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Tipp's Fringe Bunker

File: f56151216d26600⋯.png (8.99 KB, 948x358, 474:179, echoes.png)


The Jews Blow The Whistle On Themselves

There is a reason the Talmud warns that to reveal the nature of the Jewish religion would be the end of the Jews. The real Jewish religion is Kabala this is the fourth and highest level of Judaism. And it shows that the Jewish "god" is false and the Jews are criminals abusing occult power liberally for their own gain at the cost of the Gentiles.

The Jewish Rabbi's state that the 22 letters of their Alphabet are the 22 resonances of the Jewish soul and each letter is designed to fit into a pattern with the Jewish soul specifically. This is further shown as the 22 paths on the Jewish world tree which relate to the map of the Jewish soul.

The message in Kabala is that "God" didn't write but engraved the Ten Commandments into the two tablets. This is code for engraving the letters into the soul. The Two Tablets represent the three pillar's of the world tree the left, right and where they meet in the middle. The Ten Commandments also represent the ten worlds on the Jewish Tree of Life. The other message is there is 613 laws of the Torah are summarized in the Ten Commandments and 613 this adds to Ten. There are also 600,000 letters in the Torah.

This is showing the Torah is kabala as the Kabala states. But each Jew is stated to have their own special letter in the Torah. The point of this is the entire Torah is literally connected into the Jewish soul. This is why the Torah is shown as the Kabbalistic Tree of Life and called the body of their God…..The Jews simply have created a matrix of energy that ties into their soul to bring about their own agenda.

There are Kabbalistic stories that show the most important are the first Ten Letters of the Hebrew Alphabet as this relates to the letters of the Ten Worlds. Which "god" creates with. God here is code for all the chakra's. Each world and its pathway also relates to specific Hebrew letters that "god" the adept uses to create according to the properties of such.

In Kabala the Jews admit their "god" is just a matrix of energy they have created with the use of Hebrew mantra's such as the Torah which is called the long name of "god" in kabala.

In Kabala the Ayn Sopf is called what god actually is. And this is openly stated to be taken from the Greeks "Unmoveable Mover" which is the Ather element. Which is the infinite vastness of existence and the element of sound which is vibration, light, geometry and the substance of the elements of creation which are energetic arrangements of the principal element, Ather that all existence is manifested of. This is the Shab'da Brahman in Hinduism. The concept of the infinite as light and sound which is the principal element of space.

From here the Kabala states that their Jewish "god" Elohim was created by Shekinah power which is the energy of the 22 Hebrew letters. Energy is consciousness and the 22 letters carry the collective consciousness of the Jewish soul. The Rabbi's just created a thought from and infused it with their own racial collective consciousness.

The Ruach Elohim, the "Holy Spirit" in the Bible is the consciousness energy of this matrix of Jewish energy. The Christian has to become born again, to have a literal transference of this consciousness of this matrix infuse their soul, mind and spirit. Which is literally connecting into this matrix of Jewish energy and becoming a conduit for this to act into the material world. This is how the Jews seek to control and possess the mass mind of the Gentiles and harness this to bring about their global control. This is the purpose the propaganda icon of Jesus Christ was created to serve. Its the thought form the Jews use to possess and control the Gentile mass mind though.


Tree of Souls, Howard Schwartz

The Wisdom of the Hebrew Alef-Bet,Michael L. Munk

The Greek Kabala, Barry

Further Reading: http://www.satanslibrary.org/Pdf_Library.html



File: c202bd063470c00⋯.jpg (120.49 KB, 916x777, 916:777, joo.jpg)

Christianity, Islam, Judaism, and all other Monotheistic Religions tie into YHVH – thereby empowering the Jewish Soul and furthering the destruction of the Gentiles

This article is very revealing:


>Michael Berg: I was born in Israel in 1985. My parents are European Jews (My parents’ ancestors had a history in Germany since the middle ages…)

>Physically, my family and I don’t look like “typical” Jews – I look like an ethnic German.

>Why is it important? It’s important since Jewish racism against gentiles isn’t so much about biological racism (hatred of gentiles because they are physically different from Jews). There are Jews in all shapes and colors. Jewish racism is about a spiritual racism – a belief that Jews have a higher soul than non-Jews and that non-Jews have satanic souls.

>This means that all religious Jews regardless of their colors and country of origin look at non-Jews as “inferior” simply because they came to believe that non-Jews have satanic souls.

>I want to tell you about my experience and my understanding of the Jewish religion in general and a racist cult “Chabad” in particular.


>It all began at the age of 20. At the time I was a religious Jew but I wasn’t quite part of Chabad. Then in 2005, while visiting NYC, I met a Chabad emissary who had introduced me to the movement. He asked me if I could visit “770” in Brooklyn NY. I did. I took part in their rituals and meetings and over the next 4 years I became a fanatic follower of Chabad.

>We used to have meetings in which we had discussed the coming of the Jewish Messiah and the future world as envisioned by Chabad and the Jewish religion – a world where the Jews are the supreme masters of the Earth where every individual Jew has as many as 2,800 gentile slaves, a world, where the only purpose of non-Jews is to serve Jews. On the other hand, the Jews are considered as the “Seat Of God”.


>I’ll describe Chabad the way I see it given my past membership in it. Chabad is a racist organization – a Jewish supremacist missionary cult whose main goal is Jewish total superiority over the “Goyim” and their enslavement.

>Its central commandment is fulfilling the commandment “Breaking Through” i.e. making the world safe for Zionist world domination.

>Chabad train their young to be emissaries when they grow up. Being “emissary” in Chabad terms means spreading their racist ideology to Jews all over the world – especially those who are not practicing Judaism. They give ideological and moral support for the Zionist Globalist Agenda.

