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Modern Day, Modern Time.

File: 939be9c17e6f520⋯.png (168.99 KB, 696x639, 232:213, muh racism.png)

e142b5 No.10434349[Reply]

Nice to know that CP is okay but racism is where they draw the line. The sheer fucking hubris.

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ebe32f No.10440315

File: 3e874a31f100b6f⋯.jpg (316.99 KB, 1010x1124, 505:562, burgerstan.jpg)

File: 7b3e392e791bf26⋯.jpg (34.5 KB, 416x416, 1:1, leftists.jpg)

File: c56447a99c9815b⋯.jpg (161.9 KB, 1024x635, 1024:635, meme magic is real.jpg)

File: 9dbde5cda456e90⋯.jpg (51.82 KB, 552x692, 138:173, top kek.jpg)


>I want to let everyone know the FBI Joint Terrorist Task Force is going after the Alt Right right now.

I think they will call it off, but we can't hope to be so lucky.

They were not meant to be caught in the act, and they must realize that it's going to be Maidan all over if they keep it up.

Not the color revolution Maidan, but how they lost the propaganda war from their side being so god damn disgusting.

28787d No.10440319


I've come to accept that chaos is always good. We are best when we are a formless collective hivemind. They can't take us down. We're reaching critical mass and it's like a quicksand trap, in that the more they struggle, the more they will eventually sink.

e616d4 No.10440338


So amazingly diverse…. There's like 2 asians.

eeefc0 No.10440776


If you read the article carefully it states that they are against it ethically but have allowed it (don't think there's anything they could really do anyway).

000000 No.10441223


>claims to be about Free Speech and anonimity

>Kvetches when people come to discuss white nationalism



>it's open source you can't "own" it.


>WTF is Tor going to do?

Problem is they build the TOR Browser, that gives them a handle for subversion of people committing “crime think”.

They already did fuck with it once, to uncover some pedos. White people advocating their interest is something worse then fucking children in (((their))) eyes.

So while in principle TOR is sound, they still have the possibility to hand you a trojaned version of their software. I would be careful to accept updates in the next time.

The way they disposed one of the founder should be a warning.

There is no need to use the TOR browser, you can build your own TOR device or setup a Unix system.

That said any simple VPN provider has it much more easy to fuck you up, without you even noticing it.



>I never understood the obsession people had with TOR and for security and privacy.

Then you are pretty stupid. don‘t mind there are manPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: d10c7930b225bf2⋯.png (38.71 KB, 631x408, 631:408, dawkins holocaust.png)

355057 No.10430655[Reply]

Dawkins says kikes deserved the shoah

>Both sides to blame: Jews for being Jews and Nazis for killing them.

What more can be said?


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a3f483 No.10440185


Damn, that's fucking brutal.

a3f483 No.10440189


fucking kek

56cecf No.10440365


Go home cucked man >>>/4cuck/

447c22 No.10440547

File: 7425271e15910fe⋯.gif (2.21 MB, 333x170, 333:170, 7425271e15910fed2049d7c985….gif)


>but really I think he is just hiding his power level.

Why do you even say that? He's a typical blue-pilled cuck about race and nationalism. He thinks all forms of collectivism outside of religious ethos is bad, he's constantly CONSTANTLY talking about how ebul the nahdzees were and that we're all as goyim capable of that eeebul. The only reason kids like him is because they're too lazy to pick up any of the books he talks about yet will play video games and listen to hours of his lectures no problem.

Every single lecture he talks about it as if to repeat the lie over and over and over. I'd be willing to bet he's paid by jews to try his hardest to reinforce the holohoax due to its recent unraveling.

May as well say Ben Shapiro is "good" because he likes guns and hates the left.

c7b472 No.10441210


>Perfect trips, the number of God.

File: 53bf619e5237a32⋯.jpg (72.13 KB, 657x304, 657:304, 1502929447705.jpg)

53f0d5 No.10428397[Reply]


In the course of their discussion, Bannon also slammed the right-wing extremists who protested in Charlottesville: “Ethno-nationalism—it’s losers. It’s a fringe element. I think the media plays it up too much, and we gotta help crush it, you know, uh, help crush it more. … These guys are a collection of clowns.”

He added that he welcomed the Democrats’ obsession with the Charlottesville incident, and identity politics in general.

“The Democrats … the longer they talk about identity politics, I got ’em. I want them to talk about racism every day. If the left is focused on race and identity, and we go with economic nationalism, we can crush the Democrats.”

