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File: dcb4cae830d4a2c⋯.jpg (31.63 KB, 412x473, 412:473, FOOD STAMPS.jpg)

a9a921  No.12681095[Reply]


>States warn food stamp recipients to budget early benefit payments due to shutdown


 Share on Facebook  Share on Twitter

State agencies are warning food stamp recipients to carefully budget their grocery purchases once they receive their February benefits weeks earlier than normal due to the partial government shutdown.

The Department of Agriculture's backup plan for paying out Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program benefits amid the lapse in funding means it could be 40 days — or longer, in some cases — before additional money is added to recipients' benefit cards

>In Ohio, another state with a large population of SNAP participants, households will see an extra month of benefits on their "Ohio Direction Card" on Wednesday, Jan. 16.

>>"These benefits are intended for use in February," the Ohio Association of Foodbanks said in a flier to SNAP recipients this week. "You WILL NOT receive additional benefits in the month of February."

>In Texas, officials announced that they plan to load EBT cards — called "Lone Star Cards" in Texas — with February benefits by Jan. 20.

>"If you receive your February CalFresh benefits early, you should plan your food budget knowing that these benefits will be the only benefits provided through the end of February," one sample message read.

>The Trump administration's backup plan did not tap into a contingency fund of $3 billion that Congress provided for the program last year. One month of SNAP benefits costs about $4.8 billion

>The Florida Department of Children and Families announced on Facebook that February SNAP benefits will be doled out on Jan. 20.

>In North Carolina, where mPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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596870  No.12683036

File: 86370e41cd710c8⋯.png (296.63 KB, 600x772, 150:193, debtchartfw2.png)


EBT is managed by (((banks))). They can keep it going with a push of a button and materialize food stamps into accounts the same way they "fractional reserve" materialize loans. It's all make-believe money. If there is a "crisis," it will be engineered by the (((bankers))). Likewise, if the EBT keeps flowing, it will also be because the (((bankers))) kept it going.


4a9286  No.12683049



USDA handles food stamps

570037  No.12683063

Theyre going to fund ebt again dont worry, they're not going to allow the nogs to chimp out unless its a controlled demolition of a white suburb or some shit.

652ed1  No.12683154


All that is true but you're forgetting the critical fact; If the public or international consumers lose confidence in the purchasing power of the funny money, then it loses all imaginary value and the scheme implodes.

07675e  No.12683225


So the nigger comes to /pol/ to bitch?

File: 260cffb674d04f6⋯.png (716.83 KB, 1000x11935, 200:2387, jewish-IQ-debunk.png)

10ba4d  No.12591643[Reply]

Jewish 115 IQ big debunk

ITT we debunk the "Smart Jew" myth, commonly used by cuckold philosemitic faggots to excuse jewish crimes

I'm looking at you Stefbot, you fucking slimy kike.

some of the formatting may fuck up because of how the text was copied, if you whine, you're gay

Is High Jewish IQ the Primary Cause of Jewish Overrepresentation in Western Civilization?

Many claim that Ashkenazi Jews are ‘highly successful’ in the West

due to their extra-ordinarily high average IQ (108 to 115, but most claim it to be 115), which is said to have developed due to the persecution

and oppression that Jews have faced in every single country they have inhabited since their departure from the Middle East, 1,000 to 2,000 years ago. Are “Ashkenazi success due to their high IQ” and “high Ashkenazi IQ due to persecution and oppression” solid hypotheses? Let’s find out!

Firstly, we’ll assume that the claim of 108-115 IQ is completely accurate and honest.Using the USA as an example, let’s calculate how many individuals of the Jewish and the White population groups fit into the ‘highly gifted’ IQ category (135 IQ+).

The number of highly gifted US Whites is over 10.5 x larger than the number of highly gifted US Jews, 4 x larger than the number of highly gifted Jews globally, and almost larger than the entire US Jewish population (gifted or not).

If there are five times more highly gifted Whites in the USA alone than there are highly gifted Jews on the entire planet, then why are Whites so drastically underrepresented in almost all aspects of higher-tier American society, and why are Jews so drastically overrepresented?


