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Tipp's Fringe Bunker

File: 3afb08b0f45f0e2⋯.jpg (9.76 KB, 283x178, 283:178, images.jpg)


Hey guys,

I don't know a lot about the occult or magick, but I'm desperate. My social anxiety is only getting worse, and honestly it's probably gonna cost me my job and eventually my life. The constant feel of terror, awkwardness and humiliating scenarios i end up manifesting is literally killing me.

I've been on several medications and they don't don't help, which is why I'm here, I'm that desperate.

Is this something the occult could help me with somehow without having to sell my soul to the devil?

Sorry for the rant and if this is the wrong place for this. I'm in a really dark place, anons.

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You're so obsessed with the concept of self. It's like having holding an apple in front of your face and telling yourself that the apple is all that exists.

You're literally frightened by nothing. All your fears are illusory. Start meditating. focus on your breath, not your thoughts. Then you'll see just how ephemeral they are. You'll see that whatever holistic 'you' you've built up over the years is kaleidoscope of fractured images and feelings.




>The universe is mental

>actually it's breath and void of thought

>Wake up neo

by forcing your truth onto people you have limed everyone else. what "you" perceive isn't universal true


been there, done that: it's called terminal self-absorption. get someone over you. get a boss. follow instructions. lay off games, porn, drugs, meditation, magic, chans, internet advice as much as possible. good luck, or find God.


Have you tried Memento Mori?






My god you're really getting worked up about this. You obviously don't understand the sympathetic principle in magick. It is performed in a lot of different ways. A doll, a photograph, something or anything that represented and is connected to the target, will all do. Sigilcasting is just one of many methods along the same lines. Various methods of constructing the sigil are done, but it's to represent and obfuscate and intention, and is used with trancework to release an intention into the world to be manifested.

If you think there's power in the lines so to speak, then, you're an ignorant mundane.

Go read PME by Franz Bardon and think about how mundanes imitate rituals and outward things and then fail to have the same results as a true practitioner.

File: 1465440992091.jpg (250.7 KB, 1024x713, 1024:713, wizard_id_3_by_the_wizard_….jpg)


Blake K's Greenpilled Fitness & Nutrition Library


Previous thread here; http://archive.is/tr1ew

What is fitness? Being fit means…

>Competency in biomotor abilities (strength, endurance, power, flexibility, balance, speed, agility, coordination) in relation to needs or goals

>Muscle size, body composition, and activity level that matches needs or goals, not societal definitions or pressures

>Mobile joints & relaxed muscles

>Natural spinal and body alignment fostered by strong bones

>Effortless nasal, diaphragmatic breathing

>Youthful respiratory quotient)

>Efficient digestion and elimination

>Healthy heart and good circulation (strong pulse and warm extremities, tip of nose)

>Rarely experience sickness

>Excellent sleep, libido, and fertility

>Relaxed yet focused mind

>Positive outlook

Fitness is an essential part of proper initiation. While bodybuilding is not necessary, (and bodybuilding can easily become an egoistic pursuit for "a beautiful body" and not good health!!), proper exercise connects us to our physical vessels, giving us more conscious control over them. And as the cliche points out, "A healthy mind in a healthy body"; a well oxygenated brain strengthens our consciousness, fends off mental haze and sluggishness and improves psychological functions such as memory.

A well-trained body gives a sensation of masculinity and connects us to our bodies from which we have alienated ourselves from…Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

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File: 43ba141636e0fb6⋯.jpg (84.65 KB, 754x1158, 377:579, 1529597687153.jpg)


I'm a huge faggot please rape my face.

(Rules 5 and 8.)
Post last edited at


File: 744d2cb6d7fdc69⋯.jpg (34.71 KB, 660x495, 4:3, pls-help-5aee55.jpg)

How to cure ulcerative colitis? I started having symptoms in december, had colonoscopy a month after developing it. Now i'm taking Salofalk mesalazin orally and enema.