>They see the enslavement of the “Goyim” through the international Jewish banks and the international politics as serving their Messianic prophecies – a future world where the New World Order controls all the nations of the world.

>Under their leader Rabbi Menachem Mendel (1902-1994), the movement established a network of nearly 4,000 institutions that provide religious, social and ideological support to Jews in over 1,000 cities, spanning 100 countries including all US states.



>According to Chabad, Jews themselves are “God”. Usury is permitted and encouraged against non-Jews (This is the motive of the NWO bankers). Chabad’s movement book “The Tania” is all about the Jews being God on Earth and non-Jews as being no more than animals – inferior without souls. If they do have souls their souls are demonic and satanic and originate in the “Klipot A’thmeot” i.e. the unholy spheres or the “Sitrha Achra”.

>Gentiles are animals without souls in their eyes. The “Jewish Soul” is God incarnate. The entire universe—including the trillions of galaxies, stars and planets—were created solely for the Jews and by God YHVH who is actually a manifestation of the Jewish people itself. One finger nail of a Jew is worth more than the entire non-Jewish world populations (That includes Europeans, Muslims, Asians and Africans) according to Chabad…

THE New World Order AGENDA

>Chabad is nothing more than a manifestation of the Jewish racism that fuels the NWO agenda. Israel’s founder and former Prime Minister David Ben Gurion’s envisioned the Jews as being at the center of the One World Government dream. This will be the fulfillment of the promises of the Bible where the Jews will be the controllers and rulers of all the nations of the world in the time to come.

>The Jerusalem Supreme Court was built to support this agenda as envisioned by Ben Gurion:

>“In Jerusalem, the United Nations (a truly United Nations) will build a shrine of the prophets to serve the federated union of all continents; this will be the seat of the Supreme Court of Mankind, to settle all controversies among the federated continents, as prophesied by Isaiah…”

>Guess who funded and built the “Supreme Court”? The controllers of the world banks i.e. the Rothschilds of course! The Jewish Racist and supremacist agenda is blatantly in your face… It is simply a matter of 2+2=4.

>Cabala and Satanism (insert antispirituality instead of satanism) are a means to weaken their host nations so they can more easily control these nations by degrading them. This is how they maintain their money monopoly. Hence we become more materialistic and less spiritual (look at modern “art” for example) and are then more easily controlled and enslaved.


So basically, the entirety of the Abrahamic religions are just ways for the Jews to farm loosh? That's insane.

Are there any higher beings to be trusted outside of one's own higher self?



If you find yourself really needing a God, any Aryan one (Hindu, Norse, and Greek) should work. Be careful with anything monotheistic, even within sub-vedic religions such as Zoroastrianism and Ishvara worship. Also be careful with Saints. They will either ascend to a God-hood greater than the demiurge, or they will eliminate their "I," and unify with it. If you pray with someone in union with the demiurge it might give him power.


I was under the impression that the demiurge is god of this particular plane and there are different gods for different planes but they are all ultimately the same one god in different vibrational frequencies. On top of that there is a matter/antimatter aspect as well as probability. So the face of god would look like this mess of everything happening all at once.





Beware of all the corrupt demiurgic fronts. All gods end up being of it! You should only trust in the Infinite Source Itself (the One-Consciousness of All, who lays beyond all matrixes and controllers, in and is the whole of all universes experiencing itself through fractalic iterations which are YOU and ME and ALL) and in your Higher Self.





sorry for spam but i forgot to add that most fixed stars are of the true light, and this also includes the sun (not the "sun god" archetype, but the sun as a star). the Earth is also of the true light. She loves to guide!


In Ted Dansky's book 'Kaballah: What the Jews Believe', it is revealed that the Jews think they created God using shekinah 'magic'. Long time Internet Researcher Ted Dansky spent two months interrogating the internet using search queries on various engines and came back with the real story on the Kaballah. As fate would have it, nearing the end of Ted's search for answers, various Jews blew the whistle on themselves when questioned in a Yahoo chat room, admitting that their "God" is a demonic entity. This book intertwines their revealing admission with historical fact verified by wikipedia experts, painting in fascinating detail how and why the Jews constructed Marxism as a way of spreading the ideas of Kaballah. Ted blows the lid off the practice of shekinah 'magic'; the jewish blasphemy of prayer; where they speak words from the Torah while swaying their hips to and back as a way of generating magical fuel for their demon "God". Society owes Ted a great deal for the revelation of what Kabbalah really is, where it came from and how it operates today.


The original definition of the demiurge is actually all the streams of energy that dictate the course of our life. Things such as planetary influences, upbringing, parental genetic and spiritual inheritance, societal enviromnent. In the original Greek definition, he was not made out to be an actual "being" in an architect like fashion. Rather, it was symbolical for all the external energy that are imposed upon our timeline.

All what people believe about Gnosticism is corrupted beyond recognition.

The "demiurge" is granted many labels such as the "architect" of the physical, as if its an actual being that has devised this "plane" and is in control of it. This is on-par with the corruption that we all live in "monad/God", whom is also labeled as an actual "being".

Rather, these concepts are all symbolical. Monad is the aether field that encompasses all of us, and serves as the foundation for everything to exist. However, it is not conscious and does not have the capability to think or anything. Its literally a humming pulse of sound.

No, YHWH is not the demiurge. Anyone who states as such has not read the original sources where the definition of the "demiurge" comes from.


The multiverse theory holds no credence in the larger scope of things. This will undeniably become clear once you soul starts getting more in tune with itself; in turn making your soul attuned to the elements at large. In specific, the Aether element. It is by the flexibility and fluidity of the Aether that we can practice the conscious art of metaphysics. By evoking conscious resonation with specific bandwaves of the aether does our desired result manifest; or in layman terms, the law of attraction.

