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Proudly judenfrei since 1933 & voted "best summer camp counselors" of judenrein '39

File: 7bad798109495ae⋯.png (212.69 KB, 819x835, 819:835, 1521301477215.png)

File: d5ed2b31b6efbeb⋯.mp4 (8.41 MB, 480x360, 4:3, Geo Protest Rally - Youtub….mp4)

2c78b8 No.11386381[Reply]

On March 24th a wave of walkouts will occur alongside demands to (((end school violence))). An anon came up with a clever idea to disrupt these gatherings by reading a book over the people gathering there.


Basically just find a random book, it's important that the book itself isn't inflammatory as the fact of you READING OVER the people marching is what's supposed to disrupt them. Any bad behavior on their part is thus towards the mere reading of a book.

It's hilarious and a great chance for some old-school trolling and morale-destruction on the left.

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8b1351 No.11404242

File: 2a65bd1cf25d0ea⋯.jpg (115.04 KB, 1200x889, 1200:889, Occupy Wall Street.jpg)

So stupid. As soon as the guns are removed, the jews start another Great Depression, blame China, and start another World War.

Best thing to do is let schools that enroll Cruz types to get a Darwin award.

8ceebe No.11404248


not even kidding if you walk into one of these crowds open carrying, one of them will think you're about to kill them all and grab your gun.

01c01b No.11404261


>walk into crowd with bud

>be open carrying

>get footage of liberals literally gun grabbing

>beat the shit out of him for trying to steal your gun and potentially kill people

If cops weren't so clicked there would be no downsides

1a2e38 No.11404281


Open carry a plastic imitation gun. It's not like they'll be able to tell the difference (with a CC sidearm if allowed)

6f9871 No.11404324


>gun grabbers grab gun

>stand muh ground with great prejudice



File: 8f266979c4ec037⋯.png (23.24 KB, 782x116, 391:58, e.png)

2709ab No.11280990[Reply]


Liddle' Bob Corker

Liddle' Adam Schiff

Apostrophe after Liddle

Mayo Clinic…. Shriners… Hmmmm.

Tina Allen's Touch based therapy

PDF alert - https://www.amtamassage.org/uploads/cms/documents/allen_t_autism_handout_150.pdf

Liddle' Bob Corker

Liddle' Adam Schiff

Apostrophe after Liddle

It gets worse - did you click on the teacher directory?

"The Liddle Kidz Foundation Teacher and Therapist Directory is currently being completely redesigned in order to serve our Internationally Certified Infant Massage Teachers (CIMT) as well as our Internationally Certified Pediatric Massage Therapists (CPMT) better.

Note to Parents: Finding the right infant massage teacher is an investment in your child’s future, so you want to make sure you do enough research to make an informed decision."

Seriously WTF is infant massage??? These people are sick.


700 posts and 458 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

67e84b No.11397819

File: 211ea3e0b61cbd5⋯.png (502.35 KB, 886x782, 443:391, 1.png)

File: 5eb77c53f6117f0⋯.png (347.14 KB, 698x826, 349:413, 2.png)

File: b61c2c76ad391d5⋯.png (766.9 KB, 590x875, 118:175, 3.png)

File: f43bb565464b18e⋯.png (444.73 KB, 884x889, 884:889, 4.png)

File: 7c6f42245d530be⋯.png (963.11 KB, 1249x1955, 1249:1955, 5.png)



She is not that much older than Tina (b: 2/14/1975).

Been a while. Let's dig on Ms. Emily Ann Smith and Melanie Marquis.

>Witchy Mama: Magickal Traditions, Motherly Insights & Sacred Knowledge

>https:// www.amazon .com/Mela nie-Marquis/e/B004NA0T8G

bac6a1 No.11398939

File: 705af3a6f359c63⋯.jpg (320.41 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, shawnee isaac-smith and ca….jpg)

Looking into the Liddle Kidz Foundation's registered trademarks, and found they hold three. Since they were able to own CIMT (certified infant massage teacher) and CPMT (certified pediatric massage therapist), those are titles which essentially Tina gave to herself.



Another Hills brothers band


Tina was still managing Stereo 360 as of November 2004

>"There's only one way to become a real Rock n Roll band, and that's to tour and play in front of an audience", said Tina Allen, the bands manager, Peep Show Artists Group.


>Pepsi Company's AMP Energy Drink is sponsoring the fifty-date tour which will hit major markets such as Salt Lake City, Denver, Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago and Vancouver, Canada.


