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File: 0cee41575d3aef5⋯.jpg (234.27 KB, 1141x848, 1141:848, New Hitler image.jpg)

File: b8a89c04d8890ee⋯.jpg (242.1 KB, 1127x848, 1127:848, Adolph Hitler with group o….jpg)

File: f7fc25e8f392cc5⋯.jpg (204.13 KB, 1133x848, 1133:848, Adolf Hitler surrounded by….jpg)

File: de5109cf00b08a1⋯.jpg (76.55 KB, 962x1143, 962:1143, 12402638-6933315-A_rare_cr….jpg)

4810db  No.13155081[Reply]

>>A rare, cracked photograph of a young Adolf Hitler, aged 34, at the dawn of the Nazi Party has emerged

>>A trove of never-before-seen images, show the German leader in intimate moments

>>The remarkable frame is one of 1,270 images that Richard Schneider digitized from a trove of 41,000 glass negatives created by Hitler's personal photographer, Heinrich Hoffmann, a key part of Hitler's PR machine

>>After the war, Hoffmann was arrested and convicted of war profiteering, and he spent five years in prison

>>Plans are already underway to make the photographs available online, after negatives were put back together




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39d62e  No.13160133

File: 94ae51d961a7fd5⋯.jpg (30.67 KB, 535x194, 535:194, Untitled.jpg)


True believers.

619cf2  No.13163510


There's actually some implication that Goebbels kids were actually Hitler's. Goebbels thought it was weird why Hitler was so close to his wife.

42202f  No.13163532


I doubt it

619cf2  No.13163543


I do too, still it was enough for Him to be suspicious. You can never truly know.

37ccd1  No.13163993

File: 9dce0f885d518bc⋯.png (966.92 KB, 1127x848, 1127:848, polack 1934.png)

Whoa. This guy is all about it.

File: dd50d44e68791b6⋯.jpg (664.66 KB, 1440x2620, 72:131, Screenshot_20190419-091948….jpg)

a0a8b0  No.13157278[Reply]

Chase Bank shuts down 'alt-right' accounts

>'First we get silenced on social media … then I get debanked'



>Chase Bank is shutting down accounts of people and organizations with controversial political views, according to an undercover investigation by James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas.

‌>O’Keefe’s latest probe found that Chase, without explanation, abruptly closed the account of a political activist that had existed for 15 years in good standing.

>Enrique Tarrio, chairman of the Proud Boys activist group and owner of a website that sells provocative political merchandise, spoke to Chase representatives who could not explain why his business account was about to be terminated.

>Tarrio recorded the calls and provided them to Project Veritas.

>Chase banker Marcel Smith told Tarrio: “I see nothing that indicates any reason why the account should be closed. I don’t see any outstanding transactions or anything ridiculous.”

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0a5739  No.13162018



f392b5  No.13162031


>Something I could never fully understand… Build your credit…

Kinda' hard to switch from renting, to home ownership, if you have to pay cash over the barrel for a house. That gets the FBI involved, on top of everything else. Yes, your bank will tell you to kick sand even for small loans, if you have no debt. I'd say more, but that would prevent me from doing stuff in the future.

61fd43  No.13163674

File: dde1cead83bc247⋯.png (306.11 KB, 1280x800, 8:5, Beautiful Female Vegan.png)

Vegan Hate General.

Goys are you participating in the greatest struggle of our lifetimes? The struggle between Satanic Vegans (per 1 Timothy 4) and healthy natural meat eaters??

Yeah all the (((powers that be))) are shoving the vegan agenda, down our throats. Are you in this war?

(luckily it's a war we almost can't lose, because the 'vegan diet' is a form of anorexia, that leaves it's victims, sickly, sterile and demented as the years go on. See for yourself…..)

61fd43  No.13163680


Well that didn't work and I can't delete it. Fuck me. And fuck banks eventually they'll kick all of us out on the street, then the police will steal our money because carrying large amounts of cash around is "illegal"

42dec3  No.13163913

File: 74846eb6bedc8b8⋯.png (366.24 KB, 2077x1365, 2077:1365, JewTube Nasim Comment.png)

File: 22d0cdc739577d6⋯.png (346.77 KB, 1024x580, 256:145, Nasim There Is No Free Spe….png)



File: 88011bb0a37bd87⋯.jpg (1.95 MB, 2096x1720, 262:215, puppets1.jpg)

fe708c  No.13142178[Reply]


>The Al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem, the third holiest site in Islam, also burned down at the exact same time.

