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File: b79601b67c78f22⋯.png (24.24 KB, 619x549, 619:549, britbongreturns general19.png)

9223e8 No.263966[Reply]

Be on the lookout for Tranny and the Britbong Internet Defense Force (BIDF) samefagging and attempting to slide the thread.

If you're a current or former friend of Britbong and have cocks and/or stories to tell, come on down and give us the skinny.

BREAKING NEWS: Dominic has been outed as a plush humping transsexual furfag! https://imgur.com/a/YGzzT

Be sure to remind him of this whenever he posts. In other news, Dom tried to censor his lolcow.farm thread: https://i.imgur.com/EO3KxdH.png

THREAD THEME: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4AZ8SCdPLEY


https://ghostbin.com/paste/a5rgc (archive: https://archive.fo/j6vfq)

For those who missed the debate between Tranny and Killdeer/Kopy, it can be viewed here:

https://www.stream.me/archive/cyberdemon531/timesplitters-3-future-perfect-speedrun-sunday-runday-52-httpshoraroorgsunday-runday52/BGYPJ6Apqk (the actual debate starts at around 10:48:06)

Previous threads

1 - >>213805 (archive: https://archive.fo/A4Out)

2 - >>231173 (archive: https://archive.fo/5VrXiPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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9d19da No.265384

File: da45ffd7e007c1f⋯.gif (1.88 MB, 360x270, 4:3, AbandonThreadTurtle.gif)

File: dbbfd8e258f4232⋯.gif (780.72 KB, 461x271, 461:271, MAXIMUM EDGE.gif)

e7bb04 No.251757[Reply]

OFFICIAL /cow/ DEAD POOL: http://poal.me/nppl4f

Noted psycho munchausen case Kadee Konstantino just became an hero.



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a93191 No.264292


>If there are going to be /cow/ - relevant deaths, they'll probably be from new cows that are either thin skinned enough to an hero quickly in response to internet antics

And with the culture of over-sensitivity that's being pushed to the kids and society nowadays, I see a lot of future thin-skinned lolcows in the next few generations and, boy, it's going to be a betting pool.

File: 1411573929430-0.gif (19.11 KB, 154x171, 154:171, aniJ.gif)

File: 1411573929430-1.gif (20.17 KB, 177x160, 177:160, aniU.gif)

File: 1411573929430-2.gif (17.67 KB, 132x167, 132:167, aniL.gif)

File: 1411573929430-3.gif (20.21 KB, 170x160, 17:16, aniA.gif)

File: 1411573929430-4.gif (17.84 KB, 154x155, 154:155, aniY.gif)

01c265 No.125[Reply]

Welcome to /cow/! This board concerns lolcows, or fools who are unwittingly funny or can be goaded into being funny. We document, archive and laugh at the weirdness of the internet.

/cow/ has its own purpose and ethos independent of the rest of 8chan. If you're coming from /baphomet/, note that /cow/ isn't a random board, so new threads must be about lolcows. If you're coming from /pol/, note that /cow/ isn't /pol/; zero-potential threads for the subjects of news stories or viral videos and off-topic political discussion are both unwelcome. If you're coming from /sp/, /int/, or /icup/, please keep cross-board shenanigans in this thread. If you're coming from the Kiwi Farms, please read the current Kiwi or Null General first. If you're coming from ED, enjoy your stay. If you have any suggestions, banners, CSS, or board assets to share, please post them here.

Board Rules

1. New threads must have a subject and pertain to established or potential lolcows. Off-topic discussion is permitted on Fridays in >>2.

Board News

‣ The board is was being heavily wordfiltered in honor of Nate Spergwood. I apologize for the inconvenience this causes for discussing other lolcows. All board settings, including current filters, can be found here: https://8ch.net/settings.php?board=cow

‣ 8chan is fixed. See >>197723.

‣ 8archive is NOT being fixed. You can test it at https://beta.8archive.moe. I consider it our most important asset, so I'll continue to badger its handlers.

‣ VanKrause, founder of the original /cwc/, answered questions about the history of /cow/ at >>>/newspaper/365.

