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Never forget: May 26, 2018

File: 600ab20ed97fdba⋯.jpg (25.58 KB, 931x524, 931:524, 1526470844090.jpg)

2c1b4f No.11588018[Reply]

A 25-year-old Texas man was arrested last week for posing as a high school student and playing on the boys’ basketball team, police said — and he may have had an inappropriate relationship with an underage girl.

Sidney Bouvier Gilstrap-Portley pretended he was a victim of Hurricane Harvey and enrolled himself at Skyline High School in Dallas before transferring to Hillcrest High School, FOX4 reported. However, he told officials at Hillcrest he was homeless and made no mention of being a hurricane victim.

“Unfortunately this was a perfect storm,” Dallas Independent School District Superintendent Dr. Michael Hinojosa said. “When we had the issue of Hurricane Harvey in the Houston-area, he took advantage of that and portrayed himself as a victim of that event and enrolled himself in one of our schools.”

Hinojosa said his district has “liberal policies” when it comes to enrolling homeless students and Gilstrap-Portley used that leniency when he enrolled at Hillcrest. He went under the name of Rashaun Richardson and claimed he was 17 years old.

The mother of a 14-year-old girl said Gilstrap-Portley also inappropriately touched her daughter while at Hillcrest as he was becoming popular on the basketball team, the Dallas Morning-News reported. The girl told her parents that he kissed and touched her, but she said she didn’t have a sexual relationship with him.

“He was popular. A lot of the girls liked him and he was giving her attention, though,” the mother told FOX4.

“I’m upset, frustrated, angry and sad at the same time,” she told the newspaper. “If it’s happening at Hillcrest, then it could be happening somewhere else. People need to know. It could have gone differently if he had other intentions to hurt her or to traffic her.”

Gilstrap-Portley was arrested and charged with felony tampering with government documents for filing false enrollment records. Police were investigating his alleged relationship with the 14-year-old girl. He graduated North Mesquite High School in 2011.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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e3df27 No.11588523

Bump with a FUCK NIGGERS

8dee52 No.11588555


We wuz teens n' sheeeeeeit.

d9aee4 No.11588610

File: eadc44627e961b3⋯.webm (43.76 KB, 638x695, 638:695, thefutureyouchose.webm)

252886 No.11588859

File: 7492ca35a45abce⋯.jpg (78.34 KB, 716x720, 179:180, PegButt.jpg)


How many illegals are doing the same thing, right now?

558233 No.11615204

bu mp because fuck nig_gers

File: fa701d274a7d7ea⋯.jpg (113.2 KB, 638x973, 638:973, hail hogg.jpg)

0131a7 No.11612493[Reply]

Anti-Gun Crusader David Hogg has just requested to enlist fellow SJWs in a "meme war against hate and misinformation from the alt-right"

Lets crush this FUCKING BREADSTICK please

28 posts and 9 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

0131a7 No.11612951

File: 0e4f26872d73110⋯.png (1.13 MB, 1200x802, 600:401, ClipboardImage.png)

555556 No.11614430

File: 54c632327c93995⋯.png (116.32 KB, 1044x776, 261:194, Screenshot_20180525-185749….png)

47cb9b No.11614488


Or we could just stop giving him the attention he wants and let him face some much deserved mediocrity. Sage.

0131a7 No.11614685


yep youre probably right…..and whether or not anyone intervened from this site, he pretty much got his anal cavity ripped open on twtitter today anyhow

3ef642 No.11615133

NlGGERS are savage beasts, and Hogg is the shooter!

File: 15f065c2d0a9937⋯.png (306.14 KB, 640x400, 8:5, ClipboardImage.png)

00e60e No.11612867[Reply]

Israeli Air Force destroyed half of Syria’s air defenses, says senior officer

“All of the batteries that fired on the IAF were destroyed. All of them. And this policy will continue. We do not destroy batteries that do not fire on us,” said a senior IAF officer.

>Some 50 percent of air-defense batteries belonging to the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad have been destroyed after they fired on Israel Air Force jets in recent months during multiple operations, a senior Israeli Air Force source said on Wednesday.