Get ready for a massive shitstorm

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23be8d No.10439815

Bannonpedes get in here!

fee700 No.10439899

File: 02fc9961e3c7057⋯.jpg (201.97 KB, 965x1443, 965:1443, Natural Law.jpg)


Ethno-nationalism is… natural. What is natural is only ever what works, most efficiently, most solidly. That's the promise of natural evolutionary processes.

If you want broaden the range of inclusiveness of an ethnic group, then there's things you can do, such as intermarry, but ultimately MOTHERNATURE always wins, always.

It's not a bad thing, not evil, that all humans are not alike. It's just what is. That's it, and nothing more.

9bed84 No.10440041

File: d2f76ccfd60198e⋯.jpg (9.11 KB, 189x292, 189:292, sides-crippled-lol.jpg)

9c3882 No.10440083

who cares?

b3c40f No.10441208

There is no other nationalism than the ethnic one, it's about blood and heritage and has always been.

Anything else is a globalistic subvertion of the ideology. Nationalism is the standard, the most natural ideology the leaders should follow before anything else, because the only reason they are the leaders is because of the duty they have been given upon by the people.

Todays leaders don't follow this, they don't have their people's interests as a first priority. Hence why we should be fucking pissed off and hang these traitors.

File: 72af2176bdaf80c⋯.jpg (10.19 KB, 636x382, 318:191, 636x382_JPG-SINGLE_3237667….jpg)

d81f1d No.10435757[Reply]

Is this soap dispenser RACIST?Controversy as Facebook employee shares video of machine that only responds to white skin

A video that shows an automatic bathroom soap dispenser failing to detect the hand of a dark-skinned man has gone viral and raised questions about racism in technology, as well as the lack of diversity in the industry that creates it.

The now-viral video was uploaded to Twitter on Wednesday by Chukwuemeka Afigbo, Facebook's head of platform partnerships in the Middle east and Africa.

He tweeted: 'If you have ever had a problem grasping the importance of diversity in tech and its impact on society, watch this video.'

The video begins with a white man waving his hand under the dispenser and instantly getting soap on his first try.

Then, a darker skinned man waves his hand under the dispenser in various directions for over ten seconds, with soap never being released.

It's unclear if this is Afigbo himself.

To demonstrate that skin color is the reason, he then waves a white paper towel under the dispenser and is instantly granted soap.

The tweet has been shared more than 93,000 time, and the video has more than 1.86 million views.

The tweet also spurred over 1,800 comments, many of which are citing this as just another example of lack of diversity in tech.


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fe93e1 No.10440885


Tommy "I like gettin' my ass eaten" Sotomayor

Tommy "Wypipo only mad about OJ gettin' parole cuz he killed some white bitch and a jew" Sotomayor

He's a piece of shit, stop linking his trash

231176 No.10440905

>multicult societies can't even have automatic soap dispensers

I was wondering why it was constatly broken at the gym I go to.

237be8 No.10440926


Kek. Pastor Manning also a pretty funny Uncle Ruckus.


ce2cbe No.10441137

File: a6c13a26363397a⋯.jpg (45.92 KB, 600x450, 4:3, 1446579311797-0.jpg)

Now they have an excuse for smelling like niggers.

9476aa No.10441177

Is the fact it took them this long to discover this indicative of the fact that niggers are filthy animals which don't wash their hands, let alone with soap?

File: bcac00fedfa44f0⋯.jpg (15.97 KB, 308x312, 77:78, FB_IMG_1502778426362.jpg)

61b4da No.10428917[Reply]

Looking for the guy who punched me in the jaw. Will post time stamp if needed. This guy sucker punched me and chipped my teeth.


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027bb2 No.10439928


Why did you assume they would fight fair? The courts won't be fair either. Don't accept being a scapegoat. Peels

People used to change minds with marches but people also used to change religions from preachers standing on a soap box or knocking on a door, these days people are sick of that shit.

027bb2 No.10439956


We don't need to gather, we already have the support of every working class man who's halfway decent a his job in the country. Make some friends, study and share, expand the secret brotherhood. Do you want attention or do you want to clean up the country?

027bb2 No.10439980


That proves kekistan shit was a set up.

