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Modern Day, Modern Time.

File: 6e4dd97a8bbcac7⋯.png (530.04 KB, 2480x3508, 620:877, Jewsaregreatinventors.png)

40c668 No.10776353[Reply]

I'll start with one I have made.

Let this thread become a collection of new informative posters we can use to redpill the normie masses.

40c668 No.10776366

File: 2739959a370d13a⋯.png (543.94 KB, 2480x3508, 620:877, holohoax.PNG)

Bumping with an old poster I made.

I've seen it floating around here a bit.

40c668 No.10776378

File: cb5456ca69ac296⋯.png (6.31 MB, 2480x3508, 620:877, EverysingletimeOC.png)

Some more oc

File: 9afc2688d6bec26⋯.png (260.83 KB, 450x338, 225:169, ClipboardImage.png)

049009 No.10772133[Reply]

how do we get this guy to kill himself?

surely for his age, he can be bullied to death, right?

I mean the guy looks a bit chubby and for his age, anything stressful could cause a heart attack, i'm wondering if we could accelerate those bad health conditions so that he can fuck off from this planet once and for all.

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570a8a No.10775759

File: 653471e7c2dc959⋯.jpg (240.12 KB, 1126x535, 1126:535, 1507509511952.jpg)

File: 180e270e43e5252⋯.png (737.54 KB, 1631x657, 1631:657, b991dfed4a28b30e2242275105….png)

File: d32db9869b13fa6⋯.png (274.27 KB, 597x467, 597:467, d32db9869b13fa61e49009fc47….png)

570a8a No.10775768

File: b2f060426bf8120⋯.png (694.32 KB, 1587x804, 529:268, 13237668854.png)

File: 60bc2cbd7cda9d9⋯.png (1.01 MB, 1499x844, 1499:844, 884768489667.PNG)

File: 3a3e302f11e0498⋯.png (1.47 MB, 1588x940, 397:235, 248937483564898875.png)

File: 70baa12aa089294⋯.png (1.36 MB, 1411x806, 1411:806, 8484545637573343.PNG)

File: 00e49cc0eb9bbe7⋯.png (298.68 KB, 984x794, 492:397, 234665463546.PNG)

c4e6f2 No.10775848


Muh rich capitalist entrepreneurs are commies!

9edf0d No.10776253


>how do we get this guy to kill himself?

You keep talking about him. Normalfags know him pretty well now but not until everyone knows who this kike is will it be enough. Normlfags see him and recognize that a jewish billionaire is both indirectly and directly affecting their lives. If that normalfag believes that all jews are somehow perfect little angels, this shatters that belief. Sure, they'll cuck out for a while and say he's a rotten apple but then when you start stacking the stories of other jews on top of his activities and reality sets in. The jew problem will weigh over them like they're suffocating and then they'll be naming the jew before long.

225f82 No.10776358


>doesn't know capitalism and communism are two sides of the same coin created by, and under the indirect control of der juden


File: d2198dc662a908b⋯.png (444.88 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, 1200px-Indo-European_branc….png)

5277e8 No.10775598[Reply]

Despite what you've been taught in high school the Aryan race is a real thing and isn't exclusively blonde hair blue eyed people.

The Aryans (called Indo-Europeans by modern (((scholars))) due to the third reich) were a people who originated around the caucuses or southern steppes of Russia, and migrated to Europe and Northern India, and all the land in between. In Europe, they occupied new land and replaced most of the pre-Aryan Europeans (some populations remained, such as the Sami and the Basques, also the ancient Hungarians, but they've been replaced by the Slavs). There is still an obvious divide in India between the Aryan north and non-Aryan south, which can be seen in the racial appearance and linguistics of the population.

We're taught that the Nazis made up the Aryan race and it only applied to Germanic/Nordic peoples, which simply isn't true. The Nazis classified Germanics as simply one branch of the Aryan race. If you were Afghani or Iranian for example, you were legally classified as Aryan in Nazi Germany.

12 posts and 11 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

4c5b58 No.10776058


Female DNA determines gene survival.

b9cc38 No.10776066


if there is aryan blood there is chance of redemption

55ee63 No.10776258

There is some interesting practices in east europe or at least in my area.

