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File: 9d0c6892aa9a2f2⋯.gif (3.76 MB, 870x350, 87:35, CFE98A62-9973-4379-8A04-AE….gif)

68a96c  No.13179657[Reply]

Any information pertaining to members of the DSA, ANTIFA or both should be dumped here. If they think they can scare people off by trying to ruin their lives, they’re in for a very rude awakening.

PS we’re a board of peace

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d685e5  No.13298615

File: 9fe318331882c17⋯.png (160.12 KB, 840x466, 420:233, AG.png)


AntifashGordon admits he's from NY and not Boston.



403703  No.13298627


There is a healthy Dallas chapter of DSA/lefty radicals.

If any anon ITT could produce some details on the following Marxist cunts, I’d greatly appreciate it.

1. Jake Kemp, local radio producer on Texas’ biggest radio station, also hosts a decently popular left wing podcast with the fat, socialist, race mixer mentioned below.

Lives in Fort Worth

2. TC (Thomas Charles) Fleming, works for a leftist mayoral candidate in Dallas, who is very lax on illegals. As mentioned above, he hosts an absolutely left wing podcast with Kemp.

He lives within the Dallas city limits.

3. Mike “The Machine” Marshall, works as a social media manager/content creator for the Dallas Mavericks (Heil Nowitzki).

Lives within Dallas city limits

All of the above have hinted in their podcasts and recordings that they are hoping for the people to “seize the means of production”, and/or admitted being in DSA, and having friends in the DSA.

000000  No.13301612

I've previously worked on converting a rather large document store to PDF. I got pretty good at identifying source document types from looking at the PDFs. Depending on time and department, there were all kinds of systems that had been used, many of them totally obsolete now. I don't have room in this post to go too far into details, but here's my analysis of the Antifa documents in this thread.


That "antifa manual" has the characteristic layout of a document from a baseline word processor with an unskilled user. I can't positively identify the font from that collection of pictures, but it's probably a default font in some version of Word. I'd say it was probably typed on a school computer, but the title page is an exact match for "Stencil" and I don't think that's available by default. Not that poor security at a heavily-black school wouldn't explain the installation of a "rogue" font or dozen.

The author casually mentions being black, and the overall writing and ideas is either a /pol/ack doing a very good imitation or an actual "no-brain nigger monkey" as King Terry would describe it.

That manual is some low-ranking moron's view of antifa's goals, and probably merely reflects antifa's internal propaganda. Interesting goals, but completely unrealistic.


Those two pages are clearly from different documents, but appear to have been produced with a higher-tier word processor or a desktop publishing system, with a skilled user in either case and a shared template. It "feels like" a WordPerfect document, which is very interesting since there's one field where WordPerfect is still in wide use. Those documents came from either a very skilled forger, far better than the typical 4chan LARP, or a lawyer's office.

Those two pages are very interesting and posting them probably doxed that anon's no-good commie brother. The "Level 7 (XX-Y)" text is probablPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

948909  No.13311095

I thought doxing was illegal in america?

68a96c  No.13313051

Glad to see that this thread has been kept active.

File: 743283b126884d2⋯.jpg (1.35 MB, 1920x6080, 6:19, Hitler vs Spencer.jpg)

File: 304c8c3d16eacce⋯.jpg (1.48 MB, 1500x6000, 1:4, hitler-african-DNA_full.jpg)

File: 8251ade667d62f3⋯.jpg (1.11 MB, 1500x6000, 1:4, Hitler-father-jew-debunked.jpg)

File: d66c7e0b159ac3f⋯.jpg (915.87 KB, 1920x4080, 8:17, HITLER-vs-STRASSER-s.jpg)

File: eac09e93c08241e⋯.jpg (355.37 KB, 729x781, 729:781, Hitler-stopped-transgender….jpg)

26037a  No.12047938[Reply]

ϟϟ inb4 Moarpheus spam ϟϟ

Thread for discussion of the Jewish Question, Race Realism, Anti-Communism, the Aryan Ideal, Traditionalism, Racial Nationalism, and Racial Identity Movements.

Improve yourself, comrades, community, and folk.

> 卐 - SMASH (((MARXISM)))!




