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File: ccc17fc26ba7c15⋯.jpeg (6.45 KB, 225x225, 1:1, lall.jpeg)

dad8cd  No.12945565[Reply]

Do you truly believe killing of innocent people is the right thing ?

I know Muslim terrorists are killing and raping innocent people all over the world they are killing other muslim and non muslim too.

The Brenden guy whoever yall claiming as hero has actually more in common with other Muslim terrorists than us.

If you want to kill then goto syria and kill terrorists join a military or go as lone wolf and kill those scums. If you want to kill rapists in european nations find the rapists and kill them like a serial killer. But killing innocent people is only gonna get things worse.

Youre prolly gonna get bombed or shot dead at some bar because some muslim terrorist wanted revenge for that brended did. Your mother, wife, daughter or gf can get raped in dark alleyway in the name of revenge. Rinse repeat.

This is not a solution. CMV.

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b4d4b0  No.12966635


And Christians wonder why they're not taken seriously.

e1104f  No.12966674

No one is advocating killing innocent people. You really think Brenton would kill all those people, lurk imageboards, and not say anything about jews? It was a falseflag that they are shilling trying to create a false common consensus.

c12c96  No.12966906


Quit lying. We all know he mentioned kikes. He said he doesn't mind the ones that stay in Israel and don't bother people. Translated for sub-80 iq faggots like yourself: "Kikes that leave Israel to subvert other countries are bad."

5ba590  No.12966985

Imagine being a kikestian that virtue signals so hard against doing anything beneficial for your own people because masochism and lust for torment are buried in the heart of his evil semitic abrahamism religion.

16132c  No.12988280


holy shit my mind = blown

this was a kike doing what kikes do best. go into mosques and shoot unarmed men,women and children..

File: c582a7dd0ac0c79⋯.jpg (100.12 KB, 725x831, 725:831, moon12.jpg)

003345  No.12983854[Reply]

Having such a great time this evening I've just gotta tell everyone.

In case none of you faggots can tell, a lot of these anecdotes are just Jewish shills trying to create a false consensus that people have been punished for supporting Tarrant, with the intention of pacifying you by making you mistakenly believe that you should repress your righteous indignation against them.

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000000  No.12984839

moonman is relevant now? thats fresh news

467c79  No.12984849


Yeah we know, we got that pretty early on. Go over the cuckchan if you want to see what shills look like because that entire shithole has already turned on him and have started with the whole "incel" smear

0dd922  No.12984884

File: e24b8d94ddd80d4⋯.jpg (45.17 KB, 500x425, 20:17, moonman_je_srbi.jpg)


Gods Bless Moon Man!

Kill a nigger tonight.

acab1a  No.12985308

File: b212fb576dd383d⋯.jpeg (99.85 KB, 900x900, 1:1, 84D30B2D-B16C-4228-A1C9-D….jpeg)

moonman, where the fuck have you been?

125099  No.12988264

File: ebf3f9d822b1aee⋯.png (206.38 KB, 734x673, 734:673, Pokemoon.png)


Next meme shooter will probably wear a moonman mask at the rate things are accelerating

File: 26c8129fdfd8458⋯.jpg (50.88 KB, 720x580, 36:29, rockwell vs king nig .jpg)

e5a367  No.12859589[Reply]

ITT: We discuss the commander, the things that happened in his day and compile any and all information we have on the American Nazi Party. I've been largely obsessed with them since last summer but there is (((interestingly))) not very much information about them on the internet.

Also, Obligatory Rockwell Books, in Audio Form. I could not recommend them more highly. They were written ~50 years ago, but could've been written last week:



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41a415  No.12955135

27878f  No.12984367


What was the book rockwell had?

79a3a0  No.12988054


Does anyone have his interviews to?

