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Supreme Court Reinstates Travel Ban

Prepare for an avalanche of salt from the left that snackbars will be blocked entry to the US.


>President Donald Trump’s controversial travel ban can take effect in part, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled Monday, and the Court will hear oral arguments on the executive order in October.

>The Court agreed to hear the appeal on the travel ban after two federal courts recently ruled it was unconstitutional. The government can now enforce the travel ban “with regard to people who don’t have a relationship to the United States, but not with regard to the named challengers or people like them – for example, who have relatives who want to come,” according to SCOTUSblog.

>SCOTUS lifts injunction against travel ban, except with respect to individuals with bona dude relationship to the US

>— SCOTUSblog (@SCOTUSblog) June 26, 2017

>“Denying entry to such a foreign national does not burden any American party by reason of that party’s relationship with the foreign national. And the courts below did not conclude that exclusion in such circumstances would impose any legally relevant hardship on the foreign national himself,” the Court wrote. “So whatever burdens may result from enforcement of (the ban) against a foreign national who lacks any connection to this country, they are, at a minimum, a good deal less concrete than the hardships identified by the courts below.”

>Trump said last week that the ban would take effect 72 hours after being cleared by courts.

>The travel ban, signed by Trump on March 6, imposed a 90-day pause in travel from citizens of Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen. It is a second, watered-down version of the original travel ban signed by Trump, no longer including Iraq on the list of blocked countries. It also scrapped a loophole for “persecuted religious minorities,” which critics argued was proof that the Trump administration was giving Christians preferential treatment while barring Muslims.

>Given the ban has a 90-day limit and could expire before oral arguments occur, it’s possible the case will be moot before it goes before the Court for a permanent decision.

>The Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals, based in Richmond, Virginia, ruled 10-3 in May that the order amounted to unconstitutional religious discrimination. The Trump administration has denied that the ban is being used to target Muslims, but Trump said while campaigning for president that the country needed “a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country’s representatives can figure out what the hell is going on.”

>The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, based in San Francisco, ruled unanimously in June that the order does not comply with federal immigration law, and Trump “exceeded the scope of the authority delegated to him by Congress.”

>Both courts mentioned burdens on U.S. citizens imposed by the travel ban, with one case involving the restricted travel of family members of U.S. citizens and another involving students who had been admitted to U.S. universities. The Supreme Court said that reasoning was legitimate, which is why it provided exceptions for those with a “bona fide” relationship with the U.S. in its lifting of the block imposed by those courts.

Justice Clarence Thomas wrote a decision concurring and dissenting in part with the majority, saying he thought the travel ban should be permitted to continue in full, with no exceptions. Justices Samuel Alito and Neil Gorsuch joined in that opinion. The majority opinion does not list an author or the justices that agreed with it, but the in-part dissent by Thomas was the only one listed on the order.

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He is never mentioned in the media, he is one of the wealthiest people in the world and he has a lot of taken down accounts.

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If anyone added anything important to the previous thread that was not saved in the archive(https://archive.is/XXNB3) please repost it.

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Thread for identifying and reporting illegals. Remove bean.

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Seth Rich Investigation Thread #6



http://www.oann.com/mysterious-death-seth-rich/ IS NOW 404


Federal Prosecutor investigating DNC and Debbie Wasserman Schultz turns up dead on Florida beach


Debbie Wasserman Schultz threatens D.C. police chief over investigations and Seth Rich's laptop


Shoot the Panda, journalist puts hitman dog whistle in article. Discussion of Clinton involvement with selling US military secrets to China. >muh Chinese?



SEIU hired guns?



Seth Rich's IPs leaked



Journalist looking for information on Seth Rich's doctor



Hannity Cucks Out



Jews target Hannity's Advertisers Anyway



Two possible hitmen for Seth Rich found shot to death



Investigation thread #5



Seth Rich Dropbox account



Possible Seth Rich twitter account tweeting again



Pages that were already archived did not get a new snapshot. If anons would like new snapshots of the current threads, do so at your leisure.

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And remember,


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Current Rules for /pol/:

1. Follow the Global Rule.

2. No spamming. Doing so will result in a ban.

3. Duplicate threads will be deleted. Check the Catalog.

4. Non-politics related threads are frowned upon and will result in ban and deletion. Bans will be up to the Board Owner or Board Volunteer's discretion.

If you don't get what /pol/ is about, lurk more. That includes newfags.

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Leaks reveal project veritas involvement. CNN producers talking about how they only talked about Russia story just for ratings.



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German Newspaper SZ is having a drawing contest on "what has to change" in Germany.

You know what to do, /pol/


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Democrats behind Trump poo poo pee pee dossier

>A secretive Washington firm that commissioned the dubious intelligence dossier on Donald Trump is stonewalling congressional investigators trying to learn more about its connections to the Democratic Party.

>What is the company hiding? Fusion GPS describes itself as a “research and strategic intelligence firm” founded by “three former Wall Street Journal investigative reporters.” But congressional sources says it’s actually an opposition-research group for Democrats, and the founders, who are more political activists than journalists, have a pro-Hillary, anti-Trump agenda.

This has been a good week

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The adventures of Christ-chan is an ongoing /pol/ comic project about /pol/ waifus featuring Christ-chan. 30 chapters and counting. Started in June 2015.

Read the comics here


Support the artist here




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Alphabet Soups

What is the actual agenda of the alphabet soups and what do they control? If I am to believe everything I've heard, they are backing White Nationalism, Black Nationalism, ISIS, and every other extremist group trying to prop them up for whatever nefarious reasons. They're probably mostly a tool of the jew but than reason makes me think each agent is an individual and not everyone in the alphabet soups would want to be good goyim slaves for their jew masters. So really, what is the actual influence and power of the alphabet soups? If anyone has any connections to or is part of an alphabet soup agency please tell me, what is it actually like, what are you doing?

Maybe the alphabet soups are just a pointless organization at this point that mostly exists to make money for itself? Maybe it's an anarchy, kind of like how the Russians couldn't understand what the fuck America was doing, because Americans are all individuals acting autonomously with none of the memorizing of a specific ideology or whatever like in Soviet Russia?

I want to know for real what the fuck the alphabet soups control, back, and are responsible for. I get a general impression that there is no centralized control in American/Canadian culture.

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When political correctness affects science

Here are five articles about the prevalence of herpes among Afro-American women.






All of these articles reference a report published by the CDC which asserted that 48% of Afro-American women have genital herpes. And no, I'm not talking about HSV-1 (oral herpes). The CDC specifically states that 48% of Afro-American women have HSV-2 (genital herpes) and I am not conflating the two.

I have a question for /pol/. Why did the CDC remove the report?


Did some SJW at the CDC remove it because science is racist? Are we going to let them get away with it?

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Is the right a dead end?

The "might is right, ubermensch, political warrior, macho, strongman, masculine, war loving" right-wing was born out of military defeat.


>"The guillotine stands as the principal symbol of the Terror in the French Revolution."[183] Invented by a physician during the Revolution as a quicker, more efficient and more distinctive form of execution, the guillotine became a part of popular culture and historic memory. It was celebrated on the left as the people's avenger and cursed as the symbol of the Reign of Terror by the right.[184] Its operation became a popular entertainment that attracted great crowds of spectators. Vendors sold programmes listing the names of those scheduled to die. Many people came day after day and vied for the best locations from which to observe the proceedings; knitting women (tricoteuses) formed a cadre of hardcore regulars, inciting the crowd. Parents often brought their children. By the end of the Terror, the crowds had thinned drastically. Repetition had staled even this most grisly of entertainments, and audiences grew bored.

Leftists literally humiliated and executed rightists so much they got fucking bored of it.

All the bullshit about how strong the right is holdover from myths and legends of gay European Kangs conquering land and opportunistic leftist lies about the dangers of fascism. The right is the weak man. It's the 5' tall pathetic human failure calling people better than him "cucks".

Let's just put this in perspective:

Leftists literally burn white peoples houses down the second white people move into a black neighborhood to fight "gentrification", "right-winger white nationalist national socialist fascists" make BLACKED.com memes and participate in democracy by voting for failures and traitors like Le Pen and Trump decades into colonial "white genocide".

Rightist activists and organizations get shut down and blown the fuck out every single week. The best example is Golden Dawn. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Golden_Dawn_(political_party)#Bomb_attacks_on_Golden_Dawn_offices These niggas were billed as the baddest kids on the block only until they got fucking savaged by anarchists so hard that they had to fucking disband, only to come back later and get blown the fuck out AGAIN. The same anarchists that shut these "fascist" pussies now helps and services the refugees that Golden Dawn would turn away from Greece. https://www.nytimes.com/2017/05/22/world/europe/greece-athens-anarchy-austerity.html

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Supreme Court: Immigrants Who Lie to Feds to Become Citizens May Lose Citizenship

>The Supreme Court on Thursday held that federal law authorizes courts to strip immigrant citizens of their U.S. citizenship if they obtained it as a result of making false statements to the federal government.

>Federal law found at 18 U.S.C. § 1425(a) makes it a crime to “knowingly procur[e], contrary to law, the naturalization of any person” to become a U.S. citizen. (“Naturalization” is the legal term for becoming a citizen.) Moreover, a second federal statute, 8 U.S.C. § 1451(e) adds that a foreigner who obtains U.S. citizenship through such a violation will lose that newly granted citizenship.

It could mean that many people can get their citizenships revoked, even those who were citizens for years like Central Americans who came as "refugees".

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NBC Preparing to Boot Megyn Kelly after Sunday Night Slips Again in Week 4

“Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly” continued its downward trajectory in the Sunday overnight ratings, with the new NBC newsmagazine slipping to a new low in both the key demo and total viewers. Meanwhile, Fox fell to an average of less than 1 million viewers on a rerun-dominated night.

Airing at 7 p.m., “Sunday Night” averaged a 0.4 rating in adults 18-49 and 3.4 million viewers, according to Nielsen data. That is down from a 0.5 and 3.6 million viewers last week’s episode, which featured Kelly’s controversial interview with InfoWars founder Alex Jones.

In the timeslot, “Sunday Night” lost out to CBS’ “60 Minutes,” which was down from its last new episode on June 11 with a 0.7 and 7.2 million viewers. ABC led the night with a rerun of “America’s Funniest Home Videos” (0.7, 3.9 million).

NBC aired “Despicable Me” and a rerun of “Little Big Shots: Forever Young” for the rest of primetime.

ABC’s fortunes improved with its 8-11 p.m. gameshow stack. “Celebrity Family Feud” (1.4, 7.1 million) rose in total viewers. “Steve Harvey’s Funderdome” (1.1, 5.5 million) ticked up in both measures, as did “The $100,000 Pyramid” (1.1, 5.2 million).

Aside from “60 Minutes,” CBS aired only repeats.

Fox aired mostly repeats except at 9 p.m. with a new episode of “American Grit” (0.4, 1 million), which was down in both measures.

ABC won the night with a 1.1 and 5.4 million viewers. NBC was second in the demo with a 0.6 but third in total viewers with 2.7 million. CBS and Fox tied for third in the demo with a 0.4, but CBS was second in total viewers with 4.8 million. Fox was fourth in total viewers with 980,000.

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Leaf Gets Raked

>Guess I'm Next /pol/

Be careful Canadian Anons,

Section 2: which lists what the Charter calls "fundamental freedoms" namely freedom of conscience, freedom of religion, freedom of thought, freedom of belief, freedom of expression, freedom of the press and of other media of communication, freedom of peaceful assembly, and freedom of association.

So much for that

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Hacktivist Group Anonymous Says NASA Will Announce Extraterrestrial Life

Hacker Group ‘Anonymous’ Claims NASA Set To Announce Alien Life


>“NASA says aliens are coming!” the group wrote on their website.

>Anonymous’ claim is based on a number of recent NASA discoveries coupled with comments made by one of the agency’s spokesmen during a congressional hearing titled ‘Advances in the Search for Life,’ in April.

Embed Related

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Australian 2016 Census Thread

The data is has just started coming out now so let's have a look. Post anything relevant and be sure to update so nothing gets memory-holed. Make sure to include sources if you can.

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Rogue Cartoonist Sketches Message of Hope for America, Especially Generation Z


Motivation can come in many forms and is usually most powerful when arriving unexpectedly. That is exactly what happened when rogue cartoonist, Ben Garrison stopped by The Scott Helmer Show on Thursday, June 22, 2017. Calling in from his Lakeside, Montana studio with faithful companion Boogie, a 27-pound Shitzu nearby, Garrison shared his personal story of overcoming great obstacles and setbacks, and how together with his wife, Tina, has been able to turn darker times into success.


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We may have to pull an all-nighter using our digits to help Assad…

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Faggotry being pushed in sports.

I saw this and wanted to vomit. Families… with CHILDREN go to the ballpark.

https://twitter dot com/Cardinals/status/878272228072095744

Why do I get the feeling that Jews own this team? This garbage needs to end.

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Build a New Internet

Internet Censorship is Increasing

Its important that an alternative internet infrastructure is created.

A community organised Freenet would liberate information in the solar system.

Earth is under a planetary quarantine and it must be broken.



Communications satellites can be built using arduino:




ArduSat Open-Source Arduino-based Satellite:


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BOOM! CNN Producer Admits Network Hyping 'Bullshit' Trump-Russia Scandal for Ratings

Project Veritas Strikes Again! CNN BTFO BIGLY!

WATCH!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jdP8TiKY8dE

DOWNLOAD: https://a.pomf.space/dzxnpkpxlrns.mp4

James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas has struck again: This time, a senior CNN producer was caught on camera by one of O’Keefe’s investigators admitting that the network’s relentless bashing of President Donald Trump with the Russia scandal lacks proof.

“Could be bullshit. I mean, it’s mostly bullshit right now,” the CNN producer, John Bonifield, said in a video O’Keefe’s Project Veritas released on Tuesday, when asked about his thoughts on the Russia investigation. “Like, we don’t have any giant proof. Then they say, well there’s still an investigation going on. And you’re like, yeah, I don’t know. If they were finding something we would know about it. The way these leaks happen, they would leak it. They’d leak. If it was something really good, it would leak…. The leaks keep leaking and there’s so many great leaks, and it’s amazing. I just refuse to believe that if they had something really good like that that wouldn’t leak because we’ve been getting all these other leaks. So, I just feel like they don’t really have it but they want to keep digging. And so I think the president is probably right to say, like, look you are witch hunting me. You have no smoking gun. You have no real proof.”

The video also shows Bonifield admitting that he has not seen evidence that Trump has committed any crimes.

“I haven’t seen any good evidence to show the president committed a crime,” Bonifield says in the video.

And even if Russia did try to influence the U.S. election, Bonifield is heard saying in the video, that is not really much of a scandal. He is seen arguing that Russian efforts to influence the election would be normal, and that the U.S. government does the same thing around the world all the time.

“Even if Russia was trying to swing an election, we try to swing their elections, our CIA is doing shit all the time, we’re out there trying to manipulate governments,” Bonifield says.

Bonifield is a supervising producer for CNN Health. According to his biography on CNN’s website, Bonifield works with the CNN Medical Unit and “primarily with CNN Senior Medical Correspondent Elizabeth Cohen.”

These startling admissions from a CNN producer on hidden camera video come amid many other comments the video shows him making that are particularly problematic for a network in crisis. The Project Veritas video was released on Tuesday amid the worst scandal in CNN history. Zucker, the network president, is currently leading an internal investigation into a very fake news hit piece that CNN published Thursday night then retracted late Friday after a Breitbart News investigation. He is joined, per reports from BuzzFeed News, by the head of HR inside CNN at the top of the investigation. Three of CNN’s senior-most editorial staffers have resigned as a result of the growing scandal.

In narration over the video, O’Keefe notes that “Bonifield has worked for CNN as a journalist and producer for nearly 15 years.”

“He not only gave us a tour of CNN’s main newsroom, he gave us a window into the editorial bias and anti-Trump agenda of the organization,” O’Keefe says.

O’Keefe’s Project Veritas is billing this video as part one of a multi-part investigation into what they call: “American Pravda.”

BREAKING VIDEO: #FakeNews CNN Producer admits the CNN Russia narrative is "bullshit." #AmericanPravda

More to come.https://t.co/m5lQ01keo1

— James O'Keefe (@JamesOKeefeIII) June 27, 2017



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RON PAUL: Republicans Still Pushing False Flags In Syria And Cold War With Russia

Another episode from based Ron.

R: 13 / I: 2 / P: 2 [R] [G] [-]


I wrote a little poem to commemorate the day


~ ME




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Victims Sue Govt For Slap On The Wrist Given To Clinton's Pal Billionaire Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein

Victims Sue Federal Govt For Slap On The Wrist Given To Billionaire Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein

By Jack Burns

Billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein was given a “Sweetheart Deal” by federal prosecutors who chose to allow him to be charged at the state level, not with federal crimes. Lawyers representing the victims say details of the deal were kept from them and now they’re suing the federal government for violating the Crime Victims Rights Act.

Jeffrey Epstein should have been locked up and the key thrown away, according to some who believe the “billionaire pedophile” got off easy. Epstein, who pleaded guilty in 2008 to state charges of solicitation of prostitution and soliciting minors, avoided federal charges, only had to spend his nights in jail, and was allowed to live as a free man during the daytime.

Now, as a part of a separate lawsuit against the government, prosecutors are having to defend their arrangement in the so-called “sweetheart deal” for Epstein.

Epstein only served 13 months of an 18-month sentence, while work release allowed him to go to his office and work as a money manager during the daytime hours. After his short stint in jail was over, he was forced to register as a sex offender and spent just another year on probation.

The arrangement angered at least two of his more than 30 known victims, who decided to sue the federal government for the slap-on-the-wrist plea deal to which the federal prosecutors agreed. They say they were lied to and were never notified of the plea deal’s details.

According to the Palm Beach Post, prosecutors critical of the plea deal have called it, “One of the most extraordinarily lenient plea deal arrangements in modern history.” The Post discovered, by reading court documents, Epstein may have victimized upwards of 40 girls.

Attorneys Bradley Edwards and Paul Cassell represent the victims in their lawsuit against the federal government. U.S. District Judge Kenneth Marra is overseeing the case that accuses the federal government and its prosecutors of violating the federal Crime Victims Rights Act (CVRA).

Edwards and Cassell say their clients (Epstein’s victims) were left out of the proceedings and not properly informed of the plea deal prosecutors were offering. They point to a letter to Assistant U.S. Attorney Marie Villafana sent to the victims.

The letter, sent in 2008, reportedly informed them the FBI had resumed their investigation of Epstein. In other words, the victims believed he was going to be charged with federal crimes, which would have put the billionaire pedophile behind bars. Instead, he was given a plea deal and the victims contend they were not made aware of the details, thereby violating the CVRA.

According to the Palm Beach Post Villafana contended “most of the young women were extremely reluctant — or simply refused — to testify against Epstein, who had paid them to give him sexually-charged massages at his mansion.” It’s implausible to the victims’ attorneys their clients would not have testified, yet that’s the contention Villafana made to Marra in an attempt to get him to throw out the lawsuit.

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Kek at it again

New discovery


R: 42 / I: 3 / P: 3 [R] [G] [-]

RE: Technocapitalism Neuroerosion and (You)

The following is a ripoff of many peoples ideas, I have merely connected the dots, the last part will give credit to all.

This is about the pointlessness of this board (inb4 ignored) essentially, it will get (You)'s from raging fascists I know, but please hear me out. It rambles a bit but I think if you give it the patience it deserves I would love some criticism as I think this is unsolvable.

Lets go then….

R: 633 / I: 532 / P: 3 [R] [G] [-]

Webm Thread: Israel Must Be Wiped Off The Face Of The Earth Edition

Webm Thread: Israel Must Be Wiped Off The Face Of The Earth Edition

Old thread (full) here:


R: 124 / I: 40 / P: 3 [R] [G] [-]

Nazi Philosophy

I've just finished reading all the books of Nietzsche, and I think I just grasped (most of) the philosophy of the Hitler's movement. And I'd like to discuss it, see if I got something wrong etc. I found the whole thing to be pretty interesting, uplifting, positive, motivating, and worth sharing/discussing.


The main driving force in humans. The point of life. Nietzsche wrote whole books explaining in detail how the will to power is the main value in life. Conan the Barbarian is a pretty good stereotypical media example of this Nietzschian view of life, you've all seen the movie, Conan is essentially what Nietzsche concludes you should be.

>hol' up, how does Hitler play into this


Basically will to power with a biology flavor to it. Hitler wanted to make a state for biological heroism, an Aryan ethno state, for the purpose of creating ubermensch (I like to translate this simply as "heroes", men who pursue will to power).

So Hitler = Nietzsche + Darwin pretty much. These two were the most dominant thinkers of that time, and also all time as well.


We went from worshiping unstoppable warlords (Odin, Zeus), to worshiping a whipped jew. Our pagan values had master morality (pursuit of will to power). Jews subverted us to worship slave morality (turning the other cheek, kneeling, submitting, forgiving weakness, abandoning will to power).

Jewish subversion was also political, economical, religious etc, but moral subversion is the most significant one.

We must reclaim master morality for ourselves if we are to become the ubermensch. Just like Greeks and Northmen pagans. They worshiped heroes, strength, dominators, conquerors etc. Will to power in one word. Christianity turned our most beautiful women into childless nuns.. modern jewery continues on doing this, with feminism for example.

Nietzsche, like Hitler, enjoyed Wagner (aka the official playlist of the Nazi regime) precisely because it sounded heroic.


Suffering is extremely important. What doesnt kill you, it will make you stronger. Think of climbing a mountain; you can use a helicopter to get to the top, or you can climb it for two weeks. Which one will feel more satisfying? Nietzsche says that suffering is essential to achievement, to pleasure, and to will to power.

So anyway I dont want to make a wall of text so I'll stop here.


We must further develop our will to power, trough biological heroism (aka 14 words), and expel the kike influence.

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New Orleans: 4 Nogs Rob & Kill White Boys

Happened last night in the French Quarter of New Orleans. Fucking enraging!


NOPD Incident F-30418-17 (65 208 Bienville Street)

at 1min 30sec


Also if you haven't seen the black kid raping the 7 year old white girl in France, check this: >>10145485


R: 57 / I: 25 / P: 3 [R] [G] [-]

AAAI studies halfchan pol


The discussion-board site 4chan has been part of the Internet’s

dark underbelly since its inception, and recent political events

have put it increasingly in the spotlight. In particular, /pol/, the

“Politically Incorrect” board, has been a central figure in the

outlandish 2016 US election season, as it has often been linked

to the alt-right movement and its rhetoric of hate and racism.

However, 4chan remains relatively unstudied by the scientific

community: little is known about its user base, the content it

generates, and how it affects other parts of the Web. In this

paper, we start addressing this gap by analyzing /pol/ along

several axes, using a dataset of over 8M posts we collected

over two and a half months. First, we perform a general charac-

terization, showing that /pol/ users are well distributed around

the world and that 4chan’s unique features encourage fresh

discussions. We also analyze content, finding, for instance,

that YouTube links and hate speech are predominant on /pol/.

Overall, our analysis not only provides the first measurement

study of /pol/, but also insight into online harassment and hate

speech trends in social media.


The Web has become an increasingly impactful source for

new “culture” (Aspen Institute 2014), producing novel jargon,

new celebrities, and disruptive social phenomena. At the

same time, serious threats have also materialized, including

the increase in hate speech and abusive behavior (Blackburn

and Kwak 2014; Nobata et al. 2016). In a way, the Internet’s

global communication capabilities, as well as the platforms

built on top of them, often enable previously isolated, and

possibly ostracized, members of fringe political groups and

ideologies to gather, converse, organize, as well as execute

and spread their agenda (Stein 2016).


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Truck Rams into Muslims in Newcastle driver arrested…

>gas the cars race war now…….

R: 124 / I: 40 / P: 3 [R] [G] [-]

Satanism and Judaism


>It suggests that Satan’s minions – a corrupt Pope and Dictator – would establish a one-world government and one religion. [34] Well, we are heading towards it, aren’t we? So, what is the White Christian Nationalist supposed to do then? If it is part of the prophecy of Jesus’ return that we first have to live in Satan’s New World Order – then why would the Christian stop or resist it?

>Satan is beyond terms like “good” or “evil”, and therefore cannot have an enemy to conflict with

>Lianna goes to say that an individual cannot be truly free as the current way of life immediately gives him a gender, class, ethnic and geographical role.

>If Satan opposes that god [Yahweh], would not Satan encourage exchanges between ethnicities and races? If Satan opposes this god, would not Satan encourage the exploration and expression of all forms of sexuality? Would not Satan be opposed and encourage equality between the sexes?

>In Christianity, Satan is an enemy of G-d, an opposing force, and something very bad. In Christianity, Satan has a level of power that is considered almost equal to that of G-d. In the Christian bible (2 Corinthians 4:3-4), Satan is called the god of this world. However, in Judaism Satan is an agent of G-d, created by G-d for a specific purpose, and something very good. Satan is simply an agent of G-d, just as all the other angels are simply agents of G-d.

>To reiterate, in the Jewish bible, everything was created by G-d, both good and evil and everything is under G-d’s control. Only one force, not two, whereas, in Christianity Satan is not under the control of G-d but is rather, a competing force against G-d. Christian theology makes Satan so powerful that he is given the title, “the god of this world.”

So, to reiterate, in Judaism Satan is an agent of G-d, who provides opportunities for us to grow, to respond to our passions and desires by producing things of value in this world and to become stronger spiritual people.

R: 27 / I: 4 / P: 3 [R] [G] [-]

Printers without microdots

As the title says, I'm interested in buying a printer that does not have microdots or any other kind of forensic tracing. Can any anons help me?

Pic unrelated.

R: 243 / I: 106 / P: 3 [R] [G] [-]

Syria General /sg/: DANGER ZONE EDITION


Figured we'd need a new one soon anyways

>Clashes between "S"DF and SAA south of Al-Tawrah

>US shot down SyAAF plane in Syria's sovereign airspace

>Russia steps in and will consider "any flying objects" in Syrian airspace targets

In other news

>IRAN has finally made some use of its' medium range Tel-Aviv-Destroyers to remove ISIS encampments at Deir Ezzor

>Kill an ISIS commander namend Saad al-Husseini (rest in piss), a Saudi national (of course) in the city of Al-Mayadin

>FSA is getting BTFO on all fronts

>ISIS is getting BTFO on all fronts

>Syria and Iraq's tips finally touch

>"S"DF might get cucked out of Raqqa since Assad is advancing FAST

R: 115 / I: 25 / P: 3 [R] [G] [-]

Trump going to Poland



Get fucked Germany and France, Eastern Europe are our new friends.

R: 56 / I: 3 / P: 3 [R] [G] [-]

FBI says "motives are unclear" in Scalise shooting attack

>The gunman who shot a top House Republican and four other people on a Virginia baseball field didn’t have any concrete plans to inflict violence on the Republicans he loathed, FBI officials said Wednesday…They said he acted alone and had no connections to terror groups. But they said they had not yet clarified who, if anyone, he planned to target, or why, beyond his animus toward President Donald Trump and the Republicans he felt were ruining the country...“At this point in the investigation, it appears more spontaneous,” Slater said. Hodgkinson had a piece of paper with the names of six members of Congress written on it, Slater said, but the note lacked any further context and there was no evidence from his computer, phone or other belongings that indicated he planned to target those officials…He also took pictures of the baseball field where he would later fire more than 60 shots. “The FBI does not believe that these photographs represented surveillance of intended targets,” the FBI said in a statement.

What is the FBI trying to tell us /pol/?


R: 203 / I: 39 / P: 3 [R] [G] [-]

Australia: Politics and Stats

Here are some facts to get the ball rolling:

>In 2011, 14% of Australia was non-white, according to the Census.

>The immigration rate is ~ 200,000 per year, give or take some.

>Chinese are the largest non-white majority, just on the edge of 5%. That's one in twenty!

>Australia doesn't record data on race.

>Roughly as many people oppose multiculti as there were non-whites in 2011. That's about 14%.

>Australia will be ~20% non-white in 2025.

>Miscegenation and interracial dating rates seem incredibly high. No data here but the cities are full of coal burners and rice-cookers.

>Melbourne has the highest amount of African immigrants. It is now experiencing a very bad crime wave due to this.

>5% of Australia is unemployed. That's one in twenty people you see!

>the Muslim population is on the verge of 3% or (has already crossed it).

>only 78% of Australia's population speak only English at home.

>The most commonly spoken languages other than English include Mandarin (1.6 per cent), Italian (1.4 per cent), Arabic (1.3 per cent), Cantonese (1.2 per cent) and Greek (1.2 per cent)

Of recent migrants who arrived since 2006, 33.5 per cent speak only English at home and another 54.1 per cent speak another language and English either very well or well. Eleven and a half per cent do not speak English well or at all.

Fuck me, lads. I don't know what to say.

R: 295 / I: 69 / P: 3 [R] [G] [-]

NASA / US too niggerfied to return to the moon.


Vid sadly related.

Welcome to the new dark ages, where we have less and less high-tech every day amd SJWs increasingly transform STEM so the hard sciences can be culturally enriched,more LGBTQ-aware, and more inclusive.'

>Welcome to your basic engineering course, anon. Today we will be talking about the marginalization of queer people of color in the hard sciences and what we can do to make them feel safer in this historically white-male-denominated hegemonic field of study.

>Welcome to Biology 101. No, put that textbook down. We are going to spend the whole year talking about how queer identities are inborn and about how biology is socially constructed. Let's start off with this Bill Nye the Science Guy video, "My Sex Junk."

>Welcome to your college Mathematics class, anon. Did you know that street-shitters invented the number zero? Did you know that the world "Algebra" is Arabic? Let's talk more about sand-niggers and street-shitters, and how the white males stole math from them. No, you don't actually have to learn math, that would be too logocentric.

>Welcome to Physics 101. Did you know that Issac Newton was really a black transsexual? No? Well, according to Professor LaQuisha Jordan's new history of science, the Afrocentric narrative of science has been supressed. Let's learn more about when we wuz physicists.

R: 238 / I: 157 / P: 3 [R] [G] [-]

Huffpost Loses It--Calls for Trump's Execution


Threads I and II hit the bump limit.



Original thread archive: https://archive.is/vZzPi

Thread II archive: https://archive.is/b1Vj6

HuffPost: https://archive.is/5VvI5

Author's Twitter: https://archive.is/2HdnY

Medium: https://archive.is/wskfN

Let's keep this ball rolling.

R: 53 / I: 30 / P: 3 [R] [G] [-]



>John Bonifield, CNN employee for nearly 15 years was exposed by Project Veritas on video admitting the whole thing is bullshit.

>Even throws CEO Jeff Zucker under the bus admitting he was the one keeping the Russia coverage continuous.

>Makes joke about journalism ethics not being important because "This is business"

R: 12 / I: 17 / P: 4 [R] [G] [-]


I've just started researching these fucks. Holy shit, the Rothschilds are (((them))) more than anyone. Responsible for several wars in Europe, attempted assassination of Jackson, successfully killed JFK for Israel's nuclear program, and aparently blackmailed Truman. Can anyone confirm any of this? Also, drop your redpills

R: 437 / I: 181 / P: 4 [R] [G] [-]



Little did he know this is a Parody account

Fuck Cernokike

Pics related

R: 99 / I: 32 / P: 4 [R] [G] [-]

/pol/ busts some of EU plans for Europe

Yesterday I came back from a two-day conference organized by the (((Council of Europe))), (((OSCE))), (((Transparency International))) and other "democratic" cesspools. It was held in Tbilisi, Georgia, and called Money in Politics.

First of all, let me explain the choice of the location: Georgians are extremely apolitical and do not give a shit about the EU and its sucklings, so 98% of attendees of conferences held there are invited guests who are in on the globalist idea, while local media coverage is scant. Kike puppets feel remote and confident enough there to say things that would never fly with the public if they were uttered, say, in Germany.

Secondly, a few words about the attendees. Most of them were from Eastern European countries - people who sold themselves to Soros years ago and were now hell-bent on maintaining their positions. However, there was one woman named Andrea Keerbs from the McCain Institute, a few suits from Brussels, as well as a couple of Macron's bitch-boys and a few feminists. Knowing their ways and manners, it was piss easy to blend in with the crowd, without anyone even wondering who I was and what I was doing there. No photos, because I did not want to arouse suspicion.

Now, most of the conference's time was spent on incoherent babbling about "values of democracy" and whining about "the rise of populism". However, several speakers said some very interesting things. There was one Daniel Smilov from Bulgaria, who said that populism is okay as long as it is party-based, because "parties can be steered and controlled, while charismatic leaders cannot". When speaking about NGOs, he openly said that they are an extremely effective tool for influencing the countries' political life without it being branded as foreign influence. Anyone calling for any kind of limitations on NGO activity is an enemy and should be suppressed. He also talked about Trump and his success, saying that the future was in the hands of "hybrids between political parties and social media, just like Trump". He also bashed referendums - apparently, they are "called for and used by populist parties to send a message to mainstream parties that the people do not trust them".

Then there was Dalija Oreskovic, some cunt from Croatia, who said that "it is not a problem if parties do not fulfill their promises to the people or do not follow laws, as long as public trust in them is maintained by the media". Her position was supported by Marcin Walecki, a speaker from Poland, who said that steps need to be taken to ensure the media covers up any scandals within mainstream political parties in order to avoid undermining public trust. He also talked about at length about importance of NGOs and the "extreme power that accusations of corruption have over political life in the country", essentially implying that fight against corruption is to be used as a club to beat down undesirable political actors. By the way, he also railed against referendums, saying that they "should be limited to trustworthy hosts", because nationalists were hurting EU feels.

Then the word was given to a bunch of feminists - one of them was a fat neon-haired landwhale called Karolina Leakovic from the Croatian Socialist Party and the other was Fiona Buckley, a (((university professor))) from Ireland. Both went on long rants about "old, rich White men" dominating business and politics and demanded mandatory cunt quotas in parliaments and ministries, with strict punishments for those who disobeyed. Some cuck from France piped up and said that "it would take at least 50 more years to achieve full gender equality from Europe". Brussels agents were nodding and taking notes.

That's pretty much it. Not anything major or groundbreaking, but I suppose /pol/ should be aware of this stuff in order not to be caught unprepared.

Webpage about the conferencem with the list of participating organizations:


It has a link to the .pdf with a full list of the participants, but I can't archive it for some reason. I do not know if any of these guys are big cheeses, maybe anons from Eastern Yurop can help.

R: 3 / I: 0 / P: 4 [R] [G] [-]

I wanna rid you of the burden of knowing that 9/11 was a fucking inside job


R: 66 / I: 12 / P: 4 [R] [G] [-]


why isn't anybody talking about this?

italian "leftist" government party has started pushing out of the blue for changes in legislation that would grant children of foreigners born in italy and those who attended elementary school here the status of italian citizen.

considering that this would mean 800000 "new europeans" right away and tens of thousands every year, and that right now hundreds, when not thousands, of niggers get in the country everyday, i can see how this might be an issue for other member countries of the EU.

is this something discussed abroad?

R: 8 / I: 3 / P: 4 [R] [G] [-]

Christen Preschoolers Banned from Prayer, Bible Study




This is totally real and not an Onion piece

>Children at a Christian preschool in Sweden are no longer allowed to say grace at mealtimes, “Amen”, or talk about the Bible, after a ruling by the Umeå municipality.

>Visiting the preschool for an inspection, supervisors from the district said the activities run contrary to the Education Act, which forbids educational content during school time from containing confessional elements, and states that children at must always have the choice of whether or not to participate.