/NSG/ - http://pastebin.com/vPZPyDhK


>The Optics of Ineffectiveness


>The Many Faces of National Socialism by Karl Radl


卐 - NATSOC Philosophy and Economics


ᛉ - Right-wing E-Books and Film archives














卐 - Jews and the Porn Industry


ᛉ - HISTORY - WHAT CAUSED THPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

670 posts and 328 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

68a9e2  No.13295316


That's exactly what was bothering me (among many other things) when I was watching The Man in the High Castle. "The Greater Nazi Reich" makes as much sense as "The United States of Burger" or "Anglo Kingdom". I guess you can't expect too much sense from jewish cinema.

f92dd5  No.13295361


Seems like they don't even try to understand NatSoc ideology, but rather just mocking & subvert it.

000000  No.13295369

More redpills - spread the knowledge there too:



e0278a  No.13296106

File: 3a895ef895d9021⋯.jpg (406.15 KB, 1235x2005, 247:401, 04acc024c289809c68061356fa….jpg)

Sad to see this thread so low in the pages1

d9083b  No.13313048

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


File: bb18b3293f71594⋯.jpg (51.64 KB, 508x480, 127:120, bb18b3293f7159420fe37e9bf6….jpg)

f2fa5b  No.13103862[Reply]

ITT: We discuss and brainstorm solutions to the many obvious problems that plague us today. Rather than being simple ("just, like, fix things"), or retarded ("hurr durr gas the kikes race war now"), write as much as fucking possible - outline the specific problem, then detail what exact solution you believe should be put forth. Other anons should point out potential flaws, and we aim to constructively build up eachother's ideas in order to create better and more effective designs. With that being said, let's get a few things out of the way:

>muh glowniggers!

Fuck 'em. By that logic, we might as well not even talk on this website (or anywhere else) if you're so goddamned concerned that everything you say will somehow be used against you. Even then, propose a way to organize and plan outside here, then. Something like the "Take a Walk" is something. Saying "we're doomed, it's hopeless, don't even try, they'll stop anything you ever do, just stop trying…" is blackpill shit, fuck off with that.

>muh kike shill!

Fuck you. I'm tired of seeing nonstop bitching with little to no actual solutions ever being discussed, and then every fucking person being called a "kike shill" for any fucking thing. I can't help but feel that this is what is ultimately desired by (((the powers that be))); turning this place from a bastion of free speech (and thus a primordial soup of ideas) into a designated shitposting board would absolutely be their ideal goal. If you have nothing better to say than some shitty reddit-tier one liner, fuck off.

>muh accelerationism!

Fuck everyone who thinks this is anything but a ploy for (((our benefactors))) to seize MORE control. It's literally part of the marxist handbook of toppling governments and then reforming them - destabilize, act as the hero against the artificially created (but very real nonetheless) menace, consume all resources, dump and repeat. You do not cure an ill man by stabbing him repeatedly in the chest. There's entire threads dedicated to the topic of accelerationism; please go there if you want to discuss this particular point.

248 posts and 84 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

4d6267  No.13302970


>an army of free agents

more like a platoon

d287b3  No.13302999


Unnecessary if and when the movement of clusters becomes global, and largely irrelevant before, by my reckoning.


If your movement fails to resonate with people, sure, but ours is a society without myth, and in want of myth people will attach to any worthy movement. I have tried to describe methods to keep a movement from losing it's worth due to conduct.

78b8dc  No.13303468

File: 508f418673e0077⋯.jpg (403.41 KB, 1092x1052, 273:263, f46719644f16d9fe66a674db3f….jpg)


Normally I don't reply to shills, but I just wanted to point out what a fucking stupid idiot you are for proposing that there is fractionation in the movement when it's literally founded on race and heritage, a unique component which literally can't lead to dispute. You are either for White Well-being™ or you're against it, it's that simple. Even Jesus made it clear over and over again that, to him, race was more important than religion; that's what all the parables about the Samaritans were about.

Since I brought Christ into my post: for those reading, I would politely recommend you to read a post I happened to write in a hurry yesterday. >>13295329 God bless all Whites World Wide.

300550  No.13303498


I can see he is for white well-being, but what he is referring to is "ideological purity" over trivial details.

0b366a  No.13313040


>Formation of confederated independent city-states

LOL. Don't get too far ahead of yourself lad. This isn't some kind of breakthrough revolutionary idea. It's something that you can already do if you get enough people to form a town through "municipal incorporation".


It's really not that hard, the only trouble really is getting enough people together to get enough vote/signatures to push it through. Oh yeah and keeping the whole thing undercover without some dumbass blowing the whistle that you are going to start a National-Socialist town. Because there are ways that the county/state can override your little plan if they catch wise to it.

