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On the jews and Their Lies

File: a7c6dc5c56c3e09⋯.jpg (122.4 KB, 800x625, 32:25, Boer family.jpg)

5950ad No.11317671[Reply]

Going off of >>11302647 's recommendation, we should start a Boer Support thread.I can't find any links because I'm at work, but I can do my part by at least creating the thread

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54b010 No.11391789


1. http://www.theunshackled.net/rundown/lets-accept-persecuted-white-south-africans-to-australia/

2. https://www.quora.com/Accepting-white-south-African-and-white-Namibian-refugees

3. https://wrongthink.net/read-blog/198_south-afrikaner-boer-relief-ideas-beta.html

4. https://nationunderassault.weebly.com/memes.html

5. https://www.livescience.com/33003-how-are-new-countries-established.html

6. https://suidlanders.org/

7. https://helpendehand.co.za/

8. http://www.radiofreesouthafrica.com/

9. http://www.safrpsa.org/

10. https://why-we-are-white-refugees.blogspot.com/







1. https://www.bitchute.com/channel/cmjMthORo2gT

2. https://www.bitchute.com/video/EpH8y9Q0i0K9

3. https://www.bitchute.com/video/z10CwW1XyGB4

4. https://www.bitchute.com/video/UTA5r7O0AqaT

5. https://www.bitchute.com/video/UwYFmt09bDs6

54b010 No.11391847


1. http://www.theunshackled.net/rundown/lets-accept-persecuted-white-south-africans-to-australia/

2. https://www.quora.com/Accepting-white-south-African-and-white-Namibian-refugees

3. https://wrongthink.net/read-blog/198_south-afrikaner-boer-relief-ideas-beta.html

4. https://nationunderassault.weebly.com/memes.html

5. https://www.livescience.com/33003-how-are-new-countries-established.html

6. https://suidlanders.org/

7. https://helpendehand.co.za/

8. http://www.radiofreesouthafrica.com/

9. http://www.safrpsa.org/

10. https://why-we-are-white-refugees.blogspot.com/



1. https://www.bitchute.com/channel/cmjMthORo2gT

2. https://www.bitchute.com/video/EpH8y9Q0i0K9

3. https://www.bitchute.com/video/z10CwW1XyGB4

4. https://www.bitchute.com/video/UTA5r7O0AqaT

5. https://www.bitchute.com/video/UwYFmt09bDs6





54b010 No.11391962

File: 1df9e1ff55f78d5⋯.png (238.38 KB, 1220x2184, 305:546, SOUTH AFRIKANER BOER RELIE….png)

a9acc6 No.11394636


b80ee9 No.11397095

Bump. Also reminder that >>>/boers/ exists for further organization to save the Boers.

File: cc1cbf719bdc6d2⋯.jpg (103.49 KB, 974x405, 974:405, attack_vector____organizat….jpg)

File: 5b56f2cb38e5aa4⋯.png (44.47 KB, 1245x833, 1245:833, attack_vectors_2.png)

File: 822d1f453ae1dfb⋯.png (41.72 KB, 912x1094, 456:547, Shillgo (1).png)

4ea1ce No.11297275[Reply]


big thanks to Anon who thought of this

mods really are lazy pieces of shit so lets do this ourselves.

Watch the shill faggots recoil:


attack vectors

-the zionald


-gb 2 reddit

-zog emperor


-chabad lubavitch



-bibi netanyahu

-any meeting with israel politicians which is standard diplomacy

-bump stock ban


-kushner shills

-children are married to jews this somehow implies they control him

-daca (which Don is fucking ending)

-wall not built (which is getting built)

-jerusalem acknowledged (which is causing massive turmoil in the middle east) muslims say they may lose mecca




-amnesty don

-88d chess

-go back to r_thedonald

-you're controlled by jared kushner


-don't vote

-trump has betrayed us

-two parties, doesn't matter who you vote for

-trump is controlled by jews

-over the top calling everyone jews


-alt-right sliding

-trs eceleb shit

-calling everyone trssodomites

-every real movement is CIA/controlled opposition (without any proof)

-character assasination related to former (without any proof)

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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54d612 No.11393395


Shills focus on the attack and the media shit + the kike talking points.

>They don't look further to easily proven data that shows even Mattis lied.

>They don't look into the surrounding events.