>The municipality said it felt that children at the Salvation Army-run kindergarten were not given enough of an opportunity to opt out of saying grace at mealtimes.

>“The Education Act can be interpreted in different ways,” said the preschool’s manager Britt Marie Mårtensson. She told STV she did not think grace at kindergarten would come under the umbrella of “education”.

>“As a confessional activity, we knew we could no longer have prayer time while children are at their desks where they learn, so we thought we would add grace as a nice feature during mealtimes,” she said.

>“We interpreted the law differently from the municipality,” Ms. Mårtensson added, telling the Swedish broadcaster that children at the preschool now sing a rhyme which gives thanks to the sun and rain at mealtimes, instead of saying grace.

“It’s sad because grace is a tradition, but the rhyme is also nice and it allows the kids to choose to whom and what they want to give thanks,” said the kindergarten head.

>Staff at the kindergarten were also prohibited from holding any more “Bible Snacktimes”, an activity in which children and teachers discussed the contents of the Bible.

>Preschools strategy planner at Umeå Municipality Pian Rosell explained whilst confessional elements are permitted at religious kindergartens and schools, they must not play any part in educational activities, admitting that lines are much more blurred at a preschool level.

>“It isn’t as hard to distinguish between activities which are educational and ones which aren’t in elementary schools, because teaching happens in class, whereas when it comes to kindergartens it can be difficult to tell,” she said.

Meanwhile, muslims are allowed to pray 5 times a day

R: 65 / I: 17 / P: 4 [R] [G] [-]

Salt thread


Post liberals freaking out and acting like the end is nigh as they slowly lose their grip on power. Which it is, but its nice to see them sweat.

R: 116 / I: 22 / P: 4 [R] [G] [-]




>A fire has broken out at a North London tower block under a mile away from an estate where thousands were evacuated over flammable cladding. Crews of almost 60 firefighters are battling flames at Waxham House in Camden this evening. The block is minutes away from Chalcots Estate, where 4,000 people were evacuated on Friday.

>Shocked residents were ordered to leave their homes for up to three weeks while ‘urgent fire safety works' were carried out. Roads have been closed outside Waxham House while crews deal with the fire.

R: 413 / I: 731 / P: 4 [R] [G] [-]

Redpill thread

Since /pol/ is under such obvious attack, I figure we might as well turn some of them to our side. Redpill general! Kikes, niggers, faggots, racemixers - let's teach the shills about them all.

R: 47 / I: 9 / P: 4 [R] [G] [-]

Soros Takes His BLM Show On The Road


Guess his NGOs decided there was more bang for the buck burning down London instead of antagonizing 2nd Am types in the U.S.

>Four officers have been taken to hospital as riot police attempted to control a violent Black Lives Matter rally in east London. Rioters threw projectiles at the police line and set fire to bins at the demonstration in Forest Hill in the borough of Newham. The protest was called after the death of Edir Frederico Da Costa, 25, on the 21st of June, six days after Metropolitan Police officers in Newham stopped him in a car.

>Echoing the Black Lives Matter movement in the U.S., they chanted: “No justice, peace! Fuck the police!” Signs bearing the logo of the Movement for Justice (MfJ) group can also bee seen in photographs – the same open-borders organisation that called the ‘Day of Rage’ protest last week that aimed to “shut down London” and “bring down the government”.

R: 192 / I: 81 / P: 4 [R] [G] [-]

Eternal Summer of Chaos

So this shows up on 4cuck late yesterday. Typical LARP posting. But then it happens… is this the beginning? If this is what I think it is, the only way the elites are going to be able to attempt to cover it up is to cut the last few chains holding back the golem they created. Antifa will be killing people, really trying to incite a civil war, way more seriously than before. Prepare. And enjoy the happening.


R: 63 / I: 9 / P: 4 [R] [G] [-]

Nashville Tennessee to become "Most Liberal' Sanctuary City

Nashville Tennessee, one of the last majority white cities, to become "Most Liberal' Sanctuary City in the US

Tennessee needs your help polacks. Our cunt liberal mayor in Nashville with the city council and GEORGE SOROS is about to push though a basically unlimited sanctuary city bill here in the next couple of days. We need to protest this, and protest this hard, and publicly. Please spread the word.

>With hundreds of Nashville immigrants cheering them on from city hall, the Metro Council advanced controversial legislation Tuesday night that would limit the city's cooperation with federal immigration officials beyond what is required by law.

>After an intense debate, the council voted 25-8, with four abstentions, to advance an ordinance that would prevent Metro from using city funds and facilities to enforce federal immigration law. That includes a prohibition on agreeing to voluntary requests from federal immigration officials to detain those in the nation illegally in Nashville jails.

>It sets up a third and final vote on the bill next month.

>two ordinances filed by Metro Councilmen Bob Mendes and Colby Sledge, drafted with the assistance of the TN Immigrant & Refugee Rights Coalition (TIRRC) and cheered on by Mayor Megan Barry, will make Davidson County and Metro Nashville the most liberal sanctuary city in the U.S.; in fact, even more liberal in its policies than New York City or San Francisco.

>The Metro Council may hold the second of the three required readings of one or both bills during its regularly scheduled meeting tonight.

>TIRRC, an affiliate of the National Council of La Raza and a recipient of funding from a George Soros front group, has been agitating for Nashville to formalize its informal sanctuary city practices since the election of President Trump. The two bills co-sponsored by Mendes and Sledge which will have their second reading tonight, will accomplish that goal.

http://www.tenne ssean.com/story/news/2017/06/21/controversial-immigration-measures-move-forward-nashvilles-metro-council/408461001/


http://tennes seestar.com/2017/06/20/nashville-preparing-to-become-most-liberal-sanctuary-city-in-the-u-s/


R: 5 / I: 0 / P: 4 [R] [G] [-]

And when albert einstein invented the lightbulb, he sprang-alive from his dirty bath water and wrote down his ideal immediately.

R: 24 / I: 5 / P: 4 [R] [G] [-]

Mob politics

Does anyone know anything about mob and government relations? Like who supports who and who goes after who? I'm trolling the system for disrespecting me and this information will greatly help!

R: 13 / I: 2 / P: 4 [R] [G] [-]

Right Wing United General

/RWU/ - Right Wing United

>>What is the right wing united general for?

Here we will turn our ideologies into reality. We will organize groups and rallies locally to make our movement tangible. It's time to gather & inspire all people right of center to unite and act locally!

This is NOT here for debate. Libertarian, NatSoc, Republican, etc debate can happen somewhere else. Here we must all unite & fight against the plagues that we ALL agree destroy the West (globalization, feminism, nihilism, etc) What we need is a large, like-minded group like /pol/ to be able to easily organize into smaller, localized groups in little time. That is our advantage to the left. We have the people, but no physical community.

Leave all the pepe-kek-shadilay shit in the internet. When you do politics in real life you manifest your political ideology in the material world. Using memes and jokes makes your political goals seem like memes and jokes. Everyone is tired of seeing the Right look like a bunch of disorganized retards. Come correct or die.

>>How to get involved?

Find people locally. This is a good thread to do so. Your heaviest burden would be to meet with people in threads and connect. Make these connections and keep advertising online for more members. Eventually your local group will gain momentum, and many hands carry a light burden.


IMPORTANT READING: The url sounds blackpilled but it's basically making the case for right-wingers to use the same organizational strategies as lefties because, spoiler alert, they work and are part of the reason the left has been so influential for the last 60 years.

> http://jacobitemag.com/2017/06/14/political-violence-is-a-game-the-right-cant-win/

DISCORD: This discord is for discussing and planning with local people in a long-term matter. Simply go to your country/state/province channel (or request one), and meet each other.

> gg /q7vVFwD



R: 155 / I: 73 / P: 5 [R] [G] [-]

Found this on cuckchan, but I believe that this brown/black rainbow degeneracy flag has huge potential for subversive propaganda.

This is perfect implementation of "embrace, extend and extinguish."

It will appear legitimate to communists, but to normies, it will be moronic; and will therefore undermine the gay flag's appeal and set the precious special interest groups against each other (Islams and homosexuals wont like being on the same flag.)

This is better than the whole rainbow light spectrum idea (which also has potential, one must admit.)

R: 18 / I: 3 / P: 5 [R] [G] [-]


If you are a Canadian and on /pol/ is your duty to join this society:

(mods please sticky btw so all Canadian /pol/ anons see this)


Proposal to form The Contemplative Society of Hitler (CSH)

Like the Truth and Justice for Germans Society (TJGS at www.tjgs.ca) we could form a contemplative society in Canada but one which is protected by the laws which protect religions in Canada. We can be The Contemplative Society of Hitler, which officially takes a religious view of Adolf Hitler, a spiritual view. This means we believe and accept that there was a special spiritual aspect to the life of Adolf Hitler which played a decisive part in his manifestation and success. This was not a peripheral detail but at the vital core of who or what he was, and his mission on Earth. He was not a normal man. This is foundational to the constitution of our society. The President of the society should have this view of Hitler and the members are encouraged to do so.

To start out there is the $25 cost of creating a society in the province of British Columbia, needing five signatures as the Board of Directors. According to society law, board members can be anywhere in the world; they do not have to live in Canada.

Compared to other groups, we are creating something distinctly gentle. For example, the Thomas Merton Society seems to be a contemplative society. www.contemplative.org is called “The Contemplative Society” and it is a Christian group. “Adolf Hitler Contemplative Society” is a disarming name. Or, “Contemplative Society of Hitler or Hitlerism.” This does not conjure up images of Neo-Nazi skinheads, fighting. It evokes images of people sitting in circles meditating on the qualities of Adolf Hitler and discussing inspiring themes.

As a society, we can model our organization after the TJGS with a constitution, a website to promote us, a President, Vice-president, Secretary, Treasurer, Auditor and members at large. We could have a free membership to build our numbers while getting donations in other ways. We would support the TJGS. Being a society gives us some protection legally and it also encourages people to join, to donate to support us, to volunteer and to get involved in projects. The benefit of a society with a written constitution is that it clearly explains in black and white, what we are about, and what we are not about. This gives prospective members confidence that they know what kind of group of people and spiritual figures they are supporting and joining. One thing to check is if there is already such an Adolf Hitler contemplative society in existence. We decided to be separate. Brian Ruhe is based in Canada and we will do this in the province of British Columbia.

With regard to the Jews, as a contemplative society we can engage in criticizing the Jews from our religious perspective which gives us some legal protection in Canada because “our views are based upon a religious belief,” according to Canadian law. Our focuses can be on genuinely spreading our message and meditation/spiritual practices and also resisting Jewish supremacy in the world. We do not hate any beings and we renounce hatred.

R: 3 / I: 1 / P: 5 [R] [G] [-]

Why did 24% of jews vote for Trump?

What were they thinking? Couldn't they figure out that Trump was anti-jewish candidate?

R: 23 / I: 11 / P: 5 [R] [G] [-]

Russia Conspiracy Story Officially Dead


Press F

R: 55 / I: 39 / P: 5 [R] [G] [-]

Pizzagate, Scalise, CIA and more

So here is a collection of info that came to light in the recent days with sources and everything

Scalise was strongly against humantrafficing and childdiddling



Scalise gets shot, and Pizza gets send to his office



He was then brought into the same Hospital as Seth Rich, the MedStar Washington Hospital Center


The shooter is also known for abusing his fosterchilds


>In April 2006, Hodgkinson was arrested for battery, domestic battery and discharging a firearm, after he allegedly physically assaulted his foster daughter and two of her friends.

>A St Clair County sheriff’s department incident report said Hodgkinson threw his daughter around a room, pulled her hair and hit her. He then punched a female friend of his daughter in the face “with a closed fist” and struck the woman’s boyfriend in the head with the stock of his shotgun, before firing a round as the man ran away.

>Almost a decade earlier, another foster daughter living with Hodgkinson and his wife, Suzanne, had killed herself at the age of 17, according to the Belleville News-Democrat. The daughter, Wanda Ashley Stock, doused herself with gasoline and set herself on fire inside a car.

what the fuck? who burns himself as suicide? why not taking a hose and just redirected the exhaust fumes into the car or let it run in a garage or something? use the shotgun of the guy to make it quick. but fucking burning yourself? Maybe murder instead?

Also Trump brought his personal Physician to scalise


Furthermore weirdly congresscandidate Lindy Li seems to have a connection to the shooter.


Brad Wenstrup helped treating the wounds of scalise directly after the shooting until the ambulance arrived and probably kept him alive


He was also quoted for saying "It’s just as easy as ordering a pizza, to order a person.”


the choice of words is no coincidence. possibly /ourguy/

the same doctor who was responsible for seth rich, jack sava, also is in charge of scalise.

sava also appears to be on the guestlist together with the podestas



he talks about in the beginning how it is normal to get shot and be relatively fine and later get into shock and collapse explaining the critical condition.


this article talks about why a gunshot to scalises hip, not just any hip, but scalises can be deadly



here it says he was in good spirits, and even called his wife and talked to her. scalise was on the verge of collapsing but instead of insteantly operating on him and stabalizing him they let him talk in piece all chilled out with no worries?

they already set the narrative up to make it seem like its normal if he dies


this bitch even already talks like he dead

R: 46 / I: 31 / P: 5 [R] [G] [-]



>The White House alleged on Monday that the Syrian government appears to be preparing a chemical attack on civilians. In a statement, the White House appeared to threaten military action against Syria.

>“The United States has identified potential preparations for another chemical weapons attack by the [Bashar al] Assad regime that would likely result in the mass murder of civilians, including innocent children,” the White House wrote in a Monday night statement. “As we have previously stated, the United States is in Syria to eliminate the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. If, however, Mr. Assad conducts another mass murder attack using chemical weapons, he and his military will pay a heavy price.”

R: 437 / I: 168 / P: 5 [R] [G] [-]

USS Liberty anniversary: The ultimate red pill

On June 8, 1967, 34 American sailors of the USS Liberty lost their lives serving their country. These Americans died when Israel, America's "ally," launched a murderous attack on the virtually unarmed American intelligence ship. To this day, many Americans are unaware that this attack even took place. During the two hour assault there was two different American flags raised yet the attack still persisted. After the crew was rescued 16 hours later they were immediately ordered silent under threat of court martial "or worse" by command.

Terry Halbardier

>Petty Officer Brown was on the bridge during the initial phase of the air attack. When the helmsman became incapacitated, Petty Officer Brown fearlessly exposed himself to overwhelmingly accurate rocket and machine-gun fire while assuming the helmsman's duties. He steadfastly maintained the ordered course while many men in the immediate proximity received serious and fatal injuries, remaining on his post until felled by strafing fire from the torpedo boats at the moment the torpedo struck the ship.

Francis Brown

>It became a vital matter to quickly establish the national identity of the aircraft initiating the attack in order to inform higher authority. Lieutenant Toth courageously exposed himself to overwhelmingly accurate rocket and machine-gun fire to obtain this data. While he was thus engaged in this task, he was fatally injured when a violent explosion on the starboard side of the bridge hurled him to the 01 level of the ship.

R: 142 / I: 33 / P: 5 [R] [G] [-]


A mohel (Hebrew: מוֹהֵל‎‎ [moˈhel], Ashkenazi pronunciation [ˈmɔɪ.əl], plural: מוֹהֲלִים mohalim [mo.haˈlim], Aramaic: מוֹהֲלָא‎‎ mohala, "circumciser") is a Jew trained in the practice of brit milah, the "covenant of circumcision."

Rabbi Rubin’s training and expertise in circumcision learned under the world renowned expert Mohel and authority in Bris Milah. Performing and assisting in the circumcisions of hundreds of infants and adults, New York Mohel Rabbi Avrohom Rubin has amassed the knowledge and intricacies of Bris Milah and has shown proficiency in his ability to perform Bris Milah in accordance with all the ancient halachic customs of our sacred Jewish tradition.

>. Performing and assisting in the circumcisions of hundreds of infants

I usually don't call for raids but people who cut part of a baby's dick is taking it too far.

153 Washington Ave

Staten Island, NY 10314

Get Directions

Phone number (646) 709-1374

Business website MOHEL-BRIS.com


R: 7 / I: 9 / P: 5 [R] [G] [-]


The Big KK has been spamming his furfag shit again.

If none of you remember (and you best well should) see pic related.

R: 32 / I: 7 / P: 5 [R] [G] [-]

Redneck Revolt Dox

Redneck Revolt is another Anti-fa offshoot, this time aimed at southerners. The leader of Silver Valley Redneck Revolt, who goes by "Mitch Maden" is Mitchell Elmo Fryer. His wife is Britany Jordan Fryer. He lives at 12460 E Old US Highway 64, Lexington NC. This is his mug shot. He is a commie. He collaborated with IWW, who is directly to blame for ACTBAC being put on SPLC's list.

We see a picture of his pet goat featured in a Vice video, and it's seen here on his wife's Zuckbook.

R: 21 / I: 2 / P: 5 [R] [G] [-]

Lakewood, NJ Rabbi, Others Arrested In Alleged Million-Dollar Welfare Fraud

>Lakewood rabbi, others arrested in alleged million-dollar welfare fraud

>Payton Guion and Alex N. Gecan , Asbury Park Press Published 6:40 a.m. ET June 26, 2017

>LAKEWOOD, NJ – A prominent rabbi and several others were arrested in simultaneous federal and state raids Monday morning on charges related to alleged public assistance fraud on a scale rarely seen before in New Jersey.

>Rabbi Zalmen Sorotzkin, who runs the synagogue Congregation Lutzk and businesses linked to the synagogue, was taken into custody Monday and is facing charges of theft by deception in Ocean County Superior Court.

>Also arrested in the sting headed by the FBI, Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office and other agencies were Zalmen’s wife, Tzipporah Sorotzkin, and married couple Mordechai and Jocheved Breskin. The three also face state criminal charges, according to a source close to the case who spoke on the condition of anonymity because of the ongoing investigation.

More in linked articles:





>Then the Judge releases them

>ordered released pending trial on fraud charges involving $1.3 million from various welfare programs.



>(((CBS New York))) is even covering it


R: 175 / I: 54 / P: 5 [R] [G] [-]

Destroying the Holocaust

Operation Typhoon Nina

1. Background:

Typhoon Nina was a massive Cat 4 cyclone that hit China in 1975. Its torrential rainpour overcame all chink preparations, destroying 62 damns, and killing a quarter million slants.

During interactions of /pol/lacks in youtube videos, when a 'critical mass' of /pol/ users is reached in the comments, redpilling material bursts through attempts to censor it and flows to the masses. Along with the usual jewish outrage, there are also a fair number of normies legitimately curious and wanting to know more. /pol/ can utilize this system to redpill normies about the holocaust, and by extension, jews in general.

Kikes use the holocaust narrative as a political tool, and an invocation of muh 6 gorrilion is often enough to accomplish political goals and silence opposition. By collapsing this narrative, the jews lose a primary tool of subversion and propaganda.

2. Objective:

The objective is expose people to questioning of the holohoax, with the ultimate goal of waking people up to jewish subversion of society. Once a normie starts questioning the holocaust and looking for answers, it is inevitable they will begin the process of redpilling themselves. We must get them to start asking questions.

3. Plan of Action

The objective will be accomplished through swarming the comment section of holocaust videos on youtube. By increasing exposure of /pol/ comments through upvotes, decreasing exposure of hostile comments, dissent in video ratings, and providing inconvenient facts or questions, the average youtuber will be engulfed in redpill material.

Videos to focus on should be posted here, and focused on individually, with new targets after 2-3 days of interaction. After a video is posted there should be a collective push to overwhelm the comments, ratings, and voting system. Newly released videos are preferred.

4. Best Practice:

Remember that babys start off drinking from sippy cups, not 7/11 big gulps. Rants about the depravity of kikes attempting to destroy white civilization (while true) are not good for babys first redpill.

What I think is the easiest pill for normies to swallow involves the location of the camps. Not many normies realize that 'death' camps were exclusively found in Soviet held territory. Bringing that to light, along with a distrust of Soviet documents and the procedures used at Nuremburg, should lay a groundwork from which a normie can question the holocaust further.

It's important to remember that minds won't be won within the comment section itself. Commenting and interaction is only intended to provide the necessary information for people to start redpilling themselves. Generally speaking, any constructive comments coming from /pol/ should appear calm and collected, and attacks should be humorous. This will give the appearance of being in control.

5. Redpill Material:

Many of you likely already are aware of this information. If not, they serve as a good starting point for anyone to begin research regarding the holohoax.

>Location of 'Death' Camps

The location of all 'death' camps fell within Soviet occupied territory, and investigations were conducted by Soviet authorities- the same Soviet authorities with a reputation for forgery and rewriting history.

>Nuremberg Trial as a Kangaroo Court

Article 19 of the Constitution of the International Military Tribunals eliminated rules of evidence (especially importance because it allowed hearsay). Also the decision to forgo impartial judges.

>Inconsistent Killing Methods

At Treblinka it was purported that hundreds of thousands of Jews were killed using steam, and the bodies buried (weird that those hundreds of thousands have never been located huh?). This is quoted in the Nuremberg trials.

Inconsistent 'Eyewitnesses'

>Here are those outlandish kike creations, bear and eagle pits, holocoasters, gassed me 3 times, human lampshades etc etc. Also the reappearance of the number 6 million.

>Physical Impossibilities

The mathematical impossibility of the scenario in general, especially the burning of the bodies, unsealed 'gas chambers', and other deficiencies.

>Ambiguity of Internal Nazi Documents

The complete ambiguity of the documents, which only appear sinister if you're instructed to view them in a certain way. There are even many documents that seem to contradict the supposed goals of extermination, such as concern for camp workers health and punishment of camp guards for brutality.

>Physical Evidence

Kek, what evidence? There's a complete lack of evidence physical. Furthermore, any attempts at excavation that could potentially unearth 'evidence' (or lack of) has been crushed by jewish organizations.


This can also serve as a holohoax dump thread. The thread & posts responsible for this can be found here >>10065772 >>10068387 >>10068715 >>10068742 >>10068755 >>10069063

R: 22 / I: 0 / P: 5 [R] [G] [-]


The first of a series of It'sGoingDown doxxings.

Working tirelessly to subvert not only the white race, but also any modicum of decency; we're glad to throw a little back in their drug addled, AIDS ridden faces. Please don't hesitate to share and republish.

IGD main publisher and admin:

Name: James Anderson-Furgeson 

29 years old (May 1987) 

Locations past and present: Berkeley, CA, Austin, TX, Claremont, CA 

Berkely Student/Professor of plant gene engineering 



(512) 619-2961 Sprint 


(512) 289-8984 AT&T Mobility 


2511 McGee Ave, Berkeley, CA 94703

Here in this article he openly uses his name, and speaks on behalf of the antifa that rioted at Berkely to prevent Milo from speaking:


His 'IGD' podcast where his voice matches the YouTube video linked above:


Here is a list of IGD articles that may be legally incriminating, categorized. Some call for others to commit acts of violence/terrorism/felony offenses, and others give a voice to those who have committed terrorist acts. Note that some may be repeated for falling under the same category. Please explore these:

Infrastructure Sabotage 









https://archive.is/RDDwZ (federal crime + vandalism)

Inciting crimes, especially violence 














R: 3 / I: 0 / P: 5 [R] [G] [-]

Example: to this day worldwide, the very ancient Slovenic months of the year, created by ASTROCISM, are still used, namely a couple examples; Kwiecien, namely April translates into vegetation “blooming time”, or Sierpien, namely August translates into “sickling time”, reaping harvest time, or even Listopad, namely November, translates into “falling of leaves time”. Even the Slovenic days of the week were created by ASTROCISM namely Niedziela, Sunday trans. "no work", day of rest. Monday, Poniedziawek trans. "day after no work day", Wtorek, Tuesday trans. "second day", Sroda, Wednesday, trans. "middle day" of the week, Czwartek, Thursday, trans. "fourth day" of the week. Piatek, Friday, trans. “fifth day” of the week and Sobota, Saturday, trans. "sabbath day" to go to the Astrocism Temple.

Everything in life, social life etc. ASTROCISM made into an automatic education and training.


The C. God usurped everything from the SLOVENIC ASTROCISM RELIGION and camouflaged it when the C. God fabricated it into the Prawo Slawna superstition religion. For thousands of years, over millions of square miles of ancient Slovenia, even in its distant province of ALASKA, like ALUTIANS (Ancient Slovenic idiomatic names: Alutians, namely the long string of islands to the great endless land, namely ALASKA, the before recorded history; name of No. and So. America.

ADDENDA: These words, like most of the Slovenic language to this day, with its UNBELIEAVABLE sophisticated countless declensions of not only the suffix, but even the prefix and stem, are IDIOMATIC. Even the name SLOVENIC IS IDIOMATIC, meaning the worded people. Neighboring nations of Slovenia, alias Poland, still to this day call it Slovenia. Examples are Hungary and Lithuania.

R: 327 / I: 80 / P: 5 [R] [G] [-]

Sweden on the Brink of CIVIL WAR

National Police Commissioner: “HELP US, HELP US!

A leaked report concludes that the number of lawless areas (commonly referred to as, “no-go zones”) in Sweden now totals 61. That is up from 55 in just one year’s time. This increase includes, not only the total number, but also the geographical size of these areas.

Sweden’s National Police Commissioner, Dan Eliasson, spoke on national television and pleaded for assistance: “Help us, help us!” he said while warning that Swedish police forces no longer can uphold the law and therefore must ask all good powers in the country to support them.

http:// archive.is/RJmb7

https:// www.10news.one/sweden-on-the-brink-of-civil-war-national-police-chief-help-us-help-us/

R: 23 / I: 10 / P: 6 [R] [G] [-]

Bader Ginsburg BTFO by 12 members of US Congress

What the hell is going on here. Twelve congressmen are demanding RBG recuse herself from refugee cases due to her biased public opinions. Could you imagine the commie meltdown if this happened when Trump let slip banning Muslims and still getting his way on the travel ban?

R: 3 / I: 0 / P: 6 [R] [G] [-]

Rabbi & Jews Arrested For Fraud

Rabbi and Jew Couples Arrested for Fraud in New Jersey

>Four prominent Jewish couples from Lakewood, New Jersey, led by a powerful Rabbi, are all now incarcerated after allegedly defrauding public welfare programs of more than $1.3 million in benefits.

>Prosecutors said that Rabbi Zalmen Sorotzkin, the Rabbi of Congregation Lutzk in Lakewood, was the mastermind of the Hebrew art of devotion in this case.

>The official charges state that the Schlomo in this case, Rabbi Sotozkin, intentionally concealed significant income that would have made them ineligible for the wide variety of assistance programs in which they had enrolled.


R: 279 / I: 92 / P: 6 [R] [G] [-]

Pedophiles rebranding as "Minor Attracted Persons"

I don't know if this is a new thing or not but it's creepy as fuck. There are HUNDREDS of these accounts in different twitter circles and on youtube with hundreds of followers. This shit is the next step in normalization. Instead of pedophiles, now they are "MAP"

They all have the same terminology as well in their twitter bios. Shit like "BL" (Boy Lover) or GL and all kinds of other stuff. If there are any brave ones willing to investigate this hellhole, I applaud you.

Because I sure as hell aint diving into that shit

R: 35 / I: 3 / P: 6 [R] [G] [-]

Assange points out why the (((democratic party))) is doomed

>Why the Democratic party is doomed:

>1. The Democratic establishment has vortexed the party's narrative energy into hysteria about Russia (a state with a lower GDP than South Korea). It is starkly obvious that were it not for this hysteria insurgent narratives of the type promoted by Bernie Sanders would rapidly dominate the party's base and its relationship with the public. Without the "We didn't lose–Russia won" narrative the party's elite and those who exist under its patronage would be purged for being electorally incompetent and ideologically passé. The collapse of the Democratic vote over the last eight years is at every level, city, state, Congressional and presidential. It corresponds to the domination of Democratic decision making structures by a professional, educated, urban service class and to the shocking decline in health and longevity of white males, who together with their wives, daughters, mothers, etc. comprise 63% of the US population (2010 census). Unlike other industrialized countries US male real wages (all ethnic groups combined) have not increased since 1973. In trying to stimulate engagement of non-whites and women Democrats have aggressively promoted identity politics. This short-term tactic has led to the inevitable strategic catastrophe of the white and male super majorities responding by seeing themselves as an unserviced political identity group. Consequently in response to sotto-voce suggestions that Trump would service this group 53% of all men voted for Trump, 53% of white women and 63% of white men (PEW Research).

>2. The Trump-Russia collusion narrative is a political dead end. Despite vast resources, enormous incentives and a year of investigation, Democratic senators who have seen the classified intelligence at the CIA such as Senator Feinstein (as recently as March) are forced to admit that there is no evidence of collusion [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0BS5amEq7Fc]. Without collusion, we are left with the Democratic establishment blaming the public for being repelled by the words of Hillary Clinton and the Democratic party establishment. Is it a problem that the public discovered what Hillary Clinton said to Goldman Sachs and what party elites said about fixing the DNC primaries against Bernie Sanders? A party elite that maintains that it is the "crime of the century" for the public and their membership to discover how they behave and what they believe invites scorn.

>3. The Democrat establishment needs the support of the security sector and media barons to push this diversionary conspiracy agenda, so they ingratiate themselves with these two classes leading to further perceptions that the Democrats act on behalf of an entrenched power elite. Eventually, Trump or Pence will 'merge' with the security state leaving Democrats in a vulnerable position having talked up two deeply unaccountable traditionally Republican-aligned organizations, in particular, the CIA and the FBI, who will be turned against them. Other than domestic diversion and geopolitical destabilization the primary result of the Russian narrative is increased influence and funding for the security sector which is primarily GOP owned or aligned.

>4. The twin result is to place the primary self-interest concerns of most Americans, class competition, freedom from crime and ill health and the empowerment of their children, into the shadows and project the Democrats as close to DC and media elites. This has further cemented Trump's anti-establishment positioning and fettered attacks on Trump's run away embrace of robber barons, dictators and gravitas-free buffoons like the CIA's Mike Pompeo.

>5. GOP/Trump has open goals everywhere: broken promises, inequality, economy, healthcare, militarization, Goldman Sachs, Saudi Arabia & cronyism, but the Democrat establishment can't kick these goals since the Russian collusion narrative has consumed all its energy and it is entangled with many of the same groups behind Trump's policies.

>6. The Democratic base should move to start a new party since the party elite shows no signs that they will give up power. This can be done quickly and cheaply as a result of the internet and databases of peoples' political preferences. This reality is proven in practice with the rapid construction of the Macron, Sanders and Trump campaigns from nothing. The existing Democratic party may well have negative reputational capital, stimulating a Macron-style clean slate approach. Regardless, in the face of such a threat, the Democratic establishment will either concede control or, as in the case of Macron, be eliminated by the new structure.

Source: http://www.twitlonger.com/show/n_1spvr6n

R: 105 / I: 29 / P: 6 [R] [G] [-]

Brexit was only the beginning.

10,000 white men march on London!

Ten thousand white men descend upon London to oppose islam. /leftypol/ collapsing as they realise the working-class is STILL comprised of /pol/acks. Anti-Anglo kikes BTFO as Anglos prove once again that they are truly the master race. Jews feeling uneasy and hoping Tommy Robinson can convince the rest of England that Israel is their greatest ally. Kek disproven as miracles happening before September. And last but not least…


Sieg heil and rule Britannia!

R: 396 / I: 148 / P: 6 [R] [G] [-]


Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread

Escape the Cave Edition

Last Thread



R: 231 / I: 49 / P: 6 [R] [G] [-]





>Political data gathered on more than 198 million US citizens was exposed this month after a marketing firm contracted by the Republican National Committee stored internal documents on a publicly accessible Amazon server.

>The data leak contains a wealth of personal information on roughly 61 percent of the US population. Along with home addresses, birthdates, and phone numbers, the records include advanced sentiment analyses used by political groups to predict where individual voters fall on hot-button issues such as gun ownership, stem cell research, and the right to abortion, as well as suspected religious affiliation and ethnicity. The data was amassed from a variety of sources—from the banned subreddit r/fatpeoplehate to American Crossroads, the super PAC co-founded by former White House strategist Karl Rove.

>Deep Root Analytics, a conservative data firm that identifies audiences for political ads, confirmed ownership of the data to Gizmodo on Friday.

>UpGuard cyber risk analyst Chris Vickery discovered Deep Root’s data online last week. More than a terabyte was stored on the cloud server without the protection of a password and could be accessed by anyone who found the URL. Many of the files did not originate at Deep Root, but are instead the aggregate of outside data firms and Republican super PACs, shedding light onto the increasingly advanced data ecosystem that helped propel President Donald Trump’s slim margins in key swing states.

>Although files possessed by Deep Root would be typical in any campaign, Republican or Democratic, experts say its exposure in a single open database raises significant privacy concerns. “This is valuable for people who have nefarious purposes,” Joseph Lorenzo Hall, the chief technologist at the Center for Democracy and Technology, said of the data.

>The RNC paid Deep Root $983,000 last year, according to Federal Election Commission reports, but its server contained records from a variety of other conservative sources paid millions more, including The Data Trust (also known as GOP Data Trust), the Republican party’s primary voter file provider. Data Trust received over $6.7 million from the RNC during the 2016 cycle, according to OpenSecrets.org, and its president, Johnny DeStefano, now serves as Trump’s director of presidential personnel.

>The Koch brothers’ political group Americans for Prosperity, which had a data-swapping agreement with Data Trust during the 2016 election cycle, contributed heavily to the exposed files, as did the market research firm TargetPoint, whose co-founder previously served as director of Mitt Romney’s strategy team. (The Koch brothers also subsidized a data company known as i360, which began exchanging voter files with Data Trust in 2014.) Furthermore, the files provided by Rove’s American Crossroads contain strategic voter data used to target, among others, disaffected Democrats and undecideds in Nevada, New Hampshire, Ohio, and other key battleground states.

R: 56 / I: 24 / P: 6 [R] [G] [-]

The South /pol/e

Dixie general thread.

Latest from Occidental Dissent



Latest from Identity Dixie



In the news

>Flood warnings in Alabama, Mississippi, Texas, Louisiana, Florida, and North Carolina

Possible discussion topics

>Once Independence is achieved, which flag will be used?

>A common confederate/southern identity vs a strong state identity

>Identities within the South such as Texan, Cajun, and Appalachian.

R: 17 / I: 4 / P: 6 [R] [G] [-]

My Thoughts on "Satanism" and "Christianity"

I spent all of today reading through a ton of tripe on here and some other boards in which everyone speaking was full of shit, noise, and disinformation.

After all that there are some points I want to stress for anyone interested in this topic.

Satanism means a lot of different things to different people first of all. Under the banner of Satanism there exists every kind of theology or philosophy. The conceptions self-identified Christians have of Satan also varies greatly but it's usually just a boogieman for everything they dislike.

Here is something I really want to emphasize about this whole Satan thing. If you believe in Satan, you're a Christian. Satan is part of the Christian pantheon or cannon of entities/heroes/deities/archetypes. You're obsessing over a figure out of the Bible, you're taking inspiration from Christianity.

Satanism isn't a distinct religion from Christianity. Yeah, there's Enki worshipers, and other cults operating under the guise of Satan, and it's used as a symbol of rebellion against Christians by atheists and other sorts who were hurt by mainstream Christianity in one way or another. Where did Satan come from though? The Bible. Christianity. It's a Christian thing, a Christian concept. Yeah you don't like Jesus, but you're buying into the religion and its symbolism, taking inspiration from it, shaping your life around the character of Satan.

