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File: 5669660d390edc3⋯.jpg (125.86 KB, 556x768, 139:192, 5669660d390edc35956f26f2d4….jpg)

a039da No.9581225[Reply]

Trump Pushed FBI to Nab Israeli-American Suspect in Bomb Threats on Jewish Centers, Sources Say

The youth from Ashkelon has been making similar threats for the past two years, but only after the FBI sent investigators to Israel was an arrest made.

The Jewish Israeli-American arrested this week on suspicion of making a host of bomb threats on Jewish institutions worldwide has been making such cyberattacks for two years, but only recently was his capture given high priority, according to police sources.

The sources attributed the turnabout to pressure from United States President Donald Trump. A few weeks ago, after Trump announced that the FBI would do everything in its power to catch the perpetrator, the agency sent 12 investigators from its cybercrime unit to Israel to assist the Israeli investigation.

The 19-year-old was arrested in the Israeli city of Ashkelon on Thursday by cybercrimes unit of the Israel Police, seizing computers and other items investigators say helped the suspect evade detection.

The police have not yet heard the teen’s story, as he is maintaining his right to remain silent. Police sources said he has so far refused to talk about anything except the fact that he is sick. Police also haven’t yet succeeded in breaking into his computers, but expect to accomplish this in the next few days.

What they have managed to determine, the sources said, is the teen’s modus operandi. After calling in one of his bomb threats he would watch the media to see what effect the threat had. If he saw that a threat was getting media attention, he would make more threats in the same location.

Altogether, the teen has made hundreds of threats that the public never heard about, police said. When they got no media attention, he stopped making threats in those places. In contrast, the bomb threats to Jewish institutions in the U.S. in recent months received especially prominent coverage, not just in America but worldwide, so he began focusing his threats on those institutions.

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aad2a3 No.9604609


>Michael Kaydar

Pottery. So when (((they))) allege another string of attacks next month: "Wow, my Kaydar detector is going off" etc.

I hope Kaydar's father is doxxed.

aad2a3 No.9604660

File: b9f2f513a09873c⋯.jpg (255.46 KB, 724x844, 181:211, 1489952396224.jpg)


>I bet 100% [Michael Kaydar] is JIDF

Latest info on Kaydar

>19-year-old suspect’s name is Michael Kaydar. Israel’s anti-fraud squad arrested Kaydar at his home in southern Israel and searched the premises on Thursday.

>He also is accused of a series of threats made in Europe, Australia and New Zealand in the past six months, according to reports in Israel. He also is reported to have called in threats to the Israel Police two months ago regarding Israeli educational institutions.

>To mask his identity, Kaydar used a technology called SpoofCard that masks a number’s caller ID, according to the Daily Beast. When police subpoenaed SpoofCard’s parent company to trace the call’s real number, they learned that he had called from a disposable Google Voice number.

>He paid for SpoofCard through Bitcoin, also untraceable, and routed his internet through proxies, making his IP address untraceable as well. In addition, Kaydar masked his voice in the calls to sound like a woman.

>Kaydar was caught after he forgot to trace his internet connection through a proxy server, allowing police to trace his IP address, which led to his home

531ac1 No.9604698


you son of a bitch you owe me new sides

c95283 No.9604729


oh fuck HAHA

585053 No.9604920


>That's where my open-mindedness thinking about the weird formation in the sky and the possibility of (((Trump))) took me at least. Opinions?

I got a ban for talking this way a few weeks back. If you are too open minded your brain can fall out. And the mods give you a ban. I toe the line now.

File: 5dea58aa36f5044⋯.jpg (45.4 KB, 640x360, 16:9, RODRIGUEZ, ELIZABETH MARIE….JPG)

a11106 No.9596869[Reply]



>WAGONER COUNTY, Okla. Three teens are dead after an alleged home invasion attempt reportedly ended in a shooting Monday. It happened near 91st and 241st East Avenue in the Wagoner County part of Broken Arrow.

>According to officials with the Wagoner County Sheriff's Office, three masked people broke into the house through the back door with the intent of burglarizing the home.

>Officials say the homeowner's young adult son killed all three with an AR-15. Though they initially believed the son was 19, they now say he was 23. The homeowner was also home, but officials say he was not involved.

Deputies say two of the suspects were 17 and the other was 18. They say one had a knife and another had brass knuckles.

>Officials say a fourth suspect will likely face charges related to the incident. The 21-year-old female, who deputies say was the getaway driver, was brought into custody on first degree burglary and felony murder complaints.

