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File: 2e5bd35f7304b96⋯.jpg (541.67 KB, 900x600, 3:2, Total_Purity.jpg)

4e96ed  No.12684783[Reply]

Living clean means eliminating all of the unnatural and manipulative elements of mainstream society that you have allowed to infiltrate your mind, body, and soul. Few will maintain this path of righteousness but for those who do the rewards are god-tier.

You must eliminate:

TV, Movies, News, Video Games, Popular Music, E-Celebs, Social Media, Smart Phones, Fiction Books, RedTeam/BlueTeam Politics, Sportsball, Gambling, Vacation Travel, Night Clubbing, Role Playing, Pornography, Masturbation, Promiscuous Sex, Prescription Drugs, Recreational Drugs, Alcohol, Tobacco, Restaurants, Packaged Foods, Sugar, Wheat, Grains, Legumes, Fruit, Milk, Caloric Beverages, Condiments, Sauces.

You must introduce:

Cardiovascular Exercise, Resistance Training, Compound Lifting, Non-Fiction Reading, Writing, Creative Expression, Nature Walks, Survival Training, Hunting, Fishing, Animal Husbandry, Gardening, Preserving, Smoking/Jerking Meat, Marksmanship, Precious Metal Acquisition, Solitary Silence, Scientific Exploration, Financial Achievement, Home-Building, Family-Building, Tribe-Building, Nation-Building.

There is no such thing as a "cheat day" if you are on the path to Total Purity.

B-b-but…what would I do without all of that?

Firstly consider how pathetic it is that your life has come to be defined by the seductive artificial vices placed in front of you by those who wish to do you harm. Secondly, resolve to stop being a child and start being a man. When you resolve to turn your life around and eliminate your self-destructive behavior, a vacuum forms in your life. That vacuum is soon filled with the pursuit of excellence in all endeavors which enrich your life and your community.

You must stay the course. You will not see deep or lasting change in the first thirty days. Beyond that, you become more like a God with each passing week, and the mindless hordes of NPC automatons become even more alien to you than they were before.

We are all counting on you.

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5a21a7  No.12688285


well, you should start today, as you are human, you can think and start doing something without external influence

my point is that you should stop doubting about your actions and goals, just do them right away

Instead of just training for something, think out creative ways how to accomplish something fowards to your goal

that way you can maximize your time, besides learning from real experience would help you much more later in real action

cfed86  No.12689024


Yeah the vast majority lived well into their 20's and 30's.

Fucking Jew retard. Don't make me finish the job.

92f4a2  No.12689076


Looks like I'm on the path to total purity, I already smoke and jerk my meat.

b2f21a  No.12689133


>Fiction Books,

there are good fiction books. Dune, 1984, Fahrenheit 451, Lord of the Rings etc. this is too far

92f4a2  No.12689145


OP is genuinely in the correct in everything he says, the painful truth is that you love being a degenerate so much that you will never let go of your vices and forever deflect by attacking more degenerate vices to avoid highlighting your own, but the truth still remains that you can't give up your bing bing wahoos of OP's list due to your craving for hedonism. Leisure and "muh feels" are not necessary for being able to accomplish the only things necessary which is to reproduce.

File: 23e44a6258bb952⋯.jpg (110.85 KB, 720x1011, 240:337, _20190114_164524.JPG)

06f692  No.12675223[Reply]

Anti-Trump hasbara BTFO.

Assad won, Iran won. There will be no war.

568 posts and 307 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

cd8452  No.12686635


if the word ZOG hurts your feelings you should leave. the enemy of my enemy is not necessarily my friend.

2f75dc  No.12686641

File: 154bea71173b384⋯.jpg (53.25 KB, 500x370, 50:37, 154bea71173b384e8b94a0ea7a….jpg)

So it really was 9th degree 4d backgammon…

b3d910  No.12689011


You can mark off "obvious bait (40)" but it was deleted (see >>12677531 first pic)

b3d910  No.12689015


also q square

b3d910  No.12689056


Reminder that everyone can see through your IP hopping.

