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Dear Fat Kimmy, there's a French Banker married to a grandma who's plotting to replace you with Yeong Ten

File: 761bb9135eaf37f⋯.jpg (850.9 KB, 1632x1224, 4:3, la-foto2.jpg)

b4fd96 No.9841379[Reply]

https://archive.fo/lRjN7 https://archive.is/cUzzR Maduro, the president of Venezuela, just announced a constituent to change the constitution amidst weeks of protests sparkled over the self coup caused by the government allied tribunal by overtaking the legislative branch's responsibilities. This constituent is called in a way so that the people in charge of selecting the new constitution are the ones part of certain sectors, like the comunas and misiones.

Try to imagine a Obama who lost congress to republicans and attempted to strip them of their power with the tribunal, has heavy protests from the population calling for a constituent and leaving in charge of it people benefited by welfare and other gives, scholarships, etc.

And not only that, but after all the market distortions that they've cause through the years, the government announced the EIGHTH system to date to obtain foreign currency, with a price set by the government, going through whatever bureaucratic mess they require you to and at the end being unlikely to be allowed to buy the dollars anyway.


And if that wasn't enough, as if fixing the price of certain first need products wasn't enough, they want a general freezing of prices, because, obviously, when you can't battle a three digit inflation you don't do something sane like stopping printing tons of cash, but instead, force every price to freeze, what could possibly go wrong?

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617671 No.9953555


Email leaking seems to be in style, what about attacking that way?

If they are running pirated copies of everything, and are thus not patching regularly they are vulnerable.

So this stuff might still work:


9436a6 No.9953684


one of the "express" magistrates(called that as they were replaced ahead of time because of the opposition's congress victory as the process of changing magistrates for the TSJ was due during current congress' mandate) died of a stroke, also sister of one of the ministers

f1c004 No.9953896


Oh ciber-attacks are a thing m8, so far, plenty of data of goverment supporters and military personel has leaked.

b20655 No.9960556


3 dead today in barinas. since a few days ago clashing started in lecheria, about 20 wounded today in there alone. I had heard reports of someone dead in lecheria but havent found any news about it, I assume they are talking about this girl https://twitter.com/305_0892/status/866824334870032384

meanwhile the government extended the "expiration" of the 100bsf, this is the SIXTH time since december they've done this(in december they gave 3 days to recall all the 100 bsf bills which were roughly half of all the bills circulating because the government said usa was paying NGOs to smuggle them out of the country and that they were making fake dollars with them, they also closed the frontiers with colombia and brazil so they wouldn't turn them back in, at the time a dollar was like 4000bsf so that means if they made 10$ bills with them, as an example, it'd be the equivalent of 400 100bsf bills so there was fuck all reason to return them if that was true, the government announced they'd roll out new bills but when they, of course, weren't here in 3 days they claimed it was an international conspiracy, extended the margin to return them to january 20th and kept increasing them since as there's not enough of the new bills to replace the 100bsf ones)

b941c2 No.9965905

I was told that it's cilia's birthday and they are going to throw the party in punta de mata, monagas. Make sure to let anyone you know near there there about it, anons

File: 066486364de7f6d⋯.jpg (110.56 KB, 640x360, 16:9, State-Police.jpg)

File: 3d59fbf63521810⋯.jpg (111.19 KB, 900x600, 3:2, P1060300-900x600.jpg)

File: 774c95fbb7a5a8d⋯.jpg (25.33 KB, 594x209, 54:19, Selection_392.jpg)

File: da4d10f394f99b6⋯.jpg (26.41 KB, 634x300, 317:150, Selection_391.jpg)

File: c2ebfcaa59894ad⋯.png (138.17 KB, 439x290, 439:290, 0 days without tricks.png)

a2cdef No.9954006[Reply]

>be a (((Cohen)))

>take over Kimber firearms

>run Kimber into the dirt

>switch to Sig Sauer firearms in 2005

>immediately switch from German-style of quality control and manufacturing to hiring all my old IDF buddies and putting them in high pay positions

>be CY+1

>hire special lobbyists to get Sig's new fun to beat out American fun manufacturers like Glock

>quality is now shit

>Army, Marine Corps, Navy, FBI all buy in to P320


>be CY+2

>NJ realizes their P229s are complete shit

>realize they've been jewed out of millions of dollars for "quality"

>goldbergs now heading to court to battle one another to the tune of $2.5 million

Srsly feel bad for Army, man. They're buying a new gun system that's been made by (((them))) under the auspices of Sig's old reputation as excellent German guns.

This is what happens when you let the Jew run your company.

sauce: https://archive.is/cb7dR

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0213c9 No.9965130

File: c7f8a085a80e1fe⋯.jpg (49.09 KB, 795x575, 159:115, tmp_14146-572ff1f5b7b0f71c….jpg)

ITT: Pic Related :^)

aef835 No.9965146



>inb4 hur hur hur mac's a kike shill

I am well aware but this video works.