>She was later identified as Elizabeth Marie Rodriguez. In Oklahoma, those believed to be committing a felony that results in a death can face murder charges, even if they did not actually kill anyone.

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ed53e2 No.9604895


Well now he'll be max cooked in hell.

68aec8 No.9604897


Using a gun on someone counts as deadly force. Lets say you shoot someone and don't kill them, you better stick to the story that you were in fear for your life or for the life of someone else. If they survive and can convince a jury that they weren't a threat AND if you start to doubt yourself, you are going to get bent over the fucked.

Dead men tell no tales.

f0caa1 No.9604900

Can't find Zach on facebook, but he seens to work in Tulsa airport.


impossible to archive linkedin…

I'll send him a congratulatory message

68aec8 No.9604909


>Using a gun on someone counts as deadly force.

Adding to this for those who don't understand why American police shoot someone dead. Again, if you fear for your life or feel you're at risk of significant harm you can shoot someone. This is one of the reasons why people who cry about cops not shooting someone leg are retarded. It creates doubt that you feared for your life. Also, anyone that has a basic understanding of guns knows you aim for center mass.

68aec8 No.9604915


>bent over the fucked


>bent over and fucked

File: 29d44b13b4d044e⋯.jpg (526.97 KB, 1275x714, 25:14, 1420722543410.jpg)

a9d7fb No.9585485[Reply]


I'm sure most of you are aware of the fact youtube deletes any type of anti-jewish or right leaning videos. Throughout the years I've favorited a lot of half /pol/ and full /pol/ videos that were uploaded to YouTube. I go through my YouTube favorites and there are A LOT of deleted videos on my playlist.

I decided to take a look at


Which demonstrates how to tell what these videos were with a decent rate of success. I was horrified to find out that 90% of my YouTube favorites that were privated, deleted, or otherwise unavailable videos were videos that spoke out against Jews and videos that were otherwise "right-leaning".

There is no way to get these videos back other then to find out which ones were deleted and hope somebody has a WebM or something.

ITT we try and find old deleted YouTube videos and see if anybody has said video in the form of a webM or maybe even the original.

tl;dr YouTube taking off /pol/ related videos and we should try and get them back.

pic related, one of the videos that got taken down.

49 posts and 7 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

1c5358 No.9601172


Don't put any keywords that could be construed as sexual or porn related in the title of the video even as a joke or the video will be auto deleted. Also 1 gig / 30 min limit unless you become (((verified))).

60c733 No.9601551

>let's get them back

>let's view their content data centers

>let them analyze you and sell your datas for shekels


e4b873 No.9601849


He does more bad than good.

He's a Civic cuck and is spreading the word as such, he also doesn't mention Jews or anything else meaningful, he just goes with the Sargon approach of bashing SJWs and Leftists.

661afb No.9601860

All of the Murdoch Murdoch videos are good entry redpilling and entertainment. Great for showing to normalfags.

91d1a7 No.9604887

File: 9c03710251cddde⋯.png (61.94 KB, 1280x768, 5:3, War_Ensign_of_Germany_(193….png)


Agreed. I can't get on board with civic nationalists. Are there any redpilled NatSoc Youtubers? It's just propaganda videos from what I can tell.

File: e16dec0dead96b8⋯.jpg (103.4 KB, 731x695, 731:695, Power.jpg)

83f20f No.9570170[Reply]

I don't want us to just sit around shitposting about the decline of Western civilization. We need to start taking action on a more frequent basis.

Consider, for a moment, how zealous we have been in our efforts to fuck with Shoah and his faggy little art installations. All good fun, to be sure, and a great way to stay entertained, but now we're facing another prolonged period of downtime.

The HWNDU research and subsequent games of CTF demonstrated the power of crowd-sourced intelligence gathering combined with a bit of IRL daring. Why limit ourselves to petty things, like the destruction of an art installation? (not saying we should quit that project, mind you)

We need to take on a BIG project; one that takes advantage of our cohesiveness as a community, our autism-derived super powers, and Crusader-like desire to fight. As long as we quarantine ourselves in here and merely bitch about the state of the world, we're of limited use to our people. We have had some wins, to be sure, but it's time to take it to the next level.

What project, though? It can't just be general research that doesn't go anywhere (see: PizzaGate); it needs to be a mission with a clearly-defined goal and positive, real-world impact. (Think Seasons 3 and 4 of HWNDU but with a far more meaningful objective.)

