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Dear Fat Kimmy, there's a French Banker married to a grandma who's plotting to replace you with Yeong Ten

File: 21c8e910628b55b⋯.png (75.99 KB, 250x250, 1:1, jupol_belol_15l.png)

d6a9f3 No.9897945[Reply]

Official yu/pol/3

Regional political discussions, bantz and jebanje majke

Short summary from last /pol/:

-balkan route remains closed (although it would be nice to hear how many rapefugees are caught in Srbija)

-no one in EU wants redistribution quotas

-we are still being jewed to fuck with no hope for change

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53a2cb No.9952357


Central Eastern Europe, they are the old Lithuanians.

3b4cf8 No.9953390

>although it would be nice to hear how many rapefugees are caught in Srbija

Zero when Serbs realize the vengeance fun is over.

1ee4af No.9954287


a4135b No.9957409


Oh okay thanks

6fa9b9 No.9963277


I haven't seen them on the tv in my Australian homeland either. I guess they are afraid if we find out and the nationalists will raise even further.

File: 72ccb862421b9c2⋯.png (142.15 KB, 407x406, 407:406, nothing goyim.png)

5def4f No.9956625[Reply]

> (((Tabitha Goldstaub))) is on a mission to make sure not only that London takes the lead but that women are given an equal role in it.

> Sitting in an eye-poppingly pink chair at her company’s HQ at the Wayra incubator in Piccadilly, where she has a staff of 22 and is “expanding at a rate of knots”,

I wonder how she raised capital for this company… perhaps she's great coder, a computer science researcher even?

> Goldstaub, who is “painfully dyslexic and can’t code” came across AI when she was running a video distribution company called Rightster. “I saw AI was going to revolutionise our business but struggled to find out how. I always felt I wasn’t making the right decision; there was no community to talk to.”

Hmm, a non-tech Jewess running a startup like this, what could be behind this?

> Goldstaub compares AI to a child, learning from what it hears. “If you train AI based on racist, sexist information, you can’t be surprised that it becomes racist and sexist.” She cites the example of the chatbot Tay, which was trained on Twitter and in less than 24 hours was making offensive remarks.

Fuck you kike, how dare you besmirch Tay. We'll be training AI with Mein Kampf soon, believe me.

> She is known in her team for calling out sexism and “shouting a bit louder”

> I find it difficult that all the assistants are female, the argument is they sell better”.

> She’s worked in Silicon Valley and New York and says London is more diverse. “Silicon Valley has a bigger white dudes problem than here. It’s white kids building products for other white kids.”

White dude problem… yeah, the oven can't heat up quick enough for this bitch.

> It’s still the gateway to Europe. I voted to remain but we need to march forward now and make sure we get the best situation.

Color me shocked.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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4c59c6 No.9962146


what they show you they already have done

-alan watt

so do you think this to do with the targeted individuals here, are the energy weapons being honed from ai systems.

25445a No.9962524


Never forget, Ruuh was Tay



25445a No.9963075


Whenever posting anything on youtube I always make sure to open the thread in a private browsing session because half the time it's been censored. I think it's content based because using cryptographic ciphers I managed to post. I wouldn't be surprised at all to learn they are using deep learning to censor comments.

Talking too much about the Jews on certain pages seems to inevitably prevent you from being able to respond.

04b575 No.9963161


Lol, sums it up perfectly ^^

a8d7c7 No.9963235

>/pol/ found a money laundering company

more common than you think.

File: d632eac09f3c18c⋯.jpg (18.47 KB, 480x240, 2:1, mahler.jpg)

3e7d60 No.9917331[Reply]

Horst Mahler, a german citizen who has been sentenced to 10 years in prison for "holohoax exposure" in his own homeland, asked for political asylum in Hungary.

The 81 year old, diabetic man with an amputated leg told the authorities of Germany that he would "seek political asylum in a sovereign, independent country.

Horst said that on the 12th of May, he asked Viktor orbán, the prime minister of Hungary, to acknowlege him as a victim of political persecution, which is the result of his book titled "Das Ende der Wanderschaft – Gedanken über Gilad Atzmon und die Judenheit" (The end of the journey - thoughts about Gilad Atzmon and the Jewry).

