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Tipp's Fringe Bunker

File: 1468033905868.jpg (184.07 KB, 2866x2396, 1433:1198, element-hand.jpg)


If you want to astral project then imagine yourself outside of your body. That is all that is required. This immediately places your awareness within a thoughtform on the mental planes. All the various techniques of astral projection that are described are just different ways to imagine this. You can sit down tonight and think up hundreds of different ways to imagine this and carry it out yourself, you don't need to go around asking people to give you examples like the rope technique and so on.

>but no it can't be that simple

It is that simple. There is no need to over-complicate this.

>but I can't imagine for shit

Then you need to develop your imagination. Make use of all the senses and imagine different things. Create thoughtforms and pay attention to how your emotions, intent, and beliefs change how these thoughtforms can operate. Use thoughtforms for EVERYTHING.

>but I want to remote view or remote influence people/places/situations in this world and timeline

Then you need to imagine that. Do this through the intention to be out of your body and viewing something within a given time and place. If your intention is to prove astral projection doesn't real or if you are plagued by doubts and negative emotions which make you feel it can't be done, you need to get over that.

>but I have no faith and I'm a cynical skeptic

Practice raja yoga and discover your real self and the powers of that real self. Seek out experiences that will prove to you the reality of perception of distant scenes and related occult phenomena. Study idealist philosophy and seek logical proofs and metaphysical explanations that make the reality of astral projection easy for you to accept. Convince all aspects of your mind from the intellect to the gut-feeling to the emotional and so on of the reality of what you can do when you put your will to it.

>bullshit occultist! bullshit occultist! bullshit occultist!

Be gone with you foul shitposter! Why you have taken it upon yourself to discourage everyone from the study of occultism? There is no harm in it and it prepares the way for the attainments.

The use of occult powers is really not that hard to understand when you break them all down to the basic constituents of what enables them to be utilized. The key to all powers is self-development, self-control or self-mastery, self-realization, and a strong imagination. You are the power that enables them. Transmute yourself and everything becomes possible for you. Raise or lower your consciousness to play the passive or active roles in relation to anything.

Everything else is filler; stuff to help you arrive at this truth. Guides for the imagination, metaphysical structures to organize your thinking, etc. Read everything you want but don't forget this.


I think for some maybe this is not a message they want to hear but psychic powers and getting good at them isn't that different from lifting weights. You just have to exercise the psychic muscles and keep to the right mentality and you should succeed.


Very good post, useful tips. Thank you. :)



Either you imply that

>astral projection is just imagination and visualization


>your imagination is so sharp that you actually leave your body and inhabit your thoughtforms

If it's the former then it's bullshit. If the latter then your visualization skills are godlike and it's not really that simple to get on this level.

Of course you can influence the astral via visualization but it's not projection. Even if your focus is shifted from your actual physical body, you still inhabit it at the moment.

Astral projection is just like lucid dream, but even more real and instead of playing around in small astral sandbox of your own making, you go "out there" in your astral body, taking away all your consciousness from physical. You don't have to imagine any distant place, you just go there and see. In other words, AP isn't a creative process.



You use your imagination to condense thought-substance which is capable of registering and reflecting the distant scenes. Your awareness is slightly tied to your body (otherwise you die) but it otherwise outside your body.

LD and remote-viewing both happen on the mental planes you realize this right?



So you are claiming that just using visualization you can get completely real (I mean as real as the physical) sensory experience?

You can get out of body, look around, see your physical body, see your room (without imagining it consciously - you just see it, it's there) and then go onto an astral journey?

>Your awareness is slightly tied to your body (otherwise you die) but it otherwise outside your body.

During full-blown AP you can't feel your physical body, because you are not "in it" at the moment, you can go back, end AP and feel it, but you don't have any awareness of the physical whatsoever during it.

>LD and remote-viewing both happen on the mental planes you realize this right?

If you want to convey some message maybe define what you mean by mental planes. We are talking about astral projection. Does mental = astral? Seriously, I don't use this terminology so I don't know.

>You use your imagination to condense thought-substance which is capable of registering and reflecting the distant scenes

I'm not arguing against this idea, that's basically remote viewing for you, but it's not projection until you leave your physical body.



You don't understand man it's really simple there are physical planes, mental planes, and spiritual planes. All astral shit happens on mental plane. You are never NOT on any one of these planes, all the planes overlap and blend into each other, you can however focus more on one plane than another at a given time.

You can use the imaginal senses and see things more real than anything physical that's actually how I tell apart the physical and astral myself. I see something that looks more vivid, more real, more beautiful than anything I perceive through my physical eyes and I know it's astral.

You don't want to imagine stuff consciously you need to wait awhile and tune in like a radio and eventually you get a lot of noise and then the noise gives way to the scenes of what you actually want to see (through intention). You get random shit at first usually but you have to look past it until you get to what you need to be seeing. It's a fairly automatic process and I don't think about at all, in fact guessing stuff and having knowledge about what I'm trying to view is not so good, if I bring in the reasoning intellect it tends to fuck things up I have to have this clean state of mind where I am ready to receive the impressions as they are and not as I would imagine them to be. Now that's not to say the imagination isn't used to develop this power by like Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki notes in her book about Magical Use of Thoughtforms there's a certain point where you tap into the astral matrix of some person or place and you get a feed of what is there. You use the imagination at first (in my case usually to create nothing more than an astral-light) which then starts automatically changing to show me things I'm not thinking about at all.

