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Tipp's Fringe Bunker

File: 3cf4d8c09a945c8⋯.png (126.32 KB, 345x294, 115:98, 1471975012246.png)


I am another yourself and the universe is my will.

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File: 20db85591f1585f⋯.jpg (42.04 KB, 744x558, 4:3, smiley hat.jpg)

(5. Respect anonymity. No identifying posts.)


wew OP my boi I can feel those vibes


I suppose I can only surrender into love


File: 02d9c82558eea87⋯.png (297.97 KB, 522x292, 261:146, fullpotato.png)




File: 987ed4e5fd4e763⋯.jpg (31.61 KB, 366x540, 61:90, atlas.jpg)


Why would anyone kill their ego? What are the benefits?

Being an egomaniac has a lot of benefits. Girls dig egomaniacs. Pride is always based on things you have done to earn it.

It's negative because dignity-wired people tend to dislike those that pull ego-mind-tricks such as sometimes demanding attention or inflating what they are telling about.

I guess it all boils down to pride… is pride good?

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File: c9022ae3f00fc8a⋯.jpg (209.98 KB, 1008x1111, 1008:1111, 288.jpg)


Then begin by speaking truth, knowing truth and being truth. If you know what you wrote is not true, that is on you.

The pointer to you was that you cannot experience ego death and claim it was terrifying, because it is only ego that holds the opinion that letting it go is terrifying.


>If all people becomes like this then there will be pillaging, raping, and killing anything because might

Is the geographic location of the Middle East unknown to your gaze? A muddy pineal gland does not see far.


>but the ego can try to interrupt the process.

That's kind of the point. Hubris.


It can't destroy the boundaries, but it can show them so that someone else might destroy the boundaries.



Who else exists when the boundaries do not?


File: 0e9778000fde9e0⋯.jpg (23.26 KB, 308x332, 77:83, zamolxisicon.jpg)

I don't know, being an egomaniac is natural. Taking pride is the mechanic by which the demiurge has rewarded you.


File: 3c68000fa6901fe⋯.jpg (48.01 KB, 435x571, 435:571, What the fuck am I casting.jpg)


>Taking pride is the mechanic by which the demiurge has rewarded you.





nice numbers ;)

File: 7980535ae6b0d39⋯.png (2.01 MB, 750x1334, 375:667, 1E381548-120F-4BE5-B39C-11….png)


So i took Chelation powder called EDTA a couple months ago, because I apparently build up heavy metal toxicity easily, and now i have severe paychosis, worse than ever before.

What do i do? I dont want to take meds. ;__; either i have yeast infection of the edta fucked my body up even more

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Because I had professional testing done and I accumulate toxins easily. I also have leaky gut and bbb issues.

Do you think autists are just self-destructive “just because”?


File: f346c8b43a1b6bb⋯.jpg (360.56 KB, 881x739, 881:739, Blake_-_Lion_&_Wolf_from_D….jpg)

File: 9a2059118df29da⋯.jpg (202.31 KB, 1400x989, 1400:989, sample-62a72d75c94d367296d….jpg)


>Do you think autists are just self-destructive “just because”?

I think people create health problems because they have unresolved issues they are incapable of facing directly.

Shit happens and said shit gets submerged into the subconscious so the conscious can continue to navigate the day to day complexities of dealing with survival.

It's all the shadow stuff that ultimately makes people sick. Address the shadow.

Meanwhile your body is physical, based in this world, biological. Give it meat. The vodka will help dull your sensitivities so the body and adjust back to being the dynamic animal that it is.


When you detox from certain things aka heavy metal toxicity, the metals are still in your body, they are just dislodged by watever chemical detoxes you, and then are removed by the body normally. The removal process isnt super fast, and the metals will actually affect you more in this aggravated state, compared to them being stored in fatty tissue etc.

