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File: f44b68c13ae25df⋯.jpg (137.07 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, preview.mp4.jpg)

fd0fdf No.9778562[Reply]

Milo Yiannopoulos Plots Comeback at UC Berkeley - The Enema Tour to be a Modern Day Scat Spectacular

Yiannopoulos wouldn't say who is backing the effort, financially or otherwise, nor would he say which, if any, student group has invited him to speak at Berkeley.

Milo Yiannopoulos is plotting his comeback, allegedly to take place at UC Berkeley, whether university administrators like it or not.

"In light of recent controversies, I am planning a huge multiday event called Milo's Free Speech Week in Berkeley later this year. We will hold talks and rallies and throw massive parties, all in the name of free expression," Yiannopoulos said on his Facebook page Friday.

Yiannopoulos wouldn't say who is backing the effort, financially or otherwise, nor would he say which, if any, student group has invited him to speak at Berkeley. When he was last set to speak there in February, protesters set fires, threw rocks and attacked fans, and the UC Police Department shut down the event.

Administrators are preparing for a similar reception for Ann Coulter when she attempts to speak on Thursday even after administrators told her she didn't have permission to do so and moved her event to a different venue in the following week.

Insiders say there is much more to Yiannopuoulos' plan to reinvent himself after mainstream conservatives threw him overboard once audio surfaced of him appearing to endorse gay sex with mature children as young as 13.

After that, a $255,000 book deal was canceled, as was his planned keynote address at CPAC. He also left his job as an editor at Breitbart News, and he has been out of the limelight since.

"I will bring activists, writers, artists, politicians, YouTubers, veterans and drag queens from across the ideological spectrum to lecture, march and party," Yiannopoulos wrote on his Facebook page. "I intend to return Berkeley to its rightful place as the home of free speech — whether university administrators and violent far-left antifa thugs like Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

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377df7 No.9799229


>They are "natural" in the same way that any communicable disease is natural.

So yes, they are natural, thank you for agreeing to that. Natural doesn't equal good. Thank you.

687d4c No.9799236


Get over yourself.

377df7 No.9799266


>Muh natural is good

>b…b…but natural can be sometimes bad

>g…get over yourself, stop pointing out that I'm against faggotry for all the wrong reasons, even though there are plenty of good reasons

>it should be my right to be believed even if i'm logically inconsistent

And we wonder why the world is going downhill.

687d4c No.9799294


>I can't read IDs

e68fe7 No.9804915


Fecal Matter to be Spewed as thead, Hotpocket Eaters do Nothing!!!

>Milo Yiannopoulos Plots Comeback at UC Berkeley - The Enema Tour to be a Modern Day Scat Spectacular

Give a source. or just spectacularly fail shitposting again?

>the archived link is a "gay porn" search on google images

You do know 13 year olds aren't allowed to post here right?

File: 9cbdbc4a76e158d⋯.jpeg (204.91 KB, 426x282, 71:47, Svalbard-Norway.jpeg)

File: 30d26e34bb6112e⋯.gif (57.98 KB, 593x700, 593:700, 2.gif)

File: 7935567fec2436a⋯.jpg (284.72 KB, 800x353, 800:353, serveimage.jpg)

3cb543 No.9802631[Reply]

Forget /Namibia/, Near century old treaty allows citizens of many nations ability to become residents of arctic archipelago of Svalbard

A secret paradise for gun rights and residency


High up above Scandinavia about 75 degrees north latitude is an obscure archipelago that few people in the world know about, and even fewer have been to.

It’s called Svalbard, population ~3,000. And while the islands are technically part of Norway, they come with some incredibly unique benefits that I’ll explain in a moment.

For centuries, Svalbard was completely lawless, devoid of any government authority. It attracted whalers, hunters, merchants, and fishermen from all over the world– the UK, Russia, France, Netherlands, North America, and Scandinavia.

Amazingly enough, they were all able to co-exist for hundreds of years without a sovereign authority or central government telling them what to do or how they could live.

Of course, it all got screwed up eventually. In time as word got out about Svalbard, a number of countries tried to claim the islands. Peace turned to conflict very quickly.

Various nations began sending their navies to fight other navies. It was absurd. When they discovered substantial coal deposits, even more conflict ensued.

Svalbard’s fate was ultimately decided because of World War I. The utter devastation that was wracked across Europe led many war-weary politicians to consider a compromise.

Obviously the option of simply pulling out of Svalbard and letting the islands go back to being governmentless was off the table. So in 1920, a group of 14 nations got together and signed the Spitsbergen Treaty, effectively awarding Svalbard to Norway.