11cedd  No.12988214

He was a great man with heroic intentions, but what he tried to do was a dismal failure. He never recieved 2% of the vote in any election and his numbers actually went down every time he ran. Dr. WLP made the assessment that his strategy of being overtly "nazi" which had the intention of bringing on only the "most hardcore adherents" actually had the effect of bringing low IQ dregs of society and edgelords who joined the movement because they actually believe the (((Hollywood))) bullshit and joined the movement to be a contrarian.

He showed us very early on that the democratic path is a waste of time.

79a3a0  No.12988259


I would not say he failed.

(((They))) assassinated him for a reason.

Also dudley pelly needs some exposure as well.

File: 494cb98c5290360⋯.jpg (11.69 KB, 300x168, 25:14, bars behind girls.jpg)

File: 4e8bdb9bde6c8de⋯.jpg (193.62 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, waifus for Tarrant.jpg)

File: d450c5c4f28e80e⋯.jpg (29.22 KB, 480x360, 4:3, sloppy prison kiss.jpg)

4bb471  No.12974800[Reply]

Conjugal visits banned in New Zealand

Unless they allow him to fight some non-white inmates, Tarrant likely won't be able to continue his crusade of invader-slaying for years. In his manifesto he wrote:

<If you believe we need to correct the white birth rates, why didn’t you start a family and do it yourself?

>Because if we do not destroy the invaders first, our own birthrates will mean nothing. We do not have the birth rates to fight them at their game, nor should we as it is ultimately destructive to nature and culture. So I took matters into my own hands

The man has a valid point about prioritizing! However now that he has done his duty, he definitely deserves to pass on his genes, and I think there are hundreds of Aussie/NZ dripping wet for him at present who would love to somehow get pregnant by him. Tarrant has proposed increasing government burden to accelerate the collapse:

> Survival was a better alternative to death in order to further spread my ideals by media

coverage and to deplete resources from the state by my own imprisonment.

Normally I hate the idea of single mothers as they are a drain on the system, but if draining the system is what you want to do anyway, better to do it with single WHITE mothers, especially if they are carrying the DNA of a hero and will some day be told how their father was a hero imprisoned for his beliefs, and they can come visit him when they turn 18.

The problem is… this isn't like America. Tarrant picked an unlucky country for this, because they apparently do not allow conjugal visits…


Yet they DO allow wigs, apparently. But anyway, we can't let this stop us. We need to look for ways around it. For example…

https://www.corrections.govt.nz/working_with_offenders/prison_sentences/staying_connectePost too long. Click here to view the full text.

58 posts and 5 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

28db60  No.12986861


>dress like a teenager

>get teenage pussy

so THAT's how it's done, good to know

8d1ad8  No.12986868


Yes? I wasn’t pretending to be a different person that time.

4dcfe6  No.12986875


Now I am! Loll your head in shame, for I P Freely.

02e160  No.12987263


<If you believe we need to correct the white birth rates, why didn’t you start a family and do it yourself?

<Because if we do not destroy the invaders first, our own birthrates will mean nothing. We do not have the birth rates to fight them at their game, nor should we as it is ultimately destructive to nature and culture. So I took matters into my own hands

>implying that those invaders won't inevitably use the same tactics, causing an even greater hit to the population

976d61  No.12988233

File: 594e595f4e54e8d⋯.png (992.23 KB, 1104x606, 184:101, Screen Shot 2017-02-05 at ….png)


>that time

File: 226ad4f66194881⋯.jpg (37.48 KB, 960x531, 320:177, 49560061_1937647359667198_….jpg)

e8a01e  No.12911788[Reply]

The entire anti anglo meme is absolute trash and screams of organised Jewish/FBI tactics to try to divide and seperate europeans in western countries with an anglo majority such as the US or Canada. Most of the time it's parroted by white mystery meats who LARP as germans from the SS or 2nd or 3rd gen wops who feel out of place within an english speaking society in the age of liberalism. This fucking queer meme needs to be squashed. Theres a fucking reason the Jew imposed an authoritarian state on the Anglo as well as any western nation, they fear them as they did the Germans in the Weimar Era. Anyone pushing anti anglo bs needs to be beaten.