1)We haven’t factored in other high IQ racial groups that perform well in the USA, such as East Asians andPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

118 posts and 112 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

4cf0ea  No.12658210


Mormons are doing well, though.

715814  No.12658422


>Jews, on average, ARE smarter than their European cousins.

That's wrong you, fucking retard.

>If you accept this premise, it explains how effective they were at infiltrating and controlling European societies from within.

"Hurr durr if you accept this jewish fabrication it explains why jews have been totally based at controlling white civilization by getting exiled, massacred and banhammered over 1000 times in the last 2000 years"

>Europeans are to Jews as Blacks are to Whites.

>capitalizing Jew

Yid confirmed. Hope you like the taste of Zyklon-B, Shlohmo.

715814  No.12658428


To expand, jews are dumb criminals who cheat their way to the top. It's easy to get good at scamming people when you've fucking failed over 1000 times over a course of 2000 years.

112949  No.12682879

graveyard bump

df8781  No.12682960


Anybody with a good understanding of material science understand jews haven’t developed advantages they have through genetic advantage or high intelligence they have developed it most importantly through their function as a parasite. They understand material science because it’s the only true understanding for them to survive, like a parasite thrives within weak hosts, it must first learn to identify the points of weakness. Then you look and sure enough all the institutions they control are all essentially social auto immune systems. Media, finance, law. Every form of influence they can find to subvert that gets the most bang for their buck their they are. Jews are parasites.

File: c966c8a90a469a0⋯.jpg (2.21 MB, 1920x1200, 8:5, gilets.jpg)

8f3697  No.12657081[Reply]

/pol/ signal boosts a run on the banks


>As the situation in France escalates, the anti-Emmanuel Macron protesters - aka The Gilets Jaunes (the yellow vests) - plan to make a run on the country’s banks.

>This “bank run” is a call from the yellow vests, to all French citizens, emploring them to withdraw their euros.

>If successful, the group may cause a complete failure of the banking system in France. This is because French banks are run via a fractional reserve system, meaning that only a fraction of funds are backed by actual fiat; the country’s banks are estimated to have less than 1/4th of the funds on hand needed to satisfy a bank run.

>The yellow vests seem to know where to hit the government hardest. A post on Facebook confirms that today (9th January) protestors will demonstrate outside of the Rothschild owned bank of Lyon.

The source of their power was always the banking system. That's how they harvest the wealth of nations through compound interest, that's how they pay their police forces to subjugate anyone protesting against the system. No money, no army.

The gilets jaunes movement is gaining traction and support around the world, despite media blackouts and selective reporting to demonise the peasants for refusing to be slaves. People hate the banks and bankers, and they associate them with the corrupt political elite. It's an easy target that the far left and far right can actually agree on. And this is something angry people can do very easily.

Once the run starts, NPCs have to join in or they risk losing all the money in their accounts. So even people who disagree with the yellow vests and support globalisation will have to remove their money also.

It's a perfect time to signal boost this. The /pol/ is the master of guerilla signal boosting. We can meme the destruction oPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

571 posts and 105 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

bbb271  No.12678661

lmao banks literally create money out of thin air this wont do anything

803a80  No.12678718

seriously burn the banks you guys

e1922c  No.12679001

File: 8c85b9aba9d533d⋯.jpeg (128.49 KB, 830x464, 415:232, juifshoota.jpeg)

This isn't related directly to les gilet jaunes, but what's this I'm seeing about a trial for someone who shot a juif?

64bd33  No.12679006

File: 1decda673613792⋯.jpg (30.62 KB, 640x246, 320:123, 55438-90827245.jpg)

File: 7d940e9f3cf942e⋯.jpg (63.84 KB, 620x412, 155:103, 55438-90827246.jpg)

I hope this works, but the kikes have a terrible death grip on our financial system. Congress - saturated with blackmailed or bribed people of small virtue - is part of the problem.

You know, the same Congress that gives Bibi numerous standing ovations.

040b3a  No.12682880

File: 4fd848f9d98e320⋯.png (516.03 KB, 782x681, 782:681, Jews.png)

Bump cause hooknoses are shitting up the board!

