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Internet People Need Hotpockets and a Holocaust

File: 3e71bf5420311f8⋯.png (582.71 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, Screenshot_2017-06-28-22-5….png)

File: 0077e78b9779e96⋯.jpg (163.42 KB, 960x637, 960:637, IMG_20170628_225328.jpg)

File: 0a70e96faf5cf49⋯.jpg (188.09 KB, 960x637, 960:637, IMG_20170628_225330.jpg)

File: f4d77f03b243b46⋯.jpg (179.5 KB, 960x637, 960:637, IMG_20170628_225332.jpg)

File: 78be278d13a93d4⋯.jpg (183.4 KB, 960x637, 960:637, IMG_20170628_225335.jpg)

79a304 No.10167066[Reply]

The Syrian Army Today Seized Israeli Weapons Which Were On The Way To Arm Al Qaeda In Syria's Homs



Pics related

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c0cfae No.10168526


The jew essentially likes to flaunt and leave behind obvious footprints just so when all is said and done they can laugh about how the dumb goy missed it despite it all being there in his face…

Good example would be the 5 dancing kikes on 9/11.. it wasn't a necessary stunt and they didn't need to do it for 9/11 to be pulled off but they chose to go above what's required just to laugh in glee at the blatant failure of masses to pick it up…

File: 800743171b550fb⋯.webm (10.11 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Veritas.webm)

927261 No.10164940[Reply]

New Veritas Video Exposes Van Jones

Project Veritas' American Pravda: CNN continues today with a video of left-leaning political commentator Van Jones caught on camera plainly stating that "the Russia thing is just a big nothing burger." This follows the release of a video of CNN Producer John Bonifield, who was caught touting the Russia narrative as "bullshit." According to Brian Stelter on Twitter, CNN released a statement stating that Bonifield is just a "Health Producer" and "isn't involved in Russia or Trump coverage." Paul Fahri of the Washington Post also weighed in on the Veritas video and Bonifield's position at CNN:"[I]t never mentions that Bonifield is a producer of health and medical stories, raising questions about how relevant his views are, and how informed he is, about CNN's political coverage."

"I mean, it's mostly bullshit right now," Bonifield says in the first video. "Like, we don't have any giant proof." CNN's Public Relations team eventually was forced by the overwhelming coverage of our video (with no help from them, of course) to give a statement: "CNN stands by our medical producer John Bonifield. Diversity of personal opinion is what makes CNN strong, we welcome it and embrace it.

Jones is one of CNN's most prominent political commentators, and has appeared on CNN in the past attacking President Trump for his "Putin relationship." On December 18, 2016 Jones said: "Other Presidents tried to say nice things about the Russians – not in the face of an active attack on the country!"

Posting this so it doesn't get buried in the mostly full thread

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b46d25 No.10168346


Never forget, the nigger is the hired muscle of the Jew. Slaves from the beginning.

File: bb5cc8448d8cf23⋯.jpg (67.69 KB, 719x728, 719:728, crimeee.jpg)

File: ad769cb2ef3e078⋯.jpg (84.06 KB, 720x720, 1:1, criminal.jpg)

File: 5ef38483ae7e75e⋯.jpg (125.68 KB, 720x720, 1:1, mex trink.jpg)

9be994 No.10114466[Reply]

Thread for identifying and reporting illegals. Remove bean.

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fd6bcd No.10168189

Do we have a running kill count of illegals deported /pol/?

File: 4a439b569d6e4e1⋯.jpg (337.87 KB, 743x479, 743:479, Finicum.jpg)

3f6f0d No.10165947[Reply]

>An FBI agent accused of lying about firing two shots at Oregon standoff spokesman Robert "LaVoy" Finicum faces a five-count indictment, charging him with three counts of making a false statement and two counts of obstruction of justice.

>W. Joseph Astarita, 40, dressed in a dark pin-striped suit, made his first appearance on the indictment Wednesday in a packed federal courtroom, with heightened security inside and in the corridors of the Mark O. Hatfield Courthouse.

>A lawyer standing beside Astarita entered not guilty pleas on his behalf to all charges. Astarita will remain out of custody pending trial.

>Astarita is accused of firing twice at Finicum as Finicum emerged from his truck after he swerved into a snowbank, nearly striking another FBI agent, to avoid a roadblock on U.S. 395 in Harney County. Finicum had sped away from a state police and FBI stop earlier on the rural roadway on Jan. 26, 2016 during the occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge. The agent's shots didn't hit Finicum.