File: e61bd75c37f262c⋯.jpg (673.44 KB, 780x1040, 3:4, 1545391671338.jpg)

be9f93  No.12665860[Reply]

Do good Jews exist?

Every Jew I've met and heard of even at their best seems to exude a subversiveness and lust for debauchery. Even those with zero political affiliations seem drawn to perversity. As if it's in their very nature.

I believe IQ is only a base, rudimentary factor that explains differences between races. For instance, West Africans and Tamil Indians have similar IQs, but West Africans are FAR more violent, while Indians are more driven by sex alone, hopeless romantics in general.

The Nordic male is intelligent, patient, and calm, generally, very smart yet verbally inferior to the Germanic, who is intelligent, inventive, and more expressive. Some of the best musicians. While the Celt has the best speakers, writers, and is very intelligent too.

What I'm saying is that each race and group of people has a set of characteristics that heavily affect personality. Jews in particular seem to be the most neurotic, evil, and cunning of all. They are slightly less intelligent than Germanics, who are the most intelligent, but dominate based off their cunning alone, where the Germanic is too trusting.

This cunning however requires a host nation of idiots to manipulate, lest they destroy themselves. They are a vampiric people (in allegory and reality). While all offspring of Jews have these traits the most cunning and neurotic are the one's with Jewish mothers, which may be the cause for their Matriarchal society and tendencies. They maintain themselves by intermixing with gentiles every third generation or so to stop genetic diseases like Tay-Sachs and Porphyria (vampire diseases) from destroying them.

Debauchery, deceit, and malice seems to be in their nature. Some can overcome this, but the exception does not justify their existence. I therefore think that they as a people are born to evil. It is in their genetics.

179 posts and 36 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

afd020  No.12684845

>>12670955 checked

Importing from dirt cheap mines, then reselling for insane amount of (((interest)))?

Diamond as I've heard is actually not even that rare as it's being kept commercially. I wonder why…

9468c3  No.12684937

Yes good jews exist.

One must be carful of deception though.

9468c3  No.12684939

Good people can exist in every race op.

a52567  No.12688716



Also look into the origins of vampiric folklore, and compare that timeline with the history of merchant migrations


>Inb4 wikijew

688916  No.12689043

File: d9831f53d784c3d⋯.jpeg (146.12 KB, 732x475, 732:475, 5a8915e566864.jpeg)

File: 8310ed0bab0647a⋯.jpg (33.62 KB, 418x541, 418:541, DieFaggot.jpg)

82d2ba  No.12653283[Reply]

(I don't usually make OPs, but what the hell. I'm going to translate or paraphrase since the sources are in Finnish.)

>Recently a controversy has arisen in a school in the town of Sysmä due to bullying and staff's alleged bad handling of it.

>According to some health and wellbeing agency bullying in that particular school is worse than usual

>An investigative TV program MOT interviewed the principal (or headmaster if you British, it's a silly word) of the school

>In the interview principal Tuula Vuorinen (a female) said "it's a bit weird when 12-year olds announce they are gay" and the way they dress is "slutty", "trampy" or "whorish"

>The principal wondered why the children are seeking attention with their sexual orientation, although she denies she thinks this is the reason the reason they get bullied by other kids

>The (((media))) is accusing her of victim blaming

>The Minister of Education says "bullying is never the victim's fault"

>There seems to be a complete lack in the media of addressing the issue of sexualization of children, they merely condemn or criticize the principal

>The municipality of Sysmä's council or whatever is considering whether they can allow the principal to continue in her job

I usually try to avoid the pozzed main stream media, but my impression is that here in Finland it's not as far gone into extreme degeneracy as US, Canada or UK. This suggests I might be wrong. I think at least trannies are not promoted much yet. I knew that normalfags think that "faggots are people just like us, and should have equal rights", but this incident tips the scales so that faggotry is more important than children. The principal sounds reasonable to me, a normal person from a decade ago, but now even that is a thoughtcrime. Quite alarming and aggravating.

At least some of the children seem reasonable, if they bully the faggots for being faggots. Maybe I'm a horrible person, but since most of the kids identify as gPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

51 posts and 8 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

794c07  No.12669559


>So why do I like to look at women's feet? Please explain.

