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There's no discharge in the war!

File: 2338c424fd11170⋯.jpg (391.39 KB, 1000x659, 1000:659, 76gj.jpg)

f1c95b  No.665502

Welcome to /k/

If you're looking for gun history, terms, the basics to gun laws, or what gun you should buy next, go here: http://amagicalplace.wikia.com/wiki/Sticky#

Other board of interest:


Rules: https://8ch.net/k/rules.html

Check the sticky before posting.

All random questions about guns go in the QTDDTOT thread.

Please check the Catalog before posting and avoid duplicate threads.

Tripfags need not apply; see rule 7

4df8ff  No.665504


23e3d7  No.665508

second for Currywurst

2170ff  No.665509


ff610e  No.665510



Why don't you just put paprika powder into your kolbász? Why do you have to make it either look like a dick or pooinloo taste?

23e3d7  No.665512

File: 0d83841f855c835⋯.jpeg (579.69 KB, 1680x983, 1680:983, D5DDDBB4-085C-47DC-B7E9-7….jpeg)


Because we already have that, and everything else you can imagine.

Don’t you guys have Swabians?

0dcfc8  No.665514


Have what? Curry powder? Uhhhhh you can get it basically in every restaurant of the world…


Today, most Swabians here are just memeing it to get more cultural shekels from the EU. You will find the majority of the Swabains today in Western Hungary, as in the eastern part of our country, they blended in to the majority Hungarian population at the very least by the 1990s.

23e3d7  No.665517


>Have what? Curry powder? Uhhhhh you can get it basically in every restaurant of the world…

No I meant a huge variety of sausages.

0dcfc8  No.665518


What else can be put into a sausage other than paprika powder, curry, pepper or salt as spice?

23e3d7  No.665521


Cinnamon, fresh cream, nuts, honey, and various Christmas seasoning.

0b5bd9  No.665525


Sage and nutmeg is pretty kino tbh

7c2f7a  No.665527

File: 2e86fb84c483d46⋯.webm (7.33 MB, 639x359, 639:359, dziesiątego kwietnia.webm)

0b5bd9  No.665529


Song sauce? Sounds like that ODST song a bit.

3576dc  No.665538


You were le baste ynation, Poland! You were supposed to defeat the shitposters of this board, not join them!

fb1842  No.665548

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I guess it's the version with the female locals then.

0616a8  No.665565


Onion powder, garlic powder, pepper flakes.

3576dc  No.665569


And what if I put pepper spray into it?

23e3d7  No.665577

File: 1895cb9e6d46bdc⋯.jpeg (366.17 KB, 620x1062, 310:531, 70B1BD26-360B-4BBF-BD94-D….jpeg)

c69151  No.665595


Does pepper spray even taste good?

0dcfc8  No.665602


Never tried it.

ac4b8b  No.665917

File: 73518b52e70be31⋯.jpg (7.58 KB, 226x223, 226:223, batemanphotos.jpg)

File: 4b112e948f4c0e9⋯.png (1.19 MB, 1326x1146, 221:191, iowaatbay.png)


nice triple dubs

f1c95b  No.666264

>site is fucking slow as shit again

>images don't even load half the time

Codenigger is a worthless chink who can't even use google without fucking something up

f1c95b  No.666500


>deleting tor posts by IP

we don't

f1c95b  No.666509


because you're a faggot

f1c95b  No.666694


a turbofaggot

f1c95b  No.666696


absolutely my fellow fed

721e2a  No.666808


It's really starting to look that way. Roach-vol's made it pretty clear in the last couple weeks that he can't resist his natural mindset to selectively delete any posts that bother him. He's pretty much the opposite of BO: extremely visible, opinionated, and desperate for attention. At this rate if he keeps vol for another month it'll simply be because BO isn't around enough to notice the faggotry.

f1c95b  No.666825


>makes cuckchan threads

>refuses to use the QTDDTOT

>starts derailment in thread

>calls people mutts

>defends mudslimes and/or feds



da1c86  No.666840


If that's the secret list of rules you're going to be enforcing you should ask BO to add them to the list of rules.

While you're out deleting thread derailments, you should probably do something about the Russian and Greek posters that derailed a thread for 2 full days to talk about conscription and genetics.

ee2c29  No.666852


>>makes cuckchan threads

>>refuses to use the QTDDTOT

>>starts derailment in thread

Well and good, all of these obviously deserve a ban.