The multiverse theory is a double-edged sword that cuts itself in the hilt - a paradox. In the event of an infinite amount of paralel multiverses existing at the same time, the chance of an infinitely large eternally expanding grey blob that reaches out to other multiverses and destroying them is infinitely large. And thus a paradox present itself. But then you can say; things inside their own universe cannot affect others, to which I say; then the entire theory/practicality is literally zero and we are literally incapable of scientifically finding out the validity of the theory. The theory makes grated cheese look rock solid and waterproof. It's paradoxically flawed at the root.


File: 141e9118579a170⋯.jpg (44.09 KB, 432x616, 54:77, kabbalahorwhatthejewbeliev….jpg)


Jews flat out say YHWH is the demiurge in pic related. There's a documented chat room screen shot with times and dates that you can check yourself using a calendar.



yhwh is a FRONT of the CORRUPT demiurge (a parasite of the NORMAL demiurge), it's a big big thought form that feeds energy to the CORRUPT demiurge,


If the Abrahamic God is a fabrication then are heaven and hell as well?


I can't believe this guy thinks that the demiurge is streams of energy that dictate the course of someone's life. Calling everything that people think about Gnosticism 'corrupted beyond recognition'. Where's this guy even get his information? 'Everyone else has corrupted knowledge'. Makes me so mad. FUCK.




The demiurge is not an actual being. Remember that the Jews play both sides. This is evidenced by the Republicans and the Democrats. By their corruption of the nationalist movements into the puppet leaders of "Alt-Right". Alternative media gets corrupted into Alex Jones. In the same vein, Gnosticism got corrupted into anti-spirituality.

Remember that this board used to be owned by Smiley – an Ashkenazi Jew.

Smiley was also a hug sucker for Montalk's work - the very name /fringe/ is a nod towards his work. What do Montalk and Atkinson have in common? Both monotheistic beliefs with one common goal; assimilation with the Godhead and abolishment of the individual. The Jewish soul is incompatible with Gentile spirituality – they subsist on parasitism.

Think about it. What implications does the Demiurge theory have on the Occult community?

It spreads ideas that are compatible with the Jewish agenda. The Demiurge theory obviously promotes escapism – a belief implanted into the minds of practitioners that this universe/plane is evil and that we need to "escape" it somehow through our "Higher Self". **This is literally rephrased Christian thought: "The World is Evil and we must escape through (((God's))) salvation."

When a Gentile occultist operates in the framework of Modern Gnosticism, they are working towards soul-death. Assimilation into YHVH, to be turned into loosh for the Jude. This is the same thing the Christians work towards – "ascending to Heaven and living in eternal bliss" is code for the elimination of self, to be used as a battery – such as in the Matrix.



>This is literally rephrased Christian thought: "The World is Evil and we must escape through (((God's))) salvation."

Wouldn't it be more accurate to say that Christianity is rephrased Gnostic thought? I thought the Gnostic or the Gnostic Christians were the true followers of Christ but then their authentic movement was hijacked by the powers that were at that time for its own purposes.

Then again, it is from Montalk that I read these ideas…



Hmm, perhaps, perhaps. Though… have you considered that the so-called Demiurge theory might… how to say… be prioritizing escape from 'this world' of 'Malkuth', not A literal escape from the earthly realm into the expanded Marvel universe? (so to speak)














>Trusting jos

>not just read the books yourselves and come to an individualist conclusion

Mundanes, not even once.



Thank you for that advice. I've been starting to realize these past couple of weeks that there are a lot of entities who hide their true intentions. It's usually revealed as a predator/prey dichotomy. I may just be that MUST LEARN the basics before I can move up to more difficult concepts so I'm getting all these lesser god thrown at me.



No problem! :)




Is our Higher Self inside the Demiurge too?



no, YOUR higher self is PART OF YOURSELF, YOUR OWN BEING. it's a safe being.



I never doubted that the Higher Self was part of yourself. What I wondered was, given your Higher Self's ability to channel the Infinite Source, is your Higher Self outside the Demiurge or is it also, just like us, trapped within? Or perhaps, with the ability to leave, it's actually choosing to stay inside, for us?



think of the HS as an ultimate version of yourself you are scheduled to evolve into eventually. all of your reincarnations add experience to your HS, it's like the sum of all your reincarnations and mashed into 1 being. thanks to its massive experience (we have all had infinite lifetimes) it lays OUTSIDE the corrupt demiurge and INSIDE the Sovereign Universe as Cameron Day describes it (aka FREEDOM)



Alright, thanks.



no problem! :D


File: 978f542854d66e5⋯.gif (1.36 KB, 60x145, 12:29, yhwh[1].gif)

Because of semantics, the word "Jew" originally meant something that the fake Jews of today has corrupted over a long period of time. What's going to be written in this post is a collection of subjective observations of the people that call themselves "Jewish" and how their doctrine is a false doctrine that both Buddhism and Jesus do not agree with.

What does it mean to be a Jew and not a "Jew"?

A man of God (A real Jew, not the Israelite or kippah hatters) is one who has seen the illusion of the world and knows the origin of suffering, knows who God is and who the devil is. Lying to a God-man is very difficult because they perceive truth which the sleeping masses (goyim, gentiles) does not perceive. A real Jew does not dwell in lies, beliefs or fantasies that is perpetuated by gentiles, thus they are free from the illusions of life.

Does true Jews have a religion, a temple, a location and a specific culture for clothing?

No, they look like regular people. They will blend in to hide in the masses, because "believers" and "goyim" become very angry with the idea that there's a group of people that are more spiritual than themselves. The true God-men that walk this planet, they have no religion, no temple and no land to call their own; because they know where "heaven" and "hell" is. To justify a location, religion, temple, clothing or certain behavior to be deemed "Jewish" or "correct" goes against the principles of being a God-man.