143 posts and 52 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

511b45  No.12987427


Is nice you have that natsoc spirit but discord is a honeypot.

cc818d  No.12987676


Just stating facts here. No idea why you would confuse the sins of your nation with individual or younger generations of brits. Only shills and divisive faggots are. We are just analyzing here.

All european nations have done more or less mistakes or sins. Especially some ruling elites. Nobody should have any problem at all to distance themselves from "their" subhumans, like Churchill for example. There are plenty of european heroes to adhere to.

If people like to wallow in a metaphorical bog of degeneracy and betrayal, however, then I see nothing wrong about granting them a place they are clearly drawn to.

5f703c  No.12988014

File: a2ad74851e6a980⋯.jpg (58.77 KB, 1024x544, 32:17, b5be72d5491f5067a1f7188d86….jpg)


000000  No.12988163



>Why is it you blame the entirety of England for the actions of a few kike serving politicians and psychopathic generals; and yet when its the Germans, you excuse their actions of extreme treachery

The Tsar was an ally of England and an enemy of Germany

England toppled the Tsar, not Germany, that is treachery.

1f2f5a  No.12988221


Do you think maybe some people have individual actions based on morals gained through their lives and has nothing to do with overall culture?

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

000000  No.12985192[Reply]

>New Zealand Venues Cancel Shows by Pantera’s Phil Anselmo Over Past “White Power” Remark

Just over a week after the deadly terror attacks on two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, both that city and Auckland have canceled upcoming concerts by former Pantera frontman Philip Anselmo and his band The Illegals, apparently due to his past use of the Nazi salute and the phrase “white power.”

The venues that were set to host the shows, Christchurch’s Club Tavern and Aukland’s Galatos, announced on their respective Facebook pages that they would be nix the performances, both of which had been scheduled for next week. According to the New Zealand Herald, Club Tavern wrote in a now-deleted post: “The Philip Anselmo gig has been cancelled, we do not and will not support white supremacy or racism.” Galatos offered a more vague statement around the cancelation: “Galatos will not be hosting this show in our venue on the above date. Just today, information has come to hand which has made us uncomfortable about proceeding with this show.”

Back in 2016, during Dimebash, the annual celebration of Pantera’s late guitarist Dimebag Darrell, Anselmo threw up a Nazi salute and bellowed “white power” at the crowd. Anselmo played it off as a joke, but did eventually apologize for his actions, saying “extremely apologetic to anyone that took offense to what I said.”

Ben Mulchin, the tour promoter who booked the New Zealand shows, told the New Zealand Herald that me made the decision to work with Anselmo despite the singer’s history of insensitive behavior because Mulchin found Anselmo’s apology sincere, and believed that he “is of a respectful loving nature.”

“When his band offered to tour here I did have to soul search,” Mulchin said. “Did his apologies seem earnest? Did he fully comprehend his hateful display? Did he – as a prominent figure in metal – take responsibility on how his actions can embolden and encourage others to hate? I think this last thought is pretty important in the cPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

12 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

49e616  No.12986156

>"We don't support white supremacy or racism"

Naw, but they WILL support brown supremacy and anti-white racism apprently

3f7799  No.12986195


That is top disappoint

4600d2  No.12986198


>I only listen to Norwegian black metal

You pick your nose and eat it, don't you?

af823e  No.12986559


(Notes Name)……Noice……..Heilege Anon!

000000  No.12988220

File: 25c96f0c6a5ea69⋯.png (228.1 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, FellowWhites.png)

eb488e  No.12969152[Reply]

Glowchinks BTFO

Many glowchinks and glowkikes are rooting for race war/civil war/DOTR. They will kvetch like this:

>Hurr durr if you don't support race war you hate White people

>Hurr durr moshe your a Joo

>Hurr durr we can't sit still and wait for White genocide so we must act in irrational and stupid ways

>Hurr durr fuck your optics and aspirations toward becoming a legitimized political movement you votecucks

Brendan Terrant is a glowchink who thinks that the CHICOMS are the best government system in the world. He attacked in New Zealand, which has a 1% shitskin population, which doesn't make sense until you realize that New Zealand is the weakest link in the Five Eyes alliance and, being in the Pacific, is important to Chink interests.

