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Never forget: May 26, 2018

File: 3405675cf79cfde⋯.jpg (372.64 KB, 1186x1181, 1186:1181, 1527095900031.jpg)

0143b1 No.11607019[Reply]

President Trump's blocking of critics on Twitter is unconstitutional, court rules.

>President Donald Trump cannot block users on his Twitter feed, a New York federal judge ruled Wednesday.

.The judge, Naomi Reice Buchwald, ruled that Trump is violating the U.S. Constitution by preventing Americans from viewing his tweets.

>The suit was filed in July 2017 by the Knight First Amendment Institute at Columbia University.

>"This case requires us to consider whether a public official may, consistent with the First Amendment, 'block' a person from his Twitter account in response to the political views that person has expressed, and whether the analysis differs because that public official is the President of the United States," the judge said in her opinion. "The answer to both questions is no."

>The White House did not immediately respond to CNBC's request for comment.

>The institute's executive director, Jameel Jaffer, said in a statement following the ruling: "We're pleased with the court's decision, which reflects a careful application of core First Amendment principles to government censorship on a new communications platform,"

>Jaffer added: "The President's practice of blocking critics on Twitter is pernicious and unconstitutional, and we hope this ruling will bring it to an end."

>Katie Fallow, a senior staff attorney at the institute, said, "The First Amendment prohibits government officials from suppressing speech on the basis of viewpoint … The court's application of that principle here should guide all of the public officials who are communicating with their constituents through social media."

Archive is shitting out on me

https://www.cnbc.com/2018/05/23/trump-cant-block-twitter-followers-federal-judge-says.htPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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62bc4f No.11610203

What kind of banana republic system does USA have that you have these single judges making such calls?

Anyway the implication of this is that you also shouldn't be able to be blocked by spamming niggers like Maxine Waters with a ton of nigger shitposts.

62bc4f No.11610223


Not just kikes exclusively, the hordes of white traitors in high positions, the niggers, the kikes, the mudslime jids and the catholic jew all play a part in modern oppression of white people.

Curse everything the kikes own.

8b065c No.11610235

Neat so now I can sue the government if any politician blocks me for trolling?

ca9163 No.11610775

Maybe being forced to read the inane horrible shit (((people))) say to him will piss him off.

ddb279 No.11611375



>believes everything in a HuffPost smear piece

Kill yourself, (((shill))).

File: 9ee9b42a0c73f50⋯.png (975.15 KB, 861x807, 287:269, 1526999526035.png)

13fc76 No.11603178[Reply]

English translation in YT link.



They flooded the original video and downvoted it to hell.

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03caf4 No.11611271


Everyone but me gotta learn suture is my response to everyone

03caf4 No.11611273


Everyone but me gotta learn suuuuuuuure is my response to everyone

9a3d0a No.11611276




Do you have any fucking idea what you're talking about? (rhetorical question)

03caf4 No.11611285


Everyone but me is a wimp baby and needs to man up.

22db88 No.11611340

File: 2d7da2481f868ac⋯.png (124.63 KB, 741x352, 741:352, Jonathan Jones.png)

File: 3cb85c4da6cd37f⋯.jpg (148.94 KB, 1676x520, 419:130, butthurt gommies.jpg)


>foreskin-eating kikes and turkroaches


I know Redditors have an IQ of <65 but come the fuck on. If any of you /pol/acks don't know, "crypto-fascist" is a retarded term used in far left subplebbits like r/Socialism, r/FullCommunism, and r/shitliberalssay. Don't let the last subplebbit name fool you, SJW Reddit commies only hate Obongo-voting libtards because they think they're not "progressive" enough. This is what the left is mostly comprised of. Eating each other alive because of very slight poltical differences.

Also the Reddit commies are HUGE defenders of the war crimes the (((Soviet Union))) has done throughout the years, and in their heads somehow starving Russians had something to do with (((capitalism))), which in turn they compare to NatSoc and fascism. I can't even.

Pic related are a bunch of butthurt plebbit commies comaplaining about some guy named "Jonathan Jones". I don't know him but he seems reasonable enough to let far right artworks to be displayed. Maybe the artworks weren't even remotely far right.

