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File: dcdb4c3d0e332e5⋯.png (111.83 KB, 500x500, 1:1, political_compass_liberty.png)


Welcome to /liberty/, your board for the discussion of politics, society, news, and the human condition without authoritarianism (fascism, full-on communism, etc). The board's philosophy is simple - welcome all discussion from non-authoritarian viewpoints, light moderation, and most importantly of all fun.

We've seen SJWs, we've seen the far right, and we've seen the far left and we've said no, stop this madness - the moralizing authoritarians who seek to control society and shape it to their whims and test out their vague theories would enslave us just to feel that society was better. At /liberty/ we believe we would be best served by sticking to the path we've been on for so long, that of personal liberty.


See the image - if you make the cut, you'll be right at home on /liberty/. Even if you are an authoritarian (far left or far right), you're welcome to join us - just don't expect to be taken seriously.


1. Global Rules uber alles.

2. Spamming can result in a short ban. In the event of raids, discussion threads will be stickied to weather the storm.

3. Rules are lame, don't make me make more and don't whine for more moderation unless it is absolutely necessary.

4. This board has an actual topic and it's not fetish porn. Content that is clearly beyond the pale of the board's topic (fetish porn, clop, gore, etc) will be removed. If you need these things, they are a mere three clicks away; you can even get there one-handed.

Board Policy Vis-a-vis…

1. "Shitposting"

There is no such thing as shitposting. It's a vague and subjective concept that boils down to "irreverent posts or things I don't like," and therefore makes a bad yardstick for moderation. If you want discussion without fun, may I suggest another board?

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File: 1427062517692.png (231.6 KB, 500x296, 125:74, b_frank_words_of_wisdom.png)


Help to compile a list of resources (preferably free) about non-authoritarian political thought. If you want to see something added, make a thread to discuss adding things to this list and I'll edit it in here if it's good.

Our list so far:
Please note that inclusion on this list is not an endorsement of a work. What you do with this information is your choice.

The Online Library of Liberty
Find hundreds of writings, books, essays, etc. on classical liberal thought.

Mises Institute
Find dozens of free books, audiobooks, and lectures on libertarian thought from an Austrian school perspective.

The Anarchist Library
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Organizations of Interest
Inclusion on the list is not endorsement. Organizations are listed in no particular order.

The Fire - Foundation for Individual Rights in Education
These people are your friends - they fight for freedom! FIRE is a non-partisan individual rights advocacy group that seeks to defend freedom of speech, legal equality, due process, religious liberty, and sanctity of conscience on American college and university campuses.
Website: http://www.thefire.org/
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/TheFIREorg

American Enterprise Institute
The AEI is a nonpartisan public policy research institute. Everything from American politics to international events and beyond.
Website: https://www.aei.org/
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/AEIVideos

Learn Liberty
A project of the Institute for Humane Studies, a libertarian non-profit. Learn about economics, public policy, and more.
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File: 8ee90064b78452d⋯.jpg (35.29 KB, 500x500, 1:1, c54.jpg)


Should the state be turned into a kind of property, with people getting votes about what to do with it depending on how much taxes they paid?


So like now?



>Shareholders controlling people's lives without their consent or ability to turn to an alternative

Sounds like an excellent idea, OP! :^)



Just move somewhere else smh



That is one really backwards way of trying to make democracy comparable to shareholding in a company.

BTW it was called the weighted voting system and it has even larger flaws than the current systems in place.

File: 4bc972d380b2cce⋯.png (599.75 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, Smug Anime 445.png)


General thread for Onion Relay folks.

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Say I want to buy a large amount of gold to protect myself from the U.S. government, and I am a U.S. citizen.

Option 1: write a check to buy the gold.

Problem: now if the U.S. government confiscates gold, they have a money trail to prove that I own some.

Option 2: take out cash to buy the gold.

Problem: SAR and CTR

Option 3: take out multiple amounts of cash to buy gold.

Problem: "Structuring"

Option 4: take out multiple amounts of cash very slowly to buy gold.

Problem: It is slow enough that I am accumulating less of a ratio of my wealth in gold compared to other assets stuck in the trackable government's nexus.

What should I do? I'm currently on option 4 at the moment, but holy jesus is it slow.



If you buy in small quantities the government will likely never realize it even if you do so on debit or check.

You can always pull a "lost shotgun in a boating accident" claim.



>Everyone has the right for free ___ !

Freedom? Does that makes me a statist?

>Just work to change the system

Isn't that you guys talking points? Don't you guys hate revolution?



