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Ya'll need Mises.

File: 40f1df9ff23d35a⋯.jpg (9.74 KB, 225x225, 1:1, 4180349836e2b59459224eb3c2….jpg)


What's the most effective way to kill statism, bros?

Governments have been rapidly evolving, they have almost perfected the art of farming entire human societies and keeping the population docile and desensitized, while also putting up a show of simulated international politics that keeps the politically active part of the population distracted. It feels like if we don't do anything within the next 50-100 years, we will lose whatever power and freedom we have and then spend whatever time our mutted species has on this gay earth in a pseudo-socialist dark age run by an evil artificial intelligence created in the Judeo-Asian state's own image before completely destroying the environment and the planet and everything on it.

We don't even have a fucking plan, our movement whole movement consists of wise guys and redditors mentally jerking each-other off on niche forums and niche events, showing off how much smarter they are than everyone else, while not actually doing anything and only hoping that things will eventually get better. I hate it, but I hate us even more for being so powerless.


>What's the most effective way to kill statism, bros?

Starve it.


Gonna throw some ideas.

We need more distributed propaganda and more subtle propaganda. We need to produce articles, drawings, memes, mangas, enternainment, movies, videogames, that are not in-your-face political but that have a liberty-oriented and subtle political messages.

Also instead of working in the private sector like some cucks, we should work in the public sector, infiltrate all the universities and all institutions, make friends only with our own kind and make them all kind of favors (government contracts, promotions, nepotism), seize all the money the State spend on "cultural activities" to promote anti-Statist ideas. We must infiltrate schools and be the one that decide what people teach the youngsters, and they will be taught about the price system and why the market can't fail and why the State is evil. Not easy on the soul, but it's the difference between surviving and dying.

Also we must remove those who ruin our aestethic. For example the other night a stream for a libertarian channel called Academic Agent or something popped up, and he was having a live stream discussing with a chubby female, with short hair and a fuckin pet lizard on her shoulder. Her opinions were also shit and incompatible with libertarianism or anarcho-capitalism (she was in favor of death penalty, and in favor of death penalty for public gays).

Those kind of people must be removed, we must have good aestethic all the time.

We also must support the removal of people who don't agree with our agenda, do everything in our power to destroy them. Exactly what leftists would do. Also we must support organizations that works for secession, since secession is a great way to diminish the power of the State due to the creation of a mutitude of micro-states that are then forced to compete with each other.

Good thing with this plan is that even if we fail to remove the State, at least we won't get cucked and we will get a shitload of money from the cucks who love the State anyway.

All the people who did something for liberty, like Thatcher or Einaudi worked in the State and for the State. They influenced it in order to create laws that would self-limit its power or guarantee the respect of natural rights. They didn't manage to have a perfect record, but they did what they can. I don't see them as heroes, but they did a lot.

Unless we get the exclusive use of an extremely powerful military technology, we will never have the power to remove the State, so we need to shrink it slowly by infiltrating all levels of society.


File: 10f8227ad7178da⋯.jpg (358.08 KB, 762x785, 762:785, 92b439c61b47268c4348f00ff3….jpg)


>We don't even have a fucking plan, our movement whole movement consists of wise guys and redditors mentally jerking each-other off on niche forums and niche events, showing off how much smarter they are than everyone else, while not actually doing anything and only hoping that things will eventually get better. I hate it, but I hate us even more for being so powerless.

Not sure if shill or just blackpilled, but I'm gonna go with "shill".


File: 47607d7011e3fc2⋯.jpeg (74.48 KB, 501x669, 167:223, bq-5c670487ea7ae.jpeg)


The best way to fight the government is [REDACTED]



See >>98963

Starve it. Turn it against itself when it gets desperate. Shoot to kill when it gets violent about only getting one scoop.




>Starve it.



I completely agree, but there's that small problem of Matthew 9:37.



I remember reading somewhere the government is roughly 3% of its taxes away from bankruptcy at any time. Just find a payment method that circumvents taxes (or multiple programs beneficial to humanity that do the same) and get about 10 million people who aren't in the lowest income bracket to use it.


"statism" isn't a problem, bureocracy is. You can actually judge when a civilization is collapsing by the mean number of laws, and the method by which they're dealt with.

Prehistoric societies could only deal with a dozen or so laws, before invention of written word.