See, if your dad had blue eyes but your mom brown eyes, if the kid had blue eyes the mom would put a drop of milk to Chang ethe eye colour of the newborn.

Do not know if it is a folk talltale or not but if there was and currently is some gene demographic warfare and former Aryans are on the loosing side, mothers would be inclined to make sure that at least outwardly their kids are not of the target group.

That and/or she wants them to look more like her.

But if we go a bit on a mind trip, camouflage is not that new of a thing and at least looking the part of the masses is a good way to escape pursuit or avoid being targeted.

Genetic testing kind of puts the kibosh to that however.

Also funny etymology 'kibosh' has…

b60f71 No.10776346


Germans, Dutch and Scandi's are the purest remnants though.

e6ce92 No.10776357


It came from relationship between other indo-European languages of the Hispania province in Rome that were wiped out after the Cantabrian Wars. It is related to Aquitanian.

Basques are as aryan as slavs and greeks, being an european people that share the homeland with aryan races, but in a different location. They didn't become developed civilization because of constant attempts to conquer their lands; whenever that happened, they gave their territory momentarily, fled to the Pyrenées, then came back. They did this for as long as they came to be called "Basque". Romans, Suebians, Visigoths, Muslims. French, Spanish… all those fuckers couldn't eradicate their culture.

Fun fact: globalists love to make the Basque Country a (((gourmet/cultural))) center in order to weaken their national identity from within.

File: d8c611477245639⋯.png (216.76 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, 1200px-Mossad_seal.svg.png)

File: 2496dfbfb8c9e74⋯.jpg (40.7 KB, 620x452, 155:113, 59737.jpg)

File: eb6a62bd80b59e7⋯.jpg (153.72 KB, 854x626, 427:313, eigenbrakel_38.jpg)

8c6426 No.10760895[Reply]

Famous Belgian lawyer says he knows who is behind the Brabant Killers

For who doesn't know, the Bende van Nijvel, internationally known as the Brabant Killers, is a gang that spread terror between 1982 and 1985. At least 28 people died at their hands, they attacked people, robbed shops and jacked cars on a massive scale. The media and at the time centrist/leftist government labeled the gang as 'right wing extremist', thus pushing for more severe governmental control over citizens. More 'safety' regulations etc.

However, the government tried to block any investigation. They allowed an investigation but (((suddenly))) forced the investigators to stop investigating. Os­tro­vs­ky, a self-hating jew who once joined the Mossad but was later fired, claimed that the gang had ties with Mossad. He claimed that the Mossad advised the gang to rob a weapon depot of the CCC (a radical communist militia) after the gang was rolled up by police for terrorist activities etc. Also according to Ostrovsky, some of the gang members fled to Israel with aid of the Mossad.

Guy Bouten, who researched this gang for many years, claims that the gang is 'the visible part of a much larger underground network with ties to both the CIA and the Mossad'. He too claimed that the government at the time used controlled gangs to terrorize their own people in order to impose an Orwellian state.

Now the best of all:

>Famous Belgian Lawyer claims he knows who is behind the gang

Jef Vermassen, lawyer, will soon say who, according to him, was behind the gang. He points at State Security, Groep Diane (Group Diana, a team of police researchers who investigated the gangs activities) and the administration of the time. He also stated that 'some people' try to keep the truth away from the masses as much as possible.

Hopefully he will name the Jew as this would cause a massive shock in Western Europe, especially in Belgium. Israel, as well as our leftist/centrist parties might lose a lot of support.

http://www.nieuwsblad.be/cnt/dmf20171015_03132479Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

5 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

bef171 No.10761062


Godspeed my dutch brothers.

If you manage to start the crusade against the kikes i will never make a joke about dutch football ever again.

Lets hope that Vermassen will live and deliver.

058086 No.10761068


we'll let our northern neighbors know you like them

8c6426 No.10761149


Vermassen is Belgian, however, since he is Flemish and the Flemish people is just the seperated part of the Dutch, you could consider him to be 'Dutch' in a way

Dietsland boven

e6f24e No.10761632

aa9216 No.10776356


File: 05c8eb07db2afb2⋯.jpg (61.36 KB, 664x415, 8:5, 68678.jpg)

bb24a8 No.10775652[Reply]

found in WIRED documentary on chink city Shenzhen. it's actually a good documentary, check it out:


they made another documentary on "future cities" called: Holy City. Which is basically propaganda on Israel, their startups used to gather big data on amerigoys, jidf (they actually show the literal autists behind) and their military. they talked about increasing israeli startup presence in Shenzhen.


so which chink company is this? "IA"?

