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On the jews and Their Lies

File: 2b060824fb1cb46⋯.jpg (51.41 KB, 768x480, 8:5, white-wash-black-failure.jpg)

288f48 No.11406322[Reply]

> A Major Study Punches a Huge Hole in the Myth of White Racism Keeping Blacks Down

>Even when the facts and findings point in the exact opposite directions, The New York Times seems hell-bent on insisting that insidious anti-black racism is plunging blacks back into the cycle of poverty again and again. Most recently the New York Times has reported on a large study that, it claims, proves that even black males born into upper-class families are the victims of white racism that eviscerates their seeming advantages and drags them back down to the socioeconomic bottom. The study, conducted by researchers at Stanford, Harvard, and the Census Bureau, used American income and demographic data to compare the incomes of families in which children grew up to the incomes of those same children now that they are adults in their late 30s.

>The Times’ big headline conclusion is that while those who grow up rich tend to stay rich, black men — but not black women — constitute a glaring exception. while 63% of rich white boys grew up to be rich or at least upper-middle-class adults, only 36% of black boys achieved that distinction.


057a98 No.11406349

Nature is racist. Very racist. Only when you remove nature you can have an intellectual rich nigger, and only in name.

b96bdd No.11406381

>Rich black men are as likely to be incarcerated as low-class white men

>It must clearly be racism by the judicial system

>Doesn't mention which crimes they are falsely being convicted of

I think even the general populous is tired of hearing how dindus are in jail because we rounded them up and put them there and not because they committed crimes.

ffe2a3 No.11406384


I'm thinking , maybe we should just ban all IP's from non-white countries? Why even bother wasting time on their garbage posts?

085189 No.11406389


That makes it very easy to D&C /pol/ by mods who think certain European countries aren't "White" anymore (Spain, Italy, Sweden, Greece, Portugal etc.). Not that this ban will ever happen, but consider the above as a warning if it ever does.

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

88abd0 No.11402177[Reply]

The 3rd worldization of LA

Skid Row is a sprawling tent city in the heart of downtown Los Angeles where you'll find thousands of people sleeping on the streets, diseases, no toilets, no food or water. AJ+'s Dena Takruri goes to ground zero of L.A.'s homelessness crisis to show the dire and shocking conditions residents live under.

151 posts and 69 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

2ad721 No.11406307


No I am not a schill… stop acting like a libtard fuck who calls people Russians because you disagree with them.

What i will admit to being is pragmatic and having foresight.

I hate to break it to you but your "whites only policy" would absolutely fall apart and create retarded intersectionslity. "Italians aren't whites" "Slavs aren't whites"… yeah… you've just created liberal identity politics society all over again! Why don't you forget creation of a state and just start marching for equality. Instead of "it's ok to be white".. just change it to "stop oppressing (insert extremely specific version of what you consider white).

Also note thst statistics show that nations can greatly prosper so long as they have roughly 93% homogenity. After that you are petty much in territory of the law of diminishing returns. Anything above 10% and you risk balkanization.


Here is the reality friend. Your dream of a full ethnostate is not really feasible for a functioning nation in its infancy. An extreme majority is not only feasible but required.. but you are not accounting for the sheer brain drain or political and economic relations with other countries. Nor are you accounting for the fact that you would have a large contingent of pro white citizenry.. who are also opposed to outright genocide or expulsion.

You have a terrible strategy for success if you say… have a black veteran in your neighborhood and decide to make killing them a priority when he's willing to shoot a bunch of jamals. who the fuck are you to deny them their well earned spot in a new nation? Everyone earns their place at the table.

You think it's best practice to eliminate potential doctors such as Indian doctors.. who mostly hate blacks and mexicans and identify ad conservative… doctors who could keep your troops fighting and your people healthy aftePost too long. Click here to view the full text.

2ad721 No.11406333


I am not claiming homgenity hi Amy stretch of the imagination.

Nor am I claiming any sort of sophisticated society will emerge.

My vision is more so loosely affiliated city states. The drug trade is a major catalyst for the disagreements between these groups.

However.. when you take in to account these organizations have immense weaponry and logistics in place from years of smuggling drugs.. and already have sleeper cells they are most ripe to fill a potential power vacuum.

The Mexican flag waving citizens of the colony of California may have gone to America for a better life. For many a better life would be driving around patrolling in a pickup truck as a member of the military class.

The rest would just have shit jobs like farmers and cleaning people.. pretty much what they have now.

Operating under the assumption of cowardice.. it would make them even easier to pacify especially when it is no longer an option to run to white countries who will sos.

