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File: 4af294e254e042c⋯.jpg (327.34 KB, 3200x1800, 16:9, serveimage.jpg)

d4fd05  No.13236428[Reply]

Germany to force vaccination on 600k people

Threatens penalties of up to 3000 USD for those who refuse.

Were antivaxxers right after all?

The movement isn't really a thing in Europe, yet the German ZOG wants to force it on it's goy cattle.


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9d97a9  No.13405856




(more or less) truth

cfb89f  No.13405895

File: ecb25b5a07f8d84⋯.png (13.72 KB, 711x326, 711:326, vax debate.png)

there's too many dimensions to this topic

18bbd9  No.13406492

File: 987305d3d078568⋯.png (10.88 KB, 744x520, 93:65, ௵.png)

Ive looked through nearly every infographic poster here and they all have some level of dishonesty within them. /pol/ in all my years here have basically NEVER discussed anti-vax. The jewish shilling for this topic is beserk and none of it has left me convinced of anything. I have personally stored nearly every topic posted on pol into a folder for archival purposes and in so many years of browsing and archiving have I only seen this topic a handful of times with it being shutdown fairly quickly each time.

Specifically what I am trying to get at is that this topic has come out of nowhere we this many infographics and "evidence" similar to other topics yet none of it is convincing. Its almost like a controlled topic, the amount of appeals to authority are disgusting. >>13278981 This picture has been posted like ten times because it appeals to nazi authority. Most arguments are baseless without studies to back it up. There is zero concensus on what is wrong with vaccines with seemingly infinite different ideas of what harm they do. Until you can specify and quantify some studies about what exactly is wrong with vaccinations with studies to prove the claims its hard to believe this shit.

Occam's razor tells me that the most likely scenario is something similar to these posts:




Specifically in my eyes the play they are doing is to shift the blame away from 3rd world immigrants onto white people by associating white people with the anti-vax movement. Nothing more nothing less.

5e3415  No.13406500

Good! If you don't take vaccines then it's the same as me not taking vaccines! Unvaccinated people make my vaccines stop working!

a8c724  No.13424618


File: 1042ac2d05d9d9d⋯.png (13.79 KB, 389x129, 389:129, homosexual family comic.png)

455c8b  No.13424372[Reply]

since its pride month lets talk about fags.

wanna know something really disgusting about these abominations? theres literally a fetish in the gay community known as "chocolate rain" where they pump liquified feces into their penises so that they can ejaculate it onto their partners faces.

I am serious about this look it up.

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3176b3  No.13424398


White Nationalism is the weapon they use to exterminate Whites

26afd9  No.13424414


You mean drinking underaged water offends you?

6bdf4f  No.13424420

File: aa3855fcf2dfec1⋯.jpg (63.04 KB, 600x800, 3:4, deliciousron.jpg)


I wholeheartedly agree.

~Delicious Ron

26afd9  No.13424428


I have a wife I got from 4chan. She cost me a year of sperm and is a Muslim kidnap victim. Should I call the police anon?

de566f  No.13424660

>more jew spam

File: cf4c057eca7ed60⋯.webm (10.83 MB, 426x240, 71:40, Adolf_Hitler_-_The_Man_wh….webm)

9e4918  No.13420960[Reply]

Someone at work gave me an idea by accident. We oughta atleast discuss it, I guess.

I'm looking at the slow encrochement of Israel over the United States, and though back to that "frog boiling in warm water" image.

You know the one, where the water gradually raises in temperature and the frog slowly dies?

Part of that analogy is that if you'd put the frog on the alreayd boilling water, he'd jump out.

So… why not boil the USA already?

Allow me to explain:

>post "Heil Hitler! Kill the Jews!" on public forums


>post "Heil Netanyuh! Kill the Palestinians!" on public forums.



I mean, Bibi's already going full Fascist on his own country, we could give him an hand over here. After all, who is best prepared to spread fascism and hatefull rhetoric than the hive of villany that is 8ch?

I'm pretty the accelerationists that lurk here would be thrilled, but I share some of the reservations with the other more temperate posters: isn't overflowing mainstream media with overt suport for Israel kinda… stupid?

Because, this could go two ways.

Either Israel gets memed on like the stupid Yang Gang got and they get fucked, or we actually massively accelerate the Yiddish Takeover of the government.

Personally, I'd be okay with both results, just make sure to as many of us out of America if the second option happens and let it crumble.