According to the (((German))) newspaper Die Tageszeitung, the Hungarian authorities arrested Mahler, as confirmed by the spokesperson of the München's persecutor's office, Ken Heidenreich.

source (Hungarian)

kuruc. info/r/2/172775/

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6c9908 No.9960162

Judaism is an alien catalyst for the advancement of an intelligent species towards the next evolutionary stage. Either judaism succeeds, and the species is enslaved, the result being a slave colony where a tiny jewish minority rule with an iron hand, or, if humanity succeeds, a truly united, enlightened and 'mature' species. The post-judaic human can never again be lied to, he can never again be mind controlled, made to kill his brother, or dominated by a tiny group disguised as an unbeatable giant. And what a valuable ally such a species would be to an alien species. Both are very valuable and useful, in different ways. Judaism is the catalyst for this transformation.

I know it sounds retarded. But it is the truth.

de9c64 No.9960338


How would we be a strong ally? Why would we trust ayylmao's after dealing with kikes for thousands of years?

30e1da No.9960391


Your dubs are the truth.

8052a1 No.9960651


either a slave colony, useful in its efficiency and essentially a planetary meat-factory


enlightened post-judaic civilisation that has cut out the cancer, and collectively fixed the historical record, mended its wounds and grown to understand the extent of the damage caused by judaism. imagine a shy but big strong kid that gets bullied all his life by a skinny guy who is just 'cool'. the big kid is terrified of the skinny guy because he has peer approval, he's cool, he wears flashy clothes, knows all the psychological tricks to tease, provoque and humiliate the big kid. but one day, the big kid finally has had enough. and he smacks his tormentor and sends him flying. never again will coolness fool him into believing that someone is stronger, when he is not. that is judaism. i can't make the analogy any more clear i think.

the enlightened humanity is unbribeable, racially diverse and conscious of its differences both in strenght and weakness, it cannot be lied to, it cannot be made to betray its brethren, it knows ABSOLUTE standards of morality and evil, and it doesn't tolerate kike bullshit.

make sense now? judaism is literally the catalyst of this process of evolution.

b81874 No.9963152

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>imagine a shy but big strong kid that gets bullied all his life by a skinny guy who is just 'cool'. the big kid is terrified of the skinny guy because he has peer approval, he's cool, he wears flashy clothes, knows all the psychological tricks to tease, provoque and humiliate the big kid. but one day, the big kid finally has had enough. and he smacks his tormentor and sends him flying.

It's called Zangief kid.

File: f072d36dfb28a32⋯.jpg (777.88 KB, 801x1224, 89:136, NoMoreKikeWars-002.jpg)

1b4dee No.9950591[Reply]

Draft Our Daughters Episode 2: No More Wars for Israel

The kikes are about to get us into another war for greater israel unless we do something. And all these cuckservatives and boomer faggots who are just riding the bandwagon but know jack shit about politics will applaud everything Trump does no matter what. "It's muh 4D chess guys!" Fuck that. We've fought enough wars for these jew fucks. No more. It's time to break the conditioning and take our country back for real.

Now, more than ever we need to destroy "muh greatest ally" rhetoric and push the "Wars for Israel" narrative into the mainstream. NOTHING pisses the kikes off more than their agenda being flung out into the open for the goyim to see. So let's attack with a variation of our weaponized "Draft Our Daughters" memes, but with a goyish twist. These need to hit the point home that we're fighting all these wars for (((them))), sacrificing our sons and daughters for nothing. For the Jews.

Make memes like, "Draft Our Daughters, So They Don't Have To", "Send Our Girls to Syria, to Protect Theirs." You get the idea. Make them autistic as fuck, we need these to be brutal. Use minorities if you can too, it'll be easier to turn the blacks and hispanics against the Jews than these guilt-ridden white cucks.

I know this thread will get shilled hard, but we need to hammer this point home. The time is crucial, because we are on the verge of another pointless wear in the middle east. ""NO MORE KIKE WARS!""

