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File: 8698eb8518082c7⋯.jpg (117.91 KB, 640x757, 640:757, 1536369677133.jpg)

4d7421  No.12414998[Reply]

Incest is right wing (Purity, purebred etc)

Bestiality is left wing (Basically a step further from interracial)

Pedophilia is centrist.


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4a09af  No.12416719

Sage thread

fuck your slide thread kike

f9e6de  No.12417130


f9e6de  No.12417145


1971f3  No.12417150

The Jews really don't want us talking about the stolen elections.

000000  No.12417242

You = jewish

File: 7459c8592c07ed0⋯.jpg (3.65 MB, 4160x3120, 4:3, 000-hi-lets-do-this.jpg)

df3768  No.11614117[Reply]

Previous threads:


>>11400281 https://archive.fo/FiQc3

A Chicagoanon here.

I've met with Art Jones in person a few times over the past few months, and I've determined that I can no longer wait to get anons more involved in the campaign. The election against Dan Lipinski is November 6th, and we have a lot of work to do.

I was not the one that posted either of the previous threads, and I have not posted in either of them. This is my first post on this topic. (Note that Art and his wife have read through parts of the second of those threads.)

As part of my efforts to aid his campaign, I wrote the basis of a comprehensive /pol/-tier platform for him. He and his wife are essentially on board with going forward with it as the foundation for future communications and propaganda. It needs to be fleshed out, researched and completed such that it can be a guiding framework for everything from a book to media interviews to highway billboards (all of these are examples of things that have been eagerly discussed IRL with him.)

The situation right now with regards to external communications is that we are unable to get control of the current website due to communication issues with the current host, and efforts towards a new site have been made but are not currently publishable. Note that the contact email on the website does not go to anything that we are able to currently access (So, anything you've sent there has not yet been received by us.). If this changes, I will alert this thread immediately. However, the contact FORM on the website DOES go to a place that we are able to access and is secure. If you want to contact me privately, then use the subject "Forward This Message to the 8chan Person" verbatim, and include as part of your message an email address from an established, free, private, encrypted email provider, typed twice (don't copy-paste please), and I will contact you from an email address on the same provider and as part of my message I will quote your message in its entirety.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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c96263  No.12415616

I'm going to post some things periodically, news/salt compilations etc., but Art's going to take a break for a bit until he starts really working on the book. He's got "80 pages of notes" so far, and hundreds of pages more worth of stories in his head, so this is going to be a long process.

His and his wife's cars got vandalized by a drunken spic last week, so they're dealing with that also.

The one exception to the break might be a confrontation with Christian Picciolini. Art explained to me that his own long-term fight against hate speech laws was thoroughly thwarted by idiot violent skinheads, of which Chris is a prime example. So, if you're media and reading this thread still, you now know where to get a little story this upcoming weekend.

The book's title is going to be "Fight Like Hell".

I'm going to try once again to do something that should have been in motion at the beginning of the campaign, which is to get Art set up so that he can do his own podcast or youtube posting, with minimal time investment on my part.

Art plans on not running for office again, but I have not talked to him at length about this.

At the moment, the youtube channel has 32 subscribers, with 1054 total views (256 on the latest, 140 on the flag burning one, 76 on the holocaust one, etc.), 20 comments that I let stay, and about 75 likes across the board. Honestly I don't know what effect if any the channel had on the election, but I'd like to think that it was an honest attempt at portraying Jones and spreading his thoughts and positions. I'm going to post a "Thank You" video sometime this week, and eventually post book updates/teasers.

bf0f2b  No.12415639

File: 541873821dcc2be⋯.jpg (212.82 KB, 907x907, 1:1, 1b7a4d1491665964d7b2a92086….jpg)

bf0f2b  No.12415644


Thanks for doing this anon.

1d8b5b  No.12415850


Thanks for your ongoing work. Regarding Piccolini, this conversation could be informative to listen to


7d0728  No.12416883


god bless you anon

so if I got this right the youtube channel is the best place to reach you?

File: 9760587c86b63c5⋯.jpg (60.72 KB, 885x516, 295:172, beaner.jpg)

2a602c  No.12408708[Reply]

>Illegal immigrant families shattered the old records and snuck into the country at record rates in October, according to new numbers released Friday.