So what are the "Jews" that claim to be Jewish if they are not Jewish?

They worship the cube, the carbon atom, the 6^3, Saturn, Elohim/Adonai which is essentially human desire, just like Muslims worship Allah which is also desire. The ten commandments specifically states to not worship any God except for the one that is. Because people do not know where God is or the name of God, their worship becomes external and idol worship. They also worship the idea of them being chosen (thus they cannot do anything wrong ever) and that gentiles are less worthy than themselves (which is a belief and a fantasy).



"I will make those who are of the synagogue of Satan, who claim to be Jews though they are not, but are liars–I will make them come and fall down at your feet and acknowledge that I have loved you."

The problem is that most people on Earth are part of the synagogue of Satan regardless of their belief or opinion of themselves being part of it. Even "Jews" that believe themselves to not be part of Satan's synagogue are actually part of the synagogue. Less than 0.1% of Earth's population is true God-men aka Jews, which is to be likened with enlightened individuals. Those that read the OT or NT as historical or literal fact and believe the words in the holy books are doomed to suffer because of the illusions they believe in. The holy books are metaphorical stories about man surpassing its own physical limitations. Many of the things mentioned in the holy books do not exist objectively in the physical reality, thus they are metaphors for mental constructs.

So what about the Jews that live in Israel and other places?

In short: they are a fan-club with live action role-players for a book that became a religion. Where other "goyim" might stop themselves from committing an immoral act against another human being, "Jews" will justify their immoral action based on the belief and idea of being "god's chosen people". A "Jew" will believe that by following Moses' laws alone, they are exempt from "god's" punishment which is one of the reasons why "Jews" are on the forefront of industries that supply "sinful" material to "goyim".

Buddha stated that a proper enlightened individual does not add to madness of the world, because of karmic consequences. "Jews" does not take this into account, since they are not real God-men and instead work to further the anti-christ agenda and enslave every human in this world. So "Jews" believe that owning companies that supply porn, banking, lawyers, media and dry cleaning, that they are exempt from karmic laws of creating suffering unto other beings. They believe that each individual or "goy" has the ability to chose themselves whether or not to "sin", so the group of people providing the material upon which "goyim" can "sin", cannot be punished because they are "god's chosen people".

What are the "Jews"?

A religious "anime-tier" fanclub of suffering and victim mentality, powered by the fantasy of being chosen (like characters out of an anime), that justifies their immoral actions against those that they deem to be "goyim", based on the belief that simply following text written in a book makes them unequally "better" than any other human being. They are liars, hypocrites and the origin of external suffering in this world. You may only become a "Jew" by being born by a "Jewish" mother, thus membership is exclusive to their families.

What are the Jews?

A small minority of people that are enlightened, that are unaware of the existence of each other (because they do not dress like anime characters), that doesn't know or care whether they are labeled "Jews", who follow the laws of Moses without studying the Torah, who knows truth from fiction. They are not bound by race or blood, because they know that this world is just a game of rules and roles. The one reading this post at this moment may be a real Jew or have the potential to become one, but labels and definitions are not important, thus no actual Jew will claim to be one.

What is the consequence of being a "Jew" versus a Jew?

Unavoidable death. Every fake "Jew" will die in their physical body (and spiritually) and will not attain enlightenment, truth or liberation from suffering. "Jews" are not spiritual, they do not practice astral projection or meditation and through their indoctrinating practice, they have boosted their ego to believe that they are worth more than others. They cannot see further than their physical nose and they are punished by "the true god" daily, weekly and every year upon which they resist the laws of the Universe and God. This is the consequence of having the "devil" be allowed to develop fully into the Qliphoth.

What can we do about the "Jews"?

Find the truth. Liberate yourself. Liberate your friends. Educate the "Jews" that you meet. If you are met with great resistance and the usual victim mentality, it might be a sign that you are heading the right direction. Do not hate anything. Hate will only affect yourself and the "Jews" worship the idea of "you" hating anything. The day when every "Jew" and "goyim" has learned the truth, paradise will come to Earth.


File: e0f5c437f73d6e7⋯.jpg (110.94 KB, 839x559, 839:559, imlistening.jpg)



Ask a question for your intrigues.



So, do we keep on reincarnating ultil we see paradise?

I am not who you quoted.



There's no proof objectively that we reincarnate other than what subjective observations from many can agree to be mutually observed. The purpose of life is to try and realize the truth and liberate the self from suffering so that the spirit can work on the great work. But if you fail to realize the truth or initiate the great work, that's also a valid life style. In the end, the individual created the expectations, ideas and beliefs concerning their own life which lead to a life in the illusion.



we do reincarnate my friend. however most of the reincarnations are hijacked by the false light with the tunnel of light and other such ploys as the "lords of karma", life shaming, experience shaming, etc. search white light trap, why i am no longer a light worker 1 and 2 by cameron day.




You can believe what you want about this reality but truth will remain. Contemplation on reincarnation will not bring you enlightenment or liberation from suffering. You've recommended those books at three occasions. The only book you have to read is the one you find inside. Peoples' opinions and belief systems are not the truth. Being a being of light is a choice.

If you want to be able to discern darkness from false light from light, you have to be aware of only one thing:

Is the doctrine of "spirituality" based on truth or observations or is it based off a belief system where people express states of suffering because of their spiritual journey?

A couple of years ago, a lady friend said that she had been contacted by her "star-family" from the Pleiades sector. They told her that she can't be complete on Earth because of her alien heritage. She expressed suffering because of this "division" and believed that she needed to find a different angle in life in order to become "happy". Her boyfriend started channeling aliens and healing, while at the same time they expressed to him that: "they cannot be together in this timeline", which made both of them very sad.

