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Tipp's Fringe Bunker

File: 7a06dc89dab00ad⋯.jpg (115.77 KB, 1300x956, 325:239, ((())).jpg)


I don't belong on this earth and am seriously contemplating suicide. I have been for many years (I'm 21) and basically as I grow older the thoughts are turning from an unconscious desire to be free from the suffering into a conscious realization of the absolute agony that the rest of my life will be. Basically all I have to look forward to is a life of prayer on my knees begging God to give me the strength to bear the weight of this miserable, stupid, dark world which I am forced to live in.

I don't believe in heaven or hell but I do believe in a many dimensional universe and life after physicality. However I know that I know nothing so I came here to get some perspective. Is suicide the right call?


You'll be living in a self-made hell. It won't get better after death, it'll be exactly the same. Experience this world naked and stand your ground as best as you can.



Then what is there to look forward to? Is there any salvation? Is there any way to transcend circumstance?

What I'm saying is I've looked within and I've looked without and I don't like this existence. At all. No one else likes it either that's why the world is full of pain and death and rage.

I can't change my circumstances but I can reject them.



Furthermore, if you are right that simply reinforces my observation that this is a loveless universe that I don't want to be a part of.


File: 90338712b2b1d61⋯.pdf (2.5 MB, padmasambhava_tibetan-book….pdf)



Your solution is easy. Just don't make the self-made hell. That's all. You can as well end up in a self-made heaven. All is mind.

But you need to prepare your mind and at least practice somewhat. Prepare yourself for the astral planes and for the afterlife. Read "Astral Dynamics" by Robert Bruce. Read "Initiation into Hermetics" by Franz Bardon. Read the Tibetan Book of The Dead. Read whatever you need to read and practice meditation. Maybe even astral travel and learn about those planes first.

You must go into the afterlife without any fear or hesitation and you must exactly know where you are going. For this you must have your mind under control perfectly.

There is nothing wrong with suicide, you can always leave this world early. Especially if you don't belong here at all. But educate yourself before and practice first.

I attached the Tibetan book of the dead for you in this post. The rest of the books you will find in the library.

Realize that all is Maya.

And one more point, you must withstand all the suffering that your friends and relatives experience because you killed yourself. I hope you can do that. And also you should not have any attachments to earth like desire for sex or some other addiction. You must be completely free and at peace.


Only religious ignorants and anime-pic posting bullshit occultist yell about hell or punishment after death. Those people are not qualified to talk about those matters because they have no idea. Those self-proclaimed buddhas will only spew out information they have been fed to by other bullshit sources.

Any genuine and real enlightened master will tell you that after death you only return to pure consciousness, to pure love. There is nothing else. There is no difference between any kind of death. You merely return to "god", to love, to void, to the source, to pure consciousness.

But if you really wanna make sure then follow this post>>121026.



Suicide would be a waste. Things as simple as meditation can allow you to choose your mindset and perspective. There's always something to live for. To me, suicide is betrayal to humanity. Most suffering comes from the circumstances perpetrated by other humans, and can only be changed through human intervention



no guarantees but this might make you feel a little bit better. I know how you feel. It's totally understandable to feel that way about life and the world. It's just a little pick me up/guide to understanding things just a little bit better. I mean, I made it and everything but I'm still very very depressed. It's nice to read something nice though. The truth is a powerful thing.


polite sage


Is there any chance of evolving into something like a demon after death? I just hate being pathetic animalistic human.




OP here. Thanks for the kind words and the information guys. I really do want to try but I get overwhelmed sometimes. Lately I've been feeling overwhelmed all the time that's why I came here and made this post. I'll reflect on these things and acknowledge that the best path is gaining mastery over my own mind. I'm well aware that I'm my own worst enemy and to tell the truth I kick my own ass pretty regularly. I'll get through this and I'll do it with the memory of your kindness in my heart. Thank you.

As to anyone who tries to pretend to be me to derail this thread and confuse others… begone.



