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File: aaec5abe11da51a⋯.jpg (106.1 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Internet Bloodsports.jpg)

File: 840c971ab3cd3ce⋯.jpg (2.05 MB, 1600x960, 5:3, Warski-Live.jpg)

File: f48ac26decfa452⋯.jpg (17.24 KB, 480x360, 4:3, Morning Kumite.jpg)

File: 20275c7d7aefa4a⋯.jpg (112.01 KB, 640x320, 2:1, bloodsport-vs-bloodsport-1….jpg)

8f6540 No.390723


Alternate names include

Jewtube™ Rationalist™ Skeptic™ Thread™ #∞

Jewtube™ Rationalist™ Skeptic™ Thread™ #∘9

We've had about a gajillion "Jewtube Skeptic Thread #9" threads at this point that all appear and disappear at the speed of light and nobody really gives a shit about delicately archiving the posts in them or anything, and they're beginning to clutter up the board pretty bad, so this is a compromise everyone can be happy with for the time being.

Discuss all things "Internet Bloodsports" that don't necessitate their own thread here. Krautgate, skeptic drama, all the shit that fall under that umbrella.

Get your raincoats on, kids! Because we're about to see some guts go flying! This thread will be cycled.

Links, Information and Lore:

Full Timeline


http://archive.is/dM1kQ (Backup from April 2nd 2018)

Archived Threads:


http://archive.is/MtOiZ (Backup from April 2nd 2018)

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a5b1ad No.410823



5031fa No.410824


Do you faggots think Tonka can still call up Memphis to get some IRL Bloodsports going? Failure was supposed to go at it with TheBrooklynVlogger The last time.

b5ab3b No.410825

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Godwinsons hosting a livestrean

35bc49 No.410827


>all his vids got shoahd again

that is one busy flagger

d82a33 No.410828


>#7) Failure is a straight up snake and potentially a real sociopath. Whispered in Andy's ear to get him to fire JF and nuke his channel, career and life. Set up the Dankula v. JF debate without telling JF. Parasitical relationship with Tonka and those around him. High on the social pecking order without any meaningful contribution. Acted quick and precise to kiss the ring of /cow/ when he was on the shit list. He is the fat cuban spider in the spider web.

This is what I don't get. It's so fucking obvious. Even when Failure says he just thinks JF is "uptight" you can tell there's more to it. He can't hide it at all, and nobody probably outside of JF picks up on it.

6f8099 No.410839


The a-u-t-i-s-m-o? Impossible!

6832ab No.410840


The a-u-t-i-s-m-o

7ebbd7 No.410843


They all do. Remember when (((kraut))) did almost identical we wuz kangz video?

b88004 No.410844

I dipped for a bit. Anything funny happen since Baked broke down?

4a7adc No.410846


refer to this >>410782

b5ab3b No.410848


He's pretending to be a christian

a2ec77 No.410851


Really feels like his fanbase is getting to his head. He's showing his face more, slightly pandering to his audience, etc.

9188a0 No.410852


Failure is that kind of dumb fat guy that everyone underestimates but in fact is an intelligent sociopath and with a social capacity really maquiavelic tier?

4a7adc No.410853


no, he's just a fat spic retard

b5ab3b No.410854

File: 7304e8b8c7f10ea⋯.gif (1.64 MB, 400x300, 4:3, 7304e8b8c7f10ea867cbcd58d7….gif)


So Failure plays the fool, but really is the Machiavellian mastermind behind everything

9188a0 No.410855


OK, Failure

578952 No.410856



Are we thinking of the same fat retard that sits quietly until he gets an autistic fit and has to insert himself with a lolsorandom joke?

8a8f2d No.410857


it's not me

I mean I'm not him

165b8b No.410858


>Implying that's not a part of his master plan

f8fccd No.410860

i hate JF and failure. they ruin every show. tonka and andy should do a show together

9188a0 No.410861

File: 4bcccc8245ebfb2⋯.gif (1.99 MB, 420x315, 4:3, 1456262840069.gif)


I say from personal experiences, many guys who act like the dumb in a corner are the smartest ones in the room.

Meanwhile, idiots pretend to be smart all the time.

Btw I'm beginning to believe that that vodka was water…

dfdbc6 No.410865


>if I reveal myself as a fat obnoxious retard everyone will give me views

"Failure" is quite apt, he's at most a dancing ape

8a8f2d No.410866


>watching either shitshow

back to reddit

165b8b No.410868

File: 83f6988f3ae55c0⋯.png (97.36 KB, 319x334, 319:334, 83f6988f3ae55c0e4e8cda0830….png)


Holy fuck, it all makes sense now

>Pretends to be drunk in order to revive Bloodsports

>Gets Tonka's channel flagged so he can host The Kumite on his own channel

>Acts like a retard to sinestra so he can get KoP to look like a dipshit and break hiscease and desist

>Kicks JF so that JF looks more like an assblassted bitch-made nigger

8a8f2d No.410871

Failure is not a retard is my new favorite meme.

9188a0 No.410872



This is my favorite conspiracy theory now.

bce761 No.410873

File: 8f3888ccc8b4110⋯.jpg (44.62 KB, 680x419, 680:419, 1456101956353.jpg)


>mfw Failure is actually the one pulling Jim's strings as he is pulling everyone else's

25ceb9 No.410874


It doesn't take much effort to make KoP looks like an idiot.

9188a0 No.410875


New memes about the Cuban mastermind when?


It's true.

0a2b45 No.410876


Anyone with a goddamn internet connection can go to foxdickfarms, click a random page from a 140-page catalog and read it out loud. Especially the more recent ones where even the site owner is tired of his sockaccounting self-shilling.

12ea47 No.410878

Somebody make a new KoP thread already. Homor said he's not gonna delete it again.

240f51 No.410879

File: fb06512d991bb48⋯.png (584.19 KB, 829x1000, 829:1000, 53b252ca9584a506055d1715cb….png)


Tonka and Failure are smarter (at least in terms of common sense) then people give them credit. They have a better sense of what the common man wants. Many people who defend The Warsky & JF brand Bloodsports™ brand of "Bloodsport" are suffering from Dunning Kruger. The Warsky & JF brand Bloodsports™ in its current instantiation drove off all the real intellectuals by not respecting the rules of civilized debate. Yet "Warskilive" is paradoxically too pretentious, and JF is too thin-skinned, to be fun or funny for the common plebian. Its a flash in the pan that stays afloat on operant conditioning because of the few times it paid off, it paid off bigtime. Once people start realizing that it's not going to bring real happenings then they will slowly lose interest but that is going to be a slow decline because of the dopamine rush is still fresh from the Kilroy, Kraut and Baked drama. People will want blood and JF is going to be on the chopping block. If you actually think JF on Andy's channel (and shilling on /cow/) is a gateway for the alt-right to the "normie" mainstream then please don't act shocked when it turns into another Baked Alaska. People can only tolerate so much talk about Race realism after a while you either accept it as true and get bored of it or reject it and tune out because the topic is insufferable. JF fans (like Baked fans before) are living in a self-assured echo chamber and can't see the writing on the wall. If anything is more a symbolic Babylonian sacrifice to Moloch then anything intellectual.

a2ec77 No.410880




f144fb No.410882


really makes you think

165b8b No.410883


0a2b45 No.410884


Why did he delete it in the first place?

f144fb No.410885


KoP reported it 5 times

240f51 No.410886

File: 65380801a4f7f64⋯.jpg (15.68 KB, 295x319, 295:319, 1500444732906.jpg)


>This is what I don't get.

What is there not to get? Everyone, even Andy hates JF but Andy thinks that it would be career suicide to get rid of the guy. Tonka and Failure know this and are just string the pot because they don't want to see there internet Fwend have to tolerate the sociopath.


>JF the thin-skinned biologist idiot savant has smooth brained fans?!


297fc6 No.410887

File: d76a92b7c109f8d⋯.png (253.76 KB, 630x414, 35:23, busy.png)


They already did.


> vivian with no hint of irony

> 'real intellectuals' in the audience of skeptics or bloodsports

> 'slow decline' indicating incapacity to read the pacing of how things are going

> overemphasis on their dislike of JF

> everyone who doesn't have a chip in their shoulder with JF is a fan of JF and in an echo chamber

> larpy 'culture war' rhetoric

> anyone else is 'shilling'

I'll put that one right up there with the 'the julay isn't organic be afraid' one in the last Jewtube thread


too busy archiving the tagalong cancer because I have the feeling something is going to lead to people wanting to make it disappear and be forgotten pretty soon. Done with all the lego ones, maybe I'll get to that when I'm done with the fanart ones.

