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Resources for Liberty

Help to compile a list of resources (preferably free) about non-authoritarian political thought. If you want to see something added, make a thread to discuss adding things to this list and I'll edit it in here if it's good.

Our list so far:
Please note that inclusion on this list is not an endorsement of a work. What you do with this information is your choice.

The Online Library of Liberty
Find hundreds of writings, books, essays, etc. on classical liberal thought.

Mises Institute
Find dozens of free books, audiobooks, and lectures on libertarian thought from an Austrian school perspective.

The Anarchist Library
A massive collection of anarchist literature.

Under Construction - Help build this list!

General Resources
Project Gutenberg
A compilation of free, out-of-copyright books and texts.

A compilation of free, out-of-copyright audiobooks created by volunteers.

iTunes Podcasts
History: https://itunes.apple.com/us/genre/podcasts-history/id1462?mt=2
Government & Organizations: https://itunes.apple.com/us/genre/podcasts-government-organizations/id1325?mt=2
News & Politics: https://itunes.apple.com/us/genre/podcasts-news-politics/id1311?mt=2
Find podcasts with ease through iTunes. Listen to them on the way to work, playing vidja, etc.

Use iTunes to navigate to the iTunesU section to have access to university lectures and programs.

Interesting Reading
Works that are not necessarily about liberty, but may be of interest.

Marxists Internet Archive Library
A massive collection of Marxist literature.
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Welcome to Liberty!

Welcome to /liberty/, your board for the discussion of politics, society, news, and the human condition without authoritarianism (fascism, full-on communism, etc). The board's philosophy is simple - welcome all discussion from non-authoritarian viewpoints, light moderation, and most importantly of all fun.

We've seen SJWs, we've seen the far right, and we've seen the far left and we've said no, stop this madness - the moralizing authoritarians who seek to control society and shape it to their whims and test out their vague theories would enslave us just to feel that society was better. At /liberty/ we believe we would be best served by sticking to the path we've been on for so long, that of personal liberty.


See the image - if you make the cut, you'll be right at home on /liberty/. Even if you are an authoritarian (far left or far right), you're welcome to join us - just don't expect to be taken seriously.


1. Global Rules uber alles.

2. Spamming can result in a short ban. In the event of raids, discussion threads will be stickied to weather the storm.

3. Rules are lame, don't make me make more and don't whine for more moderation unless it is absolutely necessary.

4. This board has an actual topic and it's not fetish porn. Content that is clearly beyond the pale of the board's topic (fetish porn, clop, gore, etc) will be removed. If you need these things, they are a mere three clicks away; you can even get there one-handed.

Board Policy Vis-a-vis…

1. "Shitposting"

There is no such thing as shitposting. It's a vague and subjective concept that boils down to "irreverent posts or things I don't like," and therefore makes a bad yardstick for moderation. If you want discussion without fun, may I suggest another board?

2. "Shills"

While shills may exist, the intense paranoia and schizophrenic moderation and community policing of /pol/ shows how fear of these legendary creatures can completely disrupt a community. If someone is posting something that you disagree with, even if they're paid to do it, you still have the mental faculties to decide if their argument is a good one or not, or to double check their sources. Calling another person a mythical shillicorn does not automatically defeat their argument. As far as moderation policy goes, shills do not exist, even if they're real in your mind.

3. Authoritarians

If you're a fledgling fascist or bunker-loving communist, you're welcome to stick around - you cannot be banned for your opinions on this board. Just don't expect to be taken seriously - the reason this board exists is because we already know we don't like authoritarianism, and want to discuss things without authoritarians sticking their noses into everything as they are wont to do.

4. "I Called You X, I Win"

Simply calling someone a fascist/communist/authoritarian/statist/shill/Jew/Nazi/etc. does not "defeat" them. Git gud.

That takes care of the important stuff. This sticky is subject to be updated anytime.

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What are some great (right) anarchist channels?

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what do you think about anarcho-distributism?

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ITT: Grade Trump's 100 first days

+++ Sweet, sweet lefty asshurt

+ Shitposting goldmine


+ Made at least some attempt to fulfill a good number of his campaign promises, agree with them or not

- Albeit through executive orders a lot of the time, potentially setting a bad precedent

+ Gorsuch seems bretty okay

+ Regulation rollbacks

+ Guns probably safe for now

+ Pipelines are a go

+ At least proposed a relative tax un-fucking

- Reversing course on NATO

- TFW no market-based health care reform

- Military bullshit, between inflating their budget even further and various strikes

Probably some other shit I can't immediately think of as well.

Overall: C

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salam aleikum brothers, this is Stifan m'Allahneux, do not forget to respect the NAP, as dictated by the Prophet (PBUH)

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Free Will VS Determinism: Is it really relevant?

I've been thinking about this for a while and it's sort of a question that'd been bugging me for a while. Does it really matter if we have free will or if everything is determined? Does it really have an impact on anything in terms of discussion (in regards to Libertarianism, economics, etc)? If it actually does matter, what side do you anons take?

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How do I spread /liberty/erian ideology in middle east?

I live in there

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Thoughts on the pope?

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Is hugging someone for more than 6 seconds breaking the NAP, if you just went for the hug without explicetly asking for consent?

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post the rest of pics from this series

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im considering sending it to my literature professor- he said that empowered women were dubbed as witches

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Why is Catholicism, or more specifically Pope Francis a fucking joke, /liberty/?

I thought this would be good for a giggle.


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Does Christianity Form Western Morality? | Louder With Crowder


What do you think of this?

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>tfw not a citizen of Paraguay

>10% income tax

>lowest value added tax rates in south america


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post music you like

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Hey guys reddit here, anarcho-capitalism isn't anarchism :D Anarcho-communism only choice becus anarchism mean no state or capitalism lol…

TL;DR pic related. nuff said. Lol

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Objectivists and Libertarians

So what's the deal here? I got into liberty through the Rothbard side of things, and despite similar ideals of liberty and Austrian economics I understand that Rand's followers have more than a little disdain for libertarians, and vice versa. One Objectivist to whom I spoke had some beef with Rothbard and the Mises Institute specifically, I believe the example he gave was that Rothbard apparently raised a glass in toast every time an American warplane was shot down. From what I've seen this board is mostly supportive of Rothbard, so I was curious as to the other side of things. Why all the enmity between these two?

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I became libertarian because I thought it would help me score chicks. Boy was I wrong. Why do we have the fewest girls of all political ideologies on the political spectrum next to /pol/?

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Affirmative Action


What are your best arguments against (legally codified) affirmative action in schools, jobs, etc?

Bonus points if you can cite something not by Sowell or Walter Williams

pic unrelated

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Economically speaking, what's the best way to get away with 'neet'ism?

Surely it is possible to have a fulfilling life without producing any type of value whatsoever. Even then, I don't think I would do anything worth doing unless I was passionate about it.

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Erik von Kuehnelt-Leddihn

Thoughts on this man? Have you read one of his books yet, or are you a homosexual?

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Posting this thing once more, maybe we can complete it. I've read a bit more since I started this, so I can contribute too.

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what is your favourite bible passage?

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Ideal Work-Life Balance

The ideal work-life balance in a Capitalist society is working 4 hour shifts for no more than 5 days a week, and having the rest of the time for yourself which can be invested in more work hours, training, or just sitting around doing nothing IDGAF. The 40 hour work week is flawed in that it assumes "1/3rd for work, life, and sleep" while ignoring that you have to invest closer to 10-11 hours of your day for every 8 hour shift you work between getting ready, driving, breaks, etc. In reality either you're not sleeping enough, or you have almost no life under the 40 hour work week. Employees are most productive in their first four hours of work, so it would make more sense to push higher quotas over a four hour period instead of the slog that is the 8 or 10 hour work day. A 20 or 24 hour work week would be the ideal work week for probably 60-80% of jobs in first world countries. In fact, I'd posit that we'd already have a 20 hour work week if not for government interference in wages, benefits, etc. making it more beneficial for a business to keep a 40 hour model.

A "late capitalist" society as the filthy commies put it is a beautiful thing as it allows members of it to increasingly produce more wealth over shorter periods of time, ultimately freeing up more and more time for passion instead of being held at gunpoint like they would have me do, fixing their electrical systems 80 hours a week.




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Tor General

General thread for Onion Relay folks.

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>But what specifically established de facto socialism in Nazi Germany was the introduction of price and wage controls in 1936. These were imposed in response to the inflation of the money supply carried out by the regime from the time of its coming to power in early 1933. The Nazi regime inflated the money supply as the means of financing the vast increase in government spending required by its programs of public works, subsidies, and rearmament. The price and wage controls were imposed in response to the rise in prices that began to result from the inflation.

>The effect of the combination of inflation and price and wage controls is shortages, that is, a situation in which the quantities of goods people attempt to buy exceed the quantities available for sale.

>Shortages, in turn, result in economic chaos. It's not only that consumers who show up in stores early in the day are in a position to buy up all the stocks of goods and leave customers who arrive later, with nothing — a situation to which governments typically respond by imposing rationing. Shortages result in chaos throughout the economic system. They introduce randomness in the distribution of supplies between geographical areas, in the allocation of a factor of production among its different products, in the allocation of labor and capital among the different branches of the economic system.

Empathetically, I ask: Why do ancaps believe this unironically?

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Crashing Canadian Mortgage Lender Bailed-Out By 321,000 Retired Ontario Healthcare Workers

>HOOPP, which represents more than 321,000 healthcare workers in Ontario, was not immediately available to comment. HOOPP President and Chief Executive Officer Jim Keohane sits on Home Capital’s board and is a shareholder. Home Capital’s external spokesman Boyd Erman declined to comment.


what does /liberty/ think about austerity?

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Free State Project

Hello fellow liberty lovers,

I signed up for the FSP back in 2011 when I was in college and stupid. Now that the "Project" hit the 20k signup goal back in winter I'm thinking about moving to New Hampshire. I'm currently living in Baltimore and have lived in NJ and briefly Rhode Island for a time so New England weather is nothing to me (NH is actually LESS cold than NJ).

Is the FSP legit, or is it bullshit? I remember hearing a former Free Stater who is no longer a libertarian and who now lives in Taxachussetts claim the FSP has had so many internal problems it was almost dissolved years ago and many of the libertarians in NH are pretty much the "losers" who joined because they had nothing left to lose. Does anyone know if this is accurate?

I consider my views to be left-libertarian, similar to the people you see on C4SS although I'm not an SJW. I should fit right in if I decide to actually move.

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I tried to make a libertarian general on /pol/. :(


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The nazis weren't capitalists. Many of them, including Hitler himself, started out as more traditional socialists or even marxists, and when they got in power, they happily went on with their crusade against private enterprise. To quote Goebbels, in The Nazi-Sozi:

>Everything that nature has given the people: land, rivers, mountains, forests, the natural resources both above and below the ground, the air - all this in principle belongs to the people as a whole. If anyone owns these, he is in effect the trustee of the people's property, and must consider himself accountable to the State and the nation. If he manages the possessions entrusted to him poorly or in a manner detrimental to the good of the whole, then the state has the right to terminate his ownership and to give his possessions back to the people as a whole.

>Production, which is essentially complete and thus requires no further strength, talent, inventiveness, enterprise or ingenuity (transportation and communion, trusts, syndicates, etc.), is returned to the state.

The nazis acted on these policies. They confiscated property, nationalized hundreds of companies, set production and price quotas, and sent commissioners of the state to private companies to watch over them. The Reichsbank also happily printed cashnotes, and of course, there were tons of infrastructure-projects. You may call this "state capitalism", if you don't see this term as an oxymoron, but what you cannot do is call it "free enterprise".

This isn't the first time I'm starting this thread, but I gotta do something to start some kind of quality discussion and possibly educate people, or at least get them started on their path to educate themselves. The nazis and the communists have too long been seen as polar opposites that miraculously ended up remakarbly similar to each other. In reality, the differences between them, apart from the internationalism of some communists, were merely gradual, most importantly perhaps that Hitler just didn't care a lot about economics and didn't try to overhaul the economy overnight for that reason.

>Free Downloadable Bonus Content

Fascism isn't a unified ideology. The nazis were more similar to the North Koreans than to the Italian fascists, who in turn were somewhere between the nazis and the Spanish fascists. Fascism is a historical phenomenon first and foremost. It's not a proper classification of ideologies.

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Voluntary states are not incompatible with anarcho-capitalism

Why would easing be magically exempt from property rights?

Take away the wishy washy stuff surrounding easing and you can see that people would not be free to travel. Ancap is like a more rational better version of feudalism, not wheeeee i can do anything I want, because no you can't not with other people's property.

Give me one good reason why pic related is not valid under ancap (except for the very pic disincentivizes it and makes people choose carefully which place they want to live, since they need to plan travel based on road usage rights). Just imagine the same thing with lots of houses and not just A, B, and C, and you have covenants that are formed where people own their individual property, but also share own access rights to the town, which allows them to set rules for leaving too, allowing houses to become prisons for criminals.

There will be no unowned property just lying about under ancap. Everything will be privatized share ownership wise or single proprietorship, which will allow ancap communities to solve public goods problems.

As individual people gradually leave or grow old and die, the individual dwellings will be bought up, but the town itself would remain under the ownership of a sort of corporation people had share ownership in, naturally replicating the state and democracy in a morally valid way.

This is the logical end result of perfectly consistent anarcho-capitalism without shitty edge cases like easing rights, or assumptions about massive amounts of unowned property just sitting there (wtf is this communism?).

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the problem with the left

The reason the West became great is because it suppressed clannishness and in-group bias. Romans banned cousin marriage, and the Church banned it to distant cousins. Today, in the UK, Pakistanis marry their cousins all the time and the government does nothing about it.

Marxism destroyed true liberalism by reintroducing in-group bias. The "proletariat" is supposed to work against the rest of society's interest. Now women, non-whites, Muslims, and the "proletariat" all work for their own self interest in a war of all against all. This is tribalism, and it's toxic. You can't get ahead in a tribalist society without being a tribalist, which is why white men like me are giving up on liberalism temporarily. We are the only group that liberalism is still enforced for. We are expected to act in society's interests, not our own.

We need a classically liberal dictator to restore liberalism and beat the tribalists into submission.

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what about singing a song together as /liberty/?

it must be a song about liberty, preferably in english because it is english speaking board

maybe vidrel? we need someone to glue all the redordings of us into one audio file, anyone?

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On Physical Removal

Why is it so awful

No, its basically counterproductive towards what you're working to achieve. Its name is basically the smallest problem.

So the main theorem is that harassing people will make them go live somewhere else. Lets assume people always have enough money to do so, or will be able to receive enough money to move off soon:

Its more likely that a productive member of society will leave because the characteristics it attacks are those that hurt members of society that are helping it and want fellowship with it. A slob won't care about the impact physical removal has on his sex life, but a caring member of society will be sad someone else has insulted him.

This method has flat out no effect on socio/psychopaths.

>But they're just a small subset of society

Okay. Is your plan to use prayer to make sure your commune doesn't have anyone stubborn in it then?

I could honestly see communes working if people started housing themselves on private acropolises or normal privately owned buildings which the landlord set up the rules for, but then screaming at people would not be necessary as people would be managed by the landlord instead of insulting each other.

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Revolutionary Anarcho-Capitalism

There's faggy ancap that says you can't assault people unless they've literally just pulled a gun on you.

Then there's ancap based on reality which is that we can use force on those who are known aggressors constantly stealing from us and oppressing us every day.

We need a revolution (or some sort of transitory condition) to achieve ancap!

We need to declare all the government, politicians and police as primary enemies, and declare welfare scroungers (excluding social security since that is literally just reappropriating something they took from you, I'm talking food stamps recipients; let's purge them), any big businesses and labor unions that get subsidies equal to or greater than 50% of their profits (as Rothbard once said), and any organizations that use government aggression against others, such as use of IP law, or state enforcement of contracts like non-compete that require the state to enforce the shutting down of an employee working for another business in the same industry, as our secondary enemies. Let's destroy the state and clear the market of all those who use the state to aggress and have counter-revolutionary tendencies.

We need to set up a transitional Pinochetian minarchist vanguard to lead the revolution, clear everything up and privatize everything after we've dealt with our enemies. Then we can dissolve the state. So like the meme but more explictly an actual plan.

What do you think? Should ancap be not useless for once? Should ancap have a plan for coming into existence? Should ancap have a way of punishing the statists and clearing the way for the market to flourish?

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Is this a shitpost?

R: 13 / I: 6 / P: 3 [R] [G] [-]


What did he mean by this, /liberty/?

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Is this the power of free market?


Thoughts on this?

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Robots are used because automation is cheaper than human workers

If allegedly humans couldn't be hired to perform tasks because of robots, then the companies using robots would go out of business and/or the economy would spiral out of control towards collapse.

A business only works because people can pay into it, thus a constant equilibrium (only interrupted by state interference) exists in which employers can only offer services so long as employees exist to pay for said services.

Therefore robots cannot replace humankind because to do so would cause humankind to be unemployed, leading to the collapse of said robotics companies and the rehiring of humans.

This does not take into account changing markets, it only points out that we don't have to worry about robots.

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What is wrong with Historical Materialism Dialetics? asking for a friend

pic not related

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How does an anarcho-capitalist society deal with the dick cutting problem?

Somalia is the freest society on earth and yet both male and female genital mutilation are rampant there.


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How do you guys feel about Egoist anarchism

R: 43 / I: 21 / P: 3 [R] [G] [-]

i fucking love based korwin


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If Somalia is to Ancaps what Israel is to Jews, shouldn't Ancaps make Aliyah and move there?

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Trump Thread

Donald "I lost thirty Tomahawks" Trump is proof that time-preference is sinking and political discourse is getting more and more tasteless. Prove me of the wrong.

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citizens of microstates (monaco, andora, singapore, hong kong, liechtenstein) are exceptionally rich. i wonder whether there are any statistics comparing area of state with wealth of that state's citizens. i wonder whether it is true that the smaller the state the wealthier the citizens of that state


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How will an Ancap society prevent me from fapping to trap porn?