E.g. that multiple countries were threatening action/strikes in Syria over the 4th or 5th muh chemical weapons push the kikes had days prior.

Basically kikes nearly got people to start bombing Syria with their cianigger/mossadnigger white helmets propaganda and similar.

Trump says 'fuck your kike CW shilling campaign' and drops a few Tomahawks on the outskirts of an airbase, after giving RU + SY forces heads up.

>muh drumpf airbase

>literally ww3 in syria goy, trust us

>kikes have to begrudgingly thank drumpf for 'swift action'

>swift action which stopped their plans dead in their tracks

He did this the 5th time a month or so later when the CW shit came up again, by dropping the CNN bomb which made the media totally focus on the CNN shit.

Kikes have since completely given up on muh CW shilling against Syria and have mostly been driven out of Syria, both ISISrael mercs and kurdniggers are utterly BTFO.

Trump also let Al-Tanf (muh CIAnigger airbase) get encircled and also did nothing while the Iraq-Syria border opened up, allowing ground resupply from Iran for Hezbollah, the kikes most hated enemy. Syrian war will be over in less than two years at this rate, three years ago I would have been expecting Syria to fall before the Russians got involved.

9dbc35 No.11396582


All Nazi posters on this board are certified Jewish.

8a2be8 No.11397030


>thinks they're not astroturfing jidf shills

>t.rabbi schlomostein

faa56c No.11397730

how is the mutt meme a shill tactic

147d46 No.11397775


dont you know? for the last two years retards and immigrants to /pol/ have had a new saying

>anyone that triggers me is a shill

File: c1515a4f2d5a422⋯.png (551.92 KB, 819x826, 117:118, SCJ.PNG)

316ba4 No.11353412[Reply]


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847df7 No.11395965


Alfred Rosenberg dreaded the reality we live in, where white mothers butcher their young for no reason but to continue living out a life of depravity.

52a77c No.11396275


top keke

7fcb76 No.11396847


But it's still not a bad thing. If we had judges that only upheld the Constitution, anything but one party rule for one Republic government would be illegal. There goes at least half the swamp overnight.

541e40 No.11396868



shes going to die

541e40 No.11396877


> but he almost always sides with poz

lolbergs are just communists in denial

File: 687e88bda3d8930⋯.png (385.61 KB, 1078x1082, 539:541, 20180320_084808.png)

File: 0511aed51fa88d4⋯.jpg (87.15 KB, 879x1024, 879:1024, 0045.jpg)

0e93c1 No.11396662[Reply]

No evidence or even a post info. Was in a post with Topless bald Gun girl from Florida on POL ..

First she is 19 and we all know she is really 22… it's alarming that the Mods can do this… lots of people are getting fake Pizza banned for reporting about Florida FALSE flag and now this…

23 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

849ee9 No.11399781


>fucked the spoiler tag


000000 No.11399793


Do you have any idea how many dead sites there are?

Boards that haven't had a post in years are still up… if you know how to find them.

c76f0b No.11399944


Yea they started doing this a few months ago, they ban you for things like illegal content and dont tell you why on appeal.

73a3ff No.11405188


i posted threads on both half chan and here. 10 replies in (15 minutes) and thread was deleted from half chan. thread didnt even last 5 minutes here. i guess (((banks))) telling their gun store/pawnshop owners that they cant sell bumpstocks, hicap mags, or rifles to 20 year olds is either off topic or too real.

0526e5 No.11405776


Then post the picture so we can send it to all her friends.

File: 3ac03db69adb741⋯.webm (2.77 MB, 640x360, 16:9, yourkidsdefinitelynotwhit….webm)

d721a8 No.11395632[Reply]

Your kid's definitely not white

Half jews aren't white. Pull that up Jamie. Powerful, my kids aren't white either.

116 posts and 21 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

b93f9b No.11397841



Rogan is a kike /thread

000000 No.11398256


This, you shall know them by their fruits.

Kikes hate Jesus to this day because he called them out big time, more than Hitler or Martin Luther. It's why (((they))) have infiltrated most major denominations, including the RCC. Only Orthodox, Syriac, and a few out of the way 'non-denominational' individual churches have escaped their claws.

Your mega church that worships Israel? Yeah, chances are they're supporting it because of subversion.