297fc6 No.410888


10bf78 No.410889

So who is this scrub faggot and why is he the biggest Jim dickrider ever?

0a2b45 No.410890


He is legit funny at times, reading chat at blazingly fast speed and quirky mannerisms, but overexposure is starting to make it stale. The whole point of his schtick was to be a funny alternative guy with an alternate stream, but he is now riding on streams.

Dickriding Jim gets you internet points.

a4e8e6 No.410891

File: 67416b4d4654331⋯.webm (3.65 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Judo throws.webm)


>Tonka and Failure are smarter then people give them credit

Most certainly not, they do act dumber than they are but they aren't the types of masterminds you are trying to portray them as. Unless, of course, you think understanding how drama works somehow requires even the slightest intellect. People seem to forget that they have been doing their shitty show for half a decade already and seem to mistake experience for knowledge.

f144fb No.410892


just some nobody orbiter

>Jim: achoo

<everyone on the ibs: "HAHAHAHA JIM YOU'RE SO FUNNY xD"

f144fb No.410893


>He is legit funny at times

>reading chat at blazingly fast speed and quirky mannerisms

back to reddit

240f51 No.410894

File: 1b3eff1a2349192⋯.jpg (149.96 KB, 450x450, 1:1, 1b3eff1a23491925e7fe30315c….jpg)


>vivian with no hint of irony


Oh, I see its one of JF's smooth brained white trash fanboys with a real case of pretender syndrome.

af8b76 No.410895


I'd say he's one of those people that come off better on audio than in text, where he tries to score them reddit points.

0a2b45 No.410896


>let me cherrypick positive points and completely ignore the negatives to claim you're a redditor

10bf78 No.410897


>smooth brain

>white trash

Back to twitter, ironycel manlets

4ed89c No.410898

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

Jim om some reddit faggots stream

>1million subscribers


240f51 No.410899


Anon its called division of labor. JF has invested so much of his autistic mind into Biology that he lacked social skills. When I talk about "Tonka and Failure being smarter then people give them credit" I am talking about how they have a more down to earth instinctive understanding of what the common man wants because they are salt of the earth themselves. But it's no surprise that people are heavily invested in shilling this IBS shit on /cow/ for political reasons. Its just going to be beautiful when it all blows up in there faces.

4ed89c No.410900


anon, that's a pasta and a meme

240f51 No.410901




>t. triggered white trash




165b8b No.410902

File: 73f1c3259835f3e⋯.png (4.17 MB, 1912x2436, 478:609, YcgMxIB.png)

10bf78 No.410903


>le ebin triggered amirite my fellow based tranny magapedes!

Maybe if you were tall enough to not have women treat you like armrests then you might have the ability to meme correctly

240f51 No.410904

File: 1ce0c99f27e59fb⋯.gif (1.71 MB, 500x500, 1:1, 1466049310132.gif)


>trying to ad Hominem an anonymous person

>t. white trash brainlet


165b8b No.410905

File: 5c9aac48f86df4f⋯.png (4.2 MB, 1912x2436, 478:609, YcgMxIB.png)


Ignore that, I suck cocks

4ed89c No.410906


Expect one millionth reiteration for normalfags what Jim does and everything. He's explaining them about Nick Bates.

af8b76 No.410907

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>1million subscribers


That viewer retention. It's funny when these e-celebs talk about "top live stream on youtube" bit as if it means something.

I'd only just noticed recently that marasy8 was still putting up his animu cover songs there. He's even doing live shows now that pull in 9k live viewers. Really puts it into perspective.

10bf78 No.410908


>doesn't deny being a little man

>the only imageboard culture he knows is pointing out post counts (in a revolving thread) and le t. signature meme

It's clear you're not from around here and you definitely took umbrage to the ironycel label so I think I was right on the money. You don't know how obvious you are, kek.

4ed89c No.410909



nice reddit spaces

165b8b No.410910

File: 274d93e9f9f2c32⋯.jpg (35.36 KB, 202x300, 101:150, 1446177396786-0.jpg)


Get the fuck out

240f51 No.410911

File: a152e5d034d1ffb⋯.gif (1019.12 KB, 450x360, 5:4, On a roll.gif)

>It's clear you're not from around here

<say's the faggot who is triggered about being called a white trash brainlet


10bf78 No.410912

File: 42c4c7734e06940⋯.png (116.07 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 1461112317957.png)

IBS is officially HWNDU tier in that it's drawing in way too many cuckchan faggots. Back to gookmoot's site, goblins.

4ed89c No.410913

File: fb4b8b66609eddc⋯.jpg (643.5 KB, 1101x600, 367:200, Untitled 1.jpg)


Yeah, they get ~100k views max. This is what >100k subs channels get. Em fucking barassing.

61fe22 No.410914



91efe9 No.410915


That fat fuck dated a model!? What the fuck?

a8a906 No.410916


29:40 - Jim talks about Methed Cuckaska and Bloodsports

>"Bloodsports is just a dumb gay little nickname"

Tonka gonna be upset again

89d7c2 No.410917


It's amazing to me that anyone would watch these faggots without Jim present.

e049e5 No.410918


Caught that earlier, was good. Liked him shitting on everyone, he also challenged Mundane Matt and Millenial Woes to 1v1s.

88c23e No.410919

File: 5d28fb5c3b20d4e⋯.png (294.69 KB, 829x555, 829:555, failure 001.png)


only have one pic

88c23e No.410920


I've been listening to the vid;I thought it was funny when he said that about IBS.

e049e5 No.410921


Are you still that buttblasted over the Jay Dyer debate TRSanon?

63bd92 No.410925


I missed it but Godders is always good value.

9e1324 No.410927



some of these guys, wings included (he was one of the guys on pka) were big time commentators back in 2009-2012. How the fuck do you not know these guys? They used to hit the front page of youtube all the time. I feel old from fucking video game youtubers.

91efe9 No.410928


Some people don't know about the replay whores either.

91efe9 No.410929



f467bf No.410932

File: 0afd7cc8c379148⋯.png (592.71 KB, 872x709, 872:709, 0afd7cc8c379148d8176ba8246….png)


>Reply girls

God damn, this takes me back.

e049e5 No.410933


Bitch move by the Sargonites to shut him down constantly. Jim really shouldn't have helped Vee. Also did you pay attention? Godwinson said MW and Sargon work together, which is one of the reasons MW laid low when the liberalist thing was in full swing.

9e1324 No.410935



now that's fucking sad. is being over 18 now too old for the internet?

e12f60 No.410936

File: 289edd8984ad06a⋯.jpg (61.99 KB, 1899x1068, 633:356, 54.jpg)


>OMG how the FUCK do you not know these nobody youtube call of duty commentators?! They were big in 2009!

I really hope you're being sarcastic, otherwise the desire to smack you across the face is palpable.

9e1324 No.410937

File: 6f057f57b28a66e⋯.png (296.91 KB, 544x404, 136:101, 2b8.png)


try to see if you can reach my face with your tiny palms you literal child.

a2ec77 No.410938

File: 98efdee095e56c9⋯.png (767.26 KB, 3508x2480, 877:620, failure.png)

File: 6c41637d22d104d⋯.png (127.99 KB, 621x654, 207:218, Screenshot_20180421_185130.png)

Nobody made it so I did.

try to find the secret

dbffd0 No.410939


is there a cum trib in the whitespace?

9188a0 No.410940


I'm here for quality shit like that

728b0d No.410941

File: 3788232a94997d5⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 10.17 KB, 537x449, 537:449, dassda.png)


what's this

dbffd0 No.410942


the layer on the hat looks weird, I'm going to guess there's a black dick under it?

a2ec77 No.410943



tip: in gimp decrease brightness to -70 and increase contrast to 50, then look around in the brain

a2ec77 No.410944

File: 8773cbe339a48a2⋯.png (56.91 KB, 631x477, 631:477, Screenshot_20180421_185906.png)


9e1324 No.410945


hold up

is BNN


or are they not in the joke and are just being kekistani tier

a2ec77 No.410946



297fc6 No.410947

File: 737cb20df3eb30b⋯.jpg (239.91 KB, 1508x558, 754:279, 151ss3558968039.jpg)


You know it's bad when they legitimately start sentences with

> You know I always read on reddit about…


> Every post that isn't about zionism is about JF

> choices reek heavily of goymergay/skepticism

> suddenly brings up cletus archetype for some reason

There is a reason people make fun of you.


