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File: b46c827153b7033⋯.jpg (15.59 KB, 512x512, 1:1, b46c827153b7033dd12fb6a386….jpg)

File: 10434397bbc2951⋯.png (202.01 KB, 981x518, 981:518, infograph.png)

4f1070 No.9417281[Reply]

Started since the last one for this topic filled up

We started with the revelation that Shareblue is literally being used by almost every single globalist group in the world to spew propaganda and subvert our country. This was followed by a number of other discoveries (listed below) now being covered up by the traitors over at cuckchan. This cannot be allowed to continue, we must continue to search for Shareblue's headquarters as well as discover the identities of the halfchan mods and let them know that their decisions will have real world consequences. They are participating in the cover up of treason and sedition.

China, the Rothschild's old base in City of London, Mexico, Israel, Saudi Arabia and other Middle Eastern Groups all have connections to David Brock's group. More info on this can be found posted just below the OP:





OneVoice, the subsidiary of the PeaceWorks Foundation, was used by Obama, Kerry and the Department of State to funnel money into an attempt to overthrow Benjamin Netanyahu as Prime Minister before being returned to Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign.



Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

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ba04a7 No.9589373

File: 7cf2c0bd26df7fb⋯.png (354.07 KB, 448x517, 448:517, ClipboardImage.png)


I remember seeing that crew memo thing a while back not to long after they first launched. Assuming it's legit, I've always found it to be a hilarious document. The cover looks like some marketing guy's font sampler pack got loose. The entire first page is nothing but cheerleading and ass-kissing of Hillary and Obama, and a few others feel like ads trying to sell you on Shareblue. The document looks like a fucking magazine with little "factoid" boxes and everything. The whole thing is nothing but a bunch of promises and goals with no blueprint or strategy on how to get there. Who was this document made for? Why was it created? It feels like a fucking sales pitch.

This is why you never drink the kool-aid yourself, kids.

File: 86929a596312f72⋯.png (11.67 KB, 324x155, 324:155, 1485139739309.png)

69fd9e No.9577717[Reply]

Clinton crony made up evidence to investigate Trump and supposed Russia connection. FBI snooped on Trump tower, found nothing. There never was any reason to suspect Trump of any involvement with Russia, let alone investigate. It was all fabricated.

>PASTEBIN WITH ALL INFO NEEDED: http://pastebin.com/fgMX926P

* TeaLeaves kicked off the whole Russia-Trump server thing with his DNS logs. This server has been mentioned in connection to investigations.

* Nobody knew who TeaLeaves was. Some speculated it was L Jean Camp herself which is the closest guess. It turned out to be a colleague of hers. See the info above for the damning proof.

* Tealeaves has a years-old wordpress account coincidentally named in leetspeak teakettle (t34k3ttl3). That's him. BTW I don't believe that FeelTheEmailMistake guy found it the way he says. I think he had to present it in a more eh "public safe" manner if you get my drift. Based on some other posts of his i think this guy is into some seriously heavy shit…and think about the timing of all this.

* The DNS logs contain + signs – meaning recursive nameserver-nameserver queries which just doesnt happen. Even if we say the Russian nameservers have some weird setup – well, the American medical nameservers have the same weird setup. Every damn nameserver has the same weird setup. Terribly unlikely…

* The guy mentions 6 indicators of forgery… says hes only 'reasonably confident' based on the indicator above… but it's pretty fucking damning all by itself. My suspicion is that another indicator is based on meticulous analysis of TTLS and cache behavior

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655f7f No.9589257


>During the Flynn shit, plenty of people were already saying "the sources are illegal, find the sources" with NYT casually referring to their illegal source.

In all fairness Clinton's gaggle of idiots used the same argument to defend their shitty emails. Difference being is that information from the white house is classified intel that can jeopardize the country, people really should focus on that difference more than anything.

File: 1421894990787.png (87.33 KB, 1600x829, 1600:829, Eagle.png)

88e97c No.993439[Reply]

Any meta issues posted on /pol/ will be locked and redirected to >>>/polmeta/

Current Rules for /pol/:

1. Follow the Global Rule.

2. No spamming. Doing so will result in a ban.

3. Duplicate threads will be deleted. Check the Catalog.

4. Non-politics related threads are frowned upon and will result in ban and deletion. Bans will be up to the Board Owner or Board Volunteer's discretion.

If you don't get what /pol/ is about, lurk more. That includes newfags.