Shawnee in Cambodia pic related



>Moon's hooktube videos

In "Old hood" Shane doxes himself and provides another address. 11118 Moorpark St., North Hollywood, CA He's an awful percussionist too.

6611af No.11398965


holy shit i remember seeing that cunt's face whenever a page 404'd like 10 years ago

67e69d No.11404184

File: 7f97ebd3386c4a4⋯.png (275.63 KB, 393x389, 393:389, what.png)



Hey. I think anon is talking about the ones at 1:45

67e69d No.11404221

File: d2283d12dfbfed5⋯.png (469 KB, 600x645, 40:43, 1520876078973.png)


As far as I remember WikiLeaks stated that those are the codes for pedos to communicate.

File: 4ece9b471ac1dde⋯.png (52.23 KB, 960x644, 240:161, lkpokp.png)

dfb60c No.11404045[Reply]

Tried to learn about the history of German flags today and this is what google offers me


its still up btw


11 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

3cfcef No.11404144


>It's further down in Wikipedia, its the official flag of the Afghanistan troops of the Bundeswehr.

Well I'm a faggot, nevermind then

d7c1bb No.11404210

File: 6ff5f589b3b4744⋯.png (100.33 KB, 480x480, 1:1, German_Confederation.svg.png)


Even without the haji writing it'd still not be the true German flag.

3d6f65 No.11404307


>not activating your almond and knowing which website to go to inherently

cee595 No.11404450

File: 0d0f22e036054dd⋯.jpg (111.25 KB, 385x360, 77:72, SWG Wehend.jpg)


>"holy" "roman" "empire"

miss me with that gaye shit

Black White Gold is truelly woke

49d51c No.11404456


Unironically this.

Fix your fucking flag Germany.

File: 7e028580249d0bb⋯.jpeg (55.78 KB, 480x271, 480:271, AB9534E0-20BB-4AB1-946B-C….jpeg)

e64620 No.11389703[Reply]


If Marvel or Disney sues them it’d be terrible - Wakanda is a part of African folklore and is thus the rightful property of all black people, as is Black Panther. Disney is still being a bunch of racist slave-trading Jews by not donating 1/2 the Black Panther profits to the black community.

Blacks. Own. Black. Panther. Period.

44 posts and 10 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

564a7f No.11400742


Marvel fans could at least wash their fucking hair once a month

707e19 No.11403197

Marvel’s (and now Disney’s) problem is that blacks won’t get hooked on the idiotic plastic Chinese toys and toilet paper stock comix like stupid Amalekite goyim were before they diversified and ruined the comic book industry.

So you have a billion dollar movie, the idea is to make money off merch but LaShawnda’s not buying it for her little DaAntonio, she needs nails and hurr so she look good in the club and that’s all the cash until the card gets reloaded on the first of the month.

Fucking dumb kikes killed the goose that laid the golden eggs.

63f843 No.11403400


Here's a series of articles about it.


A lot of good information in there.

000000 No.11403974


The same behavior was catalogued in the classic German book, The Poisonous Mushroom, which educated German children on the many Jewish tricks of the time. Little has changed since then.

f4af1e No.11410645


Read it again. It looks like the artist didn't make him game, but that the commentators are calling the artist gay.

File: b21ef24dda5b2fc⋯.jpg (235.24 KB, 966x1332, 161:222, 198.jpg)

File: a7372ec3c6f4899⋯.jpeg (148.89 KB, 1500x1500, 1:1, thumb.jpeg)

File: 16acf52ae6c429e⋯.jpg (53.15 KB, 640x640, 1:1, lz17953 (1).jpg)

File: e9ce4dc059e8aca⋯.jpg (76.42 KB, 630x547, 630:547, lazio.jpg)

afc5bd No.11362292[Reply]

In the U.S. we're allowed to wear soccer/football jerseys and clothing. It's common. My friends and I go to a cucked school, so we started to wear low-key sportsball clothes from fascist teams.

>Started as six of us wearing Lazio, Real Madrid (no logo) clothes, from jackets to jerseys and hoodies

>Friend got a Real Madrid jersey with custom name "Franco"


>Other got a Chile jersey with "Ugarte" (Pinochet) as a custom name


>Faggot teachers ask us if we play soccer

>No fucking clue

>More friends buying Lazio gear because it's a right wing team

>They have no idea where tf Lazio even plays

>Now there's about 15 of us wearing fascist soccer clothes

The teachers really think we all play soccer.