9b72b0 No.11406341


Right in the feels.

3233e2 No.11406372

>Hyperinflated economy leads to increased percent of homelessness

>Police force essentially issuing tickets to "at age" working men

>These working age men are sent to prison eventually for trivial shit on max sentences

>Prison acts more as a forced labor paupers prison


>No way to escape once in, and the prison receives on average $50k a year from taxpayers per inmate on top of everything.

Any more evidence that the law enforcement system is corrupt and we need a shift from punitive justice to rehabilitative justice?

9cffa5 No.11406383


you are exactly the type of civ cuck nationalist WL Pierce warned against and advised to prune from the ranks of insurgence immediately

get it through your thick skull their are no based shitskins

even if your black army bro is totally bro now 3 generations down the line his 50 grandchildren will all be jamals slinging drugs and hitting on your granddaughters. its called regression to the mean, basicly: acceptable brown people are so rare their phenotype is removed in offspring

in the chaos that happens next we must take every single opportunity we have to ensure that the current dire situation does not repeat for the foreseable future

and also of course putting your life in the hands of a poo in the loo doctor is liking living dangerously at best

>Italians aren't whites" "Slavs aren't whites

this is yid D&C, meaningless when no yids around to push it

without talmudvision the repective european cultural regions will coalesce and intermarry with their own

>a large contingent of pro white citizenry.. who are also opposed to outright genocide or expulsion

meaningless, RWDS shall always be a small and silent minority, the cries of the centrist cucks will stop nothing

and if we look at history the vast majority of burger society had little problems with the genocide of the plains injuns back in the day, i am pretty sure when the chimps will loot the cities the remaining rural whites will have little incentive or desire to stop the RWDS from doing their work

PS: on a personal note paragraph your text better, it hurts the eyes like that

File: ac5bda8b55b7beb⋯.jpeg (10.2 KB, 284x178, 142:89, download.jpeg)

ee699c No.11405817[Reply]


>A gunman is holding several people hostage in a supermarket in Trèbes, in the south of France.

>French media say the man had earlier fired shots at some policemen who were jogging, wounding one of them, but not critically.

>Police special forces have rushed to the Super U shop, near Carcassonne.

>A prosecutor says the gunman claims to be in the Religion of Cuck™ic State group.

I'm sure he's just 'mentally ill' :^)

134 posts and 41 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

e7ea2f No.11406325


Me um no speak good enough English for you fellow based goyim with forked tongue?

Over many moons it has been established only the most retarded kikes still shill for ZOG while claiming to be based red pilled anon, big chief know these to be kike-jew, men from Levant, kosher clowns or the infernal parasite de jew

Still, please carry on pretending that ISIS isn't isreal, that's what your Bannon bux are for

27f61d No.11406365

The kike didn't get the memo?

27f61d No.11406367


Eat shit, leddit.

27f61d No.11406369


The cunts also apologized for hitting pissraelies on accident.

c082d9 No.11406378

OH HOLY SNACKBAR…………furious that my

Donkeyubine rejected me!!!

File: 1128cf2c8333f99⋯.jpeg (248.98 KB, 1242x1191, 414:397, 5C932A89-F167-4827-B484-E….jpeg)

e6b367 No.11368519[Reply]

Trump has moved Mike Pompeo to Secretary of State and the new CIA director is Gina Haspel.

Haspel ran a "black site" CIA prison located in Thailand in 2002. The site was codenamed "Cat’s Eye" and held suspected al Qaeda members Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri and Abu Zubaydah for a time. The Senate Intelligence Committee report on CIA torture specifies that during their detention at the site they were waterboarded and interrogated using no longer authorized methods. Declassified CIA cables specify that Zubaydah was waterboarded 83 times in a month, was sleep deprived, kept in a "large box", had his head slammed against a wall and he lost his left eye. Zubaydah was deemed, by the CIA interrogators, to not be in possession of any useful intelligence (Interrogation of Abu Zubaydah).

Haspel later was the chief of staff to Jose Rodriguez, who headed the CIA's Counterterrorism Center. In his memoir, Rodriguez wrote that Haspel had "drafted a cable" in 2005 ordering the destruction of dozens of videotapes made at the black site in Thailand.

In 2013, John Brennan, then the director of Central Intelligence, named Haspel as acting Deputy Director of the National Clandestine Service, which carries out covert operations around the globe. However, she was denied the position permanently due to criticism about her involvement in the Rendition, Detention and Interrogation program. Haspel has also served as the Deputy Director of the National Clandestine Service for Foreign Intelligence and Covert Action.

