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File: 1411573929430-1.gif (20.17 KB, 177x160, 177:160, aniU.gif)

File: 1411573929430-2.gif (17.67 KB, 132x167, 132:167, aniL.gif)

File: 1411573929430-3.gif (20.21 KB, 170x160, 17:16, aniA.gif)

File: 1411573929430-4.gif (17.84 KB, 154x155, 154:155, aniY.gif)

e6c617  No.125

Welcome to /cow/! This board concerns lolcows, or fools who are unwittingly funny or can be goaded into being funny. We document, archive and laugh at the weirdness of the internet.

/cow/ has its own purpose and ethos independent of the rest of 8chan. If you're coming from /baphomet/, note that /cow/ isn't a random board, so new threads must be about lolcows. If you're coming from /pol/, note that /cow/ isn't /pol/; zero-potential threads for the subjects of news stories or viral videos and off-topic political discussion are both unwelcome. If you're coming from /sp/, /int/, or /icup/, please keep cross-board shenanigans in this thread. If you're coming from the Kiwi Farms, please read the current Kiwi or Null General first. If you're coming from ED, enjoy your stay. If you have any suggestions, banners, CSS, or board assets to share, please post them here.

Board Rules

1. New threads must have a subject and pertain to established or potential lolcows. Off-topic discussion is permitted on Fridays in >>2.

Board News

• The style sheet was replaced by that of >>>/templeos/ in memory of the late Terry A. Davis. Following that, we changed it to celebrate /cow/'s fourth anniversary on 8chan. If you're on the spectrum and you wish to revert such temporary changes, you can use the backup copy of cow.css here: https://pastebin.com/mwsVagaw. All board settings, including current word filters, can be found here: https://8ch.net/settings.php?board=cow.

• /cow/ is automatically archived at https://8ch.net/cow/archive/index.html. You can find all other known archives with the links in the Rules page.

• VanKrause, founder of the original /cwc/, answered questions about the history of /cow/ at >>>/newspaper/365.

Board Information for Oldfags

1. SpacePirate closed n0chan because he was tired of paying for it. NekoArc closed 888chan because he was tired of paying for it.

2. Homor, Mujahideen911 and I are /cow/'s volunteers. Anything illegal violates 8chan's global rule and thus can be handled by global volunteers.

3. The board is being indexed by Google, so oldfags and lolcows should find us eventually.

4. #/cow/ on Rizon is the "official" IRC channel. enig closed #ncr because Donald Trump was elected. No, I don't understand that either.

Post last edited at

391757  No.507550

File: 8d54720b9ae2533⋯.png (132.26 KB, 372x340, 93:85, 8d54720b9ae2533b359e336391….png)


>Catalog is looking great

90% of the catalog is related to youtube e-celeb faggotry.

9a241e  No.507705

we also have multiple threads to the same topic, many of which have never reached the bump limit

5ebb6e  No.507728


d521a1  No.507870


A part of it is that IBS faggotry finally died down.

738707  No.508778

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Potato fucker has a good show for once…potentially

b88ca1  No.509469

File: 5191f24250c4cf3⋯.png (43.49 KB, 300x100, 3:1, serife banner.png)

Can Serife get a banner? She said that she really wants to be our turkroach mascot

9730d5  No.510178


Filtering his posts would be fun, but that's too obvious.


I don't know or care which thread you're upset about.



9a241e  No.510222


>Filtering his posts would be fun, but that's too obvious.

I guess that makes sense, as I've tried to bait him into using currently-filtered things and he never fell for them (maybe because he did hit one much earlier, see >>470835 )

c0ef84  No.510276

So wtf is going on?


c0ef84  No.510278

Some leftytranny is trying to take control of /cuteboys/ and says it's because of /cow/, does anyone know anything about that?


0a22ca  No.510343


The guys from the unfunny Chijo thread also started to post on /cuteboys/. Someone is really mad the BO allows trans stuff, and so they're part of a concerted effort to spam and FUD /cuteboys/ until BO steps down or everyone moves to >>>/cutebois/

44dfae  No.511953

can we do something about our friend hirtes?

89a1d6  No.512228

8chan lolcow is a racist there have called me a roach and there still cyber bully me and i dont autsim i only have eplipsy

2414ce  No.512607


You are still a spastic fujoshi and a turkroach, Serife.

41652a  No.513173

Mods really need to get their shit together and clean up the obvious raiding going on. Way way too many threads are being made by people for attention who then stop using a proxy to talk about themselves in them. Same goes for the foxdickfarm crowd who are constantly shitting up threads by picking school girl fights with everyone.

It's obvious the boards being raided really hard and the mods don't give a shit. Other wise half the Chris-chan thread would say "Was banned for this post" with all the troll shielding going on and trolling/white knighting.

44dfae  No.513939

This hirtes shit is getting out of control

89439f  No.514009

File: 45f99168d71f82f⋯.png (21.74 KB, 300x100, 3:1, cow's word bubble.png)

could this be a banner?

89439f  No.514013

266cf9  No.514214

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Am I only one who thinks that Lukas & Fedorov are transfat equivalent of Thot?

3efbbc  No.514340

File: 368c9cad0d5d834⋯.png (307.74 KB, 1536x894, 256:149, Screenshot_2018-08-04-20-5….png)




don't tell me you can't send a few notices to come back next friday over blatant spam and attempts to derail. these posters often have dozens of posts, and all of them look like this

I'm not saying we need to clamp down and turn this place into north korea, like with foxdick farms, all I am saying is nobody would mind a public ban for the next person who "hirtes posts" and give silent bans to the rest. We did this shit to the screenshot spamming autist a few weeks ago, this isn't rocket science

c43867  No.514422


FoxDickFags deserve bans. Simple solution.

c43867  No.514430

Additional suggestion: Censor hirtes -> null.

3efbbc  No.514452

6ead91  No.514656

Request ban on foxdickers and Chijo. Those faggots are boring and rarely provide cocks

5611aa  No.514660

8chan stop calling turkish peoples for turkroach is fucking shit racist and your a foucking a racist asshole and stop racsim and stop cyber bully

6ead91  No.514662


Applying for /cow/ mascothood?

Hilarious JEWS has to see this.

6ead91  No.514665

Request new wordfilter

Turk =Turkroach

c85221  No.514666



cc21f1  No.514677


chijo is okay, foxdickers make us look good by making themselves look retarded



also, filter shu to "I like raping little boys" or something

6ead91  No.514683


And Kurenai 'Daddy raped me retarded'

The turkroach has tendency to come back, so it might be funny.

Also can emojis get world filtered?

6ead91  No.514694


On Hindsight worldfiltering 'shu' will have widespread effects. IE Shut up

Kurenai on other hand

My request: Word filter Kurenai and Turk

9a241e  No.514768

d4171c  No.514814

Shut up you racist

c657a3  No.515356

Can the BO post a full list of what the wordfilters are so I can avoid them?

I keep tripping them and it's fucking annoying. I know bee tee eff oh leads to the infuriating "PLEASE STOP TROLLING BRITBONG" but there are others as well.

9a241e  No.515412


there's a link on the opening post.

0766bb  No.515426


I get trolled too

fd486c  No.515738



>pretending to be serife

c5779d  No.516413

File: 6ca9c87ab031cdc⋯.jpg (1.75 MB, 3264x2448, 4:3, 6ca9c87ab031cdc18367973382….jpg)

File: 52bc8077893d933⋯.png (141.68 KB, 454x288, 227:144, 920fe6c5e86d513d06caaf54d8….png)

File: 78670cb96818461⋯.png (208.39 KB, 593x620, 593:620, 78670cb9681846168ee4e65646….png)

File: 8163c1626bc16b8⋯.jpg (12.23 KB, 252x255, 84:85, e1dc90728b4bd23f7090f242f8….jpg)

I request a bumper for our friend, chijo. He's been here for over a month now, and it's clear he's not going away, we should welcome him into his new permanent home

Im' thinking his ugly mug is enough for most people who have been here regularly for about a month and a half but he's been sperging hard outside of /cow/ as well for years now, so plenty of cocks to choose from

Here are some potential ideas

c5779d  No.516414

File: 2923eb13b14efb9⋯.png (2.26 MB, 1580x2397, 1580:2397, 2923eb13b14efb98dee4a09569….png)

File: 988a93d05568809⋯.png (3.1 MB, 1550x2639, 1550:2639, 988a93d05568809710ad3e6414….png)

File: 89bf2a53154ec5e⋯.png (572.16 KB, 1220x1360, 61:68, 89bf2a53154ec5e3a77eebd189….png)

File: 4e3341338c63fed⋯.png (862.02 KB, 801x1448, 801:1448, 4e3341338c63fed02cd232a67f….png)

File: 665ef60c67bc330⋯.png (2.54 MB, 1628x2964, 407:741, 665ef60c67bc330997e26d2f9a….png)


Alternatively, you can make a gif that scrolls down thru all of this autism. This one is self explanatory even for people who never even heard of this tranny

b7749f  No.516509

Go away you shit 8chan you still cyber bully me you shit racist

4543d3  No.516537

File: 4e5fa9cd1af5781⋯.png (459.85 KB, 685x800, 137:160, 4e5fa9cd1af5781eb4c695f366….png)



Yeah, I think pic related is better, this fucking selfie is more exploitable, and looks more lulzworthy. Plz keep funny.co tag, or replace with /cow/ if you're going to use it


Nobody would bully you if you just killed yourself, turkroach

4543d3  No.516538

File: 57cd62005f55a4b⋯.png (396.44 KB, 684x800, 171:200, 57cd62005f55a4b244b93b8151….png)


that's not what I wanted to fucking post, fuck

This one is more exploitable

56db49  No.517294

File: e2b18ec5f339b2a⋯.png (57.74 KB, 300x100, 3:1, 500 hours in ms paint.png)



Something like this? I know it looks like a squished turd, but I can't be bothered to make anything better. Now stop flooding the thread with this newfag


and you're still ugly and have cooties, so we're even

a037e7  No.517385

Shut up you all racist

a037e7  No.517386

Shut up you all racist and stop anoying me

56db49  No.517407

5e6dca  No.517916

Yes you furfrag racist

56d5df  No.517945


>furfag racist

Okay, cut the shit, you're not real kari, right? that was too good for that downy to think up herself

116bfe  No.518210

File: 95749f246655ac1⋯.gif (40.33 KB, 300x100, 3:1, lovely.gif)

File: 40b146fd2b95332⋯.png (68.88 KB, 300x100, 3:1, almost.png)

Have some banners featuring an lolcow love triangle. One is a .gif and the other a .png. The .gif is preferred but you can upload anyone.

