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File: 5fe06f6ca027c1c⋯.png (54.32 KB, 1680x400, 21:5, QTDDTOT.png)

674207  No.12021208[Reply]

QTDDTOT: Questions that don’t deserve their own thread

This is the thread for one-liner questions about /pol/-related topics. “What does /pol/ think of [x],” “is [x] redpilled,” and associated questions belong here. Threads created based on a single, simple question will be deleted. If your thread is deleted, come here and ask again. REMINDER TO SEARCH THE CATALOG FIRST.

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023969  No.12175463

File: a59b2521e34a1a0⋯.jpg (36.97 KB, 480x360, 4:3, joans unholy beefcurtains.jpg)


File: b852287ef886d85⋯.png (400.64 KB, 591x591, 1:1, meditation.png)

4dad33  No.11622450[Reply]

Share your thoughts about the board and how you want things to be.

Current rules are:

/pol/ is now a global board. Discuss politics, share theories, investigate, debate.

8chan is a free-speech-oriented imageboard. As a /pol/ack, you should be able to persuade and convince with arguments.

Wrongthink reports will be dismissed.

Rules for Users:

1. The 8chan Global Rule applies (no illegal content in the United States of America);

2. Keep it politics - blatantly off-topic content will be anchored - /pol/ culture / established threads are allowed;

3. No spam, no flooding;

4. No duplicates - if several threads are made about the same subject, all but one of them will be deleted and redirected to the active thread (this applies to religion and QTDDTOT / one-liner threads).

Rules for Global Volunteers:

1. Protect user privacy - never show post histories;

2. Do not ban people for having an opinion, even if you believe it's the wrong one;

3. Enforce the global and local rules.

<Edit by polvol1:

Due to disinfo being spread: /pol/ being a global board does not mean anyone with an account can moderate it. It simply means that /pol/ falls under the moderation of the global staff as listed on the top of the site, and us local polvols, both handpicked by the administration.

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9b899f  No.12175246


Hitler dubs, checked! -)


The incel, (1) taint shall be purged from Pol.

File: 2dd042320ef7674⋯.png (1021.97 KB, 1400x1000, 7:5, FEWGFRW-24R2-FR24RG-2T5HRF….png)

887d85  No.12154656[Reply]

The November midterm election will be held on Tuesday, November 6, 2018. All 435 seats in the United States House of Representatives, 34 of the 100 seats in the United States Senate, 39 state and territorial governorships, and numerous other state and local elections will also be contested.

Given the scale of the upcoming election, I feel we should be organizing in advance to try to get whoever we can elected for the right wing.

That means memes, posters, digging for dirt on democrats and neocons/republicowards alike, and supporting friendly candidates as much as possible.

What do we want in a candidate?

Obviously I don't speak for everyone, but personally;

- Supports expansion of Second Amendment rights, or is against further erosion of said rights at the very least.

- Supports the wall and it's construction.

- Supports further restrictions on all immigration, legal or otherwise.

- Anti (((EU))) candidates are also highly desirable.

We have not organized in any significant fashion since the 2016 presidential election. The upcoming midterms may be just as important, if not more so. And believe me, our enemies will be organizing whether or not we do.

A list of candidates for U.S. Congress in 2018 can be found here:



Partisan State-By-State Guide to the Midterms

https://redstorm 2018.wordprePost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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95d03e  No.12175107


Just to be clear, I theorize eminem wrote the mgk track

File: 50d66c9285f834c⋯.png (616.85 KB, 931x524, 931:524, D9245942-BA0A-4E8C-81DE-53….png)

fbefb0  No.12174353[Reply]

It’s happening, lads! Taking all bets on race of the shooter.


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b71361  No.12175478


Likely, only thing that seems marginally female are the thighs but that could just be jacked jilled up on hormones.

b3830d  No.12175480


>certainly but mtf or ftm?


Still look more likes woman than Serena Williams

9b0c83  No.12175489


Ftm definitely, why would you try to look like a guy if you were already a guy.


Steroids and weightlifting, besides black females have high T.

