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File: 2e2f5ac721d4803⋯.png (85.8 KB, 1500x1200, 5:4, christ chan.png)

7bf2ab  No.12344084[Reply]

Something I thought of just now that would probably piss off the bankers:

What if a bunch of Christians set up a system where they would pay off peoples' debt to banks immediately, and in return they would get paid back 101% (1% non-compounding interest) of the original loan over time.

The semitic salt that would generate would be glorious. A proverbial eye-jab to their longstanding method of extorting money without actual labor aside from playing with calculators.

Enforcing payments to make the system financially solvent would be the hard part, I imagine, but if it worked out things would be real nice.

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8015f9  No.12432658

File: 9838f3880e99866⋯.jpg (40.14 KB, 560x390, 56:39, voodoo-560x390.jpg)


How many of these "black Christians" can name 10 books of the bible? Twelve percent? Two?

How many can actually read and comprehend Augustine? A hundredth of a percent? A thousandth?

Christianity is a culture founded on a system of literature and philosophies. Blacks cannot be Christians any more than they can be white. Left to their own devices every religion they adopt degenerates into witchcraft.

e836b3  No.12432680

File: f06a36d0de1573e⋯.jpg (21.98 KB, 300x300, 1:1, socialism-gunpoint.jpg)


>a church COULD work if the leadership isnt corrupt and you were required to attend

408822  No.12432689


Good luck getting anyone to borrow you money for free. Even if you just account for inflation, he is at loss.


None of those is a requirement of being a Christian, also, you can say the same for the great majority for white Christians, and 10 books of irrational garbage are no different from one book of irrational garbage.

>Left to their own devices every religion they adopt degenerates into witchcraft.

Said by someone figuratively drinking the blood of rabbi Jeshohua

b9a16c  No.12432705


>Good luck getting anyone to borrow you money for free.

If someone needs to borrow money in the first place, something has already gone very wrong that should have been addressed long before it got to that point.

2c0ac2  No.12432777

"Right Wing" or Nat Soc. people will never help each other financially because so many are infested with Libercuckism. As long as we can be economically attacked and extorted everything else is a waste. As long as getting someone fired will destroy them economically they win. Imagine if getting doxxed and fired wouldn't hurt you? Or imagine if those who held economic power were "ourguys"?

File: 343712f38ec0227⋯.jpg (129.98 KB, 535x560, 107:112, altruism with nonwhites is….jpg)

ed7987  No.12422717[Reply]



>By the 2040s, we expect to observe population collapse (depopulation), particularly for people of European ancestry because of their low fertility rate.

>The economic and disease burden of an aging population will increase.


48 posts and 11 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

dd9a61  No.12432558

Russia's demographics are also shit, as bad if not worse than the usa's with hate speech laws and anti-discrimination laws more draconian than the EU's or America's

cc6abf  No.12432592

File: 207bb284d237e3e⋯.jpg (33.48 KB, 720x960, 3:4, book dedicated to the chri….jpg)


>it's almost as if communism was created on purpose to kill whites, and especially Christian whites.

Anon, you know those cuddly jews would never stoop that low. Israel is our greatest ally in the entire middle east.

"We should turn Her (Russia, Europe, and America) into a desert populated with white Niggers. We will impose upon them such a tyranny that was never dreamt by the most hideous despots of the East. The peculiar trait of that tyranny is that it will be enacted from the left rather than the right and it will be red rather than white in color.

Its color will be red literally because we would spill such torrents of blood that they will pale all human losses of the capitalist wars and make the survivors shudder."

(((Lev Bronstein)))

In 1913 Germany had so many machinists, tool makers and precision workers that the London bankers decided to wage war against the Germans to stop Germany from using its interest free money to finance its burgeoning technology which would have outstripped every other European power.

The moral of the story is that is how you destroy a country - get rid of all of its skilled labor.

The Jewish (Ashkenazi) Bolsheviks did the same thing to the Russian, even wanted the workers to kill off doctors but fortunately some of them refused. The aim is to destroy the skilled labor force, destroy the culture, destroy morality,

Liberty, empathy, justice, environment, economy etc, etc Just like the Germans endured in the 20's.

This time around they have boiled the frog a little slower but it's the same result.

Is it time to start murdering kikes yet? Or well past that time?

"The Bolshevik revolution in Russia was the work of Jewish brains, of Jewish dissatisfaction, of Jewish planning, whose goal is Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

d03845  No.12432716

Don't make white knights out of Russia. They just as much of an opportunistic yids as every other country with power. Russia is waiting for the EU/Wester Europe to collapse then get let with the military in by his buddies from the east. They will easily conquer Europe with 0 effort. We are cucked beyond belief with NATO.

f5ec45  No.12432746


>By the 2040s

Kek. Im sure the worlds economy will hold up until then.

cc6abf  No.12432770


I believe that was supposed to be the 10 billion mark as well.

