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File: aaec5abe11da51a⋯.jpg (106.1 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Internet Bloodsports.jpg)

File: 840c971ab3cd3ce⋯.jpg (2.05 MB, 1600x960, 5:3, Warski-Live.jpg)

File: f48ac26decfa452⋯.jpg (17.24 KB, 480x360, 4:3, Morning Kumite.jpg)

File: 20275c7d7aefa4a⋯.jpg (112.01 KB, 640x320, 2:1, bloodsport-vs-bloodsport-1….jpg)

8f6540 No.390723


Alternate names include

Jewtube™ Rationalist™ Skeptic™ Thread™ #∞

Jewtube™ Rationalist™ Skeptic™ Thread™ #∘9

We've had about a gajillion "Jewtube Skeptic Thread #9" threads at this point that all appear and disappear at the speed of light and nobody really gives a shit about delicately archiving the posts in them or anything, and they're beginning to clutter up the board pretty bad, so this is a compromise everyone can be happy with for the time being.

Discuss all things "Internet Bloodsports" that don't necessitate their own thread here. Krautgate, skeptic drama, all the shit that fall under that umbrella.

Get your raincoats on, kids! Because we're about to see some guts go flying! This thread will be cycled.

Links, Information and Lore:

Full Timeline


http://archive.is/dM1kQ (Backup from April 2nd 2018)

Archived Threads:


http://archive.is/MtOiZ (Backup from April 2nd 2018)

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9bd24d No.485354

Alex Jones is getting ganged up on

272302 No.485355

File: 3bbb3d628f69cb4⋯.gif (1.87 MB, 187x155, 187:155, 3bbb3d628f69cb49492eab9223….gif)


I'm really excited, if he gets in, MEP's who want to shit on ukip and the media will talk about this shit, if he doesn't get it, he's already made a big deal out of it and it still might make the news. Great job guys! I'm trying not to celebrate too early, I really hope this hits hard when it lands

994b50 No.485356


Bruh JF just kept demanding they defend an argument they weren't making, and when Jim DID successfully make the argument, he pretended that Jim didn't and kept making the same argument like a Jew engaging in Pilpul. That isn't winning an argument.

Also apparently the SCP wiki people reported Jim for harassment on the stream he did yesterday.

7eb258 No.485357


And the best part is that it doesn't matter which party he joins. Even if this is a smoke screen he's still getting a dick in his mouth.

9bd24d No.485358

Malcolm from the North brought in.

Who is the faceless sperg crying about zoom trying to change the subject?

9bd24d No.485359


b05495 No.485361


9fcfe7 No.485362



a0ce8c No.485363


No. JF already bet all of his chips on Lauren. He can't go back, especially on the internet, he would be eaten alive. He still has some credibility right now, there's no use for any negative changes. As for the chat, JF blocks people that are insulting him or his guest. So I don't understand your critique there.

a3e894 No.485364

File: 56886abb0a7f2c8⋯.png (7 KB, 347x43, 347:43, ClipboardImage.png)


c58e45 No.485365


Kraut was offered momentary amnesty for giving me the skype logs from sargon, he decided to play games he's going to be executed publicly.

Rapegate is real and it's going to happen.

1cbf4a No.485366

File: 216afbe29a7f3e4⋯.jpg (442.13 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, 1521121751078.jpg)



9bd24d No.485367

oh man tonka didnt show the link at all who in that call could have possibly given the link to the DADDY NOOOOO guy?

9fcfe7 No.485368



Are you talking about the plain girl he tried to fuck years ago? How he ditched her in the middle of nowhere because she wouldn't suck his tiny split penis?

b05495 No.485369


Now that Kraut is aware he's getting the axe are you done with the Discord other info gathering?

c58e45 No.485370


No, that's not the real story. It's way worse.

a0ce8c No.485372

Is Kumite worth listening to right now?

1cbf4a No.485373

File: dd79091a215496b⋯.jpg (38.79 KB, 523x463, 523:463, 1514101754437.jpg)

Someone should do a compilation off sargons racism so we have it handy for UKIP.

9fcfe7 No.485374

File: 9d111e13ceee4c6⋯.png (18.61 KB, 601x548, 601:548, 9d111e13ceee4c6f1e7db60ac3….png)


I love this shit.

7eb258 No.485375


rewind it about 30 minutes when all screaming starts and enjoy. You will not be disappointed

d64e4e No.485376


When are you going to get a life and start a family?

c58e45 No.485377


Waiting for gf to finish college first.

7eb258 No.485378

File: 66e5fd30e9d3226⋯.gif (938.7 KB, 400x300, 4:3, Foxie Roxie chocolate.gif)


Tell us the story.

a0ce8c No.485379


Holy shit, Alex Jones came in hot.

f3a5dc No.485380


Good Lord! That Bishop guy one said in one of his videos that he's a lawyer. If true and if this stream is anything to go buy how he argues in court I'm going to feel sorry for any of his future clients.

887572 No.485381

File: 4815fdfb52e2e93⋯.jpg (28.22 KB, 511x511, 1:1, wtf.jpg)


Metocast was a month ago

Even after a month of not knowing anything about Joachim he still thinks about me

>living rent free

272302 No.485382


Did you send him an outline?

028fc8 No.485383


anglo-kike hybrid*

c58e45 No.485385

Bishop and David are full of shit, lying about the 'recorded call'


just look at how full of shit they are.

a3e894 No.485386

File: 34b8669cb04a998⋯.png (38.03 KB, 1213x135, 1213:135, ClipboardImage.png)

b363a9 No.485387


>JF already bet all of his chips on Lauren.

I bet on her as well.

>I don't understand your critique there.

That's fine with me. I don't feel the need to explain it.

e174cc No.485388

>kraut says his mother received death threats

>totally not le sjw

a0ce8c No.485389


What a piece of shit. Kraut beatings should never end.

c58e45 No.485390

He gave the dox out to like 15+ people but he apparently 'never' doxed anyone even on recording in a call with David and Bishop he admits it right in front of them and they didn't know? Lying retards.

"We all agreed that if we all knew this we would have handled it differently" mother fucker you were there.

b0ad56 No.485391


Yep that question has been litigated and re-litigated. Kraut did drop Coach's dox for his community's values of dropping dox and/or Kraut did not have his dox released because he does not consider digging up information trails and releasing them dropping dox


meh if you want the raw, uncut versions of them you will have to watch live. It is dumb not to remove a sentence or two with Jewtube as a job


Any other anons part of UKIP? Clearly this dangerous Carl Benjamin bigot must be stopped. Or maybe it would be better if he joined and (((journalists))) wrote stories including his bigoted clips

028fc8 No.485392

File: c3f72f4902641e4⋯.png (1.35 MB, 1179x1233, 131:137, c3f72f4902641e402e01e34760….png)

028fc8 No.485394


send him a pic of ur balls with "rent free" written on them

c58e45 No.485395


Compiling now, gonna destroy his families lives.

0b1b6d No.485396


I don't think anyone is actually mad because Lauren and JF aren't extreme enough. People were pissed because of Lauren's unproductive, countersignaling shaming tactics; and JF's white-knighting, attacking of the chat, and banhammering. Making the show more "extreme" isn't going to be enough to appease the "extremists" he likes to chastise.


>Dear All, Purely by coincidence


70737e No.485397

File: b13d47081922e5f⋯.jpg (27.72 KB, 598x312, 23:12, pekkasimo.jpg)


You're making it seem like his family killed someone.