470 posts and 137 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

478f5b No.11383834

File: 4f99813c08dbdbb⋯.png (307.76 KB, 647x1239, 647:1239, Screen Shot 2018-03-16 at ….png)

Let us set one record straight on Iran western forces froze Iran assets along with all the other shit economically.

Obama gave them some of what was theirs in cash.

110296 No.11386322

File: 2122bfa57958157⋯.jpg (933.09 KB, 960x829, 960:829, 2122bfa5795815793e272ddb14….jpg)

File: dc775c8c9f76125⋯.png (1.22 MB, 707x1225, 101:175, 003c0fca46b5cfd784f34bec73….png)




The CIA is going to burn to the ground.

196f85 No.11386404

File: af8ebb970a308c0⋯.gif (2.5 MB, 341x245, 341:245, anger.gif)


Great ban. Much deserved.

fucking mods.

77d378 No.11406362


>that sounds like a bunch of bullshit.

When they say someone is "linked to XYZ" it's almost always false insinuation. Much like Trump and everyone who works for him is "linked to Russia."


Hi kike!

fa0762 No.11406371


So why did you need to bump this?

File: 50939c23fa0a807⋯.jpg (109.58 KB, 720x1024, 45:64, Manfred von Richthofen.jpg)

814900 No.11346532[Reply]


German far-right AfD politicians travel to Syria in effort to send back refugees

>Citing a lack of trust in media coverage, AfD parliamentarians have gone to Syria to assess the security situation for themselves. The party has been pushing to declare Syria a safe country and send back Syrian refugees.


Poggenburg (AfD) leads the Left Wing Extremism Commission in the state parliament

>The right-wing national AFD head of state is chairman of a committee, which is to proceed against radical left tendencies in Saxonia-Anhalt. Poggenburg got surprisingly broad support from the CDU.

https://archive.is/ddEhO (en, scroll down) + https://archive.is/Yn951 (de)

Merkel Clings On as Left-Wing Social Democratic Party Votes for ‘Grand Coalition’

>Angela Merkel has welcomed the decision by members of Germany’s Social Democratic Party to support a coalition government with the long-time chancellor.


Austria’s Kurz Slams Merkel for Linking EU Funding to Migrant Quotas

>Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz has opposed German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s proposal to link European Union funding to migrant quotas, arguing for stronger borders instead of migrant redistribution.


Merkel Admits ‘No-Go’ Zones Exist in Germany

>Angela Merkel has admitted the existence of ‘no-go areas’, where outsiders are afraid to enter, in Germany — just months after Breitbart London editor in chief Raheem Kassam comprehensively documented their existence in his groundbreaking book.


ControvPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

684 posts and 283 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

5e77b7 No.11406228


Ho ho ho, der hat aber ordentlich ausgeteilt.

b5c4f5 No.11406260


>Wir könnten auch ganz Deutschland den Polen überlassen, die würden auch alle Nichtweißen rausschmeißen/rausgraulen. Das ist ja Priorität #1, nicht?

Geh erstmal an die frische Luft. Nachdem du das getan hast, kannst du dich dann fragen, ob das was du geschrieben hast in welcher Art auch immer irgendwelche Relevanz zur Realität hat. Dein Fantasieszenario ist zukunftsorientiert, mit Betonung auf Fantasie. Ich rede von der heutigen Situation und wie man alle Kräfte bündelt. Denn ja, auch ein Pole der in Deutschland wohnt, hat keine Lust auf der Straße abgestochen zu werden. Wir können nicht mal illegale Invasoren rauskriegen und du fantasierst von der Deportation von Europäern… Mach erst mal eine Bestandsaufnahme unserer Situation und dann frag dich welche realen Möglichkeiten wir haben. Das sollte dich auf den Boden der Tatsachen zurückholen.

9a24c1 No.11406276

File: 7e9ce6420ecc4d6⋯.png (415.04 KB, 842x709, 842:709, bait duce.png)


>Wir können nicht mal illegale Invasoren rauskriegen und du fantasierst von der Deportation von Europäern… Mach erst mal eine Bestandsaufnahme unserer Situation und dann frag dich welche realen Möglichkeiten wir haben

Ach so, und was ist denn die reale Möglichkeit, deiner Meinung nach? Nächste Wahl AfD wählen, die Wahl danach auch nochmal, und wieder, und dann wieder, bis sie irgendwann genug Prozente hat, um alleine eine Mehrheit zu stellen?