Ancient kingdoms could only deal with fifty or so laws, after invention of written word.

Romans could deal with a few hundred, because of infrastructure to spread the changes, and increased literacy.

Medieval societies invented a subclass of scribes and enforcers to deal with a thousand or so laws.

Renaissance societies utilized the written word like never before, and technology to transmit them, to generate thousands, even tens of thousands of laws.

Industrial societies turned that into a hundreds of thousands of laws, and invented professions and branches of government to deal with laws exclusively. No single human could know them all, but organizations of humans could.

Each civilization ended because of a lack of comprehension of the laws it produced generated iterative problems across the social landscape until people eventually concluded "if i don't know what the laws are, i can do anything" which led to the worst kind of anarchy.

Current society has hundreds of millions of laws, we are at the cusp of not knowing what the fuck our civilization is even about because it's incomprehensible even to huge organizations of people, which means we'll soon devolve into anarchy. The only thing that can save the West and the global civilization it created is if we turn over all our legal decisions to a General fucking Artificial Intelligence to have any hope of comprehending them all.

If our capacity for comprehending the laws and bureocracy does not grow as fast as the number of laws does, our civilization will collapse.

If no one knows what the rules are, then there aren't any rules.

It's that simple.


For those who think "statism" is the problem, imagine a 100% autocratic totalitarian monarchy such as the Russian Tsardom, where the king can command anything including to fuck your baby daughter while beating her head and spreading her brains on bread for his breakfast. He CAN do this, in public, with no repercussions. This is the level of autocracy. Now imagine that this king is human being like you, with morals, who doesn't bother to leave his house or proclaim laws unless his rule is threatened by internal rebels or external armies, to the point where villages only have a few old toothless grannies that have seen a king with their own eyes, and where all government is run by groups of like minded individuals.

How is that autocracy worse than the current democracy, where nameless and faceless committees literally ship schoolgirls off to migrant camps to be "entertainment" for 40 year old foreign "children", and when the girls scream rape they are silenced and media sweeps it under the rug.




>If no one knows what the rules are, then there aren't any rules.

Ambiguity is not a bug, it's a feature. Having so many laws that you don't know what you can or can't do, so you just assume you can't and shouldn't do anything is the whole fucking point. It also helps that governments can ignore when you break the millions of laws that they have, except when it's convenient for them to remember them.


>How is that autocracy worse than the current democracy,

Even that kind of autocracy isn't as bad as democracy, but it's still really shit, so I don't know what you're trying to prove. Monarchy is the best form of government only because it's an obsolete form of government that doesn't use the modern tools of statecraft that can efficiently rob, rape, and murder its own population, but monarchies still did rob, rape, and murder their own populations.

>Now imagine that this king is human being like you, with morals




Of all the possible justifications for monarchy you have to choose from, why did you go for the most retarded, autistic one possible? Channel a bit of Hoppe and Hans Adams II, you'll be more convincing.



>okay, but like, imagine if total power was concentrated in the hands on one person

>but, like, he's a good person though, and he never harms you

>isn't that better than right now?

Sure would be. It'd also, like, be really cool if he paid me a bunch of money all the time for no reason and expected nothing from me in return. I could use a totally powerful patron who never harms me and always aids me, that would be sick as fuck. What's that got to do with anything?



>but, like, he's a good person though, and he never harms you

He doesn't have to be a good person, you're missing the point. Democracy permits micromanagement at every level, a monarchy does not.

This entire board is filled with retards.


File: 2d45575812571e7⋯.jpg (59.77 KB, 850x400, 17:8, 1513309515138.jpg)





File: 60a81253377a018⋯.jpg (399.97 KB, 2000x2389, 2000:2389, Hechizado.jpg)


That's retarded though. The people aren't Nero or Marc Aurelius because they're individual fucking people. We don't need a visionary leader to drive the nation forward, we need the fucks in power to not dick us over so bad that we can't get on with living our lives.



That wasn't the point, boomer.