Thoughts? Ideas? Bad/Good Idea?

At the very least, it would be extremely fucking funny to see how the public reacts to extreme Jewish Nationalism in their faces. I wonder if they'd take it as wel as they're taking extreme Islamism.

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0c1c61  No.13422761


Kys Abdul, no one cares

000000  No.13422769


thats why left cant meme


shh rabbi

000000  No.13423533


End the occupation of America

44e372  No.13424264



now why would any (((anon))) or patriot scream like a fucking semite about going after jewry and jewry media? HMMMMM?

Maybe get another one of your (((pawns))) to shoot up a synagogue as a false flag, get AOC and ilhan the muzzy pawn whore to bitch at jews a bit more so you can drag out "antisemitism" and "racism" from the grave where it belongs?

We know your game, bitch.

3fe177  No.13424390

Do it.

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

000000  No.13417453[Reply]

European countries are striving to develop a next-generation aircraft that is fully independent from the US. While the desire is understandable, many doubt their capability to do so.

>This week, Germany and France unveiled a mockup of an upcoming jointly-developed 6th-generation fighter jet during the Paris Air Show, while Spain announced it had joined the project. The program to create the aircraft, dubbed New Generation Fighter (NGF), was launched back in 2017, and the machine is still at a very early stage of development; the mockup indeed resembles a plane, yet it lacks a chassis, resting on a pedestal of sorts instead.

>The development of the aircraft is expected to take over 20 years, while the first flight is supposed to happen by the late 2020s. The aircraft is to be introduced in 2040.

>The NGF is not the only 6th-gen fighter in development by European countries. Last year, the UK unveiled a concept of its own, BAE Systems’ Tempest. The launch of the British program was largely the result of the ongoing divisions in Europe with Brexit looming and the fact that the UK was not taken into the joint French-German program.

>While the mockup of the British plane appears to be more detailed than the NGF, it is not expected to be fleshed out anytime soon. Its first flight is also expected to happen by the late 2020s, with Britain claiming it will be in service by 2035.

>While the Tempest belongs in the same distant future as the NGF, France and Germany are not very happy with the competition and are not even trying to hide it.

>“Competition amongst Europeans when it weakens us against the Americans, the Chinese, is ridiculous,” French President Emmanuel Macron told reporters while presenting the NGF mockup.

>For now, 6th-gen fighter jets are a purely conceptualized class; there are no real planes of this type and several machines expected to be in this category are at the very early stages of development.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
30 posts and 5 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

bbd708  No.13423247

Nice, I'm glad we still invest in the military but given the deadline I wouldn't make much fuss about it

aa6216  No.13423302

prob with F-35 was trying to force an air-frame to do too many diff things.

just make a carrier based jet, then the USAF will have STOL and rough airfield ready jet.

Forget baked in VTOL. Use rail and/or RATO for zero-launch, and use RATO and/or parachute for rare zero-landing (see C-130 Iranian Rescue…that was done in few WEEKS by grunts just strapping on rockets without today's advanced CAD etc).

If the USAF fags want to "improve" theirs with lighter landing gear like they did with F-4 and A-7 I guess they could…but they should be told to make all jets "damaged runway capable" meaning carrier style landing including tail-hook, and short take-off including mobile ground sitting catapult.>>13423207

they seem good at joint venture aircrafts. Sepcat Jag, Tornado swing-wing, Euro-fighter, some helicopters, AIRBUS

aa6216  No.13423309


PS-note the long history of USN carrier based aircraft being adopted by USAF, but much less the other way around (F-86 only one I can think of, and it was not a major USN jet)

aa6216  No.13423318


woops, I guess the F-18 was originally a USAF jet that lost to F-16

26f2dd  No.13424283


>Europe ain't gonna do shit… They've been marked for destruction.

Let them fall. Europe has been running on fumes for 2 centuries. Any culture not interested in fighting for its own survival is a culture that should die.

File: e182b528c7c3a22⋯.png (1.21 MB, 1200x1200, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

a519a2  No.13034541[Reply]

ITT we post guides and ideas on how to get active by yourself. Note: /pol/ is a board of peace, so don't post stuff like the Anarchist Cookbook etc.

Possible topics:

Guerilla street activism


<color jars



<safety guidelines

Internet ativism

<how and where to spread info

<mirroring videos




I will start with some effortposts.