More porn/deviancy results in desiring more deviancy

Having a foot fetish would be LESS deviant than normal sex. Videos of feet doesn't even qualify as porn. You are overbearingly chaste. Keep it up

794c07  No.12669560



Considering the Greeks were not actually pedophiles or deviants like the corrupt academics want you to think, I'd doubt those sorts of accusations in general as they tend to be attempts to sully the good name of respectable people.

25fd3d  No.12688329


"All sexual deviants (whores, pedos, fags, trannies, cucks, fetishists) are the result of child abuse and/or porn exposure. This includes exposure to (((media))) which is absolutely riddled with degeneracy."

What about the fact that sexual deviancy of those sorts, and about the same amount of the population, has been around ever since the Iron Age?


000000  No.12688406



Always incite children to bully and even to kill faggot abominations.

Teach your kids how to kill. Using tools, guns, anything.

If their schools have faggot abominations, teach them that it is a good thing to kill those abominations AND the teachers if they try to interfere.


>Bullies will bully others

As they should

The weak must always be made to suffer until they die.

fe7e49  No.12689009


fucking kek

File: 6f80a85e30527ee⋯.jpg (487.98 KB, 1095x1115, 219:223, pol books 19 - dec 2018.jpg)

49931b  No.12496202[Reply]


#19 is here


>that link has ALL of the .zips and a big folder with individual files

>P = .pdf

>E = .epub

These used to be popular threads back in the day. You're not supposed to read them all, it's just a bookshelf. I'm going to reorganize these one day.

Also, check out The Incorrect Library:


168 posts and 53 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

3becba  No.12666150

Anyone here have a sugggestion on a decent e-reader?

71480a  No.12669587



>download jewgle kikerome to use this site goy

<first load the entire file into ram, then save it on the hard drive, truly ingenious

3050ac  No.12688910



eyelet detected

ad2b41  No.12688931


Are you like a major book publisher shill? I'll never understand the virulent hatred for reading free books.

2c82bc  No.12688968

File: 138e7a32803fa2e⋯.png (18.83 KB, 640x400, 8:5, The_doctor_of_disappointme….png)


manager Chaim won't pay you for such shit tier shilling, step it up mein freund

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

6693fc  No.12623726[Reply]

>be in libertarian utopia

>walk past literal army of private security to shop at walmart

>do hours of research on my iPhone to figure out which groceries are safe

>local internet shuts off due to EMP blast from a stray McNuke

>pay with 2 silver pieces and an IOU because I can't access my bitcoin wallet

>exit store to a red sky with gunfire audible in the distance

>clutch my handgun and awkwardly dash to car, holding all the bags in one hand

>get in bulletproof car, activate the $5,000 armed security system

>drive home past roving bands of warlords

>everyone is speeding 100MPH through red lights

>pay tribute to "Skulltar" at the toll gate, he grunts approvingly

>miraculously arrive home, only to notice that a break&enter happened

>see hordes of niggers cheering and chimping in the distance

>try to post about it on social media

>credit card company deplatforms my chequing account for hate speech

Is anyone unironically a libertarian in the new current year?

239 posts and 106 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

44bf52  No.12668689


Except… an untrained "doctor" isn't a doctor?

e50d98  No.12668706


Hitler lost because he kept trying to expand and do occult shit


if any part of Nazi Germany survived it 100% doesn't give a fuck about Germany, whites, or anyone except the few sellouts that got to sell out

bae4c1  No.12668760


not in mexico

af9160  No.12688913


>Hitler lost because he kept trying to expand and do occult shit

t. History channel

1ef455  No.12689002


Just another Christian subverter, tbh fam.

File: 4d0ab859d8a647d⋯.jpeg (197.22 KB, 1160x629, 1160:629, 48ACF058-803A-4CEC-81A7-8….jpeg)

ca4892  No.12664415[Reply]

Looks like he had a good lawyer. Probably late to this, but you go

>(CNN) An Ohio man has been sentenced to nearly four years in prison for participating in the beating of an African-American man during racially charged 2017 protests in Charlottesville, Virginia.