If you really wanna end it take the time of like 6 months, if you can bear it, for your own sake and fill yourself with energy. The energy stored in your energy bodies will greatly help you to move about in the astral world, so create and to do what you must do. During those 6 months you spend all your time eductaing yourself like some other post suggested and you also use the time to store energy and work on your chakras and your mind. Fill up all your 3 dantians, but really fill only your first, the other two will be filled automatically after the first is full and the energy overflows into the other two. In these 6 months you will grow in power and maybe even develop psychic powers or "superpowers". You may even get a new perspective in life and change your mind about the suicide because you see the world in different light now. Your third eye is also likely to open.

But the main reason you do this is take the energy into the afterlife. I'm sure you will find with little research all means and ways to fill your dantians (energy storage centers), activate your chakras and strenghten your energy bodies. If you can hold out longer than 6 months then go even longer. You'll thank me later.

not ejaculating at all is the single most important part of raising your energy and getting the powers you want. semen is life force, so if you really wanna kill yourself better be celibate for the entire 6 months.



If you wish a 'vacation' from your current problems, suicide will provide that. If you wish to escape your problems completely, you will be disappointed. Death is only a temporary reprieve…sooner or later you will incarnate back into this world, and pretty much the same problems you left behind will be waiting for you.


Just celebrate the suffering of your enemies. I am celebrating your suffering as we speak and it's going very well for me. Dumb as's birch nigga faggot aas pussy bitch. This whore and her whore friend who both look like Robin Williams without makeup were rude to me once and suggested that my existence was not as good as the existence of other's and I should just be content with watching other people live a fulfilling life. I should just spend my entire life watching Astral parasites steal energy from me in my own universe. Then both their mom's died because they were dumb drug addict cunts. Next time I see them I'm gonna say "hey you two should start a band called dead moms".


"100% of people except me who talk about what happens after you die have died zero times and are just hypothosizing while pretending they are providing you with concrete evidence about the rules of death, and therefore you should kill yourself to get away from these lying Astral parasite kike faggots. Earth is a prison where lazy as's trumps and Kushner's steal energy from people because they are too useless to create their own, so your existence if you consent to this is just being a battery for Wolf Blitzer for eternity, therefore there is no such thing as death because why would Astral parasite rapist thieves want something they leech off of to die in this wack as's crystal prison in this faggot as's computer simulation world.



While you reincarnate in faggot demimoore world where faggot as's celebrity worshiping egos rape your as's by killing yourself you are doing a massive act of rejection , and that removal of consent will reshape your personal energy forever and if done enough you break out and create your own reality. Science is a game, it has absolutely nothing to do with anything. It was programmed in by faggot as's jewish aliens before they created big Jewish tittis and made every jew look like John olivers slightly more retarded twin son


Using the energy to kill yourself is one of the hardest tricks to do. I have overcome the fear a few times but am now in what seems to be a more improved prison. Despite wanting to blow my brains out this instant it's hard for me to do that. The good news is this just provides constant reinforcement that I'm in the retarded Jewish ego world that even Jewsus Cuckst thought was gay, also instead of killing myself I can just say forbidden words In forbidden orders and that makes the "politically correct" society which got everything it has by murdering stealing and raping reject me, effectively killing me because it leave's me in a state where I'm just my own energy and not some fucking slave bitch tip toeing around ninety trillion losers with nothing to offer but unlimited rules about what I need to do to be an approved servent.


Rule 1) if you don't counter my argument then I am right

Rule 2) attacking my character is not a counter argument

Rule 3) if you still attack the character behind an anonymous egoless post it's because you are a fucking idiot who think American elections aren't theater and that defending opinion one against opinion two will get you brownie points with a diva reality TV star who fixes his hair more than any woman on the planet and got rich by exploiting simpleton rednecks and narcissistic christcucks with iqs low enough that they believe comic books have anything to do with reality.



Hey! By being a reality TV star diva whose life goal is having other men notice and approve of his faggot hairstyles, you are more masculiner than the snowflake libturds, because I did the science and also because I said so and I'm more Americaner and more patriot and more betterer because Tom Brady has to walk into bars and announce to people that he is a champion



"This is what happens because I said so. 100% of rapists who kidnapped people said there was no escape, I am using that same line of thinking to imprison you in fear, and that is why you need to listen to me."