555 posts and 182 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

000000  No.13411923


These are hilarious.

9e71af  No.13413684


Hide all fed posts, delete all fed threads. /pol/ is a board of peace.

000000  No.13417460


> do I need to make it more obvious?

Do I need to make that it's a bad idea more obvious?

Remember the aluminum foil and poster board RF shield? That's enough to reflect it back at the source if you know what you're doing. And that's assuming that you don't fuck up the emitter and microwave yourself before you've even cooked your first antifa.

That's why you don't hear about these things more. It's not hard to hack a microwave oven into one of these. Not cooking yourself is the hard part.

19db1d  No.13423823

Redpill stickers with a short description and qr code linking to proof (i.e. redpill details)

19db1d  No.13424065


>It is better to be violent, if there is violence in one's heart, than to put on the cloak of nonviolence to cover for impotance.

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

000000  No.13415053[Reply]

Senators get classified briefing on UFO sightings

Three more U.S. senators received a classified Pentagon briefing on Wednesday about a series of reported encounters by the Navy with unidentified aircraft, according to congressional and government officials — part of a growing number of requests from members of key oversight committees.

One of them was Sen. Mark Warner (D-Va.), the vice chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, whose office confirmed the briefing to POLITICO.

“If naval pilots are running into unexplained interference in the air, that’s a safety concern Senator Warner believes we need to get to the bottom of,” his spokesperson, Rachel Cohen, said in a statement.

The interest in “unidentified aerial phenomenon” has grown since revelations in late 2017 that the Pentagon had set up a program to study the issue at the request of then-Sen. Harry Reid (D-Nev.). Officials interviewed multiple current and former sailors and aviators who claim to have encountered highly advanced aircraft that appeared to defy the laws of aerodynamics when they intruded on protected military airspace — some of which were captured on video and made public.

The Navy has played a prominent role in light of the testimony of F/A-18 pilots and other personnel operating with the USS Nimitz aircraft carrier battle group off California in 2004 and the USS Theodore Roosevelt in the Atlantic in 2015 and 2016.

The growing congressional interest is credited for playing a major role in the service’s recent decision to update the procedures for pilots and other personnel to report such unexplained sightings, which POLITICO first reported in April.

“In response to requests for information from Congressional members and staff, Navy officials have provided a series of briefings by senior Naval Intelligence officials as well as aviators who reported hazards to aviation safety,” the service said in a statement to POLITICO at the time.

The Navy had no immediate comment on Wednesday, and few details of the latest secret sessions were available.

The Navy has played a prominent role in light oPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

74 posts and 6 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

3617a6  No.13418924


I get the idea, you know what you might like to learn, in the i think its called the "Rendelsham forest incident" some US military guys on a nuclear base in the UK had sightings of UFOs over a month or so and one night saw it land.

Anyway long story short, the craft they found was sort of a probe but whats interesting is the markings on it were a kind of heiroglyph and /pol/ knows who were the real KANGZ because the DNA doesnt lie they were white europeans most closely related to bongs.


If you listen to the Travis Walton story, he says the ayys who 'rescued' him were all blonde hair blue eyed, muscular and beautiful Aryans - with pet grays to do all the work.

703daf  No.13422318

UFOs - three types … 1) Ours - breakaway civilisation, at least three groups - including German national socialist group. These are the hard metallic craft. Some maybe ancient. 2) Manifestations of the will and power earth animal itself, think orbs seen at crop circles. These are good because the earth is a sentient being whose pinnacle creation is the European. Weird extra dimensional stuff can also go in this category 3) Lying, deceiving arsehole mutant space spawn that dwells in the solar system and attempts to rule our planet by their proxies the jews, who they falsely promised the earth to. Think greys, demons, abductions.

There are no good space brothers, if there is 'disclosure' or even an 'invasion' it will all be bullshit jewish tricks. They've been preparing us for years in case the global warming hoax doesn't work to pull the ayyy lmao card. Tell 'em to fuck off. Apparently telling them to fuck off in the name of Christ works - I have no idea on that - perhaps the Christos being from the galactic core has and will come to our aid, whatever - there's more powerful forces in our interest that will BTFO any alien bullshit.

87680f  No.13422320


shut the fuck up christcuck

a81cdc  No.13422476


It's impossible to "deny desires of the flesh" and it is not desirable anyway. Anyone who tries that gets traumatized - read about "spiritual bypassing".