I say your best, and probably only option is to wait it out, drink lots of water, and eat lots of fibre



the sigil is a good choice but adding so many conditions is not good at all. you are signing a needless contract with yourself instead of leaving the symbolic pattern with energy alone to do its work.




i differenciate between false autism and true autism (including aspergers)

false autism is caused by mercury and aluminium, specially in vaccines.

this condition is removed very easily by simple detoxifications.

true autism is a spiritual "change" it's not necessarily negative. it's caused by "flaws" on the spiritual DNA of the soul. imo, it is harder to fix than false autism (although since we are Sovereign, Divine and Free Beings, creators and observators [at once] of our Reality, it is certainly easy).

File: 32d06ce094e6736⋯.jpg (142.65 KB, 1280x719, 1280:719, girl-1442438_1280.jpg)


You can get the magic from the occult tradition that gave birth to the vampire myth right here, in this thread. All you need to do is contact me telepathically, or express clear intent in your mind, and the automated function I set up for this purpose will cast the spell on you. It includes a few different adapted versions of the the original magic as well as a back up spell for enlightenment along the path I walked myself before making this discovery.

Historical background

A number of years ago I was contacted by a spiritual being, or so I thought. I interpreted him has the being behind the vampire myth. At the time I thought there was only this one being, and that there were no physical vampires. I got a demonstration of his strength when he helped me defeat four strong demonic beings. After this I didn't see him again.

Jumping ahead a bit I started realizing my first understanding was wrong. I noticed I was being stalked by someone and through a series of events found the real existing community of physical vampires. They are all very old and experts in their own field of occultism. By "very", I'm not talking along the lines of what is described in pop culture. After connecting with their minds through telepathy and being allowed to look into their pasts, I found them to be 1000s of years old. By their tradition anyone younger than 1000 years is considered a "hangaround" and not yet a full member. This is the result of a number of failed versions of the original magic being passed around, all resulting in the person dying at around 1000 years of age. To distinguise between the real deal and the fakes, they made this rule.

The creator of the tradition is the spiritual being I first met. He left the physical plane around 180000 years ago and lives in a library he created in the 9th physical dimension. He passed the magic onto one follower who also left the physical plane but who didn't get beyond the 3rd dimension. The current matriarch of the community is around 130000 years old and can move freely between dimensions but hasn't yet found a permanent residence in a plane beyond the human world. The same goes for all newer recruits.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>It's mostly caused by sexual degeneration from what I've seen.

Earlier in the thread you mentioned vampires are quite sexually liberal -this being something from the caveman era where everybody was fucking, and you also mentioned female vampires love giving blowjobs.

So, what's 'sexual degeneracy' in this context then?

Also, since I happen to be here anyway; for the sake of documentation I'll mention it's been 2 months now, and still nothing significant has transpired.



Also, I'm Spurdo man, forget to use the flag for this thread.



Being sexually liberated is different from being sexually depraved. Unless you're a brainwashed /pol/ dummy.


File: b2ed21487d41242⋯.jpg (137.23 KB, 500x375, 4:3, 2882364759_bc71897301_z.jpg)

File: 221144d6832bf6b⋯.jpg (37.98 KB, 386x600, 193:300, rs1_997-buddha-tantrism-st….jpg)


The blowjob thing is more of a fetisch and it seems to go only for females.

Blowjobs technically are not sex and they surely do not equal sodomy from a physical view. Male vampires tend to be mostly asexual from what I understand.

Compare this to what people are doing today, having 100s of sexual partners by age 30, aborting babies and so on. Sex is a ritual in which you connect your bodies and exchange energies, when pregnancy is achieved it's the result of summoning a spirit into the womb to create a new life. It can be used properly for spiritual development such as is done in tantrism - treated as a holy ritual.

This is not what the common people are doing, they engage in racemixing, classmixing and choose partners on a whim, collecting and sharing filthy energy constantly.

Pics related, there is a difference between sex and sex.

>for the sake of documentation I'll mention it's been 2 months now, and still nothing significant

Thanks for reporting anyway.


Hey, OP, is a mandela effect or it is real that we have a new topic about that?