I'm starting to think BNN is someone from here, trying to hammer home the exact same point. That's why he's retweeting all the cancer.

af8b76 No.410948


I saw someone with the same handle during Joachims stream before he nuked it, so he's probably lurking. Who the fuck knows with some poes.

dbffd0 No.410949

File: 246a0a0ba7ff1de⋯.jpg (17.31 KB, 259x253, 259:253, cat4.jpg)


just opened that image too. bravo, nolan.

e049e5 No.410951


It was theorized that the account was either one of Tonka's co-hosts AP/Fright or Halsey. If it's an undercover /cow/boy that's even better.

af8b76 No.410952

File: 7457ad2cc5bea49⋯.png (56.15 KB, 606x214, 303:107, ClipboardImage.png)



Never mind. Definitely AP (the free press of kekistan guy). I'd thought that it sounded like him before, but if he's shilling his crack streams I'm sure of it now.

cda6b3 No.410953

File: 7ae051e5285ddaf⋯.jpg (42.28 KB, 366x286, 183:143, 1523775088184.jpg)


that reminds me, what ever happened to misshannaminx? she had a great set of personality

dbffd0 No.410954

File: e4c3198ee4cc258⋯.jpg (513.04 KB, 2088x3000, 87:125, bf.jpg)


Reminder that AP frog's gf cucked him for a juggalo.

e049e5 No.410955


How do you know?

c7bd26 No.410956

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.



da1be4 No.410960


Is he a nigger? It's the only explanation tbh, juggalos are the lowest tier of wiggers.

dbffd0 No.410962

File: 771c17ad62d49ab⋯.jpg (9.44 KB, 236x178, 118:89, birdtown.jpg)


Was on an old stream. Randomly caught it on one of the no-names awhile ago (1 month?), but was pretty drunk. May have been Vamp? Might try and find it if no one else remembers.

It's 100% legit though. He was fucking raging, and pulling the whole "talk me down bro", "I'll kill em both", "ya, you're right I should just take it like a man." Shit, may try and find it now if he's running that cancer twitter.

e049e5 No.410965


If you do we should ask him if he thinks his gf wouldn't have cheated on him if he spent less time on shitty memes.

d00be4 No.410966


I added just a little bit of your theory to my first one, and added more to it:

#1) Andy while on drugs RAGED at JF for kicking Ralph from the show (its against his principles), but called it a joke when Failure did it to JF. This is because it was planned ahead of time by Failure, who told Andy that JF is toxic and needs to be removed. This is similar to when Failure told Andy to fire JF the first time. The idea was that kicking him would likely make him angry, as it's direct attack on JFs position as cohost. It sends him a message.

#2) Failure knows that Andy dreams of having a relaxing radio show with friends, and tells Andy that JF is ruining it. Sargon also tells Andy in their secret conversations (which Andy admitted to having), that JF is controlling him. Between the Coke (and meth), Andy easily gets mad when he thinks JF is trying to control him. Failure + Sargon = Wormtongue.

#3) Andy was told ahead of time by Failure to invite many people to attack JF (especially his personal life, ex wife, etc.) as a means of breaking him in livestream. Failure invites Ralph, and mentions the kicking of JF (Ralph knew) to Ralph before it was done. Sargon told Andy to also have his boy Count on (who owes Sargon), who will be sent what to say by his girl Karen, who is in talks with Vee. All this while Kraut is helping behind the scenes. Kraut used to be friends with Andy, and hates JF more.

#4) Failure controls Andy, who himself controls Ralph and Tonka (they owe Andy). Sargon controls Count, Karen, and Vee. Kraut seeks to destroy JF.

610c3d No.410967


Nope, he and the ghastly faggot pretend to be niggers for some reason but they look like albino cancer patients

e049e5 No.410969


I don't think Andy does meth and coke, maybe some coke but both wear down the body too fast. His paranoia could also come from the copious amount of weed and his childhood abuse. I mostly agree with the rest.

dbffd0 No.410970


If anyone's bored enough to look for it, I have no concept of time so don't go off that. Trying to narrow it down right now and hoping the stream wasn't delet

7cab40 No.410971


>Jim: I don't remember much from my intro level psyc classes

>psyc classes

Did Jim accidentally reveal his major?

e049e5 No.410972


He used to be a teacher (or so he said).

728b0d No.410973


intro psych and sociology courses are "easy A" classes many take regardless of major

a4e8e6 No.410976

File: 4096ebf0eea1652⋯.png (3.98 MB, 1500x8007, 500:2669, Bloodsports copy.png)

Made my own version, the original had way too little shitposting for my tastes and left out a few details

af8b76 No.410977


Timestamp for context? Citing into-psych is the classic Dunning–Kruger joke.

728b0d No.410979

File: 24bda4ec9865066⋯.png (216.53 KB, 1044x768, 87:64, 1.png)

File: 6373dcf9e391e7f⋯.png (243.88 KB, 1044x744, 87:62, 2.png)


ain't that the guy responsible for this abomination

e049e5 No.410981


nice, largest version I've seen too

4d066d No.410982

a4e8e6 No.410984

File: 491faebf26b8a2c⋯.png (3.99 MB, 1500x8007, 500:2669, Bloodsports copy.png)


I didn't add anyone new, I just changed a bit of the text. Also noticed some errors which I had to correct. If anyone wants to replace the original names with shitpost versions, I might add it.

7cab40 No.410985

bef3ca No.410986


TBH you should have mentioned Halsey, because he is ridicolously pilpul tier jew.

Also, nick fuentes is a totally fucking kiked "christian" fucking retard who talks shit but doesn't even really know his own religion. Probably a jesuit plant tbh.

dbffd0 No.410988

File: 8a81ab6c3e22cf2⋯.png (18.69 KB, 621x432, 23:16, deleted.png)

Bad news: There's a couple vids around that time that are long deleted or private.

Good news: His streams are small enough that he'll sperg if pressed, admit it out right, or be known as liar in his circles.

Great news: AP got cucked by a juggalo

fuck, sorry lads. didn't really care back then

a4e8e6 No.410991


Like I said, I am not adding new ones, I am just adding a bit of shitposting to the already existing ones because I found the original to be too serious.

19890f No.410992


what pokemon is the first pic supposed to be?

6badba No.410993


No one fixed the pixelated garabage at the top "A Handy /cow/ Guide"? For Kraut and Tea his power word should be in his title as well like Destiny's above. Honorable Mentions should be centered and use the same font size for their names. The quarterpounder could be made into two lines, there is enough space below it and then a few others that have ben mentioned can be inserted in the lateral space. Just my $.02, I might do it later after I'm done with the things I need to get done today.

bef3ca No.410994


'Kay man, just thought I'd say something because you curiously drifted over the big fat boomer kike and the big (((christian))) 19 year old.

297fc6 No.410995


You mean John. I have him on twitter.

bef3ca No.410996


He most definitely does more drugs than a normal person should.

af8b76 No.410997


If anything crops up, be sure to grab a webm for archiving purposes. This thread is too high profile, and I'm sure they're at the stage where they'll quietly remove embarrassing moments that's hidden within all the boring shit.

d00be4 No.410998


Well that part was added from his alternative theory to mine, in which he implicates Failure as the boss of Andy, while Andy is confused by drugs. My original theory was the main basis to which I added more. If anyone wants to correct mine, or change it up a bit to be more accurate, go ahead. It's just fun to play around with, and probably becomes more accurate over time lol.

e049e5 No.411000

Going to give that Jim PKA stream a try, although I think Kumite will also cover it.

e049e5 No.411001

Aww did they delete the Godwinson stream? Fucking kikes. He had some really good putdowns for MW, Sargon and his buddies, Alt-Hype, etc. Also implied that TRS offered to host his stuff.

dbffd0 No.411002

File: afc39f66d2ecf5e⋯.png (588.3 KB, 807x562, 807:562, 341072C.png)


Appreciate the reminder, I have bad net nihilism habits. Here's hoping the lore can be revived by pushing it into spotlight.

I'm sure AP has pissed someone off that's reading the thread that wants a go at him. If he backs down he's a bitch on top of getting cucked by a juggalo.

If BNN is indeed being run by him, it adds a whole level of hilarity.

dbffd0 No.411003

File: 6ce3e67ffac344c⋯.jpg (231.65 KB, 960x1280, 3:4, 32C9745.jpg)


>image quality

literally cannot stop gargling cocks today, fuck me

7de3fe No.411004


there's no community strike or dmca statement on the link. it was deleted or made private godwinson himself.