>The indictment says Astarita, who had served as a member of an FBI Hostage Rescue Team, "falsely stated he had not fired his weapon during the attempted arrest of Robert La Voy Finicum, when he knew then and there that he had fired his weapon.''

The Oregonian -→ https://archive.is/l09PZ

LA Times -→ https://archive.is/HRRGd

Washington Post -→ https://archive.is/RUsjv

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93df28 No.10168202

File: 614bf27000da753⋯.png (55.63 KB, 331x429, 331:429, 1b56aed2fe68cf653d8680946c….png)




>using 'law' for all these different meanings and thinking no one will notice you're not actually saying shit

File: 73d77065c7412af⋯.png (9.73 KB, 612x459, 4:3, onetruthprevails.png)

bf3375 No.9979414[Reply]

Seth Rich Investigation Thread #6



http://www.oann.com/mysterious-death-seth-rich/ IS NOW 404


Federal Prosecutor investigating DNC and Debbie Wasserman Schultz turns up dead on Florida beach


Debbie Wasserman Schultz threatens D.C. police chief over investigations and Seth Rich's laptop


Shoot the Panda, journalist puts hitman dog whistle in article. Discussion of Clinton involvement with selling US military secrets to China. >muh Chinese?



SEIU hired guns?



Seth Rich's IPs leaked



Journalist looking for information on Seth Rich's doctor



Hannity Cucks Out



Jews target Hannity's Advertisers Anyway



Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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1e75fc No.10167223


I was about an hour in and it got yanked as I was watching it, just right now. It was for violating youtube's policy on harassment and bullying. That vid was up for two and a half years, but not long after being posted here it gets picked off. Gives both the video and this thread much more credibility.

File: 58a62163b6965c9⋯.jpeg (69.52 KB, 600x338, 300:169, serveimage.jpeg)

353f85 No.9593493[Reply]








Original Threads

#1 https://archive.is/U3tBh

#2 https://archive.is/EuVMv

#3 https://archive.fo/maer0

Operation #PedoFiles



Thread 1: https://archive.is/VxQvD

Thread 2: https://archive.is/3S8Bb

Thread 3: https://archive.is/OLt7u

Thread 4: https://archive.is/nLKJl

Thread 5: https://archive.is/GGath

Thread 6: httPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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7e0dd5 No.10166981


I should have scrolled down and looked at the dates.

File: 1421894990787.png (87.33 KB, 1600x829, 1600:829, Eagle.png)

d556e4 No.993439[Reply]

Any meta issues posted on /pol/ will be locked and redirected to >>>/polmeta/

Current Rules for /pol/:

1. Follow the Global Rule.

2. No spamming. Doing so will result in a ban.

3. Duplicate threads will be deleted. Check the Catalog.

4. Non-politics related threads are frowned upon and will result in ban and deletion. Bans will be up to the Board Owner or Board Volunteer's discretion.

If you don't get what /pol/ is about, lurk more. That includes newfags.

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d556e4 No.5658719

File: 1459798739852.png (2.41 MB, 720x8640, 1:12, 1459407898638.png)

/pol/ Intelligence Primer


Mein Kampf


>Never tell your enemies what you will do. Simply do it.

>The energy necessary to refute a lie is an order of magnitude greater than to produce it.

>The jew will only tell a truth if it benefits a greater lie.

>The jew, when caught in a lie, will create a new narrative and purposefully skip a logical step to twist the narrative in his favor, then double down on the new lie and never admit to the omitted logical step even upon pain of death.

wir mussen die juden ausrotten.




Gentleman's Guide to Forum Spies


Shill Tactics



Logical Fallacies


Hooton Plan (white genocide)



Greater Israel / Yinon plan



Demoralization - Yuri Bezmenov

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

Post last edited at

File: c9ba3400963973f⋯.jpg (10.73 KB, 191x301, 191:301, siener2.jpg)

9adfe8 No.10168395[Reply]

This was originally a reply to a post about Siener on another thread, but I think it's time for a thread on Siener van Rensburg. Up until now I've kept stuff about Siener on the DL, but now der krieg ist hier.

People ascribe a lot of stuff to Siener, because like Nostradamus' writing and most prophetic writing, his is open to interpretation. IMO most of what you'll find concerning Siener on the net is horse shit.