9 posts and 5 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

ad010f No.10775943

File: 680aef2ce01b2b8⋯.mp4 (8.5 MB, 854x480, 427:240, social life for autists.mp4)


Around the 42 minute mark, here's an excerpt, I wonder what he meant by now he has a social life.

f53473 No.10776110

look at all these faggots who have no idea who Israel Epstein is.

8ed5e0 No.10776190

What's good about it faggot? Jesus fuck at least put some effort into your OP

c4fbfb No.10776242


Who made that coin, where, when?

So Chinese have Jewish ancestry? It would not surprise me to be honest, mercantile behaviour is in their blood.

a18ce1 No.10776341



Either there's lots of Chinese Jews or they're memeing pretty hard over there.

File: 2d91df61b3d0196⋯.jpg (35.25 KB, 598x480, 299:240, ohmyheart-tears.jpg)

47afa6 No.10762808[Reply]

Weinstein Witch Hunt Turns to Trump

>President Trump Subpoenaed Over Sexual Misconduct Allegations




>A former contestant on "The Apprentice" who accuses President Donald Trump of past sexual misconduct has filed a subpoena for "all documents concerning any woman who asserted that Donald J. Trump touched her inappropriately," it was revealed on Sunday.

>Buzzfeed News first reported the existence of the court document, which names Trump's campaign organization and any applicable "directors, officers, partners, shareholders, managers, attorneys, employees, agents and representatives" as subjects.

>Only a few weeks before the 2016 election, former “Apprentice” contestant Summer Zervos alleged that Trump had tried to kiss and touch her inappropriately without her consent at the Beverly Hills Hotel in 2007.

>Her claim came shortly after the October 2016 release of the now-infamous “Access Hollywood” tape from 2005 in which Trump said, “And when you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything. Grab them by the p—-. You can do anything.”

This entire Harvey Weinstein thing came out of the blue and now it has become very evident why. The fact that Harvey is one of (((them)) adds credibility to the momentum for this sexual misconduct witch hunt that has begun. Also, pay close attention to the Rose McGowan situation where she claims the only proof needed is “her”.

143 posts and 40 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

27ea7c No.10776171



>worse than kikes

Hebrew, please.

fff01c No.10776192


>can't into אנגלית

I said it is already a liberal shithole you idiot.

b4f4b6 No.10776321



d8fbf8 No.10776329

Trump is safe, there is a reason they dropped this BS before the election. This is all just to keep the media reporting on it.

d6a5b2 No.10776337

File: 8ad66a5322c543a⋯.jpg (123.53 KB, 456x469, 456:469, 1449632476665.jpg)


>Hillary and other goons try pinning and baiting shit from weinstein onto Trump

>Trump isn't taking the bait, and people are more focused on weinstein

>the lugenpresse decide "fuck it, let's just pin it on trump anyways and say he's been subpoena'd"

(((They))) are panicking. And the Oklahoma/Texas actors thread likely pinpointed to a planned happening to not only try to tackle the growing rise of "white supremacists" but also try to take heat off of light on pedowood.



File: 3a0a3a990faeffd⋯.jpg (113.97 KB, 1679x701, 1679:701, HarveyWeinsteinAntiGoyPerv….JPG)

225f0b No.10734519[Reply]

The Specifically Jewy Perviness of Harvey Weinstein

Holy shit, I never thought I'd see the day, but Tablet mag have just released an article that would qualify for NSDAP interior party circulation.

There are gems aplenty in this Tablet mag article, I suggest every single one of you forwards this onto your friends and family before the editors gas this article off their website faster than a rabbi mining coins in turbo mode or Imkampfy banning a thread on books, Nasa faked Moon Landings or any proof of any one of the pinned threads kosher nationalists being promoted is controlled opposition.

The disgraced film producer is a character straight out of Philip Roth, playing out his revenge fantasies on the Goyim

By Mark Oppenheimer

"Better than perhaps any other author, Roth captured the particular anxiety of the Jewish American man in the twentieth century, finally coming into power but, having not grown up with it, unsure of what he’s supposed to do now.