I want to hear suggestions from fellow anons.

A decision would eventually have to be made, and then we could pursue our goal with the energy we exhibited throughout Trump's campaign. Think of how happy you felt when Trump won; consider the thrill you experienced watching Shylock's flag come down … Let's take on a project big enough to give us that feeling all over again.

281 posts and 108 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

274013 No.9604733

File: 351c403bec18ed9⋯.png (258.83 KB, 1912x2916, 478:729, 66b1887cde4a50444cf838c610….png)

American vanguard is full of faggots and FBI, but I think this poster is exactly the sentiment we need to convey. The understated message will resonate with normies when liberals freak out at them.

I think this is what the public is ready for, and thus exactly what we need to be memeing.

Once they accept that Whites have a right to exist, they will be more amenable to talking about white genocide, demographic displacement, etc.

We have a Right to Exist. Make it known to all.

As for a project I'm thinking a great postering, college campuses, libraries, shopping malls, anywhere with a large traffic presence. We can keep this up for weeks, every weekend poster a different spot with this one meme. We have a right to exist.

We have a Right to Exist.

Force this until it gets national attention. Thats our end goal, shifting the window of conversation to the point of national news having to talk about whether Whites have a right to exist. If they think we do that's a step in the right direction. If they don't then we can nail them for supporting the genocide of whites.

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Unwarranted accusations of homosexuality? I'll be hear for an hour or so.

274013 No.9604747


welcome to /pol/, the Thule Society of the 21st century.

000000 No.9604824

You are, you just don't fully realise that. Hitler shitposted in beer halls, not too different from yourself and you technically already won the 'future' for example gen z.

/pol/ is the most important place in the entire world right now. It's the only massive place where you can talk about anything truthfully without having to censor yourself. You learn here more about yourself than you thought possible but also others.

We might not agree on all problems and solutions but I think because of /pol/ one day we can truly understand each other, even the nonwhites. Talking to them and traveling the world made it very clear everyone wanted exactly what Hitler and /pol/ did, a place for theirs.

So stay out of white countries because sure enough you don't want the Middle East flooded with non-Middle Easterners or Africa full of white people or Asia full of Middle Easterners and so forth. That's the way it should be.

274013 No.9604842


thats right, ethnic groups get along best when there are clear geographic barriers between them.

All I ever wanted was to be left alone.

Now all I want is to destroy those that destroyed my homeland.

a0cd64 No.9604917


It is not google or facebook… It is a gift of Kek, learn to use it well…

File: 01ed7cecbd8d8bb⋯.png (147.72 KB, 1788x559, 1788:559, e55cebb0631096fbac5c7b6215….png)

f828da No.9592339[Reply]

Gookanon shares the latest craziness from worst Korea. Lots of juicy tidbits including the salvage of the Sewol ferry and a possible plot to start a war with North Korea in 2017.

Sharing for mutual interest.

105 posts and 20 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

ccf6d3 No.9603376


Feminazis are not white they are Jews and they are pests. So what do you do with a pest. Find the hive and exterminate the fuck out of them, don't care about laws, don't care about if you get caught exterminating these pests.

SJWs will be hanged like the race traitors in the DOTR

2625ac No.9603611

File: f825895f254de1f⋯.jpg (37.82 KB, 264x416, 33:52, 1309d290f48fdeb17f095fa363….jpg)

File: d09a0d2bb45dc74⋯.jpg (11.26 KB, 235x596, 235:596, 30f926bed4cffbfcda888d7ab6….jpg)

File: 573c6d76a1a7928⋯.png (13.56 KB, 338x343, 338:343, 573c6d76a1a79284425df8e9ed….png)



>Or maybe it's work of Annunakis. They are watching us. I am not joking.

What have you found out in particular about them?

Most information about them seems to be poorly translated or conspiracy theories.

I asked a Kebab that studies Mesopotamian/Iraqi history about pics related of reptilian Sumerian figures and this was his response in the third pic.

2625ac No.9604716

File: 98614ab3fe5636c⋯.jpg (51.54 KB, 465x664, 465:664, 98614ab3fe5636cb71875e31f6….jpg)


pic unrelated

909345 No.9604721


>Milo makes a sailor pepe.

af8455 No.9604797


Jews are outright satanists.