File: 460a46238eab229⋯.jpg (181.33 KB, 900x627, 300:209, nn.jpg)

b35242  No.12660337[Reply]

Members of the "yellow vests" protest movement have vandalised almost 60% of France's entire speed camera network, the interior minister has said.

Christophe Castaner said the wilful damage was a threat to road safety and put lives in danger.

The protest movement began over fuel tax increases, and saw motorists block roads and motorway toll booths.

Some protesters feel speed cameras are solely a revenue-generating measure which takes money from the poor.

The BBC's Hugh Schofield, in Paris, said evidence of the vandalism is visible to anyone driving around France, with radar cameras covered in paint or black tape to stop them working.

But the extent of the damage - now believed to affect more than half of all 3,200 speed cameras in the country's network - was unknown until Mr Castaner's statement on Thursday.


He said the devices had been "neutralised, attacked, or destroyed" by members of the protest movement.Speed limits in France were already controversial after the government lowered the limit on many main roads from 90km/h to 80 (50mph) early last year.

Protesters angry about the increase in fuel taxes complained of the rising costs of a commute for those priced out of living in urban centres - and turned their ire on other costs such as toll roads and speed cameras



122 posts and 21 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

1c9f2e  No.12681938


Kek is that a recent photo from France? Or unrelated?

ff96bb  No.12681976

ed7b7c  No.12682477


Non-whites have no reason to fight as the gibs will end, no matter who wins.

bba53e  No.12682854


man you do it

dont expect plebs to just start killing all the kikes

b55a04  No.12682870


MAZER in minecraft

File: 6173decd3dd187d⋯.png (61.22 KB, 600x432, 25:18, EE8C093F-E445-4826-8869-2D….png)

f3963e  No.12632209[Reply]

I heard that the Israeli government, NSA, and other intelligence agencies have “ring zero” access to all computers in the US. As I understand it, this is the same thing as having a backdoor into the computer, where basically everything on the computer is accessible regardless of encryption, etc. I am very concerned about this, because it basically means that there is absolutely no chance of privacy whatsoever if nothing is done to change this. This would apply even for cryptocurrency. No cryptocurrency is private when used on these backdoored computers.

I have heard that Russia is aware of this and has been intentionally designing and manufacturing computers that prevent this ring zero access. Is this true?

Are these computers available to purchase?

I can’t seem to find much on this issue. Can you share any redpills you have on this issue. Thanks.

100 posts and 13 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

6e08bf  No.12679810



>OY VEY dont try getting down to 0 ring because uhh… uhh… We have minus infinity access, yes!

Any single proof of your ridiculous bluff? Ring 0 means complete access. You are a liar until you prove your claims

000000  No.12680000


The answer?:


See towards the bottom.

06047b  No.12680788


>wut is multiple hardware level backdoors in almost every modern computer

If you think anything is secure you are a newfag.

1335b8  No.12680965

File: b556185810a517b⋯.png (493.36 KB, 639x630, 71:70, efc515b.png)

Newfag here: I need a basic encryption method. I don't do shit super noteworthy for NSAfags to chase me, but protection is always safer.

0702f1  No.12682869


You're fucking retarded. Look up what -3 ring is and why it matters. Look up what (((dell))), system76, and Purism are trying to do to the intel management system. Look up what has higher system access and what about x86 architecture makes it unsafe. It's not hard, you mong. They have literal black hats talking about it on jewtube.

God damned, you stupid fucker. I'm a fucking computer retard and even i know this. I have to believe you're baiting because if you've heard of r0 then you have to have learned at some point that r0 isn't the highest level administrator controls.

File: 772dc9aa50b1a65⋯.png (365.89 KB, 589x459, 589:459, 1431286803061.png)

fa4b40  No.12594128[Reply]


The Ethno-Globe is the logical conclusion of human sub-species competing over limited resources. In the past, separation was a valid solution due to vast distances and natural barriers to travel. This is no longer the case. Ships, airplanes and instant communication have effectively shrunk the world into a single, unified territory. "World government" is now a foregone conclusion for this very reason. Kikes and their shabbos have a "New World Order" plan in which, as you know, Whites will be genocided and all that will remain is a horde of 70 IQ shitskins and 91 IQ kike slaveowners. Of course this kills the planet just look at what china, india, africa, south america, etc. has done to their respective environments but kikes have never been known for their long-term planning ability. I say: we don't let our planet die. I say: we save the world. What say you?