Board Information for Oldfags

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Post last edited at

31e812 No.264078

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

In-jokes are meta as fuck.

File: 1410496862827.jpg (38.34 KB, 300x225, 4:3, 300px-0782-CWCSpread.JPG)

63968c No.6[Reply]

Welcome new users, I thought it might be a good idea to make a general thread advertising the various lolcows and current status:

- Christian Weston Chandler:
You've all probably heard about it at some point in time. He's an unemployee "high functioning" autistic who has recently become a tomgirl (a tranny without the homosexual tendencies apparently). He's become well known on the internet for numerous attempts to get a "sweetheart" (girlfriend) via methods such as making signs advertising himself in malls and for continuing to shill his Sonic OC known as Sonichu. Chris was a very crazy individual and a lot of what we know about him came from groups of trolls either pretending to be his girlfriend or pretending to be real life villains out to ruin Chris's life. He lives with his oldass overbearing and possibly incestous mother. Recently, Chris has a become depressing due to the bleak reality of his future with little education, no job, and no real social skills. Not to mention he has lost his father relatively recently. Its important to remember that as funny and crazy as Chris is, he is still a human being. Said human being has suddenly taken an interest in social justice (shitty activism for teenagers) and advocates for lesbian rights or some shit. Read more about him here:


At this point, Chris just isn't really funny to troll anymore and only the most diehard (or possibly autistic) of trolls are trying to milk cocks out of him now. His story has become bleak and depressing rather than clownish and surreal as it used to be.
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Post last edited at

e5e2bb No.263298


I remember seeing his channel like a year ago and from what I saw he's definitely just trying to be a shock jock.

File: f68424e926c6fd5⋯.jpg (117.88 KB, 786x462, 131:77, foxworth.jpg)

File: 93c016d73a1114f⋯.png (457.95 KB, 577x468, 577:468, twitter11.png)

File: f1468336aac6efc⋯.png (40.8 KB, 586x365, 586:365, twitter36.png)

File: ad136dbbe4e9929⋯.png (449.29 KB, 576x518, 288:259, twitter14.png)

File: 7fe37da4341ba93⋯.png (412.02 KB, 590x478, 295:239, twitter6.png)

a5e64a No.263436[Reply]

Foxworth/Stimp aka Nicholas Fedorov is a long-time lolcow you should be familiar with from his famous waifu pictures, but you may be asking "what is he up to now"?

Well the answer is soliciting money from his twitter followers/fans and using it to buy crossdressing gear. As well as taking pictures of himself in it and a host of other lulzworthy autism.

You heard me right, he's apparently a 'trap' and identifies himself as an "LGBT for Trump" according to some posts on his twitter (Now removed likely)

Now, on top of that he apparently sends RAT spyware to his 12 year old FANS simply because (according to him) he hates 95% of his viewers and goes on spergy rants about them all the time.

The reason I started this thread is because Foxworth has been trying to cover up ALL of his tracks and ANYTHING from the past which he doesn't like. Including getting the foxdickfarms thread about him taken down (A thread which was around since 2015). He actually got the thread removed right when they started discussing his trap phase and other new discoveries. Basically the only thing left you could find on him was his severely outdated ED page (which he tries to get pulled down often) but it doesn't cover any of his new cringe.

There is a compilation of some of his "trap" tweets on imgur but I'm sure there's probably much more out there.

If somebody made a new foxdickfarms thread to document this new autism it would likely result in a lulzy sperg reaction, or even tweeting his deleted tweets at him would cause massive butthurt.

53 posts and 17 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

5cda03 No.265339

I would fuck him repeatedly with a paperbag on his head tbh.

9b3703 No.265345

Former foxworth inner circle initiate here, out of the four or so times he's gone between liking anime and being gay and disliking anime and hating gays, I'd say this is closer towards sticking to either camp than he has been in a long time, maybe ever.


I warmly recall you asking if I could look girly if I tried and if I was chubby after I gave you the impression that I was 14 8*).

Are you still in contact with that vlad kid? I get the suspicion that either you aren't or he's dead.

d46f55 No.265369


>four times

Seriously? Can you give us some more detail? What's made him change so many times? Is there any pattern to it?