Secondly, most of the good land has already been taken decades ago. But besides that how do you convince enough people to go along with the idea and basically start from scratch to carve out a living? Bearing in mind again that if you get found out the larger society will simply boycott you and rules lawyer you out of existence.

File: f630063fcb6054b⋯.jpeg (30.73 KB, 417x446, 417:446, Sol Pais pre-school.jpeg)

File: 137df10586ec8f0⋯.jpg (215.27 KB, 768x941, 768:941, Sol Pais elementary school.jpg)

File: 0443510e2941875⋯.png (385.24 KB, 470x519, 470:519, Sol Pais in white.png)

File: 824985efa5f3b33⋯.jpg (61.8 KB, 457x602, 457:602, Sol Pais legs.jpg)

File: eec530b0a858330⋯.png (978.43 KB, 748x879, 748:879, Sol Pais in 2017, some say….png)

bd6c30  No.13163835[Reply]

18 year old Florida girl murdered by FBI for Colorado governor

Previous thread at >>13144789 hit 750 posts, continuing here.

Dad named Gardi Pais, mother named Sylvia Pais. Included pics are cropped finds from 1st thread: 2 photos of her when she was younger, and 3 nice shots of her when older which MSM have avoided using to focus on scary serious-face BOLO shots.

455 posts and 178 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

470b23  No.13308293


I'm searching for that Miguel, but still didn't found anything

1e9ee4  No.13310211


>If you use yt on your phone you can see WHEN she liked that post

So it lists two dates? I don't use my phone's browser (too shitty) but I think you can emulate that by just typing "m." in the URL. Sometimes google results mistakenly forward me to those even when I'm not using a mobile browser.

>Try to add "spais1000@gmail.com" in your google contacts app, then go on youtube and search for friends, there you'll find Sol's account

Will give it a try. Been a while since I set up a YT, you need to actually verify by accessing the e-mail account before you can actually activate the account right?

I mean, I couldn't just change my e-mail to spais1000 right now and suddenly come up on contacts?

This is a valid concern to me because I've actually taken possession of accounts other people made because for some reason they listed my e-mail even though I never gave approval for it.

1c22f2  No.13310398


>here it is, I'm crying again.


470b23  No.13312950


>I mean, I couldn't just change my e-mail to spais1000 right now and suddenly come up on contacts?

No, just type "google contacts" in the search bar and click on the 1st result, then you can add spais1000@gmail then you'll be able to find this contact in your YT's FRIENDLIST

470b23  No.13313029

I tried to analyze her last.fm (https://www.last.fm/user/solpais/library?page=1) scrobbles:

maybe she slept from 11.43 pm of sunday to 1.26 am of monday (just 1 hour and a half), then from 1.42am to 2.46am she didn't listened to anything, then seems she slept from 4am to 6.30am, then we can see that she took the flight for Colorado from Miami at 7.44 until 11.21am.

Seems she listened to music the whole time, until 6.18 pm, where she stopped and re-started at 8.22pm (maybe 10 minutes before her death?), and then, the last song she'll heard: "Burn" of Nine Inch Nails, at 8.32 pm…

File: 3649d829d76e8db⋯.png (661.77 KB, 738x508, 369:254, Heller.PNG)

116209  No.13306461[Reply]


Wtg dumb asses, go read Seej and make more Saint Tarrant memes. On behalf of the ADL and CNN I want to thank you all you for pushing muh Accelerationism. We couldn't of done it without you.


PS: Be sure to register for the selective service. We need you as Cannon Fodder for the Greater Israel project, I meant we'll send you to Iran and you can be just like Saint Tarrant, you go goyim…


Jew: Hey Goy

You want to make lots of money, have a big house and fancy cars?

Goy; Yes yes and yes

Jew: Just sign the dotted line.

Goy: (Signs dotted line, hi fives each other and celebrates)

Jew: You Go Goy!

I'm out

77 posts and 18 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

000000  No.13310707

I cannot find once instance in history where censorship has worked for long, have you? Besides being blatantly unconstitutional, if they wish to set dangerous precedent, that is fine with me. Just know they should not be mad from the shoe is inevitably on the other foot as the pendulum swings.