028fc8 No.485398


maybe the family was complicit in the kidnapping

b363a9 No.485399


>People were pissed because of Lauren's unproductive, countersignaling shaming tactics; and JF's white-knighting, attacking of the chat, and banhammering. Making the show more "extreme" isn't going to be enough to appease the "extremists" he likes to chastise.

Hopefully it will bring the extremists he likes to chastise. Creates more fun.

b0ad56 No.485400


His mom is some kind of town official right? Did she pull some strings to get him off for something? That is what you're making it sound like.

a0ce8c No.485401


>unproductive, countersignaling shaming tactics

Dude, are you for real? This is so fucking gay.

028fc8 No.485402

is anyone in this gay discord bullshit white? everyone sounds like some mud monkey

175c6b No.485403


you're sharia labeouf aren't you?

a0ce8c No.485404


a0ce8c No.485405


Yeah, send me a DM of your asshole.

c58e45 No.485406


You're definitely very warm.



more leaks of kraut admitting and caught on recording admitting to everything david and bishop are full of shit.

887572 No.485407



When I was searching for his real life info i almost send him a pic of my balls with his real name on it

It's kinda hard to write on your balls and more if you don't shave them so I didn't do it

0c7246 No.485408


full on winking or just an outline?

a0ce8c No.485409


Winking, I'll block you if it's an outline.

175c6b No.485410

File: 22812e4052b14f5⋯.jpg (99.61 KB, 500x554, 250:277, 1500981214873.jpg)


I made you a promise at one point, my friend. Do you remember what it was?

0c7246 No.485411


what if its all classy and such, like pressed up against some frosted glass :^)

e174cc No.485412

File: ec283cea6033e0c⋯.jpg (97.68 KB, 346x460, 173:230, nogginjoggin.jpg)

>kraut dindu nuffin

>t. Septic doxing server member #176275157353

a0ce8c No.485413


I am a flexible man.



029a07 No.485414

File: 5b2d44ebcbd3bf0⋯.webm (1.06 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, KinoPill.webm)

File: 5d2d2247d1270ef⋯.webm (815.08 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, dramaticKinoPill.webm)

How can other youtubers compete with this man? Look at the Kino editing

cea3b6 No.485415

This is funny and all, but is anyone else getting this vibe Zoom is dredging up this low effort bait because he lied about destroying Sargon and actually doesn't have shit so he's just resharing all of Zeph the cuck's leaks?

e5ac7b No.485416

File: 627d1be7cb74530⋯.png (106.54 KB, 762x1002, 127:167, tilly law.png)


are they still going? Have they mentioned tilly law infiltration?

9fcfe7 No.485417


I like the religious overtones in the second webm. Today CRP is mocked, but in 100 years they'll know his genius and artistry.

70737e No.485418

File: 1ece6243b642c28⋯.png (195.58 KB, 547x585, 547:585, KyokollaMeniTunteisiin.png)


>tfw you'll never backpack across the US with Tilly Law

e174cc No.485419

File: 9c40a9b340b0da8⋯.jpg (92.29 KB, 346x460, 173:230, teehee.jpg)


it was all zeph's fault or something, same story as months ago. there's some guy with a funny accent defending Kraut like the ultimate butt buddy. He's shouting and crying like mad, pretty funny.

c58e45 No.485420


Kraut began throwing zeph under the bus when he found out zeph was giving me recordings he'd been taking for weeks of kraut admitting shit in private.

e5ac7b No.485421

File: 40479e217fd1bf5⋯.jpg (6.23 KB, 488x34, 244:17, chat_braving ruin.jpg)

<ruin in the chat

0b1b6d No.485423


Of which stream? The JF/Duke one?

e174cc No.485424



9e5a58 No.485425


Just find some anime testicles and write on them in 2D.

cea3b6 No.485426


So a cuck and a SWATter team up to dredge 6 month old drama about a dude already beaten off the internet. Wow, bravo. Still waiting for you to destroy the Soyfather you bloviating fuck.

e5ac7b No.485427


the current donga stream

0b1b6d No.485428


Thanks, m8.

028fc8 No.485429

File: 61c5518f07162c2⋯.png (267.88 KB, 1008x720, 7:5, 8ad137c530be818564d10f1256….png)


>zeph was /ourguy/ the whole time

195115 No.485431


I just hope he dies of cancer in a fire.

a0ce8c No.485434

Underwater Alex Jones is a fucking wrecking ball. What a beast.

9bd24d No.485435

<when donka is unironically the calmest person in the room and the voice of reason

e174cc No.485436

File: 038b92c56de1912⋯.jpg (63.27 KB, 732x547, 732:547, vee happy gypsy.jpg)

this is great

028fc8 No.485437

>onespecies calls the nigger boy

that's racist

e5ac7b No.485438

File: f6169e271991e7c⋯.mp4 (2.09 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, kraut innocent.mp4)


76c757 No.485439

ok this stream is actually entertaining me

i just heard a two grown ass men making animals noises into a microphone at each other lmfao

b05495 No.485440


he's counting shekels by giving a bunch of spergs a platform to duke it out, wheelchair injun is smart for once

78b9a4 No.485441


Shut the fuck up Joachim, no one wants you here.

195115 No.485442

I am deeply disturbed by people enjoying entertainment provided by the indian zombie which is an absolute piece of shit. Those sperging people should agree to a cease fire and they should move to an alternative stream…


028fc8 No.485444

File: b926825a5f41c34⋯.jpg (57.21 KB, 680x684, 170:171, b926825a5f41c34c61b757dbcb….jpg)

6ddddc No.485445

File: c1b5b3a536fc4b5⋯.jpg (41.25 KB, 429x529, 429:529, nibba.jpg)

Was this stream suppose to redeem Kraut? Your buddy calling a nigger boy over and over really looks good.

0b1b6d No.485446

File: 81c9a79ce438ec6⋯.jpg (33.82 KB, 581x224, 83:32, Df_NBMhWkAA1Tmr.jpg)


>Dude, are you for real?


887572 No.485447

File: e2e212bcd2679d9⋯.jpg (33.19 KB, 390x298, 195:149, 112.jpg)


but anon i'm not gay i don't have anime testicles saved in my pc

c58e45 No.485448

LMAO @ 'boy'

a0ce8c No.485449


He only has 300 viewers despite hosting this great show. He's not coming back.

272302 No.485450


use your noodle, we've at least 2 boards dedicated to that shit

e174cc No.485451

I just noticed he's been streaming for 5 hours already. these people have no lives.

195115 No.485452

File: 788e132cc929354⋯.png (2.66 KB, 229x76, 229:76, ClipboardImage.png)


For fucks sake at least leave a dislike then.

e5ac7b No.485453

File: f538c10fdb585f2⋯.jpg (24.72 KB, 474x159, 158:53, chat_braving2.jpg)

e174cc No.485454

File: 035e604251217bc⋯.jpg (4.13 KB, 100x100, 1:1, onespecies.jpg)




*raised voice distorts mic*


*distortion reaches unintelligle levels*

LJJGJ@~~ }{}@?:@PJKJKJ!!!!!!!!!

cea3b6 No.485455


Kevin's getting excited eh?