ITT: We discuss the reasons why the Ethno-Globe is the only valid, permanent and logical solution to our problem. We may want to discuss the "how" of it, but that's secondary in this thread. What matters is why. None of us, alone, will have the entire blueprint for success, and that's okay. Shills will whine about "but hoooowwwwwwww, it's too haaaarrrddddd" because they can't imagine how it will happen. It will look like this:

>A bunch of colonial farmers can't possibly beat the world's greatest military.

<If man was meant to fly, God would have given us wings.

>Getting to the moon? Impossible pipe dream.

<Splitting the atom is a task beyond man's ability.

Etc. And of course:

>muh based extreme outlier shitskins; muh PR; muh optics; muh weakness

Fucking etc. Let me remind you that when the White man sets his mind to really do something, that's where the magic happens. The Wright brothers were some hillbilly hick bike mechanics, just audacious enough to flip the bird at every living physicist who said "it's an impossible tasPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

303 posts and 48 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

4ceea9  No.12678866


Your problem is you talk like we've already won and hold power. We don't. The jewish assets are monitoring our every post. You should concentrate on thinking about how to coordinate against jewish power (not on here obviously lol) instead of posting theoretical long term approaches.

We can think about global security and necessary territorial expansion when we've already won. For now things are bleak and our enemy controls large aspects of media, finance, blackmailed politicians, military officials blackmailed etc.

A more interesting question which should be answered, but not online is how racialists can mobilize without getting infiltrated or false flagged.

dc25d6  No.12679775


What did he just fucking say about “how” questions

167093  No.12682766


Let it die. After /pol/ I honestly hate Whites as much as every other race. The whole lot of you need to be culled.

9bd861  No.12682787


Are you depopulationist?

260e86  No.12682824


>It isn't always easy to identify Jews just by looking at their external appearance and they are notorious liars.

Anyone circumcised is guilty until proven Aryan by DNA testing.

Penis inspection will become real.

File: d94bdc019889c57⋯.jpg (147.25 KB, 769x1024, 769:1024, braz_887349867234.jpg)

File: 55031262686c13f⋯.jpg (162.71 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, braz_987349867234.jpg)

c977b1  No.12676638[Reply]

Death Squad kills with Bolsonaro's Blessings

He did it, the madman…

The photos and video at this link (below) tell a vivid story of fatality.


Brazil biggest drug trafficker shot dead


"They captured (dead and bloody) one of the country's biggest drug traffickers in Brazil, for which purpose Bolsonaro authorized in person the maximum use of the police force available to him, because although the police knew that (the Drug Lord) moved freely anywhere, he always traveled with his own security and a heavily armed and armed convoy that had repelled more than 50 attempts to capture him. Only one helicopter, one soldier of the army's artillery and one M134D machine gun … sufficed."

I'm hoping Bosonaro moves on to Leftists or illegal immigrants crashing Brazil's border next.

Let the Games begin

130 posts and 22 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

f4b24f  No.12681334



191421  No.12681360


The jewish psychopathy is strong in this one.

000000  No.12682760


>a kike

Nothing will stop us from killing all jews, all leftists, all shitskins and all faggot abominations.


Demand go down once you kill those demanding it.

afa7c7  No.12682768


>Take my houses, take my money!

>I'm only a poor jew

Even in the last moments in his life he has the gall to tell lies. Truly disgusting.

bed24c  No.12682819


Just come to Brasil, gringo.

File: 72f9709e8cc6419⋯.jpg (74.4 KB, 633x624, 211:208, 1.JPG)

df5ace  No.12678563[Reply]



House Republican leaders removed Representative Steve King of Iowa from the Judiciary and Agriculture Committees on Monday night as party officials scrambled to appear tough on racism and contain damage from comments Mr. King made to The New York Times questioning why white supremacy is considered offensive.