Race war does jack shit for White survival

We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children. This is our first and foremost goal.

Race war would be directly antithetical to that goal.

The infrastructure of the entire country would collapse. Factional infighting would start. Around 20% of the White population would be wiped out due to chaos, collapse of food and medicine delivery, and the disease spread that's inevitable in any civil war. It would take decades to get back to shitskin tier living standards.

Furthermore, there's no guarantee that in a race war, a White-friendly new government would be the result. Instead, it is very likely that China or Israel would swoop in and institute their own government amidst the chaos.

What we actually need

Remember that killing one shitskin does not magically produce one White baby. We need to increase birthrates. To do that, we must institute wide-scale societal changes that can only be achieved through political action. Firstly, there needs to be an economic readjustment that makes it feasible to have children. Secondly, there must be a move away froPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

25 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

902034  No.12969767



>Dont shoot the arsonist burning down your home and attacking your family! Someone could steal hour house while you focus on fighting the fire and arsonists!

Very reasonable fellow not-jew! Such logical arguments! So much smart! :^)

c7973d  No.12970071


OP is The Eternal Boomer. -)

eb488e  No.12988153

Oy vey so many Kaifeng Chinkjews kvetching without any real arguments! That's evidence that OP is onto something. They're trying to bury this.

012a7d  No.12988197

>OP forgets we have IDs and shills for his kike idea as if he's a third party

06acb6  No.12988260

File: 961db85f66d3753⋯.jpg (104.63 KB, 560x740, 28:37, really makes tohru think.jpg)





File: f9a00b3ee76b5cf⋯.jpg (54.6 KB, 696x481, 696:481, Maria Orsic UFO Vril.jpg)

1df64b  No.12978982[Reply]

My first time posting. Been lurking a while. The vast majority of people on this board want to proactively help the movement to save whites but you get the feeling that you only have a couple options.

A - Go on a shooting spree (this is not good optics and requires you to sacrifice your life and only makes us all look like shit)

B - Wait for things to get so bad that more whites wake up to have a revolution.

But really time is not on our side, and initiating acts of extreme violence is something most people would never do, and does more harm than good in my opinion, considering we still need to red pill enough people to have a movement succeed, otherwise we are just the violent outsiders who everyone hates.

So what we need is Low Intensity and High tempo red pilling. We need EVERYONE holding up signs at media events, that say shit like "Kalergi PLAN" "White Genocide is Real" quotes from JFK or Nixon about Jews/secret groups.

Handing out flyers. Paying money to have mailers sent out to areas of high white demographics, filled with memes that hit home to whites. We basically need to use our first amendment rights, because the weapons of the modern era are information weapons.

That's not to say we shouldn't remain armed for our protection, but the priority is to awaken whites and get a critical mass of active people. So instead of spending 2000 on a new rifle with an ACOG, print a shit load of flyers, post them everywhere one night, or have mailers sent out, etc.

Attend some rallies and hand out info.

WE MUST NAME THE JEW. Fighting Muslims is a waste of time. The Jew is vastly more dangerous than the Muslim. We have to strike at the root. We have to dispel the lies.

Everyone can do this type of activity. Its LEGAL. It doesn't require you to murder people or flush your life down the drain. It would still make the news and it would wake people up.