All those years craving unattainable Gentiles, but never before the means to entice them. The result is Alexander Portnoy of Portnoy’s Complaint, a grown man whose emotional and sexual life is still all one big performance piece, just as it had been when he was a teenager and pleasured himself with a piece of liver.

As a boy, Portnoy fantasized about attaining a mythical shiksa goddess whom he nicknamed Thereal McCoy (get it?), who ice-skates “in her blue parka and her red earmuffs and her big white mittens—Miss America, on blades!



250 posts and 104 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

94d93e No.10773199


>It's as if they're trying to pretend Meyer Lansky and Benny Siegel never existed!

<purple gang detroit 30's to 40's

<murder inc same time frame


407944 No.10773259


>If I read this article in a non-Jewish web site I’d decry it for being anti-Semitic. I can’t believe I read this crap in Tablet.

Facts are antisemitic goy!

407944 No.10773267


>Never attack a Jew directly or openly, it will only make them stronger.

No you call them out on their bullshit at every possible opportunity and as public as humanly possible.

2f70b4 No.10773268

The lighting in his portrait is bothering me.

f0166f No.10776331





YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

c0c8c8 No.10775263[Reply]

Turbo autist Seattle4Truth has apparently shot and killed his father after an argument about leftist pedos. He made dig videos during goymergate, embedded is good but quite long(sorry for hebetube, but i'm not making a 3 hour video into a webm). It all comes together, though and I think has a shit ton of great information with citations and archives.

>MOUNT VERNON — The Bow-area man accused of stabbing his father to death was charged Thursday in Skagit County Superior Court.

>Lane Maurice Davis, 33, pleaded not guilty to one count of first-degree murder. He is being held on $1 million bail.

>Court documents state Lane Davis started a fight with his parents July 14 at their home in the 4000 block of Wharf Street, accusing them of being “leftists” and “pedophiles.”

>An audio recording of the fight, found on his father Charles Davis’ cellphone, indicated that Lane Davis threatened to kill his father several times.

>Lane Davis told police he was angered after reading something on the internet about “leftist pedophiles,” which sparked an argument between the two men.

>By the time police arrived, Charles Davis was dead, documents state.

>Lane Davis is expected to appear in court again Sept. 7.

>He was previously held on a magistrate’s warrant, which gives police 30 days to build a case before filing charges in Superior Court, which handles felonies.

Anyway, just thought it was crazy that he snapped so hard and murdered his father. Lefties are making a big deal over him posting on r/the_cuckold but haven't seemed to remember his gamergoy history.


archive.is didn't work on the page

Also, The Ralph Retort is removing all the articles he wrote for them.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
63 posts and 16 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

a5d3f2 No.10776274


>You were with Mundane Matt up until this? What a faggot you are. Mundane Matt has been a fake cunt forever. dummy.

It was mostly becuase the only criticism I've seen made of him was he wanted income from his YouTube videos, which no shit, anyone with a brain wants if they have a following. Other than that, he had generic plebian opinions about things, but wasn't a humongous faggot. The butt hurt /v/tards complaining about him in most threads were several times over huger faggots (and still are). But trying to angle this s4t thing to just take pot shots at Ralph because he has eceleb penis insecurity problems is pretty fucking pathetic. It's also obvious he's a total outsider now and doesn't even understand what he's talking about anymore.

c0c8c8 No.10776298


go away matt, i am never turning off that pesky adblock

a5d3f2 No.10776304


well looks like the triggered /v/tard is here again, are you still mad IA got laid and left you faggots to rot?

0de152 No.10776322

S4T found it impossible to attribute to greed in lieu of malice, not unlike many who attribute childhood trauma to aliens. He was not mentally well, and some wannabe youtubers gave him a platform over on ggrevolt (I think). He did put a lot of effort into that video but it was too long and too far reaching at times. Someone fucked up his digs if I recall correctly.

c9840c No.10776323


He's bad because he gets everything wrong. From his very first gg vid it should have been clear to you he was either a shill or a retard.