094036 No.485456


>forgetting the 12 hour streams dedicated to destiny and baked alaska

e5ac7b No.485457

File: cdd19b2e0935688⋯.jpg (18.78 KB, 713x88, 713:88, chat_bravin3.jpg)

File: bf20202631f90f0⋯.jpg (6.38 KB, 474x53, 474:53, chat_crp.jpg)

File: bbe6ce178b58b80⋯.jpg (7.64 KB, 504x61, 504:61, chat_bravin4.jpg)

e174cc No.485458


is he back then? i thought he deleted his shit.

e5ac7b No.485459

File: fc9ec0a19d1dc82⋯.jpg (26.68 KB, 711x133, 711:133, chat_bravin5.jpg)

File: b44522198d3944b⋯.jpg (17.57 KB, 709x82, 709:82, chat_metokur.jpg)


I don't think so - he hasn't talked about it

78b9a4 No.485460

Do you guys think Donga can make a comeback by covering the same drama that made him popular in the first place? Will Redditor return as a regular because of his long standing autistic assblastedness over Gamergoy and the skeptics? Like, share, and subscribe to the Kumite to find out. Leave a comment and let us know what you think, that is if you're one of the 30 people who haven't been banned from the channel!

195115 No.485461


Jim will not come back. If he does he is completely lost. And out of his mind. He doesn't seem out of his mind. As for the first part. That is what I am afraid you fags. That 2 weeks is enough to forget how much of a shit he is.

7eb258 No.485462

File: f980d4df9818049⋯.gif (1.59 MB, 540x304, 135:76, Foxy Roxie blubber 2.gif)

Who is Onespecies and why is he so deranged?

a0ce8c No.485464


>That is what I am afraid you fags. That 2 weeks is enough to forget how much of a shit he is.

I only attack those that put out shit quality videos and streams. If Tonka can pump out streams like today's consistently, then Ill watch. I have nothing personal against Tonka, I just think his streams suck. However, this stream is a once in a blue moon stream and Tonka has no talent, so you have nothing to worry about.

028fc8 No.485465


he is some race mixed mongoloid from the steppes of the former soviet union, desperate to prove he is the same as every other slav

7eb258 No.485466

File: 69d6cd96b00cec1⋯.png (1020.49 KB, 1305x1237, 1305:1237, Question Mark Anime Girl 1….png)

Out of the people watching the Kumite right now, which one of those accounts is Kraut, listening in?

e5ac7b No.485467

File: 0b98be2707049e0⋯.mp4 (4.06 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Tired Kraut.mp4)

<Video Production Kills

<Kraut could've died

b0ad56 No.485468

Did anyone bring up that he effectively did the same thing to Rage After Storm that he did to Coach Kino? How do Kraut's lackeys actually believe him? Do they? He doesn't seem charismatic enough to retain lackeys like this

7eb258 No.485469

File: 611f36aba7bea83⋯.jpg (487.73 KB, 2000x1500, 4:3, Unleash the Slav Within Yo….jpg)


>desperate to prove he is the same as every other slav

He is no slav. Slav would play hardbass and dance. This is Romanian accent.

c58e45 No.485470

Guys, I was just tired. i didn't dox anyone. It's ok, i'm completely absolved now.

70737e No.485471

*sigh* I'm just too tired to dox anyone. Time to get a good night's sleep. Anyone else suddenly feel sleepy?

272302 No.485472

youtubing is really hard, dangerous, work, even sargoy get's sleepy, lesser youtubers like traut almost die! holy fuck we need another war

82760f No.485473


>All of e-celeb drama and their piggies only care about who the biggest name is when it comes to trusting people or not

>None of the shit that came out on Donga was ever proven to be untrue and he just blatantly lies about it hoping people will forget

>Jim the supposedly reasonable person is too pussy or lazy to bother burying some guy who literally julayed his name and channel for money and whose highlight in life is dancing around in tights at walmart and e-begging.

All this ever boils down is who has the bigger sub count when convincing the audience of dullards.

a0ce8c No.485475

File: 2da5012a383afc5⋯.jpg (54.01 KB, 540x297, 20:11, 1529246290230.jpg)


Has it been a year since Rage left?

b0ad56 No.485477

<Go to any African exhibit in a museum and see that they had good abstract thinking

Frankfurt school won boys. Pack it up or burn it down

e5ac7b No.485478

File: dd84d8bc75a403c⋯.jpg (96.18 KB, 960x960, 1:1, rageafterstorm_170226_1636….jpg)


Yeah, I remember tree of logic saying she was coming back but nothing yet.

028fc8 No.485479

File: 9bd1c721b1c264e⋯.jpg (168.22 KB, 334x500, 167:250, 1468721072146.jpg)



78b9a4 No.485480


<Africa had abstract thinking long before Europe

Literally cucked

a0ce8c No.485481


I just looked it up, she left July 26th. If she comes back, it will probably be on the anniversary.

c58e45 No.485482


carved rock go on stick? flying ships in wakanda.

7eb258 No.485483

File: 8120d4d000772ec⋯.jpg (281.35 KB, 599x780, 599:780, Rage.jpg)

>Kraut was depressed and sad that people were accusing him of things he would never do

>that's why he did not defend himself

<kraut never doxxxxed anybody

<why would they accuse him of it.



b0ad56 No.485484


I hope she comes back full 88 with fashy aesthetics and high tier alt-right ecelebs. The reaction would be amazing

094036 No.485485


she'll come back as an optics cuck because tree of niggers has been gaslighting her for a year

70737e No.485486

File: 211232ce40ba4ab⋯.jpg (43.88 KB, 314x580, 157:290, chino this is terrible.jpg)


It's the most low level Jewish lawyer pilpul you can imagine. I can't believe there are people out there who would fall for such garbage.

b0ad56 No.485488


The jews are way better at gaslighting and pilpul than this though.

70737e No.485489


That's why I called it low level.

6ddddc No.485490

File: 3abf0d8cebf34b6⋯.jpg (430.38 KB, 833x1105, 49:65, RIPkraut.jpg)

Why is Kraut troll shielding JF??!!

76c757 No.485491

this eastern european guy is such a fag

he just said youtube used to be full of philosophers

the absolute state of paint chips

7eb258 No.485492

File: e9b14a4d2122cb3⋯.mp4 (1.17 MB, 480x480, 1:1, laughing chicken.mp4)

>Africa had the beginnings of abstrat thinking first

<The Russians cought up in the last 60 years

>it's all about geography

c58e45 No.485495


"philosophers" on youtube.

70737e No.485496

‚This supposed Eastern European guy sounds like the most Khazarian motherfucker on that livestream right now.

028fc8 No.485497

File: c272ad09af36323⋯.mp4 (162.4 KB, 480x270, 16:9, c272ad09af36323b3031bd9e35….mp4)


>forgetting about the abundance of naturally occurring paint chips in africa

33c110 No.485498

File: 88ef8f43095cfd1⋯.jpg (247.02 KB, 600x500, 6:5, Kraut smoking.jpg)




this whole thing was probably just to bait him into coming on, it half-worked if he was in the chat.

i'm getting really sleepy, is anybody else sleepy?

a3e894 No.485499

File: e071f8922ffeea4⋯.jpg (86.16 KB, 847x1200, 847:1200, Rumia.full.1023774.jpg)

So I'm guessing this was an impromptu defence of Kraut when they saw that JF shit the bed? Something like thinking that the enemy is dead so it's time to storm the city?

111691 No.485500

What stream are you fags watching?

a0ce8c No.485501


Cummie Tay

028fc8 No.485502


yabois kumite

b363a9 No.485503


I wonder if Patrick Little will run for President simply to spite Melon of Troy.

a0ce8c No.485505


I hope so. I want gabbers to send their welfare checks to Little and fall further into obscurity. It's going to be like the Bernie situation all over again.