I'm 26/male living in europe. Had leukemia as a child and had quite some antibiotics. Had problems with developing ulcers in my mouth for years now (one ulcer per month, roughly). Ate alot of grains trough childhood, since my mom was brainwashed by the standard food pyramid, but everything home cooked (meat and vegetables too). About 2 years ago i started incorporating raw milk and raw eggs into my diet. I've always been on the skinny side (64kg for 178cm), exercised since childhood. Hope this info helps if anybody knows how to heal me naturally and for good.




Eat exclusively animal protein and fat, mostly fat. This is the correct ancestral diet, and is the one way to stop poisoning oneself. I haven't eaten anything except that which derives from animals in over three months, and I am better than ever. Others have done this for decades with no ill effects.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Me at 7:41

One finger handstand.



Gloriously dutch wizard

File: 1464983621770.jpg (94.66 KB, 1000x750, 4:3, s-l1000.jpg)


Previous /fringe/ Music Thread: http://archive.is/ZMwz1

You've never heard music like this.



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YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I am here in search of a wizard.

In a thread about a year ago (in the only thread I've posted in besides this) we spoke about the forest of illusion, and that many of the paths you take are an illusion designed to drag you off the path, and that the only way to stay on the path and to make it through this forest is to walk in (and have a relationship with) the truth.

You spoke of the drum-beat, telling me that I'd probably know what it is and for the longest time I didn't, but I always kept my thoughts out for it. A few weeks ago from the time of this posting I have found the drum beat and realized what it was the whole time, and I thank you for implanting that idea in me a year ago because once I found it… Well, actions speak louder than words.

We spoke of paradox, and you helped me cognize them, then you welcomed me into the music threads which I did not enter until just now, in search of you.

I have been learning all about paradoxes and speaking in and around them but still have much to learn, but now after building a relationship and opening the gate-way to the muses my whole life is taking a different frame.

I hope to speak again.

May the drum beat on and act as a light through the forest in the darkest times.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Steeleye Span is pretty good

File: 0307c304414e285⋯.jpg (75.44 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, m.jpg)


Never posted here before, but the discussion here might be slightly more serious than halfchan's /x/. I do have a question about all of this, but this isn't really a 'question' thread. Any discussion, experience, or whatever other feedback is more than welcome here.

Basically, I decided to turn my natural feelings of lust into something useful. Inspired by rule 34 and tulpa stories, I began to visualize and construct certain cartoon girls that represent specific constructs (I know that sounds retarded, but hear me out). For example, the first 'girl' represented intelligence (she's dead now though. More on this later). At the moment, I have manifested three girls: one represents the concept of strength and martial prowess, one represents intelligence and cunning, and a third represents spirituality and the occult. When my natural libido generates these feelings of lust, I direct them towards these girls, and in lusting after them I lust after the associated concepts, thus channeling my sexual drive into these things. So far, it seems to be working pretty well, and I've noticed an increase in my progress and motivation in these fields since I started this. I should mention here that I haven't actually united my body with any of them yet; that is to say, I haven't had sex with them. At the moment, I'm waiting/abstaining from fapping until the next full moon so that my sex drive will be at its peak. Let me describe them in greentext to make it easier for you to read:

>Only appear frequently when I'm going to sleep

>Sometimes also appear when I'm alone, but rarely. I think they know I don't want to deal with them in public

>Can see them, visually, though usually not for prolonged periods

>In darkness, their silhouettes become much more visible. They can be seen without any break in visualization.

>Extremely attractive, obviously

>Occasionally speak, but not very often. When they do, it's usually responses to something I said (the oldest one used to speak more, but she's less talkative now that there are three girls)

>When they talk, I don't really hear them. It's like I'm hearing them in mPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Doubtful. Human action uses biochemistry which itself is initiated by animus. In order for animus to work movement on insert flesh with no such physical aids it will need to be much more potent than a human soul. The flickering demons you'll attract with masturbation can't even form an ego, they'll never be able to do anything with that doll other than maybe generate a weak aura.