File: 08443b50b11eda3⋯.png (967.53 KB, 1616x750, 808:375, DEPLOYMENT 2018-11-16.PNG)

bc006a  No.12430765[Reply]

WILL PROCEED DATE: Nov. 16, 2018


49 posts and 10 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

000000  No.12432194

Every time you stupid niggers embed a jewtube link everyone without proper browser protection has their IP sent to jewgle. Kill yourself.

5714c8  No.12432350


Your Trips


b5c853  No.12432377

I like the name, but holy shit you are a huge faggot. No context but a plaintext YouTube address. Kill yourself.

1f57e3  No.12432668

File: 8113727fc4b388d⋯.mp4 (12.47 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, pizzatiem.mp4)

File: fbea3d816aa7568⋯.jpg (263.1 KB, 953x1300, 953:1300, pizzatiem.jpg)

b9408c  No.12432799


You forgot to mention. HAARP, DEW, rods from god and USAF flying saucers fighting Nazi UFOs from the center of the earth.


File: 8a369708f8cfbee⋯.png (1.65 MB, 799x1013, 799:1013, 97d93232b5f42b14cafd1220c1….png)

f140c9  No.12432562[Reply]

How accurate is this image? Is it truly reflective of what a capitalism?

43 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

1965c0  No.12432941


yeah, and what happens each time there is a (((revolution))) is that the top two tiers are kicked off and replaced with a horde of fucking kikes.

see the French and Russian (((revolutions))), not to mention the English civil war with the biggest traitor England has ever seen at the head of it. american war of (((independence))) is another example.

1965c0  No.12432945


kill yourself you fucking newfag glow in the dark aids-ridden nigger

baca69  No.12433071


Then capitalism becomes the state.

Which is EXACTLY what has happened.

The USA is capitalist. The thing lassez faire idiots fail to recognize is that capitalism naturally evolves into oligarchic despotism in which an entrenched "elite" of mega-rich families and megacorporations own everything and buy the government.

AKA ZOG AKA the "deep state."

That said, communism is also bullshit and leads to a very similar outcome. (oligarchic despotism)

Almost as if we need a THIRD POSITION that specifically opposes megacorporation and "wealth class" formation……

Almost as if "wealth class elites" should not exist, but also private property and entrepreneurship must be protected and encouraged……

Almost as if a balanced middle path as enforced by a government of the Volk would be better than either extreme…..


Enjoy having your "identity" "commodified."

IE, White genocide, brown shitholification, and then selling people "identity" since the brown hordes will have nothing real to believe in. Thus the megacorps will sell them an identity!!!!!!

Reminder that the "capitalists" do not see working people as actual people. They see "workers" as merely meat robot cash cows.

They don't care about anyone other than their "wealth class" buddies.


Typical tricks.

The USA was a noble experiment. It was not kike bullshit, no matter how many times you faggots try to claim otherwise. "That jewish banker that funded the revolution!!!!!!" More like less than 1% of the funding.

Look up the Jeffersonian Ideal which sought to create a society of yeomen and oppose "elites." It wasn't perfect. Too much faith in voting, for oPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

3a5088  No.12433233


No that's just every single Human civilization once it reaches the industrial era - even Communist society looks pretty much like that model. But maybe with a couple extra pointless rungs on the ladder.

ab6fc3  No.12434706

File: 8015bbaad7c991e⋯.jpg (42.78 KB, 720x720, 1:1, FB_IMG_1542130945141.jpg)


>for their betters

Do you know how insignificant and worthless the character of most rich people, priests and politicians is? You have got to be an ivory tower poster.

File: 39ae102b803d9b1⋯.jpg (94.38 KB, 1242x810, 23:15, fiddler on the roof.jpg)

e21463  No.12427588[Reply]


>A man shouting a pro-Nazi and pro-Trump salute during a performance of “Fiddler on the Roof” in Baltimore has reignited discussions of anti-Semitism amid increases in hate crimes in Maryland and nationwide.

>Audience member Rich Scherr said the outburst, during intermission at the Hippodrome Theatre on Wednesday, prompted fears that it was the beginning of a shooting. The man, who had been seated in the balcony, began shouting “Heil Hitler, Heil Trump.” Immediately after that, “People started running,” Scherr said. “I’ll be honest, I was waiting to hear a gunshot. I thought, ‘Here we go.’”

>Samit Verma was seated in the balcony when he heard shouting and saw a man holding his hand straight up in a Nazi salute, he said in an email Thursday. Ushers rushed over to the man while audience members quickly made their way out of the theater and into the hall, Verma said.