Limp wristing isn't that huge of an issue, but with women it is a concern, it IS something that occurs.

850351 No.9965298



Are there any other brands? Is it specifically that model of Glock?

08ca89 No.9965585


Limp wristing a gun makes your arm absorb too much of the recoil, which the pistol needed to properly cycle.

850351 No.9965894


I gotcha

Its just my friend had a ppk 380 (s&w build)

And the damn thing jammed constantly.

The fudds at the gun shop were constantly spouting about limp wristing, but it was clearly the extractor (took it apart, one of my first lessons in gunsmithing, a 380 round was about 2mm smaller than extractor clearance)

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

0eca76 No.9722505[Reply]

Information om 1 Maj



De senaste dagarna har Miljöpartiets språkrör Gustav Fridolin skruvat upp en hård ton mot illegala invandrare. Fridolin har bland annat sagt att illegala "ska bort" från Sverige, placeras i förvar eller förses med fotboja. Men för två år sedan lät det mycket annorlunda, då rappade han för "fri asyl" och att "ingen människa är illegala".


Under natten mot lördagen rånades tre olika kvinnor vid tre olika tillfällen i Göteborg. Två av kvinnorna rånades under pistol- och knivhot i Majorna inom loppet av fem minuter, troligen av samma gärningsmän.


Upp emot 50 procent av de som söker asyl i Sverige registrerar olika personuppgifter hos myndigheter, rapporterar TV4 Nyheterna. Detta görs bland annat för att maximalt utnyttja det svenska bidragssystemet.


Sverige varnades för den misstänkte terroristen Rakhmat Akilov innan terrordådet i Stockholm förra fredagen. Det säger Uzbekistans utrikesminister APost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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2217df No.9965117


Folk, Nordmenn, Amerikanere, Svensker, Briter og alle andre, ser alltid etter et land som er mer "cucked" enn sitt eget, fordi da slepper man å faktisk ta initiativet og gjøre noe med det, fordi de kan bare si "Ja, men det er verre i Sverige/England/USA/etc". Det er lettere enn å bli med i kampen. Denne innstillingen er en kreft, og vi må bli kvitt den, spesielt når den lager en rift mellom nordiske brødre.

d5d122 No.9965738

Skar av pojkes penis av "vidskeplig sedvänja" – slipper fängelse


>En man i Hultsfred skar av snoppen på en 8 månader gammal pojke som nästan dog av misshandeln. Nu sänker hovrätten straffet – eftersom pojkens föräldrar samtyckt till att skära av penisen, skriver HN.

>En man i Hultsfred döms för misshandel sedan han skurit av snoppen på en 8 månader gammal pojke. Syftet var att följa en ”vidskeplig” tradition, enligt HN.

>Omskärelse på pojkar, där förhuden tas bort, är lagligt i Sverige om det utförs av en läkare. Men mer ingripande könsstympning, som att skära bort delar av en kvinnas underliv, är olagligt och kan leda till fängelse.

>I det här fallet ska det inte bara ha handlat om omskärelse, utan pojkens penis har skurits av. Mannen som gjorde ingreppet var inte heller någon läkare.

>Den lilla pojken fick så allvarliga skador att han fick föras till sjukhus med livshotande skador eftersom han höll på att förblöda.

>I Kalmar tingsrätt dömdes mannen som skar av penisen till sex månaders fängelse och 45 000 kr i skadestånd för grov misshandel.

>Men mannen överklagade domen och nu sänker hovrätten påföljden till villkorlig dom och 100 timmars samhällstjänst för misshandel av normalgraden. Anledningen är bland annat att föräldrarna ska ha samtyckt till att skära av barnets penis.

>Könsstympning sker ofta av religiösa skäl.

jag kan inte ens…

vad fan är det jag läser?

>pojkens penis har skurits av

>villkorlig dom och 100 timmars samhällstjänst

>föräldrarna ska ha samtyckt till att skära av barnets penis

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

4c8cac No.9965789


Det kan inte vara en jude i detta fall, annars så skulle penisen varit avbiten.

Vafan är detta för degenerat ökenfolk? Tydligen så finns det fan ingen hejd på deras efterblivenhet.

d5d122 No.9965832


Kanske var ett par miljöpartister, och "vidskepligheterna" var feminismen.

4c8cac No.9965892


Det skulle inte förvåna mig. Penis är ju förtryck :^)

Fast det måste ändå vara en person av mörkare karaktär med tanke på att de kommer undan.

File: 8e5caf5653f6a7d⋯.jpg (123.08 KB, 1100x619, 1100:619, 170316171114-mick-mulvaney….jpg)

f4bc09 No.9964789[Reply]

Briefing with Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney

Mulvaney's back boys, meaning it's gonna be a whole lot of triggering the kikes today. Starts pretty soon, so get the fuck in here.