Nice argument. You really seem like the guy to go through when I need to learn the correct way to do nothing and help your shit agenda.


File: 7846ea0b8b8dd9d⋯.jpeg (76.75 KB, 650x451, 650:451, bane.jpeg)


It would be extremely painful…



Hey! Who would have guessed that Unfunny Deadhorsebeater would show up here to enlighten us with a joke he didn't come up with. Thank you so much for your service. Without you I wouldn't have another person who copies and paste's other people's jokes and ideas to look smart to deal with.



Are you a big guy?



Hothead pls go


OP however you decide don't fall for reincarnation bullshit. Those idiots who preach it don't understand it themselves (what a surprise, eh?). You will not reincarnate again, you will simply dissolve in the astral. As above, so below. As your body decomposes your mind also decomposes back into it's elements until you are completely gone and dead. However you might live a couple of hundrets of years in the astral planes doing what you want. It doesn't even matter since you (the individual) are a mere illusion so you being not even real, there is nothing really that will die.

The All will simply reincarnate another human being into this world, but it will not be you. That's how reincarnation works.

Now if you were to attain Gnosis aka the ultimate illumination either in this lifetime or in your afterlife, your individual mind would actually become immortal and never dissolve. But that's a whole other topic. I am just bringing this up so you can understand better and maybe change how you think about suicide.



If the self is an illusion how can you say that it's not me.


Try it and come back to tell us if it was worth it or not.



The only thing that is not an illusion is pure existence, everything else is play.



You don't understand the self.

Are you any less you for having developed amnesia?

Any less you for having lost a limb?

Any less you for having lost the body?

You is the thread that connects you through this all.

When the character Jason Bourne lost his identity he didn't lose himself. He's still himself even though he has nothing of his memories. Your identity is not yourself.

The self is that which is aware and experiences through mind and body.


Also concerning amnesia, are you any less you when you dream, and forget temporarily your life when you're awake? When you assume another identity for awhile? …or when you're lost in work, so focused, that your whole purpose becomes entangled with the work, and nothing outside of your focus exists for that moment?



Of course, that's exactly what I mean. The true self remains always while the individual false self undergoes change and eventually dies.

Unable to achieve illumination and making his individual false self merge with the real self and attain immortality he will have no choice but to simply die and all that will remain is the real self.

Lose your limb, you are still the individual self. Lose your body, you are still the individual self in the astral. Dreaming, still the individual self. Losing identity or getting amnseia…well here your individual self starts to crumble already but you are probably still your individual self.

When all this happens and you have no enlightenment then you will be blind to the real self regardless. When real death comes the individual self will be gone completely. Without any realization about the real self you will be still completely attached to your fake individual self, and therefore you will die completely. Only the real self remains and your individual ego which was a mere illusion from the beginning and unreal will fade away for good.

You are but a character of the real self. if you fail to wake up to the matrix reality you'll just be deleted. The real self, infinite intelligence or pure consciousness or the monad is the player that created you, the character ego, and experiences through you. But when I create a character in a mmorpg that doesn't mean that I am that character for real, or he/she is me. When I delete the character and turn off the game then it's gone and I don't actually give a shit. I, the player, remain I and the Char I created will be forever gone. Now if the character would suddenly attain Gnosis and become self aware, if he/she would suddenly see that they are stuck in a game, in a matrix and they are a mere character created by the player, the real self, only then they would actually become aware that they are also the player who created them and then they can break all walls, open the console, cheat, alter reality, leave the game and become immortal. It's the journey from NPC to player character. The quest for liberation and enlightenment.

People severely underestimate the actual death that followsphysical death. New age movement has brought in the paradigm "you are immortal, your soul lives forever, you can reincarnate infinite times and evolve more and more, you are the all, you are god etc etc." But sadly it's not that simple. There is only one way to immortality, and when you don't attain it you will die because you are just a character. You don't even exist. You must be born through Gnosis or you will fade away like the illusion that you are in this matrix



>It's the journey from NPC to player character

I am sorry, I actually ment to write journey from a game character to the player in "real life". Just to clear that up



No, I don't think so. You probably shouldn't, because I selfishly don't want you to, but I literally can't give you any reasons beyond that. Honestly kind of envy you if you do.