Over time, over forty nPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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7b6c4e No.9806913


>greenhouses aren't gonna work well

soon we'll have fusion power:


4f20e8 No.9807013


The point is to preserve the seeds of all these plants, not to grow them right the fuck there. The benefit of keeping it up there in the cold should be apparent.

05b311 No.9808153

File: 0958b04a6d17506⋯.png (440.4 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, Screenshot (1649).png)


ive seen something like that

18a3d3 No.9821767

File: c7c14447157ecb7⋯.gif (366.23 KB, 1024x835, 1024:835, Judas Hangs Himself by Jul….gif)


So, because the people there are all white, happy, and sell-adjusted, they are all probably rather liberal and think racists are evil degenerate people with no sense of proper Christian charity, who don't deserve to be tolerated in any civilized community.


05b311 No.9822427


File: 4bab120c9b33fc4⋯.jpg (62.48 KB, 640x480, 4:3, Ivanka-Donald-640x480.jpg)

4b5db2 No.9790569[Reply]


>In an open letter to Donald Trump, climate expert Dr. Duane Thresher has urged the President not to give in to his daughter Ivanka’s misguided views on global warming and her insistence that the U.S. remain in the Paris climate agreement ratified by Barack Obama last August.

>“Climate treaties like the Paris Agreement have little to do with climate,” Thresher notes in his letter, which he made available to Breitbart News. “They are about economic competition. As the greatest economy in the history of the world, other countries will do anything to cripple the United States.”

>Thresher, who has a PhD in Earth & Environmental Sciences from Columbia University and NASA GISS and worked for years in climate monitoring, says he understands the President’s temptation to listen to his daughter’s advice, but begs him not to give in to that temptation.

>“Countries like China will agree to anything in these treaties and simply ignore their obligations while demanding the United States fulfill theirs,” Thresher said, calling belief in global warming a “popular delusion.”

>In his letter, Dr. Thresher also reminded President Trump of his campaign promises that led many Americans to vote for him.

>“We who voted for you consider stopping this climate change madness one of your key promises,” Thresher said. “If you renege on it you will lose me and many others as supporters.”

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fcc8ce No.9804521


It's like a fucking Shakespeare play.

316d6e No.9804527

File: fd8c0ada5861742⋯.jpg (88.98 KB, 900x900, 1:1, amanda_by_koyorin-d9lqx84.jpg)


Whatever femanon. Just don't get a knot in your panties.

a0a90d No.9804681

File: 842629e89097720⋯.jpg (39.97 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 298.jpg)


Really activates my almonds

b0e05b No.9804690


Women fucking suck at decision making and political shit. Cry as much as you want but you can't change it.

b0e05b No.9804787


I can hear your hands rubbing.

File: 0a3a185ac3d6b8e⋯.jpg (163.47 KB, 630x1200, 21:40, Hidden Figures.jpg)

File: 17cbf21a26cac1f⋯.jpg (211.96 KB, 1280x1036, 320:259, Mary Jackson.jpg)

File: 3ac9fc61bd86d0d⋯.jpg (99.64 KB, 500x650, 10:13, Dorothy Vaughan.jpg)

File: 0c942484f2cdd5f⋯.jpeg (2.29 MB, 2686x3135, 2686:3135, Katherine Johnson.jpeg)

e3566d No.9803904[Reply]

This movie came up in my debates with liberal boomers, so I decided to look into it.

For those who don't know, Hidden Figures is a Hollywood movie about three black female mathematicians who used their genius to chart the navigation for John Glenn's mission into space. It proves definitively that black women can be smart and powerful, and that black people put us on the Moon

These three women are: Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan, and Mary Jackson. But as we look into the story, things are revealed to be very different than the Hollywood narrative.

Mary Jackson never worked on this project. The first female engineer hired by NASA, she worked as a low level functionary in a Wind Tunnel laboratory. She then transferred to work in the Office of Equal Opportunity Programs as the Affirmative Action Program Manager.


Dorothy Vaughan also never worked on this project. She worked as a mathematics teacher at a High School in Virginia, before being recruited by the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (NACA), which had recently begun scouting out minorities in response to Roosevelt's desegregation order. She worked as an administrator at West Area Computers, a FORTRAN programming outfit.