<>calls people mutts

<>defends mudslimes and/or feds

Depending on the context this doesn't though. Was he spamming or derailing unrelated threads while doing these things? If not, then you should leave it up to streloks to decide whether they should simply filter him or fall for the b8.

31b15a  No.666875


Not my problem the ruskie was a full blown homo.

f1c95b  No.666904


>lying this much to make yourself look like the dindu nufffin victim

Your shitty posts were deleted because if memory serves right, you were defending the mudslimes and hating on Brenton. Or maybe that was somebody else, I don't really remember. What I do remember was that you were posting like a fed and half the board had reported your posts. And for the final time, we never banned tor posts by IP you fucking retard, only manually delete certain abhorrent posts.

>I even miss the spergook era at this point

what a surprise.

>you get deleted for anything that isn't brainless /pol/-tier 1 line replies

You get deleted for brainless 1-line posts in general.

Seems to me that out of all the posters here, the same 3 faggots are complaining about my "powertrip".

23e3d7  No.666906



>1 post by this ID

Archived thread, Tor faggot is spergkike trying another angle.

Atleast now we know that he gets paid to shit up /k/ 24/7 the last 3 years.


da1c86  No.666915


Sorry, I'll make sure to notarize and mail all my posts directly to Jim in the future to ensure my identity is maintained. I know how awful this anonymity thing can be.

3b856b  No.666927


The spergkike is trying his very best to break this board, now that it gains an actual moderator 24/7.


da1c86  No.666929


>the same 3 faggots are complaining about my "powertrip".

I count more than double that in the thread where you promised to stop pulling bullshit like this. I am however counting 3 streloks actually defending you.

3b856b  No.666931


Count it faggot.

Count it.

It's the exact same faggot under VPN who is complaining greekmod doing his fucking job.

da1c86  No.666933


I counted, there were 7, 6 with multiple posts per ID. You could say they were all VPNs of course, but I could just as easily say you're roach-vol on a VPN.

3b856b  No.666936


So count it? Give me the ID.

>You could say they were all VPNs of course, but I could just as easily say you're roach-vol on a VPN.

Provide proof for that first, of course.


He's a greek, you dirty fucking yid.

da1c86  No.666940






cf4ee1(1)-VPNfag(~5 deleted posts)









I guess that's more than 7.

3b856b  No.666941


So most of them just make a post and piss away?


3b856b  No.666946


This board won't die any times soon and it will certainly not die under a mod doing his job for once.

da1c86  No.666947


Go further up the thread and look at post counts. People rarely post more than 4 times in a thread.

3b856b  No.666948


That's wrong, just looking at this thread.

Some posts have the same message and posting style (the ones calling a greek a roach), they just switch IP.

f1c95b  No.666956


>Put down the ouzo and pay attention for a second. I told you it was in the space weapon thread

>space weapons thread

I deleted something in that thread? When? I thought you were the niggerfaggot in the brenton thread. If not then literally why are you complaining to me retard, I haven't even browsed that thread.

da1c86  No.667031


>That's wrong, just looking at this thread.

This thread has an average of 2.6 posts per ID, same as the thread I'm talking about. 11 out of the 19 IDs in this thread have posted 3 or fewer times.

>Some posts have the same message and posting style (the ones calling a greek a roach), they just switch IP.

Roach was said twice in that thread, neither times referring to roachvol, which makes sense because he didn't brag about sharing genes with turks for another 2 days.

f1c95b  No.667034


>brag about sharing genes with turks for another 2 days

That wasn't me, that was another greekposter who meant something else but butchered the translation into english and made it sound like he shares the same genes as turks

f8eff5  No.667095


>This thread has an average of 2.6 posts per ID, same as the thread I'm talking about. 11 out of the 19 IDs in this thread have posted 3 or fewer times.

But most of the posts have the same contents and posting styles, just switched IP.

>Roach was said twice in that thread, neither times referring to roachvol, which makes sense because he didn't brag about sharing genes with turks for another 2 days.

