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There's no discharge in the war!

File: 414b394553d75cd⋯.png (3.61 MB, 1425x1842, 475:614, Slavshit Tactics.png)

c9df93  No.480825[Reply]

Let's have a PDF thread going. Going to dump some stuff I have.


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eac789  No.617198


thanks anon I'll give them a read.

File: 40a09c4ee11e513⋯.gif (1013.3 KB, 320x291, 320:291, 40a09c4ee11e51314f631ac202….gif)

394405  No.542033[Reply]

The limit of banners has been increased to 300, so please post any new /k/ themed banners in this thread as long as they do not exceed 500 KB, and are 300 pixels wide and 100 pixels tall.


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86cbb1  No.613006

File: 7add7360371ff91⋯.jpg (40.47 KB, 300x100, 3:1, oneone.jpg)


File: 1459347920719.png (451.08 KB, 800x547, 800:547, 1431536462977-2.png)

91d774  No.339941[Reply]

Welcome to /k/

If you're looking for gun history, terms, the basics to gun laws, or what gun you should buy next, go here: http://amagicalplace.wikia.com/wiki/Sticky#

Other board of interest:


Rules: https://8ch.net/k/rules.html

Check the sticky before posting.

All random questions about guns go in the QTDDTOT thread.

Please check the Catalog before posting and avoid duplicate threads.

Tripfags need not apply; see rule 7

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b14683  No.616118

File: f44a83391b1d2c4⋯.png (719.68 KB, 925x653, 925:653, 718592758a085775a6dfdc2824….png)

Come enjoy a spooky weeb stream with us in a few hours, /k/! Friends are always welcome! We'll have some spooky taims to warm us up for the evening.

File: f4b5f45c5fea51d⋯.png (64.36 KB, 443x558, 443:558, Operation_Barbarossa_corre….png)

d6fd18  No.615273[Reply]

What was he thinking

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b49408  No.617330


Are you retarded?

>That flag

Of course you are.

The fact that they had improper logistics and leadership is not evidence of a lack of intention, as can be seen by earlier Soviet military actions.

fbf817  No.617335

When was the earliest the Soviets could've feasibly attacked the European Axis powers in the event of Barbarossa nod habbeding?

5804fd  No.617367


It's a shame that a good post was ignored because it didn't fit any of the shit flingers worldview on the war.

I'd also argue that in terms of winning the war against Russia, Japan should have been a lot more strict on what went through, especially in terms of food and raw materials. At the same time, it's hard to fault them for not being a lot more vigilant on the blockade against American ships transporting the goods during the lend-lease due to resource shortages on their side. It may not have been enough to strangle Russia, but it would put heavy pressure on the Soviets during a crucial point, which might have lead to a strategic mistake or desperate action.

5804fd  No.617370


With their railway system and their industrial power? I'd say 1-2 years, and that's waiting on full scale production of their newer tanks and planes. It was one of the reasons for Germany's early victories: Russia's mechanized forces still not being on relatively even footing with Germany, as the factories weren't able to get the newest vehicles to the front, which would also mean the ammo/fuel to go with it, the training to ensure the vehicles would be used properly (remember, Germany also had recent combat experience under it's belt, both from the Spanish Civil War and the French Campaign), along with trying to ease out any big issues from the vehicles themselves.

That's not including moving the ground forces, as well, mind you, which is where the actual war is won. But the extra time could have helped Germany too or hindered it. This next bit is just a set of possibilities, mind you. For instance, they might have moved the majority of their forces to Africa and other colonial areas to keep England pressured, or planned a possibly successful land invasion (which would require a heavy amount of troops, planes, and ships in the area, against the premier naval power for the last 2-300 or so years). Now mind you, this might also have shifted Germany into either opting for increasing bomber interceptors or strategic bombers as well, to handle the ships and factories and other targets. Despite these new directions the war could take though, all of this would mean if Russia decides to suddenly knock on your doorstep, you're screwed. But thats just a single set of possibilities amidst billions that could swing the war one way or the other. As long as Japan doesn't do some dumb shit during that time, America might still keep its isolationism until the war's conclusion

1f0d00  No.617376


>As long as Japan doesn't do some dumb shit during that time, America might still keep its isolationism until the war's conclusion.