If these people knew the truth, they could have made their own decision instead of believing in a subjectively imaginative being inside their head.

If the doctrine requires belief in anything but your true self, it's false light doctrines; because the true self requires no belief, only knowing.



Kabbala is like, there was an original state of existence, then there was the fall and various imperfect states that were created until this 'world' of Malkuth came to be; which is like the red chakra, and lots and lots of people get stuck in this mentality, and the worlds in kabala being states of mentality.

>The Jews simply have created a matrix of energy that ties into their soul to bring about their own agenda.

>simpy created a matrix of energy

Qualify what you mean by 'simply'? Is it as in 'they "simply" wrote the Torah with the Kabala to create a matrix of energy'? Does that mean 'they simply wrote a branch of esoteric myth in order to enter it and achieve the sensation of higher forms of energy'? What prevents non-jews from the achieving the same using english-language kabbalism?



I am advocating belief and knowledge in your true, Divine self, my friend.



Belief of the true nature is not necessary since the knowledge of the true nature supersedes beliefs.

Using truth and simple semantic logic, you can learn the truth about yourself, your body and mind, the world and the beyond. By providing the answers to the questions below, you can learn the truth about this Universe.

1. Where is the devil?

2. Who created the devil?

3. Where is the one who created the devil?


Page 161 from DNA in the sands of time

many people. The Holocaust. From the human point of view, it

was a terrible human tragedy. From the spiritual view, it was

one of the greatest sacrifices that was made by any group on

this planet. There was a hidden purpose for this event, that is not

recorded on the planet. We bring you this information, so that

you can realize the great sacrifices that the Astral Pure Bred

were willing to make, to raise the consciousness of the world, so

that their brothers and sisters world wide, who live in darkness,

could finally awaken to the truth of who they are.

We have stated that an event happened, that scrambled the

Sirian DNA, that was passed down through the lineage of the

descendants of Jesus and Mary Magdalene. This event happened

in our lifetime and it is called the Holocaust. It happened

during World War II and it was the killing of the jewish people by Nazi

Germany. We must go back in time, to the pointwhen Yahweh

came to the planet, to bring the sacred pronouncements of the

Hebrew language, to those who would be part of the Jewish

nation. The spirits that would enter the bodies of the people that

were to become the Jewish Nation, were those that we called

the Astral Pure Bred. These are the spirits that came down to the

planet, to help those who became trapped here, from the fall

that happened during the time of Atlantis. Once the plan of the

Jewish nation was started, it was agreed that all who would

enter this race, would have to stay in this race, no matter what

the consequences. It meant that once you were born a jewish, you

always had to come back in all your future lifetimes as a jewish.

You could not leave the Jewish race and be born into another

race. Once a jewish, always a jewish. A jewish for all generations. This

commitment stayed active, all through the ages until World War

II. Together as a group and a nation, they agreed to take on the

hardest lessons and the greatest challenges, in order to help

raise the consciousness of the human race, to the level of spiritual

awakening. That is the reason why the Jewish nation and

its descendants, were caught up between the whims and wishes

of the Nefilim Gods and the attacks by the Sons of Darkness,

while they were trying to awaken spiritually. As they sought a

higher spiritual path, they became outcasts to the world. When

World War II came, the Astral Pure Bred decided as a spiritual

group, in the spiritual realms, that they were not achieving their

goal of spiritual awakening, in the human bodies of the jewish people.

They came up with a plan, to make a change to release themselves

from the Jewish race, so that they could complete their

work, since the end of the age was now only about 70 years

away. The plan, was to self sacrifice a portion of their own


File: 755dc1d5db913ef⋯.jpg (52.7 KB, 374x646, 11:19, 1940PalmBeachPostSixMillio….jpg)

File: 2b6baf004e8fd30⋯.jpg (266.55 KB, 632x724, 158:181, aMQPQnR_700b[1].jpg)


Pure fantasy.

With consideration that the Holocoaster was:

greatly exaggerated,

had forged numbers,

media pushing the narrative (pic related),

33° masons in all countries involved,

where most "laborers" had disease and starvation issues at the end of the war,

where Auschwitz had soccer teams, orchestra, camp money and leisure activities,

where there's no evidence of human skin lamp shades or hair mattresses,

and witness testimonies involves getting shot by rifles and bouncing bullets off the skin;

the piece of text also fails on the falsities of:

>lineage of the descendants of Jesus and Mary Magdalene

There's no such thing. There's no evidence to suggest Jesus existed, did miracles, died, was burried, had offspring.

>Astral Pure Bred

Sure buddy.

>It meant that once you were born a jewish, you always had to come back in all your future lifetimes as a jewish.

There's no evidence that reincarnation is real or that "Jews" believe in it.

>As they sought a higher spiritual path, they became outcasts to the world.

By plunging Germany's economy into hyper inflation and having monopoly in many industries and non industries such as: media, government and religion.

>They came up with a plan, to make a change to release themselves from the Jewish race

Contradicts the statement about always having to reincarnate as "Jewish", so either the first statement wasn't truth and they didn't always have to come back or there is a way to escape something that is deemed: "always".

>to the point when Yahweh came to the planet

When humans came to the planet? Or when the idea of a false idol came to the planet? God doesn't exist, you won't find it objectively.

The holocoaster to the "Jews" is what Alderaan is to the Star Wars Universe, just as fictional and just as justifiable for victim mentality. Take note of how they create fantasies to justify their existence rather than backing it with evidence of them being evicted by almost every prehistoric country known to date. Being "Jewish" is not the problem, everyone else is the problem. "Look at how the joos sacrificed themselves for the greater good in a spiritual backstory, etc".