000000  No.13312774

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


( Chief Legal Analyst for CNN )

D.O.B. 5/21/60

44 Hubbell Mountain Rd

Sherman, CT 06784-1733


Associated Phones:

(212) 724-1938 - LandLine/Services

(203) 770-5435 - Wireless

(917) 270-0666 - Wireless

(860) 355-8932 - LandLine/Services









2012 Volvo XC70

VIN: YV4940BZ2C1137640


– He says Critisizing Antifa means

you're "racist". Dont believe me?

See for yourself, when Zognald

denounced Antifa's voilence, 

Toobin said:

>"‘I’m Donald Trump and I’ll protect you from the scary black people, This is about black versus white."


– He knocked up screenwriter

Casey Greenfield, refusing to

aknowlege the baby until he was

finally dragged in for DNA tests.

Then he tried to get her to abort it.

>https://www.nydailynews.com/entertaPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

a53675  No.13312839

File: f0c4a18fe3aea9a⋯.jpg (21.35 KB, 320x240, 4:3, 261891_232128726809632_159….jpg)



000000  No.13312998

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


( Manhattan D.A. )

50 Murray St, APT 1519

New York, NY 10007-2269





Associated Phones

(212) 721-1664 - LandLine/Services

(212) 233-9759 - LandLine/Services

(212) 721-0000 - LandLine/Services

(917) 825-9010 - Wireless

(917) 544-6054 - Wireless

(206) 726-0321 - LandLine/Services

(212) 643-0602 - LandLine/Services






D.O.B. June 14, 1954


Previous Addresses:

- 411 Highland Rd

Old Chatham, NY 12136-3503

- 1620 E Highland Dr

Seattle, WA 98112-3324

- 201 W 86th St, APT 506

New York, NY 10024-3349

- 58 Bank St

New York, NY 10014-2124

- 345 S End Ave

New York, NY 10280-1002


Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

fcd569  No.13313007

Lmao stupid fucking kikes think the law will stop accelerationism. They don't get what it fucking is.

File: 533a3fcecccbb47⋯.jpeg (20.68 KB, 336x395, 336:395, main-raw-135641074-aysrty….jpeg)

5c51fd  No.13312995[Reply]

>haha you're just bitter there's no such thing as nepotism or diversity hires so pull yoursslf up by your boot straps

>networking is an overrated myth that tv studio boss made the woman an executive because she was the most qualified candidate

>young guy wants sex but you're not ready? Fucking dump him and don't look back under any circumstance

>human nature? Red pill? What's that? The world works just the way in the politically correct cookie cutter and meritocratic way it should. You're the problem, sonny

Why are boomers like this?



5488e3  No.13313098


Meritocracy has always been a meme. Deal with it or go innawoods with the 1% of women who aren't materialistic.

File: a5ac9e9d8d39dc7⋯.jpg (63.61 KB, 500x520, 25:26, tumblr_ood9l5jk2S1u0l55ro1….jpg)

38aa7d  No.13312738[Reply]

This guy made what is probably the most meme video of the 2019 EU election. Here's a quick rundown:

>guy is known Slovenian football hooligan, ex-leader of the biggest group in the country

>he did some jail time in the 90's for a failed car bombing attempt, the other culprit being the leader of the Slovenian National Party, who got away scotch free

>guy runs for president in 2017, has a weird libertarian-nationalist-but somehow a bit socialist platform, gest single digit percentage

>about a year ago, he appeared on video with a rag tag militia, declaring a whole region as an indipendent country

>noone really takes it as more of a novelty, but the guy gets arrested and prosecuted for an attempt of overthrowing the constitutional order

>in jail for couple of months, found guilty, sentence time served

>as a free man, he runs for the EU parliament

>today, the absolute mad man posts this video, shouting for the people to attend the elections en masse


1 post omitted. Click reply to view.

7c87d2  No.13312824

everybody in Europe must vote in these elections. it's about time people realised that instead of bitching about the EU all we should do is voting the people that we want. unfortunately in many cases the list of candidates is sorely wanting

6e08c0  No.13312831

No clickshekels for you.

853d79  No.13312930

Domovinska liga seems nice, but I'm sceptical about what's their stance on the JQ

38aa7d  No.13312943


In one of his first appearances, Brščič named the jew, and their holohoaxology. Look it up, it was on Nova24, and there was some media fuss about it.

853d79  No.13312964


Nice, no. 10 on the ballot it is

Also I noticed H&M posting billboards with a negress in a bikini, which is hilarious since I saw maybe 2 or niggers in Slovenia in all my life. I guess the kikes are after East Europe now with their demoralisation tactics.