Official jewtube:


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9ef6db No.9965248

File: 4977dff485518b0⋯.png (123.54 KB, 157x473, 157:473, ronica cleary.png)

>white people want to work but can't find jobs

>welfare disincentivizes others from working

>we will close the gap between U3 and U6 workers


Arise, ye white men, and rebuild your nation.

9ef6db No.9965276

File: bbac8a66012cc97⋯.png (695.84 KB, 1128x649, 1128:649, mulvaney briefing.png)

Bumping because that was an inspiring presentation on getting Americans back to work and off the gummymint teat.

inb4 Mulvaney only watches Clint Eastwood films


starts around -40:00

9b039a No.9965803


202002 No.9965835

Nice to wake up and see another vicious potatonigger ripping these faggots a new asshole.

202002 No.9965841


> inspiring presentation

Indeed, Mulvaney doesn't fuck around.

File: 812538d6a7a4747⋯.gif (111.2 KB, 1906x1655, 1906:1655, generalplan ost.gif)

87f759 No.9908037[Reply]

When the germans occupied the western zones of the soviet union, what was their plan towards them after WW2?

I have heard and read about the Reichkommisariats, about the alledged plans to exterminate or deport baltics, poles, russians and ukranians.

That the germans intended to colonize that zone, mainly a Kallergi plan but changing niggers and arabs with germans.

But in reality there where thousands of people that collaborated with them and many joined the SS volunteers.

So for clarification i want to ask, did the germans intend to rule this territories as colonies, germanize them with immigrants from the Reich, or they where going to be friendly states under the protection of Germany.

What is the truth about this, i think this is a issue that some nationalists of the former Soviet Union want to know or already know, if some can provide a answer i would be thankful.

209 posts and 79 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

d9979d No.9944093


>white ruthenians

Is Belarus Russia's Taiwan?

752721 No.9944151


Galicia is region between Cracow and Lvow.

It truly was a Jewish shithole, Adolf solved that

75f313 No.9944176

File: 93738bd3d6b74bc⋯.jpg (78.88 KB, 376x599, 376:599, bulgaria-postcard-entry-in….jpg)

File: 443e7dc135e8409⋯.jpg (182.16 KB, 1024x763, 1024:763, 335b1504a76540a239d1dca709….jpg)

File: b9e2e32ac1905b6⋯.jpg (52.48 KB, 591x800, 591:800, Zar-Boris-III-pxh800.jpg)

File: 078bc0078815eec⋯.jpg (78.22 KB, 512x382, 256:191, XD126515.jpg)


Bulgaria was literally the 4th country to join Axis.

08afad No.9964892


>2nd pic

>the two in front and center

are those partisans?

7cfc6e No.9965597



YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

62fc90 No.9839492[Reply]

Elite Occult Beliefs

Can we gather these in a single thread, preferably only with reasonably verifiable info?

304 posts and 83 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

69268d No.9963870

File: 0147a985077d91b⋯.jpg (3.65 MB, 4049x5558, 4049:5558, Hidsa compact.jpg)

File: 7b7ab6640297667⋯.jpg (138.14 KB, 840x580, 42:29, black cube of saturn.jpg)

File: 12e649251aa67ef⋯.png (987.65 KB, 1050x828, 175:138, sunworship.png)

File: b0a805b342aaf87⋯.png (483.71 KB, 1920x1200, 8:5, Gurren lagann.png)

the star of davids (what i believe) original meaning is the unification of male and female, and by extend generally polar opposites. its basically another version of ying and yang so it makes sense you would find those two together giving the meaning, but weird given the history of its origins. only later was it used for a symbol of saturn, and judaism. rothschild used it back on his store back then and made it later a jewish symbol.

One believe was that magic springs into existence where 2 polar opposites meet. good and evil, the above and below, male and female. especially the unification of the last is one of the most holy events in many cultures where the magic of life happens and the first step for the existence of a new human has been made. Now if you mix 2 things they mix while building a vortex or a spiral, and i believe this is meant with the spiral symbology, and indirectly the the star of david and the yin yang symbol.

A lot of japanese culture seems to reference the spiral, wether its naruto with uzumaki even meaning spiral and the spirals all around the anime, ranma 1/2 has a technique based on a spiral, and not to forget tengen toppa gurren lagann which is all about the spiral beings (humans) kept underground, in the dark by the antispirals, the (((elite))) out of fear that the spiral being destroy everything out of accident. is this maybe why the elite tries to hide spirituallity from us? because they fear we would fuck it up? or just that we would fuck (((them)) up?

satan meant something like "obstacle". everyone had his own satan. someone who incites him to do bad things, a bad habbit, an addiction, anythinghe should overcome. only later satan became a figure of his own, an agent of god sent to test us and occasionally do gods work like the killings of the first born if i remember was done by satan. later on people thought "if satan does evil, and does so in the name of god, and god is evil too" and they rewrote it to satan being an enemy of god. this very world is ruled by satan, by obstacles, which it abuses to corrupt us.

