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File: 1427062517692.png (231.6 KB, 500x296, 125:74, b_frank_words_of_wisdom.png)


Help to compile a list of resources (preferably free) about non-authoritarian political thought. If you want to see something added, make a thread to discuss adding things to this list and I'll edit it in here if it's good.

Our list so far:
Please note that inclusion on this list is not an endorsement of a work. What you do with this information is your choice.

The Online Library of Liberty
Find hundreds of writings, books, essays, etc. on classical liberal thought.

Mises Institute
Find dozens of free books, audiobooks, and lectures on libertarian thought from an Austrian school perspective.

The Anarchist Library
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Organizations of Interest
Inclusion on the list is not endorsement. Organizations are listed in no particular order.

The Fire - Foundation for Individual Rights in Education
These people are your friends - they fight for freedom! FIRE is a non-partisan individual rights advocacy group that seeks to defend freedom of speech, legal equality, due process, religious liberty, and sanctity of conscience on American college and university campuses.
Website: http://www.thefire.org/
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/TheFIREorg

American Enterprise Institute
The AEI is a nonpartisan public policy research institute. Everything from American politics to international events and beyond.
Website: https://www.aei.org/
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/AEIVideos

Learn Liberty
A project of the Institute for Humane Studies, a libertarian non-profit. Learn about economics, public policy, and more.
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File: 1427061139157.png (111.83 KB, 500x500, 1:1, political_compass_liberty.png)


Welcome to /liberty/, your board for the discussion of politics, society, news, and the human condition without authoritarianism (fascism, full-on communism, etc). The board's philosophy is simple - welcome all discussion from non-authoritarian viewpoints, light moderation, and most importantly of all fun.

We've seen SJWs, we've seen the far right, and we've seen the far left and we've said no, stop this madness - the moralizing authoritarians who seek to control society and shape it to their whims and test out their vague theories would enslave us just to feel that society was better. At /liberty/ we believe we would be best served by sticking to the path we've been on for so long, that of personal liberty.


See the image - if you make the cut, you'll be right at home on /liberty/. Even if you are an authoritarian (far left or far right), you're welcome to join us - just don't expect to be taken seriously.


1. Global Rules uber alles.

2. Spamming can result in a short ban. In the event of raids, discussion threads will be stickied to weather the storm.

3. Rules are lame, don't make me make more and don't whine for more moderation unless it is absolutely necessary.

4. This board has an actual topic and it's not fetish porn. Content that is clearly beyond the pale of the board's topic (fetish porn, clop, gore, etc) will be removed. If you need these things, they are a mere three clicks away; you can even get there one-handed.

Board Policy Vis-a-vis…

1. "Shitposting"

There is no such thing as shitposting. It's a vague and subjective concept that boils down to "irreverent posts or things I don't like," and therefore makes a bad yardstick for moderation. If you want discussion without fun, may I suggest another board?

2. "Shills"

While shills may exist, the intense pPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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File: 2c3313a28b10538⋯.gif (2.85 MB, 640x354, 320:177, lgif.gif)


People clearly take energy and pride from identities that are superior to the merely personal and human. In fact ethnic and national pride correlates positively with mental health, despite allegations about schizophrenic Jew-haters. No wonder the far right attracts so much enthusiasm, despite an incredibly hostile climate from the elites. Attacks on pride and solidarity feel bad because they actually make us unwell.

The state plays an important role in protecting and cultivating group identities. The question is- how far would they be able to survive and flourish in a libertarian society without government borders, public education, nation states themselves to be loyal to, etc?

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>what is the Old Testament

It's Judeo-Christianity because God used the Jews to bring His laws and the messiah into the world.


>all these people who fell for the one american nation meme

As a Texan, I've got more culture in common with Mexico than I do with New York.


File: 5047e479a0c5e77⋯.jpg (39.19 KB, 320x293, 320:293, constitution.jpg)

File: b8440a067fe8f73⋯.png (389.31 KB, 651x923, 651:923, race is skin colour.png)


>people are individuals therefore group identities are bullshit

Nice one chum.

>people think different than me cause they're retarded


>The color of your skin is irrelevant

Maybe on a desert island and if that's all your talking about.

>The alt-right is controlled opposition.


>elite are being hostile

It is very obviously true.

>You stormtards have more in common with /leftypol/ than you do with Libertarians/Conservatives/Capitalists.

You only seem to disagree with them on economics.