>Mid April to May 1st is the time of each year when Satanic Jews perform occult rituals with “fire sacrifices”. Eight years ago a triple ritual took place on the occult dates of Walpurgis Night/Beltane in the City of London (the royal alchemical wedding), the Vatican (beatification of pope) and the District of Columbia (the burning of the straw man). Some false flags, like the Boston Bombing, also took place within the occult days. Boston Bombings and the Titanic sinking actually happened on the same day as the Notre Dame burning.

>Today, the 850 old iconic Notre Dame Cathedral has been burning in Paris. Though desecrations of catholic churches has been going on in France weekly for over a year (much as Jews were doing in the Soviet Union when they committed the largest mass murder in history of mankind by executing as many as 145 Million Slavic Christians) – only the Jewish press doesn’t seem too keen to report on it. You may need to look to Russia to read about it:


>Jewish media puppets, like Shep Smith, do their job ensuring the public doesn’t get informed on the burnings. He cuts off French Elected Official Philippe Karsenty after he brings up the fact that Churches in France have been desecrated in past year:


>Notre Dame housed the Crown of Thorns and a piece of the cross of Jesus.

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39aaab  No.13161914

come over to >>>/holypol/

000000  No.13163723


Really makes ya think

43d6fd  No.13163816

File: 6cf213624f91bf2⋯.png (1.74 MB, 1000x694, 500:347, Michelle sippin.png)

File: c1f0657f1d03532⋯.jpg (122.27 KB, 962x718, 481:359, smile after sip.jpg)

File: a371a59f96f3262⋯.jpg (87.11 KB, 962x739, 962:739, laughing at fre.jpg)

File: 801b70571a5c3ee⋯.jpg (18.15 KB, 239x183, 239:183, Pyrobama.jpg)


(((Michelle Pyrobama)))

3e27db  No.13163842


>sheboons for israel

The absolute state of aristocracy huddling around a baboon in heat.

d66839  No.13165289



Shitskin detected. Opinion discarded. Jews included because they are devils masked in a genetic soup of Cannanites that mixed with Esau, became Edomites, further arabized with niggers and indians, all the while inbreeding to make sure shit is fucked as possible.

File: 1be8a4d517da1d6⋯.jpg (86.42 KB, 599x938, 599:938, Behold the evil american n….jpg)

File: db30c61a7ee2eb8⋯.jpg (108.22 KB, 595x335, 119:67, 20150124_BKP002_0.jpg)

File: aa6a98457f6a6f7⋯.jpg (172.88 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, D237_121_564_1200.jpg)

File: 9ba5ce7673ee6b6⋯.jpg (180.76 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, dad-reading-son.jpg)

File: 23aa952b6775799⋯.jpg (79.1 KB, 800x537, 800:537, 67fe30e24fe91167cabc69951b….jpg)

b87e23  No.13124529[Reply]

Parenting is a stage in life all non-neets go through. 4chan/8chan have been around for nearly 20 years, many anons here either have children, have a pregnant partner, planning to have children, or about to adopt a child. With the world outside becoming more insane, anti-white, and wanting to corrupt family values and your children to grow up into the perfect Goy/Marxist, it's our duty as parents to our children to combat this and raise our children to grow up to be free-thinking adults under our guidance away from the Judaeo-Marxist influence. Rather you want to raise your child religiously, secular, or atheist doesn't matter. As long as you as you raise them to be proud in their race, their people, have a good understanding of the world around them and the dangers that plague it, the evils of Marxism/Communism/Jewry/Islam/Socialism/Capitalism/Liberalism etc., have grand ambitions for themselves far beyond even you could comprehend and to ensure your relationship with your children are healthy and non-antagonistic.

I've found some decent videos on how to achieve this:

How to home school your children:

Due to the increasingly Marxist control over the educational system, it might be best to home school your children or find less liberal schools to send them:


>Infographic's Compare and Contrasting Normal School vs Home School


Bedtime Stories and Folk/Fairytale Stories:

Anything from the Brother's Grimm

Adolf Hitler himself praised the Grimm Fairy Tales because they showed children with sound racial instincts seeking racially pure marriage partners and the Nazis encouraged every household to have at least one copy of the Grimm brothers' stories.