>A staggering 23,121 parents and children traveling as families were caught jumping the border last month. That’s nearly 40 percent higher than any month on record.

>It’s also nearly 400 percent more than the number recorded just a year ago.

>The numbers underscore the challenge the Trump administration is facing as it tries to tamp down on what appears to be a run for the border by Central Americans, particularly from Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador.

>Pushed by grim conditions back home and enticed into the U.S. by lax policies, children and families from those countries have come to dominate the border immigration problem.

>When families, unaccompanied children and single adults are included, the Border Patrol caught nearly 51,000 illegal immigrants in November — the highest since the worst days of the 2014 Obama illegal immigration surge.

>Customs and Border Protection says another 9,770 unauthorized migrants showed up demanding entry at the official border crossings.

>Combined, that amounts to about 2,000 illegal immigrants a day.

>Officials believe that the number of illegal immigrants caught by the Border Patrol is a good yardstick for the overall flow. More people caught means more people getting through, so a rise in apprehensions means a rise in overall rates of illegal immigration.

>The Trump administration took action this week to try to close “loopholes” in U.S. policy. President Trump signed a proclamation that triggers new rules prohibiting illegal immigrants from claiming asylum if they jump the border.

>Immigrant-rights groups have already announced a lawsuit to try to stop thosPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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79a940  No.12414542

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Ann Coulter is in despair

79a940  No.12414549


haha wow…that's quite teh collection of cliches you've got there. I don't think I've ever seen such a densely impacted blob of immigration cliches anywhere else.

64f8a4  No.12415396

File: 61e042d48c687c5⋯.jpg (78.08 KB, 900x900, 1:1, guac.jpg)


The Guac will rise again.

be530d  No.12416801

>>12414000 Checked

Either the best shitpost I've read or the stupidest if serious.

c39e1b  No.12416872


Shoulda built that wall, huh?

File: 8649fffe76f0a1b⋯.jpg (72.02 KB, 618x410, 309:205, 180124-holocaust-survivors….jpg)

44e89a  No.12400213[Reply]

How can you convince a strong disbeliever thats been to auschwitz that the holocaust is a lie?

134 posts and 76 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

e2b569  No.12411229

try to bake a cake at auschwitz , if you cant you know there were not ovens there

or ask them to turn on the gas showers … if they cant then there were no gas showers there


9ea2b0  No.12415116


I appreciate the book, anon. Great stuff

066768  No.12415216


Remind them that each 'cremated' bodies ash weighs 6-8 pounds. That is 36,000,000 pounds of dead kike ashes. sort of an environmental disaster on the scale of the TVA ash spill that wasted whole segments of the environment. Point out that it would have been a small mountains worth of ash and that it would have taken extensive heavy machinery to even move that much ash around. Ask them where all the ash (and equipment) went from the dead bodies. Remind them subtly that that much ash would leave scar on the landscape for several hundred years and ponder discretely where all that ash could have POSSIBLY gone.

If you are cruel and unusual you can ask them questions about whether or not the entire concept of 'God' and all the ephemeral ideologies (non material states) are just a made up control paradigm of invading alien kikes and are a weapon that is used against us for control purposes, social manipulation as well as gladiatorial sport and soul harvesting. IDK I suppose you could start someplace like that…


080fbe  No.12416101

File: 4d2c921a2f2a010⋯.jpg (157.37 KB, 553x495, 553:495, 9e22c1f3fd70882445cc59508a….jpg)

>The Jews lied about Auschwitz, I'll give you that go—er, guys.

>But the Jews didn't lie about Treblinka

>If you don't believe me you are stupid

>I'm one of you fellow /pol/lacks!


066768  No.12416824


>Men won't burn without women…

The kikes are faggots to the very last. It seems unreal to me that they could be this into dick munching but they are and that doesn't actually surprise me.