File: 35f892513d6ed6b⋯.jpg (89.07 KB, 940x531, 940:531, MILLENIALS.jpg)

987fab No.11610922[Reply]

Don't get me wrong, millenials deserve all of the hate they get. However, the mass media sure does love to blame this group for a lot of shit that they have nothing to do with. It's their go to scapegoat for when they want to misdirect from a subject.

>Millenials don't want to work

Translation: it's hard to find a fucking job

>Millenials don't want to get married

Translation: Women are fucking crazy and will throw you in jail for looking at them wrong

>Millenials are staying with mommy and daddy more

Translation: underemployment is a bitch and so is student debt and rent inflation

>Millenials are under educated

Translation: The school system doesn't teach you anything but how to be a good drone

Shit like that. It's absolutely true that these people are entitled, narcisistic, and they feel they deserve prizes and toys for every little thing they do. However, they are also a very useful scape goat for detracting from the real truth. Am I the only one who notices this shit?

71 posts and 16 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

a07b39 No.11613164


I think that at this point its too late, Im afraid I have become an entirely different person that what I was before, even my own family says that, when I was cheerful, happy and actually had passion, now I am cranky aggresive, introvert and my group of friends has largely ignored me except one person, hell even my own sister has given up on me. Why did I pick up that computer when I was young?

a07b39 No.11613541


You know what

No its not too late, I will stop self pitying myself, I will crawl out of this hole and I will achive what I want

548259 No.11614463

Millennials are spics and double redditors. Boomers did this.

ebd4af No.11616176

File: 815f8525177bdc1⋯.png (27.2 KB, 668x348, 167:87, Anon-EmpathyForGenZ.png)


Interesting take. Memed.

000000 No.11616367


objectively untrue

File: 9dbac148489ad99⋯.jpg (169.25 KB, 1104x376, 138:47, hardtimescreatestrongmen.jpg)

8cbc33 No.11608142[Reply]

>HUNGARY SAYS NO! Refuses to sign Marrakesh Declaration that would massively increase legal immigration to the EU from the Middle East and African nations

>Even more unbelievable, EU countries such as Sweden have described these mostly Muslim freeloaders, rapists, and jihadists posing as immigrants as “desirable, enriching, and inevitable.”

>Gas the bikes race car now

>pic unrelated

>inb4 I did it for the aesthetic

No but all memes aside guys; if this means the second wave of niqqers and arabs into Mother Europe, there is no more Europe… (((They))) are coming back to finish the job off, they know Europe is about to erupt… It is only a matter of time… The Black Sun will soon rise.

http://barenakedReligion of Cuck™.com/2018/05/22/hungary-says-no-refuses-to-sign-marrakesh-declaration-that-would-massively-increase-legal-immigration-to-the-eu-from-the-middle-east-and-african-nations/

19 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

bf0927 No.11609720


They are as unrelated as you can get, Hungarian is a unique language that has it's roots in the Ural mountains, it isn't related to any other language save Finnish and that's only slightly related

11a554 No.11611139


maybe Poland is trying to scramble together nukes they may need to use against the muslim invasion …

037e3d No.11611156


maybe that's what happened

11a554 No.11611162


btfo shill

cf981d No.11611165


End of the semester.

File: b43f05cf6d55eac⋯.jpg (56.48 KB, 640x360, 16:9, 106zq5y.jpg)

6f68e2 No.11543022[Reply]

Let's get him out /pol/


It is with great concern that we learned that Julian Assange has lost access to the internet and the right to receive visitors at the Ecuadorian London Embassy. Only extraordinary pressure from the US and the Spanish governments can explain why Ecuador’s authorities should have taken such appalling steps in isolating Julian.

224 posts and 49 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

a9f750 No.11610918

Long live assange

000000 No.11610932

There are certain tools that are more useful than others but maybe Assange has lost the keenness of his edge. Maybe it is time for him to face the foils that have been laid for him and let a new synthesis arise to take his place.

ac73ad No.11611112


>wtf I hate exposing the clintons, the deep state and the jews now!

technically, he just tattled on Clinton on behalf of Bernie Sanders, tbh

6f68e2 No.11611141


I disagree.

he may be afraid to get killed.

also his access to the internet has been shut off.

that's why he also can't post his pgp signature.

6f68e2 No.11611150


how would you do something about issues that concern you then?