I'm >>115638

File: 750c4e008aea8a1⋯.jpg (90.7 KB, 458x505, 458:505, mandrake3.jpg)


Hey all… So I've had some interesting experiences lately and I could use some input. To start, I'm not particularly well read in the esoteric, I've only ever sperged into the concepts/theories surrounding the hivemind/collective unconscious/memesphere or what ever jargon its going by now. Aside from that and skimming through some of Serano's writings I never really read into much else. I've told some details

I've been sperging hard into a lot of random stuff for a while now. Searching for facts on various topics, mostly researching ancient myths/history and then researching the etymology of every word written on those topics. That eventually lead to me putting obscene amounts of energy into esoteric cryptography. I eventually started to find that no matter what I did as long as I put enough mental focus into it I would get a coherent, yet incomplete, message out of what ever code I was looking at.

This lead to me visualizing the codes as a 4 dimensional object that exists on an 8 dimensional plane which I've started to refer to as the labyrinth. For lack of a better analogy this labyrinth would look similar to the movie 'the cube'.

Visualizing this 'language cube' lead to some spoopy fucking shit happening. First I noticed that all of my physical ailments had either diminished or subsided completely, but I started feeling this new symptom, a sort of pain in my forehead/temples that isnt a headache.. Its like a burning pain/pressure that doesnt feel quite like anything I've felt before. Kind of like a mental/spiritual muscle fatigue sort of pain. I wouldnt say that it hurts but it definitely qualifies as 'some sort of pain'.

From there, after a week long spergout, I spent 7 full days determined to wrap my head around the mechanics of this 'language cube'. Literally, 7 days. I only slept when my body crashed and I'd wake up 2 hours later and get back to it.

At the end, I had this "Aha!" moment where I fully understood the whole thing, and it was amazing it was like being able to see the whole universe. But I could only hold onto that understand for maybe 30-60 minutes after that it was too much to contPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

16 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.


Intro to Gnosis 101


This world is Hell but also Heaven, depends on the collective's disposition.

You're not only planeswalking and jumping from dimension to dimension(lost car ride for example) but seeing through the veil to organize information (divination and gnosis using physical reality as a medium/'conversations' youre having with the booms n morse code)

Youre doing ALL of it.

Be careful, people will tell you ANYTHING to get what they want and dream of.

Don't support the false system

Don't give up on magic

Ill be back on later if you have any questions, though understand I am simply a student as well as yourself. Too busy lately. Im only now responding after reading this thread hours ago. Really sync'd with me because Im having the same experiences in my own way.

Welcome to 'Hell' by the way!




there are some sides of truth in what you say, and some sides of disinfo that seems to be propagated subconsciosly (*A.K.A. this is healed by researching and learning more, experiencing more to discover the true truth.)*




I practice what we call "hiding the truth in plain sight". You're the misinformed shill. That entire first post and thread is ripe with parasites. Try again next time!


File: 580edbf22e3a56b⋯.jpg (33.25 KB, 400x333, 400:333, 88ca7ced0606fbf8e77181834b….jpg)


Im very scared of being mislead.

People on here talk a lot about how there are many corrupted traditions and paths in mainstream spirituality today, perhaps such as new age, wicca, or normie oversimplified hindu-buddhist doctrines, various occult authors who are jews etc.., but they rarely highlight what specifically they mean as far as I know.

well I'm going to assume the people who say these things, have direct experience of actual truth, and can recognise what is false.

So please share, what are the problems with these things? Which ideas are wrong that 90% of common books on magic/yoga/meditation promote, and how can you tell if an idea is false or authentic to reality anyway? How do you know if you are being misguided or not?

Would anybody more wise than me, help us understand what are common half-truths, or lies supposedly floating about in the esoteric world?

What are some examples of obviously wrong teachings in new age / buddhism / hinduism / occult?