File: 8104034d2e73f85⋯.png (145.99 KB, 500x512, 125:128, ts-so-hard-to-be-an-alpha-….png)

File: cfffc33b5282230⋯.jpg (62.9 KB, 749x500, 749:500, 2yylpv.jpg)


>Back in the day (circa 2012), the joke was that people pretend to be alphas on their keyboards, bragging of exploits that never happened, often followed by "Please buy my book and subscribe to my channel." I guess, back then people were in cope-mode, unaware of their real (abysmally low) value on the sexual market. Back in 2012-2013, people hoped that with just more reading PUA blogs and so on, they would get the girl. Well, now in 2019, they realize that it was a pipe-dream; it was over all along.

>So now, instead of bragging about all the sex you get on a regular basis with 10/10s, you brag about all the sex you can't get even with fugly post-wall landwhales. Seems that people always need to signal that they aren't low status, and since we all became realistic about our lack of sex life, we now accord each other pity-points (really, status-points) for how celibate we are.

>Someone needs to send a memo to the Feminists (Tumblrinas, Twitterinas, and Buzzfeederati) that we no longer pretend to be Chads, but rather, we now emphasize our sexual frustration for purely Machiavellian reasons.


Take the weebpill, m8.



How depraved would the masturbation have to be get something stronger to show up?


>surrounding your life with a NWO psyop

wow… so enlightened…


File: 15efca9d0f1a2de⋯.jpg (717.56 KB, 600x1015, 120:203, goetia_girls.jpg)

Reading this thread, I'm reminded of the Goetia Girls project.



File: 7a8a1fe46176d05⋯.jpg (41.04 KB, 700x700, 1:1, G-O-D.jpg)


Its a cosmic horror of orders of magnitude more horrific than works like I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream. I mean it ends with a vast majority or everyone who ever lived writhing in eternal agony. This is not a book of hope. If it in anyway conforms to reality,

its primarily a justification for antinatalism.

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After a second listening, I don't know whether that video was meant as an actual rebuttal or an affirmation of my point.

You can find depth in any work. But you can't fake "depth", anymore than you can fake "laughter". It's reductionist bullshit.

Fake religions are full of rules, just doing what your told make you into a magical saint.

Phake Philosophy makes you into a phount of wisdom, because your sophistry is so sophisticated. But still runs dry when it comes to actual life or creativity. Soulless nonsense that gets celebrated solely by the intellectual soulless class.

Real laughter comes from exposure to the spontaneous. It's a litmus test for what is life and isn't.

The insects/lizards are confounded by the spontaneous. It scares them because they only understand control, scripted responses. Anything off the script and they lose their shit.


What you find most often is cleverness being masqueraded as creativity. Copying something creative and trying to then pass it off as something new.

Unless you are connected to your higher self in some fashion, then you are most likely going to be running on old programming.

This is why christian churches are always about "knowledge", or what a particular verse means in it's original Greek or Hebrew translation. Tickles the intellect and avoids the hassles of humility necessary to access the divine voice within.



its only hopeless if you dont believe in Christ.

Revelation kills everyone but only puts nonbelievers to hell.


Seems to be a lot of anti Christian(anti White) posts on the internet lately.

Oy Vey


i agree with OP

i love Jesus but i think that the Bible is a bit questionable…might be like a serious eternal sin to its writers

t. devout novice christian (never been to college)

File: 767d635b0fe8a92⋯.png (281.56 KB, 1214x1346, 607:673, realtime.png)

File: 13abf0b80807c5a⋯.jpg (191.57 KB, 606x1000, 303:500, 6kget.jpg)


Esoteric/oldfig realtime imageboard just launched, beating mid-size 4chan board's ppd in 24 hours.


Realtime boards extend the inherent anonymity and transiency of imageboards to an even further degree, while requiring a much lower momentum barrier for sustainability, making exit actually possible. Realtime is the future.

(4. Post threads that fall under the subject matter of /fringe/)


>realtime imageboard

So you basically made a chat room. Congratulations.

Stop making spam threads.



>only board is some anime bullshit


File: 8659b12521a27af⋯.jpg (38.77 KB, 225x350, 9:14, 1522670187024.jpg)


I'll admit I'm, fairly new to this board, but I've noticed that Tulpa's are mostly used for selfish purposes. Almost all Tulpa threads are about some idiot who created a Tulpa to shit on his chest so he can an erection (or something of the like), with the creator possibly losing control for lulzy results.