0fb376 No.411005

File: 148d535124fced5⋯.png (39.59 KB, 339x351, 113:117, 656Froakie_XY_anime.png)


God knows they could've chosen a better looking frog for their abomination.

a2ec77 No.411007

File: 55666b46e5381f5⋯.png (5.59 MB, 1500x8311, 1500:8311, ibsguide.png)

Added some descriptions to honorable mentions.

da1be4 No.411008


Kazhar miIkers


I'm 40 minutes in. It's Jim recapping and explaining IBS, there's probably not going to be anything new, but the it is ok, way better than listening to the injun and the fat cuban.

88c23e No.411010

72b472 No.411011


>Jim initially was just observing the dumpster fire because of Kraut and Tea

I think it started with RedPillBlack vs. Blaire White on the Rubin Report, that was about a month before the Kraut thing.

b2cf0a No.411012

File: 0d9081bed8c1e55⋯.png (728.68 KB, 1280x1280, 1:1, 186Politoed.png)


This would have been better

dbffd0 No.411014

File: 7e79585e227c381⋯.jpg (12.68 KB, 232x157, 232:157, shyloh1.jpg)

File: cfef4d10cce95f8⋯.jpg (15.53 KB, 216x288, 3:4, shyloh2.jpg)

File: 6b9966229f59785⋯.jpg (240.17 KB, 1065x1600, 213:320, shyloh3.jpg)



she's busted now, but her old stuff is A/S tier http://www.boobpedia.com/boobs/Shyloh

88c23e No.411015


He could have been a remedial teacher; that could explains the psych knowledge and him being a teacher.

851c4e No.411017

File: 931598c941786e1⋯.png (4.7 MB, 1500x8311, 1500:8311, 5566.png)


changed the shitty header and updated geekthulhu's real picture

2fc582 No.411018


The only thing venti cares about is the fact that beta faggots orbit her, why would we play to her ego and say shes fuckable?

cd8c37 No.411019


i mean, she's pretty fuckable tbh

also it plays in the thing with erin

2fc582 No.411020


even if you think she is, you don't give the thots the kind of attention they want. You post that picture of her as the 56% la creatura. Same with aydin paladin.

Only input I've offered other than basic spelling mistake corrections.

fcea89 No.411021

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Jim went on PKA to get info on Wings of Redemption, anybody have the clip he's talking about where some Navy guy said he's gonna bring up Zoom to the pentagon?

dff072 No.411022


anon, thots know they are fuckable

6badba No.411024


It was around the 20-30 minute mark. I'm watching it right now and I'm 1 hour into it and it was a while ago.

fcea89 No.411025


Not the PKA stream, I mean the stream Jim's talking about.

dff072 No.411026


welcome to 6 hours ago

63bd92 No.411027

File: bf0e90659c980de⋯.jpg (47.85 KB, 585x337, 585:337, Graham_Williams_Producer.jpg)


This is autism but isn't even correct autism. Fuentes obviously needs a higher write up as does Hasley, who isn't even on the fucking list! Also where is where is Harmful Opinions? What has that MC17C poster whateverhisname done, where are his cocks? Who is he? Why havent you mentioned that Homor is a literally autistic book shilling jew who wants you to buy a shit piece of fan fiction that he's selling on Amazon?? Who the fuck is Godwinson?

e049e5 No.411028


The Ralph stream with Zoom, I'd say the last hour.

a540fb No.411029


I actually like Ayadin and don't get why so many people hate her. Sure she's overy emotional about shit but she doesn't go flashing her tits and has a sense of humor.

da1be4 No.411030


They know it, but they need to hear it, if they do not they start worrying they're not fuckable, and start seeking validation.

>The thot is immunized against all dangers: one may call her a slut, parasite, leech, whore, it all runs off her like water off a raincoat. But call her a roastie and you will be astonished at how she recoils, how injured she is, how she suddenly shrinks back: "I've been found out."

dbffd0 No.411031


guy's twitter: https://twitter.com/Spectre_06Live/status/986827430387240960

please pay attention to him, he's totally relevant and important and badass

2fc582 No.411032


You're allowed to like whoever you want to like, but women on the internet are all useless cunts who use the fact they're a woman to try and get preferential treatment.

They're also overly sensitive and ruin all the fun because they can't handle banter.

Then you have to factor in that men on the internet are all beta virgins and when they hear a girls voice they get boners and start acting like faggots and ruin the fun whiteknighting for m'lady.

No matter what a woman will always ruin the fun. There are no exceptions.

a4e8e6 No.411033


>where is Harmful Opinions?

He hasn't engaged himself into bloodsports, he has only ever been there to discuss shit everyone else already agrees on or to just laugh at something. If anything, it was a major disappointment, since I was hoping to see HO against Vee but Vee pussied the fuck out.

>Who the fuck is Godwinson?

Newfag pls go and stay go

40728b No.411035

File: 9b9f7c8e97a7af2⋯.jpg (144.63 KB, 884x902, 442:451, 9b9f7c8e97a7af2195601c4009….jpg)


>breast reduction

3c9a05 No.411036


you sound like a sperg, maybe you should be on it too

3c9a05 No.411037


everyone tells venti she's fuckable 24/7 on her treams

da1be4 No.411038


The more reason to call her a roastie. And tbh, while the boobs are ok I couldn't get past the fetal alcohol syndrome eyes and the 56%

e00a30 No.411040

File: ed2a88d0003a70b⋯.jpg (255.39 KB, 1157x1200, 1157:1200, 65.jpg)


it's okay, anon, some thots are fuckable and once you lose your virginity it's not gonna bother you so much

2fc582 No.411042


Venti you have to go back.

and I mean back to reddit

fe4a6a No.411043


Aydin is a whiny mentally ill degenerate. She does that bullshit of saying that the softsciences are super important you guise, and that SJWs just took over it. Truth is they've always had control over shit like psychology. They've been deeply embedded in it for decades and at this point if you separated them, there'd be nothing left because 95% of modern social science studies eferences other bullshit studies with extremely questionable methodology. It's a feedback loop of bullshit. Why do you think Aydin flips out so easily? She knows enough to know how much of it is bullshit, but it's her job to teach it. She has the precise reaction of someone who's smart enough to know she's doing something wrong but needs to keep doing it for money.

da1be4 No.411044

File: ecdce830cb6668c⋯.jpg (182.83 KB, 1078x1061, 1078:1061, ayylmao.jpg)


Roasties are like a sharpie labeled scratched CD, can't stop repeating the same and it's certainly not original

610c3d No.411045


Looks like literally every single one of those e-celeb faggots are monitoring the thread. Get the fuck out,mutt.

dbffd0 No.411046

File: aa7adb7d61c0628⋯.png (819.02 KB, 1398x743, 1398:743, eww.png)

e00a30 No.411047


>I actually like Ayadin and don't get why so many people hate her

back to reddit

>she doesn't go flashing her tits

she does

>has a sense of humor


>sense of humor



2fc582 No.411049


hahaha nigga you have a hardon for venti get yourself to reddit buddy.

610c3d No.411050

File: 65685eed1e27d11⋯.png (214.7 KB, 1019x551, 1019:551, o0cu7JF.png)


>she doesn't go flashing her tits

Except when she does it for no reason at all.

7cab40 No.411052


Why Aydin is low tier

>lies about being a Half Jew

>coal burner

>fucked her way around the internet

>proclaims her low tier social psychology is something to be proud of

>tries to argue for nurture vs nature using false facts and circumstantial evidence

>is a literal dyed hair tumblr that brags about being bi-sexual to earn brownie points with feminists

She's just another attention seeking hole sucks about the doxxxxxxxxxxxing though, the guy who did that is a bigger faggot than she is

19890f No.411053


her eyes her face everything is just a little off

297fc6 No.411054


> endlessly confused where this seething rage for any thots and other women comes from

> suddenly realize they're virgins

Wait…it all makes sense now. How many in this thread post on /r9k/?

d6f0c9 No.411055



88c23e No.411056


are you suggesting she's not 50% kike?

19890f No.411057


nice white knighting


0fb376 No.411058

File: e607cf7dc461d09⋯.png (722.84 KB, 960x960, 1:1, 1506722416564.png)


Better to be a virgin than to fuck what looks like a time traveller from America in 50 years.

dbffd0 No.411059



>fakes suicide attempts for pity

>cries and ruins streams because some derpy fuck didn't regard her opinion highly enough


>sucks about the doxing

I don't understand this. If you go on the internet and stir shit, let alone e-beg on YT over drama topics, what the fuck do you think is going to happen if you have no clue about opsec?

f467bf No.411060


She's apparently married with kids and worked on some movies or something.

