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>Texas police academy instructor is letting protesters know that any gun owner in Texas can use deadly force to stop vandalism, destruction, or the defacing of any monuments or statues in Texas.


http:// archive.is/jibOn

http:// archive.is/jibOn

http:// archive.is/jibOn

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'We won't talk troop numbers': Trump vows 'clear definition of victory' in Afghanistan


Published time: 22 Aug, 2017 01:04

Edited time: 22 Aug, 2017 03:06

>President Donald Trump will loosen the rules of engagement for US troops in Afghanistan, but did not specify any changes in numbers of troops during his national address on the war at the Army's Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall, next to Arlington National Cemetery.

>"Our troops will fight to win," Trump said, and he insisted victory in Afghanistan would be clearly defined.

>"Finally," the president said, "my administration will ensure that you, the brave defenders of the American people, will have the necessary tools and rules of engagement to make this strategy work."

>"But we will no longer use American military might to construct democracies in far away lands, or try to rebuild other countries in our own image – those days are now over," Trump said. "Instead, we will work with allies and partners to protect our shared interests. We are not asking others to change their way of life, but to pursue common goals that allow our children to live better lives. This Principled Realism will guide our decisions moving forward."

>Trump was widely expected to heed the advice of his senior advisors Monday evening and announce an increase of the number of US troops in Afghanistan, which currently stands around 8,400.

>About 2,400 Americans have died in the war, the longest in the US’ history.

>Trump began his remarks addressing the recent violent political divisions, most vividly seen in Charlottesville, Virginia, last week.

>"When one part of America hurts, we all hurt," Trump said, adding, "Loyalty to our nation demands loyalty to one another."

>Trump added that US troops fighting wars abroad "deserve to return to a country that is not at war with itself at home."

>Trump acknowledged that his "instincts" told him to pull out troops from Afghanistan.

>As a presidential candidate, Trump expressed frustration with former President Barack Obama’s policies in Afghanistan. Trump had tweeted to "get out" as recently as November 2013 and as early as August 2011.

>"Historically, I like following my instincts," Trump said. He concluded differently, however.

>"A hasty withdrawal," Trump said, would create a "vacuum" for terrorists.

>Trump lamented the 20 terrorist groups operating in Afghanistan and Pakistan, the "highest concentration in any region, anywhere in the world," he said.

>"Pakistan often gives safe haven to agents of chaos," he said, noting that there is nuclear-powered tensions between Pakistan and its neighbor India.

>Trump called terrorists "nothing but thugs and criminals and, that's right, losers."

>"We will not talk about numbers of troops," Trump said.

>"Conditions on the ground," not public timetables, will determine the US' strategy, he said.

>"I will not say when we are going to attack, but attack we will," he added.

>"We are not nation building again. We are killing terrorists," he said.

>Defense Secretary James Mattis released a statement saying that he had "directed the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff to make preparations to carry out the president’s strategy."

>"I will be in consultation with the Secretary General of NATO and our allies—several of which have also committed to increasing their troop numbers. Together, we will assist the Afghan Security forces to destroy the terrorist hub," Mattis said.

>However, Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid dismissed Trump's remarks on Afghanistan, saying they were "old" and "unclear," the Associated Press reported.

>He went on to state that the Taliban will come out with a more detailed response in the future.

>Last week the Taliban released a 1,600-word open letter to the president warning him against a troop surge. They also said that they are not ready for peace talks until the US and NATO give a timeline for troop withdrawal.

>inb4 zogbot

>inb4 4d chess




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Free Speech Rally Boston

This is the actual Free Speech Rally inside the little pagoda the MSM has only shown from the distance. This is what thousands of MSM zombies came to protest against. A poo in the loo preaching about free speech and the fake media, to a bunch of people with different ideologies.

Actual Jewtube link for full video:


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50 U.S. Code § 842 - Proscription of Communist Party, its successors, and subsidiary organizations

Spread this like wildfire across social media

>The Communist Party of the United States, or any successors of such party regardless of the assumed name, whose object or purpose is to overthrow the Government of the United States, or the government of any State, Territory, District, or possession thereof, or the government of any political subdivision therein by force and violence, are not entitled to any of the rights, privileges, and immunities attendant upon legal bodies created under the jurisdiction of the laws of the United States or any political subdivision thereof; and whatever rights, privileges, and immunities which have heretofore been granted to said party or any subsidiary organization by reason of the laws of the United States or any political subdivision thereof, are terminated: Provided, however, That nothing in this section shall be construed as amending the Internal Security Act of 1950, as amended [50 U.S.C. 781 et seq.]

(Aug. 24, 1954, ch. 886, § 3, 68 Stat. 776.)


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The Huffington Post cover now

You got something to say to this?

You got something to say to this?

You got something to say to this?

You got something to say to this?

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/pol/ Investigations Thread

+ Pizzagate

+ Seth Rich

+ Clintons and other (((elites)))

It's all connected, so post it here.

Last Pizzagate thread:



Last Seth Rich thread:



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Any meta issues posted on /pol/ will be locked and redirected to >>>/polmeta/

Current Rules for /pol/:

1. Follow the Global Rule.

2. No spamming. Doing so will result in a ban.

3. Duplicate threads will be deleted. Check the Catalog.

4. Non-politics related threads are frowned upon and will result in ban and deletion. Bans will be up to the Board Owner or Board Volunteer's discretion.

If you don't get what /pol/ is about, lurk more. That includes newfags.

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Take Back The Future

Spotted this on Voat, very high quality cartoon about getting physically fit and redpilled.

Rare to see material like this in this age where most cartoons are completely degenerate.

Not sure who made it but it deserves more views.


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The Search for Sneaky Pete

This hipster commie with a blonde man bun was seen sneaking up on a guy and hitting him with some sort of jagged pipe weapon at Charlottesville, then running away.

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(((ESPN))) demands whites kneel for the National Anthem

(((Max Kellerman))) is outraged that none of the whites in the NFL do not feel morally outraged enough to kneel. Even worse, they are not in solidarity with the outraged black players.


>He has pointed out on Tucker that "Max" is not short for anything, and that he does not have a middle name. Kellerman is active in Jewish cultural activities and, according to The Forward and the Yiddish Book Center, speaks Yiddish.

Oi Veh, we whites need to kneel to show solidarity and need to feel white guilt.

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Bannon Attacks Trump'sAfghanistan Speech

Bannon isn't happy. He called him a "flip-flopper" and likened him to Obama. If we were wondering whether or not he'd attack Trump, I guess we do now.

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Former Chink Lawyer Admits Overseas Training Motivated Him to Overthrow China's System

Jiang Tianyong, who was charged for inciting State subversion, said on Tuesday in court that his overseas training in Western constitutionalism had sparked ideas in him to overthrow China's socialist system.

Jiang, 46, stood trial on Tuesday at the People's Intermediate Court of Changsha, Central China's Hunan Province.

Jiang admitted to have gone overseas for workshops five times over the years.

"The workshops were mainly about Western constitutional system. They had an impact on me, helping develop ideas of overthrowing China's [socialist] system and implementing the Western system in China. All these have motivated me to attack the Chinese government and its judicial organs," Jiang said in court.

Jiang said his comments on Twitter and Sina Weibo had misled the Chinese netizens and incited discontent.

In a written confession released in court, Jiang wrote that "I wish to convey to the public my dissatisfaction toward the Communist Party of China, the government, the police and the judicial system, to influence them and incite discontent … in order to achieve the goal of change the current system and overthrow the Party."

The prosecutors displayed evidence of Jiang attending a workshop in the University of Washington in 2009. He had also admitted to receiving trainings in Hong Kong.

Jiang said he regretted his behavior and actions

Jiang became a lawyer in Beijing in 2004 but was barred from practicing law by the Beijing Justice Bureau in 2009.

According to the indictment, Jiang had posted over 33,000 tweets on Twitter and Sina Weibo since 2009, of which 214 had directly attacked Chinese government or incited subversion. He had been interviewed by overseas media 148 times and in more than 70 interviews, Jiang had attacked the government.

Jiang admitted to have fabricated the story that another 709 lawyer Xie Yang was tortured during detention.

Chink lawyer Jiang Tianyong pleads guilty to State subversion, asks for leniency


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"voluntary" interview

Supposedly, the uk police called this fellow in for a "voluntary" interview. He had the presence of mind to record it.


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> Nine percent of Americans said holding neo-Nazi or white supremacist views is acceptable, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll released Monday.

Nine Percent. 9%.

> A majority of Americans, 83 percent, said holding neo-Nazi views is unacceptable, the poll found.

Dipshit majority.

> Thirty-nine percent said they believe the "alt-right" holds white supremacist of neo-Nazi views, whereas 21 percent believe they do not. Thirty-nine percent had no opinion.

Your shoehorn.

>The same poll found that a majority of Americans, 56 percent, disapproves of Trump’s reaction to the attack in Charlottesville.

An even smaller number.

<The survey was conducted from Aug. 16-20, polling 1,014 adults across the country over cell phones and landlines. It has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.5 percentage points.

Looks like there is a growing number of people who not only accept the views, but are able to be pushed in that direction.

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More websites being taken down

As most of you know the Fag Anglin's Thai Fuck Shack was taken down after the events of Charlottesville. I noticed they weren't the only ones. Sites that have been around since the 90s are being taken down that sell music and merchandise. For instance Micetrap has been around the internet since 1996, and it wasn't just until a couple days ago it is coming down. The same goes with Resistance records. (the site doesn't work anymore)

>pic related is the statement from one of the sites owners.

note: I'm not a white supremacist, but the take down of websites that have been around for 20 years and statues that have been around a 100 years over this one event is scary. Freedom is losing

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>SAA advancing towards As Sukhnah from the South

>Tiger forces advancing on a broad front from the North capturing oil fields

>Assad carving pockets out of FSA fuckers in the south

In other news

>Trump ending CIA covert program to arm and train moderate Syrian rebels


>jews kvetching over US / Russia ceasefire deal

>Iran will build a naval base in Syria near Russians - jews anal annihilated


>Kurds foolishly rushing to establish a (((state))) in the Lion's domain

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Jefferson Davis Highway Renaming Survey

Alright faggots time for a good old fashioned survey raid. Rev up those bots and private browsing windows.

Alexandria, Virginia is renaming Jefferson Davis highway and want YOUR input!

Top choice:

Adolf Hitler Autobahn


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Americans, what does it feel like to live in a country and culture which is built up by a bunch of European traitors who betray their ancestors, their people and their countries to bring themselves into safety?

Your "ancestors" are literally on the same level of Syrian refugees.

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White people are beginning to wake up

Even Scientists are telling us that white people are becoming more racially aware. This probably has to do with the Eclipse and the total paradigm shift that is occurring worldwide. People are starting to wake the fuck up, and the Jews have nowhere else to go.



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The War in Afghanistan is Just Deal Making. Don't Listen to the Shills.

Congress/Senate have been purposefully obstructing Trump and Trump is making a deal with them. He gives them the war they want and in turn they support his America First agenda. From now on we're going to have promises kept one after another, instead of obstruction and delay. Like it or not the Swamp is very much in control and if Trump wants to get anything done he has to make deals with them.

Take a look at pic related. The swamp monsters are happy with what they got now it's Trump's turn to ask for something in return. The Art of the Deal.

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Does anyone else really miss when we we're actually doing and discovering things?

Ever since HWNDU and the bike lock investigation I feel like our activity has dropped off the fucking map in terms of us doing fun and exciting shit. I'm starting to think that 2016 was the height of anon culture. I mean were waging a major propaganda war to get the most powerful man on Earth elected while battling the fucking CIA to protect Assange. That combined with discovering Kek really made 2016 feel utterly magical.

I can sense that we're stagnating after the election and I fucking hate it.

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HAPPENING GET YOUR VIOLENCE ON IN PHOENIX - Big protests expected as Trump plans Phoenix rally

Large protests could greet President Donald Trump on Tuesday when he travels to Arizona for his first campaign rally since he caused an uproar with his remarks about a white nationalist demonstration in Virginia.

Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton, a Democrat, asked the Republican president to postpone Tuesday's event scheduled for 7 p.m. MST (0200 GMT on Wednesday) in light of his response to the street battles that broke out earlier this month at a protest against the removal of a Confederate statue in Charlottesville.

Trump was widely criticized for blaming both white nationalists and counter-protesters for the violence at the rally organized by neo-Nazis and white supremacists.

"America is hurting. And it is hurting largely because Trump has doused racial tensions with gasoline," Stanton wrote in the Washington Post. "With his planned visit to Phoenix on Tuesday, I fear the president may be looking to light a match."

Several anti-Trump demonstrations are planned for Phoenix, according to social media postings by local activists.

Some White House officials privately expressed concern on Monday about Trump's Phoenix rally, fearing he might revisit the Charlottesville issue in the heat of the moment while cheered on by thousands of supporters.

Trump has railed against the media coverage of his remarks, saying on Twitter that news outlets "totally misrepresent what I say about hate, bigotry."

It will be Trump's first trip as president to Arizona, which he won in the 2016 election. He will also visit a border protection facility in Yuma, Arizona, along the U.S.-Mexican border as he seeks congressional funding for the wall he wants built..

Republican Governor Doug Ducey told the Arizona Republic on Monday that he would welcome Trump on the tarmac when he arrived but would not attend the campaign rally. Instead, he said he would be focused on ensuring the safety of the event.

Trump has clashed with Arizona's two Republican U.S. senators, John McCain and Jeff Flake, on various issues. Both lawmakers are critics of the president.

http://news.trust.org/item/20170822100445-tcba4/ ←—– When you see words like TRUST, it's a kike doublespeak, do not trust them at all.

Phoenix on High Alert for Trump Rally

Political leaders and law enforcement officials in Arizona are on high alert ahead of President Trump’s campaign rally Tuesday night in Phoenix.

The big question is whether there will be more supporters of Trump inside the Phoenix Convention Center, which holds 29,000, or protestors outside.

Trump’s response to the violence at a white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Va., has become the biggest controversy to date of his presidency.

The Phoenix rally, as a result, has become an opportunity for Trump’s opponents to show their force.

Some GOP leaders, such as Gov. Doug Ducey, are steering clear of the rally entirely.

Trump is moving ahead with the event despite a plea from Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton, a Democrat, that he stay away.

Stanton said in a statement that he is “disappointed” that Trump would hold a campaign rally while the nation “is still healing from the tragic events in Charlottesville.

Phoenix Police Chief Jeri Williams said in a statement that her force will have “maximum staffing during the visit.”

The department is “working 24/7 with our partners to ensure all of our resources are in place,” Williams said.

Stanton said the city is committed to keeping everyone inside and outside the arena safe.

“The Phoenix police is always professional and the FBI and Department of Homeland Security have been great about coordinating with local law enforcement,” former Arizona GOP chairman Robert Graham told The Hill.

Charlottesville isn’t the only reason to think the Phoenix rally could be combustible.

The president has mused publicly about pardoning controversial former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, an early Trump supporter who was found guilty of racially profiling Latinos. Arpaio, who was prosecuted and convicted of racial profiling by former President Obama’s Justice Department, is a well-known and controversial figure in Phoenix.

Democrats are warning that a public pardon at a campaign rally would stoke racial tensions at a time when the nation is on edge.

Stanton said a pardon would “enflame emotions and further divide our nation,” while Rep. Ruben Gallego (D-Ariz.) said Arpaio “shouldn’t be let off the hook for his crimes” just so Trump can win “some bonus points with his most racist supporters.”


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CVille Chimpout Thread 2


CVille on suicide watch


Link has already been embedded

R: 227 / I: 80 / P: 2 [R] [G] [-]


Questions that Don't Deserve Their Own Thread.

Hotpocket Edit: OP is a giant cocksucking faggot who doesn't know the difference between bumplock and bump limit.

Question: Archive.is is being a cunt and is refusing to archive https://libyaagainstsuperpowermedia.org/2014/04/09/eyes-for-peace-the-nato-bombing-killed-2-of-the-population-in-libya-may-17-2012/

Anyone got an alternative?

R: 726 / I: 181 / P: 2 [R] [G] [-]


The President is addressing us all tonight lads, get comfy and get ready. Making the thread early so we have time to prepare for the eclipse as well.

R: 332 / I: 104 / P: 2 [R] [G] [-]

I have an inside contact in NPI

Just checked into my hotel. Settling down now.

Part 1 on 4chan.

AMA, will answer within reason.

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Funny MSM/SJW mental breakdown complications

>According to MSMNBC globalist and cuck are now racial slurs

/pol/ How soon until the Mainstream media start trying to make SJW the new nigger?

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Fat Acceptance Out of Control

Being a fatass is now fashionable and fit - Charlotte Professor


>A professor at the University of North Carolina in Charlotte recently penned an academic paper that argues that obesity should be “fashionable and fit.”

>University of North Carolina – Charlotte professor Jennifer B. Webb penned a journal article this month entitled “Fat is fashionable and fit: A comparative content analysis of Fatspiration and Health at Every Size Instagram images,” which analyzes Instagram photos under two fat acceptance hashtags for the trends they reveal about individuals focusing on radical body acceptance.

Note the keywords of 'Acceptance' and 'Diversity'

Women's 'Studies' - Losing Weight 'Dangerous'


>A project headed by Bradley University’s Women’s Studies program warns that losing weight could be “dangerous.”

>“There are two commonly held assumptions about fat,” the Bradley University site claims. “One is that it is unhealthy to be heavy. The other is that if they tried, heavy people could lose weight.” The site also contains an entire section on “fatism,” or the supposed discrimination against overweight individuals.

>The site is a project of Bradley’s Women’s Studies department and is designed to combat discrimination against overweight individuals in the United States.

>“Today in the U.S., millions of people who are larger than average will encounter significant discrimination, suffer unfair treatment and humiliation, and be denied equal opportunities in all areas of life,” the site claims. “Weight discrimination, sometimes called ‘fatism’, is a serious problem with devastating consequences both for the individuals who are discriminated against and for society as a whole.”

Note the keyword 'Discrimination'


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UK police question white male for internet posts critical of Islam


A "right wing extremist" who describes himself as right-of-center, is brought in for questioning by counter-terrorism police for posting wrongthink on Faceberg. He had the good sense of mind to record the interaction.

First question, "what is your political affiliation?".

R: 73 / I: 80 / P: 3 [R] [G] [-]

Dedicated Moonman thread? I haven't really seen much of him in awhile, what happened? Wish there was some new songs Isn't there a mega with all of his best songs?

R: 64 / I: 35 / P: 3 [R] [G] [-]

Anon Makes the Grades: Our Guy on Aussie News

Same-sex marriage advocates say anti-LGBTI poster in Melbourne inaccurate, distressing

>Same-sex marriage advocates say a confronting poster in Melbourne shows how hurtful and "mean spirited" the debate is becoming ahead of a national postal vote on the issue.

>The anti-LGBTI poster, seen in Heffernan Lane, says "Stop the fags" with an image of two hands holding rainbow coloured belts and a child sitting with its head down.

>The poster includes statistics credited to Donald Paul Sullins, a priest at Catholic University of America whose research has been widely discredited.

>The sign, which has been shared widely on Twitter, includes claims: "92 per cent of children raised by gay parents are abused. 51 per cent have depression. 72 per cent are obese."

>Victorian Human Rights commissioner Kristen Hilton said the poster was deeply offensive and inaccurate.

>"It looks like [this type of message] is set to continue and I think that's a really disturbing trend," she said.

>"I think that people need to call that out and condemn this type of material.

>"Yes, people are entitled to have different views, but in a debate like this it's really important to convey those views respectfully."

Read more pro-fag agenda here:



Although the thread is now gone, last week, aussieanon from the back of burke requested for poster material, and it seems he has delivered. God bless you mate.

All aussie anons should check their postal vote registration, and if they haven't done so yet, they're encouraged to do so immediately.

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The SPLC's little shitlist

So, has /pol/ listened to anything edgy and controversial today?

Here's a list of music you shouldn't be listening to, according to the SPLC.

I actually had the pleasure of going through some of these bands for a couple days and can thus far tell which are worth your time and which ones to avoid.

The Good


>Ad Hominem


>Grand Belial's Key

>Moloth [frequently stylized as M8L8TH or M8Л8TХ in Cyrillic]

>Spear of Longinus



>Kolovrat [or Кoлoвpaт in Cyrillic]


>Der Stürmer

Hard Rock/Punk:

>Brutal Attack

>Chauves Pourris


>Ian Stuart

>Max Resist

>No Remorse

>Razors Edge



>Ultima Thule

The Bad







>Severe Storm

Hard Rock/Punk:

>Final War

>Baker's Dozen


>Ken McLellan

>Legion of St. George

>Legittima Offesa

Anything that went unmentioned means I haven't lent my ears to their music yet.

R: 19 / I: 10 / P: 3 [R] [G] [-]

New Ben Garrison on Bannon's Departure from the White House

This edit is obviously too kosher to be a Zyklon Ben original. Does anyone have the real masterpiece?

R: 220 / I: 209 / P: 3 [R] [G] [-]

Europe's Right-Wing Youth Activists are Striking Back Against Multi-Culturalism

Europe has seen a lurch to the right, with anti-establishment movements spreading throughout the continent.

Formerly associated with fringe members of society, the far-right has become an increasingly mainstream political movement. Europe's new generation of right-wingers are socially astute, and know how to make their message heard. "We see ourselves as the voice for a forgotten generation"


R: 335 / I: 98 / P: 3 [R] [G] [-]

Full list of antifa members.

Fire with fire. Semper fidelis.

pastebin /m8kgdbVR

pastebin /m8kgdbVR

pastebin /m8kgdbVR

R: 266 / I: 91 / P: 3 [R] [G] [-]

Take the ZOGPill

Where were you when the ZOGPill finally forced its way into your throat?


Take the ZOGPill

There really is no politician that's going to save you.

The only solution is the solution of

Gas The Kikes Race War Now

Imagine being the miserable cuck who's poor and joins the military and dies sixteen years later? Imagine being that miserable cucks parents who lost their son for ZOG?

R: 80 / I: 8 / P: 3 [R] [G] [-]

Navy chief halts Pacific fleet operations at the urging of China, orders review after warship collisions


The Navy will launch a review of recent accidents following the collision of the USS John S. McCain and an oil tanker in the Pacific Ocean, making it the second U.S. warship to be involved in such an incident this summer.

Adm. John Richardson, the chief of naval operations, will call for a temporary halt in operations for the Pacific-based 7th Fleet, the forces that operate around Japan.

“He has put together a broader inquiry to look into these incidents and to determine any of the causal factors to determine what’s going on,” Defense Secretary James Mattis told reporters while traveling in Amman, Jordan.

Richardson will announce the review in a video message on Monday, calling for an “operational pause” to take “a deeper look into how we train and certify forces operating in and around Japan,” The Washington Examiner reported.

The investigative team will include officers and enlisted personnel as well as outside experts from the private sector. Their review will “be on a tight timeline,” the Navy told the Examiner.

The McCain, a guided-missile destroyer, collided with an oil tanker in the Strait of Malacca before dawn on Monday. Ten U.S. sailors are missing and five are injured with non-life threatening injuries.

The Navy has begun search-and-rescue operations to recover the missing sailors.

In June, another guided-missile destroyer, the USS Fitzgerald, collided with a container ship off the coast of Japan. Seven U.S. sailors were killed in that collision and three senior U.S. Navy officers were removed from command pending discipline.

And in May, the cruiser USS Lake Champlain was struck by a South Korean fishing boat.

All three ships were assigned to the U.S. 7th Fleet.

Mattis said on Monday that Richardson’s review is a broader investigation to “look at all related accidents, incidents at sea,” rather than just the latest incident.

“We obviously have a [separate] investigation underway that will determine what happened,” Mattis said.

R: 18 / I: 4 / P: 3 [R] [G] [-]


World War 3 does not begin with conventional warfare, instead with cyber warfare.

US Military aircraft and navy ships are crashing left and right suddenly.

>The Pentagon won’t yet say how the USS John S. McCain was rammed by an oil tanker near Singapore [Aug 21], but red flags are flying as the Navy’s decades-old reliance on electronic guidance systems increasing looks like another target of cyberattack.


>WannaCry ransomware attack 'linked to North Korea'

Source: https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2017/jun/16/wannacry-ransomware-attack-linked-north-korea-lazarus-group

P.S. USA-SK war games on the border of NK have begun. Last year in retaliation NK did their largest nuke test.

>Amid an ever-tightening spiral of threat and counter-threat, North Korea warned America to prepare for an outright attack in retaliation for joint military drills between the USA and South Korea.

This thread's for anyone who claimed the Eclipse (Aug 21st) would be a non-happening.

Think it's a coincidence the following news came out on the 21st Aug?

>North Korea shipments to Syria chemical arms agency intercepted: U.N. report



Link together the pieces /pol/

>U.S. Army halts use of Chinese-made drones over cyber concerns


R: 88 / I: 40 / P: 3 [R] [G] [-]

/leftypol/ just got cucked out of their gets by /pone/



R: 386 / I: 155 / P: 3 [R] [G] [-]

Brit/pol/ #0016 - "The Tower" edition


As the previous thread is now on its way to being filled to its maximum capacity, the time is upon us to move to our most glorious & portentious sextus-decimus thread.

Welcome Brothers!

The governing arcana for this thread is the XVI card - The Tower. Tower is a card about war, a war between the structures of lies and the lightning flash of truth. This is a card about anything we believe to be true, but later learn is false. This realization usually comes as a shock, hence, the violent image it portrays. Perhaps the most feared card of the Major Arcana, whether reversed or upright, the Tower is a card that signifies violent change.

This threads governing astral body is Mars, the domain of Ares and all manner of war. Fitting as the cold war with the establishment we are embroiled in seems to heat up a little more every day.

Despite the previous insurgency of a certain binspamming faggot, the fraters of the lodge of the B.O.N.D are continuing their Great Works unimpeded, via construction, learning and esoteric practice. As conflagrations looms upon the horizon, we ready ourselves for the coming turmoil and upheaval that the Prophecy has foretold. Knowledge is power and knowledge is what we seek lads. The B.O.N.D's library of knowledge is increasing by the day, whether mundane or deeply esoteric. Our order shall preserve this knowledge and guard it for it is a treasure in itself. We shall cast our bones, sharpen our knives and hone our sigils, steadfast and resolute in the face of what is to come.

As always the topical newslinks are presented for the readers perusal and delectation:

>London hosts literal sodom and gomorrah tier parade of degeneracy


>James Hewitt's bastard son to wed princess mystery meat


>King's College London considers opening a European campus in Dresden


>Monument to Thatcher getting built despite lefty butthurt


>Cornish terror group who torched (((Rick Steins))) restaraunt claims it has a would-be suicide bomber in its ranks


>UK-US trade deal to happen quickly, says Trump despite obongo insisting we'd be "back of the queue…"


Thats it for now druids, remember to observe the portents, tolerate no tomfoolery and suffer not the xenos or traitor.



R: 21 / I: 21 / P: 3 [R] [G] [-]

The best kept secret of the Jews.

The best kept secret of the Jews is that within their religious system there operated a Lodge System known as the Marzea which was essentialy the religion within a religion, the Lodge involved 13 individuals of high status the head of which was generally a King/M'lk.

They have never written anything themselves regarding these activities but Strabo described this Semitic tradition thus;

>They – the Nabataeans – prepare common meals together in groups of thirteen persons; and they have two girl-singers for each banquet. The king holds many drinking bouts in magnificent style, but no one drinks more than eleven cupfuls, each time using a different golden cup. The king is so democratic that, in addition to serving himself, he sometimes even serves the rest himself in turn’

In every major Semitic City there was a Lodge and the practise dates back at least 4,000 years to the time of the City of Ebla which is seen as Proto-Hebraic culture, the tradition was particularly strong in Phoenicia were it likely first developed relating to the Cult of Resaph or Cronus.

>Eblaite texts from the third millennium BCE refer to the day of marzea and a text mentions the superintendent of the mar-za-u This word is mentioned frequently in the Ugaritic sources, including a reference to ‘house of the men of the mar-ze-i

The numerology involved lends itself to Cosmology involving the Constellations and also of course the formulation of the Tribes of Israel, were there were nominally 12 but the Tribe of Joseph was subdivided into his sons Ephraim and Manessah and thus actually 13 and were of course the same numerology relates to the Last Supper as a Marzea, in this sense then the Heads of the tribes of Israel would have constituted their highest Marzea.

The Marzea was essentially a 3 or 7 day drinking bout involving all forms of degeneracy to achieve a fallen state, the literal translation of marzea, to achieve union with the spirits of the underworld and to facilitate their rising, this also involving sacrifices being made

>The marzea feast also appears in later, non Biblical texts and inscriptions. For example, texts from Palmyra that date to the Hellenistic period make reference to a marzea feast held “at the houses of celebrated hetairai and served by beautiful girls as waitresses and musicians; the affair, understandably, often ended in sacrifices to Aphrodite Pandemos.

> Interestingly enough, Rabbinic texts refer to the sacrifices offered to Peor as marzehim and also relate the idolatrous worship at Peor with the mayumas festivals that were “observed along the Mediterranean, especially in port cities like Alexandria, Gaza, Ashkelon and Antioch, with such licentiousness that Roman rulers felt constrained to ban them.”

R: 62 / I: 15 / P: 3 [R] [G] [-]

This might get you killed

source: https://youtu.be/4bCV3IPKakE?t=402

If you look here, you'll see that a future catlady plays punch-a-nazi. He takes the bait and gets attacked by a mob.

Everything was tense but ok until the catlady institavistockd the violence.

There's a bunch of lessons here - but if you'll be attending events, studying this even carefully might help you to avoid big problems.

Also, I can see why the nazis took a hard anticom line. It isn't reasonable to have a civilization where you have to fear catladies starting shit and getting decent people killed due to mob violence. Because catladies will always do shit like this.

R: 657 / I: 195 / P: 3 [R] [G] [-]

Reclaiming the Hippie Movement!

Six months of planning and several years of infiltration has brought us to this strange but inevitable day. Now, we take back the outcasts of the white race! The hippie movement was formed by young white men and women in the 1960s who wished nothing but to be free of the ZOG which controlled the cities. By the mid60s they had abandoned Sanfrancisco to the yuppies, addicts, and niggers and went off innawoods to form their own societies to follow through with the 14words, whether they admitted and understood the calling or not. What many of us now see as "The Hippie" is a far cry from what the movement once was, a degenerate parody of what the movement stood for, and those that remain are as full of hatred and contempt for this as they were full of love for their volk in their youth.

>What did the hippie movement stand for initially?

Personal freedom and individual responsibility.

Self sustaining volkish communities.

A rejection of the city and ZOG, by whatever name's they knew it. (((The Man)))

A rejection of wars in foreign lands. No blood for the kikes!

Spiritual freedom from the doctrines of the kikes.

And above all else, family, a thing many of them never had due to the destruction of their parents due to the ravages of the war against the Reich, and the import of niggers to their homes.

>What is the point of this?

There still exists ONE TRIBE that spreads across all white lands. One Family which has survived the onslaught of the (((Yippies))) kike controlled Youth International Party, the (((media's))) tactics of comercialization and degeneration, and the deaths of their leaders and oldfags. The Rainbow Family! Although they've seen better days, they still exist and are still active. They provide temporary homes for their nomadic Volk and meet deep in the forests, as far from the degeneracy of the cities as they can.

They tap springs. They run kitchens. They provide for one another without question or expectation, and they take in every outcast who has lost their way. They do so without any official hierarchy beyond he mythical elder The oldfags and many do so without any form of official ID or recognition from the state as to their existence. They are in danger though. The oldfags are dieing out and few have the skill and motivation to take their place, and here we are, ready to do just that.

>What now?

For the past six months many /pol/acks have been preparing. We have assembled for a great operation to revive the movement and assemble the lost volk of the Rainbow Family to prepare them for the new age. Where before the family turned backwards to the happy days of Krishna, now we direct them ever forwards through the end of this Kali Yuga, with Kek and his digits to guide us through the turning pages of time, and to the vicious days od the Kalki, the man who is to come, in which all filth and degeneracy shall be PURGED from these lands!

I call you my brothers, anons of the new volk, the /pol/ack to join us at the gatherings of the Rainbow Family! We shall answer their prayers with great redpills! We shall remove the corruption of the kike! We will bring back these outcast into the Volk and rally the most unlikely of legions to our cause! We will secure the existence of ournpeople and a future for white children! By the law of Polarity, the children of love will learn to hate!


R: 117 / I: 13 / P: 3 [R] [G] [-]

Jewish Science

I was looking into the Copenhagen interpretation, after Robert Anton Wilson had mention that it was the underline for most of his scientific understandings. Now, I realise that RAW is a marxist cuck, he admits that marxism is one of his 'four models for seeing the world' multiple times, and has worked closely with CIA plant Timothy Leary to promote the (((psychedelic enlightenment))).

