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File: d32a47a31e7d3e0⋯.png (32.9 KB, 1275x1650, 17:22, aipac.png)

907e53  No.12796637[Reply]

With AIPAC in the news it's time to launch a campaign to educate the masses on the extent of its control in Washington DC. I put together this flyer. Thoughts?

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ca639e  No.12798237

This thread getting shit up by, "You're doing it wrong" saging shills is a good sign. Protip: if an "anon" is constantly asking you to change things but also wants the topic or operation to not proceed, that's a shill.

This goes back to the jewish trick of inventing new conditions so that they're never satisfied. The idea is to bog down their target in little insignificant things so that momentum drags to a crawl - make non-issues issues. Just ignore and move on. Only listen to feedback from pro-active people.

1a86d7  No.12814036


b0aced  No.12814085

Put the names of all politicians who received funds from aipec. Autist level research was done on this subject: https://archive.fo/Xw0g6

646461  No.12814108

File: 23cd3817e8e03ee⋯.jpg (12.88 MB, 8168x6888, 1021:861, Jews - Networking Expanded.jpg)

646461  No.12814111

File: e57152f2fcce6d2⋯.jpg (3.57 MB, 3524x5364, 881:1341, Jews - Networking Expanded….jpg)

File: 0caad92ac160555⋯.png (175.94 KB, 477x358, 477:358, Marie kondo.png)

File: 03ee61e0658fcbc⋯.webm (3.17 MB, 640x360, 16:9, 03ee61e0658fcbc3b99f86b13….webm)

652774  No.12803910[Reply]

Pregnant Women Smoking and Drinking in Secret to Avoid “Moral Judgment,” Says Study

Researchers at the University of Cardiff did a study involving 10 pregnant women from low-income areas. Five of those have smoked during pregnancy. But there’s a twist: apparently, the smoking pregnant women are the victims and we should stop stigmatizing them.

Women have no moral compass. They have no built-in notion of good and evil. This is why they operate based on community consensus instead of logical and objective facts. If the community reacts negatively to something they do (their fear of being judged) then they’re likely to avoid doing it.

This is why shaming works so well with women and why the Jews are pushing hard to fight shaming and bullying.

They’re attacking both fronts: corrupting society to neutralize the community’s gut reaction to women’s depravity, and until that’s accomplished and the community no longer reacts negatively towards depravity they condition the community to avoid shaming and bullying women when they’re confronted with their depravity.



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0961d9  No.12810455


neither are attractive

4f2e58  No.12813448


Indeed, we used to have such people hanged, drawn and quartered, but the Judeo-liberals tell us that that's "barbaric."

de0bfb  No.12813511


Was that a .22? Jesus

4f2e58  No.12813574


>B-but only depressed White faggots commit suicide!

b1ee34  No.12813740


right but you're missing the point that the post is about the efficacy of shaming tactics and the propaganda aspect of the article, not that the findings about smoking/drinking are statistically significant.

File: c13db6ff1c65baa⋯.mp4 (3.45 MB, 640x360, 16:9, susandavis_is_a_piece_of_s….mp4)

bd2128  No.12813379[Reply]

Angel mom, Melanie Kortlang, confronts democrat Congresswoman Susan Davis about how her daughter was killed by an illegal alien, who simply laughs.

Susan Davis is a piece of shit deserves to die of scaphism.

41 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

70bc5e  No.12813934

And it's a heavily spic'd up district too.

80def9  No.12814534


Oh. Hi kikes. Guess that's why this was anchored.

70bc5e  No.12814652


>t. Kike

5c5300  No.12816886

we came we saw he died lel

8045c6  No.12817785


You like cock, faggot. After you write that bullshit, you give us your word salad of opinions. Not once, but twice.



Fucking autistic cunt.

Still waiting for dox on this Davis bitch.

File: bb467eaccea43f2⋯.png (17.34 KB, 900x450, 2:1, netflix.png)

File: d8c2e6cbabc79e9⋯.png (775.33 KB, 811x1432, 811:1432, KTLA,_Netflix_on_Lockdown_….png)

e6a340  No.12801000[Reply]

KTLA and Netflix are on lockdown after LAPD received a report of a person with a “deadly weapon” on a Hollywood studio lot Thursday.