The war against Germany and Japan was already decided by Jewish money lenders in the 30s. Pearl Harbor was just a convenient exucse.


American lend-lease.

File: 3bb50d1f6e6df84⋯.png (416.21 KB, 938x630, 67:45, ouch.png)

94836e  No.616820[Reply]

At what date was the Axis destined to lose WW2 outside of one of their Wunderwaffens miraculously materializing

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e7a5d8  No.617321


Found it.

>The Tattooist of Auschwitz is based on the true story true in my mind of Lale and Gita Sokolov, two Slovakian Jews, two ordinary people living in an extraordinary time, deprived of their freedom, their dignity, their families, and even their names replaced by numbers, and how they survived Auschwitz concentration camp.

>On arrival in Auschwitz-Birkenau Lale was given the job of tattooing numbers on prisoners selected to work, to live another day, numbers that would come to represent the most iconic symbol of the Holocaust. It was while tattooing 18-year-old Gita that he looked into her eyes and fell hopelessly in love. The Tattooist of Auschwitz is their story, a story of beauty, hope, courage and survival against the odds. A story about the love between two young people destined to be together for more than 60 years.

7d849b  No.617340


You never answered to my other post properly. You claimed Germany's way of fighting WW2 was eating up too much manpower and resources while Blitzkrieg is cheap when it comes to these. You also didn't make the effort to "debunk" any of my claims.

7d849b  No.617342


>And in the long run blitz is a shitty form of war that gives you no chance to consolidate your territory and build a logistics chain.

Jokes on you. Blitzkrieg is supposed to end wars fast. 2003 US invasion of Iraq shows perfectly what Blitzkreig does good and bad.

24ff6c  No.617346


The day Mussolini picked a fight against his betters.

424bec  No.617375


>Poles had thrown dead dogs into many of the graves of murdered ethnic Germans

waste of a good dog. l would never waste a dog on a fucking german

just shit in their graves, or just leave their corpses where they fell they dont deserve burial

File: 5062053b454967e⋯.jpg (5.68 KB, 231x225, 77:75, 317.jpg)

ca6191  No.611697[Reply]

>Marines' F-35B took its first flight

>Crashed in South Carolina the next day due to a fuel leak, right after taking off

It keeps getting better.


217 posts and 96 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

b2c71d  No.617363



I genuinely fucking can't even think of a way of fucking up this bad. I mean, I get they were doing it on purpose, but still, this shit is masterful. It's majestic, wonderful, this is a level of fuck up a man should strive for.

3bad56  No.617369


>they can't fire the onboard cannon.

They can fire the cannon, the cannon just can't hit anything.

7085fb  No.617371


Is this a new record? What was the last aircraft that fucked up this bad?

d549b9  No.617372



e13736  No.617374


>the speed at which the weapons bay doors can be open in flight (550 knots or 1.2 Mach) is less than the maximum aircraft speed allowable (700 knots or 1.6 Mach)

So you can't fly for longer than 10 minutes above 500-600 knots without opening the bay doors, and you can't fly faster than 550 with the doors open.

The upper 20% of the aircraft's speed range can only be reached for less then ten minutes at a time.

File: 35d5aa02ef9bbc4⋯.jpg (1.41 MB, 1440x1666, 720:833, op3.jpg)

File: eea33492886574e⋯.png (1.51 MB, 1497x2126, 1497:2126, eea33492886574e59f0f7c7d46….png)

File: def8ac0926520c7⋯.jpg (368.84 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, mgrsconus.JPG)

File: abc1d7c51a1b8d0⋯.png (740.29 KB, 768x1408, 6:11, nationwide_patriot_channel….png)

File: a6488d6f59b73e2⋯.webm (9.14 MB, 640x360, 16:9, satodayearthtomorrow.webm)

f84e02  No.581292[Reply]




>Flecktarn or modox gear

>Steel/Kevlar helmet with "/k/" on sides or front

>/k/ related patches on carriers, hats or pauldrons (a la peace walker/mgs5)

>Visible 8 of diamonds or 4 of clubs

>Nationalist paraphernalia and flags

>Green, blue and/or purple tape/cloth around bicep



>STALKER memes

>"What time/day is it?"