We are talking about this thread, and no, roach-vol is a new term made to shame the new mod.

da1c86  No.667100


>the same contents and posting styles, just switched IP

Point them out.

f8eff5  No.667105





This is the same faggot, just switching IP.

f8eff5  No.667108


Yet another (1) new IP, hmmm.

da1c86  No.667109


Yeah, that's me. In fact, the second post is a direct continuation of the conversation from the first one. As I said before, I'll make sure to start calling my ISP in advanced to make sure my IP doesn't change while I'm posting on imageboards, otherwise I'll fall under the dreaded veil of anonymity.

f8eff5  No.667112




Yep, triggered for pointing out that multiple IPs post with the same contents, wew.

So much for 7, 8 IPs complaining about the new mod.

f8eff5  No.667115


Yes, and?

The point here is that you IP hopping faggots are saying a lot of people are complaining about the new mods.

Turns out it's exactly 2, 3 faggots with a VPN.

Do I ask where your address is and if your mother births twin yet??

f8eff5  No.667119


I don't care what you complain at, I care about the NUMBER of faggots who complain about the new greek mod.

You faggots said a lot people are complaining, and use IP to prove it, then it turns out some posts are the SAME MOTHERFUCKER WHO USE DIFFERENT IP.

So it's not really a lot of people, is it?

da1c86  No.667124


>Turns out it's exactly 2, 3 faggots with a VPN.

Where are you getting that? The fact that two Germans share an opinion? Would you happen to be the same US-flagged (1) IDs further up the thread? Maybe you're the Polish flags too? Maybe the whole board is just you and me furiously mashing a VPN to fake some conversations? Tell you what, we can make a honeypot where we all share birth certificates and organize tripcodes to keep you safe, that sounds like a perfect anonymous imageboard for you.

f8eff5  No.667125



OK, read up on what I post instead of sperging about.



And that fucker is mad at the moderation for doing their things.

The whole board cannot be fully VPN because people with different posting styles exist.

da1c86  No.667127


And what's this "posting style" I share with the other German? Is it the same style as all the Streloks in >>660063 and >>648581 ? Is it the fact that we don't CAPS LOCK SCREAM like we're on Gaia?

f8eff5  No.667128


There is one who uses mutt as bantz.

There is one who spams mutt and derails whole thread with it.


Posting style, vocabulary use, typography, and no, I think you share the posting style of the murican and leaf in that hickuck thread.

f8eff5  No.667130


I approve of banning any fucker who propagates this greek = roach meme.

I suspect these "germans" are actually roaches living in Germany.

da1c86  No.667131

File: e0ec2aae5547f3f⋯.jpg (632.21 KB, 1200x1000, 6:5, 1421812057483-1jpg.jpg)


Of course, how could I have been so careless? Between toggling my VPN, I kept my English fluency and didn't change my font off of Arial! Objective, irrefutable evidence that us two Germans are secretly a single user aiming to ruin the board by audaciously asking roach-vol to follow established rules!

f8eff5  No.667132


Do not kid yourself, there is one mad spergkike who is hell bent on destroying this board.

I don't think it's you though, you and that spergkike have different posting styles.

40182b  No.667173

I've been trying to make a thread on this, but it refuses to submit


Ackerman-McQueen (LaPierre's shitty overpriced PR agency that feeds him money while doing nothing for gun rights) is getting sued by the NRA somehow.

810da2  No.667178


Board ain't dead, fuckboi.

319252  No.667183

File: 287be009e2a11c2⋯.jpg (258.36 KB, 1536x1023, 512:341, 09c6ee1583d029aefd546ce375….jpg)


Nah just mildly cucked. Not quite /a/ tiers of cuckery but I'd give it a cuckservative rating in terms of cucking or about 7/10 on the cuck scale.

b9c86e  No.667192

File: 644846d1169173c⋯.jpg (32.3 KB, 600x683, 600:683, assburgers.jpg)

77db3a  No.667195


Board ain't cucked either, cuckboi.

Watch out, the muttspammer is back.

f1c95b  No.667218


I deleted your first thread yesterday because you had retarded emoticons in the god damn title. And your threads were submitted, I just had to delete one of them. You're obviously not from around here if you think those threads are well-made but whatever, I'll keep it unless anons start complaining about it

858d29  No.667267

>The cockroach is on a power trip again

Tell me when did I "muttspam"?

f1c95b  No.667280


>muttnigger is ban evading again

<when did I "muttspam"?