File: dff3c2d8b268377⋯.jpg (158.58 KB, 850x446, 425:223, 2ff6423001b6e78af413336471….jpg)

File: 40757f8a8f4d750⋯.png (405.24 KB, 1877x757, 1877:757, 1489456181031.png)

File: 91ac92da5246e62⋯.jpg (4.22 MB, 7000x2941, 7000:2941, 861801695344eb73e28f2bebb0….jpg)

File: 2140c0f8b7a050e⋯.png (268.42 KB, 900x516, 75:43, 1480411102562.png)

72e5c6 No.10681644[Reply]

There are no Esoteric threads up at the moment. Let's fix that shall we? Post your theories about Hitler, his beliefs, how meme magic is currently affecting us, and general theories on strange (((coincidences))).

358 posts and 178 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

f030dc No.10776267


I denied your

>it was not needed and a rival religion

It wasn't a tool of the kikes, it was a response.

>No I'm not.

>not a denial

nigger what

Of course I'm restating, you are hiding under the umbrella of esotericism while attacking me instead of putting your beliefs out there to be tested.

>muh semantics game

>what is debating via language on an imageboard

your psychology is showing

that link I gave was a pretty good outline of gnosticism. if you want more detailed resources check google faggot

post a single source for your claims and I might entertain your retardation

I meant to greentext your last comment but I fucked it up cuz its late and im le tired

Don't worry anon. I won't disappoint you like you have to Hitler.

I'm not running from shit, you uninitiated mundane nigger.

f030dc No.10776270


ew, my sleep deprivation is showing

d9b46f No.10776288



Oh hey you're back and this time with more earlobe spacing.

>I denied your

>>it was not needed and a rival religion

>It wasn't a tool of the kikes, it was a response.

Except you didn't and it wasn't. (((Gnosticism))) originated in the same jewish vacuum of (((christianity.))) It co-existed with (((judaism and early christianity))) until it was no longer needed.

>Of course I'm restating, you are hiding under the umbrella of esotericism while attacking me instead of putting your beliefs out there to be tested.

You're not just restating you're pretending that your clarification or correction made a difference in the first place which it doesn't. If you put your original claim and your clarification side by side they don't even match up because you're talking about almost two different things. Restating and changing it shows you don't want to address it anymore.

>that link I gave was a pretty good outline of gnosticism.

So then why did you just go from saying it's not "REAL" (((gnosticism)))? Going to copypaste your realtime contradiction:

>>I already included a link above that you can explore. I'm not going to spoon feed you REAL gnosticism.

If (((gnosticism))) was legit, why would I want a link that's not going to give me "REAL" (((gnosticism))) and this link is from a guy trying to sell it?

>if you want more detailed resources check google faggot

Oh okay I guess I'll depend on (((google))) for accurate information. Obviously the same search engine that toldPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

2530ca No.10776290


You are Fucking making shit up with everyone else on this non sourced pile of shit thread. This is Autism levels only produced by psychic Mkultra Down syndrome victims. This entire thread has been 15 (1+5=6) idiots seeing what insane bullshit they can make up in the spot and yet have the fucking audacity to argue it’s merits to the death. I need to fall asleep fuck this.

d9b46f No.10776310

File: 3a8b14aaa481ebf⋯.jpg (102.22 KB, 499x499, 1:1, 1436988034673.jpg)


>You are Fucking making shit up with everyone else on this non sourced pile of shit thread.

>This is Autism levels only produced by psychic Mkultra Down syndrome victims.

Best pair of sentences side by side if you can see the irony. F, A, M, and D are capitalized. Connection?

>This entire thread has been 15 (1+5=6) idiots seeing what insane bullshit they can make up in the spot and yet have the fucking audacity to argue it’s merits to the death.

And you make the 16th, or 1+6=7th I guess.

>I need to fall asleep fuck this.

You'll reply in ~30 minutes.

File: 0aafe2d506da354⋯.jpg (160.69 KB, 768x574, 384:287, 4ebe2b0d925082e5e4821c5e70….jpg)

File: b4770836cf76ba8⋯.png (1.11 MB, 640x6387, 640:6387, White Nationalism Is Destr….png)

6bb411 No.10749420[Reply]

NY Times: White Nationalism Is Destroying the West


>On July 14, 2016, as French families strolled along Nice’s seafront promenade, a Tunisian man driving a large truck rammed into a crowd, killing 86 people. A month later, the mayor of nearby Cannes declared that “burkinis” — a catchall term for modest swimwear favored by many religious women — would be banned from the city’s beaches; a municipal official called the bathing suits “ostentatious clothing” expressing an “allegiance to terrorist movements that are at war with us.”