File: fcae3977ca59c27⋯.jpg (141.04 KB, 960x768, 5:4, 1558462899905.jpg)

3baac8  No.13304867[Reply]

To all you faggots that write off women as a whole because of the absolute shit state of modern women need to watch this. If you can watch this woman help her husband build a house with a baby on her back and still think that women can't be redeemed then fuck off.


159 posts and 39 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

20fb56  No.13312837


>if you're not a kike you're insane

fuck off schlomo.

761281  No.13312872


>does anyone have the caps of the old greek or roman

see here fren


is that what you were meaning?

761281  No.13312881

>To all you faggots that write off women as a whole

what about those of us that write women off as a hole?

51a0b2  No.13312915

They can't. They'll go to whoever has the most power. Which they should because it's their responsibility to survive at all costs to ensure the health and safety of their children. If we have a better community that gives them more resources, but shames them for being sluts they'll behave. If our enemies give them a better deal for being whorish snarky animals then we lose.

It's not their job to be virtuous. It's their job to be mothers and trophies for the winner.

7f8833  No.13312959


so women just need a lobotomy?

File: c03d8034c87606d⋯.jpg (78.72 KB, 1280x672, 40:21, poop sock.jpg)

7e21a5  No.13312910[Reply]


>A new map pinpointing the locations where human feces are reported to have been found in the California city since 2011 shows San Francisco has a staggering problem with the stinky stuff.

Nearly every city block has had a poop sighting in recent years as the city grapples with homelessness, according to data compiled by Open The Books.

Not even the basking sea lions and aquatic life calling the Bay Area home have been spared. One report was pinpointed to Seal Rocks – a jagged formation surrounded by the ocean – and more waste was sighted in the waters off the popular Fisherman’s Wharf tourist area.

San Fran officially a 3rd world shithole. It's so fucking bad there they have a map to show you where the designated shitting streets are so you can avoid them, or take a shit.

1 post omitted. Click reply to view.

7d4ed9  No.13312925

I’d dance in the streets if the Norks nuked that hellhole

778057  No.13312927

File: 151e852ef22cae5⋯.jpg (44.99 KB, 624x351, 16:9, IndianPooper.jpg)

I am just curious if any of this is from the Indian families that came over to work in the tech industry.

f3045f  No.13312940


If the beans can't grasp that our septic system is stronk enough for toilet paper you can bet your ass the poos will not even try the loo

546d94  No.13312952

>data shows the number of sightings has increased dramatically since 2011. That year, 5,547 human feces incidents were reported. The number rose to 28,084 in 2018.

pajeet my son, you have done well

127f10  No.13313116

>more kikery

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

21207d  No.13312944[Reply]

This is mostly for my fellow Americans, but try your hand at learning a second language. Learn what interests you, learn Hebrew to spy on the Jews, learn Latin or Greek to improve your brain, learn nip to read porn.

File: 84cca0eaf7d2693⋯.jpg (180.86 KB, 1196x803, 1196:803, TONKA TRUCK.jpg)

5f4a6b  No.13291811[Reply]

ROBOT WARS Based China unveils terrifying new armoured truck which launches swarms of killer drones to attack its enemies

The war machine - based on a Russian Tigr vehicle - can direct the drones so they simultaneously converge on targets and detonate their explosive payloads

The mighty YJ2080 is equipped with 12 launch tubes - four for reconnaissance drones and the other eight for explosive laden drones which can travel at 110mph.

Its mission will be to eliminate targets beyond traditional line of sight and kill from above with four pound bombs.

The truck's deadly drone system can search for and destroy its own targets, reports Popular Mechanics.

Earlier this year, China revealed a lethal fully autonomous drones that can carry out targeted military strikes

The killer drones and pilotless aircraft are fitted with AK-47 rifles and are already being exported to combat zones in the Middle East.

US national security think tank Center for a New American Security (CNAS) said in a report that Chinese officials see this AI ‘arms race’ as a threat to global peace.

164 posts and 44 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

f85683  No.13310034

File: 32a253ee972c225⋯.jpg (703.6 KB, 1600x1149, 1600:1149, 11.jpg)

Wow, Europe is SO cucked. Heads would roll if somebody were to attempt this in Europe.


b908eb  No.13310077

China is mostly Han. There's like 54-56 or something officially recognized ethnic groups but the vast majority are Han.