>During full-blown AP you can't feel your physical body, because you are not "in it" at the moment, you can go back, end AP and feel it, but you don't have any awareness of the physical whatsoever during it.

Yes true btw if you touch your physical body weird electro-gravitational stuff happens that you can feel and you tend to get sucked back in or to feel jolted it's odd.

The most extreme form of AP other than actual death is called the Plenary Trance and it takes about 2 and a half years of lots of work to develop it and a person in that state appears to be dead except their corpse doesn't rot.

>If you want to convey some message maybe define what you mean by mental planes. We are talking about astral projection. Does mental = astral? Seriously, I don't use this terminology so I don't know.

Mental is interchangeable with astral unless you use Franz Bardon's terms.

>I'm not arguing against this idea, that's basically remote viewing for you, but it's not projection until you leave your physical body.

Well you project a thoughtform (which breaks off from your aura although it's slightly linked aka muh silver cord) that you transfer your awareness into.


Okay man, look I feel like this is helpful advice, but if you're smiley then why haven't you used this knowledge to banish all the bullshit from your life?


Did not work. 2 solid years trying this kind of thing. I am sure there are lots of reasons you could give for why hypothetically this is. I can say through self-experience I have found this does not work and no progress has been made in that time towards this. I have reason to believe you and others are either profound liars or simply have abilities that are NOT learnable. I would appreciate if people such as yourself on the off-chance you are not lying, would please not act as if this can be done. This, cannot be performed by me. Do not act like this can be overcome or that this is some sort of choice. You have the ability to do it that other people inherently do not and cannot or you are lying.


Good stuff.

A quick note for those starting practice.

The imagination "muscle" is located around the upper back of your head region. It's all a game of relaxing the body enough to allow a smooth flow into this area(and focusing on it helps though the top of the head needs a good flow as well and can be focused on). Any tension of the body will stop you from projecting that limb or area into the mental form (a tense hand, abdomen region) and starts decaying the imagination.



Have you tried supplements?



Well that is a possibility. I've always been able to do this. Have you tried going through the steps in Initiation Into Hermetics? Where exactly do you get stuck btw in the process?


If he's really desperate he could take massive doses of melatonin for 1 week straight while trying to practice Psychomancy. Like 10x the regular dose or even much, much higher. He should avoid getting in imageboards though or being around people who might give him negative suggestions. Massive overdoses of melatonin make any suggestion 100x times more potent.



You know what montalk says about astral projection and sickness and so on? How people that AP lots are always sickly and so on?

Also how mediums get sick a lot doing their stuff, using up too much vital energy?

I think I'll have more success in banishing bullshit from my life when I get into Practice of Magical Evocation when my book arrives.



Experiencing the distinct sensation of the Real Self or however one is supposed to perceive it.


BASED OP thanks for snapping me out of it. engaging god mode



You can't even understand the basics.

You read like 3 books without giving them the proper practice.

And you expect to just "realize your Real Self"? That Realization is a process, not something you expect to happen after speed-reading one or two books and then engaging in "magick not real fuck you all you delusionals" attitude.

You expect others to be lying, intead of realizing you are your only problem. You think that because you are too weak to even progress on this path, too weak to bite your own tail, that we are the problem, not you.


File: 1468265636239.jpg (30.61 KB, 398x599, 398:599, 398px-nefertiti_30-01-2006.jpg)


What you're advising is dangerous.

Even if astral projection is easy to begin to do, it doesn't mean you should just jump right into it and practice.

If I want to project somewhere and see someone, how is it done? Is the fly in that girl's room going to give me a quick glimpse? The camera on her laptop?

Do you see the issue here? Spying on people and interfering with their business is going to make you a target given enough harassment.

If you want to astral project, do it with innocent and childlike intent, to explore the beauty of this world.

Make sure that you can also do it properly, which means being able to clear your mind of thought and having enough concentration to vividly imagine and focus.


Whenever there is an awareness of something, aka one thing becomes aware of another thing, whether it's the simple awareness of an atom or a human, those two things vibrate together and influence each other.

Spacetime is weird in the astral. A given thoughtform can be tied to and "located" in many places at once.



Ok, but what about thoughtforms? Why not use those to fix everything?



I feel as if you are not speaking from an enlightened place considering the level of apathy in your words.



That is my plan. It's very dangerous though so I'm preparing in every way possible beforehand to make sure that:

1. I don't become dependent upon them in a way that I become enslaved/exploited/killed by them later.

2. I form them in the correct way out of the purest intentions.

3. I don't get drained of too much vital energy or other necessities by them.

4. I have various things in place to make sure everything goes well or that when accidents happen I have a way to counter them.

I use thoughtforms here and there but nothing too powerful or elaborate. My present goal is to just clean up the house a ton because I hate how cluttered rooms change the etheric environment. Btw, I have this golden-sonar-vision thing that lets me see spirits around whenever I want, but it's turned off most of the time so I can operate normally in the world without distractions. Still at any time pretty much I can send out these sonar waves and see spirits.




I've been doing that but results are pretty disappointing. I just moved to a new place a few months ago and I hardly know the town. So I took it for a test and tried to explore my surrounding area before I actually went there. It was nothing like what I saw in real life later on. Where do you discern between plain fantasy and actually going somewhere? That's the goal after all isn't it?


File: 1468321242748-0.png (59.32 KB, 800x600, 4:3, sit1.png)

File: 1468321242748-1.png (63.92 KB, 800x600, 4:3, sit2.png)


It's a common effect I've dubbed autotransmission (other suggestions are welcome) and basically, you're fooling yourself.