File: 70a98ea64ecef78⋯.png (63.77 KB, 168x285, 56:95, abort.png)

16eea2 No.11603496[Reply]

Netherlands: 1,400 Underage Dutch Girls Forced into Sex Slavery Each Year by ‘Migrant Background’ Males


>Every year more than one thousand underage Dutch girls are groomed and then blackmailed into sex slavery by young pimps with migrant backgrounds, an investigation has revealed.

>With gifts, drink, and drugs, so-called ‘loverboys’ will seduce a girl into agreeing to become his sex partner before taking pictures or video footage of the encounter which will then be used as leverage to force her into prostitution, Dutch newspaper Algemeen Dagblad reports.

>“These men are mostly Moroccans, Turks, Caribbeans, and Roma. The lion’s share of them have a migrant background,” said Gideon van Aartsen from Watch Nederland, an initiative which coordinates with the nation’s police on efforts to fight child sexual exploitation (CSE).

>He told the newspaper that selling sex with schoolgirls is a “lucrative trade” that can earn “up to 800 euros a day on a girl” for ‘loverboys’, most of whom are part of larger networks that are also involved in trafficking illegal drugs and weapons.

First the UK, now Holland. This is happening all over Europe.

62 posts and 18 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

6b42fe No.11606943

File: 52ef1c308ca82ef⋯.jpg (74.79 KB, 908x539, 908:539, smug antifa faggot.jpg)


fuck off cunt. KYS

1ba916 No.11611113


You mean macrophages?

1ba916 No.11611116


This is the reason behind my drive for world domination. I just want to be left alone, but other people aren't content with that, so I must kill them.

e6f07a No.11611127

File: 4d03a6adcfca541⋯.jpg (343.24 KB, 624x810, 104:135, rotherham.jpg)

File: 9304e726ba9c366⋯.jpg (263.42 KB, 1185x1270, 237:254, rotherham sensitivity trai….jpg)

File: a216d6255cc32ce⋯.jpeg (191.02 KB, 938x714, 67:51, rotherham.jpeg)

File: 244238614068741⋯.jpg (174.4 KB, 960x461, 960:461, rotherham comic.jpg)

File: 0c9d8c7ac252855⋯.png (192.31 KB, 1013x597, 1013:597, map.png)

what did people think was going to happen when they took hundreds of thousands of men from the rapiest countries on earth?

650d7f No.11611131


Anon… that's exactly what they where hoping for.

File: a20f30dcaae8d9b⋯.jpeg (120.99 KB, 1023x575, 1023:575, 1*8FJEq0XhbWNmI8px-LuUvg.jpeg)

93d33f No.11603811[Reply]

6 glass containers with the extremely toxic compound osmiumtetroxid found in a preschool playground in stockholm

(((someone))) put them their hoping the kids would break them and die

link in swedish, use google translate if you want to read it



112 posts and 7 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

9f1060 No.11609246


>Arabs have been known to have chemical weapons. Some of them were real nasty.

LoL, like Saddam Hussein and ebil Assad eh?

This place gets even more comical and infested with mossad kikes each day

d5df09 No.11609424


>in the beeb article, they say it was a mudslime wanting to akhbar native britons

>in sweden

Even your id knows what's up

2f3ac5 No.11610782


>LoL, like Saddam Hussein and ebil Assad eh?

No, like the "rebels" who are trying to topple Assad, retard.

>muslims never do anything hurr durr

dafcd3 No.11611004


>Chemical attack in sweden

How does that GAS KILLING ANIMAL, Bashar al-Assad, keep getting away with this?!?!?!?!?

000000 No.11611124


>it was trannies that was sterilised/castrated, swedish eugenics program ended in 1979.

Only partially right. Castration was a condition for receiving "transition" surgery, as it still is in Finland.

But the elite transgender agenda has been running for decades in Sweden too. ABBA was a transgender group. Just look at this photo, who has the feminine facial structure, who the masculine? Watch an old video of the ABBA "girls" dancing, they're rigid and clumsy, usually wearing costumes tailored to hide the hips. One exception being the infamous Spandex body suits which, despite underpadding to give female hips, only served to highlight their total lack of female buttocks.