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Post last edited at

762c53 No.5658719

File: 1459798739852.png (2.41 MB, 720x8640, 1:12, 1459407898638.png)

/pol/ Intelligence Primer

>Never tell your enemies what you will do. Simply do it.

>The energy necessary to refute a lie is an order of magnitude greater than to produce it.

>The jew will only tell a truth if it benefits a greater lie.

>The jew, when caught in a lie, will create a new narrative and purposefully skip a logical step to twist the narrative in his favor, then double down on the new lie and never admit to the omitted logical step even upon pain of death.

>wir mussen die juden ausrotten.

Thought for the Day: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/False_dilemma

Polarization Shill


Philosophy vs. Ideology







Simple Sabotage


Gentleman's Guide to Forum Spies http://cryptome.org/2012/07/gent-forum-spies.htm

Logical Fallacies


Lists of jewish agents


JTRIG manipulation

https://firPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

Post last edited at

File: 37535c271d41528⋯.png (145.56 KB, 1000x745, 200:149, bbe462b9aea024bf0b435d9cdd….png)

8a79eb No.9586525[Reply]

60 minutes was delayed by nigger ball.

We're still looking for a new stream to get comfy and laugh at.

Previous thread


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8aae1d No.9589114


To lift muh sanctions and let Hitler 2 Putin Boogaloo holocaust the Crimea unpunished

c775e7 No.9589145


Oh, tell me someone gave him the proper response.

511ccb No.9589194

anyone have the picture or story behind the time 60 minutes showed finnish kids as russian hackers?


he's controlled op, so him getting views is a negative. He's the safety pressure valve.

9c1d8e No.9589318


>Labeling the pedo scandal as "pizzagate" has allowed faggots to easily dismiss it as crazy talk

>because of that one guy who entered Comet Pizza with a gun.

False flag.

By pure cohencidence the only camera facing that street was turned away shortly before it happened & by pure cohencidence some "news" anchor happened to be at a nearby house to record the arrest taking place in perfect view in the dead center of an adjacent intersection. Also by pure cohencidence the guy arrested was an actor. The Comet Ping Pong gunman arrest was the most staged shit since Sandy Hoax.

Doesn't top SH though. All they needed was to hand out name tags, evacuate the same people multiple times, have time to set up potable toilets, run FEMA "drills" in the area at the same time, have partial dash cam footage which timecodes that don't line up with official story times & have flashing signs in the background reminding the crisis actors to check in.

cd20c0 No.9589801


If I see that fucking cat one more time…

File: 74fd7010052005c⋯.jpg (181.61 KB, 1000x750, 4:3, 1291435465417.jpg)

052496 No.9565466[Reply]

Win, lose, or draw, there is no prosperity to be found in cities, meaning homesteading, or a modern equivalent thereof, is be a our best bet for securing a stable future for ourselves and our families. Cities are a trap, a place to gather degenerates, niggers, the poor and stupid (redundant, I know), designed in a way to cram as many people in order to make them easier to control.

I'd like to discuss ideas with /pol/, finding the strengths, weaknesses of homesteading, and identifying the best steps for proceeding with the idea. Places to start, necessary skills to acquire, and so on.

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37a007 No.9589778


If fate can be fixed, perhaps fate can be broken, just as easily.

052496 No.9589780

>53 fucking posts from a spastic blackpill retard

If it weren't obvious that he was trying to derail and flood the thread already, that's exactly what he's doing. Filter and report.

61dab9 No.9589791


We'll just have to see about that, anon.


>derail and flood the thread.

>denounces Jewish degeneracy. shares anecdotes of what works and what doesn't work.


3eab44 No.9589797


>living around niggers, Jews and communists



052496 No.9589800


Then stop posting like a fucking faggot and making dozens of meaningless posts. Drop the fucking gimmick and have a conversation, because you just completely drown out an otherwise constructive and intelligent conversation with your fuckery.

Screaming about the Jew and fate isn't productive or useful in this context.

File: 49d70f79ba22e89⋯.jpg (558.47 KB, 867x817, 867:817, f05bd5a49c7d00227a54af7dcd….jpg)

e28b8b No.9584132[Reply]

"You Trump Supporters Happy?"


39 posts and 29 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

ae5621 No.9587206


Vegans like you should be purged honestly.

d6eaf5 No.9587502

File: afc565abf3a3c87⋯.jpg (370.87 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, tmp_5816-Nature of Kek-441….jpg)


c783f8 No.9587504


wtf i am the law now

029e32 No.9589763

any MSM media reports about this yet? was the brother a sex criminal, dwi, drugs?