>“The people around me appeared to be quite shaken by the incident,” Verma said in the email. “There were some people in tears.”

<“There were some people in tears.”





153 posts and 51 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

8166ec  No.12432309

File: b5566cef7294655⋯.jpg (59.88 KB, 420x407, 420:407, Manga hitler watif this is….jpg)

File: c28ed8d6be0a1bc⋯.jpg (103.19 KB, 637x627, 637:627, 1540970128387.jpg)

File: 2e20356356b00be⋯.jpg (66.32 KB, 640x477, 640:477, proud in one race..jpg)

>>12427588 (heil'd)

Have a hitler.

Like pierce said this is to make real natsoc look bad and this is nothing but a psyop and a way of playing the victim complex these kikes have made since the 80's since that is when they started pushing the holohoax and other propaganda before that germany was just a side that fought.

8166ec  No.12432331


People believed the lies and propagandized hitler and not the real hitler which are two obvious different entities.

The real hitler that /pol/ knows and loves is obviously knew he was a good man who was looking after for his people, he also isn't as radicle the (((public schools))) and (((media))) portrays him as, but also aware he had a lot of flaws he wasn't perfect, however the man was a legend.

44ffec  No.12432355

Now I'm totally against optics fucking, but this does absolutely nothing. Either he's a low IQ retard who wanted to get a rush or a low IQ retard Jew who wanted to false flag. Either way, upsetting some Jews does nothing to help us.

678a5c  No.12432620



Hate crime hoax. Left can't fucking false flag properly as usual.

835ef1  No.12432661


just keep bumping the thread for all that juicy sweet salt

File: 153d978c580e0b1⋯.png (453.6 KB, 1182x1402, 591:701, Screenshot from 2018-11-07….png)

File: 8b9c3326d9017ff⋯.png (97.58 KB, 1176x616, 21:11, Screenshot from 2018-11-07….png)

File: e1c14f3d3f96261⋯.png (72.33 KB, 1186x350, 593:175, Screenshot from 2018-11-07….png)

File: 2fe078eba58377a⋯.png (292.13 KB, 1154x1540, 577:770, Screenshot from 2018-11-07….png)

File: 04068620092c272⋯.png (290.53 KB, 1160x1434, 580:717, Screenshot from 2018-11-07….png)

ed6785  No.12385070[Reply]


322 posts and 58 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

28817d  No.12405119


>this is true

>but not natural


>not natural


What's with all the retards in this thread?

(((3ddc98))) hopefully reported and banned for being a retard.

>teens LOVE to get raped by the BBC, it's called natural selection

>responding seriously to cock lovers bait

Neck yourself as well (((2490f8))).

000000  No.12405962

>inb4 too much text

Yeah, I just picked the middle of the thread and worked my way down.


>women are only allowed to smear you if the kikes permit it

>lol. My attempts to destroy you only works since someone removed your defences

>Therefore, only the one who lowered your defences is at fault

Imagine two armies. A sneaky rat opens he gates and lets the army in. He is a traitor, vile and disgusting, but this in no way makes the invading army innocent of everything.


The only thing I'd claim here is: there is a difference in claiming equality of individuals and equality of responsibility. Maybe you claim those to be the same, but I believe they are either different, or there are circumstances in which the situation is grave enough that they are different. E.g. consider a retard. In most situations, he'll be treated fairly well compared to a normal person (e.g. insanity plea). Nevertheless, there is a limit (sometimes) wherein regardless of this punishment must be had (e.g. mass murder).


Separate all together, but what a man can pursue need no be what people (as society deems it) view as improving of the self. A man can seek enlightment either by the study of philosophy, the self, the sciences, history, or by the tempering of the body. However, to the average person (especially one whose view is dictated by society), such improvements are deemed moot. One thing I will agree with that the other anon said is that money, looks, and status are important. That is to say, simplicity isn't seen as beautiful as it once was.


Agreed, he does contribute more to the gene pool. I'll give him props for his genetic contribution but will shame him for two Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

000000  No.12405965


The issue there is that, do they ever learn? You saw Sweden, they double-down. Maybe, just maybe, if all niggers murdered 70% of the white women existing in a week, would they flock to whites. However, this wouldn't be for the sake of racial allegiance, but rather taking advantage of that fact for their own protection. In a sense, this is manipulation at its finest. That is to say "I shall do as I wish—-ah! I fucked up, they're after me. Oh yeah, I remembered I have X value to Y. Y will definitely protect me!" That is the type of thing that disgusts me. That is a traitor. Someone who "converts back" still means nothing because (even if there isn't such thing) their soul is vile.