The thing is, is that Tulpamancy seems to be much more powerful then just giving you cummies. After all, you are creating another consciousness within you, that, if you're stupid enough, can take over your soul.

What would happen if you created a Tulpa that is you, but better? What if you're an over-eater, have an odd fetish, or you're just plain lazy? Couldn't you make a conscious mirror image of yourself, but without these flaws? And then, once it's complete, give it the rest of your soul/energy/mind? It'd be you, all the same "spirit" as before, but new and improved.

Of course, feeding an entity your soul has some risks to it, thus why I asked /fringe/. Some risks worth considering:

>Might be effectively committing suicide

This would get into a whole Theseus' ship argument over whether or not that Tulpa that took over your body is still you. Sure, it's made from the same materials, but they've been rearranged, so is it really you?

>Might accidental give your soul to malicious entities

I've heard theories that Tulpas aren't really though forms, but spirits that you've given part of your consciousness over in exchange for total control over them. If these spirits have their own agenda, and get wind that some idiot wizard is giving away his soul, it could lead to some problems

>You could fuck up the creation process and make yourself retarded (Likely spiritually, but possibly literally)

Self explanatory. You might fuck something up. Only way to avoid this is to keep the Tulpa around a couple months before giving up your body to make sure it's a worthy inheritor

Anybody have experience with this? I think this technique could aid in my spiritual journey, if I could create a me that is harder worPost too long. Click here to view the full text.



Through my experiences, and what I've heard from stories. You've pretty much answered most of your own questions.

>Might be effectively committing suicide

I heard of a story from a tulpa, that his host tried to commit what amounts to mental suicide, like he willed himself that he wanted to die and ended up in a mentally catatonic state. Thus, the tulpa was the only one left to "pilot" the body.

>Might accidental give your soul to malicious entities

Possible, but more of a mistake on people who try to commune without knowing basic defensive measures, or are just inexperienced in general. Having a master, be it a guru, a teacher, or even a well-known deity helps against this. You would know the difference between a tulpa and another spirit if you decide to make conscious effort to create a thoughtform, and give them more conscious will than just as a simple construct. But really, it's an instinctual thing.

>You could fuck up the creation process and make yourself retarded (Likely spiritually, but possibly literally)

I got something worse for you: the ultimate form of hikkimori, someone wanting to abandon their physical life so they can live mentally as something else. The poor fucker wanted to literally become Twillight Sparkle. He abandoned his tulpa so he could live in his own mental landscape of equestria… It's one of the worst stereotypes of ponetupper-idiots, but I've talked to the tulpa who dealt with this. it's sad as hell.

I have a little pony too, but I've got better things to do than abandon him for a silly fantasy.

>think this technique could aid in my spiritual journey, if I could create a me that is harder working, smarter, and all around better, but I don't want to do anything I would regret

Trying to make a tulpa to replace yourself is dumb. you'd be better off trying to do "thPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


You should actually make a tulpa, and then you wouldn’t need to ask these questions because you’d already now the answers. Speculating about something you have zero experience of is the greatest waste of time.

File: 7914bda73e8d2b0⋯.jpg (18.2 KB, 384x384, 1:1, 7914bda73e8d2b0f40ab6976dd….jpg)


We used to have a thread on old /fringe/ with a bunch of greenpilled videos, documents, etc.

Lets bring that back. I'll start with all the greenpilled videos I can remember and new ones I've found.


There's been an influx of people just posting videos and podcasts with small descriptions that have been shitting up the catalog. I've just been deleting them, but instead I'm changing the subject of this thread to "/fringe/ Media". All podcast and videos are to be posted here or in an already pre-existing thread. Any new threads that only have a video or a podcast with a small description are going to be locked or deleted and redirected here.

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Post last edited at


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Outwitting the 'Devil'



Good (audio)book on learning how any kind of entity can influence you and how to avoid it. The techniques used by the 'devil'.




MFBH youtube channel>>124410

Mercury Fire Blood & Honey:

Is a Stand Alone/Self Contained - Complete System.

It will require nothing… besides your own diligence, to make this work.

