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File: f99dc7aff9db426⋯.jpg (59.96 KB, 750x562, 375:281, 519bd2276bb3f7f66500000b-7….jpg)

004c28  No.12971523[Reply]

Pruitt Igoe was a housing project in St. Louis built in 1956. It was at first half black and half white but soon turned nearly all black with only a mom in the home and the dad not allowed. Things got so bad, that the buildings 16 years later had to be demolished in 1972.

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004c28  No.12977279

cb1cd6  No.12977287

File: ae7287d2e3f9a6a⋯.gif (1.32 MB, 364x185, 364:185, fuckedoffcat.gif)

24fe08  No.12978623

nigger shit is universally caused by fatherlessness. Don't believe me? Look-up the studies about elephant sanctuaries without fathers.

Welfare programs that incentivize single motherhood could be called black genocide, or white genocide, but really it's not directed at any one race in particular, it's directed at everyone ordinary.

004c28  No.12980270


I've seen statistics where homes with fathers are less than with just moms.

004c28  No.12980279


*less crime with both parents in the homes instead of one parent.

File: 912bda8c20aaed0⋯.jpg (340.57 KB, 1437x908, 1437:908, 912bda8c20aaed05dc09953f58….jpg)

4137ad  No.12943942[Reply]

What system of taxation do you support?

How should the amount of taxes collected be determined?

I'm most partial to the land value tax (pic related) and the flat rate tax (everyone who pays taxes pays in the form of a percentage of whatever is being taxed, the percentage and the basis of taxation being the same for all taxpayers) myself.

Note that all forms of taxation may be discussed, including the lack of a tax system at all! (aka. the "taxation is theft" position)

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7928b4  No.12966971


Then enjoy being defeated by other countries then.

677e46  No.12966980

File: ba9d932002c4e57⋯.jpeg (385.18 KB, 685x1024, 685:1024, TaxPotNow01.jpeg)


Nothing should be discouraged by taxes, nor subsidized either.

b86ae1  No.12979256


Tariffs, extremely high immigration tax, and reasonable property tax. Anyone who doesn't have property and isn't paying property tax doesn't get to vote. We should run our country like an exclusive country club.

fdcf56  No.12979476

Wealth-asset tax

9975b0  No.12980221

Taxation is theft

File: 6f37332b22b5c2c⋯.png (63.21 KB, 700x1080, 35:54, NothingWrongPoster.png)

cc3d5a  No.12975847[Reply]

It is my goal here to make a brief point in light of Brenton's MasterpieceTM: the governments of the Western world are terrified, to the most unimaginable degree, of white males uncucking themselves.

First, what we can easily find online:

ISIS on twitter

Countless ISIS propaganda videos featuring real executions

Terrorist manuals

Leftist terrorist materials

Antifa websites (literally communist paramilitary who cause billions of dollars of damage each year, globally)

Videos of leftists attacking and physically injuring people

ISIS talking about how they will destroy whites

Leftist MSM articles laughing about whites dying out

Anti-white hatred at every turn of the net

Leftists openly talking about murdering whites and even the president

The list goes on and on and you could probably fill the space of a textbook with everything and every detail. In the last month alone, ISIS has killed more than 800 people. Where is the coverage, the outrage, and the calls to action? It's virtually nonexistent – mostly because those who control the media are interested in having those things fester, because when those things are in the context of the West, they erode it and they benefit from that. That we already know.

What has happened since a single white man killed only 50 people in an act of resistance?

1) International media and government censorship of the internet itself

2) A host of shills strategies have been deployed to stop people from viewing the MasterpieceTM (they are even sentencing people to decades of prison for watching it)

3) The majority of media companies have been shilling overtime against anything resembling white self-interest, even strawmanning it as (literally Hitler) white supremacy

4) Frame it as an act of pure hate that killed only innocents when even the MSM itself admits Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

78 posts and 9 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

849311  No.12978348



If you kill yourself you win?

9c79a9  No.12978361


Only if you are Jewish bro. So do it.

9c1c40  No.12978508


If you take out 50 subhumans before you're martyred, then yeah, you spineless bitch.

000000  No.12978563



Keep the violence going. Increase the violence in all places. Make everyone (that is, people/white men) start mass killing the enemies of white people.