>One of the law’s first victims was a third-generation Frenchwoman who was ordered by the police to strip off her veil while onlookers shouted, “Go back to your country.” Still, many French politicians and intellectuals rushed to defend the ban. The former president Nicolas Sarkozy called modest swimwear “a provocation”; Alain Finkielkraut, a prominent philosopher, argued that “the burkini is a flag.” But what they presented as a defense of secular liberal values was in fact an attack on them — a law, masquerading as neutral, had explicitly targeted one religious group.

>When rapid immigration and terrorist attacks occur simultaneously — and the terrorists belong to the same ethnic or religious group as the new immigrants — the combination of fear and xenophobia can be dangerous and destructive. In much of Europe, fear of jihadists (who pose a genuine security threat) and animosity toward refugees (who generally do not) have been conflated in a way that allows far-right populists to seize on Religion of Cuck™ic State attacks as a pretext to shut the doors to desperate refugees, many of whom are themselves fleeing the Religion of Cuck™ic State, and to engage in blatant discrimination against Muslim fellow citizens.

Full article here:


Of course for this to make sense you'd have to ignore the fact that all western countries were "white nationalisPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

332 posts and 118 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

dec290 No.10760596


shoo fly shoo

70f417 No.10760600


Jews often claim the opposite of truth is truth. Just like modern art is a celebration of the opposite of beauty and nature.

53affa No.10774009


Not international banking ? jewry

9fba75 No.10774068


No you gas yourself you cuckservative fucking kike

227747 No.10776303


>>jew says you should follow TRS


File: 87eb454fb6a8711⋯.jpg (571.55 KB, 1180x842, 590:421, 160523_FT_police-drone.jpg….jpg)

ff4506 No.10774249[Reply]

LAPD becomes nation's largest police department to test drones after oversight panel signs off on controversial program

After months of often-heated debate, a civilian oversight panel Tuesday signed off on a yearlong test of drones by the Los Angeles Police Department, which will become the largest police department in the nation to deploy the controversial technology.

The Police Commission’s 3-1 vote prompted jeers, cursing and a small protest that spilled into a downtown intersection just outside the LAPD’s glass headquarters — evidence of the opposition police have faced in recent weeks as they tried to reassure wary residents that the airborne devices would not be misused.

The use of drones — or “small Unmanned Aerial Systems,” in police-speak — has become a contentious issue for law enforcement in Los Angeles, where the nation’s largest sheriff’s department has flown one since January.

Advocates say camera-mounted drones could help protect officers and others by collecting crucial information during high-risk situations or searches without risking their safety. For many privacy advocates and police critics, however, the drones stir Orwellian visions of unwarranted surveillance or fears of militarized, weapon-toting devices patrolling the skies.

LAPD brass, along with police commissioners, tried to ease those concerns by promising careful restrictions on when the drones would be used and strong oversight of the pilot program. Weapons and facial-recognition technology will also be prohibited.

But some critics said they could not trust the department to follow its own rules, no matter how stringent.

“Mission creep is of course the concern,” said Jim Lafferty of the National Lawyers Guild Los Angeles. “The history of this department is of starting off with supposedly good intentions about the new toys that it gets … only to then get too tempted by what they can do with those toys.”

http://www.latimes.com/local/lanow/la-me-ln-lapd-drones-20171017Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

25 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

1d62f4 No.10775291

File: 5892c52fb1e6496⋯.jpg (29.49 KB, 630x527, 630:527, drone-nest.jpg)


I'm sure those towers are completely unrelated goyim

234dcc No.10775308

As a former resident, I'd much rather have a drone unnecessarily hovering over an incident than a noisy ass ghetto bird. Fucking hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of fuel are burned each month so these cunts can buzz back and forth across LA for no fucking reason.

63f704 No.10775627


another one rationalizing letting things get worse

so youd rather a drone do the work that people wouldnt do when their lives would be at risk to do that work

819b9f No.10775779



I feel like ive seen these on clear days while flying in the NE US.