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File Dump

Massive dump from my library:


I can't vouch that everything is relevant or good, but most of it should be at least one of these things. So, enjoy yourselves. Hope we can get a few more people on board to read this stuff.

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George "Dubya" Bush General

So what is everyone's thoughts on Gee Dubs?

R: 61 / I: 17 / P: 4 [R] [G] [-]

Is this good enough?

t.a guy have never read any voluntarist, liberterian, baby seller books, just using common sense.

R: 39 / I: 14 / P: 4 [R] [G] [-]

/leftypol/ BO. Lol it actually was a tranny. This is the enemy.

R: 22 / I: 2 / P: 4 [R] [G] [-]


A strong church is a strong counterweight to the state. The alternative is to have the Academic-Technological Complex run the everyday lives of people. That's what we have right now. These are just organs of the state, because all of their research is done with public money and the companies have employees that went to public university or public schools. Eric Schmidt is a registered Democrat and basically did all the technical stuff for Obama's administration and Hillary's campaign. He's also the CEO of Alphabet, which owns Google.

I am going to take Catechism and start going every Sunday. My half-brother met his wife through his Church, and I will meet mine through my Church.






Death to Antifa!

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Was there any faction remotely right-libertarian on the Russian Civil war? I do sympathize with Nestor Makhno even though he was a leftie, but I wonder if the cadets or something were more akin to what would be Libertarianism.

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Best Political Philosopher of all the Time (Strawpoll/Data Gathering)

Link: http://www.strawpoll.me/12800219

If your favorite philosopher isn't on this list, then that's because he's a faggot and no one cares about him. Also I ran out of space because I was kind enough to give Marx and Engels separate entries even though every faggot on the planet will vote for both or for neither.

R: 5 / I: 0 / P: 4 [R] [G] [-]

I know not everyone here is a burger, but bear with me.

I think the Libshits thought that once Trump won we would stop pushing for this. They thought wrong. the Convention of States movement is still alive and well.

>Forcing a fiscal responsibility Amendment without having to send it through congress

>Passing an Amendment for congressional term limits

>Stripping Congress of it's exclusive right to regulate inter-state commerce

>Prohibiting any International Law from effecting Domestic US law (big one IMO)

>Limiting Executive Orders

>Limiting Taxation

These are just some of the examples for what could be achieved. So why aren't you supporting this you fucking commies?

R: 83 / I: 12 / P: 4 [R] [G] [-]

>Its ok to destroy my people, culture, and natural environment with mcdonalds, feminism, hd pornography, mass immigration, strip mining, and trannies… at least I didn't violate the NAP!

R: 7 / I: 0 / P: 4 [R] [G] [-]

Q: How to ensure a libertarian society stays libertarian?

A: We write a constitution that explicitly prohibits policies that would make the government larger.

R: 4 / I: 0 / P: 4 [R] [G] [-]

So did I get it right, you guys basically don't subscribe to any particular ideology and call this an ideology?

R: 2 / I: 0 / P: 5 [R] [G] [-]

Does waking up someone break the nap?

R: 5 / I: 0 / P: 5 [R] [G] [-]

Can someone recommend some light reading on why the free market is better than government for things? There was a libertarian candidate in my area whose entire platform was "The free market". That is to say, his campaign ads listed various problems on one side, and his solutions on the other. All of his solutions were "The Free Market" with no explanation. A /liberty/ minded friend of mine saw it and it annoyed him since it didn't explain anything and seemed like just a meme. I'd like to be able to provide him with sources.

R: 17 / I: 3 / P: 5 [R] [G] [-]

Why do libertarians suck at social theory?

R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 5 [R] [G] [-]

Kenyan President

is Uhuru /ourguy/?


R: 4 / I: 1 / P: 5 [R] [G] [-]

Noam Chomsky

When is this knock-off Jurgen Habermas going to finally croak? It seems that in his senility he continues to comment on thing that he knows nothing or very little about.

R: 12 / I: 1 / P: 5 [R] [G] [-]

The day of ancaps, nazis and reactionaries is over.

The time of Europe has begun.

R: 6 / I: 2 / P: 5 [R] [G] [-]

Why is the British agricultural and industrial revolution used as the paradigm of the prosperity that capitalism brings to nations if it all started out with forced enclosures by the parliament that one could define as Stalinist?

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Libertarian baby names

So my partner and I just found out we're having a baby girl. Both of us are anarcho-capitalists and we're currently living in the "capital of libertarianism" known as Keene, "New Hampshire." This is our first child and we plan on raising her with liberty-oriented values. Since names are very important, we want to give her a name that embodies libertarian principles.

Here are the ones we're thinking of so far:

>Libera (lee-BAY-ra) - Roman goddess of liberty

>Aurelia - Latin for "gold"

>Antigone - after the play which first uses the word "anarchy", also can't spell "anti-government" without Antigone

>Dagny - after the character in Atlas Shrugged

>Lorimer - after the character in Alongside Night

Any suggestions?

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/liberty/ reading

There used to be a thread on here that graphed quality on one axis and accessibility on the other, with regards to various books on libertarianism. Perhaps I'm going blind, but I don't see it in the catalog or either of the stickies.

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I've got a confession to make /liberty/, and you're not gonna like it… I was gonna hold off until August, but it's a sin to tell a lie and I'm drunk, and I've been telling a lot of lies up until now, don't feel "clean" going forward like this any longer even if it was for the sake of fucking with shitposters/NEETSocs.

First of all and most importantly, I’m not that old, I’m not married, and I don’t have kids. I had a fiancé after High School, but my family is extremely poor (we’re talking less than $20,000/year for a family of 5). About two years ago we were considering having kids and it came down to either my family or her. I chose my family because if I financially abandoned my mother/siblings, they would have probably ended up on the streets. She went on to college about 70 miles away from me, we tried to make the relationship work, I cheated on her, and we haven’t talked since. That picture I posted of my “daughters” was of my older sisters when they were kids. The guy in the picture is my dad who abandoned us when I was 13. My only goal in life was to be a father, and I fucked that up royally because I wanted to ensure my little siblings got through High School alright and during that process I let my dick get the better of me when I was a fedora faggot. I’m only 22 years old. The closest thing to “daughters” I have are my two nieces who I love dearly and will not post the pictures of. I’m mildly socially autistic, but I’ve never been diagnosed with anything. I dropped out of Mechanical Engineering school around the time my fiancé left me, and have since been pursuing a degree/career in Electronics Technology.

I’m also a recovering alcoholic. I’m ashamed of myself for caving in after over a month of being sober, but I don’t really care right now. I used to be a pot junkie about a year ago, but I gave up pot both because I was looking for jobs and because I didn’t feel right when I was high. I had the chance to bang a few chicks during my pot-smoking days, but I’ve remained abstinent since I broke off with my fiancé since I really do believe in looking for the right one. As for that Mexican kid, that’s a real incident that happened, but it’s not so much I “taught him about electronics” as it is I convinced him to apply for FAFSA, get his GED, and join me in my local community college’s electromechanical program.

Similarly I’m not that involved with the liberty movement any more. It’s true that I met senators and such when I was working with SFL and YAL, but I burned my bridges with SFL/YAL after police removed me from my school campus over a pot leaf. I have some friends in SFL/YAL but that’s it. I have friends who are still super involved with the liberty movement, and they’re who I get most of my intel from. I mostly just want to finish my degree, get a job, and keep my dealings under-the-table. I shitpost on /liberty/ and /fit/ (under the pseudo name “Rocket Tits” since I’m strongfat but have gyno), and now that my meth-head little sister and autistic little brother are entering college, I’ve got nothing tying me to my family or “home state.”

When it comes to Bison, I never worked at a bison ranch in Wyoming. Federal regulations would prohibit a minor from working at such a facility- I thought y’all would have realized that. That being said, I do have an unnatural obession with bison. I’ve toured bison farms, I love bison burgers, and I’ve pretty much watched all the documentaries involving bison that are out there. I fucking love bison, bitches. I would have gone into agricultural science in order to help propagate the bison race, but there’s no jobs in agricultural science, hence going into engineering, dropping out to support my family, and going into electronics technology.

I am religious. I was a fedora from about age 8 until age 21. I started to become religious in March of 2015 of my own accord. I looked into joining the local Russian Orthodox Church, but I couldn’t get anyone to contact me back. After getting extremely drunk at a Halloween party with libertarians in 2015, I decided to visit my local Greek Orthodox Church while I was hung over and I’ve been going there since. Well, going when I can. I work weekends all the time. I try to go to church when I can, but otherwise I mostly just study/learn more about the Orthodox church in what very little free time I have.

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>they think unrestricted free market capitalism doesn't lead to monopolies and oligopolies

Seriously, how do you prevent corporations from becoming your new government?

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Why aren't we organizing and waving our flags like antifags?

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>another ancap or lolbert that doesn't own the means of production


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A Question for/about Anarcho-Christians...

Blessings Be. Visitor/Lurker from /christian/ here. Until I started coming here, I had no idea there was even such a thing as Christian-Anarchism, as I had always thought the hierarchy of churches in general kind of made this view impossible. However, I'm kind of surprised to see not only how popular it is, but how frequently we agree.

I'm very pro-libertarian governance, and fairly well read on classical-liberalism, Enlightenment era philosophy, and even a few Ancap authors, but I would never consider myself to be an anarchist on the basis that I'm into Hobbesian Theory, and while I see how an anarchist society would sound good, I think it could only ever happen in a very idealized world, free from sin and selfishness.

So, my question for you guys is this: how do you justify your perspective given what the Bible (and dogma) teaches about human nature and savagery? Also, how do you create an Anarchist state that is also Theocratic, as it seems those two ideals are in direct opposition to each other. Sorry if I seem rude or ill-informed, I'm just trying to learn. God Bless.

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Was Rodge /ourguy/?

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How will a libertarian society deal with the anime problem?

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Is it autism?

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Anyone know where I can find a legit picture of the "American Voluntarianist" flag? I can't find it anywhere.

>flag related

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>Ancaps will defend this and call it """freedom"""

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Orthodox Marxist here. Debate me.


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Why can't you force competition to pay more using taxes?

Lets put this year's sample argument in rotation

>Donald Trump promises he'll increase prices of Mexican products by increasing tariffs

>Economists say they will just raise the product price

Fine so far.

But what if there is competition in the mainland? The other industries would have to either quit selling to U.S., or decrease the price to compete and thus pay the tariff. Is there anything wrong here?

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Is Trump an An Cap? His recent change of foreign policy makes me think he has some anarchist inclinations.

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Who else ready for war here

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Do you know of any economist located on the economic right that addresses the technological unemployment issue and maybe even supports some kind of universal basic income?

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If libertarianism is a good idea, why hasn't it even been tried yet? Communism and fascism a least actually occurred at some point in time. On the other hand, I can't even think of a libertarian state in recent history. Because there never was one.

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Why don't you just convert to utilitarianism? If you're sure that libertarian policies happen to be the most practical, then it makes arguing everything so much easier. Most people are very hard to convince with "property rights should be upheld zealously in 100% of the cases cases no matter how horrible the consequences", but they are much easier to convince with "this policy will get more money for you, your friends, but also the needy".

That is, if you really are sure that the policy will do that. If your actual belief is "maybe there is a form of statism that will cause more people to live happy, fulfilled lives, but that is not as important as muh NAP" then you should be honest about it.

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Smoke weed everyday

More weed less government.

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Small government + racialist policies & constitution - possible?

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should we help the dispriviliged?

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Do social benefits actually influence people's behaviour that much?

Most benefits are capped after a few months and force you to get a job anyway. I doubt people are turning down jobs- the surest way out of poverty- just so they can get a few weeks' meagre benefits tbh

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Analytical Political Philosophy

Someone explain to me please how this shit is in any way not fucking retarded. What I noticed in all pics related (Rawls only from secondary literature) is that they are a) obtuse as fuck, b) leave central premises completely unjustified, c) actually aren't that precise at all despite making use of formal logic and mathematical symbols. Am I too harsh on this philosophy, did I miss the right analytical philosophers or something? Or is it just this bad?

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liberty, do you feel identified by this song?

Ultraderecha (the far-right) by chilean band los prisioneros

Far right, to buy the church

to Sell the state, far right-right

Far right

Far right

Buy the church, (pay for their saints)

Sell ​​the state (sells it cheap)

Far right

Far right

Defends the right to liberty (yes yes)

Defends the right to liberty

Free market - advocates

Free market - advocates

Free market - advocates

Free market - liberty

To live in misery, liberty

To die in prison for debts, liberty

To torture the slave, liberty

To protect the millionaire, liberty

to globalize the hunger, liberty

To leave the planet done shit, liberty

Defenders of the right to defraud you

Far right

Far right



Free market - advocates

Free market - advocates

Free market - advocates

Far right


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Why is /pol/ such a damn shithole? I've been coming here occasionally to take a break from weaboo roleplaying shitposters and constant kike blaming. I feel like that was just a faze and those types of greedy subvertive people can be rid of pretty easily in an ancap society. I've just been taking the yellow pill more often. Since I've also been getting banned more, I thought imkamfy was gone.

Here is a picture of a man's ass.

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Goldpill Thread

Post goldpills!

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Communists want to control the means of productions, 'seize them'. Theft violates the NAP so is it right to employ authoritarian measures against them and restrict their rights Pinochet-style?

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this is all the shit that's going on right now with the political boards



https://archive.is/Z3aaS ←—- read this before anything else




the BO of /polk/ behaves EXACTLY THE SAME WAY AS /pol/ BO and mods. (the archives above are a great example) they delete all the same exact things, and give the same shitty excuses. I would not be surprised if /polk/ is run by exactly the same people as /pol/.

in fact, /pol/ /polk/ and /leftypol/ moderation, volunteers, mods, board owners all exhibit the same exact behaviors. do not be surprised if they are all the same group of people all working together to manipulate everyone and disrupt the spread of the truth.

after some serious critical thinking about the events taking place in the present, and seemingly unrelated experiences in the past we have uncovered the extremely strong possibility that /a/ and /v/ to a moderate but slightly lesser extent were shill testing grounds for the disruption and culture molding tactics to be later used on /pol/, /leftypol/, and /polk/, only moving on when the community had been permanently ruined. they needed alot of training because /a/ didn't have the willpower and the meme magic that /pol/

http://archive.is/nGnFT (starts here)

shit going on at 8ch.net/pol/ with the mods literally being shills and stopping redpills from becoming common knowledge

http://archive.is/gzwKi (intensifies)

https://archive.is/4hNSl (intesifies more)

http://archive.is/eMVNg (intensification intensifying intensifies)



The moderators are banning people who out them.

The moderators are banning people who do nothing more than link to threads on the /sudo/ board.

The moderators are banning people who QUOTE POSTS from the /sudo/ board.

The moderators are REGULARLY banning groups of 70,000's of IP addresses (in explicit violation of the site rules against doing so).

The moderators make a point of banning people who explicitly violate No BOARD rules, SITE rules, or US LAW, while also EXPLICITLY leaving up content that violates rules.


>just go to a different board

easy for you to say when the BO and mods at /pol/ delete any linking to other boards so that /pol/ stays high up on the boards index and easy to reach for new uninformed newfags.




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Celebration thread

We're back!

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Liberty Reading Guide

Pic related is the new reading guide. I made a special tab for objectivism, but haven't sorted the book there yet, at all. Another tab is for history. That one's sorted, but very incomplete.

I added some books to minarchism and replaced Everyday Anarchy with Spooners No Treason.

Anyone have more suggestions on this thing?

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Banking Catallactics

I've read some essays from Hoppe on whether voluntary fiat banking is possible, and I'm still trying to digest it all. So I thought I'd open a thread on banking in a free market in general.

Also, thoughts on commodity bundles instead of gold? David Friedman and Hayek both supported it, but Hoppe claims that the individual commodities constituting the bundle would be worth more than the bundle itself and that no one would use money backed by it for this reason. Sounds plausible to me, but I still want to mention this topic in case someone sees commodity bundles as superior.

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>Hoppe also suggested that John Maynard Keynes's homosexuality might explain his economic views, with which Hoppe disagreed.[42]

this guy is golden

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The Utilitarian is just a collectivist Objectivist.


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Okay /liberty/, I've been reading for a while and I wanted to ask: Why get rich?

Yes this is a serious question. Why should I get rich? Why do people get rich? Why would I need all this money?

This isn't a argument about monopolies or communism or anything I just got this semi-political question in my head and I can't rid myself of it. There doesn't seem to be any logical reason for it in the long term.

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I made some touch ups to the final /r/place snek

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What does /liberty/ think of monopolies?

Good or bad - economy, society (like say being able to choose from a variety or entering competition with a chance to stay in the game, American dream), etc? Or is it contextual?

My impression so far is that the majority of hard-line capitalist oppose it on the grounds that monopolies exist only due to the state and are an aspect of corporatism, therefore amassed their fortunes unjustly and continue to buy political influence. I've even heard from libertarians suggestions of state regulations to prevent monopolies or taxes on these monopolies. On the other hand, there are the likes of Ayn Rand that promote those sort of corporations as a testament of hard work.

How do you think this applies, or should apply, to the internet? I'm not very savvy about this stuff, but wouldn't the entire internet count as private property and therefore a monopoly? I've heard Russia wanted to create its own version of the internet, do you think this sort of thing would be feasible in an ancap society where anyone can create his own internet?sorry if this sounds dumb, I don't understand at all how the internet works On a related but different note, what do you think of the recent youtube shenanigans? I've seen two prominent advocates of capitalism (PJW and Molyneux) somewhat trip on their own arguments. I'm not entirely sure myself what is happening, but basically ad revenue is being pulled off of videos and youtube is demonetizing them.

PJW was particularly pissed off, his argument was that youtube and google are monopolies and therefore you don't really have a choice. Don't you think this somewhat parallels the argument against capitalism that "you can only choose between joining or starving"? Even tho he could always find a different work. Yes, yes, he is a faggot, but what do you think about his complaint?