(((Neils Bohr))) was the son of a Danish jewess, and their family was 'rescued' from the ebil natzees. Bohr, with Werner Heisenberg, created the Copenhagen interpretation.

(((Heisenberg))) was entitled (by Deutsche Physik) a 'White Jew' for his virulent promotion of jewish scientists and their theories, in opposition to German traditions of physics. In 1939, shortly after the (((discovery))) of nuclear fission, the German nuclear weapon project, also known as the Uranverein (Uranium Club), had begun. Heisenberg was one of the principal scientists leading research and development in the project.

This ties in with the whole science mafia the jews were running in Germany, that were behind the fraud Einstein who is now today celebrated as the smartest man to ever live. I find it hardly cohencidental that these two ideologues of what we today call 'Quantum Physics' are still being propaga.ted as gentiles who were persecuted by ebil nazees, considering that this jewish science mafia hides within a contemporary European identity and employs good goys and mischlings to do their bidding.

Any Physics anons here? Red pill me on Natsoc physics, Deutsche Physik and their condemnation of (((theoretical physicists))) and (((general relativists))). Also, I know this ties in with a lot of deeper subject so please throw me down the rabbit hole of jew-science and jew-worldview if you are able.

R: 323 / I: 120 / P: 4 [R] [G] [-]

Save the Alamo

Oh this is some fresh horseshit. This hadn't been brought to my attention before but the Bush dynasty strikes again.


"Consequent to the plan’s passage, Texas General Land Office Commissioner George P. Bush, whose office is now in charge of running the Alamo, brought in a number of out-of-state planners to design the project. What they came up with was something very different from what its backers originally envisioned. Much to their dismay, the originators of this effort were astounded to learn that the new focus of the Alamo would no longer be the 1836 battle for which it is world famous. In the words of Bush’s Master Planner George Skarmeas, “We cannot single out one moment in time.” Instead the Alamo would be transformed into a multi-cultural hodgepodge of world history"

This is bullshit not even libs can tolerate. Texbros, we once again must make a stand at the Alamo.

R: 43 / I: 23 / P: 4 [R] [G] [-]

Post-War Soviet Propaganda

So I've heard that the Holocaust death camps were all in Poland after the war, and that no Western sources were allowed in to observe until years or decades later due to Soviet control of the region.

Anyone here have some information to back up that claim?

R: 7 / I: 1 / P: 4 [R] [G] [-]

Project Antifa Database

Hello, I saw the Antifa list from 8chan last week, and while it fell a little flat, something dawned on me:

>Antifa have dozens of official Twitter pages

>Downloading all followers, then connecting the various groups is as simple as linking the handles within a bunch of excel files

>I downloaded the Followers of 35 legit and also MASSIVE Antifa groups

>Now have the names of probably 50% of Antifa

>Here is the dropbox with all the excel spreadsheets detailing separatist groups spanning all over the US, UK, and elsewhere…


R: 159 / I: 32 / P: 4 [R] [G] [-]

NASA's incredible plan to save humanity from Yellowstone supervolcano: 'Risky' plan to COOL magma by pumping in water (but it could trigger an eruption instead of preventing one)

A NASA scientist has spoken out about the true threat of supervolcanoes and the risky methods that could be used to prevent a devastating eruption.

Brian Wilcox, a former member of the NASA Advisory Council on Planetary Defense, shared a report on the natural hazard that hadn't been seen outside of the agency until now.

He spoke of the true devastation that could come from an eruption, and the 'risky' methods that the agency is considering for preventing one - including approaches that could potentially go array and set off a supervolcano accidentally.

One such plan would involve drilling into the bottom of the Yellowstone volcano, using high pressure water to release heat from the magma chamber.

'I was a member of the NASA Advisory Council on Planetary Defense which studied ways for NASA to defend the planet from asteroids and comets,' Brian Wilcox, now at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) at the California Institute of Technology, told BBC.

'I came to the conclusion during that study that the supervolcano threat is substantially greater than the asteroid or comet threat.'

Earth has around 20 known supervolcanoes, which are simply unusually large volcanoes that have the potential to produce an eruption with major effects on the global climate and ecosystem.

A supervolcanic eruption could be a single short-term event or a long-term massive lava flow lasting up to millions of years.

Major eruptions occur every 100,000 years, with the last major known one being in New Zealand 26,500 years ago.

Such an eruption today could cause a prolonged nuclear winter and global starvation - the United Nations estimated that food reserves worldwide would only enable humans to survive for 74 days.

NASA is weighing methods to prevent a supervolcanic eruption, but the proposed tactics would be difficult to convince politicians of and are extremely risky - some could even wind up accidentally triggering the eruption they are trying to prevent.

One of the most dangerous supervolcanoes is beneath Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming, where pressure is building in an enormous magma chamber, causing hotspots.


R: 248 / I: 42 / P: 4 [R] [G] [-]

Something in the weed?

This liberal lunacy must be caused by something. The way the scream and chant and cry and attack you viciously. There's no doubt that these people are crazy.

Now here's why i think its the weed. Some long years ago i used to smoke weed. I only did it for like a year. And during that time i remember well i was becoming rebellious. Hell one time i tried to held a cop accountable for something some other cop did and became viral in the news. The cop put me in my place no doubt seeing as how i was still a kid. I went the whole nine yards Bob marley wannabe nigger faggot type.

However i quit one day and never fucked with it again for reasons.

Yet my sister still does that shit on occasion and she's become a liberal idiot. Yet my eldest who never fucked with the shit. She's a bit of a drone type but right now she's a centralist and doesn't go ape shit like my other sis.

So i can theorize that had i continued going down that road I'd no doubt be a raging lunatic junky today..

Why? Anyone who's ever smoked that shit here knows full well that the shit you buy in the streets is laced with some quimical. Way back then i could smell and taste it. And seeing how things always evolve from small quantities to huge amounts. Ive no doubt that weed is being bathed in whatever the compound is.

Just think of the blue states where medicinal weed is allowed. Medicinal weed that is first handled by whatever (((corporation))) is behind them.

Think about It.

Every lefty i have known.. EVERY SINGLE ONE. Is a stoner or smokes occasionally. Every. Single. One.

And this is obvious because modern liberals tend to adopt certain fashion sense from the rest of the degenerates.

However when you look at most in the right side. The great majority don't fuck with weed. Yet those that do have admitted that they have a hidden bed growing their own shit.

Also the few black people whom also don't fuck with the drug also tend to be on the right.

There's a reason all these blue states are trying or have already passed legal status of the drug.

Sorry for the long read. Is anyone here a chemist of sorts? How hard would it be to extract and analyze whatever is being sprayed on the drug?

R: 58 / I: 44 / P: 4 [R] [G] [-]

Fans want Missy Elliott statue to replace Confederate monument

Stop The Pain.



>Missy Elliott is the queen of "flip it and reverse it."

>A petition to have a statue of the rapper/singer replace a Confederate monument had almost reached its goal of 25,000 signatures on Monday.

>Nathan Coflin is a resident of Elliott's hometown of Portsmouth, Virginia, and started the Change.org petition to replace the Confederate monument in Olde Towne Portsmouth near the intersection of Court and High streets with one of Elliott, whom he calls "a true Portsmouth native hero."

>"Who better to encapsulate the culture and spirit of the city enshrined in a new monument than Grammy Award-winning rapper, dancer, and record producer Missy 'Misdemeanor' Elliott," the petition asks.

>"Before she was 'Missy Misdemeanor' she was Melissa Arnette Elliott, born on July 1, 1971 in Portsmouth, Virginia," the petition continues. "Hailing from humble beginnings as the only child of a power company dispatcher and a welder at Portsmouth's lauded naval shipyard, she rose to become a platinum recording artist with over 30 million albums sold. All this without even once owning a slave."

>The petition is a moment of levity in what has been an otherwise contentious battle over symbols of the confederacy since a recent white supremacist rally held in Charlottesville, Virginia.

>The rally was sparked by the call to preserve a monument of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee. Violence broke out and Heather Heyer, 32, was killed when a man attending the rally plowed a car into a group of counter protesters at the demonstration.

>"I wanna show we can honor the positivity that's happening today in Portsmouth and I think no one better suits that than Missy Elliott," he told the publication. "People are taking it seriously – whether the Portsmouth City Council will take it seriously is another matter."

I'm at a complete and total loss. These people are fucking lunatics, bent on replacing historical monuments with pop culture symbols to bolster their microcelebrity egos while deluding themselves into thinking that it's somehow for the greater good.

God fucking damnit.

R: 462 / I: 192 / P: 4 [R] [G] [-]

Deutsch/pol/ Nr.191 - Schloss Moritzburg Edition


Top German MEP on Brexit: ‘For Christ’s Sake, Give Them the Best Trade Deal Possible’

>Eurocrats accused of plotting to “make a mess” of the Brexit negotiations in order to punish the UK may soon be brought to heel by the bloc’s powerful member-states, with a leading German MEP emphasising the importance of British trade to the European economy.


SPD struggle to downplay lost regional majority

>Amid poor national poll numbers, the Social Democrats now have to face losing power in their stronghold of Lower Saxony. It's a potentially damaging distraction in the SPD's bid to unseat Chancellor Angela Merkel.


Der Spiegel removes 'antisemitic' book from bestseller list

>Finis Germania by Rolf Peter Sieferle has been withdrawn from influential list over ‘right-wing extremist’ content


Germans Say ‘Climate Change’ Is Biggest Personal Fear… Ahead of Terror, Mass Migration

>“Climate change” is the major concern of more than 70 per cent of Germans, according to a new study, which found that less than half of those polled ranked mass migration as a cause for anxiety.


Anti-Semitic Tweets Painted Outside Twitter’s HQ by Jewish Comedian

>An Israeli-born Jewish comedian in Germany daubed anti-Semitic tweets on the street outside Twitter’s headquarters in Hamburg to draw attention to the social media giant’s inaction in tackling online hate.

https://archive.is/l2OCY + https://archive.is/24TGF + https://youtu.be/jzMTBINlLFU

German Prosecutors: Ex-Auschwitz Guard, 96, Fit for Prison

>A 96-year-old former Auschwitz death camp guard who was convicted as an accessory to murder is fit to go to prison, German prosecutors said Wednesday. His lawyer said he will contest their decision.


Nation’s Leading Broadsheet: ‘Culture of Tolerance’ Is Destroying Germany

>Writing after the latest deadly knife attack by an Islamist migrant who, it has been revealed, was known to authorities, veteran journalist Dirk Schümer has said Germany’s ‘culture of tolerance’ leaves the nation defenceless against those who would do it harm.


German military spending gets political

>Will Germany soon dramatically increase its military expenditure? The Christian Democrats support the plan, the Social Democrats think it is absurd. The fight over defense spending has become a campaign issue.


War of Words: As EU Takes Poland to Court, Nation Considers Demanding WWII Reparations From Germany

> A lawmaker says Poland is looking into demanding reparations from Germany for the massive losses inflicted on Poland during World War II.


Chinese tourists arrested for making Hitler salutes outside Reichstag

>Berlin police detain two men after they photographed each other striking Nazi-era poses outside German parliament


Italy impounds NGO rescue ship and sends navy patrol boat to Libya

>Moves part of attempt to close off migrant and refugee route to Europe and come as figures show fall in numbers arriving in Italy


R: 140 / I: 39 / P: 4 [R] [G] [-]

USS John McCain (DDG 56) just fucking collided with a merchant ship east of Singapore. Initial reports indicate John S. McCain sustained damage to her port side aft. Nothing else reported yet.


R: 41 / I: 13 / P: 4 [R] [G] [-]

Naming the Jew - the New York Times edition

You may have seen the CNN and NBC Version. Here is the NYTimes. OY VEY. WHERE TO BEGIN.

1. Top Leadership. The following leading roles are held by Jews:

>Chairman & Vice Chairman

>Publisher & Deputy Publisher

>Managing Editor & Deputy Managing Editor

>President/CEO (spouse) & Chief Operating Officer

>*At least* 7 out of 13 Board members are Jewish, and *at least* 7 out of 14 Executive Committee members are Jewish.

2. Editor-in-chief of sub-publications. The Editor-in-chief of the following NYT sub-publications are Jewish:

>NYT Editorial Page, NYT Global Edition, NYT Magazine, NYT Style Magazine, NYT Live Journal, and NYT Biz Day. It appears that the only sub-publication left is the NYT Book Review, whose last editor-in-chief was Jewish (and whose current editor-in-chief may be Jewish, but it’s unclear)

3. Bureau Chiefs. The Bureau Chiefs for the following offices are Jewish:

>Washington DC, Los Angeles, London, Paris, Rome, Berlin, Central & Eastern Europe (Warsaw), Jerusalem, South Asia, and Australia. In other words, the capital of most of the largest Western countries: the USA, the UK, France, Italy, Germany, Poland, and Australia.

4. Chief Correspondents. The following “Chief” correspondents are Jewish:

>Chief National, Chief International, Chief Political, Chief Domestic Affairs, Chief Diplomatic, Chief European Business Correspondents, Chief Mergers & Acquisitions, Chief White House, and Chief Military Correspondent. Only one of the NYT’s current “Chief” Correspondent positions was held by a non-Jew – the Chief Washington Correspondent.

R: 47 / I: 23 / P: 4 [R] [G] [-]

Jewish Subversion of the Animal Rights/Welfare Movement

Everyone on /pol/ knows that the National Socialists outlawed vivisection, everyone knows that Adolf Hitler , Savitri Devi, and many other important Pro-White figures were vegetarians. So why is it that the modern day Vegan is so often an anti-white cuck, so often an intersectional feminist, or a Black Lives Matter supporter? Well, I'm here to illuminate some of that for you.

Regardless of what you think of animals, and meat consumption, the average white reacts with revulsion to animal cruelty, one could even say that the average human does. Being anti anti-vivisectionists is a bad look. Jews realized this, they also realized they weren't going to give up their kosher meat production and profits, that they weren't going to give up their ritual slaughter of cows and chickens for religious reasons, so they did what they always did, they infiltrated and subverted all Animal Welfare or Animal Liberation groups, and pointed them away from Jewish animal abuse, and towards the goyim.

I'm going to start this thread off with an article I found in an old A.L.F. magazine from the 1990s called Underground. It's rare, and I'm certain no one here has read it before, even if you don't care about veganism, the rhetoric this kike uses can be found in all political movements that these parasites infiltrate.

R: 91 / I: 31 / P: 4 [R] [G] [-]

Alex Jones calls out "Jewish actors" at protests

Says they dress up as KKK members to false flag and try to make real nationalists look bad, but under the hood they're like "the cast of Seinfeld".

R: 72 / I: 22 / P: 4 [R] [G] [-]

The Babylonian Talmud (The Complete Soncino Version) (9947 Pages)


R: 254 / I: 112 / P: 4 [R] [G] [-]


Just popularize the term.

They'll be just as fucked by the Commie Antifags as the Alt-Right is by Nazis.

Turn collectivism against the collectivists.


R: 46 / I: 15 / P: 4 [R] [G] [-]

Trump Took The Blame Off of Saudi Arabia for 9/11 During the Speech Tonight

February 17, 2016

>Twice in a single day, Trump accused Saudi Arabia of being behind the 9/11 attacks. “Who blew up the World Trade Center?” Trump asked his on Fox and Friends. “It wasn’t the Iraqis, it was Saudi — take a look at Saudi Arabia, open the documents.”

Fast Forward>>>

August 21, 2017

>"Second, the consequences of a rapid exit are both predictable and unacceptable. 9/11, the worst terrorist attack in our history, was planned and directed from Afghanistan because that country was ruled by a government that gave comfort and shelter to terrorists."

R: 3 / I: 0 / P: 4 [R] [G] [-]

8chan is recruiting?

Hey goys, I was browsing through cuckchan and saw this thread. See pic from 4chan


Looks like some anon from 8chan is recruiting newfags….

R: 232 / I: 32 / P: 5 [R] [G] [-]

The coming 5G horror

The 5G cellular spectrum rollout is happening NOW. The FCC has declared that they aren't going to wait for the science to provide even indications of health effects of this new spectrum, but instead we will be guinea pigs so we can download our porn faster. Even the 2.6Ghz spectrum used for 802.11b has demonstrable effects on the ability for children to concentrate, but higher frequencies have been shown to effect microcellular activity, the immune system (everyone finally has AIDS), arrhythmia in rats and frogs, hotspots in eyes and skin (sweat pores act like antennas for these frequencies), breakdown of the blood-brain barrier, adverse effects on cellular growth in both mammals and plants, and ecological effects such as disorienting birds.

You'll soon see small antennas installed on EVERY telephone pole with mast-to-mast communications happening at 27-40Ghz and beyond. 5G frequencies to devices will be in the 3.5-4.2Ghz range. These antennas can focus electromagnetic energy as well in order to improve signal, but this also requires constant tracking and perhaps could be used to fry your ass. Also, this will allow for smaller 3mm-sized antennas to be embedded in everything from your toothbrush to your glasses to every article of clothing.

Verizon has already announced partial rollouts for later THIS YEAR so the only option you have to avoid this shit for now is to move to the sticks. It's a $7 trillion industry and we're not going to right that ship until the tumors are well underway. The effects of the roll out I predict will be both near and long term with the near term effects on AIDS-ridden confused, neurotic city slickers only getting worse and longer term increases of rates of cancer, bacterial & viral born disease, weird skin conditions, & aging going through the roof 30 years from now.

All the US-based studies on cellular radiation I've seen thus far are pretty shit. They show a small correlation with brain cancer, but they also only study lower 2G/3G frequencies which are mostly 800-1200Khz and have no relevance to millimeter-sized wavelengths.


R: 126 / I: 37 / P: 5 [R] [G] [-]

462 Counties Have More Registered Voters Than Living Adults



>some 3.5 million more people are registered to vote in the U.S. than are alive among America's adult citizens

>Murdock counted Judicial Watch's state-by-state tally and found that 462 U.S. counties had a registration rate exceeding 100% of all eligible voters. That's 3.552 million people, who Murdock calls "ghost voters." And how many people is that? There are 21 states that don't have that many people.

>California, for instance, has 11 counties with more registered voters than actual voters. Perhaps not surprisingly — it is deep-Blue State California, after all — 10 of those counties voted heavily for Hillary Clinton.

It appears we have smoking gun evidencr of voter fraud in key locations now. This sort of data shows there is a strong effort to cover up the blatant fraud, which the media refuses to report.

The leftist push against voter registration or requiring of ID is obviously an effort to continue swinging key locations blue. This does have a silver lining. It shows that the right and Trump supporters outnumber the left by an incredibly large number, such that even blatant rigging cannot stop.

I know all of this is well known by this community, but I can't think of a more clear cut example in recent memory. Good for redpilling and converting.

R: 33 / I: 12 / P: 5 [R] [G] [-]

Knowledge Nuke

Watch Thread Knowledge Nuke Anonymous (ID: Uk8rP/mM) 9 minutes ago No.138489324


This is a lot of information all condensed: So to understand politics especially Cville and the fallout you need to understand what has been put in motion. A Soros / Deep State / Alt Jewish (anti-West Jews) Alliance Purple Color revolution has been planned for over a decade regardless of Trump. The Orange Color revolution in Ukraine was easy. America not so much without preparation. In America all groups on either side can be seen as Color teams fighting together in two alliances. Think ancient armies dressing/identifying with the same color or sports teams to a degree. There has been a secret plot to bolster Alt Jewish Alt Left Color teams and create new ones while taking out any Right wing Color teams of strength. This is primarily done through false flags/LARPers. Dylan Roof and James Field/C'ville are obvious examples - they wanted to take the Confederate Flag out of action permanently and demonize an entire faction in the coming Color revolution (Confederate/south). There are photos of Dylann Roof with photoshopped in flags of rhodesia on his jacket. There is a photo of the real driver of C'ville and he looks like a Jarhead PMC type, not like James Fields. A Police Monitoring helicopter was brought down the same day. James Fields is a willing/forced patsy just like Dylann Roof. It looks like Heather Hayes died of cardiac arrest (who did this to her / why were there CIA (Gilmore) in crowd recording then speaking to the media demonizing 'Nazis'/racists by name immediately) This was to take the Far right/NatSoc faction flag/Color group out of the right wing coalition while also imposing 1984 censorship that shuts down Right wing media institutions and to demonize Trump. Plants/LARPers were used at C'ville and it was planned as a trap, Spencer, Cantwell, Kessler are LARPer Color turn-off artists/ sabotage-artists. It's a staged production to the world media to take the teeth out of Far right/NatSoc/White nationalism.

R: 19 / I: 3 / P: 5 [R] [G] [-]

Trump Administration Moves to Expand Deportation Dragnet to Jails



>The Trump administration is working with like-minded sheriffs from around the country on a plan to channel undocumented immigrants from local jails into federal detention, according to several sheriffs involved in the discussions. If it succeeds, it could vastly expand the dragnet that has already begun to transform immigration enforcement in the United States.

>The plan is intended to circumvent court decisions that have thus far limited the role of local law enforcement in immigration. It involves a legal move regarding detainers, which are requests by Immigration and Customs Enforcement to local sheriffs or police departments to hold people who are suspected of being in the country illegally, even after they have posted bail, finished their jail sentence or otherwise resolved their criminal cases.

>A handful of sanctuary cities refuse to honor detainers on ideological grounds, but a larger number of sheriffs who otherwise support the Trump administration have also turned down detainers because courts have found that they violate the Fourth Amendment.

>The legal move, in which sheriffs would essentially serve as contractors for ICE, is intended to protect sheriffs from such court battles, which have sometimes resulted in costly payouts. Some legal advocates for immigrants, though, expressed doubt that courts would view it as being different from current practices.

>An ICE spokeswoman said that the plan was still under review, and that a final decision had not been made.

>The tactic would be a major step toward marrying local and federal law enforcement, a centerpiece of Mr. Trump’s plan to thwart illegal immigration and one that immigrant advocates have scrambled to block at every opportunity. If enough sheriffs participated, the approach could lead to many more immigration arrests, which have already risen more than 40 percent since last year.

>Since Mr. Trump was inaugurated, ICE has issued roughly 11,000 detainers a month, a 78 percent increase over the previous year. The agency declined to make data available on the number of detainers that are currently declined by sheriffs and other local departments. Even under President Barack Obama, detainers created friction between ICE and sheriff’s departments because hundreds of them have policies against honoring the requests.

>But the Trump administration’s promises to deport more undocumented immigrants, particularly those with criminal records, have resonated with many sheriffs across the country, and the plan may serve cut through unlikely tension between the two groups. Mr. Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions have sparred repeatedly with jurisdictions that do not honor detainers, even where local officials support an immigration crackdown.

>Sheriff Richard Stanek of Hennepin County, Minn., a Republican, found his jurisdiction included in ICE’s periodically distributed list of places that do not honor detainers, alongside well-known sanctuary cities like Los Angeles and Chicago. The administration discontinued publishing the list after he and other sheriffs complained, but the sheriffs say the sting has been lasting.

>“We raised holy hell,” Sheriff Stanek said. “We said: ‘We’re your allies. Why are you shooting at us?’”

R: 12 / I: 1 / P: 5 [R] [G] [-]

Naz Shah MP likes and RTs blatantly antiwhite racist tweet

Here's the video proof since twitter sucks with archives:


R: 2 / I: 0 / P: 5 [R] [G] [-]

Trump going back on foreign policy promise.

I've been noticing that threads criticizing Trump for his Afghanistan invasion are getting bumplocked and posts criticizing him get deleted left and right, i don't know if it's just one mod or if the whole staff is on it, but someone is frantically deleting and banning everyone who dares to voice dissatisfaction about Trump breaking promise. Pic related shows what the mods are up to lately, i picked this up in the 'Deal Making' thread. I sincerely think that a mod has gone rogue and would like the staff to address this problem. You can forget about /polmeta/ too because that's just a trick to redirect complaints to a dead board.

This thread is about Trump going back on his elections promises, more specifically his latest decision to invade Afghanistan, which goes directly against his foreign policy promise. Mods are not allowed here because we want to have a discussion without rampant deleting of posts. Let's see how long this stays up.

R: 140 / I: 73 / P: 5 [R] [G] [-]


Filling in pic related.

"The Jew is immunized against all dangers: one may call him a scoundrel, parasite, swindler, profiteer, it all runs off him like water off a raincoat. But call him a Jew and you will be astonished at how he recoils, how injured he is, how he suddenly shrinks back: “I’ve been found out.” – JG

R: 344 / I: 97 / P: 5 [R] [G] [-]

I was one of the 20 or so at Boston

Dual posting here and half-chan



>Show up at 11

>A few thousand counter-protesters, but the band-stand is fenced off and guarded by a hundred cops

>Antifa guards the tavistocks, but the cops occasionally let someone through.

>Nazis were turned away at the tavistocks

>At noon, Cops zip-tie the tavistocks shut. Late arrivals like myself are stuck out with the press

>Any Trump-hatter that shows up gets hit by Antifa

>I get a hold of a few of them for interviews despite this.

>AntiFa shows back up, separates me out from the Trump-hatters

>Video above starts around then

>They get violent. Cops "arrest" me, throw me over the fence and take me over to the rest of the free speechers.

>Police get three drunk-tanks for us. Lock us in and drive through antifa over the course of an hour while we have no AC and they're throwing shit at the vans.

>Dump us out in Southie and tell us to GTFO

Most people I talked to today were pretty calm cool and sane. But hearing lines like "You're either with us or against us" and "The time for talk is over" before getting assaulted is pretty nerve-wrecking.

R: 25 / I: 1 / P: 5 [R] [G] [-]

Chicago Uber driver, 44, 'locked 19-year-old female passenger in his car and demanded sex in lieu of fare'

Muhammad Fahim, 44, has been arrested on charges of unlawful restrain after police say he locked a teenage passenger in his car and demanded she pay him for the ride with sex

An Uber driver from Chicago has been arrested on charges of unlawful restrain after police say he locked a teenage passenger in his car and demanded she pay him for the ride with sex.

Muhammad Fahim, 44, was ordered held on $100,000 bail on Saturday in connection to the July 4 incident.

Fahim was pulled over by police for a traffic violation while driving along North Dearborn Street last Thursday evening.

When responding officers ran his name through their system, they discovered the incident report involving Fahim’s female passenger and charged him with three counts of unlawful restraint.

According to the report, first cited by the Chicago Tribune, on July 4, the 19-year-old woman requested an Uber through the ride-sharing app, but her request somehow got deleted, so the passenger offered to pay Fahim in cash.

The driver, instead, demanded that the passenger have sex with him, according to prosecutors.



R: 52 / I: 27 / P: 5 [R] [G] [-]

I've been noticing this type of thing in Portugal and Spain and in news regarding both our countries.

Basically in the Media or in normie sites like Reddit, there is a general idea to make Portugal and Spain essentially non-white. Now there are memes about it, and even some truth to it in deep South of Spain and Portugal. But it seems more and more deliberate as each passing day.

First one is from a """Portuguese""" writer from Lisbon. Second is from Leddit.

They're essentially passing North Africans as natives from here. This is not good news, nor truth. Maybe they think it will stick more because of the Reconquista and all ?

I've seen this done to Italians as well recently. As a Northern Portuguese, this bothers me a lot.

R: 135 / I: 46 / P: 5 [R] [G] [-]

(((The New Yorker))): Is America Headed for a New Kind of Civil War?

"the US faces a 60% chance of civil war over the next 10-15 years"

>The day after the brawling and racist brutality and deaths in Virginia, Governor Terry McAuliffe asked, “How did we get to this place?” The more relevant question after Charlottesville—and other deadly episodes in Ferguson, Charleston, Dallas, Saint Paul, Baltimore, Baton Rouge, and Alexandria—is where the United States is headed. How fragile is the Union, our republic, and a country that has long been considered the world’s most stable democracy? The dangers are now bigger than the collective episodes of violence. “The radical right was more successful in entering the political mainstream last year than in half a century,” the Southern Poverty Law Center reported in February. The organization documents more than nine hundred active (and growing) hate groups in the United States.

>America’s stability is increasingly an undercurrent in political discourse. Earlier this year, I began a conversation with Keith Mines about America’s turmoil. Mines has spent his career—in the U.S. Army Special Forces, the United Nations, and now the State Department—navigating civil wars in other countries, including Afghanistan, Colombia, El Salvador, Iraq, Somalia, and Sudan. He returned to Washington after sixteen years to find conditions that he had seen nurture conflict abroad now visible at home. It haunts him. In March, Mines was one of several national-security experts whom Foreign Policy asked to evaluate the risks of a second civil war—with percentages. Mines concluded that the United States faces a sixty-per-cent chance of civil war over the next ten to fifteen years. Other experts’ predictions ranged from five per cent to ninety-five per cent. The sobering consensus was thirty-five per cent. And that was five months before Charlottesville.

>“We keep saying, ‘It can’t happen here,’ but then, holy smokes, it can,” Mines told me after we talked, on Sunday, about Charlottesville. The pattern of civil strife has evolved worldwide over the past sixty years. Today, few civil wars involve pitched battles from trenches along neat geographic front lines. Many are low-intensity conflicts with episodic violence in constantly moving locales. Mines’s definition of a civil war is large-scale violence that includes a rejection of traditional political authority and requires the National Guard to deal with it. On Saturday, McAuliffe put the National Guard on alert and declared a state of emergency.

>Based on his experience in civil wars on three continents, Mines cited five conditions that support his prediction: entrenched national polarization, with no obvious meeting place for resolution; increasingly divisive press coverage and information flows; weakened institutions, notably Congress and the judiciary; a sellout or abandonment of responsibility by political leadership; and the legitimization of violence as the “in” way to either conduct discourse or solve disputes.

President Trump “modeled violence as a way to advance politically and validated bullying during and after the campaign,” Mines wrote in Foreign Policy. “Judging from recent events the left is now fully on board with this,” he continued, citing anarchists in anti-globalization riots as one of several flashpoints. “It is like 1859, everyone is mad about something and everyone has a gun.”

>To test Mines’s conjecture, I reached out to five prominent Civil War historians this weekend. “When you look at the map of red and blue states and overlap on top of it the map of the Civil War—and who was allied with who in the Civil War—not much has changed,” Judith Giesberg, the editor of the Journal of the Civil War Era and a historian at Villanova University, told me. “We never agreed on the outcome of the Civil War and the direction the country should go in. The postwar amendments were highly contentious—especially the Fourteenth Amendment, which provides equal protection under the law—and they still are today. What does it mean to deliver voting rights to people of color? We still don’t know.” She added, “Does that make us vulnerable to a repeat of the past? I don’t see a repeat of those specific circumstances. But that doesn’t mean we are not entering something similar in the way of a culture war. We are vulnerable to racism, tribalism, and conflicting visions of the way forward for our nation.”



R: 84 / I: 27 / P: 5 [R] [G] [-]

The Canadian Nationalist Party 2019

It came to my attention that a fairly new political party, (the Canadian Nationalist Party), is forming under the leadership of a fellow /pol/ack named Travis Patron. It supposedly will be fully registered with Elections Canada, and be on the ballot very soon for 2019.

I think we leafs ought to seize this opportunity to support the party early on, especially in the face of the (((National Advancement Party of Canada))) drawing in significantly more support.

website and party statements:


>A vote of non-confidence in our current Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, resulting in impeachment of duty.

>A reformation of family court laws.

<In 1971, 97% of Canada’s population was of European ethnicity. In 2017, that number now stands at a diminished 64%. Therefore, we demand this demographic change, an agenda put forth by Pierre Trudeau and accelerated by Justin Trudeau, be discontinued.

>The immediate abolishment of all laws designed to limit the freedom of expression and the constructive criticism of religion.

>The abolishment of our first-past-the-post electoral system.

>An internal review of the publicly-owned Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC).

>The abolishment of minimum wage and a fair working price be determined exclusively by the labourer and employer.

>The discontinuation of personal income taxation and the introduction of a nation-wide harmonized sales tax (HST).

>An abolishment of the Indian Act.

>An abolishment of the federal carbon tax.

>A repeal of the employment equity act.

>An amendment of our Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, removing its stance of multiculturalism.

>The right to private property, and the right to defend that property, be reinstated immediately.

<A substantial increase in tax credits for child bearing families.

>A return to sound money – under the lawful dominion of the Canadian people and not subject to excess inflation or foreign ownership.

>A withdrawal from all trans-national legal agreements which undermine the sovereign independence of Canada.

>The reestablishment of our national borders with enforcement patrol services, resulting in the deportation of illegal border-crossings.

>Our citizenship requirements be returned to founding criteria, resulting in the immediate deportation of citizenship-holding convicted terrorists.

>The formation of a national citizen militia specifically for the purposes of self-defense.

>The mutiny of current authority by all police enforcement/military personnel and subsequent support for this program.

>In order to carry out this program, we demand the creation of a strong central authority in the State with the unconditional authority of parliament on the grounds they be willing to execute this program.

Their facebook page:


thoughts /pol/?