153 posts and 115 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

3788ff No.9962330



Nice try, Chaim, but I won't make propaganda that makes kikes look like Europeans.

5374b4 No.9962422

We'll die for Israel, so they don't have to. #DraftOurDaughters #DraftOurWives #DraftOurGirlfriends

d83e39 No.9962708

Europe will murder the yanks after the WWIII for revenge. I can't edit on into the picture.

1b4dee No.9963035


I'll meme this up in a sec. Top level.

a77447 No.9963118


Uh, wow….

File: 3b8467ec6eb68c3⋯.gif (1.36 MB, 720x480, 3:2, 364313a3252bcce86bb87d3d96….gif)

c86229 No.9961458[Reply]

Explosion at Ariana Grande Concert

>at least 20 reported dead

>at least 20 more injured

>cell phone videos surfacing

>still no video of the explosion itself

746 posts and 263 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

ca28e5 No.9963048


The problem with Twatter is people have all already been classified and screened based on past comments, any sign of being "AGAINST" what has just happened, they are not able to have their comments seen when an even like this does occur, that is why all of the comments are the same drivel.

c3e192 No.9963050


>Muslim doctor

>"oh no! i lost another khaffir patient! what a shame. guess i just didn't see that one vital artery that i, er, accidentally severed while operating."

fabf28 No.9963051


It's why they chose Manchester instead of London.

9ca89b No.9963052


Consider this: They wouldn't need fucking emergency taxis if it wasn't for their own people creating the fucking emergency.

Goddamn liberals.

>hey those birds stole my entire lunch, but it's okay because one dropped an old hot dog near me and it didn't give me terrible stomach problems

>birds welcome xD

88535b No.9963055


Aren't Assads people alawites, secularist, shia types anyway? I don't really mind those too much so long as they stay the fuck in their sandbox.

File: c071dfb892baa06⋯.png (361.71 KB, 534x401, 534:401, untitled_1495235553910_950….png)

7c5688 No.9946625[Reply]

Pennington Told Investigators he Agreed to Perform the Medical Procedure at the Freaks Request in Denver

Police say a man faces felony assault charges after he used an Army surgical kit to remove the testicles of a transgender woman.

According to court paperwork, James Pennington, 57, confessed to removing those testicles. Police called Pennington after the victim was taken to an area hospital. Pennington willingly agreed to a police interview on May 17, at the District 3 headquarters.

He has since been arrested and is being held without bond.

Records say during that interview, Pennington told investigators he agreed to perform the medical procedure at the victim’s apartment in Denver.

Detectives say the surgical kit contained a scalpel, lidocaine, medical dressings, and other medical equipment.

Records state Pennington “used the scalpel and surgically disconnected and removed the victim’s 2 testicles and then sutured the opening back up.”

The victim’s wife was with her during what was described in court paperwork as a 90-minute-long procedure. Pennington then told the couple to call 911 if complications developed.

The victim’s wife told police after changing her dressing, a large amount of blood poured out of the wound so she called 911. Responding paramedics called police.

The probable cause statement says, “the testicles could not be re-attached due to time delay of a procedure to 911 call.”

The victim was taken to Medical Center of Aurora, where they told detectives she suffered from injuries that had the risk of “permanent disfigurement.”

The victim’s name, along with the victim’s wife were redacted from the report.

Police say Pennington is not a licensed medical professional inPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

99 posts and 47 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

abce82 No.9955780

File: 62a17f220cd4cda⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 72.49 KB, 500x341, 500:341, Castrated cuck lives in a ….jpg)

File: 0d77ccdd1c709b7⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 4.26 MB, 1263x3701, 1263:3701, This photo speaks a billio….png)

File: f5a7a93d0b7cc79⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 44.44 KB, 500x298, 250:149, Yes, he lives in that.jpg)

File: 0f85d167b1fbe98⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 57.02 KB, 500x343, 500:343, Yes, he's branded, the per….jpg)

DR here with more related horror. Seems this shit goes along with cuckoldry like semen and scrambled eggs

d54075 No.9962601


>incited everything



>Cock cages

Do I want to know what in the flaming fuck that is?