141538 No.10776293


Retard. The LAPD once let an AI predict where crime was going to happen. It was so accurate that they put it out of commission. You can't have funding for your APC tanks, grenade launchers, drones, and all kinds of arsenal without the niggers. You think that drone is to help you retard? ZOGBots are looking to kill you off. Don't say anything, you're a neo-Nazi pedo from a terrorist imageboard.

File: 8ee175da7156d52⋯.jpg (69.18 KB, 720x853, 720:853, 22552847_10214252714649125….jpg)

2b6f78 No.10773685[Reply]

SO THE DISASTER PREPAREDNESS AND RESPONSE TEAM IS LOOKING FOR 'CRISIS ACTORS - AKA - People willing to play the role of victims after a disaster… Applicants must be from the Oklahoma/Texas area, drill conducted between October 30-November 2




43 posts and 6 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

2676fa No.10776007


not every cloud that spins turns into a tornado. But tornados only happen after clouds spin.

Do you really think that your employer adequately protects your information? Do you really believe that we will not acquire your dox? Every last shill will be held to account for their crimes.

fa21f6 No.10776096

During my training we did roleplay scenarios, so we got people to pretend to be victims of violent attacks and so on. We did this because in order for training to be effective, it needs to translated into a real-life situation and of course we weren't going to stage an actual criminal attack just to practice, so we got people to role play, and the better they were at acting, the better our training went.

We didn't hire any outside people, this was just with other employees and training groups. For larger scale role play training they may need to bring in external civilians, like what they did in France in 2015 where they had people covered in fake blood and so on. I'm saying this because there is actually a legitimate reason to get people in to play victims for training purposes.

In all honesty I am not sure I believe that there is such a massive conspiracy where people get hired to be "real" victims, but then I do live in a country where everyone is connected to everyone by varying degrees and no such secret would remain secret for long. This of course may not be in the US and I don't mind being proven wrong. It does seem a lot of work to keep so many people quiet, and non-disclosure agreements get broken all the time. The only people I've known who don't break NDA's or secrecy agreements are those who are professionally trained in military or police or private firms like me. Corporate people smash NDAs all the time. despite knowing the legal consequences (which they never actually face anyway) and civilians can't ever be trusted.

d56b77 No.10776125


>oy vey shut it down don't talk about this goy

affb57 No.10776197

I live an hour away from OKC, is there a number?

2676fa No.10776245


> like what they did in France in 2015 where they had people covered in fake blood and so on. I'm saying this because there is actually a legitimate reason to get people in to play victims for training purposes.

Oh silly me I didnt realize the bataclan was just a training exercise!

>im not sure there is a conspiracy for people to be hired to be real victims

You dumbass they launch an attack in the area of such training occuring. Its a real attack and people really die. The addition of actors makes obfuscating evidence far easier.

File: 2cc7a9a817f58f8⋯.png (1 MB, 1600x868, 400:217, 1.PNG)

File: 4afa7ce462d6c80⋯.png (687.83 KB, 1600x868, 400:217, 2.PNG)

File: e96c22b569abde1⋯.png (912.39 KB, 1600x868, 400:217, 3.PNG)

File: 32019cc16d96724⋯.png (279.85 KB, 1042x853, 1042:853, 4.PNG)

86a6ae No.10768646[Reply]

So I've been reading this public thread on facebook (debate about pizzagate), everybody is using real accounts and names. There are 2 people who are subtly defending the pedos under the guise of "critical reasoning", the classic clever language techniques that work on the more stupid people (which are the masses). I think these people are hiding something, who else in their right mind defends pedos unless they have skin in the game right?

My problem is that i'm good at noticing patterns, picking up on subtleties and strategic thinking and then disseminating clearly to normies, but i am not good at digging down into deep research, keeping track of the "branches" of research is where i lose steam and social media friend-making, i tend to pop in and out of boards, and am never a part of the community regulars. So it's hard for me to get the support i need to look into people that spike my instincts.

Any tips you guys can provide for me on how to dig like you? Any help digging? It's ok if no one does, i'm sure you have your own items you're working on, but i don't want to let another opportunity pass so any tips or help is appreciated.