>firs line of greentext

I think the main complaint is: if the janitor (man) is going to have to clean up the mess, so be it. However, something must be done to the golem which contributed towards forming the mess. Lets say you believe men contributed to the mess. Well, their retribution is in fixing it (niggers would be removal and such), and women would have to have an appropriate retribution as well.

>jews are more scrupulous than white men

I even double checked, but look up what scrupulous means. It says a lot about you. If you wanted a better word, it would've been calculating, cunning, or vicious.


>within the scope of reality

But you act as if fixing the issue in any other way is truly within reality. Honestly, beyond an apocalyptic scenario, I don't see white surviving in the immediate. My view is that whites will thin out, become slaves, etc. within the coming century. Without whites, most civilizations will collapse except (perhaps) some asian ones. More centuries will pass where some few white tribes will exist and survive (the others would be slaves to foreign races). Coming up with 1st world weapons from being nearly extinct is almost impossiPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

a41488  No.12432553

Most white women feel under attack when they hear all of the attacks on white men. They are just not speaking up due to most womens submissive nature. They wish for white men to stand up for themselves and for their women.

Of course a thread that should be a whitepill gets flooded with (((MGTOW))) faggots who sperg at any women who doesn't fit their worldview of "all women are whores". They fucked their heads up with porn and project that onto every girl they see, or hear about. Every woman on earth wants to do what Jews literally have to pay and manipulate crack whores to do. Totally rational and logical. these mgtow fags are just bitter about some girl who dumped them, and to weak to rise up and keep fighting. Self improvement is hard, and giving up and crying about women is easy. That or they are Jewish people attempting to use mgtow talking points to slide the thread. I suspect a bit of both.


Literally (((you))) made 42 replies to this thread. That is how triggered you get at the idea of white men and white women following their natural instinct to be together in harmony.

a41488  No.12432594


Nobody wants niglets even niggers abort more than they allow to be born. The only reason niggers allow so many to be born is for gibs. Anyone who falls for this Jewish shit, probably also thinks that (((Porn, Hollywood, and the Media))) accurately represent reality.

Jews really are like termites, so predictable.

>Rare thread on /pol/ that is positive about women.


File: 54703297651e05b⋯.jpg (48.88 KB, 377x500, 377:500, article-2158717-13970E7400….jpg)

File: 35dc370ba2dd53c⋯.jpg (13.48 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault.jpg)

30106e  No.12346915[Reply]

"President Donald Trump previously dated a black woman and his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, is Jewish, which means the Republican is not a racist, Fox News anchor Jesse Watters said Tuesday.

Watters appeared on host Sean Hannity’s show Tuesday night and spoke about Democrats, like Barack Obama, posing in pictures with Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan. Farrakhan has been accused of anti-semitism, and Republican presidents don't take similar pictures with racists like David Duke, Watters exclaimed.

Fox News contributor Jessica Tarlov challenged Watters’ assertion by bring up Trump’s “both sides” argument following the violent, racially-charged melee in Charlottesville, Virginia last year.

Watters then brought up Trump's relationship with biracial model Kara Young, whom he dated before marrying Melania Trump."


27 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

1093fb  No.12411191

The thing that you make this thread every week is truly disturbing, OP.

000000  No.12432316

This is fantastic.

The fact that he dated an obvious MtF tranny would've been A-ok, if only he hadn't been "biracial".



000000  No.12432351

Lovely adam's apple on this "babe".

>power jaw (of course)

>giraffe neck

>deep voice (of course)

>gigantic long humerus (upper arm) not found on bio-women

>brow ridge

>huge head

>huge veiny feet

>huge veiny hands

>male waist indent (below the high navel)

>no breasts

>recessed eyes

>brow ridge

>HUGE ears

>shoulders MUCH wider than hips

>completely flat ass (before surgery)

b…but some women have <male feature x>, i…it's pure coincidence that this one just happens to have EVERY FUCKING MALE TRAIT IN THE ANATOMY BOOK


db4c94  No.12432363


>t. tranny

ac9049  No.12432537

Just goes to show me how much of a Zionist Cuck Trump actually is.

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

c76dbc  No.12422540[Reply]

University of Wisconsin-Madison held a panel to discuss how time is based in white supremacy.

>…time is perceived on reservations as a “human approach” which emphasizes a balance: “taking only what is necessary from the environment or peers.” By contrast, American campuses are “regimented.” There are schedules to follow and deadlines to meet, Besaw noted, and these are “difficult” and “unfamiliar” to Natives.

>…Natives’ perception of time is “non-linear,” and is a “medicine.” "Time is a medicine, it’s not this clock stuff,”

>“You’re gonna need this medicine called time. And that’s not to forget, it’s to heal.”