File: e24e7a2de027886⋯.png (2.93 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ATS_1.png)

ee72d5 No.8596629[Reply]

It's about time /pol/ had some more OC. I've got some free time over the holidays, and am in the mood to contriboot. Request away for any shopping/(small) video editing projects or ideas you'd like to see. Example attached.

Also, general OC thread.

564 posts and 493 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

ed3a2d No.9602508


I'm not a user, but your way is not always the right way.

3f11bf No.9602553

File: e661c5d9ce402a8⋯.jpg (81.01 KB, 502x453, 502:453, e661c5d9ce402a874294ebfab1….jpg)



>anon who cannot into grammar talking down on others for lacking discipline and looking like dopes

3c3505 No.9602570


>anon who's first language isn't english

fixed that for you

not everybody is an americuck


I'm not talking about "my" way. Im saying there are alternatives that dont make you look like a loser + probably have a negative affect on your body

953c27 No.9602646

File: 4127c838173caf0⋯.png (318.28 KB, 1044x882, 58:49, Nat-Soc Trinity.png)

ed3a2d No.9604790


You'd have a damned hard time proving that marijuana is hard on the body. Seems like a lot of folks are still stuck in the pseudoscience and nonsense of the Reefer Madness era despite it's abject lack of evidence.

File: 3ce72aefa2604de⋯.webm (10.92 MB, 640x360, 16:9, The Six Purposes of Schoo….webm)

dadf0c No.9572131[Reply]

Post /pol/ related videos. Funny and gore are ok too. Don't go overboard with the weebshit.

552 posts and 542 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

1a44ac No.9604582


Not a parody, jews really do get into this loophole with their god nonsense

fd7a4a No.9604599


Gonna need some sauce on this semen demon.

Bretty please.

1a44ac No.9604617


Would have been even funnier if he fake called his "superior" and relayed all her internet assembled freeman jargon to him pretending his boss, sheriff or whatever was in agreement. Just let her mouth run about it and nod oh yeah boss, free inhabitant of earth, oh wow, so i cant do anything. When at her most pleased taser to the gut.

8f8399 No.9604665


Dat nigger that just can't contain himself, wew


My heart aches for a woman that gets it.

This thread has me laffin. I only hope for a day where I can share a beer with all you anons and we can all gather in the glow of victory, and take shots to the glory of our future. I love you guys, sorry for fagging it up.

12e3a8 No.9604787



This hits home.

I thought this man was mad once….


File: 2bee0a69e2e77b3⋯.jpg (77.19 KB, 620x416, 155:104, 10303734_10201561261787930….jpg)

1888f3 No.9591639[Reply]

(((Vice))) https://archive.is/DaazJ

>People have been using pork to try to intimidate or even (somehow) physically harm Muslims for centuries, and the rise of Islamophobic demagogues isn't helping.

>Throughout history, people have deliberately used pig products to denigrate Islam and Muslims. In particular, over the past 15 years since the 9/11 terror attacks, swine-based hate crimes and intimidation have been a fixture in the West—so much so that we've seen the emergence of the (false) belief that pork is to Muslims as garlic or a crucifix is to vampires. And if the history of literally boarish Islamophobic incidents is any sign, we're poised to see more porcine hate—including the sale of pork-laced anti-Muslim bullets, which is somehow already an actual thing—in the near future.

>But while there have been sporadic pork-based hate crimes against Muslims for pretty much as long as Islam has existed, according to Abdelkader, rather few of these incidents popped up in America before September 11, 2001. Since then, it's been a steady stream of pork-infused hate.

>"It correlates with the overall rise of Islamophobia," Ibramim Hooper, national communications director at CAIR, told me. "When Islamophobia goes up, incidents like this go up."

>Unfortunately, CAIR's Hooper acknowledges, neither being informed of the fallacy of using pork as a cure all nor seeing directly that it doesn't work to either scare off Muslims-as-vampires or insult them into submission seems to do anything to dissuade people from using pork as tool of hate.

>"Bigots aren't brain surgeons," he says. "Maybe they can't think of anything better."

>And it's certainly not as dangerous as all the direct physical assaults on and even outright murders of Muslims because they were Muslims that we've seen over the years. But it's still an absurd, archaic, and bizarre form of sometimes violent bigotry, the rise of which is disgraceful and unacceptable in an ostensibly modern, post-magic society.

91 posts and 16 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

1c1c6d No.9603723




>t. 91 IQ mudslime genius trying his hand at shilling

lel why?