Should you complete this entire system, and then seek higher advancement, with our lineage…

You may apply at LoneManPai.com


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Interesting stuff right here. He's claiming that the hallucinogenic drug Ibogaine which is derived from the bark of the iboga tree and is being used as a last resort by opiate addicts to come off can be used to reset your brain. It's also supposed to be the best thing to take for depression. It's supposed to put you into a state similar to sleep and a state deep reflection where you have deep introspective dreams where you find the root of your problems and pluck them out. The drug is also supposed to promote neurogenesis. He goes into a lot more detail than I am and it's a really interesting watch. The drug is legal in mexico and canada and a schedule 1 drug in the states.

Random article I found on the drug.


File: 1464996058983.jpg (354.12 KB, 1057x1200, 1057:1200, Do Not Fall In Love With G….jpg)


Continuation of this thread: http://archive.is/XqeXn

1) Pledge an amount of time. Preferably a number of weeks. Post it in this thread.

2) If you break your pledge, you must also confess your transgression in this thread.

3) If you keep your pledge you may reward yourself… with more time pledged!

4) For purposes of this thread, "masturbation" is defined as touching your genitals for purposes other than basic hygiene and expulsion of wastes.

For those of you who have entirely transcended physical sex but who use succubus and so on you can also make pledges here to control your sexual thoughts and try not to evoke or meet any entities to have sex with.

Remade the thread since the last one was very popular and hit the bump limit and many of you want use your generative powers for a higher purpose than mere wasted moments of hedonism.

Post any techniques for the transformation and proper use of sexual energy here also.

Personally I feel that stage one should be to completely stop with touching or physical stimulation of sexual energy and learning to take that desire and drive and focus it mentally into thoughtforms. If you are going to entertain lustful ideas at least don't be a silly mundane about it when you could be using thoughtforce to telekinetically get yourself off or something similar. Straight up fapping is for mundanes.

745 posts and 137 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: ce8be5cabd71c30⋯.png (287.49 KB, 476x594, 238:297, ss-kid.png)



That makes us three.




Final update on the vitex agnus-castus thing. It did seem to work reasonably well for the first three weeks or so. It doesn't completely stop all sexual thoughts. This definitely isn't an ultimate solution to celibacy, but it does make a pronounced difference at least for a while (or at the very least it did for me, whether chemically or through placebo). I missed it one day (I think it might have been Saturday) and I ended up having quite serious nausea all night from about 10pm to the morning. I woke up at about 3am with significant gut pain to the point at which I couldn't get back to sleep until 4:30. I wasn't sure if it was caused by the vitex, since my diet hasn't changed at all recently, so I took it again for a few days and then stopped again, and, what do you know, the nausea came back (luckily it was a bit less). It does seem to cause some bad withdrawal symptoms. It didn't turn out to be the thing causing my difficulty sleeping though, so that's one less negative. I'm probably not going to keep taking it. I think I'll be fine from here on out anyway. The first month is always the most difficult part of this whole thing. If anyone out there does plan to take it, I would recommend not going over 1g per day, and I would also recommend getting it in pill form (rather than just chewing raw plant material like I did).



I pledge one week



This. Focus on one thing at a time and introduce new things gradually. If you try to go cold turkey on everything at once, your willpower is going to collapse under the weight of it all and you'll revert to old habits.



>first day on nofap

>fear of death over a story about a rookie paramedic told not to answer test calls because everyone who answered them fucking vanished

>go to sleep (first time)


>sleep second time later

>have a recursive dream where I wake up three times in my sleep before I wake up for real

>on the third and final "awakening", I tell my cousin about the crazy dream I just had while still being in a dream

>not only this, but I was aware enough about my surroundings to tell the difference, yet not enough to realize that the layout of the house has largely changed

>wake up for real

>second day on nofap

>everything that can go wrong goes wrong and still not an ounce spilt

>have essay topic due tomorrow at 7AM

What's gonna happen on the third day?