Katherine Johnson is the shining star of this group, and the only one to actually work on this project. However, there is something very interesting about her. Maybe you can see what it is from her picture

She did not work alone, but as a low level functionary among many others. Her job was not in designing, or planning, it was in computing. Meaning she was literally just plugging data into the computer and hitting enter. These were the first electronic computers of their time, so data entry had to be spot on. Her crowning achievement of this time Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

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a2325a No.9804647

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>a jew that complains about whites

302eb9 No.9804697

File: 57ffd97c2dce923⋯.png (4.03 MB, 680x4978, 340:2489, 57ffd97c2dce923135a6946b8d….png)

File: 40db86fe00630de⋯.png (690.16 KB, 1040x549, 1040:549, 1455752993338-4.png)

File: c2720e5c6e12c7e⋯.jpg (489.69 KB, 757x1319, 757:1319, kk8IYsH.jpg)

File: cb1d81590ca7fd4⋯.png (857.18 KB, 825x2175, 11:29, cw2.png)

File: ff521cd40050a27⋯.jpg (62.63 KB, 720x490, 72:49, 1446228379172.jpg)

I hope you don't mind if I dump some unrelated pics about the (((media))).

302eb9 No.9804706

File: d8eaf1a560acfa7⋯.jpg (439.45 KB, 757x1449, 757:1449, t3_67aw6c.jpg)

File: 14b3c53e68f4061⋯.jpg (1.77 MB, 2000x3000, 2:3, 1455752188056-1.jpg)

File: 7b0a4afbae4c841⋯.jpg (6.24 MB, 4128x3608, 516:451, 1455752993337-1.jpg)

File: 7aafd8dff28785c⋯.png (333.17 KB, 2408x2328, 301:291, 1455753166545-0.png)

File: e7673afc50ff725⋯.jpg (246.19 KB, 1398x740, 699:370, e7673afc50ff725e8ec95ebb60….jpg)

302eb9 No.9804710

File: 5635d5b14803b7b⋯.png (576.1 KB, 621x660, 207:220, EdvKk1B.png)

File: 897ea7bcae1cada⋯.jpg (1.3 MB, 2152x6880, 269:860, f9c56d703da3a04b42edf67cd9….jpg)

File: 798c3a5a24cc4d8⋯.png (890.83 KB, 1135x585, 227:117, njQ7cd.png)

File: e06ff8023e0a6b0⋯.jpg (59.79 KB, 611x822, 611:822, tF4bzeH.jpg)

File: fadd7dae958bb08⋯.png (2.66 MB, 2928x3536, 183:221, 1455475765037-0.png)

302eb9 No.9804717

File: dac65565ade71b4⋯.jpg (2.97 MB, 4856x2272, 607:284, 1455753166546-2.jpg)

File: fabfd41995ef558⋯.png (208.13 KB, 2092x1270, 1046:635, 1456666185939.png)

File: 28af46bf37a1e34⋯.jpg (101.9 KB, 697x520, 697:520, hollywood-jew_thumb.jpg)

File: b35e8149c005bda⋯.jpg (158.35 KB, 580x811, 580:811, hollywood-jews.jpg)

File: 258ab02a0202ed4⋯.jpg (411.37 KB, 816x1123, 816:1123, Moment-Hollywood.jpg)

File: f7239dc4fe4fc13⋯.jpg (46.66 KB, 619x442, 619:442, 2017.04.24 - Student Loans….jpg)

File: f6b46cc7b3fdfbc⋯.jpg (56.17 KB, 361x824, 361:824, 2017.04.24 - Student Loans….jpg)

ed2761 No.9795704[Reply]

http ://w ww.zerohedge.com/news/2017-04-24/baby-boomers-borrowed-100bn-student-loans-their-snowflakes-now-defaults-are-soaring#comment-9432075

>America's snowflake millennials aren't used to being told 'no', especially by their parents. Perhaps that's why, as we pointed out a few days ago, more millennials than ever are now living at home with mom and roughly one quarter of them don't even both to enroll in classes and/or find a job (see "A Quarter Of Millennials Living At Home Neither Work Nor Study"). But, when it comes to racking up massive student loans for their lazy, millennial, snowflakes, we suspect a healthy portion of about 3.5 million Baby Boomers are wishing they had a do-over to do just that.Unfortunately, rather than making some difficult decisions about affordability and/or forcing their kids to pay for their own education, Baby Boomers have incurred nearly $100 billion in student loans so that little Johnny and/or Susie could get that Anthro degree they always wanted.