272302 No.485506

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Heady days of enlightenment

35fea2 No.485507


I hope soybrony paypigs like you get put into gas chambers.

3eef8a No.485508


>muh gabburz

>muh wheegnatz

>muh ebil nagtziss

>muh (219)

God, you're pathetic.

b363a9 No.485509


You never want to have any fun. You are fueled by anger.

175c6b No.485510

File: e093539115b71c3⋯.png (17.81 KB, 580x199, 580:199, sharia.png)


it's definitely you. proofs:


> This is so fucking gay.

272302 No.485511


I liked you in holes and even stevens, hwndu is gay though.

175c6b No.485512

File: 95f2729d7515e7d⋯.png (283.77 KB, 586x487, 586:487, sharia2.png)

File: 28ea48b1a57f59a⋯.png (400.09 KB, 672x523, 672:523, sharia3.png)

big man soy mouth over here is running ops it seems

c58e45 No.485513

a0ce8c No.485514







I already told you fags to DM me pics of your asshole. Winking only.

175c6b No.485515

File: 0bc93c96e86a1b7⋯.png (25.41 KB, 585x330, 39:22, sharia4.png)


>I'd rather have my daughter marry a godly nigger than white cuck atheist

e174cc No.485517

File: b41f4e4f34576cc⋯.png (846.66 KB, 683x913, 683:913, b41f4e4f34576cc013a12d1225….png)



175c6b No.485518

File: ba76f6db93ada3a⋯.png (216.48 KB, 583x498, 583:498, sharia5.png)

no wonder he runs defense for JF

e174cc No.485519

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

this should be starting soon.

272302 No.485520


What are you commuting home from? your meth dealer?


why though?



He'd be fine if he got a hair and beard cut, definitely not the worst I've seen of these

e174cc No.485521

File: d627cd63dcf6088⋯.png (213.93 KB, 351x468, 3:4, the donald.png)

File: f589dd6e61cd3a2⋯.jpg (158.59 KB, 1024x1020, 256:255, f589dd6e61cd3a23b622abcadb….jpg)

175c6b No.485522


he's literally mentally ill. he tweeted that ricky vaughn singlehandedly (and I'm pretty sure I'm quoting here) won the election for trump, given the tight margins in some of the swing states. this was on his old account, or else I would find the tweet and post it.

c58e45 No.485523


Some real scientific work from those soviet fucktards.

b05495 No.485524

File: d9665bf1ae79878⋯.png (204.62 KB, 445x447, 445:447, 1inchpenus.png)


sort of reminds me of another goymergate soylent

a0ce8c No.485525


I've been found out.

175c6b No.485526

File: 545975db91e2f5c⋯.png (40.51 KB, 628x452, 157:113, sharia6.png)


>that reddit-tier reverse psychology

272302 No.485527


Iceland had the right idea


I've seen this one, it's more sad/depressing than funny


shame, maybe he snapped when he got raped

a0ce8c No.485528

File: b4e36989f0025cc⋯.jpg (25.43 KB, 640x360, 16:9, 1529095781599.jpg)

File: f35cddc8ce70c46⋯.jpg (72.59 KB, 712x865, 712:865, ralphpic.jpg)


This is who Ralph reminds me of.

9e5a58 No.485530

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

MIllenial Afrowoes

a0ce8c No.485531

File: 67fbca6daef49ff⋯.jpeg (56.83 KB, 949x932, 949:932, DfeXgNbWkAAFJ2I.jpeg)


>t. pic related

e174cc No.485532

File: e4affe9386e72c2⋯.jpg (65.77 KB, 911x628, 911:628, retard.jpg)


>i want to focus on "bullying" people on my side, while ignoring the people i claim to be my enemy

>meanwhile, since i've antagonized everyone on "my" side, they all doxed me


18f89b No.485533

File: 71c08f822bae9e6⋯.webm (3.59 MB, 640x360, 16:9, when the government shitp….webm)


> I hope she comes back full 88 with fashy aesthetics and high tier alt-right ecelebs.

You left the bit when JF drops Lauren Rose like a sack of potatoes, and immediately idolize Rage in his newfound effort to make her into his new cohost/conquest.

07fd5e No.485534

File: 22210e30e66ad9f⋯.png (167.21 KB, 318x308, 159:154, 22210e30e66ad9f546e712e199….png)


She's such a cutie.

Would marry. Star Child.

Also this


Some of you fags really are thinskinned willy suckers. So Lauren said that Little was whining that he lost, boo fucking hoo, the fact this all blew up over her saying that is proof she was right.

175c6b No.485535

File: 90a489bedc5a11d⋯.png (266.16 KB, 360x457, 360:457, kike_enoch.png)


>fucking whignats, doxing is unaceptable on the rightwing

3eef8a No.485536


>Some of you fags really are thinskinned willy suckers.

>So Lauren said that Little was whining that he lost

That is not the issue, and it never was. For an "out-of-the-loop" (7) you are doing some significant concern trolling.

07fd5e No.485537

File: 4ea77fc214be4b3⋯.jpg (207.47 KB, 1272x1171, 1272:1171, 4ea77fc214be4b390a0f6acdd4….jpg)


I asked on other boards what the problem was and that was the consensus. That some of you on here were arse hurt that she called Little a whiner. Considering it all started from there it is the issue. Whiner.

175c6b No.485539


which other boards?

5093e6 No.485540

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

33c110 No.485541

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




former koomigay co-host hosting trout apologetics hour


272302 No.485542


They were wrong. You could've just asked us. I'm not sure we've a general consensus here though. My only issue is that jf was a hypocrite because he's thirsty, otherwise I don't really care.

7eb258 No.485543

File: 1baf6caafec3e63⋯.gif (2.82 MB, 320x180, 16:9, Allahu Akbar.gif)


>oh god that one sided audio

272302 No.485545

e174cc No.485546


I don't think anyone really cares what a woman thinks. it was the men squabbling about it afterwards which was the really retarded aspect.

272302 No.485547


Yeah, I think so too, it was pathetic

175c6b No.485548



melon and all these alt-lite 2.0 fags need to be put in their place. they always hide behind twitter blogs and youtube bans though, after taking potshots. that's why the whole melon thing got so heated.

175c6b No.485549


twitter blocks*

094036 No.485552

File: bb9af10a19c4e94⋯.png (8.09 KB, 982x128, 491:64, 3e57c8f4a66ed9b34ac8ffc78a….png)

Microchip forgot to turn his dislike bots on

3eef8a No.485553


Jay-Eff cares enough to put his show on jeopardy.

b05495 No.485554


Just wait for when the Melon is back i'm sure 'za rushyan botz' will be back

b363a9 No.485555


a0ce8c gave enough information to reveal that he is a moderator for JF.

a0ce8c No.485556


I'm Bloodtoker.

209027 No.485557


CRP is busy adjusting his cameras, he'll have the bots on as soon as he gets to it. It might be a few hours.

b363a9 No.485558

07fd5e No.485559

File: ef2d48fa991877c⋯.jpg (35.16 KB, 403x448, 403:448, ef2d48fa991877cada07620ccd….jpg)


What a waste of quads.

b363a9 No.485560


It's the truth

a0ce8c No.485562


Yeah, it is the truth that those were a waste of quads.

c58e45 No.485563

3 hours later, this fuckin bishop guy hasn't checked his twitter.