106fa0 No.265375


Just wait until his gf breaks up with him. He'll be prancing around in miniskirt and anime stockings again.

a5e64a No.265391


Not breaking up with him is probably the only thing keeping her from getting locked into the soundproof basement.

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

89631d No.263614[Reply]

In short: this man had a white father and an Asian mother, and he proceeded to blame every problem after that on his mixed lineage.

Ignore the minecraft footage, it's just filler.

50 posts and 47 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

7b3dad No.265371


That's a butt ugly fucking art style.

There are nuggets of truth in some of these, but the overall picture these paint of the author as a bitter wizard with severe social retardation who's mad because his mom won't fuck him.

fa5b52 No.265377

File: f0de261e64ff7ec⋯.png (42.47 KB, 869x384, 869:384, killed herself.png)

File: b94891dc8a685d6⋯.png (7.59 KB, 849x66, 283:22, reveal something.png)


His mum is dead you monster. Well in this post she is. In others she's still alive.

604df7 No.265386

File: 811c62b27863730⋯.png (600.37 KB, 1000x1425, 40:57, MACHO MACHO MAN I WANNA BE….png)


Oh man, I knew it had to be a pathetic incel who drew those. Have an edit.

604df7 No.265387


He's truly a terrible artist. Every picture gets worse the more you look at it.

3c086a No.265390


>paleoconservative white nationalist lolercausf denier with a chinese waifu


that should be a short list

File: 1451364734997.jpg (73.31 KB, 480x603, 160:201, tumblr_mp1wmzA0Cc1qb49klo1….jpg)

5dd63c No.191078[Reply]

We all know that nerds, downyfags and furfags collectively provide a military surplus of cows, but what are some of the other subcultures which have their share of cows? The Goths, Punks, Psychobillies, Metalheads, Skinheads and everyone else in-between and on the periphery.

Does a certain subculture attract more cows than others? Share any and all anecdotes you may have. It doesn't necessarily have to be about someone you met online (although if you did, please share). Just tell us about their quirks, tics and triggers.

Metalheads are all over the child abuser, and their 'tism could vary greatly depending on the subgenre they're into. Regardless, most come from any one of these three stereotypes: nerds, stoners and white trash. The nerds were perhaps most passionate about the music, particularly with their meticulous knowledge of any song's given compositional grammar. They could readily dissect a song, talk about how cool it is because it's written in an odd time signature, et cetera. They were also incredibly easy to trigger if you were less than passionate about their favorite band. The stoners and white trash were just there to blow out their eardrums and stew in their burnt out, drunken haze, although the former were at least able to carry on a conversation about their favorite bands.

Punks are cunts. SJW-tier politics combined with grossly inflated egos and a completely misplaced sense of elitism. They had no problem with authoritarianism so long as they were the authority. As such, they're incredibly easy to trigger. Skinheads were pretty cool, though.

The term "Goth" is kind of a catchall for anyone dark, edgy and into a subculture, so it's kind of meaningless as a descriptor (unless we're describing fans of early 80s post-Punk like The Cure, Sisters of Mercy or Siouxsie), but to keep things short, I've never met a bonafide Goth in real life. The few I did online seemed pretty well-adjusted and had absolutely nothing else to report about.

73 posts and 17 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

76ddee No.234818

There's a lot of retards who are into black metal. They're the r9k of metal and constantly display signs of severe mommy issues while trying to act as edgy as possible. Thrash metallers are cringey drunks who pretend to be the tough guy.

f0a6f6 No.234893

File: cc4a023b27abcf8⋯.jpg (37.57 KB, 480x640, 3:4, 384341_2178298263030_52635….jpg)

File: 3f784963a9449ed⋯.jpg (26.25 KB, 433x463, 433:463, 7030_1123739619723_3330278….jpg)


The Richmond police are actually pretty lenient and don't really mess with partiers. The problem is that whereas most criminals try to avoid getting caught, the gutter/crust/anarcho/vegan/sjw/whatever punks actually try to pick problems with the police because they think it's revolutionary. Mo Karnage filed a lawsuit against the richmond police and forced them to release their training manuals to the public because "acab duuuuuude," so they really hate her for that.

