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QTDDTOT: Questions that don’t deserve their own thread

QTDDTOT: Questions that don’t deserve their own thread

This is the thread for one-liner questions about /pol/-related topics. “What does /pol/ think of [x],” “is [x] redpilled,” and associated questions belong here. Threads created based on a single, simple question will be deleted. If your thread is deleted, come here and ask again. REMINDER TO SEARCH THE CATALOG FIRST.

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Rules for Users:

1. The 8chan Global Rule applies (no illegal content in the United States of America);

2. Keep it politics - blatantly off-topic content will be DELETED - /pol/ culture / established threads are allowed;

3. No spam, no flooding;

4. No duplicates - if several threads are made about the same subject, all but one of them will be deleted and redirected to the active thread (this applies to religion and QTDDTOT / one-liner threads).

Rules for Volunteers (Global and Local):

1. Protect user privacy - never show post histories;

2. Do not ban people for having an opinion, even if you believe it's the wrong one;

3. Enforce the global and local rules.

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Lindsey Graham Attacked by Faggot


Russians controlling Senator Graham through (((blackmail involving serious sexual kink))) according to openly degenerate head of Democrat Coalition.




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This board is NatSoc

Reminder that /pol/ is NatSoc and always will be.

''This thread abides by all nu/pol/ rules. If it is deleted we have more evidence of where the mods and Codenigger stand on /pol/.

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Trump's "hamberders" misspelling is referring to an island in France owned by wealthy pedos

Some Eyes Wide Shut tier shit is going down on this island. Trump is ousting all of the pedophile elites, including Jeffrey Epstein.

>One theory says he’s hinting at wicked things happening on Berder Island, a small island off the coast of France.

>There is only one residence on the island, and it happens to be a large mansion or hotel. It is probably safe to say whoever lives there and/or owns the island is extremely wealthy.

>"The island is entirely devoted to leisure."

What kind of "leisure" I wonder? These sick fucks have no where left to hide… not even some obscure island in the middle of nowhere.


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Jesus fucking christ goddamn it


As much as I hate the Q-Larpers, this got me.

- - - - - - - - - - - -

>Delrey Technologies now hosts the 8ch.net website. They are a Gov Defense contractor & veteran owned. That is why Q said /patriotsfight will be the main hub of all communications.

>8ch is now hosted on GOV servers. Likely has been since the 1st drop on 4ch



- - - - - - - - - - - -

Contracts for Sept. 18, 2017



>Del Rey Systems & Technology Inc., San Diego, California, is being awarded a $25,944,340 indefinite-delivery/indefinite-quantity, cost-plus-fixed-fee, multiple award contract to provide training services for tactical afloat shipboard, ashore and submarine command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (C4ISR) systems. Support includes development and implementation of training solutions, scheduling of fleet training, and technical training equipment design and installation. This is one of four multiple-award contracts; all awardees will have the opportunity to compete for task orders during the ordering period. This three-year contract includes two one-year option periods which, if exercised, would bring the overall, potential value of this contract to $43,964,293. Work will be performed on ships and land sites worldwide, and work is expected to be completed September 2020. If options are exercised, work will continue through September 2022. No funds will be obligated at the time of award. Funding will be obligated via task orders as they are issued. Contract funds will not expire at the end of the current fiscal year. The types of funding to be obligated include operations and maintenance (Navy); other procurement (Navy); and research, development, test and evaluation (Navy). This contract was competitively procured via a request for proposal published on the Federal Business Opportunities website and the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command e-Commerce Central website. Nine offers were received and four were selected for award. Space and Navy Warfare Systems Center Pacific, San Diego, California, is the contracting activity (N66001-17-D-0215).

(about 1/3 the way down)



fuck me

tell me this isn't true

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/pol/ Best Screencaps Thread

Post your most informative, enlightening screenshots of /pol/ threads here. Other boards are allowed too, just make it some dank shit niggers.

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Modern farming is kike farming

Watch this documentary:

Farmers conned into signing contracts with fake figures by sales reps that are now neck deep in debt producing mass farmed mutant animals in inhumane conditions.


Tyson was born in Mound City, Missouri, the son of (((Isaac F. Tyson)))


Pigs are very smart and so close to humans that my aunt had a heart valve from a pig.

Only kikes and ant people mistreat animals without a second thought…

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EBT Going to Shut Down. Multiple States Effected.


>States warn food stamp recipients to budget early benefit payments due to shutdown


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State agencies are warning food stamp recipients to carefully budget their grocery purchases once they receive their February benefits weeks earlier than normal due to the partial government shutdown.

The Department of Agriculture's backup plan for paying out Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program benefits amid the lapse in funding means it could be 40 days — or longer, in some cases — before additional money is added to recipients' benefit cards

>In Ohio, another state with a large population of SNAP participants, households will see an extra month of benefits on their "Ohio Direction Card" on Wednesday, Jan. 16.

>>"These benefits are intended for use in February," the Ohio Association of Foodbanks said in a flier to SNAP recipients this week. "You WILL NOT receive additional benefits in the month of February."

>In Texas, officials announced that they plan to load EBT cards — called "Lone Star Cards" in Texas — with February benefits by Jan. 20.

>"If you receive your February CalFresh benefits early, you should plan your food budget knowing that these benefits will be the only benefits provided through the end of February," one sample message read.

>The Trump administration's backup plan did not tap into a contingency fund of $3 billion that Congress provided for the program last year. One month of SNAP benefits costs about $4.8 billion

>The Florida Department of Children and Families announced on Facebook that February SNAP benefits will be doled out on Jan. 20.

>In North Carolina, where more than 840,000 people receive SNAP benefits, state officials told recipients they will get their February benefits on Jan. 20.

>>"Please budget for buying food wisely!" one flier read. "Additional benefits cannot be added for future months until the shutdown is resolved."

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Commie terrorist hiding in Brazil sent back to Italy

Communist terrorist Cesare Battisti arrived in Italy after decades on the run from Italian authorities after Brazil’s new populist president Jair Bolsonaro promised Italian interior minister Matteo Salvini he would have the extremist extradited.

>Battisti’s first words upon arriving in his native Italy were an acceptance that he will likely spend the rest of his life in prison, saying: “I know I’m going to jail,” according to Il Giornale.

>Witnesses who were with Battisti when he landed claimed that he seemed accepting of his situation and that the far-left terrorist thanked the police for their treatment of him.

>Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior Matteo Salvini, who leads to populist-nationalist League (Lega) which makes up one half of Italy’s coalition government, remarked of the terrorist’s attitude that he “seemed to me to be grinning despite the deaths he has on his shoulders.”

>Salvini praised President Bolsonaro, who had previously promised to find and extradite the terrorist.

>“I reiterated a huge thank you on behalf of 60 million Italians for allowing us to positively close the Battisti question and we are committed to meet soon in Brazil or in Italy to strengthen the ties between our peoples, our governments, and our personal friendship,” Salvini said.

>Battisti is a former member of the extremist Armed Proletarians for Communism (PAC) and was found guilty of four separate murders, including of two Italian officials, in 1990 while under protection in France, claiming to be a political refugee. He later fled to Mexico and then to Brazil in 2004 when French officials changed their views on protecting him.

>Opponents of Salvini have been critical of the entire affair, including a journalist whose outburst was highlighted by Salvini on his Facebook page.

>“I do not know who is more dangerous, a terrorist who killed for political reasons in the seventies or the Minister of the Interior who foments hate against other poor human beings and the completely innocent every day of 2019,” the journalist exclaimed.


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Second link provided for those who do not wish to download directly from the CIA database, first link provided to prove that this is indeed a declassified CIA document. This belongs in /pol/ because the CIA classified this document for a reason, and the released version is sanitized and redacted heavily. There is reason to believe from both the document, current events, and scientific evidence that this is happening.

The magnetic poles are shifting as you read this. The rate at which they are doing so is rapidly increasing.

Cause is likely due to many factors, for example, just one is the Solar system traversing the Galactic center line - the Solar system travels up and down the height of the Galaxy and every 24,000 years or so it travels through the center line, taking about 20 years to traverse this. The gravimetric forces effect the Sun causing erratic behavior (such as having major solar storms during a solar minimum) which in turn effects Earth's weather. The Earth is effected in the same way as gently disrupting a top as it's spinning. It wobbles a bit, and then regains it's composure. Imagine a top with a floating ball in the center. The top spins, and the ball stays put mostly. Disrupt the top, and the ball is also disrupted.

The magnetic poles are set to converge together just South of the Indonesian Islands, and from there they will split off and go to opposite sides of the planet along the equator. Since the Earth's magnetic field interacts with the Sun's ionized emissions, the planet will reorient itself along this axis formed by the positions of the new magnetic poles. Meaning the Earth will literally tilt on it's side and start rotating accordingly. The movement of the magnetic poles will be preceded by seismic activity around the the world, as the lower layers of the Earth will shift and rotate due to the rotational disturbance.

Since the Earth is 26km wider at the equator than it is laterally, and this is caused by centrifugal force, the tectonic plates will be compressed, and then expand at different points, causing immense seismic activity all over the planet. This is also true of the Earth's oceans, and they will slosh around, completely destroying coastlines and any low lying lands across the planet.

Now, this is not necessarily a bad thing.

If we know it's coming, we can make preparations to survive it. The science all seems to suggest that it is going to happen without any doubt.

So what do you do?

If you live somewhere that should be relatively safe from flooding, seismic activity and the like… then all you have to do is stock up on food and prepare to defend it. Shit, just buy a crapload of dried and canned goods, and firewood. You'll probably be fine.

If you live on the coastline, then sell your house to some dumb niggers, spics, or kikes, and move to a situation described above. You'll probably be selling your house for a lot more than you'll be spending on a new house in the middle of the country and you'll be surrounded by white people. Why haven't you done this already?

When the great happening begins, just sit back and relax… because a majority of the minorities in this country will have been swept away by the floods just like God predicted.

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SNAP EBT to shut down?


Since the Dept. of Agriculture funds SNAP, and that activity is only stated to continue through January, this could quickly lead to epic chimpouts.

>Eligible households will still receive monthly Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits for January.

https: //www.agriculture.com/news/business/how-does-a-government-shutdown-affect-the-usda


>As of now, there is no clear answer about whether or not the SNAP program will be shutdown altogether.

https: //www.goebt.com/government-shutdown-updates/

(won't archive)

When these sites go down, it's happening.

>this will impact thousands in need of using the government scheme

https: //www.product-reviews.net/down/snap-ebt-problems/


https: //downdetector.com/status/snap-ebt

Instead of debating if the shutdown will resolve by the end of the month, this thread is for discussion of what might be done to encourage niggers in the most favorable direction for white people? Waiting in line at the local food pantry zoo to pick up a "harvest box" is not racist.

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H.Res 41

=RESOLUTION: Rejecting White nationalism and White supremacy.=

Whereas, on January 10, 2019, Representative Steve King was quoted as asking, “White nationalist, white supremacist, Western civilization—how did that language become offensive?”;

Whereas a 2006 Federal Bureau of Intelligence (FBI) assessment defined a White supremacist as follows: “White supremacists believe that the white race is superior to all other races and was created to rule them. They view non-whites as subhuman and usually refer to them in derogatory terms”;

Whereas the same 2006 FBI intelligence assessment defined a White nationalist as follows: “To be a white nationalist is to be pro-white. The domestic white nationalist movement seeks to promote, honor, and defend the white race [THIS IS WRONG GOY]. They believe the white race is under attack from Jewish interests [IT IS] that dominate the government (referred to as the Zionist Occupied Government, or ZOG), the media, banking, and entertainment industries and act to the detriment of the white race. White nationalists view multiculturalism, diversity, and illegal immigration as direct assaults on the white race and race-mixing as akin to white genocide [ALL TRUE]. They hope to appeal to mainstream whites, believing that the majority of white people do not understand the imminent or long-term threat to their race. Many contend that a race war, often referred to as RAHOWA, or Racial Holy War, is a certainty”;

Whereas White supremacy and White nationalism are contrary to the ideals of the United States of America, which was established according to the principle stated in the Declaration of Independence that all men are created equal, a principle that was updated in 1848 in Seneca Falls, New York, to include all people; [Niggers are not people]

Whereas while our country has often fallen short of these ideals, patriotic Americans have sought to form a more perfect Union by rejecting White nationalism and White supremacy, embracing inclusive patriotism, and welcoming immigrants from across the globe who have continuously enriched our Nation;


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[Warning to Christcucks]: Take Your Christian Crap Somewhere Else.

No Sympathy For Law-Breaking Christcucks

Around November 17, John Allen Chau was reportedly killed by members of the Sentinelese tribe in India’s Andaman and Nicobar islands after he attempted to “declare Jesus” to them. The 26-year-old American has been widely criticised, including for potentially exposing the tribe to deadly pathogens and violating Indian law by trespassing on a prohibited island.

All Nations, a missionary organisation based in Kansas City, Missouri, supported Chau as he planned this fatal voyage. The website for All Nations claims that every year, its representatives train around 3,500 missionaries in 35 cities to learn “church planting,” so that “churches rapidly multiply through people groups” across the world.


The Sentinelese people targeted by the slain evangelist John Allen Chau are probably the most isolated of the world’s remaining remote tribes, and they are keen to stay that way. They shoot arrows to warn off anyone who approaches their island, and attack those, like Chau, who ignore their warnings.

It was not always this way. When Europeans first made contact with the Sentinelese, the British naval commander Maurice Vidal Portman described them in 1899 as “painfully timid.” But the profound shift is not hard to explain. Tribes like the Sentinelese have learned to associate outsiders with the ghastly violence and deadly diseases brought by European colonization.

British colonial excesses whittled down the aboriginal population of the Andaman Islands, which includes North Sentinel Island, from more than two dozen tribes 150 years ago to just four today. The tribes that escaped genocide at the hands of the colonizers did so largely by fleeing to the deepest and most inaccessible parts of jungles.

It is illegal – and punishable by a prison sentence – for outsiders to enter India’s tribal reserves. Yet Chau dodged Indian laws and coastal security, according to his own diary accounts, to make repeated forays into North Sentinel over three days – an arduous effort that was facilitated by a Kansas City-based missionary agency, which trained him for his journey. The Sentinelese killed him only after he ignored repeated warnings to stop trespassing.

But the threat to the Sentinelese people – and, indeed, all isolated tribes – is far from neutralized, as some have taken Chau’s death as an opportunity to argue that we should reverse the policies protecting isolated tribes. And while some have good intentions – to provide access to modern technology, education, and health care – others do not. For example, Brazil’s new far-right president, Jair Bolsonaro, has threatened to repeal constitutional safeguards for aboriginal lands in order to expand developers’ access to the Amazon, the world’s largest rainforest.

Indigenous people are an essential element of cultural diversity and ecological harmony, not to mention a biological treasure for scientists seeking to reconstruct evolutionary and migratory histories. The least the world can do is to let them live in peace in the ancestral lands that they have honored and preserved for centuries.


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China Sentences Jewish-Canadian Meth Smuggler to Death

(((Robert Lloyd Schellenberg))) was originally given a 15-year jail term in 2018 but after an appeal the court said the sentence was too lenient.

>Canada condemned the latest ruling. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said: "It is of extreme concern to us as a government, as it should be to all our international friends and allies, that China has chosen to begin to arbitrarily apply the death penalty, as in this case facing a Canadian."

>China was angered by the arrest of Ms Meng, 46, the daughter of Huawei's founder, and the case has soured its relations with both Canada and the US. She was granted bail in December. China has since detained two Canadian nationals, accusing them of endangering national security.

>(((Schellenberg))), who is believed to be 36, was arrested in 2014 and accused of planning to smuggle almost 500lb (227kg) of methamphetamine from China to Australia. He was sentenced to 15 years in prison in November 2018. But following an appeal, a high court in the north-eastern city of Dalian on Monday sentenced the Canadian national to death.

>The court also ruled that all of his financial assets must be confiscated. "I am not a drug smuggler. I came to China as a tourist," (((Schellenberg))) said just before the verdict was announced, the AFP news agency reports. He has 10 days to appeal.

>"All I can really say at this moment is, it is our worst case fear confirmed," his aunt, Lauri Nelson-Jones, told the BBC via email. "Our thoughts are with Robert at this time. It is rather unimaginable what he must be feeling and thinking. It is a horrific, unfortunate, heartbreaking situation. We anxiously anticipate any news regarding an appeal."

>China has denied that it is using its legal system to take hostages as bargaining chips in the Huawei case. But for whatever reason China has suddenly begun working hard to push Schellenberg's case to international prominence, taking the highly unusual step of inviting foreign journalists into the court, the BBC's John Sudworth in Beijing reports.

>And despite the Canadian's insistence that he is innocent, his retrial lasted just a day, with his death sentence coming barely an hour after its conclusion, our correspondent says.



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Paganism and Cultural Appropriation

This is becoming an enormous problem.

The largest problem of course are non-Whites adopting European paganism as their religion, and for some reason many Whites tolerate this. The less talked about problem is Europeans culturally appropriating pagan traditions from other European countries (ex. Italians practicing Wotanism). Neither of these things are okay and we need to begin calling this out when we see it.


>Neo-paganism has practices stemming from worldwide religions and cultures. Yet the majority of founding practitioners were white and of European-descent. Many of the stories, tools, deities, and modalities neo-pagans and witches draw upon are wildly culturally diverse, perhaps even global. Here we must acknowledge that the components of the religion do not culturally match its representatives. Increasingly, neo-paganism is growing more diverse in membership. As a result, we all will encounter the impacts of intersectionality to an increased degree.

>As neo-paganism grew, the tendency to appropriate was embedded and grew, too. Despite growing cultural awareness, appropriation has thrived. Folks took from what they saw as a “buffet” of religious sacraments, crafts, stories, deities, tools, and spiritual practices, and put it on their personal plate of paganism or tradition. It seemed so long as the components were arranged in a pentacle and the directions were called – it all was par for course.

>However, in recent years, the term “cultural appropriation” has become a regular, commonly understood concept by an increasing number of pagans and witches. It is applicable to everyday and magical practice. As many are fond of saying, “what happens between the worlds, changes all the worlds.” This is especially true when our magic and sacred space is devised with actions and names we’ve stolen or adapted to fit our needs, regardless of greater impact on the religious and cultural agency of others.

>For Pagans, agreement on what is cultural appropriation can be elusive and divisive. Cultural appropriation is not difficult to understand.

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Financial solidarity for America First Patriots

Richanon here, won’t disclose what I do or give out a guesstimate of how much I make, but I will say that I financially support guys like Nick Fuentes and other AF patriots who have the right idea. I’m likely not the only anon who has plenty of fuck you money that can be used for supporting pro-Trump patriots, so if you’re like me, help a fellow white man out and put your money in the right places. If you’re not like me, that’s fine. Work your way to the top of whatever line of work you’re in, get a high salary, keep yourself presentable and likable wherever you are and help contribute to the cause.

Remember that the kikes have billions in fuck you money alone and that in order for us to have a shot, we need to be financially secure and making some serious bank. Don’t give up hope, anons. I know you can do it.

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Chinese student crucifies rat

WTF is wrong with bug people? Can we just nuke China already?


R: 488 / I: 197 / P: 2 [R] [G] [-]

Boycott Proctor and Gamble




>Gillette has a new take on "The Best a Man Can Get" in a campaign from Grey that tackles bullying, sexism and #MeToo, laying responsibility on men to be better.

>"Is this the best a man can get?" a voiceover asks with an ironic tone as a gang of bullies chases a victim through a screen showing a vintage ad for the razor brand. The new work marks the 30th anniversary of the tagline, originally introduced in the 1989 Super Bowl ad depicted.

>"Men need to hold other men accountable," says Terry Crews, a sexual assault victim and former pitchman for Gillette's Procter & Gamble Co. sibling Old Spice in testimony before Congress used in the long-form video. That's essentially the message of the "We Believe" ad, which introduces a new variant of the tagline "The Best Men Can Be." Short form 30- and 6-second versions will also begin running online Monday.

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Death Squad kills with Bolsonaro's Blessings

He did it, the madman…

The photos and video at this link (below) tell a vivid story of fatality.


Brazil biggest drug trafficker shot dead


"They captured (dead and bloody) one of the country's biggest drug traffickers in Brazil, for which purpose Bolsonaro authorized in person the maximum use of the police force available to him, because although the police knew that (the Drug Lord) moved freely anywhere, he always traveled with his own security and a heavily armed and armed convoy that had repelled more than 50 attempts to capture him. Only one helicopter, one soldier of the army's artillery and one M134D machine gun … sufficed."

I'm hoping Bosonaro moves on to Leftists or illegal immigrants crashing Brazil's border next.

Let the Games begin

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Trump Derangement Syndrome gets clinical diagnosis

You've met them all before. There even here on this board now, pretending to fit in, hiding their affliction inside layers of defense mechanisms and knee-jerk reactions. Yes, the deranged trump hater, suffering from the terminal illness of

Trump Derangement Syndrome

> Recent work in neuropsychology and evolutionary psychology have provided new insights into how we think, emote, behave and relate as infants and toddlers interacting with our earliest caretakers.

>Unfortunately, some individuals who do not complete this difficult task well enough develop personality disturbances that cause significant impairment in coping with life’s challenges. Many of these disturbances are formally catalogued by psychiatrists as personality disorders, but occasionally such impairments get labeled informally by laypersons as “derangement syndromes.”

>One such syndrome has been especially prominent since the 2016 presidential election. Certain kinds of reactions to the victor of that event have earned the label Trump Derangement Syndrome, or TDS. A close look at it can be instructive

>Like past versions (Bush Derangement Syndrome, for example), the TDS is notable for its intense subjective distress. Persons suffering from a TDS experience high levels of agitation and fear about their own safety and about future prospects for a good life.

>What is most striking in these syndromes, however, is not the quality and degree of emotional upset. What is most striking is the extent to which individuals suffering from the syndrome distort their perceptions of real world events, especially events in economic, social and political realms.

>Most prominent among those distortions is the intensely negative bias in perceptions of America in general, and of Donald Trump in particular. According to TDS sufferers, neither Trump nor America can do anything good economically, socially or politically, and neither has redeeming features.

>https :// www.wnd.com/2018/09/psychiatrist-trump-derangement-syndrome-is-real-and-serious/


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Self-improvement thread

We need to self-improve ourselves!

Aryan woman and her co-host gives the secret to becoming successful and having the life every Aryan man deserves.'''

The quick version is this:

Focus on doing things that feel good right now AND will make you successful later. Then focus on things that will make you successful later BUT don't feel that good right now.

The secret of our success is simply this, all we need to do is follow her advise. FORGET about the 20/80 rule about white women and hypergamy, this is all a social construct. DO YOU REALLY BELIEVE WHITE WOMEN ACT LIKE THAT? NO! They are pure and we need to help them it's our duty.

R: 54 / I: 29 / P: 2 [R] [G] [-]

Is Vladimir Putin based or is he controlled by (((them)))?

Something I've been pondering, it's a bit tricky. Obviously he has amicable relations with Israel but his Middle Eastern vision directly collides with "The Greater Israel" doctrine of hard-line right wing Zionists. Is Putin a crypto Jew controlled in a kleptocracy or is he Based?

R: 265 / I: 97 / P: 2 [R] [G] [-]

We are organizing into groups of twenty

We meet at Tim Hortons on Sunday

We use veiled speech and no symbols

We use these meetings as informal recruiting and vetting.

We wear green hats. Join us

R: 14 / I: 64 / P: 2 [R] [G] [-]

White Victims of Black Crime - Thread #009: So many feels

White Victims of Black Crime - Thread #009: So many feels

My Manifesto https://pastebin.com/acSwtnf4

Previous Thread Archives:

Thread #001 - https://archive.is/KFcLQ https://archive.fo/bFF3m

Thread #002 - https://archive.fo/C9Ozg

Thread #003 - https://archive.fo/BBlBk

Thread #004 - https://archive.fo/khxOq This thread was deleted, not even anchored, hours after I made it.

Thread #005 - https://archive.is/tKsjv

Thread #006 - https://archive.is/S4Fzd https://web.archive.org/web/20181009023100/https://8ch.net/pol/res/11999740.html

Thread #007 - https://archive.fo/FKAvx

Thread #008 - https://archive.is/D5zh3 https://web.archive.org/web/20190115074239/https://8ch.net/pol/res/12457127.html

Downloads https://pastebin.com/Lgs1mAhp

This contains links to all of my graphics (loose & .7z archives), as well as videos & pdfs that I've created. This link will stay the same, but the text in the pastebin will change to reflect newer uploads. Of note, is that I upload my graphics to my Mega.nz account. This allows me to update the files, but the links will stay the same. Also included, are loose downloads of my White Victims of Illegal Aliens, White Victims of South African Crime, and White Victims of Multiculturalism series.


I post my lastest graphics to these accounts:






https://www.bitchute.com/channel/6ELXmYCkaFC6/ <-This contains the videos relating to each case. Not every video is linked to in the infographics.

https://www.bitchute.com/video/OaBmzBO6hH2T/ White Victims of Black Crime - Lost Children v4. This is a good video to show people.

https://mega.nz/#F!GaBxkCDQ!UxpqZPv_bMgx4gxHck8D2A My Manifesto - An audio version of my manifesto created with a TTS engine. It's 23 minutes long.

https://www.minds.com/groups/profile/771078656633085952 - White Genocide Awareness Project on Minds - More posts along the lines of what I post. Lots of info about White Genocide going on worldwide

I'm the creator of the White Victims of Black Crime Infographics series. In

this thread I will be posting all of my current infographics as I make them.

However, in order to build up a buffer of new infographics to keep this thread

bumped with fresh OC (and not just much-appreciated bump posts), I will first

post my previous infographics.

Here is a single infographic to start out the thread. The rest will be in

numerical order, but I like to highlight a particular case in my OP.

If you haven't read the previous threads, then I must warn you that this thread

will likely make you rage. This is normal.



June 2, 2016

Location: Twin Falls,ID

Victim(s): Jayla 5 (survived)

Attacker(s): 2 refugees from Eritrea, 1 from Iraq. Ages 14,10, & 7

Description: What officially happened has been sealed by Judge Thomas Borresen. Witnesses (see article) and people who have talked to the family, have stated that they stripped her naked, sexually assaulted her, and urinated on her, all the while recording the attack on a cellphone.

Archive.is Link(s):

https://archive.is/Gw4ZP Attackers plead guilty. One defendant pleaded guilty to felony sexual exploitation of a child & misdemeanor battery. The second defendant pleaded guilty to aiding & abetting felony lewd conduct & aiding & abetting misdemeanor battery. The third boy pleaded guilty to accessory to the commission of a felony.

https://archive.is/Ctl8k The case is sealed & even the victim’s own family isn’t allowed to say anything about the sentences other than they are “unhappy” with it.


R: 15 / I: 1 / P: 2 [R] [G] [-]


Sphere is a book written by Michael Chichton about a submarine crew of scientists who discover an alien ship deep in the ocean. On this ship, there is nothing except a mysterious sphere. Without going into detail about the plot, they basically end up killing themselves and one another because the things they feared were manifested through their actions.

We all know the glowniggers are everywhere watching everything. Supposedly because they’re afraid of “radicals.” Ironically, in the process of their paranoid behavior they, along with their kike overlords have deplatformed us all to various containment boards where we share information and discuss deep truths.

In the process of forcing us out of the digital public square, we’ve been forced out of our usual activities and been forced to discuss things we otherwise would have never taken an interest in. The “all I wanted to do was play video games” meme is a great explanation of this.

So here we all sit, utilizing time and resources that would have otherwise been spent on vidya, digging into deep truths and spreading them into the normiesphere. This, in turn, creates more hatred for glowniggers and has brought the JQ into the contemporary American mind.

Had the filthy kikes left us alone, we’d have never given a shit. But thanks to their paranoia, we now have an army of people worldwide who know the truth and who are getting more and more fed up with their bullshit every day.

This will ultimately push people out of the shadows and into the public and literally manifest the very thing they feared and tried to prevent.

R: 168 / I: 58 / P: 2 [R] [G] [-]

Netflix is subverting white children AGAIN.

Netflix is a well know marxist propaganda tube but this time they' re crossing the very red line…

>Their new original series - 'Sex Education' is an embodiment of everything white culture was against - in this series directed towards our youth they promote degeneracy in its worst - homosexuality, miscegenation, white guilt, lack of authority, drugs and anti-gun narration.

You can see a glance of this disgusting anti white propaganda on Netflix YouTube channel. Viewer discretion is advised.


I count on you guys to help me with redpilling in the comments section as well as turning the like to dislike ratio in our favor.

R: 33 / I: 17 / P: 2 [R] [G] [-]



I'm trying to compile a list of malpractice that happened in 2018 in America to see if there's a link between diversity hires and malpractice I know there is. I need as many sources of malpractice and I was wondering if there was some database I could access or if I was going to have to crawl through the internet to find all the sources that I needed.

If you could help me, that would be great.

R: 254 / I: 63 / P: 2 [R] [G] [-]

Memory Holed Topics General

Let's discuss a few topics that people stopped researching after they got too spooked, literally or figuratively

1. Day Assange Killed (DAK) - October 2016

2. Myziam on halfpol

3. "Real" ayy selfie

4. That UFO researcher guy who puked up black liquid

5. Clinton Bodycount/Lock Her Up

Did I miss any? Have any comments?

Post what you remember, or links to archives and relevant content here.

R: 417 / I: 129 / P: 3 [R] [G] [-]


Support capital punishment for pornographers!


Pornkikes kvetch on twitter at propaganda presumably the work of Iron March stating that we the people should call for death penalty for pornographers a punishment too light for their crimes tbh, then subsequently get called filthy jews by twitterfags.

All in all, good times had by nazis everywhere, a message we should all endorse.

Post any pornographic jew redpills ITT.


Kikes use porn as a biological weapon against Palesetinians


R: 233 / I: 45 / P: 3 [R] [G] [-]

Kike major stabbed to death in revenge

The major of Danzig (((Pawel Adamowicz))) got murdered by a goy he put into prison as revenge.

Video footage of the incident shows the assailant addressing the crowd from a microphone on the stage. He is reported as saying: “Hello! Hello! My name is Stefan. I sat innocent in prison, I sat innocent in prison. Civic Platform tortured me, and that’s why Adamowicz is dead.”


Maybe Poland anons can she more light into the back story?

R: 284 / I: 72 / P: 3 [R] [G] [-]

Listen, all vidya today is shit, simply the presence of leftist politics is enough to make people unsatisfied by them, so the plan is this:

1. /pol/ will find a way to collaborate on the creation of video games.

2. /pol/ will not make a game that contains any politics whatsoever, instead they will simply focus on making a game that is good enough to become very popular, /pol/ will continue making games.

3. In small increments, /pol/itics will be inserted into the games, the increases in dosage will be small and gradual, just like the increasing prevalence of leftists politics into media had been since the Jews first took over, we have to start at the beginning and move at the same pace, but the sooner we start, the sooner we can grow - we are borrowing their tactics for our own cause because those are the techniques that have been shown to be most effective.

4. we must camouflage ourselves as much as possible, this means covering up the political orientations and beliefs of our public personas, so as to not taint the company making the games, a company which should also not be seen to have any clear political element to it, and is instead apolitical and focused on making fun games in a landscape devoid of them. Most of us already have experience with living double lives, so I hope it won't be too much to ask.

5. when politics is being placed into a work, the best refuge is to hide within fiction, set it in a fictional world, make no statements, but simply make it possible for the reader to interpret political meaning from non-literal speech (allusions, allegories, etc.) this should be simple for the more learned and traditional among you, as that is the same way mythology and folklore spreads it's message, this includes the bible, and cautionary tales told to the children of the Hitler's Germany.

6. an overdose on redpills produces a violent reaction, tolerance must be built, the analogy of frogs in water might be relevant here.

R: 7 / I: 2 / P: 3 [R] [G] [-]




The Leaf Shall Rise Again!

The The Underground Railroad Coal!

Password are Strong

R: 62 / I: 4 / P: 3 [R] [G] [-]

Halfwit Yid Macron Opens the Floodgates

Macron is attempting to appease the masses by initiating a public forum on the topics below. Questions and criticisms can also be put forth online (couldn't find a link).


>France’s “yellow vest” protests, now in their ninth week and showing no signs of stopping, have put president Emmanuel Macron in the unusual position of having to ask for help.

>The typically self-assured president has tried different strategies to appease the yellow-vest movement—to no avail. Now, he is trying something new. In an open letter to French people published in national newspapers today, Macron announced a nationwide consultation that will run until March 15, allowing people to air their grievances online and in local mayors’ offices. To kickstart the debate, he asked fellow citizens 20 big questions—and pledged to listen to their answers.

>The questions, separated into four main categories, apply to any country struggling with economic inequality, austerity, the role of the state, climate change, and democracy.


>The first topic deals with our taxes, our expenses and public action.

>The second subject on which we must make decisions is the organization of the state and public authorities.

>The ecological transition is the third theme, essential to our future.

>Finally, it is clear that the period that our country is going through shows that we need to give more strength to democracy and citizenship.

We will now enter a larger phase and you will be able to participate in debates near your home or express yourself on the internet to put forward your proposals and your ideas.

R: 31 / I: 2 / P: 3 [R] [G] [-]

NXIVM pyramid scheme video. red pill the comment section.

Philip DeCuckold did a news video about NXIVM this morning. It's a bit of a deep dive. How long until he is suicided? Isn't Stormy Daniels a member of this cult?

R: 717 / I: 86 / P: 3 [R] [G] [-]


Post bands that channel your anger, your thoughts, your redpills.

We will take control

Of this abortion called society

I despise the mediocrity

Inject the system with something new

A social terror to lead the few

Why call it the land of the free?

Political banter if you ask me

Diffusing a problem, the question is how

With imminent conflict, the answer starts now

I can say

We're not the answer to the world's decay

Here to say

We're just the ones who won't go away

We will take control

Of this disaster called society

I despise the mediocrity

So now I'm going to introduce

A social terror that's on the loose

I am the propaganda war machine

The face of fury and obscenity

So when society has gone astray

I'll be the one to pave the way

They'll never fuck with my reality

'Cause this right here to me is unity

When all is done we'll have always shown

A domination that was never known

We will take control

Of this abortion called society

I despise the mediocrity

We are the torch that lights the fuse

A social terror with nothing to lose

R: 711 / I: 401 / P: 3 [R] [G] [-]



R: 258 / I: 91 / P: 3 [R] [G] [-]

Brit- Brexit vote thread...