This is the real secret to ABBA's vocals. Their contemporaries, artists and critics alike, could not figure out how the two women were able to cover such huge vocal ranges with such power. There is no mystery really however, they were simply tapping into the centuries old power of the castrati. Men of old knew that no female singer can compete with a man castrated in boyhood. The castrato has much larger and stronger lungs to belt out sustained notes with all the range but several times the power of a woman.

>reverso ABBA, the clue is even in the name.


File: 02dd7e8c81dbbab⋯.jpg (113.1 KB, 656x728, 82:91, 02dd7e8c81dbbab3f809c7850c….jpg)

File: 9cdaceb2881784d⋯.jpg (37.23 KB, 500x281, 500:281, 9cdaceb2881784d84308dfc7f1….jpg)

File: 334abdcc8ee7a7e⋯.png (238.58 KB, 1024x952, 128:119, 334abdcc8ee7a7ed93da724fb9….png)

File: 773a64159a95bfb⋯.jpg (41.28 KB, 750x429, 250:143, 773a64159a95bfb1cc10060d8f….jpg)

File: 71071ca0b9f4088⋯.jpg (83.86 KB, 1024x696, 128:87, 71071ca0b9f408856cca74b8c0….jpg)

097fbf No.11610191[Reply]

Please red-pill me on this, I need some infographics, and red-pills just in case for the retaking of 4chan in the future.

(template thread)
9 posts and 16 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

a162f9 No.11610550


Yeah, typo.

aab0aa No.11610602


It's pathetic this is a bread but whatever, redpill thread it is.

dad57a No.11610760

File: cd191f707ef9961⋯.jpg (1.17 MB, 1247x898, 1247:898, (((commie revolutinaries))….jpg)

df6e46 No.11611309


571881 No.11614886

double redditor

double redditor

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

000000 No.11602656[Reply]

Imagine all those years ago on /pol/ those dystopian greentext stories about DeShawn and Jamal and they will be your new doctors and surgeons.

The dystopia is now


43 posts and 9 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

3c72fe No.11609992

How old is that ape?

000000 No.11610540

To think a white man or woman lost a spot because of this ape. I even feel bad that a fucking pajeet lost it.

5120b6 No.11610621


Doing gods work, anon.

5120b6 No.11610630


Can confirm, every vet clinic i have been to is 95-100% white.

5120b6 No.11610632


Not sending all the blacks back to Africa after founding the country is the biggest mistake we ever made as a nation.

File: a6daedf4d744fcf⋯.jpg (87.47 KB, 500x725, 20:29, ths is is the enemy.jpg)

2478db No.11610071[Reply]

Fundies supports Israel because they think Israel is necessary to bring back Jesus.


(low effort, no archive.)
6 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

9eb7e6 No.11610442

It is no surprise. Boomerfags and their parents mostly are the real cause of the west cucking to jews and basically imploding. Sometimes I wonder if the jews killed the west, or was the west already dying of its own volition and jews just landed here like vultures. They would be rejected from any healthy society, but the west has not been healthy for over a 100 years.

000000 No.11610456

>Fundies supports Israel because they think Israel is necessary to bring back Jesus.

Which is completely heretical and against the words and wishes of Christ. Anyone who supports the synagogue of Satan will be sent straight to hell.

000000 No.11610462


Exactly. It's basically talmudism for Christians. Complete heresy.

Every "Christian" zionist should know two things, if they keep supporting kikes they will go straight to hell and only Christians and those who believe in Christ are the chosen people after jews lost the covenant with God for rejecting Jesus and the jews are literally anti-Christ to this very day.

ff42b4 No.11610610

Fuck all the shills, this is a big issue. The kikes wouldn't have 1/10 of the support in the us government as they do now, without their fundie golems.

f73560 No.11611770


>White suicide psyop


>Ebin WWII OSS AKA CIA propaganda

haha benis

File: 37b48bebeaa74f4⋯.jpg (25.92 KB, 400x400, 1:1, kFQxCZH-_400x400.jpg)

File: 66ef435d4f6718a⋯.png (156.13 KB, 910x623, 130:89, Screenshot 2018-05-23 at 3….png)

a9cf37 No.11607631[Reply]

Kurt Eichenwald Trying to Get Another Twitter User Arrested

Another person has sent Kurt Eichenwald the picture a picture with flashing lights so that now Kurt is attempting to get him arrest just as back in 2017, a Maryland anon was arrested and charged with cyberstalking and it going to do 10 years.