R: 367 / I: 130 / P: 5 [R] [G] [-]

Nord/pol/ #52: Nordens folk vaknar











R: 7 / I: 1 / P: 5 [R] [G] [-]

>by the 8! oy gevalt the rampant nord supremacy!

>The thalmor didn't do anything wrong, it's those peebrained redguards behind the empire and their evil-doings, think about it

>the white-gold concordat was the greatest thing to happen to europe and really you should hand over all the realms to the poor thalmor victims of the war of the red ring

>Talos is an anti-semite, now worship Anui-El nord scum

>we are the chosen people of the Aedra

R: 195 / I: 60 / P: 5 [R] [G] [-]

Man Stabbed for "Nazi Haircut"


>This Colorado man is avowedly not a neo-Nazi.

>But he believes his long-on-top, buzzed-on-the-sides haircut got him mistaken for one — and nearly stabbed to death by a confused anti-fascist.

>Joshua Witt, 26, escaped his brush with hairdo-doom with a defensive slice to the hand and three stitches.

“Apparently, my haircut is considered a neo-Nazi statement,” he told The Post Saturday, as his account on Facebook garnered 20,000 shares.

>Witt says he’d just pulled in to the parking lot of the Steak ’n Shake in Sheridan, Colo., and was opening his car door.

>“All I hear is, ‘Are you one of them neo-Nazis?’ as this dude is swinging a knife up over my car door at me,” he said.

>“I threw my hands up and once the knife kind of hit, I dived back into my car and shut the door and watched him run off west, behind my car.

>“The dude was actually aiming for my head,” he added.

>"I was more in shock because I was just getting a milkshake.”

>Witt says he has no tattoos or regalia that would finger him for a fascist. His pals are messaging him on Facebook with the only rationale they can come up with: “They say it’s my haircut.”

>He’s thinking of changing his look, he says.

Didn't see a thread on this surprisingly. The left is so out of their fucking minds and the criteria is so low to be a "nazi" that you will get stabbed over a trendy haircut. This is redpill material if I've ever seen it.

R: 244 / I: 113 / P: 6 [R] [G] [-]

Holy Shit! Daily Mail Calls Out (((Ivanka))) For Getting Rid of Bannon

>Donald Trump’s controversial aide Steve Bannon was ‘pushed out’ by his daughter Ivanka and her husband because his far-Right views clashed with their Jewish faith, according to Washington sources.

>The couple’s Rabbi Emeritus Haskel Lookstein wrote a letter condemning ‘this resurgence of bigotry and anti-Semitism and the renewed vigour of the neo-Nazis, KKK and alt-Right’ in a letter posted on the Facebook site of the synagogue the pair attend.

>Bannon’s ousting was ‘done to save the Presidency’, a source close to Ivanka claimed. ‘Him leaving changes everything.’

R: 410 / I: 109 / P: 6 [R] [G] [-]

I want to make Rick Sanchez a Redpilled race realist, climate change denying, depressed scientist.

Mainly to irritate normies and to attempt to purge socjus from the show by tainting it

anyone want to help

I made this so far.

R: 62 / I: 54 / P: 6 [R] [G] [-]

New Religion

The Solar Eclipse of the century begins the start of a new religion. To Undo Mindrape. Remind the public of how they would be thinking if they weren't Mindraped. Of everything they lost. Mindrape is any perversion of mass-perception of the actual Truth which changes the course of history.

The sun is the ultimate archetype of purity of blinding Truth and illumination but with the last few months of events the public has become almost terminally Mindraped to the point it will be hard to wake them up. They are so far from truth the archetype of their knowledge has become essentially the moon eclipsing the Sun - barren desolate dark all encompassing. The Mindrape of the West has become 99% complete it's as though the Mindrape embedded so far over 100 years is the distance stretching between the Sun and Moon and the tiny sliver of distance between Moon and Earth is the only distance we have left in which to reverse it. The Eclipse marks a turning point where the Mindrape has become so severe that it starts to be pushed back. The Symbol of the Eclipse is of the point humanity started to reverse all encompassing Mindrape destroying us all and everything of value and Mindrape will be ultimately uncovered and undone.

R: 274 / I: 157 / P: 6 [R] [G] [-]

What are you waiting for? MEME IT. THE BLACK SUN APPROACHES

The great american eclipse is happening soon!



Do it

Just do it

Don't let your dreams be dreams

Yesterday you said tomorrow

So just do it

Make your dreams come true

Just do it

Some people dream of success

While you're gonna wake up and work hard at it

Nothing is impossible

You should get to the point

Where anyone else would quit

And you're not going to stop there

No, what are you waiting for?

Do it

Just do it

Yes you can

Just do it

If you're tired of starting over

Stop giving up









R: 98 / I: 34 / P: 6 [R] [G] [-]

Terminating the Terminator.

You've seen this?


Your heros are 'losers' and are in 'hell' now. He also gave money to Simon the Weasel like a good goy.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

SSN: 545-96-3745

DOB: 07/30/1947

Phone Number: 310-396-5917

Address: 3110 Main St, STE 300


Previous Addresses:

14205 W Sunset Blvd Pacific Palisades, CA 90272

14209 W Sunset Blvd Pacific Palisades, CA 90272

321 Hampton Dr Venice, CA 90291

101 Navy St Venice, CA 90291

501 Santa Monica Bl # 6TH Santa Monica, CA 90401

1850 Wazee St Denver, CO 80202

3110 Main St # 3RD Santa Monica, CA 90405

14203 W Sunset Blvd Pacific Palisades, CA 90272

3110 Main Third St # 300 Santa Monica, CA 90405

591 Redwood Hwy Ste 4000 Mill Valley, CA 94941

12989 Chalon Rd Los Angeles, CA 90049

14215 W Sunset Blvd Pacific Palisades, CA 90272

420 San Marco Dr Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301

R: 25 / I: 7 / P: 6 [R] [G] [-]

Leftist infighting

Does anyone else amuse themselves with leftist infighting on leddit?

As we know commies hate (or pretend to) liberals/socdems. But as you can tell r/socialism and r/communism and r/fullcommunism are obsessed with typical SJW identity politics.

This is something 'real' commies hate, so they mock them for it on r/shitleftistssay and r/leftcommunism


Of course the more popular leftist subs ban everyone who mildly disagrees with them, and have a list of filtered words you can't say, so this infighting isn't really in dialogue between groups.

I find it amusing. The 'real' commies are right in the end though, antifa and berniebros are just SJW capitalists in the end, and r/fullcommunism are literal stalinists.

R: 419 / I: 261 / P: 6 [R] [G] [-]

Sarah Silverman to White Nationalists - "You Will Not Be Replaced By Jews"

Is this the jewish equivalent of "Vee are just taking you for unt shower"?

How are whites not going to be replaced by jews when they're the ones controlling the media and forcing the politicians to keep the borders open in white countries? All you have to do is look at the trajectory of demographics and you can see that in 100 years China will still be Chinese, India will still be Indian etc but white countries will not be majority white.

This is actually a really creepy mask slip from Silverman and it telegraphs her own feeling of guilt through projection. The 'sinking feeling' is what many Jews felt when they realized that America had reached Goyim Knowing levels beyond their wildest expectations. They see their "fellow white people" tricks evaporating before their eyes.

R: 96 / I: 34 / P: 6 [R] [G] [-]

Neocons officially takevoer

Back to war in Afghanistan, threats towards Pakistan. Less than a weak after Bannon leaves, Trump abandons anti war campaign promises and becomes a globalist cuck.

R: 8 / I: 4 / P: 6 [R] [G] [-]


You can see this guy have a blast trolling a dindu IRL with the "we wuz kangz" meme. It clearly brings him delight to do this.

R: 98 / I: 19 / P: 6 [R] [G] [-]

ANTIFA Terrorism Petition Reaches 100k Signs

Petition to label Antifa as terrorists hits 100k signatures required for White House response



didn't see it in the catalog

>A call on the Donald Trump administration to officially classify the Antifa movement as a terrorist organization has reached the 100,000-signature threshold for a mandatory response from the White House.

>The petition was launched on Thursday, August 17, and in just three days, by Sunday evening, topped the minimum of 100,000 signatures required to prompt a formal response from the White House.

UPDATE: Petition calling on White House to recognize Antifa as terrorists has 80k+ signatures https://t.co/bkZ20cn3fZpic.twitter.com/xizg9aPFJ9

— RT America (@RT_America) August 20, 2017

>The previous US administration had committed to respond within 30 days to any petition that gains over 100,000 signatures, and in some form, answered to over 300 of them since 'We the People' was launched in 2011. Donald Trump’s administration, however, has left almost a dozen petitions unanswered since he assumed office in February, and even considered closing the service down.

>The Antifa movement is on the rise in the wake of Charlottesville tragedy earlier this month, where a man drove his car into a crowd of counter protesters at a “Unite the Right” rally, killing one person and injuring 19 others.

>The suspect in the case, James Fields Jr. joined hundreds of white supremacists, Neo-Nazis and members of the Ku Klux Klan who descended on Charlottesville on August 12 to protest the removal of a statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee.

>The issue of white supremacy and the historic importance of Confederate monuments has been a highly contentious issue ever since, sparking a number of demonstrations and counter-rallies across the nation.

Read more

>The Antifa movement has been at the forefront in the fight against the white supremacy and neo-Nazi groups.

>However, expressing their civil position is often characterized by violence. Ever since Donald Trump won the election, Antifa supporters have repeatedly clashed with his supporters.

>And the creator of the petition has argued exactly that, accusing Antifa of “violent actions in multiple cities and their influence in the killings of multiple police officers throughout the United States.”

>He added that “terrorism is defined as the use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims,” and urged the Pentagon to be “consistent in its actions.”

>“Just as they rightfully declared ISIS a terror group, they must declare Antifa a terror group – on the grounds of principle, integrity, morality, and safety,” the the petition reads.

>Amid the mass public rift and ongoing tensions within American society, president Trump on Saturday endorsed peaceful rallies as a means to unite the nation.

Our great country has been divided for decades. Sometimes you need protest in order to heal, & we will heal, & be stronger than ever before!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) August 19, 2017

“Our great country has been divided for decades. Sometimes you need protest in order to heal, & we will heal, & be stronger than ever before!” he said on Twitter. “I want to applaud the many protesters in Boston who are speaking out against bigotry and hate. Our country will soon come together as one!”

I want to applaud the many protestors in Boston who are speaking out against bigotry and hate. Our country will soon come together as one!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) August 19, 2017

>Although it has already reached the necessary benchmark, way ahead of the 30-day expiration deadline, the petition continues to attract signatures of Americans who want the White House administration to classify the far-left Antifa political movement as a terrorist organization.

R: 730 / I: 229 / P: 6 [R] [G] [-]



The deep state now has the president isolated in the white house and will begin to encircle him

shit will begin to go down in the coming weeks

get ready for anything

R: 1 / I: 0 / P: 6 [R] [G] [-]

Jewish newspaper worries Bannon is ‘going to war’ against Ivanka Trump, Jared Kushner

>Former White House chief strategist Stephen Bannon reportedly is “going to war” against several White House targets, including Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner, according to reports.

>A report Sunday evening in Vanity Fair titled “Steve Bannon Readies His Revenge: The war on Jared Kushner is about to go nuclear,” said that Bannon’s targets in the West Wing are the “globalists,” identified as Ivanka Trump, Kushner and former Goldman Sachs president Gary Cohn, the chief economic adviser to Trump and director of the National Economic Council, as well as the “hawks,” identified as National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster and his deputy, Dina Powell.

>The magazine cited Breitbart News Editor-in-Chief Alex Marlow as saying that Bannon “wants to beat their ideas into submission. Steve has a lot of things up his sleeve.”

>Bannon had been under fire since he began working for the Trump campaign. He has been criticized for calling Breitbart News a platform for the “alt-right,” a far-right and white nationalist movement that includes anti-Semitic figures and followers. Bannon has denied he is anti-Semitic, and supporters point out that Breitbart is pro-Israel.


R: 417 / I: 993 / P: 6 [R] [G] [-]

Infographics - White Victims of Black Crime

Since the thread I was posting to is going to hit the bump limit, and because this deserves its own thread, I have started this thread to share the infographics that I have created/am creating to document the many incidents of Black on White crime.

I will be reposting the ones from the last thread, as well as adding the new ones I'm currently creating. I will be creating archives for every 125 infographics I create.

An archive of Infographics 1 - 125


An archive of Infographics 126 - 250


Some of the cases I do infographics aren't closed, so they will be updated as they progress. One of which, I'm including with this initial post.

And if you think that case is bad, just keep reading. This thread will likely make you rage.

R: 39 / I: 6 / P: 6 [R] [G] [-]

Some major redpills

Hello there you cunts, I'm here to drop some important red pills which, on the first glance, might not seem as important or knowledgeable to you, but if you ponder and understand them, you'll be sure to be redpilled further than "gas all the Jews".

>right wing activism does not work

This is often rephrased as "right can't take left's tactics". A shill or a dumbass might think this is futile defeatism, kinda like how : "hey goy, you can't do this thing that makes us win" would sound. But this narrowly means that there is one specific part of left's tactics and that is protesting. You'd see how MLKjr. protested and got everything he wants, how women protested and got everything they want, how antifa burn down the city and basically get away with it and you think to yourself - we can do it too. No dice, and to fully explain that we will introduce and explain several concepts, first being :


First used by Sam Francis to describe something minor, but finding its best example in today. Anarcho part represents the corporation with the monopoly on the just use of force (the State) not using it to protect the innocent - examples being antifa riots, BLM riots, Islamic terror attacks, Islamic rapes, etc. Tyranny part representing the State using force for the sake of unjust or disproportional punishment - examples being jailed for Tweeting, throwing bacon at Muslims, saying Holocaust didn't happen, etc. The end goal is that the State is far too weak to defend the defenseless and attack the attackers, and too strong and finding excuses for violence everywhere. This is a given thing of any bureaucracy that thinks itself as a natural state of affairs and not an organisation that takes energy to maintain - an organisation that cannot comprehend the concept of "barbarians", an autonomous and violent people not answering and not liking what the State can offer. Nice concept.

Except it's wrong. Sam Francis was a conservative, and that is one step off from being a full blown SJW. Why is it wrong? Because

R: 155 / I: 46 / P: 6 [R] [G] [-]

Da Guhd Empurha to Announce New Afghanistan War Plans on Monday

>“The president has made a decision,” the Pentagon chief told reporters on an overnight flight that arrived in Jordan on Sunday, adding, “He wants to be the one to announce it to the American people, so I’ll stand silent until then.”

>Secretary Mattis refused to explicitly tell reporters what military action the president is going to take in Afghanistan, saying, “Once [President Trump] announces what the strategy is, we can get more precise on Afghanistan troop levels, what we’re going to do with that.”

>He said President Trump wants to tell the American people about the strategy himself in the coming days.

>Asked if he is satisfied with Trump’s decision, Mattis said, “I’m very comfortable that the strategic process was sufficiently rigorous and did not go in with a preset condition in terms of what questions could be asked or what decisions would be made.”

>On August 14, Mattis indicated that the Trump administration was considering various options for Afghanistan, including increasing the American military footprint by thousands of forces, the complete withdrawal of troops, and using private contractors.


R: 85 / I: 19 / P: 7 [R] [G] [-]

Trump To Send 3,500 More Troops To Afghanistan


>Trump is expected to approve sending at least 3,500 more troops to Afghanistan, according to two sources with knowledge of the discussions, though the White House appears to be keeping a tight hold on the details of exactly what the president will say. He is expected to deepen U.S. involvement in the region and indicate a more traditional approach to foreign policy than he promised on the campaign trail.

>The move comes after the dismissal Friday of chief strategist Steve Bannon, who voiced skepticism about an increased military footprint in the region and preferred outsourcing some of the duties to private contractors. Vice President Mike Pence and national security adviser H.R. McMaster were said to have encouraged Trump to accept his commanders' proposals to send more troops, though Pence’s office said he remained neutral.

R: 6 / I: 0 / P: 7 [R] [G] [-]

Jews all over the place

Anyone else have seen this video? Some of the points in it seem like a stretch but i brings up a lot of good info

R: 281 / I: 87 / P: 7 [R] [G] [-]


Linguistic data analysis of 3 billion

Reddit comments shows the alt-

right is getting stronger



>As part of the Alt-Right Open Intelligence Initiative at the University of Amsterdam, I’ve been working to understand the language of the alt-right and what it can tell us about its members. Working with the UK Home Office’s Extremism Analysis Unit, I used Google’s BigQuery tool, which lets you trawl through massive datasets in seconds, to interrotavistock a collection of every Reddit comment ever made—all 3 billion of them.

>The taxonomy of trolls

>The 4chan shitposters. These men and boys (and they are almost exclusively male) come from 4chan, an image board in the deepest bowels of the internet. You’re most likely to see them deliberately provoking offense and outrage, often using the most extreme racist, sexist, and anti-Semitic slurs, but without necessarily fully buying into racist ideology.

>Anti-progressive gamers. Closely related to the above, these trolls were radicalized over the course of the #Gamertavistock hate movement. They really like video games, and they really hate social-justice warriors, gay people, and feminists, all of whom they’re pretty sure major movie and game studios are “pandering” to with things like all-female screenings of Wonder Woman.

>Men’s rights activists. This group consists of those who explicitly campaign for men’s rights (custody battles and workplace deaths are their favorite talking points) and also includes anti-feminists and misogynists of all stripes.

>Anti-globalists. These people like Alex Jones, Steve Bannon, Sean Hannity, and conspiracy theories—and they talk about them an awful lot.

>White supremacists. It might seem surprising, but the language of white supremacy is actually quite uncommon in The_Donald. That’s because explicit racism is banned.

>The_Donald’s identity

>Over the last year and a half, these types of trolls have formed a central identity around Trumpism and have started to coalesce. Bored teenagers and gamers are becoming indoctrinated into hard-line anti-globalism, conspiracy theories, and Islamophobia, and it’s happening right before our eyes, on a publicly accessible forum.

>Be Fuckin Afraid

>We’re witnessing the radicalization of young white men through the medium of frog memes. In order to see it, all you need to do is look at the words coming out of their mouths. The alt-right isn’t yet united, but it soon will be.

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((Blackstone)) bets the Americans of the future will be rental slaves

A big Wall Street firm is betting that America is likely to become the United States of Renters.

On Thursday, private equity behemoth Blackstone announced a major merger of its own Invitation Homes Inc. with another company, Starwood Waypoint Homes. It's the kind of news that makes most people's eyes glaze over. But after the deal is done, Invitation Homes will be America's biggest landlord of single-family homes, owning more than 82,000 houses, mostly in major cities like Chicago and Miami.

In plain speak, this means a top Wall Street company and a top real estate company think there's a lot more money to be made renting property to Americans who either can't afford to buy or don't want to become homeowners.

"This merger creates the leading single-family rental company in the United States," said Fred Tuomi, chief executive of Starwood Waypoint Homes. He called it a "win-win for both residents and stockholders."

Homeownership in the United States hit a 50-year low in 2016. It's sparked a big debate in economic and cultural circles: Is the American Dream of owning a home dying? Or is this just a temporary blip?


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Carolinas /pol/ General #1: The beginining


Get VHF/UHF Radios to coordinate meets. The first one went well, the second is tbd.

Radio nets one of the following freqs tbd.


FRS Ch14 467.7125MHz

CB tbd





Charlotte on route to double homicide rate


What's not being told? Niggers are >90% involved, over typical dindu shit like drugs.

NC Constitutional Carry Bill Sitrep


Your tax dollars at rest.

SC Constitutional Carry Bill Sitrep


In some bullshit subcommitee since APRIL

Babysitters can't bother to keep dindus doin nuffin


This is the second time he does this shit.

We thank the lucky stars to be in the Carolinas, but if we don't assemble against the jew, they will use refugee niggers from bankrupt states like IL and CT to fill our already fucked up cities with good goys. Discuss local news, find local anons to COOP against shitty politicos. Times are relatively good now, but more difficult times, a backup means of comms will be necessary in the event of false flags, chimpouts, or increased 8ch monitoring.



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When will Pol Conquer Everything?




You can visit all the boards in 1 place.



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Proof cuckchan mods are liberals

Its always been well suspected the mods of cuckchan were liberals, but never really confirmed. A day or two ago I spoke to a mod regarding why HWNDU threads were getting auto-saged. The mod, I_AM_ABIB, proceeded to act like a smug tard and kicked me. Luckily, a long time IRC member decided to reach out to me and pretty much confessed the following:

1. The mods are lean heavily to the left. That is why they are so biased towards /pol/.

2. The mods despise /pol/ and wish it was gone, hence why they refuse to listen to any complaints about the board. They believe /pol/ ruined 4chan, and most likely can't stand that Trump is president and that /pol/ is more popular than ever.

3. The mods do not listen to anything Hiro says. They are in there own world. Anything Hiro says or days gets ignored by them because the mods think they're right and everyone, including the admin is wrong.

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Webm Thread: We are the Third World of the New World Order Edition

Webm Thread: We are now the new Third World that remains non-aligned with either Globalism or the Zionist Bloc.

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The Emprah incapacitates himself



>President Trump, deciding to challenge the sun itself, stared straight into the solar eclipse Monday afternoon without protective glasses — showing the entire nation exactly what not to do.

>Despite constant warnings about potential eye damage or even blindness, Trump briefly stole an unprotected glance at the eclipse after watching it safely with First Lady Melania Trump and their son Barron outside the White House.

>An aide in the crowd below was heard shouting “Don’t look!” right as Trump looked.

>Viewers of the total solar eclipse needed to have special glasses to watch the historic event, since regular sunglasses are not strong enough to shield from its intense glare. Watching it with no protection at all was even more dangerous and raised the risk of going blind.

Any esoteric-types on /pol/ better be praying to kek that our beloved president didn't accidentally give the bucks in congress an excuse to use the 25th amendment because of blindness

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Polish government orders police to "crush protesters"

>The Polish government has ordered the police forces to crush feminist and anti-fascist groups in the run up to army day. A national holiday in Poland that the Polish government is seeking to turn into a more popular event as hundreds of thousands of nationalists calling themselves the "Polish Youth" rally in cities across Poland.

>Protesters have gathered to protest the march of nationalists, who are gathering to march in celebration of Poland's army. In response the Polish government, which is extremely friendly to nationalist forces in the country, has ordered police to "crush protesters" who pose a threat to public order and who would attempt to stop the march of Fascists in Poland.

>Polish police broke up a feminist rally and forcefully removed activists to clear the way for a march for far-right extremists.

>A live stream of the protest shows members of the All-Polish Women's Strike group and activists from Obywatele RP, which aims to defend democratic principles in Poland, taking part in a sit-in in central Warsaw, to block the far-right rally's route. Police can be heard insulting the protesters, such as one officer who was filmed calling them traitors as he hit a protester.

>Many of the women were holding up photos of Heather Heyer, the American woman killed when a car ploughed into a crowd of counter-protesters during a white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, over the weekend.

>"We want to pay homage to the outstanding generation of Poles who have regained independence for Poland and who defended it in front of the Jewish Bolshevik's barbaric invasion," the organisers said.

>The 15 August is a national holiday in Poland which celebrates the country's victory against the Russian Bolsheviks in the 1920 Polish-Soviet war.

>For many protesters the situation seems hopeless with a common thought being that "In Poland, Fascism has won".



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The Leader of Antifa Spencer Sunshine.

Attention Fellow Patriots.

The man in this picture is Spencer Sunshine. He is someone you should know. He is a high up in the Antifa Organization. He is an enemy to every right leaning conservative and libertarian. He is the one that will label anyone who isn't a leftist commie a white nationalist and islamophobe bigot. At a speech he named Patriot and Proud Boy Jovi Val as a racist. A couple weeks later Jovi was attacked at a NYC Bar after the Milo Book release party and was scared. This man winds people up to commit violence but never get his hands dirty. He also has received money from the ford foundation through a website he writes articles for. Part of his power is that he has remained anonymous. I need researchers to make him famous. The best disinfectant is sunlight.


His Writings:

The Right Hand of Occupy Wall Street: From Libertarians to Nazis, the Fact and Fiction of Right-Wing Involvement


20 on the Right in Occupy


Drawing Lines Against Racism and Fascism


“Progressive groups should come up with their own criteria for people who want to move away from Far Right politics and toward progressive political communities. Recommendations for this include: 1) requiring the person make a public statement disavowing Far Right views, and posting it in their former group’s media; 2) turning over all Far Right books, t-shirts, buttons, etc. to antifascists—especially patches or other insignia of any organizations they were members of; 3) removing all Far Right contacts on social media, and not attending events (either social, cultural, or political) hosted by these individuals or groups; 4) making a sincere statement of why their former views were problematic, with apologies made to anyone hurt by their actions. (The letter written by former White nationalist Derek Black, son of Stormfront founder Don Black, is exemplary.23) If they want to become actively involved as progressive political organizers, they should also 5) be required to go through a debrief to provide information about their former Rightist group’s structures, membership, recruiting tactics, and beliefs.

The same approach should be applied to organizations and media with a history of providing a platform for Far Right and related (antisemitic, Islamophobic, etc.) figures. They should also be able to change policy, apologize for their past, and be treated as a regular publication or platform again.”

- Spencer Sunshine

The Continuing Appeal of Racism and Fascism


“Today, the U.S. government seems to agree with my assessment.”

- Spencer Sunshine

Profiles on the Right: Three Percenters


Gunning for Office: Oregon’s Patriot Movement and the May 2016 Primary


Coordination: How the Patriot Movement Re-imagines Governmental Ties


Right Woos Left: When Patriot Movement Groups Try to Recruit Progressive Activists


Trump’s “Second Amendment People”?: The U.S. Patriot Movement Today


Populism as Core Element of Fascism


His speech where he named Jovi Val a latino trump supporter. 2 weeks later he was attacked in a NYC bar.


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Howard University responds to tweet calling for removal of "Y-T girls", one of them wearing a maga cap. Removes the girls from campus.

They are not even attempting to hide their hate anymore. Shit is fucked up, men.

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"Why Are Whites So Obsessed Over and Desired Physically?"

"The European Phenotype is so Desired that it Literally Shaped History"

First are some historical tidbits proving just how obsessed arabs are with white women

>Circassians, Syrians, and Nubians were the three primary races of females who were sold as sex slaves in the Ottoman Empire. Circassian girls were described as fair, light-skinned and were frequently enslaved by Crimean Tatars then sold to Ottomans. They were the most expensive, reaching up to 500 pounds sterling and the most popular with the Turks. Second in popularity were Syrian girls, with their dark eyes, dark hair, and light brown skin, and came largely from coastal regions in Anatolia. Their price could reach up to 30 pounds sterling. They were described as having "good figures when young". Nubian girls were the cheapest and least popular, fetching up to 20 pounds sterling.[6]

>The Byzantines as a people were considered as fine examples of physical beauty, and youthful slaves and slave-girls of Byzantine origin WERE HIGHLY VALUED… The Arab’s appreciation of the Byzantine female has a long history indeed. For the Islamic period, the earliest literary evidence we have is a hadith (saying of the Prophet). Muhammad is said to have addressed a newly converted [to Islam] Arab: “Would you like the girls of Banu al-Asfar?” Not only were Byzantine slave girls sought after for caliphal and other palaces (where some became mothers of future caliphs), but they also became the epitome of physical beauty, home economy, and refined accomplishments. The typical Byzantine maiden who captures the imagination of litterateurs and poets, had BLOND HAIR, BLUE OR GREEN EYES, a pure and healthy visage, lovely breasts, a delicate waist, and a body that is like camphor or a flood of dazzling light. (Ahmad M. H. Shboul, “Byzantium and the Arabs: The Image of the Byzantines as Mirrored in Arabic Literature,” in Arab-Byzantine Relations in Early Islamic Times, ed. Michael Bonner [Burlington: Ashtavistock Publishing, 2004], pp. 240, 248; bold and capital emphasis ours)

Hell, even muhammad himself enticed his men to conquer other tribes by promising them blonde women.

>It was narrated by Muhammad Ibn Amru, narrated by Asim, narrated by Issa, narrated by Ibn Abi Najih, narrated by Mujahid regarding Allah’s saying, "Grant me exemption and draw me not into trial," that the prophet of Allah said, "Invade Tabuk and your spoils will be THE DAUGHTERS OF AL-ASFAR AND THE WOMEN OF THE ROMANS (Byzantines)."

>Al-Jadd replied, "Grant us exemption and draw us not into trial with women." It was narrated by Al-Qasim, narrated by Al-Hussain, narrated by Hajjaj, narrated by Ibn Jurayj, narrated by Mujahid who stated that the prophet said, "Invade and you will have the spoils OF THE DAUGHTERS OF AL-ASFAR" meaning the Roman women(AL-Asfar is roughly translated as the yellow, IE blonde people) and this narration was repeated by others. (Tafsir al-Tabari, Q. 9:49; bold, capital and underline emphasis ours)


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Antifa thugs destroy Quebec City

This happened yesterday: Antifa came to Quebec City to protest the nationalist group La Meute by blockading them inside a parking garage for HOURS. Then a large number of them started attacking police AND journalists and began wrecking downtown. How much longer before these thugs are labeled terrorists?

R: 10 / I: 2 / P: 7 [R] [G] [-]

Columbus statue in Baltimore vandalized

Time to go out and destroy, deface, vandalize, statues, grave markers and memorials dedicated to Shit Skins! Start with any MLK, Malcolm X, Rosa Parks, etc, memorials and go down the list from there… two (or all), can play this game.


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Obama bin Ladin

Deep Researcher here. We need to talk about Barack Obama's background. Barack Obama's whole family was in the CIA, for decades. Obama himself worked for a CIA front, Business International. What was he doing in the CIA? Obama admits he was a bad student at Occidental, but manages a transfer to Columbia in 1980. Right at the same time Zbigniew Brzezinski gets there after leaving the Carter Administration. The same Brzezinski who managed the Mujahedeen in Afghanistan, and bragged about it. No one at Columbia remembers Obama. We have to ask: was he working on Operation Cyclone? It’s plausible…he's got dark skin, CIA background so he probably learned several languages, pictures of him dressed like a Muslim learning Arabic (the Muslim thing of course being a perfect foil to the truth of his family being CIA).

Now, let's look at the leader of the Mujahedeen, Osama bin Ladin. Over the years, his appearance changes, sometimes drastically, including getting younger. Pretty good documentation on CIA operatives like Tim Osman playing him early on, so it starts to get clear that bin Ladin is probably an amalgamation of characters, body doubles, etc. Then we have the president of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad saying that bin Ladin is in Washington DC. What the fuck is he talking about? And why did the Obama administration pay him off with the “nuclear deal”?

Barack Obama certainly could pass for an Arab, and had lots of opportunities to learn languages. He's unaccounted for at Columbia when bin Ladin gets really active in the 1980s. Later, bin Ladin seems to do videos seasonally. Like times that the Illinois Senate is on recess. Similar height, weight, ages, timelines. Combine with the damningly specific connections to the head of the Afghanistan operation, and at a minimum it appears that Barack Obama had the motive, means, and opportunity to impersonate Osama bin Ladin while he was working for the CIA.







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US National debt approaching 20Trillon

-Debt per citizen ~61k

-Debt per TAXPAYER ~166k

Total Personal Debt ~18.5Trillion

-Morgage debt ~14.5Trillon

-Student loan debt ~1.5Trillon

-Credit card debt ~1Trillon

Personal debt per citizen 56.6k

Currency and derivatives 2017 ~537.9Trillon


mostly futures and options to buy stocks is my guess, if anyone can elaborate please do

Us pop. 325.6mil

US workforce 153.6mil

US income taxpayers 120.4mil

US self employed 8.466mil

not sure where the other ~25mil workers are, but it is interesting

Govt. Employees 23.5mil

they pay income tax

US not in labor force 94.67mil

US retirees 51.13mil

US disabled 10.51mil

US "Actual" unemployed 13.72mil

US Prison inmates 6.812mil

~12 mill kids sounds right?

Now the fun comes in when you look into derived metrics such as

Liability per taxpayer 889k

US unfunded liabilities (GAAP) ~107Trillon

Divided by

"US population 325.6mill"Math,logic,and the name shows it is liability per TAXPAYER (120mil) but the treasury claims it is per citizen not sure why



Probably a couple dozen million more by the time you see any of this

Debt per citizen ~208k

not per taxpayer


not per taxpayer


Source: "USdebtClock.org"

and a couple of gov sites to check things

ITT: Economic Philosophy

My main question is what is a recession/depression and how do we know when its over

R: 41 / I: 15 / P: 8 [R] [G] [-]

Houston Happening

The home of Andrew Cecil Earhart Schneck is currently being raided. He was caught possibly making octanitrocubane and the same home plus his parents others in Michigan and Memorial City were raided in 2013. The officers by Austin Community College where there was an FBI investigation were not allowed to talk either. The warrant was sealed, he pled guilty to storing explosives improperly, got five years probation, and the court documents were sealed. Usually, he isn't named in news articles.

https://web.archive.org/web/ 20170821083212/http://abc13.com/fbi-atf-raid-in-sw-houston-to-last-into-monday/2328868/

This time they say it's possibly explosives/nerve agent. Why is he making it? Why do his parents have so many properties across the US? Why are they protecting him? Why can no one talk about the case?