>I don't belong on this earth and am seriously contemplating suicide

Yeah, I do this all the fucking time. Nevertheless, the suffering is good for your spirit; helps it grow. I've decided not to kill myself, no matter how much I fucking want to, especially considering since the First Creators/God/Demiurges were killed and we're able to decided what we reincarnate as. Just stick through it, anon. I'm doing the exact same fucking thing, and while it's horrible you may as well sit through the rest of this sludge-lifestyle, because it's only going to get better from now; this is our last life to experience true, forced suffering. Make the most of it, because it is beneficial for your spirit.



The only thing I'm looking forward to is the next life, or never entering body again. But this is about the final life of pure-suffering I can grow through, and your spirit grows faster this way before we are given the opportunity to take the easy route.

>Is there any salvation?

Depends what you consider 'salvation'.



top kek tho, suicide doesn't free you from the universe, only the current life you're living (and this is considering your consciousness doesn't continue through quantum immortality).



>Maybe even astral travel and learn about those planes first.

Astral travel is one of the closest things to being dead.



>Any genuine and real enlightened master will tell you that after death you only return to pure consciousness, to pure love

You don't even need to be enlightened to realise that, you just need to understand.



>Is there any chance of evolving into something like a demon after death?

Yeah, but good luck. Demons get killed for fun now ever since the First Creators/God/Demiurges were killed.



>sooner or later you will incarnate back into this world

There are other worlds to reincarnate to, we're not forced here anymore as of 2012.

>pretty much the same problems you left behind will be waiting for you.

But yeah true.



>celebrate the suffering of your enemies

>I am celebrating your suffering as we speak and it's going very well for me

>Dumb as's birch nigga faggot aas pussy bitch

>This whore and her whore

>people were rude to me once and suggested that my existence was not as good as the existence of other's and I should just be content with watching other people live a fulfilling life

>dumb drug addict cunts

>I'm gonna say "hey you two should start a band called dead moms".

>t. not a pleiadian

This is the opposite of how Pleiadians act.



>The All will simply reincarnate another human being into this world, but it will not be you.

>but it will not be you.

That's what OP wants.



Yes, there are other human-like worlds to be reborn into (four I know of, but the East Indian occultism speaks of many more), Pretaloka, Asuraloka, etc., but as I said, eventually all roads lead back here, and the same problems you thought you had escaped will still be here waiting for you. Suicide changes the staging, and changes the cast, but the synopsis of the play will remain pretty much the same until you deal with it.



Do you realize how fucking deluded and retarded you are? If he kills himself he fucking DIES…for good! He is just a role! Another role will deal with bullshit here. You understand that he will be gone?!

God fucking damit, how about you reincarnation shilling subhuman dogs turn your brain on for once and actually start thinking…


Lol I communed with a Sikh wise woman about two months ago, and we entered into some light debate regarding reincarnation. My question to her was simply "is there more than one reincarnating soul or is there just one soul that experiences every life?" Her answer was the latter although she noted that that was her belief despite being a heresy in Sikhism. It just shows that reincarnation is just another memetic religious device used to comfort mundanes - it's just wearing a very convincing mask of benevolence. All religions have had to rebuke a panentheistic heresy (like "one soul" reincarnation) at some point to assure their survival - they are not designed for people who seek substantial levels of gnosis. So to answer the question of suicide:

"You" will not reincarnate - God will simply move on to the next experience. Even if you believe the mundane-friendly version of reincarnation, I assure you that reincarnating as any kind of subhuman creature will be far worse than whatever current lot you have drawn in life. Stop being a girl and cast some spells faggot.


1-You created your own hell, what you think was chance is in fact law not recognized

2-Learn real magick, if you did you wouldn't be poor and unhappy

2.1- when the time for you to learn comes, the answer will appear.

3- If you still wish to die, it won't be much of a problem, afterall this is all a ilusion anyway…Does it matter if you killed yourself in your dreams? No? Well, that's the same implication. But since this is all an ilusion, why not do wherever the fuck you want to do? You still wish to lose this chance?