5709f8  No.13424038


Where do you think you are?

File: 2dbef72ac65de73⋯.jpg (1.63 MB, 4372x2906, 2186:1453, 06cec85d-92db-4cf4-82f9-18….jpg)

bbde9e  No.13201814[Reply]

I'm looking to consolidate my historical beliefs by looking into a diverse range of materials. The history we are told in school is almost 100% false. If the events themselves are not false, the narrative surrounding the events most certainly are. What is your personal view on history? Link any and all sources that lead you to this view. Conspiracies of all sorts are welcome. No theory is too extreme. If you think we were genetically modified by aliens and have a reason to believe so, I want to hear it. Also, if you can lay it out in a timeline that would be great. The goal of this post is to come to some consensus of our past. Many here believe in completely different histories and they don't even know it because certain events have different connotations.

544 posts and 87 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

a16e3d  No.13423629


Bix works FOR THE FED. He is a jew (Weir) who is an (((ex banker))). The FED pays him to say positive stuff about The FED

Greenspan is Satoshi

Good guys at the FED


He is a psyop so that the FED can have some support amongst people so they won't all be hung and can control a new future banking system just like they control the last one.

The Grand Canyon story was an olllllllllld psyop set up to give a reall REALLY good reason why they have to get off the gold standard when the FED was formed in case there was a ton of pushback (infinite gold will make the value go to zero goy! use my paper instead!)

So they brought back this old-ass lie and a new jew to spread it and here we are today. BIX IS FAKE AND GAY!

df634a  No.13423657


I too learned this in public school

fe92e1  No.13423660

Did something happen in 3114 BC? Why did the first great civilisations collapse suddenly and at the same time around 2200 BC?


It looks like early civilizations were advancing and were then wiped out by climate change caused by a global meteor shower. And then it happened again a thousand years later. And a thousand years after that was the Bronze Age Collapse.

There was another major cooling event around 6200 BC, the 8200 BP Event, attributed to the release of water from Glacial Lake Agassiz which would have caused a 1.2m rise in sea levels.


The Black Sea Flood is estimated to have been 7600 years ago.


000000  No.13423943


So our system has been showered by a group of comets/asteroids spread over thousands of years, perhaps following the "big one" that might have generated the biggest flood ever, as related to Solon. This one perhaps even preceded by another smaller group of showers.

000000  No.13423999


thanks for a lead on Velikovsky in this yt channel

File: 83a7ac5f71b3437⋯.png (103.92 KB, 1505x1004, 1505:1004, LargestEspionageinWorldHis….PNG)

1faaf5  No.13400689[Reply]

United States-Israel Cooperation Enhancement and Regional Security Act

197 Cosponsors and it's loaded with gibs.

So on top of the $3 Billion we give and on top of the $15 billion we lose on the israel US FTA

On top of the loan guarantees we give Israel (which are huge loans that are not expected to be repaid)

On top of the astronomical sum we pay in military expense promoting global Jewish hegemony.

On topo of all the shit in the omnibus bills.

We have this loaded bill.


13 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

419e10  No.13404868

File: cc1faf5a89a1384⋯.jpeg (62.69 KB, 685x615, 137:123, 330C0AF9-F359-471D-9496-2….jpeg)

Have a bump.

000000  No.13423835

not so fast jews

4d16fb  No.13423883

File: b84c48c6f967bdc⋯.jpg (541.89 KB, 1440x1080, 4:3, So Fast So Happy.jpg)

4d16fb  No.13423884

File: f74cb35e4a8c23e⋯.png (554.63 KB, 857x482, 857:482, asset.png)

754506  No.13423889


None of those are Third Reich pictures. I don't give a shit what book you present. They are simply not pictures taken with film from that era.

The sexual revolution occured in Germany during the late 40's and early 50's. They are called the 48er's.

You can't con me schlomo. I know your own history better than you do.

File: c3d6558ba8abff9⋯.png (561.41 KB, 880x642, 440:321, AAE9A4C4-4ADC-4BF9-82F2-F9….png)

09bc70  No.13394955[Reply]

Might be something on interest to you guys, understand the enemy and all.