Employees at Sunset Bronson Studios, which is located near the intersection of Sunset Boulevard and Van Ness Avenue, were not allowed to leave the area after the reported incident. Employees were also not allowed on the studio amid the investigation.

At least a dozen LAPD officers could be seen at the entrance of the lot on Van Ness Avenue, near the Netflix building.

Los Angeles Police Department Officer Tony Im said the department received “second hand” information about a person who was armed.


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34b2a3  No.12813109


He is just another hayter anon.

000000  No.12813161


Always incite people to kill jews and those who work for them.

59e376  No.12813178


Canada has had mass shootings too. This guy is just a complete Grade A faggot.


>He's just being edgy.

There's nothing "edgy" about being a faggot.


Lol, this. It's so true.


It's actually true. The kikes don't even bother to hide it anymore.


This. I smell some CIA and Mossad niggers behind this one.


Sounds Kraftwerk-esque.


>Speaking like a degenerate nigger: "Yo! Bruh! Dis be sick, dawg!"

<Complaining about further degeneracy

Previous degeneracy begets more degeneracy.


(((George Soros))) born (((Schwartz György))).


I'm honestly surprised it took so long for someone to snap on Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

b213d8  No.12813198


>Being anywhere, ever

>Not having a pistol at least

>Or even a useful melee weapon

>Or being able to set traps

>Or being able to unperson someone in at least a few ways with your meat weapon you

Good riddance to bad rubbish

0a8799  No.12813206


>im about to die but i have time to post jokes on twatter

false flag detected

File: e555dde82010d15⋯.jpg (85.85 KB, 634x594, 317:297, ecofascism gang.jpg)

ce9b2c  No.12485472[Reply]

/Eco General/

ITT: discuss issues pertaining to the environment, ecology, nature.

Introductory Ecofascism/Deep Ecology reading list:

(In no particular order)

Ecology, Community and Lifestyle by Arne Naess

Man Swarm by Dave Foreman

Impeachment of Man by Savitri Devi

Technological Slavery by T. J. Kaczynski

Deep Ecology for the 21st Century Assorted Essays

Anti-Tech Revolution by T. J. Kaczynski

Can Life Prevail by Pentti Linkola

The Question Concerning Technology by Martin Heidegger

Man Swarm by Dave Foreman and Laura Carroll

Ecology, Community and Lifestyle by Arne Naess

Ecofascism by Janet Biehl and Peter Staudenmaier

New Nobility of Blood and Soil by Richard Walther Darré

Deep Ecology vs Shallow Ecology:

The “Deep” approach to ecology is holistic,

focusing on questioning fundamental values and analyzing root causes of environmental issues. Deep Ecology aims to completely re-design entire Systems, for the purpose of preserving the ecological and cultural diversity of nature.

The “Shallow” approach to ecology is rooted in materialist thought, often stops before the level of fundamental change, and regularly promotes technological fixes that are derivative

of the consumption / production orientated values and methods of industrial economy.


Much of modern ecological thought, as everyone should know, is derived directly from National Socialism. It is our duty as nationalists to become knowledgeable in the field of ecology - too long have cancerous left wing trannies and freaksPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

411 posts and 187 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

096dda  No.12811768


The only people I know who own RVs are boomers. I looked into some to put on land in place of a permanent structure (temporarily). They are overpriced as fuck because they usually have TVs Blu-Ray and the the other gay shit contrary to the purpose of downsizing or travelling. If you want something like this, go with:

>Tiny House

Hipster-faggot soyboy as fuck but budget-friendly and highly customizable on a 20' flatbed trailer.

They are limited if you want to expand though, as you could with a permanent home.

>Teardrop Trailers

Small, comfy, cheap. But also limited and likely temporary as well.


Yurts are based but again, hippie aesthetic and expensive if you buy one custom made. Army A-Frame tents that are similar are like $7-12000.