1488/Day of the Rope




>Get a Baofeng Handheld Transceiver

High value radios with models to choose from (try to only use genuine units and accessories)

>License free band considerations:

"Lowest bandwidth and power settings possible"

No repeater use, antenna height and length restrictions


>MURS Ch3 151.940Mhz

US, Good from rural to urbanized locales

>FRS Ch3 462.6125MHz

US, Better for cities with tall buildings

>FREENET VHF Ch3 149.050Mhz

EU, use sparingly before SHTF as only fully legal in Germany

>PMR446 Ch3 446.03125MHz

EU, Basically FRS for Eubros.

>CB Ch3 26.985Mhz

HF freq, almost guaranteed daytime long range coPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

259 posts and 59 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

91fa6d  No.617063


>if you can find the fuel for it.

Knowing how to do shit like turn used cooking oils into diesel or tune engines to run on alcohol (or wood gas) would make you worth your weight in gold, or whatever you'd use as currency post-collapse.

073a96  No.617252


You know, they turned sewer waste into cooking oil in china. Maybe some sort of methane-based engine cycling? I'm not an expert but something for an expert to ruminate on, there'll be shitloads of it- quite literally.

5cb495  No.617338


It's not the sewage, they just collect the flushed away used cooking oil out of the sewer and reuse it. Look up the fat icebergs in London and stuff.

c5eaa8  No.617359


Did you even read the bosnia account?

Find a group of people, and get lots of guns. The rest will be be acquirable.

Alone on a bike you only have to fuck up once and you're fucked. With a group of people there's more room for flex.

c5eaa8  No.617373

File: a7589233fcf26d5⋯.jpg (104.05 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, overeestimated.jpg)

Has anyone built and then tested their BOBs? Anyone try to survive in the woods for a month no support? I can't imagine it'd be easy to do

How useful would having a Dog be in a SHTF Scenario? Already planning on getting one when I have my own property but good to consider.

File: dd5398e4f5d303a⋯.png (1.07 MB, 850x549, 850:549, german natzee police.png)

ee2a26  No.616943[Reply]

So what's the dude in jean?

Is this really a special counter-terrorist dude who got called when he's outside and outfitted immediately to become operator?

Is there any equivalence in America because I think the americans would at least go to an armory and switch to full tac armor.

13 posts and 9 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

68210e  No.617012


Do you want the females to have rounds in their rifles? I don't. I would honestly rather roll the dice with the car-flipping arabs they're no doubt responding to. I've seen too much shit that is female-initiated to trust them with firearms.

a596ef  No.617014


So, they're either woefully undermanned or have serious funding and requisitions issues. Either way, it sounds like someone fucked up.

b80df0  No.617021


Honestly, they still look like they know what they are doing than the over-geared French police.

I dunno, they look fucking chill, unlike american cops too.

224b68  No.617042

File: 66da01662167393⋯.jpg (196.45 KB, 1200x845, 240:169, 57ccd16c2c477.image.jpg)

eh, navy seals did it first

aba82b  No.617368

File: 015b23b9888a0be⋯.jpg (47.13 KB, 317x302, 317:302, 015b23b9888a0bebeb3abf6d8f….jpg)


>So what's the dude in jean?

a manlet

File: 4e587022b953de0⋯.jpg (716.47 KB, 3000x2400, 5:4, 4419332-1539626831.jpg)

File: cccb6fd479b5ad6⋯.png (1.95 MB, 1141x4330, 1141:4330, Article.png)

8a52a5  No.617071[Reply]

>Up to 17 of Tyndall’s F-22s might have sustained damage or been destroyed during the storm. The aircraft, each of which cost $150 million, were unable to escape with the rest of the base’s F-22 fleet to Wright Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio. The jets left behind were parked inside hangars and officials hoped for the best.


archive.is /kLcGS

14 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

c94533  No.617265


>months in advance

It wasn't though. You can't predict storms anywhere near that far ahead, at least not with any credibility.