Kassie Harrison - Brampton ONT

Steve Finch

13 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

849b51 No.10775071

File: db11b8829d8de2d⋯.png (1.49 MB, 1053x1070, 1053:1070, (you).png)


>Im not from around here

<Im kinda retarded

>Inb4 I was only pretending to be not from around here and retarded.

112515 No.10775132

File: 20581cb31704844⋯.png (155.78 KB, 1079x809, 1079:809, 20171018_211316.png)


You guys want a convicted kiddie porn distributor?

112515 No.10775137

File: 63cb01ec22f1cec⋯.jpg (465.28 KB, 1072x1427, 1072:1427, Screenshot_20171018-210930.jpg)

File: ded18269fe7223a⋯.jpg (112.51 KB, 675x1200, 9:16, DMcE2uMVwAAQ-ME.jpg)

File: 3d3ecea7b4b0c33⋯.jpg (110.53 KB, 675x1200, 9:16, DMcE2uMUIAATwsw.jpg)

112515 No.10775225

File: 04802b464a7d7e9⋯.jpg (183.69 KB, 1078x746, 539:373, Screenshot_20171018-213559.jpg)


This is the chick doxxing the kiddie porn he/she. A fucking commie cunt.

I want them both to die slowly.

ad9041 No.10776224

OP, the old cow with bad plastic surgery is just a dummy voicing common stupidity in American today. I've heard that type of 'thinking' from 3 other dumb bitches about serial killers and rapists and some other weird shit. The guy is a cuck, retard virtue signalling. You can find far better to fuck with. Shitbags who not only defend it, but justify it and because they're involved with it. These two tards are bored, lonely fucks and a waste of your time.

File: d72ed8aa394de6c⋯.jpg (36.82 KB, 470x558, 235:279, 4575D5F900000578-4993414-P….jpg)

1787f2 No.10773555[Reply]

BREAKING NEWS - Three people dead and two hospitalized after 'workplace shooting' at Baltimore granite company as police say 'armed and dangerous' killer is on the run

Three people have died and two left in critical condition after a shooting took place in a Baltimore-area granite company on Wednesday morning.

Police said Radee Labeeb Prince, 38, shot five people at Advanced Granite Solutions in the Emmorton Business Park, around 20 miles northeast of central Baltimore, shortly after 9am.

He then fled the scene in a car and is now at large and 'armed and dangerous,' police have warned. Businesses and schools remain on lockdown, WBALTV11 reported.


89 posts and 19 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

24fc25 No.10776131


You bet radee labeeb it

24fc25 No.10776186


>Enis Mrvoljak

>Bayarsaikhan Tudev

Sand nigger russians?

a7b0da No.10776201


Have you ever seen a nigger work 35 days in a row? 10?

24fc25 No.10776214

File: 3974f9c2b847a60⋯.png (12.17 KB, 645x368, 645:368, asdasda.png)


>apt 1008

wew I was being really, really retarded but.. somehow I was onto something

24fc25 No.10776218


>license pc

passion crime apt 1008

This nigger was upset that the jew started spending more time with the spics asshole

File: d036ae9b1419e7d⋯.png (162.79 KB, 1611x743, 1611:743, fuckthesefaggots.PNG)

bb0388 No.10682225[Reply]

SJWs and libtards have launched their own website based loosely around plebbit: raddle.me. Its boards range from antifa to queer and communism. You know what to do /pol/… have fun with it.

219 posts and 100 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

f45444 No.10747916

Kek. The gore and porn I dumped there lasted for thirty minutes. Their mods are really getting lazy now. Keep raiding anons. In the meantime, can an anon leak the antifag IPs posted here >>10688714 to cuckchan? I still have two days before the ban expires.

165bb4 No.10750015

ece473 No.10775819


>80 year old holocaust survivor

>war started in 1939


>assuming the holocaust went on until 1945 still only makes him a child with no memories

these fucking liars

82fbab No.10776167

Can we go troll them?

8cd7ce No.10776206

File: 9ef291e7f0e464d⋯.png (460.35 KB, 800x1124, 200:281, 51be12b2-ba22-49b6-8f1f-f6….png)


Let's start a raid this Saturday evening my niggers

Off work or school I'm putting it in my calender

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