7e7821  No.518480

File: 56ee899064c4f16⋯.jpg (32.74 KB, 960x533, 960:533, FB_IMG_1533896394000.jpg)

Removed that shit i am with my love shu kurenai you shit racist asshole 🖕

bc2c99  No.518509



Anime is for people, not islamic turkroaches

9a241e  No.518684

File: 819611829949ff8⋯.jpg (43.62 KB, 250x250, 1:1, 1399153429054.jpg)

428378  No.518690

File: 2a836ea386720a5⋯.png (529.67 KB, 1300x2075, 52:83, 8chan winter ball.png)

Does /cow/ already have its own board-tan by any chance? I need it for research purposes.

82c74c  No.518718

File: 660397ecc62aff7⋯.jpg (28.8 KB, 400x400, 1:1, cwc.jpg)

f0eece  No.518740


Turkroach-tan. The hambeast wanted it after all

4db1ab  No.518763

I anime is not haram you shit and i dont want that shit thread 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕

e0c9f0  No.520770

File: 767c4e197e95962⋯.png (7.11 KB, 250x202, 125:101, Shitwojak.png)


Oh of course you're fantasies are ok (Under Turkish Law)

It involves stat Rape against a 11 year old after all

Picture is your head

you have poo poo head

da5443  No.520778

Who's necrobumping?

9a241e  No.520954


protip: it's not necrobumping if the thread is stickied

da5443  No.520965


Bunch of worthless threads that had last posts 3 or 4 weeks ago were bumped with stupid replies. That's what i was talking about.

d10945  No.521175

Stop made fun of me you shit 8chan

9a241e  No.521350


oh. I thought you were talking about this thread

41b536  No.521418


They're doing it again, too. Bunch of two word responses on threads that had'nt been updated since March.

da5443  No.521478


It's probably britbong.

9a241e  No.521798


is there a rule that says they can't be reported for necrobumping?

9730d5  No.522042

File: 3fe0ae980e44bee⋯.jpg (112.54 KB, 720x480, 3:2, Anonchris.jpg)

File: c1dc4b7ea750041⋯.jpg (197.45 KB, 1241x877, 1241:877, 132075299974.jpg)

File: 4fbffdcd03d7785⋯.jpg (92.78 KB, 400x400, 1:1, croose.jpg)


We've had several over the years.


Have you considered relying less on canned responses? You're not going to irritate Britbong into a funny response by throwing around the same autistic abbreviation as his underage Discord harem.



It's usually Britbong. At least he isn't requesting CP anymore.

d75882  No.523223


>that second pic

Poor Bob

24beb8  No.523245

File: 91753f0fcf05b64⋯.jpg (71.12 KB, 772x507, 772:507, oy vey.jpg)

Is /Cow/ getting trolled by other boards?

251b61  No.523313


The question is:

When is cow not getting trolled by other boards?

d32436  No.523860

Don't know where to post this, but I found a rare memory holed video: https://files.catbox.moe/mp1xv2.mp4

4a4c5f  No.523938


Of course your shitty board gets fucked with. Have you not seen the state of it? None of you faggots can troll for shit. JEWS should shut it down, get on his knees, and beg Josh to teach him how to do his job properly.

78f9d5  No.523953


Not even Seanieb would take that bait.

491f21  No.524449

Wordfilter suggestion: Donka/Tonka -> Dinglebert

366e30  No.525390

Please filter BLOODSPORTS with dead lmao. ibs has been dead for months and the cyclical is jewtube drama.

9a241e  No.525683


I'm not so sure that filters work retroactively

366e30  No.525753


I just want the sticky changed into something post-ibs.

aacc44  No.525773

Please unban S'Arais or at least reduce the length on his ban. I want him to sperg out more.

9c993f  No.525783


Yeah I'd like that too but the way these faggots act they'll send there drones in here and try to garner more attention. Look at the state of some of the "lolcow" threads, also I'd agree with having a tranny general thread with archives concerning, Dialationdonequick, Cosmo, Jerry Peet, and the other Youtube related ones, even if we dont have coxx on them yet. (Like limpdick Contrapoints).

0c5b25  No.525838

Jiff Jiff

That's what foxes say

4a4c5f  No.526130



What's the matter? I thought you faggots wanted to compete with Mark for the most retarded sticky on the site. /cow/s gamergate general highlights how far this place has fallen. You should all urge JEWS to delete this board and go ask Josh to let you have foxdickfarms accounts at least than you'd be able to learn how to properly troll by watching the masters at work.

c43867  No.526202

File: 690803d6677891d⋯.png (1.38 MB, 2160x1202, 1080:601, 690.png)


Learn to troll like you? I'll pass.

9a241e  No.526478


wtf are you talking about? nothing you complained about even exists here.

if you're dealing, you're not supposed to sample your own product

145b2d  No.526696

File: 8d14ed96b41e792⋯.jpg (228.08 KB, 750x1000, 3:4, dark_god.jpg)


>watching the masters at work





41652a  No.526722


What's moderation?

e997de  No.529314


I'd bet money that you're probably the same idiot from the IBS cyclical that keeps saying Kraut is going to dox everyone on /cow/.

ac9241  No.529454

A few requests I would like to make.

1. Delete low effort threads(personal army threads, gossip and drama that has no lolz.)

2. Delete threads that have nothing to do with Lolcows whatsoever(attack this guy on the left attack this guy on the right. Right wing Lolcows left wing Lolcows they results in nothing funny being postedz attack on E-celebs that have nothing funny on them)

3. require that threads have high effort posts document some form of lolcow behavior and why we should consider them Lolcows. Document their behavior and funny footage post it on the threads.

If the BO or Board Volunteer could do this and cleanup the board kicking off dumb posters. You would see /cow/ rise again. All I have seen is personal army threads, low effort posting and calls to attack general people without anything of substance. If this does not change soon and have any adherence to a rule structure. This site will continue to go the downward path it has been going.

ac9241  No.529455


That is true and I hate how this board has turned into that with boring drama. I hope we can report threads to be deleted as well due to shitting up the board.

9a241e  No.529674


many such threads could simply be bumplocked. we've even had a few such threads necrobumped for no reason other than the bumper forgetting to sage.

ac9241  No.529871


Agreed we need to have the BO start to bump lock a lot of stupid threads. Maybe even change the rules and refer them to ED and have examples of what a lolcow is and what its not.

9730d5  No.533154



You should consider actually reporting whichever threads these are. The literal one rule we have covers all of the above.

de482d  No.533331

Am I the only one who likes the new theme?

de482d  No.533402


t. Colorblind faggot

10e77f  No.533416

Could you change the theme back?

I'm not trying to meme on you or some bullshit, the older one was much better and this one is ugly. Don't act like a major corporation and refuse to undo something bad.

4f0da6  No.533420


Yeah and that shit 8chan site is still racist for bully me and there made fun of me

f1f582  No.533424


It's obviously a temporary thing just wait it out

9730d5  No.533430




>If you're on the spectrum and you wish to revert these temporary changes, you can use the backup copy of cow.css here: https://pastebin.com/mwsVagaw.

You can alternatively disable board-specific style sheets in your 8chan Options.

d3cd23  No.533431

eef53b  No.533444

File: 6040d7e99d8a4c4⋯.png (749.7 KB, 1242x1038, 207:173, ClipboardImage.png)

dfa79e  No.533491

File: 19940330a38dff2⋯.jpg (55.56 KB, 450x450, 1:1, 1494623104814.jpg)


Reverse midas touch.

10e77f  No.533751



>implying I can read

You guys think too highly of me.

31d5b7  No.533778


You can always just set your own css. I think we should keep this theme. Its cool and keeps the glow in the dark CIA niggers from infiltrating.

de482d  No.534032


I find this CSS clear to read.

Oi, Jews if you're here publish this CSS later. I find /cow/ easier to use.

5b26a1  No.534034


I gotta be honest, after about 5 minutes I found this so good it's almost perfect.

f331b0  No.534036


Strongly disagree

d3cd23  No.534050


Inspect Element

de482d  No.534073


It's not crammed and gives me old UseNet vibes.

Everything is easy to read, to write and browse. I for one would love to use this as a theme.

9730d5  No.534116




I borrowed this style sheet from >>>/templeos/, so its author published it here: https://8ch.net/stylesheets/board/templeos.css. It will remain there until some sperg claims the board and erases it.

de482d  No.534121


Saved,thanks m8

9c993f  No.534618


Britney Venti said as much in that Warski stream about kekistan and AP flipped his spergy shit

Also unrelated but can we get a night theme of Temple-OS?

57b319  No.535287

You are full of shit 8chan lolcow you are racist

a4f780  No.535354

Wtf this shit now? I can't create a thread about mentally ill trans!

d540e9  No.535405

what's with all the donny long posts?

ad2199  No.536138



d3cd23  No.536296

gud theme

9730d5  No.536299

File: 26b35d75b3d28a8⋯.jpg (168.62 KB, 640x853, 640:853, ham.jpg)

Four years without /cow/ being taken down by its own fagmins. We've successfully cured our own autism.

Happy 9/11, /cow/boys. Enjoy the party.

f331b0  No.536382

Jesus Titty-fucking Christ, I thought the last theme was the most eye-splitting thing possible. Guess I was wrong.

f9f349  No.536595

I miss the Terry's theme inspired by his temple OS aesthetics, wish there was a way to use it forever.