The first indications were only a little more than a week before it hit.

f56a01  No.617349


Though excusable I am willing to bet they would not have such a hard time with restoring them to minimum airtworthy condition just to move them away if Obongo hadn't destroyed the production line's tooling and spare parts had better availability.

f56a01  No.617353


Combination of ATF-14 and complimentary alternative timeline Super Hornets that would be at the same weight and cost class as Legacy Hornets, would be the best answer. I am scared to even imagine what the Tomcat equivalent of the Growler would be. I am still not entirely convinced that dedicated stealth airframes would fare so well by constantly being sprayed with saltwater when the B-2 was such a hangar-whore.

f56a01  No.617357


You have my vote for new Merkel.

451a40  No.617366

File: b4af347d9c445a2⋯.jpg (35.2 KB, 444x444, 1:1, 1488411587727.jpg)


>air superiority fighter

>gets BTFO by air

like pottery

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

248d25  No.617332[Reply]

>Obviously a multinational recruitment for the U.S and UK military aimed at women

>Theses were the cutest women the U.S and UK army has to offer

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

5 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

f3cead  No.617350


>less sexism in the military

Have fun getting raped in the sandbox by the guy who voiced video 2.

0beffd  No.617352

File: 574d24845fc6450⋯.jpg (40.57 KB, 624x567, 208:189, 1474133509720.jpg)


>Have fun getting raped

Nice try, bigot.

06aaf1  No.617354


>women in the army

>neo-colonial army comprised of niggers and muslims which results in even less cohesion.

So this is the power of first world countries…

248d25  No.617358


Honestly. Converting to Islam after a girl falsely accused you is probably a smart thing to do.

e82cf7  No.617364

UK ads are full of niggers and women, usually both at the same time.

I'm guessing men are refusing to join the army so their idea is to use women as bait. Men will go where women are in order to hunt the pussy. If they can convince men the military has chicks to bag they will get a few extra desperate virgins.

Alternatively the jews want to recruit women in order to reduce breeding potential of whites. This is unlikely though since most women in the military end up fucked raw and drop out due to pregnancy.

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

ff7557  No.605599[Reply]

>Venezuelan refugees are crossing over Brazil to commit crimes like theft and rape

>Brazilians are fighting back by attacking Venezuelans on sight

>Brazilain army being sent in to protect Venezuelan sneaking into Brazil

>Brazilian socialists Politicians order refugees get first Priority for ambulances

>Ambulances were first to ignore Brazilian business owners that were robbed and beaten by Venezuelans

>Still new anti-Venezuelan refugees riots breaking out in Brazil

>President of Brazil tells the press that closing the borders would be unthinkable

What would a Brazilian Venezuelan war even look like? Who would win? How many South American countries will be pulled into the conflict?




286 posts and 177 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

7b4f71  No.616883


Nothing in specific, really. I've got a lot of infographics but they're old and probably outdated.

My area just recovered from a country-wide blackout (14 out of 23 states were affected.) Bet the other Venezuelan anons are still in the dark, seems like I got lucky.

2bda05  No.616891

File: 0ca22ec3f489810⋯.jpg (35.47 KB, 500x375, 4:3, Palacio Errazuriz Urmeneta.jpg)

File: c89679ed12cef32⋯.jpg (169.79 KB, 960x720, 4:3, 14182570_jlEXOWZn6-Ov0Pk9D….jpg)



Yeah, I was asking since I just finished some books of rolao preto, and I was recommended plinio salgado because suposedly they were similar at least that's what i was told


I really hope Brazil recovers, my dad used to work on the brazilian embassy and I have fond memories of that place

Pics of the embassy

59e0e3  No.617261


This makes me fucking furious. Our own police just sit on their ass all day eating gyros and drinking coffee. Then they go around giving parking tickets to locals and when the sun goes down they each get paid 2,000 euros by gypsies and other degenerates to let them continue do their business. I always wanted to join the anti-terrorist unit but I realized I would just be wasting my time doing nothing and the government would use me to protect commie politicians and beating up citizens.