258a56 No.11398786


not only is this guy a burntout kettlebellboy bald manlet, he is painfully unfunny and unoriginal. I tune in if the guest is good/interesting but i watched a clip earlier today. The clip involved joeeeeeee and his broooooo getting stooooned and watching the scottish pug nazi video. The scottish commie literally says one word and joe pipes up " holy fuck cant even understand the guy. why cant he speak english"

1813bc No.11398892


Looked like sarcasm. You see him sort of scoff when saying it.

af37ea No.11402925


This is why you don't do drugs, kids.

File: eda5ebf7775f56b⋯.jpg (32.86 KB, 900x600, 3:2, 15214966472700.jpg)

File: bf50bb86839217d⋯.jpg (66.26 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 15214966472711.jpg)

File: 3dc0b38e14a3fc2⋯.jpg (247.05 KB, 960x1280, 3:4, 15214966472712.jpg)

aaf4e9 No.11395467[Reply]

(((Savior))) of the (((white race)))

Look at these results in israsel. Kek.

russian is jewish, ewerywhere

93 posts and 65 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

369e62 No.11396505

>thread bumplocked

>autist goes silent and cries again

what a wuss

cc6181 No.11396518



>Syria was nearly lost until Russia came along in 2015. Now ISISrael and kurdniggers are on the ropes and being removed big time.

or Putins job is to keep the conflict going for decades to decrease muzzie numbers and justify the refugee crisis. Expect the next refugee crisis to come out of iran once the war is on their soil.

d0cbc0 No.11396693

File: c212cfd9acd9e7b⋯.jpg (63.25 KB, 900x900, 1:1, 1516074525913.jpg)

Based mods, Ukr*ine loses again

000000 No.11396888

7fed87 No.11404749

Russia has been Jewish for a long time.

File: 6f1fc5b785b864d⋯.png (17.14 KB, 170x321, 170:321, 142px-Haganah_Symbol.svg.png)

5235a6 No.11395732[Reply]

/pol/ Symbolism Thread

Seems we haven't had a good symbolism thread in a while now.

Dump your symbolism OC, raise the karmic energy.

27 posts and 61 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

9a1b11 No.11396446

File: e64bec1ae17d9a2⋯.png (171.37 KB, 3998x3998, 1:1, 8 diamonds patch design.png)

d52073 No.11396575

Wow. Not only did this start with single image posting, it also has the shittiest symbols. I made it my business to collect such things, and here I see nothing but low quality shit I purposefully avoided. Keen eye OP, real keen.

c0e767 No.11396828


>masculine jealousy

c0e767 No.11396835

File: e97ecc4a618ab69⋯.gif (840.71 KB, 640x300, 32:15, goodified.gif)

File: 2a0f09892bc30e8⋯.gif (840.71 KB, 640x300, 32:15, goodified in slow motion.gif)

File: 53bf05b53de9a19⋯.png (412.61 KB, 591x586, 591:586, goldberg.png)


Were you one of the guys crying in the r9k suicide thread?

c0e767 No.11396843


You whine too much.

File: 90ce6cc7eb4ff77⋯.png (777.7 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, 1519380695840.png)

File: bf544501a47e200⋯.jpg (138.65 KB, 1193x864, 1193:864, 1452365680364.jpg)

File: a7a03bffafe38bc⋯.jpg (97.28 KB, 786x767, 786:767, 1520436558072.jpg)

File: 86aa866fef07dfb⋯.png (731.63 KB, 735x1068, 245:356, 1521178590903.png)

File: e7d63dbfffef205⋯.png (458.58 KB, 1080x1554, 180:259, 1521154586724.png)

677bde No.11381072[Reply]

Peter Dutton's white South African farmers resettlement gaining momentum

Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton has caused a diplomatic row with South Africa after declaring white farmers in the country were facing "horrific circumstances" and needed protection from a "civilised country".

Farm violence in South Africa is a racially charged and sensitive political issue, particularly given the Government's push to seize land from farmers without compensation.


South Africa rages at Australia visa plan for ‘persecuted’ white farmers

The foreign ministry demands a retraction

South Africa summoned Australia’s envoy to Pretoria Thursday to explain comments by a Canberra minister who suggested "persecuted" white farmers in the country should be offered fast-tracked humanitarian visas.

Australia’s Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton, who has drawn criticism for cracking down on asylum seekers from Asia and the Middle East, said white farmers could be admitted as refugees.