27 posts and 7 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

1df64b  No.12983276

File: 602f05244f7f53e⋯.jpg (133.43 KB, 1200x1166, 600:583, nikola_tesla_napoleon-saro….jpg)

Ideas for ground information campaign


We want to win the hearts and minds of whites and other rational people who can think rationally enough to understand that America must remain white majority or it will go down the drain. So if you send mailers out to a Zip Code where wealthy/upper income people live you may get 80% whites and 20% other. You are guaranteed the 80% whites to see it as your primary audience, but then even minorities who aren’t on the shit end of the IQ bell curve will read it and potentially see the utility of supporting whites. (Yes I know ultimately we want a white nation, but in the interim if we have less opposition and more support from people then this is good for getting us another step closer. Some people expect to take a journey in one giant leap and that’s not how it happens. Any step closer to the goal is progress)

So we target wealthy zip codes, and zip codes that have high white demographics. For the fuck of it to rile up the media you can even send shit to 100% nigger neighborhoods in the ghetto just to piss people the fuck off and make the news. Wont win any hearts and minds but it will draw media attention.

Police, Military, Emergency responders, working professionals, blue collar skilled labor. People that keep the ZOG system in power through force, or maintaining the physical infrastructure, etc. These people all need to be sympathetic to the goal of re-establishing a white nation.

Christians. I am not sure how you would go about identifying Christians for direct mail stuff, but maybe posting flyers near churches, or holding up signs, or handing out shit In person. A message specifically tailored to Christians may win some over, even though the majority of churches are ZIO infested shitholes that cuck themselves to Israel every fucking day – some Christians still have critical thinking abilities (I used to be a Christian before waking up so they aren’t all hopeless)

WHAT Options do we have

Direct Mail is an option but you need to be smart about how you pay for it and where you send it, and tailor your flyer to your target audience. You can tailor Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

375f97  No.12984334


How effective is the redpill?

cf5e83  No.12984840

I don't believe much in "redpilling"; deep down, every normie knows the truth and is simply a fucking hypocrite. I would rather talk of breaking the conditioning.

8b779b  No.12987543


I was taught two spaces after a period, one after a comma.

7ad759  No.12988147

File: 3da6fa61b72854f⋯.jpg (13.51 KB, 302x167, 302:167, prayer power.jpg)

Psalm 35:7 For without cause they hid their net for us;

without cause they dug a pit for our lives.[a]

8 Let destruction come upon them when they do not know it!

And let the net that he hid ensnare him;

let them fall into it—to his destruction!

File: 395febfb12c4076⋯.jpg (34.39 KB, 720x619, 720:619, FB_IMG_1552932346043.jpg)

067f56  No.12983324[Reply]

I have found myself supporting Brenton and being kind of in favour of more terrorist attacks if it helps save our race, but I kind help feel a bit dissapointed in myself for becoming somebody that can not be devastated by such an attack. I'm Australian btw and everyone I know is upset by the attack. I hate that I can't share this extreme side with my family or my friends, they would be so disappointed if they knew my true feelings. I don't regret taking the red pill as saving our race comes before everything but I'm wondering if anybody here has gone through a similar transformation.

How do you cope with think that you may of become kind of evil? Or do you feel you are still a good guy?

How do you deal with not being able to show your power level to the people you love? I feel alienated.

203 posts and 63 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

b656e0  No.12987302


You think it has something to do with western morality too? That the west has morals and emotional reservations against killing other people best western cherish life?

9ba30d  No.12987317


oh but there is

the bad

>jews,muslims and everyone else who who exists to destroy

the good

>those who want to be productive and left alone (whites)

>hur dur if you destroy the corrosive element tearing your race down you're just as bad as them

a36f57  No.12987456

Stop thinking in terms of good and evil and start thinking in terms of game theory. Be able to identify systems as either positive sum, neutral sum, or negative sum games. What do you call people who do harm to you and give you virtually nothing in return? A rational actor identifies such people as adversaries.

Example: the faulty moral system of modernity says that Mexicans crossing the border are morally good because they are "seeking a better life", so they say therefore it is bad to stop them. Thinking in terms of game theory, it is clear that these people are adversaries when you account for their taxpayer paid medical bills, increase in rent/housing demand, crime, etc. What do they do for you, and what do they detract from your quality of life?