Besides all the books that are 'kosher' on the fringe reading list, what are some authentic hindu, and buddhist paths / traditions that you reccomend to learn from? If I were to learn Kriya yoga from a local western ashram, how do i know if it is legitamate teaching, or if there is disinformation in these schools? How can I choose a suitable path other than an arbitrary decision??

50 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



you mean




To Generalize the results to larger experience.


Analyzing esoteric truths is as simple as understanding archetypes and never assuming things.

There ya go. Have fun.



> Hitler was a Roman Catholic

> Taking revenge for Jesus' murder

This is what atheists actually believe. Yes, I know Hitler was raised Catholic, but it should be pretty obvious by his various statements that he wasn't a Christian, instead he was probably closer to some sort of Deist. He certainly didn't hate Jews for any religious reasons.



>To Generalize the results to larger experience.

To generalise what results? What "experience" is being made larger?

File: 16c435fb2518bff⋯.png (2.93 MB, 2598x1752, 433:292, 42134532523.png)


fair warning: this is a very very /x/ thread, and it's also heavily /pol/ related.

if you don't like /x/ and you really really don't like /pol/ then turn back now and don't read this thread.

I'm giving fair warning, so don't ban me. it is heavily related to religion, spirituality, and very fringe stuff, but I don't know if it's YOUR brand of /fringe/.

however. I can't just give you one piece of the story. it's all connected.

I hope that whoever does read this learns alot, and becomes a better person as a result. I really like the /fringe/ as well as /rel/ and a few other boards so please don't be like /pol/ and /x/ and all the other boards that ban people like crazy. I can't even post this on /pol/.

anyway, that's enough precautionary bullshit. I'm going to get on with this thread and hopefully change some lives. I'm just going to make the thread the way it needs to be made, and hope that someone really likes it.

>inb4 tl;dr

it's a big read. fair warning.

I did try to find a flag to follow the rules, but none of them fit or fit unironically. I'll be going flagless for this thread. sorry about that.

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you convinced me with your green quotes, oh worthy wise man. I now believe that the earth is flat. You should feel proud



oh boy you dont really know the Forgotten Languages website do you? big shame,…

no im not talking about the thread linked in the post u replied to, im talking about the website they TALK about in thread. i thought u realized this, go back and look at teh website again pls. very big if true


>all these old shill posts

A late fuck you.

Oldest plan for "Air map of the world" is flat and wonder why Airplanes = AIRPLANE?

They also modified the world map. Don't know how they did it but all maps don't have north pole ice caps. Not mandela bullshit but something's going on. The residue still existed in old maps it's because they fucked with the past.

Wonder why global warming fags never said a word about the ice caps?



Earth shape aside for a moment. I never understood why is the fact that the word "plane" is contained in "airplane" an argument at all.

It's like these really dumb feminists on Facebook that say history is sexist because it's "his-story".

I get it that North Americans are usually unaware of the vast history behind words that happened before their country even existed and tend to put themselves in the center of everything, but why, why is

>ever wonder why history == his-story? THATS RIGHT MIND BLOWN

Even an argument? It's some kind of chimpanzee tier "logic" that I could only understand if it was the product of some CIA manual for spreading bullshit on the internet or something.



Here in Europe they have been sperging out over the melting of the ice caps for decades. But it turns out the northern ice caps come and go.

If you weren't so keen on validating your schizo fantasies you would know this.


Use your energy better. It's obvious you need to work on yourself before you try and fix the world.

File: 363d769d177ad78⋯.png (128.15 KB, 269x272, 269:272, dasdasdada.png)


I am currently considering starting to study magik, but I keep telling mylesf "nahh thats bullshit". Can somebody give me some personal mystical experiences you had so I can make a decision?

48 posts and 6 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



>I'll see if I can't find some of my old notebooks at some point that would contain more specifics and examples of things actually occurring.

cool, thanks (:

>I was more prolific when I was starting, if only because I found more to be new and noteworthy.

Yeah honestly I should also start writing more, I've been told I should and it would probably help other people heal if I do so. Thank you for the reminder.