If the enemy has numbers, decrease their numbers. If the enemy has supporters, decrease their supporters. Anything that they try can only be done because they are alive. Kill them, and their actions and agendas will die with them. With enough enemies killed, their plans will crumble, and we can go kill those still alive.

bf6c25  No.12980055

File: 3162974660b9581⋯.jpg (10.55 KB, 175x175, 1:1, KIKE-SOLA-de-Athletic-Bilb….jpg)


There's plenty of Kikes in football, it's a common nickname for those called Enrique.

If you love football you would know already, because even the team was /pol/tier

File: 90607b27cb678ab⋯.png (353.9 KB, 526x700, 263:350, 368614456e6baf134085608f05….png)

File: 5f0f96dba0e6455⋯.png (804.5 KB, 854x654, 427:327, D1yftUSU0AYldEr.png)

7f2ed0  No.12954116[Reply]

We need to provoke a war within 30 years or it's over. Thoses niggers are breeding like rats and they're no better.

The Kikes hates the good, the pure, the beautiful, The Kikes are going to be erased for good once and for all if we have a war.

What Brenton did was a good start (and good bait for muslimz to do another terrorist attack) for chaos, anarchy and the needed collapse of the system.

52 posts and 6 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

5b9500  No.12958526


>13% isn't a problem

c34cf7  No.12961426

File: 0177986e666f224⋯.jpg (187.93 KB, 1000x1185, 200:237, forever.jpg)

File: fc450c5ef50dcd8⋯.jpg (59.19 KB, 830x467, 830:467, mighty.jpg)

It was over 80 years ago when you killed your own messiah.

5f07e3  No.12963057


30 years you say?

65e9b2  No.12963620


Imagine wasting your time coming here lmao

Here's a (you)

eb29cb  No.12979969


hard to start a war these days

File: ea1155c8bebb03c⋯.png (1.18 MB, 478x9995, 478:9995, damn.png)

f408c6  No.12979604[Reply]

I think I've found one of Brentons threads on 4chan. The wording and phrasing seems very close to his manifesto. Look at how he desperately tries to make people care, some do but others laugh and make meme jokes. I think he stared into the face of nihilism towards the death of Ebba, it scarred him and made him plan his revenge.

To anyone screaming MOSSAD MOSSAD, look at his posts and ask yourself whether they're genuine or part of some grand false flag.

Just look at how much he posted.


10 posts and 5 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

1f2d73  No.12979822

murderer and a pedo, not surprised nazis would condone it.

f408c6  No.12979838



Nice VPN kike, you're going in the masturbation machine.

66082e  No.12979869


I think that he's a legitimate anti-Muslim (and kosher nationalist) who later went to big heights to perform this shooting.

f38e21  No.12979892


You find pedophiles nice? You must be a kike!

c90ef4  No.12979966

File: 3f2060b143d90f7⋯.jpg (63.58 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, 2019-03-19 19.36.01.jpg)

79dc0d  No.12978737[Reply]

I'm Jewish with Israeli citizenship. I was born in Israel but currently live in Europe (Germany and UK). I have a wife who is British and I race mixed with her to have 3 children. I'm 30 years old.

I've attached a picture as proof showing my Israel and British passports.

Honestly I think you guys have some pretty crazy conspiracies. Jewish people don't hate you, in fact everyone in Israel loves the west. It's a status symbol in Israel to have non-Jewish friends from America/Europe. The government of Israel does some terrible things but so do many governments, especially during wars. The only racism I've ever heard in Israel is against Muslims and Blacks.

You all seem to have it in your head that there's some huge Jewish conspiracy to control the world, but nothing could be further from the truth. I'm sure there are wacko religious extreme Jews with stupid ideas who you can point out, but the majority of people in Israel are not very religious and live ordinary lives, just like people in your countries.

I really just can't understand why you people think we're out to get you. As I said before, 99.9% of people in Israel love the west - especially America. If you visited Israel you would be greeted with friendship. I love both Israel and Europe, I have no desire to 'take over' or control anything, I just want a peaceful life with my wife and kids.

I've served in the army in the intelligence division (no I've never worked for Mossad). I've lived in Israel through 2 wars. I currently work as a software developer.

Ask me anything you want about being a Jew or Israel, and I'm happy to answer. Or send me memes and insults if you want, it doesn't bother me.

695 posts and 126 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

d72445  No.12981123


Imagine being this much of a transperent brainlet.

Don't come near russia.

79dc0d  No.12981124

To answer the last questions before my other post


I'm certified as a Jew by a Rabbi when I did my coming of age ceremony


I'm still a Jew, but it's not really something I think about a lot. I consider myself more just a white person.