3b4ea2  No.12175490


I kekked myself a little

ee9a61  No.12175492


If it's ftm do you think they would try to blame it on toxic masculinity?

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

000000  No.12174596[Reply]

A startling new report issued by the non-profit National Institute on Retirement Security found that despite the "recovery" of the last decade leading to all time highs in the stock market, the savings levels of Americans who seek to retire are "deeply inadequate". In fact, the median retirement account balance among working individuals was found to be $0.

The report notes that retirement savings have been, and will likely be, correlated closely with income and wealth. The study found that individuals with retirement accounts generally have more than three times the income than those without accounts.

The report found that more than 100 million Americans that are of working age don’t have any retirement account assets in an employer sponsored 401(k) type plan, individual account, or pension, at all.

To make matters worse, 4 out of 5 working Americans were also found to have less than one year's income in their retirement accounts. Even those that are trying to save for retirement are failing to do so effectively, according to the study. It’s stated that 77% of Americans come up short of even the most conservative retirement savings targets for their age, based on estimates that have them working until age 67.

The analysis also found that "a large majority of working Americans" can’t meet a substantially reduced savings target.

Diane Oakley, who authored the report, stated: “The facts and data are clear. Retirement is in peril for most working-class Americans. When all working individuals are considered — not just the minority with retirement accounts—the typical working American has zero, zilch, nothing saved for retirement.”

She continued, "What this report means is that the American dream of a modest retirement after a lifetime of work now is a middle-class nightmare. Even among workers who have accumulated savings in retirement accounts, the typical worker had a low account balance of $40,000. This is far off-track from the savings levels Americans need if they hope to sustain their standard of living in retirement."

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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04b48d  No.12175434


in Europe I wouldn't park outside cause you never know what kind of savage will break in and murder you or throw in some fireworks if they see condensation on the window for the lulz

renting a garage is a must

if you factor in all the inconveniences in comparison to renting a room with strangers I'd go for the room as the cost is roughly the same factoring in the costs of ownership of a car as well as the garage rent

b10e8e  No.12175449

Imo…there should be mandatory loss of rank within a company to make way for the younger worker. I mean if there is some boomer sitting on the board or VP of a company that makes 6 digit after 30 years - Make it mandatory for him to step aside to allow the up and coming employee move up. Just like in the military where you are retired no matter what at 65. Old people are stagnating business by sticking around. 80+ people should be put in an assisted living place (not nursing home), but a place that gets them out of the way.

It's the old people that are constantly living in the doctor's office sucking off medicare that need to be euthanized. A total burden on their kids and grandkids. Imagine being 50 years old and having to change your mother's diaper all day.

>As a Farmer, I know that when an animal is sick, sometimes the right thing to do is put it out of it's misery" - Dwight Scrute

00e39a  No.12175455


You won't cheat God. The financial system that allows white science is a kike invention brought to Europe by the Knights Templar from the Temple mount. You might extend life, but only by Lucifer system which has its own costs.

9affc1  No.12175460


>worshipping a dead jew

36d76a  No.12175491

File: 8e948b441658053⋯.jpg (16.4 KB, 236x283, 236:283, adoration of the potato.jpg)

File: 8c40351aff02738⋯.png (775.04 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-09-20-15-5….png)

f2b150  No.12173476[Reply]


Apparently there is a video. Police don't want it spread because it shows her crying during the rape, and the rapists are aware it is rape, and you can hear them saying "stop filming".

<mod edit: You know what to do, anons. Spread this. Every French person you know, every French website you know. It's even on (((BBC))), so this in conjunction with the video is a valuable tool. Remember your OPSEC.

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Post last edited at

36cef1  No.12175477


Point out a lie.

36cef1  No.12175483



653774  No.12175485

File: 11a139e522ff75c⋯.jpg (99.71 KB, 500x734, 250:367, 1327812739184.jpg)


Tell me more how I infiltrated /new/, /n/, then 4chan /pol/, and now 8ch /pol/.

None of your typical tricks work anymore. You can't dissuade me. You can't confuse me. You can't bewilder me. You can't fool me. You can do nothing. You are hopelessly outmatched. And soon we will be coming for you.