No Brits with their trip fagging allowed. Update:

-May expected to lose big

-Corbyn expected to call no confidence vote by weekend

-Vote ongoing, results in 20-30



R: 157 / I: 65 / P: 3 [R] [G] [-]

The rapping industry

/pol/ Let me tell you the truth

The rapping industry is under the firm boot of satanic hollywood through brutal murder and mischeif all to serve ZOG

Tupac, Eminem Before Murder, Biggie Smalls, Easy E, XXXTENTACION, Tekashi69 All of these murdered by ZOG, in the case of Eminem cloned and murdrered, Tekashi soon to be gone

Establishment -

Dr Dre, Snoop Dog, Drake, Eminem after cloning Serving the will of Zog, Spreading degeneracy where they go, Homosexuality Anti Racism Leftism Transexuality these are the Good Boy Rappers of Hollywood and directly murdered and replaced all of the Rappers above

>Eminem - Taken out by the Glows And cloned to Obey the will of Zog

>Tupac - Taken out by the Glows ¨

>XXXTentacion - Taken out by Drake

>Easy E - Taken out by DR DRE, Through sniping of the HIV Virus by Dart

>Tekashi69 - Taken out by Glows

>Biggie smalls - Taken out By Glows +

R: 312 / I: 128 / P: 3 [R] [G] [-]

Deutsch/pol/ Nr.220 - Burg Münzenberg Edition


German Mainstream Politicians Suffer Major Data Hack

>Online hackers have released a massive collection of data that includes personal information, such as phone numbers, addresses and more of German mainstream politicians as well as others in the German political scene.


German Populist Party Office Targeted By Bombing

>A party office belonging to the populist Alternative for Germany (AfD) in the city of Döbeln was bombed with the State Criminal Police Office (LKA) stating they believe the attack to be politically motivated.


German Interior Minister Demands Tougher Asylum Laws After ‘Orgy of Violence’ Mob Attack

>German Federal Interior Minister Horst Seehofer has demanded stricter legislation on asylum seekers after a mob of migrants attacked and injured a dozen people in Amberg on Saturday.


Austria Withdraws Support from EU Army Project

>Austria’s defence minister has said his nation will not be involved in the developing pan-European army, a pet project of leading globalists like Germany’s Angela Merkel and France’s Emmanuel Macron, saying the continent should concentrate on cooperation, not integration.


Austrian Vice Chancellor Proposes Full Halt on Granting Turks Citizenship

>Austrian Vice Chancellor and leader of the populist Freedom Party (FPÖ) Heinz-Christian Strache has proposed halting all citizenship applications for Turks after a court ruling refused to let the government strip the citizenship of dual nationals.


Poll-shock: 45 percent of Germans mistrust the judiciary

>Do Germany's courts treat everyone equally? Judge judges in Berlin as hard as in Munich? We have asked thousands of people across the country how they judge our judiciary - and sometimes received alarming answers.

https://archive.fo/3c8TL (en) + https://archive.fo/WKiRg (de)


EU’s Importance Wanes as German Economy Shrinks, Loses Business Confidence

>A closely watched survey shows increasing pessimism among German businesses.


Winner of CNN’s ‘Journalist of the Year’ Award Faked Stories for Years

>German magazine Der Spiegel apologised to readers on Wednesday for publishing “invented stories” and content with “distorted facts” by one of its reporters. It identified Claas Relotius, a recent winner of CNN’s “Journalist of the Year” award, as confessing to the production of fake news.


R: 16 / I: 7 / P: 3 [R] [G] [-]

Get woke, go broke

Why do companies do this? Serious analysis please. Who makes these decisions / why? Do they infiltrate the company / how? What do people in the company who disagree do / why do they seemingly do nothing? How do these companies respond to backlash and loss of profits? Do they learn from each other when these disasters happen, or not and why?

R: 104 / I: 14 / P: 3 [R] [G] [-]

Ring Zero Access

I heard that the Israeli government, NSA, and other intelligence agencies have “ring zero” access to all computers in the US. As I understand it, this is the same thing as having a backdoor into the computer, where basically everything on the computer is accessible regardless of encryption, etc. I am very concerned about this, because it basically means that there is absolutely no chance of privacy whatsoever if nothing is done to change this. This would apply even for cryptocurrency. No cryptocurrency is private when used on these backdoored computers.

I have heard that Russia is aware of this and has been intentionally designing and manufacturing computers that prevent this ring zero access. Is this true?

Are these computers available to purchase?

I can’t seem to find much on this issue. Can you share any redpills you have on this issue. Thanks.

R: 389 / I: 52 / P: 3 [R] [G] [-]


>President Donald Trump said Friday he is not looking to declare a State of Emergency to fund the wall, despite restating his right to do so.

>“What we are not looking to do right now is ‘national emergency.’ In many ways it’s the easy way out,” he told reporters at a roundtable with law enforcement at the White House.

>The president repeated that he had a right to declare a national emergency at the Southern border.

>“The easiest solution is for me to call is a national emergency, I could do it very quickly,” he said. “But I’m not going to do so fast because this is something Congress should do we are waiting for the Democrats to vote.”

Trump made his comments as many Congressional Democrats left town for the weekend.

>Sen. Lindsey Graham publicly called upon the president to declare a State of Emergency on Thursday, echoing many of Trump’s supporters.

>Congressional Democrat leaders remain staunchly opposed to giving in to Trump’s demands for funding for security at the Southern border as the partial government shutdown continues for the 2oth day.

>“I’d rather not do it because this is something that Congress should easily do, and I don’t want to give them an easy way out,” he said. “I want the Democrats to come back to Washington and vote.”


>"It would be too easy, goy!"

Holy shit. What a shameless parasite.

R: 58 / I: 26 / P: 3 [R] [G] [-]

Creepy Porn Actress: "Salvini raped me"

Porn star Valentina Nappi accuses Interior Minister Matteo Salvini of rape:



Now the anti-Salvini chorus also joins the porn star Valentina Nappi. With a post-choc on Instagram, the porn actress appears in a photo with an eloquent caption "I was 'raped' by Salvini". Then, still in the post on Instagram the same Nappi explains the reason for this "complaint" that in a few hours has been circling around the web: "I was 'raped' by Salvini."

R: 205 / I: 55 / P: 4 [R] [G] [-]

Operation /ourgal/

Since Trump is not likely to face any serious competition in the 2020 primaries (and even if he does, we can blow those low-energy cucks out easily), I propose that we focus our considerable meming power on boosting Rep. Tulsi Gabbard in the primary battle against Crooked Pocahontas and Ol' Pedo Joe.

Tulsi is Ron-Paul tier on foreign policy, better even than Trump. Promoting Tulsi will strike a direct blow against the crooked Kikes.

R: 61 / I: 18 / P: 4 [R] [G] [-]

Richard Scarry's famous children's books have been updated to make them politically correct

Richard Scarry's famous children’s books have been updated to make them more acceptable for modern audiences.

These changes reflect how our society has evolved since the 1950s by excluding stereotypes and implementing gender equality.



R: 201 / I: 126 / P: 4 [R] [G] [-]

Vaccine Skepticism In Australia Now Punishable By 10 Years In Jail

>Australian nurses and midwives who dare to speak out against the dangers of vaccinations on social media or in person will be prosecuted, the Australian government has warned, urging members of the public to report vaccine skeptics to the authorities.

>Medical professional face a jail sentence of 10 years for expressing doubt about the effectiveness of vaccinations or urging further studies into vaccine safety. Opponents of the new law claim free speech and scientific integrity is under attack in Australia by a government that has been bought and paid for by Big Pharma.

>“With no exceptions we expect all registered nurses, enrolled nurses and midwives to use the best available evidence in making practice decisions. This includes providing information to the public about public health issues,” Chair of the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia (NAMBLA) Dr. Lynette Cusack said in a statement.

>The NAMBLA has called on Australians to report nurses or midwives promoting anti-vaccination – ‘anti-vaxxers’, as they’re known colloquially.

“The board will consider whether the nurse or midwife has breached their professional obligations and will treat these matters seriously,” the statement said.

>“Any published anti-vaccination material and/or advice which is false, misleading or deceptive which is being distributed by a registered nurse, enrolled nurse or midwife (including via social media) may also constitute a summary offence under the National Law and could result in prosecution by AHPRA [Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency.]”

>One of the strongest supporters of vaccination, Victoria’s Health Minister Jill Hennessy, has no time for parents who believe vaccine safety requires further study in order to ensure they are safe for our children.

>Describing vaccine skeptics as “brain dead sheep“, the politician said:

>“They are an organized movement, largely stemming from the United State of America that are hell bent on misleading parents that vaccinations are unsafe.

>“That’s a dangerous message and one I’m going to continue to fight. Vaccinations save lives,” the minister concluded.

According to the new laws, parents who don’t immunize their kids may stop receiving childcare benefits. Only people with solid medical reasons are exempt from the crackdown.


R: 38 / I: 21 / P: 4 [R] [G] [-]

BOMBSHELL: Ethyl mercury in vaccines 50 times MORE TOXIC than methyl mercury in fish – Scientific research destroys industry parroted myth

>The biggest lies are the ones most likely to be believed, and that’s why the CDC Immunization Safety Office keeps posting on their “fact sheets” that “thimerosal in vaccines is not harmful to children” and “the evidence is clear: thimerosal is not a toxin…” – despite mountains of qualified research that prove otherwise.

>A few CDC-funded hoax studies run by fraudulent scientists (who have already been caught fabricating and destroying data) regurgitate the same falsehoods over and over in order to silence thimerosal critics and to allegedly “dispel the myths” about the dangers of vaccines – the very ones that contain the most toxic non-radioactive element on Earth.

>The pro-vaccine ghouls at the CDC claim thimerosal (ethyl mercury) is just a preservative and helps make immunizations “safe and effective,” but it’s really about cost-effectiveness, and not about safety at all. Multi-dose influenza shots are loaded with deadly mercury, and the vaccine community avoids the topic altogether, just spewing the same slogan lies that are spoon-fed to them by the CDC goons.

>You see, when dozens of different needles are jabbed through the latex rubber stoppers into the same vial of multi-strain influenza serum, it’s very easy for that concoction to become contaminated with bacteria, so the CDC chooses the cheapest way to address that problem, and that’s mercury.

?Meanwhile, autism cases have skyrocketed in the past 20 years from 1 in every 10,000 kids to 1 in every 50. The CDC highly recommends flu shots for pregnant women and six-month-young infants, while saying that newborn babies shouldn’t get the mercury-loaded jabs until they’re six months old. Really?

>The power of the elements: Discover Colloidal Silver Mouthwash with quality, natural ingredients like Sangre de Drago sap, black walnut hulls, menthol crystals and more. Zero artificial sweeteners, colors or alcohol. Learn more at the Health Ranger Store and help support this news site.

>How is the baby in the womb less susceptible to deadly neurotoxins than a newborn, and how is a 6-month-young infant safe all of the sudden? None of it makes any sense, and the dumbed-down masses that are punch drunk on flu shots, fluoridated water and canola oil can’t rationalize at all, nor find the real research to know the difference.

Thimerosal is composed of about 50% ethyl mercury and has been clearly implicated as a dangerous neurotoxin

Ethyl mercury in the form of thimerosal was tested on mice that experienced spontaneous systemic autoimmune disease with high mortality from just 5 mg of thimerosal put in their drinking water and spread out over 7 weeks. Even more thimerosal is used in vaccines around the world. The CDC claims to have removed it from childhood vaccines, but that’s just another huge lie that’s been regurgitated for nearly 20 years.


R: 576 / I: 162 / P: 4 [R] [G] [-]

Druid/pol/ #0027 YULE II -TRAIN & TRIBULATION edition


I bid you welcome in the manner to which we have become accustomed to our most portentous vicesima septima thread. This thread is auspicious indeed because it falls on the Winter Solstice Night! Alban Arthan is upon us and is cause for celebrations as we make our offerings to the Druids, to Cernunnos and to the spirits of our ancestors.

Tonight is the darkest night of the year and the old axion holds true…

>"Its always darkest before the dawn"

Darkest night will eventually give way to light as the inevitable and unbreakable cycle continues.

The waves of censorship and oppression we endure may seem depressing, even blackpilling but take heart that it is but a temporal state of affairs and even now a reaction is brewing. Hard times shall breed hardened men and those with the foresight to see shall fare the best. Although now we live through blackest night, we stand at the cusp of a life affirming new dawn - a Glorious New Order!

The nationalistic Current grows stronger every day, fueled by resentment and righteous indignation. The karmic backlash the globalists are harvesting for themselves will soon begin to strike its righteous vengeance upon those who have transgressed in the face of good & the natural order. Soon our dark night of the soul shall pass and a new day shall dawn.

This threads governing arcana is that of the V card - The Hierophant.

Symbolically the Hierophant (who is a representation of an enlightened priestly class) is seen seated on a throne between two pillars symbolizing law and liberty or obedience and disobedience. He bears a triple crown, and the keys to the Heavens are at his feet.

The Hierophant stands for tradition and convention. He can represent marriage & he can also represent a teacher or sage who will impart great wisdom to the aspirant.

Upright the card can be interpreted as seeking of counsel/advice, marriage, tradition, religion, learning, amd spiritual guidance.

Reversed the card is indicative of breakdown, rejection of family values, abuse of position, & poor counsel.

Funny how the reverse of the tarot always seems to be so accurately representative of our current traitor class "elite" isnt it lads. This is because they are operating on a qlippothic current - they are the inverse to good, the natural and the normal. Qlippoth is not a stable foundation however and hence, failure on their part in the long run is assured. You can fight nature but never tame it. Sooner or later shes gonna throw a hurricane or volcano or massive earthquake your way and unless you have had the foresight to GTFO out of the danger zone, you are fucked regardless of status and wealth. Let the "elite" enjoy their last days in Pompeii lads, for our Vesuvius is about to blow its top….in minecraft

No governing heavenly body this thread lads because the Hierophant is not really associated with one but rather the Zodiacal sign of Taurus.

On the lodgefront, the lads continue their work and the B.O.N.D continues to expand. We are busy nurturing our Current and spreading it through LOCAL nature (and into the laylines) through our recent operation to spread the B.O.N.D sigil (mainly through carving it into trees). Also we have more nexions springing up all over the world. The B.O.N.Ds roots are growing deep.

As ever the topical newslinks are presented for the readers perusal and delectation

<Britain told to prepare for no deal DOOMSDAY: Thousands of troops on standby, ferries to ship in emergency supplies and millions of families told 'get ready' as ministers activate ALL Brexit backup plans with 101 days to go


<Farage reveals real reason no-deal Brexit is 'horror story' for Europe


<Morocco murders: Three arrested over 'bestial' tourist killings


<Brexit: Cabinet 'ramps up' no-deal planning


Thats all for now lads. Remember to observe the portents, thank the Based Druids, tolerate no tomfoolery and suffer not the xenos nor traitor.



R: 311 / I: 233 / P: 4 [R] [G] [-]

Webm Thread

1:10 onward is really telling, but you should watch it all.

"You'll be wanting to put the all seeing eye on our banknotes next!"

I think Alan Watt is right. The British crown started the American revolution intentionally to control it. It was not just about taxes. Parliament nullified Colonial Scrip, and impoverished many American overnight.

Last thread:


R: 5 / I: 2 / P: 4 [R] [G] [-]


>Be me

>Be racist as fuck

>Be chain smoker alcoholic that has terrible health

>Support organized state violence against another ethnic group in the 1920's

>Try to get other European governments to bow down before mine

>During the 1936 Olympics be quoted saying: “We will force *foreign leader* into war, whether he wants it or not.”

>Want to rule the world

>Start another world war

>Side with the USSR, fuck over Poland and eastern Europe

>Imprison the man leading the anti-war movement advocating for peace in my country and ban his party

>Reject over two dozen proposals of peace

>Sink the French fleet while they weren't even prepared to fight back and kill thousands of men

>Bomb the hell out of Europe killing millions of women and children and further escalating the conflict

>Be quoted saying: "I love this war. I know it's smashing and shattering to the lives of thousands every moment… and yet… I can't help it, I enjoy every second of it."

>Commit genocide and starve millions of people under my rule and laugh it off

>Be Winston Churchill

>Pic unrelated

>Black and tans, famine in India/Bangladesh, imprisoning Oswald Mosley, firebombings of German cities, RAF launched night bombings against German civilian targets while the Luftwaffe had strict orders not to attack civilian targets and only RAF fields for months until Germany switched over to bombing British civilian targets after raid after raid by the British against German civilians

>Also imprison Rudolf Hess who personally flew to Britain to make peace in 1941

R: 129 / I: 26 / P: 4 [R] [G] [-]

The ((Choseness)) of Whites

It seems that in a very general sense each race has its own strengths and weaknesses. Asians are smart but conformist, Blacks are agile but nog, etc etc. However, it seems that whites are the balancing act between various physical, spiritual, and mental traits.

They may not be as schmoozy as jews but make great industrialists/businessmen. They may be a few IQ points lower than the Japs or Hans but are much more creative and individualist (creating more works or art than literally anybody plus allowing scientific innovation). They may not have the twitch fibres of nogs but they produce strong fighters and athletes just the same.

In a sense, whites have been selected for various traits which make them so successful even though they may lack full *power* in any one field.

>Does this sound about right fellas?

R: 97 / I: 28 / P: 4 [R] [G] [-]

GOP punishing Steve King for pro white comments



House Republican leaders removed Representative Steve King of Iowa from the Judiciary and Agriculture Committees on Monday night as party officials scrambled to appear tough on racism and contain damage from comments Mr. King made to The New York Times questioning why white supremacy is considered offensive.

The punishment came on a day when Mr. King was denounced by an array of Republican leaders, though not President Trump. The Senate majority leader, Mitch McConnell, suggested Mr. King find “another line of work” and Senator Mitt Romney said he should quit. And the House Republicans, in an attempt to be proactive, stripped him of the committee seats in the face of multiple Democratic resolutions to censure Mr. King that are being introduced this week.

Those measures would force Republicans to take a stand on the House Democratic majority’s attempt to publicly reprimand one of their own.

R: 14 / I: 2 / P: 4 [R] [G] [-]

The Talpiot Program aka: O'connell's done it

Looks like this is about to become a major international issue, despite the shills trying to bury it (like last thread)

Israel Will Have to Choose Between America and China


In the last two years Israel and China (and Russia) have been BRAGGING of their close relationship (see list if articles at bottom). And NO ONE in the trump administration said a word? What is the significance of this?

Trump must warn Israel on its China trade




How Israel dominates the planets high technology sector.

VIMEO [Main Account] - https://vimeo.com/261809752

The Irishman's done it, i have to give him credit. PS. He was right that all the whining about Nazism, White Genocide etc would never do any damage to the big guys.

R: 138 / I: 19 / P: 4 [R] [G] [-]

5G Cancer Kill Grid

So who else is trying to find and destroy 5G towers when they get put up in your city?

Even if you get caught the news will pick it up and will bring this problem to wider public attention.

It doesnt take much to destroy a cell tower. Just rub a little Gallium on the base and that baby is going timber :)


R: 65 / I: 10 / P: 4 [R] [G] [-]

Not Raped?

So Patterson was charged with murder and kidnapping, but not with rape.

Why did he take her? It still doesn’t make sense to me. At least with people like Ted Bundy and John Wayne Gacy Jr., you knew the gist of their motives (fucked up sexual perversions).

What’s the deal with this guy? Why did he kidnap a girl and just put her under a bed? None of this makes sense to me. Is something bigger and weirder going on here? He confessed so easily, and her escape story reads like a movie script.



>he’s “21”

>almost completely bald

>virtually no online presence

Is this a glownigger scenario? Were her parents sleeper agents? Is this guy just a spook?

R: 81 / I: 18 / P: 4 [R] [G] [-]

France: to save the planet, we must "limit our births" and "better welcome migrants"

Yves Cochet: to save the planet, we must limit our births and better welcome migrants

In an interview with L'Obs, former Environment Minister Yves Cochet proposes measures to encourage fewer children to reduce the ecological cost of the population and to accommodate more migrants. A shock solution for this defender of degrowth, which makes react.

"Let's reverse our policy of encouraging birth rates! In an interview noted in L'Obs magazine dated Jan. 3, Yves Cochet unveils radical solutions to save the planet from climate change . It proposes measures to "make fewer children" and "better welcome migrants who knock on our doors" in order to limit the ecological impact of an ever-increasing world population.

Specifically, the former Minister of the Environment under Lionel Jospin, proposes "to reverse the logic of family allowances" : "The more children you have, the more your allowances decrease until disappearing from the third birth. And to add: "Do not make extra children, it's the first ecological gesture."

"To quantify the effect of our activities on the planet (I), we must take into account the wealth of a population (A), the technology it uses to produce energy and goods (T), but also its size (P) … We can of course act on the factors "wealth" and "technology" , but we must also take into account the demographics. However, it is a truism to say it: to reduce the number of inhabitants on Earth, it is necessary to make fewer children. "

This follower of the theory of the collapse of our societies assumes a "political choice" , assuring that we must "stop multiplying and filling the Earth", contrary to the biblical injunction of growth of the human population.

I do not aim at the poorest countries, which make more children than the others. On the contrary. The rich countries are the first to have to decrease demographically. And adds that birth control would allow us to better accommodate migrants who knock on our doors




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Jordan Peterson set to attend globalist shindig

Jordan Peterson is attending this year's Trilateral Commission, a globalist organization created by Zbigniew Brzezinsky and David Rockefeller. Featured members include George Soros, Henry Kissinger, and Diane Feinstein.


R: 544 / I: 296 / P: 4 [R] [G] [-]

Trump is an israeli pup-

Anti-Trump hasbara BTFO.

Assad won, Iran won. There will be no war.

R: 453 / I: 100 / P: 5 [R] [G] [-]

Federal panel warns of national blackout in EMP attack

>A presidential panel on Thursday called for immediate attention to the imminent threat of a national blackout, lasting possibly six months, from a terrorist or solar attack on the nation’s electric grid.

>Electricity, fuel, clean drinking water, wastewater services, food/refrigeration, emergency medical services, communications capabilities, and some access to financial services have been identified as critical lifeline services that would be needed to sustain local communities and prevent mass migration.


How would /pol/ survive? What are the most vital resources and knowledge to have before it happens?

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The scandal of Forteto (italian wiki)


The infinite scandal of the Forteto of Florence (Panorama)


PD, cooperatives and the Foreto Scandal: where the children were raped


Giorgia Meloni (Leader of Fratelli d'Italia Party): "PD does not want to clarify the Forteto case because they are involved"


Whoever touches the Forteto dies. And Renzi closes his eyes


R: 160 / I: 8 / P: 5 [R] [G] [-]

(((Horror films)))

Has anyone noticed how the quality of horror films has decreased since the 80s and 90s? Take the Saw series for example. Horror movies now rely on cheap jumpscares and gore to achieve a good box office, instead of actual scare factor. Add to the fact that Saw is basically just Yiddish torture porn. This is what Jews basically get off to.

Both vids related. In the first one, it’s a scene from Saw V in where a character named Seth Baxter is strapped to a table and killed by the Pendulum trap. He murdered his girlfriend Angelina Acomb and was sentenced to life, but only spent 5 years before being released due to a technicality. He was kidnapped by Angelina’s brother, Mark Hoffman who killed him in a way to make his death look like the Jigsaw killer was responsible. One thing, I’d like you to notice about this Seth character are his tattoos. He has a Celtic Sun Cross and SS lightning bolts on his body.

In the second video, it’s a scene from Saw VII (or otherwise known as Saw 3D) in where four white supremacists are stuck in the car trap. The man inside the car (played by Chester Bennington from Linkin Park) wakes up, and a tape plays of the Jigsaw killer lecturing him on why racism is bad, before the timer starts and he has to rip his skin off his body to retrieve a lever that would save him and his friends. The time runs out, and the jack from underneath goes down and runs over his girlfriend, a hook attached to the jaw and arms of his friend gets pulled out, disfiguring and dismembering him, the car runs through his second friend, and then the car finally wrecks into another one, throwing the man out of the vehicle, killing him.

This movie, along with many others in the horror series, all carry a hidden political agenda, and they’re all made by morally bankrupt jews. Does anyone on here even watch horror films anymore?



(note that I’m on mobile and tried to use the embed, but it only allowed me to embed one video. Then I downloaded the two videos on documents and tried to upload the files, but it wouldn’t let me do that either, so I’m just leaving the links here instead).

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Wholesome propaganda.

“The most brilliant propagandist technique will yield no success unless one fundamental principle is borne in mind constantly - it must confine itself to a few points and repeat them over and over.”

― Joseph Goebbels

R: 380 / I: 56 / P: 5 [R] [G] [-]


I work in a sort of prison for pedophiles, a civil commitment center to be precise.

There are a whole lot of neat things I've learned, and if any of you have any questions about demographics, pedo habits, pedo psychology, or anything relating to pedophile fucking pieces of shit, here's your chance to ask them and have them answered by someone who is, dare I say it, both based and redpilled.


Kikes are the most statistically overrepresented group of all, coming in at exactly 3975% over what you would expect given their population in my state. They also have the highest victim counts, which is most often by virtue of their infiltrating various trusted professions such as clergymen, boy scout leaders, etc. They also have by far the most stomach-churning case histories, with a few notable instances being, for instance, one wherein a day care owner broke the back of an infant while fucking it and was caught because of it, though the child was his, admittedly, 200th-ish victim, with many previous close calls having come to nothing due to dumb fucking women saying "oh he would never do ___ to my little Timmy it's got to be someone else", etc. They all look exactly like you'd imagine they would, which is to say, they look like fucking yarmulke-wearing typical fucking disgusting hunch-backed ever-lying pieces of shit kikes. They make up exactly 8% of all pedos here. They are also murderers, and one of them is in here for literally drinking baby blood and is being investigated for serial killing. There are a few kikes who are also satanists but they still wear yarmulkes and go to jewish services.

Spics are all family fucking pieces of shit. Their case histories are all basically "So and so fucked his niece/nephew/son/daughter/granddaughter/grandson and impregnated/gave them herpes/nearly killed them in various ways leading to his being caught". Their average IQ is around 80, I'd say. They are lumped in as "white" on statistic-gathering-methods prescribed by the state. You would never be able to tell the difference between an average spic and one that's in here. They account for about 40% of all pedos here.

Niggers are all rapacious retards. Their case histories are like, "this nigger saw some 8-25 year old woman/boy and couldn't restrain themselves so they raped, with varying degrees of violence, and/or murdered them, then got released, and immediately did it again". Their average IQ is around 70. They comprise about 30% of all pedos in here. You'd never be able to tell the difference between a nigger in here and one on the street. Indeed I wonder if there really is a difference.

Whites comprise about 30% of all pedos, though in my state we're about 30% of all people (yes I realize that the total adds up to more than 100%. I only know kikes with absolute certainty. Subtract a few % points here and there to make 100%. And yes my state is very very spicced. It's disgusting and I hate them very much). Their case histories are mostly like "this pedo fucked his babysitting clients/was abused a shit load then fucked teens as a young adult/raped a bunch of women like seriously a shit load/fucked his family friends' kids/touched babies and got caught a few times". They are very obviously fucked up people and you would know it by looking at them.

Also interesting things:

There is a direct correlation between advancing in the program and IQ, which means niggers comprise most of the lower tiered pedos.

Kike run little usury rackets and I love nothing more than setting up traps for them, then busting them and taking their little food stashes and eating them with my friends, punishing the kikes severely for what they did as well.

I make their lives as terrible as I possibly can.

None of them believes they deserve to be in this pseudo prison. They each say shit like "you can't imprison someone for what they might do", when in fact they have a recidivism rate of at least 50%

To be civilly committed, a pedo has to have fucked at least two kids, and be diagnosed with some behavioral disorder or other.

Ask me stuff. I have to go to bed sometime in the next few hours but I'll come back later to answer questions.

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Jewish Blood transfusion farm exposed

Blood Sucking Jews





>Jewish blood transfusion company

>Unlicensed "anti-aging" trials

>Washington D.C. based

>Founder Jesse Karmazin (Juden confirmed)

>Dig for famous Jew clients & connections


R: 16 / I: 0 / P: 5 [R] [G] [-]

Understanding the enemy

ITT we educate our fellow /pol/acks about jews and jewish behavior.

While the jew is pointed out many times, their modes of operation, ways of living and inborn behavior aren't really understood.

Time to get our PhD on the enemy.

Vid is one of the most important ones made so far. The eternal jew.

R: 108 / I: 53 / P: 5 [R] [G] [-]

The Greatest Irony of Modern Marxism: And Why Commies/Leftists Don't Know Themselves

Modern Marxists are unintentionally doing NatSocs a favor, but for all the wrong reasons. Their only use in life is to agitate (((corporations/international bankers))) and fuck up Pissrael's Greater Pissrael plans via BDS along with the "progressive reformists". Anything else and they are just basically following whatever (((capitalistic))) trend (homosexuality, feminism, open borders, race mixing, etc.) they can find and claim it's "woke af and revolutionary" and "essential for the proletariat".

Why can't they just admit that they don't really want Whites extinct? They love and use their inventions, after all. Ungratefulness isn't new for them, but still. Are they actually paper tigers or not?

They're not gonna get their communist "utopia" anytime soon if they keep supporting mass Third World immigration and feminism. Because by Marxist logic this would mean they are detrimental to the proletariat, but they don't think that anymore. They have no reason to support these degenerate things, by which in reality actually sprung up from corporate kikes, unless if they are really this desperate to make themselves look very appealing to anti-White shitskins. They are not truly against (((capitalism))), because if they were they would have never believed in anti-White/anti-rural Jewish academia that mostly has nothing to do with actual Soviet communism.

They have no principals, which is why the Soviets of old would have gunned them all down. Which is also why they are secretly trying to erase whatever Soviet idea they seem to be "racist/bigoted". They used to call supporters of (((multiculturalism))) "rootless cosmopolitans" (but never Jewish because of course they didn't). Even comrade (((Lenin))) himself, despite being a massive Talmudic kike, considered homosexuality and "sexual studies" to be "fascism" and a case of "(((bourgeoisie))) morality":

<“It seems to me that this superabundance of sex theories, which for the most part are mere hypotheses, and often quite arbitrary ones, stems from a personal need. It springs from the desire to justify one’s own abnormal or excessive sex life before bourgeois morality and to plead for tolerance towards oneself. This veiled respect for bourgeois morality is as repugnant to me as rooting about in all that bears on sex. No matter how rebellious and revolutionary it may be made to appear, it is in the final analysis thoroughly bourgeois. Intellectuals and others like them are particularly keen on this. There is no room for it in the Party, among the class-conscious, fighting proletariat.”

Ever since then, Jews in universities were determined enough to twist the words of whatever the Soviet Jews said and then tell their useful idiot golems that whatever they hated was actually apparently "good for working class struggle" and whatever they liked is now considered "fascist". You could say this is why commies keep saying "That's not true socialism/communism.". In a way, they might be correct, but again for all the wrong reasons.

So /leftycunts/, you keep telling /pol/ that liberals are "right wing/crypto-fascist", or anything you don't like is "right wing/fascist". Because in the grand scheme of things, these false dichotomies don't mean jack shit. You subhumans sure do love using the "left vs. right" retardation fantasy so much to "win" in political arguments. And lumping them all in one made up group (i.e. ancaps, lolbergs, cuckservatives are also "right wing/fascist"). Truly they are a force to be reckoned with in politics.

R: 517 / I: 337 / P: 5 [R] [G] [-]

PizzaGate Is Real

FYI newfags, Pizzagate is real.

Pedophiles run our major institutions. Jews do this so they have an easy way to blackmail them into doing what they want.

Jews are also pedophiles themselves. It's a part of their culture.

Enjoy your weekend anons.

Eat shit shills.

R: 513 / I: 384 / P: 5 [R] [G] [-]


Four Rise Above Movenent lads arrested for inciting a riot and beating the living shit out of antifa in C-ville


In the spring of 2018, Rise Above reportedly traveled to Europe to celebrate Adolf Hitler’s birthday and to meet with members of other white supremacy extremist group, said Assistant U.S. Attorney David Ryan.


Three of the four men are in custody, according to the DOJ, with the fourth still being searched for by federal authorities.

R: 92 / I: 182 / P: 5 [R] [G] [-]

Scientific articles on "diversity" = conflict

Hi /pol/,

I need scientific articles that prove diversity leads to conflict, lack of trust and cohesion, basically anything that demonstrates diversity is incompatible with the preconditions required for Aristotle's "philia."

I saw an image here (or possibly on cuckchan) at some time listing numerous such articles but can't find it even after scouring thousands of my memes. I seem to remember it having a yellow? background, and I think there were a couple of dozen of them in black? font, with links to the articles.

I need them for red-pilling some academics. Trust me, it's possible, even liberals and feminists, but you need to be careful in how you convey your message. It turns out, feminists for example are quite horrified by Rotherham.

Let's compile as many (credible) scientific articles on this subject as we can and weaponize them for our purposes.

R: 137 / I: 62 / P: 5 [R] [G] [-]

Aryan Women and their Wisdom

I hope the kikes that hate Aryan women don't get this thread (((deleted))), (((anchored))), or (((locked)))

Aryan men need their mothers to grow up and become the type of men that will be able to take care of an Aryan woman and her children. (((MGTOW))) are a bunch of manchildren that do not understand that Aryan woman are valuable not only through their beauty but because they can give so much to the next generation of Aryans. Remember that only (((kikes))) want you to not feel this way, remember that Aryan women are the real victims of feminism and men often are the abusers. Don't be like Tyrone who fucks all the women, be like good guy John who provides for the next generation of Aryans.

Aryan women are the only women who know how to take care of the child properly, and (((anyone))) who says otherwise is a fucking race traitor!! I am a proud race realist, and I can say without a shadow of a doubt that men raised by white women turn out to be real men who support women around them including her daughters. __IT'S YOUR RESPONSIBILITY AS ARYAN MEN TO WORK ON YOURSELF PHYSICALLY AND ECONOMICALLY AND GIVE IT YOUR ALL TO ARYAN WOMEN!!! THINK OF THE NEXT GENERATION OF ARYANS.

The road to a happy marriage is hard, but that's what makes the Aryan man unique, he takes all the responsibility and doesn't whine like a NIGGER. He gives Aryan women what they need in order to raise her children, if her wisdom says something, then it is the RACIAL DUTY of the Aryan man to follow her womanly instinct.

Don't hate Aryan woman, MAN UP and wait for an Aryan woman to notice you! She doesn't owe you anything.

R: 85 / I: 20 / P: 5 [R] [G] [-]

P&G Stock In Decline

Procter & Gamble Co (NYSE: PG) stock is in a decline after it's razor giant Gillette brand attacks straight white men for their "toxic masculinity" and challenges them to do better. Their current advertisement is being bombarded with dislikes and cries for boycott against the Procter & Gamble Co.



R: 29 / I: 6 / P: 5 [R] [G] [-]


Rockefeller Foundation Sued for $1 Billion for Infecting Citizens with Syphilis

The Rockefeller Foundation is facing a $1 billion lawsuit for deliberately infecting hundreds of Guatemalans with syphilis in a secret experiment.

>A federal judge in Maryland allowed the lawsuit against The Johns Hopkins University, Bristol-Myers Squibb Co (BMY.N) and the Rockefeller Foundation to proceed after it was discovered they helped the U.S. government conducts illegal experiments on unsuspecting citizens in the 1940s.

