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File: 525b76e94b79a47⋯.jpg (60.65 KB, 968x681, 968:681, karadzic.jpg)

0de823  No.12957361[Reply]

Can /pol/ redpill me on exactly what happened back then?

Any good redpilled docus about it?

I don't really know much about it, other than that it was the Serbs killing Muslims, but why and how did it escalate?

I also remember reading something a rocket launcher fired at a football stadium, killing some people, also making things worse. Can this be illuminati confirmed?

So maybe a rundown/timeline of the most important events?

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b972e5  No.12981771

File: d7da1a1218aa945⋯.jpg (53.41 KB, 403x403, 1:1, 1551601360714.jpg)


>Serbia stronk, good boy dindu naffin'!

The Yugo war was about money. Disregarding the Serb retard in the previous post for a moment, the main reason the entire region went tits up is because all the dosh was being sent to Belgrade, the capital of Serbia. The other confederate nations (Croatia, Slovenia) and provinces (Bosnia & Herzegovina, Kosovo) were pissed that Serbs were skimming the cream and building roads back home while the rest of the Balkans was having to ask their own money back fo dem programs.

Something similar to today where Washington or Brussels takes all the dosh and then gives it to niggers and pakis and single moms, only instead of that you had dick-jerking Serbs who did jack shit and retired at 50.

Anyway, Tito dies, Serbs get flustered that everyone else wants out of Yugoslavia, elections are held in all the other countries, Serbs get more buttblasted, they roll out the army, and Balkan War Electric Bogaloo goes down.

On the issue of Serbs not killing anyone, you still have mass grass even today scattered all over Bosnia and parts of Croatia along the B&H border. So… yeah.

Honestly, fuck the Serbs. They're like the dumber version of Jews - instead of holding the reins and peacefully skimming the cream of the financial crop for another 50 years, they went full retard and tried to re-enact some kind of retarded Western Offensive which blew up in their face the moment the other countries mobilized and bought weapons (which, up until that point, were all held and controlled by the Serbs and their lackeys).

And as reward for their idiocy, Serbia today is a shithole that looks like the lovechild of Congo and Darfur.

But Serbia stronk!


ffe511  No.12988292


well is just sad the guy i argue with claimed he is from us here >>12965667

and i competently agree with you if we where renounce our meme nationality and accepted we all are same our life would be much better since yugoslavia accepted everyone


>So when people tried to leave serbs tried to keep serbia stronk

friendly reminder that "great serbia" gave macedonia kosovo and bosnia their own country which was part of serbia but since you wont read damm thing and relay on bbc for history accurate you came to say those stuff

>Anyway, Tito dies, Serbs get flustered that everyone else wants out of Yugoslavia,



read this after you finish tell me your opinion

ffe511  No.12988303


forgot to tag guy


5b013a  No.12988544


It's not the concept of nationhood that is morally reprehensible in any way but its weaponization against other nations. A rebirth of Yugoslavia would only make the pendulum swing to the other end so instead of militant nationalism there would be apathy, dissent and low trust leading to the same events that played out some 30 years ago. I believe fences make good neighbors and each nation is supposed to forge its own destiny.

c32059  No.12988577


>So as a Amerifag that studied this shit in college

>Slovenians, being the Alpine Jews that they are, somehow avoid the conflict

Slovenia avoided the conflict because there were no crowded areas with ethnic Croat, Muslim or Serb minorities. Also everyone was tired of Serbian centralized BS and said FU all. Nothing jewish about that. What was jewish though was entering the EU.

You studied pretty fucking bad.

File: 8e984b045580c98⋯.jpg (61.29 KB, 526x720, 263:360, Dc3HSgeWkAEAD0T.jpg)

File: 7077f85dc2c34a5⋯.jpg (36.71 KB, 477x525, 159:175, Dgt-SbGX0AU3ZK1.jpg)

File: 8073359c1603b42⋯.jpg (69.3 KB, 386x533, 386:533, 772c492a96b2f9c29f31db1794….jpg)

File: cb4e97db2f38b93⋯.jpg (331.1 KB, 1280x1738, 640:869, 558a9390fd04f48617e0343f7d….jpg)

File: 1506d1ccbbefaf5⋯.png (1.78 MB, 1400x1059, 1400:1059, 154370328872020058 (1).png)

04773e  No.12783936[Reply]



To put it briefly: Ethnic Russians were much less loyal to the Soviet regime in their encounters with the German occupiers than historians have believed up to now.