029e32 No.9589798


found it

On Tuesday, Texas resident Robert Espino broadcast on Facebook as U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement, together with the DeSoto Police Department, arrested his brother and his brother-in-law.

Mundo Hispánico identified the two people arrested as Eduardo Díaz and Marín Márquez.

"My brother and brother-in-law were cuffed and taken away from their families," Espino wrote. "They are not drug dealers, rapists, thieves, not even a traffic ticket. They leave behind wives, sons and daughters. This [is] what Donald J. Trump supporters wanted — to see families torn apart because of where you're born."

The video depicts authorities stopping Díaz and Márquez inside a car.

"This is for y'all motherfuckers that voted for Trump," Espino said. "Breaking up families and shit. DeSoto's fucking finest, ain't got shit better to do. Fucking with families don't catch real fucking criminals. You Trump supporters happy? My 9-year-old niece getting her father taken away from her."

According to Dallas' La Grande 107.5, Márquez was undocumented and arrested for a traffic infraction. Mundo Hispanico reported that Márquez was in the process of getting his documents.

Hispanico reported that Diaz, 35, has two children and that his eldest daughter watched as he was arrested. According to the family, Diaz was on probation after being found guilty 20 years ago for being in a relationship with a 15-year-old, when Diaz was also a teenager.

The outlet also reported that ICE did not respond to a request for comment and that the Mexican consulate in Dallas is working with the family.

Loved ones set up a GoFundMe to assist the families of Márquez and Díaz after their arrest.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: b8267f551ca3d4b⋯.jpg (1.54 MB, 2211x1458, 737:486, Sark-aerial.jpg)

860698 No.9589529[Reply]

The Isle of Sark, population of 600.

Crown Dependent of the United Kingdom and a part of the Bailiwick of Guernsey.

600 people…

There was an invasion attempt in 1990 made by one man with a semi-automatic rifle. He was tricked by the only on duty constable and disarmed. He spent seven days in prison in Guernsey and that is it.

Why am I talking about this island you say?

Look at the picture, lush, green, natural, by the ocean. 600 people. Give me a couple men and some funding and we can make a plan and claim a Sovereign Nation in the name of /pol/. Be it by way of the weapon or subterfuge. A new white Jerusalem.

74 posts and 17 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

f23460 No.9589787


Due to your own explanations and presentations, if you truly represent a large amount of Sark's population relative to how they interpret the world, I prognosticate that no maneuvers need to be imposed upon your island. If not, I suggest you utilize your affection for the greater good and begin working on that. Godspeed either way.

860698 No.9589788

File: 75b259d24227a2e⋯.jpg (119.04 KB, 838x960, 419:480, 17203247_1685941355031768_….jpg)


Says the namefag, burdened by such an immoral and reprehensible ego. It is such a trait of the weak and degenerate to hang from the legs of the strong. All you do is slow our march of solidarity and REAL progress. Fucking peasant.

2e0e35 No.9589793

File: 844b5c8f28b2d58⋯.jpeg (985.73 KB, 4960x3508, 1240:877, National Sark Determinati….jpeg)


I am this anon. switched computers to bring you dank OC.

f4699d No.9589796


You're trying so hard to be intelligent but you're coming off as the sad LARPing fantasist that you are. Don't go anywhere near my countries dependencies because we have a history of killing people who do.


Get over yourself you saddo. You're not strong nor are you making an argument.

>Hurrrr I'm running away from my country and LARPing so that the burden of doing something in reality doesn't really affect me hurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

af5cbe No.9589799

File: 59f2d7f168cca64⋯.png (249.62 KB, 727x445, 727:445, grow up.png)


>says the """""""white"""""""" burger who LARPs online rather than trying to fix his own country

Even if you were going to do something like this, you sure as hell aren't invading sovereign British soil, nigger.


This will attract nothing but cringe and disdain from Sark residents.

Also what the fuck are you faggots going to to do about Guernsey?

File: 17aa25bf953a435⋯.png (2.01 MB, 1248x844, 312:211, Magic powers.png)

85ab28 No.9556590[Reply]


Oh god Vice is losing their fucking minds. They're actually trying to debunk Kek.

648 posts and 274 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

1a4ded No.9588826

File: e3f0fa4b75de701⋯.jpg (132.95 KB, 864x512, 27:16, KHYWSMXI1XR4ERUJV18TBOTLQ3….jpg)


>Those digits that webm.