1c1c6d No.9603743

File: 6523b0665a2d41b⋯.jpg (284.28 KB, 1488x1488, 1:1, 6523b0665a2d41b61bcaae5d01….jpg)


>Pork Based Hate Crimes + Right Wing Death Squads = ???

Tuesday morning.

4f7d9e No.9604719


yes, they don't consider it unclean in the slightest

burying pigs on a proposed mosque site doesn't foerever taint the land in their eyes

silly infidels, fall for our ruse

4f7d9e No.9604735

File: cda6f627c7aa2ff⋯.png (1.85 KB, 320x320, 1:1, 100.png)


mmmm, yummy bate

we're talking about people who actually believe in djinns and think you can put the evil eye on people

I just put the evil eye on you, foggot

e5393a No.9604783

File: d8ffc04c02d6825⋯.gif (1.68 MB, 396x304, 99:76, Nice numbers.gif)


I bet there were plenty of business, but some ((element)) considered it hatefull, and shut it down.

File: f7ac11c3c1f8191⋯.jpg (64.58 KB, 599x612, 599:612, C7ynShDVAAADAx0.jpg)

File: 3b121fae4065659⋯.jpg (46.67 KB, 640x350, 64:35, C7yhS1BVUAACHJl-640x350.jpg)

File: f8aaba0315468f1⋯.jpg (120.4 KB, 1034x776, 517:388, C7yZA_qVMAATEGi-1034x776.jpg)

File: de1b37d2d57b6ed⋯.mp4 (8.54 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 86-gSv-Rypas58Fw.mp4)

4aa2ee No.9579657[Reply]

Note: archive.fo/is and Wayback Machine failed to archive this page after repeated attempts.





733 posts and 310 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

5d60fb No.9601511


At least you faggots are admitting to being lolbergs now instead of LARPing as fascists.

5d60fb No.9601628

File: 30057c2d18b7cc2⋯.png (29.91 KB, 419x418, 419:418, ancap.png)

File: 57b83dd4fcb6c81⋯.png (180.51 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, autright ancap.png)


I tried.

6d3a6d No.9603865

This guy doesn get enough credit


06b80d No.9604727


TRS started worshipping jews. All of the right-wing is highly unified regardless of whether gays exist or not, but what happens if we start accepting /right-wing/ gays? Surely they're fine? And then we can start accepting /right-wing/ transexuals? Because, surely, they're fine? And then we can start accepting right wing jews- oh look, now we're no fucking different than any other political party, our voices are supressed again, and jews gain even more of a stranglehood over the people of our race and nation. Better luck next time, the problem was just not being tolerant enough, right?

No. National Socialism and answering the Jewish Question or bust. Nationalism, by its very definition, is the right of all people to determine their own fate. Allowing jews inside nationalist movements, by their very definition, defeats nationalism. Why would you say "We want to, are capable of, and are greatest when we determine our own fate" and then allow a jew to speak for people he has no stake in, love for(if such a thing as love is even possible for them), or ties to? The simplest and correct answer is: You don't.


06b80d No.9604770

File: 17ed5e0574d444d⋯.mp4 (1.75 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Pez God.mp4)


>I know several former guerillas. Not a single one of them are proud of what their movement has become. They all know what is going to happen. Not a single one of them are proud of their offspring

Tell me more of what they said. I need a good laugh in my life right now.

File: 888fa01ca266370⋯.jpg (753.72 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1469251234973-4.jpg)

8c17d7 No.9598139[Reply]


Starts at 1:00pm EST, so do whatever you have to do, talk about those waifus, and let's watch the press get btfo. Also worth noting, Trump is signing an Independent Energy executive order.

Spicer jewtube stream


Executive Order stream


454 posts and 223 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

933efa No.9602754




8bf0ed No.9602825


Wow tha'ts the least happy i've seen him at the end of a briefing. I think he's really starting to get tired of their shit.

8c17d7 No.9602869


Sup gook

0a80ce No.9604703


>promoting miscegenation with imaginary green niggers


ea1487 No.9605051


we all know everyone is just here because of the thumbnail.

File: d0ab869354795f3⋯.jpg (48.32 KB, 564x409, 564:409, ed970d7cff92848810c367e571….jpg)

0d824b No.9592486[Reply]

Shitcorps like Disney have in the past lobbied to extend copyright terms to suit them, and up until now they have always gotten their way.

They are now making war on the white race, and they should be made to regret it.

