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Tipp's Fringe Bunker

File: b60844f17caa86a⋯.jpg (245.03 KB, 960x1280, 3:4, 1474373157953.jpg)


I'm determined to master lucid dreaming but it seems to be the one topic over the year's that I've never been able to find any concrete information on.

Can anyone share books, videos and anything else they've poured over in the past and found useful? Any advice for someone dedicated to the art but struggling to find a way to get started?



never had a lucid dream, but I remember a person, who supposedly succeeded at lucid dreaming and astral projection, refer to Carlos Castaneda's book. "The Art Of Dreaming" probably is the one.


Forget the whole "learn to dream and remember it with a dream journal" thing if you want to master it…

The secret, is relaxation; not physical relaxation - you can enter a lucid dream whilst standing up - but mental relaxation.

Simply keep your eyes open, and let go of any thought process going on. You want to "stop thinking". Not easy, and it takes weeks, fucking weeks, for your brain to learn to do it correctly. You will feel weird pressures building up in your body, periods where your body just seems to tense and relax without any real reason, the back of your eyes will feel kind of weird, your eyes will roll, you'll have muscle ticks… but eventually, with practice, you get to the point where you can "empty your mind", your eyes will snap shut and you will suddenly get pulled instantly into what I've best seen described as the "phase state". From there, once you've been "pulled asleep", you keep relaxing (your physical body will start to follow), and then you can separate your mental body image from your physical body movements (ie. phantom movement)… *boom* wake induced lucid dream.

>you can't actually stop thinking, there are always things going on in the back of your mind… the objective isn't to eliminate all thought and become a cabbage, it's simply to learn to switch off and "reboot your brain into sleep mode", with you in full conscious control the whole time.

>you can't actually switch your brain off, it's just a figure of speech… it's really hard to explain but extremely intuitive once you've had a taste of success.

>when practising this psuedo-meditation relaxation exercise, there will be many times when your mind simply wanders and you start thinking/daydreaming about things - it's cool, normal, and all part of the process.

>you will have numerous false starts - your eyes will snap shut, you will feel like you're about to get pulled asleep, and then… you'll be able to open your eyes again and it'll seem like you're getting nowhere…

>despite that you're learning to relax, it never actually feels like you're relaxing - on the contrary, it's fucking exausting.

It's the mental side of things, not the physical that you need to focus on. This is why most people never get the hang of it. And i'm serious about it taking fucking weeks of getting nowhere, and then all of a sudden, WHAM you can "fall asleep" almost instantly on a whim. To wake back up you simply start moving your physical body around again…

Take note - relax your mental state and your physical body WILL relax, and you shouldn't fight it, but don't obsess over relaxing your body. The body goes where the mind does, when you've finally learned to "stop thinking" your body will just follow your mind into the sleep state and relax as a consequence.

If you try and relax your body into the state, you will probably enter into *A* trance state, but not the one you're after… you want mind awake, body asleep. Not body asleep, mind drifting all over the place…

>for more information on where to go from there i'd recommend http://obe4u.com/ and Michael Radugas stuff to start with. It's pretty good.



Just to clarify what I meant by stop thinking…

Look at something - notice all the mental chatter going on in the forefront of your mind… and just quell it. Focus on NOTHING. Just let it all go. Sit or lay there like a retard.

Attempt to do absolutely nothing.

Stuff will go on in the back of your head, sure, but you want to just let go of all the mental chatter. Not freeze it, not stamp it out, just… nothing.

You'll either understand what I mean or you wont!



That's astral projection mate. Or obe/WILD, whatever you want to call it.

For 'classic' lucid dreaming:

Lucid dreaming is about adopting a state of mind and remembering it.

First of all, you'll want to be able to remember your dreams. Without a good dream memory you can LD all you want but you won't know it.

Then, question every situation all the time. When you walk through a door, when you open your eyes, when you slam a book shut, when you are done showering and most importantly when you wake up: ask yourself whether you're in a dream or not. You can do this easily by doing things you won't be able to do in the 'real' world.


ffs OP stop breaking rule 2

this exact same garbage question has been answered over and over for eternity through many a question thread on here

ProTip: just train your astral senses to be stronger so you can operate at any time on that plane better

t. don't know what it's like to have a non-lucid "dream" anymore



That's insanely helpful brother thank you for sharing.