File: f611707b5358ac4⋯.jpg (90.91 KB, 805x640, 161:128, toasty corsi.jpg)

File: f666a52964c82c2⋯.png (12.64 KB, 1038x130, 519:65, damage control.PNG)

d9d6d4  No.12414099[Reply]

>Former Infowars Washington Bureau Chief Jerome Corsi said in a livestream on Monday that he expects to be indicted soon for perjury in Special Counsel Robert Mueller's Russia probe, which has already produced dozens of indictments since it began in May 2017.

>Corsi said he had recently received a subpoena from two FBI agents who arrived unannounced on Aug. 28 at his home, leaving his wife "startled" just three days before his 72nd birthday.

>He added that his ongoing negotiations with Mueller and his team have "just blown up" in the two months since, even though he said he "did everything" he could to cooperate and thought he was "doing a pretty good job" of it, including by turning over two Apple computers to investigators and giving the FBI permission to review all of his email accounts and tweets.

>"I fully anticipate that in the next few days I will be indicted by Mueller for some form or other of giving false information to the special counsel or to one of the other grand jury – or however they want to do the indictment. But I'm going to be criminally charged," he said.

>He added: "This has been one of the most frightening experiences of my life. At the end of the two months, my mind was mush."

>Corsi, who wrote the anti-President Obama book "The Obama Nation," said he is being targeted for political reasons.


kek one by one anyone who supported Trump is getting blown the fuck out and Trump never lifts a finger for any of them.

70 posts and 18 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

76037a  No.12416593

LMAO John Kerry did not deserve his phony Purple hearts btw he didn't lie he wasn't the origin of the claims nope instead it was all his nam "comrades" LOW IQ one


Corsi was sent to cover up the boomer expose of (((Kerrry))) He was placed there and gave himself phony medals almost all those who were in and around him condemned Kerry as a larp and a cowered. Kerry responded way later by producing altered "records"


76037a  No.12416606

>Reminded John Kerry Mr Sandinista Mr Israel Mr Crypto Jew was invovled in a radical anti-white jewish run organization called the weather underground regularly met with Bill Ayers

Corsi a zionist agent….sure…but he workd with them he was sent to cover up and not present the whol information on Kerry's staged well planned 2 month stunt show in Nam where a Jew admiral involved in the Gulf of Tonkin

BTW SBVT was organized before Corsi by O'neil Corsi attached himself to it and was used by the ZOG as counter intel on mouthy gentiles who didn't like being smeared by a kike asshole whose brother was caught in 1972 breaking into a political rival's office.

dc6907  No.12416613


I've been a Christian for awhile, and even just 20 years ago, a lot of people didn't know the problems of Scofield/Dispensationalism. Just the fact that I run into awareness now on random places like this is progress. More and more people (even Evangelicals) will wake up, I think.

76037a  No.12416623


Kerry is a coward, a liar. a war criminal, and a Jew Egypt banned him for his Soros "revolution" illegal activities that resulted in a ZOG agent being displaced for another one to come in…you are low information and low IQ, Corsi is a counter intel agent for them nothing more

Jews staged false fights and run a hegelian dialectic making sure they always synthesize their power

>Kerry strongly supported by ADL engages is stunt, ADL "strongly criticizes" Kerry, Kerry makes up and kisses Foxman his longtime backer etc.

000000  No.12416638


Well they better do it quick because if that red heifer these scummy yids have now might as well mark the nearing of the end and any further heresy in aiding Christ's murderers he specifically warned in the bible multiple times to the deaf ears of the Evangelicals, these jews and their satanic synagogue will surely lead you straight into the depths of Hell.

File: cdfd4504fb28281⋯.png (1.16 MB, 968x681, 968:681, mack.png)

35cf88  No.12282554[Reply]


>Allison Mack is out on $5 mil bail

>Claire Bronfman is out on $109 mil bail, $50 mil secured assets

money gets freedom, even if it's proven that you helped traffic kids as sex slaves for elites.