Dutton made the offer in response to Pretoria’s vow to enact land "expropriation without compensation" to redress land confiscation of the colonial and apartheid era.

According to police, 74 farmers were murdered between 2016 and 2017 in South Africa, which has one of the world’s highest crime rates.


South Africa demands Australian minister retract white farmer comments

Pretoria hauled in CanberPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

56 posts and 17 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

ff5790 No.11395855

File: 20a56cde824a2c5⋯.gif (7.04 MB, 960x540, 16:9, mPMqs4Z.gif)

File: 1438dacdaef5ab3⋯.jpg (33.18 KB, 600x360, 5:3, Wow-That39s-racist-meme-36….jpg)

File: 65efc6dcc120bde⋯.jpg (40.33 KB, 601x500, 601:500, 20604486_1729091427119183_….jpg)




>equating civilization with a global white identity.

>In her book Hair Matters: Beauty, Power and Black Women’s consciousness, Ingrid Banks argues that “for Black women, desirable and undesirable hair is measured against white standards of beauty”. To date, black women lament the ongoing hair bias they face during interviews or in the workplace when they wear their hair in its natural form. Policing and prohibiting black hair is a way of enforcing conformity with white beauty standards. Due in part to these messages and the internalized hatred for their “nappy” hair, black women resort to using harsh chemicals and extreme heat to tame their “unruly” hair.


10115d No.11395887


Don't worry, this violent racist has been imprisoned for the safety of the community

c7cc67 No.11395903


Honestly the only solution is to slaughter their women and castrate their men.

01d86a No.11395912


>Fucking racists these people are a product of Australia their race has nothing to do with their behavior. - The Greens and other nigger lovers.

>You dumb hateful people don't you get it you can't have that dog it is dangerous and could bite someone at any time. - Also the Greens and other nigger lovers.

99180e No.11395959


keep the castrated men around for some reason?

no, kill the men too

and the kids

File: 184e62ebaf6622f⋯.jpg (203.36 KB, 1024x1160, 128:145, 151753923557673188 (5).jpg)

98aa6e No.11358403[Reply]

DOJ proposes banning bump stocks

The DOJ seeks to change the legal "definition of 'machinegun' in the National Firearms Act and Gun Control Act [to include] bump stock type devices," which would effect a ban. That change would also reverse an Obama-era determination of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives that bump stocks do not fit the machine gun definition and thus cannot be prohibited without new legislation from Congress.


Justice Department proposes banning bump stocks

The Trump administration said Saturday it has taken the first step in the regulatory process to ban bump stocks, likely setting the stage for long legal battles with gun manufacturers while the trigger devices remain on the market.

The move was expected after President Donald Trump ordered the Justice Department to work toward a ban following the shooting deaths of 17 people at a Florida high school in February. Bump stocks, which enable guns to fire like automatic weapons, were not used in that attack — they were used in last year's Las Vegas massacre — but have since become a focal point in the gun control debate.

The Justice Department's regulation would classify the hardware as a machine gun banned under federal law. That would reverse a 2010 decision by the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives that found bump stocks did not amount to machine guns and could not be regulated unless Congress amended existing firearms law or passed a new one.

A reversal of the department's earlier evaluation could be seen as an admission that it was legally flawed, which manufacturers could seize on in court. Even as the Trump administration moves toward banning the devices, some ATF officials believe it lacks the authority to do so.

But any congressional effort to create new gun control laws would need support from the pro-gPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

101 posts and 23 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

ec31ed No.11368391


Do you have the paperwork for that deadly silencer, citizen?

ad8686 No.11368686


Muzzle device: Surefire Warcomp (with attached warden)

985f9e No.11381362


>The DOJ seeks to change the legal "definition of 'machinegun' in the National Firearms Act and Gun Control Act [to include] bump stock type devices," which would effect a ban. That change would also reverse an Obama-era determination of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives that bump stocks do not fit the machine gun definition and thus cannot be prohibited without new legislation from Congress.

of course they did. how else can we create more criminals. let's say a closeup pic of an 18 year olds pussy is okay but a closeup pic of a 17 year olds pussy is pornographic

b94a9e No.11381630

File: e8d365505e83b59⋯.png (135.75 KB, 412x387, 412:387, break_legs.png)



672398 No.11395951


>garnish support

Garner, you illiterate fuck.