You have 'tism!!11one

9730d5  No.537002


See >>534116. Use Stylish, Stylus, or 8chan's options.

9a241e  No.537259

requesting wordfilter: meat -> penis

da5443  No.537480

Why is the donny long faggot keep spamming pornography everywhere?

9730d5  No.537483


He seems to think that all /cow/ threads should be about Donny Long.

da5443  No.537484


I take it that he is bouncing around vpn's or public hotspots. Is the best thing we can do to help the mods is reporting the threads/posts?

5b3467  No.538578


Autism and homolust


For now. He gets worked up and does this for a few weeks every couple of months.

9a241e  No.541002

requesting a bumplock be placed on >>443257 due to its OP having abandoned the thread for >>470770 and other people necrobumping / forgetting to sage

7500bf  No.542021

What's with the shitty amateur porn spam? Who's the faggot spamming and what's his agenda?

dfa79e  No.542502

File: 95b84b7bfd0354b⋯.jpg (939.11 KB, 2284x2434, 1142:1217, 95b84b7bfd0354b592549d0403….jpg)

Change the septic OP to something like this. There's no more blood sports, there's no more Warski live, and nobody gives a shit about the cuckmite.

b530c2  No.542717

Wow. now repeating digits are highlighted!!1 Ok, this is epic my fellow based goys.

Edit: Thanks for the gold, fellow redditors. XD

9730d5  No.542844


Should anything else change in the OP? Should I ask Homor to write another?


Choke it down for two more hours.




See >>537483.

dfa79e  No.542867


>Should I ask Homor to write another?

May as well.

e962f2  No.543231


you should have a Sargon thread at this point.

7500bf  No.544714



Change it to anything at this point.

31d5b7  No.544890

forgive my ignorance but I wanted to set the default /cow/ css to temple_os but it's missing a few features when I just use:

@import "http://stylesheets/board/templeos.css"

31d5b7  No.544892


also, I did not forgget the "https://8ch.net/"; its just a typo in my last post

9730d5  No.545117



Try copying and pasting the style sheet into the Themes field, saving, and reloading.

b6cbd9  No.545594













31d5b7  No.546254

File: f3e2107e35ad162⋯.png (21.69 KB, 1263x453, 421:151, templeoscss_broken.png)

File: a245070b11a070c⋯.png (94.77 KB, 1283x731, 1283:731, templeoscss_normal.png)


thanks fro the suggestion but unfortunately its the same issues. I could probably figure it out if I had the time, but I just don't care enough.

5b71ed  No.550850


Because Sargon is a faggot.

9a241e  No.551657


lol, pajeet finally saw that banner and sperged out at >>551094

even funnier, he thinks he can dox the board admins

de482d  No.551731

File: 7c6519e3fe2de3b⋯.png (324.88 KB, 1868x646, 934:323, Someone is mad.png)

Kero's asspals, /tv/ BO, that faggot obsessed with Eddie?

Reported all of these, you're welcome

ad2199  No.551786

File: 72cfd7fb2c750e9⋯.png (247.83 KB, 738x595, 738:595, shroombird.png)

who the fuck is posting all the black cocks

e6d391  No.551794

eh you shit racist site you have one problem there post a nasty post on your website

dfa79e  No.551804


Well a certain Carl got banned from twitter for posting gay interracial porn once.

9a241e  No.552588


/pol/ has a theory

d540e9  No.553099


what is it?

f740e7  No.554196

18b136  No.554721


Apply it on top of Yotsuba B.

f297bf  No.556064

Is there a way I can use to watch the charity stream of moralfaggotry without using (((jewtube)))

ac5bd7  No.556774


Hey JEWS can you filter retarded into r slur?

ac5bd7  No.556777



43c67b  No.556874


Better to censor it to "high IQ".

bfb9be  No.558126

File: 93efb99309c11ae⋯.jpg (1.14 MB, 1370x1684, 685:842, liberalists mugshot lineup….jpg)


I updated that pic with known names

01de60  No.558175


d540e9  No.559305

File: 6ab338447d66139⋯.png (53.95 KB, 158x142, 79:71, so i heard you like curvy ….png)

holy shit

who in the fuck did we anger this time to warrant all this HRT spam

89439f  No.560820

Jews or Homor, could you revive 189chan so we can be indy again for a little while?

41652a  No.562904

Where did the Jim filters go you faggots?

86bde6  No.568593

Please make the default anonymous name Josh.

da5443  No.569174


Stop promoting this fucking loser. No one cares about his Chris Hansen rip-off pedo hunter pay-to-view bullshit, his shitty hydewars, crush500.

145b2d  No.569690

File: bb92248508c7202⋯.gif (3.03 MB, 480x270, 16:9, shitpost.gif)


can anyone stop you?

9730d5  No.569839



You can start a Sam Hyde thread, but the OP should make it clear that he's a has-been who floats checks and fucks jailbait. And no, don't shit in our street.





41652a  No.574057


I don't think he went full retard over the show being cancelled. He lost a shit load of cash and his career to liberal whining, he had a legit reason to bitch.

fucking jailbait is hardly cow territory either. everyone able to in entertainment is doing si.

you need some sperging not just being a prick,

54e978  No.575755


i haven't been on the cyclical other than one post the other day, keep up the stories fag lmao.

86bde6  No.577460

File: 24e82cd65e127a6⋯.png (893.42 KB, 1214x1109, 1214:1109, 24e82cd65e127a6fd8596d8992….png)


>damage controlling

>namefagging while damage controlling

c1a1e1  No.578347


The need must arise every time the previous one fails

5e124d  No.589916

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Drallasta deserve his own thread


af04a1  No.591319


Lmao nigga cut his dick off lmao

cce8e5  No.591706

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Any background on this mysterious lolcow?

He used to be popular on liveleak.

f0eece  No.593680

Request ban on sight on Eddie

d540e9  No.593751

ab6377  No.595974


Seconded. Eddie isn't funny or deserving of the attention.

2f1b06  No.596790


>half of them are literal whos

2f1b06  No.596796

filter suggestion:

internet = interwebs/interweebs

86bde6  No.599599

File: 57b82d271a28e45⋯.png (51.62 KB, 923x238, 923:238, ClipboardImage.png)

Can you hide the board a while? The IBS thread is exploding and /cow/ is about to go front and center in the top boards list.

1685f8  No.600338


Just spam gore and have fun you killjoy faggot

54e978  No.609984


Failures name is Jorge Esposito

41652a  No.613406

Does the board now have more cows than users? I've noticed a lot of the recent threads have the threads focus in them trying to damage control.

41652a  No.613407


Better solution would be to word filter the names.

41652a  No.613417

There's an avatar fag in the Chris chan thread. Won't make a post without some pedo cartoons. Any chance of some jolly good moderation?

c4b2de  No.613665


>pedo cartoons


kys fag

e91155  No.614189


this triggers the pedophile

41652a  No.615162


D-don't call anime pedo cartoons. They're very deep and for ADULTS. Yea, Lucky stars not pedo bait now is it?

c4b2de  No.615646

File: 19489a00a4211fb⋯.png (540.07 KB, 720x1034, 360:517, proxy.png)



Imagine being this much of a cuck.

54e978  No.619007

soygon and zoom are exchanging tweets now wtf

d6d50c  No.625690

For some reason, the boards CSS takes a lot of CPU

9a241e  No.625961


what OS and browser do you use?

d6d50c  No.626287


I'm using Chromium with Devuan.

d6d50c  No.626288



Just checked with FF

It some issue with chromium

ce5024  No.627742



So far I haven't reproduced it. If I had to guess, I'd say it's the animated redtext. Try using this in your custom CSS:

span.heading {
animation: none !important;

65f85e  No.629509

stop trolling peoples you shit racist 8chan cow

2db937  No.629587


Stop being fat, pedophile.

523386  No.630773


How did your inbred ass even find this place?

26194c  No.631072

why are you fags shitting up the thread?

41652a  No.638038

I'm just saying if all the IPs of the tranny fags happened to appear on /baph/ it would be nice to get those child abusers doxed and arrested like Kero.

9a241e  No.645126

the foxdicks are at it again…

suggesting a few wordfilters to countertroll them:

Donny Long -> Donald Trump

Eddie -> Chris-chan

deb236  No.649471

The link for the settings no longer works. Takes me to an error page

9a241e  No.649478


remove "%E2%80%8A

" from the end of the URL

86bde6  No.651001


The /cow/munnist board collectively requests you add a wordfilter for

vee -> sargon

ce5024  No.651116

86bde6  No.651123



99cac2  No.651296

File: ae2b0349e5200b0⋯.jpg (184.71 KB, 670x1191, 670:1191, sargon_of_akkad_t_shirt_co….jpg)


1129eb  No.653896

Discord spics.They shit post like them

1129eb  No.653908

Did QOP give up?

I got his outline

1129eb  No.653919

Fuck it. Byran and the discord assholes.

They are tryin gay opps. They talk about it all the time.

Fuck you Bryan. You cant Dox me asshole

08aa2d  No.654478


Filter suggestion

>mate and m8 into mayte

Also is it possible to add a whole bunch of names to a pool, where one will be randomly assigned to your ID/IP? Could be fun, just add a bunch of septics and lolcows to the list. 420chan does that

842f90  No.656638

Mods please consider filtering "Ralph" to "BLACKED jcaesar187" or something to that effect? Thanks in advance.

33ab43  No.658688


Please filter the word Jesus to Sargon

ce5024  No.659419


/b/ and /z/ used to do that too! It would be nice if 8chan boards could do it.

33ab43  No.661244


Request to filter the word "Mad" or "Angry" to "Upsetti Spaghetti"

bd848c  No.670742

Help me in my fight to take down foxdickFarms.

e854dd  No.671292

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Does /cow/ think vid related is funny?