6 is the number of man, and his weakness. greed, egoism, egocentrism, all the materialistic desires, and i believe of this plane existence in general. 666 is going over the top with the materialistic desires, pursuPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

69268d No.9963882


yes, earth is hollow, and the nazis are there most probably building UFOs


or if that thread is gone if you look


389569 No.9963896


>It seems so

Okay. How?

>the sun moves in a close circle, thereby leaving the outer, southern zones colder

Which wreak hell with the day/night cycle, and superheat the "centre." Then for the reverse, it couldn't match up to appropriate emissions of heat. Not to mention, why is the sun just hovering in such a model? And why in such a way?

> They are NOT the same.


>Putting Man central in one's thinking instead of God leads ipso facto into error.

It doesn't do that, though? It leads God's creation to be central.

>But the consecutive gathering of data and the subsequent model building very definitely depend on if I can trust my forebearers

Only if you're too lazy to gather the data yourself.

> so what's the use of publishing their findings in the first place?

Because if it's right, then there's no issue. Or if you can successfully build off it anyway.

>You know full well that Masonry is much more than some club.

False, but that's tangential anyway. What associations are people allowed to have, according to you? Like, if they can't associate with peers?

>Accurate replication rests on accurate publication. Publication bias is a HUGE methodological problem

No? If the publication gives flawed methods, then it'll fail. That's generally not the problem.

> one cannot be a scientist - bound to truth and transparency - and at the same time swear secret oaths in secret hierarchies.

Yea? Why not? And good to know we're off Masonry, at least.

>it all depends on you

But it can't. Idiot savants do remarkable things, but they wouldn't meet your particular requirements.

>having been a Mason, all his output is at least somewhat suspect.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

316bd5 No.9965508



>Okay. How?

I don't know. The issue remains unresolved for me at the moment.

>Which wreak hell with the day/night cycle, and superheat the "centre."

Only if the sun is to be thought huge and far away. I think she is much smaller and nearer than assumed.

>Not to mention, why is the sun just hovering in such a model? And why in such a way?

For the moment, I go with the biblical account; that it was put into the firmament.


No, it's a fundamental difference. The doctrine of empiricism is a humanistic one; however capable one is in conducting experiments, ultimately error will creep in due to faulty premises.

>It doesn't do that, though? It leads God's creation to be central.

That is precisely the error. The created stands inferior to the creator, and pursuing or even venerating the merely created leads to abominations.

>Only if you're too lazy to gather the data yourself.

That's not how the scientific enterprise works in practice, as you, of course, know. Science is build on incremental advances based on ones forebearers; thus it is crucial that those be absolutely honest and transparent. Nobody has the time, energy and funding to verify everything from the bottom-up.

>Because if it's right, then there's no issue.

But that is the point - than I cannot trust you, or those state scientists. Of course I can exactly replicate (which is suicide, publishing-wise, but let's ignore that for the moment), but then, what was the point of publishing something in the first place?

>Or if you can successfully build off it anyway.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

316bd5 No.9965513




>Why? And go on then, prove that he did something wrong just because he was in certain clubs.

Why? Ipso facto; he swore secret oaths, this is in itself reason to guard doubt.

>Only according to you. No new data has entered the picture to suggest otherwise which can't be explained logically.

As with "science", don't invoke the word "logic" as if it would give you some instant authority.

>What happens when it thins out to nothing?

I deny the existence of "space" as such; there is no "out there". Sooner or later one hits the firmament, and what I could gather from Operation Fishbowl and similar attempts by other countries, even nuclear weapons cannot destroy it.

>Because it's a key point flat earthers can't resolve.

Agree, I concede that this observation seems to weigh in favour of the globular hypothesis.

>Again, po-tay-to/po-tah-to.

No, that's a strong categorical error like the one above regarding empiricism. There existed and exist many avatars, but there is only one Son of God - Jesus Christ.

>It was a shit job. Very kind to Jews, and got a number of things wrong.

Could you expound on that? Honest question.

>What about globally? Why would cyclones die if they cross the equator? How do the doldrums exist? Why are highs/lows reversed in the hemispheres?

Those are general concerns and questions of climate science which are still

>NASA was made by Scottish stone workers?

Don't pPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1405d79b73e7b5d⋯.png (739.03 KB, 673x404, 673:404, pnh0oy9uji.png)

522cf2 No.9931648[Reply]

Student who stabbed boyfriend may avoid jail as it would ‘damage her career’

Aspiring surgeon Lavinia Woodward admits attack but judge defers sentencing because of her ‘extraordinary’ talent

>An Oxford University student who stabbed her boyfriend with a bread knife may not go to jail because it could damage her prospects of a medical career, a court has heard. Aspiring heart surgeon Lavinia Woodward, 24, punched and stabbed her boyfriend during an alcohol-and-drug-fuelled row at Christ Church College. She admitted unlawfully wounding the Cambridge University student, who she met on the dating app Tinder.

