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Dear Fat Kimmy, there's a French Banker married to a grandma who's plotting to replace you with Yeong Ten

File: bbb45d0628fc4e1⋯.png (3.2 MB, 1903x4677, 1903:4677, 1.png)

File: 63c30c512ffa169⋯.png (1.01 MB, 1911x2349, 637:783, 2.png)

File: 525638f9a6618a8⋯.png (706.32 KB, 1903x1211, 11:7, 3.png)

File: 1de5b4a85ecf739⋯.png (3.09 MB, 1903x4932, 1903:4932, 4.png)

File: 5a94d8a3b90b9ee⋯.png (1.13 MB, 1903x1788, 1903:1788, 5.png)

c0e399 No.9898689[Reply]


Reporters from Time magazine dined with President Donald Trump in the White House, where it appeared that the waiters are well-accustomed to catering to his preferences.

The magazine's story on Trump "after hours" contains this tidbit:

"As he settles down, they bring him a Diet Coke, while the rest of us are served water, with the Vice President sitting at one end of the table. With the salad course, Trump is served what appears to be Thousand Island dressing instead of the creamy vinaigrette for his guests. When the chicken arrives, he is the only one given an extra dish of sauce. At the dessert course, he gets two scoops of vanilla ice cream with his chocolate cream pie, instead of the single scoop for everyone else. The tastes of Pence are also tended to. Instead of the pie, he gets a fruit plate."

Trump's predecessor in the White House had his own after-hours food habits.

The New York Times reported last year that President Barack Obama ate exactly seven lightly salted almonds every night for a snack and rarely drank anything with caffeine.

Obama later said that was a joke, noting that he doesn't obsessively count out his almonds every night. But he was known in the White House for being very disciplined with food and avoiding indulgences like potato chips and cake.

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a9d228 No.9909463


Good, except for the detail on the hat which is spectacular

3de103 No.9909535

File: 3d7a3b321dd019a⋯.webm (2.18 MB, 596x596, 1:1, contemplative blues music.webm)

Seeing pics of him eat fast food and drink soda really make me worry for his health. I mean he looks damn good for 70 but I still worry. I hope he sits down to have some decent meals every now and again instead of just bringing some Big Macs on Air Force One.

906e6a No.9909571

File: 501331a3b0ca213⋯.webm (923.89 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, revolutionarysalt.webm)


Checked for glorious salt thread.

a61828 No.9922642


there was a terror attack on Heligoland?

by Weda, t'is yn nye slach op'e Boarn

573cfb No.9935591


>8/pol/, 4/pol/ and /r/The_Donald have been mixing since before the beginning of the US elections, are you really that surprised by how many meme spewing retards there are?

File: 630a49f6d4af0ff⋯.jpg (86.24 KB, 720x450, 8:5, niggermoney_.jpg)

30f1c3 No.9915039[Reply]


in light of recent events involving the ape-like race we know as NIGGERS, i'd like to remind you all that, in due time, we will have a nigger woman on the face of the $20 bill.

therefore, i propose we orchestrate a plan to de-nigger our bills by writing NIGGER on every bill and then sending it right back into circulation.

it won't be as simple as you think, though. no nigger is going to accept a note with NIGGER scrawled across it. we'll have to get creative. here are a few ideas:

- deposit nigger money into atm. it can't possibly know

- pay off bar tab and tell them to keep the change. may be dark anyway which will make it easier to pull off

- throw nigger money into santa bucket asking for donations. fuck niggers and give them their nigger money back

come on. let's think of ways we can get nigger money circulating again when it comes time for harriet nigger tubman's face to show in place of andrew jackson. fuckong niggers man. black lives don't mean shit

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639f98 No.9922492



Nice to see you still here, encouraging young men to commit federal felonies with hard time attached.

deca71 No.9922565


It'd obviously be tempting to write NIGGER in huge bold letters to trigger the first libshit to see it, but perhaps trying to make it small and unnoticeable would be better. Why? Because once a triggered person KNOWS about this, they'll always be looking for it and getting triggered. Meanwhile, other people will be able to pass it off without knowing, meaning it won't be destroyed right away and can reach all sorts of corners before someone accidentally notices it or gets triggered trying to find it (and succeeding).

Better to waste the banks time too, if they're constantly looking at 20's for NIGGER hidden somewhere on the bill..