110 posts and 77 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

3ba35c No.11403794


Pinochet didn't save anyone from anything. He simply brought a different flavor of semitism to Chile.

Even today, the memes are just another form of subversion to rehabilitate libertarianism, and create a kosher alternative to Hitler.

1cf284 No.11403837


National Socialism is a derivative or Fascism, retard

1cf284 No.11403854


>hurr I post le ebin pinochet memes and have never read Mosley, Hitler or Giovanni Gentile! I'm soo edgy, kikes btfo

t. OP

708695 No.11403939


>Tribalism means acting like niggers in the jungle

I wish I was this dumb, life would be so much easier.

b8fd3a No.11406327


>you just don't like this kike/shabbos goy/philosemite/zionist because they don't hate jews enough!

Why is it always the same straw man from you aut-kike faggots? Did Mike Enoch use it on his LARPcast or something?

File: 1f325ca2c4565e6⋯.png (241.13 KB, 439x272, 439:272, pl-hu.png)

24936d No.11365547[Reply]



>Hungary and Poland have come to each other's defense on and off since the Middle Ages. And they are doing so now as the European Union increases pressure on the two countries to tamp down what (((Brussels))) views as their attacks on democracy.

>The power of their alliance was evident during a meeting Thursday in (((Brussels))) between European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker and Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki. The two were trying to resolve concerns the EU has about the independence of Poland's courts after the government dramatically increased its control of the judiciary. That action led the (((European Commission))) last December to trigger an unprecedented Article 7 proceeding against Warsaw. Nicknamed the "nuclear option," it could ultimately lead to Poland losing (((EU))) voting rights if it fails to comply with (((EU))) demands by March 20.

>The power of their alliance was evident during a meeting Thursday in (((Brussels))) between European Commission President (((Jean-Claude Juncker))) and Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki. The two were trying to resolve concerns the EU has about the independence of Poland's courts after the government dramatically increased its control of the judiciary. That action led the European Commission last December to trigger an unprecedented Article 7 proceeding against Warsaw. Nicknamed the "nuclear option," it could ultimately lead to Poland losing (((EU))) voting rights if it fails to comply with (((EU))) demands by March 20.

>It started on Jan. 3 when the then newly appointed Morawiecki chose Budapest for his first international visit as Poland's prime minister. He had been expected to first go to Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

81 posts and 28 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

d24771 No.11402306


>To prevent that France and Germany would have to dissolve the EU

Don't be butthurt, this is a good strategem.

200431 No.11402525

Has there been any updates regarding Italy?

d73404 No.11403534


Chinks even appear in Poland.

They literally drop shitload of 'student' on Uni.

c684b4 No.11403654

File: f6d9ede94e522af⋯.jpg (154.25 KB, 790x1120, 79:112, WpvUV20.jpg)

ed25bc No.11403764


No nukes. Just a target for BASED countries.

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

87b471 No.11401362[Reply]

>Jordan Peterson does in of whatever you may have thought that Adolf Hitler harbored even a shred of good intentions. This excerpt is part of his comprehensive psychology lecture “2017 Maps of Meaning 11: The Flood and the Tower” at the University of Toronto.

<checkmate /pol/lacks

228 posts and 92 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

339d3d No.11404721

File: b6e36078db1da5d⋯.png (374.82 KB, 553x554, 553:554, b6e36078db1da5d910e6e37ff8….png)

Peterson is on our side regardless of what he thinks. Everyone fighting for the betterment of society is automatically supportive of National Socialism, because the end goal of National Socialism is national and social success.

Also Hitler is not for everyone and that is a good thing.

And remember Israel has its own internet propaganda army.

052673 No.11405217

File: 39e8fc19dde7521⋯.jpg (685.78 KB, 2448x3264, 3:4, 1465455568946-1.jpg)


>playing semantic games

Hi rabbi.

85cb19 No.11405531


>tfw Hitler and Goebbels were tiny little manlets

How the fuck am I supposed to look up to a manlet?

21c957 No.11407943

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.





5c18f6 No.11410827


Why don't you take your discord nigger narrative and fuck off back to reddit you alt kike jew lover.

File: 688abdd272e61a5⋯.jpg (15.55 KB, 314x450, 157:225, Leader Who Likes His Race.jpg)

d73bd7 No.11403500[Reply]

Did not see a CIA spin thread yet. I doubt China gives a shit.