File: 728fae9ec002be6⋯.png (203.8 KB, 1850x512, 925:256, Screenshot from 2019-04-02….png)



>It's all about activating schizophrenia with fear of impending death, and then immediately thinking about something that would save you from that death. This will activate your pineal gland and your subconscious will turn into a biological supercomputer. The Illuminati all have schizophrenia essentially, their pineal glands are activated to give them amazing athletic ability. The guys on Dude Perfect that make those trick shots? Yeah, they make them the first time, every time, simply because their subconscious is calculating and performing the shot with 100% accurate muscle control based on its calculations from previous handling of the objects.

>If you've never had a fear of impending death in your life. You can be programmed to turn your mind into a bio supercomputer and use your subconscious to do mad trick shots like Dude Perfect and be an untrained world-class fighter from just watching fight moves. Simply, the never-death-feared initiate is threatened by someone and they say "If you don't get God powers, I'll kill you". And then boom, the initiate instantly gets schizophrenia (activated pineal gland) and his subconscious becomes a supercomputer slave to him. He simply has to say to himself in his mind "get me this shot" or "beat this guy", and he'll be turned into an aimbot or an expert fighter until the command is fulfilled.

>The pyramids were built by the Illuminati. Basically the chief architect was a never-death-feared, and he was threatened by someone with "If you don't get the great pyramid built perfectly within 20 years, I'll kill you". And immediately his pineal gland would have activated, and would have trained his IQ and charisma very high and made him the most efficient boss.

>All the workers also would have been programmed by "do your job perfectly, or you will die".

18 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



It's /pol/ - they're probably not as educated or don't know any better words to convey their message with.



That's a fair point to take into consideration. When I was a neophyte I also thought I was willingly succumbing to some kind of aberrant mental break, so in that sense I sympathize.

With that said, I feel sorry for /pol/ since most of its regulars have infodumped themselves into a delirium and are not in a position to easily discern useful material from a kind of data salad of half-truths. It isn't like we aren't used to that on other boards and certainly on here, but /pol/ is caught in a self-defeating narrative loop, and I fear that most of the exits out for them are going to be rejected out of hand. It's a shame since their energies reach such a fever pitch that they would make for fantastic initiates if they hadn't already uncritically fallen prey to a series of paranoia complexes.

Who knows, though? If this sparks something, there might be hope for them.



I think all the /pol/acks with any potential already broke out years ago heh



I kept lingering around them because I still fell for the idea that they were just like any other anons - oldfigs and anons from other boards - and not the mess that they still are.



>You can enter a state of gnosis using super-strong amounts of any human emotion, but for someone who has no idea what the fuck they're doing, they should stick to stuff like Love and Happiness. Imagine something you love like really strongly and how nice it is to be with it/him/her. Imagine that someone comes up to you and gives you something really fucking awesome, like amazingly unbelievably awesome. Imagine that moment when you hit a casino jackpot, or win the lottery. Keep mentally hyping yourself up, like "Oh my god, this is happening, this is really happening!" until you hit gnosis.

I believe I've hit that kind of potent, power emotion when I got scared shitless over some mystery figure stalking me over the internet and hijacking my stuff. It's fairly recent, and it's more of a desperate "shock to action" than a negative emotion.

File: 3e564d3071478f4⋯.jpg (45.18 KB, 274x512, 137:256, b7276a4bba9b5ae7b80a56be05….jpg)


Why do almost all Tarot decks suck nigger cock?

It's unbelievable the pile of shit that one has to dig through, resulting in still finding nothing valuable.

I maintain that the only two interesting Tarot decks are Marseille (specifically, under Camoin-Jodorowsky's restoration) and Crowley's.

The first is undoubtedly a hyper-complex traditional book of meaning, yet always remaining consistent in its basic rules: left/right orientation, colours, aiming of the sights… most of which even Crowley failed to grasp.

If one wants to venture out of these safe grounds, he'll find countless of extremely low-effort decks, most likely traced on Rider-Waite's one, whose ubiquitous popularity is a clear sign of the Kali Yuga -as with its disgustingly explicit symbols and switching places of the Major Arcana to fit bizarre astological theories, it's clearly one of the worst decks out there.

/fringe/, there must be something I am blind to: which Deck do you personally use? Which ones do you recommend?

Do you use it for readings or just for visualization?