6ddddc No.485564

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

nick the spic is back with more neo-boomer bullshit

b05495 No.485565

File: 3f986fbfbb6c02a⋯.png (780.93 KB, 603x719, 603:719, edgelord.png)


>future of the white race

<soccer thot larping the 14 words and streamlab links on multiple channels for optics

no idea why JF wants to sex her sarcasm for spergs she's 7/10

272302 No.485566


>she's 7/10

She's a mother, have some respect. just kidding, she clearly has no respect for herself

209027 No.485567


>Embrace my Jewish rebrand religion

>Trump is (((ourguy)))

>I have a pocket knife, I am a badass

Seen enough of that kid to last a lifetime.

33c110 No.485568


how is it being a single mom who sends randoms nudes

a0ce8c No.485569

File: d2c2d3b2bd3ce9c⋯.jpg (184.14 KB, 793x631, 793:631, feet-2.jpg)


I only send feet pics.

33c110 No.485570


>doesn't deny being a single mom

why does your kid look like a different race from you lol

209027 No.485571


Those are some deformed looking feet.

33c110 No.485572

File: fa9b0eddcf4a836⋯.png (14.16 KB, 614x119, 614:119, ClipboardImage.png)

272302 No.485573

Is JF going to delete this stream? I want to watch it but not right now. It seems pretty tame so far.

07fd5e No.485574

File: 7d544d11245b40b⋯.jpg (52.79 KB, 686x535, 686:535, 7d544d11245b40be59d7d7170c….jpg)


You have man feet. Thots deserve the oven. You are the gender jew.

c58e45 No.485575


yeah, i did. He decided to run to the quartering and claim he was being blackmailed when I was just bsing him to release the skype logs. Now rapegate has to happen, adding more bullshit to my pile.

a0ce8c No.485576


Why would he? David Duke is stupid with his words. Duke is a very tame and accessible guy, if you ignore his dumb past.

b363a9 No.485577


>Is JF going to delete this stream? I want to watch it but not right now. It seems pretty tame so far.

I believe JF said he would have Emily Youcis tone it down a lot, and likely did the same with Duke.

a0ce8c No.485578

>David Duke is stupid

Not stupid with his words. Freudian slip.

272302 No.485579



>David Duke is stupid/ with his words

He seems to be doing well so far, better spoken than any "rational" septic and has been quite reasonable.


dubs say's you're right, I'll watch it later.

b05495 No.485580


I can appreciate these kind of cocks JF provides, but im honestly falling asleep with this David Duke monologue, you can recite the JQ and the 6 gorillion politics for so many times before it gets stale quick

a0ce8c No.485581


>He seems to be doing well so far, better spoken than any "rational" septic and has been quite reasonable

Yeah, that's what I meant to say. David Duke has a reputation that doesn't match his rhetoric whatsoever. He's a well spoken guy.

272302 No.485582


[message deleted]


e174cc No.485583


bots can donate money now. those russians are damn smart.

209027 No.485584


Call the FBI! The Russian bots are funding foreign Nazis!

f0d319 No.485590

Say Zoom, how much dirt do you have with the likes of Dox Holiday, Bunty King, WozLee and the other members of the Sargon Family?

c58e45 No.485592


Oh, i posted the entire dm group of them doxing them with jeffs discord in there. He is autistic he went through and cleared out as many msgs as possible but there's more recordings of them people haven't heard.

It's all going to come crashing down, I just can't wait to see sargon on sky news slammed over a volkswagen in cuffs.

f0d319 No.485594


Please, bring the whole Skeptic™ and burn their corpses. WozLee and others are still smug that nothing happened to them and just because they're "unaware" that it's happening doesn't mean they're "guilty" because "muh guilty by association" is wrong. Bullshit. If they don't know what Kraut is really doing, they could've disavowed his actions but because they're FRIENDS, they still love him. Kill their careers once and for all, Zoom. Go for it.

c58e45 No.485597

That entire server was started around disinfo campaigns to discredit the altright, then it quickly evolved into doxing the alt right and fuckin with them and having them lose their jobs.

It's only fair to do it to all of them and sargon.

3eef8a No.485598





<donka telling jim to "burn this skeptic shit to the ground" plays in the distance

e174cc No.485599


that's what we're all here for.

e5ac7b No.485600

File: 33cb23621c33c81⋯.mp4 (6.3 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, rage dox defense.mp4)

a1662f No.485601

Today's Cummy-ite has been unlisted.

59704e No.485602



it would be interesting to know who wozzie really is, he has escaped all this shit relatively unscathed

76c757 No.485603


>she said mean things about niggers

>therefore its ok to dox her

these guys spent the whole debate doing the "no no no its not racism, because its power plus privilege" instead they said "no no no its not doxing because doxing is private information minus public information."

602083 No.485608

175c6b No.485609


doxing should be defined as the propagation of personal information with the intent to cause harm.

for example, if you take someone's publicly available personal information, and then you broadcast it to a large audience that was previously unaware of the identity of the person, without that person's consent, you are basically doxing them.

so the argument against their retarded pilpul is easy:

you did what you did with the intent to cause harm.

focus on their intent to harm a person.

a3e894 No.485611

File: 1131da99048de53⋯.jpg (134.52 KB, 1166x1138, 583:569, sargon of accuck.jpg)



Make the holocaust videos, Joseph. And don't forget the dino watering hole.

a3e894 No.485612

File: 2d0729d42ce4d42⋯.webm (3.06 MB, 846x482, 423:241, jim knew.webm)

35fea2 No.485614


Holy shit it's a slightly less feminine version of Vee.

9b4c3a No.485616

File: 5607245b856b48f⋯.png (122.63 KB, 632x340, 158:85, 2018-06-19 21_27_29-Greens….png)


35fea2 No.485617


So what are the potential outcomes for Sargon? Either he gets rejected after he made a big deal about joining or he gets in and his nigger clip played on national TV.

a3e894 No.485618


>because fuck it

The sincerity of his irl activism is radiating.

175c6b No.485619


you can even concede the point that it's not doxing, and then hammer it home that they wanted to cause harm.

9877aa No.485620


Bloodtoker is gone from Twitter and YouTube.

a3e894 No.485621


I think the kicker is that he spent so much time defending his "doxing but not doxing" to people that don't care either way that he forgot his actual audience that can see the malice and resulting memes plain as day.

602083 No.485622


>Since the collective of individualsts absolutely failed, soygoy has to leech off another collective party, which will end like everything soygoy touches


e4ef53 No.485624

File: 3570941c587e21a⋯.gif (277.13 KB, 281x281, 1:1, happening.gif)


>he gets in and his nigger clip played on national TV.

0b4ab5 No.485625


im convinced "she" was posting some other girls pics and pretending it was "her"

a0ce8c No.485626


Many such cases.

a3e894 No.485628

File: 8d6aeea98ef6a0a⋯.webm (2.31 MB, 834x472, 417:236, crp_knew.webm)

File: 5384333bfc60113⋯.png (104.94 KB, 475x576, 475:576, ClipboardImage.png)


78b9a4 No.485629

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

New Thomas Ellington kino

b05495 No.485630


good, one optic soccer mom larp less

a0ce8c No.485633

Holy shit, David Duke is still going. JF is facing his punishment right now from the alt-right. I don't think he's said more than 10 minutes of dialogue in these last 3 hours.

220df2 No.485636

>tune in to JF livestream

>they are talking about how much of an alpha chad JF is

the fuck am I watching

ba838c No.485638


He's kind of knocking through JF and making him look silly.

a1662f No.485639


Oh, good. His feelings of being persecuted and of self-righteous victimhood aren't enormous already.