R: 169 / I: 61 / P: 8 [R] [G] [-]

Your Hivemind and You: An Operator's Manual

What is a hivemind, how does it work and how does it affect us? ITT: we refine our understanding of our unique interrelationship

True /pol/acks have long since come to accept that we operate as a hivemind. We've seen it time and time again: anons post the same thoughts or images within seconds of each other, create nearly identical OC, etc. But what is a hivemind, and how is it important to us? I've come to intuit that it's a type of 'superstructure' of consciousness, in the most esoteric sense meaning that consciousness is likely a form of animating subtle energy which does objectively exist. Much like a brain is made up of individual neurons which, when cooperating, exhibit new emergent properties, the coordinated interaction of /pol/acks also exhibits unique properties. What exactly these properties are is up for debate, and that debate is the purpose of this thread.

Hiveminds exist. We see that an ant colony, for instance, operates like a well-oiled machine as long as the queen is alive–regardless of where the queen is physically. Yet when the queen dies, regardless of where that queen is located, those same ants become confused and aimless. I'll try to find that study and boast it here, but I didn't want to put off making this thread any longer If insects display this behavior, who's to say that other lifeforms cannot? I imagine that a human hivemind is less hierarchical than that, and more complex, but not completely dissimilar.

Kikes seem to operate from a hivemind basis. While it's true that some filthy yids aren't high up in the kikel hierarchy, they nonetheless benefit from nepotism and their groupthink mentality. I posit that this particularly disgusting hivemind-based relationship is the reason that jews have been fairly successful in elevating their "people" in various societies. I further posit that this is why oven-dodgers work so hard to create dissonance in the host nation–to prevent other individually superior groups from reaching a hivemind state of consciousness; a hivemind is many orders of magnitude more powerful than an individual mind and may gain the power and will to gas the parasites.

Hitler may have activated a German hivemind. National Socialism seeks to bind a people together by blood, yet also by a system of thought/belief. The NatSoc German hivemind (if it was one) was able to throw off the jewish-engineered 'great depression' before any other nation and damn near defeat the entire world militarily. And if you're a hardcore esoteric Hitlerism anon south pole bases, foo fighters, etc. you might make the case that that hivemind is still in the process of winning the war. If that's the case, and if kikes do operate as a hivemind, then we can understand why there's such an enduring hate in them for the German hivemind: because only a hivemind not lolberg-tier atomized individualism can truly defeat another hivemind. Similarly, only a brain can out-think another brain, isolated neurons cannot.

I'll continue to toast in this bread with more thoughts about this topic, but for now:

tl;dr: motherfucking hivemind thread, let's explore the idea you glorious faggots

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(((Ancestry))) bashes White Nationalists

Didn't see a thread on this, but found these articles when looking at my Ancestry DNA tests again.

I've seen it brought up before, and I'll ask:

Do kikes push shitskin genes into DNA test results to try and fight (((hated)))?



R: 99 / I: 34 / P: 8 [R] [G] [-]

World Jewish Congress : "YOU NEED TO BE REPLACED"

Apparently the kikes are going all-out right now. They're outright saying that we need to be replaced.


R: 108 / I: 51 / P: 8 [R] [G] [-]

The Airbags Didn't Deploy. He's Not Wearing His Glasses. It's a Different Challenger.

Pics 1, 2, 3:

Impossible for a modern car not to deploy it's airbags after smashing into something the way it did.

Pic 4:

James wears his eyeglasses in every photo we see him in. At first I thought he wore shades because at the rally it looked like it but two photos taken at separate times (bottom left and bottom right) show that he has transition lenses (get darker depending on sunlight). Then in the top right you see James from a while back posing with a car. The close up of the driver after the crash has no glasses on.

Pic 5:

Finally look at the last pic. The factory installed shade on the windshield is different on the day of the accident versus the image of James standing next to his car that being circulated in the media.

R: 417 / I: 56 / P: 8 [R] [G] [-]

The Monetary System Explained - Defunding the Kikes

It is impossible to understand how the kikes have a stranglehold on the world and how absolutely fucked everything is without understanding how the monetary system works. The foundational work of national socialism, "Abolition of Interest Slavery", is meaningless unless you grok how it all works. I don't care much for economics - I prefer thinking about health, family, race, nature, etc - but usury is what funds our opponents, so we must understand why and how to kill usury.

In this thread I will attempt to explain it.


When the government wants to spend money, the National Treasury (which stores the funds of the US govt) sells treasury bonds. The Federal Reserve (privately owned central bank) then prints currency to buy these treasury bonds. Private Banks act as an intermediary between these organizations, buying treasury bonds and selling them to the Federal Reserve at a profit. The end result is that 1. the Federal Reserve has treasury bonds, 2. Private Banks make a profit, 3. the National Treasury has cash. The government then spends this currency on a variety of things - about 90% of the US budget is medicaid, medicare, the military, and social security; in other countries the spending breakdown varies but in the context of this post we can ignore where this money goes because ultimately most of it ends up in circulation.

(Note that the Treasury owes the Fed a return on the treasury bond greater than the initial amount that the bond was purchased for, meaning the government owes more currency to a private bank than there exists currency. The federal income tax was originally implemented in the US to pay the regular coupon - kind of like an interest payment on a bond - from the treasury to the federal reserve on all existing bonds)


When money enters the economy it ultimately ends up in a bank. It might change hands several times first, but it ends up in the bank account of a person or business at a Private Bank. For the last ~500 years, western banking has operated on a Fractional Reserve system. This means that only a small % actually needs to be kept in the bank for daily bank transactions and the rest can be loaned out. Whenever a bank loans out money it effectively increases the amount of currency in circulation. The person/business that takes out a loan spends the money and it ends up in another Private Bank, and the process repeats adding currency to the supply each time. Since interest is owed on every loan at every step of the way, the total amount of debt is even higher than the total amount of currency in circulation.


The amount of currency in circulation (ie. inflation/deflation), the amount of debt owed on loans, and economic growth are all proportional to one another, this causes inevitable market bubbles and crashes. When people take out loans they spend that cash to stimulate the economy and currency is simultaneously created by the fractional reserve system. This drives the bull economy of abundance that precedes every crash. When people have money, they pay off their debts. This destroys currency and causes deflation which causes a market crash. Since a much larger amount of debt now exists than the currency to pay it off, there will inevitably be (likely millions of) people who are forced to default on their loans, face foreclosure, and declare bankruptcy losing everything they own. To add insult to injury, in the most recent US recession the few banks that lost money on this were then bailed out using taxpayer money - far more numerous however are the banks that profited off the entire cycle.


The Federal Reserve is private owned by a handful of individuals (who also own the major Private Banks).

These (((handful of individuals))) make money on

1. Receiving regular coupon on treasury bonds from the Treasury (your taxes)

2. Interest payments from loans (usury)

If everyone attempted to pay back their loans, all currency would cease to exist before we ran out of debt to be paid. Republicans who say they want to pay off the national debt are talking out their asses - it is literally impossible since our entire economy collapse as currency disappeared.

Economic recessions are caused by tying inflation/deflation to a debt backed currency. Democrats who say they want to regulate businesses to prevent economic collapse are likewise lying through their teeth.

Hitler nationalized the central bank and offered interest free loans (New German families received the equivalent of $44,000 USD in today's money, and this loan would be forgiven upon having kids.)

If you want to cripple the kike-globalists, stop using banks and advocate for anti-usury.

R: 151 / I: 66 / P: 8 [R] [G] [-]

Operation Identify the Bearded Fag!

>Look through Antifa photos.

>Try to spot this fag.

>Gather up all intel on this piece of shit.

>Bring justice for a disabled old man.

Brethren we have a mission. I will leave pictures of what I have gathered so far and a video of the rally in hopes that we can get as many mugshots of this degenerate piece of shit as possible. Fuck the media for not showing these stuff. Our united autism can prevail above all others.

The incident is at 36:45 of the video.

R: 67 / I: 33 / P: 8 [R] [G] [-]

Opnatsoc - Part 2

Last thread 404'd, too many happenings at the same time, we just got reported to cloudflare by leejunfaggots, we should probably fight back and fast.


Where the fuck is Opnatsoc?

last time we brought the ops up for a week, legionfags with vmask were getting physically punched left and right by BLM protesters, heck we managed to create in fights between them generating a clusterfuck of drama, these delusional cuckolds were on full damage control as articles emerged on the incident, meanwhile anunemouz were investing their energy on explaining how they weren't racist and how all of this was a hijack scheme created by "raycis nahzis", which undermined their productivity on whatever shitty operation they were planning.

but now that we stopped with all the meme dose and disinfo we fucked them over with, they started mass spamming kike sites screeching that they should ban anyone they don't like, getting discord, tor, some shitty cryptocurrency investment site, cloudflare, hosting services and so on, the defeatism spell we bestowed upon them clearly is no longer in effect and we should probably go back and hijack/disinfo them again so that more infights emerge, liberals are fucking stupid, it might be easy to pull off masterfully crafted psyops, it could get some fagmasks hurt in the process which is always great since they side with antifa 100% of the time, lets defame them, get their names dirty the same way ours are dirty to the masses, lets see how they like that.

Archived OC below, still intact;


R: 751 / I: 180 / P: 8 [R] [G] [-]






R: 287 / I: 52 / P: 8 [R] [G] [-]

Does the left straight up not understand the political environment they've created?

Brief essay on the current situation.

I've been studying the Spanish Civil War lately, there are many differences but it's interesting how faith in the monarchy collapsed followed by governments that whipsawed from extreme left to extreme right then back again over a short series of elections, pissing people off worse and worse until they were shooting each other over political affiliation and organized warfare broke out.

It was commonly said a decade or so ago that American politics is a pendulum, swinging a little too far one way for comfort, then pulled back to the center and overshooting the other way a little too much, then back through center etc. I haven't heard that calming pendulum analogy in some time, I think it's clear to us all that the Democrats (with globalist RINO support) pushed conservative voters a good deal past mere polite disagreement when they crowned Obama, shipped the jobs overseas, and declared open borders and the end of the Norman Rockwell social ideal, and conservatives have reacted with the ultimate reverse pendulum swing, electing Trump with a mandate to bulldoze Obama's legacy, build the fucking wall, and nuke the media, utterly infuriating the liberals and the old power structure.

R: 23 / I: 7 / P: 8 [R] [G] [-]

Little brother came home from school with THIS garbage. Some reading assignment from a scholastic magazine all about welcoming in these poor war-torn "Syrian refugees".

Inside the article there's a picture of girls holding one of those "refugees welcome" banners. The whole article is about how two little boys had to flee Aleppo and came to America and want to go to college.

This is a scholastic article in one of their monthly magazine things – seems like it's something that is spread around nationally to schools all over. Anyone else has seen this?

What do we do about this.

R: 24 / I: 3 / P: 8 [R] [G] [-]

I just want to say something to americans that believe civil war is inevitable: always consider the propaganda that's been spread about white nationalism in other countries, as they could join in the globalist side once war breaks loose.

Here in Brazil, there's a major informative/funny tv show aired at the biggest TV channel every sunday, called Fantastico. This show is watched I think for at least 2 million homes in Brazil when it's aired.

They are considered by most brazilians as a neutral and informative show, and most people here believe what they're being told without questioning it when it comes to unfamiliar topics, such as science, psychlogy, and foreign politics.

Today, they had a little documentary (don't know how to put it in a better way) about the Charlostesville's protests and about the KKK and the white nationalist movement. The left bias SHOCKED me. They kept reffering to Antifa as "human rights defensors". They didn't even mentioned their name, and portrayed all of them as "peaceful protesters". They kept showing white people in a bad light, saying "I want to kill black people hehe I will burn negros", described General Lee using just the line "racist slave owner", said Trump's dad was a member of the KKK (don't know if it's true), and worst of all, said Trump, I quote, "blamed the peaceful human rights defenders for the violence". All while glorifing the take down of historic statues and don't even mentioning the alt-left violence groups!

Also, our major news site, G1, just aired a TV propaganda which showed a clock, and every tick of the clock showed a new word. For every tick, a normie percieved negative word would appear, such as "regressive", "intolerant", "racist", "segregation" and so on. When the clock completed, it showed some pictures of Trump looking bad, or menacing. The propaganda here is THAT bad.

At least you have some media opposition in the US. Here they're showing straight up anti-white and anti-conservative propaganda.

Here and I believe in other countries, they can shove whatever narrative about the US and people swallow it, because they're not in contact with it directly, and don't fact check. People here really really hate Trump and think he's literally Hitler because of this, and would probably be OK with our military going to fight le evil racists.

Also, post Trump related propaganda stories in your country.

R: 175 / I: 44 / P: 8 [R] [G] [-]

Hotpocket Edit: Leaving this stickied as long as possible.

Anti-Trump Pennsylvania man murders GOP committeeman neighbor.



>A man described by neighbors as “quarrelsome” and who placed large anti-Trump signs in his yard is in police custody for the murder of his next-door neighbor – a GOP committeeman.

>Police in West Goshen Township, PA, charged Clayton Carter, 51, in the shooting death of his next-door neighbor, G. Brooks Jennings in the early morning hours on Tuesday, according to ABC Philadelphia.

>The conflict began on Monday evening when police officers responded to a dispute between Carter and Jennings that involved cursing and video recording in one of their backyards. Police de-escalated the conflict around 8 p.m. and left.

>Shortly after midnight, police say another conflict erupted between the two neighbors as Carter claims that Jennings shined a light into his eyes. Carter purportedly told police that he then drove his car onto his lawn and shined the car’s high beams towards Jennings.

>Investigators say it was at this point when Carter went into his home and grabbed a .380 semi-automatic pistol and confronted Jennings. Carter allegedly shot Jennings in the head, knocking him to the ground, and then stood over his body and shot him in the head again. Police say the victim Carter shot Jennings on Jennings property.

>One neighbor described Jennings, a GOP committeeman, as “the nicest, best guy I’ve ever met in my whole life.”

>Those same neighbors described Carter, who apparently had a history of conflict with multiple neighbors — including pulling a gun on Jennings in the past — as someone they avoided because of his volatile behavior.

>“We steered clear of him. We were frightened of him [Carter] because he’s so unpredictable,” another neighbor said speaking about Carter.

>Neighbors described his front yard as being crowded with cars and anti-Trump signs that he made himself. Many of the conflicts between Carter and his neighbors were apparently not political, but personal.

>Police charged Carter with multiple crimes including first-degree murder which makes him ineligible for bail in the state of Pennsylvania.

R: 89 / I: 15 / P: 9 [R] [G] [-]

German Bombshell Bestseller Exposing CIA Media Control Blocked in US (Ulfkotte)

German Bombshell Bestseller Exposing CIA Media Control Blocked in US (Ulfkotte)

Americans are being prevented from reading an important book by a hero who made a huge difference

Udo Ulfkotte is near and dear to our hearts, because we wrote about him in October of 2014, (Top German Editor: CIA Bribing Journalists) a few weeks after our founding, and these articles were some of our first to go viral, getting hundreds of thousands of views, despite the fact that we were practically unknown.

His book caused a sensation in Germany, was a best-seller despite being completely ignored by the same media he was implicating, and was a major factor in turning German public opinion against the Ukraine war.

Ulfkotte's book was extraordinary because it named names in the German establishment, a sure-fire path to massive libel lawsuits. We were the first English language publication to write about Ulfkotte, and he gave us an exclusive interview shortly after we ran the above article.





RIP Ernst Zundel… and Michael Collins Piper, and Eustace Mullins, and Aaron Russo, and….

R: 114 / I: 30 / P: 9 [R] [G] [-]

Nogs don't need Eclipse Glasses

Idea: use hashtags #Eclipse #Eclipse2017 #BlackLivesMatter #BlackTwitter to tell nogs they don't need eclipse glasses to view the eclipse but of their special melanin.

R: 79 / I: 113 / P: 9 [R] [G] [-]



Marseille incident: Van crashes into two bus shelters killing at least one person in the southern French city




At least one woman has been killed and another injured after a van crashed into two bus shelters in the French city of Marseille.

Police advised the public to avoid the Old Port area where the driver of the Renault Master, a 35-year-old man, was arrested.

The driver first hit a bus shelter around 8:15am in the 13th arrondissement in the poorer northern part of France's second-largest city, before hitting a second bus shelter an hour later in the 11th arrondissement, several miles south.


not very impressive, 1 death 1 injured

R: 362 / I: 133 / P: 9 [R] [G] [-]

Brainwashing in Universities

We talk a lot about indoctrination and propafanda, but there is more going on than this in the universities. They are using legitimate brainwashing techniques against then youth on these campuses. Many have heard about the shenanigans at Evergreen, but this is just the boil over the top of a deep infection.

I have studied brainwashinf techniques, I have infiltrated actual cults in my younger more alcoholic years, I even ran propaganda for one of them, and I've developed my own techniques of manipulation that I struggle not to abuse. I mention this as to lend credibility. oh fuck it, I never stop posting and you all know who I am, Sieg Hiel, Praise kek, hippie mafia blah blah akuamma. Should of made this thread last week.

>what methods?

So, evergreen I have confirmed first hand uses two very common and very powerful methods of brainwashing. The first is almost universal among dangerous cults.


In every single class they group up the students (classes kept small for this reason) in a circle and have them openly judge one another. Their peers are turned against them and tear into each other every day, without mercy, and without appeal. They just sit there and nod as their classmates judge them for the day, telling them what they did wrong. They ALL take turns doing this to each other. This in fact is their replacement for the grading system. That's right, no grades. Just critique.


They are systematically taught to not trust their own judgement, all that matters is the approval of their peers. Should their peers not approve, they're failures. In time, they no longer trust their own instincts, do not use logic, and only accept appeals to authority, authority being their peers, who are controled by the doctrine of their instructors. On to #2

Guided Meditation

This is a fancy term for hypnosis in this case. They are told to relax, close their eyes, and guided by their instructor into a trance with breath control and a script. The conscious mind has been subdued, and they've already been broken down by critique, they are now malleable. Next follows some fluffy imagery and a slow insertion of doctrine.

>how do they manage this?

The classes at evergreen are not structured normally. The average student has only two instructors! They take groups of classes offered by the same instructor, usually groups of three. This means they spend all their time with the same students, the same instructors, in the same environment. This is how they keep the groups controlled and isolated.

Next, this goes deeper. The ones who take the best to this and remain aggressive are usually sociopathic, as the sociopath feels no emotion during the critique methods and responds well to praise. They are elevated by the instructors and funnelled into leading the clubs where they then continue this process on their own, with or without instruction.

And then there is another layer… Sexual. We've all seen how prevalent the push for trans/bisexual/faggotry and sexual deviance goes in these places. The students are PRESSURED into this. If you're "binary" or "cis", you know, normal and straight and not a whore, you are persistently pressured and belittled as a matter of cultural standard into adopting a whorish degenerate persona. These kids are peer pressured into sexual deviancy and the VAST majority are on fuckbuddy sites, and use apps like tinder and grinder, which push random meaningless sex.


They do this to break them mentally. We all have seen what a long string of meaningless relationships do to people, and these are the worst, just using each other as whores until they're used up, pushed further and further into fetishism, and it's a part of their IDENTITY!

Identity, that's the final piece here. Their sexual disfunction is now a part of their ideological identity. That means that should they question ANY aspect of their programming, it's now intrinsically linked to their sexual identity. This means that should the programming be broken or questioned, they are immediately faced with the thousands of acts of perversion they've participated in, and when that happens in an already volatile mental state, they fucking BREAK! I've seen it first hand! Suicides, mental breakdowns in the street, blank-eyed students wandering the streets at 3am not even on drugs. They break… This is their failsafe!

Well, that's what I've got for tonight. I'll answer what I can and fill in what I've missed. Please help me find a way to end this. I've gotten some good people out of this hell, though I won't lie, majority were shit when they got there.

R: 170 / I: 44 / P: 9 [R] [G] [-]

White Identity Politics USA

We all know it's coming. How many years until a major white identity politics movement arises in America?

>inb4 idiots/shills say it never will

R: 589 / I: 161 / P: 9 [R] [G] [-]



I'm seeing a lot of people, most likely retarded newfags, recently try and push the "alt-left" meme after Trump's Charlottesville speech, thinking that it's somehow a fantastic verbal weapon against the left as a "D&C" tactic. I'm making this thread to tell you why that's completely wrong and why using the "alt-left" label is playing right into the kikes' grubby, ratty hands.

To start, the "alt-left" meme is obviously based off of the media-created "alt-right" label. By using it, we are providing legitimacy to the label that they gave us. The "alt-right" is a label which /pol/ has rejected from the start for being an obvious attempt at lumping all dissent together as an identifiable "fringe" group, so why the fuck should we give it credence by using the "alt-left". These terms are tailor-made for fence-sitting normalfag "moderates" who do not want to pick a side, but nonetheless want to signal how enlightened they are by rejecting "both the alt-left and alt-right". There is nothing for us gain from this except getting pushed to the fringe even further.

Furthermore, and most importantly, THE "ALT-LEFT" LABEL IMPLIES THAT ONLY VIOLENT "FRINGE" ELEMENTS OF AN OTHERWISE "RESPECTABLE" LEFT-WING ARE TO BLAME. This plays RIGHT into the kikes' ploy by providing a cover for the "intellectual" class of leftists who still want the exact same things (white genocide, immigration, degeneracy, the destruction of the west, etc.), but act subversively instead of violently to achieve these goals. The violent segments are the foot-soldiers or shock-troops of the non-violent "intellectuals", but they are ALL to blame and ALL deserve a fucking bullet. Trying to compartmentalize and distinguish between the "regular left" and the "alt-left" is like a cuckold trying to distinguish between "radical Muslims" and "moderate Muslims" and saying "moderate Muslims are okay". All groups are part of the problem. What you all have to realize is that there is nothing "alt" about the supposed "alt-left". It's the exact same left as it always has been, using the exact same methods and having the exact same goals. This term implies that the current establishment is absolved of any responsibility, when in reality the entire structure from the top to the bottom is directly involved in the hostile takeover and destruction of America (and Western Civilization as a whole)

So I repeat - STOP using the kiked "alt-left" term. It does nothing good for us and lots of good for our enemy. It provides the leftist establishment to absolve itself of any responsibility and pretend like only the "fringe" left is to blame for violence. It also allows fence-sitting moderates to stay exactly where they are and feel intellectual and smug by denouncing "both the alt-left and alt-right", as I already said.


R: 534 / I: 123 / P: 9 [R] [G] [-]


Wikileaks founder and chief Julian Assange has met with the Trump Administration (Rep from California) This is the first time since his imprisonment that he has met with an American politician.

>Vows to prove Russia did not hack the election

>Vows to prove Russia did NOT give the DNC emails to wikileaks

>Is asking for asylum from the Trump administration in exchange for releasing NEW INFORMATION

Washington Examiner


The Hill


in case you were wondering this is the reason for all the chaos and race baiting.

it's ogre.

R: 48 / I: 8 / P: 9 [R] [G] [-]

I have a story that might be of some interest to you guys. Or maybe it's a trivial blog post but still I think it should be interesting to you.

I wont bore you with history too much. Just as much as it is needed for the story. It's about my grand granpa. He was an ethnic Russian, "kulak". Kulaks were one of the fiercest class enemies in Soviet Union, and they were (relatively, comparatively) rich and successful peasants. So they were "bad guy number two", right after the city/industrial "bad guy number one", capitalists. According to bolshevik theory, the rich and successful are all unproductive exploiters….

Anyway, in this village of log houses, my granps had a brick house. This made him a "kulak", and so he was deported into much shittier village, with nothing but clothes on his back. There, he started working very hard, and now in this village of 1 story houses, he built himself a 2 story house. Got declared a "kulak" again, got deported with no tools again. In this third village, he started all over. Here he managed to build himself some sort of a mill. With his efficient mill, one year later he bought a tiny bit of extra land and also few cows.

This convicted him of being an extreme kulak, not only did he own a tiny bit more land now, but he also owned extra cows AND complex machinery (mill) A N D he engaged in commercial activities.

Now comes the fun part. He got put into a penal labor colony, off to Siberia, not a shitty village, but extreme wilderness, without any tools or help, with some other "extreme kulaks". Out of sight and out of mind. It was a form of execution, they were sent into a sure death, so there was no supervision.

These men built one of the most prosperous villages in the Soviet Union. Soviet Famine was starting everywhere else. Despite all Socialist laws, leftist economy, leftist philosophy, men like my grandpa were prospering while all other socialist villages were eating shoes and each other to survive.

So yeah basically my grandpa and men like him are heroes and stark reminders and physical embodiments of why leftist philosophy and politics are awful and only bring horror, and the West is forgetting their message in its self destroying quest for socialism, equality, collectivization..

R: 11 / I: 2 / P: 9 [R] [G] [-]

Bedfordshire constable popped for child porn

For you newfags who don't know, the Bedfordshire police department is absolutely committed to fighting "right-wing extremism" and "islamophobia" at the cost of doing pretty much anything else. They might as well be a branch of ISIS and probably are. Well, one of their brave sandnigger constables just got popped for child porn. Bask in the smug.

>Bedfordshire Constable Jamal Hassan has been jailed for making “indecent photographs” of children, following complaints that the department focused more on fighting Islamophobia and “right-wing extremism” than real crimes.

>Hassan, who admitted “four counts of misconduct in public office” and pleaded guilty to “three charges of making indecent photographs of children and covertly filming up the skirt of a woman in a shop,” according to the BBC, has been jailed for six years.

>The BBC reported that “Hassan also admitted possessing extreme pornography and perverting the course of justice by trying to hide a storage device from police” and that he filmed “himself in people’s bedrooms – including the child’s – with underwear while on duty.”

>Hassan also made a “covert recording of a child in a police interview room” and admitted to “making more than 6,000 indecent images of children, 1,552 of which were the most severe category A.”


R: 58 / I: 25 / P: 9 [R] [G] [-]

Christopher Columbus monument destroyed

The oldest Columbus monument in the nation was vandalized by antifa last night. Smashed with hammers.

It was 225 years old.

R: 28 / I: 6 / P: 9 [R] [G] [-]

Can we meme ''Holocaust Denial Denier"?

>David Irving refuses to accept the "holohoax exposer" label. He does not dispute that Jews were murdered on a massive scale by the Nazis. He does question the numbers involved as well as the means used. "By virtue of the activities of [Prof. Lipstadt] and of those who funded her and guided her hand," Irving argues, "I have since 1996 seen one fearful publisher after another falling away from me, declining to reprint my works, refusing to accept new commissions and turning their backs on me when I approach." To be called a "holohoax exposer" he says, is "like being called a wife-beater or a pedophile. It is enough for the label to be attached, for the attachee to find himself designated as a pariah, an outcast from normal society."

other memes:

Denial Denial

Holocaust Believer

Holocaust Worshiper

Genocide Worshiper






R: 131 / I: 50 / P: 9 [R] [G] [-]

The Trump curse is real!

The whiny cunt extraordinaire known as Joe Sweden is exposed as a pussy hound, just grabbing them teenage actresses by the dozen!

>He used his relationship with me as a shield … so no one would question his relationships with other women or scrutinize his writing as anything other than feminist,”

>he said he admired and respected females, he didn’t lust after them. I believed him and trusted him.

>On the set of “Buffy,” Joss decided to have his first secret affair.

KEK more at the link:


R: 77 / I: 33 / P: 9 [R] [G] [-]



Charoletteville was a setup by the Clinton/Obama plants in the State Department.

>>10402413 proves the State Department was trying to hide Brennan Gilmore's involvement.

It turns out that the Michael Signer, the Mayor of Charlottesville, AND Brennan Gilmore BOTH worked on Tom Perriello's high-profile 2008 campaign. And who helped with Obama's State Department transition team in 2008?

John Podesta and the now the Mayor of Charlottesville, John Singer… who the ACLU is now accusing of telling Charlottesville Police to not intervene.


R: 201 / I: 24 / P: 9 [R] [G] [-]

The Daily Stormer cucked again, this time by Namecheap

The Fag Anglin's Thai Fuck Shack has been kicked off of Namecheap, and Fag Anglin's Thai Fuck Shack.lol no longer resolves

The kike shuttening continues, and with it Anglin and (((weev)))'s quest for a non-kiked domain registrar

Explanation blog post: https://blog.namecheap.com/inciting-violence-vs-freedom-speech/

Archive: https://archive.is/z1pFc

Announced on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Namecheap/status/899140330582355968

Archive: https://archive.is/gypmR

Explanation blog post text:

>At Namecheap, we see both sides of the free speech consideration. On the one hand, we cannot be the ones censoring content, unpopular though it may be. On the other hand, and without question, the content appearing on the Fag Anglin's Thai Fuck Shack.lol is highly offensive, even more so in light of the recent events in Charlottesville, VA.

>We find ourselves in a difficult situation, where we must balance the repugnant nature of the content against our principles, beliefs and ongoing support of free speech. This has been particularly challenging given that the fallout from our decision will be in the public eye and subject to public scrutiny, no matter what path we may take.

>So, the question, as I see it, is whether deletion of these domains contradicts our core principle of advocacy of free speech? In this particular case, I state that the answer is “No.”

>I’ve examined the website carefully. It purports to disclaim violence. But, these words are profoundly hollow as the actual text supports both viewpoints as well as groups that specifically promote violence. As an example: “It doesn’t take a Ph.D. in mathematics to understand that White men + pride + organization = Jews being stuffed into ovens.”

>This statement clearly incites violence and endorses wholesale eradication of Jews through genocide championed by the Nazis. Fag Anglin's Thai Fuck Shack in all its content advocates that proud white men organize themselves. It also presents the inevitable consequence of the organization of white men and their pride: “jews being stuffed into ovens.” This alone is a drastic departure from traditional freedom of speech principles and endorsement of a very violent eventuality. Based on this statement alone, the site should be legitimately shut down as the speech constitutes an incitement of violence.

>This point is reinforced by the very tagline of the site: Fag Anglin's Thai Fuck Shack: “Summer of Hate Edition.” The site spends considerable effort demonizing Asians, Blacks, Mexicans, etc.

>I have considered this from a Constitutional perspective and sought a legal perspective. I believe that hate speech and incitement of violence provides ample legal support for a proper termination of the domains.

>Our commitment to free speech is well-documented, including through our support of EFF.org, but there is a line where free speech ends and incitement begins. It may be an elusive one but, as United States Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart stated in his threshold test for obscenity in Jacobellis v. Ohio: “I know it when I see it.”

>So it is here: the quality and context of the material, paired with the support for violent groups and causes passes from protected free speech into incitement.

>We have, and always will continue to uphold our principles in support of privacy, freedom of speech and Internet freedom.


>Richard Kirkendall

>CEO, Namecheap

R: 71 / I: 26 / P: 9 [R] [G] [-]


Barcelona attackers ‘wanted to drive van full of explosives into Sagrada Familia’

The terrorists responsible for the deaths of 14 people in Catalonia had originally planned a much larger, more devastating attack with explosives at the Sagrada Familia.

>Their plan was to pack three vans full of gas cylinders and explode one van on Las Ramblas, a second by the Sagrada Familia, and a third in the Barcelona’s port area, according to Spanish news site El Espanol. Butane gas cylinders stored in a house in Alcanar, southern Catalonia, by the 12-strong terror cell were going to be used to blow up the iconic landmark. But they accidentally detonated, killing one of the group, the night before Thursday’s devastating attack on Las Ramblas.

>It was originally thought to be a random gas explosion – but police chiefs later linked it to the van attack. Officers believe there could still be another body buried in the rubble in the house in Alcanar, 120 miles south of Barcelona. More than 20 butane gas canisters were found intact in the wreckage, along with acetone peroxide – TATP. To detonate the gas the group planned to use the same plastic TATP – also known as the ‘Mother of Satan’ – that were used in the 7/7 bombings in London in 2005.

>The highly disturbing discovery supports claims by the police that the group planned to murder hundreds of innocent people in a terror ‘spectacular’. Police chiefs said that, had the gas not accidentally exploded in Alcanar, Thursday’s attack could have been far more deadly. Security experts also believe the gang wanted to hire much larger lorries, similar to the one used in the horrific Nice attack last July. However, they weren’t able to get the necessary permits, so had to settle for smaller vans.

>Police confirmed on Friday afternoon that the suspects had been planning to detonate explosives. Josep Lluis Trapero of Catalan Police said: ‘They were preparing one or several attacks in Barcelona, and an explosion in Alcanar stopped this as they no longer had the material they needed to commit attacks of an even bigger scope.’ The Sagrada Familia is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and is one of Europe’s most popular tourist destinations. Its architect Antonio Gaudi started its construction in 1882 – but it is still officially incomplete. The revelations come as officials declared the terror cell had been dismantled – although one suspect is still on the run.