Reported and filtered.

Juden. Raus yourself.

2f31f9  No.12175486


No one on this board said hitler was a flawless gary stue, we do critcize his war decisions, hitler was also fighting the world and kikes who were looking for almost every excuse to declare war on them, hitler stopped them from invading europe, but hitler isn't the only one to blame go look up a thread called crimes against the german people, winston is at fault my country is at fault.

Also hitler did nothing wrong (morally) does not equate to war mistakes.

ae142f  No.12175488

File: ee446b39eaf9add⋯.jpeg (81.12 KB, 1000x563, 1000:563, 6D192FC6-7073-4B2E-AB08-0….jpeg)

Can you retards stop responding to derailing, astroturfing, D&C pushing kike shill? Where is the operation to push this as an infographic and video combo on social media to shove ethos and logos arguments down everyone’s throats? We need to protect and warn our people, globally

File: 768fa255b4c82e1⋯.webm (10.63 MB, 640x480, 4:3, Wildest Dreams - African ….webm)

1160fd  No.12122027[Reply]

New webm thread. Last one at >>11932385 is bumplocked at 751 posts.

I'll start the thread of with some OC, a Golem of the Jewish-rule of our World; what to expect in the near-future of ignorance, neprotism, degeneracy, and Judeo-Supremacism.

225 posts and 193 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

7f9a23  No.12173809

File: c255614c1623215⋯.webm (744.77 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, HS.webm)

568059  No.12173852

File: 26e52adbf177d3a⋯.webm (964.2 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, slo-mo slug headshot.webm)

2b0527  No.12174163


That is probably why these jews flood our country with these kind of people, they hope it will happen to us.

dd73e0  No.12174237


that video would be a lot better if it named the sources of those quotes.

0ca694  No.12175484

File: ab00ce9d04efdb6⋯.webm (5.37 MB, 852x356, 213:89, Friedrich Nietzsche’s Pre….webm)

File: 22f98a8447c4697⋯.jpg (182.76 KB, 1000x926, 500:463, e85bdebdd2f84e72f7e32c4832….jpg)

d97efb  No.12081615[Reply]

Before we can defeat the jews in the World Bank and the jews in Hollywood, we must first defeat the jews within ourselves.

<OLD THREAD >>11959768

Go to the gym. Or start a body weight routine fat ass. Lift weights. Don’t neglect cardio, go for a morning run. Get 7-9 hours of good quality sleep every night. Become a morning person, get up early.


Hygiene is important. BRUSH YOUR TEETH TWICE A DAY FOR 2 MINUTES, don’t forget to floss. Get a tongue scraper too. Your tongue should be a nice pink, not white or yellow. Its not an ancient forgotten secret, but its amazing how many people neglect oral health, it’s just as important as lifting.

Take a cold shower. Stop consuming excessive amounts of carbs and fast food. Have a glass of good wine, no cheap shit. Eat fruit. Eat fish. Eat lots of meat and animal fat. Don't eat feminized products. Don't breed with roasties or THOTs, have some respect for yourself. Find a wholesome waifu. Plan a family. Raise strong men and respectable women who will lead in the race war.

Meditate. It calms the mind, builds discipline and is an ancient tried and tested method of building mental clarity, control and spirituality.


Stockpile food to survive the coming ice age. Don't do ignorant nigger things like stealing.

Respect yourself and your race. Don't humiliate your women with the degenerate feminism.

Stop consuming pornography and try the NoFap challenge.



Get off the internet, go outside and get some sun. Stop smoking cigs. Don't do drugs. Don't watch degenerate (((media))) and read some good books.