>The officer was speaking to reporters during an international airforce conference hosted in Israel, which brought together commanders from 20 foreign air-force establishments to discuss professional and operational matters with the IAF. Participants included the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, Poland, Italy, Brazil, Greece and Romania.

>“The risks are all around us—whether it is instability in Syria or in Lebanon, where Hezbollah is a forward [Iranian] division, or Hamas, which gets its support from Iran. Iran is all over, offensively trying to operate against Israel, and we have to weigh the risks constantly as we operate against this aggression,” the senior source stated.

>In recent months, during a number of Israeli airstrikes against aggressive Iranian activity in Syria between February and May, Syrian air-defense systems fired on Israeli jets “hundreds of times,” the source revealed. “In a single mission, they fired over 100 SAMS [surface-to-air missiles],” he said, referring to the May 10 Israeli operation to strike 50 Iranian targets across Syria in retaliation to Iranian rocket fire on the Golan Heights.

>“All of the batteries that fired on the IAF were destroyed. All of them. And this policy will continue. We do not destroy batteries that do not fire on us,” said the source.

>Lt. Gen. Enzo Vecciarelli, Chief of Staff of the Italian Air Force, said holding a dialogue with the IAF was valuable for his personnel. “We appreciate flying together. We enjoy the beauty of your country and the quality of this training machine,” he added.

&Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

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44549f No.11614778

that's even worse than the filter for I AM A FUCKING GOON SOMEONE SLIT MY THROAT

dfe469 No.11614935


You mean





d8d978 No.11615022


Enjoy getting lynched.

59dafd No.11615043

File: 02684088d17f8d7⋯.jpg (55.25 KB, 485x340, 97:68, syria missile strike.jpg)


Smells like kike propaganda.

Do we remember the latest strike on Syria by US, French and British cruise missiles? Trump crowed 'mission accomplished' and the Kikes sung the praises of that strike.

HOWEVER, - the next day the Russian Ministry of Defense held a presser where they said the 'coalition' missiles had hit mostly empty or inactive buildings. They pointed out that if the strike had REALLY been what ZOG's three governments & Israel CLAIMED it was - supposedly the ballistic destruction of chemical weapons manufacturing and storage facilities - the explosions in those stockpiles would have spread deadly material across a wide area.

The head Ruskee said "half of Damascus" would have died of the chemicals, the results would have been catastrophic.

Bottom line - ZOG and the applauding Jews have been lying like crazy about their weapon systems recently.

59dafd No.11615077


It's not being treated as a declaration of war because it's fake news from the jews, ZOG, CNN, etc.

Neither the Shiite news media (presstv.com, or Syrian Girl) nor the Russian news media (sputniknews.com, rt.com) are reporting any such slaughter of AA targets in Syria by "swooping" Israeli warplanes.

Even (real) Chinese news outlets have nothing about these purported victorious strikes by Israel & the F35s.

The only sources for this tale of heroic kikes in dubious airplanes are ZOG media.

You make the call.

File: 8765e034bfbb48a⋯.png (84.55 KB, 637x436, 637:436, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 8567c59973bda3a⋯.png (199.16 KB, 660x371, 660:371, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 488e2a41d442c05⋯.png (114.48 KB, 624x351, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

d2f094 No.11575819[Reply]

Toronto van attack: Inside the dark world of 'incels'



>The suspect accused of a deadly van attack in Toronto wrote about an "Incel Rebellion" on Facebook, prompting huge attention on a little-known internet subculture. Who are the young men who frequent incel - short for "involuntarily celibate" - message boards?

>Jack has a YouTube channel and a podcast. He is one of very few incels prepared to speak to the media after the Toronto attacks.

O>thers agreed to speak if I changed their names. They're embarrassed because they're unsuccessful at relationships - but many are also hiding extreme views.

>One 19-year-old incel from the UK - I'll call him Liam - has been active on forums from a young age. He's unemployed, and lives at home with his family.

>He admits: "I've got this sort of misogynistic view which is not helping me in life, generally."