No such thing as a free lunch, positive rights do not exist


File: 9e86141e05100b9⋯.png (35.42 KB, 758x150, 379:75, ClipboardImage.png)


>No such thing as a free lunch

There is though

File: 5360565459d3f74⋯.png (141.82 KB, 288x300, 24:25, trump rally 2.png)


Story time about how you came to be where you are now ideologically.

>be me

>fancied myself a democratic socialist/libertarian socialist, didn't actually really understand these terms

>subscribed to a lot of people on youtube in the "skeptic community" and that opened my eyes on a lot of the social issues of the time (feminism mostly, theism before that)

>never really got any of my views questioned before this

>did subscribe to more right-wing channels, though they tended to talk about a lot of the same stuff as the more center-left people

>election season

>not a fan of hillary, not a fan of trump, though i didn't think he was the big bad liberals made him out to be

>grew to like trump but only because i believed he was an outsider

>bernie shows up


>becomes huge bernie fan, people i was subscribed to reinforced this

>sometime around here, started watching videos from more libertarian-minded people

>bernie gets fucked, say fuck it and climb onto the trump train

>starts getting more and more redpilled about economics over time

>100% certain trump would win and make america great again

>election cycle a few months from ending, leaning heavily towards libertarianism, but not full ancap yet

>trump wins, although not as avid of a trump supporter anymore, really happy it was trump over hillary

>time goes on, still giggling at the salty lefties

>starts becoming more and more ancap, but has some faith in trump

>syria strikes

>ive got no more excuses

>goes full ancap

I know it wasn't very exciting at all but I thought I'd share. Feel free to share your own stories.

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people i subscribed to made videos on economics, the nature of government, all that jazz, and that's really how i stopped following herd mentality when it came to politics reading is for nerds anyways


i wasn't the brightest bulb in the shed im still not



what will you be doing in the navy?



Hurry up and waiting. Hopefully on a ship.

Almost entirely maintenance or intelligence gathering stuff involving secret if not top secret clearance. I can't say more than that without revealing the designation codes it would fall under letting someone look me up at a later date.



Hope you don't get sent to Korea or Japan.



Lying is a sin.

File: 74cfbe8c2b899fc⋯.gif (1.09 MB, 800x667, 800:667, 74cfbe8c2b899fc7250a264b43….gif)


if you had children shop in ancap, will you sell children to a pair of fags or a pair of dykes? why? is the idea that lgbt ppl are no worse parents than heteros cultural marxist fake science?

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>there is a thin line of white between the different sections of your response, I have to therefore call you a homosexual

Just a sane rational person



As gor this one, see >>68312

I preemptive addressed arguments. сука блять



So what will you do with all the children when you have ripped them from the single mothers?



If you read my ppst you'd know.



You don't address it.

File: 86a4ab3f2e914bf⋯.jpg (53.78 KB, 350x500, 7:10, 86a4ab3f2e914bfbf37e9a352c….jpg)


You got an email to get contacted BO? I need to communicate privately.

This is just a small thing to talk about.


what are your thoughts on colonialism?

18 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.



So the free market doesn't fix everything?



There's no need for fixing, everything the free market does is already perfect and just.



Somalia is literally what one could expect from a country full of Somalis.

Now it might be less of a shithole if the US/the Saudis/the Norks/Ethiopia wouldn't shower them with arms and the UN wasn't dangling gibs in the form of developmental aid in their faces but we'll never know.



There is no free market without the proper superstructure in place first. Respect for property rights preceeds the free market. And no, that doesn't mean we need a state in place to protect the free market. That would be a non sequitur and I'd rather leave it at that.



>Respect for property rights preceeds the free market.

So how can the market provide property rights?

Seems like you're playing into the hands of minarchists

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


are agreements of which one side is on strong drugs legitimate in your opinion?

i was watchin this movie and the guy high on heron is persuaded to go to rehab and i think he agreed but did it only to make them stop persuading him, as you can see he was barely alive and conscious

beforehand it was said that to become a patient one must do it voluntarily but he or she cannot leave until 3 months pass

34 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



Also, it wouldn't just be my mother, but everyone in the society with the law in question. If it was only to deter one person then it may be different.



It is not about whether or not drugs are "bad," but the economic consequences that come about from attempting to stifle a market.



I agree that you shouldn't try to fight drugs by just restricting supply. You need to attack the demand side as well



The United States has been attacking the "Demand side" by dehumanizing them and arresting them. Look at how good that has been going on.


File: 1dbffad8d991262⋯.jpg (155.37 KB, 1500x1120, 75:56, 1505431510010.jpg)



YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Hans-Hermann Hoppe, Libertarianism and the “Alt-Right”

Brace for butthurt from the helicopter memers.