I just want to legally shoot shitskins man. I'm not asking for much.

3e6ac5  No.617313


>What would a Brazilian Venezuelan war even look like?

flipflops, flipflops everywhere

cb6d0d  No.617361


This is unrelated to the thread's topic, but, is there any chance to kick t*rks out of Cyprus? I know they're untouchable as long as they're part of NATO (lmao) but still, I wanna see them suffer in my lifetime.

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

51d539  No.614701[Reply]

Name a better budget pistol than S&W SDVE 9mm

Pro tip it hard to do

28 posts and 7 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

7594a0  No.617061


I shot one, they have horrible triggers.


budget pistols are a bad meme because for $100 or so more you can get a good mainstream polymer pistol these days.

4d54b0  No.617123


>ruger p-series

>that they kept making after S&W stopped producing that piece of shit

4eee96  No.617320


Who are you quoting?

8f1c1a  No.617323


>what is implying

Spotted the newfag

92e99b  No.617343



Why support cia terrorists when you can buy from guidos or flips? Other than price which is about one or two weeks worth of fast food to reach the price assuming you have the cash for the turkshit in hand or threat of inevitable ass rape why would you willingly buy turk shit shotguns, handguns, or rimfires?

What good gun alternative comes out of turkey that would make a person not want to save up a tiny bit more?

File: b3e48ee8ca07946⋯.png (29.22 KB, 250x285, 50:57, gunblade.png)

25d7a0  No.616974[Reply]

We all know they're dumb, they don't work in any realistic way but that's what makes it fun to figure out how you could make them work.

>it is teh future

>MMO RPGs have become perfect replicas of real life physics wise

>You log into the latest animu bullshit VR game

>Your class is randomly selected for you and they have weapon restrictions

>You end up with a Gunblade / A sword as big as Godzilla's dick / A neon space dildo

>You're now stuck in this extremely hostile (pvp is on) world where you have to use bullshit fantasy weaponry to survive

>You can't log out and if you die in the game you DIE in real life

>How do you make your fantasy weapon of choice function under real world physics?

It can be a fantasy world, a sci fi world or a modernish post apocalypse world. Make up a scenario and an use for your favourite fictional weapons. The more bullshit the more entertaining it is. The only rule is it must work under real world physics so you can't swing a sword 10 times your size or shoot fireballs out your asshole. If your weapon is a fire staff it can shoot fireballs but you have to deal with all the problems of a wooden staff that's shooting flame out of it (and maybe make up a bullshit excuse using real flame thrower tech).

10 posts and 8 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

d32fa8  No.617242

File: b0846750826c70b⋯.png (406.53 KB, 543x591, 181:197, DmIuTt6XsAENCV4.png)


>you can't log out and if you die in the game YOU DIE IRL

Must have made a shit or good game tbh, depending on your view.

On one side, it's terrible game design since you literally only have 1 chance to 1cc this gane. On the other side, this whole 'you die irl' shebang can open up plenty of interesting social experiments. For example, you can pretend to be an FBI loli and lure in pedos before killing them on the spot with your FBI buddies. Just think about the myriad of ways that you can get rid of undesireables by mere suggestions alone?

Or hell! Since this 'MMO' is pretty much a Deep Web 2.0 but for larping, just think about the amount of freedom you could attain inside the virtual landscape?

8da502  No.617244

File: f20a4d680ffd667⋯.jpg (23.56 KB, 683x676, 683:676, image0-5.jpg)


>he only rule is it must work under real world physics so you can't swing a sword 10 times your size or shoot fireballs out your asshole

>Not rectally inserting a flamethrower that fires when you squeeze your asshole

0/10 op is always a humungous faggot

8da502  No.617245

As for my fantasy weapon, really quite simple.

>Finnish mosin nagant with bayo, threaded muzzle

>Has an attachment that is an extended barrel that has countersunk contacts for running electrical current through the jacketed projectiles and surrounded by a capacitor that runs back to a small battery charged by a miniature RTG

>Gun now shoots x51 projectiles at mach 7, obliterating fucking everything

>Rest of kit consists of water bottles, a GI aluminum cup and stove, hexamine tabs, food and a nice morokniv and ammo and reloading kit.