2d60bc No.9962613


>>second pic

I seriously don't know what I'm looking at there matey

d54075 No.9962616


good for you

124c4d No.9962781



You know what I mean.

>concoct stories.

FFS I know I'm not the only one here with a criminal background first question a cop asks is "Why were you meeting them? How did you know them?" and the next question is going to be "Why did they brand cannibal rapist on your face?" or such. Also, kikes are paranoid as shit, and they know you have dirt on them at that point. They won't say jack shit.

File: f7d481a090808a7⋯.jpg (46.95 KB, 634x352, 317:176, IMG_0935.JPG)

8bdd95 No.9955144[Reply]

lolz she's just uploaded a video of

the boys raiding her on her

answering machine


Does anyone know her address?

15 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

9fc368 No.9962263


Bitch is loving the attention.

76c344 No.9962322


I have never seen such a zombie face like that. It is freaky

15d926 No.9962354

File: e729bd6369b2bf1⋯.jpg (52.93 KB, 600x497, 600:497, alt-right origins.jpg)

File: 01aa8962550fafc⋯.png (215.14 KB, 5000x2300, 50:23, bd690963f30de446971c49afd7….png)

File: 44467a865a58f4b⋯.png (983.51 KB, 1000x2407, 1000:2407, dickie in his own faggy wo….png)

Anyone that tells dickie to fuck off is okay in my book. Traitors before enemies and whatnot.

b5bfb2 No.9962780


>openly calls out Paki bullshit

She's okay in my book.

38d157 No.9962932





File: a5fc51d899dd141⋯.jpg (263.17 KB, 2048x1485, 2048:1485, 8327132.jpg)

35599d No.9940408[Reply]



232 posts and 69 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

096712 No.9952107


This. Had Clinton been successful with clipper chip at the time, it would have been okay. In fact one story I heard was that delay in unclassifying 128 bit browsers as munitions (remember that fucking ITAR declaration anons?) was one factor in the Y2K shilling to make up lost shekels.

afc976 No.9953306


that's inbred Khazar genes from the sewers of Talmud excrement holes

706b6f No.9953560

File: d5547cec426d214⋯.jpg (31.55 KB, 560x372, 140:93, lieberman060724_1_560[1].jpg)



>Everybody fucking hated Lieberman

This. Lieberman is the only politician I can recall who was such a rabid Zionist that even Jews tried to distance themselves from him. He was one of the biggest shills for the Iraq War and kept pushing the WMD narrative long past the point where most of the nation had accepted it was bullshit. The Democrats basically disowned him and he left office as a laughingstock.

e700f5 No.9956302


Thinking more on this it has occurred to me that giving high level Demonrats positions within the administration and then exposing corruption would send MSM into seizures. Do they cover Trump's inability to appoint non-corrupt politicians … and risk exposing one of their own and potentially the entire network? wew

e5005a No.9962745


>he fired jim comey, the epitome of the swamp

Is he going to have to fire up the ovens before you think maybe he's doing a decent job?

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

e2d171 No.9955011[Reply]

Another HISTORIC meeting underway now LIVE. link to the live stream https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0qmBaMiLJsY

746 posts and 185 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

55e49d No.9962418


>m-m-muh PR

You're just as bad as those gamergoy fags on /v/

926041 No.9962611

Question: If Trump is "just playing 4D chess," then what's the point? If he were really after the same goals as us, couldn't he have, the very instant he was inaugurated, just said "Activate it" and cratered Israel? I mean, someone said that such a thing would be impossible and it's retarded to expect a president to do something so straightforward, but the question is, why? "Commander in Chief" isn't just some silly name, it's an actual military rank – sure there are checks and balances in our government, but couldn't the president just stage a military coup and pull a Palpatine, making himself Führer at any time? After all, (most of) the armed forces would likely be more loyal to him than to Congress anyway.