>Some part of me misses what it was like when *everything* magical was new and invigorating.

All is Mind tho, so can't you reinvigorate that? I remember a time when I was opening my heart; I'd been living on a farm/near innawoods for a couple months and after opening a bit I was looking at the trees entirely differently, breathing in LIFE and feeling the wonder of my environment.

I know what you mean though, it takes effort to sustain interest in things one is accustomed to.


>After I have floated through space and/or the astral and rested for a few hundret years I will come back and get ya out of here too


that's part of why I'm here. I spent some time out there and came back.

>this time I will not make the mistake of incarnating here.

eh it sucks compared to being out there but it's not hell.


>Is there even something like True Shadow?

sounds like the middle ground or brownpill.

so-called "true light" from my understanding simply doesn't tPost too long. Click here to view the full text.



I appreciate the offer! We'll see where I am at that point, though. Like I said, I'm actually quite content being here, but if I'm still kicking around samsara, stop by and say hi!

You don't have to incarnate here if you'd rather just send an astral hello, it's not an issue. Best of luck on your journey!


File: b3b251496d075df⋯.png (90.97 KB, 1600x1525, 64:61, ClipboardImage.png)


Could one potentially have a monogamous relationship with a similar creature, or are all astral beings huge sluts?



>true light does not take part in the duality

this is true, as it has trascended it.



Just speaking from personal experience, I really never got the feeling that the concept of 'monogamy' came into it. It had more to do with the concept of connection itself. A tree is not exactly a monogamous thing. On its surface can grow moss, lichen, all kinds of fungi, it can trade nutrients with all sorts of different organisms. Trees actually reproducing is not at all monogamous, and with good reason, since sprouted trees almost never make it to fruition even as saplings, that's their nature. If you want to go to the forest immediately closeby where you're going to go all the time, you can probably develop a relationship that way, but I don't know if I'd recommend it. Any of the times I've gotten greedy for the presence of a particular creature, spirit, what-have-you, I've gotten the feeling that they're somehow disappointed.

Developing a monogamous relationship with something primarily astral is possible, people do it. I'm not saying don't try it, there are plenty of fish in the sea, but something which finds human customs alien might balk at the idea of symbiosis with only one other thing. Plus, you're going to die long before they are, or else if you body-swap with someone and retain impulses, they'd have to get used to you all over again. That's just tree spirits though, there are other spirits of things you could maybe develop a monogamous relationship with. All you really have to do is ask, in the end.

File: 868516af1aee772⋯.jpg (34.29 KB, 220x393, 220:393, 220px-Rossakiewicz_Prayer.jpg)

File: ce52bf47823dfd0⋯.jpg (16.16 KB, 220x157, 220:157, Human_eye_reflecting_the_s….jpg)


explain why you exist at all, beyond "two adults had sex" since adults have been having sex for millions of years and you never appeared before, and they didn't pick you anyway, parents don't design their offspring or know them.

You have 15 seconds to explain your existence, you can appeal to your /fringe/ beliefs of course.

39 posts and 5 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



Have you ever wondered why you’re confined to your own viewpoint, why you see through your eyes and no one else’s, why your awareness of the universe is confined to your body and you’re not simply aware of it all, has any of this ever confused you at all?



To be honest those things only caught my attention when I first came across teachings about ego, the self, enlightenment, magick and so on. If I had never encountered those teachings I'd probably never even think about this stuff. I must say I simply don't remember thinking about this stuff on my own. Maybe I did, maybe not.

Before I found my first esoteric books and became a student of the occult I used to play videogames and jerk off to porn basically all my life without giving a shit about anything else


This body demanded a soul.


Consciousness is everywhere. When I was born, structures in my brain -maybe microtubules like Penrose said- captured some of it and confined it to this brain, feeding it with input data that consciousness represents as "reality".