>someone did not want this person testifying in court

all of hollyjew would be linked to israel child trafficking if they testified.

expect them to "die" in some "accident" or "suicide" soon

113 posts and 42 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

49d49c  No.12408369


he's not wrong tho lol

49d49c  No.12408373


nvm thought you meant the post above you nvm

5665ee  No.12408381

File: 5ce116394e34af3⋯.png (241.45 KB, 1384x615, 1384:615, IvPdYGC.png)

imagine my shock

917045  No.12408390


Literally no justice, none to those who are famous or have money, none at all.

d6da91  No.12416627


>live in a shit country with shit laws

>only complain about laws when they're used against you or what you believe in, for whole 5 seconds

What a cucked nation, no wonder you faggots are being infested by subhumans, after all you never actually speak out against them in real life.

File: ca4b7c1358e92f1⋯.jpg (43.48 KB, 620x325, 124:65, pullit.jpg)

File: 0dbf99a9cd10989⋯.png (40.96 KB, 720x418, 360:209, American support for Israe….png)

File: 8fa36571fa99356⋯.png (36.95 KB, 720x405, 16:9, American support for Israe….png)

File: fef454d4f6a4072⋯.png (29.09 KB, 720x395, 144:79, American support for Israe….png)

67695a  No.12406895[Reply]

There can be many complains against Donald Trump for being a disgusting raging zionist, but all of that is rather misdirected if the American public is supportive of Israel. You can't elect an anti-zionist president with a zionist population.

So how in the world can American anons redpill their fellow Americans on Israel? Go to Trump rallies with anti-Israel signs? Go to Church with anti-Israel signs? Because simply complaining about Trump on the internet will not get anywhere.

55 posts and 23 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

000000  No.12411914


>I couldn't disagree more. A lot of people in the know find it really easy to forget to process of actually coming to the realization.

Don't make assumptions, dubs-anon. I myself was a full-blown Judeophilic Zionist zealot, being groomed for hookup to an Esther type to keep me under permanent control. (You may observe that many prominent Shabbos Goyim are married to Jewesses.) I remember my own "realization" all too well – with waking nightmares, sometimes still.

I hate the Jews so much because I understand them so well, from inside information.

I am lucky that I never did any significant harm to Aryans. Mostly, I was just a patsy in vicious intra-Jewish factional fighting. Hitler was right: The Jews fight each other like rats, and only come together to confront common prey or common threats. (See Mein Kampf I, Chapter 11.)

If I had done what Patton did, I do not think I would be able to live with myself for even one minute.

>Patton did it without any internet in an environment that was even more vehemently anti-German/natsoc.

Patton got a front-row seat to see German women being gang-raped, German children starving to death, and honorable German soldiers being mass-murdered, with their leaders judicially murdered before kangaroo courts – all with the inescapable knowledge that he, as the only truly competent American general in the European theater, had a grave personal responsibility for this. If that didn't "redpill" him, it would have meant he had no soul.

For my part, I've tried and thus far failed to derive any useful formula from my own "realization". I was Holohoax-guilted on a very personal level. Revisionist scholarship hit me at just the right time, in just the right way; I can only ascribe this to Destiny and the guidance of my ancestors. People with whom I had close personal relationships refused to even look aPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

000000  No.12412090


>(You may observe that many prominent Shabbos Goyim are married to Jewesses.)

…or have their offspring intermarried with Jews. To anybody who truly understands the Jewish problem, this fact alone is all which is required to understand Trump. Yahweh's Special Masterpieces must be snickering behind their hands at the dumb goyim who do not understand that an intelligent man will always act to protect his own posterity. Of course, the same White masses who do not understand this principle also consistently fail to protect their posterity. It says much about them.

That widely linked Times of Israel article with the quote about a "beautiful Jewish baby" was a signal to the Jewish masses, easily grasped even by the "little Jews". Trump can say anything he wants to dog-whistle the Aryan curs. Jews may scream at him, but they know he is fundamentally /theirguy/ in the sense that he will protect the interests of his grandchildren. Too bad if such conflicts with the interests of your grandchildren, goy.

From the more vehement anti-Trump attacks from the Jewish Left, I also see the mark of an epic Jewish factional fight ongoing behind the scenes; see what I said above on that topic. It is essentially a matter of Communism vs. Zionism, with a few twists. What the goyim do not understand is that both sides are acting to advance the interests of the the Jewish people as a whole; they differ only on matters of strategy and of divvying up the spoils of war. "MAGA" banner-carriers are blissfully unaware that they act as patsies and proxies in an intra-Jewish struggle, as well as being a pressure-release valve as /pol/ well knows.