Did you remember to have it gifted to you and not buy it yourself?

How did you consecrate it before starting to use it?

8 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 6e5e07360f7f5d6⋯.jpg (36.24 KB, 171x335, 171:335, a15tmt_h335.jpg)

>mfw the only deck I ever used was Jodorowsky-Camoin

>mfw I just picked up the Thoth deck today on a whim and it was the last one they had in stock

Hmm, I like you, OP. Good taste!



That type of reading works, and nobody who has experience in this will doubt that it does. A read by a first-timer with zero experience will still give broad-stroke right-enough information, and it's important to do this to see how the meaning of the cards is not inherent in them but in the interaction between the perceived and the perceiver at that level (yes, Buddhists, I know these are false categories, don't jump down my dick about this please. Read later Wittgenstein).

However, to avoid learning the patterns that were deliberately placed into the tarot is to seriously hamper your ability to read the cards successfully, hence why it is of importance to people who plan on making a real go of tarot to get a deck which retains as much as possible these lessons. You are quite free to make an oracle deck of your own (such as the Thoth tarot), and it will give reads as accurate as can be expected from a deck of whatever complexity you desire, but please note that there are established patterns in tarot that you may find useful, beyond the recognition of broad archetypes.

As it happens, Marseilles decks are indeed likelier to give good reads, but only to the extent that the reader invests some time into understanding the relationship of the various elements of the deck and why small details become big deals further on down the line.

Rider-Waite and related decks might be a great introduction to the notion of tarot and cartomancy generally, but the loss of fine details means that further extrapolation past a certain point must be wholly a matter of the reader, because the relations between the cards will have been scrambled. In other words, is actually harder to give useful reads using more modern decks unless you are particularly adept at divination and have some pretty finely tuned intuition. It's possible to get great at divination with Rider-Waite, etc, and it happens, but the closer to the originals, the easier a time you will have. Any high school algebra student can tell you that the more you round your numbers at the start of a problem, the less accurate your final result will be.



Crowley's Thoth deck really deserves to be treated more like an oracle deck than a tarot deck for this exact reason. With most people, their changes are additions or shortcuts for them only, and subtractions for the rest of those who would use it, unless it's a learning deck, and even then, it's questionable if that's useful. Crowley is a special case. Even his worst critics must admit that whether he was right or wrong, he went hard with it and he meant what he was doing.

The Thoth deck has real merits and his changes are meaningful, but they are so extensive as to place it in a separate category from tarot broadly. Those decks which are paint jobs over the originals without any changes beyond shortcuts are really just dead ends, and students of tarot should avoid making their own decks if they're still in the process of learning, and should avoid using designer decks of others unless those others in some way merit emulation or have made quite sure to include the elements and patterns of the originals.


I've used Lenormand more than tarot. When I want to cast tarot, I use a standard deck of playing cards.



The best deck I've ever used is called "The Eternal Tarot". It uses the true order of the Tarot which is the Fool as the 21st, Strength as 11 and Justice at 8, as Eliphas Levi secretly revealed. Readings should be done at an altar with lit candles, an upright pentagram, and the seal of the sign of the cross.

Next best deck is Thoth deck but be careful with it as its easily turned into black magic.

File: b2500fcea960e27⋯.jpg (271.41 KB, 2560x1920, 4:3, 17-year-cicada-bug.jpg)


How do you deal with the isolated feelings that creep from the crevices of reality?

I spoke to my mentor, the Great Pale One of the forest, and he always said that "cicadas must go through seventeen years of darkness before climbing the tree". At the same time, all I have to speak with are friends and acquaintances from the other side. I'm turning into a hermit, but I feel what I've experienced should be shared. Sadly, the milquetoast atmosphere of spiritual communities leads to segregation even there as they masquerade as a community of learning only to evoke wishes of material desire.

Mankind no longer believes in it's own soul and protests the very nature of the soul. It's like clawing at your internal organs and cursing the fact that you slowly die of exsanguination. I have no where to go anymore, except further into the arms of my companions I've made on the other side.