66ce63 No.485640

File: b8e342481a8aca0⋯.png (1.1 MB, 844x629, 844:629, Screen Shot 2018-04-27 at ….png)

We need a Chad Duke Vs Virgin JF now

2ad626 No.485642

File: 0a9b3bf1d3521e4⋯.png (357.36 KB, 496x374, 248:187, whyyabooin.png)


Nothing wrong here. Just because it's stupid and wrong to malign Trump supporters as retards doesn't mean that Patrick Little isn't obviously mental and his supporters brainlets. It's okay to call actually facile meme candidates and people naive enough to believe in them out on their foolishness.

9bd24d No.485644

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

<#Killstream: DamePesos Live, Sargon UKIP Failure Confirmed, Trout Back on Menu, + More

220df2 No.485645

File: 775bb0083ce22c4⋯.png (502.59 KB, 475x591, 475:591, babe.PNG)

File: 8e930a85946b65d⋯.png (414.79 KB, 329x590, 329:590, babe1.PNG)

File: e7edb4b195f73d3⋯.png (824.9 KB, 589x581, 589:581, babe3.PNG)

ralph's wife is such a babe, I would give my left arm just to nut inside this hottie

f94631 No.485646


unconvincing tranny. Pakis are famous for being inbred

9bd24d No.485647

Sargon about to be disavowed LIVE ON-AIR

84045d No.485648


6254ca No.485649


No. I don't want my perfect Rage anywhere near that horny french sperg

59704e No.485650



c63484 No.485651

What's the point of logging in the email, live. Just Ralph miIking the work of others? Wouldn't it give Sarg'n evidence that the complaints where fake, done from a throwaway email?

c200ce No.485652


If the UKIP email adresses are legit then no

c200ce No.485653



e5ac7b No.485654

File: b7b98893e00c741⋯.mp4 (1.34 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, duke no cuck.mp4)

File: e7e0d547209dabb⋯.mp4 (5.25 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Opposite sex.mp4)

File: 27253a9b61f07d4⋯.mp4 (4.62 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, be a man.mp4)

e174cc No.485655

File: 3b9f0a7c35dd5f6⋯.jpg (88.24 KB, 346x460, 173:230, wew.jpg)

>ralph showing the tranny message


9bd24d No.485658


He just told you why he was going to log in the account live

220df2 No.485660

File: c498794b852e9a1⋯.png (89.46 KB, 491x353, 491:353, lolz.PNG)

lmao he just made a video about her like 1 week ago

c200ce No.485661

File: ac9c4dabb622f84⋯.png (18.99 KB, 1642x929, 1642:929, SARGON'S CRIMES.png)


59704e No.485662


why would it matter if the complaints are "fake?" it's still showing him calling people niggers

a1662f No.485664


Way to show you aren't obsessed with Anita, Carl. Make more posts about things you find irrelevant. Just like you spend 0 hours thinking about the alt-right.

3eef8a No.485665

How do we get Ralph to acknowledge on air the charges of stealing material from this thread?

220df2 No.485666

File: ac9ed08a1efcc3d⋯.png (90.09 KB, 443x692, 443:692, hahahahhaha.PNG)

the fuck is wrong with carl?

4313cf No.485667


He responds if you shitpost hard enough

6254ca No.485668


I think he know better than to name drop the thread. Nobody wants that

c63484 No.485669


/cow/ already knew it was real. Ralph's audience only needed his word that he accessed the email. The point of giving him the pass was to get HIS WORD and nothing else. There was no need to show it live, and it kind of exposes to a large audience that the complaints were made from a fake email.


Because Sarg'n will try to explain that he was being ironic, and now he has some evidence to help his case if he were to add that he is being targeted by trolls. I'm just being cautious.

fca598 No.485670


>exposes to a large audience that the complaints were made from a fake email.

So? you could say it is to protect from doxing attempts for revenge by the sargonites. Not like they have not done it before.

3eef8a No.485671




6254ca No.485672


None of that changes the fact that sargin frequently uses racial and sexual slurs in his videos

7d452b No.485673


Sargon needs to sue this clown for slander

a1662f No.485674


>slander laws

>the US

8c4342 No.485675


>he has some evidence to help his case if he were to add that he is being targeted by trolls

If UKIP is stupid enough to allow this idiot to join, it will be even better when the media has him screaming about niggers on the news.

028fc8 No.485676


start a crowd funding campaign to get maddox's lawyer to take up Sarg'ns case

9bd24d No.485677

Corrine in thirty minutes to an hour, on discord for the first time, so taking callers.

220df2 No.485679

File: 3c98fb2361d1c85⋯.png (624.89 KB, 661x826, 661:826, hah.PNG)

c200ce No.485680


>Call them Neo-nazis

>Thats a good trick

c63484 No.485681


Sure, that is a good rebuttal. Too bad they will not consider it when accepting his excuses.


Of course I agree with that. As I said, I'm just being extra cautious, unlike Ralph.


I hope you are right. Not sure how it is in the uk but in the us the media tends to forgive anything to useful leftists.

fca598 No.485682


>Too bad they will not consider it when accepting his excuses

Oh i think they will. Just send a follow up email saying you are being targeted by "fans" of Sargon. For going against their master. Say you fear for your life.

59704e No.485683


got a plaintext version of this?

c200ce No.485684


Sadly no, I think Zoom was the first to post it though

c200ce No.485685



The fucking retard, they take the money upfront anyways and would do a background check later on

Regardless, if he actually tries to go for any power he's gonna get shot down hard so membership in of itself might not mean anything

220df2 No.485688


any way to edit sargon's imdb with some spicy stuff?

220df2 No.485689

File: b466984296ae996⋯.png (160.47 KB, 685x859, 685:859, imdb.PNG)

c63484 No.485690


Oh my fucking god. Who the fuck fills all this info.

220df2 No.485691

I found sargon's never published interview with jordan b peterstein


d5bf07 No.485693


Everyone already knows your address, Carl. There's no reason to censor it.

That one anon is still camping outside of his house for when it's time to put Operation Soy Saucer into effect, right?

220df2 No.485694

File: a8ba813728b58ab⋯.jpg (30.72 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, k.jpg)

a1662f No.485696


>paying money to be a member of a political party

Why don't you pay for a warranty as well?

f16925 No.485697

File: 95c36cd01ed25de⋯.png (189.72 KB, 499x499, 1:1, sargoy_wojak_blacked.png)

>>485666 (checked)


>Oi you got license for that political party mayte

c200ce No.485698

>Ralph's views are actually going up

Wow who knew just putting up a consistently halfway decent show not filled with absolute retards would get you a bigger and more stable audience over time

220df2 No.485699

File: 08e5fe5c9698ba9⋯.png (497.14 KB, 849x432, 283:144, mep.PNG)

>interviews important politician

>slurps coca cola from can

220df2 No.485700


everyone has been itching to see the soyfather sperg but every time an opportunity comes out they just bitch out - ralph seems to be willing to do it

a1662f No.485701




He really meant it when he said he was working class.

fca598 No.485702


That's because they are all sucking dicks for subs off each other. Even ape puts the kids gloves on for sargon.

They will punch a bit sday a few memes but they will not make an enemy of the stepfather as he can sink their skeptic channels.

c200ce No.485703

File: 16f48bb7bd582a6⋯.png (51.93 KB, 300x168, 25:14, 16f48bb7bd582a65811baf045c….png)



0b4ab5 No.485706


this cocksucker stole the kekistan shit from 4pol and now hes crying like an SJW pussy

what a fucking faggot

9bd24d No.485707

A wild Corrine appears

9bd24d No.485708

File: 0968d8dcccba735⋯.png (28.77 KB, 756x734, 378:367, 1500319587941.png)

Ralph trying to goad Corrine into going to livestream at Melrose where a riot is breaking out live.