So do you want to be a Satanist? Just be a Christian. Study Christianity, immerse yourself in its holy text the Bible, learn from fellow Christians what is Satan. Then it's just a matter of disliking Jesus and having reverence for the figure of Satan.

Christianity is Satanism. Satanists are just Christians who've decided that Satan is very special to them, in some way identifying with or making Satan a central focus, instead of the usual practice in Christianity where Jesus tends to be, shall I say, "the central sun of Christianity".

Now here are some thoughts I want to share on Christianity as a whole. I've been talking with a pastor for awhile now and sharing my thoughts on various metaphysical issues and he's able to find stories for me in the Bible that correspond with my thoughts on prayer and various other "occult/magickal/hermetic practices". What I am realizing from what this is that the Bible in actual fact is a collection of stories that reveal the eternal truths and give us direction in our spiritual lives.

So you know what this makes me think of the Bible? It's like the Internet. Put it in the hands of retards and they abuse it, warp it, completely misunderstand it, and fuck up their lives and that of others with it. Put it in the capable hands of a sage and it's a tool for self-empowerment and understanding, for knowing the reality of God.

It has been said before that there is only one religion; truth. All these different mass religions we have are political tools. That's not what they're meant to be but your average follower of any religion doesn't understand anything and wears his religion as a part of his identity. It's his traditions, his tribe, his mysteries. You can't fault them for it but it creates a lot of confusion; for example what is this whole Islam coming to Europe thing about really? Is it just another religion, valid like any other as a path to God? No it's not, it's Arabs conquering our people, and subjecting them to their laws (they call it Shariah, there is not one Shariah, it's just the racial laws of the Arabs). Islam as it's studied by people like me is a religion and we can appreciate it as such; though I will say what both Franz Bardon (Golden Book of Wisdom) and the pastor I've been talking to have said and it is this; it's completely unnecessary to study other religions, god provides you with what you need.

Think about what I'm saying. May it bring clarity to your minds.

R: 57 / I: 23 / P: 6 [R] [G] [-]

BREAKING: There has been an explosion at a bus north-east of Paris. More soon…


R: 78 / I: 14 / P: 6 [R] [G] [-]

Czech Republic is submitting to Islam. Arabs are building their private settlements and government don't see any problem.

Some of the villagers in the suburbs of Teplice like Modlany will soon become minorities.

The Arabs are mostly radicals coming from Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.




R: 425 / I: 106 / P: 6 [R] [G] [-]

Youtube Pedos investigation thread #1

I replied to another thread instrad of creating a new one. I niggered.

Here's the thread.

This is /pol/ related, this has been discussed in disclosed documents by CIA and other agencies.

So please don't ban me and allow us to have a thread on this subject.

Its connected to current events since this is happening now on YT and has been disclosed in Docs. in the past.


>YouTube Kids hosting MK Ultra content, massing MILLIONS of views

>Vore, scat, kidnapping, you name it

>Anon finds weird codes in those strange YouTube kid videos

>Deciphering leads to Twitter

>Twitter page posts strange codes, some lead to videos

>Videos cause strange emotions in those that view them.

>More codes are being found on YouTube and Twitter

>Some lead to locations such as a place in SC with satanic graffitti

>All surviving images, links, information

https://www .dropbox.com/sh/svflt495bbom7iz/AAAcMqO-iKWoQX9N3gOHiCUea?dl=0

Recap clues from cryptomessages:

http://archi ve.is/a01YU

Main Videos


https://ww w.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=I1uhjBDBiP4&app=desktop

https://ww w.youtube.com/watch?v=RKPSPfsYjZo&feature=youtu.be

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v =qpy8LGVWQ-k&feature=youtu.be&t=1m6s

https://w ww.youtube.com/watch?v=npAVv4KrV7Q

https://w ww.youtube.com/watch?v=u-sTPlcT0qQ

https://y outu.be/MFSM4nFxX34

h ttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M0n22BvlKYI

Previous threads

https:// archive.4plebs.org/x/thread/19066491/

https:/ /archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/127991498/#q128008696

https: //archive.is/8D6Kc

https ://archive.4plebs.org/x/thread/19088894/#q19090474

http ://8ch.pl/39183920/

R: 109 / I: 20 / P: 6 [R] [G] [-]

The Democracy Meme

How do we deal with the democracy/majority rule meme?

I was thinking about this today, and as an American, I realized that the bias was still ingrained into my own brain as well. I wanted to find a way to argue against it, to show that democracy and rule by majority have lead to our problems, but I kept coming to the same responses that I think the average person would have: "Just let the voters handle it. The majority can't be wrong."

What tools can we use?

R: 209 / I: 67 / P: 6 [R] [G] [-]


Do you guy think we can find out anything about at least the kid filming this and not doing anything, this is fucking sick


>https://twitter. com/NTM766/status/877842433995923456


>https://twitter. com/NTM766

R: 152 / I: 45 / P: 6 [R] [G] [-]

Holocaust survivor, 95, who endured NINE concentration camps and selection by Josef Mengele shares his apartment with a 31-year-old granddaughter of a Nazi

Ben Stern, who survived two ghettos, nine concentration camps, selection by the notorious Nazi physician Josef Mengele, two death marches, and the notorious conflict in Skokie, Illinois, remained gracious to his charge even in the face of this realization.

'I didn’t see bread for 35 days,' he said, recalling one the marches where few survived.

During World War II, the Nazis killed both of Ben Stern’s parents during World War II, along with his seven brothers and one sister. He's left permanently marked with two tattoos on his arm, one of the number '129592' and one of an inverted triangle to brand him as a 'dangerous Jew from the Warsaw Ghetto.'

But even after all of that, Ben Stern has remained resilient and openhearted his entire life.

'I told myself I cannot take it out on her because her grandparents were Nazis,' he said. 'A girl like that, a lady, should not have to pay the price for her grandparents.'

His daughter shares that sentiment, and has relished the opportunity to get to know Heitfeld and her story.

'Lea’s parents are survivors of a terrible inheritance,' Charlene Stern said. As a filmmaker, she has taken on the charge of honor and proliferating her father's steadfast hope of a better world.

'That is astounding to me,' she said. 'I’m a student of his life. And he continues to teach me. And now Lea is a teacher to me, too… the two of them.'

When Holocaust survivor Ben Stern's wife, Helen, moved out of their home and in to an assisted care facility, the 95-year-old needed an appropriate roommate

Lea Heitfeld, granddaughter of a Nazi, was the right match to take up their spare bedroom in Berkeley, California

Filmmaker Charlene Stern, daughter of Ben, organized the pairing

Charlene Stern is the writer, producer and director of Near Normal Man, an awarding-winning short film that chronicles her father's life experiences

When a 95-year-old Holocaust survivor was looking for a suitable roommate, no one would have guessed the best fit would be the 31-year-old granddaughter of Nazi soldiers.

But when Charlene Stern called up Professor Naomi Siedman at Berkeley, California's Graduate Theological Union to help her find the right match for her father Ben Stern, that's exactly who she was put in touch with.

'My professor wrote me that Ben is the ‘coolest, funniest, most handsome old dude I know,'" Lea Heitfeld, a Master's degree candidate in the field of Jewish studies, told the Times of Israel in an article published Friday.

With Charlotte Stern's mother and Ben's wife, Helen, moving out of the home and to an assisted care facility, Heitfeld took up the second bedroom in their spacious condo and she and Ben Stern became fast friends.

At first, Heitfeld only told Ben Stern that her grandfather was a soldier. Later, she opened up about the members of her family who her parents kept at bay most of her life.

'My grandmother, whom I met three times, would say things like, "The war was the greatest time in my life because I was in the unit of the German girls,"' Heitfeld said.


R: 38 / I: 5 / P: 7 [R] [G] [-]

The Hal Turner Show is coming back July 5th


R: 13 / I: 6 / P: 7 [R] [G] [-]

Sketchy firm behind Trump dossier is stalling investigators

Unsure if this was posted here, mods welcome to delete if so



>A secretive Washington firm that commissioned the dubious intelligence dossier on Donald Trump is stonewalling congressional investigators trying to learn more about its connections to the Democratic Party.

>The Senate Judiciary Committee earlier this month threatened to subpoena the firm, Fusion GPS, after it refused to answer questions and provide records to the panel identifying who financed the error-ridden dossier, which was circulated during the election and has sparked much of the Russia scandal now engulfing the White House.

>Fusion GPS was on the payroll of an unidentified Democratic ally of Clinton when it hired a long-retired British spy to dig up dirt on Trump. In 2012, Democrats hired Fusion GPS to uncover dirt on GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney. And in 2015, Democrat ally Planned Parenthood retained Fusion GPS to investigate pro-life activists protesting the abortion group.

>In September 2016, while Fusion GPS was quietly shopping the dirty dossier on Trump around Washington, its co-founder and partner Peter R. Fritsch contributed at least $1,000 to the Hillary Victory Fund and the Hillary For America campaign, Federal Election Commission data show. His wife also donated money to Hillary’s campaign.

>Fritsch, who served as the Journal’s bureau chief in Mexico City and has lectured at the liberal Wilson Center’s Mexico Institute, married into a family with Mexican business interests. His wife, Beatriz Garcia, formerly worked as an executive at Grupo Dina, a manufacturer of trucks and buses in Mexico City that benefits from NAFTA, which Trump opposes.

>And of course, Democratic leaders in Congress keep referring to it to cook up more charges against Trump, while liberal media continue to use it as a road map to find “scoops” on Trump in the “Russiagate” conspiracy they’re peddling — still hoping against hope that the central thrust of the report — that Trump entered into an unholy alliance with the Russian government during the election — will one day prove true and bring about the downfall of his presidency.

R: 3 / I: 0 / P: 7 [R] [G] [-]

Plan to dissolve bankrupt state of illinois the land of lincoln is getting dissolved into neighboring states get your knifes out boys.

R: 341 / I: 143 / P: 7 [R] [G] [-]

Supreme Court May Decide Fate of Trump “Travel Ban” Today

Supreme Court May Decide Fate of Trump “Travel Ban” Today

>>The Supreme Court will wrap its 2017 session on Monday, which could include a decision on President Trump’s controversial travel ban.

>>The Supreme Court usually saves their most important decisions for their final day, and CBS News’ Paula Reid says it’s very likely they have come to a decision and they make that decision public on Monday. The justices met Thursday for their last scheduled private conference of the session.

>>The White House has asked the Supreme Court to allow it to go ahead and actually start enforcing this policy and hear arguments about in the fall. The Trump administration believes the Supreme Court is its best hope of having this policy upheld after two lower courts blocked, it saying it’s likely unconstitutional.

>>It will take five votes from the court to reinstate the ban, but only four votes to set the case for argument. The biggest question mark is Neil Gorsuch, Mr. Trump’s nominee who will rule on this high-profile case just three months after joining the bench.

>>The case is at the Supreme Court because two federal appellate courts have ruled against the Trump travel policy, which would impose a 90-day pause in travel from citizens of Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen.

>>The 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Richmond, Virginia, said the ban was “rooted in religious animus” toward Muslims and pointed to Trump’s campaign promise to impose a ban on Muslims entering the country as well as tweets and remarks he has made since becoming president.

>>The San Francisco-based 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals said the travel policy does not comply with federal immigration law, including a prohibition on nationality-based discrimination. That court also put a hold on separate aspects of the policy that would keep all refugees out of the United States for 120 days and cut by more than half, from 110,000 to 50,000, the cap on refugees in the current government spending year that ends Sept. 30.


8 U.S.C. § 1182(f)

Whenever the President finds that the entry of any aliens or of any class of aliens into the United States would be detrimental to the interests of the United States, he may by proclamation, and for such period as he shall deem necessary, suspend the entry of all aliens or any class of aliens as immigrants or nonimmigrants, or impose on the entry of aliens any restrictions he may deem to be appropriate.

R: 22 / I: 4 / P: 7 [R] [G] [-]

Synthesize Information

What did she mean by this?

"How do you decide what to cover?"

"First, you need to be able to synthesize a lot of information, and then exclude from your field of consideration the stuff that isn't important so you can find the salient, new thing. And that is very rarely something overt."

Interesting choice of words.

"Synthesize information"

R: 318 / I: 96 / P: 7 [R] [G] [-]


>When readers in England recently were asked to name “the greatest book of the century,” they chose J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings. Many critics were scandalized, finding it incomprehensible that the public could honor a work the literary community had largely dismissed as old-fashioned, didactic, and escapist.

>In a literary sense, The Lord of the Rings might be regarded as a defense of the West by its virtual resurrection of the literary forms and themes from the West’s greatest cultures. In a century when writers and artists routinely scorned the wisdom of the past—an age dominated by the anti-heroes of the literary naturalists, the nihilism of the cultural relativists, the purportedly scientific atheism of writers on the brink of suicide—Tolkien’s work arrived like a bracing mountain wind, for it introduced modern readers to forms of literature that are unafraid to explore truth as well as ambiguity, beauty as well as ugliness, good as well as evil, and heroism as well as cowardice.

Europe is under attack

R: 7 / I: 0 / P: 7 [R] [G] [-]

Medusa Mag demands White genocide

White women: it is time to do your part! Your white children reinforce the white supremacist society that benefits you. If you claim to be progressive, and yet willingly birth white children by your own choice, you are a hypocrite. White women should be encouraged to abort their white children, and to use their freed-up time and resources to assist women of color who have no other choice but to raise their children. Women of color are in need of financial and humanitarian resources. As this white supremacist society continues to imprison black fathers, women of color are forced to stand alone in their plight to raise the next generation of Americans. White women: instead of devoting your time and energy to white children who will reinforce the struggles of women of color, how about asking women of color in what ways you can assist them in their self-liberation? How about adopting children of color who have lost their parents to the destructive white supremacist society that you have enabled and encouraged?

Of course, the best choice is to act preventatively to ensure that white children are not at risk of being born. But in circumstances in which termination and generation are the options, it is best to take advantage of your right to choose, and abort in favor of assisting women of color.

It is time to move beyond “pro-choice” and start focusing on the needs of women of color. It is time for white women to stop considering only their own comfort and ambitions when choosing to raise children. We have entered an era of “pro-future,” in which white supremacy is crushed, and children of all colors are free to live in an open and welcoming society. Being pro-future is the next step in women’s liberation. Do your part, white women: end white supremacy.


R: 29 / I: 21 / P: 7 [R] [G] [-]

Someone with illustrator skills please help an autist out

Guys, I need help. I've been at this for 12 fucking hours straight and my autism does not allow me to quit until I get it right. I'm trying to make some propaganda. To that I need templates which I have. One of them is the Reichadler. But the standard vector one that's on Kikepedia etc. is shit tier.

I've spent 12 hrs straight looking at old documents from the reich trying to find one with the right oak leaf wreath on it. The closest thing to the real deal is pic 1. As you see the leaves should be clearly oak leaves not just some sea weed looking shit like the kikepedia one.

Is there anyone here that could vector this to me. I'd really like to get the wreath itself as a separate entity and so that it is "whole". That way I can work with it easier for propaganda.

I know photoshop and Illustrator basics but I genuinely suck with tracing.


Ps. Also included some other images I've looked at.

R: 184 / I: 222 / P: 7 [R] [G] [-]


Unheroic Conduct: The Rise of Heterosexuality and the Invention of the Jewish Man

This is an interesting book. The author, an acclaimed homo shlomo, discusses the popular stereotypical images of effeminate Jewish men and butch feminist Jewish women. But rather than dismissing these stereotypes as antisemitic slander, he proudly affirms their historic roots in Judaic tradition. He does talk at length about how Jewish law (Halakhah) contains some of the most absurdly oppressive and legalistic attitudes toward women in the world, and he hopes these aspects can be carefully negotiated in future - but he also acknowledges an "upside" which is that these oppressive features have collectively functioned as an engine for feminist progress in Jewish communities and their gentile host nations at large. Overall, the author happily affirms his subversive ideal of what he calls "unheroic conduct" in Jewish life which he sees as a cultural protest against Western ideas of gender, namely the heroic/virile ideals of European manhood and the romanticized feminine ideals of European womanhood. From the author's perspective, effeminacy and feminism are integral parts of the broader Jewish tradition in modernity. And so he understands Jewishness as being essential to the process of eroding Eurocentic gender roles to create more open and tolerant Western societies. Hmmmm

Here is the book:https://www.amazon.com/Unheroic-Conduct-Heterosexuality-Contraversions-Literature/dp/0520210506/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1497728346&sr=1-1&keywords=unheroic+conduct

>In a book that will both enlighten and provoke, Daniel Boyarin offers an alternative to the prevailing Euroamerican warrior/patriarch model of masculinity and recovers the Jewish ideal of the gentle, receptive male. The Western notion of the aggressive, sexually dominant male and the passive female reaches back through Freud to Roman times, but as Boyarin makes clear, such gender roles are not universal. Analyzing ancient and modern texts, he reveals early rabbis—studious, family-oriented—as exemplars of manhood and the prime objects of female desire in traditional Jewish society.

>Challenging those who view the "feminized Jew" as a pathological product of the Diaspora or a figment of anti-Semitic imagination, Boyarin argues that the Diaspora produced valuable alternatives to the dominant cultures' overriding gender norms. He finds the origins of the rabbinic model of masculinity in the Talmud, and though unrelentingly critical of rabbinic society's oppressive aspects, he shows how it could provide greater happiness for women than the passive gentility required by bourgeois European standards.

>Boyarin also analyzes the self-transformation of three iconic Viennese modern Jews: Sigmund Freud, the father of psychoanalysis; Theodor Herzl, the founder of Zionism; and Bertha Pappenheim (Anna O.), the first psychoanalytic patient and founder of Jewish feminism in Germany. Pappenheim is Boyarin's hero: it is she who provides him with a model for a militant feminist, anti-homophobic transformation of Orthodox Jewish society today.

What other examples have you found of effeminacy, feminism, and Judaism being intrinsically tied or giving rise to one or the other?

R: 107 / I: 33 / P: 7 [R] [G] [-]


>Always this.

>The amount of freshly enlisted females to are pregnant within a year of completing basic training is ridiculously high. A large number of them are always unwed and wouldn't you know they always get out of deployments, special training exercises, extra duty, you name it they'll get themselves out of it.

>Its fucking disgusting. I work as a nurse in a military hospital and the month leading to NTC (where you go pretend to be in the middle east for a month in a camp in california) the surge of active dury women who get knocked up just makes it obvious to everyone in the medical field that these women are just getting out of work and letting uncle sam

pay for that health care/daycare etc etc.

>Your tax dollars at work.

Let's break this down.

Military salary E-3 is like 25k. But wait, the female is pregnant!

Hospital Bills

shitload of money

Housing Stipend, Food Stipend

uh oh levels of cash

Get dat daycare nigga

sweating intensifies spending initiate

Can't deploy, or do anything useful

Fraud, Waste, and Abuse investigator begins to masturbate furiously

Repeat process until enlistment ends, Collect honorable discharge, veteran benefits and free college. Throw in a 100% disabled medical pension while you're at it.

SecDef 'Mad Dog' Mattis begins eating wooden pencils and shitting splinter logs

Come back to military with college degree, become an officer, repeat process until you are a major and pulling in a massive salary.

military budget approaches singularity curve

Multiply the resulting number by the total number of females in the military

Trump's inner jew assumes direct control to manage resulting financial shitstorm

R: 157 / I: 86 / P: 7 [R] [G] [-]


A request for weaponized autism

/pol/ I need your help, all professional anons sign on because we need your help taking out the biggest Jew on Earth. The pornographic Jew. Incase you didn't know, I'll fill you in (Pun not intended), MindGeek is the parent company of EVERY SINGLE MAJOR PORN SITE ON THE INTERNET. Their employee list is PUBLIC. We can start putting some real pressure on these people if we uproot the Jew from down below.

The thing is, you need a linkedin profile with connections to find out who's profile is who's. Anyone who is in video or photo editing, we need you and your connections to help find these people. A lot of these people have profile pictures, which we can reverse image search to find out who they are.

We can seriously attack the Jew on this end, imagine a list of all the people you know for a fact betrayed your race and people. This is what we have right now. 666 employees (Yes I'm not shitting you). Now this is 67 pages of employees, 666 people to find out who they are and their families. Once we got a comprehensive list, we can start a smear campaign against each of them. It would be also smart to forward it to local sympathetic organizations who'd be willing to tell the neighborhood of these people and their jobs. I'm sure they'd welcome a person working for a pornography company living in the same neighborhood as their children. Most of these fuckers are Canadian, which figures.

Things to do

>Find names of board of directors of MindGeek

>Find sponsors of MindGeek websites

>Find address of all MindGeek facilities.

>Find names and family members of all MindGeek employees.

>Identify key members such as "Product Management and quality control", "Talent Recruitment", "Content editing", "Video/photo editing"

These people are the ones actually looking for people to exploit and distribute this content. I personally have a vendetta against the fuckers in marketing and advertising, these people are the ones who keep making those ads where the pornstars look like they're underage. Its pedo bait and I fucking hate it.


That I could find myself with my connections


http://imgur.com/a/jwCn9 (Photographs of the people I can't connect with but may have important connections into the porn industry)

Linkdin employee page

Watch out while using this, don't click on any profiles or else you'll reverse doxx yourself


This is big, very big. If we can take out these people from the job market and make Mindgeek a hostile place to work at, we can pretty much destroy the Jewish foothold on American sexuality. Damn near every American boy watches pornography, this is an influence that no one else has and the Jews know it. This is probably our best chance to reverse it.


These 666 people have taken root into the entire world through their degenerate and disgusting filth. Removing this shit from the market is a public service. This will take a long time and I need all the help I can get, but no one thought that removing the Jewish tentacles would be easy. This list is a massive break for us.

R: 420 / I: 122 / P: 7 [R] [G] [-]



```Seek and find a copy of "Legions of Satan" by Jonathan Williams circa 1789```

This is a book that has been stripped from the Internet, much like how "200 Years Together" was banned and disappeared from the world for a very, very long time until this year. In it contains one of the best kept secrets that we know to be true on this board – that America, was and is, bound to Judaism since its very inception.

It's been removed from the Library of Congress, and it's a huge source of information used by Joseph McCarthy back during the Red Scare. When he cited it in 1957, it was six months later that he was found dead. Find it, and we strike a serious blow to the enemy within that has been the biggest cancer since this country's inception.


R: 38 / I: 11 / P: 7 [R] [G] [-]

The Coming White Flight in Europe

Here are the 2017 population estimates by the United Nations for four famous European countries — the United Kingdom, France, Germany, and Italy — and four obscure African countries — Congo, Tanzania, Uganda, and Niger. According to the UN’s Population Division, these little known countries will come to dwarf Europe’s traditional Great Powers in numbers by the second half of the 21st Century. (The UN demographers assume only modest migration flows.)

Keep in mind that the UN’s forecast of 192 million people in 2100 in Niger is not for Nigeria. I couldn’t adroitly fit Nigeria’s expected 794 million on the graph, so I left it off. Instead I went with the much less well known country of Niger, Nigeria’s northern neighbor on the southern fringe of the Sahara. Of course, it is extremely unlikely that 192 million people will be living in Niger in 83 years. One possibility is that the people of Niger will choose to limit their fertility.

As of 2014, Niger’s total fertility rate was 7.6 babies per woman. As far as anybody can tell (and African vital statistics are not hugely reliable), this rate has not changed much for several generations, even as most of the non-African world has moved toward more sustainable levels of fertility. It’s important to note that the phenomenon of demographic momentum means that even if Niger’s total fertility rate fell to the replacement rate tomorrow, it’s population would continue to grow up into, perhaps, the early 2060s. Another possibility is that the people of the region will limit their population through resource wars or disease or starvation.

A third possibility is that vast numbers of people in Niger will move to other places, such as Europe. One thing to keep in mind is that Europeans, unlike Americans during the Great Migration from the South to Northern cities in the postwar era, do not have a frontier tradition. Americans upped stakes and headed for the new frontier in the suburbs, abandoning America’s cities to the newcomers and, often, ruin. The Great Migration from the South destroyed the city of Detroit, but the metropolis of Detroit survived because Anglo-Americans are pretty good at heading for unsettled territory, like Tom and Huck at the end of Huckleberry Finn and rebuilding. (In contrast, the Central Europeans of Pittsburgh hunkered down in their city and appeared to have come out the other end of the wringer largely intact.)

Europeans, however, don’t have that kind of tradition of moving on. They like their cities. They’ve been living in them for hundreds of years. Moreover, the American resettlement to the suburbs was facilitated by 29 cents per gallon gasoline. How this will all work out is not something that Europe’s political elites want to discuss with their voters. Since the future of the world will be heavily influenced by the huge number of Sahelians headed our way, here’s the opening of John Updike’s 1978 novel The Coup, in which he describes a fictionalized Sahelian country much like Niger. Keep in mind, however, that the population of Niger in 1978 was 5.7 million. Today it is 21.5 million. In another 39 years, the span of time since Updike’s novel, it is expected to grow to 81.4 million. The Coup begins with the Col. Gadaffi-like Col. Ellellou writing his memoirs in a Nabokovian-Updikean prose style:




R: 2 / I: 0 / P: 7 [R] [G] [-]

What makes a good leader? Is it his character and his ability to build trust? Is it the way with which he carries himself? Or is it his intellect and mental agility?

What traits do you look for in a leader? What aspects of leadership appeal to you?

R: 63 / I: 22 / P: 7 [R] [G] [-]

France To Build A Wall

>French officials have announced that construction of an eight-foot high bulletproof glass wall around the Eiffel Tower will begin in September.

>The massive glass wall will cost Paris some £260 million ($330 million)

>Last Monday, an Islamic terrorist rammed his car into a police vehicle on the Champs-Élysées in Paris.

>The vehicle contained a rifle and two gas canisters.

>The Tower was intended to stand for just 20 years and the city of Paris currently spends some £12 million ($15.3 million) a year just to maintain it


R: 308 / I: 165 / P: 8 [R] [G] [-]

Deutsch/pol/ Nr.186 - Kriegerdenkmal bei Hohensyburg Edition


German Authorities Raid Homes of 36 for Social Media ‘Hate Speech’

>German authorities are taking action against 36 people suspected of posting hate speech online, most of them accused of far-right incitement.


German Prosecutors Move to Lift Parliamentary Immunity of Right-Wing Leader

>Frauke Petry, the co-chair of Alternative For Germany (AfD), the small state, anti-mass migration party is the subject of an attempt to strip her of the immunity extended to all German parliamentarians.


EU army inevitable, says senior German official

>“(((We))) do not want to go down the solitary national path any more. Not in Germany, not in the Netherlands, not in the Czech Republic and not in Italy.”


Merkel’s Party Wins Deals to Govern Two German States

>Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservative party reached agreements Tuesday to form new coalition governments in two German states, party leaders said, a little over three months before a national election.


Helmut Kohl, Germany’s reunification chancellor, dies aged 87

>Kohl led his country from 1982 to 1998, overseeing the reunification of East and West Germany in 1990


German Government Holds Out Hope For ‘Soft Brexit’

>Germany’s foreign minister says there may now be a chance of a “soft” British exit from the European Union that keeps the U.K. in the bloc’s single market, but is warning that Britain couldn’t pick and choose its conditions.


German Security Officials Agree to Monitor WhatsApp in New Anti-Terror Measures **Because it's known that Terrorists use Whatsapp for plotting attacks, duh"

>Germany’s state and federal security officials have agreed upon new measures to strengthen their ability to fight terrorism and crime, including allowing authorities to monitor suspects’ use of WhatsApp and other messaging services


Left Wing Extremist Offences Up 112 Per Cent in Austria

>Left wing extremist offences have risen considerably in the last year according to Austrian officials who say that Islamic terror is still the most pressing danger.



Stricter Border Controls Halve Asylum Seeker Applications in Austria

>Austria has seen a 53 per cent decrease in the number of migrants applying for asylum over the past year after strengthening border controls.


Germany Opening First Liberal Mosque Where Men, Women and Gays Pray Together

>Seyran Ates’ vision of a liberal mosque where all Muslims can pray together — women and men, Sunni and Shiite, straight and gay — is almost a reality, and the 54-year-old daughter of Turkish guest workers in Germany is ecstatic as she enters the light-flooded room undergoing its final touches.


Munich Train Station Attack: Several Injured, Police Officer ‘Shot in the Head’

>A young police officer was “seriously injured” at a Munich subway station Tuesday morning after an individual was able to steal a police officer’s pistol and go on a shooting rampage, according to reports.


R: 532 / I: 211 / P: 8 [R] [G] [-]

Brit/pol/ #0015 - INTENSIFIED OCCULT WARFARE edition


The time has now arrived where we advance into our

quintus decimus thread, which. im willing to bet will be filled with the usual mirth, serious discussion and portentious occurrences.

Our arcana for this thread, being the XVth is the Devil, which in its upright state represents bondage, addiction, sexuality and materialism (very apt for the state of modern britain) and in its inverse form represents detachment, breaking free, power reclaimed. Portentious indeed as it is remarkably representative of our current struggle. We focus and aim for the inverse of this card and in turn, a reversal of the current state our society finds itself in.

In the aftermath of the stressful, high bloodpressure inducing snap election, the druidic lodge of the B.O.N.D stands galvanised in its mission and the bretheren continue their individual works safe in the knowledge that whatever our enemies see fot to throw at us, we will endure.

Harsh times breed strong men and today is no exception. We have witnessed betrayal upon betrayal and in turn we harden our hearts to the betrayers and those complicit and we patiently await our opportunity to strike, for at some point the beast, in its arrogance, will expose its soft underbelly, and when it does, the druids shall be ready and waiting with sharpened spears to hand.

Until that day presents itself we shall prepare and do all we can to weaken the beast in whichever ways we can. Our actions shall be like myriad small darts, each one, though small, adding to the damage. We must hone our arsenal, be it memetics, humour or occult warfare and not succumb to blackpill defeatism. The tarot and the scrying mirror seem to point towards the fact that our actions now, however insignificant seeming, potentially could have far reaching and unexpected consequences. From little acorns grow mighty oaks after all…

Let us also remember that is one year since the death of St Joe of Cocks - patron saint of traitors, remoaners, paki immigrants, houseboat wankers and those who are perpetually offended at everything. Goodnight sweet Joes - the worms enjoyed their meal and now you take your final form as a spooky skellington as brendan cucks on.

As ever the topical newslinks are presented for the readers perusal and delectation:

>More betrayal by our political 'elites' as soft-as-a-floppy-cock brexit seems to be on the cards


>Juncker involved in pesuading may to call the snap erection


>'I got us into this mess and I'll get us out of it' hot air from sharia may


>Sad death of Simon Bodger GOODNIGHT SWEET PRINCE nevar 4get. Unconfirmed reports that Badge is also dead after being hit over the head by a shovel by an anxious farmer who feared the puppet may be at risk of spread bovine TB


>anti islam march in manchester gains huge support and attendance. Gutterpress msm suspiciously silent


>more treachery from labour and their imported pets (IMAGINE MY SHARK…)


>That cunt warsi opely acting like the fifth columnist she is (again)


Thats it for now lads. Skimming the news has blackened my mood and put me into a rage so im going to try to calm myself down a bit. Remember to keep it loyal, suffer no tomfoolery and to thank the based druids for the portents they provide us with.



R: 111 / I: 87 / P: 8 [R] [G] [-]



```Who were the Ancient Egyptians? Where did they come from? How did they come about? Were they originally Aryan?```

In order to become great once more and experience the spiritual awakening that will grant us the will to break free from our chains, we must remember who we once were.

What were the historical, anthropological, and esoteric origins of the Ancient Egyptians?

R: 615 / I: 255 / P: 8 [R] [G] [-]

May 7th - September 23rd

For those of you who were around during pic related you may remember that Kek will be absent during this summer until he returns with exponentially greater power on September 23rd, and that we should beware the August 21st eclipse and any false god it may relate to. Before someone mentions the fact summer starts in June, if someone has the archive of the original thread I seem to remember May 7th being the agreed upon time Kek would leave. The absence of Kek could explain Marine Le Pen's loss in the French elections. For the next ~4 months our ability to produce meme magic will be severely hindered.

R: 31 / I: 4 / P: 8 [R] [G] [-]

Suidlanders- Based or Controller Op

I know there's an Africa general thread, but I thought that this deserved its own thread.

Some background-

I work in the platinum business as a burger so I follow South African news and shit seems to slowly be hitting the fan over there. This month the government published a new mining charter that requires all mining companies to be at least 30% owned at all times, up from a previous 26% one time requirement. Obviously, this has pissed off everyone who's not a complete gibs nigger.



On top of that, you've got President and ANC leader Jacob Zuma calling for land 'reform' and the seizure of white owned farms and property. Now traditionally the ANC, which is ~60% of the government, is more of a moderate gibsmedat party. They support all kinds of ridiculous diversity quote type stuff, but they're not Zimbabwe-tier. However, Zuma has changed his rhetoric to align with a new up-and-coming communist nigger party called the EFF, who are completely Zim-tier. The ANC is steadily losing ground due to being complete niggers and if the lolberg white-supported DA doesn't do well in the 2019 elections, the EFF will gain more and more power.



Video related, Freedom Front Plus /ourguys/ leader Pieter Groenewald threatening civil war if the niggers try to seize white land.


So where am I going with this?

I saw a thread on cuckchan about this and it's peaked my interest.



Basically, they seem to be a Boer organization that's preparing for the coming race war. Going through their site, they seem pretty fucking redpilled on what's going on across the world to the white race. They don't see fleeing to Europe as a possibility based on the fact that white Ukrainian refugees had a very hard time getting accepted, while shitskin mudslimes are accepted with open arms. They accept donations and they even have a place to sign up as a volunteer to come help when shit hits the fan. They seem to completely be /ourguys/, but obviously that makes me a bit suspicious. I want to believe that this is a real movement to prepare for the inevitable, but I think we've got to dig on this. I've tried whois-ing the site, but I can't find a whois service that gives me any information, they all come up as invalid.

R: 84 / I: 27 / P: 8 [R] [G] [-]

What are nationalist groups in Quebec like? Do any seem to harbor any white nationalist tendencies? Or are they all for Algerian and Haitian immigration?

R: 34 / I: 4 / P: 8 [R] [G] [-]

GOP Health Care Bill Revealed

What are your overall thoughts? Will it actually pass this time? Or will the Freedom Caucus try and ruin everything again

R: 316 / I: 170 / P: 8 [R] [G] [-]


>The Zentraleuropäische Verteidigungskooperation, or Central European Defense Cooperative [CEDC], was founded in 2010. It includes Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Croatia.

>In the spring of 2016, the CEDC held two days of meetings with officials from Poland, Serbia, Montenegro, and Macedonia. That meeting was aimed at closing down the “Balkan Route” for illegal aliens.

>The organization just held perhaps their most important meeting ever yesterday in Prague. Diplomatic teams from all six nations met to discuss a “Joint Action Plan” to stop the flow of illegal immigrants into central Europe.

>The EU classifies all illegal aliens as “asylum seekers” and makes it very hard for EU member nations to deport them.

>Yesterday, the CEDC issued a declaration calling for the mobilization of civilian, police, and military resources to manage the crises and protect the external borders of the EU. It also called for intervention to stop migrants at the sending countries. The CEDC called on the six interior ministers of the six members countries to finalize a plan.

>Yesterday, the CEDC issued a declaration calling for the mobilization of civilian, police, and military resources to manage the crises and protect the external borders of the EU. It also called for intervention to stop migrants at the sending countries. The CEDC called on the six interior ministers of the six members countries to finalize a plan.