>Judge Ian Pringle QC, sitting at Oxford crown court, said he would take an “exceptional” course and defer sentence for four months, hinting that Woodward will not be jailed because of her talent. “It seems to me that if this was a one-off, a complete one-off, to prevent this extraordinary able young lady from not following her long-held desire to enter the profession she wishes to would be a sentence which would be too severe,” he said.

>“What you did will never, I know, leave you, but it was pretty awful, and normally it would attract a custodial sentence, whether it is immediate or suspended,” he said. Woodward, who lives in Milan, Italy, with her mother, stabbed her then-boyfriend in the leg after punching him in the face. She then hurled a laptop, glass and jam jar at him during the attack on 30 September last year, the court heard. She was in court to hear the judge’s comments.

>The court was told that Christ Church would allow her to return in October because she “is that bright” and has had articles published in medical journals. Mitigating, James Sturman QC said his client’s dreams of becoming a surgeon were “almost impossible” as her conviction would have to be disclosed. She had had a very troubled life and was abused by a previous boyfriend, he said.

>Woodward will be sentenced on 25 September. She was given a restraining order and told to stay drug-free and not to reoffend. Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

159 posts and 57 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

cbb6d9 No.9965140

File: df0555583876307⋯.jpg (227.39 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, doctor lady.jpg)


>implying she wasn't the one doing the rapeing.

e406b0 No.9965240

Her twitter is inactive since 2015 :'(

I want her to be my penfriend :'(

e406b0 No.9965251


Virgin faggot detected.

cbb6d9 No.9965309

File: 8951e41c712548c⋯.jpg (390.01 KB, 1180x664, 295:166, civil-war-choosing-sides-5….jpg)



>being this desperate

88a5d1 No.9965382



Her punishment should be to be my sex slave for 10 years.

File: c2c06b587380b21⋯.png (146.07 KB, 1190x1224, 35:36, Most Dangerous Cities in t….png)

eb0dad No.9951313[Reply]

The cities with the highest homicide rates are once again nearly all in Latin America


economist .com/blogs/graphicdetail/2017/03/daily-chart-23?fsrc=scn/tw/te/bl/ed/

>COCAINE is grown primarily in South America, and trafficked to the world’s biggest market, the United States, via Central America and the Caribbean. The land routes originate mainly in Colombia, and pass through the small nations of El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala before traversing Mexico. It is little wonder, then, that Latin America remains the world′s most violent region not at war.

>According to data from the Igarapé Institute, a Brazilian think-tank, 43 of the 50 most murderous cities in the world last year, and eight of the top ten countries, are in Latin America and the Caribbean. (War zones, where numbers are hard to verify, are excluded.) Conflicts between gangs, corruption and weak public institutions all contribute to the high levels of violence across the region.

>The top of the rankings has not changed. In both 2015 and 2016, El Salvador was the world′s most violent country, and its capital, San Salvador, was the most murderous city. However, the most recent numbers do represent a slight improvement: the national rate fell from 103 killings per 100,000 people in 2015 to 91 last year, and San Salvador′s from 190 to 137.

>Most analysts credit a clampdown by government security forces for this reduction, though tough-on-crime policies do little to address the underlying causes of gang violence. A similar downward trend is evident in neighbouring Honduras: San Pedro Sula, which for years wore the unwelcome crown as the world′s most murderous city, now ranks third.

>However, spikes in violence in neighbouring countries suggest that anti-gang policies are merely redistributing murders geographically rather than preventing them. Acapulco, a beach resort on Mexico′s Pacific coast, recorded 108 homicides per 100,000 people last year, placing it second behind San Salvador. That reflects the nationwide trend: Mexico′s overall ratPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

38 posts and 11 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

514139 No.9957603


consider though, the biggest and most successful civilization in those areas were Aztec in nature. These people murdered thousands on the regular all to appease the sun god, and were even cannibals.

Think too, by the time the Aztec civilization had built its first real city, Oxford had a royal charter and had been teaching classes for 300 years

f3033a No.9964331


You're thinking is entirely correct. Also the fact that if a gun battle happens in Mexico it's a cartel gang thing and if it happens in Africa they usually say it's a war even if it's just guys cutting each other up with machetes. They specifically say they exclude war zones like most of Africa.

af7509 No.9964405


Race mixing exacerbates many problems and gets rid of all kinds of genetic safeguards - you might inherit some gene that makes you retarded, and not the gene that neutralizes it.

This is why hapas are shit even if they come from on the surface rather benign pairings like white-japanese.

b15bc8 No.9965237


Came here to say that. LatAm is the sweet spot between murdering and not giving enough of a shit about murders to count them.


It's a per capita rate. Chicongo has more total murders because of a much larger population size.