553 posts and 213 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

6ff8b3  No.13422600

File: 755ddec930526b7⋯.png (294.57 KB, 1491x969, 497:323, Communism - Lumpenproletar….png)

File: 257fd8a99cc8489⋯.png (103.61 KB, 1473x461, 1473:461, Communism - Marx also wrot….png)

File: f157fccc3762783⋯.png (473.79 KB, 1471x3456, 1471:3456, Communism - Soviet society….png)

File: a988eb4a95d356c⋯.png (333.21 KB, 1484x1798, 742:899, Communism - The fully deve….png)

File: f98ffffa6e00d8f⋯.png (57.26 KB, 1484x533, 1484:533, Communism - We know that t….png)


On a sidenote, I would recommend Anons to try to see what shill material they can find using the search function on 4plebs. Occasionally I go there to see what shills are up to and most times I can find some really good examples of very obvious shilling. In the pics you might notice the fact that their flags tend to have a particular trend, it should be noted that after a certain period of time the shills from /leftypol/ on halfchan moved to using custom flags instead making themselves even more obvious. It would be great if I could use an archive service for fullchan but, since nobody has bothered with it for a long-ass time, instead I have to dig through archives for halfchan to find shills over here.

a1f57c  No.13422614


>This, and yet at the same time they think they believe " individualism and materialism are sociopathic ideals" – go figure.

You fucking retard, socialists are more materialists and collectivist than any of you idealist and individualist nazi niggers will ever be.

21b077  No.13422626

File: 6913c424e1dd0c9⋯.jpg (128.94 KB, 900x896, 225:224, ther nerve of you hoes.jpg)


"communism is inherently anti-jewish"

"gospel music is inherently anti-christian"

"halal food is inherently anti-muslim"

"war is peace"

"freedom is slavery"

"ignorance is strength"

98eea3  No.13423674



I believed that communism was a Jewish idea, but how do you explain the fact that the Communists in Russia and other Soviet Republics/satellite states hated Zionists and started deporting Jews to Israel after the war?



e2bc03  No.13423773


That's what communists do. After they kill everyone from the old establishment, they then purge anyone that's capable of overthrowing the new regime, including their own revolutionaries.

Bolsheviks were Soviets who later split to pursue their own manifesto. After the civil war they wanted to create state controlled capitalism so they could become the new bourgeois.

They kicked the kikes out for doing what kikes always do, subvert and destroy their host nation to enslave the goyim.

Communism is a Jewish idea, but they will never live by it, they created it to benefit the (((chosen)))


>"communism is inherently anti-jewish"

Anon does have a point. Kikes don't want to make themselves equal to the goyim, they want to impose communism on you but never on themselves. You could say that kikes are pro-racemixing but they will never do it themselves.

File: ead56b9d1095252⋯.jpg (192.81 KB, 985x1426, 985:1426, TCUE.jpg)

ef910c  No.13409982[Reply]

let's invent other fake holocausts

Let's take real events where nations interned minorities in concentration camps and then hypothesize how much higher numbers died.

If people deny for example, that Americans killed 7 million Japanese immigrants by dumping them into woodstoves to heat homes during the winters of 1941-1945, well, they are Japocaust deniers and clearly this is just a coverup by whites to hide their guilt.

Lack of evidence? We have found many of the chopsticks of the murdered families, and also their sandals.

57 posts and 23 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

689322  No.13414416


There is a claim in the Talmud that Vespasian or some other Roman emperor killed 40 million or 4 billion kikes

90733e  No.13414654


It has been proven that Hitler killed at least 6 billion Jews! The bodies were not buried, they were burned in large ovens that were in the warehouse, there are many pictures of, black and white but you can see it all! Many corpses have also been hidden abroad so you will not find them! Or why did the Nazis make so many expeditions? They were even in Tibet and at the South Pole, what did they want there !? Take a look at some World War II films like Schindler's List or Indian Jones Part 1 and Part 3, you will see what happened back then! They even made lampshades, soap and gymnastic mats out of the Jews! They pulled the gold teeth from Jews and then put them into Germans! They also did experiments where twins were glued together to see if they connect and they crossed people with animals and implanted PCBs! They have even drilled in heads of people at mass executions because they wanted to save ammunition out of stinginess, and they didnt even set the drill to run clockwise out of malice! Even nuclear tests have done with the Jews, who were forced to eat uranium to see what that has an impact on humans and then they mutated!