István Molinyö complained that because of "the left" and "mainstream media" reacting to companies placing ads on questionable content, to avoid public backlash companies are pulling the ads down and youtube is cracking down on the channels. But isn't that the free market in action? He even admits it's the financial interest of the companies. He's also dissatisfied with the fact that it's mostly what could be identified as right-wing channels that are getting the blow and not an even examination, why is that a problem? Youtube doesn't owe them anything, it can do whatever it wants. He even championed discrimination with the most retarded example possible in one of his call in shows. Here's where he talks about it: https://youtu.be/TJ8NvWvMF-I?t=2m20s

What I'm asking with these two is, is there any merit to what they're whining about? Am I missing some sublime argument? Because it seems to me youtube works in line with the ideology they're championing.

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I actually hoped you were gone fam

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Some facts about Marx for you:

>He never justified his labor theory of value or addressed any objections to it

>He never justified his criterion of social necessity

>He fluidly switches back and forth between his own, abstract idea of exploitation and the common sense usage of that term; had he used the term consistently, it either would've been an obvious reinterpretation of the facts (common sense usage) or it would've lacked any punch

>Him and Engel came up with a total of nine stages of history, but each book they mention them in is missing a few of them or has added a few

>There was never a consensus on whether historical materialism was based on historical evidence or on a priori reasoning

>He never gave an account of how socialism and communism would actually work or what they would look like

Notice something? His theories are so ambiguous, and so full of holes that it's impossible to fully "understand" them. Thus, marxists will always be able to point to some minor detail of his philosophy, claim that it's a key concept and then use your supposed ignorance to discredit you and your ideas on marixsm. That such an inconsistent, fuzzy ideology lends itself well to authoritarians should go without mention. The marxists themselves, meanwhile, can endlessly read the same shit all again and again, ad nauseam, and never feel like they're fully finished. Whereas all the major libertarian thinkers add their own to the ideas of Rothbard or Mises or modify them, marxists are eternally stuck at the stage where they have to interpret and reinterpret Marx to figure out just what the fuck the old man was talking about. Marxist intellectuals are like aspiring writers that are stuck in the worldbuilding stage, and have been for over a hundred years. They now have fifty side characters, all with a unique family background, as well as fifteen kingdoms with a history reaching back two-thousand years, and they even know in detail which deity banged whom, but they never get around to writing the fucking novel instead of mentally masturbating to how fucking great it would be if it were ever finished.

There's some more interesting things to know about Marx, pertaining to his work ethic:

>He studied Russian statistics, Danish history, mathematics, learned several new langauges and a fuckton of other things when he was supposed to write "The Capital", because he wanted to procrastinate badly after realizing his book would be shit

>After writing "The Capital" when he was 49, Marx never wrote another lenghty and comprehensive treatise again

>Most of what he wrote were vicious refutations of the ideas of rather obscure, often fellow socialist writers; he never wrote an essay on Adam Smith, John Stuart Mill or Alexis de Tocqueville, who composed his strongest opposition

Not the mark of a great thinker to beat around the bush so hard.

Pic related, although it's not the only thing I've read about (or from) Marx.

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is it true that shorter men earn statistically less than higher men?

R: 7 / I: 1 / P: 8 [R] [G] [-]

If the richest people gain the most from the abolition of taxes then they should have the most incentive to defend the country from states who would want to tax them.

However, libertarians have often alleged that the ruling elite- plutocrats- actually benefit from the state more than they lose. And the record of history does show many cases where the ruling elite co-operated with a foreign power to achieve the take-over of their own country.

Isn't it a problem if the people who have the most money, are the least likely to want to defend the country in the first place?

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>AnCaps will defend this

R: 8 / I: 5 / P: 8 [R] [G] [-]

Trump shilled for Ryancare/AHA so hard and even attacked the freedom caucus from twitter, but /pol/tards are busy calling everyone who points this out a shill. No, to them, Trump must have hated the bill just as much as they do, when it is obvious untrue. Muh 4D trans-dimensional chess!

How does it feel to be an /liberty/ minded American watching this pitiful spectacle? Pic unrelated.

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On Voluntaryism

Even though I'm a commie, I do see why the idea of voluntary mutual exchange, which I see as the basis of libertarianism, has philosophical appeal. "If you want, you can do this for me and I give you this." It's an extremely peaceful and consistent approach.

However, the problem I have with it is that it works on false premises. Nature and the environment are coercive BY DESIGN. When the preconditions of mutual exchange are unchangeable coercive, voluntary exchange becomes a meme. For example, we all need to eat and sleep. We can not overcome this biological condition. To be more concrete, if the only available grocery stores in my community happen to be the same chain, I have no choice but shop there and submit myself under their terms and agreements. And no, this is not an unrealistic scenario.

So as long as we don't reach Anarcho-Transhumanism and transcend our biological form, voluntary exchange is always manipulated by the rules of nature and anthropology. It's some sort of idealism that only works in the lab - or in some proto-capitalist village community in the Early Modern Age.

R: 10 / I: 3 / P: 8 [R] [G] [-]

tried to post this on /b/ and the thread gets slid

tried to post it in another related thread and it gets overrun by shills derailing the thread

>permabanned from /pol/

>permabanned from /leftypol/

>need to get this image to /pol/ so they can post it on facebQQk and wake up some normies

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Refuting Ayn Rand through Randy's own logic.

In his work "Ayn Rand: The Russian Radical," Sciabarra remarks that for Rand: "The entity and its attributes are not two different things… The attributes are the entity, or an entity consists of its attributes." The law of identity is "a variation on the law of non-contradiction of Aristotle" (Rand, Introduction to Objectivist Epistemology); The principle that "the same attribute can not at the same time belong and not belong to the same entity and under the same respect … it is impossible for any one to believe the same thing is and is not" (Aristotle, Metaphysics). One attribute of government is that it is coercive by nature. If the government produces protection, then it does so denying citizens deprived of that right. Given that production and income are identical (A = A), then the attributes that apply to production must also be applied to yields. Rand saw the law of causality as a corollary of the law of identity. It is "the law of identity applied to action …. The nature of an action is caused and determined by the nature of the entities that act, a thing can not act in contradiction with its nature." (Rand, Atlas Shrugged) Government-provided protection is coercive in nature;

Therefore, income is. Thus, trying to find "voluntary" methods of payment for the provision of a service that is coercive by nature, is a logical contradiction.

It happens that in practice it may be possible to exclude non-taxpayers from individual protection; At least to a great extent. If a person refused to pay protection, then such service may be denied to that person. If non-taxpayers can be excluded from receiving protection then this supports the voluntary cause of payment in the state services. But by Rand herself, such an arrangement lacks ethical sense. According to Rand (and other minarquists like Nozick) as well as Rothbard, individuals are entitled to equal protection under the law. If the government assumes the protection of its citizens, then it must provide protection for all. Excluding non-taxpayers may be technically possible, but it is a violation of their rights. The reason is because if the government does not provide protection then the individual is not allowed to retaliate on his own behalf or hire competing protection agencies in the market. He is left unprotected. This violates the principle of equal protection.

Therefore, the "voluntary" payment for police protection services is also coercive, since if a person does not pay, he does not receive the service; I.e., it can not provide the protection of itself. This right is denied to him.

There is no way out: government is always coercive either from the exit side (the provision of protection services) or from the income perspective (payment for these services). And since Rand was opposed to coercion (Rand, The Virtue of Selfishness), Rothbardian anarchy is the only possible solution to the Randy logic imbroglio.

R: 9 / I: 1 / P: 8 [R] [G] [-]

My friend said Ancapism is just as bad as fascism as it allows society to be dominated by corporations which will use their power to oppress Women, Minorities and LGBT? Is this true?

R: 36 / I: 10 / P: 8 [R] [G] [-]

what is your favourite animal?

R: 1 / I: 0 / P: 8 [R] [G] [-]

wtf i love rothbard now

R: 8 / I: 1 / P: 8 [R] [G] [-]

Theresa May activated Article 50



R: 5 / I: 1 / P: 8 [R] [G] [-]

Are we still winning? I can't tell anymore.

R: 9 / I: 1 / P: 8 [R] [G] [-]

Brad's Wife

Why was Brad's wife fired from Cracker Barrel, /liberty/?

R: 16 / I: 3 / P: 8 [R] [G] [-]

How come cops and other law enforcement officials are not socially isolated yet, /liberty/? How can they keep up their reputation despite all the shit they do? For all the protests of BLM, not much has happened. The portrayal of cops by the media is still the exact same as it was ten or twenty years ago. It's still seen as one of the top-tier jobs that don't quite make you the elite, on the same level as being a nurse or a vet.

R: 21 / I: 8 / P: 9 [R] [G] [-]

Next Recession

When do you predict the next recession will occur? What will be the initial cause(s) and from where will it originate?

R: 22 / I: 5 / P: 9 [R] [G] [-]


Anyone here who can redpill me? I still don't have a real grasp on colonialism, mostly just knowledge on particular topics.

R: 4 / I: 0 / P: 9 [R] [G] [-]

In South Africa, many middle class suburbs are walled off, houses have huge fences with broken glass or razor wire topping them. People need to carry around handguns for protection.

Somalian pirates attack pleasure craft and commercial shipping.

This is not because the perpetrators find it easier to do these things or because they are too lazy to get a job; it is because their society leaves them limited options.

Hence, within Australia (my country) I do not begrudge unemployment, single mother, disability or aged pensions - as they operate as a safety net for people to allow them to avoid desperate times and measures.

It’s not about them deserving it (and there will always be cheats of any system) - it is about the sort of society that I want to live in.


Is this correct /liberty/? Is it one's rational self-interest to approve of welfare programmes for the poor?

Also what does /liberty/ think of the people whom sold their children in the Great Depression? Did it breach the NAP?

R: 33 / I: 4 / P: 9 [R] [G] [-]

convincing ppl to libertarianism

how to convince my family into ancap? they are not even libertarians now

my mother is ENFJ

R: 20 / I: 7 / P: 9 [R] [G] [-]

The snake is a phallic symbol. Your whole ideology is basically a form of cock worship, in theory and in practice ("muh as long as nobody gets hurt"). This makes libertarians literally a bunch of faggots.

R: 4 / I: 0 / P: 9 [R] [G] [-]

Can I save taxes if I convert to Islam or Hinduism?

R: 28 / I: 7 / P: 9 [R] [G] [-]

What is the role of women in an ancap society? Since they are physically inferior to men, will the free market relegate them to slave material?

If so, sign me up for being an ancap.

R: 53 / I: 9 / P: 9 [R] [G] [-]

So who is the better philosopher?

R: 10 / I: 1 / P: 9 [R] [G] [-]

Keeping Ancapistan ancap

I keep hearing "a small government will never stay small"

But how would an ancap society stay, well, ancap?

Moreover, how would private national defense work to prevent invasion?

Vid not strictly related.

R: 60 / I: 16 / P: 9 [R] [G] [-]

>socialized medicine doesn't wo-

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50 Most Influential Libertarians: A Newsmax/FreedomFest List


(I know the url is shady, but I think it's official)

>Ron Paul? The Koch Brothers? Steve Forbes? While these thought-leaders have influenced many, who tops the list? Choose from the lists below to honor the public figures who have done the most for the liberty movement - spreading the message through politics, business, art, film, media outlets, and in the classroom.

>Vote for up to five individuals in each category. You can also enter names of people not listed.

>View current standings at the end of the survey - feel free to share this survey link and campaign for your favorite!

>The final winners will be published by Newsmax magazine and then honored at FreedomFest 2017, which will take place in Las Vegas on July 19 - 22, 2017 at Paris Resort. Learn more here: www.freedomfest.com.

>Bonus: Everyone who completes the survey will receive $100 off the regular registration fee to attend FreedomFest. Use the special discount code at the end of the survey.

>Survey open until March 15.

>Happy picking!

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The Moon is a Harsh Mistress - Discussion

/liberty/'s first reading month is over: >>49811.

From here on, spoilers are no longer required. Just talk openly about what you thought of the book. I'll start:

- The book was fucking awesome, the best sci-fi novel I've read since Blindsight.

- Luna was closer to ancapistan before its independence. The revolutionary government is libertarian as fuck, but before it, they essentially didn't have a government.

- The loonies have a remarkable culture and mindset. They're a bit too savage and unrefined, but other than that very noble.

- I find Mannies comment that rudeness sometimes warrants a death warrant weirdly intriguing.

- Holy shit that ending was sad, but my sister pointed out that at least Mike led a great, happy life. Still, I'm sorry that his friends lost him.

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libertarianism is jewry and wants to kill the white race,prove me wrong,that's right,you can't /liberty/ libertarianism is controlled opposition and you cant deny it!

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what is your favourite weapon anon?

t. absolutely not CIA

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Can someone explain how you don't see a large corporation with armed security as a state?

How do you guys define a state anyway?

not trying to start a fight here, just curious

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ancap gondola

could anyone make it?

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Frédéric Bastiat

Is his work still relevant for today or is it terribly outdated?

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Debate Thread

Let's have a little debate, shall we? Today's topic - the emergence of government. Do you agree with classical liberals on social contract or maybe you're an adherent of Oppenheimer's anarchist theory of government as an entity which per definitionem must be coercive? Starting… Now.

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Why is pol such a safe space? Every ancap BTFOs racism and they just ban them.

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Hypersensitivity to Negativity/ General

I need a breath of fresh air.

There's a particular pre-alpha video game coming out, and I was making myself active on the forums, in order to show support, write longer, well-written posts, and show distaste in general for poorly-written posts. At every single turn the moderation team silences, rebuts, and deletes any and all negative posts, opinions, and expressions. (Not just mine, others as well.) The tolerated post-type are only those which express excitement for the game and those which dick-suck agree with other posts.

So, I need some fresh air, so to speak.

Discuss, or just /general/ for hypersensitivity and censorship on the internet these days.

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Anyone else completely repulsed by wastefulness and inefficiency, to the point of disgust? I despise it more than anything in the world.

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What the fuck makes you think that you can have a free society without mercilessly executing communists and Islamists by throwing them out of helicopters?

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explain this

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Ban this poster.

>muh freedumz

Incorrect, liberal scum

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This man just declared himself candidate for the Brazilian 2018 elections. He promises to bring free-market capitalism and harsh combat against communism & socialism in our crippled economy. I do not care that he gets fucked in the ass by other men, he's laissez faire, and that is prefect for me. #DrRey2018 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x9Em0Lo0UpU&app=desktop Share this PLEASE. We need the forces of 4chan and the power of Kek to win, and become a relevant country. #MakeBrazilGreatForOnce

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I have been noticing a trend on all the boards of 8chan, which you should be typing in the address as https://8ch.net httpS←-

that there are tons of data gathering threads disguised as "I'm bored so whats all your info".

here are a few examples of data gathering threads. you don't think they are building a profile on you? this is disgusting.

now shills are making up excuses in the hopes of using the "divide and conquer tactics" by blaming other boards to create infighting and destroy 8chan even further

the shills are panicking after the exposing of their tactics. extremely hilarious thread happens and shills get totally humiliated as their plan backfires instantly. archives linked below for your reading enjoyement.

>"The datamining scare"

>"They're flagging all discussion threads as "datamining" threads with little exception."

you mean like all the obvious data mining threads listed below?

>"The short-term goal of this is to cease all discussion on /b/ by convincing us that there is no discussion."

because letting data mining shill retards flood the whole catalog with "lul whats yur info" in poorly disguised threads is just excellent discussion!

>Do not let them destroy this website.

"lul he will not divide us, he will not devide us!"

pepe! pepe!!!

>If you have any issue with knowledge about you being on the internet, then don't post it. It's as simple as that.

when threads are made with sinister design for the purpose of extorting and extracting information from anons, it's as simple as getting bored that there are no quality threads because the shill threads pushed them off the page, and posting a reply in the wrong place, getting your info sent to a bad place without your consent. simple as that.

>flagging threads as datamining threads destroys it because it's a massive attempt at convincing everyone that the discussion here is not genuine,

>destroys it

>convincing everyone that the discussion here is not genuine,

>no no my shilling is failing, don't wake people up because our shilling will be "destroy" when they realize the discussion isn't genuine.




(after some discussion)


(even more discussion)


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Now, I've been reading "Economics in one Lesson", and I have a small criticism regarding Ancapistan.

Wouldn't it be just like a classical economist in shape? The market seemingly does not give a fuck about short term consequences, just as classical economists do not. Taking a example, lets remember the page where they talk about machines replacing skilled workers and forcing them into unskilled jobs. Now you might regard this as good in the long term, but it saunters over any short-term problems that might arrive form part of the population losing their short-term jobs.

And how do you reply to this?

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Convince me you can't that Jesus wasn't a libertarian he was.

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Does involuntary assplay violate the NAP?

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Take me under your wing.

Teach me about AnCap society. I know welfare and government fund programs will get killed as a whole, with people fending off for themselves. That, and taxes will die forever. Something about getting "the fuck off of my property" as well.

Tell me, what other differences are there between the capitalism we have now and your goals.

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But why equality

Removing women form the workforce would double the value of workers, allowing families to live with only one worker(The father) and making the people more prosperous. Why not allow this to happen, other than "women will protest"?

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Does this board have a mascot other than steppy snake? If not someone should draw a QT3.14 mascot for /liberty/ and name it Smol Government

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Ultimate Libertarian MemeBall Thread

Post your best MemeBalls here lads. Be sure to post templates and create your own for me to use later. I want this to be the best libertarian MemeBall thread, busting in commies and nazis, ever. I'll start.

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Gay Conversion Therapy


Let's talk about this article.

Two problems I have are

>yes, people who have gay conversion therapy commit suicide more often, but so too do homosexuals who didn't undergo therapy. the therapy might do nothing at all

>just because homosexuality is not a mental illness, according to a certain criteria, does not mean it is irrational to try to reduce homosexuality.

What does /liberty/ think?

Should these groups be regulated?