It is all about Race just as >>9957170 said. Latvia has Slavs, Slavs are more violent than Anglos or Germanic. Meds are more violent than Nords. Just so happens that all Whites have lower levels of violence than all niggers or spics.


The high points of those civilizations predate the injuns that the Spaniards found there. Those muds didn't build the monoliths, the monoliths were built by the civilization before them (who probably invited them in and gave them bennies).

cd0985 No.9965346


As a coffee spic I can explain many things that have happened in regards to our situation:

>>9951977 this, basically the biggest druglords died and took with them like 50 percent of urban violence. Our druglords didn't and don't behead or chop people alive like those in Mexico, instead they use Mossad tactics (blowing up phones/donkeys/cars/etc) or simply put a bullet to the head. Well also they prefer drive-bys


You are partially right. However, Uribe was incompetent and instead of making our army into a powerhouse (because we could have one of the best armies in South America), he fucked up and created ZOG-cartel hybrid guerillas masking them as "right-wing". However, you are right if you consider he was a month or two from completely eradicating leftist guerillas.


The problem lies always in rural areas. Our city violence is comparable to that of the worse areas of NY and LA. Cali is different because of niggers, yes /pol/, you are once again right.

Most dangerous zones are those infested with niggers, and this anon >>9952058 is right. Unlike Central America, Colombia wasn't entirely populated by natives, so the Spanish brought a fuckton of niggers instead, thus you can see white-ish people here, but you also encounter really mixed people as well.


If it wasn't for our corrupted government and our violent spics, we would have some of the best cities in South America, since we have plenty of resources and nature around us. Too bad we are fucking retarded and chose to kill each other instePost too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 85690992a4ab36f⋯.png (14.39 KB, 605x194, 605:194, 64576800.PNG)

2a259c No.9952749[Reply]

The Flightin' Irish: Notre Dame Students Walk Out of Pence Speech

>Dozens of students at the University of Notre Dame walked out of their commencement ceremony Sunday when Vice President Mike Pence took the stage — in protest of the administration and policies he represents.

>Some members of the larger crowd cheered the walk-outs on, while others booed the students who marched out of gates 27 and 28 of Notre Dame Stadium during the school's 172nd commencement. The walk-out came before the students received their degrees, and they were not allowed back in, officials said.


31 posts and 8 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

5a401c No.9955506

File: dab8f2dcc4c54d3⋯.mp4 (7.9 MB, 640x360, 16:9, normie wedding aka inevita….mp4)


College kids are such fucking retards, but they (and their parents and every fucking normie who thinks they know better than you) will rail against you for not wanting to go. DJ Khalid at a graduation ceremony? That's straight out of idiocracy. It's not a one time thing either, meme graduation ceremonies are more and more popular. Pretty sure Miley Cyrus did one, Katy Perry too. Fucking cancer. I almost hate them as much as "cool" weddings.

59ba1a No.9955879

File: c48f630393fa956⋯.png (224.2 KB, 1164x384, 97:32, screenshot-en.wikipedia.or….png)


>DJ Khalid

He'll always be Arab Attack for me

e3d46d No.9961655


All the little snips I see of this movie just make me want to see it more. I'm amazed anything like this ever got greenlit anywhere in the West, nevermind Germany.

584798 No.9965270


>these are my peers

I cringed pretty hard at that.

de21c9 No.9965273


Mario the plumber italicized your mom's colon last night.

File: dc8c26b7f3803ab⋯.jpg (31.96 KB, 371x395, 371:395, 1438863327462-2.jpg)

328bb5 No.9963079[Reply]

>22 confirmed fatalities

>20 or more injured

>the virtue signaling is reaching critical mass proportions

746 posts and 238 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

55828f No.9965196

File: 231a2a554052913⋯.png (197.51 KB, 633x642, 211:214, 22222.png)


People are insane.

062b66 No.9965197


>Terror Attack

>Everything is a false flag goyim, provide images

>Receives proof

>muh drill, not real.

Just because muslims are organised by jews doesn't they are somehow escaping the gas, achmed.

d30db3 No.9965201


They will not divide us. They will split our bodies apart.

f42763 No.9965203


d30db3 No.9965214

File: 8e704f96b431853⋯.png (634.71 KB, 1730x1141, 1730:1141, munich.png)

File: 45a6f1c01d93861⋯.mp4 (5.86 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Trump 6gorillion.mp4)

File: de35a20702d5e90⋯.png (63.83 KB, 1263x619, 1263:619, Trump pol post.png)

83c32d No.9964186[Reply]

To the people at the top, the complete extent of the illusion known as "common reality" must be quite obvious. Fiat currency, corporate media manipulation, military industrial complex, not to mention pedo death cults, manufactured terrorist attacks, etc.