I agree. I was just reading a thread on GLP where someone was very infatuated with a certain person who "accessed akashic records a la Edgar Cayce" and I believe this was an excerpt from one of their books.


Think it is this one. Take care, this is a good thread.



>Kaballah: What the Jews Believe

can you source any material? got nothing on multiple search engines


Hey, wait a minute. There's no mention in any of the posts here on Christ. There's only explanation on the true nature of YHWH. Is YHWH the father of Christ? If so, how can the Jews see themself as the master-race over the Gentiles and yet Jesus, son of God, was preaching about how everyone, both Jew and Gentile, could be saved?



>Is YHWH the father of Christ? If so, how can the Jews see themself as the master-race over the Gentiles and yet Jesus, son of God, was preaching about how everyone, both Jew and Gentile, could be saved?

I've been coming to the conclusion lately that "Christian" denominations have been fooled by a jew psyop. Old Testament and New Testament are vastly different, where the latter seems more esoteric and reminds me of Falun Gong where you cultivate energy through virtuous feelings and actions.



Yes, I think I watched something where it was said that the God of the Old Testament was Saturn whereas the God of the New Testament was the Sun.



Oh, I forgot to add: the idea was that the Sun stole the Earth away from Saturn. As in, the Earth literally orbited Saturn originally but the Sun saved the Earth.



More limited hangout so people go ooooooooo so powerful i fear them so much!!!

Holy fucking shit all this stuff is exactly what I expected a cult of incest loving schizophrenics to come up with.

The jews already lost. I single handedly destroyed every single one of their parasite kings, the low level orcs are just trying to do a little more damage. They dont have fucking magic powers. They are a mafia.



Nothing in the past matters anymore. Just let it go. We are on a blank slate now. Nobody gives a fuck who was senator of Douchistan in 1432.



>"For some of them will blaspheme the truth and proclaim evil teaching. And they will say evil things against each other. Some will be named: (those) who stand in (the) strength of the archons, of a man and a naked woman who is manifold and subject to much suffering. And those who say these things will ask about dreams. And if they say that a dream came from a demon worthy of their error, then they shall be given perdition instead of incorruption."

>"For evil cannot produce good fruit. For the place from which each of them is produces that which is like itself; for not every soul is of the truth, nor of immortality. For every soul of these ages has death assigned to it in our view, because it is always a slave, since it is created for its desires and their eternal destruction, in which they are and from which they are. They love the creatures of the matter which came forth with them."

>The Apocalypse of Peter Translated by James Brashler and Roger A. Bullard

I disagree that the past doesn't matter. Researching and comparing texts could lead to deep metaphysical discoveries. I'm starting to think any group religion creates their own energy matrix through will and belief.


File: b913d7fd47df08f⋯.jpg (31.14 KB, 526x300, 263:150, 5c9ea892e15152f70dc585a45b….jpg)

File: 9255dc75a113918⋯.jpg (62.37 KB, 691x723, 691:723, f5a805aaff01e563aad5ae135c….jpg)


Gas yourself you reddit spacing yid



Because you are a retarded fuck who is ruled by his ego. Modern society is fucking disgusting. That is why it is being destroyed. Clinging to your faggot egyptian gods because they remind you of the good ol days serves no fucking purpose.

Sorry nigger, but everything is being burned the fuck away. Your system is aids. Everyone is onto you and you are going extinct. Deal with it pussy.


I must respect the utter tenacity with which the jews care for their own. Good. The fewer the people to whom the individual grants his cares, the better his connections. However despicable Jewish behavior toward gentiles may be, their own is what matters to them. That is noble.



Get the fuck off my board and never come back. Your wavelength is in the final stage of terminal cancer. There is nobility is murdering for oil hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha holy fuck do you actually not know what is happening hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.



Yeah, they kill for oil, suck baby dicks, buttfuck global society, etc but they know their own. Society gobbles it up. Let it burn and start anew: everybody eats.

What matters is what is before me, what is truly the case. The ghosts society spews that want to eat my energy and care are worth nothing but contempt, you included. Look elsewhere for your food, I don't give handouts.



>t. unintelligibly rambling anon


File: c621c1583148468⋯.jpg (136.3 KB, 546x700, 39:50, bk2pol.jpg)


I only copied it from GLP after finding it. "Yids" really have such power over you if mere thought of them can summon such a response from you. Take care.



You got it backwards:

the Jews were created and grafted to the Kabalah.


File: eda070ffd17f2f8⋯.png (9.21 KB, 451x616, 41:56, insidescoop_p19.png)

File: e11ffb615e62da5⋯.png (74.48 KB, 912x616, 114:77, insidescoop_p1_p2.png)


not him but I have the ebook. The title has an error which makes it hard to find without the isdbn, spellcheck and book inventory systems being such as they are.






Sharing is caring. I want to see this for myself


File: 631d24c4c679651⋯.png (325.72 KB, 598x459, 598:459, 1377379046823.png)


By the short-hairs of Hermes…


File: f6fc18e73eede6c⋯.png (2.58 MB, 631x7305, 631:7305, screenshot-www.ascensionhe….png)



I read those years ago and it confirmed everything I was already feeling inside about all the "lightworker" shit regarding ascended masters, demiurges, angels, etc. If I'm not mistaken Day is the one who calls out Reiki too as a practice designed to actually lock down the gifts of real psychics through the use of various seals. Interesting stuff for the time which was the height of the 2012ish New Age movement.




care to post a pic of the second article too?


File: ec0655bfdcfafcc⋯.png (3.82 MB, 777x11843, 777:11843, screenshot-archonmatrix.co….png)


Sure, here you go.