The Anime Avis are twitter are now lashing out by spamming him with epileptic images and reminding everyone that he not only watches hentai but literally ran a CP site for years.

92 posts and 32 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

460223 No.11610296


Cannabinoids and ketogenic diet would be two things to look into.

000000 No.11610306

The jew merely wished to watch his tentacle and child pornography in peace with his family. Isn't this what normal Americans all do? Your leaders most of all skip right past the CP and go straight to raping kids, the most American of traditions. We all saw every last war Americans have been involved in during the past 60 years to know this is a time honoured tradition among Americans and this jew is the most American of Americans.

6b035b No.11610365

What about someone doing it from outside the US? Couldn't BASED Euro Bros (or Japananons) fight the good fight and use their lack of citizenship (and thus legal jurisdiction) here?

a2ad0d No.11610402


Even though that is the purpose of shit testing, the mainstream manosphere shows itself for what it really is in essence with your comment; capitulating to feminism, and thus kikes, by giving women wholesale what they want in being an asshole why excusing her for exercising no control over her natural desires. This is the same liberal tendency that is on display when mudshits rape toddlers and everyone shrugs and says 'they can't help it, it's their culture'….

Take away social programs and laissez faire suffrage for everyone and watch the shit testing dissappear. They KNOW, no matter how much they lie to themselves and others, that their behavior is completely unacceptable. The misbehave for the same reason an out of control classroom misbehaves (when white), no cultural impetus for acceptable behavior. You suggest acting like a monkey as an individual solution to a systemic problem.

7fb87c No.11610567


CBDs I get, but you'll have to give some more info on how ketogenic diets help with aberrant brain activity.

File: 02c728a6f47e197⋯.jpg (131.63 KB, 800x586, 400:293, 9237P1010032a.jpg)

6de957 No.11410406[Reply]

I'm surprised there isn't a thread about this yet.


>This bill amends the federal criminal code to make it a crime to knowingly import, sell, manufacture, transfer, or possess a semiautomatic assault weapon (SAW) or large capacity ammunition feeding device (LCAFD).

>The prohibition does not apply to a firearm that is: (1) manually operated by bolt, pump, lever, or slide action; (2) permanently inoperable; (3) an antique; or (4) a rifle or shotgun specifically identified by make and model.

Hotpocket Edit:


Introduced by

Rep. Cicilline, David N. [D-RI-1] (Introduced 02/26/2018)

Picture of the kike >>11410455

234 posts and 66 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.
Post last edited at

000000 No.11606453


What are you talking about? I lost all my weapons in the great /k/ boating day accident…

589156 No.11610102





Get fucked you JIDF kikes. Everyone knows you shill thesis and antithesis. This is not new. Get off my board.




I miss that pasta already.


>people never rise up

Top kek, you'll lose your pension and your head, you traitor faggot.


>muh edge

He's not wrong.

000000 No.11610127


>oy vey totally not the_donald.txt

No one believes you.

c01420 No.11610426


Christcukcery isn't going to save a damn thing. That's what you turn to when you want to fill your head with bullshit because you lack real answers, after all.

2b6b8c No.11610547

mass non-compliance.

come to CA i'll show you how to do it.

File: a0c0362ec9db9ff⋯.jpg (92.88 KB, 1146x800, 573:400, 65500801.jpg)

d3b079 No.11603935[Reply]

lads, this photo geuinely scared me.

Zuck in "questioning" in Brussels smiling happily among the symbols of EU

This looks like fuck I don't know but it looks like he returned among his own

This can not end well



55 posts and 31 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

01222a No.11607249

File: 6ac6736cafce678⋯.png (1.48 MB, 2220x1080, 37:18, Screenshot_20171116-220048.png)


I would only if i got a condo from a witness protection program of some kind

implying im serious because im not its only a joke i swear

a14c79 No.11607998


>Then why is he getting grilled publicly?


like most politics

giving the illusion of things being done to protect the public

fe72b8 No.11609269

By admitting to it and not being arrested he takes blame, asserts power, and normalizes the practice. They have him doing naughty things. He has their info. Each has the other by the balls. It's just cosy time for them. They are bound together and must cooperate. A theory.

cf11b3 No.11610508

I don't know what I thought posting this thread.