Die AfD so lange alle möglichen Auslände rumgarnen zu lassen, bis diese die AfD in großen Zahlen wählen, auch wenn damit der einzige Grund, sie zu wählen, verloren geht?

f867cb No.11406317

File: 29af850d1314422⋯.png (179.83 KB, 508x286, 254:143, ettucsu.png)


>Host vor der Wahl

pic related

>Horst nach der Wahl


b5c4f5 No.11406355


>Ach so, und was ist denn die reale Möglichkeit, deiner Meinung nach? Nächste Wahl AfD wählen, die Wahl danach auch nochmal, und wieder, und dann wieder, bis sie irgendwann genug Prozente hat, um alleine eine Mehrheit zu stellen?

AfD wählen und propagieren sollte eine Selbstverständlichkeit sein. Das sollte eigentlich nicht soviel Zeit verschlingen. Ich versteh nicht, wo das Problem ist. Bisher hat die AfD eigentlich ganz gute Arbeit geleistet um den Overton Window zu verschieben. Was du nebenher machst, wo du dich beteiligst oder welche Projekte du startest, liegt in deiner Hand. Wenn du eine bessere Idee hast, immer her damit. Zeig uns deinen idiotensicheren Plan Deutschland wieder 100% deutsch zu machen. Zeig uns wie du mit einem Fingerschnipp alle Nichtdeutsche deportierst. Das was bisher real möglich zu sein scheint, ist die totale Grenzschließung und Deportation aller "Neuzugänge" seit 2015. Das ist das Maximum, was mit dem heutigen deutschen Bewusstsein für die nächsten 5-10 Jahre möglich zu sein scheint. Und das wird schon schwer, denn wie hat der eine oben schon geschrieben…

>Der AfD Stimmen zu verschaffen sollte nun wirklich nicht dein Endziel sein.

Wie mich das angekotzt hat, als "patriotische" yt channels die schon einigermaßen viele Menschen erreicht hatten, auf einmal meinten, dass Wählen das System legitimieren würde. Super, wir als politische Minderheit werden eh nichts ändern können, wenn die anderen Millionen dennoch die CDU wählen. Aber vielleicht reicht unsere Stimme aus, um der AfD einen Sitz mehr zu verleihen, der dann besetzt wird von einer Person wie Curio. Und nein, diese yt Patrioten sind keine Agenten, die meisten sind einfach nur zu blöd.

File: 43171ab2b97e49d⋯.jpg (1.75 MB, 2857x3877, 2857:3877, jewguncontrol2.jpg)

f44619 No.11404606[Reply]

>Citigroup Inc. plans to prohibit retailers that are customers of the bank from offering bump stocks or selling guns to people who haven’t passed a background check or are younger than 21

the banks are finally showing their true colors and flexing their muscles. i guess our governments timetable's running a bit too slow for (((them)))



3 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

10c497 No.11404724

What a surprise the same (((bankers))) who hand picked Obama's cabinet on the first to block gun transactions. Absolutely disgusting

000000 No.11404739


(((Gun-Grabblers))) control the financial and retail sectors. Our supply-chain being subject to their tyrannical whims is a losing strategy.

This is why crypto currencies and private gun sales are worth protecting.


c339c5 No.11405563

File: 926e5a5c3a8f3f8⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 573.38 KB, 625x625, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

I thought this thread was already stickied.

e4fb8c No.11405693


oh wow they must really care about us

299f05 No.11406335

File: 1a68f4beb556ed1⋯.jpg (45.77 KB, 302x227, 302:227, Karl Marx's quote in favor….jpg)

>see pic

>see "Communist Party supports Obama gun control" newspiece

How ironic that a "communist" party would want to remove power from the working class they so otherwise adore in their political fiction books. Oh I also checked their website and saw that they apparently want a "peaceful revolution" and that guns won't do shit because "the existing power structure will always have more weapons and firepower". What a joke.


File: 59defecdfa1e733⋯.jpg (965.66 KB, 1212x2567, 1212:2567, hungary-best-turkey_o_6045….jpg)

393272 No.11406190[Reply]



>More than the education of 1,500 students will be interrupted if—as now seems likely—the lights are turned off at Budapest’s Central European University. European Union values and Hungary’s future as a member of the democratic family of nations are on the line.

>Picture this: 1,500 high-spirited students from 116 countries—rushing to classes taught by teachers from 51 nations, in a spectacular, newly expanded campus near the banks of the Danube. These students will soon join 14,000 others who have already graduated from one of the continent’s world-class universities and carry back to their home countries the most important lesson any school can teach today: to be (((critical patriots)), in CEU Rector Michael Ignatieff’s words, trained to trust evidence, able to separate truth from fakery.