4-Stop being the hamster that runs on his weel.



I realize how self-deluded you and your fellow atheist/humanist 'tards are, and that is quite enough..but feel free to believe whatever BS you wish, for as long as you can sustain it, though it will not be for all that long. In morte veritas!



How triggered this faggot is that his demented sick fantasies of eternal torment and slavery of the soul will not come true. I could't be further away from being an atheist or a humanist btw.



>>>>>/cuckold/ is that way, m'man


I'm going to be killing myself in a few weeks, what should I expect when/after I do it?



>I'm going to be killing myself in a few weeks




Don't kill yourself before you have collected profound knowledge of this existence and the afterlife. Nobody is gonna tell you what to expect if you are such a fucking mundane. >>124027 cringe indeed. Go read the books in the library and meditate, then when you have learned and got your own insights you can kill yourself. If you kill yourself now…well who gives a flying fuck anyway.



My cringe was directed not at the consideration of suicide but at the belief that you can simply set a date on your suicide like that. Like it's some casual effortless thing. Imagination is very different from reality. It's fucking hard and requires a lot of willpower. Sorry, suicidal brutha, but it's not happening.




I don't have any time for things like that, I said a few weeks because that is all the time I have left. That's why I was hoping someone could tell me what to expect when I do it.



Alright enlighten you: You will die. Surprised? Without any occult achievements, Gnosis or enlightenment you will first go into the afterlife for a little while and then you will die off completely.

"You" are not immortal. There is no such things as "soul". There is only you and you will die. But that's what happens. Only a very few of humans become immortal so don't sweat it. Your remains (karma) will form another (human) being based on your deeds in this life.

Anyway, in your last days in the afterlife you will see the eatheric realm, which is like a twilight zone mirror of our earthly place. Almost everything is the same but clouded in a shadow. That's the first place you end up in. After that you do to the astral planes which can be anything. It's like a fantasy setting, next to impossible to describe for me. There you will slowly dissolve until you are dead.

Why do you want to kill yourself anyway? If you want to kill yourself you can only expect what you are asking for. Death.




Actually upon further reflection I must say that nobody can tell you what will happen and what to expect. Even tho I gave the most advanced theory, the closest to the truth it doesn't mean this is the actual truth. You will see for yourself. Nobody can tell it, and if anybody tells it like I did then it is only an oppinion and thus it is not real, a trap, a lie.






>Without any occult achievements, Gnosis or enlightenment

I can't say that I have anything in the way of occult achievements, whatever that would mean. I could say that in a few small facets of this life I am enlightened, though you would probably laugh and say I'm not really enlightened. It would probably be warranted as well as it would most likely come off as egotistical on my part.

>Your remains (karma) will form another (human) being based on your deeds in this life.

This I don't understand. Isn't karma supposed to be a personal thing? Why would someone else have to deal with 'my' karma?

>Why do you want to kill yourself anyway?

I don't want to really, I just don't see any other way out of the situation my life is in. I don't really see how I can gain from continuing to live this life.



>I don't want to really, I just don't see any other way out of the situation my life is in. I don't really see how I can gain from continuing to live this life.

Well this we have in common. You may rest in peace that you get some company in your suicide because I am on my way too.

>This I don't understand. Isn't karma supposed to be a personal thing? Why would someone else have to deal with 'my' karma?

It is only personal as long as you live. When you die only it remains and it becomes the inheritage of another being. When you were born you were already afflicted by massive karma from another person who lived previous to you, this is why you are suffering like this now. Same goes for me. When you die your shitty Karma will make up the next person and bring him/her hell. It is NOT you that get's reincarnated into another person. Only your remains. You understand you will die in the process? It's like a lego figure being destroyed, most parts vanish and only very few parts are reused to create an entirely new, different lego figure. That's how it is.

>It would probably be warranted as well as it would most likely come off as egotistical on my part.