File: 2a34c9c19010fdd⋯.gif (2.17 MB, 310x245, 62:49, tmp_22725-7d686d1c7f3b59a4….gif)


There used to be a thread on here that graphed quality on one axis and accessibility on the other, with regards to various books on libertarianism. Perhaps I'm going blind, but I don't see it in the catalog or either of the stickies.

175 posts and 74 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



>His logic implies its dismissal

Not at all. I don't remember the page number but two points I remember in which he defends government regulation:

1. Collateral/External costs: things that are paid (health, environment, etc, not actually money) by people who are affected by the economic decision (I don't remember his example in this one).

2. Defense: Since people paying for an army to defend a territory will include people who don't want to/don't care to pay for the army in said territory, it is better and logical to just have one appointed and supported by the state.

>Menger's "Principles Of Economics", Bohm Baverk's "Capital and Interest" and "The Positive Theory of Capital", Mises's "Human Action", and Hoppe's "Economic Science and The Austrian Method".

In that particular order?


How was it?

It explained a lot of economic principles very clearly using simple real life examples. The anon above you is right tho, it was very light on theory, but frankly it never pretended to be anything else since Sowell's aim with this book was to explain how economics work and the consequences of certain policies without delving into jargon or mathematical equations. Very nice book that covers a lot of information without confusing the reader. He also touches on a lot of things that people don't consider when talking about economics.

>Human Action is the best place to start if you already have an understanding of economics

Basic Economics was the first economics book I've ever read. And what about Menger?

>in most detail in Leftism

from de Sade and Marx to etc?



> Choice

by the way I can't find this book, help me out?


File: 24c3e4900cc1495⋯.pdf (10.89 MB, Ultimate Foundation of Eco….pdf)



sorry for the triple post, but I just stumbled on this little book. It looks like a decent starting point, what do you think?



>In that particular order?

Not necessarily, but yea, Menger's Principles should be your entry, as it literally is. He is the founder of the school.

As for Sowell, I repeat what I said. Their "defense" is usually remarks that have no argumentative value, usually not supplemented by any proof, nor address any particular critique of the State.



It's certainly not bad. Proper Epistemology is the foundation for all further scientific reasoning. It's not something particular to Economics. Everyone ought to study it.

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


are they schizos?








kill yourself



hidoi yo

File: 27efa033cd19f3e⋯.mp4 (4.82 MB, 480x360, 4:3, 27efa033cd19f3e6e8d95aa336….mp4)


would you rather your daughter worked for gov or was a strong independent prostitute?

1 post omitted. Click reply to view.



There is no difference



name one person who sabotaged gov from within



Many of the original Russian nihilists did.



but they were not bureucrats


What an easy choice. Whoring as a profession means, obviously, many sexual partners. Many sexual partners basically annihilates the likelihood of a successful pairing, which basically annihilates the likelihood of having a stable environment for kids, which means either no family or bad family. Lineage is important. Pridefully going extinct is not preferable to begrudgingly being fruitful and raising the next generation of liberty-loving individuals.

I don't see what this has to do with the board, though. Nice Ron Paul mp4.

File: 4bf5fd11804b0e6⋯.jpg (88.95 KB, 1200x600, 2:1, drm-2.jpg)



File: 62cc77ec7a85242⋯.png (280.91 KB, 693x614, 693:614, 62cc77ec7a852424fe9205f82d….png)


File: 1ce848efe05c7b4⋯.jpg (681.01 KB, 900x900, 1:1, kuvshinov-ilya.jpg)


During the inevitable upcoming U.S. civil war, how should we treat captured commies and nazis?

Helicopter memes aside, we capitalists, libertarians and conservatives are the last voice of reason. If we fall, America as we know it ceases to exist.

What should the militia's policy be regarding PoWs?

152 posts and 32 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



Gisele Bündchen isnt mixed, faggot



>Liberty failed.




everyone is mixed to some extent



The same could be said for the communists when they also "hired" people.



Remember when Singapore went from a poor shithole with extreme racial and religious tensions to one of the most developed and wealthiest countries in the world after they freed their markets? Remember when that shithole called Mauritius had racial tensions between blacks, Indians and Creoles, as well as rampant poverty and homelessness but now nearly everyone there has a home and racial tensions disappeared after freeing their markets?

Has it ever occurred to you that the problem isn't an outgroup, but the web of incentives that governs everyone's actions? Or is it just too easy to scapegoat arbitrary groups of people as the cause for all the pain in the world?

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