This is the story told by UiO researcher Johannes Due Enstad, who has recently published a book about the German occupation of Northwest Russia during World War 2.

But why did so many Russians show such a benevolent attitude towards the occupation force?

“Stalin had failed to generate a strong bond of faith between the Russian peasants and the regime. On the contrary, he was much hated by many peasants who had seen their lives go from bad to worse because of the collective farming the regime had implemented with great brutality,” Enstad explains.

From 1929 onwards, the farmers were forced into collective farms – kolkhozes – often under slave-like conditions. Kulaks – affluent farmers – should be eliminated as a social class, according to Stalinist ideology. This policy also hit hard in Northwest Russia.

In 1937-1938 the “Great Terror” arrived, where Stalin, in an unbelievably brutal fashion, acted to get rid of all who might be thought of or imagined as opponents of the regime. Given such a backdrop, it is possible to understand why so many Russians put their trust in the Germans.

One good example is a letter written to “Der Führer” by the inhabitants of three small villages in the autumn of 1941: “We give our most sincere thanks for liberating us from Stalin’s lackeys and collective farms. On the 10th of July the German Armed Forces – your Wehrmacht – freed us from the yoke of the dammed communists, the political leaders and the Stalinist government. […] We will fight against the communists together with your troops. We give thanks to the German Army for our liberty […] and ask that this message is deliveredPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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c154c1  No.12880725

Assuming the non Europeans live very far away, but are very nationalists and similar to you in your fight against Marxism.

What do you prefer?

Commie shitscum next door or like minded folks thousands of km away who dont bother you at all?

Fuck the kikes and any subhuman serves them.

But the vatnik is also rapidly approaching america status anyway. I think they even excel in arbortions and AIDS already.

0563c4  No.12904795


c85e71  No.12934945

doing this for (you) and for free

0563c4  No.12968305


946fef  No.12988555


Anyone who prefers the truth would go for natsoc

File: 70af1b2b183eb67⋯.jpeg (25.29 KB, 298x300, 149:150, maria.jpeg)

71852c  No.12956862[Reply]

comfy thread on

>vril society


>antartican flying saucer technology

post photos, texts and any other documents. this redpill about the true nature of the reich is fundamental yet hidden.

thread theme:


39 posts and 5 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

ba3717  No.12984206


You should continue to bump this and have some minor discussions after the whole shooting craze dies down that /pol/ is talking about other subjects instead anon. I sadly don't have enough info about ufo except maybe some parts of new swabia.

2140c7  No.12984301

File: 6047db7eea9f7e4⋯.jpg (197.45 KB, 756x771, 252:257, 6047db7eea9f7e4e0dc3b8b6cd….jpg)

File: d110b8a38087abe⋯.jpg (121.65 KB, 482x503, 482:503, Secret_Platform_Rune_Zodia….jpg)


It's not going to die down. The fire only rises, anon. Instead, let us feed it, with the lore of the Reich.

000000  No.12984845


>couldn't get on the saucer for some reason

Goëring put up a lot of fat towards the end

6822d8  No.12988496

Now that reminds me.

Is the kali yuga have any significant in the reich?

dc68d0  No.12988530

File: fa4c6876f134da9⋯.jpg (30.92 KB, 333x499, 333:499, 51qysppqTsL._SX331_BO1,204….jpg)

File: 35c318277afbf01⋯.jpeg (408.71 KB, 2188x1509, 2188:1509, DB75D254-CE95-40B5-84C6-3….jpeg)

903d62  No.12973894[Reply]

since gun control is coming, every anon should be aware of how simple it is to possess a functioning suppressor. you can either submit a tax stamp to the atf (which is $200), purchase a silencer that is overpriced over 10x its value and wait over 6 months for your stamp to be processed


you can legally purchase a solvent trap kit and use a drill press to make bore holes in the baffles and end cap. before atf agents call me atf, solvent traps are completely legal and you are only breaking federal law by being in possession of a completed and drilled product. to remedy your paranoia, you can find a good hiding place for it.

here are just a few options starting with the best value that will handle rifle round pressures




a suppressor will greatly improve situational awareness and mask your location as the supersonic echo is louder than the muffled shot. while using subsonic ammo, you can knock off targets without drawing attention.

take advantage while you can before solvent trap kits become illegal like bump stocks.