Save 10% of your income for a rainy day. Invest moneyPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

480 posts and 231 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

4018ed  No.12174172

File: bb6a026e0693f5e⋯.png (4.73 MB, 2540x1440, 127:72, serveimage.png)


Thats the thing, its not narcissistic, I think at least. I am just bored and feel the need to see how real life larp can go. Arent we all similar in this regard? Larping one way or another. Perhaps if I got an actual person telling me where to larp, instead of larping all over the place I could actually achieve something lol

32578e  No.12174249

As God created the world, so it is that to honor God we may do anything that functions in this world, whereas to dishonor God we may destroy what functions in this world. The highest honor unto God is that we preserve ourselves within the world we have been given; the lowest dishonor unto god is that we destroy ourselves within the world we have been given. Second to these things be that we give honor unto god by preserving others in this world, and dishonor by destroying others in this world. For God loves every drop of water in the ocean and every grain of sand within a desert, but more still does God love those who share the capacity of love, which is found in every soul. Make wonders of yourselves and each other, and you will please God greatly. Yet have a care when seeking to make wonders of each other, for if you shrive off from one another the capacity for love, you will destroy that which sets you above the grains of sand and drops of water which are beloved also of the Creator.

8d8afa  No.12174306


reddit scum get out

nofap started a a simple challenge for chronic masturbators, a day, three days, a week tops

then you idiots actually turn it into a religion with your SHEWPERPAHWERS

self improvement is masturbation, you lack challenge in life so you make shit up to do

835560  No.12175266

Fucking hell guys. I just wanted to give some help on understanding and picking up women. You know, so there's a chance of more guys being happy in life, and starting families. Instead of being rejected by women and struggling in relationships.

ba1745  No.12175482


You're saying nofap has no benefits?

File: c76de55c28fd1ce⋯.jpg (21.2 KB, 364x275, 364:275, tranny-free linux.JPG)

7120a1  No.12172369[Reply]

The ultimate forking point

This post at the end of the last thread that went 751 had an intriguing theory:


>This is that rare moment where one will separate into two, never to reunite.


>Not only exploit, scavenge whatever good ideas or execution they come across and make the tightest, lightest version humanly possible while either


>>having dependencies that force full compliance and adoption of one standard (bloated SJcode versus clean anoncode) because remember, so much shit hooks into fucking SystemD that in order to break it, you have to start completely fresh


>>having no dependencies so some dumbasses can keep using badly coded shit and make them slowly give up one standard and permanently shift over to the other due to security or performance reasons


>Both paths have their merits, one forces a dramatic shift, the other forces a slow burn where they end up boiling up because they don't notice the gradual heat shift.


>Doing to them exactly what they've tried doing to pretty much everyone on this rock for the past thirty fucking years.

82 posts and 19 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

e89c27  No.12175262


For the last ~5 years they have been trying to get him alone so they can nail him with sexual assault accusations. Thankfully he's had a posse with him so they couldn't touch him. My money goes to his daughter (Patricia) being a full blown SJW and subverting him that way. Kikes are sick fucks.

55fff8  No.12175294


>office equipment

Better still (((buy and bring your own device)))

55fff8  No.12175304


Just repeating that kikes will target people smarter and more qualified than them and smear. Look at that drunk bitch going after Kavanaugh for an example. You can smell the gefilte from the crowd pushing her (((allegations))).

591d0b  No.12175347


>Kikes sent faggots to subvert and destroy Linux. For a long time Linus Torvalds didn't put up with their shit, but they finally got to him somehow. Linux is fucked.

When you have a family you can easily be threatened.

ae8cac  No.12175479


The problem is that linux has tremendous device driver support. If hurd was able to leverage that, they would absolutely have a following tomorrow. But really, there's so much catching up to do, that I don't think it would happen.

If you really want a non-pozzed distro, check out exherbo. I have also been waiting for it to catch on, but it's very thinly manned judging by the mailing lists. It was started by some gentoo guys who thought gentoo was too PC and full of bullshit.

File: 6f166818692f6dd⋯.jpg (124.26 KB, 733x321, 733:321, 1537418114743.jpg)

File: 6371bb85aba3d6c⋯.png (23.76 KB, 596x332, 149:83, 1537420013498.png)

2c3910  No.12173524[Reply]

Possible development. The day before Trump wants to send a text to everyone in the country, he asked Jeff Sessions to declassify documents exposing damning Deep State corruption in the Dept Of Justice.