File: 842f856bfae49df⋯.mp4 (7.04 MB, 720x720, 1:1, 3ScDPpt0-sAh5oVy.mp4)

4bcadd No.11367799[Reply]

Japan is so blue-pilled they made VR goggles which literally blue-pill its users. When they're ready to commit mass-seppuku a computer will decide when and were. Future carbon organisms will be raised to culling age without any costly human contact.

46 posts and 10 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

2abce7 No.11378542

This is fucking amazing! I can watch some shit or play a video game and the thing fucking gives me snacks whenever I need it. I dont have to stop using the keyboard or put down the controller. This is god tier because I now have robots even feeding me popcorn and shit. Idk why they would put some shit girl in it when I can be watching something good while being fed popcorn.

000000 No.11395109


613dd0 No.11395116


Democrats are the real racists!

2abce7 No.11395137


You dont understand, you could have like a Popsicle or a sandwich in that and be fed without dirtying anything. (sandwich might have to have some kinda non sharp toothpick to hold it together lest you poke out an eye.)

212353 No.11395889

File: aaaf12625b3b369⋯.jpg (58.8 KB, 630x654, 105:109, Pedo_bear_trap.jpg)

File: b42a4e7960802eb⋯.jpg (69.5 KB, 960x346, 480:173, 1501618916014.jpg)

File: 18f94d8d4ac5e12⋯.png (286.31 KB, 1474x1062, 737:531, 1501784589030.png)

File: 406fefef5f606d8⋯.jpg (149.34 KB, 598x871, 46:67, 1446842683521.jpg)

File: 722d1d850a60a88⋯.png (96.47 KB, 493x298, 493:298, 1519565557516.png)

File: 21bee8af52875b9⋯.png (128.62 KB, 1425x625, 57:25, 1480961750146.png)

ef1e75 No.11314347[Reply]

500 Icelandic physicians back bill to outlaw circumcision

(JTA) — Hundreds of physicians in Iceland and some of Belgium’s top doctors came out in support of a bill proposing to criminalize nonmedical circumcision of boys in the Scandinavian island nation.

The approximately 500 Icelandic physicians who backed the bill that was submitted last month to the parliament cited the World Medical Association’s Declaration of Helsinki on ethical principles.

“Potential complications should offset the benefits” of male circumcision, “which are few,” the Icelandic physicians wrote in a joint statement published Wednesday.

Advocates of male circumcision include many physicians who believe it reduces the risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases and genital infections.

In Belgium, several prominent physicians, including Guy T’Sjoen of Ghent University Hospital, told the De Morgen daily they also support a ban.

“As a physician, I find it very regrettable that we have thousands of unnecessary circumcisions annually of boys who can’t have their say about it,” he said in an interview published Tuesday.

In Denmark, a petition featured on the parliament’s website proposing to ban nonmedical circumcision of boys has received 20,000 signatures out of the 50,000 needed to come up for a parliamentary vote as draft resolution. As per a new law, the petition, which was posted on Feb. 1, will remain active for 180 days.

Throughout Scandinavia, the nonmedical circumcision of boys under 18 is the subject of a debate on children’s rights and religious freedoms. The children’s ombudsmen of all Nordic countries — Finland, Iceland, Denmark, Sweden and Norway — released a joint declaration in 2013 proposing a ban, though none of these countries has enacted one.

In the debate, circumcision is under attack from right-wing politicians who view it as a foreign import whosePost too long. Click here to view the full text.

94 posts and 42 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

000000 No.11360400


79e650 No.11383460

File: 7e55a14795703e4⋯.png (130.22 KB, 256x256, 1:1, download (36).png)

Circumcision basically nullifies any expectation of morality. If it is moral to cut off your child's genitals than literally anything can be moral. Same with abortion of a healthy non-orc baby.

7399e5 No.11383596

Intact Denmark (take a guess) was called into the american embassy, coz they wanted to know why one would be so anti-semetic. There that golem goes again


000000 No.11395130


87fe27 No.11395716

File: 927b8f6b7d4636f⋯.png (273.67 KB, 760x1292, 10:17, 927b8f6b7d4636f715a728bc24….png)


The right to bodily integrity is a basic human right according to the UN.