Aim for ownership and permanence, homes and cabins can be cut and built on the cheap with the right investment on acreage with water and with limited experience. Keep it simple.

Dick Proenneke built a cabin in Alaska and lived there for thirty years. There's a sick doc on how he did it by hand as well as his book "One Man's Wilderness". Also tonnes of other works on simple self-sufficient constructions for you or a waifu and kids.

b9a62f  No.12811817

File: e8f9e05c17f510b⋯.jpg (54.63 KB, 616x347, 616:347, essen-ciel-baluchon-11.jpg)


I think one of those small, wooden cabins that act as trailers are the ones I'm interested in. Surely by adding in a few solar systems you could power the most basic electronics.

096dda  No.12811877


There are websites which will roughly calculate a solar setup for you depending on what you want in terms of electronics, appliances, etc.as well as using locations to determine how many peak sunlight hours you get per day.

I've been doing the same research myself lately, developing a plan. A lot of the shows I see on this shit, the couple/family/individual usually has a bunch of initial capital to invest so the the better to start saving for it. Who knows, libfag environmentalism might incentivize it too and the technology will likely get cheaper and more efficient with time.

b9a62f  No.12812559



something like this is perfect but very expensive

da6c87  No.12813029


Embed nigger.

Also, thanks.

File: 1d4adb6634d1a35⋯.jpeg (34.38 KB, 512x599, 512:599, images.jpeg)

92e344  No.12758023[Reply]

I've just finished a natsoc book about Nordic Aryan religion. It will soon be published by Counter Currents. Once it's out, I'll drop you guys 100 free copies. But now, I'm focusing on what to translate next. Are there any natsoc works in dire need of English translation? I'll decide which recommendation to start translating.

63 posts and 6 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

623daa  No.12776456

File: 780e1f6d138fd8e⋯.png (292.53 KB, 473x677, 473:677, p0tmpclhEU1v6ivrn_540.png)

File: f68301a838d4fee⋯.png (142.06 KB, 540x762, 90:127, p1wehaaCQE1ve5dfbo1_r1_540.png)


Once I am able to, soon, I will open a Wordpress blog where people can pay, perhaps also in Bitcoin or whatever other wallet they use, for translations. Someone has requested NS publications from South America like Serrano, the Chilean NS Party, the Argentinian NS Party etc. Also, loads of German nonfiction texts are inaccessible to English monolinguists because postwar Academe would rather ignore them. I would like to translate them, but I need funds to buy them, and to spend time translating. I would also like to mark my own annotations in these works, to act as a commentary bringing older ideas into modern context. Philology is the White Mans Domain, and I intend to keep it so.

d3116a  No.12785199

There should be a a thread abput books from different reigions about national socialism or some other issues we are facing.

d3b4d9  No.12789556


Nice pic of hitler anon.

cbf0c3  No.12810565


requesting these

000000  No.12812811


yes, and it was around this time that the vatican mobilized against germany. if hitler had not made that fateful comment and held onto these thoughts till after the war, who knows how things might have turned out. if you look at the areas of germany that were genocided it becomes apparent they were all non catholic areas. one needs to play chess with the vatican not go in full bore.

File: 2bf4c88b1b7c0fb⋯.jpg (417.66 KB, 800x745, 160:149, gfbnbhgvf.jpg)

a17521  No.12811534[Reply]

Josh Campbell is an embedded agent for the FBI/CIA/Deep State apparatus and CNN is guilty of sedition and lying to the American people.

The true ENEMIES OF THE PEOPLE are right in front of you.

29 posts and 19 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

a0df8f  No.12811782

File: 33ab82e945d0076⋯.png (27.06 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 01 Senior Executive Servic….png)

They use the term Deep State to mask the real ID of the culprits.

pic related


The Enemy Within

765dc9  No.12811783


>It's a hoax and I know it

No, I don't - if I believe it is a hoax, it makes no difference. The only kike is one who won't protect its possibility while other races (Jews particularly) protect the possibility of every document that advances white genocide.