35c30a  No.672731


I would tell you to kill yourself, but I just found this board today so I can't speak for anyone. However, I can confidently diagnose this as Post-Millennium Attention Deficit Hypo-Activity Disorder. Nothing makes sense. The cuck bf who thought this would be funny is just an other lost soul who got anal raped by our lack of an education system.

So, I reckon no. /cow/ probably doesn't find this funny.

3c99e2  No.672892


She's the unfunniest bitch I've ever seen. Not sure why Dr Phil would collab with her. Btw does she deserve a dedicated thread?

86bde6  No.673020

Eric Striker -> Sargon of Akkad

Striker -> Sargon

Please save the board J​E​​​WS.

35c30a  No.673023


If you're willing to sift through that kind of shit in bulk and find some gold nuggets, then I don't see why not. I am not willing. I will not put myself through an other one of those again. Not in the lol/cow/ spirit I guess.

ce5024  No.674772



I guess I don't need to use spaces to preserve links anymore. The link is fixed.


Done. Be sure to tell me when you're sick of the Sargon filters.

86bde6  No.675151


Can you rename the IBS thread back to JewTube Rational Skeptics Thread #∞?

97a254  No.676020


It has to be number 9 in accordance with tradition

4535f3  No.677519

Sargon Filters Über Alles.

dca4d2  No.679463

Can we filter Null into King of /pol/. Or hell, King of /null/.

c4b2de  No.680261

>someone's bumping all the ancient aero threads with the intent to make the topic persona non grata here

>all this begging for kampfy/pol/ levels of wordfilters

dbcadd  No.681519

nigger test

08269f  No.682621


I agreed

btw, post memes about him

efc97e  No.685224

File: d5d00b6df8a8063⋯.png (790.97 KB, 592x1348, 148:337, e64.png)

How much does Sargon suck down your seed to keep moderation status here bro? Nigga has as much place moderating a lolcow board as a schizophrenic has running a psychiatric ward lmaooooooøøøø

efc97e  No.685225


a79f7b  No.685364

you are full of troll you fucking 8chan lolcow

da9b42  No.693078

I have a great original idea. How about we filter "Anonymous" for "Sargon"? That would be fucking funny, no?

1dc025  No.693279

requesting tranny thread is stickied to stop them necro bumping stuff to hide it.

8de0a2  No.698448


There's no need. Necrobumping and slide threads are exceptionally easy to counter. As long as you keep the thread updated with good posts I'll keep the board clean.

fd486c  No.700549

Bann all weeb discussion and anime pictures.


a79f7b  No.700898

fuck off you shit troll site fuck you haters

84c584  No.703567

Classic male pattern baldness. He'll have to start shaving his head by the time he reaches 21 or else it'll look embarrassing. Why is it that all spics bald like this? Bald Fuentes the Incel ,, wow what a future

a241ea  No.710850

File: 4aa39cbf2842876⋯.png (716.26 KB, 592x1348, 148:337, venti cow.png)

af367d  No.712801

File: 8ed1393c5d9732b⋯.png (211.28 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 1547575193366.png)



e94f67  No.724937

Filter suggestions:

Cowboy = Sargonite

Board = Sub

Own = Strangle

Owned = Fucking got 'em

CivNat = Neonazi Troll

Saga = TWIS

America = Kekistan

rofl/lmao/lol/etc = Smugly Chuckles

8de0a2  No.724995


My suggestion:

Sargon = Snergen

Akkad = Flergen

3e297c  No.725569


alex is back https://www.stream.me/danishpolice unlike his dead fiance

3e297c  No.726939


he's still 5'7 lol

145b2d  No.728844

File: 210e73a736b0128⋯.gif (1 MB, 440x280, 11:7, giphy (28).gif)


If you want to fuck with Alex find out if the fiance was ever real or if he's ever really been in the Army. Hearing him fumble details about it in his last spergfest I'd bet neither claim is actually true.

27a95e  No.729077

Filter Suggestion:

Sarais = da bes

2671cf  No.733836

Requesting the default name be changed to Aron

275dfe  No.734254

File: b23c73139bc2a27⋯.jpg (131.27 KB, 662x575, 662:575, b23c73139bc2a2785a8b3ad377….jpg)


You mean Aaron anon

bb5a92  No.736416

File: cf6dc5497282c46⋯.png (496.55 KB, 1000x1070, 100:107, __akiyama_yukari_girls_und….png)


who is aaron?

a79f7b  No.738324

you mother fuckers leave peoples alone you shit bully people and 8chan cow is a crime website and a bully website and stop bully peoples and stop trolling the peoples and fuck off 8chan cow 🖕🏻🤬

37172d  No.744608

What did I miss?

Is Kraut actually being bullied by Andy?

8de0a2  No.744830

File: 89afc6fcdced6fd⋯.png (90.45 KB, 1200x960, 5:4, 01.png)

I know this thread is really more about the community asking staff questions, but I'm going to break that formula just a little bit. I want to ask you, the posters, some questions if that's alright.

>Do you think the mods should more strict against off-topic cocks or less?

>Do you think the general quality of threads/post has improved, gotten worse or stayed the same lately?

>How are you doing with all the IBS shit? Do you think it's still suffocating the board, or is it under control?

>Would you find it acceptable that some of the more interesting IBS-related cows (MundaneMatt, TonkaSaw) had their own individual threads, or do you think those topics should stick to the containment thread?

>How do you feel about the moderation on this board overall?

Feedback is greatly appreciated, we really like to help make the board as good as it can be.

13957d  No.746626



13957d  No.746633

>>Do you think the mods should more strict against off-topic cocks or less?

More strict.

>>Do you think the general quality of threads/post has improved, gotten worse or stayed the same lately?

Worse. It's no longer about lolcows, it's about spergs trying to get back at superior organisms that have ground them into the dirt and try to shitsmear with falsified info. See the "tristan anderson" threads.

>How are you doing with all the IBS shit?

I don't know jack and shit about this so I won't touch it.

c4b2de  No.746839


>Do you think the mods should more strict against off-topic cocks or less?

Less. You and YOU specifically go after people discussing related/side topics in threads all the fucking time. ESPECIALLY you SCREECHING like a fucking autist and hotpocketing the shit out of the shadman thread because some on-topic/related discussion of lolis happened.

>Do you think the general quality of threads/post has improved, gotten worse or stayed the same lately?

It's gotten worse. You have a couple threads that have been the same topic for years, a bunch of shitty PA requests and "not actually lolcows but slightly related". Meanwhile, people should remember a lot of old actual lolcow threads that mysteriously disappeared, like Secrios, whose thread was mysteriously locked before it slid off.

>How are you doing with all the IBS shit? Do you think it's still suffocating the board, or is it under control?

It's 90% of the activity here anymore, and the moderation around it is inconsistent as always.

A lot of threads about youtube-based lolcows get locked for being "eceleb" or whatever dumb shit while the board itself is taken over by eceleb shit, and half the cows are "ecelebs" anyway.

>Would you find it acceptable that some of the more interesting IBS-related cows (MundaneMatt, TonkaSaw) had their own individual threads, or do you think those topics should stick to the containment thread?

If they're actual independent cows with comedy that can be found, why not?

>How do you feel about the moderation on this board overall?

It's shit. You're a sperg, a fucking lolcow, that should not be a moderator at all, and the rest of the mods are shit for letting you still have power when you're banning people left and right for making you personally mad.

13957d  No.746870


>"not actually lolcows but slightly related"

Very this. Lolcow is somebody you can poke for lulz for stupid shit.

Many of these people are not lolcows but "Person I hate and should burn and die because i don't like them here's why please be my personal army!"

8de0a2  No.747622


>hotpocketing the shit out of the shadman thread because some on-topic/related discussion of lolis

That wasn't on-topic or related, it was a bunch of poltispergs moralfagging and making asses out of themselves., and not in a way that was particularly funny or interesting. And the most ridiculous part about all of it was nobody who was arguing back and forth in that thread was even talking about Shadman.

We're here to laugh at furries sticking bike-pumps up their ass, not get red in the face screaming at each other about the morality of artistic expression or some other sargonite bullshit.

>like Secrios, whose thread was mysteriously locked before it slid off.

Oh, the SFM guy? I haven't heard about him in what feels like years. From what I recall the thread was dead as a doornail by the time I bumplocked it, and was only really getting necrobumped a couple of times a month with no real content. We actually had a rule about locking anything that gets bumped after six months with no new content. It sort of came off to me like someone was trying to force the thread to stay alive because they had some kind of personal grudge with him and the thread was a PA gay op more than anything else. That's the impression that I got, and not a lot of people seemed to complain. This is the first I'm hearing about it in a long time.

IDK, SFM pony animators are a dime a dozen, and you'd be better off just making an "SFM animator general" or something and diversifying your portfolio. Plus, it'd be fun just to see some weird, cringy/funny videos. But then again, I said the same thing about Kraut threads, opting to turn them into "Skeptic Generals" and that ended up being kind of a complete fucking disaster, even if there are a few diamonds in the rough.

Post last edited at

c4b2de  No.747970


>laughing at a lolcow moralfag is totally different from [copying Jim's terminology]

I remember when we used to consider spergposters like that cows. One even got his own thread when he did it defending Spoony. You're just being a power tripping sperg as usual. Yet again why lolcows shouldn't moderate lolcow boards.

>SFM guy

What happened there is someone posted some dox-like and hidden cocks from the guy, it got (((deleted))) by a mod, then the thread was locked. I'm pretty sure someone's post with backups of the videos the guy deleted got wiped as well.

8de0a2  No.748091


>I remember when we used to consider spergposters like that cows.

Do you also remember how entire threads used to get catapulted into oblivion under mountains of posts arguing about the ethical nature of ancient jews, infant circumcision, marijuana laws and whether the democrats were all KKK? Because I do, and it sucked balls. That kind of thing is the kind of 'tism that isn't funny and ruins the board for everyone else.