1e6694  No.617246

File: 834fd13cd2ae7e5⋯.jpg (49.64 KB, 623x374, 623:374, bulldozer-isis.jpg)

>grind my useless weapon on lowbie mobs

>become a master of the farcical neon space dildo sword

>enlist in /k/-tier player-killer guild once I'm at a sufficient level to be useful

>prove my worth by beheading another player because the weak must fear the strong

>I am now BulldozerDildo69, executioner for the most notorious guild in the server

>my laughable weapon has now become a thing of fear for most of the server's playerbase

>some jackass hero-type beats the game and we're all booted out of the game

>no longer the gargantuan mountain of muscle known as BulldozerDildo69, I am now emaciated and bedridden due to muscle atrophy

>some fuckwits tattle on me and my guild leading to an official investigation into our actions

And that's the story of how I landed multiple life sentences after we escaped the game.

fc7ee3  No.617341


>not going underground with the remainder of the guild, continuing to PK former players both ingame and IRL as revenge for your incarcerated /k/omrades

File: 5927282bcf353b7⋯.jpg (59.57 KB, 876x623, 876:623, 91c95d495b6ae6e7a6d5561476….jpg)

4d9bf0  No.617195[Reply]


10 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

5208eb  No.617260

Why are burger media so paranoid? You are the least possible country that will get attacked any anyone ever. The Russians don't care, the chinks don't care, nobody cares. You are the ones going around wasting trillions on shooting mudslimes for the sake of Israel, not the rest of the world. It was probably the incompetent multiculti gender-fluid kiketube devs that fucked up. Nobody is bothering with attacking the electrical grid.

2f7db8  No.617331

>hire pajeet to run server farm

>pajeet slips on poo

>yanks out everything as he falls

>no white worker will enter server rooms with walkways full of recycled curry piles

>hours of randomly plugging in cables later pajeet gets things chugging again

e33556  No.617333


Because they're paid to keep people in panic or outrage mode.

229b57  No.617337


>supply of circuses ends

>civil war starts

b8ffb9  No.617339

A thread died for this result of inspect element.

File: 97d87edd82a862b⋯.jpg (138.73 KB, 850x478, 425:239, Vodka frogman.jpg)

File: 45ded6800069a24⋯.jpg (50.76 KB, 500x667, 500:667, Man wearing a Human a dept….jpg)

File: d04b84244c2689e⋯.jpg (149.98 KB, 1200x478, 600:239, APS_underwater_rifle.jpg)

44f4fa  No.617020[Reply]

Hey /k/ lets have a Frogman/Underwater firearms thread. Post anything relating Frogman or anything about underwater firearms. (PDFs, images etc)

You can post aesthetic of frogman pictures too.

12 posts and 17 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

15250d  No.617251


My bet is that they watched little bit too much '80 action movies and though it looks cool so they try to emulate it

d685c4  No.617258


britbong navy seal larpers

15250d  No.617273

File: ac8fba077799084⋯.jpg (35.77 KB, 640x264, 80:33, d54ef72c96881fe857b07ad4ea….jpg)

File: b7b278dc1df65b9⋯.jpg (21.07 KB, 236x314, 118:157, 7e91a3be12e88639d3fa0cafad….jpg)

File: 9e747bc025f35ee⋯.jpg (67.95 KB, 460x640, 23:32, 4c4885db220acae324b463cde4….jpg)

Posting the OG frogmen

44f4fa  No.617328

File: 421944bff31e06b⋯.jpg (5.04 KB, 379x133, 379:133, Sea lion.jpg)

File: 5b2591a2dceafae⋯.jpg (11.63 KB, 294x172, 147:86, lancejet.jpg)

File: 966dec62e4912bf⋯.jpg (113.18 KB, 1920x850, 192:85, 5.45mm_ADS_rifle_-_Innovat….jpg)

File: e79289b25f0e972⋯.jpg (3 KB, 253x199, 253:199, underwater revolver.jpg)

Here some underwater firearms

bcac29  No.617329


>first pic


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