So as far as structure goes, a routine. You would decide at some point in time during the day that you want to experience a waking dream, so you just lay down on the floor somewhere and focus on emptying your mind until you reach that certain point?

Is that essentially it? I'm inferring that you actively attempt to do this, you don't only do it before you go to sleep at night or anything like that?



If you've seen these types of questions and contest here in the past why are you surprised to find it here today? Do you often visit the same websites expecting different results?

If you've got any books, videos or articles related to training your astral senses I'd love to hear about them but I suspect you don't really have anything to add to the discussion.


File: cff946c18ef19f3⋯.jpg (244.46 KB, 576x768, 3:4, the-forest.jpg)


The above youtube is a talk given by Robert Waggoner on lucid dreaming at an Israeli university. His talk starts at 15 minutes and is in English. The first 15 minutes though is in Hebrew.

Robert Waggoner is an American of Catholic heritage and is a gentile. He is not Jewish at all. He was just invited to speak there.

This is his website


At his website you can find information on his books.

The quote in the picture I shared is not an endorsement of teh Talmud, it is simply a endorsement of the idea of being persistent in prayer.

I am a Christian occultist. But not fanatical christian. I like a lot of Hindu stuff. Also I have no problem with how people feel about jews whether they love them or hate them or don't feel anything I don't care.


File: cff946c18ef19f3⋯.jpg (244.46 KB, 576x768, 3:4, the-forest.jpg)


The above youtube is a talk given by Robert Waggoner on lucid dreaming at an Israeli university. His talk starts at 15 minutes and is in English. The first 15 minutes though is in Hebrew.

Robert Waggoner is an American of Catholic heritage and is a gentile. He is not Jewish at all. He was just invited to speak there.

This is his website


At his website you can find information on his books.

The quote in the picture I shared is not an endorsement of teh Talmud, it is simply a endorsement of the idea of being persistent in prayer.

I am a Christian occultist. But not fanatical christian. I like a lot of Hindu stuff. Also I have no problem with how people feel about jews whether they love them or hate them or don't feel anything I don't care.




who the FUCK are you quoting?


File: 796df83fa3511c4⋯.jpg (48.63 KB, 534x401, 534:401, dress whites.jpg)

Anyone ever have dreams where you seemed to be a different person? I get these and they’re usually set in familiar places, that look completely different.

>on Bald Hill in Long Island, NY

> while this area is temperate, typical of the northeast. Everywhere around me was dry steppe plains

>Was some kind of combatant with an assault rifle, being pursued by unknown assailants

>the Vietnam memorial was gone

>looking north, the long island sound, a large body of water separating the island from Connecticut, also wasn't there.

Another one occurred the same night where I was some kind of cop/detective, I was overlooking a city with some black guy(my partner maybe). It looked like Brooklyn if it had canals like Venice.

two days ago:

>be some kind of navy guy/ marine

>on a pier next to an advanced looking navy ship with others in dress whites

>walking next to some blue eyed bald guy that looked to be in his late teens/early twenties.

>cant remember what we were talking about but the general mood seemed celebratory and jovial with a strong sense of belonging

>felt younger than I actually am, indicating that I was in the same age bracket as baldy

>While walking with the group, I remember looking toward the ship where there were these guys that looked like technician/scientists working on a machine

> they were using some kind of holographic UI, this is what told me that this was in the near future.

>I remember feeling a sense of regret looking at the technicians, as if I was unhappy with my current job and wanted to do what they were doing.

When I dream as another person, I never felt emotions as strong as this one.



Actually I do. They are also millitary related. Although I usually have the role of assassin or spy.


i'm doing this also OP

been using a voice recorder as a dream journal… i leave it on all night incase i wake up so i can immediately record what i was dreaming

voice recorder i got was cheap for 30 dollars i wish i would have gotten something better now though

its really a fun toy



As others have said, there are two things to remember, 1) this is going to take time, lots of time, and dedication, people dont perfect or even experience this in an hour or a day or a week, you're going to have to stay focused. and 2) clearing your mind is basically the first step. meditation is pretty much a requirement for this

Beyond that there are "tricks" that CAN help for some, and are actually a handicap for others. The dream journal or "token/totem" concept do help some people, and they hurt others. Some have a more natural inclination to having an emptier mind, and can easily and quickly train themselves to routinely check an item to see if they're awake, but not experience any active thoughts with it, which helps with the clearing your head part. But for others who have a harder time with it, they have to routinely THINK about these things which is a setback because you cant actively force yourself to think like "normal" while in a dream. And the constant recalls to consciousness can hurt you as well when you should be consistently practicing keeping your mind clearer on a regular basis even when not meditating specifically.