The punishment came on a day when Mr. King was denounced by an array of Republican leaders, though not President Trump. The Senate majority leader, Mitch McConnell, suggested Mr. King find “another line of work” and Senator Mitt Romney said he should quit. And the House Republicans, in an attempt to be proactive, stripped him of the committee seats in the face of multiple Democratic resolutions to censure Mr. King that are being introduced this week.

Those measures would force Republicans to take a stand on the House Democratic majority’s attempt to publicly reprimand one of their own.

91 posts and 28 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

19443e  No.12680623



3ba650  No.12680636


he loves them and they hate him. nothing new

145010  No.12680682


They aren't stupid. What they care about is the result, not whether you vote for them.

e182ea  No.12680689

Does anyone have his statement that's not taken out of context? I want to make a Reticide image.

9a30ae  No.12682751


No, he's actually right. I'm sure there's a photo of you YOU standing next to a kike at some point in your life. A boss, a teacher etc - so fucking what? You gonna get kike cooties? If not, then good on your parents, but most don't have that luxury. That's the "truth", not your exaggerated trailer trash cartoonazi bullshit. If your political movement is relying on the 0.000000000001% of the population that meet your retarded standard of purity, and you're expecting the rest to just die or something, then you're every bit as schizoid as the kikes & commies say.

You know, the final blackpill after all this time here is that as much as the old NatSocs had the right idea, it's just over now - when absolute degenerate untermensch retards like you are the closest to "saviours of the White Race" that still exist, it's done. Die with the kikes (since you're no better than they are), really - the whole human race needs to be reduced to dust on a dead planet at this point.

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

59128b  No.12605087[Reply]

This video destroys all the (((disinfo))) and misinfo flying around.

Why don't people know about this? This is fucking infuriating. If the truth about 9/11 comes out, watch videos of people dying on the twin towers so you can REIGNITE THE HATRED you felt. Use the Mockingbird Media's propaganda against them!

61 posts and 12 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

2133f9  No.12660897


DACA soon brother!

2133f9  No.12660899


why are boomers so smug?

74d9a6  No.12660937


Why isn't that muslim killing that tranny?

eea576  No.12660954

This video shows actual proof and evidence on the pentagon. It shows how the physics is wrong in the official report. And they collect govnment employee testimony that condradicts the official story. Including from an Air Force colonel which is funny. https://youtu.be/j5FhQc-LJ-o

388ea3  No.12682436

the need to bump

File: 0e58512bbb1dbee⋯.png (720.22 KB, 900x900, 1:1, 1526190115878.png)

b3dd86  No.12559491[Reply]

>A presidential panel on Thursday called for immediate attention to the imminent threat of a national blackout, lasting possibly six months, from a terrorist or solar attack on the nation’s electric grid.

>Electricity, fuel, clean drinking water, wastewater services, food/refrigeration, emergency medical services, communications capabilities, and some access to financial services have been identified as critical lifeline services that would be needed to sustain local communities and prevent mass migration.


How would /pol/ survive? What are the most vital resources and knowledge to have before it happens?

449 posts and 100 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

b25e3c  No.12680235


8ca865  No.12680258


>from a terrorist or solar attack

Sounds like;

>from a state of israel sponsored psyop

f1f85d  No.12680373


>>converting EPUB to PDF

You could use Calibre, which even allows for doing batch conversions.

000000  No.12680399


>own power

best be sure there are literally no electronics in that generator anon. otherwise it will be an expensive paperweight when you need it most.

0774e3  No.12682009


Short answer is that it don't do dick, as per some documentary on the construction of Norad's candy mountain. >>12559957

Well, it's not too hard to set up a private network, I doubt Verizon would notice a tower or two disappearing (though an SDR or hybrid setup might be a good idea, especially considering you'd need to DIY the backend systems for the towers) and then there's always wifi, so my main concern would be whether or not the FCC has jurisdiction over you.


>This is where you separate the men from the boys, and you take the body

Generally, either go head first, or better yet, thoroughly destroy the head/skull. If someone's dog digs up a person's toe bone, maybe it was just a raccoon or something. But if Fido brings a skull home, there's gonna be some questions asked. And burn all clothing/personal effects.