Notice that the prevailing moral rules fail the universality test. You can clearly surmise that seeking a better life for yourself involves separating yourself from those Mexicans. They say that a nonwhite seeking a better life is morally good, while a white with self interest is morally bad.

Another example: interracial sex and dating. Although statistically black males are less desirable than whites to white females, and white males are more desirable than nonwhites according to online dating data, white males are still losing out when it comes to black-white interracial dating. Why? Because blacks provide nothing to us. We don't want their women. When black-white interracial sex happens, it's white women fucking black men, leaving excess white men to either be alone or to pursue nonblack, nonwhite women, which tend to be less preferred than white women.

The prevalent moral reasoning is to say that everybody ought to be free to fuck whoever they want. The game theory reasoning is to identify that blacks take some of our women and give us nothing in return. It gets even worse when you consider the amount of rape.

What do you call someone who takes from you and gives you nothing in return?

7a5a0b  No.12987521

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

e20199  No.12988138


>What do you call someone who takes from you and gives you nothing in return?

A nigger.

File: e1c5c23da001cff⋯.jpg (344.17 KB, 3200x1839, 3200:1839, RTX4XDE3-e1552882975106.jpg)

dd2b3d  No.12977829[Reply]

The New Zealand shooter finds support on China’s internet

One anonymous post (link in Chinese) on social network WeChat titled “The words on the New Zealand shooter’s guns reflect the deep anxiety of European white men”—a reference to the white supremacy markings on Tarrant’s rifles, and his grievances over Muslim immigration to western countries—has garnered at least 100,000 views at the time of writing, the maximum number of views on a post displayed by the platform.

The piece lays blame on Christchurch officials for allowing the construction of mosques, and claimed this resulted in more Muslims coming to the city. It even alleged that the shooting was staged by left-wing politicians.

Some of the comments under the post suggest that followers of the “green religion“—a sometimes derogatory term often used on the Chinese internet to refer to Islam because of the significance of the color to the faith—brought the attack upon themselves. “The green religion launches terrorist attacks everywhere, and now the attack finally comes to them… Green religion is backwards, stupid, barbaric, and violent,” said one such comment.

Elsewhere, on social network Weibo, many comments reflected the view that the shooting was a by-product of the West’s excessive political correctness, a perspective that has found increasing support on China’s internet in recent years as part of what’s known as the baizuo, or “white left” movement, a derogatory term used to describe Western progressives that is roughly analogous to the term “social justice warrior.”

One Weibo user wrote (link in Chinese), “This is a rare act of resistance from a white man. We need to find a way to prolong this and encourage white men to apply for all kinds of honors for the gunman, including a Nobel peace prize.” Another wrote (link in Chinese) that “this so-called ‘darkest day‘ is simply political correctness. A reminder to the greens: not everyone is willing to tolerate your outrageous actions.” The comment was a reference to remarks by New Zealand prime minister Jacinda Ardern, who said the attack would be remembered as one of the country’s darkest days.

httpPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

83 posts and 25 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

000000  No.12984583


They had a similar response to the attack as cockroaches

000000  No.12984692

We could amass huge levels of butthurt by printing this out and plastering this in front of Chinese restaurants. Well not just Chinese restaurants but Japanese/Korean/Thai/etc. There's more than just chinese agreeing with this.

A simple message like Asians for Brenton or something.

c3a388  No.12987851


not surprising they eat dogs after all.

54a31d  No.12987861

File: 7e33889faebd7bd⋯.jpg (112.29 KB, 614x644, 307:322, Jews_-_Outside_Perspective.jpg)

a8a478  No.12988121


Tell us why china is corrupt my man

File: 7da0fb1c5bd6369⋯.png (730.88 KB, 1300x845, 20:13, turkroach.png)

111c88  No.12981091[Reply]


Various police and platforms are trying to rid the

internet of the Christchurch shooting video.