Here are two drawing in which I'll explain the effect.

Situation 1: Let's say you see a roadsign on the street. The sign is transmitting electromagnetic waves in the form of refracted light, which is picked up by your eyes and your brain, and consequently your body is perceiving the sign.

In this way, everything functions as it's supposed to work; our bodies are wonderful filters of information and can compile coherent information and deliver a neat little image to you.

This is not the case in the Astral, though. You won't have the same amount of information filtering outside of your physical body. As such, many more types of information can be picked up and sent, including your own mental patterns.

Now, let's say the roadsign was removed overnight and you decide to astral project to that very same location you've just visited the day before.

You'll expect the roadsign to be there, so you recreate it using your own memories and expectations. Once again, the roadsign will send electromagnetic waves which can be picked up by you. This time, the information is not sent in the form of light, but through your own mental patterns, and you'll give yourself mental feedback of the roadsign really being there.

The same can happen with a location you've never visited. Your expectations, thoughts and mental feedback can cloud your perception of what is 'really there'.

It's a very common effect and can become clear in even a subtle example. If I told you there's something in a big box yet I don't know what, and I would ask you to project into the box in order to find out what is in there, you're already sure that there's something inside of the box, even though it could be completely empty. I'll probably get some bullshit answer.

The best way to counter this effect is to be genuinely curious and let go of all expectations. You're allowed to 'not know'.


File: 1468322508072.png (108.83 KB, 800x600, 4:3, Epyc Whyne.png)


Fuck off Quapurgate



Tried it, I just fell asleep.



You think all of us are some kind of Dalai Lama?





Thanks for your extensive explanation that's helpful. So how did you solve Schrödinger's AP dilemma?

Going by your view then OP's description would be unhelpful if I try to conjure up what it would be vs "sensing" it. Any ideas on how to improve this part?

Would you say what you describe is entirely different to OP and needs a special state/trance to begin with?



>I use thoughtforms here and there but nothing too powerful or elaborate. My present goal is to just clean up the house a ton because I hate how cluttered rooms change the etheric environment. Btw, I have this golden-sonar-vision thing that lets me see spirits around whenever I want, but it's turned off most of the time so I can operate normally in the world without distractions.

I'm sorry, how the heck did you develop this?


File: 1468358504344.jpg (82.71 KB, 516x720, 43:60, 1448134081204.jpg)

I just astral projected for the first time last night by accident for a couple minutes, and I can safely say this works. The problem with most people is that they will not have a good concept of what astral projecting is like, and how to get into it. The best way I can describe astral projecting is that it's a combination of levels of dreams everyone should already be familiar with. You know how you're on the verge of falling asleep, or are just really tired, so while laying in bed you start semi-dreaming and then snap out of it, almost jolting out of bed? That's what I'd call subconscious dreaming. Astral projection seems to be a cross between this subconscious dreaming and lucid dreaming (if you don't know what lucid dreaming is, use Google), in the sense that you are taking these subconscious dreams to their spiritual conclusion and are able to use them as a portal to astral projecting. I should also make not that I'm extremely new to /fringe/ shit, and that I'm just getting into things like Asatru, but this was my first time interpretation of it. Cool stuff. All I did in my first astral projection, though, was get out of bed, grab a package of cigarettes from my desk, and go outside to smoke. The stars above my deck were brighter than I'd ever seen them in my lifetime, but after staring at them for a few seconds, when I reached into the pack of cigarettes, I jolted out of the astral projection/dream sequence. It was definitely something tangible that I feel like I can repeat.



Heh, the stars… yes they are more clear than what is possible to see with the eyes.



I'm not sure anymore I've had it for quite a long while I simply sent out these sonar-waves of mental-substance out and they register random entities in the area. I can do it anywhere and see entities lit up by it walking around the streets, in my home, or wherever else… and I also get a distinctly magnetic feel of where they are too and I can call them to me or go to them. It's really cool and I wish there was an anon on here who'd meet up with me so we could do various tests with it. Preferably an anon who understands the difficulties of magickal practice and isn't going to give up in frustration either if results don't come immediately.



OP's technique is straightforward and works perfectly fine, the problem occurs after you've succesfully projected.

What >>79871 said is very important, you really need to be 'out there'


I very frequently, including just last night, get myself into this vibrating state where I feel a bunch of energy concentrated in my chest (sometimes head), like it wants to get out, but usually I just end up waking up/sitting up if I try to take the next step. For those that do astral project, does this state I get myself into sound like the beginning of it? And if so, how to work through it (do I just keep trying until it clicks?)


I've been trying to astral project every night for around two weeks now. I'm making progress and I can get back to the level where I left off almost instantly, but I would describe my experience so far as meditation with the intent of projecting. Here's some issues/experiences that I've been having. Hopefully some of you can relate.

The first thing I do is pay attention to visuals. These visuals are flashing static-like fractals that become much more intense during meditation, hypnagogia, and drug use; however, they are also weakly present outside these states in my everyday life. I lay down and close my eyes, distinguishing what is within my vision, and what is outside of my vision. Usually focusing on the two can allow me to manipulate where the barrier is.

There are two things that can happen. The most common thing that happens is that I can 'zoom in' to my visuals, and break through to another deeper layer of visuals. Another thing which (I think) feels more like AP is harder to describe. This less common experience involves my visual field to compress itself, and almost zoom out, yet always staying the same size. Visual space at this point is very strange. The visuals also begin to rapidly and brightly flash, my heart-rate begins to increase (arguably heart chakra), and each breath feels 'sliced up'.