You basically need to figure out what works for you.

For me, I found that, and I cannot stress this point enough, AT TIMES having earphones in while going to sleep and playing some kind of whitenoise but loud enough I can't simply ignore it even while asleep, I'll hear it (rain, wind, etc) while asleep and it helps me realize I'm asleep because the sound will be totally out of place in whatever I'm dreaming about. But again, AT TIMES, it does this. Other times, I dont realize it while asleep either way, and sometimes my dreams find themes fitting to the sounds my brain is still processing actively (though honestly I've had trouble sleeping well the last few months in general so.. eh).

At other times I've had success with the "WILD" techniques, simply laying still while JUST tired enough to be able to lose consciousness if I want, but not overly tired to the point of needing a full 8 hours of sleep. But I have to focus on keeping my mind active/alert but clear, which is the opposite of what I try to do with the whitenoise stuff, since I want to be completely clear and fall fully asleep for it and dont try to retain any active alertness

Basically, you need to explore several methods and give them each time to work until you find something that works for you. Which is, again, why this process takes weeks into months or years for some. You are basically going through all the techniques, finding what works and doesnt, and adding personal touches to them to make them your own and that work for you.

Think of it like medical science. Every human has a slightly different set of variables associated with all of their systems, from cardiovascular to immune to nervous… its all just a tiny bit different for each person. Sure, the overarching concepts are all the same, heart eyes liver where the veins are and how your blood works and nerves send signals and what not.. but there are quirks that makes us all different and sometimes treatment that works for one person doesnt necessarily work the exact same for another. only here, you can adapt things on your own to work specifically for you.

TLDR: start with the basics, meditation, work on keeping your mind clear and unfocused on a single thing (unless you're working or something) but alert and aware at all times. From there, try the different techniques people suggest, sounds, "tokens/totems," dream journals, the whole "lay still but alert till you feel like you're vibrating out of your body" stuff, etc, give each time in their own right until you feel out what works and doesnt work for you, adapt them, build something that works for specifically you



Best damn advice I ever read on here, thanks anon.

Its interesting what you wrote about people who can check an item but not experience active thoughts with it. That empty mind but still aware of things way of thinking.

I think more in that way than by speaking to myself in my head way of thinking, I think it has its advantages, though for the longest time I thought I was thinking "the wrong way" that way.

Its nice to see someone else confirm my thoughts that meditation is the best foundation for lucid dream practice, any meditaitons you specifically recommend for lucid dreaming training? I'd imagine directive over non-directive meditation right?


File: 52120aed5dae739⋯.jpg (4.33 MB, 3588x4500, 299:375, 52120aed5dae739929075fe01c….jpg)


The best book I ever have on lucid dreaming that really helped me get into it was: Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming by Dr Stepehn Laberge. It looks at it from a scientific perspective, shows you a lot of data on the subject and experiments they have done with it (this may seem a little try but its very interesting to see the way the body reacts whilst it is being monitored in lucid dream). It has followed people who can induce them almost instantly for decades. It has a huge variety of techniques recorded to have significant increase in success for all skill levels. The reason I like this book so much is because it is very informative from a factual basis but also very practical giving you lots to do yourself. I don't like a lot of other new age books that go into this subject, I have found lots which are plain bullshit or hijacked techniques, or I just feel the person hasn't really explored it enough. Don't get me wrong, there are a tonne of great books on AP and lucid dreaming from new age authors, its just you really have to sift through a lot of garbage before you can get to the good ones.