I reread them before posting for the first time probably since they were written and they still hold up for the most part. I myself was never full in on the new-agey shit, just skirted around the edges which was easy since it bumped up against everything even slightly esoteric especially in the 3-4 years leading up to 2012. You had these light and love fags infiltrating everything. Everyone was channeling some alien or ascended master and had a rapture-esque message of salvation from above, only this time with ayys. Weird times. A lot of it has dissipated since literally none of their "prophesies" came true, but there's still a few hanging on that I run into now and then. And as usual, always a gaggle of willing suckers ready to spray their loosh everywhere as soon as master spreads.



Thank you very much. Those pics are gold




>18/4/2015 Reproduction of AOL chatroom conversation with whistle blower

lol I must have the rest


Oh God where have I heard this kind of bullshit before. As if being holy and righteous is somehow the most vile thing.

Also the Holy Spirit is called Ruach HaKodesh, not Ruach Elohim.

"There are Kabbalistic stories that show the most important are the first Ten Letters of the Hebrew Alphabet as this relates to the letters of the Ten Worlds. Which "god" creates with. God here is code for all the chakra's."

That's right folks. God is just fucking spinning discs.

"The Jews simply have created a matrix of energy that ties into their soul to bring about their own agenda."

What is YOUR agenda? I think everyone being locked up in prison and blacks being slaves again is probably a pretty close guess right?

"The Christian has to become born again, to have a literal transference of this consciousness of this matrix infuse their soul, mind and spirit. Which is literally connecting into this matrix of Jewish energy and becoming a conduit for this to act into the material world."

First off this sounds fucking retarded in addition to the fact that even if it were true it would be better than not having a soul. You think that yogis and buddhist monks are starting to dream about shekels just because they practice being pure?

The long term goals of Satan (meaning Adversary) are to put everyone beneath him. He wants you absolutely powerless to help the good guys when things start to get heated. This is why he is a collector of souls. This is why he wants you to pledge your allegiance to him. He is the accuser and the deceiver. What is that quote about all it takes is for everyone to stand around and do nothing while the bad guys wreak havoc? Believe it because even if these dark occultists do their work through the medium of magic it will inevitably wind up with you bound at a physical level. Read Childhood's End by Arthur C. Clarke or watch the SciFi series if you don't believe me.

If you think the Jews are trying to mind control and brainwash then ask the same question about both parties. Who wants your fucking soul? Who encourages you to practice black magic? Who wants you to snitch on your friends, family, co-workers and everyone else you've ever met? Who wants to bring about tyranny and violence of the very same sort witnessed in Nazi Germany? Who is asking you to worship him and yet if you choose not to that it might be a "one-way street" that you can't turn back from? Do you really think that after you've taken care of his enemies that they're not going to find some reason to label you as one and eventually push you off the ship too?




>I think everyone being locked up in prison and blacks being slaves again is probably a pretty close guess right?

This is where you lost me. Lay off the antifa literature.


I'm absolutely sure there was a post in this thread that nearly had trips stating that ancient christianity and even ancient judaism weren't that bad. Did I imagine that? I was going to ask what texts to read.



>What is YOUR agenda? I think everyone being locked up in prison and blacks being slaves again is probably a pretty close guess right?

That's a strange line to make there because that's entirely the present state of the blacks in America is entirely the fault of the Jews.

It's the Jews' fault that Abraham Lincoln was assassinated before he could decree that all Africans be returned to Africa.

It's their fault that welfare was introduced for blacks thereby destroying the necessity of the black father and thus destroying the black nuclear family.

It's their fault that the Civil Rights Movement kicked off, ending segregation and forcing black businesses to compete with white businesses thus ending those black businesses as even fellow blacks went to white businesses instead.

It's their fault that the CIA started shovelling cocaine into the black communities thus creating a class of people destined to be slaves in the prison system.

I agree with fighting against Satan but there's no way the Jews are any good. You're pushing some kind of Jews vs Satan narrative but it seems the two are cooperating actually.


So Hitler did nothing wrong? He was just trying to free his people from the spiritual/financial oppression of the jews?



Well that should be self evident to everybody.



I'm sorry but I don't think I gave you a fair shake.

I'd like to ask you: what do you think the Jews are? What do you think their goal is? What evidence do you have of their actions to support your belief of what they are and what their goal is (both doctrine and documented mass behaviour)? I didn't give you a chance to talk further so explain.







How do you undo a Reiki initiation?



Read this https://www.realitywalker.com/spiritual-awareness-entity-spirit-guided-training/reiki-healing-systems-and-healing-illusions/, what >>114485 and >>113770 said, and https://youtube.com/watch?v=XvyPscRD1ss 1 time per day for 5 days, rest for 2 and then repeat it again if you want.

This is the upgraded copypasta:

"I have some good resources. The 4ch threads this was on were suddenly archived or just deleted.

This video here, https://youtube.com/watch?v=CpH_rXGHX1w , is a remote "soft kill shield" for targeted individuals of all kinds. It will work to destroy many harassments. This other, https://youtube.com/watch?v=OZCgOoGSLdQ , is the second version of the targeted individual scatter frequency. I hope that they help."

"Dive deep within yourself, speak to your Higher Self (read http://www.ascensionhelp.com/blog/2013/08/23/why-i-am-no-longer-a-light-worker/ and http://www.ascensionhelp.com/blog/2013/11/21/tell-the-lords-of-karma-that-you-are-sovereign-no-longer-a-lightworker-part-2/, by Cameron Day), enter your Akashik records, and you shall Know. We are One with the All (Infinite Source) as the All (Infinite Source) is One with Us. If you need more guiding, read from Bibliotecapleyades and Montalk. Take what resonates. Finally, listen to the following videos  https://youtube.com/watch?v=RQIO9cqwgcE which connects you to the Universal and Infinite Love of the Infinite Source, https://youtube.com/watch?v=pSyUT2p4H24 which awakens your Intuitive Powers (Higher Self guiding), https://youtube.com/watch?v=feilxGTQkow which helps you realize the Divine Interconnection of Everything (your Divine nature), https://youtube.com/watch?v=LFXeCJ5j25o which cleanses your etheric body out of everything negative , https://youtube.com/watch?v=XvyPscRD1ss which cleanses your subconscious and your personal universe , (commas are flying so they do not become part of the link).