The Chinese (Han) can handle the organizational aspects of a modern military system. They have the economy and knowledge base to support a credible military force. But, modern warfare is very difficult – it takes not just gear and the logistics to carry it forward, not just the manpower with sufficiently high IQ to properly use the systems, but it also takes a STRONG officer corps and the ability to promote and use independent thought / flexibility. This is where China will fail if they had to face a peer in war. I'm sure they can bomb some African shithole just fine if they need / want to. If they had to actually defeat the US, for example, over some piece of water I bet they'd quickly fall apart and start running around like chickens with their heads cut off.

07c846  No.13310183



>over some piece of water

why do you just want it to be a piece of water? Frankly, I think were the Chinese to defeat the United States over water, it would free up Americans to fight the ZOG in their neighborhoods, so I hope it happens rather sooner than later. And were China to defeat the United States I know then, that heavy weapons would be directed to US Patriots who'd be willing to shoot down ZOG blackhawks and apache helicopters that seem to me, to be ever more willing to operate armed over US soil, against US citizens, hell, I bet you 10 grand niggers would love to get their hands on thousands of FN-6's and HJ-12's.

It is not like the Joint Chiefs are ever going to do anything when the Commander in Chief is an ass kissing kike controlled dick lover, so what's your basis? US Nationalism? seems an ever fading ideal, (((US Nationalists are criminals, or haven't been keeping up with politics or the news))) or, continued jew rule of American politics, it's economy, tell me what is it?

000000  No.13312853


it is disingenuous to act like china is not a communist dictatorship that has destroyed the host culture and subjected its population to the most dygenic genetic manipulation imaginable. chinese nuveau riche did not get rich on grandfathers gold. it's mafia money. CCP is an ongoing criminal enterprise. this is communism and this reason why everything in china and everyone in china is so corrupt. China could be an ok country by now if they hadn't screwed it up so badly. China doesn't even have an army. The chinese armed forces are the armed wing of the CCP.

For a culture so preoccupied with saving face isn't it odd that they have introduced a social credit system that basically advertises to the rest of the world that their population is totally dishonest and untrustworthy

1ede9b  No.13312869


the story about the square itself being a massacre where they washed the remains into the gutter was always bogus the real killings took place against the workers protests on the side streets

File: 8e9bfd637ff6f9f⋯.jpg (105.2 KB, 722x770, 361:385, lügenpresse_kaputt.jpg)

0214df  No.13251393[Reply]


Opening the Borders ‘Not a Mistake’: Merkel Defends Migrant Crisis Decisions

>Angela Merkel has again defended her decision to open the borders in 2015, insisting welcoming the influx of more than a million third world migrants was “not a mistake”. Because it was planned afterall


Ex-Nazi Concentration Camp Guard Faces 5,230 Accessory to Murder Charges

>A former Nazi concentration camp guard has been charged by German prosecutors with 5,230 counts of accessory to murder.


Fired German Intelligence Boss Slams Merkel Migrant Policy on Hungarian Television

>Former German intelligence chief Hans-George Maassen told Hungarian media this week that the door of immigration was “still open” and slammed the asylum policy of Chancellor Angela Merkel.


Measles: German minister proposes steep fines for anti-vaxxers

>German Health Minister Jens Spahn is proposing a law that allows for fining parents of unvaccinated children up to €2,500 ($2,800). The conservative lawmaker said he wants to "eradicate" measles.


Human rights group accuses Germany of mistreating rejected Afghan asylum-seeker

>A European watchdog raised concerns after German police allegedly squeezed the genitals of an Afghan deportee. While deportations are professionally conducted, there is room for improvement, the rights committee said.


Faggot goes full Marx - Collectivization remarks split German Social Democrats

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b27c51  No.13311253

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Video of (((him))) explaining away the hate towards jews while (((his))) own bookshelf has a fat book with a big jew star on it.

b27c51  No.13311294

File: 180889333a60490⋯.jpg (354.45 KB, 1080x1620, 2:3, (((Sellner))).jpg)

Here's a pic from his wikipage without filters, stupid camera angles, black glasses or noise.

000000  No.13311335

8dc3f6  No.13312467



So much dirt, he is finished.

000000  No.13312840

You all are going to die for your crimes, filthy disgusting pigs on a website run by a pigfarm (pure coincidence, I bet?).

Just you wait. It'll be worse than the holocaust. You can't even talk publicly in your own "country" aka your soon-to-be grave. Welcome the new Europeans, fags, because they're better than you in every way.