>muh based pro-Israel cuckservatives

Totally not brainwashing. Totally not controlled opposition.


File: 5d1f04f24c56005⋯.png (43.96 KB, 287x287, 1:1, holden_stirnerfield.png)


>my partial opposition is the correct one



File: fdbd397736b0211⋯.jpg (66.71 KB, 424x255, 424:255, alex_jones_shouting.jpg)


it is embarrassing but deep in my heart i fear that in ancap 99% of ppl will chose not to protect insects and amphibians and reptiles and many of them will go extinct outside private wildlife sanctuaries funded by wildlife enthusiasts like me

normies do not care about frogs or bugs or lizards yet i value these superficially irrelevant animals

i hope in ancap we will have many private wildlife sanctuaries but in order to achieve it wildlife enthusiasts would have to convince normies to give money into wildlife protection but normies are interested only in exploatation of wildlife- hunting, fishing, buying pets

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>A pure assumption, and conflicts with what we see in commons management.

You mean the issue that is almost entirely handled via state entities today? It's not an assumption when your entire case for it is your own misplaced optimism.

>Voters have very little effect as indivduals in a centralized republic. Consumers and investors, not capital, holds sway in an ancap society.

Absolutely retarded attack on semantics. What the hell do consumers and investors use to affect change? Capital, dumbass. In which public opinion has to compete with staying capitally viable via self interest, lowering the average individual's ability even further.

>From the areas sampled. Population increase could only occur if the host range also increases.

Are you retarded? You don't have the brain cells to understand population at all now do you?

>Irrelevant. One does not need to eradicate a pest to control its population - in fact it is near improbable. Do you need to eradicate all non-probiotic bacteria from your digestive tract to sustain your health?

Garbage strawman to try and deflect from the fact you were making flat out unsubstantiated claims. If there's a pathogen in your body, and you can't be rid of it, you fall ill and die. That's exactly what the invasive aldegids are on the ecosystem. How about you take a dose of AIDS up your asshole, take a drug that only kills half of it, and then get back to me when you feel better?


Fuck off, you deflecting cunt. That's two posts you've pussied out of addressing by doubling down on the layman's definition of ecology. You address the first paragraph of this Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Dont worry, your wildlife will go extinct but their genes will live on in the new genetically modified ubermensches we'll produce.



>Capital, dumbass.

Capital does nothing on its own. Consumers and investors are far more efficient at allocating capital than the state is.



They'll die off because people don't engineer ubermensches, they engineer one use specialists meant to thrive under human coddling. You can have your rats, cockroaches and kudzus, while most else dies as the biosphere collapses.


Maybe for economic growth. Terrible when it comes to conservatory measures among others. Doesn't challenge the original point that a well constructed state allows individuals more bargaining power than a stateless society.



>Terrible when it comes to conservatory measures among others.

Show me what you are looking at to base this claim on. Also, I not interested in your original point, I am only interested in your claim that the private sector is terrible in conservatory measures.

File: 2f2f7fa607a7779⋯.png (379.54 KB, 636x386, 318:193, ben-shapiro.png)


Besides rejecting the messiah, find a flaw.

If he was a Christian he would be perfect.

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I don't comprehend what I'm searching for;

I tried finding jesus but then I realized I'm not perfect, I'm lost.

~My mind













>skin colour




>Ablility to look slightly downwards




you mean racial connection, duh



Imagine being this dumb and actually unironically believing yourself to be smart



/pol/ does it all the time.

File: b97568c3fbd38f1⋯.png (103.5 KB, 944x518, 472:259, stirnergetsspooked.png)


How can leftypol claim exploitation is immoral while claiming morality is a spook?

How can leftypol claim to be against objectivity while believing in an objective theory of value?

How can leftypol believe that property rights are spooks but support personal property right? Is there really a distinction between private property and personal property?

51 posts and 7 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



Real satanism (occult, new age, illuminati, freemasonry, rosicrucians, templars, jesuits, babylonian mystery schools, pantheism, etc) is in line with communism and international socialism, not libertarian ideals at all. The New World Order is brought about by destroying national sovereignty, independence, the family nucleus and racial/ethnic purity with multi-culturalism and globalization. If your country wants to be self-determined, it gets swiftly overthrown by a CIA staged revolution or destabilization campaign. Luciferians love Communism and Islam because they are ideologies of collectivism and terror.