43dc74  No.12811823


>Start global nuclear conflict through perpetual escalation

>Have shades for the mushroom clouds

The biggest of big brained big boys.

34a872  No.12812055


wow you have defeated the jews, they can't type GOD, wow, they are surely defeated

a7af6f  No.12812596

File: 71f279a91a2cb98⋯.jpg (9.92 KB, 211x239, 211:239, 143c8860f87d7a85e9f142838d….jpg)

File: 70df5e010524e0f⋯.jpg (18.06 KB, 255x255, 1:1, d0c1359e089642f00850d90da9….jpg)


GodsGodsGodsgods ,crizling

File: 6f80a85e30527ee⋯.jpg (487.98 KB, 1095x1115, 219:223, pol books 19 - dec 2018.jpg)

49931b  No.12496202[Reply]


#19 is here


>that link has ALL of the .zips and a big folder with individual files

>P = .pdf

>E = .epub

These used to be popular threads back in the day. You're not supposed to read them all, it's just a bookshelf. I'm going to reorganize these one day.

Also, check out The Incorrect Library:


188 posts and 59 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

8d0fb5  No.12807716

bbadc3  No.12807792


>(((M. J. Adler)))

>(((Sidney Greenbaum)))

>(((Irving Copi)))


6c49d5  No.12811778


d2d3d2  No.12811816

I just read the Laurel Cayon book, unironically the last redpill is realizing the Hippie and Psychedelic movements were CIA fronts and organizations and people like Brotherhood of Love, Timothy Leary, Terrance McKenna and others were CIA connected individuals. Those movements fucked up American society forever.

80ac00  No.12812200




File: 32e1173b2bd6248⋯.jpg (30.95 KB, 493x246, 493:246, image.jpg)

24e997  No.12803267[Reply]

>when someone suggests that christanity is western or that we should care about a dead kike on a stick

At this point christfag moralfaggots are worse than jews, because not only do they defend them but worship them as their saivor. No kike has ever contributed anything to humanity, this includes jesus of Nazereth, Palestine who died on a cross and was not resurrected. Had the Jews not tried to coup the Roman government or march on Egypt, they wouldn't have been exiled where they extremists could spread their christian cult. Piliate should have just exterminated them from the start, this is the task Hitler tried to finish but was cut down because christfaggots in America turned on western civilization.

If I have to choose between shooting a traitor and shooting a jew I'd shoot the traitor every time.

222 posts and 75 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

000000  No.12821703

Jesus Jew Not Jew blah blah blah

And in other news, who cares? Who cares about what shit happened in that stupid part of the world?

Why suddenly our European ancestors should abandon their sacred beliefs on the basis of some nonsense story about a guy pretending being the son of a local Semitic divinity, thousands of kilometers away from their lands?

Christcucks will do anything possible to keep their Jeebus close to them.


Saved from what? Your stupidity? From a place that does not exist?

Even you adonniggers wouldn't be worshiping this Jesus if the fallen Rome hadn't forced our ancestors to accept this alien religion.

000000  No.12821750


1. And Jews say Jesus was an impostor. Pot kettle black. A disagreement between kikes, really.

Besides, he denounced the pharisees in particular.

2. Do you know anything about the origins of Christianity? It was a complete mess for slaves, proles and "illegals" in Rome and around, and was made into the creed you know and love around the 4th century. Then all original books were destroyed. Jews had been present in that region for centuries already. So they'd have ample time to plot against the gentiles.

3. This is easily swept aside by asking if you think Ford would have not looked into the Jews if he hadn't been a Christian? Or, in other words, do you think one needs being a Christian to criticize the Jews? Obviously no. So pointing out Ford's beliefs is moot.

000000  No.12823802


There's a book out there, available in online archives (can't remember the name right now) that deciphers Gnosticism and more importantly the very pessimistic slight there is to it.

000000  No.12823824


>Maybe it had something to do with the social chaos Christianity created.

I remember reading a good analysis of the literal economical disaster generated by this cult. It went into details about the daily "quality" of life in Rome, in how things were literally falling apart, from buildings to racial stock. Plus the corruption and hoarding of riches and even the old Patricians being cast aside. Because, you know, WHITE PRIVILEGE.