You called people mutts multiple times in your post history. Muttspam isn't necessary lines of redtexted "MUTT!". I've been banning fags who use that term since day 1, only thing it does is create shitstorms

d5df9b  No.667294


Nice Holohoax tier reasoning, Turkroach.

40182b  No.667302


>not recognizing キタ━━━━━━(゜∀゜)━━━━━━ッ!!

It's an ancient quarterchan thing. Might even predate half-chan

319252  No.667361

File: b75a12d192ecdce⋯.webm (9.91 MB, 640x360, 16:9, b75a12d192ecdce2365b74cff….webm)


If you want proof of mild cuckery see:


Content policing is always cuckish.

42d6e9  No.667362


Banning muttspammer is the opposite of content policing.

Good job greekbro.


Butthurt muttspammer is butthurt.

2b27ff  No.667364

Greekbro, know this, don't let the muttspammer gets you down.

The muttspammer's goal is to destroy the board through infighting, it will spare no expenses to get that job done.

77f804  No.667377



>cucked Turkroach now applies actual wordfilters to words he doesnt like because a few mutts got butthurt

6b5e08  No.667378

File: 49fd38db79427ac⋯.png (1.67 MB, 850x1201, 850:1201, ca37807bbdd46b778d8abaed77….png)

Well, might as well come clean after seeing all this.

I am the original muttspammer. This whole mess is a product of autism against a shitposting kraut sperg and generally bad shitposting on /k/ that somehow caught a vietnamese sperg and escalated into a shitstorm of autism and spergery. Kinda like an autism bomb gone horribly, horribly wrong. Anyway, since Aus BO is kind of a lazy fuck, I decided to fight fire with autistic fire and became the muttspammer. This was all in an attempt to finally get the BO to get off his ass and properly moderate or at least get a decent vol. Ever since Greek vol came in and started cleaning up, I've never muttspammed since. So yeah. Sorry about this horribly autistic mess I've caused and the months of spamming and shitposting. I guess it kinda resolve itself in the end, though. Before any of you draw any conclusions, I'm not a fed, not connected to Greek vol, not a paid shill, or any of that. I'm just some chucklefuck on a Taiwanese cave scratch appreciation site who decided to try and fix a problem using autism.


70762f  No.667379

File: 2c497efde5578f5⋯.jpg (59.82 KB, 651x368, 651:368, behead all those who insul….jpg)


What you did is the shitposting equivalent of letting a controlled burn grow wild. For shame, burgerblob.

319252  No.667381


I KNEW that spergook was involved lmao

2b27ff  No.667383


I doubt you are the OG muttspammer i.e. spergkraut since you type too normally to be it.

This seems more like it: >>667377

And nice try, roach.

4e66a4  No.667427



This is the OG muttspammer i.e. spergkraut i.e. spergkike.

273316  No.667493



>if you dont suck amerimutt lies you are le spergkraut

Nice try, shitskin.

09d165  No.667502


You don't need to suck american's lies.

You don't need to spam mutt over and over again either. Fuck off.

ad006c  No.667508

File: 976c4bdbe11fb4c⋯.png (1.08 MB, 1300x1600, 13:16, adcc7ed01ff99e90b18ff91b15….png)


Whoops, my bad. :^)

f1c95b  No.667798

>active ISPs are still >200 despite the bans

Jesus Christ, I want to go back to ~2015 /k/ but I can't

d88f57  No.667906


Are you implying we've ever gone below 200?

afde19  No.668414

Whichever mod banned


Is a shit mod. Saying legendary people might not have lived up to the legends about them isn't against the board rules.

f1c95b  No.668416


>calling everything "utter bullshit propaganda" and saying everyone is larping and on history revisionism

Sounds like rule 7 to me

a6e05c  No.668600


Mod a gyro rapebaby and everything goes to shit, wonder why.

f1c95b  No.668601


>everything goes to shit

You sure seem to be missing those top-quality 1-line cuckchan crossposts, 10 threads per day about a simple dumb question that should be in the QTDDTOT instead and muttspam that derails all discussion.

a6e05c  No.668613


Slow but just moderation is better than some turk powertripping.

f1c95b  No.668615


man, maybe I should let people make 1-line threads then. Let's see what the board will look like after 1 week of "slow just" moderation

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