"And Jesus answering said unto them, Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar's, and to God the things that are God's." - Mark 12:17

"Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers. For there is no power but of God: the powers that be are ordained of God. Whosoever therefore resisteth the power, resisteth the ordinance of God: and they that resist shall receive to themselves damnation." - Romans 13:2

Does this sound like communism to you? God is telling us to obey government and authority. This is in the context of a monarchy with a God-fearing benevolent king. Even if the state is terrible, Christians are not called upon to radically transform governments or stage revolutions. We are not of this world. We recognize the fact man is inherently sinful, that we live in a fallen world. Change starts with the individual and his/her beliefs, values, ethics, morals and relationship with God. These are core conservative principles.

And as usual, atheists take Christ's parables out of context:

"Jesus’ message is clear—it is impossible for anyone to be saved on his own merits. Since wealth was seen as proof of God’s approval, it was commonly taught by the rabbis that rich people were blessed by God and were, therefore, the most likely candidates for heaven. Jesus destroyed that notion, and along with it, the idea that anyone can earn eternal life. The disciples had the appropriate response to this startling statement. They were utterly amaPost too long. Click here to view the full text.



Can you explain how you are a "Christian Anarchist?" In your society, you would impose rules that force people to live a religious lifestyle; this is fascism, but of a different flavor than Hitler/Mussolini. If your argument is that you happen to be an Anarchist who believes in God, than you are not a "Christian Anarchist", not any more than I am a "Computer Science Anarchist."



I would not impose rules or force people to do anything. What makes you think I would?

I'm an anarchist in the sense that I recognize all forms of government are flawed because we live in a fallen world (Genesis curse). A utopia by man is impossible. Only God can bring a utopia after Christ's second coming at the culmination of history.

If you look at ancient Israel, it resembled a theocratic ancap society before the people insisted they wanted a king and turned the nation into a monarchy.



>I would not impose rules or force people to do anything. What makes you think I would?

Then you're not a "Christian Anarchist", because the concept does not exist. It's listed as, "Christian anarchists hold that the "Reign of God" is the proper expression of the relationship between God and humanity. Under the "Reign of God," human relationships would be characterized by divided authority, servant leadership, and universal compassion."

Let's say I live in your Christian anarchy, and I hate God and don't believe in Him (I do). Maybe I refuse to worship Him, or give any money to a charity. Are there any consequences? If not, you are a theocrat, as evidenced by you saying, "If you look at ancient Israel, it resembled a theocratic ancap society."



>God is telling us to obey government and authority. This is in the context of a monarchy with a God-fearing benevolent king. Even if the state is terrible, Christians are not called upon to radically transform governments or stage revolutions.

Isn't this contradictory to anarchism?

File: b6bf08d704e2935⋯.mp4 (5.6 MB, 400x224, 25:14, 20824654_815692151938513_8….mp4)


NEETSOCs and Commie faggots clashing in the streets in Charlottesville. Police not getting involved unless they can deem it an "unlawful rally" resulting in both sides completely dispersing.

Just two violent ideologies that want to genocide people interacting. Nothing to see here, but let's have a thread before some /pol/ or /leftypol/ user shits up the board about it.

102 posts and 26 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



lmao, this guy lives like 3 miles from me.


File: a00153b287ef6c3⋯.mp4 (2.44 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Batman.mp4)

File: 0a4497ea4488174⋯.mp4 (4.06 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Crisis Actor.mp4)

File: 466ebaf200eda52⋯.mp4 (455.38 KB, 640x360, 16:9, The black guy is not sitti….mp4)

File: 187072c6eadf0ff⋯.png (1.55 MB, 1366x768, 683:384, Sitting.png)

File: 7c635775212c03c⋯.jpg (1.7 MB, 1104x9188, 276:2297, lo09leymrmfz.jpg)



Yeah, just shoot them with bullets that you desperately need for a two-front war. Why do you think they used Zyklon B, or really, why did they start killing in the first place? Too many mouths to feed in the concentration camps. How are you going to kill them without using something that you could use elsewhere to kill your enemies that aren't inside a convenient cage?



First: I believe the Germans were not at any time desperately in need of bullets. Bullets are cheap and easy. I'm not aware of any time in the history of Western warfare that people just suddenly ran out of bullets.

Second: There is no evidence of a plan to exterminate all the Jews in Germany (though there is evidence of a rather grim looting plan which may or may not have been done behind Hitlers back, which did directly and intentionally lead to the death of many Jews).