Also does anyone have an archive of the election thread(s) when PA flipped. I'm from PA and I hadn't gotten my PC then. Would be greatly appreciated anons.

Also I knew vice was shit long ago.

9cb318 No.9589213


>not kekkening

anon i know your heart lies with the right place, but, you need momentum.

ce3369 No.9589221


>debunking magic

implying the jews havent been trying to convince humanity the material world is all there is for the last 6 gorillion years

6254e2 No.9589735



(praise kek)

6418d2 No.9589795

File: ab564f56dbf0c78⋯.jpg (37.56 KB, 227x278, 227:278, page 41.jpg)


Well Hitler's Wizards are getting younger, don't you know?

File: f36c7904717750b⋯.jpg (26.76 KB, 400x590, 40:59, 1452833548506.jpg)

20229e No.9573785[Reply]




Yes. They are now using a block chain to authorize rare pepes, and then selling and trading them in place of actual money. Perhaps there is hope for Venezuela yet.

708 posts and 313 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.
Post last edited at

636701 No.9589647

File: 8b055ac89703889⋯.jpg (29.45 KB, 470x293, 470:293, kike-like-me.jpg)




I only have this (too) common merchant in return, but thanks!

777761 No.9589690

File: 29dead85d82a059⋯.gif (15.86 KB, 336x273, 16:13, 33567e4c3ecb2ba3d7fcf77ee8….gif)


>those digits

c987ff No.9589748


I think we broke the wheel and it have no break.

636701 No.9589775

File: 9ccb60f27ce89c6⋯.png (54.58 KB, 620x591, 620:591, pepe.PNG)

1.3 million PepeCash just sold…

This train has no brakes….

Pepe now at new record high…

dc0e32 No.9589794

File: c32376ff2398a70⋯.png (202.81 KB, 400x400, 1:1, benes.png)


Damn, late to the party, had to work 10 hours a day for the entire weekend

File: d8c274cfc4d4225⋯.jpg (428.28 KB, 1638x2047, 1638:2047, jel17631-holmes-hehnamy-85….jpg)

File: c0e1f9ab67bfbf8⋯.jpg (63.07 KB, 1334x1000, 667:500, 170322-no-gender-mn-1340_e….jpg)

e60f7f No.9584596[Reply]


You can't make this shit up.


Judge's Name: (((Amy Holmes Hehn))), Multnomah County Circuit Court Judge. Pic of faggot named "Patch" and the kike-lesbian judge above.

Let's get to work, you know what to do…

>Judge Grants Oregon Resident the Right to Be Genderless

>History was quietly made in Oregon this month when a judge granted a Portlander's request to become genderless.

>Patch, a 27-year-old video game designer, is likely the first legally agender person in the United States.

>The Multnomah County Court granted Patch a "General Judgment of Name and Sex Change" on March 10. In the same judgment, Patch was also allowed to change names, becoming mononymous — meaning only having one name instead of a given name and a surname.

>“Even gender-neutral pronouns don’t feel as if they fit me. I feel no identity or closeness with any pronouns I’ve come across … What describes me is my name.”

Agender is defined as the absence of gender. Not to be confused with transgender or genderqueer, agender people typically describe feeling that they have no gender identity whatsoever. While sex refers to biological features such as chromosomes, genitalia and hormones, gender is the expression of identity as male, female or somewhere in between. But agender people are not drawn to male or female identity — or any point along the spectrum.

>"As a kid, probably starting around age 6, gender didn't make sense to me," Patch told NBC News. "I was told 'men were this, women were this.' As a teen I learned about transgender people, and that didPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

122 posts and 28 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

3fea32 No.9589621

File: ab139a32ed9831a⋯.mp4 (3.93 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, i'm legally a man (1080p_3….mp4)

how do we fix this?

4628bb No.9589645


wasn't gotten, no saving needed, goalpost not moved, you're a faggot.

211e80 No.9589653


The people will claim that they are gender fluid trans disabled so they can use the male, female and disabled toilet. Sue anyone who mispronounced xer gender.

3fea32 No.9589717

>Genderless gender

Isn't that an oxymoron?

>Fireless fire

>Birdless Bird

>Smart SJW

Shit makes no sense.

878f12 No.9589792



Cyberpunk is 99% aestethics, anons.

I don't see us storming into secure servers on frog mounts with VR and badly drawn 3D graphics, uploading pepe memes in the process.