That's egalitarianism for you.

One would also notice that as time passed, the successive Emperors of Rome were less and less White.

*Mysticall from ancient White Egyptian Kings: Hello fags, we told you this would happen to you. We've been there. Why u not listen ffs?*

Without a massive influx of German blood into those regions, notably to rise a capable army instead of proto-beaners and a collective of semi-retarded sandniggers, this entire region of Italy would have remained a third world cesspool forever.

Somehow, I wish it had. It would have been easier to point at Rome on a map and say, there guys, this place must be leveled and anything with a weird nose or a sun tan browner than my soles need to be put to death.

000000  No.12823826

File: 93c30478a4a4367⋯.jpeg (8.93 KB, 124x124, 1:1, fbi.jpeg)

897725  No.12785738[Reply]

Expect the President to make a big announcement tonight in El Paso.

1. The CIA operation in Virginia is going well. The Democrats are turning on each other at a rapid rate as the model suggested they would. Blacks being humiliated by the Democrats, me too`s running wild, Another revelation about the Lieut. Governor is on taps for this week, and several things about the Governor is being held back for the moment.

AOC is putting out one narrative after another provided by her handlers at Langley. She and her Muslim buddy are priceless. She will get rich out of all of this but who cares.

And last but not least expect an announcement from Whittakker this week.

46 posts and 6 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

aa946c  No.12810481


Natsoc only. Keep your zionism to yourself.

c7fee3  No.12810500


lol not after this most recent cuckout, he has even lost r/the_Donald

2634dd  No.12812091

File: 652cf391f27648e⋯.jpg (8.65 KB, 255x255, 1:1, gas.jpg)


Fuck off Zionist shill

2f358d  No.12812111

File: fa7424ec8da9240⋯.jpg (108.18 KB, 500x500, 1:1, fa7424ec8da92401106ed60b4d….jpg)

000000  No.12812137


I'd vote for Pence when it comes right down to simply because of his 2,000 hi-power Amps to the faggots policy.

File: ae2b9ccf6b0c57e⋯.jpeg (51.49 KB, 750x485, 150:97, AF8FD748-88DB-41F5-A564-F….jpeg)

46f635  No.12786507[Reply]

Holy fuck boomer women are terrible. My grandma was talking with my mom about how evil the white man is and how great Mexicans are and how we need them for our country because us whites are too lazy and won’t do any of the farm or labor work. I interrupted her conversation with my mom and told her that’s bullshit we don’t need Mexicans, Canada was 90% white 40 years ago and we were doing just fine until you boomers started passing immigration laws that favoured brown nations. She got angry and called me racist and told me that Canada was never a white nation and that it was originally a native nation and that the whites stole their land. I rebuttled in defence and told her that Canada was mostly barren and we were pioneers and not immigrants that settled unclaimed land and minded our own business until natives started scalping us. She argued back that the natives were doing just fine before the whites and I told her that’s a lie there was constant warfare between the tribes. She called me racist again and carried on her pozzed conversation with my mom.

WTF, boomer women are the most pozzed and brainwashed, even more so then university educated millenials. I even tried telling her that our government hates whites and we are being replaced and she couldn’t even understand why that would be a bad thing.

Even though she’s my grandma and I love her I hope all boomers get what’s coming to them. They desreve to be in an old age home with abusive browns for their final days.

Her conversation with my mom was about this article (link below). This is where she referred to whites as evil and Mexicans as awesome and how great our government is for cracking down on evil whitey to help out great economic boosting Mexicans.