Other stories:


>Sleeping Beauty

>The Three Little Pigs

>A Christmas Carol

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
63 posts and 11 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

bb45bc  No.13162294


How is that movie so bluepilled and yet also so redpilled? You can tell it was made by kikes when the big moment of horror is when Hitler says, “I can’t be killed, I’m inside every German”

9e3cf4  No.13162296

Teach your kid boxing, wrestling, MMA, or a ching chong ding dong martial art that has contact. Fights aren't usually between skilled opponents… but by being in real fights it gives your kid actual confidence. Too many conventional martial arts don't have contact which doesn't prepare him or her of the primal fear of getting into a real fight.

9e3cf4  No.13162302


I think the creators or at least someone influential in the creating process was natsoc but had to hide the redpills within the general movie structure.

bb45bc  No.13162321


That or the Jews are so confidant in their brain washing that they know even having Hitler in a movie is enough for him to be the bad guy in the eyes of the normies.

372849  No.13163809


Oh no, the point of the section is to say just let your kids watch what you liked when you grew up that you know is alright for them to watch.

It doesn't have to be any of what was listed.

File: 5e3746bedc767e2⋯.jpg (1.31 MB, 1440x2397, 480:799, Screenshot_20190416-084925….jpg)

2629fe  No.13142615[Reply]


>Palestinian Muslims hold Friday prayers in the Marwani Prayer Room, also called Solomon's Stables), located under the southeastern corner of the raised platform which holds the Dome of the Rock and Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem's Old City, September 5, 2014. A fire broke out at the sacred site just as a much larger blaze engulfed the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris.



For those who don't know, this is the location that the Jews want to build their Third Temple to the Antichrist.

It's Happening

49 posts and 8 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

3bfa15  No.13145791


Passover. Not Purim. That was last month.

77bd55  No.13146331

Pff the jews have tunneled under the thing. Videos on jewtube. When the rats imagine they can get away with it, they'll fill it with explosives and implode the thing. All hell will break loose after that. GLOBALLY.

000000  No.13157097


000000  No.13163707

014962  No.13163721

4 days prior, they didn't burn at once. Its the jews though, you're right. Only they stand to profit in either case.

File: 102ef3d2e0c4501⋯.jpg (63.55 KB, 572x960, 143:240, oy vey.jpg)

592290  No.13137157[Reply]

The Jew hates everything that isn't built by them. They hate the European man and wish to see it burn. They unleash the Muslim dog as an aggressive animal of attack and as a distraction of their antics. You can say what you like about Christianity but this is a symbolic of the highest degree. If we do not fight by, everything our ancestors built will be destroyed to rubble and ash

572 posts and 115 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

0a267f  No.13152378


pretty sure it's a (((socialist))) journalist

000000  No.13157091

Just in time for passover! Whata cohencidence.

c3f379  No.13160443

Just remember ANONS, kill a kike and a nigger a day and it would be all OKAY

cddc63  No.13160642


Pharisee is a title, like governor or priest. Jews infiltrated and occupied the office of Pharisee in Judea, as they always do in White territories.

What jews are genetically is an Edomite - the mixed race offspring of Edom and his Cannanite wives. Cannanites were offsprings of Cain whom inhabited the land of Cannan. If Joshua had fulfilled his duty to God, jews would not exist as Joshua was ordered to slay them all, but failed.

Contrary to what jews say, Abraham is not their father and the 12 tribes were Whites that dispersed through the Caucus mountains. The tribe of Judah founded Judea. No jew or Cannanite has ever founded anything. They don't work, only parasite and plunder.

Edom was the brother of Jacob, both whom were grandsons of Abraham. Edom cucked on his past and future. He traded his inheritance for a bowl of swill from Jacob because he did not store food for the down season, then his Edomite shitskins invaded Judea circa 200BC per Strabo, the Greek geographer. These Edomites appropriated the name jew from Judea, as the numbers and influence was great.