Jeff Seditions says he will not provide the documents but can cook up some redacted versions next week. Earlier today Trump remarked that he "has no AG"



80 posts and 16 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

b01310  No.12175425

File: 9aca37f9436e4a1⋯.jpg (30.32 KB, 717x358, 717:358, Not Sure If Sarcasm.jpg)

b88c06  No.12175444

Imagine if Trump just texts out the documents to everyone in the US

b01310  No.12175451

File: c743d38b091757d⋯.jpg (78.63 KB, 780x438, 130:73, Alert.jpg)



That would be a long alert.

31f338  No.12175459


Reported for paid jewish shilling and spamming Q-LARP support.


What are you trying to say?

9ecf2c  No.12175476


Nothing will come of this.

>we have sent this off to some other bureaucratic kike who will stamp it as resolved

File: 0906650ea99c69b⋯.png (1.87 MB, 1358x970, 7:5, 1532908645119-pol.png)

0baf43  No.12170943[Reply]

42kg carfentanil

17kg caffeine/cutting-agent

33 guns: Glocks and shotguns

Was released on $100k bond, Ansari seemingly claiming innocence


-Sept/2017- Ansari home. Ansari occupies the main floor, and has a female tenant above and a male tenant (Babar Ali) below. We'll call the woman Sheila.

-Sheila calls 911 for carbon monoxide alarm sounding from basement

-Fire dept shows up- Sheila says that Ansari told her to dismiss fire department, as he does not want them finding his basement is not compliant with fire codes

-Court hears that Babar Ali is the basement tenant…of the unoccupied basement- which instead had 33 guns and 42kg carfentanil, and whose toxic environment set off the CO alarm

-Justice Regis: “I cannot dismiss the accused’s assertion that he was concerned about the Fire Code. I cannot. When I consider the totality of the evidence before me, that is entirely reasonable and possible."

-Regis sets Ansari bail at $100k, stating that "Ansari should be freed, in order to maintain the public’s confidence in the administration of justice."

If you missed it, or think it's too incredulous…Judge Regis says it's possible Ansari is not connected to the drugs in his unoccupied basement, in which Babar Ali supposedly lives.

Sidenote: Ansari was friends with now-deceased Toronto-shooter Faisal Hussain- brother of Toronto shooter.

Ansari Remanded April/2018, 1 month after basement tenant (Babar Ali) apprehended in Edmonton.

Additional notes:

Fahad Hussain, (also spelled Fahd) graduated University of Saskatchewan (https://students.usask.ca/documents/convocation/Spring-2017.pdf, page 47, CHEMICAL ENGINEERPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

38 posts and 6 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

ded7cb  No.12175069


I don't think it goes that deep. They're just filling a demand. China is the biggest producer of designer drugs with India fairly close. There are all sorts of legal chemicals that people take with literally no idea on its effect on health. The problem with this particular drug is it can only really be used in a bad way. It is simply too strong and with the busts of fentanyl and its analogues I simply can't believe we haven't had even a small attack considering the low cost and availability.

a6e304  No.12175260


>Sidenote: Ansari was friends with now-deceased Toronto-shooter Faisal Hussain- brother of Toronto shooter.

I'm convinced that some kind of mass killing event was planned, with aerosolized carfenanil.

a6e304  No.12175270

File: 53e23f10cc192fb⋯.jpg (59.97 KB, 474x632, 3:4, drps.jpg)



Oh wonderful, Pickering. The Drips.

a6e304  No.12175285

File: 6a7d355792d8012⋯.jpg (23.37 KB, 460x460, 1:1, fraternal racketeering.jpg)


If you think this is bad: Ontario also has these idiots called Justices of the Peace, who have very little legal training (like a few weekends, it's a sinecure for friends of the government) and who make this guy look like Earl Warren by comparison.

Bail rules in Canada are very lax, for two reasons: one, the bill of rights is only about 30 years old (so not all the loopholes are plugged) and two, pic related. Do the flappy bird widow's son thing in court and you're off scot free.