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>white people

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Modern Sexuality - Depravity by Choice

Now that sex is everywhere, it has low value, sort of like running water. We are learning that sexual liberation means sexual conformity, and because the herd is all doing the same thing, value flees to those who are outsiders and doing something else, like tying sex to family and existential purpose, which makes it more valuable where “liberation” makes it less valuable.

Like all things Leftist, sexual democratization renders worthless something one prized by destroying the best examples of it so that the other examples can feel “equal.” In other words, no one gets what is beautiful; beauty is destroyed so that the average can rule. This is what the fearful and tyrannical human ego does to any segment of experience.

For example, Americans are having less sex because sex is sort of like running water or wi-fi now, i.e. everywhere and without much significance, which cries out for it to be bonded to something larger and more transcendental than what modernity has reduced to a bodily function:


In other words, sex has become a bargaining chip. People trade it for acceptance in a relationship, and once they are in one, there is no need for a further transaction. The liberation of sex has made everyone into slow-motion prostitutes. And as a result, sex has become a chore like any other job, something done in exchange for money or power and therefore, something undesirable.

This is the nature of all things under egalitarianism. Because society is re-oriented toward a minimum, everything which is not mediocre becomes a commodity, and as the herd chases after it, its value falls as it becomes democratized or spread around. In the end, nothing is worth anything, but each prole can claim they are a king… albeit in an entropic wasteland where nothing has value.

Stephanie says:

The sad reckoning may be on the way. Zika babies seems to be an apt warning and outcome. Sins of the father. Degeneration. Visited upon the innocent.

When kids are seeking to be a different gender, and are encouraged to do so by the ‘adults’ and the ‘experts’, and then anyone who proclaims that an anus is not a vagina and is persecuted for saying so, well, some very bad things are in store for humanity. This should be obvious.

Its going to get worse, much worse, and humanity may not survive. So much for Mars.


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Hello /liberty/, i'm fairly new to libertarianism. Can someone explain to me how law works in an anarcho-capitalist society? I know that the law is decided through direct democracy in leftist branches of anarchism.

Pic unrelated.

R: 29 / I: 2 / P: 11 [R] [G] [-]

How can there be property rights when all property is inherently mine?

R: 8 / I: 0 / P: 11 [R] [G] [-]

What are some /liberty/ approved movies? Documentaries, fiction, whatever.

I would start with Mad Max

R: 30 / I: 6 / P: 11 [R] [G] [-]

what do you think about alex jones?

R: 13 / I: 0 / P: 11 [R] [G] [-]

Shit like this is why people hate us.


There are many complaints about governments, but the harshest is, "This government grossly violates human rights." The background assumption is that human beings have rights that everyone - including governments - is morally obliged to respect. When looking at the grossest violators - Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union, Maoist China - almost no one denies the validity of the idea of human rights. But then you have to wonder: Do the governments we know, accept, and even love have clean hands? Or do they violate human rights, too?

To answer, we normally apply a simple test: If an individual treated other people the same way the government does, would he clearly be a horrible criminal? If an individual deliberately kills innocent people, he's murderer; if an individual imprisons innocent people, he's a kidnapper. A government that does the same violates basic human rights - and it can't justify its actions by calling innocent people "criminals." If someone is peacefully living his life, he's innocent - whatever the government says.

What does this have to do with immigration? Lots. Since we're in San Diego, you've seen illegal immigrants. What are the vast majority of them doing? Working for willing employers. Renting apartments from willing landlords. Buying stuff from willing merchants. Sending money home to their families. Maybe even sitting next to you in class. They sure look innocent - even admirable. But the U.S. government can and does forcibly arrest and exile them to the Third World. Why can't they all just come legally? Because exile is the default; they're all exiled unless the U.S. government makes a rare exception. This is far less bad than killing or imprisoning them, but it sure looks like a severe human rights violation. If the U.S. government forbade you to live and work here, wouldn't that be a severe violation of your human rights?

You could reasonably object that human rights are not absolute. While there's a strong moral presumption against killing, imprisoning, or exiling innocent people, it's okay to do so if the overall consequences of respecting human rights are clearly awful. The main problem with this objection is that when social scientists measure the overall consequences of immigration, they're not clearly awful. In fact, the overall consequences look totally awesome. Most notably, standard economic estimates say that letting all the world's talent flow to wherever it's most productive would roughly DOUBLE global prosperity. That's an extra $75 TRILLION of extra wealth per year. How is this possible? Because even the world's lowest-skill workers produce far more in the First World than they do at home. Even if all other fears about immigration were bulletproof - which they aren't - they're dwarfed by this gargantuan economic gain. This isn't trickle-down economics; it's Niagara Falls economics.

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how will we prevent pandemy and epidemy if we do not force everyone to vaccinate? will in ancap be separate cities for vaccined ppl and nonvaccined ppl and quarantine squats in boarders of city of vaccined ppl?

R: 16 / I: 6 / P: 11 [R] [G] [-]



The way Tucker and presumably some ISFLC "libertarians" acted like a mob to harass Spencer while he was just sitting there explaining things was cancerous and just as bad as leftists. Is it just me or is anyone else really sick of all this anti-Nazi rhetoric we've been hearing non-stop for years, when all things considered they're far from the worst or most prominent political group out there? In comparison, being a commie, hard socialists or any other retarded leftist ideology that has objectively killed more people is completely socially acceptable.

Anyway, I hope not to be associated with any of the retards in the video.

R: 56 / I: 13 / P: 11 [R] [G] [-]

So what exactly is the plan for statelessly smashing the state?

R: 23 / I: 6 / P: 11 [R] [G] [-]

Property is a positive right.

R: 15 / I: 1 / P: 12 [R] [G] [-]

have you ever had any mental problem

have you ever received any psychological/psychiatric diagnosis?

R: 9 / I: 1 / P: 12 [R] [G] [-]

National Socialism is the last stand of implicit liberty. Prove me wrong.

R: 44 / I: 12 / P: 12 [R] [G] [-]

Are """anarchists""" who support Trump or any president literally retarded? What kind of autist can support presidents while still claiming to be an anarchist??

R: 9 / I: 5 / P: 12 [R] [G] [-]

here we go again


Winklevii pushing for Bitcoin ETF

You Can Bet On Whether the SEC Approves the First Bitcoin ETF


It’s a bit metaphysical – even for a virtual currency.

Speculators can bet on whether the Winklevoss Bitcoin Trust (COIN), developed by the venture capitalist twins who were involved in a long-running legal battle over the ownership of Facebook, will be approved as the first exchange-traded fund to track a digital currency by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

Such wagers can only be placed and settled in Bitcoin, naturally, on the BitMEX platform, which offers the ability to trade certain cryptocurrency derivatives with “up to 100x leverage.” The Winklevoss’s personal edition of March Madness happens in three weeks, with the decision on whether the SEC approves the $100-million offering due March 11.

“There’s rarely ever interest in filings, let alone the hype associated with this one, let alone betting on whether it’ll be approved!” said Eric Balchunas, ETF analyst at Bloomberg Intelligence.

Bitcoin has surged 14 percent in the past two weeks to approach all-time highs, with interest in owning the currency remaining strong in China even after authorities there tightened conversion controls in an attempt to curb capital outflows. Asia’s largest economy is home to most of the world’s bitcoin trades.

As of Tuesday morning, the prediction contract’s pricing implied a 36.37 percent chance that the proposal, which has been tweaked about a dozen times over a registration battle that’s stretched over three years, will be successful.

The twins, Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, became famous as a foil to Mark Zuckerberg, whom they alleged in a lawsuit had used their source code to build the site that would become Facebook Inc.

The case for denial of the product rests primarily in the history of security breaches this asset class has suffered, most infamously the Mt. Gox debacle. More recently, hackers helped themselves to about $65 million worth of the virtual currency in August 2016.

“When the SEC approves a product, they’re saying it’s ready for prime time for Middle America,” Balchunas said. “And that may be what trumps it all here: by approving it, the SEC would be legitimizing this product for retail investors.”

The long registration process may have already taken its toll on the Winklevoss bid to attract investors. The digital currency has gained more than 1,000 percent against the dollar since their initial prospectus was filed. And when it comes to asset-gathering in ETFs, “if you ain’t first, you’re last,” to quote the father of a fictional race-car driver.

R: 4 / I: 1 / P: 12 [R] [G] [-]

Are multinational mega-corporations like Monsanto or Nestle and their level of intereference with the environment, politics and society the embodiment of the rule of the free market and/or anarcho-capitalism?

R: 2 / I: 0 / P: 12 [R] [G] [-]

Do you guys know what happened to Paulville? It seemed like an interesting concept but I cant find any information on what happened to it.

R: 84 / I: 19 / P: 12 [R] [G] [-]

Economic Arguments Against Socialism

What are some economic arguments against socialism? I know that the labor theory of value doesn't hold up and socialist systems suffer from the economic calculation problem but what are some other arguments? Specifically against anarcho-socialism because debunking Marxist Leninist socialism and "Democratic Socialism" are too obvious.

R: 20 / I: 4 / P: 12 [R] [G] [-]

Is McCain hijacking U.S. foreign policy from Trump administration?

Yes its worldnet daily but its an article by Pat Buchanan. Pat Buchanan is a paleocon and not a libertarian but in foreign policy there are some things in common with Pat Buchanan and libertarians


“The senator from Kentucky,” said John McCain, speaking of his colleague Rand Paul, “is working for Vladimir Putin … and I do not say that lightly.”

What did Sen. Paul do to deserve being called a hireling of Vladimir Putin?

He declined to support McCain’s call for a unanimous Senate vote to bring Montenegro into NATO as the 29th member of a Cold War alliance President Trump has called “obsolete.”

Bordered by Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia, Kosovo and Albania, tiny Montenegro has a population roughly that of D.C., and sits on the western coast of the most volatile peninsula in Europe.

What strategic benefit would accrue from having Montenegro as an ally that would justify the risk of our having to go to war should some neighbor breach Montenegro’s borders?

Historically, the Balkans have been an incubator of war. In the 19th century, Otto van Bismarck predicted that when the Great War came, it would come out of “some damn fool thing in the Balkans.” And so it did when the Austrian archduke was assassinated in Sarajevo June 28, 1914, by Serbian ethnonationalist Gavrilo Princip.

Aflame with ethnic, civil and sectarian war in the 1990s, the western Balkans are again in political turmoil. Milo Djukanovic, the longtime Montenegrin prime minister who resigned on election day in October, claims that he was targeted for assassination by Russia to prevent Montenegro’s accession to NATO.


But if Montenegro, awash in corruption and crime, is on the verge of an uprising or coup, why would the U.S. issue a war guarantee that could vault us into a confrontation with Russia – without a full Senate debate?

The vote that needs explaining here is not Rand Paul’s.

R: 16 / I: 2 / P: 12 [R] [G] [-]

Spanking and the NAP

Does the NAP apply to spanking?

R: 66 / I: 12 / P: 12 [R] [G] [-]

How will a libertarian society deal with the problems non-binary people face everyday?

R: 8 / I: 2 / P: 12 [R] [G] [-]

I hereby proclaim the following truths about the alt-right:

>They have no theory of their own, and no idea on how to into economics

>Their contribution to political discourse is to refute the posts of sexually confused teenagers on Tumblr and YouTube

>They discovered political incorrectness last year and haven't even read "The Color of Crime" lmao

>Their safe harbour is a board that came up with a cancerous pseudo-religion called kekism in a bland attempt to copy /bane/

>The saviors of the alt-right are a second-rate philosopher and female MRA, a flamboyant homosexual journalist and a pro-Israel presidential candidate with bad manners

In other words, git gud fucking kids.

R: 5 / I: 3 / P: 12 [R] [G] [-]


R: 21 / I: 3 / P: 12 [R] [G] [-]


Do you support Unschooling? I'm reading pic related right now and like it.

(The Teenage Liberation Handbook: How to Quit School and Get a Real Life and Education by Grace Llewelyn)

R: 4 / I: 0 / P: 12 [R] [G] [-]

Liberty-Pill Movies

>Hotel Ruanda

>The Killing Fields (vid related)


>Maze Runner (only the first part)

>Rocky IV

>The Silver Circle

What else can you think of?

R: 40 / I: 7 / P: 12 [R] [G] [-]

The "Female Deficit"

While statism is still a thing, what can be done about the "female deficit"?

R: 9 / I: 1 / P: 13 [R] [G] [-]

Hey /liberty/, riddle me this

If social democrats are the light version of marxists, are neoliberals the light version of libertarianism?

R: 73 / I: 10 / P: 13 [R] [G] [-]

If the free market is so great, why do the highest ranked countries in terms of healthcare have single payer systems?

R: 6 / I: 1 / P: 13 [R] [G] [-]

let me make this thread again because last time i did not get satisfying answer


what socio-/economic indexes do you take into consideration into assessing whether you want to live somewhere? social mobility? gdp per capita? human development index?

R: 6 / I: 2 / P: 13 [R] [G] [-]

So, how libertarian philosophers deal with Hume's Guillotine?

R: 10 / I: 1 / P: 13 [R] [G] [-]

CIA Meme Warfare Thread

I don't really understand this "Meme Warfare" that the CIA is doing. Why would they do it? Why spend so much money on an infrastructure like this? Why would they target a minority of people on the internet who makes jokes? And why have they stopped focuing on stopping communism?

R: 74 / I: 10 / P: 13 [R] [G] [-]

Cultural Marxism

Do any of you think the conspiracy is real or no? I've read a bit of Frankfurt School (Erich Fromm and some Walter Benjamin in media studies) and I personally found them insufferable but in no way part of a "conspiracy theory."




R: 5 / I: 1 / P: 13 [R] [G] [-]


Thoughts on utilitarianism, /liberty/? Some arguments that I've read against it, particularly those based on the inherent unreliability of anyone in a utilitarian system, have been refuted hard by the utilitarians I've read, like Peter Singer or JSM. On the other hand, I think Anthony de Jasay destroyed it pretty good when he claimed that there's no basis for interpersonal comparison of utility:

>The uncompromising view of interpersonal comparisons that would deny the least place to political utilitarianism, is that to add one man’s quiet contentment to the exuberant joy of another, to deduct a woman’s tears from another woman’s smile, is a conceptual absurdity which will not bear examination but, once stated, collapses of its own.

That's not all he says against it, just what I think is his most powerful argument.

I'm considering going one step further and claiming that intrapersonal comparison is impossible, too. Two reasons:

>Different pains and pleasures might be qualitatively and not just quantitatively different

I don't know of a proof that the difference between pain and pleasure, or sexual pleasure and other forms of pleasure, is only quantitative, which would be necessary for a hedonistic calculus to be possible. I'm not ruling out that such a proof exists, that's why I'm being cautious here, but it would be hard for me to reconcile it with my personal experiences.

>Value-judgements do not imply a quantitative hedonistic assessment

Put another way: Human action is perfectly conceivable on the basis of pleasures and pains being ranked according to their quality and not just quantity. This is more of a preemptive counter-argument, it doesn't prove on its own that utilitarianism is false.

I'm mostly throwing thoughts out there and seeing which stick, so we can get the discussion started.

R: 23 / I: 6 / P: 13 [R] [G] [-]

I had the idea in our reading-thread that we should have a kind of /liberty/-reading month, or rather two or three months where we all read some book to discuss. Like what /lit/ has, basically, except that we have users.

I know that at least one other anon would be interested in this, so I thought I'd make this thread instead of bumping the reading-thread endlessly. So, here it is. For the first round (if there's enough interest), I have these two books to offer. The first is some kind of meme-book that everyone and his mom thinks absolutely destroys capitalism. I'm one-third through, and I think it kinda does something. Not sure yet what it's trying to tell me, I'm mostly posting it because so far, I haven't heard a libertarian perspective on this thing, and I'm not good enough with anthropology to make a judgement on the facts in it. The second book is The Moon is a Harsh Mistress, and I've already read it. All I want to say is that it's bae, and I could scan my version if /liberty/ is interested. Of course I'm open for other suggestions, I don't want to be the smug asshole who recommends books he has already read or is already reading anyway.

R: 6 / I: 2 / P: 13 [R] [G] [-]

Ron Paul thread

It's good to know the old guy's still going at it. Post memes, vids, webms or whatever.

R: 16 / I: 1 / P: 13 [R] [G] [-]

Who would win a philosophical debate?

Zizek or Argument man?

R: 1 / I: 0 / P: 13 [R] [G] [-]

The Anarchists Podcast #2: CIA Boogaloo; Vault 7, Assassination, and TERFs


R: 5 / I: 5 / P: 13 [R] [G] [-]

Can someone explain how the hell anarcho-capitalism is supposed to work?

The name itself is an oxymoron, anarchism is non-hierarchical while capitalism is inherently hierarchical.

R: 13 / I: 4 / P: 13 [R] [G] [-]

Can praxeology explain how to get gf?

R: 16 / I: 0 / P: 13 [R] [G] [-]

Libertarian Protectionism

Be honest. Who here supports protectionist policies (tariffs, subsidies, industrial policy, etc.) but otherwise holds libertarian views?

>inb4 muh comparative advantage

In purely economic terms, an undeveloped nation has a net gain in focusing on agricultural exports instead of building its own industrial base. But there are obvious non-economic advantages (political, social, scientific, etc.) in industrializing as opposed to remaining an agrarian shithole.

R: 9 / I: 1 / P: 13 [R] [G] [-]

Libertarians, unite!

How many of you guys advocate for the more Trotskyist type libertarians? And how many of you advocate for the more nazi type libertarians? We seriously need to straighten ourselves out if we are to do anything truly useful. As I am seeing it, the future will be a battle between Nazis, Islamists and Communists, and that prospect frightens me alot. Unrelated Pic.

R: 1 / I: 0 / P: 14 [R] [G] [-]

How left leaning is Jeremy Corbyn? Is he more left leaning than say, Bernie Sanders, and if so, is he still just a social democrat or an actual socialist?