Lads, this is it. If we lose this, they will literally destroy every piece of European art, history and culture they can get their hands on. That includes Michelangelo's David, Schloss Neuschwanstein, and the Eiffel Tower.

R: 55 / I: 19 / P: 10 [R] [G] [-]

Missouri Senator: ‘I Hope Trump Is Assassinated!’

A Missouri state senator said in a now-deleted Facebook post that she hopes President Donald Trump is assassinated.

Maria Chappelle-Nadal acknowledged on Thursday that she wrote a post which read: “I hope Trump is assassinated!”

She made the comment in an exchange with a left-wing activist who claimed that his cousin is a Secret Service agent.

Chappelle-Nadal confirmed to a reporter with St. Louis TV station KMOX that she posted the comment.

“I put something up on my personal Facebook page and it has now been deleted,” she said.

Chappelle-Nadal, a Democrat, represents a district in a St. Louis suburb.

It is not clear exactly what prompted Chappelle-Nadal’s comment. But it was likely made in response to a discussion about the ongoing controversy over Trump’s comments about the violence in Charlottesville, Va. over the weekend.

According to KMOX, U.S. Secret Service in St. Louis is looking into Chappelle-Nadal’s post.

State and national politicians called on Chappelle-Nadal to resign over the remarks, but she says she has no plans to do so.

Stephen Webber, the chairman of the Missouri Democratic Party, called the comments “indefensible.”

R: 71 / I: 39 / P: 10 [R] [G] [-]

Unite the Right Discord Chat Logs Leaked



>DATA RELEASE: Discord Chats Planned Armed Neo-Nazi Militia Operations In Charlottesville

>August 18, 2017

>Charlottesville, VA – After an anonymous source provided Unicorn Riot with access to Discord chat servers being used to plan white supremacist events in Charlottesville, we began publishing leaks of the materials online. Today, we begin a series of Data Release publications documenting many of the contents of the “Charlottesville 2.0” Discord server operated by Jason Kessler, Eli Mosley, and others. The full slideshow of 295 slides can be launched or downloaded as a zip file below.

>Discord’s group chat platform achieved popularity as a tool for gamers to organize group play in multiplayer games like World of Warcraft, but quickly became widely adopted by the emerging internet-based neofascist movement.

Participants in the Charlottesville planning chat were often identified by their group affiliation. Over Discord, neo-Nazi groups including Identity Europa, the Traditionalist Worker Party, and Vanguard America coordinated together on a daily basis.

>They collaborated with other white supremacist groups such as League of the South to coordinate carpools, security, intelligence operations, discuss potential use of weapons, share talking points, and exchange racist comments.


R: 25 / I: 2 / P: 10 [R] [G] [-]


Poll for /pol/!

also, eighty-eight characters, i sure this makes the cut!

R: 32 / I: 18 / P: 10 [R] [G] [-]

The soon to be happening full eclipse on the 21st is an event that will not happen again any time soon. Given our prophecy of Kek's return in September, I urge everyone to perform a small ritual: For him, for us and for the entire white race. Especially if you are within the path of the total eclipse. Whether it be a simple offering to Kek, a personal Jungian style meditation, Sigilcrafting or a more advanced ritual is entirely up to you. I do suggest that you at least in part dedicate it to the black sun given the obvious symbology. But please feel free to share your ritual as it might help someone else who hasn't come up with one yet.

Eclipses have always had incredibly powerful effects on our ancestors and are mentioned in pretty much every NS/fascist occultist's writings. From Evola, to List, to Jung and of course Serrano. I've attached the ritual that the club55 will perform over at /pdf/ for you guys >>>/pdf/728. The club55 is the most devoted esoteric hitlerist order and you might have seen their books here and there. Their ritual is relatively advanced but still simple enough for one person to perform. Please feel free to use it if you like. Also note that the mention of "Lucifer" is not judean/satanic but taken from Serrano's three books: 1. The Golden Thread 2. MANU: For the man to come 3. NOS: Book of resurrection

Towards a brighter solar cycle, may the green flame burn our enemies to ashes through the black sun!

Praise Kek! Sieg Heil! Sieg Heil! Sieg Heil!

R: 15 / I: 1 / P: 10 [R] [G] [-]

Hey, /pol/ these are the ANTIFA mugshots released after arrests made at the Charlottesville riots.

Doxx hack the planet.

R: 43 / I: 11 / P: 10 [R] [G] [-]

BLM/ Antifa turning on jews

Friendly reminder the mainstream turned on occupy Wall Street soon as they started calling out Jews for having the most white privileged within the 1%. Without MSM support occupy died. Would it be safe to say. There a good chance this will happen with both BLM and Antifa?

R: 50 / I: 12 / P: 10 [R] [G] [-]

Facebook snuff stream

Someone streamed a tied girl sitting on the ground, then the killer comes into the room, the girl is clearly scared. The killer types some shit, video ends.


Original source:


Note the filename: svv maria final min fb feed aug 20.mp4

The mask is right out of Eyes Wide Shut.

R: 93 / I: 25 / P: 10 [R] [G] [-]



>Warplanes of the US-led coalition have carried out airstrikes on the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) Tiger Forces in the village of Kadir in the province of Homs, according to pro-government sources.

>The airstrikes were reportdly followed by an ISIS attack in the area. Kadir is an important village located at the Resafa-Sukhna road, north of the Kawm oasis.

>If reports are confirmed, it will be another sign of the long-standing US campaign aimed at undermining the anti-ISIS efforts of the Syrian-Iranian-Russian alliance in the war-torn country.

<Earlier, spokesperson for the United States Department of State, Heather Nauert, said that the US has no plans to remain in Syria after ISIS is defeated. How could such statements be reliable amid the US actions on the ground?


R: 116 / I: 45 / P: 10 [R] [G] [-]

Filter Man Calls Out White Genocide

Alex exposes Jews useing "WASP names" to hide themselves and out of self hatred. He calls out white genocide, says that they want to kill Anglo Saxons. Says that the feminists are trying to kill off white babies through abortion.

Exposes the Seattle police for staging actors and events.

Reminder: Alex is normie-teir and he has more listeners than CNN.

Reminder: if you go out and riot it feeds into their narrative that white people standing up for themselves are as bad as ANTIFA and that Soros's actors are not actors but the good guys protesting evil Nazis.

Reminder: we were winning the culture war by shifting the narrative and so they invented the Alt-kike to lead us into traps so they could claim to be fighting a Soros Color Revolution.

Do not protest

Do not feed the MSM BEAST

Do not follow Jews and FEDS like Spencer and Bakes Alaska and others into traps.

Redpill the normies. Wake up the white race. It's coming. The more they push the more the white race wakes up. Now Trump is virtue signalling ANTIFA but you Alt-austists put him in a position. Bannon is not our guy. No one is out guy. Trust no one. Everyone is your ally, everyone is your enemy. This is the law of chaos.

Any e-celeb trying to orginize you is a FED. If they weren't FEDs they would be shut down.

R: 150 / I: 15 / P: 10 [R] [G] [-]

Online, non-kike publisher

Hi, I am about to publish an extensive work, 10 years of non-stop reading codified text. Which /serious/ non-kike sites should I turn to for best spread? I will publish it here and on every other site I know of in the same time, but this need BIG spread.

The material will rewrite history, might be the biggest fuck-up ever, and reveal our ancestors we never got to know, because of genocide.

Who should I contact and offer the honor to first post about something that will make every pill in the world red?…

R: 34 / I: 12 / P: 10 [R] [G] [-]

New Ben Garrison Cartoon on Jewgle

This cannot be too far off the original. Does anyone have Zyklon Ben's original masterpiece?

R: 16 / I: 0 / P: 10 [R] [G] [-]

I'm not sure if this belongs in a QTDDTOT thread, but has (((Michael Savage))) ever named the Jew? I used to listen to him in the past and started again tonight (he's live now). I tell ya he's nice to listen to among all the other blatant liars. He's calling the Dems the Bolshevik party, and is making known his utter contempt for Wolf Blitzer. But he's already claimed that Lenin was white. I think he speaks a lot of truth, and seems to really appreciate white heritage America, but I don't think I can trust him. Could he be someone that gets the rope near the end? What do others think of him?

R: 751 / I: 286 / P: 10 [R] [G] [-]


• A total solar eclipse will cross the United States from coast to coast on Monday, starting just after 10 a.m. local time in Oregon and ending just before 3 p.m. in South Carolina.

• The last time an eclipse traveled across the entire country was in 1918.

• Veteran eclipse chasers say you should prepare to feel changed forever if this is your first total eclipse. We made a guide on how to watch the eclipse safely, and another if you’re stuck indoors. We’re collecting and sharing your photos from the eclipse here.

• Weather forecasts suggested that Oregon and Tennessee would have favorable skies, and that Missouri, Nebraska and South Carolina faced the prospect of clouds and storms. Heavy traffic was anticipated in many states, but had not materialized in some by Sunday night.

• Scientists are hoping their studies of this eclipse will lead to important discoveries about the sun’s mysterious corona, which burns more than a million degrees hotter than the sun’s surface.

Here’s where the eclipse will go, and when.

The moon will begin to get in the sun’s way over the Pacific Ocean on Monday morning. This will create a zone that scientists call totality — the line where the moon completely blocks the sun, plunging the sea and then a strip of land across the continental United States into a darkness that people and other living things can mistake for premature evening.

Because of planetary geometry, the total eclipse can last less than one minute in some places, and as long as two minutes and 41 seconds in others. The eclipse’s longest point of duration is near a small town called Makanda, Ill., population 600.

Around 1:15 p.m. Eastern time, the total solar eclipse will first reach Oregon’s coast. Then it will race for the next 90 or so minutes over 13 more states: Idaho, Montana (barely), Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa (hardly), Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, North Carolina and finally South Carolina.

At about 2:49 p.m. Eastern time in South Carolina, some lucky souls in the Palmetto State’s marshes could be the last on American soil to experience the total eclipse. Just after 4 p.m. Eastern, the partial eclipse will end and all of America will again be under the full August sun.

If you don’t live in one of these states, don’t despair: Every American state will experience a partial solar eclipse (although it won’t darken the sky like a total eclipse). In Honolulu, the sun will be about 20 percent covered. In Brownsville, Texas, you’ll see something like a half sun. Here in New York when the maximum eclipse occurs around 2:44 p.m. Eastern, the sun will be just over 70 percent obscured (and here are tips for taking in New York City’s partial eclipse).

But don’t look directly at the partially eclipsed sun.

It’s never a good idea to look directly at the sun. You know this from your daily life — look at the sun briefly and you’ll see spots when you turn away.

But the excitement of a solar eclipse may trick you into believing that you can stare down our solar system’s explosive furnace. Don’t risk it. You can damage your eyes.


R: 115 / I: 42 / P: 10 [R] [G] [-]

Pastor Wants Presidents’ Names Removed From Washington, Jackson Parks Over Ties To Slavery

A Chicago pastor has asked the Emanuel administration to remove the names of two presidents who owned slaves from parks on the South Side, saying the city should not honor slave owners in black communities.

A bronze statue of George Washington on horseback stands at the corner of 51st and King Drive, at the northwest entrance to Washington Park.

Bishop James Dukes, pastor of Liberation Christian Center, said he wants the statue gone, and he wants George Washington’s name removed from the park.

“When I see that, I see a person who fought for the liberties, and I see people that fought for the justice and freedom of white America, because at that moment, we were still chattel slavery, and was three-fifths of humans,” he said. “Some people out here ask me, say ‘Well, you know, he taught his slaves to read.’ That’s almost sad; the equivalent of someone who kidnaps you, that you gave them something to eat.”

Dukes said, even though Washington was the nation’s first president and led the American army in the Revolutionary War, he’s no hero to the black community.

“There’s no way plausible that we would even think that they would erect a Malcolm X statue in Mount Greenwood, Lincoln Park, or any of that. Not that say Malcolm X was a bad guy; they just would not go for it,” he said. “Native Americans would not even think about putting up a Custer statue, because of the atrocities that he plagued upon Native Americans. And for them to say to us ‘just accept it’ is actually insulting.”

The pastor also said President Andrew Jackson’s name should be removed from nearby Jackson Park, because he also was a slave owner. He said he’s not necessarily asking the city rename the parks altogether. He suggested Washington Park could be named after former Mayor Harold Washington, and Jackson Park could be named after civil rights leader Rev. Jesse Jackson or singer Michael Jackson.

Dukes said he’s not trying to erase history. He said black people should be able to decide who is and is not honored in their communities.

“I think we should be able to identify and decide who we declare heroes in or communities, because we have to tell the stories to our children of who these persons are,” he said.

He said parks, statues, or other monuments honoring Presidents Washington and Jackson might be appropriate elsewhere, but not in black neighborhoods.

“In an African-American community, it’s a slap in the face and it’s a disgrace for them to honor someone who was a slave owner.

Dukes said he has sent letters to Mayor Rahm Emanuel and the Chicago Park District asking them to change the names of Washington and Jackson parks. He shared the letter on Facebook.


R: 40 / I: 3 / P: 10 [R] [G] [-]

What really caused the black "Great Migration" that destroyed American cities

The massive, orchestrated disgorgement of Africans and Arabs into Europe and Mexican, Central & South Americans into the USA will prove to be one of the defining catastrophes of the 21st century. But it's not the first time this has happened to the West. A century ago, a similarly disastrous relocation was precipitated (engineered?) on American soil.

>The Great Migration was the movement of 6 million African-Americans out of the rural Southern United States to the urban Northeast, Midwest, and West that occurred between 1916 and 1970. Until 1910, more than 90 percent of the African-American population lived in the American South. In 1900, only one-fifth of African-Americans living in the South were living in urban areas. By the end of the Great Migration, 53 percent of the African-American population remained in the South, while 40 percent lived in the North, and 7 percent in the West, and the African-American population had become highly urbanized. By 1970, more than 80 percent of African-Americans lived in cities, and by 1960, of those African-Americans still living in the South, half now lived in urban areas.

>In 1991, Nicholas Lemann wrote that the Great Migration: was one of the largest and most rapid mass internal movements in history—perhaps the greatest not caused by the immediate threat of execution or starvation. In sheer numbers it outranks the migration of any other ethnic group—Italians or Irish or Jews or Poles—to [the United States]. For African Americans, the migration meant leaving what had always been their economic and social base in America, and finding a new one


>Without the increase in job opportunities caused by World War I, the Great Migration might never have occurred. The fighting in Europe dramatically increased the demands on companies in the United States to produce munitions and other goods to support the war effort. At the same time, the labor pool these companies normally depended upon-immigrants and native-born Americans-was dwindling. The draft siphoned off many of these men, while the turmoil in Europe disrupted the flow of immigrants from that area. Desperately in need of additional workers, northern businesses looked southward for new sources of labor. Because Afro-Americans made up a large portion of the unskilled work force in the South and because of social conditions there, they became the targets of aggressive recruitment campaigns. Northern companies offered well-paying jobs, free transportation, and low-cost housing as inducements to Afro-Americans to move North. They also sent labor recruiters into the South who received a fee for every recruit they provided for the company they represented.


Fast forward to current year, and take a look at the chart of the top 25 cities by raw number. For the most part, they are some of the most dangerous, reprobate, and decimated places in the country. The so-called "Great Migration" systematically destroyed some of the greatest cities, mostly midwestern ones that were growing in economic power and influence to rival the power centers of the east.


There are no cohencidences, so what really happened? Beyond the obvious orchestration of the war that slaughtered a generation of white conscripts and brave volunteers, does anyone have any more information about these northern companies that moved the pieces around the board? Does anyone have more details about other (((policies))), (((programs))), or (((agendas))) from this era that induced or accelerated this corruption? These seem like important questions both for historical clarity, and to put the flurry of current events into proper context.

R: 102 / I: 35 / P: 11 [R] [G] [-]

Simulating the View from The Car



The (((MSM))) never cared to make a timeline/map for this incident so let's make it.

Although the argument of whether Fields was a patsy, CIA plant, or just a poor kid, it's going to be useful for us to see what he was seeing and also having actual hard numbers that remain FACTUAL. We can keep arguing what the motivation was etc, but having numbers and hard numbers at it too can help us in the long run and help to dispel any falsities the media or shills present. Compiling the results would be great also.

The street he was driving on, 4th Street SE has a grade, and given that, we should be able to know what Fields was seeing when he was speeding down the hill and through the speed bump We know he was going pretty fast down up the speed bump because of the screech in webm related

==THE NUMBERS== (correct me if I'm wrong)

I'll post some basic dimensions of the Dodge Challenger Fields was riding:

2008-2014 Dodge Challenger car specifications


Height: 144.7 cm or 57 in

Front Headroom: 100.33 cm or 39.5 in

(Avg sitting height of an American is 91cm, but this is not on a car seat; probably lower, also need height of Fields)

Incl'd diagrams of a Dodge Challenger SRT8 (2008)

I believe that the car's height and then the height from which Field's could see would obfuscate the view of the cars at the end of the hill.


I believe he was travelling at an average speed of 39.6 Km/h or 24.6 Mi/h for the following reasons

Length between point of impact (PoI) with first car from speed bump: Roughly 60.56 metres or 198.7ft

Time between first shot of car on Brick Angle to the second loud bump (first one was fag hitting car with bat): approx 5.5 seconds (this is inaccurate, anyone with professional video player with 10ths of seconds please correct)

By calculating this through http://www.machinehead-software.co.uk/bike/speed_distance_time_calc.html I'm lazy we get an average speed of 39.6 km/h

Next thing we need is the grade of the road Field's went down. I appreciate any contributions, and call on any skilled anons to make a infographic of the calculations once we finalize the findings. Also if we have any drawfags who can draw diagrams, that too would be much appreciated.

t. aznanon

R: 38 / I: 9 / P: 11 [R] [G] [-]

Hollywood Forever Cemetery removes Confederate monument after calls from activists and vandalism threats

The Hollywood Forever Cemetery removed a monument commemorating Confederate veterans early Wednesday after hundreds of activists requested its removal and some threatened vandalism.

The move comes days after violence erupted at a white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Va., over the city’s ordered removal of a statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee. The events triggered a national debate about similar monuments across the country.

Since 1925, the 6-foot monument has stood in the Confederate section of the cemetery, where more than 30 Confederate veterans, along with their families, are buried. The monument will be taken to a storage site within the next 24 hours, cemetery officials said, but the grave markers will remain.

This week, Hollywood Forever was fielding as many as 60 calls and emails a day from people requesting the cemetery get rid of the monument, said Tyler Cassity, the cemetery’s president and co-owner. A Change.org petition calling for its removal drew more than 1,300 signatures.

On Tuesday, someone vandalized the granite boulder monument, Cassity said, using a black marker to write “No” across its bronze plaque.

Cassity said he reached out to the Long Beach chapter of the United Daughters of the Confederacy, which owns the monument and ultimately made the decision to take it down to prevent further acts of vandalism. .

“I was afraid to leave it overnight,” said a spokeswoman for the organization, who asked that her name not be used for fear of reprisal. “We have had the cemetery remove it until we decide what to do.”

Those calling for the monument’s removal are “erasing history,” she said.

“I do not believe in slavery — no sane human would believe in that today,” she said. “But back then they did.”

She condemned the violence in Virginia and expressed sorrow for those killed and injured.

“We weep for the people who are involved in all of the things that are going on in our country — on both sides. We find hatred among white supremacists, we find hatred among Black Lives Matter,” she said. “We should all come together and become one under the United States of America.”


R: 63 / I: 18 / P: 11 [R] [G] [-]




> Jeremy Corbyn: Wrong to blame 'entire community' for abuse

> Sarah Champion faced a backlash after writing in the Sun that "Britain has a problem with British Pakistani men raping and exploiting white girls".

> The Rotherham MP quit as shadow equalities minister and apologised for her "extremely poor choice of words".

> [Corbyn] told BBC Manchester: "Child exploitation is wrong. Child abuse is wrong. It is a crime, and it has to be dealt with.

> "But you cannot blame an entire community, an entire nation or an entire ethnic community. You have to deal with it for the crime of what it is."

> The Conservative minister said in a tweet: "Corbyn wrong to sack Sarah Champion. We need an honest open debate on child sexual exploitation, including racial motivation."

> In interviews following the convictions, the Labour MP said such crimes involved "predominately Pakistani men" and a fear of being called racist

was hampering the authorities' investigations.

> She then wrote the Sun article, which also included the line: "These people are predators, and the common denominator is their ethnic heritage."

In a tangenial rant: Things are bad. I live in a northern England town. I went to Tescos yesterday, and… well, I couldn't park for 20 minutes because the car park was overloaded. 9 out of 10 drivers Muslim or black. When I finally managed to park, I stood outside smoking a cig and looked at the racial demographics. 8 out of 10 people Muslim or black. It made me feel sick to my stomach. This used to be our country, and it's being taken from us.

TV is getting worse and worse. All the major networks are kiked beyond belief. "Channel 4" and all it's subchannels are the worst. These 2 adverts are played on just about every advert break:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZslfXPiYOz8 (all women's vaginas are amazing! SO DIVERSE!)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QKUd6lam7N8 (taking the niglets out)

I've noticed a disturbing trend. In the 90s, it always used to be the "token black" in a group of normal people. Now in (((media))), it's 90% ethnic/Muslim/black, WITH A TOKEN WHITE.

Roll on September 23rd.

R: 113 / I: 28 / P: 11 [R] [G] [-]

Scared cuck renounces white nationlism at Charlotsville

He removes his uniform after being chased by a bunch of niggers. The police standing down as usual.

>this is why we can't be associated with these shameful normalfags larping as "Nazi's".

R: 748 / I: 261 / P: 11 [R] [G] [-]

August Eclipse thread 2.0

old thread hit its post limit so now we need a new one i guess… or we don't im not 100% how this works… any way

the memes brothers

ITT meme magic, Crazy Eclipse stuff, grand old shit posting, talk about meet ups, and all around other /xpol/ stuff

R: 48 / I: 10 / P: 11 [R] [G] [-]

French cops vs 1 terrorist.

Oh god…

Part 2

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=LXhrTLDQEsE

Part 3

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=tUF1k9Y_rsU

R: 114 / I: 37 / P: 11 [R] [G] [-]

The Destruction and Subversion of Language

Greetings, /pol/

Can we talk about the ongoing destruction of language, particularly the English language, to influence the range of thought and expression? Words are vital in our communication with one another, and languages as a whole are a fundamental pillar of one's culture. Its subversion to suit the needs of invading, malicious forces is a topic I don't see pop up very often. Way back when, the custom was to conquer your enemy and give their language a physical death, replacing the old lingua franca with your own language. Now, in the age of instant communication, languages themselves are not the target, but words.

1984 described such an event with Newspeak.

>"It's a beautiful thing, the Destruction of words. Of course the great wastage is in the verbs and adjectives, but there are hundreds of nouns that can be got rid of as well. It isn't only the synonyms; there are also the antonyms. After all, what justification is there for a word, which is simply the opposite of some other word? A word contains its opposite in itself. Take ‘good,’ for instance. If you have a word like ‘good,’ what need is there for a word like ‘bad’? ‘Ungood’ will do just as well – better, because it's an exact opposite, which the other is not."

>"In the end the whole notion of goodness and badness will be covered by only six words – in reality, only one word. Don't you see the beauty of that, Winston? "

The birth of the progressive, SJW lexicon is but one of these kinds of threats to the English language, and to the interpretations of the concepts attached to its words. Sociology definitions superseding traditional dictionary definitions, newly created words that form a political orthodoxy and allows the left toe shun the usage of words that fall out of that orthodoxy, artificial linguistic toxicity placed upon words that aren't even offensive.

Calling illegal aliens "undocumented workers", race-mixing "diversity", you've all seen how the English language is being used. In 1984, the Party destroyed words that expressed shades and degrees of qualities, but now the kikes are using all kinds of words in all kinds of places where they don't belong, and using those degrees of quality to discard the severity and stigma attached to things. English is a great language for making things up and switching things around. You can create new words on the fly and it will make complete sense.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you have any personal or political examples of language being manipulated like this? How can we stop people from controlling the range of thought and expression via language? How bad do you think its gotten? Was Skull Face right?

R: 148 / I: 32 / P: 11 [R] [G] [-]

HAPPENING - German nazi march

Happening now

Live footage of white shirts march in the heart of Berlin.

Jesus christ, I thought Germans

looked different compared to

White Americans, you literally

look identical to us with your white shirts

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/HOE3FsK_jJU" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

R: 51 / I: 23 / P: 11 [R] [G] [-]

Alt-Left rally set for Sunday in Quebec



Lefties are planning a massive "anti-racism/pro-immigration" rally on Sunday in Quebec. Most of the info is in French, so I'll need some French Canadanfags to help out with the details. As far as I can tell, it's being put on by two groups: Anti-Discrimination Citizen Action (Action Citoyenne Contre La Discrimination) and Refugees Welcome (Bienvenue aux refugie).

The group's facebook page has 300+ "going" plus over 1k "interested". I archived the Facebook comments page, see the top of pic 5.

Literally cucking for more refugees in Canada.

R: 316 / I: 96 / P: 11 [R] [G] [-]

Knife attack in Finland




R: 147 / I: 45 / P: 11 [R] [G] [-]

Jordan Peterson proven right again

C-16 is now law and we should seriously consider building a northern wall before we even consider funding the beaner wall. As an added benefit, the commies in California may be tricked into visiting Canada allowing us to revoke their citizenship when they cross the border.

R: 40 / I: 6 / P: 11 [R] [G] [-]

TRUMP THE BLOWHARD - In January, President Trump vowed to hire 5,000 new Border Patrol agents. It never happened==

ive days after President Trump took office, he signed an executive order that promised a swift, sharp crackdown on illegal immigration — immediate construction of a massive border wall, quick hiring of 5,000 new Border Patrol agents and stepped-up deportation of undocumented migrants.

“Beginning today, the United States of America gets back control of its borders,” Trump declared at the Jan. 25 ceremony at the Department of Homeland Security, which controls federal immigration agencies.

Seven months later, construction of the wall has yet to begin, the number of Border Patrol officers has actually dropped by 220, and immigration agents are on track to deport 10,000 fewer people this year than in President Obama’s last year in office, the latest figures show.

To be sure, part of Trump’s crackdown is showing dramatic results. Illegal border crossings are down 22% compared with last summer. Arrests of people in the country illegally have surged 43% since January, including longtime residents who bought homes, paid taxes and raised families here.

The sharpest increase in arrests was of undocumented migrants without criminal convictions – 24,189 under Trump, nearly three times as many as Obama in the first seven months of last year.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials say the slower pace in deportations — from 240,000 last fiscal year to an expected 230,000 this year — is misleading. Sarah Rodriguez, an ICE spokeswoman, attributed the shift to fewer people being caught and sent back at the border. Removals from inside the country have surged.

But other pledges that Trump made the keystone of his campaign have stalled, or even slid backward, a reflection of the gap between his broad promises and the practical reality of remaking the government’s vast immigration enforcement apparatus.

The challenges are especially steep at the long-troubled Border Patrol, the nation’s largest law enforcement agency. Operating from boats, planes, cars and horses, the green-uniformed Border Patrol officers hold the front line to secure the 2,000-mile Southwest border.

After the terrorist attacks of 2001, Congress doubled the size of the Border Patrol to more than 20,000 to enhance border security. But hampered by poor morale, hiring problems and high attrition, as well as rampant corruption, the agency hasn’t met that goal since 2013.

Staffing has drifted downward since 2010, and the agency now has about 2,000 vacancies — with 220 fewer agents than when Trump took office, records show.

More importantly, based on current attrition and hiring rates, the agency would need to screen about 750,000 applicants to meet Trump’s goal of hiring 5,000 qualified agents, according to a July report by the inspector general at the Department of Homeland Security.


ARCHIVE.IS ←—fuck cloudflare and google

R: 52 / I: 43 / P: 11 [R] [G] [-]

A proposal to change the nazi anime girl on the bottom right to a better girl

Why don't we use this anime girl instead of the current generic one with a blank expression on her face?

R: 52 / I: 15 / P: 11 [R] [G] [-]


drills begin tomorrow

"North Korea warned Sunday that the upcoming US-South Korea military exercises are "reckless behavior driving the situation into the uncontrollable phase of a nuclear war."

Pyongyang also declared that its army can target the United States anytime, and neither Guam, Hawaii nor the US mainland can "dodge the merciless strike."

The messages in Rodong Sinmun, the official government newspaper, come a day before the US starts the Ulchi Freedom Guardian military exercises with South Korea.

Tensions between the US and North Korea have grown in recent weeks.

Just last week, Pyongyang said it had finalized a plan to fire four missiles toward the US territory of Guam. State media reported that leader Kim Jong Un would assess the US' next move before giving launch orders.

Kim would "watch a little more the foolish and stupid conduct of the Yankees," a North Korean statement said last week."


R: 83 / I: 41 / P: 11 [R] [G] [-]

CNN adovcates 25th Amendment

OK now we have open sedition. WTF.

CNN has advocated the triggering of the 25th amendment. Muh Russia didn't work and he won't resign so here we go. Time for war.


R: 130 / I: 51 / P: 12 [R] [G] [-]

Dig Anon Here With A Dig Thread

Ok so.. I definitely found something and I need help. I was on craigslist looking for suspicious commie ads and I found this shit…

>ad on craiglist "renting my property out $50/hr for 2 $100/hr for six

>full bar with bartender (female)

I wanted to blow him the fuck out so I dug. And holy fucking shit I think I found a smoking gun.

>Father, Son, Grandson All Wayne J Tidwell Son's middle is jeff, other two jordan

>Father is registered dem

>other two registered no party affiliation

>the family has owned about 30 companies

>all of them seem fraudulent

>no EIN's

>no indication of them actually conducting business

>one of those companies is a charter boat company

>supposedly have a 50' catamaran

>caters exclusively to people who want to book private charters to the carribean


>all references to it come up as the son and his wife owning it

>but the father comes up as being the CEO

>the company was formed in 2012

>goybook post in 2013: Son: "awh shucks I wish we could have actually made our boat dream come true!1!"

if it didnt pan out why are you still filing paperwork for it?

>the address of the son and his wife, which is the address the original craigslist ad was for, is a fucking shack that looks like gypsys live in it

So maybe it really didnt pan out?

>the father, who is indicated to have interest in the company, is wealthy

>no idea how, all atleast most, I cant remember if I checked every one the companies he has in his name have supposedly never done business and have never been issued EIN's

>The father has property in Cocoa Beach florida and Big Canoe, GA

>Big Canoe is an extremely exclusive mountain town. They purport to be a 'bipartisan community' but even a cursory glance shows otherwise.

>The community consists of mostly c-list actors, and (((accomplished educators and businessmen)))

>has its own police department

>if someone wants to sell their property and there isnt a vetted purchaser buying it the POA will snatch it up immediately so they can choose who moves in.

Seems like a hive and scum and villainy. The whole charter boat thing coupled with the "sex club in my back yard, complete with hookin bartender" is highly implicit of human trafficking. And the highly fraudulent seeming companies are suspect as hell. But there's a little more.

I have not been able to find proof to back this part up 100% but I've never met a tidwell in my life but according to florida voting registration records the tidwell surname is completely over-represented. curiously, upon digging into random tidwell names I found that most of them are (((successful businessmen)))

And well… Here is the part that I haven't been able to proof more than tentatively… These people are very suspect for being involved in human trafficking. They absolutely have connections to very wealthy kikes and communists. And they live in Florida. Ya know who else lives in Florida and is very much tied to the establishment of rat holes to facilitate human trafficking, whose pet paki was just charged with crimes related to? DEBBIE WASSERMAN FUCKING SCHULTZ.

>but Anon, thats not really much of a connection at all


Ctrl + F "tidwell"

I don't believe in coincidences. Help me find how these fucks are connected to her.

R: 41 / I: 15 / P: 12 [R] [G] [-]




>He dominated show business with (shabbos(Dean Martin)shabbos) in the 1950s, starred in ‘The Bellboy’ and ‘The Nutty Professor,’ hosted the Labor Day telethon for decades and received the ✡Hersholt award.✡

✡Jerry Lewis✡, whose irrepressible zaniness and frantic creativity vaulted him to stardom as a comic movie star who wielded unparalleled green-light power at Paramount in the 1960s, died Sunday. He was 91.

R: 95 / I: 54 / P: 12 [R] [G] [-]

Writer of children's book 'Pepe and Pede' fired from school



>Without context, The Adventures of Pepe and Pede looks like a fairly standard children's book. Its cover features a smiling frog with its left arm around a friendly looking centipede, and its pages are filled with Wishington Farm's anthropomorphic animals talking to each other.