4c7351  No.12175473


They're definitely gearing up for more than terrorism; combine the rapidly increasing rate of illegal immigration into the west by draft age single men who can only be characterized as utterly hostile to the west and the people of western countries, filled with murderous intent in fact, and you get a confluence of two wings of an evil plot worth of George Soros, fixer man for the banking elite of the City of London.

You start exterminating vast swaths of the NA and European population even as their replacements come swarming in.

That fucker had enough Carfentanyl to murder 2.3 billion people in a country of just over 36.3 million people.

The ruling elite are psychotic murderers. There's not going to be a lazy intervening period where we're gradually replaced. They're plotting to do it virtually overnight, like in a matter of a couple months or even a couple weeks.

File: e646cd0bd195a3d⋯.jpg (379.12 KB, 1329x1600, 1329:1600, Friedensidyll - Emil Rau.jpg)

88ca1c  No.12171358[Reply]


Anti-Mass Migration Alternative for Germany Now Most Popular Party in East Germany

>The populist Alternative for Germany (AfD) has become the most popular party in eastern Germany, according to polls, as new data shows Germans becoming more critical of mass migration.


German domestic spy chief removed, set to take up Interior Ministry post amid migrant row

>Hans-Georg Maassen has been removed as the head of Germany's domestic intelligence agency and will become a senior official in the Interior Ministry. That's after he questioned videos of far-right violence in Chemnitz.

https://archive.is/nvKup + https://archive.is/KHEeV

German press review: Maassen promotion a win for the right

>German media has criticized Angela Merkel's government for promoting Hans-Georg Maassen to a deputy minister role. A number of editorials pointed out that the biggest winner will likely be Germany's far-right AfD.


Civil War Is Coming to Europe’ Warns German Politician

>The other parties – Angela Merkel’s majority Christian Democrats and the SPD and the Greens, especially – will make sure that the AfD stays out of power by forming alliances of convenience. So if you were pinning your hopes on the AfD rescuing Germany (and Europe) from the consequences of Merkel’s self-inflicted disaster – don’t. Things are going to get a lot lot worse before they get better.


Germany Mulls Possible Future Military Operations in Syria

>Chancellor Angela Merkel’s spokesman says Germany is talking with allies about the situation in Syria but isn’t confirming a report that Berlin is mulling the possibility of particiPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

80 posts and 37 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

e7ce41  No.12175352


Wird aber hierzulande auch nicht mehr solange dauern, bis das so ist.

14ea7e  No.12175374

File: 012352f2547d3fc⋯.png (209.22 KB, 1351x840, 193:120, Demokratie aus den Augen d….png)


>Hat Höcke auch eine weiße Perserkatze und ein Hauptquartier in einem erloschenen Vulkan?

Da könnte man in der Eifel fündig werden.

>Sie sei Teil eines internationalen Netzwerks

Klar, Nationalisten die International agieren. Aber zuerst einmal den Gegnern genau das zum Vorwurf machen, was sie eigentlich selber tun, denn wenn jemand internationale Netzwerke betreibt, dann sind es die Globalisten.


Und trotzdem fürchten die direkte Volksabstimmungen wie der Teufel das Weihwasser. Warum wohl? Wenn nach ihrem Studien doch die Mehrheit es toll findet "bereichert" zu werden, dann dürfte dem doch nicht im Wege stehen? Aber doch lieber kein Risiko eingehen, wa? Besondern wenn sie die echten Umfrageergebnisse besitzen


Ich finde es immer wieder witzig, dass diese selbsternannten "Demokraten" glauben das ihre Funktion als Politiker bedeutet der Konkurrenz den Kampf anzusagen und diese zu bekriegen, anstatt ein politisches Programm zu präsentieren, damit Wähler zu überzeugen und drauf bei erfolgreicher Wahl eben dieses Programm bestmöglich umzusetzen. Aber wir wissen ja wie der Hase läuft.

6fb438  No.12175404


Naja Spanisch ist aber einfacher zu verstehen/lernen als die ganzen Musel Abwandlungen.

Und sei es wie es will, man muss nunmal den Feind verstehen insbesondere wenn er deine Sprache kann (wobei ja die meisten so tun als könnten die nicht)


>Aber zuerst einmal den Gegnern genau das zum Vorwurf machen, was sie eigentlich selber tun.