R: 2 / I: 0 / P: 14 [R] [G] [-]


What is your opinion about this game? Do you agree with the diagram it uses? If not what would you change? How would capitalism work without a government or the initial accumulation, if all is privately owned? Can you manage to keep a high RoP?

basically let's discuss this model

R: 48 / I: 5 / P: 14 [R] [G] [-]

The first "contradiction" of capitalism

So I wrote a paper about automation in the market with regards to so-called "technological progressivism" for my senior seminar, and I received a return copy of the paper with a note from the professor dismissing my argument regarding marginal productivity (deductively through the action-axiom) through TRPF (specifically, the part about lower wages resulting in lower profits) the guy has a Rousseau quote tattooed on his arm, so I don't really hold him in high regard, as you can imagine. To his credit, the direction of the class has been overall critical of progressivism. I got an 85% percent on the thing, so I'm going to go contest it tomorrow with him. When it comes time to address the aforementioned part of the paper, is it sufficient for me just to dismiss his point on the failure of the LTV as an explanatory model? I feel like making an argument from indeterminacy would be a better rebuttal, but that would also kind of fly in the face of my contention that increased productivity is a net-positive. I feel like there's a deduction that I'm missing by going from STV → marginal utility → lower wages don't matter.

R: 6 / I: 0 / P: 14 [R] [G] [-]

Did prisons always suffer a problem with mass rape, /liberty/? I cannot remember ever having read about this in any source except when it pertained to the prison system after the 70's, when it really expanded and when racial tensions rose in them. I've read more sources on camps in dictatorships than would be good for me, too, and there was no mention of the kind of homosexual mass rape that has become pretty much ubiquitous today. And it's not like there were no opportunities for that in places like Kolyma.

R: 11 / I: 2 / P: 14 [R] [G] [-]

Darryl W. Perry

Why didn't the actual libertarian candidate become the LP nominee?

R: 8 / I: 3 / P: 14 [R] [G] [-]



Look at ban for this board!

[Banned post]

Get the fuck out


Do you believe in free expression and speech? I will post a few webms to see if I can trigger the mods into deleting something and laugh at their excuse for it.

No it is not illegal even if the servers are in USA


>exception for "any depiction that has serious religious, political, scientific, educational, journalistic, historical, or artistic value."

>prohibits interstate commerce


I am not posting this in erotic context let be clear of this.

So mods your move.

[banned post]


Fucking joke of a shill board not true to its name.

R: 16 / I: 3 / P: 14 [R] [G] [-]

Paul Ryan Prepares to Betray Voters with Trump support


Paul Ryan and his leadership team appear ready to deliver one of the biggest betrayals voters have seen in decades. After eight years of the House passing full repeal bills and running on campaign promises of full repeal, Ryan is ready to yet again move against the will of those who put Republicans in power.

What makes this even more disconcerting is that Donald Trump appears ready to fully support this betrayal.

R: 43 / I: 3 / P: 14 [R] [G] [-]

How psychiatric care and mental health institution will work in ancap?

On the one side every society has people with problems, chronic depression, psychosis, schizophrenia etc…

If there wont by any state who will provide help to them? Private companies? But they wont have to basis to do this as this would violate the NAP, on the other hand letting this kind of inviduals roam free could be not only dangerous but harmful to all parties involved.

R: 42 / I: 8 / P: 14 [R] [G] [-]

can we destroy gynocracy somehow? any cyberterrorists in here to help in doing so?

R: 1 / I: 0 / P: 14 [R] [G] [-]

>tfw Russia is more libertarian than you



R: 2 / I: 0 / P: 14 [R] [G] [-]


What are your thoughts on Barthism? Only serious discussion please.

R: 26 / I: 4 / P: 14 [R] [G] [-]

Was wondering what /liberty/'s opinions on Israel was. I'm not a zionist or pro-Israel but I have been interested in the country for a while. Do they violate NAP? Do they have a right to be there? I wasn't sure where else to ask this. The /israel/ is pretty much dead and I don't think I'll ever get a balanced discussion from /pol/.

R: 9 / I: 0 / P: 14 [R] [G] [-]

On green libertarianism

I have quite a few questions on green libertarianism. It seems fine when you're thinking about the ground, but what about the pollution on the skies, and on a smaller note, the water?

The skies is the big one. How do you "improve" the skies? I do not see any way to make flying buildings in the skies, nor any way to sue companies for polluting the skies with their old ass fuck engines. Is there something I'm missing?

R: 44 / I: 8 / P: 14 [R] [G] [-]

what the actual fuck


Does this violate the NAP????????

R: 10 / I: 1 / P: 14 [R] [G] [-]

Jason Blaha is a Libertarian


Go to 2:39

R: 15 / I: 7 / P: 15 [R] [G] [-]

rank social systems best to worst





Constitutional Republicanism


Christian Theocracy


Democracy / Democratic Socialism

Other Theocracy



Oriental Despotism



* a la Sparta

**a la GOPe

R: 122 / I: 19 / P: 15 [R] [G] [-]

Geolibertarian Minarchy


- Replace all tax with single land value tax.

- Replace all entitlements with consolidated citizen's dividend.

Well, why aren't you Geolibertarian?

R: 9 / I: 2 / P: 15 [R] [G] [-]

Militianism/Revolutionary Minarchism

With the absurd civil war in libertarianism, being between classical libertarians who are not being able to adapt to the problems with mass immigration from third world countries and libertarians that are unironically succumbing to fascism and natonal-socialism, I propose an alternative that I like to call Militianism, or Revolutionary Minarchism, that involves military violence against terrorist institutions like Stormfront or Antifa but doesn't disturb society or the economy in any other way. But for that I will have to recruit some help. Who here is willing to evolve this idea and join me in this? Image unrelated.

R: 2 / I: 0 / P: 15 [R] [G] [-]

FACT: you get instant entry into the tribe of Israel if you become a Libertarian the same if you become a communist.

R: 28 / I: 2 / P: 15 [R] [G] [-]

why are ancaps against social contract theory of state but they are for social contract theory of property? or maybe they have another theory of property?

R: 25 / I: 0 / P: 15 [R] [G] [-]

>state has private property so property taxes are justified because you just rent property from the state, you are not forced to do it- you can leave


R: 111 / I: 25 / P: 15 [R] [G] [-]

Why do Nazis keep poaching our best ancap personalities? helicopters, molyjew, LLA now. What do we do about this? I can't say how many times people have attacked me in debates just because other ancaps have decided to become Nazis. What's the best response to people insinuating there is some kind of connection?

R: 29 / I: 8 / P: 15 [R] [G] [-]

Male/female anarchist representation

Why is it that most anarchists are men? I don't just mean on anonymous imageboards (though that might be relevant too), it seems that women are an extreme minority in liberty-oriented ideologies.

Is this a problem?

R: 57 / I: 17 / P: 15 [R] [G] [-]

How do Marxists reconcile the fact that every instance of their ideology has killed millions?

R: 17 / I: 5 / P: 15 [R] [G] [-]


rope nazis


unironic gay commies


Disillusional ancapfags

All the political boards inevitably end up turning into segregation zones for different ideologies.

R: 9 / I: 2 / P: 15 [R] [G] [-]

Calculation Problem vs Knowledge Problem

In how far do these two relate to each other? Are they both equally valid, or is one of them a red herring? And which one do you like more?

R: 6 / I: 0 / P: 15 [R] [G] [-]

One problem i can think off with Ancapism is it is quite obviously an end of history ideology and doesn't really account for the possibility of colonizing planets and encountering alien life forms which may be hostile to us. This also applies too the nationalist ideologies that have arisen of late but the only ideology that espouses a sort of united humanity is currently revealing its flaws. Thoughts?

R: 9 / I: 2 / P: 15 [R] [G] [-]


Why is privacy important, /liberty/? Why do you value it? I can't come up with any strong arguments for it besides that the state might change its mind on a whim about something and you'll sure have something to hide then.

R: 31 / I: 6 / P: 15 [R] [G] [-]

i have seen somewhere pic proving that multiculturalism is bad (causing more crime) but i cannot find that pic on my hard drive so i did not save it probably

can you link to research papers about that an so on please?

R: 41 / I: 6 / P: 15 [R] [G] [-]

we have active christianfag here so let me ask offtop question to religion specialists

why didn't Jews accept Jesus as a messiah? many prophecies from the old testament were fulfilled by jesus

R: 10 / I: 3 / P: 16 [R] [G] [-]

Liberty = Misery?

Why are you guys such a joyless bunch of privilege checking cucks? I thought freedomfags are above petty bs like that and generally more upbeat.

R: 24 / I: 6 / P: 16 [R] [G] [-]

Equality of Opportunity

Just putting this out here for the few libertarians who still buy into the equality of opportunity meme: don't, if you cede the ground that equality of opportunity is a goal that must be achieved you're ceding all the philosophical/moral ground needed for totalitarian leftist control over society and the economy. Rather than try to explain in painstaking detail, I'll just give an example and allow you to draw the obvious conclusion:

Step 1: By default, people will not achieve equal economic or social status (if for no other reason, because there is a bell curve in intelligence); socioeconomic differences are a result of both good and bad causes (highly skilled individuals being wealthier than their peers is a "good" reason, being wealthier than your peers via ingratiating yourself to lawmakers is a "bad" reason.)

Step 2: Adults who are poorer (reminder that IQ is correlated with income) can not provide the same economic opportunities to their children as their wealthier counterparts, so you have to redistribute money from the, on average, more intelligent, to the children/parents who are, on average, less intelligent. This process increases the reproductive success of the less intelligent.

Step 3: Due to natural differences in ability, conscientiousness, etc. adults will once again massively differ in their achieved socioeconomic statuses.

Step 4: See step 2.

This is not a process that, in theory, has an end. In practice, the end will be that the constant redistribution of resources from the intelligent to the less intelligent, the latter already being predisposed to have more children, will cause civilizational decay to the point of collapse. Something like Venezuela is experiencing right now.

And yes, I'm aware that I'm not the first person to make these observations about equality of opportunity.

Even equality under the law doesn't make sense. Crime is correlated with low-IQ, the risk of allowing anyone with an IQ of 115+ to own an automatic firearm is quite low, but giving all the low-IQ blacks and Hispanics in New York and Chicago automatic firearms, well that's not going to turn out so well (see the statistic below). Even though the 2nd Amendment would obviously permit automatic firearms under the justification of both defense against a potentially tyrannical government and self-defense, I would not want automatic firearms available for sub-95 IQ individuals, and certainly not anyone with a history of violent crime (and if you're all about muh NAP, even Ancapistan could, in theory, have many methods of preventing firearms ownership for shitty people.)

"In 2014 in New York City, a black was 31 times more likely than a white to be arrested for murder, and a Hispanic was 12.4 times more likely. For the crime of “shooting”—defined as firing a bullet that hits someone—a black was 98.4 times more likely than a white to be arrested, and a Hispanic was 23.6 times more likely."


Equality of the law doesn't make sense. Just as the idea of "one man one vote" democracy is insane, and immensely increases the influence that stupid people have over policymaking, "one law for all men" is stupid, men are not created equal at a biological level, we should not pretend that someone with an IQ of 115 is equally likely to reoffend in future as someone with an IQ of 85.

There is no objective moral justification for the attempts to achieve equality of outcome or opportunity, and the attempt to do so is extremely dysgenic, and therefore suicidal. But equality has become a secular cult for liberals, and it's leading Western civilization off a cliff into the Valley of Shitskinstoneageistan at a rapid pace.

R: 10 / I: 4 / P: 16 [R] [G] [-]

Would door-to-door salesmen exist in an ancap society or would they all be shot because they violate the NAP by trespassing on someone else's property?

R: 14 / I: 2 / P: 16 [R] [G] [-]

what do you think about north carolina?

t. european who would like to visit this state

R: 5 / I: 2 / P: 16 [R] [G] [-]

/liberty/ Yellow-pill me on national socialism and right wing (fascist style) government

R: 21 / I: 5 / P: 16 [R] [G] [-]


R: 65 / I: 14 / P: 16 [R] [G] [-]

What do you think about homeschooling?

R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 16 [R] [G] [-]

Scientists are like Oranges

R: 9 / I: 1 / P: 16 [R] [G] [-]

…says a fucking Federalist.

R: 27 / I: 13 / P: 16 [R] [G] [-]

Are Neocons Even People?

There's a documentary film out called A Very Heavy Agenda. It's about neocons. Robert Martin made the film. It's 7 hours long, broken up into 3 parts, and the subject matter is depressing. It's the best film on the subject that I've ever seen. I already despised neocons before I watched A Very Heavy Agenda. Now I wish horrible things on these people. Also, if you have neocon hate memes, please post them. Thank you. This is one of the trailers. https://youtu.be/6AfWvajx7fo

R: 7 / I: 0 / P: 16 [R] [G] [-]

who is the worker?

so in state communism or state socialism "the people" or the "worker" means the political class, be it lobbyists or a dictator or a council of some sort

but this is liberty so lets throw state bullshit out the window.


I am pretty sure the guy in the ditch is a worker, are the others?

is a planner or manager a valid worker?

who plans and manages?

if "the workers" plan and manage what happens if they disagree?

if there are people who do not fall into the definition of "worker" but do something that there is demand for, how does that thing get done?

also someone here probably has the clean version of this image and I would like it if it isnt to much of a bother.

R: 12 / I: 3 / P: 16 [R] [G] [-]

The Cannabis Question

If fascists/national-socialists legalized weed, would you stop being a libertarian?

R: 17 / I: 3 / P: 16 [R] [G] [-]

cody wilson strikes back

R: 27 / I: 12 / P: 16 [R] [G] [-]

Why do you cucks support a system that's built on coercion, is destroying the environment and will collapse due to automation?

R: 29 / I: 2 / P: 16 [R] [G] [-]

Scott Alexander, my favorite blogger, just reuploaded his Non-Libertarian FAQ:


Thoughts? Some of it sounds convincing to me.

R: 24 / I: 4 / P: 17 [R] [G] [-]

Liberty is Fascist

R: 2 / I: 1 / P: 17 [R] [G] [-]

76/sp/ GET

Freedom ain't free.

R: 12 / I: 0 / P: 17 [R] [G] [-]

Techno Decentralism

I just found out about this guy making videos. I just watched the first one so far but I'm not necessarily sold on his arguments. What do you guys think?

R: 4 / I: 5 / P: 17 [R] [G] [-]

>To this end, the mercenary army of the Cuyamel Fruit Company, led by Gen. Christmas, carried out a coup d'état against President Miguel R. Dávila (1907–11) and installed General Manuel Bonilla as his successor (1912–13). The United States Government turned a blind eye to this deposition of the elected government of Honduras by a privately owned army, with the U.S. State Department seeing President Dávila as too politically liberal and a poor businessman whose management decisions had caused Honduras to become too indebted to Great Britain—an unacceptable geopolitical risk for the U.S. in light of the Monroe Doctrine. Moreover, domestically, the Dávila Government had slighted the Cuyamel Fruit Company by colluding with the rival United Fruit Company to award it a banana-trade monopoly—which it got in exchange for the fruit company's brokering of U.S. Government loans for the Honduran government.[5][12]


R: 38 / I: 7 / P: 17 [R] [G] [-]

So we can all agree on this right?

R: 8 / I: 0 / P: 17 [R] [G] [-]

/liberty/ audiobooks, mp3, lectures, podcasts

i will probably go somewhere tomorrow so i would like to listen to something interesting while walking. please can you link here interesting podcasts, audiobooks, mp3, lectures in english or polish? im oldfag libertarian so no "introduction to libertarianism" please

R: 24 / I: 4 / P: 17 [R] [G] [-]

>you can't have property rights without govermen-

R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 17 [R] [G] [-]

Why was he so right about everything?

R: 10 / I: 1 / P: 17 [R] [G] [-]

How should we approach the practical inevitability of aggression in a zero-sum game?

R: 16 / I: 2 / P: 17 [R] [G] [-]

nice butthurt in there

R: 13 / I: 0 / P: 17 [R] [G] [-]

>stirner banner

this board just got a bit better

R: 9 / I: 2 / P: 17 [R] [G] [-]

I just had a thought.

One of the primrary reasons many previously libertarian or anarchist individuals turn to Fascism and National Socialism is because freedom of speech has been used by (((Hollywood))) to reconstruct the thoughts of the common person such that they become more authoritarian, thus liberty defeats itself. Their solution is to say "Fuck it." to libertarianism as an ideal and censor certain content in the hopes that even though they won't get a libertarian society, at least they'll have a good one that will last more than 100 years.

However, as I understand it anarcho-capitalists do not believe in "intellectual property" to any degree. This opens up certain possibilities in regulating what the media produces. If a popular movie producer of dubious morality were to release a movie, and one's morally uninvested loved ones were to insist on eating that shit, one could simply offer them a free pirated copy instead, thus satisfying the producer's consumers without giving them a cent.

This, of course, is much like the usual boycott stuff ancaps have been saying since Rothbard was teething on triceratops jerky. However, unlike, say, a concrete company, you can actually boycott a product without need for competitors or depriving anybody of the product. In other words, producers of media are entirely dependant on the goodwill of their consumers, unlike producers of finite things that can continue chugging along if their product is desired, no matter how much they are hated. Thus, the media, which is the most important industry to regulate as it determines the thoughts of the people, is under the highest scrutiny from the people, and if it wants to continue as anything more than a low-budget hobby then it must not release anything that the natives consider amoral.

Will this actually work IRL? I dunno. There is the flipside of this, where malicious rich people could fund hostile producers while releasing pirated versions of loyal and moral films. Morally uninvested people aren't going to let their wallet take your side much more than they'll let it take the side of the evil producer. So maybe the power over the media and therefore the thoughts in Ancapistan will lie in the hands of the people if they are generous and have strong morals, and the rich if they are greedy or apathetic.

Something to think about tho.

R: 15 / I: 0 / P: 17 [R] [G] [-]


How can a anarcho-capitalist country have a fiat currency?

I mean this is pretty much impossible without a state thinking about it, but as evil as the state is, I am quite nervous about non-fiat currencies. Gold might be strong now but back then the gold banks had ridiculous powers within economies and many fiat currency economies went quite well.

Any help?