Make your points better, you schizo faggot



The best way to kill statism is to implement the most statist ideology of the 20th century?


bitcoin 3d printing


File: 113fdbdbb83b458⋯.png (6.82 KB, 255x169, 255:169, 7298aacd195e0a0f029f1eb0af….png)





File: b432ac863c797b2⋯.jpg (55.03 KB, 361x480, 361:480, Alex_Grey-Vajra_Being_1_gr….jpg)


the gods spoke

3d printing and bitcoin are our savior

and DMT ;)



How to 3d print DMT? Tell me and I'll forgive you.



Good question, on point.

Since Statism relies mostly on scare tactics and indoctrination IMO, I think changing the education system will help a lot.

But since that's not going to happen as long as gov runs the schools, I think people having anarchist societies showing the rest how it's really done will do some real damage to statism.

Sheeple don't lead, they always follow, which means the anarchists will have to lead by example for sheeple to start catching on and seeing government is unnecessary.

Unfortunately there will always be statists, but if I'm able to live in an anarchist society that isn't 100% Christian or loaded with junkies like the few anarchist societies we have today, I'll be a happy man, the masses can have fun being statists for all I care.

I'm not here to save the world, Earth will do just fine with or without humans, I'm here to pursue freedom and happiness for me an my loved ones.


File: cdc627a481da0c2⋯.jpeg (4.93 KB, 275x183, 275:183, download (15).jpeg)



create/spread tech that makes authoritarianism unenforceable


File: 3413b91ebae6e84⋯.png (78.3 KB, 1920x1056, 20:11, 8chanboards.png)

The Battle Of The Boards

8chan is mostly filled with statists. Are there any good chans mostly focused on anarchism/voluntaryism? I couldn't find any. I see a lot of smart people on /liberty/ but I think most intelligent people steer away from 8chan because of all the retards on here.

If there's no good chan/forum for this out there, would you guys be interested in a chan/forum focused on this topic? Non-profit of course.

Let me know, if enough people care I'll make it.



I actually meant to make a new thread, noob4life lol



counter economy, outcompete the state

There is no plan to storm the capitol or anything, that will just end up like somalia


File: c318c0cd2e51f38⋯.png (292.51 KB, 2805x1051, 2805:1051, ClipboardImage.png)


>m-m-muh statists!

>m-m-muh state is the enemy!

<a jew is pointing a gun at me, cleary the gun is the boogymen and anyone who wants a gun is a bootlicker!



we need to take over /pol/



Good job repeating talking points that have been refuted or dissected repeatedly, nigger.

>It's not the Jews, it's one of the tools they use!

>Being so ass ravaged that you think Mr. Shekelstein is able to hold power over you without the government

You're a slave. Plain and simple. You can't cut a tree down without tools. You can waste your time digging it up by hand if you're lucky, you might even be able to get lots of people together to do it quickly, but it will just be an uprooted tree and not something you can process the way you want to. Even if we assume Jews are the issue (they aren't), you're a gigantic fucking faggot who doesn't see they're only able to do the things they do because of the power they have. It's not that they have power and thus make government, it's that government has power and thus so do the kikes.



If you understand how government works it's basically a mafia, and historically mafias were never multicultural, they were always exclusive ethnic gangs. A Jewish mafia, an Armenian one an Italian one, a Russian one, an Irish one, a Chechen one, etc… it could have been anyone, humans will always organise into ethnic tribes.



Underrated post




>m-m-m-m-m-muh muh muh!

That's how your post reads.



>100% autocratic totalitarian monarchy such as the Russian Tsardom


Nigger what. Russian Empire had freedom of associations, free gun and blade ownership, also freedom. Socialist Terrorists could just fucking book a meeting with a governor of a territory the size of Texas and shoot him in the back with a revolver (lol, to think they didn't take your arms away, like why would you even…). By modern standards, the ebul totalitarian Russian Empire was libertarian Texas in snow.

It's favorite method of dealing with miscreants was to remove them to Siberia and forget them there. Stalin got to fish in a hut on Middle Yenisey for robbing fucking banks and being a literal communist terrorist. Said Stalin later killed more people every week, for years, than Russian Empire killed during its 250 years combined.

Stop living off propaganda made up 150 years ago by the Judeo-British Empire.

If Russian Empire would have ever been 1/100th the totalitarian tyranny it was portrayed, Ulyanov and Bronstein and Dzhugashvili and other natsmen would have been strangled by their own entrails in late XIX century right in front of the Winter Palace,while Jews and Poles would have been Potato Famined into non-existence.

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