027bb2 No.10439985


It's not good to disparage fascism.

e41ed5 No.10441171

National Socialism is all about helping out your own. Your country men. Your blood. Here is an opportunity and a lot of you are shunning him. Doesn't matter if he is TRS or alt-kike or whatever; he's a white guy in America who needs help. Over in Britain the BNP go out and help ALL Britons, regardless of whether they voted for Labour, Tories or anyone. They might be hated by many who have only seen them through the media's twisted lens, but those starving and homeless who have been fed, clothed and aided by them will forever remember them.

Hitler's charity to his people changed how they saw him and his party. The media may have called them every name under the sun, accused them of evil and violence and whatever else; but to those who had received their help they would always be heroes. Always be friends. Always be brothers.

What are you idiots doing? You call yourselves National Socialists yet you reject a blood-brother in need. What are you doing?! He's even affiliated with 'our side', however loosely, by dint of going out there and standing up for Nationalism (and even doing a Roman Salute!!!). Help the poor bastard.

File: 2a8fc88e44852a0⋯.jpg (66.64 KB, 550x444, 275:222, 2a8fc88e44852a0bc8ffbeb57d….jpg)

3c0669 No.10437295[Reply]

US National debt approaching 20Trillon

-Debt per citizen ~61k

-Debt per TAXPAYER ~166k

Total Personal Debt ~18.5Trillion

-Morgage debt ~14.5Trillon

-Student loan debt ~1.5Trillon

-Credit card debt ~1Trillon

Personal debt per citizen 56.6k

Currency and derivatives 2017 ~537.9Trillon


mostly futures and options to buy stocks is my guess, if anyone can elaborate please do

Us pop. 325.6mil

US workforce 153.6mil

US income taxpayers 120.4mil

US self employed 8.466mil

not sure where the other ~25mil workers are, but it is interesting

Govt. Employees 23.5mil

they pay income tax

US not in labor force 94.67mil

US retirees 51.13mil

US disabled 10.51mil

US "Actual" unemployed 13.72mil

US Prison inmates 6.812mil

~12 mill kids sounds right?

Now the fun comes in when you look into derived metrics such as

Liability per taxpayer 889k

US unfunded liabilities (GAAP) ~107Trillon

Divided by

"US population 325.6mill"Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

45 posts and 9 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

0dfc0c No.10439069


Sorry but people on welfare need their escalades and kias.

feae2a No.10439348

When will USA collapse?

3c0669 No.10441059


never, this will continue until we all live in "Shared spaces", commie blocks and pods

37f90d No.10441120

I will keep saying this because it is true. If you kill your creditors then you have no debt.

ceb7f2 No.10441139

We should have a global debt Jubilee.

File: 16f63f0882e7e36⋯.png (71.98 KB, 640x480, 4:3, Peace-Monument-defaced-Atl….png)

17bc95 No.10430146[Reply]

Protesters in Atlanta Tear Down ‘Peace Monument’ After Mistaking It for Confederate SymboI

Protesters vandalized and attempted to take down the Peace Monument in Piedmont Park in Atlanta on Sunday, mistaking it for a pro-Confederate statue.

>The protesters were marching in response to the violent protests in Charlottesville, Virginia, on Saturday where one woman died after being deliberately hit by a car, and two law enforcement personnel were killed when the helicopter they were in crashed. “The Atlanta march traveled from Woodruff Park to Piedmont Park Sunday, where some damaged the Peace Monument, erected in 1911,” a blog on the Atlanta Journal-Constitution website said. “The sculpture features an angel standing above a Confederate soldier, guiding him to lay down his weapon.”

>But the memorial attacked by protesters — some dressed in black and wearing masks — was erected to encourage healing and reconciliation: “When the Civil War broke out, members of an Atlanta militia called the tavistock City Guard were among the first to take up arms against the North,” the AJC blog said. “Afterward, some survivors became part of what would eventually become the Georgia National Guard.” “Others, who felt they were too old to fight any longer, took up the cause for reconciliation,” according to AJC.

>“These guys realized a national healing needed to take place,” Thornton Kennedy, a history buff in Atlanta, said about the inspiration or the Peace Monument. “They organized a peace tour of the North, which is really remarkable,” Kennedy said. “These were guys who fought in the Civil War, against Union troops.” “They would go meet with Union soldiers and began to repair those fissures the war created,” Kennedy said. “It speaks to what we call the Atlanta spirit.”

>“No one, of course, suggests that 1911 Atlanta was the progressive bastion of equality, diversity and inclusion that modern-day Atlanta enjoys,” the blog said. “Jim Crow was the law of the land back then. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 was decades away. Women were still nine years from having the right to votePost too long. Click here to view the full text.