Is this it lads? Is it the start?


R: 194 / I: 33 / P: 8 [R] [G] [-]

Has anybody seen the new (((feature))) Codemonkey added?

I think it's pretty (((Great)))

R: 42 / I: 9 / P: 8 [R] [G] [-]

Declining Redpill Value in Cchan

I found this place and shillchan sometime in early 2015, at the same time. Since then, this place has grown in redpill value, and halfchan has declined enormously in redpill value. The users of halfchan have noticed, and shills are presently fighting for their explanation's dominance on the board. The several idea's are as follows in order of declining popularity, as I see it

>Invasion by "magapedes" from reddit

>Leftwing contemporary shills

>Jewish shills


What is the answer, in your opinion? And how can we use niggerchan as a case study to prevent this place's downfall

R: 371 / I: 134 / P: 8 [R] [G] [-]

/afr/ - afrika general No.1: see the shit flying in a mile away


>the US involvement on the continent has increased and is now the second largest theatre of specops right after middle east

>over a 100 missions are being executed at any given time in africa

>it represents close to 20% of all deployed US troops worldwide

>around 2000 US military and an unspecified number of intelligence personnel are currently operating there

>ibn4 we wuz just helpin nigs fight terroiztz datz it no hiddn agenda

https: //news.vice.com/story/the-u-s-is-waging-a-massive-shadow-war-in-africa-exclusive-documents-reveal

>china heavely investing in africa, both militarily and in trade

>the chingchong knows where the potential is

>US on damage control

https: //southfront.org/arms-and-drug-trafficking-in-africa/

https: //southfront.org/chinese-expansion-in-africa/

https: //southfront.org/chinese-military-engagement-in-africa/

>le french still think they can into empire


lets see where this thread goes. unless you want to wait till its happening and ill tell you you didnt listen

R: 576 / I: 177 / P: 8 [R] [G] [-]

Reclaiming the Hippie Movement!

Six months of planning and several years of infiltration has brought us to this strange but inevitable day. Now, we take back the outcasts of the white race! The hippie movement was formed by young white men and women in the 1960s who wished nothing but to be free of the ZOG which controlled the cities. By the mid60s they had abandoned Sanfrancisco to the yuppies, addicts, and niggers and went off innawoods to form their own societies to follow through with the 14words, whether they admitted and understood the calling or not. What many of us now see as "The Hippie" is a far cry from what the movement once was, a degenerate parody of what the movement stood for, and those that remain are as full of hatred and contempt for this as they were full of love for their volk in their youth.

>What did the hippie movement stand for initially?

Personal freedom and individual responsibility.

Self sustaining volkish communities.

A rejection of the city and ZOG, by whatever name's they knew it. (((The Man)))

A rejection of wars in foreign lands. No blood for the kikes!

Spiritual freedom from the doctrines of the kikes.

And above all else, family, a thing many of them never had due to the destruction of their parents due to the ravages of the war against the Reich, and the import of niggers to their homes.

>What is the point of this?

There still exists ONE TRIBE that spreads across all white lands. One Family which has survived the onslaught of the (((Yippies))) kike controlled Youth International Party, the (((media's))) tactics of comercialization and degeneration, and the deaths of their leaders and oldfags. The Rainbow Family! Although they've seen better days, they still exist and are still active. They provide temporary homes for their nomadic Volk and meet deep in the forests, as far from the degeneracy of the cities as they can.

They tap springs. They run kitchens. They provide for one another without question or expectation, and they take in every outcast who has lost their way. They do so without any official hierarchy beyond he mythical elder The oldfags and many do so without any form of official ID or recognition from the state as to their existence. They are in danger though. The oldfags are dieing out and few have the skill and motivation to take their place, and here we are, ready to do just that.

>What now?

For the past six months many /pol/acks have been preparing. We have assembled for a great operation to revive the movement and assemble the lost volk of the Rainbow Family to prepare them for the new age. Where before the family turned backwards to the happy days of Krishna, now we direct them ever forwards through the end of this Kali Yuga, with Kek and his digits to guide us through the turning pages of time, and to the vicious days od the Kalki, the man who is to come, in which all filth and degeneracy shall be PURGED from these lands!

I call you my brothers, anons of the new volk, the /pol/ack to join us at the gatherings of the Rainbow Family! We shall answer their prayers with great redpills! We shall remove the corruption of the kike! We will bring back these outcast into the Volk and rally the most unlikely of legions to our cause! We will secure the existence of ournpeople and a future for white children! By the law of Polarity, the children of love will learn to hate!


R: 10 / I: 1 / P: 8 [R] [G] [-]

Get (((Some)))



Lakewood rabbi, others arrested in alleged million-dollar welfare fraud

>Updated 2 hours ago

>LAKEWOOD – A prominent rabbi and several others were arrested in simultaneous federal and state raids Monday morning on charges related to alleged public assistance fraud on a scale rarely seen before in New Jersey, according to law enforcement sources

MoAR in artikal

R: 70 / I: 29 / P: 8 [R] [G] [-]

Alt-Right = NaziBol

The truth is being exposed. (((Civic Nationalism))) and the Alt-Right are actually codes for introducing Dugin's theory of National Bolshevism.

This is also why the Alt-Right attacked Trump many times during and after the election process in very subtle ways. They take full credit for /pol/'s influence over the election. They created zero OC and did nothing at all.

Alex Jones is not part of this. He is part of the American Zionist media. He simply latched on to the term like other MSM people did. I'm speaking of the actual Alt-Right.

Warning to KGB shills. The Alt-Right is introducing pedophilia and a gay agenda into the "new right". If you attack us for exposing this you are denouncing your allegiance to Christianity.

R: 25 / I: 10 / P: 8 [R] [G] [-]

>/v/ jew BO finally shows his true colors

I wish I could say I was surprised

Remember when this place was about free speech?

R: 163 / I: 34 / P: 9 [R] [G] [-]

Raspberry Pi website

This is image is being currently displayed in the RPi website.


Why does technology have to do with politics? Cant tech just be tech?

R: 277 / I: 111 / P: 9 [R] [G] [-]

Esoteric Hitlerism

There is so much in this world to read, and so few who bother. What must be done to bring the truth to the world? Great teachers, poets really, like Miguel Serrano rarely appear more than once a century at best, yet so few seem to read their works let alone understand them. How many here have read the works of the poet Miguel Serrano? He was friends od Jung, Evola, Devi, the Dalai Lama and more survivors of the Reich than any other man who dared speak of it, while leading the National Socialist party of Chile and serving his country as a diplomat and spiritual leader. The works of Esoteric Hitlerism have confirmed all of my dreams and intuition, while inspiring me to work for my Volk, for the hyperborean blood that runs through my veins like no other. He is the only author who's writings have ever brought me to tears… I cannot do justice to this with this post, but a thread is deserved. Are there any others here who have felt the longing for rememberence, the NOStalgia that is within our blood, the constant beating of the Sangraal? I know I am not the only one here, I have met others in the counted digits of this infinate land. Please, I ask that you speak up my brothers, we cannot remain silen. As the black light shines without matter, the fire rises, and the green flame must spread.

R: 187 / I: 60 / P: 9 [R] [G] [-]

America creating Space Corps



Are we finally getting space marines?

Iv'e heard anons bouncing ideas around that the only way to actually get a functional space program is to absorb it into the Military so that it can get the funding that it deserves. Did Trump come to the space conclusion?

R: 11 / I: 0 / P: 9 [R] [G] [-]

Man harassed and assaulted for his political views at a cafe.

https://www youtube com/watch?v=_ebShl68b0U

A local coffee shop built and run in Milwaukee WI has been recorded attacking a man for his political views from across the street without any prior confrontation or instigation. This was harassment.

From the video "I was walking down Brady Street today after getting my monthly pound of Rochambo coffee, when suddenly some random bike hipster shouted some bullshit at me from across the street. He addressed me by name, even though I have never met this person in real life. I followed him into the hipster shithole Brewed Cafe, where he is apparently an employee, and confronted him about it."

The employees continued with sexist, homophobic, and various other forms of abuse going as far as to flip off the man and participate in provocative gestures meant to instigate a response, belittle and demean the man in question who goes by

"Duerst The Wuerst".

The information:

the cafe is named "Brewed Cafe"


1208 E Brady St

Milwaukee, WI 53202

Lower East Side, East Village


Business phone:

Phone number (414) 276-2739

The owner seems unapologetic and appears to condone this behavior.

Disclaimer: This thread is not intended to cause harassment, but merely spread awareness of the unethical and objectively abhorrent behavior of the employees. Let the free market do its job; Tell your friends and family to not go here.

R: 607 / I: 197 / P: 9 [R] [G] [-]

Nord/pol/ #51: 1 Maj i Falun var där eller är en fyrkant utgåvan

Information om 1 Maj



De senaste dagarna har Miljöpartiets språkrör Gustav Fridolin skruvat upp en hård ton mot illegala invandrare. Fridolin har bland annat sagt att illegala "ska bort" från Sverige, placeras i förvar eller förses med fotboja. Men för två år sedan lät det mycket annorlunda, då rappade han för "fri asyl" och att "ingen människa är illegala".


Under natten mot lördagen rånades tre olika kvinnor vid tre olika tillfällen i Göteborg. Två av kvinnorna rånades under pistol- och knivhot i Majorna inom loppet av fem minuter, troligen av samma gärningsmän.


Upp emot 50 procent av de som söker asyl i Sverige registrerar olika personuppgifter hos myndigheter, rapporterar TV4 Nyheterna. Detta görs bland annat för att maximalt utnyttja det svenska bidragssystemet.


Sverige varnades för den misstänkte terroristen Rakhmat Akilov innan terrordådet i Stockholm förra fredagen. Det säger Uzbekistans utrikesminister Abdulaziz Kamilov enligt nyhetsbyrån Reuters. Han bekräftar också att Akilov var en aktiv muslimsk terrorist som försökt resa till IS i Syrien och uppmanat andra att ansluta sig till terrorsekten.


Under långfredagen anordnades en fotbollsturnering i Eddahallen i Skellefteå. Vid något skede utbröt bråk där både publik och spelare var inblandade. Polis tillkallades och nu är flera personer misstänkta för misshandel.


Två nya studier visar att människan redan vid sex månaders ålder uppvisar partiskhet till förmån för medlemmar av sin egen ras och mot medlemmar av andra raser.

R: 121 / I: 48 / P: 9 [R] [G] [-]

Black couple attacks restaurant owner and daughter over fried chicken

>According to Baxley Police, the assault took place at a Quik Chik after customers were unhappy about an order, which escalated from a verbal altercation to the restaurant owner being knocked to the ground.

>As the two customers were leaving the scene one of them struck the owner's daughter, knocking her to the ground, police say. The two customers fled the scene by driving off in what police believe is light creme, brown or tan-colored Cadillac Escalade.


R: 141 / I: 49 / P: 9 [R] [G] [-]

Do Neo-Nazis even exist anymore?

During the massive rise of white nationalism over the past 2-3 years iv'e noticed absolutely zero neo-nazi activity of any note online or off. Same for the KKK and all other WN 1.0 groups.

From what I can tell modern white nationalism is almost entirely controlled by anons and anon derived/inspired organizations. Do Neo-Nazis/skinheads even fucking exist anymore?

R: 357 / I: 76 / P: 9 [R] [G] [-]

Germany Raids Homes of 36 People Accused of Hateful Postings Over Social Media

>BERLIN — In a coordinated campaign across 14 states, the German police on Tuesday raided the homes of 36 people accused of hateful postings over social media, including threats, coercion and incitement to racism.

Most of the raids concerned politically motivated right-wing incitement, according to the Federal Criminal Police Office, whose officers conducted home searches and interrogations



R: 55 / I: 9 / P: 9 [R] [G] [-]


got an employee that is being fired today for inappropriate/racy images being found on his work pc, downloading huge pdfs, and general unproductive shifts. however here are some red flags:

>muslim, strict religious family that apparently wants arranged marriages, says things out loud in arabic randomly and i assume it's tiny prayers or something

>extremely antisocial, always aloof, generally doesn't seem to give a shit

>looked through search history, uses backpage to search girls that want to hook up

>visits "nigger worship" websites

>searching for a lot of cologne sites, specific search request "scents that teenage girls like"

>a lot of wrestling, MMA underground, brazilian ju jitsu, which isnt bad, but

>a lot of specific searches for "how to escape pinning" and "side control escape". no other specific searches for moves like this.

>is a member of the pennsylvania firearms owners association forum, pafoa dot org, specifically has access to private "the lounge" subforum

>a lot of history pages from that forum about buying and trading firearms

>searches on ebooks3000 for "security related" and "architecture"

>searches for sending $1,000 in cash through the mail to Samarkand, Uzbekistan

anyway the supervisor is afraid of him coming back to gun everyone down, wants to anonymously send a tip but i dont know if she'll do it. is this enough suspicious activity to possibly send feds to check this guy out? also, am i fucked? will this guy kill me? thanks

R: 47 / I: 18 / P: 9 [R] [G] [-]

We’re beginning to see more clashes between the Legacy media and Internet-based journalists

Submitted for your viewing pleasure is a cartoon that sums up the interview Megyn Kelly conducted with Alex Jones.

Megyn left Fox for NBC and now she makes around $15 million per year, but Alex didn’t have stars in his eyes. He took her to school and played her like a violin. He knew she was out to play the ‘Gotcha!’ game. Her goal was to discredit Alex and by extension President Trump, who granted InfoWars press credentials.

Megyn promised to go easy on Alex to get him to agree to the interview, but she went into vicious attack dog mode as soon as it commenced. She grilled him on Sandy Hook in particular and then proceeded to selectively edit Alex’s comments to cast him in a bad light. Some advertisers are threatening to pull their ads from the show because they find Alex offensive. Alex wants NBC to cancel the segment because it turned into the hit job he expected. What Megyn didn’t know is Alex recorded their pre-interview session and he has proof of her disingenuousness.

NBC doesn't want to cave in to Alex, so they may be forced to air the interview as a face-saving measure. That will upset their advertisers and give Alex more publicity. If they cancel the segment, NBC and Megyn will be admitting defeat. Either way, it’s a win-win situation for Alex because the mainstream media will be further discredited.

I happen to catch Glenn Beck interviewing the big leprechaun, Bill O’Reilly, over the matter. O’Reilly pompously stated Megyn should not given Alex Jones 'a forum.' He also claimed he didn’t know who Alex was and didn’t even know he had a radio show. Yeah. Sure, Bill. What O’Reilly showed me was that the MSM will do or say anything to discredit alternative media. The corporate MSM may have deep pockets, but they're continuing to lose credibility, viewers and readers. It’s good to see them swinging wildly—and missing. A citizen journalist working for little or no money on the Internet often has far more credibility than the overpaid deep state propaganda blowhards on TV.

— Ben Garrison

R: 547 / I: 289 / P: 9 [R] [G] [-]

Government of venezuela tries to change the constitution amidst heavy protests and repression

https://archive.fo/lRjN7 https://archive.is/cUzzR Maduro, the president of Venezuela, just announced a constituent to change the constitution amidst weeks of protests sparkled over the self coup caused by the government allied tribunal by overtaking the legislative branch's responsibilities. This constituent is called in a way so that the people in charge of selecting the new constitution are the ones part of certain sectors, like the comunas and misiones.

Try to imagine a Obama who lost congress to republicans and attempted to strip them of their power with the tribunal, has heavy protests from the population calling for a constituent and leaving in charge of it people benefited by welfare and other gives, scholarships, etc.

And not only that, but after all the market distortions that they've cause through the years, the government announced the EIGHTH system to date to obtain foreign currency, with a price set by the government, going through whatever bureaucratic mess they require you to and at the end being unlikely to be allowed to buy the dollars anyway.


And if that wasn't enough, as if fixing the price of certain first need products wasn't enough, they want a general freezing of prices, because, obviously, when you can't battle a three digit inflation you don't do something sane like stopping printing tons of cash, but instead, force every price to freeze, what could possibly go wrong?

R: 397 / I: 122 / P: 9 [R] [G] [-]

Loretta Lynch Senate Probe

Even the lugenpresse is picking it up now.


R: 58 / I: 14 / P: 9 [R] [G] [-]



>The State Department has opened a formal inquiry into whether former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and her aides mishandled classified information while she was the nation’s top diplomat, Fox News has learned. Despite being under investigation, Clinton and her staffers still have security clearances to access sensitive government information.

>The department’s investigation aims to determine whether Clinton and her closest aides violated government protocols by using her private server to receive, hold and transmit classified and top-secret government documents. The department declined to say when its inquiry began, but it follows the conclusion of the FBI’s probe into the matter, which did not result in any actions being taken against Clinton or any of her aides.

>Depending on the outcome of the current State Department inquiry, Clinton and her aides could have their access to sensitive government documents terminated.

Senate Judiciary Committee Chair Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, confirmed to Fox News the department’s formal inquiry.

>Meanwhile, Grassley’s committee launched its own inquiry into Clinton’s handling of emails, an inquiry that began in March. Grassley cited among his concerns the July 5 statement of former FBI Director James Comey that the agency found Clinton and her staff members were “extremely careless in their handling of very sensitive, highly classified information.” Grassley also contended there is “evidence of potential violations of the statutes regarding the handling of classified information…”

>During the FBI’s investigation of Clinton’s use of top-secret and classified information on her private server, Comey said there were seven email chains on Clinton’s computer that were classified at the “Top Secret/Special Access Program level.” Another 2,000 emails on her private server were found to have contained information deemed classified now, though not marked classified when sent. In addition, the server also contained 22 top-secret emails deemed too damaging to national security to be released.

>Clinton’s spokesperson, Nick Merrill, told Fox News that the investigation into Clinton’s mishandling of classified information is done.

>“Nothing's been more thoroughly dissected. It's over. Case closed. Literally,” said Merrill.

>That's not a universally held view. Chris Farrell, of Judicial Watch, a conservative Washington-based government watchdog that has filed a number of lawsuits related to the Clinton email scandal, said he believes Clinton and her “circle of national security criminals” should not have access to any classified information for any reason.

>“Their conduct has cost them that privileged position of special trust and confidence,” Farrell said.

>Any other government employee would have been prosecuted under 18 USC Sec. 793(f) (“Mishandling National Defense Information”) and be subject to a long prison sentence and large fines, Farrell added.

>“This flagrant double standard for the gang that exposed Top Secret Codeword material to the Russians, Chinese and others is both offensive and deeply corrosive to the intelligence community,” Farrell said. “There is no better evidence that when it comes to Hillary Clinton and her côtèrie — laws are for the little people.”



R: 36 / I: 14 / P: 9 [R] [G] [-]

Exposing Alt Light Pedos

There was threads on this before the hack.

They've either been slid off the board entirely or weren't recovered.

The target is Cernokike. It's time to shut this faggots source if income down for good. He makes 3500-10k off Patreon alone and he pushed Pizzagate distractions from the real pedokikes he's involved with.

There was a case where Cernovich lied about the Epstein lawsuit and he was covering up the pedophile connection he had. Something like that. Need more info.

Post anything you have on Cernovich to be used for memetic warfare to shut this altkike down for good.

R: 85 / I: 9 / P: 9 [R] [G] [-]


How to Repair the Toxic Legacy of a Bad Mother

A book by a leading psychologist reveals how victims of mothers who were domineering, angry or just plain cold can turn the pain they suffered to their advantage

Like it or not, our relationship with our mother will have a lifelong influence on our personality, behaviour and self-esteem. If we’re lucky, that legacy will be an overwhelmingly positive one.

But what happens when you are raised by a ‘difficult’ mother? It’s the subject tackled by a new book written by psychologist Dr Terri Apter.

In Difficult Mothers, the Cambridge academic examines the different types of problem mother — controlling, angry, hyper-critical, emotionally unavailable — and explains what can be done to turn her negative influence into a positive one.


As a psychologist, and mother, I am aware that all parents get angry — usually when we’re tired or stressed, or when we need to warn children of danger or teach them an important life lesson.

Although no child likes it when a parent is angry, a single outburst does not produce a difficult relationship. It is only when a parent repeatedly uses anger to close conversations and control family members that it becomes a problem.

When anger overshadows everything at home, children live in a constant state of high alert, waiting for emotional explosions. As well as being psychologically damaging, this type of long-term stress is also toxic to the young brain.


THIS type of mother will try to take charge of every aspect of their child’s life — to the extent that she even tells the child what to see, feel and want.

In a healthy relationship, control is used to shape general values and set down specific rules; but it is always informed by listening, and it respects a growing child’s ability to take sensible decisions of its own.

Instead, day-by-day, a controlling mother implies: ‘I know who you are, and you don’t’, or ‘I need you to be this, and that is more important than what you want.’ She sees herself as custodian and controller of her child’s mind.


The definition of a ‘narcissist’ is a person who is totally self-involved.

A mother with narcissistic tendencies will be largely unable to show the empathy that is so important to a healthy parent-child relationship, because she sees every request for attention by her child as competition.



R: 554 / I: 229 / P: 10 [R] [G] [-]


Hotpocket Edit: Actually that's a statue of Heqet, OP.


Nazis worshiped Kek too. What are the chances?




>In a hidden room in a house near Argentina's capital, police believe they have found the biggest collection of Nazi artifacts in the country's history, including a bust relief of Adolf Hitler, magnifying glasses inside elegant boxes with swastikas and even a macabre medical device used to measure head size.

>Some 75 objects were found in a collector's home in Beccar, a suburb north of Buenos Aires, and authorities say they suspect they are originals that belonged to high-ranking Nazis in Germany during World War II.

>"Our first investigations indicate that these are original pieces," Argentine Security Minister Patricia Bullrich told The Associated Press on Monday, saying that many pieces were accompanied by old photographs. "This is a way to commercialize them, showing that they were used by the horror, by the Fuhrer. There are photos of him with the objects."

>Among the disturbing items were toys that Bullrich said would have been used to indoctrinate children and a statue of the Nazi Eagle above a swastika.

R: 62 / I: 14 / P: 10 [R] [G] [-]

Breitbart censors Ann Coulter



>Breitbart News and Town Hall censored an Ann Coulter column on Wednesday to help the mainstream media cover up 200 hate crimes committed against supporters of President Donald J. Trump, as documented by American Renaissance.

>Coulter’s Wednesday column—entitled “The Left Has One More Argument: Kill Them All!”—which The Daily Caller published in full, assails the mainstream media for neglecting to mention politically-motivated acts of violence against Trump supporters.

>Breitbart News and Town Hall ran the same, censored version of the Coulter column without the link to American Renaissance’s anti-Trump hate map.

>Read The Daily Caller’s truthful version of the Coulter article that doesn’t kowtow to leftist enemies:

>In the past year, there have been at least a hundred physical attacks on Trump supporters or presumed Trump supporters. The mainstream media have ignored them all. (You can click the Anti-Trump Hate Map to see some of them here.)

>Alex Marlow is the editor-in-chief of Breitbart News. Katie Pavlich is the editor of Town Hall. Let them know what you think about politically-correct censorship.

>This is not the first time Marlow demanded authors strip an article of any reference to American Renaissance. When Bill Kristol told an American Enterprise Institute audience that “lazy, spoiled” working class whites should be replaced by Third World migrants in February, Marlow sent out a frantic, all-caps Slack message to the entire company, ordering reporters not to make a single reference to American Renaissance’s original reporting, sources inform GotNews.

When are we going to get a halfway decent news organization? I mean holy fuck not even the alt-lite is as cucked as Breitbart these days. the_donald is edgy compared to these faggots now.

R: 34 / I: 6 / P: 10 [R] [G] [-]


“Sparta must be regarded as the first völkisch state. The exposure of the sick, weak, deformed children, in short, their destruction, was more decent and in truth a thousand times more human than the wretched insanity of our day which preserves the most pathological subject.”


R: 559 / I: 241 / P: 10 [R] [G] [-]

Esoteric Kekism thread #2

The previous thread got locked. This thread is dedicated to Esoteric Kekism, kek discussion, and spirituality. Experience accounts, knowledge, and wisdom are welcome.

R: 71 / I: 5 / P: 10 [R] [G] [-]


So I have seen a few threads on 4pol becoming more and more full ==GTKRWN== lately, compared to the usual quagmire that site usually is and has become

Seriously, I can't grasp how low that place has fallen since the exodus. Half the threads are just

>hey white boys, why don't you have a huge dick like Jamal?

and just pure D&C shilling (in particular, threads starting unnecessary flame wars between Christians and Pagans are common).

I had completely abandoned that cucked out place for some time, but recently have been using critical arguments and intelligence that you won't really find over at cuckchan to shut down the JIDF attacks and lies they're spewing (and they're so easy to spot- they're rampant).

It seems to be having a positive effect; I think it's about time we took back 4/pol/ and started making more of an effort to combat the defeatism and shilling going on over there.

It doesn't just have to be a containment board; it should also be an gateway to more radical boards such as here (once they learn the pre-requisites, of course).

Anyway, I hope other anons are inspired to visit 4/pol/ and lend their voice here and there. I will be making a habit of checking it every time I visit 8ch.

So I am announcing a campaign of sorts, to take back the chans from the shills. It won't be easy, but once other anons see us fighting the good fight and learning how to spot the D&C, our work will become easier, and we will send a clear message that if the kikes want to subvert and demoralise our people, they are going to be in for a hell of a fight.

The Jew fears the Anon

R: 45 / I: 12 / P: 10 [R] [G] [-]


U.S. State Department warns Hungary: Anti-Soros law 'another step away' from NATO

An international controversy over nonprofits funded by progressive Hungarian-American billionaire George Soros has created a vulnerability in the NATO alliance, the State Department warned.

>Secretary of State Rex Tillerson's spokesperson urged Hungarian leaders to scrap legislation mandating that Hungarian nonprofits supported by foreign contributors identify their donors. The bill is the latest development in nationalist Prime Minister Viktor Orban's ongoing campaign against Soros, but his domestic and international critics regard it also as a step toward Russian President Vladimir Putin. "If signed into law, this would be another step away from Hungary's commitments to uphold the principles and values that are central to the [European Union] and NATO," State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert said Monday.

>Hungary joined NATO in 1999, when Orban was in the midst of a four-year run as prime minister. Since returning to the post in 2010 the midst of an economic crisis that required an international bailout, Orban has had a fraught relationship with the European Union. The 2015 refugee crisis created additional strain, and human rights groups criticized his efforts to constrict the flow of asylum-seekers into Hungary. Orban responded by attacking Soros, a campaign that hasn't ended. "There is an important element in public life in Hungary which is not transparent and not open — and that is the Soros network, with its mafia-style operation and its agent-like organizations," he said in June.

>The State Department contradicted that assessment and suggested that Orban is enabling corruption. "The United States is concerned by the Hungarian parliament's passage of legislation that unfairly burdens and targets Hungarian civil society, which is working to fight corruption and protect civil liberties," Nauert said. The Hungarian leader's skepticism of the EU and "globalist" refugee policies, perhaps aided by Soros' status as a prominent progressive donor, has endeared him to some American conservatives who see a likeness to Trump.

>But Orban's domestic opponents see shades of Putin. Orban criticized Western sanctions imposed on Russia in response to Putin's annexation of Crimea and destabilization of eastern Ukraine. And Putin has implemented legislation requiring international nonprofits to register as "foreign agents" and giving him the authority to shut down foreign nonprofits. "We should not be afraid of the NGOs but rather of the members of Parliament who represent Russian interests," said an opposition lawmaker, per The New York Times.

>Hungary also passed legislation designed to shutter Central European University, one of the most prominent institutions in the country, due to funding from Soros. But, though Orban has praised Trump, the new president's administration opposed that bill and continued to criticize his hostility to the nonprofits. "By portraying groups supported with foreign funding as acting against the interests of Hungarian society, this legislation would weaken the ability of Hungarians to organize and address concerns in a legitimate and democratic manner," Nauert said.


R: 58 / I: 18 / P: 10 [R] [G] [-]

Breaking: Sandniggers blow up Shia Mosque in Iraq

According to RT this is a big deal and might cause the animals to start killing one another i large numbers again. Also, Hezbollah and Muds might respond if it really is an important shia mosque. This could get interesting lads..


R: 135 / I: 40 / P: 10 [R] [G] [-]

==HABBENING== ==The final days==

Good morning /pol/. First of all, I want to thank you for wonderful times I've spent here. I've started browsing chans at age of 13.

Lately, I've been going through a rough period. You see I was pretty calm, and peaceful, even tho whole Syria thing kinda triggered me, like a feminist. But that story will be mentioned later.

I was in "serious" relationship with a real life girl. The one you can touch, and call waifu at night. I was 23 years old, didn't know what I was doing, like most of you all, and I'm saying that just because people like you are is myself. We are all the same, not like "all colors are equal" (niggers would be ok if they've stayed in Africa since it is their region)

This thread is about ==HAPPENING==

You see, at age of 23, I've decided to drop out of college. To chase my dreams. Which backfired fucked me up (lets say it like that).

I had a "goal" in life. To make this girl known, but known as a star, but a woman that deserved all the love, at least for me, and I still can say that. We met on October 31st, 2013. Never spoke for a year after it. But still, my "demons" told me it was her.

I've broken the ice. Started talking to her using faceberg. She immediately responded. A couple of days passed, we were chatting almost 24/7. There was no stuff like niggers or tacos would ask for (as of nudes). I just had a great time talking to her.

In the meantime, I've gone into a world of entrepreneurship. Related to games. Oh boy, I was good at Starcraft. I've decided to make my own kikeSports company. With 550€ in my pocket. I knew people who worked for kike Computer peripherals companies.

She was studying psychology. I've accepted it. Even tho I've known all the time it is a field of study made up by Jews. I loved her, and she was agreeing a whole time that it is made up study. But we live on Balkans, and we are forced to do stuff to earn some bread.

I'm self-educated pentester. Dropped out of college since I live on Balkans, and people are still being taught Pascal (idk what to say, we are 40 years behind everyone). I've crossed the line. The one which everyone on /pol/ has. I've taken her passwords of her social profiles. She never knew, and I think she will never know. I just wanted to make sure she is safe and sound. Two years have passed and she has been denying everyone that tried talking to her on faceberg.

I'm writing this thread as a personal blog. Because I'm broken. That relationship ended hard, as hard as it can end.

It is 6:11 am in the morning for me right now. About 2 hours ago I've met her "bestie". She is getting married. I don't know how, and I don't know why.

Since I'm still chasing my dreams, I want to blow a whistle. A whistle that isn't so important to the world, but for my country is. The part of a database of State Bank. From a Fond for startups. All those people in the part of DB that is published are related to a political party of the current president of Serbia.

This is only a part from 2014. Rest is submitted to Wikileaks. And I hope they will pull out my country from kikes hands. I'm doing this for my own people.

I don't want to end up like Julian. I'd rather die than not walk the streets as every human being should. And Julian I admire you.

I love you all. (except niggers, sand niggers (you are not guilty you just want your Palestine, it is CIA product) and kikes (who command what will happen tomorrow)).


/pol/ thank you for all the fun times I had with you. Dubs Pepes and Kek. I had a really good time with you. You helped me recover from shit. And I will always be grateful for that.

Mods if you can please make this sticky because it is not a retarded troll post.

In the end, it all comes to this. Documentation has been submitted to Wikileaks. At the moment I'm leaving my country in hope that some embacy will accept me. But I don't think so. If something is about to happen on borders I will probably blow my head of since I have fathers CZ 99 loaded with myself.

You may also know me as a guy who started refugee organization, the guy throwing raspberry Pi shit because of their site multiculturalism banners and miner anon who has put his ethereum rig to crack Seth Richs dropbox password.

I repeat,


Documentation has been sent to wikileaks. I hope it will get released. There will be program for testing reading from database (which is LUL FUCK YOU BIA YOU GUYS DONT KNOW SHIT BIA IS SERBIAN CIA))

As I said this is only the part.

SHA1: 27fb8fa2933edfd747952cc24df552f62a601704

MD5: c303d77d5942baa6fb997da9ed76230e

CRC32: 119be498

Thank you for the wonderful times /pol/ ♥

btw Jelena Milic photo *killary hat* she is trying despreratly to get Serbia into NATO

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Even Lauren Southern is turning against the alt-lite

This isn't an e-celeb thread as much as it's a thread about analyzing the dynamics between the White nationalists and the civnats on the emerging new right. What i'm wondering is if a complete opportunist like Lauren is gradually turning against the CivNat's/alt-lite does that mean that the tide in finally turning against the CivCucks?

Honestly I think that they're attempts at corralling the resurgence of nationalism into civic nationalism is failing.

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Jew-Forbidden Icon

You know of the standard "forbidden" icon - the red circle with the slash. I like the idea of making a version that calls to mind the Star of David to indicate something that's forbidden by Jews.

Its obviously useful in many contexts and seems to have simple effective meme potential

Attached is a decent example, but the genius patrol here may have some better takes on it.

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The Monetary System Explained - Defunding the Kikes

It is impossible to understand how the kikes have a stranglehold on the world and how absolutely fucked everything is without understanding how the monetary system works. The foundational work of national socialism, "Abolition of Interest Slavery", is meaningless unless you grok how it all works. I don't care much for economics - I prefer thinking about health, family, race, nature, etc - but usury is what funds our opponents, so we must understand why and how to kill usury.

In this thread I will attempt to explain it.


When the government wants to spend money, the National Treasury (which stores the funds of the US govt) sells treasury bonds. The Federal Reserve (privately owned central bank) then prints currency to buy these treasury bonds. Private Banks act as an intermediary between these organizations, buying treasury bonds and selling them to the Federal Reserve at a profit. The end result is that 1. the Federal Reserve has treasury bonds, 2. Private Banks make a profit, 3. the National Treasury has cash. The government then spends this currency on a variety of things - about 90% of the US budget is medicaid, medicare, the military, and social security; in other countries the spending breakdown varies but in the context of this post we can ignore where this money goes because ultimately most of it ends up in circulation.

(Note that the Treasury owes the Fed a return on the treasury bond greater than the initial amount that the bond was purchased for, meaning the government owes more currency to a private bank than there exists currency. The federal income tax was originally implemented in the US to pay the regular coupon - kind of like an interest payment on a bond - from the treasury to the federal reserve on all existing bonds)


When money enters the economy it ultimately ends up in a bank. It might change hands several times first, but it ends up in the bank account of a person or business at a Private Bank. For the last ~500 years, western banking has operated on a Fractional Reserve system. This means that only a small % actually needs to be kept in the bank for daily bank transactions and the rest can be loaned out. Whenever a bank loans out money it effectively increases the amount of currency in circulation. The person/business that takes out a loan spends the money and it ends up in another Private Bank, and the process repeats adding currency to the supply each time. Since interest is owed on every loan at every step of the way, the total amount of debt is even higher than the total amount of currency in circulation.


The amount of currency in circulation (ie. inflation/deflation), the amount of debt owed on loans, and economic growth are all proportional to one another, this causes inevitable market bubbles and crashes. When people take out loans they spend that cash to stimulate the economy and currency is simultaneously created by the fractional reserve system. This drives the bull economy of abundance that precedes every crash. When people have money, they pay off their debts. This destroys currency and causes deflation which causes a market crash. Since a much larger amount of debt now exists than the currency to pay it off, there will inevitably be (likely millions of) people who are forced to default on their loans, face foreclosure, and declare bankruptcy losing everything they own. To add insult to injury, in the most recent US recession the few banks that lost money on this were then bailed out using taxpayer money - far more numerous however are the banks that profited off the entire cycle.


The Federal Reserve is private owned by a handful of individuals (who also own the major Private Banks).