>When it comes to federally subsidized student loans the underwriting standards put even the no-income, no-doc mortgages of 2005 to shame. Just take the case of Sherry McPherson as an example. Per the WSJ, McPherson was able to secure $100,000 in student loans for her son and herself to attend a trade school despite "her shaky credit and unemployment." Adding insult to injury, for taxpayers at least, McPherson has already refinanced her loans into one of Obama's "income-driven plans" which "sets her payments at zero while she is unemployed."

>Now, just as these parents are entering their retirement years, a record number of them are having their Social Security and pension payments garnished to pay for student loans that they never had a prayer of being able to afford. In fact, as of September 2015, more than 330,000 people, or 11% of borrowers, had gone at least a year without making a payment on a Parent Plus loan and over 40,000 of them were having their income garnished by the federal government.

Thats right goys go to college and make sure you take out as much debt as you possibly can? 20 years old and 100,000 dollars in debt? Thats the trendy thing to do!

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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bb533d No.9797827


> For 71-year-old Patsy Jardin, that means her pension will drop from about $49,000 a year to a little more than $19,000.

Good. No reason some old shit needs 49k a year. I've never in my life lived on more than 10k a year, why should she get it for sitting on her ass? Useless extravagant old shits.


Pension plans are completely retarded. It's just another name for welfare. It's not like we didn't see this coming, either. They promised retirees too much. Pension is ridiculous anyway, paying someone when they don't even work for you anymore. If you worked your whole life and saved nothing for retirement, you deserve to starve on the street.


Seriously. I have to live in shame every day that my nation helped murder our only savior and then smeared his name in the history books with vile lies. We haven't fought on the right side of a war in the last 80 years. Every day I live with this bitterness. Foreign countries hate me because of what these old shits did under the influence of the electric jew and kike propaganda. And now they're dragging the country to its knees with multi-culti, easy-on-crime, touchy-feely bullshit and rapefugees and feminists and other shit they allowed to happen, and the financial situation is just the last nail in the coffin. I want bombs to drop on the suburbs. I want all pensions, all social security stopped right now. I don't get a single dollar of help. If I didn't work I would be starving in a gutter. Their sheer entitlement makes my blood boil. Think about it. With all this pension nonsense they essentially got paid twice what their stated salary was when you factor it over a lifetime. So they got 100k for a job they could get out of high school. My generation gets a 30k job if they're lucky, not even a hope of a pension, and that's after huge debt and years of Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

bbd3cd No.9802326


Doesn't 8ch run on nginx and other FOSS?

000000 No.9802368

cut defense budget by 15%. free college.


bb2808 No.9802931


The finances are uninfuckingportant. We are trillions in debt because of the military spending, because of foreign aid, and because we allow other nations to dump their shit here instead of making our own shit to dump here.

Boomers I hate, but at the end of the day it all points back to the jew.

fd5fe9 No.9804714


Yeah this is what I'm doing it's state sponsored deferment for a year before you have to prove income again. Just use old paychecks and a little mspaint wizardry to keep it up, fuck these kikes. 1 month unpaid tanks your credit and even if it's their fault, tough shit, fucking jews and their credit garbage, usury is a mortal sin.

File: f60aaf366f3dc32⋯.png (545.82 KB, 718x657, 718:657, 94c75fea2fd8aa45473bea6dcf….png)

a2421b No.9795257[Reply]

Trump considers banning laptops on planes from UK airports

>Passengers flying from Britain to the US face a ban on carrying laptops in aircraft cabins, The Times has learnt.

>Whitehall is braced for Washington to extend its security restrictions to flights from Europe after President Trump’s administration changed the rules last month for some US-bound aircraft from Middle Eastern countries.

Post yfw Trump is lowkey calling the UK muslim countries now.


17 posts and 6 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

f06414 No.9797506


Anglos are a minority because they have been replaced by mass migration, this isn't the place for that kind of justification.

f15907 No.9797520

LOL… europe is the next target of the muslim ban


47dddc No.9804564


ISIS can't do these laptop bombs ya tard. its an excuse to stop cheese pizza, leaks and (((copyrtight infringing))) material spreading around the world.

4c84a9 No.9804611


> The Shitposter in Chief is now bantering Britbongistan

My sides have evaporated.

52f134 No.9804612


Anglos were Scandinavian. Saxons were Germanic. Anglo-Saxons are a mixed breed of whites.

Yes, I'm talking about Angles, the tribe located between the Jutes and the Saxons in the 4th-5th century before they sailed to Britain and took the land from the Romano-British and established the Anglo-Saxon britain after pushing back the "true" britons to Wales/Devon/Cornwall.