You're powerless, you genocidal inbred race of disgusting waste. I can't wait to watch you go up in flames like the rest of your lot.

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000000  No.13312366[Reply]

Beta White males should breed black women. It's the best way for a beta male with sub-par genes to serve the White race. Doing this will cuck black men out of passing on their violent nigger genes. Meanwhile, the alpha White males will continue to breed the White females and thus improve our common gene pool. Everyone wins except niggers and jews.

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004e6f  No.13312705


I'll take a qt Jewess as my sex toy after the race war. Her tubes will be tied of course.

5988d1  No.13312734


> the alpha White males

The only alpha white males are Jews

fa32c9  No.13312816


>The only alpha white males are Jews

Still amazed sometimes by the sheer disconnect these people have from reality.

56b2f1  No.13312833

all betas should be sterilised or killed

bfd322  No.13312993


>breed black women

Even better, they should die in the service of our race.

File: 1b7bc77f1ace6c5⋯.mp4 (4.56 MB, 614x346, 307:173, iran war.mp4)

37ebf5  No.13310755[Reply]

when the war with iran happens america will call for a military draft of 300 to 400 thousand civilians.

>>so who is ready to die for jewish jesus in the middle east again.

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325379  No.13312697


They want to kill off the last fighting age, conservative white men faster. On the other hand, that'll leave the Hitler Youth with all the conservative girls, because their boyfriends will die for Israel.

466a84  No.13312702




000000  No.13312703

Ok lads, here is the redpill.

Iran is distraction

It's just a way for the right wingers and rabbinical Jews in/near the Israeli government to increase the settlements land theft from Palestine & borders #GolanHeights.

If you think otherwise, you haven't read the Clinton emails.

Remember news is a lie, it's there to program you.

However you react, is exactly how (((they))) want you to react.

f9c21c  No.13312711


A draft works more than one way. It would also draft all the potential St. Tarrants, bringing the plan into full swing.

4c84f8  No.13312832



Unfortunately this is pretty much it. Attacking Iran wouldn't necessitate a draft, and they know it would be too unpopular, but it would severely rock the boat and fuck up life for everyone on the planet. I maintain there will be no Iran war, just political fearmongering to sell more weapons and push anti white totalitarianism at home

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May 22, 2019, 8:31 AM UTC

IQ rates are dropping in many developed countries and that doesn't bode well for humanity

>People are getting dumber. That's not a judgment; it's a global fact. In a host of leading nations, IQ scores have started to decline.

>Though there are legitimate questions about the relationship between IQ and intelligence, and broad recognition that success depends as much on other virtues like grit, IQ tests in use throughout the world today really do seem to capture something meaningful and durable. Decades of research have shown that individual IQ scores predict things such as educational achievement and longevity. More broadly, the average IQ score of a country is linked to economic growth and scientific innovation.

>So if IQ scores are really dropping, that could not only mean 15 more seasons of the Kardashians, but also the potential end of progress on all these other fronts, ultimately leading to fewer scientific breakthroughs, stagnant economies and a general dimming of our collective future.

>As yet, the United States hasn’t hit this IQ wall — despite what you may be tempted to surmise from the current state of the political debate. But don’t rush to celebrate American exceptionalism: If IQs are dropping in other advanced countries but not here, maybe that means we’re not really an advanced country (too much poverty, too little social support).

>Or — just as troubling — if we are keeping up with the Joneses (or Johanssons and Jacques) in terms of national development, that means we are likely to experience similarly plummeting IQs in the near future. At which point, the U.S. will face the same dangers of intellectual and economic stagnation.

>If we want to prevent America from suffering this fate, we’d better figure out why IQs are dropping elsewhere. But it’s uncharted territory. Until recently, IQ scores only moved in one direction: up. And if you're thinking, "Isn't the tesPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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18023b  No.13312388


hmm, that can't be true, I was told we are all equal, which is why history is littered with examples of everyone being equal

e4e10e  No.13312396


Trying this hars to D&C wew lad

f8161e  No.13312404


*lips in mutt speak

33202c  No.13312788



>what is gypsies, jews, and Muslim invasions

Cope harder euronig. Europe’s always been diverse. Now you don’t even have mythical IQ numbers to brag about.

f8cd0c  No.13312806

Bezos needs his nigger cattle feed lot to operate the cageswarm to get goods from the warehouses to space for when he's king of his depopulated Earth park watching from his orbital mansion.

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