The technique that helped me the most for lucid dreaming was strong visualisation. I was mediating for a while though, and make sure your intentions are pure, don't try to force the universe into it but try to let it come naturally to you when you are clear headed. You can't really do this sort of thing unless you are well grounded because when you awakening in the dream its quite common you fly all over the place and can't control yourself - thats what happened to me. What I did was visualise a home for myself whilst I was dreaming, it took me a while, and I am still adding to it today, but I pictured my little cabin in the woods, a nice big loch next to it, picture the trees, the smells of the forest, the dampness of the wet leaves beneath your feet. You keep going, then imagine more developed what is in your environment, it doesn't have to be a forest of course, you can pick whatever place you want. When you have these images so clear in your mind you can start to try walking around in them one step at a time, this actually takes a huge amount of conscious effort to just walk around but it encourages that level of discipline when required. When I have a lucid dream thats where I wake up, in my sort of astral place, and I have full control over it, feel safe and comfortable, and I can normally do what I want from then on out.

I guess one of the really big tips I have for lucid dreaming is stimulating your imagination a lot. Reading fantasy and sci-fi before I sleep helps me a lot because it gives me a good base to really get my imagination going. You don't wanna fall asleep with negative and anxious thoughts because that then projects into your dream state and can end badly. Rather it is better to go to sleep full of wonder and a sense of exploration.

Surprised nobody else has said but get a dream journal and start trying to write down what happened in your dreams. You will start to see recurring symbols within them, these can act like triggers so that when you see them you click and know you are in a dream. It's kind of funny, but my dream trigger was beautiful women everywhere that would always be very open to conversation, took me a while, but then I started to realise - this must be a dream - then I'd awaken in lucid and start my adventure. There are probably things in your dream that are utterly ridiculous yet you just accept whilst in that state. Recognising the total unlikeliness and having a consistent degree of self-awareness forces you to realise that you are in some temporal state.


File: 21c5c877bf6e842⋯.jpg (350.5 KB, 1680x2240, 3:4, 21c5c877bf6e8429e931902cc7….jpg)

Remember to bump the threads here and there lads so that asshole can't derail the entire board.


Try running a retroexposition construct in your dreams. A hybrid construct of imagination and memory, the retroexpositor will tell you what you "already know" about the dream you're in, keeping you grounded and alert.


Once lucid, what methods help to maintain lucidity?



I used to have control of my life until I started listening to other peoples advice. how the fuck do you expect to tap into your imagination and create anything if you are going through a method that the people who are preventing you from doing anything are giving you?

You must be fucking retarded, but according to my calculations, everyone on this planet other than like a dozen people are trying to dominate you to accomplish their own selfish goals, and once you are used up you will be thrown in the trash. What the fuck made you think that society as a whole is suddenly valuing human life more than pieces of paper? These people are so obsessed with themselves that they get fucking permanent tattoos to feed their addiction to attention. Do you think people who are driven by attention and not the need for a fair world free of suffering are going to give you some valuable fucking advice? Look the fuck in yourself, because even if you are using shitty methods to accomplish your goals at least they aren't methods designed by rat kikes who can literally watch somebody die of a preventable disease or see a destroyed homeless person and not spend one fucking second questioning their existence.



File: d9f318784e6e7b7⋯.jpg (39.32 KB, 636x406, 318:203, sleepyogi.jpg)

File: 5101e392d5346a7⋯.jpg (160 KB, 1500x1000, 3:2, cozy_phones.jpg)


Quick rundown. Use these terms for to pivot into searches for videos, articles, forum posts, etc.

DILD: Stands for Dream Induced Lucid Dreaming. This is where you become conscious inside a dream. You achieve this by incorporating certain practices into your waking life until they become such a habit that you also do them in your dreams. Mostly these are called reality checks. Things like using a hand to hold you nose closed and then trying to breathe through your nose (do this once per hour). If you awake, you won't be able to do this but in a dream you can usually still breath through your nose. There are hundreds of other things like this that you can make into a daily habit. Also making general mindfulness and situational awareness a habit in waking life will help as well.

MILD: This stands for Mnemonic Induced Lucid Dreaming. This is where you repeat a mantra to yourself repeatedly while falling asleep to increase your chances of having a lucid dream. For example, repeating "I will become lucid in my next dream." over and over in your head for about 5 minutes while you are falling asleep at night.