Scots are descendants from the Irish mixed with the Picts, a indo-european tribe closely related to the Basques.

Know your ancestrality, burger.

File: bba08dd788e502c⋯.jpg (16.06 KB, 728x424, 91:53, s3.reutersmedia.net.jpg)

File: 0c3ac09fbd02589⋯.png (76.59 KB, 1062x817, 1062:817, 1474573250011.png)

d248aa No.9757932[Reply]


General Motors (GM.N) said on Wednesday that Venezuelan authorities had illegally seized its plant in the industrial hub of Valencia and vowed to "take all legal actions" to defend its rights.

The seizure comes amid a deepening economic crisis in leftist-led Venezuela that has already roiled many U.S. companies.

"Yesterday, GMV's (General Motors Venezolana) plant was unexpectedly taken by the public authorities, preventing normal operations. In addition, other assets of the company, such as vehicles, have been illegally taken from its facilities," the company said in a statement.


88 posts and 23 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

bde423 No.9803035


That memeball shows you have no idea about comunism, the idea is to get a comunist world just as we have a capitalist world right now, obviously a single country can't succeed

bde423 No.9803038


i'm not defending it, just explaining it

392f86 No.9803043


I dont think anyone ever told Maduro that, lol.

76bb04 No.9803044

Ayn Rand was right again!

ab9c83 No.9804544




By Corina Pons | CARACAS

General Motors' (GM.N) Venezuelan subsidiary has sent a message to almost 2,700 staff informing them that they are no longer employed by the company and had received severance pay in their bank accounts, according to two employees.

A Venezuelan court last week ordered the seizure of the company's Valencia plant, ruling in favor of two dealers that had filed a case in 2000 against the subsidiary on grounds they had not complied with an agreed sale of 10,000 vehicles.

Workers say that before the seizure was announced, GM had been dismantling the plant, which has not produced a car since the beginning of 2016 because of shortages of parts and strict currency controls in the OPEC nation.

The seizure, which GM called "illegal," comes amid a deepening economic and social crisis in leftist-led Venezuela that has already roiled many U.S. companies.

"We all received a payment and a text message," said a worker who had worked for the company for more than a decade, adding that his corporate email account had been deactivated over the weekend.

"Our former bosses told us the executives left and we were all fired. There is no longer anyone in the country," added another employee who received the same message on his personal cell phone and a payment to his account. He had been at GM for five years.

The company did not immediately respond to a request for comment about the layoffs or the worker allegations it had already been dismantling the plant.

GM said last week that it was halting operations and laying off workers due to the "illegal judicial seizure of its assets."


The leftist government of (((Nicolas Maduro))) says it is not seeking to expropriate the plant, which has been operating for 35 years, and has called onPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: d8548dc5d0bf70a⋯.gif (809.11 KB, 2057x1133, 187:103, irish militiamen.gif)

5e3ada No.9764965[Reply]

A very important question relating a possible future ethnostate is if it should be centralized with the central goverment apointing the head of goverments of states and with little to none autonomy on local laws or by the opposite the local goverments should deal with most of the laws leaving to the central goverment the minimum power such as defense and foreign policy or a middle ground.

On my personal opinion i think that centralization is bad and that having one man and his clique rule over all a country disregarding the local zones is bad, the best way to go is a very decentralized nation like it was during the early years of the USA.

Also it should be debated which form of goverment is the best, i personally advocate for a "Militia's Republic" a country where only people who are in the militia vote, a militiaman is any gun owning, trained, white male who is serving or has on his local militia or in a national army.

I have seen many esoteric threads, or about happenings but little to none about the way on how a ethnostate should work, this i believe must be carefully debated, as the ideas that born in /pol/ usually find their way into the bigger Nationalist sphere.

20 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

373b58 No.9769078


44 get for "predictive politics"

as far as mob rule goes, most refined

downside media can direct murders / Pontius Pilate it

abab5d No.9769280

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I think the media is the most valid argument that came up in debates against direct democracy until a japanese image board with relatively minimal censorship all of a sudden had influence on U.S. politics and possibly Brexit. Preventing censorship is difficult, but not as difficult as solving the problems the other systems have.

Jesus being killed by mob rule is false I think. I doubt the mob was given much time to debate the issue. Even if they were, it was far too superstitious an era to go against the pharisees.

ae4b21 No.9769389


the (((mob)))

817563 No.9769458

The safest approach if to split the camp into a number of smaller units. How these units are organized internally is irrelevant, as long as they aren't in military conflict with one another. This maximizes survivability, or profit if you value long term survivability enough.