This second stage takes a lot of focus, and I usually then transition back into the first stage after 5 minutes or so. The first time this happened, I got up after it stopped and I was physically shaking. So I feel like there is something promising to this.

Things that I always do regardless is pay attention to a faint ringing noise that I can adjust the volume and pitch of depending on how much attention I pay to it.

I also try to make my body feel heavier and more relaxed, and attempt to raise energy from my legs to my chest.

My last attempt of AP led me to a sensation of something being placed on my forehead/ third-eye. Not sure what to do with this really.

I'm aware that my visuals could be interpreted as HPPD, and my ringing could be tinnitus. Regardless of whether they are or aren't, they have always helped me with meditation.


Warning concerning astral projection and mediumship:

It uses up a lot of vital energy and weakens the connection between your soul and body and potentially your spirit and soul too.

There's got to be some methods that don't take such a huge toll on your health all the time. I'm not sure what would be best.



Could you please explain 'soul', 'spirit' and 'body' to me.

I keep hearing them and I've read about them, but they do not make any sense.

The connection between the body and consciousness is as strong as one wants it to be.




>A nonphysical energy field belonging to living beings, comprised of etheric and astral components. It allows Spirit to interface with the physical body.

>The soul can exist apart from the physical body, and even apart from Spirit. Just by itself, the soul is equivalent to a thoughtform.


>The core of individualized consciousness within oneself, which survives death and rebirth and can continue growing in its complexity and intensity through numerous physical forms. It is the godspark that eventually achieves congruency and unity with God. Spirit is most developed in the Higher Self, and the two are essentially synonymous. Spirit is also the true source of freewill, empathy, and wisdom.






Check out Montalk's glossary it has all the terms there.




File: 1468493020795.jpg (200.91 KB, 880x1024, 55:64, ldTWUJt.jpg)

I tried to astral project recently and went into the living room to look at a white board. I made a point to memorize what was written on it. After "waking up" I saw that something completely different was written on the board.

Did I astral project and see something different because it was on a different plane or was it just a failure/dream?



You did not tune things correctly to see the physical plane from the astral.



Not sure what you mean. How do I tune things correctly? Just will it to be so?

It's worth noting that I did not write what was on the board in either plane.



From what he says the room looked the same, so he obviously was "tuned" pretty well.

The more I learn about AP the more it feels like lucid dreaming with a hint of self delusion.



I AP'd into the room of my friend whose house I never physically visited and my account was fairly accurate though somewhat distorted. For example what I called a table was just a cardboard box that he used as a table and I wasn't able to accurately describe the small objects in his room. I also goofed and swapped the placements of his window and bookshelf.

Another thing I had trouble with is when I threw a pen over my head and AP'd to see what position it lay in, it would often appear turned 90 degrees to its true position.

Granted that was years ago and I've improved my astral sight since then but things like that are possibly why the Stargate project was officially scrapped, it would take years for someone to train themselves to accurately remote view locations.


File: 1468500809849.png (2.01 MB, 1024x1024, 1:1, yaranaika.png)

Wondering if I could get some tips on the "outside your body" element in all this. I made a strong attempt at AP recently that yielded some results, but wasn't a success. I tried imagining my room at home (I'm abroad), and I genuinely felt like I was moving some kind of deeper state the more I concentrated on the details and textures of the room. At some point I plateaued and contemplated that maybe there were too many details I was trying to cover, so I switched to imagining myself on the carpet facing the door and only that. While doing this I felt the "deepening of the state" for lack of better terms. It was sort of like falling back into my mind as the light didn't seem to penetrate my eyelids at all. I was aware that maybe I wasn't imagining myself well enough outside my body, so I tried imagining myself floating at a greater or lower height, or imagining my physical body in the room. I could feel some changes when I tried this, but nothing that ever lasted to any effect.

At this point my mind began wandering into that kind of pre-dream state where I was still conscience of my physical surroundings where I was trying to AP from, but my imagination began wandering aggressively. I left the room of my apartment and began running at a very fast pace to whatever location my sub-conscience brought me. I had a degree of control of where I was going, but never for more than a few seconds before I jumped somewhere else. At some point I must have gone somewhere particularly strange because my non-subconscious vision was bombarded by an assortment complex patterns of red.

I was eventually disturbed by the physical world and had to stop. It's possible I described something very mundane, but it felt very different from anything I ever experienced even though it was less vivid than any dream I've had. I'd appreciate any critique as to whether I'm heading in the right direction or not.



>If you want to astral project then imagine yourself outside of your body.

And what if I want genius level intellect?



I'm just a bit pissy because I've yet to be able to do this and am impatient.

I have however Lucid Dreamt (this feels grammatically terrible) being in my house.

Walked around a bit, went towards my front door at which time I felt like a sense of impending terror and for some reason started to get worried a bear would enter if I opened the door and I decided that would make my dream a nightmare. So I woke myself up.

It really does make sense some things would be different because I imagine Lucid dreams and AP are closely related.

Maybe if you have a lucid dream within a lucid dream, that's when you AP



make a thoughtform for it?



>Then you need to imagine that. Do this through the intention to be out of your body and viewing something within a given time and place. If your intention is to prove astral projection doesn't real or if you are plagued by doubts and negative emotions which make you feel it can't be done, you need to get over that.

Isn't there more to that? Like impressing on to the subconscious, and removing expectation completely after you do it?


That may be true, but how do you get that real enough to be engaging? That is the problem, I can do this but, I would rather watch porn.