Other than that we also have a lot of VCU art school kids who go out of their way to be "weird and random" because they think it's avant garde. This includes performance art shit and such

There are some funny homeless in the area too, including an eldery man with an afro who rides around on a bike up and down the city streets squawking like a parrot

Pick related is a home schooled kid I met at VCU art school. He's a vegan wiccan SJW hippy with at least some mild aspergers. His drawings used to be deviantart tier, but he's gotten a bit better over the years. I'll post some if I can find any

9b872d No.234896

File: f652e7b6f2bf61c⋯.jpg (51.63 KB, 885x821, 885:821, axl rose.jpg)


>Steve Albini

He also produced seven Whitehouse albums and wrote this: http://thebaffler.com/salvos/the-problem-with-music

>So /cow/, which of these punk frontmen do you consider to fit the lolcow description closest?

Fuck punk, here's a confirmed frontman lolcow: Axl Rose. He got his ass kicked by Tommy Hilfiger and now he looks like this. Doesn't hurt that HKM shared "Sweet Child o' Mine" with me yesterday when I tried to get him to talk about music.

098b8d No.265385

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Kathleen Hanna

Oh fucking Christ.

I always hated her with an absolute passion. Her entire persona is intensely fake. So many Punks were so incredulous to see her shill for Hillary Clinton, but to me, the writing was right there on the wall. This is the end result of comfortable suburban white progressives who successfully convinced the world they're edgy and controversial.

I can't imagine the pain she must've gone through knowing her chosen one failed.

dd10bd No.265389

File: 7aadb9dd309bb05⋯.jpg (39.42 KB, 640x476, 160:119, 1357366852284.jpg)


That video incites every single negative emotion a human can feel in me, the chief one being pity.

File: e36c95dcea398dd⋯.png (181.42 KB, 394x354, 197:177, ClipboardImage.png)

File: f63064a9bf58c70⋯.png (402.25 KB, 1090x280, 109:28, ClipboardImage.png)

6e4c61 No.262677[Reply]

Thread #12 was broken due to the hack, so here's a functional thread.





Quick rundown: Jerry is a sociopath tranny pedophile leaf on youtube who over-analyses and spergs about My Little downy. He's become infamous for his unusual, violent and cringeworthy stance on politics, his dishonesty, his child molestation and LGBT fetishism, and how he treats his friends like shit because they don't engage in his feminist circlejerk 24/7.

Long version/FAQ here: http://pastebin.com/qPT95zhp


There was so much shit going on last thread that it can't even fit into the OP! Here's a pastebin instead:



(UPDATE: Kaboom was a really bad April fools ruse video and not the attack video on josh that we previously expected. Being under the assumption that this is a red herring designed to throw people off from his agenda against josh is highly recommended for now.)


http://lily-peet.tumblr.com/ (tumblr account required, read below on how to archive)

http://lily-peet-nsfw.tumblr.Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

52 posts and 34 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

d57a0a No.265291

File: d8673a42761e03f⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 241.6 KB, 540x898, 270:449, ClipboardImage.png)

cb5989 No.265304


This is his self-image. It's exactly like CWC drawing himself as trim and cute in the Sonichu comics.

3c9b5b No.265352

File: 158e39d53b83038⋯.jpg (33.38 KB, 540x429, 180:143, better than suffering.jpg)


>6 fingers

>saggy tits

>brown nips

>no belly button

>no vagina bones

Christ, his fans are as talented as Jerry is at taking any criticism.

d57a0a No.265370


>Christ, his fans are as talented as Jerry is at taking any criticism.