7d452b No.485709


>stop stealing memes!

>we haz copywrites

220df2 No.485710

>corrine dunks on sargon

f16925 No.485711

File: f2a1447c0e91d36⋯.gif (1.97 MB, 475x365, 95:73, 1459120495704.gif)


Hopefully she goes but most likely she won't.

fca598 No.485712


That would be so fucking good if she did go and got fucked up by police live on stream. All of the chat will laugh.

e174cc No.485713

I don't mind corrine, she's entertaining. I hope she gets lynched by niggers in the riot.

b4d571 No.485714

File: e3efa49857d824e⋯.png (31.8 KB, 265x193, 265:193, smug_nagatoro05.PNG)


reddit faggots always co-opt imageboard memes, they lurk here and see a nice meme, take it to their shitty website and repurpose it in order to sanitize it to the point they kill it. sargon is a redditor, it's no surprise the faggot used kekistan till he killed it. funny shit is that you can push pepe the nazi frog and link it to kekistan and now you have more proof that sargon is an undercover alt-right nazi.

Also, I haven't checked the thread in 3 days, can someone tell me what i missed?

0b4ab5 No.485715


it went beyond simply spouting memes from the chans, he pretended like kekistan was his thing he came up with

220df2 No.485717

File: 80f36e4496a9432⋯.png (14.78 KB, 646x163, 646:163, huh.PNG)

sargon's reddit is uncovering the conspiracy

9bd24d No.485718


6254ca No.485720




We should start suing him if that one law in the EU goes through

72bfd3 No.485721


What's the difference between /r/SargonOfAkkad and /r/Liberalists? I hate r*ddit so fucking much.

e174cc No.485722


>breaking news

welcome to yesterday, reddit

b4d571 No.485723


anon, not all liberalists are sargonites but all sargonites are liberalists :^)

e174cc No.485724


i hope she gets mugged

f16925 No.485725

File: 829ed473566ca35⋯.gif (2.19 MB, 388x218, 194:109, 1459132161169.gif)

f16925 No.485726

File: c2d4f7898670d7a⋯.gif (870.32 KB, 500x281, 500:281, cd948a7ea763e432306030dd80….gif)

>our roving streetwalker

9bd24d No.485729

>all the 56%ers at the riot

LA is so fucked

9fcfe7 No.485730



Yeah dude, I'm sure it's tattooed skinheads in Dr Martens who are after you. Not bored neets shitposting as they watch moetrash.

f0d319 No.485731


So as the whole of California.

a1662f No.485732

File: 2cf5ba3f76f3a2d⋯.jpg (29.01 KB, 500x600, 5:6, serveimage.jpg)

9bd24d No.485733

Now Erin is tearing up

fca598 No.485734


Unironically think Corin is better.

9bd24d No.485735

File: c868f03031fdeef⋯.png (207.11 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 1501297835365.png)

Corrine is on the streets and already getting into trouble. Literally asking the goblinos where the riot is.

e174cc No.485736

>the random spics on the street recognise corinne

fca598 No.485737

She is going to get fucking killed.

9bd24d No.485738

File: 527601e023cb2e0⋯.gif (394.75 KB, 172x120, 43:30, 1488053001690.gif)

>candlelight vigil in respectful silence


>out of nowhere





this woman is in fucking danger

f16925 No.485739

File: aad1c96b7374b91⋯.gif (1.68 MB, 500x376, 125:94, 06e7f000e84e3ab179a0485306….gif)

>Ralph julaying cocks from this old L.A thot


9bd24d No.485740


e174cc No.485741

corinne confirmed best girl

e174cc No.485742

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

9bd24d No.485743

She's so fucking close to just getting run over

f16925 No.485744

File: a7343d80f06669e⋯.gif (1.1 MB, 371x209, 371:209, 4dab9dfa704583a76bea4d39b4….gif)


>corinne confirmed best girl

9bd24d No.485745

>Corrine defending the goblinos' honor

9bd24d No.485746

File: baaaf18c88e899c⋯.jpg (12.35 KB, 225x225, 1:1, 1510714507140.jpg)


e174cc No.485748

File: 1c97431e517e07b⋯.jpg (89.9 KB, 346x460, 173:230, disgust.jpg)


9bd24d No.485749










6254ca No.485750

>walks up to a group of mulattos, goblinos, and blacks

<I want to help you have your civil rights

f16925 No.485751

File: 2da8261a5389648⋯.gif (2.21 MB, 430x352, 215:176, 2da8261a53896481ee1eee084a….gif)

Corrine telling news caster who to interview

c200ce No.485752



9bd24d No.485753


9bd24d No.485756

>tomorrow a kickstarter goes up for a better mobile plan for corrine

f16925 No.485757

File: b6e990b5678386c⋯.gif (2.78 MB, 268x301, 268:301, 1c6163f67873628f03d36a6321….gif)



5ce719 No.485758

This is some of the best shit I've ever seen.

9bd24d No.485760

>every other person corrine talks to is themselves livestreaming

California is garbage.


9bd24d No.485761

That soiboy was about to go off on her so hard.

c200ce No.485763


Top fucking kek

e174cc No.485764


the only baizuo on the street

f16925 No.485765

File: 44aef93b4cfcb42⋯.gif (1.86 MB, 300x296, 75:74, 44aef93b4cfcb42c0565e71393….gif)

f16925 No.485767

File: d4d91066a2826a9⋯.gif (11.37 MB, 480x480, 1:1, d4d91066a2826a9eea332b53dd….gif)

>There is fake news

e174cc No.485770

File: ad217ccff0b8ce5⋯.jpg (36.31 KB, 727x591, 727:591, tfw H'Wite.jpg)

>these broken people with their terrible wrecked lives exist purely for our amusement


fca598 No.485771

Holy shit Ralph is on to something. Sending a 2 IQ thot to report on the latest shootings in LA.

9bd24d No.485776

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

/ourguy/ scrub streaming

220df2 No.485777

f0d319 No.485778


Fuck off Scrub.

f0d319 No.485780

File: 54e0cc47124071a⋯.png (28.18 KB, 474x395, 6:5, ClipboardImage.png)

File: b7ef820df445f06⋯.png (61.09 KB, 470x498, 235:249, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 44a4b5819eb0f4d⋯.png (31.32 KB, 469x214, 469:214, ClipboardImage.png)

0b1b6d No.485781



Doesn't the fact that there are less than 60 downvotes prove that there are less than 60 bots, if we're to go with JF's theory? If so, they can't be responsible for the 1100 downvotes on his rose video.


No one said he hadn't applied, only that he hadn't been accepted. All he proved now is that he wasted £30 before getting rejected.

9de972 No.485782

File: f9de67e8efd51e1⋯.webm (169.75 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1wv22.webm)


>[Sarg'n] lives in social housing

Still? Is this confirmed? Big if true


Sarg'n is outwardly immune to Jim's astounding arsenal of exactly one single weapon: ridicule. Worse, he knows Jim's own Achilles Heel all to well: ridicule. This leaves Reddikur with precisely zero leverage in a confrontation with the pompous twat. His only way at him is via ridiculing Liberalistautism and hoping chat will hound his prey with snarky comments for him.


>But, he still lives in council housing and collects govt benefits.