000000  No.13163715

>800 years later, kikes still mad


File: eb5ed74e7a39245⋯.png (511.11 KB, 489x434, 489:434, dp.PNG)

4dd038  No.13153690[Reply]



47 posts and 11 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

72b078  No.13159956

File: 06794ecae26014d⋯.png (71.24 KB, 960x540, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)


Why would you burn the evidence? That's so dumb, all those manuscripts could have been used to figure out jewish plans, even if they were all the same thing it could at least be used to show how rampant such language was within the jewish community back then. Burning such evidence leaves nothing for those of future generations to find out, leaving most people to forgot about it entirely, then thinking jews weren't a problem or something.

It's like burning the evidence of a large drug bust before judging the criminal, burn the evidence after the conviction, once you don't need it anymore!

0578ec  No.13159978


This is how the opening ceremony for the rebuilt Notre Dame should begin. Torching talmuds and jews.

1a328e  No.13160429

File: 0b3aa5b09a4a84c⋯.jpeg (73.44 KB, 736x527, 736:527, A11AB6DB-9FBA-4E48-9352-0….jpeg)


The few priests that are pedos are almost always crypto-kikes also. People that are Jewish are allowed to “convert” and become Christian priests.

40903b  No.13160473


Just more instances of our fellow whites being stupid fucks who just don't get it.

You don't cure a disease by treating the symptoms.

You have to go after the disease itself.

Talmuds, Torah's, Buy Bull's, Christ insanity, Muslims in Europe, illegal wetbacks in the US, false flag attacks, etc, etc= symptoms of the Jewish disease.

Treating those symptoms will not prevent the disease from wreaking havoc and or re-emerging in time and even as a more virulent strain than it was to begin with.

The Jewish disease is a horrifying mixture of psychopathy and narcissim and or narcissistic megalomania.

If any brilliant white scientist minded type could cure the psychopathic condition the Jews would cease being a threat to us and the world in general overnight/instantly/etc.

Presently only "bullet therapy" works to "cure" the problem and thats only if a person can manage to identify who is a psychopath and or narcissist.

ALL races have these lowlives/mentally ill dangerous people amongst them but my argument and my belief is that for whatever evolutionary reason Jews seemingly have the highest concentration of these types amongst their race/ranks which explains their wicked/criminal/horrifying and manipulative behavior throughout time.

Yeah though to re-iterate you don't cure an alcoholic by dumping his alcohol down the drain or a boogie2988 by locking him in a cage and keeping him away from food.

Sure prevent alcoholics and the boogie2988's of the world from having their addiction of choice at their will and strong arm their addictions away from them by locking them away in a cell will dry the alcoholic out and sober them up and make a boogie2988 skinny but the underlyingPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

000000  No.13163713

Do it again!

File: 5a79b54a2890dd2⋯.jpg (194.06 KB, 640x431, 640:431, Rabbi-Aviner-Notre-Dame.jpg)

File: 73b4abeecfbd39e⋯.jpg (152.27 KB, 1680x832, 105:52, mossad shirt.jpg)

72245e  No.13152943[Reply]

Mossad-linked Rabbi: Notre Dame fire is divine retribution for 13th-century Talmud burning; Christianity is our number one enemy

>A prominent religious-Zionist rabbi known for his extremist views suggested on Wednesday that the fire that gutted the famed Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris earlier this week may have been 'divine retribution for the mass-burning of Talmud volumes by French Catholic priests in the city eight centuries earlier.

>Rabbi Shlomo Aviner, the rabbi of the Beit El settlement and head of the Ateret Yerushalayim yeshiva, said that Jews should not commit arson against churches, but also that there was no duty to be saddened by the fire, which gutted the famed 12th-century cathedral.

>He made the comments to the religious-Zionist website Srugim as part of a question-and-answer column (Hebrew).

>After initially balking at the assertion that the Notre Dame fire was divine vengeance, as “we don’t know the secrets of God,” Aviner went on to say it was “possible to say so.”

>Christianity, he explained, “is our number one enemy throughout history. [They] tried to convert us by arguments and by force, carried out an inquisition against us, burned the Talmud, expulsions, pogroms. Western anti-Semitism draws from Christianity’s hatred of the ‘murderers of God.’ It also had a role in the Holocaust.”

>He suggested the Notre Dame fire may be divine retribution for the mass-burning of Talmud manuscripts near the cathedral in 1242, following a Talmudic disputation.