>I'm pretty sure someone's post with backups of the videos the guy deleted got wiped as well.

You'll have to forgive me if I don't remember this all correctly, because this was what, four years ago? Had to be like 2015, right? Anyway, I don't remember doing any of what you're saying, but I believe you when you said I deleted the dox. Except in very rare cases, both me and Jews delete dox on sight.

As for video backups, I'm pretty sure I didn't delete anything like that, because having a backup of shit is always helpful to everyone. But again, this was like a hundred years ago, so I can't remember everything very clearly. I'm a little blindsided to be hearing about all this now because it was just so damn long ago.

a79f7b  No.748412

you fucking shit stop bully peoples there are not a cow there are human and shut up you shit 8chan cow 🖕🏻

4ac547  No.751203

I really dig the Spergfox banner. Nice touch /cow/.

a79f7b  No.752549

stop bully peoples you shit ass hole 8chan cow and the peoples not are cow there are humans do you understand you shit 🖕🏻😡🤬 asshole and you are stupid bitch you shit

13957d  No.754721

lol who is this nigger

give them a thread

83f8a2  No.760086

File: 0333b609acfa869⋯.jpg (45.55 KB, 426x600, 71:100, caligula.jpg)

representing the IBS containment thread, I humbly suggest filtering:

gator/gaytor = soundboard

gunt = reddit

dispatch = ra­lphalog

diogenes = ra­lphalog

we = hello fellow channers we

5d86af  No.763866


>gunt = reddit

Go away R­alph.

8de0a2  No.765665

File: 523dadc0eba0795⋯.jpg (71.69 KB, 526x640, 263:320, Dipper Pines angry.jpg)

I gotta hear about jcaesar187's fucking gunt every single goddamn day, what the hell IBS posters?

dd5719  No.769749


The gunt consumes all, including you and your zoomer cartoons, faggot.

c7cefd  No.772136


>Would you find it acceptable that some of the more interesting IBS-related cows (MundaneMatt, TonkaSaw) had their own individual threads, or do you think those topics should stick to the containment thread?

This shoukld be done carefully. IBS has a lot of cocks and activity becauses its all interrelated. You cant have an Andy only thread, without it having it be a constant back and forth with the gunt too. But if you dont fuck it up and maybe do it for people on the periphery, sure

80e689  No.772647

File: cbd7b6aad3e0f6a⋯.png (452.57 KB, 1069x748, 1069:748, 7571w8y3.png)

015771  No.774058

So, how do you all feel about /cow/ potentially surpassing /b/ in terms of active ISPs.

d510dd  No.776800


We really shouldn't be more active than /b/. That said, I'm tickled that we're ahead of /leftypol/.


I agree. The IBS crowd is definitely /cow/-worthy, but it's a nexus of autism that outpaces our bread-and-butter of non-IBS lolcows like Chris-chan, ADF, Timbox, and so on.

8d0977  No.778302


It just shows that 8ch is dying. Is there a backup plan? Please don't make me go to foxdickfarms, those dudes are fags.

6d9865  No.778836


Getting a lulcow to host the board until they get sour grapes - because of targeting their sacred cow -and repeating the process ad-nausea.

428378  No.780347

File: d6860b478942a34⋯.png (183.68 KB, 1370x549, 1370:549, 3af8aa3273544c1d4819f7d563….png)

File: 63c19bb3573377a⋯.jpg (289.18 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, tumblr_ntvo20ntNO1s0g3s3o1….jpg)

File: 1f542fd19e5b881⋯.png (208.33 KB, 504x566, 252:283, troid-scarf.png)

File: 234d78ba0ede7ce⋯.jpg (342.75 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, yurishitters ass pain.jpg)

Is it me or does 4/u/ deserve a dedicated thread? I'm noticing a pattern from the board as a whole that spans the past few years, and the recent 4/u/ spamming on this board is just icing on the cake. How much material do we need to create a thread?

041f65  No.780622


Make it dedicated to all Yuri boards. Go after our /u/ as well. One of the vols on 8/u/ was making and posting terrible edits of Shizuru on top of Blacked porn and pol reaction images and acting like this was good cocks that belonged on a Yuri board. He's apparently still at it making shitty read siege edits now along with other faggots from the irc. There was a hilarious convo where the other vol and the original BO called him out on it and the shitty vol agreed to stop. But he seems to have violated that now.

a30ca8  No.780694


Also there's that time when 8/u/ deleted every post with Yuru Yuri images without explanation when one of mods was made fun of for not having watched the show.

139145  No.780722


That whole dump was deleted by the bot after an anti-Korea poster reported them as CP. Some of the images were Korean and this upset him.

a30ca8  No.780842


No, the mods admitted to having personally deleted the gookshit on the IRC. They presumably deleted the yurus as well.

9a241e  No.790392

will something be done about the recent wave of necrobumping?

9f9155  No.791396

>brittany so mad she bumped every other thread to make her latest one disappear

9a241e  No.792032


>only to fail since several threads are bumplocked/autosaging

8de0a2  No.813805

File: 81a88942be377ce⋯.jpg (33.02 KB, 640x640, 1:1, funky_mode.jpg)

Just a quick heads up: If you see a post by "Johnny Giggilo" or "Donny Long", or a thread about either of these utterly unexceptional individuals, report and ignore. They are both attention-starved people and any replying, positive or negative, only fuels them.

I saw 13 people reply to one of these threads as if it were a real thing. Don't do it.

You stay classy, /cow/.

f25f5b  No.817680

I just jacked off thinking about bad tits

f25f5b  No.817685


Oh no I meant to post this in the IBS cyclical

094690  No.820208


You failing faggot

f4135b  No.830134

Can we wordfilter Zoom to Pedophile Corey Barnhill?

c11a31  No.833624

Unrelated to 8cow, but still.

Is anyone getting cuck vibes from lolcow.farm?

da5443  No.833950


Dude, like hit on the women there, man. We were going to have a coed dance social, but it fell through because we couldn't afford to bus them over to our camp.

8a945e  No.839060

Anyone got a restream link? Zoom is larping for some reason

0add4b  No.841344


No, Zoom made this.

19e480  No.841934

File: 1ede606e3f9689b⋯.jpg (285.15 KB, 800x1640, 20:41, big if true.jpg)

I think we need a more diverse moderation team, this is the only we way we can effectively stop the fragrant hate speech in this board.

Please, read pic related, we really really need to do something.

Thank for your time.

196b62  No.842873


<Joshie boy trying to do a funny

97a254  No.844674

Catalog is getting flooded

ef6a59  No.844687


>he thinks the mods give a shit

f433bb  No.848936

File: c3ae7d484400d9d⋯.png (124.71 KB, 1292x628, 323:157, ralph.png)



4e9851  No.852594


4b5c2e  No.855172

Hey lads. Anyone got a link to the stream or clip of jcaesar187 getting PLEASE STOP TROLLING BRITBONG, HIS PARENTS ARE BEATING HIM AND HE WON'T STOP SCREAMING AT US IN DISCORD'd by his own paypiggy? I heard it happened yesterday

fcc0ca  No.856065

File: 190d842a58f8529⋯.png (23.12 KB, 300x100, 3:1, ClipboardImage.png)

Hey JEWS, make this a banner.

d510dd  No.856816

21f613  No.859373

Is there some new mod who can't keep his mouth shut and keeps blog posting? I'm noticing a lot of mod blog posting lately and it's fucking annoying.

Mods should not be visible, they should be posting as other anons and only cleaning up problems or answering questions when requested not writing blog posts on moderation.

<So like this post is so dumb and like I decided to like leave it up and like my dad totally didn't buy me the new iphone


da5443  No.859897


Got any examples? I haven't seen any mods blog posting.

8de0a2  No.860032

File: 017b1b6c5c60294⋯.png (24.16 KB, 1630x414, 815:207, Banned Bitch Boy.png)


21f613  No.860211




Absolutely no reason for this shit. It's not funny and it's not interesting. It's just a faggot mod who's likely more of a cow than half the people here from the way he's acting.

Jews get your shit together and stop being a normalfag leaving the board to whatever IRC circle jerker you promoted.

8de0a2  No.860682


So basically

>The mods won't let me shit up the board and make fun of me when I complain so JEWS MAKE THEM SHUT UP NOW!!!!

In other words, you're a little bitch. Got it.

c03069  No.861132

File: 19c8da661a74978⋯.jpg (40.44 KB, 300x100, 3:1, arthur.jpg)

File: c17ac117e1e06f0⋯.jpg (36.78 KB, 300x100, 3:1, blowjoblips.jpg)

File: 6dd60896873ccaf⋯.jpg (40.92 KB, 300x100, 3:1, coandchi.jpg)

File: b5faec2b0201110⋯.jpg (20.47 KB, 300x100, 3:1, dogs4u.jpg)


>Mod continues to be a fag

Well nothing new there. I don't shit up the board faggot. Stop deflecting and just admit you're an attention seeking faggot. Mods should be like janitors, covered in shit and silent.

Hey jews here's some banners, consider it a bribe to get this fag back in his cage.

8de0a2  No.861157


Yeah, that's the problem: if a mod talks at all, you get pissy. That's autistic.

Some good banners here, though.

c03069  No.861186


A mod shouldn't stand out from the community. It's attention seeking behaviour unless it's "Stop it or get banned faggot" or something only a mod can do that's relevant to the topic. Like when a mod points out someone being a faggot and mass reporting posts while white knighting a cow.

I hold these weird values about being anon. What can I say?

dbb680  No.861265

File: 9df6207968926f6⋯.gif (787.07 KB, 480x360, 4:3, bravo.gif)


Ye dood, you absolutely dindu nuffin when you banned that faggot for no reason. He's just a retard who was totally shitting up the board by making a joke, so he got what was coming to him.

Also keep attention whoring, the crowd loves it. Infact, the best course of action on here is to antagonize everyone, it's a great way of asserting dominance. How about, everytime you ban someone, you post your smug face with a timestamp? And remeber to call everyone who dares to criticize you a fag and banhammer them.