141 posts and 32 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

fce272 No.10440245


fucking kek

ccd77d No.10440997

File: 693b23d582c2980⋯.jpg (142.49 KB, 640x960, 2:3, Black Hitler.jpg)

1632c8 No.10441039


Niggers don't want to be victims, they want to be kangs.

Jews are the only people on earth who want to be victims.

291b28 No.10441089

>Jew Kesler organizes unite the right rally

<oy vey the evil nazis are taking over america, we have to stop them

>Jew Soros or Jew whoever funds a bunch of commies and uppity niggers to start destroying monuments "in response" to "white supremacy"

<oy vey the commies are destroying your homeland goy, you'd better stop them

>whites are fighting niggers and commies

>growing antisemitic narrative on twitter and other social media is turned against Jewish golems.

The whole thing is a Jewish psyop designed to turn white aggression against Jewish pets instead of Jews. I'm the smart one for seeing this and basically you're just all retarded

2a1bb6 No.10441133


It's just so retarded. Why fly a German flag at a protest for Southern Identity

That would be like flying an Imperial Japanese flag at a free Tibet rally.

File: 7c988bcb4c5e410⋯.jpg (74.45 KB, 960x661, 960:661, nintchdbpict000346445611.jpg)

69b0db No.10440785[Reply]

HAPPENING - COSTA BLOODBATH Barcelona attack – five terrorists wearing fake suicide belts shot dead in Cambrils after injuring seven in SECOND car ramming attack just hours after 13 are massacred in Las Ramblas

The bloodshed erupted in the early hours of this morning in the resort town of Cambrils, located 70 miles south of the earlier attack

By Holly Christodoulou, Corey Charlton, Sam Webb and Chloe Kerr

18th August 2017, 10:04 am Updated: 18th August 2017, 3:43 pm

Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)

FIVE jihadists wearing suicide belts were shot dead and one person killed in a second car ramming terror attack in Spain – just hours after 13 people were killed in Barcelona.

The terrorists ploughed into a crowd of innocents in an Audi before being blasted by cops when they flipped their car in the resort town of Cambrils early this morning.

Their suicide belts were later detonated by the bomb squad but have since been found to be fakes in chilling echoes of the London Bridge terror attackers who also wore dummy vests.

Two of the seven injured are said to be in a "serious" condition, according to local authorities. One of the wounded is a police officer, but he is not believed to be seriously hurt.

One person has been confirmed dead in the attack.

Meanwhile, a manhunt is underway for the driver of the van that mowed through crowds of tourists on Barcelona's most famous avenue yesterday afternoon - killing at least 13 people in an attack claimed by ISIS.

Moussa Oukabir, 17, whose brother was arrested as the van's rented owner, has been arrested.

A seven-year-old Australian boy is feared to be among the victims of the horror in Las Ramblas, while an Irish family were wounded in the attack.

Both atrocities are being linked by police and four people have been arrested across Spain as sources claim 12 people were involved in a terror cell plotting butane gas canister attacks.

https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/4268Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

034294 No.10440829


European here, I don't feel anything anymore. Even the death of these five terrorists, it doesn't matter. As long as the media is still in (((their))) control and the lemmings follow their lead, the (((Left))) having full reign to terrorize, dictate reality and have full control over the streets, not even a million dead sandniggers means anything. Not even ten million makes much of a dent. Even nuking Mecca is merely an event to laugh about but without retaking control over this entire infernal system it won't lead to victory.

8d97a5 No.10440846


>without retaking control over this entire infernal system it won't lead to victory.


3e4ca0 No.10440888



We're all doomed,there's no hope anymore.

All that remains now is only laugh while watchin this whole fuckin world burns

d6afec No.10440902


Trips wasted on some manlet what took the blackpill. Sad!

034294 No.10441128


This used to be /pol/'s general opinion pre-Trump, it's possible some are just falling back on our older notions.

File: 95da094b4204f15⋯.jpg (191.91 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, 39f8985c17886c5399c6d0ea6e….jpg)

0605a4 No.10440782[Reply]

No matter how you assess the Pizzatavistock, on thing is for sure: it is all empty talk, no action and utility for the movement.

In the meantime, there are droves of unapologetic pedos right here, on 8ch and 4chan. Instead of wasting our time in pizza bread, should we do more and in fact strike at the low hanging fruit?