161 posts and 56 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

f2159c  No.12432325

File: 0c15298016ca298⋯.jpg (56.94 KB, 404x404, 1:1, hitler_turnbacktime.jpg)




You know… fuck, they really are trying to unwind the very fabric of reality itself.

d29759  No.12432366

File: 478b4b362df227d⋯.jpg (83.18 KB, 912x785, 912:785, 1542335688069.jpg)

>in my home fucking state

God I hate Madison, fuck you for turning my state blue you fucking traitors. We should start a trend where breathing air is white supremacist so maybe these fish-brained fucks would all suffocate themselves.

08bf72  No.12432438


Yeah, time is medical man. If you smoke the minute hand, though, you can get unbelievably high. They have this concentrate out too called dings.

000000  No.12432489


I say let them do it. Fuck this timeline.

cc678c  No.12432523


Some animals can't be domesticated.

You can't civilize the perpetually poor.

When the jews decide to power off the nigger containment system called welfare, there will be an all out war.

No black will be trusted, no collaborator will be spared.

File: 43f3c2a21817bda⋯.jpg (123.36 KB, 890x640, 89:64, bridge wire.JPG)

File: 1ae086ddc2bd49f⋯.jpg (130.05 KB, 890x591, 890:591, DrHlEJ2U4AElmBK.jpg)

File: 9b3a455a93db0fa⋯.png (1.54 MB, 748x834, 374:417, 9b3a455a93db0fafac6aba5ddd….png)

3721da  No.12363764[Reply]

tRump fortifying the southern border with 1000 feet of razor fence! What a deal!






>During a Saturday campaign rally in Montana, President Trump said "Mexico is trying, they are trying but we’re different, we have our military on the border," adding "And I noticed all that beautiful barbed wire going up today. Barbed wire, used properly, can be a beautiful sight."

586 posts and 140 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

12d4b1  No.12432262


top kek

f4294f  No.12432268

File: 4f6c973f9bbd6ee⋯.png (915.72 KB, 636x899, 636:899, Red_anon_Kek.png)


Check'd and kek'd

9ccf38  No.12432305

After Trump is no longer president what actions will be taken to reclaim our country?

I know I'm just a hiki neet and armchair revolutionary but you all agree with me here, something has got to be done.

We can't just sit down and allow the destruction of our nation to go about, we can't allow capitalists and jews to use our land as a sandbox for their exploitive shenanigans.

There is going to have to be a major effort on our part to stop this.

Whites need to start having more children, we need to take over the government and a lot of you don't realize this or are complete failures in this regard but there needs to be a major cultural movement and let me tell you all this stupid as fuck garbage I have been seeing on 4chan and 8chan is not going to cut it.

Lastly we need to be read to take the enemy head on, which isn't possible considering the military on their side at the moment.

Play time is over and it's time to wake up and smell the coffee.

I can't believe this is all happening myself and frankly if the majority of the population wasn't delusional and so desperate to grasp onto their false sense of comfort they would wake up and work towards making this all irrelevant over night.

71c012  No.12432518


>humanitarian mission

So why not house them on the mexican side of the border? Would mexico publicly reject us giving them tents amd food? Or would they admit their country is a shithole?

cf41ba  No.12432637


Hopefully this is bait and you're not actually this retarded, but I'll bite.

With the damned budgets that disallow hiring more border enforcement, how do you expect them to patrol that hypothetical 200 miles well enough to stop people from just throwing some boards over the top and walking in freely?

Sure, even a real wall could potentially be scaled with a sufficiently tall ladder and some rope, but at least that takes more effort than just throwing scrap wood over the wire would require.

File: 2cbb46af3e0cd5c⋯.jpg (77.82 KB, 566x564, 283:282, Adolf Hitler reading - mag….jpg)

20d2aa  No.12150496[Reply]

Discussion, suggestions, projects


Morgoth's Library


PDFs Online Libraries Listing


/polarchive/ book links


/polk/ book thread


<Chan Thread Watch to batch/auto-download threads and PDFs


<Thread II >>11702721

237 posts and 119 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

0dd865  No.12429773


3daa39  No.12429824

File: 503cbc0722ff1fb⋯.pdf (2.34 MB, Essays_Polytheism.pdf)


Go to the Deutsch/pol/ thread they're translating Der Mensch und der Sonne or whatever its called. They were basically trying to ease the German youth into an ancient style gymnasium education. Unfortunately, lots of the textbooks and such were gathered and destroyed, but who knows what still lingers around old libraries in Germany.


>I dont get it why more people dont read if its so easy.

It's one of the few things that gives me lasting and fulfilling pleasure.