(Topic-drifting double-post not saged on a thread addressing an important subject. Hire a Jewish lawyer and sue me if you don't like it.)

67695a  No.12416266



Not at all, your posts are wonderful

000000  No.12416300

American's wouldn't vote for an atheist. Remind the public how much jews HATE Jesus. Words simply cannot begin to describe how much the jews hate Jesus.

69ac7d  No.12416552


>American's wouldn't vote for an atheist

They vote for whoever they are told to vote for.

B&W matinee star

Rich frat boy from political family

And again

Sax playing womanizer

culturally vague black homosexual

reality tv star

File: e48054a44a01384⋯.jpg (83.76 KB, 880x587, 880:587, cuck-insult-2.jpg)

7e54e8  No.12364268[Reply]

>The migrant caravan is coming to us in search of asylum, and we need to be there to greet them. Trump has already sent the troops. We need to be there to show them we do not stand with these orders, we stand with them. We will welcome them with food and love.

>There are at least five other ports of entry in Texas the caravan might try: McAllen, El Paso, Eagle Pass, and Del Rio. If you can run an event for your city, do it. Let's show them we're here.

>The date is tentative. News says it will "be weeks" before the caravan makes it here, so December 17 is a guess. This event will be updated as news develops. You can view the asylum-seekers' progress on their journey here:

>Here's an article on what's going:

Facebook link: https://m.facebook.com/events/1650288045076555?acontext=%7B%22ref%22%3A%223%22%2C%22action_history%22%3A%22null%22%7D&aref=30

74 posts and 13 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

2aaec4  No.12379456


i thought they had changed direction toward california?

74bf8d  No.12379884


>ICE is defunded

Are you even trying?

I thought you might have had a point until this shit.

edabf1  No.12379950


The omnibus included a note stating ICE must stick precisely to its budget for overnight detention facilities. That caused the reinstatement of catch and release, because the existing budget was insufficient.

Also, the omnibus limited hiring to 50 new ICE agents, but only admin workers–NOT deportation agents. This was the last time Trump acted on anything relating to the ICE budget, so in effect, his failure to veto stopped ICE from doing what it had to do and caused catch and release.

000000  No.12416306


2784ae  No.12416322


Not sure if you're just dumb or a shill. Filtered just the same.

File: 8ef8a9aa0ee0293⋯.png (31.05 KB, 570x321, 190:107, Opinion_We_Can_Replace_The….png)

File: 3841e8fb1099105⋯.jpg (75.41 KB, 500x375, 4:3, 455350.jpg)

File: aaa7f723a060e15⋯.png (3.5 MB, 1234x4531, 1234:4531, Opinion_We_Can_Replace_The….png)

db77f3  No.12351633[Reply]

Michelle Goldberg writes a NYT about the need to replace "white nationalists" with mass immigration.

>They are not even trying to hide it.

"Right now America is tearing itself apart as an embittered white conservative minority clings to power, terrified at being swamped by a new multiracial polyglot majority. The divide feels especially stark in Georgia, where the midterm election is a battle between Trumpist reaction and the multicultural America whose emergence the right is trying, at all costs, to forestall."

" In a week, American voters can do to white nationalists what they fear most. Show them they’re being replaced."

She makes no mention of it, but her title is an obvious reference to the chant "Jews will not replace us" in Charlottesville. As a Jew, she clearly understood what that chant meant, even though her fellow Jews feigned ignorance. Some Jews even pretended to think it meant the "redneck idiots" thought Jews were taking their jobs. Goldberg understands, and with a wink to her fellow Jews, she directly tells whites Jews are going to replace you.


197 posts and 76 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

c1b523  No.12416095

File: 70ff6b62ec01ed0⋯.jpg (404.15 KB, 2058x1372, 3:2, (((---EU---))).jpg)

Show this to everyone you know, and remember to remind them that any white person who wants their race to continue to exist, is by definition a "white nationalist".

White nationalist, Nazi, KKK = Any white person with a spine.