WILD: This stands for Wake Induced Lucid Dreaming. This is where you maintain consciousness as your body falls asleep. The "mind awake, body asleep state". There are many methods to do this. Just search for things like "how to wild lucid dream". Also, look into how people practice Astral Projection/Out of Body experiences. It doesn't matter whether or not you believe astral projection is a real thing or if you believe that AP/OBE is a totally different thing from lucid dreaming. The methods that people use to induce an out of body experience are almost the same as the ones people use to induce WILD. So they are worth looking at if you want to learn to WILD because you will run into the same problems, have to overcome the same obstacles, etc.

WBTB: This stands for Wake Back To Bed. In order to lucid dream, you must be able to in the REM stage of sleep. You go through several cycles of REM and NREM (non-REM) sleep at night (see pic related). In the beginning of the night, the REM periods are very short and the NREM are very long. At the end of your sleep, the REM periods are longer and the NREM periods are shorter. So, you can increase your chances of your techniques working by waking up in the middle of the night and then trying to MILD or WILD. The amount of time you need to sleep before doing WBTB varies from person to person. I generally only need 3 hours of sleep before I WBTB. Some people need 6 hours. Some people fall somewhere in between. If you feel like you can't get back to sleep after you WBTB then you need to reduce the time. If you fall asleep too fast then you need to increase it. Also, I sleep with head phones like pic related on and I have a playlist with 3 hours of silence on an mp3 file and then a short 3 minute song that is pleasant to wake up to. I do this because I don't have to move to shut off an alarm. Also, sometimes the song doesn't wake me up but I hear it in my dream and that causes me to become lucid.

FILD: FILD is a WILD+WBTB technique that works with a very high success rate for a lot of people even though nobody knows why. Basically you do WBTB. Then, when you wake up, you lay in bed and move your index and middle finger up and down like you are playing the piano but you do it very softly. So softly that you wouldn't be able to actually push a piano key down. That's all you. You don't think about anything. You don't count the number of times your fingers are moving. You don't move or swallow or anything. You just move your fingers in this motion while keeping your mind clear. After doing it for somewhere between 30 seconds and 5 minutes (depends on the person), perform a reality check (most people use to nose breathing one). If your reality check says you are awake, go back to bed (I usually do MILD here) and try again next time you wake up. If your reality check says you are in a dream, then you probably just performed a success WILD. It's really weird that works and it seems like something that shouldn't work because it's so easy but it does.

Again, that wasn't meant to be a comprehensive, be-all-end-all guide to all the techniques. There's even more *ILDs that I didn't include. That was just supposed to give you the key words to search for and a general understanding of their meaning. Good luck in your travels.




Also, FILD stands for Finger Induced Lucid Dream… lol


File: fca188501abf9d1⋯.jpg (111.71 KB, 400x617, 400:617, fortune__pray_tell_by_abz_….jpg)


My dreams usually involve being an entirely different being altogether. Not just by different human, but something else. I would hope I'm not the only one but at the same time I dislike bringing it up.

Last night, for instance, as my dream progressed I ripped my skin off like it was some silk cloth and took the form of something like pic related.


Anyone care to share any profound experiences they've had while lucid?


What topic would be where a shadow person tries to hop inside of you during paralysis and it causes you to have a dream?


what do you call a dream in which you are not aware you are dreaming, yet are able to consciously decide your actions?

I often enter this state when my dream becomes either very violent or very personal towards me



Lucid dreaming sounds cool and all but some of the most profound dreams I've had haven't been lucid. How much credibility would you put into a fabricated/forced scenario?

I once had a dream where I was a toddler and my mother sang to me and told me she loved me.

I once had a lucid dream where I tried to summon my worst fear and a mirror appeared but instead of looking at my reflection it was as if I was not there, just my empty room reflected.

I once had a dream where I felt terribly sick and I was living in a sort of marble palace, very luxurious and full of embellishment. I then went to the bath and vomited a milk-like fluid for ages.

I once had a dream were i tried to call myself through my own phone but nobody answered.




Seriously though, dreams are pretty much a psychedelic version of waking reality. The night version of waking daylight. Which leads me to ask… what the hell are you up to?


Content Hygiene:

>It's now thought that people dream the entire time whilst asleep.



Really dude? You're coming on an esoteric wizardry board, asking about lucid dreaming, and you post some disgusting mundane thot. Seriously. Seriously. With lucid dreaming you could be on your way to astral travel, out of body experiences; but you just want to dream about plowing slags. Disgusting, pathetic. Mundanes, please go.