>Reuters.com reports: In a decision on Thursday, U.S. District Judge Theodore Chuang rejected the defendants’ argument that a recent Supreme Court decision shielding foreign corporations from lawsuits in U.S. courts over human rights abuses abroad also applied to domestic corporations absent Congressional authorization.

>Chuang’s decision is a victory for 444 victims and relatives of victims suing over the experiment, which was aimed at testing the then-new drug penicillin and stopping the spread of sexually-transmitted diseases.

>The experiment echoed the government’s Tuskegee study on black American men who were deliberately left untreated for syphilis even after penicillin was discovered.

>It was kept under wraps until a professor at Wellesley College in Massachusetts discovered it in 2010. U.S. officials apologized for the experiment, and President Barack Obama called Guatemala’s president to offer a personal apology.

>Chuang said lawsuits against U.S. corporations under the federal Alien Tort Statute were not “categorically foreclosed” by the Supreme Court decision last April 24 in Jesner v Arab Bank Plc covering foreign corporations.

>He said the “need for judicial caution” was “markedly reduced” where U.S. corporations were defendants because there was no threat of diplomatic tensions or objections from foreign governments.

>The judge also said letting the Guatemala case proceed would “promote harmony” by giving foreign plaintiffs a chance at a remedy in U.S. courts.

>According to the complaint, several Hopkins and Rockefeller Foundation doctors were involved with the experiment, as were four executives from Bristol-Myers predecessors, Bristol Laboratories and the Squibb Institute.

>“Johns Hopkins expresses profound sympathy for individuals and families impacted by the deplorable 1940s syphilis study funded and conducted by the U.S. government in Guatemala,” the university said in a statement. “We respect the legal process, and we will continue to vigorously defend the lawsuit.”

>A Rockefeller Foundation spokesman said that the lawsuit had no merit, and that the nonprofit did not know about, design, fund or manage the experiment. Bristol-Myers spokesman Brian Castelli declined to comment.

>Paul Bekman, a lawyer for the plaintiffs, said his clients will proceed with discovery, including the exchange of decades-old documents. An earlier ruling found no statute of limitations issues if the plaintiffs could not have learned about the experiment before 2010.

>“This experiment began 72 years ago. It’s hard to believe,” Bekman said.

>The case is Estate of Arturo Giron Alvarez et al v The Johns Hopkins University et al, U.S. District Court, District of Maryland, No. 15-00950.

Pic - disgusting Rockefeller



(archive.is and archive.fo are down.)

R: 108 / I: 25 / P: 5 [R] [G] [-]


Italy's Salvini visits Poland to discuss eurosceptic alliance for EU elections



>WARSAW (Reuters) - Italy’s far-right Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini and the leader of Poland’s ruling party, Jaroslaw Kaczynski, will discuss on Wednesday the possibility of forming a eurosceptic alliance to contest the European Parliament elections in May.

>The visit to Warsaw, initiated by Polish Interior Minister Joachim Brudzinski, comes amid broader efforts by eurosceptics across the continent to unite that could fundamentally shift the direction of the European Union after the elections.

>“(The election) will show whether the eurosceptic voices within Europe are on the rise or if the rise has been curtailed for the moment,” said Michal Baranowski, the head of the German Marshall Fund’s Warsaw office.

>Salvini, who heads Italy’s anti-immigrant League Party, has repeatedly criticized the EU and says the May elections are vital for creating a “reformist” bloc that can overhaul the Brussels institutions from within.

>“(((Someone))) has betrayed the European dream,” Salvini told a League rally in Rome last month. “We will provide the blood for a new European community based on respect, work, growth and equality.”

>Kaczynski says Poland, the biggest beneficiary of EU infrastructure funds, should remain a member of the bloc it joined in 2004 but wants reforms to bring more power back from Brussels to national capitals.

>His ruling Law and Justice party (PiS) has clashed with Brussels on a range of issues, including the rule of law in Poland, environmental protection and migration. Kaczynski says the EU should stop meddling in Poland’s affairs.

>Salvini met other potential allies last year, including Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban, in an effort to form a cohesive eurosceptic grouping at the EU level.

R: 208 / I: 101 / P: 6 [R] [G] [-]

Secret Books of the Jews II

What does it all mean edition

One of the unforseen consequences of the Syrian civil war was the emergence from looting of books and scrolls of a previously unknown Jewish sect, these were given as dating as anything up to 2,000 years old but many also appear to be more recent with well printed examples even up to the colonial period, the evidence suggests an ongoing tradition over many centuries.

In this thread i'll post some of the best examples thus far emerged and continue to find new examples as well as consider the meaning and implications of what has thus far been found.

One of the main points that needs to be considered is the importance of the Eye of Horus to this sect, in Egyptian tradition the two eyes of Re were the planets of inferior orbit Mercury and Venus that were constantly seen to merge and emerge with the Sun, Mercury as the Eye of Horus and Venus as the Eye of Hathor, it needs to be considered the dispute between Horus and Seth over this Eye as Seth was the tutelary God of the Suteans/Sethites/Shemites, in effect these are Sethian cults.


R: 12 / I: 4 / P: 6 [R] [G] [-]

Friendly reminder to live a healthy life


>Atrazine is widely used as an herbicide to control broad-leaf weed species that grow in crops such as corn, sugarcane, hay and winter wheat. Atrazine is also applied to Christmas trees, residential lawns, golf courses, and other recreational areas. Atrazine is the second largest selling pesticide in the world and estimated to be the most heavily used herbicide in the United States

Herbicides are used to kill undesired plants in every modern farm ever. Atrazine only kills the female plants, through a growth hormone added to excessive doses of estrogen-like substances. This is what turns "the frogs gay"

>Roadside, clear cut and yard spraying is polluting our environment, with the chemicals becoming air-borne and also getting into ground water. People and pets walking outside are absorbing these chemicals through their skin and bringing it inside our homes. Rural families have little or no control over their neighbors who may decide to clear cut their land and then aerial spray herbicides.