I ask him directly: does he hate women?

>"In some ways, yes," he stutters. "I try not to, but I find myself like - I'll just be talking and I'll say things that I shouldn't really say, just because I've been looking at forums."

>Our conversation is stilted, thoughts trail off and silences punctuate our interaction. I ask Liam what kind of things he says in real life that he thinks he shouldn't. He reels off several unprintable insults that he mutters at women. So is this behaviour a result of his time in incel communities?

>"I guess I can't actually say if it's related, because when you're younger, you probably wouldn't end up saying those things anyway. But I guess I wouldn't have before.

>"It's what these communities are," he adds. "It sucks you in so you get into this echo chamber of people who experience similar problems.

>"You think one small [thing]… then you get other people thinking far more radical things. So you then think Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

130 posts and 90 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

7d923c No.11590407

File: 56a4b1b0d6e8bd7⋯.png (338.06 KB, 1400x569, 1400:569, Livid Lich.png)

d9d307 No.11590572


Still the best one

246707 No.11590851

File: 892a2f54131dfd9⋯.jpeg (213.14 KB, 1200x912, 25:19, bbc_bldg copy.jpeg)

bbc has always been anti-chadites

1593d3 No.11591944

The Virgin Imaginary Trump Wall


The Chad Real Hung Aryan Fence

e60a6f No.11614982


File: 3caae4c08aaa327⋯.jpg (79.47 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, JUST CHIP MY SHIT UP.jpg)

d42b9a No.11580640[Reply]


Thousands of people in Sweden are embedding microchips under their skin to replace ID cards

About 3,000 Swedish people have inserted a microchip into their bodies to make their daily lives easier.

People with the implants can wave their hand near a machine to unlock their office or gym, rather than taking out a key card.

So-called biohacking is on the rise as more people depend on wearable technology and interconnected devices.

Many microchip users are not concerned with hacking or surveillance at this point.

Thousands of Swedes are having microchips implanted into their bodies so that they don't need to carry key cards, IDs, and even train tickets.

About 3,000 people in Sweden have inserted a microchip — which is as tiny as a grain of rice — under their skin over the past three years, Agence France-Presse reported. The technology was first used in the country in 2015.

The implants have already helped replace the need for a host of daily necessities. Ulrika Celsing's microchip, which is in her hand, has replaced her gym card and office key card. When she enters her workplace, the 28-year-old simply waves her hand near a small box and types in a code before the doors open, AFP said.

Last year, the state-owned SJ rail line started scanning the hands of passengers with biometric chips to collect their train fare while on board. See how it works around the 2:24 mark in the video below.

There is no technological reason the chips couldn't also be used to buy things just like a contactless credit card, but nobody appears to have started testing that yet.

'A slight sting'

The procedure is similar to that of a piercing and involves a syringe injecting the chip into the person's hand. Celsing, who obtained her injection at a work event, told AFP she felt just a slight sting.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
117 posts and 46 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

000000 No.11586488

>simple wave your hand

>and type in a code

Nigga what? Doors with codes already exist. Why the fuck does putting a chip in your hand make it any better? What the fuck?!

b81ebd No.11587418


Jews are literally everything they claim the goyim to be

They have unbelievable trust, especially in authority (no matter how many abuses are committed against them)

2cf22c No.11587492

File: d2600221738f237⋯.jpg (257.21 KB, 1200x798, 200:133, ridedrive.jpg)


So how long do you think we have before the first mudskin chops off someone's hand to extract the gibs-chip?

25e277 No.11587619

Just because it's a passive chip doesn't mean that it's physically safe. It's basically a tiny antenna embedded in meat. Send a wireless signal that resonates just right, and you can cause the chip to raise temperature and literally fry inside the body.

2b8114 No.11614978

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

File: b41463371e0a7d7⋯.png (448.05 KB, 642x479, 642:479, crusader.png)

e6384a No.11591855[Reply]

Israel just has won the Eurovision contest.

They announced that they will hold Eurovision 2019 in Jerusalem.