>Daniel Borden received a 20-year sentence Monday, with 16 years and two months suspended – meaning he will serve just under four years for his role in the beating of DeAndre Harris in a parking garage during the Unite the Right rally in August 2017.

>In May, Borden entered an Alford plea to a charge of malicious wounding, acknowledging there was enough evidence to prove he was among the men who attacked Harris without admitting guilt, according to CNN affiliate WVIR.

>On Monday, Borden apologized to the people of Charlottesville and to Harris, who was not in court, the TV station reported. He told the judge he is not a bigot and expressed remorse for his actions.

>The defendant was one of four men charged with the beating of Harris at the gathering of white nationalists and other far-right groups that culminated in the death of Heather Heyer when a man drove a car through a crowd of counterprotesters. A jury recommended last month that her killer, James Fields, be sentenced to life in prison.

>The rally was originally planned as a protest over the city of Charlotte's decision to remove a statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee from a park.

28 posts and 6 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

afbbc3  No.12688182


Injustice upon injustice.

afbbc3  No.12688194


The entire West has bowed to the jewry. Generation after generation. Politician after politician. What was built from the mind and might of the superior race has been hijacked by the lowly cockroach for all the other races to abuse.

23f6a2  No.12688204


>Pointing out the truth makes you a kike

In what world?

8aa8f7  No.12688740

File: 53218dd7261c288⋯.png (662.22 KB, 993x663, 331:221, 5991b8df31a66.image.png)


2375e9  No.12688894


>Why don't we do that?

Have you ever thought of the fact that 99% of people are either completely unaware (by design) or only cursorily aware, or stuck in the mass media political system?

That is the reality, not "inaction".

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

b2cd5f  No.12673954[Reply]

Kike major stabbed to death in revenge

The major of Danzig (((Pawel Adamowicz))) got murdered by a goy he put into prison as revenge.

Video footage of the incident shows the assailant addressing the crowd from a microphone on the stage. He is reported as saying: “Hello! Hello! My name is Stefan. I sat innocent in prison, I sat innocent in prison. Civic Platform tortured me, and that’s why Adamowicz is dead.”


Maybe Poland anons can she more light into the back story?

236 posts and 45 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

eec6ab  No.12686664


> I can't really say bad things about the organization

I can say very many bad things about an organization that uses kids to collect cash from people, cash that's getting embezzled and falls in the pockets of people at the top of this charity.

> I would say he's a very good man

A son of a communist policeman who destroys wrongthinkers using his country-wide influence and spews vitriol on anyone who disagrees with him on any level. A man who lost five times in court in libel cases, who uses curse words in public and insults his political opponents. A leftist that corrupts young people organizing a completely degenerate festival (woodstock) and tells them that "anything goes". A truly great authority figure.

1e1204  No.12686705


This. Worth noting that nobody that helps him collect the money is paid. Owsiak has commie roots and should be treated as the subhuman that he is.

bcffcd  No.12686710


Fun fact: whites aren't inventing shit right now under the shekels of world kikery. Lets keep our eye on the ball.

f91bb2  No.12688499


Don't forget Owsik Owsiak openly bashing church while sending children to collect money in the vicinity of churches on sunday.

f07b8c  No.12688542


>The Polish Agent 47 of our AGE

Walks up to target, seemingly effortlessly kills target, awkward moment as NPC AI slowly recognizes what has happened and responds accordingly.

File: 6d3e199122a1820⋯.png (70.15 KB, 602x327, 602:327, Donald-Trump-Hamberders.png)

File: 1bd92593c42fc35⋯.jpg (9.76 KB, 504x256, 63:32, QAnon-Mispellings-Matter.jpg)

File: 6aeecca4cb42927⋯.png (878.35 KB, 529x842, 529:842, Berder-Island-2.png)

File: 77e13e329a565d5⋯.png (692.1 KB, 529x591, 529:591, Berder-Island-3-e154758125….png)

File: 93a83e0da91f8b9⋯.jpeg (117.04 KB, 600x900, 2:3, Berder-Island-Giboire-Imm….jpeg)

f02b03  No.12680171[Reply]

Some Eyes Wide Shut tier shit is going down on this island. Trump is ousting all of the pedophile elites, including Jeffrey Epstein.