All this talk about "contaminated air" is a gigantic psy-op. The real danger behind all herbicides, pesticides (only kill the female insects as well and has huge quantities of estrogens) is that after rainfall, these substances make their way into underground water reservoirs. If you are an american or european, chances are your water comes from those.


```estrogen in underground water supplies caused a huge sperm count crysis in denmark in the 90s```


Rainfall is calculated by mm per month or year. Even in arid Arizona, rainfall is over 200 mm a year. That means every square meter of roof catches about 0.2m×1m×1m a year. That is 0.2 m^2 a year, 200 liters of waters (every cubic meter is 1000 liters). Even in the desert your home's roof should be enough for all your drinking needs.







R: 230 / I: 71 / P: 6 [R] [G] [-]

Shills BTFO. Based GEOTUS: "I'll have those beaners voting Republican for the next 200 years."

Looks like the Grand Old Party is getting some fresh blood thanks to Trump's 44d chess involving the wall, the shutdown and DACA. After he accomplishes this Democratic party is toast.

>mfw shills doubted him



R: 174 / I: 32 / P: 6 [R] [G] [-]

Do good Jews exist?

Every Jew I've met and heard of even at their best seems to exude a subversiveness and lust for debauchery. Even those with zero political affiliations seem drawn to perversity. As if it's in their very nature.

I believe IQ is only a base, rudimentary factor that explains differences between races. For instance, West Africans and Tamil Indians have similar IQs, but West Africans are FAR more violent, while Indians are more driven by sex alone, hopeless romantics in general.

The Nordic male is intelligent, patient, and calm, generally, very smart yet verbally inferior to the Germanic, who is intelligent, inventive, and more expressive. Some of the best musicians. While the Celt has the best speakers, writers, and is very intelligent too.

What I'm saying is that each race and group of people has a set of characteristics that heavily affect personality. Jews in particular seem to be the most neurotic, evil, and cunning of all. They are slightly less intelligent than Germanics, who are the most intelligent, but dominate based off their cunning alone, where the Germanic is too trusting.

This cunning however requires a host nation of idiots to manipulate, lest they destroy themselves. They are a vampiric people (in allegory and reality). While all offspring of Jews have these traits the most cunning and neurotic are the one's with Jewish mothers, which may be the cause for their Matriarchal society and tendencies. They maintain themselves by intermixing with gentiles every third generation or so to stop genetic diseases like Tay-Sachs and Porphyria (vampire diseases) from destroying them.

Debauchery, deceit, and malice seems to be in their nature. Some can overcome this, but the exception does not justify their existence. I therefore think that they as a people are born to evil. It is in their genetics.

R: 500 / I: 145 / P: 6 [R] [G] [-]

Why do they hate the keto diet so much?

Every argument against it so far is bullshit…it's not like fiber occurs naturally in green leafy veggies, broccoli, and in prebiotic fiber supplements?

Why does the WHO and other organizations want us all to be fat and dumb? Is it political or to support the sugar and grain lobby?


R: 11 / I: 1 / P: 6 [R] [G] [-]

Is this really worth the watch?

Alright /pol/. This gets a lot of endorsement here and elsewhere so I decided to watch it now that I have some spare time. Now I'm at the end of Part IV, but I'm not sure I'll continue watching and here's why: the LIES.

Here's an example: At 142 minutes in Part IV the claim is asserted that the Chicago jewspaper "The Sentinel" in their October 8 1940 issue wrote the following: (pic related). There were a couple of problems with this claim. Paramount among them being that there WAS no issue of The Sentinel printed on October 8, 1940, and the scan of the paper he included in his movie is actually dated October 8, 1942. The next problem is that this quote just doesn't appear in the issue. Which means that someone watched this, believed him, and got fleeced. There's a lot of hearsay included, too. Like quoting Churchill saying things which have no verifiable source whatsoever. Honestly most of what he says is accurate but the truth is he's just not honest.

So /pol/, am I just wasting my time trying to watch this shit? It's entertaining enough, but I don't want to have to fact check 5 more hours of information.

R: 305 / I: 48 / P: 6 [R] [G] [-]

Ethics of the Ethno-Globe


The Ethno-Globe is the logical conclusion of human sub-species competing over limited resources. In the past, separation was a valid solution due to vast distances and natural barriers to travel. This is no longer the case. Ships, airplanes and instant communication have effectively shrunk the world into a single, unified territory. "World government" is now a foregone conclusion for this very reason. Kikes and their shabbos have a "New World Order" plan in which, as you know, Whites will be genocided and all that will remain is a horde of 70 IQ shitskins and 91 IQ kike slaveowners. Of course this kills the planet just look at what china, india, africa, south america, etc. has done to their respective environments but kikes have never been known for their long-term planning ability. I say: we don't let our planet die. I say: we save the world. What say you?

ITT: We discuss the reasons why the Ethno-Globe is the only valid, permanent and logical solution to our problem. We may want to discuss the "how" of it, but that's secondary in this thread. What matters is why. None of us, alone, will have the entire blueprint for success, and that's okay. Shills will whine about "but hoooowwwwwwww, it's too haaaarrrddddd" because they can't imagine how it will happen. It will look like this:

>A bunch of colonial farmers can't possibly beat the world's greatest military.

<If man was meant to fly, God would have given us wings.

>Getting to the moon? Impossible pipe dream.

<Splitting the atom is a task beyond man's ability.

Etc. And of course:

>muh based extreme outlier shitskins; muh PR; muh optics; muh weakness

Fucking etc. Let me remind you that when the White man sets his mind to really do something, that's where the magic happens. The Wright brothers were some hillbilly hick bike mechanics, just audacious enough to flip the bird at every living physicist who said "it's an impossible task, it can never be done" and just do the goddamn thing. They didn't know how to do it at first, but they knew WHY, and they never gave up. Why? Because motherfucking White Power. And look at us now.

So why the Ethno-Globe? In a nutshell, because the world is one continuous territory now, and Nature proves that competing subspecies cannot coexist Nature, the ultimate fascist, proves this. Of course world history also proves this, and current events punctuate these truths with a multitude of exclamation marks and a couple ones. My goal is to hammer this concept out in the hurtbox to remove the slag, and turn this concept into the cutting blade of ultimate truth. Remember, winners write the history books. We're only "monsters" if we lose to the shitskin hordes and their kike goblin ringleaders. In victory, we will be the greatest generation ever to grace this fair planet, the stuff of legends that will echo for 100,000 years across the galaxy, and then 100,000 more. Each one of us can be, WILL BE a hero unlike any man who has ever walked the Earth.

I believe that this is our destiny, and that this is our time. In this way we will secure the existence of our people and a future for white children–and that future will be eternal.

R: 191 / I: 42 / P: 6 [R] [G] [-]

Meet the next President of the United States

Julián Castro, former Housing Secretary, Announces 2020 Presidential Bid.

>Mr. Castro, 44 years old, who served as San Antonio’s mayor before joining the Obama administration in 2014, is seeking to become the nation’s first Latino president.

>He is expected to sweep the grand majority of Latino voters, and lock a stable Democratic supremacy in the country for ages to come.

https://www.wsj. com/articles/julian-castro-former-housing-secretary-announces-2020-presidential-bid-11547318875

R: 262 / I: 41 / P: 6 [R] [G] [-]

Over 2 terabytes of Redpills

Movies, Video Clips, Documents, Whistleblowers, Images, Audiobooks, Books PDF/MOBI/etc.

How to Download All of This

1. Download and install JDownloader2

2. Copy and paste all links

3. Done

+ The torrent magnet links can separately be pasted into your favorite torrent client.

Get it before it's shoah'd













































R: 20 / I: 2 / P: 6 [R] [G] [-]

Jack Posobiec Admits Israel Agent

Jack who is a "former" intelligence officer for the navy just confirmed today that he has actually upgraded to working for ZOG directly to destroy the White America. Israeli shill admitting it out in the open with such confidence.




Video alt




R: 205 / I: 76 / P: 6 [R] [G] [-]

A federal grand jury has been convened to rule upon the presence of of explosives in WTC 1, 2, and 3

>The Lawyers Committee for 9/11 Inquiry was established in New York in February 2018. In April, it tabled a 52-page petition and 57 exhibits before the Attorney General. Southern District of New York. At the end of the six-month statutory period, the Board appointed a Grand Jury to review the complaint.

>At this stage, the Committee of Jurists does not question the Bush version of the attacks of September 11, 2001. It does not comment on the impact of the two aircraft that struck two of the three destroyed buildings. It focuses exclusively on the presence of explosives in the WTC1, WTC2 and WTC3 towers. He finds that the role they played that day is a federal crime that has not been prosecuted for the time being.

>In the past, prosecutor Geoffrey S. Berman was for two years the associate of Rudy Giuliani, mayor of New York at the time. Mr. Giuliani had called on his fellow citizens to evacuate towers WTC1 and WTC2 after they had been hit by airliners in view of the risks they had in his view crumbling. However, the buildings were built to withstand much more violent shocks.

>The grand jury should be held in 2019. It will be the first time, eighteen years after the crimes, that the US civil (not military) justice will look at one aspect of the attacks of 9/11.

(Google Translate)


I suppose the mod will find some reason to ban me for this post but this is important news that is not being widely reported. Whatever.

Any judicial proceeding such as this means that for the first time real rules of evidence will have to be applied to the investigation and not just the convenient suppositions of zionist controlled media.

I don't think I should have to wait two years before posting this.

R: 337 / I: 453 / P: 6 [R] [G] [-]

Red Pills

Dumping red pills for anons

R: 80 / I: 28 / P: 6 [R] [G] [-]

Chinese ambassador accuses Canada of 'white supremacy' in Huawei case

>OTTAWA: A Chinese envoy on Wednesday (Jan 9) accused Canada and its allies of "Western egotism and white supremacy" for demanding the immediate release of two Canadians held for alleged spying. In a letter published by The Hill Times newspaper, China's ambassador to Canada Lu Shaye also criticized the "groundless" detention of a top Chinese tech executive at the request of the United States.

>China detained former diplomat Michael Kovrig and businessman Michael Spavor last month, accusing them both of activities that "endanger China's security" - a phrase often used by Beijing when alleging espionage. The arrests are thought to be in retaliation against Canada's Dec 1 arrest of Huawei vice president Meng Wanzhou, who is accused of violating Iran sanctions.

>"It's understandable that these Canadians are concerned about their own citizens. But have they shown any concern or sympathy for Meng after she was illegally detained and deprived of freedom?" Lu wrote in the Ottawa newspaper. "It seems that, to some people, only Canadian citizens shall be treated in a humanitarian manner and their freedom deemed valuable, while Chinese people do not deserve that," he said.

>"The reason why some people are used to arrogantly adopting double standards is due to Western egotism and white supremacy." Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and US President Donald Trump in a telephone call on Monday denounced the "arbitrary" detentions of Kovrig and Spavor. Australia, Britain, France, Japan, Germany and the European Union have also made statements in support of Canada.

>Meng is currently living in a luxury home in Vancouver after being released on bail pending the outcome of an extradition hearing. She is required to wear an electronic anklet to monitor her movements and has an 11pm to 7am curfew. Meanwhile, a group of Canadian parliamentarians visiting China this week complained to officials that Kovrig and Spavor have been granted few consular visits, denied access to lawyers, and remain in "completely unacceptable" detention conditions.


R: 12 / I: 3 / P: 6 [R] [G] [-]

Germany: Afghan Haji Stabs Pregnant Polish Woman in Hospital, Baby Dies



Everyone knows that pregnant women are insufferable to be around.

But I couldn’t imagine any scenario in which a white man would repeatedly stab a pregnant woman’s womb to make her STFU.

That’s very much a Moslem thing.

Be carefull Percolatrice.

R: 483 / I: 207 / P: 6 [R] [G] [-]

Tracing hair genetics in European regions

Back before blondes/redheads/brunettes started intermingling with each other as they do currently in modern times, I feel like having a certain hair color was more of a regional thing back in ancient Europe. For example, Germany is well-known for its German people being blondes. Same deal with Ireland being well-known for its Irish people being redheads. And generally speaking, having light hair means you likely have descendants from northern parts of Europe. Meanwhile, brunette or darker hair is more typical of southern European regions surrounding the Mediterranean Sea, etc.

That said, if you have light hair, congrats. You have likely have great ancestry.

If you have darker hair, well, it's not as great but it's still acceptable, I suppose.

R: 253 / I: 53 / P: 7 [R] [G] [-]

Banks, China and Russia are stockpiling physical gold at an alarming rate

>Gold buying by central banks hits its highest level in almost three >years

>Central banks around the world have upped their spending on gold >to the highest level in almost three years, according to the World >Gold Council (WGC).

>More than 148 metric tons of gold were bought by the national >banks in the three months to the end of September, a rise of 22 >percent on the same period last year.

Using the current spot price of $1,223 per troy ounce, the gold purchases by the banks added up to a $5.82 billion spending splurge on the precious metal.

Russia's central bank led the buying, purchasing more than 92 tons of gold. This marked the country's biggest quarterly net purchase on records that stretch back to 1993.

>While all eyes are on the oil price and the ruble to dollar rate, the >Central Bank of Russia has quietly been buying huge volumes of >gold over the past year. In January, 2016, the latest data available, >the Russian Central Bank again bought 22 tons of gold, around >$800 million at current exchange rates, that, amidst US and EU >financial sanctions and low oil prices. It was the eleventh month in >a row they bought large gold volumes. For 2015 Russia added a >record 208 tons of gold to her reserves compared with 172 tons for >2014. Russia now has 1,437 tonnes of gold in reserve, the sixth >largest of any nation according to the World Gold Council in >London. Only USA, Germany, Italy, France and China central >banks hold a larger tonnage of gold reserves.

>Only slightly smaller volumes of gold are being bought in past >months by China. And a significant monthly addition to its gold >reserve is being made as well by Kazakhstan. For the past forty >months, Kazakhstan, has been increasing its central bank gold >reserves. Kazakhstan along with Russia is a member of the >Eurasian Economic union along with Belarus, Armenia and >Kyrgyzstan. Belarus ghas also been increasing its bullion reserves.

R: 108 / I: 50 / P: 7 [R] [G] [-]

Ancient Aryans Thread

Lets post Information regarding our hidden past

But for this one lets, make it special, after researching this topic, I have concluded that there are not 1, but two, white races, One of which were part of these Ancient Aryans the other not,

The first race of Indo Europeans, with a different skull shape to the second race, stayed in their Indus European Part of the World

The Other White race however, the Proto European race, The Paleo European race, appears all over the world, From Ancient Meso Amerika to Scandinavia,¨

With this in mind let us continue!

R: 367 / I: 186 / P: 7 [R] [G] [-]

Aryan Phenotypes

Okay, so what phenotypes are considered Aryan? Now I'm going off of humanphenotypes.net so there's some major candidates for Aryan. Daleofaelid seems the most Aryan, but in that case does any Blonde-haired/Blue-eyed phenotypes count as Aryan? Does Norid count as Aryan in that case? If so, what about Dinarid? They have the pretty much the same skull shape. What about Cro-Maginids in general? Paleo-Atlantid? They're similar to Daleofaelid in skull shape. And if Blue-Eyes is most important, is Indo-Nordic Aryan? Where does Von Luschan's Chromatic Scale fit in?

>inb4 lurk for _ more years

R: 92 / I: 134 / P: 7 [R] [G] [-]

Redpill chan essays

One of my favorite things about pol is that, every once in a while, one of us strings together a long series of words into thoughtful essays that tell us something about the world. In this thread, I'll dump the essays I've saved. Please, if you have some of your own, contribute to the thread.

R: 129 / I: 24 / P: 7 [R] [G] [-]

Terrible Parts Of The Bible: Part 5 – Racism

I would have thought the Bible of all books would be about love and peace for the whole world. I would never expected quotes from God or Jesus claiming only some ethnic groups were saved or that some were superior to others. But that is exactly what I found.

First of all there is the constant claim that Jews are the “chosen people”. Now surely a history of the Jews should teach a strong lesson of the dangers of declaring one group of people superior to all others. It always ends in trouble. Just ask the Germans.

The Bible seems to have one rule for the Israelites and one rule for everyone else. If you don’t see what’s wrong with this remember that America had one-rule-for-us-another-rule-for-you laws. It was called Jim Crow.

Before anyone says the Bible wasn’t racist because he wasn’t based on skin colour note that the United Nations defines racism as “any distinction, exclusion, restriction or preference based on race, colour, descent, or national or ethnic origin”. So treating people different because they are from a different tribe or ethnic group is racist.

In Deuteronomy chapter 7 the God tells the Israelites that there are other ethnic groups living in the promised land. Does God tell them to live in peace and harmony with them, with everyone respecting each others’ differences? No he tells them “to smite them, and utterly destroy them; thou shalt make no covenant with them nor shew mercy unto them. Neither shalt thou make marriages with them.” (This isn’t the only time the Israelites exterminated others, see here) God commands the Israelites to exterminate another people, not for any crime but merely because they are a different ethnic group with a different religion. This exceeds even the Ku Klux Klan level of racism.

Chapter 25 of the book of Numbers (verses 1-13) tells of when the Israelis began to inter-marry (it uses the term “commit whoredom”) with the Moabites, a neighbouring ethnic group with a different religion. This provoked the rage of God who commanded Moses to “hang them”. One man had married a “Midianitish”. An Israeli, Phinehas killed both of them with a javelin. God praises him for this and declares he “hath turned my wrath away from the children of Israel.” He then rewards him with a “covenant of peace” and the covenant of everlasting priesthood.” Moral of the story, God doesn’t want you to mix with people other you’re own.

Mixed marriages are denounced again. When Nehemiah was governor he found that Jews had inter-married with other ethnic groups. He “cursed them, and smote certain of them” for committing “this great evil”. He concludes with a malicious vague sentence Thus “cleansed I them from all strangers”. (Nehemiah 13:23-30) The exact form of this ethnic cleansing is not described. Yet this is included (without criticism) in the Christian holy book and we are supposed to worship and live our lives according to it.

Far from being open to all people, non-Israelis were actually banned from joining the religion. “An Ammonite or Moabite shall not enter into the congregation of the LORD; even to their tenth generation shall they not enter into the congregation of the LORD for ever;” (Deuteronomy 23:3) So even if an extremely distant ancestor was from a neighbouring ethnic group, you could not become a Jew. Only pure Israelis could join.

The book of Nehemiah (chapter 13) records that when people were told of this law, “they separated from Israel all the mixed multitude.” (Nehemiah 13:3) So here we have an ancient version of ethnic cleansing.

R: 183 / I: 41 / P: 7 [R] [G] [-]

Jupiter is Coming

French riot police are now deployed with semi-automatic weapons and live ammunition against Yellow Vest protestors as Macron's law and order crisis spirals

>Officers were filmed brandishing weapons by Arc de Triomphe in Paris today

>Riot police were on crowd control duty today facing off a mob of Gilet Jaunes

>Rifles at demonstration by unarmed citizens show how Macron crisis intensifies

>Last week former conservative minster said live fire should be used on 'thugs'

>Riot police were on crowd control duty today facing off a mob of Gilet Jaunes or Yellow Vests - named after the bright high-visibility clothing. Live ammunition 30 cartridge magazines could be seen as officers marched the streets, although none were used as 5000 police were deployed on the streets of the French capital. Yellow Vest protestor Gilles Caron said: ‘The CRS with the guns were wearing riot control helmets and body armour – they were not a specialised firearms unit.

>‘Their job was simply to threaten us with lethal weapons in a manner which is very troubling. We deserve some explanations. The CRS are known for their tough approach to policing, frequently using distinctively wide-barrelled guns to fire flash-ball projectiles and tear gas canisters. But until now, the guns used have mainly been associated with specialist military units, as well as the elite GIPN police intervention squads, and the BAC anti-criminal brigade.

>A French National Police spokesman confirmed that the CRS were equipped with H&K G36s on Saturday, but would not discuss their operational use ‘for security reasons’. A G36 was stolen from inside a police van during a similar Yellow Vest demonstration by the Arc de Triomphe on December 1. A number of vehicles belonging to the 21stIntervention Company of the Paris Prefecture were stormed, suggesting that the theft was an opportunistic one during a day of intense violence, when the Arc de Triomphe itself was vandalised. Last week, Luc Ferry, who was France’s education minister in the early 2000s, responded to a series of attacks on police by the Yellow Vests by calling for live fire against them.

>Mr Ferry, who is now a full time philosopher, said: ‘What I don’t understand is that we don’t give the means to the police to put an end to this violence.' When it was suggested that guns might lead to wounding or worse, Mr Ferry said: ‘So what? Listen, frankly, when you see guys beating up an unfortunate policeman on the floor, that’s when they should use their weapons once and for all! That’s enough.’ Police were attacked in major cities including Paris on Saturday on an Act 9 Day of Rage by the Yellow Vests, who have pledged to continue their campaign calling for social, political and economic reforms indefinitely. Mr Macron’s government has launched a crackdown on their methods, pledging a new anti-riot law to deal with them.



R: 213 / I: 59 / P: 7 [R] [G] [-]

Why not out Jew the Jews?

/pol/ a simple question: Why don't we adopt the tactics of our enemies and pervert them for our own goals? Psy-ops for instance area always talked about here, like MKULKTRA or those mentioned on WikiLeaks. Could we create our own psy-ops that can be used to provoke, agitate or demoralize those we consider our enemies? The reason I ask this is simply due to the fact that time and time again groups like Share blue are always try to construct some sort psychological attack on not only use but also the general populace.

Without even trying various operations like My Borders, My Choice worked as did the It's Okay to be White op. Can we further create such tactics and operations that single entities can do without a group's help? These lone wolf works seem to be the most effective against the current tactics the various Leftist groups employ.

R: 28 / I: 2 / P: 7 [R] [G] [-]


Leftists are all brainless herd animals that have degenerated from living in cities and seeing nothing but artificial things for generations.

They have no logical thought process, no free will, no humanity.

They can't explain any of their opinions. They can't put their thoughts in alternate terms.

They're brainwashed freaks that copy what authority tells them verbatim.

They make a cult out of hating free real people, they have an entire sub-language devoted to calling them names and gossiping about them.

They are all liars with no sense of value other than what pleases them personally.

They are atomized slaves created by the central bank.

They are machines that work for fake money created out of thin air.

Their reward is fake, but they think it's real, and this is the basis of their insanity.

Like the currency inflates, as it is printed out of thin air, so are these brainless machine-animal slaves born out of thin air, multiplying endlessly until the point of social/ecological collapse.

The world will be choked and killed with their effluence: pollution, political persecution of free people, etc.

Unless we destroy/convert them all.

Some argue for converting them and slowly reducing their population, but in the event Free Humanity claims a victory and has the power to do this, it just gives the same evil people a chance to reclaim their slaves and reverse the situation again.

Kill them all.

God demands it. It's an abomination for men to be like cattle.

Kill them all.

R: 63 / I: 17 / P: 7 [R] [G] [-]

Educating Kings

Given the vast amount of disinformation peddled in almost all topics by the world (((governments))) it is clear that to obtain any kind of useful knowledge, we must break off almost completely with any curriculum and method of education used in the last 100 years (at least).

I propose that we compile two very concise lists of material that are required to educate a man on the majority of things that are required in raising and feeding a family, and participating in a well-adjusted society. It is my opinion that, as time passes, more and more of us are going to retreat within more isolated locations in order to form communities that would in some way oppose the increasing amount of mental, physical and spiritual filth that plagues our modern lives.

The reason to propose two lists is that one would be a shorter, crash-course kind of list that would have the bare basics and would be catered to people who've went through formal education (adults), and another that would be more broad and would be intended for our children.

The topics I propose for the adult list are in order of importance, rated by biological needs, and what would most useful in creating a small community:

1. Acquiring food (agriculture, homesteading)

- With things like proper nutrition, sustainable production of meat etc.

- Hunting

- Foraging

2. Physical Education

- This is pretty self explanatory, healthy body, healthy mind.

3. Strategy and Tactics, Military Service

- Lacking a proper military service, basic information on warfare would be useful

- Emphasis most likely on guerilla and asymmetric warfare

- Weapons handling, safety etc.

This is the very basics for the first list and is full of things I think most modern men are lacking, the reason why I don't emphasize math or the liberal arts too much, is because there are methods to learn these in our current educational models, and anons here are generally well read in history, politics, philosophy etc.

As for the full list for children, I would refer to the Trivium/Quadrivium method of education, although I feel it would require slight modifications for our circumstances. I was inspired by these articles (and more):




R: 177 / I: 80 / P: 7 [R] [G] [-]

Reticide - Silent Killing

Hey /pol/, I made a new word that we can use to challenge the propagators of white geniocide. The word is "Reticide", and it is our counterpart to the Jewish term, "Genocide", but more accurately depicted in order to illustrate the position of whites.

>Why should we used this word?

If we meme this word into casual conversation, then we create for ourselves a new vector, a new ARENA, through which we can accuse people of committing reticide.

>Why do we need to make more words?

If we make more words and develop a more robust white identiterian lexicon, we will force people to learn our meanings, and we will gain ground in social consciousness.

Please, spread this word. Post it everywhere. Make your own words. ACCUSE PEOPLE OF RETICIDE!

R: 535 / I: 131 / P: 7 [R] [G] [-]

Alternative to MGTOW

As fucky as MGTOW is, I think its actually a net positive on society, since its actually not stopping whites from getting married (if a guy finds a QT white girl who has no tattoos, is debt-free, and a virgin, he's going to marry her no matter what MGTOW says), and in the meantime its reminding many a thot of her place. However, I think we can do much better.

Why not just, Men Demanding Excellence (MDE)? Here are the rules:

Do not talk to a thot if she:

- has a tattoo

- has any debt at all. Literally any debt. If its a small amount, she should be able to pay it off quickly and then you can talk to her.

- is not white

- is not a virgin

- doesn't take care of her body to a degree that you are personally satisfied with

These things aside, she can be conversed with. In my experience, these are really the only bad indicators of a girl. As far as I can tell the rest can be fucked out of her. I mean that. Men need to understand that women are just reflections of the strongest masculine influence in their life. You can't "reflect" debt away, or virginity back, or tattoos off, so those are prerequisites. However, beyond that, a woman is actually quite malleable.

Once she has passed into the realm of being able to converse with you, you can feel free to start the courting process if you wish. However, how you perform the next part is very important. There are a few things to keep at the top of your mind.

R: 575 / I: 108 / P: 7 [R] [G] [-]

Let's crash the global financial system

/pol/ signal boosts a run on the banks


>As the situation in France escalates, the anti-Emmanuel Macron protesters - aka The Gilets Jaunes (the yellow vests) - plan to make a run on the country’s banks.

>This “bank run” is a call from the yellow vests, to all French citizens, emploring them to withdraw their euros.

>If successful, the group may cause a complete failure of the banking system in France. This is because French banks are run via a fractional reserve system, meaning that only a fraction of funds are backed by actual fiat; the country’s banks are estimated to have less than 1/4th of the funds on hand needed to satisfy a bank run.

>The yellow vests seem to know where to hit the government hardest. A post on Facebook confirms that today (9th January) protestors will demonstrate outside of the Rothschild owned bank of Lyon.

The source of their power was always the banking system. That's how they harvest the wealth of nations through compound interest, that's how they pay their police forces to subjugate anyone protesting against the system. No money, no army.

The gilets jaunes movement is gaining traction and support around the world, despite media blackouts and selective reporting to demonise the peasants for refusing to be slaves. People hate the banks and bankers, and they associate them with the corrupt political elite. It's an easy target that the far left and far right can actually agree on. And this is something angry people can do very easily.

Once the run starts, NPCs have to join in or they risk losing all the money in their accounts. So even people who disagree with the yellow vests and support globalisation will have to remove their money also.

It's a perfect time to signal boost this. The /pol/ is the master of guerilla signal boosting. We can meme the destruction of the usurious system through the taking back of the root of the elite's power; our deposits in their banks.

Thoughts? Memes?


https: //bitcoinist.com/yellow-vests-in-france-planning-a-bank-run-to-collapse-the-euro/

R: 310 / I: 56 / P: 7 [R] [G] [-]

"The Waco siege was the siege of a compound belonging to the Branch Davidians, carried out by American federal and Texas state law enforcement, as well as the U.S. military, between February 28 and April 19, 1993. The Branch Davidians were led by David Koresh and were headquartered at Mount Carmel Center ranch in the community of Axtell, Texas, 13 miles (21 kilometers) east-northeast of Waco. Suspecting the group of stockpiling illegal weapons, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF) obtained a search warrant for the compound and arrest warrants for Koresh and a select few of the group's members.

The incident began when the ATF attempted to raid the ranch. An intense gun battle erupted, resulting in the deaths of four government agents and six Branch Davidians. Upon the ATF's failure to raid the compound, a siege lasting 51 days was initiated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Eventually, the FBI launched an assault and initiated a tear gas attack in an attempt to force the Branch Davidians out of the ranch. During the attack, a fire caused by Federal agents engulfed Mount Carmel Center. In total, 86 people, 82 of which were innocent died, including David Koresh. "

Daily reminder that you're living in a nightmarish police state.

R: 182 / I: 39 / P: 7 [R] [G] [-]


Gooks the worst race after niggers. Idiotic sloppy eyes, closed mind, robot consciousness, flat monkey face, slavish flirting with white people, hive mind and lack of personality, intelligence without real creativity (they still steal western and european patents).

My country full of half mongoloid hybrids, it's like living on cemetery. 40% of east slavs are mongrels with admixture of paleoasiatic subhumans, pathetic and passive inbreds with low androgens. Gooks already takes your place in Africa

Betas which mating with gook garbage girls BTFO.

We know that white dumb roasties and coal burners need to be tortured and killed, but euro losers must be ashamed and killed by their hapa sons.



Kikes and globalists slavemasters want you to spoil your heritage with GOOK AND NIGGER DNA

R: 39 / I: 5 / P: 7 [R] [G] [-]

What Govt Shutdown?

Nancy Pelosi Quietly, Deceitfully Approves $5 Million Overseas Abortion Funding Amid Gov’t Shutdown

Nancy Pelosi has quietly, deceitfully approved $5 million in overseas abortion funding, despite the government shutdown.

>Remember how President Trump put a stop on providing funding for overseas abortions? Well, Pelosi has just vowed to change that.

>One of Pelosi’s first acts as Speaker of the House will be an attempt to repeal what was once called the Mexico City policy, a directive prohibiting the Department of State from funding nongovernmental organizations that “perform or actively promote abortion as a method of family planning.” She quietly slipped the repeal into a bill to end the shutdown.

>Washingtonexaminer.com reports: This shows exactly what kind of speaker Pelosi will be. When President Trump negotiates with Pelosi, he will be sparring with a shrewd negotiator and a champion of the abortion industry.

>When Obamacare was being debated in 2010, for instance, it was Pelosi who ensured Planned Parenthood that access to abortion took priority over any hopes and dreams of single-payer healthcare. “If there is an abortion ban,” former Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards recalls Pelosi telling her, “there will not be an Affordable Care Act.”

>“People’s impressions get based on no information,” Richards recently told Vice. “One of the reasons I wrote what I did today is because a woman I know said to me the other day something I couldn’t believe. She was like, ‘I need to know where Pelosi is on abortion rights,’ and I was like, ‘Are you kidding? Nancy Pelosi is the reason we still have access to abortion rights under the Affordable Care Act.’”

>Now, Pelosi wants to expand the abortion franchise. As the Washington Examiner’s Kimberly Leonard reports, the spending bill in question would end the shutdown and increase funding by $5 million to the United Nations Population Fund to $37.5 million. It’s the definition of a poison pill.

>Although never committed to the cause before he ran for office, Trump is arguably the most pro-life president if judged solely by results. He expanded the Mexico City policy. He was the first president to address the national March for Life in person. He nominated two ostensibly pro-life Supreme Court justices. Call it a return on investment. Trump made a deal with evangelical voters during the election, and so far, he’s keeping his end of the deal.

>This transaction can’t be underestimated. Evangelicals went for Trump over Hillary Clinton, backing him 80 to 16 percent, in large part because of his conversion on the abortion issue. It is most fundamental second only perhaps to his promise to “build the wall.”

>Now, the two could be put in conflict. Eventually, a deal has to be made to reopen the government, and when that occurs, Pelosi could hold funding for border security hostage to money for overseas abortions. Don’t put it past her — she has shown exactly who she plans to be during her second stint as speaker.

Pic#1 - Pelosi

Pic#2 - Twitter Feeds



Twitter Feed 1 - https://twitter.com/SenBillCassidy/status/1080949866979885056?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw%7Ctwcamp%5Etweetembed%7Ctwterm%5E1080949866979885056&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fnewspunch.com%2Fnancy-pelosi-approves-overseas-abortion%2F

Twitter Feed 2 - https://twitter.com/SBAList/status/1081234584287744000?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw%7Ctwcamp%5Etweetembed%7Ctwterm%5E1081234584287744000&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fnewspunch.com%2Fnancy-pelosi-approves-overseas-abortion%2F

R: 550 / I: 72 / P: 8 [R] [G] [-]

RAW MEAT REDPILL (Third Reich diet)

I've been doing a grass-fed meat, animal organs, raw pasture-raised organic eggs, raw butter, and raw milk diet for a months and I've never felt healthier, here's just some information I've felt a need to share. This is an except from one of Dr. Aajonus Vonderplanitz speeches about the Third Reich's diet.


>Dr. Aajonus Vonderplanitz has promoted raw and high meat for over 30 years

>died mysteriously of his balcony collapsing

>there are about 15 different nutrients you can't get from a vegan diet

>Salmonella thrives on cooked meat and pasturized milk due to a lack of good bacteria

Aajonus Vonderplanitz on "The Doctors"


>The UN and mainstream media are encouraging a no meat all vegan diet






R: 163 / I: 43 / P: 8 [R] [G] [-]

Weird things blacks believe about Whites

Some blacks believe that dogs came into existence because Whites mated with apes to try to "get their melanin back". Pic related.

This is by far the most absurd kang theory I have ever come across, but it isn't the first time I've heard that they have strange legends about Whites having mated with other animals. Apparently some believe that Whites are part wolf, and that that is why we treat dogs well.

Note how the first comment in the screenshot the kang is mystified as to why White people treat dogs well and consider animal suffering to be a bad thing.

Anyone have any stories about weird things blacks believe about Whites? I'm pretty sure that in Africa, most blacks believe that things like electricity are magic and that White perform secret rituals to keep the lights on.

R: 107 / I: 18 / P: 8 [R] [G] [-]

Pol Approved Colleges/Majors

What universities today aren't shitty marxist indoctrination camps?

I want to get a degree in engineering

>inb4 don't go to university maymay

Pic related, it's my ACT score. didn't mean to be off topic last post i promise its pol related

R: 60 / I: 8 / P: 8 [R] [G] [-]


Hamas will pay if you can give these faces names. Does /pol/ know them?







R: 26 / I: 5 / P: 8 [R] [G] [-]

Leftists Want Snitches to Inform Police About “Bias” of Fellow Students



Whatever happens in the universities today will happen in the coastal cities tomorrow.

This is known.

So, logically, if you want to predict the shenanigans of Antifa and the talking points of the next election cycle’s crop of Dems – just take a peek at what the kids are up to in college.

In a word: snitching.

R: 139 / I: 39 / P: 8 [R] [G] [-]

Developing the space economy is the only political topic that matters

It is already possible to build a space elevator. The key idea is the Orbital Ring version of the space elevator, not the geosynchronous tether concept you are familiar with.

See, for example, Paul Birch's writings:


There are many other feasible ways for us to get to space much more cheaply and safely than rockets:







You get the idea. Any of these could be done for $100 billion or less, a negligible cost when considering a GDP of trillions of dollars.

Why do something like this? Overnight, asteroid mining becomes an incredibly profitable industry. Because the cost of delivering payloads to LEO drops from thousands of dollars per kilogram to less than $100 (potentially less than $1) we can now retrieve asteroids with trillions of dollars worth of minerals for mere tens millions of dollars in addition to having an easy viable way of returning those resources back to the surface. We acquire the ability to deploy profitable solar power in orbit above cloud cover and with the ability to return said power back to the surface with near zero loss by running power transmission cables down the elevator.

Just how profitable?

With increased luminosity in space, enhanced exposure time, and the ability to deliver base loads, solar panels pay for themselves in only 1-2 years while having a 20 year life time. In other words, if you put $5 trillion of solar panels into space, you get your $5 trillion back by the end of year two and a $5 trillion income stream each year thereafter. In other words, the US could cut everyone's taxes, both personal and business, income, capital, death, or otherwise, all to 0%, not even cut any benefits or current spending, and pay off the national debt within a decade.

Why aren't we doing this?

R: 151 / I: 38 / P: 8 [R] [G] [-]

British Man Stands Against McDonald’s

>No Wonder the World is Fucked Up, It’s Full of Feminists and Immigrants

Where’s the lie tho?

As soon as someone dares point out obvious facts that have been obfuscated by Jewish brainwashing, all these “dude was being pretty misogynistic and racist” cookie-cutter programmed responses come up. They don’t refute claims, they don’t prove you wrong, they don’t engage in debates nor in conversations. They just push the SHUT IT DOWN button.

He was dragged out of McDonald’s.

This man’s anger is understandable. The country he and his people have built is now overrun by creatures that hate them.

The world our ancestors have built is being given away for free to the brown hordes by the Jews and their traitor puppets while our men have been transformed into smarmy bearded faggots, drooling over soy “foods” and Netflix series.

You want to go grab something to eat but you have to wait in line for the sin-skinned to be fed first, and once it’s your turn, an orc will take your order. Anyone who’s not entirely sedated would feel enraged.

The entire macrocosm of modern “civilization” existed in the microcosm of this man’s McDonald’s experience. This soulless corporate poisonous late-night food outlet is an absolute circus of brown people, and as soon as he starts complaining about it, it isn’t the browns that defend, but the faggotized feminist soyboys. This is a man against time and against the entire world, standing and stating obvious facts to a disreputable mob of fiends who have had their inner-light consumed by the encoraching darkness.

They’re replacing us in our own countries.

If we don’t hold the line here and revert this madness, we’ll have no place left to go.

There’s nowhere else left.

R: 262 / I: 135 / P: 8 [R] [G] [-]

Women from history you Genuinely Respect...

Made this same thread back in Sept. or Oct., and got lot of interesting responses. From people genuinely adding to the thread to commies/kikes writing essentially: "Die you White dog! All your women be coal burners!"

Also, the "MGTOW" hard-ons who couldn't get laid in whorehouse with their prick between a Visa and an AMEX. IT was an interesting mix. it seems the ADL/SPLC were also keeping an eye on it, since almost evert video/pic/article in that thread had the link deleted.

Not a bad thing in IMO. The kikes are now genuinely so terrified that "the goyim know," they are running around like the little Butch boy from the story, only their boy is a little Jew buy in a yamkalue, and each time they plug a hole, 3 new ones appear.

With that, will name the first women worthy of praise: Hanna Reitsch. She set more than 40 flight altitude records and women's endurance records in gliding[2] before and after World War II.

While part of her appeal was undoubtly that was was lithe, blonde, and attractive and thus and inspiration to German pilots (look what this little waif is accomplishing, you should be able to outdo her!"), her skill and fearlessness as a pilot was not questioned by even the top German pilots and engineers. there are a bunch of good interviws with her on YT, or were, Jews may have removed them in last few months.

And without fail, you'll hear she was a "coal burner" here since she was living and earning money in Africa, just as Leni Refistahl was. The ones pushing this shit are almost al commies and Jews, who fail to mention that Otto Skorzeny (said to be most feared man in Europe, led glider mission to rescue Mussolini) and numerous their former SS men were living in Africa at the time where they were helping the French to put down the Algerian uprising.

R: 57 / I: 14 / P: 8 [R] [G] [-]

Why Should I care about my race and everything?

So /pol/, brief summary of myself to the extent that it relates to the question I'm about to ask:

>> Grew up in a mixed race environment and went to a mixed race school where on a weekly basis I would encounter some blacks, asian's, a few gay men and women, one trans-male person.

>> Only seriously started acknowledging race when I started learning about history, the civil rights movement, the alt-right, e.c.t

>> My current stance on race in terms of how it relates to IQ is that the correlation between IQ and those of certain races is really just a reflection of the socio-economic backround which people are in, (e.g. black people in Detroit may have lower IQs on average, but white people there will have lower IQs on average also).

>> Can't really see how being black relates to being more violent from a genetic standpoint, although from a cultural standpoint you can point to bad influence through violent media made and aimed for black people, and from an economic standpoint you can obviously point to mostly black towns and cities that are economically fucked up from the jim crow segregation era, therefore forcing black people who mostly live there to commit crime to survive.

So that's my summary of my stance on race and everything.

So /pol/, why should I care about my race and hate black people? What's wrong with my current view of the races?

Why should I hate people of different groups? (If you're going to cite conspiracy theories like the Jewish Plot, please cite sources or facts and figures).