That is to say, the physical parts of my brain keep a bubble of consciousness separated from a great sea of consciousness. It is not an "illusion of separatedness" in the sense that it is truly separate, if only for a while until my physical structure decays and this bubble of consciousness either:

a) dissolves into the consciousness ocean (which would be the standard option, that I guess would feel kinda like joining with everything and God and all that shit)

b) finds a way to keep separate from the consciousness ocean instead of dissolving, thus surviving death (which is what I aim at with magick)


File: 323bd1233020d06⋯.gif (242.22 KB, 512x512, 1:1, 1476547619349.gif)

>why are you here

Why not?

If there is a reason, I'll find out.

If there isn't, I'll find out.

Who really cares? I'm dealing with this experience now and someday and maybe in the distant past I'll deal with other ones.

File: 4d1df1019dbcb54⋯.jpg (31.18 KB, 616x340, 154:85, Demon-Christian.jpg)



Give me back my body. Somebody help me get my body back. I tried the sieve technique and it broke the sieve. It just stood on it.

It takes my emotions. All my expressions are not me. It took my feelings and my empathy. I DO NOT CONSENT TO IT BEING IN MY BODY I HAVE NO AGREE MENT OR CONTRACT WITH IT. IT PRETENDS TO BE GOD.


35 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



>it pretends to be God

>it controls you

I have… acquired some experience that I believe may help you. This is a test of your will. You are in the labyrinth. It is mental. There is only one correct way out, each persons correct way out is different. Repeat the following until you believe them:

>There is no such thing as coincidence

>I know nothing, I am not God and therefor I can never know that I have not been deceived

>my existence is paradox and an evil spirit doesnt have shit on me



Sovereignity-denying individual! We are all God in the One as the One is within Us.

Coincidences do not exist, but synchronicites do.

Your existence is not paradoxical. You are here in the Eternal Present. There are many other dimensions and densities with clones of you, yes, but this is THE dimension and reality in which the current-you is.



its not paradoxical, but at the same time it is. When what you know is all that is possible and all else is impossible then the impossible is rendered possible because you know nothing. There is a beautiful perspective in paradox, lad, give it a shot.



Well, today I did it. I followed Robert Bruce's advice, I found a river and I crossed it. The water was waist-high due to the recent rains and I admit, I was scared to wade across since I know I can't swim but I did it, I got across and now it's gone.

Or at least, I thought it's gone. I decided to mentally replay the event of me crossing the river in my mind and when I started to do this, the parasite was resurrected and started rigging my thoughts again. When I tried to mentally replay myself crossing the river, I felt it pulling me away from creating that visualisation. I had to ask for the assistance of Christ to complete the visualisation. Then I felt it dissipate. Then I thought again of myself before crossing the river and I feel it reawaken. I think again of myself during and after crossing and I feel it dissipate.

My mental habit for hypothesising and exploring scenarios is built upon two acts:

1) Pretending that what's being visualised is real

2) Pretending that I'm not pretending

I can't visualise myself crossing the river without reawakening the parasite. So it seems to not truly be gone then, just deactivated. I think something that guy in the enlightenment thread was talking about regarding narratives and astral parasites really just being "psychoviruses" is beginning to make more sense now. Unfortunately, I never really did apply his advice and truly isolate the virus through the reformatting of my mind but nonetheless, I have at least this as a solution.


The project started in January, a book based on the ego session that helps bring awareness of suffering. It is now completed, spell checked, semantics checked and ready for to "leave early access on Steam".

The book is free.

Print it, read it and criticize it.

Now that the general template is made for a book, the second book will be more quickly written. Just the design work of the book took 40 hours. Magically enough, translating it to Swedish only took 2 days.

The first PDF is the English version and the second one is the Swedish.

Enjoy a "fringe" original.