>One theory says he’s hinting at wicked things happening on Berder Island, a small island off the coast of France.

>There is only one residence on the island, and it happens to be a large mansion or hotel. It is probably safe to say whoever lives there and/or owns the island is extremely wealthy.

>"The island is entirely devoted to leisure."

What kind of "leisure" I wonder? These sick fucks have no where left to hide… not even some obscure island in the middle of nowhere.


241 posts and 96 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

fc428d  No.12686807


local schoolkids can't draw.

color me surprised, anon.

608cb7  No.12686919


>don't worry, goy, we, your greatest ally, would NEVER think of putting anything bad in your burgers! No human waste, no aborted fetuses, no animal parts, sewage, or roadkill. -t. big daddy jew.

Daily reminder that McDonald's in 'Murica is NOT kosher.

e13dc2  No.12686940


Meh Rouhani is a comped faggot honestly. He betrayed his people.

937374  No.12688212

Us rich child lovers don't go to islands… we go to cities. Its easier to get caught, trapped, or identified on an island. Duh

fd58c0  No.12688243

This thread is filled with anti Trump shills and dumb followers who fell for their bullshit.

Dress it up however you like but the narrative payload on this borad is

>don't vote for trump, goy

>don't support him or meme for him

>just stay in your box and stop interfering in our elections

Now shill away with all your usual anti Trump astroturfing bullshit.

File: ae385615eefd23e⋯.jpg (56.32 KB, 762x429, 254:143, trump.jpg)

File: 8109d4e0054732e⋯.png (82.55 KB, 375x360, 25:24, mfw.png)

f5f9aa  No.12671439[Reply]

Looks like the Grand Old Party is getting some fresh blood thanks to Trump's 44d chess involving the wall, the shutdown and DACA. After he accomplishes this Democratic party is toast.

>mfw shills doubted him



241 posts and 73 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

cf29e1  No.12687248


Anything pro-Trump is reddit-tier.

c8f556  No.12687308


hes a cuckchan retard, he doesn't know how to sage

>he says it's reddit instead of cuckchan

>also adds the -tier cuckchan meme

cf29e1  No.12687365


This isn't a pro-Trump thread, OP is being ironic.

cf29e1  No.12688080


>White genocide is already complete unless ALL of them are deported.

They should be shot on site, but I'm pretty sure OP is being ironic.

c5cea0  No.12688131


We wouldn't get them though, we will be getting Mexicans and Central Americans. There are some whites who live in those countries, but they are generally part of the ruling class/elites, and not part of any caravan.

File: 65eb4df8e80616a⋯.png (92.25 KB, 429x276, 143:92, 1534990726185.png)

File: db1a0c1b87c97fb⋯.png (10.74 KB, 473x106, 473:106, Anti.png)

File: ddbd0acba519331⋯.png (38.02 KB, 1097x249, 1097:249, HOPE.png)

File: 1b4f4005763ec7e⋯.jpg (50.75 KB, 660x381, 220:127, Jones.jpg)

File: f6a7d2daca6d409⋯.png (775.53 KB, 1714x697, 1714:697, Logos.png)

d3cda9  No.12678165[Reply]

Understanding the "racial" situation of the USA. E.Michael Jones on Urban Renewal, or how the Jews used Africans people as proxy-warrior as a way to ethnically cleanse European Christian communities.

A very fundamental video to understand the origins of the modern USA and it's "racial" problem.


79 posts and 39 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

045703  No.12686396


Yeah, I recommend people watching this debate featuring Spencer and E.Michael Jones

4a397c  No.12687979


>complains about me calling out his copypasta

>posts more irrelevant copypasta.

b191a6  No.12688085


>only jews don't worship jews goy

ba2118  No.12688107


It's clear as day from this what to do, you go after jews, personally.