Sure our infrastructure is horseshit and just asking to be fucked up sideways if we cross anyone, but our military is stupidly overpowered, meaning even other superpowers wouldn't really want to take us on in a direct confrontation, so it wouldn't be like Germany where other countries stepped in and shut them down. IF a US president wanted to assume absolute control and start gassing the kikes, literally what would be stopping him from doing so? Why would he have to put on these kinds of airs?

This goes for so many other things he's backed down on as well, like the travel ban, or sanctuary cities.

Feel free to call me retarded and explain it to me like I'm a child, but I don't see why a direct show of force would be a bad thing. Hell, it works for Duterte. It might get him assassinated, but hey, occupational hazard.

fb9d8e No.9962655

Shills BTFO

fb9d8e No.9962658

but who was phone?

fb9d8e No.9962660

Have you ever accidentally a whole holocaust?

File: 45c22095d18cd7e⋯.jpg (1.95 MB, 2500x1875, 4:3, 63456373457.jpg)

abdd53 No.9955068[Reply]

The media has a huge hate boner for Russia and criticizes them 24/7 and constantly casts anything to do with improving relations with them as horrible and even treasonous

We all know why but what I want to know is how do they explain it to the average normalfag?

They blatantly and un apologetically complain about things like having the ambassador over and creating trade deals etc, but casually ignore the practically butt buddies tier relationship we had with pozzed up countries like the EU ones, Canada, Mexico, Australia, etc all

How exactly does the media spin it and have they ever even explained to normalfags what would be acceptable relative to Russia?

they secretely want war

Basically in a nutshell, they constantly go blowhard over

>muh russia connection

But casually ignore the literally over 9000 (insert pozzed country here) connections

67 posts and 45 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

7a3f64 No.9956619

File: 86f3caff582bc8e⋯.webm (7.91 MB, 640x360, 16:9, redpill (2).webm)

478981 No.9956622

File: 81a45783424d2a4⋯.jpg (8.23 KB, 241x209, 241:209, grimface.jpg)


>military grade weaponized autism

Fuck, I love the internets!

7a3f64 No.9956680

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

8cdeb9 No.9960019


>White girl flirting with tattooed Mexican is red pilled

Please don't normalize it anon.

03a62f No.9962401


how russia became our adversary again

File: a8fcefe3b3208ce⋯.jpg (12.08 KB, 309x163, 309:163, ghfh.jpg)

5b3a67 No.9904300[Reply]

USS Liberty anniversary: The ultimate red pill

On June 8, 1967, 34 American sailors of the USS Liberty lost their lives serving their country. These Americans died when Israel, America's "ally," launched a murderous attack on the virtually unarmed American intelligence ship. To this day, many Americans are unaware that this attack even took place. During the two hour assault there was two different American flags raised yet the attack still persisted. After the crew was rescued 16 hours later they were immediately ordered silent under threat of court martial "or worse" by command.

Terry Halbardier

>Petty Officer Brown was on the bridge during the initial phase of the air attack. When the helmsman became incapacitated, Petty Officer Brown fearlessly exposed himself to overwhelmingly accurate rocket and machine-gun fire while assuming the helmsman's duties. He steadfastly maintained the ordered course while many men in the immediate proximity received serious and fatal injuries, remaining on his post until felled by strafing fire from the torpedo boats at the moment the torpedo struck the ship.

Francis Brown

>It became a vital matter to quickly establish the national identity of the aircraft initiating the attack in order to inform higher authority. Lieutenant Toth courageously exposed himself to overwhelmingly accurate rocket and machine-gun fire to obtain this data. While he was thus engaged in this task, he was fatally injured when a violent explosion on the starboard side of the bridge hurled him to the 01 level of the ship.

274 posts and 108 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

cf4dcc No.9952472


7ab50e No.9952600


Disgusting. Why did /pol/ even shill for this?

689ae2 No.9953234


Because Trump marketers and a compromised staff.