485cb9  No.13414670


When Hitler's holy lance was destroyed, reducing his power to 1/10, Stalin conquered Europe and made the majority of the population into communists through brain implants, then nuclear war broke out. So it was not really a nuclear war between Germany and the US, but between the USSR and the US. The PCB implants were done by the Soviets, not the Nazis! The corpses in the concentration camps had these implants only because they were Soviet agents who were used as spies in Germany before 1945. They were locked in the concentration camps like the American Wall Street agents and destroyed as soon as they found out how to make them vulnerable (magnetron / microwave radiation). The animal crosses (Chimeras) were only carried out in one camp, they were not the rule! The warden of the camp there was a hobby alchemist and tried to create animal soldiers. The Nazis also crossed Eskimos/Inuit with Africans to produce Hardy Long-distance runners. These should serve as a blitz-shock troop for the Russian offensive, as they can run as fast as Buschneger, but are also insensitive to cold like Eskimo. Some of the descendants are still living in the Mongolai or Tibet region. Asian-looking dark-skinned 2 meter people running around in a loincloth despite snow and ice. At National Geographics was once a documentary about it! Unfortunately, they are sometimes crippled by the aftereffects of gene manipulation, many are dumb and deaf, they can only communicate by clicks (in Africa, there are tribes where that is). However, Europe has been hit harder because of the radiation of the atomic bombs, although the implants of the Soviets have been disturbed (EMP), many offspring of those affected have bad brain damage and are suicidal self harming Marxists.

000000  No.13419751


This post was a real holocaust. 6 million brain cells died reading it.

>not calling everything a holocaust

I sure holocaust you guys don't do this.

829c37  No.13423680


These were all made to suggest that The Plague was actually a mass extermination, but I know it's far fetched. Wood carvings show people being rounded up and apparently burned alive.

File: 6bc7e30a9e78a4f⋯.jpg (335.09 KB, 1440x1011, 480:337, Incel.jpg)

a00a8b  No.13419487[Reply]

The US Air Force has declared war on incels, it seems.

A recent photo posted from Andrews AFB shows the group being targeted as a possible terror threat, going so far ar to misuse memes.


75 posts and 20 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

1f86b6  No.13422836


Hispanics, not South Americans.

7843f0  No.13422985


>The US Air Force has declared war on incels

Thanks, finally there will be hope for the continuity of the white race.

544a74  No.13423009


>Gamers are unironically the moist

stopped reading

544a74  No.13423013


All because of the symptoms caused by kikery at the federal reserve level and beyond.

e2846e  No.13423676


Actually I know a real Stacey in real life and she's a real blond blond, with blond eyebrows and eyelashes and everything though she's not into tanning…she has the creamiest of creamy white skin. She's far more beautiful than any of the wretched batch of current movie/TV/music biz stars right now. She comes from a very prosperous family but she chose instead to become an ambulance attendant because she loves helping the sick and the injured and the fact that over 80% of the calls she makes in her ambulance are to skid row to revive dying junkies doesn't matter to her. She's a sweet little angel and I adore Stacey with all my heart.

File: 3fd4f1cefe13ebb⋯.jpg (31.97 KB, 500x500, 1:1, satanpls.jpg)

e85f5a  No.13422513[Reply]

Satan here

So usury is a sin. The reason this is so is for the same reason sacrificing babies to Moloch is a sin - you're sacrificing your own future for the present. You want some force to bless you now, so you harm yourself and your people by sacrificing their future in order to profit immediately. Usury is the same, you borrow money to have wealth now and sacrifice your future wealth in order to profit in the short term. This puts you in the hole, it puts you at risk, and it makes you a slave to the decisions of your past. You fall under the control of your sunk costs.

When you speculate on a currency you're buying something worthless, but you're not buying it to profit in the short term. It's almost the opposite of usury, you're sacrificing in the present to hopefully profit later. You might have purchased something that will become worthless, but even if it does become worthless you will own it and your decision remains in the past. Your future decisions, however negatively impacted by your past decision, are not controlled by the sacrifice you made. You don't have to work and sacrifice in the future to pay off the mistake of your past, even if you go bankrupt. But, I still can't square this against my morals. Currency speculation doesn't seem intrinsically good and right to me.

So my question to you /pol/ is, is currency speculation sinful? And, if so, which sin is it specifically?

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c0ad3a  No.13422944


Currency speculation is not a Sin. There's no usury involved unless you're buying on the Margin. So options are still legal for you to stay within the guideline of your crowd without judgement.

e85f5a  No.13422957


it's not really about staying within the guidelines of the crowd, it's more that sinful behaviors always cause a negative snapback effect that fucks you in the end. Like karmic backlash.

c0ad3a  No.13422963


That's what I said.