>fabricated/forced scenario

Maybe you haven't had profound lucid experiences because you're doing it wrong. If it feels fabricated or forced, you're doing it wrong. The experiences I've had in lucid dreams and astral projections are infinitely more profound than the average/mundane dreams you just posted. They felt more real than this life; definitely not forced or fabricated. Enough to make me start to question if this world is actually the illusion and the dream world/astral planes are the real reality.




Working with my godparent who resides Above.

Last night I had a dream I took off my own head so I could groom the hard to see areas. Strangely I could see as if my eyes were in the same spot as before.



so this happened to me this morning and i wasn't sure exactly where to post it so here it is

>be just woke up

>sleep again cuz its still kinda early

>random dream, all sorts of crazy shit

>at some point its three girls in a street, they were black

>one was thicc

>i kinda get to fighting with her

> grab her boobs but somehow i fall down

>she sits on my dick, and she is so weak that i'm just enjoynig myself while she is struggling to get off me

>hmmmmm its a fight why this suddenly got so sexual

>at this point i'm about to cum

>somehow i realize im in a dream (this isnt usual to me)

>and i fight so hard not to cum, since i'm relegiously into nofap (semen retention for 3 months now)

>mid orgasm i hold it in and i dont cum and i wake up

>i'm mirin my willpower even inside a dream and i happy

so wtf happened lads



A being recognized you were sexually repressed as fug and tried to liberate you.

That or it is a dream about a certain RL power struggle, or you are trying to pull whatever that girl represented into your life.

I don't see why people get so upset with sex dreams here.



>sexually repressed

but i'm not, i'm actually enjoying the extra energy from all that semen


actually it felt pretty get that even inside a dream i had discipline and stopped what i didn't want

>That or it is a dream about a certain RL power struggle, or you are trying to pull whatever that girl represented into your life.

that i didn't quite get, care to elaborate?



What I've found is that sex, in dreams, is an attempt to unify. In the animal kingdom, it is demonstrated by exchanging little pieces of self in order to produce something. In the dream world there is no chance to produce children but as yourself within yourself.

In short, sex means to merge or meld and the desires are based off of what your partner represents.



>is the opposite gender and gay in every dream

different anon but holy sheet


My dreams offer complex and interesting environments, but sometimes the animation of other characters isn't entirely smooth. I almost feel like I embarass my subconscious noticing errors. Any advice?


What about when the people in your dreams look like mixes of people you know in real life?



Something similar happened to me. Now i manage to reject people wanting sex in my dreams haha.


An easy way to have a lucid dream is to not move when you wake up and just go back to sleep. You will go back into the same dream and realise so. Of course it's pretty difficult but if you have one of those days when you keep waking up you can try it out.



Was lucid in someone else's dream, he was standing with a girl on a street, i knew i had to help him coming out of his dream reality, went over to them, looked him in the eyes and touched his brest to wake him. Woke him, she seemed like an avatar, went away.



I don't think you can be in other peoples dreams. Maybe you met him in the astral while he was on autopilot instead?


File: 16aea32ec03d3af⋯.gif (273.95 KB, 240x240, 1:1, 1508292892802.gif)

>be me meditating, start to try and relax to a point i have dreams

>tried and tried, and some time later i can finally stay calm and not wander alot

>start to see myself caving into dirt until they turn blocks

>yeah, minecraft blocks, then next thing i see i'm in a minecraft cave

>hopefully i drop in a water patch, but there was a lava patch right near the stream

>lava but i find that there is something pretty precious there, and suddenly i find a torch there (more like a staff, it was half a body size)

>continue to walk the cave until i start seeing a light in the end of the tunnel, it starts eating the dark close to the point i'm at

>le yin yang meme, evil or good, dark side or light side

a button instantly pops in the middle, as i, at the glimpse of the yin yang situation, just refused to go to either side

>i lay there in the button with the torch (the button was round and about 30 inches), and when i did so it started blinking

>then some crazy shit happened, the button creates a blinking aura around me and itself

>everything (wich was in minecraft style) dissolves

>my minecraft character gets butterfly wings (in minecraft style)

>everything turns white

>i snap our of it cause monkey mind



nigger what? how often do you play minecraft?