I know Trump is not uncomfortable lying, but what is his angle here? Why would he visit three of the greatest enemies of the American republic (Saudi Arabia, Israel and the Vatican) on his first foreign trip? Is he trying to downplay his redpilledness?

98 posts and 27 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

15bea5 No.9965845

File: d1ca7bba40f73fb⋯.png (319.31 KB, 534x560, 267:280, trump israelis experienced….png)



They're going to be so mad when he gets back to the White House and yells "GOT'CHA".

84f22e No.9965949


He's not going to you dumb dumb faggo. He's a Zionist stoog!

15bea5 No.9965983


Go read my posts.

c099c0 No.9966079

File: 16e5479263f5a89⋯.png (462.58 KB, 750x487, 750:487, 98fghfca.png)

a756de No.9966698

Oy vey, i wonder why this thread has been bumplocked

File: 8afc523d31285a2⋯.jpg (14.23 KB, 183x275, 183:275, download.jpg)

File: 526b1672882c7e8⋯.png (684.51 KB, 834x435, 278:145, lindberghswarning.png)

File: ebd71195463b9bb⋯.png (498.27 KB, 690x875, 138:175, Screenshot-96.png)

19bfb0 No.9923614[Reply]

What happened to Omniphi Media, the guy behind the youtube account Oscar Turner? His account and videos are gone and the link to his site doesn't work for me


>inb4 muh e-celeb

This is the guy who did alot of high production videos on National Socialism. His Luther Pierce and George Lincoln Rockwell vid's used to get posted here quite often a few years ago.

Does anyone know the story of when and why this happened?

36 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

24ab9e No.9958330


>he has an account on Larpermarch


>The guy is MIA.

Did Wolf Devon kill him?

c7ccf6 No.9961591

File: c14c4ec18e8ebb9⋯.jpg (111.7 KB, 1024x728, 128:91, C_pMUEUWAAAEzRb.jpg)


This is probably related to that Muslim ironlarp dude murdering his roommates. The cops are investigating everyone and everything connected to IM.

Omniphi probably got freaked and scrubbed all his political stuff, like FtN did during the TRS doxing.

Hopefully he'll come back someday, his stuff is great.

5f0a28 No.9964442


Bad conclusion.

Omniphi has been inactive for about a year now except for 1 video on Kek he made. He graduated HS about the time he went inactive, it has nothing to do with what Wolddevon did. He's probably just busy.

f5af26 No.9964530


He deleted (or was forced to delete) several of his videos, then shut down his entire channel. Too bad because his content was great.

7f55d8 No.9965103

Requesting IPFS or bittorrent link

File: 2205f06780cee5c⋯.png (151.86 KB, 574x601, 574:601, 1438585309748.png)

ea6041 No.9964808[Reply]

US Allots $200K In Europe To Promote ‘Positive Narratives’ About Refugees

A grant from the U.S. embassy in Belgium designates $200,000 for a group to promote positive narratives about refugees and immigrants in Europe.

>The grant aims to use digital platforms to help integrate immigrants and counter violent extremism. It was announced on May 12 and applications for the year-long grant can be submitted until May 29. Non-government or non-profit groups have to achieve at least one or more of the grant’s objectives. These are: “counter narrative, preventative outreach, and capacity building.” A document outlining the grant describes “counter narrative” as: “Dispel the narratives of extremist groups that incite violence and provide alternative narratives. Provide positive narratives concerning refugees and immigrant populations.”

>The other objectives consist of outreach to “at-risk youth and communities” and providing alternatives to “ordinary citizens susceptible to recruitment into violent extremism.” While the grant is being doled out by the U.S. embassy in Belgium, the project can be completed anywhere within Europe. Belgium is one of many countries that President Trump has yet to appoint a new ambassador to serve in. Over 1 million refugees poured into Europe in a migrant crisis in 2015, mostly hailing from Syria, Afghanistan and other Muslim-majority nations. At the same time thousands of European individuals have left to fight with ISIS in Iraq and Syria, and terror attacks have plagued Belgium, France, Germany and the United Kingdom. Nations are now worried about the prospect of these terrorists returning to Europe.

>The grant hopes to “reduce violent extremism and terrorism by promoting a comprehensive approach to address violent extremist challenges in Europe.” (RELATED: U.S. Interfered In Macedonia’s Political Process, Documents Show) “Our office seeks to promote positive narratives and tolerant perspectives as well as directly dispel violent extremist messaging; reduce violent extremism through education, critical thinking, and structured dialogue; and enhance and amplify community-based resiliency efforts focusedPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

16 posts and 5 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

81105b No.9966295

81105b No.9966302




>defending a CIA puppet.

gas yourselves.

b3ad11 No.9966535



>double posting

>reddit spacing

r/the_doanld yourself

b05ab1 No.9966657

File: 781cfc144b1dad1⋯.jpg (243.29 KB, 357x500, 357:500, (((Howard_W._Gutman))).jpg)


He didn't. Note the line in the article:

>Belgium is one of many countries that President Trump has yet to appoint a new ambassador to serve in.