>“The first great Talmud burning happened in Paris, right there at the Notre Dame Cathedral square,” Aviner wrote. “It was the result of the Paris trial in which Jewish sages were forced to debate Christian sages, and the result was the burning of the Talmud. Volumes of Talmud were brought in 20 carts and burned there, 1,200 Talmud volumes. So [the fire demonstrates] ‘there is justice and there is a Judge,'” he wrote, the quote a rePost too long. Click here to view the full text.

90 posts and 13 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

63f94c  No.13155177


That girl has kike nigger lips…I can believe you think that is 'White' and not 'kike'

f14bb6  No.13155270

He needs shekels. Old gimp is like a twitter ho talking shit for attention. Get some asses in those synagogue seats. Look at the fucker, he's spent the last fifty years sucking baby dicks.

000000  No.13157089


Wow, I cannot imagine why everybody hates Jews and wants them dead. Nope. Not at all!

000000  No.13157133


Violence solves all.

Murder jews on sight.

000000  No.13163711


Hopefully we learn and it'll be the last time ever. We will break this cycle, the lot of the Jews is Hell.

File: 6575e8d32d1357c⋯.png (409.72 KB, 564x331, 564:331, who-are-the-semites.png)

c533eb  No.13143158[Reply]

With the destruction of Notre Dame, Semitic genocidal hatred is expressed more clearly than ever

We explained at length, from the outset, that the current war is fought between two irreducibly opposed minds: Semitism on the one hand and Aryanism on the other.

Aryanism has work as its fundamental value where Semitism has theft and speculation as its guiding principle.

Many people were able to detect yesterday, at least confusedly, demonstrations of joy at the news of the destruction by fire of Notre-Dame de Paris.

First of all, the Jews, who, unlike the contemporary French, never abandon their tribal memory.

Among several, one of Israel's Jewish leaders of Baruch Marzel's movement, Otzma Yehudit ("Jewish Power"), heir to Rabbi Meir Kahane, with whom Netanyahu has just made a political pact.


I assume you don't read modern Hebrew.

Google Translation:

>Yesterday, the famous Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris, the church opposite which the Talmud was burned in 1200, was set ablaze. The Maharam of Rothenburg wrote the lament of "Shalali burned with fire", which read, among other things, "and therefore I am glad that your reward will pay you, Tzuri with flame and fire,

>No need to add things

In other words, the France of Saint Louis, which had violently fought the poison that humanity still faces, is finally punished by the flames on the scene, according to this Jew, where the King of France had thousands of copies of the talmud burned.

In reality, the talmud was burned in Place de Grève, on the other side of the Pont d'Arcole, but the proximity is very real.

Notre Dame de Paris Cathedral is the indisputable symbol of the apogee of French greatness in the Christian West and this does not escape the Jew. Baruch Marzel bears witness to a racial memory and hatred that spans centuries and even millennia.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
36 posts and 11 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

cc1a74  No.13149779


Shit…… yet another coincidence*

149fd7  No.13150489


Which is another reason they should burn. It's incredibly (((anti-Masonic))).

45ec9b  No.13150509


does someone have the prophecy from that asian guy that got posted on /pol/ a year or two or three ago?

it included "the star will gorge itself on clay", iirc, which happened

000000  No.13157100

Good. The fire rises in more way than one.

000000  No.13163710



File: 2a605c1740f7411⋯.jpg (75.36 KB, 1100x619, 1100:619, 190415142230-12-notre-dame….jpg)

696011  No.13141692[Reply]

Do you believe in (((cohencidences)))? The same time the Notre-Dame Cathedral was burning there was also a fire at the Al-Aqsa Mosque. You know, the one they want to demolish in order to build the third temple over it where they want to crown the antichrist as emperor of the world government.


>3 April 2019

>The head of the far-right quasi-libertarian Zehut party said Wednesday that he wants to rebuild the Jewish Temple on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem immediately.

>“I don’t want to build a (Third) Temple in one or two years, I want to build it now,” Moshe Feiglin said at a Maariv/Jerusalem Post conference in Tel Aviv, referring to the site that currently houses the Dome of the Rock and the Al Aqsa Mosque and where both Jewish Temples stood in the past.


>A fire broke out at the revered Al-Aqsa Mosque compound in Jerusalem just as flames ravaged the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris.