2fc582 No.411061


Why be either of them, go fuck white women anon enjoy your youth.

e049e5 No.411062


That Aydin Kraut thing was bad. She knew he was a NEET, knew he was wrong about everything, still had the hots for him. Take note, being an asshole works even if you got nothing else going for you.

dbffd0 No.411063


Truefax. Inserting yourself into a massive shitshow that has nothing to do with you and screaming "look at my feelings" is one thing. But the histrionic cluster Bitch kept doing it in chats for weeks. Thirst is the only explanation for a recovery from that and yet another example of why thots should be kept down.

cb1c6e No.411064


>If you don't irrationally despise women in all ways you are reddit

Nigger what? Are you that faggot MRA incel who kept screeching about how artificial wombs are going to drive women extinct in the Friday general?

2fc582 No.411065


It has nothing to do with irrationally hating women, everything has been stated above is facts women ruin fun.

Get a girlfriend, get a wife have kids thats great. DONT BRING WOMEN INTO MENS FUN TIME YOU RUIN IT ALWAYS AND FOREVER WILL BE RUINED.

Women just don't get it and they have to be the center of attention.

19890f No.411066


>if you don't like this one attention whore you must be bitter about women


cb1c6e No.411068


If you think all women ruin everything, you've been hanging around the wrong women. Fuck, If you let your fun get ruined and don't tell them to shut their mouths when they start bitching, you deserve to have your hobbies ruined.


>Saying all women don't have a sense of humor isn't talking about all women


7cab40 No.411069


I'll be sure to add those to her list of spergouts. She's a good example of sharing to much online biting you in the ass. the guy who got her fired is still a giant faggot tbh

2fc582 No.411070


Confirmed woman, tits or get the fuck out hole.

19890f No.411071


never said that, newfag


cb1c6e No.411072



You aren't even using the word properly you retarded fucking nigger.

7cab40 No.411073

File: b912de35e3ce17b⋯.gif (2.12 MB, 643x539, 643:539, 1521907085651.gif)


>being this much of a white knight

e9c4b9 No.411075

Aydin helped dox herself. Listen to her debate with Destiny, where she is referred to as "a female Trump supporter from 4chan's /pol/ board." She's a dumbass dramatic attention whore, and hard to fuckin listen to aswell. Also somethings she said about herself on Destiny's stream she later backpedaled. I guess that's her "anonymous actor " rearing its head.

2fc582 No.411076


Tits or gtfo you dumb hole.

b2b09d No.411077

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


If you think about it, they are the perfect match. A guy with a split up dick who wants those academics to respond and a desperate social "scientist" with a broken womb.

True kino

cb1c6e No.411078

File: 7104536561ab20f⋯.jpg (29.33 KB, 626x741, 626:741, 1503719752.jpg)



>sense of humor


You just fucking said that.

27aadb No.411079

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


19890f No.411081


>doesn't know how to check IDs

>is white knighting an annoying semi attractive reddit thot

2fc582 No.411082


it is a thot mate, they can't reason once again they just ruin fun.

dbffd0 No.411083


Reporting is a bitch move for sure, but bitch moves are a given. She openly touted being in (((academia))) and still felt like her particular opinion was important enough. Just can't muster any sympathy.


Screens show her crossposting using a personal account with a handle she used all over the web. I give it a month before she's back online having learned nothing.

cb1c6e No.411084

File: fdbf8d81f0e8dd2⋯.jpg (109.84 KB, 899x1200, 899:1200, CrzuQjPUkAA3VT2.jpg)


>implying it doesn't take 5 seconds to switch IDs.


K Kaho Shibuya, if you are wondering who it is.

2fc582 No.411085


tits or gtfo you dumb hole.

dbffd0 No.411086

File: 47bd0ec13b73f6b⋯.jpg (136.54 KB, 800x869, 800:869, 800px-JesseVentura2.jpg)


>Nay, NAY


cb1c6e No.411087


>post tits

>still bitching

Nigger you didn't specify who's tits.

e9c4b9 No.411088


After Kraut and now this incident, I agree.

2fc582 No.411089


tits or gtfo dumb hole.

00de7b No.411090

KoP is a really cool guy.

ddc259 No.411091



hi KoP, you're a faggot

e049e5 No.411092


Woah, deep lore. Did the devs plan that from the beginning?

00de7b No.411093


Wow rude. Just accept KoP is a God.

cb1c6e No.411094




7cab40 No.411096


>I give it a month before she's back

Aydin is still around, she only made her twitter private. Thots can't resist the attention from thirsty online betas.

dbffd0 No.411097

File: 1117ff713ec5447⋯.jpg (101.36 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, bakedalaska.jpg)


>did they plan

Someone hasn't been listening to Baked Alaska. Only the Lord knows our plan, friend. For 20$ and a superchat saying to kill niggers, you too can be accepted into his plan.

af8b76 No.411098



Ashhualy (16). They're all the same though.

cb1c6e No.411099

File: 4d3902497c4bd4a⋯.jpg (45.14 KB, 480x480, 1:1, DRnh9D7UMAAhh-P.jpg)


When I was typing it his ID only said (1), though.

af8b76 No.411100

File: 937fd6901af907d⋯.jpg (92.9 KB, 500x634, 250:317, legolas.jpg)


I've had the page open since yesterday.

2fc582 No.411102


Probably just someone trying to troll pretending to be bryan.

The real bryan is way more cringey.

a4d63a No.411104



You going to show us those tits or what, cunt?

dbffd0 No.411105

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

scrub small stream, talking quite a bit

297fc6 No.411106


> posts star from western kikery as implied posterchild of 2d girls

> her love interest is literally 56% White

e049e5 No.411108


Topic and people?

dbffd0 No.411109


just scrub and some potential info

0fb376 No.411114

File: 91c584db9e3858e⋯.png (1.43 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot_2.png)


>not wanting to bleach Latin America

You're right I could've chosen something better

cb1c6e No.411115

dbffd0 No.411116

was going to try to gain trust but i legit want all these people dead.

728b0d No.411119


thots are for bar conversation, a pump, and then a dump

I don't go to them for discussions on politics or my hobbies

a4e8e6 No.411121


Gain trust to do what?

728b0d No.411123


don't do anything brash toad

4d066d No.411125


Perhaps Samaria deserves an inclusion.

2fc582 No.411126


We got boots on the ground at kilroy?

6badba No.411128


Yeah that's what scrub is talking about right now.

b2cf0a No.411129


Yeah. I think she does.

cb1c6e No.411131


One or two for the board. More for this thread. This one sperg in the Friday general, whines endlessly about women and insists thst when artificial wombs and AI girlfriends are a thing, women will be hunted and killed in the street because… Fuck if anybody knows why.

2fc582 No.411132


tits or get the fuck out you dumb hole.

71f7d3 No.411133


If its a handy /cow/ guide then Jim saving Vee from further embarrassment is a bad thing. Jim can do wrong.

a2ec77 No.411138

>fucky meme boy draws an autistic picture in mspaint.exe for NTKernel 6.2

>exerts pressure on the left push button of his pointing device after moving it just the right way to position it on the explorer.exe windowing system where the "Stop broadcasting" button on the chrome.exe process is (usually, for 1920x1080 monitors, taking into account the taskbar height and window borders for Windows 10, would be at X=960 and Y=1010

I had more fun typing this out than watching the le ebin meme xD boy's stream.

cb1c6e No.411139


Hit a nerve talking about you, did I? I bet >>>/wizardchan/ is more your style, than /cow/, bitch.

ea6fe2 No.411140

>this was back when Jim was doing something useful with his life

Sargoy is taking swings at Jim on his stream again

faf189 No.411141

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Dox Holiday livestreaming killjoy right now

2fc582 No.411142


tits or gtfo dumb hole.

e9c4b9 No.411143


A guy with Sargon's resume shouldn't be throwing insults at anyone else's usefulness.

a2ec77 No.411144

File: b48ae9ae3432202⋯.png (32.83 KB, 589x293, 589:293, Screenshot_20180422_010944.png)

Okay what the fuck, it seems I'm under the radar of these spergs now. I made an offhand joke at Internet Historian and got instant retweets. They aren't even following me.

d12217 No.411147

File: 887d1868d4ef78c⋯.png (22.43 KB, 118x112, 59:56, unsheathsdisgust.png)


well if you don't have to beg or pay for sex, you kinda develop standards

i mean if shes a grade-above internet fantasy for some that see the acne scarred bottom of the barrel in the pool as a conquest, i can see how they could find a puffy goat-eyed boyfaced mulatto, with a bad case of thoughtless attention whore optimal

not everyone is preserving their virginity

theyre preserving standards

shes the typa pull that sleeps until 4pm the next day and then wants you to feed her and smoke her out when she gets up

hard pass, too ugly to be that vapid

ca5797 No.411149

File: d093634c6fc120c⋯.png (847.87 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, f485daf6b645cd0c5f51032641….png)



af8b76 No.411152

File: e6aee06180a6a02⋯.png (1014.91 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, ClipboardImage.png)


Pretty much exactly as I was expecting.