It's ok, we can say you had some insights. Mini-enlightenments. I had a few of those too. Getting to the actual major enlightenment is a very hard thing and certainly not achievable by most people.



btw most credible occult teachings do claim it is very well possible to attain enlightenment, liberation and immortality in the afterlife state while you still have some time left. Prepare yourself. Use your last weeks to read the most important books. You must know what you must know in order to navigate in the astral planes and attain enlightenment there.



Hold your breath. If you truly want to die, you will overcome the instinct of breathing. If not, you are just another whiny little faggot



How can you live? Judging from this post alone you should be braindead. Truely a miracle of wizardry


come back here after you kys and post what it was like.

k thanx


No. You will thank yourself.

This is purgatory.

It's the only way "out".

Or like to another density, I could perhaps maybe just get a thought of you might have become bored of this density.

Maybe if you kill yourself you can cuck urself and go lower, or you can go do something and go higher.

But I mean you just want to die because you're gay and no Man wants to suck your dick.



Half the people in this thread dont know what they are talking about.

>That's why I was hoping someone could tell me what to expect when I do it.

Why would you want to ask someone else about what to expect after you an hero? Its your life, your consciousness, ask yourself. Seriously, what do you want? Reality is infinite, so what ever you make to be is what it will be.


Kill yourself and your soul will be released into the astral realm to choose a new vessel, world, time, meaning. However, the amount of control you have over that journey will depend on how much of your "you" can survive without being attached to a physical body with a physical brain. Some souls have a specific pre-chosen path of reincarnation though, one they chose in a past life. Everyone is different.



What do you base this on?



OP I would suggest learning Astral Projection to be able to explore the afterlife by yourself and by your own means so you don't need to incur in negative activities with negative consequences.


yes, there is a chance od de-evolving into one but only if that is what you want and you do stuff to become that, if not, you just say no to it or ignore it the and move on. It's that simple.



Suicide, I would say, is the most powerful ritual one can perform. It is the literal, and willing sacrifice of the body. To do this is to impose your final willpower - all of it - in a single moment…in direct defiance of your destiny. To do this would mean you'd hurl your soul away from what is natural. You will unbalance the polarities. You'll, in a nut-shell…obliterate your soul. Believe me, suicide is the best way to escape to nothing. You don't want that. You DON'T want that.

~The Punished Druid



That doesnt sound right. Whats the difference between death caused by something, for the most part, outside of your control and death by your own decision? I honestly can not comprehend why death should be fear. On this plane of existence, death is largely inevitable, though there is probably a way to follow a different path.

Death is quite literally nothing but the beginning of something new and you decide what that is.


I don't use that narrative to describe how I was born.



See, you're talking about death, whereas I'm talking about the act of suicide and the obliteration of the soul, if you have one in the first place. Only so many of those to go around.



>1-You created your own hell

Then how do I make my own heaven?



Suicide or die but with a positive mindset and a definitiv goal and knowledge that you go to heaven.

Really it's just the opposite of going to hell. Instead of being in terror, panic and massive suffering while suiciding (this leads to hell) be of positive, cheerfull, hopefull spirit.

Enjoyment even in death.

This is why it is OK for monks, wizards and druids to suicide while it is NOT OK for common people. Because common people aka mundanes commit suicide with horror in their heart and go to hell whileas enlightened ones like us have the "Gnosis" and the right mindset. This is why suicide is forbidden in any mainstream religion and even spiritual practices…it's just such a big sin and they scare you with hell because it's only to protect the mundane degenerates. But we know that all is mind. With a truely detached and positive mindset suicide becomes a true way of freeing yourself from the matrix and traveling to the astral without suffering through a full lifetime in this demiurgic plane.

It can turn into a ritual indeed, but nor for soul oblitaration but instead for the ultimate testimony of your will to reject this plane and pathetic human existence and move on to higher planes.


Unless you're quite an advanced alchemist (you're not) your soul will dissolve shortly after death, right after having lived a second hell for a little while, and you will reincarnate and face the same issues you're having right now.

There's no easy way out, but I'd say suicide is possibly the worst call in your situation.



Ah, now I understand a bit more.

But that is not the answer that I was looking for.