We could try to create and push a band for Eurovision 2019.

Band fully dressed in crusader garements.

Song lyrics include "Deus Vult" and "We will take Jerusalem".

We would piss off the moslems, the jews and the degenerates at EUSC, not to mention all the lulz we would have. I think this definitively qualifies as a win.


Kind of what I'm thinking about, maybe more pop to increase our chances of getting to the final.

First thing would to think about which country we can represent.

Maybe Poland or Hungary are good candidates, bc. they still hold christian values.

Also, of course, we would need to create a catchy song, and then create the band first.

What do you think, /pol/? Is this a good idea or just bullshit?

12 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

000000 No.11600454


The crusaders would have to simply … take Jerusalem then.

Yes, take it in battle and hold it in such a way that they can deliver their little song.

459a4f No.11600490


It's so autistic it just might work.

b711c7 No.11600498

jews will blow it up

a53016 No.11603439


forget the usury, forget the baby-penis-sucking, forget everything bad any jew has ever done ever in history; that video alone justifies being ejected from every country on earth plus six-million real holocausts.

000000 No.11614877

Israel is not Europe. The show is rigged.

File: 46c3d726605da9e⋯.jpg (107.23 KB, 1440x810, 16:9, nuclearsmug.jpg)

744cf0 No.11611502[Reply]

I haven't seen anything like this anywhere else, so I decided to share it with you guys. Here's a great explanation for SJW insanity:

>How have humans been turned into snowflakes where emotions are in control and learning has been suppressed? This article explains it. When reward is uncertain (even if 90% likely), learning in the medial prefrontal cortex is enabled by the dopaminergic reward seeking system. But if reward is certain, the learning circuits of the medial prefrontal cortex are disabled.

>It makes perfect sense from an evolutionary point of view; if you already know enough to get the reward with certainty, there is no point in wasting further effort to learn more.

>What pertaining to rewards has critically changed over the past couple of generations? Everyone now receives a reward for participating! Not just the winner of the race. Not just the smart student who studied hard and aced the test. Everybody gets an unconditional hence certain reward.

>These unconditional rewards have turned off learning. The younger generation is broadly liberal and progressive because their ability to learn has been systematically shut off since childhood. No wonder they act like spoiled children. They have never learned to grow up!

>We have a very big and very serious generational problem. Those unconditional rewards aren’t just silly; they are literally mentally crippling.


Not only does everyone now receive participation trophies, but, thanks to our culture of equality, modern relativism, and socialism, we've rid people of a proper conception of good-and-bad, superior-and-inferior, and have installed a safety net under everyone in the name of welfare. Today, there's almost no such thing as losing because everything has been made so easy and safe and fair. Capitalism is also to blame for creating an over-abundance of stuff. You don't need to be a winner to get the stuff you need, and more, these days. Every fat, lazy idiot has a supePost too long. Click here to view the full text.

17 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

f6a0b5 No.11612004



0c861c No.11612411


84c928 No.11614700


Don't know why everyone decided to abandon the point of the thread.

I wonder if this has to do with the feminization of men? Maybe it's not just chemicals and such trying to turn us more female, it's that everybody is just more infantile.

953939 No.11618216


What is this cuckchan newfag shit?

953939 No.11618221


If you weren't a n!gger, you would know that only newfags can't deal with the filters. Everyone cool just types around them. N!gger.

File: af9ed115668da5f⋯.jpg (289.4 KB, 1000x966, 500:483, 1526936072553.jpg)

File: b3148773af0a1cd⋯.jpg (559.33 KB, 891x870, 297:290, 1526936695048.jpg)

05e996 No.11601233[Reply]

Warhammer40k is now getting culturally enriched by soyboy comic writer Cavan Scott who is creating a 'series of junior novels for #blacklibrary entitled WARHAMMER ADVENTURES: WARPED GALAXY'


194 posts and 79 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

34bc16 No.11609309


this actually gives me pleasure. every male who sees this will immediately hate women. it's a bullet in the face of every feminist, and I don't even have to move a muscle.