How can you help?

If you have the video saved spread it on

facebook, youtube, twitter and other

popular social mediums

64 posts and 12 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

014a45  No.12984209

File: dbc7ea33e22f86d⋯.png (809.35 KB, 1698x552, 283:92, 1233.png)

>If you have the video saved spread it on facebook, youtube, twitter and other


How dumb do you fucking think people are? This shit shouldn't be on any of those because that's how you get tracked and vanned.

Unless this is a tactic to get a bunch of normies vanned, in which case, good post.

111c88  No.12984227


people are not dumb to not use a vpn you know? Its also all over the internet, just not mainstream sites. there just trying to hide it

04239e  No.12984434


And we should trust your word, why?

000000  No.12984494

The video is going to destroy the economy of Europe which has been busy building a foundation of poopskins. Poopskins have to be seen as strong, virile freedom fighters and refugees. They have to.

eaab5b  No.12987925

File: 2ef0fb8ef4e6f60⋯.jpg (29.24 KB, 427x700, 61:100, 41lC-srWtFL._AC_UY700_.jpg)


Get a load of this Nigga!

File: 84d63bbfe611043⋯.jpg (65.53 KB, 350x350, 1:1, 84d63bbfe611043dfc81d263c8….jpg)

8e9ca3  No.12944858[Reply]

Post redpills, muslim repellent, blasphemy, and other shit that pisses these closeted faggots off. Go ahead and show me how mad you are. Demonstrate your impotent rage for me you ugly inbred shitskins.

114 posts and 101 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

000000  No.12966281


Ask Brenton.

8aa14f  No.12966284


How many muslims percentage wise do you think are redpilled about jews? If our goverments finally destroy us could you finish the job?

548bb3  No.12966298


Do not mistake rulecuckery with being red pilled. Muslims hate Jews because the Quran says so. They also hate everything else the Quran tells them to hate.

338294  No.12969174


e82b2d  No.12987901

>Page 21

Lets fix that.

File: d89e2c7dc3ba8e2⋯.jpg (267.9 KB, 1075x720, 215:144, ukykf.jpg)

40d77c  No.12974295[Reply]

Something that hardly gets mentioned by "accelerationists" is that it's fathers are also the creators of Marxism and the Hegelian Dialectic.

Accelerating the Jews agenda based on a Jewish and Marxist strategy to fight the Jews seems like a great idea…. if you're Jewish.

63 posts and 18 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

e6f44e  No.12985316

Oh wow. If it isn't the student of rabbi mosche hess.

6443c6  No.12985354

File: c268a52a427678d⋯.jpg (214.05 KB, 750x926, 375:463, 2e5756abe2c4e2c9b331fc9f2b….jpg)

You anti-accelerationists are fucking retarded cowards concerned more for the loss of your safety and comfort than fighting. There will never come a time when you measly fucks deem it appropriate to act because you are timid shits lacking in will and commitment. But worst of all is when we achieve something you feel entitled to obnoxiously moan about it like the colossal faggots you are.

Like most people==you dont matter==.

The reason for this is because you are inert.

Just shut up and get the fuck out of the way so that better men than yourselves don’t have to bother steeping over you and hearing your whining.

a5c103  No.12985640

>let’s make things worse quicker in hope of making things (potentially) better!

Accelerationists are playing a dangerous game and gambling with our race

000000  No.12986060

Little problem with that OP: the Jewish agenda is actually best achieved with slowmo genocide and progressive (haha) alteration (destruction) of all our values and cornerstones.

The last thing they want is to lose control because the situation escalates faster than they can process.

000000  No.12987854

>Accelerationism's Marxist Roots

Is this the thread for ignorant retards?

Because Marx never advocated accelerationism. It is contrary to his teaching.

The anarchist, Bakunin, were accelerationists and criticized for it by socialist/communists.

What a wave of dumb that swapped in here.