> President Donald Trump targets China with up to $60 billion in Chinese imports.

> The Trump administration says China's trade practices involve stealing American companies' intellectual property.

> China recently argued that it should not be punished if it doesn't want to buy what the U.S. is selling.

25 posts and 5 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

651574 No.11403741




Found the butthurt chink

e98c73 No.11403742



>siding with the bugs, stinkbeards, and kikes

jew can't be serious

440f8c No.11404191


you mean /csg/fag from cuckchan /g/

81a0fe No.11404863


I think he is preparing the ground for muh shill against criticism of the monetary system

d2c600 No.11409515


>self rule

They have been pushing production to Vietnam and even shitholes like India out of China for years. No jobs will be brought back to America even when some companies claim it now only to backtrack or completely forget about it later.

These sanctions have obviously never been about intellectual property or protecting America. Thats just some retarded pretext for the stupid masses. Israel has been causing trillions of damages to American business over the year and no one bats a nose. Trump is just another puppet and Trumpcucks nothing more than useful idiots.

China has just become bad goys. Reiterating their recognition of a Palestinian state. Foiling Syrias destruction together with Russia at the UN. Trying to drain "Israels" American technology until Israel had to shut down Chinese buyouts. Stealing Israels "American stuff but without the restrictions" drone market under their big nose. Ultimately just too big too control. Nothing else.

File: 9688629a9a99548⋯.png (485.87 KB, 623x959, 89:137, BRITBONGISTAN NO.png)

File: b146776ac2bb4ac⋯.jpg (102.5 KB, 960x720, 4:3, buf lulz.jpg)

File: 6dc9baf398d916a⋯.jpg (624.52 KB, 1494x1672, 747:836, molech child holocaust.jpg)

242b5c No.11356283[Reply]

pro-abortionists trolled by fascist BUF logo

Some crafty Irishman handed out signs with the British Union of Fascist logo on at pro-babykiller rally and kvetching has ensued.

This is a top-tier troll and precisely the things that anons with agency should be orchestrating. Hats off.

Twitter sauce:


Pro-babykillers to troll


Friendly reminder: killing babies is a decidedly semitic practice and religious groups of the Canaan have engaged in this disgusting and barbaric practice for millennia and still do, to this day.

82 posts and 15 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

d594d3 No.11400630


Jog on, Goon.

3982e3 No.11400715


I'm as pro baby-murder as they come, but holy shit, that guy is literally the poster child of "soylent diet".

2e52de No.11400746

File: a34977437cd4e71⋯.png (467.5 KB, 610x562, 305:281, 1434331725166.png)


Its going to be pretty funny walking my grandkids If I survive the habbening through a museum of our victory and seeing every second relic plastered with anime girls.

661bc2 No.11403564



Wow, that's pretty HAWT.

Mmm… innocent, aryan, Christian Thighs…

7dac6b No.11405616


Was the grateful dead logo coincidence?

File: 7efd83bd458ec04⋯.jpg (29.12 KB, 408x240, 17:10, swastika_in_forest.jpg)

765a88 No.11301337[Reply]

Who else here is Fascist/NatSoc and cares massively for the environment?

I'm sick of seeing cuckservatives and neoconservatives say that they love their country, but have no problem destroying natural habitats, entire ecosystems and the countryside to get a quick profit.

It's sad that a lot of people think that the only movements who care about the environment are quasi Communist 'green' parties who favour mass immigration.

Anyone who truly cares for the environment will have to face the reality sooner or later that whites tend to generally be the only race who care for nature.

One of my biggest redpills related to race and the environment was finding out that 90% of all water pollution in the entire world comes from just FIVE rivers. Every one of them is from shithole non-white countries. Every 'green' movement and push in the West is in vain, because these third world countries simply don't give a fuck.

It's going to be very hard to build a good future for our descendents, even if we had a 100% white Europe and USA, because the environmental effects of huge third world birthrate and absolute disregard for the environment will wreck the world ecosystem.