If you hate me that's your choice and I can't change it.

2737c9  No.12981126


>i have to go to sleep

I ran out of lies goyim

d72445  No.12981137


Nope fuck off and do that shit on 4cucks or reddit dont bring that cancer here again.

>slavs are cro magnon

Europeans are you jews are Neanderthals.

291225  No.12989793

OP, whats my date of birth?

File: ff58918a0390225⋯.jpg (58.51 KB, 756x960, 63:80, crowley.jpg)

135cd0  No.12969205[Reply]

The Black Messiah by Gerard Aumont (Aleister Crowley)

There is one salient fact of to-day to which Europe and America can not shut their eyes. It is the surreptitious agitation of the inferior races, those whom evolution left behind - the negro and negroid types period. This menace grows with every year. Their own problems are so different that the white races, save for the few individuals who have studied the situation, have been prevented from grasping the full import of the threat. But some times there occur events which seem almost like mysterious providential warnings, and they will indeed be doomed if they do not find sufficient wisdom to use these to put themselves upon their guard.

A superficial view is to blame the war for this state of things. Those who have gone more deeply into the question uphold the view that the danger has been latent for long, and that the war merely served to bring conditions to the verge of crisis, to put a spark to the train of powder. In any case the situation may be summed up briefly as follows.

An immense multitude of blacks and kindred races, from every corner of the Globe, took part in the greatest shock of modern times - witnessed, in other words, a mortal blow to the prestige of the white races, by destroying the legend of their solidarity; and the point of conflict was the very heart of European civilization. For whole years these blacks looked on at the life of a country which they did not know, and could not understand. They acquired, to some extent, even the habits of the Aryan; and, when they returned to their own countries, carried with them a smouldering hate, a secret and deep-seated envy.

11 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

d1ec86  No.12975786

then thatll be the way it goes i suppose

e82c82  No.12975822


Anyone who truly drank the watery fires of the heavens, and vomited the poisons, injected via the kike miasma, into the abyss, ends up red pilled.

Crowley was still a pedofag.

c269f2  No.12976291


You seem upset

fde6bb  No.12976370

Yeah, ok, sure. This guy might have been "le pased and redbilled" about race, doesn't make him any less of a degenerate faggot though.

135cd0  No.12979566

Crowley raised a point that bears repeating to understand the rise of Donald Trump as the antithesis of the collectivist Obama and his defeated successor: “Above us today hangs a danger never yet paralleled in history. We suppress the individual in more and more ways. We think in terms of the herd. War no longer kills soldiers; it kills all indiscriminately. Every new measure of the most democratic and autocratic governments is Communistic in essence. It is always restriction. We are all treated as imbecile children… they won’t trust us to cross the roads at will.”

Every day in America – and more and more in Europe – citizens are rejecting this elitist bunch of self-proclaimed know-it-alls whose policies seek to destroy centuries of Western culture and national identity in the name of the chimera of “internationalism.”

I hope Trump accomplishes the goals he has set forth of rebuilding the nation state. If he is able to succeed as a leader, America will retain its design as a Thelemic country whose long-lived written Constitution enshrines the principle of the sacred Liberty of the Individual as its sovereign goal. We shall certainly see.

(I must add the disclaimer that I speak for myself. Sadly, most of those associated with the formal Thelemic movement hold leftist and “progressive” political positions.)

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

c7c30a  No.12943331[Reply]

Oprah Winfrey Turns On Michael Jackson To Side With Discredited Accusers From Leaving Neverland

26 posts and 8 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

a8a9d5  No.12978148


I was going to post this:


But the page is down and I also can't get any archives to work.



Not even a screenshot archive of the page!


But I found this, although it hasn't got the photos just the text:


2d45e2  No.12978526



Decent observation, but he definitely diddled those kids tho.




Sounds about right. Fuck 'em. He was a pedo like the rest of them and one day we'll bring it all to light. Fuck. Hollywood.

a8a9d5  No.12979353


You must also think that Trump is a Russian agent who Putin got elected and that Obama and Hillary are saints? Because you seem to be basing you're views on MSM bullshit rather than actual facts.

a8a9d5  No.12979433


Answer this one simple question. If Evan Chandler's son was abused by MJ then why would he take millions of dollars and not take the case to criminal trial to get MJ convicted when he could have taken the money AND taken the case to criminal trial to get MJ convicted? If MJ abused Jordan wouldn't Evan want his son's abuser put in jail not only to punish him for Jordan's abuse but also to stop him abusing others?