When he said "you created your own hell," as in, through your own actions, I was wondering how one could make his life heaven.

And what would constitute "real magick" ?



I doubt it is possible to make this life heaven. This plane is a hell plane and anything you do will only contribute in making your life hell. As far as I know, heaven is only when you get out of this shithole and get to the right place.



If soul is synonymous with representation of your physical self, then yes, I agree. But if soul is being represented as synonymous with consciousness, then you are wrong, because consciousness can not be erased. The closest you could get to it would be a state of null or void. The cornerstone of all of reality is consciousness and light. For being Nothing is to know all.



Soul is most likely the energy bodies and/or ego. Otherwise his post doesn't make sense. The ego get's erased which basically equals death for you.

Also he wrote you are gonn reincarnate and face the same issues again which is the dumbest bullshit ever but people just cannot stop spreading this crap. Think about it, think what you wrote before and what you wrote now. You're gonna dissolve but then somehow you still gonna reincarnte and somehow magically face the same issues again? That posters brain must be rotten from too much new-agery and degenerate tier spirituality.



Having experienced Astral Projection myself. Of course I realize that to someone who never experienced his soul outside of his body this doesn't work as proof, as it is subjective, but there is nothing I can do about that.




Why is the concept of complete and utter obliteration of every part a confounding concept to many of you? The ALL directs our destiny in its' dream-like state of conciousness, and the Demiurge puts obsticles in our path along the fixed course, so that it may feed. Think of the Demiurge as the nightmarish abberation within the ALL's conscious. We are all here for the ride.

Everything that you believe is you, is not. And there are VERY FEW of us who are capable of manipulating the forces that bind and control us to a point where we can very minorly influence outcomes, this is the basis of Magick.

Now then, what happens when you desire so badly to not exist? What happens when you cock that gun to your head? What happens when the trigger is pulled and the ritual complete? Make no mistake, everything in life is ritual. Humans even emulate perfect, sacred geometry in everything we create. Just look at what is natural, and what is man-made.

Without giving a lesson in what should already be known, if you desire to die entirely, then so it shall be. As above, so below, as below, so above. You have the power to influence the direction of your very being, but as with everything: be careful what you wish for.

You won't be thrown into purgatory, nor some "null/void" super-man phantom zone. You wont reincarnate. You will, however, blot yourself out of the ALL MIND completely. That which is created CAN be destroyed. The 3rd dimentional laws of thermodynamics don't apply to infinitely dimentional beings. You're all too grounded in the mundane.

~The Punished Druid



>if you desire to die entirely, then so it shall be

Obviously, but there is your problem. Just because you think suicide is the desire to be obliterated completely doesn't mean that everyone else shares the same desire. For most of us suicide can merely mean the shedding of the body and this prison planet. We still want to live, go to the astral planes etc etc. With the right mindset suicide will not obliterate you completely. It is only saying "No, I don' want this shit here anymore, I will now move on." But then again some might desire to be obliterated completely and that's what they will get.



Well, no one desires many a thing they've brought upon themself. Thus the reason why people blame others for their plight, or become ignorant to who their handlers are. Even when it's unintentional, the emotion, belief, and action give birth to things you may not notice. Why do you think most religions forewarn the masses about the danger of suicide? Again, everything is ritual, routine, step by step. Have you ever "failed" a ritual? Usually this means you didn't actually fail the ritual, you just didn't know what you were doing and produced terrifying results.

But for those of us who understand the principles and have attempted suicide (I tried helium many years back, almost fucked my brain up), we also understand where the end-game leads. Ignorance of the law is no excuse.

In the words of a great Wizard.

"Forgive them, O Lord, for they know not what they do".



it depends, there are methods like samadhi to willingly leave your body knowing that you have done your part, and also ideas like seppuku where you kill yourself for honour, in these you die as basically a victor to continue on being born in a place that gives your victorious consciousness a space. But if you die a looser per say, defeted by life i.e. depressed or unwilling to confront your demons than your consciousness will continue to drift in that "looser" path wher your struggles are simply going to renew. Even though i wrote this pretending to know this for certain, i do hope that you consider it before considering taking your own life.


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