337 posts and 119 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

88efd0 No.11401308


the solution is very simple and very effective:

deport all non Whites from White countries

prevent the entry of all non-Whites into White countries.

also, no more international gibs (aka foreign aid)

this would completely prevent the vast majority of urban decay

(and solve many other problems)

also deport all jews (who are not White regardless)



natsoc Germany created extensive environmental protection standards.

in contrast, the jewish/marxist ussr destroyed everything they touched. raw industrial sewage into lake baikal and all that.


the megacorps make things hard to work on and/or fix on purpose.

they don't want people to be able to do anything themselves.

they want us all to be consumerist zogbot wageslave drones.

yet another facet of clown world

80c878 No.11402119

File: 5711a13dfb33e99⋯.jpg (81.33 KB, 800x600, 4:3, CJ5-oxQXAAAomQ3.jpg)


This is Lake Karachay. It is located in the southern Ural mountains. I am sure everyone would agree that this place is truly beautiful. Tall, lush and green trees and clear, blue water, next to snow capped mountains. Lake Karachay is just one example of nature's beauty.

It is the most polluted place on Earth.

Karachay was used as a radioactive waste dump by the Soviets for a whole decade. The sediment on the bottom of the lake is composed entirely of radioactive waste to a depth of 3.4 meters. The levels of radiation on the surface of the lake are 52 times the radiation at Chernobyl. Just spending an hour in the proximity of this lake will kill you instantly. These days, the lake is being infilled with blocks of concrete to keep the contamination contained.

a91dd2 No.11402285

f70749 No.11402814

File: eb27e6a9b213f5b⋯.jpg (595.97 KB, 1988x2236, 497:559, Alpha_Linkola.jpg)


I do.

I hope you realize how the current environmental and political situation has a silver lining and it gives a massive potential for coming of a new, credible environmentalist movement.

As probably been mentioned by dozens of others at this point, the modern environmentalist scene is largely dominated by left-liberal, humanist values, you know, "environment matters but human rights come first" types. However, they too are totally cucked by capitalist system. They are totally incapable of offering any actual solutions for the environmental issues we are and will be facing. What the current mainstream "green capitalism" can offer people is cosmetic feel-good policies, virtue signalling trends and empty hope for some.miracle innovstion that will somehow take our problems away. Capitalism in itself is realistically incapable of solving the situation, as its based on the idea of constant economic growth and consumerism, therefore only capable of effectively dealing with environmental issues only if sheep-like consumers would stsrt rioting about it (and even in that case, they would simply offer cosmetic solutions).

If the left ever had any credibility in environmentalism, they're losing it fast. They control the image, but they have no substance for it. They're fake, they care more our ridiculously high living standard and negroes than the environment. Anyone with sincere care for environment can see that the current system is not sustainable and our planet cannot be saved through humanistic means.

…At the same time, virtue signalling for environment is at its all time high now, largely because of that Green Capitalism. Everyone wants to appear to be the most environmental or down to Earth.

Now, combine these two ideas, that the left has ultimately failed at bringing any credible solutions and that envieonmentalism in the mainstream: this gives a massive opportunity for a counter movement. By simply calling out the leftists' cowardice in dealing with environmentsl issues, we can attract tons of useless virtue sognalling hipPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

c4026e No.11403482

File: 7c0d63ec22ca8e9⋯.webm (4.5 MB, 512x288, 16:9, sinead_hates_tradition_an….webm)


>dairy is good for you

File: 096e1a344023079⋯.png (19.02 KB, 887x213, 887:213, Capture.PNG)

1f8aeb No.11399737[Reply]


Newfag here. Thought I'd let you in on a strategy I think has potential.

I have a few leftist puppet accounts pushing for leftists on twitter to support a 1% tax on white males. The argument is made that ties all of the left's issues which are credible to normies to white privilege.

The purpose is to redirect their efforts from banning assault rifles, background checks, health insurance system improvements, or even poverty relief all to white privilege. Intersectionality - the totem pole of oppression whereby being a weak deviant is a currency - is their weakness. It fractures the left and alienates white liberals.

The notion of a race-specific tax is abhorrent to white normies - even leftist ones - and they will not tolerate it. Highlighting the condition of Detroit schools, etc and the potential revenues from such a tax is too appealing to the more stupid elements of the left. They will not condemn such a tax publicly when it is pressed (unless they are backed into a wall), so it allows their more radical elements to make them disgusting to normies.

There's the undercurrent of the notion of reparations, and the NYT recently published an article arguing that even blacks born into rich families end up worse than whites born into the same families. This is an opportunity.

Make the left commit itself against whites. Ultimately that is what their war is against - they just convince the normies otherwise.

32 posts and 8 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

0ffb65 No.11402148


What about the Jewish women then?

6a005c No.11402901



Just because something invokes jewish mythology doesn't mean it's inherently bad, sometimes it's a good fable for us. I'm not good enough on my bible literature and I searched out the mythology behind the name.