>Footage showing smoke and fire emerging from the roof of a structure known as the Marwani Prayer Room, or Solomon's Stables, could be seen on social media. The Palestine News Agency, the official outlet of the Palestinian National Authority, cited a guard as saying Monday that "the fire broke out in the guard's room outside the roof of the Marwani Prayer Room, and the fire brigade of the Islamic Waqf handled the matter successfully."

>News of the incident at the Al-Aqsa Mosque, the third holiest site in Islam and central to the ongoing Arab-Israeli conflict, was largely overshadowed by a much larger blaze engulfing the Notre Dame Cathedral at the same time.

18 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

000000  No.13157084

Pure (((cohencidence)))

36d186  No.13157087

Don't worry, Mossad will build 10 mosques in Europe to make up for it

000000  No.13157137


Even if it wasn't, it must be used as means to incite masses to kill jews.

d9e399  No.13157226

Church fires in France solved.


Jews in Alabama set NINE alternating Black/White church fires in attempt to spark Race War. Once caught (((authorities))) called it a "college prank".

Maybe Nortre Dame fire was just a couple playful Jewish kids reenacting that scene from "the hunchback" were he makes a big pot of molten lead to pour on attackers during the siege.

And of course Macron needed SOMETHING to break up the Yellow Shirt mobs. IMO history will paint Macron as the "man who burned the Cathedral to say in office".

000000  No.13163706


Little rats.

File: 89e164b720878fd⋯.png (410.78 KB, 651x674, 651:674, dallas.PNG)

6252f6  No.13150938[Reply]



"As demographic change sweeps away Anglo-rule from Texas, the erosion of the Anglo-American heritage of the judicial system is swift.

Black Dallas District Attorney John Creuzot, who ran on a platform of ending mass incarceration (i.e. stopping police from arresting black and brown criminals) has now introduced sweeping reforms to stop police Dallas County from prosecuting theft of personal items worth less than $750.

All to help “people of color and people who are poor” from going to jail. [Dallas DA reveals plan for ‘ending mass incarceration’ for petty crimes, slashing probation and bail, Dallas News, April 11, 2019]:"

Dallas County will move away from “criminalizing poverty,” District Attorney John Creuzot announced Thursday, outlining a reform plan to decriminalize low-level crimes and decrease the use of excessive probation and bail.

In an open letter to the public, Creuzot detailed his plan to curb overly high bail amounts and stop prosecuting most first-time marijuana offenses and some misdemeanors that he believes often stem from poverty.

“When I ran to become your district attorney, I promised you that I would bring changes to our criminal justice system,” Creuzot wrote in the letter. “The changes that I promised will be a step forward in ending mass incarceration in Dallas County, and will make our community safer by ensuring that our limited resources are spent where they can do the most good.”

In a news release, Creuzot’s office called the changes “data-driven” instead of influenced by race or financial standing.

Creuzot’s plan would initiate sweeping changes to the county’s probation and bail policies, both of which he says have often been used imprudently."

395 posts and 79 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

87ccfa  No.13162996

File: 7ab78681bf50f26⋯.png (65.7 KB, 1251x282, 417:94, Screen Shot 2019-04-20 at ….png)

File: 15b1ae53f54ad36⋯.png (66.56 KB, 666x346, 333:173, Screen Shot 2019-04-20 at ….png)

File: f8daac9a2e5ab23⋯.jpg (1.7 MB, 2448x2448, 1:1, IMG_8906.JPG)


The major grocery store china in my area is Stop&Shop. They are all basically all shut down because the workers went on strike and are blocking/ threatening people trying to enter. A friend of mine got in to a hairy self defense situation when a bunch of union thugs surrounded him at the entrance. The cop just sat in his car and did nothing.

Amazon also recently stopped using USPS here for a lot of things and started using these ghetto uber app style contractors to deliver their packages in their own vans.

EBT scum will order online because they don't care if it costs more and the rest of us will find shopping in a real store more and more hostile.

(((They))) are making big moves to lock up control of the food supply.

87ccfa  No.13163004

9bf764  No.13163185

Boston is doing it now as well.