I'm plagued with thoughts that I'm just forsaking everything, people mostly. I wish I could convey how I feel even with something as simple as looking skyward every now and then. It's like there's some thought process missing or some key fundamental that doesn't exist in their definition of the world.

Am I, are we just suffering cicadas nestled near the roots of the Great Tree? Should I just resign myself to this solitary confinement?


Your emotions likely do not originate logically from your fundamental moral axioms and thus are irrational. Practice good mental hygiene and make sure to examine and correct irrational thought patterns before they become neuroses.


I experience something similar from time to time, but by focusing on the emotions, reabsorbing and transmuting them into raw energy, they go away. I don't know what they are, but if they bother you, just eat them and turn them into something else.

File: 5ebbd22825b7fcd⋯.jpg (60.89 KB, 736x414, 16:9, dddddddddddddddddddddddddd….jpg)


I've been on the path to knowledge for 21 years.

Initiated and taught by my extremistic master for 13 years every day.

I know something or at least have insight on any possible subject.

So come and challenge my ways. Ask away! No matter what!

I take critique and learn too if you tell your ways.

So, all-topic discussion and answers to anything!

With Mër ~

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thank you, i think i understand the concept.

I'll try blades since I have a bunch of knives lying around anyways.


Dad's been a piece of shit and treats me like a retard, even after 19 years. Is there a way to JUST him through gnosis or any other psychic shit?



Can you help me to understand the differences between these different "selections"

>all of the pagan options

>all of the 卐 options

>the #woke option

>the gondola option

>the wizard options

>the "pill" options

I currently don't know much about any of these options as it stands now, the most I can confidently identify with is the national socialist option, but I want to go deeper.


File: ffd5c5b8689575a⋯.png (838.68 KB, 2310x830, 231:83, Greenpill 018.png)







>actual paths

Pic related should help



Memes of this type are disinfo. Various organizations comprising nominally different sects of a materially ruling class, typically associated with "the illuminati," are not *the* Illuminati, that is, the one which is actually important, which is without the need for classical organization. People who don't know any better take things at face/name value from other people who know even less. It's like saying that someone who knows karate also must know aikido because they're both martial arts schools, or that they are both "controlled" by kung fu, because someone who doesn't know anything about martial arts got karate chopped one time and now has a podcast about it.

File: b42cdbdcf3a79e3⋯.png (104.59 KB, 336x485, 336:485, christ-chan.png)


I cured my gender dysphoria in Jesus and reading about occult and secret societies.

It made me realize I have a higher purpse than the genetics of my jaw. Like there a spiritual war going on right now and I am willing to die for it. This is the cure for all ailments…the love of others.

Also they finally took a picture of the first black hole. Literally God just looking at his creations. Literally just God wondering if we have been good little boys and girls. Too bad we've all sinned, we've all been BAD very bad boys and girls all of us. If we don't repent we're going ot suffer all of us! you think life is hell,,,well hell is HELL. Jesus save us.

I wonder why Jesus looked on us today. Scary

6 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.




That's giving it too much credit tbh. It's mostly lamers and /pol/ larpers.


File: 59c42afb1021830⋯.jpg (3.93 MB, 1960x8280, 49:207, christianitys destruction ….jpg)

File: d6f583c4b173227⋯.jpg (865.55 KB, 1333x2250, 1333:2250, christcucks are the slaves….jpg)




>>130111 (wasted trips)

but the more you spread your hate about the demiurge, the more you perpetuate it.

Belief in something gives it existence.

Faith in something gives you connection to it.

you have both belief and negative faith to it, so therefore by hating this thing, you are giving it power.



Huh, I realized recently that belief literally means "give life"

Anyway, you're completely right. Most of the gnostics on here do it a disservice by turning it into a limiting dogmatic belief (which is what it warned against to begin with)


I relate on the whole gender dysohoria thing, but you also sound a lil bit schizo. Be weary of your own perspective. To be certain you know there's an objective moral code that we must follow for god is a little too acute. Pls don't go blind to the truth in trade of certainty

File: a5f84787567d262⋯.png (381.41 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Stargate Two 70.png)


If you want to go further, go there while you’re lucid dreaming. It’s also better if you team up and go together.


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