26a231  No.12979470


Who cares? One kosher certified mass media negress has an opinion about a white skinned negro. Nobody cares. Not even close to pol worthy. Sage

File: 182b9995e98c7a0⋯.png (347.68 KB, 1267x1945, 1267:1945, 1552797879551.png)

940d15  No.12950823[Reply]

Josh (yes, that Josh) is being asked to turn over user data to NZ police. His reply is as attached and he's warning NZ users on the Kiwifarm to change their email addresses and start using VPNs.

273 posts and 39 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

4fcefb  No.12959515

File: 1c9e3b20997bd4b⋯.jpg (98.81 KB, 723x691, 723:691, 1424455990376.jpg)


Mike, whoever you are, please go back to /cow/ and kiwifarms. You can convince them if you just try harder. You can do it I believe in you.

13ace1  No.12961236

Yeah see, you have a Mike Hirtes infestation. You can tell it's him because of the way he draws attention to himself (did anyone care or know about the dude before he came in), acts like he's Josh's worst enemy (he's not, Josh's worst enemy is some british paedophile) and how he tries to blend in (terribly) with the populance here.

I am so sorry you people had to experiance Mike. We at /cow/ have been trying to get rid of him forever to no avail. I don't know how good or how bad /pol/'s mods are because I barely visit the place, but I do recomend reporting him.

e54f7a  No.12973625

KEK, even the internet is so small

ba7c49  No.12973924


>The Intel ME shit is old news and fairly easy to neuter. People do it all the time with old Thinkpads on /tech/.

>implying there aren't a shitload of redudant backdoors that haven't been blown wide open

You're here to help, right? Here, have a tissue for that runny nose of yours.

909c4c  No.12979340


>possession of snuff

No such thing.



Also most police departments are highly compartmentalized and inefficient. . The computer crimes department could find a copy in 5 seconds but the boomer firearms instructors don't talk to them so they ask for outside help from josh because they saw "kiwifarm" in some news story. Sending an email to some random site is easier then filling out internal request forms and waiting for approval.

They don't have to entrap josh. The video is still publicly available right on the forum. If hosting it was illegal they already have him six ways to sunday.

File: 7899ecbe2411067⋯.png (316.2 KB, 378x588, 9:14, 1540587345233.png)

d793f9  No.12975789[Reply]

Except when it comes to Vaccines, you REALLY don't have the choice and you almost could be thrown into Jail.

How hypocritical from the globalists to promote this one message of My Body My Choice when it comes to slutting around and to kill their own offspring (what about the choice of the baby?) but when it comes to refuse putting literal pathelogical poison agents inside your body in the name of "societal health", you get censored, banned and almost thrown in jail if you talk about it and refuse to take those poisons inside your body.

71 posts and 96 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

5791ec  No.12978256


And it over the centuries wiped out far more europeans

89ac45  No.12978323

File: f3a62ef33993652⋯.jpg (62.05 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 5030ef3572a98dc77412ffc0d2….jpg)


>be european

>have your bother die from chicken pox

>you survive

>you pass your genetics

>you pass your immune genetics to sons and daughters


>fast froward to the new world

>injuns never was exposed to smallpox

>they die in mass

917603  No.12979055


This. Why would you make the courts handing compensation claims for vaccine damaged children private? I thought vaccines were 100% benign? You mean to say that a vaccine might seriously damage my child yet on the other hand, if it were up to the (((vaccine industry))) and Zionist Occupational Government, the choice to opt out of receiving vaccine should only be determined by the state?

917603  No.12979078


Your child is vaccinated. Nothing to fear.

1fe7bc  No.12979262


Avoid all vaccines unless you live in the fucking third world. I personally know someone who was fucked by them, they have a severe speech impediment.

File: 023bbf03519d229⋯.png (1.56 KB, 151x78, 151:78, snc.png)

57f952  No.12977472[Reply]

Want to know why Justin Castreau is so evasive about prosecution agreements and why his attorney-general quit? Well, many of those "missing and murdered" aboriginals were contract hits performed by SNCL. A quirk in Quebec law about indentured servitude as well as the Indian Act allows the leaf government to "legally" kill.

More will come out in the coming days, including how Michael Wernick's predecessor Kevin Lynch is now chair of SNCL.