Either way, it will never travel far if it's noticeable, and is easier to detect for destruction. Subtle NIGGER hidden somewhere will be like a culture fad. Skillfully hiding it would be better too. Could you imagine (as a good goyim) knowing that the 20 you might be accepting has NIGGER on it, but you have no choice but to accept it unless you're about to hold up everyones time and do a full examination in front of your customers?

Less is more, sometimes.

0184a1 No.9922602


Best post of the night tbqh.

449218 No.9922630

File: d9220ab632ad776⋯.jpg (104.42 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, uQOhuaw.jpg)


Now this nigger might be on to something.

>Pic (normie) related.

9d9edd No.9922711

As amusing as this would be, is it even necessary? Are these nigger bills coming 100% for certain, or has it been delayed indefinitely and/or shut down?

File: 3cfa4afd48a9c5e⋯.mp4 (3.83 MB, 640x360, 16:9, U.S. Marine Corps Commerci….mp4)

File: 1e7e5247523526a⋯.webm (5.34 MB, 640x360, 16:9, GenYoutube.net_US_Marine_….webm)

1a1717 No.9905540[Reply]

Marines Release First-Ever Ad Spotlighting Woman In Combat Position

>The Marine Corps has released a recruiting ad that, for the first time, focuses on a female Marine in combat.

>The commercial comes as the Corps faces intense scrutiny over sexism within its ranks, including a scandal over male Marines sharing nude photos of female Marines without the women's consent.

>The commercial — called "Battle Up" — shows a young girl standing up to bullies, playing rugby in the rain and growing up to be a Marine. In the ad, she powers through an obstacle course and engages in a firefight as a voice-over describes the "fighting spirit." In the final scene, she helps with outreach to the homeless.

>The woman in the ad is played by a Marine who served in Afghanistan, Capt. Erin Demchko. The Associated Press spoke with her about the experience. Here's the wire service on the goal of the ad:

>"For a Corps that has struggled with the perception that it is the least welcoming of women among the military services, the new ad is part of a campaign to appeal to a new generation of Marines. It is also a bid for more female recruits for 'the few, the proud,' particularly athletes capable of meeting the tough physical standards required.

>" 'The water was 27 degrees and coated with a layer of thick ice,' said Marine Capt. Erin Demchko, describing the great difficulty of the [gantlet], all while being surrounded by camera crews. 'Giving the film production staff what they wanted, while maintaining my bearing as a Marine officer and trying not to look cold, was a challenge.'

>"Demchko, a deputy commander at Camp Courtney in Okinawa, Japan, is part of the Marine Corps' expanding effort to recruit women. The smallest military service has the lowest percentage of women and wants at least 10 percent representation by 2019. While female Marines occasionally have appeared in ads and been featured in online videos, this is the first time a woman is the focus of a national television commercial for the Corps."

NPR: https://archive.is/g0ye9

133 posts and 44 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

6180fc No.9910263

This is what $18 million buys you, folks.

>85% of females failed the new PFT/CFT in 2016 in recruit training over a 5 month period

>2.7% of men failed the same shit

>It wasn't even the same shit; females do about 40% of what men have to do on certain events

>The PFT/CFT in recruit training is probably the easiest PFT/CFT you take

>The females get better surfaces to run on so it's even easier

>Still 85% failure rate

>But we should open up combat roles to females

This is fine. Everything is fine.

7404f8 No.9912974

File: 490b159cdd13acc⋯.jpg (194.53 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 1453603404798.jpg)



This x1000, shield maidens are for erotic/spiritual inspiration only.

b1cd8c No.9922407


What is even left as a prestigious male institution in the US military now? SEAL? Special forces?

240a08 No.9922419


>amazing cinematography, looks like it was shot on an alexa or red.

wew, good stuff kikes

554b86 No.9922432


Drone operators still exist in meatspace. You can't win a war by air power alone.

File: 1a582a7784bb1be⋯.jpg (49.2 KB, 412x600, 103:150, Rommel.jpg)

7fa768 No.9911996[Reply]

Did Rommel ever do anything wrong?

I've recently been reading of him and his life, and few other individuals have I ever seen with such disagreement around what he actually did or thought, though most of the things I have read are often from (((kosher))) sources.

Can anyone enlighten me on Rommel?