Lastly, why should I care about my race being wiped out through race mixing, seeing as my race isn't really anything special to me?

Like, everyone will just turn a different color in a few hundred years, who cares?

R: 164 / I: 48 / P: 8 [R] [G] [-]

Call for Heterosexuality to be Banned in France

Call for Heterosexuality to be Banned in France



The French leftist site Mediapart has published an article calling for heterosexuality to be banned.

>Given that heterosexuality is not a sexual orientation, but a system of domination generating and nourishing sexism, homophobia, transphobia, biphobia and other oppressions such as racism, ableism or classism;

>Given that heterosexuality meant the abandonment of gays, bis and trans to AIDS, indifference to their death, the refusal to undertaken targeted prevention campaigns, the censorship of campaigns and the legitimation of the censors, waiting to grant rights;

>Given that heterosexuality is a denialism [“négationnisme”, a word that signifies Holocaust Denial in French], rewriting the history of struggles to show kindly, brave heterosexuals fighting for the rights of minorities when they didn’t give a damn about them until we rubbed their noses in the horrors they created or caused to be created;

>Given that heterosexuality, in France, is a woman dying every three days at the hands of her male companion, the refusal to speak of “feminicides”: it is also the resultant higher rate of suicide among young LGBT, a culture of rape and its impunity;

>it is urgent that heterosexuality be banned.

There’s a lot more in a similar vein, too, but I won’t bother translating it all.

It’s a classic example of the pathologisation of normality within our civilisation.

The bio of the author, Mérôme Jardin, says he was a member of Act Up-Paris (1998-2013) [a gay campaigning group] and is a member of the CCIF [Collective Against Islamophobia], which is hilarious since I don’t think this guy will last long after the Muslim takeover of France.

R: 91 / I: 12 / P: 8 [R] [G] [-]

Redpills on Women the Dark Side

Hello /pol/ this thread is going to be the first in a new series I am going to start. I have browsed this place for many years and I did a lot of digging. In particular, I love digging into subjects that are purposefully ignored and buried. I find out a lot of interesting stuff and despite your love for the truth. I noticed your missing quite a bit when it comes to the politically incorrect topic of women. Yes, I know you regularly have red pill threads about women but trust me on this your actually missing quite a bit. Despite how you regularly touch upon different subjects you have failed to realize how they are all connected.

To be precise you only got about half the picture…I hope to help fix that. So I only have one thing to ask of you readers that brings up real world things you have noticed even if it seems normal to you. I will use these as examples to help better illustrate what I am about to explain and hopefully wake some more of you up while I'm at it.

So let's get started. As much as I loved all those nice graphs and data over the years as used in those red pills. Keep in mind those sources of knowledge are what (((they))) don't mind you finding out about. If you really want to know more you need to ask yourself what is it they are trying to hide? What is it they are trying to bury? What kind of stuff do you never hear about or is put into a good light if you do?

Here are some topic examples

>Female Pedophilia

>Female rapists

>child grooming

>Sabotaging children

>Female teachers fucking students

Are you beginning to see a pattern here?

R: 502 / I: 176 / P: 8 [R] [G] [-]

/SIG/ Self Improvement General

Before we can defeat the jews in the World Bank and the jews in Hollywood, we must first defeat the jews within ourselves

<OLD THREAD >>12392170

Go to the gym, or start a body weight routine fat ass. Don’t neglect cardio, go for a morning run. Take a cold shower. Get 7-9 hours of good quality sleep every night, avoid stimulants in the late afternoon. Become a morning person and get up early.


Hygiene is important. BRUSH YOUR TEETH TWICE A DAY FOR 2 MINUTES, don’t forget to floss. Make your own toothpaste. Get a tongue scraper too. Your tongue should be a nice pink color, not white or yellow. This is not some ancient, long forgotten secret, but its amazing how many people neglect oral health - it’s just as important as lifting. Deodorants containing aluminium salts are toxic, avoid their use at all costs. You can make your own spray from baking soda, water and a few drops of a nice smelling essential oil. This will stop body odour without making you sterile.

Lower your carb intake and eat more animal fat. Eat lots of organic meat and fish. The (((food pyramid))) overestimates the amount of carbs you should be eating - stop consuming excessive amounts. Do not eat feminized products soyboy. Treat yourself to an occasional glass of good red wine.

Do not breed with roasties or THOT’s. Find a wholesome waifu. Do not expect to meet a wholesome girl in a bar, nightclub or university campus. Plan a family. Raise strong men and respectable women who will lead in the race war.

Meditate. It calms the mind, builds discipline and is an ancient, tried and tested method of building mental clarity, control and spirituality. Start today, it only takes 10 minutes.


Do not act like a nigger, do not steal, rob or vandalize. Violence should be used sparingly when there is no other option, you are not a monkey. Respect yourself and your race. Don't humiliate your women with the degeneracy of feminism.

Stop consuming (((pornography))). Do you think that you’re not addicted to porn? Prove it. Try to go without porn or fapping for a whole week or two. Then aim for a month.



Quit playing video games faggot. Do something productive, write something or build something. Plan your career, climb the ranks or start a business. Learn something useful.

We need more /SIG/ men in positions of power.

Now get off the internet, go /out/side and get some sun. Go for a hike. Go camping. Join some wholesome clubs and make some normal friends. Do not reveal your power level to normalfags, drip feed them redpills. Stop smoking cigs and don't do drugs. Don't watch degenerate (((media))) and read some good books.

Work towards owning property and/or land. Don’t waste your time and money buying new cars on finance, it is a jewish trick. Save 10% of your income for a rainy day, even a little will go a long way. Stash some money in alternate forms, like silver and gold. Become informed on prepping and homesteading, make sure you’re ready when SHTF.

This is your life now.

Welcome to /SIG/ December 2018

R: 346 / I: 98 / P: 8 [R] [G] [-]

Honor thy father and thy mother = No racemixing?

What do you think about my interpretation of this commandment?

I also noticed a lot of Christians obsess over universalizing everything in the bible. See the "give Caesar what is Caesar". I would just interpret this as Jesus commandment to a very specific situation in the Roman Empire.

Now you might draw parallels to similar situations, but that doesn't mean that you should always have to act like this.

I feel similar to false interpretations of the bible that are very common, like the "turn the other cheek" that is actually passive-aggressive resistance in the face of an overwhelming enemy.

Or the "meek" shall inherit the earth. Meek was translated from some greek word, that could also mean mild-mannered, calm, etc and not "the most pathetic of the low". IIRC it represents an emotional, personality trait and not necessarily a social status.

And overall. Does Jesus really want you to be a rootless individual in a machine with no other identity than Christianity? Like culural Marxism? Everything else has to be destroyed? Any tribal, familiar, racial identity, just so the only identity you can even grasp for is Christianity?

I don't think so.

R: 10 / I: 0 / P: 8 [R] [G] [-]

Canadian Divorce Rape Hack - When Feminism Goes too Far

Canada fags. Your marriage problems have been solved. The ((politicians)) in this country want to destroy marriage…

But I know:


Change your sex to female immediately after marriage. Do not tell your wife.

>Be me

>Marry womyn who seems like shes okay

>4 years later my friend starts telling me she is cheating

>Now I have a 2 year old son and I am panicking. This kid is my life.

>I go and change my sex legally to female after spending some time reading legal precedence

>She starts getting cunty after I call her out

>Court Dates Scheduled: She wants half, the home, and full custody

>Sit in the court room and cry infront of everyone (I do this becuase I know what comes next)

>She visibly laughs as I do so

>Court grants me full custody of my children and home

>Wife gets NOTHING

>Shes in shock

>mfw im just a single mother working hard to support my family and my deadbeat partner gets the treatment she deserves

R: 710 / I: 362 / P: 8 [R] [G] [-]

On how we are being cucked by residential buildings


housing politics is connected to society and very much pol-itics.

here Ill expose the (((construction industry))) and tips Ive noticed on how to choose/build a house unheard before from your (((real estate agent))).

R: 369 / I: 358 / P: 9 [R] [G] [-]

OPERATION OVEN ISRAEL – Universal boycott

Hi there mein neiggers, so the idea for the operation is this:


We design a redpilling camping for the evangelicals that serves as a boycott Israe campaing at the same time;


Instead of appealing to the boycott because of Palestinians (a just and noble cause on its own, no doubt), we use the FACTS related to Israel shitting on Christ and Christians all the time as the appeal for the boycott, thus making the Evangelicals reeeeeeeee at the start, but feeding them the facts while also persuading the audience.

If the Evangelicals reeee enough, it might even make the news, which would be a good secondary objective for the operation;


Now, at the same time we run the boycott campaing ttargeted at the Evangelicals, we also run multiple boycott campaigns that target all the different demographics at the same time in parallel, in order to blitzkrieg the Israel first traitors asses from all angles, and redpilling the audience about all the kikery of Israel at the same time.

Demographics and some ideas on how to get their attention:

Muzzies and lefties – boycott because of Palestinians;

Blacks – boycott because Israel shits on Blacks all the time and treat them like shit;

Christians (includes Evangelicals) – boycott because kikes hate Christ

Asians – boycott because of jewish nepotism taking their higher education school spots away;

Latinos – boycott because they are Christians for the most part and too many of those have died for Greater Israel;

Veterans – boycott because Israel was always an enemy of the US and has attacked the US using various false flags and spying operations;

Conservatives – the same as veterans.

After we flesh out the posters and fliers and all that content that will be used as ammo for the campain, it will be very easy to mobilize many of the people of the different demographics in order to spread those everywhere, although we should have as many autists on the ground doing so too, obviously.

Cuckchan breads: https://boards.4chan.org/pol/thread/193498575

R: 411 / I: 236 / P: 9 [R] [G] [-]

Book Thread III

Discussion, suggestions, projects


Morgoth's Library


PDFs Online Libraries Listing


/polarchive/ book links


/polk/ book thread


<Chan Thread Watch to batch/auto-download threads and PDFs


<Thread II >>11702721

R: 517 / I: 171 / P: 9 [R] [G] [-]

Nord/pol/ #56: Efter valet

Sweden has the worst boarder control - Rapport was censored untill after election


>Sweden has one of the worst boarder controls in all of Europe. That is made apparent in a Schengen-report which Kvälssposten has taken part of. According to the newspaper, the rapport was censored due to the election.

>Enligt den hemligstämplade rapporten anser Schengen-inspektörer, som var i Sverige under förra året, att de svenska gränskontrollerna är dåligt bemannade, att arbetsmetoderna brister och att de som sköter kontrollerna inte har rätt utbildning.

>According to the classified rapport Schengen-inspectors, who were in Sweden last year, the Swedish boarder controls are poorly manned, and the work methods are lacking, and the people who handle the boarder control procedures have not been properly educated for the task.

>The worst situation was at Arlanda airport, despite it being Sweden's largest airport with 26 million people passing through every year.

>The so called risk indicators which should be used to detect islamists are not used, the rapport states, because the personnel have not been informed of them.

>In Sweden there is also a lack of relevant knowledge to detect falsified documents, like fake passports.

>– We risk letting in returning jihadists, says an experienced

boarder-police officer in Stockholm to Kyp, and likens the boarder controls to a "Donald the Duck operation".

>In actuality there is no real boarder control, means the police source, because no one is ever apprehended, but in the best case there are simply pure ID-checks being performed.

>But it doesn't end there. According to Kvällsposten, the rapport is to have been kept secret due to the Swedish election, because the the information in the rapport was seen to be "politically sensitive".

>Several police officers recount that this had been said explicitly, and that due to this, the rapport was to be kept secret for political gains.

>But Liselotte Ström, chief of the boarder police unit in Stockholm, denies that the ever said anything to that effect, and says that it is simply a matter of confidentiality. Although police sources claim that the release of the rapport was consciously delayed, and unnecessarily sent back to the commission an extra time.

>The police department supposedly knew of the contents of the rapport since the beginning of the year, and even attorney general Morgan Johansson (Social Democrat) was to have been informed of the contents.

Sorry if there are any issues with the translation, I did it by hand and I'm too lazy to go through the entire thing to make certain that it is all correct.

R: 117 / I: 18 / P: 9 [R] [G] [-]


The internet fucked up the world. All this internet mass communications stuff, its taken the life out of life. Yes life is still great and there is still liberty and etc but in a sense mass communications has destroyed liberty, in a sense.

It used to be that you could be a racist redneck in the south and have racist comedians, racist clubs etc, and no one would really do anything about it because there wasn't this giant mass of useless people just waiting for social media to tell them to be outraged by something.

Thanks to media and internet and various technologies you now have a giant mass of people with nothing but time on their hands who just collaborate with each other to find the new thing to be outraged by, and you can't really have regional racist redneck cultures it seems because some asshole is just going to start complaining about it then a bunch of middle class white leftists are going to start persecuting them it would seem. The white left is just awful in their behavior, I have family members who are white leftists so I don't hate them but they do suck.

Really lets face it, white people and our inventions fucked things up to a degree. The world has become just a group of people sitting on their asses talking shit to each other online, really its a cowards wet dream. You can talk all sorts of shit without having to worry about the person being near you when you say it.

This internet mass communications isn't good though. Control is exercised through communication. We control things through symbols words, and expressions. Providing everyone with communications devices and cameras just enables people to collectively become big brother and evolve into some sort of borg hive mind creature. We have really created a fucked situation and I don't know if there is any way back.

I think we can make the best of it and create good lives but this stuff is fucked. If they try to get you to accept brain implants to connect online reject it, reject getting hooked up by your brain to the internet because some assholes have been trying to create that, but its crap.

R: 298 / I: 51 / P: 9 [R] [G] [-]


Now I know that American's are relatively well off and are far from revolting but it just occurred to me that this is very similar in that many Americans are crippled by debt (such as myself) and enter usury to prop up a parasitic system.

I understand that a large swath of people are liberal arts major baristas but that's irrelevant. If we can successfully rally the financially disenfranchised to flip the fuck out then we'll catch that flu that France is sneezing. Across the pond, its an apolitical movement (for now) but once the gears get moving it cannot be stopped.

What say you?

R: 390 / I: 126 / P: 9 [R] [G] [-]


Some studies for newfags.







Outbreeding depression


Asian-white couples face distinct pregnancy risks, Stanford/Packard study finds


1/3 of hapas (white+asian) suffer from mental illness


Most congenital problems are more common on mixed-race babies:


Race mixing can trigger dental problems (in Portuguese, talking about this problem in Brazil)


Prematurity and Low Birth Weight are a lot more common in mixed-race babies


Mixed-race people have the highest mental illness rates:


Organ donations must be from person with the same race and similar genetics, due to this, mixed-race people for having peculiar genetic combinations face challenges when they try to receive organ donations


Teenagers who identify as mixed-race have greater health and behavioural risks than those who identify with only one race:


Mulatto teenagers show much more anti-social behaviour than both black and whites teenagers:


Hybrid and multi-racial animal offsprings suffer from a decline in their reproductive and adaptive capacity





African-americans are on average 22% european, and due to this they face reproduction problems that africans from africa don't.




Study done in Iceland shows that breedings among 3rd cousins are the most fertile and successful. Suggesting that mating within the same ethnic / racial group would be more beneficial than outside it:


R: 470 / I: 147 / P: 9 [R] [G] [-]

Violence and the Right Wing

There are more calls for action and violence today than there have been in quite some time. One thing is certain, we have a serious violence deficit. This is not a call to action, this is all based upon observation. There are a few Ideologies as to how, when, where and against whom violence must be done. The focus of this is to describe the state of violence rather than the application of it.

Many of the problems we presently face are a result of the hyper-pacification being pushed on the west since the "cultural revolution" of the 60s. It really didn't kick off until the financial crisis when occupy wall street was co-opted by feminists and then the LGBTBBQWTF, but ever since that point, when a real movement of disaffected people was made impotent by the screaming of hysterical women, communists and the mentally ill (arguable all of these fit under the last category), there's been no real violence. It is because men no longer are able to take the lead and "man up" in social groups due to "diverse" groups requiring hypersensitivity, and the laws in place to enforce such sensitivity.

Another cause of our inability to use violence is its complete monopolization by the state. If one looks at the same “progressive” trends which have been enabling the advance of feminism, homosexuality and transsexuality, they will see another aspect which has been largely codified into law. Violence against women, violence against children, violence against minorities, which all can be paraphrased as “violence by men.” These laws have taken all power from men. I am not saying men should be beating their family daily, but I am saying there is a difference between discipline and abuse. The legal system vehemently disagrees with this point. A man may no longer spank his child. A woman may now use the state against her husband using the provisions of these violence against X laws. Now all a woman must do is say a man is violent and he is kicked out of his house, only able to return with police supervision. She may then proceed to take a portion of his salary for herself, a portion of his salary for his children (whom he may no longer see due to his being “violent”) and all of this in addition to half of his accrued assets. This entire process is to use violence against men to teach them that they are not allowed to have power, authority or autonomy. It is to turn man into a more compliant and docile animal so he can be a good pet for the state.

In the United states there is a bit of a different impact. Due to gun ownership, there is a violence threshold of sorts. Violence is totally unacceptable until it is time to kill (see attached graph for clarification). The prepper and “office worker operator” (the guy in middle management with an AR, Crye precision tactical pants with matching plate carrier who is just waiting for the civil war to break out) are a symptom of this. People know somethings wrong, people know they are forbidden from doing anything about it. But damn are they ready if someone starts to do something about it. It is, sadly, consumerism. Rather than being engaged in society and mobilizing politically, people have decided to rebel by purchasing rebellion supplies. There is nothing happening because we’re too busy buying stuff so we know we are ready for the happening. People are pursuing violence by being passive, hoping for a war that will never come, because people are too busy making sure they are ready for that war.

R: 44 / I: 28 / P: 9 [R] [G] [-]

E.Michael Jones on Ethnic Cleansing in the USA !

Understanding the "racial" situation of the USA. E.Michael Jones on Urban Renewal, or how the Jews used Africans people as proxy-warrior as a way to ethnically cleanse European Christian communities.

A very fundamental video to understand the origins of the modern USA and it's "racial" problem.


R: 95 / I: 17 / P: 9 [R] [G] [-]

Kenya will start teaching Chinese to elementary school students from 2020




>Kenya will teach Mandarin in classrooms in a bid to improve job competitiveness and facilitate better trade and connection with China.

>The country’s curriculum development institute (KICD) has said the design and scope of the mandarin syllabus have been completed and will be rolled in out in 2020. Primary school pupils from grade four (aged 10) and onwards will be able to take the course, the head of the agency Julius Jwan told Xinhua news agency. Jwan said the language is being introduced given Mandarin’s growing global rise, and the deepening political and economic connections between Kenya and China.

>“The place of China in the world economy has also grown to be so strong that Kenya stands to benefit if its citizens can understand Mandarin,” Jwan noted. Kenya follows in the footsteps of South Africa which began teaching the language in schools in 2014 and Uganda which is planning mandatory Mandarin lessons for high school students.

>Kenya is currently in the midst of rolling out a new educational curriculum to improve educational quality and focus on skills that would make graduates more employable in the labor market. Just last year, education officials rolled out the roadmap for the first pilot of the new curricula for students in pre-school and standards one and two.

>Then education secretary Fred Matiang’i said the syllabus would be tested in order to see what to improve before they are fully implemented across all primary and secondary classes. Mandarin is set to be taught alongside local languages besides other foreign ones including French and Arabic.

R: 700 / I: 1956 / P: 9 [R] [G] [-]

Art Thread

Post your patrician art and scultures

R: 307 / I: 49 / P: 9 [R] [G] [-]

Based white girl smashes face of invader scum in bathroom

'You're lucky you're from another language because I will crush you b***h': Syrian refugee girl, 14, is attacked inside a high school bathroom by another teen girl who 'wanted to vape' inside the stall she was in




R: 349 / I: 153 / P: 9 [R] [G] [-]

Trump's Fence Speech: Salt Mining Thread

ITT: Post liberal tears in response to Trump's speech regarding the national fence.

R: 139 / I: 48 / P: 9 [R] [G] [-]

Archival and the new web





HTTP is a lost cause and our popular archival services can only be relied on for so much, and for so long. Perhaps, as our enemies rely on keeping our contact severed and our information restricted, we should be brainstorming ideas on decentralisation and better methods of reliably preserving data and communicating with one another.

Pic related was hacked up in GIMP earlier today, but IPFS can potentially take the concept much, much farther. Filecoin will replace traditional hosting services, mesh tunnelling will replace paid VPNs and content aggregators will replace forum monoliths. But on what other fronts can we stand to gain an edge from? One interesting idea has been toyed with:


And there is already a growing number of IPFS-based chat services out there. So where else can easily-self-hosted content/databases and p2p projects help us?

R: 40 / I: 4 / P: 9 [R] [G] [-]

Trudeau Fails At Undercutting Pot Market - Will Likely Be Replaced

>Renowned hedge fund manager Jeffrey Vinik has dismissed the pot stock craze, describing cannabis investment as overrated and likely to suffer from squeezed margins. Speaking on CNBC’s Squawk Box on January 10, Vinik also revealed that bitcoin currently accounts for “zero percent” of his investment portfolio.

>Returning to the hedge fund scene after a five-year hiatus, the Tampa Bay Lightning owner, who also holds minority stakes in the Boston Red Sox and Liverpool Football Club, believes that an entry rush into cannabis investments will create a situation where market demand is overserved, and margins become too small to be profitable.

>In his words:

>I won’t say zero, but my guess is that they’re overhyped. There’s going to be too much competition, margins are going to come down, [and] nobody’s going to make money.

<likely to suffer from squeezed margins

>likely to suffer from squeezed margins

<margins are going to come down

>margins are going to come down

This means Trudeau failed. Let me explain, Trudeaus goal was to "Undercut the black market" making it not profitable for illegal operators to sell. In reality, he put in so many stupid regulations like being required to buy online, being required to pay a 5 dollar delivery fee, taxes, business regulation, security costs etc etc that it costs about 2x or more to make it legally, in an industrial environment, which is laughably stupid. That some guy with a greenhouse in his back yard can go buy chemicals and grow it 2x cheaper or more than the government.

Thats also for dirty ditch weed. In Ontario it costs 130$ minimum, for the absolute garbage on the government website. Thats for 15 grams, which is 1 gram more than a "half". It should be for 28 grams, a full ounce. You can call a guy up and get 2 ounces for 200$. Thats 48 grams for 200, instead of 15 for 130. It will also be better than the governments.

Alternately, you can go the quality route and spend 250$ on 15 grams, from the government.

Why does this matter?

<likely to suffer from squeezed margins

>likely to suffer from squeezed margins

<margins are going to come down

>margins are going to come down

They are already kvetching they cant compete, the prices are already too low, the prices will need to go up further on the governments end. Its not just a failure, they took easily the most profitable and low cost business industry and turned it into a complete failure that some burnout with some 2x4s and plastic sheeting can do multiple times better in their back yard.


R: 493 / I: 517 / P: 9 [R] [G] [-]

WWII Thread

Since it won't be a Turkroach sponsored circlejerk and we can actually have differing opinions, let's discuss World War 2.

Were Germans the real niggers for invading Poland and conquering different countries such as Czechoslovakia?

Would things be better had Hitler not invaded neighboring countries and instead focus primarily on making Germany prosper even more?

Why was Italy so useless?

Did Bomber Harris do anything wrong?

R: 640 / I: 213 / P: 10 [R] [G] [-]

gilets jaunes: Act IX

Just a few hours to go until the fun starts

R: 57 / I: 7 / P: 10 [R] [G] [-]



An Aryan woman had 3 Aryan children, these THREE Aryan children grew up with an Aryan father who was rich__!

It is YOUR obligation to become successful and raise Aryan children for the glory of the Aryan race!

If you're a kike, a shill, or a shitskin: YOU ARE NOT WELCOME IN THIS THREAD.

What are you doing to stop white genocide (which men are guilty of because of the porn and the anime. We need to make sure our Aryan wives are like the one in this video, in other words they have lot of Aryan children to empower our race.

Our race is unique compared to that any other in our planet and our women are the proof of that! YOU NEED TO WORK ON YOURSELF IF YOU WANT AN ARYAN WOMAN TO NOTICE YOU. Trust men, from experience, marrying an Aryan woman is the way to go… currently married my highschool sweetheart an now we have 7 Aryan children. Trust me, I know about relationships.

It is YOUR OBLIGATION to provide a future for Aryan women and their children, you have to stop watching porn or playing vidiogames (number one reason why Aryan birthrates are falling. You need to work out BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY get a lot of money so a high-maintenance Aryan woman will grant you the opportunity to make children with her. THINK OF YOUR RACE, NOTHING ELSE IS MORE IMPORTANT!!

Raising Aryan children is the most beautiful thing in this Earth. No (((buts))) about it.


R: 71 / I: 16 / P: 10 [R] [G] [-]

Vaccine shot killed famed cancer doctor in mere minutes from “total organ failure” … state-run media desperately tries to cover it up

Dr. Martin Gore, a widely celebrated cancer doctor credited with “saving thousands of lives” died from “total organ failure” just minutes after receiving a vaccine shot yesterday. Dr. Gore was a professor of cancer medicine at the Institute of Cancer Research based in London. He “died suddenly yesterday after a routine inoculation for yellow fever,” reports The Times (UK).

>“His death highlights the increased risks associated with the vaccine for the growing number of older travellers visiting exotic destinations,” the paper explains.

>It also underscores the horrific price of believing in Big Pharma, chemotherapy and vaccines. Throughout his career, Dr. Gore oversaw the harming of tens of thousands of children who were subjected to toxic chemotherapy and radiation treatments. Ultimately, he was killed by his own false belief in the safety of vaccines, another weaponized form of toxic medicine. Live by the sword, die by the sword.

>So far, the U.S. media has completely blacked out the story in yet another effort to silence any truth about the deadly dangers of vaccines. There isn’t a single establishment news outlet in the United States that has accurately reported on this vaccine-induced sudden death of a cancer doctor. In truth, vaccines kill people, yet the CDC-directed U.S. media pretends no one ever dies from vaccines in order to deliberately mislead the public, resulting in more people being killed by vaccine injuries.

>Even the Royal Marsden Cancer Charity where Dr. Gore also worked withheld the truth in their own Facebook announcement about his death, saying, “It is with deep sadness that The Royal Marsden announces the sudden death of Professor Martin Gore CBE who died this morning,” utterly failing to mention he died from a vaccine jab.

BBC lies about the doctor’s death claiming, “cause of death is unknown” and eliminating the word “vaccine” from its story headline

>The BBC also tried to hide the truth about this vaccine-induced fatality by eliminating any word of “vaccine” from the headline of the story announcing his death. “Royal Marsden’s leading cancer expert Martin Gore dies,” states BBC News, deliberately misleading readers because the BBC is, of course, state-run fake news.

>The BBC even goes on to misleadingly claim, “The cause of his death is not known.” We wonder what Dr. Gore would think if he knew the BBC was using his death to promote more vaccines that will kill more people, all while burying the truth about the serious risks associated with vaccine shots.


R: 46 / I: 23 / P: 10 [R] [G] [-]

Mein Kampf and National Socialism discussion thread


Let's discuss the ideology of National Socialism, and Hitler's book which informed it.

Are there any truly National Socialist people here anymore? Seems like we've become a minority, nobody seems interested in the only way forward for white civilization.

The struggle is only beginning.

01010100 01101000 01101001 01110011 00100000 01110011 01101001 01110100 01100101 00100000 01101001 01110011 00100000 01101110 01101111 01110100 00100000 01110111 01101000 01100001 01110100 00100000 01101001 01110100 00100000 01110011 01100101 01100101 01101101 01110011 00101110 00100000 01001001 01110100 00100000 01101001 01110011 00100000 01110010 01110101 01101110 00100000 01100010 01111001 00100000 01001010 01101001 01101101 00100000 01010111 01100001 01110100 01101011 01101001 01101110 01110011 00101100 00100000 01100001 00100000 01101011 01101110 01101111 01110111 01101110 00100000 01001101 01100001 01110011 01101111 01101110 00100000 01110111 01101000 01101111 00100000 01110010 01100001 01110000 01100101 01110011 00100000 01101100 01101001 01110110 01100101 01110011 01110100 01101111 01100011 01101011 00101110 00100000 01010100 01101000 01101001 01110011 00100000 01101101 01100101 01110011 01110011 01100001 01100111 01100101 00100000 01110111 01100001 01110011 00100000 01110000 01101111 01110011 01110100 01100101 01100100 00100000 01101001 01101110 00100000 01100010 01101001 01101110 01100001 01110010 01111001 00100000 01100010 01100101 01100011 01100001 01110101 01110011 01100101 00100000 01110100 01101000 01100101 00100000 01110100 01110010 01110101 01110100 01101000 00100000 01101001 01110011 00100000 01100010 01100101 01101001 01101110 01100111 00100000 01110011 01110101 01110000 01110000 01110010 01100101 01110011 01110011 01100101 01100100 00100000 01100010 01111001 00100000 01110100 01101000 01100101 00100000 01101101 01101111 01100100 01100101 01110010 01100001 01110100 01101111 01110010 01110011 00100000 01100001 01101110 01100100 00100000 01101010 01100001 01101110 01101001 01110100 01101111 01110010 01110011 00100000 01101111 01101110 00100000 00111000 01100011 01101000 01100001 01101110 00101100 00100000 01110111 01101000 01101111 00100000 01100001 01101100 01101100 00100000 01110111 01101111 01110010 01101011 00100000 01100110 01101111 01110010 00100000 01110100 01101000 01100101 00100000 01000011 01001001 01000001 00101110 00001101 00001010 00001101 00001010 01101000 01110100 01110100 01110000 01110011 00111010 00101111 00101111 01101001 00101110 01101011 01101001 01101110 01101010 01100001 00101101 01101001 01101101 01100111 00101110 01100011 01101111 01101101 00101111 01100111 01100001 01110111 01101011 01100101 01110010 00101101 01101101 01100101 01100100 01101001 01100001 00101111 01101001 01101101 01100001 01100111 01100101 00101111 01110101 01110000 01101100 01101111 01100001 01100100 00101111 01110011 00101101 00101101 01110010 01110010 00110110 01111010 01010010 00101101 01010011 00110011 00101101 00101101 00101111 01100011 01011111 01100110 01101001 01101100 01101100 00101100 01100110 01011111 01100001 01110101 01110100 01101111 00101100 01100110 01101100 01011111 01110000 01110010 01101111 01100111 01110010 01100101 01110011 01110011 01101001 01110110 01100101 00101100 01100111 01011111 01100011 01100101 01101110 01110100 01100101 01110010 00101100 01101000 01011111 00110110 00110111 00110101 00101100 01110001 01011111 00111000 00110000 00101100 01110111 01011111 00110001 00110010 00110000 00110000 00101111 01101010 01101011 01110011 01100111 01110000 01110011 01110111 01100011 01101110 01110111 00110001 01110010 01110111 00110101 01101000 00110001 00110010 00110011 01100001 01110000 00101110 01110000 01101110 01100111 00001101 00001010 00001101 00001010

R: 41 / I: 20 / P: 10 [R] [G] [-]

Heather Heyer led 2 men attacking Indian vehicle


This is a new revelation folks.

R: 311 / I: 173 / P: 10 [R] [G] [-]

Neo paganism

Neopaganism isn't a tradition, it isn't based on an unbroken chain handed down through the ages but rather is a made up modern pseudo-religion (if you could even call it that) with no relationship to the real ancient paganism, thus I fail to see how any sincere spiritual seeker could take it seriously.Neopaganism is based on scraps of cosmology and mythology, and mostly from Christian (or Roman in the case of early observations on Celto-Germanic paganism and thus still extraneous) sources, which don't show us what parts of said myths may be Christian (or foreign) interpolations (or misunderstandings.) The interpretations of these myths are based on academic or enthusiast studies, not the authentic esoteric interpretation of the ancient world, which is impossible to know.Neopagans fail to see that the traditional Christian religion (pre-modern Catholicism) is not only the successor to the Mosaic religion, but just as much if not more the successor to the Greco-Roman spiritual world, and the Celto-Germanic world beyond the Alps. Thus the higher elements of ancient paganism continues to live through traditional Catholicism, which is infused with the spiritual culture, aesthetics, and values of the European people which adopted it. It also fails to see that one can love, appreciate, and identify with their pagan past while remaining a Christian (see Wagner, Tolkien, etc.) Neo pagans fail to see that religions come from God, either springing directly from the Primordial Age (Hinduism), from the insights of a sage who encounters Truth directly via gnosis (Buddhism), or from the supposed revelation of a prophet (Islam.) An authentic religous tradition can't spring up from any vague notions of the "psyche" of a people

R: 54 / I: 15 / P: 10 [R] [G] [-]

You can't Gambit the Randlet

Oy Vey… shut this antisemitic bastid' goy down, right now!!! Activate the Protocols! Oy Gevalt!!

R: 50 / I: 13 / P: 10 [R] [G] [-]


Chinks will execute degenerate drug smuggling kike! Press S to spit on grave!!!

Seriously, why are you kikes so degenerate? Did you not learn your lesson when (((Otto Warmbier))) got his shit pushed in by Best Korea??

>As was widely expected after a Chinese court ordered a retrial of Canadian national (((Robert Schellenberg))) on drug trafficking charges last month, the Canadian national has now been sentenced to death for allegedly smuggling "an enormous amount of drugs" into China. He had earlier been sentenced to 15 years.

I don't usually post (((zerohedge))) articles, but its always fumy when kikes get fucked!


R: 199 / I: 43 / P: 10 [R] [G] [-]

DarkOverlord put out the PGP key for tier 1

but where is it?


for those that dont know what this is about


R: 54 / I: 9 / P: 10 [R] [G] [-]

I'm so tired of those liberal snowflakes arguing that trans people will commit suicide whenever they don't get something they want:

>maybe adding a third legal gender will accomplish nothing socially and will make the jobs of government employees and medics worse

>yea but transpeople are commuting suicide because they're being oppressed

No, it's a mental illness you moron that's why

Trans people commuting suicide should be called TransTerrorists

R: 211 / I: 40 / P: 10 [R] [G] [-]


Shills have been gang-stalking Kieran online for the past 4 days. Now they've started gang-stalking his Twitter account.

Why would the Elite care about this story? Because it has the potential to create mass public outcry against their TRILLION DOLLAR university student loan scam. I've NEVER seen this many shills out in force, trying to bury a story before.

This MedGate story has them legitimately spooked. This would also explain why no mainstream media, or even alt-media site has run this story yet. They've received 100s of submissions about this story, I know that at least 300 different anons have submitted this story to various conservative news sites, and yet they refuse to run the story. Just more proof that the Elite controls the media, including the so called "conservative" media.

This story is about how our universities are controlled by SJW-communist tribunals, and yet no conservative media is interested in this story? Then it is up to all of us, to make this go viral through the grassroots method. Post this story on every message board you are a part of, post it on your social media accounts, send it to your friends thru email or whatever. We must expose the truth, that our universities are LITERALLY controlled by radical SJW-communists who will destroy any conservative student's life on a whim.



Someone took the time to type up a transcript of the lecture/hearing here:


Also, another site ran the story but it is very biased towards his SJW professors. They've updated the story to include more information: https://cloverchronicle.com/2018/12/29/university-of-virginia-med-student-receives-1-year-suspension-after-microaggressions-lecture/

R: 191 / I: 74 / P: 10 [R] [G] [-]

HAPPENING: R.G.B. is D.O.A. To be Replaced by BASED MAGAPede Amy Barrett

Hold me pedes. This is what we voted for. Somebody get this based ladypede a coat!


R: 517 / I: 158 / P: 10 [R] [G] [-]

The Northwest Front, worldview doctrine, FAQ


>The Northwest Front is a political organization of Aryan men and women in the United States and Canada, of all ages and social backgrounds, who recognize that an independent and sovereign White nation in the Pacific Northwest is the only possibility for the survival of the White race on this continent.

http ://northwestfront.org/

R: 21 / I: 6 / P: 10 [R] [G] [-]

Facebook reviewing comments about killing Trudeau on Canadian ‘yellow vests’ page


Discussions about killing Prime Minister Justin Trudeau have been appearing on a Facebook page for Canadians who align themselves with the so-called yellow vest protests in France.

The Yellow Vests Canada group has gathered more than 100,000 members on Facebook since it launched a month ago as French anti-government demonstrations got underway.

But while the group’s own rules encourage civility and prohibit the advocacy of violence, the page is rife with comments that wish for — and sometimes encourage — the death of the prime minister.

“Trudeau needs to be shot,” read one comment, while another said that whoever did so would become “Canada’s greatest hero.”

“He needs to eat led [sic],” read another comment.

“Just shoot him,” read yet another.

Some said he should be hanged or posted images of a noose, guillotine, electric chair and gunman. Others referred to the assassination of former U.S. president John F. Kennedy.

“The RCMP is aware of the comments made on Facebook,” Staff Sgt. Tania Vaughan told Global News. “We take all threats made against the prime minister very seriously.”

Facebook said it was reviewing the posts and comments and would take action as warranted.

“We do not tolerate harassment on Facebook, and it’s our aim to prevent any potential real-world harm that may be related to content on our platform,” a Facebook spokesperson said.

“That’s why we remove content, disable accounts and use a combination of technology, reports from our community and human review to enforce our policies.”

On Tuesday, a Facebook account used to organized ‘yellow vests’ protests in London was suspended for hate speech.

>daily reminder that andrew scheer wants millions of slants and niggers in this country

>daily reminder that maxime bernier wants the same

>daily reminder that there is no democratic solution to this problem



R: 127 / I: 53 / P: 10 [R] [G] [-]

Freemasony and the Celts


So apparently it was the Mason guilds that were the earliest army of the Vatican when it came to destroying pagan temples and our culture in Gaul. By building expensive Christian churches and free schools with big Roman money to bluepill the Gauls into veneration of Rabbi Yeshua. At the same time they were the most aggressive at burning down the competition.

Mind you their guilds lived in a Empire sponsored Communist society (free free free for the goy who kneels)!

250AD and Freemasonry was still the source of cucking our traditions for the Jew World Order.

R: 126 / I: 16 / P: 11 [R] [G] [-]

Jews Destroy Crypto, No One Notices

This is the most important line, first:

>Exempt securities are notably limited for sale to so-called accredited investors only — defined in the U.S. as either individuals with a net worth of over $1 million, or who have consistently made $200,000+ per year in income, or as enterprises with over $5 million in assets.

——- now the article ——-

>2018 Sees 550% Uptick in Exempt ICO Securities Offerings Filed With the US SEC: Report

2018 witnessed a significant uptick in the number of initial coin offerings (ICOs) authorized by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to sell securities to large-scale investors, according to financial news channel MarketWatch, Jan. 11.

MarketWatch reportedly compiled its data for 2018 by searching the SEC’s Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis, and Retrieval (EDGAR) system for keywords such as “coin,” “ICO,” “token,” “initial coin offering” and “saft.”

Their research reportedly found 287 results for evidently ICO-related fundraisings that were accepted by the agency to offer securities under what is known as a Form D exemption.

Form D is essentially a short registration form in which a company discloses essential information for prospective investors in its securities issuance. The form is notably much shorter that the lengthy reports that are required ahead of sales of a non-exempt security to U.S. investors. Form Ds can also reportedly be filed post-factum, up to 15 days after the first sale has taken place.

>Exempt securities are notably limited for sale to so-called accredited investors only — defined in the U.S. as either individuals with a net worth of over $1 million, or who have consistently made $200,000+ per year in income, or as enterprises with over $5 million in assets.

<accredited investors only

<individuals with a net worth of over $1 million, or who have consistently made $200,000+ per year in income

<only shabbos goyim allowed

TLDR: Do you have a million dollars laying around? Do you make 200k every year consistently? No? Buying crypto is illegal for you, in the near future. Thank Jews and Ripple. The lemmings ate up the "this will bring in institutional money" trash while not realizing yea, after they are all forced to sell out of it and giving their coins to millionaires for a fraction of a penny on the dollar.

R: 17 / I: 21 / P: 11 [R] [G] [-]

Can we get a /pol/ book recc. thread going?

I know, there's a .pdf board for actual texts, but just wanted a thread where anons can recommend one or two books they've read recently that are really worth reading. I made this primarily because I want to shill for one book, which is actually uplifting and tells od two almost miraculous victories over the Turk in 2 different battles, one a Siege and one at Sea.

The book is "Empire of the Seas: the Siege of Malta, The Battle of Lepanto, and the Contest for the Center of the World." won't say much other than its great. The section on the siege describes in great detail every aspect of how the Knights (with help of mercenaries and local Maltese, esp as swimmers) managed to defeat an army far, far larger than their defensive forces. In a final irony, the relief force from Scily finally arrived on the final day, and slaughter the Turks in the Bay of St. Paul so badly that the bay was red for 3 days, and the smell was so bad that it had to be avoided for a week.

Next he gets into the the Battle of Lepanto, which was the biggest sea battle in history up until that time and the biggest the world would see until the Battle of Jutland Hundreds of years later. And NOW we are letting this people INTO OUR GATEs where, in every nation, they are abusing and murdering our young women.

Oh, and then just as now (where in 3 different cases, Jews were caught sending the Turks secret messages over the walls with a bow and arrow, just as now the likes of Barbara Spectre are doing the same.) Anyway, it's a fucking great book.


R: 253 / I: 121 / P: 11 [R] [G] [-]