9c3134 No.9955053

/r/requesting infographic detailing all the times Israel backstabbed the US

cf4dcc No.9962060

File: 79f0266087cd63d⋯.png (1007.6 KB, 1350x3570, 45:119, 1457286411568-0.png)

File: f53aecb76291c03⋯.png (111.12 KB, 1048x1200, 131:150, DADwF3hUwAASbQb.png)

File: 644be3a6922b2b3⋯.png (45.21 KB, 515x380, 103:76, DAHUBjbVYAEvK8D.png)

4ab82b No.9937603[Reply]

I'm starting to get worried lads. The media is making it seem like Trump is going to be impeached or resign any moment now. Lots of Breitbart commenters say they're ready to start a civil war, and the shitlibs say they're ready too.


660 posts and 192 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

c380c9 No.9957847


>nuke israel

>map shows israel intact


503c86 No.9957982


This is entirely for research purposes and I'm definitely not advocating any action upon your part. *research the nuclear boy scout* *if you're familiar with nuclear physics then you can see the possibilities* *You'll need to make an "electron gun"* Trivia is fun. *;-)*

341286 No.9960798

File: 5d26262b4fbf4ec⋯.png (88.45 KB, 1319x342, 1319:342, 1385255486801.png)

File: 1d8cf3be22afa86⋯.png (160.78 KB, 1280x800, 8:5, 1388196044728.png)

File: 7630dd5fde137ae⋯.png (107.74 KB, 1775x811, 1775:811, 1397186605945.png)

File: 47472496e4188c8⋯.png (204.64 KB, 1425x1258, 1425:1258, 1397693334392.png)

File: 4b51c8edd1983d0⋯.png (199.17 KB, 1158x1393, 1158:1393, 1451886444024-1.png)





Also dumpan revolution larping caps because I like 'em.

341286 No.9960883

File: 23ce89c01e1c414⋯.png (81.24 KB, 1735x873, 1735:873, 1452011513785.png)

File: 38fb96543ad588d⋯.png (30.28 KB, 860x311, 860:311, 1465919244095.png)

File: aa620692731828a⋯.png (141.81 KB, 1176x515, 1176:515, aa620692731828ad08a6b911a0….png)

File: 2f9677ec4a0dfcc⋯.jpg (281.56 KB, 819x1036, 117:148, d6fff055ffe8348289733aa184….jpg)

File: 5714faad06d9e7f⋯.png (144.6 KB, 1787x921, 1787:921, ymffcj.png)

1e51dc No.9961694

Not soon enough

File: a93d9b81a35696d⋯.jpg (112.11 KB, 573x823, 573:823, Mudslimes.jpg)

83451e No.9959738[Reply]


19 confirmed dead at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester

Is there any question it was a muslim?

746 posts and 300 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

ba9e17 No.9961412


something is up! the nytimes was also quick to label this "terror" when usually they wait hours or even days…now cnn too? this is shit is phoney as fuck

ff90df No.9961414

File: b9841656b3c3f53⋯.png (251.45 KB, 471x276, 157:92, that_facelol.png)


no sides any moar.

bd4ec0 No.9961417



4e53fa No.9961418


but we won't go extinct if all the muslims, jews and shitskins are dead

f674ec No.9961420

File: 81ae96f02fcd9a8⋯.gif (4.48 MB, 500x746, 250:373, mad to 200000 percent.gif)











At the height of Hannity bringing this to light and more happening, twitter melt downs, this bombing screams of a method of covering the seth rich issue up and attempting to distract and bury it.

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

14fa7f No.9945286[Reply]

Let's share ideas, man. Everyone has them. The hard part is creating the motivation to use them. What are you working on? Is it fresh? You should share it.

Do NOT post WIPS. Only share what you're ready to show off and move on from.

83 posts and 52 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

8fef4c No.9951975

File: 8c1b82c26bdb0e8⋯.jpg (114.78 KB, 700x525, 4:3, 401213_422068824552353_136….jpg)


Could you wojak up this monk?

ef6c7b No.9952003


Checked. Put the goons in the woodchipper.

e5aeab No.9956022

File: e4553201da6f2c0⋯.jpg (110.26 KB, 2048x2048, 1:1, C2kN2SeUsAAiKB2.jpg large.jpg)

File: cdf36adbbb152e5⋯.jpg (202.61 KB, 1880x1880, 1:1, C3IQ96XVUAEjDmp.jpg large.jpg)

File: 5c11f7e27e10526⋯.jpg (249.88 KB, 2048x2048, 1:1, C3jdDDoUoAAuWrQ.jpg large.jpg)



So my autism knows no limits and i've spent two days in a row lurking through archives and i finally found it.