Not just his fans, his friends are also pretty bad at art (which is funny considering Jerry was jerking off one dude for going "LOL ANIMECHRISTY IS A BAD ARTIST" during that whole art-theft/#respecttheartist fiasco); Xain is Dobson tier when it comes to hands and Lizzy cannot do perspective or feet to save her life.

d57a0a No.265388

File: a1695bcd839f092⋯.png (174.32 KB, 518x398, 259:199, ClipboardImage.png)



>Getting butthurt about /mlp/'s news site

>Still butthurt over Josh saying that 8chan respected him more than Jerry ever did

>Beating the KP dead horse even though everyone's moved on but Jerry has to hop onto the drama bandwagon to make some money before he drops dead

File: 1c36a056a975922⋯.png (236.43 KB, 500x396, 125:99, Dobson.png)

a59ec5 No.262394[Reply]

>5 years passed, since he became a big lolcow on the internet (even though he was already a cow before SA and other sites like Youtube brought him up)

>He lost his gig with Brental Fuck, and Brent Black admitted he's a waste of money on Youtube

>Has been caught plagiarizing or stealing one picture/ip after another

>Ex-girlfriend is finally done with him

>No one wants to hire him

>Can't even sell commissions anymore

>Moved back to his parents' home, and works at his dad's place (so much for that secret art gig)

>Patreon he started 2 years ago has ultimately failed (He went from having 50 supporters to 22, and is probably below $50/month)

>Constantly makes an ass out of himself on Twitter by retweeting sjw/anti-Trump stuff, defending scumbags like Alison Rapp, or trying to bully people like Robin William's kid to get attention from his Sjw overlords Anita, Brianna, and Zoey.

>Art continues to get worse

>Made a Youtube video about the new Zelda being problematic, and disabled ratings when nearly all of Youtube calls him out on his sjw-leftist bullshit.

That's our Dobson!

Reminder that Chris Chan and Tim B^Uckley have made more money through their shit than Dobson will ever make in his lifetime. It never ceases to amaze me how Dobson keeps ruining his own life.

128 posts and 46 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

a59ec5 No.265236

File: de1b8916fef9c49⋯.jpg (88.91 KB, 514x799, 514:799, 201.jpg)

File: 9fd3f831a81e456⋯.jpg (108.45 KB, 514x799, 514:799, 202.jpg)

File: 4dcc010b736c0e8⋯.jpg (104.9 KB, 514x799, 514:799, 203.jpg)

File: 94f85a5bd885e32⋯.jpg (133.32 KB, 514x799, 514:799, 204.jpg)

File: d1f9453b2a5d27e⋯.jpg (117.41 KB, 514x799, 514:799, 205.jpg)


I should have some of these, but I also wanted to post the strips that remind people why Emily and Atea are unlikable, shitty characters.

4c749d No.265240

File: 4abd7b2f156cf2f⋯.jpg (164.66 KB, 495x767, 495:767, nixon sjw.jpg)

ee2e73 No.265372


Webcomics are terrible because they are made by self taught artists with little to no formal education in Art. Add on a limited understanding or interaction with the outside world and you get webcomic artists like Dobson, Diaz, and Willis. SYAC is supposed to be based off Dobson's life experiences, but there's nothing extraordinary or memorable of his life experiences.

39e449 No.265374


>you presume that I'm just consuming commercial art or what so ever?


>Reading philosophy without thinking more of it

It's not philosophy, art transcends philosophical concepts. Philosophy teaches you systematic thoughts, art can't teach you anything.

>philosophy is regarded as "high art"

Art and philosophy are two different things, even though through narrative art may take some of the concepts of philosophy, it would take it in a childish manner, as I have explained a few days ago. Where is the philosophy to be found in poetry, music, and paintings? Nowhere, it's all just cathartic moments and abstracted worldview.

>And shit, Dobby blamed anime for his shortcomings, while you are here, telling me how low commercial art is.

And can you prove the otherwise?

>It's as if you're disdaining anime a bit too obsessively, when he draws Western-style mainly.

Commercial art comes in many forms, not just anime. Cartoons are included.

cb165a No.265382


Why were French girls always drawned thicc even back than?

File: 5eea715e0ecaf8f⋯.png (279.13 KB, 338x450, 169:225, cwc-sonic-totem-582806eabb….png)

File: 5d75ce63915dcc8⋯.png (141.89 KB, 500x369, 500:369, screenshot-www.facebook.co….png)

4ffe36 No.262839[Reply]

How the fuck was Chris able to sell this for $1500? Who bought it? What will they do with the Totem? Will Chris ever make those new pages?