/pol/ & Genedicks

Can we get a thread dedicated to European genetics both North and South without any of that esoteric bullshit? I've grown tired of all these LARPERs pushing foundless narratives. I just want a good ol' genetics thread without any of the bullshit.

R: 53 / I: 15 / P: 11 [R] [G] [-]

Unimplied Redpills

There's a new trend going on over at voat about making memes which have interesting topics that will influence the viewer to research more, but when they lookup the topic they find redpills.

<shill> if you're not on voat you're missing out. 4/pol/ once tried to raid it but found it "too far right"</shill>

I'm going to try to post a few examples. We need to spread these in areas that curious normies will find them. And, as always, OC is always encouraged.

R: 56 / I: 15 / P: 11 [R] [G] [-]

The Dead Sea Salt Mafia

A New Zealand mall made headlines when it booted out an Israeli cosmetics kiosk for aggressive tactics earlier this summer, but the US has been investigating fraud and illegal employment for years.

‘You, yes, you, my friend, come here for a second, let me show you some amazing products made from Dead Sea minerals. Give me your hand, come on, it’s OK, just a second, just let me see your hand and I’ll show you what these moisturizers can do.”

Young Israelis hawking skin care products, ostensibly made from minerals from the Dead Sea, have become a common sight in malls around the world. They grab customers passing by their kiosks and coerce them into buying overpriced cosmetics, many in an attempt to make money as quickly as possible to fund post-army travels.

But the aggressive maneuvers utilized by the Israeli salespeople, coupled with the fact that many of them are working illegally, have roused the suspicions of the FBI, US Homeland Security, embassies around the world trying to combat labor fraud, and journalists who are uncovering questionable sales tactics.

The issue came to a head in New Zealand earlier this summer, where a Dead Sea Spa kiosk in an Auckland mall was accused of swindling an elderly lady and forcing her to buy $5,000 worth of cosmetics. According to Campbell Live, the New Zealand Channel 3 TV program that first aired the story about the elderly woman, Dead Sea Spa had also charged an autistic man $4,400 for cosmetics in a half hour period, though $1,000 of the charges were not connected to products. On a separate occasion, a saleswoman sold $17,000 of products to a man with short-term memory loss who could not remember purchases he made just minutes earlier.

The reports exposed a dark underbelly of Israelis pursuing work around the world at mall kiosks and carts. In addition to aggressive and predatory sales tactics, the kiosks often skirt legal issues, evading local taxes and employing Israelis who do not have proper working permits.

The leaked cable explains the process through which companies advertise online and in newspapers in Israel — promising exorbitant salaries in the range of $1,500-$3,000 per week — and coach participants how to lie in their tourist visa applications for the USA. “The fact that working and receiving a U.S. salary is illegal on B1/B2s [visas which prohibit working] really does not bother them,” the cable continued. “From their perspective, ‘not many Israelis are caught.'”

When the Israelis arrive at their destination, their employer crowds them into a house with other kiosk employees to cut down on rent. They are forced to work shifts of up to 12 hours, sometimes 7 days a week, and receive only commissions from what they sell. A Wikileaks cable from 2010 noted that few Israelis made decent money, since employers often failed to pay fair wages and there was no way to enforce that because the workers themselves were illegal. The cable noted in a few cases some Israelis actually end up in debt. “After adding in other expenses, they ended up having to pay their employer money when they left, earning nothing, contrary to what was promised,” the cable stated.

The embassy in Tel Aviv also speculated on further “financial shenanigans” that the companies could be involved in, such as money laundering, tax evasion, crooked lawyers, and paying their workers under the table.

https://www.timesofisrael.com/dead-sea-product-hawkers-skirt-law-decency/ (archive.is is down for me)

R: 45 / I: 16 / P: 11 [R] [G] [-]

Maxime Bernier will be the next Prime Minister of Canada, October 21, 2019.

Register to vote for him: >https://www.peoples partyofcanada.ca/


>Saint John PPC Rally - Thursday, January 17, 2019 at 07:00 PM

>Halifax PPC Rally - Friday, January 18, 2019 at 07:00 PM

>https://www.peoples partyofcanada.ca/events


>@ 40%: https://www.spencer fernando.com/2018/08/24/advanced-symbolics-poll-says-maxime-bernier-is-more-popular-than-andrew-scheer/

>@ 17%: https://www.theglobe andmail.com/politics/article-poll-finds-17-per-cent-of-canadians-are-open-to-supporting-maxime/

>@ 13%: https://www.thepost millennial.com/maxime-berniers-newly-announced-party-polling-at-13-nationwide/

>https://twit ter.com/masterjsc/status/1063407094488055809

Social media:

>https://www.face book.com/peoplespca/

>http://twit ter.com/peoplespca/

>https://inst agram.com/peoplespca/


>Quebec, Dec6th: https://www.ps cp.tv/w/1dRJZOyVNVzxB (French)

>Saskatoon, Nov29th: https://www.ps cp.tv/w/1OwxWOgXoZwxQ

>Winnipeg, Nov28th: https://www.ps cp.tv/w/1mnxeODQRgoGX

>GTA, Nov14th: https://www.you tube.com/watch?v=D_J2P4fIlps

>GTA crowd interviews: https://www.you tube.com/watch?v=twNdGl9U_h4


>https://om ny.fm/shows/roy-green-show/albertan-separation-is-no-joke-tensions-at-the-fir

>https://sound cloud.com/radiocanadainfo/engouement-en-banlieue-de-toronto (french)

>https://www.you tube.com/watch?v=LiF2W25cBd0

>https://www.you tube.com/watch?v=dEcK1w2DBgs

>https://www.you tube.com/watch?v=Sj7kCJR5x6Y (True North)

>http://www.cb c.ca/player/play/1358402115566/

>https://www.you tube.com/watch?v=j5wu1ynnJ4M (TVO)

>https://www.you tube.com/watch?v=B0XrOGMV-js

>https://www.you tube.com/watch?v=5iaLBHWUYP4

>https://www.you tube.com/watch?v=bnbeWNLrF-A

R: 55 / I: 2 / P: 11 [R] [G] [-]

Google caught secretly recording conversations through your mobile device

Google has allegedly been tapping into Android users’ mobile devices to secretly record private conversations, The Sun reported online.

>According to the report, the technology giant’s Google Assistant — which works in the same manner as Apple’s Siri — purportedly records conversations without the users knowing. Google has insisted that its new virtual assistant only switches on and commences recording when users say “OK Google.”

>“We only process voice searches after the phone believes the hot word ‘OK Google’ is detected. Audio snippets are used by Google to improve the quality of speech recognition across Search…[and] improving speech recognition against all Google products that use your voice,” a company spokesperson said.

>However, an investigation carried out by the British newspaper showed that Google’s audio assistant jams up in some instances. The report noted that in some cases, just saying “Ok” in a random conversation will prompt the system to switch the phone on and record about 20 seconds of audio.

>The system was also found to switch the microphone on as users go about their usual activities day-in and day-out. Once the virtual assistant finishes recording, the system uploads the audio files to its computer servers often referred to as “the cloud.”

>According to the report, these audio files can be accessed anywhere in the world as long as internet connection is available. This means that any device that is signed into a user’s personal Gmail or Google account can access these files and allow the user to listen to the recordings.

>The audio recording typically last around 10 to 20 seconds on average. The tech giant is also found to save text versions of the private conversations. The report noted that these audio files will help the artificial intelligence designed to oversee Google Home by teaching it how humans naturally communicate with each other.

Here’s what you can do to delete files, other private information

>An article posted in the Wired website features a few pointers in deleting private information to prevent unwanted attention from Google and the federal government.

>The article confirmed that Google saves the users’ voice search entry. The tech giant saves the entries to improve the system’s search capacity and ad placement. However, this has been reported in many cases.

>The Wired article recommended that users visit Google’s Voice & Audio Activity page to review the saved voice searches and listen back to them. These files — which may contain interesting, funny and random recordings — may be deleted by selecting any of the files, checking the box beside them and then clicking “delete” at the top of the screen. (Related: WATCH OUT: Google is recording everything you search and say.)

>Aside from the voice searches, Google was also found to keep track of the users’ location and search history. According to the article, the tech giant’s location history or timeline page features a Google Map that allows users to check their location and select specific dates and time.

>The system’s accuracy depended on whether a users was signed in to his Google account, or if he had his device with him. This information can be deleted by visiting the timeline page, clicking on the settings cog at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen and selecting the “delete all” option.

>Google is also noted to store the search history of all its users, the article stated. Perhaps a no-brainer, users may delete their list of search queries by checking Google’s history page clicking on the Menu and hitting the “Advanced”, “All Time”, and “Delete” options.

>Users may also bar google from tracking their searches for good. This can be done by visiting the activity controls page and clicking on the “tracking off” option, the article noted.


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White Man Defends himself against teen nigger mob, Is Welcomed To The World Of Dindu Survival Horror


>ASHEVILLE, N.C. (WLOS) — A Black Mountain man has been charged after a fight Saturday at Asheville Mall.

>Asheville police said a fight involving juveniles broke out at the mall Saturday evening, and, during the fight, David Steven Bell pushed a juvenile as well as hit her.

>An off-duty officer arrested Bell, 51, of Black Mountain, and he is charged with assault on a female under 12 and two counts of assault on a female.

>Video of the incident, which is under investigation, has been been making rounds on social media.

>In the video, Bell can be seen surrounded by a group of juveniles. At one point, the camera turned away. Next, a girl came toward Bell, and he shoved her. When the same girl came back, he can be seen punching her in the face.

>News 13 is trying contact the person who shot the video to get permission to use it.

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White Victims of Black Crime - Thread #008: PLEASE FORGIVE ANY TYPOS

White Victims of Black Crime - Thread #008: PLEASE FORGIVE ANY TYPOS

My Manifesto https://pastebin.com/acSwtnf4

Previous Thread Archives:

Thread #001 - https://archive.is/KFcLQ https://archive.fo/bFF3m

Thread #002 - https://archive.fo/C9Ozg

Thread #003 - https://archive.fo/BBlBk

Thread #004 - https://archive.fo/khxOq This thread was deleted, not even anchored, hours after I made it.

Thread #005 - https://archive.is/tKsjv

Thread #006 - https://archive.is/S4Fzd https://web.archive.org/web/20181009023100/https://8ch.net/pol/res/11999740.html

Thread #007 - https://archive.fo/FKAvx

Downloads https://pastebin.com/Lgs1mAhp

This contains links to all of my graphics (loose & .7z archives), as well as videos & pdfs that I've created. This link will stay the same, but the text in the pastebin will change to reflect newer uploads. Of note, is that I upload my graphics to my Mega.nz account. This allows me to update the files,

but the links will stay the same. Also included, are loose downloads of my White Victims of Illegal Aliens and White Victims of South African Crime series.


I post my lastest graphics to these accounts:




https://www.bitchute.com/channel/6ELXmYCkaFC6/ <-This contains the videos relating to each case. Not every video is linked to in the infographics.

https://www.bitchute.com/video/Hhf8vdI8mZ5S/ White Victims of Black Crime - Lost Children. This is a good video to show people.

https://www.minds.com/groups/profile/771078656633085952 - White Genocide Awareness Project on Minds - More posts along the lines of what I post. Lots of info about White Genocide going on worldwide

I'm the creator of the White Victims of Black Crime Infographics series. In

this thread I will be posting all of my current infographics as I make them.

However, in order to build up a buffer of new infographics to keep this thread

bumped with fresh OC (and not just much-appreciated bump posts), I will first

post my previous infographics.

Here is a single infographic to start out the thread. The rest will be in

numerical order, but I like to highlight a particular case in my OP.

If you haven't read the previous threads, then I must warn you that this thread

will likely make you rage. This is normal.



October 16, 1998

Location: Burlington,NC

Victim(s): Tiffany Nicole Long 10

Attacker(s): Harold Wesley Jones 16,Joseph Osmar Jones 13,Dorthia D. Bynum 17

Description: The trio kidnapped Tiffany and took her to a house that they used to stay at.

Bynum then watched as Harold Jones strangled Tiffany with a TV cable, while Joseph Jones raped and sodomized her. She was then beaten to death with a bed rail, crushing her skull, before her body was dumped behind the house.

Archive.is Link(s):

https://archive.is/RM4h3 The 3 are charged. Relatives say they’re “mildly retarded”.

https://archive.is/CvJcw Trial is set to start after defendants were found to be competent to stand trial.

https://archive.is/tOa6q Bynum’s murderpedia entry. She was sentenced to 124 years after pleading guilty. J.Jones was convicted & sentenced to life +25 years.

https://webapps.doc.state.nc.us/opi/offendersearch.do?method=view NC inmate lookup. Entering H.Jones’ inmate #0651524 will bring up his prisoner info. He was sentenced to life.

https://archive.is/NgPQU Tiffany’s find a grave memorial.


https://archive.is/pZM4c The 3 are charged 10-22-1998.

https://archive.is/oJlQA Bynum’s murderpedia page photos.

https://archive.is/NShZC A million points of light entry.

https://archive.is/ECOG0 Tiffany’s 2nd find a grave memorial.

https://archive.is/z6Vvv Long surname info Ancestry.com.

https://archive.is/88c06 Long surname info house of names.

https://archive.is/tPbYf Long surname info surname database.

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This Land Is Your Land. End of Song.

Let's all relax and watch some kids' TV from Sweden, /pol/!

Vid related is a Swedish kids' music video called "My Country Is Also Yours." They show this on TV, and evidently Swedes aren't hanging them in the streets, so I guess they've chosen complete and utter suicide. They sure look happy though.

Pay attention to the sheer masochistic ecstasy in this video. These cucks aren't just acting, they're genuinely orgasmic over their families' annihilation by inbred-looking pakis and nogs from Somalia. This is what we're up against. You aren't ever going to bring this kind of fanaticism around until you've blown a 9mm hole in it.

Kids show. Kids' TV show. This airs between cartoons on Skarsjolmverstaadt, or whatever the hell they call their state-owned propaganda mill.

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Joe Rogan a deep state agent.


I've always known Joe was a peace of shit and dishonest person. I also knew he had links to deepstate/cia.

Here is a video by Alex Jones talkin about all that. What do you guys think? Can we dig more to him and find out more?

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Jacob L. Smith of Louisa Virginia


Jamal Simmons in https://www.mediaite.com/online/one-of-the-men-arrested-in-charlottesville-was-a-counter-protestor-who-punched-a-female-reporter/

>Last Saturday, Jacob L. Smith, a young white man from Louisa, Va., was one of the few people arrested during the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville.

Is 80 hours of community service the usual penalty for a career criminal punching female reporters in the face?

Interesting how leftist reporters decide to describe him as "white". That's not the impression I get from looking at him.

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An Irishman's Insight On Africa and refugees

An Irishman's Insight On Africa

Kevin Myers (born 30 March 1947) is an Irish journalist and writer. He writes for the Irish edition of the Sunday Times, having previously been a columnist for the Irish Independent and a former contributor toThe Irish Times, where he wrote the "An Irishman's Diary" opinion column several times weekly. Until 2005, he wrote for the UK Sunday Telegraph.

His articles criticize left-wing opinion and the "liberal consensus", sometimes incorporating hyperbole, sarcasm and parody. This essay appeared in The Irish Independent:

Somalia is not a humanitarian disaster; it is an evolutionary disaster. The current drought is not the worst in 50 years, as the BBC and all the aid organizations claim. It is nothing compared to the droughts in 1960/61 or 73/74. And there are continuing droughts every 5 years or so.

It's just that there are now four times the population; having been kept alive by famine relief, supplied by aid organizations, over the past 50 years. So, of course, the effects of any drought now, is a famine. They cannot even feed themselves in a normal rainfall year. Worst yet, the effects of these droughts, and poor nutrition in the first 3 years of the a child's life, have a lasting effect on the development of the infant brain, so that if they survive, they will never achieve a normal IQ. Consequently, they are selectively breeding a population who cannot be educated, let alone one that is not being educated; a recipe for disaster.

We are seeing this impact now, and it can only exacerbate, to the detriment of their neighbours, and their environment as well. This scenario can only end in an even worse disaster; with even worse suffering, for those benighted people, and their descendants. Eventually, some mechanism will intervene, be it war, disease or starvation.

So what do we do? Let them starve? What a dilemma for our Judeo/Christian/Islamic Ethos; as well as Hindu/Buddhist morality. And this is beginning to happen in Kenya, Ethiopia and other countries in Asia, like Pakistan. Is this the beginning of the end of civilization?

AFRICA is giving nothing to anyone outside Africa – apart from AIDS and new diseases. Even as we see African states refusing to take action to restore something resembling civilization in Zimbabwe, the begging bowl for Ethiopia is being passed around to us out of Africa, yet again. It is nearly 25 years since the famous Feed The World campaign began in Ethiopia, and in that time Ethiopia's population has grown from 33.5 million to 78+ million today. So, why on earth should I do anything to encourage further catastrophic demographic growth in that country? Where is the logic? There is none. Now they want to move to other countries to continue to breed and commit crime.

To be sure, there are two things saying that logic doesn't count. One is my conscience, and the other is the picture, yet again, of another wide-eyed child, yet again, gazing, yet again, at the camera, which yet again, captures the tragedy of children starving.

Sorry. My conscience has toured this territory on foot and financially. Unlike most of you, I have been to Ethiopia; like most of you, I have stumped up the loot to charities to stop starvation there. The wide-eyed boy-child we saved, 20 years or so ago, is now a low IQ, AK 47-bearing moron, siring children whenever the whim takes him and blaming the world because he is uneducated, poor and left behind. There is no doubt a good argument why we should prolong this predatory and dysfunctional economic, social and sexual system but I do not know what it is. There is, on the other hand, every reason not to write a column like this. It will win no friends and will provoke the self-righteous wrath of, well, the self-righteous hand wringing, letter writing wrathful individuals; a species which never fails to contaminate almost every debate in Irish life with its sneers and its moral superiority. Itwill also probably enrage some of the finest men in Irish life, like John O'Shea, of Goal; and the Finucane brothers, men whom I admire enormously. So be it.

continued below

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Fake Parents of Non-Existent Sandy Hook Kids Win Legal Victory in Lawsuit Against InfoWars

>Six families of victims killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School won a legal victory Friday in their fight against controversial radio and internet personality Alex Jones.

>A judge in Connecticut has granted the families’ discovery requests, allowing them access to, among other things, Infowars’ internal marketing and financial documents.

>Six families of victims killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School won a legal victory Friday in their fight against controversial radio and internet personality Alex Jones.

>A judge in Connecticut has granted the families’ discovery requests, allowing them access to, among other things, Infowars’ internal marketing and financial documents.

>It goes on to say that "Jones' actions subjected the families and survivors of the Sandy Hook shooting to physical confrontations and harassment, death threats and personal attacks on social media."

>"From the beginning, we have alleged that Alex Jones and his financial network trafficked in lies and hate in order to profit from the grief of Sandy Hook families. That is what we intend to prove, and today's ruling advances that effort," Chris Mattei, one of the attorneys representing the families, said in the statement. "We look forward to gaining access to Infowars' internal marketing and financial documents to show that Jones has built an empire as nothing more than a conspiracy profiteer, as alleged in our complaint."

>Jones has sought to dismiss the lawsuit.

>"Plaintiffs suffered a horrible tragedy," his defense attorney, Jay M. Wolman, wrote in a motion to dismiss the lawsuit. "Alex Jones and Infowars are not responsible for this tragedy. To punish them for First Amendment protected speech on this matter of public concern will not bring back the lives lost."

>The judge’s ruling on discovery gives the plaintiffs access to any communication Jones had about the Newtown massacre and to documents that could point to the inner workings of Infowars.


R: 48 / I: 18 / P: 11 [R] [G] [-]


New movie: Iron Sky The Coming Race


They be worried about some Nazi's so they be making a movie about how ebil we are for the masses.

It is like an advertisement not to have kids with a nigger. Look how attractive the mom is and then she squirts out human feces and calls it her nigglet, 'daughter'.


/pol/ Synopsis: We be space niggers and sheit…yo' ma gunna save the wirlt with ma 85 IQ

Hollywood Synopsis:


>Twenty years after the events of Iron Sky, the former Nazi Moonbase has become the last refuge of mankind. Earth was devastated by a nuclear war, but buried deep under the wasteland lies a power that could save the last of humanity – or destroy it once and for all. The truth behind the creation of mankind will be revealed when an old enemy leads our heroes on an adventure into the Hollow Earth. To save humanity they must fight the Vril, an ancient shapeshifting reptilian race and their army of dinosaurs.


>Iron Sky The Coming Race is a dark science fiction comedy inspired by conspiracy theories. It is a sequel to the 2012 cult hit Iron Sky and will include both new and familiar characters. It will be directed by Timo Vuorensola and will feature musical score composed by Laibach. The film is produced by Iron Sky Universe, and co-produced by 27 Films Production and Potemkino. Iron Sky The Coming Race film is written and produced together with the audience making the production process and the outcome one of a kind. The filming of Iron Sky The Coming Race started in October 2015 in Belgium with an international cast & crew.The international Fan Premiere of the film will be 16.1.2019.

R: 622 / I: 582 / P: 12 [R] [G] [-]

Poster & flyer thread

ITT: we post printable posters

Post anything useful to the cause; PR cucked, ultra 'edgelord', whatever.

Build up your collections, go out and get flyering - take the shitposting to the streets.


Printable means high quality, usually over 2000px wide. Do not spam the thread with low resolution crap that prints out 5cm wide or looks pixelated to the point of being unreadable.

R: 15 / I: 4 / P: 12 [R] [G] [-]

Instagram Pedos. Pol, you know what to do. We're the good guys.

Spread it around boys under the following hashtags




R: 10 / I: 0 / P: 12 [R] [G] [-]

What does this mean?


Sounds pretty bad based on this video. Software going live on all devices in the next few months that has real time tracking to all intelligence agencies. Instant access to all devices and the ability to watch activity in real time. Warning messages on device software itself issued during certain device uses. Not exactly sure what he’s talking about. Will we still be able to browse the Internet normally? What does all this mean? Can someone explain?

R: 214 / I: 72 / P: 12 [R] [G] [-]

Alternative goal - planetary anihilation

You heard me right, this might sound like a crazy idea at first but think about it more

Our situation is so hopeless that it might be a better and more achievable goal

Right now they control 193 countries, and have absolute control over the ones that matter

Its very clear that we wont ever overthrow them, people who think are a minority of the population, people who think politically even more so, even a smaller portion could generally be considered to be on our side, and even among those the share of people who really understand what is going on, have achieved a birds eye view and can dicern truth from deception is laughably small

we will never overthrow the system democratically, they control all the media, they control all the social media, and they have centuries of experience in social enginneering

Look at Zersetzung tacticts, the various persecutions any serious threat to their power has to endure

If you oppose them and their plan the rule of law ceases to apply, and you will have forces much greater than you destroy you in a coordinated effort, smear campaigns, general boycott from basic necessities, the termination of any career you may have, unjust arrests, torture or death (look at national action, they jailed and murdered every member, even though they had done no crime and were in a country where the death sentence was supposedely illegal)

>thats not the worse

Now think, if and once we take back one of our countries, no matter how impossible that seems, what do you do next?

Whats the next step?

You are surrounded by extremely hostile countries who will stop at nothing, even the massacre of hundreds of millions to destroy you

You will have the whole world economy agaisnt you

Whatever country we take hold of would collapse economically, we dont even have people competent enough to understand and fight an economic war on this scale

>b-b-but we can just outsmart them then the balance of power doesnt matter E.Z.

Nope think again, smartz are a ressource like anything else, they can mobilize all of the think tanks of the countries they control to invent new ways to outsmart YOU, not that they would need it, no single country has what it takes to fight that

And thats not even mentionning what happens if you take over a non nuclear country or they manage to disarm it before your rise to power lol, if any rogue country lacks nukes it would be leveled in a matter of days

So here s where the idea stems from, instead of trying to overthrow the NWO, focus instead on the complete destruction of earth, and if not all life on its surface at least civilisation its

<but I want to help and save my people not kill them

they re doomed anyways, its hard to accept but there is nothing we can do, we just cant save them, no more than taiwan could invade mainland china on its own

<at least try

and fail, lets say you take over france, can france defeat the US, Russia, and the rest of Europe at once?

The numbers just dont add up

If after we retake any of our country we are subjegated again, then the destruction of everything we hold dear, our culture our very race, resumes, and with even more tyranical measures and even lower chance of success

Our situation would be like overthrowing the bolsheviks in the soviet union, and THEN have to also defeat the soviet union while controlling only Estonia

Planetary destruction is an easier to achieve goal in this position, plenty oof ways just be inventive, nukes, atmosphering tempering, mass production of lethal gasses, controlled extreme climate change etc

<but why would you want to do that?

At some point, once you know enough, it becomes a conviction that you cannot let this amount of evil win, you cannot simply allow it to walk away, victorious

Your race is doomed and bound to go extinct, or something worse, a new man, kalergi s child anyways, so what happens to the earth matters little

Simply to protect the rest of the universe of their evil

Our likely future at the moment is a hellish worldwide dictatorship of the oligarchy, where the population is mixed yes, but some races are allowed to still exist, maybe in a lesser form, and forced to cohabitate, in order to kill any form of cohesion, maximise alienation and prevent any chance of a revolt from occuring, a concept so simple plato thought of it, thousands of years ago

So why not

Why not closing the circle, why not end the kali yuga, send humanity back to the stoneage, to destroy them, without giving them a chance to weasel out of this one

Give me your thoughts, and also I would be intrested in any counter argument you may have, I dont see any

R: 102 / I: 50 / P: 12 [R] [G] [-]

/pol/ gets a phd in islam.

Halfchan is occasionally having some really good threads about islam and its many flaws.

The best part is that these threads are made almost entirely of quotations from islamic scriptures that clearly scream of violence against the infidels, pedophilia, misogyny etc. This is the kind of stuff that could convince even western libtards.

Dumping the 3 lessons they wrote until now.

R: 243 / I: 38 / P: 12 [R] [G] [-]


I am going to give you the grim reality of how to survive today for you americans and eliminate any outstanding debt/ maximize your time. Europoors could learn something from this, but your housing, transportation system, taxes etc are very different.

The housing market is bullshit and paying rent to your (((landlord))) is even more bullshit. If you left your parents home at 18 like I did you are a moron that fell for propaganda. If I could do it all over again, I would have lived with my parents to accrue enough money to outright buy realestate.

For some ideas for you.

Manage your time efficiently.

Put your earnings/spending on a spread sheet.


<but anon are you really wanting me to be homeless?

I really don't give a fuck what you want to call it. Losing a third of your earnings to rent/insurance is retarded. If you own a car, sleep in it….if you're above that, crash with a friend and split bills, if you really don't give a shit get free housing at a homeless shelter for some time.

but I can just piss away some money by getting a loan/mortgage with a downpayment


<where do I shower?

Buy a membership at the gym for $20 a month. it has free lockers, showers, weights. Press/clean your clothes at a dry cleaner. For your daily commute to locations that are nearby invest in a bicycle to minimize gas or utilize a transport system if you live in a city.


Go to the grocery store and look at the most calorie dense food (milk, peanut butter etc..) and buy it. Your goal is not to eat for pleasure, but to save money.


Why go to the movies? Go run around in the park, go to public library for internet/reading entertainment (use that gym membership to become a monster). Your time is your biggest asset and wasting both your time and your money is about the dumbest thing you can do.

This sounds like shit, I know. But you went to mandatory schooling for longer, did worse things for fun, and maybe already experienced what its like to be a loser. Sacrifice the present for the future..

because hoping it all falls apart with your debt disappearing is magical thinking You may think this slavery, and that's because it is.. you just have the facade of putting on nice clothes and gadgets while living paycheck to paycheck.

R: 75 / I: 25 / P: 12 [R] [G] [-]

How is the nigger play "Hamilton" not cultural appropriation....

I have a family member who works in that industry, and is full of the usual PC Ivy League bullshit (at least in public) but was raised along with me in Hell

s Kitchen before apartments cost $4mill for a 2 bedroom in NYC and when everyone was "racist" (or more like realistic) and so he knows better than to bring his bullshit when have to see my parents for holidays.

I tried to get an answer to this, but just could not. If the Jews and camp followers screech "cultural appropriation" at everything, even Halloween costumes, by what logic is this not? I think I know the answer of course– there isn't one, just another part of the Jewish game to "deconstruct Whiteness." But it's interesting to see even those who should have answers know the entire thing is bullshit, at least in private. I never like "musicals" but brew up saving up shekels to get shitty tickets to plays like "Proof" or "Copenhagen" and a bunch of others. Seems like those are all gone, now it's all PC claptrap bullshit.

Try to imagine something all nigger (hard bc they don't have any history) with all Whites. They had their nigger chance to create a country– it was called "Haiti" and look what it became. Why don't they do an all nigger play on the story of Haiti?

Anyone ever heard an answer on this that makes sense at all?

R: 25 / I: 4 / P: 12 [R] [G] [-]

Genetically predisposed redpillable demographics

This might sound like a stretch but I think I am starting to see the pattern here.

Do you think there are certain demographics that are more easiee to redpill due to their genetics?

Like, we all know the stereotype of crass, blunt and somewhat aggressive male that is scottish or slavic man, but and speaking from personal behaviour these are the people that are most often talking against some bankers/politicians/muslims/degenerates/blacks… even without being redpilled prior.

Could this be our tactic to saving the west? Focusing our efforts on predominately men who are from certain haplogroup/ethnic backgrounds to maximise our efforts?

R: 54 / I: 9 / P: 12 [R] [G] [-]

Bill Nye the Pedophilia Guy

Look at this photo. Look at it. Look at him.

Here are some things Bill Nye has relentlessly shilled for in the past few years:



>"gender is a spectrum"



>anal sex (specifically for minors)

>"climate change"


Bill Nye the Science Guy Peddles Perversion to Your Kids (disturbing videos)


>Now he’s opening their minds to a new “science.” He ignores the reality of biology and chromosomes and promotes the idea that there are waaaay more than 2 genders. Bill Nye the Science Guy is also engaging in graphic sexual dialogue with kids through his guests and videos. He’s promoting things like promiscuity, anal sex and orges. Not kidding.

R: 18 / I: 1 / P: 12 [R] [G] [-]

Why Support Private Property?

Real talk. Private Property allows Saudis (literal Jews according to Saddam's report) to buy land in the USA, Chinese to buy land in Canada.

Because of Private Property factories are rusting in the Rust Belt instead of being used to make American Made Products. Without it we could all go into old factories and build shit.

Because of Private Property Youtube, Facebook, and etc can censor us.

Hitler was the leader of Germany, he could do what he wanted. We aren't.

R: 218 / I: 63 / P: 12 [R] [G] [-]

Malema: "The whites cannot leave South Africa"

White genocide when?

R: 517 / I: 197 / P: 12 [R] [G] [-]


shitlords making social shaming great again in the youtube comments

>find racemixers online

>leave redpills in the comments

R: 266 / I: 165 / P: 12 [R] [G] [-]

Anti-Faggot Thread

Post your best anti-homo propaganda and other related shit

R: 578 / I: 185 / P: 12 [R] [G] [-]

Films Containing Wrongthink - /pol/ Film General

Calcutta is a detective/noir film from 1947. It's not the greatest or highest budget film in the world, it was filmed entirely in Paramount's back lot. Why is it special? It clearly illustrates the superiority through plot and dialogue the superiority of the white man over the lesser races, and the traditional role of women. It isn't done with bombastic language, or even deliberately with plot devices, it's simply assumed that the viewer knows the white man's superiority and this is never questioned. This is high wrongthink, and it shows in the fact that this film is not available for purchase or streaming almost anywhere. The only place I found this film was a poorly seeded TPB torrent, which was slow but it worked.

There have been movie threads in the past that were great, and posting films with right-wing themes always helps, but ITT I'm very interested in films like this, from the 30s, 40s, and 50s, that simply assume white superiority and never question it, without deliberately persuing this as a theme or plot. This is a more subtle and effective form of wrongthing, and it's clearly being suppressed, as many films of the sort are out of print and difficult to find.

R: 174 / I: 22 / P: 12 [R] [G] [-]

Forget the United States of Niggers, let’s evac to Alaska


>almost 100% nog free


>whites are genetically adapted to cooler climates

>Rich in natural resources

>Hardly populated at all


>On top of everyone

>cheap to move to

>awesome in general

>guns for all

>hunting for all

Let’s all move there to start and maintain a BASED existence. With enough support we can secede from the Jewnited States. Will eventually and easily take over Canaduh.

It is the way.

R: 59 / I: 8 / P: 13 [R] [G] [-]

No bad tactics, only bad targets - learning to fight with the weapons of the enemy

This is a thread for studying the tactics of our enemies, and discovering how to use them effectively for our cause.

I'll start with this one: attack the person making the claim, not the claim itself

These guys only care about reputations, not the truth, they see the world as one big popularity contest, and sll that matters to them is that everyone likes and approves of them.

This is why "science" is all about how many scientists agree with them, and whether the most famous "science representitives" are on board with a certain idea.

This means that any claim will be ignored if it comes from a "bad source" or has a "bad conclusion", so arguing facts with them is useless, instead we need to attack their self image, convincing them and others around them that they are "bad" instead of that they are "wrong" will be a blow to them that will hit them harder than it should.

How to do this? Humiliate them, make them feel ashamed or embarrassed, they are like celebrities, a large ego with an overdeveloped sense of pride and shame.

Make them look stupid to even their most ardent supporters, they will attempt to bury, ignore, and forget the incident, which is why this must be a continual chain of humiliation events, not a single incident, we must troll them until they are patanoid nervous wrecks.

We started as an offshoot of halfchan /b/tards, its kind of funny that going back to trolling the shit out of people has revealed itself as the most effective tactic against enemies who gave effectively made reason a mortal sin.

We live in a society where the inmates run the asylum, but also one where we can communicate with them from a safw distance, the best thing to do is make their pre-existing conditions worse.

Dont attempt to shame them for hating "acceptable targets" like white people or men, this does nothing because they wont be percieved as "bad" for doing this by anyone but "bad" people.

R: 249 / I: 52 / P: 13 [R] [G] [-]

James Watson Won’t Stop Talking About Race

>The Nobel-winning biologist has drawn global criticism with unfounded pronouncements on genetics, race and intelligence. He still thinks he’s right, a new documentary finds.

>It has been more than a decade since James D. Watson, a founder of modern genetics, landed in a kind of professional exile by suggesting that black people are intrinsically less intelligent than whites.

>In 2007, Dr. Watson, who shared a 1962 Nobel Prize for describing the double-helix structure of DNA, told a British journalist that he was “inherently gloomy about the prospect of Africa” because “all our social policies are based on the fact that their intelligence is the same as ours, whereas all the testing says, not really.”

>Moreover, he added, although he wished everyone were equal, “people who have to deal with black employees find this not true.”

>Dr. Watson’s comments reverberated around the world, and he was forced to retire from his job as chancellor of the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory on Long Island, although he retains an office there.

>He apologized publicly and “unreservedly,’’ and in later interviews he sometimes suggested that he had been playing the provocateur — his trademark role — or had not understood that his comments would be made public.

>Ever since, Dr. Watson, 90, has been largely absent from the public eye. His speaking invitations evaporated. In 2014, he became the first living Nobelist to sell his medal, citing a depleted income from having been designated a “nonperson.’’

>But his remarks have lingered. They have been invoked to support white supremacist views, and scientists routinely excoriate Dr. Watsonwhen his name surfaces on social media.

>Eric Lander, the director of the Broad Institute of M.I.T. and Harvard, elicited an outcry last spring with a toast he made to Dr. Watson’s involvement in the early days of the Human Genome Project. Dr. Lander quickly apologized.

<“I reject his views as despicable,” Dr. Lander wrote to Broad scientists. “They have no place in science, which must welcome everyone. I was wrong to toast, and I’m sorry.’’

>And yet, offered the chance recently to recast a tarnished legacy, Dr. Watson has chosen to reaffirm it, this time on camera. In a new documentary, “American Masters: Decoding Watson,’’ to be broadcast on P.B.S. on Wednesday night, he is asked whether his views about the relationship between race and intelligence have changed.

<“No,’’ Dr. Watson said. “Not at all. I would like for them to have changed, that there be new knowledge that says that your nurture is much more important than nature. But I haven’t seen any knowledge. And there’s a difference on the average between blacks and whites on I.Q. tests. I would say the difference is, it’s genetic.’’

<Dr. Watson adds that he takes no pleasure in “the difference between blacks and whites’’ and wishes it didn’t exist. “It’s awful, just like it’s awful for schizophrenics,’’ he says. (His son Rufus was diagnosed in his teens with schizophrenia.) Dr. Watson continues: “If the difference exists, we have to ask ourselves, how can we try and make it better?”

R: 191 / I: 42 / P: 13 [R] [G] [-]


Birth ethnicity statistics came out today for 2017.

>White British were down to 59.5%, a 1.1% decrease on last year.

The full breakdown for 2017 was:

>White British: 59.5%

>White Other: 11.6%

>Asian: 8.7%

>Black: 4.2%

>Other: 11.5%

>Not Stated: 4.5%

The decline has been averaging about 1.2% per year, and is slowly increasing in rate. Minority status is on course for 2024/2025

Sauce: https://www.ons.gov.uk/peoplepopulationandcommunity/birthsdeathsandmarriages/livebirths/bulletins/birthcharacteristicsinenglandandwales/2017

R: 749 / I: 200 / P: 13 [R] [G] [-]

Tucker goes off on a redpilled rant.

Has Tucker always been this woke? What the fuck is going on? How does he get away with this? Does he have much time left on TV?

>Romney is a financial pirate

>The federal government elite is totally isolated from the people

>more investment banking doesn’t make the country prosperous

>GDP and economics is not the end all be all of a nation’s health

>blasts usury

>openly states that the father being the breadwinner is what makes families stay together and that government programs have destroyed that

>calls out marijuana use and drug degeneracy

R: 50 / I: 13 / P: 13 [R] [G] [-]

H.R.221 - Special Envoy to Monitor and Combat Anti-Semitism Act passed House

To amend the State Department Basic Authorities Act of 1956 to monitor and combat anti-Semitism globally, and for other purposes.


R: 339 / I: 178 / P: 13 [R] [G] [-]


Unrest Spreads to Center of Globalist Power

SHTF in Strasbourg

The hub of Europe's hated "EU" in Strasbourg experienced fiercer rioting yesterday than ever before. This 3 minute VIDEO gives you a feel for it.

At the outset of the video the protesters catch a cop in disguise who is trying to infiltrate them.

Sickening to see the phalanx of SWAT cops dressed like Orcs fighting against the Frenchmen in order to to protect this edifice of jew tyranny.

May the real Europeans GAS THE KIKES

R: 26 / I: 5 / P: 13 [R] [G] [-]


The thread over there was causing my browser to screw up.

>Anon files FOI act to find out how many foreign agents are in our government, and is denied. His initial FOI request was edited and resent.

>We need the OP of the first thread to update us, and YOU anon, yes you, need to file a similar FOI request for your reps and senators.

>There needs to be a huge awakening as to just how much foreign influence is really involved in the USA.



R: 332 / I: 94 / P: 13 [R] [G] [-]


Dumping info in textwall format.

Porn Culture and The Industry

There are over 68 million daily searches for pornography in the United States. Thats 25% of all daily searches (IFR, 2006).

The sex industry is largest and most profitable industry in the world. “It includes street prostitution, brothels, ‘massage parlors’, strip clubs, human trafficking for sexual purposes, phone sex, child and adult pornography, mail order brides and sex tourism – just to mention a few of the most common examples.” (Andersson et al, 2013)

Pornhub receives over 1.68 million visits per hour. (Pornhub, 2013)

Globally, teen is the most searched term. A Google Trends analysis indicates that searches for “Teen Porn” have more than tripled between 2005-2013, and teen porn was the fastest-growing genre over this period. Total searches for teen-related porn reached an estimated 500,000 daily in March 2013, far larger than other genres, representing approximately one-third of total daily searches for pornographic web sites. (Dines, 2013)

Internet porn in the UK receives more traffic than social networks, shopping, news and media, email, finance, gaming and travel. (Arthur, 2013)

Several recent studies have found that teenagers around the world report using porn to gain information about real life sex (Lauzus et al, 2007) (Wade et al, 2005) (Flood, 2009) ( Giordano & Ross, 2012)

Across the board it has been found women watch less porn than men.

17% of women admit to struggling with pornography addiction (Internet Filter Review, 2006)

Condoms are only utilized in 10.9% of top rated scenes (Bridges and Wosnitzer, 2007)

Every 39 minutes a new porn film is created in the United States.

20% of American men admit they access pornography at work.

13% of women admit to accessing pornography at work (Internet Filter Review, 2006)

70% of all Internet porn traffic occurs during workdays (9am – 5pm) (Sex Tracker, 2012)

The porn industry makes more money than Hollywood. (US Statistics)

The porn industry makes more money than The National Football League, The National Basketball Association and Major League Baseball combined and more than NBC, CBS, and ABC combined. (IFR, 2006).

The porn industry has larger revenues than the top technology companies (Microsoft, Google, Amazon, eBay, Yahoo, Apple and Netflix) combined (IFR, 2006).

13,000 adult videos are produced annually, amassing over $13 billion dollars in profit. By comparison, Hollywood released 507 movies and made only 8.8 billion (Bridges and Wosnitzer, 2007).