R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 17 [R] [G] [-]

>government doesn't want me to put what i want into my body

>government seemingly wants me to be a virgin

>government wants to take all of my money

>government wants to regulate my life

>government seemingly doesn't want me to be happy

>government wants to throw me into a cell if i don't obey like a good goy


R: 35 / I: 0 / P: 17 [R] [G] [-]


Does the NAP allow for detaining people based on the suspicion they committed a crime?

Surely it can't be that if you detain someone and it turned out they were innocent, you 'retro-actively' become an evil person

But if you detain someone and it turned out they actually are a criminal then you did nothing wrong

R: 16 / I: 4 / P: 18 [R] [G] [-]

Muslims (Mudslimes)

What do you think about mudslimes?

Would you let a muslim enter your private property? Armed?

R: 15 / I: 5 / P: 18 [R] [G] [-]

The Global Revolution

An oppressive state is no better than a criminal, and criminals should be restrained or killed.

People who obstruct justice and protect criminals should be killed as well.

The libertarian state should aim to eliminate all crime and oppression, including non-libertarian governments

R: 15 / I: 1 / P: 18 [R] [G] [-]

>have mutualist flag

>create individualist anarchist flag

what is the difference between individualist anarchist and mutualists? i thought that all individualist anarchists were mutualists

R: 11 / I: 1 / P: 18 [R] [G] [-]

I saw this on /leftypol/ and wanted to know your opinion

R: 8 / I: 0 / P: 18 [R] [G] [-]

"Give a man a fish and you'll feed him for a day. Physically remove a man from your libertarian social order and you'll never have to feed him again." —Hoppe, 25:88

R: 47 / I: 11 / P: 18 [R] [G] [-]

&gt;work or starve &gt;voluntary

>"anarcho" capitalism

R: 28 / I: 1 / P: 18 [R] [G] [-]

under anarcho-capitalism, am I allowed to rule over my property, establish laws and tax people in it?

assumining I own a big piece of land that people would want to live in

R: 8 / I: 0 / P: 18 [R] [G] [-]

What does /liberty/ make out of the whole AIU affair?

I was wondering how people feel about this guy basically doxxing anyone who's questioned him? Now I know this is barely related to liberty or even general economics but it does beg the question of doxxing within a libertarian/anarcho-capitalist society

How would such a thing be handled? Would a thing such as this be handled at all? Is doxxing immoral?

R: 6 / I: 1 / P: 18 [R] [G] [-]

What exactly is late stage capitalism? I hear about it a lot and i want to know what exactly it refers too and how it differs from regular capitalism?

R: 14 / I: 1 / P: 18 [R] [G] [-]

Fuck William "I heart government" Gates

Bill Gates claims that robots need to be taxed, which is just a fancy way of saying that the companies will be taxed more (which is something he does not state explicitly).


>muh universal income!

>muh "net gain" (gates claims that only robots working and not people while everyone lives off UBI will result in a better society somehow)

>muh retarded children!

>muh class divide!

R: 25 / I: 7 / P: 18 [R] [G] [-]

Rent for Roads

In my opinion, roads ought to be paid for mostly by rent instead of toll booths. Somebody owns all the roads in area, and people make contracts to pay rent every month, with the option to renew.

There is no monopoly pricing, because the prices are fixed in contracts and the road owner has to compete with all the other places people would be able to build a house.

People coming from far away would have to go the toll booth and pay a toll- presumably companies would offer daily, weekly, and monthly passes, and return tickets, and charge different prices for different vehicles

To check only people who are supposed to be on the roads are on the roads, you use cameras, people with clipboards, or you stop one in every fifty cars. There are plenty of ways you could do it. You don't need to check everyone, there just needs to be a risk of getting caught.

The main problems people have are they think private roads would be too much hassle or too expensive. If a rent system reduces those (at least for the roads people use most often) then maybe they can get over having to pay toll booths for far away roads they don't use often

R: 14 / I: 2 / P: 18 [R] [G] [-]


R: 12 / I: 5 / P: 18 [R] [G] [-]


What does it feel like?

R: 19 / I: 3 / P: 18 [R] [G] [-]

Abolish the DEA and ATF

Good day, /Liberty/! What do you all think about abolishing the DEA and ATF and forcing all those agents and analysts to become border patrol agents or they're out of work? The Drug War is a stain on our country. Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms should be a one stop shopping center. Both ten DEA and ATF are worthless government pestilence. I know some of you are against borders. I'd be interested in hearing your opinions on my proposal. Thank you.

R: 84 / I: 24 / P: 18 [R] [G] [-]

Ancaps LITERALLY CAN'T solve global warming. And you will NEVER EVER be able to deal with sea level rise or desertification. By 2050, people will be begging for a strong, socialist state to save them from flooding and famine.

R: 4 / I: 1 / P: 19 [R] [G] [-]

post women and girls with guns

R: 19 / I: 3 / P: 19 [R] [G] [-]

What do we do about the lazy unwashed proles who will eventually organize some sort of revolt once their low skill jobs have been completely automated? Kill them?

R: 9 / I: 1 / P: 19 [R] [G] [-]

ancapism=corporativism=survivalist egoism???

strictly speaking, ancapism allows socialism whenever it's voluntary, am i right?

if that's the case, that would mean that if a multi-co-op arised in ancapistan (and assuming it worked just right), generalized socialism would naturally arise as the people would (for sake of the example) realize it's a better way to organize themselves.

the problem, of course, is that such scenary couldn't happen since big corporations would be able to get rid of emergent co-ops or similars, through weapons and violence, even when socialists would be playing fairly, without violating anyone else's NAP, this scenario has taken place innumerable times throughout history.

But you'll argue that corporations are nothing but the consequence of a corrupted non-voluntary state, which sound pretty good as is a reasonable hypothesis to explain how corporations are born, but i still have little questions about it:

>how do you demonstrate that the fusion of many privates (forming a big monopolist corporation) couldn't take place in ancapism?

>how do you demonstrate that every (or at least, the most of) corporations arise from the corrpution of non-voluntary ruling states?


R: 6 / I: 1 / P: 19 [R] [G] [-]

Since the left has now taken Pedophilia from you guys what's left for you? Bestiality?

R: 14 / I: 1 / P: 19 [R] [G] [-]

Beginner Philosophy

Even if we accept the legitimacy of a particular 'moral system' (meaning a system of giving the term 'unethical' to particular actions regardless of the consequences) it doesn't follow that we ought to behave in accord to this moral system (merely from the fact that we would be behaving in a way that would have our actions named 'unethical'). In fact if following a particular moral system can only be achieved by sacrificing total utility, then we are faced with the question- 'how much total utility will we sacrifice to not colour our actions with that article of description- unethical How much do we value happiness, and how much ethical?

Surely we care about the properties of a thing only as to how they compliment utility and happiness- we don't care about the properties of things, in the abstract?

R: 7 / I: 4 / P: 19 [R] [G] [-]

What do you think off him?

R: 19 / I: 7 / P: 19 [R] [G] [-]

What does /liberty/ think of pic related?

R: 32 / I: 5 / P: 19 [R] [G] [-]

Democracy Appreciation Thread

>Nine out of ten people involved in a gang rape think that there's nothing wrong with gang rape, so that means there's nothing wrong with it

>If you put the Murder Kittens Act through three hearings in parliament, you'll know whether it's a reasonable policy

>A braindead moron becomes a genius if you clone him two-million times and have him talk to himself

>Democracies invented conscription, the total war, and the atomic bomb, but democratic peace is totally a thing

R: 24 / I: 4 / P: 19 [R] [G] [-]

Is opposition to Fractional Reserve Banking anti-semitic?

R: 58 / I: 9 / P: 19 [R] [G] [-]

Anarcho-capitalist thinking about converting to Mutualism

Salut /liberty/!

I've been an an-cap going on seven years now. I started off as a typical Tea Party Patriot, read some Rothbard and Mises in 2010, declared myself an an-cap shortly afterwards, and became a frequent visitor of mises.org and such.

Here's what happened: there was a time circa 2012 when I became interested in Kevin Carson's market anarchism. While I found parts of it interesting, it never really stuck with me the way it did my peers. However, recently I've been thinking more and more about history. I started dating an anarcho-syndicalist chick last year who introduced me not to Kropotkin or Bookchin or anything remotely Marxist, but to Proudhon and Bakunin. I began thinking about why it was that the first man to call himself an "anarchist" was heavily critical of the classical liberals and economists of his day (even going so far as to wish death on Frederic Bastiat over a petty debate), claimed property was "theft", and believed in creating workers' federations and associations that were de-centralized and democratic. Bakunin was even more socialistic than Proudhon and advocated complete abolition of markets. These two men justified their views solely through appeals to human freedom - why?

I began searching deeper and realizing WHY it was that anarchism was socialist for its entire history up until Rothbard coined the term "anarcho capitalism". The truth is, ancaps have no real history of struggle, no mass-movements aiming at human liberation, no success stories, no martyrs, nothing. If anything, most ancap thought seems like it was just neoliberal capitalism taken to its logical conclusion. Anarchist Catalonia was a massive failure but at least it was something. Same thing with May '68 or Occupy Wall Street. Proudhon's followers were pretty instrumental in the Paris Commune so there's that too. What do you say?

R: 16 / I: 1 / P: 19 [R] [G] [-]

does any of you live in a camper van? if yes, are you from the usa or europe or what? i think it gives you much freedom and liberty

R: 27 / I: 2 / P: 19 [R] [G] [-]

Does having a child violate the NAP?

-The child did not ask to be born, you forced it upon them.

-Life is made up of much more negative experiences than positive.

-Killing themselves is the only way they can be free from the decision you made for them.

t. someone who didn't ask to be born

R: 49 / I: 11 / P: 19 [R] [G] [-]

How Will You Stop Me?

To my minarchist and libertarian friends, I think it's a question that's been a long time coming and rarely asked since we're always busy attacking our mutual opponents. How will you stop me?

Quite simply put, if we achieve a libertarian/minarchist society, and I refuse to pay taxes or participate in your society, or worse, I undermine your society by participating in acts banned by the state… How are you going to stop us Voluntarists, Mutualists, Agorists, etc. from simply doing whatever the fuck we want?

If you don't try to prevent us, how will you react if we're right (or even just not completely wrong), and we expand? What if we expand faster than you?

R: 6 / I: 1 / P: 19 [R] [G] [-]

Karl Marx

>Treated his family like shit, to the point where his own father called him a cunt

>Two of his kids died of malnutrition because he was too busy blogging to go to work

>Moocher for all his life, never paid his debts

>Wrote edgy poems and essays as a kid

>Admitted to padding some of his works to impress publishers

>Needlessly obtuse writing style, what the fuck is this nigger talking about

>Had an intense and irrational hatred of Bastiat, for some fucking reason

>Kinda responsible for developing an ideology that killed over a hundred million people

How can you be such an asshole? Granted, his bromance with Engels is kinda endearing, but besides that, there's preciously little redeeming about him.

R: 16 / I: 5 / P: 19 [R] [G] [-]

if I cum inside a woman, who owns the sperm? assume both parties want to keep it.


does the same hold true with other bio-matter, like spit, menstral blood, and hair?

R: 6 / I: 2 / P: 20 [R] [G] [-]

>tfw tread on

R: 32 / I: 1 / P: 20 [R] [G] [-]

is social mobility a good thing? if it is, why it is higher in states with lower income inequality? these states seem to be socialistic- see picrel

R: 1 / I: 1 / P: 20 [R] [G] [-]

How should libertarians understand family hierarchies? Are they voluntary or involuntary and how can you unpick the two?

Should the 'heads of households' be allowed to use coercion, and does the ability to use coercion expire when younger members turn a certain age?

R: 4 / I: 1 / P: 20 [R] [G] [-]

Hey, /liberty/.

Can you guys tell me if minimum wage and Universal Basic Income caused and or leads to inflation? Can you can guys give me some sources? Every source is claiming it doesn't.

R: 43 / I: 14 / P: 20 [R] [G] [-]

The Second Great Meme War

Britain Declares War on /pol/




£60m in strategy and recruits to destroy the alt-right. After seeing what happened in America, Britain can't afford to the alternative right counter-culture organise online.

Will /pol/ culture survive?

R: 18 / I: 8 / P: 20 [R] [G] [-]

Castro Regime Arrests Member of Mises Cuba


>Ubaldo Herrera Hernandez, a human rights activist in Cuba and a member of the Cuba Mises Institute, was arrested on February 2nd. Manuel Velazquez Visea, another Cuban libertarian activist, was also arrested. We have been able to confirm that other members of Mises Cuba were threatened by security officials after the incident, but no further arrests have yet been made.

>At a time when many Americans and other global leaders have wished to romanticize the Castro regime, this is a reminder of their history of oppression for anyone who longs for freedom.

>Hernandez, who also oversees the Benjamin Franklin Libertarian Library project, was charged with the crime of “attack”, a common charge for political opponents. According to Mises Cuba and the PanAmPost, Hernandez was arrested after refusing to show ID to an undercover officer working for state security forces.

>At a time when interest in the works of Ludwig von Mises and the Austrian school is growing in developing nations , this arrest is a solemn reminder of the incredible courage of those spreading ideas in countries where government routinely crackdown on political opposition.

Big government strikes again, oh and here is the related /pol/ thread >>>/pol/9220893

tbh the op is a bit of a sperg

R: 5 / I: 1 / P: 20 [R] [G] [-]

Why is this a board for left-wingers?

If your ideology centers around forcibly redistributing people's resources, then your ideology has nothing to do with liberty. I don't care about lefties posting here, but why does it have to be a 'home' for the socialists and commies? They already have their own board.

R: 20 / I: 2 / P: 20 [R] [G] [-]

Is this an argument?

What should free labor do in the face of stagnant wages and rising cost of living?

R: 4 / I: 0 / P: 20 [R] [G] [-]

Official Hayek Thread

Why didn't this faggot write a treatise? Hayek was easily as intelligent and knowledgeable as Mises or Rothbard, but he has no distinct magnum opus. His epistemic and economic theories seem to be split up among several books and essays. Why the fuck?

R: 39 / I: 3 / P: 20 [R] [G] [-]


Let's say primitive societies are shit

Primitive people have no idea what is going on and haven't intelligently rejected civilisation- they have no idea what it is

Are you justified in landing on some tribe's island, defending yourself when they try to attack you, and going on to build schools and roads?

R: 5 / I: 2 / P: 20 [R] [G] [-]

as a human being, I can produce useful things and I am a means of production, how do I avoid being seized?

R: 79 / I: 34 / P: 20 [R] [G] [-]

Turns out Nazis were ancaps all along.

R: 9 / I: 2 / P: 20 [R] [G] [-]

Inflation!: The thread

Let's have a somewhat purely economic thread for a change.

Inflation, some see it as a positive and needed function within the economy whilst others see it as a cancer within the economy. Is it more dangerous than deflation? Should there be a constant inflation rate?

R: 3 / I: 2 / P: 20 [R] [G] [-]

What used to be called "wisdom" we now call "autism"

>We have all heard the cliche that libertarians, with our concern for arguments and principles over empathy and experiences, are just autistic, or at least sound like it. Setting aside the possibility that such comparisons diminish the significance of the struggle of those with autism, and instead taking it, as intended, as a mocking metaphor, what now gets mockingly called “autistic” used to be called something different.

>This is the perception of libertarians, and especially anarcho-capitalists today: We don’t care about people, feelings, experiences, or anything but principles and arguments. If it’s not an argument, it doesn’t matter. On the other hand though, this standard of rigor would have, in days past, been the only respectable way of practicing any academic discipline, especially philosophy.

>In a more philosophically-inclined time, and certainly among the classical philosophers, focus on arguments, and especially abstract principles, was considered the essential trait of wisdom. Plato understood wisdom to be an understanding of the Form of the Good, a first principle from which all other understandings follow. In other words, a Platonist begins with abstract principles and derives consistent beliefs from those principles, similarly to how the most “autistic” libertarians among us derive our positions from an abstract understanding of property rights and the non-aggression principle. We can look to Aristotle as well, whose requirements for knowledge of a thing included knowing the abstract principles behind the thing.

>Jumping ahead through the history of philosophy, we find one of the greatest thinkers of all time, whose method would almost certainly earn him the title of Honourary Autist today: Thomas Aquinas. Aquinas is perhaps the most robotic in form of any of the Doctors of the Church, with his adherence to the quodlibetal question format, picking apart the specifics of any statement or argument with endless questions, which critics may call pedantic, digging to reach the first principles that lie behind. And yet, among philosophers, the writings of Aquinas are a goldmine for immaculately-written and precise ideas. The level of rigor found in his scholarship was a clear precursor to the “Rigorous Bunch” that modern autistic-libertarianism bends the intellectual knee to today.

>I say this somewhat in jest, since it really is a joke when the “autistic” label is applied to any species of libertarian. However, it really does point to an important difference in how principled libertarians consider especially political issues, as distinct from how those same issues are considered by political partisans, especially leftists. On a recent episode of the Tom Woods Show, Tom and guest Bob Murphy noticed this critical difference: “Maybe you are dealing with people who simply don’t have universal principles, they have particularist desires…Maybe the left are not hypocrites because they genuinely don’t believe in free speech; they never said they did. (Well, their parents said they did…in the early ’60s said they did, but that was a long time ago).” Bob pushed it yet further, narrowing their particularist desires to a very narrow partisanship, thinking in terms of us vs them, rather than asking what aligns with certain first principles. It is because of this trend that we who think in terms of principles and reason cannot have rational dialogue with those who dismiss us as autistic.

>What can be done about this? Well, I think the only way to deal with silly insults like this is to double-down. I’m sure you’ve been accused of not being able to understand something because of your ‘privilege,’ for instance. The implication is that if you had a different social standing, you’d see things differently and have different views. Or perhaps worse, you may have heard something like, “If you had experienced an unwanted pregnancy, you would be pro-choice!” Considering the fallacious nature of these accusations that get thrown at us, I think the best way to respond to this sort of thing is to loudly thank God we don’t know what it’s like, or that we see things differently! After all, by our accusers’ assertions, we would then be likely to be swayed by these irrational emotional factors which have nothing to do with principles, arguments, or facts of the matter. Of course, this isn’t to say that perspective is unimportant, as it can bring to light real facts which we may have overlooked, but if the mere perspective would substantially change our views, then I think we ought to be thankful we’re in a position to see through the emotional fog.