0b3da7  No.12688985


Then American whites are doomed, because we have been Western european mutts for a long time.

Ethnogenesis is also a thing, Afrikaners are euromutts as well, but developed into their own ethnicity.

It was extremely possible that American whites would have done the same thing, if we were not subverted.

and EMJ's precious catholics held back the ethnogenesis process considerably. The Irish, the Italians, and the poles disrupted the emerging American identity, which was Germanic and protestant.

File: 2141d8543acabf4⋯.jpg (85.73 KB, 640x412, 160:103, kek.jpg)

c687a7  No.12664812[Reply]

>The GoFundMe campaign that aimed to raise $1 billion for the border wall is shutting down, and the $20 million raised will be refunded to donors.

>A GoFundMe spokesman, Bobby Whithorne, told INSIDER that the campaign's founder, Brian Kolfage, initially promised donors that all donations would be used to pay for a wall along the US-Mexico border, like the one President Donald Trump has proposed, if it met its $1 billion goal.

>"However, that did not happen," Whithorne said. "This means all donors will receive a refund."

>Kolfage, a US veteran who supports Trump, updated the campaign's page on Friday announcing the refunds. He said donors could redirect their donations to a new "501(c)(4) non-profit Florida Corporation named 'We Build the Wall, Inc.'" if they still wished for their money to be used, in one way or another, to build a wall.

>In his update, Kolfage said he had reached out to several experts in "law, politics, national security, construction, and finance" and created a team that "has spent countless hours over the holidays reviewing all issues pertaining to the construction of a southern border wall."

>"Unanimously," Kolfage said, "we have all come to the conclusion that the federal government won't be able to accept our donations anytime soon."


108 posts and 19 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

c3ef9a  No.12687323


got your glow in the dark panties in a bunch did i?

26b6d6  No.12687349


>muh salt

Trump and Hitler are the exact opposite of each other.

c3ef9a  No.12687373

File: cfe2f25c6aa452e⋯.jpg (1.19 MB, 1359x1938, 453:646, 1489290992867.jpg)

File: a65ad87a7819de1⋯.jpg (18.13 KB, 236x318, 118:159, 1489669870248.jpg)

26b6d6  No.12687384


It's not a win or a loss, it's a vain display by impotent losers who never wanted to end legal immigration anyways. You shit on Hitler's image.

26b6d6  No.12688064


Which is saying what?

File: 3fd65caad238951⋯.jpg (49.85 KB, 575x405, 115:81, 1547414340072.jpg)

996411  No.12671383[Reply]



The request, which a U.S. official said 'definitely rattled people,' was made after mortars launched by Iran-affiliated militants fell near the U.S. embassy in Baghdad, The Wall Street Journal reports

"It definitely rattled people," a former senior White House official was quoted as saying. "People were shocked. It was mind-boggling how cavalier they were about hitting Iran."


68 posts and 23 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

696f46  No.12687362


>capitalizes israel

Kek. Keep pretending reverse q nigger.

efb967  No.12687410


> after mortars launched by Iran-affiliated militants fell near the U.S. embassy in Baghdad

Well Israel-affiliated militants (ISIS) killed some U.S. soldiers in Syria. How about the White House asking the Pentagon for military options against yidland?

084463  No.12687426


Wow, being grammatically correct is so telling. If I capitalize Somalia does that mean I'm an agent of the Somalian government?

6c1a91  No.12687467

File: cb1fd9e3632a347⋯.png (125.46 KB, 1893x1005, 631:335, nu-∕pol∕.png)


the projection your shitty MS-paint image macro is hilarious maybe you ought to go back to your honeypot.


084463  No.12688037


Memes work as long as they tell the truth. That one is pretty accurate.

File: 1fbddfcee8edaf4⋯.jpg (352.99 KB, 1908x1146, 318:191, 1547505365935.jpg)

8c1ce7  No.12675617[Reply]

WTF is wrong with bug people? Can we just nuke China already?


87 posts and 13 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

a19476  No.12687992



>In a shocking development this week, it has been revealed that Chinese people still don't have souls! More at 9.