Even in South Africa, where Siener was seemingly never forgotten, what most people know is false because of a writer/interpreter called Snyman, who I believe to be full of shit. His work is mostly known for ascribing a "night of the long knives"/uhuru to the prophesies, where blacks launch a coordinated attack in a single night to kill all whites. This in my opinion is just fear-inciting nonsense, which is not very effective.

The person I believe got closest to interpreting Siener's prophesies is FH Pretorius, though it is said that key prophesies have been withheld from the public by Siener's family. Siener also said that for a long time no one will be able to make heads or tails of his work. I believe we are still fairly ignorant about what his work really meant, but there are a few that he interpreted himself. Between these few and some of Pretorius' skrying, I have a outline of what will happen.

>Black SA government collapses, and two volkstate are created in the free state and NW province. The blacks are never mentioned after this. For this reason we assume that they may be wiped out (CF/BG?)

>The crown/reds sends troops to SA to (((uphold democracy))), they take over one of the volkstate and their war with white South Africa begins

>Eventually the Germans send help, based on some treaty from 1914

>There are battles and other war drama, by the end the English are described as being filled with terror as they flee, shooting back at us even as their ships are departing.

>South Africans travel to Europe to help the Germans win the war there.

>England is left a rPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

78d80b No.10168401

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


d96fbf No.10168515

I looked him up quick when he was mentioned in another thread and the site I found said his books are rare and expensive. Anyone have them or have the actual prophesies as he stated them in English? Even just portions are fine.

70fc49 No.10168530

File: d2c6c871b60927a⋯.gif (901.11 KB, 500x281, 500:281, stop_penis_erect_archer.gif)


>A white state in the largest and most resource rich continent in the world.

Time to do some digging on Siener I've never investigated beyond the basics.

File: b45beee56450187⋯.png (95.03 KB, 245x340, 49:68, ruiz-gun-1.png)

cfb99b No.10168182[Reply]


in short:

>Two teenage parent spics run a Youtube channel documenting their lives

>They do various "stunts" for their viewers

>One day, the male spic decides he wants to pull off a dangerous "stunt" in an attempt to become internet famous

>He tells the spicess to shoot a large, thick hardcover book (presumably an encyclopedia) he has held up to his chest with a Desert Eagle

>She does it, he dies, LOL, natural selection working as intended, nothing of value lost

The Spics' Youtube channel: https://www. youtube. com/channel/UCYqSxhPHNYCLnt6pgUq-pJA

Full article:

http://www. bbc .com/news/world-us-canada-40438207

http:// archive.is/ixZaK

>A Minnesota woman has been charged over the fatal shooting of her boyfriend, in what authorities say was a social media stunt gone wrong.

>Monalisa Perez, 19, was booked into county jail after shooting at Pedro Ruiz as he held a book to his chest, believing it would stop the bullet.

>The couple's three-year-old child and nearly 30 onlookers watched as she fired the fatal bullet into his chest.

>Ruiz's aunt said they did it to increase their social media following.

>Claudia Ruiz told WDAY-TV that her nephew had told her he wanted to do the stunt "because we want more viewers, we want to get famous".

>"He had told me about that idea and I said, 'Don't do it. Don't do it. Why are you going to use a gun? Why?'" Claudia Ruiz told the news channel.

>"They were in love, they loved each other," she said. "It was just a prank gone wrong."

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

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d0e150 No.10168486


I don't remember what year it came out but the way of the gun had a gailil

516621 No.10168510


>If this was two white people

It wouldn't have been. Beaners are exceptional retards, like niggers and muslims.

08cefb No.10168524

File: 6e90165b3c3eed4⋯.jpg (1.54 KB, 101x125, 101:125, 1486731682163.jpg)



That is an experiment, not a prank.

099e4f No.10168525

Stupid gun!

73d211 No.10168529

holy LMAO

I read this article earlier today and got a light chuckle… but the article neglected they were using a fucking .50 AE Deagle! Holy shit I've seen those things pierce steel plates in a stack and go on to their target. What were these spics thinking?!