Look at the Russian example. While Natsoc there is extremely fringe, Russian National Socialists gained wide notoriety (and approval) by baiting and punishing pedofaggots.

1. Use a comrade minor for baiting.

2. Organize a meetup

3. Perform a citizen arrest (and a bit of lynching if nigger, although, it's not like a race matters much at this point)

4. Upload a whole thing on social media.

I'll sure to make something happen IRL, but maybe someone has a better position for this sort of thing.

I hope I won't have to explain why (((they))) push pedotolerance, and why it is absolutely unacceptable in a non-degenerate society, but if someone is unsure I will.

490e30 No.10440951

As a Russian guy who watched all of Teask's anti-pedofaggot videos, I highly approve. Do it!

c2d820 No.10441123


A very good plan. Also take into account everything that Golden Dawn does.

File: 08aefc4d1154192⋯.png (41.19 KB, 822x462, 137:77, DHXoy65W0AEed8J.png)

0ccd48 No.10430779[Reply]

Donald Trump wipes $5.7bn off the value of Amazon with single tweet

The President tweeted: 'Amazon is doing great damage to tax paying retailers. Towns, cities and states throughout the US are being hurt - many jobs being lost!'

>Donald Trump briefly wiped around $5.7bn off the stock market valuation of Amazon on Wednesday, with a tweet attacking the online retail giant for “doing great damage to tax paying retailers”. Amazon’s shares lost 1.2 per cent of their value in two hours of pre-market trading after Mr Trump's comments. They regained the lost value after markets opened in New York, trading down up 0.33 per cent by lunchtime.

>The President tweeted: “Amazon is doing great damage to tax paying retailers. Towns, cities and states throughout the US are being hurt - many jobs being lost!” Mr Trump has previously criticised Amazon and the Washington Post, owned by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, for its coverage. In June, Mr Trump tweeted: “AmazonWashingtonPost, sometimes referred to as the guardian of Amazon not paying internet taxes".

>In December 2015, Mr Trump accused Mr Bezos of using the Washington Post as a tax shelter to reduce Amazon's tax bill. Mr Trump claimed that Amazon’s stock would “crumble like a paper bag” if it could not use this arrangement. Mr Bezos owns the Washington Post via a holding company which is not linked to Amazon. The President has repeatedly used his Twitter account to attack individual companies, often causing their valuations to crash temporarily.

>Toyota shares plummeted within minutes of a negative tweet in January in which Mr Trump vowed to stop the firm from moving to Baja California in Mexico, causing the company's value to drop by around $1.2bn. In December, the President took swipes at defence giants Boeing and Lockheed Martin, claiming that both were charging the government too much for their services. Boeing's value fell by more than $1bn, while Lockheed's was down $3.5bn.

>Amazon has faced criticism in many countries for the amount of tax it pPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

78 posts and 15 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

8ec56f No.10440999


AAHHHH, you took there bait

fb3f88 No.10441000


that's not irony, that's a coincidence

0962e1 No.10441026


>I was just pretending to have bad grammar

Sick bate!

8ec56f No.10441037

8ec56f No.10441062

side note, great time to buy

File: 76cb84bf9b95c14⋯.jpg (101.05 KB, 800x570, 80:57, 2017-TruNews-Hurricane-San….jpg)

1efa06 No.10421523[Reply]

Double Threat: Major Hurricane Possible During Eclipse

A storm of similar atmospheric intensity is just forming off the coast of Africa, and could reach the Americas just as the total solar eclipse occurs next week.


In what could be a first in today’s modern technological age, the U.S. could face twin meteorological events next week when a potential “super storm” hurricane approaches during the total solar eclipse. While the eclipse is making headlines all across the U.S., it will extend well beyond our nation’s borders. The track of the “totality path” of the eclipse closely approaches an area of powerfully low pressure west of Africa that has been dubbed “Invest 91L” by the National Hurricane Center. With the powerful heatwave currently occurring over much of Europe and down into northern Africa—dubbed “Lucifer”—a tremendous amount of atmospheric energy is being trapped in the sub-Saharan plains along the West African Coast. That energy is driving the development of powerful storms. One observer noted, however, that Invest 91L featured some of the lowest atmospheric pressures he’s ever seen. And, if that system were to become cyclonic—if it were to develop into a tropical storm—it could become a “super storm” hurricane that could rival Sandy in 2012 in terms of intensity. Currently, the forecast track for Invest 91L has it passing through the Caribbean by the weekend, but such storms historically have taken a “right turn,” which could shove it directly along the American East Coast, into Florida, or into the Gulf Coast, depending upon its timing. A turn toward the end of this coming weekend, however, could put the storm directly into the path of the solar eclipse’s totality. Such a convergence is unprecedented in modern history.