24 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

7fa768 No.9913696



e030d2 No.9913782

>is x good?

Good commander, but had globalist allegiances. Ended getting rightfully executed for treason, probably was complicit with systematical sabotage of the German army's supplies in Africa (which happened, but on much lower scale than what happened to the Italian army, who's country was never as united as Germany and was packed with globalist traitors, chiefly in it's Royal house - Rommel was entirely aware how the italian army was internally sabotaged, speaking out about it which is very suspicious) he was also probably entirely compromised in his actions in Normandy, offering fake resistance.

He is probably not an "overhyped" general, considering he had a good record before the war, but was entirely treasonous that is why he is regarded in such high respect even by the allies, not because of his "prussian manners" (which may have fooled even the germans).

d68887 No.9914325


I can't remember where I read it, but I think it may have been an account by Leon Degrelle ? (although when would he have been serving with the Italians ?)

But the basic problem outlined in this account was that the Italian soldiers were some of the best around, and their officers were the absolute worst. The Italian officer corps was the most incompetent group of people in the entire war. Their military strategy was practically non-existent, they were incapable of managing their supplies and unable to co-ordinate anything above the squad level.

cd375e No.9914339


>Italian soldiers were some of the best around, and their officers were the absolute worst

Well, there you have it. An army is only as good as its commanders. Even if your soldiers are a bunch of toughest, meanest, snake-eating motherfuckers the world has ever seen, they are still cannon fodder if you cannot direct them.

9e09e2 No.9922280


>Well, there you have it. An army is only as good as its commanders. Even if your soldiers are a bunch of toughest, meanest, snake-eating motherfuckers the world has ever seen, they are still cannon fodder if you cannot direct them.

Well, it's not exactly an earth-shattering insight. The same was said about the Brits in WW1 ("lions led by sheep").

File: 5a80dfeeeb85ad4⋯.jpg (259.34 KB, 1000x857, 1000:857, matt-furie-pepe-ben-garris….jpg)

acbb68 No.9886901[Reply]

I don't know what to say this time around.

>Is this real, OP?


119 posts and 47 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

373bf9 No.9918958

File: d54997d0ab56742⋯.jpg (58.94 KB, 531x471, 177:157, muslimharam.jpg)


>4 leaf clover

Dammit, Ben!

1d68ab No.9919684

File: 033d2b4268fbba1⋯.png (34.46 KB, 272x186, 136:93, 1459460013170.png)


>Yfw cuckchan is the new ebaums world

2c0ae8 No.9919710

File: daab232026d5342⋯.gif (6.04 MB, 383x475, 383:475, 2e8eb267e8cda18a6d8fd649a0….gif)


Ever noticed that you can't swallow the greenpill without first swallowing the redpill? Bluepilled "greenpilled" people are useless and never post anything of value. Redpilled posters who also took the greenpill have an innate sense of filtering out all the bullshit and giving you what knowledge you need.

7416ec No.9919951


>He didn't notice the diamond on the staff

Subitly at it's finest.

e0dfa7 No.9922093


Interesting observation… yes, rings true in my book.

File: bddb2d523064820⋯.jpg (393.55 KB, 1500x1001, 1500:1001, 02160c92db7a5e55aeb1747ef0….jpg)

8f1f03 No.9909661[Reply]

Post your own ideas on how to get by and raise a family while parasiting the government and speeding the decline.





* Enough money to get a cheap house somewhere, or turn one of your parent's rooms into a rental.

* Girlfriend who doesn't want to work and wants to sit around with the kids.

* Parents or at least family who can watch the kids and help out.

* Marry and then divorce a woman.

Step 1

Get gf pregnant. Don't put your name as the father, but make sure that she has family who can take care of the kid should something happen to her - don't want it to be a ward of the state, it will be raped by nogs in a foster home somewhere. Father = unknown means you can't be sued for child support by the state to recoup the costs of raising your spawn.

Child = food stamps. Depending on the state this can mean easy living for 18 years or it could mean you have to get a job. Usually liberal states are more, well, liberal with other people's money. Often they have state-wide welfare money that you get every month too. In some cases there is a time limit on which you can be on food stamps, but it's usually null if you have kids.

The more kids, the more food stamps. Throw that birth control away, anon - it's time to save the white race.