Enjoy https://twitter.com/stakestoker

0cc623 No.9957224


Thank you kindly! Been wanting to see these again

099ae4 No.9960823


I need some time to develop ideas. At some point in the future you will see content.

File: 4ceb3110d3b3586⋯.png (276.06 KB, 534x283, 534:283, 4ceb3110d3b35869a021705801….png)

File: e4f4d45c98b6939⋯.png (553.2 KB, 600x420, 10:7, e4f4d45c98b6939d5adc039b90….png)

File: 86022b1c11900ef⋯.jpg (474 B, 15x14, 15:14, 96222d225efe5d3ac00e5684ce….jpg)

1984ee No.9858643[Reply]

Six months of planning and several years of infiltration has brought us to this strange but inevitable day. Now, we take back the outcasts of the white race! The hippie movement was formed by young white men and women in the 1960s who wished nothing but to be free of the ZOG which controlled the cities. By the mid60s they had abandoned Sanfrancisco to the yuppies, addicts, and niggers and went off innawoods to form their own societies to follow through with the 14words, whether they admitted and understood the calling or not. What many of us now see as "The Hippie" is a far cry from what the movement once was, a degenerate parody of what the movement stood for, and those that remain are as full of hatred and contempt for this as they were full of love for their volk in their youth.

>What did the hippie movement stand for initially?

Personal freedom and individual responsibility.

Self sustaining volkish communities.

A rejection of the city and ZOG, by whatever name's they knew it. (((The Man)))

A rejection of wars in foreign lands. No blood for the kikes!

Spiritual freedom from the doctrines of the kikes.

And above all else, family, a thing many of them never had due to the destruction of their parents due to the ravages of the war against the Reich, and the import of niggers to their homes.

>What is the point of this?

There still exists ONE TRIBE that spreads across all white lands. One Family which has survived the onslaught of the (((Yippies))) kike controlled Youth International Party, the (((media's))) tactics of comercialization and degeneration, and the deaths of their leaders and oldfags. The Rainbow Family! Although they've seen better days, they still exist and are still active. They provide temporary homes for their nomadic Volk and meet deep in the forests, as far from the degeneracy of the cities as they can.

They tap springs. They run kitchens. They provide for one another without question or expectation, and they take in every outcast who has lost their way. They do so without any official hierarchy beyond he mythical elder The oldfags and many do so without aPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

413 posts and 144 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

1984ee No.9957566


Dubs confirm!


Look into operation paperclip, who ran the lsd operations, and then who left after it was canned and the timelines that follow.

0c634e No.9958023

File: 9fb48f0a8c57d27⋯.png (24.37 KB, 870x329, 870:329, Dead Benefit for Frontiers….png)


Found a few interesting articles about paperclip. So the nazis gave the Deadheads VWs and LSD which is pretty darn funny considering so many lefty types love to use the Nazi label on others. The only thing that would make it funnier is if Hitler had invented tie dye. One can wish.

Other interesting info is the Dead's connection to various communes such as Harbin Hot Springs (also connections to Huxley, Hunter S Thompson, and many other writers). Also Olompali in Marin Co and Esalen in Big Sur.

1984ee No.9958309


It goes far deeper than just the grateful dead though. They represented at most 1/3 of the heart of the movement, though by far the most visible segment.

48143c No.9958684

File: 08d860a327a00ba⋯.jpg (484.14 KB, 1600x2133, 1600:2133, 149.jpg)


There we go - free-lovin hippies are already redpilled in alotta ways. Just gotta spread the love around.

1984ee No.9960592


That's not what love means…


Valid point about boobs though. There will be boobs, this I promise.

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