I was absent from the board for 1 month since the betraying mod deletes good people. This board is ruined, your mod is a traitor, bye

64458b No.11610525


look at that soulless stare…

File: c4327f65542e469⋯.jpg (48.31 KB, 750x656, 375:328, 189931942214999.JPG)

File: 7b774d52470a392⋯.jpg (115.47 KB, 1385x679, 1385:679, 191392161420025.JPG)

512d7d No.11593127[Reply]

in light of the recent school shooting, there is an influx of anti-gun retards, shilling more than usual. Share your best memes to counter anti-gun shills.

15 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

000000 No.11593330


>WaPo: One tweet, that she was "obviously reading from a script," remained online for five hours, and counting.

>and counting


da77b7 No.11593472


>memes to counter anti-gun shills

My personal favorites are side-by-side graphics of:

>Hollywood celeb tweet demonizing guns

>screencap of them in a movie glorifying guns

It would be a momumental psyop to get a boycott of all movies and music that have guns in them. Give 'em the old jew-a-roo.

(I don't have any examples: might need a crowdsourced effort.)

e29a88 No.11593758


>doesn't understand the semantic value of greentext

>calls others Reddit

000000 No.11610498

Kyle Kashuv, pretty much the sole pro-gun Parkland survivor, finished at the top of his class. https://www.westernjournal.com/ct/kyle-kashuv-wins-top-of-his-class/

The National Academy of Sciences has once again also proven that gun control does not work with hard irrefutable facts.

The meme: Gun Control Advocates are Brainlets

37cc1d No.11610923


I hate newfags who can't greentext properly.

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

5011df No.11529075[Reply]

White Boomer Males Dieing in Large Numbers

Rising drug and alcohol overdoses, suicides, and disease from chronic alcoholism – labeled "deaths of despair" by one expert – are cutting the lives of white Americans short by nearly a half a year on average.

Increases in these types of deaths among whites means that life expectancy for whites is not increasing as fast as it is for other groups, according to a government report that offers an unusual look at how different threats are affecting U.S. lifespans.

"Things are moving in the wrong direction," said Anne Case, a Princeton University researcher, of what she calls "deaths of despair."


320 posts and 52 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

120625 No.11609489


You are so wrong. Gen Z WILL be kick ass. They have witnessed all the fuckery by the greedy boomers, mindless gen X'ers, and toxic millennials so much so they will probably be the most kick ass generation to date if done right. Imo gen Z was partly responsible for Trump taking office not through voting but by winning the great meme war of 2016. 1800's faggots were so corrupt to their young they wouldn't even feed them proper meat, the following lost generation was a bunch of suckers working slave wages and fighting in trenches only to get nothing back, the greatest generation witnessed all of this and became the "pissed off generation" and fiercely fought WWII, nearly brought about world peace, and established a strong society. The boomers grew up in a world of sunshine, flowers, and LSD with an infinite supply of Daddy bucks that they saw no reason to continue progress and quickly started dismantling what previous generations brought, a good number of gen X'ers were just plain dumb mostly because of their parents. Those emo fucks had no guidance and invented the school shooter. Millennials wanted to look like heroic revolutionary boomers but just became keyboard warriors and meme gods.

f9226d No.11609762


>boy I sure do hate filthy red haired amalekites don't you agree fellow goyim?

If kikes weren't psychotically evil we wouldn't have to kill them all. But they are.

0a0985 No.11610149


This is the mindset of someone who doesn't squat 4 plates.

00bc5c No.11610332


dude, my divorcee dad met a woman online and in a couple of months she was living with us. in less than a month my dad started acting like an asshole with me, even the very day when i lent him 90% of my savings, and i couldn't have left not even if i wanted to because i was broke.

all this to say… let's assume the roastie worked her feminine wiles on him to convince him… i don't know, he let himself be convinced.

people or groups of people wanting to have their way, it's normal. it's natural.

traitors are another matter though.

000000 No.11610416


I want to believe but I look at your demographic situation and everything shows you'll be silent II. You're not alphas.

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