>Loaded .50 AE ammunition is currently available from CCI Ammunition, Speer, Hornady, and IMI with the latter ammunition being imported into the US by Magnum Research under the "Samson Ultra" trademark. Fired from a standard six-inch Desert Eagle barrel, Speer's 300-grain load produces a muzzle velocity of over 1,500 ft/s, giving a muzzle energy of over 1,500 ft·lb (2,000 J).[5] Fired from a 10-inch barrel, the same load produces a muzzle velocity of over 1,600 ft/s, giving a muzzle energy of nearly 1,800 ft·lb (2,400 J).[5]

fucking lollllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll forever

File: b68b1109e80caa4⋯.jpg (180.91 KB, 3694x944, 1847:472, 2ORJ1sZ.jpg)

File: b9e4368c802ac51⋯.jpg (2.32 MB, 4096x2304, 16:9, 0Tg8xwh.jpg)

File: b14a2a1e38f9d67⋯.jpg (112.39 KB, 1466x1008, 733:504, 5KDiwcJ.jpg)

File: 6645214e87fd7e5⋯.jpg (1.85 MB, 2304x4096, 9:16, eqcTUPz.jpg)

File: a406d08d8826a5b⋯.jpg (184.85 KB, 964x1288, 241:322, 20170613_140836.jpg)

8ac0d8 No.10167863[Reply]

Why can't shitskins take care of their homes?

Niggers and spics never maintain their lawns, use their backyards as mini garbage dumps.

But niggers are the ones I hate the most of all

They never clean their ovens, they never clean their toilets and the lawns are dead and depressing. we've had cases of niggers not using the toilet and just dumping toilet paper on the ground because they couldn't be bothered to unglog their toilet. not even animals are this filthy.

Animals fucking clean after themselves. Why the fuck are niggers like this?

13 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

3e3eac No.10168493


Man. Yeah, it's true. Black people don't take cares of their cars like white people do. Like check the rims they're squeaky clean shiny as all hell like obsessed with lookin at yourself in em but check the rest of the car you think it was through Iraq or something. Just fuck my life man.

4d5cf3 No.10168496

File: 9de7fba1b7f58a6⋯.gif (1.57 MB, 245x171, 245:171, huah.gif)


>Eating yogurt.

>See toilet pic with what looks like pubes on the floor all around it.

>Actually gag and can't finish my delicious breakfast treat.

dd9459 No.10168509

You provide niggers and spics a place to live? You deserve this and worse, OP.

eb4bf0 No.10168523


They're lazy and lack discipline or forward thinking to know that their property's price will lower if they don't maintain it.

3520fb No.10168528

File: 039144357058264⋯.png (1.04 MB, 900x500, 9:5, nodumping.png)


Doesn't surprise me.

>randomly drop around singapore in street view to see how clean it is

>do the same in south africa for comparison


File: e6b3f25edab81ff⋯.mp4 (8.71 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Okja - Trailer 2 - Netflix.mp4)

b06649 No.10166984[Reply]

This time it's about veganism. My girlfriend wants to watch it. Anyone see it yet?

>A young girl named Mija risks everything to prevent a powerful, multi-national company from kidnapping her best friend — a massive animal named Okja.

>The globe-trotting story begins in Bong’s home country, where a girl named Mija (Ahn Seo-hyun) cares for and plays with her “super pig” - a genetically engineered mega-swine that looks somewhere between a hippopotamus and the sweetest St. Bernard that ever lived. This creature, which Mija calls Okja, was created by the Mirando Corporation, a global technology company looking to rebound from mismanagement and bad press. A decade ago, the corporation’s CEO, Lucy Mirando (Tilda Swinton), sent these super pigs to various local farmers all around the world. Ten years later, the best super pigs are being summoned to New York City for a publicity stunt to kick off the mass marketing of their delicious food products. And Okja, with her friendly demeanor and ferocious loyalty to Mija, is clearly the best super pig

>Some Mirando flunkies and an obnoxious reality TV star (played by a magnificently manic Jake Gyllenhaal) swipe Okja, so Mija gives chase. On her journey to reunite with her porky best friend, she encounters a group of militant (but amusingly polite) animal rights activists led by Paul Dano. He needs Mija and Okja’s help in exposing Mirando’s cruel business practices.

Apparently it straight up praises and promotes the A.L.F. For those of you who don't know, that's a vegan terrorist group, like Al Qaeda or ISIS.

47 posts and 16 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

85e6c2 No.10168437

The south koreans are trying to brainwash the people to think that the veganism and G.M. is good. Am I correct or incorrect?

02016a No.10168446


B-but maybe the movie is trying to say that the Obama administration takes orders from multinationals.