>If all that makes us autistic, then so be it.


R: 4 / I: 0 / P: 20 [R] [G] [-]

Ancap views on Judges and Juries

I don't remember very well but I think this board has a limited view on theft, its either "person is allowed to do anything to you" or "you're allowed to take back what you lost, nothing else".

Does charging someone double what they stole(Ex, $200 for stealing $100) breach the NAP or something? Do you realize this has been in the works of judicial systems for the benefit of the defendants, since the thief actually suffers a risk when he's stealing something? How would Librestrad handle this? Is this some sort of "acceptable loss"?

R: 3 / I: 2 / P: 21 [R] [G] [-]

What do you think off them?

R: 14 / I: 1 / P: 21 [R] [G] [-]



This is the synthesis of /pol/. Our ideology has finally arrived.

R: 11 / I: 2 / P: 21 [R] [G] [-]

It's worth keeping in mind that Iran oppresses its people, funds terrorist organisations in Palestine, Iraq, and potentially Syria, and has a somewhat suspicious obsession with nuclear power, which expresses in confusing ways (such as refusing help from countries like Japan interested only in peaceful generation)

They are a toxic, anti-semitic, women-oppressing terrorist dictatorship who might be trying to acquire WMDs to destroy Israel and America. There is a good argument that they should be beaten in their autistic heads until cured, with as little cost and civilian damage as possible

R: 3 / I: 1 / P: 21 [R] [G] [-]


>mfw the commies are better in every Red Alert game

R: 9 / I: 2 / P: 21 [R] [G] [-]


> Reformy gospodarcze związane z przejściem do gospodarki rynkowej skutkowały wzrostem bezrobocia i ogólnym zubożeniem ludności.

it is wiki article about postcommunistic states, that sentence above can be translated into

>economical reforms which introduced market economy resulted in an increase of joblessness and general impoverishment of inhabitants

and a question arises. why did free-market reforms impoverished people generally?

R: 2 / I: 5 / P: 21 [R] [G] [-]

AnCaps btfo

Hey AnCaps, market failures!


R: 9 / I: 2 / P: 21 [R] [G] [-]

What does /liberty/ think of Nozick?

R: 31 / I: 5 / P: 21 [R] [G] [-]


There's a new anarchist school of thought based upon the notion that creativity, innovation and social progress would flourish without the state.

It's principles are as follows:

1. Individual liberty is tied to the ideas by which one holds.

2. The free flow of ideas is necessary for all social progress.

3. The freedom to create and express oneself freely is intrinsic to every individual.

4. Anyone who suppresses one's right to freedom of expression in any form is a tyrant.

5. Any threat to suppress information is illegitimate.

6. Ideas and information by their nature are unownable as they are abstract.

This means that intellectual property and laws against freedom of speech in all forms are incompatible with social progress. We advocate that without restrictions on freedom of expression, the progression of humanity would accelerate towards a state of enlightenment.

R: 71 / I: 10 / P: 21 [R] [G] [-]

White only communes

Recently I've seen a lot of people in the movement saying that basically "If you aren't racists lmao,you are a commie xDDDDD" and it's getting really annoying,mostly cantwell fans I have nothing against chris tho these are the teenagers who leave out some or really important parts of,and even violate the NAP because of their hate for racial minorities for their own convenience.My point is,you can create your white-only communities in an anarchist society and it would be for the better since states force people to live with other groups of people they don't like,this would mean the KKK and BLM would have the chance to create racial sanctuaries for them eliminating a lot of the racial violence generated trough race warfare in statists societies in a natural and peaceful way and I hardly think that those communities will engage in war since they already got what they want: peaceful segregation.Whats your opinion on this /liberty/ sorry for my shit english,I'm a taco

R: 2 / I: 0 / P: 21 [R] [G] [-]

Shit Libertarians Do


R: 6 / I: 2 / P: 21 [R] [G] [-]

Hey your invited.

R: 3 / I: 0 / P: 21 [R] [G] [-]

is https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Middle-class_squeeze a good (natural) thing? how will it look like in a free society?

R: 2 / I: 0 / P: 21 [R] [G] [-]

feminism strong

R: 4 / I: 0 / P: 21 [R] [G] [-]

"The freer the market the freer the people"

A truer statement has never been made.

An individual will never be truely free as long as they are being commanded by a higher, unquestionable power as to what they can and what they can't, how, when and to what degree do with their (((free))) will.

If you don't support individual freedoms: you're a cuck.

If you think that sacrificing part of your own potential self for the sake of someone else because of some form of "higher duty" (see: morality): you're a cuck.

If you think about the far furure, that's a future that exceeds your own life and take sacrificial actions for it: you're a cuck.

If you hold the environment, animals, younger generation or any form of existence beyond yourself as important enough to influence and dictate your actions, you're a cuck.

In short, if you live for anything else other than your own, personal, individual fulfillment: you're a cuck and a slave.

Nothing is important and nothing should be held as such. Acting in anything other than self interest is illogical and irrational, it makes no sense. Why do you hold external things as so important that you hinder your own progress, you get one life and you waste it caring about trees or animals, why? If everyone simply acted in their own self interest, without sticking their noses into the businesses of others life would have been so much more fulfilling.

R: 6 / I: 2 / P: 21 [R] [G] [-]

*blocks your path

R: 6 / I: 2 / P: 22 [R] [G] [-]

I understand libertarianism/minarchism in favor of regular statism, but are there good arguments in favor of minarchism over anarchism?

R: 19 / I: 5 / P: 22 [R] [G] [-]

>"Critical theory is interesting"

>"Read lacan lol fag"

>lmao misogynist, triggered!!!


Are we being raided by /leftypol/ atm?

R: 14 / I: 0 / P: 22 [R] [G] [-]

Ancap wtf?

Dear Ancaps,

i don´t understand your meaning of anarchism. So please help me to understand it. I think the most Ancaps are located in America. I´m from Europe. I guess the main difference is your meaning of Liberty.

R: 5 / I: 1 / P: 22 [R] [G] [-]

Is this legit?

R: 49 / I: 10 / P: 22 [R] [G] [-]

How should climate changed be addressed? How would you suggest it be addressed without govt intervention if possible? How would libertarians want to reduce the drastic consequences that will result?

Don't bother saying climate is a hoax or isn't real because if you do you are a fucking moron.

R: 19 / I: 4 / P: 22 [R] [G] [-]

Creating an AnCap society

How would an ancap society come about realisticly? Gradual phase out of government? Revolution? How does it happen?

R: 18 / I: 2 / P: 22 [R] [G] [-]

The futility of non-stem intellectualism summarised

Zizek: Speaks multiple languages fluently, extremely familiar with huge amounts of works of art and their analysis, dove head first in to philosophy at a young age and has been a philosophical researcher for many decades, charismatic and funny, strong level of historical and political knowledge, embraces both high and low culture

Chomsky: Probably every STEMfag would admit he has a first rate analytical mind that they would consider extremely intelligent. Extremely good memory. Innovative linguist. Been researching political and societal issues for decades.

You'd have to be a major troll to think they're not highly intelligent. Now let's see the ENTIRE result of their LIFE'S WORK in Humanities / Philosophy / Social Sciences (ignoring chomsky's linguistics stuff).

Zizek: Hegelian and Lacanian BS that sounds so le deep, overdefined bullshitty unfalsifiable politics / society related nonsense.

Chomsky: "This country you think is good has done bad stuff. These countries you barely hear about have had bad stuff happen in them"

Why THE FUCK do people think that non-trivial insights can be gained outside of STEM? It's UN FUCKING BELIEVABLE to think that this could happen. It has NEVER happened.

R: 2 / I: 0 / P: 22 [R] [G] [-]

>Le pen wants French corporations to use the Euro and regular French to use the Franc


How much it will take for this will back fire?

R: 42 / I: 17 / P: 22 [R] [G] [-]

Im at a crossroad

I am lost. I am a liberal who got caught up in sjw crap. I became disillusioned with it after seeing how inefficient and abusive it can be. I started listening to natsoc stuff but l find it to be a mirror image of the crap I was trying to get away from. I have lots of unanswered questions.

Where do I go? Neither the sjws nor natsocs represent my views. Im being squished in the middle and being burnt out by everything. I dont like what is going on but other liberals wont listen to me.What do I call myself if I share both conservative and liberal views? Should I just not label myself until I figure things out?

If there is a link between race and iq, what do we do with that information? How does it handle outliers? Will it stop people from giving the benefit of the doubt?

How likely is a race war going to happen?

Maybe this post will help other disllusioned anons?

R: 6 / I: 0 / P: 22 [R] [G] [-]

Criminal Prosecution and Indebted Servitude

A)In a society that values the free market and lacks a stong central government, would it be fair to say that all cases would be civil cases, due to the fact that the central government has been stripped of its monopoly on violence and criminal prosecution, and that all cases could be settled using economic compensation?

B)In this system, would it be fair to say that if the prosecuted, once convicted and sentanced, is unable to give just compensation as determined by the court, can and should be forced to sell off all of his labour (I.e. Put himself into Indebted Servitude ala colonial america) to pay off his debts?

C)And finally, would it be (c1)possible (c2)legal and (c3)ethical for his debt holders to sell off his debt, essentially selling his Indebted Servitude, to other private parties (individuals, businesses, the local government) at their discretion?

tl;dr if someone nigs your nog, could you enslave his ass and sell him to labour camps to build glorious free market roads?

Some other things to consider:

>how do you ethically calculate how much feeding and housing him will cost and how do you tack that to his debt without essentially making him your slave until he dies?

>what would you do if the indebted was old, sickly or underaged?

>would there be a special place where you could sell off their debts that cant be entered by people who have been known to abuse their indebted wrongly, or would complete dickbags be able to participate as freely as anyone else despite their sadism?

>what rights would IS's have if any? Would the community/lcla government be allowed to step in if they were being abused?

There is a lot to discuss here, and a lot of it has to di with precedence and the NAP if either one can be determined to be applicable, so if someone could post a pdf of the NAP and maybe some infographs on Indebted Servitude to help get us started and give people some sources to us, that would be amazing of you.

R: 92 / I: 18 / P: 22 [R] [G] [-]


Do you guys think /leftypol/ will grow enough to

have a significant effect on what happens irl?

R: 45 / I: 16 / P: 22 [R] [G] [-]

"Our racial pride is not aggressive except in so far as the Jewish race is concerned. We use the term Jewish race as a matter of convenience, for in reality and from the genetic point of view there is no such thing as the Jewish race." - Adolf Hitler

What did he mean by this?

R: 89 / I: 19 / P: 22 [R] [G] [-]

How do we make /liberty/ bigger and have a fewer amount of /pol/ and /leftypol/ shitposters?

R: 42 / I: 1 / P: 22 [R] [G] [-]

So I've made a thread months ago requesting help and skimmed the other reading threads, I've compiled a reading list but one question remains: why the fuck anyone here is recommending Ayn Rand?

As far as I know even Libertarians and Ancaps shit on her, and the other way around. She has no experience in economics, the market, society, politics, she's completely detached from anything she wrote about. Just bitter over her family's business confiscation by the Soviets - and rightfully so - but nothing else. She barely knew any philosophy, too, misread Aristotle once and that's it.

This is what I heard about her, is there really any reason to read her?

R: 25 / I: 2 / P: 22 [R] [G] [-]

Whose job is it to make sure that NAP isn't violated?

R: 10 / I: 6 / P: 23 [R] [G] [-]

we need new moderators

they ban candydols and deleted my thread about connections between secessionism and socialism i think because of penises in picrel

fuck these totalitarians

R: 133 / I: 27 / P: 23 [R] [G] [-]

Is critical theory not the most batshit crazy shit you ever heard of?

R: 19 / I: 3 / P: 23 [R] [G] [-]

Lets be honest, how much has Planned Parenthood helped society?

R: 55 / I: 14 / P: 23 [R] [G] [-]

If me and my neighbours own this street after Ancap, wouldn't we be able to put up toll booths at either side and start charging any price we wanted to try and maximise revenue?

Businesses might offer free entry in order to not scare away all the customers, but residents don't necessarily care how many non-residents drive up and down their street

R: 72 / I: 15 / P: 23 [R] [G] [-]

Christianity and Libertarianism

In how far are these two compatible? Also, general religion thread, if anyone is up for that? I started looking into the Bible and in some theology, and am still trying to make sense of the thing.

R: 3 / I: 0 / P: 23 [R] [G] [-]

Same Democrats Who Bash Trump For Immigration Order Also Supported Tougher Immigration Under Obama

Same Democrats Who Bash Trump For Immigration Order Also Supported Tougher Immigration Under Obama

Democratic Rep. Elizabeth Esty from Connecticut launched a tweetstorm Monday afternoon against President Donald Trump’s travel ban, but quickly backtracked after followers confronted her on her visa-related voting history.

Esty co-sponsored H.B. 158 on Dec. 3 2015, a bi-partisan bill that enabled the executive branch led by the the Department of Homeland Security to severely limit or curtail visas from countries like Iran and Iraq.

Trump’s list of seven countries came primarily from the text of H.B. 158, but the executive order allows Trump to place a travel ban from any resident of those countries, excluding those with current green cards or legal residents of the United States.

>That our nation issued a #MuslimBan & abandoned families fleeing terror on Holocaust Remembrance Day will forever stain our history. /1

>The countless stories of innocent families torn apart by this EO are horrifying. This isn’t who we are; this can’t be what we become. /2

>This issue transcends politics. Congress must act quickly, and I will work with any of my colleagues who will join me in doing so. /3

>As @ChrisMurphyCT said, this EO will embolden ISIS & endanger us. It’s a national security threat & Congress must treat it that way. 4/4

— Elizabeth Esty (@RepEsty) January 29, 2017

Esty’s followers on Twitter were quick to remind the congresswoman about her voting history, going so far as to call her a “liar.”

>REALLY @RepEsty? Because YOU co-sponsored it for Obama but it’s evil for @POTUS @realDonaldTrump. You’re a liar. https://t.co/AzsGNTrIyv https://t.co/MAian72be3

— Katica (@GOPPollAnalyst) January 30, 2017

Esty’s press office told The Daily Caller News Foundation the congresswoman didn’t mean to assert that she didn’t co-sponsor the bill, but rather the bill didn’t do the same thing as Trump’s executive order. The office added that Trump’s order is unique because it constitutes a blanket ban, while the bill that she co-sponsored only sought to reduce the number of visas issued from the same seven countries.

Esty’s co-sponsored Visa Waiver Program Improvement and Terrorist Travel Prevention Act of 2015 prevented members of 38 countries to enter the U.S. for less than 90 days. The law prevented anyone from obtaining a visa into the country if they had visited any of the countries on the list within the last five years.

The American Civil Liberties Union opposed the measure before it was signed into law.



R: 95 / I: 9 / P: 23 [R] [G] [-]

Libertarian "music"

Why does libertarian/anarcho-capitalist music sound like shit compared to anarcho-communist music?

Example of ancap music:



Example of commie music:




Notice how the ancomm music sounds fuller and more meaningful and the singers are actually drawing from a 170-year tradition whereas the ancap singer is using the most crony lyrics imaginable. Why do we tolerate this?

R: 18 / I: 5 / P: 23 [R] [G] [-]

Can AnCap exist without its antagonists?

I've said that Socialism and Fascism can not function at all without demonizing a chosen favorite enemy. Their entire reasoning stems from hatred and extends to its justification.

What about Anarcho Capitalism? Can there be "good" without "evil"? If I had not become morally disgusted with envy, theft and Collectivism, I might have not arrived at the principles I follow today. Most of what I am today is based on what I refuse to be.

R: 85 / I: 28 / P: 23 [R] [G] [-]

Child Rights

So, /liberty/, what is your opinion on Child-adult relationships, sexual or otherwise?

Are children commodities or individuals with equal rights?

If a child cannot consent, then isn't their consent worthless or not needed if they're in the same state of mind anyhow as they do not possess the ability to consent?

As an exclusive nepiophile/pedophile I definitely think child-adult relationships are a-okay be them sexual or otherwise in of it's self. Obviously abuse is abuse, but love is also love, and I don't think anyone has a right to stand in the way of that love.

I see children as individuals with equal rights and opinions, ignorant folk, but not less valuable or less worth listening to or respecting. I'd violate the fuck out of your NAP if you think otherwise (as you'd assume I've violating it, when in reality you're the violator) to the death if you supported otherwise.

So how do you stand on the above questions, and most of all the question of parenting and children in general?

Being an anarcho-communist combined with my above feelings towards children and in regards to them I say children should be free to live with, transfer housing, schooling, or whatever else they want according to what they desire and feel is right. Elders are only there to guide and protect them from irrational extremely dangerous acts (such as jumping off a building) but otherwise have no say in what the child can or cannot do.

Just as anyone else, children could not drive or the like until fully autonomous cars were available for them (there are ones now so not an issue) as they are not capable of safely operating a typical vehicle today due to physical limitations among other things. If it's safe and they're somewhat capable, then it's entirely their choice.

What's your opinion /libertile/

R: 101 / I: 29 / P: 23 [R] [G] [-]

what are anti gun/drone/whatever control arguments?

i have few

>illegal gun/drone posession victimless crime

>we have already laws forbiding assault

>everything can be a weapon so why not banning a pencil- it can be used to stab

i need verbal arguments- neither graphs nor statistics

R: 16 / I: 0 / P: 23 [R] [G] [-]


>Ideology Federalism,


>Algerianism[citation needed]




R: 19 / I: 2 / P: 23 [R] [G] [-]

Thoughts on California leaving the union. For or Against? Is it legal? Where could it go?