Aren't naked ladies a beauty of this world?



i've never seen one



Well, not in person, obviously.


AP'ing from sleep is a bad idea, its much harder to do than AP'ing while awake and you will fade into uncsonsciousness between dreams. typically lucid dreams last only between 4 and 15 minutes. Furthermore you will train yourself to fall asleep more than you will to AP because the associations for sleep are going to be immensely stronger than the budding associations needed to AP.


imaginal exercises will gradually increase your ability to imagine complex things, inducing trance works also.



even more armchair than smiley, the guy binges on death metal and wonders why he has paranoid panic attacks (which he blames on aliens, of course.)



lol, I listen to extreme metal all day, every day of my life, stop being retarded



and here we are.



well, it definetly contributed a lot to me finding this site and got me practicing


can you get stuck in AP (unable to exit)?

would that be bad if you got caught in an average nightmare and where physically mutilated?

or would you just be able to control the spooks?



>can you get stuck in AP (unable to exit)?

Yeah - by dying. That can happen to you at any time though. You're more likely to get exhausted of vital energy and lose your connection way before dying purely from APing btw. To be able to maintain a connection so strong that every aspect of your vitality is devoted to it to the very last, such that you die from it, is highly improbable especially if you're new to this.

>would that be bad if you got caught in an average nightmare and where physically mutilated?

Good thing there is no end to death and rebirth then. Sometimes you just have to die several times quick until you break resonance with le nightmare scenario(s).

>or would you just be able to control the spooks?

Not necessarily.



It may be conditioning from a past existence. Depressed consciousness is a sign of conditioning as are emotions. That's the framework I'm using anyway. Feelings, thoughts, and reactions may be implanted from malicious sources.

I happened to have my first partially lucid dream recently. I wasn't fully functional. I was like a confused kid, but I remembered some things I've read on the fringes.

I was exploring what looked like abandoned refineries and massive cylinders lying on their sides, maybe rocket ships, when I was spontaneously aware. The sky was a dazzling blue, the grassy hills emerald green, my hands were like misshapen wax. I flew around for a few seconds. I recalled that there were supposedly scouts in dreams, so I looked and saw what looked like a witch on a broom flying around. I was immediately upon it. Grabbing hold, it was no witch at all. It was a flat black shape, about 5 inches wide, that only looked like a witch in silhouette.

I was suddenly unaware once more and in another dream. I had a suppressed pistol. I walked from a sub-basement up into a large mall populated by docile zombies. There were people there that told me I needn't worry about being bitten and turning unless one took a liking to me. Of course, a female zombie turned from the crowd and almost killed me there. She then spent the rest of the night chasing me around the clothing racks while the people just watched. I can't recall what became of the pistol.



Emotions are just given you in the form of akasha by god and then it goes through your programming to arise in whatever forms you give it.


how can i make myself aware that i'm barely aware and drifting in and out of sleep states


Ah OP explained it so well


mantras like "mind awake body asleep"


how do i steal someones body and life while projecting?



u need 2 succ they're father's dick and fucc there mother


What is the difference between the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual planes?

Does "casual plane' mean anything?



Do you mean causal and not casual?


Am I astral projecting right now?


File: 0f91dd4b1ca697a⋯.png (241.8 KB, 454x340, 227:170, hmm.png)

I think I understand the concept of Astral Projection. Though I've had practically no success with it (so far) after trying it on and off for years. And I don't think it's because I'm simply not "trying" for long enough.

Aside from simply imagining (I would practice imagining myself in another room and try to feel and move around) The most common thing I've read talks about making the body relaxed enough to fall asleep with the mind awake and feeling those vibrations… then use whatever method you feel works to get out. But I've never managed to reach the vibration stage on an AP attempt. I would lay there for up to an hour or longer sometimes, blobs of colors and lights get stronger (Sometime to the point where I almost feel like the sleep mask I have on isn't on properly, when it is.) But no real success. Usually what just happens is my arms just go numb from not moving and then I start feeling physically uncomfortable. I know it's possible, because accidentally hit the vibration stage only once after dozing off for a moment, while going to bed. So I know how it actually feels.

I just can't figure out whats stopping me from reaching it while attempting AP. Whats worse; is I honestly rarely see anyone have this issue. It's always; "I can get into the vibration stage but I can't out" I know if I could consistently hit that mark I wouldn't have much of an issue AP. Even things like Marijuana which got me really relaxed didn't seem to help with that.



AP on weed isnt doable mitt mett.



Only half-true. If you smoke weed you unleash a boost on your creativity which could certainly help you A LOT with visualizing yourself into an astral projection. BUT the problem is you just can't focus on it properly, the thoughts wander too much. However, if you mix it with drugs that help you concentrate it can actually be a powerful tool. Unless of course the person who tries this is an weak idiot who easily becomes addicted to drugs. Then again, I guess in this case it would more be being addicted to astral projection than the drug that enables it. And since that shit can be insanely fun it can also be insanely addictive.





30% weed

70% tobacco

Tobacco confirmed astral medicine. It allows more focus and mental activity to balance the free wheeling/relaxing nature of the weed.

If you want to avoid smoking (I feel the plant saturating the air you breathe to be important)

Take small bud, grind and put in a teacup with some tea or other herbs and a dab of coconut oil. If yr stomach is brave add a pinch of fresh tobacco.

Drink, wait 1 hour, AP time.