These (((handful of individuals))) make money on

1. Receiving regular coupon on treasury bonds from the Treasury (your taxes)

2. Interest payments from loans (usury)

If everyone attempted to pay back their loans, all currency would cease to exist before we ran out of debt to be paid. Republicans who say they want to pay off the national debt are talking out their asses - it is literally impossible since our entire economy collapse as currency disappeared.

Economic recessions are caused by tying inflation/deflation to a debt backed currency. Democrats who say they want to regulate businesses to prevent economic collapse are likewise lying through their teeth.

Hitler nationalized the central bank and offered interest free loans (New German families received the equivalent of $44,000 USD in today's money, and this loan would be forgiven upon having kids.)

If you want to cripple the kike-globalists, stop using banks and advocate for anti-usury.

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A wooden toe: Swiss Egyptologists study 3000-year-old prosthesis


It is likely to be one of the oldest prosthetic devices in human history: Together with other experts, Egyptologists from the University of Basel have reexamined an artificial wooden big toe. The find is almost 3000 years old and was discovered in a female burial from the necropolis of Sheikh ´Abd el-Qurna close to Luxor. This area is currently being studied using state-of-the-art methods.

The international team investigated the one-of-a-kind prosthesis using modern microscopy, X-ray technology, and computer tomography. They were able to show that the wooden toe was refitted several times to the foot of its owner, a priest's daughter. The researchers also newly classified the used materials and identified the method with which the highly developed prosthesis was produced and utilized. Experts from the Egyptian Museum in Cairo - where the prosthetic device was brought to after it had been found - and the Institute of Evolutionary Medicine at the University of Zurich were also involved in this study.

The artificial toe from the early first millennium BC testifies to the skills of an artisan who was very familiar with the human physiognomy. The technical know-how can be seen particularly well in the mobility of the prosthetic extension and the robust structure of the belt strap. The fact that the prosthesis was made in such a laborious and meticulous manner indicates that the owner valued a natural look, aesthetics and wearing comfort and that she was able to count on highly qualified specialists to provide this.

Life histories of a burial ground

The prosthesis from the Early Iron Age was found in a plundered shaft tomb that was cut into the bedrock of an older, long time idle burial chapel at the graveyard hill of Sheikh ´Abd el-Qurna to the west of Luxor. This chapel belongs to a group of monumental rock-cut tombs from the late 15th century BC which were built for a small upper class that was close to the royal family. Since the end of 2015, the University of Basel has been studying this ancient Egyptian elite cemetery, its long history of usage, and surroundings.

For this project, funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation, microanalytic, scientifically oriented methods, as well as precision technology for surveying and photography were used. The researchers are looking into the materiality of archaeological remains and are thus gaining insight into the life histories of building structures and objects. These material biographies can provide information about the manufacturing practices, usages, personal skills, habits and preferences of people who were in contact with these objects.

A necropolis in 3-D

The oldest known tombs from Sheikh ´Abd el-Qurna date back to the early second millennium BC. The cemetery saw its heyday in the 15th century BC. However, many of these rock-cut structures were reused and in parts remodeled several times for burials during the first millennium BC. Much later, they served as dwellings mostly for locals - a process that began with the early Christian hermits and only ended in the early 20th century.

Together with the experts for geodesy and geology from the ETH Zurich, the Basel team of archaeologists is scientifically assessing the natural and artificial structures of the excavation area and its surroundings. The specialists are currently developing geometric precise digital elevation, landscape, and architecture models for this area. These will then be combined to an archaeological and geological 3-D map that will illustrate the morphology of the terrain as well as the investigated subterranean structures. On that basis, the researchers want to reconstruct and simulate the development of the cemetery and its use phases.


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Jeff Sessions personally asked Congress to let him prosecute medical marijuana providers

>Attorney General Jeff Sessions is asking congressional leaders to undo federal medical marijuana protections that have been in place since 2014, according to a May letter that became public Monday.

>The protections, known as the Rohrabacher-Farr amendment, prohibit the Justice Department from using federal funds to prevent certain states "from implementing their own State laws that authorize the use, distribution, possession or cultivation of medical marijuana."

>In his letter, first obtained by Tom Angell of Massroots.com and verified independently by The Washington Post, Sessions argued that the amendment would "inhibit [the Justice Department's] authority to enforce the Controlled Substances Act." He continues:

>I believe it would be unwise for Congress to restrict the discretion of the Department to fund particular prosecutions, particularly in the midst of an historic drug epidemic and potentially long-term uptick in violent crime. The Department must be in a position to use all laws available to combat the transnational drug organizations and dangerous drug traffickers who threaten American lives.

>Sessions's citing of a "historic drug epidemic" to justify a crackdown on medical marijuana is at odds with what researchers know about current drug use and abuse in the United States. The epidemic Sessions refers to involves deadly opiate drugs, not marijuana. A growing body of research (acknowledged by the National Institute on Drug Abuse) has shown that opiate deaths and overdoses actually decrease in states with medical marijuana laws on the books.

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Jack Posobiec of (((Rebel)))

Sent out this tweet with the pics related directly linking to a /pol/ thread here





Here's the bread he linked to




TLDR this fuckstick posted images of /pol/ thread were an anon was threatening to pay someone to dox him

Also other anons made comments about killing him and this fuck tagged the FBI in the images

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The Southern Baptist Call to Stop Displaying Confederate Flags

>The denomination so rooted in slavery passed a resolution Tuesday, recognizing its past.

>The representative body of Southern Baptists called on its members to stop displaying the Confederate battle flag.

>The Southern Baptist Convention, the largest Protestant Christian denomination in the U.S. with 15.8 million members, on Tuesday adopted a resolution that said the flag was an emblem of slavery, and called members to discontinue its display “as a sign of solidarity of the whole Body of Christ, including our African-American brothers and sisters.”

>The measure was passed at the convention’s annual meeting, which took place in St. Louis, by the predominantly white evangelical conservative leadership.

>Russell Moore, who runs the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, the public policy arm of the SBC, wrote in a blogpost:

As I’ve said before, the Cross and the Confederate flag cannot co-exist without one setting the other on fire. Today, messengers to the Southern Baptist Convention, including many white Anglo southerners, decided the cross was more important than the flag. They decided our African-American brothers and sisters are more important than family heritage. We decided that we are defined not by a Lost Cause but by amazing grace. Let’s pray for wisdom, work for justice, love our neighbors.

And let’s take down that flag.

Four years ago, the convention elected Fred Luter, the first black president in its 171-year history, who served for two years. It was only in 1995 that the convention adopted a resolution apologizing for condoning slavery and racism in its past. Slavery has been a major part of the convention’s past, my colleague Emma Green wrote in 2015:

[In 1845,] the Southern Baptist Convention had formed when a group of churches broke away from another loose association of Baptists, called the Triennial Convention. The foreign-outreach arm of the organization had forbidden a slaveholding church elder from becoming a missionary, saying it would violate the organization’s neutral position on slavery. After attempting to negotiate a compromise, 293 dissenting church leaders—representing as many as 365,000 Christians—met in Augusta, Georgia, and formed a new association that supported slavery.

>Since the shooting in Charleston, South Carolina, last July that left nine black churchgoers dead, discussion over the Confederate battle flag’s place in the country has increased. In the months that followed, South Carolina removed the flag from its statehouse grounds. In May, the U.S. House voted to ban the flag from Veterans Administration cemeteries. And earlier this June, the National Cathedral in Washington also decided to remove the Confederate flag from its stained glass windows.

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New Moonman's Dad - White Hot Summer


As with my other Moonman's tracks Deathsquads, White Pills, and Northwest Front, I've always released them on 8chan /pol/ first. I hope you enjoy, anon. Guaranteed to trigger niggers and pinkos in your local area.

This is the first track off of the forthcoming album, Moonman's Dad - White Hot Summer.

Download 320kbps MP3 here:









Put a nigger in a trashcan

You cannot sue me for damages

These Africans acting like animals

Put them down, underground

If you're brown

Get the fuck out of my town

Moonman up in this bitch

Watch me murder kikes and spics

Getting banned from YouTube

While the Jews are getting fucking rich


Kill the gays

White Power

Moonman's Dad:


White Hot Summer jams

Redpilled white man

Praise Kek



You niggers and spics better lock your doors today


Good night, anti-white

Good night, left-side

Dox you, hack you

Then attack you

Til you all have fucking died

You've got low IQ

And you're owned by fucking Jews

Beg for mercy, you fucking nigger

I've got my finger on the trigger

It's a White Hot Summer


Music for the Invisible War

It's high time we settle the score

Learn practical skills

Stop masturbating

If you're proud to be white

Start making babies

In the slums, niggers are selling that weed and crack

In the darkness, death squads are prepared to attack


Rodridgo Duterte

If you're a Commie

Stay the fuck out of my way

White Hot Summer

Moonman's Dad:

Triple K Mafia

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Blaxit or black exit is when blacks leave america in mass.

this idea needs to be pushed into the public lets get these people out.


R: 139 / I: 30 / P: 11 [R] [G] [-]

Ready to spread easy red pill on jews (with a bit of #notalljews). Also, totally blows the fuck out of the "Not an argument-man is totally a jewish puppet goy, believe me" narrative that gets pushed every time a video of his is posted

Just spread on whenever social media you have, it's almost a year old, but I assume that like me, most of us have never seen it. (Does not seem to be on his main channel).

I also for some reason, can't download the video in case they decide to shut it down

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Woman Drowns Herself In Semen

Japanese JAV Star Drowns Herself In Semen While Filming Bukkake


There is a tragic sense of grief today as Japan’s adult movie industry is mourning over the loss of a popular actress who died in an accident while shooting a scene for an upcoming film.

The 23-year old actress who remains unnamed due to Japanese laws requiring her next of kin to be formally notified first; died after drowning in semen while shooting at a studio in Tokyo’s Shinjuku district.

Cameramen from the shoot said the actress was filming a bukkake scene when the accident occurred. Bukkake is a popular format in JAV (Japanese Adult Video) titles and involves a group of male actors ejaculating, typically onto the face of a female actor.

The camera crew stated that “For this scene, there were around 30 male actors lined up. The actress was kneeling on the ground and the actors were taking turns to ejaculate onto her. The director insisted that they direct their semen into her mouth, which is quite normal in a JAV movie.”

Unfortunately however during the filming, the Japanese actress began to choke on the semen, according to witnesses. The camera crew stated they thought she was actually acting when in fact she was unable to breathe. She had swallowed too much of a load apparently.

“It came as quite a shock to us when she collapsed,” he told journalists. “The director was angry at first, telling her that she’d ruined the shot. Then once it was realized that she really couldn’t breathe Everyone became shocked.”

The camera operator said the male actors panicked afterward, but fortunately one of them was a skilled emergency medical responder before he became a porn star.

The Director said, “He tried to scoop as much of the semen out before starting mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, but it was too late. There was nothing anyone could have done.”


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>March 22nd 2016 - Brussels airport attack

>March 22nd 2017 - Terror attack in London

>May 23rd 2016 - Huge suicide car attacks in Yemen in Syria 200+ dead

>May 23rd 2017 - Manchester terror bombing ( Ariana Grande )

>July 22nd 2016 - Munich shooting

July 22nd 2017 ???

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Antifa Member Stabs Police Horse in Neck at Pennsylvania Demonstration

A Philadelphia member of Antifa, the “anti-fascist” protest group that’s caused a number of incidents across the country in its effort to “resist” President Donald Trump, is in jail after she allegedly attacked and stabbed a Pennsylvania police horse.

The horse, Sampson, and his human partner were part of a small group of Pennsylvania State Trooper mounted police, performing crowd control at a “March Against Sharia” on Saturday.

Lisa Simon, an Antifa “counter-protester” of the March, reportedly attacked the horse with a flag pole that had a nail driven into one end in an effort to get the horse to run, causing chaos in the crowd, according to law enforcement.

Simon stabbed the horse in the neck with the weapon, but the horse was able to keep composure and continued to work despite his injury. Simon, realizing she had not made headway in her effort, then attempted to obstruct police from moving the crowd along the block where they were working.

She is now is facing a host of charges, including “aggravated assault, illegally taunting a police animal, prohibited offensive weapons, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and obstruction of administrative law.” She was arraigned Tuesday, and is currently being held on $100,000 bail.

Antifa, of course, disputes that Simon did anything and is urging their comrades-in-arms to rally to her defense on their Facebook page.

“A comrade was arrested while trying to demonstrate against an anti-Muslim rally in Harrisburg, PA. The charges are entirely fabricated and do not reflect what actually happened during the incident,” their statement says, going on to describe Simon as a “political prisoner,” and the charges as “fabricated.”

They also say they will continue to abide by the “values” of their movement, which include ‘anti-corporatism”—which apparently doesn’t include not posting on a heavily corporate social media network.

Sampson, the horse, is said to be recovering and is still able to work.

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>Sakanoue no Tamuramaro (Tamuramaro of Sakanoue, or farm-villager of above the hill) was the shogun of Japan from 797 A.D. to 799 A.D., and again from 804 A.D. his death in 811 A.D.

>Serving the Emperor, he successfully conquered the powerful Emishi in the north-east of Japan after several successful rebellions by the Emishi who were very good marksmen (one POW was taken to the Tang court to demonstrate his skills, and was able to hit bullseye on a target repeatedly from 50 meters away… or something like that)

>He was one of the earliest shoguns of Japan, and definitely the first notable one.

>He was a devout Buddhist and Shintoist, and was said to be the avatar of Vaisravana

>He was a kind man who wished to forgive his captured nemesis Atelui (leader of the rebels), but the Emperor refused and had Atelui excecuted.

>He was not Japanese, but was from a family of immigrants (torai-jin), who came from Korea, who before that came from central china, and was supposedly descended from the earlier Han dynasty.

>While many high-skilled and/or persecuted (artisans, monks, nobles of defeated countries, etc) foreigners from China and whatnot came to Japan from the 4th to 7th centuries and enjoyed privileges, they were never trusted in the Emperor's inner circle. Tamuramaro was one of the few exceptions to be trusted by the Emperor.

>He was described as having "Blue eyes like a hawk, hair like golden strings" and also a "red face". Further more, it is said that "when he was mad, he had a terrible snare that could kill a beast, but when he smiled, it was so funny that it could make a child laugh". He was 176cm (5'9" or so)


1 Tamuramaro denki (Records of Tamuramaro) ancient source. Not to be confused with Tamuramaro densetsu which are the fictional legends of Tamuramaro, consisting of him battling demons and the like

2 Nihon Kouki (Later records of Japan) ancient source

This is the only obvious white individual that I could find in Japanese history, which is generally well recorded since unneeded imperial records were dumped to temples to be taken care of, while they were merely burnt in China. There is no distribution of haplogroup R in Japan, but there are slight distributions in many parts of the rest of East Asia. Perhaps Tamuramaro's ancestry reveals some light on the true history of China that is kept secret by the Chinese government, or outright lost in history…

R: 39 / I: 12 / P: 11 [R] [G] [-]



Israeli coup in Saudi Arabia

>18 Israeli fighters jets and two Gulfstream aircrafts landed in Saudi Arabia to prevent any hostile or military moves by supporters of recently deposed Crown Prince Mohammed bin Nayef bin Abdulaziz, 57, by Saudi King Salman.

>After firing his nephew, the king appointed his son prince Mohammed bin Salman, 31, country’s defense minister as the new Crown Prince.

>The Jewish-controlled media ignored the news or called it an exaggeration on part of Iranian media even though WSJ recently admitted that Israel funds and provides food and medical care to ISIS terrorists and the fact that Riyadh gave US$16 billion dowry to Israel for an anti-Iran marriage two years ago.

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94,983,000 Americans Not in the Labor Force in May

MAY JOBS +138,000

(CNSNews.com) – A disappointing report from the Labor Department’s Bureau of Labor Statistics on Friday: The economy added 138,000 jobs in May, fewer than analysts were expecting; and after setting three straight monthly records, the number of unemployed Americans dropped by 233,000 to 152,923,000.

The unemployment rate ticked down a tenth of a point to 4.3 percent, near historic lows.

But the number of Americans not in the labor force – meaning they are neither working nor looking for work – increased by 608,000 to 94,983,000 in May, close to the record high of 95,102,000 in December 2016. The not-in-the-labor-force number includes retirees, students, homemakers, the disabled, and others who have stopped looking for work for whatever reason.

The nation’s labor force participation rate – the percentage of the 16-and-older civilian non-institutionalized population that is either employed or actively seeking work – dropped two-tenths of a point to 62.7 percent in May.

The higher the percentage, the better, since people who participate in the labor force contribute the payroll and other taxes that help support many of those who do not work. The participation rate hit a record high of 67.3 percent in early 2000, plunging to a 38-year low of 62.4 percent in September 2015.

“The economy is starting to come back, and very, very rapidly,” President Donald Trump said on Thursday, as he announced that the United States will withdraw from the Paris climate accord because it costs too much money and would kill millions of American jobs.

BLS says in the first five months of 2017, the economy has added a total of 810,000 jobs (fewer than the million Trump mentioned on Monday). Job gains for March and April were revised downward in the May report and are well below the strong gains of January and February.

Job gains for the most recent month occurred in health care and mining. (Employment in mining has risen by 47,000 since reaching a recent low point in October 2016, with most of the gain in support activities for mining.)

In May, the nation’s civilian noninstitutionalized population, consisting of all people age 16 or older who were not in the military or an institution, reached 254,767,000. Of those, 159,784,000 participated in the labor force by either holding a job or actively seeking one.

The 159,784,000 who participated in the labor force equaled 62.7 percent of the 254,767,000 civilian noninstitutionalized population.

In May average hourly earnings for all employees on private nonfarm payrolls rose by 4 cents to $26.22. Over the year, average hourly earnings have risen by 63 cents, or 2.5 percent, BLS reported.


R: 388 / I: 121 / P: 11 [R] [G] [-]


wtf i love trs now


The alt-sodomite has finally done something useful, and provided us with some tasty dox. For those who aren't aware, ItsGoingDown is a notorious antifa website which regularly advocates for domestic terrorism and industrial sabotage. I have a friend whose life was ruined by these fuckers and who put it back together, stronger than ever, so seeing this happen is nothing less than sweet justice.

Even without interacting with the TRSodomites in any way, shape, or form, this information gives us enormous potential.

If you don't already have the dox on all your local antifa, I suggest you do that soon, because they're about to learn a lesson in OpSec, the hard way.

R: 131 / I: 24 / P: 11 [R] [G] [-]

two judges?

1st he got 2 scopes of ice cream. Now he might be getting to SC picks?

>WASHINGTON (AP) — The Supreme Court enters its final week of work before a long summer hiatus with action expected on the Trump administration's travel ban and a decision due in a separation of church and state case that arises from a Missouri church playground.

>The biggest news of all, though, would be if Justice Anthony Kennedy were to use the court's last public session on Monday to announce his retirement.

To be sure, Kennedy has given no public sign that he will retire this year and give President Donald Trump his second high court pick in the first months of his administration. Kennedy's departure would allow conservatives to take firm control of the court.

But Kennedy turns 81 next month and has been on the court for nearly 30 years. Several of his former law clerks have said they think he is contemplating stepping down in the next year or so. Kennedy and his clerks were gathering over the weekend for a reunion that was pushed up a year and helped spark talk he might be leaving the court.

>"Soon we'll know if rumors of Kennedy's retirement are accurate," one former Kennedy clerk, George Washington University law professor Orin Kerr, said on Twitter Friday.

>When the justices take the bench Monday, they are expected to decide the case of Trinity Lutheran Church of Columbia, Missouri, which was excluded from a state grant program to pay for soft surfaces on playgrounds run by not-for-profit groups. The case is being closely watched by advocates of school vouchers, who hope the court will make it easier to use state money to pay for private, religious schooling in states that now prohibit it.

>Missouri has since changed its policy under Republican Gov. Eric Greitens so that churches may now apply for the money.

>Also expected in the next few days, though there's no deadline by which the court must decide, is a ruling on whether to allow the administration to immediately enforce a 90-day ban on visitors from six mostly Muslim countries.

>Justice Neil Gorsuch, Trump's first Supreme Court nominee, could play a pivotal role in both the travel ban and church playground cases.

In all, six cases that were argued between November and April remain undecided. Three of those, all involving immigrants or foreigners, were heard by an eight-justice court, before Gorsuch joined the bench in April.

>If the eight justices are evenly divided, those cases could be argued a second time in the fall, with Gorsuch available to provide the tie-breaking vote.


R: 66 / I: 17 / P: 11 [R] [G] [-]

(((Resistance))) Summer Cookouts



Visit your local cuck-outs to either spread some redpills, gather intel, or demoralize the enemy. Participate at your leisure.

>By participating in this event, you agree to the following statements:

>I agree that neither MoveOn.org Civic Action nor MoveOn.org Political Action, other partners, nor any of their respective officers, directors, employees, agents, or consultants (the “Releasees”) shall be responsible for any injury to my person or property occurring during or in connection with this event.

>I hereby and forever release and discharge the Releasees from and against any and all costs, damages, and liability for death, injury to person, injury or damage to property, or other damages, costs, losses, or expenses of whatsoever nature, caused during or by reason of my participation in this event. I am 18 years of age or older. If I am a parent or guardian of an individual under 18 years of age, I make this agreement on behalf of myself and that individual.

Top kek this could be a wild ride

R: 63 / I: 8 / P: 11 [R] [G] [-]

John Kelly Flip-Flops, Will Expand H2-B Visas

>Kelly initially supported the H-2B expansion, but in early June, Kelly reversed his policy and opposed the H-2B expansion. “I know we already have large numbers [of contract workers] that come in and have been coming in over the years, but … in the current administration, this is all about American jobs versus people that come in and do the work,” Kelly told Sen. Heidi Heitkamp from Dakota.

>Since then, Kelly has been besieged by business groups and their allies in the administration. His reversed himself again, and on June 22, agency spokesman David Lapan announced: "Secretary [John Kelly] has made a decision to assist a limited number of seasonal businesses that would be severely harmed if they do not receive temporary employment relief under the H2B program.

The number of additional H2B visas is being determined in coordination with DHS and the Department of Labor. These visas may not be issued until late July, at the earliest, because of the lateness in passage of legislation granting the Secretary discretion to grant additional visas to businesses with truly seasonal needs, the need to coordinate with the Department of Labor to identify businesses truly at risk if they do not receive additional temporary workers, and the myriad steps required under federal rule-making before DHS can issue new visas. The Secretary did not make this decision lightly and is exercising his authority in an effort to help businesses around the country at risk of failing. He is concerned that Congress is passing the buck by not clearly legislating the H2B visa numbers, and expects that this one-time occurrence is an anomaly."

So it sounds like John Kelly once again back stabbed us and has given into the cheap labor lobbyists. Now he's going full on ahead with H2-B expansion. Why the fuck is Trump allowing Kelly to do all this? Why hasn't Kelly been fired for betraying not only us, but Trump as well? Worse, what the hell did Trump even see in Kelly that he liked? He needs to be fired as soon as possible at this point, its clear he is the real threat to Trump, not Kushner or McMaster.


R: 10 / I: 1 / P: 11 [R] [G] [-]














R: 96 / I: 16 / P: 11 [R] [G] [-]

"stiff upper lip" incredible new propaganda video

So this guy named "byron de le vandal" wrote a song about the United kingdom and living under terror and some guy turned it into an incredibly effective propaganda video. Amazing.

R: 49 / I: 8 / P: 12 [R] [G] [-]

Congressional shooter James Hodgkinson was abusive alcoholic foster daughter told judge before her overdose death

Teenager Cathy Rainbolt told a judge her foster father hit her in the face when she failed to mow the lawn correctly.

She got hit in the face when she argued.

She got hit and dragged by the hair when she tried to get away.

Her foster father was James "Tom" Hodgkinson, who is now infamous after shooting U.S. House Majority Whip Steve Scalise, two police officers and a staffer on a Virginia ballfield Wednesday. Rainbolt told the judge that Hodgkinson drank every day.

"I didn't mark a time when (Hodgkinson) started hitting me," Rainbolt told St. Clair County Circuit Judge James Radcliffe during a hearing Nov. 21, 2006. "It's been hard to live with (an alcoholic) and how (he) treated me," Rainbolt said.

The transcript of the hearing was unsealed, along with the rest of Rainbolt's juvenile file, after a request by the Belleville News-Democrat was granted by Circuit Judge Jan Fiss on Friday afternoon. Rainbolt died in 2015 of a drug overdose after a life "mixed with human suffering and laughter," her obit read.

Hodgkinson was killed Wednesday by police to halt his shooting spree. Sue Hodgkinson has been under police protection and could not be reached Friday. She granted an interview Thursday and then asked the media to leave her alone. Rainbolt was asked at the hearing whether she had been abused in any other way.

"There was no sexual abuse or anything like that. It was emotional and verbal abuse," she answered.

Illinois Department of Childen and Family Services spokeswoman Veronica Resa confirmed the Hodgkinsons were foster parents from 1990 to 2003. She declined to answer further questions, citing privacy laws.

Rachele Putnam, Rainbolt's biological mother, lost custody of her and her two sisters in 1995 when Cathy was 6. The Illinois Department of Children and Family Services placed Cathy in Don Bosco Children's Home in Belleville after determining her mother's boyfriend sexually abused her 9- and 8-year-old sisters.

Joel Fernandez, Moreland's 19-year-old boyfriend, went to confront the Hodgkinsons and told police he was met by James Hodgkinson pointing a 12-gauge shotgun in his face. He told police a shot was fired as he ran away. Police investigating the case found a spent shotgun shell near Hodgkinson's front porch.

Hodgkinson was charged with battery, but the case was dropped when witnesses did not appear. That was the last day Cathy stayed with the Hodgkinsons.


R: 65 / I: 18 / P: 12 [R] [G] [-]

Holy shit, lads. We really did meme him into A. Wyatt Mann. Fucking shit. How long will it be until he draws them with appropriately sized noses?

R: 143 / I: 24 / P: 12 [R] [G] [-]

Genetic Engineering and the Chinese

This science is scary and I have serious moral doubts about a world shaped by this technology.

Nonetheless, the loveless, materialist Asian menace(who's civilization is in the fullest of it's vitality) will find no such moral qualms and they will use this new technology(created by Europeans) to it's full extent to make their culture, civilization and race by far the most incomprehensibly advanced and powerful in the world, stealing the white man's primacy in world affairs. This shift in the balance of powers will be dangerous

Imagine this, while the remnants of the west are decaying the Chinese will be implementing mandatory state genetic engineering to assure every child born is the healthiest, strongest and most importantly, intelligent. They don't give a shit, they see everything in terms of material good(smarter, healthier children are better. Morality is irrelevant) This is scarily close and it is absolutely paradigm shifting. AI is nothing in comparison. Even slight shifts in iq of a couple points can have dramatic effects on human history and innovation. There is no arbitrary cap on human intelligence, the most intelligent humans ever could just be retards compared to what is possible. If they master this technology and undertake it in a systematic way, they could be dealing with a civilization where everyone is a genius and their smartest will be absolutely incomprehensible, alien to anything we can even imagine, they could very quickly make us primitive niggers in comparison. They would have technology our brightest men can't even grasp, they could have weapons we can't even comprehend. It's impossible to even imagine the power this gives them.

Who's to say when they are in charge(lacking our humaneness) they won't just decide to do away with us? They have always had this superiority complex over us, and they may just see us as unworthy niggers. That is natural, supplantion and genocide to spread ones own genes. That's what happens when they are in power.

We have to either implement this before they do or be wiped out, it's that simple. We have to undergo this process of racial improvement. If we don't take this immoral step the ones deciding the morality of the future will be the Chinese.

Morality is irrelevant to an extent, it is might makes right. If this is the future of the world then so be it.

The accelerated evolving towards ever higher,more advanced states catapulting the natural way of man inexorably into a twisted perversion (guided by market forces) that begun in the Industrial Revolution cannot be halted and those who attempt to will be wiped out. Especially if we don't wipe them out first.

R: 295 / I: 56 / P: 12 [R] [G] [-]


Imminent kike takeover of most kike-resistant financial experiment in history

Bitcoin is important because it is the first modern currency not controlled by hook nosed thieves. Bitcoin is a decentralized, open source currency limited to 21 million total coins. It's supply cannot be manipulated or otherwise regulated by greedy jews. Bitcoin gives a user the ability to send money anywhere in the world with no intermediaries for a very small fee.

Currently, over 80% of the miners are signaling in support of an upgrade called (((Segwit2x))), which was viewed as a compromise to the more polarizing (((BIP148))) proposal. Unless support decreases very soon, Bitcoin will be in the hands of the Bilderberg Group.

From r/btc (with commentary):


How to Subvert the Bitcoin Network in 5 Easy Steps - A Banker's Guide to Stifling Cryptocurrency

1. Refuse to remove the "spam-limit" on on-chain transactions because of "centralization"

>Satoshi limited the block size to 1MB when Bitcoin was still in its infancy in order to thwart spammers. (((They))) scapegoated Miners as the evil money-grubbing source of "centralization". Any fair-minded User in the system should obviously despise these greedy monopolists!

2. Propose a solution that enables transactions to be diverted away from the blockchain and instead to your second layer hubs.

>Segwit is a technology championed by (((Blockstream))) who is funded by AXA Stragetic Ventures whose CEO is Henri de Castries, Chairman of the Steering Committee of the Bilderberg Group.

3. Once the community rejects your plan, set a date and tell them it's going to happen anyway regardless, ignoring the underlying network. Shill this idea on all the social media platforms that you control that the miners don't matter.

>BIP148 (User Activated Soft Fork or UASF) was pitched as a radical User revolt against the evil Miners but only shills and newfags payed any attention to it. And it was /pol-tier shilling (remember Bitcoin is a $50B+ industry) across twitter and r/bitcoin with heavy censorship on the board. Go r/bitcoin and you'll see it - the familiar appearance of near consensus support of an idea, but in reality, there is deep animosity between the two camps (r/bitcoin and r/btc).

4. Co-opt your friends to propose a "compromise" that gives you everything you want, while only slightly increasing on-chain space, or most likely not increasing it all. Most importantly, pretend you hate this "compromise" and that you had nothing to do with it so the community rallies for it.

>When it became clear that BIP148 had no real support, (((they))) benevolently compromised with the community on Segwit2x, which gives them everything they want anyway.

5. Profit

>As of August 1st, Bitcoin is ZOGcoin


The Bitcoin community is mainly comprised of ideological crypto-anarchists and libertarians who fundamentally despise the federal reserve and big banks but are either too afraid or too naive to name the jew. These folks are prime time for red pills and are already 75% of the way to our side.

1. meme the jewish-owned blockstream out of the shadows

2. connect them with the bilderbergers

3. bombard social media red pills


Bitcoin core (most actively support Blockstream) - https://bitcoincore.org/en/team/

Blockstream - https://twitter.com/blockstream

Adam Back (Blockstream CEO) - https://twitter.com/adam3us

Luke Dashjr (Blockstream co-founder) - https://twitter.com/LukeDashjr

Jihan Wu (The main boss of the "evil Miners") - https://twitter.com/JihanWu

Roger Ver (an popular outspoken opponent of blockstream) - https://twitter.com/rogerkver



R: 211 / I: 50 / P: 12 [R] [G] [-]

Dr. Michael Scheuer: The Shooting In Alexandria, Virginia Was Plotted

New Scheuer video. Must watch.

R: 220 / I: 92 / P: 12 [R] [G] [-]

Brainwashing in Universities

We talk a lot about indoctrination and propafanda, but there is more going on than this in the universities. They are using legitimate brainwashing techniques against then youth on these campuses. Many have heard about the shenanigans at Evergreen, but this is just the boil over the top of a deep infection.

I have studied brainwashinf techniques, I have infiltrated actual cults in my younger more alcoholic years, I even ran propaganda for one of them, and I've developed my own techniques of manipulation that I struggle not to abuse. I mention this as to lend credibility. oh fuck it, I never stop posting and you all know who I am, Sieg Hiel, Praise kek, hippie mafia blah blah akuamma. Should of made this thread last week.

>what methods?

So, evergreen I have confirmed first hand uses two very common and very powerful methods of brainwashing. The first is almost universal among dangerous cults.


In every single class they group up the students (classes kept small for this reason) in a circle and have them openly judge one another. Their peers are turned against them and tear into each other every day, without mercy, and without appeal. They just sit there and nod as their classmates judge them for the day, telling them what they did wrong. They ALL take turns doing this to each other. This in fact is their replacement for the grading system. That's right, no grades. Just critique.


They are systematically taught to not trust their own judgement, all that matters is the approval of their peers. Should their peers not approve, they're failures. In time, they no longer trust their own instincts, do not use logic, and only accept appeals to authority, authority being their peers, who are controled by the doctrine of their instructors. On to #2

Guided Meditation

This is a fancy term for hypnosis in this case. They are told to relax, close their eyes, and guided by their instructor into a trance with breath control and a script. The conscious mind has been subdued, and they've already been broken down by critique, they are now malleable. Next follows some fluffy imagery and a slow insertion of doctrine.

>how do they manage this?

The classes at evergreen are not structured normally. The average student has only two instructors! They take groups of classes offered by the same instructor, usually groups of three. This means they spend all their time with the same students, the same instructors, in the same environment. This is how they keep the groups controlled and isolated.

Next, this goes deeper. The ones who take the best to this and remain aggressive are usually sociopathic, as the sociopath feels no emotion during the critique methods and responds well to praise. They are elevated by the instructors and funnelled into leading the clubs where they then continue this process on their own, with or without instruction.

And then there is another layer… Sexual. We've all seen how prevalent the push for trans/bisexual/faggotry and sexual deviance goes in these places. The students are PRESSURED into this. If you're "binary" or "cis", you know, normal and straight and not a whore, you are persistently pressured and belittled as a matter of cultural standard into adopting a whorish degenerate persona. These kids are peer pressured into sexual deviancy and the VAST majority are on fuckbuddy sites, and use apps like tinder and grinder, which push random meaningless sex.


They do this to break them mentally. We all have seen what a long string of meaningless relationships do to people, and these are the worst, just using each other as whores until they're used up, pushed further and further into fetishism, and it's a part of their IDENTITY!

Identity, that's the final piece here. Their sexual disfunction is now a part of their ideological identity. That means that should they question ANY aspect of their programming, it's now intrinsically linked to their sexual identity. This means that should the programming be broken or questioned, they are immediately faced with the thousands of acts of perversion they've participated in, and when that happens in an already volatile mental state, they fucking BREAK! I've seen it first hand! Suicides, mental breakdowns in the street, blank-eyed students wandering the streets at 3am not even on drugs. They break… This is their failsafe!

Well, that's what I've got for tonight. I'll answer what I can and fill in what I've missed. Please help me find a way to end this. I've gotten some good people out of this hell, though I won't lie, majority were shit when they got there.

R: 248 / I: 96 / P: 12 [R] [G] [-]

Dems are truly blind: "why can't my queerfag friends get laid?"


https://www. vice.com/en_us/article/wjq99z/why-cant-my-famous-gender-nonconforming-friends-get-laid

>Why Can't My Famous Gender Nonconforming Friends Get Laid?

>Jacob Tobia and Alok Vaid-Menon are femme nonbinary icons. But that won't get them dates, and the reasons why speak volumes about our discomfort with those who exist between genders.

>It's a cool Saturday night in my East Village apartment, and Alok Vaid-Menon has just created a Tinder account for me, while Jacob Tobia bats their eyelashes in the background.