14 posts and 6 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

61e10b  No.12978473

693134  No.12978495

File: c48bb04c23e53e7⋯.jpg (39.96 KB, 518x466, 259:233, trs standard pool.JPG)

File: 5830272817f0c7b⋯.jpeg (71.31 KB, 497x597, 497:597, Pierce-Race-War.jpeg)


Just because youre a coward who would never lay his life down for the 14 words and dont understand this is exactly what a civil wars initial stages doesnt mean other people arent, and dont either. The mere accusation of psyop demonstrates a worthless person who will never be of any value to whites, but plenty to Jews. Just make sure to tell us the earth is flat while you spread other unsupported garbage.

61e10b  No.12978532

File: 5109d7911e674aa⋯.jpg (251.36 KB, 1080x1018, 540:509, glowing_intensifies.jpg)

05cb2d  No.12978948


>thinking gibs makes up for not being allowed to own property

It's almost like national socialism is a strain of Marxism in denial.

05cb2d  No.12979006


by definition, you haven't laid down your life for any words and neither has the manlet Nork (((tarrant)))

File: 4beb3366dbd5b0c⋯.png (305.75 KB, 500x705, 100:141, 8968_stencil.png)

fdc9e6  No.12723230[Reply]

“Care must be taken not to give a platform for deniers… or seek to disprove the deniers’ position through normal historical debate and rational argument.”

— ‘Guidelines for Teaching about the Holocaust’ at the Stockholm International Forum, 2000

“One should not ask, how this mass murder was made possible. It was technically possible, because it happened. This has to be the obligatory starting-point for any historical research regarding this topic. We would just like to remind you: There is no debate regarding the existence of the gas chambers, and there can never be one.”

— “34 reputable historians” published in the prominent French daily Le Monde on February 21, 1979

“It is necessary to recognize that the lack of traces involves the inability to directly establish the reality of the existence of homicidal gas chambers.”

— French ‘historian’ Jacques Baynac, Le Nouveau Quotidien (Lausanne, Switzerland), Sept. 3, 1996, p. 14.

“Mass human cyanide gas chambers have never existed in human history.” The affirmation here is that normal hygiene technology functioned in an ordinary, normal manner in the German labour camps: that is the core essence of what is today meant by “Holocaust denial.”

“The three victor nations, Russia, America and Britain, collaborated together at Nuremberg to fabricate the horrorillusion, which would enable the US/UK to gain the post-war moral high ground, even after incinerating the German cities with two million tons of bombs. People were loath to believe that such a thing could have happened – until maybe after Iraq, when we saw how British-American intelligence had fabricated the Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) lie without a tremor of conscience. Only then, I suggest, does it start to dawn upon the world that the notion of big human gas chambers was the original WMD hoax.”

– Dr. Nicholas Kollerstrom Breaking the Spell — The Holocaust, Myth & Reality

“The Holocaust Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

110 posts and 31 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

7b7119  No.12970148

The holocaust is irrelevant.

64709a  No.12972565


bb5d27  No.12978727

69a9ed  No.12978837



000000  No.12978852


The Hollow Claus is the poison that rots away our roots by a fake guilt about an event that never happened in the first place.

Thats why the truth must be spoken: 8968!

File: 72eb73494fe6b0c⋯.jpeg (12.43 KB, 480x360, 4:3, serveimage.jpeg)

4388f7  No.12953555[Reply]

Finnish boy got bullied by somalis and half-somalis for being 100% Finnish

Recent video material uploaded about a month ago on an internet archive


20 posts and 7 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

9b0aef  No.12963606


Got a backup copy?

94a340  No.12963808

File: d19a8daa069414f⋯.png (20.23 KB, 2000x2000, 1:1, cdbfd41f533d006500d382ff6d….png)


Of course. Fuck the kikes and their death cult for the goyim.

349109  No.12975793

File: e0d65e2233f5095⋯.jpg (216.99 KB, 478x641, 478:641, 2146b0900ecd97076a1767b089….jpg)

File: 1be42ca0b3b79f8⋯.jpg (404.51 KB, 533x800, 533:800, 1991-senior-musicians.jpg)

File: b70442222548bcc⋯.jpg (91.79 KB, 500x297, 500:297, 8a40866109417d2c36a7b423b0….jpg)


I always thought about me beieng in school and ignoring things like that.

That makes me sad.