Look up the ambassador. His wikipedia page says

>Gutman is the son of Polish immigrant and Holocaust survivor Max Gutman

He also has the position that

>an Israeli-Palestinian peace treaty will significantly diminish Muslim anti-Semitism

Guess what Trump wants? If Trump is going to push his policy in the Middle East, he needs to purge these traitors that will actively work against him.

b48b2a No.9966764


Don't forget saging a bumplocked thread.

File: 0cffc9f06ac531d⋯.jpg (36.91 KB, 258x340, 129:170, Step_by_step_greene.jpg)

4c76d6 No.9963780[Reply]

On counter movements and controlled opposition


Mistakes never to be repeated

The split between /pol/ and the alt-kike is plain and acknowledged by all. It is also apparent that they, the generic edgy conservative movement, are the accepted mainstream opposition to the leftists. However, what may not be as well known is that such a boring, spineless movement has a very clear historical analogue. Now obviously circumstances change, but people really don't, so let's further discuss:

The White Movement of 1917-1923

Not long after the communists started rearing their heads in Russia, a conservative movement rallied to put a stop to their faggotry. Here is an ideological outline straight from (((wikipedia))):

>The White movement emerged as, above all, opponents of the Red Army. The Whites had the stated aim of bringing about law and order and the salvation of Russia, fighting against traitors, barbarians, and murderers. They worked to remove Soviet organizations and functionaries in White-controlled territory.

"We're not nazis we just don't want leftists and muslims xD vote republican guys! Just vote the leftists out of power!"

>Overall, the White Army was nationalistic, rejected ethnic particularism and separatism. The White Army generally believed in a united multinational Russia, and opposed separatists who wanted to create nation-states instead of the Tsarist Russian Empire. Amongst White Army members, anti-Semitism was widespread. Western sponsors expressed dismay at this, especially as the Bolsheviks had prohibited anti-Semitism and appeared more progressive. Winston Churchill personally warned General Denikin, whose forces effected pogroms against the Jews, that, "My task in winning support in Parliament for the Russian Nationalist cause will be infinitely harder if well-authenticated complaints continue to be received from Jews in the zone of the Volunteer Armies."

Let's see, civic nationalism, rejecting anti-semitism from the top, united diversity crap, Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

12 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

2a6f9a No.9964665


>Whenever the riot

Whenever the *Right

2a6f9a No.9964693


>There's plenty of real-world actions by different right-wing factions

Like what? A torch lighting a few weeks ago? Posting flyers in the age of the internet?

>There are several world leaders who, in the general sense, share our ideology.

We're talking about Bolsheviks who don't care who the fuck is in charge. Look at France when they burned 6 cops down. We're talking about you and your mom and your sister getting beat stabbed and burned down for being white and Right. That's what happened in 1919 and that's what OP is talking about.

>Even if he betrays us at the end

durr ok

>Trump getting elected on Candidate Trump platform is a major sign that white people are waking up to all the kikery, and they've had enough

OK and all those people haven't done a damn thing unless you consider voting something.

93bacf No.9964846


4c76d6 No.9964867


Unfortunately, you're right. The way the left fights is dishonest and openly, brazenly ignorant of logic or reasoning… but it's also brutally effective.

>/pol/ book study on Rules for Radicals WHEN?

db8e7c No.9964994

good read

congrats op

File: 2a247a843efa1a4⋯.jpg (11.57 KB, 324x324, 1:1, templar_cross_postcard-r04….jpg)

a5073e No.9964748[Reply]

Just trying to be productive toward our common goal of reviving positive western identity. To uncuck our children by introducing them to western identity toys seemed to me like a good idea. If you can appreciate let me know


5 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

8f3fa6 No.9964845

File: 34e68b737752778⋯.jpg (39.51 KB, 400x419, 400:419, 1476567588044.jpg)


>get positive masculine west popular

All on board with that one, advertisement is horrible today. Thanks for clarifying.

8f3fa6 No.9964854

File: 0642578dd8263e6⋯.png (4.53 KB, 512x423, 512:423, 0642578dd8263e639f1e9abb08….png)

Did not meant to sage. Bump.

cfde60 No.9964879


well i played allot of stronghold crusader as a kid long before i had contextual understanding of the crusades and its implications of narratives.

so i could see logic to this, especially since there already exists a wealth of Templar "fan art" to work with, and little boys tend to operate on what looks cool.

its also worth considering that Templars will not connect to any children being raised by pagans, and only some atheists and agnostics. also, there's a large number of self hating Christians of divergent sects who will say shit like "not my church" and may act as a counter to your west-positive indoctrination.

cc66a2 No.9964935


Now you realize this is probably link in zelda gameboy and super nintendo videogames.

a5073e No.9964944


Haha yeah, a zelda license would make sheckels $

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