File: 73f523cc0500fac⋯.jpg (218.16 KB, 941x1600, 941:1600, Whisper.jpg)

883b26 No.9574682[Reply]

I believe we need to subvert the word Islamophobic. We need to turn Islamophobia into a word the left WILL NOT USE.

We have to call nation leader's (or anyone) Islamophobic when a they kowtow to Muslims or Islam. Especially when Muslims make demands, threats, rioting or what have you, we have to call them Islamophobic for not confronting them head on and saying no.

Precisely because they're making irrational decisions in fear of Islam. It's the perfect way to destroy political Islams mightiest weapon against our useful idiots (leftists).

For instance, "Stop being Islamophobic!" should be used by us to people who censor themselves or cater to Muslims overwhelmingly.

In other words, change Islamophobia into it's literally meaning instead of this Jewish pseudo-race bait clap trap. We must not let Islam Jew their way into our country with their very own brand of "anti-semitism" horseshit.

It's time to kill this weapon of theirs. Otherwise they'll use it until they get all the way to the top of our governments.

106 posts and 33 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

000000 No.9584415


fuck okay pls ban me

bebdca No.9584417


Sure, or just embrace it. If someone calls you a "racist" say, "by your definition, I certainly am." What can they do then? Cry more? The left just uses heavy words to attack. Sticks and stones is the phrase to remember. It's about overcoming mere words - becoming immune to needless insult. Adopting that attitude is both a defense and an attack.

7c8433 No.9584875


Islam is redpilled, sorta(minus the goatfuckery) but it is the ideology of the invader

We cant support it because we are being attacked by it

We must restore christ in our lives

57da6f No.9587599


It's so the faggots that spread shit like this are made to look like complete fools, thus redpilling others and isolating themselves.

Most moderately aware people know the ISIS flag = bad shit.

This is just 4d chess shit.

31264c No.9589790

File: d1f498bdab9c041⋯.jpg (21.62 KB, 241x300, 241:300, dog_pissing_on_mohammad-11….jpg)

File: 533f8dba1ab1913⋯.png (479.23 KB, 584x446, 292:223, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 11d4a3dfa981499⋯.png (469.99 KB, 595x859, 595:859, ClipboardImage.png)

File: dfaca0fbfd4101c⋯.png (488.26 KB, 585x461, 585:461, ClipboardImage.png)

8cde2e No.9589271[Reply]

In Sweden, hundreds of refugee children have fallen unconscious after being informed that their families will be expelled from the country.



>Georgi, a Russian refugee who came to Sweden with his family when he was five years old, could talk at length about the virtues of the Volvo. His doctor described him as “the most ‘Swedeified’ in his family.”

>Georgi’s father, Soslan, had helped found a pacifist religious sect in North Ossetia, a Russian province that borders Georgia. Soslan said that in 2007 security forces demanded that he disband the sect, which rejected the entanglement of the Russian Orthodox Church with the state, and threatened to kill him if he refused. He fled to Sweden with his wife, Regina, and their two children, and applied for asylum, but his claim was denied, because the Swedish Migration Board said that he hadn’t proved that he would be persecuted if he returned to Russia.

>Sweden permits refugees to reapply for asylum, and in 2014, having lived in hiding in central Sweden for six years, the family tried again

>In December, 2015, the Migration Board rejected their final appeal, and, in a letter, told the family, “You must leave Sweden.” Their deportation to Russia was scheduled for April. Soslan said that to his children Russia “might as well be the moon.” Georgi read the letter silently, dropped it on the floor, went upstairs to his room, and lay down on the bed. He said that his body began to feel as if it were entirely liquid. His limbs felt soft and porous. All he wanted to do was close his eyes. Even swallowing required an effort that he didn’t feel he could muster. He felt a deep pressure in his brain and in his ears. He turned toward the wall and pounded his fist against it. In the morning, he refused to get out of bed or to eat. Savl poured Coca-Cola into a teaspoon and fed Georgi small sips. The soda dribbled down his chin.

>After a week, Georgi had lost thirteen pounds. Hultcrantz, a professor emeritus at Linköping University, urged thPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

22 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

bc084a No.9589740



376709 No.9589745


>>Will this wake up Sweden?


9c3cd2 No.9589757


How there is anyone left who doesn't consider Sweden an utterly pathetic failure, I'll never understand.

13ec62 No.9589785

> Waaah! Romania is so mean! Please treat gypsies better!