>With context, however, the self-published book, written by Denton ISD assistant principal Eric Hauser, is anything but standard. Pepe the Frog is an animated character, created by Matt Furie for an unrelated comic strip, that's become the symbol of Donald Trump's fans on Reddit, 4Chan and Twitter. Pepe is often used on posts authored by U.S. ethno-nationalists.

>"There is a large group of people that are trying to silence this book," Hauser tells the Dallas Observer. "I've been called all sorts of things, from being a white supremacist to you name it."

Hauser says the use of Pepe has drawn fire, and he acknowledges that the book has political overtones.

>"One, this book has a character named Pepe — and Pepe is very popular for many things," he says. "Also, this book has a lot of conservative overtones, but I will tell you this: I wrote the book as attempt to break down the barriers of political correctness and embrace truth, honesty and teamwork."

>The Anti-Defamation League notes on its website that "because so many Pepe the Frog memes are not bigoted in nature, it is important to examine use of the meme only in context. The mere fact of posting a Pepe meme does not mean that someone is racist or white supremacist. However, if the meme itself is racist or anti-Semitic in nature, or if it appears in a context containing bigoted or offensive language or symbols, then it may have been used for hateful purposes."

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How to Achieve Völkischism

The aftermath of this "terrorist attack" in Charlottesville has driven me to a certain epiphany about the political ideals we seek to achieve. I want to share these conclusions with you, and seek your commentary and criticism. These conclusions are NOT meant to demoralize you. In fact, they should vitalize you. If you read this thoroughly you will understand why.


We cannot succeed without the collapse of the existing order.

There are ZERO qualities to modern western democracies which allow purely uncompromised völkisch ideals to prevail. Why is this? You may wonder because it was Hitler himself who rose to power through election. The primary concern is the United States of America. I am not going to presume Donald Trump is a cuck, Jew, our secretly /ourguy/ because none of us know the answer to this. However, it is extremely obvious that regardless of his true beliefs his platform has consistently been one of civic nationalism. But is this not a gayway to the third position, a positive shifting of the Overton window? No. This is because western democracy is critically dependent on the mob. The mob is a powerful political tool. It is stupid, irrational, volatile, easy to manipulate and easy to subvert. If you understand the mob's nature, you necessarily understand the power of mainstream media institutions. The mob is the reason the most popular far right movement in America is corralled by faggots like Milo Yiannopoulos and implicit faggots like Richard Spencer. In other words, the necessity of political success lies in mass appeal, and völkischism, by its nature, has very little mass appeal in the USA. Why? Because a critical component of völkischism is the recognition of nature's brutality. The average western man has no relationship with brutality. The reason you do is because either you've either experienced it yourself, or because you're sufficiently alienated from society that you can come to these philosophical conclusions on your own (or through fellow internet autistics). So perhaps now you understand why Hitler could win an election on his platform. Because the European post-WW1 population was VERY cognizant of hardship and brutality. They rebelled against the cultural horrors of Weimar, likely because it stood in such stark contrast with the hardships of WW1. While I could go on about how easy it is for (((them))) to subvert third positionist movements, I think the alt-right is a sufficient example of why your most beautiful ideals would be totally bastardized by the modern political nature of the west. If the most redpilled man in the world was elected US president, the law could not permit him to do anything we deem useful or necessary. Only the mob would allow him to defy the law, and as I've asserted, the current political climate does not grant us such a mob. The mob of the USA is racially diverse, addicted to material escapism, and estranged from their ancestors' history, and even world history in general. The enlightenment principles of the USA's foundation simply cannot coexist with völkischism at home or anywhere in the world.

Which brings me to my next point.

European ethno-nationalists cannot succeed without the collapse of the USA. You may already understand intuitively why this is without having read the above paragraph. If civic nationalism is the establishment threshold of right wing ideology in the USA, then there is simply no way any of you are going to get away with doing what is necessary to fix the "Eurostan" crisis. I do not believe there is any political party you can elect (one who's platform is truly in your best interests) that will not be subverted by the CIA, let alone the (((media))). This is because legitimizing ethno-nationalism among US allies will lead to the destabilization of the USA. Trump currently supports right-wing nationalist countries like Poland and Hungary and their right to not totally ruin their nation. He can get away with this because his position back home is anti-immigration. However, he will in all likelihood not attempt to unfuck those European countries that are already so damaged by cultural marxism and immigration. He cannot take the heat of helping you deport every single Achmed, and in the current economic order, you're damned if you do, damned if you don't. Your nationhood was put on the sacrificial altar via mass immigration to save the comfy world of industrial growth and materialism. This brings me to my next point.


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Alt-right purge and it's ramifications

Doesn't this purge almost completely concentrate power in the hands of 4/pol/ and us? And it's not like (((they))) can attack imageboards directly unless they want Gamertavistock 1000x.

Why are they mopping up the namefags and driving everyone to us? I honestly don't understand their strategy.

R: 14 / I: 2 / P: 12 [R] [G] [-]






R: 470 / I: 147 / P: 12 [R] [G] [-]


Antifa and Black Lives Matter are fighting each other down in Dallas for some reason. get in here and watch the lulz

R: 177 / I: 57 / P: 12 [R] [G] [-]

Pro-Trump “patriot” rally set for same day as Juggalo March in Washington, DC.

On September 16th, fans of Insane Clown Posse are set to take to the Washington Mall for the Juggalo March in protest of the FBI’s classifying Juggalos as “a loosely organized hybrid gang.” The gathering has been in the works for over a year, but they suddenly find themselves in real estate competition from a new pro-Trump demonstration called Mother of All Rallies. Billing itself as “the Woodstock of American rallies” while completely missing the irony of being named after the world’s most destructive non-nuclear bomb, M.O.A.R. seeks to “demand protection for traditional American culture while they express their love for the United States and the America First agenda,” according to its website.

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Redpill thread

Since /pol/ is under such obvious attack, I figure we might as well turn some of them to our side. Redpill general! Kikes, niggers, faggots, racemixers - let's teach the shills about them all.

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The Strategy Forward for the "Alt-Right"

Hey /pol/! As we all know Charlottesville was a failure, and I thought it might be time for the so called "alt right" to change it's values to something more friendly.

We need to be active in our communities. And actually help people out. Let people know we're the good guys, the peaceful ones. The ones that are actually against things such as violence and oppression. We can do things such as hold charity rallies, go around picking up litter, helping old ladies cross the street. Anything that is a nice and good natured thing to do. This is how we attract the common folk. The kind people. The working people.

We'll be doing all of this of course while being in full uniform. Yes I'm talking full National Socialist iconography. Swastikas and all. It's really the only way to brand the Swastika as a symbol of peace, and the Star of David as a symbol of hate.

Anti-race mixing, Anti-Homosexuality, Nationalism, Ethno-Nationalism are not ideas exclusive to National Socialism. We can show America and even the world that these things are for good, not bad.

We can teach black kids about true leaders they should look up to, we can erect statues of Malcolm X, and call out the hypocrisies of people such as Martin King Jr.

My point is, we need to serve National Socialism with a smile. We should not scoop down to the level of the left. We are better than them. Like the ANP said, we need to approach our problems with an "aryan mindset". One of nobility and tradition, that we truly believe in the good of our community and our people, and that people of other races should to the same.

Listen brothers, the odds are already against us. We need people to know we are the good guys, that WE are the ones that are actually for the people. We should not degrade ourselves to the level the leftists have. We're above that. That's the only way we're going to be able to win this war.

>inb4 reddit spacing

tl;dr: nice guy national socialism.

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Boston Police Doxed 33 AnTifA

You know what to do



Zhen XIE, 33, MALDEN, Assault & Battery on a Police Officer and Resisting Arrest

2. Trevor Carey, 24, SHEWSBURY, Disorderly Conduct

3. Devante Phillips, 25, DORCHESTER, Disturbing a Public Assembly

4. Matthew Krinscherff, 25, BROOKLINE, Disturbing a Public Assembly

5. Shawn Vieira, 25, BOSTON, Disturbing the Peace and Unlawfully Carrying a Dangerous Weapon (Knife)

6. Delroy Richardson, 25, BROCKTON, Disturbing the Peace and Resisting Arrest

7. Thomas Ensley, 36, VERMONT, Disturbing a Public Assembly, Resisting Arrest Person and Disorderly Conduct 

8. Joshua Jenkins, 31, PLYMOUTH, Disturbing a Public Assembly, Resisting Arrest and Disorderly Conduct 

9. Marlon McCalister, 30, BROOKLINE, Disturbing a Public Assembly and Resisting Arrest  

10. Ayesha Kazmi, 40, BOSTON, Disturbing a Public Assembly, Resisting Arrest and Disorderly Conduct 

11. Victoria Mallada, 24, FITCHBURG, Disturbing a Public Assembly, Resisting Arrest and Disorderly Conduct 

12. Kimberly Carlisle, 39, BOSTON, Disturbing A Public Assembly, Resisting Arrest and Disorderly Conduct 

13. Mohammed Eldeb, 23, SOMERVILLE, Assault & Battery on a Police Officer and Resisting Arrest

14. Antwane Strickland, 26, REVERE, Disturbing a Public Assembly

15. Tony Massey, 42, BOSTON, Disturbing a Public Assembly, Resisting Arrest and Disorderly Conduct

16. John Lari, 25, Eugene, OR, Disturbing a Public Assembly, Resisting Arrest and Disorderly Conduct

17. Edson Dasilva, 28, QUINCY, Disturbing a Public Assembly, Disorderly Conduct and Resisting Arrest

18. 15-year-old female from CAMBRIDGE, Delinquent to wit Assault & Battery by Means of Dangerous Weapon (2 counts), Delinquent to wit Disorderly Conduct

19. Timothy Thorley, 32, WEYMOUTH, Disorderly Conduct and Affray

20. Casey Gonzalez, 30, LOWELL, Disorderly Conduct and Affray

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Do you see this? This is why there hasn't been a single MSM close up view of the Free Speech rally. These are the violent ebil nazis 40k people demonstrated against. Trump is the most majestic fucking con artist of this century and played them like a god damn fiddle.

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Report: ‘Unite the Right’ Organizer Jason Kessler Was Occupy-Movement Obama Supporter 8 Mos Ago

Hotpocket Edit: webm of his anti-white spoken word 'poetry' >>10439926

>‘Unite the Right’ organizer Jason Kessler was reportedly an Obama supporter involved in the Occupy movement as recently as November 2016, before establishing his white supremacist group “Unity & Security for America” in January, 2017.

>Per the (((Southern Poverty Law Center))):

>Rumors abound on white nationalist forums that Kessler’s ideological pedigree before 2016 was less than pure and seem to point to involvement in the Occupy movement and past support for President Obama.

>At one recent speech in favor of Charlottesville’s status as a sanctuary city,Kessler live-streamed himself as an attendee questioned him and apologized for an undisclosed spat during Kessler’s apparent involvement with Occupy. Kessler appeared visibly perturbed by the woman’s presence and reminders of their past association.

>Kessler himself has placed his “red-pilling” around December of 2013 when a PR executive was publicly excoriated for a tasteless Twitter joke about AIDS in Africa.

>Regarding the incident, Kessler stated “… so it was just a little race joke, nothing that big of a deal, she didn’t have that many followers, she probably didn’t think anybody was gonna see it,”

>Regardless of Kessler’s past politics, the rightward shift in his views was first put on display in November, 2016 when his tirade against Wes Bellamy began.


They're citing the SPLC, but it's still something worth digging into, as well as:

>Kessler Name Meaning

>German, Dutch, and Jewish (Ashkenazic): occupational name for a maker of copper cooking vessels, from an agent derivative of Middle High German kezzel ‘kettle’, ‘cauldron’, Middle Dutch ketel, modern German Kessel.


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I don't get it

It's a bird!

It's a plane!

It's … what is it?

Pic related. What exactly am i looking at and why is it on /pol/'s front page?

R: 25 / I: 3 / P: 12 [R] [G] [-]

How badly will this affect the media? Their false narrative ends with this picture, we have to spread it.

R: 751 / I: 211 / P: 13 [R] [G] [-]

The Huffington Post Doxxer Pt2

85% sure this is him. Would like someone else to help me verify. Please sticky.

The man behind the @yesyouareracist posting personal information of people who attended the tiki torch rally is one of (((them))). People like @Millennial_Matt are getting death threats because of this.

Name: Logan James Smith

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/loganjsmith

Twitter: https://twitter.com/LoganJames

Huffpost editor site: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/author/logan-smith-826

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/loganjsmith1/

Address: 5025 Simmons Branch Trl, Raleigh, NC 27606

Landline: (865) 220-8825

Workplace: http://www.progressncaction.org/

Ceo: https://www.facebook.com/arshad.hasan

Funded by: https://www.zsr.org/

Wife: https://www.facebook.com/mor.aframian

twitter: https://twitter.com/MagicMor

reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/magicmor?sort=hot

linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/moraframian/

Parents: James N Smith and Kim Lori Smith

Phone numbers associated with them: (865) 483-7540 (574) 875-5434

Their address: 123 Brentwood Dr Oak Ridge, TN 37830-7666

moms facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kimsmithquilts?fref=mentions&pnref=story

dads facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jim.smith

Wife’s parents: https://www.facebook.com/shula.aframian https://www.facebook.com/farhad.aframian

Their addresses: 6200 Rosebriar Lane Charlotte, NC 5850 Serrania Avenue Woodland Hills, CA

Phones: 818-340-6386 (Cali address) 704-544-4609, 350-800-0402 (Charlotte address)

625 Washington St., Raleigh North Carolina 27605




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Dailystormer got shoah's by Google and GoDaddy

Dailystormer just got shoah'd by Google and GoDaddy.



; <<>> DiG 9.11.1 <<>> dailystormer.com A
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;; Got answer:
;; ->>HEADER<<- opcode: QUERY, status: NXDOMAIN, id: 42901
;; flags: qr rd ra; QUERY: 1, ANSWER: 0, AUTHORITY: 1, ADDITIONAL: 1

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;dailystormer.com. IN A

com. 894 IN SOA a.gtld-servers.net. nstld.verisign-grs.com. 1502790978 1800 900 604800 86400

;; Query time: 116 msec
;; WHEN: Tue Aug 15 11:56:43 CEST 2017
;; MSG SIZE rcvd: 118

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Jews the world over are considering making aaliyah, and moving to Israel. Confronted by the threat of Fascism on one hand and Islam on the other, both threats the Jew is uniquely responsible for, many Jews are now considering abandoning their adopted homelands.

What does this mean?



R: 31 / I: 5 / P: 13 [R] [G] [-]

Republican Congressman Who Was Shot By Violent Leftists Defends Violent Leftists


>"I'm disgusted by the violence and killing that took place in Charlottesville and by the vile white supremacist bigotry that inspired it," Scalise said in the statement. "There must be no tolerance for racism in our nation and we must work together as Americans and human beings to defeat white supremacy and all forms of hatred."

>Scalise nearly died on June 14 when a gunman opened fire on GOP lawmakers and staffers practicing in a Washington, D.C., suburb for the annual Congressional Baseball Game. Four other people were also shot. The No. 2 House Republican has been recovering from broken bones, internal organ damage, major blood loss and infection amid multiple surgeries. It is unknown when he will return to Congress.

Notice how they call the shooter just "a gunman" rather than point out he was a deranged Antifa-brainwashed #resistcuck.

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Michael Acquino page deleted from Wikipedia

Michael Acquino article deleted after extensive information regarding his occult activities in relation to the military are posted. Also, Michael Acquino appears to be an active editor on Wikipedia. In case all the anons are gone now or you've forgotten for whatever reason, Acquino is not just a creepy satanic pedo who founded the Temple of Set, he was also involved in the formation of the G.A.T.E. program.


R: 63 / I: 11 / P: 13 [R] [G] [-]





R: 173 / I: 65 / P: 13 [R] [G] [-]


UPDATE: At least 5 pedestrians struck by vehicle in Clementon, NJ Developing Story


R: 38 / I: 8 / P: 13 [R] [G] [-]



had to make because nobody else did

08/19/2017 21:48 | Updated 19/08/2017 22:14

Three armed individuals have started a shootout at the station in Nimes (France) on Saturday, where the La Vuelta de España began on Saturday. The suspected attackers have been taken off a train from Paris, according to local media.

Apparently one of the attackers, armed with an assault rifle, would have escaped, according to Spanish sports news reports. French police have evacuated the station for security at around 9:15 pm and are looking for two suspects on one of the station's trains, apparently entrenched. The security forces have ordered the passengers of the registered train to keep their hands raised

A group of journalists who is in the place by the celebration of the first stage of the Vuelta of Spain has alerted in the networks of the incident. "We are being held in the press room of Nîmes by a shooting in the station of the city. As a preventive measure, it is assumed, "one of the journalists has tweeted



R: 461 / I: 122 / P: 13 [R] [G] [-]

God Emperor praises protesters

Trump just made a duo of tweets praising the protesters in Boston and declaring the country will soon be one. The question is, what game is he playing? By "protesters", who does he mean? This will probably work all sides into a fit and dominate the news cycle for the next few days. It's clearly designed to be provocative. What ploy is this?

R: 77 / I: 23 / P: 13 [R] [G] [-]

Charlleston WV, BLM rally planned at capitol.

potential HAPPENING

"A Black Lives Matter rally is set for Sunday, Aug. 20, at the West Virginia State Capitol building.

The group C.A.R.E., or Call to Action for Racial Equality, is helping organize the event. Rally organizers want to distinguish this event from other recent protests.

"We'd like to clear up misconceptions of the rally because I think there are concerns that we are wanting to rally around the removal of the Stonewall Jackson statue, but that's definitely not what we were planning to do," C.A.R.E. executive director Gabrielle Chapman said Thursday.

Charleston Police Lt. Scot Blankenship told WSAZ the event will not be near the Stonewall Jackson statue. It will be on the other side of the Capitol building.

Blankenship said the event organizers have been compliant with police to plan the rally.

The event to discuss race relations has been in the works for months. It was originally going to be at West Virginia State University. After the deadly attack in Charlottesville, Virginia, several different groups reached out to C.A.R.E.

"To give accessibility to other organizations, we decided to move it to the Capitol building," Chapman said.

According to police and event organizers, peaceful discussion about race is on the agenda. Speakers and artists will have the floor throughout the event from 5 to 7:30 p.m.

The Capitol grounds prohibit weapons of any kind. That includes sticks that are attached to signs. Police also said bags and backpacks will be subject to search at the rally. "



R: 184 / I: 32 / P: 13 [R] [G] [-]

Charlottesville is an example of why the mass movement meme won't work

Everyone here has been pretty divided over the issue of appealing to the masses vs. appealing to a more revolutionary mindset. This whole series of events is a good example of why this shit just doesn't work. No matter how many polo shirts you wear you will always be seen as a Nazi or nazi equivalent in the eyes of the masses. We all know that the state controls the media and so on and as a result (especially with social media being the sole news source for like 50% of the population) no matter what you do, what you say, you will always look like some radical to the majority of the population.

This may seem like a huge problem, but it really isn't. Revolution is a spectator sport, and the only way you're gonna get an end to this jewish sytem we live in today is by bringing it down either by force or by letting it collapse in on itself. Redpilling people is fine but we're not gonna get some Nuremberg rally type shit if we appeal to the moms and dads and look weak.

R: 158 / I: 35 / P: 13 [R] [G] [-]


Protesters in Atlanta Tear Down ‘Peace Monument’ After Mistaking It for Confederate SymboI

Protesters vandalized and attempted to take down the Peace Monument in Piedmont Park in Atlanta on Sunday, mistaking it for a pro-Confederate statue.

>The protesters were marching in response to the violent protests in Charlottesville, Virginia, on Saturday where one woman died after being deliberately hit by a car, and two law enforcement personnel were killed when the helicopter they were in crashed. “The Atlanta march traveled from Woodruff Park to Piedmont Park Sunday, where some damaged the Peace Monument, erected in 1911,” a blog on the Atlanta Journal-Constitution website said. “The sculpture features an angel standing above a Confederate soldier, guiding him to lay down his weapon.”

>But the memorial attacked by protesters — some dressed in black and wearing masks — was erected to encourage healing and reconciliation: “When the Civil War broke out, members of an Atlanta militia called the tavistock City Guard were among the first to take up arms against the North,” the AJC blog said. “Afterward, some survivors became part of what would eventually become the Georgia National Guard.” “Others, who felt they were too old to fight any longer, took up the cause for reconciliation,” according to AJC.

>“These guys realized a national healing needed to take place,” Thornton Kennedy, a history buff in Atlanta, said about the inspiration or the Peace Monument. “They organized a peace tour of the North, which is really remarkable,” Kennedy said. “These were guys who fought in the Civil War, against Union troops.” “They would go meet with Union soldiers and began to repair those fissures the war created,” Kennedy said. “It speaks to what we call the Atlanta spirit.”

>“No one, of course, suggests that 1911 Atlanta was the progressive bastion of equality, diversity and inclusion that modern-day Atlanta enjoys,” the blog said. “Jim Crow was the law of the land back then. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 was decades away. Women were still nine years from having the right to vote.” But those behind the monument seemed to be ahead of their time, the outlet reported.

>According to AJC, “The Peace Monument erected that year was something of harbinger of Atlanta’s reputation during the 1960s Civil Rights era as the ‘City Too Busy to Hate.’” “I think Atlanta has done a fairly good job of putting the Civil War in context and moving on from it,” Kennedy said. “I do want everyone to know the history of that statue and know that it truly is a peace monument.”

>“The former tavistock City Guard has given way to a civic group called the Old Guard of the tavistock City Guard, whose members participate in historic commemorations including an annual rededication of the Peace Monument,” AJC continued. Past commandant John Green told the AJC he hopes the Peace Monument will be restored in time for this fall’s ceremony. “We would like for people to know what it is,” he said.


R: 331 / I: 75 / P: 13 [R] [G] [-]

6 cops shot, 3 different cities, within an hour


What are the odds that 6 cops get shot randomly within an hour.

R: 22 / I: 2 / P: 13 [R] [G] [-]


In the eye of the public, there is a gap we must bridge between the popular notion of genocide — i.e., some African village raid by men wielding machetes and Kalashnikovs — and the probable demographic outcome for whites in Europe and North America. It's the same result but achieved through gradual means. To help wake up the general populace, I offer this new intercontinental ballistic propaganda missile:


If we can succeed in getting this phrase picked up by MSM, then they will almost certain attempt to deconstruct it. However, by referencing and attempting to deconstruct it, they will only aid us in planting the idea of slow-motion genocide in the minds of the network listeners.

Air it through normalfag channels, start dropping it occasionally on your normiebook and in conversations with friends and family, and even broadcast it through the aut-right, halfcuck, /r/thedonald, &c. This is, as the great Scott Adams himself would say, weaponized persuasion. But, unlike normal weapons, exercise no caution when operating.

R: 623 / I: 136 / P: 13 [R] [G] [-]

'LEFTOVER' WOMEN FORCED TO FREEZE EGGS (2) (((career over motherhood)))

A dearth of marriagable men has left an “oversupply” of educated women taking desperate steps to preserve their fertility, experts say.


The first global study into egg freezing found that shortages of eligible men were the prime reason why women had attempted to take matters into their own hands. Experts said “terrifying” demographic shifts had created a “deficit” of educated men and a growing problem of “leftover” professional women, with female graduates vastly outnumbering males in in many countries. The study led by Yale University, involved interviews with 150 women undergoing egg freezing at eight clinics.

Researchers found that in more than 90 per cent of cases, the women were attempting to buy extra time because they could not find a partner to settle down with, amid a “dearth of educated men”. Experts said the research bust the myth that “selfish career women” were choosing to out their fertility on ice in a bid to put their careers first.

In recent decades, the gender balance at British universities has tipped dramatically. In 1985, 45 per cent of UK students were female, but by 2000, 54 per cent were women. This group, now in their late 30s, is finding it harder to find a man of equal status, fertility experts said. And the trend is set to steepen in future generations, they warned, with nearly six in ten current students female.

The research, presented at the European Society for Human Reproduction and Embryology conference in Geneva, was based on detailed interviews with women in the United States, and Israel. But the lead author said similar trends were likely in the UK, where women are 35 per cent more likely than men to go to university. Prof Marcia Inhorn, Professor of Anthopolgy at Yale University, said professional women found themselves losing out in a game of “musical chairs” because there were simply too few men of the same calibre to go around.

>I was in a relationship from when I was 15-19. She went to University whilst I entered the workforce and got an apprenticeship as an Electrician.


>It was about a year into her degree when I decided to end it. She wasn't interested in our relationship anymore and I could tell she wanted out but didn't have the balls to say it and to be honest she wasn't the same girl I fell in love with anymore. a year in University had changed her mindset, personality and goals and I knew clinging to this relationship would ultimately be toxic.

>Fast forward 10 years and I'm married with 2 kids to a fantastic wife who is also degree-educated but took a non-conventional route towards her goals. To cut a long story short I bumped into my ex whilst shopping for groceries. 29 years old, unmarried, very fat (which was quite honestly shocking), her job had put years on her due to stress and her inability to handle her role. She was off work with stress and depression.


>I opened my wallet to give her my card and she briefly saw a picture of my wife and kid, she asked if she could see my photo so I took it out and handed it to her. after about half a minute of staring at it she started weeping.

>Tears for a future she denied herself, a husband she threw away, a daughter she never had. a smile she could only see but never wear.

old thread : https://archive.is/Ipj5s

R: 162 / I: 59 / P: 14 [R] [G] [-]

Hundreds of Refugee Welcoming Rabbis Gathering in Grand Hyatt Hotel in Washington D.C. on August 31

A National Rabbinic Symposium with hundreds of rabbis, cantors, thought leaders, influential policy makers will have a full day seminar on Thursday, August 31, 2017.

Reminder that these are the same rabbis holding open the gates for their muslim bioweapons to flood into the United States. http://www.hias.org/sites/default/files/1000_rabbis_forward_ad.pdf

Grand Hyatt Washington

1000 H Street NW

Washington, D.C., USA, 20001

Just wanted to let /pol/ know.

R: 178 / I: 100 / P: 14 [R] [G] [-]

Double Threat: Major Hurricane Possible During Eclipse

Double Threat: Major Hurricane Possible During Eclipse

A storm of similar atmospheric intensity is just forming off the coast of Africa, and could reach the Americas just as the total solar eclipse occurs next week.


In what could be a first in today’s modern technological age, the U.S. could face twin meteorological events next week when a potential “super storm” hurricane approaches during the total solar eclipse. While the eclipse is making headlines all across the U.S., it will extend well beyond our nation’s borders. The track of the “totality path” of the eclipse closely approaches an area of powerfully low pressure west of Africa that has been dubbed “Invest 91L” by the National Hurricane Center. With the powerful heatwave currently occurring over much of Europe and down into northern Africa—dubbed “Lucifer”—a tremendous amount of atmospheric energy is being trapped in the sub-Saharan plains along the West African Coast. That energy is driving the development of powerful storms. One observer noted, however, that Invest 91L featured some of the lowest atmospheric pressures he’s ever seen. And, if that system were to become cyclonic—if it were to develop into a tropical storm—it could become a “super storm” hurricane that could rival Sandy in 2012 in terms of intensity. Currently, the forecast track for Invest 91L has it passing through the Caribbean by the weekend, but such storms historically have taken a “right turn,” which could shove it directly along the American East Coast, into Florida, or into the Gulf Coast, depending upon its timing. A turn toward the end of this coming weekend, however, could put the storm directly into the path of the solar eclipse’s totality. Such a convergence is unprecedented in modern history.

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Pence, McMaster Push For MORE Troops in Afghanistan Just Hours After Bannon WH Exit

>Cabinet members in favor of sending more troops to Afghanistan teamed up ahead of a high-level meeting on Friday to persuade President Donald Trump to step up American military involvement in the 16-year-old war

>Vice President Mike Pence and national security adviser H.R. McMaster rehearsed their pitch heading into the Camp David strategy session in an effort to persuade Trump to accept commanders’ proposals to beef up the 8,400 American troops in the country, the sources said.

>The sources – an administration official and a senior White House aide – also confirmed that Erik Prince, the founder of the former Blackwater private security firm, had been scheduled to attend the session but that he was blocked at the last minute. The administration official said McMaster was the one who blocked Prince.

>The administration official said Pence returned early from a trip to Latin America to work out the details with McMaster on how to get Trump to agree to send more troops, something he’s been hesitant to do.

>McMaster enlisted the vice president’s help about six weeks ago, according to a third official, asking him to help build consensus within the administration and to work with him to make the case to the president.

>“The vice president views his role on this as an honest broker,” a top aide to Pence said Friday. “The vice president has not weighed in on any side other than to make sure that the options presented to the president are fully fleshed out and objective.”


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Long (((WaPo))) story on Fields

Article meant to be against Fields but actually raises a lot of doubt about mental state:

• raised by a single mom, Samantha Bloom, “disabled,” “IT specialist”

• family background of mental illness: Samantha Bloom's father lost it one night and murdered Bloom's mother with a shotgun before killing himself

• Fields is a diagnosed schizophrenic, was rejected from Army due to medication

• was possibly off medications because he was told by Army recruiters he would need to be off for a certain period before they would consider letting him join

• mother has been drugging Fields since at least age 12 or 13, with "mood control meds"

• while he was on meds, he threatened her with a knife; in another episode he was acting lethargic and ran away

• article frequently asserts, with no evidence aside from random people's recollections from many years ago, that he was a literal neo-Nazi, anti-semite, Hitler fanatic

• for some reason, the media had been photographing Fields earlier that day (pic related), prior to the Dodge incident. Out of a thousand people, AP photographer (((Eze Amos))) apparently knew something about Fields the rest of us didn't. Isn't that neat.

The article establishes that they guy clearly had issues of mental illness, whether or not he was panicking.

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So you want to kill google? And not just kill it, fucking demolish it? Three things need to happen. All of Google's money comes from advertising, analytics, and hosting. To kill google we need to drive up their operational costs while lowering their profits.

Fuck with their advertisements

If you have ever worked with adsense before you will know that the one thing they absolutely despise is telling people to click ads. They want people who are actually interested in products to click advertisements, because only they will be persuaded to purchase products. On top of that, companies pay google per click. If they are paying a ton of money and few people are buying their products, they will pull out.

STEP 1: Go on to youtube, google shopping, or anyplace else with adsense ads in private browsing mode on a vpn or proxy.

STEP 2: Click all the ads you possibly can

STEP 3: Hop on a new proxy/vpn/tor circuit, and clear out the browser

STEP 4: Repeat




AdNauseam can auto-click advertisements while it blocks them (https://adnauseam.io/)

Fuck with their file storage

Google stores everything you upload, and keeps it there even if it gets "deleted." Storing stuff costs lots of money, and high speed ssd drives to keep it all on aren't cheap. The more you upload, the more they pay.

STEP 1: Choose a platform that allows you to upload files(eg: youtube, drive, gsites, ect)

STEP 2: Get a file that is at or over the maximum file limit

STEP 3: Upload it again, and again, and again, and again

EXTRA STEP: If you are doing youtube make a huge file with a ton of random music, text on the screen, and game footage. Their matching algorithm will have to go through your whole 1hr + video and match everything there for monitization.



Fuck with analytics

Google is so popular in the analytics world because it can show advertisers what type of people are viewing their page (see http://theoutpost.observer/article.php?id=32 for a good explanation). If we can make this data unreliable then people will stop using google services.

STEP 1: Get a huge word dictionary

STEP 2: Make a small script that searches something entirely random every 20 minutes or so

STEP 3: Let it go as long as possible on as many accounts as possible

STEP 4: Go to random pages with tracking on them to give them fucked results




An anon from the last thread (>>10384582) made a script that will auto search top keywords (get it here: https://jsfiddle.net/codefag/3t9r045q/). When used with adnauseam it will also autoclick ads.

Fuck with the advertisers

If companies think their users won't buy their products because of google then they will pull out and stop funding them. Youtube's budget got slashed when a few guys pulled out, just imagine what would happen if we could get a ton of people to leave.

STEP 1: Get a huge list of "medium" sized advertisers. Companies that are small enough that it is easy to get a message through to them but big enough that they have a large advertising budget.

STEP 2: Get huge volumes of well written emails to them saying that you (a past customer) are highly against google and don't want to purchase from a company that supports them. Talk about the quality of their products and say you don't want to take your business elsewhere. Sweet talk them.

STEP 3: Get fucktons of people to do this. Gamergayte style, but bigger.




Search engine:


- Yacy is a distributed peer to peer search engine that has had time to mature and harden


- Yandex is a Russian search engine that has been trying to break into googles market for years



- Palemoon is a firefox fork that has slowly been developing. Has the original firefox ux, and is very customizable.


- Everyone knows what fucking firefox is, although it has become bloated. If you use this, make sure to harden it


AdNausium: https://adnauseam.io/

- Automatically clicks advertisements while blocking them, and wastes tons of money

umatrix: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/umatrix/

- helps you filter out google cdn's and analytics. A bit of a learning curve but its worth it.