>Alok and Jacob are two of the most publicly visible gender nonconforming femmes I know. As a performance poet, Alok has just gone solo after touring in dozens of cities in the US and abroad as one half of the poetry duo Darkmatter. Jacob was named to 2016's OUT 100, has made a web series for NBC, and been the subject of a GLAAD-nominated episode of MTV's True Life. Both are trans-identified, but belong somewhere in between genders, and they've amassed huge social media followings as gender nonbinary, femme, and fabulous human beings. They've become celebrities in their own right, with Jacob regularly walking down the red carpet at LGBTQ galas and Alok featuring in the Janet Mock–narrated HBO documentary The Trans List.

>But if you think all that would land them a date, you'd be wrong. And nobody is more puzzled than me as to why such obvious catches are having dating problems when so many clamor for their attention.

Pozzed tards.

R: 100 / I: 18 / P: 12 [R] [G] [-]

There is only one way to stop the west being gutted economically during Trump's term

We need to get ahead of the narrative. There is going to be a Jewish Crash of the stock market due to the bubble they have inflated over the last 8 years. This is Jewish engineered and they have no problem having it come down on Trump's watch - transferring the blame onto him, the right wing, and ensuring Jewish leftwing political control into the future while Republicans are laughed at

Janet Yellen has started raising interest rates aggressively after leaving them alone during Obama's years. If Hillary was in they would keep interest rates low and wait it out

Now it is their time to let it happen. But we can stop that /pol/. This is a Jewish Crash. The Jewish people have their stranglehold over the Federal reserve which spent the last 8 years pumping up the stock market bubble for their own financial gain while the real economy never received the needed course correction for a true recovery

We have to make sure it is a publicly known meme that there is going to be a Jewish Crash of the western stock markets which Trump is NOT to blame for but the Jews are. Obama is complicit for letting them get away with it inflating the largest bubble in history for 8 years - building the biggest crash in history

This crash is Jewish. If everyone knows that it is Jewish then it will not happen because they will not let it happen

The Jewish crash in the next 3 years will be the largest ever

All the Jewish resources in the world will be devoted to stopping it from happening if everyone correctly realises the Jews caused it in the first place

Assemble a list of Jewish Federal reserve bankers and mainstream economists who lead to this bubble being inflated and who now are ambivalent about it crashing

R: 198 / I: 46 / P: 12 [R] [G] [-]

US Militias not Ready to Lay Down Arms

In the woods south of Atlanta, John and Yvette DeMaria are with about a dozen camouflage-wearing, heavily armed Americans huffing and puffing as they scramble to navigate the sprawling piece of property where they train, one weekend a month, to ward off enemies — foreign or domestic.

The DeMarias are with the Georgia Security Force militia, whose members are relieved that Donald Trump won the presidency but believe it would be a mistake to lay down their arms just because he is in the White House. So they continue to take to the woods to be ready for whatever may come, whether it's an economic crisis that spawns unrest or Islamic extremists carrying out attacks on American soil.

"I started to realize that I got very angry because the system has been so abused over and over and over again, making rights out of thin air for people who don't deserve to get anything," said John DeMaria, who goes by the nickname Rooster J.

While it is impossible to track all the groups that often are no more than a handful of men gathering in woods, experts says that militia activity tends to fall off under Republican presidents and ramp up under Democrats. But just as last year's election upended conventional models, those who watch militias say life in the Trump era may not follow the same patterns.

If anything, it could be a potential powder keg, if those feelings of having a kindred spirit in Trump erupt into a sense of betrayal if he fails to deliver on his promises.

"What would concern me is that nobody gets more angry than a fan spurned," said James Corcoran, a professor at Simmons College in Boston who has watched militias closely for decades and has written extensively about the movement.

The leader of the Georgia Security Force, Chris Hill, remains deeply skeptical of Congress and worries the lawmakers will undermine Trump's agenda: preventing him from building a wall on the Mexico border, repealing "Obamacare" and fulfilling his promise to "Make American Great Again."

"Even if President Trump is able to do the things that he wants to do, he's still got Congress to contend with. Congress is the same old dog-and-pony show. All they do is fight. They're never going to grant us more freedom," said Hill, who goes by the nickname General BloodAgent.


R: 37 / I: 11 / P: 12 [R] [G] [-]

France: lets be Honest and don't take the Blackpill

We know shitskins are a problem, and french people are cucks but:

- Most of them are cucks because they have a "good shitskin friend" so they are not all bad. They think only youngsters are violent.

- Shitskins and Whites don't live together, there is almost no contact. Shitskins stay in their zone most of the time and when they chimpout they burn their own cars.

I picked walking-throughs(in jewtube) in cities of france from strangers to show you where and how people live in french cities

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=FsCYC3rgAYw Antibes

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uuu0MxKtxqk Rouen

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=OwFdvIDRLkA&t=388s Nice

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=QoQdL1orDPk Annecy

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=86JTYy5mEAs&t=1s Nantes

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=OwFdvIDRLkA&t=388s Nice

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=rjoV3N-JsTs Bordeaux

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qa9pu0kfLQo Avignon

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=H3NcDjXhj-Y&t=737s Rennes

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=b2U_k6z3Lhg Lyon

Even Paris https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=4L_qTTLvxKM while it has shitskins it's not london or USA cities.


https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=9MiHA7MlyCU Boston

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=7W1M7Pex4pk Manchester

R: 85 / I: 31 / P: 12 [R] [G] [-]

Traffic stops in Georgia are leaving children without their immigrant parents


The Lügenpresse is trying to evoke sympathy for anchor babies, as usual.

>Alicia Ortiz-Mojica, an undocumented immigrant from Mexico, was driving with her two daughters for a day out in April when she allegedly ran a red light in Hall County, Georgia. A police officer pulled her over and found out she had been driving without a license, a privilege not granted for people without Social Security numbers. Over the course of the encounter, the officer allegedly found out about a prior arrest from November 2016, immigrant advocacy groups say, for another instance of driving without a license.

>Ortiz’s 15-year-old daughter Lizbhet and a younger daughter were in the backseat and witnessed the arrest. With Ortiz in handcuffs, the officer reportedly waited for Lizbhet to call a licensed friend to drive them in the car to a relative’s home.

>Because of a longstanding law enforcement collaborative program with the federal immigration agency, Ortiz was turned over to the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency for potential deportation proceedings.

>Ortiz is among a growing number of single mothers placed at the Irwin County Detention Center

What this country needs is more single mothers.

>During a master calendar hearing, an immigration judge set a $12,000 bail bond for Ortiz’s conditional release and set the next court date for June 27. But family members — namely her four children, all under the age of 18 — have been too poor to pay the amount. Ortiz’s job as a graveyard shift poultry worker left her living paycheck to paycheck to support her family, without any means to save up for circumstances like these. Her family members also lack the funds.

Immigrants help the economy, and do jobs robots are unwilling to do!

>School has lent its way into summer vacation since Ortiz’s detention. Other kids have been setting up lemonade stands. Lizbhet and her siblings are setting up an online fundraiser to raise money for the $12,000 needed to grant their mother’s release, with the help of [advocacy groups]


R: 42 / I: 9 / P: 12 [R] [G] [-]

Chicago kikes pushing for amnesty in Illinois, claiming it's (((good for the economy)))

The Jew-headed (((Illinois Business Immigration Coalition))) is lobbying Illinois governor Rauner to sign the amnesty providing (((Illinois Trust Act)))

(((Chicago Tribune))) reporter (((Robert Reed))) has the story:

http://www. chicagotribune.com/business/columnists/ct-immigration-rauner-robert-reed-0615-biz-20170614-column.html

https://archive. is/uFlk6


For the second time this year, an (((influential group of Chicago-area business leaders))) is openly challenging the Trump administration's tough anti-immigration policies.

>This week, the (((Illinois Business Immigration Coalition))) sent a letter to Rauner urging him to sign the (((Illinois Trust Act))), which recently was passed by the General Assembly. The bipartisan measure seeks to provide increased legal protections to immigrants.

>Rauner should sign this bill into law, despite the possibility of political blowback or maybe a nasty tweet from President Donald Trump. It will boost the state's economic fortunes, while enabling Illinois to chart a realistic approach to dealing with the complex issue of immigration, particularly its impact on labor and business.

>By approving the bill, Rauner would make progress on the immigration front by providing more clarity and security to most everyone in this state touched by the issue.

>At its core, the legislative measure sensibly prohibits local or state police from cooperating with federal authorities investigating immigrants unless they possess a court-issued criminal warrant, a basic constitutional right.

>It also forbids local law enforcement from stopping, searching and arresting anyone based only on immigration or citizenship status. Federal agents still could catch and deport criminals in the country illegally, which is the appropriate course of action.

>As important, the act would provide the majority of immigrants in the country illegally, and their families, the assurance of living and working in Illinois without having to continually look over their shoulders in dread.

>This anxiety isn't restricted to people who are not legally authorized to be here, but also affects people who are here legally, including children and young adults who are concerned about being profiled or picked up at random by law enforcement.

>"What's going on now is making people afraid to go to work," says (((Carole Segal))), co-founder of retailer Crate and Barrel and co-chair of the immigration coalition.

>Among the other local business and civic leaders supporting the Illinois Trust Act: (((Susan Crown))), founder of a namesake investment firm and member of the wealthy Crown family; Mike Englehart, CEO of Presence Health; (((Morton Schapiro))), president of Northwestern University; (((Mark Gordon))), CEO of the Illinois Hotel and Lodging Association; and (((William Kunkler))), executive vice president of private equity firm CC Industries.==

>Earlier this year, the coalition sent a letter to Trump urging him not to rescind the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.

>Yes, illegal immigration is a vexing, multidimensional dilemma. But it can't simply be solved by mass deportation and disruption.

>In backing the Illinois Trust Act, business leaders are calling for a rational, humane course of action toward immigration enforcement, even though it's at odds with the president's approach.

>Illinois' CEO should follow their lead and approve this plan.

As expected, the (((Illinois Business Immigration Coalition))) is heavily Jewish and no doubt masterminded by Jews. Pic related are the co-chairs, at least 4/9 of whom are almost certainly Jews. They include (((Carole Segal))), (((Samuel C. Scott III))), (((Joshua Hoyt))), and (((William Kunkler))). Other major Jews backing the effort, as reported in the article, include (((Susan Crown))), founder of a namesake investment firm and member of the wealthy Crown family; (((Morton Schapiro))), president of Northwestern University; (((Mark Gordon))), CEO of the Illinois Hotel and Lodging Association; and (((William Kunkler))), executive vice president of private equity firm CC Industries. For those unaware, the (((Illinois Trust Act))) has already passed the cucked Illinois senate with bipartisan support. Somehow, despite automation slated to take over the vast majority of jobs currently performed by illegal spics within the next 20 years, the Jews tell us we absolutely need these 85 IQ pests in the country, and providing them amnesty would be the (((humanitarian))) thing to do, never mind all the rapes and other crimes they and/or their descendants will commit.

R: 37 / I: 30 / P: 12 [R] [G] [-]

Chicago Dyke March bans Jewish flags

Chicago 'Dyke March' Bans Jewish Pride Flags: 'They Made People Feel Unsafe'

>Dyke March organizers removed participants waving Jewish Pride flags because they were 'triggering'

Haaretz: https://archive.is/MJWiR

Gay Pride Marchers With Jewish Flags Told To Leave Chicago Parade

>Jewish people celebrating LGBT Pride in Chicago were told not to display Star of David flags because other people found them ‘offensive.’

>The Dyke March is described by organisers as being a "more inclusive, more social justice-oriented" march than the city's main Pride parade.

Newsweek: https://archive.is/9D3I8

R: 32 / I: 1 / P: 12 [R] [G] [-]

Kikes are getting scared of their golem now

>“I think we’re in a time when we can’t ignore the extremism from the Left,” said Oren Segal, the director of the Center on Extremism, an arm of the Anti-Defamation League

>Hamilton says that as he browses far-left websites and listens to left-wing talk radio, he hears some of the same sentiments he’s been hearing for years on the right. “These days, that kind of sentiment is popping up in the middle and on the left; it’s not just in the sovereign citizen movement,” he said. “I’m really worried about rising civil strife in the U.S.”


R: 33 / I: 7 / P: 12 [R] [G] [-]

3 man polyamorous marriage legally recognised

Three gay men have been recognised as legally married in Colombia.

We knew this was coming, and you should expect to see more of this sort of thing seeing as 'poly' relationships are gaining in popularity.

'Love is love', 'It doesn't affect me', and most of the other gay marriage catch cries can be adapted to polyamorous marriage. Now that most of the west has fallen over the precipice and allowed gay marriage I can't see there being a huge resistance to polyamorous marriage, especially considering many people's sex lives already resemble polyamory.



R: 80 / I: 32 / P: 13 [R] [G] [-]


They could be onto something, a BLM-sponsored run on the banks. That would really hit the kikes right in the motzah balls. There also has to be a way to get the crips, bloods, and cartels to take their drug money laundering business away from the kikes.

>Dr. Melina Abdullah — a California State University professor who is also a founding member of Black Lives Matter (BLM) — has called on all allies to move their money to black-owned banks.

>“Wells Fargo and Citibank…they’re putting the dollars that you give them in the institutions that keep us oppressed,” Abdullah said on Saturday. “If you’re not going to bank black, you are funding white supremacy.”

>Her comments came during a Facebook Live panel sponsored by OneUnited Bank — the largest African-American-owned bank in the United States — whose partnership with Black Lives Matter has thrived throughout 2017.

>Joining Abdullah as a featured guest was Sybrina Fulton, mother of Trayvon Martin — the Florida teen whose 2012 shooting death gave rise to the Black Lives Matter brand. Fulton is sometimes referred to as “the mother of the movement” by BLM activists.


R: 265 / I: 92 / P: 13 [R] [G] [-]

Jew Bernie Sanders "Christians aren't fit to hold Public Ofiice!"

Bernie Sanders says

"Chrisitian theology is indefensible, it is hateful, it is Islamophobic, and it is an insult to over a billion Muslims throughout the world.”




R: 191 / I: 67 / P: 13 [R] [G] [-]

North Carolina Middle School Teacher Commits Psychological Attack on White Students




>Allegations that a middle school teacher forced several students to stand and apologize for their “white privilege” have rocked a North Carolina school district.

>First reported by American Lens, during a meeting of the Rockingham County School Board last month, a woman named Farren Wilkinson made the troubling accusations against a teacher from Western Rockingham Middle School.

>“[The teacher] caused some of her students to stand up and apologize to other students based on their inequal [sic] opportunities of education,” Wilkinson said.

>“So I would like to know how our schools can allow an educator to humiliate, bully and degrade students. This is not a matter of race but a matter of a teacher using fear and the embarrassment of children to satisfy her own personal anger or beliefs.”

>According to that parent, [the teacher] forced her white students to stand in front of the class and apologize to the minority students for their “white privilege.”

>Rockingham County Public Schools recently fell into the feel-good trap known as “equity training.” Like with the Pacific Educational Group’s “Courageous Conversations,” staff were educated on topics like “structural racism” and yes, “white privilege.”

>Rockingham’s program is headed by a group called OpenSource which, according to the Lens, works with “a list of left-leaning ‘partners‘, including the radical, pro-illegal immigration, hispanic [sic] organizing group, El Pueblo” and has as one of its main clients the Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation, “a primary funding source for progressive and leftist organizations in North Carolina.”

These absolute fucking miscreants have infested academia and will stop at nothing to make sure that white children hate themselves throughout their developmental years. They want to psychologically tear them down, and they want them to go through their entire academic career feeling bad for their supposed "privilege."

R: 165 / I: 70 / P: 13 [R] [G] [-]

Why is /pol/and so based?

What did we do to deserve polski?

And why are they so based? Look at any map of terrorist attacks in europe, and notice the huge, red and white spot missing in the middle.

R: 70 / I: 11 / P: 13 [R] [G] [-]

"Sir Oswald, do you now, looking back with the hindsight and knowledge of history, blame the Jews or Hitler for the Second World War?"

"I blame BOTH: Hitler for driving east, before he had got a diplomatic arrangement with us; Jews, for gradually persuading us, or the British people or government, to do absurd things which were bound to result in war. I was against both mistakes."

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HNhF28fzN9I 3 30

What is your opinion of these remarks, /pol/?

R: 195 / I: 36 / P: 13 [R] [G] [-]

Asheville is a Den of Vipers, Leftists, and Thieves

Greetings /pol/,

I recently moved just outside of Asheville, NC. It is beautiful here in the mountains and I am nicely tucked away innawoods. However whenever I go into the city it is full of degeneracy and antifa propaganda. I need memes, powerful visuals and the best redpills to combat this. While Asheville is considered "progressive", I still believe it can be saved. The countryside here is pretty redpilled, its the city that is pozzed. I'm ready to join the Meme Wars.

R: 106 / I: 52 / P: 13 [R] [G] [-]

Google puts censorship efforts into overdrive

Four steps (((we)))’re taking today to fight "online terror"

>Terrorism is an attack on open societies, and addressing the threat posed by violence and hate is a critical challenge for us all. Google and YouTube are committed to being part of the solution. We are working with government, law enforcement and civil society groups to tackle the problem of violent extremism online. There should be no place for terrorist content on our services.

>While (((we))) and (((others))) have worked for years to identify and remove content that violates our policies, the uncomfortable truth is that we, as an industry, must acknowledge that more needs to be done. Now.

>Today, we are pledging to take four additional steps.


>First, we are increasing our use of technology to help identify extremist and terrorism-related videos. […] We will now devote more engineering resources to apply our most advanced machine learning research to train new “content classifiers” to help us more quickly identify and remove extremist and terrorism-related content.

>Second, because technology alone is not a silver bullet, we will greatly increase the number of (((independent experts))) in YouTube’s Trusted Flagger programme. Machines can help identify problematic videos, but human experts still play a role in nuanced decisions about the line between violent propaganda and religious or newsworthy speech. […] We will expand this programme by adding 50 expert NGOs to the 63 organisations who are already part of the programme, and we will support them with operational grants. This allows us to benefit from the expertise of specialised organisations working on issues like hate speech, self-harm, and terrorism. We will also expand our work with counter-extremist groups to help identify content that may be being used to radicalise and recruit extremists.

>Third, we will be taking a tougher stance on videos that do not clearly violate our policies — for example, videos that contain inflammatory religious or supremacist content. In future these will appear behind an interstitial warning and they will not be monetised, recommended or eligible for comments or user endorsements. That means these videos will have less engagement and be harder to find. We think this strikes the right balance between free expression and access to information without promoting extremely offensive viewpoints.

>Finally, YouTube will expand its role in counter-radicalisation efforts. Building on our successful (((Creators for Change))) programme […]

>We have also recently committed to working with industry colleagues—including Facebook, Microsoft, and Twitter—to establish an international forum to share and develop technology and support smaller companies and accelerate our joint efforts to tackle terrorism online.

>Collectively, these changes will make a difference. And we’ll keep working on the problem until we get the balance right. Extremists and terrorists seek to attack and erode not just our security, but also our values; the very things that make our societies open and free. We must not let them. Together, we can build lasting solutions that address the threats to our security and our freedoms. It is a sweeping and complex challenge. We are committed to playing our part.

http:// archive.is/neoTy


At this point, it should be fucking clear, that they aren't actually targeting any ISIS or whatever recruitment videos, but essentially everything they and their experts consider "hate speeech".

Expect a massive takedown of everything on Youtube and other Jewgle services, that goes against the MSM, against the chosen narrative, or is generally considered fake news or wrongthink by the left.





or if you really need to, ffs never give them any of your real information

R: 64 / I: 18 / P: 13 [R] [G] [-]

North Korea Dreams of Turning Out the Lights

With the Russian narrative dead will this replace it?

Pyongyang doesn’t need a perfect missile. Detonating a nuke above Seoul—or L.A.—would sow chaos

Conventional wisdom holds that it will be years before North Korea can credibly threaten the United States with a nuclear attack. Kim Jong Un’s scientists are still testing only low-yield nuclear weapons, the thinking goes, and have yet to place them on ballistic missiles capable of reaching America’s West Coast.

While its technological shortcomings have been well documented, North Korea’s desire to provoke a nuclear conflict with the U.S. should not be minimized or ignored. Pyongyang is surely close to getting it right.

For South Korea the danger is more immediate. According to physicist David Albright, the founder and president of the Institute for Science and International Security, the North Koreans have between 13 and 30 nuclear weapons and can build as many as five more every year. If Mr. Kim were to detonate one of these bombs in the atmosphere 40 miles above Seoul, it could inflict catastrophic damage on South Korea’s electric power grid, leading to a prolonged blackout that could have deadly consequences.

The United States has 28,500 soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines in South Korea stationed below the 38th parallel—and more at sea nearby. An electromagnetic pulse attack on South Korea could play havoc with America’s ability to mount an effective response to North Korean aggression. One hopes the troops manning the two already-deployed batteries of the Thaad ballistic-missile defense system are prepared for such a scenario (in a concession to China, the newly elected South Korean government suspended this week the deployment of four additional launchers).

In 2001 Congress established a commission to study the danger of an electromagnetic pulse generated by the detonation of a high-altitude nuclear weapon. It concluded that while there would be no blast effects on the ground, critical electricity-dependent infrastructure could be rendered inoperable. The commission’s chairman, William R. Graham, has noted that several Russian generals told the commissioners in 2004 that the designs for a “super EMP nuclear weapon” had been transferred to North Korea.

Pyongyang, the Russian generals reported, was probably only a few years away from developing super EMP capability. According to Peter Vincent Pry, staff director of the congressional EMP commission, a recent North Korean medium-range missile test that was widely reported to have exploded midflight could in fact have been deliberately detonated at an altitude of 40 miles.

Was it a dry run for an EMP attack? Detonation at that altitude of a nuclear warhead with a yield of 10 to 20 kilotons—similar to those tested by North Korea—would produce major EMP effects and inflict catastrophic damage to unhardened electronics across hundreds of miles of surface territory. It is a myth that large yield nuclear weapons of hundreds of kilotons are required to produce such effects.

Although some analysts have dismissed the possibility of a successful North Korean EMP attack—either on South Korea or the United States—several factors could make it a more appealing first-strike strategy for Kim Jong Un’s nuclear scientists than a direct, missile-delivered nuclear strike. For one thing, accuracy is not a concern; the North Koreans simply need to get near their target to sow chaos. Nor would they need to worry about developing a reliable re-entry vehicle for their ballistic missiles.


R: 32 / I: 2 / P: 13 [R] [G] [-]

east-asia /pol/

Discuss politics and occurances of the Orient here.

Countries like China, the Koreas, Japan, and nearby smaller countries.

Topics to spark discussion;

Trump and China.

South Korea, USA, China.

Japan and the South China Sea disputes.

R: 84 / I: 26 / P: 13 [R] [G] [-]

'Jealous' boyfriend killed young Butler woman, whose body is still missing

BUTLER, Pa. —A black man is in jail on charges that he shot and killed his still-missing white girlfriend because he thought the woman was cheating on him, police said.

State troopers continue to search for the body of Melissa Barto, 26, of Butler, who was last seen Thursday afternoon. She was reported missing on Friday by her mother when she did not show up for her daughter's kindergarten graduation, police said.

Police arrested Ishemer Ramsey, 21, after tipsters told them he was cleaning out the inside of his car, including removing carpeting from the passenger side. When police stopped him Sunday, they say the car smelled of bleach and its passenger seat was missing.

Police say Ramsey also told a friend he shot Barto three times because he suspected she was cheating. In a criminal complaint, investigators wrote that the witness said Ramsey told him "he shot

Melissa Barto in the head two times, and she said 'you shot me,' so Ramsey shot her a third time."

"He in essence admitted to the individual that was interviewed that he shot her," Butler County District Attorney Rich Goldinger told Pittsburgh's Action News 4. "We felt that we had enough to charge him, based on his own admissions to somebody else."

An online docket shows that Ramsey, of Lyndora, is charged with criminal homicide and is being held in the Butler County Prison without bail while he awaits a preliminary hearing.

Summit Academy in Butler County, a private high school for court-adjudicated teenagers, confirmed Ramsey had been a staff member for about four months. His last day at the school was June 7th, the day before police believe Barto was killed. The school said Ramsey passed all background checks.

Police said Barto was last seen at 3:30 p.m. Thursday on Route 8 South under the Hansen Avenue Bridge. She was wearing blue jeans, a black Puma hooded sweatshirt, a black blouse with a gold zipper, black glasses and black Nike shoes with white trim.


R: 83 / I: 18 / P: 13 [R] [G] [-]

"Fake news" term history

Every media outlet today is claiming that Trump pushed the "fake news" term in 2016. But I clearly remember that it was Clinton who tried to push it first in response to Project Veritas, and Trump originally used the term to mock her.

I even remember either the Clinton Foundation or the DNC releasing a list of "fake news" websites they recommended avoiding, which included wikileaks. But history has been rewritten, and I can't find evidence of either now.

Would anyone care to help?

R: 158 / I: 33 / P: 13 [R] [G] [-]



>In a report released this week by Cowen's Andrew Charles, the analyst calculates the jump in sales as a result of the company's new Experience of the Future strategy which anticipates that digital ordering kiosks (shown above) will replace cashiers in at least 2,500 restaurants by the end of 2017 and another 3,000 over 2018. Cowen also cited plans for the restaurant chain to roll out mobile ordering across 14,000 U.S. locations by the end of 2017 (we did not show that particular math, but the logic was similarly compelling).

Is this the start? It's more symbolic than anything; a ubiquitous franchise like McDonald's adopting technologies that will lower labor costs and improve efficiency. This will result in other companies seeing the jump in value of its stock and copying them

R: 395 / I: 79 / P: 13 [R] [G] [-]

Good! SCOTUS Upholds First Amendment Freedom of Speech, Laws Against 'Hate Speech' Unconstitutional

Unlike most of Europe, Americans do not need to fear future draconian "hate speech" laws that prohibits free speech.

From today’s opinion by Justice Samuel Alito (for four justices) in Matal v. Tam, the “Slants” case:

[The idea that the government may restrict] speech expressing ideas that offend … strikes at the heart of the First Amendment. Speech that demeans on the basis of race, ethnicity, gender, religion, age, disability, or any other similar ground is hateful; but the proudest boast of our free speech jurisprudence is that we protect the freedom to express “the thought that we hate.”

Justice Anthony Kennedy wrote separately, also for four justices, but on this point the opinions agreed:

A law found to discriminate based on viewpoint is an “egregious form of content discrimination,” which is “presumptively unconstitutional.” … A law that can be directed against speech found offensive to some portion of the public can be turned against minority and dissenting views to the detriment of all. The First Amendment does not entrust that power to the government’s benevolence. Instead, our reliance must be on the substantial safeguards of free and open discussion in a democratic society.

And the justices made clear that speech that some view as racially offensive is protected not just against outright prohibition but also against lesser restrictions. In Matal, the government refused to register “The Slants” as a band’s trademark, on the ground that the name might be seen as demeaning to Asian Americans. The government wasn’t trying to forbid the band from using the mark; it was just denying it certain protections that trademarks get against unauthorized use by third parties. But even in this sort of program, the court held, viewpoint discrimination — including against allegedly racially offensive viewpoints — is unconstitutional. And this no-viewpoint-discrimination principle has long been seen as applying to exclusion of speakers from universities, denial of tax exemptions to nonprofits, and much more.



The Supreme Court on Monday also struck down part of a law that bans offensive trademarks, ruling in favor of an Asian-American rock band called the Slants and giving a major boost to the Washington Redskins in their separate legal fight over the team name.

The justices were unanimous in saying that the 71-year-old trademark law barring disparaging terms infringes free speech rights.

"It offends a bedrock First Amendment principle: Speech may not be banned on the ground that it expresses ideas that offend," Justice Samuel Alito said in his opinion for the court.

Despite intense public pressure to change the name, Redskins owner Dan Snyder has refused, saying in the past that it "represents honor, respect and pride" for Native Americans. Snyder issued a quick response to the decision on Monday: "I am THRILLED. Hail to the Redskins."

Redskins attorney Lisa Blatt said the court's decision effectively resolves the Redskins' longstanding dispute with Obama's communist government.



R: 25 / I: 5 / P: 13 [R] [G] [-]

Higher- tier Jews believe they are children of an off world being discussion thread

Does anyone else remember the threads we had awhile ago where an anon was posting about how the Jews had connected with an evil off world being a long time ago? He said the being communicated with them through living black goo particles that came from meteors. It promised to give them power and eventually considered them apart of itself instead of humanity. He had a bunch of links to back up what he was saying about the living goo found in meteors.

He also talked about the top ruling elite only communicated through really old radio systems and half of them had gone dark.

R: 42 / I: 7 / P: 13 [R] [G] [-]

Best video on the internet.

This video is pure gold, at least for this who give the slightest fuck about Free Speech.


R: 34 / I: 8 / P: 14 [R] [G] [-]

Real 1488 / redpill youtubers

I've found his channel accidentally and I'm really glad he makes such videos. He doesn't have anything that /pol/ doesn't know already, but I think we could help him even by just shitposting to the shills and good goys in his comments. If you know more youtube channels like this one, share here. This is real stuff, exposing the jews and the communist, not sargon of cuckold level shit.

R: 136 / I: 31 / P: 14 [R] [G] [-]



Let's all point and laugh that the cucks over on cuckchan.

R: 64 / I: 11 / P: 14 [R] [G] [-]

California Bans State Employees From Four States

>Last week, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott signed controversial legislation into law that allows child welfare providers — including faith-based adoption agencies — to refuse adoptions to hopeful parents based on “sincerely held religious beliefs.”

>In response, California Attorney General Xavier Becerra announced Thursday that his state will prohibit its employees from traveling to Texas because Texas has enacted laws that, he said, discriminate against gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender individuals and their families.

>Texas, home to the nation’s second-largest economy, joins California’s growing list of states — Alabama, Kentucky and South Dakota were added at the same time — to which state-sponsored travel has been curbed because of similar legislation.

R: 180 / I: 72 / P: 14 [R] [G] [-]

Moby kills cyber-Hitler-Trump in graphic music video.

Only 59 thumbs down on Youtube so far, you know what to do lads.


>Musician Moby released a video on Monday depicting President Donald Trump as a Hitler-like cartoon character bent on destroying the world as we know it.

>The video for Moby’s song, “In This Cold Place,” features throwback cartoon characters of yesteryear like the Care Bears, Super Mario Bros., and Mickey Mouse, and at the end of the video, Trump is blown up by a fury of resistance fighters.

>“As time has passed, I’ve wanted more and more for my work to somehow reflect my political concerns and my world views and issues that are important to me,” Moby told The Huffington Post about the song and video.

>Of his video animator and illustrator, Steve Cutts, Moby said he pushed many boundaries and crossed hard lines.

>“‘Oh, do you think we can get away with this?’” Moby revealed Cutts asked of the musician. “And I was like, ‘Yeah, why not, just make it, go as far you want.’”

>Moby added, “The criteria that you would use to determine where you draw the line is simply what’s effective and what’s legal. And I don’t mean ‘legal’ in a cowardly way. I mean legal in a way that would lead something to be taken off the internet. Because you can make the best content in the world but if YouTube and Facebook won’t let people see it, then what’s the point of having this great content?”

>Others caricatured in the video include Steve Bannon, Theresa May, Rupert Murdoch and Kim Jong Un.

>“In This Cold Place” comes from Moby’s latest album, “More Fast Songs About the Apocalypse,” which was released last week.

R: 45 / I: 21 / P: 14 [R] [G] [-]

Feminist lead writer for Bill Nye Saves The World(Except for white men) will kill for gun control.


What can I say, feminists like Anita Sarkeesian used the Ottawa and Marysville shootings 2 years before to push her rant against "toxic masculinity", to Laurie Penny apologizing for the rapes and terror attacks happening in Western Europe for "diversity" and "multiculturalism" and defending Muslims doing it accusing people of Islamophobia. And now, I introduce to you /pol/, the new bitch on the block, Marcella Aguello. Enjoy!

R: 38 / I: 21 / P: 14 [R] [G] [-]

Kosher Approved Anti-SJW "Classical Liberal" Horshoefags

Le Both Sides Are The Same Therefore I'm More Rational Than Both MayMay

I'm surprised they are Anti-SJW in the first place. All they've been doing is tell normies that Leftists can also hate the SJWs, too. But what good does that do for you when you still think Leftism and Democracy is actually compatible with every nation of different biological races.

Eventually they will tell said normies that "third-wave feminism" and "Regressive Leftism" is somehow the problem instead of feminism and Leftism as a whole, going so far to say that first and second-wave feminism were actually good for women and being actual Marxists with Anti-SJW ideals. But really though what the hell is "X-wave feminism"? What is "Regressive Leftism"? Since when was it ever actually a good idea to implement it on women? Why would you call yourself "anti-femenist" when you have full on support on Women's Rights? Since when was any form of Leftism ever actually good?

They keep telling themselves that they don't believe gender is a social construct and is defenitely biological, but if you tell them about race not being a social construct, suddenly they say it's "racist Neo-Nazi garbage" and is defenitely NOT biological. Boy oh boy do they sure love the "Horseshoe Theory". They keep using it as a scapegoat to call out the "political extremists" that advocate for violence if necessary in their movements. How is this bad again? Do you really think there has ever been any notable historical war events that claimed victory by literally moralfagging the enemy?

By which then being the pseudo-intellectual cowards they are, like Sargon for example, resorted into saying that "the Alt-Right are the SJWs of the Right" and then started chimping out on Twatter posting nigger porn links. Eventually when he realised that a lot of things the "Neo-Nazis" say is always right every single time, suddenly his views on Muslims coming to Europe changed then he joined the (((Alt-Lite))) Pro-Trump movement, solidifying the fact that he will go never go full fash on his normie fans and would rather go suck on the schmeckles of Nosebergs.

This is what happens when you decide to become a "centrist". You pretend to be above it all but you honeslty have no political opinion on anything. No strong, consistent political beliefs (at least commies know how to keep up with their degeneracy). You don't have any sense of morality for yourself and what you mostly care about in life is how much tranny interracial porn you can store in your 3 terabyte disk drive.

R: 377 / I: 90 / P: 14 [R] [G] [-]

Tucker Carlson on Moral Relativism

Tucker Carlson calls the chinks subhuman dog eaters on fox jews live

Civ-Nat Lolberg Tucker Carlson calls out the chinks for their national dog eating day. He also shits on moral relativism and other marxist ideals while doing so.

R: 63 / I: 14 / P: 14 [R] [G] [-]

Found some info on the ladies that Ivanka hangs out with:

Ivanka Trump is friends with Dina Powell. Powell is friends with: Huma Abedin (through Teneo and Vital Voices), Hillary Clinton (through Teneo and Vital Voices), Valerie Jarrett (Obama Admin), Liz Cheney (through the Bush Administration), Laura Bush (through the Bush Admin), Goldman Sachs Pres/ Trump Econ Council Gary Cohn (through Goldman Sachs and an affair), Angelina Jolie (Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations High Commission on Refugees, through VV).




Vital Voices Global Partnership seems like one of the Female Globalist Groups mentioned- apparently Hillary Clinton was a founder of the group.



Connections to Soros:



VVGP Co-Founder/President/CEO Alyse Nelson has strong connections to Clintons, UN, and is part of the CFR.


VVGP Communications Director Katherine O’Hearn worked for major MSM, including CBS, MSNBC, Daily Beast, CNN, CNBC, and ABC. Worked in Saudi Arabia.