59c1f3  No.13163500

heh. grew up in chicago land….. I used to leave the doors of my car unlocked and glove box open so they didn't have to break windows and could see no valuables we in the car……Move to an extremely rural small town where every knows eveyone else and kids still play out side til the street lights come on. No Theft since i moved here, I though someone took my mower once. But tuns out the wife gave them permission and it was returned cleaned with full gas tank. I actually looked at the last murder and its was in 1913 and even then it was the damn pinkertons during a strike at at a now abanodoned mine…..When me and the wife went to visit my parents we discovered the locks on our car did not work….owned that car for 4 years and never needed them. Also everyones armed to the teeth but our biggest worry is bears,wolves, and mountian lions who know their place and keep their distance unlike the hoodlems in chicago.

000000  No.13163604


That's just the beauty of white civilisation

File: 273d40b980e8302⋯.mp4 (7.08 MB, 640x360, 16:9, ToKillAHero_FINAL_H.264_VB….mp4)

e6a172  No.13031464[Reply]

I made this for you. Spread it. There's more to come.


I'd like to make a German translation of this and would appreciate any help. I don't trust my own German enough to not fuck up the translation. If anyone else wants to translate it into their language, by all means do, and I'll swap out the title cards and upload it.

High(er) quality: https://transfer.sh/rQSu8/ToKillAHero_FINAL_H.264_CBR20.mp4

MD5: 1255E65F7CA86276B9BBB47D08549C3F

224 posts and 47 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

e86994  No.13130677

Anyone have better music?

b40118  No.13131660



Tänk om vårt förflutna är en lögn?


Tänk om vi visste sanningen?

Tänk om den goda sidan förlorade kriget?

Tänk om vi var fienden?

Det finns alltid…

…Två sidor

Tänk om Hitler hade rätt?

Vi kämpade…..

…För pengar

Vi mördade…

…En hjälte

Bryt tabut

Finn sanningen

Undersök historian

b40118  No.13131678


^Swedish translation

"Bryt tabut" might sound better if switched to "Krossa tabut"

Some improvements could be done but it is just a fast translation.

e1791b  No.13151072

These are pretty good

6fbed1  No.13163538

File: 8a76e7b3a9c09ea⋯.jpg (619.11 KB, 1536x2106, 256:351, LD_Rexist.jpg)

File: 8f87f927f012726⋯.jpg (171.14 KB, 924x1277, 924:1277, LD_uniform.jpg)

File: 3f65cad7024247f⋯.jpg (55.98 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, LD_uniform_3.jpg)

File: 2f28469ee214b77⋯.jpg (855.87 KB, 1250x1350, 25:27, LD_uniform_2.jpg)

File: d074a7ea3ad9f78⋯.jpg (1.57 MB, 2817x1863, 313:207, Léon_Degrelle_à_Charleroi_….jpg)

1f5882  No.13053895[Reply]

RIP Léon Degrelle

Today marks the 25th anniversary of the death of this great man. Fought in the frigid plains of the Ukrainian steppe against the Red Army hordes, survived being wounded multiple times, received the Knight's Cross with Oak Leaves award with Hitler himself supposedly once remarking to him that "If I had a son, I wish he would be like you." After the war, he had escaped to Francoist Spain and rebuilt a life there, later went on to participate in interviews, his most memorable one being the interview in 1976 with Jean-Michel Charlier in the French documentary television series Les dossiers noirs which ended with his famous "We Dreamed of Something Marvelous" speech. Even after Spain had transitioned to becoming a democracy, Degrelle was still largely left alone to live out the rest of his life, although there were multiple attempts by the Mossad to kidnap him and fly him to Israel for baseless "crimes" that he supposedly committed during the war. He died on this day in 1994 of cardiac arrest. May he forever rest in peace, and may we one day fully resurrect that marvelous dream.

146 posts and 50 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

9ed347  No.13153476

Its nice to have given these a bump of more views.


8b0b2d  No.13156552

Truly a great man. Rest in peace

1f5882  No.13157232

25th anniversary of the death of Degrelle, 130th anniversary of the birth of Hitler. We need the spirit of these men to be resurrected now more than ever.

f73422  No.13163522


Bumping yet again to respect Hitler's spiritual son.

0b5bd9  No.13163537


Leftypol shits report every link here posted to their jewish overlords.

File: c67697a73b4b7b0⋯.jpg (54.93 KB, 700x446, 350:223, pyramid.jpg)

9fe66b  No.13160503[Reply]

If you are religious you are a freak of nature. It is not normal to be happy to go into the unknown ("Heaven"). What is normal is the base survival mindset of humanity from primordial times - that the unknown is dangerous and equals pain and death.