User Agent Switcher: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/user-agent-switcher/

- Changes what websites read your browser as, helps fuck with analytics.





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Daily Stormer Being Forced to Shut Down in 24 Hours. GoDaddy Tells Them To GoFuckThemselves

Though it's pretty strange since the CEO is a die hard republican and Trump supporter.




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Wapo Tone Change

The Washington Post has put up an article that has a significant departure from the "nazi scary" tone:


This article showers pity and sympathy cues onto the people in the article. It takes a less than all-out antagonistic view. This makes people more relatable.

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Trump Curse Strikes Again! David Duke Removed From Twitter.

>Insults Trump on twitter and tries to undermine him

>Still gets banned one week later



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Operation Revenge

Retaliation strategy against the internet censorship that these filthy hooked noses are trying on our ideology. Here is the strategy I propose:

> 1. We already know who is pulling the strings

> 2. Their biggest strength is their group cohesion/homogeneity within their communities.

> 3. I propose we start promoting #OpenJudiasm #DiscoverJudaism for minorities in retaliation.

> 4. The synagogue is "too white" let's bring diversity in by postering diverse areas and inviting minorities to temple during high-holidays and other special jewish events.

> 5. Promote a fanatical diversification of judaism, especially by blacks and hispanics.

This can have glorious effect, because if rabbis turn minorities back…. they will be racist (making them hostile), if they accept them in, even worse for them. Its a win-win.

We can start by making posters/memes that can be posted up in to subversively promote their diversification. Its time we use their own BS against them. When we diversify their communities they loose all power. Let's end these RATS.

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Ecole Claire Fontaine preschool

My parents have lived in Venice, CA my whole life, about 100 ft. from this place. It has always been extremely shady (only place that I know of in Venice that's behind a concrete wall with locks/high tech security, a creepy ass nasty woman running the 'school', etc.). Within the last few months, 3 things have happened that ultimately led me to post here.

1. I'm living back home with my parents and have noticed cars idling in the back parking lot at all hours of the night. This has happened on more than one occasion… probably three times in two months. Anywhere from 11pm to 2am.

2. I have seen adults with children walking into the place at 6:30 or 7 am, which seems way too early to be dropping a child off at nursery school. I do not think it’s a daycare.

3. I became aware of the F B I symbols. This was the big one for me. I began shaking when I drove past a couple of weeks ago, and put 2 & 2 together.

It is right on Abbot Kinney Blvd., in the absolute heart of Venice Beach, close to Santa Monica. Swarms of cars and people go right by this place every day. I just took this shot right from Google Maps.

Some reviews online are really telling. Here's one from greatschools . org:

Overall experience

If you love your child/children don't send them in this school. Everything seems to be great, perfect… but actually behind there's no educational purpose. Teachers are forbidden to speak about the school, the class and they are also forbidden to show how to write and get kids prepared for 1st grade like a real school should do. Ask for teachers diplomas (would you let your child with adults that have no skills except speaking french, only 2 persons have really a diploma in Education). Ask also for the Director Teaching Diploma or Education diploma. It's only a very lucrative business and what's more it's a dangerous and dirty place despite what you can see. I totally agree with the review written on may 23rd 2010. There's abig turn over regarding the teachers changes, something is going on in this school, be aware for the love of your kid(s). Search a better place for your kids, what's more cheapper for what you get for that amount of money.

Submitted by a parent · April 13, 2011

Report Review

They also have a youtube channel. The kids do not look like happy preschoolers. Some of them do. But something is off:


I'm heading back to California tonight and will try and find out more.

R: 33 / I: 8 / P: 14 [R] [G] [-]

1. Find letter at the beginning of string of numbers on back of SS card, bottom right.

2. Go to 4:54 in anonymoos video https://ww w.youtube.com/watch?v=Fb6nxxvM2ps and find city letter in left-most column.

3. Go to http://w ww.random411.com/federal-reserve-bank-routing-numbers-bycity-usa-united-states-america/. Ctrl-F and search for city.

4. Any routing number with the city linked to the letter on the back of your SS card is fair game. Your SS number is your account number.

The Federal Reserve has several accounts opened in your name. Do what you will.

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From cuckchan


























R: 44 / I: 13 / P: 14 [R] [G] [-]


She fact checked a story from a man, she later married, while working at The New Republic. This story turned out to be false, the source was reprimanded by the Army, an editor (Frank Foer) of TNR had to resign, and Elle Reeve began to write for the Atlantic instead.

Now she works for Vice covering the Alt-Right and is bringing the same level of journalistic rigor to bear. While she is an inspiring example of overcoming FAS she cannot be counted on to deliver quality reporting. Who thinks it's time for some ethics in journalism, again?


The Truth About Elle Reeve







PDF of Scott Beauchamp Interview



PDF of Army Investigation



R: 200 / I: 49 / P: 14 [R] [G] [-]

Ivanka Trump Condemns White Supremacy

Notice how she specifically says 'White Supremacy', not supremacy in general, Black supremacy is OK for this worthless Marxist shithead.

>The day after deadly protests that occurred in Charlottesville, Va. following a “Unite the Right” white nationalist rally, Ivanka Trump called on Americans to come together and said there was “no place in society for racism, white supremacy and neo-nazis.”

>Ivanka Trump calling out “racism, white supremacy and neo-nazis” is the most specific language used by a member of the Trump family. Following an eruption of violence in the college town where one person was killed and 19 people were injured after a car hit protesters leaving a rally.

R: 339 / I: 125 / P: 14 [R] [G] [-]

America creating Space Corps



Are we finally getting space marines?

Iv'e heard anons bouncing ideas around that the only way to actually get a functional space program is to absorb it into the Military so that it can get the funding that it deserves. Did Trump come to the space conclusion?

R: 13 / I: 4 / P: 15 [R] [G] [-]

Christian Roots Of White Nations By Brother Nathanael Kapner

Christian Roots Of White Nations

By Brother Nathanael Kapner

The growing interest in the White Nationalist Movement perhaps begins and ends with the click of one’s computer mouse.

Virtual reality can play tricks with the mind resulting in the belief that a viable White Nationalist Movement is emerging from the muddle of America’s multi-racial nightmare where no such effective Movement in the real world actually exists.

Once the computer screen is left behind and a venturing out into the world of a sloppy, overly-entertained and clueless White Americana – a bucket of ice cold water is thrown into the face of all internet fantasies that a coming White Revolution is in the makings.

No. White Americans are too timid, too passive, too unrighteous, too easily intimidated for that.

For White Nationalism to be viable movement that reaches beyond posting a few words of internet bravado using a fake handler’s name it must begin with understanding the Christian roots of White nations.

You see, White Nationalists love to attach their cause to the need of preserving Western Civilization while at the same time they debase the Christian faith beneath the overarching theme of White racial identity. In other words, they exalt the White race above the Christian Faith.

This is like saying an apple has a higher rank than the tree from which it was plucked.

Western Civilization with its moral code and accomplishments is nothing less than what the Christian Faith since the Resurrection of Jesus Christ has inspired and breathed into it.

When the highly acclaimed author and historian Hillaire Belloc exclaimed, “Europe is the Church and the Church is Europe!” he was simply expressing the fact that it was Christianity that made Europe and the worldwide civilization it produced and NOT the pagan philosophers such as Plato and Aristotle.

And this Christian Faith — if one merely takes a tour of the European landscape with its countless Cathedrals, Monasteries and Churches from which living people (yes, racially white) — built that very Western Civilization that White Nationalists bemoan the decline of.

You see, a kind of manifest destiny was conferred upon White Europeans whose lineage can be traced to the Biblical figure of Japheth – Noah’s third son and progenitor of the peoples of Europe.

St Justin Martyr of the 2nd Century in his “Dialogue with Trypho the Jew” brought to light the mystery of Noah’s Old Testament prophecy that God would enlarge the tents of Japheth under whose roof Noah’s other two sons – Shem, (father of the Semitic people which included the Hebrews), and Ham, (father of the black race) – would dwell, in the new and superseding era of the Christian Church.

White Identity is indeed a necessary component in resisting the nightmare of multi-racialism that the Jewish agenda brought to America and throughout Europe.

International Jewry’s objective, intent, and aim? To destroy the one force that could oppose them: namely, a White Christian political power bloc.

But a White Nationalist Movement based on “race” alone apart from the Christian Faith — like a boat without a rudder, destined to run adrift and splinter upon the rocks of racial amorality — is doomed to infighting, chaos, and in the end, utter failure.

The Christian roots of White Nations are deep and sturdy.

With a little pruning and lots of fencing about we can make that tree of White Nations grow to a great and magnificent height once again!

ht tp://www.realjewnews.com/?p=650

ht tps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H-bIhTwI7OU

R: 269 / I: 82 / P: 15 [R] [G] [-]

Awan indicted


It's happening?

R: 169 / I: 67 / P: 15 [R] [G] [-]

capeshit cucks are BTFO when they find out their waifu cosplayer is a "NAZI"

Top kek comment section.


Lots of beta's BTFO out when white cosplay girl is outed as fash supporter.

Rich Drees • 2 hours ago

"Amazing how unattractive a beautiful person can be when they reveal a hateful heart."

R: 93 / I: 39 / P: 15 [R] [G] [-]


‘Stay Away From The Common’ During Boston Free Speech Rally, Walsh Urges.

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh is urging people to stay away from a planned Free Speech Rally scheduled for Saturday on Boston Common.

Walsh made the comments Friday as he discussed security for the event alongside Boston Police Commissioner William Evans and Gov. Charlie Baker.

The mayor said he has spoken with the Southern Poverty Law Center for guidance on how to handle events involving white supremacists.

“They say that interacting with these groups just gives them a platform to spread their message of hate,” said Walsh. “They recommend that people should not confront these rallies. So we’re urging everyone to stay away from the Common.”

A total of 500 police officers will be present at the rally, and several hundred more are available if necessary.

Fencing and security cameras were installed on Boston Common’s Parkman Bandstand Friday morning as police continue safety preparations ahead of Saturday’s planned rally.

Related: Boston Police Will Have ‘Eyes And Ears’ On Anyone Attending Free Speech Rally

City officials approved a permit earlier this week for the rally, organized by the Boston Free Speech Coalition.

The permit allows rallygoers to begin setting up at 10 a.m. on Saturday. The rally is expected to begin at noon.

“There have been questions about why we granted a permit for the rally tomorrow,” said Walsh. “The courts have made it abundantly clear. They have the right to gather, no matter how repugnant their views are. But they don’t have the right to create unsafe conditions. They have the right to free speech. In return, they have to respect our city.”A large counter-protest is also expected at the event.

The sides will be separated by barriers, Boston Police said.

“Boston and Massachusetts are the home of some of the most important moments in the fight for freedom and equality in this nation’s history,” said Baker. “Tomorrow is one more chapter in that honored tradition, and we’re going to do everything we can to make sure tomorrow is about liberty and justice, freedom and peace, and yes the right for people to peacefully assemble.”

Thomas Robb, the national director of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, told the Boston Herald that some members from the Springfield area are planning to attend Saturday’s Rally. Walsh disputed this claim.

“There’s been no talk of any Ku Klux Klansmen at all,” Walsh said.



R: 50 / I: 3 / P: 15 [R] [G] [-]


So I received this email yesterday from Uber:

"We were horrified by the neo-Nazi demonstration that took place in Charlottesville, which resulted in the loss of life of a young woman as well as two Virginia State Troopers responding to the protest. There is simply no place for this type of bigotry, discrimination, and hate.

As the country braces for more white supremacist demonstrations, we wanted to let you know what we are doing for the Uber community:

We will act swiftly and decisively to uphold our Community Guidelines, including our policy against discrimination of any kind—this includes banning people from the app.

24/7 in-app support is available to answer questions and address concerns. You always have the right to end your trip if you feel uncomfortable or disrespected.

Now more than ever we must stand together against hatred and violence. Thank you for making our community one that we can all be proud of.

On behalf of all of us at Uber,

Meghan Verena Joyce

Regional General Manager, US & Canada Cities"

I would encourage you call to delete you Uber accounts if you have them. You have to "request" that your account be removed, so be sure to let them know how much of a bunch of chicken-shit cowards they are. :)

R: 15 / I: 3 / P: 15 [R] [G] [-]

New Bill Would Imprison Healthcare Workers For Using Incorrect Pronouns With Patients

>a new bill penned by Senator Scott Wiener of San Francisco, dubbed the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Long-Term Care Facility Resident’s Bill of Rights (or SB-219 if you're into the whole brevity thing), takes wacky California legislation to a whole new level. Among other things, the bill makes it illegal for employees of any "long-term care facility" to "willfully and repeatedly fail to use a resident’s preferred name or pronouns after being clearly informed of the preferred name or pronouns."

>Wiener is openly gay.[62][63] He is Jewish. [64]


R: 313 / I: 82 / P: 15 [R] [G] [-]

Lad who stood his ground at Lee monument given the boot from school

High Point man removed from Florida college after standing in front of Confederate monument in Virginia

>HIGH POINT, North Carolina —

>A High Point man, who stood in front of the General Robert E. Lee statue at Emancipation Park in Charlottesville, has been removed from his college in Florida.

>Allen Armentrout stood in front of the statue on Tuesday, days after a deadly rally Saturday where a car crashed into a crowd and killed a woman after unrest and violence between protesters and white nationalists and neo-Nazi organizations.

>Armentrout says he made the trip to Charlottesville to honor Lee, calling him "the greatest American that ever lived." Armentrout stood at the statue with a semi-automatic handgun, an AR-15 rifle and a Confederate flag. His purpose was to honor and defend a statue that he loved, according to Armentrout.

>While standing in front of the monument, Armentrout was met with those who didn't agree with his actions. According to CNN, one man told Armentrout: "This is our town. Your people have killed us. You tore up our town. You ruined business. The statue is coming down," to which Armentrout responded "No, it's not. The state of Virginia has a law that protects monuments like this."

On Thursday, Armentrout found out the staff of Pensacola Christian College decided to terminate his enrollment.

>"I have been released from my school and will be unable to return to college to finish my senior year," said Armentrout. "I'm processing this and making adjustments to my life to compensate for this scrutiny."


R: 29 / I: 7 / P: 15 [R] [G] [-]

Done and over with

Look, lets really obfuscate everything, cant some of us just buy a shitload of nazi flags and put them on affirmed democrats homes and watch the left tear their shit up until either

A: you can no longer just use nazi as a weapon without actually knowing it anymore or youll be displayed poorly


B: leftists keep eating eachother alive?

you guys seem smart enough to know that this shit will work.

R: 73 / I: 26 / P: 15 [R] [G] [-]

Rev up that Wagner



I was deciding whether or not to make the thread today or tomorrow when 3rd pic related total was said to me.


The world is run by overconfident, complacent (((satanic pedos))) that ritually fuck, kill and eat kids to maintain control. Most people's consciousness is so cucked by (((them))) that the people ignore mountains of evidence for this sick kikery. August 21 is a 100% lunar eclipse. There is a 100% chance (((they))) will be sacrificing in the open under the eclipse, rather than in basements since all eyes and intent will be on the Sun. inb4 Smiley thread, it's not about our beliefs, it's about theirs.


Video and upload to all corners of normie-web, video of kikes doing what kikes do. Primary targets are roof tops of Synagogues, Masonic Temples, Catholic/morman Churches, Banks, Bohemian Grove, Alex Jones' house, Planned Parenthood, volcanoes, sacred sites, and anywhere else in proximity to you that is important to violent kikery.


TBD by individual Anon cells.

If your fire rises too high and you can no longer conceal your power level, do not engage until you Intel is uploaded.

End state is to reveal the full perversion of the JQ to all humanity on what will hopefully be DOTR -1.


TBD by individual Anon cells.

Command and Control:



R: 233 / I: 61 / P: 15 [R] [G] [-]

UK police threatening to arrest meme page admins


>A brief update on recent events:

>As you will all now all be aware, I was visited last week by two local police officers who wished to provide 'words of advice' regarding supposed Islamophobic content posted onto this page, which was itself locked and suspended for a fortnight.

>The officers themselves were polite and reasonable enough, however their message was somewhat chilling: it was insinuated that if I continued to post material which could be considered critical of Islam or offensive to the practices of Muslims, I could potentially be arrested for 'hate crimes.' Equally chilling was that I have no idea how they obtained my personal information and they weren't willing to disclose this information during their visit.

>On the advice of some patrons of this page I have this morning submitted a formal complaint to the IPCC and also made written enquiries to the Police and Crime Commissioner to try and get answers. I will of course keep you all updated with the progress of these enquiries.

>I don't hold out a great deal of hope however. This [see photo] is the Assistant Chief Constable of the force responsible for my local area and I have a funny feeling she won't be too interested in my complaint.

R: 546 / I: 195 / P: 15 [R] [G] [-]

Esoteric Hitlerism

There is so much in this world to read, and so few who bother. What must be done to bring the truth to the world? Great teachers, poets really, like Miguel Serrano rarely appear more than once a century at best, yet so few seem to read their works let alone understand them. How many here have read the works of the poet Miguel Serrano? He was friends od Jung, Evola, Devi, the Dalai Lama and more survivors of the Reich than any other man who dared speak of it, while leading the National Socialist party of Chile and serving his country as a diplomat and spiritual leader. The works of Esoteric Hitlerism have confirmed all of my dreams and intuition, while inspiring me to work for my Volk, for the hyperborean blood that runs through my veins like no other. He is the only author who's writings have ever brought me to tears… I cannot do justice to this with this post, but a thread is deserved. Are there any others here who have felt the longing for rememberence, the NOStalgia that is within our blood, the constant beating of the Sangraal? I know I am not the only one here, I have met others in the counted digits of this infinate land. Please, I ask that you speak up my brothers, we cannot remain silen. As the black light shines without matter, the fire rises, and the green flame must spread.

R: 181 / I: 52 / P: 15 [R] [G] [-]


TRS just got taken down, potentially hundreds of TRShills will be here to promote their faggy CIAlt-Right cancer

This thread is a reminder to report all TRShills you encounter, they will be here trying to promote their jew leaders.

R: 198 / I: 53 / P: 15 [R] [G] [-]

Debasing the Left's Cultural Icons: A New Memetic Campaign

For years, the left has destroyed cultural symbols of the white traditional family. Their famous works include various pieces of people shitting and pissing on the flag, one of the more famous "modern art" masterpieces is something called Piss Christ - a photo of a man pissing on a crucifix.

This all caused quite a bit of outrage and frustrated the simple white American man. The kikes' propaganda was effective. They've debased civil war heroes, religious figures, and pretty much any cultural symbol of white men that got in their way.

It leaves an anon to think, "What if the shoe were on the other foot?"

That is, what if we debased their cultural icons? And why haven't we started doing it? It works well to demoralize white men, why can't it be done to niggers and commies?

What if, for example, memes were created to ruin their image of Martin Loofa KANG? What if their image of Karl Marx or Lenin or Che Guevara were tainted by simple memes?

It really gets the noggin joggin'. Do your best to make the most offensive pictures involving their heroes. The salt created, if it were to spread, would be delicious.

R: 140 / I: 33 / P: 15 [R] [G] [-]

Lexington Kentucky mayor plans to remove Confederate statues





Lexington, Ky., Mayor Jim Gray doesn’t have to watch footage of the violent protests in Charlottesville over the weekend to know how divisive Confederate monuments can be.

At family reunions and holiday dinners his whole life, he has heard about his great-uncles fighting each other in the Civil War’s Battle of Shiloh. Two were on the Union’s side. One fought for the Confederacy.

Now, the 63-year-old mayor, who is white, is bracing for more controversy — and potentially worse, given the unrest in Charlottesville — after he announced plans on Saturday to move two Confederate monuments from prominent places near Lexington’s courthouse.

Lexington is turning the Fayette County courthouse into a center for visitors, complete with a restaurant, office space and a bourbon bar. The $30 million renovation is part of the city’s effort to position itself as a welcoming, progressive beacon of the new South, Gray said. Standing in the way of that are two statues that honor Confederate leaders — and that many see as a symbol of racism and white supremacy.

One statue honors John Hunt Morgan, the “Thunderbolt of the Confederacy,” who owned a hemp factory and wool mill and organized the independent Lexington Rifles infantry company in 1857. A few years later, the riflemen took up arms against the Union.

At a nearby park is a statue of John C. Breckinridge, a former U.S. vice president who was kicked out of the Senate after he joined the Confederate army. He served as the last Confederate secretary of war.

If Lexington’s City Council and the Kentucky Military Heritage Commission give their approval, the statues would be placed in a nearby park honoring veterans, Gray said.

“It’s the right thing to do,” he told The Washington Post on Sunday. “But doing it right is just as important.”

Gray conceded that even doing it right can have dangerous consequences.

R: 81 / I: 24 / P: 15 [R] [G] [-]

TRS is dead and its beautiful

Total Radio Silence from TRS and their shill ""content"" producers lol

>Muh paywall

>Muh multiple shows everyday

>Muh syndicated shows and archives to allow our audience to disconnect from the mainstream

>Muh future media empire

Unite the Right's backlash truly killed these shill-faggots off by exposing them as halfhearted fakers. Once the going got tough Jesse, Mike and their cronies all ran away! All the tough guy talk about "challenging the system" was empty fucking words.

When the TRSodomite audience needed them most, they ran with their tails between their legs, probably ran to their CIA and FBI handlers too

Press P to Piss on the graves of TRS

>Trusting Namefags and Eclebs

R: 261 / I: 93 / P: 16 [R] [G] [-]


Nobody should ever give anything to niggers. Ever.

<Abe Lincoln Statue Vandalized In Chicago – Locals Take To Social Media To Call Him Racist

>By Officer Blue On August 16, 2017 - 20 Comments


>Chicago, IL – In the most dumbfounding vandalism of the year, somebody set an Abraham Lincoln statue on fire in Chicago on >Wednesday, according to 15th Ward Alderman Raymond Lopez.

>The monument has stood near 69th & Wolcott St since it was erected in 1926. It is now blackend by fire.

>By all appearances, somebody dumped accelerant on the bust and then lit it on fire.

>According to Alderman Lopez, Chicago PD is investigating who committed the act and what their motivation was.

>Abraham Lincoln, who led the Union to victory in the civil war and ended slavery, appears to be an unlikely target for vandalism. At >least, that’s what I would think. Based off of the comments of some locals, Abraham Lincoln was a racist who said a lot of “racist shit.”

>Also, if you stand up for Abe Lincoln, you’re a “suspected racist.”

>Technically, the statue could be considered to be in the classification of “civil war monuments” which have come under fire of late, but >the controversial monuments are on the Confederate side.

>The statue was originally erected by the owner of the Lincoln Gas Station when Wolcott Street was known as Lincoln Street. Not >much else is known about the statue.

>The statue had been in disrepair for many years before the vandalism. Resident Pearlin Fields told dna info years ago that the statue >was so worn, she doubted that the average resident even knew that the statue was supposed to be of Abraham Lincoln.

>This leaves us to wonder. Did some idiot in Chicago see a statue and assume that all statues are racist now? Did they specifically >target the Abe Lincoln statue? Was it committed by some neo-Nazi who was inspired by the destruction of confederate monuments? >Was it somebody with Antifa who wanted to frame the pro-monument crowd? Was it somebody with the pro-monument crowd who >wanted to frame Antifa?

>Considering the statue’s history, only locals would be likely to be aware of its existence. My guess is that it’s a local idiot who wanted >to jump on the statue-destroying bandwagon. What do you think? We’d like to hear from you. Please let us know in the comments.


The man who destroyed the South and ended slavery in America is now being demonized as an evil white racist. Niggers are attacking anyone who defends Abraham Lincoln as racist and chimping out. No matter what anybody does, it will never be enough to satisfy these gorillas. They even turn on people who help them.

R: 13 / I: 0 / P: 16 [R] [G] [-]


The far-right has been memeing for far too long, wondering how we might take over the state and do what must be done to save the white race.

There are those who tried the route of electoralism. They were defeated because they tried to beat the Jew at its own game.

There are those who tried lone-wolf terrorism. They achieved nothing except alienating the common man, who looks at us as if we were no different than Muslim savages.

For the life of me I can't understand why people haven't yet taken example from history. Fascists and national socialists have already taken over countries against odds that looked impossible. They did it the same way in both cases:


Squadrismo is the political tactic of building squads of local men who can execute political activities and, crucially, protect them against violence and disruption by leftists. The same men can disrupt rival political activities and, when the time is right, form the power basis for a takeover of the state.

The blackshirts and brownshirts are both examples of squadrismo. They protect party rallies, disrupted and attack commies and socialists, and when the moment of truth came they were there to support the takeover with their strength and their weapons.

SQUADRISMO is what the far-right needs to adopt as its method. Squadrismo builds your strength and your experience. It gives you the means to execute whatever political activity is most opportune without leftists being able to stop it through violence. It rallies men to your cause because they can see others in action and clearly understand what they stand for; not like with terrorists, who are only seen as killers of innocents.

SQUADRISMO is the way forward. We must adopt it or perish.

R: 41 / I: 8 / P: 16 [R] [G] [-]

Other free speech services/companies.

As Gab continues to grow to rival Twitter and Facebook what other companies exist with the same MO?

The reason I ask is because as Google continues to crush free speech and privacy we need to start properly promoting better companies.

I'll list a few services below that we need to find/start.. Again these new companies/services must have the same values as Gab.

Email account provider.

Internet search engine.

Video platform with revenue streams

By all means add other companies and online services this would focused effort could benefit from.

Its never been more important.

R: 704 / I: 282 / P: 16 [R] [G] [-]

Terror attack in Barcelona

Hotpocket Edit:



It's happening. Two persons make a massing trampling in a pedestrian zone with a van. There are at least two deads and many injured people. One of the terrorist run away.

R: 100 / I: 17 / P: 16 [R] [G] [-]

"New Irish" woman screams at white males in their own country

The rabid shrill African Feminist demands the traditional Catholic country, which naively welcomed her, desecrate the laws of God by killing children in the womb. Furthermore, Ireland is racist because poor baboons can't afford the ($100 round trip) ferry ticket to England for their free abortions.

R: 105 / I: 17 / P: 16 [R] [G] [-]

Daily stormer banned in russia

Putin shuts down Anglin.



>The site of American neo-Nazis The Fag Anglin's Thai Fuck Shack was deprived of a domain in Russia less than a day after the transfer to the .ru zone. This was reported by RU-CENTER.

>The representative of the registrar said that on August 17 Roskomnadzor applied to them and "demanded to consider the possibility" of blocking The Fag Anglin's Thai Fuck Shack.

>Officially Roskomnadzor states that the site was blocked, as it incites "racial, national and other types of social strife". In this case, the agency refers to paragraph 5.7 of the registration rules, which allows you to block only sites with phishing schemes, viruses and child porn.

>The site http://Fag Anglin's Thai Fuck Shack.ru/ was not available until the lock. This is due to the fact that the Cloudflare service refused to support the resource, which protected it from hacker attacks.

>The Fag Anglin's Thai Fuck Shack was forced to register in Russia, when it refused to serve American companies GoDaddy and Google. Companies did not like how Andrew Anglin, the founder of the site, spoke about a woman who died during the riots in Charlottesville.

R: 167 / I: 42 / P: 16 [R] [G] [-]

Basically there are thousands of videos on youtube targetted specifically towards young children, with titles and tags like "SPIDERMAN ELSA PRANK." They usually have live action actors of people in costumes and a good chunk of the videos do depraved shit like simulating scat fetishism, mutilating people, sexually assaulting people, etc. The reason it's such a big problem is that these videos slip past any filters youtube has in place, and are even on the YT kids app. Most parents aren't aware of these because all the sounds are just copyright-free music and stock sound effects, so if you aren't watching every video then you wouldn't know anything is wrong. And the videos autoplay so if you set them up with a video you've seen then it will just keep playing recommended videos until a fucked up one comes up. The weirdest part is that tons of them get millions of views within a day of being uploaded. It's basically bigger than pewdiepie level popularity for a bunch of mind-numbing content of people dressed in Disney-copyrighted characters, but Disney does nothing about it even though a lot of the vids make ad revenue off millions of views. Some have been demonetized but a good chunk of them aren't. Flagging the videos does nothing.

This is just a couple of videos I linked, out of hundrends out there.

https:// m.youtube .com/watch?v=4B8WQEK7IKg

https:// www.youtube .com/watch?v=sP829Ky1KIk

https:// www.youtube .com/watch?v=FME1rxd_qaI

https:// www.youtube .com/watch?v=hUM0nwoM8UQ

https: //www.youtube .com/watch?v=2O7Suo0xB24&feature=youtu.be

https:// www.youtube .com/watch?v=8Hu9p4JUnLE&feature=youtu.be&t=1m43s

https: //www.youtube .com/watch?v=8I47lok8kHQ

https:// www.youtube .com/watch?v=RDlqdX2fi30

https:// www.youtube .com/watch?v=xOzvIwigL6U

R: 119 / I: 35 / P: 16 [R] [G] [-]

Charlottesville Gibs

Group of Negroes attack "white supremacists" in Charlottesville and get beaten back with sticks. One negro in particular caught a few good wacks on his head and face.

Plays the "victim of racism" card and collects $54,000 (so far)

>I'm so blessed to be alive to tell my story and to show the world that racism is very much still alive.

Don't you love how these bastards attack white people and when white people defend themselves, all of a sudden the attackers are innocent victims and their narrative is fully recharged.

>'We will not let this fade & disappear. People are carrying real hate in their hearts for the Black Community and I refuse to just let it happen. God Bless & thank you all again!'

Of course the media is fawning over him and only telling his side of the story.

R: 30 / I: 8 / P: 16 [R] [G] [-]

Compiling what the left is doing right now

Private censorship as a method of political control

After a long period of dormancy, the light from technocratic judaism has finally dawned on us. The small, rootless international clique, firmly planted in silicon valley, has begun its march towards an oppressive regime that of which we never have seen before. There's so many things buzzing in my head right now that I don't even know where to begin.


While clinging onto plausible deniability, our modern day law enforcement has recruited a private army led by thugs and criminals, the police as per Warren V District of Columbia do NOT have to enforce the law. We've been seeing them exploit this openly as of recently, with Berkley, WSU, Chicago and Charlottesville being open examples of this. I asked a constitutional lawyer from FIRE a bit ago about what we were supposed to do. He said "Talk it out". We need to get it into our minds that the police are not our friends, that they will HAPPILY treat us like trash and allow criminals to attack us. They aren't our friends. We can openly support the police if we want, but do NOT expect protection from them. They do not serve us.

Further reading on Warren V District of Columbia


Furthermore, corporate donors such as Google, Facebook, Amazon, Cloudfare and so on are more than likely given favors by Republican and Democrat senators. This is the consequence of "Money is free speech". Any time we see traitorous cunts like Mitt Romney and Marco Rubio spewing lies and open hatred, more than likely their donor asked for it. But they get plausible deniability since its an opinion. Speaking of which.


Google, Facebook, Amazon, Reddit and Comcast all dominate literally every factor of their market.

Comcast has now over 50% of all broadband customers



These 6 corporations control 90% of the media

Amazon is eating the retail world


Top 10 Social networks


Interestingly enough, while I was searching for the Alexa rankings of those top companies, it turns out that Amazon owns Alexa. The common thing about these websites is that they are totally and completely dominating the market with an absolute monopoly AND they are practicing open censorship. I don't think many Americans really understand the gravity of this situation. Most of them just think its only effecting neonazis, however lets think about the people effected by this open censorship in the past month

1. Pewdiepie

2. Sargon

3. Infowars

4. The Google Engineer guy, James Damore

and now also The Fag Anglin's Thai Fuck Shack, Hatreon, and Gab.ai. I'm sure there's more but to be honest I'm just laying out the framework.

I WON'T BE AROUND MUCH LONGER (PJW banned on facebook and demonetized on youtube)


R: 26 / I: 4 / P: 16 [R] [G] [-]

Hillary Clinton Refuses to Condemn ISIS for Barcelona Attack

>Hillary Clinton refused to condemn Islamic terrorism by name following the deadly attack. Instead, she called Thursday’s terrorist attack a ‘cowardly attack’ and didn’t mention Islam at all. In contrast, Hillary was going crazy after the Charlottesville violence, harshly condemning Nazi’s, white supremacists and the KKK.

>Hillary Clinton sent out ONE tweet saying, “Barcelona, you have our resolve and support in the face of this cowardly attack. We stand together against terrorism wherever it strikes.”

>In contrast, Hillary Clinton sent out FIVE tweets following the violence in Charlottesville and she specifically condemned white supremacists.

>ISIS celebrated Thursday’s attack in Barcelona and Hillary Clinton couldn’t even bring herself to condemn ISIS. Very telling. Perhaps Hillary didn’t want to disrupt the flow of money into the Clinton Foundation from her Mideast donors.