Honestly JEWS, did he suck your dick mate?

c03069  No.861293

File: 03b50b926408c5e⋯.png (597.55 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 03b50b926408c5ea393a1a621f….png)


I like this guy. He knows whats up.

a9b2ba  No.861297


Can we get confirmation if this was Nickposter? Only he’s ever referred to the NZ shooter as “Tarrantino” and this just gives me a big thonk.

8de0a2  No.861529


I won't get into specifics, but I can say with 100% certainty that it was, in fact, the Nickposter, and this particular tantrum he threw was after ALL of his posts were deleted.

To be more specific: I deleted all posts by his IP and banned him for constant bait, spam and shitting up the cycle thread. The post in the screencap wasn't the particular one he got banned for, it was just the one I pressed the button on. He seems to be posting a LOT less now he knows all his hard work attention-whoring can be erased with the press of a button.

Oh, and the reason the mods here post so much? Because we want to be 100% transparent with our userbase, so you guys know we're not screwing you over. You might think mods blogposting is super faggy, but it's a hell of a lot better than deleting shit just because we don't like it, or trollshielding people who donate to our patreons.

Post last edited at

c03069  No.861802


You don't need to blog post about it, there is a system where you can put on a reason for banning and it's recorded on the ban log. Something every 8ch board does.

There is a difference between transparent and attention seeking. And when called out on the later you immediately attacked the poster for pointing this out. Instead of blending into the anon culture you have immediately stood out as an attention seeker and a bad moderator. Which is impressive considering how easy it is to not attention seek on an anonymous board. It makes people wonder if you're a cow yourself and you've weaseled your way into a mod position through tits or blowjobs. But either way you've painted a target on yourself because you couldn't keep your shit together for five minutes and immediately started acting like you're anything but our bitch. You're here to clean up the porn spam and that's about it. No one cares about your opinions and there's very little worth deleting here outside of spam. You even used your mod powers to edit posts rather than writing an actual post so you stood even more trying to defend yourself.

tl;dr STFU blog posting queer.

cb62d8  No.861916


Do you even know where you are ? Jews is trying too hard to be null 2.0, and he particularly likes to blogpost with his mod tag on and trollshield his little clique, such as kopyboat

There is no such thing than a partial, non passive-aggressive lolcow mod, they're all attention seeking losers who live their lives through the screen as an online tough guy persona

ed295e  No.862190

Man new board and new people and all this traffic, and it's just a bunch of faggots screeching about mods. And the mod is arguing with people instead of just banning them.

Boy don't we all wish n0chan was still alive?

8de0a2  No.862204

File: 4b9ad74d8e23c65⋯.gif (222.53 KB, 350x340, 35:34, [propanes internally].gif)


>Banning people for expressing their opinions on the meta of the board in the meta thread

What do you think the purpose of this thread is, exactly?

c99f61  No.862225

== ((( TEST ))) ==

== (((TEST))) ==


c03069  No.862379


It's probably the mod on a VPN after he got his shit called out.

1b4b90  No.863890


it always felt like the real deal of a bunch of roasties gossiping to me. No memes, no OC, just a bunch of catty bitches bitching about other girls' weight, clothing, and makeup with no self-awareness that this imageboard shitposting thing is supposed to be entertaining in itself

ed295e  No.864056


I can assure you, and it can be verified by JEWS, that I am not the mod you're screeching at like a depraved faggot.

But while I'm here I'd like to just idly point out that while /cow/ has been on 8chan, the quality of the threads have shit the bed, there's nothing but furfags, downyfags, trannies, banned foxdicks (why have we stopped our ban foxdick policies, by the way?) and other such trollshielding fucktards who think they can walk around acting like they own the place when they weren't even here before 2014.

And the mods apparently are cucked beta faggots and Homor, apparently. Who let this shit happen?

8de0a2  No.864131


Then make a good thread.

You can complain about the problem, or you can be part of the solution.

9a241e  No.865275

who's the cocksucker bumping all the abandoned Foxworth threads? can a mod put a bumplock on those threads, or reduce the board's reply limit to 300?

2adc9e  No.865386

File: e7fcd0470d8b212⋯.jpg (66.8 KB, 996x272, 249:68, 7889741234.jpg)




I don't know what you faggots are sperging on about, the new mod is great. In fact, I believe nuMod is the best mod of them all, and here's why:

When some faggot in the trannypol thread doxxxxxxxxxed some poor guy, nuMod heroically came to the rescue. Of course, doxxxxxxxxxing is a practice that was always looked down upon on /cow/, it's an absolute no-no and it always has been. But instead of just banning and deleting the comment, our nuMod, like the big brain nigger that he is, fired up his jewgling machine first. Once he did, he found astonishing results. He found out, that Mark Zuckerberg is INFACT the CEO of facebook. Then, in his greatness and divine intellect, nuMod shared his discoveries with the board. Pic related

ed295e  No.865599


A drop of clean water in a septic tank does not fix a problem.

da5443  No.865647


Except for the donny long and other spam, /cow/ is the most on-topic of the large boards. The mods clean that spam up when they can. Can't be everywhere at once.

c11a31  No.866595

Why these threads are live?



8de0a2  No.869065


Yeah, we got the joke. It just wasn't funny.

127f86  No.872290

Filter suggestion:

Nick Poster > Spic Poster

Nickposter > Spicposter

bc7be9  No.873790

File: d34862b5571e3c9⋯.png (3.22 MB, 1370x2570, 137:257, expandedjewniverse.png)


update this

fb6b98  No.874096

I have a request does anyone have foxdick farms infographic?

ced2c0  No.874920

Why does Nicksperg keep ban evading and who is he?

657ee1  No.876186

File: 6e69f57a1169e30⋯.mp4 (Spoiler Image, 1.28 MB, 640x480, 4:3, removed.mp4)

((( Dึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึืึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึืึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึ )))


> Dึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึืึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึืึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึึ




f14ecf  No.876296



how the fuck do you even type this?

657ee1  No.876416

File: d5c7cd46f1a98e6⋯.jpg (193.45 KB, 633x600, 211:200, GOD_SAVE_THE_QUEEN.jpg)




da5443  No.876776

JEWS or Homor, did I report spam on this board last week?

da8dd0  No.876789

File: 1345fd68f738c0d⋯.mp4 (1.38 MB, 480x480, 1:1, 29148941_603336670015886_7….mp4)


cdbcaf  No.881502

Is doxxxxxxxxxing on here now forbidden? And if so, when did you fags implement this rule? Just asking for clarification.

171cf5  No.882636

File: 3f917f9673ef7b0⋯.jpg (112.64 KB, 498x473, 498:473, file.jpg)

We can all agree on the fact, that there currently is kind of a "Moral-shift" going on in the interwebs, a sanitization so to speak. Those of you, who are here long enough, know how it used to be and how it's becoming now. Is this board going with the trend?

The reason I'm asking can be found in the following two examples:

>doxing of subjects leads to deletion and banhammer (sometimes)

So I'm assuming, doxing on here is now forbidden (sometimes). Is there a reason or maybe some sort of incident, which led to this rule? When was this rule implemented?

>link of some anon livestreaming suicide on here got removed

I get that the thread should be locked, since it hasn't anything to do with lolcows, but why got the link removed? Why did you take us the chance to check if he did it or not?

It feels like we're starting to assert some sort of "light moral standart" and I really dislike that. Moralfagging was always very unappealing to most of us, so I don't see why it is necessary now.

8de0a2  No.882760


Doxing isn't forbidden per se, but if it isn't funny/relevant it usually just gets chucked out. We're here to laugh at retards, not ruin their lives. Not to mention that most of the time when dox are involved, it's usually a part of some faggy PA shit.

That being said, there are plenty of circumstances where it isn't a big deal, like when Chris Chan lists his home address and personal phone number in his own fucking video.

Post last edited at

d026a3  No.886697


Corey Barnhill also known as pedo zoom and pedo sped is bumping foxdick threads because his complete dox got dropped on there and he still understands /cow/ as his PA

it wasn't foxdicks btw and I will keep posting his credit rating, ssn, addresses, bank accounts, family and so forth till the child molester either disapears or does an hero. And sorry to the BO and his mods, you can't ban me

da5443  No.888379

File: e66959e84ce9a71⋯.jpg (41.5 KB, 992x558, 16:9, 170424_vod_reginald_denny_….jpg)

If all goes well, I won't be back. If it doesn't, I won't be back. Don't change /cow/.

8de0a2  No.888623


Don't be a fucking idiot. Call the Suicide Help hotline. There is no problem you could possibly have that's so bad you need to throw your whole life away.

56bd09  No.889004


Prepare. Don't act emotionally. Be sure about what you do, be 100% sure. If there is one tiny doubt, don't do it. Nobody will judge you, there are many other things you could do.

506dc6  No.890005

Why is there no Chris thread on the front page?

971e75  No.890685

Wheres Jews at? Did he suicide on HRT?

Why aren't the banners added?


There is.

edd60a  No.890731

Why do posts even remotely not going with the foxdick narrative of "Hirtes man bad *NPC FACE*"getting deleted, and posts that sperg out about how hirtes man was PLEASE STOP TROLLING BRITBONG, HIS PARENTS ARE BEATING HIM AND HE WON'T STOP SCREAMING AT US IN DISCORD epic style *BOTTOM TEXT* stay up?

Are you not allowed to make certain posts on here anymore? Are we officially on the same level as foxdick farms, where not sucking up enough to certain people and their whims will just get you banned? Sure seems like it. Please respond, I am very confused. The thread that pointed out how this place is just k i w i farms 2.0-electric boogaloo ironically is proving that this is just the case when you simply make the kind of posts that would get you banned on there will get you banned here as well, and that doesn't paint the posters here in good light

Again, just want a statement, I doubt hirtes would have enough brain cells to actually ask for a civil response like this

290442  No.890907


I am the law

3b27b5  No.891059


There's a new attention seeking faggot for a mod. He'll kill the board soon enough.