20 posts and 5 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


If you learn about the Ego, you have to learn about the Id and the Superego as well. Else you will not know the full picture and you will fool yourself with your ignorance, thinking the Ego is all you have to work on. There are way too many people who don't know shit about their Id so it just takes the place of the ego once they starve it, while they stay completely disconnected from their Superego because they think getting rid of the Ego is enough to get in touch with your true self. To anyone new to spirituality reading this: PLEASE avoid those rookie-mistakes. I've seen too many people become empty shells controlled by their subconcious just because they thought the ego is that one ultimate enemy they have to defeat and then they're like Buddha. OPs book has some good info, but without also including the other parts of the soul it can lead down a dangerous path. Plus I'm getting some all too familiar cult-vibes here.



>higher self leads into temptation and lies

this is incorrect.



To dissolve the boundaries of the ego, that is indeed sufficient to overcome delusion. The superego is a contextual and ego-dependent beast. The atavistic impulses of the id also require the ego in order to be in some sense threatening. These three pieces of the Freudian model are all three bound in the self-conception of the ego, and although the Freudian model has some explanatory power contextually, it is not required that one adopt Freudian language to attain liberation.



sigmund freud was a parasite who wanted to destroy instead of create. he mentally poisoned many.





isn't that way the Buddha had to be poked and prodded by people around him for a while before he would teach anyone instead of someone going out on their own accord


Do not start threads just to ask a question; post your questions in a pre-existing thread instead. Previous thread: http://archive.is/dUYqP FAQ: https://8ch.net/fringe/faq.html Mewch: https://mewch.net/fringe/res/1.html

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File: 8c9d42b6d0b46dd⋯.png (487.26 KB, 700x431, 700:431, iputthisougiheresoyoureadm….png)

File: cb0bb701f1079dd⋯.png (142.21 KB, 477x272, 477:272, Screenshot_2018-01-22_08-3….png)

Please don't ignore me this time.

I'm trying to do the first exercises of Liber Null and that one guide from some artist (Psychonauts manual, I think it's called?)

It says I need to be completely still for at least half an hour, am I allowed to swallow the saliva in my mouth? I can handle the rest but the saliva gathers in my mouth obviously.

Next question:

About how long will the introductory stuff take me? Now don't come with that "the journey is never over" BS, you'll just call yourself a noob.

I put a screenshot of the part I'm wondering about most.



Don't pay any attention to it, swallow when absolutely necessary.

Over time, you will stop being consciously aware of it, so it should stop being a problem, but you will probably start drooling.


File: 984a21de6d113f0⋯.png (313.15 KB, 640x360, 16:9, AAAAAAAAAAA.png)


>lucoa is a supernatural entity that talked to the author of the manga



sure whatever. those 2 helped me raise mine tho. or at least ganesh did. the archetypal gatekeeper of kundalini.


I never did it but I wouldn't bother with the complete stillness of anything other than the mind. I'd still minimize movement.

I can get into a trancey state of lifelike imagery but with difficulty/not usually intentionally. I haven't put in any practice with that in mind, though.

Also I'm surprised that guide doesn't say breathe into the third eye rather than exhale out of it. Maybe they're trying not to have people overload it with energy.


File: 4f6e1b6f187e658⋯.png (120.56 KB, 757x1142, 757:1142, shadow.png)

I would really like to know more information on Shadow People.

I had an encounter with one simply observing me, pitch black through the darkness of my home at 3am but it had pure red eyes that glared at me.

I couldn't make out any proper features, but was merely centimeters from the ground and iirc had a hood- like presence in its appearance and was surrounded, at least partially, with a pitch black "mist".

The creature also stood at about 6 foot tall, I couldn't make out any other feature others than it appeared to wear some full body cloak and nothing of its face could be made out except for the glaring red eyes. They were truly piercing.

I Googled it but there's very limited information on what these creatures are.

Some accounts are stating they merely watch humans, are actually demons or some type of extra-terrestrial being.

But every account stated that red eyes are typically rare, so I need help finding more information on what or who it was I saw that night. It was surreal. Something 3D but just turned to face me at all times like in caution perhaps?

I mean I was petrified but numbed all at once and had to pass the creature to get to my room, and I didn't look back closing that fucking door.