Third: You can kill prisoners in so many ways - especially emaciated, lousy, typhus bearing prisoners, so why waste all the time, effort and industrial power to create canisters of toxic gas (used to kill lice) and then transport it to concentration camps (or do you believe in the Communist lie of "Death Camps") when you could simply not feed them or beat them with a shovel or something? After all, your first complaint is a reference to their war effort being hectic, their supplies being run low, so why waste the industrial power making death gas when a good thwack with a shovel (something they had plenty of) or simple mistreatment would do? Furthermore, the Russians had no problem exterminating civilians with bullets, there is no reason to believe the Germans wouldn't do the same if they thought it necessary. Hell, if memory serves they (the Germans) had a problem with partisans in eastern Europe which was solved with bullets, not gas.

I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt and hoping that you'll think about this instead of just assuming I'm some sort of internet Nazi. WW2 wasn't "The good and noble Allies + Uncle Stalin V The horrible genocidal monster Germans" it was a horrible mistake of a bankers war and, perhaps, a natural response to a people drowned in debt and the infestation of Communism. The German government was not intent on the extermination of the Jewish race, there were no homicidal gas chambers and the Communists lied out of their ass to demonize an enemy and to make themselves look like angels. The 'witness' testimonies are completely all over the place (some going so far as to explain a complicated rail-system employed to quickly gas jews to death and then pipe them straight into ovens), the ovens aPost too long. Click here to view the full text.



>If you're angry about radical, state worshipping idiots who use violent force to appropriate a road for a cause that violates your NAP, you're ISIS

Who let Reddit in?

File: 41484ee04d4d073⋯.jpg (59.28 KB, 919x456, 919:456, world-maps-informational-7.jpg)


How would private borders for communities/covens/societies/nations work in Anarcho-Capitalism?

How would one know where the borders of one nation ends and the ones of another begins?


Private property.



so basically the property demarcations of the outermost house on the outermost suburb of a city for example?

could another nation's border begin behind my backyard's wooden fence?



how would it be known that some random unused no man's land field, forest or mountain is inside mine or someone's else community or nation borders?

File: f13ec6ad8059a69⋯.png (17.29 KB, 272x233, 272:233, 1451284418882-0.png)


With a dash of imageboard flavor

Prove me wrong faggots

15 posts omitted. Click reply to view.



Are you threatening to physically remove me by means of a helicopter?



Blame the atheistcuck. Before he suffered his fits, we could talk about religion and then leave the topic alone when it was over, but because he (ironically) entertains every single religious shitposter, we don't have that anymore. I, for one, will take no responsibility for this chucklefuckery.


tbh we should all switch to a sun/moon deity based paganism



>let's go back to demon worship!

No thanks.



Don't milk the guy for any more shitposting. There has to be something better on /lolcows/ than this. Spare the board.

File: e37a9a654f88421⋯.webm (825.19 KB, 1920x944, 120:59, web.webm)


Need liberty-oriented audience for political-pairing

URL: http://poldare.com

Copypasta from /pol/ and /leftypol/:

How it works:

All 14 positions are currently divided into 4 camps hostile to each other to the point a discussion can be had. I would recommend LARPing for a start if your queue is more than a minute since potential disbalance could occur. Once you get into a chat, it's pretty similar to omegle. 2 escapes to cancel a chat, 3 to return to "home". What the "A" button does I will let you figure out for yourself (see second webm).

This part is for /tech/:

I do not recommend using it on small-resolution smartphones because I have not optimized the website for it. Larger tablets work fine. It is using shared hosting so host could bottleneck me if too many users connect, but the whole thing ought not to be too CPU-intensive for them. I do not at this point store messages - they are deleted as soon as they are read in order to keep tables small (unless in certain situations, such as other person disconnecting before the server detects it etc. - everything older than 30mins is purged manually). The only thing stored is the text from point of agreement (A button in chat, you'll figure out from second webm). I do not log nor check IPs in any way but I might implement it in the future for purposes of banning people (if that even shows to be necessary, and judging by omegle it's possible that it won't). VPNs and proxies work fine. If you are using uMatrix/noScript jquery and website's javascript is required in order to communicate with the server.

The future:

If you generally like it, I will make a simle app that optimizes the website for android and put it out there to reach more mainstream political positions. If it ever gets popular to the point where it could sustain itself, I'll get a dedicated server for it and introduce websockets which would introduce "the other user is typing" and instant responses (overall, smooPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

5 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.