1a6f79 No.11614450

File: 3380f748a515a17⋯.png (232.06 KB, 462x504, 11:12, ay mama let me whisper in ….png)

File: 5eafb55e89a3a2b⋯.jpg (6.7 KB, 311x162, 311:162, whisper.jpg)


"Soyboy" was used first on 4chan's /tv/ in April of last year and it's exceedingly likely it was crossposted to here given it was also popular there up until it got filtered for getting site-wide obnoxious and #IOTBW is credited to cuck/pol/, I can legitimately find nothing relating either's creation to here, if you've got archive links I'll gladly accept them

bc3db4 No.11614486

File: d3653b07fc718a2⋯.png (106.88 KB, 726x820, 363:410, SPQRII banner.png)

Ever wanted to join a political movement based on the Warhammer promise of eternal empire? The white expansionist and renaissance thinking SPQRII meme corps is recruiting.

No bullshit, no favoritism, only scientific psyops and meme magic and only war against ZOG.

dfa426 No.11614490


Why would you want men to hate women?

f4590a No.11614509


Go do your homework.

File: 944b06a5b2c5d54⋯.png (358.81 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_20180516-202224.png)

eb9e46 No.11588147[Reply]


Here's the link. Sorry, im a phonefag today. Anyways i think this is hilarious. Other articles featured if you Jewgle "alt right" right now include a piece about several (((alt right leaders))) fall from fame, and a piece incinuating that normies now definately starting to view the "alt left" as the communists they are, and even called out the 100 million deaths it caused. Written by an arrogant Centrist. Nothing too crazy here. Just confirmation that the natural course is advancing. It seems we need to do 3 things-

1- Encourage the rise of a "Radical Center", basically the CivNats.

2- Pit them against the Left by agreeing with them on most everything but race, and deeply infiltrate them.

3- Wait for war and then take positions of power by force after both sides have weakened each other.


13 posts and 5 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

f8d210 No.11588534


lel, for a second there I thought you were trying to say "when more jews get redpilled" or some shit.

c8f320 No.11588554


Thanks anon. This is going to be a good read.

75f400 No.11588585


There has always been a split between the zionist and full on diaspora kikes. The zionists think the only way to be safe is to have yidsrael. The diaspora kvetch that yidsrael exposes the fact that kikes are a seperate race and makes it harder to hide among whites. This is a case of tapeworms getting mad at ticks for giving away the parasite game by being too obvious and being exposed were they can be burnt off more easily.

8fba08 No.11614498


>Diana Buttu is a Palestinian-Canadian lawyer and a former spokesperson for the Palestine Liberation Organization.

sore loser

8fba08 No.11614506


the article was written by a palestinian

File: 539fcf130b27360⋯.jpg (583.57 KB, 2012x2012, 1:1, 0164b5b611a527c1302dd9206b….jpg)

File: ccf8a5344b9f5dc⋯.png (147.82 KB, 1116x752, 279:188, bb9d7f7b8c5a5f71661a23e6c1….png)

b2f750 No.11538677[Reply]

#mybordersmychoice did a great job on the poster front, but we can still do better.

The more human the posters look, the easier they are to empathize with. Let's show our countries as real people saying NO to immigration.

187 posts and 173 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

9a88c4 No.11611283

>5 years later


>"if you don't like it, go make your own thread"

b94d61 No.11612399

File: cf00c8aab3be7b6⋯.jpg (140.12 KB, 960x620, 48:31, kek_two_keks.jpg)


>still this scared

keep it up shill you make me laugh

39ef7a No.11613097

How about

>"Communism starved 80 million + people to death in less than 30 years"

(number is probably higher)

1e785e No.11614216

File: ddc1274d0f0200d⋯.jpg (341.79 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, COMMUNISM.jpg)


Keep it simple though. Details are for debates.

a3aa06 No.11614444



>"100 million dead" at the top

>canceled out communist symbol in the middle

>"never again" at the bottom

File: 8cb9831baf69ecb⋯.png (429.21 KB, 752x831, 752:831, pedosexual.PNG)

889b82 No.11609462[Reply]


If Snopes says one thing, believe the opposite!