File: 5804aa34f143b48⋯.mp4 (2.82 MB, 720x1280, 9:16, trayon.mp4)

11a9d4 No.11390396[Reply]

DC lawmaker and woke ass nigga, Trayon White, criticized by jews for pointing out the rothschilds control the climate in order to rake teh goyim for shekels in facebook video (vid related)


38 posts and 10 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

15a2e4 No.11394461

Kill yourself moshe.

22e27b No.11395697

File: 9f38e02076b54a1⋯.png (382.09 KB, 659x948, 659:948, but they really do god dam….png)

They forced an apology out of him for telling the truth about the kikes. When they should be the ones apologizing for fucking with the weather.

196ef2 No.11395700


You fuck off to reddit

I'm sick of likes like you ignoring irony

196ef2 No.11395704


Well he's not a conservative though

You need to remember that /pol/ in particular is actually quite against Capitalism as well as obviously communism

f1334c No.11395709


the true danger is the (((scheme))) in the first place. if the kikes weren't running the show none of the shit they complain about needing to fix would exist. it's a self-fulling cycle.

File: 09f169990cac061⋯.png (58.16 KB, 576x647, 576:647, The JQ.png)

f54ba5 No.11370114[Reply]

ProfessionalSalesFag here…

Keys to gently “Red Pill” another person on the Jewish Question:

Find some common ground where they’ve already questioned the MSM narrative (JFK, RFK, Oswald, John John, Clintons, Clinton Foundation, Arkancides, BHO/birth certificate, 9/11, Building 7, no video of plane hitting Pentagon, missing 2.3 trillion dollars, Halliburton, rigged primary election, MSM biases, Russian collusion, Fox News, CNN, etc.).

Once common ground discovered, let them tell you everything they have learned about the topic. Even if you disagree, don’t say so.

Once the topic is fully explored, compliment them on their knowledge and then ask if they think if it also ties to [blank] (another topic/event/lie you want to make them curious about).

If they agree, do NOT “dump” on them with information you’ve already learned; ask them to dig into it and agree to speak about it in a week or so.

During the second conversation, let them be the expert and teach you (keep playing dumb). Be sure to praise them for their open-mindedness and encourage them to keep learning.

Ask them to learn about another topic that relates to this one and agree to speak again at a predetermined time. Then, let them teach you again, regardless about how much you already know about the topic.

Ask a LOT of questions; allow them to “sell themselves” on new ideas (people never argue with their own ideas, but they subconsciously “push back” against other people’s ideas).

Always play dumb; let THEM become the expert.

Ask for their help “solving a puzzle”; let them BE the expert.

Understand that the deeper someone is dug into the (((opposing viewpoint))), the farther they will snap into the other direction once they wake up.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
24 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

20c1cd No.11385460


>Red goes - "whoever is funding this shit is guilty! Masters must perish!" Black goes - "cool, did u notice that this is kike funded?" Red goes "this is not the issue we are discussing, you ebil raiciss"

Most of them are a lost cause. They do not want to see even if they could.Time for speeches is almost over.

a1a3e6 No.11385477


You can only save those who want to be saved

Those who don't can only save themselves

1c25ec No.11385507

Don't forget that some women are also redpillable, especially if they have children. I got one by giving her my copy of 1984 to read, then proceeded to ask her questions about it and how she felt. Next I slowly referenced similarities between the book and real life, whilst subtly pointing to (((cohencidences))) and naming (((perpetrators))). The real icing on the cake was after she became more open to the information, I started telling her of all the children that have gone missing during/prior to Passover and all the children that were canonized saints for having been drained of their blood to make matzo bread. I gave her very specific cases and names all of which are easy to find online even through (((Jewgle))) and (((Kikepedia))) Simon of Trent, Andrei Yustshinsky, etc.. That was the last nail in the coffin, as I know she has been warning all her friends about Passover and getting them to talk about it too.


Sometimes you can use maternal instincts to counter kike influences on women by teaching them how much of a threat kikes are to children.

000000 No.11395144


2780a1 No.11395696

ProfessionalSalesFag in OP probably does very well IRL.

Always thought the best way to sell an idea is to get the other person to believe they came up with it on their own.