Step 2

Become disabled. In most states this requires a doctor's diagnosis. To find out how exactly to do it and what dPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

59 posts and 7 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

399c59 No.9920174


Don't let your memes be dreams Anon.

d8c345 No.9920436


> immigration

Who said anything about immigration?


only US companies pay anywhere near reasonable shekels

So make your own overseas corporation which the US companies can contract with that pays you in bitcoin.

d7f47b No.9920560

Ever heard of the mafia? We could organize ourselves like it, with only white people, racking money from traitors and non-white people with a threat of violence.

It would not only help us financially, it wouldn't turn into tax-money to the traitors running the show and it would organize white people into tight-knit groups and accelerate a racewar. Just theorizing a bit.

956fde No.9920639

This is bullshit. Good luck getting gibs when you're white. It's almost impossible.

8f1f03 No.9921834


Technically he gets money back every year.


There are Christian and women dentists.


There are about 100,000 people in Salem and all the local areas serviced by Chemeketa. Try harder.


He said that you have to go out and talk to people. Talk to everyone - drink light or not at all, but get other people drunk and see what they say.

Going it alone you won't learn how to hide things. You need to learn what works from other people.


Unlike European nations, most shitskin nations have and enforce immigration laws.


The hard part is finding a crew you can trust absolutely. If you want to get a start in that, apprentice yourself to a locksmith.

File: 174dcd6f87fa4bd⋯.png (741.26 KB, 1000x562, 500:281, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 776815951a2a798⋯.png (1.32 MB, 1220x1202, 610:601, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 03856f789144599⋯.png (364.89 KB, 710x541, 710:541, ClipboardImage.png)

740af2 No.9816754[Reply]

VICE: How Meme Culture Is Getting Teens into Marxism

On social media, youths are seizing the memes of production to prove that continental philosophy isn't just an academic abstraction.

>During his final year of high school, Myles was voted "Comedian of the Year," an accolade he received for being an admin on his school's Facebook meme page. Under his careful curation, inside jokes and gossip ran rampant, earning him the title.

>Now 18 and studying journalism, Myles is a part of the growing movement of teenagers worldwide creating and sharing their own esoteric, leftist political memes on Facebook, Reddit, and Tumblr. "I love the way memes can brilliantly explain a huge political issue in a simple way," says Myles.

>"I mean obviously memes aren't the be-all and end-all of political engagement, but they can often help explain and engage young people in a discourse that they get shut out of. I once saw this great meme from Sassy Socialist Memes that epitomized a really thoughtful criticism of economic rationalism.

>"It was one of those 'funny because it's true' moments."

>There is much dispute and criticism around the use of so-called dank memes in the political arena; some feel they are overbearingly layered with irony, or prone to re-appropriating theory out of context. On the flip side, as Myles points out, they make political theory digestible. Memes are also undeniably accessible and democratic: memers make content on their own terms, and in doing so seize "the means of production."

>"A lot of people don't have time to write a whole article or make a whole stand-up special really getting into the grit of political conversations," agrees Susie, 18, an English Literature student and LGBTQ activist. "But most people have time to make a meme.

>"Also, a lot of political meme culture I follow incorporates stuff that I already know about, or values I already have, so it's nice to have like an in-joke with a lot of people—which is where a lot people find the fun in it."

>"LiPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

608 posts and 224 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

3726b4 No.9907560



Even the memes making fun of leftist memes are funnier.

3726b4 No.9907579


someones butthurt that they're school teacher teir lame.

Hey how about you tell the next generation how EXTREME marxism is and how radical it is.

Cowabunga dude.

7b3307 No.9907751



we call them "normalniggerkikes", reddit

001c4f No.9919736


sieg heil, pupper

73d0ae No.9921831



Literally 'biology isn't real'

Probably a major contributor to several starvation events in Russia.

His supporters actually believed that grain could become barley through exposure to barley.

Believed random weeds could transform into grain.

Sent 3,000 Soviet biologists to the gulags, permanently stunting the country's agricultural and medical development.

Oh boy. Some real big brain stuff.

File: ddf5e0b501962f2⋯.jpg (230.13 KB, 710x788, 355:394, Megucakikes.jpg)

b206fd No.9921750[Reply]


I'm not trying to come off as a shill or spammer so listen up

Me6uca went down. Admins claim issue with their hosting service. Then they turn around and put up a temp site where BO's / admins / devs are chatting. 'Someone' happened to archive part of those chats where apparently the Admin / Head Codefag is a HueNigger and works for the CIA.


