manifestation of the Discordian Eris, where Discordianism was a memetic engineering program to create me that started with Isaac Asimov: https://www.physics.princeton.edu/ph115/LQ.pdf

I am an art goddess (small g) who cracked the memetic code. The very keys of creativity are my playthings.




oh, so you're the "borg" from star trek? I'm sorry but I'm immune and I'm already taken.



Purple is the color of mastery, not whoreish pink.

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