>But these are dangerous lessons in the eyes of “populists” like Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban. CEU embodies everything Orban and his fellow demagogues fear: it is liberal, international, multi-ethnic, and founded 27 years ago by Hungarian-American philanthropist George Soros.

>“The threatened shuttering of CEU would extinguish a (((hopeful experiment))) in a country with very shallow democratic roots.”


4 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

b5a301 No.11406256

>with very shallow democratic roots

Are they trying to become like the US?

>stop being a bad goy or we'll carpetbomb freedom on you

5cbf4d No.11406270

File: da55dae5b43e7c1⋯.png (297.09 KB, 600x670, 60:67, trudeau soros.png)


>CEU Rector Michael Ignatieff

HAHAHA, Leaf here. Michael Ignatieff is an also-ran loser from the 2011 Canadian federal election. He swooped in to lead the Canadian Liberal Party (the party that's currently in power with a majority under Trudeau), and ended up with the Liberal Party's worst showing in Canadian history.


>In the 2011 federal election, Ignatieff lost his own seat in the Liberal Party's worst showing in its history. Winning only 34 seats, the party placed a distant third behind the Conservatives and NDP, and thus lost its position as the Official Opposition.

I guess the Liberal Party of Canada's ties to Soros (et al) really run deep

49b635 No.11406274


Hungarians aren't slavs burger.

959364 No.11406305

Their campus isn't on the banks of the danube, it's in the ghetto near keleti station.

b5a301 No.11406334


Huh, I always thought they were but it turns out their genetic lineage is only somewhat similar to Slavs.

File: 5ef31bfea681e36⋯.jpg (1.32 MB, 848x6286, 424:3143, gay_stuff_not_real_ok.jpg)

ef004f No.11406311[Reply]

There is no homosexual agenda.

Stop being a homophobe, ok?

>pic related blocks your path

2 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

ef004f No.11406330

File: 54df519cc853a5c⋯.jpg (63.9 KB, 382x597, 382:597, 1499368046459 (1).jpg)


from time to time i watch just to see what sjw listen to.

61ea3f No.11406345

Fuck off back to cuckchan.

e2e9b8 No.11406348


Why even talk about it now? Faggotry is “legal” and will never not be “legal” ever again. You didn’t do a goddamn thing to stop it. You didn’t even try. No one woke up to the agenda, and now faggots are “normal.” Don’t bother us unless it’s something relevant.

3c1e34 No.11406353

File: 47bf7fbfbd1301f⋯.png (191.64 KB, 372x408, 31:34, nose.png)

a063e8 No.11406358


>prose in the book doesn't even rhyme

its lazy faggotry to top it all off

sage because this thread is cuckchan tier

File: 62a0df2b0e32c2a⋯.jpg (377.59 KB, 800x500, 8:5, Putin.jpg)