4d066d No.411154


>Discord whitemode


tits aren't bad at all though. yowza

71f7d3 No.411155


>Using Discord

dbffd0 No.411156


was only a matter of time before boogie's fat split and gained consciousness

a2ec77 No.411157

File: 71769dd5ee630e4⋯.png (369.95 KB, 1157x618, 1157:618, Screenshot_20180422_012223.png)

What the fuck is that on the ground?

222806 No.411158


>using discord


19890f No.411159


little boy underwear must have slipped out of jeff's pocket on his way in

af8b76 No.411160


Probably a hatch for a power socket. They're handy when you have tables in the middle of the room for functions and don't want wires across the room to the nearest wall.

a5b1ad No.411161


Your theory carries some weight except there's too many layers of Kraut and not enough layers of Failure.

- Failure sets up all the drama on Kumite. Tonka plays along but like all the other unwillful spergs and fools he's affected by it and time to time shows signs of being mentally tormented.

- Failure drops the cuddly Cuban persona and rages when people doesn't do what he says och likes, like when Sinatra accidentally gave Andy the Nick v. Ralph debate.

- Failure started the mob against Sargon after the Spencer debate and groomed Vee on the side, effectively hurting Andy's cocks creation from the ensuing drama and what it did to his guests. Tonka, contrary to Failure's sociopathic behavior, got Sargon on and amicably ended the drama, which is the typical dynamic between the two: Failure fuels dramas and Tonka ends them. The next day though Tonka was back to low key talking shit about Sargon while Failure low key egged him on.

- Failure came up with the retarded Purple Dragon theme and created the vomit inducing presentation. According to Andy he pulls the strings behind the scenes on a number channels. Tonka on the other hand tried to talk Andy out of it.

- Failure low key doxed multiple people and their actions after he met them irl ("tee hee").

- Failure's original lore was that he didn't want any drama and just "binge watched Star Trek" when he wasn't on stream. He's now arced into something completely different.

- JF v. Dankula was supposed to happen on Failure's channel, with JF getting blindsided by this fact a few days in advance live on stream. When Failure initially asked him it was just gonna be him and JF talking shit to patch things up. For some reason the debate was moved to Andy's channel and Failure didn't rage this time. Either JF saw it coming and moved the debate to Andy's channel, whereby Failure went to Andy and set him up for a dogpile; or, he himself wanted it moved to Andy's channel so he and his channel wouldn't get caught in the cross fire and so he could blameshift to Andy the clueless dunce. I'm leaning towards the latter because Failure's control over Andy depends on portraying an image of fwendship in contrast to JF's openly chaotic-neutral buisness relationship.

- It was definitely water in that bottle. He tried the same gimmick on Andy's channel post low IQ shitshow but JF shut him down.


7cab40 No.411163


>i must defend the virtuous internet maidens from the ebil virgins onwine

>surely they'll reward me with seggs right?


cb1c6e No.411164


>Being this angry someone you suspect is a female is posting on a Mongolian dance forum

a2ec77 No.411165

Holy shit, this stream is better than ASMR.

also, the guy that was asking a question right now sounds like jewachim

10bf78 No.411166

Can someone give me a rundown for Kilroy so far today? I just saw the sad, sad JH stream

71f7d3 No.411167


pretty sure friday threads are just a drawfag showing his experimental furry comics. last time i checked an anon got jewed and was venting.

a2ec77 No.411168




happened, other than half of the event being reported to police as missing.

ddbe62 No.411169

File: 4d55cdd11e06185⋯.png (825.97 KB, 1630x660, 163:66, 2018-04-21 19_18_38-Greens….png)

lol 10 people at killroy

cb1c6e No.411171


Yeah it was a few months ago scroll up, I'm sure you'll find it. Maybe.

10bf78 No.411172


Lol is Mundanematt melting down? Also kek at the missing people police reports. I'm guessing that BasedMama is in Cabo with the 85k

a2ec77 No.411173

File: d2bb872470a2f2a⋯.png (677.58 KB, 1300x480, 65:24, ClipboardImage.png)


That reminds me, where is Based Mama?

52dadc No.411174

File: 21dbcb7ea8a372a⋯.jpg (50.55 KB, 836x452, 209:113, DbVL4b6VQAEF7Ce.jpg)

File: 7bbcec04f1d4611⋯.jpg (74.3 KB, 416x424, 52:53, uAbpAq4.jpg)


///ourguy/// is here

71f7d3 No.411175


>A few months ago is now

hey /v/ has a thread of a government sponsored school shooting simulator.

0fb376 No.411176


Time to kill your account and start over.

a2ec77 No.411177


holy shit… is that Godwinson?

7e6912 No.411178

File: 52a7d912379e4e4⋯.jpg (5.75 KB, 259x194, 259:194, jeff holiday sucking on a ….jpg)

This is just embarrassing.

a2ec77 No.411179

File: a26b610a0cba7c8⋯.png (502.1 KB, 636x774, 106:129, Screenshot_20180422_014427.png)

4a0438 No.411180


I'd say counting the shekels from the ten retards she duped but that thing's like, all the way in the red, isn't it?

6badba No.411182


The fat girl he's sitting next to is one of his youtube groupies, On twitter: @abitchingwitch.on youtube as "TheBitchingWitch"

4c8f73 No.411184


kilrot is actually happening?

a2ec77 No.411186


With virtually no-one in there.

240f51 No.411187


If they mentioned Halsey then they would also need to get into Enoch and his b'nai b'rith wife.

4c8f73 No.411189


Are they trying to get a refund?

240f51 No.411190

File: c83f432b429a763⋯.png (1.48 MB, 1669x925, 1669:925, inside killroy.png)



>360° camra

holly shit look at these disabled morbidly obese people

21dbb1 No.411191


looks like an /r/the_Donald meetup

3a8dbc No.411192

I'm still not caught up on the baked drama. Can someone please put together a list of streams to watch in order?

e049e5 No.411194

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


There was a few beforehand where he argues with his stream and calls them toxic, then this really jumpstarts it.

e9c4b9 No.411195


I see the Repzion fan club is represented.

3a8dbc No.411196


So far I've watched the Ralph Retort stream (The Fuentes vs Allsup one) and the 11 hour Kumite. I'm pretty sure I've missed a few.

e049e5 No.411197


There was a Warski between the Ralph and Kumite (typing this, wow they're julaying this hard) where everyone lowballs Baked except for Jim and some other stuff where they're interrogating Erin. In his latest vid Baked goes really hard on Christianity. There's also the Zoom spinoff.

240f51 No.411198



while The Metokur call in was the final straw to set him over the edge into the deep end. It was actually the knight before or two nights before where he was cucked live on camera and the nickname Blacked Alaska and Meth'd Alaska took hold. It was even his mods calling him a cuckold that leads him to freak out about "Toxicity".


yep looks very similar to the magapedes™



apparently, according to scrub he walked up to some chick at Killroy and offered to sell her his soiled underwear.

4c8f73 No.411199

File: db1fa157e89630c⋯.webm (230.93 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, wow.webm)

240f51 No.411200


aa2e17 No.411201


lmao. I hope this bitch commits suicide on IBS

e049e5 No.411202


Her going down could be a good comeback for Kraut.

da1be4 No.411203


Wasn't she defending the Holohoax? How did she got fired for denying it? Did she claim it happened but only 5.9 gorillion died

e9c4b9 No.411205


>soiled underwear

Repzion confirmed

4d066d No.411206


Literally exactly what happened.

9188a0 No.411207

File: a7b47ba00d60143⋯.gif (1017.3 KB, 210x300, 7:10, I know the true cuban soci….gif)

Faillure again changed the focus of attention in this thread.

And there are people who doubt that he's the true mastermind of IBS

e049e5 No.411208


Yup, cucked out so the ZOG and its pets goes after her because she deviated a bit, no support from the nationalists because she said there were death camps.

e049e5 No.411209

I'll never get tired of the Jim vs Baked clip. It's so perfect. Everyone strung out on coke, them turning on each other, Baked totally clueless, superchat shitting on the crowd.