No doubt their lobbying to extend copyright by another few decades is already secretly under way, ala TPP. Let's put a stop to that.

http:// ||| copyright.nova.edu/mickey-public-domain/


44 posts and 23 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

cae3c1 No.9604518

File: 3b5a3d5d74bc8a7⋯.jpg (274.31 KB, 1053x1399, 1053:1399, Donald1488.jpg)


like this?

e8d388 No.9604572


Good start, but make it depraved as possible and shitpost it everywhere, it needs to gain memetic efficiency on the normieweb and especially where Disney shit is promoted.

99d752 No.9604605


why did they kill him?

5cec6b No.9604611

File: b689ca6cc312d0d⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 404.49 KB, 1200x1866, 200:311, 0054a863b507eccb773732512e….jpg)

File: fefa7ee0632ce74⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 443.82 KB, 1200x1866, 200:311, fefa7ee0632ce749c8effc4b7e….jpg)

File: 59d7f1568f35321⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 493.77 KB, 1200x1866, 200:311, 59d7f1568f35321ef8fcfe8de4….jpg)

File: c33e2d69b854733⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 546.36 KB, 1200x1866, 200:311, c33e2d69b854733eb3eb183934….jpg)




cae3c1 No.9604696

File: 86518c75047cfdf⋯.jpg (307.46 KB, 1053x1399, 1053:1399, tumblrgirl.jpg)


begone faggot

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

b940b4 No.9180614[Reply]


Demonstration May 1 in Falun


People are sending flowers in support to the police investigator who said that migrants pretty much perform all criminal acts and is risking of going to jail.


Norways government has wasted a few billion norwegian crowns on a somalian "democracy".


A police chief car i Täby has been blown up by unknown perpetrators.


The police union: the threat against police officers is getting worse.


Migrant women are leaving work to take care of their children. Workminister Ylva Johansson says this is unacceptable.

607 posts and 165 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

5d2d3a No.9601594


Jag har sett med egna ögon vilka jobb det är som ges till dessa invandrare. Utöver att fittorna på migrationsverket springer runt och trakasserar arbetsgivare över att ge jobb till blattarna så skapas det jobb via kommunen för dem. Tidigare fanns där 1-2 städare som städade torget där jag bor, nu är det 12 blattar och en svensk som måste hålla reda på dem. Den andre svensken fick nog sparken.

Det är ett fullständigt förräderi och svek mot det svenska folket. Dessa as borde hänga i lyktstolpar.

5d2d3a No.9601609


Och de ingår i kriminella nätverk som skickar pengarna som dumsvennen ger, rakt ned i fickorna på jordens avskum nere i Rumänien och Bulgarien, avskum som sysslar med alltifrån prostitution, till drogförsäljning och kidnappning.

5772b5 No.9601736

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Repets dag nalkas min vän.

Hell seger, häng dem alla, vit makt negerslakt.

edf4aa No.9603127

File: 1a591020234e910⋯.jpg (82.62 KB, 800x800, 1:1, b416dfd9e5552e635168e41434….jpg)

Så GMU börjar 31 Juli. Jag börjar seriöst bli trött på att vara en NEET och med tanke på att du får 4500 i fickpengar varje månad plus en premie på 17k när du är klar så känns det inte som ett så dåligt förslag. Orkar inte engagera mig i något akademiskt, det känns mest som att mina talanger ligger i att få skit gjort. Enda nackdelen är väl att om krig bryter ut med Ryssland så kan man dö för ZOG.

Finns det nån som är i militären här som kan berätta om hur infesterade av hanrejer denna organisation är? Kommer jag bli tvingad att gulla med bögar eller är det okej att inte vara med sån skit?

b940b4 No.9604682

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Så vitt jag har förstått så har utbildningstiden ökat till totalt 9 månader nu.

GMU är 3 månader och befattningsutbildningen är i en till åtta månader. Tiden varierar beroende på vilken befattning du är antagen till.

Fast nu har de infört värnplikt igen, men jag gissar på att du är över 18 år så det behöver du inte bry dig om.

>hur infesterade av hanrejer denna organisation är?


>Här kan du läsa svaren på vanliga frågor som ställs till Försvarsmakten gällande könsneutral totalförsvarsplikt.

Ledningen (som alla svenska myndigheter) är helt jävla nerkladdade med (((marxism))). Med min erfarenhet så kan soldaterna och de flesta äldre befäl vara helt ok.