2c34f4 No.9804463

File: 1e3804657c9c233⋯.webm (2.84 MB, 704x480, 22:15, 1e3804657c9c2333f0aa591ee….webm)

My 2c,

Have a confederation of LARPstates with a psudomonarch furer/figurehead and a 1% Goods and Services Tax for overarching national defence and other basic activities.

That way you avoid a lot of strife with conflicting ideas by letting these early ethnostates alone to do their own thing.

I personally would move to the one closest fitting to the Curt Doolittle working system (really cliffs notes explation);

a monarchy as head of state, white male landowner suffrage, but otherwise no real government restrictions on the economy or private life.

My ideal probably turns the stomach of actual nat-SOCs though but that's fine.

File: 233a4559307dd59⋯.jpg (83.37 KB, 460x479, 460:479, IMG_3675.JPG)

0580f1 No.9685407[Reply]


>Cars have turned into deadly weapons. They have been easy to steal and then nothing has been able to stop their advance.

>In Nice, Berlin, Jerusalem, London and Stockholm they have been used as effective murder machines terrorists who wanted to kill many people.

>If people in the future will be protected cars must simply removed from the collection sites and city centers. It is not reasonable for a big truck can be driven right into Stockholm's popular walking street on a Friday afternoon just before Easter. Politicians have been good at protecting themselves, but now they must also ensure citizens' needs for secure environments.

>It has been fourteen years ago, a man drove right onto Western Street in Old Town . He killed a woman and injured another 18 people. There were several reasons to protect the medieval city center, but security in the narrow alleys should have been a strong argument. It is indeed remarkable that car traffic soon-still must scroll through the Old Town.

>Stockholm is an international city, a tourist city with 13.5 million overnight stays last year. Of the four persons killed at Queen Street were three visitors, one woman from Belgium, a woman from Uddevalla, and a British man. Shopping Street is a popular destination for our visitors and should of course be a safe environment. Many tourists continue down the street to the Old Town, but quite surely it is just around the headquarters and Parliament House. There are stops for unwanted cars that can also be folded down for any significant transport must be developed. The technology there is, but it's not for everyone.

>Most things can be solved for taxi and transportation service. Deliveries to shops and restaurants can also be redirected to the times when fewer people are out walking the streets.

>Stockholm's traffic has always been about flows. Motorists should drive in a steady stream, and nothing will stop them. Now being built also fast cycle paths so that cyclists can flow through the city.

>More rarePost too long. Click here to view the full text.

229 posts and 84 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

e66af4 No.9804411


I would drink some beers and drive that thing to nearby lake and do some fishing while drinking, then drive back. This would be cool for shit like that.

But no, the creator has to use it like a cuck.

Also i would take that top off, it looks silly and makes it harder to see your surroundings.

5faa38 No.9804422


We tried to warn you bro. You didn't listen.

e66af4 No.9804424

File: 94de38ef1c78cc1⋯.jpg (62.35 KB, 800x437, 800:437, bike.jpg)


Now that i think about it i might as well mod one of these myself and get noncuck version.

What makes this >>9687268 so cuck looking is how the top part tries to imitate a car. It looks like a baby car that's a faggot.

f66d36 No.9804448

File: 5ac0a24b82f5197⋯.png (10.28 KB, 577x153, 577:153, 5ac.png)




Ye hath memed too greedily, and too deep.

5faa38 No.9804454


We need to go deeper.

What's next? Can we meme a massive shutting down of pig farms because it isn't halal?

File: 208d73a07092b78⋯.png (2.91 MB, 3806x8333, 3806:8333, somali fucking shits.png)

1be39e No.9804100[Reply]


I can't tell the difference anymore tbh


archive doesn't work due to captcha

>“Whether you are disturbed by her audacity or the terroristic actions for which she evidently believes compensation is due, you are correct!”

>When absurd news strikes, I process, introspect, nauseate, and realize diversity comes with some pollutants in the air. What you are about to read is a Muslim Minnesota legislator’s arrogant swift kick to the teeth, seeking insurance-based redress for jihadis and the carnage they cause.

>Minnesota bill HF1397 (“Life insurance payments limited for beneficiaries of persons furthering terrorism”) authored by State Representative Joe Hoppe (R – Twin Cities) et al., soared in numbers of lawmakers in support and succeeded the House. But it met opposition from Muslim Representative Ilhan Omar (D – Minneapolis).