Each has instructions, and the last ones are particularly important; only watch them 1 time per day for 5 days, then rest for 2, and then you may repeat them. Beware that sometimes channels will try to brainwash you; the ones I have listed are safe. Reclaim your Divine Sovereignity, Fight the Parasites, STS/Duality/Low Vibration/Frequency/Density Beings and the different Matrix Control Systems.

Remember always, do not go into the light when you die."

Demons and archontic parasites absolutely hate the last video!

Also merging one of my other comments:

"The DrVirtual7 has made these amazing videos:  https://youtube.com/watch?v=YVDGY5BKT5k , to help you with making a Shield of White and Golden Light, and  https://youtube.com/watch?v=MrvQ-YNThDg , to protect yourself from and dissolve black magic, also cleaning the Space of Self."




I may be confusing Day with someone else but years ago I downloaded a free ebook by someone (maybe Day) who had come to all the same conclusions and was working to undo contracts, seals and re-integrate aspects of themselves they had given away through said contracts. I'm going to look around for it. Unfortunately I think it's on my ancient iPad which I need to first, find.. and second, charge. And I suppose third, hope it still works. :)

When I find it I'll post it for you. I remember it being really eye opening, especially about the reiki stuff.

Maybe someone here knows what I'm talking about?


File: e6e4e4e51d40a38⋯.pdf (1.34 MB, SelfHealingHandBook.pdf)


>>114811 (me)

Ok, I found the author. His name is Clive Hetherington and I'll attach the ebook he used to have for dl. I just want to say first and foremost that it's been like 10 yrs since I read it and certainly don't stand behind every single thing he says. In fact I remember not quite buying all of it but I still think there's some good bits about clearing and destroying contracts. Also, I believe he has newer works and I have not read them so I don't know how his work has changed.

Here's and excerpt from an article by him that discusses what he perceives as "capping" of abilities that comes with Reiki initiation and mastery.

>A few days later while working with Michael Bradford as part of his self mastership group focused on personal empowerment and self mastership, it was pointed out to me that I had a negative energy cap sealing off my crown which was trying to prevent me from accessing higher levels and was capping my awareness.

>As we had worked together to remove one of these from myself in the last evening class with Michael before the Reiki initiating weekend then I was very surprised to find another of the same appearing so fast. An energetic sealing cap is just that. It acts as a filtering barrier to seal off or ‘cap’ particular energies and frequencies as well as of cutting or blocking subtle energy connections to other energetic systems and or one’s own inbuilt healing capabilities.

>This item, it was determined had been placed there as part of the Reiki initiation, this was to try and keep me aligned (or more accurately glued and attached) to this energy system. This apparently happens at the mastership level. This explains why many who start off with Reiki find it so hard if not impossible to move beyond it.

>So, I not only removed this cap, but also disconnected myself from ALL the Reiki energies and Reiki support teams (about 20 minutes work) you could say that I de-initiated myself.

>People say that Reiki is a good healing system to start out with to learn the basics to be used as an introduction to healing.

>I cannot disagree more; Reiki is a front, it is for the most part a means to attract good people to discourage then from REALLY exploring any further by keeping them limited and ‘happy’. It’s AIM is to offer people a limited and ‘nice’ energy set to play with to HOLD people to these levels, limitations and understandings and to keep them there. It ‘by and large’ keeps people bound to certain frequencies AND it contains (dumbs DOWN) and limits awareness of other dimensions, connections to other groups and ways beyond Reiki (or the now many Reiki clones) it also tries to block or limit other MD abilities. It also connects you to ‘feel nice’ energies and as a result often has people become addicted to a regular Reiki fix and this is why there is a standard call sign of ‘Oh!! Reiki is sooo wonderfull . . . ‘

>Reiki is a shiny, sparkly and lovingly presented ball and chain with dire and negative consequences to healing potential, spiritual growth and expanded awareness in all future lives.


I found my feelings to be quite similar regarding Reiki at the time and still do tbh. I hope this helps you.



I dont know much about reiki but i have a friend that practices angelic reiki and he did a session with me once and i can tell you that it worked for me.

I'm mainly a practicing buddhist of karma kagyu lineage and he managed to heal my throat chakra that was somewhat blocking me and also helped me to open my heart chakra also I went into a past life which i will not discuss. this helped me with my buddhist meditation a lot and i also got some very good information on what i need to work with to improve overall

during the session i was like a fireball of love and energy and my heart chakra was so bright. The only time i had a similar experience was with dmt (which i very rarely got to use) where a 'female' spirit poured love into my heart that created an aura that was felt past my chest area for 3 meters.

That being said; as a buddhist I work with negative emotions to progress. im of the idea that nothing can truly harm me when I have bodhicitta. everything is love; everything is bliss; there is no duality. conscious creates pain but pain is only relative to an ego or identity so its only illusion.

What im trying to say is that there is no need to be scared. Supposed negative spiritual practice cannot harm you if you dont let it.



Thank you. I've been reading up on it and your sources are a nice addition.

All I can say is that I would never recommend being initiated by someone else, because there is no telling what they are connected to, regardless of what they claim to be working or not working with.



>also I went into a past life which i will not discuss

That caught my interest. Why wouldn't you want to talk about a past life? Shame? Fear of identification?

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