258026  No.12429846



It's harder than ever to focus on only one thing these days. Too much stimulation for most to just read.

78a081  No.12432393

load me up with refutations of democracy as a viable political system.

it's obvious that democracy doesn't work since it's the ground work for engineering "civil" war by creating high level division among the populace from the outset, but I would like to have some literature that goes in depth on the mechanics of it's failure while citing examples in history.

a5f0d5  No.12432426


Der Mensch und Die Sonne - Arish Olympischer Geist

And you're welcome :^)

I also have Kraftgymnastic which I will be scanning shortly

File: 1c05e161be0b1c3⋯.gif (4.86 MB, 480x270, 16:9, 4aef8568b61ce324093bb8d012….gif)

File: 9fd62c9ffb0fafe⋯.jpg (32.03 KB, 415x518, 415:518, 9fd62c9ffb0fafe04e044fcb26….jpg)

File: d0c91df4638ba36⋯.png (35.53 KB, 605x800, 121:160, 46c87fd007bdf0b80cddd0de8f….png)

File: 82f054cba379141⋯.png (572.54 KB, 402x560, 201:280, 82f054cba379141a243a8567b6….png)

a8e779  No.12311074[Reply]

0 (Inner Monologue)


I https://archive.is/YHgml

II https://archive.is/bvVy1

III https://archive.is/DDHAC


IV https://archive.is/BPSS6

V https://archive.fo/7ZvlO

VI http://archive.li/EEP6D

VII http://archive.fo/E52YC

382 posts and 269 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

ebbca0  No.12399051


>believing that we went to the moon means you're jewish

I don't think any practicing jews believe we went to the Moon, that shit's strictly for the NPC goy drones.

In fact I recall the first time i came into contact with Hasbara online after 9/11 and the default jewish response every time was

>Oy vey, You think isreal was behind 9/11, I suppose you think we never landed on the Moon

Which is exactly the sort of rubin your face kikery we have intimately observed here from Imkampfy and his crew of kike patrol bots after posting a series of smug loli pedo anime girl JPGs just to make pol/aks look like virgin queers

The jew likes to invert every truth and that's ultimately (according to the Talmud) how they take your NPC souls

962bd3  No.12422487


e2c5b1  No.12422499


head first and supine is the correct way.

f534e5  No.12425591

File: 26f90141e4e5ef2⋯.mp4 (9.83 MB, 640x360, 16:9, moonman jew pizza.mp4)



There was a Moonman video that covers this subject.

348cf0  No.12432329

File: 776fd79062051d8⋯.gif (12.5 MB, 480x270, 16:9, 45678kkk.gif)

File: 60acafff5851e9a⋯.jpg (59.41 KB, 512x750, 256:375, dbd924f3aaf51339440cd8a65c….jpg)

07187b  No.11811520[Reply]

The Untold Story of Late-Ancient Rome's Afroid-Asiatic Immigration Problem

'''We hear a lot about the "barbarian hordes" from the north and how they hastened Rome's decline. We hear a lot less about their mud-race problems from the south and east. Gee, I wonder (((why))).```

What follows is a patchwork of quotes from various sources hinting at the scope of Ancient Rome's racial cucking problem, and the predictable decline and fall thereafter.


1. In his piece, “Race mixture in the Roman Empire”, Frank outlined how he first realized that race mixture was the cause of the change in Roman society. By studying the names of graves on the Appian ay in Rome, he found that huge numbers of late Roman Republic inhabitants had names which originated in the (((Levant,)) or Middle East, in strong contrast to the early inhabitants of Rome, who had Latin names.

Frank describes it so:

"There is one surprise that the historian usually experiences upon his first visit to Rome. It may be the Galleria Lapidaria of the Vatican or at the Lateran Museum, but, if not elsewhere, it can hardly escape him upon his first walk up the Appian Way. As he stops to decipher the names upon the old tombs that line the road, hoping to chance upon one familiar to him from his Cicero or Livy, he finds prenomen and nomen promising enough, but the cognomina all seem awry. L. Lucretius Pamphilus, A. Aemilius Alexa, M. Clodius Philostosgas do not smack of freshman Latin. And he will not readily find in the Roman writers now extant an answer to the questions that these inscriptions invariably raise. Do these names imply that the Roman stock was completely changed after Cicero’s day, and was ```the satirist (Juvenal) recording a fact when he wailed that the Tiber had captured the waters of the Syrian Orontes?'''