>Ilhan Omar, a Somali woman who is touted as the nation’s first female Muslim lawmaker, currently presiding in the Minnesota House of Representatives, was one of two elected officials voting against the bill to deny life insurance benefits to radical terrorist policyholders who perpetrated tragedy resulting in loss of innocent lives. If you find that reprehensible, then we stand together with countless others. The entire notion defies logic, reason, and principles of humanity. With Ms. Omar’s preposterous perspective, not even a crumb of compunction is evident.

>Under her political website’s “Engaging Our Community” tab, Representative Omar beckons for “everyone to chip in.” That is an interesting choice of words, given her stance favoring paying terrorist-affiliated beneficiaries. Apparently, this is how she feels a 2016, first-term election win is to be endeavored. As an elected democrat, this is the democracy she envisions for her constituPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

8 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

1be39e No.9804259


He probably opposed it on the idea that if he can't understand it then it shouldn't pass.

8254d3 No.9804292


Are there Ethiopians in America?

Do they typically lie low or have not quite internecine conflict with the Somalis?

dedbdf No.9804405


some states have a 2-year clause. commit suicide within 2 years of taking out the insurance policy and there's no payout.

6647ba No.9804423

File: 5ecb73e2cb6e62e⋯.png (1.69 MB, 1533x2783, 1533:2783, MuslimWantsJihadiInsurance.png)

share friendly

1be39e No.9804432



File: 5e2dfecba70466f⋯.png (39.91 KB, 902x257, 902:257, Screen Shot 2017-04-25 at ….png)

01dcd5 No.9800152[Reply]

Trump cucked again by random judge

How long will he keep letting these leftist judges get away with this?

When will he step up like his hero Andrew Jackson and put an end to this bullshit?

>SAN FRANCISCO (AP) – A federal judge on Tuesday blocked a Trump administration order to withhold funding from communities that limit cooperation with U.S. immigration authorities, saying the president has no authority to attach new conditions to federal spending.


272 posts and 37 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

fba9c3 No.9803218


Excellent video.

dfd189 No.9803477

File: 9dc72cdeb821288⋯.jpg (128.32 KB, 1500x975, 20:13, justice_scalia_ap_img.jpg)

The shills are desperately trying to use this to paint Trump as a kike stooge.

Idiots don't realize that Trump just has to play the waiting game. He gets to appoint Supreme court judges for the next 4 years and only has to wait for a few current ones to die.

62d99c No.9803617

I'd like to point out that any mention of "sending them to court" is ridiculous, because court is just another judge waiting to fuck shit up. Either Trump submits to judges authority or he doesn't, it's his choice whether to be a cuck or fight.


>Idiots don't realize that Trump just has to play the waiting game.

How long until then, 4 or 20 years? Sounds like something Jeb would done, not man of action Trump.

30464e No.9804333


King Nigger deliberately appointed hundreds of activist judges. It a guarantee that everything he put into place stays after he left office. it's like King Nigger is still president.

8ce58a No.9804342


I can just imagine in 4 years time

>He really will gas the kikes this time if he gets his second term, the first term was always compromised by those jews stopping him from gassing the kikes

Repeat till fade

File: 8574c30e5e390a4⋯.jpg (63.13 KB, 960x540, 16:9, 18058108_10155373158258623….jpg)

224a84 No.9803256[Reply]

Discuss the end of America as a necessity for the evolution of the species. Clearly spreading wars and raping the planet is doing us any good.

8 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

224a84 No.9803321


The Nazis weren't able to do squat to the international banking scums. The world wouldn't have been any different. Racism would probably be more in your face.

And we would all be looking for Wotan


e57a7e No.9803322

War isn't bad, just fighting the wrong ones is.

6003d9 No.9803404


>it was wise investment decisions by bankers and competition between corporations that helped Germany destroy its competition in Europe.

It was shipping the jews out of the country.

19f1b7 No.9803895


>blaming America and not the Jews who control it with their banks and lobbying

Shill detected. Nice D&C, shlomo.

b4dcae No.9803922


criminally unchecked dubs

File: 4aa5ea1189cef08⋯.jpg (80.68 KB, 605x566, 605:566, Screen Shot.jpg)

748954 No.9802221[Reply]

Elite preparing for Nibiru Apocalypse NEXT YEAR but the rest of us are DOOMED


NASA DECEIVING, PLANET NIBURU AND SECOND SUN Planet X is extraterrestrial satellite or ship!


‘Overwhelming evidence’ that Planet X will DESTROY Earth in 2017


85 posts and 20 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

63f7cf No.9804302


if the shoes fit, don't you feel comfortable wearing them?