68 posts and 10 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

000000  No.12982719


If gun control comes, kill those implementing it.

00a288  No.12983262

buy 80% lowers, buy them across state lines if you need, in cash, plenty of little gun shops carry them now, there's no paper work and they can be done with hand tools if you have to.


it's the only way to ensure when they come to kick in your door you have a few left that nobody knows about.

b27c4c  No.12983670


you can also buy them in private sales and there should be no record, but that will soon change since the house passed HR 8 which will ban private sales when the senate and cuck in chief follow suit.

dec5d8  No.12987034


just yahoo’d solvent traps and so many people are selling these things. chinks on aliexpress, ebay americans, dedicated websites etc. i think i heard of them before on cuckchan /k/ but never looked into it. doubt it lasts with how many different manufacturers i just saw.

62a10f  No.12988477

File: 882045624c366b7⋯.jpg (154.65 KB, 649x522, 649:522, gfhfght.JPG)

File: 39936af3217fbff⋯.jpg (129.77 KB, 1020x816, 5:4, krkrir.jpg)

File: 699e117683fe2e8⋯.jpeg (104.58 KB, 828x640, 207:160, hdfiee.jpeg)

File: c4df01adee0e96f⋯.jpeg (1.23 MB, 3675x2560, 735:512, sswerwe.jpeg)

So many options so little time. But talk about postering instead.

File: d6b6ecb1c2db00f⋯.jpg (57.88 KB, 640x466, 320:233, med_1474004982_image.jpg)

d99c8e  No.12657254[Reply]

Let's discuss a few topics that people stopped researching after they got too spooked, literally or figuratively

1. Day Assange Killed (DAK) - October 2016

2. Myziam on halfpol

3. "Real" ayy selfie

4. That UFO researcher guy who puked up black liquid

5. Clinton Bodycount/Lock Her Up

Did I miss any? Have any comments?

Post what you remember, or links to archives and relevant content here.

570 posts and 172 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

8d1d03  No.12986188

File: d1055055797d7bd⋯.jpg (123.6 KB, 1200x454, 600:227, irish speakers.jpg)


Dam, has anyone ever confirmed those feelings and nightmares? Has anyone ever exposed themselves to a language for a long period of time to see what happens? Has there been any further investigation into this subject matter?

be780e  No.12987364


So basically every book that's been published EVER is compromised. HUGE implications.

dd30eb  No.12987937


/x/tier schizoposting.

765a65  No.12987950

File: f49769d1ffe280b⋯.jpg (629.31 KB, 1016x1563, 1016:1563, dgbwanprop.jpg)

File: 29b0c09cb892964⋯.jpg (654.62 KB, 971x1107, 971:1107, share_hackingn.jpg)

this isnt talked about except when they got more propoganda to spew out then its hidden again

bc0915  No.12988451


>So basically every book that's been published EVER is compromised. HUGE implications.

braindead nigger cattle like you are the problem. the implications are that the overwhelming majority of scholarly research passes through a single entity.

File: 3742cdd1365af4f⋯.png (218.16 KB, 752x529, 752:529, 374.png)

1872f6  No.12971695[Reply]

Let's face it, this shooting has been exposed. It is part and parcel of a coordinated attack to deplatform right wing media on the internet that has been ongoing for at least 6 months.

It first began with Alex Jones, then Gavin McInnes, a youtube swipe that removed a healthy chunk of content, twitter bans, and facebook removing right wing content. This attack at half/full chan is the last stage of the attack.

They know that if they can get 4/8 removed from the internet, the gathering place for 90% of right wing content on the internet is gone.

Historically, they haven't been able to touch 4/8 chan, because most all of the posters here reel in horror at the very notion that violence is an option. Mostly because no one would be stupid enough to admit it on the internet, but secondarily because if they can catch a site advocating violence, they can get an injunction from the justice department to shut it down.

They are actually trying to shut it down right now.

This strategy was three pronged.

1. Hire a military trained asset to kill a bunch of unarmed civilians in a mosque

2. Write a manifesto implicating these sites as the place of radicalization and post it on the internet.

3. Warn on one of these sites that you are going to do the attack, GoPro the event and livestream it on facebook. That way, you are guaranteed that someone will save it.