>Furthermore, this attempt to link homosexuality to pedophilia was rooted in bigotry, not statistics

61 posts and 23 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

4060bc No.11614084


eat shit jew

0175b9 No.11614105

File: de81132db30ae8b⋯.jpg (97.43 KB, 640x471, 640:471, smurfsastrosmurf02.jpg)


jews are always tuning their brew

000000 No.11614119


>Boys are molested at 1/4 the rate of girls

Boys report less, are believed less, have their abuse taken less seriously, and before age 6 the majority of the abusers of boys are women.

>96% of child abusers are male

Female sex abuse is underreported. Even when caught, most female sex abusers end up not being prosecuted pussy pass for a variety of reasons and even when prosecuted, juries almost never convict women. Normalfags are simply unwilling to believe that women are capable of evil, the same applies to female child-killers, in fact juries so consistently refused to convict female baby-killers that a whole new crime had to be created just to tease "guilty" verdicts out of juries. (infanticide, much lower sentence than murder.)

>These are all US stats. Homosexuals/bisexuals have a much higher rate of molesters than the general public.

That's true.

Police, politicians, psychologists, criminologists and general public tend to search for exculpatory reasons to explain away female sex abusers' behavior. The following is a very good book on the subject.


000000 No.11614443


can confirm

566636 No.11618404

File: 1d6ca86d7c6b62f⋯.png (425.17 KB, 455x651, 65:93, no_p_bashing.png)

I can't believe they used a P instead of a plus symbol. It's so obvious what they're hinting at. Also they still have the nerve to leave black and brown out of the rainbow. If you're P you can be, if you're Bl+ck, c u later Jack.

File: 16b941f6617f9f3⋯.jpg (26.59 KB, 500x375, 4:3, german-girl-1944.jpg)

File: 3fc9eb5ff6510fe⋯.jpg (54.09 KB, 500x382, 250:191, nemmersdorf_1944.jpg)

File: 4a6ca229e818f40⋯.jpg (108.44 KB, 430x600, 43:60, dead-german-child-after-ne….jpg)

32d368 No.11595782[Reply]

Everybody except the greenest newfags knows that (((they))) didn't want to kill all SS-members or Wehrmacht-soldiers at the end of the war, but that allied propaganda was designed by jews with the purpose of killing off every single german man, woman and child.

Thats why they invented the hellish conditions of the concentration camps, that then still pale in comparison that what the german civilians had to endure from 43 well into the 48's.

Allmost everybody here knows about the "Rheinwiesenlager" where 2 million german soldiers and 1 million civilians starved (the jew really likes starving people for some reason), and other atrocities like the rape of all east-europe and the bombing of Dresden are relatively know.

Every now and then somebody post something about Dresden in this fashion:

<The allies bombed dresden to the ground! Do you know how many civilians died?

But a real chad posts:

>People who got phosphorous on them presented a fearful sight recalled Rosa Todt.

> Their skin was bright red, water dripping out of the pores of their skin; their ears and nose, their whole face, was a nauseating mask.

This is an excerpt from "Hellstorm: the death of nazi germany"


Emotional Manipulation

I posted some text passages from the book into a few discords, excerpts like: Every female, including girls as young as eight, had been raped.

I noticed that if you then compare this to even the most horrid jewish fairytales about the concentration camps, the war crimes committed against german civilians are much more terrible. And others noticed too.

This is thePost too long. Click here to view the full text.

114 posts and 46 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

5cd92c No.11611003


Witness Report:

I have ancestors whose extended families were German nationals captured by either Russian or British soldiers and placed in what family labelled concentration camps. Slave labor POW camps. The women were raped. The men sent to coal mines run by the Russians. One relative was sent to slave labor imprisonment at 15 - with no trial - the only reason was that he admitted to being in the HJ, which into his old age he declared was just 'boyscouts'. Germans endured unspeakable abuse post-war.