We already have 50 other Chink hate threads going, why the fuck does this require its own dedicated thread? Go back to fucking 4chan.

bc8fb5  No.12688025

Many animals have the intelligence to experience pain and suffering, rats are one such animal, and every anons worth his salt knows (at least subconsciously) rats are about 1/4 as smart as dogs.

No animal, intelligent or otherwise, deserves torture, and once we save our women and children from the bugs and merchants, we can secure the dignity of the animals we rely on for so much.

Every creature deserves dignity, even I'm death.

Though I did save this pic for… I don't even know what reason, maybe how deep it really is.

bc8fb5  No.12688026


I'm a phoneposter, please tell me about it

9cf0b0  No.12688035

>mfw uses a dead rat and wires it to a cross in some sort of symbolic ant art piece.

show me the fucking chink that can wire a live rat to a stick

a8683b  No.12688072

File: 5d825a0f8de435e⋯.png (128.47 KB, 1280x277, 1280:277, oy_vey_not_babies.png)

Low energy repost. Pic related.

File: 7e4aadb29914c83⋯.png (113.16 KB, 1280x640, 2:1, mbcad.png)

e8261a  No.12633644[Reply]

Maxime Bernier will be the next Prime Minister of Canada, October 21, 2019.

Register to vote for him: >https://www.peoples partyofcanada.ca/


>Saint John PPC Rally - Thursday, January 17, 2019 at 07:00 PM

>Halifax PPC Rally - Friday, January 18, 2019 at 07:00 PM

>https://www.peoples partyofcanada.ca/events


>@ 40%: https://www.spencer fernando.com/2018/08/24/advanced-symbolics-poll-says-maxime-bernier-is-more-popular-than-andrew-scheer/

>@ 17%: https://www.theglobe andmail.com/politics/article-poll-finds-17-per-cent-of-canadians-are-open-to-supporting-maxime/

>@ 13%: https://www.thepost millennial.com/maxime-berniers-newly-announced-party-polling-at-13-nationwide/

>https://twit ter.com/masterjsc/status/1063407094488055809

Social media:

>https://www.face book.com/peoplespca/

>http://twit ter.com/peoplespca/

>https://inst agram.com/peoplespca/


>Quebec, Dec6th: https://www.ps cp.tv/w/1dRJZOyVNVzxB (French)

>Saskatoon, Nov29th: https://www.ps cp.tv/w/1OwxWOgXoZwxQ

>Winnipeg, Nov28th: https://www.ps cp.tv/w/1mnxeODQRgoGX

>GTA, Nov14th: https://www.you tube.com/watch?v=D_J2P4fIlps

>GTA crowd interviews: https://www.you tube.com/watch?v=twNdGl9U_h4


>https://om ny.fm/shows/roy-green-show/albertan-separation-is-no-joke-tensions-at-the-fir

>https://sound cloud.com/radiocanadainfo/engouement-en-banlieue-de-toronto (french)

>https://www.you tube.com/watch?v=LiPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

48 posts and 17 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

000000  No.12687936

Doesn't matter who gets elected, they all swear an oath to the crown. We are their revenue source. Until the monarch ends, nothing changes. This has been exploitation since the beginning.

9d63b2  No.12687942

File: 1b3d1c42bb4322f⋯.jpg (343.92 KB, 1079x1520, 1079:1520, IMG_20190117_141718.jpg)


I hope he will be but im not getting my hopes up

8a5a42  No.12687944


>If you don't go FULL FRANCE on these vermin

Wasn't there something about a Yellow Vest movement here in Canada or was that just a jew co-opt attempt?

ead946  No.12687976


No. It's over. We won whiteboi

91896f  No.12689048



Why are their no good anti- white slurs?

The one above is just a reverse version of calling a negro "boy".

"Cumskin" is just a shittier version of "shitskin"

(and cum actually is needed, unlike shit which is just garbage)

"Honky" is shit, and was literally made up by southern whites as a anti Hungarian slur.("hunky" and "bohunk")

And "cracker" is just stupid.

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