File: 930f12ee3948556⋯.jpg (8.54 KB, 300x168, 25:14, serveimage.jpg)

5272d4  No.12681445[Reply]

Modern farming is kike farming

Watch this documentary:

Farmers conned into signing contracts with fake figures by sales reps that are now neck deep in debt producing mass farmed mutant animals in inhumane conditions.


Tyson was born in Mound City, Missouri, the son of (((Isaac F. Tyson)))


Pigs are very smart and so close to humans that my aunt had a heart valve from a pig.

Only kikes and ant people mistreat animals without a second thought…

7 posts and 5 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

cd7f10  No.12681736


I see that you haven’t been paying attention to the African population.

8cf265  No.12681767


deport yourself to India, jew.


same thing for MGO food, jews control them to inject you with pyhtoestrogen.


one bullet is cheap

07dcd2  No.12681768


No, he's saying you're a kike and spreading misinformation without r/K selection theory awareness.

cd7f10  No.12681791


Don’t put the fake words in his mouth anon.

cd7f10  No.12681806


In order to be free is to have your own animals and tends them at your place.

File: 5af78304bb9d00c⋯.jpg (327.53 KB, 1328x762, 664:381, 1547432415374.jpg)

File: 385de26bc1b6426⋯.png (410.28 KB, 1600x952, 200:119, 1547432270066.png)

File: 3813210133c41fd⋯.jpg (240.24 KB, 1252x654, 626:327, maxresdefault (16).jpg)

File: 89ec7fb40e3910e⋯.gif (321.56 KB, 400x215, 80:43, 1546978804568.gif)

2bcffd  No.12680249[Reply]



Second link provided for those who do not wish to download directly from the CIA database, first link provided to prove that this is indeed a declassified CIA document. This belongs in /pol/ because the CIA classified this document for a reason, and the released version is sanitized and redacted heavily. There is reason to believe from both the document, current events, and scientific evidence that this is happening.

The magnetic poles are shifting as you read this. The rate at which they are doing so is rapidly increasing.

Cause is likely due to many factors, for example, just one is the Solar system traversing the Galactic center line - the Solar system travels up and down the height of the Galaxy and every 24,000 years or so it travels through the center line, taking about 20 years to traverse this. The gravimetric forces effect the Sun causing erratic behavior (such as having major solar storms during a solar minimum) which in turn effects Earth's weather. The Earth is effected in the same way as gently disrupting a top as it's spinning. It wobbles a bit, and then regains it's composure. Imagine a top with a floating ball in the center. The top spins, and the ball stays put mostly. Disrupt the top, and the ball is also disrupted.

The magnetic poles are set to converge together just South of the Indonesian Islands, and from there they will split off and go to opposite sides of the planet along the equator. Since the Earth's magnetic field interacts with the Sun's ionized emissions, the planet will reorient itself along this axis formed by the positions of the new magnetic poles. Meaning the Earth will literally tilt on it's side and start rotating accordingly. The movement of the magnetic poles will be preceded by seismic activity around the the world, as the lower layers of the Earth will shift and rotate due to the rotational disturbance.

Since the EarthPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

61 posts and 19 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

000000  No.12681694


Everyone, look at this BIGRAINED GENIUS who passed his SCIENCE CLASS!!

55e8b0  No.12681696

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I'll spoonfeed you because you got 88s, I suppose.

2bcffd  No.12681741


Unironically… yes.


Learn to swim.


Well either way, the result will be the same. The metropolitan areas which are typically more left leaning and liberal, and thus also more degenerate and godless will be utterly annihilated.

The few which are not on the coasts or doomed to be flooded with descend into chaos very quickly if they even survive the initial disaster.

45550b  No.12681795


>Learn to swim.

No idea what that means. However…


> I Ching

> Water|Water

> The Abysmal

45550b  No.12681803



Oh, I hear them saying that. Genuinely, I find it baffling, but whatever. I like "fuck all your tattoos".

File: 9a93552127408d0⋯.png (37.43 KB, 636x282, 106:47, reticide.png)

9c3665  No.12668091[Reply]

Hey /pol/, I made a new word that we can use to challenge the propagators of white geniocide. The word is "Reticide", and it is our counterpart to the Jewish term, "Genocide", but more accurately depicted in order to illustrate the position of whites.