4. When the media finds out, infest both boards with actual shills now advocating violence and support for the killings.

The next step will be to injunct the site with a writ from the justice department, and voila, no more 4/8 chan.

We can't afford to let them win this. If they win, they have struck what might be fatal blow to right wing ideas on the internet for the foreseeable future.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
388 posts and 70 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

184592  No.12983025

>Historically, they haven't been able to touch 4/8 chan, because most all of the posters here reel in horror at the very notion that violence is an option.

that is NOT the reason its untouchable wew

> but secondarily because if they can catch a site advocating violence, they can get an injunction from the justice department to shut it down.

1. posters already do

2. it's so easy for them to make proof of the site advocating violence themselves


dumb fuck op

>this many replies

5593f4  No.12983317

i'm just here for the fo time.

8c13bf  No.12983365

File: f914e6e7872f296⋯.jpg (58.72 KB, 677x355, 677:355, hbo-the-accountant.w1200.h….jpg)


They wont shut down the websites. They will most likely succeed in getting rid of /pol/. No surprise that only a few months ago hiroshimoot split the boards, most likely because the jews warned him about was going to happen to stood over him to do so. If he deletes the board then thats no skin off his nose. He can maintain ad revenue off 4channel and any attempt to establish /pol/ else where will be met with severe moderation. As for this place, if you shut down /pol/ itll just re-emerge again. So yeah theres a real chance 8chan will die. But then what. Shutting down a platform doesnt end the discussion or the point of view itll just drive it else where most likely underground only further "radicalizing" it in the eyes of the MSM.

50f864  No.12983739


I'd Prefer Darkness, If That's What It Means to Be "A Light unto the Nations".

>It was terrible, but not to be overlooked, that precisely the Jew, in tremendous numbers, seemed chosen by Nature for this shameful calling. Is this why the Jews are called the "chosen people"? MEIN KAMPF

000000  No.12988433


Zeronet is shit. No one wants to use your shitty dark-web knockoff that stores foreign data and CP on all users' HDDs.

Tor and I2P, all the way!

Torchan: zw3crggtadila2sg DOT onion

Nanochan: nanochancsvnej4vxiidu4fhpchkxffl3mgqypub63xadeetkjttavqd DOT onion/pol/

NPCchan (Formerly CHANGOLIA): g7c54d4b7yva4ktpbaabqeu2yx6axalh4gevb44afpbwm23xuuya DOT b32 DOT i2p/b/overchan.politics (Hidden board, not listed on main page of NPCchan. Also pretty dead, and we should change that.)

(All afforementioned chans have rules against CP, and active admins to remove such content.)

File: 884de0e282e46fc⋯.jpg (638.03 KB, 810x2294, 405:1147, 20190311_135524.jpg)

1dd2e7  No.12905526[Reply]

Received a mail from the student council about a global climate strike hitting the streets of central Stockholm and outside the Swedish parliament in Stockholm on Friday the 15th of March. A bunch of liberal climate jihadists are about to attend that shitty cult strike and they are doing their best to recruit zoomers from every high school to strike against the "muh global warming" on the 15th of March 2019.

I am calling to all Swedeanons and Swedecucks to form a counter protest (or just pull up some stupid shadilay prank in the crowd) and stop their marxist march for the climate. The tree huggers in the Swedish Riksdagen (Swedish parliament) aka the leaders of Miljöpartiet (The Green Party) are the ones to blame. The puppets want to raise petrol taxes and extradicate nearly all petrol -and diesel driven vehicles. What the fuckers never seem to get is that not everyone have the bucks to pay for a "muh environmentally friendly greener alternative".

The liberals in Sweden are trying to do the same thing Macron did to France. This may be our last stand before the politicians decides to raise petrol taxes.

Let's stop these zionist tree hugging cultural marxist jihadists from empowering Sharia Law and Veganism in Sweden!

Länge Leve Sverige!

(Pic related)

130 posts and 28 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

000000  No.12987816


>What the fuckers never seem to get is that not everyone have the bucks to pay for a "muh environmentally friendly greener alternative".

They do, they do.

They just don‘t care for the pleb. Or they care, but they like it when the pleb isn‘t hoging their streets and parking place.

Hush ,hush back in your coven serf!


>The one leading the protest is a 16-year old daughter of a Swedish opera singer.

It is a mongolid retard that looks like 9 year old.