9f7923 No.11406178[Reply]

```Operation: Jew the Jew```

Reverse Engineer Kike Logic about Fake Mainstream Media Narratives

Typical mainstream media narrative in the topic

> Did Russia Affect the 2016 Election? It’s Now Undeniable



By now, everyone should know how to interpret the (((mainstream media's))) "Russians did X" narrative.

They say hackers and bots, but we know they actually mean the average shitposter on half/full chan

or the alt right in general and our vastly successful memes and shitposting (see above article).

They fully realized now, that their attempts at naming us, and even the newly defined term 'Alt Right'

is proof of this, which backfires by red pilling even more normies who want to look into this in detail.

Naming us also provides a way for normies to read up many articles in the topic which (((they)))

planned to counter by setting up controlled opposition sites.

Typical kike logic in time order is the following:

1) Name us Alt Right, but it backfires because of the above, it is only effective for lefties

2) Still have to discredit our success, so come up with teh evil Russians narrative which is initially successful

3) After the election of Trump, the Russian collusion and fake news narrative starts to fall into pieces

4) Need new ways to convince goyim: Cambridge Analytica scandal, it actually backfires by recoiling back on

Faceberg and promotes distrust in facebook/google etc. Oy vey!

What is very apparent is that the Media dares not name us directly without risking the exposure of goyim

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
7 posts and 5 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

b70b9d No.11406243

File: aabaa855ade488f⋯.jpg (101.26 KB, 866x644, 433:322, gtg.jpg)

I was wondering why they're kikeing facebook itself for the sake of a tame discredit campaign.

Maybe it did backfire on them.

Pic related, they're pushing this fagot now as the "leaker" of cambridge analytica.


Now people "trust" this liberal plant, so he is being used to discredit a few people (facebook be damned).

Oh , he also has a shirt with a kid on it, which says "pleasures".

913518 No.11406268


There could be two scenarios.

1) It did indeed backfire, because it blatantly blamed Trump so obviously. I think people on the right then simply started blaming facebook instead, actually that's what I did too.

2) It gives Zuckerberg new ways to censor whatever they believe is this kind of rightwing/russian etc. propaganda. They are already writing algorithms which identify hate speech and other similar content that later can be used by facebook to censor/silence people:


06e415 No.11406271

File: f6f802fa7dca98d⋯.png (79.51 KB, 269x217, 269:217, gcsurething.png)


We're supposed to believe for one micro-second that a military op hired a rainbow-hair soyfag, and now they are letting xim openly talk about military schemes?

9ba935 No.11406297


< Hello, fellow kids

That guy is so incredibly obviously a member of the ChIA or the NhSA. It's very keekish.

cf6859 No.11406379

RIDF is hard at work this morning. Don't bother vlad, no one gives a fuck besides the ass-hurt lefties.

File: 19109d14c4f6ced⋯.jpg (7.53 KB, 225x225, 1:1, index.jpg)

d7ddbd No.11381119[Reply]

I've got a present for you /pol/.

The guy we all thought was low IQ Smiley… The guy who has been shitting up threads for almost half a decade now, screaming about Serrano, trying to convince us that "Hitler was a Luciferian Alien who used flying saucers to build tunnels under Antarctica!"…and screaming, "Gnosticism is TRUE Christianity!"

The guy who tried to convince everyone that our "Ancient Aryan" threads are actually "Ancient ALIENS!" The guy who made all those annoying "esoteric hitler" threads that read like Jewish schizophrenia.

Well he now goes on cuckchan daily to post his "black sun" and "Gnostic /pol/" threads. He has a youtube channel and larps as Bodhi Mantra.

He is attempting to become a 'Nazi' e-celeb cult leader. And he accidently doxed himself.

The reason I noticed was because I know this guy from his Atlantian Gardens facebook years ago. He went to Cal State Northrdige. He use to ban me for years for asking simple questions. He's a real trust fund baby asshole who tried to sell our ancestors as "aliens" to the goyim.

His name is Robert Sepher. He looks like a Jew and has spent over a decade trying to convince white people to worship Luciferian Nordic Aliens and that Hitler was an occult leader. Just like the History channel does.

But he's been using 8/pol/, taking our research and scrambling it up to write crazy books which he sells on Amazon for $40.

Anyways. Smiley was always too stupid for this complex shit and it all makes sense. All those times I posted the Smiley dox I kind of feel bad now. I knew he was too retarded for all this esoteric anti-NatSoc trickery.

Code name

>Black Sun


>Bodhi Mantr

79 posts and 33 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

3e6f47 No.11391552

File: cb1486308547008⋯.png (70.35 KB, 1119x429, 373:143, 1453806411457.png)


We know this for a fact. It's a total coincidence that Rachposting occurs at the same time as all these D&C topics, especially religion.

9a73fd No.11396481


>these D&C topics


6656bb No.11396596


You're all over this thread, Robert

831631 No.11398249



ITT: IP hopping board raider(((s))) accuses closet NatSoc jewtuber of IP hopping and spamming D&C, when that's exactly what the're doing.