144 posts and 85 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

000000 No.10438411


GERT completely cucked out. It could have nailed NYC. But now its going to leafland to die. A total failure.

d41ecc No.10438536



Go read as we may think you dingus

aaa25e No.10439150

File: 4987f02f3a71343⋯.png (117.82 KB, 878x584, 439:292, Screen Shot 2017-04-08 at ….png)


>I wonder if you can.



Sage because I just want to go on record saying I have very inauspicious feelings about this weekend.

I've read too much Gustave Le Bon and other "academic" works on crowds and the mob mentality, and I think too many people will be concentrated in too many areas, and one conflagration may spread to the next. In other words the fire rises.

094f34 No.10439193

File: fc481198e69ee5a⋯.png (85.92 KB, 897x736, 39:32, 053904_5day_cone_no_line_a….png)

File: 17d537e6a0c554e⋯.png (178.61 KB, 900x665, 180:133, two_atl_5d0.png)

2AM EDT update

Tropical Depression Harvey is still on track, we are now seeing a higher probability that it will cross over Cancus and land in the Gulf of Mexico headed toward the U.S. from the South

Disturbance #1 still sits at 70% formation in 5 days, however it appears its path has slightly shifted to the south with the possibility of a direct hit onto Florida

965ee5 No.10440988

What are things shaping up to be today?

File: 123c8cfe037d11f⋯.webm (6.76 MB, 480x270, 16:9, wv.webm)

0d1457 No.10437122[Reply]

potential HAPPENING

"A Black Lives Matter rally is set for Sunday, Aug. 20, at the West Virginia State Capitol building.

The group C.A.R.E., or Call to Action for Racial Equality, is helping organize the event. Rally organizers want to distinguish this event from other recent protests.

"We'd like to clear up misconceptions of the rally because I think there are concerns that we are wanting to rally around the removal of the Stonewall Jackson statue, but that's definitely not what we were planning to do," C.A.R.E. executive director Gabrielle Chapman said Thursday.

Charleston Police Lt. Scot Blankenship told WSAZ the event will not be near the Stonewall Jackson statue. It will be on the other side of the Capitol building.

Blankenship said the event organizers have been compliant with police to plan the rally.

The event to discuss race relations has been in the works for months. It was originally going to be at West Virginia State University. After the deadly attack in Charlottesville, Virginia, several different groups reached out to C.A.R.E.

"To give accessibility to other organizations, we decided to move it to the Capitol building," Chapman said.

According to police and event organizers, peaceful discussion about race is on the agenda. Speakers and artists will have the floor throughout the event from 5 to 7:30 p.m.

The Capitol grounds prohibit weapons of any kind. That includes sticks that are attached to signs. Police also said bags and backpacks will be subject to search at the rally. "



50 posts and 16 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

c52386 No.10440802


FCC can shoah those drones immediately and fine the fuck out of you for it.

c52386 No.10440804


not FCC, FAA

6fdb0a No.10440817



is it illegal to film from the top of buildings?

61365c No.10440861

File: 886af8db30ef87b⋯.png (3.13 MB, 1594x906, 797:453, capitol.png)


probably not but it might be difficult to get roof access legally

136e62 No.10440871


I wouldnt think so provided you are not trespassing.

File: a0ca1525589984a⋯.png (299.92 KB, 1920x1153, 1920:1153, 3000.png)

ad9af5 No.10413638[Reply]

Take down 'racist' Theodore Roosevelt statue, activists tell New York museum

Protesters gather at the American Museum of Natural History to demand the removal of the statue and issue an urgent call to rename Columbus Day

>Hundreds of activists gathered at the American Museum of Natural History on Monday to take down the “racist” statue of Theodore Roosevelt and an urgent call to rename Columbus Day. More than 200 people cheered outside the museum as activists covered the statue of Roosevelt on horseback flanked by an African American and Native American on either side and demanded it be ultimately removed.

>“A stark embodiment of the white supremacy that Roosevelt himself espoused and promoted,” the group explained in a statement. “The statue is seen as an affront to all who pass it on entering the museum, but especially to African and Native Americans.” Activists from the groups NYC Stands with Standing Rock and Decolonize This Place organized the protest to draw attention to the museum’s encouragement of racist tropes, and implored New York City to rename Columbus Day to Indigenous People’s Day.