Who is going to respect people who run after a potato as leader? Nobody


>This is a Europe wide "movement,"Totally organic of course.

Even some mainstream journos have started to snicker about “revolutionaries” that demand exactly the same the government does.

It is really from retards for retards. A kind of “copy test” of the TPTB how far they can push, how far they lowered the average IQ by brainwashing and other methods.

Pseudo problems to keep the goyems busy, while their homelands are handed over to the invaders.


>What is the climatecuck endgame, anyway?

The same as the import of nigger.


>caused by dajooooooooooos

I for one, support euthanasia of the mePost too long. Click here to view the full text.

45247d  No.12987847

Taxes won't patch up the rape of our forests and wilderness, and they never hurt these companies anyhow. Never. Lawyers would be out of work if they did. I'm all for attacking industry in minecraft however. They or the press will be the next step I imagine, as shit gets real.

801d57  No.12987957


this shit has been in the media lately here too in Norway.

Politicians on the """right""" here, they are pissed. It reminds a bit of organized "protests" in old soviet and commie republics, where all "demonstrations" were in fact organized by the fucking state…

anyways they complain about this, and demand that the pupils are to be punished for ditching school. demonstrating commie style on behalf of the establishment and elites is NOT OK. This is not fucking organic either…. kids gives zero fucks about that crap, but they will ditch school at any given opportunity, so it is exploitation at the worst sort.

9981f4  No.12988011


What a terrible idea. Get a bunch of autist counterprotesting with right-wing memes against enviromentalism(which isn't even a bad thing), and look at the media's reaction. "The evil right is against a healthy enviroment"

Really bad idea, although judging from the way you type, you probably want that exact reaction

b28317  No.12988410

File: a884a7f7ee9baac⋯.jpeg (5.5 KB, 205x246, 5:6, 1539928458.jpeg)

Get cases of bottled water, inject ipecac in them with the smallest needle and syringe you can get a hold of (pet stores, amazon, RX shop), leave the case with one or two taken from it around the area because muzzies are thieves, keep phone out for the funny to start.

File: f148f43a531cb21⋯.jpg (36.91 KB, 574x360, 287:180, fallofrome.jpg)

70c17e  No.12972559[Reply]

How should we act to bring about the fall, while the numbers are still on our side? Our (((economic system and popular culture))) are what suppress white birth rates, while keeping us narcissistic and weak.

I don't have to tell you things are bad. Everybody knows things are bad.

So it seems to me that pouring gas on the fire, and bringing about their end is the only way to give our children a future.

Most of you are aware of what the future holds for our people when we become *hated* minorities in our homelands. South Africa is a good indicator of what is to come. "Kill the white Boer" will simply become "Kill whitey, Europe ours".

Maybe then China will swoop in to pick at the corpse.

Even if you think we'll be fine as numerical underdogs (fair enough, we did okay in India), we'll end up as inbred as Pakistanis if enough of us die off in the pogroms, and more than that - we grow fatter, weaker, more degenerate by the day.

My preference would be for most of the white diaspora to return to Europe. Let the animals fight over our former colonies while we reclaim the motherlands. I understand it's unlikely though. The sunk-cost fallacy is a powerful motivator.

I'm not suggesting terror attacks. I'm not suggesting mass slaughter of non-combatants. We can be more refined than that. We should be deliberate in our actions, but with the goal of sowing chaos. Voting in radical and inept politicians in the knowledge that they'll only make things worse, for instance. Or filling the streets and social media with extremest propaganda of ALL kinds. Play all sides against each other, while organizing IRL with those you trust.

A nice consistent mistrust of Israel doesn't hurt either. This is a sentiment that can probably be capitalized upon with most non-boomers who are politically engaged. Accusations of antisemitism are thrown at the leftists in my country as well as the right.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
174 posts and 21 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

70c17e  No.12984896


f7317a  No.12986598


>Because they were all thrown in the same neighborhoods of New York, they networked and knew each other.

They weren't "thrown" anywhere, this is the way they choose to live. Like spics or niggers that refuse to integrate into the system. They hold themselves apart in order to consolidate their money, power and influence in an area.

f7317a  No.12986649


>if the only way to join collective humanity for whatever cause is through self sacrificial terrorist actions then the modern world is pretty fucked.