4855ec  No.12416111

File: 301a48219b949bc⋯.jpeg (526 KB, 987x853, 987:853, 301a48219b949bc05369621e3….jpeg)

Jews can't even stop themselves from race mixing with blacks. The venom they had created for whites was far more toxic to them. Now Jewish women prefer black men, to pedo yids.

eecdf9  No.12416193


are those adderall beads?

e53def  No.12416239


>anon said, posting on an imageboard

White people are done for.

cfb89a  No.12416248

File: 139f5f55bd33c5e⋯.jpg (803.83 KB, 1500x1153, 1500:1153, fascism 101 we are right a….jpg)


And most people with spine are considered spineless slaves by real nazis. Really makes you think.

File: 8c7443e2dc7a38f⋯.jpg (169.59 KB, 426x1312, 213:656, 131007453.jpg)

7f04c4  No.12404769[Reply]

What if we revived the classic white american face? The face that triggers leftists and lowers

the self-esteem of shitskins, the face that symbolises the american dream and a stable white

family. We have already managed to trigger the fuck out of everyone with five words (IOTBW).

What if we pushed this further to create a piece of propaganda that could trigger leftists even

without the use of words, for example a merry christmas card/picture showing the vintage white

american family? If we could do that, if we could show normie whites that pictures of a happy

white family can be considered a hatecrime by the left and even banned. Just imagine the level

of redpilling.

136 posts and 89 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

f7a0e5  No.12408724


>Sugar Defense Force

>We consume less fruit than we used to

Fuck off, retard. You've been wrong every time you've said this.

a23f6a  No.12409279

File: d91001fcb18f05f⋯.jpg (311.67 KB, 1100x756, 275:189, ralph wolfe cowan art.jpg)



Like Norman Rockwell although more up to date, is portraiturist Ralph Wolfe Cowan.

676d17  No.12416028


remember: "Bob" was as white as they come

1a154f  No.12416044


anon, please

f7a0e5  No.12416143


Corsets are not unhealthy, that's another load of jewish feminist shit.If corsets were so unhealthy, why would they have been such a mainstay of hardworking women? They're not much different than a girdle, or a back brace powerlifters might use. If anything corsets helped women with their posture, and spinal health on top of making their tits look great.

Get that jew worm out of your head, anon.

File: cf7711a25a023e3⋯.jpg (292.12 KB, 1280x761, 1280:761, tumblr_oma309jIE41rasnq9o1….jpg)

d986e2  No.12408820[Reply]

Secessionism is always better than non-secession. Fusion of nations is immoral.

In my uneducated opinion, all who can't let small parts of nations secede are socialist & authoritarian coercive shitters. Taking a part of your demographic as a prisoner is immoral and inhumane, and there is no reason to do this except for taxpayer farming for corrupt politicians. And people of the smaller demographic that don't agree to secession are Stockholm Syndrome patients.

What are good arguments against secession?

Discuss pls.

62 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

843f8e  No.12415950


and feudalism ended in the 15th century with absolutism coming into play, it seems you got your information from Crusader Kings 2

6bcb8d  No.12415976


Many cities were free and there were free counties and independent shires.



See link above. Absolutism in europe was anything but absolute. The monarch was a representative of the aristocracy, not a tyrant. See link below.


843f8e  No.12416003


The free cities were still a subject to the HRE emperor

And the Magan Carta only came after the king beat the everloving shit out of the barons

6bcb8d  No.12416017


>The free cities were still a subject to the HRE emperor

The cities had treaties with each other, as well as the emperor, even though they had certain obvligations, they were sovereign until the 15th century. Btw. i am not advocating that we go back to the city state model of the holy roman empire, i am just saying that historically, even small cities had vast amounts of freedom and power was decentralized to a large degree.

e2aefe  No.12416039


Fusion of nation is not good unless the governmental authority is willing to do a lot of ethnic cleansing to create a homogenous or obedient population, see China.

China is actually an amalgamation of different nations of Asians bannered under the ethnicity of Chinese after centuries of conquest and assimilation and cleansing later. Different regions of Chinese have distinct phenotypes, but they are all considered Chinese.