There is only me and like one communist rn



I'll check this later. Got a lot of shit to deal with right now, sorry.


You've got to share this with the normie sites, they could make this huge.


I've been waiting in the queue forever this is gay


make a thread on cuckchan

File: 945a95d8e454453⋯.jpg (36.86 KB, 502x322, 251:161, 1498821015987.jpg)


sorry about the meta thread, as I am typing this I realize I should probably just hijack a shitposting thread but whatever

now I know a lot of us constantly ask for better moderation in regards to shitposts because it is lacking in some peoples eyes, but that very lack of moderation left me surprised when I actually saw some deleted posts just now

I probably read those shitposts days ago but I cannot for the life of me remember what they were about, they sorta all blend together in my memory, so what were they about?

also general meta thread so that my thread isnt useless, come here to complain about or praise the moderation I guess.

7 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.



hey, thanks for the answer




Yes please update the flags, if you truly are BO.



Not an argument.



moderation is too harsh, they ban photos of girls




8chan keeps screwing up trying to upload them. I'll give it another go later.


Why would you even have those saved my man

File: a338c54842d3ba8⋯.png (864.14 KB, 969x655, 969:655, ClipboardImage.png)


>>>/srz/ is a board about protecting free speech by way of user-enabled action throughout 8chan and the net. if you like free speech, be sure to stop by!

I figured I might advertise here since the board has a non-authoritarian bent and people here might appreciate it. We're a tiny board, but we're looking to get bigger!

2 posts omitted. Click reply to view.



Don't /pol/ and /leftypol/ kick out disagreeing opinions and turn their own boards into hugboxes?




/pol/ used to believe in freedom of speech, but not anymore.



If /leftypol/ kicked out disagreeing opinions, it would be completely empty. Infighting is the most important sport in the leftist's life.



Yeah but say you're a rightwinger or centrist or whatever they'd kick you out right?



They'd let you shitfling for a thread and then ban you at the end because your bantz were too good against the wimpy native users there.

File: 7ab29e1740e2482⋯.png (226.29 KB, 640x459, 640:459, img_b23a0cf9244d5fff8b8a9a….png)





「人身の自由」には刑罰における自由刑 (懲役や禁錮など) などによる例外はあるが、自由かつ民主的な社会では「内心の自由」には例外がない。


中国には国家に都合のよい思想を強制するような刑罰 (「思想教育・矯正」などといわれるもの) があり、中国は「内心の自由」を否定している。




最近のアメリカでの「人種差別反対」を唱える示威行動には、他者 (多くは白人至上主義者であると思われる) に対し、白人至上主義という主義を内心にあることをあからさまに排撃するところがある。









最近のアメリカでの「人種差別反対」を唱える示威行動には、他者 (多くは白人至上主義者であると思われる) に対し、白人至上主義者の集会をあからさまに排撃するところがある。









最近のアメリカでの「人種差別反対」を唱える示威行動には、他者 (多くは白人至上主義者であると思われる) に対し、白人至上主義者の結社をあからさまに排撃するところがある。













YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


God damn it with these gobbeldegook posts, speak english!

> Mfw this reminded me of an old fave song of mine

I suppose there's at least one good thing that came out of this post.



2 nukes weren't enough.

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


How does /liberty/ feel about them?

35 posts and 6 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



Will you stop it with the whatabout shit? What makes you think we've forgotten about those?



>You cannot care about more than one problem at the same time: A love story



Hypothetically, what if the funds to remove the statues were private funds?

I'm not a fan of statue removal, or even moving them to museums, because I have a feeling they won't be safe there for long either.



He's a leftist, pettiness is all that he knows.




Welp, this has at least taught me the incredible distraction power that PSYOPs have.

File: c4df8dd9c870e8e⋯.png (257.88 KB, 500x500, 1:1, maga.png)


I completely do not understand why the GOP isn't fighting back against all this bullshit, because they are currently at their strongest since the end of the Civil War. Consider: If the Democrats win their best possible outcome in 2018—that's winning every state that Hillary won AND winning every state where Hillary lost within 3 percentage points–they lose five senate seats.

That bears repeating: If Democrats win every blue and every purple state in the midterms, they still face a net LOSS of five senators.

If the GOP wins just two more state legislature majorities they could amend the Constitution without a single Democratic vote.