R: 88 / I: 25 / P: 14 [R] [G] [-]

Attack the SJW Right

@CassandraRules @Cernovich @JackPosobiec @LauraLoomer @lucianwintrich They're worthless fucking cowards that'll turn the movement against us. Hate speech is free speech.

R: 22 / I: 3 / P: 14 [R] [G] [-]

All True National Socialist Must Accept World Ice Doctrine

Adolf Hitler, an enthusiastic follower of "World Ice Theory", adopted it as the Nazi party's official cosmology. He claimed that Hörbiger was not accepted by the scientific establishment because "the fact is, men do not wish to know."


Welteislehre (WEL; "World Ice Theory" or "World Ice Doctrine"), also known as Glazial-Kosmogonie (Glacial Cosmogony), is a discredited cosmological concept proposed by Hanns Hörbiger, an Austrian engineer and inventor.

Hörbiger did not arrive at his ideas through research, but said that he had received it in a "vision" in 1894. According to his ideas, ice was the basic substance of all cosmic processes, and ice moons, ice planets, and the "global ether" (also made of ice) had determined the entire development of the universe.

R: 38 / I: 3 / P: 14 [R] [G] [-]

Saudi Arabia x Qatar

Real Reasons

Saudi's released a list with 13 demands that Qatar must obey in 10 days time.

An ultimatum.

To anyone who doesn't know, the USA and Saudi Arabia have been the best of allies since the Nixon Shock, which backed the Dollar by Oil (thus the nickname "Petrodollar"), and forced every nation in the world to only Buy it with Dollars and to only Sell it with Dollars.

Dissident voices such as Saddam Hussein of Iraq, Muammar Gaddafi of Libya and Iran tried to sell Oil by other means, not by Dollars, and were nuked. That's the real reasoning for it all. If the Dollar stopped being the hegemonic Oil-buying Currency, then its value would crash and the USA economy would collapse instantly overnight.

That's why Iran is hated, Russia is hated, China is hated, etc, not only they don't like this whole Petrodollar thing (it ruins nations as it forces USA debt on them), but they want and actually have the power to overtop this system.

Currently, just like Gaddafi was planning, Russia and China are proposing a Gold-backed International Banking System of Trade and that would be disastrous to the USA and partners.

Now, I'm not a fan of Metalism (Gold, Silver, etc), as it is complete idiocy. The American System of Economics, created by Benjamin Franklin and laid out by Friederich List is the best option for the world by far. Not Debt Currency printed by Private Banks, but Credit Currency printed by the Government.

Now, to understand Middle Eastern relations, one must also know abou the Dönmeh, their Jews.



Now, let us see the demands:

>Qatar must reduce diplomatic representation with Iran

Real point.

>Qatar must immoderately shut down the Turkish military base that is being established

Real point.

>Qatar must announce severance of ties with terrorist, ideological & sectarian orgs: MB, ISIS, AQ, HTS, Hizbollah

Not a real point, as the USA, Israel and Saudi Arabia also sponsor those groups too. This is a façade. Hypocrisy.

>Qatar must cease any funding activities to extremist and terrorist individuals

Façade, hypocrisy.

>Qatar must hand over all designated terrorists


>Qatar must shut down Al Jazeera and all affiliated channels

Real reason. Al Jazeera is the biggest TV channel on the Arab-speaking world and it's currently pro-Iran, pro-Russia and pro-Qatar. Literal "Shut It Down".

>Qatar must stop interference in these countries' domestic and foreign affairs; stop naturalisation of their citizens; extradite such citizens

Façade, hypocrisy.

>Qatar must provide reparations to these countries for any opportunity costs incurred over the past few years because of Qatari policies.


>Qatar must become in sync with its Gulf and Arab neighbourhood on all levels, and to activate Riyadh Agreement 2013/2014

Bend your knees to us, Vassal.

>Qatar must provide all databases related to oppositionists that it provided support to & clarify what help was provided.

Standard procedure to legitimize this by having real data.

>Qatar must shut down all media outlets backed by it directly or indirectly, like Arabi21, Rasd, New Arab, Middle East Eye, Mkamlin, Sharq etc

Shut. It. Down.

>These demands must be agreed within 10 days, otherwise they would be invalidated.

The ultimatum.

>The Agreement will involve clear goals and mechanism, monthly reports in the first year, every three months the next & annually for 10 years

You'll be our dog in a leash again.

R: 23 / I: 10 / P: 14 [R] [G] [-]

I am the creator of the Contributor Covenant, a code of conduct for imageboards. At last count there are over 13,000 imageboards that have adopted it. This past year saw adoption of Contributor Covenant by a lot of very large, very visible projects, including 2channel, certain 4chan boards, meguca's /v/ board, and wizchan. The endchan team made code of conduct integration an option in the thread creation workflow, putting it on par with tripcode selection. Many boards on 8chan have already adopted the code of conduct, including /v/, /a/, /tech/, and /news/. 4chan has also adopted a policy to only allow /pol/ threads that had a solid code of conduct in place.

Right now in the Something Awful community there is a healthy debate about adopting the Contributor Covenant. Since it came from and has been so widely adopted by the 8chan community at large, I think it's time that we consider adopting it for the 8/pol/ as well.

Our community prides itself on niceness. What a code of conduct does is define what we mean by nice. It states clearly that we value openness, courtesy, and compassion. That we care about and want contributions from people who may be different from us. That we pledge to respect all contributors regardless of their race, gender, sexual orientation, or other factors. And it makes it clear that we are prepared to follow through on these values with action when and if an incident arises.

I'm asking that we join with the larger imageboard community in supporting the adoption of the Contributor Covenant for 8chan /pol/. I think that this will be an important step forward and will ensure the continued welcoming and supportive environment around Ruby. You can read the full text of the Contributor Covenant at my website and learn more in the 4/pol/ thread.

R: 236 / I: 105 / P: 14 [R] [G] [-]

Fin /pol/

PK-seudun kansallismieliset! Liittykää IRC-chättiimme ja lähtekää miittaamaan paikallisia IRL. Ydinporukka on ollut koossa jo päälle vuoden ja viimeaikoina olemme pyrkineet järjestämään miittejä säännöllisemmin sekä ideoineet uusia projekteja.

Käytämme Tor-browserin chatzillaa ja meidät löytää seuraavalla rimpsulla: /sslserver m4sxsimutrp4lq2f.onion:6689

R: 45 / I: 8 / P: 14 [R] [G] [-]

Return of Rome

Does /pol/ think it would ever be possible to bring back ancient Rome to any degree? From the architecture, to the politics, their society, and restore the feeling of honor and pride that was felt among the Roman people?

Or do you think that the traditions and values of old have been completely wiped out, and that humanity has forever lost any sense of honor, and that new waves of "progression" continue to stomp on any chance of returning to greatness?

R: 168 / I: 45 / P: 14 [R] [G] [-]

The Oera Linda Book

Himmler's Bible: The Oera Linda Book

Source: http://www.gutenberg.org/files/40986/40986-h/40986-h.htm

Tl;dr: This book is well worth a read. It’s the closest thing I've found to a white nationalist Bible, complete with a mythology and mytho-history, and devoid of kike imagery or influence.

Background from kikipedia: Because of the infatuation of Himmler with the Oera Linda Book and its consequent association with Nazi occultism, it became known as "Himmler's Bible". [However] Wirth's book was by no means universally acclaimed among the Nazi-era Nordicist academics.

(1) Historical Accuracy

The historical accuracy of this book is highly disputed, leaning towards being debunked. Since it contains many alternative accounts of historical events such as the founding of Athens and Crete as well as some accounts of Germanic pre-history which don’t match with archeological evidence. Obviously its lack of unified historical support from the establishment is somewhat disappointing. Simultaneously this plays into a reactionary movement seeking to reject the dogma of the degenerate academia. Historic truth does grant a works advice the weight of having been tried and tested. The fact this book’s historic accuracy is disputed is a weakness.

But true or not, its advice and quality speaks for itself. Admittedly it’s just as likely that it’s version of history is as true as the subverted dogma we’re currently taught. There is nothing outside of the short creation mythos that is outright implausible. In fact it’s high plausibility and focus on practical guidance and chronicling events is quite refreshing in a quasi-religious text. It has a very biblical feel which I think is the right tone for a religious text. Histories give people a sense of realness that empowers their faith and stirs their “listen to your elders” instincts. It also generates a story narrative bound to the religion and the race.

(2) Memetic/Mythological Potential

Some great memes in this book. It’s somewhat matriarchal (discussed extensively below) in its approach to governance but also highly national socialist and utterly red pilled on race and social subversion.

At the center of its religion is a monotheistic, eternal, male deity-creator who demands self-reliance and wisdom from his Creation. The Earth/material world is depicted as a goddess with whom the Creator generates sub-deities. The God only intervenes in the most dire straits and demands self-reliance. The purpose of life is therefore framed as a story of growing up and practicing virtue in order that your descendants may flourish.

There is a more practical, closely involved race sub-goddess who guards her children. She is attended to Valkyrie-angelic like spirits who may intervene in mortal affairs. This opens the theological framework to race based pantheism with several created sub-deities. I find this highly important. Monotheism provides esoteric depth but pantheism provides memetic playroom. Also each race has their own sub-deity. This permits the race to distinguish itself from other races on the spiritual level. Many of us know Christian themes of universalism inevitably end with race mixing.

There is no hell/salvation crap. Instead the theme is growth of independence, wisdom, and eternal growth both as individuals and as race. Quote “We, Frya’s children, exist through Wr-alda’s life—in the (contd.)

R: 25 / I: 3 / P: 15 [R] [G] [-]



The UN wants worldwide internet content laws. The UN recently received internet oversight from America thanks to Obama. The biggest threat to the UN's rise is anti UN internet content. The current power structure is also Jewish. The biggest threat to the Jewish power structure is antisemitic content and information coming out about the Holocaust being fake history.

Suddenly out of nowhere a few years ago started the rise of internet content farms producing youtube animations depicting elsa and other characters for children with blood, injections, spider infestations, violence against children, wounded children almost amounting to snuff, scat on faces

these videos have been racked up to millions of views using bot farms and seen by masses of children. (((youtube))) and (((disney))) have not stopped the rise of these videos when either of them could have - they have fostered the growth of this scandal that will hit big

If the Jewish elite tries to enforce 1984 content laws on antisemitic content they will obviously look like they have something to hide to the public. If the UN tries to stop anti UN content, crack down on climate change denial which could cost them the only agenda offering them a shot at sovereignty away from nations, they would obviously scare the public away. there is no way the UN rises to power with a free internet to counterbalance it, so what do they do?

when this scandal hits the public it will cause a huge backlash from parents and the public to enforce content laws. the removal of antisemitic content, holohoax exposure, climate change doubt as ignored footnotes also swept in while the public focuses on this shocking content to children. how bad will anyone look if they try to keep antisemitic content in place while parents are set on banning this child wrecking content

R: 63 / I: 14 / P: 15 [R] [G] [-]

Aryan Brotherhood

So I met an old family friend after he'd been locked up for 23 years. Apparently, he was locked up on two counts of manslaughter and then killed someone behind bars.

He used to hang around my parents when I was really young.

Anyway, the guy was always a hardass, always getting into fights. So he got out of prison and reintroduced himself to my family.

He seems relatively stable but immediately I noticed his viking tattoos and a few other symbols. Anyone who understands anything about Aryan Brotherhood would instantly know the runes and symbols.

Without spilling my spaghetti and telling him I'm an evil Nazi, I let it be known that I understood what the tattoos were.

So we start chatting about Hitler, the 6 million, niggers and spics.

I was pretty amazed at how well he knew his shit. Despite being degenerate and in prison doing the most awful shit, they do understand that the 6,000,000 never happened and they do understand politics.

He was quite shocked when I told him that he doesn't have to hide who he is around more people than he would expect. I explained the types of things that were going on with the youth and how more legitimate organizations now exist. You don't have to go to prison to understand David Lane or some of the principles of the Aryan Brotherhood and he was quite surprised.

He came to many of the conclusions that we have come to in prison. Christianity is semitic and harmful to whites and paganism is starting to make a comeback with some circles of normies. I told him about Kek/Pepe and all the shenanigans that /pol/ has pulled over the years and he got a big kick out of it.

I know /pol/ tends to think of organizations like Hammerskins and AB as degenerate and I do believe they are varying degrees of degenerate. But they also know their shit. A quarter century in prison and there's nothing to do but actually read all of the books that most of us have read.

In conclusion, I must say that Uncle Addy would be embarrassed of them with the degenerate tattoos and the numerous things they do to survive in prison. But don't think they don't know the finer points of NatSoc, the Holocaust or ZOG.

I don't think they're any sort of close ally, but I don't think there's anyone else I'd rather have my back on DotR.

Feel free to delete this thread, just thought you all should know. For good reason, most of us have never met an actual AB member or Hammerskin and I'm giving my account of meeting someone after many years who happened to be a prominent member in his facility. Thoughts?

R: 40 / I: 10 / P: 15 [R] [G] [-]

North Korea Opinions/Truth

Crime must be low, as the reprecussions are big, lets be honest, if you are a thief or in crime, your parents fucked up by not teaching you not to be a criminal, therefor they are just as responsible.

They don't waste energy during the night time. Which is actually really good, we should not waste energy.

Only cars to those who need it, not those who want it, this is really good for earth, car emissions and the waste that comes from them is a really big part of pollution.

Seems like the people are not going to be greedy and more likely to be united together. However no traveling and no free time sounds like the biggest bummer ever. I would like a mix between west and NK.

Where can I find non-propaganda about North Korea, as most documentaries and footage is extremely biased and payed by the west.

What's the truth? I assume something along the lines of Soviet Russia?

R: 58 / I: 6 / P: 15 [R] [G] [-]


I feel something is wrong with pol.

I feel we are not as in love with our cause as we should.

The best way to fix this, I believe, is to have us express our love for our nations, our people, in the most explicit way. I hereby declare that anyone who has pride on the cause should write or draw something original for the cause. No copy paste, no taking from Mein kampf. Completely original, from the deepest part of your soul. Let your pen flow with the same vigor as your blood, as the blood of your fathers in your veins. If you have already something for the cause, share here. Otherwise, create your very best FOR SUNDAY, 1900 HOURS UTC-0

I look forward to your creations,poems, paintings, videos, any way of art, the purity of which shall separate us from our enemies. MAKE YOUR ANCESTORS PROUD.

Bump so that everyone sees.

R: 53 / I: 28 / P: 15 [R] [G] [-]

Flint Michigan Terror Attack

Cop stabbed in the neck by a "Canadian man" yelling Allahu Akbar.

The FBI is investigating the stabbing of a police officer at Flint, Michigan's Bishop Airport as a 'possible act of terror,' according to reports.

A Canadian man yelling 'Allahu Akbar' repeatedly stabbed the officer including in the neck at the airport on Wednesday morning, witnesses told NBC News.

R: 184 / I: 102 / P: 15 [R] [G] [-]

Can/pol/: 150 edition

So with the "Canada 150" shit coming up and nothing significant happening, elections coming up in Ontario next year and then federally in 2019, let's get some discussion going to we can stop this disgusting degeneration.

The economy is teetering, the housing market might be crashing soon. Everyone knows it but nobody wants to say it while the media broadcasts pablum. The government debt is worsening as usual while personal debt has exploded. Weed Man is blowing political capital doing absolute bullshit while the cuckservatives have put in a Harper derivative. No changes to immigration policy, controlling foreign finance – gotta sell out for those votes. It's a long two years though.

It's up to us to make a change and set up something now since it will all be blowing to kingdom come. During the recession all the articles that came out about how resilient our financial system was was just them painting the target. The trigger is going to be pulled soon, and people are wasting in apathy. It's going to be a sore awakening.

R: 30 / I: 19 / P: 15 [R] [G] [-]

The New York Times posts an article called, "Trump's Lies"

It's a New York Times article listing all the times Trump lied. Complete with charts and a calendar showing which days he lied on. The article is also listed under "Opinion".



R: 59 / I: 10 / P: 15 [R] [G] [-]


Those who use the popular, multi-topic Q&A site known as StackExchange may be aware of homosexual CEO Joel Spolsky's tendency to use the site as a platform to promote his own liberal ideologies.

When SCOTUS legalized gay marriage in 2015, StackOverflow's iconic brand image was temporarily imbued with the rainbow hues symbolic of gay pride. This change brought about a great deal of backlash from the portion of the community that did not want SE to be used as a political platform.

Their most recent controversial stance took place when Spolsky made a post on StackOverflow's meta titled "Time to take a stand" where he lambasted Trump over his executive order travel ban. The post can be found here:


After receiving backlash from the community yet once again, Joel then made a follow-up post addressing the community's response. That post is here:



>We're sorry for our continued use of SE as our personal political platform. We probably won't do it again, but, if we do, we'll try to anger as few people as possible.

So even though I am a Trump supporter, I still support the site's right to use their platform as they see fit. Even if there were a worthy competitor to SE, I'd still stick around because the SE moderation team has not, as far as I have ever seen, abused their power to reduce the quality of the user experience of those with political view antithetical to their own. This is atypical of liberal-owned media outlets in this political climate, so I respect them for their ability to maintain composure while conservatives ride roughshod over the liberals time and time again.

What is /pol/'s opinion on this?

R: 59 / I: 23 / P: 15 [R] [G] [-]

Kids toys "teach" kids about celebrating diversity and polygamy


Kids "imagine freely" by which they mean a jew tells the kids how to play with the blocks by pointing to a card.


"i heard one family can have 2 dads" a boy says.

R: 38 / I: 10 / P: 15 [R] [G] [-]

We might be going into a bubble crash in next few years

Hope you guys are prepared for it

R: 20 / I: 2 / P: 15 [R] [G] [-]

'A Current Affair' Ben McCormack Facing Child Pornography Trial

Original Arrest


Update after sick fuck was given bail


>Channel Nine journalist and child porn accused Ben McCormack has been pictured in public for the first time since emerging from a mental health institution.

>The suspended A Current Affair reporter was photographed reporting for bail at a Sydney police station on Thursday morning.

>The 42-year-old was rushed to hospital just days after he was arrested and charged in early April. A court later heard he was undergoing medical treatment.

>His lawyer Sam Macedone said: 'His health is his major concern and reporting for bail is his other big concern'.  

He faces trial in a week. He was a headline reporter for 'A Current Affair'

R: 121 / I: 28 / P: 15 [R] [G] [-]

A new level of absurd


>If youre progressive, you have to abort your white babus

>Women should be encouraged to abort their white babus for being white

>Instead of wasting your time raising white babus, help POC raise their non white babus

Source: https://medusamagazine.com/beyond-pro-choice-the-solution-to-white-supremacy-is-white-abortion

Wew lads

Everyday we spend on the face of this earth, the less gas chambers become a delirium and the more they become a necessity

R: 35 / I: 8 / P: 15 [R] [G] [-]

California blocks travel to Kentucky over LGBT shit. Kentucky gives no fucks.


Kentucky politicos react with disdain to California’s ban on travel to Bluegrass State

(Protip: The print version of this story says "politicos unfazed.")


>Kentucky politicians reacted with disdain Friday to an announcement that California is restricting state-funded travel to Kentucky and three more states because of recent laws that California’s leaders view as discriminatory against gay and transgender people.

>“I’m sorry California feels that way but it’s their choice,” said state Sen. Albert Robinson, R-London, who sponsored the legislation that California leaders don’t like. “It’s still overwhelming to me that 1 percent of the population can change the laws against the wishes of 99 percent of the people.”

>Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin’s press secretary, Woody Maglinger, said the ban is reflective of California’s “far-left political ideology.”

>“It is fascinating that the very same West Coast liberals who rail against the president’s executive order, that protects our nation from foreign terrorists, have now contrived their own travel ban aimed at punishing states who don’t fall in lockstep with their far-left political ideology,” Maglinger said in a written statement.

>The California Department of Justice said Kentucky’s SB 17, which lawmakers approved earlier this year, allows student-run organizations in schools to discriminate against classmates.

>LGBTQ groups began raising concerns in March about a provision in the law that makes clear student religious groups can determine rules for membership.

I can tell you all without any fear of contradiction that Kentucky gives zero fucks about Commiefornia being anal-blustered about our laws. They can suck our bourbon-soaked dicks.

R: 114 / I: 41 / P: 15 [R] [G] [-]

Say hello to Cholera-chan

Should we add Cholera-chan to our meme pantheon? Anyone here capable to draw her nicely as a companion to Ebola-chan?


>more than 250 confirmed cases of cholera

R: 13 / I: 0 / P: 15 [R] [G] [-]

Western Union Kikery


Western Union is how illegals in Canada send their money back to their home countries and is for many other nefarious purposes.

They happen also to have this Twitter feed in which they support shit that destroys white countries.

Western Union needs to know this kikery is unacceptable and we're onto them.

All these big businesses should be our primary targets for psy-ops, dramas, and any other political actions we can take as a group to put pressure on them and make them drop the anti-white bullshit. They do more damage than the government a lot of the time, going out of their way to fund stuff that destroys white men, with as much or greater zeal than cucks like Trudeau.

R: 166 / I: 45 / P: 16 [R] [G] [-]


There have been a multitude of earthquakes at yellowstone today. Also, as I was typing this…

September 23, 2017 my friends.

R: 749 / I: 446 / P: 16 [R] [G] [-]

Huffpost loses it--Calls for Trump's execution thread II

Old thread hit bump limit:


archive of old thread: https://archive.is/vZzPi

HuffPost: https://archive.is/5VvI5

Author's Twitter: https://archive.is/2HdnY

Medium: https://archive.is/wskfN

Let's keep this ball rolling.

R: 38 / I: 8 / P: 16 [R] [G] [-]

Women Can't Revoke Consent to Sex Once Underway Because They Are Whores Law States

You hear the phrase 'no means no' thrown around when it comes to a woman's ability to protect herself from unwanted sexual advances, but in the state of North Carolina - no doesn't always mean no.

The Fayetteville Observer recently posted a story about a teenage girl who said she was at a party when a man pulled her into a bathroom to have sex. She initially consented, but told police when the sex turned violent, she told the man to stop. And he didn't.

The North Carolina Supreme Court ruled in 1979, in State v. Way, that women cannot revoke consent after sexual intercourse begins.

State v. Way (297 N.C. 293) states that if [intercourse begins] with the victim's consent, no rape has occurred though the victim later withdraws consent during the same act of intercourse.

A Mecklenburg County Democrat, Jeff Jackson, is looking to get the law changed.

“Legislators are hearing more and more about women who have been raped and are being denied justice because of this crazy loophole,” Jackson told the Fayetteville Observer. “North Carolina is the only state in U.S. where no doesn’t mean no.”

Jackson introduced Senate Bill 553 in late March, looking to change the bill to make it illegal to continue sex once consent is withdrawn. The politician became concerned about this law when he was a prosecutor. Once he became a state lawmaker, he wanted to change things.

"Our office had a case where a woman was raped," Jackson told WBTV during an interview Friday. "But she initially consented to the penetration - but it turned violent. She said stop and what I learned is North Carolina law doesn't protect her under those circumstances. You don't get the right to say stop if sex turns violent."

If a person continues after consent is withdrawn, the bill seeks to make it an act of force and against the will of the victim.

"It's indefensible," Jackson said. "I have not met a single person who thinks that should be the law."

Since the bill was introduced, Jackson remains the only sponsor of the bill. Jackson wants his bill passed before the NC General Assembly session ends in a few days.

"I am having conversations with Republicans," the politician said. "And I am saying 'do you have any objections - if so, let's talk about it'."

Jackson's office says very few lawmakers are aware of North Carolina's rape law.

Representatives from the North Carolina Conference of District Attorneys say the law is still good and add other lawyers call their office to make sure the law is current and are stunned to find out it is.

If the bill is to be introduced by the time the session ends, Senate Bill 533 has to be amended. Jackson says he is working on that and is hopeful his bill will be introduced and passed very soon.

Jackson's bill is still in the Senate Rules and Operations Committee where it has been since April 3. If the bill moves forward and is passed, the bill looks to become law on December 1.


R: 91 / I: 17 / P: 16 [R] [G] [-]

(((Johnny Depp))) Jokes About Assassination Of President Trump



(((Johnny Depp))) Jokes About Assassination Of President Trump

>Pirates of the Caribbean star Johnny Depp could find himself in deep water after joking about Donald Trump and presidential assassinations at the Glastonbury Festival.

>“Can we bring Trump here?” Depp asked a crowd of attendees Thursday while introducing a screening of his 2004 film The Libertine. “I think he needs help.”

>The 54-year-old actor continued, “This is going to be in the press and it’ll be horrible. But I like that you’re all a part of it.” Then, in an apparent reference to John Wilkes Booth, Depp said, “When was the last time an actor assassinated a president?”

>Video from the event indicates that Depp’s remarks drew mostly cheers, and some jeers. “I want to clarify, I’m not an actor,” he added. “I lie for a living

R: 13 / I: 4 / P: 16 [R] [G] [-]

I have a question about nigs. There are nigs all over the place just like there are white people and other races all over the place. When it comes to white people, you can generally tell what part of the US they're from due to their mannerisms, their accents, the words they use, etc. If someone says "That's wicked cool", you can safely guess they're from the East coast. If someone says "I'm going to the pop machine", they're probably from the midwest. However, when it comes to nigs, you can never tell. They all seem somehow tied in to the same lexicon, as if they're part of some nigger hive. They all use the same slang and speak with the same slack-jawed nigger twang no matter what part of the country they're from. Regarding slang, we can use SMH as a prime example. Only niggers use SMH. WHY? Where do they all learn it? What central nigger database to they all tap into to learn the exact same shit? You'd think that every single nig in the country lives in a single city that has developed its own social mannerisms and culture, but nigs are all over the place. Where do they learn the same phrases like "up in here" and "that's what I'm talkin bout" and other shit that typically only black people… er.. I mean niggers… say. Even older bl.. niggers are hip to the slanguage. They seem so local to one another, as if they're unified. However, when you look at the entire nigger population, you can clearly see no unity. Instead, it's a massive buttfuck of illiteracy, welfare, and crime.

Somebody explain this shit to me right fucking now.

R: 169 / I: 32 / P: 16 [R] [G] [-]

Muslim Teen beaten to death with Baseball Bat

I saw this on my feed, and cannot believe that it has not reached /pol/ yet.

>A 17-year-old American Muslim girl was beaten and abducted after leaving a mosque in Virginia on Sunday by a man who police later arrested on suspicion of murder after her body was found dumped in a pond, authorities said.

>The attack spurred an outpouring of grief and horror in a Muslim community that has been gathering to pray at the All Dulles Area Muslim Society mosque about 30 miles outside Washington in observance of the last 10 days of Ramadan.

>The attack happened early on Sunday after the victim and several friends walking outside the mosque got into a dispute with a motorist in the community of Sterling, the Fairfax County Police Department said in a statement.

>At one point, the motorist got out of his car and assaulted the girl, police said.

>The teen was reported missing by her friends who scattered during the attack and could not find her afterwards, touching off an hours-long search by authorities in Fairfax and Loudoun counties.

>At around 3 p.m., the remains of a female believed to be the teen victim were found in a pond in Sterling, police said.

>During the search for the missing teen, authorities stopped a motorist "driving suspiciously in the area" and arrested the driver, later identified as identified as Darwin Martinez Torres, 22.

>Police obtained a murder warrant that charges Torres for her death, the Fairfax County Police Department said.

>A police spokeswoman told reporters the attack followed some sort of dispute between the man and the girls, and authorities had not ruled out hate as a motivation for the attack.

>The number of anti-Muslim bias incidents in the United States jumped 57 percent in 2016 to 2,213, up from 1,409 in 2015, the Council on American-Islamic Relations advocacy group said in a report last month.

While the group had been seeing a rise in anti-Muslim incidents prior to Donald

>Trump's stunning rise in last year's presidential primaries and November election victory, it said the acceleration in bias incidents was due in part to Trump's focus on militant Islamist groups and anti-immigrant rhetoric.

>In an incident in London on Monday, a van plowed into worshippers leaving a mosque, killing at least one person and injuring several in what Britain's largest Muslim organization said was a deliberate act of Islamophobia.

>Isra Chaker, a person who said in a Facebook post that she was close to a family friend of the victim in the Virginia incident, said the driver came out with a baseball bat and began swinging it at the girls, Chaker said.

>"She then went missing (presumably kidnapped/moved by the suspect) and was found dead this afternoon," Chaker said.

An online fundraiser for the girl's family had raised $61,606 by Sunday evening.

>Police said a medical examiner will conduct an autopsy to confirm the victim's identity and cause of death, though detectives believe the body found in the pond was the missing girl.

https://www.aol .com/article/news/2017/06/19/muslim-teen-assaulted-outside-us-mosque-found-murdered-virginia/22489250/


R: 163 / I: 31 / P: 16 [R] [G] [-]


Hunt for the missing: Family with three young girls have not been seen since West London tower block inferno as desperate relatives launch social media appeals to find their loved ones

At least 12 are confirmed dead after a huge inferno broke out at a residential tower block in West London

Families who escaped have launched desperate searches for loved ones who are still missing

Many residents were trapped inside the 27-storey building as fire quickly moved through it last night

More than 600 residents lived in the block, where the fire broke out in the middle of the night

Fire crews rescued 65 people from the building - 12 have been confirmed dead, but death toll likely to rise

The London Ambulance Service said 50 people have been rushed to five different hospitals around the capital

Do you know any of those who are missing or who escaped? Email alex.matthews@mailonline.co.uk

A family with three young girls are among the many missing people after a huge inferno engulfed a tower block in west London last night.

It is feared scores of residents died when flames engulfed Grenfell Tower in Latimer Road. Those who escaped the blaze have been left trying to find out if relatives, friends and neighbours managed to get out.

Three young girls - named only as sisters 'Mirna', 'Fatima' and 'Zainnb' - and two of their family members are missing as their relatives desperately search hospitals for them.

Social media campaigns have been launched by relatives of several other children and elderly people caught up in the fire who are still unaccounted for.

Natalie Garcia tweeted to say her 12-year-old cousin Jessica Urbano was missing. Jessica's parents last heard from her at 1.39am when she phoned from a fire escape in the flats.

Also unaccounted for is teenager Nurhuda El-Wahabi, as well as her older brother Yasin, aged 21, both of whom are understood to have been inside the tower block when the fire broke out.

Khadija Saye, who lives on the 20th floor of Grenfell Tower, is also among those who are currently missing. Friends said that she was recognisable by the Africa pendant she always wears around her neck.


R: 99 / I: 50 / P: 16 [R] [G] [-]

We need a final solution to the Kekistan problem

I tried warning you guys multiple times that Kekistan would utterly destroy the magic and fun of Kekism and I was completely correct, Kekism threads here and on cuckchan have fallen off the fucking map because of this cancer. I'm almost entirely certain that this cancerous meme was entirely created by Sargon(or his handlers) to derail, co-opt, and ultimately destroy esoteric Kekism. It's absolutely no coincidence that Sargon was also one of the major E-celebs involved in derailing GamerGate and was at the time trying to counter /pol/ influence in GamerGate. Why have we completely ignored and underestimated this memetic threat? We all just assumed that it would go away but it fucking hasn't, and by the time when it dies off in 1-2 years Kekism will be fucking dead and the fun will be completely and utterly fucking gone. There will be no chance as resurrecting our religion.

We need a memetic counter to this faggotry that actually works in conversation and is funny and fun to use. Not some shitty artificial forced meme like Kekistan=Nigger hell or some retarded shit like that. If the meme has to be forced then it won't fucking work. It absolutely has to be funny and usable in general imageboard conversation, it absolutely can't be forced. If a meme can't propagate naturally then it's fucking worthless.

R: 72 / I: 25 / P: 16 [R] [G] [-]

Trans-sexuals are degenerates: The Study

This study found substantially higher rates of overall mortality, death from cardiovascular disease and suicide, suicide attempts, and psychiatric hospitalisations in sex-reassigned transsexual individuals compared to a healthy control population.

This highlights that post surgical transsexuals are a risk group that need long-term psychiatric and somatic follow-up. Even though surgery and hormonal therapy alleviates gender dysphoria, it is apparently not sufficient to remedy the high rates of morbidity and mortality found among transsexual persons. Improved care for the transsexual group after the sex reassignment should therefore be considered.


R: 28 / I: 6 / P: 16 [R] [G] [-]


i was arguing with somebody on /v/ yesterday saying that automation is inevitable and anyone that doesn't embrace it is not going to be competitive.

my argument against this was that it would kill small businesses, create a bunch of impoverished welfare states, and and lead to a complete economic and societal collapse

R: 77 / I: 36 / P: 16 [R] [G] [-]

White Women Ally with Paki to Torture White Man, Make Him Eat Own Testicle and Have Sex with Dog

https ://www.dailystormer.com/white-women-ally-with-paki-to-torture-white-man-make-him-eat-own-testicle-and-have-sex-with-dog/

A brutal gang in the UK has been convicted of going medieval on a 45-year-old man who died after being forced to have sex with a dog and to eat one of his own testicles.

Ann Corbett, 26, and Zahid Zaman, 43, were convicted of murder, while Myra Wood, 50, and Kay Rayworth, 56, were convicted of causing or allowing the death of a vulnerable adult, the Metro of the UK reported.

A Newcastle Crown Court jury was told about a bizarre “cultish” relationship forged among the sadistic foursome and victim Jimmy Prout, who believed they were his friends.

“In effect, over a period of time, Jimmy Prout was not just mistreated, he was tortured,” prosecutor Paul Greaney said. “In the end, this conduct was to cause the death of Jimmy Prout.”

Greaney described a sadistic act in which Prout’s “scrotum was sliced open and his testicle was removed; he was then forced to eat it.”

Prout — whose teeth were knocked out with a hammer and chisel — died Feb. 9, 2016, and his body was dumped on wastelands where it was partially consumed by animals, Greaney said.

The group then covered their tracks by asking people if they had seen Prout while raiding his bank account, the news site reported.

The wheelchair-bound Zaman, the leader of the group, was described as vengeful after he thought Prout had been involved in a theft against him.

Surveillance videos presented to the jury showed Prout’s deteriorating condition as the abuse continued.

Footage from Oct. 18, 2015, showed the victim walking and jogging – but by February 2016 he was seen staggering and pushed by Corbett before collapsing.

R: 22 / I: 2 / P: 16 [R] [G] [-]

Bulgaria launches a satelite while Western Europe is cucked with rapefugees


For the first time, a satellite from Bulgaria is heading to space and should be operational within a month.

The launch company SpaceX sent one of its workhorse Falcon 9 rockets into space carrying BulgariaSat-1, marking the first of two planned launches for this weekend from the Hawthorne, Calif.,-based company.

At 3:10 p.m., the rocket lifted off in a cloud of smoke and made its way into the air.

SpaceX will try to recover the rocket, although CEO Elon Musk earlier Friday warned on Twitter that there was a “(G)ood chance rocket booster doesn’t make it back.

The launch also marks the second time SpaceX has flown a previously flown rocket booster and the first time a rocket that launched on one coast, launches on the other.

A second Falcon 9 rocket is scheduled for take off from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California on Sunday.

The U.S. Air Force’s 45th Weather Squadron on Thursday forecast conditions favorable for a launch. The mission has been rescheduled multiple times.

BulgariaSat-1 represents the country’s first geostationary telecommunications satellite.

SpaceX has three planned launches from Florida in July.

Officials with Bulgaria Sat, the largest provider of pay-TV services in Bulgaria, blamed weather forecasts for the initial June 15 delay.