In a nationalist's eyes, it is a horrible outcome, but such is the nature of humanity and its innate to conquer and control, after a few generations, the conquered nations will slowly be less resistant and will eventually be breed out of existence.

The problem with EU is slightly different, complicated by different races that makes group identity much difficult to create without identify distinct ethnic populations with the EU.

File: cfed669569794b4⋯.png (1.04 MB, 1637x1532, 1637:1532, BR2.png)

File: 8b3fa9a7a472205⋯.png (1.35 MB, 1924x1395, 1924:1395, PA2.png)

4e7b18  No.12197371[Reply]

We've all seen the infographics about Alex Jones being a Jew puppet for Mossad. But for every Alex Jones there are dozens of lesser-known shills and counter-intelligence networks muddying the water around every controversial subject.

Sometimes it's easy to take some "alternative personality," read up on their biography, take note of a few names, and soon have a network sketched out that leads to douches like Allen Dulles, Sidney Gottlieb, or the Clinton or Bush machines.

So how much have you guys actually bothered to look into your favorite "alternative personalities"?

A few years ago I came across some really out-there shit by this man and woman calling themselves "Project Camelot." They interviewed people who claimed to have all kinds of bizarre abduction experiences, or who claimed to be government insiders, or super spiritually awakened, and a lot of other corny bullshit like this. The man split from the woman and formed his own "Project Avalon" (both of these are names of former government programs btw), but continued to find the most fucking off-the-wall characters to promote as legitimate.

So a group of us did some digging into him, and sure enough, he's just as shady as you'd expect and then some. But his following is relatively small, so not many people would take the time to look into this shit.

I doubt any of you have heard of this particular faggot before, but if you have, pic related.

This guy is also in the same circles as: David Wilcock, George Noory (Coast to Coast AM), "Bashar" the "channeled extraterrestrial from the future," Gaiam TV, and a lot of other bullshitters who are similarly surrounded by CIA niggers.

156 posts and 59 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

0ed546  No.12369760

File: 1b11be62993e8e6⋯.png (85.3 KB, 510x510, 1:1, 3bc4241374cf8c8ac82feb31a9….png)

0ed546  No.12369769

File: 702e14bac284816⋯.png (661.98 KB, 1731x966, 577:322, answers.png)


The host is always larger than the parasite.

If it was reversed, both the host and the parasite would perish.

3c1c93  No.12389564


Of the first hand encounter accounts, this one gets more creedence than most – from Joseph P. Farrell, in particular, whom is otherwise extremely skeptical of these kinds of LARP-potential eye witness accounts.



Accurate on the Jonestein question; the first court case to get the Talmud into the record; first to name the echoes for military tech infiltration from the West/USA. If he is, he's paid a massive personal price for that deep of cover–


The most /x thing posted here in a long time. Wow

4e7b18  No.12409534


>Of the first hand encounter accounts, this one gets more creedence than most – from Joseph P. Farrell, in particular, whom is otherwise extremely skeptical of these kinds of LARP-potential eye witness accounts.

Oxford's Dr. Farrell also believes in the Holohoax. So much for his "skepticism."

8b2764  No.12416022


>Any links op? Or information?

no. these poorly made "controlled op" and "mkultra" etc threads ARE THE PSYOP – these ARE THE SHILLS that are leading you astray. if they weren't they wouldn't be so full of shit, low-energy, wing-bat niggers

File: 965b8c2bd670cb5⋯.jpg (242.86 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1541469133619.jpg)

41574a  No.12385453[Reply]

They are angling to cut us off!

Forget piracy. They want to desensitize people to the idea of internet access being based on what you DO on the internet.

This is all about us.


35 posts and 11 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

74dea6  No.12397792


jokes on them, honestly

shows, movies, and games are so bad these days I don't want them even if they're free

b07708  No.12397833


They are freely available by multiple means, and yet I'm indeed not watching. For stuff to watch while working out, howto, how things are made, new tech, 3d printing, manufacturing videos, programming, business videos, history & nature shows on jewtube, twitch gameplay videos.

5985fc  No.12403493

Man. Gotta love this capitalist plutocracy. Better not complain or you're a libtard commie.