R: 61 / I: 23 / P: 16 [R] [G] [-]


Yet another example of Antifa animal abuse. Dump any more examples of antifa violence you've got. Spread them to normies.

R: 59 / I: 10 / P: 16 [R] [G] [-]

The Fight Against Ivanka And Jared

With Bannon gone, albeit leaving on good terms with Trump, we are now stuck with most globalists in the WH. What's worse, Ivanka and (((Jared Kushner))) still remain. It is clear Ivanka is trying her damnedest to push her beliefs on her daddy, and Trump loves his daughter too much to really tell her no. That raises a problem for all of us, and a new battle for us as well. We must do everything we possibly can to get Ivanka Trump and (((Jared Kushner))) out of the White House ASAP. That means finding anything in Ivanka's past that's dirty or makes her look bad. We have no choice at this point but to take her on directly and ruin her reputation to the point where she is forced to leave. As bad as that sounds, it is the only way to help Trump drain the swamp and a major problem inside.

R: 703 / I: 238 / P: 16 [R] [G] [-]

Dead Antifa Roasite

Press S to Spit on Grave

>Heyer’s last public Facebook post suggested she had a reason to be downtown Saturday.“If you’re not outraged, you’re not paying attention,”

R: 344 / I: 153 / P: 16 [R] [G] [-]

Popular furry makes redpilled parody of gender comic, gets banned from FurAffinity

>Popular furry makes redpilled parody of gender comic, gets banned from FurAffinity

This could be an excellent opportunity to subvert the furry fandom, and make them lean right and push them away from degeneracy, or at the very least make them into useful idiots. Thousands of people already support this artist's views

This is one of the "popular" artists that a good chunk of furries recognize; he's got about 5,700 watchers under his belt, which is huge for a furry (most hit around 500-800 if they're an average artist).

Brace for degeneracy if you creep the comments or profiles:



R: 94 / I: 40 / P: 16 [R] [G] [-]

Geroge Washington & Robert E Lee

Washington the slaver

>by age 11 owned ten slaves

>during the American Revolution, many of Washington's slaves escaped Mt Vernon, and joined up with British loyalists, directly fighting against the American Continental Army

>by the time of Washington's death, he controlled 317 slaves at Mt Vernon

>of the 317, he owned 123 as his personal property

>40 were being rented from neighbors

>153 were owned by him through his marriage to Martha Washington, who acquired them on the death of her first husband, Daniel Parke Custis

>on George's death, Martha freed most of George's 123 slaves

>but her 153 slaves were left for her son, John Parke Custis

>John Parke Custis's slaves and plantation at Arlington were later given to his son, George Washington Parke Custis, who grew up at Mt Vernon with his grandfather, President George Washington

>George Washington Parke Custis's daughter was Mary Anna Custis

>Mary Anna Custis married Robert E Lee

>on the death of George Washington Park Custis, his slaves were given to Mary Anna Custis Lee & her husband Robert E Lee

Robert E Lee

>grew up with only two slaves, both as personal attendants

>wrote in a letter to his wife that he found slavery to be morally and politically evil

>the plantaion at Arlington which he inherited is now known as Arlington National Cemetery, the cemetery for US Armed Forces, which has over 400,000 graves for people who served in America's wars from the Civil War to now

Tl;dr: Trump is 100% correct to connect George Washington to Robert E Lee, as George Washington's slaves ended up in Robert E Lee's possession through marriage. Lee hated slavery, while Washington was a slaver since the age of 11.

If the Left wants to attack and remove Lee from history, then Washington must be removed as well.

R: 103 / I: 15 / P: 17 [R] [G] [-]

So where do we go from here?

I think we're all starting to get the feeling that things have changed post Charlottesville and the question is, well what now?

We've been walking a path of growth for a number of years, 4/pol/ started to blossom in popularity after the Obama reelection, leading to the generation of various online separate online alt-right/nationalist/natsoc spheres, which in turn allowed people to start forming various groups IRL. This is supercharged by the Trump campaign, blasting forth from the internet fringe onto CNN's front page and finally culminated in the shitfit at Charlottesville.

Now, is where I think things start getting serious. Antifa in America is becoming a real thing are, backed with big money and given a free pass by the kike system, cops are openly being ordered to let them run mostly wild and bust out the club and handcuffs when a nationalist strikes back. It's going to continue to escalate and I think the next major step is when someone takes a rifle to one of these rallies and shoots a number of people from the opposing side dead.

So where do we go from here? We can't stagnate and simply double down on internet/social media propaganda/have the passive approach in activism that we take for legal reasons. Zog is already gearing up to drop the hammer hard and curtail this movement before it spreads any further than it has, and it will do everything it can, true or not to throw as many people in prison as possible and defame their character. You might be completely clean with regards to FBI bait, but they'll put child porn on your computer and arrest your regardless.

R: 437 / I: 285 / P: 17 [R] [G] [-]

New Sarah Andershit thread!FIRE UP THE PHOTOSHOPSOnly fresh OC and good old ones.

R: 16 / I: 2 / P: 17 [R] [G] [-]


The Scottish National Portrait Gallery, which hosts a collection of portraits of famous white Scottish Men, has paid a young vibrant black youth, to come into their gallery after hours, take off his shirt to show how intimidating he is, and dance around in front of portraits of white men.

In this vibrant display of black male dominance, he complained about how none of the portraits of rich and famous people from hundreds of years ago in northern Europe, were of black people. He also seemed not to shy about expressing his glee at the death of the inferior "inbred white race", effectively openly mocking White Genocide.

His claim to fame that made him better than all of these old dead random white dudes? He is still alive and they are all gone.

It would be ashame if someone played this at his funeral.

Oh and as a side note, the Scottish National Portrait Gallery has already disabled ratings and comments, and unlisted the video because of the sharp and immediate blow back that their project mocking the art they are meant to preserve provoked on them. And yes, this nigger was paid with taxpayer money.

R: 65 / I: 15 / P: 17 [R] [G] [-]

Some Hunchback Kike Dumped Hot Coffee on Alex Jones

Pretty sure Alex is going to turn his asshole inside out in court.


R: 751 / I: 180 / P: 17 [R] [G] [-]

Boston Free Speech Rally - 4 years 4 months 4 days since the Boston Marathon Bombing.

Possible false flag happening today which will most likely be blamed on the "Alt Right."

Stay away from that rally imo.

R: 406 / I: 100 / P: 17 [R] [G] [-]

Democrats move to formally censure Trump over Charlottesville

>House Democrats are introducing a formal resolution to denounce President Donald Trump for saying that “both sides” are to blame for a violent encounter between white supremacists and neo-Nazis and the activists who showed up to protest them.

>“A president of the United States cannot support neo-Nazis. It’s just beyond the pale,” said Rep. Jerrold Nadler, D-N.Y., a member of the House Judiciary Committee. “I hope Republicans who have expressed outrage with what he said put their money where their mouth is. The American people expect their leaders to condemn white supremacy in unambiguous terms"

>The resolution urges Mr. Trump to fire anyone who suggests he “cater to the alt-right movement.” The resolution will be introduced when the House holds its next meeting on Friday.

R: 121 / I: 29 / P: 17 [R] [G] [-]

John Lennon On The Jews


"Show business is an extension of the Jewish religion"

I always though John Lennon was just a Commie faggot Jew puppet meant to shill marxist Jew garbage to teens but turns out he called out the Kikes a couple times towards the end of his career. Probably explains a lot of why he got shot also. But I've literally never seen this on /pol/ before.

R: 14 / I: 3 / P: 17 [R] [G] [-]


Can we start fucking with camgirls

Why not read fascist literature, or Nietzsche on camshows

get people to tip tokens if they get camgirls to say "hitler did nothing wrong"

while they give blowjobs

Make "BLEACHED" porn edits

make porn videos which cut to pictures of varg saying stop watching porn

R: 21 / I: 6 / P: 17 [R] [G] [-]

Operation Smoke And Stroke

On Operations so Peaceful, its like we were never there.

Operation Smoke and Stroke

>Take Fake Accounts on Social Media

>Pick a random location * KEY is ONE OR TWO at a time*

> Promote the idea there is a planned White supremacist/ nationalist / KKK rally that is happening

> Spread the Shit out of it.

>make counter groups to promote marching on the protest to stop the Neo Nazis

>Apply for a permit, or say we will march regardless

>Stir the pot over a day or two ( NOT TOO LONG)

>Allow hundreds of counter protesters to show up for nothing - organizers become frustrated as they cant hold the attention of Antifa and counter protesters for too long.

>ruin the credibility of organizers

>destroy thier ability to respond to real threats. We Need

Fake Flyers, online campaigns, fake petitions the whole lot. make it so real they have to go… to find no one. Thoughts?

R: 27 / I: 5 / P: 17 [R] [G] [-]

shills working extra hours today lads

Looks like the banon firing triggered a huge influx of shills. the shilling wave started around the beginning of this month but now the shills are shilling like crazy

we even have the malaysian shitposter on full force, he comes out whenever a shill wave its triggered


we even have some some

>>pol is kiked, lets run to my honeypot

this is probably a shitty thread, but there´s still real people here, this wave will pass like always, good luck and have a nice day

shills will be hung

maybe tomorrow, maybe next month, maybe next year. but we will find you and we will kill you

this land is ours

R: 11 / I: 3 / P: 17 [R] [G] [-]

Will Trump call out the Anti-White Hate?

Will Trump call out the Anti-White Hate? Or will he only used generalized terms to not refer to the blatant group within the United States that is hell bent on destroying anything White, including Historical Statues.

R: 367 / I: 118 / P: 17 [R] [G] [-]

Richard "A Spike for Every Kike" Spencer

What we saw during the rally was Spencer getting arrested and taken to safety while the rally goers were denied being arrested and instead led into violent antifa. This strongly suggests Spencer is a CIA asset.

He likely has 3 purposes:

1. Defang the "alt-right" and lead them further away from our influence, instead toward neocon civnat bullshit.

2. Lead them into traps designed to endanger them/get them to resort to violence, which is a lose/lose situation. They either take the hits and appear weak, or fight back and get demonized.

3. Lead everyone further away from the JQ.

Another anon( >>10412815 ) had an amazing idea, there is a way we are all aptly familiar with to counter this faggy pied piper. We Ben Garrison him. Make memes of him as the most extreme, dangerous Nazi around. Take a picture of him and slap on the most triggering quote you can come up with. Mainly about jews - we can't let our primary enemy hide behind their golems! By doing this we could potentially get him in trouble with his CIA handlers, and could reverse all the intentions he is meant to serve.

This will probably be more effective on fake leftist accounts, as idiots will trip over themselves to RT in order to virtue signal, and we'll be less likely to have our accounts suspended.

R: 374 / I: 190 / P: 17 [R] [G] [-]

Esoteric Kekism

We haven't had one of these threads in a while and these threads in my opinion always give rise to the most insightful posts on the board.

Also lately on cuckchan iv'e been noticing more and more Kek threads explicitly rejecting Kekistani heresy while becoming increasingly aware that Kekistan was deliberate sabotage. I think that it's becoming increasingly likely that Kek really will come back in September.

R: 20 / I: 14 / P: 17 [R] [G] [-]


The word is a "protest" will be going down in Charlotte today. Remember to protect yourself while peacefully counter-protesting.

R: 80 / I: 45 / P: 17 [R] [G] [-]

RINOs & Liberals Cheer the News of Bannon’s Exit from White House




R: 38 / I: 4 / P: 18 [R] [G] [-]

Color Of Change Working To Cut Funds To Alt Right Groups.

>PayPal is taking action against more than three dozen hate groups and other extremist organizations, sources close to the payments company told CBS MoneyWatch on Wednesday. The move follows this weekend's violence at a white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Among the groups PayPal (PYPL) will no longer do business with is Unity and Security for America, according to civil rights group Color of Change. Unity and Security for America is operated by activist Jason Kessler, an organizer of the "Unite the Right" rally in Charlottesville. PayPal is also cutting ties with Altright.com, a white nationalist group led by Richard Spencer.

"Regardless of the individual or organization in question, we work to ensure that our services are not used to accept payments or donations for activities that promote hate, violence or racial intolerance," PayPal said in a statement.

>look at the color of change site the kikes have the american college of pediatrics on there for fucks sake. The kikes are trying to cut the shekels off to all those they oppose.



R: 103 / I: 30 / P: 18 [R] [G] [-]

pol Assemble

Pol again we need your help to find Antifa terrorist

who sent ex US soldier to hospital with sever injuries

The pictures of attacker can be found in this tweet https://twitter.com/AlcRight/status/898666585447030784

R: 493 / I: 140 / P: 18 [R] [G] [-]

Protests at Trump Tower

See Trump, what did you bother cucking out for? They're still going to hate you, today, tomorrow and forever. Now bothering what the untermenchen think, and get back to work.

Will post video feed if I find one.


R: 24 / I: 11 / P: 18 [R] [G] [-]

netanyahu Jr. Calls Out ANTIFA

Instead of being Jewed by Dugin and Soros into neonazi KKK false flag rallies we could be using the Chaos magic to turn the gollams against their masters.

>Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s son, Yair, on Wednesday posted a statement to his Facebook page, weighing in on the deadly white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, in which he drew an equivalence between what he referred to as far-right “scum” and leftist “thugs.”

>“To put things in perspective. I’m a Jew, I’m an Israeli, the neo nazis scums in Virginia hate me and my country. But they belong to the past. Their breed is dying out,” the 26-year-old Netanyahu said.

>“However the thugs of Antifa and BLM who hate my country (and America too in my view) just as much are getting stronger and stronger and becoming super dominant in American universities and public life,” he said.


R: 12 / I: 0 / P: 18 [R] [G] [-]

Gintama's anti-foreigner faction vs the Alt-right

Hey goys, I know a lot of you guys watch anime because were all a bunch of anime-watching shills, so I am gonna compare our glorious movement to that of gintama's fictional Japanese movement of similar beliefs. The question is, is Gintama /our anime/

>be gintama

>have aliens invade japan

>aliens are basically like shitskins, rape Japanese women at alarming rates

>Japanese men are fucking tired of this

>form Anti-Foreigner Faction

>Aliens get BTFO for a while

>government betrays Anti-foreigner faction in favor of tendoshu, who are basically the alien fictional version of the Jewish elite

>Anti-Foreigner faction get's shoahed by cucked shogun and tendoshjew

>Anti-Foreigner faction is split apart by this

>eventually one group becomes moderate cucks and renounces alien hatred (race realism)

>another stays extreme as fuck and begins to pit the niggers, I mean aliens against themselves

>the extremist faction, the Kiheitai is a lot like our movement, the alternate right

>it only welcomes strong Japanese men who are tired of the sub-human aliens outbreeding them and raping their women

>The moderate faction allows aliens in and is more of a civic nationalist bullshit group, however like the alt-lite and alt-right they used to be friends until the the moderate faction decided to go full jew and betray the Kiheitai

>another dynamic that is similar of the leaders is a comparison of both leaders of the alt-lite/right to the movement of the anti-foreigner factions

>Gintoki vs Milo (Alt-lite)

>both kinda jewy (one is a jew)

>both run their faction to make money

>both are into foreign mongrels

>Takasuki vs Richard Spencer

>one is a baddass leader who wants to destroy all traces of his enemy

>the other is man who has forever destroyed the good name of the alt-right with his incompetence

>Yeah we of the alt-right really need someone like Takasuki

>or at least a figurehead who represents our decentralized beliefs in his manner

>If we got someone like that instead of Spencer we would be able to cut a path directly into the lefts heart and crush it where it stands

R: 30 / I: 5 / P: 18 [R] [G] [-]

Leader of Antifa


Attention Fellow Patriots.

The man in this picture is Spencer Sunshine. He is someone you should know. He is a high up in the Antifa Organization. He is an enemy to every right leaning conservative and libertarian. He is the one that will label anyone who isn't a leftist commie a white nationalist and islamophobe bigot. At a speech he named Patriot and Proud Boy Jovi Val as a racist. A couple weeks later Jovi was attacked at a NYC Bar after the Milo Book release party and was scared. This man winds people up to commit violence but never get his hands dirty. He also has received money from the ford foundation through a website he writes articles for. Part of his power is that he has remained anonymous. I need researchers to make him famous. The best disinfectant is sunlight.

R: 147 / I: 49 / P: 18 [R] [G] [-]



DUPONT is the family that built the underground tunnels for child trafficing under whole DC. They also operate the tunnels under Comet Ping Pong to this day. I will brief you on the family shortly.

They own a pizza joint right by the White House, serving only Cheese Pizza.

2004 P St NW, Washington, DC 20036, USA

Boys, we need to look into it.

R: 53 / I: 13 / P: 18 [R] [G] [-]


6060 SW 13 ST West Miami, FL 33144-5714

Marco Rubio is legitimizing violence towards us.

R: 48 / I: 12 / P: 18 [R] [G] [-]

There is a need for directed alt-right action in Chicago

Leftists are emboldened by their recent victories and want to see history destroyed again, they need to be opposed.

relevant facebook event for their protest:


R: 221 / I: 63 / P: 18 [R] [G] [-]

8chan reported to cloudflare

I was browsing /b/ and i came across this thread. this nigger reported us to cloudflare.


as you can see the based mods already banned him, but that didn't stop him from snitching like a bitch nigger

R: 24 / I: 7 / P: 18 [R] [G] [-]

LEAVE! But Imma block you then attack your car!

More great footage of counter protesters doing nothing wrong.


R: 20 / I: 4 / P: 18 [R] [G] [-]

Just a notice

The Fag Anglin's Thai Fuck Shack is back

Full statement on what happened:

<https://Fag Anglin's Thai Fuck Shack.lol/unperson-andrew-anglin-reporting-in-where-we-are-now-here-in-stormtown/

The more tech companies use Bully-Monopolies as a way to shut down people, the more their Competition benefits (I really don't want them to suffer boycotts because they're hosting The Fag Anglin's Thai Fuck Shack).

Basically, Tech giants are slowly digging their own grave, specially if they start overstepping and alienating "normal" people in the process. IF Competition manages to grow, and if we manage to create our own News, with our own Media, Reporters, Shows and else, then we'll finally be able to get out of their grid.

R: 36 / I: 11 / P: 18 [R] [G] [-]

Vice archive alternative

How do I archive this shit?


R: 11 / I: 2 / P: 18 [R] [G] [-]

Turn feminism against them

As everyone here knows, the ultimate "goal" for /pol/ is to secure the existence of our people and a future for white children. To allow the fourteen words to dictate our societies above all else, to prevent our extinction, and to return the western world to it's former glory. One of the things preventing our return to glory is the plauge known as feminism. Feminism destroys families by attempting to force women into the roles of men. And by telling women that they should not be happy in the roles that are naturally befitting of them, motherhood, and after their children are off maybe careers that benefit from feminine instincts like nurse, teacher, etc. The destruction of families is one of the most destructive things that can happen to a society, as good children are the result of good families and good children result in a good future. And the perfect family has it's roots in a loving mother and a strong providing father.

So if we want a successful white natsoc society we need good families and therefore need loving mothers. But the average women is not befitting of this due to feminism. So we take feminism from (((them))) by turn it into a tool for us.

R: 25 / I: 3 / P: 18 [R] [G] [-]

New to 8chan's /pol/, differences from 4chans

used 4chan's /pol/ for three years, but the mods are shills so I have decided to migrate to here. So whats the place like here, seems to be no shilling since lefty/pol/ has its own thread and since google does not index 8chan its almost impossible to leftist normies to shill here.

R: 141 / I: 33 / P: 19 [R] [G] [-]

Richard Dawkins is pro-holocaust

Dawkins says kikes deserved the shoah

>Both sides to blame: Jews for being Jews and Nazis for killing them.

What more can be said?


R: 33 / I: 11 / P: 19 [R] [G] [-]

This... whatever you call it... has some nerve

This is Chattanooga, TN resident Lillie Stubsten(holding the mic). This "proud communist lesbian" had the nerve to get a "nazi" co-worker fired from Mojo Burrito for attending the Charlottesville rally, and then had the nerve to host a Communist rally at Coolidge park two days later.

R: 98 / I: 10 / P: 19 [R] [G] [-]


>"At CloudFlare, we are strong proponents of network neutrality. My co-founder, Michelle Zatlyn, sat on the FCC's Open Internet Advisory Committee."

>*Proceeds to terminate your website for wrongthink

gg net neutrality fags


R: 28 / I: 7 / P: 19 [R] [G] [-]





R: 404 / I: 139 / P: 19 [R] [G] [-]

Bannon Is Back At Breitbart

Its official, Steve Bannon is finally coming home back to Breitbart. Finally they can start to uncuck themselves.


R: 52 / I: 15 / P: 19 [R] [G] [-]

Loosely anthropomorphic rodent to implement articles of impeachment against Trump

The vaguely humanoid rat-creature Rep. Steve Cohen is taking steps towards implementing articles of impeachment against Trump for supporting neo-Nazis, white nationalists, and the KKK.

Surely, taking the bait will work out just fine for Cohen and the Dems :^)

>Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN) announced Thursday he is taking the first step towards implementing impeachment articles against President Trump for his remarks on the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia.

>Cohen claims that Trump supported white supremacists in the deadly rally Saturday when the president condemned the violence “on both sides” following the attack.

>“Instead of unequivocally condemning hateful actions by neo-Nazis, white nationalists and Klansmen following a national tragedy, the president said ‘there were very fine people on both sides.’ There are no good Nazis. There are no good Klansmen,” Cohen said in a statement.

>Cohen added that he plans to start the impeachment process against Trump because he feels the president “failed the presidential test of moral leadership.”


pls let me post

R: 253 / I: 70 / P: 19 [R] [G] [-]


Something tells me some serious shit may be happening in Chattanooga tomorrow night institavistockd by the Alt-Left, much like how they institavistockd the riots in Charlottesville.

Clearly this, like the Charlotteville riots is the buildup to The Great Happening of 2017 (8/21-9/23).

< OP got deleted but one of /ourguys/ took a screenshot before it was taken down.


Local news article about the firing of this guy. Clearly for political reasons and this restaurant clearly discriminates against people who don't follow their bluepill agenda:


And lastly, the man who was fired was granted an interview on a radio show. It's obvious that he is /ourguy/. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Zf-6FF6roo

Shadilay, my brothers!

R: 167 / I: 15 / P: 19 [R] [G] [-]



What the hell is going to do? He's got felonies from the pepper spraying that happened. Is he fucked?

R: 96 / I: 24 / P: 19 [R] [G] [-]

Weev, Enoch, Heimbach , Cantwell all under FBI Investigation (allegedly)



>Hearing from @lauraloomer that White Supremacists "(((weev)))", Cantwell, Enoch, and Heimbach are now under FBI investigation

Huge if true.

Can't think of a better time to remind everyone of the importance of OPSEC anywhere on the web.

Pic related

R: 70 / I: 15 / P: 19 [R] [G] [-]

Circumventing the archive circumventers

So the alt-left cunts have decided to roll out some bullshit that prevents their pages from archival this past couple months or so. We can't just let these faggots win, though the other two options that are currently available, that is, to save the webpage or a screenshot of the webpage yourself often fall to scrutiny as it's often considered that the user from which the archive originates doctored the webpages to their own personal preference.

So, I've come up with two possiblities, of which at least one should work in theory that removes the "personal" part from the archive, and allows only non-doctored source pages to appear:

>1. This new archive downloads the web page whole and uploads a copy

>2. This new archive uses a bot to visit the web site and takes a full-page screenshot, complete with timestamp and other non-falsifiable data

Thoughts? I'd like to know if this idea would be feasible or if the same pitfalls would be met with regards to the current archival services available.

R: 55 / I: 9 / P: 19 [R] [G] [-]

Bannon: 'The Trump Presidency That We Fought For, and Won, Is Over.'

>“The Trump presidency that we fought for, and won, is over,” Bannon said Friday, shortly after confirming his departure. “We still have a huge movement, and we will make something of this Trump presidency. But that presidency is over. It’ll be something else. And there’ll be all kinds of fights, and there’ll be good days and bad days, but that presidency is over.”

>It is plainly Bannon’s view that his departure is not a defeat for him personally, but for the ideology he’d urged upon the president, as reflected in Trump’s provocative inaugural address—in which he spoke of self-dealing Washington politicians, and their policies that led to the shuttered factories and broken lives of what he called “American carnage.” Bannon co-authored that speech (and privately complained that it had been toned down by West Wing moderates like Ivanka and Jared).

>Bannon says that he once confidently believed in the prospect of success for that version of the Trump presidency he now says is over. Asked what the turning point was, he says, “It’s the Republican establishment. The Republican establishment has no interest in Trump’s success on this. They’re not populists, they’re not nationalists, they had no interest in his program. Zero. It was a half-hearted attempt at Obamacare reform, it was no interest really on the infrastructure, they’ll do a very standard Republican version of taxes.

>And, he believes, things are about to get worse for Trump. “There’s about to be a jailbreak of these moderate guys on the Hill”—a stream of Republican dissent, which could become a flood.

>“I think they’re going to try to moderate him,” he says. “I think he’ll sign a clean debt ceiling, I think you’ll see all this stuff. His natural tendency—and I think you saw it this week on Charlottesville—his actual default position is the position of his base, the position that got him elected. I think you’re going to see a lot of constraints on that. I think it’ll be much more conventional.”


R: 365 / I: 106 / P: 19 [R] [G] [-]



Webm: >>10428913

Screenshots: >>10429879

R: 63 / I: 12 / P: 19 [R] [G] [-]

Man, 56, carrying a loaded gun pepper-sprays Confederate Civil War re-enactors at North Carolina parade

Karl Smith, 56, was arrested for pepper-spraying Civil War re-enactors Thursday

Police stopped him and found he had pepper spray and a loaded revolver

Assault happened at 2017 Soldiers Reunion parade in Newton, North Carolina

Two Confederate re-enactors were treated by medical personnel at the scene

Smith was charged with two counts of misdemeanor assault and was released on written promise to appear before a magistrate

A man pepper-sprayed Civil War re-enactors during a reunion parade and was arrested, police have said.

Officials also found a loaded gun in his possession.

Karl Smith, 56, of Morganton, North Carolina, has been charged with two counts of misdemeanor assault.

Authorities say he assaulted the Confederate re-enactors Thursday afternoon during the 2017 Soldiers Reunion parade in Newton, North Carolina, where thousands gathered to watch.

According to a police report, Smith sprayed the re-enactors when they stopped to fire their weapons.

Two parade participants notified officials around 5.30pm about Smith's actions.

Police seized a small canister of pepper spray and a loaded .38-caliber revolver for which Smith had a valid concealed-weapon permit.


R: 89 / I: 20 / P: 19 [R] [G] [-]


Well /pol/, I just wanted you guys to be aware of the situation in Birmingham, Alabama.

Kay Ivey, our current governor, signed a bill stating that no Confederate memorial nor monument shall be removed. The mayor of Birmingham, William Bell, has basically said fuck that. He plans on hiding the monuments behind plastic and plywood which goes against the order that Ivey had signed.

After much consideration, I plan on standing at the monument starting 8/18 until 8/20 holding a United States flag. I will not insult anyone, nor will I engage in absolutely ANY discussion until the two days are over.

I'm not asking any of you to help, but I'm wanting to help set the precedent. If you want to come and stand with me, you can. If you want to come and insult me, you can.

Links for following info:





R: 382 / I: 119 / P: 19 [R] [G] [-]

Charlottesville Riot Police upset at their unlawful orders

This has to be the best footage to come out so far. Right up close on the line of state police using force to push out the leaders of the ALt Right.

R: 226 / I: 72 / P: 20 [R] [G] [-]


>mfw they're so fucking bluttflustered about a tiki picnic in Virginia that they're going into hypershuttingdown drive

R: 38 / I: 85 / P: 20 [R] [G] [-]

Preparation Thread

Post any infographics you have which may help anons in need of advice in case of disaster. I will be dumping what I have, but I must warn you that my collection is meager at best. I hope that this thread will increase my repertoire as well as your own.

NOTE: This is not a blackpill thread insinuating that the world will go on this downward spiral. Even thriving societies must be prepared for adversity, lest they find themselves in a pickle.

R: 126 / I: 17 / P: 20 [R] [G] [-]

Female Slut Who Had Sex With Her Gay Male BF Gets HIV

The absolute state of women in the world. Pastor Steven Anderson was right. I bet the gay reprobate knew he had HIV and wanted to pass it on to as many people as possible. Never be friends with a gay dude. They might try to inject their HIV blood into you somehow. Also general Gay hate thread.

R: 751 / I: 220 / P: 20 [R] [G] [-]

Get comfy... It's time...


The park is filling up with people ahead of time. From what it looks like, at 10:30am Eastern Time, there's a couple hundred people in the park. The actual free speech / CIAlt-right people are not there (yet?) and right now its a bunch of BLM and libcucks speaking to the crowd about ebil white supremacy and hashtag resist!

I find it kind of ironic. Right wing people plan a free speech rally, they don't show up, a bunch of "counter-protesters" resistards and BLM show up, I bet they start to chimp out on each other, left on left violence happens, more moderates start to see the light. Shit, maybe this should be our stratedgy.

R: 26 / I: 3 / P: 20 [R] [G] [-]

Far-right activists clash with hundreds of anti-fascist protesters as they march through the streets of Barcelona just one day after deadly terror attack in the city

Members of the extreme Falange group congretavistockd on Las Ramblas on Friday afternoon

The organisation was met by a huge crowd of counter-protesters carrying flags and banners

Tensions were so high that armed riot police were called in to separate the groups as violence broke out

Far-right activists were met by a huge crowd of anti-fascist protesters as they marched in Barcelona one day after a terror attack killed 13 people in the city.

Members of the extreme Falange group congretavistockd on Las Ramblas boulevard this afternoon before being met by hundreds of counter-demonstrators waving flags and banners.

Tensions were so high that armed riot police were called in to separate the groups as violence broke out.

Scroll down for videos

Pictures show demonstrators shouting in each other's faces and fighting in the streets as tempers boiled over.

One photograph shows an anti-fascist punching a Falange supporter in the face amid a scuffle in the crowd. The punched man, who was wearing a T-Shirt emblazoned with the far-right slogan, 'Do not stop until you conquer', was later seen with a black eye.

He was later seen with a fellow protester whose face and hands were covered in blood after he had been hit in the nose.

The chaotic scenes took place near the scene where yesterday a van ploughed into pedestrians in an attack that also left more than 100 injured.

A second attack took place just hours later in the town of Cambrils, 75 miles south of Barcelona, where terrorists in an Audi A3 rammed into a crowd, killing one person.

Isis has claimed responsibility for the attacks, which it says were carried out by its 'soldiers'.

Falange took to the streets to 'protest Islam' and blame Spain's immigration policy for the attack.

A post on the group's website said: 'No one was fooled into thinking that the policies of multiculturalism and #RefugeesWelcome wouldn’t end like they did in Las Ramblas in Barcelona.'

Falange abandoned the demonstration after it was stormed by counter-demonstrators and had to be escorted away from Las Ramblas by police.


R: 50 / I: 9 / P: 20 [R] [G] [-]

Might as well get my 10th ban this year whilst never having been banned ever before.

'The Rebel Media' is currently in melt down. This is not 'e-celeb' news, this is the exposure of a kike in the midst of a supposedly 'right-wing' media outlet. Yes, we all knew it was jewified because Ezra Levant never pretended he wasn't a kike. But a lot of people's fathers and uncles and maybe even friends listen to this sort of stuff - its entry level 'red-pill' type stuff that has just been outed as a marketing scheme by a kike that is dishonest, deceitful and depraved.

Turns out Lauren Southern was fired because she refused to ask for more donations once the desired amount had been reached. The kike in charge constantly makes petitions and says he needs more money - and even when they required amount is reached they ask for more, and keep it themselves instead of using it for their supposedly 'charitable' causes.

Some faggot called Caolan exposed Ezra Levant for blackmail as well as the mentioned above 'MORE DONATIONS' where he was just lining his pockets whilst telling people it was for charitable causes (I believe this is called fraud). He has recordings of the kike offering hush money and saying how he ruined some guy's life because he dared to defy him.

Faith Goldy was just fired because she attended the Charlottesville event on the side of the White Nationalists which upset the big yid and led to her dismissal.

The Rebel is rapidly unravelling and its hilarious to watch, but it is also a golden red-pilling opportunity on the topic of 'no good jews' as well as the sabotage and subversion of the right-wing by manipulate yids.

Mods. This is NOT about e-celebs. This is about a real time event that has the potential to prove /pol/ right. Stop anchoring and deleting threads. If you want delete this one, but if you do un-anchor the others.


R: 25 / I: 0 / P: 20 [R] [G] [-]

Dailystormer domain registration pulled

It seems that google has deregistered Fag Anglin's Thai Fuck Shack.com, despite it being payed for four years. Should we be concerned? Is this even legal?

R: 36 / I: 1 / P: 20 [R] [G] [-]