Please tell me you're not going to make the same mistake yet again and base the majority of your expose on little more than wishful thinking and dressing speculation as fact.


>Some of us would rather see Zoom julayed

And some of us want him to succeed. If he fails (odds are in your favour) you'll get your time to gloat, but I'd like to see him hook a real trophy fish like Sarg'n.


>coachposting gold

webm related

70737e No.485783

>>485666 (ave satan'd)

>I applied to join the party, therefore I am already a member of it

This is the kind of keen intellect that gets you an E in general education, ladies and gentlemen.

9fcfe7 No.485784

File: a426ac532d4fd17⋯.jpg (16.5 KB, 290x258, 145:129, edgyboi.JPG)


Vee, stop retweeting yourself you goober.

175c6b No.485785


the best part about fucking with sargon is how butthurt veeh gets about it

602083 No.485786


tweet this to jf

f0d319 No.485787


He's after all the Don's right-hand gypsy. He must take the hit first so the Don would be safe.

602083 No.485788


every time

Vee is soygoys personal SIDF

220df2 No.485789

File: cd6da8feba7518e⋯.jpg (97.12 KB, 869x832, 869:832, future.JPG)

If I fake a bunch of discord messages and DM's or whatever and start "leaking" them somewhere they will all start reposting them as proof of a grand conspiracy?

seems almost too easy to be true

f0d319 No.485790


Even better, I DM'ed it to him. So Veeh won't see it.

fca598 No.485791


Septics need a "win" so they will jump for it. I say do it.

84045d No.485792


>Even better, I DM'ed it to him. So Veeh won't see it

implying that fat gypsy isn't monitoring this board 24/7 for his master

209027 No.485793

File: a305965de440179⋯.jpg (31.25 KB, 600x450, 4:3, 35156.jpg)

I heard a good joke:

So, three soyboys walk into UKIP.

1cbf4a No.485795

File: d6ded07b6980103⋯.png (752.29 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, Y34.png)

220df2 No.485796


not only vee but also other soy-infused soldiers that roam boards in search of the "latest meme" to report to the soyfather

175c6b No.485797

File: c0d63d01ba2cf6f⋯.png (14.01 KB, 582x126, 97:21, dankula.png)

everyone's mad

this is great

f0d319 No.485798


This commie really needs a quick dose of lead inside his skull.

1cbf4a No.485799


shit. why is reddit sabotaging sargons ukip campaign?

fca598 No.485800


>Choose a dead in the water party

>Only to say "see i am doing something"

Fuck off dank you cuck.

9fcfe7 No.485801

File: 534723d61aae85f⋯.png (1.43 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)


>makes me laugh

Does it? Or are you angrily posting butthurt on twitter for everyone to see?

18f89b No.485803

File: ed9c60f589b2bd1⋯.jpeg (63.79 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 1456432871201.jpeg)


> reddit

> not knowing it's ebaumsworld

602083 No.485804

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

soygoy on some sjws channel

checking it out now, hoping for more stupid stuff from his mouth

220df2 No.485805

File: 6a94e1ce7fda148⋯.png (9.08 KB, 477x80, 477:80, vv.PNG)

>sargon, dankula, etc spend years taking advantage of board culture and "memeing"

>boards turn against them

>y-you're all j-just a bunch of v-virgin 4chan neo nazi t-trolls

887572 No.485806

File: bd1a812eae3cfa1⋯.jpg (23.07 KB, 335x366, 335:366, Gab hmm.jpg)


>collectivizes people

>collectivizes people again

Makes me think

18f89b No.485807


At least those virgins don't sleep with men.

7d452b No.485808


Wrong again. Im with sargon when I see him targeted by alt-right/shariablue (literally same thing) shilling attacks,while being nationalist.

0fce46 No.485809

File: 51255c7efcfc2e3⋯.png (37.42 KB, 420x294, 10:7, ClipboardImage.png)

602083 No.485810



they also lurk 4chan 24/7 and damage control soyfather threads

028fc8 No.485811

File: 45c875e19b1b4e7⋯.mp4 (1.41 MB, 640x360, 16:9, 45c875e19b1b4e726bf8d57f13….mp4)


>eceleb dick rider that shits his pants and does nothing entertaining


602083 No.485812


>create liberalists(tm)

>be an absolute joke

>another failure on soygoys list

>hijack dead civnat party


This latest UKIP thing is an admission of failure by soygoy himself. THE ABSOLUTE STATE OF LIBERALISTICISM

9fcfe7 No.485814


Sargon is a huge fan of Anita and the alt-right.

602083 No.485815

File: e7616914af56c43⋯.jpg (123.38 KB, 818x656, 409:328, e7616914af56c43bade60977f5….jpg)


>this "meme"



028fc8 No.485816

File: a70ec0116233436⋯.jpg (211.32 KB, 2048x1053, 2048:1053, 1cbc70738167b17e567db91e4e….jpg)


>reddit boogeyman

>not knowing of 9gag cartel

220df2 No.485817

their entire "c.ontent", "comedy" and "memes" is straight up shit that appeared on chans, it's pretty sad, if boards didn't exist these dudes would have no c.ontent

now they have gone full "reddit is my best friend now"

209027 No.485818


>Open socialist attempts to hijack dead moderate party


>Evul nahzees

175c6b No.485819

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>everyone joins ukip except for sargon

best timeline

not only does it ruin everything for sargon, it also creates tension between him and those who managed to get in. on top of that, those that do get in cannot take as much joy in it now, knowing that sargon was rejected.

I'm also preemptively disavowing all the neo-nazis on this board who would try to sabotage paul joseph watsons chances to join using vid related

9fcfe7 No.485822

File: 08f1eae8efd38dd⋯.png (46.53 KB, 305x165, 61:33, ClipboardImage.png)


They get their jokes from imageboards, their political opinions from youtubers, and their money from begging for donations. Behold the power of the individualist.

209027 No.485823



602083 No.485824

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Carl Sojamin gets B T F O by some guyl (probably jewish) raostie around 8:30 haha

602083 No.485825

btw, soja is german for soy

028fc8 No.485826


UKIP needs to die for sapping any energy from any actual nationalist movement to rise. maybe the 20 year plan is to turn liberalism, liberalistism and civic nationalism into shit

209027 No.485827


That would be true 4D chess on Soygon's part.

602083 No.485828

File: d4cd3cdfb106c5f⋯.png (247.93 KB, 1195x692, 1195:692, e003ecf45e77263ab14fa30772….png)


better version

72bfd3 No.485832

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.



A reminder of the immense faggotry of this gommie. From 3:33:33 onwards.

>inb4 cuckmite

Just watch it you sped.

9bd24d No.485833


there exist people who receive amusement from making fun of sargon with no political motives involved on their part whatsoever???? oh the humanity

fca598 No.485835

Now quaterpunder is getting on Ralphs case for jullaying the soyfather.

What it is with that ass licker? He clearly has a problem with people shitting on sargon but then turns around and hides it as "criticism".

At least Vee is honest about his love for Carl of swindon.

209027 No.485836


He's an attention whore.

fca598 No.485837


No i think it is more than that. The way he goes about it, it is more personal.

Like when he got embarrassed by Jim, he shut the fuck up for a few weeks. I think someone needs to stand up and tell to fuck off back to corner of the room and play with magic cards while he watches a bull fuck his gf.

9fcfe7 No.485838


That guy confuses me. I thought he was just some yugioh fag, but the way he dickrides Sargon is weird. It's like he has a dog in the fight.

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