Find a sense of identity that exists beyond the physical body. Otherwise you'll just sort of reach out from inside rather than leave the inside. Maybe physically go outside more.


this looks like the right thread,

I'm having trouble with the clarity of my astral projection, I can move myself from place to place and navigate pretty effectively, but everything I see is super muddled, and whenever I do little self-tests to try and confirm my sightings, what I see is so faint that I only get a faint idea of what im seeing, that feeling is generally accurate so I am projecting, but its so light that I second guess myself a lot and find out I was right to begin with (these are small things like, the orientation of a chair or the people in a room over)

I've done things like meditating on my 3rd eye and exposing myself to crystals relevant to it, but all I get is a hard pressure sensation, but no substantial improvement.

I'm trying to meditate more, but beyond that, maybe it's a technical error in my approach? like the astral equivalent of trying to sprint while holding my breath?

I'm not sure, but If you have any suggestions, I'm game, I'll try anything.



>Tobacco confirmed astral medicine. It allows more focus and mental activity

You have either never smoked or still do to this day and need to rationalize why you are a weak ass addict.

Tobacco abstinence causes lack of focus and mental fog, which it solves only in the measure it causes it. It causes a problem and then "solves" it, leaving you in the same state you would be if you weren't a filthy junkie, except now you have literal poison running through your veins. The perfect (((drug))). Ying as fuck as well.


Oh, wait, you are already doing so. Hahaha, well done my friend.


AP on weed is more difficult than without. It loosens the etheric body, but that alone all it does is make it harder for you to focus. Literal drug addicted faggots like >>108207 think that because their addiction impedes clear thinking, the drug they're addicted to actually helps them focus. Pathetic.

Anyway, weed is useful for free association of ideas and loosened creativity, but not AP. One drug that could help is caffeine. If you go to sleep on a caffeine pill you will have more vivid dreams and easier lucidity. It basically helps attain mind awake body asleep, if your body isn't too sensitive to caffeine.



While out of body, proclaim to yourself "MORE CLARITY" and make it so.



First time seriously attempting Astral Projection and I'm surprised with how it went. I didn't do it by a sliver, the vibrations were very intense and I felt my head spinning. I lost hearing for a second. The more I focused on leaving the physical body the more intense it got, it was even difficult to breath. Alas, a moment of distraction destroyed my focus.

Next time it'll be better, hopefully what I'm doing is actual AP and I haven't stumbled across something dangerous by accident. That'd be hilarious though. I've never heard anyone reporting what I felt.


File: 417e35d70fa03ac⋯.jpg (27.55 KB, 486x664, 243:332, 8018e58bc37c60b52c8590cdc4….jpg)


When everything is static yet shapes form what do?



Finally someone tells those addict weaklings how it is. Good post.


So what does it mean when you have an out of body experience in the physical plane? Asking for my self.


Ey guys I just almost managed my first exit…again. But my heart was beating so heavy and fast i was fearful I get a heart attack so it distracted me too much I guess. It just stopped and nothing happened further.

Well, in his book "astral dynamics" Robert Bruce writes that there is no need to worry and only your heart center goes apeshit, not your actual physical heart. But I noticed for me that was not true, it was really my physical heart that got in hyper mode. Can anyone explain? Can I trust the book, or can this actually hurt me? Because I did not expect to get a heart beating from hell.



I'd say you either hyperventilated yourself or on the contrary forgot to breathe. In my case once the whole body was convulsing as if in seizure. Just don't pay attention to physical effects, you won't die that easily - too many safeguards in the body for that to happen.

And anyway if you are so afraid for yourself why are you even doing this to begin with? To brag to your colleagues in the office?



>I'd say you either hyperventilated yourself or on the contrary forgot to breathe

I'm not sure any of that was the case but I surely will pay more attention next time. Thanks. I already tried my best to ignore the physical effects no matter what and concentrate but it still just stopped.



what technique do you use btw?

when I imagine myself outside the body…nothing happens. when I imagine climbing a rope…nothing happens. when I lie down without movement and relax for 2 hours…nothing happens.

only very rarely it feels like I am going into sleep paralysis or finally out of body but then it stops as fast as it came again and nothing happens. this shit is definetly way harder than faggot op makes it out to be


Remember lads: Bilocation (what OP is talking about) and Astral Projection are two different things, though somewhat similar. We have to keep our terminology straight. Most disagreements amongst esoterics are only caused because two parties use different terminology, yet talk about the same thing.

If you project your imagination into the astral realm and thus you technically are aware at two places at the same time that's what's called "bilocation". While it is far easier than astral projection and no doubt a powerful tool for magic, it is still limited by the fact that the imagination is a great tool for sending projections (as that is its job) but unpolished when it comes to recieving info by itself. Compared to a real astral projection, your bi-located astral body is kind of blind. Of course you can train this, but you need some sort of way to measure if what you're seeing is external or internal. This is why training this stuff with a friend is very helpful.

Astral Projection, on the other hand, moves your entire conciousness into the astral realm. It's as if you die, only that your soul is connected to your body through some sort of "rope". More like Umbrial Cord but with a lot more range. In this state you can also see properly and, most importantly, you have a LOT more control since the projection is no longer a product of your imagination.

Also, a bilocation is the projection of a thoughtform into the astral realm. To those that believe that ego and soul are two seperate things, what you project there is definetly a product of ego, since it's a product of thought. There is literally nothing wrong with that, but I think it's still worth a mention.