Self sacrifice is NOT the only way. It's just being used right now to bring attention to matters, and prove a point. Once things go live it'll be utter devastation to the system as the first targets will be those who whould prevent the cleansing fire from spreading. All emergency responders are top of the list, para-military forces will be next, followed by kikes and politicians. Niggers and spics will be targets of opportunity, and any whites that try to prevent you from doing what needs to be done.

Dehumanize yourself and face to bloodshed.

70c17e  No.12986783


d7702a  No.12988363


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

3e688a  No.12964035[Reply]

Are you a warrior of Logos ?

Or are you an Agent of chaos, an Agent of Anti-Logos ?

Will you fight to preserve the order of the universe, or will you fight to revolutionize the order of the universe, turning it upside-down in a typically satanic fashion?

70 posts and 13 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

c33197  No.12985046


creation through destruction, like the pheonix, a hatchling breaking out of an egg, a butterfly from a cocoon, or a rejuvenating forest fire

4b1f8b  No.12985284

File: 561eae69a354a9c⋯.jpg (374.66 KB, 953x953, 1:1, 1548873719507.jpg)




605ef0  No.12985353

You must hate the word Logos since it's bad okay? Do you listen little goy?:) Trust me Jews invented the word Logos like everything else. Problem is the word Jew wasn't even in the original bible. But somehow managed to get it into the bible later on after 1000AD . Israel wasn't even a physical nation in Bible. But goyim please just STFU. Obey:)

0db586  No.12985380


Definitely not, I have a job and I can't afford to bother with proxys, sorry.

4b1f8b  No.12988361

File: b744fd15e544c38⋯.png (1.17 MB, 1081x710, 1081:710, Darius.png)

File: a6785a5afa70de0⋯.jpg (1.3 MB, 1750x1441, 1750:1441, euro1.jpg)

File: 9c65050d4493f0d⋯.png (388.91 KB, 1000x993, 1000:993, euro2.png)

File: e61e886247094da⋯.jpg (88.8 KB, 1024x719, 1024:719, euro3.jpg)



Ieudomites was the original term, and was a designator for a specific ethnic group. The (((persians))) created a golem and ever since it has been projecting is mongrelized incestuousness onto the world. Make no mistake, they are the synagogue of Satan.


File: e1bee8f36a379ce⋯.png (345.52 KB, 3000x3000, 1:1, black_sun2.png)

0a01b2  No.12945573[Reply]

The White Dialectic and Containment Nationalism

In the wake of Tarrant’s attack on ChristChurch Mosque, a rigorous debate has broken out over the merits of acceleration-ism vs optic wary civil discourse. There are pros and cons to both, which have been re-hashed ad-nauseum. What I want to propose here is a third way in which both factions can work toward the same end. The methodology has already been proof tested by trolling experimentation on the chans themselves. I am terming this method “Containment Nationalism” which should spark immediate memetic recognition into those already keen for a third position escape from the accelerate vs slow boil debate.

Containment nationalism is quite simply a version of containment board tactic, the very well-spring of our current form. By trolling a targeted populace to the point of confusion, it becomes the nash equilibrium to isolate the chaos into a containment board. In this case what we are trolling is a nation, and our methods of trolling are politics, memes, arguments, civil disobedience, and yes even less savory remedies. Our goal is to force a nash equilibrium point to be recognized by our political adversaries and then engage the inevitable ejection of our people into a dedicated territory, a containment nation. In fact this option should be seeded among our enemies as a simply escape to the intractable growing problem. This works because if the environment is constructed in the correct way, literally everyone will want the solution to be realized. White nationalists get their ethnostate, non whites are free of the constant fear of whites, politicians get their moral posturing.

How we Achieve This: White Dialectic

The beauty of containment nationalism is that all is required is a combination of principled and unprincipled trolling. Principled trolling corresponds to the optics wary, rules abiding, domain of arguments and political and meta political efforts. Non-principled trolling corresponds to sock puppets, memes, false flags, and Brendens. These generate the dialectic which serves the function of forcing the non white elements of society to neither be able to fully demonize nor fullPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

26 posts and 6 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

000000  No.12973031


>you have to control the media

When you realize the media cannot help but respond to certain narrative then you realize that we already do control the media. Tarrant proved he could "call his own shots" so to speak. We can do the same. Even when you tell them what you're doing their narrative forces them to report it a certain way. This is a weakness that we can exploit the hell out of.