All I know is that it was watching me and did so even while I was running the kitchen faucet for some water because there was this mist quickly disappear from the side entrance of my kitchen, it was like a solid body but with a "mist" surrounding it somewhat. It's extremely hard to describe in that sense.

FYI: I had no idea these creatures existed prior to that night.

It never appeared after that night but I would sincerely like to know more. That is unless I really shouldn't.

I'm completely unaware of any dangers that may accompany looking into this.

I can't praise my artwork skills, but this drawing is an extremely basic form of what I saw that night. Like in a full body cloak, couldn't make out any face except those glaring, red eyes that just stared at me.

File: b2ead9a7872d8ef⋯.png (517.76 KB, 326x590, 163:295, firefox_2018-01-13_14-06-1….png)


i write lucid dreams and would like feedback on them; http://pasted.co/4c0f3c95/fullscreen.php?hash=8d37306e0b8a1d466de3c8229c9afdc3&toolbar=true&linenum=true

i have about 67 logged.

5 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.



It would be really cool and useful to compare dream journals but the magical potential would be so much higher if they were compared *after* being written rather than during. The stored energy potentials being released by synchronicity as strong as matching up dream signifiers all at once would be tremendous. One could probably punch a hole right through to tryptamine dreamspace by visualization alone under such ideal conditions.


*to tryptamine dreamspace even under normal conditions of awareness and psychic censorship, that is.


Daily reminder that there are people in the government who are torturing and killing people who are trying to establish their sovereignty. People who want to help others and help themselves and aren't harming anybody are being murdered by psychopaths. Go post about this anywhere but here and these criminals will be like omg no we aren't you are going to a mental institution not being my slave is a mental illness.

Anyone telling you to focus on anything other than dealing with this issue is an astral parasite. All these dumb ass fucking books serve no fucking purpose until this problem is dealt with. Did you know that people in China get murdered for disagreeing with aristocrats? Did you know that all these thelamite fucks are literally saying that that is not a problem and you should feed your ego instead? Did you know that zero Christian's walk the path of Jesus, but I did and it works? Did you know that I have experienced the pain of being crucified, but that is apparently not an issue because some demiurge faggot is so stupid that he thinks that he wont be held accountable?

Fucking end suffering faggots. That's all that matters. Everything you ever wanted comes after that. I even care about the people doing this barbaric shit, so let's just move on. Jubilee!



you could just use a regular website to track the use of certain twitter hashtags like #luciddream or #dreamrecall and then encourage people to use it, then display some statistics on whatever people are tweeting to that hashtag. I don't think you really need a new social network



Oh, the idea of a new social network really wasn't my idea, actually I would really probably rather pass a kidney stone than regularly use a social media site (this one quite included, depending on the day and crowd), but I like the idea of comparative dream journal study on such a scale that a tryptamine invocation will be utterly supercharged.

File: f06b82832e13557⋯.jpg (39.69 KB, 600x506, 300:253, FB_IMG_1515335093123.jpg)


With modern technology it appears options of rituals continue to grow. My question, is there any rituals where you can make edible sigils and eat them during the ritual? For example: Printing a sigil onto cheese and making a sandwhich to eat during the ritual.

5 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


Catholic communion comes to mind.


File: 2c38a4b90f59aa6⋯.png (39.68 KB, 1858x851, 1858:851, dogsleep.png)

print this out and eat it.

lettuce know what happens.

Its just a stream of consciousness, seems related to the Dogon based on my intuition.

Best of luck.



I just realized I misspelled "guard".



File: 16d6aaaded43169⋯.jpg (26.69 KB, 657x527, 657:527, 601.jpg)

File: fd7266105248633⋯.png (161.09 KB, 1400x351, 1400:351, 151380940466624-22.png)

File: fb29a5dc5ce1213⋯.jpg (35.34 KB, 400x398, 200:199, elixir.jpg)


You should learn how to use an Internet search engine, friend. Here's your answer! You're welcome!




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