File: 432b5ca9eb49732⋯.png (323.46 KB, 640x480, 4:3, Tom-Suozzi-640x480.png)

1ae1ba No.11393336[Reply]

>Rep. Tom Suozzi (D-NY) reportedly took time during a Huntington, New York, speech to suggest that people should take up arms against President Trump.

>Roll Call reports the Suozzi talked of putting pressure on Trump, saying, “This is where the Second Amendment comes in, quite frankly. Because you know, what if the president was to ignore the courts? What would you do? What would we do?”

>An audience member responded by asking the essence of the Second Amendment and Suozzi said, “The Second Amendment is the right to bear arms.”

>According to the New York Post, nervousness was evident among attendees. National Republican Campaign Committee spokesman Chris Martin said, “This video is incredibly disturbing. It’s surreal to watch a sitting member of Congress suggest that his constituents should take up arms against the president of the United States.”


>The Suozzi campaign responded to the criticism by rejecting claims that he was suggesting “armed insurrection.” At the same time, they forwarded a statement from Thomas Jefferson, which said, “What country can preserve its liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance. Let them take arms.”

In case you're wondering how hard the (((deep state))) is freaking out right now the answer is a lot.


47 posts and 20 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

f54f1d No.11395637


>Implying lefty faggots would fight a war against armed people

They would probably sucker punch a twelve year old and claim victory before the kids dad beats them to a pulp.

f45469 No.11395665

File: 76bfca5734145e5⋯.png (9.34 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 76bfca5734145e5194d3779359….png)


>bans guns



7e2fa4 No.11395677


>USA militia.

>Constitutionally mandated to "execute laws of the union, supress insurrections, and repel invasions."

>Liberals think they're entitled to Second Amendment rights when they use guns to do the exact opposite.

3d00b5 No.11395681


They don't want *you* to do it. They want a corporate coup.

f54f1d No.11395682


>They want a corporate coup.

I don't think a bunch of rich people in suits are going to storm the white house anytime soon.

File: 1e4122d284bcce9⋯.png (39.26 KB, 1748x2480, 437:620, 1516615417536.png)

File: c382517eadb318a⋯.jpg (118.72 KB, 639x782, 639:782, c382517eadb318af05d08ffff2….jpg)

44a2ce No.11386133[Reply]


<<This is the product of a couple hours of brainstorming for new FLIER CAMPAIGNS. These are in no particular order. Not all of them are Top Tier, not all of them will be applicable to everyone, in every situation, at every time. But the range of Topics & Angles covered here can provide our base with just the right talking point, for the right place, at the right time.


Allah / mohomo'd the pedo goatfucker Is Gay.

It's OK To Be White.

My Borders - My Choice

Who Owned The Slave Ships?

Kate Steinle Had Dreams, Too.

Multiculturalism Signs.

Sharia Zone Signs.


Merkel Wants You To Resist No-Go Zones.

Gulags to the left of us, Showers to the right of us.

Safety/Security Is A Minor Cost For Multiculturalism.

Liberty Traded For Diversity Is A Bad Deal.

The World Does Not Care About You.

Diversity Is Division. / Diversity Divides Us.

Pathological Altruism is not a Virtue.

Prophet mohomo'd the pedo goatfucker Want You To Lower The Age of Consent.

Jesus died for your Soul, mohomo'd the pedo goatfuckerans kill for their Soul. / mohomo'd the pedo goatfuckerans kill you for their's.

Contaminated Cooters Don't Get CunnilinguPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

41 posts and 22 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

bf27dd No.11395486

File: 43955cf8e5c4d64⋯.png (1.2 MB, 912x1118, 456:559, JaJ.png)

8d3a76 No.11395494


>Jews are Jews

And I think we can all agree…*that's fucking hate speech!*

25e174 No.11395503


And it's been used as a symbol for Algiz for thousands, recent slav fascination with levantine sand cults notwithstanding.

b0e78f No.11395508


Unfortunately not. I was across the street in our STEM building for my finals.

I have passed through the building every day this quarter bar today. A little sad I didn't get to see them, but I try to spend as little time as possible in the art / soft sciences side of the school.

I tried doing a little bit of searching for any references of it online.

0fa842 No.11395633


Anything that gets the 14 words in front of normie eyeballs is good. The average normalfag does not know the 14 words, or what they are. And while they may hear rumors about it being some kind of evil racist thing, actually seeing that they are just as innocuous as "we have a right to keep existing" is effective.

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