161 posts and 20 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

350ca1  No.12809091


Btw, your grandmother is probably Silent Generation if your mom was early Gen X. Silent Generation were way too passive, but they tend to have their heads on straight compared to the Greatest Generation, one of the dumbest generations of Americans ever.

d10035  No.12809129

File: 7108660218acd40⋯.jpg (146.82 KB, 658x500, 329:250, chilangos mexicunts.jpg)

she is delusional mexicunts are good-for-nothing I was in mexico shitty and is the worst place you would ever want to be fuck mexicunts if you see one better have your gun and ready to shot before they take your home

45e1e6  No.12810376

File: 64870f3663351bb⋯.jpg (37.24 KB, 960x525, 64:35, 346234636.jpg)


Goodness gracious. You couldn't be more right. I would not be the least bit surprised if my parents took 14/88 rhetoric 100% seriously if some cakefaced bint wearing stripper heels and a blazer on a news panel said it. That pane of glass on their television screen is a sacred barrier to them and all images and messages coming from the other side are gospel that are not to be challenged.

Of course, my mother will scream and scream about the power of Russian propaganda and insist that people who watch Fox News are brainwashed and she says this, over and over, with absolutely zero self-awareness. She will rant and whine about the exploits of evil, creepy, opportunistic men - always white men, of course, she never notices they are kikes and when I point it out it's not relevant - and my dad will ignore her man-bashing because he's too busy looking through his little movie guidebook so he can figure out what other movies the actor/actress on screen has been in, what year the movies came out, and their ratings, because what's really important isn't the well-being and future of the offspring standing in front of you, no, what's really important is sticking your nose in a tiny book that fulfills all your celebrity worship needs and helps you figure out what Roger Ebert thought of Stephen Spielberg's 1975 thriller hit Jaws.

0ef105  No.12812027


Stop, this hits too close to home.

3a1ced  No.12812062

File: 8275c5e7edb9f14⋯.png (38.54 KB, 1240x371, 1240:371, onwomen.PNG)


Women, in general, are fucking stupid. They are not biologically wired to think logically, they are designed to think emotionally. They are useful for reproduction and caring for said offspring, as well as homemaking, and to a lesser degree companionship.

When you tell female humans that they are capable of anything while giving them whatever they ask for and encouraging them be vocal about what they want, you end up with an army of utterly entitled and vapid cunts. That is what the vast majority of Boomer women are a product of and that is why they are fucking pure cancer that cannot die off soon enough.

There's still hope for a portion of the younger and future generations of our women, but only if White men get firm hold of the reigns and start putting restrictions back in place on the weaker sex. If that doesn't happen, it won't matter what bullshit the kikes do or do not continue to pull on the goyim, the world will spiral further out of control and ultimately into pitch darkness as a result of miserable useless sets of holes running out of control.

tl;dr kikery and toxic femininity go hand in hand and the solution is White men killing their enemies

File: 323b7dbd44e0a6b⋯.png (43.02 KB, 640x300, 32:15, 4a5f0f3ad2a2505e8cecb49bf6….png)

1d7fc3  No.12797968[Reply]



>(((Pompeo))) in Poland urges the country to pass Holocaust restitution law

>Poland is the only country in the European Union that has not passed comprehensive national legislation to return, or provide compensation for, private property confiscated by the Nazis or nationalized by the communist regime.

>At a joint appearance Wednesday in Warsaw with the Polish minister of foreign affairs, (((Pompeo))) praised the US-Poland relationship and the “indomitable Polish spirit.”

>He also saluted Polish Jewish partisan Frank Blaichman, who immigrated to the United States after World War II and became a prosperous real estate developer in New York. Blaichman, who died in late December at 96, was “a testament to the resilience of the Polish people, (((Pompeo))) said.

>As part of his remarks, (((Pompeo))) called on the Polish government to resolve outstanding (((restitution))) issues.

>“We also appreciate the importance of resolving outstanding issues of the past, and I urge my Polish (((colleagues))) to move forward with (((comprehensive private property restitution legislation for those who lost property during the Holocaust era))),” he said.

>(((Gideon Taylor))), chair of operations for the (((World Jewish Restitution Organization))), said he welcomed (((Pompeo’s))) “expression of his commitment to securing (((justice))) for (((Holocaust survivors and their families.))) This is a powerful Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

45 posts and 11 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

7f6f71  No.12803113

File: 8c9db4262485b1a⋯.webm (816.65 KB, 640x360, 16:9, gondola_feels.webm)

File: 6beb050aff9535e⋯.mp4 (5.02 MB, 426x240, 71:40, Gondola Meets Hitler.mp4)


Saved me from killing myself

Wasn't Uncle Adolf a devout Christian?