Then, when these relatives came to NA as refugees, they were termed 'bloody DPs'. Displaced Persons with blood on their hands - when they were the ones who suffered, not abused.>>11595782

592f86 No.11611135


I lost most of my extended family in WW2. The German side of the tree basically died off, killed/raped&killed by the mongrel hordes from the Eastern USSR. The more I think about it, the more red I see…

847b56 No.11611153


> and would run europe into the ground if it meant that noone would be above them.

Sounds like the Bantu Niggers.

They don't want to be worth 100,000 out of 100 billion dollars if it meant they're not on top. So they would rather have 1 cent out of 1 million dollars if it meant they're on top.

efcebb No.11613107


71cba5 No.11614425

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


This is what the Jews have planned for everyone else as well, including the English people who took part in this pretending to be fighting a patriotic war, and also for the Pakistani rapists who are presently turning English schoolgirls into fuck meat. For Jews every non-Jew is equally worthless, it is just out of strategic consideration that they prefer to torture and murder one nation sooner than the other. Even America's dickless men are now on the chopping block, despite the untiring dedication of their foreskins to World Jewry.

File: 9871e251d51df38⋯.png (376.07 KB, 706x1056, 353:528, mazie.png)

4fb7a3 No.11587798[Reply]

The Japanese-American senator from Hawaii, Mazie Hirono, tweeted support for Yuri Kochiyama, an anti-white feminist activist that supported Osama Bin Laden



This is treason. Trump or Trump Jr. needs to know about this, could have this senator removed.

19 posts and 5 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

e3a42f No.11589594

>Her father passed away and her family was incarcerated during WWII

Can we get the fuck past this already? What is she, the third generation of survivor (of whatever, German or American internment, I don't give a fuck)? I swear to fucking god, there will be Jews on the Starship Enterprise kvetching about their great- great- great- great- great- grandmother being gassed 6 million times in a 200-meter-tall electric chair mounted to a rollercoaster track with a shaft of wood up her ass while she was only 3 years old. This Jewish lieutenant will be entitled to benefits and a special yellow star lapel pin.

For the record, my own grandfather died in France during the war and is buried in Belgium. My other grandfather came through and never talked about it. My parents and their siblings didn't give a shit. I cared more about the war stories of my old German neighbor, who spent years in slave labor in the Soviet Union before they let him out. I guess you could consider me a Holοcaust survivor in that sense. Where's my gibs?

0f418e No.11589597


>Of course you shouldn't racemix.

there's nothing wrong with it

9a8ee4 No.11589610


It will only stop when our society turns away from slave morality cult of victimhood (good and evil), and returns to traditionalist aristocratic values of good and bad. People claim victim status or inherited victim status, often falsely, because they benefit from in it how our society has been conditioned to view victimhood.

fbfc34 No.11589928


Japs are friends not breeding partners.

0f9cfb No.11614361

Praise Kek, may the volcano kill this cunt.

File: c0194b5a5d43011⋯.png (440.48 KB, 768x768, 1:1, VA.png)

File: bc72859a945a85d⋯.jpg (221.32 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, ohyea.jpg)

1ea89c No.11584051[Reply]

For anon vets getting the shaft by the VA the whitehouse has a complaint line it’s 8559482311

After submitting my complaint I was given a nugget of potentials from one of the White House staff.

Trump should be giving a major news conference about the Veteran Affairs soon and possibly the nomination for someone to lead the VA which has a temp leading it.

Veterans use that number

Trumps VA team is fucking vicious and professional

The number isn’t well known as of yet and there is almost no wait time (under ten seconds)

When this goes public expect much longer wait times.

Go fuck the VA before they fuck you

Get in before this goes public and you get caught in the backlog

Hotpocket Edit: Decent thread but don't make it a "general." The last thing you need is the VA to treat your cancer too.

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Post last edited at

2a4a42 No.11587470


>this number is not well-known

>posts the number here

>not a honeypot

b95bef No.11590564

Bump for my fellow veteranaryans.

000000 No.11590603


This is useful info. Thanks based anon. If Trump's VA team needs to clean up some corruption, the Philadelphia VA is a great place to start.