41d7db No.10168454

>>10168356 This

Monsanto is the Jews hand over most crops in the US.How anybody can shill for this company or their work is beyond me.

Dont get me wrong, im not a "FUCK GMOS" idiot, but they do shitty work that killed the animals eating their plants in the past, so i would think twice before eating monsanto crops.

1d8203 No.10168520


>try to grow your own food free from poison

>plant trees you will never sit under

>wind blowing 20 mph

>neighbor sprays upwind

I fucking hate people

bae82f No.10168527


if that ever happened you would do the following;

1.cancel netflix

2. "why would you look at that! netflix just expired!"

3. "I don't have the money to pay netflix this month

4. proceed to never paying netflix and always lying to never have money for that shit.

or you could just break up with the girlfriend, either choice works, the netflix lying thou is counter productive.

File: 40695f48fbc57ed⋯.jpg (22.63 KB, 510x288, 85:48, 1498728153086.jpg)

6951b7 No.10168521[Reply]

while they forced her friend to watch.

This Tueseday an 18yo girl and her male friend (not bf) were returning from their school's prom in Ostend as they were approached by 3 foreigners. The 3 men demanded money, so her friend gave all he got (70 euros).

But the 3 men wanted more, they started groping the girl while at the mean time threatening her friend with a knife and forcing him to watch it. This went on for 20mins. Her friend was too afraid to do something.

So far the police have not yet found the culprits.


thats similar to tent rape right.

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

0880cd No.10153154[Reply]

10,000 white men march on London!

Ten thousand white men descend upon London to oppose islam. /leftypol/ collapsing as they realise the working-class is STILL comprised of /pol/acks. Anti-Anglo kikes BTFO as Anglos prove once again that they are truly the master race. Jews feeling uneasy and hoping Tommy Robinson can convince the rest of England that Israel is their greatest ally. Kek disproven as miracles happening before September. And last but not least…


Sieg heil and rule Britannia!

481 posts and 314 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

60e718 No.10168507


you are avoiding the question.

Is tommy robinson in charge of Football lads alliance?

If so post proof. This is your last chance, you 'll be filtered and known to everyone as a lying disruptive shill if you fail to provide an aswer.

9f06aa No.10168512

File: 5a3a229d0ae94d6⋯.jpg (80.18 KB, 800x533, 800:533, edlrally[1].jpg)


Why are you and your jew friends repeating the same non-argument that only you and the jews here are making.

The first post says it all, there is a video attached that you and your jewish boss should take a look at too.

Watch the first thread's video.

Then take a moment to ask your jewish boss what any of the responses means as it's clear you're unable to translate English properly.

It's you and your jewish friends for some unknown reason spamming endlessly images of nationalist ultras, trying to distract from the fact that Tommy's organisation is jewish and nothing to do with genuine ultra nationalists around the world.

When Poland And Ukraine were hosting the European championship Euro 2012, all the European countries organised an Anti Immigration White Unity march for all countries.

Only English fans refused to join in, why?

Because they refused to be part of a racist march.

If any of you were genuine here, you;d be making a massive drive to attend these marches with the sole intent of spreading antisemitic propaganda among these jew-tools, like "we" did with the jewish EDL.

It took a few years but it got out of hand for the jews, becuase while Tommy Good-Goy Robinson spent all his time attacking white nationalists at his marches, in the end you can;t control what gets distributed among the crowds when fellow jew-tool Kevin Carrol and Robinson weren't around to police and harass genuine patriots.


>Oy vey, I have literally ignored the proof in your post and now demand proof,

oy fucking vey indeed


Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

091b51 No.10168516

File: e788ef4c4efbde5⋯.gif (1.19 MB, 402x326, 201:163, mario spank 1399114808215.gif)

even if he was not a jew nor a friend of the jew he would still be a liability by the virtue of being one leader and representative that can be easily corrupted or taken out, thus demoralizing and neutralizing the opposition he represents

but his behavior and promotion on mainstream media is consistent with what jews and shabbos goyim do and the role they play

they get coverage because they're controlled opposition

60e718 No.10168519




what a pathetic faggot yoou truely are

42af34 No.10168522


gas the kikes

race war now

Yet another shill thread, overall.

File: 237c156de2732a0⋯.webm (999.43 KB, 640x480, 4:3, hfd.webm)

aa323b No.10168201[Reply]

This is the quality entertainment they will put up behind the paywall. Why is this such a common thing for gods chose to do? first gavin, now trs.