Free websites comprise between 70-80% of the adult material online, typically used as “bait” for pay websites, guiding viewers to premium pay services.

90% of free porn websites and nearly 100% of pay porn websites buy their material rather than create it themselves.

R: 114 / I: 38 / P: 13 [R] [G] [-]

Kangz in ancient Scotland in new William Wallace movie

Outlaw King movie: Why are Blacks in 1300 AD Scotland?

I'll tell you why: Because jews want us to believe our ancient ancestors tolerated the presence of foreigners in ancient Europe, and that Blacks have just as much a historical right to be in Europe as Europeans do. Look at the scene: Kangz enriching a European village with their (((vibrant culture))).

Trying to kick back and enjoy a movie full of White people that is based on European history, and what do I see not just over 20 minutes into the movie, (((cultural enrichment))). The movie is made by Netflix, so I guess I'm not surprised, but I'm still pissed.

Will post clips of any other instances of anti-White social engineering as I continue to watch it, as well as any other blatant (((degeneracy))).


R: 126 / I: 33 / P: 13 [R] [G] [-]

Syria Withdrawal put on hold


President Donald Trump will not withdraw American troops from northern Syria until the Turkish government guarantees it won’t then attack Syrian Kurdish forces that have been critical allies in the fight against ISIS, national security adviser John Bolton said Sunday.

Bolton said a commitment from Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan that protects the Kurds after American forces exit is something Trump is demanding, and that it’s just one of several conditions that have to be met before U.S. troops leave.

“There are objectives that we want to accomplish that condition the withdrawal,” Bolton said.

He spoke to reporters traveling with him to Israel and Turkey as he tried to clarify Trump’s Syria withdrawal policy for allies. He’s meeting with Israeli officials Sunday and Monday, and with Turkish officials, including Erdogan, on Tuesday.

Since Trump abruptly announced on Dec. 19 that all U.S. forces in Syria would exit immediately, administration officials have shifted the timing to say it would happen more slowly. Officials are now setting a series of conditions for withdrawal that must first be met, which Bolton described as “policy decisions that we need to implement.”

“This is a cause and effect mission,” Bolton said. “Timetables or the timing of the withdrawal occurs as a result of the fulfillment of the conditions and the establishment of the circumstances that we want to see. And once that’s done, then you talk about a timetable.”

R: 62 / I: 29 / P: 13 [R] [G] [-]

I know people hate discussing 4cuck but is 4/pol/ even salvageable at this point?

The mods and jannies seem COMPLETELY co-opted and shills use bots working around the clock to push useless threads like twitter shit, questions that just (((happen))) to have naked women in the OP pic, low effort bait, and just all around GARBAGE.

Discussion is near impossible and you get called a retard/nigger/every slander they can think of just for daring to discuss something. Then if you complain they'll tell you it was always like this. It's not. You can look in the archive and see threads from before, TREMENDOUSLY better. Trying to discuss LITERALLY anything will start a brigade of insults.

Quality threads are slided to the bottom and get next to no replies.

Coincidentally, this rapid decline started to happen right around this was passed: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Countering_Foreign_Propaganda_and_Disinformation_Act

Which essentially makes it fully legal for the US government to go onto these boards and derail ALL discussion. Couple that with Mossad's work and /pol/ has finally fallen.

Bans are handed out like candy, usually standard fare 3 day bans for deviating from not just politics, but basically anything outside their desired threads. I've seen endless quality threads get destroyed by (((moderators))) and janitors. Meanwhile you click the main page and all you find is

>Ocasio-Cortez said X!!1





>X is not white!

>Sweden does X/Demoralization campaigns

>Chinks are insects!

It's so fucking tiresome. And what worries me most of all is the rot is working overtime to take this place over too. Perhaps even more so than 4/pol/, even though we've been more resistant.

Be watchful anons, they want to destroy us and once we're gone there won't be many places left. We need to keep up the fight. We need to bump quality threads and allow honest discussion.

R: 81 / I: 53 / P: 13 [R] [G] [-]

How do you spot out shills?

Hey /pol/, I'm no expert on the matter but I'm sure like all of you I have my ways of spotting shills. This place is full of them, so you have to be able to see it. So what are your standards?

>Violence is the only answer!


>Why did [someone who actually did something] cuck????


>DId you just insult Muslims/Jews? That's proof you are a Muslim/Jew.


>Drumpf didn't become Hitler, therefore he is a failure.


>Dumb shit.


I'd like to dwell on that last point. The guy who boxed those cops in France turned himself in, and a lot of people here called him a cuck for it. He made himself a martyr and /pol/tards savaged himself for it. The initial shill, shitting on the white man who puts his life and reputation on the line, tells the sheep what to do. And they buy it hook, line, and sinker.

I saw it with that recent thread with the guy who went into detailed criticisms of Islam. One shill said that criticism Islam is pro-Jewish and /pol/tards bought into it. Ahmed wins. It's amazing how easy it is to trick retards here.

So /pol/ how do you spot shills? I wonder…are any of you capable of it?

R: 161 / I: 82 / P: 13 [R] [G] [-]

Masons behind Trump?

Who is this mason (pic related)?

Are we all trapped in life by luciferian jews and masons?

Just some food for thought. Feel free to sage.

Is this life a simulation?

R: 121 / I: 47 / P: 13 [R] [G] [-]

History and Analysis of ETA


Continuing Our Series on Asymmetric Warfare; Basques, Bombs, and Bickering

Before we begin this thread, I must get some disclaimers out of the way again.

First of all, talking about violence is not an endorsement of violence. M'kaaaaaaaay?

Secondly, talking about an organization is not an endorsement of their ideology.

Lastly, I will be writing about ETA under the assumption that they existed. If you think that they were just a conspiracy and that all their attacks were really just a Fascist psy-op to do whatever-something-blah blah-martial-law-or-whatever then please just make your own thread. If you really think that everything is a conspiracy, I'm not going to argue with you. This thread is about analyzing things and I guess I'm just not woke enough to see though the illuminati conspiracy.

If everything is a conspiracy, then there is no way to analyze it logically.

Like the PIRA struggle in Northern Ireland, the Basque independence struggle can trace its roots back to the early 20th century and even before that. I'm not going to get into the Carlist Wars or even into the agitation for nationalism in the early 20th century but suffice it to say that, like many conflicts the Basque struggle has a lot of history.

For brevity sake, I will be analyzing the 20th century struggle that officially ended only recently with a permanent ceasefire in 2010.

R: 96 / I: 21 / P: 13 [R] [G] [-]

Venezuela Relief

Hi, all,

I'm a young person with a desire to help the people of Venezuela. For the past few weeks I have been looking into what it would take to send food, medical supplies, emergency equipment, clothing and other necessities to the people of Venezuela, without having the seized at the border or getting myself and my team arrested.

I know that the people of Venezuela have done this to themselves, that socialism and the (((International Bankers))) have destroyed their economy, turned the people against themselves, and destroyed civil order for the purpose of destabilizing the region and forwarding their goal of maximum human suffering. This is the reason I feel called to help them, to extend the hand of compassion and freedom in their darkest hour.

I have money and some logistical experience, and a passable knowledge of Spanish, which will help me. But I'm not a smuggler or international exporter, and my experience with subverting foreign dictators is limited. I'm hoping someone on this board might have some advice or suggestions. At this stage, I want to learn everything I can before I act.

I know I can charter a 40M shipping container to any major port fairly cheaply (~few thousand dollars total), but that doesn't cover ground transportation (truck charters to and from the Port) and it would involve inspection by VZ customs and confiscation. The same would be true at traditional land border crossings from neighboring countries. Is there any way to avoid inspection? How would I go about paying a bribe?

Any help is appreciated, and I look forward to any resources or information you may have.

R: 233 / I: 90 / P: 14 [R] [G] [-]

History and Analysis of the IRA


Resurrecting an Old Series. Let's Talk about the IRA

A long time ago I began a thread series on asymmetric warfare. Now due to popular demand, I am resurrecting this series. In this thread series I will be analyzing several different European and non-European "terrorist" organizations. We will scrutinize their tactics, their strategy, their strengths, and their failings. I will devote much more effort towards organizations that "succeeded" than those that floundered. However, I will spend some time on ineffective, failed organizations.

This subject is important for several reasons. Firstly, because it is simply interesting. Secondly, because circumstances may progress in our nations where this knowledge will be useful. And lastly because our struggle is political in nature, we can stand to learn much from political struggles that were compelled for one reason or another to adopt violence as their tactic against the System. Whether or not we will be forced to do the same is up to you. However, we all can learn from organizations that did. The past is our lantern by which we may illuminate the dark and unknown future.

Before we begin, I will first make a few disclaimers and trigger-warnings

Firstly, I am not advocating or inciting anything whatsoever. M'kay? Nor are any posts in this thread anything other than theoretical discussion of ideas.

Secondly, I will be using several trigger-words such as "terrorist" in these discussions. We could start an hours long debate on what "terrorism" even means or whether this organization or that are really "terrorists" or whether government itself is a terrorist organization or whether the word "terrorist" is just a slur used by the establishment to delegitimize non-state resistance organizations. But frankly, I'm not interested in that. I will be using the word on occasion primarily because typing "asymmetrical resistance organization" is tedious. This is a word that everyone commonly uses to describe non-state resistance organizations so I will use it on occasion to do the same thing.

However, if you are offended that I have used this word to describe an organization you agree with, please mentally replace it with "freedom fighters" and forgive me for my error. Trust me, if I use the word "freedom-fighter" to describe everything, another group of people will be offended that I would dare describe a group that they disagree with politically as "freedom-fighters"

Thirdly, some of the organizations I analyze will be Marxists. Some will be Islamic. Some may even be Zionist. And some will be other political philosophies that we hold in contempt and scorn. I am not a marxist. I despise jewish-Marxism. But since I am analyzing non-state resistance organizations, several Marxist ones will be included. ITTs I will be focusing on methods and strategy, not morality. Talking about an organization is not an endorsement.

Lastly, and this is the most triggering; I will be analyzing organizations based on the assumption that they actually existed. If you believe that this organization or that are a hoax and are angry that I don't address this, this isn't the thread for you. If everything is a conspiracy, then there is no way to analyze it logically.

Anyway, let us begin…

R: 67 / I: 11 / P: 14 [R] [G] [-]

His name was Jakiw Palij and you did nothing to save him.

@RichardGrenell Jan 10 former Nazi prison guard Jakiw Palij has died in Germany. I am so thankful to

@realDonaldTrump for making the case a priority. Removing the former Nazi prison guard from the US was something multiple Presidents just talked about - but President Trump made it happen.

R: 148 / I: 22 / P: 14 [R] [G] [-]



red pill dropped by Brendan O'Connell, an Australian geopolitical analyst and political asylum seeker who was charged for debating Jews in Perth, Australia, and was subsequently sentenced to three years imprisonment, making it the first case of its kind in Australian history. But the ZOG doesn't scare Brendan and he's still dropping redpills about the Jews to get the sheep to wake up. In this incredible analysis, he shows you how Trump has been compromised by ZOG and Pissrael. A fascinating piece of work who has real skin in the game.

R: 35 / I: 5 / P: 14 [R] [G] [-]

Habbabening! SF Harvey Milk club: nigger trannies purging the white male faggot oppressors

https://imgur.com/a/t3sazJF - Facebook slapfights


Even local democrat SF politicians are getting drawn in. They're eating their own, this is amazing. How can /pol/ rock the boat and turn this into a fully fledged degenerate civil war? How can we play both sides off against each other until they're at each others throats?

R: 658 / I: 111 / P: 14 [R] [G] [-]

Nu/pol/ № 02: Eat As Your Ancestors Did


The balanced hormone diet.

Minimum ~50% calories from Fats.

Maximum for safety reasons ~75% calories from Fats.

Less Polyunsaturated Fats bc they cause inflammation.

More Saturated and Monounsaturated Fats bc that’s what you are made of.

Animal Fats, Coconut Oil, Avocado Oil, Olive Oil, Peanut Oil.


Amino Acids are the building blocks of life.

Men require ~60g Protein per day.

Women require ~40g Protein per day.

Eat more if skater or ninja warrior.

Bodybuilders eat 1g. of Protein per 1lb. of body weight.

The quality of the Amino Acid profile matters.

Grass-fed (and finished) and pasture-raised (sun) animals only.

Legumes are a good source of Protein.


All Carbs are fibre.

Soluble and insoluble fibre.

Fibre hydrates muscle tissue.

Fibre ferments in colon forming 60% of stool.

Psyllium husk is good add.

Balance of grains, legumes, roots, tubers, and leafy greens.

No Carbs will cause gut death then your death.


~60% of your stool is gut flora.

Raw milk, yogurt, and kefir.

Sprouted and fermented grains, legumes, breads, and pasta.

Fermented vegetables, dills, and kraut.


Consume 1/2 your body weight in ounces.

If 160lbs., drink 80oz. or 10 cups of water per day.

Drink more if fighting race war.

Beer hydrates better than water bc of the sugars.

Too much alcohol causes dehydration.


Eating "balanced" is no meme.

By volume:

1/3 Fats

1/3 Carbs

1/3 Proteins

Because Protein and Carbs are ~4 calories per gram.

And because Fats are ~8 calories per gram.

“Balanced” diet is ~50% calories from Fat.

'My Plate' and 'Food Pyramid' are high-carb memes.


Diversity is your strength

Monoculture farming is unhealthful for the earth just as monoculturing your gut flora is unhealthful for your body. The more diverse your diet, the the more healthful your gut, which houses 70% of your immune system. Do not support homogenization in any form, not of milk, beer, gut flora, or people.

Don't forget to sprout your grains and legumes.

>1st thread: web.archive.org/8ch.net/pol/res/11459365.html

R: 316 / I: 149 / P: 14 [R] [G] [-]


Far Right SHOCKER - it's happening in Spain

Spain’s Far Right Win Spells Doom for Socialists in Andalusa, the Region most burdened with Migrants

>SOURCE - https://www.nytimes.com/2018/12/02/world/europe/spain-andalusia-election.html

"MADRID — Spain’s governing Socialist party suffered an unexpected election setback on Sunday as right-wing parties won enough votes to oust the Socialists from power in the nation’s largest region for the first time

"The biggest change for Spain’s political landscape on Sunday was the emergence of "Vox", a far-right party that had never previously made any significant election inroads. The party won 12 seats, according to the provisional results.

"That could make Vox a kingmaker in the formation of a right-wing coalition government in the region. The bloc would comprise the Popular Party, which secured 26 seats, and the Ciudadanos party, which won 21.

Leftists Beg & Plead'

"'The Socialist leader in Andalusia, Susana Díaz, on Sunday night urged the right-leaning parties not to allow Spain to become the latest European country in which a far-right party takes a front-line role in politics."

> too late, you Spanish lickspittle, and too late for Shabbas Goy politicians everywhere who earn their salt as slaves of the jews

R: 318 / I: 69 / P: 14 [R] [G] [-]


The sun has been without sunspots for 213 days in 2018 (including today)–that is, 60% of the time.

The sun is experiencing the deepest solar minimum in a century. Sunspots are formed from convection currents pulling and spouting gases from the core along large magnetic ribbons. They are a sign of a healthy and hot core. You will find older dying stars typically are without sunspots for entire lifecycles later into their waning stages.

The magnetosphere has been showing unusual symptoms as a possible result, and just recently on the 21st, all 6 reporting stations around the world equipped with magnetometers to monitor the schumann resonance mysteriously went offline at the same time. This has -never- happened before.

I'm starting to wonder what really happened at sunspot observatory, and im also starting to wondering just why nasa is now devoting so many teams to new horizons and its data from the sun.

Anyone else?

R: 70 / I: 21 / P: 14 [R] [G] [-]

Canada: Vending machines have trouble handling virtue-signalling niggerbux ten


>Hundreds of thousands of cash-handling machines across the country have had to be upgraded to handle Canada’s distinctive new $10 bill, featuring a vertical portrait of Nova Scotia civil rights advocate Viola Desmond, while some others still awaiting changes are rejecting the distinctive banknotes.

>Ensuring vending and other machines can read the new polymer note requires a software upgrade for each device.

>“The beautiful $10 bill is vertical in its image, which has thrown off vending machines,” she said. “We have to make sure they’re all updated. It’s not a huge deal. It’s just a matter of getting to them.”


R: 33 / I: 4 / P: 14 [R] [G] [-]

(((Albert Einstein's))) racist diary

Einstein the Anti-Racist? Not in His Travel Diaries

By Yonette Joseph and Tiffany May – June 14, 2018

>In Hong Kong

>• He expresses sympathy for the “stricken people, men and women, who beat stones daily and must heave them for 5 cents a day.” He adds, “The Chinese are severely punished for the fecundity by the insensitive economic machine.”

>• He quotes Portuguese teachers who say, “The Chinese are incapable of being trained to think logically and that they specifically have no talent for mathematics.”

>• He adds: “I noticed how little difference there is between men and women; I don’t understand what kind of fatal attraction Chinese women possess which enthralls the corresponding men to such an extent that they are incapable of defending themselves against the formidable blessing of offspring.”

>Around Mainland China

>• He writes of observing “industrious, filthy, obtuse people.”

>• “Chinese don’t sit on benches while eating but squat like Europeans do when they relieve themselves out in the leafy woods. All this occurs quietly and demurely. Even the children are spiritless and look obtuse.”

>• “It would be a pity if these Chinese supplant all other races. For the likes of us, the mere thought is unspeakably dreary.”

>In Shanghai

>• A Chinese funeral is described as “barbaric for our taste,” the streets “swarming with pedestrians.”

>• “In the air there is a stench of never-ending manifold variety.”

>• “Even those reduced to working like horses never give the impression of conscious suffering. A peculiar herd-like nation,” he writes, “often more like automatons than people.”

>In Japan

>• “Japanese unostentatious, decent, altogether very appealing,” Einstein writes, adopting a more flattering tone, though in some instances it veers into eugenic territory.

>• “Pure souls as nowhere else among people. One has to love and admire this country.”

>• “Intellectual needs of this nation seem to be weaker than their artistic ones — natural disposition?”

>In Ceylon:

>• Visiting the British colony that later became Sri Lanka, Einstein writes that the residents of Colombo “live in great filth and considerable stench at ground level,” adding that they “do little, and need little. The simple economic cycle of life.”

They want to say this is just the attitudes of the times but they want to destroy our history for the same reason, this jew should be held to the same standards and have his statues torn-down.


R: 172 / I: 35 / P: 14 [R] [G] [-]

BOYCOTT THREAD - Post cucked companies to boycott here

Don't give your money to companies that are advocating against your own interests!

Here are 10 of the all-time worst companies to stop giving your money to in 2019:





>EA Games


>Ben & Jerry's

>Dick's Sporting Goods



Find more companies here and the reasoning behind each:


Use this thread to discuss other companies to boycott and how to deny giving our valuable dollars to the people who hate us.

R: 87 / I: 26 / P: 14 [R] [G] [-]

Politics Is Not Harry Potter

one of the big leftist tentpole websites is now seriously posting an op/ed about liberals love of harry potter



>In one sense she is right, but there is also a particularly neoliberal authoritarian fantasy to Potterworld. “Magic,” as it is discussed in the Harry Potter universe, is a force that allows its wielder to have a profound and measurable impact without organizing, sacrificing, or indeed doing much of anything. JK Rowling presents her reader a fantasy world in which “being really good at homework” makes you a literal superhero.

>[…]So, what is being obfuscated by the devotion to Potterland? Its fans are not necessarily stupid (they have high GPAs!), and presumably they do not believe that somewhere in the world a functioning wand exists. But Harry Potter presents these readers with the world as they want it, with the right and proper hierarchies back in place. It is the ultimate “Revenge of the Nerds,” where the liberal priesthood of experts, technocrats, and wonks — who have found themselves hated and resented by the democratic elements of their societies — can retreat into a twee cosseted fantasy world. It is a place where their Harvard and Oxbridge pedigrees provide the foundations of the very laws of physics.

I don't even know anymore, memes are real

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RCMP now openly recruiting criminals, deviants, degenerates



>The RCMP are taking a radical look at their recruitment strategy to convince more women and visible minorities to don the red serge.

The Mounties have been plagued by staffing challenges in recent years and are looking at how to make a job in policing more attractive.

>An internal document, obtained through access to information, flagged credit checks, the criminal background ban, the two-hour aptitude test and long stints at the training depot as potential barriers during the recruitment process.

>The document notes that some of the mandatory requirements can create barriers for communities the force wants to attract, including "groups more likely to have contact with the criminal justice system."

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First Senate bill of 2019 aims to protect Israel from boycott

With the start of the 2019 legislative session, one might hope the US Senate would prioritize ending the two-week government shutdown. Instead, the Senate’s first bill of the year reportedly aims to protect Israel from boycotts.

According to The Intercept, the first piece of legislation to be rolled out by the 2019 GOP-controlled Senate will give the US government the authority to cut ties with companies that choose to boycott Israel. The not-very-America-first decree is part of a series of foreign policy-related measures which will make up S.1 – the designation given to the symbolically important first bill of the session.

The boycott-banning legislation has apparently taken precedence over the ongoing government shutdown – already the third-longest on record, shuttering nine departments and leaving hundreds of thousands of government workers without paychecks.

With Senator Marco Rubio (R-Florida) as the lead sponsor, the Combating BDS Act is expected to receive bipartisan support. Coincidentally, punishing corporations and individuals who support the BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) movement is a top legislative priority for AIPAC, the powerful pro-Israel lobby. The bill was previously introduced (but never passed) last year, and gave state and local governments the authority to refuse to do business with US firms participating in a boycott against Israel. Similar anti-BDS legislation has already been adopted in 26 states. So far, two federal courts have ruled that punishing companies or individuals who boycott goods produced in Israel violates constitutionally-protected rights under the First Amendment.


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BREAKING: "White House Asked Pentagon for Military Options Against Iran, Report Says"



The request, which a U.S. official said 'definitely rattled people,' was made after mortars launched by Iran-affiliated militants fell near the U.S. embassy in Baghdad, The Wall Street Journal reports

"It definitely rattled people," a former senior White House official was quoted as saying. "People were shocked. It was mind-boggling how cavalier they were about hitting Iran."


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Stop Using That Word Goy! You’re Empowering White Supremacists



>There is nothing inherently derogatory about the word “goy.”

>Disturbingly, the white supremacists have co-opted it to refer to themselves in a shocking example of linguistic appropriation. By incorporating it, and other Yiddish terms, into their nationalist lingo, they perpetuate the anti-Semitic myth that we are a cabal with our own secret language and agenda. “The Goyim Know” is a catch-phrase used to mock Jews by using pseudo-Yiddish phrases to impersonate them by “exposing” the Jewish “ conspiracy. “Oy vey, it’s anudda Shoah” and “oy vey, the goyim know, shut it down” are just two examples often found on social media in comments and on memes.

>Using the word goy in a news headline simply reinforces the “Jews run the media” and “Jews run the world” tropes. As though getting Bannon fired was all part of our sinister plot for worldwide domination.

>Ultimately, however, it is our word.

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Muslims BTFO

Swarm of Locusts at Mecca


>Swarms of black crickets covered Makkah and its Holy Mosque, triggering a citywide fumigation and leaving residents perplexed by the phenomenon. Images of the crickets, belonging to the true cricket family, have taken social media by storm. Several images and videos show thousands of the insects in schools, houses and the Holy Mosque.

>Makkah Municipality confirmed the phenomenon, which residents say has never been seen before, and conducted a citywide fumigation.

>“On Saturday night I was praying at the Holy Mosque and the insects were everywhere, the mosque was drawing them in, not only in the yards, but even around the Kaaba,” Abdulwhab Soror, 64, told The National.

>“I’ve been living in Makkah my whole life and I’ve never witnessed something like this before,” he added.

>The phenomenon even baffled wildlife experts. Dr Jacky Judas, manager and scientific adviser of terrestrial biodiversity at the WWF and Emirates Nature, said this was a first.

>"This is the first time for me to see this species in big numbers. I am not surprised that people are saying the same," Dr Judas said. "I have never seen this species in these big numbers."

>He said the source could be some businesses on the Arabian Peninsula that cultivate crickets for bird feed. Some of the insects could have escaped and spread to Makkah. He is working to identify the species but says they could be related to the true cricket, Gryllus campestris.

"It could be an incident where one captive breeding has escaped and spread in big numbers, otherwise maybe there has been specific conditions that favour their development and breeding," he said. "But I don't know what that would be."

>Cricket swarms have been reported in Peru and West Virginia after intense heatwaves.

Makkah Municipality has appointed almost 130 people to tackle the issue.

>“We are focusing on the areas of reproduction and breeding of insects, sewers, and open water source around the yards of the Holy Mosque and in all toilet scarred in the yards of the mosque,” the municipality said.

It later published pictures of an environmental protection team as it sprayed pesticide in areas surrounding the Holy Mosque.

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>muh heresy le deus vult meme

Why are people on a high information board like this unironically calling things "satanic" and touting insane conspiracy theories?

I thought all the religious fundamentalist Christians were just trolling, but there seems to be genuine support for this hardcore christcuck mindset. This is a pretty obscure part of the internet, and we're all ostensibly at least 120+ IQ so what the fuck is going on here? Nobody on this board shouild actually be anything more than a philosophical deist when it comes to religion, because it's a shit-tier control tool designed to keep the normies in line.

Can someone please explain this shit?

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Anti-Thot Thread

ITT: we post infographics about the damaging nature of thottery

Topics could include:

- drastically reduced marriage success rates

- drastically increased singlemotherhood rates

- the effects of singlemotherhood

- the damage inflicted by birth control upon the environment and humans


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There should be CLEARLY established rules on when a man is allowed to kill another man.

At the current, both slights to honor, insults, libel, and just about everything outside of direct self-defense does not allow you to kill the man insulting you, no matter how grievous the injury.

For example, if you live in your joint-owned house with your wife, and you come home to find her fucking a nigger, and kill him for it, that would be considered murder on your part, and land you in jail for many years.

There needs to be clear boundaries where exceptions to the idea of murder are made. This is necessary in order to uncuck ourselves from our current state where men are completely powerless.

Vigilantism should be legal to be carried out IF the vigilante can prove that the accused is guilty of the crimes. This would include killing pedophiles with evidence of their crimes.

We need to restore an honor-killing based system where men have the control to lawfully take the life of other men as long as they reach certain conditions.

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Diversity in Japan Roppongi Station

>"This is my chance," the gorilla in the mist said to himself because he is incapable of inner monologue. Despite still having an IQ equivalent to mud, the negro understood the Nips did not tolerate Africans as the Whites would, but he would ensure they receive the great benefit of cultural enrichment and accept it. "How would I do it, though," he shouted on the train without neglecting his nigger knack for ebonic accents. The negro looked to his right and saw what appeared to be an Asian Woman clutching her nose.

>The negro smelt himself, and noticed the three bottles of cologne he applied to himself this morning had not endured. "I know what to do!" the negro had an elphinany at that very moment. He quickly stripped his clothes from his chipotle-diaherra skin, but it was all for naught as he had forgotten his cologne.

>Unfortunately, the nigger's neurons had halted the phenomenon that only occurs so often in a niggers life. Thus, the nigger continued his thoughtless existence as if nothing occured previously. Unfortunately he had forgotten one crucial aspect, "cops be racist, he said shortly after getting off the train as an officer tried to hand him his clothes.

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Getting vanned: how to deal with feds

Important info for any newfags or clueless people

1) Do not talk to the pigs

2) Do not talk to the pigs

3) Do not talk to the pigs

4) Do not talk to the pigs

5) Do not talk to the pigs

6) Do not talk to the pigs

7) Do not talk to the pigs

8) Do not talk to the pigs

9) Do not talk to the pigs

10) Do not talk to the pigs

Below is information from a National Alliance leaflet


-Stay calm and keep your hands where the police can see them.

-Don’t argue, complain, bad-mouth or resist arrest, even if the police are unreasonable; it will only make

your situation worse.

-Hand them the “Rights” card, above. Otherwise say, “I have nothing to say”; then make no

statements or comments.

-Remember anything you say can and will be used against you, even if officers have not read you the

“Miranda Rights”!

-Remember police badge numbers and patrol car numbers.

-If not in custody, write down everything that happened, ASAP.

-Try to find witnesses, get their names and phone numbers.

-If you are injured, seek medical attention, but also get photographs of the injuries, ASAP.

-If arrested, ask for a lawyer immediately.

1) You don’t have to answer a police officer’s questions, but you must show your license,

registration and insurance when stopped in a car. In other situations, you can’t legally be arrested for

refusing to identify yourself to an officer.

2) You don’t have to consent to any search of your person, your car or your house - and therefore

you should not consent. If the police say they have a warrant, ask to see it. Still; do not consent to a

search even if they have a warrant, make them rely on the warrant; warrants can be defective.

3) You can be arrested for obstructing or interfering w/police.

Police Interrogation Tactics:

Read the IRA green books:


Pigs will torture you psychologically and physically.


System agents will lie to you and attempt to trick you into incarcerating yourself by stacking massive charges against you and then offering a "deal" resulting in you being incarcerated for prolonged amounts of time.

Unless the evidence against you is such a landslide where there isn’t a chance in hell you’re getting a “not guilty” verdict then there is no need for bowing to the system and making a deal.






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Why the fuck cant the right organize anything?

Why are there public protests against the Democrats for not giving us the budget for the wall. We should be in the streets cussing the fuck out of Schumer and Pelosi and making their lives as miserable as possible. We should be protesting against them in the streets. We aren't though. It's like republicans have no idea how to protest anything. Why the fuck cant we organize anything?

R: 546 / I: 241 / P: 15 [R] [G] [-]

History of everything and more

ITT we unkike our history, and discover our ancient knowledge.

According to Graham Hancock the pyramids align with the orions belt in their positions 12500 years ago which is the same point of time the constillation of draco alignes with angkor wat perfectly (also according to graham hancock) making me think a great cataclysm, which probably was the rain of fire the aztecs say came before the flood, happened shortly after those 2 were built (or in case of angkor wat they were build not that long ago but on older remains which are probably from that time).

Turns out there was an "extraordenary biomass-burning episode" 12.800 years ago, likely due to the impact of a comet which just came out recently, fitting the 12.500 years Hancock talks about almost perfectly


Which also fits Göbekli Tepes depiction of the comet 12.900 years ago quite perfectly

Some other interesting stuff showing ancients knowing a lot they shouldnt according to Mainstream History.


This one is partly about modern monuments and their meanings too, but at around 1:10:00 he starts talking about the pyramids, and how they encode the size of the earth in relation to the moon, as well as the speed of light with over 99% accuracy


Tthis video talks about how different monuments, from the pyramids, to stonehenge, to stuff in south america encode mathematical knowledge as well as functioning as a GPS telling people where they are currently if they know how to read the monuments, again showing that those "cavemen" were far more sophisticated than we care to admit as well as showing that there was some kind of global communication going on (not like the internet, but information where exchanged through traveling, trade or whatever despite southamerica not being discovered officially until thousands years later) since they all use the same system

The sphinx is another hint about the age of the Pyramids:


>A date of 10,500 BC is chosen because they maintain this is the only time in the precession of the equinoxes when the astrological age was Leo and when that constellation rose directly east of the Sphinx at the vernal equinox.

makes sense that the huge lion they build faces leo in the age of leo, and not taurus which is the age in which it was officially build and would have faced taurus at that time.

Furthermore there are indications of water erosions, hinting that the sphinx stood under water for some time even though the area is pretty dry for the last couple thousands years.

the 10.500 BC date also fits the alignment of the pyramids and angkor wat as well as the time göbekli tepe speaks of a comet crashing to earth which is now supported by mainstream science that a comet hit the earth causing an "Extraordinary Biomass-Burning Episode and Impact Winter"

Also what is that hatch on the back for? where does it lead? Why did they fill up the hole on the head of the Sphinx?

R: 447 / I: 114 / P: 15 [R] [G] [-]

Hackers On Steroids About to Blow the Lid Off 9/11

>On Monday, New Year’s Eve, a hacker group announced it had breached a law firm handling cases related to the September 11 attacks, and threatened to publicly release a large cache of related internal files unless their ransom demands were met.

>The news is the latest public extortion attempt from the group known as The Dark Overlord, which has previously targeted a production studio working for Netflix, as well as a host of medical centres and private businesses across the United States.


They visited us earlier today to answer questions and shitpost for a while.

Their first post on 4/pol/: https://boards.4chan.org/pol/thread/198358308

Their AMA thread: https://boards.4chan.org/pol/thread/198364116

Tweet confirming it was them, not a LARPer: https://twitter.com/tdo_h4ck3rs/status/1079952190830039040


>Official release: three files to prove our claims of 911 CONFIDENTIAL docs


R: 230 / I: 46 / P: 15 [R] [G] [-]

Useless Female Cop Begs for her Life

Gun pulled at a traffic stop. Rather then step to the rear of the car and pull her weapon, she panics and grabs the front of the gun which is pointed at her face.

>I'll leave

>Please don't shoot me


Male cop walks up and coolly shoots the guy through the windshield saving her life.

A police officer’s bodycam shows the moment when a suspect pulled a gun on her. The video shows Officer Brianna Tedesco walking down a dark road to check out a suspicious vehicle with out-of-state license plates. She questions the man behind the wheel, who claimed to be taking a nap. When Tedesco asks him to produce a driver’s license, he tells her that he doesn’t have one. What officer didn’t know at the time was that the man is a fugitive and wanted for murder.

R: 37 / I: 6 / P: 15 [R] [G] [-]

A compelling piece on abortion

Are the people of planned Parenthood, dare I say, /ourguys????

>In before, "hurr durr, youre a shill!"

Black women are 2.5 times more likely to have an abortion than whites, Latinos/Hispanics a l most 2 times more likely.

R: 118 / I: 19 / P: 15 [R] [G] [-]

Secret Service Visit Leftist

She threatened Trump on Facebook.

>Can someone shoot that fool between the eyes already.

Threatening the President of the United States is a federal felony under United States Code Title 18, Section 871. It consists of knowingly and willfully mailing or otherwise making "any threat to take the life of, to kidnap, or to inflict bodily harm upon the President of the United States".

Threatening the President of the United States is a felony under United States Code Title 18, Section 871. The offense is punishable by up to 5 years in prison,[ a $250,000 maximum fine, a $100 special assessment, and 3 years of supervised release. Internet restrictions such as a prohibition on access to email have been imposed on offenders who made their threats by computer.

R: 19 / I: 2 / P: 15 [R] [G] [-]

ABSOLUTELY HAPPENING Two-year yield dips below key Fed rate for first time since 2008

The U.S. two-year Treasury note yield US2YT=RR dropped below 2.4 percent on Thursday afternoon, reaching parity with the federal funds effective rate for the first time since 2008.

The fed funds effective rate, which was 2.4 percent on Thursday, moves within the Federal Reserve’s key policy range of 2.25 to 2.5 percent. The market move suggests investors believe the U.S. central bank will not be able to continue to tighten monetary policy as its forecast suggests, after having lifted benchmark interest rates four times in 2018.

“This is a big deal,” said Ian Lyngen, head of U.S. rates strategy at BMO Capital Markets.

“The market is effectively saying that at some point in the next 24 months, the Fed is going to have to not only stop hiking, but actively start easing.”

In late afternoon trade, the three- US3YT=RR and five-year US5YT=RR note yields had also dropped below 2.4 percent.


R: 69 / I: 37 / P: 15 [R] [G] [-]


His Satanic vile pig cunt mother must be stopped.

Going theory now is that Wendylou pushed desi so hard to become a drag kid so she could enter into the lifestyle she wanted to be part of growing up (Namely the NYC Vogue scene during the 70's and 80's (see doco Paris is Burning) and the NYC Club Kid scene during the late 80's and early 90's (see Party Monster with Macaulay Culkin & Seth Green). This would explain her fawning and social media/ real life connections to Kevin Omni Burrus (creator and leader of House of Ultra Omni Vogue dancing drag group) and Michael Alig (Party Promoter, Murderer, drug addict & Creator of the Club Kids)

Mother: Wendy Napoles (wendylou) 42 years old

Wendy’s last job was as an office manager for a Brooklyn Construction firm

California and New York

Office Manager at Scenic Corp of New York

B.S., Business Administration from University of Phoenix



+1 949-837-4741

917-749-0092 (confirmed https://www.usphonebook.com/917-749-0092 ) https://www.fastpeoplesearch.com/917-749-0092


dollfaceddame , wendynapoles

LINKED. IN CV (also attached)



Scenic Corporation of New York

Office and Human Resources Manager

Company Name Scenic Corporation of New York

Dates Employed Sep 2016 – Apr 2017

Employment Duration 8 mos

Location Brooklyn, NY

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/MissFormosa

Miss Formosa User Number: 1086931881



















https://www.facebook.com/events/365062670919610/ - Brazilian Drag House of Cazul 19th January 2018.





Companies Wendy Follows on Linkedin

















R: 24 / I: 7 / P: 15 [R] [G] [-]

Who would say.

The shooter who killed Jazmine Barnes was a dindu all along, it ins't stoping the pozzed media e ecelebs to blaming some straight white man in any way.

R: 281 / I: 42 / P: 16 [R] [G] [-]

Cryptocurrency/Blockchain and /pol/

So I've noticed this the past several years. That many anons are either dismissive or paranoid with using any sort of cryptocurrency. I do share some of your concerns. Why place your own wealth into a string of code if we get a civilization destroyed solar flare? Some believe, and I'm on the fence about it, that bitcoin is an NSA tier social experiment, created in 2009 at the height of the previous recession. It's also interesting to me that the crypto market had one of its reoccurring bubbles about a year before the stock market folllwed a similar parabolic rise and has been on the cusp of free fall at any moment. Sure innawoods may come and you ought to stockpile the essentials fitst, but that may never come to pass and sitting idle rather than understanding it could help the cause further. I turned $5k into several hundred thousand, payed off my student deaths that were choking me, moved out of my mom's house into one i bought with land, and have a nice personal assortment of funs. But don't take that as me suckering you in for potential profit, but to paint the possibilities.

Why I really started this thread is to actually discuss how/pol/ can use this means of circumventing traditional banking systems. I brought this up months ago when certain banks refused service to gun shop owners. Dispensaries in legal stares often have interest in crypto as well since federal law prevents banks from servicing them as well The black market that was largely responsible for bitcoin to enter significance is actually one of the best examples of the currency working as intended without needing traditional fiat gateways.

I believe anons out to take a second look at this space and jump on this opportunity for kike free finance. There's already a few non scam projects out there that are new and relatively unknown so establishing a beach head is a lot easier than many think.


R: 140 / I: 34 / P: 16 [R] [G] [-]

Oregon YES! Oregon SB501 introduces 20 round per month MAXIMUM

Here we go again Oregonians.

>5 round mag limit

>14 day wait period

>permit required for purchase

>background check for ammunition purchases

>20 round limit per month

R: 176 / I: 39 / P: 16 [R] [G] [-]

Designer Baby Technology Thread

1) Give us practical examples of how we can research more Designer Baby Technology, fund it and share knowledge about it.

2) How can we acelerate the process and get a safe Designer Baby technology ready in a year (or sooner)?

3) How can we be safe, as we know Jews control the US and science?

R: 44 / I: 20 / P: 16 [R] [G] [-]

Second man found (((dead))) in Democratic megadonor Ed Buck's Apartment

Protests erupted Tuesday outside the West Hollywood home of prominent Democratic donor Ed Buck, with activists calling for Buck's arrest after a man was found dead in the apartment early Monday – 17 months after a deceased male escort was discovered there.

Attorney Seymour Amster, Buck's attorney, confirmed the most recent death to Fox News and said the unidentified victim was a "longtime friend" who had known Buck for 25 years. Amster said the victim "reached out for [Buck's] help" Sunday night and began acting "in a bizarre way" after he arrived at Buck's apartment.

"As far as we're concerned, this is an accidental death," said Amster, who added police had released the scene and Buck was not under arrest.

In a December 2016 entry, Moore wrote: "I’ve become addicted to drugs and the worst one at that. Ed Buck is the one to thank. He gave me my first injection of crystal meth it was very painful, but after all the troubles, I became addicted…”

In his final entry, on Dec. 3, 2016, Moore wrote: "If it didn’t hurt so bad, I’d kill myself, but I’ll let Ed Buck do it for now."

R: 76 / I: 25 / P: 16 [R] [G] [-]

the planned white genocide of america

50 Years Ago, America was a 90% White Country. We Put a Man on the Moon. Today, We have been Reduced to 56% of the Population by Hart-Cellar Act. ALL Within 50 Years! 90% to 56% is Planned Genocide.

Joe Biden.


He's a rich man. He is a millionaire sellout. He loves children. He loves his own daughters. He thinks it's a great thing that WHITE people die. Democrats want open borders so they can stay in power. Some Democrats want open borders because of the children. The children are so precious. …their little vaginas need to be saved.