17 posts and 5 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

3be7b8 No.9921965

File: 550671c5757144e⋯.jpg (7.67 KB, 322x321, 322:321, 1471033505463.jpg)


>everyone I don't like is imkampfy

Eat a dick, imkampfy.


I knew that meguca was shit the second that a squad of shitposters started spamming it here around a month ago now I believe.

Anyone who hops ship without checking for a life raft in the water first deserves to get wet.

Just like any other start-up wouldbe /pol/ they failed in the same categories.

They shit in a box and slapped "/pol/" on it thinking they'd be the new kings of the internet. Wew lad.

4f9c58 No.9921991


I'm spartakampfy.

57de88 No.9922051


i mean all other areas of the interwebs, but yes i see what you did there you faggot kike nigger. go suck some cia cock

b206fd No.9922069

All these shills

I'm just trying to pass along info.

Ignore the shills trying to derail this thread

27f7ec No.9922244

>trusting any site on the internet

>admitting to crimes on the internet

>thinking proxies, VPNs, encryption or tor will save you



File: 100e40a0c8ffd0b⋯.jpg (2.02 MB, 2121x1414, 3:2, tmp_21895-serveimage(139)2….jpg)

469299 No.9905443[Reply]


Alright, why don't we start the push-back against the Aztlan invaders by establishing English as the official language.

It's a pretty normie-friendly position, but one sure to cause hysteria in certain (((groups of people))). And one that could be passed by an EO.

21 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

ff7eab No.9921735


I need to kill myself.

757937 No.9921763


Separating ideas into pseudo-paragraphs is perfectly fine in the context of imageboard style conversation.

Muh reddit is not an argument.

5992f6 No.9921807

It would have been great if this was in place a hundred years ago, but I don't think we could implement it in a beneficial way right now. We can't deport the non-English speakers yet, so the likely outcome of this is the government sponsoring English lessons for millions of spics on our dime.

I think it would be better to just leave it so when shit hits the fan they're separated from us by both racial and language barriers.

4f01d1 No.9921854

Why don't we make "American" the official language? It is distinct from UK English.

Sage because this thread is retarded.

e32c97 No.9922267

>Make english official US language.

I have been saying this for years.

File: 3e76b99a841df46⋯.png (129.91 KB, 1281x562, 1281:562, 1491601026271.png)

31331e No.9915575[Reply]

It seems our enemies at /r/March Against Trump, the subreddit that was raiding us and halfchan, are seemingly now embroiled in a huge civil war. Major anti-Trump subreddits such as /r/esist and /r/AntiTrumpAlliance are accusing MAT of using bots that are able to manipulate Reddit's algorithms, enabling them to upvote any anti-Trump story they can find.

Meaning quite simply, both subreddits are pissed that MAT is getting more attention then they are and now they're trying to out jew each other. This could be the moment we've been waiting for. The anti-Trump subreddits are at war with each other, all we need to do is ensure we can manipulate other cucked subreddits to go after MAT, thus eventually causing a huge civil war to break out on Reddit, crippling the anti-Trump faggots


100 posts and 32 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

428080 No.9921597


>but assad IS a big evil neo hitler dumbfucks!

>if you really believe that tur- i mean syrian freedom fighters are bad you're a faggot shill

>but we have genius reverse psychology on our side, so you aren't actually thinking for yourselves!


f322d2 No.9921621

>all these deleted posts

what the hell did I miss?

cc2da6 No.9921639

Why is this even a thread? Why must you reddit fags continually shit up this board.

d7d453 No.9921668


I could understand if they were targeting us, but a thread just about fucking reddit groups fighting is fucking shit

It makes me feel like I'm on /leftypol/ where theres always a fucking /pol/ thread up, always trying to undermine us

e4cf29 No.9940957


>Friendly reminder that shills will be the first to hang

I like how you use this statement so seriously but it literally means nothing…

File: 1f2532a8230935c⋯.jpg (93.2 KB, 1026x1234, 513:617, 1f2532a8230935c30b664e7c0e….jpg)

53144f No.9917814[Reply]


Starts at 1:30PM EST, so get comfy and get yourself situated for your daily dose of spice.