For casting magic, the most important difference is the energy investments here. Since bilocation uses a thoughtform it will only be as strong as the amount of energy you put in. The limiting factor here is not how much energy you got (a soul with a body is quite the fusion reactor) but how quick you can send it. This means: The longer the distance, the weaker the bilocational body. On the other hand, the astral projection is an all-in investment and if anything happens to you out there you will feel like shit for days since you lost all your energy. This happens more often than you'd think. But an astral body is, of course, far stronger.

The thing is, actual astral projection is hard. My recommened technique: Download an Binaural Beat for Astral Projection, put it on some device, set an alarm for the middle of your sleep cycle, while in half-sleep from just waking up go listen to the track and fall asleep with it. Then you will "wake up" again as you dream, you'll get out of your bed thinking it hasn't worked, but you're actually astral projecting and if you turn around you'll see your body there. Don't flip your shit too much as excitement likes to pull you back into the body. I make it sound a lot easier than it is here, but this is basically the method I use. Your biggest problem will be that you're a little bit retarded as your dream-self. I call it dream-dementia and its what causes you to not notice that you're dreaming even though the weirdest fucking shit happens in dreams.

As for bilocation, literally just use your imagination to imagine yourself somewhere else. Then keep a very open mind for what you see out there, don't let the expectations of your imagination ruin it. This is key. I recommend listening to some music that fits the intention of your trip out there while you do it. Drugs can help opening your mind, though back in the day when I used to do bilocate daily I almost always did it sober and it worked.

Seriously though, doubt combined with an out-of-control imagination is your biggest enemy in bilocation. Or, I guess, in all of magic. The greatest weapon against doubt is proof though so do this stuff together with a friend. If you project to the same place and then see the same things, knowing info you couldn't possibly know unless you both saw it there, that's proof and truth is the best ally you could ever wish for, always.

Stay save out there lads.


I get the impression that this "astral projection" thing is merely your imagination or a lucid dream at best.



>can you get stuck in AP (unable to exit)?

I had an experience 2 years ago, where I astral projected accidentally and I had no energy left, so I just crawled desperately back to my house, but blacked out when I was 2 blocks away. That's when I woke up in a small room with no windows, and someone that I had a distorted image of (His traits changed). He asked me to tell him my name, I was barely able to whisper it and I woke up in my bed more thankful than ever.

A more recent incident is when I woke up in the room where I stayed when I lived with my parents and I looked in the mirror and I felt crippling fear and I realized I was trapped. An inferior entity showed me the way out.

So yeah, you can get trapped, so you better know what you're doing. My theory though, is that dying will also get you trapped in the astral and unable to navigate, if you waste your life on mundane shit. It is extremely important that, while alive, we learn to astral project yourself or at least we try to make sure that a higher entity will consider us worthy of being guided elsewhere. Otherwise, we will get trapped in a dream, which may or may not interfere with the physical plane.



It's a phenomenom that happens all the time in hospitals to people who get operated. Google it. Astral Projection is definetly real. Bilocation often becomes LARPing but if done right it can be real. Since you can always go and explore places you have not been to astrally and then go there physically you can always confirm it even if you're by yourself, though its definetly a lot harder with bilocation. Note that not all things that exist within the astral exist within the physical, but everything physical exists / can be seen in the astral.



I suppose i don't know shit until i know shit. Might as well try it.

One concern i have is if there are any physical or mental dangers doing this. Is there?



Short story: You'll probably be fine. Anything bad happening out there is really, really rare.

Long Story:

While you are not alone in the astral realm and thus, other entites can theoretically be as much of a danger as they can be in physical reality, the biggest danger is underestimating yourself. A body is an energy reactor for a soul, so a soul that is astral projecting and thus connected to its body is far stronger than anything without a body. So IF you happen to meet some hostile entity out there chances are you are actually far stronger. Most demonic entities feed off of fear or negative emotions in general. Plus chances are if you meet an evil spirit out there it is a projection of your subconcious (again: super rare). If you end up meeting another APing human chances are it's a peaceful hippie, almost noone goes out there with the intention to just attack strangers, no matter if they have a body or not. I could nerd out about this topic some more but it'd just make you worry about something that'll probably never happen to you. It's like being afraid of ending up in a plane crash - except even IF something happens its far less dangerous. TL;DR Don't worry about it. ESPECIALLY if you're just bilocating and not actually astral projecting.



Ok, sounds good then. Thank you anon.

Oh and is there any chance of getting sleep paralysis? And it becoming more common?

>Plus chances are if you meet an evil spirit out there it is a projection of your subconcious (again: super rare).

See this is the thing that gives me the idea that it is likely all just lucid dreaming and nothing real about it.



Sleep paralysis is actually something that you almost always experience before you AP - and if you don't, then you just didn't try to move. Possibly because you were dreaming before.

Your ego consists of many thoughtforms. Those thoughtforms can be projected into the astral realm (which is technically what's happening when you are bilocating, too). If you meet someone out there who is hostile towards you chances are he knows you. And since you don't live in the astral realm if anything out there knows you chances are it's a part of you. Evil spirits that hunt for souls to consume or some shit like that are far more rare than that stuff happening - just like in "real" life, most demons you'll face were actually your own creation.

It's simple to test if you're lucid dreaming or astral projecting: If you're lucid dreaming you're god, since you're within your own mind. In the astral realm there are limitations, though you can still do some stuff that might feel god-like at first (like flying and projecting your spiritual energy). If you're actually lucid within the experience it's easy to tell. Becoming fully lucid is the hard part here, "dream-dementia" as I call it is quite the bitch. So if you enter the astral realm from a non-lucid dream-state then it IS actually kind of hard to tell the difference, because you probably won't even be lucid enough to realize it's going on in the first place. Thinking that the astral realm is a dream is actually a far more common problem than thinking that your dream is astral projection.



the one that doesn't believe won't ever get it.



use your Sovereign Power to make it so. Affirm to yourself "I have genius level intelligence." "I am a genius." repeatedly and many times.