>Columbus Day controversially commemorates Christopher Columbus reportedly arriving in the Americas on 12 October 1492. Columbus is believed to have brutally enslaved the indigenous people upon his arrival and imposed harsh punishments, including torture. His arrival also ushered in European settlers to the Americas who waged wars against Native Americans and brought diseases with them that had a lasting devastating effect.

>There is growing movement to change the name of Columbus Day. In the past year cities in 10 different states have moved to change the name to Indigenous People’s Day, the largest being in Phoenix, Arizona. However, opposition remains in places like Oklahoma City, and Cincinnati. In New York, the Columbus Day Parade attracted 35,000 marchers and many more viewers. It’s considered a celebration of Italian heritage given Columbus was born near Genoa.

>“This is Indigenous PeoplPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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5c318e No.10440184

What's happening to trump is another anti-apartheid era style rebellion.

You have them tearing down statues like they did with the Rhodes statue. You have flagrant communist attacking trump.

How long will it be until they start demanding whites give up their land?

ec86b3 No.10440623


>Commies just keep making big mistakes ever since the election

They're testing and trying to control the chaos as well. There's a two year grace period (maybe shorter now) after a new president is elected where the loser gets to go insane and see how far they can push it as well as doing social recruitment or other unseemly bs. Rioters are a great smokescreen sometimes, look at the investigations going on right now.

17144a No.10440794


>I don't know if leftists are just fucking stupid or if they actually want this violent counter reaction?

"Leftists" don't, the deep state absolutely does. Communists are just moronic imbeciles (insert shadow government here) uses to create violence and chaos they use to justify the removal of civil liberties.

Do you think any communist dictatorship in history have given a shit about degenerate libtards? These people are working to put into power a system that will literally kill them when they get "too emotional to work". They hate homosexuals too because they don't breed.

779045 No.10440827


Hey hold up there, Maybe native americans were a primitive and nomadic group of warring tribes, but at least they weren't 7 foot tall musclebound ape-men from Africa.

6fc3fd No.10440843


So has this image found its way into industrial salt mining yet?

File: 97992c197b3c739⋯.mp4 (2.21 MB, 180x320, 9:16, jJr_-gbZvfkQjD1_.mp4)

File: 1d388483061247b⋯.jpg (33.38 KB, 615x485, 123:97, Confederate_Monument_Prote….jpg)

dbcf64 No.10419860[Reply]



>A college student was arrested Tuesday for toppling a nearly century-old statue of a Confederate soldier Monday in North Carolina in front of a cheering crowd.

>Takiya Thompson, 22, brought a ladder up to the statue and used a rope to pull down the Confederate Soldiers Monument that was dedicated in 1924, according to The Associated Press. A diverse crowd of dozens cheered as the statue of a soldier holding a rifle fell to the ground in front of an old courthouse building that now houses local government offices in Durham County.

>“I’m tired of white supremacy keeping its foot on my neck and the necks of people who look like me,” Thompson said at a news conference. “That statue glorifies the conditions that oppressed people live in, and it had to go.”

Even more amusing is that she's part of the Worker's World Party, and her commie comrades are begging for money to pay her bond



Now can we get the tranny arrested? All I know is that his name is Claire Meddock

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1dd72a No.10440594

1dd72a No.10440653

File: 9af0ecfbdc2e046⋯.png (108.29 KB, 500x616, 125:154, Fetish.png)

1dd72a No.10440658


>(((DNS))) in 2017

163626 No.10440703


That's what 12 inches of black dick make to your brain.

1ac1e2 No.10440754


Reminder that communists are black listing right-leaning game developers like they did with film in the 1970s. McCarthy did nothing wrong.

File: 71477e77626a57b⋯.png (322.92 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 001.png)

de1ed7 No.10350408[Reply]

Since the thread I was posting to is going to hit the bump limit, and because this deserves its own thread, I have started this thread to share the infographics that I have created/am creating to document the many incidents of Black on White crime.

I will be reposting the ones from the last thread, as well as adding the new ones I'm currently creating. I will be creating archives for every 125 infographics I create.

An archive of Infographics 1 - 125


An archive of Infographics 126 - 250


Some of the cases I do infographics aren't closed, so they will be updated as they progress. One of which, I'm including with this initial post.