312 posts and 59 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

9b3aa8 No.265332


I was using it as an example of why he wouldn't be able to hold a job, hence the "It did not go well".

f7b676 No.265344

File: 23e8c9e9508c8d3⋯.gif (319.1 KB, 250x250, 1:1, 23e8c9e9508c8d3bf8eb34f23c….gif)


How the fuck does chrischan have clout with the twitter CEO?

28b0d0 No.265360


He bought the largest size too. Starbucks is expensive as it is.

Whatever. I didn't even know they had MLP shit there.

e42ef2 No.265362


Where is the article?

1e9e0d No.265381


It's just better for him to remain on the tugboat, it's also cheaper for the taxpayer. Giving all the training Chris needs and supervising him would be a far bigger net loss.

File: 1438099539307.gif (2.61 KB, 104x100, 26:25, Metroid_Enemy_Metroid.gif)

2d0374 No.143418[Reply]

So check this. There's a 4chan mod named Troid, and he's a massive My Little Pony fag who writes lesbian fan fiction. He's the main mod for /a/, /u/, and /mlp/.


I've seen the guy in action and he is one of the biggest retards ever. On more than one occasion I've seen him ask over IRC what a simple word meant rather than just google'ing it for himself.

259 posts and 82 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

9ee343 No.263743

So I guess Troid is still lurking here?

dd9951 No.264100

File: 1ef40c9d754a5bf⋯.jpg (312.68 KB, 1070x605, 214:121, suspiria suzy.jpg)


>anti crack kuck



What's with the influx of males in the yuri community? I'd have no problem if they were remotely good looking and well behaved, but why are they always creepy, ugly, and autistic good for nothing attention whores? Why do you freaks care SO MUCH about our obscure passion?

9ee343 No.264211


Troid doesn't even watch anime. He just likes the porn. The faggot is asking to get pizza sent his way. See >>262821

b04115 No.265306

So Troid apparently went to March for Science protest in Seattle yesterday. Want to see if there were any pics of him there.

22fa91 No.265380


One of these things on your list is not like the other.

And you are trying to make this look like is much bigger than it actually is.

"anti crack kuck" is literally anyone who tells all the other people on your list to stop shitposting. Telling people to stop shitposting is hardly indicative of being the same person.

File: aaea1ab16c49ed4⋯.png (514.12 KB, 750x563, 750:563, Chris_chan_crossover.png)

a571c8 No.262136[Reply]

Infinity never/forever alone edition

203 posts and 27 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

ba8b5b No.265301


i dont fight peple who cant spell, they are already wrecked

6450e1 No.265302

File: 84e7435e42fbf46⋯.jpg (19.86 KB, 640x357, 640:357, 164041852_640.jpg)



ba8b5b No.265303


well shit you did reck me, well done

d66221 No.265354


he's not the hacker, he just likes to screw with people.

b0ec7d No.265379


>Posts a bunch of off-topic stuff no one cares about.

>Now prove me wrong!

File: 1434187840186.jpg (125.38 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, maxresdefault-1.jpg)

6046c0 No.126806[Reply]

So /cow/ what does he do these days. Does he still rant about veganism and religion and stuff?

291 posts and 91 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

b198d1 No.263998


>high school pretty boy

Dude looks fucking terrifying outside of his overexposed vids: His huge paralysed brow (he has regular botox shots), his perma acne and his whole body language radiates fucking crazy.

And not to sound like a fucking ween but he thrives on bullying and creating drama with other Jewtubers (he's constantly taking shots at Eugenia Whatsherface, the chick that looks a skeleton) so people could legit report him to Patreon and try to get his account yanked.

dc3504 No.264123

WAfag here. I'd like to apologize on behalf of my state for letting Sir Fuckhead pull his shenanigans here for so long.

A friend of mine actually ran into Onision's wife? At a store up in Tacoma, she was really nice apparently, Onionman sulked off like a little bitch when my buddy asked for an autograph, guess he can sense intent or something. But there's my secondhand Onision story.

75feaf No.265195


Hey fellow PacificNorthwesternfag; I actually work part time at a club up here; really kind of a shithole but it's populated by 7 and 8's and small town bigshots. I was working the line and we have a rule to let five girls into the club for every 1 guy.