>Why should we used this word?

If we meme this word into casual conversation, then we create for ourselves a new vector, a new ARENA, through which we can accuse people of committing reticide.

>Why do we need to make more words?

If we make more words and develop a more robust white identiterian lexicon, we will force people to learn our meanings, and we will gain ground in social consciousness.

Please, spread this word. Post it everywhere. Make your own words. ACCUSE PEOPLE OF RETICIDE!

173 posts and 79 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

e78804  No.12677126

File: 36fe26a860a330d⋯.jpg (95.59 KB, 600x848, 75:106, 1bc04e277d864ec589d6f1f098….jpg)

Occidental Cultracide



2f4c1f  No.12677522


I'll start using the word, it makes perfect sense to use. You can also look at the Geneva convention definition(s) for genocide and one of them aptly applies to this specific form of genocide: reticide - a subversive and implicit form of genocide through non-conventional and deceptive means for population extermination.

19ac25  No.12679079

bump, fuck jews tbh

0bef3b  No.12680810


Are you a fag? Why did you post such an unrelated image in this thread?

7000a2  No.12681772






Don't steal our tactics that have been working against you for generations, goy! Keep using "white genocide" it'll catch on any day now!!!

File: dc3606e10a731dd⋯.jpg (220.64 KB, 1490x883, 1490:883, TrudeauRedemptionArc.jpg)

d242f6  No.12680956[Reply]



The Leaf Shall Rise Again!

The The Underground Railroad Coal!

Password are Strong

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000000  No.12681154


Kill Trudeau and the niggers.

Never tolerate leftists pretending to redeem themselves.

Kill all leftists.

d41fbe  No.12681194

A better use of the hack may have been to post homosexuality and tranny redpills. There are a lot of blacks in Halifax, they really don't need any redpills.

af01dd  No.12681624


This is how much of a cuck he is: Chinese nationals illegally own his real estate markets, he knows this, but he will not touch them or their assets to help that Canadian that China is bluffing they'll execute.

000000  No.12681701

Even if it was true it was obviously ordered by his muslim semetic masters who hate and enslave niggers.

000000  No.12681818



That's Little Fidel to you goy!

File: 04454f0302633d7⋯.png (360.13 KB, 500x500, 1:1, tumblr_ny123xlFL41qkvbwso1….png)

File: 2ba1854659437bf⋯.jpg (49.48 KB, 500x209, 500:209, tumblr_inline_ny12l1wams1s….jpg)

File: 3df9c56e0d35ded⋯.jpg (101.91 KB, 500x539, 500:539, tumblr_inline_ny12lsyExL1s….jpg)

File: 78dc45bd8bdc84a⋯.jpg (76.96 KB, 500x356, 125:89, tumblr_inline_ny12m3SWMK1s….jpg)

File: bbd531d02bb2ff7⋯.jpg (39.81 KB, 500x302, 250:151, tumblr_inline_ny12msRVjd1s….jpg)

a67f3e  No.12676407[Reply]

Richard Scarry's famous children’s books have been updated to make them more acceptable for modern audiences.

These changes reflect how our society has evolved since the 1950s by excluding stereotypes and implementing gender equality.



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5fc4b2  No.12680790

File: 1d0528210e958c4⋯.png (135.03 KB, 800x850, 16:17, Not a dream.png)

91e512  No.12680801


Now you have found some residue from a Mandela Affect. We have all been magically and quantum mechanically transferred, emphasis on "trans", from the former, intolerant and non-COEXIST universe to the one in which we now are. You are here to learn lessons based on a soul-agreement (TM) that you made on a subconscious soul-level.

91e512  No.12680807


"black" cat is clearly still hijacking the broom from the witch. It should be an "African American" or "Noir" cat, and it shouldn't look like it is stealing the broom. This needs to be done over.

270b96  No.12681578


To think, this great man was born when Hitler came into power and one of the final things he saw in life was the Mossad killing 3,000 Americans on 9/11. Fuck.

ae16c7  No.12681668



But seriously, seconding >>12680158, looks a bit too obvious.

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