The average age of the House Republican leadership is 47. The average age of the House Democratic leadership is 76. That means in about 10 years, everyone who would've been in Hillary Clinton's cabinet will be dead, and all the Republicans will be in the prime of their careers. It's possible that Donald Trump could have three additional Supreme Court appointments before the end of his first term.

The Democrats spent the entire last election shrieking that Trump was a white supremacist and calling his supporters ebil nazis, and lost. Their response? To double down on this idiocy. Who are they trying to *win over* with this statue crusade? It appeals to no one but their rapidly shrinking base of psychopaths who are incapable of presenting themselves in a way that doesn't appear like a creepy fucking cult.

So, having said all that, what's the fucking deal? Why are they just sitting there and letting this happen?

8 posts and 5 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: f8a20230b5459bc⋯.gif (211.84 KB, 700x795, 140:159, talkshit_gethit.gif)

The GOP are just democrat-lites, at least elected GOP officials at the federal level. They consider the GOP voterbase rubes just like the Dems do.

When you begin to understand this fact, you'll begin to understand why all these GOP measures keep failing because of "one or two defectors" keeping shit from passing. In reality about 1/3rd to half of the GOP didn't want to get rid of measures like Obamacare, and they were wiping the sweat from their faces when some asshats took the fall for them so they wouldn't have to be the jackass that voted nay. The GOP fucking hates CSA folks because the CSA represents open rebellion against the federal government. They want quiet "patriotic" nationalist dumbasses who sit back and follow their every whim at election time. They don't want to deal with it, and if they did deal with it on a matter of principal, they'd get the biggest shitstorm of a lifetime with the smear campaigns labeling them as nazis, possibly preventing them from getting re-elected. As >>64766 mentioned it's a pointless fight for them to pick. They don't care about history or principal or stupid shit like that- they care about how they can get re-elected and how they can consolidate their power so they can find "reasons" to ban more shit to keep themselves in office/passing their pork barrel bills.



>I completely do not understand why the GOP isn't fighting back against all this bullshit, because they are currently at their strongest since the end of the Civil War.

You're deluding yourself. First of all, GOP is not a party of conservatives or libertarians; if there is one thing that leftists are right about, it's that GOP is the party of big money first and foremost. Realizing this was the toughest red pill I ever had to swallow, but GOP's establishment is truly concerned about the interests of corporations.

Second, conservative and libertarian ideas have never had less of an impact on society than they have today. I won't be surprised if Trump will be the last conservative politician in charge of US; conservatives and libertarians willfully gave up on their influence in institutions like state education under the pressure from useful idiots and cynical leftists who play to win and had no intention of doing the same. Never throw away your gun when your enemy refuses to, fetishizing neutrality of the state gave you the comfort of moral highground but it wasn't a hill worth dying on.

Third, ideological subversion and entryism play a huge role in the success of the left. It's probably the most important thing out of the three mentioned here; ever heard of the "French Turn"? It's a tactic used by trotskyists, later perfected by KGB agents who infiltrated the West to demoralize it and spread marxism.

Just look at what they did to the Ford Foundation. Look at various newspapers that used to be considered a voice for conservatives, like the Telegraph or WSJ.

Another example of what leftist entryism can lead to:


Post too long. Click here to view the full text.



>talk shit get hit

antifa in a nutshell


two-party system is shit


I remember watching a lot of horrifying stories of plane crashes on TV as a kid. One sticks out to me. A pilot was taking off at night and couldn't see dick. As such, he relied almost entirely on his flight instruments to guide him. However, he didn't know that the attitude indicator was malfunctioning. When he banked the plane left, it showed him flying perfectly level. As such, he kept banking harder and harder left until the plane was at about 90 degrees and crashed straight into the ground. I think that's a great metaphor for the GOP leadership.

While the GOP is getting younger, the old farts that spend more time beating their own side up are still in charge. They don't understand new media, and they still have no idea how Trump managed to slide into their presidential nomination like a world-class thief through a laser tripwire matrix. Their idea of "optics" is what the old news media thinks of them. When they see CNN or MSNBC applaud them for sticking it to Trump or denouncing the alt-right, they think they're moving forward and connecting with independents. They are still convinced that Trump's days are numbered and they need to prepare a softer crash landing. Trump's lack of decorum is the ultimate sin, as they think openly embracing the will to power is a death sentence. And I suppose the globalist money hose doesn't help either.


And it's not just Dude Weedman, it's the entire LP leadership. The chairman was going nuts the last week trying to wrangle people to disavow the right. Bunch of useless hacks.

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