Greg came up in the line with Lainey and some other ugly cooze and I asked his name. I knew who he was but I'm still required to ask and he looks at me with furrowed brow, "You don't know who I am?"

To which I reply "Should I?"

"Dude, I make more than you!"

I start laughing in his face; "Go on in girls." So my partner unlatches the rope and he tries to cut in front of Lainey to get inside and he gets shoulderblocked. What's hilarious is Lainey took this girl by the hand and ditched her husband while Greg gets booted out of line.

So this faggot steps out of line and pulls out a camera and starts filming me and dude, screeching like a fucking banshee, "You guys are so fired! Look at these minimum wage fucks!"

People in line don't even know who the fuck he is and start laughing at him. My guy says "Make sure you get our good side!" Greg skulks away fuming and never says shit about it.

Every time I see this faggot, I just remember seeing the tears in his eyes lol

c17f8f No.265350

File: 637ad7a410d3a13⋯.jpg (52.1 KB, 720x709, 720:709, tmp_15976-FB_IMG_149301586….jpg)


You know you are a laughing stock when even cringe looks at you and laughs.

38f1fc No.265368


I kinda hope this is real because it sounds exactly like the kind narc meltdown you could expect from Onision.

That said, am I the only one thinking Onision is actually fucking dangerous? If that guy ever gets really fucked with and/or loses part of the revenue stream that enables his "two Teslas and three unfurnished houses full of crap"-lifestyle you'd see criminal chimpouts.

When people were TROLLAN him too hard during the Billie saga he started posting pictures of himself laying on his garage with his AR (and given it's greaselord we're talking about that thing is probably 3k $ boutique piece with lots of tacticool shit) while playing it off as LOLOL COME AT ME HATERS JUST BEING EDGY BRAH.

I honestly wouldn't be suprised if he ends up the subject of a FBI manhunt at some point.


Pewdiepie probably a pretty cool guy outside his shitty videos.

File: 58da4352e48f17e⋯.jpg (166.96 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, bryce-cherry.jpg)

669f41 No.262179[Reply]




Meet Bryce Cherry, he's a 30 something autistic Aussie from Rockhampton, Queensland.

He wants everyone to accept him and be nice to him because he has autism, despite the fact that draws children's characters in a sexual manner, steals from other artists, uses fetish pictures for activism, and about 10 years ago, he was arrested for threatening to blow his school, but he was declared to mentally disabled to stand trial.

37 posts and 29 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

82ed08 No.264034

File: d3e3dfed3ab453d⋯.png (138.9 KB, 1024x734, 512:367, flip_slip_shatter_gas_by_d….png)


>In the mid-90s, I heard about an accident involving a Holden Kingswood which I found a bit bizarre, which prompted me to draw this piece.

669f41 No.264053


This is better than his current art, actually

82ed08 No.264245

File: eab51d85b8df367⋯.png (566.26 KB, 1202x916, 601:458, download.png)


More interests.

669f41 No.265321

3224b6 No.265358

File: 210a34a8ab5950e⋯.jpg (128.87 KB, 500x376, 125:94, It_begins.jpg)


>Bad New Article

Let's see if we can change that. It's a decent start though. I'll do some writing for the article later on today.

Is there anything you guys particularly want me to highlight?

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

5e33a2 No.265219[Reply]

This guy is something else. His rants about how demons are taking over the world are legendary. How does /cow/ not know about him?

4 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

a31ee2 No.265242

File: b3d4faebe285dfb⋯.gif (706.27 KB, 479x260, 479:260, tumblr_mlrlflCzjn1s9sv2no1….gif)

File: 7844a9984ae7ba0⋯.gif (772.56 KB, 500x243, 500:243, tumblr_mocgtwUGvG1rdiyy9o1….gif)

File: 3c788fd53b48156⋯.gif (309.78 KB, 300x189, 100:63, gif_584x390_d5385c.gif)

a31ee2 No.265247

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

a31ee2 No.265252

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

e96293 No.265340


Apparently he used to be a drug dealer

5e33a2 No.265357


went schizo from using drugs, it seems

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