Therefore, those people that are religious, and "feel the presence of God", what they are really feeling is a head state to lull them up to the altar to be slaughtered as a sacrifice.

107 posts and 31 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

c09758  No.13163254

File: 8cca5bf799b31ab⋯.jpeg (28.13 KB, 480x360, 4:3, 5B94F98C-5F70-45C4-8C07-E….jpeg)


a91543  No.13163322

So is anyone here willing to post evidence of a higher power that isn't speculative nonsense or am I just going to get a le fedora reply?

9148db  No.13163327

File: 54421cd79a88471⋯.jpg (60.38 KB, 333x642, 111:214, jewish atheists.JPG)

QUALITY thread

ef8250  No.13163451

Speaking of, some scientology jew is selling christcucks miracle cures that are bleach. Gonna happen at the Genesis 2 church of healing, today in Leavenworth WA apparently.

36fd0b  No.13163463


Study the Vedas you literal mongrel brain. There is more to reality than what your eyes can perceive. Even science recognizes this. Preparing for those possibilities can be done safely without diving headlong into a faith based unknown presented by hebrews.

File: 03995cd8050aa09⋯.png (95.58 KB, 820x819, 820:819, blacksun_quebec.png)

File: 0dd3dae6c3f8d27⋯.png (53.08 KB, 828x626, 414:313, lacharte.png)

File: 7bf6bf0f792c51f⋯.jpg (87.9 KB, 960x540, 16:9, protest1.jpg)

File: 9aac634056b3ffb⋯.jpg (107.85 KB, 900x960, 15:16, protest2.jpg)

7b0d40  No.13105691[Reply]


Quebec's Bill 21 to ban overt religious symbols for state employees (cops, doctors, teachers, ect) has the kikes and shitskins FUMING. This means that anyone who works for the state (and Quebec being state-heavy, that is a LOT of jobs) will not be able to wear stuff like hijabs, kippahs, turbans, ect. Which means that they won't get the job unless they stop wearing it, triggering everyone.

Quebec has a difficult relationship with religion due to the catholic church overreaching it's power in the mid-19th to mid-20th centuries and most white french quebecois today are either agnostic or outright hate religion (this is the result of masonic brainwashing, but that's another thread entirely), and an overwhelming majority of them support the bill.

The CAQ, a french-canadian non-separatist ("let's not talk about it", not fanatically against it), nationalist (civnat, but openly identify as nationalist) party won a landslide victory against the (((liberals))) and promised to solve the secularism question that has been a hot topic for over FIFTEEN FUCKING YEARS. This is them delivering on the promise and they have ```sworn not to back down```.

Naturally, 99.9% of anglos, immigrants, jews and leftists oppose it viciously, calling for civil disobedience, court challenges and protest. Antifas are threatening to dox anyone who applies the law. Even if (((courts))) decide the law violates Canada's (((civil rights law))), we can use the Notwithstanding clause to implement it anyway like we did with Bill 101 (french as only official language). Basically, it's white and french Québec versus the disgusting pozzed english-speaking diverse cesspool of Montreal.

I think it goes whitout saying that the redpilling potential of this is ```massive```. French Québécois who aren't cucked have massive nationalistic potential, given that White Genocide is something that we have been going through for over 200 years and resistance to it is ingrained in our national psyche.

>(((Jewish groups))) oppose Quebec bill prohibiting religious symbols at work

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
61 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

9bdb1f  No.13151182


For some odd reason.

f10c9e  No.13151209

File: 6e6038698ddaeb6⋯.jpg (198.16 KB, 1020x574, 510:287, image.jpg)

32b1ee  No.13156141


No. We've long hated overt religion in politics.


>original Canadian

32b1ee  No.13156151

File: afabdc75663fcd4⋯.jpg (1.99 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Canadian Culture.jpg)


dumbfuck here


Bernier next time……

6ed77d  No.13163357


If you want to actually do damage to foreigner invasion and occupation, other than outright deporting and exiling them, ban circumcision. It is the blood ritual both sides of that hebrew isle require to induct their newborns into their demon cults.

Ban Kosher and Halal slaughter as well. The Third Reich did.

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