Official jewtube:


217 posts and 60 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

884f95 No.9919735



What sorcery is this?!

1d1190 No.9919788



I want to bully Satania until my sides get worn out from laughing so much, and then pat her head with pity.

2200b7 No.9919868


France is now Francanstan

d7abf0 No.9920274

File: e7b40b863351b95⋯.jpg (32.31 KB, 480x480, 1:1, hope stone.jpg)


Wasn't there that old Byzantine prophecy about the last emperor going to Calvary to surrender his crown to God and usher in the thousand years of righteousness? Improbable, but a man can dream.

ab508e No.9921560


I still think he should visit the wall with a hard hat.

File: 8a93349f5b13269⋯.jpg (77.54 KB, 680x411, 680:411, C7fqIvxWsAU5Csy.jpg)

File: 5b6ebb8cc2f40c9⋯.jpg (173.21 KB, 1020x1199, 1020:1199, C7if4IjVQAAXN3Y.jpg)

File: f4c09485fc40654⋯.jpg (154.72 KB, 983x1199, 983:1199, C7jNN5WVQAA5f9-.jpg)

File: c413aba5d9104e5⋯.jpg (76.84 KB, 540x678, 90:113, C7jNN5RU8AAHObO.jpg)

File: 7d9f01967247a22⋯.jpg (177.99 KB, 847x853, 847:853, C7jKbqFV4AAzOiH.jpg)

265241 No.9557053[Reply]

Terror attack in London catches British with their pants down

Blasting News-4 hours ago

Just after the ISIS #terror attack in Paris, #London has been targeted.Somehow to outsiders, it appeared the British did not appreciate the power of #Militant Islam. Many in England were opposed to Donald' s Muslim ban. Now London has been hit. One can hardly sympathize with the British when the police referred to the attack as a " fire arm " incident. About 4 hours later they confirmed it as a terror attack when to outsiders it was apparent that from the word go, it was a terror attack. The failure to call it a terror attack from the beginning is, to say the least, confusing. Again not to label it as associated with Islamic terror is more bizarre. The attack is reported by CNN international.

London targeted

The news coming from London is confusing. One policeman has been stabbed and an assailant shot dead by armed police. Eye witness accounts that are appearing on social media show at least 12 injured. The attack in parliament or conducting a terror activity near the British parliament is a big thing. At that time nearly 200 MPs were inside the house.

The attack appears to be well planned and coordinated. There are reports that a car plowed through a crowd as well. One fatality is confirmed and more could succumb.

The attack on the seat of government is not a small thing. The police have now locked down the area. But the fact remains that the English police and political establishment failed to gauge the true nature of militant Islam. The British and Americans are still talking about Russia as an adversary. There is a talk of strengthening NATO against Russia. Provocative exercises are conducted on Russia's borders.To an outsider it looks weird as the danger of militant Islam is given secondary importance.

Islamic terror

There are reports that 3 incidents took place which appears to be a coordinated act. The breaching of security net arPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

525 posts and 208 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

265241 No.9582248

File: 683fb6675b47095⋯.jpg (166.67 KB, 900x895, 180:179, 683fb6675b47095ed66bcd12f4….jpg)

>>9569288 (checked)


265241 No.9585392

265241 No.9585915

File: fc7c4180c44ee03⋯.jpg (117.95 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, C73rO1YWsAA6GYs.jpg)

File: 9fce7c45d2b730e⋯.jpg (16.21 KB, 272x374, 8:11, C73B9UKVAAAR1SM.jpg)

File: a64b7a3c3edf359⋯.jpg (178.71 KB, 1009x787, 1009:787, C71xpWHWkAEpJEg.jpg)



The current situation in Europe…





List of Attacks Done In The Name of ISLAM In The Past WEEK

Go On, Tell Me Again How Islam Is The 'Religion' of 'Peace' 👌



265241 No.9585920




That was quite a rant there bud. You want a hug?

265241 No.9623128

File: ca9287d6c682baa⋯.jpg (34.8 KB, 370x257, 370:257, CquQYSZWEAAGQcI.jpg)


@JohnFromCranber 7h7 hours ago

>Why Allow Mass Immigration of People Who, By + Large, Hate You/Your Laws. It's Like The West Has a Death Wish. #tcot



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