> Waaah! Gypsies are fucking filth! Why do we even let them live here?

Of course the Swedes don't see it that way, but everyone else in Europe certainly does. The question is, when will they start doing this with Muslims? Any ideas?

c7b642 No.9589789

This is the same bullshit like during the aftermath from the Yugoslav Wars.

But then it was all about the "apathy kids".

File: e0010e672154245⋯.png (93.88 KB, 1058x794, 529:397, Capstone.png)

5eaa81 No.9589667[Reply]

We can break free from the prison our captors have forced us to build for ourselves.

Thanks to Trump, everything in this picture is now possible. It won't be easy, but it will be inevitable. The Freemasons are ripe for takeover. The Zionists are ripe for takeover. The people who control so much have walked into a trap that they cannot back out of. It is our time to break them down and take what they hoard for themselves.

The Capstone Project gives the glimpse into the future. You determine your own involvement.

90ff75 No.9589718


I understand almost none of this but I study psychology. How can I help, friend?

5eaa81 No.9589734

File: 3ae5978779d3454⋯.png (292.6 KB, 776x623, 776:623, 3ae5978779d3454a7ab086af42….png)


Good question

Psychology is the study of the black box that spawns human behavior.

Consider this fun scenario: What if an AI, created by psychological bias, traded on the stock market and it had insight on how human psychology and emotion works.

Would the AI always win… or… would the AI conclude that perhaps another AI was also trading in the market, even if there was no proof of that?

27ac7c No.9589751

>decentralized memetics

>empowerment of identity politics

we talking ethnonationalism and gender roles?

>discovery and abuse of memetic bottlenecks

online forums, public community centres, trad msm?

90ff75 No.9589786


I'd have to be the one who codes the thing to respond to the stimuli to predict the outcome of that with any accuracy.

To guess, I'd say the AI might just avoid what it thought was the other AI until it either figured out that the other AI doesn't exist or approached a conflict in which it wasn't able to predict a profitable outcome. Depending on how it is coded it might either continue making decisions on chance or just come to a stop.

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

578564 No.9585270[Reply]

Texas Man Records His Brother Being Arrested By Immigration Officers

Does this make you happy /pol/? You vicious Trump supporters, is this what you wanted? It's what I wanted, and it brings joy to my heart.

89 posts and 27 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

5accde No.9588268

File: cc92150d56fcc43⋯.gif (3.63 MB, 615x346, 615:346, 1ede6a05d3115df05c01183bbc….gif)

4c1d4a No.9588340

File: 09ee4e8c3fc79c5⋯.png (57.02 KB, 225x278, 225:278, swat em.png)


Dubs demand spics be lined up along ditches and shot.

93961b No.9588876

d78241 No.9589466


BDSM is a degenerate form of sexual kink. It's disgusting.

Pillow talk is what you do after or before you have sex. You talk when you're lying down. So I'd assume BDSM pillow talk is something combining them both.

53db78 No.9589783

ICE detains 26 offenders reporting for community service in Fort Worth


File: c4829e9dedb6c54⋯.png (321.64 KB, 1017x479, 1017:479, pay denbts.png)

33d195 No.9585036[Reply]

Just revealed - President Trump handed £300bn NATO invoice to Angela Merkel which estimated Germany’s underspend on alliance over the past 12 years, then added interest.

Merkel is ignoring the invoice


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acb554 No.9589630

File: b34de7404817f6c⋯.jpg (90.05 KB, 624x658, 312:329, 1487521770135.jpg)


And thats just for NATO… hehehe Germany is fucked beyond redemption. Whole world is actually a bubble waiting to burst, economically.


checked. germoney actually has a much much much bigger debt than Greece. Greece was an experiment inside the EU, as we all can see, as many more countries have such a higher debt.

>inb4 GDP

And no GDP doesn't cover it, lads.

806be7 No.9589684


Anja, Tanja and Tatiana are not common german names. Perhaps what you saw (in your imaginary deployment) were ukrainian prostitutes.

317a07 No.9589759


Nope. Must be a Bavarian thing. Many many Tanjas and Anjas. Perhaps it's not common where you're from, but it was an extremely common name in Bavaria. Grüß gott, cuckold.

000000 No.9589764

>self-hating americans, i.t.t.

"I must be the centre and the cause of all of the world's problems!"

000000 No.9589782


The only one powerful enough to drain a swamp this size is… God. Let's hope President Trump is on his side.

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