5ecea1 No.11406296



What's your next plan (((Robert)))?

File: bc3baadb61abbe2⋯.png (915.76 KB, 688x899, 688:899, schneider.png)

82d192 No.11251810[Reply]

H.R.4918 "Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act of 2018"



Brad Schneider is former AIPAC lobbyist (does not archive):


Led Jewish United Fund trip to Israel

(does not archive):


492 posts and 108 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

c257bb No.11401817

File: e2626315709851d⋯.jpg (126.6 KB, 1108x1001, 1108:1001, 1521494260460-biz.jpg)



000000 No.11401846


Yes and at my age it's essentially a repeat of what happened back in the Weather Underground terrorist (https://www.fbi.gov/history/famous-cases/weather-underground-bombings) days. They got away with everything back then and it's the same now. (((They))) love to protect and cover for their useful idiot leftist terrorists. Things never change.

000000 No.11403994


dda734 No.11406242


They can just send me their emails and I'll forward them all the articles and videos of chimps chimping out that get posted here, and white genocide statements.

dda734 No.11406283


its because they took control of the levers of power and the media, and brainwashed everyone.

File: e5de98d9889b80d⋯.jpg (422.87 KB, 1319x766, 1319:766, d6618f1588a09a7006c2f87b21….jpg)

6d65bb No.11348693[Reply]

Karen Mallard for Congress sawed off the front of her AR-15 to create a short barrel rifle and uploaded the video to her official Facebook page. The ATF contact email for concerns is fipb@atf.gov



215 posts and 45 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

db4dbf No.11403641


its still an AOW even though its bolt action. because if i was allowed to saw down a bolt action, i'd have a real fucking obrez by now.

c85ffb No.11404037


There certainly has been no mercy shown to Republicans. But of course we all know the kikes, the anti-Whites, the vile, are in control of the government.

And only idiots believe in laws.

c85ffb No.11404091


Why did he do that? Was it a dare?

4787c3 No.11405215


But I've been told for years that Intent doesn't matter with the ATF? Now it does?


I've wrote a letter to the tech branch with a video cite. Have you? I've asked them when and what political statements guarantee me safe from prosecution for NFA violations.


See above. Crash their system from complaints.




72ea11 No.11406272


you can also do that on lefXtypol, and, hilariously, if you only report, they have no way of banning you, unless the software gets updated…

File: 4bb27fe1c8306b8⋯.jpg (23.2 KB, 564x286, 282:143, individualism-collectivism.jpg)

File: a377f31f680293d⋯.png (473.31 KB, 1600x960, 5:3, ricemap.png)

File: 48b85ce73ff11a2⋯.png (518.79 KB, 1200x720, 5:3, wheat.png)

File: 6a4d846cdd73c85⋯.jpg (168.8 KB, 1280x1229, 1280:1229, china rice.jpg)

84cf8c No.11388622[Reply]

Does FARMING dictate a nation's cultural and social characteristics?

Northen Chinese regions, which predominantly produce wheat before rice, are said to be more individualistic culturally, while the southern rice-growing regions are much more collectivist and family-oriented.

We also notice such a divide between east and west in general: Present-day Western society is highly individualistic, while Asia is largely collectivist (lots of Asian states are organised in communist societies). These characteristics could certainly be traced, at least in part,

Here's an excerpt from a 2017 BBC article describing Thomas Talhelm's Rice Theory:

>But perhaps the most surprising theory comes from the farmyard. Thomas Talhelm at the University of Chicago recently examined 28 different provinces of China, finding that the thinking orientation appeared to reflect the local agriculture of the region.

>Talhelm said he was first inspired by his own experiences in the country. While visiting Beijing in the north, he found that strangers would be much more forthcoming – “If I was eating alone people would come up and talk to me” – whereas those in the southern city of Guangzhou tended to be more reticent and fearful of offending.

>This deference to others seemed like a subtle sign of a more collectivist mindset, and so Talhelm began to wonder what might lie behind the two outlooks. The divide did not seem to correlate with measures of wealth or modernisation, but he noticed that one difference could be the kind of staple crop grown in the region: rice in most southern areas, and wheat in the north. “It splits almost neatly along the Yangtze River,” says Talhelm.

>Growing rice requires far greater cooperation: it is labour-intensive and requires complex irrigation systems spanning many different farms. Wheat farming, by contrast, takes about half the amount of work and depends on rainfall rather than irrigation, meaning that farmers don’t need to collaborate with their neighbours and can focus on tending their own crops.


Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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40b4cc No.11396562


jesus christ

>soy isnt horrible for men

get the fuck out of here with your lies

phytoestrogens arent a joke

flax is problematic too

40b4cc No.11396576




>I mean soy being bad for men is mostly a meme though, the phytoestrogens it contains haven't really been shown to affect humans.


and wikipedia isnt a source

12a9f4 No.11396654



Prove it then you retarded faggot.

2b7987 No.11397072