7f6f71  No.12803121

File: 04c0d9ad48182f3⋯.webm (3.85 MB, 800x600, 4:3, Gondola&TheEndlessSea.webm)


Also, here comes the sun

ada1f8  No.12803130


There is no other way out for them than total victory or total defeat. The crime that was the creation of israel (the criminal conspiracy between the British Empire, Russia and The US to destroy a nation for being too prosperous and use it as a scapegoat to steal the ownership of Palestine into jewish hands) is so severe, and the actions leading into it as well as the consequences that are destroying this planet to this day, are cascading into an all out war between jews, who were responsible for everything, and every other human race. It is inevitable that we either all get killed/fully enslaved or that we all meet up at the gates if Jerusalem to end to jews forever. There is no 3rd way, no escaping, no more freedom or peace possible anywhere, because they have to commit more brutal crimes to fight back more and more escalating opposition. Religion didn't contain the truth from coming out, capitalism propaganda didn't work, and even social media brainwashing was not enough to to hide the jewish crimes against the human races.

8f258c  No.12809673


Well put anon.

2967fb  No.12811947


McFuckingKill yourself

File: 02ede7b91aa727d⋯.jpg (147.23 KB, 960x570, 32:19, large960_blur-c6ca057323f4….jpg)

806af5  No.12780995[Reply]

OKLAHOMA CITY – After being in session less than a week, Oklahoma lawmakers have already sent a controversial House bill through committee.

House Bill 2597 would essentially allow many gun owners to carry without a license.

Under the bill, it would allow “the carrying of a firearm, concealed or unconcealed, loaded or unloaded, by a person who is twenty-one (21) years of age or older or by a person who is eighteen (18) years of age but not yet twenty-one (21) years of age and the person is a member or veteran of the United States Armed Forces, Reserves or National Guard or was discharged under honorable conditions from the United States Armed Forces, Reserves or National Guard, and the person is otherwise not disqualified from the possession or purchase of a firearm under state or federal law and is not carrying the firearm in furtherance of a crime.”


59 posts and 12 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

85cd63  No.12798260


I understand that it is redundant, but I am still grateful…because we are just that fucked by trembling subhumans and fucking mongrels in the US these days.

85cd63  No.12798270


Lynch the whole family anon. The nits are going to grow up and become lice when they are older. Why would you support this half measure for kikes and kike supporters as well?


>I'm a pozzed faggot but totally organic here on /pol/

620afa  No.12809111


Murderous anger is not by necessity pathological.

There are many genuine traitors who it only benefits you to be murderously angry at. Anger is part of the human set of instincts which creates justice, and justice is the only reason that tumorshit people cannot spread and dominate civilization.

If your justice system fails you, and you don't enforce justice yourself, it is your fault when cockroaches rule you, your civilization dissolves, and you are conquered.

6489b2  No.12811860

File: 21fd08aa2dad942⋯.png (704.47 KB, 900x600, 3:2, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 94208225a365490⋯.png (668.86 KB, 700x722, 350:361, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 385784b57c3c4df⋯.png (777.32 KB, 576x768, 3:4, ClipboardImage.png)

File: e51bb9696cec965⋯.png (218.74 KB, 320x320, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


Sure driving on the USA roads are more dangerous than being in the the US Military when it comes to getting killed or maimed, but being in the US military, is a tad more dangerous than working at McDonalds and living in your parents basement.




Yep, even an office pogue (pog) in the USMC is a Rifleman and trained as such, continually.

Now the Air Force on the other hand…

4d84c7  No.12811945


get the rope this faggot belongs in a tree

File: 22b6b475107505d⋯.png (693.93 KB, 2000x2000, 1:1, 1550319386447.png)

cb22da  No.12810003[Reply]

Will the white guilt ever run-out or are we doomed and jewed until we are bred out of existence?