Still waiting for karma to correct, been getting raped by Satanists as if I were a goat lately.

bcef61  No.13423489

>QTDDTOT slide

000000  No.13423571

Sin is a Norse word please do not use it to describe religious "wrongs".

File: 8eb2561e995091d⋯.jpg (57.47 KB, 750x400, 15:8, blacklight.jpg)

File: 34fe3ec7fc1d45c⋯.jpg (187.57 KB, 1280x800, 8:5, lsds_caro3.jpg)

File: b6f1c89ac64fa76⋯.png (410.57 KB, 515x461, 515:461, will smith skinn.PNG)

2d6d1e  No.13375073[Reply]

Among blacks there's huge conflict between dark and light skinned blacks mostly untouched by mainstream media. The dark skinned blacks view the light skinned as off brand white people, complaining about they're privilege and how they're not really black. There have been multiple instances where instances where dark skins have attacked light skinned.

We should try to further the wedge between these to groups. Larp as dark skinned and go on rants about "yellowbone privilege" and "half-breed=full cracker".

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0350d3  No.13422522


>There's no real need to do anything to instigate violence between blacks. Proximity is all that is necessary. This is obvious from the fact that blacks kill other blacks more than anyone else, and they kill them for all manner of ridiculous reasons; not just for being darker or lighter, but for not sharing their fried chicken or for having nicer shoes than them.

I have seen a massive nigger fight that ended in multiple deaths over potato chips. It was pure madness. I have heard of murders over kool-aid, not sharing smokes, and who took the last bit of popcorn chicken. It's seriously funny what threshold niggers deem kill worthy.

18723c  No.13422548

I hate being black every time I like a boy and he tells me he doesn't date dark skin women but he's willing to have sex. I hate being black every time I meet a guy and things are going well and he takes me to meet his friends and they say "you can do better she's too dark, what will your kids look like (true story!). I hate the idea of my complexion being such a hindrance to the prosperity of my life and it is not something I can change.

I hate being black and so that's why at the age of 30 I say I'm an African. I may not be able to call to Nigeria for Granny or speak the language but I claim Nigeria. My grandmother thinks I'm foolish because I want to know where I come from to better trace my roots. She said "you're a nigger and that's all you need to know."

18723c  No.13422553






ee26bf  No.13422559

File: 645a70d477bb850⋯.jpg (26.71 KB, 540x378, 10:7, rofl.jpg)


>She said "you're a nigger and that's all you need to know."

a2079d  No.13423557


Black women should support /pol/ so their men go back to being with them.

File: c02ad85f60fa5fa⋯.jpg (41.13 KB, 512x342, 256:171, foodbank..jpg)

File: b5d3ed1fe835b74⋯.jpeg (24.11 KB, 480x268, 120:67, swastikaarmband.jpeg)

File: 46bbd489f2115c8⋯.jpg (10.94 KB, 300x300, 1:1, goebells.jpg)

007bd6  No.13413604[Reply]

I've been thinking alot about branding recently.

Call me an optics fag if you will, but i dont think we have a chance of winning this war without a fuckton more hearts and minds on our side.

Specifically i was thinking about the level of indoctrination the average american gets in regards to the swastika.

As a teenager he sees it on the arms of the roaming hoards of the undead he either "kills" or "is killed by" in a plethera of games created for his indoctrination evoking levels of rage and hatred that speak to a truly genius form of propaganda

As a young man he watches movies where the rapists, degenerates and cut throats all wear it.

As a mature man he marvels at the ability of his ancestors to destroy the evil wearers of the swastika, regardless of their literal in some cases familiar connections to them.

The average White American is taught to hate the swastika…

What if we could change that?

Not with one action alone mind, that will take decades.

But at least one action specifically.

Namely, National Socialist Food Banks.

I am well aware then many of you actually are in possession of jobs and families you worry would be harmed as a result of participation in such an organization by ((them)). (though these people could still and indeed have a duty to anomalously donate to our organizations)

But i am also equally aware then many of you, such as myself, are relatively young man dispossessed by an educational and financial (((system))) literally designed to higher people of every other race, gender and sexual orientation but yours.

Are you going to take that sitting down?

If not i would suggest doing something that will actively help your brothers and sisters, crushed beneath the boot of international Jewry, namely by volunteering at or creating a National Socialist Food Bank.