The idea is sound, the tax rate is retarded. It needs to be intolerable, not a meh who cares 1% tax.

fd9d53 No.11402956

Sounds good

6c5074 No.11403337

This is a good plan, and a lot of us do this anyway.

White privilege is the feminist moby dick, and it will be their undoing. White privilege is the first crack in the feminist wall for the career womyn when they start advancing in corporate America. It undoes their since of accomplishment, and forces their hamster wheel brains to start rationalizing their accomplishments. Women will always abandon a belief if it makes them feel guilty of anything.

2f4d5d No.11403381


>White privilege is the first crack in the feminist wall for the career womyn when they start advancing in corporate America. It undoes their since of accomplishment, and forces their hamster wheel brains to start rationalizing their accomplishments. Women will always abandon a belief if it makes them feel guilty of anything.

Check out the current situation in Australia:


"AUSTRALIAN nurses are pushing back against a change that requires them to “acknowledge white privilege” before treating patients."

“To think that it will help a person with indigenous blood if nurses would acknowledge their ‘white privilege’,” one woman wrote. “This is basically labelling of victims and oppressors by race. How embarrassing for Australia.”

File: 7931843ef77652c⋯.jpg (90.13 KB, 768x530, 384:265, white rhino2.jpg)

545d5e No.11398739[Reply]

Feminists must be very proud! The last white male is dead!

105 posts and 43 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

4e4f63 No.11402283

57f06e No.11402942


Pro tip: anytime some retard gives you shit over stuff like this remind them that hunting allowed in natural parks is to literally cull the number of predators when the number of prey decreases. Hunting in these areas must be paid for which helps sustain the population and which helps pay for the sanctuary to keep them safe from the local communities that seek to kill these endangered species.


>how can normies not see this?

"Nature documentaries? Bro thats old people shit, have you seen Black Panther yet? Fucking whites like me destroyed a truly (fictional) great civilization brah. Anyways did you see that john oliver show where he mentions how white hunters are killing all the animals in africa? Another thing we're doing wrong. We need to make ammends for this shit and bring in all the africans to europe so they can live in the Wakanda we destroyed, its only fair. If you're not ok with it then you must be some sort of racist and I dont talk to racists (dont need to change my mind when im virtuous after all)"

Thats why they don't see it. When you do point it out "yeah man but there are idiots everywhere, not just in 75IQ literally mentally retarded Africa"

820d53 No.11403097


Watched a show on this rhino, they have samples from both this rhino and maybe a different subspecies I think. Artificial insemination of rhino's is hard because no ones ever done it so extensive research has is being done on members of a different subspecies to nail the procedure.

4e28b7 No.11403103

Couldn't they have saved all these species by simply removing the tusks from them all without killing any of them? Also by turning them into livestock instead of wild animals, as you know, when we breed livestock we tend to end up multiplying our livestock species into the billions.

c8adfb No.11403280

1) is she posing for the likes? Cunt.

2) they say it is man's fault that the universe changes and this creature died. Everyone pushes the story that way. What is the truth?

3) is he the last of all rhinos? This is terrible anyways.. I have rhinos at the zoo in the past..

I am sad anyway, sleep tight jubgle pupper..

File: e4c67fc3d58e96d⋯.jpg (78.48 KB, 750x1176, 125:196, trayon_target.jpg)

0a2a72 No.11396086[Reply]

DC Councilmember Trayon White shoots handgun at target of white man.

He posted a video of himself shooting and telling the target that it is time to "meet god."

This is his twitter: https://twitter.com/trayonwhite

His Instagram is now marked "private."

The same DC politician espouses anti-Semitic conspiracy theories about the Rothchilds control the weather, the Word Bank and the DC Community College.


27 posts and 13 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

4cb0e6 No.11400965

File: b6ac646b59fee8b⋯.jpg (76.18 KB, 680x1272, 85:159, 0ad.jpg)


Give him this one

41e836 No.11401301


I'm guessing these are stock images for targets, like the "shoot the terrorist, not the civilians" courses. The company that makes them probably has some sand niggers and regular jungle bunnies as targets a well.

41e836 No.11401304


Can someone translate the ebonics on the bottom? Somehow I'm not surprised that a pavement ape like this got elected as a councilman in D.C. Those council meetings must sound like the Amazon jungle…

9d4094 No.11403174


Make sure to tell the blacks you meet about Dr. Farrakhan’s well researched book detailing that it was almost entirely Jews who engaged in the slave tase.