Doppeldenk vom feinsten und der durchschnitts Deutsche schluckt es ohne sich einmal der Ironie bewusst zu sein.

d25000  No.12175419



Das ist stinknormale Projektion. Der Wichser weiß ganz genau, was er falsch macht. Hoffentlich frisst es ihn innerlich auf.

000000  No.12175470



>Lasst mich raten, die Stichwunden waren alle im Rücken…

Nicht ganz:

Nun gaben Staatsanwaltschaft und Polizei bekannt: Marcel K. nahm sich selbst das Leben!

Der Tote wurde Donnerstagvormittag obduziert. Das Ergebnis der Untersuchung: Marcel K. hat sich offenbar selbst erstochen, er muss sich die zahlreichen Messerstiche gegen den Oberkörper selbst zugefügt haben.

Die Ermittler teilen mit: „Die Untersuchungen bestätigen ein suizidales Geschehen, bei welchem der 32-jährige Bremer sich selbst mit einem Messer das Leben nahm.“

Nach Angaben von Zeugen lag neben dem Toten ein Messer. Marcel K. lag Zeugen zufolge auf dem Bauch, soll im Oberkörper mehrere Messerstiche haben.



YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

223c7d  No.12170379[Reply]

The Spider's Web: Britain's Second Empire (New Documentary)

At the demise of empire, (((City of London))) financial interests created a web of secrecy jurisdictions that captured wealth from across the globe and hid it in a web of offshore islands. Today, up to half of global offshore wealth is hidden in British jurisdictions and Britain and its dependencies are the largest global players in the world of international finance.

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b67585  No.12174500



Lyndon LaRouche pls go

894e3d  No.12175402


>One theory on the origin of Freemasonry claims direct descent from the historical Knights Templar through its final fourteenth-century members who allegedly took refuge in Scotland and aided Robert the Bruce in his victory at Bannockburn. This theory is usually rejected by both Masonic authorities[100] and historians due to lack of evidence.[101][102]

From kikepedia.

cd9fb5  No.12175437

>London center of world finance

> US Dollars global currency

One of those two things is true. One is a lie constantly parroted by people for decades.

894e3d  No.12175465


London and NYC are roughly 50/50 but murican kikes generally come up with way crazier schemes

c5210d  No.12175469


>Seconding Princes of Yen, it's a solid doc that's definitely worth watching.


fucking kikes ruin everything

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

000000  No.12172803[Reply]

>SOFIA (Reuters) - Bulgaria will support Hungary in its standoff with the European Union, a Bulgarian deputy prime minister said on Wednesday, adding that the countries of eastern Europe had to stand together in their dealings with Brussels.

>SOFIA, Sept 19 — Bulgaria said today it would join Poland in opposing possible EU sanctions against Hungary, which Brussels accuses of posing a “systematic threat” to the bloc’s founding values and the rule of law

>"Hungary's internal politics and law are their business and if some EU party does not like that it is their problem not Hungary's"

>the Minister of Defence added that he doesn't like the EU trying to undermine state sovereignty reminiscent of how the USSR acted

>"today it's Hungary, tomorrow Poland, the next day it can be Bulgaria"



78 posts and 43 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

41e020  No.12175400



That's the path German leaders have chosen.

04a5bc  No.12175432

File: e1651675ef00462⋯.jpg (36.73 KB, 414x620, 207:310, 1.jpg)

File: 1f6a270d960ff38⋯.png (156.87 KB, 627x639, 209:213, 2.png)


>only hope

1ecb8d  No.12175440


I can't unsee.

ef1d0a  No.12175448

File: 7785410b32263d1⋯.jpg (67.01 KB, 500x314, 250:157, bolgar salute.jpg)

File: a80971062d6a6b6⋯.jpg (66.88 KB, 615x409, 615:409, bulgar -SHIPKA- Knights Te….jpg)

File: 8e19392413acc5f⋯.jpg (160.45 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, BULGAR -S.jpg)

File: c581ed9abe8c695⋯.jpg (104.08 KB, 720x960, 3:4, bulgar magyarguns.jpg)

hate-filled vigilante group hunting down asylum seekers in Bulgaria

"Wearing camouflage gear the heavily-armed Shipka Bulgarian National Movement stalks invading Muslim migrants who cross the Turkish border.

new version Knights Templar?