8bacd9  No.12405534

Reminder /pol/ supported the BASED zogcontrolled ISPs owned by newscorps because a boomer in office was against Net Neutrality and unironcially shilled for a corporatist pajeet.

Fuck all of you tech-illiterate retards.

a3bac3  No.12415999


ISPs have been terminating service due to DMCAs for at least 10yrs. where have you been?

File: a22d19c7593e29e⋯.jpeg (114.86 KB, 947x760, 947:760, 7648B0A0-B7A9-45C5-BEBC-7….jpeg)

22fa9f  No.12364014[Reply]

>The Georgia Secretary of State’s Office says it is investigating a failed attempt to hack the state’s voter registration system by the Democratic Party of Georgia, the office said in a news release.

>The state has not said what evidence they have that a hack occurred.

>"While we cannot comment on the specifics of an ongoing investigation, I can confirm that the Democratic Party of Georgia is under investigation for possible cyber crimes," said Secretary of State office Press Secretary Candice Broce. "We can also confirm that no personal data was breached and our system remains secure."

>"We opened an investigation into the Democratic Party of Georgia after receiving information from our legal team about failed efforts to breach the online voter registration system and My Voter Page. We are working with our private sector vendors and investigators to review data logs. We have contacted our federal partners and formally requested the Federal Bureau of Investigation to investigate these possible cyber crimes. The Secretary of State's office will release more information as it becomes available."

>"The Democratic Party of Georgia will stop at nothing to regain relevance and power in our state," said Communications Director Ryan Mahoney. "They lied about Georgia's 'pending' voter list, made up stories about missing absentee ballot requests, and spread misinformation about our state's voting machines. Every time, their ridiculous claims were undermined by the truth.

>"In an act of desperation, the Democrats tried to expose vulnerabilities in Georgia's voter registration system. This was a 4th quarter Hail Mary pass that was intercepted in the end zone. Thanks to the systems and protocols established by Secretary of State Brian Kemp, no personal information was breached. These power-hungry radicals should be held accountable for their criminal behavior."


Someone else post the archived link because it’s taking too long on my end.

101 posts and 15 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

a0481e  No.12405553


Looks like the reason they wanted to hack the voter rolls was so they could fabricate ballots with real names and addresses.

932568  No.12405556

who cares?

a0481e  No.12405575


amerifarts who had a vain hope for rule of law cared.

932568  No.12405590


More like lost magapedes. They could care less about the law or who makes it.

485d3f  No.12415997

>literally no investigation

thanks mueller

File: 23f81c03f6f2955⋯.jpeg (27.2 KB, 583x325, 583:325, 81F063F7-DFB2-4D18-80CB-C….jpeg)

46c2c7  No.12382224[Reply]

Palestinian-American Rashida Tlaib and Somali-American Ilhan Omar have become the first Muslim women elected to US Congress.

Tlaib took Michigan's 13th congressional district in a race in which she was the sole major party candidate. Omar won Minnesota's strongly Democratic fifth congressional district, replacing the first Muslim congressman, Keith Ellison, who vacated his seat to run in the state's attorney general race.


>The United States government is officially a joke.

65 posts and 11 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

60c661  No.12415328


Well, how do you expect to vacate the holy lands destined for Greater Israel project ? Bomb & create refugees from Palestine and Syria, and send them to white countries. USA belongs to the world, bad goyim.

9d7309  No.12415385

File: 159a36cec737104⋯.jpg (183.02 KB, 546x558, 91:93, Army-marching-into-Neu-Sen….jpg)

File: fcd874961646055⋯.jpg (43.64 KB, 637x449, 637:449, d5f2fe0be679dee9d41f851c1a….jpg)



>Retards who don't realize that these shitskins will be cut off from party resources and committee assignments if they don't tow the party line on Israel

Ocasio-Cortez has always walked back what she said on Israel. All idealists in Washington learn to bend the knee, the only one who didn't got his brains blown out all over a convertible in Dallas

9d7309  No.12415386


*already walked back

a6ce91  No.12415747


go right ahead and start one then. That civil war is not going to start itself

8ecf89  No.12415981

Two future scapegoats get shoe-horned into Congress by jews.

Yawn . . .

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