>attack the media

I don't advocate violence personally but we need to surf the violence instead of cringing at it like all these boomer cucks. Surfing it means we keep nailing home the narrative that "all this can stop if you only concede." If we play it right we can make it the elites' idea to "briar patch" us into an ethnostate exile deal. Imagine for example if we created an anonymous petition for white nationalists to be granted their own autonomous region and got 10million people to sign it. This bypasses politics entirely and cannot be ignored. The media would go nuts, but the more they cover it the more possible it becomes as a viable "out."

000000  No.12984725

whyt dwalectshits aan cuncunmunt nayfonamism

Lord, so you really think normies will be that highbrow?

000000  No.12988313


This is not for normies you dumbfuck

b2f563  No.12988354

>>12946788 (heil'd)

419726  No.12988423

There is no debate, retard. Accelerate. Kill subhumans. Read the manifesto.

File: 50446c3091313ce⋯.jpeg (448.25 KB, 1242x574, 621:287, 48326170-6773-4BB6-920A-D….jpeg)

File: 33a8bcdcb79db44⋯.jpeg (1.45 MB, 1242x1726, 621:863, 02FD517F-0CD3-4A49-9DB8-2….jpeg)

File: 806b39b49be5b64⋯.jpeg (607.96 KB, 1215x841, 1215:841, 07C591E6-B52D-4FD9-AA0A-5….jpeg)

File: ed3785fd3b1aefe⋯.jpeg (391.21 KB, 1213x551, 1213:551, CDFAAFA8-29A5-4B88-95E0-C….jpeg)

031c2b  No.12934751[Reply]

As we honor Tarrant’s deeds tonight, remember that just clicks away there are multiple boards full of apoplectic Judeo-Marxist degenerates screaming in rage over muh dead subhumans and calling Brenton a LARPer. Is this fear I smell?



Is there anything more pathetic than the trio of /marx/, /leftypol/ and /leftpol/?

286 posts and 90 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

5720a1  No.12988081


>I I despise you

Not our fault you keep losing arguments.

Truth is truth.

4f9233  No.12988115


>implying Marx invented the idea of some sort of socialism

e4863d  No.12988178

File: 6f16d7922509864⋯.png (673.57 KB, 1356x802, 678:401, 53465377.png)


There is some truth in this, a lot of the left's current ideology and crusade is driven by their abominable genetics, which has put them at the very bottom of society and given them an overwhelming urge to destroy anything beautiful, any semblance of the natural order, any reality where the full horror of their being is realized.

a235a0  No.12988291


They are egalitarian because they are afraid of being at the bottom of the hierarchy, of being treated like the filth they are. Thats why they attempt to drag everyone down to their level.

000000  No.12988350

Fuck them commies

File: 6f80a85e30527ee⋯.jpg (487.98 KB, 1095x1115, 219:223, pol books 19 - dec 2018.jpg)

49931b  No.12496202[Reply]


#19 is here


>that link has ALL of the .zips and a big folder with individual files

>P = .pdf

>E = .epub

These used to be popular threads back in the day. You're not supposed to read them all, it's just a bookshelf. I'm going to reorganize these one day.

Also, check out The Incorrect Library:


237 posts and 68 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

d41e30  No.12976691


Make the decisions yourself and choose based on that thinking.

2dd03c  No.12977148


Are you mad that you can't read? Don't worry Titronix Gerome, your handler can read it to you

b4d844  No.12980693


I think that's from 'Ye Shall Know The Truth', by Michael Collins Piper. Pretty good book where he talks about history and some of the interesting books he's read.

b4d844  No.12980728


The whole pack on its own is probably not normie friendly. But there's stuff at there for all "levels", from absolute normie to some pretty esoteric and far-out stuff. As the other anon says, you'd need to pick some out for the specific normie. Also it's like 300 books by now so pretty overwhelming.

108742  No.12988324

bump for visibility

File: 3c9eb9dff012614⋯.jpg (129.42 KB, 960x540, 16:9, brown-shirts.jpg)

5e755a  No.12892582[Reply]

We need something to call ourselves. Nazis isn't going to ever work. Children are brainwashed for decades in public and private schools to be disgusted and repelled by the term Nazis or anything to do with them. In order to ever gain a mainstream open following we need to call ourselves something else. We can have the same principals but we need a party we can call our own even if it starts out tiny. I'm not creative but I think it should be something that sounds cool and makes people wonder what it is if they ever hear or read it somewhere. Our party's main goal should be to get multiple people elected to congress or senate that are staunchly opposed to Israel and Jews having any hand in American politics. Someone kind of like Little but not completely retarded.