10 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

6e2f6d  No.12811109

Oh its runing out really fast

04e76a  No.12811219

One of the most important redpills is that everything you're supposed to feel guilty for was actually done by jews pretending to be white. If that message goes mainstream it's all over.

3b4fac  No.12811824


We are beginning to get over it, but it is still slow and there is a lot of propaganda against young minds. However, one day, the Saxon will begin to hate again, and when we do the world shall shake as her finest children march again in great columns, and cover it in fire.

000000  No.12811864

Many will remain cucked but the left is tearing itself apart from the inside. Most will realize that the niggotry will get them nothing and they won't be spared persecution for being white regardless of their actual heritage or what their personal beliefs are.

ac6876  No.12811918

The people who run the world have come to bury what is true about themselves, suppressing all efficacy because they can’t tolerate a prosperous world. Teaching black people to hate white people keeps black people down; teaching white people to hate black people keeps white people down; posting things like this here on this unregistered anyone’s ground is a way to keep downtrodden people fearful, poor, and too stressed to integrate.

Some racist people of various pigments play along because they’re so authentically dissociated from their own individual experience that they enjoy the way fearful, stressed, impoverished people tend to breed. Relatedly, if you want a population to dwell in size, beat and starve them, while telling them they’ll never be worthy of having kids. They’ll defy you into a population crisis. Nobody will be happy and the whole society will rot, but gee they’ll be populous!

People don’t tolerate that anymore, and they shouldn’t!

File: 54edbd5eb09dd20⋯.png (808.93 KB, 1400x1614, 700:807, 645fee78b847bec2d6bf4c4e0e….png)

09cdfd  No.12786009[Reply]

Once, during the early 2000s up until around 2011, chans were obscure and their existence was unknown to most normal people I.E. people who actively participate in this Jewish society. The bluepilled masses were in the dark about the growing strength of white nationalism, race realists and historical "revisionists" meaning people who actually study history.

From above, their enlightened benefactors dropped redpills ; these benefactors organized large covert campaigns to do so, and could do this because their bases of organization were not well known, their language and terms were not understood.

Newcomers were few, and whenever revealed told to lurk, usually for 2 years. Normies had to either soak up information and board culture, or be reprimanded. This was accomplished through directed insults, forceful shitposts, and moderation if necessary. Newcomers, like immigrants, either became one of us, or undermined the board by spreading their inferior cultural values, polluting userbases by bringing even more of their own kind with them IF ALLOWED TO DO SO!

But, after 2011, chans started allowing more and more normies. Chan culture became mongrelized through mixing with values, ideologies and tropes from mainstream society. The userbases also became similarly mixed, tainted with normies and the shills who began showing up, realizing the growing activity and popularity on chans. People stopped safeguarding board culture, in favor of cultural enrichment. The old saying "lurk for 2 more years" became less and less common, and incentives for cultural integration less and less prominent.

Just look around, at the state of this format. Most imageboards no longer create organized campaigns, and experience constant sliding, endless thread spam with topics of miniscule value. 4chan is moderated by filthy SJWs, and board culture is effectively dead ; 8chan is comparatively young, but owned by US government assets who clearly want us to become another halfchan. In fact, we're mostly there already………………

Where diPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

395 posts and 88 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

7e8439  No.12809420

maganiggers should be banned. no more 4d

041f12  No.12809428


> to the ground if we cannot expel the trannie jannies

Aren't they mostly a problem at 4cucks?

6aa275  No.12809435

I wasn't captured, The Sauds owe my family a life debt.

ad0556  No.12809458


Honest question. Are you that one autistic Uruguayan poster from half/pol/? You type just like him.

9b2a7b  No.12811793

File: b08ab31867bb82e⋯.jpg (2.41 MB, 1600x8500, 16:85, Tile Fucker.jpg)



>42 results

Reasonably based, you niggers.


That's really sad tbh. I remember as a newfag on cuck/b/ in 2007, the best thing about the place was whatever bizarre insane shit the weirdest fuckers wanted to post. It's literally what the internet is for–not fucking putting up your personal information. What fucked times we live in.

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