18 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

592a7a No.10168452



3899e6 No.10168464


Stop having Jews and Faggots run your website while pretending to be on our side then fuckwit.

59fca9 No.10168483


doesn't sound like him.

7e4008 No.10168490

>listening to podcasts

fucking kill yourself

9e1f1a No.10168518

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


When did Sven ever said that. In fact the audio sounds very familiar to this video I'm about to post.

File: 30c91422f313642⋯.png (44.06 KB, 689x618, 689:618, transcript_cut.png)

214c04 No.10161281[Reply]



Recently Journalist Seymour Hersh (I Know) published articles indicating that the US and the White House knew that the alleged April 4th 2017 Khan Shaykhun Sarin gas attack was not perpetrated by the Russians or Syrians. What makes this interesting is that;

(1) Seymour Hersh, despite being Jewish and having well known reputation for journalism in the US, had to get a German news organization to publish this and no one is talking about it after said publication. Furthermore, Hersh has published previously (2014) claimed that the State Department was funneling Libya's Sarin supplies to Syrian terrorists via "Rat Channels".

(2) The White House recently issued a statement saying that Assad was preparing for another Sarin gas attack from the same airbase (give me a break).

(3) The (((details))) within the reports. A strong indication from individuals in the intelligence community is the US escalation (repeat of WMD scenario in Iraq) is to provoke and ultimately engage Iran.

The Russians supplied the US with intelligence prior to the Khan Shaykhun attack in the hope of cooperation on combating terrorism.


>The available intelligence made clear that the Syrians had targeted a jihadist meeting site on April 4 using a Russian supplied guided bomb equipped with conventional explosives. Details of the attack, including information on its so called high-value targets, had been provided by the Russians days in advance to American and allied military officials in Doha, whose mission is to coordinate all U.S., allied, Syrian and Russian Air Force operations in the region.

https://www.welt.de/politik/ausland/article165905578/TruPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

29 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

0690c8 No.10164380


d87d37 No.10164449

File: 2154dfbe649e7db⋯.png (462.19 KB, 716x556, 179:139, Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at ….png)


with a few exceptions on domestic policy, like fixing SCOTUS, enforcing immigration, hastening the utter collapse of (((old media))) and triggering leftists on a daily basis, Trump is going to be another piece of shit president in all likelihood. Its not all his fault; the system is massively stacked against him and the bureaucratic machinery is an untameable force of nature. But nevertheless, his "inside" team may have one of the highest concentrations of Zionists and international financiers in modern history: hes just replaced virulent neocons with unprincipled profiteers. At the end of the day, with a few kept promises here and there, the people will continue to be bled.

Nevertheless, there couldn't have been a better presidential pick to accelerate us towards the reckoning between between ineluctable imperial collapse or a renaissance of American dynamism and creativity.

d87d37 No.10164529

File: bb78c05c0106ed2⋯.jpg (812.05 KB, 1564x2106, 782:1053, 1465572707754-1.jpg)


Just learned about it today – looks like a good read, although


points out Hersh's failure to acknowledge the Israel's role in the Apollo Affair, which some 2014 declassifications all but confirm:


At least Hersh is primarily guilty of lies by omission, which is much more than can be said of the propagandists dominating the current media environment. Perhaps he had principled reasons for his take on the Apollo Affair.

From a quick synopsis, it seems like The Samson Option reveals a lot of embarrassing information but stops short of revealing the kind of treachery that might call into question our (((eternal alliance))). I guess the guy has got to eat, after all.

451026 No.10165845


Honestly that's just the tip of the iceberg

Check out the nukes section in redpills of zion for more info




d87d37 No.10168517


Thanks for the link. I stumbled upon redpills of zion back in 2014 when I had just found half /pol/ after hearing about the super successful Darren Wilson GoFundMe they did with /b/ to compete with the Brown family. That was when I read the entire set of declassified FBI docs on the Israeli "movers" detained on 9/11 and started putting other pieces together.

I don't know about you but I was 16 on 9/11 and for lots of kids my age the whole experience and especially its aftermath planted a kind of deep skepticism, perhaps an inchoate redpill of sorts. I think the ascent of that generation into the workforce and the bottom rungs of the power structure now that we're in our 30s is manifesting itself itself as the rapid dissolution of old establishment power, hastened by the internet and now the rise of Trump.

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