8de0a2  No.891061


There are no new mods. Everyone here has been here since 2017.

d510dd  No.891376


I only delete the dox of people who don't belong on the board, plus anything illegal like SSNs and other medical information. Other mods occasionally concede to dox reports, but I guess I'm fine with that, for two reasons:

1. Gamergate made doxing unfashionable on 8chan because its detractors used dox posts to smear us; and

2. 8channers are generally scared shitless of being doxed, more so than anyone else in /cow/ history–including actual schizophrenics like Lena Kochman.

I won't bend /cow/ culture for crossboarding faggots, but I also won't fault other mods for treating 8chan like 8chan. Could you imagine what the IBS thread would be like if Homor could attach posters' IP addresses as ban messages? At least six schools would be gunned down for that.


As far as I remember, I'm current on all the banners. Which ones did I miss?

c4b2de  No.891465


Don't lie. Doxes are deleted and banned if the IRC circlejerk wants to defend a cow. Your points about optics only prove his point. You're the same mods that ask for feedback, then reject all feedback that doesn't support and defend what you personally believe yourself.

6ec68b  No.891488


The new mods and board volunteers are pedophiles from discord, everybody knows it The doxes including ssns will be dropped in do time here and on foxdick

cb62d8  No.891846



No shit sherlock, the current /cow/ administration is part of the 789chan old guard, they've been literally bullied countless times by ED and called literally who trolls by anyone relevant and they still think they're the hardest motherfuckers on the internet, lol.




They're suck eachother's dick, like jews allowing Personal army threads because vankrause his long time 789chan cliquer, asked him to do so because he was butthurt of being cucked.

they used to have tranny mods and the admin was part of unironical sonic fanfic groups

rather pathetic if you think about it

cb62d8  No.891849

File: de68fda1e7ed8fd⋯.jpg (190.01 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, 1280px-GuessWho.jpg)

File: 79dbbf5ddaa97e2⋯.jpg (32.62 KB, 889x297, 889:297, erf.JPG)


forgot pics

6c5063  No.891879




Hahahaha https://youtu.be/DynBTBSHK6k?t=63 you know Jews deletes all negaive threads/posts about Kopy because he's infatuated with him.

6c5063  No.891881

File: 07644f94675e553⋯.png (4.93 KB, 1117x68, 1117:68, 3f5c56b2e0c0fd10c66b27f133….png)

File: e3553ddd7abfcd0⋯.png (49.78 KB, 817x319, 817:319, dd1ac3c7dbe0a2df00e43b388c….png)

File: c25bd4fedce33e0⋯.png (343.51 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, wtf.png)

File: fed23df6be91eae⋯.jpg (6.72 KB, 128x112, 8:7, mork.jpg)

d510dd  No.892078


Try writing a post in English and not Aspergese.



If we had a Krapple thread that had screenshots like the ones in your third image, instead of a single furfag from Britbong's Discord posting 200 pictures from Krapple's ED article run through shitty iPhone filters, then it wouldn't be a problem.

Does he even post anymore? The screenshots are all from 2016 and 2017. There aren't any recent screenshots in his article, either.

645912  No.892654


I wanted to ask you a question:

Is having a certain opinion on a cow against the rules on this site? Mujahadeen911 seems to think so, as I noticed him banning people for making posts he simply doesn't like for a while now. It always follows a similar pattern, actually:

>Hirtes is in some way mentioned

>Somebody asks what the devil they are talking about

>one of the few spergs(it's obviously a somebody from foxdick farms that posts in the cwc thread) that likes to talk about him vomits a tl;dr post about how they are super trolls that bullied an old man and how josh and foxdicks are saving the day from him

>somebody says something they don't like, don't find their "trolling" impressive or simply don't agree that hirtes is the worst human being on the planet

>said sperg accuses that poster of being hirtes himself

>not too long after, mujahadeen911 gives that person a, I assume, perma ban, with a cringy message like "day of the retirement home soon, old man!" or something along those lines

Now, I'm not going to accuse that mod of being the same person who always spergs out about hirtes in the cwc thread(and likes to leave his containment thread and sperg elsewhere about him), but this kind of behavior is something that you would see on foxdick farms, 100%, right down to the witch hunt when you say something that goes against josh's narrative, and a cringy "you just got owned!" message from the staff

So, I will ask again: Is it against the rules to hold certain opinions on this board? Is there some sort of unspoken rule that you simply don't mention some things, in fear of triggering certain moderators? I like hirtes, I was going to say this ironically, but after seeing how much he actually triggers some people, I mean it unironically now. Is this against the rules? Is making pro-hirtes posts against the rules on this board? I am being civil here, Hirtes would not do that, I would like a response from you. Like it or not, this one certain mod makes all of you look like some sort of expats from foxdicks farms, I do not believe that is the case(Yet), but facts speak for themselves, nobody but them gets this triggered over hirtes, hell, barely anybody but them even knows who he is, and if it wasn't for them coming here and sperging out about him, barely anybody here would know or care about him, so you can see how one might have an agenda, or at least it looks like it from their recent behaviour

d510dd  No.892775

File: 0f90a671be38a59⋯.jpg (47.75 KB, 565x600, 113:120, that fucking cruise.jpg)


/cow/ only has one rule, which is that posts must be on topic. There are no additional rules for whom the mods can and cannot ban.

cb62d8  No.892788



40ba0e  No.892800


If you do not chastise the dogs who protect your herd, they will run loose and your cattles will get disturbed. Especially so, if you start letting your cusins drooling retarded mongrel dog help protecting the herd.

cb62d8  No.892802

it turns out that jews is a 37 years old, pokemon-loving, korean steroid user. what a shock, lel.

cb62d8  No.892845


fuck, it turned out that i was digging cruzetor's dox, lmao

maybe another time

bcca4f  No.892865


So, if I want to make a pro-hirtes post, and announce my support for Hirtes, this is not against the rules? Good to know. I suppose that nothing would stop me from making a HDS(Hirtes Derangement Syndrome) thread as well, for all the little retards getting triggered over /cow/'s favorite old man in a fox suit, as long as it provides cocks and is "on topic"

Still, this doesn't change the fact that one of your mods/Volunteers is acting like a little bitch, and generally banning posts which would normally trigger a foxdicker. Might want to get your affairs in order with that, you can ask dysnomia how well moderation-staff related drama went for him

And if we're being 100% serious here, Hirtes-related posts should be banned on sight, and not allowed outside Hirtes containment thread. He should have one, last time I checked, and I don't mean the CWC thread, at this point, people sperging about him and propping him up as something bigger than he is caused more drama than the old man could ever actually do himself. Just look at the quality of CWC threads in the recent months, especially since cocks are drying up. Take a no-nonsense approach and ban anyone sperging out about the old man, like cuckchan used to do with bronies, and I guarantee you that the quality of threads(especially CWC threads) will go up

ccfa2e  No.893185

Jews, how do you feel about using a literal incel's meme? Cruzetor was a Korean steroid user incel who had a Tumblr blog about >tfw no average Korean gf. Homor is as higschooled kid who plays too much wow. Is there anyone in your inner circle who isn't a manchildren? It's funny considering you make threads about incel when your favourite meme was made by one.

4aee72  No.893743

File: c9f233c1f6b631c⋯.png (23.45 KB, 727x539, 727:539, Untitled.png)

It seems I was banned for "Having a gimmick"

Gimmick being stating my opinion? I thought liking Hirtes was not against the rules?

Also, I like how it is the post that shit on boomers, that got me, when his name implies he was active politically around dubya/bush era, making him most likely a boomer himself

Will having "I like Hirtes" or something along those lines, get me banned now? Is this against the rules? If you delete this, I will just repost this

4aee72  No.893755

File: 2efc1063afd6c10⋯.png (97.84 KB, 1816x453, 1816:453, Untitled06.png)


Since the boomer Mujahideen911 deleted my posts, over an opinion that I stated(That hirtes is funny, which he is), I will just repost this

Saying that Hirtes is funny is not against the rules. Is this board becoming a safe-space that bans people for having certain opinions? Again, I will keep posting this until I get an answer, I am a genuine Hirtes supporter, and a post on that thread was on-topic

d510dd  No.894117


Timmothy Cruzetor being an incel with a Tumblr is news to me, as is Homor being in high school, since that would put his age in the single digits when he started lurking /cwc/.




You seem to have confused /cow/ with blogspot.com. Try rereading >>892775.

d56827  No.894141


I meant homeschooled. What about your background on the internet ? I'm curious. You made a post on foxdicks about not banning someone on /cuteboys/, I'm confused here, are you a tranny ?

c73d77  No.894299

the mod homo dude is just lame, get rid of him

7d067f  No.894566


There's the cow and chicken once, arthur ones etc. Scroll up to where I call out the faggot mod for being a faggot.

a4a5cd  No.894609


this board is like 4/pol/ circa 2014. Everybody who counts has long been gone to the bunker boards and just shows up from time to time to confirm that /cow/ is shit

d510dd  No.894860


They should be up now. My bad.


Back when Null was an 8chan developer, we entered a gentlemen's agreement to break each other's links. I filtered k­i­­w­i to foxdick and he filtered /cow/ to /cuteboys/.


/cow/'s blue arms are here to stay. Robb and Gaben aren't coming back and neither is 2011. Just start good threads, report bad threads, and bask in the warmth of the autism spectrum.

7b1380  No.894872


instead of playing defense for a pedophile and protecting his personal data, you should close the cyclical and go on an IP range perma ban spree for a month or three, just saying

d510dd  No.894879

File: c412bfd006b613e⋯.jpg (180.97 KB, 468x895, 468:895, 0037c22b2dad4f4ef94ecb166f….jpg)


Tell me more about this pedophile that I'm apparently protecting.