The heart land is checkered with a thousand small economically depressed post industrial heroine filled shitholes where our brothers and sisters live in little better then well maintained ghetPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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480ff9  No.13421162

Great idea OP. Since many in US in particular who are homeless are often normal people who got into that situation for numerous reasons like debt, or divorce and such. Even if they are druggies who knows maybe it will give them strength to know there are some people out there who are kind and wants to help. Strength to get out of their situation.

The bonus is the kicker how it would annoy ANTIFA and the sock puppets. You would get attacked for sure though. As long you stay prepared its all fine.

4bdeff  No.13421168


We've got water in the Carolina's.

480ff9  No.13421178

Kindness always wins in the end. Triumps evil any day. You cannot fake kindness if its methodical and continuous. People know deep in our heart what is good and wrong, sure some are totally brainwashed and messed up but they are few. Connecting them to the good is the way by doing deeds.

18acd0  No.13421530


Flint Michigan. I'm fucking retarded.

007bd6  No.13423375


This basically, but they're are ones that (((michael moore))) didnt bother to tell you about in worse conditions and with more white people.

File: 0bb87ac283cadd1⋯.jpeg (26.28 KB, 393x397, 393:397, 336929FA-799A-492F-925C-1….jpeg)

746cd9  No.13399843[Reply]

After doing some digging, I’ve found that the worst mass murders in the US actually either didn’t involve guns, guns only played a minor role or there was also a sizable portion of victims who were killed by other causes. Here’s the actual list of the worst.

1.) September 11 attacks - 2,996 dead

2.) Jonestown massacre - 918 dead (907 from cyanide, 7 by gunfire, 4 by stabbing)

3.) USS Indianapolis (CA-35) - 879 dead (torpedoed and sunk by a Japanese I-58 submarine) (I added this one as a bonus)

4.) 1983 Beirut Barracks bombing - 307 dead

5.) Pan Am Flight 103 - 270 dead

6.) 1998 United States embassy bombings - 224 dead

7.) EgyptAir Flight 990 - 217 dead

8.) Oklahoma City bombing - 168 dead

9.) Our Lady of the Angels School fire - 95 dead

10.) Waco siege - 88 dead (including 2 unborn and 4 ATF agents) (33 by fire, 32 by gunfire, 18 undetermined, 4 by blunt force and 1 by stabbing)

11.) Happy Land fire - 87 dead

12.) 1983 United States embassy bombing in Beirut - 64 dead

13.) 1992 Los Angeles riots - 63 dead (40 by gunfire, including 5 by police, 23 by other causes; 1 by strangulation, 2 stabbed, 8 vehicle-related, 2 from unknown blunt force-related injuries, 2 were beaten to death, 3 from fire, 3 unknown, 1 from a fall and 1 from a heart attack)

14.) 2017 Las Vegas shooting - 59 dead

15.) Orlando nightclub shooting - 50 dead

16.) USS Iowa turret explosion - 47 dead

17.) Continental Airlines Flight 11 - 45 dead

18.) United Airlines Flight 629 - 44 dead

19.) Attica prison riot - 44 dead (39 by gunfire as the inmates held 42 civilians hostage with knives and other makeshift weapons; the New York State Police troopers threw tear gas and fired non-stop for about two minutes into the smoke, killing 29 inmates and 10 hostages, including 9 correctional officers; only 5 were by inmates, including one correctional officer and four other inmates who were subjected to vigPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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843f81  No.13422655



That's not how you spell "never"

We are way past the point where a healthy, sane people would have rebelled.

They, and the "based and redpilled" fuckwads, elected an orange con artist instead.

7c1c20  No.13422663

He was redpilled on the JQ… the joto (faggot) question

1b9c95  No.13422672

>Beirut bombings

Beirut is in the US? Since when?

746cd9  No.13422777


I think I remember hearing from some lefty that mass stabbings have only happened 7 times in the US. This is bullshit, because during 9/11, 7 people were stabbed to death and 5 others were injured by the hijackers before they gained control over the planes IIRC. So actually I think 9/11 was probably the last mass stabbing in the US (although there’s likely more, altgough they’re mostly familicides, I’m sure).

09a5f4  No.13422785


>subject: mass shootings

>op: list of mass murders

Your list of mass shootings is too short by certain site’s that list them by different criteria. Don’t get the point of this thread either.

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