70dd4d No.11590648



WASHINGTON — Today the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) announced that the White House VA Hotline, first launched in June as part of President Donald J. Trump’s commitment to reforming VA, is now fully staffed with live agents working to serve Veterans 24-hours a day, 365 days a year.

The hotline, which became 24-hour operational in mid-October, is now staffed by a team consisting of 90 percent Veterans or employees who have a Veteran family member, and is in response to Veterans’ requests to talk to agents who could relate to their experiences.

“The White House VA Hotline provides our nation’s Veterans with a direct, dedicated contact line that allows them to interact with highly trained, live agents to answer their needs and concerns,” said VA Secretary David J. Shulkin.

“Since the initial launch of the hotline in June, we listened to our Veterans, who indicated that they prefer speaking with other Veterans and Veteran family members, and we adjusted our hiring based on that feedback,” added Shulkin.

“We’re proud that the hotline is now staffed 24/7 by a team of mostly Veterans or Veteran family members who have direct knowledge of their particular concerns and can use their experience to address them in the best way possible with the resources of the VA. This represents a true win-win for Veterans and their loved ones.”

Since 24/7 coverage began in October, the hotline has served more than 10,000 callers.

Hotline agents answer inquiries, provide directory assistance, document concerns about VA care, benefits and services, and expedite the referral and resolution of those concerns. Agents undergo regular updates and training on VA services based on hotline trends and are assisted by newly implemented tracking software to help VA capture and improve its response, referral and resolution processePost too long. Click here to view the full text.

1cfdcd No.11614357

anti-slide bump. This is an important issue.

File: b558804601e65be⋯.png (248.75 KB, 640x360, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

File: e78d48b11707ea6⋯.png (379.88 KB, 640x360, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

77d88a No.11556964[Reply]

Netanyahu: Better to confront Iran now than later

Prime Minister Netanyahu warns that Iran is supplying Syria with advanced weapons 'to attack us both on the battlefield and on the home front,' noting Israel is 'determined to block Iran’s aggression against us, even if this means a struggle.'

Yishai Porat, Shahar Hay, AP|Published: 05.06.18 , 13:33

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned Sunday that Iran is supplying advanced weapons to Syria that pose a danger to Israel, asserting that it’s better to confront Tehran sooner rather than later.

“We are determined to block Iran’s aggression against us, even if this means a struggle. Better now than later,” Netanyahu said at the start of the weekly Cabinet meeting. “We do not want escalation but we are ready for any scenario.”

In recent months, the Iranian Revolutionary Guards have "transferred advanced weaponry to Syria in order to attack us both on the battlefield and on the home front, including weaponized UAVs, ground-to-ground missiles and Iranian anti-aircraft batteries that would threaten air force jets," the prime minister added.

Israel has repeatedly warned it will not tolerate a permanent Iranian military presence in neighboring Syria. Iran is a key ally of Syrian President Bashar Assad, and has provided crucial military aid to his forces.

Netanyahu is scheduled to meet on Wednesday with Russian President Vladimir Putin, another ally of Assad, to "discuss regional developments."

"Meetings with the Russian President are always important for the security of Israel and the coordination between the IDF and the Russian military. Israel maintains full freedom of action to defend itself. All of our meetings are important, but this week's meeting is especially important in light of Iran's increasing efforts to establish a military presence in Syria against Israel," he said.

Putin also invited Netanyahu to join him for the annual march marking the Soviet victory ovPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

172 posts and 61 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

e22dd6 No.11612560



Today I will remind them

e22dd6 No.11612568

File: d84566e4f64c977⋯.png (3.99 MB, 2618x3453, 2618:3453, 1521138326497.png)



Today I shall remind them

fac957 No.11612815


please let this happen

4366bf No.11614082


Makes perfect sense frankly.

The USS Liberty was attacked under Johnson's watch. Johnson also benefited the most from Kennedy's assassination.

75df76 No.11614090

File: 33183703510c2a5⋯.png (1.18 MB, 1270x678, 635:339, 7.png)

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