Problemet är väl att lättkränkta fittor till rekryter gråter till någon facktomte när de blir tillsagda att sluta gnälla, eller liknande.

Jag behöver säkert inte säga detta men undvik stockholm med all din makt om du inte vill knulla aidskuk på pride.

>Kommer jag bli tvingad att gulla med bögar eller är det okej att inte vara med sån skit?

Det var en soldat som vägrade delta i pride och han fick sänkt lön och lite annat för ordervägran. Visst kan du vägra, men du kommer att straffas för det.

Bra klipp från Granskning Sverige där de ringer upp försvarsmakten och sätter de på plats.


Detta är ett kort klipp för ett år sedan.

Det inbäddade är ett nyare och mycket längre men mycket bättre. Tydligen så fick Johan ringa cirka 20 samtal innan han kom fram till denna trevliga herre som faktiskt tog sig tiden att bemöta detta.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: ffbbae12acb1044⋯.png (68.26 KB, 455x491, 455:491, showmewhatyougot.png)

76bb91 No.9420213[Reply]

New Sarah Andershit thread!


Only fresh OC and good old ones.

321 posts and 216 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

d558bf No.9575919

File: 64c3734ba64e2e3⋯.png (530.78 KB, 559x401, 559:401, listen.png)


>Anon who has been around at long enough to remember when Zyklon Ben was posting on this board

Want a medal, faggot? A lot of us remember that.

Besides, Ben doesn't just have a problem with libel he explicitly said in some posts, that he thinks that certain extremism/spreading hate is not/should not be protected by free speech.

I like his stuff mostly because of nostalgia, but he has some fucking cancerous views.

7c6cf3 No.9575941


ben pls

235ed9 No.9575962


Not Ben.

But I did lol at your post

f0b16b No.9589972

File: c88403c25ff64e5⋯.png (196.85 KB, 409x593, 409:593, Andershit1.png)

92999e No.9604584


That's pretty good.

File: da7252e178c3384⋯.png (52.17 KB, 632x371, 632:371, f342a96e29bb3d51b37ad1a18c….png)

18c00f No.9555244[Reply]




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Post last edited at

6daa73 No.9561458

File: 4576c9136c5931e⋯.jpg (27.84 KB, 420x279, 140:93, chris brown.jpg)

3392f4 No.9561799

File: c38b4dfa849ee53⋯.jpg (258.03 KB, 1400x937, 1400:937, Nazi officials on their wa….jpg)

d93606 No.9565529

File: 393a57b8d8eb052⋯.gif (2.18 MB, 250x250, 1:1, Merchant Revealed.gif)

f158a7 No.9604399

File: f570916f520777d⋯.png (30.75 KB, 915x667, 915:667, 0.png)

File: 2a1302284e021cd⋯.png (49.94 KB, 893x641, 893:641, 2a1302284e021cd45ade43b93a….png)

File: 8947632cbd176c8⋯.png (12.55 KB, 195x202, 195:202, 1392290966849.png)

File: 1c3be9eb9eb66e6⋯.jpg (97.31 KB, 958x1121, 958:1121, 1403760171221.jpg)

File: cf35ad1216ad5b9⋯.png (15.22 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 1431611799805.png)

f158a7 No.9604581

File: a5c2c3b4480e3ac⋯.png (56.04 KB, 225x225, 1:1, 1480092686568.png)


ooh, that's a spicey pepe

I'm stealing it

File: f453c56711df051⋯.png (100.46 KB, 720x1025, 144:205, D791BD6F-EB17-4D03-8474-D5….png)

File: 4d8579b2fa5fa8e⋯.jpeg (84.86 KB, 1300x960, 65:48, 80D85042-47EF-456D-BD9F-D….jpeg)

File: 05eb243e96977f9⋯.jpeg (200.71 KB, 1024x810, 512:405, F4BB237E-42E6-4D15-8A93-D….jpeg)

81a9bb No.9604490[Reply]

http: //www. kwiknews .my/news/two-women-killed-by-plane-while-taking-selfies

Such a warm feeling. Eat it up, /pol/.

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81a9bb No.9604530


Are you having some sort of difficulty, anon?

1c5438 No.9604538


> thot

gas yourself kike

81a9bb No.9604543


My mistake. They were very intelligent wymyn

8b4666 No.9604570


>even ironically using niggerspeak


8b4666 No.9604573


Go back to cuckchan if you can't see what's wrong with talking like a fucking nigger.

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