7b1380  No.894891


depending on your definition of pedophilia, you might embrace pedo normalization of the kind of

>Hey guys I watched CP and it was so funny and edgy, I got so much attention


but the key statement is, close the cyclical and IP range ban obvious e-grifter, paypiggies and zelebs for three months or so. The cyclical is unfortunately no longer a containment thread, the trash can is so full it is spilling over

d510dd  No.894934


I won't tolerate pretending to be a pedophile as a trolling angle; an ironic request for child pornography is still a request for child pornography. This issue recently came up in 8ch.net's formerly official IRC channel, and I've taken the same stance there.

And as far as the IBS thread is concerned, it sounds like it's you against them.

fb5e3a  No.894943

File: cbccf503deadc10⋯.png (1.23 MB, 888x892, 222:223, Hitsa_57.png)


>I won't tolerate pretending to be a pedophile as a trolling angle

Alright got it, all I wanted to read. And if you are happy about the reddit traffic, not gone judge it. Have fun with 4pol 4.0. and please keep them on here as long as possible

aa2d00  No.896273


There is no going back to how things were before. Just accept that one more hobby got invaded by normalfags and try to find something new to occupy your time with before they show up to ruin that too.

aa2d00  No.896672

With the recent influx of faggots I'd like to request some new wordfilters.

Kittystyles/Kitty = DUDE WEED LMAO

Dispatch = XyriX 2.0

Bitwave = Doxwave

Plategang/Platespic = PedoClub

aa2d00  No.896749


Thinking more about this it would probably be more fun to wordfilter "bitwave" to "youtube" or something similar. All of the things I listed are from people attempting to attention whore in the IBS thread. They don't come here for much else aside from lifting OC to monetize. It'd be funny to see them starved of the attention they crave.

Kittystyles was mainly requested because it comes from the same group attempting to meme bitwave into a stream.me clone.

c4b2de  No.896834


For all the fuss homoer and his IRC buddies made about IBS "taking over the board", they managed to do that even with the only actually active thread on the board being their cyclical.The mods are moralfagging about bullshit and refusing to see the truth, that they have changed and gone soft. It's all because they're in this echo chamber called their IRC, which people still try to claim is any different from discord or other "mainstream" chat sites/apps.You have cows that are protected by having their dox (which is NOT illegal) deleted or threads shut down, and britbong IDF or someone LARPing as them constantly trying to discredit that argument by bringing brotbong's enemies into it.

The mods only listen to their echo chamber and dismiss every ounce of feedback they get on the board that isn't just praising them. Then, you have faggots like >>896749 wanting to flood the board with kampfy-era 8/pol/ levels of worthless and retarded wordfilters.

aa2d00  No.896869


>muh kampfy boogeyman

Ironic coming from a smugposter. One could just as easily call you kampfy for posting anime like they do on current year /pol/ all of the time. The word filters do a lot to keep faggots from using the board to shill themselves. Which is 99% of the problem with the IBS thread and all the newfags it drew in. It's just a bunch of e-celebs attempting to shill themselves and their paypigs doing damage control and shilling for free. When someone like CRP is doing it openly and getting praise for it (even ironically) you know there is a problem.

IRC is as bad as Discord I'll agree. Mods and vols are always in a hugbox of their own making no matter where you go. The moment they set-up a place to talk among themselves and namefag it's over. I'm not sure why you're even here if it has gotten this bad for you. You aren't going to get the old /cow/ back now that every paypig knows about this place. If it's that bad start a new board and be the BO we need instead of the one we deserve.

7d067f  No.897214

File: 0192ab85fc1f61e⋯.jpg (834.02 KB, 3000x2143, 3000:2143, 0192ab85fc1f61e97a26560bf8….jpg)


IBS did take over the board by killing traffic in the other threads. Instead of having a healthy cross pollination between threads you end up with all the cannon fodder sitting in the one thread and ignoring every other thread. This funnels most of your cocks to that single thread which then goes on to spoil the place even further. E celebs are always cancer and the IBS thread should be nuked just for how angry people would get over it at this point. It doesn't serve any purpose to catalog cows, it simply discusses e celebs and more e celebs over and over.

But either way it's killing the board. It's narrowing all the discussion to 1 thread (see /wooo/ for why this kills a board) and it's promoting e celeb culture over julaying culture.

TBH, if Null wasn't such a colossal fag I'd just lurk the farms at this point. It has actual threads on cows not just e celebs. But fuck Null he doesn't deserve the traffic.

d510dd  No.898372

File: 9d168ec62cce8ca⋯.gif (921.04 KB, 488x405, 488:405, petting cow.gif)



These posts are ironic, right? /cow/ only has three volunteers and I haven't seen Homor on IRC in ages. There hasn't anything close to a mod echo chamber in existence since 888chan.


If IBS ever came close to killing the board, it was by nearly wiping out the catalog, and I regret the error in having noncyclical IBS threads for as long as we did. However, traffic to one thread doesn't divert it from other threads.

53826e  No.899798


Word filters are great, they are fun and help mark newfags/ecelebs. Banning cow dox is gay, though.

4bd848  No.901184


I know you're a hot pockets so retarded but that's not how board killing happens exclusively. If you put all your eggs in 1 basket your other baskets are underused, when you drop your full basket you lose everything. IBS threads have reduced traffic to other threads, it's obvious to any one noticing the decline in posts and new threads especially.

ff1f3f  No.902444

File: 19ecd3f640ec529⋯.jpg (1.3 MB, 5099x6599, 5099:6599, 342d711ea5d99d42036bd238c2….jpg)

File: ea06b8ac16a6c39⋯.jpg (764.18 KB, 5113x6608, 5113:6608, ea06b8ac16a6c39082b9b037f5….jpg)



de1402  No.903593

Why are the mods censoring the mutt thread? Two pictures of her and her boyfriend have now been removed from the OP.


d510dd  No.903709


Homor made a mistake, as he said in the thread.

101a01  No.904517


Deleting images that don't violate DOST and dox AT ALL is the problem. Why are you retards doing this?

8ed8d3  No.904591

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

The thread about Revengestar was deleted?

d1f63a  No.905065

File: 9e0a2178f3f82f4⋯.webm (4.56 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, IBS_MeetnFuck.webm)

Has there been a suicide or anything fun?

853b56  No.905763


OH fuck, I remember about that bitch. She literally has an army of sissies and cuckold paypiggies

EurasianTiger hate her

aa2d00  No.906691

The word we should be word filtered to "someone else".

d5508e  No.907417


Some of us just want to laugh and blow off steam by pushing cows out of their comfort zone and some of us just want to watch the world burn. But I belive what we, Anons who frequently visit this board, all enjoy about this place, is that we where free to do whatever the fuck we want, as long as it was related to the thread.

39b182  No.912499

File: 7004681794bfefd⋯.png (83.61 KB, 938x298, 469:149, FUCK COW.png)


8de0a2  No.914217

File: 12babcd988afcf8⋯.gif (316.17 KB, 500x375, 4:3, 1382128225739.gif)


>Jews answers the question


Are you an ESL or something? I don't think there's a simpler way to spell it out without resorting to puppets.

167028  No.915577

Requesting the Bloodsports thread be renamed "Betas whine about twitter slap fights" for a week. It's just full of e celeb bullshit and deserves to get kicked around to see how many sperg out.

1aaa96  No.915721


I'm in favor of anything that makes that thread more fun. There are a lot of fresh posters in there that don't understand where they are and it'd be fun to see them sperg out more often. I won't suggest anything because it's more fun when I'm surprised.

The rest of the board seems to be recovering some in the last week. I haven't contributed to other threads much but it was nice to see something other than the containment thread getting more than a handful of posts daily. The containment thread seems to be still working to keep the rest of the board free of cancer aside from the odd PA request. I was hoping the IBS thread would finally die when things slowed down after an anon released that RPG but it has picked right back up after a few days of being quiet.

ae3b6b  No.919626

File: 740b079555c307e⋯.png (18.27 KB, 589x178, 589:178, avo3.PNG)

File: bde888cea45f5a1⋯.png (20.48 KB, 575x273, 575:273, avo2.PNG)

File: caee7b62a585470⋯.png (728.48 KB, 940x779, 940:779, avo1.PNG)

Remember TeamAvolition?

Core member pushing globohomo for free. Watching a livestream right now and everyone sounds like they're two months into transitioning.

Stare long enough into the void, and the void stares back.

fe5e70  No.919858


I'll give him 1 year to become Xi/Xir

5fe71b  No.921886


No surprise here, warchump was always an ASSFAGGOTS obsessed loser

Isn't he the guy who tried to kill project M?

1b4b90  No.924470


someone pls deliver

ae3b6b  No.924513


tell me about this

fbc85e  No.925370

So I'm seeing a lot of JEWS and friends defending deleting shit like dox and images that break no rules nor laws, while letting the board get filled with shit like:

>Mumkey Jones thread

<0 actual lolcow cocks provided

<it's all moralfagging cancer complaining about how he's worse than a diaperfur pedo because he cheated on a WOMAN and did tame/generic/boring BDSM bondage sometimes

>Griffin Olness / Pikacheese / Exist0r

<literally some PA request from a kid that can't type with no lulz to be had

d510dd  No.925981


You should consider reporting threads before complaining about them here. I'll take a look at those threads and deal with them if my takeaway matches yours.

>defending deleting shit like dox and images

My only defense of this–which I don't do, as I explained in >>891376–is that the rest of 8chan abhors dox. Most of the reports that I dismiss are dox reports. If 8chan still offered IRC bots that publicly logged all reports, then I would show them here.


There's only one.

ecf1fa  No.926985



>There's only one.

That's the spirit my guy, based Juden. Never bend to whiteknights and moralfags.

8de0a2  No.927104

File: f48f35a41e75fdf⋯.jpg (68.91 KB, 422x386, 211:193, Disgusted One Punch Man.jpg)

Shoutout to the glow-in-the-dark FBI nigger agent whose reading this shit during the raid. Stop lurking the FF general on /v/ and get back to work.

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