8fe49d No.11403405


You lost, torpederast?

File: af04a86f012c6cc⋯.jpg (39.82 KB, 900x900, 1:1, DEHUMANIZE YOURSELF.jpg)

b2a49a No.11402651[Reply]

In order to prevent White Genocide ironically we have to exterminate at least one third of the White race. If push came to shove and the race war started what approach do anons think should be followed in the aftermarth? Lenient reeducation and rehabilitation of the majority of race treasonous cucks and cunts or precautionary and exemplary full blown purge? Personally I lean towards the later but I don't think I'd have the nerve to shoot a crying begging White person in the back of the skull as they deserve even if I'd have been through a lot of shit during the War.

5 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

34dd11 No.11402827

Did you just figure this out?

This filth has always hidden within the white race, and also the NE Asians if you've seen their birthrates. These people lived off the cultural largesse of our traditional societies, Christianity for example forced these faggots to marry, be productive, breed and keep their retarded thoughts to themselves lest they be shunned for their disgusting sins. And back then the environment gave them no choice but to behavior in an adaptive manner or die. When they "freed" themselves from that social control the social standards of each generation declined since they were no longer being enforced by an outside social structure or the environment. And now it has come to this. Libtards and shitskins in America have divorce rates of 70% while white "conservatives"(defined in surveys are registered republicans) have divorce rates of 4-8% which is still way too high. Libtards have birthrates below 1 while conservatives have 3 or so kids. Libtards live in their dirty cities with their dogs and cats while conservatives live largely as their ancestors did in rural areas and very small cities. White males produce 74% of the GDP and account for 92% of those employed in manufacturing or resource extraction. White males do all the dangerous and hard work. This is what happens when fear of punishment and strife are not utilized as proper agents of social control. This is the inevitable result of allowing weak willed men, kikes, and cunts to decide the destiny of mankind.

We've seen bullshit like the libtards before, the Cathars were excepting of homosexuality, vice of all sorts, and even murder. They encouraged people not to breed, and thought that because the world was filthy and fallen nobody should have children and that no authority should control them because it was temporal, except for the Cathar Elect of course. Sound familiar? How many times has a libtard bitched to you about overpopulation and how you are selfish for bringing children into a world were they suffer, you are selfish for not adopting a little nignog because muh overpopulation, you are selfish for doing anything biologically adaptive and placing your family before shitskins you've never met. And when you point out that we could just stop feeding the shitskins and billions would die off in the first ten years they have no material rPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

34dd11 No.11402855


I'll say that slaughtering them or at least letting them slaughter themselves would be the best option and a viable one. Liberals aren’t breeding anymore and temperament and predilections to certain political positions are very much inheritable, the 2010 US survey and Europoll 2011 both found that 93%+ of individuals had the same political and religious affiliation as their parents once they were older than 25. Indicating some form of heritable trait is being passed on.

You can see it in the birthrates by political affiliation and race within in the USA. White Democrats: 0.9, Jews: 0.8, blacks: 1.4, and spics: 1.6. White republicans are between 2.6 and 2.9 depending on whose numbers you use, with the highest being recorded in the General Social Survey which also has the largest sample set.

If the 2014 white conservative birthrates and those of the other demographic groups remained constant without additional input via immigration by 2050 only 20% of individuals in the US will be descended from habitual Democrat voters or self described liberals and only 7% will be black.

That is what the demoshits have feared for so long, that is why they want to import shitskins so desperately.


I will draw flak from the natsocs around here and say that breeding a race of cruel, brutal, skull-fuckers who have zero empathy is actually a good idea. It's not so much a communalism vs individualism issue. You see the "rightist" rural whites are extremely tied to their extended families and to those they have loyalty toward such as faithful employers. Its more that those we currently define as libshits are willing to bow to any authority and get off on socially signalling to others that they have orthodox opinions. While their opposite numbers care almost nothing for what those they don't personally know think of them and are more about fealty toward individuals and ideals they perceive to be good for them. The former obeys power that latter offers loyalty in exchange for the assistance of power. What is beingPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

f1a55d No.11402952


It's fine to just kill all kikes, seriously.

Whites, even the super ruined ones, don't think in the dimensions of ruin and perversion kikes do.

At least not through generations upon generations.