And if you think that case is bad, just keep reading. This thread will likely make you rage.

364 posts and 852 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

de1ed7 No.10438315

File: b73787464305ab6⋯.png (140.54 KB, 250x279, 250:279, bradley fox.png)

File: f484bf964bef185⋯.jpg (20.21 KB, 400x218, 200:109, d.JPG)

File: 66258c9a5ab73ee⋯.jpg (19.52 KB, 400x226, 200:113, w.JPG)

File: 5e3cad423ec2877⋯.png (253.91 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, White Victims of Black Cri….png)


I saw that site a while back. They think Autumn Pasquale was fucking black dudes and shaking them down for money. Proof of it? None. This is the reason why there won't be any sympathy when things really go nuts and they start chimping out on each other and their liberal "allies". In fact, I look forward to the videos.



February 8, 2016

Victim(s): Bradley Fox 24

Attacker(s): 2 unknown black males

Description: Bradley was riding in the passenger seat of his friend’s truck when, out of nowhere, a car slammed into them. As soon as they stepped out to investitavistock, two black males began shooting at them, hitting Bradley in the neck.

Archive.is Link(s):

https://archive.is/3XyMU Story on the crime.


de1ed7 No.10440039

File: 495e59df99c8c38⋯.jpg (47.59 KB, 640x356, 160:89, 9697355_G.jpg)

File: 0b0d0e064e7b869⋯.png (364.53 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, White Victims of Black Cri….png)



January 19, 2016

Victim(s): Curtis Bennie Rudd 85

Attacker(s): Robert Jamal Wiggins, Khaleef Javante Marshall, Davonte Travon Mike

Description: The pair broke into Curtis’ home and were met with return gunfire from Curtis, who died from multiple gunshot wounds after wounding Wiggins, who later showed up at ER for treatment.

Archive.is Link(s):

https://archive.is/nDFWh Story on the crime. Curtis is laid to rest.

https://archive.is/sUan5 State to seek death penalty against all three defendants.


de1ed7 No.10440247

File: adf0c7d6eebd4bd⋯.jpg (65.48 KB, 634x513, 634:513, 30A1EC1F00000578-3418925-A….jpg)

File: 13f4a94764ad5d4⋯.jpg (25.37 KB, 306x355, 306:355, 30A1EC0200000578-3418925-i….jpg)

File: 184c8f0acf9e39e⋯.jpg (52.76 KB, 634x502, 317:251, 30A1EC1500000578-3418925-i….jpg)

File: 3e000c4e0d27c2b⋯.jpg (61.45 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, vienna.jpg)

File: ed20c29b7cd0db6⋯.png (389.83 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, White Victims of Black Cri….png)



January 24, 2016

Victim(s): Lauren Mann 25

Attacker(s): Abdou I

Description: Lauren let Abdou, a rejected asylum seeker from Gambia, live in her Vienna flat. He got jealous when he found out she had a boyfriend, so he stabbed & suffocated her, leaving her body half naked in a pool of blood.

Archive.is Link(s):

https://archive.is/HwU6c Story on the crime.

https://archive.is/roHtd Abdou is convicted and sentenced to life.

https://archive.is/7radt Lauren’s find a grave memorial.


1b2903 No.10440403

File: 5f5a2f6b48b7d8e⋯.png (554.9 KB, 600x886, 300:443, bf1.png)


Doing gods work, anon. keep it up.

I'll try to save as many as i can



I can see it and hear it, she knew something might happen.

de1ed7 No.10440704

File: 4b968ea4d2a48d4⋯.jpg (19.03 KB, 400x291, 400:291, 734289_4216769585036_16493….jpg)

File: c4dac50dbf055b0⋯.jpg (48.39 KB, 411x360, 137:120, 9440124_G.jpg)

File: cd7d9aa5b1c1256⋯.jpg (24.93 KB, 229x300, 229:300, Max-James-Burchfield-229x3….jpg)

File: 8009154621ea971⋯.png (336.59 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, White Victims of Black Cri….png)


Thank you. This work has become one of my passions.



November 5, 2015

Victim(s): Max James Burchfield 21

Attacker(s): Joseph Lewis

Description: Lewis shot Max in the hallway of an apartment complex. He was transported to the hospital, but later died of his injuries.

Archive.is Link(s):

https://archive.is/O4lR1 Lewis is arrested.

https://archive.is/v8coO Max’s find a grave memorial.


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