These motherfuckers are telling you, openly, to your face, that they want you to die out. …where does Joe Biden live? What's his home address? Someone needs to pay him a visit.


She wants pedophilia and child pornography and incest and spreading stds to be legal.

Where does she live? Why won't some one pay here a visit?

R: 22 / I: 16 / P: 16 [R] [G] [-]




>Despite the female officer’s high-pitched screaming, it appears that she is not panicking and it looks as though she continues to try to reach for the gun even though Martell has drawn it back inside the car.

>As this is happening, a backup officer can be seen running towards Martell’s car and stopping short a few feet away. He then draws his weapon and shoots Martell.

Policewomen are useless. They get overpowered by the flimsiest of men on a daily basis and male officers have to constantly run to their rescue. How these policemen are able to perform their jobs while multitasking to keep their front-hole partners alive should make anyone wonder how much more efficient everything would be, and how much safer everyone would be, if there were no women in the police force. Yes, everyone would be safer, not because police keep people safe but because policewomen are so incompetent that they put everyone at risk.

Extrapolate these policewomen videos to the military. Imagine the shit they pull there that we don’t learn about. It’s scary to think how male soldiers feel around female “soldiers.”

R: 101 / I: 53 / P: 16 [R] [G] [-]

Identitarian shilling: transatlantic multinational (((conspiracy)) to subvert nationalism, advance zionism and save jews from the rapidly approaching global pogrom

“In the third rank we shall set up our own, to all appearance, opposition, which, in at least one of its organs, will present what looks like the very antipodes to us. Our real opponents at heart will accept this simulated opposition as their own and will show us their cards.”

- The Protocols of the Elders of Zion

“Where no genuine internal opposition organization exists, a security service might ivnent one, but to infiltrate the more dangerous organizations abroad in order to blunt or channel their actions, and tu surface real or potential internal dissidents. If an internal opposition already exists, it will be infiltrated in an attemp to control it, to provoke opponents into exposing themseves, and to cause the movement to serve state interests”

- John. J Dziak, Chekisty: A History of the KGB

Hopefully all genuine /pol/acks should be aware of this by now, but I've compiled a lot of evidence of Identitarianism/alt-kike/nazbolism being kosher subversion into a PDF document - it's 30 pages long and uses only the words of shills to prove this, similar to "X in his own worrds" infographics.

See related for more info.

R: 12 / I: 4 / P: 16 [R] [G] [-]

M16 and 2016 Trump elections

Some leftwing site (moon of Alabama) apparently has documents proving M16 interfered in the 2016 elections and has an anti Russia campain. I need some anons to dig this. It is interesting.

The documents come form Integrity Initiative some shady NATO NGO.


Here is the Moon of Alabama site: https://www.moonofalabama.org/2018/11/british-government-behind-secret-anti-russian-disinformation-campaign.html


there are more links at the bottom of the article

R: 122 / I: 53 / P: 16 [R] [G] [-]

China hate thread

>Worse animal abusers on earth

>Communist China is Israel true best friend

>Jews levels of greed

>Chinese Bugmanb behave like the unholy love child of Jews and niggers

>Biggest Polluters on the planet

>Citizens condemn reporting crime and pickpocketingp

>worse crime in Asia

>bigger exporters of drugs and crime in Asia

If war ever breaks out with China. It’s because Jews fear the chinks might be better kikes than them. What will it take to stop China?

R: 99 / I: 32 / P: 16 [R] [G] [-]

Woman in vegetative state pregnant, police investigate




R: 40 / I: 4 / P: 16 [R] [G] [-]

The descent of western Europeans and their languages

This isn't really much talked about but most western euros are white trash tier these days that have dumbed down their language to the level of their muslim invaders and only the elite seems to have a decent grasp of it.

In the US most people seem to be more well spoken and there has been less of an incentive to mate with absolute dregs as a hard working smart guy can actually make some shekels while in Europoor the political cuck guys get ahead and even then they don't exactly live large.

Lots of white Germans, French etc. mix their language with bix nood tier lingo and non stop curing and insults like turkroaches and arabs and it's not just the lowest economic classes or guys working in trades.

R: 17 / I: 2 / P: 16 [R] [G] [-]

what is wrong with american niggers? why do they want to claim they invented punk and every other genre?

R: 81 / I: 28 / P: 16 [R] [G] [-]

Vertigo Politix Archive

Hello Goys

As per request from another user, here are all 200 Vertigo Politix videos in HD720P.

Many of the videos have been re-edited and (((censored))) from (((YouTube))). I believe the current youtube channel is the third, with the other two channels being long since (((terminated))).

I managed to rip the entirety of both the first & second channels, plus all current videos, totally 200.

Please download, share, make torrents, archive offline, etc. With a compendium of videos like this a backup bitchute or youtube mirror channel is also an option, (if you have the time).

I will keep the mega link active for as long as there is sufficient interest in the thread.


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Why liberals never talk about legal immigration?

I don't recall ever seeing them talking about anything in favor of the legal immigrants, do they see them as privileged rich people? I would be mad as hell if an illegal could cut the corners in the waiting line to get a permanent residence while legals can face delays in their residence applications.

R: 271 / I: 455 / P: 16 [R] [G] [-]

Maps thread

Does anyone else have some good maps to post? I find the map style infographic to be useful and I enjoy looking at the older maps as well

R: 314 / I: 124 / P: 17 [R] [G] [-]

Realized something about 4chan's /pol/'s shills.

Been on 4chan for more or less two years, and I've never seen this kind of mass shilling or mass derailling on threads, except on this one. (that I did two times).

The title " The PURE PILL is the only Red Pill."



As you can see, the shills work really hard to derail those thread,I've never seen such dedication to derail a thread from the inside. So I'm wondering…Did we it one of their "weak" points? Do they REALLY don't want white people to be pure and virtuous ? And start to think that it's what they fear the most. And seeing the Oy Veying of Xhamster recently about NoFap on twitter makes me convinced that if you are seriously trying to stop degeneracy or to start being someone Pure and Virtuous, they start to loose their shit.

Any thoughts on that ?

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Crowfounding a cathedral of the history of europe

From the first aryans spreading around the world, to greeks bringing the world a new age, romans giving europe its form , germans defeating the muslims and asiatic tribe and founding the middle ages, to spaniards reconquista and posterior colonization, to the russian expansion all across the steppe, to the french revolution and british industrialization and our children expansion in usa australia and canada

A cathedral forged in european stone remenbering the sacrifice of our ancestors , the heroes that defended it and that genious that impulsed our prosperity , statues of them and luminous paint of the big event of european history

A cathedral dedicated to our common european history , a symbol of unity glory and strenght

A materialized version of what we want to be in this times of uncertainty

A humane and a real founding rock of the of the european project against the desnaturalized version of the EU , lets hickjac them how EVROPA should be built

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/nsg/ - Natsoc General - Hitler redpills Edition

ϟϟ inb4 Moarpheus spam ϟϟ

Thread for discussion of the Jewish Question, Race Realism, Anti-Communism, the Aryan Ideal, Traditionalism, Racial Nationalism, and Racial Identity Movements.

Improve yourself, comrades, community, and folk.

> 卐 - SMASH (((MARXISM)))!




/NSG/ - http://pastebin.com/vPZPyDhK


>The Optics of Ineffectiveness


>The Many Faces of National Socialism by Karl Radl


卐 - NATSOC Philosophy and Economics


ᛉ - Right-wing E-Books and Film archives














卐 - Jews and the Porn Industry






ᛉ - Religion, Spirituality, and Esotericism In the 3rd Reich


卐 - HOLOHOAX Resources






ᛉ - Misc Topics


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Yellow vests France Happening Week Saturday VIII Worst than ever now

(((Banks))) are being popularly burned.

More everything being burned to the ground period.

One of the leaders of the Yellow Jackets is arrested


Except that only makes Yellow Jackets more furious

Media still in complete damage control saying it's over or saying it died down but never has things gotten worse out here.

<It might have seemed like the "yellow vests" had calmed down but it's a new year and there are renewed calls for protests in France, including in Paris, this Saturday for Act VIII of the demonstrations.

<Several "yellow vest" social media groups are busy organising demonstrations across France for Act VIII this Saturday (January 5th) in the hope that, with the festive period out of the way, people will be ready to rejoin the ranks of the gilets jaunes.

<It is also hoped by protesters that not only the new year but also the arrest of one of the movement's leaders Eric Drouet for organising an unauthorised protest on Wednesday will have fired up some of the group's supporters.

<Drouet, who was released on Thursday has called on "yellow vests" to protest at the Place de la Bourse, home of the historical Paris stock exchange in the 2nd arrondissement of the French capital.

<Meanwhile another group is calling for a demonstration at the Trocadero in the 16th arrondissement and Place de la République, as well as in other locations that will be revealed at the last moment.

<Police will no doubt be uncertain of how seriously to take these locations after the surprise protest at Montmartre on December 22nd during Act VI of the demonstrations. A protest was originally planned for Versailles before the location was changed at the last minute.

<And perhaps more worryingly for the government is that some of the online groups have called for an "end to pacifism" and a "hardening" of the movement.

<On Thursday, France en Colere (Angry France) – one of the "yellow vest" social media groups led by Drouet – issued an angry open letter to French President Emmanuel Macron in response to the French leader's New Year's Eve address in which Macron acknowledged the "anger" among anti-government protesters but warned that hateful speech and actions would not be tolerated.

- https://www.thelocal.fr/20190104/act-viii-what-to-expect-from-the-yellow-vest-protests-this-saturday

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So i have been for the past couple months investigating googles sommerfeld-goubau launchers under the impression that its wave form would enable wireless power. i did this because i was curious about the theory of microelectromechanical systems, specifically how they would be powered. i just yesterday confirmed that facebooks line of sight system can interact with electromagnetic surface waves, akin to sommerfeld-goubau; it receives the dense wave form and disperses it in a uniquely precise fashion. the connection was originally made in part due to the fact that facebooks line of sight system is was built by Karthik Yogeeswaran; the same inventor as the goubau launchers google has placed on powerlines nationwide. Karthik Yogeeswaran has specialized in the area of electromagnetic surface waves as well as previous specialties such as wirelessly determining a devices power state.

the CO-inventor however i had not looked into until tonight, Yael G Miguire. Yael G Miguire is the Director Of Engineering at Facebook. As DARK vindication her display publication on linkedin is:

"Physical Principles for Scalable Neural Recording"

"Simultaneously measuring the activities of all neurons in a mammalian brain at millisecond resolution is a challenge beyond the limits of existing techniques in neuroscience. Entirely new approaches may be required, motivating an analysis of the fundamental physical constraints on the problem. We outline the physical principles governing brain activity mapping using optical, electrical,magnetic resonance, and molecular modalities of neural recording. Focusing on the mouse brain, we analyze the scalability of each method, concentrating on the limitations imposed by spatiotemporal resolution, energy dissipation, and volume displacement. We also study the physics of powering and communicating with micro-scale devices embedded in brain tissue."

https://arxiv.org/abs/1306.5709https://arxiv.org/abs/1306.5709" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">https://arxiv.org/abs/1306.5709https://arxiv.org/abs/1306.5709



Google has been placing sommerfeld goubau launchers on powerlines. Emits a terahertz microwave frequency. Sommerfeld goubau is originally a single wire transmission technology. In the 1950s a gentlemen named george goubau added a waveguid mechanism in between the 2 conical emitters/receivers.

Since, its been close to the chest within the dod ad government projects. As of late google has found implementations for it. Not only can it transmit wireless energy if met with a line of sight receiver, which facebook has built, it is capable of xray type viewing, interferometry,and a plethor of other uses

One reason its been developed over the past few decades is because it is ideal for microelectromechanical systems, MEMs, aka. Nanotech as not only can the wave form penetrate the skin it can be recieved for wireless power on an antena as small as 10 micrometers. A full breakdown of goubau tech is available here as well as patents for both google and facebook,mems and all other relevant information.

The sommerfeld goubau launchers have been being placed on power lines via google. that's terahertz microwave frequency, this particular wave has a plethora of use case. i have compiled a detailed synopsis of it here: http://www.thedailydialectics.com/SommerfeldGoubau/SommerfeldGoubau" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">http://www.thedailydialectics.com/SommerfeldGoubau/SommerfeldGoubau

Electromagnetic Radiation. in light of the fact that power lines emmit EM radiation, it seems the choice was made to install the tech on power lines. the process will be laid out in the patents below: http://www.thedailydialectics.com/SommerfeldGoubau/Google" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">http://www.thedailydialectics.com/SommerfeldGoubau/Google

the launchers sending a surface wave from one conical launcher to a conical receiver over a single wire describes the G-line system. The term Sommerfeld-goubau was established when a waveguide was placed in between the launcher/reciever. the surface wave itself carries from one cone to another without external guidance, thats why the launchers are conical, the difraction of the wave form as it emmits out of the launcher produces a dense wave form that is biconical in shape, depicted here:http://www.patentsencyclopedia.com/imgfull/20080211727_07

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There is Still No Proof That the Evil Jew Ruth Bader Ginsburg is Alive

Considering the importance of the United States Supreme Court in our society, it is in the public’s interest to know if all of the court’s justices are actually alive. If there is any question that one of the justices is not alive, immediate proof of life must be offered. Otherwise, it erodes public confidence in the trustworthiness of the institution.

It’s quite disturbing that the Supreme Court is claiming that they can issue important rulings when the public has no idea if Ginsburg is alive or not. It’s no wonder why the White House is already preparing for another Supreme Court vacancy. Even they don’t seem to know if the old hag is dead or alive.

All the people are asking for is proof that this evil bitch has not descended into the pits of hell. This is not an unreasonable request. At minimum, Chief Justice John Roberts could demand Ginsburg be filmed holding the current edition of a prominent newspaper. Sort of like what captors do to their kidnapped hostages when they need to offer proof of life. Of course, if she were alive and fully capable of performing her court duties, she would be physically showing up at court as her job requires.

And look, nobody is claiming with 100 percent certainty that she is dead. We just have no way of knowing because she’s not showing up to work. But quite frankly, it is not fair to the American people that we have a justice on the Supreme Court who is unable to show up to court and do her job. If this situation continues, Ginsburg should be forced off the court allowing the Trump administration to appoint an immediate non-Jewish replacement.

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Lil Plantation Songs Removed from Soundcloud

>A trio of songs is currently under investigation by a Maryland school board after students reported the music as “extremely offensive” and racist, and suspected that a pro-slavery rapper might be a student.

>The songs, which appeared on the popular music sharing website SoundCloud, were shared by a user called “Lil Plantation” and included titles like “Whips Don’t Hurt ‘Em,” “All Slaves Are The Same” and “Whip Hands Free.”

>The lyrics to the song “Whips Don’t Hurt Them” include phrases like “new n* keep picking my crops, but the slaves can’t touch me so I’m not worried” and “I show no mercy, I show no mercy.”

>Other lyrics from Lil Plantation’s music includes: “Whip my plants and the slaves keep screaming, ‘please don’t whip me, please don’t whip me,’ yeah.”

>Students at Mardela Middle and High School in Mardela Springs, Maryland alerted their teachers to the music, according to local news outlet WBOC. School officials then reported the issue to the Wicomico County Board of Education, which is currently investigating the matter to find out who posted the racist media.

>According to the local news outlet, many in the community believe a student to behind the offensive music. Any consequences will be made in accordance to the school board’s code of conduct and as of this time the local police are not involved in the investigation.

>The songs have since been removed from Lil Plantation’s Soundcloud account. According to a report by The Daily Beast, Lil Plantation’s biography on the music sharing site reads: “Don’t get offended these songs our [sic] just for entertainment purposes only.”

>A spokesperson for SoundCloud told The Daily Beast that their website “forbids content that promotes or incites hatred or violence.” The site also has a trust and safety team that looks into any content that is reported by its music members. If any song violates the site’s code of conduct it is removed.

>Community activist Jaamad Gould, a graduate of Mardela High School, condemned Lil Plantation’s music as disparaging and derogatory.

>“The fact that you’re comfortable telling people to listen to something that you know is derogatory, that you know is offensive, that you know is something that you should not be saying. And you’re laughing and joking about it that, to me, speaks on what his mind state is.” Gould told WBOC.

>"This is in our community because kids don't hate people based on the color of their skin from birth, it's something that they learned. Which means that their parents who live in this community are teaching that to their kids," Gould added.


R: 79 / I: 11 / P: 17 [R] [G] [-]

Many Russians Hoped that Hitler Would Free Them from Stalin

/leftypol/ BTFO

>To put it briefly: Ethnic Russians were much less loyal to the Soviet regime in their encounters with the German occupiers than historians have believed up to now.

>This is the story told by UiO researcher Johannes Due Enstad, who has recently published a book about the German occupation of Northwest Russia during World War 2.

>After World War II the Soviet Union created a grandiose history of how all the inhabitants of the Soviet Union were loyal to the regime and formed a common front against the Germans in the “Great Patriotic War”.

>It has been common knowledge for a long time that this is an untrue story, because many Baltic and Ukrainian people despised the Bolshevik regime. At the same time, western historians have largely agreed that the ethnic Russians were loyal to the Stalin regime when the Germans invaded the Soviet Union in 1941.

>According to Enstad, who is a post-doc at the Department of Literature, Area Studies and European Languages at the University of Oslo, it is time to crack this myth apart. In a book recently published by the academic publishers Cambridge University Press, he addresses which side the people of Northwest Russia chose during the German occupation.

>“This area can, in both historical and geographical terms, be seen as a Russian core area and has been part of the Soviet state since the revolution. Nevertheless people – especially the peasants in the countryside, who accounted for 90% of the population – were much less loyal to the regime and the Soviet state than has been thought,” explains Enstad.

Article too long for post, continued here: https://dailyarchives.org/index.php/history/2189-many-russians-hoped-that-hitler-would-free-them-from-stalin



R: 129 / I: 35 / P: 17 [R] [G] [-]

"Those Retarded Jews": Spirit Airlines Flight Turned Into An Anti-Semitic Nightmare For 2 Passengers

A flight to Florida became the trip from hell for a family that was racially targeted by two Spirit Airline flight attendants.

A New York couple is accusing Spirit Airlines of turning a flight to Florida into an anti-Semitic "nightmare" from start to finish. Chana and Yisroel Beck claim they were called "retarded" as the plane took off, were harassed throughout the flight, and were then escorted off the plane by police after landing. Arriving at Newark Airport on Tuesday along with their 6-week-old, 2-year-old and 3-year-old daughters, the family was eager to embark on a weeklong holiday to Fort Lauderdale.

Chana, 25, said a gate agent allowed them to take their FAA-approved Doona baby carriage onto the aircraft, but that things took a wrong turn when two flight attendants at the plane entrance saw it. "One of them said, 'There is no way this is coming on. I don't care who approved it at the gate. I'm the boss here and I'm going to decide if it comes on or not,'" Chana said about a flight attendant. She said she and Yisroel, 28, complied and folded the carriage, which they initially were allowed to take to their seats because it can convert into a car seat. A crew member then said, "'I'm not going to discuss this - this seat is going off the plane now,'" Chana said.

A fellow flyer who witnessed the tumult said he overheard a steward utter "those retarded Jews" in conversation with a female flight attendant before the plane took off. Once the plane was airborne and the seatbelt sign was turned off, Yisroel moved to his wife's three-seat row and took their two-year-old on his lap. A male flight attendant ordered him back to his seat, saying regulations did not allow five people to be seated in a single row - adding that there weren't enough oxygen masks in the event of an emergency. "My husband didn't argue and returned to his seat," Chana said. "The steward, who is called Jose, told my husband 'shut up' when he asked him for his last name. He said, 'You're going to have law enforcement meeting you when the plane lands.'"

Once the plane landed, an announcement was made for all the passengers to remain seated as two police officers and two Spirit supervisors came aboard to escort the family off without explanation, she said.

"We had no idea what was happening and why they were escorting us off. We had no idea why they were making a big deal," Chana said. "The supervisors said the (attendants) had notes on us, that we weren't listening and that 'Just like you want us to believe your story, we have to believe what they wrote about you.'" Adding insult to injury, Chana said, the airline supervisors said their return tickets for January 15 would not be honored and that the family is no longer welcome on any Spirit flights.

Chana also called for the crew member to be fired, and wants Spirit to reimburse their ticket costs and compensate them for their traumatic experience. "It was pure anti-Semitism for literally nothing," she said.

Spirit spokesman Derek Dombrowski said the couple have not yet contacted the airline, but that "records indicate that this guest ignored flight and ground crew instructions multiple times, beginning with the boarding process and continuing through landing".


R: 751 / I: 129 / P: 17 [R] [G] [-]

Shy, introverted, homely women are going to inherit the World.

Feminist Marriage introduced an evolutionary pressure on the population. You can no longer marry any personality type of women and expect the marriage to last. Not with 50% divorce rate.

Bad women, who divorce-rape men don't have lots of kids. You never see single moms with 4+ kids. Always 1 or 2. They don't reproduce above replacement level. Bad women either produce offspring of lesser quality (because they get kids so late) or not at all.

Men, especially enlightened, high quality men are not going to be breeding with these women. They are going for the type of woman that has been historically overlooked. The one that doesn't go out alone at night. That didn't go to the party and got drunk, because strangers and alcohol scare her. That doesn't hookup with random men from dating apps. That doesn't prositute herself on social media, because making sexually suggestive photos of herself feels akward.

The Irony in all of this is, that back when men had legal authority over women, you could get away with basically marrying any kind of women. Redflag mattered less, because there was no incentive for women to leave. They didn't have the modern privilege of being able to break all the obligations of marriage, but keep the benefits. In fact there aren't even any legal marriage obligations for women. They were all abolished. But all the obligations of men are still there.

The irony is that with this unfairness, the bad type of women will probably never going to be married (for long), but they would easily be marriage material in a more sane society. Back then, before feminist marriage, these red flags could be ignored, because the man had little to fear compared to know. But now it will forever define their life. Women sadly start out innocent and can only get more corrupted over time. It's impossible for them to revert or "self-improve" after being party-going sluts in their youth, because they are tainted and will never be able to pair-bond like before. Love will feel less intense.

If you are not only her first boyfriend, but also her best friend and only authority figure in her life, then you both kinda form an island that is protected by the modern degeneracy of the world.

What do laws matters on a lonely island? Or after an Apocalypse? Nothing. There is no one interested to enforce them. And make sure to breed her. She is not going to leave you with 4 kids, because she would never be able to handle that alone.

(btw I am not saying you should definetly legally marry them, that is still very risky, if you aim for more than working-class levels of wealth)

Fertile wombs of shy, introverted women, who are going to be the wives of conservative men > dried up eggs of popular thots

R: 32 / I: 4 / P: 17 [R] [G] [-]

Cover up

>9 years in prison for uncovering a paedophile ring


>An “evil” troll who claimed a primary school in Hampstead, north London, was at the centre of a satanic cult that cooked babies and ate them has been jailed for nine years.

>Sabine McNeill’s actions forced innocent children to change their names, carry tracking devices and practise panic drills, a court heard.

>The 74-year-old, described as one of the UK’s worst trolls, perpetuated “baseless” allegations about families whose lives had been “ruined”.

>Southwark Crown Court heard that McNeill had led a campaign to uncover claims of devil worship, child rape and murder at the school, harassing four mothers who now live in fear of violent reprisals.

>Judge Sally Cahill, QC told the weeping pensioner: “This case has to be one of the most serious cases of stalking and breach of a restraining order that there can be.

>“The direct consequences of your actions, is that for the four families concerned you have ruined all normal family life.

>“The allegations were of murder, cannibalism, satanism and sexual abuse. They could not be more serious or vile.

>“The children's lives have been blighted forever. In my judgment you are an arrogant, malicious, evil and manipulative woman.”

>Material relating to two children who claimed that they had been abused by paedophiles and were part of a satanic cult was "published and re-published widely" on the internet, the court heard.

>When police investigated, they concluded that the claims were “utter nonsense” and that the children, aged eight and nine, had been tortured into concocting accounts of “horrific events" by their mother and her partner.

>Photographs, film clips and personal information relating to both children were uploaded online and viewed by more than four million people, causing them “incalculable” harm as campaigners sought to expose the non-existent cult.

>The father of the two children was falsely accused of being the leader of the cult, whose members were said to include a school head, a teacher, priest, social workers and police.

>The judge criticised those who had republished and circulated the claims “with flagrant disregard” for the welfare of the children,” irrespective of whether or not they were true.

>McNeill, from Camden, north London, was convicted of four counts of harassment and six counts of breaching a restraining order.

>Miranda Moore, prosecuting, had told the jury she was “an online troll of the worst kind, making the lives of innocent families a misery”.


R: 388 / I: 63 / P: 17 [R] [G] [-]

Serious thread: infosec, opsec, guerrilla war, advice

This thread is for all political related infosec, opsec and war information.

Posting links to vital opsec websites to start so the rest of the thread and 8chins is safer.




R: 153 / I: 37 / P: 17 [R] [G] [-]

You make nationalism unattractive

Yes you heard me right, it's your fault as well. No I'm not a jewish shill, go kill yourself.

Like the rest of you politically obsessed nerds I've been glued to a computer screen since I was about 7 years old.

Obviously I'm of the younger generation, I was born just a few years before the 21st century rolled around. It wouldn't be long until I gradually grew up to aspire to be a part of the "anonymous" hacker group and eventually found 4chan and 8chan a few years after that.

Now, what I mean to say is, obviously I've been redpilled, before I knew about crime statistics and bell curves i was a privacy-seeking information liberal, eager to find out more about the evils in this world.

When I got "enlightened" by the internet if you will, I met up with several rightwing people in my area and immediately felt to dislike them.

Don't get me wrong, I'm a relatively passive person who doesn't like people in general, especially not obnoxious ones, yet that's exactly what these people were, drinking loud obnoxious retards.

These meetups were specifically for discussing nationalism, but all that came out was paganism and greater-germanism, subjects that were practically as good as irrelevant in today's politics.

One of the guys was wearing a swastika necklace and a huge trenchcoat with hat, most of them were autistically quoting evola like it meant anything to anyone.

Now this isn't meant as a blackpill, i'm just saying the hard truth here;

You make nationalism a fucking joke.

Not everyone is one and the same, but the retarded shit has to fly.

Let bygones be bygones and try to focus on what's in front of us rather than what is behind us.

If it weren't for the hard facts I wouldn't have nationalism as my ideology anymore merely because the people that bring those facts go about it in the most autistic way possible.

You're obsessed with politics, ethics and your own ideology. It's all that's ever talked about here. It's tiring. Nobody cares for self-help threads, if they were actually helping themselves they wouldn't be posting in them.

The whole "no compromise" thing isn't helping your cause either. If you don't want to double down nothing is ever going to fucking happen. You hate people with *almost* the same ideology as you almost as much as people with an opposing ideology. You're making it a bitch to be around you, you're making it a bitch for others to get influenced by you.

You have to understand, /pol/ is becoming the worst sort of hugbox of mutual hate and a lot of people here should grow up and realize how much they've been obsessing over the same things without compromise for the last few years.

Try a subtler or at least a different approach.


R: 264 / I: 115 / P: 17 [R] [G] [-]


When Europe was Pagan, Jews were poor slaves now after 1000+ years of christianity they are a wealthy ruling class. You might wonder how Jews became so rich? Well it all began when Jews successfully replaced Roman Paganism with Jew worshiping cult we call Christianity today. According to early Christians (who were all Jews by the way) the Jews are the Yahweh's chosen people. Because of this they were given special status during dark ages. Only (((they))) could lend money with an interest.

In Pagan Europe It was basically rich whites helping poor whites while making little profit. The interest rates were very low. If white man took 1% interest while helping his fellow whites the Jew would take 10% interest while using that profit to fund world wars and anti white propaganda.

(((They))) are using this money they stole from us through christcuckery to promote wars for Israel, race mixing, feminism, transgenderism and other degeneracy to even this day.

Just ask yourself Why do Jews follow an ethnic religion? Why are they so successful? Why are Europeans and other goyims supposed to follow a globalist religion?

R: 259 / I: 51 / P: 17 [R] [G] [-]

Generation Zyklon

Let's talk a little about the Zoomers and their generation, and what they'll possibly be like as they come of age, since the oldest of them are just graduating highschool. I believe there is more raw potential here in this group than of any of the generations to pass since 1945. As they get older, and as the world situation continues to slide downhill, I have no doubt they will be as disruptive and world changing as the boomers were in the late 60s, albeit they will be shoving the world in the polar opposite direction their predecessors did.

>Millennials were the last generation to grow up in 'good times' up until 2008, videogames, plenty, the potential of opportunity in the future. They got fucked, housing market crash drives millions of boomers back to work and they quickly sideline millennials in the hiring process, only industry that the millennials can really occupy and get employed in are all these faggot leftist social media and alt-journalism websites like Vice, Buzzfeed etc.

<Zoomers grow up watching their millennial siblings drink the kool-aid of college education and then proceed to cripple themselves permanently with hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt and a degree that means nothing. Grow up being told that there's going to be no jobs, and nothing to move into and with full knowledge that 'higher education' is a giant scam. They're quickly becoming forced to take up self-employment and looking for opportunities on the mere fringes of the economic world.

>Millennials become politically conscious at the time of the Obama election and re-election, and it divides them into two rough camps. Those who benefited from the system, the ultra-leftist media tech types, and are now dependent on it for ideological and employment reasons and therefore, the most rabid, hysteria-prone defenders of it. The other camp are those who didn't benefit from the system and had no interest/compatibility with the social media industry and were left out in the cold for it, they gravitated around the Ron Paul campaign hoping that the old man would break up enough of the deadlock to where they could finally thrive and everyone could fuck off and mind their own business. That failed, and those that didn't move on from that era in thought form the core of the basic bitch 'dissident right' political speakers today, and those who became disillusioned enough to go down the rabbit hole of radicalization and wind up here.

<Zoomers become politically conscious at the time of the Trump presidential campaign, where the media absolutley goes insane and the mask starts to slip big time, their immediate predecessor generation (who they take their cues from by and large) now splits into two warring camps of stuck-up, insufferable leftist cunts out to monitor and police everything you do vs far right shitposters spamming hentai at American senators and holocaust images at heeb journalists on twitter and watching the world lose it's shit over it. It's easy to see which camp any kid now with a sense of independence and autonomy will gravitate towards. They have no intrinsic respect for the sacred cows of the Obama era because they have zero ties and dependency on them and will likely be driven away even more by the heavy-handed measures being used to bring them inline with the system's groupthink. And when they become pissed off and go on the racist parts of the internet for validation or whatever reason, they don't find the garbage that we were forced to sift through, they tap right into collective progress, experience and info that we've accumulated over the years already. They skip all the bullshit and go right to the point we are now.

R: 197 / I: 29 / P: 18 [R] [G] [-]

Are there any good redpilled songs like this? Also general /pol/ music thread

Nazi death metal degeneracy not welcome.

</pol/ culture / established threads are allowed;

</pol/ culture / established threads are allowed;

R: 126 / I: 19 / P: 18 [R] [G] [-]

Youtube is constantly listening from your phone mic to best pick you search recommendations.

Have you noticed that you were talking to someone about a particular subject. Log on to youtube later in the day and find that same subject in your youtube recommendation videos. This has happened to me multiple times now that I now believe that the youtube app is using ai to listen to all of our conversations via smart devices.

R: 43 / I: 10 / P: 18 [R] [G] [-]

Why neo-liberalism can spread so easily

Neo-liberalism is probably the weakest ideology ever invented. The fact that both it’s sociology and economy is illogical to the level of insanity, should make it impossible to enforce it in any society.

Instead of disappearing in the wasteland of failed ideas, it is spreading like wildfire all around the world.

How can this be?

No supporter of it is willing to fight, let alone die for it, unlike other ideologies or religions before it. Yet those were spreading slower and took a lot more effort to popularize.

Rationally thinking, neo-liberalism should have died the moment it was invented.

It doesn’t just partially but completely denies reality, creating an absolute subjective world view. It is insane in every aspect.

It’s success has only one real reason. There is no concrete alternative opposed to it.

Many people, the majority in fact, is opposing it, resisting it and critiquing it in every society where it is introduced.

Although it is a minority ideology everywhere, even in the US that can be viewed as the center of the ideology, there is no realistic, coherent alternative produced for it.

The majority max be together in opposing it but it is separated, down to individuals, about what should be replacing it.

Until there is no collective opposite idea representing the majority, even such a weak, insane ideology like neo-liberalism can rule the world.

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An Appeal to Reason

A Case for Accelerationism

Europeans were flooded with non-white and predominately Muslim (((refugees))) to not only reduce the white population but to link anti-Muslim sentiments in Europe with anti-Muslim sentiments in Israel.

>pic related

This PSYOP has been co-opted by /youractualguys/ and turned against Israel, as anti-Israel sentiments are growing among the European youth.

The method used in America is slightly different. America has already contained many non-whites and there was no need for Jews to flood our Nation with refugees. Instead race-mixing propaganda campaigns were launched en masse effectively reducing the white population from 90% to less than 50% in the course of a few decades. Their goal was to show white Americans how bad open-borders is using Europe as an example so that white Americans would embrace Nationalism, through populist leaders like Trump, along with Zionism… which every Right-wing populist has embraced…all while white genocide continues in slow motion. In other words: Jews are blackmailing us:

>you can stop white genocide if you embrace Israel!

But again: thanks to /youractualguys/ this PSYOP has been co-opted and reversed. Anons are realizing it's not merely the Liberal/Diaspora responsible for our genocide but also the Zionist/Conservative/Chabad-Lubavitch Jews.

If Americans vote Republican our genocide will continue in the background and no one will wake-up. We have already been turned against Zionism and all that's left is to turn whites against their own replacement… and the only way to wake them up to this reality is by putting in their faces. Support the Left who will open our borders. At least then we'll have a fighting chance. Your only other option is selling your soul to the Knesset and embracing Jewish rule if it only means the survival of your people.

But I would not save my people only to sell them into slavery! We shall have total victory or total destruction.

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National Socialists Leave Swastika Stickers on a Nursing Home which Houses Holocaust Survivor Jews

Stickers were placed by neo-Nazi extremist group the Antipodean Resistance. The logo, which clearly shows the swastika, have been spotted at various locations around Australia, including The University of Queensland and Chippendale, Sydney park sign.

The patriotic group, Antipodean Resistance, vandalised the front gates of Emmy Monash Aged Care in Caulfield, south-east Melbourne, with their swastika-laden logo.

The anti-Jew design was discovered by a man as he was visiting his parents, both aged 94, on New Years Day. Sam Seigel, was "shocked" at the find, and labelled it "disturbing". "I saw it stuck to the front gates. I just stood there and looked - it knocked me about," he told the Herald Sun. "You don't expect to see those sorts of things, especially at an aged-care residence," he said.

Mr Seigel said that many of the home's residents were Holocaust survivors and that they would be "horrified" to see the logo outside their home. Chairman of the jewish supremacist Anti-Defamation Commission Dr Dvir Abramovich also condemmed the sickening attacks, brandishing them as "cowardly and evil". "We are appalled by this latest attack, made all the more despicable as there are Holocaust survivors living in this aged-care home who lost family relatives and suffered under Hitler's regimen," he said.

The recent actions come as signs that anti-Semitism is on the rise in Australia with the commission recording the "largest single-year increase" in 2018.

The Antipodean Resistance are a group of patriotic National Socialists who describe themselves as "the Hitlers you've been waiting for". Despite being founded in Melbourne in 2016, the group's logo has been spotted around the country in recent months.

The logo was stuck up on a City of Sydney park sign in Chippendale, and spotted on telegraph poles throughout the Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast. To join the men's chapter, you have to be white, straight, young, monogamous and only interested in dating other white people.

The group, which claims to have 300 members, mainly target Jews, homosexuals and non-white invaders.


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France Happening Thread: Can You Hear the Frogs REEEEE

Old Thread got Bump Locked

(((Banks))) are being popularly burned.

More everything being burned to the ground period.

One of the leaders of the Yellow Jackets is arrested


Except that only makes Yellow Jackets more furious

Media still in complete damage control saying it's over or saying it died down but never has things gotten worse out here.

<It might have seemed like the "yellow vests" had calmed down but it's a new year and there are renewed calls for protests in France, including in Paris, this Saturday for Act VIII of the demonstrations.

<Several "yellow vest" social media groups are busy organising demonstrations across France for Act VIII this Saturday (January 5th) in the hope that, with the festive period out of the way, people will be ready to rejoin the ranks of the gilets jaunes.

<It is also hoped by protesters that not only the new year but also the arrest of one of the movement's leaders Eric Drouet for organising an unauthorised protest on Wednesday will have fired up some of the group's supporters.

<Drouet, who was released on Thursday has called on "yellow vests" to protest at the Place de la Bourse, home of the historical Paris stock exchange in the 2nd arrondissement of the French capital.

<Meanwhile another group is calling for a demonstration at the Trocadero in the 16th arrondissement and Place de la République, as well as in other locations that will be revealed at the last moment.

<Police will no doubt be uncertain of how seriously to take these locations after the surprise protest at Montmartre on December 22nd during Act VI of the demonstrations. A protest was originally planned for Versailles before the location was changed at the last minute.

<And perhaps more worryingly for the government is that some of the online groups have called for an "end to pacifism" and a "hardening" of the movement.

<On Thursday, France en Colere (Angry France) – one of the "yellow vest" social media groups led by Drouet – issued an angry open letter to French President Emmanuel Macron in response to the French leader's New Year's Eve address in which Macron acknowledged the "anger" among anti-government protesters but warned that hateful speech and actions would not be tolerated.

- https://www.thelocal.fr/20190104/act-viii-what-to-expect-from-the-yellow-vest-protests-this-saturday

1488 gas the skypes internet war now

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/Eco General/

ITT: discuss issues pertaining to the environment, ecology, nature.

Introductory Ecofascism/Deep Ecology reading list:

(In no particular order)

Ecology, Community and Lifestyle by Arne Naess

Man Swarm by Dave Foreman

Impeachment of Man by Savitri Devi

Technological Slavery by T. J. Kaczynski

Deep Ecology for the 21st Century Assorted Essays

Anti-Tech Revolution by T. J. Kaczynski

Can Life Prevail by Pentti Linkola

The Question Concerning Technology by Martin Heidegger

Man Swarm by Dave Foreman and Laura Carroll

Ecology, Community and Lifestyle by Arne Naess

Ecofascism by Janet Biehl and Peter Staudenmaier

New Nobility of Blood and Soil by Richard Walther Darré

Deep Ecology vs Shallow Ecology:

The “Deep” approach to ecology is holistic,

focusing on questioning fundamental values and analyzing root causes of environmental issues. Deep Ecology aims to completely re-design entire Systems, for the purpose of preserving the ecological and cultural diversity of nature.

The “Shallow” approach to ecology is rooted in materialist thought, often stops before the level of fundamental change, and regularly promotes technological fixes that are derivative

of the consumption / production orientated values and methods of industrial economy.


Much of modern ecological thought, as everyone should know, is derived directly from National Socialism. It is our duty as nation