R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 23 [R] [G] [-]

MSM Blackout: Past Six Presidents Have Blocked Classes Of Immigrants

Donald Trump has received much flak from Democrats and Republicans alike for his proposal to ban Muslims from entering the U.S through executive authority. However, the past six presidents have all used the executive power to bar different classes of immigrants.

Section 212(f) of the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952 states: “Whenever the President finds that the entry of any aliens or of any class of aliens into the United States would be detrimental to the interests of the United States, he may by proclamation, and for such period as he shall deem necessary, suspend the entry of all aliens or any class of aliens as immigrants or nonimmigrants, or impose on the entry of aliens any restrictions he may deem to be appropriate.”

President Barack Obama has used the authority this statute provides six times in his tenure. In July 2011, Obama barred the entry of “anyone under a UN travel ban; anyone who violates any of 29 executive orders regarding transactions with terrorists, those who undermine the democratic process in specific countries, or transnational criminal organizations.”

In April of 2012, he barred the entry of anyone “facilitating computer or network disruption that could assist in or enable serious human rights abuses by or on behalf of the government of Iran and Syria; anyone who have sold or provided goods, services, or technology to Iran or Syria likely to be used for such purposes; or to have materially assisted anyone whose property or interests are described.”

Former President George W.Bush used this authority six times as well during his tenure, typically on government officials. In January 2004, he signed an order “barring entry for public officials who solicit or accept bribes in exchange for any act or omission in their public duties that has serious adverse effects on the national interests of the U.S.; anyone who provides or offers to provide such a bribe; any current or former public official whose misappropriation of public funds or interference with public processes has had serious adverse effects on the national interests of the U.S.; or the immediate families.”

The groups Bush barred for entry included members of the Mugabe government in Zimbabwe and the Lukashenka government in Belarus.

The authority of the president to bar certain classes of aliens was used six times by former President Bill Clinton. For example, in May of 1994 Clinton signed an order “barring entry for members of the Haitian military, their immediate families, any major participants in the coup d’état of 1991.”

Then in January of 1998, Clinton signed an order “barring entry for members of the military junta in Sierra Leone, and their families.”

Former President George H.W Bush only used this executive authority once in his four years of office. When he did use it, it was actually to undo a previous executive order by President Ronald Reagan that suspended entry of officers and employees of the Nicaraguan government.

Former President Ronald Reagan used this executive authority five times while in office. In September of 1981, he barred the entry of “any undocumented aliens arriving at the borders of the United States from the high seas.” In August of 1986, Reagan signed an order “barring entry for any Cuban nationals or immigrants except in certain cases.” These “certain cases” included Cuban nationals who had applied for entry into the U.S as immediate family members and those who under law were “special immigrants.”

Former President Jimmy Carter used this executive power only once and in a way quite similar to what Trump has proposed. In April 1980, as the U.S embassy in Tehran was under terrorist control, Carter signed an order invalidating “all visas issued to Iranian citizens for future entry into the United States.” The order said that the U.S “will not reissue visas, nor will we issue new visas, except for compelling and proven humanitarian reasons or where the national interest of our own country requires.”

Law Professor Jan Ting of Temple University told The Daily Caller that “absolutely and without any doubt” does existing law allow Trump to restrict immigration of certain nationalities or religious groups.



R: 15 / I: 1 / P: 23 [R] [G] [-]

>every territory that wants to secede is wealthier than neighbouring territories

is it true?

silesia, bavaria and venice come to mind and all these countries are wealthier than poland, germany and italy respectively

R: 1 / I: 0 / P: 23 [R] [G] [-]

/monster/ movie night


>Time: 12PM EST - 12 AM EST Saturday 4th of February


And here's some sneks for you guys.

R: 48 / I: 30 / P: 24 [R] [G] [-]


Does any of you have that comic, usually posted as a response to wage slavery, where the caveman spends a day thinking about how hunting and gathering sucks, realizes that the domination of nature over men has to stop, thus taking the first step toward becoming human, technological progress and civilization?

R: 24 / I: 2 / P: 24 [R] [G] [-]

Should we accept the term "neoliberal" or reject it everytime it's used?

It's only used by socialists/the left to blame free market capitalism for something.

R: 15 / I: 3 / P: 24 [R] [G] [-]

Did Britain do well mostly because of the steam engine? Was there something more important?

R: 64 / I: 6 / P: 24 [R] [G] [-]

How do you prevent Antifa from turning you Authoritarian?

Lately, I want to sing praises of Trump just to trigger the Antifa?

R: 14 / I: 1 / P: 24 [R] [G] [-]

Hello /liberty/, I am looking for a lost child on behalf of /leftypol/. Said to be last seen here, goes by the name "Rebel Absurdity", very susceptible to ideology.

I do hope if he passed here you took good care of him, not letting one of those /pol/lacks give him any Evola or Hitler to read.

If found please send to >>>/leftypol/

thank you and have a good day

R: 83 / I: 17 / P: 24 [R] [G] [-]

Could you guys please add a (Classical) Liberal Flag? I don't want to be associated with autistic lolbertarians and anarkid$ when funposting on here.

No, but seriously, please add this flag. Not all of /liberty/ endorses libertarianism/anarcho-capitalism and all the other alternatives are pretty meh.

>pic related

R: 15 / I: 4 / P: 24 [R] [G] [-]

What do you think off him?

R: 126 / I: 28 / P: 24 [R] [G] [-]

Under capitalism, the proletariat is exploited by the capitalist.

What does this mean?

Because the capitalist owns the means of production, he is able to pay the proletariat less than the value of his labour. This amount- what amounts to a rent enjoyed by the capitalist purely due to ownership of the means of production- is extracted every hour of the proletariat's working day.

Gradually the income filters upwards, and the capitalist class fattens itself. In a generation, any idea of 'hierarchy of the hard-working' becomes a sick joke, and the parasitic nature of the elites becomes obvious.

Instead, we may call it 'feudalism of the fortunate'- those who are born into the ruling class exploit the labourers.

What do we demand in an economic system? Surely that it is just, that it brings liberty, and that it reduces poverty. None of these factors is much brought in to the great mass of the people under a system of capitalism.

R: 17 / I: 2 / P: 24 [R] [G] [-]

Do driver's licences violate NAP?

R: 7 / I: 0 / P: 24 [R] [G] [-]

How Ironic: Liberals Who Want To Move To Canada Are Being Blocked By Their Strict Immigration Policy

Liberals seeking to move to Canada because they are unhappy with the election results are finding that Canada won’t take them because its immigration policies exclude those who won’t contribute to the economy.

One of the policies of President Donald Trump that has some Democrats claiming they want to jump ship is his pledge to limit immigration from people whose lives in America would be dependent on welfare. Trump promises “extreme vetting” before accepting immigrants or refugees.

But Democrats looking to move from the U.S. to Australia, Canada and other wealthy English-speaking nations are learning that those nations already have similar policies.

A top law firm known for obtaining Canadian visas for U.S. citizens says there are three main ways to get in: by having in-demand job skills, by owning a business or having a high net worth, or by having relatives already there.

Canada’s official immigration page also sets a high bar, listing opportunities to “immigrate as a skilled worker,” “immigrate by starting a business and creating jobs” or “immigrate by investing in the Canadian economy.” The website had so many visitors immediately after Trump’s win that the server crashed.

It also maintains a refugee category, but targets people who have already been displaced “outside their home country,” and not those who want to move from their home country to Canada.

Canada is willing only to be a last resort for refugees; such candidates are not eligible if they “have another durable solution for protection, such as an offer to be resettled in another country.”

Even then, the nation known for its hockey and its Maple syrup then asks individual Canadians to pick up the bill, by either voluntarily funding the program or taking refugees in to their own homes. Individuals must be “selected as a government-assisted or privately sponsored refugee, or have the funds needed to support” themselves and any dependents after they “arrive in Canada.”

Canada does have a special program for Syrian refugees and accepted 40,000 since November, 2015, about four times as many as the U.S. during the same time-span under former President Barack Obama.

As one hysterical liberal lamented on Facebook, “What are the actual implications of these Executive Douche Orders? Should I just pack my bags and move to Canada?” After researching the Canadian immigration system, the individual posted that he had determined that “ironically,” as an artist who could not afford to buy property and only rented a loft in Brooklyn, Canada had no desire in taking him in.

Immigration rules for Australia and similar nations are comparable, with strict rules focused on accepting people that are a net value-added to their economy.



R: 17 / I: 1 / P: 24 [R] [G] [-]

What exactly is his deal anyway?

R: 11 / I: 0 / P: 24 [R] [G] [-]

libertarian videos

post your favourite libertarian videos

R: 4 / I: 0 / P: 24 [R] [G] [-]

He saw her look of sudden attentiveness, the look of thought rushing into a breach torn open upon a new direction. He watched her for a moment, as if he knew every step she would find along that road, then chuckled and said, “Don’t you want to ask me now: Who is John Galt?”

“Why should I want to, and why now?”

“Don’t you remember that you dared him to come and claim your Line? Well, he has.”

He walked on, not waiting to see the look in her eyes—a look that held anger, bewilderment and the first faint gleam of a question mark.

It was the muscles of his own face that made Rearden realize the nature of his reaction to Francisco’s arrival: he noticed suddenly that he was smiling and that his face had been relaxed into the dim well-being of a smile for some minutes past, as he watched Francisco d.‘An conia in the crowd.

He acknowledged to himself, for the first time, all the half-grasped, half-rejected moments when he had thought of Francisco d‘Anconia and thrust the thought aside before it became the knowledge of how much he wanted to see him again. In moments of sudden exhaustion—at his desk, with the fires of the furnaces going down in the twilight—in the darkness of the lonely walk through the empty countryside to his house—in the silence of sleepless nights—he had found himself thinking of the only man who had once seemed to be his spokesman. He had pushed the memory aside, telling himself: But that one is worse than all the others!—while feeling certain that this was not true, yet being unable to name the reason of his certainty. He had caught himself glancing through the newspapers to see whether Francisco d’.Anconia had returned to New York—and he had thrown the newspapers aside, asking himself angrily: What if he did return?—would you go chasing him through night clubs and cocktail parties?—what is it that you want from him?

This was what he had wanted—he thought, when he caught himself smiling at the sight of Francisco in the crowd—this strange feeling of expectation that held curiosity, amusement and hope.

Francisco did not seem to have noticed him. Rearden waited, fighting a desire to approach; not after the kind of conversation we had, he thought—what for?—what would I say to him? And then, with the same smiling, light-hearted feeling, the feeling of being certain that it was right, he found himself walking across the ballroom, toward the group that surrounded Francisco d.‘Anconia.

He wondered, looking at them, why these people were drawn to Francisco, why they chose to hold him imprisoned in a clinging circle, when their resentment of him was obvious under their smiles. Their faces had the hint of a look peculiar, not to fear, but to cowardice: a look of guilty anger. Francisco stood cornered against the side edge of a marble stairway, half-leaning, half-sitting on the steps; the informality of his posture, combined with the strict formality of his clothes, gave him an air of superlative elegance. His was the only face that had the carefree look and the brilliant smile proper to the enjoyment of a party; but his eyes seemed intentionally expressionless, holding no trace of gaiety, showing—like a warning signal—nothing but the activity of a heightened perceptiveness.

Standing unnoticed on the edge of the group, Rearden heard a woman, who had large diamond earrings and a flabby, nervous face, ask tensely, “Señor d.‘Anconia, what do you think is going to happen to the world?”

R: 2 / I: 1 / P: 24 [R] [G] [-]

President Trump - The Trap is Set

President Trump - The Trap is Set


Posted this on /leftypol/ just to see some reactions. Not too many took kindly to this video even though it was not bias and provides a whole lot of information.

Hope to get a better conversation going here.

R: 28 / I: 15 / P: 24 [R] [G] [-]

Remember Orthodox Jews are the reason the US and the UK are constantly shilling for Israel and bombing random Arabs in the Middle East.

That costs trillions of dollars and causes terrorism and authoritarianism at home.

Remember non-Orthodox Jews are shilling for easy immigration, non-discrimination laws, hate speech laws and often social democracy or full on communism.

Remember Jews in general advocate for increased centralisation of power because centralising power reduces how much lobbying you need to do. They want a single Jewish foreign policy, a single Jewish currency, and a centralised control hub for immigration, discrimination laws, hate speech laws, etc

This seems like a horrible conspiracy theory but it is actually true

R: 17 / I: 1 / P: 25 [R] [G] [-]

So Trump wants to stamp out the lobbyist fires and make it so America gets its drugs at a decent price, rather than capitulating to high as hell prices set by Big Pharma. Reportedly it'd save 164 billion dollars a year, most of these saving would probably be passed onto the lower classes.

I love it, this is something that maybe a political party that claims to be on the side of the less fortunate and working classes should have done years ago to reduce America's hilarious "you go to hospital without insurance and your life is over XD" medical system problem.

What does /liberty/ make of this? Is it okay for the government to try and enforce some actual competition in the market?

R: 6 / I: 2 / P: 25 [R] [G] [-]

new epic tune from kelthuz

R: 3 / I: 0 / P: 25 [R] [G] [-]

Anyone here who could go to HWNDU and spread some love to our /pol/bros?

Try to hug them and get initated into their circle through memes to show you are one of them.

R: 18 / I: 5 / P: 25 [R] [G] [-]

Libertarians were cucked in the US because of their retarded leaders.


R: 41 / I: 14 / P: 25 [R] [G] [-]

This board is fucking retarded.

So right now, there is a huge battle in internet discourse between the alt-right and SJWs. Both of them blame different things for society's problems. The alt-right blames human biodiversity, and SJWs blame capitalism. All you tards blame the government, despite the fact that can only ever be a proximate cause because human biodiversity and capitalism are more fundamental to society than the state.

You're going to kill libertarianism if you keep this up. If you refuse to acknowledge human biodiversity, you're going to end up with an electorate that loves Venezuelan style socialism or sharia law.

>inb4 It will collapse and then we'll have paradise.

Lol nope. Why haven't all the brown and black countries collapsed into libertarianism/ancap yet then? Fag.

You also have to recognize that the SJWs have a point. Lots of people lose out under capitalism because they are losers with no skills and low intelligence, or because they were simply born into a poor family. Social mobility is in free fall in the developed world, especially in the USA. If you ignore these people and give them nothing, they will install someone like Bernie Sanders or Chavez as head of state, and then we will all be eating pigeons and dumpster diving for scraps of food.

You need to grow the fuck up. You need to learn to compromise. Meet the alt-right half way, build the wall, and ban unskilled immigration. The economic utility of an unskilled, illiterate Muslim refugee is negative because of the welfare state anyway, and it's debatable if they could make it in a 21st century free market society doing anything of value that hasn't already been automated. You also need to meet the SJWs half way by giving them mincome in exchange for slashing and burning the welfare state and abolishing all Affirmative Action laws.

If you don't do this, or if you ignore these issues, /liberty/ will continue to be a dead board as /pol/ and /leftypol/ discuss the real issues of our time, and your sit in your basement and circlejerk about how the evil government is preventing everyone from becoming a self made millionaire.

Get real,



R: 44 / I: 22 / P: 25 [R] [G] [-]

what is the most /liber/tarian lifestyle.

R: 3 / I: 0 / P: 25 [R] [G] [-]

Did /pol/ just voted another George Bush into the white house?


I don't get it, why is the government keeps funding Fannie Mae to boost the housing market? Didn't they realize that this company already failed spectacularly during the housing crisis of 08, and yet the government keeps funding them by using tax payers money to accumulate more US Debt.

R: 14 / I: 1 / P: 25 [R] [G] [-]

could you guys atleast drop the pretenses and just change the imagine in the pinned thread so that the lines are defines as:

>welcome: anarcho-capitalists

>danger: libertarian capitalism

>NO: everything else

R: 15 / I: 2 / P: 25 [R] [G] [-]

What went wrong?

R: 42 / I: 10 / P: 25 [R] [G] [-]

Political violence event horizon

With all the leftards talking about dude punch nazis lmao and waving "make fascists afraid again" banners, in addition to the other myriad political violence they've caused, are you worried that The Current Year will be a violent year?

Here's a nice blogpost about previous US political violence. It's nuts to think there's so little awareness of the insanity of the 70's. The predictions of the future I think are suspect but there's no better summary of this period.



People on both sides have declared that the political-violence-Rubicon has been crossed. The right feels that they can no longer choose not to use deadly force to protect itself. The left seems to have fallen under the antifa spell; not only is it stupid enough to label everyone right of Stalin a fascist, they now believe it's okay to assault them. Do you agree? Can the tide be stopped peacefully or are we headed to civil war?

R: 12 / I: 0 / P: 25 [R] [G] [-]

American Revolution violates the NAP

Was destroying British private property justified?

R: 21 / I: 6 / P: 25 [R] [G] [-]

how to redpill my family? my stepfather was fighting against milicja obywatelska when poland was communistic and he thinks he is anarchistic but he is a normie watching popular tv channels and voting popular politicians. he is brainwashed by political correctness i think and it would be hard to redpill him but how to do it? my mother is a female obviously so there is little hope for her :(

R: 13 / I: 2 / P: 25 [R] [G] [-]

How is this image wrong in what it implies? Not sure how you could argue against this.

R: 49 / I: 14 / P: 25 [R] [G] [-]

Liberty this is a call from the Left.

You surely must know that /pol/ack white nationalism is just as sour and misleading identity politics as the SJW.

The enemy is the state, the goal is liberty. With their white nationalism they will give greater power to the surveillance state, to the wars in the middle east, Latin America, whereever, to the funnelling of peoples work into their own selfish ends through the brutal mechanism of the state.

Left or right, authoritarians must say good night

Please tell me you haven't bought the white nationalist meme

R: 2 / I: 0 / P: 25 [R] [G] [-]


I think governments should accept urban sprawl as a necessary cost for having enough housing for everyone.

What does /liberty/ think?

R: 15 / I: 1 / P: 26 [R] [G] [-]

omg help

Holy shit guys

I went into


Expecting to blow those commie fucks out but this Marx poster dropped this pdf on me? Wtf I thought they couldn't solve the socialist calculation problem? I'm literally shaking omg