If I was in school now I'd form white gangs. Not necessarily political but just whites-only gangs.>>12957702

>> Kazuki Fuse

333eb0  No.12978817




The joke is on them.

f58702  No.12978832

File: aff351cf28a5b22⋯.gif (4.94 MB, 245x256, 245:256, johnson.gif)

File: f8f0b5d0fcdbe64⋯.jpg (86.67 KB, 698x332, 349:166, tarrant.jpg)

925a35  No.12974493[Reply]

I know it's all just 90% of you already know and agree with but I thought I should put it all in one place so I can easily refer to it in the future when someone asks why I hate kikes. I could've gone on for pages and pages but I wanted to keep it concise so people might actually read most of it.

Muslims let you know who they are. They let you know their intentions. This is why kikes have and always will be more dangerous. They lie more than they tell the truth. They feed off of subversion. People think that Muslims are worse because they show you what they do. They tell you they hate you and that they want you dead. Kike media makes sure to plaster their terrorist attacks all over your tv screen and newspaper so that the public won't forget who their "real" enemy is. On the other hand kikes will pretend to be your best friend while slowly and methodically destroying your nation. They brainwash our children in public schools to feel sorry for them and hate anyone who doesn't love kikes/israel. I remember for multiple years in high school all we learned about in history class is how persecuted the kikes were and how we should never let such a tragedy ever happen again. Elie Wiesel even came and spoke to our entire school multiple days about the holohoax. Turns out ol Elie is a pathological liar who has been photographed without the supposed ID # all kikes were given in concentration camps. They don't mention how they were kicked out of hundreds of different nations over the centuries because they are incompatible with human life. They don't mention how Israeli Mossad agents were found with explosives near the George Washington bridge on the day of 9/11/2001. They don't mention how there were multiple Israeli Mossad agents video taped recording, dancing, and celebrating the attacks on that day just miles away from the towers. >>>>

27 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

bd45ff  No.12977219


>Muslims let you know who they are. They let you know their intentions.

<What is taqiyya

Jews are more dangerous because they're better at taqiyya.

bd45ff  No.12977227


Prove anyone was arrested. Post an in-custody face pic.

8cbaab  No.12978332


maybe we should keep straying the flame further than ever before and show that this is just the beginning

c022aa  No.12978359

Not your blog cunt. Kill yourself.

0a0784  No.12978487



Paragraphs don't make you a reddit fag, but the lack thereof does. Go back to reddit and stay there please.

File: f56de88f97ff7d0⋯.png (94.27 KB, 1024x203, 1024:203, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 12276ddf2617071⋯.png (552.81 KB, 640x360, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

32fd33  No.12977985[Reply]


Remember the note that the woman initially concealed? It was recently revealed:


"Inmiddels is ook meer duidelijk waarom politie en openbaar ministerie vanaf de aanslag tot op heden ernstig rekening houden met een terroristisch motief en andere motieven minder waarschijnlijk achten. In een in de vluchtauto teruggevonden briefje beschrijft T. niet alleen in naam van Allah te hebben gehandeld maar groet hij ook zijn ‘moslimbroeders.’"


If translated, it states that "he did it for allah and his muslim brothers".

Note the double standard between NZ and the Netherlands. The controversy wasn't utilized for:

>censorship of speech

>militarization of law enforcement

>elimination of privacy

>restriction of firearms

Islamic terrorist attacks occur more frequently than right wing ones, but the left-wing press sweeps it under the rug by either redefining what it is or outright ignoring it. Here's a list of terrorist attacks that occurred in march


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e10931  No.12978367

The Netherlands is fucked. Lots of happenings going on there.

dcc023  No.12978373



f41925  No.12978396

File: a498c027da1f407⋯.png (183.98 KB, 1084x876, 271:219, ClipboardImage.png)



Bronnen voor deze claims, negers.


Insightful post. The Jew anticipates and has his stories ready to manipulate the story into any desired outcome. The Jew is deeply entrenched in Dutch Society. Media Mogul John de Mol's Talpa per example: A Kabbalah infused logo.

How can we dishevel this narrative?


If you don't see how this will accelerate into grand purpose, thou are blind.

301319  No.12978402

Go back to reddit and stay there roach..

8adac8  No.12978405


It makes sense, just like every news station has an obituary prepped for every celebrity, they have material ready for terrorist attacks. If they have everything ready to go they can control the publics reaction to it and contain the outrage

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