0e04c5 No.9804677


What are you doing idiot

2585b0 No.9805404

File: 8f97c32fad1b1b8⋯.jpg (60.91 KB, 327x271, 327:271, nirjew.jpg)

bf0350 No.9816398

File: 5bd48ca8f00b6b7⋯.jpg (145.38 KB, 1429x1417, 1429:1417, Insurgentes_Packshot_20081….jpg)


t. Based Anon

0a954a No.9830621


the only link you need:

NEO Earth Close Approaches:


File: b51b3d0569dd664⋯.jpg (119.56 KB, 998x850, 499:425, 00e48d9f2a10c76dc23b02a3d6….jpg)

b1df6b No.9760634[Reply]

Last one cannot be posted to anymore.



265 posts and 115 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

ab1278 No.9769979

File: 45d7ceeb44a8125⋯.jpg (50.2 KB, 500x581, 500:581, 45d7ceeb44a81258a1f6b61cca….jpg)


>implying there is only one way to achieve goals

>implying that "fun" is somehow Jewish and isn't part of creating purpose.

I'm sure you're probably not aware that before normies adopted the word "memes", the word meant the smallest unit of an idea. And Dawkins further explored memes as viral and selfish, maximizing it's spread to other people at the expense of other memes, influencing them in small, subtle ways.

This is how we win people over, with reasoned arguments and a little levity to help cope with the dire situation. That is how soldiers weather the long sustained campaigns of war.

You win the legitimacy of your ideals through one path. The rest of us will take several.

8222b7 No.9772382

File: 7eae92a8a930c40⋯.png (513.29 KB, 730x578, 365:289, Blue Eyed Hitler.png)

File: 299a13279783fd0⋯.png (694.17 KB, 749x745, 749:745, Trump Makes America Truly ….png)

b1df6b No.9772407

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

739b1f No.9772649

File: 43378e75815b764⋯.jpg (64.75 KB, 634x345, 634:345, mariness.jpg)

love that this thread is still going

never change fam



waifus <3 where u at i want some

c4522e No.9803825

anyone know where I can watch the Greatest Story Never Told?

File: 777273f5a6584bb⋯.png (389.22 KB, 630x376, 315:188, hindentrump.png)

48ae93 No.9797911[Reply]

>In 1925, Hindenburg ran for the office of President of Germany.

>In spite of his lack of interest in holding public office, he decided to stand for the post anyway as he believed only he could "save" Germany.

>Contrary to what many had expected, Hindenburg made no effort to restore the monarchy.

> Hindenburg's rationale for accepting the republic was that his main interest was in 'making Germany great again' by revising the Treaty of Versailles

>Hindenburg was willing to overcome his distaste for the Weimar Coalition of the SPD, Zenturm and DDP by allowing them to hold office with the aim of drawing them towards his right-wing viewpoint.

>Hindenburg was uncertain if he wanted a second term or not.

>The Social Democratic Party regarded Hindenburg as the only man who could defeat Hitler and keep the Nazi Party from winning the elections (and they said so throughout the campaign)

> Much to Hindenburg's fury, the conservative Protestants who voted for him in 1925 mostly voted for Hitler in the 1932 election.

>It was largely the Weimar Coalition parties of the SPD, Zentrum, and DDP that had provided the votes that gave Hindenburg the presidency for a second time.

120 posts and 31 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

77476e No.9802507

File: 968f3d9563a1c13⋯.png (48.47 KB, 176x208, 11:13, 555555.PNG)


>council of Hitlers

This excites me.

bf98b8 No.9802560

File: 3ad4f759ce20088⋯.gif (276.58 KB, 240x287, 240:287, b15330e89d154d2627b6f3622c….gif)


Organize a fantastic beer hall putsch, I believe in you anon

23c033 No.9802757

File: 7e5f589bf1600d2⋯.jpg (194.69 KB, 1000x378, 500:189, Hitlers.jpg)


They could literally be anyone

4430c1 No.9802866

File: 0f4fa53a2fc62be⋯.png (97.19 KB, 524x497, 524:497, goon.png)


Ignore the "catears = furry" retardation. He told you to "kill yourself, weeb subhuman cocksucker. That should tell you what he is.

c4a7f5 No.9803641


It's the most hilarious cringy thing I've ever seen, I assume this is how non-weebs look at anime though tbh.


Why. Alt furry is anything but illogical, the alt-right are autistic on their own merit, they would most likely welcome them.

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