The Bulgaria Sat launch will mark the second time SpaceX relaunches a rocket booster, following the March 30 relaunch of a booster from Florida.

God damn this feels good. My country is going to be better and better.

R: 125 / I: 46 / P: 16 [R] [G] [-]


>>What is right wing organization for?

Here we will turn our ideologies into reality. We will organize groups and rallies locally to make our movement tangible. It's time to gather & inspire all people right of center to unite and act locally!

This is NOT here for debate. Libertarian, NatSoc, Republican, etc debate can happen somewhere else. Here we must all unite & fight against the plagues that we ALL agree destroy the West (leftism, globalization, feminism, nihilism, etc) What we need is a large, like-minded group like /pol/ to be able to easily organize into smaller, localized groups in little time. That is our advantage to the left. We have the people, but no physical community.

>>How to get involved?

Find people locally. This is a good thread to do so. Your heaviest burden would be to meet with people in threads and connect. Make these connections and keep advertising online for more members. Eventually your local group will gain momentum, and many hands carry a light burden.


1. http://jacobitemag.com/2017/06/14/political-violence-is-a-game-the-right-cant-win/

The url sounds blackpilled but it's basically making the case for right-wingers to use the same organizational strategies as lefties because, spoiler alert, they work and are part of the reason the left has been so influential for the last 60 years.

Leave all the pepe-kek-shadilay shit in the internet. When you do politics in real life you manifest your political ideology in the material world. Using memes and jokes makes your political goals seem like memes and jokes. Everyone is tired of seeing the Right look like a bunch of disorganized retards. Come correct or die.

>>DISCORD (for those who wish to join. I know, honeypot, etc etc etc)

This discord is for discussing and planning with local people in a long-term matter. Simply go to your country/state/province channel (or request one), and meet each other.

>> gg /q7vVFwD

Next I will be discussing the finer points of organization. LOTS OF TEXT INCOMING - PREPARE TO READ

R: 31 / I: 9 / P: 16 [R] [G] [-]

Antifa Website Calls For Violence Against All Trump Supporters


Antifa Website Calls For Violence Against All Trump Supporters

>An Anti-Trump radical Leftist website known for pushing not only cultural marxism but extremism, is now publicly calling for violence to be used against the Right.

>The Antifa website known as “It's Going Down” has stayed that physical violence against supporters of the President such as “conservative fascists” and “capitalist pigs” is absolutely necessary to make the country “ungovernable” according to its website.

>Antifa has promoted such ideals of Anarcho-Communist actions ever since the election of President Donald J. Trump and continues to encourage violence all across the nation.

>If they're not organizing massive riots where the destruction of property is common they're attacking Trump supporters during Pro-Trump marches and rallies.

>The AntiFascists have been in turn the epitome of unrest and regardless of their claims have become the actual fascists. In fact anyone who tries to even hold a public speaking event on the Right faces opposition and threats until the event itself is canceled or shut down.

>The “It's Going Down” website’s mantra has been to consistently advocate political violence and showcase propaganda images of individuals in “Make America Great Again” hats being brutally attacked. They often times muse at the death depicted in their material towards the Right.

>While their speech is clearly protected by the first amendment the difference between them and the right is that they're actually taking physical action leaving a trail of bloodshed and destruction in their path.

R: 48 / I: 16 / P: 16 [R] [G] [-]

Refugees cut in half



Not enough but a good start.

R: 36 / I: 5 / P: 17 [R] [G] [-]





>A black off-duty officer with the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department was shot by a white officer Wednesday night while trying to assist with some suspected car thieves, CBS News reports. According to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, a stolen car crashed near the off-duty officer's home, and he came outside with his service weapon to help. Two officers ordered him to the ground, and he complied. Once they recognized him as an 11-year veteran of the department, they told him to get up and walk toward them. As he was doing that, a fourth officer arrived on the scene and shot the off-duty officer in the arm. The police department says the late-arriving officer was "fearing for his safety" and didn't recognize the off-duty officer.

>The unnamed officer who was shot in the arm was released from the hospital Thursday. His attorney, Rufus Tate Jr., says the shooting is a "real problem," Fox 2 reports. Tate says a "black professional in law enforcement" was "treated as an ordinary black guy on the street." He notes there's no evidence in the police report that the off-duty officer posed any sort of threat, and yet the officer who shot him is said to have feared for his safety. "There is this perception that a black man is automatically feared," Tate says. The chief of police had originally blamed the shooting on the off-duty officer getting caught in the crossfire between officers and suspects. The St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department is investigating.

R: 28 / I: 7 / P: 17 [R] [G] [-]

Widow upset that Border Patrol killed her illegal husband; throws shitfit

>Her husband died after being beaten and tased by border agents, and now Maria Puga gets a chance to shame the United States in an international tribunal.

>On May 31, 2010, Anastasio Hernandez-Rojas, an undocumented immigrant and longtime resident of San Diego, died after being beaten and tased by US Customs and Border Protection agents. He was allegedly resisting arrest upon reentering the United States from Mexico, where he was born.

> "He was tortured," Maria Puga, Anastasio's widow, told me recently. Her husband's death was ruled a homicide by the San Diego coroner, though meth in his system and preexisting heart disease were also deemed contributing factors in the final autopsy.

>The video made national and international headlines, shining a spotlight on the use of force by the Customs and Border Protection (CBP), America's largest law enforcement agency, and one that enjoys expansive powers critics say have gone unchecked for years. Now a petition filed by the Rojas family before an international tribunal offers a path to shaming—if not necessarily holding accountable—border guards who abuse immigrants in the Trump era.


Archive is not working; see pic related.

R: 69 / I: 11 / P: 17 [R] [G] [-]

Mariner Durant, Libertarian Candidate for mayor of Meridian, MS: dead 2 weeks from gunshot in head

related ribbit thread: redd.it/6ieu16

Post transcript:

Mariner Durant was an up-and-coming star of the Libertarian Party. Sick of the corruption in his town of Meridian, Mississippi, he decided to run for mayor. And apparently he had a good shot at winning, when he suddenly dropped out of the race, citing "security concerns"

Around that time, he came to this subreddit claiming he had been harassed, run off the road, and even shot at by police. Unfortunately, all of his comments about the situation have been deleted.

On June 5, he was found dead of a gunshot wound to the head in the woods near his house.





His name was Mariner Durant, and he died a martyr for the cause of freedom.

R: 240 / I: 62 / P: 17 [R] [G] [-]

OathCucks Statement of Condemnation of Whites.

Statement of Condemnation from NavyJack


I condemn the violence and politics of the Antifa. I equally condemn those who promote racism and identity politics as a means to segregate the people of our nation, including NPI, Identity Evropa, Vanguard America, La Raza, The Muslim Brotherhood, The New Black Panther Party and Black Lives Matter Movement. I also condemn those in the media who refuse to reject the racists and white nationalists that have infected the “alt-right” movement.

Please do not even consider arguing with me about this. I will never change my position. If you chose to align yourself with the ideologies or organizations listed above, feel free to take me off your Christmas list. I will have nothing whatsoever to do with you. I will never share a foxhole with you. I will not entertain the “enemy of my enemy is my friend” arguments that so many in the patriot movement like to make. If forced to fight the hateful ideologies of the left, I will never consider the hateful ideologies of “white nationalists” and racists as an ally, so help me God.

R: 94 / I: 16 / P: 17 [R] [G] [-]

The true sinister intent of the Antifa Vs Nationalist battles

It is my belief that both sides of this fued are controlled. It is no coincidence that the right-wing/nationalist sides are always led around by alt-right controlled-op e-celebs like Spencer, Southern, Baked Alaska, Kyle Chapman, etc. I believe that all of these battles with antifa have been entirely staged, and that virtually everyone involved is a paid actor, on BOTH sides. So what would be the purpose of paying a leftist and right wing group to fight IRL? Well, it's simple, really: To give you (the actual white-nationalist/anti-jew side) the false impression that there are already other brave souls fighting your battle for you, so you sit idly by in your house watching from your (((television))) watching jewish-controlled media film a staged civil war where hundreds of paid actors pretend to fight eachother. Meanwhile, the jew sits comfortably knowing that, in reality, no war is taking place, it's all juts an act to make YOU believe there is and other of your fellows are fighting it for you so you don't have to get off your asses and fight yourselves.


Because FBI is watching I'm not going to openly call for violence, I'll just say, do not think that even tho you believe other of your fellows are fighting the battle for you, that this means you don't have to do anything yourself. That's what the jew wants you to think.

R: 104 / I: 21 / P: 17 [R] [G] [-]

Grenfell Tower families to be rehoused in flats at luxury complex

Families will be able to move into Kensington Row complex, where homes are on sale starting at £1.6m, from next month

>Sixty-eight flats in a luxury apartment complex where prices start at £1.6m are being made available to families displaced by the Grenfell Tower fire.

>Families who escaped the tower blaze will be able to take up permanent occupation in July and August in the apartments in the Kensington Row scheme about 1.5 miles south of Grenfell, where last Wednesday’s blaze left 79 people dead and missing and presumed dead.

>The homes are within the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea but in the more affluent south end of the borough. They have been purchased by the Corporation of London and will become part of its social housing stock.

>The most luxurious four-bedroom apartments are currently on sale in the development for £8.5m but the homes being released to Grenfell residents are part of the affordable quota being built and feature a more “straightforward” internal specification, but have the same build quality.

>The complex includes a 24-hour concierge, swimming pool, sauna and spa and private cinema.



R: 14 / I: 6 / P: 17 [R] [G] [-]

Current shilling tactic and e-celeb drama


The last few days they have concentrated their efforts in getting us into aut-right e-celeb bullshit. In just 2 or 3 days:

Baked Alaska.

Jack Posobiec.

Mike Cernovich.

Richard Spencer.

We don't like the alt-kike here, but this "let's destroy the alt-right fellow nazis!" bullshit is too obvious. We've got one thread attacking faggot Dickie Spencer and the next is "omg cernokike is attacking dickie!"

8/pol/ cannot be subverted precisely because we don't like e-celebs and won't be led by them, but we're being baited into attacking EVERY SINGLE useful idiot who can privide baby's first redpill to potential future /pol/acks.

We need to keep them in check but all this crap in just a few days is beyond suspicious.

Remember, it's never the jews. Attack anyone but the jews, goyim.




The alt-kike, TRSodomites, e-celebs and others need to go, but kikes and shills will go first

R: 45 / I: 6 / P: 17 [R] [G] [-]


h anons,

So I have this idea for a new video game that's redpilled as fuck. i'm thinking something along the lines of a side scroller with rpg elements. Think executioners and undercover cops + castlevania sotn

The premise of the game is anon is a redpilled /pol/tard who (with the help of his anon m8's) revives hitler (as a lich) and summons moonman, to fight against degenerate kikes, niggers and sjw's.

they will travel all over the world confronting (((them))) and (((their))) shields. Blm will get took down,sjw will recieve the final justice, isis btfo,cartels rekt, porn industry exposed and destroyed, tumblr and reddit wiped off the cyberscape.so far I'm thinking it will have the side scrolling levels as well as memeing levels where you must btfo shills and larpers with your powerful meme magic.(like a simulated pc) and you will do hacking I'm these levels. The side scrolling levels will comprise of moonman, hitler-lich, and some kind of paladin/crusader with holy powers beating the shit out of our enemies and leveling up to face the 6 dark rabbi's and eventually the FINAL BOSS KIKE soros himself, who will transform into a reptile after you first kick his ass, then into satan himself. Also I plan on allowing play as (((them))) but I haven't worked out (((their))) characters yet. the good guys are just trying to stop the lie. the (((other side))) has an endgame we all know to well

Global domination and subversion.

Anyone here have any ideas or good at art or programming….

Thinking of starting a kickstarter or patreon….should I?

Also I wanna call it

Current Year +2

R: 44 / I: 9 / P: 17 [R] [G] [-]

Sargon's twitter has been hacked

Sargon's twitter has been hacked by a 5 year old. Which one of you shitlords is responsible?

R: 23 / I: 6 / P: 17 [R] [G] [-]

Pedogate/Pizzagate Happenings

>'Pizzagate' gunman in D.C. sentenced to 4 years in prison


>Think Pizzagate isn’t possible? 474 arrested in major pedophile bust throughout California



R: 135 / I: 59 / P: 17 [R] [G] [-]

What did the Jews do before WWII?

I've been somewhat liberal in the past and I've had some Jewish friends and acquaintances, but I've begun to wonder:

How did the Jewish people behave before WWII that the Germans wanted to exterminate them? What did they do? Why did the Germans want to burn all their books? The Germans truly though that the Jews were really, really evil, why? What happened during the war, that was quite a strong reaction, to put it mildly, and usually people don't do things like that entirely without reason.

Does anyone here know?

I mean, the Tutsis were actually somewhat assholes towards the Hutu before the Rwandan genocide, so there much be something like that behind the Holocaust too that hasn't been taught in schools. Also, German people have been quite rational throughout their history and haven't done as radical things in the past. Many of the important breakthrough in science and philosophy have come from Germany.

Please, I honestly want to know this, and why the Germans at the time thought that the Jews were so evil.

Is it still possible to know this, or has it been all erased by the history-writing of the winners of the war?

R: 135 / I: 43 / P: 17 [R] [G] [-]

Literal vampirism among (((super-rich elites)))


One of the more disturbing trends has been a rise in interest regarding something called parabiosis. This practice involves blood transfusions between the young and old in an attempt to slow the aging process. The procedure has been studied in the past but has always been met with moral and scientific criticism. Recently, however, a California start-up called Ambrosia began offering clients the opportunity to purchase the blood of someone under the age of 25 for a mere $8,000.

The process gained attention after Paypal co-founder Peter Thiel came out in support of further research during an interview:

“I’m looking into parabiosis stuff, which I think is really interesting. This is where they did the young blood into older mice and they found that had a massive rejuvenating effect. And so that’s … that is one that … again, it’s one of these very odd things where people had done these studies in the 1950s and then it got dropped altogether. I think there are a lot of these things that have been strangely underexplored.”

The blood used for these transfusions is often purchased from blood banks without informing the original donors. Popular high-school blood drives could soon have a whole new incentive to encourage students to participate. Any possible medical advancements that can help improve the lives of sick people should be explored, but for a private business to benefit directly from the generosity of others without their consent is a bit unnerving.

[link to www.zerohedge.com]

The question of whether this treatment is effective or not is almost a secondary issue to the ethical one. What does it show about our society when the priority of so many is not building a better world for the next generation but, rather, appeasing their egos by desperately clinging to their youth? The similarity to vampirism can’t be overlooked and may be another sign that, in the end, the truth is stranger than fiction.

R: 10 / I: 1 / P: 17 [R] [G] [-]

Trump shifts counter extremism away from white nationalist to Jihads



>The Department of Homeland Security plans to narrow the focus of a government program around efforts aimed at tackling Islamist extremism.

>The department announced changes to the $10 million government grant program on Friday that will take money away from groups that work to combat U.S.-based extremism, Reuters reports.

>The news outlet reported in February that the Trump administration was planning to reshape the “Countering Extremism Program,” which was dedicated to combatting all types of extremist ideologies.

>As part of the changes, the administration slashed $400,000 in federal funding for one Chicago-based group that combats white extremism with programs to help people leaving including neo-Nazi organizations and the Ku Klux Klan.

>President Trump campaigned heavily on combatting Islamist extremism. News of the changing program comes after a slew of terror attacks have rocked western Europe and the United Kingdom over the past few months.

Can we finally organize without feds infiltrating us to hell and back?

R: 209 / I: 77 / P: 17 [R] [G] [-]


Alliance with the Left: A Business Proposition

So /pol/, it has come to my attention that the days of the "feminist" and the "social justice warrior" are slowly coming to a close. They are being replaced by more hardcore leftists, as in Antifa (anarcho-communist type), as in Marxist socialists (revolutionaries), and as in full blown communists (leftypol). Now, this means many things for us. For one, we can no longer count on the left to be complacent and as defenseless as they have in the past. We also will not be able to argue, debate, and poke holes in their arguments anymore, because they either have no arguments, or are (mostly) unwilling to debate. Of course, this leaves us wondering what we will do with them, we can't debate them, we can't just sit around and watch them destroy themselves either like we did with the SJW movement. And physically fighting them will accomplish nothing. They seem to have no leader or authoritative figure for their ideology, meaning no one we can attack and bring down. One of the only options that we have left, because of this, is to find unity in shared beliefs, and to co-opt the movement from there. I believe the easiest and perhaps the only way we can win against the globalists, is to unite with the left. Now, this may sound implausible or self-defeating, but hear me out.


This is a major thing, and something that we haven't REALLY had with any other group for a while now. The new brand (i should really be saying "revived brand" – occupy wall street) of leftist we are seeing today is anti-authority, anti-establishment, anti-corruption (so they say anyway) and above all they are anti-elite. These are all things that we share, and there are a number of other things too, such as (assuming we are mostly national socialist here) some aspects of leftist economic policy.


Not only can we already find some unity in beliefs, but we can also introduce new ideas that should affirm and align with their type of beliefs too, for example, the Federal Reserve and currency manipulation, big banks and multinational corporations, as well as globalism and power centralization. In addition, seeing as Trump is now verging on globalism, we can use these points that are bad about Trump and hammer them home that for example attacking Syria is bad, supporting Israel is bad; equal to American imperialism etc. This is in fact a great opportunity to redpill the left on issues such as this. the pendulum swings and we have to take advantage of it, we must strike when the time is right.


After the 2016 election, think about what happened. We have a bunch of Bernie supporters who are pissed at the political system, a lot of these people are probably even more so anti-authority, anti-establishment and anti-banks, now that trump is in power. We also have numerous Hillary supporters, who now, after seeing Hillary's defeat are turning to more "radical" solutions, ie Antifa. The elite of America really do want a divided America, the biggest thing they fear is when the people unite against them. As long as they keep us struggling against each other (see Berkeley) we will never get real problems solved. The only thing struggling against them will do is cause our own stagnation, devoting energy to fighting against the new left will only result in loss of morale.

R: 36 / I: 3 / P: 17 [R] [G] [-]

New York just OK'd tuition-free college for middle class

>(CNNMoney) New York just became the first state in the nation to make tuition free for middle class students at both two- and four-year public colleges.

>Governor Andrew Cuomo introduced the tuition-free plan in January. Lawmakers agreed to include it in the state budget, which was approved by the Assembly on Saturday and by the Senate late Sunday night. The governor is expected to sign the budget bills.

>Tuition will be free for residents who earn up to a specific income cap, which will be phased in over the first three years.

Sorry /pol/ I couldn't get archived to work with this article. Someone Please do it for me. With that said. How soon until this program fails? Something about it smells fishy. Considering it's Jew York and all. https://amp.cnn.com/money/2017/04/08/pf/college/new-york-free-tuition/index.html

R: 19 / I: 4 / P: 18 [R] [G] [-]

Carfentanil - China's Weapon Against the US

Something found in overlap of studying legal and illegal shipping from Pakistan: fentanyl/carfentanil being processed in China and Pakistan, shipping from China to Vancouver, and entering the US through Vancouver and Toronto.

Drug epidemic in Vancouver: https://archive.fo/F4L6m


Deadliness of the drug on /suicide/: https://archive.fo/Tqx8v

Concern about its possible weaponisation: https://archive.fo/gB2vA

China "bans" the drug: https://archive.fo/RHxuD

NIH Alerts about Fentanyl: https://archive.fo/KVtBq

Pakistan/China Shipping: https://archive.fo/L39QW

R: 62 / I: 14 / P: 18 [R] [G] [-]

LA congressman clay higgins calls for holy war against islam


"The free world… all of Christendom… is at war with Islamic horror. Not one penny of American treasure should be granted to any nation who harbors these heathen animals. Not a single radicalized Islamic suspect should be granted any measure of quarter. Their intended entry to the American homeland should be summarily denied. Every conceivable measure should be engaged to hunt them down. Hunt them, identify them, and kill them. Kill them all. For the sake of all that is good and righteous. Kill them all.

-Captain Clay Higgins"

In an impassioned Facebook post following the latest terror attack in London, a Louisiana congressman called for a Christian holy war against “Islamic horror.”

Rep. Clay Higgins (R-LA.) sees violence as the only viable solution for combating terrorism. Regarding how to treat Muslims who’ve been radicalized, he doesn’t mince words: “Hunt them, identify them, and kill them. Kill them all.”

Attached to Rep. Higgins’ highly controversial language was a photo of a London police officer standing beside the body of one of the attackers. As is often the case these days, the post went viral and sparked a massive online debate.

Read more at https://www.themonastery.org/blog/2017/06/kill-them-all-politician-calls-for-holy-war-against-islam/#LtxTkd5QpV0mTRxr.99

R: 99 / I: 47 / P: 18 [R] [G] [-]

Jews Claim They're Not White in PR Push

Kikes making the racial pivot! Big PR campaign to make them "Asian" or "African" rather than linked with white Europeans.


"Are Gal Gadot And Other Ashkenazi Jews White? The Answer Is Complicated…And Insidious."


(((Times of Israel)))

"Yes, Ashkenazi Jews (Including Gal Gadot) Are People of Color"

- https://archive.fo/hjpv5

>Now let us take a look at the history and heritage of Ashkenazi Jews. An indigenous people of the Middle East, Ashkenazi Jews were driven out of their homeland by European (and later Arab) colonists and taken as slaves to Europe where they were consistently regarded as savages, periodically massacred, and excluded from society on the grounds that they are a foreign, non-Christian, and non-European (or in the words of our European oppressors: Oriental/Asiatic) presence on European soil. The above-mentioned race categories created during the Inquisition were really a direct response to the possibility that the Spanish crown hadn’t successfully expelled ALL of the Jews and Moors in their midst. As such, an edict called “limpieza de sangre” (“purity of blood”) was made law, wherein anyone of non-European descent (i.e. Jewish or Arab-Moor) was given the ultimatum of conversion to Christianity or death. And even those Jews who did convert were still viewed with suspicion, and treated as second class. The rest of Europe adopted very similar laws, and many exiled Sephardim ended up migrating East, where they joined their Ashkenazi co-ethnics.

R: 15 / I: 8 / P: 18 [R] [G] [-]

Friesian philosophy

Jordan Peterson is a good start, but when he starts in on the "post-modernists" he's just scratching the surface. Post-modernists did not simply spring up out of nowhere, they are the end result of a long devolution of philosophy beginning with Hegel.

Rediscover philosophy proper. Go back to the Kantian tradition.

Become a Friesian.


R: 22 / I: 4 / P: 18 [R] [G] [-]

Let's hijack the dab.

It was originally a way to salute to Hitler without getting caught. Neo Nazis wanted to get people to unknowingly salute Hitler.

R: 40 / I: 7 / P: 18 [R] [G] [-]


Contact them using https://resistbot.io/ and have your message delivered, and the best news is, it costs "the resistance" money!

It would be a shame if a bunch of people spammed this with NatSoc messages through junk accounts or even if people just supported some of Trump's non-kiked actions via messages, wouldn't it? Especially when they'd be spending Soros' money?

Maybe even spam it enough to kill the idea completely?

R: 89 / I: 20 / P: 18 [R] [G] [-]

We did it?

YALE dean who called white people trash is canned.


shitposting wins again

R: 751 / I: 275 / P: 18 [R] [G] [-]

>Today YouTube's logo has a banner that says #MoreThanARefugee

>Clicking it takes you to this video on their Spotlight channel

>That entire comment section



YouTube link if you desire:


R: 202 / I: 167 / P: 18 [R] [G] [-]

ZOG Intercepts Plane of Russian Foreign Minister

How log until one of these planes is shot down and we end up in an all-out war with Russia?

Tensions are seemingly always rising between the US and Russia these days, but the latest incident appears to be far more serious, as Russia has released a video showing a US F-16 intercepting the plane of Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu over the Baltic Sea, sparking a tense encounter with a Russian Su-27 fighter jet.

Shoigu’s plane was reportedly carrying the defense minister and a number of reporters to a conference in the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad, between Poland and Lithuania. The plane was reportedly escorted by a pair of Su-27s, and the F-16 fighters were scrambled, claiming the plane with the DM on board was not identified and they were trying to make a “visual” identification.

When one of the fighters started getting too close to Shoigu’s plane, a Su-27 flew in between the two and tilted its wings, apparently to underscore that it was armed with anti-aircraft weapons, at which time the F-16 flew off.

That’s not sitting well with Russia at all, as Defense Committee chairman Vladimir Shamanov, who was also the former Commander of Russian Airborne Forces, condemned the incident as “military rudeness” on NATO’s part.

Shamanov insisted it should’ve been readily apparent when the F-16 arrived that a civilian plane with an escort of multiple Su-27s was carrying “protected persons,” and that approaching the plane would be considered unacceptable.

Ultimately, Shoigu’s plane was unharmed, and arrived safely in Kaliningrad. The plane returned home to the Russian mainland escorted by a much larger retinue, this time including a number of Su-34 fighter-bombers, among the most advanced warplanes in the Russian fleet. They apparently went unchallenged.

R: 47 / I: 7 / P: 18 [R] [G] [-]


He "believes his skills could be better utilized to promote the president’s agenda in a more aggressive role."

>“Late Friday, Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke Jr. formally notified Secretary of Homeland Security John F. Kelly that he had rescinded his acceptance of the agency’s offer to join DHS as an assistant secretary,” Craig Peterson, Clarke’s adviser, told The Washington Post.

>Peterson told the newspaper that Clarke still plans to help the Trump administration in some capacity, whether inside or outside of the federal government.

>“Sheriff Clarke is 100 percent committed to the success of President Trump and believes his skills could be better utilized to promote the president’s agenda in a more aggressive role,” Peterson said.

“The sheriff is reviewing options inside and outside of government,” Peterson said. “Sheriff Clarke told Secretary Kelly he is very appreciative of the tremendous opportunity the secretary was offering, and expressed his support for the secretary and the agency.”


EVERYBODY is talking about it. Even the (((Washington Post and New York Times))), who managed to slip some hit-piece bullshit into their articles.









R: 39 / I: 9 / P: 18 [R] [G] [-]

Trump Signs "VA Accountability Act"


President Trump signed a law Friday that makes it easier for the Department of Veterans Affairs to fire employees for wrongdoing and adds protections for whistleblowers in the VA.

Responding to an Obama-era scandal in which veterans died waiting for doctor’s appointments, Mr. Trump said the Department of Veterans Affairs Accountability and Whistleblower Protection Act of 2017 will “make sure that the scandal we suffered so recently never, ever happens again.”

“What happened was a national disgrace, and yet some of the employees involved remained on the payrolls,” Mr. Trump said. “Our veterans have fulfilled their duty to this nation, and now we must fulfill our duty to them.”

The president signed the bill into law in the East Room, at a White House ceremony attended by dozens of veterans, family members and lawmakers. Among them was retired Army Sgt. Michael Verardo of North Carolina, who lost two limbs in 2010 when he stepped on an improvised explosive device in Afghanistan.

Mr. Verardo said he was prepared when he enlisted for injury or death. But when he returned home, he had to wait 57 days for the VA to fix his prosthetic leg, and more than three years for the agency to modify his home so he could safely live there


“What I was not prepared for was coming home to a broken VA system,” Mr. Verardo told the audience. “Today is a new day. This administration has fulfilled its promise that the veteran is empowered and the veteran is in charge of his or her own care.”

The law had bipartisan support in Congress but faced opposition from unions representing VA employees, who warned that the new provisions could make it easier for management to retaliate against employees for political reasons.

VA Secretary David Shulkin cited the examples of a VA employee who kept her job after three convictions for drunken driving, and another who was watching pornography while treating a patient. He said the law “is going to make it easier and quicker for us to hold our employees accountable.”

“Veterans deserve a VA they can trust and take pride in,” Mr. Shulkin said. “Employees who act contrary to our core values erode that trust.”

The president, referring to unions’ opposition, said “this was not an easy one.”

“We got it done. It’s a reform that I campaigned on, and now I am thrilled to be able to sign that promise into law,” Mr. Trump said.

The VA is the government’s second-largest Cabinet agency, with approximately 350,000 employees. Mr. Shulkin has complained that the current disciplinary process has averaged 51 days to remove an employee, primarily due to a 30-day notice period.The law cuts the 30-day notice to 10 days and speeds up the appeal process. It also lowers the evidentiary standards required to fire an employee, and allows the VA secretary to rescind employee bonuses and relocation expenses in some cases.

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, California Republican, said the VA’s mission has been “put at risk by the continued corruption, incompetence, and scandal of a few bad employees.”

“With President Trump’s signature today, the VA Accountability Act will give the Secretary of Veterans Affairs the authority to remove bad VA employees and hire the best personnel to fulfill the promise we made as a nation to provide for the health and well-being of our veterans,” he said.

R: 411 / I: 134 / P: 18 [R] [G] [-]


EU wants to forcefully relocate entire Syrian (and other refugee people) villages to Eastern Europe and the Baltics, with force if needed.

German (what a surprise?!?!) representative in the EU parliament Ska Keller (pic related) said the following:

>In the debate about the European refugee policy, Ska Keller, calls for the settlement of larger refugee groups in eastern Europe. The measure could facilitate the integration of refugees. In a conversation this tuesday, Ska Keller has proposed to send a whole Syrian village to Latvia, for example. "The idea with the Syrian village is a possibility that could be used, for example, if refugees do not want to go alone in a country where there are no refugees." It turned out that people liked to go where their people were already living, as this made integration easier. "The option had to be discussed in spite of the resistance of eastern european countries, if necessary we will force those countries". "The refusal to accept refugees violates EU law", emphasized Keller. The EU commission had recently launched a lawsuit against the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland for violating the EU treaty because they refuse to accept migrants as decided by 2015. The refugee distribution is also the topic at the EU summit from 22 to 23 June.

Slav bros better prepare for war.

Sauce in German:


R: 65 / I: 19 / P: 18 [R] [G] [-]

Prof calls whites 'inhuman assholes,' says 'let them die'

Another Antiwhite "Academic" exposes zimself


>Trinity College Professor Johnny Eric Williams appeared to endorse the idea that first responders to last week’s congressional shooting should have let the victims "fucking die” because they are white.

>After sharing a post to an article unambiguously titled, "Let Them Fucking Die," Williams labelled white people "inhuman assholes" and declared it time to "end this now."

We need to make sure he never gets employment again!

R: 505 / I: 154 / P: 18 [R] [G] [-]



Ramadan's right around the corner, so you know those hungry Muslims get so hungry that they just start exploding unexpectedly, even before Ramadan! Because there's so many bombings during bombathon, I'd figure I'd make a thread to try and record bombings, shootings, trucks of peace, and whatever those wacky Muslims come up with next.

In all seriousness, stay safe anons. You'll never know what'll happen tomorrow.

Most recent attack: May 25th; Athens, Greece.

Greek ex-premier Lucas Papademos wounded in Athens bombing


May 24th; Jakarta, Indonesia

Double Suicide Bombing Kills Three Police Officers, Injures 10 Others in Indonesia


May 23rd; Marawi, Philippines

ISIS takes control of the city of Marawi


May 22nd; Manchester, England

Manchester attack: 22 dead and 59 hurt in suicide bombing


R: 21 / I: 9 / P: 18 [R] [G] [-]

Happy Independence Day


On the 23rd of June of the year 2016, the British people voted for freedom from a tyrannical organisation known as the European Union. Today is the 23rd of June of the year 2017, and is the first year that the British shall celebrate the date of their freedom.

Whilst the Union is still in existence, and whilst Britain has not fully freed itself; it is important that we celebrate this day. It is important that we mark this occasion. God bless you, all of you. Glory to Nationalism, death to Globalism. Glory to every Nation in Europe, and death to this perverse union.

Rule Britannia! Happy independence day one and all!

R: 80 / I: 32 / P: 19 [R] [G] [-]


this is right now, it is still going on!

This storm looks so fucking off, i never saw something like this before!

is this the end times?


R: 61 / I: 150 / P: 19 [R] [G] [-]

JSC Jewish Selective Crypsis JEC Jewish Enforced Crypsis

Post examples of Jewish Selective Crypsis

>Jews Claiming they are White, then Jewish, or vice versa

and examples of Enforced Jewish Crypsis

>The Media or the State claiming a Jew as White: e.g. Jewish Pedophile=>processed as White in the Penal System

R: 184 / I: 44 / P: 19 [R] [G] [-]


>In a case that hinged largely on a teenage couple's intimate text messages, Michelle Carter was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter Friday in the 2014 death of her boyfriend, who poisoned himself by inhaling carbon monoxide in his pickup truck, a Massachusetts judge ruled.

>Carter's own words – preserved in hundreds of text messages presented as evidence over six days of testimony – helped seal her conviction in the death of 18-year-old Conrad Roy III, Bristol County Juvenile Court Judge Lawrence Moniz said during a 15-minute explanation of his rationale.

>"She admits in … texts that she did nothing: She did not call the police or Mr. Roy's family" after hearing his last breaths during a phone call, Moniz said. "And, finally, she did not issue a simple additional instruction: Get out of the truck."

>Carter, 20, cried silently as Moniz spoke. She stood to receive the ruling, which could set legal precedent for whether it's a crime to tell someone to commit suicide.

>Prosecutors had argued that Carter sent Roy numerous text messages urging him to commit suicide, listened over the phone as he suffocated and failed to alert authorities or his family that he'd died. The judge agreed.

>"This court has found that Carter's actions and failure to act where it was her self-created duty to Roy since she put him in that toxic environment constituted reckless conduct," the judge said. "The court finds that the conduct caused the death of Mr. Roy."

>With Carter standing, Moniz said, "This court, having reviewed the evidence, finds you guilty on the indictment with involuntary manslaughter."

>Although Cater was not present when Roy killed himself, her text messages and conversations with him proved damning.

One July 2012 exchange of texts messages was typical:

>Roy:"I'm overthinking"

>Carter:"I thought you wanted to do this. The time is right and you're ready, you just need to do it! You can't keep living this way. You just need to do it like you did last time and not think about it and just do it babe. You can't keep doing this every day."

>The texts that led to teen's suicide: Read them here

>Roy's relatives, who sat near Carter in the front row of the courtroom, wept as the judge ticked through the steps Roy took to end his life, as well as Carter's complicity. Sitting opposite them, Carter's family members also sobbed.

>"Although we are very pleased with the verdict, in reality there are no winners here," prosecutor Katie Rayburn told reporters later. "Two families had been torn apart and will be affected by this for years to come. We hope verdict will bring some closure… It's been an extremely emotionally draining process for everyone involved."

R: 18 / I: 8 / P: 19 [R] [G] [-]

SPG / Sussex Police General

I'm doing my part, are you? Edition

This is a thread for maximizing keks at the expense of one of the most vile organizations on the planet: The Sussex Police. They recently bragged about ruining a guy's life for posting "hate speech" directed toward Muslims online. Since then, they have been getting trolled relentlessly by big-dicked Americans who cherish freedom and fight for oppressed Bongs.

Nothing makes a pig squeal more than when someone is outside of their jurisdiction. Have fun, and post screen caps. I'll start off with a few from the previous threads.

Bongs: Don't risk jail over something like this, let us free swingin' dicks across the pond handle this.

Sussex Police:


R: 155 / I: 35 / P: 19 [R] [G] [-]

Cop Detains White Man for "Offending" Some Anti-White Slant Eyed Whore

I'm always pro-cop, but..

>Cop: "Were you offended?"

>Whore: "Yes"

>Cop turns to White dude: "Put your hands behind your back"


What in the ever loving fuck?! These are the type of cops who deserve to get shot during a routine traffic stop.