since 2013 but don't really play it often.

one thing i found interesting, was that at the begining of this trip i sort of 'embodied' the minecraft character, like when you're in skyrim changing from 3rd to first person

also, >i had some hash before all of that






could've been less cringy but yea, this. Even if there were no shitty kikes or other shit heads spinning deceit to hide our own abilities from us, there is no way you can say for certain that the way I see and feel the world is the same. If I were to ask someone what color the sky is, they will say blue, and I would agree with them, the sky is blue. But, through minute (or even grand) differences in eye structure, What I see as the color frequency of blue could very well be what you see as red, or green. Blue eyes, for instance, are not merely the result of what pigment cells are present, but are actually the result of the arrangement of the cells of the iris that results in a prismatic refraction of light that winds up reflecting the color blue. If that is the result of structural difference then surely structural differences inside the pupil or brain could result in seeing the world entirely differently than others.

And, as such, it should be assumed that where I explain how I entirely accidentally learned about dharma the hard way, as well as the specific path that led me there, my explanation will probably not be much help to anyone else. And that is primarily because the path has mini-bosses along the way and each mini-boss is custom tailored to your own weaknesses.

There is no "everyone follow these instructions" this is all something where we must each go our own way. Create, never duplicate. Gotta be able to take the stories and advice that people give and recognize the lessons within while forgetting the details without.



>being this much of a faggot

>not knowing the true source of written language



File: 87ca4230b142c81⋯.jpg (24.25 KB, 320x320, 1:1, 25023210_902536203253147_3….jpg)

Herbs help me dream infinitely.

Valerian root

Any kinda sage






Blue lotus

I take varying combos of the above with water, a small amount in my palm right before bed, dump the herbs in my mouth and chew them up good, let saliva begin to digest them and taste the essence of the herbs.

Then holy fuck hold onto your ass and enjoy the ride.



How about just typing out what you want to say instead of trying to artificially boost the content of your words through some faggot format?

Mmmm pancakes are good. I know how to make pancakes.





Ever smoke them?


I've heard it's best when you do it in the morning, an hour or two before your normal wake up time. It can be very interesting, and give you insight which you may not have obtained otherwise.


File: f2925286336b76f⋯.png (883.34 KB, 763x665, 109:95, awake lucid dreaming.png)



What no datura, what are you a pussy?


Stop trying to dream you fat potheads. Being awake is more important than being asleep.


File: 218512a9d5bff45⋯.png (247.88 KB, 471x467, 471:467, 15482495682470915.png)


>Stop trying to dream you fat potheads



File: 83e3855036a14f0⋯.png (26.69 KB, 402x180, 67:30, rolled a random.png)


what you said

>Stop trying to dream you fat potheads. Being awake is more important than being asleep.

What I read

<Stop being asleep you fathead. Pot is more important than trying to dream.



Am I supposed to think this person is attractive?


File: d8ed91ba814abb9⋯.jpeg (16.4 KB, 267x400, 267:400, 398.jpeg)


Did anyone ask for your opinion?


File: c26db9ec6956ee7⋯.jpg (79.5 KB, 267x400, 267:400, epycwynner.jpg)


What is your opinion?

~Epyc Wynn



Your image is an interesting little sigil.

I see what you did there.

Be careful with such indiscriminate use of grey magick.

People more capable than me are likely to perhaps take offense to it.


File: 5a55e60e4675717⋯.png (15.43 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 89b161e2892ac52f07b0f96581….png)


That is not a sigil. That is an underage girl emphasizing her butt.

~Epyc Wynn



Anything can be a sigil.


File: d66ee3edd5c8c4c⋯.png (4.78 MB, 3072x2044, 768:511, epycsplosion.png)


Your mom's a sigil!

~Epyc Wynn



Things of actual substance that aren't just symbols…

The things that allows it's energies to send itself through sigils cannot themselves be sigils… can they?

sage because I'm pretty sure this is still shitposting



Its thread bait, at the least. I'll call that a sigil, as the redirection of attention and energy.


A million cheap tin spoons are still just tin spoons. Just because nobody else has the autism to make a million spoons, it doesn't mean that we need to drown in spoons.

<Now replace the word spoons with memes

same anon btw



Good thing I'm immune to 3DPD.



That's just the surface level of the image, though

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