4517b8 No.11403177

File: ed7ac69400dc58c⋯.png (1021.11 KB, 1920x1200, 8:5, Timothy Murdock 1.png)

File: 8908a1e7b06b3dc⋯.png (1.39 MB, 1920x1200, 8:5, Timothy Murdock Black Girl….png)

White Genocide?

Nobody knows more about it than me.

4517b8 No.11403222



U.S. military provocateur. Too obvious.

Go ahead and post your Pastebin recipe for VX nerve gas like you always do.

File: aea27de15440ccb⋯.jpg (181.63 KB, 900x506, 450:253, muhcoins.jpg)

cdeefe No.11399051[Reply]

Bitcoin's blockchain contains child abuse images, meaning the cryptocurrency's possession could be 'illegal'

>German researchers have analysed more than 1,600 files in the technology required to access the cryptocurrency and found 99 per cent are texts and images, including some illicit pornography and other outlawed content.

>The blockchain is the underlying technology that makes cryptocurrencies possible. It is essentially a public ledger of all the transactions ever made in the currency and keeps a record of which user owns what and stops the coins from being copied. This is locked and cannot be changed.

"[For example], the depiction of nudity of a young woman or hundreds of links to child pornography," the RWTH Aachen University and Goethe University researchers said. Because the blockchain underpins the cryptocurrency, bitcoin users must maintain a complete local copy of the complete blockchain. This "non-financial data", too, cannot be changed.

>"As a result, it could become illegal [or even already is today] to possess the blockchain, which is required to participate in bitcoin," the researchers' paper notes.

"Although court rulings do not yet exist, legislative texts from countries such as Germany, the UK, or the USA suggest that illegal content such as child pornography can make the blockchain illegal to possess for all users."


>Interpol warned in 2015 that the blockchain could be embedded with malware or other illegal data, including child abuse images.

Obviously this is the action of central bankers putting a stop to this currency. The silver lining is that we can mine reddit for some serious salt in the coming days. Sell your coins ASAP if you fell for that meme too.


https://www.rt.com/news/421863-child-abuse-blockchaPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

206 posts and 43 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

a324f8 No.11402314




Here's an example of what can be done, regarding making a 100% safe web experience:

All webpages are merely text, enforced, with a proved checker.

The only multimedia supported shall be PNG.

No support shall be provided for other encodings of any kind at all.

So you would wind up with a webpage that is literally just text (ASCII), and images will all be just the full URL, and the user can decide if images load or not. If any fancy formatting is necessary, just put it in a PNG (the need for fancy formatting client-side goes back to the days when modems were in use, which made the inclusion of any but the smallest images problematic (pages would load slowly)).

Links will just be full URL. No funny business at all. And there's no need for any "formatting". It's useless crap.

This page would display just fine. There would be no auto-loads, no background images, and no hovering toolbar.

The only sort of sites these restrictions would break are sites like map sites, and video sites. There's no way for map websites to be private (since it's completely obvious what you're looking at), and video sites are stupid, because browsers aren't good video display software anyway. A video format needs to be selected, for a standalone player, that supports different frame rates, but doesn't allow advanced compression, because such is basically a trojan horse sort of thing, turing complete nonsense.

Consider the sites you visit. When do you need anything more than ascii + automatic image loading + hyperlinks?

5550ef No.11402332



I started getting in to PC gaming last year, many years after attaining the wroth of the awoken saxon. Ditching my cat-lady gf allowed me the time and income to do this. I'm active in several competitive communities, forming bonds and spreading hatred of jews where ever I go. There's something to be said for cutting vidya out of your life, granted. I see now how there's an instinctual need for glorious self-sacrifice that is superficially fulfilled by gaming, especially online. Without this outlet I'm sure we'd see a lot more radical zealous young men doing shit that our resident LARPers would cream their jeans over. Anyway sage for blogpost, back to delaying my inevitable decline into nothingness.

c86b86 No.11402345

File: ee6a85a8deaade7⋯.jpg (33.9 KB, 455x621, 455:621, 45ce1ef1e3cefe1afef6a2b3d0….jpg)


>I'll laugh my ass off if they are just arbitrarily parsing a huge block of binary until the algorithm gets a close match to a known image. With that method you could conclude it also contains pictures of cupcakes, MH371 and my grandma.


005fe0 No.11402530


>Bitcoin is not mined on the GPUs anymore.

What do the browser miners use then? It's super obvious when a site is mining coins because your GPU fan spins up. Like here.

0cbec3 No.11403175


>Sam "Kiddle Diddle" Biddle

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