71f7d3 No.411210


or maybe because she's a coalburning attention seeking jew whore

af8b76 No.411211

File: cd97b6cb89e749e⋯.png (81.27 KB, 1320x290, 132:29, crp_killroy.png)


That reminds me, someone let us know if he shows up on Jeff's stream.

e049e5 No.411212


Usually doesn't matter in those situations.

71f7d3 No.411213


>Theres based jews goy

>Her antisemitism is totally organic and not pandering to anons

e049e5 No.411214


Nowhere did I say anything about based jews you illiterate nigger, I said people usually defend those people regardless but that isn't going to happen if she says there were death camp. Now fuck off and clean yourself off the gene pool.

21dbb1 No.411216


Imagine ruining your entire life to score a few posts about you being based by teenagers 4/pol/

71f7d3 No.411217


>people usually defend those people regardless but that isn't going to happen

Right back at you Miller, TRS seems pretty ==BASED==

>there were death camp.

Learn grammar you actual illiterate nigger

>Now fuck off and clean yourself off the gene pool.

no u

e9c4b9 No.411218


She's fuckable and infertile. She can fuck her way to security if she has any brains.

21dbb1 No.411219


She doesn't though. She's thirsty for a husband. On a random scrub strem I think she says she usually brings up marriage 3 weeks into the relationship

e9c4b9 No.411221


She needs to learn to hold out for the best she can get, not the next thing she can get.

dc4ab2 No.411222


I guess this is what happens to party girls who find they can't settle down. They become complete mental cases.

e049e5 No.411223


I didn't even bring up TRS, what is wrong with you? American school system or just the negro admixture?

e9c4b9 No.411224


Instead of dick-riding youtubers, she could've been scoring somebody at her work with tenure.

71f7d3 No.411225


>Being such a low iq retard you can't into analogies and references


We're all part nigger

ced081 No.411228


>Fuckable girl

>Gets doxxxxxxxxxed, life ruined

>All she did was say 4.5-6 gorrillion instead of a solid six.



>Not taking the opportunity to use this as a redpilling moment for her's and Layman's mostly skeptistani audience.

>Would rather virtue signal instead.

043c07 No.411229

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Styx vs. Jay Dyer on Religion right now

71f7d3 No.411230


She can't at best shell get a cuckold what respectable man would get with a whore and an infertile one at that

>Being infertile fucked her up

She can adopt.

5a7759 No.411232

Just got home. Has anything amusing happened on Kilroy except the audience quantity and quality?

71f7d3 No.411235


>Stating the reasons why people wont get behind her is virtue signaling

You're not from here lol

>a redpilling moment for her's and Layman's mostly skeptistani audience.

They're all degenerates and im not Christ incarnate guy

21dbb1 No.411236


It's so bad that nothing funny has happened and it's just boring. I bet AA meetings at the airport hilton are more entertaining

e049e5 No.411237


Still waiting on the Kraut shooting spree.


It gets really tiresome when some burned amerimutt paypig brings screeches TRS! TRS! You lose! Noone gives a shit, they were hardly part of this to begin with.

71f7d3 No.411240

7cab40 No.411242


Stop white knighting faggot. While it sucks she lost her job because of a lefty sperg she only has herself to blame. Her info is out there because she was very vocal about where she lives, works, dates, sexuality, her nude body etc. She didn't keep her GOTIS under control.

f502f5 No.411248


It always felt like a nothingburger to me hyped up by IBS ego wank

701468 No.411249


>still lists homor as /ourguy/

Nice try, homor.


Check the wings thread.


Are you the sperg that screeches about discord on /pone/ all the time?


That channel has a fanbase of picky spergs. You can tell the retarded podcast and before that the shitty call of duty videos are what the kids that watch that shit care about, and not the clickbait thumbnail "HEY GOYS I'M RICH DONATE TO MY paypig THOUGH HERE'S ME DOING SHIT" videos.

4d066d No.411250




21:57 Jim asks Baked to mute the TTS donations and all he does is raise the minimum donation amount LMFAO I didn't notice that the first time.

e049e5 No.411252


There is a lot of gems. When Jim talks about Erin's videos Alaska screams 'WHAT' for example.

5a7759 No.411254



caced3 No.411255

Can someone please put together a list of all the streams someone needs to catch up on the Baked Alaska drama?

35bc49 No.411256



kill yourself

4d066d No.411258


Hi Jeff.

043c07 No.411260

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Not sure if it's been posted but Erin is back.

da1be4 No.411261


It's mostly filler. Watch jim on Baked, and then Baked on Purple Dildo with the thot, Jim and the literal 56% retards from the other podcast. The rest is just people talking about it. Then there's tangentially related stories that happened because of it, like Zoom being found to be a pedo, and Jewchin trying to gain control of BYBS (probably working with fat lazy 56% retard and fake skinny 56% injun) but being kicked out because… I don't remember now, but he was working with zoom. Then when BYBS was deleted from the IBS webpage.

ac1c61 No.411263


Joachim just kind of gave up after the pedo stuff and his own outing.

840463 No.411264


>but being kicked out because

Wasn't it because he was trying to kick off another guy from the show? Halsey I believe is his name.

da1be4 No.411266


I don't know if he kiked Halsey, but that's not it. He was scheming to get the show for himself and kick the rest, as >>411263 said it was because of the pedo stuff and now I recall, also because he got caught scheming with Zoom, had a breakdown, and the other guys of BYBS kicked him out.

e049e5 No.411267

ac1c61 No.411269


He also doxxxxed himself like a tard.

8ff8e4 No.411270


Wasn't Joachim trying to dox the other members of bybs with the help of zoom?

af8b76 No.411271


There's still cocks about whether he's a pedo, or just a edgy larper with a hard on for abusing women. They were both involved with doxxxxxxing one of the other hosts and the "anime avatars", which would still be enough to exile the chilli's manager.

ac1c61 No.411273


He doxxxxed one of them as far as I know and somehow Zoom got his dox or something close to it. His dox was also posted in their chat or discord once from what I gather. Going to find the point in their stream when he talks about it.

35bc49 No.411274


Erin is about to hit the wall HARD

fe4a6a No.411276


Aydin strikes me as being an unstable emo cutter type in high school. Hence the psych degree. She'd never get a straight laced guy with a proper job nor could she get one. I've never met a Bipolar person that didn't go manic and fuck everything in sight or go on drug binges. A normal guy would never tolerate that shit so she has to settle for YouTuber neckbeards and ugly dykes who are just glad to be fucked at all.

ddbe62 No.411278

File: 3ed4cf565c11402⋯.png (867.04 KB, 1091x660, 1091:660, 2018-04-21 22_18_07-Greens….png)

File: 705e7a875b7dd32⋯.jpg (136.22 KB, 255x228, 85:76, 1425805252877.jpg)

10bf78 No.411279

File: 72e7e6fa625e4b6⋯.jpg (59.84 KB, 907x661, 907:661, 36c841f562c3eb5bacfdc7780b….jpg)


Oh so Kilroy being a free speech event refers to the fact that no one will be there to stop you from speaking.

ddbe62 No.411280

File: bce0ffe16b6a7b5⋯.png (32.4 KB, 759x488, 759:488, 2018-04-21 22_13_50-Greens….png)


They're also flagging people on twitter.

They only talk about free speech when it makes them money

043c07 No.411281


If i give a speech in an empty room, am i really speaking.

10bf78 No.411282


Kek, both of basedmama's twitter feeds are protected. Really activates those almonds.

65a589 No.411283

File: c16e8dcea5ebb95⋯.jpg (87.19 KB, 500x675, 20:27, c16e8dcea5ebb954fbb691c961….jpg)

How many versions of the /cow/ guide are we on right now?

e049e5 No.411285


Those paragons of free speech also keep flagging Godwinson.

10bf78 No.411286


literally no purpose other than to breed

e9c4b9 No.411288


You don't find normal men in the psychology department anyways.

240f51 No.411289

File: fe1396d52bd1aa7⋯.jpg (84.04 KB, 908x908, 1:1, 8c83751dd47cabcedb6b784259….jpg)


she has already hit the wall


Jay is starting to piss me off.