File: fb9fb4b4c9d0bed⋯.png (1010.69 KB, 1244x978, 622:489, 1551000610462.png)

File: 0cfd43d05fa000d⋯.jpg (50.67 KB, 480x360, 4:3, 1551000737865.jpg)

File: bcb8e8f50596ff4⋯.jpg (59.26 KB, 640x800, 4:5, 1550993287275.jpg)

File: 58381d227106147⋯.jpg (138.18 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, 1550996913012.jpg)

64d864  No.12844962[Reply]

Between R Kelly, Kraft, Epstein, the catholic nuns being pedo abusers, the catholic pedo crisis reemerging, and now this i think we have a happening.

VIP prostitute goes to parties and fucks important people she turns on them and exposes their PEDOPHILE rings politicians, artists and the media all involved turns out they bought young children from sports clubs set to testify against them in the trial she tweets a year ago that she will not kill herself, so if she appears dead, it was (((them))) (TODAY) she appears dead, "drug overdose" her naked-dead pictures are leaked by the people she accused journalists involved literally posting how happy they are

This is some satanic masonic shit right here. What the fuck do we do?

The day she blew the lid: https://www.diariopopular.com.ar/espectaculos/la-noche-que-natacha-jaitt-disparo-contra-todos-el-programa-mirtha-legrand-n386920

The pedophile ring she exposed: https://www.clarin.com/sociedad/crece-escandalo-abusos-independiente-declararon-menores_0_SJLjCDHjM.html

Her tweet: https://www.pagina12.com.ar/176844-natacha-jaitt-no-me-voy-a-suicidar

The people she also accused (incl. politicians, artists, the media, the church) https://viapais.com.ar/argentina/876457-las-denuncias-que-hizo-natacha-jaitt-antes-de-su-muerte/

Pope Francis involved: https://www.diarioregistrado.com/politica/natacha-jaitt-predio-el-ventilador–revelo-una-lista-de-famosos-que-segun-ella-son-pedofilos_a5ac122c42756190b821200ce https://radiomitre.cienradios.com/tiembla-papa-francisco-gustavo-vera-pedofilo-denuncio-natacha-jaitt/

Jewish media involved: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adrián_Suar

Journalist celebrating her death: https://www.ratingcero.com/notas/5017578-tras-las-barbaridades-natacha-jaitt-suspendieron-twitter-mercedes-ninci

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
691 posts and 167 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

59137f  No.12980657


>demonic pedophiles confronted at portland city council


000000  No.12982024

bump for exposure

8e105a  No.12985483


lol serves her right for being a degenerate whore

660be9  No.12985506


>Dead whore

Am I supposed to care?

98c049  No.12987848


Au gov says its a crime to expose leader of Australian gay lobby did a speech telling law enforcement it homophobic to investigate boy brothels.


File: 04b08fb32de7829⋯.png (56.01 KB, 1294x615, 1294:615, BTFO.png)

b9ee53  No.12986593[Reply]

Holy fuck.

How can Yang even compete!? What a loser, he's just been exponentially BTFO in Google Trends. There is no way he can recover. He ain't winning shit. Press S to shit on Yang and R to pay respect to St Brenton.



20 posts and 6 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

c0ac7f  No.12987153


Also, please look up the definition of modicum, you're using it wrong.

2939d0  No.12987212


No, there's court precedent for ruling in favor of the child instead of religious freedom. Look at the Jehovah Witnesses who do not let their children get blood transfusions for medical reasons. All you need to do is ban infant circumcision and Islam and Judaism falls apart at the seems. Prosecute it the same way as you could pedophilia tourism if they try and do it out of the country and then come back in with snipped kids.

969d55  No.12987748


>oy vey, US must be strong for Israeli wars






5b095e  No.12987781


>why are we "pretending" to hate an sjw chink

stick with cuckchan

ca3016  No.12987824


>A strong china is good for us.

You need something more advanced than a nigger brain for this place, head back to vice.com

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