(Frank, Tenney, 1916 `Race mixture in the Roman Empire': American

Historical Review, Volume 21

360 posts and 107 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

9e6727  No.12418694

File: 047d5b2d10e27eb⋯.png (308.25 KB, 500x499, 500:499, christ jew pagan.PNG)

File: 8caeea56b2e42b2⋯.png (105.11 KB, 775x436, 775:436, pagans 3rd reich.png)

File: cede700d06e43d3⋯.jpg (53.59 KB, 700x716, 175:179, hit ado christian.jpg)

Hitler was alle likens

108ac7  No.12418705

a3cfc4  No.12418722


>What's with all this D&C? It's been proven time and time again that southern Europeans are of the same stock as they've always been

but slightly different from the mid and upper parts of italy.

9e6727  No.12419013

File: c2049e4dba6da50⋯.jpg (3.26 MB, 3264x2184, 136:91, Aristophanes - the Frogs .jpg)

File: c10153c0984c9c5⋯.jpg (3.63 MB, 3264x2448, 4:3, Aristotle - common propert….jpg)


i found [pics related] in an old textbook. liberals espouse views even the ancient knew were bullshit over 2,000 years ago.

>Aristophanes - The Frogs

>Aristotle on common property & liberalism

a3ac7e  No.12432317

File: 2c6e0b38df9443b⋯.jpg (287.07 KB, 1140x604, 285:151, hpikjv4bwxhx (2).jpg)

File: fcce5ab476cfc69⋯.png (244.82 KB, 792x556, 198:139, f830d6f7d025634ff2e836f5f1….png)


Pee pee poo poo>>12419013

File: a4f3c6b3ccfdbfa⋯.jpg (25.98 KB, 649x365, 649:365, 5d428012a8b16206c023a12d94….jpg)

9592b4  No.12410665[Reply]

Vietcong bug woman put needles in thousands of strawberries

Ms Trinh, who was born in Vietnam but came to Australia as a refugee 20 years ago, worked at the Berrylicious/Berry Obsession fruit farm in southeast Queensland as a supervisor.

The court heard Ms Trinh was allegedly motivated by spite and revenge when she instead needles into strawberries between September 2 and 5.

Bug people exclusion act when? Bug people hate whites as well and want to enslave whites from within if they have the smarts. The less smart are resentful every day that they're living at the bottom of the western world, even though that bottom is 1000x better than the bottom of their countries.


219 posts and 42 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

4d11ef  No.12431354


Not even the japs and koreans have higher IQ than whites.

93c802  No.12431681


We put men on the moon, surrounded the planet with satellites, invented automobiles, gave man the ability to fly etc. Nips created legal child porn, panty vending machines, tentacle rape porn, and…. I think that's it.

93c802  No.12431699


It's simple. Not all intelligences are equal. IQ tests don't measure a wide range of intelligences. Asian intelligence is inferior. The intelligence that allows for endless innovation is massively superior in every regard to the brain that performs well on a test. There's a reason why their societies remained stagnant for centuries, while Europe never ceased innovating. Even after the collapse of Rome, in the "dark ages," innovation never ended. Europeans created more in a single century than Asians and every other group did in their entire collective histories.

a9f964  No.12432282


if you aren't conscientious enough, you can't be very useful to your community and state.

2572b5  No.12433638




>gooks trying hard to derail thread about gooks into chinks

File: e8fa7f42a450e63⋯.jpg (74.43 KB, 800x420, 40:21, human-trafficking-sex-slav….jpg)

115db6  No.12394990[Reply]

>At least 1,400 white Dutch girls are sex-trafficked every year by nonwhite “immigrants” from Morocco, Turkey, the Caribbean and Gypsies from Eastern Europe, police in the Netherlands have admitted.

>News of the scandal has emerged after a joint peroration between police and “Watch Nederland,” one of the Dutch government’s Department of Social Welfare organizations, the Center against Child Abuse and Human Trafficking (“Centrum tegen Kinderhandel en Mensenhandel”) was reported by the Dutch newspaper Algemeen Dagblad.

>The investigation showed that the nonwhites first groom the girls to be their sexual partners, and then film themselves having sex with the girls. The videos are then used as blackmail – if the girl doesn’t agree to become a prostitute, then the video of the girl having sex is released on social media.

>Police specialists in human trafficking, Marijke van Overveld and Esmee Huijps, told the Alegemeen Dagblad that the traffickers are “Moroccans, Turks, Antilleans and Roma.”

>Immigrants from the Antilles come from the “Netherlands Antilles,” a number of islands in the Caribbean Sea located due north of the South American coast. Most of the nonwhites there are descendants of black slaves imported during the 17th and 18th centuries.

>Many of the girls being abused are in the Dutch social care system or come from run down housing estates, which is a situation very similar to that in the UK where nonwhite gangs also engage in the same practice.