65a589 No.411290

File: 61fd5cec7271577⋯.png (80.57 KB, 394x242, 197:121, d566ef64bd0bb0be4c8a32b9c9….png)


I agree

6badba No.411291


I followed @Not_basedmama before she made it private. She hasn't made a post since Dec 21, 2017. Anyone else on the other one?

ddbe62 No.411292


You would be getting the kilroy experience :^)

61a9bb No.411293


this a man, aint it?

b5dc87 No.411294

File: be03427854c6cef⋯.png (57.7 KB, 554x439, 554:439, 1425831339685.png)


yeah, that anon loves to post that trap's pics.

da1be4 No.411295


Careful, she was proclaimed queen of the nazbol gang in thread 9

ac1c61 No.411297

7cab40 No.411298

Kilroy so far (based on info from that leech scrub)

>Far less people than expect

>Scrub and that commie toad forgot their tickets, but got let in anyways because kilroy staff wanted more bodies in the event

>Jeff holiday and Rucka almost got in to a fight

>MrRepzion tried to pick up a fat landbeast by offering to sell her his used underwear

>Toad got to ask Bunty king a question during a panel and asked him "how many american soldiers have you killed this month"

>Someone brought up IBS to a group panel featuring mundanfatt. They pretended not to know anything about IBS

Misc Toad facts

>Toad is apparently really short, about 5'6"

>Brought along his soytendo switch to the event was playing with it in the kilroy ballpit

>Bought a soytendo labbo cardboard kit was playing with it in the hotel room much to scrubs horror

>is very timid and has to smoke multiple times a hour due to social stress

as it turns out scrub may or may not work for funimation. not only does he ruin the kumite he also ruins anime

Feel free to add to this as new things are found out

65a589 No.411300


Thanks for the info, I'll update the Info-graph to include it

af8b76 No.411302


was "believe it" his idea?

8ff8e4 No.411303


Heh KoP was in the livechat. He really does have to insert himself into everything.

7cab40 No.411304


wouldn't be surprised

af8b76 No.411305


7:30 for the screencap (cleaned) evidence btw

89d7c2 No.411306




7cab40 No.411307

File: 0c4da0b425b17d5⋯.png (35.95 KB, 584x289, 584:289, GIVE ME ATTENTION.PNG)

Aydin is having another attention whore break down live on twitter right now over not knowing how to edit a video.

0fb376 No.411308

File: bd6faffabc38fd0⋯.gif (20.31 KB, 150x160, 15:16, Totodile Laughs at you.gif)

f467bf No.411309

File: 21d513c53c0b079⋯.png (118.81 KB, 438x503, 438:503, 21d513c53c0b079dd782a3bc70….png)


>work for funimation

Absolutely disgusting.

5a7759 No.411310


>scrub and toad

someone post pics of these two faggots

7cab40 No.411311


Scrub said on one his leech streams that he and Toad were in one of the many pictures Jim tweeted out showing the "crowd" at kilroy.

caced3 No.411312


Please list anyway.

e049e5 No.411314


Can someone ask her why she didn't kill herself?

d00be4 No.411315


>Your theory carries some weight except there's too many layers of Kraut and not enough layers of Failure

Fine, I removed Kraut completely then (below), but you are obsessed with Failure. You make him 90% of the whole thing. You need to reduce your Failure levels by at least 35% (he's not as bright as you make him out to be), and put other people into it.

#1) Andy while on drugs RAGED at JF for kicking Ralph from the show (its against his principles), but called it a joke when Failure did it to JF. This is because it was planned ahead of time by Failure, who told Andy that JF is toxic and needs to be removed. This is similar to when Failure told Andy to fire JF the first time. The idea was that kicking him would likely make him angry, as it's direct attack on JFs position as cohost. It sends him a message.

#2) Failure knows that Andy dreams of having a relaxing radio show with friends, and tells Andy that JF is ruining it. Sargon also tells Andy in their secret conversations (which Andy admitted to having), that JF is controlling him. Between the Coke (and meth), Andy easily gets mad when he thinks JF is trying to control him. Failure + Sargon = Wormtongue.

#3) Andy was told ahead of time by Failure to invite many people to attack JF (especially his personal life, ex wife, etc.) as a means of breaking him in livestream. Failure invites Ralph, and mentions the kicking of JF (Ralph knew) to Ralph before it was done. Sargon told Andy to also have his boy Count on (who owes Sargon), who will be sent what to say by his girl Karen, who is in talks with Vee.

#4) Failure controls Andy, who himself controls Ralph and Tonka (they owe Andy). Sargon controls Count, Karen, and Vee.

21dbb1 No.411316

Anyone one watch the Jim vs MundaneMatt post killroy stream? Apparantly it was so bad MundaneMatt deleted the stream.

21dbb1 No.411317

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


nvm RalphRetard just posted a mirror

5a7759 No.411319



thx. I'm so fucking sick of these faggots deleting / priviting streams as soon as they're finished.

35bc49 No.411320


how does this man live with himself

7cab40 No.411322


Nice, dl'd it myself just in case fatt tries to delete it off the internet

9188a0 No.411323


Finally that retard did a good thing

65a589 No.411324


So, is it safe to say that Failure is behind everything?

21dbb1 No.411328


Damn that was underwhelimg. Fucking twitter hyped it up for no reason

7cab40 No.411329


Mundane Fatt is freaking out because he got B T F O d on his own stream and tried to hide it after he shut it down, Streisand effect nigga. it wasn't that bad and Fatt was just being a pussy

9188a0 No.411330



He's the kind of guy who lives surrounded by idiots with weak ego who need to think they're smart.

He's the sociopath who uses his appearance and plays the dumb lazy guy to go unnoticed and be able to control and manipulate the lives of others and their decisions.

840463 No.411332


Yeah, just finished watching it, it was nothing, but hopefully he keeps up his promise and takes a picture of the main hall tomorrow.

a62c40 No.411334

File: bb694ae923d28a9⋯.png (433.24 KB, 596x931, 596:931, normalfag.png)


He's also cringeposting

355af4 No.411336

File: 3a854fd0d81abb7⋯.jpg (29.4 KB, 473x431, 473:431, kilroy.jpg)

240f51 No.411337


she it was also decided in thread 9 that she doesn't have enough peanut butter to be the true queen.

cc8bda No.411338

File: dd922c051777b96⋯.jpg (38.06 KB, 512x423, 512:423, C7qZz_eV4AAJ4sh.jpg)


She's 26 and gets paid in cash and lives with bickering immigrant parents who tell her to go to her room. She should welcome the wall.

d1e263 No.411339


Disgusting. Social media inevitably turns everyone into a ridiculous spectacle. He needs to take a long break once more instead of posting all day on Twitter like a teenage girl.

b2cf0a No.411340


Looks a lot like DSP

c547d5 No.411342


You should add some of those anime fags like tewi and aqua that waste their time harassing and doxing Joachim/Zoom

bce761 No.411343


Did Fatt Garbo get fatter and grungier?

af8b76 No.411344


Hi Joachim :^)

9593df No.411347


>t.Killroy attendee

c547d5 No.411350


Be smug but you'll see when those fags ruin your show next

240f51 No.411351

File: af8359fc4a36ff2⋯.jpg (101.35 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, stinky.jpg)


>it officially started RedPillBlack vs. Blaire White on the Rubin Report

Hi Jayd


Only if they add tyranny fucking Cooper "Ghouls" Ward and the fact that Joachim allegedly had sex with him at a TRS pool party.


>does something stupid in public

>boradcast that stupid thing on the internet for the world to see

>then calls the people who laugh at the foolish spectacle "childish"

<ppppplease don't ggggossip about my 100% public "private" life

a62c40 No.411352


>halfchan tier shitposting

I'm so sorry to hear about your degenerative brain disease, Jim.

af8b76 No.411354

File: acaf2d7a1e920e4⋯.jpg (66.25 KB, 777x656, 777:656, smug.jpg)


I don't have a show. I don't even know much about the discord drama that seems to have gone on. You're such a gentle soul.

10bf78 No.411355

Question, I heard Jim mention that stgggs was making videos again. Is this true? He was amazing. Team Infoslash still makes me bust a gut.

781ae4 No.411356

File: d8b48d3f9f7dc1b⋯.gif (50.98 KB, 413x243, 413:243, 1516717604697.gif)


Looks like the soy has gotten to Jim

c547d5 No.411360


Asshole, they lied about me and Zoom but we'll come back and bring them down

840463 No.411361

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Video from last year's Christmas, so yeah might be true.

8c1366 No.411364

File: cdfdbebd4c20b3a⋯.png (1.42 MB, 744x996, 62:83, soylent green is people.png)

af8b76 No.411366

File: 5c6df95cd07658f⋯.png (145.14 KB, 212x356, 53:89, unamused_rabbit.png)


Zoom's larps on the mobile app were more credible.

4c8f73 No.411367


Did they sodomize each other afterwards?

c547d5 No.411369


You want to get doxxxx bitch?

b2cb4a No.411370

File: 8b8ef2b3917ba6f⋯.jpg (107.57 KB, 1883x1111, 1883:1111, Failya.jpg)



You cheeky cunt anon.

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