Also use this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2CjNTmhez0U every day.



you are Sovereign. you are that Higher Entity. realize your CREATOR power.




behaving sts and parasitically… doesn't go well at all.


you generate emotions from your own soul and spirit that has emanated from the Infinite Source.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XvyPscRD1ss universe cleaner and subconscious too, 1 time each day for 5 days and then rest for 2, do not overdo, drink a lot of water


montalk's info is good but mixed in with some false light fake religion propaganda, take what resonates only.



If you want to know if it works well just read the comments. You'll never get a 100% "IT WORKED" rate but it'll give you a feeling for the quality.

For example, take a look at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9efLTm1sWAU

Read that description. What the fuck, right? This is begging to be trolled. Yet there are a LOT of comments saying this works.

Meanwhile your videos uploader seems a lot more professional yet there aren't a lot of positive reports in the comments.

Plus I get slightly dizzy just from listening to that track I posted even when I'm not meditating at all or anything, which is also a sign for it doing its job.

The one you linked might still work for you though, I don't know, just thought it'd probably help you if I shared how I try to identify beats like that which actually work.

Gonna download the one I linked here and try it tonight, will report.



Oh also, right now I just assumed that you meant if this works for astral projection. In case you're looking for something to aid with bilocation instead of looking for binaural beats you might wanna look for somewhat emotional music that fits the intent of your bilocation in order to aid your imagination. Though binaural beats may very well still help with this too, it's just that I didn't really test that a whole lot.




There's a new 5 hour version with additional tones.



Works. Just had the shortest yet easiest AP ever. When I get up in the morning I set 3 alarms in 10 minute intervals and only really have to get up at the third. I had a weird, obviously very short dream in the second attempt. Like, somehow the whole dream just happened in 3 minutes? What the fuck? Anyway I dreamed I was hanging out with friends at my dads place. Then suddenly, everyone is gone and the whole place is black and white. Somehow even my retarded dream-self was spooked enough to question reality there. So it did a reality check - I was pressing my nose between my fingers and tried breathing out of it. I could, so I knew it was a dream. Then I "woke up" in my bed right away, but my alarm didn't ring yet, feeling strangely heavy. Out of experience I know if I tried to get up the normal way during a possible astral projection I'd re-enter sleep paralysis as soon as I tried to move my legs, (my lower astral body is somehow way more rooted to my physical one?), but moving my arms works fine (I lost way too many solid AP attempts to figure that out about me, btw) so I grabbed the little desk next to my bed and pulled me out, sorta rolling myself out of my body landing on the ground. I did the same reality check to double check, yup still worked, was like "fuck yes" but thought I had at best 5 minutes until I had to wake up for work so I allowed my body to pull me back in. Which, I guess, was pretty retarded, I probably could have done SOME research in that time? Anyway point is that track works much better than the last one I was using.

Also, through the night I had pretty awesome dreams. Not lucid dreams but they were all pretty nice.

I'm actually surprised the track of that uploader (https://www.youtube.com/user/ThetaRealms/videos) works so well, looking at his channel really looks like he's just clickbaiting hippies for the views but shit, it works. At least that track did.



Oh, my friend! (being that We Are All One). I have something new to give you: a subliminal for astral projection by a known very trusted author, the DrVirtual7 (he even made subconscious purgers and universe cleaners, multi-dimensional cleansers, a.i disablers and hypnotic code breakers, etc)

This also comes with safety affirmations (you shall not have APs when you don't desire them, etc)

this is the video, repeat it 2 times so you get entrained to the frequencies:




Gonna try that before I go to bed, thanks. Couldn't reproduce the projection last night, gonna try a different approach, will report if I'm successfull.


File: 832d1bc71aabf45⋯.jpg (440.71 KB, 2000x2988, 500:747, Tzeentch champion.jpg)

Tryptamine others confirm this is all the case. Successes and honor to OP for both freeing himself and for showing the path without complication.



what were the results?



Couldn't reproduce it yet, maybe I just got lucky that time. Tried a track with 5 mil views, didn't do anything. The 4-minute-thingie also didn't help, sadly. I'm still searching for that holy grail, that one trick that works every time.

I'm fairly sure that it's more effective if you don't go to bed with a binaural beat in your ear but instead put it on in the middle of the night. I think the brain gets used to it during sleep. What's interesting though is that I've become better at remembering my dreams lately. But that doesn't help much.


File: e864d6635e9aef1⋯.jpg (769.2 KB, 2979x1451, 2979:1451, IMG_1785.JPG)


Well said and it's especially true for imagination and creativity. Something I also noticed: I used to be very good at imagining horrible scenarios for myself. My anxiety's vivid imagination sabotaged my life at every turn. Once I realized this and committed to changing it my life started improving greatly. I simply started by imagining "God's love/light" instead of imagining horrible possibilities. Gradually the vague image of God's love/light started to turn into more vivid images of positive and attractive scenarios for my life. Slowly my life is starting to get better and my anxiety is almost completely gone.




Friend in the One, could you try this Mantra? It's the FARAON mantra. I checked this particular iteration in Audacity and it has a 12kHz base frequency, a high one.


Thank you!

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