>It is believed a trafficker can earn up to €800 a day pimping out a Dutch girl, who is usually kept against her will in a suburban apartment, or even in a garden shed. The traffickers use adverts on secret chat groups on social media to bring in new customers.

>Recent figures shows that only one out of every ten abused girls receives any help from authorities, and so teachers, doctors and community leaders are being trained to spot the signs of grooming in their local jurisdiction.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
108 posts and 33 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

d67411  No.12427357


oh hai FBI

e9c7d6  No.12427377

File: 1c325b77d225e77⋯.jpg (19.98 KB, 299x381, 299:381, 1459558594271.jpg)


Little bit of extra info on this subject:

There's actually a non-tangible risk involved with adopting Caucasian children from western countries. Friend of my older brother learned this when he and his wife were adopting a child during the 2000's.

There's a "thing" that happens where parents purposely list their kids, wait for rich / well-to-do parents to adopt them, then wait 2-5 years for the kid to be established. Then, they contact the parents (through bribing of their regional adoption or government agency) and demand their kid back. Generally, its a sob story presented to the adopter, saying how the parents couldn't afford the kid, but now they can and they desperately miss him/her. If new parents refuse, will go to legal action. Without going into state by state law, if you adopted a USA kid within the USA, the chance of being told to hand the kid over is faaaaaar greater than adopting some shithole third world country. Most of the time, the new parents give in to the emotional plea, and send the kid with a lump sum of money to help.

The entire process is planned and calculated. It's a way to have someone else raise your kid in a better environment, not have to pay for the early-child years, and get free shit. I absolutely hate typing this and think the act is revolting, but you just have to remember, all people are cut-throat. Friend and his wife were shocked to hear about this from many people and lawyers involved with adoption support.

d67411  No.12427383


>sell kid

>pocket munnies

>wait a bit

>report it as stolen

i had a buddy who used to do the same thing with his leveled WoW characters

d67411  No.12427391


big if true

0bf829  No.12432240

you deserve a bump OP

File: 73167ba229726fa⋯.jpg (100.14 KB, 592x394, 296:197, WALK.jpg)

ac70c5  No.12405243[Reply]

Let's Take A Walk

What This Is

The noose of censorship is tightening around the internet, and decentralized alternatives are not yet ready to take the slack. We will never secure the existence of our people and a future for white children as long as we stay separate and disconnected. The time has come to make our memes into dreams and organize locally. The main threats are lefty volunteer orgs/Antifa and glowniggers attempting to infiltrate. To counter both requires only two words: Plausible Deniability.

How To Do It

In honour of board culture, Walks will be held on Dubs Days (the 11th and 22nd of each month) at Trips Time which is 4:44pm. The 11th and 22nd fall on different days each month, which allows Anons with odd work schedules to still participate, and the Trips Time is ideal for morning shift workers, students and 9-5ers.

Step 1: Get a

>White T-Shirt (White jackets and coats for wintertime)

>Baseball cap

Step 2: Find local park/museum listed in thread below.

Step 3: Take a Walk in your city/town's park wearing your White T-shirt and cap at 4:44pm on a dubs day.

Step 4: If you spy somebody else wearing a white shirt and baseball cap, wave hello at them.

Step 5: Wander by and strike up a normal conversation with the similarly dressed person. Attempt to very subtly drop well known board memes into conversation. Example:

>Such a beautiful day for a walk! I had a good day at work, and the sun is shining. Feelsgoodman.

If the person reciprocates with another meme, ie

>Yup, it's a breddy gud day!

then you reply with another meme. Keep escalating the memes until you get to "Hitler Did Nothing Wrong."

If they give you a weird look then you've found a normalfag, at which point you finish your conversation pPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

99 posts and 17 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

844d82  No.12430633




Orange county great park.


If you want no cameras irvine regional is a good choice, but you do have to go through a pay gate to get in.

8626a8  No.12430754

File: 208c5bff4c24ba5⋯.jpg (24.36 KB, 456x337, 456:337, 567474.jpg)

File: 6b122e401d638a6⋯.gif (1.07 MB, 266x268, 133:134, 1541176698075.gif)

Why not just meet people through here like I have done before? Why make it a spectacle? I met some down in Cheltenham and he was a sperg who I walked away from, so while it was a waste of time at least we both did it.

Some of you need to man the fuck up when you do this. Have never had adventures as a kid? This is just an adult version for fucks sake, you safety wrapped babies.

595b9e  No.12431352


Some of us have careers and family's that rely on us to provide for them.

ef3d36  No.12431753

PDX lurker I'm gonna walk at LH on 12/11

8626a8  No.12432231


Then lose then.

>muh family

>muh looking after schlomos business

Fucking kys hiding behind your family.

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