>I flipped to a speculative economics post by podrag, which I’d been unsuccessfully grappling with the previous day (and it was still on my mind). In a state of heightened psychosis, grokking it was a breeze

I.e., you slept on it. Your brain works shit out while you sleep, you're not special.

dc4a9e No.11406257

File: cbe77977a09f7a0⋯.jpg (104.42 KB, 468x575, 468:575, 14370xcitefun-gobekli-tepe….jpg)

File: 8874d00c918abfd⋯.jpg (49.16 KB, 500x333, 500:333, 74355652.jpg)

File: e35301e1d05ad72⋯.jpg (205.33 KB, 850x498, 425:249, gobekli-tepe-orion-star-ma….jpg)


modern day temperature, or 4000+ years ago temperatures?


>where Western civilization developed.

normalfag tier understanding of white history.

File: bfa49b03d35888a⋯.jpg (56.89 KB, 634x356, 317:178, 4A37CB4B00000578-5484277-R….jpg)

870c5c No.11381573[Reply]


Doomsday asteroid taller than the Empire State building that could WIPE OUT life on Earth in 2135

Nasa will be unable to defend our planet against a doomsday asteroid that could smash into Earth in 2135, a chilling study has revealed.

Researchers found that it might be impossible to stop the space rock - which is the size of the Empire State building - from careering into Earth next century.

Scientists revealed that even their most advanced technology would prove 'inadequate' for deflecting such a space rock, which has been dubbed Bennu.

The consequences would be 'dire' experts have warned, and the asteroid has sparked fears that it could even wipe out life for good.


Have sex with your sister, call up that black hooker you've been dreaming about, punch that nosy next door neighbor in the kisser, it's not going to matter one bit


217 posts and 44 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

c7aa41 No.11406009

if only there was an actual scenario that would happen in less than a year, a real one. Sure, at that point we wouldn't know shit about it but a good little apocalypse, asteroid falling right on Israel, wipes most of the world and it's time to recreate history

9063d1 No.11406016


You say this every year.

8d989c No.11406227


We already landed a probe on a comet, so it should stand to reason that we could land multiple nuclear propulsion thrusters to alter its trajectory. If its diameter is only slightly greater than the height of the Empire State Building then we should easily be able to cause it to miss earth by a mile and a half

99d15a No.11406253


This asteroid isn't capable of destroying our species, stop being hysterical.

d459ff No.11406343

fake and gay

suck my dick

mods delet this post

File: 1774fd22165eeb6⋯.jpg (40.28 KB, 800x346, 400:173, 5a5a818919d70dc797c153a2f7….jpg)

File: 14e0f83bdcd06a5⋯.jpg (404.45 KB, 946x622, 473:311, NASA SPACE.jpg)

f205a9 No.11307140[Reply]

Every Star is Ours to Benefit From

Proponents of solar power know that only a tiny fraction of the sun’s total energy strikes the Earth. What if we, as a civilization, could collect all of the sun’s energy? If so, we would use some form of Dyson sphere, sometimes referred to as a Dyson shell or megastructure. Physicist and astronomer Freeman J. Dyson first explored this idea as a thought experiment in 1960. Dyson’s two-page paper in the journal Science was titled Search for Artificial Stellar Sources of Infrared Radiation because he was imagining a solar-system-sized solar power collection system not as a power source for us earthlings, but as a technology that other advanced civilizations in our galaxy would, inevitably, use. Dyson proposed that searching for evidence of the existence of such structures might lead to the discovery of advanced civilizations elsewhere in the galaxy, and indeed, since late 2015, astronomers have been arguing about a bizarre and now-controversial star, known to astronomers as KIC 8462852, whose light may indicate telltale signs of a Dyson sphere under construction around it.

So what are these odd megastructures, these Dyson spheres? Originally, some envisioned a Dyson sphere as an artificial hollow sphere of matter around a star, and Dyson did originally use the word shell. But Dyson didn’t picture the energy-collectors in a solid shell. In an exchange of letters in Science with other scientists, following his 1960 Science article, Dyson wrote:

< A solid shell or ring surrounding a star is mechanically impossible. The form of ‘biosphere’ which I envisaged consists of a loose collection or swarm of objects traveling on independent orbits around the star.

We are meant to colonize the stars Anons.

506 posts and 154 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

77dd69 No.11406171



forgot to link the archive thread

f205a9 No.11406172


thats just a variation of a common black sun flag, with fire effects

this might actually deserve its own thread if you find some other good flags to start the discussion with

4c03ea No.11406184

File: 0dc93e1753aaffd⋯.jpeg (33.66 KB, 658x409, 658:409, george ribbon.jpeg)


This looks like Georgy Ribbon stylized black sun.

a3c405 No.11406189

File: b3e853a6ea6b572⋯.gif (108.09 KB, 300x100, 3:1, 1501434751112.gif)


> If you're talking about b/w photos of a text, those are the Saxon ones. Think the cave/carving ones are AmerIndian.

Yes, that may be it. Do you hate pen to remember the name they used for him? I can't research without a non-memed name. I'll do what I can with the Saxon angle though. Thanks.

62c668 No.11406251



Who is Q? Where would I have found this out, because no one says who / what it is?

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