They get some backing from the anti-Islam Knights Templar International group - who also support far-right groups in Hungary and other eastern states.

“The Knights Templar International have been donating bulletproof vests, night vision goggles, drones and other supplies to the Shipka vigillantes.

'''Brit gives Shipka Thumbs-Up

A British Nationalist who accompanied one of the Shipka patrols near Bulgaria's border with Turkey spoke about them;

The borders of Europe are being protected more by these men than our governments."

“A big thank you to supporters in America and the Philippines and other countries who have contributed to this."

>what's above was taken from a hostile & jewsy online source


6c6120  No.12175461

File: 010f60d2927a35d⋯.jpg (826.11 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, Desert.jpg)


better check maddison economic history… slavshits were always way behind and backwards.

communism had nothing to do with it, the DDR had 73% of economic output compared to west germany and it worked very well there.

communism is shit sure and without the soviets stealing all the money and technology they would have collapsed in the 60s butat the end the DDR was commie and successful but east slavshit countries nowadays what do they do…? muuh it wuz da soviets cuz we wuz poor uuterwuz we wuz be rich n sheiz

File: 01a1c3f438452e6⋯.jpg (34.93 KB, 400x400, 1:1, mx9eEJhj.jpg)

File: bd3910713f97fb7⋯.jpeg (907.1 KB, 3056x2106, 1528:1053, 5b9d409fe8f4c.jpeg)

8cf766  No.12156803[Reply]

Take a look at what this grotesque jewess looking mormon cunt posted on (((Twitter))). You think it's a fringe idea? Well, thousands of other femishits and cucks, including celebrities have liked and retweeted the message.

This is the kikes' next step. After empowering all of our Aryan princesses with garbage like suffrage, loose sex, no-fault divorce, and unlimited cock and niggers/muds, castration of all White males is what the jews will demand and enforce. They need to outlaw goyish sex and reclassify all of it as rape first though. And that's quickly happening as we speak. The kikes will pounce on this idea and rapidly encourage NPCs to believe that the solution to (((rape))) is Male castration. But not for Dashawn, Mehmed, Paco, or Schlomo, but for little Billy and Timmy for kissing a girl.

What are you doing to reverse and prevent this Whitey? Continue shitposting on a Mongolian basket weaving tablet? Worship muh god-emperor triggering dem libs? lol



248 posts and 69 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

61f638  No.12173840


>what she is saying is 100% against Mormon theology

Am LDS, can confirm this bitch must be gassed disciplined, possibly excommunicated.

>have to do a shitload of oenance.

We don't really do "penance" as it's commonly understood, at worst she'll have to have bishop's interviews every week or two and may have to start taking missionary lessons again. Odds are she'll be told to abstain from the sacrament as well.


5 bucks says she's a crytokike meant to infiltrate the chuch or "fell in love" with an LDS guy and pretended to convert so she could get at his shekels/baby batter

d70d04  No.12174117

People, let's let's complain to Huffington Post.

ukeditor@huffpost.com and the NYT.

said that Blair violates the UN rules about genocide and this principles: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yogyakarta_Principles

348093  No.12174346

File: 7cfa55524475318⋯.png (909.17 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, vegan_castrates_himself.png)

55207a  No.12174752


Go for the shitskin genocide angle. Pose as an irate jungle/sand nigger or Beanman angry that NYT employs someone calling for genocide.

>But she's based cuz it would mean sterilizing non whites!

No it's not retards. She's a crypto kike who wants to normalize men hating that will only be applied to white men. Harpies like this should be made unemployable at the very least.

abe3bd  No.12175456


>Robert De Niro

That crypto sodomite has some shady skeletons in his past:


Must be why he hates Trump so much

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