397 posts and 153 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

2fcb18  No.12981453

File: 5fb1c95f98099ab⋯.png (92.38 KB, 699x850, 699:850, 261364031a007303a5fc10a5b2….png)

Fuck off

948c11  No.12981692

While I agree that it's just a name given to the greatest fucking thing to ever roam this shit timeline. Socialist word itself was put in there to lurk the German unsuspecting communists to their side. Hitler during his talks with Dietrich Eckart said it so. I mean in concept it sounds innocent but first of all people are not that stupid to realise that it's the same thing and it will get labeled anyway. Secondly going with a different name may cause unintentional shift from the core concept, values which is something nationalsocialism cannot do.

0c7a3f  No.12981753


Ekhem, Baltic.

ba42f0  No.12984309


You made a couple good points, but communism does disguise them selves while having the same values no?

ebb3fc  No.12988284


Communism did disguise its self through democratic and all that I cannot see why we can't do thr same for national socialism.

File: 3d1651f5ea012d2⋯.jpg (20.56 KB, 634x325, 634:325, 11217770-0-image-a-2_15530….jpg)

98aa09  No.12985054[Reply]

French rapper is fined £4,300 for inciting violence over song called Hang White People

A French rapper has been found guilty of incitement to violence and handed a suspended fine over a song called Hang White People.

In Nick Conrad's music video, the 35-year-old was depicted torturing and murdering a white man and called for Caucasian babies to be killed.

A court has now handed him a suspended €5,000 (£4,280) fine after a trial. He was also told to pay 1,000 euros (£860) in damages to each of the two anti-racism groups that brought the case forward.

In Nick Conrad's music video he was depicted torturing and murdering a white man and called for Caucasian babies to be killed.


Could you imagine the sentence if he called to Hang Jews, or if a White called to hang niggers…

21 posts and 7 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

394893  No.12987741


TheList keeps expanding every day

d4edaa  No.12987857


Except he won't pay a cent and the Crustaceans will come crawling out of their crab holes to defend this to the death

000000  No.12988042


>mfw infinity is hosted on wutang servers at redman's house

redman is not wutang

000000  No.12988056


What is wrong with you frogs ?

>t. burgerfranc

2dd69f  No.12988282


This, I was wondering how this possibly could have happened but of course it's a kind of suspended sentence.

File: ccc17fc26ba7c15⋯.jpeg (6.45 KB, 225x225, 1:1, lall.jpeg)

dad8cd  No.12945565[Reply]

Do you truly believe killing of innocent people is the right thing ?

I know Muslim terrorists are killing and raping innocent people all over the world they are killing other muslim and non muslim too.

The Brenden guy whoever yall claiming as hero has actually more in common with other Muslim terrorists than us.

If you want to kill then goto syria and kill terrorists join a military or go as lone wolf and kill those scums. If you want to kill rapists in european nations find the rapists and kill them like a serial killer. But killing innocent people is only gonna get things worse.

Youre prolly gonna get bombed or shot dead at some bar because some muslim terrorist wanted revenge for that brended did. Your mother, wife, daughter or gf can get raped in dark alleyway in the name of revenge. Rinse repeat.

This is not a solution. CMV.

496 posts and 92 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

b4d4b0  No.12966635


And Christians wonder why they're not taken seriously.

e1104f  No.12966674

No one is advocating killing innocent people. You really think Brenton would kill all those people, lurk imageboards, and not say anything about jews? It was a falseflag that they are shilling trying to create a false common consensus.

c12c96  No.12966906


Quit lying. We all know he mentioned kikes. He said he doesn't mind the ones that stay in Israel and don't bother people. Translated for sub-80 iq faggots like yourself: "Kikes that leave Israel to subvert other countries are bad."

5ba590  No.12966985

Imagine being a kikestian that virtue signals so hard against doing anything beneficial for your own people because masochism and lust for torment are buried in the heart of his evil semitic abrahamism religion.

16132c  No.12988280


holy shit my mind = blown

this was a kike doing what kikes do best. go into mosques and shoot unarmed men,women and children..

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